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Crystal Tears
9th December 2009, 07:52 PM
The Council

In the strife and turmoil that has rocked our great RPG nation, we have seen numerous people display their concerns on not being heard and seen as respectable members. Admittedly we have a history of not listening, favoritism and otherwise ignoring the common folk that make this kingdom go. We have sought for an answer, and as the chaos seems to settle, we hope that we have come up with something to please the masses and get ideas heard.

Itís called the RPG Council.

The system is simple to understand. For a long time, major decisions and ideas have been up to the moderators, with little to minimum input from the members. Weasel Overlord and I have come up with a (hopefully) simple idea that will give more power to the RPers that we so love for keeping the forum alive.

It goes under the premises, that yes, the moderators still hold the majority of the power, but four other people will be given a spot on the council to help with decision making. The four members will have a significant influence on what happens in RPG, meaning future ideas that may appear mightíve originated not from the minds of the moderators, but one of your friends and/or fellow RPers.

There are some requirements you have to fill however, and other rules and regulations you must understand.

Joining the council does not grant you some sort of power; you are no higher or lower to your fellow RPers then before. If it is reported that you abused the privilege of being on the council you will be rightly removed and someone will be chosen to replace you. Also please note that being on the council does not give you access to information on the moderation board, and matters regarding rule breaking (and other serious matters) will not be discussed with the council before action is taken.

The requirements are simple; you must have been active in RPG for over a year, and have created at least three RPGs. As much as we love new members, the Council is reserved for members who completely understand the rules and regulations of the RPG board, and who have had plenty of experience participating in RPGs.

The Council has been primarily created to help run and regulate certain activities. On the top of the list is the infamous and rather dead News Letter that may or may not go through a revamp pending its verdict. The rest of the activities are currently unavailable for public knowledge, but rest assured theyíre not horrible, world-ending plots.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

Country of Origin:
RPGs Created: At least three.
Opinion of RPG: This is not for you to bash whoever and whatever you like. If you are incapable of giving a civil reply that is constructive and thought-out, donít fill this out.
Weaknesses: Your weaknesses, be honest. Weíll know if youíre lying. :3
Strengths: What could you bring to the council? What are your RPG strengths?? Donít be modest, float your ego!

9th December 2009, 08:19 PM
Username: Samchu
Country of Origin: England
Timezone: GMT
RPGs Created: To Banish The Darkness, A Shift of Power, In Darkness It Hides 2 (ok so it's been a while)
Opinion of RPG: There's a lot of potential here. I've seen the sign ups for LVH and the posts and I see the quality of the FF: DD posts and I think: "Yeah, we've still got it."
Weaknesses: Apparently I'm unable to create RPGs of late (I had to go back to 2003 to get 3)
Strengths: I have ideas! Lots of ideas. And I talk to a fair few people here on the forum and we have times of plotting and idea generating. And I've been here a long time (dunno if that counts for much) so I guess I can bring experience?? And maybe being a creative writing student could help somewhere (other than fan fic).

9th December 2009, 10:10 PM
Not sure if this is going to help, but I'm more than ready to express my ideas and plans.

Username: Bear
Country of Origin: USA
Timezone: Eastern (GMT -5)
RPGs Created: The Normals, Time Kingdom, Ramses: A Dynasty Divided
Opinion of RPG: A place I am always drawn back to because of the limitless potential to put together a fantastic story. Unfortunately my current opinion is that people are far more interested in creating characters than playing them beyond a few posts.
Weaknesses: I sometimes have trouble finding the motivation to post in RPGs I've joined and tend to let RPG take a back seat to my other real life activities. I also have a short temper but it tends not to be relevant with things that go on here. Figured I'd list it anyway.
Strengths: I have very strong leadership skills, and I am charismatic. When in a position of leadership I am outstanding at motivating my "team" and accomplishing tasks. I also am aggressive when it comes to brainstorming and developing ideas and improvements, and finally implementing them. I'm also very approachable, extroverted, and my life experience makes me wise. Finally, I have an excellent command of the language and a talent for all types of writing and speaking. I'm modest too!

9th December 2009, 10:26 PM
Username: Houndoom_Lover

Country of Origin: My Mom's womb (America)

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)

RPGs Created: The Daartaina Saga, Gotham City: Center of the Universe ,::House:: The Only Way Out is In

Opinion of RPG: There are tons of creative people out there who want to stretch their pipes. But this section has built itself up so high that it causes people anxiety to make sure they are perfect. I believe that RPG in general is a great way to learn how to write, experiment, and express one self. This forum is as a self is great for that, it just needs to relax a little.

Weaknesses: Krypton and waiting for roleplays to start really irritates me. I feel that they should be created quickly, therefore I haven't felt the want to join many roleplays. Every time I try, I think "How long will this take?" I shouldn't think like that. And I guess my love of tradition when it comes to the style of roleplaying and my hatred of conformity...having tradition and conformity is an oxymoron.

Strengths: I create great characters and fresh plots, I know I'm creative and can slide right into any genre. I've roleplayed since the internet was first introduced to be way back when Neopets first began and since have sprawled out to many sites and roleplay to this day, this means I have TONS of experience. And I make my voice heard when I disagree with something.

Mew Master
9th December 2009, 11:45 PM
Username: Mew Master
Country of Origin: USA
Timezone: Central (GMT +/- ??)
RPGs Created: Chains of Dragons, Scourge, Magic the Gathering: Eldria
Opinion of RPG: An escape from the dull boring existence we call 'reality.' However the truth is far from the vision. There has been a steady decline in recent years. While opinions and thoughts on this decline vary from person to person (as well as reason to reason), the fact remains that the decline IS happening and it WILL continue unless something is done. I want to help in any way I can, even if it's a brainstorm session, a random joke that turns out to be a neat idea, or even reading over an RPG for another member. RPG is supposed to be about fun, enjoyment, and letting your imagination take flight.
Weaknesses: Time and disinterest. I'm not the best when it comes to budgeting my time, and ofter I get swamped with homework, thesis work, or just want to scour YouTube for hours. If there's really nothing keeping me there, I have a habit of wandering away and doing something else.
Strengths: Imagination and Sarcasm. I have been known to think outside the box, and my sarcastic personality sometimes storms into ideas for various projects. I think in images, ideas, sounds, and visual cues. Scenes are my primary drive and many times I have an RPG or two inspired from a dream.

10th December 2009, 09:35 AM
Username: BlademasterCountry of Origin: The United States (as far as I know)
Timezone: Eastern Standard (Greenwich Meridian -5 hours)
RPGs Created: Here Comes the I-Squad!, Killing Time, The Greatest Show on Earth
Opinion of RPG: A stagnant cesspool in DIRE need of fresh, clean water that it will accept and incorporate into its make-up. A place where creativity gets ignored in favor of familiarity. A potential tabula rasa.
Weaknesses: Laziness, inability to commit, and desire to get my way ALL the time. I can and will work on these things, but we all know that they're there.
Strengths: Short temper, passion, and refusal to accept defeat. I list short temper as a strength and not a weakness because my temper can drive me. If I see something I dislike, it will ensure that I help to fight it and inevitably fix it. And yes, like everyone else has listed, I think I'm creative. That's more or less a prerequisite here.

10th December 2009, 10:20 AM
Username: classy_cat18
Country of Origin: United States (Alabama to be more precise)
Timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT -6)
RPGs Created: If you're talking about different RPGs, then Pokemon: Crystal Storm, Rise of the Chimeras, and Balance. But I've done three different Crystal Storms.
Opinion of RPG: It's a great place, but it used to be very awesome. Unfortunately, RPGs started dying right and left, and RPers left with no warning. That took its toll on this poor forum.
Weaknesses: I'm not good at bringing new ideas, to be honest. My good ideas come when they come, whether it's quickly or not at all. But I help other people with their ideas. Which is why none of my own RPGs went so far. I get this good idea, but I have trouble developing it. Good basis, but the storyline is hard to develop when most of your material depends on other people.
Strengths: I have been on this forum since 2002. My first RPG was probably one year after I joined. I've RPed with the best of them, and talked to them off-topic too. I've created tons of characters. I haven't been active on any other RP forums other than this one, which means I have a good idea on what has been successful on TPM. Plus, I have a lot of creative potential from my experience here, in AC/CC, and in Fanfic.

10th December 2009, 04:40 PM
Username: Asilynne
Country of Origin: USA
Timezone: EST US
RPGs Created: Dawn of the Blood Moon, A Shadow Upon Heaven, Time after Time
Opinion of RPG: Well...to be honest RPG nowadays feels like it has arthritis. It has the desire to be active and receptive to creativity, but it just seems to be lacking the motivation or ability to do that. I still like it here, but yeah like some other people have said, its stagnant. It needs a serious injection of fresh air, and possibly a kick in the ass ;D
Weaknesses: Well, Im not afraid to speak my mind. If I think someones being ridiculous or unfair I will tell them, and despite being the nicest roleplayer >.> I have my mean moments when I feel theres an injustice happening. Also, the main one would be availiability, as most of you know Im a slave to my work lol and so my only free time is sometimes on monday/tues, sun afternoon/night and a few hours the rest of the time at night (this time period Im posting right now is a bad example since Im currently chilling in between my 2 jobs).
Strengths: Im fair in my dealings and if Im mediating. I dont pick favorites when it comes to business, Ill listen to and build on other peoples ideas. I have way too many ideas of my own, and I love the idea of this because Ive always said moderators should listen to regular members and let them come up with things too ^-^ That being said, I of course would listen to and credit them for their ideas, since I hate it when my own ideas are stolen and bastardized into an inferior version of what it should be *looks at vs seeker* XD! Ive got a few ideas already for rpg, most of them are towards practical application of certain things (Sie has heard one already). Oh yeah and Im creative hrhr lol Im not good at pimping myself out, I should add that as a weakness XD

I have to say also that I love this idea because I wouldnt want the extreme dedication needed to be a mod but I would love to have my ideas listened to and implemented ;D

10th December 2009, 09:31 PM
Username: Drusilla
Country of Origin: US of A
Timezone: GMT -6 (Central Standard Time)
RPGs Created: Blood and Magick series, Lapras Valley High sequels/prequels/Lapras Valley University, Chocolate and Water
Opinion of RPG: Well, to be completely honest, I got tired of trying for awhile; it just seemed like a bunch of people with great ideas, but with no respect for each other and the effort that we put forth as individuals. We had ceased working as a team, which is the only way that this thing is going to work. However, since returning, I've seen that there is indeed still something here of what once was, with Sie's Final Fantasy, Heald's Dragonball, and my own LVH. We've got what it takes to keeping kicking ass, we just need to pull together and do it.
Weaknesses: I often throw out ideas, but lack the follow through for them. This can be seen in many of the RPGs I've started over the years. Time is also an issue for me, which is the other reason I was gone; I'm working, going to school, and still trying to find time for all of my friends, online and otherwise. However, I've found that if I actually get my ass out of bed, I have plenty of time. I suppose that it's more that I have other things that can take priority over RPG.
Strengths: I've been here for over eight years now, and have had the opportunity to learn from many of the best. I've seen a lot of what works, and what doesn't. I'm easy to work with (at least, I think I am O_o), I love to work with others, and I'm always willing to listen. Working as a seamless team requires the capacity to listen, to be able to put forth ideas, and the ability to explain things clearly. I believe I fit all three of these requirements.

And, apparently, I "bring teh sexy to the parteh".

Master Rudy
11th December 2009, 02:00 AM
Grrr.....I've love to sign up and help out. However I'm more the type to help toss out ideas and let someone else do the creating of an RPG since I'm an absolutely shitty GM. I've had a desire to try to get something up for awhile and give it a crack in order to improve on that end. However lack of intrest in anything I've pitched has kept me from actually fleshing any of those ideas out. As a result since I've created nothing I guess I'm kinda SOL :-/

Anyway I've got questions and observations in regards to this council. First and formost I want you all to know beforehand that I am not attacking anyone or the idea. I'm merely calling it as I see it. With that being said I've gone ahead and read CT's post at least twice. In her whole post I see no mention of how these people that are applying are going to be picked. How exactly is this going to happen? At first I imagined that the mods would be picking but then as I read the post a second time that didn't seem right. As CT brought up the subject of favoritism it could potentially be seen by some as just that if the mods do happen to wind up picking. If my opinion counts for anything then I suggest perhaps holding a public vote and letting the RPers decide on who joins the council. If you guys are serious about the "concerns on not being heard and seen as respectable members" that some people apparently have then this may be the best course of action. It'd be a very bad idea to talk about letting the normal RPers have a voice and yet go ahead and hand pick the council yourself.

On another note there's something else I noticed. What is Roy's opinion on all this? In your post the exact wording was "Weasel Overlord and I have come up with a (hopefully) simple idea that will give more power to the RPers that we so love for keeping the forum alive." There is no mention of Roy at all in the matter. Frankly I find it extremely odd that an active RPG mod would have no input on something as big as this :-/

What is your opinion on all this Roy?

11th December 2009, 09:23 AM
Username: ChobiChibi
Country of Origin: England
Timezone: GMT itself
RPGs Created: They're so old, they're probably not even worth mentioning. Alas, here we go... Fruits Basket: The Sohma Curse, Pokemon of the Caribbean (XD), Lunar Orchid's Note (with Tony), a Chronicles of the Rift remake (with Ryan and Kalah)
Opinion of RPG: What's with all the negativity, guys? XD I kinda like that it's a smaller kinda community. I like that I pretty much know every single active member here and how they post. It's a familiarity thing, I guess, but I find it to be comfortable. Of course, it's awesome when new members come along, and it must be so hard coming into a community that's so close, but I'd like to think that we welcome you with open arms.
Weaknesses: Sometimes time. Like for instance right now, where I have a load of assessments and concerts to do (don't get me started on this weekend...). Uni can sometimes get in the way, but I'd like to think not that often. Also, I have a huge man-crush on one of the mods... >w>
Strengths: I don't judge. I don't care what someone else has told me about another person, it's up to me to decide what I think about them. I know about all the rubbish that went on over the years, but it really doesn't bother me, so I really don't understand why people have to bring it all up, in all honesty. I'm very optimistic; I think we're thriving as a small community and that not much really needs to change. I listen and I pretty much have all of you on my MSN list... I like to collaborate :3

Roy Karrde
11th December 2009, 11:03 AM
On another note there's something else I noticed. What is Roy's opinion on all this? In your post the exact wording was "Weasel Overlord and I have come up with a (hopefully) simple idea that will give more power to the RPers that we so love for keeping the forum alive." There is no mention of Roy at all in the matter. Frankly I find it extremely odd that an active RPG mod would have no input on something as big as this :-/

What is your opinion on all this Roy?

Oh personally I love it, and I was in on it all along talking and discussing it, this was a bit of either CT or Weas' baby but I talked to them about it and discussed it when the original idea and plans were being drafted. But thanks for being concerned.

12th December 2009, 03:08 PM
They shoulda placed all the mods sames in the first post, to avoid conspiracy theories. I'm gunna go be a goldfish now- *swims away*

(P.S: :0 Don't yell at me, I'm a goldfish)

Crystal Tears
14th December 2009, 08:37 PM
This topic will officially close on December 18th, so please have your sign ups in by that date.

After which another topic will be created and show the choices, to vote simply send in four usernames to either myself (Crystal Tears) or Weasel Overlord. Afterwards we will tally them and reveal the results at a later date (to be determined).

Master Rudy
15th December 2009, 04:49 AM
Wouldn't it be easier to simply send the nominations to just one person once they've been posted. It seems terribly inefficent to have two of you tallying the votes :confused:

Also the more I think about it the more I start to take issue with the fact that a person needs to have created at least three RPG in order to be able to apply. I think I speak for more than just myself when I say that we have great role players all around who feel that they do much better with creating a character and tossing out an occassional idea as opposed to managing every last aspect of a story. I personally think I'm just as commited to the RPG forum as nearly anyone else that's applied to be on this council. I'm one of the oldest active members in general and despite some occassional personal issues that have kept me away for awhile ultimately it's the RPG forum that always manages to drag me back to TPM. When it comes to RPG's I'm in that are seeing a lack of posts I'm usually one of the first to speak up or attempt to get at least something going. Finally despite the lack of RPG's I've actually created don't forget that I had a hand in ideas behind a few RPG's that changed and affected the way the rest of the story played out. One major case in point is my involvement in Dawn of the Blood Moon about 7 years ago. Had I not joined that RPG the whole story would have been extremely different from what ultimately came about.

As a result of what I just said I repectfully put my application into the mix. If you want to let the people have a voice in this forum then let them decide who ultimately gets picked to join the Council. I'm not trying to be an elitest in the matter but I have been here far longer than all the current applicants aside from perhaps Bear who despite joining later was posting in the RPG forum before I was. I wouldn't be applying if I didn't feel like I had something to bring to the table ^_~

Username: Master Rudy
Country of Origin: USA
Timezone: Eastern (GMT -5)
RPGs Created: None personally created. However my presence and ideas greated influenced several RPG's such as Dawn of the Blood Moon and Dragon Ball VG.
Opinion of RPG: While the RPG forum is still a fun place to be I feel like it's stalled in recent years. The absence of many long time members, as well as the departure of Kalah/B4 didn't help matters at all. Many of the people who have left were a source of many original ideas on the board. I do agree with CC's comment on the smaller community. Less people gives everyone more of a chance to get to know each other and their posting/role playing styles a bit better. However as a whole the RPG community has gotten somewhat lazy. I feel that this Council will be the perfect chance to make changes around here and make the board more active ^_~
Weaknesses: Bullets, blades, 50 foot drops and nearly anything that could potentially result in a messy, painful death :p
In all seriousness however I've tossed out several RPG ideas over the years but never followed through on them due to a lack of intrest and confidence in my ability to GM an RPG. Most major one is that personal issues offline have made me inactive a few times but I feel this is far from an issue anymore. Finally if I feel someone or myself has been wronged I will speak out against it. While that's not always 100% bad this tends to get me to butt heads with people sometimes as well as cause me to make choices without thinking about them first.
Strengths: I'm one of the oldest active members in the RPG forum and on TPM as a whole. As a result I've seen it all. I'm also a former RPG mod and as a result I would like to think I know what it takes to help keep this forum active. When I'm a member of an RPG I can be very vocal about any recent lack of posts that has occured. I like to pitch my ideas in stories and feel that I've always got something intresting or unique to bring to the table. Finally I'm sitting on two decent ideas for new RPG's but I am currently unsure of how to do them due to the complex natures of the two ideas. Even if I don't make it onto the Council I feel that once it's up and running then perhaps I can find the help I need to get something new posted and bring something unique to the RPG forum ^_~

Mew Master
15th December 2009, 01:40 PM
Um... Rudy. Hate to be a downer, but the rules for the application say you have to provide, and I quote:

RPGs Created: At least three.

Since you lack any, you technically can't sign up for the application process for the Council.

Now, while there may be the idea that you don't have to have made an RPG to be involved in this process, that's not part of the rules. Creativity can stem from anywhere, be it only creating a varied collection of characters. But I think there's more involved here with asking for the three minimum requirement of RPG's created.

While you can stem out ideas for any general setting someone else comes up with. It takes a bit more to actually create an entire world in which for others to base characters on. Even those based from previously generated genre, fan-bases, and games take a bit of work and plot-making to make them avidly playable and enjoyable for everyone. It's that type of creativity that I think the Mods are looking for, for this Council.

15th December 2009, 02:37 PM
Username: VirtualPlay
Country of Origin: USA
Timezone: US Eastern (GMT -5)
RPGs Created: The Psi, Real Virtuality, The RPG of no Return, Ditto Files, The AniVerse…and a large spattering of many others that never made it very far ^^;
Opinion of RPG: The forum is currently in a bit of a mess, but it's nowhere near beyond saving. The majority of the members here are very friendly and helpful, especially to new members. The main problem with the forum is the fact that there aren't nearly enough members to have it be as active and as popular as it used to be. With the main site being active again and pulling in new members, we really need to be more forward and welcoming to these new people to get them to join RPG.
Weaknesses: I have a tendency to give up on RPGs sooner than I should, and sometimes I get really annoyed when people start doing things I don't want them to in my RPG. I also sometimes disappear for a few days without notice (as I just did).
Strengths: I'm gonna borrow DL's words from ASB and say that I'm very precise; I know what I want to say, and I make sure that I say it properly. As people have apparently noted about me, I'm very descriptive and detailed. I also feel that I'm rather calm and collected when dealing with an irate person. I've been around since 2001, so I've been in RPG for a very long time relative to others, and therefore know how things work. I like to think that I'm open and friendly to others (and people have said as such to me). I also usually have really good ideas to input when it comes time for conferencing, but I also listen to what other people have to say and consider it as well.

15th December 2009, 02:41 PM
If you read his post before you, Mr. Master, you'd see that he acknowledged that he didn't have three, but felt that he was more than qualified to join. I agree. Just because you made three roleplays doesn't really mean anything.

The question should be more along the lines of how long you have been here and how have you participated, and if that was the case he would be more than qualified.

Mew Master
15th December 2009, 03:26 PM
HL: I saw that and I addressed it in the second part of my response to him. The focus of the matter isn't just that you could create three RPGs, but that you CAN create three RPGs, and play in them, and give enjoyment to others. You need the world before you can make the characters. Don't have one and you can't have the other. Perhaps looking for the ability to show originality in world creation rather than character creation, since it involves a lot more prep-work (trust me, I know).

Let's face facts here. If you need someone else to create a world for you to participate in, without forming through any of your own ideas for a world of your own, you're at a disadvantage. I don't speak for the mods, cause I don't know what the hell they're thinking, but this seems to be the line of reasoning they've chosen (At least how I rationalize it).

You're right Rudy, without you the RPG would have taken a completely different turn. It would also do the same if someone else was gone and you were still there, or another person. Each character brings a dynamic to the table, however without the world in which those characters could interact, it's all pointless. This is why it could be more important to see the RPGs one has created, because if you can make characters, that's one thing, but if you give the drawing board for other people to make characters, it's another level of originality and drive.

You don't go making an RPG off a page description do you? I bet we used to, but we've gone beyond that.

Master Rudy
15th December 2009, 10:00 PM
Um... Rudy. Hate to be a downer, but the rules for the application say you have to provide, and I quote:

Since you lack any, you technically can't sign up for the application process for the Council.

Now, while there may be the idea that you don't have to have made an RPG to be involved in this process, that's not part of the rules. Creativity can stem from anywhere, be it only creating a varied collection of characters. But I think there's more involved here with asking for the three minimum requirement of RPG's created.

While you can stem out ideas for any general setting someone else comes up with. It takes a bit more to actually create an entire world in which for others to base characters on. Even those based from previously generated genre, fan-bases, and games take a bit of work and plot-making to make them avidly playable and enjoyable for everyone. It's that type of creativity that I think the Mods are looking for, for this Council.

As opposed to acting like the police how about you let the mods or voters decide? It's not your choice. As I said before I think the length of time I've been here, my involvement with many RPG's over the years and my status as a former RPG mod are enough to qualify me. CT listed the requirements and I then proceeded to make my case for why I think I should be able to apply as well. Now if CT or Weasy said no I'd respect that. However as I said if the mods are serious about wanting to give the normal role players a voice in this forum then let them read over the apps and decide for themselves ^_~

Crystal Tears
19th December 2009, 12:20 AM
The RPG council application period is officially over, thank you to all who signed up and commented.

Master Rudy, whether or not we will take your sign up into consideration is still up in the air. Admittedly the original reasoning behind the requirement of three RPGs was that of which Mew Master stated (which was ever so slightly creepy that he nailed it first try). However, we have taken into account your argument and rest assured we will come to a decision soon. The results (regarding Master Rudy's case) will be announced in the voting topic, unless you prefer it by PM (and yes, I have received your other PM Iíve just been rather busy lately, my reply is coming soon @_@).

I hope thatís okay. Happy Holidays everyone (any further concerns please PM me :3 ).