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Arctic A
28th September 2002, 03:23 PM
Let's roll! Here's the intro, and the first post. Please post your character from above ya first post, so we know who you are....
All New Characters, please make sure you get to Mew Castle ASAP in your posts, so we can begin the main story.


It’s pretty strange. I havn’t seen peace in quite some time...yet now there is no evil hanging over us anymore.
It’s been 4 months or so since our last major ‘adventure’, if that's what you want to call it... Now, I’m all for a bit of adventure from time to time, but nothing like what happened. I lost friends. Close friends. I lost them to evil. Thankfully, we were able to bring most of them back at…at…The Cape of Lost time…
So now we’re mostly all here. Mostly. There’s Me , Arctic. (Male Mew; Played by Me) And Tornado (Male Dragonite, Played by Me..). Crystal ( Female Mew, Played by Kuro Espeon.. Jewel (Female Mew, CrystalÂ’s sister, played by B4). Far (Male Mew, played by B4). Taylor (Human, played by Artie52..i think..). Ordos (Male Scyther, played by Me..). Heck, Farlander (Male Lugia, played by Kuro Espeon) and Flashwing ( Male Ho-oh, played by me..) are still around. although we havn't had direct contact for a while. Repturroc (Strange creature, played by B4) dissapeared during our fight at the Cape Of Lost time. Alex left us to continue his journey. We couldn’t bring back Cizora at the Cape, because we could only revive three beings. Then there was my and Crystal’s daughter from the future, Byakko...

But the peace won’t last, will it? There’s always something out there.
See, since Cizora died, Mew Castle has been without a ‘Protector’. The Protector looks over the castle, and supposedly over all who reside in itÂ…heh. No Chance there. The First Protector was Ramses, (Male Mewtwo) who died at KalidorÂ’s hand.(Kalidor is Ramses’ Brother, an Evil Mewtwo..) Cizora was the second. (She was a Celebi) She died also, killed by the glitch, Missingno. (The annoyingly evil one…)
And now. Mew Castle is without a Protector. And I sense something. Two strong minds. Coming near.


Race: Mew
Name: Arctic
Gender: Male
Appearance: A cold blue coloured Mew. Ruffled fur where you would picture hair on a human, really.
Personallity: He's been though alot. At the start, he was cocky, full of courage, and ready to roll. Now he's more cautios, and very protective of his 'Family', for it's all he has left. He & Crystal are engaged in a romantic sort of thing...
Other: He can morph into a perfect Human, a power Kalidor gave him long ago...smite me if I can remember how, if only we had the old files... :sweat3:


"I can sense it. They're coming."
I looked beside me, and saw Tornado, my Dragonite freind, standing beside me. We were both on the castle roof, looking out over the sunset.
<<< I can sense it also...But who? >>>
Tornado closed his eyes, and took a deep breath in. I watched, puzzled, as he breathed out.
"Xiaso. And Xiaro."
<<< I can't say i've heard of them...>>>
Tornado laughed for a second.
"Xiaso and Xiaro. Among us Dragonites, they're rivalry is legendary. They're the two brothers of the skies. Legendary Pokemon. And my guess is that they both want the position of M-E-W Guardian."
<<< What's so damned special about it? >>>
"The power, Arctic. The power. I suppose Cizora and Ramses never mentioned it, because they never abused it. Never really thought of it. They used it for good. If they get they're hands on it, then who knows what they'll do..."
<<< But they're not evil, right? >>>
Tornado laughed again.
"You can never really tell, Arc. The younger of the brothers, Xiaro, is supposedly peaceful and caring, much like Cizora. Xiaso, however, is more your Farlander type. He'll grab power whenever he can."
<<< So we let Xiaro take the posistion. Big deal. >>>
Tornado sighed.
"They'll fight for it. They'll fight to the death. And anyway...we can't choose who takes the position. The Circle was supposed to do that.
I blinked, then stared at Tornado for a moment.
<<< The CIRCLE? The Circle aint around no more. Half of it's dead. And Farlander and Flashwing? I havn't seen or sensed them for ages..>>>
"So we let them fight for it. It's the only thing we can do...."
<<< How long before they get here? >>>
"I'd guess a few hours. Maybe a day."

Then it happened. I sensed something so big that my head flung itself into a massive pain. I almost toppled over, as a huge wind engulfed the castle. The sound was unbearable, i felt like my ears were splitting in two..
<<< WHAT The hell...>>>
I was flung back into one of the turrets. I felt a quick jab of pain as i smashed into it. I saw Tornado follow me yelling as he was yanked back by the winds, and a loud crashing sound followed him . I heard muffled voices from down below, in the castle...
"What th......elp..........ewl?" I think it was Crystal. Everything was happening so fast, i didn't have much time to think. I heard several loud sounds, like planes flying low nearby. I saw several light blue streaks fly across the sky at high speeds. There were flashes. Bright flashes. Loud sounds, like explosions....

Then it all came to a quick halt. I shook my head, and looked around. There was little damage. I was about to shout something at Tornado, when i noticed something falling from the sky. it was a Box of sorts, covered in strange markings and surrounded by a Purple Aurora. It slowed it's decent and landed quietly in the center of the roof. I stared at it for a moment, then stepped towards it. Tornado stuck out an arm to block me.
" It could be dangerous. I bet it's connected to what just happened."
<<< I know what i'm doing. Please. >>>
Tornado growled, then sighed. He dropped his arm.
" Be careful."
I gave him a lopsided grin. <<< Hey. It's me we're talking about here! >>> before he could reply, i walked forward to the box. I bent over, and picked it up in my hands. The glow around it seemed to get stronger as i held it.
"What is it?"
<<< I don't know. We'll take it down, see what the others think. Maybe Crystal and Jew->>>
I stopped when mentioning Jewel. Jewel. Old Jewel. Thank god she was still alive. But barely. She wasn't the same. She never spoke much, and when she did, we couldn't understand her. She always looked at us without emotion, or sometime with anger and sadness in her eyes. Jewel. Poor Jewel. I wished more than anything to see her back to herself again, mostly because it was depressing Crystal. I couldn't bare to see her like that. I love her. More than anything. Anything ever. Tornado, ever the empath, sensed what i was thinking.

"Don't worry Arc. We'll think of something. We always do."
<<< I hope you're right, Tornado. I hope you're right. >>>

[EDIT: About 2 and a half years after original post, i've gone back and improved it slightly. heh...we have been going for a hell of a long time. are we setting any records? :round: Heh...at least I can spell friend now. Original writing left unedited so I can laugh at myself and see how much my English has matured...]

28th September 2002, 03:35 PM
Race: Pichu
Name: Sam
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's blood red except for 3 black stripes across his back.
Personality: He's not a bad guy but he won't take cr@p from ANYONE!
Other: Not really


I sat up in the grassey field and rubbed the back of my head. That had to have been the seventh butt kicking I'd taken this week.
I looked around my surroundings, I didn't have the slightest clue where the hell I was. Last thing I remembered was losing a battle to a wild Graveller.
I cursed under my breath. Why did evolving have to be so hard?
The wind blew against my back and I looked up. I could see a castle in the distance. I shrugged my shoulders, I figured I'd head over there. Maybe I'd find some more wild pokemon to fight.
Taking to all fours I ran. Swiftly and quickly towards the castle.

28th September 2002, 04:06 PM
Race: Mew (Pokemon)
Name: Jewel
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is probably the smallest of all the mews... She's a light, almost-white like blue with amazingly crystallic-like eyes. Her tail is extremely long and graceful looking... and her feet are chibish.
Personallity: She used to be kind... caring.. innocent. But after being locked in the 'void' forever... and forgotten. She's changed. She seems as if she was always in a daze... and she some times doesn't listen. Its almost as if she isn't there mentally... Whenever Crystal or the others talk to her, she looks at them with this mournful, almost betrayed gaze and then ignores them. When she does speak... it doesn't make sense.
Pokemon: N/A
Other: Crystal's Sister.

Jewel - (F) - Mew

The sky... it was blue. Why did the sky have to be blue? Black would have suited it better... or red. The colors of what the world really was. That was what it should be...
I was sitting upon the outside of the castle, on one of the large stones which embroidered the castle. It was quite up here... I hated this, but it was better then being inside.
Then... in the midst of it all, a blast of wicked, evil wind came out. Swirls of blue came about... and I cursed at teh color again.
Didn't they know that the color blue was horrible?
I had blue in me... and I was horrible. I was worthless. Everything else was too. They shouldn't be blue. Blue was happy, innocent... nothing was that. Not anymore.

I watched as a violet box suddenly fell from the sky. I watched it blankly, as it feel some where. Oh well... it didn't matter.
Go back inside.
There was a voice... but I didn't look at it. I knew who or what it was... the white being, he was labeled 'Far'.
Far was white... I hated that too. He should be black... or brown, to suit his dirty ways.
Look at me da**it!
His words grew louder... but I did not look.
I did not care.
Fine... be that way you pathetic little child. You are alive, and you should be thankful for that... you are just...
The angry voice went away, and I kept my blank stare at the nothingness blue sky.
It shouldn't have been blue... it should be black... or red.

Race: Pokemon (Mew-like creature)
Name: Repturroc
Gender: Female
Appearance: She looks identical to a mew except for alterations. She's completely midnight black all over... except for a huge tiger-like stripe which slashes across both of her two hind feet. She also has a jewel upon her forehead, blood-red in color which is in the shape of a star inside of a cresent moon. Her eyes are also a crimson red... only a touch of a shade darker. Upon her back... are two, dragon-like wings which are black in color, with just a huge of deep, crimson. THe wings are about the size of her body- they've grown since last time.
Personallity: Rather mysterious... she seems evil one point, and good the next. Caring , and then totally ruthless. She's a puzzle... yet, it is obvious she always seems to know something the others do not.
Pokemon: N/A
Other: She's disappeared... but will tend to drop in from time to time.

Repturroc - (F) - Mew-like creature

The world... seemed more peaceful. But it wasn't... evil was far from gone, wrongs were far from being right... and the corrupted were far from ever being peaceful. The emotionless were far from hope... and faith was dying.
Ah, how the world always was.
[ Look at the world, oh how it so cries..
Everyone lives and everyone dies...
Wrongs are not right, right are not wrongs..
The happy will fade, along with all songs...]

A gleeful black, red-striped figure playfully floated amongst the dark branches of a forest. It was night there... wherever this figure was. Giggling madly at her own song, she slowly sat upon a branch, as she watched a black butterfree attack a defensless weedle. It was a pointless fight... nothing triggered it, there was no meaning in it. The black butterfree had just suddenly started attacking it... the weedle, for no reason.
The battle was rather short... and weedle lost. It lay there now... paralyzed, as the she-figure watched it.
[ Oh the castle is lost,
Because of the cost,
To bring back three,
So that they could see,
What being apart,
Of the castle of art,
Could unfurl,
to affect the world..]

She giggled again at her riddles, and slowly gazed up at the night sky.
The figure of course... was the Repturroc, the Time Corruptor... the Neutral being who could be good one moment, evil the next... who did not involve herself, but some how was deeply involved..

Race: Mew
Name: Far
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pure white... almost glowing white with icy blue eyes with just a hint of violet shade with in them. He's medium sized..
Personallity: Very cynical, wicked humor. He's changed too... he used to be kind and caring, but ever since the last adventure.. or actually, ever since the BEGINNING of the last adventure... he was consumed by anger and hate. AFter the end of the adventure... he's agreed to join with the MEWS but he's the most cynical and ruthless of the group. They still don't quite trust him fully...
He has the ability to shape shift into several pokemon forms.
Other: ^

Far - (M) - Mew

I floated down the corrador, and suddenly saw Crystal.
She was floating there... and it seems like she was about to talk with Arctic. Both of them looked at my angered, flustered face.
<What is it Far> Crystal asked, looking concerned but y et... I knew they didn't quite trust me. Id idn't care... what mattered to me was NOT involved around others... being social wasn't my priority.
Your stupid sister... that is what. I tell her she is acting like a child... I tell her to come inside. Of course, the little fool doesn't... she just stares off at the sky, unmoving in her-
<<< Enough Far! >>> Arctic glared, as Crystal looked deeply hurt. I shrugged... rolling my eyes. They didn't like to 'talk' about Jewel's condition... why, I would never fathom...
We all see what has become of her, I don't think we should-
<<< I said ENOUGH! Drop this matter!>>> Arctic narrowed his eyes at me, and I sighed aggitated. Tornado was there too now, and I slowly floated up to chink in the higher walls. I sat with in it, staring down at the three. They gazed at me... but then decided to start their conversation. Arctic... I noticed now, how he was holding a small, rectangular box... which glowed a viberant purple-like color. It was fasinating... how did he find such a thing? More importantly... what was it?
Remaining silent, I listened... eager to here what they had gathered.

Arctic A
28th September 2002, 04:26 PM
I turned away from far, and concentrated on the Box i held in my hand. I could sense energy in in. Lots of energy. I glanced at Crystal. She seemed as puzzled as me.
"Maybe it's a Psychic code? A Message carrier os sorts?" She suggested.
"Maybe. But if it is, how do we open it?" Tornado replied. Crystal shrugged. "Beats me."
<<< Hmmmm...>>>
I directed all my Psyche at the box. It seemed to glow even more.
<<< It's certainly tuned to Psychic codes.>>>
"Could i take a look?" Crystal asked.
<<< Sure.>>>
I handed the box over to Crystal. The purple glow suddenly ceased.
Hah. It dosn't like you. Far sneered.
Tornado forwned, then took the box from Crystal's hands. She made an offended grunt, but didn't do anything. The Box still didn't glow.
"Weird...Arc, you take it." he handed it back to me. As soon as it touched my hands, the purple glow ignited again.
"Arctic, i think's it's a message for you.." Crystal said. I nodded.
<<< Then we should find a way to play it..>>>

Elemental Seribii
29th September 2002, 03:18 AM
Race: Human
Name: Senshi Irei
Gender: Female
Appearance: Senshi is around 5'7/8. If you look under the layered dark blonde hair, which falls a few inches below her shoulders, you'll find two Meowth ears, (But they're sort of turned down.) where normal human ones should be. Her eyes are a clear sapphire blue, with swirls of metallic silver, and her skin is lightly tanned. She can usually be seen stalking around in dark blue jeans, and a crimson clingy-ish shirt, alon with black sneakers.
Personality: She's quite naive to the ways of the wide world, and seems very innocent. Despite this, she often seems sad, as if she knows something, that shouldn't of happened. She can also sometimes seem to be very depressed...
She can have rapid mood swings, and can go slightly insane. I suggest you duck and cover when she does. She's a trouble maker, but really just loves to make others laugh. She means to do well, she's just a klutz...She also often spaces out.
Pokemon: A Clefable, Stardust. (Meha. Ha. Heh.) A baby Meowth, Cosmoia. (See History)
History: Senshi was brought up in Saffron. She left to be a Trainer when she was ten. Perhaps to escape the havoc that was going on. Her mother was depressed, and so was she. She was an only child, no one to really depend on. She left Saffron one bitterly cold winter night, leaving a note for her mother. (Though, she now apparently has a fourteen year old step-brother. Her mother's remarried, though she doesn't know...Oo')
Her Dad went missing when she was six. He's supposedly been seen at the Lake of Rage, but that was over two years ago now.
Meowth ears, you ask? She was witnessing the hatching of a baby Meowth (Now Cosmoia). When she reached to pick up the egg, there was an explosion. She lived (obviously), but appeared to have aquirred Meowth ears. Some scientists claim a transfer of DNA. Frankly, she doesn't really care. They're awfully sensitive, too...
Stardust, she found as a little baby Clefairy, abandoned in Mt. Moon by her mother due to a rampaging Onix. She found the mother, but the baby bounced after her, happily chanting 'Clefairy!'. She evolved due to some crators falling near where she was hiking, apparently they contained some Moon Stone.
Other: *chainsaws Other* Hmm? Other? What Other? ^-^;

-Senshi - Human-
I gazed foreward to that endless horizon. Damn, it seemed to taunt me.
<You'll never make it far, Senshi. Not far at all. Accomplishment, Senshi? Accomplishment is for fools, for day-dreamers. For those pretend heroes.> My mother's drunken voice echoed in my head. Sure, she was depressed, and desperately tried to drink her cares away...but they were still some of the most hurtful words I had ever heard. Hanging my head, I trudged on.
"Meow, meow?" Came the high cry of Cosmo. I picked her up, and rubbed her head with my knuckles. Purring, she layed herself across my shoulders.
My only other Pokeball was on my belt. Stardust, the Clefable.
I walked on. What was I looking for?
Oh, right.
Mew Castle.
I had heard some of the villagers' rumors about it. Intrigued, I had headed in the faint guidelines of an elder.
I hadn't found anything so far.
Suddenly it appeared, like a mirage. I started to jog towards it, but it always seemed to be one step ahead. Gritting my teeth, I sped into a sprint, suddenly screeching to a stop.
The door was right in front of me...
Looking around warily, I sweared I could almost see faint outlines of Pokemon...I must of been seeing things again.
Cosmo mewed, as if she knew something. I hushed her, and tried to open the door.
Hope that's okay. ^-^;

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
29th September 2002, 03:57 AM
Hehe... two people at once... Joltstorm/Hyperness's at mua house. We're..... supposed to be studying. Feh.

Race: Flareon! Whee flareon!
Name: Rolf Mitmakis
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Like a thinner version of a Flareon, with the yellow ruff lying flat like a collie's ruff, and the puff on the top of his head is sorta like an anime hairstyle thing. (Looks like it's pulled back in a ponytail with fringe.) His eyes are green-amber.
Personallity: Happy.... very happy.... almost all the time. O_o Talks a lot, sings a lot, bumps into rocks a lot and insinuates a lot (or is a busybody, if you prefer). Loyal, and impulsive. His brain, technically, is usually not functioning. And he speaks with extreme punctuation, like "this!!!!". ^_^()
Pokemon: Mer.
Other: Nyet.

Race: Human, since there seem to be a slight shortage of them)
Name: Siedah Gupai, called Sie for short.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Has long silver hair that falls past his shoulders. Garnet eyes, and a cold expression. Is vain. Wears a long, flowing green robe, and pants underneath. The robe has some signs and symbols etched all over in silver thread. Is well built, and tall, almost 6 feet. Handsome, if you go for the tall, quiet guys.
Personallity: Doesn't enjoy talking much, and hates overly talkative people. Quite arrogant, and doesn't enjoy fighting. Prefers to sit back adn make caustic comments.
Pokemon: One talkative Dewgong - I assume Pokemon can speak?-(irony of ironies).
Other: Likes to eat, especially sweet stuff. Can stuff himself without getting fat, horrid fella. And if allowed, telekinetic powers...please? He also hates people touching his hair and is extremely protective about it.

"Meeeeeeeeeeeeeew Castle!!!! Mewwwwwwwww Castle!!!!!! Anyone going thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat way?!??!?!? Could they show me the way??????? Pleaaaaaase?!?!?!"

Rolf was currently in the position made famous by hitchhikers everywhere, with a paw jerking in the vague direction of where he considered the castle to be. He was fascinated by the legends surrounding the place, and he'd heard happy happy fabulous tales of it from his grandmother. Therefore, he wanted to explore it. YaaaaaaaaYyyy!!!!

He launched himself onto the nearest 'victim of circumstances' that seemed to be heading in the correct direction.

It turned out to be a grey-haired man, lanky and eating a most delicious-looking hotdog. Rolf immediately decided he was hungry and took a playful swipe at it, whereupon it disappeared into the man's mouth in one gulp.

Rolf wasn't beaten yet. He latched onto the man's long hair and began yanking on it. "HeeeeeeeyIknowyourgointoMewCastle!!! YouAREgoingtoMewCastle! Hardlyanyonegoesthisway!!!!!!! Yesyouare! You are you are you are you are you are!!!!!!!!"
Sie Gupai, male, human.

"Get. Off. Me. Now."

The creature, seeming to be some variety of fire-type eeveelution, heeded not my words. Mildly irritated, I directed a psychokinetic force at it, knocking it off my back.... and my beautiful hair. Years of painstaking cultivation have gone into those exquisite locks of mine. How dare a crass boor like it defile it? With its...... filthy paws, no less!

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! That wasn't nice!!!!" it yelled in frustration. No doubt, my own wonderful tresses were infinitely more precious than its shaggy fur. I directed a cool stare at it.

"Do I look as if I care?"

"Er..... no...! But I thought I'd tell you anyway! Because I'm nice!!!!"

Deciding not to waste my time conversing with a Flare- with it, I turned my back on it and walked off in the direction of the castle.

.....It grabbed my beautiful hair!!!!!! Again!

I hereby proclaimed that my lifelong work will be to eliminate this creature from the face of the earth.

But it wouldn't leave me alone. Everytime I knocked it off its stubborn persistence drove it to return to my glistening crown of magnificent silver strands. Eventually, at the front door of the castle, it grabbed my legs and thanked me for bringing it there.

I kicked it.

What a most unpleasant nuisance.

Beth Kaiba
29th September 2002, 11:51 AM
Race: Human, last time I checked......
Name: Beth
Gender: female
Appearance: light blue hair, and dark brown eyes.
Personallity: Kind and sort of a loner
Pokemon: Eevee (she calls it Excel)
Other: Beth and Excel have been together for almost all of their lives and are like best friends......in fact Eevee is Beth's ONLY friend.


(thinking) This day couldn't be better, I'm playing with Excel, the weather is nice, I have a trip to Mew Island in my plans......."eevee! vee!" Excel sounded worried which wasn't like her. Beth quickly yelled, "Excel, can you hear me?!" she paniced when she didn't receive a response, and started running........right into a trainer who had a Clefable and Meowth. "Oh, I'm sorry, I was running so fast I didn't see you." she said, sounding slightly embrassed. "You haven't seen an Eevee around anywhere by chance have you?"

Kuro Espeon
30th September 2002, 03:55 PM
Originally posted by Arctic A:
I handed the box over to Crystal. The purple glow suddenly ceased.
Hah. It dosn't like you. Far sneered.


Race: Mew
Name: Crystal
Gender: F
Appearance: Normal Mew sized but most of her fur is pur white except for the pink tips on her ears, feet and tail. Has bright crystal-blue eyes (Hence the name: Crystal...^^;; )
Personality: Is kind and caring( maybe a little too kind sometimes) and believes that there there is good in everyone (Even the bad guys!). But she doesn't really have alot of self-esteem and is often hard on herself. She hates pain and suffering and therefore absolutly detests all the battles in the past. But she is always ready to stand up and fight with her friends. She is cautious around strangers but once you gain her trust it's hard to lose it!
History: ....I ain't writing it out. If you want to know then e-mail me...
Pokemon: uhh...she IS a pokemon.
Other: Sister of Jewel. Future Mother of Byakko. Arctic's girlfriend (^.^)

Crystal -Mew-{F}
I watched with curiosity as Arctic and Tornado examined the box. The purple aura surrounding gave off a wierd sort of energy...a cold one. I had never felt anything like it before, and for some reason it was making me uneasy. There was just something about it that didn't feel right to me and I was very wary. But I decided not to say anything to Arctic until we had actually figured out what it was and why it was directed at Arctic.
...That was the other thing that worried me. Why was it reacting specifically to Arctic's touch? And if it truly was a message of some kind, then who could possibly want to talk to Arctic? I had feeling deep inside me, call it instinct if you like, that told me that whatever it was, it wasn't good. And the last thing I wanted was for Arctic to get hurt again, especially when we had all had finally achieved a somewhat peaceful life.
I sighed lightly. All the painful memories from the past came flooding back to me. No matter how har di tried to forget them, I could still see them clearly in mind as if they had just happened yesterday. The pain...the lost friends...ans all those horrible battles. I deeply and dearly wished that they would never have to be repeated again.
<<"Hey Crys,">> Said Arctic, suddenly snapping me out of my tranced state, <<"Do you think Flashwing would know anything about this?">>
"I dunno." I replied with a light shake of my head. "It's possible. He is one of the Five Creators, and if this has anything to do with them he may know."
"Where is he?" Tornado asked.
"Not sure of that either. I haven't seen him around for a while and you know how he has a habit of wandering off."
<<"We should probably try and find him.">> Arctic suggested.
**"Didn't anyone think to ask me perhaps?** came a cold, deep voice from the above rafters. I jumped, startled half to death. **"I'm beginning to think you don't like me, Mews. I'm hurt."**
We all looked up towards the dark ceiling. And there was a shadowed, hulking bird-like figure perched upon the high rafters, his eyes glowing red ad slightly devilish.
"Farlander!" I cried.

Race: Lugia
Name: Farlander
Gender: Male
Appearance: He loks like you're usual Lugia, but witha few small changes. His eyes have a reddish tint that make him look devilish. and his Blue plates are more close to a blackish-blue.
Personality: Cold on the outside (considering he used to be evil) and has an extremely short fuse. He prefers to be by himself alot and pretends to hates the Mews, but everyone can tell he's starting to soften inside.
History: Was one of the gaurdian Pokemon that was responsible for creating Missingno (Who he "fondly" called the "Glitch"). Used to be an enemy of the Mews but was forced to join up with them temporarily to help in the battle with Kalidor, during which he mortally wounded and was killed. But before he died he had a strange revelation and looked a life alot differently. Now he has been revived and is currently living in the Cape of Lost Time with the others.
Other: He has a secret....wahahahaha...(It's so secret even I don't know it yet!)

Farlander -Lugia-{M}
**"I'm beginning to think you don't like me, mews. I'm hurt."** I said with cold undertone.
"Farlander!" Crystal cried when she realized that it was me. Her shocked respones caused me to chuckle lightly.
**"You sound way to surprised, Crystal. Do you all keep forgetting that I live here now? Hmph. I'm not surprised."**
<<"What do you want, Farlander?>> said Arctic with an exasperated sighed. I could tell by the tone in his voice that he still didn't trust me fully. That was not surprising considering that there weren't many in this castle that did trust me. But I'll admit that the feeling was mutal. Even though these Mews were the ones responsible for reviving me I still had no intention of becoming their "friend". An ally maybe...but never a friend. I always had the feeling that they only brought me back to life out of spite.
**"Want? My dear Arctic, I want nothing from you."** I replied, coming out of the shadows and gracefully gliding to the ground next to them. **"I just happened to notice that strange box you all were gawking at and came to have a look-see. Flashwing is not the only one around here who is of the Five Pokemon Sages. I, too, am a Creator, in case you have forgotton, Arctic. I would most likely be of some use to you, perhaps more than Flashwing."** I grinned snidely. Arctic still loathed me, and I just loved rubbing my wisdom in his face.

Arctic A
1st October 2002, 10:42 AM

I looked at Farlander.
<<< I'd much rather deal with Flashwing than you, Farlander. But...if you know anything about this, please help.>>>
Damnit, Farlander enjoyed listening to that. I tried not to let my feelings show. I glanced over at Crystal. She shrugged. Farlander let out a small smile.
***Give me it.*** He said.
I tossed the box to Farlander. The purple glow suddenly ceased. I was about to say something, when the glow reappeared - but this time dark red. Farlander ignored it, and examined the box for a moment.
*** Aha! *** Farlander. *** Easy. There are several microscopic pads that you must push down, using Psychic power. It's easy...if you're strong enough.*** Farlander smirked, then tossed me the box. He laughed, then stood back a few steps. he folded his wings.

I concentrated on the box. I couldn't feel any pads.
*** Try harder*** Farlander was enjoying himself again.
I felt harder. Still nothing. Farlander was about to start laughing, until Tornado shot him a look, which i assumed meant 'Don't bother.' I still couldn't feel anything. I tried again.....and again...
It took several minutes, but i finally sensed something. Six pads. I pushed on them with my mind. They didn't budge. I tried again. One or two went down. I gave a final push down, and they all snapped into the cube. The Purple glow got brighter, and the box floated out of my hand into the air. It started glowing brighter...
Then the box exploded.
It was a small explosion, not enough to hurt anyone. All that was left was a purple glowing...it formed into what seemed to be a screen. Imaged started flashing into exsistance...and sounds

And what a sight it was. It was Mew Castle. or at least, what had used to be Mew castle..... It was in ruins. The forests around it blazed with bright fires. Screams and shouts could be heard. i cringed. It wasn't pleasent. The images suddenly dimmed, and the screen shopwed a face. A Mew. It looked suprisingly like me....

" I can only pra..y that... thi..s reaches you, Arctic. Listen, i don't have ti..me. We're ...unde...r attack. Al..mo..st every..one's dead or dying. Flashwin..g and Farl..ander ..are fightin...g 'them..' off - i do..n't know w...ho 'them...' is - but they're losing. These things ar..e alm..ost in..vincib..le! Not e..ven Flashw...ing kn...ows w..ho they are......bu..t i know who's helping th.. them. Xiaso. XIASO. Xiaro helped us, but he's d...ead. Liste..n carefully...Don..

The message suddenly blanked out. The screen reamined on. I quickly looked around to study eveyone's faces. Tornado was looking serious. Crystal looked shocked, like me. Farlander had his eyes closed. Thinking, maybe. Far just sneered to himself. Then the screen blinked back on...a face appeared on the screen. An elderly Scyther.

"Arrrrrrhh...Arcti...c, if you g..etr this, god ...hope you do, make sure you don't let Xiaso anyw...here near........... the ca...stle. He's the spy. He's w...orking for ....(The Message convienently blanked out for a second here..)...if he gets in, he'll tell his freinds, Mew castle will be destroyed. (There was a pause)
This.. is O..rdos. Fr..om a.. year into your f..uture..."

The message blinked out. The screen dissapeard in a whisp of purple smoke. I sighed. A long heavy sigh.
<<< Not again....>>>

1st October 2002, 02:57 PM
Far - (M) - Mew

Far narrowed his eyes, floating down so now he was level with everyone else. Far gazed at Farlander, and his hate bubbled a bit... but Far respected Farlander far more then he ever respected the other Mews.
Looks like we will be having war some time... how fun.
Arctic looked at me...
<<< So you could be dead or dying? Far some times I think...>>>
I'd hold your tongue so you don't say anything you'd regret. Besides... with Xiaso and Xiaro coming... you'll need all the allies you can gather.
I smiled smartly, gazing at Farlander and then at the ceiling as if to jester at Jewel. They rolled their eyes... and Crystal's soft voice spoke.
" What do we do now..."

Jewel = (F) = Mew

Jewel floated down the corridors... the nice black ones, for they matched what teh world should look like. She suddenly however, found that one of the corridors were brighter... and she narrowed her eyes. But begrudgingly, she went further and came into the large opening where she 'saw' others.
She knew them... the figure who spoke to her earlier, the white... then there was the ugly blue one... sort of like her, except deeper.
Blue... she knew that was the worst.
Then there was her 'relative'... but that didn't matter anymore.
There was the dragon... and, the bird.
The Bird... Farlander...
His image seethed in her mind, but she didn't care... at least he didn't seem to always be cheery, his voice was like the worlds. Hateful... vengeful... how the world should reflect what was happening.
She heard a bit of what they said... about creatures coming, about destruction... her relative had said, 'what should we do'.

Jewel suddenly floated out from the shadows, flying above them, for they conviently were position sort of in a semi-circle. She gazed at them, with her blank... icy silver eyed gaze... she used to hvae blue eyes... she thought, but they were gone now... who needed blue? She stared at them for only a brief moment, but seemed to stare past them and then she looked away, staring at one of the windows as night fell upon the castle.
* Llat eum kauhm... *
She said out loud, her voice making sense... but it always didn't make sense to them. when she spoke like their nonsense babble... they understood, but she did it in riddles.
They didn't understand..
Sighing, she flew off through oneof the windows again, to rest upon the top of the castle to welcome the darkness... to sing to the night.
That was what she loved only...

Mew Trainer Rose
1st October 2002, 04:47 PM
Race: Human. yeah, there are too few of them, so I'll be one.
Name: Rose Vered
Gender: Female
Appearance: a bit short, around 5'3. shoulder-length brown-copper hair, gold-brown eyes with a pair of wire-rimmed glasses (so few RPG characters have glasses), green cap, old grey hooded sweatshirt, light green t-shirt, khaki pants.
Personallity: inteligent, a fairly good knowledge of pokemon, gets along well with most pokemon, slightly shy, so is a bit slow to make human friends.
Pokemon: Rapidash (Comet), Wooper (Rio), Noctowl (Stella)
Other: Not really the typical Trainer, sometimes she makes frinds with pokemon and they stick with her for a while. Most leave after a while, but Comet's been with her since he was a little colt. Rose found him abandoned in a forest, so she took care of him, and he sort of adopted her as a foster mother.

Rose (human)

"Let's go Comet!"
My Rapidash friend leaped forward into a gallop, with me holding on tight to his fiery mane and riding on his back. The two of us were going for a run in the forest, tired of simply walking all day. We had been wandering here and there, partially living off the land and sometimes fighting Trainers for money. I never wanted to be a standard Trainer, just acted like one so i could continue the nomadic life style i liked.
Suddenly the forest ended and a fareg catsle sprung up in front of us. Even before I called for Comet to stop, he was digging his hooves into the turf and skidding to a halt. Then we both just started at the castle for a moment. Then curiosity got the best of me, and i said to Comet, "I wonder if anyone lives there." Comet turned his head and gave me a look that said, 'You've gpt to be kidding me, you don't really want to go explore it, do you?' I have his a look back that said, 'You know i do, and you can't convince me otherwise,' Then climbed off his back. He gave an equine sigh, and we started walking forward.

Kuro Espeon
2nd October 2002, 03:15 PM
Race: Mew
Name: Byakko
Gender: F
Appearance: Since she is still pretty young she's not very big. Is PURE white and almost ghost-like. Has sparkling silver eyes that give her a very mysterious look.
Personality: Quiet and hard to approach. She tends to blame alot of things on herself (alot like her mother, ne?) and is often depressed. But she is very kind at heart and has hidden power that even she doesn't know about. (I sense a future plot twist...kekeke)
History: She came back from the future, with help from Flashwing, in order to save help her parents kill Kalidor. For in her future time, Kalidor had grown to incredible strengths and taken a firm control of the earth, even managing to kill both of Byakko's parents (Arctic and Crystal). So she came back in order to stop this from happening. But Unfourtunetly, Byakko's time jumping caused shifts in the space/time continuum and turned the time lines upside-down. She later found out that another mew, Seika (right, B4?), had also come back to the past but had no memories of who he was or why he was there. For more info on THAT part, talk to B4...)
Other: The daughter of Arctic and Crystal from the future.

I sighed as I floated down the empty corridors of the castle. The lonely echo of the wind was the only thing I could hear. I think it was reflecting the feeling within my heart. I felt lonely, I won't deny that. Even though I was with Mom and Dad, and "aunt" Jewel and the others...I still felt lonely in a way. I think it was because I hadn't seen my friend Seiko around around for a while. It seemed like he had just disappeared for no reason, and I was worried about him.
'I wonder how he's doing....' I thought. Right as I turned the corner I was nearly run down by Jewel....my 'Aunt' Jewel. We bumped into each other and were temporarily fazed. I shook my head.
"Oh sorry...Aunt...Jewel. I guess I wasn't watching where I was going." I apologized with a smile. She just stared blankly at me, her hazy eyes not showing any recognition at all, as if she just saw right through me. After a brief moment she spoke one sentence.
"A memory...long forgotten...but never really there." She said in a cold, monotonous voice. she then blinked and flew on past me without another word. I watched her for a moment, shook my head, and continued on.
I had never really gotten to know my aunt Jewel very well. I had never met her in future because she had died before I was born. And when I came back tot he past she was still trapped in the shadow void. Even now, though she's been out of the void for quite some time, I still felt as though I really didn't know her. She was cold and distant and never talked to anyone. She was always by herself, and even when her own sister (my mother Crystal) talked to her, she rarely responded. And when she did her answers made no sense. Mother told me that Jewel didn't used to be like this. But the time she had spent in the void had changed her durastically.
As I got closer to the door I heard voices coming from outside. One of them sounded like mother and another was father. I was sure of those. But there were others there too. After listening for a moment I recognized the voices of Tornado, Far and Farlander. They seemed to be talking about something of importance for their voices were low and stern. As I approachd the lighted doorway, their voices became clearer.
"What are we going to do?" I heard mother say softly.
There was a short pause before I heard father speak.
<<"Well...it's obvious isn't it? We have to keep Xiaso away from the castle...">>
Then Tornado piped up. "But how do we know that we can trust this strange message? It just appeared out of nowhere! Who knows...it could be a trick."
<<"That's true Tornado. But I'd like to believe that it's NOT a trick. Ordos was in there too. Ordos is our good friend. He would never decieve us.">>
As the conversation continued, I suddenly thought back to what father has said first. Xiaso? Was that the name? Why did it sound so familiar to me....? I closed my eyes. But as soon as I did, a strange image passed before me. There was a castle. Was it Mew Castle? It was engulfed in flames and appeared to be torn to ruins. The red and orange falmes licked at the twilight sky as the castle wreckage burned. There were Mews...alot of them, but they were all lying on the ground, lifeless and cold. There was a strange beings floating above it all. I had never met him before...but he looked strangely familiar. This whole image that was passing before my eyes was mysterious....It almost seemed....like a memory...A memory that was long forgotten, but had never existed. Then suddenly...My mind was able to match the face with a name...
*"Xiaso!"* I said aloud, alot louder than I had expected. My sudden outburst caused the attention of the adults to be focused on me. They hadn't even noticed I was there until now. But I didn't notice really. I was to busy wondering what had just happened to me, and why I was remembering something that I had never experianced. I did, however, look up as mother floated over to me.
"Byakko?" said said witha worried tone. (technically, this Crystal wasn't my mother...yet. But she still seemed to geuinly care about me.) "How do you know that name?"
I shook my head as the otehrs came over to me and watched me intently.
*"I...I don't know..."*

Arctic A
3rd October 2002, 10:26 AM
I grimaced as i saw Byakko enter the room. I still wasn't confortable around her, knowing that she was my daughter from the future. I guess it'd take time....
I was as suprised as everyone else when i found she knew of Xiaso.
<<< Byakko, this is very important. Reach back in your mind....What do you know?>>>
" I doubt she'll be able to recall....Time-Travelling has strange effects on the mind.." A loud voice boomed from above. I looked up, and saw a large, rainbow colored bird appearing from a swirling vortex.
<<< Flashwing? >>>
Oh great, our overgrown Chicken friend is back..Far sneered. Farlander cast a look at him.
"You, my boy, should learn some respect!"
Far was about to reply, but the Ho-oh shot a beam of bright energy at Far. It encased him, and he was frozen in a block of ice.
"Ice from a Fire bird eh? Not bad..." Tornado mused. Flashwing chuckled.
"He'll only be frozen a few minutes. Nothing to worry about."
<<< Sure. No problem here...>>> I laughed. The others nodded in agreement. Flashwing sighed, and came to rest beside Farlander, who glared at him.
"Sooo, farlander old boy, how are things here?"
*** I think you know..***
Flashwing grunted, then turned to me.
"They'll be here soon."
<<< Indeed. I can sense it...>>>
"Sooo...any ideas anyone?" Tornado asked. I noticed Far's ice block was melting. He'd be back any second.

3rd October 2002, 02:41 PM
Far – (M)

I felt as I was plastered with ice, and instantly my mind flamed with anger. That damned bird doing this, showing off his so called power... because he was one of the five. The others wouldn’t do anything because of it... How dare they treat me this way! Fine... if they were to do this, then I would gladly let Mew’s Castle rot and burn to the ground! With my anger, my body temperature rose slightly... but I felt no need to bother using my teleportation powers to teleport out of the ice... I would let it melt, but quicker. In about 2 minutes from what I could gather... the ice was melted, adn they all looked at me with mused eyes. I narrowed my own, with my defiant blue eyes...
“ Well... have you learned to hold your tongue Far?” Flashwing spoke, looking at me with that annoying inkling in his eyes that he felt he was soo great. I hated them all... damn them all! Arctic looked at me, and Farlander even had a smirk..
May you burn in hell you damn bird... may all of you, and Mew’s Castle too, burn to the ground!
Flashwing was about to fire another ice blast... but I already had my own ideas in mind. My body shifted, and with in a second, my arms had grown longer ... a muzzle grown out, with horns splitted from my head. My eyes burned with fire... as my whole sleek figure, became pitch black with only a few faint hues of a silver underbelly with matching silver horns. I narrowed my eyes at them all, as I felt the Ho-Oh’s attack hit me, but instantly melt... for my body, now in my Houndoom form, had its own internal furnace greater then any fire pokemon. With that, I quickly padded off... eyeing them as I headed towards one of the smaller doors- used only for pokemon to exit the castle. It was quite convienent- to be right near the exit...
... oh, but wait, Mew’s Castle already is going to burn to the ground!

With that I snickered, and then tore off out of teh Caslte into the night... if they attacked me or did not like my ways of thinking, then they should not have any aid from me. They would have another enemy... and only this time, I wouldn’t have Kalador beckoning me to do his every move. Perhaps Xiaso or Xiaro would be useful after all...

Repturroc – (F) – Mew-like Creature of Time

Repturroc slowly floated in the air... with in actuality, great speed... but to her, it was a mere floating trip. Gazing wide-eyed at teh earth below... she was having great fun reading the aura’s which were consontrated upon Mew’s Castle.
[ oh what fun! The birds of towers have come! Oh what fun!] Repturroc sang cheerfully, and then stopped in the dark night air... as the stars twinkled with delight, and the moon’s eerie rays danced upon her black form. She stopped however, once her crimson eyes caught sight of Mew’s Castle. Blinking, she suddenly picked out a darkened form dashing through the forest... but instead of trying to look harder at the figure, she meerly smiled.
[ Ah! The shadow former has finally left! What a turn time has kept!]
With that, Repturroc fiercly floated to one of the high windows of Mew Castle, and saw it was closed. Blinking for a moment, she reapeared upon the other side of the window, which overlooked the moon. Down below, she saw a group of figures which she indeed recognized... and she smiled happily.
She did not make a sound however, she just hovered there for a time... listening to what they spoke. They were plotting on what to do about Xiaso and Xiaro! Smiling wider, she leaned back, as if mocking to lay back upon air, and watched... curious at how these creatures would try to break fate again.

Arctic A
4th October 2002, 11:57 AM
I sighed as Far flew away. I had a feeling he'd be causing us trouble sometime in future. Flashwing laughed.
"Heh heh heh....he's a strange one, that Far. You'd best keep an eye out for him." He said. I nodded in agreement. There was silence for a moment, than Flashwing spoke:
"Come, we should greet the brothers."
<<<What? They're here?>>> I could sense them. It occured to me that i'd being thinking so much about that message that i'd forgotten to keep track of them. Flashwing sighed. He walked out of the room into the main hall. I sighed, and followed him. Crystal came too. I looked back at Tornado and the others.
<<< Keep thinking! >>> I winked, and ran off to catch up with Flashwing, who had taken flight out of the door. I floated up alongside Crystal.
<<< This is bad..>>>
"You don't say?"
<<< What will we do? >>>
"We play along, i guess. Don't let Xiaso know we're onto him."
<<< Easy enough, i guess...>>>

We floated out of the door, and saw 3 objects up in the sky. Flashwing hovered before two smallish Bird Pokemon. The larger (Xiaso, i presumed..) Was white, with several dark blue patches and parts. Xiaro was the same, except for Red instead, and he was smaller. We floated up alongside Flashwing.

{Greetings, Arctic. We have heard much of you. } Xiaso said. His voice was deep and cold.
{I now declare that i shall take the position of Mew Castle gaurdian, as the mighty Ramses and Cizora before me!}
I noticed Xiaro clench his teeth at that.
<<< And I declare that no one's taking no position until we get this cleaned up. What about Xiaro? >>>
Xiaso cast a look at his brother.
{I beleive that my foolish brother also wishes to take the position. I ,however, should be the one.}
"Says who?" Crystal replied. Xiaso looked at her with a large frown visable on his face.
{I say so.}
"And wh-"
"SILENCE!" Flashwing suddenly yelled. It was loud enough to make even Xiaso cringe.
"There seems to be a conflict develpoing here. There is only one way to proceed. The Shi - Cathor."
<<< Shi - Cathor? >>>
[The Shi-Cathor is the event in which two competetors wishing to rule over a certain area of mystical properties. ] Xiaro spoke. His voice was unlike his brothers - it was quiet and concentrated.
{Then the Shi - Cathor it will be.} Xiaso roared. {I will defeat my Brother and claim my rightful place..}
"Very well. The event will take place in two weeks. Until then, you must both reside here at the castle." Flashwing replied.
[{It is done.}} Xiaso and Xiaro said in unison.
<<< I have a bad feeling about this..>>> I whispered telepathically to Crystal.


Feel free to throw in some appropriate plot twists...

Mew Trainer Rose
4th October 2002, 02:01 PM
Rose (human)

Comet and i walked up to the castle and started to walk around it, looking for a way in. Comet kept arguing with me.

"Why do you want to find a way in so much?" he asked me.

"Pure curiosity," I replied.

"Well, curiosity killed the Meowth, you know. Besides, what if the castle is inhabited, the owners see you, and they don't like tresspassers?"

"Well what if no one's here? Then there's no problem."

"Why are you---" he stopped suddenly in mid-sentance, and just stood there.

"Why am I what?" I asked him, stopping beside him.

"Look over there," he told me, pointing with his horn.

I looked, and found myself incapable of speech. What appeared to be several Mews, a Dragonite, and a few Legendary Birds were hovering in the air not far from the castle, apperantly discussing something. They must have reached some decision, because they all turned and headed back into the castle. Comet and I remained motionless for a moment, still surprised and awed at what we saw. Comet was the first to break the silence.

"So the castle is inhabited. And by Legendaries, no less."

"I guess it's just as well we haven't found a door yet." I replied.

"Although knowing you, you still want to find out more about the place." Comet grumbled.

"Do I ever!" I enthusiastically replied. "Come on, we can at least finish looking around the outside." I started walking again, and Comet sighed before trotting along behind.

Arctic A
4th October 2002, 03:53 PM
Race: Dragonite
Name: Tornado
Gender: Male
Appearance: An average Dragonite.
Personallity: Exceedingly loyal to Artcic and the others. He also lost his family to evil, so he and the others share something in common. He's caring, but ruthless when it comes to battle.
Other: Is anxious to stay in his body this time round...heh heh heh...

My ears pricked up as i heard an unfamiliar voice nearby. I grunted, and walked round the side of the castle. I was suprised to see a Rapidash and a female human. I think they were a bit more suprised to see me.
"Now isn't the best time for sightseers." I said. They looked at me. The girl ajusted her glasses.
"We..ummm...uh....wanted to check the place out....i mean...." She pointed up at Xiaso, Xiaro, Flashwing, Crystal and Arctic who were slowly making their way down towards the castle. I laughed.
"I suppose that could interest a human. But don't even think about trying to catch us. Arctic'll kill you. And i mean that. He dosn't take kindly to Pokeballs...." I grimanced, as i remembered that time a few years ago when Arctic had been caught in a Master ball, and i had had to rescue him from a Pokemon Zoo. I shuddered as i remembered.
"Arctic? Who's Arctic?"

" A freind of mine. A mew freind of mine." I replied.
I thought for a moment...there was certainly a conflict coming up. Maybe this human could help us.
"You're a Pokemon Trainer, right?"
"Y..yeah.." She stuttered.
"Maybe you could help us out....stick around for a while. What's your name?"
"Rose. This is Comet." She motioned towards her Rapidash.
"I'm Tornado. Come, meet the residents." I turned around and walked back to the castle entrance, with them both following.

Kuro Espeon
4th October 2002, 04:38 PM
As we entered the castle doors, I floated along slightly behind the rest. I wanted to keep an eye on Xiaso. Ever since they had arrived I had been feeling very uneasy around him. Of course...that was to be expected. He did seem like the type that he was described as in the message. Cold and commanding. We had to do something to keep that horrible incident from happening. Luckily, it seemed that we would have sometime before anything would anything. At least two weeks. I doubted that Xiaso would try anything until after the Shi-Cathor. But if he ended up losing to his brother, he might become enraged, and then we'd have something to worry about. But I still couldn't help but feel unnerved. Especially when all my friends and loved ones were at risk. Maybe we could find someway to get him to leave even before....
<<"Don't even think about it, Crystal,">> said Arctic's voice in my mind, <<"Don't even think about trying anything. It's too dangerous. Let's just sit this out for now.">>
I sent a message back to him.
"Who said I was going to try anything Arc? Come on! Would I do something like that?"
<<"Yes.">> he replied bluntly.
Arctic had developed a bad habit of reading my mind every so often. I kept telling myself that it was only out of concern for me but sometimes it seemed like he did it more and more often. I rolled my eyes.
<<"I saw that.">> said Arctic. I looked up ahead and saw that he was looking back at me with raised eyebrows. I smiled back innocently.
"Heh heh." I replied.

Sorry that was short. It's friday and I can't think of anything.

Arctic A
5th October 2002, 04:23 AM
Crystal and I floated into the castle. The main hall was pretty full now. Tornado seemed to have found some new freinds, a human and a Rapidash. I noticed Farlander was giving Xiaso dirty looks. But i suppose he gives everyone dirty looks. I shook the thoughts off. You need a clear mind, Arc. Clear. I smiled to myself, and looked over at Crystal. She was keeping an eye on Xiaso. Good.

Race: Latios
Name: Xiaso
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www2.hyperlink.cz/pierovastranka/ratiosu.gif
Personallity: The Older of the Brothers. he's the bully, the one who always wants things to go his way. He's stronger, but not as clever.

The castle was smaller than i had imagined. No matter. The power was still here. The power that would be mine.. I cast a look at my idiot brother. Xiaro was scanning the castle. He seemed fasinated by it. I didn't care. I was however, concerned. The Shi-Cathor was not to be taken lightly. If Xiaro did win...No. No, he wouldnt. Because i have a plan.

The Shi - Cathor does not allow anyone to interfere with the battle. So Flashwing says. But...I could have someone intervene. His psychic energys chanelled with mine, i could destroy Xiaro. Who, you ask? Who would help me?
I have something he wants.
He dosn't know it yet.
But he will.

Xiaro was now talking with the Dragonite. Everyone else seemed to be gathering around, except two Mews (Arctic & Crystal..) and Farlander, who had walked outside. He was alone. Now i make my move.
I slowly hovered over to stand beside Farlander. He looked at me, then turned away.
** What? **
I smiled.
{I have her, Farlander. I have Disaran.}
He instantly snapped around to stare at me.
** Lies! She is dead. ** He replied.
{No lies, Farlander. But she will be dead, if you don't help me.}
** Why should i beleive you? ** He was angry.
{Because of this...}
A small, golden silver feather appeared in front of me. It hovered in front of Farlander, and then fell to the floor. Farlander was stareing at it. I think i could see tears forming in his great eyes. the weak fool.
{If you ever want to see her, you will help me. And you know how.} I smiled evily at him.
I quickly turned and walked back into the castle, leaving Farlander clutching the feather as if it were pure gold.

Family was always a weakness.

5th October 2002, 12:42 PM
Far - (M)

I growled to myself, as I padded among the hard, dirtied floor.
Stupid mews... birds... all of them.
What can I do now... I can't just let them get away for treating me like that. Revenge is a powerful tool I must weld now..
I sighed sitting down, thinking... what could I possibly do?
Then it occured to me.
Xiaso- he was the one that was foreseen to destroy the castle...
Then he will be the one I will aid.
But how?
I grinned suddenly... I knew the tools which I could use to guarentee a victory.
But... I would have to wait, wait until the time was right...
There was some thing in the castle... that anyone could easily use to get what they wanted.
The weak fool.
Floating upwards, I flew upon a large, dead oak tree which had grown on teh very edge of the forest... from here, I could easily see the castle and anything upon the outside of it.
It was there I saw Xiaso talking to Farlander..
Already making allies I see.. no doubt. Farlander would be a good one... but I shall even aid both of them further.
I snickered, lying back and waiting...

Jewel - (F)

I gazed down below me, seeing that strange bird being go away... he had dark blue patches. I liked the darkness... but why blue? Didn't he know the world was changing?
He left the big, white-blue bird alone... and that bird was staring at a strange, silvery-golden feather. (remember, Jewel was outside.. ^^)
Silver was a good color... gold was too... they were mysterious, and didn't have an emotion behind them. I smiked irkingly, and slowly floated down, so that I faced the great bird, but stayed in the air.
*** Foolish mew! BEGONE!***
The bird suddenly erupted, with a force of surprise and sadness, but anger because I had came. With this, I stared up at him with my blank silver eyes....
*** Did I stutter? I said begone!***
I continued to stare at him...

(thought I'd get Jewel to get some interaction..)

Repturroc - (F) - Mew-like Creature(Currently unnoticed in Mew Castle..)

I suddenly felt the urge to giggle.
Everything which was happening was so hillarious!
I giggled madly to myself, feeling eyes suddenly turn upon me..
[ Oh two sides are fun to pick!
Which is healthy to be sick!
New ones always here to arise,
While old ones seem to despise!
So many webs we seem to weave,
Break one now, and love shall leave!
Oh what fun this all will be!
So maybe myself will come to see!]

"What the-" I heard a human cry out, and I happily giggled and flew down to the head level of most of them. I knew that Farlander and the clouded Jewel were out... but it was fun to look at the others.
I saw Xiaro, his bold red colors flashing about... red... heh, what a lucky color to have like meee!
Then there was this new human!
[ Seems to me a trainer you be!
Aren't I a funny sight to see?
Do not think to apprehend!
None know of what I send!
But hello I say! Greeting to you!
Welcome to chaos old and new!]

"Repturroc... " I heard a whisper, adn turned to see Flashwing. Ah, such a big, bright being...
[ Hello old honor, I say good night!
For to say good day would not be right!]
I laughed at my own little joke with a shrill of laughter...

(I love how Repturroc can be so smart but act just like a little kid... heh, sorta like Puck!)

Kuro Espeon
6th October 2002, 05:39 PM
Oooh...plot twist! Me likes!

The name rang aloud inside my head. It echoed deep into the depths of my mind. Disaran. How could she....be alive? After all this time...We all thought she was dead. We thought she was a goner. We thought...no...I thought I would never see her again. Disaran...my dear sister.
The feelings in my heart were a jumbled mess. Part of me was filled with hope and joy at the realization that my sister was alive! But the other part of me was forlorn and distressed. Who knew what Xiaso wanted from me, or worse...what he'd do to Disaran if he didn't get it.
I stared down at the golden feather, the site of it making me nostalgic. I could still see the clearest image of my sister in my mind. She was slightly smaller than me and her skin was a shining silver with gold plates (That's where the gold feather must have come from...). Her eyes were a magnificant blue that stood out from therest of her. It was generally the first thing you noticed about her. I hoped that she hadn't changed over the many years since I had seen her last....
I narrowed my eyes as my body burned with rage and hatred towards Xiaso.
'Bastard...how dare he....If he even lays one finger on Disaran, I'll kill him!' I thought forcefully. While deep in thought I hadn't noticed the Mew that had floated down besides me. I didn't see her till she was right in front of me. When I looked up at her, I realized that it was Jewel. Crystal's sister. Still in my bewildered, emotional state, I snapped at her angrily.
**"Foolish Mew! Be gone!"**
She continued to stare at me with her glazed silver eyes.
**"Did I stutter? I said Be gone!"**
She still satred at me. She was starting to irritate me, and in my current state that was the last thing I wanted.
**"Listen Mew, I don't have time for your foolishness right now! So just do me a favor and stay out of my way!"** I took off and flew around her. As I flew away from the castle I noticed that she was following me, her icy gaze still fixed upon me. I twisted and turned several times to try and lose her but to no avail. She was determined to keep up with me. I sighed and finally stopped, letting her catch up. When she came up beside me I looked at her out of the corner of my eye.
**"Alright. Fine."** I said with and exasperated sigh. **"Well? Out with it Mew. What do you want?"**

I followed close behins Arctic....Father, as we went farther and farther down the tunnels of Mew Castle. Even though he was technically not yet my father (and I could sense, no matter how hard he tried to hide it, that he still was not comepletely used to the idea of me being his daughter) I still felt safe when i was near him. Ever since the arrival of the brothers I had been very uneasy. Just looking at Xiaso made me shiver. Just the aura around him gave me the chills.
I still could not figure out why he had appeared in my mind. Why did an event, that I had never experianced in the first place, suddenly appear in my memory?
This puzzled me so i decided to ask Flashwing. I looked around our group and spotted him in the front, leading the way. I left father's side and manuevered up to the front anf floated along beside him.
{"Fl...Flashwing?"} I said nervously, and quietly.
"What is it child?" he replied, glancing at my out of the corner of his eyes.
{"I...I know you're not the Flashwing I know from my future time, but maybe you can help me figure something out."}
"You want to know why Xiaso is suddenly among your dominent memories, right?"
{"Yeah..."} Even this past Flashwing amazed me. I guess no matter no matter where in the stream of time I was, Flashwing would always know me. {"I don't remember ever knowing either Xiaso OR Xiaro in my lifetime. Even in my future dimension where the world was racked with chaos and nightmares...Xiaso was not one of those nightmares. The burning of Mew Castle never occured in MY future. So how come I can see it now?"}
Flashwing stared straight ahead as he talked to me.
"The stream of time is a very fickle thing, young one. And when one tampers with it, it can have strange side effects on the mind. Of course, you must have already discovered this. But it is quite possible, that because of your time travel back here, you have indeed changed the past as you wished, but now your future world has changed as well."
{"What are you saying?"} I blinked. I didn't quite understand where he was going with this.
"Because of the unplanned shifts in the time/space continuum, your very mindset may have been altered. You are still a being of the future, Byakko, and your memories reflect all that will come to pass. In other words...your memories will constantly change depending on the events occuring here. Even if you never personally experianced them."
My head was spinning now, even more than before. This was all too much for me to comprehend. I understood it...but at the same time it didn't seem like it should make sense.
{'Note to self: Never again ask a Flashwing a question.'} I thought witha sigh.

Arctic A
7th October 2002, 10:40 AM
Heh heh heh...I meant for Disaran to be his Daughter actually, but Sister is fine by me. ;)

Race: Latias
Name: Xiaro
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www2.hyperlink.cz/pierovastranka/ratiasu.gif
Personality: The Younger Brother. He lacks strengh and Speed, but makes up for it in Brains. He's more caring then his Brother

We all walked (Or floated) down into the depths of the castle. There was not much to be spoken. I had a bad feeling reeling around in my chest. I turned ro Flashwing, who had just finished talking to one of the young Mews.
[Master Flashwing?]
"Master? I havn't had that in a long time..."
[It's your rightful title.]
"That it is. May i help?"
[I wish to speak with you...alone.]
Flashwing raised an eyebrow at me, then motioned towards one of the rooms we were coming up on. I nodded, and we both broke off from the group. The Mew Arctic took the lead of the group. Once they were all away, i turned to Flashwing. I was about to say something, but he spoke first:

" I know. He's up to something."
[It's no suprise.]
"We need to find out what."
"I suspect that he intends to cheat the Shi - Cathor, in some way."
I shook my head. [He could easily beat me in a battle of strength]
Flashwing grunted. "The Shi - Cathor is not only about Strength. Tactics come into play also.."
[They do? I was not aware that the Cathor had been changed.]
"The old rules simply did not work fairly. Xiaso knows this."
"I'll keep an eye open, young one. We have a week to find out what he plans. Let's not waste time."
[I agree, Master Flashwing.]
He smiled. "I could really get used to that title again.." He smiled again, and slowly walked from the room, leaving me with my thoughts.

7th October 2002, 02:49 PM
Can't really post anything right now... well, I'm sorta busy. Just wanna make a note that Repturroc has talked as well. =^^= I'll post fer Jewel and Far soon.. and perhaps Repturroc.

Arctic A
8th October 2002, 10:35 AM
Sorry. :(

I noticed that Flashwing and Xiaro had split off from us as we walked. I also noticed that Repturroc had returned, and had been following behind us, laughing quietly. I stopped and turned around.
<<< Repturroc.>>>
Repturroc giggled. "Greetings Arctic, my freind, who time with i'll spend." (Sorry about the rubbish rymes, i'm just trying to keep with Repturroc's character.)
<<< What do you want? >>>
"I'm here to observe! To see which side i'll serve!" She seemed to think the whole thing was a joke.
<<< This is serious!>>>
"Of course!" She laughed again. I started growing angry. If i didn't owe the lives of several close freinds to her, i'd tell her to leave. I sighed. Look's like everyone is back...save Ordos, Flashtail and Alex...

"Hey hey HEY! What;s all this going on without ME!" A voice screamed behind me. It sounded remotely Scottish...
<<< Ordos! >>>
I turned, and found my Scyther freind standing a few meters away.
"So lad, what's al this about?"
<<< Heh heh....Come on, I'll tell you . You remember Repturroc? >>>
"Oooh! The Scyther is back!" She giggled
I sat down, and Ordos did too. Repturroc floated around on her back, giggleing from time to time as i told Ordos about what was happening.

Mew Trainer Rose
8th October 2002, 02:14 PM
Rose (human)

Comet and i trailed along behind everyone, feeling a bit lost. No one payed much attention to us, so we just sort of looked around. When the Syther showed up, we stayed nearby and so learned what was happening. Wow, pretty serious stuff, a message from the future, a major battle could be coming, and the contest between Xiaro and Xiaso. I decided I had better tell my pokemon the situation, and that I'd feel better doing so without this crowd around. So I searched out Tornado, the only pokemon here that had spoken to me---well, apart from the very odd Repturroc, who i chose to ignore for the moment.
When i reached Tornado, I asked him, "Is there a room or something somewhere else where i could talk to my pokemon alone?"

8th October 2002, 02:38 PM
Jewel – (F)

I gazed at this bird, which spoke seriously to ask of what I wanted. For once... I shrugged, an answer...
*Eh od unt nthng”
With that, the bird known as Farlander seemed to be disgruntled...
<<< I don’t understand your words strange mew... you speak in nonsense.>>>
I sighed, and floated around him, seeing how he was going to enter the castle. Blinking, I smiled as the twinkling stars guided me slowly... there was black, night.
I watched as the bird finally disappeared into the castle, and I wondered what to do...
The castle would be cold... the cold was a good thing. So I flew inside... to see that all the others were there too. Annoyed, I flew up to the highest part of the room they were all in... and gazed blankly below..

Repturroc – (F) – Mew-like Creature

I frowned, as the Scyther and Arctic did not seem to like my presence. I could sense most likely they wanted me to leave... as did most of the ones who knew me before.
It puzzled me greatly... why did they want me to rid myself? I had helped them before... and though I have never directly helped them entirely, I did so in a non-direct way. It was against the laws of being the Time to help beings directly when you knew of the outcome. They didn’t understand.. or, well, I haven’t told them such circumstances. They would probably deny it anyway...
The birds however- Farlander and Flashwing- did not hesitate my presence. Some thing like this I knew they probably were not surprised at me being here. They had enough knowledge and sense to know... to know of my being here. They had enough sense not to refuse my help...
If I chose to help them.
I wasn’t entirely sure if I should help Mew Castle stand...
They sure didn’t like riddles either.
Sighing, I flew to the trainer again... who shifted her gaze as if to try to pretend I wasn’t there.
Ignorant humans could be so annoying... yet funny at the same time.
I giggled at this, and immediatly flew in her face, forcing her to look straight into my icy, crimson-washed blue eyes.
[ Careful on who you spite! If you do that to the wrong they’ll hurt you with might! Make more friends then enemies! They serve as better remedies!]
She trainer stared at me, but I shook my head.
[ Heed my words young one...]
I then flew off to Crystal..
Ah, now there was a gentle creature if any... she listened, even if she did not understand. If anyone should be greatful, Arctic should have been of her... she always seemed to keep him level headed, and not to rash like he tended to be.
[ Greetings one of future great! Glad to see your not in hate!]
Crystal turned to me, her eyes bewildered as she suddenly blinked..
” Repturroc!”
I smiled, and then spoke to her...
[ Some do not want me here, this is what I greatly fear.
I give thee warning, from what I know,
Because the forces tell me so,
Some refuse to listen to me,
If they do they will not see!
You must direct them ALL to make friends!
For if you do wrong, they’ll become darked!
And then Mew’s Castle will be marked!
Watch the shapeshifter close!
If you don’t, some one will be poisen dosed!
When the fued begins...
Watch the great ones with ammends,
Keep a wary eye, and trust those who are near,
Keep an open mind and listen to what you hear!]
Crystal stopped, as if gathering all I had said and then I winked.
[ I must be off fair Crystal, I will return to grant thee!]
With that, I simply disappeared in the middle of them all with only a fair hint of sparkles to tell where I have been..
I had to add some more flavor to this chaos which was churning....

Arctic A
8th October 2002, 03:26 PM
"Is there a room or something somewhere else wher i can talk to my Pokemon alone?" Rose asked me. I grunted.
"Mew Castle is pretty damned big. They'll be plenty of rooms." I pointed at one. She nodded.
"Thank you." She said
"Don't mention it." I replied. She turned and walked off towards the room.
I took a moment to delve into her mind (For those of you who don't know, or forgot, Tornado is part psychic). I realised that she knew about what was going on. She must have overheard a conversation. She and her Pokemon were walking off, and i called after them:
"Don't feel under any pressure to help us. This will be dangerous!"

Kuro Espeon
15th October 2002, 03:56 PM
Come on people....where are all the posts? yeah yeah, I know I shouldn't be talking...gomen.

As I rejoined the group inside, I noticed a few things. One..that Xiaro and Flashwing had split off and were obviously off talking somewhere. Arctic was at the front of the group, checking out empty rooms and corridors. And it seemed we had added more members to our little party. Ordos, that Scot Scyther had returned...and a human trainer and her Rapidash were there as well. Hmmm...how very interesting that the happened to stumble upon this place. Even more interesting was the fact that this human seemed to understand all the conversation that was going on. It was qute uncommon for a human to be able to hear us so clearly....very curious indeed.
But I really had no time owrry about it now. I had other things on my mind. More important things (to me anyway). Like how I was going to get my sister back.
'Damn that Xiaso...how dare he blackmail me! Me! Farlander, the Great Farlander of the Five Creators! If he thinks I'll just give into him and follow his ever order...he's dead wrong. dead being the key word. I'd never sink that low. I won't give into him yet.' I paused and sighed. 'Disaran..'
For the first time in my life I was confused. My mind was a mess of feelings and emotions and I didn't quite know how I was supposed act. One part of me was furious and filled with anger and resentment. Then...the other half felt lost. Lost and bewildered and not knowing which way to turn or which path to take. Which way was the right way? Which way was the wrong way?
If I told Arctic and the others what Xiaso has asked me to do, and he found out...he might very well uphold his word and harm Disaran. Maybe even kill her. But if I kept my mouth shut went along with his scheme, just long enough to save Disaran, she wouldn't die (assuming that he kept his word). but in doing so...I would be betraying my allies.
It was true that I never was on real "friendly terms" with the Mews, but it was also ture that I owed them. As much as I disliked being in debt to those creatures, I owed my life to Arctic and the others for bringing me back from the world of the dead. I was bound to them by a pact and by my honor as a Pokemon. And if I helped Xiaso...I would be breaking that pact and destorying my entire sense of honor.
I sighed in dismay... this would be the hardest decision of my life.

Elemental Seribii
15th October 2002, 04:15 PM
-Senshi - Human-
The door finally opened, and I staggered in.
Spiraling stairs, going up and down. I was dizzied just by looking at them.
Deciding to go up, I clambered up the stairs, Cosmo wailing on my shoulders. I petted her forehead, rubbing my knuckles into her head. She finally started to purr. I grinned, shaking my head. She had always been easily subdued.
<Nnn...Hmnn..> I could hear faint words. Looking around, I was becoming sort of nervous. I didn't like hearing things I couldn't see...Ehh.
Now holding Cosmo in front of me, I was clutching her fur for reassurance. It wasn't helping...
I stumbled on a step, and then fell onto my face. Yelping as I fell, I cut my forehead when I hit the step above me. Pressuring the cut, I winced, biting my lip, but I was still laying, fallen, on the steps. Ow...
"Mreow!" Came Cosmo's worried cry. I looked at her, and she suddenly seemed to blur...the world was, too. I looked up at Cosmo from glazed eyes, and the world suddenly went black.
A pitch black. The black nightmares are made of.

Arctic A
16th October 2002, 09:46 AM
Most of the group had split off and gone seperate ways. I stopped walking and sat down. So. There was a Week to go before the Shi - Cathor. My head was spinning. What could we do? If Xiaso won.....the images of Mew Castle burning came back into my head. I considered cheating and helping Xiaro, but shook it off quickly. Flashwing would never allow it. Then it hit me....I didn't even know what the fricken Shi - Cathor was! Well, i knew it was a battle, 1 v 1, but i didn't know much else. I decided to head to the great Library. I'd find out there.... Everybody else seemed to be talking with Ordos, hearing about what he'd been up to while he'd been gone, So i walked off without a word.

When i got there, i opened the door via teleknisis and floated in. The Library wasn't actually 'Great'. There were thousands of shelves, but no books resided on them. Only one Book exsisted in the Great Library...The Ether-Kali-Hai, roughly translated from an ancient language, Book of the Mew. It was a huge book, containing thousands of pages on ancient rituals and ceremonys. I'd never really read it all before, only to look up certain things The book was on a large pedestal in the center of the library....

But it wasn't.

What was there, however, was a large scorch mark. Small flames still burned. Whatevere had happened, it had been very recently.

<<< This can't be good...>>> I muttered to myself.
"What?" A voice called. I turned around to see Crystal floating over to me.
<<< The Book. It's been destroyed. I can't check the Shi - Cathor rules >>>
"But Flashwing knows the rules!"
<<< But Xiaso could accuse Flashwing..>>>
"Of making them up. They'd have to check here..."
<<< And it's gone. That book was one of a kind. It's sacred. >>> I felt a low, sinking feeling in my stomach.

"So? What do you think of my work? I must say, a book really isn't much of a target, but hey! It's a living!" A male voice boomed from the darkness of the library. I turned to find the source, but nothing. Crystal looked as well, but she had no luck either.
"Looking for me? You'll never find me!"
<<< Who are you? >>>
"None of your concern. I'd really better be going now.."

A black figure suddenly appeared from the darkness. I tried to grab it with my Psychic power, but it didn't have any effect. I must have been a Dark Pokemon. It flung itself into the air over us, and it smashed through a window with a large crash. We quickly zoomed up to see. It had ran into the forest.

Mew Trainer Rose
16th October 2002, 02:50 PM
Rose (human)

Comet and i walked into the indicated room. I closed the door before letting out Rio and Stella. They were both happy to be out of their pokeballs, and Stella flew around a bit to stretch her wings while Rio looked around.

"Where is this place?" Rio asked me.

"I think the place is called Mew Castle." I told him.

Stella missed a wingbeat in surprise, and quickly landed. "Mew Castle? you're sure?" She asked. I wasn't, but Comet said "Pretty sure."

"Wow, this place is a legend. Theres all sorts of stories about this place," she said. "How come we're here?"

Comet snorted. "Because Rose ket her curiosity get the best of her. Again."

"Yeah, that's part of it." I admitted. "Then a Dragonite sort of invited us in, and we just found out what's going on here." I told them what we had overheard the Mew tell the Syther, with Comet chipping in things now and then.

"...and when we were heading over this room to talk it over with you guys, Tornado called after us 'Don't feel under any pressure to help us. This will be dangerous!'"

"Dangerous doesn't sound like the half of it." Rio said.

"I agree with you." Stella said to Rio. "You want to stick around?" she asked me.

"I dunno, what do you guys think?" I replied.

"I think we're already involved wit this, we should stick with it. If for no other reason, to teach you to think before you do something." Comet said to me.

"I dunno, we know this is gona be dangerous." Rio said, looking a bit worried.

"You're welcome to leave if you want. I told you you could leave at any time when you decided to come with me." I told him.

His expression changed to determination. "No, I'll stay with you." He puffed stood up a bit straighter. "Someone's got to keep you out of trouble."

Comet snickered a little at how absurdid the statemant sounded coming from the little Wooper. I struggled to keep a staright face myslef, and just barely managed. Stella just smiled (as much as a Noctowl can, anyway).

"I'm not bailing out, either." She said. "These are the things legends are made of, and I'd like to be part of it."

I nodded. "With that decided, i suppose ther's nothing to do but rejoin the croud." They nodded, and we all headed for the door. As we left the room we were in, I said, mostly to myself; "I wonder if and other humans are going to be here?"

16th October 2002, 04:12 PM
Race: Gyarados
Name: Poseidon
Gender: Male
Appearance: Poseidon is a huge, deep sea blue Gyarados with a platinum belly and shimmering fins. The trident on his head glows with an emerald purple. His is larger than most Gyarados' and has a majestic carriage.
Personality: He is a young benign Emperor-To-Be of the Seas. He is courageous, honorable, and gracious. When necessary however, he can become an insurgent, extremely belligerent, and despotic.
Info: As the potential Ruler of the Seas, Poseidon is extremely powerful and has been around for centuries. He is unlike any other Gyarados, as he is from a bloodline of Royals. As a sentient Royal, his kind is capable of surviving for millennia. He has been protecting the waters of the world for over 500 years and has gained much experience through battles and wars. He also has wielded many attacks into his arsenal that his normal kin would never be able to grasp.
Other: Two Kingdras, Oceanus and Atlantis, sworn to protect him with their lives, follow Poseidon.

Poseidon - (M) Gyarados | Oceanus & Atlantis - (M) Kingdra

It has been quite some time since I last passed this part of the world...The Mew Islands...but something strange drew me closer to it everyday as I surged through the seas awaiting the time when I would be proclaimed as the Emperor of The Seas. My father has ruled for the last few millennia and kept the seas safe from invasion. However, it is nearing the time when I would take over the throne and allow my father some reprieve. So in the last few centuries, I have been forever traveling the seas, learning of new teachings and making new allies/rivals and disposing of my enemies.

But something strange was in the air... and now it dipped into the sea. A strange aura drew me closer to the Mew Islands than ever. I did not know what it was, but I had never had this feeling before. It was raging out of control and I could not help but to follow it...straight to the island that Mew Castle so boldly stood. I arrived and being curious, dashed out of the water's surface to gaze at an amazing site! The wind howled and hit the sea's top like a tornado. Lights! The lights! They were hauntingly captivating. I had to struggle to not be washed away further out. But just as soon as the wind and lights came, they vanished. Than a strangely marked box descended upon the castle draped in a Purple Aura of lights. I ordered Oceanus and Atlantis to swim around the island to investigate further while I advanced toward the castle.

I flew past a small Pichu and arrived at the castle. I hid amongst the walls and tried to not reveal myself to the inhabitants of the castle. I saw a few Mews conversing and some legendaries who have been around far longer than I. I returned to the sea to meet with my friends. I did not know what was going on, but the aura still would not let me go...I was to stay within the vicinity of this island, as I was drawn to it even more, as nightfall took place.

My companions and I awaited and watched the events that followed over the next week. I spotted a Lugia, a Dragonite, a Ho-Oh, and the Mews on several more occasions. They were all in on something...but what? Some pokemon trainers arrived shortly, followed by a Latios and Latias later in on the week. After Latios and Latias's arrival, everyone had gone into the castle and was converging in some sort of summit. I still had no idea what was happening or why, but my senses told me it was bad. The Latios and Latias seemed to be preparing for an imminent battle, while the others were there awaiting the results. I could not bear to simply watch anymore. I ordered Oceanus and Atlantis on my back and flew towards the castle. As I neared it, I heard a loud crashing and breaking of glass, as a mysterious entity bounded from the castle and into the woods.

17th October 2002, 07:38 AM
OoC: Holy ****! I forgot!! Ok, what's happened in like, the whole thing?!? C'mon I wanna start posting!!

Arctic A
17th October 2002, 12:38 PM
Originally posted by Nabooru23
OoC: Holy ****! I forgot!! Ok, what's happened in like, the whole thing?!? C'mon I wanna start posting!!

Just read the whole topic, and become enlightend!
Then just slot yourself in. Shouldn't be a problem.

Kuro Espeon
22nd October 2002, 05:23 PM
Gomen everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted ina while but for the last three days every time I tried to post my comp freeze or screw up in someway. I think it hates me...

Arctic and I stared after the mysterious creature as it disappeared into the forest. It was so fast I had only caught a glimpse of it and even then I couldn't be sure. As I watched the forest carefully, I couldn't help but recall the mesage that Retpurroc had relayed to me.
"...Watch the shapeshifter close!
If you don’t, some one will be poisen dosed!
When the fued begins...
Watch the great ones with ammends,
Keep a wary eye, and trust those who are near,
Keep an open mind and listen to what you hear!"
Shapeshifter....that one word stood out in my mind. Could it possibly be that creature that had spoken to us just now? I hadn't seen it clearly enough to tell what it was but for all i knew it could've been a shapeshifter. The only other shapeshifters I knew of where Arctic (who could change into a human at will) and Far (who could sometimes take a Houndoom form). I knew it couldn't be Arctic. I tursted Arctic with my life. I didn't think Far would try anything....but I could be wrong. I didn't want to think the worst of him though.
<<"Crys...">> Arctic said finally, <<"I'm gonna go check it out. You stay here.">> He said almost demandingly. He began to fly out the window but I quickly teleported in front of him.
"Hold it right there, hotshot! Don't start with that whole "you stay here" trick again! I'm not letting you go off by yourself! Remember what happened LAST time? Uh-uh! I'm going with you!" I snapped quickly.
"No BUTS! I'm going wether you like it or not!" I ordered, flying up beside him. "Now let's get going!"
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Arctic shaking his head, but at the same time he was smiling.

Arctic A
23rd October 2002, 05:57 AM
I smiled. I suppose that Crystal was right. We'd be better off going to find this thing together. I think she saw me smiling.
<<< Ok...let's go..>>> I said, and we flew outside. We knew the direction it had gone, but it probably had changed course to throw off anyone who followed. I frowned. This could be difficult.
"No problem. We'll ask the Meganium in the forest," Crystal said. She flew off ahead of me, and i followed. It was getting dark, and harder to see. So we entered the forest. The ruslting of Pokemon in the bushes and trees was the only sound.
<<< Keep your eyes peeled...we don't want to miss anything.>>>
There was suddenly a horde of loud stomping noises. The Meganium were near. And going somewhere in a hurry.
<<< I have a bad feeling about this...>>>
"Don't start," Crystal moaned. "This isn't Star Wars, you know.."
<<< Sorry..>>> I replied. The stomping was getting nearer...and a voice:
"YES! Run! Run, you cowards! Run! Hehe!" Crystal recognised it first-
"It's the thing from the Library!" She exclaimed. I nodded in agreement.
The Meganium suddenly burst through a group of bushes. We both saw the terror on their faces - they were afraid. About fifteen passed by us, crying out and screaming. They roared off into the forest, leaving me and Crystal alone.
Then another Meganium appeared from above - but it had fainted. It had been thrown... I gasped in horror. Blood trickled from it's ear down onto it's face. Scars and wounds covered it's body. I recognised it - it was the heard's leader.
"Well well well...i must say, this one put up an excellent fight. The others are completly 100 per cent magikarp.." The voice said from behind us. We turned, but saw nothing.
"Hey! Over here!" We turned again, but still nothing.
"Isn't this fun!" It squeeled.
<<< Who are you? And why did you do that? >>> I demanded, pointing at the Meganium.
"Oh, that? That was just for fun."
"You're sick!" Crystal yelled.
"Oh, am I? Maybe i am...maybe...?" It laughed.
<<< WHO ARE YOU? >>>
There was a flash of light, and something appeared before us. It was an Espeon - but pitch black all over. Then it flashed again, changing into a Quilava.....then a Farfetch'd..
"A Shapeshifter....Like i thought.." Crystal said.
"Yes! Well done, pathetic one!" It laughed, flapping it's wings. It changed into a Haunter. Then into a human with a long dark cape flowing out behind him.
"I'm afraid you two know far too much about me already. I'm going to have to dispose of you...or even better..." He smiled evily, and produced two things from his pocket. Pokeballs. Wait, no.. they were Master Balls.
"I'm sure you two will really enjoy these, he smiled.

He threw them at us.

23rd October 2002, 01:20 PM
A few moments after the creature bounded into the woods, two Mews (named Artic and Crystal) flew out and into the direction the creature went. They descended into the forest. I could hear what sounded like a stampede of some sort from their direction. I didn't know what to do, so I flew towards the forest.

I entered the forest and hurried to catch up with the Mews'. Within sight of them, I saw a herd of Meganium trampling through some bushes with horrified looks on their faces. I paused mid-flight. They continued right on past Artic and Crystal. Than a huge Meganium, blasted from some odd yards in front of the Mews', came crashing down. It was a mess. I could tell it had been beaten badly. Meganiums' are not creatures of the sea, but nonetheless I was enraged at the sight of this pokemon being obliterated. I hid behind a thicket of trees and ordered Oceanus and Atlantis to retrieve the beaten Meganium and take him to the edge of the forest, but than the creature spoke...its voice pure evil. After taunting the Mews', light flashed as it appeared. It was an...Espeon??? I had seen the majestic Espeons’ before, but they were not of such colors, so dark and mysterious. Than another flash of light and the creature changed form! It became a Quilava, than a FarFetch'd, a Haunter, and finally, a human being! I couldn't believe my eyes! I have never known or been told of such creatures with the innate powers as this one.

He taunted the Mews' some more and than retrieved what looked like round little orbs...but at a closer glance, I saw that they were actually Master Balls! The kind that one evil pokemon trainer used to catch my father several centuries ago! I remembered the war I had to go through to free my father from that incessant trap. I became filled with rage. I ordered Oceanus and Atlantis to retrieve Meganium to the castle for help. They flew in quickly and used their tails to wrap around Meganium. They took off towards the castle. The creature glanced at them quickly, before talking to the Mews'.

"I'm sure you two will really enjoy these," jeered the creature smiling.

He than motioned to throw the Master Balls at the Mews. I quickly flew through the trees and stopped besides the Mews while snarling a huge ROAR.

"NOOO!" I growled as I fired a HYPER BEAM at the oncoming Master Balls.

Arctic A
23rd October 2002, 02:12 PM
Thanks Da'An. :P

I braced myself for the enevitable - the terrible feeling of being aabsorbed and enslaved. But it didn't come. What did was a huge roar, and a huge blast of energy, very well aimed, that struck the balls, obliterating them. The blast flung the Shapeshifter into a bush, and i allowed myself a quick laugh.
"What? NO!" The Shapeshifter yelled, flinging himself up. He turned to find the source of the Hyper beam, as did we...
We saw a Gyrados beside us.
"Well, what is this? An overgrown sea worm?" The creature taunted, gathering hismself.
"I am Poseidon."
I'd heard that name. A member of the Ocean's Royal Family.
"I don't care who you are. You'll pay as well!" The Shifter sneered. "But later. I have much more important things to deal with than you!" He shimmered, then dissapeared.
<<< Damn it! >>> I cursed.
"Thank you, Posedion!" Crystal said. "I can't imagine what it would have been like inside those Master Balls.."
Man, i hand't meant to shout like that. But the memory was stuck in my mind. My capture...the Pokemon Zoo...and Tornado rescuing me. It was horrible...
<<< Sorry. I didn't mean to shout..>>>
"I know Arctic. It's ok." Crystal put a comforting hand on my shoulder. I looked at her, and smiled. Then i turned to Posedion.
<<< Thanks. We owe you one. >>>
"It is nothing. I would have done the same for anyone." He replied. Then i thought - This Pokemon was powerful, maybe even more than a mew. He could help us with our problem back at Mew Castle.
<<< Posedion....would you mind helping us out again? >>>

And so i told Posedion all about Xiaro and Xiaso, the Shi - Cathor, and the Shapeshifter who he had just saved us from.

23rd October 2002, 02:48 PM
Far – (M) – Mew

“Ah… and such a touching tail it is!” Far sneered, floating forth in the air as he appeared before Crystal, Arctic and the new comer, Posedion.
<<< Far… leave us alone, we have no time for your sneering now..>>> Arctic said, seeming exasperated at the sudden appearance.
“ I could… but then, I would be going against my own will. I bet that Shapeshifter drives you nuts, eh?”
With that, Far laughed and twirled around as if delighted.
“Far… what do you want?” Crystal asked, her voice more inviting but none the less, annoyed as well.
Far gazed at them both, and then at Posedion. The Gyardos looked like he was about to take a chomp out of Far… and far backed off a bit, narrowing his eyes.
“Don’t think about attacking… do you really want to attack some one, who has done nothing to harm you?”
The Gyarados paused for a moment… and then grumbled a bit, relaxing his threatening pose… but keeping an eye on Far still.
“ It is too bad you don’t know the true form of this Shapeshifter… really, it is very bad.”
<<< Are you coming to state the obvious Far?>>> Arctic growled, and Far shrugged.
“ Well… too bad you three don’t specialize in Shapeshifting. If you did… you’d know the whole entire secret to shapeshifting, and how to find a true form of a Shapeshifter.”
“how do you do that… far?” Crystal asked suddenly, and Far turned a bemusing glance at Crystal.
“You all… you know so very little, don’t you?”
<<< What?! We know a lot… probably a whole lot more then you know Far! Who are you to insult our intelligence!>>>
Far laughed, floating slightly above them again.
“ Do you know how to find the true form of a Shapeshifter?”
Crystal looked to Arctic… and replied..
“Do you know how to save Jewel?”
“Do you know who will win the battle in the Shi-Cathor?”
“Do you know how to really save Mew Castle from fate?”
“No-well, yes!” Crystal managed to choke out, and Far sneered a mean glance.
“ Are you sure? It seems to me… you know very little. But enough, I have no use for you three… I shall go. You will enjoy my leave… but it seems to me… dear Arctic…”
Far turned his glance to the Mew..
“ … That you need all the friends you can get.”

Jewel – (F)

They just… left.
All of them disappeared from my sight.
** Dey unth ike meh.. neva ihd dey ike…uv meh..**
I whispered, and frowned… feeling sadness sweep me, but then anger.
** neva…**
I growled, and gazed out the window. Darkness was befalling…
Gleefully cheering, I rushed out to welcome the night. The stars twinkled… as if laughing merclessly at the Earth below… as the darkness promised evil in the world. That was what the world was becoming..
I sighed, and then suddenly spotted some thing upon the ground. Blinking… I flew down to it, and saw a strange… blood-red jewel, which twinkled. It was in the shape of a… dagger? A feather? Some thing along the lines. I squealed, for it glowed a bloody crimson red… and pulsated when I floated above it. I grinned and gingerly touched the crystal, and held it close to me. What a wonderful… gift- it was red, blood red… like… like the world’s pain. Such a sweet gift…
It… It… made me… happy. I purred, and swiftly floated in the air and flew inside. There was a large area.. filled with countless books. I liked it there… it was usually dark, and things didn’t go in there often. So, I quickly flew on top of one of the book cases and sat there, dangling my large feet over the edges. I held out the blood red crystal… wondering what strange… wonder it was.

(You guys can make any ideas into what it could be..)

Repturroc – (F) – Mew-like Creature of Time

I sighed, as I flew over the land and watched amongst the shadows as Crystal and Arctic met the wild Gyarados.
[ Heed my words Crystal… ]
I whispered, and then slowly flew off.
Times were getting serious… and even though I couldn’t directly help the Mews… it frustrated me some times. They didn’t really know who I was, did they?
[ I never did tell them who I was… or rather, what I was..]
Oh well.. it didn’t matter. In time they would know… or perhaps, Farlander and Flashwing would tell. But… I began to wonder if even they knew my position in this world.
[ No matter… I must find the Seer of the Lost..] I thought, and instantly I turned to see a wildly churning ocean. A storm was brewing… how lovely. I knew… that out in that wild ocean, was a small island. In the middle of the small island… was an ancient temple, which old tribes used to worship Mew. They built that temple upon the island… spending countless years upon the beautiful, silver-gold shrine. Then t hey simply left it… wanting it never to be disturbed. It was so deeply hidden… that even humans have not discovered it yet.
[ I am coming… ]
I whispered, and then I gleefully hummed as I flew fiercly out to the island.
It took little time as I flew over the wild waves… that I arrived in the island. I flew to the center of the Island… and then slowly concentrated. Yes… the temple was hidden.. where no non-psychic could go, or no nonteleporter anyway. I concentrated upon the heart of the temple… and then quickly I disappeared.
Reappearing, I was in the heart of the temple.
Gazing around it was a wide room… dome-like, and on top of the ceiling was an opening, which showed the sea. The temple’s entreance was upon the island… but it was simply a long tunnel, which ran underneath the island and went out into the ocean, where the heart of it all was.
The beautiful opening in the ceiling showed the ocean… as the waves lapped against it. Right now it was dark… bu tstill, it lit up the room in a watery glow. The walls were made out of a golden material… and ancient descriptions were outlined in silver. In the center of the room.. was a pillar, made of a small Mew. The small mew held it it’s tiny hands, a strange, ball-like object which was made out of pearl. Pearl… and enchanted with magick.
[ It still amazes me… that humans could have made such a thing.] I smiled, for I lived here some times.. or more likely, I resided her most times. This was one place which I could rest…
But now, it housed another guest.
One who was trapped in time.
Now… I had to awaken him.
[ Young one … wake up with all cost!
You are the Seer of the Lost!
Tried to get back to the time which you came..
But you were trapped by fate which made you lame!
Now out of your imprisonment you must arise!
Waken out of the depth to answer fate’s cries!]
A rumbling occurred deep with in the bottom of the ocean… and it grew until it seemed the whole earth was shaking. I gazed about as I floated… as the Mew Statue’s eyes began to glow a silvery color… and the orb in which it held matches. Suddenly, a brilliant flash of white echoed across the air… and as it resided, the rumbling seased. I blinked a few times, and then saw as the Mew Statue still held the large pearl orb… but now, floating in front of the Statue, was a being.
I grinned… as the creature unraveled itself from a ball and gazed up at me with light, swirling violet eyes. The moon marking upon his head twinkled of a matching violet… and I grinned.
[ Welcome Seiko…. You have awakened.]


Arctic A
23rd October 2002, 03:10 PM
I walked slowly around Mew Castle. The building itself was of little interest, only it's power. Power that would be mine. I smiled to myself. Xiaro would fall in the Shi - Cathor. Of course, i could beat him on my own. But Farlander's...intervention...would be to simply make sure i gained my rightful power. I smiled again, thinking of what i could do with that power. Used as a tool of war, it would be almost unstoppable. The other Protectors had all been too cowardly to unlock the position's true powers. But i was another story. Yes...
I came across a large room filled with books. I peered inside, and noticed the Mew Jewel sitting on top of one of the piles, swinging her legs around. She was staring at a small object she held in her hand. Curious, i though. I quickly flew up beside her to take a look. She slowly turned too look at me, then back at the thing.
"tawh ye tawn?" Probably something along the line of 'What do you want?'
"Where did you find this?" I asked, looking at the object. It was a blood red crystal, shaped like a feather. Interesting.
Jewel did not respond.
"I ask again, where did you find this?"
Jewel didn't look at me as she spoke: "Sitdeuo.."
I frowned. Strange thing it was, but i couldnt see it making any huge difference in my plans. I shrugged as best as a bird can, and floated down and out of the room, leaving Jewel with her thoughts...

A few meteres down the corridor, and there was a flash of light. A human figure appeared before me, swirling with black energy
"Xiaso, i have completed your task. The book is gone. Where is my payment?" It said.
I smirked.
"Pateince, Racalexand. You will receive it in due time....but i will double it if you do something else for me."
The human- shapeshifter narrowed his eyes at me. "Like?"
"The Mews. Eliminate them without it leading back to me."
"I already tried to..apprehend them when they followed me. I failed. The Gyrados known as Posidion intervened. They are gathering quite a following of Pokemon and trainers...they beleive that something is going to happen soon." Alexanderac spoke quietly. I laughed aloud.
"Of COURSE something is about to happen. It dons't matter, no amount of humans or Pokemon will stop me. Humans are too weak-"
"I was human, if you remember!" Racalexand interrupted.
"Indeed. But you are better now, no? Go now. Remove the Mews from the equation."
"I will not fail you." Racalexand nodded, and disspeared in a flash.

23rd October 2002, 07:39 PM
Arctic informed me of Latios (Xiaso), Latias (Xiaro), and their imminent battle for power (the Shi-Cathor) as the MEW Castle Guardian. Arctic's past is disturbing, harsh, and cruel. He is indeed a strong pokemon for having survived so much. In fact, most of the pokemon in the castle, minus Xiaso and Xiaro, have been through many tribulations. However, the seriousness at the moment must not be ignored. If Xiaso is indeed planning to bring war and intolerance to the world, he must be stopped.

"I must leave you two for the moment," I told Arctic and Crystal. "I must tend to the injured Meganium. I will meet up with you later in the castle."

And with that, off I flew in search of Oceanus and Atlantis. I circled the castle and found that they had brought the injured Meganium by the main entrance of the castle.

"He is injured badly Poseidon," informed Oceanus.

"You must use your powers and heal him or he will not make it," added Atlantis.

"I apologize for my delay, but the Mew, Arctic, was telling me of his past and the events that led up to tonight," I replied. "It is quite troubling and I shall tell you about them in a bit. Wash off his wounds, create a pool of water underneath him, and I shall heal him."

Oceanus propped the Meganium up while Atlantis squirted a weak WATER GUN to wash off Meganium's wounds. A pool of red water soaked the ground underneath the dying Meganium. Oceanus laid the Meganium on the ground and joined Atlantis in spraying the surrounding area with a jet stream of water. I concentrated and my trident began to glow a mysterious emerald purple. I than purified the pool of water with my DRAGON BREATH. As I bowed my head and touched the water with my trident, it glowed viciously and energy started to whirl around it. The energy spiraled into the pool and encased the Meganium. He started to breathe normally and his petals sprung back to life, followed by his wounds disappearing. He slowly rose to his feet. The energy subsided and my trident stopped glowing. The pool was seeping deep into the ground and started to disappear. I greeted the Meganium as he revived himself.

"Hello," I said. "I am Poseidon, one of the Royals from the Seas. I am glad that you are feeling well."

"Thank you Poseidon," responded the Meganium. "Thank you for reviving me. I thought I was a goner. Whatever that entity was, it sure was strong. I was no match for its superiority. My apologies. I am Dionysus, the leader of the Meganium's in this area."

"These are my consorts and companions, Oceanus and Atlantis," I said.

"Nice to meet you both," greeted Dionysus. "Do any of you know where my fellow Meganiums' went? Or what happened to them?"

"I do not know," I sadly responded. "I saw them running off into another area of the forest. It is late now. Why not come inside. There are many good friends here who you shall meet. If you want to leave and search for your friends, you can do so when daylight arrives."

"Very well," agreed Dionysus. "I do need some rest."

I than informed them of what Arctic had told me. It angered Oceanus and Atlantis that this was all boiling over because of a power struggle. All three of us remembered when my father was absent and for a brief moment, the seas were embraced and locked in turbulence. It wasn't until I, along with many Royal Soldiers, freed my father, that peace once again resumed in the seas.

"Yes, we must all remember that rivers of blood will never bring peace," I said. "Now let's go find the others."

All four of us than entered the castle, unknowing of the evils that would transpire in the next few days.

Arctic A
28th October 2002, 02:50 PM
I felt a rising feeling of happyness as Poseidon went off to tend to the Meganium. With him on our side, we'd be in for a good chance. But my thoughts drifted back to the shapeshifter, and what he'd done to the Meganium. He was evil, no doubt about it. And how he'd destroyed the book...maybe he was working for Xiaso. Maybe, but we couldn't prove anything.
Stranger yet, something seemed familiar about the Shifter when he'd been in human form. I couldn't quite place my paw on it, but there was certainly something...I frowned.
"Arctic?" Crystal said, shaking me out of my thoughts. "What's wrong?"
<<< Oh...Nothing....Come on, let's get back to the castle.>>>

Kuro Espeon
28th October 2002, 04:57 PM
I sighed as Arctic and I went back into the castle. There were too many things on my mind and none of them were happy things. The riddle from Retpurroc kept on reeling over and over in my mind. I had found the shapeshifter she warned of...but now what? What do I do now? Even with Posideon as an ally, were we strong enough to protect Mew castle from Xiaso, the Strange Shapeshifter, and whatever else may come our way...
Also...what Far had said disturbed me too. Mainly because parts of it were true. There really wasn't much that we knew. We knew nothing about what we were doing...we were flying blind. I knew nothing...and it was beginning to scare me.
As we entered the castle I turned to Arctic.
"Arctic...I'll be right back. I have to take care of something."
<<" Oh...ok but...">>
Before he could finish I flew off down a side corridor away from the main hall. I followed it down till I got a small room that was used (or USED to be used...) for storage purposes. There was almost no light forI had strayed far the reaches of the outside light and this particular area of the castle had no light source of it's own. I held out my palm and formed a small energy ball to create a dim light. I made my way over to the back wall of the room and found the brick that was in the very center of it.
This was place only I knew of. It was my secret...my own place. no one else knew of it...not even Arctic.
I tapped the center brick three times and moments later, it and the bricks around it disappeared like magic and a small passage way formed. I flew down through it taking the many twists and turns that it made. finally I came out of it into another small room. this one however had several small glowing lamps to provide light. I had placed these here myself.
"I'm here..." I said in a near whisper as I floated towards the center of the room. "I'm sorry...I haven't been here in while."
In the center of the room was small alter....and on the alter was a bright blue diamond shaped crystal on a long silver chain. Sitting directly behind the pendent was picture...a painting really... It was portrait of a Mew. The Mew was a silvery gray with shining blue eyes, much like mine. At her side was a smaller Mew...a pure white one with pink-tipped ears and tail and crystal-blue eyes...
I knelt down in front of the alter and stared lovingly at the picture. Taking the pendent and holding it in my paws, I spoke aloud from the depth of my heart.
"Mother....I've come back. It's me, Crystal." I paused as I fought back the tears I wanted so much to shed. "Please Mother...help me. I feel so alone. I need...your help..."

O.o Crystal's a little crazy, ne?

Arctic A
1st November 2002, 10:59 AM

I sighed as Crystal shot off in a hurry. Sometimes i worried about her. I hated leftting her out of my sight during times like this, but i didn't stop her. I loved her more than anything. Ever. If anything were to happen to her, i'd kill myself.

"Ohhhh....isn't the concern touching?" A mocking voice came from above me. I looked up. There was a Noctowl floating above me on a purple mist. But it wasn't a Noctowl...
<<< You again! >>> I snarled, and quickly sent a telepathic signal for help...but it seemed to bounce off an invisble wall, and my own voice started echoing in my head.
"You want help? Afraid to fight me alone?" The Shapeshifter laughed, as he shifted into his human form and set down in front of me.
<<< I'm not afraid of y->>> I stopped mid sentance, as a red mist surrounded me. I was lifted off the floor, and i felt myself choking. The Shapeshifter laughed.
"Dear Arctic, you should be. You should be."
The choking got stronger. I was about to pass out when it stopped. The red mist shot into the creature's hands.
"I'm afraid i still havn't introduced myself. They call me Racalexand." He said. "And i'm here to kill you. But not here. Arctic's passing should be held somewhere interesting...not this measly corridor." He twisted his palm, and a white globe emerged and engulfed us both. I felt myself being teleported. The white was all i could see - and it was bright. very bright.
When it ceased, i found myself in Mew Castle's great entry hall. Racalexand was five meteres in front of me, holding a katana in each hand. They were both swirling with blue and red colors. A similar pair lay in front of me.
"Now we will battle....but first.." Racalexand smiled, and swished his hand in the air. An agonizing pain decended upon me, and i collapsed to the ground. I felt myself changing. I curled up as tight as i could, trying to control the pain. Then i realised hair dangeling down in front of my eyes. Human hair...
I was in my human form.

"Don't bother trying to change back, Arctic. I'm blocking you. Come, pick up your weapons. Fight me. Die with some degree of honor!" Racalexand taunted. I growled, and quickly leant down to grab the two katanas. I took in a deep breath, and stood in a battle stance, as did Racalexand. He suddenly swung his blade, and a blue forcefeild erupted out of the ground, covering us both in a circle arena.
"They'll be no outside interference." He said.
<<< I won't need any to beat you, scum. You'll pay for what you did to that Meganium. And to the book. >>> I replied. Racalexand simply smiled.

"To the death, Arctic. Don't hold back." He grinned.

Kuro Espeon
3rd November 2002, 10:14 AM
After our main group had spilt up I had gone to my room. Or at least...was was appointed my room. I sighed and leaned back against the stone cold wall. Too many things were happening...I couldn't take it all in. I didn't want too. I had thought that after the final death of Kalidor that things would be peacful. And they were...for a while anyway. But now...everything was a jumbled mess again.
How I wanted to go home, back to my future time. But I couldn't...I had to wait until I was sure mom and dad were completely out of danger before I returned. Even though their deaths by the hands of Kalidor was now no longer in the future...now that Xiaso had shown up I couldn't be certain that he wouldn't kill them. No...I wouldn't abanodn them. My mission, my prupose, when i came back in time was to keep my parents safe. I would not return until I had completed that mission.
My thoughts were intrrupted when I suddenly felt a strange force. It felt as though a warm breeze was passing through me and filled my heart. It was...a very familiar feeling to me. For some reason I got the feeling...that someone I knew had returned. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the energy force. It was far away at the moment but I could still feel it from this distance. It was the signiture of a Pokemon...not just any pokemon. A mew... A mew that I had not seen for a long time.
**"Seiko!"** I gasped, jumping up. **"He's...alive??"** I suddenly felt my heart skip a beat in my joyous realization that my dear friend was not dead as I had feared. I immedoetly teleported out of the castle and turned around in circles, trying to locate the direction of Seiko. When I found it, it was off to the West over the water. I nodded and flew off in that direction. I did several flips in the air in my great elation. I would finally see Seiko again!

Kuro Espeon
11th November 2002, 01:59 PM
Wow...I'm gone for a weekend and no one posts? come on guys don't let this die! I rally hate posting twice in a row so someone post so I can too!!

11th November 2002, 02:06 PM
Well, I would post, but I really don't feel like reading the whole thing so... Maybe someone could just put my person in one of their posts...? My person's Arnen, a human-Articuno hybrid...

Arctic A
14th November 2002, 11:50 AM
Originally posted by Nabooru23
Well, I would post, but I really don't feel like reading the whole thing so... Maybe someone could just put my person in one of their posts...? My person's Arnen, a human-Articuno hybrid...

It's not that Goddamned much, stop being lazy. :P
Meh, i was waiting for someone else to post, but i guess i may as well......

Racalexand lunged at me, keeping a calm expression on his face. I brung up both Katanas to block him. He swung his blades mid flight and smashed into me, sending me staggering back a few meters. He seemed unaffacted. I quickly recouperated and drove on the attack, swinging my left blade whilst keeping the right one to block. Racalexand jerked forward suddenly, striking at my stomach. I brung my defense katana in his way quickly, blocking him. I thrust down with my offensive weapon, striking his hand. The Blade went right through, cutting his hand off. There was a spray of blood, and i got covered. I'd expected to hear a scream. But there was none. Racalexand leapt backwards suddenly, putting us quite far apart. He smiled, lifting his bloody arm into the air. A green glow surrounded it, dispelling the blood and healing the wound. Then something fizzled into exsistance - a new hand.

<<< You Cheat! You claim this to be an honorable battle! >>> I yelled.
" No no, dear Arctic. I never said anything about the battle being honoroble. Just your death. Entirely different. You can fall in battle. You'd prefer that to dieing quickly, no?" Racalexand said, waving his new hand around. He looked to his dropped weapon, still in the clutch of his bloody old hand. He smiled, and streched out his arm. The Katana flung itself into his new hand. He laughed. I growled to myself. I was actually beginning to feel afraid.

Kuro Espeon
19th November 2002, 04:11 PM
Yes! I'm ginally posting! Maybe we can get this RPG going again!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!

"Mother....it's been so hard without you." I said as if I was speaking into my own memories. "How I wish...you were still here."
I always came down here whenever I needed to think, or when I needed help. I never really or truely expected an answer from my mother because...well, duh, she was dead, and had been for sometime. But it gave me a little bit of comfort at least to be able to hold her old pendent in my paws and think about her. Sometimes I would be able to hear her voice and imagine what she would tell me to do. That helped a little bit....the memories gave me strength.
I sighed. "You should see the mess that I'm in Mother...Everything's falling apart. I...I really don't know what do anymore. Even though I have Arctic with me, and all my friends are here...sometimes, I still feel alone. *sigh* *pause* Mostly....I miss Jewel. I miss my dear, sweet sister. Yes, she is alive, but I don't think her heart is there, or at least not the same one as before. Dear Jewel...she still thinks we forgot about her and abandoned her in that Shadow World, but no matter how hard I try to show her how much I still love her...it seems her heart has been deadened. She is not the same Jewel, and I don't know if she ever will be." I felt a tear trickle down my face. "I wish...there was someway we could get through to her. Someway we could bring back the sweet, innocent Jewel that she was before. I know she's still in there somewhere...but I have no idea how to find it! I'm all out of ideas! *pause* That's why I've missed you so much mother...I never...know what to do. I feel so worthless."
I squeezed the pendent between my paws and fought, to no avail, the streaming tears. After a brief moment, I was surprised to hear a familiar voice speak. It echoed, not in the room, but inside my mind. Someone was speaking into my mind? Someone...
"You are not worthless, my dear Crystal. You are just confused..."
I opened my eyes and gasped at the recognition of the voice.
"M...Mother?!?" I cried, looking around.
"Don't not bother looking around....I am not visible. Yes, it is I. I am speaking to you from that pendent which you hold in your paws. Dear Crystal...I have not much time, and neither do you."
"What...are you saying mother?"
"Those that you love most dearly are in grave peril. He needs your help..."
"HE? Arctic? Is Arctic in danger?!"
"He, among others. They all need you here Crystal. If you were not around, think of what would happen to them....even your sister, my darling Jewel. Though you may not think it, she still remembers you, though those memories are not alwyas dormant. They remain buried in her heart, and only you can bring them back to the surface."
"But Mother....I don't know how..." I said, bowing my head shamefully.
"Take the pendent that you hold. You remember what it is? It was my favorite pendent that I gave to you and Jewel. tkae it from here...show it to Jewel. She will remember..."
[b]"She will! Now hurry Crystal! The one you treasure most needs you!"[/b

With that, my mother's voice faded. I wished for it earnestly to return but it didn't. Mother....
Then I snapped back to my senses and remembered her message. The sadness in my heart turned to panic. How much danger was Arctic in? Was he already.....No! He wasn't! Not yet! I shook my head and quickly placed the blue diamond-shaped pendent around my neck. I zoomed up through the secret passegeway and made my way back to the front hall.
I had to get to Arctic!

Arctic A
20th November 2002, 01:59 PM

Racalexand suddenly dropped his blades. "Hand to hand?"
I didn't reply. My Katanas dissapeared in a flash, replaced by a pair of blue fighting gloves. I clecnhed my fists, ready for his attack. He walked slowly towards me, swinging his arms. They were moving so fast now that i couldn't make outb where they were. I grimaced and retreated a few meters. I brung my fists up again. Racalexand stopped swinging his limbs, and made a mocking gesture. He was trying to anger me, like a caged animal. I didn't respond. He frowned, and suddenly dissapeared. I quickly dived around to see if he had gone behind me.
He had.
I staggered back, clutching my face. It hurt like hell, but i managed to brush it aside. He kicked me in the side, and i coughed up blood.
"Awww....so sad..."
I quickly snapped of a punch at his jaw, one hard enough to have broken it. It did nothing. Racalexand laughed, and walked backwards. He grinned evily, and suddenly lunged forward. I stuck out my leg to catch him in the stomach. It worked, and he crashed down onto the floor. He quickly leapt up, however and grabbed my foot. He spun it quickly, but with great strength. I did a horizontal 360 before crashing down to the ground. The pain arched up through me, and i tried to ignore it. But it was getting worse....

"Ready to give in?" Racalexand taunted.
"I think you know the answer, fool." I snarled, trying to conceal my fear.
"I see through you, dear Arctic. You are afraid." He smiled. "I can't blame you...a being of my power must seem frightening..."
"I'm NOT afraid of you!"
"MUST we argue like children, dear Arctic?" Racalexand sighed. "Maybe i should stop toying with you and finish this...it'd make things much easier...."
I felt an icy cold feeling going up my spine, totally paralysing my back. I tried to yell, but no sound came out. My whole body was numb, and i couldn't do a thing. Black spires of energy wound around me, encasing me completely. The black turned to icy blue.
"Arctic. It's a strange name. Very cold....and that's how you're going to be feeling."
Tenticles of ice wrapped me up. It was immensley cold, and painful. I tried to call for help, for anything. But i couldn't. I felt like my life was being drained out of me. I lay now, on the floor, completly encased in ice, swirling with dark energy. Racalexand laughed.
"The mighy Arctic! And to think you defeated Kalidor, Missingno, and countless others. Maybe i'm better than i thought....."

20th November 2002, 07:15 PM
Mwhahaaa! Messa gots some new idee-ahs!

Repturroc - (F) - Mew-like Creature

I smiled as the violet-mew blinked a bit... I then bowed.
[ Welcome Seer of the Lost. Seiko. ]
I said again, as the young mew blinked at me... his moon upon his head swirling with a wonderous glow.
Where am I? He spoke with a young, innocent yet booming voice... he was confused. I smiled softly...

[ Young one, you are in the Temple of the Times. In the battle before- when your counter part Byakko left, you could not return to your own time for you did not have those powers. But a horrible tragedy would have occured if you would have stayed with Arctic and his friends. Thus, I trapped your soul with in the Temple of Times... keeping you safe until you were needed again. Now you are young one... you are desperatly needed- your friends are outnumbered in power. If they fail... I am afraid-]
I cut myself off and shook my head. Riddles could not be used now- things were all too dire for that. Seiko was needed- and Byakko was coming.

But what... what do I do? He spoke curiously, his violet eyes swirling with curiosity. I smiled and snickered.
[ That is up to you- but don't worry, paths will be laid before you now. A friend awaits you...]
With that a voice echoed..
** Seiko?**
I then bowed... and disappeared.

Seiko - M

Then the dragon-winged mew-like creature disappeared. I was confused... and bewildered- yet I felt an inner strength like never before.
When I first when t hrough time... I felt lost and confused. There was Arctic, Crystal and the others... but I had no idea on what to make of all of it. Now my head was a bit clearer...
** Seiko!**

I recognized the voice... and strangely, the voice made me happier.
... Byakko?
I rang my voice out, and soon the silver mew appeared. She reguarded me with soft eyes and instantly a smile spreaad across her face.
** SEIKO- it IS you! ** She smiled, and I floated quickly through the air to her and gave her a soft squeeze.
It is strange... we've been far apart for a while, but I feel like I've known you for ages. I've missed you...
I grinned softly, twirling in the air.
The creature known as Repturroc said I was needed... but I ask you Byakko, why? Do you know why?

Far - (M)

I padded across the floor, until suddenly the smell of blood filled the air. I rose my head upwards, and instantly caught wind of blood- Arctic's blood.
ABout time that b*st*rd got what he deserved...
I t hought, growling lowly as I continued to pad across teh floor.
It was shameful I wouldn't be seeing his death...
Bwah, to h*ll with that... Mew Castle only has fools in it now if Arctic is killed. Perhaps I s hould go just to make sure mayhem will keep up..

I quickly transformed into myself again... and took off into the air with a streak.

(bwa... that was short.)

Jewel - (F)

The jewel was shiny... and that red bird wanted to know wher eI got it. I giggled... he would never find out! NEVER! It was mine... and no one would take it away from me.
I then heard a bunch of noises from some where... and it made me intrigued. What was such noises? They sounded strange... bloody... dangerous.
I closed my eyes, clutching my dear red jewel close until suddenly...
My body disappeared, and I reappeared above two figures. One was Arctic..- full of blood and hurt.. in his human form. I remembered seeing Arctic a human once...
Then there was another figure, dark... and swirling long, shiny sword in each hand... as if ready to kill Arctic.
I blinked... gazing blankly below at them, as I clutched the red jewel.
If the f igure won... Arctic would die- there would be lots of dark red.
Red was good.. a very good color- it showed what the world really was. Just like that red bird- the colors showed what teh world really was...
Then ARctic would die, and his world would be dark.
Dark was black- black was good... it was what I was in before, what the world really was.

... Arctic die, Crystal cry..
A voice bubbled in my head, and instantly I thought of Crystal. The blue mew... the one who seemed to be some how connected to me. But that didn't matter... she was blue- blue was a bad color- I was a bit blue, and I was a bad color.
Blue was not what the world was...
But Crystal would cry... and then she too, might die.
Die because of the red blood... the dark red blood.
Crystal- she hated me, she did not care. Why should I care?
... Arctic die, then blue bird take over.... then birds take over.
I did not like the birds... not much- not the happy one, nor the other one of blue. I only liked the big white bird... the big white one who was not happy- who was sad.
I did not want the two birds to take over... Arctic, the bloody Arctic was better.
Crystal would cry...

I closed my eyes and just as the human-like figure swung his Katana-like thing at Arctic's bloody body, I concentrated and disappeared. Then I reappeared above Arctic's body... in front of the strange figure trying to hurt Arctic.
My small shield surrounded my very small body... pulsating and viberating a deep, blood-red color- usually my shield bubble was blue, but the strange, red-jewel I was holding seemed to change the color of my shield.
The swords both hit my bubble-shield... and made a huge clanging sound- as if they both hit metal. The Katana's seemed to bounce off a bit, as I gazed with my silver eyes blankly at this human-creature trying to kill Arctic.

"WHAT?! I thought I put a spell over this area to not get outside interference.."
The figure spoke, angrily... but then, a lighter voice spoke from the distance...
" You under estimate my sister's teleportation powers! She hasn't met anything able to block them yet..."
With that, Crystal flew in the area...

(Mental Note: Jewel will not let go of the red jewel for the life of her.)

Kuro Espeon
21st November 2002, 04:07 PM
BTW B4 - Byakko is a pure white Mew and Crystal is white with pink-tipped ears, feet and tail.

"Please...tell me Byakko...what's going on? What am I needed for?" Seiko pleaded. I looked at him curiously.
**"Seiko? Who told you that?"** I said quietly.
"That Mew-like creature who was here when I woke up. She told me that I was desperatly needed and my friends were outnumbered. I thnk her name is....Repturroc!"[b]
**"Repturroc?!"** I cried, "Why was she here?"**
[b]"She said...I had been sleeping here. She woke me up so I could help...I guess....but with what, Byakko? You still haven't answered my question!" Seiko's eyes suddenly seemed more stern and deep as he asked me once again what was going on.
I sighed and shook my head.
**"Oh....it's horrible! That's what it is!"** I then began to tell Seiko, my dear friend, all that had happened with Xiaso, Xiaro and this strange Shi Cathor. I failed to mention the visions I had been having recently...the ones of a different future. That horrible picture of The burning Mew Castle that would remain forever etched into my memory. no...I didn't tell him that. I didn't want him to worry about it.
After I finished telling him, the stern look on his face had faded and was now replaced with a wide-eyed stare of near disbelief.
"You're telling me....that unless we find someway of getting rid of this....Xiaso...Mew Castle will be destroyed?"
I nodded slowly in reply.

" You under estimate my sister's teleportation powers! She hasn't met anything able to block them yet..." I said as I flew into the room. The dark creature just stared at me in disbelief. He boviously was surprised that so many were able to penetrate his "spell." Jewel looked at me as well, but it was not a look of surprise. it was more like a look of curiousness...as if she didn't know who I was. I was used to this....this was how she always looked at me. It hurt me every time I saw it....
I looked around the room. There had been a battle here. The aura in the room sent a shiver down my back and a cold, hollow feeling settled into the pit of my stomache. I had had a bad feeling about this as soon as I had entered the room as if I already knew what I was going to find. And I found it.....
Arctic was lying on the ground, in his human form, covered in blood and bruises. Next to him has a sword, his hand weakly gripping the handle.
My eyes widened with horror as the red swam in front of my eyes. He.....he wasn't moving......why? why....wasn't he moving? Arctic....Arctic.....
"ARCTIIIIC!" I cried. I zoomed down as fast as I could and landed next to Arctic. It seemed kind of akward, seeing as he was now bigger than me by a considerable margin. But I didn't care....With tears streaming down my face and laid my paw on his cold face. "Arctic! Speak to me! Pease! You can't be....you can't be..."
"...Dead?" The human creature finished, "oh no, he's not dead. Well....not YET any way!" The evil creature laughed heartily as if this was some sort of joke.
"You Bastard! What did you do to him?! I'll.....I'lll.....!" I was unable to finish my sentence as I began to tremble with rage.
"You'll what, little Mew? Kill me? Hmph! I don't think so! You wouldn't be able to! Especially with only the body of a Mew!"
"This Body of a Mew is more than enough for me! I could kill you right now, you monster!" I screamed at him. I noticed that Jewel and Arctic were staring at me, both with surprised looks on their faces. I could tell why, for I was even beginning to surprise myself. The words that were coming out of my mouth were very uncommon for me. They almost seemed like they weren't my own. I very rarely spoke this way....of course...I very rarely got this angry as well.
The creature laughed again. "Don't be foolish! Even if you had a stronger form you would be unable to defeat me! Look at your almighty and powerful warrior! Look at Arctic! He fought me and now look at him! And as I understand it...he is the most powerful one out of all of you...."
"I wouldn't be so sure until you've scoped out all of the competition first!" I said, smirking. Before I knew what I was doing I had stood up and floated into the air, my battle aura steadily growing.
"Oh really now....you truely ARE foolish! Give up now Mew, or you'll end up just like your beloved Arctic!"
I trembling even harder now. Not out of fear, but with anger and all-out rage. I felt a strange power welling up inside of me...something I had never felt before....and it wasabout to break through.
"Never...." I said with my head lowered, "I will never....GIVE UP!!!" On those last two words, something came over me. I was suddenly surrounded by a glowing blue aura that pulsated and covered me all over. I glanced down and saw that the aura was eminated from....my mothers pendent?
Suddenly...I was filled with a strange and almost frightening sensation. I was changing....I was growing...... What...was happening to me?
When the glow faded, I found myself standing on the ground. But I was not the same Crystal. I stood on two feet, and I had two hands. I was much taller too. My fur had disappeared and were replaced with clothing. Now, instead of fur, I had long platinum blonde hair that extended all the way down to just below my waist. I still had my crystal-blue eyes that now stood out even more on my pale face.

I was no longer a Mew...but a human.

I hope you guys don't mind this....I don't want you to think i was copying or anything, I just this might be interesting. Don't worry, she won't STAY a human....the power of the pendent just increased her power and gave her a human form. If this doesn't fly with you guys, then I'll delete it.

Arctic A
22nd November 2002, 04:05 PM
No, that's great. Nice idea!

I saw a light above me. Sound stupid, i know, but i did. Maybe this was it. Maybe i could experience death once more, but maybe this time for real.

Or not.

The light was powering me, giving me strength. I managed to open one of my human eyes, for a few seconds. I saw another Human, a girl, standing next to me. I also caught a glimpse of another Mew - I think it was Jewel, nut i had to close my eyes because of the pain. I guessed that by human standards the girl would be pretty attractive. There was something familiar about her, though. The way she stood. A Defiant pose.
"Cr....cr......cr....." I managed to speak, if only for a few seconds, and opened my eyes again.
"Arctic!" The Girl turned to look down at me. Then i saw her eyes - her deep, crystal blue eyes. It was Crystal.....but how had she become human like that? I saw from the look on her face that she didn't fully understand herself. I was about to speak again, when i heard a familiar evil laugh.
"Well Arctic, seems like you still have something left in you...But really, i need to deal with these b*tches alone." Racalexand snorted, and rasied a hand into the air. His invisible hand grabbed me, catapulting me upwards towards the ceiling. I was about to hit, when he pushed forward with this energy and sent me flying into the nearby wall. There was a shattering sound, and with the intense pain i realised that i had broken a bone or two. I could feel the blood flowing down my pack, staining my top.
"Arctic!" I heard Crystal yell. I tried to reach out, tried to speak, but the darkness rush up to consume me. There was one thing, i heard however, before passing out -
"Hold on Arc!"

With those words, I burst into the large hall and flew towards the arena. I quickly noticed that Arctic was in pretty bad shape - he'd need help pretty quickly. The other two human figures, Crystal and the Shapeshifter, stood several meters apeart from each other. Jewel floated alongside Crystal, holding a red amulet of some sort. Tears of rage trickled down Crystal's cheek. I grimaced, and flew right into - A barrier. It hurt like hell, repulsing me and sending me flying across the large hall. I landed with a crash, sending up some dust.
"Foolish, foolish Dragonite.....your dedication to Arctic is admirable, however..." Racalexand snorted. "But you'll have to sit this one out, i'm afraid..."
I flung myself against the barrier again, ignoring the pain, but i couldn't break through. Racalexand was putting considerable energy into keeping me out. I shook my head in dismay, powerless as i watched three of my closest freinds being advanced upon by this horrific being....

23rd November 2002, 12:10 AM
.... just a note... Jewel is there too ya know.

Seiko - M

I blinked, and nodded at Byakko's white figure.
Then shouldn't we hurry back to the castle?
Byakko nodded..
"Yes... I have a bad feeling some thing is happening there..."
Byakko began to fly off through one of the tunnels, but I quickly zoomed in front of her.
Touch my tail.
I rose my magenta, nimble tial in front of her and slowly she touched it softly. I then consentrated...
Tried to pinpoint the location of...

There ... as storm clouds churned and lightening flashed across the sky. A castle was seen in the distance..- Mew Castle. Inside, battles raged and bodies were hurting. I could sense the evil... the hope, love... pain... despair... helplessness... grief... jeleousy.. hate...

I blinked and nodded.
Let us go.
Instantly we teleported, and reappeared to meet a huge smashing force. I blinked dazed, as Byakko blinked as well.
THere before us... was..
"Crystal?!" Byakko cried, as she then added... "Mother?!"
There, two humans stood... next to each other, one bleeding and the other looking horrified. A darker figure loomed near them...s neering as if happy.
I growled... until suddenly I flickered my gaze upwards, to see a light blue mew. Light blue? Her eyes... dead silver. Some thing about her made me twitch... I shook my head quickly, as a scream erupted into my ears.

Arctic A
23rd November 2002, 01:54 AM
*Slaps himself*
Post edited...sorry 'bout that....

Kuro Espeon
23rd November 2002, 09:17 PM
Man...I'm not quite sure what to do with Farlander...erg...can csomeone give him something to do? eh-he...

I turned as I saw Byakko and Seiko appear in the room. They both seemed extremely surprised at my new appearance. I was a little surprsied myself....I had never expected this. I looked myself over and I had to admit...I didnt look half bad!
'Hey...what am I thinking?' I thought to myself, 'I shouldn't be thinking about this NOW!' I turned to Byakko and Seiko and spoke aloud. "You two! Stay back!"
**"But...we..."** Byakko said nervously.
"Just stay there!" I replied sternly.
I was also surprised by the fact that Seiko was there. He had disappeared a while ago and we hadn't seen him since. I guess he had returned now...
I looked back at the grinning face of Racalexand and I was once again filled qith hatred. I took a step towards him but didn't get any further. As soon as I tried to walk, my leg caved under me and I fell to my knees. I should have known this would happen....I wasn't used to this human body yet. I was so used to flying and floating everywhere that I wasn't accostumed to walking on two human legs. Racalexand got pleasure out of this as well.
"Ah-hahaha! How pathetic! How do you intend to fight me if you can't even work you're own body?" He smirked. I glared at him.
"I'll manage....It can't be THAT difficult! Especially when I'm fighting a coward like you!"
Theere was never a time when i could remember myself being so bold and rash as I was being right now. What was I doing? Could I really win this fight? Before I could stop myself, I had bent down and snatched up Arctic's fallen sword. I stood back up (slightly shaky), and pointed the sword at Racalexand.
"You will die."

That's all for now! *cries* I need to go to bed!!!

Arctic A
24th November 2002, 05:58 AM
Originally posted by Kuro Espeon
Man...I'm not quite sure what to do with Farlander...erg...can csomeone give him something to do? eh-he...

Well, I reckon he should be pretty cheesed off about Xiaso having his Sister. Methinks he should go and rescue her. I'll have Tornado join him, after this battle scene is over.

"You will die." Crystal said.
The words echoed around in my mind - i'd never seen Crystal liike this. I could feel the waves of anger and hatred flowing around her.
"Brave, but ultimatly foolish....," Racalexand sighed. "That's the problem with you Mews...you never give up. No matter. I'll crush you anyways..."
Racalexand summond a pair of Katanas once more, and came into a battle stance. "Your move, Crystal." He smiled evily, casting a look at Arctic. "I'd hurry. He won't survive much longer. Can't you feel it? The pain, it's quite pleasent to me."
I'd long given up on trying to break the barrier, but i tried again. The sudden urgency gave me strength - but it still wasn't enough.
It was then that a bright red beam of energy came from behind me, striking the forcefeild. The energy rippled along the feild, but seemed to have no effect. I turned around quickly.
Xiaro floated behind me, his face a picture of concentration and peace. His eyes were clamped shut.
{I cannot break this sheild. We must find another way.} He said, opening his eyes.

24th November 2002, 11:41 AM
Seiko - M

I gazed to Byakko with worried eyes.
We must help them!
** But she said to stay away...** Byakko said, her voice tightened and full of worries and sadness. I narrowed my eyes... sa the moon marking upon my head swirled.
No... some times you must help even when others say no. This isn't just their fight- its ours too! If Crystal and Arctic are hurt, then we will be next anyway.
Byakko nodded, as I narrowed my eyes and gazed at the force sheild. I tapped it lightly, and streaks of energy from the bubble erupted around it.
I'll try to teleport...
I closed my eyes, and felt my body suddenly lighten... I felt my will try to urge my body to teleport past the barrier. Instantly my body disappeared and I felt my body instantly surge its matter to the place I wanted it... but as my body seemed to travel in a freezed time, I felt as though I hit a wall. Instantly my body seemed to be hurled backwards... as pain raked through my body. All too fast, my body reappeared where I had once disappeared- next to Byakko outside of the barrier. I breathed heavily... as Byakko nervously shook.
** Its not use.. Tornado nor Xiaro can even get through.**
I narrowed my eyes tighter... and gazed into the shield. How could we get through?
They need us...
I frowned, and shook as Crystal was about to face a person more then her match. Even with all her will power, there was just no way her body- whom she wasn't accustomed too- could do this.
**Oh no...** Byakko whispered, as we floated there... watching.

Jewel - (F)

I blinked... watching the feats below. Crystal was now a human to match Arctic. They had a bond with each other... I could sense it and see it. They... they always were together. I then gazed at the dark figure... and blinked.
He had the same aura as some one I knew long ago... what though? Who?
Then it dawned on me...I remembered who that person was! It was the human... he was that human- gone dark? Maybe he realized what teh world truely was... and decided to reflect it?
ya-ooo, eyeuh ow ya-ooo.
I spoke at him, clutching the glowing red jewel in my paws still. He flickered his gaze barely at me- but he was more interested in Arctic and Crystal.
"Shut up pathetic mew... you'll find yoru death soon enough."
I narrowed my eyes...
ya-ooo, awr thuuut ooman. Ulicks. ya-ooo awr Ulicks!
His wild gaze flickered softly... as he seemed to flinch... but he ignored me- he was forcing himself to ignore me. I turned my gaze, seeing how that a strange magenta mew and the one who was Crystal's daughter, Byakko, couldn't get through the shield. I smiled... I did I did!!! Maybe they were not talented enough..
I rubbed the jewel with my cheek, but watched as suddenly Ulicks charged at Crystal with swift swords. Crystal brought the sword of Arctic forward, but Ulicks was too powerful. The crashingsound of swords echoed, and Crystal fell to the ground, but still blocked Ulicks's swords with Arctic's. I watched...
[ Jewel... Jewel... ]
A voice rang, but I ignored it... Jewel, that name was dead. I was not Jewel.

Kuro Espeon
25th November 2002, 03:57 PM
Man..everyone is underestimating Crystal...just because she doesn't like fighitng doesn't mean she can't!

Racalexand had knocked me down on the first blow. I had expected this...I was not quite on my gaurd yet as I was concentrating hard on moving my new body. But I was getting the hang of it surprisingly quickly! I would have full control over it in no time! But in the meantime I had to deal with Racalexand with whatever control I had. I decided offensive was not the best idea right now. I would have to stick with defense.
Racalexand pointed his sword at me and dared me to attack. I stood up and got into a defensive pose instead.
"AH! Defensive! Good idea, Mew, not that it will do you any good of course, but it's a nice thought anyway." he smirked, obviously believing that I wouldn't stand a chance against him. deep inside of me, I agreed with him. This...thing was strong enough to defeat Arctic. And seeing as Arctic was stronger than me, It looked pretty hopeless. Bt none of that mattered to me. I was still going to fight, and I was going to fight with everything I had. Even if it cost my life...I would never give up.

Sorry that was short, but I'm in a rush. AA - feel free to keep the battle going, remeber that Crystal is on the defensive until she gets used to fighting as human, but don't underestimate her....she's very stubborn!

There was battle going on...I could sense it. Two very strong forces were going at it and it seemed as neither of them would give up until the other fell. I recognized the aura of Crystal, but it was slightly altered. It seemed harsher and more powerful. Something had obviously happened to make her battle will stronger. Most likely it was related to the dramitic decrease in Arctic's power I sensed not long before. The other power, the one Crystal was fighting, was strange...but in a way, familiar. It puzzled me....
I had been monitering the battle psychically from inside the castle, perched high in the rafters, shadows covering me from head to tail. I could not see the battle but my toned mental abilites allowed me to estimate what was going on without actually being there.
I noticed, however, that I wasn't the only one keeping an on this fight. Xiaso was sitting at the castle window, his eyes closed in concentration and a smirk of pleasure across his face. no doubt he was, in someway, behind this. I could from the way he was acting that he had some sort of plan. Besides the one with me of course...
I glared at him. This creature was no Pokemon. Even I, who had done some splendidly evil things myself in the past, would not stoop to such underhanded things. I found it very cowardly to hire others to fight your enemies for you when you cna very well fight them yourself. How very low...he just wanted the protecters of the castle out of the way so he'd have no trouble taking over.
The sad thing was...he had me right where he wanted me. He had Disaran....and as long as he held her captive I could not oppose him. .......Unless! Yes! Of course! Why didn't I think of it before? All I had to do was find Diasaran and rescue her! Then, I would be out of Xiaso's control!
This was the perfect time to do it too....while he was distracted. But the only downside was...I had no idea where he was keeping her. And without that...well...it made it rather difficult to save her. I had to find someone who knew where Xiaso might have put her. I took off from the rafters, and to avoid Xiaso's attention, I did a small teleportation out to were the battle was taking place. I saw Tornado, Byakko and...Seiko? hovering outside of a strange barrier watching the fight that was going on inside. Inside the barier was jewel, and injured Arctic in human form, and a human girl.....human girl? Where did SHE come from? But upon furhter inspection I realized that it was Crystal, who had taken a human form. The one she was fighting was a dark, mysterious figure...who still seemed very familair...and I couldn't place it.
Tornado......that Dragonite. Would he know anything of Xiaso and Xiaro? I decided to find out. I flew over to Tornado and hovered beside him.
"I wish to talk to you," I said in a low voice.

25th November 2002, 08:36 PM
Ok! Ok! Ok! I have an idea! Ok, what's happening right now? Wheer is this taking place? I'm gonna start a different charecter from my origanol sign-up. Hope that's ok ^_^

~Race: Mew
~Name: Arnen
~Gender: Female
~Appearance: Typically a normal Mew, only purple (same as posting color) with silver on tips of ears, tail, and feet. Her tail has a small amethyst embedded at the widish part at the end. When evil's nearby, it glows silver and pulsates.
~Personallity: Shy and quiet or hyper and with a sarcastic sense of humor. Depends.
~Other: The amethyst on her tail's been there as long as she can remember, and seems to be the main (note, main, as in she still has natural Mew powers without it, just much, much weaker) source of her Psychic powers. Her main abilities and attacks are Teleport, Psychic, Mega Drain, Transform, Surf, and Fly, among weaker Psy attacks. She can use Transform to become human for two hours before it wears off, and in human form she has purple hair and crystal blue eyes, and wears a purple belly top and grey jeans. Oh, and she's not very good at teleporting ^_^'

Not gonna post till I know where everyone is right now...

Arctic A
26th November 2002, 02:45 PM
Originally posted by Nabooru23

Not gonna post till I know where everyone is right now...

Did i not hammer this in before? READ! Just read this page, and some of the last one. You'll find out that we're in a Hall in Mew Castle, and there is a fight going on. Yes.

With great strain, i managed to drag open an eye. I saw Crystal, with her back to me. She had just recovered from a blow made by Racalexand. Looked like she was playing defensive, until she got used to her form. Good, i thought.
I saw Racalexand sneer, and leap forward, brandishing his Blade. Crystal raised hers and blocked, pushing hard and making Racalexand stumble back a few meters. She shook her head defiently.
"Stubborn little one, aint ya? Maybe you'll prove good sport...unlike that fool Arctic over there..." Racalexand sighed, twirling his blade. I saw Crystal getting more angry, sweat flowing down her face. And was that a tear? Maybe...
Racalexand launched an attack again, swirling around crazily. Crystal brung up her blade, and lunged forward in a flash, blocking his sword. she left herself open to his feet, however. He kicked her in the stomach. I cringed as Crystal fell back. I hated seeing this happen to her. I'd rather be up there, fighting for her safety. But i was Thankful.
Crystal was even more angry now, and i could see a small red glow shimmering around her. She cast another defiant look at Racalexand.

"I wish to talk to you..."
I snapped my veiw away from the raging battle, and looked at Farlander.
"There's a first time for everything." I said, turning back to the watch Crystal and Racalexand.
"This is serious, Dragonite!"
"THIS is more bloody serious, i'm willing to bet!" I roared. I didn't look at him.
"This could have the fate of everyone hanging in it's balance. Surely you can understand."
"Sure, i suppose Xiaso has bribed you and you're gonna help him destroy us or something," I said, angrily, as i turned to look him in the face. There was a *slight* look of suprise on his face, but it dissapeared quickly.
"Come, Tornado. You are intelligent. You must realise that...higher things are going on here..." Farlander said, speaking quietly. I sighed.
"What do you want?"
"I want to know what you know about Xiaso and Xiaro."
"Not much. Two brothers. Legendeay rivalry. A secret labarynth hidden in the Houen Mountains.."
Farlander nodded. He seemed to appreicate the Labarynth part.
"I need help. In a rescue."
"I see."
"It's my Sister...." Farlander groaned. That came as a suprise. Farlander having a sister? Surely we would have known...but i suppose these Legendary Birds are full of suprises. Having lost my whole family to the hands of evil, i could understand what he was going through. I turned again to look at the battle. Crystal was playing Defenseive, and Racalexand wasn't breaking through. Jewel, Seiko, Xiaro and Byakko hovered - Seiko? Where had he come from? I thought.. - hovered outside the boundary forcefeild. They could help if anything happened. I suppose i could help farlander.
"I accept." I answered, and turned to look at Arctic. He was still on the ground, but he was awake and i'm sure he could hear."
"Don't worry Arc! I'll be back!" I yelled. I saw what may have been a nod. I grunted, then turned to Farlander.
"Let's go."

Mew Trainer Rose
26th November 2002, 05:08 PM
I also haven't been posting recently, mostly becaue I could never quite find a spot for me to come into the action. I'd like to know if i could also re-sign up. possibly as a R/S poke? I'm thinking i could meet Tornado and Farlander when they're off in Houen, since i don't want to wander up to the cstle for no good reason again.
And i have been keeping up with the plot, just haven't posted.

Arctic A
28th November 2002, 10:54 AM
Originally posted by Mew Trainer Rose
I also haven't been posting recently, mostly becaue I could never quite find a spot for me to come into the action. I'd like to know if i could also re-sign up. possibly as a R/S poke? I'm thinking i could meet Tornado and Farlander when they're off in Houen, since i don't want to wander up to the cstle for no good reason again.
And i have been keeping up with the plot, just haven't posted.

Meeting up with Farlander and Tornado would be a great idea..an R/S Poke would be great as well. Post ya new form and i'll introduce him in Tornado's post..
I would post now, but i'm playin Ruby Version. (Up to the new elite four! Yay for me!)

Kuro Espeon
28th November 2002, 12:26 PM
Originally posted by Nabooru23:
in human form she has white-blonde hair and crystal blue eyes

I don't mean to be picky but...can you possible change her human description? It seems she looks alot like Crystal. Maybe she can have purple hair?

I was getting better with this body now. I was alot more steady and I was regaining most of my quick reflexes. That was very good in particular because I would need very single one of my reflexes for this fight. This Racalexand was much faster than I had thought originally. I would have to rely on my speed and agility in order to win.
Now it was my turn to go on the offensive. I quickly jumped back to my feet and dashed foreward at Racalexand. Gripping the hilt of the sword firmly with my right hand, I brought it across my chest and swung in a hard, diagonally-down slash. Racalexand blocked it with ease.
"Is that all you've got?" He smirked, "Come now, I expected you to at least give me a decent fight. Don't tell me this is all you can d-"
I cut him off quickly by exectuting the second phase of my attack. While he was holding off my blade, I unexpectedly drew back my sword and quickly, taking advantage of the opening in his stance,
slashed horizontally at his stomache.
Racalexand had barely enough time to jump back, for even though he escaped being cut in half, the blade still managed to make a shallow cut across his waist.
'Damn!' I thought to myself. 'I missed him....but at least I drew some blood...'
Racalexand regained his footing quickly and, with a look of surprise and disgust on his face, stared down and the bleeding cut on his stomache. He seemed genuinly amazed that I had been able to inflict damage on him or that I had been ablle to even touch him at all. He put his free hand over the wound and glared at me.
"What's the matter, Racalexand? Never seen you're own blood before?" I said with an overlyconfident tone, "I guess this proves that you're only mortal after all!"
That was the first time I had ever taunted someone in that manner....what was going on with me?
Racalexand, to my surprise now, began to chuckled, which quickly turned into full-fleged laughter.
"You truely are enjoying this aren't you, Mew? I find it very frivilous of you to get so excited about one little stratch! This only happened because I let my guard down, and believe, it won't happen again! ....You underestimate me just as much as I underestimated you, Crystal of Mew Castle! Don't go celebrating a victory before it's won!"
I flinched slightly while still maintaining my serious expression. I was starting to feel less and elss confident about winning every second...

A small, sly grin crossed my face as Tornado agreed to come with me to the Labyrinth of Xiaso and Xiaro. There was something about his attitude towards me that was amusing. NOt quite trustworthy, slightly reluctant, but also obligated. I could tell that travelling with me was not his first choice of ways to spend the afternoon....but he was going to do it protect the ones he cared most for. This...was something we had in common....
"Very well, Dragonite. Let us be on our way. But keep in mind that the only reason I need you to come along is because.... 1. you're the only own who knows where the labyrinth is and 2. I have no idea what while be waiting for us when we get there so I figured it be better to bring along reinforcements. Not that I couldn't handle it on my own of course..."
Tornado rolled his eyes, and turned towards the west horizon.
"Whatever, let's just go." He said in a monotonous voice. He took off and beat his gigantic wings to gain altitude. I followed quickly and soon leveled off beside him, leaving the slowly shrinking form of Mew Castle behind.
We flew in silcence....seeing as we really didn't have much to say to each other. the dragonite and I had never really been on what you would call "friendly terms" so I guess this unlikely alliance was rather akward for the both of us. After a little while I was surprised to here him speak to me in a civilized fashion.
"Farlander...." He said out of the blue, "You know what I think?"
Out of a sheer effort to be polite I answered: "What...?"
"I think....you've gone soft!" He stated, grining broadly.
I nearly fell out of the air with shock from that outrageous and comepletly random statement. After regaining my balance and turned to him, shooting him a nasty glare.
"What the HELL do you mean by THAT, dragonite?! Do you want me to insinerate you?!" I cried.
"Whoa! Chill, Farlander! All I meant was that I think you've changed! I mean....a year ago you would have never asked me or any of my friends for help."
"Hey! I already told you, I did NOT ask for help. I merely offered you the oppurtunity to come along! And for you're information, I haven't changed one bit! My opinions of you and your pesky little mew friends have not been altered one bit! I have merely learned to tolerate you!"
"Uh-huh...." He replied, obviously in disbelief, "Well...no matter what you say Farlander, I still believe that Crystal and the others have had quite a calming effect on you. Just admit it! You actually care about them now."
"Foolishness! I could care less about what happens to those vermin!"
"Then why do ally with them in this battle against Xiaso? Why do you protect Mew Castle, the home of your former enemies?"
"Tch. Because, you moron, I am bound by a life debt. Those Mews, unfourtunetly, are the ones responsible for restoring my life, and for that I am endebted to them and is my duty as Ledgendary Pokemon to uphold this debt to maintain my honor. But keep in mind, that if this debt had never been placed, and I did not owe them anything....then...things would be different."
Tornado just stared at me with a smirk on his face which I wished I could wipe off with my Aeroblast. Then he turned and looked straight ahead.
"Alright Farlander, I believe you."
I sighed. This Dragonite was even more dense then I had thought...
But then again....could it really be true? Did Tornado and the Mews see something that I was unaware of? ....

.....Had I really changed?

28th November 2002, 01:53 PM
OoC: Ok, don't feel like changing it, but purple hair! Yeh ^_^ Also, I don't know exactly who's in this battle, so... I'll post, but I'm not gonna say who's in the battle, duh, cuz I don't know ^_^'



I looked around. I was in a long hallway. I heard voices around the corner.

"<Dammit!>" I thought. I had been aiming for Hawaii. I really needed more practice teleporting!

I slowly flew to the corner, and saw a battle taking place. The jem on my tail was glowing silver.

28th November 2002, 03:46 PM
Race: Pochena(thepokemon under Arctic A
Name: Shadow
Appearance: Black and gray
Personality: Very quiet....
History: Trained by his father he has many skills and is very strong

Mew Trainer Rose
29th November 2002, 10:29 AM
drat, I wanted Pochiena. then again, there's a bunch of Mews, there can be more than one Pochiena.

Race: Pochiena
Name: Eclipse
Gender: female
Appearance: regular pochiena, except there's a hint of brown in her fur, so she's sort of grey/brown
Personality: give her all in battle, curious but cautious, a bit skeptical with pokemon she doesn't know, but gets along well once she knows them.
Other: nothing

Arctic A
29th November 2002, 10:50 AM
First off, could someone tell me why the HELL s-m-a-l-l-e-r was filitered? O_o

Originally posted by MetaKnight89
Lost in Hammerspace

Race: Pochena(thepokemon under Arctic A
Name: Shadow
Appearance: Black and gray
History: Trained by his father he has many skills and is very strong

It's usually nice to 'ask' before signing up halfway through a topic...
That form could use more info.

Originally posted by Mew Trainer Rose
drat, I wanted Pochiena. then again, there's a bunch of Mews, there can be more than one Pochiena.

Race: Pochiena
Name: Eclipse
Gender: female
Appearance: regular pochiena, except there's a hint of brown in her fur, so she's sort of grey/brown
Personality: give her all in battle, curious but cautious, a bit skeptical with pokemon she doesn't know, but gets along well once she knows them.
Other: nothing

Looks ok. I've introduced you in the post below, if that's ok.

I laughed inside my head at Farlander. The old bird was going soft. He didn't seem to approve of my ideas though. I almost laughed outloud, but I had a feeling that Farlander would knock me out of the sky if i said anything else along those lines. I simply smirked, and flew on ahead of him.

Houen wasn't that far a flight away. We flew as high as possible, as not to attract any human attention (It'd be quite a site for a human Pokmon trainer...and it might get to their heads....). We spoke very little during the flight. I just closed my eyes and listened to the wind holwing past my ears. When i opened them, i saw the mountains of Houen below me.
"This is it."
"What? There's nothing here, fool!" Farlander snapped at me. I smiled, and stopped flapping my wings. I started falling quickly, Farlander becoming a dot up above me. The dot started to get s-maller, however. He was diving down face first, the flaps on his back folding in to give him more speed. He soon came alongside me. "Huh! Can't you fall any faster?" I laughed. I saw what may have been a look of amusment on his face, and he gained speed. He was below me now, getting faster with every moment.

"Hey! You think you can pull up from that?" I yelled down, not sure if he could hear.
"Of course."
I turned around quickly, seeing Farlander floating down beside me. I was pretty damn suprised.
"Can you?" He smirked.


I hit the ground.

When i woke up a minute later, I saw Farlander towering above me. He was laughing. I didn't detect any real 'evil' in the laugh...i think he was just amused.
"Well well, Tornado. Where now?" He said, regaining himself.
"I'm not *entirely* sure....it's somewhere around here, or so my mother told me. It was years ago."
Farlander raised an eyebrow. (If a Lugia has an eyebrow...if ya know what i mean...=D).
"We'd better start looking, no?" I said, standing up. A sudden pain arched up my back. "Damnit. Damn gravity!"
It was then that i noticed something lurking in the shadows. Farlander noticed it too.
"Reveal yourself!" He boomed, a trace of psychic command in his voice. Nothing.
"Maybe it's a Dark type...resistant to your telepathy?" I suggested. Farlander grunted.
Then it decided to come out of the shadows. It was a small, dog -like pochiena. Mostly normal looking, but with a hint of brown. It growled as it walked up to us.
"What just happened here? There was a huge noise." It asked,
"The Dragonite landed flat on his butt, that's what." Farlander replied, smirking. I ignored his comment.
"We're looking for a Secret lair. Ya know. That sorta thing."
"I see...." The Pochiena mused. "I'm called Eclipse. I don't know anything about any secret base or whatnot. But maybe i can help..."

Mew Trainer Rose
29th November 2002, 02:12 PM

"I don't know anything about any secret base or whatnot. But there is a wierd sort of cave naer here. No one goes in it if they can help it. It's supposed to be haunted, and not by ghost-types. Sometimes you can hear scary sounds coming out of it, like moans, pained shouts and such. I can show you where it is if you really want."

The Lugia looked a bit pale for a moment. But when the Dragonite glanced at him he snapped out of it. Shooting an annoyed look at Dragonite, he said "Show us the way. I'm Farlander, and this clumsy dragon is Tornado." Tornado looked offended at that, and i guessed they didn't like eachother much. Before either could say anything again, i said, "OK, then, it's this way." Then I turned and started walking. The two followed behind, and once or twice i thought i heard Tornado mutter something allong the lines of "Damn gravity!"

We reached a tall cliff with rocks piled along the base, and I stoped and turned to face them. "Here we are."
They looked at me like i was a nuts. "Where?" asked Farlander
"Right there," I said pointing at a pile with particularly large rocks few feet away.
"That's a pile of rocks, not a secret anything."
"The caves behind it, of course. Look." I walked up to it, and stood in front of an opening between a few rocks. A breeze coming from intside the cave blew against my fur, tossing it enough for the two to see.

Kuro Espeon
1st December 2002, 10:00 AM
Originally posted by Arctic A:
"Hey! You think you can pull up from that?" I yelled down, not sure if he could hear.
"Of course."
I turned around quickly, seeing Farlander floating down beside me. I was pretty damn suprised.
"Can you?" He smirked.


I hit the ground.

LOL. :D :D :D

I stared at the hole in disbelief.
"THAT?! That's the entrance? You expect me to fit through that tiny little hole? You've got to be kidding me!"
The Pochiena seemed slightly taken aback.
"Hey, don't get mad at me! I didn't put it here." She then turned back to the enterance way and began sniffing about curiously. I turned to Tornado. It was quite obvious that if I couldn't fit through that hole then neither could he. He was, after all, quite a bit larger than me.
"Hmmm..." I hummed thoughtfully. It didn't take me long tor each my conclusion. "Well then, we have no choice. We have to clear away these rocks."
"Why can't we just blast through them?" Tornado asked, twitching in anticipation. I sighed despairingly.
"Don't be a fool Tornado! Even you're not that dense. Don't you think that blasting these rocks and causing an explosion may attract some...'unwanted attention'?"
Tornado scratched his head. "Oh yeah..."
I moved forward, untucking my large silver wings, and began by tugging on one of the larger rocks at the base of the pile." Tornado and the Pochiena hesitated.
"What's with you two? Come over here and help me." I said agitatedly.
"Uhhh...Farlander?" Tornado said slowly, warily eyeing the rock I was attempting to dislodge, "I don't think that's such a good idea."
"What are you talking about? I'm only trying to---" I cut off when the rock finally came loose and rolled away. "There! You see! Nothing to it!" I grinned in success. But Tornado and the Pochiena were not looking at me. They were looking, wide-eyed, above me, their faces pale, and they began to slowly back away. "What in the world is wrong with you two?"
Then, I suddenly heard a low rumble. I froze and slowly turned back around, looking up to where Tornado and the Pochiena were staring. I was met with an unpleasent surprise when i saw the entire pile of rocks tumbling down on top of me.
"ARGH!" I screamed as I quickly scampered away, dodging falling rocks as I slide in next to Tornado. The loud rumble of the rockslide echoed throughout the mountain side and slowly died out when the last rock settled.
There was a brief pause in where Tornado, The Pochiena and I stared at each other. The tunnel had indeed been opened further and was now big enough for us to fit through. But that wasn't going to be so easy....for out of the tunnel opening, obviously in response the noise that had just occured , there came a swarm of shadowed Pokemon, of all different shaped and sizes. They seemed like they had been genetically engineered or something for they did not look like any pokemon I had ever seen. BUt there was one thing I did know....they weren't too happy.
Tornado looked at me through narrowed eyes, a sweatdrop appearing on his forehead.
"So much for unwanted attention," he scoffed.
".......shut up..."I replied.

Arctic A
3rd December 2002, 12:20 PM

".......shut up..." Came Farlander's reply. I smirked, and looked onwards towards the group of Pokemon coming towards us. Most of them stopped a few meters away, and three came forward. They walked slowly, making strange noises.
"They sound hungry..." I remarked. Farlander clouted me across the head with his wing.
"Let me handle this!" He barked. I snorted, but let him walk forward.
"Greetings. We come in peace!" He said. The creatured drew back a few steps at the sound of his loud voice, but quickly leapt back. They continued making noises. One of the four stepped forward.
"Pawor?" It groaned.
"Pawor? What?" I replied.
"PAWOR!" It shouted this time, with a deep gurgling sort of voice. It was quite disgusting.
"Pawor?" I replied, still confused.
"Ne Pawor....Ne ecnarten," I growled, rasing it's arms. They were thin, but i could see that they probably packed a punch. The 3 behind him rasied their arms into a battle stance. The small army behind them did as well, making a sort of wave effect.
"Well done, Dragonite. You upset them." Farlander groaned.
"Would you two shut it?" Eclipse growled. "I think we have a fight on our hands."
"Unless we can maybe figure out what the heck 'Pawor' means..." I replied.
"Pawor. Pawor...Power?"
The creature growled.
The creature growled.
The creature growled.
"You'll never get it by guessing like that. Think. Paword. Password?" Eclipse suggested.
The creature leapt back a few steps.
"Paword! Paword! PAWORD!" It screamed.
"I think it wants a password." Farlander said.
"Well, thanks Einstein. Any ideas?" I replied.

The creatures charged.

I managed to awake once again. The battle between Crystal and Racalexand raged on. I surveyed the situation. Xiaro, Byakko and Seiko hoeverd outside the arena. I spotted anew arrival - another Mew, it seemed. Inside the arena, Jewel hovered above the fight, clutching a sparkling red gem tightly. I cringed as the pain started getting worse.
"Jewel!" I called out weakly. She didn't reply.
"Jewel!" I tried again. She didn't respond. I gathered what psyche was inside me, and sent a message.
<<< Jewel! Please, help Crystal! She's your sister, damnit! Help! Please! >>>
She turned her head towards me, and looked at me strangly.
'Please help' I mouthed the words. She floated towards me, stopping a few inches away from me.
"ba- wy? wy ouls mi el?"
I couldn't understand her. I tried to respond, but the life was rushing out of me. She spun around, and floated upwards towards Racalexand's barrier. She reached out, and touched it. The area she touched turned blue for a moment as it repelled her touch. Jewel growled.
"Bu. chu na centinno lor...."
A beam of red light suddenly arced out of her small red gem. It struck the feild, turning it a deep form of Crimson red. The beam stopped. She reached out again, and touched the feild. Her paw went right through.
[The feild! The feild is down!] Xiaro shouted, and he plunged head first into the arena, stricking Racalexand in the back. He went flying across the floor, eventually skidding to a halt.
[Go, Crystal. You cannot fight like this.]
"No! I'm gonna make him PAY for what he did to Arctic!" She roared. Xiaro simply nodded.
[Very well. But don't let Anger influence your judgement in future, young one.]
I noticed Byakko, Seiko and the new Mew dash into the area as well. Racalexand saw them as he was getting up. he cursed under his breath.
"Give up! You're beaten!" Byakko called out.
"Beaten? Oh, oh no...I don't think so."
He dashed towards me quickly, reaching out with his Psychic power and lifting me into the air.He skideed to a halt behind me, and lowered me. A large gleaming Knife was summond to his hand. He quickly grabbed me and held the Knife to my throat. That being one of the weakest parts of a human body, it seemed like a good move. I tried to resist, but i just couldn't. He held me with an iron grip.

"If any of you make one more move, Arctic dies." Racalexand sneered.

Mew Trainer Rose
3rd December 2002, 04:53 PM

I jumped to one side, barely dodging the first creature that came after me.
"I don't know why you wanted to find this place, but maybe something having to do with the reason you came could be the password." I called to Farlander and Tornado. I Faint Attacked another creature, then fell back, feeling as if i had run into a rock. Sightly dazed, i wasn't able to dodge the creature's quick slash at my side. The other two pokemon were busy fighting of more of the creatures, and i didn't even know if they heard me over the growls and odd sounds the creatures made.

Kuro Espeon
4th December 2002, 03:41 PM
hmmm....what a dilema! It's going to be hard getting out of this one....
........creative writing time! :P :D :P

Crystal: (human form)
I froze. All the muscles in my body locked and I didn't move an inch. Arctic.... For the first time, I was out of ideas. If I made any move or tried to attack in anyway, Racalexand would kill Arctic...and then I wouldn't know what I'd do...
I could always try to distract him with something, and then find someway to attack....but there was no gaurantee that I would be fast enough to attack him before he killed Arctic. And I couldn't ask anyone else to do it because I didn't want to put them in danger.
I was near tears now as I stared at Arctic. He practically looked dead already. Just his eyes, wide with horror and also sadness, proved to me that he still alive. If only I could talk to him...Arctic always knew what to do...that's why I needed him so much...
Wait! Maybe I could still talk to him! Maybe our power of telepathy would still work in these bodies! It was worth a try, for I could think of nothing else in my fatigue. I closed my eyes and concentrated as hard as I could. And using the great power that bond Arctic's soul to mine, I spoke...
"Arctic? Arctic, can you hear me?"

Ok that wasn't very creative...gomen...I'm tired...

"Nice work Dragonite!" I called out over the ruckus while knocking back one of the attackers with my wing, "This is all *WHACK* you're fault!"
Tornado, who was busy shaking one of them off of his wing, glared over at me.
"Hey! How was I supposed that we needed a password?" He stopped looking at me and started to concentrated on beating the tar out of the shadow Pokemon. "And besides! *WHACK* If it wasn't for me *WHACK*! You wouldn't even *WHACK* be here!"
"I had these guys perfectly under *SMASH*control until you jumped in with your *BONK* "outstanding" communication skills and made them angry!"
"Well who was the one who *SLAM* caused that rock slide that *SMACK* brought them out here in the first place?"
"Oh SURE! Rub THAT in my face why don't you?!"
Eclipse quickly Faint Attacked another Pokemon and shouted at us in an aggravted tone.
"Will you two stop bickering! Shut yer traps and try to think of the password!" She cried. My head was swimming now, filled with endless possiblities of passwords. Then I remembered something I had heard Eclipse say earlier. 'Maybe something having to do with the reason you came could be the password...' Something to do with my mission here? What could that be...besides the rescue of my sister...
"Damnit! There's too many of them!" Tornado exclaimed, looking around at the seemingly endless swarm that had now completly encircled us. One of them jumped at me, and before I could hit it away, it clutched the upper part of my wing with it's claws and sunks it's razor sharp teeth into my flesh. I screeched in pain and tried to shake it off. But soon I was overwhelmed by about 20 others pouncing on me and tearing at my body. With a bit of difficultly, I managed to take to the air. Some of them fell off and plummeted to the ground, but others still remained firmly attached to me. My body began to glow with Rage...my patience with these creatures was wearing very thin....
We had to think of something quick....

4th December 2002, 06:38 PM
Seiko - (M)

I watched in horror as this fight continued. The one named Racalexand held a knife at Arcitc's thoat... and I knew tha tmust be the vulnerable point in a human- it is for any animal. I hovered there... unsure of what to do. I didn't know how to help... and Crystal was near in tears. I gazed to Byakko, who was horrified at this as well... and sighed. But then I looked at Jewel... and some how heard her mumble some thing as she clutched that glowing red jewel which some how let us in.
It confused me... w hat powers did that red jewel have? What WAS it exactly?

"uh ohn ooer yerarr.." Jewel again mumbled, gazing blankly at Racalexand. I stopped short, as my breathing lightened. There was some thing about Jewel... some thing about her...
I understand..

Byakko gazed at me, blinking.
I understand what Jewel is saying...
Byakko blinked, as I shook slightly.
**What is she .... saying?***
I turned to look at Racalexand, who seemed preoccupied at the moment at Xiaro.
She says she knows who this Racalexand is..
Jewel gazed at me, with a strange glint in her eyes as she slowly floated higher up... asif in her own world.
"erorse... uh womber um... auhe ith Elixunr."

I blinked... suddenly a memory of a trainer filling my mind. Byakko staired intently at me... as I shook slowly.
I... I can't believe it...
**who is he Seiko? Who?!**
Jewel said.... 'of course I remember him... he is... is..'

**Who?!** Crystal said, her head gazing up at me.

... Alexander...

(Sorry if I'm wrong... just thought that was who it was! ^^;)

Arctic A
5th December 2002, 12:10 PM
Racalexand simply smiled.
"Well, well, well.....it certainly took you fools long enough to figure it out!" He sneered, tightening his grip on me. I could sense that he was actually afraid. The knife was a mere milimeter away from my throat now.
"But....But....Alex? What happened to you? Why are you fighting us? And how come you look so much older?" Crystal called out.
"It's one of those long, annoying stories. Let's just say i had an 'accident', mmm?" He replied.
"An 'accident' can't change a person like that!"
"Oh, you'd be wrong." Alex (I'm gonna use that now, it's shorter than Racalexand...:P) growled. "I'll just say that my foolish human curiosity got the better of me..."

Alex peered inside the cave carefully. It was dark, and a bit scary.
"Whoa man...zard, let's get some light in here!" He said, pulling Zard's Pokeball of his belt and releasing it. Zard's tail burst into a bright flame, lighting the cave. It seemed to go down forever into the distance. Alex gulped, and walked on, his Charizard close behind. They walked for a few minutes, and they came to a wall blocking the path. On it were some inscriptions. Alex peered at them curiously.
"What the heck...." He slung off his backpack and pulled out his sketchbook. He quickly wrote the symbols down.
"Hey...wait a sec. These look like the same stuff that was on Mew castle's walls, Zard!" He said. Zard grunted. Alex looked closer at the marks in his pad.
"Let's see....hmmmm......Espeon could help us here, no?" His Espeon appeared beside him in a flash of bright light.
"Esp? Could you give me a hand here?"
*Of course!*
Espeon studied the markings for a while, then spoke:

* Rock, Ice , Steel.
The three Reji now lie sleeping -
Downed by the mighty pair.
Not to be awoken until the end-
Ragnarok could well be near

Xiaso and Xiaro,
Legends of the sky.
Defenders of Houen,
defeaters of the Reji.
Here they lie.
Until summonded to the sky,
for good or evil,
only they know,
for the onl-*

Espeon's speech was cut short when the walls behind them suddenly crunched together.
"Holy Sh*t!" Alex yelled, dropping his pad. he jumped against the wall. "What'll we do?"
*We could d-*
Espeon was cut off again, but permanently this time. The wall above him simply collapsed - by the time the dust cleared, Alex could no longer hear him.
"NO! ESPEON!" He yelled, tears beginning to stream down his face. Zard roared, smashing his tail against thd fallen rocks.
Then a loud noise shook him back to his senses - the wall with the markings opened up. It was too dark down there to see anything, and Zard's tail light did little to help. The walls started shaking again - rocks started falling. Alex returned Zard quickly, and crunched himself into a tight little ball. The sound was defeaning. Amidst the Choas, Alex made something out -

{Well well well......look's like my experiment isn't over. This human could help...}

I groaned, as Alex's grip tightened once more. Then something rang out to me - like a sweet song, refreshing and pleasent.
Arctic? Arctic, can you hear me?
It was Crystal's voice. I gathered enough energy and replied:

Kuro Espeon
6th December 2002, 03:03 PM
"Arc...hang in there Arc....I'll get you out of there soon...." I said softly. I needed to keep him calm. Especially now since he found out that he was being held captive by one of our old friends.
I eyed Racalexand...no...Alex....I watched Alex carefully and curiously. This really couldn't be him could it? Our dear friend Alex...how could such a thing happen to him? darkness had swallowed his heart and soul and turned him into a monster. He was no longer the Alex we had always known. He was different. But I still couldn't believe that he was really gone completely. After hearing the story...I couldn't but believe that Alex's real heart was still there, still alive, still flickering in the darkness of Racalexand's soul. If only we could reach him...
"Arctic...we have to find a way to reach Alex." I said to Arctic telpathically.
"W-What? H...How can we do...that?"
"I'm...not quite sure. I haven't figured that out yet. But I'm positive that there's a way! There HAS to be! The Alex that we know would never give up that easily!"
Arctic didn't reply right away. He was obviously thinking about something.
"You're right, Crys..."
"We have to get through to him somehow. After all...now that I know who he really is...I can't kill him."
I lowered my head. I couldn't do anything right....
"Don't...be sad...Crystal..." came Arctic's faint, but ever bold, voice. "I ...Don't like it...when..you're sad... You're...much prettier...wh..en..y...you...smile..."
I felt my face growing hotter and I began to blush...
I looked up at Jewel. We had to find a way to reach her heart as well...but I didn't know how to do that either...

Arctic A
9th December 2002, 02:30 PM
I leapt over another creature, launching a Hyper Beam at it's freind to my left. I rolled, striking out with my arms at two creatures that had taken a sudden liking to my wings. They btoh coiled backwards, and i blew them away with a gust from my wings.
"Thought of *BAM* anything yet?" Farlander asked, batting away several creatures at once with his huge wings.
"I say we forget the password and make a run for the cave. Maybe we can seal it from the inside."
"Oh, great idea. Lock ourselfs in a cave. Great." Eclipse snarled, biting at several of the strange creatures.
"Aww, think for a sec. There's bound to be another way out!" I responded, batting away more creatures. "This is REALLY getting tiring!"
"I say we go with his idea..." Farlander said, though i could tell he didn't like it much.
"Ok...*SMACK* *SMASH* On 3, people...." I shouted, smacking away more creatures. "1....2....Argh!"
I yelped, as one of the creatures dug a claw into my leg. A small trickle of blood appeared. I snarled, and flung it away with a Hyper beam.
"Argh? I've never heard 3 said so strangly..."
"Shut it. Let's go!" I said, quickly taking to the air. Farlander did also, and Eclipse quickly leapt up onto his tail. The creatures down below stood still, growling. We quickly flew over them, scattering and falling many of them. We touched down at the cave enterance. I quickly rolled down into the cave.
"Run! Quickly!" I shouted. Farlander dived down, with Eclipse still hanging onto his tail. I gasped, and launched a Hyper beam at the cave roof. A rockslide followed, quickly blocking up the cave. A few beams of light slipped through, so we could still see.
"Oh great...oh great..." Farlander muttered.
"Ah, it's not so bad in here.." I replied.
"That's not what i'm complaining about. I'm complaining about the rather large set of teeth marks on my bloody tail. " Farlander scowled, looking at Eclipse.
"Did you have to hang on with your fricken TEETH?" He roared.
Eclipse smiled, and i smirked.
"Come on, you two. Let's check this place out."

Mew Trainer Rose
9th December 2002, 04:52 PM

We walked along in the semi-dark cave, three pair of eyes keeping a sharp watch for anything out of the ordinary. behind us could be heard the shreiks of the shadow creatures, dissapointed that we had gotten away.
The cave appeared to be a tunnel, long and twisted. After a while, we left the sounds from the shadow creatures behind, and the only noises that could be heard was ourselves.
After a while with noting happening, my adrenaline started to wear off. not being as battle-focused anymore, i began thinking about my curent situation. Beacuse of these, I suddenly asked, "Why're you guys so anxious to get in here, anyway?" I kept my voice down so as not to attract unnecessary attention. "I told ya this place has a reputation for being haunted, and those shadow things would be confirmation enough for anyone. it must be importaint if you're still willing to come in."

Kuro Espeon
11th December 2002, 02:35 PM
"Why were you guys still willing to come in here?" Eclipse asked tiliting her head to the side. Tornado turned to her and and began to reply.
"Well Eclipse, you see it's..."
"....None of your business!" I snapped, finishing his sentence. Eclipse and Tornado both looked at me with very surprised looks on their faces. Tornado's was more harsh than surprised.
"Farlander!" He said firmly, "What's your problem?"
I looked away from them and stared straight ahead at the tunnel ahead which was gradually growing darker.
"I have no problem, Dragonite! That is, except, for the one I came her for! I do not intend to get anyone else involved in this for it is my business, and mine alone. I suggest, Eclispe, that you leave now. I am grateful for your help but this mission does not concern you. Tornado and I will handle it from here." I began moving foreward again until Tornado's protest stopped me again.
"But Farlander...we blocked up the tunnel entrance. She can't leave now." he stated, looking back in the direction of the exit.
"This is a cave isn't it? I'm sure there are other exits. Xiaso and Xiaro are not so careless that they would only create one entrance." I paused. There was something inside me that made twinged. Was it guilt? no...it couldn't be that. "So...leave! Unless you want to die!" With that I turned and spread my wings, gliding slowly down the corridor, being careful not to hit the walls and ceiling. I could tell that I had upset them...but it my mind this was for the best. "Nothing personal little Pochiena," I thought to myself, "But it is for the best that you remain out of this. I do not want to be responsible for another life..."
Besides....the rescue of Disaran would be my doing and only mine. My duty to my sister was the only thing important to me right now and I would not let anything stop me from saving her.

gee...Farlander sure is touchy! :D :D :D

Arctic A
13th December 2002, 04:05 PM
Racalexand - No, Alex...- loosened his grip slightly. I struggled against it, but i was just too weak. I looked up at him. I saw the Alex inside him. Maybe we could unlock it.
"Well, it's been fun all, but i really must dash, you know? I have things to kill. Things to torture. Usual stuff." Alex said, quickly releasing me. I quickly tried to run forward, but Alex grabbed me with one hand. He turned, and used his free hand to shoot out a beam of red energy, making the wall melt away. He dashed through with amazing speed, dragging me along with him. I hit the ground, being dragged along. My skin got cut and bruised as Alex ran with me in tow. He moved very, very fast.
ARCTIC! I heard Crystal's scream. I shouted back, but we were too far away now. I let a tear roll down my cheek. I collapsed into the darkness once again. I do it far too often these days, no?

When i came round later, i found myself looking up into the night sky. It was awesome. Stars shining brightly, it all looked so peaceful. It reminded me of Crystal. I sighed, and tried to get up to see my surroundings. I was held down, however. Bars of Psychic energy restrained my hands, neck and feet. I sensed that Alex was nearby. It was then that i heard the screaming:
"Please, no! no! n-"
I gasped as i realised Alex was doing something. Something very bad. I was in a forest, i knew that much. The screams sounded like those of the Meganium. Alex seemed to have something against them. I realised that i was copletely bloody and bashed. I could barely move, even without restraint. I tried to sense Alex, but i got nothing. I got nothing from anywhere.
"Please....alex, no..." I croaked. "Alex....please, stop!"
"And miss all this fun? I think not.." His voice boomed from somewhere nearby. "Dear Arctic, I think that you should go back to sleep."

And that's when i sensed it.
There was someone else inside Alex. Something bad. Something that had been fused with him. I felt two minds in the same body, one in complete control. The other being supressed. So, there was at least some hope. The awful screams continued - i tried to block them out. But i couldn't. It was too much.

Meh, sorry that's so bad. I'm tired, and i can't find my goddamn coffee. :(

13th December 2002, 04:38 PM
*** I apologize for not posting the past few weeks. I have been real busy and just recently moved into a new house...but nonethless, WOWZERZ! What a story! We can all assume that my character(s) were all on the way to the battle scene...but just came too late and Alex ran off with Arctic.***
__________________________________________________ _


As we entered the castle, I showed Dionysus a room where he could rest.

"Rest here, mighty Dionysus," I said. "When you are better, you can go search for your brethren. I've got matters to attend to with the inhabitants of Mew Castle, so I must be off now. Oceanus, Atlantis, it's your choice to stay and rest or follow me. You are free to choose."

"Poseidon, His Majesty would be angered if he ever knew that we abandoned you...if even for a short time," responded Oceanus.

"Therefore, it is our duty to follow you wherever you go, especially in this situation," added Atlantis.

"Yes, I understand your responsibilities, but I am able to care for my own being," I replied. "I am a ROYAL and with age my powers grow. It is your choice. Let us go than. Dionysus, good journey to you my friend."

And with that, I flew out of the room with Oceanus and Atlantis trailing behind me. I could sense something really bad happening. But due to the size of this castle, I knew it would take me forever to locate exactly where it was taking place. So I hurried as fast as I could, whizzing down the corridors and halls of Mew Castle. I could sense a battle going on, but whom? I motioned for us to split to get more ground covered, but the Kingdras wouldn't dare to part with me, so we went into the East Corridors of the castle. It was than that I felt something terrible. An overwhelming force like the being who had tried to capture Arctic and Crystal with the master balls.

"That bastard is in the castle!" I growled. "Move ahead Kingdras. We must scour the castle of this foul infestation!"

We hurried as fast as we could. I saw some shadows of familiar pokemon down a large hall. They seemed to be watching something. The fight perhaps! Than all of a sudden, they rushed in and a few moments later, a loud blast something fell apart. I ordered Oceanus and Atlantis to hurry and I sped towards the fight. But when I got there, it was too late...everyone was standing there. One of the walls was broken down...seemingly by a large impact. I recognized everyone here...except for....the human?? A human?? I wondered who she was...she looked quite saddened, yet enraged at the same time.

It was interesting that no one noticed my entrance, until I approached the girl, and greeted her.
__________________________________________________ _

***Sorry guys, I had to get my characters caught up with the plot...sorry if it's a bit cheesy. LoL Well, we'll see what happens!***

13th December 2002, 06:20 PM
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Kuro Espeon
17th December 2002, 02:47 PM
I haven't posted as Byakko in a while so....let's try this...

Man....this was all too much. I floated there, next to Seiko, frozen on the spot, my gaze transfixed on Crystal. All the events that had just occured had happened so fast....my head was spinning and I was feeling dizzy. And I hadn;t even done anything.
I couldn't believe it. Arctic....my father, was gone. that evil man (who they began to call Alex) had taken him away to who knows where! Mother, still in her human form, seemed petrified, for she hadn't moved an inch since Alex had disappeared with Arctic. The expression on her face was heartbreaking. It was a mixture of disbelief, surprise and a sadness that made her look as if she wanted so much to cry but she had forgotten how. She just stared....stared straight ahead in the direction that Alex had fled.
I finally found my ability to move again and left Seiko's side, flying down next to my future mother. From this close she looked even more different. I almost didn't recognize her. I came up close to her and spoke softly.
**"Mother? .....Crystal?"**
she didn't respond to me. She didn't even look at me. She was still completely lost inside of her own emotions and probably wasn't even aware of me. But after several moments she made the first move she had made in minutes. I saw her begin to tremble as her eyes began to well up with tears. As soon as the first tear fell she held her head with her hands and fell to her knees, still shaking all over. I noticed the blue gem around her neck begin to glow brightly. The blue light engulfed her and she slowly began to change. She grew smaller as she morphed back into her true form. The glow faded and she was a Mew once again, but her state was still the same.
Now I felt like crying....seeing my mother like this was too much for me. Crystal -- who was so bold and courageous, the one I always looked up to, and the one who gave me so much strength -- she was on her knees, crying, completely distraught and almost out of hope.
I would do anything to keep her from being sad....
**"Mother..."** I said again, **"You wait here and rest! I'll go and find father!"**
She suddenly looked up at me, as if she had just noticed that I was there. Her eyes were wide with surprise and she blinked at me curiously.
"Byakko...." she paused then suddenly her face grew coarse and firm. "No, Byakko," she said, shaking her head, "I can't let you go. I don't want to lose you too! Stay here. We'll think of something else to get Arctic back."
This time, I shook my head. **" No...I have to go! Father's in danger and I can't just sit here and wait! I know how much you want to go after him too...but you're injured. You shouldn't try to go in your condition....so I'll go for you! Don't worry, I'm really good at sensing energy signitures and I've improved my teleportation skills alot! I'll be back soon and I'll bring father with me!"**
Before she could stop me I quickly zoomed up in the air and turned about, trying to locate the signiture of Alex and Arctic. I found them...the were headed West...
"Byakko! Wait!" I heard Seiko call out right before I Teleported into darkness, thinking only about my destination. The trail of Alex.

18th December 2002, 09:39 PM
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I saw one human suddenly transform into a Mew. Surprised as well as confused, I floated a little ways more around the corner, too intrigued to notice that one of them had seen me...

Arctic A
21st December 2002, 05:41 PM
The cave was really a long tunnel downwards, further into the mountain. Farlander looked down it, and grunted.
"Long way down."
"No kidding. Well, it's the only way." Eclipse replied, shaking. "It's cold in here."
I noticed that too, but didn't say anything.
"Let's get going then..." I said, and i started walking down the path. Farlander followed. Eclipse hesitated, then bounded down after us. After a while of walking, we arrived at a block in the path. It was solid rock, with something written on it in some form of ancient language. I narrowed myb eyes as i read it aloud.

"Rock, Ice , Steel.
The three Reji now lie sleeping -
Downed by the mighty pair.
Not to be awoken until the end-
Ragnarok could well be near

Xiaso and Xiaro,
Legends of the sky.
Defenders of Houen,
defeaters of the Reji.
Here they lie.
Until summonded to the sky,
for good or evil,
only they know,
for the only thing to bring them,
Will be power followed by despair."

Farlander rolled his eyes, and blasted the rock with a powerful Aeroblast. It shattered, spraying me with shards.
"It was in the way...." Farlander snorted.
"That writing could have meant something!" I cried out. Farlander quickly turned to face me.
"The ONLY thing I care about is MY mission!" He roared, making me and Eclipse cringe slightly. He thundered off down the tunnel, which seemed to keep on going down. We both followed him. he was quite far ahead, so Eclipse turned to me.
"Is he always like this?"
"Usually." I replied, laughing. "Sometime's he's worse."
Eclipse didn't reply.
"Well well well, looks like the end!" Farlander's voice boomed from down below. We quickend our pace to catch up with him. When we did, we were greeted by an end to the tunnel. It lead out into a large hallway, lined with ancient statues and pictures upon the walls. Huge pillars held up the roof. It was so tall you could probably stack up a thousand Farlanders and just about reach it. I smiled at the strange thought. I noticed several corrdors split off into other halls. I looked in awe at the whole thing. Eclipse started wide -eyed. Farlander grunted and plucked out one of his feathers with his mouth. He let it fall to the ground.
"Wha-" I said.
"Quiet!" Farlander growled. "Watch."
The feather on the floor started glowing. First blue, then red. It started lifting itself into the air. Then it moved off slowly. I grunted, quite confused.
"Now we follow." Farlander said, walking slowly as the feather floated off.
"So, let me get this straight. We're underground in some top secret evil lair of doom, and we're following a huge bird's feather through a huge complex of halls and corridors?" Eclipse said.
"Yes!" I replied, putting on a strange voice. "We must trust the Feather. It will lead us to our destiny!!"

Farlander hit me across the head.

Kuro Espeon
23rd December 2002, 03:31 PM
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Arctic A
24th December 2002, 06:42 AM
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Kuro Espeon
26th December 2002, 04:08 PM
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The feather from my down glowed brightly with Psychic energy. I kept it about 10 ft in front of us as we made our way through the dark caverns of the labyrinth. The tunnels seemed neverending. Their sudden twists and turns and intertwining patterns could drive even the most sensible and intellegent of Pokemon mad trying to find their way through. It also seemed to be taking it's toll on me as well for I was beginning lose my patience. Every single wall and corridor looked the same and there was no clue what-so-ever about what direction to head. It seemed Xiaso and Xiaro were very careful about making sure that no unwanted visitors got through. But I was determined to save Disaran, and I would find my way through this labyrinth if it took the rest of my life.
I looked back over my shoulder at Tornado. The expression on his face caused me to sweatdrop.
"Are you still sulking about that damn rock? Geez dragonite...I'm sure that that writing will appear somewhere else. We already found it twice."
Tornado raised one eyebrow at me. "If we ever get out of here that is..." He grinned slyly. "Are you sure that feather of yours knows where its going? Or should I just turn one of my wings into a map?"
"Or maybe I should just kill you and use your innerds as trail markers? How about that Dragonite?" I replied calmly. (OOC: :o :eek: Man....Am I morbid today...) Tornado didn't reply.
Eclispe sweatdropped. "You know...you two are very disturbing sometimes.
"No one asked your opinion Pochie-" I cut off my sentence and stopped dead in my tracks. I stopped so abruptly that Tornado and Eclipse ran into me, nearly knocking me over in the process.
"Dammit Farlander! Give us some warning when you're gonna do that!" Tornado cried. I didn't reply. I was to busy staring straight ahead of me, completely dumbfounded by what i saw before me. "Yo! Farlander! Are you listening to me Lugia?" Tornado waved a paw in front of my face. "Can you at least acknowledge me? hey! I'm talking to y-"
I cut him off by reaching up with my wing and pushing his head in the direction I was staring. Tornado's eyes widened. Eclipses mouth dropped open.
Right in front of us was a doorway. The doorway opened up into one of the largest rooms I had ever seen in my life. The room was filled with some of the strangest looking machines and equipment imaginable and the walls were almost completely lined with covered cages and matel tables. The atmophere of the place itself felt cold and unwelcoming. I could feel deep within in me the evil aura that eminated from nearly every square inch of it. It looked suspiciously like...
"A laboratory...." Tornado said softly and surprised, completing my thought.
This was the place....

Arctic A
31st December 2002, 12:15 PM
Muhahaha! ha! ha! Cough! Cough!

Huh? Where am I?

I looked around. I was...nowhere. Standing on an invisible floor, in a world of white.
<<< Damnit, not another dodgy dream sequence.... >>>
Then i saw something, far in the distance. A small black circle. It was coming closer. Very quickly. I tried to back away, but my feet were clamped down by some invisible force. I tried to speak, but nothing came out. I tried to call with telepathy, but i was blocked. It was like being wrapped up or friozen. Meanwhile, this Circle was getting closer. I saw now that it was sparking with powerful energy - and that there was a very faint figure within. Familiar. Very familiar...a small body, small hands and feet, and a larger head with two huge eyes staring down on me. I felt something welling up inside me, as i realised what this was. I could suddenly find the power to speak-
<<< Cizora?" >>>
The circle now started to dissolve away in bright spearks of colors - the white all around me turned to darkness. But Cizora now floated before me.
<<< Cizora! >>>
"Arctic, my friend Arctic. I'm so sorry that this has all had to happen. I'm sorry about it all. And i'm even more sorry that i can't help you now - but i can tell you this : Racalexand And Alex are two different people.."
<<< What? Cizora, pleas->>>
"Goodybe, Arctic." The figure before me smiled, and it started to fade away. "Keep trying...."

<<< CIZORA! >>> I yelled. I found myself looking up at Alex. My hands and feet were still restarined by psychic bonds, and i was still in human form.
"Oh my, Arctic. Having a bad dream are we?" Alex sneered, and he kicked me in the side. I coughed violently, and Alex laughed. "Fool. I have better things to do..."
<<< Li..like w..what? Tor..turing...inncoent beings? Is th..at the onl..y w..a.y you feel go..ood? ...Do yo..u thi..nk it mak...es yo..u look stron...g?>>>
Alex kicked my again, this time much harder. I cried in pain, but Alex just shook hsi head.
"I thought you'd be beyond such petty taunts. But it seems not...anyway, it dosn't matter. Arctic, you and I are taking a little trip. Ever been to Houen before?"

31st December 2002, 01:03 PM

I watched as the little mew of Crystal flew off, in hopes of finding her father.
I giggled...
SUch a funny one, to try to take on the being known as Alex by herself to save her kyn.
I slowly floated away from the rest of them... I didn't want to be here anymore.
Flying out the window of the castle, of one of the high towers, I clutched the red jewel in my hand tightly as I entered the night. I was happy it was still night time... the night was always good.

Byakko! Wait!
It was no use... she was gone, in a flash. I felt a small ripple of pain immit from my side, as my eyes narrowed in grief that she left.
She can't take him on by herself..
I thought, and whimpered at teh thought of her getting hurt.
Crystal coughed, still injured, and I could see the shock and pain in her face as well. I slowly hovered over to her, and Crystal sighed.
*** She will try to save him... and she won't give up.***
I frowned..
She'll need our help... we can't let her do it alone.

Kuro Espeon
31st December 2002, 01:28 PM
I saw Jewel fly off back towards the castle. I sighed desparingly as I cast a small Recover on myself. I regained enough of my strength to fly again. I flosted up intot he air and turned to Byakko.
"Seiko...I appriciate your concern for Byakko. I know you're worried about her....I am too. But Byakko is alot stronger than you think.....she has a power within her that even she is not aware of yet." I said witha small smile. Seiko tilted his head to the side and blinked a couple times, confused by my statement. I giggled lightly. "Do not worry, Seiko. We'll go after her. But first...I have to talk to my sister...."
Seiko nodded and I floated up higher and followed after Jewel. The words of my mother echoed in my mind...
'Take the pendent that you hold. You remember what it is? It was my favorite pendent that I gave to you and Jewel. Take it from here...show it to Jewel. She will remember..."
I hoped that she was right....I hoped with all my heart that this would work. I was all out of ideas....and if this didn't work, i didn't know what I'd do....

Kuro Espeon
10th January 2003, 10:36 AM
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Could some please post? I really like this RPG and I want it to keep going.

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10th January 2003, 05:44 PM
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Arctic A
11th January 2003, 02:23 PM
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Originally posted by Nabooru23
OoC: I'm here but everybody ignores me :(

OoC: You're here but you don't try and interact with everyone :( Have your Character walk up to someone and say something!

And now for a post. Yay.

"Hmmm....A Top-secret evil lab! Perfect!" I cried out, bounding over to the closest strange looking machine. There were many machines here, as well as strange chemical tanks and lots of other science equipment that i couldn't even motion a guess at.
"Don't touch anything.....we might trip an alarm or something..." Eclipse whispered. Farlander just grunted. His feather floated up in front of him, riseing higher into the air. I realised as i looked up that the ceiling went up as high as I could see, and probably even further. Farlander sighed as his feather started speeding up, quickly dissapearing from my sight.
"Stay here you two." He snapped, and started beating his wings until he lifted off the ground. He Flung himself upwards, and he too soon dissapeared.
"Let's take a look around..." I said, moving over to a large moniter. It showed what looked like a schematic of the lab - I noticed that far above everything else on the screen was a set of cages.
"I guess that means that whatever Farlander and his feather are lookin for is in one of those cages up there.." Eclipse said, pointing upwards into the darkness. "Strange place for a cage if you ask me.."
I grunted in agreement.
"Funny, isn't it? This is all human looking to me. Xiaso and Xiaro wouldn't have humans working for them...would they?" I asked. Eclipse shrugged. "I suppose they are better at this sort of thing."
I said nothing to that, but Eclipse had a point.
"We should find out who these people are...and WHERE they are..." I said.
Farlander's voice echoed down the room.
"Found who?" Eclipse asked. I shrugged.
"OK!" I yelled back. I took a quick glance at the controls under the moniter. Conveniently enough, three levers labelled Cages 1 -3 were there. I pulled them all. Then i heard the strangest thing ever -
It wasn't Farlander's sarcastic thank you, or hostile thank you, or any other thank you. I think he meant it. I was amazed by this - i decided to fly up there and see what was so important. I was about to take to the air, but i saw Farlander floating down slowly, surrounded by a purple glow - and across his back lay another Lugia. Much smaller than Farlander (And much nicer looking..) It was totally knocked out, and several strange implants were attached to it's face and right wing.
"Huh? Who's this?"
"Disaren. My sister..." Farlander replied. "Quickly. We need to go, before something bad happens."

Then something bad happened.

One of the large doors on the other side of the lab opened - and about twenty human soldiers ran out, all brandishing AK47s. We each had 5 humans pointing these guns at us - though i didn't see the point in them worrying about poor Disaren.
"Freeze!" One of them yelled. His uniform suggested that he was the commanding officer. I grunted, but made no move. Even we couldn't withstand an Onslaught of that many bullets. Out of the door emerged several men in white coats, with Pokeballs and strange devices. I gulped.
"I have a bad feeling about thi-"
Farlander slapped me over the head with his wing.
"That quote is far too overused..." He snarled, glaring at the humans.
"Plan? No, didn't think so...Eclipse moaned.Several more men came through the door, one with an Portable Anti-air missle launcher.
"Bugger..." I said.

11th January 2003, 06:09 PM

Everyone left. Shrugging, I closed my eyes and tried for Hawaii again.


I blinked, looking around at my new surroundings. Nope, not Hawaii. Definitely not Hawaii.

"Not again..." I groaned. There were lots of humans with guns, strange machines and a few Pokémon here. In a few seconds, some humans with guns surrounded me. "Oh s***," I said softly. The gem in my tail was pulsing slowly.

Arctic A
13th January 2003, 01:20 PM
I snarled quietely, thinking what to do. Then all of a sudden, there was a *Poosh* sort of sound, and i felt a new presence in the room. I didn't dare turn around for fear that the men would shoot me.
"Welcome to the party." I said, trying not to move my lips much.
"Nice Party. Got any Cake?" The creature replied.
"Silence!" The lead human shouted, "You will be silent until the captain arrives!"
"The name's Arnen by the way..." Arnen whispered.
"Welcome to the group...now, you got any ideas?" Farlander said telepathically. Disaren groaned softly on his back.

I'll post an Arctic ASAP...gotta go now. :(

13th January 2003, 07:11 PM
( {telepathic speach} )

~--`--Arnen--`--~ FInally in the game o.O

{Yeah...} I replied telepathically, {We fight 'em!} I blasted one of the humans with Telekinesis, knocking the gun from his hand. I smirked slightly. I hadn't battled like this for quite a while.

Arctic A
14th January 2003, 10:53 AM
Matrix-style lobby battle here]

Alex and i travelled at a quick pace. Still in my Human form, My hands were tied up. I could perhaps have used my legs to escape, but i was totally shattered. There was no way i could hold up to Alex in a fight. I could have ran...but he'd simply outrun me. I didn't see any other choice but to follow him. We trudged through forests and clearings, Alex scaring away all the local populace. Alex was talking quite a lot, but i never caught onto anything he said. I was too busy thinking about Cizora's message, and how i'd failed everyone back at the castle.
"What is this?" Alex suddenly stopped moving, and laughed. I drew my head up to look in front of him. The glowing form of Byakko hovered before us. She looked exhausted.
"Well well, Arctic! Seems your little friend tracked us. Looks like she's a little outta breath, ey?" Alex laughed again.
**Let him go!**
"Byakko! Run, damnit! You ca-" I started shouting, but Alex drew his hand and smashed me in the face. Byakko winced at this, and i could sense her getting very angry. I staggered back, trying to handle the pain. This human body was far to sensitive to pain.
** LET HIM GO! **
"Or what? You'll kill me?"
** I...Yes!**
Alex drew his head back and laughed harder. Byakko snarled, and dove at him. Alex quickly leapt aside, and called forth a blast or dark energy from his hands. It hit Byakko in the side - she yelped and crashed to the ground. Alex sighed.
"It's just fun anymore, beating up you damn Mews. I thought you were a challenge..."
"L..lleave her alone, damnit. I'm the one you want.." I stuttered, getting up off the ground.
"Oh, Sensitive are we? Is she your Girlfreind?"
"No." I cast a look at Byakko. "No relation," I lied. If Alex found out that she was my future daughter, he might find it a good enough reason to hurt her. Byakko looked at me in a betrayed way, until something suddenly clicked in her mind. She nodded, and got back up. A purple glow surrounded her as she flew up into the air.
** Come on, Alex. I'm here! **
Damnit Byakko... I thought. Alex snarled.
"I'll show you ya death, b*tch!"

Kuro Espeon
17th January 2003, 03:42 PM
Gomen nasai minna-.....*sighes heavily* Exam review week is hell...I'd better get in some posts now because next week will be even worse. (*fires an Kamehameha at her mid-term exams and fries them to a flakey crisp*)
BTW Nabooru - what pokemon is Arnen again?

Originally posted my Arctic A:
"Quickly. We need to go, before something bad happens."

Then something bad happened.

LOL! :D :D :D
I don't know why I find that so funny....it just made me laugh.

"NO! You fool!" I cried outloud as the newcomer Arnen knocked the gun away with Telekinesis. She seemed to have forgotten that there were still 19 more humans with weapons, ready to fire. "You're just going to make them ma--"
I was cut off when the commander of the human troops gave the dreaded command...
"They're attacking! Fire! Fire!"
[OCC: Please note, these next events take place in mere seconds. Please speed up your brain to accomodate this...]
Almost in unison, 19 AK47's were fired off. The missles and bullets headed straight for our unprepared party.
"Farlander!" Tornado cried out. I had to act fast...In a liquid movement, I dropped Disaran gently on the ground and quickly Teleported in front of the others. I spread my wings defensively and then, summoning up ever last ounce of my strength, channeled a wave of psychic energy straight foreward into each of the oncoming missles. They were surrounded by a blue aura, my aura, and then began to slow rapidly and finally come to a stop in mid-air. I felt a twinge of pain from pressure of holding off this many objects at once. I was not used to this...and I strained to hold them, my whole body shaking and trembling against the force. They pressed hard, trying to break free from my psychic grasp. But with a final forceful push I was able to drop them to the ground.
"Alright! Way to go Farlander!" Tornado called happily. I did not reply. This was not the time to be celebrating. that last maneuver had forced me to use a lot of my energy. If they managed to fire again...I may not be able to stop them all.
"Damn it!" cried the commander. "Get them you fools!"
I turned to Tornado. "Tornado! you get Disaran and Eclipse out of here! I'll hold them off and then catch up to you!"
"No! We'll help you!" Tornado replied forcefully.
"You're the only other one besides me who can carry Disaran! The best way you can help me is to get her out of here!"
"What about me?" The one called Arnen asked curiously.
I glared. "You will stay here and help me! It's your fault that we're in this mess in the first place!"
"Hey....I was just tryin' to help. No need to get snippy..." Arnen muttered.
Tornado just stared at me worriedly.
"But...Farlander...your energy...you can't last much longer..."

**"Come on, Alex. I'm here!"** I taunted. Even though my side was in excruciating pain I had to keep going, for father...
"I'll show you ya death, b*tch!" Alex snarled. He dropped Arctic on the ground next to him and came rushing at me. He moved so fast....I could barely she his movements. Before I had time to react, he was right beside me. I heard him laugh with evil glee as he spun and kicked me straight in the stomache. I let out a choaked gasp as I was sent fly backwards into a nearby tree. Or rather....through a nearby tree. The force of the impact caused the trunk of the tree to break and splinter. As I slammed into the ground, still surprisingly hard even after hitting the tree, I rolled a couple of times and ended up on my back. I coughed several times, trying to regain my breath. But as I coughed, my mouth filled with a very lead-like taste and a warm liquid trickled from the corners of my light lips. I was coughing up blood....
Before I could get up again, I looked up and saw Alex towering above me. His katana-like sword poised directly above my chest. he chuckled lightly, obviously amused by the situation.
"Foolish Mew." he said bluntly with little emotion behind his voice, "Did you really think that you could beat me in the body of a mere Mew when both Arctic and Crystal could not? Tch. You Pokemon really ARE blind to reality. I am invincible...."
**"No...you are just a monster..."** I sputtered. **"One that does not deserve breathe another breath of precious air. Shrivel up an die already so it can be used on those who are worthy of living!"**
Alex frowned. "You have quite a sharp tongue on you considering you're about to die, Mew..." he said, "I'd've thought you be begging for your life right about now..."
**"Not a chance...why should I beg for my life when i don't plan on losing it...."**
Then, without warning, I quickly Teleported out from under the point of the sword and reappeared behind Alex, floating high above him.
**"Never let your gaurd down when you're enemy is still in the fight! "** I yelled, forming a large white ball of chi energy in front of me. **"that's something that my mother and father taught me! And I think that YOU should be the one begging for YOUR life, Alex!" Alex spun around quickly and stared in horror as I fired the ball of chi straight towards him....

I'll let Arctic decided wether or not to have the blast hit Aex or not. your call AA!

Arctic A
19th January 2003, 05:01 AM
He's had this coming.....>=)

I laughed aloud as the beam of energy smashed into Alex. He screamed in pain as he was flung back several meters into a tree. There was a loud *crunch* as the tree broke. Alex snarled, trying to get up. Before he could, however, Byakko uprooted a nearby tree, and flung it at him with force i didn't think she was capable of. Alex yelled as it flew towards him - he tried to roll, but the tree flew too fast. He caught it right on the head, knocking him out instantly.
<<< Holy...Byakko! That... that was...amazing!>>> I stuttered as I slowly came up onto my feet. Byakko flew towards me quickly.
** Well...it wasn't that much...** She smiled. I smiled back and walked up to her to hug her. Looked a bit strange, a Human hugging a mew like this, but I didn't particually care.
<<< There's something I don't understand though...Back at the castle, Alex was invincible. My best couldn't scratch him. But out here...>>> I cast a look at Alex's limp form under the tree, <<< Out here he seemed much weaker...craving for something. Something at the castle must have been fueling him.>>>
**What do you mean?**
<<< Something - Or someone - was providing him with an energy source. Whatever was doing this would have to be pretty powerful. I mean...if they could beat me...>>>
Byakko laughed at this. I was about to do the same, but i suddenly felt something brewing up inside me.
<<< Uh oh...>>>
** What? **
<<< Something's happening...something bad...>>>
Sharp pains were now spiking in my stomach. My vision started clouding up, and my legs suddenly weakend and i dropped to the floor.
** ARCTIC! ** Byakko shouted, and quickly floated down to my side.
<<< I...I...i'm changing...>>>
As soon as the words left my mouth, a familiar purple glow surrounded my body. Arcs of purple electrictity shimmered all over me, and soon my whole body was a glowing ball of energy, shaped like a human. Byakko watched in terror.
<<< It's...ok..>>> I said, as i felt my body shape itself into a very familiar form - that of a Mew. I felt much better now. I could fly again!
<<< heh....it's good to be back!>>> I said. Byakko flung herself into my arms, and I held her.
** I'm so glad you're ok..** She whispered.
<<< Likewise..>>> I replied. I ended the embrace, and looked south. <<< Let's get back to the castle. I'm sure Crystal will want to see us both. >>>
"You're not f*cking going anywhere, you two..." A voice sneered behind us. I turned quickly, to see Alex standing there. I could see a look of determination on his face - but something else also. Was it a hint of fear?
"I knwo exactally what to do with you two." He laughed, despite the blood that was trickling down his face. He pulled back his cloak to reveal four Masterballs.
<<< Damnit! Not again!>>>
"Surely....you didn't think i'd leave only stocked with two, did you? It's always six..." Alex smiled evily. "Revenge is so, so sweet..."

"Farlander! Remember? The way out is caved in! And all those things are still outside, arn't they!" I yelled over the sounds of the bullets.
"THEN FIND ANOTHER BLOODY WAY OUT!" He shouted back. The strain of holding off the missles was quite visable on his face now. He eyes were clamped shut tightly, he was in deep concentartion. I growled, diving over to Disaren and quickly hoisting her over my back. I yelped as I saw a Missle coming towards me. I grabbed it with my mind, and threw it backwards. It took a bit of energy off me, but i was still able to carry Disaren.
"Hehe....gotta love being half-psychic..." I smiled.
"Much better to be full, i'd say." A voice came from behind me. A new voice. I quickly spun around, but saw nothing. More bullets sprung towards me, and i dived under the cover of a large machine.
"I'm on you're back, Dragonite..." The voice sighed, and I figuured it was Disaren. I quickly dropped her and spun around. It was indeed her, she was fully awake now.
"What's going on?" She asked. Then she noticed Farlander up above, fighting off the human weapons.
"Farly!" She yelled.
"Farly?" I asked.
"Farly...that's myn little name for him.." Disaren laughed innocently, but her face suddenly became serious again. "A way out, you want? There's only two - The long passageway, which i heard you say is blocked, and the huge steel doors over there, where this human lot came from..."

19th January 2003, 06:02 PM
OoC: Kuro, Arnen's a Mew, and she's also a girl... And I'm not gonna post for about a week, maybe. I don't have any ideas at the moment, but I'll post... Later... Maybe... Ok, not likely, but maybe...

Kuro Espeon
19th January 2003, 11:11 PM
Sorry bout the gender mix-up Nabooru....I edited it. Arnen's a she now. Heh heh....
Writers block, eh? I know how that feels...sux don't it?

Kuro Espeon
26th January 2003, 10:26 AM
ummm...where is everybody?

26th January 2003, 07:13 PM
OoC: I'm in "I Have No Ideas" Land.

Arctic A
28th January 2003, 11:18 AM
I don't like posting twice in a row....I was thinking someone would be able to stir up something.:(

Mew Trainer Rose
28th January 2003, 05:04 PM

"Or there's option #3: Someone teleports us outta here." I said, using Faint Attack to dodge out of the way of a couple bullets. "There's three psychic pokemon here, and I know for sure that at least one can teleport." I said glancing at the Mew, Arnen I think it said its name was. I looked around at all the machinary. "Hey, do you think we could use some of this stuff to attack the people, or stall for time or something? There's more stuff high up, right? Anything that could help us?"

29th January 2003, 10:03 PM
OoC: -.-' Must I readress the "Arnen's a girl" issue?


"Uh..." I said, ducking below some bullets, "Trust me, you guys do NOT want me to teleport us out... Like, when I got here, I was actually trying for Hawaii." I watched as everyone face-vaulted.

Ducking under another bullet, I flew over to the shelves, looking the objects over. "Eureka!" I cried, picking up a gun. I touched down on the floor and switched to human form and trying to figure out how to properly hold a gun at the smae time.

Arctic A
30th January 2003, 12:44 PM
(OoC: Everyone keep in mind this is a veeeery big lab)
"Let's see - I can't teleport us outta here. Half Psychic dosn't let me do that. Farlander is-"
I was cut off by an exteremly loud roar of rage from Farlander's direction.
"-Farlander is a tad busy. Arnen say's she can't, and she's too busy shooting things..."
I heard a manic laugh from her direction.
"That leaves you, Disaren..." I said. I turned to face her, but she was gone.
Then i noticed her in the air a few feet up, yanking objects off the ground and walls with her Psych and flinging them at the humans. Her face was an image of Farlanders - very angry. Veeery angry. I sighed, and ran out from my cover. Eclipse snarled and ran after me.
"We've taken down at least half of the humans. We should finish them off!" Eclipse suggested. "Sounds good. With Disaren and Arnen, we should be able to handle it." I ducked as a human flew over my head and smashed against a sharp object.
"Ouch..." I cringed, and ran over to the body. It was still grasping an AK-47. I yanked it from the corpse's grip. (OoC: Dragonite with gun! I'm gonna make a drawing of this....muhahahaha....)
"Crude devices. But they work, I suppose..." I said, trying to fit my large fingers around the trigger. I managed it without breaking the damn gun.
"Heads up!" Eclipse called out. I whirled round and opened fire. Three humans had appeared from around the large machine. I gunned down two of them - Eclipse pounced on the next one, ripping at his neck. Blood splattered around the area. I shuddered. Eclipse just shrugged.
"C'mon, Farlander could use a hand..."
I heard another large Lugia scream.
"Mmkay, let's go!" I said, checking the clip on the gun. There was still some rounds left.

Kuro Espeon
1st February 2003, 10:25 PM
oi...sorry no posty for a while, minna....but I can actually write now! I just had a grande 'chocolate brownie frappacino' from Starbucks and now I'm drinking a coke. (*maniacal laughter*) Ahhh...I can feel the creative juices flowing!!! ^_^

These humans were very persistent....but they would not last much longer. Especially with that dull-witted Dragonite behind the barrel of a gun. I figured I'd better be careful or he might accidentally shoot me too...
While still tryign to hold off my attackers I managed to glance up several times at Disaran who had awoken and was fighting alongside us. I couldnt say that I approved of this. After all...she was probably not at full strength and I didn't want her to wear herself out too quickly.
"Disaran!" I called, "Get back! Let me....handle this!" Disaran glared at me.
"Come on Farly! I'm fine!" She said in a slightly chipper tone.
"Stop calling me 'Farly'!!"
I saw her smile teasingly. She always called me that even though she knew I dispised it...
We had to finish this fight soon. I could tell that everyone, including me, was getting tired. I was using all of my psychic energy to hold back the bullets and missles that were being fired off, at me and at the others. My mind raced as I tried to think of a plan.
"Tornado!" I called to him, telepathically, "I'm going to fire an Aeroblast and stir up some smoke! You take everyone and make a break for the door! I'll be right behind you!"
"Farlander, are you sure?" he replied.
"Yes, quite sure Dragonite, now hurry up! Make sure to take Disaran with you!"
I looked back and saw Tornado nod, firing off hid last bullet. I sighed at the sight of this. Pokemon with guns....it just didn't work for me...I was used to the old ways.
When I saw that they were all in place I out my plan into action. I beat my might wings and rose up high into the air, way above the battle scene. The remaining human soldiers instantly turned their guns on me, but fourtubetly I was high enough up that they were unable to get a clear shot. As began to gather my energy for the Aeroblast, I decided that I would privilage these pathetic humans by allowing them to hear the voice of a Legendary Pokemon before they died.
"Prepare to die humans! This is what you get for challenging the Pokemon Sage, Farlander! Maybe in your next life you'll think twice before choosing what side to be on!" I opened my mouth and the bluish-white ball of Aero energy formed. Once I charged it to the max I shot it forward with great force. It hit right in the center of the mass of humans and awas followed by a large explosion. Smoke filled the air and blocked Tornado and the other fromw view.
"Tornado! Go!" I shouted. I saw them instantly break, at full speed, towards the door. As soon as I saw that they were safely in range on the door I dived down and started to follow. But on my way over top of the smoke and debris I heard a loud bang that sounded like a gunshot, and instantly after I felt a sharp, stabbing pain as a bullet pierced my left shoulder. I let out a cry of surprise and pain as I struggled to maintain flight. When I tried to flap my left wing I was overwhelmed by a seering pain and I faulted in midair began to fall. Right before I hit the ground I managed to turn myslef back over and I beat my wings furiously, trying to ignore the throbbing from the, now bleed profusly, wound. I flew as fast as I could and finally reached the doors where Tornado was already waiting to close the doors behind us. As soon as I flew through he Body Slammed them and the shut with a loud BANG.
As soon as I landed I collapsed to the ground, my wound forming a small pool of crimson blood. My vision blurred and I finally fell into darkness.

THERE!!!!! Phew..that took me a while (I was trying to type this while doing alot of other thigns at once...)

4th February 2003, 09:12 PM

Upon seeing Crystal return to her Mew-state and healig herself, I ordered Oceanus and Atlantis to remain with the group while I followed the Mew called Byakko. The Kingdras hummed around Crystal to aide her if she were to need help. I stormed off after Byakko.

She was indeed fast, teleporting all over the place, determined to find her father. I could hardly keep up with her just flying. After a while, she beamed herself into a clearing and stopped. So I trailed behind her, but quietly so as to not be noticed. When I closed in on her, she was with..who else...but ALEX!

She was...challenging him to a match! Silly, inexperienced, little Mew, I thought to myself. Such innoccence and youth should not trudge with evil and darkness. Arctic was there, but he was helpless on the ground. He was in no condition to help her. But if I were to help either of them, I'd have to use the element of surprise to catach Alex off guard...otherwise, he may very well get the upper hand. I hovered nearby and watched the fight resume. Alex gained the upper hand and had the little Mew pinned to the ground with his sword. After exchanging harsh words, the little Mew teleported behind Alex and blasted him with a beam of energy. Alex was hurt and flew into some trees. As he got up, Byakko sent another tree into him for good measure.

"Hmmm," I thought to myself. "This Mew is certainly capable of battling her own fights. But of course, she is a descendent of Arctic." I chuckled a little as I watched on.

Byakko flew over to Arctic and he started to change form again. He transformed back into his Mew-state and the father and daughter embraced. They seemed to be heading back towards the castle. However, Alex stopped them and produced two Master Balls! I couldn't believe it! I became enraged at the sight of those dispicable globules!

I flew behind Alex, let out a huge ROAR of disgust and anger. I opened my mouth and charged up for a HYPER BEAM! Alex jumped at the sound of my ROAR.

"What the -" Alex sneered. He turned around just in time to be blasted once again.

I released the HYPER BEAM and it crashed into Alex with such a force, that he went soaring right into the woods.

"Poseidon!" exclaimed Alex. "Thank you."

"No problem," I responded. "If there's anything I hate in this world, it's Master Balls."

"Father, who is this?" asked Byakko.

"Poseidon, meet Byakko, my daughter from the future," said Arctic. "Poseidon is one of the Royals from the seas. He saved your mother and I before from Alex and we are eternally gracious for his services."

"Greetings Byakko," I replied. "I saw you when you left your mother to find your father, so I followed you. You are quite fast for a young Mew, and quite strong willed too. You should make an excellent warrior someday. But for the moment, we must leave this place. Alex will be up soon, and who knows what he'll do. We may need more re-enforcements."

"Agreed," said Arctic.

"First, let me heal you Arctic," I said. "You are still not 100%, but with my Royal Blood, I can heal you with the pendent on my head. It'll just take a second and you'll be back to full strength."

Arctic hovered there and remained still while I concentrated on him and unleashed the healing energies of my trident. A blue-ish energy surrounded Arctic and consumed him. The light became so bright, that Byakko had to place a paw over her eyes. When the energy subsided, Arctic was there, appearing as strong as he ever was. His light blue coat glistened as Byakko's eyes teared up, loooking at her father.

"You're so beautiful," said Byakko, trying to hold the tears. She flew to Arctic and rubbed her head against his, with a tear rolling down her cheek.

"There," I said. "You are as good as new. And believe me, we need you that way. Now let's head back to the castle. The others should not be kept waiting much longer."

With that, we turned and flew as fast as we could back towards the castle.

Arctic A
5th February 2003, 08:39 AM
Poseidon to the rescue again eh? Nice work. ;)
Just letting you all know i'm alive. I got this huge load of German (Urk) homework - assessment crap to get done. I'll post soon, I swear!

Kuro Espeon
6th February 2003, 04:19 PM
S'ok Arctic! I know how it feels to be swamped! (*shakes fists agrily*Curse you IB program! CURSE YOU!!)

I can't post right now either. Just checking up and reading new posts. (Good job on getting ur Char involved Da'An! ;) )

BTW- to Arctic: I just wanted to ask if you would mind much if I planned out the next Saga for M-E-W (after "Defiance" is done, of course!). I already have some good ideas for it brewing up and I should have it ready, or close to ready, by the time this one ends. Teeheehee...evil thoughts abrewing! :D :D :D

Arctic A
8th February 2003, 07:21 AM
Sure, plan all you want! I hadn't really thought that far ahead. PM me with some of ya ideas sometime, i'd love to read 'em.

I threw the gun from my hands and ran over to Farlander. He was totally out. I grunted. I'd pretty much exhausted my Psyche back in the lab - there wasn't anything I could do.
"Arnen? Disaren? Can you help?" I asked. I turned around to look at them. They were both on the floor, panting for breath. Eclipse looked at me, and spoke.
"Give 'em a second."
"Farlander needs help! I don't think he'll make it unless we do something!"

{Heh heh heh...That's good. He's meddled in my affairs for the last time. As have you, Dragonite. And your friends.} A deep, evil voice chuckled from the darkness around us.
"Xiaso!" I snarled.
The great bird appeared before us - and behind us. And beside us. Hundreds of projections surrounded us, all moving and speaking in unison
{You shouldn't have come, fools. Farlander was an idiot to try this...well. It seems i'll have to find some more *help* with the Shi-Cathor}
"Help? What?"
{Dear Dragonite....sometimes, you have to cheat to gain the power you rightfully deserve.}
I snarled again, and looked around the group. The girls were standing up now, with angry looks on thier faces. Farlander was till out cold.
"Why do you have humans guarding your lair?" Arnen asked.
The many Xiasos laughed in unison - the echoing sound was quite strange.
{Humans are stupid, but they have technology. Linked with my great powers, we are unstoppable. Even now, they are working on something that will insure that I am the most powerful creature in the universe. Greater than Kalidor, Cizora, ANYONE.}
The many projections started moving back into the darkness
{I'm sorry. I have to go. I'm sure you'll find this place....hospitible....}
Large steel barred walls slammed down in a square around us, pulsing with psychic energy. I didn't even bother trying to break out - i could sense that the walls were strong both physically and Psychic-wise.
Disaren growled softly.
"What now?"
I was about to reply with some witty comment, but Farlander suddenly stirred. I looked down at him as he slowly opened his eyes.
"Arrr...gh.....have I missed....something?"

Mew Trainer Rose
8th February 2003, 07:37 PM

"Yeah, a pokemon that Tornado called Xiaso showed up and surrounded us with steel walls. They look pretyy thick, too, it'll take forever to break out." I said, walking over to them to sniff them a bit.
"I don't think it you should bother trying to break out; the walls are reinforced with strong psychic energy." Tornado said.
I turned and looked at him. "Which effects me not at all, since I'm a Dark-type and immune to psychic energy." I looked back at the walls. "But I still don't think I can get through these walls. I wonder how thick they are. Drak-type moves probably wouldn't have much effect on them, would they?"

Kuro Espeon
10th February 2003, 10:23 AM
Hey B4- I have a favor to ask of you. could you please post as Jewel? Since Crsytal is, currently , on her way to talk to her, it would be good if you had some say in what was going on. Pretty please? *puppy-dog eyes* cause, I can't really post as Crys till you do....

I looked around us in a mad fury. The walls around us pulsed with Psychic energy. And in my current state there was nothing I could do.
I growled under my breath. "Damn it..." I got up slowly and winced as my still open wound throbbed painfully. I heard the deep, booming voice of Xiaso laugh gleefully.
"Ah...Poor poor Farlander!" it said with blantantly fake sympathy, "You are truely foolish, old Lugia! You should have taken my offer when you had the chance. At least then...you might have lived."
"Don't give me that S***!" I yelled, my rage building inside of me.
Tornado was looking at me with a curious expression.
"Huh? Offer? What "offer"? Farlander...what is he talking about?" he asked confused, looking back and forth between me and the one holographic Xiaso that remained. I ignored him and continued to shout at Xiaso.
"If you think I'd ever stoop so low as to joining forces with YOU, then your crazy!"
"Oh Farlander. You are getting slow to the head in your old age. Just think about it, Lugia....don't you yearn for the power you once had? For that wonderful feeling when other quake in fear in your presence? Don't you want that back?" Xiaso said in a drawling voice, as if trying to tempt me.
I hesitated... but then quickly shook my head.
"Nice try, Xiaso! I may be getting older! But I am not stupid! And for your information, my powers are JUST as strong as they used to be! I can still kick your @$$!"
Another laughed echoed throughout the enclosed space.
"You are very amusing Farlander! You really ought to stop kidding yourself and face the truth! Your are growing older...you are growing weaker....you are no longer the Great Pokemon Sage, Lugia. You are no longer the mighty Farlander of the 5 Creators! You are weak! And you are worthless! Your powers will continue to dwindle until you are nothing more than a sniviling chicken with the power of a Caterpie!"
"Shut....up...." I said, quietly but forcefully.
"Such a pity you didn't join me. You might have been able to go out with honor....But hey! This can be an honorable death too, if you think about it! I mean, at least you can die while trying to fight your way out!"
"Shut up!"
"Ahhh...who'd have thunk it? The mighty Farlander, buried alive....bleeding, dying, helpless and hopeless..."
"I SAID SHUT UP!!!" I cried in rage, leaping to my feet, ignoring the stabbing pain in my shoulder. In my fury I shot forward and, using my one good wing, slashed at the figure of Xiaso....but it went right through. The hologram flickered as Xiaso gave another evil laugh and then it faded out completely leaving us in an akward silence.
"Farlander..." I heard Tornado say behind me. But i did not turn around to face him. I did not want him, Disaran, or anyone to see the tears that were now streaming down my face...

10th February 2003, 09:04 PM

I glanced at the Pochena, whose name I had gathered to be Eclipse. "What was THAT about?" I muttered. She merely shrugged. I returned to my Mew form, throwing the gun into the air. I blinked, and it exploded, showering everything with metal scraps. I hovered in the air, thinking...

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Arctic A
19th February 2003, 08:49 AM
We arrived back at the Castle. Slowly hovering to a stop above the ground, i cringed at the huge hole in the wall that Alex had created.
<<<I hate repairing walls....>>>
Byakko laughed lightly. I smiled, and turned to Poseidon.
<<< I'd like to thank you again, friend. We are forever in your debt. >>>
"Think nothing of it, Mew. I am pleased to have helped again."
I smiled. Allies were good at a time like this.
"So what do we do now?" Byakko asked. I could see the concern in her face. I sighed. I didn't really know that answer myself.
"We should find your mother. Her and I need to talk alone."
Byakko looked dissapointed, but didn't say anything.

We all hung back behind Farlander. I could clearly sense he was upset.I guessed he may have been crying. There was total silence - apart from a light dripping in front of Farlander. I truely felt sorry for him now - his ego had just taken one hell of a beating. Arnen coughed, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"So what do we do?" She asked.
"We give Farlander a while to recover, that's damn well what!" I whispered. Arnen snorted. I ignored it, and began pacing silently. What was that Xiaso had said? If you'd accepted my offer in the first place..... What had that meant? Was their something Farlander wasn't telling us? I was about to ask, but hesistated. Later. Later, when he's recovered....

Kuro Espeon
19th February 2003, 01:27 PM
I flew around the main halls of the castle, desperatly searching for Jewel. She had managed to disappear again and I was having a hard time locating her. I sighed. I had really wanted to talk to her now.....I wanted to make things right with her, so that things could get back...to the way they used to be.
I almost started crying as visions of happy memories flashed through my mind. When we were younger our lives were so carefree. My sister and I would play together under the warm summer sun while our mom and dad would look on, happily smiling. We were happy then...we had no worries....no problems...no pain....the joys of childhood were all that we knew. But now....why? Why did everthing have to be so wrong? Why did all of our happiness disappear. Why us? What did we do to deserve this kind of life? Nothing! We did NOTHING wrong! So why should we suffer for the evils that others may have commited? We shouldn't have to! I sincerely and firmly believed that out of every human and Pokemon in the world...Arctic, Jewel, Tornado, Byakko and Seiko, Flashwing, Posideon, and even Farlander.....even myself....we were the ones who deserved happiness most.

Why can't we....be happy?

I turned around and saw Arctic floating towards me. The look on his face surprised me. He seemed very sincere and serious about something....
"Arctic? Was is it?"
<<"WE...need to talk, Crys...">>

I heard Tornado and the others mummering behind me. I could tell that they were probably talking about me...but I didn't really care right now. They had every right to wonder....yes, they could wonder. BUt they would never know the truth.
I decided that I wasn't going to let them see me like this. Even though I felt so very empty inside...I felt so alone....They would never know it.
"Well...what are we all just sitting around here for, huh?" I said finally, turning to them, my voice sincere. "Stop straring at me like a bunch of mindless Aipom and get to work. We have to figure out a way out of here. Xiaso hasn't beaten us yet."

Arctic A
27th February 2003, 07:57 AM
"What? What is it?" Crystal asked.
<<< It's Alex...>>>
"Racalexand...." She snorted.
<<< No....Alex. Racalexand is a lie. He's another entity grafted onto Alex. OUR Alex is under there somewhere. >>>
"Perhaps. Perhaps he is. But what can we do? You've seen his powers - he's almost Godlike!"
<<< Just because he beat the crap outta me dosn't mean he's godlike....>>> I cringed at the painful memories. <<< We have to capture him. We have to stop him from doing what he's doing! >>> I went on to describe what he'd done to the Meganium herd. Crystal looked at me, shocked.
"But...but how could anyone...."
<<< I don't know. But i think it's all linked back to Xiaso. >>>
Crystal looked at me in a confused way.
<<< I don't have any solid proof....but i can sense it. You know what i mean? Whenever i'm around that damn bird, i can feel something that's not right...not quite natural..>>>
Crystal closed her eyes for a second, pondering something.
"Yeah..." She said, opening her eyes. "I know what you mean."
<<< We need to investiagate this. And bring in Alex. >>>
"I agree. First, though, could you help me find Jewel?"
<<< Sure, no problem...>>>
She smiled at me, which really made me feel better. She had that sort of effect on me. It's strange really. Love, yes. Ever since Byakko had arrived though, things had become pretty strange. I mean, our daughter from the future? So that means for her to exsist we'd have to...ya know.....we'd HAVE to so we didn't kill her...i mean, not have her...
Damnit! I hate time paradoxes!
I don't know why i was so hesitant about the whole thing. It just felt strange. We'd really have to just sit down and talk about it sometime.

27th February 2003, 07:38 PM
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{Ok, ok! Keep your feathers on...} I told Farlander. I went over to the walls and started banging them with my tail, trying to find a weak spot to bust through, but to no avail. I sighed, floating gently down to the floor. What now?

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Kuro Espeon
7th March 2003, 03:45 PM
I guess I'll post....someone has too....

As Arctic and I flew around the dark corridors searching for my sister, Jewel, I couldn't help but notice that he was uncomfortable. It didn't take me long to figure out why...this was because it was something that had been bothering me as well...and I could tell that we were both in an akward position concerning Byakko...our future daughter.
I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, and he happened to look at me at the same time. I blushed and looked away quickly, though I couldn't see if he did the same.... But I could tell we were both thinking about the same thing. I sighed. I decided...we were going to have to face this fact sometime and now was as good a time as any.
"Umm...Hey Arctic...I was thinking...about Byakko..." I said timidly. I saw Arctic flinch slightly as his cheeks torned rosy red. "Well...err...I was thinking that...you know......" I hesitated. I wasn't quite sure of how to phrase this. I wanted to make him feel better while convincing myself at the same time. Then I decided on what to say...hoping that it would work.
"Look Arc-kun!" I said with a small smile. "I don't think we should worry about it! I mean...it'll happen when it happens, right? Byakko never told us how old she was, so we really don't have to plan it out or anything! We should just let things happen naturally, just like it would have if Byakko hadn't come back here! If we don't think and worry about it, nature will just run it's course!" I flicked my tail slightly and looked into his eyes. "I don't we should feel strange about this if we truely love each other right?"
Arctic stared at me, a strange look in his big blue eyes, one that even I couldn't identify.
"So..." I continued, averting my eyes the blush returning to my face. "Please cheer up, Arc..."

I'll AA do a Tornado post before continuing with Farlander & Co. ^^() I'm kinda at a loss....

8th March 2003, 09:53 PM
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Seiko - M - Mew

Seiko sighed, flying about the castle with nothing to do. He felt really useless... and Byakko was gone, where was Byakko? Why did she fly off so fast... and... with out his help? He wanted to help her, he didn't want her to get hurt... not against that horrible human monster. No... but of course, he didn't go after her. He listened to Crystal and stayed... but... was that a mistake? What if some thing horrible happened... he would never forgive himself... never... but..

What does all this mean? I came from that strange place under the sea... and Repturroc called me... what was it again? Some thing important... that they needed me. BUt if they truely need me, then why ... why am I doing nothing?!
Angry, Seiko lashed out at a wall of one of the many tower of Mew Castle. Instantly his tail hit the wall and made a large dent in the hard slab-like rock, and many pebbles fell to the steps as he hoovered there... sighing, his eyes filling with slight glowing tears of magenta- matching his swirling eyes and the moon symbol upon his forehead. Sighing bitterly, he fought the tears away and found that only one streamed down his cheek... and then landed like a moondrop upon the stairs- still glowing his some-what trademark color. He quickly took a small paw and wiped it away, but he hoovered higher up the tower. As he assended up the stairs... floating higher and higher... he came to the end of it. There was a door, and it was closed. Using his paws he tried to open it... but found it was locked.

He heard muffled noises in the other room however... and it intrigued him. Who was in there? And why were they in there with the door locked?

Is anyone in there? Hello?
No one answered... t he noises grew silent. Seiko was greatly interested now... who was behind the door and why did they not answer his cries? Closing his e yes for a brief moment, he consentrated past the door... Seiko wanted to be past that door. Soon his body released a great flash of purple through the air and he found his body disappear from what it used to be... and then appear upon the other side. Seiko then opened his swirling eyes... and let them get used to the dim light which was only shown through a candle's flame.

There Seiko saw..... Jewel. It scared him slightly, for he never had much contact with her. He remembered that one night... when in his furry, Seiko had released his attack which created a ghost-like form of a mew, which Crystal and Arctic had said reminded them of the mew named Jewel. The only difference between his attack and this Jewel... was Seiko's attack's form had beautiful, icy blue eyes filled with sadness... and... her eyes were blank, empty.

But now... now she clutched a blood-red crimson stone which seemed to be in the shape of a feather. She just floated in the middle of a room filled with tons of dusty books and a small table with a candle. She stared at it... and her blank, gray eyes seemed to flicker with an inner red rage. Seiko was startled by the sight... as he watched, but remained silent.

Jewel... what are you doing in here?

She didn't move at all... she still hoovered there, staring at that stone. She did speak however... her voice filled with some deep, mysterious power which some how suddenly seemed filled with rage.... and a darkness.
Go away stupid little Mew. Go away.
The voice... it didn't even sound like her babble-like voice which she used these days. It was cold... and seemed like a Male voice, filled with hate and evil.... it wasn't Jewel's voice, it... it just couldn't be. This voice gave him shivers... gave Seiko a cold feeling.

But... what..
Suddenly Jewel turned her head to gaze at Seiko, her eyes glowing a fantastical, neon-like red which glowed with a sense of horrible evil. Seiko was frozen with fear... he had never seen such an evil look before, and it seemed to him that indeed, this wasn't really Jewel... as if some thing, soemone had taken her over. She clutched that red jewel... as that eerie, powerful voice filled the room again.

The end of Mew Castle is near!!!!!! I will NOT be defeated!!! NOt by any of you pathetic mews or your friends!! Death will come to you all... and no one will stop. This jewel... or perhaps THESE Jewels will help me. This stone... I did not know what it did when I saw it, but now I understand it gives power. And Jewel can unlock it's power... but her mind is lost, easily over-taken, which I have done. Now I have yet another weapon... and the END if of Mew Castle is near!! It will be to me!!!

Then... t he worst sight happened. A smile spread across Jewel's face... but it was not her own. A horrible grin... deathly, evil... just... it shocked Seiko with such a fear as he never in his little life felt before. At that moment he wished some one was here right now... some one to make JEwel go away. Or whoever controlled her...
You can't stop me. I should dispose of you.... now

Seiko suddenly felt the urge to run away... before he was hurt. HE had to tell Crystal, Arctic... anyone!! Some one before-
SEiko tried to consentrate to teleport...teleport far away, but he found his mind some how hit a wall- as if some one was blocking him.
Not this time..
That deathly voice filled his mind... it echoed in his mind and spread through out his body!!
Seiko cried, the pain of having those words stab through his body was like a burning knife... cutting through his soul and his heart, but the voice spoke again from inside... and the pain was unbearable.
Yes... hurts doesn't it? Now go away... I have plans.

Seiko had tears fill his eyes and stream down his cheeks as he managed to open his eyes and see a bright crimson ball forming in front of Jewel's paws. She gazed at him with a blank gaze... still burning with a glowing crimson. Seiko collapsed to the ground, as he cried out in pain..
Jewel no!

But she was controlled... lost more than ever, as suddenly the crimson ball which glowed between her paws was flung straight at Seiko. It met his forehead... and an explosion of such a violent force echoed through out the castle. Jewel disappeared... whatever controlling her using her superior teleporting abilities to make her seemingly disappear. Rocks and pieces of stone slabs were crumbled all around Seiko.. books tattered and ripped to shreds from the explosion. Seiko himself was lying on the floor, cuts upon his body as he bled. His mind still burned painfully... and he shook all over. That voice... it reminded him of some one who... who Byakko said was a threat to this castle...

He couldn't remember fully however, he still was shaken up from the experience. Opening his eyes half-way... dust swirled around him, as his small limp body seemed to be burried in rubble from the explosion. His head hurt like every thing... and his body didn't seemt o really work... he couldn't float.

He heard a voice... two voices... maybe there were more? He couldn't tell... the world around him was swirling... and as his eyes began to close and blackness filled his ever-aching mind, the voice of some one filled his head... a memory..

[ Welcome Seer of the Lost. Seiko. ]
[Thus, I trapped your soul with in the Temple of Times... keeping you safe until you were needed again. Now you are young one... you are desperatly needed- your friends are outnumbered in power. If they fail... I am afraid-]

The world had faded into the blackness...

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Arctic A
10th March 2003, 12:38 PM
Nice to have you back B4.....

We heard a tremondous crashing sound a few rooms away. Crystal and I shot are heads up to look at eachother.
<<< What the hell -hey! Wait up!>>> I said, as Crystal dashed off towards the source of the noise. I followed as quickly as I could. We turned a corner and ran down one of the great corridors. At the end was an arch leading into one of the large chambers. That was Ramses' old chamber.... I grimaced, hoping nothing too serious had happened. Crystal was a few feet ahead of me, already in the room. I skidded to a halt just inside the arch.
<<< Whoa boy..>>>
Large chunks of the ceiling had caved in, dust was still falling from up above. The pieces lay on the floor in a messy pile. My heart suddenly jumped into my mouth as i saw blood on the floor around.
"Oh my god...." Crystal looked shocked. I snarled, and brung my full psychic powers to bear as i flung the peices of brick and rock up into the air, and threw them aside with my mind. I took ina large gulp of air to help recover from the job, and lay eyes upon the area I had just cleared.... [/i]

It was a pretty grim mood inside the cage. We still hadn't figured a way to get out. While Farlander has recovered from his rage, he remained sulky. Eclipse and Arnen were pacing around, thinking quietly. I sighed, and took a look at our surroundings. Outside the cage, I could hardly see anything. I could make out that we were in a large room, judging from the barely visible wall we were near and how my voice echoed throughout the area. I growled, and bashed my tail of one of the bars in anger. I grimaced as a sharp pain coursed throughout my body. Damnit... I said to myself.
There was suddenly a burst of light. I quickly sheilded my eyes so i could adjust better. Farlander quickly raised himself onto his hind legs, ready in a battle sort of pose. Eclipse, Disaren and Arnen stood still, glancing around. As i dropped my hand, I realised that the lights had simply come on in the room. I quickly realised that the cage was the the focus of the room: Several machines pointed towards it, and wires and cables hung from the cieling drooped onto it's roof. There was a sound of a door swooshing open - i looked over towards the source, and saw several humans walking into the area. They were all scientists by the looks of them. The one in front, a small little man with a grey beard motioned to the other three, who all quickly took up positions at differerent machines. The man walked down some steps that took him down to out level.
"Fascinating......." He mused at us.
"I'll give you bloody fascinating!" I growled, swinging my arms in a threatening way.
"Incredible! They can understand us and communicate..."
"I think there's been a misunderstanding - humans are the stupid folk around here," Eclipse growled. The scientist simply laughed at him.
"Frisky little one, eh? No matter, you'll soon learn some respect." The man turned away from us, and calledf out - "Dr. Brian, prepare the A51 Chopper crew to recieve Specimin 1. "
He looked back at us.
"We'll take the young Lugia. Dr. Walters...release the drug."
Farlander snarled. "I'll be damned if you're going to touch herr..herr........herr......" Farlander stuttered, his eyes drooping quickly. I was about to say something, when I realised the same was happening to me.
"Wha.....wha?" I said, before collapsing to the ground. Breathing was getting slower. Everything seemed to be slowing down...
"It's amazing, isn't it Stej? Masterful Psychic Pokemon, and yet they can't ward off some simple chemicals?" I heard, before passing out.


My eyes slowly drifted open.
"Tornado! Tornado! Wake up!" I heard a voice calling. I recognised it as Arnen. "We're out! We're out!"
"Quiet....lemme get up..." I groaned, as i managed to haul myself up. We were all on a large hilltop, overlooking the sea. Farlander stood on the peak of the cliff. Eclipse was still knocked out.
"Huh? They let us go?"
"But Disaren...they took her....." Farlander said slowly. I could easily pick up the anger and sorrow in his voice. "And they didn't truely let us go..."
"What do you mean?"
"Look below your wing, Dragonite...."
I lifted them up, and glanced at the skin. There was a small red mark, but nothing major.
"Underneath....search with your mind."
I complied. Looking inside myself, I felt something unnatural - a small thing that shouldn't be there.
"Huh? What the heck is it?"

Farlander slowly turned around, and looked me in the eye. I saw a resigned look in his face.
"It's a Killswitch. I can feel it...it's tied to all of the major arteries and organs inside out bodys. All they need to do is flip a switch....and we'll be dead."
"But we can remove them! Psychic powers could easily.."
"Don't bother....i've tried. Xiaso must have been working with them - they've been shielded somehow."
"But the Human transmission range is limited...they couldn't use it if we were far away...."
"If they've worked with Xiaso to shield them they'll have overcome that problem too...." Farlander sighed.

I truely felt fear now. So simple yet so disturbing - one flick of a metal switch, and all four of our lives could be ended.
"You know......I kinda have a bad feeling about thi-" Arnen started, but I raised a wing and smacked her in the face before she could finish the line. She staggered back, but didn't retaliate. I looked around at the group. Farlander was back at the clifftop, looking up into the night sky. Arnen was walking over to Eclipse, who had just woken, to break all the news. I, too, decided to look up into the sky.


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Mew Trainer Rose
10th March 2003, 04:55 PM

"Uuug..."I groaned as I slowly woke up, feeling more than a little dizzy and disoriented.
"Oh good, you're waking up." I heard a voice say. I lifted my head and looked at the blurry figure floating above me.
"What happened?" I said, feeling like my mouth was slightly numb.
"We were drugged, remember?" said the voice. After blinking a couple times, I got the speaker into focus, and recognized it as Arnen. "They scientists let us go, but they took Disaran, and they've implanted a device called a Killswitch in each of us. A human could flip a switch at any time that would trigger the Killswitch, which would kill us."
I vaguely remembered the scene: the cage, the lab, the scientists, and i think some sort of gas. But not very well. I shook my head, trying to get rid of the fuzzy feeling that persisted. I tried standing up, and almost got to my feet before they gave out and I fell back down.
"Are you alright?" Arnen asked, concern in her voice.
"I'm not sure...I still feel half-drugged..." I replied, trying in vain to stand up again. I shook my head agin, which did no good. "Maybe they gave me too strong a dose..." I mummbled before passing out.

10th March 2003, 08:10 PM

"Uh-oh," I said quickly as Eclipse fainted again. I used telekinises to keep her from hitting the ground, and floated over to Farlander and Arctic. "I don't think Eclipse is doing to well," I informed them, gesturing towards the passed-out Pochena.

Arctic A
11th March 2003, 12:05 PM
Note to all: Pochena's English name was recently annouced....Poochyena. -_-;; I'm going to hunt down whoever names these things and hang them. I'm still going to use Pochena. *Hits head off wall*. Anyway..

I glanced at Arnen.
"None of us are doing to well, damnit." I sighed. "Sorry about hitting you before...i was angry. I still am..."
"I know. It's ok." She said. She floated there, loooking at me for a while. I sighed, and looked over at Eclipse.
"So what do we do?" I asked.
"What do you mean?" Arnen replied.
"I mean....what now? We wait for them to flip the switch?"

11th March 2003, 08:40 PM
OoC: *tries to pronounce "Poochyena" and fails* It's... Easier to pronounce... In Japan. That's new -_-' I say Pochena as well.


"Of course not..." I said, pondering. "I think we should maybe go find those f***ing humans and get back at them. Maybe we could destroy whateve sets these things off..." Tornado looked at me like I was insane. "What?! It was just an idea... -_- "

Kuro Espeon
16th March 2003, 10:13 AM
I suddenly snapped to a strange alert. A strange, cold feeling had just spread throughout my entire body, all of my senses tingling at once as if some internal alarm had just gone off. Something inside of me was telling me that something had just happened. Something terrible....
His name instantly popped into my mind. Seiko? Had something happened to Seiko? Where was he?! I began to look around me frantically. Ina cold panic I made a mad dash for the castle, weaving through the many dark, labyrinth-like hallways and passages. I then found myself stopping in front of a large decorated arch, the door slightly ajar. I remembered Arctic telling me that this was Ramses, the first Guardian of Mew Castle's, old chamber. With a foreboding chill in the pit of my stomache I gulped and entered the room.
I saw mother first, a look of surprise and horror on her face. I followed her line of vision down to the ground where I saw father, kneeling over something on the floor, surrounded by the rubble and debris from the collapsed roof. I moved slightly to the left and was able to see exactly what it was that father was leaning over. I gasped as horror and disbelief grabbed hold of me.
**"SEIKO!!"** I cried. Mother and father looked at me with surprise. They had obvious not seen me enter.
"B..Byakko?" Crystal said softly. I zoomed down to the ground and landed next to father. My fears deepened as I saw Seiko's body, limp and covered with blood. I felt warm tears forming in my eyes as my vision began to blur.
**"Se...Seiko...who DID this to you?"**

Arctic A
20th March 2003, 10:39 AM
I thought about what Arnen had said. Yes...it'd probably be the only way to save us. But it'd be impossible. Infiltrating Xiaso's stronghold, without being seen once? I shook my head.
"It'd never work...we'd be seen. Once sighting, one alarm, then we're dead."
"T'was just an idea..." Arnen said. I sighed.
"Though i suppose it's our best one so far. Anyone else?"
I noticed that Eclipse was just coming round again.
"Whoa..." She said, staggering to her feet. "I just had the most strange dream...i was captured...got some killswitch thing....yiiee..." She collapsed again.
"Again? Perhaps something about being a Dark-type makes this thing have a different effect on her...." I mused....

[EDIT: Sorry 'bout the gender mix-up!]

Mew Trainer Rose
20th March 2003, 12:13 PM
hey, Eclipse is a girl.
I suddenly have an urge to do something odd...

Strange dreams i was having...I think there was something about capture and possible death at any moment in the last one. Or was that a dream? Hard to tell, it felt real....Then again, so did the one about giant blue Meowths with red eyes chasing me.
I found myself in a thicket of bushes, similar to the one I used to play in as a pup. I looked around, thinking for a moment that I was in the middle of a game of hide-and-seek or something, but I didn't see any of my friends. Then I remembered they had all grown to old for hide-and-seek already, as had I. Wondering why I was here, I moved to take a step and look around.
'Stay right where you are!' a stern voice growled. Startled, I put my paw back down and hunched low to the ground, feeling like I had been caughtrunning off when I was supposed to be in the den. A Mightyena stepped out from behind a clump of bushes that i would have thought would not have hid it. It walked over to me, and I recognized her as my aunt, who had often taken care of me and my cousins while our parents were out hunting.
'Look at the mess you've gotten yourself into now.' She said, nudging my right side with her nose. A small foreign object under my skin jabbed into my side. 'Even if you tried to bite that out, it'd no doubt go off automatically.'
'What--?' I started asking but she interrupted, saying 'I've told you before, speak only when spoken to!' I laid my ears back submisively. She always was one for extreme discipline.
'And your friend already told you what it is anyway. A killswitch, remeber?' I guess that wasn't a dream after all. I wonder if the thing with the Meowths was...
'You're going to have to get rid of that soon, they don't plan on letting you live long. You're going to have to sneak back in there and break the computer controling it before you can get it out. Understand?'
'Yes, but..."
'You want to know how to get in there unseen? Go back to your mom's den and ask about invisibility. she'll tell you.' The scene around me faded away, as i felt myself returning to conciousness. Just before i woke, up, i remembered that Aunt had died a couple months ago.

Arctic A
24th March 2003, 11:05 AM
I noticed Eclipse staggering to her feet again.
"Hey! You ok there?" I asked. She blinked a few times, as if her eyes were adjusting to something.
"Yeah....yeah, i'm ok...."
"You don't sound ok..."
"I think I might be able to get us out of this mess..." She said. That piqued Farlander's interest - he turned around to face us.
"Oh?" He said, not sounding very convinced.

<<< Oh my god....>>>
I was almost speechless. Byakko looked although she was about to start crying, but she kept it in. She was a strong girl, and I was proud of that. I stared at Seiko's limp form, totally shocked. Byakko flew down to his side and put her paw on his face.
**He's out...totally out...**
<<< Racalexand...it has to have been him...>>>

[No....no, it wasn't.]

I was suprised as i heard Xiaro's voice behind me, and i quickly turned. The large red dragon-bird floated past me, up to Seiko. He closed his eyes for a moment, touching Seiko with his arm. All was silent as we watched him.
"Then..who was it? Can you help him? Can we?" Crystal asked. Xiaro's face was a serious picture as he turned to look at us.
[No...no, we can't help him now. The Temple of Times cannot be disturbed....]
[It dosn't matter. There is nothing anyone can do...] Xiaro sighed. [I am sorry. These bad things have all been happening since my brother and I arrived...i believe that i am responsible.]
"No! That's not true.."
<<< Crys is right. It's Xiaso!>>>
[Ahh...I see....you are beginning to catch onto my Brother's ways. He will use any method nessecary to win the Shi - Cathor and rule this place....but....]
[...but this was not his doing. I can sense it...I see the ceiling caved in. Look up there. That pattern used, the psychic marker left....your friend Seiko was attacked by another Mew.]

Mew Trainer Rose
24th March 2003, 03:21 PM

I blinked a couple times more. Was that dream I had really enough to go on? Then again, we didn't have any othere ideas.
"I think my aunt was talking to me in my dream...she said teh scientists don't plan on letting us live long, and we have to destroy the computer that controlls them. she told me to go talk to my mom." I looked up at them. If my dream was true, my mom should be able to tell me how to become invisibile."
The statemant was met with silence a moment. Finally, Arnen said, "You think you can really find out how to be invisible?"
I shrugged. "Hopefully, but i'm not positive that the dream can be trusted. still, it's better than sitting here." I looked around to figure out where we were, then started walking. I didn't look back to see if they were following, and i supposed it didn't matter if they did or not.
After a little while, I came to the clump of pine trees near my home. I pushed my way past a bush, and poked my head into my family's den.
"Hey, mom? Are you here?" I called. The reply came from outside, "Yeah, I'm over here."
I turned and followed the sound of her voice, and found her finishing a meal. She took one look at me and said "Something must be up. I can tell by just looking at you. What is it?"
"I think my aunt talked to me in a dream. She said to ask you about invisibility." I replied, and told her a breif sketch of recent events.
She started a moment. "Are you serious?" seeing that i was, she went on. "Invisibility is a tricky business, and easily missused. She discovered it, but told me not to tell you unless absolutely necessary." She explained it, and although the explanation was complicated, it turned out to be pretty much based on a modified Faint Attack. Like the move, invisibility could not be maintained for too long a period of time. Initially, about 10 minuted was the maximum, or possibly up to 15 if the user strained, although the time could be extended as the user had more practice with it.
As practice, i turned invisible and walked around. To my surprise, she followed me easily with here eyes.
"How did you still know where I was?" I asked, reappearing.
"I could stilll track you by sound and scent, as well as your footprints on the ground." She told me. "You're only hidden from sight, but anything looking for you by other means still can. But if you stay perfectly silent and walk on hard surfaces, you'll have a much batter chance of getting around in there."
I nodded and thanked her, then went to tell Tornado, Farlander and Arnen what I'd just learned.

25th March 2003, 11:19 PM
^^ I luv this RPG.

Seiko - M- Mew

Churning... churning... the sky, it was dark and churning like as if it were in a pot of bubbling green goo. Lightening sparked from teh sky, as the heavens seemed to cry with their ice-hard tears of heaven. It was so dark... dark... and in the distance, there was a dark, looming figure.

It floated there... floated, but yet it had wings. A black, small form... with glowing, bewitching eyes which sparkled with crimson- deadly, yet michevious and almost friendly in an unforgiving way. Upon the head, was a marking of one moon and two stars both glowing a deep crimson. Slash-like markings, as if tiger stripes also dotted against the black skin of the figure with a blood-red tone...

[ Are you afraid? ]

The voice echoed through the sky, inside my head... all about the earth it seemed. Those eyes... they stared at me, and some how I knew them, but yet... I did not. It was as if...deja vu was occuring.

I... I do not know why I... SHOULD be afraid...

I simply replied, and to this the figure nodded and seemed to smile uncanny-like. Flying towards me closer, suddenly the figure became clear. Repturroc.... but... why was she here?
[Wise. Very wise, Seer of the Lost. Do you know why you are here?]
I shook my head slowly... my eyes saddening... I couldn't really remember...
[ You should not know. You were supposed to have lost your memory. But I shan't let that happen, no... they will not win yet. My calling is to not interfere, but with these matters being of out-most importance towards the future... which the future even holds greater deeds, I must intervene. Seiko... REMEMBER!!! The binds of the Temple of Times have their bondadges around you... you can only stray a little, with out cutting yourself. You seem weak, but you are not! You are the son of a great mew! You cannot lose! Though you may not awaken until the spell is released... which I will look to try to make it unbound by finding another whom can help, but you can tell them... tell them! REMEMBER!]

But I..

Suddenly a crack of lightening split across the sky, and all went dark and Repturroc seemed to disappear into thin air. I felt even more confused... but then more lightening crashed against the sky... then... images..
Glowing eyes of red...
Some one inside of her..
Mustn't let me know...
I'd get in the way..
No one can stop..
A blast...
The red jewel..

As everyone floated around Seiko's body, which was lost to the darkness and unable to return. The blast was of an unknown type... psychic mew blast it was, but the destination of what it was to create was indeed unknown. Seiko's mind was lost... he was never meant to journey to the past, and the blow was utterly harsh upon him. Repturroc however, did indeed promise to eventually get him back before the major battles would arise where he would be needed like all others. But she knew that he had to give them a sign...

And even though no one knew Repturroc was behind this sign, it happened none the less.

**Seiko! Seiko...*** Byakko's soft cries still were heard in the little room, as Xiaro looked onward with Arctic. A mew blast... and once that comment was made, Seiko's body began to glow an eerie red. It pulsated and cast multiple rays of white light from his moon-like jewel upon his head... and as that light escaped his head... Crystal staggered back.
**... that... this... it looks like one of Seiko's attacks! The one... he did long ago...**

Then the white light billowed around them, although Seiko's body still glowed. Then the light white swirled, until it began to form ever so slowly into a small, white, mew-like shape, slightly edged into a violet tone. Then it was shown... the mew looked like the ghastly form of ... no one other than Jewel. Exactly like Seiko had done several years ago...

**It's... It's...** Byakko stuttered, until Arctic finished.
It's Jewel...

Then as swift as teh name was spoken, the white light gazed at them with their beautiful, crystal-blue e ys... the way Jewel was supposed to be, and then it vanished. Seiko's body went back to it's normal, dark violet color and his motionless state continued..

Softly the wind blew...
[ ... which the future even holds greater deeds, I must intervene. ]

26th March 2003, 03:00 AM
***** Poseidon *****

A loud thundering crash was heard several rooms away. Arctic and Crystal flew off to investigate. I flew to Oceanus and Atlantis. Something was bad...something really bad had just happened and I could somehow sense the presence of Alex. I shudder to think what had happened if he were in Mew Castle again.

My consorts and I flew in the direction of the Mews. We turned a corner and saw a huge arch, leading to the one known as Ramses's chambers. We dashed forward and gazed at the wreck which lay before us. Arctic, Crystal, Byakko, and to my surprise, Xiaro were already there. I could not believe my eyes. The ceiling had caved in and apparently crashed upon Seiko. His body was limp and motionless. Whoever did this to Seiko fatally injured him, but did not kill him. I felt a surge of rage and sadness as I saw Byakko silently weeping Seiko's name.

We flew into the room and I approached Seiko's body.

"Just after the crash, I sensed Alex's presence," I told them. "It's not here anymore, but it couldn't have been him who did this to Seiko. He wouldn't dare to enter the castle just yet, not after our last encounter."

"You are right," agreed Arctic. "Xiaro just informed us that it was another Mew who did this to Seiko."

"A Mew did this?" I asked.

"I know it's hard to believe Poseidon," said Crystal. "But it's true. Look at the ceiling. There is a mark left from the attack. It's a psychic signature only authentic to Mews."

"No Mew in this castle would dare to injure another of its kind," I roared.

"We know," said Arctic.

"Whoever did this must have been under Alex's control," I retorted. "Is there anyone you know who has been aloof lately?"

"Well, before you arrived, Seiko's mind gave us an image," answered Crystal. "It was actually a mirage of one of Seiko's rarest attacks he uses. It formed the body of..." She paused with a look of great sadness in her beautiful eyes. Tears began to drip from her blue crystalline eyes.

"It's Jewel," added Byakko. "Seiko gave us the image of Jewel."

"The one who rarely speaks..." I muttered to myself. "But what about his brother, Xiaso. He wants to win the Shi-Cathor and take over Mew Castle. Isn't that right Xiaro ?"

"Yes," answered the dragon-bird. "He is plotting something for sure, but I know that he did not injure this Mew."

"Not directly, no," I agreed. "But he has sent his minions to execute his biddings and for that, he is as much responsible as Jewel and Alex."

Xiaro glared angrily at me. Not willing to bow down, I returned the spiteful glare straight back at him.

"Hold on boys," Crystal said. "We are all on the same side here. If we fight amongst ourselves, we will surely lose. We must stick together to protect our beloved Mew Castle. We can't let it fall into the hands of evil...we just can't."

"I understand," said Xiaro as he mockingly glanced at me. "But this "Sea Prince" is accusing my brother of mutilating this humble Mew, something I know even he would not do."

"Understand this dragon-bird,” I reiterated. “During times when the balance of power is at stake, certain elements will stoop to any level to gain power. I don't know that your brother did this, but I am sure that he is fully capable of it. He wants the powers of the place...as do YOU Xiaro. Whose to say that you don't have plots to destroy your enemies so that you'll win the Shi-Cathor?"

Xiaro raced over to me and we stood face and face. We angrily stared at each other for a few moments, than Xiaro flew off.

"I apologize Mews," I said. "But we have to understand that in a few shorts days, things might become really different around here. The Shi-Cathor is imminent and we don't know their real motives. So what if one of them is the lesser of two evils. They could be plotting together you know."

"I understand," said Crystal. "But we trust Xiaro more than Xiaso and although we aren't supposed to take sides, we are more eager to see Xiaro win."

"At least we know that if he wins, he won't destroy us," added Arctic. "Besides, let's try to get Seiko back before we do anything else."

"Agreed," I answered. "Whoever did this was just testing their powers, or else they would have killed Seiko. He is fatally injured. Although his mind is somewhere else, I will heal his body."

I concentrated and using the healing powers of my trident, seared energy towards the bloody body of Seiko and healed him. The Mews floated around us, pondering...pondering how they were going to reach Seiko in the Temple of Times.

"My friends," I said. "I fear that I may have to summon help. Xiaso's forces are growing stronger everyday. Alex is growing in power and whomever he just recruited will as well. The presence of evil is on the rampage around here and we will without doubt be badly defeated. I shall return in a day. Remember Mews, although you are ordained not to choose sides, I believe that you will have to soon. Choose wisely. In times of war, there are no taboos. Heed my warning and farewell."

With that, Oceanus, Atlantis, and I flew off and exited Mew Castle.

"Whom are you going to summon sire?" asked Atlantis.

"Surely not anyone from the Seas," added Oceanus.

"No, no," I answered. "I am going to summon help from above. A great and powerful entity who watches over us that has not been down here for the past few millennia. Only he can stop Alex and the other sinister forces around here, allowing the Shi-Cathor to occur as it was meant to...by the battle of pure wills."

"Who could that be?" asked Oceanus.

"The ruler of the skies, Uranus,” I replied. “Only he could help to stop the miserable and bleak future from becoming a reality.”

“But isn’t he just a legend?” Atlantis asked.

“Yes, but so are the others,” I replied. “He has helped my father once. I don’t see why he wouldn’t help us this time around. We are going to go up there and find him.”

I darted upwards as fast as I could, with Oceanus and Atlantis trailing me. I hurried and flew into the clouds. My consorts have never been this high before, but I knew that they would be okay. The atmosphere up here takes time to get used to. We exited the lower atmosphere and entered the ozone layer.

Kuro Espeon
26th March 2003, 07:49 PM
Just to let you all know, I may be out of town from Thursday till Sunday (it's not definete but it's possible) in New York with my school choir group. (We still don't know wether or not we're going and it's the night before the trip....*sigh*) But if if we do go, I'll be gone for a few days. Just thought I'd let you guys know so you wouldn't wonder where I was...:)

Arctic A
31st March 2003, 09:44 AM
That's fine Kuro, thanks for the heads up.

"So?" I asked Eclipse as she walked up towards us.
"I..I think i can get us out of this mess."
Eclipse told us about her newfound ability and her mother.
"That's handy..." Arnen remarked. Farlander looked sceptical about it.
"A juiced up Faint attack? You'll never be able to hold it for long enough..." He grunted.
"Hey, at least she has an idea that could work!" Arnen quipped, glaring at Farlander. He didn't reply.
"I guess there's nothing any of us can do then?" I said. Eclipse shook her head.
"I don't think so..."
"Then it's all up to you," Farlander replied, stretching his wings.

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Kuro Espeon
2nd April 2003, 09:05 PM
*cries* Waaaaaai......gomen everyone....just giving you all another update on my *ahem* current situation.
We didn't end up going to New York (damn school board...), but I have another excuse...erm...reason for not being here. Our school musical (in which I am in a pretty substantial role) is in the middle of production week (aka: Hell Week), and opening night is Friday. I haven't been home alot lately as you may have guessed and I won't be till this is over. I may have a chance to post on Friday if I can get the chance. But I'm extremely tired right now....so I'm going to bed. *falls asleeP* Zzzzzz....*snort snooore* Zzzzzzzz...


Mew Trainer Rose
3rd April 2003, 12:02 PM

I turned away and was about to head back to the cave, when i realized i didn't know where it was from here. Or, for that matter, how to get back in once i found it.
"Actually, come to think of it," I said, turning back to the others, "there is a way you can help me." They all looked at me. "Help me find the cave again. I can't get in if i don't know where it is, can I?"
Aren flew over to me. "I dunno about you guys, but I will. I'm gonna look over there." She said, pointing over to a nearby hill before flying off.
"I'll be nearby if you find anything." I said before heading off to another area to start sniffing around for an entrance to the cave.

Kuro Espeon
4th April 2003, 04:03 PM
Alright! Time for a post! It won't be long most likely....but I'll do what I can in 5 minutes.

Invisibilty....the whole thing seemed rather silly to me...
With all of the advanced technology and human resources that Xiaso was connected with, it wouldn't surprise me if he could detect us by some sort of device, plus the killswitches that had been embedded into us were probably equipped with some sort of tracking device as well. Not to mention...with all of Xiaso's power, he would probably sense us without the aid of any kind of human machine....
I sighed.
I had failed her. My sister...I hadn't been able to save her! And I might have even made her situation worse. Who knew what they were doing to her! I was still unsure of what importance Disaran was to them (besides a bargining chip anyway...), but I was pretty sure that it wasn't good.
I jumped into a low glide and flew slowly over, landing next to Tornado.
"So Dragonite....what is your opinion on this whole thing? Do you really think we can trust this dream of hers? Do you really think this'll work?"
Tornado shrugged. "Who knows? But...it's worth a shot, right? It's better than just sitting around, waiting for them to kill us off. Besides....you want to save your sister, don't you?"
I turned my head with a sharp snap and looked at Tornado. The look on his face was one I had never seen him give to me. It was one not of hatred (which I had been used too), nor one of sarcasm...but one of sympathy. I was unsure of what to make of it. I guess I just wasn't used to the Dragonite actually being nice to me. And...he was right. It was if he had read my thoughts. Or...was I really that transparent?
But It was true...To protect my sister...I would do anything. And if this...new invisibility technique was our only option then...I would give it a shot.
"I have failed Disaran once...and I will not do it again." I replied. Heading off towards the nearby woods, with Tornado behind me.

6th April 2003, 09:01 PM

"Hey!" I cried, flying after them, "You forgot about me!" I said cheerfully, being overly-hyper on purpose.

"Lalalalila..." I sang, flying around high above the forest floor. Farlander gave me a glare that said, "Quit fooling around!" but I pretended to ignore him. I flew ahead a bit in hopes of finding the edge of the forest, but it seemed to go on forever. Pouting, I flew back to the others. First time out on my own, and look at the mess I've gotten myself into!

Arctic A
9th April 2003, 11:35 AM
Urk. Sorry, i'm really busy with a wackload of Tests at the moment. As soon as the Easter Holidays start i promise an update from good ol' Arctic A. Sorry bout this.

Arctic A
11th April 2003, 11:09 AM
I watched Poseidon and his consorts speed away from the castle. They soon dissapeared from sight.
<<< Well....what now?>>>
[Hmmmm....] Xiaro pondered aloud.
{Problems, brother?} A Mocking tone rang down the corridors of the castle. Xiaso. I growled as he slowly appeared round the corner. He was smiling, which made me even more angry. Byakko snarled, and leapt up in front of him.
*Listen you! I KNOW you had something to do with this! You'd better-*
{Ho ho ho ho.....Fiesty little one. Quick to jump the gun, it would seem. } Xiaso roared, directing his vision to Seiko's body. {Oh dear. Problem?} The sarcasm in his voice was evident. I saw Crystal boiling with anger beside me - i raised my arm and called telepathically for her to stand down. Byakko hovered above us, growling angrily.
[Seiko has been attacked.] Xiaro said.
{I hadn't noticed.} Xiaso replied.
[You do not amuse me, Brother.]
{Nor do you.}
[If we were not bound be the rules of the Shi - Cathor Ra'ando, i would not be so forgiving.]
<<< Shi - Cathor what? >>> I asked, confused.
Xiaso turned towards me, smiling.
{The Ra'abdo states that in the run up to the Shi - Cathor, there may be no conflict between the opposing sides.} He said.
[You will-]
{I grow tired of this. Why don't we just do it now? The Shi - Cathor! Why don't we finish our little squabble now, brother?} Xiaso said, his voice full of brutalness.
[No. We must wait the 2 weeks.]
{Very well. I suppose you'll need them to get anywhere near my level of strength...} Xiaso taunted, then turned his back and floated out of the room. Xiaro snorted, and followed, leaving Crystal, Byakko, Seiko and I in Ramses's chamber. Byakko once again floated down to Seiko.
*Is there anything we can do?*
"We'll take him to Flashwing." Crystal replied. I nodded in agreement. I gathered my psyche around me and cast it into a sort of floating platform. Byakko and Crystal lifted Seiko up onto it gently. I instructed the platfrom to head to the Library, where Flashwing usually spent most of his time when he was here. We silently followed it, thinking to ourselves. We came thorugh several corridors and eventually reached the library. Sure enough, Flashwing stood in the center, pearched on the Pedastal where the 'Book of the Mew' has been before Racalexand destroyed it, with his feathery back turned to us

"I forsaw that this would happen...." He said, not even turning around to face us.
<<< You WHAT? You KNEW?>>>
"You forget, Arctic, that i know alot of things..."
"You could have stopped this!" Crystal shouted out.
"Maybe. But i can't interfere with things..."
*Why not?* Byakko asked, angrily.
"You, my dear, should know. Time. Time is a truely strange thing. No-one fully understands it, but me. After you killed me all that time ago, I found, in death, the key. Now I master time. I AM time."
<<< You're confusing me, Flashwing.>>> I said, quite truthfully. He laughed.
"Don't worry - all will become clear later on. But I am afraid that i cannot help Seiko. His body may be here, but his mind is elsewhere."
Byakko growled at this. *Try!*
"I cannot...."
*PLEASE!* She said. I could sense the anger and upset inside her.
"I cannot." Flashwing repeated. "All will become clear."

Kuro Espeon
11th April 2003, 03:49 PM
Flashwing. He was a creature of time...just like me. I wasn't always one, but ever since I came back here I've gone through tons of changes. I wondered....was I going to turn out to be like Flashwing? Would I be able to predict the future like him? I had already had several visions but Flashwing had told me that those was only because I had changed the future and as the future changed, so did my memories. But...could it possibly turn into something bigger? Something more extensive? More powerful?
But Flashwing was right. I, more than anyone, should understand how tampering with time messes things up. After I changed my future world by helping my parents fight Kalidor, everything else in the stream of time was thrown all out of whack. Who knows what would have happened if Flashwing tried to stop something that was fated to happen.
But...I hoped that fate...was not against Seiko....
*"Please Seiko..."* I thought, somewhat trying to reach out to him mentally. *"Please live..."*

I hadn't done a post for Byakko in a while, so i figured it was about time that I did one. even though it's really short and crappy. Sorry, I'm really tired. But I'm also happy! Our Spring Break is finally here! I can finally catch up on my precious sleep!!! Yipeeee! ^_^

Arctic A
19th April 2003, 02:08 PM
We all now searched for the cave that we had entered the lair through. Farlander seemed alot more sure of himself now, taking up the lead of our search. I followed behind him, with Eclipse behind me. Arnen flew above us, seeming very happy about the whole damn thing. How she managed it was quite beyond me. I scanned the surrounding area for anything familiar, but nothing showed up. Nobody else seemed to be having much luck either.
Farlander suddenly stopped dead in his tracks behind a bush, and lowered himself down to the ground. He motioned with his wings for us to do the same, and we did.
"What? What is it?" I whispered.
"Come take a look..." he replied. I crawled up alongside him, and peered through the bush. Beyond it stood three of the creatures that had attacked us when we first came across the cavern. The three stood together in a circle, muttering amongst themselves. They didn't seem too much of a threat.
"We can take them quickly. Leave 'em paralysed." I suggested. Farlander pondered for a moment.
"Ok. Take the one that's closest to us. I'll take down the other two. Arnen, Eclipse, stay down." The two grunted softly, but didn't resist Farlander's orders.
"On three. One. Two."
"THWEEE!" A Sharp, piercing voice camd from beside us. Another one of the creatures had been listning, and sprung up. It then proceeded to turn and run like hell. The other three heard this, and quickly scattered off into all directions.
"GAH! Quick, everyone tail one and bring 'em down! They can't be allowed to send off a message!" I yelled, springing up and chraging after the one that had suprised us. Out of the corner of my eye i saw Farlander and Arnen take flight after their targets - Eclipse leapt up after hers. I grunted, and started going faster.

Kuro Espeon
6th May 2003, 03:46 PM
You know...I'll post in here if no one else does but I'd rather someone esle take a turn....

6th May 2003, 04:43 PM

[ Do not fear Byakko. ]

Repturroc simply appeared out of no where. She hovered in the middle of them, her eyes uncanny as she gazed at all of them.
[ Do not speak of the times when you do not know what they are fully capable of. It's disapproving.]
They turned to gaze at her... as she gazed contently at Byakko.
[ Enough though. Byakko, Seiko is currently lost- but do not fear. He shall return when he is ready... but first, you all must ready yourselves.]
For what?! Arctic asked, as Repturroc gazed at the large bird who had joined them. With a sparkle in her eye, she replied.
[ For the evils.]
They were ocnfused... but Repturroc understod why. They did not know the dangers.

[ You have many friends... but with that, you have many enemies. An old enemy from long ago who was once you friend, will stumble down the wrong path and join forces with the one you have been trying to defeat. If those two are allowed to become one with the greatest enemy you have yet to face of all... then you could lose Mew Castle forever- along with all hopes of regaining Seiko.... ]
Repturroc gazed to Crystal.
[... and your sister. Along with a secret. There is a secret... about Seiko, which you all must learn - but in due time. For time has it's secrets and it's lies... it's truth... and those it despises. So hurry!]

(bleh! G2g!)

Arctic A
7th May 2003, 03:15 PM
<<< Why do you always have to speak in riddles? >>> I asked, glaring at Repturroc. She seemed to ignore me, instead looking across at Flashwing, who didn't seem to be paying much attention.
"You'd be wise to listen to her, Arctic. All of you would." He said, stretching his wings, and admiring his shiny feathers.
<<< I don't get it. Why can't you just tell us what's going on and what we have to do? >>>
Flashwing sighed, and looked me in the eye.
"You know the answer."
<<< I do? >>>
"You do." He replied. and with that, turned around and exited the room. I was tempted to follow him, but i knew i'd never get anything out of him. I turned to Repturroc.
<<< So why exactally must we hurry? >>>
"For soon evil could gain great power..."
<<< You mean Xiaso and the Shi - Cathor? >>>
"Xiaso is only one of many evils..."

Kuro Espeon
13th May 2003, 05:44 PM
My head had begun to spin again...

All this talk of evils coming our way....it made me feel sick to me stomache. Like we didn't have enough evil on our hands already!! What with Xiaso and the Shi-Cathor already staring us in the face, it was going to be hard enough! Now the riddle-loving Repturroc tells us that that we have even more enemies to deal with and wouldn't even tell us who or why!
Normally I tried not to bare hatred toward any non-aggressor...but all this speaking in riddles and concealing the truth was beginning to irritate me. When I looked at Repturroc, knowing that she knew something and wasn't telling us, some vital information, I couldn't help but feel a strange burning deep inside me. A burning...a burning that I didn't feel too often. Something deep inside of me just wanted to smack the grin right off of Repturroc's face. I wanted to scream...I wanted to cry...I wanted to demand an explanation of her and ask her why! Why?! Why did she insist on playing games instead of telling us what we needed to know! And Flashwing too! If they would only tells us then maybe...we could get right to it and stop the evils before we are consumed by them! And many lives would be spared! Every minute we just sit here is another minute for Xiaso and his mysterious future consort to accomplish thier goals!

We didn't have time for riddles...We didn't have time for games...We didn't have time for any of that.
Especially with the lives of Seiko and Jewel, and all the ones that I cared about, at risk. We had to act, and we had to do it now! Or else Mew Castle, our home, would be gone forever.

But I didn't say any of this, at least not out loud. I knew it wouldn't make a differance. We would never get anything out of them. No...I remained silent, like I always was. I simply lowered my head slightly and clasped my mother's blue crsytallic pendent inbetween my paws, it's warmth helping to soothe me, even if it was only a little.
"Arctic..." I finally said, "You don't suppose...that Xaiso would try anything before the Shi-Cathor would he?"
I knew it was a strange question, but I just a strange feeling inside me. A feeling of foreboading...

Somethig bad was going to happen...and it was gonig to happen soon....

Arctic A
19th May 2003, 03:46 PM
I continued my pursuit of the strange creature. We'd now eneted the woods on the side of the mountain. The thing suprised me - It was pretty fast for it's small size, and i was starting to strain to keep at it's pace. It was only a few meters in front of me now - with a well placed hyper-beam, i could probably knock it down. However, if i missed, it'd drain me of my energy and the thing would be able to get away. I did fancy myself as quite a good shot, but not enough to bet my life on it. I tried to quicken my pace, but i didn't have enough energy in me to do it.
I'll never catch it at this rate...I guess there's only one thing to do.
I skidded to a halt on the forest floor, kicking up dust and foliage. I quickly focused my mind and started brewing up a beam of pure energy in my mouth. The thing glanced over what i think was it's shoulder, and yelped as it saw what i was doing.
One shot...
I released the energy. It flung itself out of my mouth in an arc of white, and struck the creature in the back.
...one kill.
I quickly ran down to it to make sure it was out. I took a look at the burning hole in it's back.
"That's gotta hurt..." I said to myself. I raised me head up high to see if i could see any of the others. I saw nothing, but did hear some faint sounds that seemed like a large object crashing through the forest. Farlander, probably. I quickly set off to help him with his opponent.

Sorry 'bout my lack of updates, i'm pretty busy ATM. I got a half term break next week, so i'll be able to make some decent posts then. Hopefully. :P

19th May 2003, 06:27 PM

I shot after my target, grinning ruefully. Finally, some fun. The gem on my tail was blinking furiously. I halted in midair, then blinked sharply. The creature -- whatever it was -- froze in mid-leap, then hovered a few feet off the ground. My eyes flashed pale green for a moment, and the creature had its energy drained. I floated a bit closer now, this time casting Psychic. The thing squealed with sheer pain as I attacked its feeble little mind. It slumped over, still floating, when I released it. It fell to the ground with a thud. I flew over and kicked at it, but it didn't move.

"Well, then," I said, cheerful again, "Now that's done with..." I flew off into the trees, looking for Eclipse in case she needed help.

Mew Trainer Rose
24th May 2003, 02:07 PM

I leaped after the creature, pumping my legs as hard as I could, but it was much faster. Sometimes I hate being so small. It also dodged back and forth, trying to shake me off, but I had a good eye and was able to follow it. From time to time it would glance back, see that it still hadn't lost me yet, and conyinue on at beakneck speed.
Getting an idea, I quickly concentrated on invisibility, then faded from view. I tired to run as lightly as possible and leave no footprints. The next time the creature glanced behind it, it suddenly slowed to a walk when he didn't see me. I had lagged behind so much that i was also able to slow down far before I would have crashed into it, even it it had stood still. It looked around a while, making sure that I was nowhere in sight. It then switched direction and speeded up again, although it didn't run as fast as it did before, so I was able to keep up. Now it didn't bother to run all over the place, and mabe a beeline for it's destination. Instead of attacking it as soon as I got close, I followed it to see where it was going.
A little while later, it run into a tangle of bushes and fallen branches before it stopped. As I watched from within lunging distance, it loosened a couple branches, pulled back a seemingly solid mass of bramble to reveal the entrance to another cave. Before it could go inside, I pounced on it and bit down hard on its neck. The creature screamed and tried to hit its invisible assailant, but only managed to land a couple blows. It grew steadily weaker as I increated the pressure on it's windpipe. When it's struggles slowed, I stopped being invisible, since I needed the energy to attack the creature. Thwen I savagely tore at it's neck, causing it to let out weak cries of pain.
Arnen flew up just as I finished ripping a large chunk out of it's jungular vein. After spitting the foul-tasting flesh off to one side. I made sure the thing was well and truly dead before I turned to Arnen.
"Not only did this thing not get a message to anyone, but I let it lead me to another entrance to the cave. Look." I told Arnen, then pushed aside the branches, which had fallen back into place.

Arctic A
26th May 2003, 05:40 AM
I burst through a clump of trees, into a small clearing to be greeted with a strange sight. In the center was a large tree - and one of the strange creatures was tied to it with a length of rope. Farlander sat in front of it, covered in dirt and foliage, staring at it angrily. I raised my eyebrow, and slowly walked over to him.
"Quiet. I'm interrogating it." He said, not moving his gaze from the creature.
"By staring at it?" I snorted.
"Yes." He replied.
"I see."
"It'll crack eventually. Then it will tell us another way into the mountain." Farlander seemed pretty sure of himself. I would almost say he was desperate. I shrugged, and sat alongside Farlander. The creature had long since stopped struggling, and was simply staring back at Farlander, hissing every now and again.
This won't get anywhere... I thought to myself. I was about to say something along those lines to Farlander, when Eclipse and Arnen burst in through the trees behind us.
"Hey guys...I found us another way in!" Eclipse yelled, bounding over beside us. The happy expression cleared from her face when she noticed what Farlander was doing.
"Uh...Farlander? What are you doing?" Arnen asked, floating over in front of him, breaking his line of sight to the creature. Farlander closed his eyes, and then slowly raised himself to his feet.
"Nothing anymore. This entrance, where is it?"
"Back this way. C'mon, i'll show you!" Eclipse said, turning around and running back into the forest.
“Wait a sec…we can’t just leave that thing tied to a tree. It could escape.” I said, glancing back at the thing. Arnen and Eclipse turned to regard it as well. It was shaking furiously, trying to break the ropes. Farlander turned towards it, and closed his eyes. They glowed a dark purple color, emitting a powerful energy. The Tree suddenly uprooted from the ground, and hovered in the air, with the screaming creature still attached. Farlander quickly jerked his head backwards, and the tree was flung far up into the air. He then threw his head forwards – and the tree was catapulted far into the distance.
“That will take it far, far away…”
“Nice work,” I commented. Eclipse and Arnen nodded in agreement. Eclipse then proceeded to turn back around and continue into the forest once again.
Arnen and I quickly followed. Farlander sighed heavily.
"I'm getting to old for this..." He said, before following us back into the forest.

Kuro Espeon
26th May 2003, 04:08 PM
As we followed Eclipse through the twists and turns of the dark forest as she led us to this new enterance of her's, I hung back slightly, a shot distance away from everyone else. I was in a state of deep thought, which I found myself in a lot these days, all the events of the past few weeks running through my mind. And after reviewing all of it I realized something...and what I realized disturbed me....
Of all the things that I had been doing, all of the missions I had set out to do and all of the tasks I was to accomplish, and all of the battles I had fought....I had done none of it alone. Throughout all of it I had some form assistence. This bothered me to no end. Why should the great Farlander need help? Why couldn't I do all of this alone anymore? Not too long ago I was powerful enough to to do anything I chose and do it by myself! Ad why shouldn't I do it NOW? Why did I stoop to accept help from lower life forms?
Why couldn't I?....Why...did I have to? Was it possible? Was I really....getting old?

*Begin Flashback*
"Farlander....this is a serious matter. Why are you just brushing it aside? At least think about it!" Flashwing said to me, a serious expression on his face. I narrowed my eyes and gave him a sideways glance as we flew along the long corridor of the Creator's castle.
"Why should I think about it, Flashwing? It's not going to happen! At least not anytime soon! You worry way too much..." I huffed.
"Who are you trying to kid, old friend? You know as well as I do that we, no matter how powerful we are, are not immortals. Eventually Farlander...you will die."
I jerked my head sharply in his direction. "Hold your tongue, Ho-oh! I am perfectly aware of that fact! But...you, of all of us, must realize that with our great powers we have also aquired an incredible longevity! We shall not die out easily!"
"That is still no reason to not be prepared, Lugia." He replied, stressing the term just as I had, "What if you were to die in battle? What would happen then?"
This caused me to laugh out loud, my booming voice echoing down the empty corridor.
"What was that? Die in battle?! Hardly possible, Flashwing! The great Farlander, Creator of Justice of the 5 Pokemon Sages, does not lose to anyone! With my amazing prowess, there is no opponent in the world who stands a chance against me! Even by myself I am invinclible! Believe me, if the day ever comes when I ever accept help from anyone, it will be the day denounce my name!"
Flashwing paused, regarding me with the same stern face as he seemingly always possesed.
"I'm afraid that arrogance of yours will one day be your undoing, Farlander."
I just snorted turned away from him. "And I suppose you already have everything planned out, do you? All ready for death, aren't you? How morbid you are..."
"As a matter of fact, I have. I have already chosen my successor, the one who will follow me after my time on Earth is finished. He will inherit my powers and my position from the moment of my death until his. And I still strongly suggest that you do the same...old friend..."
With that Flashwing disappeared, teleporting away to some other part of the castle. I was glad to see him go. His idiotic babble had begun to annoy me. Who was he to tell me how I should run my life? And who was he tell me when it would end? He had NO place!
No successor would be named for me! Not yet! The reign of Farlander would not end until I was ready to give it up!!
*End Flashback*

I looked up in front of me and the large form of Tornado, the Dragonite. His actions confused me, and I still didn't understand why he was still here. He was helping me, his former enemy, in a mission that did not benefit him at all. And still....he followed. Why was going on inside the mind of this Pokemon....I was determined to find out.

Arctic is the only one who will notice the referance in that flashback. There is somethign in there that hints to what I'm planing for the next sequel of this RPG. Look closely! see if you can figure it out! (I doubt it...teehee)

Arctic A
26th May 2003, 07:13 PM
"Arctic...You don't suppose...that Xaiso would try anything before the Shi-Cathor would he?" Crystal asked. I think she already knew the answer, but i responded anyway.
<<< Yes. >>>
Crystal dropped her head, and I instantly wished that i hadn't said anything. She closed her eyes and grasped her crsytallic pendent again.
<<< Crys....>>>
"It...it's ok, Arc."
<<< No, it's not. >>> I turned to look at Byakko. She looked back at me, with a hopeful gaze in her eyes. I sighed.
<<< Byakko...could you please give us a moment?>>> I asked quietly, putting my arm around Crystal. Byakko was about to protest, but managed to keep it in before turning around and slowly floating out of the room. I then turned to Repturroc, who was still hovering around us, inspecting us with a strange gaze.
<<< Repturroc. Go. Now. Please.>>>
"Four words. Such meaning!" She smiled, and slowly began to fade from sight. I waited until she had totally dissapeared before talking with Crystal.
<<< Crys, we need to talk. >>>
She opened her eyes, and turned her head to face me. I looked into her eyes - they seemed so big, so full of emotion that i was almost lost inside them. I blinked, snapping myself out of it.
She broke her eyes away from me, and looked back at her pendant. She stroked it carefully, making it's magnificant shine even brighter in my eyes.
<<< It's beautiful, Crystal. Like you. >>>
Crystal didn't reply.
<<< Sod it... I was never very good at chatting with girls...>>>
Crystal let out a short laugh, which made me feel better inside. She turned to look at me again.
"Arc, I know what you're trying to do....and i'm glad you're doing it, but it's not going to change anything..." She said quietly. "Do you remember those old times? Those days when we were little, innocent children? When Ramses was here to guard over us, when we were care-free? Can you remember?"
I closed my eyes, and leant by head backwards.
<<< Yeah. I can.>>>
"Why did it have to end?"
<<< Because we all grow up, I guess...>>>
"I wish we could be back then. I wish this had never happened."
<<< We can't change anything, Crystal. We've gotta be brave and face this evil.>>>
"I can face it, Arctic. But i'm still afraid..i'm afraid for you."
That comment caught me off guard. I opened my eyes and quickly snapped my view towards Crystal.
<<< Me?>>>
"Arc, when you were fighting Racalexand in that arena, i thought you were going...going to die. Seeing you in pain like that really hurt me, Arc, and i don't ever want to see a thing like that again.." Crystal said quietly, and i noticed a tear rolling down her face.
<<< You won't have to, Crystal. I promise. >>>
She suddenly glared at me, and intense stare that seemed to paralyse my body.
"Can you really promise me that? Can you say that you'll never die? Can you say that you'll feel no pain ever again?"
<<< Well, No...>>>
"You see?" She sighed, lowering her head once more.
<<< Crystal...without bad, there cannot be good. >>>
She didn't respond, simply fingering her pendant again.
<<< Look at me, Crys.>>>
She slowly raised her head to look at me.
<<< I love you Crystal. >>>
"As I love you, Arctic." She managed a smile. I smiled back, and we embraced eachother. She wrapped her arms tightly around me.
"Don't ever leave me, Arc."
<<< I won't. Not again. >>>
I lost count of the time as I held onto Crystal. I didn't want to let go.

"So what do we do now?" Crystal asked. "Do we move against Xiaso?" Her voice sounded renewed, full of courage and power. She was ready for what was about to come. I felt like I was as well.
<<< I suppose we need to act before the Shi-Cathor. The moment Xiaso wins that battle, the power becomes his. We can't let that happen. We should talk with Xiaro.>>>


Kuro Espeon
10th June 2003, 05:46 PM
I think it's time to get this going again!!

<<"I suppose we need to act before the Shi-Cathor. The moment Xiaso wins that battle, the power becomes his. We can't let that happen. We should talk with Xiaro.">>
I nodded slowly. Consulting Xiaro would be the best option. He knew his brother better than anyone and would most likely be able to predict his course of action. And when we had a better idea about what Xiaso was going to do, we would have a better idea on how to stop it.
As went started off to find Xiaro, my mind suddenly flashed back to a memory...one of my very few happy memories...
(OOC: I seem to be in a Flashback mode lately....I guess it's better than a Flashwing mode! Heehee...:P)

*Start Flashback*
<<"Hey Crys!! Try to catch me! *giggle* Come and get me if you can!!">>
"Arc! Slow down! That's not fair!"
<<"But if I slowed down you'd catch me, and that wouldn't be any fun!">>

I only saw the flicking of Arctic's icy blue tail as he flew ahead of me through the thick green forest. The small form laughed mischeiviously and did a series of spins and somersaults in mid-air as he flew. But then, Arctic suddenly skidded to halt and instantly shot up into the branches above, hiding himself amoungthe vast sea of leaves.
<<"Come and get me! Come and get me!">> he taunted. As I looked above me I saw the one part of him he had failed to conceal, as he pale blue tail swished lazily back and forth from one of the branches. I giggled and, with a small *pop*, teleported up into the tree and appeared behind him, tackling him from behind playfully.
"Heehee! I got ya, Arc!"
<<"Hey! Teleportation's not fair!!">>
"Aww, yer just jealous 'cause YOU can't do it!" I chuckled flicking my tail in his face.
<<" I can TOO!">>
"Can not!"
<<"Can TOO">>
A split second later Arctic and I were on the ground, him looking back over his shoulder at the baffled look on my face with a smug grin of his own.
<<"Can too.">> He said definitely, as if ending the arguement once and for all. I shook my head and moved back, doing my own playful flip in the air. Just then I heard a female voice ring out through the trees. My small pink ears twitched slightly at the sound.
"Crystal! Cryyyystal! Come on back now!"
"Oops...that must be Mom..." I said, letting out a disappionted sigh. Before I turned to go and looked back at Arctic who was still sitting on the ground. "Same time tomorrow, Arc?"
He nodded and floated up into the air.
<<"Will we...always be together?">> He asked, tilting his head slightly to the side in a really cute way.
"Of course! Friends always stay together!" I replied accompanied by another giggle, "You're so silly, Arc!"
<<"I mean...not just here and now, but forever! And wherever we go we'll go together! No matter what happens, we stick together to the end! You and me! And your sister and Ramses too! Forever friends, alright?">>
I blinked at him. Every now and then Arctic would get very serious and I never understood why. I didn't quite understand why he had to ask me this. Why would we ever be apart? Why was he worrying about it? Would life...always be like this? Happy and free...
I finally smiled at him, perking up my ears. "Ok, Arctic! Forever! We'll never be alone, K?"
<<"Tail Trust?">> he said, holding out his tail. (OOC: 'Tail Trust' is similar to 'Pinky Promise' :P ) I brought my tail around and twisted it together with his, and we shook on it. Now it was signed and sealed. And with that done I waved goodbye to my dear friend and sped pff towards home.
*End Flashback*

I smiled up at Arctic, though he wasn't looking at me at the moment. For the most part...he had kept his promise, and I had managed to keep my promise to him as well. Even when we weren't together physically, we were always together by spirit; by a special link that had formed between us that would never sever.
Maybe...maybe things weren't so bad after all...

11th June 2003, 12:30 AM

[ Seiko cannot be awakened... ]
Repturroc thought slowly, sitting on the highest tower of the castle. She was deep in thought... and for being a thing of time, it was some thing she rarely did.
[ ... they need him.]
She was debating in her mind of what to do. Sighing, she was unsure. She didn't want to upset time... if she did that, destruction of some frame or point was easily evident.
[ They cannot win unless Seiko is alive and with Byakko. but they cannot reach Seiko if his soul has been taken away...]

Then Repturroc understood.

[ If they can help Jewel... reach her... then she can give back Seiko's soul.]


[ Byakko.]
The small mew was hovering to herself... as if wondering what to do with herself. Smiling, Repturroc suddenly appeared before her... her deep, crimson-red blood eyes staring up at teh small mew.
*whah? * The mew said shocked, as Repturroc let a small, yet comforting smile.
[ You want to help Seiko, correct?]
She nodded... a bit unsure of this creature of time. Repturroc nodded, and smiled.
[ I know a way you can help Seiko. A way you can help everyone... Arctic and your mother. Would you like that?]
Another nod.
[Good. Listen carefully child... deep in the forest, is where the human who attacked Arctic earlier and Jewel are. Go there and you shall find them. If you can break the spell he has over Jewel, she can return Seiko's soul an dhe'll be back.]

Byakko's eyes gleamed suddenly, as Repturroc smiled.
[ Do not go alone little one.]

Then Repturroc vanished.

Arctic A
12th June 2003, 12:38 PM
<<< Well...let's get going then.>>> I said, nodding towards the doorway.
"Yeah.." She seemed a bit distracted by something, but i didn't ask what. I just walked slowly out the room. I saw Byakko hovering in the corridor. She looked very hopeful about something. When she sensed us, she twirled around and bounded up to see us.
<<< Not now Byakko, we've got something very important to do. >>>
*This IS important! It's about Seiko!*
My ears pricked up at this. I looked into Byakko's eyes - there was a real sense of hope inside them.
*Repturroc told me that Jewel and the human that attacked you are deep inside the castle forest! She says that if we can break the power he holds over Jewel, she'll be able to bring Seiko back!!* She spoke quickly and I found it hard to keep up with what she was saying. I frowned, and looked over to Crystal. I could tell that she was thinking deeply about this. "Arctic...we should go and take him down." There was a bit of anger in her voice.
<<< No, we can't. Not just us. If he managed to beat me, and he's got a very powerful Jewel, we can't hope to bring him down. We'll need reinforcements..>>>
*But we HAVE to get Seiko and Jewel back!*
<<< I know, i know! >>>

[Perhaps i can be of some...assisstance?]
The voice of Xiaro echoed down the corridor, making me jump a bit. I turned around and saw the red dragon-bird slowly floating his way down the corridor to meet us.
[I overhead everything the Repturroc creature had to say...and i believe that I must accompany you on your quest to free Seiko and Jewel. ]
Xiaro closed his deep red eyes for a moment.
[There's something very, very strange about the human who tried to kill you, my friends. His power is extreme, yet somehow...artificial...]
"Excuse me? How could anyone 'create' that sort of power?" Crystal asked.
[I don't know. But Xiaso does. I believe that this is his doing.]
<<< So do we. There's something sinister going on and we need to get this all solved. >>>
[Indeed.....but what of Farlander and Tornado? There has been no word, and they have been gone for a long time.]
<<< They'll be fine. Tornado can handle anything. >>> I sounded more confident than i actually was.

Kuro Espeon
23rd June 2003, 03:26 PM
Errrr.....I'm probably going to sound like a hypocrit (talk about the pot calling the kettle black...) but where IS everyone? I'll make a post if this doesn't get a reply in 2 days. Please keep this going!!!! *cry*

23rd June 2003, 04:10 PM
^^; I was actually going to wait for you guys to start going,but I can post... hope you don't mind if I just say you headed there.


*I wonder where in the forest they could be...* A small voice grew over the air, as another more elder voice answered.
[ I can sense many evils around... things that wish ill against us. They cannot be far... if Jewel and the others we are up against are here, we'll find them. ]

Crystal, Arctic, Xiaro, and Byakko fluttered along, actually flying in the middle of the forest rather than walk. Of course, they didn't get far before running into some thing. Not the thing they were looking for, and perhaps the oppisite.
How nice to see you... in my forest. Far sneered, his albino-white coat and his fierceful blue eyes glaring them down. Crystal was in no mood for his games however...
"Since when is this *your* forest? "
Since I was no longer accepted at Mew Castle. This is where I live Crystal... whether anyone likes it or not.
*Still, that doesn't mean you own it!* Byakko growled, as Far rolled his eyes and Xiaro looked rather annoyed.
<<<Shut up Far and jus tleave us alone. We're actually doing some thing important.>>> Arctic said exasperated, as Far shook his head.
I want to help.

With those words, eyes buldged out very anime-like as silence grew.
"W-what did you say?"
I said I wanted to help. I want ot help you take on that human and the new evil Jewel.
<<< How did YOU know about that?!>>>
Can't I have one secret? Bah, that psychotic-freak Repti- whatever her name is told me. She said that I could help or not help you- but she said tha tif I do not help, a horrible fate will burn me. As much as I do not believe her wild tales, the mere idea of taking out that annoying human who thinks he's so powerful will please me as my own reward.
nothing but glares gazed at Far... and Far simply shrugged.

Xiaro simply stated, looking perturbed but then suddenly after a long, almost piercing gaze Byakko suddenlly spoke.
* Repturroc said we should get help... perhaps she meant him as well?*
" I don't trust him... but do we have a choice?"
<<<Well I->>>
[i]Good, it's settled. Now I'll follow you, but I'll be upon t he ground.

With that, soon Far had transformed into his pure-black Houndoom form, his icy blue eyes gazing eeriely above.
Alright, let's-
But before he could answer, already Arctic and Crystal led the way, adn everyone began their journey deepe rinto the forest..

Arctic A
24th June 2003, 11:24 AM
Uhh...i don't like posting twice in a row. :p

I certainly felt more uneasy now that Far was coming along with us. He'd no doubt be a powerful ally in the coming battle...but I really didn't trust him. Looking around at the other's expressions, I could tell that they didn't either. His story did perhaps make sense, but something seemed wrong about it. Still, I decided not to make a mess out of the situation and floated on through the forest. Xiaro suddenly stopped.
<<< What is it? >>>

"Oh, f*cking hell, not another damn overgrown chicken...why is there so many of them?" An all-to familiar voice rung out from the forest. We all instantly formed into a circle, so our views covered the whole area.
"I see you've come prepared. You even dragged along your Farfetch'd...oh, wait, sorry. That's Far, isn't it? It's hard to tell."
I noticed veins bulging on Far's face, but he just closed his eyes and gritted his teeth.
"And you brung the little one! Really, Arctic, you and Crystal are rubbish parents. You shouldn't expose your child violence!" Byakko growled, and shouted:
*You're gonna pay!*
"Feisty little one, eh? I can see alot of Arctic in you. Not Crystal though. Byakko has much more guts."
Crystal was about to speak, but I got to it first:
<<< Crystal has ten times the guts you have, Racalexand. You won't even show yourself. >>>
"It's really not worth me bothering, dear Arctic. But if you insist..."
I suddenly heard a build up of energy behind me. I turned just in time to meet a small explosion in the face. It flung all of us apart and out of the circle. In the middle appeared Racalexand, and above him something else started to shimmer into exsistance..i could see that it was clutching onto an item.
"Jewel!" Crystal shouted, and i saw that she was right.
[i]You should realise by now, fool, that the name 'Jewel' has little relevance. Jewel spoke with such a cold and evil voice that I took a step back.
"I'm afraid they don't catch on quickly, my friend.." Racalexand sighed. "How about it, Arc? You want another duel? I tell you what! We'll play for a prize!" He laughed, and clicked his fingers. A red mist shot out from underneath him, burning the forest away for about 200 meters in mere seconds. We were all flung just outside it. The ground was now a charred, black circle. He clicked his fingers again, and this time one of his energy barriers formed over the area, making a dome. In the center, another small dome appeared, crackling with red sparks.
"If you win......I won't have 'Jewel' kill Byakko."
<<< What the hell are yo->>>
Racalexand threw out his hands, as if pushing, towards Byakko. A blue beam of intense light shot out and slammed into her. She dissapeared.
<<< Bastard! >>> I was about to strike out, when i noticed Byakko reappearing in the center of the smaller dome.
"If you loose...Byakko dies. Hehe! So, who will fight for her?"
Racalexand jumped and backflipped backwards, landing on top of the the dome Byakko was in. She was deperately pounding at the barrier, trying to break out. Racalexand watched, and laughed.
"Fool. She'll probably kill herself."
Byakko was now looking at us with pleading eyes. Crystal glared at Racalexand with a fierce anger.
"I will!"
<<< No, Crystal, let me.>>>
"Remember what you promised me?"
<<< We both go. >>>
"Double team, eh? Fair enough, i can take you both." Racalexand laughed. Xiaro looked at me.
<<< No, Xiaro, We have to do this. >>>
Far looked at me in a way that i'd never have expected to see from him.
Good luck, you two. He said, struggling with the words. That meant alot coming from Far. I nodded to him, and took Crystal by the hand.
"How sweet!" Racalexand was very amused by it. "Please,please, enter my arena! Oh, and you other two? You'd better not try coming in to help. The energy shield will hurt. Alot. hehe."
Xiaro and Far both looked very uneasy about this. I glanced across at Crystal, who was wearing a face of courage. I didn't think I was.
"Maybe you arn't bad parents, willing to try and save her like this. Heh, since you'll loose i don't suppose it'll make any difference. Now, i think the whole Mew flying thing is a bit unfair..."
I felt that familiar sensation as my body morphed into that of a humans. I felt that Crystal's was doing the same.
"Duels are much more fun as humans, don't you agree? We can handle nice things like Katanas and Spears!" Racalexand spread his arms out, and an assortment of weapons appeared on the ground behind us.
"Choose wisely, you'll only get one each."
I glanced above Racalexand, where Jewel hovered, regarding us with a cold yet amused stare.

Kuro Espeon
24th June 2003, 02:13 PM
As the tingling sensation in my body faded, I looked down and saw the human body that I had taken during my last battle with Racalexand. But...I hadn't changed on my own! Was Racalexand able to control what form we took?
He then proceeded to summon up a strange assortment of weapons on the ground, all of them similar to old-sytle human-powered weapons such as swords and katanas, crossbows, scythes, and many different forms of blades. I eyed them suspicously and spoke to Arctic in a low mutter.
"Careful Arctic...He knows we're not as strong in our human forms and that we're not experianced with human weapons. And he's talking about fighting fair? Ha! Fair for HIM is more like it!"
<<"Don't worry, Crystal. There's two of us and only one of him. I'm sure we'll think of something.">>
"Hm! That's true...he seems tad over confident, doesn't he?" I grinned.
<<"Indeed. I think our best bet is to play off of that arrogance of his. It's definetly one of his more prominent weak points.">>
I nodded and once again began to scan the vast array of weapons. None of them particularly interested me, seeing as I wasn't used to, or fond of, human weapons. But suddenly my eyes rested on a set of twin kodachi that had a sort of shimmering crystallic-like substance for the blades and jewel-encrusted hilts. For some reason, I could not take my eyes of them. It was if...it was if...they were calling to me. Why, I had no idea, but it was almost as if they wanted me to pick them up. I moved foreward and took them up, turning them over and over in my hands, inspecting them. A warm pulse seemed to be emiting from them as if my touch had activated something inside of it. From that moment on I felt as If I could never let them go and I didn't want to.
"I'll take these," I said determinedly, smirking at Racalexand and smiling sideways at Arctic.

I'd post for Farlander, but I was the last one to post for that particular group so it's some elses turn. I'll leave it up to Tornado, Arnen or Eclipse.

Arctic A
28th June 2003, 01:54 PM
Racalexand looked at Crystal with a strange glint in his eyes.
"Interesting choice. Of course, since it's a pair, we may have to...compensate.....but i'm sure that can be dealt with later. Now, Arctic my man, what will you choose? You know, most of these are ancient atrifacts that i've 'Aquired' over my travels. Some of them are quite equisite. I do beleive that some of them originally came from Mew Castle itself..."
I looked at Racalexand while he ranted on, then Crystal, and finally Byakko in the central sphere. She was looking at us with pleading eyes. I gave her what I thought was a reassuring smile, then turned to the assortment of weapons. There were many things there, but what really caught my eye was a sleek looking double - bladed sword. The two ends looked incredibly sharp, and resembled a scorpian's tail. It seemed to pulse with a blue energy that drew me too it. I leant down, and placed both of my hands on the handle in the center. I instantly felt something coursing through my body, something warm and refreshing, yet powerful. I raised the weapon up, and spun it around five times in quickly.
"Not quite Darth Maul, Arctic. But you seem to grasp the double bladed weapon quite well." Racalexand placed his hand on his chin as he thought. "I wonder what I should choose?" He pondered, looking down at us. "What do you think?"
<<< The walking stick over there. Looks like your style.>>> I said, motioning over to a wooden stick in amongst the pile. Racalexand laughed gently, and jumped down off the central sphere onto the ground in front of us. The burned ground around him erupted into a dark red fire, surrounding him in a circle.
"Maybe that's too dramatic.." he mused, then swung his arm over the flame. It dimmed down to a lighter fire. He then stuck out his arm, and the walking stick flung out from the pile. It flew right towards me, striking me in the groin at incredible speed.
<<< ARGH! >>> I fell to the ground.
"Human disadvantage number one: Incredibly sensitive areas." Racalexand barked. He raised his hand again, and the stick flew from the ground next to me, up into the air, and then into his hands. I grunted as I raised myself up. It felt very strange and painful, but I ignored it, instead clutching the blade s hard that my hands turned white. Meanwhile, Racalexand was examining his walking stick.
"Very nice, isn't it? Have you seen the patterns? Masterful carving!" He stroked it with his gloved finger. "However, it could use a small improvement..."
He held the staff out in front of him. The wood started to crack in lines, and suddenly the staff blew itself apart. In Racalexand's hand now was a luminous red staff, crackling with energy that was painful to look at.
"Isn't that better?" He laughed, twirling it around a few times. "So, are you going to make the first move? Come on you two, you know you want to." He taunted us.

Kuro Espeon
5th July 2003, 02:53 PM
Hey there, I'm just bumping this up for now so that no one forgets about it! If no one else posts before tomorrow (or whenever I get on next...) I'll post. Gomen Nasai!! *bows*

Kuro Espeon
14th July 2003, 11:22 AM
Werg....I'm horrible at fight scenes...but I'll try to make a short one. And I might do one for Farlander if can think of anything to post (We're waiting on Eclispe and Arnen again...*sigh*)

I stared at Racalexand's weapon choice with a skeptical eye. I knew that there was more to this stick than what met the eye...we would have to be careful. I wanred Arctic telepathically.
"Careful, Arctic...he probably has some tricks up his sleeve..."
<<"I know...">>
"So, are you going to make the first move? Come on you two, you know you want to." said Racalexand, tauntingly. I felt my fists tighten around the hilts on my kodachi. It wasn't very often that I felt the beginings of rage flowing through my veins...but I could feel it now, surging through me. And I wanted so much just rush over and pulervise him. But I knew we should make any rash actions or attack without thinking. Not against an enemy like this.
I watched Arctic out of the corner of my eye. He knew alot more about fighting than I did, espeically in human form. I figured it would be best to follow his lead.

Sorry to leave you hanging there, Arc! But I'm kind ofat a loss here....^^()

Arctic A
19th July 2003, 11:18 AM
Sorry for the delay. :(
You'll have to think of most of this post as Matrix-like 'Bullet Time'...

I kept the sword held out in front of me with one hand, keeping a keen eye on Racalexand. It did truely look like he was waiting for us to make the first move.
Crystal - Move in on the other side. I told her telepathicly. She responded with a quick nod, and slowly started walking around to Racalexand's left. She had her duel weapons crossed in a defensive position. I slowly walked over to Racalexand's right. He looked at us with what might have been a hint on concern. His fingers were cleched around his staff.
"I see...." He mused to himself. By now, Crystal and I were on opposite sides of him.
What now?She asked.
On three...lunge and slash at him.
I saw Crystal's face set in a determined but nervous manner. I breathed deeply as I started to count.
"Come on. It's not nice to keep a man waiting." Racalexand sneered.
Racalexand swung his staff around quickly.

I flung myself towards Racalexand, as did Crystal. Racalexand, however, leapt up with blinding speed into the air. Both of us missed him, as he was now about 3 meters above us. I managed to look up just in time to see him falling down towards me, thrusting his staff at me. I was about to yell, but Crystal managed to execute a fantastic backwards leap, thrusting out one of her kodachi to block the thrust of the staff. There was a loud clanging noise as Racalexand was thrown of course by the impact, spawling onto the ground nearby but keeping firm hold of his weapon. Crystal hit the ground with a hefty *thump*, but was uninjured. Racalexand swung his legs around and righted himself. I held my weapon with one hand as I jumped forwards on the attack. Racalexand stuck out his staff to block my double sword, but my other hand was free to punch him in the face. He staggered backwards, swinging his staff in a defensive way. I placed two firm hands onto my sword, and made an upwards thrust with it. It came into contact with Racalexand's staff, drawing it's spinning to a stop. He darted sideways, unlocking the weapons. He dropped down and held himself upright with one hand, swinging his body around and kicking me in the knees. I cried out as i felt something crunch - his boots had many small but razor-sharp spikes on thme. As I went backwards, I swung my weapon. I managed to gnash him across the back and his was throwing himself back up. He snarled, and twirled around into a battle pose.

Crystal ran towards him, keeping one kodachi back as a defender while she struck out with the second. Racalexand blocked it with his staff, and performed a lightning roundhouse kick, which hit Crystal in the stomach. he cried out, but didn't seem too hurt. I was now ready to get back in there - my leg felt incredibly painful, but I managed to ignore it. Crystal drew both her weapons out to her sides, attempting a scissors cut. I knew I had to do something quickly to stop Racalexand from blocking it - so I dived at his feet, using my sword to hit his lower leg. It worked, as he dropped his guard against Crystal to stretch out backwards and use his staff to hit me in the face. I staggered backwards, but laughed lightly as Crystal's attack struck Him in the stomach. Two thick red lines were now engraved on his strange robe - but they didn't bleed or anything of the sort. Raclalexand did, however, curse loudly. Both Crystal and I jumped backwards several paces to assess the situation. Racalexand gave us both a cold look.
"Well...well...well....Good work. But I suppose i'm being too generous...."
I stared in horror as the two huge gnashs on his torso 'folded up' into his body and completely healed themselves.
"Game on!" Racalexand yelled, as he lunged at Crystal....

Kuro Espeon
4th August 2003, 12:01 PM
ARGH!!!! *dies in shame*
Like I said I'm not good at battles but I'm gonna give it a try....dont laugh at me...

Racalexand lunged straight at me, his staff pulled back in preparation for a full swing. His speed was almost blinding and I barely had enough time to pull up my kodachi to block the blow. I tried to hide my look of shock as I looked back at his smirking face.
"What's the matter Mew?" he chuckled, "Not so confident anymore?"
"On...the contrary..." I replied, strruggling to hold off his strength, "After all...this battle...is just...beginning!" With that I summon up my newly found human strength and pushed him off. Surprisingly he flew quite a distance, still managing to land on his feet, and skidded a couple of feet before regaining his balance. He didn't waste time with any small talk and charged me once again. But this time I was ready for him. He swung his staff and I paried. What followed was a series of successive strikes and blocks, from me and from him. We moved back and forth along the clearing, our feet shuffling on the dirt floor. His staff emitted the same red sparks with every blow and the air around us was becoming heated.
Occasionally I caught a glimpse off to the side at the small bubble where Byakko was being held captive. I could not help but fel the twinge of parental concern inside of me when I looked at her scared and desperate expression. Even though I was technically not her mother...yet anyway...I still had a soft spot for her in my heart and I would do anything to protect her. After all, she had done so much for us, and I wanted to repay her. I also knew that I couldn't die here...for if I did, Byakko would cease to exist...
"You are distracted, Crystal..." I heard Racalexand whisper in my ear after one of my paries. "You'd better stop paying attention to that whelp and start focusing on this fight. If you don't, you'll never save her."
I glared at him and swung my second kodachi in an upward slash. He jumped out of range and stood back in a defensive stance. I caught a glimpse of Arctic standing a ways behind him, trying to find an oppourtunity to jump in. Instead of coming in for another attack, Racalexand simply stood there, grinning.
"Tell me something Crystal...." he said slowly, "How could a child with that magnitude of power and potential come from such lousy parents?"
"What was that?!" I cried, tightening my grip on my kodachi.
"Or maybe it's just you!" he continued, "I really don't understand what Arctic sees in you! He must have horrible taste! Or maybe the only reason he's with you is so he can have an heir!"
"Shut up!!!" I cried. I lunged foreward and attempteda double slash with he blocked and pushed me away. I heard Arctic call out from over Racalexand's shoulder.
<<"Don't listen to him Crystal! He's just trying to get you drop your gaurd!">>
Racalexand chuckled lightly and looked out of the corner of his eyes at the bubbled Byakko.
"Hmmm...and that daughter of yours...she's from the future isn't she? I wonder...is she legit or is she as big of a bastard child as she looks..."
That did it. My whole body now shaking with anger I lunged once again at Racalexand, but this time my strike was blinded by rage and I wasn't paying full attention. Racalexand appeared to be expecting my attack and managed to, not only block my attack, but knock it completely away. The kodachi flew through the air and landed several yards away, out of my reach. And before I knew what was happening I felt myself being lifted into the air by the front of my shirt, my feet dangling helplessly above the ground. I let out a choked gasp as Racalexand's staff slammed into my stomach. The sparks that were being emitted from his staff now surrounded me completely and I let out horrific cry as a searing pain shot through me.
I couldn't move...my body was paralyzed...the world before me began to blur....the pain was unbearable....
"Ar....ARCTIC!!" was all I could choke out between screams.

Arctic A
9th August 2003, 04:16 PM
Meanwhile, back in the Hoenn mountains.....

The four of us walked in a silent, straight line. Eclipse headed us at the front, with Arnen hovering close behind her. The two were chatting quite audibly, but I wasn't paying attention. I was more concerned about Farlander, walking behind me. Through the occasional glance I could make out a tired look on his dirt-covered face. He caught me taking another look.
"What?" He growled, shaking his head around to get rid of some of the dirt. He thrashed his huge wings at a piece of foilage that was getting in his way. It seemed like he was hiding something, some sort of hidden intention.
"Nothing." I replied, turning back to the trial ahead. He grunted something along the lines of 'bloody dragon' but didn't pursue it further. He seemed tired, so I thought it best to leave him be.
"How much further?" I called out to Eclipse, breaking her out of her conversation with Arnen.
"Not far. You see up there?" She raised a paw and pointed to a large rock formation, covered in a thick bramble. "Just there. I reckon those caves behind the bramble will lead us down into the base."
"Good, good...So, has anyone formulated much of a plan?" Arnen asked, turning around mid-flight to look down at me and Farlander. Farlander snorted, but spoke:
"Well, I figure Eclipse would be our best shot at this. If she can really stay invisible, she'd have the best chance of getting to the MCT and deactivating these damn things."
"MCT?" Eclipse asked, looked confused.
"Master Control Terminal. They'll be one that regulates the killswitches." Farlander said. "But if she fails..."
"I told you that i'm only invisible...I could still be detected by sound or smell. This Xiaso is no fool....he'd surely have the humans set up some sophisticated defenses." Eclipse stated. I raised my hand and scratched my chin. This was going to be difficult. Then I had a thought.
"What we need....is a human."
"What use would a common human be?" Arnen asked, rasing an eyebrow.
"I mean one who works inside the facility. I'm sure we can.....convince....one of them to help us. I figure that the main defense systems will all be installed in the lower levels where the delicate equipment is. This entrance here will probably only take us into the top levels...if we can 'recruit' someone from there...." I mused, stretching out my wings out to full length. I turned to look at Farlander, who was in turn looking at me. I saw something what may have looked like appreciation in his face for a second, but it soon dissapeared.
"It's our best option." He said simply.
"We've no time to loose..." I replied, striding off towards the rock entrance.

Arctic A
23rd August 2003, 04:15 PM
I gasped in horror as Crystal was struck by Racalexand.
"Ar...ARCTIC!" She screamed, falling to her knees. I gritted my teeth, and leapt across the arena with great force towards Racalexand. He anticipated this, as he swung his staff around to meet my face as I landed near him. The blow sent me staggering backwards, and eventually onto the floor. Blood was covering my face now, and clouding my vision. I jumped to my feet again, twirling the double blade in front of me. Racalexand slowly advanced towards me, making several false jabs that made me go onto the defensive. He jumped up and did a forward flip, taking him behind me. I turned to greet his threat, and managed to block a forceful swing. I noticed that Crystal was rising up from the floor now, and had summonded her Kodachi to her.
"DOWN, B*TCH!" Racalexand yelled, taking a hand off his staff. He used his newly freed hand to cast a dark bolt of lightning onto Crystal. She yelled as it covered her, crawling over her body like a web and compelely paralysing her.
<<< You f*cking..>>> I didn't finish, because i had to block another swipe from his staff.
"Comeone, Arc! Hit me!" He taunted, swinging his staff and ducking down to try and deliver a low blow. I jumped up doing a split, and he missed. Before i was back on the ground, i brung my weapon around and struck Racalexand in the back with a great force. It would have broken a normal Human's spine, but Racalexand simply laughed. He executed a butterfly roll, bringing him up beside me. I raised my weapon to strike, but he quickly dropped down onto the ground, supporting himself with one hand, and kicked me in the shins. It made me collaspe instantly. I saw Byakko cringe from the corner of my eye.
"Oops!" He laughed, as he swungu up and brung his staff around with lightning speed to strike me in the stomach. I didn't even have time to move - it struck me hard. I started coughing blood, and I cried out as my grip on my weapon loosend. Racalexand smiled grimly as he raised his staff once more. I braced myself.
Racalexand, however, turned his back to me and walked back over to Crystal.
<<< NO...Leave her..ALONE>>>
Racalexand turned his head over his shoulder to look at me.
"Make me." He challenged. I snarled, and tried to bring myself up off the floor, but the life was seeping out of me. I was unable to move. My mind screamed at me to get up, to protect Crystal, but my body was unable to muster anything. I felt a tear trickle down my blood-soaked face as Racalexand headed back over to crystal. I could see she was struggling against the paralyis acting upon her - but she wouldn't be able to throw it off in time.
<<< No....>>>
My vision was fading to red now. I could see Racalexand picking Crystal up by the neck, thrusting her in front of him. She was squirming, trying to loosen herself, but she was too weak and Racalexand was too strong.
<<< No...>>>
Racalexand's other hand withdrew a weapon from his robes - a short, but incredibly sharp dagger. I could hear him laughing.
"..ahaha! I'm afraid i've won. There always has to be a loser, i'm afraid, and you and Arctic are so, Crystal my dear. Now I will end your pathetic lives....but first, perhaps i'll have some fun."
He threw Crystal to the ground, and slowly moved down to lie on top of her.
<<< No..he can't...>>
He grabbed a fistful of her hair, and pulled it back making her head jerk in the same direction.
"I know you havn't been human for long, but i'm about to show you what one of the most fascinating human senses feels like.." He placed his hand in between Crystal's breasts, and started moving it downwards....The realisation of what he was about to do struck me now, like another blow to the head.

It was now that everything suddenly fizzled away to whiteness - I found myself face down on a pure white floor, still in Human form. My wounds and fatigue were all gone. I gaped in amazment for a moment - then I remembered about Racalexand and Crystal.
"NO! I have to GO BACK! LET ME OUT!"
My voice echoed around the whiteness. I clambered to my feet, scanning the area for signs of anything. But there was nothing. It appeared that I was alone....but i didn't feel alone...
"Kor mal ishta - kel ora. Kre'they mor ishata....ela Shi - Cathor morofrey?"
The strange language burst into my ears with a searing pain. I clamped my hands over my ears, but it didn't help.
"Kre Arctic, Ja med krey mew..."
<<< What? Who are you? What do you want? Please, let me go back! >>> I cried out. Ahead of me, I saw something shimmer into vision. Against the white backdrop, I couldn't make out much. It seemed dragonlike in appearance, but long and snakey at the same time.
[i]"Arctic.......I give you the gift. The gift." It spoke slowly, as if I had trouble understanding. It then burst out into some sort of manical laughter.
"Shi - Kras! The Gift! Shi - Kras! The gift!"
The white was fading away slowly all of a sudden. I could feel all of the pain returning...but it felt different. I felt in control of it. But more importantly, I felt a burning rage boiling inside me. it was more horrific than anything i'd ever felt towards anyone - even Kalidor or Missingno. My thoughts all focused onto one thing.


I was now back in the arena, sprawled on the floor. I could feel Racalexand, Crystal, Byakko and Jewel within the arena. Through my burning rage, my senses seemed to clear up. I felt a strange inner power rising up...everything seemed to go red. The immense rising feel came into full effect as I leviated myself off the burnt arena floor and a few feet into the air.

My human hands were quite literally on fire, as was the rest of my body. My senses were all hightend...I could feel everyone in the area as if they were extensions of myself. I looked down at Racalexand, who was now looking up at me with an expression on his face. One of suprise...and more importantly, fear.
"What? This is impossible?"
<<< Kre-fa morrda KREY! >>> I shouted out. The words echoed throughout the domed arena. I didn't know what i'd just said, but it seemed to make a strange sense inside me. I swept my burning hand out in front of me, and a huge crimson whip of energy burst out of my hand, striking Racalexand and throwing him across the whole arena. He landed with a hefty thump.
<<< Kor-may Je'FAY kracriss ka! MOTA KOR FALLLIA KOR-FELLA >>> Once again, these words made sense to me. I was speaking the language of the creature i had seen in my vision. I moved quickly through the air, leaving a burning trail behind me, as I moved over towards Racalexand.
<<< Kor Fallia. Ishta Racalexand. >>>
Every bit of anger I had ever felt, every bit of pain I had ever endured, every bad thought I had ever embraced formed around me into a bright crimson ball of energy. I could feel it all now, and control it.
It was all so simple. I hated Racalexand more than anything, ever in my life. He'd tried to rape Crystal. He'd attacked and defeated me. He'd imprisoned my daughter and he'd tortured countless creatures. He deserved worse than death.
<<< Misha tel-norka, Racalexand. >>>
See you in hell, Racalexand.

A bright beam appeared between me and him, covering us both in a burning white energy. I couldn't feel it, as i was already burning up. He, however, started screaming. He tried to move, but my mind forced him to stay in place. The heat was going up...steam was rising from both of us. Racalexand's barrier failed, breaking Byakko's prison and allowing Xiaro and the others access to the area. But no-one was moving. They were all watching me and Racalexand. Even Jewel stared at the scene.
Racalexand exploded in a bright flash of red and white. The burning all seemed to suddenly dissapear, and i once again found all my strength leaving me. I was able to glimpse pieces of Racalexand flying in the air before I lost all of my power, and plummeted down to the ground. I struck it with a hefty crash, but didn't feel much. The pain had returned, and now i couldn't handle it. I opened my eyes slowly, still trying to fight. I saw Crystal running towards me with Byakko hovering by her side. I saw Xiaro flying in. I saw two more shapes moving...then my vision failed me once more. Everything was fading to black.

[EDIT: Added alot more. I'd advise you to read it again.]
[EDIT #2: That's if anyone damn well posts again. Ek.]

Kuro Espeon
10th September 2003, 08:10 PM
ARGH!!!!!!!!! >.<
Baka time consuming school work!
Jeez...I feel so bad that I haven't posted here in a while. I'm such a hypocrite for getting on everyone else about it.
I'm not postijg right now (I have no time) but I promise the next time I'm on I'll post something real.
This is just a bump up I guess, so everyone can see that it's still here! I'm pleading with everyone (with the exception of Arctic): PLEASE POST!! Arc and I can't keep this thing alive by ourselves! If you were a member of the RPG please try to make some posts soon! Particularly Arnen and Eclipse are needed because Tornado and Farlander are interacting with them and we need their imput to continue!
Keep this going guys! I'm working on a cool sequel, but we need to finish THIS one first! :yes:

Arctic A
20th September 2003, 03:21 PM
-- Interlude --
Location: Mt.Silver, Malos-12 Research Establishment 2
Time: 0700 Hours

The sound of gunfire echoed down the long, eerie halls of the base. Yells of pain and anger flowed throughout the area. Dr. Daerren cursed as he continued his frenzied rush towards the NanoTech storage. A single Arcanine ran beside him, panting heavily. A large gnash on it's back leg slowed it considerably. Daerren brushed his long black hair out of his face. He was sweating heavily...but it didn't matter to him. He had to reach the Nanites first. He had to stop the intruders and their strange Pokemon from getting them.

He skidded around a corner, and was greeted by a long, battle scarred corridor. Two of his staff lay dead along it, as did several Pokemon which were scarred beyond recognition. Daerren cursed loudly.
"Come on Arch...We have to hurry!" He yelled. The Arcanine howled in agreement, and together they sped off down the corridor. The sound of gunfire was drawing closer now...a few muffled explosions....the crys....the screams....Daerren tried to block them out, but it was too much. He tried to run faster, ignoring the stream of tears that has started to crawl down his face. At 17, he was Malos-12's youngest employee. He was 'gifted', but he really didn't feel it at the moment. His thoughts were set on his dead comrades...and the Nanites.

They were, of course, the only reason why the people had attacked. In the wrong hands, Nanotechnology could be used for evil and devious things....Daerren couldn't let that happen. He allowed himself a grim smile, and glanced at his Arcanine. It was holding up well - but it was starting to bleed considerably from the leg. He snarled, and yanked one of his Pokeballs from under his white coat.
"Arch, return!" The red beam shot across at the startled Pokemon, who dissapeared into the red beam that fizzed back into the ball.
"Maybe you'll survive this way..." Daerren gulped as he placed the ball back in place. Ahead of him, he could see the T - junction and the big sign reading 'NANOTECH STORAGE'. He yelped as a blast of flame burst across the junction - and he heard a scream of pain. It continued, as a large man turned the corner and ran towards him. He was on fire. Daerren yelled as he stopped running, and stood shock still. The man continued screaming towards him, burning fiercely. Daerren backed up slightly, as the man fell to the floor. The smell of burning flesh reached Daerren's nostrils, and he grimaced. Trying to ignore the foul smell, he ran onwards. As he passed the man, he knew that it wasn't one of his research staff - He knew them all very well. None of them had that large build and height. It was one of the intruders...

Daerren ran to the T- Junction, looking both ways. He gasped as he saw a woman lying to the right, clutching a stolen flamethrower against her chest in her bloodied hands. Her white coats was covered in scorch marks, and was covered in blood in places.
"Daerren?" She whispered. "God...they...they got the nanites, Daerren. They got them..." She spoke slowly, as if not believing her own words. Her long red hair dangled in her face, and she made a vain effort to shift it away. Besider her, A Bagon stood, pushing her with it's head. Daerren knelt down beside her.
"It's ok, Annri..."
"You're no good at lying." She laughed quietly. She dropped the stolen flamethrower to her side, revealing a large slash across her torso. Daerren cringed at the sight of it, but tore of his white coat and tried to bandage it. Annri moaned as he did.
"Sorry...this'll hurt..."
"Now you tell me.....argh...."
Daerren frowned, and quickly withdrew his other two Pokeballs from his belt. Annri's Bagon tilted it's head sideways and looked ay Daerren as he spoke:
"Umbreon...Bulbasaur. We need to get Annri out of here..."
Before he could open the balls, a large explosion screamed into exsistance behind him. He quickly jumped forward to shield Annri from the blast - but nothing happens. Bagon growled a warning - Daerren turned to see a tall, slim man with a black beard glaring down at him. He was in a green military uniform, and he held an AK-47 in his gritty hands.

"Daerren Korman? Right? And Annri Resmyan? Yeah. These are the two." He said, and Daerren realised he was speaking into the radio attached to his shoulder pad. He smiled menacingly.
"Guess what. You're the last ones left. And i'm afraid Colonel Xiaso briefed me quite clearly - terminate all the research staff after retrieiving the nanites. Pity." He leveled his gun at Daerren. Bagon was about to leap, but Annri grabbed it's short tail with her free hand.
"No...Bagon.." She spoke slowly, her voice faint. Bagon snarled, but didn't do anything. Daerren looked for options - but there was nothing he could do except wait for the shot. He closed his eyes. But nothing happened.
He opened his eyes, and saw the man slumped on the floor. Above him floated a large bird Pokemon, emanating bright swirling lights. It would seemed to be too big to actually fit in the corridor...but the area was bending around it like looking through a fishbowl. The creature lowered it's shining head to Daerren's level.

"I am Flashwing. And you are not supposed to die here."

-- End Interlude --

Kuro Espeon
22nd September 2003, 04:56 PM
Wow! I'm finally posting! *unified gasp from the crowd*

Nice interlude BTW Arc. Interesting plot twist....keekeekee....
(Whisper: I'm guessing these "Nanites" are pokemon? And if they are, I'm also guessing that Disaran is one of them?)

I watched with a mixture of surprise and horror as Racalexand literally exploded in brilliant flashes of red and white light. When I looked back at my father....I realized that the person I was looking at now was not my father at all. He looked the same...but there was something about him that was different than before. Even though this strange new power he used had defeated Racalexand, it somehow frightened me. His bright red eyes, the strange, foreign language he had suddenly begun to spout...it was as if something had possessed him. And had a gut feeling that it wasn't anything good....
As the last remains of Racalexand blew away in the wind, the bubble prison that surrounded me immedietly faded away, as did the barrier that had held back Xiaro and the others. At first, nobody made a move, but as soon as an eerie silence fell that was punctured only by the sound of Father collapsing to the ground, Mother immedietly stood up and started to run to him. I quickly flew to her side and followed her. Even from the smallest glimpse of her face I could tell that just standing up was painful for her, but her love and concern for Father seemed to keep her going. Xiaro joined us just as we reached father's unconcious body.
Just looking at him I felt my eyes swelling with tears, but I managed to fight them back. Crying now wouldn't do anything....I had to be strong like Father.
"Arc? ARC?! Arctic, please SAY something!" mother shouted, propping up the unconcious Arctic in her arms, also trying to hold back tears.
**"Please...please wake up, father...** I thought desperately. I watched as both mother and father slowly morphed back into their normal Mew forms. Now that Racalexand was gone, the spell he had cast over them was gone and they were automatically shifted out of their human forms.
Mother was now hunched over father and holding him protectivly. The sight was heart-wrenching so I looked away. I averted my gaze by looking up at Xiaro, who was now hovering to the ground. Then I finally asked the question that I knew everyone ws thinking.
**"Xiaro...what was that all about? What happened to Fath---Arctic, just now?"**
"A fine question, young Mew, and one that definetly deserves an answer. But unfortunetly you won't be to get one from me. Your guess is as good as mine."
I sighed and looked down at the ground. There were too many questions that we didn't have the answers to already. Now we had another one.
"I suppose the best thing to do for now is to wait for Arctic to awaken. Then we can ask him..."
Somehow I doubted that father would know the answer either. But there was nothing else to do. Just then...a thought passed through my mind and my head jerked up. I quickly spun around, turning my head left and right.
"What's wrong, Byakko?" Mother asked, a concern look on her face.
**"Jewel! What about Aunt Jewel?! Didn't Repturroc say that she would be released from whatever was possesing her if we defeated Racalexand?!"**

22nd September 2003, 05:29 PM


i hold my breath and count to ten...

Jewel clutched the red, glowing-feather like gem in her tiny paws as she had watched the battle. There was red... and she loved the red. She laughed happily suddenly after the evil man died, and she suddenly shouted..
" I've got them! I've got the Nanoni-" then suddenly her voice was caught off guard, as she screamed, "NO! Flashw-" Then suddenly it sounded as if her voice was cut short, as suddenly her body began to glow a strange color. The barrier which kept her from entering the battle had disappeared and her body began to sink to the ground as Crystal and Byakko cowered around Arctic's body, with Far staring not too far off. Byakko and Crystal turned their heads and with a very bewildered look, shock covered their faces as Jewel's body suddenly glowed red. Jewel let loose a scream... - but it did not seem to be her own.

i've been waiting for a chance to let you in...

Suddenly a brilliant flash of red screamed across the air, blinding everyone temporarily for a short moment... and when everything returned to normal, Jewel's small, white body with light blue tips at the edge of her paws, and ears and tail came to visible. No longer did her body seemed a faded gray... instead it actually seemed to be with light. Her eyes were no longer red- as if some evil presense had captured her body- but they were back to being their dull, dead-looking gray. She limply lifted her head, and gave a cry of pain... and then fell to the floor.
"Jewel!" Crystal called, as she flew to her sister and gazed at her sister.
Jewel's body lay cold... and unmoving, as Crystal gazed from Jewel to Arctic, and she began to shutter.
**What happened mother?!** Byakko's panicked voice rose, and a single tear fell from Crystal and landed upon Jewel. Crystal reached for her charm which mother said would awaken jewel... or help her..
"Jewel! Jewel... look... god, please-"
The charm gleamed in the dim light around them, and it seemed as if nothing happened. Sadness grew and seemed to suffocate the air as Far spoke..
They're both gon-
But suddenly the wind blew, and the air changed as the charm which she clutched so desperately began to glow a very light blue, until it seemed to slice the air better than any light of the sun could manage. The light grew until it rested upon Jewel's lifeless body, and suddenly the light surrounded Jewel tightly, and it seemed as if the breath was placed back into her...

if i just breathe..

As quickly as the charm came to life, a whisper from the wind seemed to rest upon everyone's ears as suddenly the light faded from the charm and Jewel's body began to heave and sigh with breath. Suddenly her tail flickered, followed by her eyes opening as they fuzzied, and then suddenly settled upon Crystal.
Her eyes were a brilliant, sea-sparkling liquid blue, and seemed rimmed with overflowing life.
"C-c...crystal? Sisster?"
let it fill the space inbetween...

(I'm gonna post more for Jewel, Seiko and Far and probably Repturroc to put some missing pieces together but I thought Kuro should put her own part with Crystal in first. I have a way to bring Arctic 'back' too if you guys would let me. ^^)

Arctic A
23rd September 2003, 12:57 PM
That's fine B4, revive him how you want. I'm gonna do a Tornado post pretty soon unless Arnen or Eclipse show up....

Kuro Espeon
7th October 2003, 03:47 PM
Yay! Bulbie posted! *snuggles Bulbie*And Jewel's back! Yipees!!! :D

"C-c...crystal? Sister?"
Never did two words sound so sweet....

At first I couldn't think of anything to say. All words escaped me as my mind, body and heart were overwhlemed with emotion. Not even bothering to keep back the tears that were freely flowing down my cheeks, I quickly reached down and pulled my sister into a tight embrace. It was the first time in over a year that I had been able to hold her.
"Jewel...oh, Jewel!" I sobbed, squeezing her tighter. "You...You've finally come back!"
"C-cry-crystal...You're...hurting...me..." I heard Jewel sputter.
"Oh!" I gasped and quickly released her. I moved back slightly, enough to look her in the face. There were so many things I wanted to say to her. Things I had been keeping inside for the longest time, unable to bring them out before. So many things she needed to know...needed to hear...I wanted to tell her how sorry I was for everything that had happened to her, everything that she went through. I wanted to tell her that it was all my fault. I wanted to say how much I had missed her and how much I loved her. But for some reason the words wouldn't come. The only thing that came out of my mouth was:
"Jewel...I'm so sorry..."
I cried even harder as I sat staring at my long lost little sister.

Arctic A
11th October 2003, 03:50 AM
--- Interlude 2 ---
Location: Unknown
Time: 0730 Hours

An immense flash of light dashed into Daerren's eyes, blinding him. He cursed loudly.
"We leave here now. " The creature in front of him boomed. Daerren was about to say something in reply, but what felt like a strong wind yanked him off his feet. He expected to feel the cold wall hit him, but instead he found himself falling...and falling. He opened his eyes quickly, and saw himself falling, with Annri and her Bagon beside him. He saw flashes of color in front of him - and he saw moving images of the recent events falling beside him. He could hear shouting and screaming...and an increasingly loud sound that seemed like a jet engine plummeting to the ground. He closed his eyes once more.
Oh god...
Then it all came to an abrupt halt - the color, the sound and the sensation. Daerren was reluctant to open his eyes, but he did.
Above him was the familiar sight of the blue sky. He saw birds shooting across it, high up in the air. He realised that he was lying on his back, so he slowly pulled himself up. Daerren glanced around, examining his surroundings. He was in a large courtyard, something that gave him the idea that he was in a castle of some sort. In the center of the courtyard was a huge rainbow statue, detailing two large bird Pokemon - one which looked very much like the one who had just saved them.
"Come inside, Daerren."
Daerren swirled around to see where the voice had came from. There was a large door, and it was slowly swinging open.

Sorry it's short and. I'm not getting on well with the english language at the moment...heh..anyway, I'm waiting on B4 to revive Arctic really.

Kuro Espeon
28th October 2003, 03:01 PM
Well....you know...I WOULD post...but I'm still kinda waiting for B4's reply....^^()

28th October 2003, 04:11 PM

[ So, it has begun]
Suddenly a blackened figure appeared, gazing and reguarding the figures below with a look of grim and yet acceptance.
"What the-who are you?" A voice rose, that of Far. The figure new the voice well.
Repturroc watched as Crystal's sobs settled, and then both Jewel and Crystal both gazed upwards to see a blackened figure slowly lower itself to teh ground, although still floating slightly above it.
Repturroc. Always, seemingly to be there when the time called for guidance.
[ You have finally awaken Jewel... and surely this is a time of rejoice, although you must hurry. It has begun.]
*What has begun?* Jewel inquired, her beautiful icy blue eyes reguarding the blackened figure with dragon-like ewings and red slashes upon it's back, with fear. Jewel remembered this figure... it was the same voice who had stayed with Jewel while she had been in the blackened void. Jewel remembered... the voice stayed with her, until finally the voice had to leave, thus leaving Jewel to go to her abnormal state of 'nothingness'.
[ You will soon find out, for much peril has now been unleashed. But the only way to defeat this evil, is to gain your allies and measure your enemies. You have defeated one, but the other is now rising. Time is shortening, for it whispers it to me.]
With that, Repturroc looked to Jewel.
[ You have been given a gift that you have not harnessed yet. It comes with a price, will you pay it?]
Jewel nodded...

When Jewel was in the void, there was nothing. Nothing but a voice... an evil voice, which talked her into losing her soul. But in the struggle, there was another voice... a voice, which in her sacrifice (which no one will find out perhaps until her days of leaving), she was given a gift. A powerful yet deadly gift, which would not only have a toll upon her body... but it flipped a coin. A coin which would either create life in time, or bring about death. Each time she would use her gift, the coin would be tossed...
Let us hope, never death would occur.

* I will do what you know of me, Repturroc.* Jewel said softly... as she pulled away from Crystal and gently floated over to Arctic. A bit of resentment came to Jewel... for some thing deep inside of her, perhaps rememberance of the darkness still lingered there, and she knew at that moment she would never fully be able to forgive. But she would still remain their friend and their 'family' in a way... she would still be hopeful that one day, she could perhaps forgive. She doubted herself upon t hat fact however.
[ Yes, use it Jewel. Bring Arctic back. ]
This doesn't make sense... Arctic is not de-
[ The power he demanded of himself is enough to throw his soul out of time's pattern, if his soul is lost he will be dead to all that know him, whether it be dead in body or not.]
Far grew slightly aggitated..
Why do you always speak in riddles? Why do you always talk about the d*mn time?! We don't even know who you really are! Why should anyone ever trust you?!
Repturroc's eyes grew very grave at this comment, and for a split second her eyes seemed to light on fire and th earea around everyone seemed to darken. Narrowing her eyes, she spoke in a voice far more disturbing than ever heard before...
[ The question to be answered is not if you could trust me, but can they trust you?]
At this remark, Far silenced and his eyes flashed with hatred towards the strange creature.
[Continue Jewel.]

With that, Jewel placed her small paws upon Arctic's rather cold body, and she then closed her eyes. Softly she began to chant...

Amin Are'lea Repturroc Reganai...

As she spoke, the area around the two began to darken and her body suddenly erupted in a silverish flame which seem to create a rift around the two of them. Slowly the flame spread to Arctic's body, but as it touched him it grew warm... and seemed to turn a dark, deep rich blue filled with warmth and life.

Areiya Merlimoi Weikla Terimoi Revestana!
With that, suddenly a brilliant white flash screened across the landscape, and for a split second time seemed to stand still.

The coin of Jewel's life was toss.
Life... Death...
Efil... Htead...
Evil... Live...
... and then the coin landed.

The white flash suddenly turned into a brilliant light blue color, and after the blinding flash was finished, Jewel had a small, blue ball in front of her and to the side of Arctic. Arctic's body seemed warmer, and his chest rose and fell... Jewel's eyes glowed an eerie silver, and when she finally blink the light blue ball before her was gone. Arctic's eyes then opened...
Crystal gave a cry, and she went to Arctic, who sooned slowly sat up, and Jewel hovered near them. Her eyes suddenly seemed to frown with sadness... and Far's eyes widened.
You did it... though you did not want to.
His voice rose with question, inside of only her mind.
*I wished to do it... for Crystal, for my sister.*
But Why?
*I do... I do not know. I feel that in the future, she will aid some life that will be of great importance to me, when I am not there.*
You sense your death?
*I sense a forshadowing of ill intent, what it will bring, I do not know.*

A chill ran through Far's veigns, for suddenly he realized that Jewel was indeed enhanced. She knew more than she should... she knew a great deal more than what Arctic or Crystal or anyone except perhaps Repturroc realized. Some thing had happend to Jewel because of either the void she had entered... or..
Was it because of that red gem that she had clinged to for so long? Where is it now?!
Far gazed about, but saw none. Perhaps... did that some how infect JEwel...

[ Now I must leave. ] Repturroc flew to Byakko suddenly, and her face grew into a smile. Gently she leaned into Byakko, who seemed shocked from fear...
Little one from time in the future... I give you words of wisdom which you shall need.
Seiko has not come to, you must awaken him. He is from your time.
He is a seer... you need him in order to put the evils in their place.
Crystal and Arctic's time of healing and peace to the world has ended for now.
It will be time for you two to take their place in aiding the world with your awakening powers.

When this will happen... I cannot tell you, but it will come.
Be Ready.]

With that, Repturroc gazed to the others.
[ You wish to know what I am? I will tell you. But not today. If you truely want to know... you must finish your task. Then you will know. ]

WIth that... she simply, disappeared.

29th October 2003, 06:41 PM
Oh, I drew a picture of Retpurroc, looking young and sad.

^^ It's an image you'll understand later! heh. It's just a sketch... but doesn't she look cute? lol, but really sad... ;_; makes me sad for her too. If you only knew... MWHAAA!

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29th October 2003, 06:59 PM
OoC: *beats self on head with frying pan* BAKA! BAKABAKABAKA!!! Eheh... Umm... Sorry for not posting, been busy w/ school and stuff...


"Wait a sec... Hang on," I called after the others, suddenly remembering something. Concentrating for a moment, I changed to my human form. "Will this work?" I asked uncertainly. "I could steal a worker's uniform or something..." I trailed off, looping my fingers behind my back. "<I hope they decide soon; this form's kidna uncomfortable...>"

OoC: Sorry again for the shortness...

Kuro Espeon
30th October 2003, 05:40 PM
Welcome back Nabooru! I was wondering where you were! ;) Don't worry about it, we all get swamped at times (I know I do...)
Thanks for posting!
[EDIT]And nice piccy B4! She's so cute! I have pictures that I've drawn for M-E-W...but I don't have a scanner....;.;

I looked Arnen, in her human form, up and down. Several things went through my head at that moment, (one of which was 'why do so many Pokemon have human forms these days?') but I could only get out one word.
"Huh?!" Arnen squeaked, her eyes widening with confusion.
"Farlander!" Tornado hissed.
"Oh be quiet and think about it for a moment, Tornado!" I said giving him a forceful glance. "You really think that just because she looks like a human, and may be wearing their uniform, that they'd actually fall for it? She doesn't know anything about this place. And that doesn't seem to help our problem either. Besides....how long can you hold that form, Arnen?" I said, looking at her out the corner of my eye and smirking.
"Oh...yeah...well..." She said, grinning guiltily.
"Exactly my point. Nice try, but I don't think that plan will work. You might as well change back....you look very uncomfortable."
Without hesitation Arnen morphed back into her Mew form, which I greatly prefered. The last thing I needed was another human hanging around.
"Actually I'm kinda relieved..." Arnen sighed, "You're right! It was uncomfortable..."
I sighed and shook my head. 'Kids...' I thought as we made our way into the base. We soon found ourselves in a long white hallway that was completely deserted.
"Man...security in this place sucks..." said Eclipse (*sweatdrop*).
Just then, as if on cue, the sound of light footsteps echoed down the hallway. I snapped my head in the direction from which is was coming. As I listened closer, I could tell that there was only one human approaching. Perfect! This was our oppurtunety! I quickly turned to the otehrs and spoke to them psychicly.
"Quickly! Get back into that dark side hall! And don't make a sound! I think I have a plan!"
Everyone surprisingly followed my direction without any delay and hid in the shadows (it took a little longer for Tornado to hide himself, but he eventually succeeded...). No sooner had the last paw been pulled back then a lone, female human wearing a uniform came striding around the corner at the end of the long hallway, burdened down with what seemed to be a mountain of paperwork.
"So Farlander...what's this plan of yours?" Tornado said skeptically into my mind. I shot back my reply caustically:
"If you'd just wait and watch you'll see, Dragonite! What I'm about to do requires alot of energy and I don't do it very often. But I think in this situation desperate times call for desperate measures."
Just as the human was about to pass our hallway, I quickly telelported directly in front of her, blocking her path. With a gasp, she dropped her paperwork started to cry out.
Before she could finish I quickly sent forth a wave of psychic energy and paralyzed her, inhibiting her movement and cutting off her voice. Then, my body surrounded by a blue aura and my eyes glowing a light blue, I sent another, stronger surge of psychic energy from my eyes and directly into hers. Her body relaxed and went slightly limp and her eyes glazed over into a dull gray.
"Whoa!" said Tornado as he and the others came slowly out from the hiding place. "Whaddya do?"
"I'm using a highly advanced mind-control tenchnique." I replied, still concentrating on maintaining the connection. "It's a skill only really high level psychics can learn and use. I, myself, did not learn it until after I became a Creator. And even then it is not a technique to be used lightly. It takes alot of effort and control. Also, it has a tendancy to drain energy alot faster than normal, so we can't dilly-dally with our actions here."
"But...what are we gonna do?" Arnen asked, tilting her head to one side.
"This human is graciously going to show us the way to the MCT." I said with a smirk. "But like I said, we shouldn't waste any more time here. I can't keep control forever. Let's go."

wow...my first Farlander post in a while and it's a decent size! I guess I'm in a creative mood today. (or because I'm supposed to by doing my Biology homework...^^() )

Arctic A
2nd November 2003, 07:40 AM
Yay! Seems we’re rolling again.
I’d like to say that I’m really glad we have you here B4. The quality of your posts and stories still amazes me. Hell, I’m glad we have everyone. You guys are great, seriously. Nice picture there as well B4, It’ll be interesting to see how it fits in…hehe…man, that reminds me. I still haven’t scanned all the pictures I’ve done for M-E-W…they’re all sitting abandoned in my sketchbook. I’ll try and get them up as soon as I can. I’ve got a few essays to write for school though, might take a while. Anyway, back on the road:


Mesha kor re'maian...
The deep voice echoed in my head. As it did, I felt myself growing warmer and stronger..
Mesha kor re'maian...
Something was wrong. The voice now sounded as if it wanted to pull me back into the darkness...but it was fading quickly as I felt my strength return to me. It was a curious sensation, but an extremely welcome one. I saw images forming before my opening eyes – the familiar shape of a Mew…A Latias…another Mew…
I felt Crystal’s familiar touch as she helped me raise myself. My vision had cleared for the most part, and I could make out the arena that I had just been fighting in. The smell of death still lingered in the air, but I could feel it dissipating. I could hear Repturroc’s words echoing around the desolate area. There was so much I wanted to say now. So much I wanted to know. But I didn’t feel the strength to open my mouth.
Xiaro’s voice.
<<< Xiaro…what is happening? What happened to me? >>> I spoke telepathically.
{Jewel…she revived you. She pulled you away from the darkness before it took you. That much is certain.}
The memories of the battle’s final moments started to surface in my head.
<<< Xiaro…before I changed into…whatever I was…I had a vision. I saw a creature before me. It spoke in the same language I used…it was laughing. And I heard it again when I was being healed. >>>
I looked over at Xiaro now, and saw a look of grave concern on his face.
{Tell me…was it a long, snake like dragon?}
<<< How did you know? >>>
{That does not matter. All that matters is that the creature in question is no longer walking this earth. His spirit remains however…but it is a mere shadow of what it once was. It has no way to come back to form, at least not that I am aware of. What you must know, Arctic, is that you must never speak that language again. You must never tempt the darkness. Doing so will bring death and evil more powerful than you can possibly imagine.}
<<< I…I see. He spoke of a..'gift' of some sort. >>>
{ The 'gift' was no doubt your sudden burst of dark energy that allowed you to defeat Racalexand...}
<<< Ah...>>>
{Come now, Arctic. Stand up. There is much that we must all discuss now.}

Kuro Espeon
28th November 2003, 04:12 PM

Sorry guys, I almost completely forgot. I promise to post here shortly. I can't do it right now because I'm currently wrapped up with trying to write my college application essays ("trying" being the key word here...) and at the same time juggling a term paper (amoung other things) for my English class. Once I'm finished with all my application stuff (hopefully before the end of next week) I'll be a little more free. Until then feel free to go ahead and post. (hint hint).
Gomen Gomen Minna-san!! *bows repeatedly*

Arctic A
5th December 2003, 03:10 PM
--- Interlude 3 ---
Location: Unknown
Time: 0800 Hours

Attaching communication leech drone...stand by.
Fusing with network node 58K-C
Scattering trace unit.
Process complete - initiate.

Intercept -

"Your primary unit did not peform...as well as you expected, Doctor."
"Y...y...yes, I know. I'm s-s-sory, mighty one...I..I..won't fail again."
"I am not sure if I trust you to supervise the nano - enfusion."
"But, but everything is going...as planned. We retrieved the Nano units from the Malos -12 facility..."
"Indeed. Perhaps I will allow you to continue to lead this project."
"T-t-t-thank you, X-"
"Quiet. Tell me...are you finished constructing the Enfusion Chamber?"
"Yes. It is ready for you. We c-can begin the process once my men have reprogramed the nanites, and the Lugia has been prepared."
"Well, there is also the matter of the others who we implante-
TERMINATE -----------------//

Arctic A
6th February 2004, 01:35 PM
*insert dead topic joke here*

We all kept quiet as the human woman Farlander was dominating slowly turned around in a zombie-like fasion, and started taking lurching steps down the corridor. A picture of concentration covered Farlander's face as he walked down the corridor behind her. We all slowly followed, taking delicate steps so not to make any noise. Well, except Arnen, who was able to hover silenty.
This is....interesting, to say the least. Farlander's voice whispered in my mind. It appears this woman is one of the leading scientists at this establishment...I am reading..fragments of information from her mind....
"What have you found?" I whispered out loud. There was silence for a few seconds, then Farlander spoke normally to the whole group:
"Xiaso has been hiring human mercenaries to gather certain pieces of technology for him...I believe the killswitches are among them. Most of the people here believe that 'Colonel' Xiaso is a human...they believe that they are helping to construct a special chamber that will allow them to infuse microscopic machines directly into other humans to create augmented soldiers...yet they are wrong. If I am reading this right, Xiaso is having them construct an enfusion chamber for him.... Coupled with his immense power that would be granted to him if he won the Shi - Cathor, he could turn himself into a being with almost unstoppable powers..."
There was a series of gasps from Arnen, Eclipse and myself.
"D..Disaren is..being used as part of the process....he plans to...ensnare the psychic power of a Lugia as part of his enfusion..." Farlanders eyes suddenly burst open. "She is going to die unless we move quickly. Xiaso has most of the resources he needs."
I glanced over at the human woman. Farlander's control over her was weakening - I could see her beginning to regain some sort of sense of person.
"Farlander! The MCT! Remember?" I growled softly. Farlander blinked quickly, and closed his eyes again. I could feel him reasserting his control over the human.
"It is located 5 floors below. Come...we must move quickly."

Kuro Espeon
6th February 2004, 10:27 PM
Wow! I thought we had LOST this RPG! good job on bringing it back Arctic!
Keekeekee...time for a nice long post! I'll get around to another Farlander post soon.

I hovered next to Arctic as he sat on the ground looking up at Xiaro and the others who had formed a small circle around him, watching him with serious expressions. My own was more of worry. Just by looking at Arctic's eyes I could tell he was still recovering from his near-death experiance and was in pain, emotionally and physically. And just one glance at Jewel told me that she was exhausted as well. This had been very draining on everyone...
{"Come now, Arctic. Stand up. There is much that we must all discuss now."} Came the voice Xiaro as he floated down until he was face-to-face with Arctic. A sudden wave of emotion swept over me and a strange irritation rose to the surface, causing me to speak out more forcefully than I ever had before.
"I really don't think that's necessary, Xiaro!" Everyone, including Arctic, seemed to freeze and look at me in surprise, all their wide eyes now fixed on me.
{"I beg your pardon?"}
"I said, I don't think a discussion is necessary right now!" I my eyes narrowed slightly, indicating my level of seriousness. "Don't you see how tired Arctic is? This whole thing has been overwhelming for him! For ALL of us! Can't you see that he's still in pain!? What he doesn't need right now is you causing him more worry and stress with long discussions about the problems ahead of us! He needs to rest and regain his strength first!"
<<"Crystal...It's ok! Really! I'm fine!">> Said Arctic in an assuring tone. But at this I turned and fixed my piercing gaze on him, my eye flashing dangerously. <<"Err...Well...now that you mention it..I AM a little tired... Eh-heh heh...^^()">>
I turned back and addressed the group again.
"Let's ALL take some time to recover our energy and deal with everything that's happen today. THEN we can worry about tomorrow and everything after it!" I ended my speech by looking directly at Xiaro, fixing my eyes on him intently. Xiaro was silent for a moment and finally sighed.
{"Very well, young Crystal. We shall put off our discussions for the night. I don't think Xiaso poses any immediete danger for he seems to be keeping himself occupied. I haven't seen him for a while and I expect he's gone off somewhere planing his method for the Shi-Cathor."} his voice dropped suddenly as he mummble to himself. {"And I fear it isn't a respectable one..."} He spoke up again, this time in direction. {"We should all head back to the castle, for dusk is close upon us and we should seek the sanctuary of the Mew Castle walls."} Everyone nodded and we began to make our way back. I helped Arctic up off the ground and spoke to him in a now softened tone.
"Can you fly, Arc?"
<<"Yeah, I think so.">> He slowly lifted himself off the ground and hovered in the air. As he went higher he staggered slightly but quickly regained his balance. He beamed at me. <<"See? I'm alright! Stop worrying about me so much!">>
"And YOU need to stop saying that! Don't you it's my job to worry about you? I also need to watch you to make sure you don't do anything stupid."
<<"Crystal...^^() ">>
Just then Xiaro came back over and addressed Arctic. {"Arctic, will you please go on ahead into the castle? I must speak with Crystal alone."}
Arctic looked at Xiaro with a slightly confused expression and then at me. I had to admit that the way he looked was the way I felt. Why in the world did Xiaro need to talk to me? I gave Arctic a reassuring smile.
"Go ahead, Arc. I'll catch up in a minute." Arctic nodded and turned away, flying slowly after the others. Xiaro watched him go and as soon as he was out of voice range he turned back to me.
{"Crystal...do you know what I am about to tell you?"}
"Well...not really. But I have a feeling it's about Arctic's....strange new power....isn't it?"
{"Indeed."} Xiaro paused and turned away. He seemed to be avoiding my eyes. {"I'm sure you are aware by now that this new force inside Arctic is a dangerous one. Not only to those around him but to himself as well. It is a dark and mysterious power....and I do not know how it came to be bestowed upon him, but that doesn't change the fact that it's there."} He paused and looked up at the darkening sky. I remained silent and waited for him to continue. {"I have warned Arctic about never using that language again....but I fear that another occurance is inevitable. The dark power will return, and when it does...Arctic will not be able to control it and it will consume him. If he let's it take hold of him again, even if he's fighting our enemy, it may very well kill him."}
I felt my body stiffen slightly at the word "kill." Now it was I who averted my gaze and refused to look at the powerful bird.
"Why....are you telling me this?" I said, the cracking of my voice giving away my distress.
{"Because, Crystal..."} Xiaro answered, finally turning back to me, {"Even though the day that Arctic's dark gift resurfaces is inevitable...we still may be able to fight it."}
{"Crystal...you are Arctic's driving force. You and he are of the same mind and soul. You...are what he lives for. I feel that that undying loyalty and love he has for you is stronger than any type of mystic power or sorcery. That means that you, Crystal, are the only one who can keep him from losing himself to darkness. Once Arctic loses control...you are the only one who can bring him back."}
"M-me? But...but I..."
{"This task is now your responsibility, Crystal of Mew Castle; Yours, and yours alone. Arctic's life, at least the life of the Arctic we know, is in your hands."}
With that sentence echoing in my mind, I watched as Xiaro turned and flew away, leaving me there with my own thoughts and newfound worries.

dear lord...I didn't expect it to be THAT long....I guess this makes up for all my short posts before now. Eh-heh..^^()

Arctic A
9th February 2004, 12:38 PM
- A few minutes later -

The wind brushed gently against my face as I stood atop the castle. From here, I had a clear view of the large decimated circle of ground where I had defeated Racalexand mere minutes ago. Dark smoke could still be seen rising, and to be honest I felt sick to look at it.
But there are things I have to face, I thought. Still weak from my ordeal, I slowly glided up onto the highest spire of the building and sat down. I looked up further into the sky, and was greeted by an amazing sunset that was untinted by the darkness I felt below. I looked down at the brickwork below me.
How can I look at something as pure and beautiful as that? How, when I've done so many dark things, and seen so many dark things, can I still.... My own thoughts trailed off in my mind. I punched down at the ground. There was so much running around in my head...if only I could make sense of it all.
Mesha kor re'maian... Those words kept surfacing from all the others. Xiaro was pretty clear when he told me never to say them again..
I looked up at the sky once more.
There always has to be some good, somewhere. I allowed myself a faint smile. Perhaps there was some feeling of peace behind it.
<<< Heh....life is sure full of suprises..>>> I said aloud to noone in particular, letting my tail rise and hover with the wind. It was then that I sensed someone approaching me - I leaned over the edge of the spire and looked down.
<<< Crystal...>>>
"Arctic..." Her voice curled up towards me and filled me with a sudden sense of relief and happiness. I clambered to my feet and jumped down to her.
<<< I..>>>
Crystal jumped forward and flung her arms around me, and I quickly did the same.

We stayed like that for a while...I didn't really count the minutes. All that mattered to me at that time was that Crystal was here with me, safe and sound. The wind seemed to die down and slow for us, only faintly brushing against us...there was no cold, only a deep warmth.
<<< I love you, Crys.>>> I whispered, not moving from the embrace. <<< I love you and I never want to put you in danger like that, ever...>>> My voice trailed off as I found tears swelling in my eyes.

11th February 2004, 04:16 PM
Okay...I know it's gonna seem pretty weird for ME to post here but the thing is I'm a HUGE fan of this rpg and I originally singed up for it but kinda got lost...Anyways...I've read through the entire thread (took a while) and I would REALLY like to be apart of this rpg. So, if no one minds I'd like to submit and evil character to participate.

Arctic A
11th February 2004, 04:43 PM
I don't think that introducing an evil character would work out well at this point, as we're certainly nearing the end of the story...it's good that you want to join in though. Share your character idea and we'll see what we can work out...

Kuro Espeon
11th February 2004, 05:33 PM
I agree...another bad guy at this point may not be such a good idea. However, I'm already planning ahead for then next Saga after this one and I'm looking for some bad guy ideas.

However if you still want to rejoin here then i don't mind but I really don't think a bad guy would fly. But like Arctic said go ahead and share your idea. (You should probably PM it Arctic or me though so we don't clutter up the thread in here.) We'll see what we can work out.

24th February 2004, 01:31 AM
Hope this'll be okay for you guys...

Race: Human
Name: Zandar
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is 6 feet tall with a crop of short, messy blonde hair. He has red eyes that strangely have tints of black and a long black cloak that he wears over his all-black suit and uses to hide his choice weapon which hangs at his belt. He appears to wear trousers made of black leather but they are quite loose and baggy and are held up by a belt surrounded by small but sharp spikes. Beneath his cloak is slightly loose long-sleeved top that has a slight shimmer and he also wears thin black gloves. This ensemble makes it easy for him to hide amongst the shadows and survey physically instead of psychically.
Personallity: He is very dark. His motives are unknown but may also be found confusing to those should he try to explain it as his methods can be seen as somewhat unorthodox. He has been able to tap into both the powers of psychic and dark through countless hours of training in solitude. From there he has been psychically monitoring events, planning when to strike. He has also learnt to surpress his powers so now one can either tell or predict how strong he really is, which gives him an edge of surprise over his opponents.
History: No one knows about his past for sure as he tends to keep anythign personal to him very quiet. One thing is for sure though and that is that he wasn't always evil but there was something that happened that caused him to change, something that still haunts him.
Other: none

"What a load of mushy c***," I muttered quietly. I had managed to conceal myself in the shadow of a large tree and begun to investigate events as they occurred now that the fight with Alex was over. I smirked, and what an exellent battle it had been. Shame he got in so far ovwer his head though, he was quite promising.
I watched Arctic and Crystal - more with my psychic mind that my real ones - and listened in on them. I sighed, I didn't want to do this but it was what I'd been assigned to do, find out what was going on with the mews and their...friends .
If it was up to me, I wouldn't be the one sitting here, I'd be the one at the top of the ladder, not just this close. I shook my head, I couldn't forget my mission. I had to observe the mews and try and find as many weaknesses as possible.
I swung down to the ground and darted quickly to another tree. Watch yourself Arctic, things are being put into motion that even YOU won't be able to stop.

Arctic A
24th February 2004, 12:44 PM
yeah, that's a good start. weeee! another interlude...

--- Interlude 4 ---
Location: Unknown (Suspected: Keras Mun-rai, Castle of the Timekeeper)
Time: 0845 Hours

"Interesting. Most Interesting." Flashwing mused, as he listned to the recording that the communication leech had created.
"Is that all you bloody well have to say?" Daerren growled, as he started taking off all the infiltration gear that he'd been wearing for his little 'expedition' to the Hoenn mountain ranges. He pulled off his IV goggles, and brushed his sweaty hair back out of his face. "I was almost caught. Now i've done what you asked. Do your part."
Flashwing turned to look at him, and laughed softly, but just enough for it to echo throughout the grand chamber. "You may be resourceful, but you still don't seem to understand quite what is going on here, young human."
"I don't care what's going on. You said you'd heal Annri if i did this."
"Don't worry...I have attented to her wounds. She will make a full recovery."
Daerren blinked, and said a very quiet thanks.
"Humans still confuse me from time to time. Your emotions and feelings are so muddled up that i'm suprised you can make any sense of them." Flashwing said, half to himself, as he turned around and strode to the opposite end of the hall, towards a wall that bore a large mural. "Anyway... I believe that you two can be of further assisstance."
"If we refuse?"
"Then you'll have to live with the consequences. A world draped in shadow and evil...a world without freedoms and joys..." Flashwing trailed off. Daerren rasied an eyebrow. This crazy creature...he makes so little sense he thought to himself.
"Crazy? No, no, dear boy. I am simply beyond the human mind's comprehension. This way it must be...I am the Timekeeper."
Daerren was shocked that his mind had been read like that, but he kept it well hidden, simply brushing another strand of black hair out of his face. "So are you the good or the bad guy?"
"I am neither black nor white...I am a shade of grey." Flashwing raised his head and looked at Daerren. "I have done things you would consider evil; even to the point of attempting to exterminate all life on this planet in an attempt to restart it. But my logic on that matter was flawed...nothing is perfect. But I, I am a force beyond all knowledge. But still with restrictions."
"Are you calling yourself a god?" Daerren felt slightly stupid asking it, but Flashwing paused for a second.
"A god? Is there really such a thing? I suppose, in a way of seeing things, you could call me a God. It was I, with a circle of others, who created life and nourished it."
"Why are you telling me all this?"
"Because, Daerren, you are now involved in this matter. And that cannot be changed...it is your destiny, I suppose."
"What if i think that's bullsh*t, and just walk out the door?"
"Do what you will. But in the end, you will come back."
Daerren didn't move towards the door, but instead walked into the center of the chamber. Flashwing sighed, and pointed with a wing towards one of the side doors.
"Annri is through there. Be quiet, for she sleeps now."
Flashwing turned away and once again looked at the wall. Daerren turned and ran towards the door, leaving Flashwing alone in the grand chamber.
"A god? Are we gods?" He spoke to the mural on the wall - it showed 5 balls of light around a central circle - as if it would respond to him. "But Gods cannot die..Ramses, Cizora."
A voice in the back of his mind seemed to speak out - But we are not truely gone.
"Maybe you are not. But why can we not intervene with the Shi - Cathor? Why are we powerless against the new being who will ascend to become one of us? Why.....?" Flashwing lowered his head once more. Why........

Arctic A
13th March 2004, 03:44 PM
--- Interlude 4, continued. ---

Daerren fiercely threw open the door that Flashwing had pointed out to him - the only thing running through his mind at the moment was that last glimpse of Annri that he'd had back at the science outpost. She'd better be ok...
It came as a relief to Daerren when he saw that he'd entered a large library of sorts, and Annri was sitting on the end of a long table aroundabouts the center of the room. She was wearing a set of strange robes that seemed to match the architexture of the castle, and her dark red hair was draped down to her chest as opposed to the usual ponytail. Daerren smiled, and ran towards her. His loud footsteps alerted her to his prescence, and her warm, smiling face looked up to greet him.
"Daerren!" She jumped out of her chair and grabbed him by the arms. She then flung hers around him, hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry I couldn't see you sooner...but Flashwing was quite adamant.." She whispered in his ear. A few tears began to fall from her misty eyes. Daerren held her closely, stroking her hair softly.
"It's ok..we're both ok now..." He whispered. The two stood there for a few minutes, neither speaking. Eventually, Annri pulled out of the embrace.
"Daerren...there's so much here that I need to tell you about..." She smiled, pointing at the open book on the long stone table. "This place...it's master..."
"Flashwing and I have already met." Daerren growled. "He made me go on some crazy mission to bug some lab in the mountain ranges before he'd let me see you..."
"I know..." Annri trailed off, returning to her seat. "Sit down." She commanded. Daerren grinned, and walked over to the nearest seat. "So what's up with the robes?"
Annri looked up from the book, and then looked down at herself. "It's all I could find...all the humans here left long ago."
"Humans lived here? where the hell is 'here' anyway?" Daerren asked.
" 'Keras Mun-rai', meaning 'Castle of the Timekeeper', or something to that effect."
"That'd be Flashwing, I suspect. Look here-" She pointed at a map on the page she was studying.

"From what I can tell, there are four major castles or monuments on the planet that are all linked somehow. Keras Mun - Rai, that's here..the Castle of the Timekeeper. Keras Arun - Myuu, Castle of the Mew. Arathai Shi - Cathor, I translated that as, 'The Protector's Arena', and then there's this last one here....Kerathor Erebai, which i think means something like ' Holding of the Underworld'."
Annri pulled a few strands of hair out of her face as Daerren listned carefully.
"Daerren...this is amazing...the things here..." She trailed off.
"But what does it all mean Annri?"
"Well...from what I can tell, something is going to happen soon. Flashwing tells me that the Arathai Shi - Cathor will soon become active...which means that soon two powerful creatures will be dueling for control of Keras Arun - Myuu...the winner will inherit the mystical force of the 'Protector'...guardian of the 'Myuu', or Mew, of the castle. But something has gone wrong...one of the contestants..Xiaso, I think...he's faltered. He's turned evil...he's the one who stole the Nanotechnology at the Malos base...furthermore, he's supposedly captured a Lugia and is experimenting with it...."
"How do you know all this?"
"Flashwing sensed that a Lugia had been taken against it's will...he also tells me that a rescue is underway by some of the Keras Arun - Myuu inhabitants."
"Well...that's good I guess..." Daerren couldn't really think of anything to say.
"But the bottom line is this, I think: Xiaso has poweful nanotechnology, and the psychic power of a Lugia. If he could join all this together...Daerren, if he inherits the Protector powers alongside all of this, he'd be unstoppable."
"I guess we don't want that." Daerren raised his eyebrow.
"There's something else as well...come with me." Annri spoke quietly, getting up and moving quickly towards a set of stairs that led down into a torchlit corridor. Daerren jumped up and followed behind her. They walked silently into another chamber that was lit by two swirling blue torchlights on the far wall. Bewteen them was a large picture painted on the wall.

It showed a row of Mew creatures, each with pendants of sorts glowing above their heads. Underneath, names were carved into the wall. Above the set of Mews, a Mewtwo figure stood as if guarding over them.
"'Arctic'? Crystal? Jewel? Far? What the hell is all this?" Daerren asked as he read out the names. There were more as well, but he stopped reading and turned to look at Annri.
"All of these are the Myuu of Arun - Myuu...these are a special race of Mew. They all have the ability to morph into perfect humans, and are more powerful than your usual Mew breed. This is what Flashwing tells me anyway, and the books seem to agree with him."
"I still don't get it. What does this have to do with us?"
"Daerren..look at this end." Annri said quietly. Daerren walked over, and gasped when he saw it.

Two Mews stood side by side, both with pendants glowing above them. The names read 'Annri' and 'Daerren'.
"What the hell does this mean?" Daerren growled, not quite sure how he was supposed to react now.
"Daerren...this may sound incredibly stupid...but...have we always been human?" It wasn't really a question, more of an open pondering. "I...I...I feel something within me. And within you...I don't know what this all means. But we need to go to Keras Arun - Myuu... Mew Castle ...to find out."

Kuro Espeon
14th March 2004, 04:51 PM
Oi vey! I haven't posted here in a while! I think I probably should! BTW, I really likew the direction you're taking Arc! Interesting indeed, it is....

I didn't want that moment to end...but unfortunetly it, like all good things must, did end. After several minutes, I finally pulled away from Arctic. I tried to discreetly wipe away the tears in my eyes before looking at him directly. After I composed myself, I addressed him in a serious manner.
"Arctic? How...did all of this begin?" I asked.
<<"What? Begin? What do you mean, Crystal?">> he replied, confused by my suddenly straight-up manner.
"I meant exactly what I said, Arc...I want you to tell me. How did this all start? How did things get to be so complicated? So confusing? What caused everything to change from what it was before? You remember how things used to be Arctic! Don't you? How happy we all used to be! Life here was perfect! You....me....Jewel....Far....and Ramses. I...we were happy together! Just the 5 of us! We didn't have a care in the world! And we never did anything wrong...we didn't do anything to deserve a life filled with agony, pain and death! And friends coming and going like the tides...many of them dying before we could even get to know them! Why us? What did we do? What happened to alter our destinies so? You have to tell me....because no matter how hard I try...I can't understand it. I guess that's always been my biggest fault...I never understood anything and I couldn't bring myself to accept it. But I don't think I can change that. That's just the way I am. That's why i need you Arctic! I need you to tell me! Give me a reason! A reason why....why we are forced to suffer like this. Please Arctic....help me understand..."
Throughout my entire speech I had remained clam and composed, but my voice still implored a sense of desperation and forcefulness. I had poured out my entire mind into Arctic's ear, the thoughts that had been running through my head for ages, driving my insane. And I knew...that if anyone could put my heart at ease, give me some for of resolution - at least for a little while - it was Arctic. I needed to know if he felt the same way....and if my feelings were justified.
All I needed....was an answer...

Arctic A
15th March 2004, 11:50 AM
Crystal's outburst didn't really suprise me...I guess that some of those thoughts had been running through my head as well. I sighed, and looked down at my feet.
<<< I...I don't know...I suppose somebody has to do all this....I mean, fight all these evils and such...but why us? I can't answer that. I don't know. But what I do know is that is someone dosn't do it, a whole load of evil would have been unleashed long ago... and nobody would be able to live like we once did. I guess we've had our time of peace - now we have to fight to preserve what good remains here...>>> I spoke quietly, feeling the wind blowing against my fur gently. I looked up at Crystal, and then up at the sky.
<<< I'm sorry Crys...I know I don't make much sense ...>>> I sighed.

We all silenty moved as fast as we could through the maze of corridors that was Xiaso's base. Farlander was doing a good job of controlling the human, not allowing his concentration to falter. It was clear to see that his desire to save Disaren was fueling him, and that was clearly a good thing. I'd never really seen Farlander in this way before; I suppose in a way I was gaining a new respect for him. I really did feel sorry for Eclipse and Arnen - two innocent bystanders we'd really dragged into our buisness. But their help was proving relatively useful, which I was thankful for. My train of thought was stopped when Farlander raised his wing in a 'cease movement' sort of gesture.
"What?" I whispered.
"We are above the terminal."
"And I am tired of all this sneaking while Disaren is in danger." Farlander growled. "Let me put this simply: I am going to forcefully remove the five floors that stand bewteen us and the MCT. This will require considerable energy...this is quite a hard material used to construct them. I am quite sure however that my calculations will punch down exactally five floors...Tornado. I will require you and our other companions to quickly apprehend all of the humans in the room. Understood?"
"This seems a little-"
"Disaren will be DEAD within MINUTES if we do not act NOW. Xiaso is on the way to the enfusion chamber as we speak...I have sensed it." Farlander growled savagely. I responded with an acknowledging nod, and quickly informed Eclipse and Arnen of Farlander's new plan.
Tornado...It is also apparent to me that before we escape this base, there is a high probability that we will confront Xiaso. Farlander spoke telepathically to me. I suggest that you begin to prepare yourself for it - I intend to make Eclipse and Arnen escape with Disaren while we engage him.

Arctic A
12th April 2004, 08:15 AM
Note: I'm gonna be away for a week...but at the rate we're moving, that shouldn't be a problem... :what:

--- Interlude 5 ---
Location: Unknown (En route to Keras Arun - Myuu)

The forests were teeming with life and energy. As far as Daerren could remember, he'd spent most of his life indoors and underground - It was rare that he would ever walk outside like this. He felt very strange, perhaps even a bit spooked.Ahead of him, Annri was quickening her pace. She kept quickly glancing from side to side. From what Daerren could tell, she seemed worried about something; so he ran up alongside her and grabbed her shoulder.
"What's wrong?" He asked, a concerned expression covering his face.
"C..can't you feel it? It's closing in..." She whispered, suddenly stopping. Daerren raised an eyebrow. It was true that he felt something...but he assumed that was merely the feeling of wandering through a dark forest for the first time in years.
"What is it?" Daerren said.
"I...I don't know. But it's familiar...deathly familiar..." She spoke so quietly that he could barely hear her. "I...It's coming closer, Daerren...we can't outrun it."
"What the hell is 'it'?" Daerren barked angrily, to try and cover up the rising sense of fear that was inside him. The wind was picking up around them, blowing in circles around them, trapping them in a whirlwind of leaves and dirt. It was growing darker...and colder...Daerren could no longer see five meters in front of his face. He grabbed Annri and pulled her down to the ground, trying to sheild her from whatever was coming.

Above them, a large snakelike figure started to shimmer into existance, whirling around them like part of the whirlwind of forest debris. It created a powerful sound that caused Daerren and Annri to look up from their protective embrace.
"What the hell-" Daerren started, but the noise became so powerful that Annri couldn't hear what came after. What could easily be heard, however, was the booming voice that followed. Both humans lowered their heads again to try and reduce the pain that it caused their ears.

KOR MERA FYAAR! T'has been faaar to long...kree.....

Daerren and Annri both looked up again, to see a dragonlike face staring down upon them. It was green, sharply featured and reeked of darkness in their minds...but most of all, they both somehow found it to be familiar. Annri gasped.

Kreeee......yes. Look up, and face your ancient enemy once more...

Kuro Espeon
12th April 2004, 03:55 PM
Just to let you guys know, I am planning a post and I intend to get it up before Wednesday (because on Wed. I'm leaving for Toronto and won't be back till Sunday). The post is already in my mind and I know what I'm going to do so just sit tight and It'll be here soon!
Also, just so know, this RPG is pretty much the only thing keeping me at TPM right now. The other RPGs I was involved in died (or will very soon) because of Master Rudy and Asilynne leaving (Dragonball FS is pretty much finished without them so I've given it up...*sigh*) So please don't let this die because I want to finish it. (and hopefully get the sequel I had planned going).
Arctic, since you're probably the only one who's going to see this could you do me a favor and PM B4 and ask her if she plans on continuing here? I would do it but I really have no time. PM the otehrs may not be a bad idea either. Thanks!

Kuro Espeon
14th April 2004, 04:43 PM
Alright...I know I promised a post so i'm gonig to. BUt I'm afraid it's going to be very short and very rushed because I'm walking out the door in less than 15 minutes...sorry again.
This'll probably be a 2-Part post...

Everything was quiet...at least for now. We had decided to rest up for the night so that Arctic and Crystal could get some rest from their battle before we had to focus on what was looming ahead of us, coming closer and closer every minute. My mind was filled with anxiety and worry. Even though my sense of foresight was only strong in my random uncontrollable visions, I still had a cold, heavy feeling in my stomach and my heart that told me that something was coming...something bad.
I floated casually down the corridors of the castle. I wasn't particularly tired and because of my uneasyness I probably wouldn't have slept anyway. I decided to take this oppourtunity to explore parts of the castle. Even though I had been here for over a year I still had never really seen everything there was to see.
I made my way farther and farther downward until I came to what I assumed was the very bottom floor, deep underground. All that was down here was a long, narrow corridor and at the end of it was large wooden door with a brassy frame. It peaked my interest and I flew in closer.

To be continued....

(Sorry again! I'll finish it as soon as I come back! Promise.)

Arctic A
25th April 2004, 02:11 PM
"It's okay, Arc...I just...we all just need time," Crystal spoke quietly, more at the floor than at me. I simply nodded slowly, turning around to look out at the castle grounds.
<<< But time is one thing we have been denied...the time of the Shi - Cathor draws ever closer...>>>
Crystal didn't respond...she didn't need to. I cast my mind back to my battle with Racalexand, and shuddered as I recalled the details of his grusome fate.
<<< I'm scared, Crys. When I was granted that dark power...and...well, made Racalexand explode like that...all I can remember is feeding a gaping hole of hate in my heart. I couldn't control myself...and I realise that I had no control over what I was given....>>> I was going to continue, but I stopped when I sensed someone else approaching. Casting a look over at the stairwell, I saw the form of Xiaro emerging from the shadows. He slowly glided over to us both with a grave look across his face...
<<< I'm not so very optimistic at the moment...>>> I said, turning away after looking at him. He grunted, and then spoke.
{"Arctic, Crystal....I am sorry to disturb you both. I know that you need time to recover and attempt to fully understand what you have both been through..."} Xiaro went quiet. I didn't say anything in return...I already knew that he had bad news.
{" The Shi - Cathor will commence in the morning."}

That took me quite by suprise.

<<< But I thought we still had a few days left! >>>
{"So did I...but It seems we were both mistaken. Can you not feel it, Arctic? Deep down in the castle dungeons lies a great chamber...sometimes referred to as the 'Chamber of Cathor'"}
"And how did we not know about all this?"Crystal asked.
{" Normally, the chamber would simply appear to be a normal sort of dungeon...but I went down to it mere moments ago. The special energies of the Protectors are already flowing around freely...the arena itself has began to form. It will complete it's process in 8 hours..."}
Xiaro looked very confused, just as we did.
{" I do not fully understand how this is...but we cannot change anything. Once the arena is formed, Xiaso and I will have to enter it within an hour of it's completion...otherwise...well, I hate to think what would happen...think of the Protector's power as a gigantic explosion...without someone to embrace it, it would surely spell doom for the castle...or something like that..."}
<<< You don't sound very sure of yourself...>>>
{" I am not. Even without Xiaso's inevitable cheating, I do not know if I can defeat him...."}

Kuro Espeon
9th May 2004, 02:34 PM
I apologize for the long delay. I've been really pushed hard these last few weeks in preparation for my IB exams. I've already taken one and have 3 to go. I really shouldn't be on here now either because I should be studying English...but I need to get this posted.

And just so you know, the door that Byakko is at isn't the Shi-Cathor arena, it's something else.

As I drew closer to the door, I felt a strange force that seemed to be pulsating from the door. It was warm and somewhat soothing, and I felt myself being drawn to it, as if it were calling to me...
The front of the door had no handle or knob of any kind, nor any indication that it opened at all. I found this very odd. I also noticed that there was something written on the cold stone above the door. The letters were faded and unfamiliar...a strange foreign language of some kind. I got as close as I could to the writing and squinted. It was obvious from it's condition that it was old, ancient, probably all but lost. I stretched out my arm and slowly ran my paw over the faded letters on the cracked stone. Suddenly, as if my touch had triggered some sort of reaction, the letters began to glow, an eerie green-blue light eminating from them. The words were clear now, as if they had just been carved, and I read them aloud:
**"Inculpatus animi solasis liseta engradium..."** I said, surprisingly monotonous. No sooner had I spoken them than something in my mind seemed to awaken, and the words suddenly made sense to me, as if I had known them all along. A voice seemed to speaking directly into my head and I spoke the words aloud. **"The Pure at Heart Alone May Enter".**
I blinked a couple of times. How did I suddenly know what it said? What was going on? And what did it mean? I shook my a head as all of this began to overload my mind and make it swim. I was in for an even bigger shock as I looked down at the door...and found that it was no longer there. It had disappeared! And now a pathway had taken it's place. It was if it had opened up just for me. More overwhelmed with curiousity than ever before, I quickly entered.
After travelling through a short, bare hallway, I found myself in a large room that looked to be some form of sanctuary or official hall. The whole place had a very holy aura about it and it made me feel at peace, as if this were a sacred place. It was all but empty except at the end of the room where there was a small flight of marble stairs (they were cracked and faded as well...) that led up to what looked like an alter . Behind it on the wall was a long mural that was, just like everything else, old and unkept, cracks running through it and the pictures barely visible or discernable. I got closer and studied the mural, and after a short time I was able to make out some of the pictures. On the left side there was an old castle or fortress and next to it, running along the bottom of the mural, were Mews. Mews of all different sizes and colors. There were a few other species of Pokemon scattered around, but the vast majority were Mews. Above all of them were five large pokemon: A Celebi, Two Mewtwo's, A Ho-oh, and a Lugia. They seemed to be looked down on the castle and the Mews as if they were unseen spirits, guarding and protecting the castles inhabitants. (The pictures of Celebi and the Mewtwos seemed to be slightly more faded than the other two) They all looked so familiar....
I glanced down at the below the mural and saw a rusty golden plate with another faded inscription in the same strange language. I brushed away the dust that covered it, and once again the words came directly into my mind.
Verus Ae Keras Arun - Myuu....'The true inhabitants of Mew Castle'
What? I blinked several times and read it over and over. I looked back up at the pictures on the mural and it became instantly clear to me why they all looked so familiar. The Five at the top were none other than Cizora, Ramses and his brother Kalidor, Flashwing and Farlander! The Five Creators! My suspicions were confirmed as I looked closer and saw names etched in under each of them: Cizora...Ramses....Kalidor... But then..that must mean...! I looked back to the pictures of the Mews and went along the line until I found the one I was searching for: A pure white Mew with pink-tipped ears, paws and tail and crystal blue blue eyes...those pure blue eyes...The name below it read in the ancient script:
Mother! and right next to her was a blue Mew with silvery eyes....Arctic! Father! I studied all the other pictures and sure enough there they all were: Jewel...Far....Cleo ( I didn't know who that was, but I had heard mother mention her name before)....Crystal...Arctic...and.....
I paused as I got to the end of the row and came across the pictures of two mews that I didn't recognize at all. One of them had pure black fur and very dark blue eyes (almost as dark as their fur). The other was cream-colored with deep green eyes and an innocent face. They had names below them but they had been marked through, as if someone had tried to scratch them out manually. But with my strange new understanding of this cryptic language, I was able to make out the names:
Daerren ....and Annri....
Daerren? Annri? Who were they? I had never seen or heard of them before. No one, not even Flashwing, had mentioned anything about a pair of Mews by those names. but nevertheless, there they were, recorded on the mural as if it were perfectly natural for them to be there. My head began to spin again as I slowly backed away from the mural.
**"What...is going on here?!"**

There will be a Farlander post coming soon. I promise!

Arctic A
30th May 2004, 06:33 AM
--- Interlude 6 ---
Location: Unknown (En route to Keras Arun - Myuu)

Daerren's next moments were a blur of light and sound. The creature seemed to dive down at him and Annri, and he threw himself to the ground. Annri screamed something, but the ferocious tornado surrounding them drowned it out. All Daerren could hear was a constant chattering of the strange language in his head. Annri grabbed hold of him arm, which made Daerren wonder why they wern't both dead yet..Opening his eyes and looking up, he saw the creature writhing in agony as several large bolts flew through the air, unaffected by the tornado, and pierced it's skin. What the hell? Everything still seemed blurry, but a loud voice rang out clearly:
"Stay down! Movement will feed energy to it's distorting power!"
The voice was unfamiliar, but seemed friendly. Daerren grabbed Annri and kept them both deathly still. He could see the creature above him dashing up into the air, fleeing into an opening portal of purple glowing energy. Everything started to return to normal...Daerren gasped out for air. He suddenly felt a hand grab his shoulder. He turned to see a man holding a Crossbow in one hand, while his other warm hand rested on Daerren.

The man was very tall, with a long black cloak that covered his body. Hard, black leather bracers and shoulder pads gave him a threatening look, but his face seemed to beam light - bright green eyes burnt with a fierce but soothing power. His long pure white hair fell upon his cloak, seeming to illuminate it. The crossbow in his hands was of a strange design that Daerren had never seen.
"I am Ordos. I guessed you two would show up eventually..."
"Y-y-you're ...you're one of the Arun-Aazon, arn't you?" Annri asked quietly. Daerren raised an eyebrow.
"A what?!?" He exclaimed, scratching his head in confusion. How the hell did she know all these words?
Ordos slung the crossbow across his back, and nodded. "Aye...but it's an interestin' story.." He laughed. "You see...I was never supposed to be. A while ago, Arctic and Tornado empowered me with a psychic power so I could help them in battle. That unlocked the dormant power within me...after I left them, I stumbled across the grove of Aazon in the forests. Not by luck, i'd say."
"Who is Aazon?" Daerren asked.
"Aazon...Aazon was the founder of the Arun-Aazon, believe it or not. He was a human mystic of sorts, who was a friend of Ramses. Years ago when Keras Arun-Myuu was founded, all of the Mew inside were young and unable to defend themselves. Ramses knew he couldn't protect them all until they grew up on his own. He and Aazon agreed to create this elite fighting force to protect Keras Arun-Myuu. Unfortunately, it didn't go as expected...somewhere along the line, Aazon became corrupted. As humans easily do... he and his followers abandoned their duties and ran far away...I do not know what happened really. However, before his corruption, Aazon built a shrine of sorts in the forest. I read an inscription on it...'Only the ones who have been given the power by the Arun - Myuu may embrace this task', or somethin' like that...I stepped up onto the circle platform...I don't recall much after. But I became this..." Ordos indicated at himself. "A human...I can still shapeshift into my original Scyther form. But it dosn't feel right anymore. I suddenly knew all this...about Keras Arun-Myuu, about you, about the entire history of it all..."
"So why havn't you revealed yourself to all the others?" Annri asked.
"I have wandered alone for some time now. Trying to come to terms with what has happened...when I sensed the Rayquazza, It was instinct to come and fight it off. This Rayquazza presents quite a problem...we must all travel to Mew castle and tell them of this. I will reveal myself to them then, no?" Ordos smiled, allowing his flowing white hair to cover his face. "Come...."

Ordos removed his hand from Daerren's shoulder, and started to walk. Daerren looked at Annri, who was still safely in his own hands. He gasped when he saw that she was very hot and feverish. Her grip on Daerren tightened, and she buried her head in his chest.
"Daerren...I'm sorry...I...I don't know what's happening to me...to us...i'm sorry..." She croaked.
"HEY! You!" Daerren shouted angrily at Ordos. "She's in trouble here!" He didn't mean to be angry towards their savior...but Annri in pain was one thing he couldn't stand. Ordos turned around, and frowned.
"Oh, bollocks...Come on. Carry her...We will find help at the castle." He turned and walked away. Daerren stood up with Annri in his arms, and walked after Ordos.

"You'll be OK, Annri...I promise."

Kuro Espeon
15th June 2004, 06:31 PM
Ha! Thought I forgotten didn't you?! Ha-HA!! I shall now ake uber-post to make up for my laziness!

This plan was rather reckless and dangerous, I had to admit, but it was the only way we could get to the terminal in enough time to save Disaren...and ourselves. There was no telling what was going to happen after we burst in there. Many things could be awaiting us in that room....even Death was a possibility. But I had always believed that are some things in life that are worth risking your life for. For me, Disaren, my dear little sister, was one of them.
I rose slowly into the air and positioned myself directly above the location of the terminal. I opened my jaws and began to form a multi-colored ball of energy, my Aeroblast, in my mouth. Before I fired I sent a telepathic message to the others: "Get back unless you want to be be turned to ash!" They got the hint and immedietly moved back to a safe distance. When they were all out of the way and the cost was clear, I fired. The Aeroblast tore through the first level like tissue paper and continued to plummet downward. After it had taken out about 3 floors, I distinctly heard what sounded like and alarm go off in the distance. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Eclipse and Arnen look around, shifting nervously. Tornado seemed anxious. But I ignored the noise and pushed the beam foreward with all my strength. As it tore through the final level and the elaborate machinery and computers off the MCT became visible. I snapped my jaws shut and cut off the beam. I took a quick sharp look at Tornado and the others.
The Dragonite didn't hesitate. He grabbed Eclipse with one arm and Arnen with the other and dove headlong into the smoldering hole. I quickly followed and in seconds we found ourselves hovering above the floor of the MCT, surrounded by the central network of Xiaso's base. I had expected to come diving into a jumble of confused and angry soldiers, all prepared to stop us from doing what we were about to do, and every one of them on orders to kill on site. However....this was not the scene we were met with. Quite the contrary, the room was surprisingly quite and there were no signs of any life or movement anywhere. It was completely deserted.
Tornado cast me a curious and slightly confused glance. My expression however was one of severity and alertness, for I had a feeling of foreboding inside me. There's something wrong here. This is too easy.
"What's going on here?" Eclipse piped up as Tornado lowered her and Arnen to the floor. "Where are all the people?"
I remained silent as I looked cautiously around me. I narrowed my eyes dangerously as I checked every corner of the room. I could still hear the alarm sounding outside the room, so why wasn't anybody coming to investigate? More importantly, why wasn't there anyone here in the first palce? I spoke in a low, warning voice.
"Everyone stay on your gaurd. This is most likely a trap."
"Right." Tornado nodded, also looking around. Eclipse slowly approached one of the main control panals. She reached up with her front paws and looked at the many different buttons and switches, each with a different important function.
"I wonder which of these deactivates the Kill Switches. We should probably find that one first." She said, studying them.
["There will be no need for that, I'm afraid."] said a deep, icy voice. We all spun around behind us, fearing the worst. And sure enough, the worst appeared. Slowly from shadows, the hulking figure of the legendary bird, Xiaso, appeared, his eyes fixed on me and his mouth twisted into an amused smirk. ["For those devices will not be what ends your lives tonight."]
"Xiaso! Where's Disaren?!" I growled in demand, my eyes glowing.
["Disaren? Disaren? Oh!The Specimen! Is that her name? Hm. Not that it is any of your business, Farlander, but she is in a very safe, very special place. Soon she will be a whole new Lugia..."]
"You BASTARD! If you do anything to her I swear I'll cut your throat and feed your remains to the Poochyenas!"
["Oh. My my my, aren't we fiesty today? Well I'm sorry to say, Lugia, that there is nothing you can possibly do to stop me now. However I do admire your bravery in coming back here even though it meant losing your life. Or maybe it was just foolishness on your part, Creator of Justice. Don't tell me you're getting senile in your old age?"]
I growled again threateningly. Xiaso continued.
["You AND that bird-brain Flashwing. I swear....That's why I think it is time for a new leader to take charge. Someone like...me, perhaps? And your baby sister is my key. My precious key to winning the Shi-Cathor and taking control over Mew Castle and it's inhabitants! So you see...that is why I cannot let you take her away from me. You're time in this world is over Pokemon Sage Farlander! Give up now and go to join your foolish friends Cizora and Ramses in the realm of the dead!!"]
Now my rage was burning brightly, and it was visible in my glowing battle aura. My fury out of control, I barked at Xiaso.
"If that is my fate, then I shall accept it!! However...ONLY AFTER I TAKE YOU DOWN FIRST!!"
Xiaso's smirk widened. ["Pity. I had hoped it wouldn't have to come to this. But you leave me no choice. Xiaso came slowly foreward, letting out a slow chuckle. Tornado, Eclipse and Arnen were all watching me nervously. Tornado took a step foreward.
"Don't just stand there, you fool!" I snapped at him without taking my gaze off of Xiaso. "Use this chance to get out of here!"
"But...we can't just leave you here..."
"I'll be fine! Stop worrying about me Dragonite!" I sighed quickly and slightly softened my tone. "I'll hold him off here. You take Eclipse and Arnen, save Disaren and get out of here! If I am successful here I will meet you back at the castle. If you don't see me, then assume that I am dead and do NOT come back! Do you understand?"
"DO YOU UNDERSTAND, TORNADO?!" I cried. Tornado simply regarded me silently for a moment and I swore I saw a flash of compasion in his eyes as he nodded slowly in acceptance. He turned away and grabbed Eclipse and Arnen, leading them toward the door. I did not watch them go for I was too busy focusing my attentions on the enemy in front of me. My foe, Xiaso, was moving ever closer, murder in his eyes.
The fate and life of Farlander, the Pokemon Sage, Creator of Justice, would be decided here and now....and there was no turning back.

Wow! Look at all the angst! *sparkle sparkle* Kuro is so proud of herself! I guess now that I'm out of school (and 18 since Monday! yay!) the creative juices are flowing again. Mostly because I'm bored I guess...lol.
Well, Enjoy! Have fun!

Arctic A
23rd June 2004, 12:55 PM

By no means did I want to leave Farlander alone to face Xiaso in that chamber. I wanted to stay and fight alongside him, but Farlander was right - Disaren was the key to the whole fiasco and if we could retrieve her, Xiaso would be at a loss. As I turned, grabbing Arnen and Eclipse, I couldn't help but wonder if i'd ever turn around and see the Lugia again. There was only one thing I could do to help him now - and I set my mind firmly on that goal. Although Farlander and I often appeared to be at each other's throats, I couldn't help but feel that we had a special bond - each of us had saved the other's life time and time again recently.

We burst through the door, only to be greeted by a dozen or so human soldiers pointing their weapons directly at us. However, they seemed quite shocked by the sight of us - I suppose they expected thier leader Xiaso to have taken care of all of us. We took the oppertunity to incapacitate them all, with Eclipse executing a diving tackle that took down four men in a domino sort of effect, Arnen firing several golden paralysis beams and myself sweeping with my wings.
"Which way?" Arnen asked, her eyes darting from side to side.
"Here...quickly." I said, pointing at the sign labled 'Main Laboratory' on the shining white wall. I grimaced as I heard loud crashing sounds back in the MCT Room. I was tempted to turn back again, but a quick nudge from Eclipse shook me back on track.

We encountered very little resistance on our way to the labs. The few humans that did get in our way either passed out in fright as we zoomed by, or became unfortunate victims of my wingspan. The area certainly wasn't the maze that the previous levels had been - we found ourselves in a large hub, that split into two different rooms - the 'Infusion Chamber' and 'Conduit/Holding'.
"You two - take that one," I barked, nodding at the Conduit/Holding sign, and swiftly taking the door into the Infusion Chamber myself. I was again greeted with a large hall, but this one was more circular, with a large device buzzing loudly in the center. It was about as high as the room, covered with wires and strange machinery...it was quite apparent that it was designed for Xiaso to attach himself to, judging by the shape of the center part. An eerie green substance was flowing into it through pumps in the side. I glanced to the right, and saw it was coming from a large container labelled 'Nanites' ("Why on earth do they have to label EVERYTHING? Forgetful humans..") The whole room had a dark feeling to it...and something certainly wasn't right. I soon found out just what was wrong, when I looked up above...

Above the enfusion device hung Disaren, suspended by a series of wires and clamps. Disaren herself was about half the size of Farlander, with smaller features yet a longer tail. Her feathers had a golden tint to them at the end, unlike her brother's blue tint. She was clearly unconscious to my eyes. Eclipse and Arnen suddenly burst through the entrance, shouting "Tornado! Disaren has been mov-" They stopped short when they saw me looking up at her. I growled angrily, and started leviating myself up to Disaren's level. I quickly examined the structure holding her in place - it appeared to have several weak points, and i didn't hesitate to break them out of place. Pipes were still plugged into Disaren - I frowned as I had to pull them out.
Remove the one in the back of my head, please...it's a real pain. A young, strangely pleasent sounding voice like that of a young girl burst into my mind. I raised an eyebrow as I looked at Disaren, who still appeard to be quite out of it.
I'm not stupid, you know. I'm in a deep trance, boy....
"Boy? I'm over 300 years old, you obnoxious-"
Compare that to over 4000...
I was suprised that we could talk like this under such dramatic circumstances. I quickly slid my hand over Disarens head and yanked out the final wire that was stuck in the back of her head. Her eyes burst open, almost blinding me with a ferocious green glow that seemed to illuminate the whole chamber. She spun around quickly, clearing all debris and spread her wings as she jumped down to the ground.
"That was too easy." She said aloud. Her voice was identical to how it had sounded in my head. She glanced around the area, mumbling something under her breath. "Sir Dragon! Where is Farlander?" She yelped suddenly. I was about to make some sort of remark but Eclipse spoke first.
"He's fighting Xiaso..."
A look of fear sprung onto Disaren's face.
"I know this may be alot to take in. But please listen. You see this chamber? It's all part of Xiaso's big plan to seize the power of Keras Arun - Myuu...that would simply be 'Mew Castle' to you. These human creations, nanites, are microscopic devices that are programmed to work together and accomplish things that would usually be impossible. In this case, the strengthning of body organs and skeletal structure. Xiaso planned to also somehow rip my psychic power from me and graft it onto himself through a strange proceedure...it was going to happen soon, but your welcome interruption prevented him from finishing it. But he has already had the nanites implanted. He's three times stronger physically. Farlander needs our help, wether he wants it or not...."

Kuro Espeon
23rd June 2004, 01:24 PM
Woo-hoo! Nice postage, Arc! ^.^

But just so you know, I was planing on having Disaren be a lot less arrogant than her brother. Actually, she was supposed to be rather pleasant. but I guess we can rule it off to the fact that she's a little snappy at the moment (hey if YOU were chained up with a whole bunch wire jammed into you, wouldn't YOU be a little bit snippy?)

I'll make another post soon. Let's see if we can keep this going!

Arctic A
24th June 2004, 04:54 PM
Sure thing, i'll make sure to do that.

As for keeping it going....the last person to post, apart from us two, was on the 24th of febuary. :what: Come on people!

Kuro Espeon
24th June 2004, 06:38 PM
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Oh, and one more thing Arc, about Disaren's appearance. She actually doesn't have any blue on her. She's silver like Farlander except that's she has golden feathers where the blue should be. But the green eyes are a nice touch! ;)

Arctic A
25th June 2004, 11:37 AM
I PMed her a while back and she never answered. :cry:
Anyway, edited the above post to match your description and given her a little attitude adjustment. I'm writing a rather large portion for Annri & Daerren ATM...expect it soon.

For all who are returning after their *cough* abscence, please read all the posts you've missed if you have the time...there are quite a few..neee....

28th June 2004, 11:07 AM
I got Kuro's message, but I never got yours. O.o;; Maybe my PM box was full or some thing?
*confusion confusion*


Do I have to be trapped here forever? I'm scared.... Why? Why am I here?

Because you were never meant to be there when it happened.

When what happened?

When she was brought back.

Who is she?

Some one you will never know in full. You will remain in the darkness until it can be proven that you were meant to be.

I don't understand... I don't understand anything! Why must I always be confused? Why must I have forgotten everything? I want to remember?

You can't remember... of course you can't, we wiped it out. If you remembered... then balance would have toppled and nothing would have been accomplished. Bringing you to this time paid a price... your memories.

But I want my memories.... I want to know what or who I really am.

Your memories would bring you back nothing but pain. That was all they ever were.... pain. You were created only by a mere chance... that fact alone was pain enough. The death... that was pain enough as well. You were suffering and we saved you.

Please.... I want to be out of the darkness. I don't understand what you're saying...

Welcome the darkness Seer. Welcome it.



Far looked disgruntled as he watched everyone go back to the castle. Jewel gave him a distant look... a look that told him some thing that no one would know.
Far gazed down... his icy blue eyes scanning the ground before him as he sighed.
He had no where to go...
Nothing to do, no where to go... I have no where to belong except to the Evil which surrounds the castle. That's the only thing I find compatible with me anymore....
Far remembered when he worked with the vile Mewtwo before... when he was welcomed and treated almost as an equal. He remembered when he helped place Jewel in the black void that he never truely understood what it was. He remembered everything... and he remembered it well.
Sighing, Far drifted away.... away from Mew castle, towards the slight evil reading that he could sense. Perhaps he could find some thing there.... perhaps the longing he wished for would be complete there.


*~ Jewel ~*

Jewel sat upon a statue, one of the many statues in Mew castle. This statue was of Ramses, one of the great statues that remained in the castle. She sat upon his head really, her small body having it's tail curled around it slightly as she gazed at the large tiled floor below. No one was around... of course, she knew where everyone was.
* I'm back... back from the desolate feeling of nothing that I had become. I am myself... but yet I am not. *
Jewel spoke outloud to herself, some thing that she did now... perhaps old habits die hard. She gazed down below. There was actually only one figure in the room... and that was Seiko. His lifeless body had been laid upon a large, fluff-like pillow for a bed, and he looked like he was dead. But still, his body was warm... and his pulse still was low, but he was alive. Jewel had stared at him for a while... she knew who he was. The red crystal-like jewel she had clung to told her everything when she was 'not back'. It whispered her secrets... and then when it was gone, it still was with her.
It was inside of her....
A great powerful jewel that offered answers to everything... Xiaro, Xiaso... or whatever the bird's name was before, had tried to take it from her. But she refused.... then he tried to kill her.
But she refused!
*It is mine now... it is a part of me. No one will ever get it unless they tried to melt me and form me into my own little jewel... but never again. It is me now. * Jewel whispered to herself... nodding as if to confirm it. Gazing back down at Seiko, she felt a twinge of regret in her heart... would he end up the same fate as she had? A tear streamed down her face, as she watched him...
Would they leave him to the same fate they had left her? It was too cruel for words...
* They don't even realize what they're doing. They don't realize anything but themselves... why don't they look and see there is more around them to protect then just themselves? *
Jewel practically had yelled that... but she knew she could not try to bring Seiko back. It was impossible due to the fact alone. Jewel sighed, and slowly she floated off the statue and she flew out of the room. Floating around the corridors and halls of the castle... she felt almost lost. What was she to do?
* I am not who I was before... I have changed. But I'm supposed to be back....
Her voice trailed off, as she withdrew a sigh and blinked back a tear that could have formed again.
She eventually reached the main hall of the castle, sighing...
* But if I am back.... .... then why do I feel...
... ... alone?*

Kuro Espeon
28th June 2004, 12:07 PM
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29th June 2004, 08:11 AM
*sees the gun pointed at her head*
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No, but seriously I'm staying. I'm really sorry for being inactive for such a long time... and it wasn't fair to you two. I promise I'll stay. The reason I didn't post for so long in this RPG I guess was because I deemed it dead just because it was us three. But yah know what? I realize that isn't true... and that even with only two people you can keep this alive.

So I'm really sorry. I'muh not go'n anywha're ag'n! ^^

Arctic A
2nd July 2004, 10:57 AM
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Arctic A
20th July 2004, 08:03 AM
--- Interlude 7 ---
Location: Unknown (En route to Keras Arun - Myuu)

Daerren followed the dark figure of Ordos as quickly as he could while carrying Annri. She was deathly still now - Daerren could barely hear her breathing. He growled quietly and looked up ahead, barely managing to keep his eyes on Ordos as they moved though the forest.
"We are closing on the castle..." Ordos said without turning. It was certainly apparent to Daerren that the landscape was changing in a way - wisps of smoke were rising from the ground, and started to spiral around him. His vision quickly became hazy.
"Mew castle is well hidden from those who should not enter. Are you experiencing distorted vision?" Ordos' calm voice drifted into Daerren's ears.
"Good...you're not the only one. Come closer, Daerren. I will guide us through the mists." Ordos spoke loudly, so that Daerren was able to move next to him. Ordos placed a gloved hand on his shoulder.
"Tread lightly...don't drop her."
"I don't intend to.." Daerren was uneasy because he could barely make out Annri's figure in his arms. Ordos started to move off, keeping his hand on Daerren's shoulder. The two moved slowly, taking great care with each small step. There was an eerie silence, broken on occasion by the sound of a snapping twig or crunching of dirt...
After about 5 minutes of silent walking, Daerren noticed the mist starting to fade from his vision. He could see Annri again, who was stirring softly in his arms.
"DOWN!" Ordos suddenly barked, pushing Daerren away and swiping his crossbow from his back in a flurry of movement. He dived down onto one knee and pointed his weapon into the murky distance. Daerren hit the ground with a loud thump, still cradling Annri (Who didn't stir despite the fall).
"Show yourself." Ordos spoke loudly, hearing nothing but an echo returning to him.
Oh, i'm sorry...did I scare you, humans? A dark, sarcastic voice rang out. The form of a mew started to fade into Daerren's vision. A pair of icy blue eyes scanned over him, then Annri, and finally Ordos.
You shouldn't wander around these forests...bad things happen to people who stick their noses where they don't belong. And this place...well. I like it better than I do the castle. Don't you think the darker tone is better? The mew seemed to be talking to himself more than the humans. He cast his eyes over them again.
"Far." Ordos spoke quietly, shaking his head and slinging his weapon back onto his back. Daerren looked at him with a confused expression clinging to his face.
Ooh, I'm famous.
"Begon...we have important business to attend to..."
Why put away your weapon, Ordos? How do you know I won't kill you all right now for a bit of fun? It's been a while since I had fun..
"Killing us would serve no purpose, and I don't see you as one to act without purpose...but you are welcome to try."
There are bigger things out here. More evil things. I'm going to go and see them...
"Why?" Daerren perked up
Oh, for a nice tea party maybe? I- Far's voice was cut off when he suddenly noticed Annri stiring in Daerren's arms.
Oh....oh..oh-ho-ho-ho....heheh.....my, my, my...i'm going to stay and watch this.
Daerren glared at him, not knowing what he was meaning. Ordos spun around to face Annri, who was becoming increasingly violent in her shuffling. She opened her eyes, and the brilliant green burst out in beams of light as her whole body started to pulse with swirling, blindingly white whisps of energy. Daerren released her from his hands and placed her carefully on the floor, not taking his eyes away from hers. She opened her mouth and screamed, much to Far's amusement.
"Annri? ANNRI? What the hell?"
Silly little human...or should I say Mew? Your ignorance is astounding, Daerren. Look at her! Look at what she's becoming...and what you will become shortly...Far laughed quietly, turning tail and floating away from the scene.

Kuro Espeon
20th July 2004, 04:58 PM
Yay. Time for Crystal to have a say...

<<< You don't sound very sure of yourself...>>>
{" I am not. Even without Xiaso's inevitable cheating, I do not know if I can defeat him...."}
I felt my stomach tighten on Xiaro's last sentence. He had just voiced aloud what we all were thinking. I glanced worriedly over to the west horizon where the sun was slowly setting, sending radiant rays of red, purple and gold across the sky. Where were Farlander and Tornado? They had been gone for quite a long time...and they hadn't even told anyone where they were going. The fact that they had gone missing about the same time as Xiaso disturbed me as well. I prayed that they were both OK...and that they would soon return. For I felt that we were going to need all the help we could get.
<<<"Are you worried about them?">>> Said Arctic in my mind.
I sighed. "Yeah...mostly just because I'm worried that they may have run into some trouble with Xiaso."
<<<"Yeah, but that's only if they don't kill each other first...">>>
"You thought of that too, huh?"
For the first time in a while we chuckled. However, our merriment was cut short by the anxious voice of Byakko.
**"Crystal!! Arctic!"**
We all spun around to see Byakko flying out of the castle entryway, a look of utter confusion twitching on her face. She had the look of someone who had just been told a shocking secret. She came rushing up to us, breathing heavily, as if she had come a long distance.
"Byakko? What's wrong?"
**"M...m..mother..."** She gasped, **"D..down...in the bottom of the castle...a...a...hidden ch-chamber...with a....mural...with Mews on it! You and father and Aunt Jewel! And the Creators!"**
I glanced at Arctic. He was having the same thought as me.
<<"The Chamber of Solasis?">>
"Sounds like it to me. But how? I thought Ramses sealed that room ages ago when he became Mew Castle's protector?"
<<"Your guess is as good as mine, Crys. I've never actually seen the room myself. I've only heard about it.">>
It was the same with me. As long as I had lived in Mew Castle I had never once visited the Chamber of Solasis. I had only been told of it's existance from Ramses and the other Creators. Ramses had explained that the mural contained within the chamber was a complete record of the inhabitants of Mew Castle, also known as Keras Arun - Myuu in old language (which only a few left could read). Only those who were worthy enough the live in the sacred place would appear on the mural. Whenever one died or became unworthy (and were cast away) they would slowly fade away from the picture. I came to realize over time why Ramses had sealed it. If someone were to find a way into that Chamber and tamper with the mural or the sacred alter before it, it could have dire effects.
{"That is very odd, indeed."} Xiaro spoke up. I jumped, having almost forgotten that he was there. {"Very odd that our little time-travelling Byakko had the power to open a door to a Chamber sealed by Ramses. And by accident, as well."} I noticed he was casting a very curious glance over the little white Mew as if trying to determine if she were hiding something.
<<<"Well, whatever it is, I really don't think it's all that serious. I mean...there couldn't possibly be anything down there that Byakko doesn't already- what?">>>
Byakko was shaking her head anxiously. **"No! There was something else! Something else on the mural! Well, actually...someone else."**
My ears perked as something in my mind clicked on, causing my body to tense. I was unsure why...until Byakko continued.
**"There were two more Mews! Ones I've never seen or heard of before! One was Black and the other was sort of a cream color. They were called -"**
"Daerren and Annri!" I finished for her. Everyone turned and looked at me in surprise. I even surprised myself to a certain degree.
**"Well...Yes...but...how did you-?"**
I didn't answer. My mind was spinning. Daerren and Annri... Those two...if they were still on the mural...then that would mean that they....! No! They couldn't be! I had to be sure.
"Byakko! Take us back to that room!"

Just have Arctic and Xiaro follow them down to the room (which should still be open, but if you want to be closed then just Byakko open it the same way she did before.) and find the mural. I'll pick it up there. Don't worry, I'm going somewhere with this.

You know what occured to me as I was rereading some of the back posts here. The whole Mew Castle series would make a great anime! We'd have to redo the first part (since it's lost in oblivion and no one can remember how it went) but other than that it'd be an awesome show! Heck, I'd buy it! (Of course, I'm slightly biased...)

Arctic A
22nd July 2004, 11:49 AM
Byakko jumped slightly at Crystal's sharp command, but quickly turned around with a brisk swish and headed off down the corridor. Crystal sprung after her, and Xiaro brushed past me, hot on her tail. I grunted slightly, and followed. Byakko navigated the maze that was Mew Castle quickly, and after about a minute of swerving through magnificant archways and intricate wall patterns, we arrived at what I think was the very bottom floor of the castle. We were on a long corrdior, with a large wooden door at the end. It's brassy frame was shiny, despite the lack of lighting. It looked tightly sealed...but Byakko floated quickly up to an inscription etched in the wall above, and she read it aloud.
**"Inculpatus animi solasis liseta engradium..."**
The door flashed quickly, and fizzled away. I rasied an eyebrow and looked at Xiaro, who didn't look very suprised.
{Only the pure of heart may enter...} He spoke aloud, although I think he was talking to himself more than us. Byakko twirled around and looked at us, motioning towards the door. Crystal went on through, followed closely by the rest of us. We charged on through a large, exquisite hall and up a flight of stairs to a strange altar. Byakko zoomed up and pointed at a set of carvings in the wall. I flew closer to examine them in more detail...
{Well...this is strange. When this chamber was created, I assumed that Flashwing, being the monstrosity of time that he is, would have protected the door against time...I can only assume that since Byakko isn't from this time and is in fact from a time when she would be allowed access the chamber normally, she was able to open it. And I believe that we are all of pure heart here...that is how we could follow....maybe...} Xiaro wasn't sure and didn't have a problem in letting us know it. However, I hadn't really been listning...I had been staring at the carving in the wall of a light blue Mew with the words 'Arctic' above it. My attention turned to the two on the end, of a dark black mew and a creamy colored one.
<<< Daerren and Annri? What the hell is going on here, Crys? >>>

Heh heh...yeah, this'd make a great series. Heh. I reread a couple of my posts and am ashamed by them, heheh...I can do so much better now, I think. :sweat:

Kuro Espeon
22nd July 2004, 03:36 PM
I'm ashamed of some of my earlier posts as well. :sweat4: I wish we still had a copy of some of the older RPGs. I think at one point we did try to start a fanfiction for it but both of us are terrible procrastinators and it never got finished...lol. I remember I wrote 1 chapter of the 1st story (just kinda making it up as I went).
It's very interesting...this RPG is pretty much the only thing keeping me at TPM. all of my other RPGs have died or are moving so slow that I've lost interest. And this story is one that I really put alot of work into. It's become very detailed and descriptive. And to think that both of us have been here since the very beginning of it. And were kinda the only ones left! ^^() But it's still fun, kinda like writing a joint fanfiction from different points of view.
The really funny thing is, I'm not really into Pokemon anymore. (I don't hate it or anything I'm just not as into. So forgive me if I don't know much about all the new Pokemon that are out!)
Sorry if I'm rambling. :sweat4: I tend to do that alot...
I'll try to make another substantial post before I leave for England on Monday!

Arctic A
22nd July 2004, 08:39 PM
Heh heh....M-E-W is the only reason i'm still here. I dunno why, but I just love this story :partyhat: I would join other RPGs maybe, if i didn't suspect they'd die after a week or two...but i'm never going to let this one die. NEVER! Grr. :what:

Thank god for summer holidays. Plenty of time to work on posts...I vill unleash some more after Kuro's next post.

Kuro Espeon
24th July 2004, 06:35 PM
I know I promised a "substantial post", but I'm afraid it's going to have to be a short one. I'm being hassled by my dad to finish my packing for my trip AND clean up around the house before tomorrow morning.
Oh, and Arc, if you see this before Sunday at Noon (my time, 5PM for you I guess). Send me and e-mail so we can finalize our plans for the meet-up. If I don't here from you I'll try to give you a call when I get to my aunt's house in Bath.

<<<"Crystal? What's going on?! Tell us!">>>
I heard him, but at the moment I was unable to answer. I was still staring, disbelieving, at the mural in front of me, at the pictures of the two Mews that I thought had disappeared forever. I was briefly speechless as my mind tried to comprehend what I was seeing and make some sense out of it. After a long pause I finally spoke.
"These two Mews...Daerren and Annri...they're not supposed to be here..." I said simply.
<<<"What's that supposed to mean? How do you know them? I've never even heard of them.">>> Arctic sounded slightly irritated. Not at me specifically, but at the entire situation. Arctic always hated being in the dark about things.
"I came to live at the castle a while before you did, Arc." I said gently, "I remember when Mew Castle was a properous place, full of life. There used to be many more Mews and other Pokemon living here. But most of them went missing or died, and their pictures disappeared. Before you arrived, Arctic, there used to be two Mews that lived here named Daerren and Annri. I was still very small then. It had only been 6 months since my parents were killed and I was still mournful. Daerren and Annri were my first true friends here. They were a little bit older and I really looked up to them."
I paused in my story and reached up to the mural, placing my paw on the picture of Annri.
"About a year later was when the population began to drop. Many of the inhabitants died mysteriously or were captured by human trainers. Slowly but surely the pictures began to fade away. Most of the time we knew exactly what had happened to them. But in Daerren and Annri's case, it was different. They simply...disappeared. We didn't know how or why, only that they were gone, and nobody could find them. After a while many people assumed that they were dead and continued on. I was one of the only ones who kept up hope. Then one day, about 3 months after their disappearance, Ramses came to me and told me that their pictures had completely faded away. And that only meant one thing..."
"I couldn't believe it at first, but I slowly came to accept it as truth. Daerren and Annri were dead. Once I came to terms with it I was able to recover and move on. And that's the way it's always been. At least....until now." I looked back over my shoulder at my friends who were watching and listening with mixed emotions. Xiaro didn't look surprised, Arctic looked sincere and attentive, and Byakko looked uneasy. It was awhile before anyone spoke again.
{*Ahem* "I believe..."} Xiaro started. {"That what Crystal is trying to say is, that this is as much of a shock to her as the rest of us."} The tone of Xiaro's voice didn't sound too shocked, however.
**"That's for sure."**
<<"But...">> Arctic mused, joining me in studying the mural, <<"If their pictures are here...then that must mean...">> I finished Arctic's sentence with a finalized tone.
"That they're alive....and...they're close by..."

Arctic A
24th July 2004, 08:44 PM
<<< I don't get it...how...I mean, why..I mean....Arrh...>>>
{Listen, everyone.} Xiaro spoke loudly, his voice echoing around the chamber.
{There is no shortage of strange occurances here. We MUST REMAIN FOCUSED} He paused, and looked at us all in turn.
{I realise that I am in no position to command any of you. However, I believe that this would be the best way to proceed. First. It is apparent that Tornado and Farlander are missing. Second, we must find Daerren and Annri and solve their little mystery....third - we only have a short time. The Shi - Cathor will NOT wait for anything. I believe that our first problem is directly linked to Xiaso's actions - Find him, and we find Tornado and Farlander...}
<<< Alright. I get the idea...>>>
{Crystal; I request that you and Byakko accompany me in a search for Farlander and Tornado. Arctic, I believe you are capable of finding Daerren and Annri alone.}
<<< Shouldn't Crystal do that? I mean, you knew them right? >>> I said, turning to face my beloved and spinning my tail anticipating an answer.
<<< Take Byakko with you. Xiaro and I can deal with Tornado and Farlander...>>>
Xiaro looked thoughtful for a moment, then turned to look at Crystal.
{What do you say?} He asked.


...Welcome back, Annri...welcome back to...Keras Arun - Myuu
Although an almost unbearable pain was consuming her every aspect, this voice broke out into her ears. Above Daerren's startled cries, despite the yelling of Ordos and the sadistic chuckling of Far, this heavenly voice descended...It was a unique feeling, like being touched by a divine hand. All she could see above her now were the clouds splitting, a ray of light dancing down towards her...engulfing her...the pain turned into a sense of power, prancing around her in dazzling displays of white frizzling and swirling...

And it was all so familiar to her now.


As soon as Annri stopped screaming, Daerren finally let himself breath. Her eyes were closed now, but still moving, as if she were having some sort of dream...For a moment, he lost himself in his thoughts. There was no avoiding the fact that he had fallen deeply in love with this girl years ago. In fact, he had known and loved her for as long as he could remember. And now, she needed his help. But Daerren was frustrated - he didn't know what to do.
"Ordos...what do we do? ORDOS?" He yelled at the white haired guardian, who was clearly distracted. Strange thing was, he was staring directly at Daerren.
"Prepare yourself, Daerren." He whispered, and pointed at him square in the chest. Daerren looked down, and gasped. The skin on his chest was slowly starting to faze into a pitch black sort of fur. He quickly shot a look at Annri - he hadn't noticed it before, but a creamy colored fur was starting to materialize on her normal skin. Daerren cursed under his breath, and braced himself for the pain that was surely going to spring upon him like it had done with Annri.
"Don't fight the pain. Embrace it...feel it and direct it to where it will do the least damage to you." Ordos said, placing a hand on Daerren's shoulder, and the other on Annri's. He closed his eyes and looked at the ground.
"Give us all strength. Cizora...Ramses...yeras kai - laiasha" Daerren clamped his eyes shut...

Daerren opened his eyes minutes later, and gasped as he found himself hovering slightly in the air. He felt different...very different. But somehow, it was a familiar feeling. He pulled his hands up in front of his face, and was shocked to see a set of black paws their instead. Looking down all over himself, he saw that he was no longer human.
"A Mew..." He whispered, trembling. Something grabbed his hand, and he twirled around (flinging his newfound tail into his face). A creamy white Mew hovered beside him, smiling.
"I remember it all so, so clearly now..." She spoke to him.
"Remember what? What? What has happened?" Daerren was so confused and scared that he thought he was going to collapse.
"This is what we've always been missing, Daerren...for years we've tried to fit in where we don't belong...but we belong here. We've found it! We've found what we really are!"
"NO! This isn't...this can't be...."
"Daerren, please.."
Daerren broke away from Annri, and flung himself away into the forest. With his new ability of flight, he was soon out of sight. Annri was about to set off after him, when Ordos stuck out his hand to block her.
"No. We should get help before we go after him." Annri sobbed quietly, nodding.
"He dosn't remember. Something must be wrong...I can remember everything..." She whispered to Ordos. "Crystal! We need to find Crystal! Ramses...and Aazon! We need to see Aaz-oh...right..."
"Alot has changed since you were here, I think." Ordos sighed, looking out into the forest.

Sorry if that seems a bit off. It's 4 in the morning here...:what: Creative juices are flowing, I just can't translate them to the keyboard very well.

31st July 2004, 01:09 AM
Well, I have no idea what you two are planning.
So... sorry if my characters get in the way of that planning.


Jewel sensed some thing had happened, some thing that she should know about. Wandering about... soon she found it, the enterance that had been sealed so many years ago.
Why has it opened? Did a little one... oh, perhaps Byakko?
Jewel's knowledge was frightening even her... these thoughts seemed to come from no where but the red crystal.

She hovered, obviously not been sensed by Arctic or the others. She hovered there, waiting... and then hearing their plans. Pain stung at her heart... they had a plan, but it did not inclue nothing related with helping HER, or perhaps worry of Seiko... nothing.

Anger was rising, but the pain ebbed deep inside felt greater.

* I suppose it makes you happy then. *

Her voice, though gentle now that she was brought back, made them jump slightly. A pain easily was sung through her voice... as a few tears began to gather in her silent, yet glass-like blue eyes.

* Plan with yourselves, talk amongst yourselves... and then leave to find those two mews from so long ago. Don't think about including me. I mean, I was gone for so long... it's no wonder that it makes no difference that I am back. Oh... and when you go, don't think to worry about Seiko either. He's only lost, his soul suspended in a void because he can't be allowed to come back unless I'm gone, or if some one else can find a way.*

Jewel turned around, and she began to fly out...

* Worry about your inner family instead. I mean, who cares about mine, right?*

Jewel flew out... her tears stinging her eyes as she felt anger. Jewel never felt anger. The feeling was almost intoxicating.. .as if her body had held it deep inside for so long. Pain... long, sorrowful pain came to her as well.
She had been right all along. She was back, but she was still alone.

* I'm the only one who can bring Seiko back... *
Jewel's mind wandered, as she flew about the castle. Her energy level surprisingly, became quite high as her aura seemed to dwell around her. A few loose pebbles and dirt upon the ground below her rose when she flew or floated by.
* ... if no one will help, then I will bring Seiko back. I don't belong here anymore... anyway. *

Jewel stopped for a second, gazing down at Seiko's flushed body. No... Jewel would not allow the same fate to be handed to him as it had hers. It was too cruel... once the experienced was upon you long enough, it was hard to ever shake loose of that. Anger still churned with in her... as she closed her eyes. Her energies were high... and she used her teleporting powers to the full.

Teleporting had always been her speciality...

*I must find Far. *

With those words, her mind found the figure that she was searching for, and she vanished.

Kuro Espeon
17th August 2004, 08:51 AM
I nodded definitively."Right. We'll do that. We'll bring Daerren and Annri to safety and then we'll follow you in case you need help."
<<"Crys-"> Arctic started.
"I said....We'll follow you," I repeated forcefully. Arctic looked hesitant but eventually nodded.
As we sat in the deepest room of the castle, something within me sent a jolt of warning through me. My stomach churned and turned as cold as ice. It was a feeling I always got when something bad was happinging to someone I cared about deeply...
But since Arctic and Byakko were both in the room with me (and nothing seemed to be wrong with them at the moment) that only left Jewel. Something was wrong with Jewel! I had to find her! I turned to the others with a look of panic on my face.
"I'm Sorry guys, but I have to leave for a few minutes. I need to go and check up on Jewel. I fear that there's something terribly wrong!" As I turned to go Arctic put a paw on my shoulder.
<<"Wait! I'll go with you!">>
"No. This is something I have to do by myself. I'll go find Jewel and then I'll retrieve Daerren and Annri. But you have no time to lose! You two need to go and help Farlander and Tornado! They're in trouble too! Go, now! And take care of Byakko!"
With that I zoomed off without another word and made my way up the winding corridors, cursing myself the entire way. How could I have been so foolish as to forget about my own sister?! We were all so preoccupied with the Shi-Cathor and the reappearance of Daerrn and Annri that we had forgotten...forgotten how lonely she must feel... After all that time in the shadow realm...she must have felt abandoned, forgotten. Even though we were trying everything we could to try and get her back...it must not have seemed that way to her. Who knows what warped thoughts had entered her mind...the things that could've changed her. I had noticed that even after we had brought her back to her senses, there still was something not quite right. Something that had given me an eerie feeling. I had ignored it at the time because there were so many troubles and worries swimming around in my mind already I didn't have room for another one. I had been so overjoyed to have my sister back that I forgot...forgot to tell her...how much I loved her....
I burst through the castle gates and into the courtyard, looking everywhich way for any sign of my sister, Jewel. I couldn't see her...but I could still sense her. She was still within my range which meant she wasn't too far. I focused in on her life force and headed off, once I got close enough I could get an exact location and teleport to her. I just hoped I wasn't too late...for I sensed another life force...a familiar one, right next to her.

18th August 2004, 01:27 AM
YAY! KURO-CHAN IS BACK! *tackles and gives candy*


Jewel soon had materialized a foot in front of Far. He was so startled that he nearly jumped in mid-air, and perhaps it was only Jewel who caused him to act that way. Far had tormented her in the void for some time... and perhaps deen inside he regretted it slightly. Of course, he would never admit such a thing.

They were perhaps only a few yards away from Ordos and Annri, but the fact was that Jewel sensed it but didn't care. They probably would never see her again nor remember her if they did... she sensed some thing different about both of them although she didn't take the time to try to sense anymore. Far was the matter at hand... it was him that was standing in her way.

* You. You are not evil... no... in the future you are not what we would call evil. You have good in you... and no doubt in the future you would have saved my life... in perhaps more ways then one.* Jewel's words were full of a finality that seemed to scare Far, as she nodded to herself.
What... w hat are you talking about? ! There is.... no hope of good in me... Far's words trailed off, but Jewel simply shook her head.
* You are wrong. But you will not have a chance to explore that future... because Seiko is becoming lost in the very void that plagued me. I will NOT allow that to happen. *
With an uncommon strength, a slight rumble in the area around Jewel and Far occured... dirt and pebbles rising slightly as Jewel's eyes began to swirl away their blue and become marblized with red.
* We must die Far, to ensure that he survives. He is from the future, but now he is here... *

With that her eyes sent a glowing motion... and instantly waves of memories came crashing into Far and into anyone who might be near...

Jewel was dying... Mew Castle was under seige, and Crystal was due at any day to give birth to a young Mew. She could not battle, and at her last attempts to save her sister.. Jewel had thrown herself in the way of an extremely powerful blast. Far came rushing to Jewel's aid, and in duing so... gave a valent effort to fight off the force that was trying to destroy the castle. However... Arctic and Crystal were fleeing, and Far was only buying time. Soon he too... was defeated.

However... amist the fires and chaos, Far and Jewel managed to forge their energies together in an almost unseen fate. While their bodies were dying... their energies remained and forged together in an almost loving way, yet it was filled with more respect and 'knowing' of each other. With that forge... several days later... came a mew... known as...

Far shook his head... the memories were shaking.
No. It cannot be true... I... I would-could.. never...
* It is true Far. I have been melded together with a red crystal... and this red crystal... I finally know what it is. It is a piece of the same essense that Repturroc was made from... how and why...I do not know, but that is why it offers glimpses into time that affects me. *

Jewel sighed, her eyes still glowing as the world around her rumbled slightly.
* As much as I hate you now, I love Seiko all the same. In order for him to live... we must leave. We are supposed to be dead to him in the future, which is why he does not know of us. I will not let him die... so prepare to battle me Far, for we will both die tonight.*

With that, Jewel's eyes seemed to send a brilliant flash of crimson red as a beautiful and perfect sphere of transparent red seemed to consume her body. Far was taken aback... but soon his eyes too, glowed, and a similiar sphere ... though not as powerful, grew around his body as well.

They stared each other down for a little bit... until suddenly with a crackle of energy Jewel formed a bright ball of glowing, pulsating energy and flung it directly at Far.

(If you want to get involved, go ahead... bu tmind you that Jewel will be dominating this battle for a while. You can try to get involved... which would be nice, because if you do make sure you get in the way of Far's attack in whcih she'll use her teleporting powers to teleport you away from it and probably near Annri. )

Arctic A
22nd August 2004, 07:18 PM
["Are you sure you are ready for this? I hear defeat is quite nasty...not that I would know the feeling."]
Xiaso ascended to several feet higher than Farlander, who lay low in a defensive stance; his wings sheilding him yet leaving him able to strike out with ease. The whirring and buzzing of the lab dimmed down, as did the lighting.
"You will die here today." Farlander's voice echoed loudly.
["You will eat those words, creator. I will make you choke on them."] Xiaso roared, spreading his wings wide. Farlander raised an eyebrow at the sight: Xiaso's technological enhancments were clearly visible in the form of dark green glowing indents that ran from the back of his neck, along his entire wingspan.
"You are an abomination. I accept my fate; accept yours, you bastard."
Farlander sprung up quickly, ramming into Xiaso's stomach, sending him flying back into a collection of hanging cables. There was a series of blinding sparks and loud electrical noise; it seemed that Farlander has struck a damaging blow. He reconsidered that when he saw Xiaso quickly revert to his stance and open his mouth, shooting a bright blue beam of energy right at him. Farlander flung himself to the ground, throwing up his wings to absorb the blast. An intense burning seemed to hit him, drilling through his wings and causing him to feel sick in the head.
["My power knows no limits now!"] Xiaso roared, spreading his right wing out in a grasping motion at some heavy machinery. With his mind, he flung it at Farlander, who used his tail to grab a pillar and fling himself out of the way. The machine hit the ground and exploded, temporarily clouding the battlefield and allowing Farlander to get off the ground into the air. He noticed that there was rather limited space in which to manouver. Growling angrily, he flew up at two large glowing electrical orbs and grabbed one in each wing. They sent a sharp shock through him that stung incredibly; he tried to shut it out as he dived down at Xiaso, holding them out front so they struck him on the cranium. Xiaso screamed in apparent agony as the power surged down through him. Farlander expected a good result...he blinked in suprise as Xiaso shrugged the heavy blow off, and locked his burning eyes on him.
["That HURT..."]
Xiaso's eyes blazed green as hundreds of small mechanical devices detachted themselves from his torso and stuck together in clumps - about five small flying devices had assembled themselves, pulsing with a green glow. They approached Farlander from all angles, hovering menacingly. He swept out to swat them away, but they were too fast; and since his wings were now up, Farlander had left his weak points exposed. The machines flew in, dilivering sharp electrical shocks to his exposed lower body. The pain seemed to bore in, going right into his heart and creating a revolting pain. Farlander cried out, but was silenced when Xiaso slammed into him again, sending him spiraling down to the ground. Weakend but still defiant, he curled up and shot himself like a ball at Xiaso, who dodged quickly. Farlander hit the wall, quickly spreading his feet; he was standing on the wall now. He twirled around and pinned himself against it, now giving himself a good view of the area. He opened his mouth and powered an Aeroblast. Xiaso snarled as it was unleashed, destroying the five machines that had been pursuing Farlander.
["Unfortunately, i'm not as stupid as an AI."]
"No...but you are pretty stupid, for taking on Farlander and me together." A new voice rang out over the dark scene.
"DISAREN! GET OUT OF HERE!" Farlander bellowed, his voice shaking the chamber.
Farlander's sister hovered up to face Xiaso, who had a look of disbelief on his face. It quickly turned into yet another sadistic grin.
["You risk your life to save your brother? Now if only my brother were more like you. He could have always been a powerful ally, but no...he had to become such a coward. Afraid to strike out and take what is rightfully OURS.."]
Disaren growled, and Farlander repeated his previous sentance in the previous way.
"Farlander...quiet you." She chuckled, looking at Xiaso. "I'm giving you a chance to surrender, Xiaso. Not even you could handle a five on one."
"FIVE on ONE? Disaren, please, GO! You havn't tasted his strength-"
"I AM his strength, Brother." Disaren shouted, leaving a deathly silence in her wake. Down by the entrance, three forms glided into the arena. Tornado the Dragonite flew up to Disaren's left with Eclipse on his back, and Arnen to her right.
"Tornado? YOU PROMISED ME!" Farlander screamed, blinded with fury.
"Just listen, Farlander." Tornado said quietly. Xiaso was also seething with anger now...his eyes were transfixed on Disaren.
"You're quite wrong, Lugia...I don't need your strength anymore. What I have built upon myself gives me all the power I need." He twirled fiercely, batting Disaren away and spreading his wings once more in a battle stance.

Kuro Espeon
25th August 2004, 05:10 PM
*eats candy* ^.^ yummies!
Alright, I tried making this post yesterday and it accidentally got erased before I could finish, so let me try again....

I didn't know who I was more angry with. Xiaso, for his selfish and tyrannical aspirations; Disaren, for purposefully putting herself in danger when she knew that my sole reason for coming here was to keep her alive; or Tornado, for disobeying me and coming back, without getting Disaren out first. I glared furiously around me at all three of them, not quite believing what I was seeing. I was trying to decided you I wanted to yell at first. Disaren...no, I couldn't be angry at her. Being my sister it was understandable that she act on her instinct to protect her family, just as I was doing for her. She was also just as stubborn as I was. As for Tornado...well...I could always yell at him later, if we all got out of here alive, that is. So instead I turned my attention and full frustration on Xiaso, the very sight of him making my blood boil. He, unfourtunetly, had decided to place his focus completely on Disaren.
This was something that needed to be changed...and fast.
Disaren, while confident in her abilities, as well she should've been, was unaware of the fact that this was not a battle she could win. Disaren, every since she was little, had been the carrier of a very rare and very curious power. She had many special ailities and talents because of thisand it was true that her powers were the base of Xiaso's new enhancements. She was strong, yes, and in terms of pure power she could very easily defeat Xiaso. However, any fool knew that it took more than strength to win a battle. It also took experiance, something which my dear little sister was lacking in comparision to her current opponent. In our years, she was still very young and had not yet learned to properly harness her power, and without that level of control, the power was useless. She was strong, she was special...but she was still a child. And now that Xiaso was through with her, it seemed that he would have no problem at all destroying her. I had to think fast before I lost my sister, and the secret she carried within her, forever...
["Foolish child."] Xiaso was saying to Disaren, ["You nreally have no idea what you're doing. You are worthless to me now and I have no hesitations in turning you to ash."] As he spoke a reddish aura began to form around him. I could feel the power from his metallic enhancements pulsing in rythmic waves.
"Hmph. I'd like to see you try!" Disaren replied in a confident tone that sounded all too familiar.
["Feh. Very well, Golden One. I shall show you what it means to defy me!"]
This was it. I had to act now. As Xiaso slowly began to charge up an attack, I closed my eyes and sharped my focus. Right as he fired off the glimmering red beam, I Teleported, reappearing right in front of Disaren just in time to put up a reflective barrier. The beam hit with so much force that it push Disaren and me back several feet. Caught off gaurd for a second, I had to work hard to keep it from breaking through the barrier. My wings folded in front in a defensive position, I used them to push back on the barrier circle. The beam then deflected and richocheted off several walls before flying back toward Xiaso who had to quick dodge sideways to avoid it but still recieved a searing burn on his left shoulder. He swore under his breath and growled.
"You're careless, Xiaso. Never turn your back on an opponent, especially this one! You're battle is here!" I managed to give a sideways glance in Tornado's direction on that last word as well, making sure he saw and heard me. I didn't wait to see his reaction however and plced all my attention on Xiaso. I couldn't afford to miss a move he made.
Xiaso "humphed" amusedly and a sly smirk spread across his face. ["Really, Farlander...you disappoint me. I would have thought that the 'mighty' Creator of Justice would fight his own battles. But now I find you engaging in ambushes with...lesser beings. It seems you've gotten softer, Lugia. You can't even win a one-on-one without help!"] His taunting was beginning to irritate me but I tried to ignore it.
"That's better than the help you're getting, Xiaso!" I shot back.
["What did you say?!"]
"You heard me! What's the matter, Xiaso? Afraid you can't win the Shi-Cathor without cheating? Or is it that your ego is more important to you than your pride as a legendary?"
Xiaso's eyes narrowed dangerously. ["You're treading on thin ice, Lugia... You'd better watch your mouth..."]
"You shouldn't be chastizing me, you sad excuse for a Pokemon!! If you were really as powerful as you say are and if you REALLY deserved to rule Mew Castle you'd fight on your own strength instead of hiding behind your little machines! Face it, Xiaso! You're too weak, and you know it!"
That had done it. Xiaso was boiling with rage, his whole body seeming to overflow with anger as his eyes flashed a dangerous green.
I prepared myself for the worst as Xiaso flew upward, spreading out his wings once again begining to charge up. However, this time something else happened. The many machines and panels that surrounded the room suddenly sprang to life and began to hum in unison in the same monotonous pitch. They began to whir louder and louder until the whole room filled with it and it was almost unbearable. Several cords that were connected to two large generators shot up and plugged themselves into the several metallic jacks that were located in various place on Xiaso's body. Two in his neck, Three down each side, one in each wing tip, and one in each leg; until he cast the image of a large, metallic Spinarak. Energy began to flow through the cables and into Xiaso's body, making the aura around him grow even brighter.
"F...Farlander! What's going on?!" Tornado called. I led Disaren back down to the ground where Tornado and the others where waiting.
"He's calling up the rest of the power he extracted from Disaren....he's trying to push his body to the limit! If this keeps going he could level this place! And take us with it!"
"So what do we do?" Eclipse inquired, her voice slightly shakey.
I glanced around quickly, studing the machinery. My eyes landed on a small slot in the main panel where a wired, green chip was inserted. It appeared to be the main circuit.
"That chip over there... We have to get to it! If we take that than Xiaso won't be able to access the power board!"
"But how do we get to it without Xiaso noticing?"
"I haven't gotten that far yet..."
"Great..." Said Tornado. I snapped my head in his direction and glared.
"This is all your fault anyway, Dragonite! I TOLD you to take Disaren away and let me handle this! You gave me your word!"
"Brother..." Disaren chimed in from over my shoulder. "Do not be angry with him. I came back here on my own free will. He tried to stop me, but I knew you needed our help! Your pride was going to get you killed!"
"Then I would have died fighting, upholding my position as a Creator. It is my responsibility. At this point, Disaren, your life is more important than mine. That's why you need to leave here. Now."
"But Farlan-"
"DISAREN! For once in your life, don't argue with me! I just got you back and I won't lose you again! You must live and grow stronger to fulfill your destiny! Tornado, for the last time, get her out of here!"
"Farlander..." Tornado replied, sounding a lot more bold, "You can't shut these things off by yourself. The moment he sees you going for the power chip he'll attack you! We need to distract him somehow! For once, just let us help you!"
I snarled lightly at him, but quickly calmed myself. It really seemed that there was no other way.
"Very well...however, I shall be the one to distract him." I fell silent for a moment as I tried to formulate a plan. "Alright. I have an idea. Arnen, can you teleport other things besides yourself?"
"I...I think so..." Arnen replied.
"Do you think you could teleport Eclipse to power board and back?'
"I'll try!"
"And Eclipse, your job is to get that chip as quickly as possible without Xiaso noticing. Tornado and I will attract his attention but I can't garuntee how long. You'll have to work quickly. Understood?"
Eclipse looked hesitant, but nodded.
"And what, pray tell, do I get to do, Brother?" Disaren said flatly.
"You can be a cheerleader."
"A WHAT?! Farlander, you...you...!"
"Alright! Let's get moving! We don't have a lot of time!"

Kuro Espeon
3rd September 2004, 12:03 PM
Errrr....is someone gonna post? or are things gonna have to get ugly? :evil:

Arctic A
7th September 2004, 03:03 PM
Before Farlander and I could devise a distraction plan, Xiaso burst out of his mechanical construct and struck again. This time, he dived head first into Farlander's torso, creating a loud sick crunching noise that made my gut ache. The impact sent Farlander flying down to the ground. Disaren yelled something incomprehensible, and flung her wings out wide. She spoke something quietly, and three shimmering balls of golden energy fizzled into exsistance, quickly spinning around her body. Xiaso, who didn't seem to have suffered at all from his attack, growled at her.
"No-body annoys Farlander but ME!"
One by one, she flung the balls of energy at Xiaso with a might that I didn't imagine possible from something her size. They slammed into his neck, chest and wing, sending golden arcs of lightning across his body.
{Arrrrrhh...you fool...you could have been so useful!} He roared, raising his wings to attack. Noticing Farlander recovering down below, and Xiaso's large wingspan, I hoped Farlander would pick up on my plan. I took a deep breath, and flung myself at his right wing, grabbing it with my paws, teeth and tail. Below, Farlander threw himself upwards in a spiral ball, and flung his tail around Xiaso's neck while grabbing his left wing.
{ARGH!} Xiaro screamed in pain as our combined weight made us all plunge to the ground.

The next seconds went very slowly, for us all, I think. Xiaso's immense power could be felt building up beneath us...his body was shaking so violently that every inch of both Farlander and I was in tremendous pain, trying desperatly to cling on. I tried to cope with it as best I could, focusing on all the happy thoughts I could...

My wife and I, together in our mountain home...
My son's first flight...

Xiaso gave a deafening roar as he pulsed violently, throwing Farlander and I clear away from him. I was slammed with extreme force against the wall, putting a huge dent in it. Before I could muster the power to regain flight, I had fallen and Hit the floor. It was then that I suddenly felt a power erupting inside me...and Disaren's sweet voice. Tornado...and I have placed you and Farlander in a psychic bond...together, all of our 3 powers are combined...you can defeat him this way...but I cannot be allowed to be harmed, or the link will break...we could all die....I know this is a bold, dangerous move. But I don't think we have any other choice.

Kuro Espeon
7th September 2004, 03:59 PM
I have undertaken a project in where I am editing pictures to look like the chars in this RPG. This is mostly for my own amusement but I thought I'd share it with you guys too. Here are the three I've done so far. (I'm working on the Mews first)

Crystal (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/KuroEspie/Crystal.jpg)
Arctic (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/KuroEspie/Arctic.jpg)
Jewel (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/KuroEspie/Jewel.jpg)

7th September 2004, 06:21 PM
Well, I was sorta hoping that Kuro would post for Crystal but it is okay. I hope you don't mind me using your character for just a bit... if you do I can edit it.

Oh, and the reason I just don't post the battle all at once is because I plan on this battle ending after the battle of Xiaso. Yeppers...


The energy ball the Jewel had formed was flung with such speed it was almost amazing if anyone had watched. Jewel had a lot of powers that no one really knew about... mostly of course because she was not a fighter, she was most peaceful.

But not now... not ever again.

The crackling red energy seemed to grow as it approached Far, and it was too late for him to dodge such an unexpected attack. Soon it connected right upon his soft underbelly, and he gave a cry as his body was sent hurling backwards. Trees shattered below as his body made impact, splinters being flung forth in the air. The forest seemed to tremble before the two... as the dirt and bits and pieces of the earth rose slightly off the ground from the magnificant power levelt hat Jewel surprisingly was giving off. However... it was soon answered.

Far, using the power long ago that Kalidor once lended him when he aided the Mewtwo, suddenly grew his rage. Instantly his body seemed to become covered in silver fire, and a bright, blinding light was sent forth through the air followed by a strong gust of wind that seemed to come from no where. He rose instantly into the air, announcing his presense as his energy level caused pieces of broken trees and dirt to be flung violently in the air. His eyes glowed a seemingly bright silver... to match Jewel's own red-eyed gaze.

You've made a mistake little one.... He spoke, his voice grave and not as humorous or giddy as he usually liked to make his tone seem. Jewel gave no reply, but waited... and suddenly Far clapped his paws together and his eyes sent a flash in the air again enough to blind Jewel temporarily. Followed by that, his aura seemed to gather rapidly in front of him creating another ball of energy.. .however this seemed to crackle together like a bolt of lightening. Soon it was hurled through teh air straight at Jewel... fast like a wicked high-energy volt enough to put an electric pokemon to shame. Jewel saw it but stood her ground... however a cry soon came into the air-
"No! JEWEL... what are you doing! Jewel NO!"

With that Crystal had flung herself between the bolt and Jewel... Jewel's eyes turning back to silver slightly.
* Crystal...it must be done... go aid the others. I am of no use to you anymore. *
" No Jewel! I won't let you get h-"
* GO! *
With that, Jewel concentrated upon Crystal's body... and she knew that Crystal could tell. Her eyes spoke as if to say.. "no! don't you dare..." but Jewel had always been a strong teleporter. She instantly identified a spot that Crystal was needed, and withi n a blink of an eye Crystal disappeared. Just as the body disappeared the bolt of electricity came showering down upon Jewel... causing her to crash down into the earth below with a violent eruption of dirt and earth. Far gave an eerie laugh, but Jewel opened her eyes again.
* You're a fool Far... I will not give up this time. *

With that, Jewel's tattered body instantly flew up into the air again... her body glowing with a vicious color of red aura gathering about her to match Far's own silver.

They were at it again... [/size]

Kuro Espeon
7th September 2004, 09:12 PM
No, that's quite alright. Now that I know where you're going with it it wouldn't make much sense for Crystal to interfere. however...this will make her quite upset and probably add to her depression.

However, just a question. If Byakko took Seiko back to the future then Jewel wouldn't have to kill herself and Far right? Or...Id Jewel and Far die now, wouldn't Seiko die too since he's a creation from them? O.o I think I'm just confusing myself so I'll just shut up now.

The last thing I saw before I was teleported away was the sight of my one and only little sister standing defiantly before a bolt of powerful psychic energy that hurtled toward her. I screamed out her name but it was caught in my throat as fridged wave of fear passed over me. I reappeared back in front of the castle with nobody around. My body broke out into a cold sweat.
What was Jewel thinking?! Why was she trying to get herself killed? I had to talk to her! I focused on the connection I had with my sister and called out telepathically.
"Jewel!! Jewel, please! You don't need to be doing this!" There was silence for a moment and I thought that Jewel would not reply, but soon there came a soft reply.
*No sister....this IS the only way...*
'...The....The only WAY?! The only way to what?!'
*The only way...to save HIM...*
'Him? Jewel...you can't mean Seiko? Jewel, didn't you hear what Repturroc said? She said only that Byakko can rescue Seiko! Killing yourself isn't the answer!!'
Jewel was silent for a moment. I could almost see her shaking her head sadly.
*No, Crystal....you don't understand...you can't. It is not in...your reality.*
Now it was my turn to be silent. Not in my reality? My heart twinged with pain. I was losing my sister...in more ways than one. I couldn't do anything for her. I never could. A warm tear trickled down my face.
"I'm sorry...I don't deserve to be your sister! I couldn't protect you! I couldn'y do ANYTHING! Even when you were trapped in that horrible place, your soul growing colder and colder. I couldn't even do anything THEN! When you needed me the most...I couldn't do one...damn...thing... But I tried! God, I tried! I never gave up on you Jewel! You have to believe me! Even though I'm worthless as a sister, I never stopped loving you like one! Never!!" More tears were coming now and I didn't even try to stop them. "Jewel...please tell me you understand! That you believe me! Despite everything that happened...what you may have come to thought....I NEVER STOPPED TRYING TO FIND YOU!!!" This last part of the sentence I actually cried outloud as well.
There was silence on the other end again. I paused and calmed myself down before continuing.
"I...can't stop you from doing what you think is right. But please...I can't let you go until you answer me. Do you understand me, Jewel? Do you know...how much I love you? And how much....I want you to forgive me? Please...I need to know...Tell me Jewel..."

I'm going to do a Byakko post, but I need Arc to do an Arctic post first.

Kuro Espeon
10th September 2004, 03:42 PM
Here are two more edited pictures: Disaren and Byakko. Please keep in mind that I've been doing these on Paint (*kills Paint*) and I didn't actually draw any of these. I just changed colors! But it's still hard...

Disaren (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/KuroEspie/Disaren.jpg)
Byakko (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/KuroEspie/Byakko.jpg)

Arctic A
13th September 2004, 07:50 PM

{Byakko should come with us, I think.} Xiaro spoke quietly to us, as Crystal shot out of the chamber. I was about to open my mouth and object, but Xiaro raised his wing in a silencing gesture. {She is more than capable, Arc. She takes after her parents sure enough} He smiled, and winked at Byakko.
"So what are we waiting for?" Byakko perked up. "Let's go!"
<<< I don't like this...but if you all think this is the best way...even Crystal...>>> I was quite out of excuses, so I sighed heavily. My expression quickly became one of seriousness and determination as the thoughts of Tornado and Farlander fighting against Xiaso started to flood into my head.
<<< I think...I think they've already met Xiaso. We need to get moving, now!>>> I was about to dash out of the chamber, when Xiaro made a loud grunting noise.
{Yes...I can feel it. His power is too strong....but this works to our advantage tonight. Link with me, my friends.} He whispered, as if he were preparing for something exhausting. Byakko hovered up and took his left wing in both minute hands, and I rose to do the same on the right.
{His power...I can feel...so strong...It's like a homing beacon...I can transport us to it...but I will be unable to assist you if the process succeeds; such a teleport will effectivly fry my mind for several hours...}
<<< This is dangerous! Byakko, st->>>
"I'm coming, father. You don't seem to get a choice!" She beamed at me, angering me to no end...
<<< This is SERIOUS! >>> The shards of my anrgy voice seemed to bounce around the room.
"Technically...you'e not really my father just yet..." She spoke aloud, though it seemed like she were talking to herself.
{Don't try to understand time. It hurts. How Flashwing manages is beyond me...oh, remind me, if we live through this. I must speak with you about Flashwing.}
I was about to say something in response when I suddenly felt like I had been pulled right out of my mind and thrown into a high speed conduit...my senses went berserk as I felt myself spinning. Through blurred vision, I seemed to be flying through the air, surrounded by an intricate network of glowing purple arcs of energy. I thought that I could make out a landmass of somesort below me....

Then it all changed again, as I felt myself phasing back into a normal state. My vision quickly started to clear, and I found myself looking at a very strange sight...
Xiaso clearly hovered in front of me, his back to me. I could make out all of his various 'upgrades'. In front of him, the figures of Farlander, Tornado and what appeared to be a smaller, golden Lugia. The room was large and ball shaped, with wrecked machinery bellowing smoke and sparking like crazy. The smell of burning was quite prominent, and it didn't take a genius to work out that quite a fight had begun here. I also noticed two other Pokemon, who looked like they'd both been incapacitated by some flying machinery.
"Together, we are not to be taken lightly." The small one spoke, with a sort of sadistic cheery voice. Beside her, Tornado's eyes went wide as he noticed the arrival of Xiaro, Byakko and I.
Below you, Arctic! The green chip in that machine will strip Xiaso of his enhanced powers! Farlander's weary but still determined voice echoed in my head. I looked down, and saw the machine Farlander meant. I quickly motioned at Byakko beside me, and dived down to get at it, but Xiaso's tail managed to appear in my face just in time to stop me. I retorted by rolling upwards, avoiding further blows. Byakko however, was flung with great force into the tangled machinery below us, close to the chip. Her eyes clamped shut; she looked like she was out of it.
[Well well well...look who's here! Xiaro, my brother, the fool...] Xiaso roared in delight. My anger seething, I looked up at him.
{This young fool has brought your end, brother } Xiaro said weakly, still crippled from the massive teleport.
[Lie down and die, bro.]
{You first.}
Farlander and Tornado swept forward, under Xiaso and placed themselves in defensive positions. The other Lugia flew up above, aiming her head at Xiaso. Xiaro smiled weakly.
{ I told you bringing Byakko was a good idea.} He laughed, as Byakko burst out from the wreckage below, clutching a bright green computer chip. Feigning serious injury...cunning girl...she's so much like Crys I grinned. Byakko threw the chip up into the air, and quickly whirled around, smashing it with her tail. It fractured into a million tiny pieces that clattered around on the ground.
[NO!] Xiaso roared in pain, as the green conduits on his body began to fade to a dull dark brown. He roared again, crashing down to the ground with a thunderous boom. Half of his technological enhancements detactched from his body, scuttling off, searching for a new energy source (For the chip we destroyed must have been the source of his bio-electrical power...). They found it by attaching themsleves to the room's lighting, making it flicker menacingly. Xiaso, however, managed to haul himself to his feet. He looked broken and exhausted, like a Arcanine who had just had his fangs removed. Xiaso staggered forward a bit, and looked up at us. His view was so full of a burning rage that it alarmed me...it was so similar to Racalexand.

13th September 2004, 09:05 PM


"I...can't stop you from doing what you think is right. But please...I can't let you go until you answer me. Do you understand me, Jewel? Do you know...how much I love you? And how much....I want you to forgive me? Please...I need to know...Tell me Jewel..."

The words of desperation rang in Jewel's mind... as she focused her attention on Far who was coming straight at her. There was a great sense of power to the north... and Jewel some how sensed that it was the beginning of the S C. A deep pain seemed to enter her body, and burn from with in as her memories seemed to flash by her eyes. Many of them surrounded her of Crystal, Arctic... all of the mews... all the events. The Darkness. ... and then the future. All mixing until finally the words of Crystal still rung in her ears...

*Crystal, you are my sister. We are born of the same blood and we cry the same tears. Many things have happened between us which neither of us will understand... but of those things, my love is not one of them. I will always care for you my sister. I will always love you and I will always keep watch over your even when I am gone. You will not be left alone... you have Arctic. You will have Byakko... *

Jewel had been flying away from Far, occasionally throwing a ball of condensed energy straight at his pursuit to ward him away until suddenly one of his gleaming spheres of silver had nailed Jewel directly upon the back. With a cry that could be heard through the mind she fell down into Mew Castle... landing upon one of the outer walls and causing a few of the great stones to break.

*...I-I will... d-die... C-crystal... *
With a gasp Jewel fluttered her eyes open, and a brilliant flash of white was revealed. Storm clouds seemed to gather around the fighting duo... and around Mew Castle. Both of their energies were rising... Far was growing more intense with the fuel of battle, and Jewel's power was growing with the power of her will to allow Seiko to live. A clap of thunder was heard near them... as lightening began to brew in the sky.
* S-so p-promise me... p-promise y-you will look after S-seiko when I am gone? T-take... m-my g-gift... u-use it w-when all... h-hope has f-failed you... *

With that, another blinding flash lit up the air enough to cause Far to let out a cry. When the flash ended... Jewel's "gift" was gone from her, and sent to her sister. Jewel opened her eyes... her breath heavy as she suddenly withdrew a deep breath.
* ... and Crystal... never allow anyone of Mew Castle ever be left behind... ... ... Goodbye my sister... you will always have my love.*

With that Jewel flung herself upwards, as a bolt of lightening ripped across the sky, hitting the castle and sending a brilliant flash about the glowing figures of Jewel and Far.

Rain started to pour... flashes of brilliant light buzzing about them as they fought. Explosions of red or silver bursts of energy seemed to echo in the sky like fireworks... as the rain and the churning clouds above seemed to announce the beginning of an end. They exchanged blows... occasionally their bodies crashing into the ground around Mew Castle, a tree every so often was either lit ablaze by the lightening or turned into splinters by a ball of energy. In the midst of all the chaos however, the pair was silent in their battle. It was a battle to the death.. a battle in which one planned on the other dying, and the other planned on both of them dying. In either case... after almost an hour of battling... the two continued at it in the storm. Their bodies were bloodied, streams of blood oozing from their wounds as they panted in the air. Bruised, broken, with destruction all around them... their bodies were defeated but their spirit was not.

So the battle raged on.

Kuro Espeon
14th September 2004, 05:21 PM
Whoohoo! Here we go!!


The furious and deafening roar of the enraged Xiaso echoed throughout the chamber, his neck arched and his wings spread menacingly as he issued the challenge we had all be waiting for...and dreading. He rose back into the air with surprising swiftness and assumed a battle stance. His eyes were glowing blood red, the same color as his pulsating battle aura, and they were directed solely on the form of his dragon-bird brother. Xiaro kept still his calm and thoughtful demenor, but his blue battle aura slowly began to form around him, and his eyes began to glow to match his brother's. Even though he wasn't as open with his emotions as his outspoken
brother, I could tell just from pure energy sense that Xiaro's anger was building as well. It wasn't so much rage as a desire, a desire to end this struggle once and for all. The blue/white legendary rose slowly into the air until he was about even with Xiaso. The faced each other, staring directly into the others eyes, never blinking, never flinching, and from that moment on, the existance of the 7 other Pokemon in the room meant nothing to them. All they saw was their opponent...their rival...their sibling...

I couldn't help but shudder as the atmosphere of the room suddenly became very cold. You could feel the tension in the air. It was so heavy that it almost crushed your very bones, and you want to cut it away but can't move to do it. My stomach was turning in knots, the knowledge of the horror that was about to ensue almost making me ill. Yes...this was the feeling of battle. The feeling of death. Someone was about to die...who it would be was still unknown.
And there was nothing we, as the spectators we had now become, could do. We had made sure that the fairness of the battle had been maintained, but that was as far as we could go. This was no longer...our fight.

{"Brother....this will be your end."} Said Xiaro firmly, {"I will not allow you harm anymore innocent Pokemon or humans for your insatiable greed! This will be finished now!"}
Xiaro chuckled, his voice producing a strange echo in itself. ["Oh my brother...You are as stubborn as always. When we, together, vanquished the three Reji, we were equally powerful. But I'm afraid that now, as you stand against me, you have grown careless and weak. Yet you speak as if you're sure you'll win. Xiaro...what makes you think that, after all this time, I will give up my power, my life, so easily? You know as well as I do that I possess the greater strength, even without my enhancement. And...you still seem so determined to fight me, when you know you'll die."}
Xiaro was silent for a moment. For a second I could've sworn he looked at me through the corner of his eye. He then replied, ["And you know as well as I do brother...that size and pure strength aren't the only things that win battles. Besides...do you honestly think that if I fall here, these valient Pokemon fighters behind me will simply back away and submit to your rule? I'm sure they may have some sort of objection...."]
I looked around quickly and saw Arctic, Farlander, Tornado and all the rest nod in unison, equal looks of concentration, determination and anger on their faces. They were all ready to jump in at a moments notice. Xiaso, however, did not seem ruffled by this.
{"The Rules of the Shi-Cathor state quite clearly that they are not to interfere. And the winner of the battle is absolute! They cannot fight against the result!"}
["You failed to abide by the rules, brother! Why should they have to?"] I heard a hint of amusement in Xiaro's voice as a small smirk twitched at the corner of his mouth. Xiaso, on the other hand, was not amused. He frowned, his eyes seeming to turn an even deeper shade of red as he emitted a low guttural growl. Xiaro continued. [" Why do you suddenly have an interest in the rules, Xiaso, when you had no intention on following them yourself? That doesn't seem very leader-like, if you ask me..."]
On that word, Xiaso's battle aura erupted into a flash of red light that filled the entire room. Xiaro's responded and did the same. Soon the room was engulfed in a mixture of blinding light. It was so strong I could no longer see either of the brothers or even my father and Tornado beside me. My eyes stung with pain and I had to slam them shut to keep from going blind. After a few moments that seemed like an eternity, when I felt the light fading away, I slowly opened my eyes. I let out a sharp gasp as my vision focused in on the scene before me.
We were no longer in the strange room of Xiaso's labratory. Or at least it didn't seem that way. Instead, the room had been replaced by an extremely large, closed arena with dark stone walls and ancient-looking pillars. The pillars were placed at equal points around the outside of a rectangular area covered in markings. Inbetween the pillars stretched a glimmering semi-transparent energy barrier, blocking entrance to the arena from all who stood outside. This included everyone expect the two legendary brothers who hovered over the center of the ring in the same positions as before. It became quite clear very quickly as to where we were. The Shi-Cathor Arena.
"Interesting..." I heard Farlander say, "Instead of taking the battle to the arena, the arena has come to the battle."
<<"So in other words...the Shi-Cathor arena will automatically appear wherever the battle ensues?">>
"Seems that way..." Tornado shrugged.
This was not what I was concerned with however. My eyes had been draw to the ring in the center of the arena. I had suddenly occured to me that the markings that encircled it were, in fact, of the same cryptic language I had discovered on the door to the mural room. And just as I had before, I was somehow able to read it:

[i]Licum Solus ra Verana Regnakta....
May Only the Truth Prevail....

This was it...there was no getting around it now. The fate of the inhabitants of Mew Castle now and forever was about to be decided.

The Shi-Cathor had begun.....

Hooooboy! I guess I was on a role...*cracks her knuckles* I sense a climax coming on...

Arctic A
18th September 2004, 07:32 AM

Neither Xiaro or Xiaso seemed to show any suprise at the arrival of the
arena. I saw Xiaso smirk slightly, looking around in a very pleased way.
{Well, brother...it looks like it is time.} He coughed, still injured from the previous battle. Xiaro said nothing, instead just closing his eyes. I could tell that he was trying to focus, preparing himself mentally for the fight. He, too, was still weak from teleporting us to the area.
{Have you nothing to sa-} Xiaso's mocking was cut off as another bright light erputing above the arena, making us all look up instantly. It shone brightly, whirling around into the form of a familiar looking bird-like creature. Amongst the loud sounds of thunder it was creating, I heard Farlander mutter something.
Sure enough, Flashwing was now hovering above the center of the area, exchanging looks with both of the combatents. All sound seemed to cease - a deathly silence had descended upon us.

"Shiraai, cara kre - shi cathor...Let the judges take thier seats." His voice was calm and collected, not betraying any sign of emotion. He spread his rainbow wings wide, showering a golden dust all over everyone. I ran over to Byakko and put both my paws on her shoulders. We all looked up in awe as above us, the sky was filled by two large beams of light that struck opposite sides of the arena. Flashwing's golden dust suddenly began to rise, shooting up into two balls beside Flashwing.
<<< Whoa..>>> I said aloud.
The balls then exploded, again showering us with golden dust, but this time they left something...in place of the two balls were two ghostly visages.
"Ramses and Cizora of Arun - Myuu judge you, Xiaso and Xiaro." Flashwing bellowed, making us all cringe sightly "There may only be ONE GUARDIAN. Since you both wish to aquire this title, you must duel for it. There will be no interfereance from the residents of Arun - Myuu." Flashwing closed his eyes, and they began to glow a dull red.


Flames rocketed up from the center of the arena, engulfing Flashwing and the two spirits for a few seconds, marking the beginning of the fight. Xiaso was the first to move, charging with all his might towards the smaller Xiaro. Xiaro threw his wings wide, projecting a shimmering red barrier in front of him. Xiaso slammed headfirst into it, shattering the barrier in a display of bright red sparks. He was thrown backwards by the impact, but as he flew back he was able to open his mouth and fire a beam of blue energy at Xiaro. It struck him on the right wing, throwing him against the arena wall. I grimaced as he cried out in pain.
<<< We NEED to help him! >>>
"We cannot...Disaren and I have been trying to break the barrier...it is impassible..." Farlander sighed. "We must let fate decide the future, it seems."
<<< We CAN'T JUST SIT HERE! >>> I shouted, turning to face Farlander.
"THEN WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST, ARCTIC?" Farlander screamed at me, losing his temper totally. Tornado stepped between Farlander and I, growling. (He'd been doing alot of growling lately, it seemed.)
"Both of you, be quiet." He glared at us both angrily. Byakko blinked several times, but didn't speak up. My attention was thrown from Farlander as I heard another bone-crunching impact in the arena. I turned to see Xiaso falling from the air, with Xiaro hovering up above, constantly firing glowing balls of his red energy at Xiaso, who was managing to batter some of them away. They flew at the arena walls and exploded, leaving the ground scarred. A flashback of the arena floor when i'd fought Racalexand came into my mind, making me shudder and turn away.

I eventually made myself turn around and look again, and I gasped at the sight of Xiaso and Xiaro, seeming to both be locked in the air, with two fierece beams of energy pulsing from both of their eyes, meeting in the center. The beams each generated their own multicolored thunderstorms that shot out and covered the whole arena. It then came to mind: the words Flashwing had said a while ago..
<<< The Shi - Cathor is as much a fight of the mind as it is the body >>>

22nd September 2004, 04:19 PM
We haven't heard from some one in a while... heh.
Of course, this post will be sorta sad... but perhaps you'll get a better understanding of Repturroc. Well... sorta.

" You were the stone that split the stream of time in two. You should have not been born... you were a mistake by the cosmos."
~ Avestar (????)

Two battles. One would decide the fate of the castle that the Mews called home and eventually it would decide the fate of all of the Mews. The other would decide the fate of four lives...
[ No... those lives are connected to all the others. Whatever one lives now will ultimately determine the battles to come... especially the little shifter. ]

Repturroc floated in a place that to the human eye would seem to be nothingness. Darkness was everywhere... no human eye would have ever been able to penetrate it. However the darkness was what was inside of "Ave'tar Saverg". The place was unknown to all except the Creators, Guardians, and very few else. Of course the place could never be found by any earthly means. It was trapped in the stream of time... not in reality but yet it was there all the same. With in it was either darkness or light, and with in each of those were things that could only appear by those who built it or were summoned by it. This was the place where Repturroc often came... because this was Repturroc first met Avestar.

Repturroc floated, her eyes of crimson sadly focused upon the darkness about her... as she seemed to meditate but yet she didn't need to. She knew what was taking place, like she usually did. However this time she couldn't help feeling that Avestar's words were correct... that she was the bringer of chaos. The child of the dark times. The birth of all mistakes. The mixture of lost fates, times, destinies, pasts...
The Corrupter.

[ Perhaps it was my fault... perhaps if only I had prevented it all from taking place. I could have intervened.. I could have stopped both of them. ]

Suddenly as Repturroc's mind began to wander... she focused upon one of the battles. Slowly Ave'tar Saverg began to fade away... the darkness growing lighter until the blasts of color began to echo below her. As the darkness disappeared Repturroc's figure seemed to fade into and above the scene of the Shi-Cathor. She was high above the stadium... and actually she was inside of it. Of course her figure was transparent, she was not completely out of the stream of time and yet not completely with in reality. Others could see her, hear her, but they could not touch her.

Repturroc watched... she watched Xiaso and Xiaro fight, explosios of light echoing the arena as they both were determined to win. Her crimson eyes slowly turned to gaze at the Lugias, Flashwing,Ramses, Cizora.. the Mews... but most certainly, Byakko. Her voice seemed to prance upon the air... you could hear it, but yet if you really didn't want to you didn't need to hear it. It was like a playful breeze upon the air...
[ Death... it plays upon the air like a child in the grass. Not heeding to who is around it or who is watching, only doing what it feels is right. ]
Repturroc let out a sigh, closing her eyes she could feel the pain that burned inside of her. The memories of what was ages ago coming back to her mind...

Repturroc, can we really trust you?
What are you? What do you want? What is your purpose?!
No! Don't let me die!
If you are what you say you are... then why can't you save me from being damned?
Stay away!
Only the stars and the heavens know why you were created..
Every creature has their two equal sides. Why do you have none?
What attack was that!? What... what are...
Leave... you cannot stay here anymore.
Darkness or Light... which do you choose to be your ally?
When we finally are claimed and have passed... you alone will be all that is left.
You must lend me your ability... or else you know I will kill-

You were the stone that split the stream of time in two. You should have not been born... you were a mistake by the cosmos.

All the memories swarmed in her mind... losing their logical order. Everything was spinning with in her mind without reason, without order... it was unusual for her to have such a chaos with in her mind.

The pain was almost overwhelming, as Repturroc opened her liquid eyes as they began to tear. She watched the battle and with in her body she could sense the other battle that was raging as well...
[ In this battle one will live, and one will die. In the other battle... no one lives or one will die... ]
Repturroc knew that Seiko was hanging on the balance of diminishing forever or living with the pain of events that would follow both battles. Jewel and Far would die if Jewel had 'won' the battle...
[ It is all my fault... the words Avestar spoke were true... ]

Repturroc's voice was growing louder as it became more shaky, full of sadness and anger at herself at the same time. Finally however she closed her eyes once more for a brief moment, her tears seemed to stream down her as one tear fell from her mewish face. As it started to fall she suddenly cried out as clear as a scream in the silence...
[ Avestar was right about me.... It's my fault they're going to die!!! ]

With that instant, Repturroc's transparent and 'not really there' body completely faded away back into the stream of time. However for some strange reason... the tear of Repturroc continued to fall and it remained. After a brief moment, the tear suddenly was not transparent like Repturroc had been... it was real. With a little drip it suddenly splashed down upon the arena's floor, magically unhit by any blasts of beam or the moving participants in the Shi-Cathor.

A tear... upon the arena where nothing was supposed to pass.

Kuro Espeon
22nd September 2004, 04:29 PM
just a question: Is Flashwing a judge as well? If so, shouldn't Farlander be one too?

Now for a short Farlander post and one for Crystal (probably short too... :sweat4: )

As the battle raged on in front of my eyes, I decided to leave the sidelines and join Flashwing who was still hovering above the center of the arena. His eyes, still sharp after all these years, darted back and forth between the dueling brothers, determined not to miss a single move. I understood this feeling...for I too did not wish to take my eyes off them for a single second. Before I left I turned to Arctic, Byakko and Disaren and gave a curt "Stay here" As I beat my wings and rose into the air high above the ground until I was level with Flashwing.
Even though the Ho-Oh and I often disagreed on things, we had nevertheless known each other for a long time. A length of time outside of human comprehension. Being fellow Creators we had an unspoken bond. A connection of sorts. I guess you could call us friends...although we didn't always act that way. But there would always that mutual respect between us, particularly right now, with us, being the last two surviving Creators, watching the future unfold before us.
For a while I was silent and so was he. We both knew that things needed to be said, but for now we just kept our focus on the arena below. Despite the importance of this battle, I found myself surprisingly calm. I had gone from my previous state of battle and had taken up my other role as a sage. Even at the point where Xiaso slammed his entire body into Xiaro's, causing a sickening crunch, I didn't even flinch. It was this impartial state of mind that had been instilled in me throughout the course of my reign as Creator Farlander. However, it was at this point that I finally addressed Flashwing.
"Is this how you always feel, Creator of Time?" I spoke to him alone without turning my eyes on him.
"You should know the answer to that already, Creator of Justice." He retorted. At this I smirked and let out a small "heh". I gave him a quick sideways glance.
"You haven't changed at all. Just as cryptic and cynical as you were a hundred years ago." I said with a straight face.
"And you're just as stubborn." He replied. I smiled again. Just like old times. On this thought I briefly took my eyes off the battle and looked at the ghostly figures of Ramses and Cizora. I knew that it was only their souls that were present, however I couldn't help but feel they had returned to us somehow. The site of my old comrades, my old friends, even if it was just fleeting, gave me a small feeling of hope. But as I watched them another thought passed into my mind and I voiced this to Flashwing.
"Flashwing....Do you remember that conversation we had a while ago? About successors? Well...just out of curiosity, who have you picked?"
"Now Farlander, don't ask that question when you know I'm not allowed to answer it. We are sworn to secrey."
"But you have named a successor, correct?"
"Yes....and you should to."
I nodded. "Yes..." I glanced at Ramses and Cizora again, wondering.... "I supposed I do...before I join them in the spirit land."
"What a morose attitude, Lugia." Flashwing shot, blandly.
"Well then, Ho-Oh, how's this? I hope that I die before you, so that I can haunt your dreams and make your last days so miserable that you'll BEG for death!!" I retorted with a wicked grin. At this Flashwing chuckled.
"I believe you would, old friend. In fact I know you would..."
We both looked once more at the spirits of Ramses and Cizora. (I could've sworn that for a second, the grayed eyes of Ramses the Mewtwo had looked at me, sending a chill through my spine). We were both thinking the same thing. This time it was Flashwing who spoke first.
"Who do you suppose they named?"
"Ramses and Cizora? One can never tell. We'll have to wait and see."

With that we both returned our focus on the battle below that raged on with no quick end in sight. I watched with apprehension as the Latios and the Latias prepared to fire Hyper Beams of equal size and magnitude.

Sorry there wasn't much battle description there. i felt a need to provide a little foreshadowing and hints for the next sequel. ^_~ Some may alredy know what it is.
Ergh, I know I was going to do a Crystal post, but I find that I have procrastinated long enough with my homework and I;d better work on that first. I'll have one for Crys up soon.

Arctic A
23rd September 2004, 12:35 PM
Flashwing and Farlander arn't judging because neither has ever been the 'Protector'...
I'll have a Shi - Cathor concluding sort of post ready soon.

Kuro Espeon
23rd September 2004, 12:45 PM
Flashwing and Farlander arn't judging because neither has ever been the 'Protector'...

Yeah, that's what I figured. Just checking...
I plan on doing a post for Crys before the Shi-Cathor is over, so I'll do that today or tomorrow.

23rd September 2004, 09:57 PM
^^ I drew a lil'picture of Repturroc on Paint. I just put it into my other program to add a little extra but basically the color and outline are the same.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Kuro Espeon
24th September 2004, 04:09 PM
Hey, nice piccy B4! Very kyute!!! -^.^- Speaking of pictures, I have another one done on Paint. This one is of Farlander.
Farlander (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/KuroEspie/Farlander.jpg)
I decided he'd look cool with black plates and I added some scars. The red eyes just make him look uberevilness :evil: , lol!

Tornado is my next project, but I still need Arctic to tell me what, if any, special changes to make. Scars? Different colors? Anything special?

Oh, also, I don't know if any of you would care, but I decided to show you guys a picture of a character that I plan to make a costume for a convention.
Edward Elric (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/KuroEspie/ac7dcda1.jpg)
Isn't he just uber cool looking. The hardest part will be getting enough money for a good wig though....^^() must work on that....eh...heh...

Anyway, enough of my yakin'! On to the postage!

*...Goodbye my sister... you will always have my love.*
Those final words from my sister seemed to echo in my mind as I felt her presence slowly fading away from me. My throat choked with tears I cried outloud, my voice piercing the dark chasms of the forest.
But I knew....no matter how many times I called, no matter how loud I cried, I would no longer get a reply from my sister Jewel. Even though she was technically still alive, she was all but dead to me now. Soon my only remaining family, whom I had always loved and treasured, would leave me. And all I could do was wait.
I suddenly lost my strength to fly and slowly sank to the ground. The tears had stopped now and all I could do was stare at the ground in disbelief. Unable to move or speak I sat there in complete silence for a short while, trying to contemplate what had just occured. Was I really...alone now?
Seconds later, as if to answer my question, a glimmering blue light that resembled a star appeared in front of me. I looked up at it, slightly startled by it's sudden appearance. The light pulsated briefly before the glow faded slowly away and revealing an item floating in midair. The moment I saw it I knew it was from Jewel. A gift from her. Something inside me told me so.
It was a diamond-shaped crystallic jewel (OOC: heh..."crystallic Jewel" good one, Sarah, you funny person you) that was about two inches long. It was mostly a semi-transparent white color except for an icy blue color on the tips. I was instantly draw to it and as soon as I reached out to grab it I was filled with a soothing warmth. I felt Jewel's prescene within it and as I held it, it felt as if Jewel was speaking to me, telling me everything. Everything about Far, Seiko, the Void, everything....it all became clear to me. Jewel was sending me a message and I finally understood what she was doing and why. This jewel...WAS Jewel.
"Yes, Jewel...I understand you now..." I said aloud, closing both my paws around the Jewel and holding tight against my chest, "Thank you, sister. We'll always be together."
My moment of peace was abruptly cut off when a cold feeling settled into my stomach. I didn't understand why, but for some reason I knew exactly what it meant. I had tarried here too long.
The Shi-Cathor had begun!
I zoomed up until I was above the trees and then concentrated on locating Arctic's life force. Once I found it, I closed my eyes and focused only on him, knowing that he would be wherever the battle was taking palce. I Teleported away and when I faded back in I found myself on the sidelines of a gigantic arena. In the middle of the ring, locked in epic battle, were Xiaso and Xiaro, neither one of them budging an inch for the other. Hovering above the ring were the forms of Flashwing and Farlander, watching with expressions of deep concentration and anticipation. On either end of the arena, I was surprised to see...Cizora and Ramses? No...it couldn't be them, they were dead. Upon closer inspection I noticed their ghostly aura and realized that it was merely the spirits of the past Protectors who had come to judge the fight for the position.
I looked to the right of me and saw Arctic, Byakko, Tornado, another Mew I didn't recognize, a Poochyena, and....a golden Lugia? I didn't know who she was, but for some reason she reminded me of Farlander... I didn't know where all these other Pokemon had come from, but I figured it was better not to ask questions for now. As soon as Arctic turned and saw me and his eyes met mine, my heart twinged with pain as I came to the realization: Arctic was....the only I had left...
Before he could even finish saying my name I had flung my arms around his neck and buried my face. Even with the noise and chaos of the battle raging on behind me, I spoke only to him.
"Arctic....I'll never leave you alone. I promise..."

Phew...all this angst really wears me out. :sleep:

I figured that we could worry about Annri and Daerren as soon as the Shi-Cathor was over. ^^()

Arctic A
5th October 2004, 04:08 PM
"Taking bets, old friend?" Flashwing grinned and looked at Farlander, who didn't seem to quite find the humor in it. Flashwing snorted, and looked back down at the arena.
"Xiaso always had the advantage of strength...but your little episode involving him has weakened him significantly. However...Xiaro if fragile, being more strong of mind than of body."
Farlander glanced at him breifly, then turned back towards the battle.
"What happens if Xiaso wins?" He muttered.
"Then he becomes Protector, and takes all of the guardian's powers."
"How can we let that happen? Together, you and I could take him down..."
"We cannot interfere...the magic that flows throughout this castle is stronger than what even I could muster..." Flashwing smiled. The sound of battle below echoed throughout the chamber, uniterrupted by the spectators. Looking down, Farlander noticed Arctic and Crystal now in a tight embrace.
"Should they not choose who they live under?" He glared at Flashwing, anger quite noticeable in his voice.
"They don't know as much as they think they do."
"And you're all knowing?"
"No...no...not quite. But being a master of time does have advantages..."
"You're crazy, old bird. You tried to destroy the world once, as I recall. 'Restart', wasn't it?"
"Hmm...maybe I had misjudged the situation at that time. But I still think that we could have done so much better."
"A perfect world would be impossible to create."
Flashwing sighed, spreading his wings. Farlander swore he heard him say 'true' under his breath.

Below, the battle raged on. Both combatents were burning brightly with red or blue flames rocketing around them in spirals, lashing out and meeting in showers of burning sparks and the sound of savage cracking whips. Burning paths of rage blasted from behind each challenger, setting the air ablaze with a fierce sense of anger.
{Brother..} Xiaso roared, no doubt about to launch off with another round of taunts.
[We are beyond words now.] Xiaro's voice was quiet, but firm. . The resolve in his face was easy to see.
The dance of death continued, leaving burning patterns in the air as the two balls of anger crashed into eachother with deafening sounds of thunder. Xiaro dived down and stopped his fierce assault for a moment. Xiaso also rolled into a stop - placing his wings in front of him. They glowed suddenly with a fierce blue, then stopped. They gleamed in the light of the fire surrounding them. There was a gasp from Tornado on the sidelines as he realised just what he was doing.
"Not good..." He growled, placing his paw on Byakko's shoulder.
"Huh?" She looked puzzled.
"His wings...look closely. He's made them razor sharp...he could easily cut Xiaro up."
"Why didn't he do that before?"
"There comes a point, Byakko, when we become so angry and can focus it so much that we can do things that no-one expects..." There was a hint of past experience in Tornado's voice. Byakko gulped, and went back to watching.

Xiaso charged at Xiaro, screaming maniacally.
Xiaro had no chance to pull away from this onslaught...
The gut-wreching sound of wing-blade meeting flesh was unmistakeable.
"NOOOO!" Arctic screamed from the sidelines, throwing himself against the barrier in a futile attempt to get to Xiaro. Crystal was silent, simply staring at the scene with a look of complete horror on her face. Tornado let out a cry that Arctic had heard before...when his family had been killed years ago...

Xiaro let out a long, sad moan as his left wing flopped to the floor beside him, battered, scarred, covered in blood, and completely seperated from the rest of his body. Xiaso was directly above his brother, spreading the wing that had just cut off his brother's. The other was dug into Xiaro's torso. Blood trickled it's way onto the arena floor. Xiaro's body was a sick painting of red and white. Xiaso, the artist, had a crazed grin on his face.
{You see...brother...it...it...}
He stopped, his face suddenly changing from a look of total delight to one of disbelief.
[It is over.] Xiaro finished, slowly withdrawing his remaining wing from Xiaso's torso. Artcic started in total suprise. How could he not had seen it? The looks on the faces of all the others reflected his. Xiaro's counter attack had clearly pierced Xiaso's heart. Judging by the amount of blood spraying from it down upon Xiaro, and the sudden lack of response from the ever-angry Xiaso...it was a killing blow...
{NO...this cannot be my end...}
Xiaso slumped backwards, seeming to fall in slow motion, flailing and spraying blood as he fell - when he finally hit the ground on his back, his form seemed to shatter into a million sparkling blue pieces, each letting out a blood curling scream that sent a deathly chill rocketing up everyone's spines. Xiaro didn't seem to take any pleasure in his work at all...the look of disgust on his face remained, as he turned his attention to himself and his critical injuries.

Xiaro now turned to look up above him...
[I had hoped...it would end..like this...]
Xiaro closed his eyes, and slumped. There was however still life inside him - Artcic could feel it faintly, like a spark of light that refused to go out amongst the darkness. He clung onto Crystal more tightly as he stared at Xiaro - His physical form lay crippled, appearing to be beyond repair. His skull seemed smashed in either side, he was oozing fluids from gaping wounds and his clear cut where his wing should have been was too horrible to keep looking at.

"What happens, dear Flashwing, when BOTH CHALLENGERS DIE?!?" Farlander bellowed above the arena.
"Xiaro is not dead." Flashwing spoke quietly, floating down to hover above Xiaro. He looked faintly suprised, but simply grunted and floated back up to the center of the arena.
The forms of Cizora and Ramses nodded slowly.
"Xiaro has been critically injured..." Tornado growled softly, not taking his eyes from Xiaro.

[i]Do not fear for me, friends. The unmistakeable voice of Xiaro echoed around the arena that was slowly fading away...
Everyone found themselves suddenly under an intense blinding light, and a familar tingling of teleportation.
Upon opening his eyes, Arctic found himself in the main audience chamber of Mew Castle along with everyone else...instead of the usual throne, however, there was an exquisite marble construct. It resembled the machine that Xiaso had strapped himself into for his enfusion, but there was no mechnical aspect to it. Inside, the form of Xiaro could be seen, suspended in the center, seeming to be held by ropes of pure red energy. His body was no longer scarred and bloody, but his missing wing was nowhere in sight.

I am here, and I accept my duties. Even without a strong physical form, I will continue to protect you all.

Arctic cast a look around the chamber. Crystal, Byakko, Eclipse, Arnen, Tornado, Disaren, Farlander and Flashwing all stood silently in a semi circle around Xiaro.
"There is much to talk about, I dare say..." Flashwing spoke finally.

5th October 2004, 04:44 PM
" 'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome..."

They had battled for what seemed like an eternity... blazes and flashes of high-energized forms of their powers exploding into the air. Lightning continued to brew about them...echoing sounds of thunder roaring about them to mirror the flashes of brilliant light that screamed down from the heavens. Rain had now added to the affects... pouring in a steady rhythem, only to occasionally grow or fade with the swirling gusts of wind. The clouds had not thinned either, but rather they almost seemed to swirl like a maddening whirlpool above them.

Jewel was ragged... her crimson-colored aura roaring about her body like a wildfire, even when her power should have long ago diminished. Far only seemed to echo her appearance, except his aura and energy that swirled about him was a ghostly shimmering silver. They charged at each other from time to time, only to either collide head-on or to dodge at the last second in a game of chicken. They were bruised... battered... and some-what bleeding. While the energy blasts that occasionally hit them only caused bruises and internal pains, the act of falling or crashing into solid objects withdrew blood on spur moments. Now however... it was Far's turn to fall.

The Shi-Cathor is over Jewel... can you sense it? Far taunted Jewel, but she seemed undaunted by his sneers.
It's over... and your dear Xiaro has won, I can sense it. But however... he is weak. I'm sure you have enough power within you to sense that. We ARE after all... connected to the Castle in a way. I'm sure they're crowning him now... 'hail our protector oh great Xiaro!'. HA! He's weak now Jewel... just like you... and once I'm done killing you, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to regain my strength and summon my allies to take care of a crippled protector as well.
Jewel seemed to ignore him...
(I figure this gives you a time line now.. ^^;)

Both of them were flying about like blazes of light above Mew Castle. Jewel had just managed to weakly dodge a massive ball of swirling energy... and in rage she whirled about and glared again. Pressing her paws together while the rain soaked her shivering body, her aura instantly fed into the area where her paws were joined. She then withdrew her paws backwards... and in their place was a seethign ball of energy, crackling with miniature streaks of blood-red lightning. With out much hesitation, she gave off a loud cry that was only echoed by thunder... and at the exact moment lightning seemed to blind the two of them as it landed directly inbetween them, hitting Mew Castle. The lightning bolt however seemed to not damage the stone castle... however it temporarily had clouded Far's vision. Instantly the ball hit him hard with in his face, causing him to give out a large cry of agony.

With out much time, his body instantly fell upon one of Mew Castle's towers with a tremendous force from JEwel's thrusted energy. A small explosion occured at this... and the corner of the tower crumbled. The exploded energy from Jewel had caused a bigger explosion than she thought it would have, and instantly it crackled down below and began to light the trees and other varoius plants about Mew Castle upon fire. Licking flames of fire even seemed to rest upon the top of the tower that was left where Far had crashed. However... hate and rage and billowed with in Jewel with the taste of battle. She did not seem to be bother by it until...

*...wait...* Jewel suddenly thought, as she stared intently at the fire that began to grow about Mew Castle.
* The vision....*
There had been a vision, seen by more than just Jewel herself. A vision long ago when Xiaso and Xiaro had came. About how the Shi-Cathor would decide who would win... and with that vision, it showed Mew Castle upon fire. It showed the land upon fire... and how it spread to the Castle itself. The fire wasn't ordinary... it seemed fueled by more than a regular burn...
* We... I had assumed that vision was about the Shi-Cathor, about what would happen to Mew Castle if Xiaso or Xiaro had won... *
Jewel frowned slightly, the rain growing slightly at a sudden gust of wind that moaned.

* ... but that wasn't a vision about the Shi-Cathor... it was a vision...*
Far suddenly rose upwards, letting out a hidious cry as he exploded from the rubble and rose upward. The energy about his body grewuntil it began to roar as if it were its own identity... Far saw Jewel was distracted where she usually was, in her thoughts. Seizing the opportunity, he began to summon up as much energy as he could...

*... it was a vision about us. About the battle Far and I would have to do... but... I want to save my son. I want to save everyone's future... I don't want to destroy it. This fire must be stopped first... and then this battle, I will end.*

Jewel slowly began to concentrate upon her soul... surely if her energy had started the fire, her energy could put it out as well. After a few seconds of concentration... Jewel's aura seemed to wane slightly, as she summoned up her power. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated... her breath slowing slightly as she tried desperately to summon up such a force that could affect the weather.

It was done... Far had enough energy and so did Jewel. Jewel opened her eyes and Far instantly let loose his giagantic ball of energy as well. Jewel however did not attack Far... but instead a brilliant red beam of energy began to fire from Jewel's chest towards the sky... directly into the middle of the swirling clouds. as soon as the beam ran out, Jewel was smashed directly in her torso by the lusterious energy ball that Far had created. With a sickening crunch, Jewel's ribs had shattered with in her and instantly her eyes seemed to roll back into her head as she fell to the horrid ground below. It rose up fast to greet her... and with a large, equally sickening thud she hit the sloped roof edge of Mew Castle. She rolled... her body almost lifeless, rolled until it met the edge and simply fell off. A final thud entered the area as her body landed upon the damp ground that surrounded the outside walls of Mew Castle. Jewel's body bled, bruised and broken... and her life did not seem to stir.

However, most of her remaining energy had been released into the sky. A brilliant red flash had echoed in the air. The thunder did not stop, the lightning did not stop, the wind did not stop, nor did the rain stop. But however... the rain now was not clear, but rather it seemed to be a transparent shade of glistening crimson. The fire which raged on finally began to disappear... and as soon as the fire was gone, the rain began to rage on.

The fire was out... but was the battle over?

(Figure I'd leave the ending open slightly so that you guys can post reactions to whatever. ^^ )

Arctic A
6th October 2004, 10:02 AM
"No! We have to go outside, now!" Crystal yelled suddenly, as if she'd just remembered something very important. She twirled around and grabbed me by the shoulders.
"Arc! Jewel! Jewel and Far!"

"We HAVE TO FIND HIM!" Annri yelled, thrashing her tail and fighting fiercely against Ordos' tight grip.
"We cannot! It is too dangerous. Can you not see?" Ordos snarled, pointing into the air above him. Annri gulped as she realised that she was being covered in a sinister crimson rain. She slowly rolled her eyes to look at Ordos.
Ordos closed his eyes, breathing heavily. Annri could feel the panic rising inside her again..
"WHAT? WHAT IS HAPPENING?" She yelled, still struggling against Ordos.
"I...I cannot tell..." Ordos stuttered, seeming very uncomfortable all of a sudden. "We must go back to the castle."
Ordos snarled, and thumped Annri on the back of the head with such force that she was knocked out instantly.
"I'm sorry. We have both been gone too long...we must seek the council of the guardian."
Ordos looked down at Annri with a sick feeling of guilt in his gut. He frowned, and picked Annri up, quickly slinging his crosbow back over his back.
"We'll find him. I promise." He whispered, setting off back towards the main castle building.

...Miles away, a pitch black Mew continued it's frantic charge through the forests of Arun - Myuu, leaving a burning trail of confusion and angst in it's wake...

Kuro Espeon
8th October 2004, 10:07 PM
Sorry this took so long, but I'll make it nice and long to make up for it.

"Arc! Jewel! Jewel and Far!" I cried, grabbing Arctic by the shoulders. "We have to go!" For some reason I was unable to find the words to explain. It was virtually impossible for me to take what I had seen in Jewel's memory and translate it. Not even to Arctic.
I shook my head. "Just trust me! We have to get to Jewel and Far!"
As if he understood my desperation, he nodded and followed me as we zoomed out the castle gates, with Tornado, Byakko and the others in close pursuit.
As soon as we hit the open air, we were instantly struck by an odd crimson rain that pouring down in torrents around the castle and the forest. A bolt of lightning flashed overhead, filling the crevices of the dark forest with an incandescent glow, and the thunder that followed shortly after was so loud it pounded against our ears. This storm...was nothing like we had ever seen before. And it look like it wasn't going to end anytime soon.
Even though I was getting wet, I paid the rain practically no mind as I was too busy scanning the area for some sign of Jewel. I got the strangest feeling this storm was her doing and it looked from the burn marks on some of the surrounding trees that she had done it to put out a fire. But now it was out of control, and if we didn't find a way to stop it the entire area would be destroyed.
<<"What is this?">> Arctic said in a half-hushed voice.
"Jewel did this." I said with an aire of certainty. When I thought back, I could recall seeing this rain before....a long time ago when Jewel and I were still young. Jewel had always been gifted in controlling the weather, that was her specialty. But once we had been testing out our powers and she accidentally unleashed a terrible crimson storm that took both of my parents to extinguish. Although...from the looks of things now, it had most clearly not been an accident this time.
I looked to the right toward the far right castle turret which had crumbled due to some kind of impact. My attention was instantly drawn away from it by the crumpled, white and blue form that lay motionless on the ground beside it.
"Jewel!!" I cried, zooming toward the fallen body of my sister. When I reached her she didn't even make any kind of sign that she had heard me at all. She was completely lifeless, her lifeforce hanging on by a thread. I rushed over and fell to my knees beside her. I had already used up all of my tears and I knew that crying was the last thing that Jewel wanted me to do. Instead I place my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to me, gazing sadly down at her paled face which, for the first time in years, held an expression of total peace. With a single sob I pulled her in tight against me and I buried my face into her cold fur.
I knew Arctic and the others had arrived and were watching me, but none of them made a sound as they watched me cling to the small, lifeless body of my long lost sister Jewel, who had finally returned to me.

As the storm raged on around us, another loud crack of thunder brought me back to reality. I snapped my head up in the direction of the sky which was filled with clouds of dark purple and red, swirlling and twisting every which way as if it was being churned by some strong force. I blinked the rain out of my eyes and glanced over at Acrtic and Tornado and the others who were looking around worriedly as well. I knew I had to act now. Since Jewel was the one who had started this then it was I, her sister, that should have the responsiblity of stopping it. But I would need her help...
I thought back to my childhood when my both of my parents were still alive and Jewel and I were still small. My mother and father had taught us a special technique that could only be used by siblings, and it was a power that was unique to our particular bloodline and had been developed by our ancestors in the time of the Ancients. It was a melding of minds. A joining of souls, so to speak, in order to call upon the spirits of Mews of times past. It was known as the Beath'mora-Comhghan..."Souls born together."
We had never actually performed it before, there had never been a need. We only heard how it was done. I wasn't sure if I could pull it off without Jewel's concious contribution, and by attempting it all by myself I could very well put my own life in danger. I wasn't going to tell Arctic this...but it had to be done. It also had to be done quickly, for Jewel was quickly fading.
Without a word to the others, I reached down and picked up Jewel's body, cradling in against me as I rose into the air until I was about 50 feet above the castle, right in the midst of the furious storm. The was so much noise that I barely heard Arctic calling to me to come back down. I pulled out my mother's pendent and with the same paw I grabbed hold of Jewel's so that the gem was pressed firmly between them. I closed my eyes and concentrated hard as I recalled the words of the ancient language that I had been taught many years ago. The words of the Beath'mora-Comhghan...

"Beath'mora Comhghan, rishta morag belen!
Cailek rimtan solasis Wa'malain kor lakate,
Decash'mikta aeglain breg jamesran,
Ragora dal kalei terana melasarain!"
(Souls born together, join your hearts on high!
Call forth the spirits of the Wise Ones of time past,
When darkness overpowers the strongest light,
To save the world from the realm of shadows!)

"Crystal fera Jewel korma Keras Arun - Myuu,
Iona fera Caeden listel amin caltatek!
Raganai lekman Wa'malain promonise malisus!
Ongenai ailida fera ren'ferare holisen,
yol ranmidek morash'nen palenseta Pokemonsa!"
(As Crystal and Jewel of Keras Arun - Myuu,
daughters of Iona and Caeden, heed our call!
We call upon the power of the Wise Ones,
To lend us your wisdom and strength
and give new hope to the steadfast hearts of Pokemon!)

As I continued on with the incantation I contentrated hard on keeping Jewel's heart bound with mine. If our link was severed now both of our souls would be cut off from the mortal world and be lost to a void dimension, somewhere between life and death. And if we failed now, the lives of all those we loved would also be lost to chaos.
'Please Jewel...' I thought desperately, 'Please hold for just a few more moments. This is that last request I, your sister, will ever need to make of you. Don't let go...'

13th October 2004, 05:01 PM

"Beath'mora Comhghan, rishta morag belen!
Cailek rimtan solasis Wa'malain kor lakate,
Decash'mikta aeglain breg jamesran,
Ragora dal kalei terana melasarain!"

"Crystal fera Jewel korma Keras Arun - Myuu,
Iona fera Caeden listel amin caltatek!
Raganai lekman Wa'malain promonise malisus!
Ongenai ailida fera ren'ferare holisen,
yol ranmidek morash'nen palenseta Pokemonsa!"

Darkness... there was nothing but darkness for Jewel. She felt her mind starting to go at ease... but yet, suddenly with the chanting voice that seemed to surround her, her mind began to remember.
... Crystal...
The crimson rain... although Jewel had used it to save Mew Castle, it would continue until it was stopped. Although the crimson rain wasn't harmful... water would not fall from the sky until it was stopped.

* I am so close to death... and yet so close to life... * Jewel thought to herself. Her body was trashed... she knew that. She could feel that her body was at the end... that it was not meant to go on. With it being bruised, bleeding, and having bones and flesh with in her that were torn and shattered, she should not be living. Her lungs were not breathing... she herself, should be dead.
But yet her soul... her heart... it refused to die. Not yet. Not until her task is done...
*... but now you ask me of this favor. This favor that could destroy my body and thus I shall not be able to destroy Far...*
Suddenly Jewel's weak eyes of now tainted silver opened, gazing up at her sister who was holding her so closely. Crystal's blue eyes seemed to spark with happiness that Jewel had awakened... they were floating high above Mew Castle now.
*... but... but I will aid my sister. One... last... time...*
Jewel smiled weakly, and slowly she pushed herself away from Crystal. A dim yet weakly remaining aura of crimson gathered about her body... her aura never again to be the light blue that it used to be before she absorbed that red fragment of time. She closed her eyes briefly, floating at level with her sister. Then she reopened her eyes... the silver gone and replaced with a brilliant, glowing crimson red to match her aura. Placing her paws outwards, she awaited Crystal to join her paws with hers. Together they would summon up the strength and energy that was required to send into the sky to end the crimson rain.

[center]" Avest mon'ai, creviant teva
Ai Jewel, velen'ei moriguun sai
Arienta nu'via chaqutar
Te Revianna morshla que'te'amini
Sh'ier tarka zaia cue awalo"
(Answer my call, great ones
As Jewel, second born under first
Aid us in our hopes,
To overcome darkness summoned to calm
So that we can live in peace)

Jewel gazed at her sister... giving a nod, knowing that the final steps were soon to come and once the final power of both of them were released... she did not know what would happen to her energy level...

Kuro Espeon
13th October 2004, 07:42 PM
I'm guessing we're going to have to find another way to get rid of Far? lol. Maybe the Spirits will help us out on that one...heh heh heh....... :heh:

13th October 2004, 08:05 PM
No no no... don't worry 'bout Far.
I have that under control. ^^

Kuro Espeon
13th October 2004, 11:52 PM
I figured. Lol. Just checking. :round:

Arctic A
24th October 2004, 08:27 PM

I stared up with a shocked look on my face as Crystal and Jewel began to chant the ancient language. It sounded familiar to me now, but that did nothing to appease the uneasy feeling swelling up inside me.
Something isn't right...
<<< Crystal! Jewel! Be careful! >>> I yelled.
"I doubt they can hear you..." Tornado commented. I snapped my head around to look at him.
<<< I don't care. >>> I said quietly, suprising Tornado who had expected me to snap at him. I looked back up at my love and her sister, hovering in the air, crimson rain soaking them and falling like little sinister waterfalls. I was growing even more uneasy, and I could sense that Tornado was as well. Behind us, Farlander growled softly.
"What are they playing at?" He scowled, looking in Flashwing's direction for an answer. The old bird grinned. He was quite a sight in the middle of the storm...although the red rain struck him like everyone else, his amazing rainbow patterns and glow were not dimmed. Farlander, on the other hand, looked terrible. I suppose that was due to his recent ordeal with Xiaso.
"Beath'mora-Comhghan" Flashwing whispered.
"Beathmorwhat?" Tornado asked, his eyes jumping from face to face. He looked rather confused, and so was I to an extent...

"Shhh...we must let them finish together." Flashwing spoke quietly, not taking his eyes of Jewel and Crystal as the glow between them became more intense. Disaren let out a sigh of what may have been admiration.
<<< Is their any danger? >>> I perked up, glaring at Flashwing.
"I would have to say yes...there is a strong chance that one or both of them may be seriously injured mentally if the technique is performed inadequatly..." Flashwing answered me truthfully.

Kuro Espeon
29th October 2004, 08:00 PM
WAHAHAHA!! Byakko postage time!!

I watched with wide, child-like eyes as my mother and Jewel chanted the words of the ancient ritual, the "Beath'mora-Comhghan", in the old language of the Mews. For some reason, though I had never learned the language, I understood every word of it. It was similar to the time before when I had been able to read the inscription over the door of the Chamber of Solasis. Why this was happening, I didn't know...but at this moment I didn't worry about it. I was too deeply concerned for mother and her sister. According to Flashwing, if anything interrupted the ritual before it was complete, it would have dire consequences... I swallowed hard, trying to get rid of the lump that was forming in my throat.
I looked around at the crimson rain that was continuing to poor down around us, already flooding into pools on the ground. The color of the rain...it looked a lot like...
**"Heh..."** I said aloud from the back of the group, **" I guess this give new meaning to the phrase "Bloody weather", huh? heh heh! Heh...." :sweat3: I chuckled uneasily at my own joke as the everyone else turned their heads and looked at me, expressions of utter disbelief that I had said that on their faces. (:what: <-- Like that!) **"Eh-heh...eh-heh...ooooh...."**

Just then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and quickly turned my attention toward the sky. Hovering just outside the group, seemingly unnoticed since everyone was too busy watch Crystal and Jewel, ....was Far. I couldn't help but stop short when I saw his battle-torn body. By all standards he should have been dead! Jewel had delt him quite a serious blow and it showed in the anger on his face and in his fire-filled eyes. But there was another sort of look on his face as well. He had obviously overheard Flashwing talking about the Beath'mora-Comhghan and was know staring at Crystal and Jewel with a vemon-filled glare and I knew at once that he was up to no good. He was planning on attacking them!! He was going to interrupt the incantation and kill them!!
No sooner had the thought entered my mind then I saw Far make a break for it. I had no time to warn the others and had to act fast. Before I could stop myself, I let out an echoing cry.
**"NO!!"** The sound of my voice hadn't even faded before I came out of teleportation directly in Far's path. He skidded to a halt (OOC: how that's possible in middair I don't know...let's just work with it..) and looked at me in disbelief. He spoke to me in obviously strained breath.
"What...are you DOING, you foolish child! Get out...of my way!"
**"No! I will not let you harm them!! Don't you see Far?! If they don't stop this, Mew Castle will be ruined!"**
"Do you think I care?! I'm sick and tired all you damn Mews! I'll bring this place down and make sure you all burn in hell! Even if I have to do it myself!"
**"Then...."** I swallowed another lump, not believing I was being this bold, **"You'll have to go through ME!!"** On the final word I hit a defensive pose, my still young battle aura slowly forming around me. I used to be friends with Far...I even loved him like a brother at one point. But...I hadn't come back in time and come this far for it all to end now! Not like this! No matter what happened I would stand my ground until my mother and Jewel had finished their task.
**"I will never...run away!"**

Hee hee... Byakko's so cute! :love2:
Sorry if that was out of line using Far, Bulbie. I'll change it if you were planning something else.

Kuro Espeon
14th November 2004, 03:24 PM
*comes in a looks around and upon seeing no one except the crickets her eye begins to twitch. :freak: She calms herself and takes a deep breath, then followed by...:*

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! !! WHERE IS EVERYONE!?!?! Don't let this die right before we're about to bring it to a succesful end!! *lip quivers*

15th November 2004, 08:58 PM
NOOO! *tucks in Kuro's lip* I'm not sure if you want to finish the ceremony or not, but if you do just post and if you don't want to then I'll post for Jewel.


Far narrowed his eyes at the stupid little Mew, Byakko.
I've come so far... I'm not going to let this stupid little mew get in my WAY!
Far's eyes glowed a brilliant silver once more, as a roaring aura some how managed to get flowing from his broken and bloodied body. It was purely amazing... if anyone wanted to truely analyze it. He was out of energy... his body was totally destroyed, but yet he still was fighting. He still had the drive.
He still some how, had some thing to live for.

You don't understand you little Mew... she's trying to kill me.
Far narrowed his eyes at Byakko, and although he really didn't care if he blowed her away or not... deep down, some thing was holding him back. He didn't want to ... hurt her.
**what?! You're lying! Jewel wouldn't... wouldn't do that! ** Byakko said defensively, and Far shook his head gravely. Although he didn't want to hurt her... he wasn't about to be so good as to manipulate her a bit.
Tweaking the truth wouldn't hurt.

It's the truth. Why else would we fight? I have no desire to kill her... but she wants to kill me. She thinks I'm the one whose hurting Seiko, that I'm the one who made him the way he is right now. But I'm not! You know this Byakko... you know that I don't have that power... I have no reason to do such things..

Far approached Byakko a bit more, his eyes glancing up to the sisters as they were completing their things.
I won't hurt them now... I don't want to hurt them. But you see, Jewel's gone mad. If we don't stop her now... she'll try to kill us all. She's blaming everyone for Seiko's state! If not killed, she must be contained!

Far's eyes melted into earnest, as he frowned at Byakko.
Please... help me?