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13th December 2002, 04:08 PM
Indeed. Our previous match was never completed, as it was prematurely interrupted by a loss of interest and subsequent departure on my part. This time, however, I intend to finish what we started.


Six Pokémon apiece.
You send first, I attack first.
Disqualification will occur after one week of inactivity, although leniency should certainly be afforded if an adequate reason is provided. With luck, this will not become necessary.
The match shall take place in the roofless Indigo Stadium of Round 2 Pokémon Stadium.

The last time we battled, your Dragonair's Agility attack actually sped up time and aged my Persian into a feeble, creaky old cat.. and, at one point, the sun became inexplicably angry and inflicted burn status on my Exeggutor just out of spite. I would hope that whoever decides to referee this battle will have more common sense.

In case you do not remember me despite all that I've said so far, perhaps my custom title will jog your memory.

Don't Run With Scizors
13th December 2002, 04:28 PM
*nabs reffing rights*

Pokemaster Ash
13th December 2002, 06:41 PM
Heh heh. I remember that fight. Very fun.

And for my first Pokémon, one you know pretty well at this point. Go, Dragonair! [the Dragon-Type materializes]

Sabrina: [teleports in with Sara] This should be fun, considering what happened last time.

14th December 2002, 12:51 PM
Let's get started, then. Siege, come forth!

Siege: Nidorino!

This will be Siege's first battle, but I'm sure he'll be able to hold his own against your Dragonair, experienced as it is.

Siege, set up a Substitute to hold Dragonair off for a while.. we don't want you falling victim to something nasty this early in the match, right? Follow up with Confusion to scramble its senses just long enough to strike it down with a Blizzard attack.

Substitute, Confusion, Blizzard

Oh.. I think DRWS would be grateful if you specified your dragon's gender and gave it a name of some sort when you post your attacks.. otherwise he may have to refer to it as "some poor, nameless, ungendered Dragonair," and nobody wants that.

Pokemaster Ash
14th December 2002, 03:27 PM
Dragonair's female, for the ref's info

Okay, Dragonair, lets start this off nicely. Use a Dragon Rage to get rid of that Substitute. Then use Surf when he's about to use Confusion. Lastly, when he tries to Blizzard you, give him a Fire Blast to thaw him out.

17th December 2002, 10:43 AM
Just in case you lost track of this, DRWS..

Pokemaster Ash
20th December 2002, 03:13 PM
Hey, what happened to you DRWS?

Don't Run With Scizors
21st December 2002, 12:10 AM
Hey, what happened to you DRWS?

Two words: Final exams.

Dragonair's female, for the ref's info

What?! No...nickname? Grrr...

Round One:
Prodigy's Siege the Nidorino vs. some Dragonair that belongs to Pokemaster Ash

An epic battle begins today... Pokemaster Ash, a returning veteran of the ASB circuit hoping to take it by storm, seems to be hoping all in his path will "tremble". But a quick glance at his adversary reveals that this Prodigy is quite firm-footed, as is his spiny champion in battle.

Siege wastes no time in pulling random clumps of matter from some extradimensional storage closet and molding it into a rather lifelike body double of himself, even as draconian flames a rather unnatural shade of turquoise wash over it. The Dragonair looks a little unnerved at Siege's unflinching stability... little does she know of his deception.

Using natural water-calling abilities, the Dragonair calls to her a sizeable wave from an underground arena aqueduct - but not before Siege lashes out with a telepathic assault, bombarding her cerebrum with mental chaos. Willpower overpowers it, however, and she remains focused long enough to see Siege shatter and fade away under the water pressure. A fake!

Miffed at the premature disappearance of his decoy, Siege prepares to unleash arctic wrath upon the Dragonair... but an intense burst of flame slices through the flurry of ice shards, vaporizing the brunt of the icy assault. But the flame itself is dimmed by the water, and the fiery kanji and snowstorm reach their targets only a shade of their former glory.

End of Round One Status:
Siege the Nidorino: 80%
some Dragonair: 84%

Pokemaster Ash
21st December 2002, 08:42 PM
Dragonair: [is using Wrap on DRWS's neck, shouting at him in Dragonair language] I am not just some Dragonair! I'm as special as any other Dragon-Type!

[sweatdrops] Dragonair, don't strangle the ref...

Dragonair: [in Dragonair language] Sorry.

Now back to the fighting. Use Thunder on Nidorino. Then get him with Wrap. Lastly, Iron Tail.

21st December 2002, 08:57 PM
Originally posted by Pokemaster Ash
Dragonair: [is using Wrap on DRWS's neck, shouting at him in Dragonair language] I am not just some Dragonair! I'm as special as any other Dragon-Type!

Perhaps it would have helped if you had given Dragonair a nickname, like SS suggested. You already got fair warning.

Pokemaster Ash
21st December 2002, 09:01 PM
I stink at thinking of names, though (something which is even mentioned in my fic). It's easier for me to just call them as they are than to try to remember so many names, too.

Don't Run With Scizors
21st December 2002, 09:09 PM
Any name, as long as it isn't the same as the species, is perfectly fine with me.

Edit to EngiMatikul, below:

And nicknames is kind of a pointless topic to argue over... :/

Not when I'm the ref. Pokémon without nicknames piss me off.

21st December 2002, 09:36 PM
*offers a suggestion* you know, my dragonair in Pokemon Blue was named Mr. Wormie...

And nicknames is kind of a pointless topic to argue over... :/

23rd December 2002, 12:04 AM
Not bad, Siege. Split off some mirror images to distract the dragon-type while you splatter it with Toxic sludge, then launch an Ice Beam attack. Aim for the head or neck if possible.. scoring a hit there is bound to be particularly effective, especially if you manage to encase it in ice.

Double Team, Toxic, Ice Beam

Don't Run With Scizors
23rd December 2002, 10:34 AM
Your Dragonair puts on a tight squeeze, Pokemaster Ash.

Fata Morgana: Gaaaarr...

...which is why Morgana here will proceed to Ice Punch her the moment she comes near again!

Round Two:
Siege the Nidorino (80%) vs. some Dragonair (84%)

This isn't good... Dragonair suddenly finds herself surrounded by three Nidorinos - thankfully, only one is actually real. After some muttering something to herself that sounds oddly like "Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe", she discharges an intense burst of electrical fury at one Nidorino image, and some TI-83+ Silver Edition calculator somewhere decides that the Nidorino in question so happens to be the real Siege. While his panicky shrieks reveal the assault felt something like being hammered by rubber mallets over and over again, he finds himself in otherwise splendid condition.

Siege looks as though he's been through a toaster and back again, and you'd think you'd be able to identify the real one this way, but nooooo - his images have apparently decided to follow his lead. Dragonair now faces that life-and-death, or rather win-or-lose, or something like that, decision: Which Nidorino is the real Siege? That one looks real... but as she encircles it with her body, it shrieks a highly unnatural scream and disintegrates. The image's sacrifice opens a wide window of opportunity for Siege, who hawks up a vile glob of deadly poison that sinks its way into Dragonair's fleshy skin.

As Dragonair slithers her way towards another random Nidorino - unknowingly, the fake one - Siege seizes the initiative with a concentrated stream of ice crystals focused on one of her magical carbuncles. More out of instinct than control, Dragonair swings a metallic tail in a wild attempt to block the brunt of the beam; incidentally, she smashes it against the real Siege in the process.

End of Round Two Status:
Siege the Nidorino: 63%, one image remaining, mildly fatigued
some Dragonair: 67%, badly poisoned, mildly fatigued

Poor Siege... Lady Luck seemed to like screwing him over today.

23rd December 2002, 08:22 PM
Kick up some earthy Mud Slap debris to provide a momentary distraction while you charge in with a sharp, poky Horn Attack. At the end of the round, replenish your mirror images with another Double Team. Dragonair has proved a worthy adversary thus far, but we'll see how well she fares once we recapture initiative.

Mud Slap, Horn Attack, Double Team

Pokemaster Ash
23rd December 2002, 09:14 PM
Dragonair, time to do some damage. Use Surf to do some damage and do more than counter his Mud Slap. Then use Hyper Beam when it comes charging in for the Horn Attack. Lastly, nail Nidorino with a Thunder Wave when it tries to use Double Team.

Pokemaster Ash
26th December 2002, 01:26 PM
Have you forgotten about this battle while you're fighting me, DRWS?

Don't Run With Scizors
28th December 2002, 05:33 PM
Okay. I've put off doing this for long enough...

Round Three:
Siege the Nidorino (63%, one image remaining, mildly fatigued) vs. a Dragonair (67%, badly poisoned, mildly fatigued)

Sticky, wet mud has become a plentiful commodity since the ground was last drenched by a wave of water, so Siege has no trouble in finding a patch of it and kicking it into the Dragonair's eyes. The Dragonair's water-summoning abilities are unhindered by blindness, however, and neither is the wave of water rushing up from the aqueduct's gates, washing over Siege and drowning his last remaining image. In the process, much of the blinding mud on the Dragonair's face is washed away, although a few remaining flecks of dirt sting at her eyes. That's the last time the Dragonair will be able to pull that trick, though; the aqueduct has been drained, and the ground greedily sucks up what liquid water is left on the field's surface.

Miffed at the sudden disappearance of his sole decoy, Siege darts forward with an intent to spear the Dragonair on the tip of his horn... in his frenzy, however, he does not notice the rapidly expanding plasma-charged orb growing within the Dragonair's jaws. One nanosecond after he narrowly fails to miss the Dragonair's thin, snaky body, Siege is thrown back a good twenty feet by the furiously pain-stricken Dragonair's unexpected withering blast.

Siege, in no hurry to be met by another one of those agonizing blows, calls up more phantoms to decoy service. One enjoys only a split-second of temporary freedom from that long-forsaken realm from whence it (and all the others) came; pulse after pulse of electricity, courtesy of the Dragonair, banishes it back to an endless torment of solitary confinement.

End of Round Three:
Siege the Nidorino: 30%, three images remaining, mildly fatigued
a Dragonair: 52%, mildly-heavily fatigued
Arena effects: Aquifer drained, ground muddy

Pokemaster Ash
31st December 2002, 08:08 PM
Okay, Dragonair. Use your Blizzard to start things off. You should hit the real Nidorino because of its broad range.. Then send a Thunder and a Fire Blast after it. (Ice, Elec, Fire... Not too bad for variety, huh?)

2nd January 2003, 12:11 AM
Now or never, Siege. We'll have to hope this works, huh?

Lift yourself high into the air by blasting the ground directly below you with a high-pressure Water Gun, then Disable your opponent as soon as you re-orient yourself. Start your horn spinning as you fall, and bore right down into her from above with your Horn Drill!

Water Gun (target ground), Disable, Horn Drill (aerial)

Don't Run With Scizors
8th January 2003, 03:45 PM
Since I'm stuck at school with nothing better to do...

Round Four:
Siege the Nidorino (30%, three images remaining, mildly fatigued) vs. a Dragonair (52%, mildly-heavily fatigued)
Arena effects: Aquifer drained

As the Dragonair summons a chilling wind blowing with hundreds of chilling ice crystals, Siege spurts out water from his internal reservoir into a tiny but highly pressurized stream, throwing himself to impressive heights...

...as Siege falls, he twists himself in midair to fall toward Dragonair. Better stay out of the way. thinks the Dragonair as she notices him falling in her direction. But as she starts to slither away, an unseen force ripples around her... she can't move!

The Dragonair can only stare helplessly as she notices the horn on Siege's forehead begin spin rapidly... and then she comes to a horrible realization that Siege's attack will be an extremely painful one. Suddenly, the hold on her is released, and she quickly speeds off out of fear...but it's too late. A split-second after she begins to take off, Siege's spinning horn digs her way into her thick draconian flesh... The agony is unbearable.

End of Round Four Status:
Siege the Nidorino: 23%, mildly-heavily fatigued
a Dragonair: 12% (damage caps), mildly-heavily fatigued, bleeding heavily

Pokemaster Ash
10th January 2003, 04:23 PM
Dragonair, we won't let a little flesh wound stop you. After all, your scales did absorb most of that attack.

Dragonair: [in her language] Yeah, but it still dug in...

Another Blizzard should really do some damage. Then get Nidorino with Thunder. If it's KOed, Rest. If not, Hyper Beam before it KOs you.

10th January 2003, 05:01 PM
Finish her, Siege! Shower her with ice shards!

Blizzard (repeat)

Don't Run With Scizors
10th January 2003, 06:05 PM
Round Five:
Siege the Nidorino (23%, mildly-heavily fatigued) vs. a Dragonair (12% (damage caps), mildly-heavily fatigued, bleeding heavily)

Mustering one last ounce of willpower for a last show of strength, crystal ice shards fly from the Dragonair's carbuncle, even as a similar storm blowing in her direction chills her to unconsciousness, even as her trainer shouts at her, "Hey wait, it was only a flesh wound!...

Pokemaster Ash's champion in battle has fallen! Who will he replace him with?

End of Round Five Status:
Siege the Nidorino: 7%, heavily fatigued
Dragonair: fainted

Pokemaster Ash
10th January 2003, 06:44 PM
[starts laughing] Unless you've got something really good to stop this Pokémon, you might have lost here.

You did well, Dragonair. Return! [recalls the fallen Dragon-Type] And now... [pulls out a Great Ball] Hit it, Alakazam!

Okay, Alakazam. Take care of that Nidorino with a Psychic attack. If he's somehow still up after that, Psychic again.

11th January 2003, 06:06 PM
Unless you've got something really good to stop this Pokémon, you might have lost here.

Oh.. rest assured, I do. But I'm not leaving my Nidorino out there to be blasted by your healthy Alakazam. A solid showing indeed for your first match, Siege. Come on back.

So! Which of my champions shall dispatch your Alakazam? Perhaps another first time battler.. round, pink, and deadly. Mystra, forward!

Mystra: Chansey chansey!

Mystra, vanish behind a sturdy Substitute and fill the stadium with Sing before blasting Alakazam with a Shadow Ball. Charge it up before letting it fly if Alakazam falls asleep, but snap it off quickly if Alakazam makes his saving throw.. er.. doesn't fall asleep.

Substitute, Sing, Shadow Ball

14th January 2003, 04:33 PM
Just to get your attention, PMA. It's your turn to attack, since I swapped out my Nidorino.

Pokemaster Ash
14th January 2003, 09:50 PM
I was waiting for a sign to do that.

Alakazam, take care of that substitute with your Psywave. No need to waste energy on that. Then use Psychic to do some damage and hopefully knock it out of its singing. Lastly use Teleport to get away from the Shadow Ball.

Don't Run With Scizors
19th January 2003, 12:21 AM
Round Six:
Prodigy's Mystra the Chansey vs. Pokemaster Ash's... genderless Alakazam.
Arena effects: Aquifer drained (not like anybody will really be needing it now)

Mystra reaches for some other-worldly matter and pulls out... another Chansey?! Nah... it playfully squeaks like one, but it's only the work of a skilled actress. Meanwhile, the Alakazam witnesses the act, and is disturbed by the sight: two Chanseys? After briefly considering the situation (and a psionic nudge from the Substitute), it dismisses the thought as a mirage and continues to flood the area with distorting waves of psychic energy, dealing the discomfort of destabilizing molecules to Mystra and her stunt double alike.

The dreaded sleeping song... the Alakazam tries to squeeze Mystra's larnyx in an attempt to quiet the noise, but though Mystra appears to writhe in choking pain, the soothing melody plays on... A brief glimmer of understanding at the sight of a Chansey shattering into thousands of shards of ectoplasm is the last conscious thought the Alakazam thinks before he falls into a slump.

Most round objects that appear from a Chansey's pouch are quite healthy, or indeed, tasty, but not this appetizer: a swirling ball of dark, ethereal energy gathers between her stubby little hands before it's sent spiraling into Alakazam's snoozing form. Though the pain would have been greatly felt while awake, the Alakazam merely twitches and mumbles something that sounds like a query as to when breakfast will be served.

End of Round Six Status:
Mystra the Chansey: 74%
some boring, nameless, genderless Alakazam: 83%, asleep

21st January 2003, 12:02 PM
Good going, Mystra. Don't worry if you're a few points behind in health.. Siege was trailing that Dragonair for three rounds before he delivered the deathblow, and you're better suited to battling Alakazams than Siege is to battling Dragonairs. You'll take the lead after a while, perhaps sooner if PMA is careless while we have the initiative.

Mystra: Chan-sey!

Pokemaster Ash
21st January 2003, 12:17 PM
All you can do for now is Sleep Talk, Alakazam. Let's hope it comes up with some good attacks. If you wake up at any time, use Psychic instead (since Sleep Talk wouldn't work).

21st January 2003, 12:34 PM
Hm.. on second thought, Mystra, perhaps we should wait a while longer, when Alakazam isn't in a position where damage caps will save it and any injuries can simply be Recovered. In the meantime, load it with nasty status ailments.. a corrupting glob of venom here, a burst of seizue-inducing electricity there.. and, of course, if you get the chance, Dream Eater. If you don't, hit it with a Shadow Ball.

Toxic, Thunder Wave, Dream Eater/Shadow Ball

Of course, when you do strike, what will PMA have to say about it? "Don't worry, Alakazam, they're only sprained, not broken"?

Pokemaster Ash
21st January 2003, 02:30 PM
I should smack you for making fun of me, but I won't. I have...better things in mind for the Free for All.

21st January 2003, 03:19 PM
The Free for All? Oh.. well.. best of luck to you when it comes to finding interesting and valuable things, and I mean that sincerely.

After all, we at the Order of the Froody Furaigons would be quite disappointed if we took time out of our adventuring schedule to drive you veterans into the ground and you didn't have anything worthwhile.

29th January 2003, 02:32 PM

Don't Run With Scizors
2nd February 2003, 09:19 PM
Round Seven:
Mystra the Chansey (74%) vs. some (still) boring, nameless, genderless Alakazam (83%, asleep)

Even as it sleeps, hunger burns in the Alakazam's mind... a hunger for energy from thoughts never uttered when one is awake. Unfortunately, its ćtherial dream-feeder finds nothing from the wakened Mystra, and instead it gets a faceful of an intensely vile concoction that seeps its way into his bloodstream...

The Alakazam stirs. For a moment, Mystra thinks she has wakened it, but quickly realizes it's doing just that - talking in his sleep. However, as the Alakazam's babbling steadily increases in clarity and coherence, a boiling wave of emotion erupts within Mystra... such slander! Though at first Mystra realizes that her trainer couldn't care less about such lies, her logic slowly gives way to pure anger... not completely, yet. Not enough to stop throwing sparks of static at her aggressor...

Even heavy sleepers wake after being prodded and thrown around enough. Still slightly groggy, the Alakazam blindly reaches out with a mental grip much like somebody who has just woken up reaches out for something to support their weight on. Unfortunately for Mystra, she happens to be what the Alakazam supports its mental weight on. Even as she is crushed into the arena floor, she manages to collect ćtherial energy into a semi-spheroid shape, which explodes like an egg yolk as its ghostly mass splatters on the Alakazam's body. If there's any comfort for the Alakazam, it's the fact that Shadow Balls aren't as sticky as eggs.

End of Round Seven Status:
Mystra the Chansey: 64%, slightly fatigued, berserked
some boring, nameless, gender-confused Alakazam: 63%, badly poisoned, paralyzed

4th February 2003, 06:34 PM
Mystra.. prime yourself for combat with Psych Up, emulating Alakazam's calm, emotionless state. This is important.. tearing at Alakazam in a blind fury isn't the way to go at things, and finesse befits you better, anyway. You'll get your chance to smash him, but you won't pull it off if you're foaming at the mouth.

Better? Pull together another Substitute and smite Alakazam with a Thunderbolt.

Still furious? Blast Alakazam with Eggs of Detonation, and you're bound to feel better.

Psych Up, Substitute/Egg Bomb, Thunderbolt/Egg Bomb

Pokemaster Ash
4th February 2003, 07:11 PM
Alakazam's male, DRWS. I thought I mentioned that...

While Chansey's Psyching Up, take it down a few notches with Hyper Beam. If it uses Substitute, take it out with Psywave. If it shoots an Egg Bomb at you, use Psychic. Lastly use Kinesis to do some damage to its accuracy.

12th February 2003, 05:31 PM
<this is not a ref bump carefully disguised as a rebuttal to my opponent's attack strategy>

Psywaves are small, erratic, and decidedly low-damage psionic distortions, so unless Mystra creates an exceptionally flimsy Substitute and the <DRWS?> Substitute is actually hit and damage by each and every Psywave, I'm guessing it's going to take more than that to break her body double.

<this was not a ref bump carefully disguised as a rebuttal to my opponent's attack strategy>

Don't Run With Scizors
18th February 2003, 08:50 PM
Round Eight:
Mystra the Chansey (64%, slightly fatigued, berserked) vs. an Alakazam (63%, badly poisoned, paralyzed, slightly fatigued)

Mystra is about ready to tear her antagonist's head off... but before she does that, she's curious to know what goes on inside an Alakazam mind. She scans through his synaptic pathways, finding and embracing the cold reservedness of pure, unadulterated logic... The Alakazam, unaware of this invasive probing, channels raw energy into a slowly growing sphere of plasma, which suddenly explodes outward in a massive flash... Mystra shrieks and collapses as it slams into her bulky and now-sparking frame. She is clearly in agony, though her oppressor seems to be struggling to regain his composure as well - a tiring effort, apparently.

As the last of the sparks die down, Mystra conjures up her twin, identical in appearance down to the fingerprints. The Alakazam, not noticing the presence of what appears to be a second Chansey, waits in anticipation for the coming of a series of several egg-shaped explosives, but instead meets none - just the metaphorical screaming of his white blood cells as they fight a losing battle against the vile toxin in his system...

The Alakazam continues to stare at Mystra's lookalike in anticipation for SOME sort of attack, but it simply continues to sway back and forth happily... out of the blue, the real Mystra strikes with her hammering electrical assault. The Alakazam flinches and recoils, then ponders about just how Mystra could have attacked without warning... his mind briefly touches on the possibility of a Substitute, but dismisses it quickly as an impossiblity as Mystra's doppelgänger sweeps it from his mind.

End of Round Eight Status:
Mystra the Chansey: 25%, slighly mildly fatigued, calm, 16% Substitute active
an Alakazam: 50%, badly poisoned, paralyzed, moderately fatigued

18th February 2003, 08:56 PM
How does Mystra take no damage for taking a hit and creating a substitue?

Pokemaster Ash
19th February 2003, 07:10 PM
Okay, Alakazam. We're getting there.

Use Dig first. That should confuse Chansey (after all, Dig isn't a move you see an Alakazam pull very often). Then use Future Sight. Lastly use Psychic.

20th February 2003, 04:49 PM
Perhaps there's a reason Alakazams don't employ their Dig technique very often, PMA. My guess is that Mystra will find Alakazam's feeble efforts to dig a servicable hole using his spoons more amusing than alarming or confusing. And once she Swaggers your Alakazam into a battle frenzy, her Substitute providing the visuals while she does the dubbing, she can enjoy the equally comical sight of your Alakazam flailling weakly at her body double. In the meantime, she'll bombard your Alakazam with Shadow Balls, and if her decoy breaks and Alakazam comes after her with a physical attack, she'll blast him off his feet with a Counter attack.

Swagger, Shadow Ball, Shadow Ball
if Alakazam attacks the real Mystra with a physical attack: Counter

Don't Run With Scizors
22nd February 2003, 12:31 PM
Round Nine:
Mystra the Chansey (25%, slighly mildly fatigued, calm, 16% Substitute active) vs. an Alakazam (50%, badly poisoned, paralyzed, moderately fatigued)

The Alakazam reaches out with a spoon to carve away at the soil, but at that unfortunate moment his muscles choose to lock up and spasm uncontrollably. As he stumbles and falls, he's forced to endure the infuriating sight of Mystra's Substitute waving a pair of pink polka-dotted underwear at him. His face falls on his intended digging spot, only then he realizes that on that very spot Mystra left a nasty pile of...

What an embarrassment. The Alakazam's muscles refuse to stop twitching, so he can only lie facedown in the pile of feces while Mystra bombards him with bombs of negative energy...

When he finally does manage to regain control of his muscles, the Alakazam scrapes some of the remaining Chansey waste off his face with a spoon and flings it at Mystra's lookalike, which doesn't appear to notice. Another sphere of ghostly ćtherial energy eats away at the Alakazam, but rage overpowers pain as he tears into the Chansey-mannequin with a heightened boiling fury... It squeals and shrieks, but survives.

End of Round Nine Status:
Mystra the Chansey: 25%, 2% Substitute active, moderately fatigued
an Alakazam: 13%, berserked, badly poisoned, paralyzed, mildly-heavily fatigued

23rd February 2003, 02:54 PM
Good going, Mystra. Alakazam will have to break your Substitute before he can come after you, so charge up a Shadow Ball and blow him away. Follow up with Thunderbolts if the first hit doesn't quite take him out.

Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt

26th February 2003, 04:44 PM
Since PMA is around, I thought I'd grab his attention..

Pokemaster Ash
26th February 2003, 07:14 PM
Okay, Alakazam. Use a Psychic to take care of that Substitute and maybe do damage to Chansey. Then blast it with Hyper Beam. Lastly attack with DynamicPunch!

Don't Run With Scizors
28th February 2003, 11:35 PM
Round Ten:
Mystra the Chansey (25%, 2% Substitute active, moderately fatigued) vs. an Alakazam (13%, berserked, badly poisoned, paralyzed, mildly-heavily fatigued)

Arrr! Uncontrollable rage has the Alakazam stumbling forward, finally falling when twitching muscles fail him. An explosion of ghostly pain sends him spiraling into the bliss of unconsciousness... perhaps he was better off there. It feels so much better than feeling pain while awake...

The Alakazam has fainted! This battle is coming to a close... will Pokemaster Ash's next Pokemon be able to gain back some ground?

Wait, the battle isn't a 3-on-3? Gaaaaah!

End of Round Ten Status:
Mystra the Chansey: 25%, 2% Substitute active, mildly-heavily fatigued
the Alakazam: fainted

Pokemaster Ash
1st March 2003, 01:43 PM
Um, this is a 6-on-6. There's still plenty to do.

You did well, Alakazam. Return! [recalls the fallen Pokémon] Time to show Chansey a lesson. I know a good Pokémon for that, too. [pulls out a Pokéball] Hit it, Machop!

Okay, Machop. Start off with a nice Earthquake. That should do some damage and knock out that Substitute. Follow that up with a DynamicPunch. Lastly use Cross Chop.

3rd March 2003, 04:14 PM
Mystra! Approach from behind and attack Machop with Gravijaa Slam!

DRWS is, of course, familiar with this move, as, most likely, are the majority of the audience, but I don't think you've seen this one before, PMA. Gravijaa Slam is a combo attack using Seismic Toss and Teleport. When Mystra executes this move, she seizes Machop with the beginnings of a Seismic Toss, but rather than throwing her foe immediately, she Teleports both combatants to a dizzying height above the arena before completing the combo, throwing the startled and confused Machop straight down and back towards the ground. Here's a rough idea of what'll be going through your Machop's mind as he hurtles through the air:

(The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, page 135)

And wow! Hey! What's this thing suddenly coming toward me very fast? Very, very fast. So big and flat and round, it needs a big wide-sounding name like... ow... ound... round... ground! That's it! That's a good name - ground!

I wonder if it will be friends with me?

Fortunately, Mystra herself can use Psychic to float gently back down to ground level.

Gravijaa Slam, Psychic

Don't Run With Scizors
9th March 2003, 03:34 PM
Round Eleven:
Mystra the Chansey (25%, 2% Substitute active, mildly-heavily fatigued) vs. Pokemaster Ash's nameless Machop with gender-confusion problems

This Machop wastes no time. Immediately upon materializing, he leaps up wildly, seismic tremors radiating from where he lands... Suddenly, Mystra shatters and disintegrates into wisps of ectoplasm, and with a horrible realization he discovers that the real Mystra has been waddling toward him all this time... Though she loses her balance and falls over, she manages to grab onto his leg for support.

With Mystra within easy reach, slamming her with a supernaturally glowing fist is a piece of cake, but when his fist makes contact, Machop discovers his feet no longer have solid ground beneath them to support them - in fact, the ground's waaaayy below them. Mystra and Machop wildly spin away from each other in opposite directions, the former not having the focus to stabilize her descent with mental energy... Fortunately for her, her quick-witted trainer recalls her into her Pokéball before she hits - a luxury the Machop wishes it had as he comes crashing into the floor of the stadium, leaving a small depression marking its impact.

Mystra has been recalled! Who will Prodigy send out next to replace her?

End of Round Eleven Status:
Mystra the Chansey: 6%, recalled
a gender-confused Machop: 60% (damage caps)

11th March 2003, 04:25 PM
Great work, Mystra. 140% damage is quite an accomplishment, and you've made things a lot easier for your teammates. My third Pokemon is a male Scyther and another first time battler. I choose you, Machiavelli! Go!

Mystra did quite a number on that Machop, Mach, and it's up to you to finish it off. Fly up out of melee range and spin yourself into a ki-enhancing Swords Dance before attacking Machop with a blast of Razor Wind. If flying out of Machop's reach wasn't significant enough movement to cost you an action, make it two Razor Winds.

(fly away), Swords Dance, Razor Wind, (Razor Wind)

Oh.. PMA. I get the feeling DRWS wants you to specify your Pokemon's gender whenever you send one out. It may be a trivial detail to you, but it actually can have an impact on gameplay, and it's always nice if the referee has an appropriate pronoun to use.

Pokemaster Ash
11th March 2003, 05:15 PM
Machop's male, like most of my ASB Pokémon.

Okay, Machop. Bring down the house with a Rock Slide! (Remembering that both game and anime physics permit this attack to work). Then use Sunny Day to shed some light on this battle. Lastly use Fire Blast!

Don't Run With Scizors
19th March 2003, 05:06 PM
At the referee's request, Pokemaster Ash checks between his Machop's legs (it proves to be male) in an embarrassing incident which the Machop intends to smash his trainer's face in for later.

Round Twelve:
Prodigy's Machiavelli the Scyther vs. some Machop (60%, embarrassed)

The shaken Machop searches the field in vain for a suitable rock or two to hurl at his wingéd foe, but as he sees Machiavelli retreating to the skies, he desperately turns to tearing out chunks of dirt out of the ground to make do... unfortunately, the soil is still a bit too moist from having been drenched in Dragonair Surfs. It starts to crumble almost immediately; a few tiny clods of dirt manage to reach the fleeing Machiavelli, but here in this arena fractional damage is rounded down.

Now safely out of the Machop's melee range, Machiavelli begins to twist and swoop about in an intricate dance, calming himself into a zen-like state. It's tricky to perform this dance and keep yourself flying at the same time, but he manages to perform well without losing too much altitude... Sweat beads and rolls down both his and the Machop's heads as the clouds overhead roll away, taking much of the air's moisture with them and letting the sun shine in full glory - and heat.

Fire erupts from the Machop's jaws... as it travels skyward toward Machiavelli, it coalesces into a kanji-shaped flame. With little moisture in the air, it too burns intensely. Machiavelli tries desperately to cut through the flames with a focused blade of air, but it does little to help...

End of Round Twelve Status:
Machiavelli the Scyther: 79%, zen-like state, airborne
some Machop: 44%, embarrassed, slightly fatigued
Arena effects: Clear Skies active

Hm. Forgot to mention that Machiavelli was airborne. But you could figure that out by yourself without me telling you... right?

Pokemaster Ash
20th March 2003, 05:20 PM
DRWS, why must you be such a pain in my a**?

Machop, time to strike now. Start off with a Toxic attack. Then get in there and nail Scyther with a quick Fire Punch. Then let him have it with another Fire Blast.

21st March 2003, 12:05 AM
PMA, as a friend and a person who actually tries to support you, I highly advise you do not insult the ref.

21st March 2003, 04:21 PM
Mach, create a fairly light Substitute and leave it up there to bear the brunt of Machop's attacks. You need to make it strong enough to take a Toxic before Machop shatters it with Fire Blast, since he won't be able to reach it up there with Fire Punch.

Once your decoy's up, move off to the side where splash damage from Toxic and the wide range of Fire Blast can't hurt you before beginning an aerial Razor Wind assault.

Substitute, Razor Wind, Razor Wind

27th March 2003, 10:27 AM
Unreffed battles make Pikachu sad.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Don't Run With Scizors
29th March 2003, 02:48 PM
EngiMatikul: Nah, don't mind PMA. He's simply expressing his annoyance for what I've had happen because of his forgetting to give his Pokémon identifying marks like name and gender.

Of course, the best way to avoid situations like those is to never do such things in the first place.

Round Thirteen:
Machiavelli the Scyther (79%, zen-like state, airborne) vs. some Machop (44%, embarassed, slightly fatigued)
Arena effects: Clear Skies active for three more actions

Landing a spitwad on a target high above is an extremely difficult task to pull off, but nevertheless the Machop is ready to demonstrate his refined precision loogie-hawking skills with a carefully aimed quivering mass of Toxic foulness and corruption. Unfortunately for the Machop, the presence of Machiavelli's Substitute throws off his aim, harmlessly splattering off.

The Machop is at a loss for what to do next... Machiavelli is clearly too far out of the range of melee attacks to be reached with Fire Punch. He'll have to do something about that soon... he's under fire from Machiavelli's cutting blades of air, which leave shallow gashes running across his shoulders...

PMA shouts out his third order, and now the Machop has something in mind to work off of... but as his burning kanji reduces Machiavelli's short lived body double to ash, he realizes he's clearly been tricked, something he suffers for with another slash of burning wind across his flank.

End of Round Thirteen Status:
Machiavelli the Scyther: 74%, zen-like state, slightly mildly fatigued, airborne
some Machop: 10%, mildly fatigued, bruised

30th March 2003, 10:18 AM
Let's finish this now, Machivavelli - go, Razor Wind attack!

Razor Wind, Razor Wind, Razor Wind

Pokemaster Ash
30th March 2003, 08:00 PM
This will take some cunning...

Machop, use Dig and hide from the Razor Winds underground. When you get to the surface, nail Scyther with Flamethrower and Fire Blast!

Pokemaster Ash
6th April 2003, 07:42 PM
*taps foot on the ground while waiting patiently for the ref...*

Don't Run With Scizors
8th April 2003, 02:17 AM
Round Fourteen:
Machiavelli the Scyther (74%, zen-like state, slightly mildly fatigued, airborne) vs. some Machop (10%, mildly fatigued, bruised)

As Machiavelli sends another razor-burning stream of wind the Machop's way, the Machop furiously tears into the dirt... by the time it reaches him, he's already supernaturally torn out massive clods of dirt, jumped in the subsequent hole, and pulled another clod over the edge of the whole to shield himself. The Razor Wind passes harmlessly overhead, where the Machop used to be three seconds ago.

The Machop quickly springs out of his sheltering ditch to shower Machiavelli in raging flames, though he's not so quick to dodge his windy blade. Pain overwhelms him, as he collapses into darkness...

Pokemaster Ash's Machop has fallen! Who will he replace him with next?

End of Round Fourteen Status:
Machiavelli the Scyther: 56%, zen-like state wearing off, mildly fatigued, airborne
the Machop: 0%, fainted

Pokemaster Ash
8th April 2003, 07:12 PM
3 down, 3 to go...

Machop, you did well. Return! [recalls the fallen Fighting-Type] Now to do some serious damage. I'm calling out a heavy hitter for this. Go, Steelix! [the massive male steel snake appears]

We've got to hit Scyther hard. First try to hit him with Toxic. Then send a Hyper Beam at him. Lastly try to Bind him.

9th April 2003, 03:59 PM
Don't be daunted, Machiavelli. It's a tough matchup, but I have confidence in you. Safeguard will block the Toxic, and a Reflect will bounce back the Hyper Beam.

Keep away from Steelix's tail with your leet Scyther evasion skillz, but blast the steel snake back with Counter if he grabs you.

Safeguard, Reflect, leet Scyther evasion skillz/Counter

17th April 2003, 05:30 PM

Don't Run With Scizors
18th April 2003, 06:07 PM
Alas! I am not worthy of my 120Ľ reffing paycheck.

As a red beam of energy collapses the Machop back into a myriad of bits and bytes in his Pokéball's memory bank, a massive beast of steel materializes onto the field... The towering Steelix draws out to an intimidating height, growling menacingly. Machiavelli, however, remains undaunted.

Round Fifteen:
Machiavelli the Scyther (56%, zen-like state wearing off, mildly fatigued, airborne) vs. Pokemaster Ash's Steelix

Despite the Steelix's impressive height, Machiavelli is still far away... before he manages to splatter him with a violet spray of venomous fluid, a glistening veil coalesces into being around Machiavelli, on which the poison's molecular structure breaks down into something far less toxic.

Machiavelli may have scored one small victory, but the Steelix unleashes hell upon him in the form of a blazing beam of plasma! But the ever-crafty Machiavelli, not wanting to meet hell just yet, shields himself with a hastily-conjured reflective wall, off which the Hyper Beam rebounds onto the Steelix. Fortunately for him, his ablative steel armor absorbs much of the energy, though Hyper Beams are still painful.

The Steelix's patience is beginning to run out... with his snaky steel body (or, if you prefer, steely snake body) he makes a grab for Machiavelli, but before the Steelix manages to get a good hold of him, he kicks his way out of of his grip.

But Machiavelli can't hold off like this forever... right?

End of Round Fifteen Status:
Machiavelli the Scyther: 52%, airborne, mildly heavily fatigued
the Steelix: 90%

19th April 2003, 12:24 PM
Nice going, Machiavelli. Let's see if we can't crack up that steel carapace a bit. Use Agility to dodge Steelix's attacks while you dart up his snaky body. Position yourself right behind his head and pound relentlessly at his skull with Rock Smash. If he shakes you off, use your wings to stay airborne and keep hitting him.

Agility, Rock Smash, Rock Smash

Pokemaster Ash
19th April 2003, 02:42 PM
Now's the time to do some damage.

Steelix, kick up a Sandstorm to annoy Scyther. Then fire another Hyper Beam at him to really do some damage. Lastly, when he comes at you for Rock Smash, nail him with Rollout!

Pokemaster Ash
4th May 2003, 08:38 AM
Is there a ref in the building?

15th May 2003, 05:21 PM
Come, now, DRWS, it's been almost a month since PMA issued his attack commands.. I can get someone to sub-ref this match if you're busy.

Don't Run With Scizors
16th May 2003, 04:14 PM
I did have a lot to do in the past few weeks, including finals, AP tests, and the occasional break of WarCraft III, but now that most of my finals are already over, and the rest are too easy to bother studying for, I don't have much of an excuse, do I?

Round Sixteen (adjusted stats):
Machiavelli the Scyther (52%, airborne, mildly heavily fatigued) vs. a Steelix (90%, mildly fatigued)

Though Machiavelli speeds himself into a blurry green streak, he cannot outrun the burning grains of sand scoring his insectoid skin... it doesn't look like they're going to be finishing them off, though. The sweat-soaked Machiavelli pants even more heavily as he struggles to force himself to fly faster and faster, finally hovering over the rugged Steelix's head.

Machivelli takes a whack at the Steelix with the side of one of his blades, but he barely notices... that sort of smash is best used for breaking through loose rock, not crushing steel. The Steelix turns to meet him with blazing plasma hell... and this time, the tiring Machiavelli is not quick enough to dodge.

He's not out yet, though. He futilely smashes at the Steelix one more time before it curls up shrimp-style and rolls in very slow pursuit of Machiavelli, who even in his extremely tiring state effortlessly dodges. Though if the rolling Steelix gains speed...

End of Round Sixteen Status:
Machiavelli the Scyther: 32%, airborne, psionically enhanced speed, critically fatigued
a Steelix: 86%, slightly heavily fatigued, rolling (Class 1 Rollout)
Arena effects: Sandstorm active for three more actions

Pokemaster Ash
20th May 2003, 06:14 PM
Alright, Steelix, keep Rollin'! I know you'll run him over. If he takes to the air, however, first try a Dragonbreath. Then give him more plasma Hell.

Rollout, Rollout/Dragonbreath, Rollout/Hyper Beam.

21st May 2003, 05:17 PM
Quite the predicament you're in, Mach. Down 54% and exhausted against a massive steel snake. Give yourself a moment to catch yourself while the Steelix bears down on you and turn the tables with a deadly Reversal. Then rest, and know that your successor shall vanquish your foe.

Reversal, return to PokeBall

Don't Run With Scizors
21st May 2003, 09:34 PM
Don't know if you've realized it yet, but Rollout is merely spending an action working on rolling... if you want to use the extra momentum to your advantage, you'll have to order attacks that make use of it, like Double-Edge.

Round Seventeen:
Machiavelli the Scyther (32%, airborne, psionically enhanced speed, critically fatigued) vs. a Steelix (86%, slightly heavily fatigued, Class 1 Rollout)

Machiavelli slowly descends as he lets his wings beat slower and slower to conserve his energy for one final blow... as the rolling steel juggernaut prepares to crush him under his weight, Machiavelli unleashes a spin-kick of extraordinary power! Where his clawed foot impacts, a massive dent in the Steelix's ablative steel armor forms, crushing some internal organ... though it doesn't seem to be a vital one, it's still VERY painful. Machiavelli drained the last of his energy reserves with that one, however. Fortunately for him, his trainer recalls him a few feet before he hits the ground.

Machiavelli has magnificently fallen! Prodigy has led the match so far... will he continue with this streak? Will PMA manage to make a comeback?

End of Round Seventeen Status:
Machiavelli the Scyther: fainted
a Steelix: 38%, slightly heavily fatigued, Class 2 Rollout)
Arena effects: Sandstorm active for two more actions

27th May 2003, 04:23 PM
Brilliantly done, Machiavelli.

Now, Gammel (male Aerodactyl), destroy the Steelix with your powerful tremors, and blast him with searing fire if he stops rolling and uncurls.

Earthquakes/Fire Blasts

Pokemaster Ash
27th May 2003, 09:23 PM
Heh heh. You're forgetting that Steel-Types have the upper hand against Rocks.

Steelix, nail Skarmory with an Iron Tail! Then Crunch it while it's a bit disoriented (Iron Tail out of a Rollout is going to be something like nailing Aerodactyl with a massive, mega-heavy, metal fly-swatter or something like that). Lastly Toxic!

Don't Run With Scizors
28th May 2003, 01:04 AM
I just remembered that I forgot to factor in damage caps last round, so PMA's Steelix has 46% health left, not 38%. Big difference it makes.

Round Eighteen:
Prodigy's Gammel the Aerodactyl vs. a Steelix (46%, slightly heavily fatigued, Class 2 Rollout)
Arena effects: Sandstorm active for two more actions

The sandstorm's blowing, but neither seems to notice... PMA's Steelix, on the other hand is a bit confused... what Skarmory? He doesn't see one, but on the other hand, there is that Aerodactyl... maybe he meant to refer to him?

Anyway, he barrels toward Gammel, but seismic disturbances throw off his rolling, and his steely tail comes crashing down onto Gammel, pinning the poor Aerodactyl down on the ground.

Aerodactyls have a rocky texture to their skin, as the Steelix soon discovers as he chomps down, letting dark energy crackle through... But Gammel isn't going to lie down and take it! He spits a brilliantly flaming display directly into the Steelix's face, and the Steelix reels back, screeching in pain.

The Steelix retaliates by dousing Gammel with a venomous spitwad, but that's the last he's going to be seeing for a while. Another kanji-shaped flare and the Steelix falls over, toasted and spent. Gammel is freed as the tail pinning him down is recalled, as is the Steelix it belongs to.

PMA's Steelix has fallen, but not before putting up a good fight. He's managed to catch PMA up quite a bit.

End of Round Eighteen Status:
Gammel the Aerodactyl: 63%, slightly fatigued, badly poisoned
the Steelix: fainted

Pokemaster Ash
28th May 2003, 07:34 AM
Yeah, my error. I meant to say Aerodactyl. I have a Skarmory on my Sapphire team and I was talking about my team on IRC at the same time I was typing that up. But I was right about the Rollout/Iron Tail...

Okay, Steelix. You did very well. Return! [recalls the rock snake] And now... [pulls out a Great Ball] Prepare to face yet another of my powerhouses. Go, Blastoise! [the large male turtle appears] Now this will be fun...

Blastoise, use Icy Wind to slow Aerodactyl down. Then nail him with Hydro Pump. Lastly, get him with Blizzard!

28th May 2003, 04:40 PM
An unfortunate last round you had, Gammel. And our opponent is, of course, still determined to seize every type advantage he can get. It won't save him, though.

Dart in and spray corrosive venom into the Blastoise's eyes. You'll have to fight through the Icy Wind to get into position, but simultaneously blinding and poisoning the turtle will be worth the trade-off. Veer off immediately after launching your attack and accelerate with Agility to escape into the safety of the sky. I'd be surprised if Blastoise tagged you with Hydro Pump after getting a Toxic in the eyes, but after last round, it's probably a good idea to be a bit careful.

From there, whip up a Sandstorm at ground level if you can do it from your current location high above the arena. If not, give yourself a bit of a break, but fend off the Blizzard with a Flamethrower if you have to.

Toxic (Blastoise's eyes), Agility, Sandstorm/conserve energy/Flamethrower

Don't Run With Scizors
28th May 2003, 04:58 PM
Round Nineteen:
Gammel the Aerodactyl (63%, slightly fatigued, badly poisoned) vs. PMA's... Blastoise.

Gammel prepares for a daring assault... he dives head on into the Blastoise's blast of chilling wind to spit poison into the massive turtle's face. The Blastoise reels back in surprise in blindness as the poison sinks through his skin into his bloodstream, though he constantly blinks back the few drops that irritate his eyeballs.

Numbness has slowed Gammel's reflexes down quite a bit, but that's nothing a little psionic speed boosting can't handle. He shoots toward the skies, and the Blastoise doesn't even come close to nailing him with his highly pressurizes blast of water... he's shooting at shadows that flicker across blinded eyes.

The sandstorm that Gammel summons doesn't help the Blastoise's eyesight, either. He aims blasts of freezing cold toward the skies, but he still misses Gammel by about ten feet... he's getting closer, though, and his vision is starting to clear up, despite the sandstorm weathering his shell.

End of Round Nineteen Status:
Gammel the Aerodactyl: 50%, mildly fatigued, badly poisoned, airborne (high)
a Blastoise: 94%, blinded, badly poisoned, slightly fatigued
Arena effects: Sandstorm active for four more actions

28th May 2003, 05:32 PM
Good, Gammel. Aerodactyls aren't built to fight Blastoises (and couldn't have been.. they were the terrors of the ancient skies before that particular species had even evolved as far as modern Squirtles), but we'll give this one a run for its money. Shield yourself with a light Substitute in case Blastoise clears his eyes enough to start shooting with accuracy again, and cut it up a bit with sharp, focused Razor Wind blasts. I'm sure it would be pleased to have flying sand enter its wounds.

Substitute, Razor Wind, Razor Wind

Pokemaster Ash
28th May 2003, 07:23 PM
Okay, Blastoise. Use Rain Dance to counter this sandstorm. Then use Swagger to confuse Aerodactyl. Lastly nail him with Hydro Pump!

Don't Run With Scizors
29th May 2003, 01:52 AM
Round Twenty:
Gammel the Aerodactyl (50%, mildly fatigued, badly poisoned, airborne [high], psionically boosted speed) vs. a Blastoise (94%, blinded, badly poisoned, slightly fatigued)
Arena effects: Sandstorm active for four more actions

Blessed rains fall from the sky, relieving the Blastoise's sand-torn skin and washing away what's left of the poison in his eyes... on the other hand, Blastoise's blessing seems to be Gammel's curse. He doesn't look too particularly fond of the clouds gathering above the arena, nor the drops pelting his rocky hide.

Meanwhile, as Gammel cuts into the Blastoise with blasts of slicing wind, the turtle proceeds to spew profanities at Gammel's decoy... the body double is, of course, unfazed by the display, but it seems Gammel is. He steams as rage boils up inside...

Rain is the least of the Substitute's worries, as one blast of super-pressurized water grinds it into fading dust. Despite his rage, Gammel manages to control it long enough to give the Blastoise another razor burn with a windy blade... That's not the only thing that burns, though. The poison in the two of them contines to eat away at their immune system.

End of Round Twenty Status:
Gammel the Aerodactyl: 39%, moderately fatigued, badly poisoned, airborne (high), psionically boosted speed wearing off, berserked
a Blastoise: 73%, mildly fatigued, badly poisoned
Arena effects: Raining for one more action

Pokemaster Ash
29th May 2003, 09:21 PM
We've almost got that Aerodactyl, Blastoise. Now keep it up. Use Blizzard to get it out of the sky. Then nail him with some Hydro Pumps.

30th May 2003, 05:10 PM
You can't hold out against Blastoise much longer, but we can't afford to let our opponent gain the upper hand. Gammel, re-acclerate with Agility and cripple PMA's aquatic champion with a devastating Sky Attack!

Using the incredible aerial.. well, agility.. afforded by the two attacks used in unison, Gammel will dodge the brunt of your Blastoise's assault as he plummets from the sky, striking the giant turtle with awesome force as he collides seconds later. Of course, Gammel himself is sure to be knocked out in this kamikaze dive, but your Blastoise won't fare much better.

Agility + Sky Attack

Don't Run With Scizors
30th May 2003, 05:45 PM
Round Twenty-one:
Gammel the Aerodactyl (39%, moderately fatigued, badly poisoned, airborne (high), psionically boosted speed wearing off, berserked) vs. a Blastoise (73%, mildly fatigued, badly poisoned)

The Blastoise sends ice shards flying on a gust of wind toward Gammel, hoping that they'll bring him down... but no! He charges with beyond-superhuman speed and determination THROUGH the storm, dodging the brunt of it and tearing at the Blastoise with raking claws...

The Blastoise reels back in surprise, blasting another jet of superpressurized water... but Gammel still flies.

One more, though, and the valiant Aerodactyl tumbles to the ground.

Gammel has fallen! He's made up for a lot of lost ground... will Prodigy's next Pokémon make up for the rest?

End of Round Twenty-one Status:
Gammel the Aerodactyl: fainted
the Blastoise: 37%, badly poisoned, heavily fatigued

2nd June 2003, 05:30 PM
You may not have been able to notch a second kill, Gammel, but maybe that'll teach Blastoise what happens when you just stand there and blast away mindlessly with high-powered attacks. Way to show that blighter what for. ^_-

Now Behemoth, my male Snorlax, will try to match the accomplishments of his predecessors. (Which stand, at the moment, at 100% damage dealt by Siege, 140% by Mystra, 122% by Machiavelli, and 109% from Gammel.)

Behemoth, finish off the Blastoise with a bombardment of Shadow Balls, but raise a Reflect shield if necessary to block Blastoise's particularly nasty physical attacks (applies mainly to Fighting-type moves, but should be used to cushion against anything else that'd really hurt).

Shadow Ball/Reflect, Shadow Ball/Reflect, Shadow Ball/Reflect

Pokemaster Ash
2nd June 2003, 07:38 PM
Heh heh. Time to show you what Blastoise can do.

Okay, Blastoise. Nail Snorlax with a Hydro Pump. Follow that with Earthquake. Lastly give it a Blizzard!

Don't Run With Scizors
2nd June 2003, 11:59 PM
Round Twenty-two:
Prodigy's Behemoth the Snorlax vs. a Blastoise (37%, badly poisoned, heavily fatigued)

The tiring Blastoise intends to go out with water cannons firing, but Behemoth is ready for him! Twin blasts from his cannons threaten to weaken him, but all of a sudden a magical shield materializes, turning the burst of water into a harmless splash washing over Behemoth. It's more cooling than damaging, as far as he's concerned.

The shield can do nothing for the seismic eruptions that ripple through the arena moments later, but Behemoth sustains it and retaliates with a dimly glowing sphere of etheral energy. The Blastoise is looking really pale now... he stumbles to the floor, but he manages to struggle back to his feet...

...long enough to shower Behemoth in ice crystals, anyway. Another shield materializes, stopping the brunt of the storm, as the Blastoise collapses from exhaustion for good.

PMA's Blastoise has fallen... He has one Pokémon left. Does this last Pokémon stand a chance against the two Prodigy has left? Yeah, right.

End of Round Twenty-two Status:
Behemoth the Snorlax: 90%
the Blastoise: fainted

4th June 2003, 05:24 PM
Hm. Looks like Gammel didn't teach Blastoise what happens when you just stand there and blast away mindlessly with high-powered attacks.

Your next battler, PMA?

Pokemaster Ash
4th June 2003, 07:08 PM
You did pretty well, Blastoise. Return! [recalls the fallen Pokémon] This may be taking the expression fighting fire with fire a little too far but..... [pulls out a Great Ball] Hit it, Snorlax! [the massive male Pokémon materializes] Hm... Mine has a size advantage on yours. Probably won't make too much of a difference, though.

Okay, Snorlax. Start off with Rain Dance. Follow up with Zap Cannon. Lastly give it a nice Earthquake!

5th June 2003, 04:16 PM
Hm, Behemoth. Our opponent claims his Snorlax has a size advantage, though I don't see it. Even if he does, you'll just have to cut him down to size, won't you?

Stride in while Snorlax uselessly plays with the weather and crush your foe with a resounding Dynamicpunch. Take advantage of his momentary disorientation by spitting some Toxic venom before leaping back and engaging him in a contest of geokinetic ability.. while he produces a tremor, crack open a Fissure on the earth he stands on.

Dynamicpunch, Toxic, Fissure

Don't Run With Scizors
7th June 2003, 02:37 PM
Before the two Snorlaxen begin to pound each other, there's one other dispute that must be resolved... At first glance, PMA's Snorlax appears to be much fatter, but on closer examination it appears to be merely two inches of hair. With the hair shaven off, Behemoth is about an inch taller (wider?).

Size advantage, indeed.

Round Twenty-three
Behemoth the Snorlax (90%) vs. PMA's Snorlax

PMA continues to spam orders left and right as his Snorlax starts dancing\lumbering as only a Snorlax can in a plea for rain... But Behemoth advances with a fist crackling with concussive explosive energy! The Snorlax on the receiving end reels back in pain, stunned.

Behemoth sticks around long enough to splatter his adversary with a vile, corrupted spitwad before he makes his slow, lumbering retreat... despite the chaotic state of PMA's Snorlax mind, it doesn't take much thought to aim at something that's fairly close by and isn't moving too quickly. One spheroid of crackling sparks later, and Behemoth's muscles begin to seize up, but only slightly.

The paralysis doesn't seem to have set in yet, as Behemoth manages to crack open the earth with immense mental psychokinetic prowess! PMA's mind is swirling with mental chaos, so he can't respond in kind... however, some sort of preservational instinct tells him to move out of the way, which he does.

End of Round Twenty-three Status:
Behemoth the Snorlax: 81%, paralyzed
that other Snorlax: 83%, confused, badly poisoned
Arena effects: Raining for two more actions; Fissure in middle of arena

9th June 2003, 09:51 AM
Stay on your side of the fissure, Behemoth, and blast Ice Beams across the chasm. If Snorlax tries to bridge the gap and engage you in melee combat or his confusion keeps him from attacking, push him back or simply drop him into the fissure with Psychic. Of course, you won't want to fall in yourself, so save yourself with psionic flight if the need arises.

Ice Beams or Psychics (offensive or defensive)

Pokemaster Ash
9th June 2003, 12:09 PM
Snorlax, use your own Psychic to drop your opponent into the Fissure. Then use Earthquake. If these work, Rest. If not, use another 'quake.

Psychic, Earthquake, Rest/Earthquake.

11th June 2003, 01:13 PM
Given your rate of reffing prior to this round, my guess is that you just weren't here when PMA posted his attacks, so you didn't notice while the topic got buried. Anyway, here it is.

Don't Run With Scizors
11th June 2003, 03:00 PM
Round Twenty-four:
Behemoth the Snorlax (81%, paralyzed) vs. some other Snorlax (83%, badly poisoned)
Arena effects: Raining for two more actions; fissure in middle of arena

A lone raincloud drenches the dueling Snorlaxen as they face off... PMA's Snorlax struggles to regain his composure, fighting the stress of an explosive blow as Behemoth spits a stream of ice crystals from across the fissure. PMA's Snorlax didn't even get a chance to try using psionic might to hurl Behemoth in the pit... not like it matters. Trying to move around a half-ton weight with telekinesis is just as futile as moving it around by tugging away with your bare hands.

Behemoth continues to strafe away with his chilling breath, while PMA's Snorlax manages to fight off his migraine for the time being, channeling his mental energies into a seismic disturbance! The massive crack swells further, separating the two combatants even more.

Suddenly, a fit of twitching forces Behemoth to put an end to his ice blasting, and PMA's Snorlax seizes the initiative with another seismic disturbance. Then the poison waging war with his immune system decides to give an unfriendly, painful reminder of its presence.

End of Round Twenty-four Status:
Behemoth the Snorlax: 63%, paralyzed, mildly fatigued
some other Snorlax: 53%, badly poisoned
Arena effects: Fissure widened slightly

Pokemaster Ash
16th June 2003, 04:43 PM
Okay, Snorlax. We won't let this guy beat us. Nail your opponent with a Hyper Beam. After that, use Rest to regain strength. You'll need it. If that works, use Sleep Talk to come up with something to annoy Behemoth. If it doesn't, use Earthquake! (Boy, the arena's really getting torn up)

16th June 2003, 04:54 PM
Not so fast, PMA. Behemoth, detonate!


Don't Run With Scizors
16th June 2003, 05:09 PM
Round Twenty-five:
Behemoth the Snorlax (63%, paralyzed, mildly fatigued) vs. another Snorlax (53%, badly poisoned)
Arena effects: Fissure widened slightly

PMA's Snorlax gathers plasma for one final blow... well, before he takes a nap, anyway. But before he manages to unleash his destructive energies across the gorge, Behemoth traipses around the edge, and detonates with even more power!

Needless to say, both are down within moments.

PMA's last Pokémon has fallen! Prodigy and Behemoth are victorious!

And, for once, this referee can catch his breath.

Pokemaster Ash
16th June 2003, 08:52 PM
[is speechless as he recalls Snorlax] I didn't think he was close enough to take so much damage. However I guess you got him fair and square. Good job.

16th June 2003, 10:57 PM
Bravo! Bravo! Very nice match, extremely fun to read.

Its matches like this that I wish I could battle in. Meh.

23rd June 2003, 02:41 PM
PMA, thanks for the battle. That was one of the most enjoyable matches I've had, and it gave me a chance for me to finish a battle I left unresolved last time.

DRWS, thanks for sticking with us and getting through all twenty-five rounds instead of sinking into despair after you realized there were going to be twice as many Pokemon as you originally thought. ^_^

Anyway, I'm here to capture a Rhyhorn. Yes.