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21st April 2003, 12:28 AM
This is my first match :yes:

2 on 2
Me=first poke
You=first attacks
3 day DQ
Arena is the Sahara Desert, occasional mild sandstorms, and sweltering heat that could fry eggs 8)

Sunny Day is not allowed because, well, its already friggin sunny

Anybody can ref as long as its OK with my opponent


21st April 2003, 01:03 AM
I accept your challenge

(i'm kind of new 2)

so bring it on!

21st April 2003, 01:12 AM
My first pokemon will be Rox, me female Larvitar

Rox: Meow!!!


21st April 2003, 01:36 AM
so, a larvitar ;) i have just the answer to that....

Go Rhyhorn

A big female rhyhorn came out of its pokebal

Rhyhorn "aaaaaarrrrggggg"

are you ready rhyhorn...?

Rhyhorn "aaaaarrrggggg"

i guess that meens yes :rolleyes:

oké lets do this. start this battle by making an copie of yourself around the 15% with your substitute. now the little larvitar can't use any of those anoying stats effecters. then use your toxic to poisen the little one. end this round by curling up and start rolling at the enemy and do some damage with your rollout.

substitute ~ toxic ~ rollout

your turn g_rock :D

21st April 2003, 03:13 AM
Ok Rox, that moving chunk of rock is getting really scary. :o

**Use Mud-Slap to blind that slow moving rock, if the substitute is formed, then obliterate it with Rock Smash, if the Sub is not conjured, then use Toxic. End this round with Earthquake to try and knock Rhydon off course.

Mud-Slap ~ Rock Smash/Toxic ~ Earthquake


21st April 2003, 12:02 PM
Yeah I finally found a match I can ref. This will be my first reffing ever (besides my mock reffing)so if you want a more experienced ref just say so. But I'll never be able to start my reffin career if I never get to ref my first match because I don't have a lot of experience. So if neither of you object may I ref?

21st April 2003, 01:34 PM
great :D a ref!

i would love having you as a ref Mudkip14

.....hopes g_rock thinks the same way about it......

21st April 2003, 04:05 PM
I have no problem with Mudkip reffing..


21st April 2003, 05:05 PM
Thanks to both of I will ref this match now.

Pre Battle

I finally find the two trainers that I am supposed toref a match for after hours of wandering through the dessert thanks to a poorly drawn out map. I quickly recompse myself and send out my Cyndaquil Cynda to help me keep my cool. I look at him and he runs up to me and rubs against my leg and I am ready to begin my first reffing job since being approved. I look at both trainers to make sure their ready to go and they each give me a little nod, Then I turn first to VamipiricCrobat to get his attacks.

"ok let's do this start the battle by making a copie of yourself around 15% with your substitute. now the little larvitar can't use any of those annoying stat effecters. then use toxic to poison the little one. end this round by curling up and start rolling at the enemy and do some damage with rollout.

I nod and turn to *g_rock to get his attacks.

Use Mud Slap to blind the slow moving rock, if the substitute is formed obliterate it with Rock Smash,if the Sub is not conjoured, then use Toxic. End this round with Earthquake to try and knock Rhyhorn off course.

I nod again and wvae my Flags signaling the begining of Round 1


VampiricCrobat Vs. *g_rock* Rhyhorn (F) Vs. Rox (M) Larvitar

Rhyhorn 100%(HP) 100%(Energy)
Rox 100%(HP) 100%(Energy)

The battle begins as the two pokemon eye each listening to their trainers commands. Once they get them they are ready for battle. Rhyhorn immediatly begins to forma body double to take the brunt of any oncoming attacks. Rox knowing what his foe is trying to do plans to stop this and turns around and begins to kick sand into the opponents face. He turns around to and gets the chance to see the sand hit his opponents face but, when Rhyhorn doesn't flinchRox begins to get mad so he decides to go up and slam his opponent with all he's got.

Rhyhorn 85%(HP) 90%(Energy) Slightly fatigued/12% substitute active
Rox 100%(HP) 98%(energy) Fresh and angered at his motionless foe

Rhyhorn gets a smirk grin on his face watching Rox puzzle over his motionless body double. He begins to laugh but quickly gets serious. He gathers a large amount of purple Toxic goo and spits it out at Rox. Rox watches the attack splatter him in the face and wonders how his opponent did that wihout even moving. He goes into an all out rage slashing, headbutting, and kicking his opponent. Suddenly after Rox's last kick the Rhyhorn busts and reveals the real Rhyhorn. Rox ralizes he's been tricked and gets even more angry as he prepares to rock up that Rhyhorn's world (no nastiness intended).

Rhyhorn 85%(HP) 86%(Energy) Slightly fatigued/ Body Double destroyed
Rox 100%(HP) 91%(Energy) Baddly Poisoned and worked into an all out rage

The attacks proceed as Rhyhorn rolls up into a ball and prepares to smash into that puny little Rox. Rox's trainer knowing what was coming ordered a counter attack and Rox began jumping and stomping on the ground creating an earthquake. Rhyhorn tried hard to dodge the parts of ripped up ground as the shock waves continued to rip the world apart, but try as he may he couldn't dodge them and he ran into an uprooted paatr of the ground and got stuck unrolled and waited for the attack to end and the ref to call the end of round one.

Rhyhorn 75%(HP) 83%(Energy) Moderately Fatigued and angry that his last attck failed miserably
Rox 100%(HP) 86%(Energy) Fresh and doing a Happy Dance for finally hitting the REAL Rhyhorn/ Baddly Poisoned

End Round 1

End of round 1 stats
Rhyhorn 75%(HP) 83%(Energy)Moderately Fatigued and angry his last attack failed miserably
Rox 98%(HP) 86%(Energy) Fresh and doing a happy dance for finally hitting the REAL Rhyhorn/ Baddly Poisoned (2% damage this turn 4% next round)

Arena: Ripped up do to earthquake

In case you didn't otice any damaging status effect won't have any visible damage untill the end of round Stats. That's why the last 2 posts of stats were different.

21st April 2003, 06:26 PM
Ok, it really sucks that Rox is poisoned :o especially by Toxic :no:

Anyways, we're doing good so far Rox, let's start the second round off with Ancientpower (learned thru breeding), with hope that your stats will be boosted for a while. Then use Double Team to surround Rhyhorn with doubles of yourself. Finally taunt that thing into a rage with Swagger

Ancientpower ~ Double Team ~ Swagger

22nd April 2003, 12:19 PM

22nd April 2003, 07:30 PM
actualluy g_rock said use toxic only if the sub was not created but if it was to use rock smsah. he used rock smashnot outrage. i havr no idea where you got the idea that i made him use outrage. i made i strange depiction of showing him use rock smash but that is what i reffed it as. i can re-ref it and change my depictionof him using the rock smash but the outcome will still be the same. so if you wantit re-reffed with me depicting it more like the way that the attack list says it would work then fine i will do that. all i have to do is say that rammed into the substitute with his head or lashed him with his arm or any othe appendage.

sorry about the no capital lettres i am watching my baby brother and i'm making this post while holding him.

22nd April 2003, 08:17 PM
I agree that the way Mudkip described Rock Smash was very different from other POVs.

I also agree with the substitute breaking because of the description of Rock Smash in the ASB attack list thingy...

This is the description of the attack...

Rock Smash: the user smashes out with a limb at a weak point in the target. A brittle target such as a rock will likely shatter. Low damage. Good accuracy.

This is the description of Substitute, well the first sentence anyways as the whole thing pretty long explaining about the HP points it gets...

Substitute: The user fashions a body double out of materials from its Malletspace Account and animates it with its own life force.

I have no clue what a Malletspace Account is :confused: , but I'm pretty sure that a Rock Smash attack would destroy whatever materials a sub is made from.

Anyways, if you don't mind, there is still a lot more battle left unless you are willing to DQ which I highly doubt


EDIT: BTW, I did say to use RS if the sub was formed :yes:

23rd April 2003, 01:31 AM
i'm srry for my post Mudkip14

i guess i didn't look good at the attacks, :(
i apoligize
(and i really feel stupped now)

now back to the battle,

Rhyhorn you messed up a little bit didn't you....!

Rhyhorn "No i didn't, he was just better this round aaaarrrgggghhh next round i will take him down"

oké, start this round by using your counter on that ancient power of him, it will come twice as hard back at that larvitar. Now when he uses his double team, use your Pursuit to track down the real larvitar and do some damage. end this round by using your substitute (around 25% this time) he will be swagering your body double and you will be safe for now.

counter ~ pursuit ~ substitute 25%

Rhyhorn "lets kick some aaaaarrrrrggggg!!!"

b.t.w: Mudkip14, i'm really sorry:( i never shood have doubted you......

23rd April 2003, 11:08 AM
That's ok I know that you were just trying to make the match fair because you thought that I reffed the attack incorrectly. I can see where you got the idea that I made him use outrage seeing as how the stats after the first attacks said he was in a bit of a rage. I also did interpret the attack quite strangely but this is my first reffing so the way I interprret things will not always be perfect. Thank you for challenging me though I'll never learn if you don't voice your opinion when you think I do something wrong. Now i do need something from both of you. If possible*g_rock* I would like a link to se that you did breed that move to Rox and same for you VampiricCrobat I would like a link showing me that you breed counter onto Rhyhorn. I won't ref untill I know for sure that these pokemon know these egg moves. I fyou can't get a link then just post saying that you did VampiricCrobat *g_rock* did so but I would like a link if at all possible. Oh and I also need one for Pursuit on Rhyhorn.

23rd April 2003, 04:05 PM
i hope you can find both pokemon in this dex


23rd April 2003, 08:19 PM
I know that those moves are egg moves for those pokemon. What I meant was I need a link to the Daycare here at ASB to the page showing me that you did actually BREED those moves to your pokemon. I will go and search for them if neccesary although I would rather not.

24th April 2003, 01:50 AM
look, here at ASB you don't need to breed those moves on your pokemon.

you just have them

(who gave you the idee that you have to breed those moves????)

if you don't believe me, pm a modirator or a good ref. or some one.

24th April 2003, 10:31 AM
VampiricCrobat is right, all moves that can be aquired in RBYGSC are legal. This includes moves that are learned naturally, TMs, ingame events (Dratini with extreme speed (Crystal) and Pokemon from stadium) and egg moves.

24th April 2003, 11:55 AM
Sorry. I missed the part where it said egg moves at the rules tower. Now I feel stupid. See VampiricCrobat I told you I'd end up making a mistake and that's one. Ok I'll ref thsi match now. Thank you Cyrus for clearing that up for me.Sorry again.

After a few quickly settled disputes we are ready for Round 2 here in this. This time it's *g_rock*'s turn to attack first so he calls out his attacks.

"We're doing good so far Rox, let's start this round off with Ancient Power, with hopes that it will boost your stats for awhile. Then use Double Team to suround Rhyhorn with doubles of yourself. Finally Taunt that thing into rage with Swagger."

With *g_rock* done giving his orders VampiricCrobat starts his.

Start off by using Counter on that Ancient Power of his, it will come back twice as hard at that Larvitar. Now when he uses his Double Team use Pursuit to find the real Larvitar and do some damage. End this round by using substitute he will swaggering your body double and you'll be safe this round.

After getting both attacks I wave my Flags and round 2 begins

Begin Round 2
Rox: 98%(HP) 86%(Energy) Fresh and doing a happy dance for finally hitting the real Rhyhorn/Baddly Poisoned
Rhyhorn:75%(HP) 83%(Energy) Moderately Fatigued and mad his last attacked failed so miserably.

The second round begins as Rox begins scouring the area for some rocks to hurl at the opponent with an odd sort of Telekenesis. Due to the Earthquake he had just used Rox had no problem finding some and begins to concentrate and pick them up with his mind. The Rhyhorn doesn't even move as the large group of rocks sail through the air straight towards him, he simply grins and begins to glow a bright red. Te reddness glows brighter as the rocks barrel into to the waiting Rhyhorn and instantly bounce off of him and fly back at Rox at twice the speed and ferocity. Because the rocks were moving so fast he had not time to dodge them and was pummled by his own attack. He gets and gets ready for his next attack.

Rox: 90%(HP) 80%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/Baddly Poisoned
Rhyhorn: 71%(HP) 76%(Energy) Moderately Fatigued

Rhyhorn knows what her opponent is about to do as he starts to glow and concentrate. Rhyhorn tries to counter this by getting in a quick attack, he begins to let off a chilling darkness and he quickly stalks his prey and rams into him with his horn. Rox body begins to pulse with dark energy but his concentration isn't ruined and suddenly Rhyhorn has 5 Rox to contend with, 4 false images and 1 real Rox, what will he do now?

Rox: 88%(HP) 76%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/Baddly Poisoned
Rhyhorn: 71%(HP) 72%(Energy)Moderately Fatigued

The pokemons third attacks come out with a vortex again apperaing behind Rhyhorn like in the last round. Rhyhorn begins to takes it's own Life Force and put it into a body double. Rok thinking that this is the real Rhyhorn begins to Taunt his opponent by making rude Getures and saying mean things. The gestures make Rhyhorn laugh because he is making them at a Body Double, through his laughing he doesn't see the gestures but he still hears the rude things that Rox is saying and ebcomes slightly angry. Nothing that his trainer should worry about but a little angry.

Rox: 88%(HP) 73%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/Baddly Poisoned
Rhyhorn: 46%(HP) 67%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/25% Substitute active/Angry


End of Round Stats
Rox:84%(HP) 76%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/Baddly Poisoned(4% this round 8% next Round)
Rhyhorn: 46%(HP) 67%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ 25% Substitute Active/ Angry

Arena: Ripped Up due to Earthquake

24th April 2003, 03:17 PM
great Rhyhorn!

Rhyhorn "thanks"

now lets do some havy damage.

start this round by using a pursuit, track that real larvitar down and do some fine damage. Then use your earthquake to shivver the intire arena (and clear any remaining clones from the field if pursuit didn't work), and destroying it afcourse :D (i like destruction). End this round with a magnitude. He might even not attack because he might be stuck to the ground :P .

substitutions: if the opponent try's another double team, track him down with your pursuit

Rhyhorn "so you gave up on the defense tactics"

no i didn't, we have a good substitute up right. it will take damage at least damage for 2 turns.

Rhyhorn "i forgot about him :rolleyes: , lets do this than VC"

Pursuit ~ earthquake ~ magnitude

b.t.w. Mudkip14, we al make mistakes, don't worry about them. we learn about them!!!

25th April 2003, 07:24 PM
I was at camp for 3 days and forgot to tell you guys...

OK Rox that substitute is gonna ruin everything. Try to destroy that thing with Rock Smash until it breaks. If the substitute breaks this round, use Earthquake.

Rock Smash ~ Rock Smash/Earthquake ~ Rock Smash/Earthquake


26th April 2003, 11:58 AM
That's ok you didn't run past DQ time so this match will continue. Oh I messed up on the last reffing I forgot to add the Clones to Rox stats so they will be in the stats this time.

Rox: 84%(HP) 75%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ BAddly Poisoned/ 4 Clones
Rhyhorn: 46%(HP) 67%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ 25% Sub Active/ Angry

I wace my flags signaling the end of round 2 and the trainers begin to analyze their situation. It was VC turn to go first this round so I turn to him and get ready for his attacks.

Start this round by using Pursuit track the real Larvitar down and do some fine damage. Then use yoour earthquake to shiver the entire arena and destroy it of course.Then end this round with magnitude he might not attack because he might be stuck in the ground.

Cynda and I seem a little confused but no matter we turn to *g_rock* to get his attacks.

OK that substitute is gonna ruin everything. Try to destroy that thing with Rocksmash untill it breaks. If the substitute breaks this round use Earthquake.

Cynda and I nod in agreement after hearing both trainers attacks 1 more time and I wave my Flags signaluing the begining of round 3.


The round begins as Rox eyes his opponent neither of them moving. Suddenly Rox is sent flying across the desert cackling with dark energy. He knew his opponent had struck him, but how, the Rhyhorn hadn't even moved and yet somehow here he was just landing after a harsh blow. It just didn't make any sense. Rox remembers his trainer telling him to attack a Sub, what Sub all he say was Rhyhorn his dasterdly opponent who must somehow be cheating beecause she is constantly hit him with some physical attacks and she never moves. This makes the little Larvitar angry and he goes up and swings his arm at an unflinching Rhyhorn. The flinchless foe just increases Rox's rage as he prepares to strike Rhyhorn again.

Rox: 80%(HP) 71%(Energy) Moderatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned/ 4 Clones
Rhyhorn: 46%(HP) 63%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ 14% Sub active/ laughing at the poor confused Larvitar

More attacks begin to come as the Rhyhorn stop laughing to begin stomping on the ground just as he's about to he decides to wait a second and watch Larvitar's feeble attack on a fake Rhyhorn. Rox again runs up to his opponent and gives him a sort of Karate Chop (still using rock smash just a description) and again the opponent appears to take no damage. This sends the little Larvitar into an all out rage and begins to strike again when from out of nowhere seismic waves from an Earthquake push Rox away and as Rox rolls helplessly on the ground all Rhyhorn can do is laugh. Finally the Rhyhorn stops and looks around and sees that only one Rox remains, The Real 1.

Rox: 71%(HP) 67%(Energy) Moderatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned
Rhyhorn: 46%(HP) 58%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ 1% Sub Active/ Laughing even harder

Attacks continue as Rox finally regains his balance, his rage building he flies at the opponent with unbeleavable speed and slams the inside of both arms on the Rhyhorn at once. Suddenly Rhyhorn shatters into a pool of plasma. Rox realizes that he was again tricked and turns to see the real Rhyhorn laughing to incrediably hard. But that's not all Rhyhorn was doing she was also coming back down after rearing up to deliver a deadly Magnitude. Rox was caught off guard and all she could do was watch as the ground came up and moved at him like waves on the ocean. He tried to out run them but in the end the seismic waves won and the ground slammed into to the defensless Rox and he rolled across the desert and barely got up and saw the Rhyhorn laughing at him harder than ever. This made Rox angry and he vowed that he would destroy that Rhyhorn fast. As he watched me wave my flags signalling the ned of round 3 he began to feel the Toxins brewing up inside him and his organs began to burn harshly. He knew he had to finish his opponent fast before the Toxic finished him.

Rox: 58%(HP) 63%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned/ Enraged(50% chance of disobeying orders that don't involve Physical contact)
Rhyhorn: 46%(HP) 51%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Sub Destroyed/ almost out of breath from laughing


Rox: 50%(HP) 63%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned (8% this round 16% next Round)/ Enraged(50% chance of disobeyinng orders that don't involve physical contact.
Rhyhorn: 46%(HP) 51%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Almost out of breath from laughing

Arena: Completely destroyed. The desert has een turned into many mountains and hills due to Earthquakes and Magnitude. Attacks will take longer to hit and if it takes to long for the pokemon to find it's target the attack may fail.

EDIT: Just changed the END ROUND 3 thing. I typed in the wrong thing to make it bold text.

26th April 2003, 01:26 PM
Not much else you can do Rox, so obliterate that that chunk of rock with Outrage!!

Outrage x3


26th April 2003, 03:34 PM
b.t.w Mudkip14

is Rox at 58 or at 50% of his health.....?

i hope you could clear this up for me. so i can post my attacks.

26th April 2003, 03:49 PM

end of round results are explained in Mudkip's first post I think, but it's 50% because of the poison


26th April 2003, 07:14 PM
*g_rock* is correct I explained in my first reffing that I don't add damage from damaging effects untill the end of round stats which come after the stats for the last attack. Also when I ref I Poison and other damaging effects are not part of Damage Caps. I know that this is my first Reffing but this is the way I plan on reffing. For this match I'm using a 35% Damage Caps so both pf you can rest assured that you won't take more than 35% percent from Damaging attacks but, if you take 35% percent damage during the round and in this round let's say Rox did then he would still also take the 16% damage from Toxic as well briging allowed damage for this round up to 51% which would destroy Rox becuse he has only 50% HP left. Well if that clears that up then please post your attacks.

27th April 2003, 03:16 AM
Thanks for clearing that up for me.

b.t.w. Mudkip14 i'm starting to like your reffings. You have a different style of your own.

now i can go on with my attacks.

why are you laughing Rhyhorn......?

Rhyhorn "hahahahhhaaaahahaha, that Rox is a fool hahahahahaha"

WHAT!!! you're laughing about a focused larvitar in battle. do you think that's funny. there's only one fool here, and thats you. spilling your precious energie on laughing.

Rhyhorn *stops laughing* "i didn't know you would react like that, i guess i'm sorry. i will be focused next round"

don't be sorry. the only thing i'm asking from you is that you do your best in battle

Rhyhorn "oké VC i will. now bring on the moveset so i can kick some but"

oké, i'm not confident about doing 35% damage this round Rhyhorn. so we should play it the safe way. before he even comes near you Rhyhorn you should dig your way down, there you will be safe against his viscious outrage attack. now that you are down here, chill a little bit. i hope this will take your fatigue down and don't use any energie. then for your last attack dig yourself up again, but instead of just digging your way right up, dig yourself up as far from your opponent as you can.

Rhyhorn "i will do my best VC"

dig (down)~ chill (don't do anything) ~ dig (up, as far as you can from your opponent)

27th April 2003, 11:21 AM
Thanks VC, although I still do know of a lot of reffs that are a lot better than me in my opinoin but again thank you for the compliment it makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

Rox: 50%(HP) 63%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned/ Enraged
Rhyhorn: 46%(HP) 51%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued

I look in awe as Rox the leader of this match for the first 2 Rounds seems to be quickly tiring. I suddenly remember the fact thta he was hit by Toxic and Toxic almost always kills you before you can destroy the opponent because it hurts worse and worse as time goes on. I look at Rox again only this to reasure him that the battle isn't over yet and then lookto his trainer to get his battle commands.

Well theirs not much else you can do Rox, so obliterate that chunck of rock with Outrage.

I nod as always trying to make the trainer feel Like Rox still has a chance but *g_rock* looks devastated knowing that if he doesn't finish Rhyhorn off this round then Toxic will surely finish him off in the next. I turn to Rhyhorn and give him a quick look even though VC had gotten him to stop laughing he had still made me mad for doing so. VC quickly gives his counter measure which not suprisngly seem to be geared to letting Toxic finish of Rox.

Before he comes near you Rhyhorn you should dig your way down, there you should be safe from his vicious Outrage attack. Now that your down there, chill a little bit. I hope this will take your fatigue down and don'yt use ant energy. now for your last attack dig yourself up again, but instead of digging yourself right up, dig yourself as far from the opponent as you can.

I nod at VC's defensive attacks but again Leer at Rhyhorn being so rude to Rox.

The round begins. Rhyhorn, at her trainers commands trys to hold in the laughing, but she can't help it as the hurt Rox tries to run at his opponent and trips over his own self. Rhyhorn laughs and laughs at the poor thing and no matter what VC says he can't get her. Rox gets angry and suddenly begins to glow a bright red, then a deep red, then a crimson, and then some color I've never even seen or heard of but with an evil look on his face he runs at Rhyhorn and he almost seems to be flying through the air like Superman. The laughing Rhyhorn had let her guard down since he though that Rox was done for but, she was wrong. Rox rammed into her from the side with his hard head and landed on the ground and started to swipe and claw and chop vigorously at his opponent. Rhyhorn now realized the error of her ways as she searched for any chance to dig away like her trainer had commanded. Finally after what seemed like hundreds of blows to Rhyhorns thick hide Rox needed a breather. Rhyhorn used this as her chance to escape. She quickly dug a hole to escape her erractic opponent.

Rox: 49%(HP) 54%(Energy) Erratic/ Begining to Hallucinate/ Baddly Poisoned/ Greatly Fatigued
Rhyhorn: 38%(HP) 48%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Shocked/ Out of Breath

Rox finally catches his breath and looks up to where his opponent was only to see he was gone. Rox searched everywhere for Rhyhorn when he found her (or at least he though he did) his erractic behavior was causing him to hallucinate and he swung rappidly at a fake Rhyhorn. His rage was only fueled by the immobility of his thought to be real opponent. While all of these attacks were going on above ground Rhyhorn had found a nice spot where she could relax for the time being. She closed her eyes for just a second to catch a 1 second nap and then prepared to dig far away from the vibrations of the attacks that Rox was letting off from up above.

Rox: 47%(HP) 45%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Erratic/ hitting himself sometimes out of confusion/ Baddly poisoned/ Hallucinating
Rhyhorn: 38%(HP) 50% (Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Suddenly Tired/ Underground

Rhyhorn continued her slow digging process to get as far away from Rox as possible. She picked a nice spot where she could no longer feel his fierce vibrations and dug up. Rox had steadily been destroying many of his hallucinations while Rhyhorn was underground and had charged his way through much of the uprotted land when he spotted another Rhyhorn. His increadible rage helped him destroy it in no time at all when he saw another one. This time he had found the real one he ran up to the Rhyhorn and gave it a swift ounch before dropping to the ground anagin neede to take a breather. I wave my flags and signal the end of Round 4. The most crazy round I've seen so far.

Rox: 44%(HP) 35%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Erratic/ Hallucinating and Confused/ Baddly Poisoned
Rhyhorn: 33%(HP) 46%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Stunned


End of Round Stats
Rox: 28%(HP) 35%(Energy) Incrediably Tired/ Baddly Poisoned( 16% this round 32% next round)/ Confused
Rhyhorn: 33%(HP) 46%(Energy) greatly Fatigued/ Stunned

Arena: Still rathe mountainous. Many of the raised areas of land have huge holes in their bases due to Rox attacking.

28th April 2003, 08:48 AM
You did well this round Rhyhorn, i'm proud.

Rhyhorn "thanks VC. B.t.w isn't it time you should give me a cool nickname.....? Just like Rox my opponent"

I guess so.... How about Rhynantis....?

Rhyhorn "Rhynantis. it sounds good, I LIKE IT!!! thanks VC i'm verry happy with my new nickname :D "

You're welcome Rhynantis, now lets show Rox what big stone rhynoceros do whith little larvitars!!!!

Rhynantis "it would be my pleasure to destroy him, give me the moveset please"

oké, lets do some nasty damage and faint the opponent. use your supereffective and stabbed magnitude 3 times to make sure he's down for the count.

~ Magnitude 3x ~

if he usses any physical attacks, send them back twice as powerfull with your counter.
if he usses any stats changing attacks, use your protect to protect yourself ofcourse.

Rhynantis "I will do my best VC!!!!"

29th April 2003, 01:38 AM
Ok Rox, use Toxic x3 to force Rhynantis into putting up a shield to Protect itself. That attack burns "an unusual amount of fatigue", so if we're lucky, your attack will either poison Rhynantis or provoke him to faint due to fatigue. (me thinks)

Toxic ~ Toxic ~ Toxic

Knowing the TPM attack list really helps when you choose attacks :D


29th April 2003, 05:00 AM
you're right g_rock.

but if Rhynantis wouldn't be succesfull putting up a second and third protect (second protect would have a 50% accuracy and the third 25%) it wouldn't affect his fatigue, because he didn't made the move. he failed trying.....

29th April 2003, 10:42 AM
actually VC you are only half right. The attack may fail but he still tries to use the attack and since he attaempted it it would still take up at least half the energy.


Rox: 28%(HP) 35%(Energy) Tired/Baddly Poisoned/ Confused
Rynantis: 33%(HP) 46%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Stunned

With the end of the previous round *g_rock* went out to reassure his pokemon. His Rox was on the brink of death because of the toxins coursing throuh his body because of Rhyhorn. Althogh Rhyhorn knew that her opponent would surely be knocked out this round whether she landed a blow this round or not she was still stunned at the amazing power that the little rock had in him. She quickly shakes that out of her mind as her trainer gives her her orders.

Ok, let's do some nasty damage and faint the opponent. use your supereffective and stabbed magnitudex3 to make sure he's down for the count.

Rynantis nods in agreement with her trainers orders. With *g_rock* so close to Rox he begins to say his orders quietly so I go oevr to them to get their attacks.

Ok Rox use Toxicx3.

I go back to my post and so does *g_rock* and I wave my flags signaling the begining of round 3.


The round begins as the weakened Rox steadily gets up to preform his attack. Due to his weakened state he moves slowly giving Rynantis a chance to rear up and smash into the ground creating uncrotrolable seismic waves. The ground again moves towards Rox like a wave and he just stands there and let's it hit him but, this was all part part of his plan he had out Rynantis off guard and during that attack he had been building up a Toxin in his mouth much like the one the Rhyhorn had splattered all over him in the early part of the battle. Rox quickly found his opponent and as he was ready to spit out the Toxic goo he suddenly had to throw up and since he was already spitting he hurled everything all over Rynantis. The foul Toxins slowly entered into the moving rocks bloodstream. Although the Toxic was foul it couldn't compare to the smell of barf in which Rynantis was now covered in. This site suddenly made Rox feel a little better and he ban to laugh at the enraged Rynantis that was now rolling around from the burning sensation and the horrible smell.

Rox: 16%(HP) 32%(Energy) Tired/ A little happy that he got to see such a funny site before being knocked out/Baddly Poisoned
Rynantis: 33%(HP) 40%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned/ Covered in barf

Rox stopped laughing even though it was still very funny. He again began to gather the Toxins from deep inside his body to spit at his opponent. Rynantis not wanting any more of that foul substance in his body swing his head from side to side and did an odd little Rhyhorn dance (imagine that however you want) and suddenly starts appeared in front of him anda thin line shot from star to star and a strange energy filled the area in between these stars. Rox watched this little show and released the goo which only splattered harmlessly on the barrier in front of Rynantis.

Rox: 16%(HP) 29%(Energy) Tired/ Baddly Poisoned
Rynantis: 33%(HP) 25%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned

The round starts again like last time with Rox gathering up Toxins and Rynantis summoning a barrier to block it. Suddenly within both pokemon the Toxins begin to burn away their internal organs. Rynantis can handle the slight burning sensation but Rox (who had been poisoned for a much longer time) can't he begins to wobble and he suddenly falls. I wave a flag in the direction of VC and declare that Rox is unable to battle. Rynantis is the winner. Although not the winner of the whole match yet VC jumps fpr joy at the fact he has a decent lead. I again wave my flags and declare the end of Round 5


Rox: 0%(HP) Knocked out
Rynantis: 30%(HP) 10%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned(2% this round 4% next round

*g_rock* must send out a new pokemon and attack. VC you attack second.

Arena:Just the same as always

29th April 2003, 09:02 PM
Sorry Rox, but my plan was to no avail... you gave it your best

Go Miss Drake!!
*out pops a beautiful and well-trained female Dratini*

I want you to tear that thing apart Miss Drake, summon up an Icy Wind to do some damage to Rhynantis and make it numb, then use Ice Beam to obliterate it. If it's still standing show no mercy with a Blizzard!!

Substitutions: If Rhynantis tries to poison you, put up a Safeguard to protect for the next... I think the rule is 15 attacks, but I may be wrong.

EDIT: Icy Wind/Safeguard ~ Ice Beam/Safeguard ~ Blizzard/Safeguard


30th April 2003, 05:17 AM

Rhynantis "i know why you are smiling. the opponent trainer made a mistake right...?"

Yes he did, he is using ice attacks in a extreemly hot desert. the attacks would evaporate before hitting you Rhynantis. normally we should punish a big mistake like that by doing massive damage, but this time it looks like you are the one going down Rhynantis.

Rhynantis "i'm very low on energie VC, i guess i can pul up 1 attack but thats it."

in that case her comes the moveset:

for your first move just chill out. don't use any energie and just lie down. if your worried about the attack, don't be. the icy wind would be defrosted and evaporeded before it would hit you in this heat. and if it would hit you, it would do minimum damage. for your second move, repeat your first move so chill and don't use any energie. for your last move, put al your energie in your last attack. Magnitude.

chill ~ chill ~ magnitude

Rhynantis "so your trying to make the opponent use a lot of energie before we go down right....?"

yes Rhynantis, good luck and do your best!!!

1st May 2003, 11:38 AM
Anyways, Blizzard is the only attack that will melt depending how far Miss Drake and Rhynantis are from each other. Icy Wind is just a rush of extremely cold air, while Ice Beam is a BEAM of freezing cold that tends to freeze whatever it hits (which will be probably be unfrozen within the span of the round). Blizzard consists of ice shards so I can see why that will melt, but it will take another few seconds for it to evaporate :D *coughwatercough*

My mistake Miss Drake, but since this is my first battle in over 2 years, I'm a little rusty :yes:


1st May 2003, 06:43 PM
Well why don't you guys leave the interpretation up to me ok:D.


Miss Drake: 100%(HP) 100%(Energy) Fresh
Rynantis: 30%(HP) 10%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Baddly Poisoned

I watch kinda saddly as *g_rock* recalls his Rox and replaces it with a majestic looking pokemon. This pokemon ,rumored to be a mirage, is none other than Dratini and this one is Female and nicknamed Miss Drake. *g_rock* gives his attacks, attacks that take a large type advantage.

I want you to tear that thing apart Miss Drake, summon up and Icy Wind to do some damage to that Rynantis and make it numb, then use Ice Beam to obliterate it. If it's still standing show no mercy with Blizzard.

Cynda watching all this gets the urge to battle and hops into the ring to try and burn the two pokemon but is quickly grabbed by a Cacnea living here in the desert. While I call a Pokemon Center to send someone to come and pull all of the needles out of my Cynda VC gives his attacks feeling like his opponent made a big mistake that will cost him.

For your first move just chill out. don't use any enegy and just lie down. if your worried about the atttacks, don't be. the icy wind would be defrosted and evaporated before it hit you in this heat. and if it would hit you it would do minimum damage. for your second move, repeat your first move and don't use any energy. for your last move, put all your energy into your last attack Magnitude.

I nod at both trainers and wave my flags to signal the begining of Round 2.


The new competitor Miss Drake wastes no time as she moves up close to her prey. She prepares for some kind of attack to keep her away but all her opponent does is,......... sit down to rest. Miss Drake can't believe this, it seems that her opponent doesn't even think that she is worth the time to fight so she just sits down, as rage builds up within herself she calls upon the powers of ice. Twisting her snake like body around vigorously the jewel stuck into the top of her head begins to glow a bright blue and that blue matches the feeling that suddenly surges through the whole arena. The normally hot desert was now experiencing a harsh cold, the wind grew colder and colder, eventually evaporating water froze and followed the wind straight at Miss Drakes opponent. Having been ordered no counter measures the ice shards now coaught up within this unrelenting cold breeze pierce her side, Rynantis screams with pain as the wind grows colder and the shards continue to puncture her thick hide. All of this resting may have worked against Rox but this Dratini holds moves that can overtake Rynantis and they seem to be doing just that.

Miss Drake: 100%(HP) 96%(Energy) Fresh and Confident
Rynantis: 23%(HP) 10%(Energy) Tired/ Baddly Poisoned/ Numb

Miss Drake drops the concentration on her wind as it has served it's purpose but, the area is still in it's seemingly eternal frost as it seems iminent that this once scorching hot area will soon be covered in a blanket of snow if the wind doesn't let up. Miss Drake makes the move on her foe. Rynantis is still contending with the pain the sharp bullets of ice left and now the pain from the poison is also flowwing through her burning her internally it seems that she has no hope. The ice master Dratini again concentrates on a form of acrtic cold only this time more powerful and more condensed. The gem on her head once again glows an ice blue as a ball of arctic energy forms in front of her. The orb grows bigger and colder and suddenly in a burst of energy the orb breaks down into a beam that flows swiftly through the sky at Rynantis. Rynantis still dealing with the numbing pain of the arctic wind can't even dream of avoiding frigid beam of energy she stands atill to avoid any pain from the holes in her hide and the poison in her bloodstream and watches as the beam connects. The cold begins to form around her body, she puts up a fight but loses quickly. Miss Drake continues on with her attack for awhile to try and deal some massive damage. When she is finally done and the light disappering from whence it came we see Rynantis, half frozen by the tremendous power set forth from the her small opponent. Her trainer looks on realizing that Rynantis won't be able to perform her last attack without being able to stomp her hooves into the ground and knows since she is not completely frozen and if given a different command she could still attack knows that she can't pull her from battle either.

Miss Drake: 100%(HP) 90%(Energy) Fresh and Confident
Rynantis: 9%(HP) 10%(Energy) Has completely Given up/ Baddly Poisoned/ Frozen

Rynantis worked as quickly as posiible trying to get the ice out from around her feet so she might be able to do some damage before taking the plunge and going back into her pokeball. She quickly realizes that there is no chance of that happening for 2 reasons, 1 The pain from the Icy Wind had slowed her movements due to unimaginable pain and numbing 2 Her opponent was faster nad had much more energy so she could quickly release an attack. She looked from her work back to her opponent whose jewel hadn't lost it's icy glow. She again twists around her snake-like body to bring forth a wind, only this time a more direct wind, a wind that carried within itself the harshest of colds and the sharpest shards of ice, she is working on summoning a Blizzard. Again a quick cold loods the area before suddenly becoming slightly warmer, could Miss Drakes attack have failed and the icy wind be letting up, a quick look into the distance revealed the answer to the question. With a look into the endless plain behind the Dratini you could see the storm coming, a storm of ice and snow, a storm of pure cold, a strom that through all eternity had come and left death with it's wake. With the oncoming storm getting closer the area grew colder than ever and it bagan to snow and quickly as that snow neared Rynantis almost completely ice began to rain shards of ice. All the trainers and myself sought cover in a nearby shack, strange how that one appeared. We watched through the window as the desert filled with snow and Rynantis let the ice shards strike herself. We watched and waited for a long while after the storm had left before we went back out into the friged cold winds and saw rynantis frozen with a huge grin on her face knowing she did her trainer proud to survive the first 2 attacks to force Miss Drake to use a third one and use more energy. VC feels the same smile come across his face as he recalls his Rhyhorn and thanks her for her fabulous performance. He thinks about who to send out next as I look in bewilderment in the snow covered desert.


End Round Stats
Miss Drake: 100%(HP) 82%(Energy) Fresh and Gloating over an easy victory
Rynantis: KOd

Arena: Still mountainis and now covered in a thick layer if snow, about 2 and a half feet,.

Other: VC must send out a new pokemon and attack. *g_rock* attacks second.

2nd May 2003, 12:55 PM
*smiles* i'm very proud of you Rhynantis.

Rhynantis "thanks VC, can i rest now....?"

of course, retreat..!

now lets see wich pokemon i would choose.

normally i would choose my dragon exterminator Ice King. but i want to give my other pokemon a chance to, so go Psycho my male abra (i guess you know this warrior Mudkip14)

Psycho "so you need me again VC"

yep, and this time its a tough dratini Psycho

Psycho "i will do my best VC, can you give me the moveset"

of course Psycho, here it comes.

oké, start this round quick by using a quick substitute, make it a 25%. this will defend you against toxicating moves and thunderwaves. for your second move use your icepunch to do some nice damage and maybe even freezing the opponent. repeat this process for your last move.

* if the opponent uses a physical move, use your counter to counter it back at him. use this only if its your second or third move.
* if the opponent usses a double team, use your raindance. use it only on your second and third move, so if he usses double team on its first move you still substitute and then use raindance.

substitute 25% ~ ice punch......rain dance.....counter ~ ice punch......rain dance.......counter

Psycho *smiles* "i will do my best VC"

3rd May 2003, 03:23 AM
OK Miss Drake, start off with Extremespeed to do some damage before mister spoonless can execute his attack, then use Double Team to take advantage of the upcoming Rain Dance, finally obliterate the substitute with a Thunder!!

Extremespeed ~ Double Team ~ Thunder


4th May 2003, 10:13 AM

VC calls back his competitive Rhyhorn that when the time came knew to give up. VC thanks his pokemon many times for withstanding so much in this battle, he puts the pokeball at his waste and looks at his others. After a long period of deliberation he finally picks a pokeball and throws it out to the snow covered field. The pokeball pops open with a brilliant purple energy bursting from within the insides of the pokeball. Suddenly from out of the purple haze comes forth....and Abra, and not just any Abra, a psychotic Abra and a very tired one from just getting done with a battle with my Dratini. Since it is also VC's turn to attack first he delivers his attacks to his Abra trying to be mindfull of the snow that will go above the Abra's head if he stops using his psychic powers to stay aloft.

Ok start this round quickly by using Substitute, make it 25%. This will defend you against Toxicating moves and Thunderwaves. for your second move use your ice punch for some nice damage and maybe even freezing the opponent. repeat this process for your last move.

Psycho nods to his trainer will struggling to keep himself in the air but knows that once he makes that Sub he can fall into the snow and attack stealthly. *g_rock* quickly responds with some counter measures.

OK Miss Drake, start off with Extreme Speed to do some damage before mister spoonless can execute his attack, then use Double Team to take advantage of the upcoming Rain Dance, finally obliterate that substitue with a Thunder.

The attacks seem good enough as I wave my flags to signal the begining of ROUND 7

Miss Drake: 100%(HP) 82%(Energy) Fresh
Psycho: 100%(HP) 100%(Energy) Fresh


Again Miss Drake wastes no time begining to attack. She quickly coils around herself trying to make her body into a spring to propel herself straight at Psycho. Psychowatches his foe try to launch an attack at him and he realizes he is gonna get hit, he can't concentrate on his attack and keep him self afloat all that well so he slowly pulls energy ut of nowhere to create a false image. After a seemingly long time the sub is finally created but, not soon enough just as the sub was about finished Miss Drake launched herself at her opponent at high speeds dealing an alomost unmatched amount of damage. Psycho having lost his concentration on floating quickly finishes the sub and pops it out above the snow and it sits there floating just like Psycho himself had. Psycho stands up on his tippy toes so he can see with his sneaky foe would do next.

Miss Drake: 100%(HP) 77%(Energy) Fresh
Psycho: 63%(HP) 92%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ 25% Sub

Psycho, with his sub and a new found hiding place, watches as Miss Drake splits up into four and dances around Abra. The real Abra snickered at his opponent ploy that would fail for his trainer Psycho's trainer had never let him down and he had planned a perfect way for him to get rid of any Double Team clones. Abra starts to look up at the sky to call upon a heavy rain when he realizes that a cold wind is still blowing and that this whole area is covered in a layer of snow. He knows that calling upon the rain with him still in the snow would be dangerous because soon the area would freeze over and become a thick layer of ice, and unless he wanted to lose tis battle already then it would not be smart to call upon the rain while in the snow. He floats up above the snow and startes to the sky concentrating his power on bringing a rain storm. Suddenly a clap of thunder is heard in the distance and lightining strikes down on the refs cyndaquil and fries him (luckily the medics hadn't left yet) we all go back to the shack to watch the battle from there. We try to get the 2 trainers to come with us but they said they'd rather stay out here with there pokemon. So we leave them ouside to freeze to death:D. We get inside just as the rain starts to fall. Miss Drake watches in anger as her clones get washed away by the rain and Psycho tries to gain his balance on the ice.

Miss Drake: 100%(HP) 73%(Energy) Fresh
Psycho: 63%(HP) 90%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ 25% Sub

The rain continues to fall more and more ferociously as the trainers finally give up and come inside where they get a fresh change of clothes and some cocoa. We give both the trainers a megaphone and tell them to yell into this to give their pokemon their commands from here untill the rain stops. Duirng this the pokemon are trying to gain their balance on the ice. Psycho starts to charge his fist with an icy cold power and then begins to float over this to his opponent. Miss Drake also gives up for the moment since her attack can be done with little movement. Miss Drake begins to fill with an electrical energy that is meant for Abra when suddenly she feels a fist hit her hard in her side as she releases the electricity. It hits it's mark but the power is weak due to the pre-mature release. Psycho was the one who drove his fist into Miss Drake not knowing what the yellow spiking energy coming from her was but he quickly learned as the electricity fried his body crampimg his muscles and making him ache all over. After he gained a little more control over his muscles he looked up to Miss Drake covered in ice from her middle all the way down. Psycho knew that with a blow to the head he could freeze his opponent entirely and end this battle quickly.

Miss Drake: 80%(HP) 68%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 63%(HP) 86%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ 5% Sub/ Paralyzed


Miss Drake: 80%(HP) 68%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 63%(HP) 86%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ 5% Sub/ Paralyzed(50% chance of Muscle spasms for the next 5 actions)

Arena: Still mountainous and now there is 2 and a half feet of ice instead of snow.

Other: Ref and trainers stuck in a shack untill the rain let's up.

4th May 2003, 03:26 PM
Our goals for this round, Miss Drake, are to put up a protection, unfreeze you, and finish dismantleing that Sub... ☼☼

Let's start the round by creating a substitue for yourself, then use your frozen tail to your advantage and use your own version of Iron Tail on the sub to destroy it and shatter the ice on your tail. Give Psycho no mercy with an all out Ice Beam!!

~use Kill Psycho attack if you feel like it... just kidding :D

Substitute 25% ~ Iron Tail ~ Ice Beam

EDIT: took out the Thunder thing

4th May 2003, 05:45 PM
Actually had the thunder not been released early then it would have destroyed the sub. So they only did the same amount of damage due to and early attack and weakness (early thunder, Miss Drake's weakness to ice).

5th May 2003, 12:39 AM
Originally posted by *g_rock*
I guess it's possible though

I figured it out after I took another look at the reffing but I was too lazy to edit the post...

*slaps himself* !!smack!!

Binky: *pops out of pokeball*
g_rock: how did you get....
Binky: *uses Hypnosis ~ makes g_rock forget what he said*
g_rock: *wakes up* Our goals for this round.............. *drones it all over again*

BTW Binky is my Gastly :D


5th May 2003, 06:59 AM
We had some really bad luck Psycho.

Psycho “what do you mean…..?”

tzzzzzz Zapppp Tzzzzzz

Psycho “oooh, you mean that”

yes we got paralyzed. And now we have a 50% chance of failing whatever we do.

Psycho “I know things look bad, but I will do my best and you will see that things will work out.”

lets hope so Psycho, it makes me very happy that you are giving it al that you have. You are a great pokemon.

Psycho “thanks VC, you are a great friend yourself and a great trainer.”

thanks Psycho, you know what. If you win this battle I’m going to get you evolved oké.


now before I give you the move set I want you to too listen to your body with every move you do. If you sense that your body can’t pull of a move, don’t force it. Just chill a little and let those muscles relax for a turn. This is much better then being stiff and not capable of doing anything and it spares energy.

Now the move set.
When the dragon uses his substitute attack, lets use encore on that. This is a crucial attack because we need a safety zone for the entire round.
For your second move, chill and give your muscles the time to recover from that vicious thunder-paralyzing attack. If your first move failed, wait till the dragon destroys our substitute and make a new one around 25%.
For our last move use mimic to copy that ice beam and send it right back at him. This will do some great damage because of the weakness.

Encore ~ chill down / substitute 25% ~ mimic (ice beam)

Psycho “I will give everything VC, and lets hope I have some good luck”

5th May 2003, 10:31 AM
That's ok *g_rock* little details like that are often missed. I will be editing this post shortly (at least I hope) to include a reffing. Pardon me if I don't get one up soon but, do expect one up by the end of the day:yes: .

6th May 2003, 02:40 PM
Ok I guess I lied I'm sorry I didn't get this reffing up last night like I said I would but here it is now:D.


Miss Drake: 80%(HP) 68%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 63%(HP) 86%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ 5% Sub/ Paralyzed

Both trainers look outside. VC gloating over the fact that if he can freeze the rest of Miss Drake then the match is over. I on the other hand am still watching the Nurse Joy's and her crew Blisey's (no Chansey's with Joy) work on my poor Cyndaquil who has been stuck with needles and burnt to a crisp by thunder. Ughhhh whichever one of you did that is my next opponent. *g_rock* takes the Megaphone and leans out the window to tell Miss Drake what to do next.

*g_rock*: Let's start the round by creating a substitute for yourself, then use your frozen tail to your advantage and use your own version of Iron Tail on the sub to destroy it and shatter the ice on your tail. give Psycho ne mercy with an all out Ice Beam!!

VC: When the dragon use his substitute attack, let's Encore on that. This is a crucial attack because we need a safety zone for the entire round. For your second move, chill and give your muscles the time to recover from that vicious thunder-paralyzing attack. If your first move failed wait till the dragon destroys our substitute and make a new one around 25%.
For our last move use mimic to copy that Ice Beam and send it right back at him. This will do some great damage because of weakness.

The trainers quickly close the window and look out of it to watch the battle since a current rule is in place that if one of them goes out again before the rain stops the will be DQ'd. Not wanting that they decide to wait inside untill they are given the ok to go back outside again. They turn to me to get me to go outside and ref the match and notice Nurse Joy giving me her phone number and stating for me to call her anytime. I quickly shove it in my pocket and put on a snow suit and a heavy jacket and go outside to ref the match.


Miss Drake not wanting to get auto KO decides to make a Substitute. She pulls draconic energy out of nowhere and forms a replecant of itself out of the matter. After putting the finishing touches on the doll he performs an enrgy transferal pulling one fourth of it's own life force out of it's body and putting into a doll. Psycho was watching carefully and really rather enjoyed the show and he went to clap and whistle to make Miss Drake do it again. The Miss Drake that Psycho can see is not visiably affected by this attack but the real Miss Drake is.

Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 63%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ 25% Sub/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 63%(HP) 83%(Energy) Slightly fatigued/ 5% Sub/ Paralyzed

Miss Drake is pleased that her foe enjoys her show and begins to form another Sub, but as she put's it together it will not hold. The form that she gives it continues to break and eventually all of the enrgy is gone and Miss Drake's attempt fails. Psycho is pleased to still see his Sub standing and knows his attack worked. As his trainer ordered he sits down to rest and the electrical surges in his body begin to calm.

Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 60%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ 25% Sub/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 63%(HP) 86%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ 5% Sub/ Paralyzed (40%)

Miss Drake is angry at her failed attack and that because of it her tail is still encased in ice. She thinks about using Iron Tail anyway but that would be going against her trainers orders so she quickly discards the idea and begins to form a large blue orb of arctic blue energy in front of her. Abra watches closely and, after feeling sure that he knows what to do begins to charge his own arctic beam. Since Miss Drake started charging first she also released her attack first. The frigid blast soars through the air and strikes Abra. Suddenly Psycho brekas into a billion pieces and Miss Drake turns around to see the real Psycho behind her. Although she knows that he can't see her she is still worried for the sake of her half frozen Sub. Psycho releases his Ice Beam which ends as quickly as it comes. After the light fades we see a Dratini shaped Ice Sculpture in the middle of the field and another Miss Drake appears right beside Psycho they both eye eachother knowing that they had both just left the effects of the same almighty attack known as substitue.


End of Round Stats
Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 55%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ No Sub/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 63%(HP) 74%(Energy) Slightly Fatigued/ No Sub/ Paralyzed (40% chance of not attacking)

Arena: Rain Dance for 3 more Rounds, still frozen over and effecting weather paaterns around the rest of the world. There is now a full scale Ice Sculpture of Miss Drake in the middle of the arena.

Other: Trainers go back to the window while I go back and continue to flirt with Nurssse Joy:D.

7th May 2003, 07:35 AM
You did great Psycho. But i'm still worried about that paralyzation. we need to survive at least 2 more turns to get rid of it. now we need a plan to survive the next round.........

Psycho "how about i start this round by using a substitute, this will put up a safe zone for atleast one or 2 turns. i will make the substitute around 15% of my health. then for my second turn i will return that dragon the favor by using my one thunderwave to paralyze him. i guess the dragon wants to protect himself from getting paralyzed, so if he used his substitute or a safeguard on his first turn (not on his second turn because i'm much faster then him) use your ice punch instead then. for my last move (when i'm paralyzed no more) i will use my psychic to slam that dragon against his own ice sculpture. if the dragon trys a thunder on me for my last attack, i will use my protect to protect myself of course. when i get paralyzed for the first turn, substitute and thunderwave shove up.

substitute 15% ~ thunderwave / ice punch / substitute 15% ~ psychic / protect / thunderwave

looks like a great plan to me Psycho. but don't forget that if you feel like youre going to be paralyzed, don't force yourself to get the move up. just chill and give yourself a bit rest.
and don't make the same mistake twice with that thunder and ice punch:D

good luck Psycho, and do your best!!!

7th May 2003, 08:56 PM
might as well to tell the ref to counter every move I try... Thunder to destroy his sub and/or deal some damage, then use protect to block the Thunder Wave, and end with Extremespeed do some damage and dodge/free yourself from Psychic. Psycho won't be able to concentrate on you if you are moving faster than he can see...

7th May 2003, 08:58 PM
sorry to double post, but I forgot something...

*is not sure whether you are able to edit attack posts*

Thunder ~ Protect ~ Extremespeed

9th May 2003, 06:59 PM
umm.... Mudkip...

9th May 2003, 08:42 PM
I know I'm going to sound like a hypocrit but patience is a virtue *g_rock*. Wow, now I know how Cyrus feels when I keep pestering him to ref one of my matches. I guess now I know the value of patience. Anyway, expect a reffing tomorrow.

12th May 2003, 11:11 AM
Just to make sure you haven't lost this cuz I've seen you browsing the forums .....

12th May 2003, 12:08 PM
g*rock, this is his first reffing.
so give him a break........

i'm sure he will put up his reffing soon


b.t.w: i have just PMed him.

12th May 2003, 05:47 PM
I must apologize for not reffing this sooner I had a surprsingly busy weekend and didn't have the time for a reffing. None the less, here is another one of my excellent reffings:D


Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 55%(Energy) Gretly Fatigued/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 63%(HP) 74%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(40%)

This match goes into it's ninth round and I begin to get tired but am awakened by my beautiful Nurse Joy and ask for the trainers attacks. Again they lean out the window and VC orders first this time.

VC: substitute~ thunderwave/ice punch/ substitute~ psychic/ protect/ thunderwave

*g_rock*: Thunder to destroy his sub and/or deal some damage, then use protect to block thunder wave, and end with an extreme speed do some damage and dodge/free yourself from Psychic.

The trainers close the window as the downpour worsens as I again dawn my outdoor clothes and prepare to ref Round 9.


This match seems much like the last as again Miss Drake perpares the first strike. Psycho is trying to move slowly to try and prevent the paralysis that his trainer seems confident will be gone by the end of the round but Psycho's body says other wise as he prepares to make a substitue when the paralysis takes over and he begins to flail up and down on his side almost as is having a cesar (sorry if I spelled that wrong). Miss Drake , not phased by this strange behavior since she has let anger get the best of her before and knows it's not good, coninues with her electrical charge. Psycho looks on helplessly as the charge reahes it's full strength and renews to inability to comtrol his muscles. The electrical energy teems throughout his body and he feels as if he may not be able to attack at all this round.

Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 50%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 53%(HP) 74%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed (75%)

Psycho returns to his feet content with trying again to form his body double the his own body would not let him create before. But, his body again disagrees with him and he flops around like a beached Magikarp while Miss Drake follows orders and put's up a protective barrier. From what she doesn't know but she knows that her trainer would not steer her wrong.

Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 43%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Half Frozen
Psycho: 53%(HP) 74%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(75%)

Psycho gets up and makes his own electrical charge. He is content with making his opponent feel the exact same way he does. He fights for control of his body and wins as the charge grows greater. Miss Drake immediatly releases her attack not waiting to see what her opponent was doing and ended up making the same fatal mistake as Psycho. She smahes her long body into Psycho's small frame but suffers a zap from the built up electricity. Although it's presence is barely noticable it will still prove to be a hinderance. But, Psycho was not done yet. Even though he was sent flying back a few feet through the air his determenation to destroy his opponent helped him keep the built up electrical charge and shot it right out at Miss Drake. She wailed in pain as all the electricity in her body mixed and she fell to the ground in pain, slowly losing control of her sleek and beautiful form. I wave my flags to end the round and rush pack inside because the rain has worsened and seems to now be fueled by both pokemon's urge to win this battle and I wonder if it will let up before a winner is decided.


Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 39%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Half Frozen/ Paralyzed(50%)
Psycho: 45%(HP) 69%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(50%)

Arena: The downpour had worsened and the time when the rain will stop is unknown. Still covered in ice and the battle has caused the ice to crack in some areas.

Edit: Psycho's chance of paralysis has dropped back down to 50%. I agree I might have made a little mistake but it would be possible to be paralyzed and have more than a 50% chance of effecting you.

12th May 2003, 07:07 PM
I'll make this short and sweet...

Use Safeguard to protect you from your status effects for a while, then use Thunder x2...

If he tries to attack you directly in any way, use Extremespeed to dodge the attack and deal some damage...

If he uses Substitute, then Thunder it away...

Safeguard/Extremespeed/Thunder ~ Thunder/Extremespeed ~ Thunder/Extremespeed

13th May 2003, 12:24 AM
i'm not really pleased about how you use paralyzation.

my chance of attacking the opponent at the moment is 1 of the 4 turns. that's to high. if your paralyzed there is a 50% chance of attacking the opponent. thats why you never see people use thunderwave like 2 times it just wouldn't increase the chance.

i hope i could help you
(and that you repost the paralyzation)

i'm sick of this rain Psycho. lets put up a sunny day and let the sunshine in. after this, those thunders are just strong moves with really bad accuracy. perfect for us to avoid of course. double team to make some clones and avoid that thunder. for your last move i want you to use a recover. we have stored a lot of energie and know is the time to use it.

in case you would be paralyzed for the first turn, don't use doubleteam on your second. but instead use protect

sunny day ~ double team / protect ~ recover

Psycho "lets do this VC"

15th May 2003, 06:20 PM
I hope you guys haven't minded the fact that I've been using different colors every round. Well here's the reffing and I changed the stats on the last round.


Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 39%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Half Frozen/ Paralyzed(50%)
Psycho: 45%(HP) 69%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(50%)

Uhhhhhhhhhh...............The fire in the cabin begins to put me to sleep but then the trainers loud voices booming through the frigid rain to their pokemon wakes me up. I grumble a little under my breath and gather the attacks.

*g_rock*: Use Safeguard to protect you from your status effects for awhile, then use Thunderx2.

VC: let's put up a sunny day and let the sunshine in. after this, those thunders are just strong moves with really bad accuracy. perfect for us to avoid of course. double team to make some clones and avoid that thunder. for your last move i want you to use a recover.

I again put on my winter clothes and prepare to be ready to strip them off soon, hopefully for good. I get near the battle arena and wave my flags sugnaling the begining of Round 10


Miss Drake acts slightly baffled. This isn't the first time her trainer has ordered Safeguard to try and ease status effects. When will he learn that that's not what it does. She begins to question her trainers abilities and slowly chants something that causes a halo of stars to hover above her head. Psycho feels the same way as his trainer. This rain is begining to make him angry but, he as well questions his trainers thoughts. The sever sunlight will cause the ice below to melt and both he and Miss Drake will be plunged into deep water, well atleast for short old Psycho. He shakes these thoughts from his head knowing his trainer would never fail him and he calls upon the suns rays. As suspected the ice begins to crack under the pressure.

Miss Drake: 55%(HP) 34%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(50%)/ Safeguard(15 Actions)
Psycho: 45%(HP) 65%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(50%)

Psycho suddenly realizes that he has actually helped Miss Drake as the ice that was once weighing her down then melts. She stares haughtily at Psycho and then at his trainer as they both come rushing outside since they have received the ok. Miss Drake then begins to charge an electrical energy around her body. The bright flashes and the suns glare make it impossible for her to see her opponent though and the electrical energy is not sitting well with her body. Meanwhile Psycho was begining to regain control over his muscles so he begins to concentrate on himself, then on himselves as he splits into 4. Miss Drake can barely see the four Abras before her and the electricity is jarred from her as the ice finally melts and both the pokemon and the trainers (plus the ref begin to et carried way by it's currnent. Psycho was prepared for this though and quickly begins to use his Psychic powers to levitate, sacraficing only 1 of his clones, as the water flees the arena. Miss Drake on the other hand was not so lucky the current pounds the tall pokemon and carries her straight through the desert and into a cactus. She squeels in pain the thorns puncturing her body and making her bleed. She finally use her height to her advantage and finds a way to stand against the tide. I send out my Dragonair and ask him to pick us all up and get us to safety. Dragonair gets all of the trainers and myself and glides through the air untill allt eh water is gone and it is safe for him to drop us. I recall him and hand my Cyndaquil back to Nurse Joy to let her mend his wounds while I ref the match.

Miss Drake: 51%(HP) 29%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(50%)/ Bleeding(0-2% HP loss per attack)/ Safeguard(14 Actions)
Psycho: 45%(HP) 58%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(50%)/ Floating/ 2 clones

Miss Drake tries again to use her electrical attack but she can't see and the blast hit nothing but dirt. Psycho choses to use his stored energy to try and heal his wounds. A red aura surrounds him as the healing energy surrounds him and his sacres begin to dissappear.


End of Round Stats
Miss Drake: 49%(HP) 22%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(50%)/ Bleeding/ Safeguard(13 Actions)
Psycho: 90%(HP) 20%(Energy) Greatly Fatigued/ Paralyzed(50%0/ 2 Clones

Arena: SUnny Day is permanently active since it's the dessert but the hills still exist.

16th May 2003, 10:37 AM
great Psycho, you did great!!!

lets try and end this battle. doing some evilllllll damageeeee!!!

use your psychic to levitate and toss the opponent in to the cactus. lets hope he gets some nice wounds or that the first wound would ripp more open. then use 2 ice punches.
psychi ~ Ice Punch 2x ~

if he try's to attack you with physicall atacks, counter. i
f he usses double team, encore it so he will spill its precios energie. when he usses his second double team after we encored it, just chill and recover some energie.

Psycho "i will do my best VC, as always"

16th May 2003, 11:29 AM
I'm sorta in a rush, so Miss Drake knows what to do......................................... ?????

OK, OK ~ Mirror Coat x3

16th May 2003, 11:46 AM
just thought about it, I don't think Dratini can learn Mirror Coat

If Miss Drake cannot use Mirror Coat, am I allowed to change my attacks??

16th May 2003, 11:53 AM
Actually *g_rock* you are not allowed to change attacks. The only time when attacks are allowed to be changed is if the pokedex you were using gave faulty information and thnen your opponent must also agree. SO unless you were using a lying pokedex then your attacks stay the same. Sorry:(.

20th May 2003, 04:55 PM
We're gonna need a sub-ref here cuz Mudkip's having connections problems... anyone is welcome to ref, and hopefully Mudkip will be back soon.


25th May 2003, 03:01 PM
we both agreed that this battle will be a tie.......

i hope we will finish this battle later g*rock :P then i will sweep ya...!!!!