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Charles Legend
15th January 2010, 02:44 AM
ok we all know by now that when the Event Arceus is taken to the ruins of Alph you get to go to the Shinto Ruins.

even befor the event was known about I thought it was weird how that the Unown that were in the Solaceon Ruins did not need to be unlocked, which got me thinking why you do need to unlock them in both the Tanoby Chambers, and the Ruins of Alph.

now this may be wrong but what if the unown are really native to the Sinnoh region? Perhaps the reason why they show up in the Shinto Ruins is this,

Ok it was once thought that the fist Unown were encountered in the the Ruins of Alph. however that proved to be wrong they were actually fist encountered three years prior to the events of HG/SS and were found in the Tanoby Chambers... perhaps when you quote unlock them, those two sites generate a radio signal to summon the Unown from the the Solaceon Ruins.

Speaking of radio signals I'm Serprised thatGamefreak did not have a plot where Team rocket tries to catch some Unown from the Tanoby Chambers to study their radio signals.

Of course there a chance that Suicune enlisted their help to protct the land of Jotho by them containing or lessing the effects of Team Rocket's radio wave experment, come to think of it what if the Unown at the uins of Alph are the same ones from the Tanoby Chambers thus perhaps team rocket would have/did use the research on the Onown radio waves to try to force pokemon to evolve.

Anyways the event at the Shinto Ruins to me confirms my therory on the Unown being the arms of Arceus, but I would like to here your thoughts on it.

~Charles Legend

15th January 2010, 12:49 PM
Well, I'm not entirely sure how that proves a theory about Arceus' arms being comprised of Unown... maybe I'm missing the connection, having not yet completed all the events in the fourth-generation games. While the debate over Unown origins interests me, I've yet to see the full connection between that and any supposed Unown-Arceus hybrid. *shrugs*

In any case, this seems more like a GD thread than HG/SS, since the theorizing of interest isn't limited to these games (or even this generation). Still, I'll wait to see how this discussion develops over the next few posts before tossing it over there.

15th January 2010, 03:13 PM
This topic... makes no sense to me. At all.

Are the Unown even linked with any other Pokemon, let alone Legendaries? Suicune is linked with Ho-Oh. ENTEI was the one linked with the Unown in the third movie. Other than that, the Unown are... unknown. And Arceus has NEVER been linked with them.

15th January 2010, 07:19 PM
I don't think Charles Legend means literal arms. He probably means arms as in minions or agents. However, my ability to understand that doesn't mean I don't think it's a crackpot theory.