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*The Four*
23rd April 2003, 08:19 PM
Since the title is too long, i'd also like to add that LSUs ARE accepted!

The Four

Jim Raynor

It was just like any other day at the Galaxy Police space station. The four of us were out of work because we already took on our current bounties. The usual routine for when we run out of targets is to go down to the station to check out the wanted posters. We were standing by the side of the second bridge, a place where many bounty hunters gather to find out who's the top of the bounty list.

"Mind if I get some coffee, Jim?" asked Siege, "We're probably gonna be here a while with all these new bounties."

"Go ahead," i replied, "We'll have our list of targets soon enough."

Siege left us to get some coffee at the local coffee shop (good place to build a coffee shop, huh?). I turned back at the wall to check out the bounties.

"Let's see..." I noticed a very familiar picture on the wall, "Heh...looks like Ryoko's still number one on the bounty priority. $$100,000,000,000."

Beelzemon growled at the very utterance of her name. They didn't have such a good relation due to the fact that they were both demons with different views on life.

"Whoa...steady there boy. Now...second place..." I saw yet another familiar face, "heh...Vash the Stampede. Guess no one's topping him for second. But i guess Ryoko must be pretty damn strong to be worth more money than the Humanoid Typhoon. And the bounty's still the same...$$60,000,000,000."

Conker took notice on some of the other ones, "hmm....they don't seem so important. Theyre only worth regular dollars."

"I dont think there's a difference between double and regular....is there?"

"Ah, the universe is screwed up. But anyways...oh, well look at this. Trevor Venema. One of those Team Rocket projects gone wrong."

"Heard he's a reformed guy, though." I added, "You know our policy on that, don't you?"

"Yeah, yeah. We don't kill those guys," replied Beelzemon.

These next bounties didn't seem so safe...

"Gali Virgo, Tio Nova, and Copycat. A million? thats all?" I said.

"Well, money isn't like it used to be, Jim," said Conker.

"I don't think we should underestimate small bounties," said Beelzemon, "That's usually because they haven't dragged on as long as people like Vash or Ryoko. I mean, remember those three girls that only had a 50 grand bounty, but we nearly died trying to get them?"

"Don't remind me..." replied Conker, "Almost lost my--"

I quickly stopped his sentence.

"Hey! We're trying to keep this PG-PG13, Conker!"


"And last...and possibly least...depening on what they do...Annie and Oakley."

"Oh great...Rockets..." said Beelzemon with boredom, "Didn't we kill enough of those guys?"

"Hey, we shouldn't base all of these Rocket agents off of those grunts that fight with guns and low level Pokemon," said Conker,"Some of them are pretty tough...well, the special agents are. "

"Yeah, and with our Pokemon powerhouse Siege fighting with us, they don't stand a chance!" I added with a somewhat pride in my buddy Siege.

Siege was walking back with the coffee he got at the shop when I finished my statement.

"I'm back," he said, "I got some for you guys, just in case you were tired."

"Nah...It didn't take too long to get a bounty, but i'm a bit thirsty," I took a cup of coffee.

"Me too," said Conker, taking a cup.

"No thanks. I'm not thirsty," said Beelzemon, turning down the offer.

"Very well," replied Siege, "i'll drink your share. I got a lot of computer work tonight anyway."

We proceded back to the Hyperion with our drinks.

"So, who's our target?" asked Siege.

I filled him in on my descision.

"I think we're gonna go against Gali Virgo, Tio Nova, and Copycat. I also heard they have a hostage with them...a Miss Tea Gardener. Some girl who was kidnapped by them a while back. She could be suffering form Stockholme's Syndrome, though. However, we sho udl also watch out for warlords. There's been a little bit of fighting between planets a while back...and I think a friend of mine might be able to help us out there."

We continued to walk towards the Hyperion.

[Kuja...good que for Sonic and Shadow to show up. *hint* *hint*]

Snakes N' Legends
23rd April 2003, 10:00 PM
Trevor Venema

We were heading towards some unknown destination in Bowser's Koopa One. Bowser was driving and I was checking the list of bounties. I knew mine would be there. Of course it would. I was the one of the dangerous criminals in the Pokemon World. Max and I caused chaos ... though we never killed anybody. Poisioned, maybe. Paralyzed, certainely. But we never killed anybody. In fact before the whole Dragonite thing, I was living a lie. On my Rocket file, it said it said I was a top assassin. But that was a lie. I went through that course and found out I could kill anyone. Giovanni knew that. He knew that Venemas were sneaky so I became a spy but he wanted people to fear me so he left the assassin part on my Rocket file.

"Trevor, can you hear me?" Bowser shouted.

"Sorry. I was going over my past life." I said.

"So who is the bounty list?" Bowser asked.

"At number one is ... Ryoko. A bounty price at ... $$100,000,000,000!!!!" I yelled.

"Wow, that price could buy me a new ship plus maybe some more equipment to defend my castle. Let's go after her!!!" Bowser said as his eyes turned to dollar signs.

"Hold it, Dragon Boy. Ryoko is supposed to be one of the worst criminals in the galaxy. Also she is dangerous. She is a little out of reach of our league." I commented.

"Our league? I am the powerful King Koopa. You are the dangerous but powerful Trevor Venema. We should ... " Bowser said but I stopped him.

" ... get our head examined if we go after her. We'll get our butts whipped. Now, let's hold off on Ryoko until we can handle some other bounties." I suggested.

"Fine, who's next??" Bowser growled.

"Well, we have Vash, Me, Gali Virgo, Tio Nova, and Copycat, plus Annie and Oakley." I said.

"You are still on there?" Bowser asked.

"Hey, I might have reformed but I still have a price on my head. That's why we avoid The Four."


"Why? With them at our sides, we have an powerful ally that will save our butts a million times." I said.

"Don't you have an alliance with powerful Digimon? Aren't you forgeting about my bounty?" Trevor shouted.

I looked at him. He was in holographic mode. He did go back to Dragonite Hybrid mode but only a couple of times. I understood what he meant but a reformed person wouldn't get hunted down, would they? I read about The Four. They were the most famous bounty hunter group in the universe. Surely, they would not go after Trevor .. I hoped.

"So who is our target?" I asked.

"Annie and Oakley!!!" Trevor said.

"You are going after your own teammates???" I asked.

"I quit Team Rocket and it is time that the world sees that. The best way to do that is to crack down on my former Team." Trevor said.

"I don't know. But can't we just have a meeting with The Four?" I asked.

"Are you not listening? The moment I show up, I'll be in jail." Trevor said.

"But the police ... " I suggested.

"They aren't the justice out there. The police back in the Pokemon world don't hold a law out here. The peace keepers are the bounty hunters, and that includes The Four." Trevor explained.

"Can't we at least try?" I asked.

Trevor was getting angry and I knew what would happen when he got angry. He stepped out the room into the cafeteria. I could see sparks flying everywhere. I hoped he didn't damage something. He stepped back in.

"Okay, you may try but if I am hauled off to jail, Bowser ... make no mistake, if I ever get out ... your life will be a living ... you know ... the opposite of heaven." Trevor said.

"You don't use profane language very often, do you?" I asked.

"Just make the arrangement." He said and then stormed off.

I stopped behind a nearby moon. I turned on the view scene. I searched for The Four's number. I am just going to ask them if we can have a meeting ... and if they can consider holding back their urge on turning Trevor in and collecting the bounty. I got them. I didn't know who would answer. It was the answer machine. (*The Four* - Just pretend that you never got to the phone. It works better this way.*)

"Hello, The Four. This is Bowser. I am working with Trevor Venema. I was wondering if we could hold a meeting together. Also, could you hold back the urge to turn my partner in? I know he is probably on your bounty list but I just want to make some friends. We are newbies at the bounty business but you are the best. If you could arrange a meeting, that would be fine. Consider my suggestion. Good day!!" I said.

I turned the screen off and piloted the shuttle off to find a port. Maybe we could get some word on Annie and Oakely. I hope Trevor knew what he was doing because I wasn't sure he knew if he was doing the right thing. I knew I was. Getting together with The Four would be a good start and maybe they would forget about the whole bounty thing. Maybe not but maybe it would change their minds about Trevor.

23rd April 2003, 10:11 PM
I walked into the main living area of the Shapeshifter. I saw Tio and Copycat sitting around, and this cute girl tied to a chair.
"What's going on?" I asked. Tio got up and walked up to me.
"Take a look at this," he said, handing me a piece of paper, "This is the latest bounty list and we're still worth only normal dollers! Compared to Vash and Ryoko, we look like losers! So me and Copycat decided to kidnap this girl to try and increase our bounty." I stared at Tio.
"I can see two thigs wrong with that plan.
1: This girl probably isn't worth much even if she is beautiful," I looked to see the girl blush.
"And 2: Wouldn't increasing our bounty get more bounty hunters after us?"
"Yes but we'll get more famous. nd when we got to double dollers, we'll be one the most feared groups in the galaxy."
"That is the dumbest thing you've ever said. Come on, lets untie her." I walked over to the girl and untied her.
"What's your name?" I asked.
"Tea Gardener," she relpied.

Pichu Luver
24th April 2003, 07:13 AM
mwhahahahaha... I have no dieas.. So.. I think I'll start with Shocker...

"Jenn, this is the most stupid idea there is!" I called, running after her, Curse my short legs... I though as I chased. "We don't even know if that old model of a F22 Raptor what we modified will even take the pressures of space! We can't just jump in and try!" I continued after her, she was always one step ahead, and her good luck was unbelievable! She had escaped death so close, so many times, I'm surprised she still has enough courage to do this!

"Shock you worry WAY to much." She called back, as I entered the docking bay, first she wanted me to change has the cargo to docking bay, which I did, but now she wanted me to let her launch a ship that most probably won't fly.

"Jenn do you know the chances of this.. this... Thing flying? I mean, on a planet yes it could, but in space?" I snapped, she glanced at me, that sneaky look in her eye.

"No, But I have a feeling your about to tell me.." She smirked, I frowned, She's such a smartarse.. I thought, looking at her loading into it.

"It's One and a Billion, no like one and a trillion or something." I murmured leaving the room and air locking it. The small red button flashed, meaning read to open docking bay, I didn't want to push it, it risked losing my smartarse best friend, but for her dream, I pushed it.

There was silence, I thought Jenn, and the ship had blown up or something.

"No... Jennifer..."

"YAHOOOOOOOO" She called out on the radio, rage filled me, she had tricked me, but I lightened up when her ship flew faster then a wrathe(how you spell it XP).
I'll do oliver and jenn when me gets back!

24th April 2003, 03:36 PM
“Sorry about that,” Gali said, “We wouldn’t usually do these sort of things but Tio was desperate and our pride is at stake.”
“It’s okay,” Tea replied still blushing.
“Why don’t I buy you a drink? Just to make up for it.”
“Copycat! Set course for the Tyranto asteroid!” few minutes later, the city of Tyranto. We then headed toward the bar.
“Hey wait a minute,” Tea said, “If you guys are criminals, wouldn’t you be worried that there’d be bounty hunters in there?”
“Don’t worry,” I said, “Everyone in that bar’s got a price on their heads. In fact everyone on this asteroid does.” We entered the bar and sat down.
“Three beers please. And what will you have Tea?”
“I’ll just have a soda thanks.” I then looked over Gali’s shoulder and I nearly fainted.
“Gali,” I said softly, “Vash is sitting right next to you.”
“The humanoid Typhoon?” Copycat asked. Vash looked over at Gali.
“Your Gali Virgo right?” he asked
“Yep,” Gali relied, “And you must be Vash the Stampede.”
“I’ve heard of you. We’ve heard how you guys keep tormenting those bounty hunters.”
“And I’ve heard how you’ve been destroying everything in your path.”
“Hey er…Vash,” I said, “I don’t mean to ask a stupid question but we’re trying to get famous like you by increasing our bounty. Could you give us some tips?”
“Well,” he replied, “It’s not that you guys aren’t good enough. It’s that you guys need to go for the big stuff.”
“We’ll try that then.” Then the bartender came back.
“You guys are going for the big load?” he asked, “Well I’ve got something for you. I’ve heard that these guys are transporting these ‘black diamonds’ to Mars. You guys could try and get them.”
“How much are these things worth?” Gali asked.
“One diamond alone is worth $$500,000 and they’re transporting 50 of them.” I started to count my fingers.
“HOLY S**T!!!” he cried, “We’ll be rich!!!” Gali looked at the bartender.
“We’ll do it,” he said. We then took our drinks and got up to leave.
“Oh and one more thing,” Gali said, turning to Vash, “Thanks for the advice.”
“You’re welcome,” Vash replied, “I’m looking forward to seeing you guys on the next bounty list.” Gali then turned to Tea.
“We’ll drop you off and then we’ll go for the diamonds.”
“Actually,” she said, “I want to join you guys.” To tell the truth, that even surprised Gali.
“Are you sure?” he asked, “This isn’t a group that you can just leave. Once you join us, you’ll have a bounty on your head like us. You could be killed.”
“I still want to join you.” She replied. Gali thought for a bit.
“Alright. You’re in. Now let’s get those diamonds.”

Pichu Luver
24th April 2003, 06:45 PM
Oliver(the kitty cat warlord)
I sat on my slik chair, finger my glass of wine. Data screens flashed infront of me, my sterminator sun glasses flashed beautifully.
"Sir, Bounty Hunters are running rampart! It's crazy! We must get rid of some of them."
"hmmm.." I thought of this, why help my fellow Criminals, they think I am dead. I don't blame them, who Jenn raided my space station and blew it up.
"Did you know? Tio and his little group is going after a big deal, black diamonds.. 500 000 each."
He only stared in amazment, he was ashtonished, I own a whole planet and game him practicle royality and he's amazed at little diamonds?
"Sir, we should take that instead of him! We have more then enough men!"
"You moron, if we sent a army out for stupid diamons all of them! Even Jennifer would know I was alive! Don't you think we should just be a little more careful?" I snapped, my emerald green eyes, piercing through him, he trembled.
"I'm sorry Sir."
"You better Be.."
In seconds a blade came from the back of him, stabbing through him, blood splattered on my face. I smirked and licked it off.

"Jenn your so dead when you get back in here!!" I smiled out my window, she was smiling too.
"Come on lets have some fun!"
"You can jenn, you know my Ship can't keep up with you! Might aswell explore."
I smiled, and flew away from her, exploring space, it was beautiful. My radar suddenly flashed. Another Ship was heading towards me, I looked around where the hell was it.. It was a Ship alright! The Hyperion!!
"Holy ****!" I called, Shocker warped right behind me, and all the ships stoped, kinda like starring eachother down. "who the hell is that!?!!?"

24th April 2003, 08:44 PM
Let's go THEN!

"So doc, what's with all the bounties?" Asked Sonic.
"Heh, they're all about serious outlaws." Dr Eggman adjusted his beard. "Vash, Ryoko... Hmm Annie and Oakley are up here!"
"ANNIE AND OAKLEY?!" Rob dashed to the screen. "Them..." he hissed in a cold voice.
"Haven't we had enough of them? And Kuja?!" Shadow came in, well rested from a nice power nap. "No matter. I just got a message from the Four. They've got something they wana show us. I heard something about a damsel in distress, but apparently it's no big worry--she's not in any real danger i the hands of the outlaws that have her...."
"What a shame, I wanted a REAL rescue, too!" Rob pouted.
"No worries! You'll get your chance!" Sonic crowed as he told Tails to head to the Four's location.

sorry it's short, but time's an essence, and I gotta e-mail a project... not good when every e-mail site is down!

*The Four*
24th April 2003, 11:41 PM
For the people who watch Trigun, just for a quick record, this takes place before Vash met Meryl and Millie, but after he made the vow not to kill, so lets onyl include Vash in this. And as for saying things like Pokemon world, jsut call it Earth.

[And Pichu Lover, pretend you dont know about the Four ^_^]

Anyways, i ahve a lot catch up on, so i got a lot of writing to do.

The Four

Jim Raynor

We were proceeding to the Hyperion when we were stopped by a sudden blue and yellow blur(strange that Shadow is black and his blur is yellow). Looks like someone got my memo...

"Well, well...looks like you answered my message for once," I said with a smirk.

"Ha, ha...very funny, Jim," replied Sonic, who was accompanied by Shadow, who luckily got his *** saved by Sonic a while back when they saved the Earth from this evil bio lizard thing. Not to far behind was the Tornado 2, which was finally decked out for space travel, along with Sonic's friends, Miles "Tails" Prower and his former archnemesis, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. I also saw this new, dark skinned kid. Must have been a new friend of theirs (wait, Kuja, do we still know him?)

"Lets cut the chit chat to a minimum, shall we?" added Shadow, still the morose little hedgehog we all know and love.

"Aww, c'mon, Shadow," said Tails, walking towards the group with Eggman and the new kid, "Don't be a killjoy."

"Alright, alright," i said, breaking everyhtign up, "Lets just get back to the Hyperion and i can tell you everything. Dock the Tornado 2 in the hull. We're gonna need you for these guys."

We got into the Hyperion and we all settled in the meeting room that I fashioned from the former battle conference room from the days when this used to be a warship. Usually, in times of war, or anytime when you just want small discussion, you'd meet in the gondola of the Battlecriuser. However, they only gave gondolas to those huge, expensive battlecruisers like the ones that belonged to UED officials like Admiral DuGalle, so I had to make due.

"By the way..." I said, looking towards the new kid and walking towards him, "Who are you?" He seemed familiar to that new kid that the Z Fighters are training. What's his face...Uub or something.

"I'm Rob. Rob Benton. i'm one of Sonic's friends," he said with pride, "If your wondering if i can fight or not...then trust me...I can. I got a good deal of skills."

"I can sense that..." I replied.

"Yeah," added Beelzemon, who was sitting right next to Rob, "Me too. Digimon have a knack for sensing inner potential," He gave Rob a noogie, "Yer alright, kid."

"Pardon me," interrupted Robotnik, "but I believe you need to show us something, Captain Raynor."

"Indeed I do," I replied, extending a hand to Conker, "Conker?"

Conker cleared some stuff out of the middle of the room and extended a hand to Siege, "Siege! the 3D image transmitter, please?"

Siege tossed him this wierd looking remote device, which he caught and fumbled slightly due to the sheer force of Siege's toss.

"Hey! Underhanded, next time, DeMaggio!"

Siege facefaulted. Conker then held the remote up and activated it.

"Ok. Go ahead, Siege," I said.

Siege cleared his throat and began, "Recently, the Four of us have decided to take a bounty on a group of three ruthless and crafty outlaws. The first of which being Gali Virgo, as seen here," Siege pointed to the image.

"He's a master of disguise, a powerful swordsman and gunman, and a heartbreaker. At least, thats what I recieved from my studies."

Siege gave Conker the signal and he clicked the button for the next image.

"His assistants are Tio Nova and Copycat. They are equally dangerous and they are both masters of disguise."

He signaled the change again.

"It is believed that they have a Miss Tea Gardener in their posession. We believe she is suffering from Stockholme's Syndrome, where the captive identifies with his or her captors. She should be considered as one of their allies, but we should not take any drastic action towards her."

Siege clapped his hands and Conker shut off the transmitter.

"So...you want us to help you?" asked Sonic.

"Of course. We dont know too much about these guys. For all we know they could have some hidden talents [Note: Make up some really destructive moves, MC]. So, you guys in?" I asked.

"Of course!"

"Alright then, It's set--"

"Hey, Jim!" interrupted Beelzemon, who was busy checking the answering machine, "Better check this out."

We all went to the answering machine to check out the latest message. It said:

"Hello, The Four. This is Bowser. I am working with Trevor Venema. I was wondering if we could hold a meeting together. Also, could you hold back the urge to turn my partner in? I know he is probably on your bounty list but I just want to make some friends. We are newbies at the bounty business but you are the best. If you could arrange a meeting, that would be fine. Consider my suggestion. Good day!!"

The tape ended.

"Bowser?" said Rob, "Hmmm...I heard he went legit on a vacation to space."

"Trevor Venema," I said, rubbing my chin, "An ex-TR member. Heard he's trying to clear his name too. Wow...do they really think we're gonna be after them? Guess they dont know our policy...Very well. Siege, your our negotiations expert. Go get a signal on them and meet them. Take Conker with you. Show them we mean no harm."

"Got it, Jim," replied Siege, walking to the hangar with Conker to seperate, smaller ships.

"As for the rest of us, Siege had previously got a tracker signal via hacking on the Shapeshifter, the ship Virgo and his gang are using. The signal traces them all the way to the Tyranto asteriod. However, the signal ended there. They must have found it and taken it off. Its doubtful that they're still there. I think were gonna be expected...Anyways, were going to go there for answers" (MC, just pretend you took it off.)

With that, Siege and Conker left in search of Trevor and Bowser while the Hyperion took off towards Tyranto.

Hours Later...

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Gah! Will you people just sit down and let him get us there instead of going 'are we there yet?'" interrupted Shadow, who as annoyed as I am from Sonic, Tails, and Rob's chant.


"Are we there yet?"

Shadow slapped his forehead.

"We're here!" I said, approaching the asterioid. We docked a few minutes later. We got out onto surface.

"Ok, first things first. Let's mingle and find out some things."

We split up to check out different parts of the town we landed in. Sonic, Tails, and Rob checked out an ice cream parlor, forgetting about the task at hand temporarily. Shadow and Robotnik went about the streets asking various people, however it was hard for people who looked so unusual to get any answers. Beelzemon and I went to the local bar to see what we could get.

I wasn't looking where I was going, and that was almost a blessing, because when I turned, I found myself nearing into a tall, red figure.


"Oww! Hey, man, you really need to watch were your going!" The man stood up, rubbing the bump on his head, with the general anime facefault on.

"Sorry, partner," I said with my cowboy persona, "Didn't mean to hit you like..." I finally got a better look at the guy, "...holy hell..."

I soon noticed I was standing face to face with the legendary Vash the Stampede.

"Got you!" I lunged at him and stuck my gauss rifle right to his face, knocking off his glasses. He looked confused...really unlike himself, actually. Beelzemon jumped over me and pointed his Berenjenas at him.

"Huh? What? What's going on?"

"We got you now, Vash the Stampede!"

He looked nervous, "Vash the Stampede?" he laughed, "You got the wrong guy...heheheh! ^_^"

"Bullsh*t! I saw your picture! We're gonna make sure you don't kill anyone anymore!"

I woulda shot him, even though later i was thankful I didn't, but I was lucky that i noticed quickly that he had his gun pointed at my chest. It must have been so fast that I couldn't have sensed it.

"So...we're at a stalemate..."

Vash nodded, his complexion getting much more serious.

"If you'd let me explain, we can sort all of this out."

A few moments later, outside the bar.

"So you don't want to kill anymore?"

"It's a promise I made...to a friend. I've also seen how terrible it can be, too. Now, I'm no longer a killer. I am like a hunter of the peace...a wandering protector to the innocent." He had this wierd hero-type air around him. It was almost believable...but, I guess it's hard for him to say he's legit when everyone's after his ***...and my policy on reformed guys is to not kill them. Besides, he could be a good ally.

"I think he's telling the truth, Jim," said Beelzemon, "He has that thing in his eye...I can see his remorse and need to bring justice." It was official now. Beelzemon knows alot about reformed villains, being one himself. Vash nodded with closed, happy eyes toward Beelzemon.

"Alright, then," I said, "You'd be a good ally in our little journey to rid the universe of scum that ruin the peace. Currently, were looking for Gali Virgo and his crew."

"Oh!" he said, seemign to get nervous again, laughing nervously, "Those guys? eheh...well, i'll tell youa bout them. Just take me back to your ship. I'm starving."

Moments later...

"You gave them TIPS!?"

"Ehehe! now calm down, I didn't mean to, really."

I had him pinned against the wall and shaking him rapidly by his shoulders.

"What the hell were you thinking?" I shouted as I shook him, "I thought you didn't want to kill or do bad things anymore!"

"Well...errr...I know, but...I think I was....drunk." He sweatdropped, and so did the others, who had just gotten over the histeria of the fact that he was Vash the Stampede. I was furious.

"DRUNK!? You mean to say that the greatest gunman in all of the universe, gave tips to EXTREMELY DANGEROUS CRIMINALS because he got SH*TFACED? Why you careless little..."

I reared back to punch him, but Beelzemon stopped my arm.

"Calm down, Jim!" he said, trying to keep me from bursting an artery in my head, "So what he tipped them? It was a mistake. Think of how many times you made mistakes while drunk."

I paused for a moment, my face giving looks of disgust at Beelzemon's checkmate.

"Well, do you know what 'big plans' they have?"

"I couldn't hear so well...but I think it has to do with diamonds..."

"Damn...we'd need Siege in order to find out what diamond shipments are going on. Looks like were gonna have to explore. Vash, you tipped them off, so you gotta help us out."

Vash still kept his innocent look, "Hey, I was gonna help you with your mission anyways. Like I said, I'm a hunter of the peace!" He gave a crossed-finger peace sign.

"Alright, but just realize that we might have to kill in this situation if there is no other choice. You can go by your own rules, but also respect we got our own methods. But, of course, we won't kill whoever your fighting if you defeat them cleanly in your way."

"I understand that...I guess."

"Besides, we only kill the really bad kind of outlaws," I added.

"Ok. Our next course of action is to explore the main areas of the galaxy for any diamond exports until Siege and Conker get back to help us out."

We all found a place to sit and took the Hyperion int orbit, continuing our journey.

I'll post sign up info for Vash later. [That's right, you can also introduce new chars, as long as you keep track.]

Pichu Luver
25th April 2003, 07:04 AM
I sat in my ship, scouting the universe, I was the farthest planet from the sun, though certainly more hot then people would think, but now, as I leave it, I could feel the lonelyness a traveller feels, no home to go back to until thr good is done. And I would find her.
"She can't run forever..."Who was I talking to? No one, all the minions were driving the 500 ships I had, to a planet, her home planet, a well known resort planet called Gila.
"We're here Sir."

*1 hour later*

The Planet was in ruins, all dead, the whole planet dead, Jennifer would know I'm alive, and let her know, if she keeps running I'll destroy one planet everytime.
"They didn't even fight back."
"Wouldn't the UED Be here?"
"Stop talking you fools! Your soldiers no canaries! Yes the UED will be here soon! I know that, I"ll destroy them, and you know that too, so get back on that ship and get us off this stupid planet!!!!!" I Roared, they flinched and listened as we took off, we headed into space, my fleet would soon find her.. I knew it.
"Sir, or scouts, they have found her."
"How many scouts do you have on her?"
"8 sir."
"Bring her back." I snapped at him, he scurried off, talking their the comm link.

"OK, now this can a little bit of a problem.." I said, not really paying attention to shocker screaming on the comm.
My ship turn and twisted, blarly escaping the missles, (whats shooting em? a DeathGlider from Stargate SG 1 ^^') God damn, whats they're problem? I though, twirling and twisting, up down, urgg my stomach.
"Hey shock, wouldn't mind some help!"
"They put me in a drive warp, see ya on some planet!"
In seconds the battlecuiser disappeared.
"****!!!" I screamed out on the comm link. I flipped a little switch giving out a signal, signal for help. I preyed someone would find it. For now, I had to fight em.
yeah well done :D someone help jenn.

25th April 2003, 03:47 PM
Here’s the gang’s moves:
~Hell Shot-His gun’s shoot blasts of red energy that have the power of a small missile shell.
~Rune Blade-Red runes appear on his sword and it becomes strong enough to cut through steel
~ Purple Lightning-He splits into four. Each slash at the target
~Demon Wrath-He sprouts dragon wings and is surrounded by a red aura. He continuously uses Hell Shot and Rune Blade while in this mode.
~Flare Fist-He fires a blast of volcano hot fire from his fist (similar to Fist of the Beast King)
~Thunder Stroke-Creates a ball of purple electricity in his hand and fires a blast at the target.
~Trance-He glows pink and white. He becomes faster and stronger.
~Mimic-he becomes a double of the target and copy’s their abilities and everything.
~Trinity-all three of them gather their energy into Gali's gun and fires a powerfu beam of energy.l

I looked through the window to see that we were near Mars.
“Come on guys,” I said, “Let’s get ready.” Copycat walked up to Tea.
“We’ll need you to put on this disguise,” he said. Tea then walked into the next room. A few minutes later, we had landed on Mars. We were at a cavern near a city. Tea then walked back into the room dressed like a cowgirl.
“Wow Tea,” Tio said, “you look like you twenty or something.”
“Thanks Tio,” she replied, “but I don’t see why I had to wear these fake breasts.” She glared at Copycat.
“Hey we had to make you look older,” he said. I walked toward the hatch and turned to the group.
“Okay guys, here’s the plan. The diamonds will be transported through this cavern to that city. We’re going to ambush it here. Tea will sit by the side of the road, acting like she’s broken her ankle,” I turned to Tea.
“You must try to get the guards attention. Once they’ve stopped, try to keep the occupied and get them off their guard. Then you give us a signal of some sort and we’ll come down and steal the diamonds.”
“I could kiss one of the guards on the cheek as the signal,” Tea suggested.
“Great idea. Once we have the diamonds, we head for the shapeshifter and get the hell outta there. Also, id we get in a gunfight, remember, shoot to wound only.”
“Yeah we know,” Tio said, “We’re not killers.”
“Okay everyone. Let’s go.” As everyone was leaving the ship, Tea walked up to me.
“Do you think I’m beautiful in this outfit?” she asked.
“Tea,” I replied, “You’re beautiful even without the outfit.” Tea then walked out of the ship.
I think she likes me

25th April 2003, 04:03 PM
No points for guessing who the idiot with the LSU. Messa sorry, was busy...:rolleyes:

Name: Sam
From?: Made up...
Age: 23
Gender: male
Occupation: Ex-soldier turned rebel
Personality: cocky and outgoing, loves to brag and can come off as a right jerk but falls easily for cute girls
Looks: He's 7 feet tall (damn what's he been eating?) and is much stronger than his age indicates. He prefers to wear jeans with a black t-shirt and trainers. he also has beach blonde hair and sea green eyes.
Abilities/Weapons/Forces: Basic fighting skills and a little stelth/Gold handled sword/A cocky, human speaking Pikachu
History: TBR
Friends/Enemies: Is enemies with most people, because he keeps causing trouble but no one can catch him
Other: he has a ship called Lightning.

Name: Pika
From?: Pokemon world
Age: 5/19 in Pikachu years
Gender: male
Occupation: rebel
Personality: occasionally cocky and loves to see Sam mess up. But always feels guilty and eventually bails him out.
Looks: If you don't know look directly up!
Abilities/Weapons/Forces: Electric attacks and the ability of human speach
History: TBR
Friends/Enemies: He's best friends with Sam.
Other: curse the dreaded other!

"There, all fixed." I said, wiping the oil from my hands onto my shirt.
"Are you sure this'll fly?"
"It bl***y well better. I've got tones of guards who want my head on the platter because of that stunt we pulled back there."
"You mean the stunt you pulled." He replied in a smart-a** tone.
"You could've helped."
"I know, but it's more fun to watch you almost getting killed."
I glared at him then we both climbed into the ship. It was called Lightning or something like that. i stole it a couple of months ago and now I'd just stolen the parts to fix it.
I started up the engine and took off. It flew nicely considering the state it was in, but the weaponry was suburb.
"Yo we're picking up something here!2 Called Pika.
I looked down. A distress signal?
"Let's check it out." I said.
We flew overand found a group of about eight ships firing at another one.
"You know we can't get involved." Said Pika.
"I know and I'm not going...to..."
"Oh no, not again."
"Damn, she is hot!!"
"You have got to stop helping out every cute girl you see. That's how they're going to catch you!" Pika yelled, slapping my face.
"I don't care. She's in trouble and I gotta do something."
I flew the ship down behind the attacking ones.
"Yo! A**ho**s!"
The ships stopped firing and the second they began to turn I opened fire. Their armour was reasonably strong but my weapons eventually cut through it and the ships exploded. The few remains floating around space.
"Hi there." I said through my comm.

Hopes is okay...

25th April 2003, 05:04 PM
Yeah.. le's introduce Annie and OAKLEY!

"Little orphan Annie... what a dreary shame!" Meowth snickered slightly at his pun.
"Hmph, we wouldn't even be DOING this if it werent for Jesse..." Annie snapped back.
"Jesse saved our BEAUTIFUL lives, you know," Oakley was staring at a mirror again. "That's why we agreed to this in the first place!"
"So we got this girl who can soothe ghosts... what will THAT do?!" Annie snarled.
"Oh... a HELL of a lot more than you can imagine..." Meowth's eyes flickered. "It's the key to Jesse. We can kidnap us another chick and have Jesse "borrow" her body! With this intact Jesse has picked up on a lot of rare and rich stuff she could happily share with us! Not only that, but with dis girl wes can control every ghost Pokemon in the galaxy! It's as simple as that."
"Why didn't you tell me that earlier?!" Annie yelled. She dropped to a hiss. "More motivation could've made kidnapping her easier, she knocked out both of our Pokemon before we could tie her up!"
"You didn't ask..." Meowth said. "And besides, don't you wanna get together wit your boyfreind Kuja again?"
Anni started dreaming. "YES! Oh Kuja, how I miss you so..."
"I don't..." Muttered Oakley. "The both of you deprived me of 15 hours of beauty sleep... And besides, Geralden Lawrence III is still sexier."
"You're just jealous you didn't GET any," Annie smiled evilly as she whispered into Oakley's ear.
Shadow had chosen this moment to notice the bickering ladies. After about three seconds he exclaimed to himself, "That's Annie and Oakley! I gotta get to the others!"
Shadow darted off, but Meowth recognized him. "Ay crap, those stupid hedgehogs have found us! Lickety split, NOW."
The three ran off into their small ship, styled much like Samus Aran's ship, and hopped in.
Their hostage was still there. Meditating silenty despite being bound ad gagged, the teenage girl simply flashed her eyes open when they arrived and glared at them.
"My, you've been awfully calm... We'd talk, but we gotta skedaddle," Meowth said.

Pichu Luver
25th April 2003, 05:13 PM
"Who the hell are you?"
"Thats a nice greeting...."
I frowned at the comm, who the **** is this guy? The ships were gone, he pulled up beside me.
"Who are you?"
"A handsom guy rescuing you." He smirked.
I pulled the middle finger at him, he seemed shocked at jesture.
"I'm Sam."
"oh I'm Jenn"

sorry for tha shortness!!!

~TL Inc.

25th April 2003, 05:20 PM
I flinched as something whacked me across the back of the head.
"And this is Pika." i said, pointing to my slightly p****d off Pikachu.
"I have a pikachu." Replied Jenn, "her name's Shocker but she got sent into warp drive and now I gotta go faster."
"See? Her Pikachu gets to fly."
"Oh shut up! You expect me to steal another ship? Well we've got nothing better to do, how about we help you look?" I offered.
"If you want. We'll land there and started searching."
She took off and we followed behind.
"Do you think I stand a chance?" I asked Pika.
"Well then you won'tr stand a chance with her pikachu."
"Why the hell not?"
"Simple. Ya know the phrase dogs are like their owners?"
"Well it's the same for pokemon. You'll be like me, she'll be like Jenn, ipso facto you don't stand a chance."
He growled quietly then went silent. Finally, something that shut him up.

25th April 2003, 06:42 PM
Gali, Tio and I quickly got into our positions and Tea positioned herself at the bottem of the cavern.
"They're coming!" Tio called. The three of us hid behind rocks, still trying to see Tea. A large caravan went passed, surrounded by bounty hunters and a few medics.
"Showtime," I whispered to myself. As soon as the caravan entered the cavern, Tea started to cry out in pain and clutching her leg. It worked like a charm. The caravan stopped and six of the bounty hunters came to help her. I couldn't make out what he said, but I could tell she was flirting with them. The she kissed one of them on the cheek. That was the signal. I saw Gali step out from his hiding place and take aim.
"HELL SHOT!!!" He cried. He fired at the caravan and the blast toppled it onto it's side. The three of us jumped down. I went straight for the hole that Gali had blown in the caravan and snatched the bag that was sitting in the middle of it. Gali and Tio, using the caravan as cover began firing on the bounty hunters. Gali was using Hell Shot and was firing towards the ground. The blast sent the bounty hunters flying back. I ran up to Tea and grabbed her arm.
"Come on let's go!" I cried, "We've got what we want!" Gali and Tio backed away firing and then we scrambled up the cliff face. We made a mad dash towards the shapeshifter. I hopped in and began to take off. The other three jumped in and Gali began firing from the doorway. He then closed the hatch and we sped off.

Snakes N' Legends
25th April 2003, 10:24 PM
Trevor Venema

I was in the training room of the ship. Bowser's ship had not everything a ship should have but it did have a training room. I was duking it out with Dragonite and Rayqueza. Even as a Rocket, I was in top condition and so were my pokemon. Dragonite and Rayqueza looked at me and I looked at them.

<So when are you going to go to Hybrid mode?> Dragonite asked.

<Come on, I am getting impatient.> Rayqueza growled.

"Fine, fine, you know Mewtwo is more enjoyable to be around." I replied back.

Rayqueza growled as I turned off my holographic human form to reveal my Dragonite Hybrid self. I think Rayqueza thinks he is better than Mewtwo but he is kidding himself. Dragonite dived at me and so did Rayqueza. I flew in the air and attacked them with Icy Wind. Both Dragonite and Rayqueza stopped in their tracks.

<Good one, Trevor.> Dragonite said.

<It was a cheap shot.> Rayqueza growled agid

"Cheap shot, that was perfect. You could hit a Wartortle even if you were blindfolded." I taunted.

<Why you little - > Rayqueza growled but Bowser interrupted.

"Trevor, there is someone who wants to talk to you using the vid system." Bowser said.

"The Four? I don't want to see them." I growled.

"Not The Four. Her!!!" Bowser said and he left.

A Video screen popped down and she appeared. I didn't like her. She was the new leader of Team Rocket and she was the reason why I left in the first place. I didn't see why she was wasting her time talking to me.

"Trevor, Darling. I want you to come back." She said.

"Thanks, but no thanks." I said.

"But I will let you use your powers half of the time. Please Trevor!!! Team Rocket is not as strong as it was before!!! Please!!" She begged.

"You don't get it. You can't restrict a Venema's power!!!! You can't restrict a Pokemon's power. And you expect me to join you if you are offering that lame offer. I would join you even if you did let us use our power at full strength. I am tired of Team Rocket. I want to start a new life. So stop bugging me or you will regret it!!!!!" I yelled as sparks flew.

She looked scared and then she hung up. The vid screen rose into the ceiling and then I got angry. Dragonite and Rayqueza backed away from me. They knew that when I got angry, it was best to stay far away.

"That lady!! How dare she!!!" I screamed as electricty flew out.


I watched the electricty come out the training room. He is mad again. Why can't he control his temper? That is one thing I have to work on if we are going to be partners for a long time. I scanned the area for any signs of the Hyperion. Finally, I got a signal from a different ship. Guess they decided to take a different ship. I hailed the small ship.

"Attention, The Four. This is Bowser, you may dock in the shuttle area of the Koopa One. After you arrive in, make yourself at home. Oh, try not to upset Trevor. Trust me, he blew a fuse just a moment ago and almost short-curcuited my ship. Just be wary that Trevor Venema has a electric temper. Otherwise, thanks for coming." I said.

25th April 2003, 10:52 PM


The Dust swirled as my feet landed on the dry planet. The wind caught my black trench coat as it swayed back and forth. I was looking for a nice pub to stay and have a couple of drinks and maybe find a bounty. I walked up to the pub doors and swong them open like i owned the place. Everyone in the bar just took a half caring glance at me and continued with their business. I scanned the smoke filled bar looking for anybody who even resembled a criminal and not to mention any cops that might be also looking for a bounty. I smiled as i walked towards the stolls and took a seat with a nice sigh. The bar tender had his back turned as he cleaned a cup with a slightly dirty rag. I looked at him trying to make him turn, after a moment i slammed my fists on the counter. The tender turned slowly and asked," yeah what do ya what scrawny?" he rasped.
I leaned on one of my hands and pointed to a whisky bottle,"Something hard on the rocks!" I grinned. He grunted and turned. As the tender was getting my drink i turned half way and looked once again into the dirty looking crowd of drunks and pocker players. One man noticing me i turned back around and saw my whisky....with out any rocks....I slowly looked up at the tender who didnt really cared. "Um...you forgot my rocks...." i sighed. "Either drink it or shove off!!" He said in a greasy tone. laughing i pounded my fists on the counter hard & before the fat tender knew it my gun was in his face. "Listen buddy....i asked for rocks!" I smiled as i took my glasses off and put them in my pocket.
Feeling scared and noticing my flame reflected eyes, one tinner guy made it to the phone and dialed for the cops. Hearing the slight taping of the phones buttons, i saw what he was dialing. "Oh crap!!" I said as i grinned in the tenders face taking the drink and giving it a swig, i quickly reholstered my gun and made for the door.
Once outside and starting to walk towards my spaceship i heard the tender click his rifle. "N now put yer hands in the air!" he managed to shake out. Putting up my hands i said to myself, "That whisky tasted like sh*t anyway......."
Ok! anybody want to take the call?:D

*The Four*
26th April 2003, 01:39 AM
The Four

Siege Mortar

Conker and I docked in the bay that Bowser pointed out to us and proceded inside.

"Ah, The Four..." said Bowser, "Or should I say the Two?"

Conker chuckled at the pun, but i remained serious and courteous.

"Quite...I am Master Sergeant Siege Mortar, Raynor's second-in-command. This gentleman right here is Conker, my partner. We're here to te--"

"Get out of here!" yelled a voice, most likely Trevor's, "I don't want to see you guys. Your just gonna try to bust me."

I was shocked at his sudden hostility.

"Sir, we don't mean to pose any thr--" (Btw, if your perplexed by Siege's courtesy and such, then think of him as having Micheal Dorn's voice)

"I don't wanna hear it! Dragonite! Rayquaza! Hyper Beam!"

I recognized that energy charge sound coming from his Pokemon. Dragon hyper beams are very destructive.

"Wait!" said Bowser, "Trevor! your gonna ruin the place!"

Bowser's plea was too late, and the hyper beams were fired, Bowser nearly getting scraped by them. As the beams approached us, we didn't feel too alarmed. Conker sidestepped the beam coming his way quickly, and i deflected the beam coming my way with my cybernetic arm. I was happy thatg we dodged and deflected them outside of the room, because the beams made quite a large explosion when they collided with nearby asteroids.

"Grrrrrr! Get out of here!" roared Trevor as he flew at us with fury, electricity surrounding him in what i believed could be the Outrage technique. I charged up my arm and quickly blocked his fist as it clashed with my forearm, causing a shockwave.

"Impressive...but your still not gonna get me!"

"Now hold on a second!" said Conker, "Who said were here to get you?"

"Your the most famous bounty hunters in all of the galaxy! And i'm a wanted ex-TR member!"

"If you'd just let me explain," I said, trying to calm him down, "We have a policy that we dont hunt down people who go legit or turn from criminal ways. Lately, we've heard you were such a person, and the same went for Bowser. We came to reassure you that we do not wish you any harm."

Trevor seemed to trust us slightly now, and he backed off, hovering back to Bowser.

"Now, Bowser....was there something you wanted to discuss with us?"

[I'll leave the next part of that up to you, S n L]

Jim Raynor

We searched everywhere for a diamond shipment, but there was no luck. We were about to give up until we got a distress signal from Mars.

"I think we found them, guys. Hold tight!"

I sent the Hyperion into hyperspace towards Mars. When we arrived, we saw we were too late...

"These guys are hurt badly," said Vash, examining the wounded, "Whoever did this much damage must have been really powerful. Thank God they aren't dead..."

I went over to a struggling but alive guard.

"What type of shipment was this?" I inquired.

"They were black diamonds....each one of them were worth a fortune. They were being sent to a vault on Mars so that pirates couldn't get at them...we failed...nnnghh" The guard groaned in pain.

"Easy there, partner. You're gonna be ok."

I turned to Beelzemon, who was examining the impact points that must have hurt the guards. They looked like missile shots.

"What do you make of it, Beelzemon?" I said, knowing that Beelzemon was kindof like our secondary ballistics expert.

He picked up a bit of the soil and sniffed it.

"It's fresh. The ground wasn't burned by missile explosions, though. I smell a trace of positrons in this stuff. Similar to my arm gun...it has positronic energy with a hint of demonic power," Beelzemon also knew a lot about demons, being one himself, "Jim...whoever did this must have been really powerful."

"I can't believe I gave these guys the incentive..." Vash said to himself, hurting inside.

"They used some girl to trick us...I knew that broad was just for show."

"Hmmm...could that be Tea?" said Sonic, who was just coming out of the ship. The others stayed inside to protect the ship.

"Most likely," I said, "what other girl went with them?"

Another person struggled to speak, this one being a medic, "They just left about 20 minutes ago. You can still catch them if you follow their vapor trail. Leave us here...we'll be alright. I'm calling for backup."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" said Vash, "Let's go!"

We all hurried back inside the ship and got a lock on their vapor trail. We sped off in their current direction.

A few moments later, we caught up with a derelict cruiser. The strange part was that the cruiser had an unusual identification signal.

"Identify yourself!" I yelled out to the cruiser on a transmission. They returned transmission, showing a vid screen with the Four of them there.

"Heh...I'm impressed," said Gali on the screen transmission, "Didn't know you'd catch on so fast. I guess you really are good bounty hunters. However, your not getting us! Not on your lives!"

The ship shapeshifted back into the regular Shapeshifter and blazed off. We sped after them, firing at them with the Hyperions laser batteries.

"Wow...your ship is pretty fast for being so huge."

I turned my head and smirked. I had to thank the Protoss for those enhancements.

"Of course, our ship is more maneuverable, so we can land a lot of hits on you!"

Gali must have put on some quick space support suit or something, because the last thing we heard was a voice shouting "Hell Shot!" and the hull was hit witha powerful blast of red energy.

"Thats it! that was the attack!" said Beelzemon, recognizing the energy.

Robotnik checked the ship status, "The ship won't be able to survive another shot like that!"

They sped off faster as we began to slow down. There was only one recourse.

"Guys, get in your seat. I'm activating the Yamato Gun."

"Jim," said Beelzemon, "Don't you think that's a bit harsh?"

"Hey, don't go all Siege on me, Beelzemon."

"But Siege knows how to activate it and aim it accurately?"

"And I dont? Just sit tight"

I activated the Yamato Gun's charging mechanism, starting to slow to a stop as the shapeshifter nearly sped off out of sight.

"FIRE!" I shouted, as a reddish beam of concentrated nuclear energy blasted from the front of the Hyperion, sailing towards the Shapeshifter. The beam passed them quickly.

The Shapeshifter stopped, "After all that you missed?" said Tio in a transmission.

I smirked, "Heh...I didn't miss"

It only took them a while to realize that their entire right engine was obliterated. The blast wasnt mean't to hit them, but to graze them. And it was good timing too, because they had just entered the orbit of an unknown jungle planet.

"You bastards!" the transmission ended as their ship went on a crash course with the planet.

"That was a great shot you made, Jim," said Robotnik, straightening his mustache, "You anticipated the exact time they would reach the planet and timed the shot."

"Actually, I meant to just graze them so that their ship would stop," I said with anime sweatdrop, "The planet landing was just lucky."

We all got anime sweatdrops.

"Wait a sec!" said Vash, "They're gonna crash and die!"

"No they wont. If they're clever outlaws, they have some sort of safety landing device. Let's meet them on the planet."

We proceeded towards the planet faster than their fall, preparing to meet them there.

[MC, i'm planning this to be our little battleground for a while ^_^]

Snakes N' Legends
26th April 2003, 01:30 PM

After the whole confliction thing, I lead Siege and Conker into the conference room with Trevor following behind. We all sat down and I noticed Trevor's pokemon. They were still guarding the door. It is like they don't trust any member of The Four. Well, they say pokemon take on the habits of their trainers even if it was distrust.

"Siege, this is my proposition. An alliance with The Four. I bet you have gotten in some tough scrapes in your days. We could provide some help and we could use some help when we get in tough scrapes." Bowser suggested.

Siege and Conker pondered the suggestion and turned towards Trevor. I noticed Trevor was twitching again. I hope it wasn't happening already.

"So Trevor, how do you come across Rayqueza?" Siege asked.

"It was right after .... "

That's when it happened. Trevor's twitching became serious now. I took out a remote and pressed a button. The doors opened and a floating stretcher flew in. Trevor wasn't that heavy but with the help of Siege, we lifted him onto the stretcher.

"Follow me!!" I said as I raced out of the conference room.

Siege and Conker were confused but they followed me anyways. We passed several corridors until we reached the final destination. I put my hand on a plate. Several lasers scanned my hand and the door opened. What was inside was a miniture lab that I had built for emergencies. I glided the stretched in. Several robot arms attached themselves to Trevor and pulled him. Trevor was placed inside a tank.

"Bowser, what is going on?" Siege asked.

"In a minute, Siege. Computer, activate DNA Containment Sequence. Authorization Bowser 45 Alpha."

Several machines started to work and I saw all was right. I turned around and looked at Siege. He was confused at what was going on. I probably should have told them ahead of time.

"Trevor has a problem. His Dragonite DNA is unbalanced." I said.

"I don't understand. How did this happen?" Siege asked.

"Take a guess!!" I suggested.

"Giovanni?" Conker asked.

"Correct!!" I commented.

"But how?" Siege asked.

"I checked Giovanni's Hybrid Project. His plan worked out perfectly except one problem. A Human/Pokemon Hybrid DNA's get unbalanced after a certain period of time. I guess Giovanni didn't realize that. Now Trevor is suffering because of Giovanni's error." I explained.

"You are correcting it, right?" Conker said.

"Only temporarly. I can stop the DNA from being unbalanced for a month or two but I can't stop it permanetly. Unless I find a way to recorrect Giovanni's error, the Dragonite DNA will take over Trevor's body. You know what will happen next?" I explained.

Both Siege and Conker looked at me. Then they looked at Trevor.

"Enough of him. He will be okay ... for now. Let's return to the conference room. Since we are new to the bounty business, I thought you guys might give us some tips. You are the best. We are planning to go after Annie and Oakely. What would be the best possible action to capture those two?" I asked as I directed them towards the conference room.

Shadow Djinn
26th April 2003, 03:10 PM
Could you ok my signups? Otherwise Ill never post XD

Meh..cant do all right now..

Name: Zero
From?: (only if this isnt made up)...
Age: 19
Occupation:Bounty Hunter
Personality: Very Sarcastic, sometimes, but usually is friendly. Dark when battling.
Copy and paste that in the url or adress thingy...Ignore that girl...

Able to fire blasts of energy from his hands, and run really really fast when he wants to. Manipulates wind, can turn the wind into tornados(small ones), sonic waves, etc. Has a arm guard on his wrists which produces a green octagon shield(small)

Ill show the weapon later...

Same thing as wit the other url..
History: (optional)Later..

ANd now I must go....

*The Four*
26th April 2003, 08:35 PM
Your cleared to join, DT. Just try to add more info later ^_^.

Siege Mortar

Trevor's condition concerned me a bit more than what Bowser needed to talk about. Since I was a Physics and Biology Technological Analyst in the Terran Science Facilities as well as a Master Sergeant, I knew quite a bit about DNA. I knew that a human and Pokemon's DNA had many different branches, and splicing them would be unstable. I always theorized about the branches of genetic makeup. I believed, that since a great mind like Einstein used only 18% of his brain, the other 82% must have something special. I've seen cases of humans with psionic powers, magic abilities, and energy manipulation. I feel that this must do with that percentage. Humans have a portion of their DNA that controls the unknown region of the brain. This free space could probably be put towards manipulation of nature, elements, or reality, depending on the degree of mental ability. Now, Pokemon have an extra set of nucleic acids in their DNA that must represent their relationship with nature. In truth, the portion of the brain that Pokemon cannon control represents psionic abilities, not nature, thus explaining the psychic type Pokemon usually being able to speak eneglish or communicate better with humans. However, when spliced with human DNA, the extra set of nucleic acids would disallow connection. In Trevor's case, I theorize that the lunatics at TR Headquarters that try to play God, especially with the doomed Project Mewtwo, made an artificial set of those extra nucleic acids and applied it to Trevor's human DNA so that it would connect with the Dragonite DNA. That extra set must have only been designed for a temporary hold, like a peg on a ladder being held by the two legs compressing together. He was probably not meant to keep the power and be reused. Was he really meant to just be a disposable weapon of mass destruction? Giovanni is a madman...and I think it would do good to hinder his progress by taking on the TR members Bowser is after. I'd explain Trevor's problem to Bowser later.

"So..." I said, "You want to take down some Rocket Agents? Well, they're fairly easy to take down, depending on who you face. They mostly use Pokemon teams, most of which are too weak for Pokemon like Rayquaza and Dragonite. However, if your not going for kills, I suggest you exploit their weaknesses."

I pressed soemthign on my arm and a holo-monitor was emitted upward from it, "I've done much research on Team Rocket agents." I hacked into Team Rocket archives using the computer linkup in my arm and searched for to Annie and Oakley. I found them easily, but their last names have since been omitted by eam Rocket Intelligence. They sure are secretive, aren't they?

"Annie and Oakley seem to be quite vain...a flaw that comes to many attractive women. I suggest setting some sort of bait for them. Something that they'd easily fall for, like jewlery, clothes, etc. So basically, knowing how to capture them depends on if you know what to get a woman."

"Hmmm..." said Bowser, rubbing his chin, "A bit of a longshot, but not a bad plan."

"Good. And you can consider us allies from now--" I was interrupted by a transmission on my commlink.

"Siege! This is Jim! We've found the Shapeshifter and were persuing them on this jungle planet! They're about to crash land and meet us. Right now, were just entering the atmosphere. We need you and Conker back with us."

"We're on it, Jim. Prepare a recall for us as at my coordinates. I'll send them to you."

I sent our coordinates to him and he readied the Recall portal. Thank God for Protoss technology. The swirling portal appeared outside the area, near the docking bay.

"Have a nice trip through the wormhole," joked Jim, "See you on the other side."

"Alright," I shut off the commlink. We walked down to the docking bay with Bowser following us. I then turned to Bowser, "Give us a call when your in a tight spot," I proceded towars the portal, but stopped and turned around, "And also give us a call when Trevor's DNA messes up again. I may know how to help him."

"Ok," replied Bowser, "Remember to call us if you need help as well!"

"Will do," said Conker, as we both went backinto our ships and flew slowly into the portal, transporting us into the Hyperion's hangar.

26th April 2003, 10:21 PM

Sonic recognized Shadow as he dashed back to where Jim, Sonic, and Eggman were. "Dude, I thought you don't run in front of 'mortals'," Sonic quipped.
"Ha HA. Funny." Muttered Shadow. "But I got news for you. I just saw Annie and Oakley."
"WHAT?!" They all dashed over to Shadow.
"That's right, those brats were just here. And they have a hostage."
"What hostage?" Rob asked.
"Apparently some girl who can soothe ghosts..."
"WAITADAMNMINUTE." Rob said. He rushed to the computer on the ship and typed frantically. "I KNOW THAT GIRL! I helped her out once on her home planet... her name's Sammi Myer. I just KNEW she would be a damsel in distress pretty soon... ARRGGH."
"Their ship just went past." Tails noted, coming in. "I got the number to Venema's ship. He'd be more than willing to help us."
"Okay... DIAL!" Sonic said.
Tails punched in, and a recovering Trevor showed up. "Who the hell are you? Oh wait, you were with those bounty hunters, weren't you?"
"I can assure you, we ain't bounty hunters! I came to tell you the news that Annie and Oakley have been spotted, and we're in pursuit. Can you help us?"
"Annie and Oakley... hell yeah. But if you betray me..."
"I can't trust anyone."
"Good point."
"I'll meet your ship soon, just keep on their tail!" Trevor shut off the link.
"You heard him, in PURSUIT!" Sonic directed.
"Gotcha!" Tails agreed. The ship revved off in pursuit of the notoriuos duo.

Shadow Djinn
26th April 2003, 11:43 PM
Name: Zero
From?: (only if this isnt made up)...
Age: 19
Occupation:Bounty Hunter
Personality: Very Sarcastic, sometimes, but usually is friendly. Dark when battling.
Copy and paste that in the url or adress thingy...Ignore that girl...

Able to fire blasts of energy from his hands, and run really really fast when he wants to. Manipulates wind, can turn the wind into tornados(small ones), sonic waves, etc. Has a arm guard on his wrists which produces a green octagon shield(small)

Ill show the weapon later...
http://ffgods.ffextreme.com/ffxweaponstidus.shtml The red one in the middle..

Same thing as wit the other url..
Has a Ninetales named Blaze, an Umbreon named Shadow, and a Mightyena named Fang
History: (optional)Later..

Name: Hunter
From?: (only if this isnt made up).
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Personality:Pretty friendly, can be mean sometimes.
Looks: Has white fair hair. Has the same suit Zero has.
Abilities/Weapons/Forces(i.e. basic minions, henchmen, Pokemon, Digimon, soldiers and warriors, etc.):

Has one shield like Zero's, and his weapon is here http://ffgods.ffextreme.com/ffxweaponstidus.shtml the green one. Can move and levitate things. Can run really fast too, and jump high.
History: (optional)
Friends/Enemies: Zeros training him ^^;


27th April 2003, 12:40 AM
Ok OK! Listen...The Four. Im not really sure if you oked my person Vaname and i would like to know. Anyway........


I could tell the bar keep had never used a rifle before, heck maybe not even a gun so i lowered my hands. "Ok! Im sorry i almost for got!" I turned slowly as i spoke. "Ha! I forgot to pay you correct? Man im soo sorry about that...." I trailed off and i grabbed some change from my pocket and threw it at the keep, in a surprise he lifted & shot his gun into the air. While everyone was in cover on the dusty ground, i gave a salute and ran into my spaceship.

As i left i saw the people shouting insults and shaking their fists. I laughed as i headed for a new planet....maybe with better service! "Lets see now...where should i go now..?" i asked as i looked in my log of bountys and the prices on their heads. As i scanned through the names i happened to come upon the name of "Vash" "hmm...what a strange name....and oh? LOOK AT THAT BOUNTY!" I looked at the 66billion Double Dollars and decided that this was the best bounty i have come upon! "Now i just need to know where to find him......^.^;

27th April 2003, 01:32 AM
I stood on the side of the Shapeshifter, firing at those fools. Suddenly, a blast of red energy shot out and obliterated our right engine. We then went into a nosedive towards a jungle planet. I quickly climbed back inside and ran to the cockpit.
“Copycat!” I cried, “Try to land this thing!” Copycat leaned back on the joystick in an attempt to pull up.
“Tio!” I cried, “Activate the landing jets!” Tio ran up to a control panel and typed in some code. Then four jets come out of sides of the Shapeshifter and flared up. The Shapeshifter began to slow down.
“Brace yourselves!” I cried. The ship had managed to steady itself and get out of that nosedive, but now we were still going down. The ship crashed among a group of trees. When we had stopped moving I got up.
“Is everyone alright?” I asked. I looked to see Tio scrambling all over the floor looking for the bag of black diamonds, Copycat was stepping out of the cockpit and Tea was struggling to get to her feet. I helped her up.
“Thank you,” she said, blushing.
“What’s the damage?” I asked.
“Well the main body didn’t suffer too much damage, but the right engine’s been totally obliterated.”
“If I can get the darkmatter in the left engine fully charged up, we should have enough power to get to Tyranto.”
“How long will it take?”
“About thirty minutes.” I then looked out the window to see a ship landing in the distance.
“They’re here,” I said, “Tio, you and I will hold them off. Copycat, you get that engine charged up and make sure Tea doesn’t get hurt.” I then grabbed my sword and guns.
“Let’s go.”

*The Four*
27th April 2003, 08:35 AM
umm...i dont really have to ok it. All i can do is object if i dotn like it. And i thought you were fine, dude.

Meanwhile, before the Shapeshifter crashlanded...

Jim Raynor

"AAAAAAAHHH!" I yelled as Rob messed witht he controls, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Were going after Annie and Oakley to save that damsel in distress!"

"You idiot! We're going after Virgo and his group! Besides, you dont even know how to pilot a battlecruiser!"

I tried to wrestle the console from him.

"I know how to fly very well, thank you!" he retorted, wrestling it back.

"But were supposed to pursue those outlaws!" I wrestled it back again, each of us wrestling for it while we spoke.

"But Annie and Oakely have a damsel in distress!"

"So does Virgo!"

"She didn't even look so distressful!"

"It's Stockholme's Syndrome!"

"But Annie and Oakley are easier to fight! We wont get kileld fighting them!"

"Are you saying your a coward?"


We both wrestled for the controls, neither of us piloting the ship.

Sonic tapped me on the back, "umm, Jim?"

"What?" I snapped.

"We're gonna crash."

I looked at the monitors, watching as we entered the atmosphere too fast, "Oh."

Vash was having a nervous breakdown, "AHHHHHH! This is insane! I didn't wanna die like this! I havent even met the right girl yet!"

"Hey! Calm yourself!" said Beelzemon, "We won't crash,"

"Oh...eheh...well, ok. I guess." Vash suddenly got hit on the head by a loose soda can someone must have left out, sent at him by the force of the fall,giving him an Anime-style bruise, "Ow!"

Siege and Conker finally got off their ships and back to the main room. And it was about time, too! Siege asked no questions and quickly pulled the gigantic ship from its nose dive and had a "soft" landing on the ground.


We landed with a great amount of force. Not enough to destroy the ship, but enough to knock us upside down.

I got up, dizzied from shock.

"Alright! That's the LAST time you try to play captain, dude!" I said to Rob, pissed off a bit, but not too much. I had to remember that he was crazy about saving girls.

"Then what are we gonna do about Annie and Oakley!" asked Rob.

"I'm sure Trevor and Bowser can take care of them themselves. Right now, we got much bigger fish to fry."

"Might I suggest something?" said Conker, "Err..uhh...how about the five of us," he waved a hand to specify me, Siege, Beelzemon, Vash, and himself, "go to stop Gali, and the others can take their ship to help out Trevor. I mean, Annie and Oakley may be Rockets, but we've never faced them, so I think they should go to help Trevor. Besides, he'd trust them more than he trusts us."

"Gee...that's not bad a plan," I said, "Good work, Conker. After this, I'll treat us all to a round or two."

"Hot damn!" excalimed Conker, who was very fond of alchohol.

"Very well, then. We'll split up. Basically, it would only take one of you to be enough help to Trevor, but if all five of you want to go, thats good. If any of youw anna come along with us to take them on, that's good, too. But since we can make two groups of five, I think we should split up with this team and kill two birds with one stone. You can take the Tornado 2 and find Trevor. You know their coordinates. If you need any more ships, there's a dropship in the hangar. If all goes well, we can rendezvous at the Hyperion by 21:00 hours. That's nine o' clock p.m. for those of you who dont know army time."

They all nodded to the plan. Sonic, Rob, Shadow, Tails, and Robotnik all proceded towards their ships, prepared to save the mysetious girl who can soothe ghosts. I turned to the others.

"Alright, guys! Let's prepare ourselves!"

I got into my Terran Marine armor and took my Gauss rifle, along with a few Caster rounds. Siege loaded new clips into his pistols, readied his blaster rifle, and primed his arm machine gun. Beelzemon reloaded his Berenjenas and took a few Casters himself. Conker took his machine guns and shotgun, both of them reloaded with a few extra clips, and took along his katana. Vash opened up his silver revolver (well, kinda looks like a half between revolver and handgun) and loaded 6 new bullets in the barrel. He already had enough bullets stored away for when he needed it. Siege activated the auto-defense system and plasma shields, just in case there was any suprises.

"I think we're ready to go, guys. Let's move..."

We proceeded out of the Hyperion towards the coordinates Siege gave us that could be the possible landing spot the Shapeshifter was in. The Tornado and dropship took off from the ship as we left.

OH! And I need to put Vash's info.

Name: Vash the Stampede
From?: Trigun
Age: Dunno...could be around 25 to 27.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Outlaw/Hunter of the Peace
Personality: Happy go lucky in nature, he's usually humorous and kind hearted. He can get very serious when there is need to be serious, and he cant stand to see people get killed.
Looks: I'm taking that not many people watch Trigun here, so click here (http://trigunner.giborama.com/trigunner/wallpaper/wallpaper001.jpg)
Abilities/Weapons/Forces: He carries a special silver gun that he always uses, but he also uses his secret gun in his robotic arm. He also has an extremely powerful third gun, but he never uses it because of the destruction it causes.
History: Not much is known about Vash, but many people fear and hate him for what he has done in the past. For some reason, he has now made a vow never to kill again, and he fights for peace. However, this has not changed people's opinion of him, and he is still hunted down with the bounty of $$60,000,000,000.
Friends/Enemies: He had friends in the past, but not much is known about what happened to them. For now, he has a temporary friendship with the Four, since they understand his situation. (This is based off of this certian time period.) For now, this takes place before the first episode of Trigun.
Other: He's known for his bullets never missing their mark.

Pichu Luver
27th April 2003, 09:04 AM
this is happening when the hyperion was going thru that planets Atmostphere.

"Strange bunch of people.."
The ship lurched foward suddenly, the shield was lowered to 10%, I turned and saw more Gliders Coming for us.
"Sam I don't suppose you can take about 30 can you?"
"Then move you punkass now!"
The Both of us sped off, pushing are ships to the limits of their capabilities, it was insane! Both of us twisting and turning around eachother, barely dodging the lasers and missles.
"Who are these guys?"
"There part of an army, I kinda blew up their leader, so they're pissed at me now, and anyone who tries to save me."
"Who was the leader?"
"Some Oliver guy."
"YOU BLEW UP OLIVER?!?!?!?!?!"
I looked over at him in a confused manner. Suddenly a missle hit him, his ship went spinning downwards towards a planet where another ship had fallen.
"SAM!" I called out.
It was shockers voice, she must be on that planet too, to of my allies are ****ing on that planet.
"Sam! Shocker!" I called out. As I went at the planet at full speeds.

Snakes N' Legends
27th April 2003, 01:52 PM
Trevor Venema

After my converstation with tails, we started to located Annie and Oakely's ship. I want back to the training room and release all of my dragon pokemon. Bowser had a plan but I just had to make sure we had a back-up plan. He had previously ordered some fantastic gifts that a woman would want.

"There is someone on the line that says it is important she talk to you." Bowser shouted from the front of the ship.

Not her again, I thought. The view screen dropped down and it turned on. I excepted the new leader of Team Rocket, but it didn't expect her. Her Rose weapon twirled in the air. It couldn't be.

"Domino?" I asked.

"Correct, Dragon Boy. How are you?" Domino said.

"Suffering from Giovanni's plan. How are you?" I responded

"Sorry about that. We'll ... oh yeah, I have information for you." Domino said.

"On what?" I asked.

"On the Ghost of Jessie?" She replied back.

"The Ghost of Jessie?" My Pokemon and I shouted.

"You didn't know. Jessie died a couple years ago. Now she is part of Annie and Oakely's plan." She explained.

"Well, that explains the hostage who has the ability to soothe ghosts. I keep her in mind when we go after Annie and Oakely." I said while my Pokemon were nodding their heads.

"Going after those two? You sure you don't need any help." Domino suggested.

"Nope, the Four promised to back us up if we got into trouble." I explained

"You are in alliance with the Four?" Domino asked.


I received a message that The Four and friends were splitting up. Jim Raynor, Siege Mortar, Beezlemon, Conker and Vash were going after Virgo along with his group. Meanwhile, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Rob and Robotnik were going to help us take Annie and Oakely. I turned to my computer. I was already coming up with a plan to ensare those female Rockets. I had experience in this situation.

"So how are you going to capture them?"

I turned around and there was Trevor. He always does this. He always catches me offguard. I will never understand how a Venema can sneak up on someone without making any noise. He says that it is part of their nature, but I think he is bluffing.

"With Jewelry, Chocolates, etc." I explained.

"So basically, you are tempting them with things that they would want." Trevor said.

"Yeah, I have experience in this things." I explained.

"Since when?" Trevor asked.

"Hey, I have captured Princess Peach so many times. You don't think I know how to capture a woman." Bowser explained.

"That is true. You also know how to lose to Mario also." Trevor laughed.

"That's not funny!!! How was I supposed to know that he would rescue her all the time?" I asked.

"I don't know. You are supposed to be great and powerful. What happened?" Trevor chuckled.

"When I get my claws on, you .... " I said but Trevor interrupted me.

" ... you'll what? I doubt you could beat me with your eyes blindfolded."


We both turned to see Rayqueza pointing at one of the screens. I rushed over to see the scanner detecting something. It wasn't the Hyperion. So it must be the ship containing Sonic and his gang. Trevor and I agreed to stop this dispute ... for now. Trevor went back to the training room while I planned a ultimate plan to snare this Rocket Duo or should I say Rocket Trio!!!

27th April 2003, 03:16 PM
oh ok ^,^



Looking more into Vashs info, i noticed he was last seen by some tourist, going towards some planet that ive never heard of. "Oh well" i shrugged. Sitting in my control chair i set off towards the planet Vash was heading to. I just hope i know where the heck it is too.

After about an hour i noticed a planet in the distance. "Ahaha! Here i come Vash i know your on that planet! You have to be!! I need that 66 billion double dollars!" I laughed as i pushed on the gas.

27th April 2003, 05:02 PM
"This isn't good..." I muttered.
"No s***!" Replied Pika.
I pulled up on the steering, to try and soften the impact. We were gonna crash. The missile busted the landing gear. And I'd just had this ship fixed as well.
"Prepare for impact!" I yelled.
Pika jumped on my lap and I curled up on my seat as fast as I could. The ship smacked into the ground and we were thrust forward. The two of us crashed through the front window and landed on a patch of grass.
"That wasn't so bad." I said, standing up.
Pika stared at me speechless.
"Y-your s-shoulder."
"What, am I bleeding?" I asked, reaching for it.
"I know what color blood is, and that ain't it."
"what are you talking about?" I wiped some off. It had to be blood but...it was purple.
I grabbed a first aid kit and wrapped it up. "Not a word." I said to Pika harshly.
He nodded.
Shocker arrived after a moment and then Jenn, followed by a lot of gun fire.
"Come on!" I ordered. Picking up the two Pikachus.
I ran beside the ship and jumped, just as a missile hit the ground behing me. Jenn opened up one of the hatches and all of us climbed in.
Jenn pulled the ship up just as two of the attacking ships crashed into us.
"Sam can you take control of the weapons?" She asked.
"Of course!" I took control and began firing, keeping the ships off our tail as Jenn tried to get away.
Eventually, they broke off and we landed on a small planet.
"Wasn't that fun?" I asked sarcastically as I jumped out of the ship.

27th April 2003, 07:46 PM
"THIS IS ALL YOUR DAMN FAULT!" Yelled Meowth at Annie.
"WHY YOU LITTLE--" they fought each other.
Oakley said "Hey guys..."
"Ummm... we're being tailed."
"By who... WHAT?! TREVOR VENEMA?! Damn..." Annie cursed.
"Trevor... that sucks." Meowth said. "Hey, planet Earth's up ahead, we can lose 'em there, and proceed to Jesse's grave. I promised the girl if she cooperated she could also bring a friend of hers, so she won't be a problem."
"Well then, we can't afford to be trashed, so let's go." Oakley hopped to the controls and blased off towards earth.

Sonic used the radiocom. "Yo Venema! I got an idea! Perfect bait for the Lady Thieves!"
Trevor showed up. "Yeah?"
"Heh, I picked up that Annie's got a boyfriend!"
Trevor laughed. "Damn, why'd I not think of that?"
"Only problem is that her boyfriend's Kuja, a notorious Red Mage."
"Kuja... ugh, that pansy?!"
"Apparently, he's got a way with women..." Sonic said. "Anyway, with luck, Kuja's visiting earth. Annie will be most likely quite distracted when she learns he's there. We ambush them at his place, whereever he is!"
"Good, I'll chase 'em out, you guys find Kuja!" Trevor said.
"Gotcha!" Sonic radioed.
"So... we have to make our own knight in distress?" Rob said. "My this is gonna be interesting..."
"Heh, I've picked up the coordinates to Kuja's ship, the Invincible!" Robotnik reported. "Homing in now!"

Pichu Luver
27th April 2003, 08:32 PM
"I've gotta get an easier day job..."
"Chu chu chu.."
I wacked shocker of her chair and she landed right next to same. I pushed a green button and my ship appread in the docking bay, the most banged up I ever saw it..
"Your telling me.." I answered walking towards it, inspecting the damage, oil spilled all over the floor, shocker sighed to herself and went into the sterring wheel, to seconds later, Sams ship appeared in the docking bay by mine.
"Do you always fix your machine? Even when it seems hopeless?"
"Shocker! Give it try.."
The egine made a funny niose then smoke came from it, I paniced.
"Shock turn it off!!!!" I commanded, she did as she was told and turned it off, the smoke cleared and sams ship has aburn mark on it.
"Sorry Jenn.."
"It's fine.."
Sam dragged the wheeling thingy I was lying on from under the Jet, I frowned at him.
"Can you fix mine?"
I stood up suddenly, just looking at him, then I looked at my ship then his, frowning I went to his, dragging my wheely thingy with me.
She bounded into the othetr ship.
"Wow, what old controls.."
"Ok Shocker, rip out everything thats useless.." I Said, Sam and Pika just watched as they're ship was torn apart, and got the most modern equiment in it.
Ok, now, my ship will automaticly fill it with nuclear core, meaning, it blows even bigger, but.. you engine will never run out of fule and youe weapons are even stronger." I smirked and went into my dorm..
"Shock, take care of the Battlecuiser, I'm taking a shower."
"KK!!" She called.

I watched on my screen as they landed on another pathetic planet, called Zaras, my homeworld, I could just let them stay there.. Or could I? Truefully, once your one the planet most likely the acid rain will melt thru ship before they know it... But.. Since they have a stupid shield, it wn't even break thru.. Who knew catching jenn could be so annoying..
I tried to think of my options, either I blow the whole planet or catch her, either way I'm taking a chance, they will see my fleet landing..
"Damn her and her new friends.. She hiding on a planet she knows is safe..."
"She can't stay there forever she needs food, the BattleCuiser now known as the SwitchBlade.. There must be a reason its called that, but she's now telling us."
"Moron, why would she? And yes she will come off, but she knows I'm waiting for her.."

28th April 2003, 12:45 AM
"Wanna check it out?" I asked Pika.
He nodded and we headed inside. It was really different now, much better than when I conned that guy out of it.
"Looks like we're not gonna be able to leave Jenn for a while." I muttered.
"Fancy having a cat warlord wanting to kill you?"
"It'll make a change."
"We've got ourselves into some deep s*** haven't we?"
"No kidding."
I sighed. Wasn't this going to be fun?
"Wanna go see if we can find any food?" I asked.
"Why not? I'm gonna need it after the day I've had."
We walked out of the ship and began to wander, hoping to find some food.

28th April 2003, 01:47 AM
We stood outside the Shapeshifter until the four showed up. Gali and I prepared to fight, then I noticed someone else. Vash the Stampede!?
"what are you doing here!?" I cried.
"We've come to stop you of course," Seige replied.
"Not you. Him!!" I pointed to Vash.
"He's here to help us," Jim said.
"I don't get it! You gave us tips on how to become famous like you, and then you team up with them to catch us? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!!"
"I was drunk okay!" Vash said.
"We're not so different from you anyway Vash," he said, "Like you, we took an oath not to kill as well."
"HEY!!!!!" I screeched, "ARE WE GONNA FIGHT OR WHAT?!?!?!" Then everyone seemed to remember what we were supposed to be doing and got ready to fight.

Let the fight begin!

*The Four*
28th April 2003, 04:06 AM
You dont watch Trigun, dont you, MC? And btw, Shaka, its 60 billion, not 66. ^_^

The Four

Jim Raynor

We had arrived to fight the outlaws at last...however, Gali seemed to be shocked on this sudden change of alliance. It's either Vash just didn't know what he was doing, or he can get drunk pretty easily.

Vash smirked, "You may be right about us not wanting to kill...but you guys still oppose the peace, and I can't let you do that."

"At least I can get a little fun out of life," replied Gali, his gun ready, "Killing was your only pleasure as an outlaw until you gave it up, but I still have stealing, and I'll keep on stealing because its the only way you can get around in a God forsaken place like space! Hell Shot!"

He fired a blast of energy from his gun, straight at Vash. It looked like it was about to hit him, but Vash sidestepped the blast with incredible speed.

"Impressive..." said Gali.

"Not impressive enough!" added Tio, aiming his bazooka, "Take this!"

He fired a round at the ground near Vash. Vash spotted the shell being fired towards him and quickly drew his revolver, shooting it right in midair.

"Damn...that's a quick draw..." said Tio.

"That's it!" yelled Gali, readying his sword for his Rune Blade technique. He charged at Vash, slashing at him rapidly. Vash was dodging the slashes barely.

"Umm..guys?" yelled Vash nervously, "I could REALLY use some help right now!"

Beelzemon remembered something that he could do, "Oh yeah! Almost forgot about this!" He held out his hand and a large, double edged sword materialized in his hand. It must have been Shishioumaru, Leomon's sword. Must be another benefit of data absorption. Beelzemon charged to Vash and guarded a vertical slash from Gali, the blade being able to withstand the strength.

"Flare Fist!" shouted Tio, firing a volcaning blast from his fist at Beelzemon.

"Watch out!" yelled Vash, as Beelzemon turned to see the projectile with no time to dodge. Just then, Siege burst in front of him and knocked te blast away with his right arm, causing a bit of a burn, but not too much. Siege changed his arm to an energy cannon and fired an energy blast at Tio, knocking him down.

Conker jumped in to help fend off Gali's assault. Gali was an excellent swordsmen, and held them off easily. Suddenly, Gali split into four and slashed inward as he reformed into himself, slashing Conker and Beelzemon. It wasnt a serious wound, but it was enough to shed blood and knock them down. This wasn't good. Gali then fired another Hell Shot, this time at Siege, knocking him down. It's a good thing he had hsi shell to protect him. Now it was just Vash and myself versus Gali. I needed to think up somethign fast. I quickly loaded a Caster into my Gauss rifle's alternate barrel and fired it at Gali, knocking him back with much force.

"Gah...i cant take another shot like that. C'mon, Tio! back to the ship!"

They both ran back to the ship. I knew they weren't retreating, and they actually wanted us to follow them. I felt it was easier, since we could have gotten the diamonds that way, but the others were hurt. Then Siege got up.

"I'll tend to the others. You go after Virgo!" he said.

I nodded, and Vash and I ran after them.

28th April 2003, 10:40 PM
"Copycat!" I called, "How much longer?"
"Just a few more minutes," he replied.
"Dammit man we don't have a few minutes! Take off now!" Tio growled. Suddenly, the engine raored into life. We had to grab something to keep ourselves balanced. The ship slowly lifted off the ground. I clutched my stomach. It was still in pain from that shot.
"Are you alright?" Tea asked.
"I'm fine." I looked out the window to see that we were nearlyu out of the planet's atmosphere.
"How much time will it take to get to Tyranto?" I asked.
"Because we took off too early, one day," Copycat replied, "I'll disguise the shipe as a cargo ship to avoid detection." I then turned to Tea.
"You alright?" I asked.
"Sure I'm fine," she replied, blushing.

*The Four*
29th April 2003, 12:27 AM
Jim Raynor

We trailed them back to where their ship was, but we only saw this cargo ship slowly flying off the ground.

"Damn...we lost them," I said.

"I don't think so," said Vash, "remember that their ship can change shape?"

"Yeah, and?"



Vash simply pointed his gun at the ship and fired a shot at the armor, making a dent.

"Cargo ships usually have stronger armor than that."

They must have spotted us behidn them, because they gained speed right after Vash hit them.

"Ohhhhh no you dont!" I loaded another Caster round quickly at shot it at the cargo hold of the ship, blowing a hole in the bottom, the black diamonds falling out from the hold.


"Heh...clever," said Vash.

The ship reverted to its normal state.

"Damn you!" yelled out Copycat.

"That was a cheap shot!" added Tio.

"Y'know, Vash," added Gali, "Your a hypocrite. The greatest outlaw of all time and you help out bounty hunters. That's it! Forget about those damn diamonds! We're gonan go find something real big on our own! And i suggest you keep away from us, the Four...because next time, your gonna see clearly why I'm considered a nightmare to my enemies!"

The ship flew off at a high speed, out of sight. I knew it wasnt the last we'd hear from them. I havent faced guys like them in a long time. To tell the truth, i was worried if our team could survive another encounter with them.

"They'll definately be back..." I said.

"We'll be there to meet them, then," said Vash, "Now, lets go get those diamonds back to your ship and meet the others after we drop them off at the shipment."

I nodded, and we ran over to the bag of diamonds. It wasnt too heavy, but heavy for diamonds of that size. We then proceded back to the ship, with Siege, Conker, and Beelzemon waiting for us.

Pichu Luver
29th April 2003, 07:10 AM
I sat in the command seat, Sam and pika wandering around, most probably looking for food, I had to look out for those ships. I wonder if Oliver could be-
The screen flash incoming message, I hoped it was from allies, someone who had a powerful army to help us.
"Shocker.." I couldn't believe it, it was Him, but he died when Jenn blew up his spacestation and everything else. "I was greatly wondering, does Jenn happen to be on board?"
I froze, then Sam and Pika came over, what was I going to tell him?
Jenn suddenly came over now dressed in her usually clothing, it was the clothing she wore when she was really tired.

yeah continue later!!!

Snakes N' Legends
29th April 2003, 12:17 PM
Trevor Venema

"Chase'em out??? What does that mean?" I asked after hearing Sonic's plan.

"Maybe we give them a chase." Bowser replied.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"We give them a space chase until they get tired." Bowser said.

"Are you sure that's what Sonic meant?" I asked.

"How am I supposed to know? I am not Psychic." Bowser growled.

"My brother Gesper Venema is Psychic. Maybe we should call him and ask what Sonic said." I chuckled.

"Let's just get us to chase them." Bowser growled.

I picked up the intercom. We were following the girls. They were heading to Earth. I would have let them continue to Earth but Sonic said to give them a chase.

"Hey, Annie and Oakely. How about a chase or are you two chicken to even try to beat us?" I said.

"Was that even wise to say that?" Bowser asked.

"Right. Hey, Annie and Oakely, you two spend more time applying make-up to your faces than you do committing crimes. So why don't you chase us to see who is the better chaser?" I chuckled.

"Okay, now you did draw the line." Bowser said.

Bowser headed over to the bridge and started pressing buttons.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Setting up the auto defense systems because when they come after us ... it will be a chase that we shall remember." Bowser said.

"Trust me, nothing bad will happen." I said.

"Yeah, but those last words were spoken by people who didn't think anything who would happen ... and they are dead!!!" Bowser shouted.

"Trust me, nothing will happen!!!" I said.

29th April 2003, 12:34 PM
"Hey Shocker what's with you?" I asked, looking at the Pikachu who looked she was stuck in a very awkward situation.
"Err...I...um..." She had even started to sweat a bit.
I looked at Jenn. "What's with your Pikachu?"
"So Jenn is there." An evil voice came from the screen.
I looked over in curiosity. "Did that cat just talk?"
"Cat!? I'll kick your f*****g a** for that comment!"
"You're a cat." I replied.
He growled. "You'll regret that."
The screen went blank.
"You stupid f*****g moron!" Shouted Jenn. "You told Oliver I was here!"
"Oliver's a cat!?"
Everyone feel over anime style.
"Shocker, let's get a move on." Ordered Jenn. "We've got to try and find a way off of here thanks to gob a lot over here."
They left and Pika and I trailed behind.
"Honestly, I didn't know he was a cat." I muttered.

30th April 2003, 02:39 AM
"What do we do now?" Tio asked. I had just walked out of my room. My stomach was bandaged.
"We head for Tyranto," I replied, "Then we'll think of something there." I then turned to Tea.
"Can I speak with you in private?" I asked. Tea followed me into my room.
"I have to ask you," I said, "Why did you join our group? Was really because of Stockho..." I couldn't finish my sentance because before I knew it, Tea was kissing me. When she stopped, I stared at her in surprise.
"Well that answered my question."
"Now I have a question for you," she said, "do you love me too?" I smiled.
"Maybe this will tell you." I then leant over and kissed her back.

30th April 2003, 03:57 PM
"Sam, we're taking your ship!" Said Jenn sternly.
"You can't." I protested.
"You wanna die?"
"Then get in the f****** ship!"
We went in. Once we'd taken off and were sure we were in a safe area of space shocker began to show Pikachu the new controls.
"You can stay in the spare room." I said, giving Jenn a small tour.
"What's in there?" Asked Jenn, pointing to a door.
"That's my room, no guests allowed."
"Okay. Take it easy." She went into the guest room.
I looked back at the door. I didn't lie, that was my room it just wasn't a normal bedroom. All it had was a large cage and chains hanging on the walls.
I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and went to check out the new controls.

Pichu Luver
30th April 2003, 05:02 PM
I couldn't help myself, I wandered in without him noticing, I was shocked, it was a bedroom alright, but black all over and cages, the size for humans. His bed was made so he could look over them all, I saw skeletons in some cages, human and alien, I started to shiver in fear, what did he do for a living.
I heard him walking towards the room, what was I going to do, I was trapped, I was afriad of what he'll do to me, the door opened and in he came, holding shocker in one hand she was unconsicous.. I was even more afriad, he looked right at me, I trembled and collasped onto the floor shivering, and gasping to get ahold of myself, he kneeled down beside me, I looked down. Fear in my eyes, I couldn't look at him.
"Jenn, what are you doing in here?"
I did answer, I just kept shaking, I felt something strike me in my side, sharp, dagger like, it dag in without any residents at all, it stung for abit, then everything faded away...

"Oiy.." I muttered, standing up, I could remembered what happened, I woke up in my chair, I guess I fell asleep. Pika came running in tears full in his eyes.
"Shocker! Jenn! She's fallen into ecoma."
I stood sharp up, he has to be joking, I ran into the room, there jenn was, lifeless and living off a machine. It wasn't fair, she just falls into it..
I wandered back over to the battlecruiser, sitting there in my chair, looking picture of her when we were still at home on Earth. Her dream was to get back there, and we're so close... And now. I didn't know what to believe in anymore.. (this is the pic of jenny shocker was looking at (http://www.absolutely.net/lopez/index.htm))
"Hey Shock." Sam was here, kinda miserble himself.
"I don't get it, she was so happy to be finally going home and she goes into ecoma? She had such a good life." Tears filled my eyes, and I promised jenn I would never cry for her, but.. I couldn't help it..
"Hey she'll get better." Sam said ruffling my head.
thats it, have fun sam, yuio can whatever you want with jenn. XD

30th April 2003, 06:57 PM
Annie and Oakley

"Right. Hey, Annie and Oakely, you two spend more time applying make-up to your faces than you do committing crimes. So why don't you chase us to see who is the better chaser?"

Annie finally had enough, but she couldn't let them distract her. If that happened, they were jacked.
"No..." Annie grinned. "You're gonna chase us until you look like THIS," she made a silly face.
"Yeah, we're chickens, all right," Meowth grinned, imitating a chicken. "chickens who'll make big buck-buck-BUCKS!"
"Mmmpmmpmmmmph!" Sammi hoppedin front of the screen, still gagged, trying to scream for help.
"HEY! STAY DOWN THERE!" Meowth pressed her head down. "You didn't see that!"
"OH HELL YES WE DID!" Trevor said, laughing maniacally. "Now you're gonna get it!"
Sammi celebrated through the gag, but the other two panicked.
"OAKLEY, BLAST OFF NNNOOWW!" Meowth yelled as the jettisoned to earth.
"Oh Kuja, PLEEEASE have our damsel ready, we're in serious heat here!" Annie silently pleaded.
"Not ME!" Meowth grinned.
Annie bashed him with a hammer.

Streaking through the atmosphere, Sonic's ship took the heat easily. They landed on Japan, somewhere in the country (Hoenn.)
"we're here!" Tails said. "Kuja's near someplace."
"Yo, The Four!" Sonic radioed.
"What?" Siege answered a moment later.
"We're back on Earth in Japan!"
"What for?"
"Kuja! Why else?"
"KUJA?! What the hell is HE doing down there?"
"Annie's got a BOYFRIEND! Annie's got a BOYFRIEND!" Rob shouted.
"We just recovered the diamonds, but Gali and his group escaped. We might meet ya there. Where exactly are ya?"
"They call it Hoenn..."
"Why would Kuja be THERE?!"
"I dunno... Hey wait, what if he's helping his girlfriend?!"
"That could be trouble! Get on to im, and we might be there!"

(Dude, if this is BEFORE Tenchi Muyo, this would be a good 200 years before modern technology existed on earth! But oh well...)

1st May 2003, 01:10 AM
Shocker ran off upset. Guess she didn't like to see her friend like this.
"Why did you do it!?" Asked Pika angrilly.
"It happened again." I replied honestly. "I tried to stop it but I couldn't. I never can. At least she isn't dead like the others."
"I wonder why..."
"Must've been a reaction. She was in my room when I found her."
"Oh man, she must've seen all the bodies."
"Guess those cages weren't such a great hiding place for those bodies. She probably thinks that I just put people in there and leave 'em to die, not that the cages were originally built for me and that the bed's yours. What are going to do?" I turned to my Pikachu and he looked at me.
"Wait I guess. When she wakes up we'll have to see how much she remembers, that'll help us work out how much explaining we'll have to do."
"I'd better get back in my cage. I was trying to get rid of Shocker at the time."

I nodded and watched him walk off. I'd go check on him in a sec.
I looked at Jenn, she didn't know how wrong she'd been. I was wondering what I was supposed to say to her if she remembered. Let's be hoenst, the truth wouldn't get us far.
I went into Sam's room and took the keys. I locked the cage door, he didn't even check it this time. He must've been really upset about Jenn.
I felt sorry for him, he never seemed to get close to anyone. Until now.
I sighed and walked off to try and cheer up Shocker.

1st May 2003, 01:35 AM
“Hey you two! Wake up!” I heard as I slowly woke up. I looked over to see Gali waking up beside me. I got out of bed and entered the strategy hall. Tio and Copycat where standing at the door.
“Sleep well you two?” Copycat asked. Gali entered the room.
“What makes you think we wont?” he asked.
“Well we were just wondering that after that little kissing session of yours things might of heated up,” Tio replied. Gali and I stared at him.
“We peeking through the door.” Gali laughed slightly.
“Nothing happened okay,” he said.
“Well anyway,” Copycat said, “We’ve landing at Tyranto and we’re ready to go get the new engine. I can get it by myself, so you three go to the bar and relax. Oh by the way Tea, I’ve got something for you.” Copycat and I walked into the next room.

A few minutes later…
I walked out wearing a tank top, black boots and tight jeans.
“If you want to be one of us,” Copycat said, “you’ll have to dress like one of us. I’ll see you three later.” Copycat then walked out the door. Gali turned to us.
Well,” he said, “let’s go. Let’s try to get some info while we’re there too. See if there’s anything worth stealing.” The three of us then left the ship.

2nd May 2003, 12:49 PM
I sat on the floor, this idea of scaring myself out of this wasn't working. I sighed. I hated myself. I was killing people, and I had no control over it.
I heard the door open and close, probably Pika getting something. I ignored it. then I heard a click sound. i was shocked when I looked up to see Jenn standing outside of the cage, pointing a gun at my head.
"You've got a lot of explaining to do." She said.
I just looked at her. "You're late. You should've been out of that coma an hour ago. The dose I gave you wasn't even that strong."
"What the f*** did you do to me!?"
"What do you think!? I gave you some stuff to make you go into a coma so I could get rid of Shocker! Then I would have taken you out soon after you came out of that coma." I replied.
She was shocked. "What kind of sicko are you!? Putting bodies in cages and leaving them to rot while you watch."
"Oh is that what you think!?" I asked angrilly, getting up and walking right up to the bars of the cage. "I'll have you know that these cages were originally built for me. I found myself murdeering someone one night nd built these cages to contain myself. That bed is for my Pikachu!"
"Then explain the bodies!"
"I killed them. I thought that if I kept the bodies here I could scare myself out of doing it. The self that takes control of me and makes me do these things that I don't want to. So you know what!? Shoot me! You'll be doing me a favor!"

*The Four*
2nd May 2003, 09:46 PM
Erf...hold on a sec. I'm allowing Kuja to change his post since he forgot that this takes place before Tenchi Muyo!.

3rd May 2003, 06:17 PM
My post is edited... you can stop panicking now. Although I don't enjo this being BEFORE Tenchi, I had ideas...

*The Four*
4th May 2003, 12:45 AM
*looks a the edited post* Whatchu talkin' bout, Kuja? 200 years? No no no, i mea before Ryoko meets Tenchi, dude

Jim Raynor

"Alright. Change of plans, then," I said over the transmission to Sonic, "You guys go after Kuja so that you bag him, Annie, and Oakley all at once. We'll prolong the rendezvous to whenever we complete our missions. For now, the five of us have to get the diamonds safely to the drop off point. The diamond dealers are paying us for this defended cargo transport. It's another notch on our utilities, I guess. Just keep alive. Kuja's very dangerous."

"Eh...we dealt with that crossdresser before, remember?" said Sonic, reminding me of past adventures, "We'll be fine. You jsut get those diamonds there. Sonic, out."

The transmission ended. I turned towards the wounded of the party, mainly Conker and Beelzemon. We had to hook them up to rejuvenation machines. Beelzemonw as hooked up to a different rejuvinator since he's made of data.

"The wounds arent fatal, and tey wont scar dude to the revjuvinators," said Siege, "Beelzemon will heal faster since he's a Digimon."

"Thats good. How are you doing, Siege?"

"A burn on my arm. Shoulda used my metal one, but i didnt have time to charge it up to a level powerful enough to repel the energy. I also have soem surface damage on my shell. Dont worry. I'm in better shape than those two." He pointed to Conker and Beelzemon with his thumb.

"So...Now only the three of us are able to defend the cargo?" asked Vash.

"Seems like it. But this time, we'll be in the Hyperion. There isnt a battle yet that this baby hasnt pulled through."

We used a recall portal to shorten the time of our voyage. Mars was only a few thousand miles away.

Shadow Djinn
4th May 2003, 12:14 PM

I stood on a high building, my sword ready to slice that guy in front of me. But the little coward just ran off! With anger, I lunged at him, and ended up falling off the building.
" ARGHHHHH!" I cursed. I could see people clearing away and I landed on my feet, on the sidewalk. I fell down, and landed on my back. I watched the man run away,.
" 30,000...running away..." I muttered.

Pichu Luver
5th May 2003, 08:06 PM
yo.. I woke up.. Thats.. diff. anyway..

The gun rattled in my hand, my heart filled with anger. He wanted to kill Shocker, he wanted to hurt her, I would not allow this. But he was my friend, I couldn't, my head said shoot but something else said don't.
"You want me to kill you?" I asked, sweat dripping down my face, blurring my vision as it dripped infront of my eye.
"It would help the world get rid of another psycho." He growled at me.
"How would that help?"
He looked at me strangely.
"One more person dies a death he shouldn't just because he thinks he's psycho.." I told him, and melted the lock right off the cage.
"Sam, I killed so many people, it would make you blush." i winked at him.

6th May 2003, 10:46 AM
"Don't be so sure." I muttered, walking out of the cage. I looked at the clock. "I'm sane for another two hours. Wanna take a trip to Earth?"
Her eyes seemed to light up. "Yeah!"
"Come on, Shocker will be very happy to see you."
We walked into the control room. Shocker went hysterical and jumped into Jenn's arms. Too bad my Pikachu wasn't as thrilled to see me.
"You're supposed to be in the cage." He complained.
"Jenn melted the lock. Besides, it doesn't kick in for another two hours."
"Now I have to fix it." He ran off.
I walked over to the control panel and typed in some co-ordinates.
"Next stop Earth." I said, trying to lighten the mood a little.

7th May 2003, 02:09 AM
I walked into the parts shop and walked up o the counter.
"I'd like to buy a spare darkmatter engine please," I said.
"What type?" the guy asked.
"A 22-GO."
"Those things are on recall. They don't make those anymore, you'll have to get a new set." My heart sank. How the heck was I going to buy a new set of engines? Then I felt something in my pocket. A black diamond! I must have had one in my pocket the whole time. I showed it to the guy.
"What will this get me?" I asked. The guy nearly jumped in surprise, but then kept his cool.
"That will get you a TC14 darkmatter engine."
"I'll take it!"
"We'll install it for you." I then turned and left the shop.
"I may as well take a drink while they're installing the engines," i thought as I headed for the bar.

7th May 2003, 10:27 AM
I post again.

We landed on Earth early into the evenning. Lucky me, I was still sane, which meant I'd stay sane until tomorrow.
Pika and I started setting up the tents whilst Jenn and Shocker played.
I didn't do a good job of errecting the tent. Probably because I was too busy watching Jenn.
"You like her don't you?" Asked Pika.
"She's a friend, that's all."
Once we'd errected both of the tents we sat down on the grass.
"Be honest," said Pika, "you love her don't you?"
I sighed. "You're right. I love her so much it hurts."
"Then why don't you tell her?"
"There's no point. We're not going to see each other after today."
"I got her to Earth. She can take care of herself from now on." I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. "I'm going to get some sleep."
"Wait a minute!" called Pika, "when are you going to leave?"
"I doesn't matter!" I called back, "you're not comming." and then I climbed into the tent.

Snakes N' Legends
7th May 2003, 09:24 PM

Trevor and I had decided on a different plan of action. We decided to take a short-cut to Earth and surprise the Rocket Ladies. The plan was going very well when we arrived at Earth. There they were ... they were approaching Earth. Then it had to happen. Sirens and lights flashed all over the ship.

"Bowser, what is going on?" Trevor asked.

"I don't know. This shouldn't happen."

Just then a viewscreen popped down. It turned on and it showed something I didn't want to see. Someone I didn't want to see right now at this exact time.

"Wario, what do you think you are doing?" I growled.

"Having a little fun?" He laughed.

Suddenly, the Koopa one turned towards Earth and headed towards the atmosphere. Trevor and I looked at the control panel. Neither Trevor or I had touched it. Wario was still laughing.

"What so funny?" I asked.

"I put a bug in your ship. I am now controlling your ship. I am going to make it crash so I can finally get rid of you!!! Bye Bye, Bowser!!!" He laughed as the viewscreen popped up.

I rushed towards the control panel and started to make some tough decisions. I whacked it a lot. We stopped somewhere right over Houen. I put that back-up plan in there. In case of sabotage, hit the control panel.


Oh brother. First Wario trying to kill me and now Trevor in pain ... again. I piloted the ship towards the location of Sonic's ship. I scanned for it earlier. I brought down the viewscreen and called up Siege.

"Siege, this is Bowser. I know you are on a important mission but ... "


"You hear that. Trevor is having problems again. The same problem he had when Conker and you were on this ship the last time. I can put him in the tank for now but you probably should do whatever you were going to Trevor like you said in our converstation." I said after hanging up.

8th May 2003, 02:55 PM
I was lying in the tent when I heard the zip on the flap opening. I looked up and saw Jenn comming into my tent.
"Jenn I-"
She put her finger on my lips. I stopped talking and she...kissed me. It was strange, but I didn't care, I was enjoying this too much.
She took my hand and pulled me to my feet.
"Come with me." She said.
I followed her out of the tent and into the wods. I didn't see Pika or Shocker, they were probably sleeping.
"So where are we going?" I asked.
"Down there," she replied, pointing to an old building.
"Why there-" I was cut short when I felt something pierce my side. My legs gave way and I blacked out.
When I came to I was inside a large open room.
"My head..." I mumbled.
"So you're awake?"
I looked up to see someone standing over me.
"Who are you? And where's Jenn?"
"Jenn? Oh you mean her?" He pointed into the corner. A girl stepped out, it wasn't Jenn though.
"That's not Jenn!"
"Are you sure?"
Suddenly the girl changed and I saw...Jenn!?
"I fused her with a ditto. Completely different to what I did to you."
"Me? You made me what I am?"
"So tell me, what am I?" I asked.
"You're an android. You used to be a human but you came to me asking to be stronger, so I made you into an android. I put a chip into your head. I couldn't finish it, that's why you kill people uncontrollably. I can fix it though." He said.
I looked up at him. He'd stop me killing people. "I'll do it." I said.

*The Four*
9th May 2003, 01:10 AM
Siege Mortar

I recieved a message from Bowser. It was just as I feared.

"Good God...he won't survive! Jim, I'm Recalling to the Koopa One. It's urgent."

"Damn...we really could use your help," said Jim with a sigh, " Ah well. I owe you at least that for all youve done in the past. We can finish the convoy ourselves. You go help out Trevor."

I nodded and activated the Recall, sending me to the others.

When I arrived, I met up with Bowser and the others and checked up on Trevor in the tank. I checked his vital signs.

"Not good...that last gene attack nearly wiped out his whole genentic structure. The nucleic acids are damaged due to the instability. It's like theyve become brittle. Trevor himself is....unstable."

"You mean he'll fall apart if we do the wrong thing?" asked Bowser.

"Practically, yes. The nucleic acid group that's holding his Pokemon gene together is detiriorating. If it falls out, his genes will fall apart, and...well...next part isn't pretty."

"Is there anything we can do to save him?"

"There is....one thing. By using proper radiation, I could de-splice the Pokemon DNA before the nucleic acid group crumbles and get rid of that empty space. With the right amount of energy, his metabolism should kick in fast and his DNA will reform to human. He'll lose his Pokemon powers, though."

"I know Trevor. He'd rather die than live like a weak person."

"That isn't really deductable. How do you know if he really means that? Would he ever anticipate this? Besides...I could use soem radiation to activate the unknown gene so he can use the part of his human mind that controls magic and such, thus retaining his Pokemon powers as a human due to genetc memory. That empty space is nearly synonymous with the function of the extra nucleic acids."

"Well...i'll guess we'll have to let Trevor decide..."

"Yes...but if he can't...you will need to."

[It all comes down to you, SnL]

Snakes N' Legends
9th May 2003, 08:47 PM
Trevor Venema

I was put into the tank. Siege would soon be here. I knew that this would happen but why? I knew Giovanni wouldn't harm any of the Venemas. He consider us part of his Rocket family. Before the Lawrence incident, he would invite us for lunch, dinner and even breakfast. So why was I experiencing this? That's when it happened. My eyes closed and my spiritual side left me for a moment.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"In the spirit realm ... for a moment!!"

I turned around to see a Mew. It was waving back and forth. I could see tears its eyes. What was wrong with it? I never knew that Mews cried. Why was it crying and why was I here?

"It's all my fault, Trevor." It said.

"Huh?" I asked.

"I never knew that my powers would come into contact with other Pokemon powers." It said.

"You mean you are the Mew who turned human?" I asked.

"Yes, and this wasn't supposed to happen. Giovanni realized that. After the hybrid procedure was done, you started to scream. Giovanni figured that something was interfering but his scientists didn't have enough knowledge. So his scientists gave you something similiar to what Bowser was giving you." Mew explained.

"So it is the Venema power that is the trouble." I said.

"Yes!!" Mew yelled.

"I hate to give up both powers but ... " I said but Mew interrupted me.

"You don't have to ... isolate the Venema power and you will become stable." Mew explained again.

"Maybe I can change my name. Without the Venema ability, I am no longer truely a Venema, am I?" I asked.

"Yes, now tell them. Psychically, before it is too late." Mew said before everything disappeared.

I opened my eyes to see Bowser and Siege. Bowser was talking to Siege. I hoped it wasn't too late.

<Siege, if you can here me ... good. I want you to target the Venema powers. It should be easy to locate. That is the problem. It wasn't Giovanni. I know it sounds crazy, but I had a chat with the Mew who gave the Venemas this random powers. Target and get rid of the Venema Power and the hybrid part of me should become stable. Trust me!!!> I said to Siege.

9th May 2003, 09:48 PM
The three of us sat at the bar. Tio and I were drinking beers as usual and Tea was having a glass of wine.
"So how'd the heist go?" the bartender asked.
"It went smoothly...until the four showed up," I replied.
"Well don't worry. Hey listen, I heard there was a shipment of $$600, 000 being transported to Earth."
"To whom?"
"Some guy called Kuja."
"Kuja?" I had heard of him, he was a powerful red mage. I then smiled. If we stole some stuff from Kuja and got away with it, we'd be famous.
"Thanks for the info." I replied. I then looked over to see some drunk flirting with Tea.
"Hey dumbass back off," I growled, "she's mine!"
"Who said?" the dope asked back.
"A guy who can kick your *** any day of the week." The was pretty easy to get angry.
"YOU'RE DEAD!!!!" he bellowed, picking up a chair. I ducked and it hit some guy on the opposite end of the room. The guy then launged at me. I caught him and threw him across the room, right into a muscle-boung gangster. Then a major bar fight broke out. Tio and I were seding people crashing into the ground. Tea was beating the living s**t out of some crooks. Then Copycat entered the bar, and nearly got hit by a flying chair.
"Hey guys!" he called, "I've got a new engine!! Let's go!" The three of us ran out of the bar and caught up to Copycat.
"What are we doin now?" he asked.
"We're heading for Earth," I replied.

*The Four*
10th May 2003, 08:21 PM

Somehow, Trevor was speaking psychically to me. He said something about targeting the "Venema power". He was making absolutely no sense.

"Venema power? I dont understand this. What gene is it located in? And what do you mean target it? Your hybrid acids are not connecting. If i got rid of a human gene tat contains this 'power', it wouldn't matter! I dont know how the hell your talking to a Mew, but i'm not sure if it understands the genetic side of this ordeal!"

"Siege! You have to try!"

"I can't unless I know what gene it's in. Besides, i dont have any reassurance that deleting that gene will enable your hybrid acids to bond. Are you really willing to risk your humanity for Pokemon power?"

"I was never a true human, Siege. This is all I've ever known."

"The only way we can work this out your way is if someone used magic or something. I have my own powers, but I'm no magician. We'll need to find someone spiritual in order to do what your asking."

[It's up to you to find out whoever will help us, SnL]

Jim Raynor

We had just completed the shipment. The treasurers noticed that one of the diamonds were gone. Wow...are they really THAT meticulous? Must have been Virgo. He probably saved one.

"Guess that means he has enough money to move on..." I said, figuring that it was definately not the last we'd see of Virgo and his friends.

"Where the hell do we look for them now?" asked Beelzemon.

"Well, I last saw their ship heading off towards their original destination, Tyranto."

"Are they really stupid enough to go back there?" said Conker.

"They're looking for more opportunities. It's the only place, too, since there's no space station for another three parsecs."

"I guess that means we're going back there, huh?" said Vash.

"Damn straight. Of course, we'll get nothing out of no one if we show our faces. We'll need to be disguised."

We got the Hyperion ready and went straight to Tyranto. No sign of Virgo's gang there, though. We decided to check out the bar incognito. Beelzemon dedigivolved to Impmon, while Conker just pretended to be a regular squirrel...even though he had to be naked in order to do that. I put on some cowboy attire, aside from my leather jacket, since I make a good cowboy. Vash didn't need a disguise since they didn't know he was with us. We jsut sat down and got a drink. Just in case, Vash sat somewhere else. Impmon must have overheard the bartender talking to a customer.

"Those kids came back again asking for another job," he said.

"Messed up the job you originally gave them?" asked the listener.

"Yeah. The Four got to them."

"Really? Heh...suprised they came back alive."

"Exactly. Someone must have told them not to kill them. Either that, or the Four are starting to get a little more stupid."

Impmon jumped up on the counter and faced the bartender.

"And what the hell does that mean?" He shouted.

"Nothing to you, pipsqueak!" he said, taking out a rifle.

"Pipsqueak!?" Impmon jumped off the table and flashed with a bright light in mid air, digivolving back into Beelzemon.

The bartender dropped his rifle in fear, "No! You're..you're.."

"That's right..."

Beelzemon smacked the customer out of the way, breaking his nose, and shoved one of his Berenjena right in the bartender's face, "You told Virgo to take that heist!"

"I..I..I.." The bartender started speaking fast in hiw own fear, "I didn't mean to, I swear."

"Bullsh*t!" he shoved his other Berenjena in his face, "Where did you tell them to go now?"

"I...they...th-they're going to stop a shipment to Earth..."

"A shipment to whom?" he pressed his guns forcefully against his face.

"I dunno...s-some guy named Kuja..."

"Kuja? KUJA!? YOU'RE TELLIN' THEM TO PULL A FAST ONE ON KUJA!?!?" Beelzemon was about to pull the triggers, but Vash interrupted, putting a hand on his guns.

"No, Beelzemon! Don't kill him!" he said, "No one deserves to die like that here..."

Beelzemon growled, and then receeded his guns, holstering them on his leg and back. Suddenly, someone shouted.

"Wait a second! That's Vash the Stampede!"

"The $$60,000,000,000 man?"

Vash sweatdropped, "Uh oh..."

"You couldn't have kept your mouth shut, could you?" I said.

Another guy spoke up, "And who's this?" He took off my hat, "It's Raynor! The Four is here!"

"Shoot 'em!"

Vash screamed while making one of his trademark faces of shock and ran off as shots were fired everywhere. I grabbed my hat and followed him, "Let's get outta here!" Beelzemon followed me out. Conker, however, stayed to drink, still dressed in only his fur. Everyone stared at him.

"That's one mighty tall squirrel right there..."

"And alchoholic, too..."

Conker stopped and looked at the people staring at him. He quickly threw away his drink and nibbled on an acorn.

"Err..uhh...chip, chip?" He smiled weakly. They all shot at him, sending him screaming back towards us.

"You had to say your name when you told Virgo to do something big, didn't you?" I yelled towards Vash, dodging bullets.

"I was drunk!" said Vash nervously as he ran, bullets whizzing past us.

Luckily, we were able to make it back to the Hyperion before any of us could get shot.

"Better radio in to Sonic that Virgo's coming their way..." I turned on the transmission to talk to Sonic.

[Take it from there, Kuja]

Snakes N' Legends
10th May 2003, 09:06 PM
Trevor Venema

Never send someone who can't comprend the ideals of magic to cure me, I thought. The Venema Power isn't genetic. We are not mutants like the X-Men. That's what makes us different from them. Our power is magical ... even spiritual. But who could do help me? Max couldn't. Lawrence could but I don't think a morphed spirt would help. Sanfra and Gesper were out of the picture. That left ...

<Bowser, contact Yeras Venema>

Bowser looked confused but he ran to a vidscreen in the lab. He dialed up the numbers. Suddenly, I could notice my skin and structure was changing ... but Mew told me that it was the Venema Power.

"Wrong, Boy-o!!!"

I turned my head to see a young male. He was chucking. I didn't see what was funny. I was about to lose my human structure and turn into a Dragonite.

"There was no contact with a Mew. Unless you could count me." He said.

"Who are you?" Bowser asked.

"The name is ... Darsco Venema. And I am to wipe out every good-too-shoe Venema." He said.

<Why?> I asked.

"I watched your kind on Earth. I was impressed by the way your kind acted. That was until your kind quit Team Rocket. That's when you become weak. Then I realized Evil was never in your kind." He laughed.

<Stop this!!!> I yelled.

"No, but it will too late for you. In a couple of hours, you will become a Dragonite and that's one Venema I will deal with." He said and then turned to Siege, "and not even your Blastoise friend can stop it. I infected him. Nothing will stop it. Soon I will revert the Venema Race on Earth into Pokemon. Then the true Venemas will rule Earth and soon the Universe!!!" He said.

He dropped a bomb and he threw it to the ground. A gas of smoke filled the area. Bowser turned on the ventalation system. He was gone and I was about to turn into a Dragonite.

<Siege, is there anything you can do? Was he right about what he said? Can you stop this transformation?> I said to Siege.

[*The Four* - I am just trying to keep my part of this RPG suspenseful. Plus I wanted to add a rival for Trevor. If you want the Venema power dealy explained, just PM me. Just don't get mad if you think I am trying to steal the spotlight.]

10th May 2003, 10:26 PM
Gali, Tea and I sat in the Strategy Hall while Copycat was in the cockpit. Copycat then entered the room.
"I set the ship on auto pilot," he said, "Now, let's hear the plan." Gali then pulled out a map.
"From what I know," he said, "the shipment with land here and cross the ocean to Kuja's palace. Now what I've figured is that we attack the ship and sink it. That way, We'll get away with the shipment and everyone will think it just went down with the ship." Everyone seemed to agree with Gali's plan.
"Oh by the way," I said, "I picked this up as well as the engines. I pulled out an assult rifle and tossed it to Tea.
"Now you'll be able to fight with us."
"Yes!" Tio said, "Now we can finally fight those bounty hunters at full force!"

11th May 2003, 12:45 PM
Enter my now evil char.

I walked out of the building, a new sword strapped to my waist, a more powerful one.
I walked to camp. I could make out the others sleeping in the tent. I wasn't going to kill them...yet. No, my master wanted me to deal with the Four and that I would.
Apparently they'd heard that a group of criminals they were chasing were going to try and pull a fast one of some guy named Kuja.
I knew Kuja's whereabouts, I'd be waiting for the four the instant they arrived and then I'd take care of them.
I walked inside my ship and set the co-ordinates. Then I sat back as the auto-pilot directed the ship to its new location.
I sat back and smiled. Things were gonna get interesting...

Pichu Luver
11th May 2003, 03:17 PM
yeah sam, I think I'll just...go along with your last post, cause the other two WTF were they about!?!?!?
I think pikas with me..
I watched his ship start to fly away, shocker quickly ran over to my new inproved plane.
I quickly caught up but cloacked myself so he wouldn't deteched me.
"FIRE!" shocker called and a missle hit Sam's Ship, he turned around usddnely and just sat there, I could see into his cockpit, he was confused and angered.
I uncloacked my ship, he seemed shocked for a minute, I smirked at him, playing around with me hair.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!" Pika called, shocker only frowned as my ship lurched forward and so did Sams.
"Shes playing chicken..." Shocker sighed.
As Pikas eyes widened shocker shut hers closed, frightened if I screwed this up.
Sams dodged first, as I turned behind him, I fired another missle causing a explosion wrothe reconing with, as we flipped and twisted I didn't noticed what attention I was attracting.
I quickly lost sight of sam and looked beside me, a fleet had enter here, they had just came out of warp speed. The ship lurched suddenly to the left, I turned and saw sam ship fly around.
"I suggest we run.."
"yeah.." I agreed, switching to a different control system and took a boost and speed with sam straight on our tail.
"Must go faster, must go faster!"
"Will you shut up!??" I yelled at pika.
"He's Gaining!"
"My ****ing god, NO SIDE SEAT DRIVIN!!!!"
"What about back seat?" Sam called over the intercomm, I sighed and looked behind me, there he was, right on us, if fired on missle we'd be dead.
"Pika, shocker..." I said with rage, but with calmness.
They both looked at me.
"I hope you both have writtin your wills.."
I switched the Ship into reverse, slamming into the ships nose.
"Hold ya breathe!" Shocker called, as the cockpit opened and shut them both into it, I flew back over to sams ship.
This was a bad idea... I thought, grabbing ahold of Sams ship and forcing the cockpit open then shut.
Gasping for air, sam came back and tackled me, fighting in his ship I had no power in here, as the ships both headed for a Warp Hole.
ok sam you bugged me enougth there yeah go...

11th May 2003, 03:28 PM
I knocked her back into one of the walls and tried to stear the ship away from the black hole. Unfortunately, the crash had completely knocked out the controls. There was nothing I could do.
"You'd better not die when we pass through this." I said to Jenn, "I'm supposed to finished you off myself."
I grabbed ahold of something as the ships were sucked through the black hole.
Everything flew past so quickly, it was mind boggling. Darkness, nothing but darkness all around. Then we crashed. The two ships crashed into the ground.
I jumped out when the cockpit flew right open. Jenn climbed out shortly after and the two Pikachus came out of the other ships.
"Well done." I said sarcastically. "We're in the middle of f*****g nowhere!"
I turned to her and drew my sword. "I was supposed to kill some people today, but seeing as I can't do that anymore I guess I'll have to kill you instead."
I took a step closing, my eyes changing to deep red colour. "Any last wishes before I bring your worthless life to an end?" I asked.

Pichu Luver
11th May 2003, 03:42 PM
I just lied there, panting, my head spun, there were four sams, which on was sam?
"Yeah actually..."
All of them seemed surprised.
"Come closer." He started two and they came into focus the one sam was infront of me, thank lord, But instead of my plan going the way I wabnted I kissed him!
Where the heck did that come from, he dropped his sword right beside me and pika grabbed it.
"Wow.." He said..

11th May 2003, 03:51 PM
:o :o :o

I blinked a few times. Did that really just happen???
The chip in my head started acting up again. I dropped to my kness, the pain was too much.
What are you doing! Kill them!
"I can't!"
Don't be stupid! Now do it!
"No! I love her!"
You're a machine! You're incapable of love!
"No I'm not!"
I tried to fight it but I couldn't.
You leave me no choice.
The pain got worse. Not just in my head but all over my body. I thought I was going to explode. I was losing control. The chip was taking over.
It couldn't! I'd kill Jenn and Pika and Shocker! But I couldn't stop it.
"Jenn I'm sorry..." I managed to blurt out, before the pain forced me to give in...

Mwhahahah! Now Sam is being controlled by a chip he'll kill everyone! Hahaha!

Pichu Luver
11th May 2003, 04:06 PM
I grabbed a rock and whammed him on the head, electricity came out of his eyes and he screamed in pain, I whacked it again until I strange vioce came out of him: You Foolish little girl! You messed up everything! I looked at sam as I watched a dim bluemetal skeleton emerage and was replaced with a normal human one. A small chip poped out of his head, I looked at it strange, was he being contorled by this thing?
He said holding head where I had hit him I stepped on the chip crushing it, he looked at me like he was confused on hwta to do.
"You can make your own chioces now. So if you want to kill him go head."

11th May 2003, 04:12 PM
"Why would I kill you?" I asked, cocking my head to one side. I walked up to her and put my arms around her. "I love you. No ay I'm going to kill you and thanks to you, I won't be killing anyone else either."
I stepped back a bit and then kissed her right on the lips. "Thankyou Jenn, for everything."

Totodile Lover
12th May 2003, 07:40 PM
Ok, he kissed you.. Are we trading thoughts here or is it just me... I stood there for a couple of seconds, trying to re think what had just happened.
"Oh well, in that case should we be go-"
I covered my head as rocks flew every where, we both looked up to see Olivers fleet landing around us.
"Oh ****."
"Uh, this could be a problem.." Shocker sighed, pulling out her minigun.
"Shocker, I really hate to point out the obvious, but I don't think I minigun will solve this.."
"Run!!" Sam cried, as beam srtuck the ground, our feet left it, I flew for a couple of seconds before whamming right back into it. I flipped back on track and slowly caught up to them, I paniced, and slowly started to take the lead, we hid behind some giant rocks as the army grew closer.

*The Four*
13th May 2003, 12:34 AM
No prob, SnL. Your not hogging the spotlight. I WANT this to be suspenseful, and so far everyone is doing good in their parts (unlike some people who are either too bored or forgot about the RPG).


Bastard...this "Venema power" was magic, and yet i knew as much about magic as I knew about Radical Edward's sexual identity. But this infection that Darsco talked about...was it a virus? Or some sort of magic? If it was a virus, I had a chance. But if it were magic, we'd need some sort of cure. Aside from that, the instability of his genes were reverting him to a Dragonite. Even after that, his genes will be too unstable, so he'd be one sickly Dragonite. I couldn't let that happen.

"Isn't there ANYTHING you can do about it?" asked Bowser frantically.

I thought hard to myself, "The nucleic acids made for Trevor would not hold with the spliced Dragonite DNA. Those scientists knew it would take an excessive amount of tiem to make a potent new pseudo-set, but because of Giovanni's hastiness and greed, he must have made them use unfinished specimens as a temporary weapon. Aggghh! Those cheap, low-brow, paultry genetic engineers and their dreams of playing God! I have more knowledge of genetics in my third finger than they had in their entire minds! Hell, I could come up with a working acid set in just..." That was when it hit me.

"THAT'S IT!" I exclaimed out loud, opening a compartment in my shell to take out a portable culture lab.

"What's it?" asked Bowser.

"The scientists Giovanni hired were minimum wage!" I spoke as i set up the lab, "They weren't paid enough to put enough heart into the project, let alone have enough knowledge themselves on genetics. I mean, sure, they knew enough tog et the job done, but not a complete and failsafe job. Giovanni knew that it would cost billions to support a project that required such concentration and time, and, of course, he didnt have billions to spare at the time. Haha! Giovanni's greed and impatience was his falter!"

"What exactly are you getting at, Siege?"

"I know a great amount of genetic engineering techniques. If you give me a blood sample and an hour, I can make my own WORKING set of acids and save Trevor...allowing him to keep his powers."

"But then wat about that infection in the Venema power?"

"That will take more consideration, but lets just try to keep Trevor from losing himself."

Jim Raynor

Sonic didn't accept our message...I guess they msut have been out of it. Maybe they got tired. Sucks we couldn't see them in action again, but I guess Virgo's our quarry. We decided to approach in secrecy so that we didn't alarm Kuja.

"Well," I said, "Looks like were going to Earth."

"I doubt we should even bother trying to bust Virgo here, Jim," said Beelzemon, "When they meet Kuja and piss him off...well...you know what happens when that crossdresser gets mad."

"Doesn't that mean we SHOULD go to make sure he doesn't destroy a city or two while he's pissed?" added Conker.

"Oh...you have a point there."

"This Kuja..." said Vash out of nowhere, "...is he really THAT powerful?"

"Trust me," replied Conker, "Destroying cities was an understatement."

"Let's just hope we can do well without Siege with us..." I added.

"Calm down, Jim! We got Vash the Stampede with us! We shouldn't worry too much."

"They'll probably be expecting us this time," said Vash, "and well armed, too. Don't go blindly into this."

"Vash," I replied, "I've gone blindly into missions like this a hundred times, and we've always made it out alive. If we go in prepared for one of them, I'm sure I'll we'll do fine."

Beelzemon smirked, "Just remember I got a couple of friends back on Earth who will help us out if we really need them..."

I knew very well who these "friends" were, and I hoped that Gali wasn't powerful enough for us to need to call them in. With that, I set the Hyperion into hyperspace and we blasted off towards Earth.

Pichu Luver
13th May 2003, 07:09 AM
OoC~ *wacks comps* I got into my old account and then I'm back in it! oiy..

I slowly re appeared infront of Sam, he stoped and looked at me, I guess I was bigger then what he had thought, the metal around my left eye(from with jenn blew him up), my lid eye glared at him. I tossed him a sword.
"No you prove your wroth.." I hissed, I rapidly wiped a boomerang cutting his shoulder and then his other one when the boomerang swung around and hit him from behind, I smirked and caught it, his blood slowly dripped off, I licked off. "Used to be a andriod Sam?"
"How.. How did you know?"
"Oh, your blood, theres a hint of metal in it, and.. A women taste in it. I take it Jenns kissed you. Yet another man she's going to use."
"What do you mean?"
"Ah, your a young hearted man, you fall to easily for this women. She's using you. How do you think she got that ship? She used a man and then killed him when he was of no use."
"What.. Does she do?"
"Shes a murderer, a bounty Hunter, an Assassin! How else am I suppost to put it." He looked at me, then at Jennifer, who had this innocent look in her eyes, Shocker and Pika crowding behind her. "Isn't that right Jenny?" I turned to her.
She looked down at the ground, as my army marched out, I smriked as Jennifer walked inside my ship, and Sam, shocker, and pika fallowed.
As we headed back to earth, Sam sat down at the other end of my dinning table.
"So Sam, I have an offer for you." I said, he looked interested. "Even though I have enough people working for me on this ship, I need more prisoners.."

OoC~ Sam continue this, and may I request not being ignored by you two SnL and The Four, sorry just we haven't even met each. you can if yea want.


13th May 2003, 11:58 AM
"You want me to get them for you?" I asked.
He nodded. "Exactly."
"What do I get?"
"What do you want?"
"I want to be stronger, I want incredible and...I want to get revenge on Jenn. No one plays me like a fool and gets away with it." I said.
Oliver grinned. It was almost unerving.
"Before I give you what you want you have to prove yourself to me."
"Seems fair. What should I do?"
"There's a small planet called Lythos, its a few million lightyears away from Earth and has a low population. However, its leader Sacranos has great knowledge that may prove useful to me."
"You want me to get Sacranos for you?"
"Yes." Replied Oliver nodding.
"Then you'll give me what I want?"
He nodded again. "I'll even supply you a ship to get you there and back."
I smiled. "Perfect. Oliver, you have a deal."
I headed to the launch station, how easy would this be? Kidnap some doofus from a meesly planet? Easy! But, if I get what I want from it I don't care.
I climbed in and set the co-ordinates for Lythos. In and out it wouldn't be hard, even if Pika wasn't with me.
When I arrived there I was met by...nothing. No resisitance, no nothing.
"This is way too easy." I walked and soon found an enormously large building. "Oh come on. Why doesn't it just have, 'big guy in here' written all over it?
I walked in. "This is so-"
I was interrupted by hundreds of loud 'click' sounds. I looked around to find about a hundred people pointing guns at my head. I raised my hands and placed them on top of my head.
Maybe this isn't going to be as easy as I first thought...

13th May 2003, 03:47 PM
I continue!!!

"I think you boys need to be taught a lesson." I backflipped suddenly, continuing at a high speed, just avoiding being hit by their bullets.
I pressed one foot against the wall and knocked out one guy and grabbed his gun.
"Hope you guys have written your wills..."
I stood in the centre of the room, dead bodies surrounding me. I couldn't believe how much fun it had been, i definately have to keep this going.
I ran up the stairs and burst through the only door there. He was there, Sacranos, completely defenceless.
"H-how did y-you get in here?"
"I killed your guards downstairs."
I walked over and picked him up by his throat.
"W-what do you want?"
"My boss asked me to come get you." I punched him right in the gut. knocking him out cold, "And I fancy a quiet ride."
I carried the body back to my spacecraft and flew back to Oliver.

I walked into Oliver's office where he was waiting for me.
"Sacranos is being put into his cell as we speak." I informed him.
"I just have to ask thought, when do I get paid?"

Pichu Luver
13th May 2003, 04:20 PM
I looked at him, then screams were heard in our room, he looked around. I snapped my paw and a screen came down, Jenn was screaming and crying, as a tube was forced into her. I smiled and patted Sam on the back.
"Sam, do you really want this power?" I asked looking at him, he smirked and nodded, evil was in his eyes, we walked down a corridor to a very weird room, needles and scientists everywhere, Jenn was screaming right infront of him, they gave me the needle and I forced sam into a chair and stuck the needle in him.
He screamed in pain, tears came out of him.
"Feel the power of Invicibility!!" I hissed at him, he grew bigger, his muscles grew huge, wierd bio armor formed on him, around his left eye metal formed, black, his eye no more human but Alien, all black with a little red dot in his eye.
He hands morphed into hands with giant claws, huge spikes came piercing out of his black, giant raven wings burst out of his skin.
I smirked, he screaming holding his head, out of it came horns, a cannon appeared on his other arm, taking the place of his hand.
"What has this down?" His vioce deep, dragon like.
"Giving you power, your not a human, your a Bio. Welcome to my side, you break my laws, and I'll blow you to Kindom Come!" I hissed. He grew bright light, and suddenly he was a card, a I held it in my paw, suddenly Jennifer turned into another card.
I smirked. "My own Yu Gi oh cards, They'll serve me well", I looked at my other cards, then all the screen, earth..
"Good Bye.." I laughed, walking away.
ok people, prepare for ultimate power!*laughs evilly* anyway, sam we can only play pika and shocker.

13th May 2003, 10:51 PM
I stood at the open hatch of the Shapeshifter, watching as a cargo ship sailed beneath us.
"Copycat!" I ordered, "Drop us off now!" The Shapeshifter lowered towards the ship and Tea, Tio and I jumped off. We began firing on the immediately.
"Remember guys!" I cried, "Aim to wound only! Tea, you go grab the money!" Tea nodded and headed down to the hulls. Tio and I continued firing.

Try and stop me *TF*!!! *evil laugh*

14th May 2003, 12:29 AM
:o That basically sums it all up.

Shocker and I ran down the corridor when we head screams and peered into the room.
Shocker looked as though she was about to start crying aftr seeing her friend suffering so much, I was shocked because Sam wasn't doing a thing to stop it.
We looked back just in time to see them turned into cards. The two of us just stood there in disbelief.
We had to hide when Oliver came out though.
"They're really gone..." I managed to say, it was so surreal it was scary.
Shocker didn't say anything, I guess she was really upset about what happened to Jenn.
"It'll be okay." I said, gently rubbing against her. "We'll think of some way to save them."

Pichu Luver
14th May 2003, 06:59 AM
"DO SOMETHING!!?!?" I yelled at him, "THEY'VE BEEN TURNED INTO FU-" I was trhown off with the ship lurched and Alarms went off, we looked out the window, the black hole, it was about to sallow the Planet.
Oliver can running down, we kept up with him, he really didn't care, he just called out orders to the coward workers.
"You! Blackhole shield up!"
But it was to late, it sucked us up, my head spunn, blackness, strange all I saw out the window was rock bits, It was so dark, suddenly everything turned bright! Pure white light.
"Where are we?" I grumbled standing up, the ship it was distriod, Pika stood up a little dazed but able to atleast stand.
"Earth, most probably."
"Yes, thats right Earth, now get out of my ship! Before I let lose my monsters!" Oliver called, we scattered away, frightened.

I cried, we were in the middle of nowhere and Jenn was turned into a frickin Card, and now the're going to kill The Four and olivers going to take over the world!
"It's ok..."
"Jenns a card! A card!"
"I know, so is sam, don't worry about it."
"We need cards.." I started.
"Yeah, like were going to get them.." He shook his head doubtfully.
"Thats it!" I smiled.
"We'll make our own cards! All it is, is magic! and I know magic! So, I can make us some cards!"
I stoped.
"Your right.."
We sighed again..
mwhahaha no one can defeat me!![/color]

14th May 2003, 11:36 AM
"Then we'll just have to get our own." I said, trying to be optimistic.
Shocker looked at me and cocked her head to one side as though she didn't get what I was getting at.
"Just wait here, leave the rest to me." I took off, there was a town nearby that contained Yu-gi-oh battling maniacs. I could make a strong deck easier, I knew how to do it.
It didn't even take long, I even managed all five pieces of Exodia, it was too easy. Guess all that stealing Sam and I used to do paid off.
I hurried back to Shocker, a huge back strapped onto my back containing all of the cards I had stolen.
"How did you...?"
"There were cards everywhere. It was easy."
It only took about an hour to assemble a deck of our own.
"There. Now we can win our friends back." I said, slipping the deck into the bag.
"Are you any good?" Asked Shocker.
"Good? I'm great! And with the two of us battling together we can't lose!"
The two of us ran back to Oliver's ship and confronted him.
"I thought I told you two rats to get lost." He growled.
"We want to battle." I growled back.
He just laughed at us.
"It's not funny!" Shouted Shocker.
"You're serious?"
"Of course we are!" I yelled back. "And when we win you're gonna turn our friends back."
"And if I win, I get to turn you BOTH into my personal cards."
Shocker and I looked at one another, it was the only chance to get our friends back. "Fine, you have a deal."
He grinned in his evil way and we followed him to the battle room. Shocker and I exchanged slightly nervous glances, we had to win! We just had to!

14th May 2003, 04:18 PM
We were in deep deep s***. Two turns into the battle and we'd already lost 3000 life points. Oliver just had too many strong cards.
"Shocker," I whispered. "I think I've got a plan."
I let Shocker take over, so that she would distract Oliver by pretending that she had a strategy.
I snuck round and swipped Oliver's deck and pulled out the two cards that Sam and Jenn had been turned into.
I snuck over to the door and motioned to Shocker that our plan had worked.
"Well Oliver, it's been fun." She quickly dashed away from the battle arena.
We ran for our lives as Oliver chased after us. We shot out of the spacecraft and took for the woods, finally managing to lose him amongst the trees.
We both sighed with relief.
"So," I said, holding up the two cards, "you seem to be the expert on this, how do we get our friends back?"

Weak I know, but I have no ideas.

*The Four*
14th May 2003, 10:39 PM
Actually, were waiting for YOU to react with our storyline, Jenn and Sam. so far your having fun with your own, but if you integrate with ours, its fine. Just dont be cheap. ^_-

And in response to your message, MC...I plan to. ^_^

The Four

Jim Raynor

No sign of Virgo yet. I thought I was going to be a smooth mission, until suddenly...

We heard a great deal of gunfire. Looks like we'll have to forget about suprise. We got off the Hyperion as soon as we could to see that the guards on the shipment barge were getting pulverized. What was worse was that they gave that little girl an AK. We split up, the three of us going to engage them while Vash makes sure Kuja doesn't stirr into this.

"Heh...knew you guys would follow us," said Gali, aiming one of his guns at us, "Dont you guys ever quit?" He fired a Hell Shot at our current direction. Luckily, we dodged it before we could sustain damage.

"Well, you know I can't just give up on a fight," I said smugly, "Besides, didn't mama ever tell you stealing was wrong?" Beelzemon, Conker, and I returned shots at us as we ducked behind barricades for cover. Gali, Tio, and Tea did the same. These wild-west shoot outs always got me riled up.

After a couple of minutes of gunfire, Beelzemon started to get tired.

"Thats it!" he said, summoning his positron arm gun, "I've had all I can take of this crap!"

He got up and extended his arm gun towards them. The jaws on the end of the gun opened up as a ball of pink energy with yellow electricity crackling around it formed in the jaws.

"Corona Blaster!"

Beelzemon fired a blast of positronic energy from his arm gun towards Virgo and his gang, blowing up their barricade and sending them back. They returned more fire, forgetting about the barricade and dodging our assaults. Beelzemon got even more infuriated and shot multiple energy blasts in a moving stream, which Virgo's gang easily evaded since Beelzemon's aim was affected by his rage. Gali held out both of his pistols at us.

"Hell Shot!" He fired two shots of red energy at us, blowing our cover away with even more force. We both stood there, our guns to theirs. Unfortunately, we were close to a bridge, and we could be knocked off.

"Knock them off, Tio," Gali said to Tio.

"With pleasure," he replied, aiming his bazooka.

Suddenly, Tio's bazooka flew out of his hands with the sound of a ricochetting bullet.

"What the--" said Tio, as the group turned around to see a very familiar man in a red suit with those shining yellow glasses.

"Vash..." said Gali with disgust.

Vash's serious face instantly turned into an innocent one with a sweatdrop, "Sorry I couldn't be here earlier Jim. That Kuja guy was really mad about all of this fighting near his home."

"Yeah yeah," I yelled in reply, "we'll talk to crossdresser boy later. Right now we got a different problem.

Tea turned around and aimed her gun at Vash's shoulder. Vash saw this coming, but hesitated since he saw no way to shoot the gun out of her hands.

"Vash! what are you standing there for?" I yelled.

Vash couldn't move. It was like he didnt want to hit her. Tea, however, was loyal to Gali, so she shot Vash in the shoulder.

"Agggh!" he cried out as he grasped his shoulder, falling on his knees.


[cutting it short tonight. It's late]

Pichu Luver
15th May 2003, 02:54 PM
oh ok, I ddin't want to intervean on yours thats all, maybe I'll will get to yours.. someday, first I gotta back fire sams plans -.-

The two cards suddenly grew white, and out came the card form of Jenn and Sam, both aiming at us.
"Oh, that can't be good..." I said, looking at the cannons, Oliver suddenly appeared.
"Jennifer! HellAngel attack! And Sam! DragonsFuryRain now!"
I started running as fast as I could, but the Rain, it started and stung somehow, it was burning my coat, my skin, my heart.
"We gotta find shelter! and anyone on this planet has to also, it's wierd acid!" I called, Pika nodded and called out BlueEyesWhite dragon.
"He'll Hold them off!"
"Yeah and so will this!" I said, pulling out Dark Magician and My own made up card FuryWind.
All of our monsters were soon destoryed but gave us a the chance to hide.

Where are they? I thought, it was like to thoughts ran thru my mind at the same time, two minds trying to take over eachother, It drove me insane, wanting to destroy everything!
I fire at a boulder, it evaperated quickly andthe sound of gun shoots were heard, I locked onto the sound and Pika and shocker, they were going to hide.
"HellAngel!" I called, a blast fired and hit right infront of them, Sam soon caught up with me and we took part of the seek and destroy.

not sure if thats being cheap but soon we'll be taking part, though the side they'll join is unpredictable.

15th May 2003, 03:38 PM
Damn. Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn. That's better, now to post.

"Didn't see this one comming," I managed to say.
"Shut up and keep running!"
"Like it'll do any good. They're gonna catch up to us sooner or later."
"Let's hope it's later rather than sooner."
We kept running, there had to be somewhere where we could hide. Somewhere where we could figure out a way to change them back.
"Let's head into the town." I suggested.
Shocker nodded and we ran. Maybe the humans here would be able to hold them off long enough for us to think up a plan.

"Well isn't this fun?" I growled sarcastically.
We followed them. We sort of toyed with them, it was fun. They didn't stand a chance against us so why not have a little fun with it?
We watched them from a hillside as they ran into town. They think the humans will protect them?
I fired my bio canon into the air intensifyin the power of my DragonsFuryRain but concentrated over the town.
"Let's see how long they can survive that." I said quietly.

Snakes N' Legends
15th May 2003, 10:50 PM
Accepted by *The Four* ... Here is a new character

Name: Drasco Venema
From?: Made up
Age: 17 (but really 30)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Outlaw
Personality: He's devious and deceptive. With this Venema, you can't tell what he is going to do. Plus he is very evil. Compared to the Venema's back on Earth, he is less sympathic and cares for no one.
Looks: Has two forms actually.

Human forms: He looks like a young male. His hair is more of a dirty blond. His eyes are the color of pure sapphires. He is about 5'3 and his clothes reflect his darkness.

Actual form: He is a demon dragon. He is skin is a dark redish-green His claws are like sharp knive. His wings are long in length but are sharp when they come in contact with someone. His face and his smile look like he was created by an ancient race of demons.

Abilities/Weapons/Forces(i.e. basic minions, henchmen, Pokemon, Digimon, soldiers and warriors, etc.): He keeps a sword to his right side and a pulse rifle to his left side. His claws and wings itself do the job. His ability is to become a dark spirit that control or manipulate a person's mind.

History: Darsco was born on a planet known as the Demon Planet. It was very well hidden from scientists and researchers, not to mention bounty hunters (since his kind were often to commit crimes ... evil and deadly crimes.) He was raised in a clan of devious demon which ranged from different species. He was taught that he should never be mercy to his enemies and sympathy was out the picture. Drasco discovered many other Venemas like him. They weren't demons but they contained the same evilness like he did. Darsco discovered earth and found out there were more Venemas. He decided to test to see if this Venemas were just as evil as he has.

Friends/Enemies: His demon clan are his only friends. Any Police Official or Bounty Hunter are his enemies.

Other: His travels in a black and red spaceship (to describe his demonic side.)

Drasco Venema

I left those fools speakless and confused. Thanks to my spirit form which can go through space (but not for very long) I was able to escape to my ship which was hidden. I was suprised that one of the members of *The Four* was with Bowser and Trevor. But that didn't matter. *The Four* wouldn't be a problem. Not even Siege Mortar could save Trevor. My plan was full-proof.

"Now for plan Operation End Game." I said.

I walked towards the control room and headed the ship for the cargo ship. I heard that there was a shipment of $$600, 000 being delivered to Kuja in Houen. $$600, 000 was part of my plan to rid the Venemas of their human forms and turn them all into Pokemon. Once the Earth Venemas were out of the way, I would become the true threat along with demon brothers. I transformed back into my demon form.

I turned on the cloaking device just in case *The Four* were here. Can't let my plan of domination end with some bounty hunters, I thought. I came into the atmosphere and spotted the cargo ship along with two others ship. One was unknown but the other wasn't. It was the Hyperion. Rats, I hoped I wouldn't run into them. With my sword and pulse rifle at my side, I did the spirit thing.

"I am guessing *The Four* will be distracted by whoever is in that other ship. That gives me the element of surprise." I said.

My spirit went out of the ship and the ship moved. I set it to hid in a hidden location. I rushed towards the fight. I entered the fight scene. *The Four* were fighting with some bandits. I could see ... Vash and some girl. Apparently, she was shot Vash. Too bad, Vash, guess you aren't the great.

"Time to get some action down."

I appeared in the middle of the fight. Heads looked up and they looked at me. I looked at them and looked into my lands. Rats, I must have changed back. I focused and my body changed back into demon form. I could see Beezlemon get steamed. I read that he has a problem with demons, especially with Ryoko.

"Hope I am not interrupting anybody but I am talking the $$600, 000. If you are going to stop me, I'd suggest you do right now. But you probably won't ... because I am dangerous, sneaky and have tricks up my sleave." I said while pulling out the sword and pulse rifle while showing off my claws.

*The Four*
16th May 2003, 03:32 AM
The Four

Siege Mortar

Bowser got me the blood sample I needed and I went to work. Suprisingly, it only took me 45 minutes to make the acid. I was about to administer the new acid to save Trevor's life until I got a call on the commlink.

"Siege! It's Jim. We've engaged Virgo and his gang. Vash is hurt, and now this demon guy jsut appeared out of nowhere saying HE is taking the money! We need you NOW!"

I had to hurry. The others werent outnumbered, but they could be outgunned since Vash is hurt.

"Bowser, administer the acid to Trevor by injecting it into his bloodstream and following it up with the gene replacer in the cell to trigger the effect. It should save him."

"Alright. Good luck helping your friends. I'll take care of Trevor."

"With that, I recalled back to the Hyperion, hoping I was not too late."

Jim Raynor

This was about to get even uglier. Vash was shot. He could have gotten away from that. Why didn't he dodge? I yelled out to him in a mild scold for him not dodging since he could have easily avoided it, but i dont wanna be harsh on an injured man. Hell, why didnt he shoot her? There's somethign different about him.

"Hey, freak show!" yelled Gali up to Drasco, "That's OUR money! We're stealing it!"

"Your sadly mistaken," he replied, "I will steal it, and you will regret threatening me."

"I have no time for you! Tea, take care of Vash. We're going to finish the Four first. They look weaker compared to this demon guy."

Tea nodded and once again fired a shot at Vash.

*Enter Bullet Time Sequence ala Matrix*(out of character narrative)

As the bullet slowly zipped towards Vash, he tought to himself, "Why? Why is he doing this? Arming a little girl to help him steal? It's not right...I know they dodnt consider themselves murderers, but it's always a risk when it comes to guns. Why is she willing to do something this wrong..."

Then Vash remembered Raynor's words that he shouted before as if he was shouting right now, "She's still an outlaw! Treat her like one! Fight back!"

*End bullet time*

With that, Vash quickly dodged the bullet flying at his arm. He held out his gun to retalliate and pulled the trigger.

*click* *click*

He was out of bullets.

"Uh oh," he said, reverting to one of his silly faces again.

Tea then fired a stream of bullets from the assault rifle, trying to take out his legs. Vash jumped out of the way and held out his left arm, deploying his hidden gun from his robotic arm and firing two shots, one shooting the rifle out of her hands, and the other grazing her leg to stun her.

"Tea!" cried Gali as he went towards her as if she was mortally wounded...which she wasn't.

Vash smirked, knowing that we got back on the upper hand again. Suddenly, an energy blast was shot towards him from above. He narrowly escaped it.

"Ignoring me after that entrance I made?" said Drasco with his pulse rifle ready, "How rude..."

He fired multiple shots at Vash. Vash was nimble, but he couldn't go on forever escaping them.

"Uhh, guys?" he called to us frantically, "A little help?"

"Keep your eyes on Drasco you fool!" I yelled in reply.

It was too late, because Drasco shot an energy blast at Vash while he was speaking, and it was too fast for him to dodge it. It was about to hit him, until suddenly...


Another energy blast was shot from Vash's left, knocking the energy blast out of the way. We looked to our right to see Siege with his cybernetic arm in energy cannon mode.

"All right, Siege!" exclaimed Beelzemon.

"Took ya long enough, big guy," added Conker.

"Hey! It's not my fault Recall takes a while wiht long distance!" He said, moving over to where we were taking cover. Vash followed and reloaded six new bullets into his revolver. We stood forward, facing Virgo, his gang, and that newcomer.

"It's five against three with a hostile on the side, Gali," I said, "You really feeling lucky today?"

We were about to engage in more shooting when we heard a feminine yet male voice yell at us.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING ON MY PROPERTY?" yelled the infamous crossdressing Red Mage, Kuja.

"Oh sh*t" said Conker.

"What the hell?" said Tio, turning around to see Kuja along witht he rest of the gang.

"Looks like the beast's awake.." said Drasco, hardly amused.

Just when I thought it couldn't get uglier...

Snakes N' Legends
16th May 2003, 07:04 PM

Siege left with the rest of this operation. Trevor was going to be okay but what is happened to Drasco? I brought up a scan of the area. I found three ships. One was the Hyperion, another was unknown and the last one was a Demon-type ship. I needed to fight but I couldn't leave Trevor unattended.

"Don't worry!!!"

I jumped back and there was Gesper along with Max. Lawrence was behind them. Gesper explained that they heard a message from their spirital sister and decided to see what would happen. They explained I could go to fight and they would watch after Trevor. Gesper knew what to do. I ran up to the control center and set coordinates for the area where this fight was going on.

"I am coming, Siege ... to back you up." I said.

I found a good position to enter so I piloted a shuttle into where the main fight is. I exited the shuttle and entered the battle. The Four along with Vash were up against Tio, Copycat, Gali, Tea. Then there was an demon creature. I heard something from Gali and realized this was Drasco. Woah, I thought, this isn't anything I experience before. That's when Kuja came in. I ran over to The Four.

"Hey, Siege ... need some help? Trevor's brothers are taking care of him. Trust me ... he is in capable hands." I said.

Drasco Venema

Rats, Kuja is here. I expected to get the money before he arrived. I was warned about this psycho Red Mage. In fact, I was warned to never encounter him ... but they didn't say I had to encounter him. I looked around the room. I had the ability to turn into a spirit and possess someone. So basically, they would do my dirty work. Hmmm ... I don't want to conflict with those loser outlaws. Don't care about Kuja's gang or Vash. But the Four was the choice. Not just the whole gang just one.

"Beezlemon, you're mine." I said.

I focused on it and my body became spiritual. I swerved around the room and headed right towards Beezlemon. That's until Bowser got right in front of my way. He was blocking my path. So I went inside of him instead of Beezlemon. Bowser was trying to get me out but he couldn't.

"Not that bad, I thought. Bowser is supposed to be powerful."

That's when I gained control of Bowser. Having Bowser steal the money would be a treat for me. It would get Bowser on the bad side. Using his body and voice, I roared. The group was phazed as they saw everything.

"I have just possessed Bowser's body and I can do the same to anyone one of you. And don't think of trying to resist. Even the most powerful sorcerers and bounty hunters have tried to resist me but they have failed." I said while using Bowser's voice.

I started to run in the direction of the money. My plan was full-proof. Not even Kuja, The Four or any of the Earth Venema could stop me but they were probably griving over the fact that Trevor is now a Dragonite for eternity. I stopped and pulled out a bag. I tossed it Siege then I started to run.

"Oh, Siege. Give that to Trevor. He'll need it. Now that he is a Dragonite, he'll need all the substance that all Dragonites need!!!" I laughed while using Bowser's voice.


Just throwing another twist to my part of this RPG. Hope you don't mind, *The Four*

*The Four*
18th May 2003, 02:19 AM
The Four


I threw the bag on the ground and stepped on it.

"Trevor doesn't need any of your sh*t, Drasco. Thanks to me..."

"What the hell are you talking about?" replied Drasco.

"I saw where Team Rocket had failed in splicing genes, so i fixed it with my own knowledge of science. Well, that is, knowledge exceeding the cheap scientists Giovanni hired. Trevor will be fine."

"WHAT? Oh, screw that. There's still the Venema power to take care of!"

"Already have his other brothers working on that."

"Damn you, you meddling bounty hunters! I'm still taking the money!"

He tried to run off, but Bowser's slow movement speed prevented him. I quickly jetted in front of him.

"Where do you think your going?"

He growled and tried to punch me. I caught his fist easily.

"Hmph...Bowser may be strong, but I'm no pushover either. Besides, Bowser's strength and speed comes from different portions of his own mind that you can't access because your attuned to your own brainwaves, not his."


"Long story short..."

I punched him in the face with my right fist since the cybernetic arm would overdo it. I sent him reeling back ten feet.

"Argggh! Stupid Bowser! This is useless!" Drasco switched his glances over to Beelzemon, "Hmmm....Beelzemon is also a demon...I could easily use his body...and he has more than enough power. Time to go for a second try!"

Drasco left Bowser's body and flew towards Beelzemon. It looked like no one saw him, not even Beelzemon. He was just about to enter his body, when...


He hit his head trying to enter Beelzemon. For some reason, he couldn't enter him. Beelzemon noticed Drasco's spirit, since he was able to see spectral things, and grabbed him.

"AAAAGGHHH!" said Drasco, gasping for his breath, "How did you see me?"

"I'm a demon," he replied with a sneer, "I can do those kinda things."

"Then why can't I posess you?"

Beelzemon laughed, "Heh....guess you forgot....I'm a DIGIMON. Posession like this only works on organic souls. Especially in my case, since I am a demon and I know these tricks!"

He threw Drasco's spirit by the head like a baseball back into his body.

"Besides, If you did posess me, you'd have one hell of a fight over my mind!"

He took out his positron gun and traced a hex mark in light with it. He then held his gun up to the pentagram in the center and charged an energy blast.

"Chaos Flare!" he shouted, firing a large energy blast from his gun at Drasco. Drasco held his hands out and caught the energy blast, trying to stop it from impact. He flew off with the blast into the horizon.

"Damn you! I'll return, just you wait! My plans will not fail!"

We felt a bit relieved as he flew off since he obviously had a lot of power. He must have made a call to his ship to help him out, because it too flew off towards his direction. While we looked on, Gali and his group crept over to take the money. But then we forgot about another important person--Kuja.

"I tried not to be rude, and I asked nicely, but i am still unanswered....WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING ON MY PROPERTY?" He shot Ultima blasts frantically at us. Gali and his gang had to drop all of the money and run for their lives.

"Copycat! Get us out of here!" yelled Tio.

"This was a failed heist...but this won't happen again, I assure you!" Gali yelled at us.

We ran for our own ship too, with Siege carrying the wounded, including the dazed Bowser. We also had to tow his shuttle with us. No use wasting such a good ship.

Snakes N' Legends
18th May 2003, 03:53 PM
Drasco Venema

Stupid Four!!!! I slammed my fist down. They interferred with my plan. Fortunetly, I had several back-up plans. I had ways to get the supplies I needed without me stealing them. I went up into a microphone and spoke.

"Mario, I am out to get you."

Just as I thought, I chuckled. Somehow I was able to retain most of Bowser's vocal cords. This might be an advantage for me. I know that Bowser has some contacts with some powerful Digimon. So if I use his voice to command those Digimon to steal the items for me, I might get this plan down anyways. The only problem is Beezlemon. He might think it is too suspicious. I better hold the Bowser voice plan back a while until it is needed. I saved the voicefile just in case.

"Tio and Company went to Tyranto. Maybe I can get some tips."

I set my course for Tyranto. I stayed in my Demon Dragon form. I would too vulnerable as a human plus maybe my demon side would be respected.

Trevor Venema

I woke up on a metalic table. Max was looking over me. I was happy to see him. I looked at myself. I was back to my Dragonite hybrid form plus I was covered in a luquidy goo. Gesper was on the side of me and Lawrence was probably in the cockpit area. I smiled again. I could see Dragonite and Rayquaza in the background.

"It is great to see you guys!!!" I exclaimed.

"I know!!! Boy, you almost become a Dragonite. Not to mention a sickly Dragonite. Thank goodness to Siege Mortar." Max sighed.

"How did you ... let me guess. Gesper ... did you use your psychic abilities to predict who would save me?" I asked.

"Nope. I just had to check the produceral work. This Dragonite DNA cell work is definetly Siege's. I have read all about his knowedge of physics and genetics." Gesper explained.

"I am guessing that Lawrence is piloting the ship??" I asked.

"Yep, not that hard to pilot. So you ran into Drasco." Max said.

"How do you know about ... Gesper, you know that it takes the fun out of everything by looking into the future." I growled.

"I didn't. Some Demon creatures announced back on Earth that the Earth Venema race would be reduced to the Pokemon forms." Gesper explained.

"That's why there are more coming. Sanfra is bring some more recruits ... along with the Venemosas." Max explained.

"Why the Venemosas?" I asked.

"They would be effected by his plans. They are closely related so anything Drasco does to us would effect the Venemosas the same way." Gesper explained.

"Trevor, I am following the Hyperion. I think Bowser is on board. It wasn't Gesper who told me that. I just guess that." Lawrence's voice was heard from a speaker.

I nodded and looked over to Dragonite. Then I looked over to Rayquaza. I motioned to them to come to me. Dragonite ran over and hugged me ... very very hard. Rayquaza looked over at me and sighed.

<You know if Siege had replaced your Dragonite DNA with Rayquaza instead. Then I would be happy!!!"

"In your dreams, Psychic Dragon Boy. So when are they arriving?" I asked after snickering at Rayquaza.

"In a couple days. Why?" Max asked.

"I think we need to have a plan action with The Four in case Drasco tries anything." I suggested.

We all nodded and I left the room. Dragonite and Rayquaza followed. They knew I needed to get back my Dragonite strength back. If I was going against this psycho Venema, I need all my strength plus all my pokemon at peck condition.

(*The Four* - Include Bowser in your post, since I will focus on him in the next post. Hope you like this post since I once again am throwing my part of this RPG for another curve.)

19th May 2003, 01:55 AM
We sat in the strategy hall tending to our wounds. Those Ultima blasts take a lot out of you. I and injured my arm. Tio had taken a shot to the head, Gali’s stomach was injured and Tea’s leg was hurt slightly. She was the one applying the first aid.
“Now what do we do?” Tio asked.
“We head back to Tyranto,” Gali replied, “We’ll get some more info and we’ll stay there the night. The ship’s low on fuel.” Tea then began bandaging Gali’s torso.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Gali asked.
“I told you I’m fine.” Tea replied.
“Sorry, I just don’t want you to get hurt.” I then picked up Tea’s AK and Tio’s bazooka and began repairing them. It shouldn’t be long to Tyranto now.

*The Four*
19th May 2003, 10:34 PM
The Four

Jim Raynor

We were back in the Hyperion, ehading towards Trevor to bring back Bowser. We tended to his wounds, as well as our own.

"That was too close," i said, "Someone with posession abilities like Drasco can prove to be a very big pain in the @$$."

"Don't worry," said Bowser, "with you guys and the Venemas on the same side, he cant beat us."

"But then there's Virgo..." added Conker.

"Yeah. And lets jsut pray we don't end up fighting Ryoko," added Siege. Beelzemon growled a bit.

"Wait a second..." said Conker, "arent we forgetting someone valuable?" He pointed to Vash.

"Oh yeah! of course! We have the legendary Humanoid Typhoon on our side. Ryoko wouldn't last two minutes with you, Vash."

"Don't know if you should say that," said Vash, "I haven't realyl seen what Ryoko can do..."

"Well, aside from that, I have contacts with many powerful Digimon," added Bowser, "So we practically have the force of a small army already."

"True. Let's just focus on meeting up with the Venemas."

I put the Hyperion into hyperspace and flew towards Trevor's HQ.

20th May 2003, 02:55 AM
This sounds fun! You said that LSUs are accepted, right? Well, here I go!

Name: Shonta Jones
From?: Made up...sort of. If you ever read my fanfic, she's based on that, but her description has been modified a bit.
Age: 19, sometimes acts 10
Gender: female
Occupation: Hacker for hire, but has done some minor bounty hunting (emphasis on minor). She can be a bit of a drifter, though.
Personality: tomboy. Loves to get on people's nerves. Very intelligent. Brave but reckless at times because of her curiosity. Oh, and she couldn't act normal if her life depended on it. Loves to go on adventures when business is slow.
Looks: African American, 5'4", dresses very casual (T-shirt, blue jeans, dirty sneakers), shoulder length hair in ponytail. Alright, she's half Raichu! She has the ears, colored cheeks, and tail of a Raichu.
Abilities/Weapons/Forces: Power over electricity (part Raichu, remember?), can understand Pokemon, extreme speed and agility, owns a Scyther named Reaper, a Pidgeot named Feather (spoiler for those who read my fanfic), and a Dragonite named Draco.
History: Orphan. Taught herself what she knows. Doesn't know her parents. Has gotten into near death experiences because of her personality and occupation.
Friends: Just her Pokemon, but she makes some acquaintances every now and then.
Other: owns a few computers, including an ancient but pumped up Dell Inspiron and a handheld computer that she takes on her little trips
"Oh man, what a slow day," I groaned as I stared at the computer. "No jobs, nothing on TV and nothing on the Web."

"Is that even possible?" Feather asked me.

"To me it is. No one updated, and I'm still trying to see what's going on in E3. Maybe I'll stir up a little excitement on my own." I checked around some of the chat rooms to see who's new on the Wanted list.

"Dude, maybe we should get out of this place and soak up some rays," Draco suggested.

"Draco's right. Besides, I haven't seen some action since that wrestling on Pay-per-View last Wednesday," Reaper mumbled.

"If you call that action," Draco said back.

I found something on an airspace schedule that nearly had me falling out of my seat. "Hold up! The Hyperion is coming in for a landing! And it seems that they've been stirring up a little trouble."

Reaper seemed interested. "With who?"

"With a little someone dubbed the Humanoid Typhoon."

Feather ruffled her feathers and spread her wings. "Whoa, that guy has a serious bounty on him! Where are they landing?"

"Doesn't look like anywhere public." My fingers raced through the keyboard as I looked for coordinates. "Found them. Whoa!"

"What is it?" Draco asked me.

"I found something interesting, and we're heading there!" I walked to a map and pointed to the approximate area. "Okay, we have a limited amount of time, but I want to get there a little before they land so we can follow them." My cheeks sparked with excitement.

"I guess we'll go by foot, I mean wing," Feather said.

"I'll ride with you, Feather. Sorry Draco, but the last time I rode on you I had glass in my hair and bumps in places I can't mention." I packed my handheld computer and some other things and followed the Pokemon. We left the apartment, going to who knows exactly where and prepared to run into who knows what.
That may suck but I'm kinda new to the RPG thing. See ya later! Oh, and I'll do the profiles for the Pokemon later if you want.

Snakes N' Legends
20th May 2003, 05:58 PM
Trevor Venema

We all decided that our meeting location should be back on Earth. I had a headquarter in one of the old abandoned Rocket buildings. It was abandoned because the new leader of Team Rocket wouldn't come near it because ... well that's a long story. With the Koopa One on the ground, we called out our pokemon to secure the perimeter. Dragonite and Rayquaza were in charge of operations. Mewtwo was second in charge. Gesper freed him from Rocket clutches. I entered the building.

"Well, Trevor, you like nice."

There was Domino and Sanfra along with other Venemas and some Venemosas. We sat down and discussed what needed to be done so we could explain our plan to The Four.

"Okay, we need to figure out how Drasco is going to revert every Venema and Vememosa on Earth to Pokemon." I said.

"A ray gun of some sort. Fire it at Earth ... " Max suggested.

"No, it would have to more than a ray gun or at least advanced. It has to target both Venema or Venemosa. Otherwise, it would turn every human into Pokemon ... and who knows what it would do to the Pokemon?" Domino explained.

"So does anybody know Drasco's ability?" I asked.

"Using my psychic ability, I was able to get some information from the Demon minions." Gesper said.

"And????" I asked.

"Apparently, his power is spiritual." Gesper explained.

"Of course, it is spiritual. All your powers are spiritual." Domino growled after getting a clueless anwer from Gesper.

"No, not that spiritual. Ghost Spiritual, I mean. He is able to go in spirit form so he can either manipulate or possess the creature or person." Gesper explained full-depth.

"That's what he said back on the ship ... although I couldn't understand what he meant." I said.

"That's bad news. Fortunetely, we have someone to go one on one with Drasco."

We all turned towards Yeras. Yeras had the same ability but she used her powers for good. This Drasco person, which we aren't calling him a Venema since ... he doesn't deserve that name anyways , uses his power for evil reasons.

"I will do my best." Yeras said.

"Now we will need to stand guard until The Four comes. I don't want to be unprepared just in case Ryoko or Kuja or any other problem we had to deal with. Max, Gesper, Lance and Terone will form one group. Sanfra, Yeras, Aquaria, and Lawrence will form another group while the rest forms the last group. Keep on guard people and keep your strength at high levels. If we have an encounter with Ryoko or Kuja, you'll need since those two are the two most powerful villians in the entire universe." I said.

I sat down while the group split up. I hoped Bowser was alright. I hoped that he could bring his allied Digimon along so we can defeat Drasco and bring him to justice.

Drasco Venema

I arrived at Tyrannto and entered the bar. It looked like a safe place for me to relax until the time came. I sat down and a waiter come up to me. Maybe I needed to get something to drink.

"I'll have a daquiri ice ... alcohol version not that non-alcoholic version stuff." I said.

The waiter left and I looked around. Who could give me some info to help continue on with my plans? I could hear a converstation about how Tio and his gang came here twice for info. If I was correct, they would be here again. Maybe if I joined up with them, I would have a better chance. Sure, Ryoko would be a better allied partner but I never liked Ryoko. I guess every demon on the Demon Planet despied her for some reason. I waited for Tio and his gang to show up.

20th May 2003, 07:09 PM
Shonta Jones

"Must be something big if this Trevor guy's going to places like this," I said while peering through my binoculars. We were looking at an abandoned building with a lot of guard Pokemon. "By the looks of this, we can't go in there quietly, so we know what to do, right?"

"I'll shake up the guards while you guys take the opportunity to take a little tour of the place," Draco said. He stood up from his place in the trees and prepared a Hyper Beam.

Feather looked down at a electronic collar around her neck. "Pidgey form!" she spoke into it. She shrank in size and eventually transformed into a Pidgey.

Reaper rubbed his claws together and smiled. "Let's do some damage," he said slyly.

I stood up and creeped to a point where I could run up to the building undetected. I gave Draco the signal to unleash his Hyper Beam and got ready to run for the warehouse.

Snakes N' Legends
20th May 2003, 07:31 PM
Trevor Venema

I was about to think of a way to explain the whole situation to The Four when Domino ran in. She was holding her laptop. I knew that she had put up a security system in all three of our headquarters, which included this one.

"Got incomers. There are not Kuja or Ryoko but I'd still worry." Domino said.

"Have Gesper order Mewtwo to reflect any attacks." I said.

"Okay, Trevor." Domino said and she ran off.

She would find Gesper in time. I could sense a dragon in the area and where there are dragons ... there's the chance of a Hyper Beam attack. I knew that I need some power to stop this unknown incomer. I rushed around to find Lawrence.

"Lawrence, how would like to show our guests that we are not easy defeated?" I said.

"Sure!!" Lawrence said.

We both rushed outside of the warehouse. I could see Mewtwo reflecting the Hyper Beam. There was a Dragonite. My own Dragonite was growling at it. Lawrence looked around. I knew there were more. So I nodded towards Lawrence.

"You know what to do!!" I said.

Lawrence began to focus and his body changed. I could see everything. He was changing into the legendary Basilisk, one of the most powerful non-pokemon morphs he had. Basilisks were rarely known about on Earth except in myth. So how would you defeat something that is supposed to exist in legend?

"Incomer or invader, here me out. I am not going to do any harm. My family, my kind ... the Venemas are in great danger by a Demon Dragon. He is threating to revert us to Pokemon so he can cause chaos on the world and universe. If you ignore this message, I will have my brother to stop you. We are trying to save ourselves from great peril. I will leave the decision up to you. You can either attack or come forth and explain your reason being here."

I hoped that would buy me sometime. At least until The Four arrived. We Venemas might be powerful but we are still vulnerable.

20th May 2003, 07:57 PM
Name: Draco
From?: Made up...
Age: 20
Gender: male
Occupation: Shonta's teamate.
Personality: Not very serious. Likes to stir up trouble but knows when not to. Loyal and brave, a normal trait of dragons.
Looks: Dragonite with tiger stripes down his back. Wears a headset to communicate with the rest of the group.
Abilities/Weapons/Forces: Knows a wide array of attacks, extreme speed and agility.
History: has been around Shonta for quite a while
Friends: his teamates

"Looks like I got their attention," I said as I looked at the newcomers. One of them had a Dragonite by his side, and he didn't look happy.

I listened to the guy's speech and gulped. What was going to do what? I ran towards the stranger and told the other Dragonite that I didn't mean any harm. I smiled warmly at all of them, hoping they would take this as a sign of peace.

I turned on the headset and contacted the rest of the group. "Hey guys, I don't think we should go along with the plan. You should come here and hear this guy for yourselves."

"Okay. Stay there and we'll be there in a second," Shonta replied through her headset. I saw her walk out of the trees and towards me, followed by Feather and Reaper. Reaper was mumbling about me ruining his fun.

"So, what's the big deal?" Feather said while still in her Pidgey form.

"Big problem. They might need our help," I told her.

Shonta turned to the guy with the Dragonite and smiled. "Anyone need a hacker? If so, then you're in luck! Slow business and we're eager to help for a lower pay than usual! We're the Sonic Boom Hackers!" She gave a bow and laughed.

Snakes N' Legends
20th May 2003, 08:27 PM
Trevor Venema

Good, I thought. Now that we have them out of the way, I can worry only about Drasco. Though ... extra allies would help out in this battle against a powerful Demon Dragon. I turned to Dragonite and he nodded.

"Thank you for not attempting to attack. First of all, my name is Trevor Venema. The Basilisk here is my younger brother, Lawrence Venema." I said.

"Umm ... how is that possible?" Shonta asked.

<I have the ability to morph any form. And it was just that I happened to morph some of the most powerful mythological creatures. Plus I have a range of Pokemon morphs including some pokemon forms unknown to humankind.>

"If you heard that, you'll understand. I see you are part pokemon. So am I." I said while I turned off the holographic image.

My Dragonite form appeared. Shonta's Dragonite, whose name is Draco, and Shonta both stared at me. So did the rest of her pokemon. Lawrence glared at them but in a normal glare. I didn't want Lawrence to start trouble by accidently killing one of her pokemon or Shonta herself.

"As for hacker part, I could need some help ... but if you don't mind lending a hand to stop this Drasco person, who is a very powerful Demon Dragon whose ability is to become a spirit ... which can manipute your mind and he can even possess you." I said while trying to explain everything, "i am waiting for The Four. We are working together to stop this Demon Dragon who calls himself a Venema."

After I finished speaking, they stared right at me like I was making the whole thing up. Lawrence had de-morphed into his human form. Mewtwo and Rayquaza were glaring at each other. I knew those two on the same team would be chaos.

"So what do you say, Shonta? Will you help us defeat ... Excuse me. I have to seperate Mewtwo and Rayquaza. Give your answer to Lawrence and enter the base. Meet some of my family and cousins." I said to Shonta and then turned toward the batting Psychic Pokemon, "Quit it you two. Don't make me blast you out the sky."

20th May 2003, 09:18 PM
Name: Reaper
From?: Well, he's an alternate form from the Reaper in my fanfic
Age: 20
Gender: male
Occupation: Shonta's teamate.
Personality: Serious and violent. Has a suspicious nature and takes a while to warm up to anyone.
Looks: An ordinary Scyther, but a little bigger than normal. Wears a headset to communicate to the rest of the group over large distances. Slightly bigger than Shonta.
Abilities/Weapons/Forces: Specialized in swordplay. His blades have been modified to slice through anything.
History: likes to say he "adopted" Shonta. Former assassin.
Friends: his teamates and no one else

I glared at the stranger while he spoke. I didn't believe a second of it. Although it was getting strangely believable when I saw his true form. And the Basilisk. And Mewtwo and Rayquazza getting ready to go at each other's throats.

"What is with this nut job?" I asked. "He must have been high on the 'shroom when he came up with that crazy story.

"I must be crazy too, because I believe him," Shonta said.

"So do I," Draco agreed.

"You're just saying that because he's part Pokemon just like you! You both are getting blinded by his lies!" I shouted.

"I'm not saying that because of that!" she said defensively.

"Then why?" Feather asked.

"Because his story's too crazy not to believe. Plus, if he's telling the truth about his younger brother being a Basilisk, and we saw that he wasn't, he can't be lying about the rest." She looked at the quarreling legendaries and blinked.

"They look cool to me," Feather said. She spoke to the device around her neck and went back to her Pidgeot form.

"Huddle!" Draco called out. We made a huddle to vote what to do.

"I say we go for it. This is gonna be tight!" Draco whispered excitingly.

"Did you listen to that guy's story, Draco? We may not walk out of this in one piece if we agree," Feather said in a worried tone.

"Exactly! We haven't been in something this exciting since, well...ever!" Shonta told her. "Besides, this guy looks like he's loaded! We'll have so much money we could pay someone to put us back together!"

"Well, since you put it that way...I'm in!" Feather said while flapping her wings. She's always been easy to go along with anything.

"Well, that leaves you, Reaper!" she said to me. "Think about it. All the throats you can slit."

"Now you're making me feel like such a heartless cutthroat," I whined jokingly. "Alright, I'll do it. But one wrong move from those guys and this Demon Dragon will be the least of their problems."

We sprang up. "Your name's Lawrence, right? Tell your friend that we're in! We'll be inside to talk business." She started walking then stopped in front of the door and turned back to Lawrence. "And tell him that I could also act as Pokemon translator for no extra charge." She walked through the doors with me and the rest of the crew following her.

Snakes N' Legends
21st May 2003, 06:43 PM
Trevor Venema

Aftering breaking Mewtwo and Rayquaza up, I went to greet our guests. I could see some disbelief in Shonta's teammate Reaper. Of course, he would. If someone told me that story, I would be in disbelief too. Lawrence walked in. Where are they? The Four should have been here by now. Geez, for the greatest bounty hunters in the universe ... they sure are taking their time. Better give some insight to our guest.

"This used to be a Rocket Headquarters. Now it is abandoned. Ever since the death of Giovanni, things haven't been the same." I said.

"How do you know about Team Rocket?" Shonta asked.

"Because all of the Venemas, except Lawrence, were part of Team Rocket." I answered.

I could see glares from Shonta and her pokemon. Something told me that was a bright idea to tell them but it had to be done. I knew that thoughts of money signs were going on in their heads but I had to stop them.

"First of all, we all quit Team Rocket. Some bossy and ignorant Rocket Leader was taking over. She couldn't see us as the main focus of Team Rocket and she decided to make changes. Changes that we didn't like. So we quit." I explained.

I could see some confusion and disbelief. Then Domino rushed up. I told Shonta and her teammates that she was on our side. I told them that Domino had been helpful to us every since the Aqua/Magma incident.

"Are these people ... and pokemon going to help out stop Drasco?" Domino asked.

"Yes, they are but I think they need some more information." I said.

Domino agreed and she lead us into a room. She took a remote and pressed a button. Down popped a viewscreen and projecter. She pressed a few buttons. A picture of a high-tech ray gun appeared.

"We think that Drasco is going to assemble this weapon and use it on earth. We believe that it can be used for other purposes." Domino explained.

I took some files from a cabinet. It contained info on Ryoko and Kuja. Tio's gang was mentioned but I'd worry about it later. I went over and gave the files on both Kuja plus Ryoko to Shonta.

"These files are about two of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. I don't expect them to show up but it is never hurts to be prepared. Read up and if you have any questions, I'll be in the next room." I said.

I left them with the files in hand. Dragonite flew by and we headed for the next room. It was time for me to step up my efforts at training.

"Come on Dragonite, it is time for our own preparation strategy." I said.

*The Four*
21st May 2003, 08:54 PM
Why is it that everyone assumes they know the Hyperion? I mean, i know the Four is famous, but remember, you gotta pretend you DONT know who we are until you see us clearly or get introduced, depending on how famous you are.

and jsut a quick note, Kuja isnt really a criminal. He's just insane. and a crossdresser. o_O

The Four

Jim Raynor

We arrived at Trevor's home to return Bowser and team up. Oddly enough, he wasn't home. Neither were his siblings.

"What the hell?" i said, "Is this some sort of joke?"

"Nobody's there," added Siege.

At that instant, Bowser remembered something, "Wait a second! He could be meeting with all fo his siblings back on Earth!"

I wondered why he suspected this, but i guess he knew Trevor better than we did," Where could he be?"

"He'd probably be in the place Drasco would least expect, so...he could be in the abandoned TR HQ"

We proceeded to Earth, knowing that they must be waiting long for us. Vash and Conker fell asleep after a few bottles of scotch, but Siege and I were wide awake, keeping the ship on its course. Damn...those two were lucky. I was tired and i felt like resting myself. Aside from those two, Bowser and Beelzemon were also awake. Beelzemon seemed puzzled, though...

"Hey, Bowser..." he said, "Which Digimon do you know exactly?"

"Suspense killing you, eh? Heh...ok...I'll tell you." He proceeded to talk with Beelzemon about who he knows.

[Tell me who you know in a PM, SnL]

We arrived at the abandoned Rocket base. It really brought back my memories of raids I used to pull with Conker, Beelzemon, and Siege. Trevor welcomed us in "courteously."

"'Bout time you guys got here!" he said jokingly.

"Hey! next time tell us when you move your base." I replied. I looked around, "Wow...this place is well guarded....with Pokemon."

"Well trained ones at that."

"Nifty. Anyways, you have business for us, do you not?"

Snakes N' Legends
21st May 2003, 09:31 PM
Trevor Venema

"Well, first I want you to meet some of my family and cousin members. There's Lawrence, Max, Gesper, Sanfra, Yeras, Jenova. That's the Venema side. On the Venemosa side, we have Terone, Lance, Aquaria, Trescara, Lunata ... careful her ability is to become a werewolf. Don't know how she got it but becareful and Falcano, whose ability evolves Flying Types and Fire Types hence the name." I said as I pointed out some of my family members.

"What about the rest?" Bowser asked.

"Of course. This is the elegent Domino A.K.A 009 A.K.A the Black Tulip. And this is Shonta and her teammates. There is Draco, Feather, and Reaper. Shonta is part Raichu just like I am part Dragonite. I have them studying up on Kuja and Ryoko." I explained.

"I understand about Ryoko ... but Kuja's not a criminal." Siege said.

"Hey, it never hurts to be prepared especially from a psychotic Red Mage." I said.

"Okay, The Four. This is what we think Drasco might use." Domino said.

She had recently drawn a blueprint of the Ray Gun. Domino explained at a certainly frequency it could transform every Venema/Venemosa on Earth and turn them into Pokemon.

"Excuse me ... how is that possible?" Vash asked.

"Let me handle this, Trevor and Domino. We believe that targeting the Venema/Venemosa ability is the key. If you don't know already, Venema/Venemosas abilities or powers doesn't come from a mutated gene. It comes from Mew who gave up his human form to be Mew. Mew was able to keep his abilities so each of his abilties was passed on down from generation to generation." Gesper explained.

"Wait, then how come there are Venema and Venemosas?" Beezlemon asked.

"Well after Trevora Venema got married and the first child was born ... Well, he went power crazy. His wife divorced him and changed her last name to Venemosa so she wouldn't remind herself of Trevora." Max explained.

"That's great but you still didn't explain how Drasco can target this ability." Jim asked.

"We believe that a frequency set to match the Venema/Venemosa exact frequency can disturb the power. Thus reverting each Venema/Venemosa to the powerholder ... meaning each creature matching to its power. Max would become an Arbok. Gesper would become an Mewtwo. Sanfra would become an Raichu. Lawrence would become an Ditto and Trevor would have become a Dragonite. But we suspect it may have worse uses." Domino explained.

"That's why Drasco must be stopped. Who knows what he can do if he assembles this weapon. We must have a plan to stop him and anybody who allies with him." I said.

"I think with my alliance with powerful Digimon might help. We do have The Four and Vash. But it depends on whether if they will help or not." Bowser suggested.

"So what is your decision on this, The Four?" I asked, "and I apologize for moving my base."

22nd May 2003, 12:32 PM
Name: Feather
From?: Made up
Age: 12
Gender: female
Occupation: Shonta's teamate.
Personality: the "baby of the family". Usually keeps out of fights. Kind but tough. Curious and nosy. Likes to play around with her mimicing ability
Looks: 5'6 with gold colored feathers at her wingtips that appears in all her forms. Wears a gold colored metal collar around her neck
Abilities/Weapons/Forces: extreme speed and aerial agility, can mimic any voice after hearing it just once, can speak the human language. Collar around her neck enables her to revert to her pre-evolutions. Can keep abilities in all three forms
History: was hatched and raised by Shonta
Friends: her teamates and no one else
Other: likes to sing
I looked over Shonta's shoulders at the files. "I don't believe the record on this Ryoko lady! I knew she was infamous but never thought she was this dangerous!"

"That's why the bounty on her head's so high," Shonta said. "And it keeps racking up. No one's brave or stupid enough to go after her."

Draco looked at Reaper and sighed. "And you wanted to go after her. You must be crazier than that guy's story."

"Hey, it's not my fault you guys aren't as capable as I am," he groaned.

"This coming from a guy that has trouble programming the DVD player," I joked in his voice.

I looked at the files for Kuja. "How come we haven't seen a criminal record for someone as dangerous as this Kuja guy? He should at least have a few homicides on here or something."

"Because he's not a criminal, he's just a certifiable nutcase," Shonta said. "Who would arrest someone who's not in his right mind in the first place?"

"He must not be in his right mind if he has that ray lying around," I commented. I looked up and saw some more people coming in, and their faces definitely rung a bell. "Hey guys, it's The Four! And looks who's with them!"

Shonta looked up and hung her mouth wide open. "I can't believe it," she said slowly. "They caught Vash the Stampede."

"That can't be the Humanoid Typhoon," Reaper growled. "He looks so...innocent."

"I know. And why aren't they bringing him in and getting that huge bounty?" Draco added.

"Draco, the whole world and more is in danger and you're thinking about money right now?" I asked him angrily.

"You were, too," he shot back. Reaper and Shonta shared a snicker.

"Well, right now I'm too concerned about the situation to think about money," Shonta grumbled.

We all looked at the new Shonta. "Quick, someone check her temperature!" I said.

"Forget that, where's the straightjacket?" Reaper said with a laugh.

"She's right, though," I said. "So, shall we introduce ourselves to them?"

"Yeah, let's. You go in and give them a demonstration of what you can do, Feather," Shonta told me.

"Okay! Collar, Pidgey form!" I spoke. I went back to being a Pidgey and flew into the room where The Four were.

*The Four*
24th May 2003, 01:12 PM
BTW, Humanoid Typhoon is a co-name for Vash. Like how that Scizor was called "The Crimson Streak." Most people know him as Vash the Stampede. You'd need to watch Trigun in order to understand him.

The Four

Jim Raynor

This was unlike any mission ive ever encountered before. It seemed so...simple. A ray gun? Wow...all that meant is that we just needed to find him, fight him, and stop the contruction. The only bulk of this operation would be the fighting. I guess Beelzemon and Conker would enjoy that a lot.


Bowser had already told me about the Digimon he knew. I knew one of them, but there were three more that I knew that he didn't call. I guess i'd have to get them. Of course, they'd need to leave their tamers at home for this one. It seemed a bit dangerous. Heh...it'll be nice to see ol' pineapple head again. Although...these guys ARE talking a bit much about Ryoko...I doubt she'll be in this. She's a one-woman woman. She usually does stuff on her own, except for her ship and that mad scientist that made her. Let's just hope she's not in this...it's hard enough we have to deal with Drasco.


This was quite confusing. Mew had a human form? I always had record that Mew was a Pokemon because Mewtwo's genome shows no sign of a human alias. And these designs for Drasco's "Ray Gun"...were they THAT mediocre? It was a simple sound frequency amplifier. I guess the frequency would be inaudible, but it would alter cellular structure. There must be something in the Venema and Venemosa's DNA that differentiates it, so I guess this frequency is tapped into it. But still...a ray gun? Did he even give it a name? Why not use a virus or a shockwave detonator or something alternate to convey the frequency? Finding and destroying a ray gun seemed simple. But there was another thing...what was Rocket Agent 009 doing here? Isn't she part of Team Rocket?


*thinking* I wonder how long this will be...I'm getting tired. I'm kinda forgetting now...how old are all these people? I dunno, anyways. A lot of the people ive seen so far are teenagers...guess that means we wont all be going out for a drink later to celebrate. Crap......

Hey, wait a sec....whats that little bird doing here? *Looks at Feather in Pidgey form*


All these people they described so far....they seemed so evil. Ryoko must have killed hundreds of people in the past. This Kuja person confused me, though. He seemed a bit too wierd. Drasco...well...I don't know about him. He planned to just change people into Pokemon. I dont know much about Pokemon, so what was relaly wrong? Sure, it was a bad thing, but....was he going to kill people, too? Still...they said he's a demon...he must have more in this plan than just transforming people...

Jim (again)

"Trevor," I said, "before I make my descision, I must know one thing...Why is a Rocket Member assisting you?"

24th May 2003, 01:39 PM
I've watched Trigun, all right. It's my favorite anime on Cartoon Network.

I hovered for a good view of the newcomers from above. That Digimon didn't look too friendly, so I wanted be careful around him. And the guys were right about Vash; he didn't look like someone that deserved so big a bounty. But that was the Humanoid Typhoon, alright.

A weird-looking squirrel looked up and stared at me. I decided that it would be fun to play a little game with him. I flew down and landed in front of him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked me.

"None of your business, squirrel boy!" I said in his voice. I laughed loudly at the shocked look on his face.

"Just kidding," I said in my normal voice. "My name's Feather, and I'm here with my trainer and teamates to help you guys defeat this Drasco guy. Me and my friends are expert hackers. My speciality is getting through voice recognition programs with my voice mimicing ability. And although I may be small, no bullet can touch me with my speed and size. Although it is nice to be big sometimes. In fact, excuse me for a second. Collar, Pidgeot form!" I changed back to my Pidgeot form and laughed again at the squirrel.

Snakes N' Legends
26th May 2003, 12:42 PM
Trevor Venema

There was a lot of discussion of going around. Most was about my plans and info. Why was it that hard to accept? I mean it is basic information. Even Giovanni had background information on the Venemas and their weird "Mew-induced" powers.

"Ex- Rocket member to be exact." I said.

"Ex-Rocket member?" Jim asked.

"When Team Rocket started to change, the Venemas started to leave. Since Domino had contact with us since her encounter with Lawrence ... she decided to abandon Team Rocket." I said.

"Wait, her encounter with Lawrence?" Jim asked.

"When Lawrence decided to not join Team Rocket, Giovanni was not pleased. So his top secret plan was to send Domino. Well, Lawrence barely escaped her the first time. The second time she didn't even try. I guess a miracle happened because she started to like Lawrence ... thus ending the capturing process." I explained.

I turned away and saw Siege. He was just as confused as Jim. I still didn't understand it. How was something so simple can be so confusing?

"What's on your mind, Siege?" I asked.

"How can Mew have a human form?" Siege pondered.

"First of all, you must remember there is more than one mew. Just like there is more than Lugia, Moltres, Entei, etc. It is really not that complicated." I said.

"Then what about the ray gun? That seems complicated." Siege asked.

"Ok, I admit that that it is complicated. It is also kind of sketchy. We really don't know what he is going to use against us. So we are assuming at this point. Assumpation might be bad but what are you going to do?" I explained.

Then I walked off and saw Conker. He was pretty moody. I didn't even bother with him. That squirell can get pretty drunk. We Venemas/Venemosas can't. I think it is something to with Mew's Powers. I read somewhere that Mews can't drink or their powers will be unleashed in a violent rage.


I walked over to the phone and called up my army of Digimon. I called up MetalSeadramon. He was the first Digimon that needed to be called. I waited for the phone to answer. A Gabumon appeared on the screen. I growled.

"I am sorry. Master MetalSeadramon cannot be bothered. If you give me your ... "


Gabumon almost dropped the phone and bowed. Then he ran off. I looked at everyone. Most of them were trying to ignore me but most of them were frightened. I really have to work on my temper. MetalSeadramon appeared on the screen.

"What is it, Bowser? I was taking a nap." MetalSeadramon asked.

"Trevor is being threated by this Demon Dragon and he has strange plans. I thought I might need you help." I said.

"Well, I'll see what I can do. Bye, Bowser." MetalSeadramon said.

I growled when he hung up. Remind me to teach that sorry excuse of a dragon who has real power. I called up Guyomon/Justimon. I knew he had a Tamer. So his Tamer had to be left out of this. I hoped. I got Guyumon/Justimon relaxing by the ocean. What is with Digimon and their vacation time?

"Hey Bowser, what's going on?" I asked.

"There is a crisis. A Demon Dragon is threating my friend Trevor plus the whole Venema/Venemosa race. Plus he might have worse plans behind him."

"Wow, I'll get my tamer to come. Maybe the other tamers can come. Bye Bowser."

"Justimon, wait I don't wait the ... " I started to explain but Justimon hung up.

I roared very loudly. Why did this happen? Yesh, did I really pick sad excuses for Digimon? Or did Digimon that were really humans. I called the next one. I knew I little more about this one. Takuya appeared on the screen.

"Hey Bowser, how is it hanging?" He asked.

I didn't want to go in full details so I explained the whole thing. I could see the seriousness in Takuya. I knew he would come alone. I hope that would happen.

"Wow, that sounds awful. Maybe with a combination of my power and Koji's powers plus the other Digidestined, we can show this Drasco that you do not mess with the Legendary Warriors. I call them right away. Have a nice day, Bowser."

"Takuya, wait please don't hang ... up." I said.

Then I got mad. First Metalseadramon had the nerve to sleep when I need him. Now Justimon wanted to bring the tamers. Now Takuya/Aldamon wanted to bring the Digidestined into this?


I could see everyone shiver. I could see Beezlemon growl a bit. I walked over to him and told him to contact BlackWarGreymon. I told him that I called the rest. I also apologized for what I had said. I just got angry ... that's all. Then I stomped off to the training room to let off some steam.

*The Four*
26th May 2003, 08:16 PM
*Ahem* SnL, Siege said it was NOT complicated. He said it was simple. what he was perplexed by is how Drasco could have made somethign so simple when were all after him.

Jim Raynor

This was getting a bit too wierd for me now...it was like some fairytale mission that i never thought i'd be on. Nothing really had to do with actual technology or guns or weapons...it was only monsters and people with powers....it was crazy. I didnt know what to say about it. It was too strange for me to really act on it. It almost seemed too easy. I was about to sy somehting, but Siege interrupted me.

"I know exactly what to do," he said, "All I need is Drasco's location."

"Alright. We'll work on that and trust in whatever you have in mind" said Trevor.

With the Venemas and Venemosas preparing to look for Drasco's position, I went to work on our "secret weapon."

Snakes N' Legends
26th May 2003, 08:23 PM
Sorry, I goofed. Just typing to the moment. Hope you forgive my error.

*The Four*
26th May 2003, 11:01 PM
It's ok. didnt mean to make a big thing out fo it ^_^;;;.

27th May 2003, 01:39 AM

I watched Feather fly back to the group and transform back into her Pidgey form. "I should stay in this form for now. It's hard to fly around when I'm a Pidgeot," she said while landing on Shonta's shoulder.

"Did you make a good impression on them?" I asked her.

"I don't know about the others, but the squirrel looks like he needs a drink or something," she said with a laugh.

"Will they even need us?" Reaper asked. "I mean, these people look pretty capable without us."

"From what I've gathered, this mission can go either way," I said. "Good thing I brought the laptop."

"I didn't even notice your packing it," Shonta told me. "That must be the one you bought last week."

"Never leave the house without it," I said back. "What, you think you're the only hacker in the team?"

"I'm getting nervous. What's going on in there?" Shonta asked. "Oh well, time to mingle."

I heard the angry tone of Bowser's voice and smiled. "Sure you'll be okay in there with them? I mean, one of the most powerful Digimon in the world, Vash the Stampede, and Bowser sure are enough to send me packing."

Shonta punched my arm. "You think I'm scared? Please. I'm walking in there to find out what's going on and I'm dragging you and Reaper with me."

"What about Feather?" I asked.

"You know that she goes everywhere that Shonta goes," Reaper said.

"So, come on already!" Shonta called out, already halfway there. "And bring your speaking ability with you, Draco."

"What speaking ability?" Reaper asked me.

"Uh, I kinda know how to speak human," I said carefully.

"Since when?"

"Since forever. I just forgot to tell you guys. When did she find out?"

"I don't know, but I'm keeping an eye on Shonta and Feather. I don't want any of these guys laying a hand or claw or whatever on them," Reaper said. He walked past Shonta and into the next room.

"I can take care of myself, you know," Shonta growled with her cheeks sparking.

"Famous last words," I mumbled while walking past her. She growled again and punched me again, putting a little electricity into her punch this time. Feather giggled at me and rode Shonta's shoulder as she walked behind me.

Snakes N' Legends
31st May 2003, 05:28 PM
Trevor Venema

Venema and Venemosas all sat at a table while Domino was at front of the room. We knew where Drasco would be but we needed to get to the place where he lived. And that would be tough.

"This is Demon Planet." Domino said.

"Sounds scary." Falcano shivered.

"That's nothing. I'm a lycanthorpe." Lunata said.

"A what??" Sanfra asked.

"A werewolf. Encountered a few of them at Hogwarts in the Forbidden Forest." Lawrence said.

"If it is forbidden, maybe it isn't wise to go there." Aquaria suggested.

"People, people!! Let's not get off track here. We have a route to get to the planet. But we have to explain how to invade this planet. It isn't easy. These Demons are not only masters of magic but masters of technology." I explained.

Domino and I went back to back explaining every detail. Then we decided to choose who was going to go. Not everyone could go. Bowser's ship was huge but we need a select group.

"Okay, everyone but Domino, Bowser and me, wil put a ... "

"Hey, why are you three excluded?" Lance growled.

I know understood why Lawrence had a problem with him. This Lance was arrogant brat. I just hoped there wasn't a real relation to the Elite Four Lance. If there wasn't, that meant I could teach him a lesson or two. I had Domino check just to be sure.

"The reason why is Bowser is the only one who can pilot the ship. I am in charge of tactical/hacking services. And Trevor is in charge of the whole operation." Domino said.

And so the process soon began.


I was informed of the plan. A journey to Demon Planet would be dangerous. This thing should be done by The Four. Trevor had me explain to The Four and others that we would go on ahead. "We" refered to a select group of Venemas/Venemosas while the rest would help out with The Four. All that was left to deal with Shonta's group.

"Are we going?" Shonta asked.

"No, too dangerous." I said.

"Come on, if we get hurt, Trevor can fix us up." Draco said.

"Why do you think that?" I asked.

"Cuz he is rich!!!" Shonta said.

"Sorry to dissapoint you guys, but Trevor is not a billionaire." I said while walking away.

Poor Shonta and her Pokemon Friends. I guess you can't judge people by the way they act.

Drasco Venema

There was nothing going on so I decided to head back home. I got on my ship and headed back toward the Demon Planet. That place was paradise. A place of chaos and darkness. No wonder why we demons live like the way we do. The Demon Planet was hidden very well. No one could find it since it was cloaked. Most people would think that Magic and Technology wouldn't go together. But they would be wrong. We Demons of the Demon Clan have adapted to the Modern World or Universe.

"Sigh, if only this perfect chaos was in the universe, everything would be truely perfect."

I arrived at the planet. A asteroid beacon scanned my ship. The planet appeared for a second and entered the atmosphere. A shuttle appeared beside.

"Hello Drasco. May I escort you to your mansion?" The pilot said on the intercom.

"No, escort me to the Lab area." I said.

31st May 2003, 05:52 PM
God, was I stupid for saying that. "Why did I have to say something stupid and selfish like that?" I said out loud.

"Face it, you know we're desperate for money. We haven't had any real business for a long time," Reaper said.

"I know, but I don't care about the money anymore. We had an opportunity of actually helping someone, and I had to put money in the subject." It was probably too late to tell them now. I got angry all of a sudden and shocked Draco.

"Ouch! What was that for!" he yelled at me.

"It's not all my fault, you know!" I yelled back. I ran after Bowser. "Wait, I'm sorry if I sounded a bit...stupid. I really want to help you guys. Is there some way we can help you? We won't ask for a cent, I promise!"

"Shonta, be careful! Your teeth are doing that thing again!" Feather called out.

"What thing?" I ran my finger along my front teeth and froze. They were pointed like those of a Raichu. "Oh man, gotta act quick! I'm gonna regret this!" I ran in front of Bowser and gave him a Thundershock. Bowser gave a look that screamed "KILL".

"I'm serious about this. If you refuse to let me help you, my Pokemon and I will board that ship so fast you'll won't see us. You can't stop us. So, what's your response?" I looked in his eyes and waited for a response.

*The Four*
1st June 2003, 12:27 AM
The Four

Jim Raynor

Bowser told us of the plan the Venemas and Venemosas made. While we were tlaking, he asked me what Siege was doing.

"Siege is working on this little "Secret Weapon" of his. He says that we NEED the exact coordinates in space that the Ray Gun is in. In other words, we need the planet, sector, galaxy, latitude and longitude on the planet, etc. Once we have that, and the device is ready, Drasco won't know what hit him."

"Allright. I'll relay that to Trevor." replied Bowser.

I just hope Siege could get this thing finished fast enough. Sure, his mind is strong enough to outwit a team of military scientists, but could he accomplish this?

Snakes N' Legends
6th June 2003, 09:38 PM

I had no choice but to let them on. Though any one of the Venemas/Venemosas could teach these Pokemon and their Pokemon Hybrid a lesson.

"Fine, come with me." I said.

The group followed me into a room. A ritual was already in progress. Each Venema/Venemosa was drawing their name out a hat to see who going on this mission. Gesper was in charge. There were slips of papers with people's names and there were blank ones. He had a smirk on his face. I knew something was wrong.

"Lance, it's your turn. Plus you are the last one." Gesper said.

"Fine, I know I will pull my name out of the hat." Lance said.

Lance reached in and pulled out a blank piece of paper. You could the rage in his eyes. He charged at Gesper in rage. Gesper reflected Lance's rage. Lance started to yell and uttered a few unspeakable words.

"Watch your mouth, Lance." Gesper said.

"This ritual was rigged." Lance said.

"Of course, it was!!! We needed the best Venemas/Venemosas!!!!" Gesper yelled.

"Why you little ... " Lance said but he didn't finish his sentence.

Sanfra had paraylzed him. Gesper used his psychic powers to put him on a hospital bed. He nodded to me and he psychically told the unchosen to help out The Four. The chosen group headed for my ship. I nodded for Shonta and her pokemon to follow me. We entered the ship and headed for the meeting room. Then Trevor began to speak.

Trevor Venema

Everyone was in the meeting room. This was a dangerous mission. There must not be any slip-ups. To stop Drasco and his unknown plan ... everything had to go perfectly. I went through the plan and finally spoke.

"This is going to be the toughest mission that you will ever face. There is no going back. We must not fail on this mission." I said.

"So what is our mission?" Shonta asked.

"We must infultrate the Demon Homeworld to locate Drasco's ray gun of unknown power." I said.

"Can't we just scan for it? Or why didn't Gesper read one of the Demon's mind?" Draco asked.

For a Dragonite that can speak human, he was pretty impatient. I understand that this mission would seem easy if we knew the location of the raygun.

"Fortunetely, those options weren't up for suggestion. Anyways, you'd think a demon wouldn't reveal such information like the location of a ray gun to anyone. And scanning it won't work. They are very good at technology and probably have a device that blocks scanners." I said.

"So how will get in? They aren't going to let us!!" Lance asked.

We all turned around and there was Lance. How he got on board was confusing but how was he moving? Did Sanfra paralyze him? I was confused until Aquaria was pulling at my tail. I hate it when people do that. Don't you know you should never pull a Dragonite's tail.

"Lance has a immunity to paralysis. Sorry, I should have told you earlier." Aquaria said while trying to apologize.

"Well, that explains it. Okay on with the plan, those who aren't imprisoned shall go as demons." I said.

"Yeah, right!! You wouldn't pass for a demon." Lance said.

"Really, let's see about that ... Lance!!!"

I adjusted my watch and suddenly I become a demon phoenix. Everyone gasped and Lance fell down. Shonta looked at me. Everyone was confused.

"Every Venema/Venemosa will receive a watch containing a Demon Holographic form. Shonta and her Pokemon friends will be acting as prisoners. As for the ship, with a little manipulation, it shall become a Demon ship. Now, listen to the plan closely."

I explained that Drasco was expecting a top scientist demon to work alongside him to finish the ray gun. I would play the role of the scientist demon. The others would find any more evidence of any other crimes while Shonta and her gang would help them out after the guards would be knocked out. I showed the handcuffs. It has a timer that would unlock the cuffs. Plus it has a nerve gas that would only effect Demons.

"Oh, Lance. You aren't going on this mission." I said.

"Why not? It is too late and you can't do anything now."

"Yes, I can!!" I said.

"Prove it!!!" He boasted.

"Okay, don't say I didn't warn you." I chuckled.

Then my might Dragonite fist knocked him out. I turned to Bowser and told him put him in a holding cell. I turned to Shonta and her pokemon companions. I didn't know how they would react to this.

"So Shonta and friends, what do you think of our plan?" I asked.

6th June 2003, 09:54 PM
Sorry about not posting in a while.

The four of us walked into the bar, sat down and ordered our drinks.
"Guess you failed huh?" The bartender asked.
"I don't want to talk about it," I replied.
"Well too bad the four showwed up and ruined everything. Tio and I then stared at him.
"Tell me something," Tio asked, "how'd you know that the Four stopped us? Because didn't mention them." The bartender sweatdropped. Tio and drew one of his daggers and grabbed the bartender by the collar.
"YOU SOLD US OUT YOU SON OF A B****!!!!!!" he screamed.
"They were going to kill me! I swear!"
"SHUT UP!!!!"
"Wait!" i said, stopping Tio. I then looked at the bartender.
"you a family man?" I asked.
"Yeah," he replied, "Got a wife and two daughters."
"Let him go Tio."
"But he..."
"He did it to save himself. You'd do the same!" Tio then put down his dagger and sat back down.
"got any other jobs for us?" I asked.
"Of course. I heard that this rich woman on Mars has a ruby the size of Tio's head." I smiled.
"Then it's settled," i said to the others, "Tomorrow, we're going after that ruby."

7th June 2003, 02:07 AM
Shonta Jones

"We'll do it," I said bravely.

"So will I," Draco added.

"Ditto!" Feather chimed in.

"WHAT!!! They're not even paying us!" Reaper shouted.

Draco punched Reaper. "So what? We're lucky they're letting us help!"

"Besides, I promised them that I wouldn't ask for their money," I said. "Plus I want to prove to that Bowser guy that I'm tougher than I look."

"We don't have that much of a role," Reaper reminded me.

"I know, but that doesn't matter," I said. "Who knows? Maybe I'll find out a little more about myself."

I stood in front of Trevor. "Like I said, we're in. But you're not going to treat my friends like they're swabbies and you're not going to treat me like a kid. I don't know that much about myself, but I do know that just because I'm not a Venema doesn't mean I need to be treated like a human baby."

"But we're going to the Demon Homeworld," Feather reminded me.

"So what? I deal with demons every day. I call them humans," I said with a laugh.

Snakes N' Legends
8th June 2003, 09:24 PM
Trevor Venema

"Of course not, Shonta. One thing is that you are a hybrid like me. I always treat hybrids with respect. Plus you and your team are impressive." I said to Shonta.

"Hmmmm ... maybe we should." Bowser whispered to me.

"Okay, okay, Bowser. Gesper, teleport to the vault area." I said.

Gesper teleported and Shonta was looking at me strangely. I bet she was wondering what I was up to. I would be doing the same thing. I couldn't stop staring at her. Despite I had a demon holograph system on, I was a hybrid. I haven't seen another hybrid ever since when I became one. Gesper returned with a chest.

"This is one of my personal treasures chest but I think you deserve it as payment." Bowser said.

Bowser opened it and there was diamonds. There were gold bars. There were gold bars. There were sapphires. There were emeralds. There were pieces of silver and platinum. Shonta and friends gasped at the treasure.

"After you stop staring at the treasure, tell us when you are ready." Bowser said.

Bowser and I left the group still standing looking at the treasure. Gesper followed us. There was Domino, Lawrence, Aquaria, and Lunata. Domino was scanning for the Demon ship. We needed to target the ship and take it down. We can't have another ship show and ruin our plan.

"So where is it?" I asked.

"We are on its trail. It is invisible but it appears once in a while. It is the only ship that malfunctions." Domino said.

"Remind me to upgrade the holograph to fit the ships perimeters. I don't want to make a mistake." I said.

"Definetly not." Lunata said.

"So you are a werewolf?" I asked.

"Want to see?" She asked.

"Not now." I said.

"There it is."

I called out Dragonite and Rayquaza. Bowser set up the Pokemon Power Gun. We all charged up our Hyper Beams and fired them at the power sphere. Bowser put the power sphere in the system and fired the Pokemon Power Gun. The tri-Hyper Beam gun hit the ship and cause it to crash into a unhibated moon.

"Okay, it will take a while for .... " I said but Domino interrupted me.

"Already done!!" Domino said.

"Domino!!!!! You take all the fun out of everything" I said, "now, everyone turn on your demon holographic forms."

I watched as my crew turned into different forms of demon animals. Sanfra was a Demon Spider. Lunata was a Demon Wolf which was weird because that matched her power. Gesper was a mini Demon Cerebrus. Aquaria was a strange Water Demon that resembled the Loch Ness. Lawrence was a Demon Basilisk that was both human and snake. Bowser was a Demon Turtle and Domino was a ...

"You're not a Demon. You are some sort Devilish creature." Lunata said.

"I know. There is only one Devil Creature on the Demon Planet."

We all got used to our new forms while waiting for Shonta and her friends. I turned the holograph on the ship. I hoped that this plan would work.

*The Four*
9th June 2003, 12:29 AM
The Four


I had finally finished my secret weapon. Everything was in place for my plan. All i needed now was the spacial coordinates of the Ray Gun. I also noticed we havent heard about anything Virgo and his gang were doing in a while. Maybe the others should check Tyranto...

[gotta cut this short...i'm late O.O]

9th June 2003, 12:44 AM

I sat on Shonta's shoulder while all of us gaped at the treasure. "Mama Mia..." I said quietly.

"Whoa, these guys are alright!" Reaper said happily.

"I can't accept it..." I heard Shonta whisper.

"Shonta, are you feeling alright? You've never turned down money before," Draco said with a worried look on his face.

Shonta smiled sadly. "They may be bounty hunters and such, but they're pretty nice guys. Much nicer than the humans that we've met. I would be selfish to accept all of this money, so you guys can split it amongst yourselves."

"We can do that later. First, let's help these guys out," Draco said.

"Feather, promise me you'll get inside your pokeball if it gets too rough for you," Shonta told me.

"But...okay," I said sadly. Man, it sucks being the youngest. "But first, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. What?"

"Are you getting a crush on this Trevor guy? 'Cause I saw the way you were looking at him!"

Shonta's cheeks started sparking, her way of blushing. "No! That guy looks too old for me. Now come on!" She ran to join Trevor and the others, with the rest of us following.

Snakes N' Legends
9th June 2003, 08:32 PM
classy_cat18: Actually Trevor is actually 19 years old. The same year as Shonta. Just wanted to mention that.

Trevor Venema

Shonta and her friends came onto the deck. Everyone was ready as I headed toward Shonta and her friends with the handcuffs. I showed them how to put them on. Draco and Shonta would be easy to handcuff but Feather and Reaper would be difficult. I explained the whole thing and left.

"You like her, don't you?"

I turned around and there was Domino. I didn't understand why she always did this. Whenever I entered a girl, she would pry her nose into my business.

"I don't beside she is probably too young for me." I said.

"She's 19, I checked. You're 19. You would make a good couple. Plus you are both hybrids." Domino said.

I shook my head and told her to forget it. But really I couldn't. There was something about Shonta. Maybe it was the hybrid side of her that made me feel all lovey-dovey. I had to block these emotions. Thoughts like these could get someone killed on the battlefield.

"We will be soon approaching the Planet. Everyone get ready because our mission begins now." I said.

10th June 2003, 01:56 AM

"How am I supposed to put these on?" I asked Shonta. I had one of the special handcuffs hooked around one of my claws.

"You may have to go in your pokeball for a while," Shonta said.

"No way! How come I have to go in my pokeball but Draco and Feather can stay out?" I complained.

"Don't be a baby. Feather will have to go in hers, as well," she said back.

"What? You said I could stay outside," Feather whined.

"Feather, you and Reaper aren't exactly handcuff-friendly. Besides, you'll hear everything that's going on through your headsets."

"How are you going to sneak them in?" Draco asked me.

Shonta took off her ponytail scrunchie. Attached to it were our pokeballs, painted purple. "The wonders of Velcro!" she told us. She pulled them off her scrunchie.

"O...k, where's your pocket computer?" I asked her.

"Attached to the inside of my pants leg by Velcro," she beamed.

"Oh man, crushes suck," Feather groaned as she was pulled into her pokeball.

"I give it three hours," I agreed as I was pulled into mine.

I watched as Reaper and Feather were pulled into their pokeballs. "Tough luck," I said through my headset.

"Remind me to hurt you when I get out of this," I heard Reaper growl in my ear.

I put on my handcuffs. "What if we don't make it out of this, Shonta?"

"I don't want to think about that, my friend," Shonta said while wrapping her scrunchie back around her hair. "All I know is that I want a nice long vacation after this."

"Yeah. Maybe a nice journey around the Orange Islands?"

"It's a deal," she said brightly as she put on her handcuffs. "Okay, we're ready."

Snakes N' Legends
10th June 2003, 07:24 PM
Drasco Venema

I was surveying one of the components to the ray gun. I wouldn't keep it all in one place. This makes it harder for my enemies to ruin my plan if it is in pieces. My pal, the Demon Phoenix, is supposed to be here. He is my best friend in the world. We get drunk all the time if something is not alright and if we have a success. There was a beep on the communication panel. I pressed it.

"Sir, we have Demon Phoenix's ship on the scanner. He sent a message earlier saying that he captured some enemies that were trying to stop your plans." The Demon said.

"Fine, intercept the ship. Have a scout bring my pal towards the lab. Then escort the ship to the jail cell. Make sure our guest are made welcome." I said.

Trevor Venema

So my message was received because we were allowed to enter the planet's atmosphere. A scout ship was pulling up. He headed for the dock area. Bowser stopped the ship and I headed for the cargo bay area. I met one of the scout demons. There weren't that impressive really.

"Grastha, Drasco wants me to take you to the lab. I think we wants to finish up his sinister plans." The scout demon said.

"Yes, I understand. My demon crew will take over." I said.

"By the way, is she here?" The scout said.

"Who is she?" I asked.

"You know the Devil creature. You two are getting married. I don't think I have seen you seperated except on business and science reasons." The scout said.

We headed for the ship. I adjusted my transmitter to fit Shonta and her gang's frequency. I need someway to trasmit the message. I left Domino with the message relayer but I needed someone that wasn't so suspicious to receive it. I forgot about the whole marriage thing. I got in the scout ship and we took off. I watched the Koopa One head towards the planet. A ship pulled up and escorted it to the jail area. The scout headed us in the direction of the lab building. Hope this works.

12th June 2003, 12:01 AM
Shonta Jones

"Ooh, those things are ugly with a capital 'ugh'!" I exclaimed as I took a look at the demons. We were on the Demon Planet at last, waiting for them to come for us and cart us off to our jail cell.

"You don't want to let them hear you, do you?" Draco whispered.

"Please, they need to hear a little honesty," I said brashly. "Now remember, we're prisoners, so struggle a little but don't make too much of a scene. Plus we need to look exhausted. And don't talk human, moan and grunt a little in Pokemon."

"Now what's our mission?" Draco asked me for the third time.

"After we knock the demons out, we help find out what else Drasco and his little gang are up to," I reminded him.

We were escorted off the ship and into the hands of what had to be demons on crack. "Let me go!" I yelled at them as I kicked and struggled. "You touch below the belt and you're history!"

"That goes double for you, ugly," Draco growled in Pokemon.

Snakes N' Legends
12th June 2003, 03:20 PM
Bowser (Tortsa)

After landing on the planet and having Shonta plus company taken away, I watched the others go. I would have gone but I was supposed to watch Lance Venemosa. Plus I didn't want to leave some clueless Demon in the hands of my ship. I waited for a while. I thought I heard something in the jail area of the ship but it must have been my imagination.


I turned around and there was a female Demon Turtle. I didn't know why she called me that but she was eyeing me ... a lot. Wait, I was supposed to be Tortsa who was a famous navigator and ... married man. Oh brother, why did it have to come to this?

"Yes, my love." I said.

"Why are you still on the ship? We should go to the bar and drink a little?" She said.

Well, I wouldn't mind a drink. I doubt that Lance could get out of the cell. So I exited the ship and followed her. I might be breaking one of Trevor's orders but I needed a drink. We stopped at a bar, which was scarier than the ones back on Earth. The Demon Turtle ordered both us drinks. I was given this strange drink. I didn't know anything about Demon Drinks but it couldn't be worse than any drink back on Earth. I gulped it down. It was satisfying.

"Honey, I knew this was a good idea. Want another one?" She said.

"Yeeeesssss, mmmmyyyy deeeeaaaaarrrr!!" I said in a drunken stupor.

I had 3 more drinks in the past hour. My head was spinning. That's when I heard the commotion. I thought I heard someone yell Human. But Shonta is the only human here and she is locked up. That's when the Human passed and recognized it.

"Lance Venemosa." I muttered under my breath.

"What was that, dear?" She said.

"Nothing get me another drink," I said to her, "Trevor is going to kill me when he finds out that I wasn't watching over Lance."

I gulped down another drink. I hoped that this drink would block my memories. That's when I fell to the floor. Then I got back up and got another drink. What was in this drink anyways? Nevermind, it is still good.

Drasco Venema

Gratha had arrived at the entrance. He was looking dashing as usual and his bride-to-be wasn't there. Good thing because she hated when I took him away from her. But business was business. Even she would understand that. He came over to me. I slapped his hand and he slapped back. It was our form of demon friendship.

“So when is this thing going to get finished?” Gratha asked.

“It is already finished. Sorry Gratha, but I needed the first component to be finished before the others.” I told him.

“Refresh my memory about the other components.” Gratha replied.

Silly Gratha, he always forgot anything I said. I turned to him and smiled. Right now I needed a drink. I pressed a button and a tray appeared. On the tray were two glasses and a bottle of Demonic Rage, which was the greatest Demon drink ever made. I popped the cork and poured me a glass. Then I poured Gratha a glass. I handed Gratha his drink. He looked at the drink. Strange Gratha likes Demonic Rage. I guessed that his wife made him stop drinking it. Despite she was a Devil Creature, she must have some objection to our Demon Drinks. I never tasted a Devil Drink but it probably was nasty.

“To the future of the Demon Race … and to the end of the Earth Venema Race.” I said lifting my glass up.

Trevor Venema (Gratha)

I was given a glass of Demonic Rage, which was a Demon Drink. This isn’t going to be pretty. We Venemas/ Venemosas can’t drink. Our power unbinds and we go into a chaotic rage but Drasco is watching. I had better drink it or he will suspect something. I took a sip. This was good. I didn't expect this Demonic Rage to taste so sweet. I drank some more.

"So what about the other components?" I asked.

"Excuse me but I have to go down and get some more myself. The service gets bad at this time. Those pathic demons playing Blitzball. That's what you get when you have demons observe humans. They get the crazy ideas." Drasco said.

Drasco left and I turned off my holograph. I turned the receiver to record mode and pressed it to start recording. I turned the holograph when the door opened. He was holding a container which must be full of bottles of Demonic Rage. Hmmmm ... I had to get this. Maybe Beezlemon would like this but if he didn't ... the rest of The Four would.

"Now where was I? Oh, yes this component, which is located in the lab area, is just a prototype but it works. This one can only alter a Venema's Human DNA to pokemon. But my other weapons need to completed." Drasco explained.

"More than one? Isn't that a little risky?" I asked while taking another swig.

"Not at all, Gratha. The first weapon mutates or turns people into Demons. I plan to take Earth. Earth will be an easy planet. But what about The Four? They are an problem. No matter. That's where the second weapon comes in. I can cause intelligent pokemn and digimon to revert to their wild and savage selves. Siefe and Beezlemon will be attacking their friends rather than us. My final weapon is a back-up weapon." Drasco explained.

"Back-up weapon?" I asked.

"Yes, just in case my plans are halted or the demon ray doesn't work, I'll just use the final weapon to destroy any thing or planet that resists me. Even Earth or the Hyperion can't stand the force of the blast." He laughed.

I was about to punch him when sirens came on. I didn't know what was going on. Was Shonta and friends free to cause trouble? A Demon Messanger ran upto Drasco. Drasco heard the message and growled. The messanger ran away. He turned to me.

"Some Human boy has gotten on this planet. I think it is a Venema. I will capture him and tell him where Trevor is hiding. You know I want to meet Trevor face to face." Drasco said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I want to tell him that he is a Demon Dragon just like me ... but stronger. Trevor would have been the strongest Demon of all. But the elders feared him and sent him. Now I am in charge. Finally, now I will get the chance to bring my brother to the right side." Drasco chuckled.

Then he ran off. I turned off the holograph. I turned on the trasmitter. I stopped and listened to what Drasco said. I was a Demon Dragon? But how was that possible? I shook my head. No worrying about it now.

"Shonta, I have valuable information. I am sending it in data form. Find Domino!! She has the equipment to send the data to The Four." I said to Shonta.

12th June 2003, 04:24 PM
Shonta Jones

"Nighty night, idiots," I whispered to the now KO'ed guards. Our handcuffs worked like a charm.

"You did tell them not to touch below the belt," Draco chuckled.

I released Reaper and Feather from the pokeballs. "Now what?" Feather asked me.

Trevor's voice came through my headset. "Shonta, I have valuable information. I am sending it in data form. Find Domino!! She has the equipment to send the data to The Four."

I pulled out my handheld computer and checked out the sound file. "WHAT!!! That psycho's got more than one ray gun?" I said in extreme shock.

"Forget about that, the first one's in pieces!" Draco said shakily.

"This is really bad. Let's go get Domino," I told the others. "Feather, I think you should sneak back to the ship and inform Bowser."

"Gotcha!" Feather chirped. She sped back to the ship in Pidgey form while the rest of us went to find Domino.


"That's funny. Where is everyone?" I wondered as I looked around the ship. There were no demons, no Bowser, and...

"Where's that Lance guy?" I panicked. He was gone from his cell! Wasn't Bowser supposed to be watching this ship?

I shot out of the ship back to Shonta and the gang. They seemed to have found Domino. "Bad news. Lance went AWOL!"

"Well, who's supposed to be watching him?" Reaper asked her.

"Bowser was there when those demons were walking us to the jail area, so he was watching the ship," Shonta said, starting to sound worried.

I shook my head in disbelief. "Bowser's gone, too!"

*The Four*
13th June 2003, 01:55 AM
The Four

Jim Raynor

It was hard waiting for the others to get the information back to us. Time was certainly against us.

"Aww...come onnnn, Siege!" groaned Conker, "why don't you jsut drop this plan and friggin' nuke that planet with the Hyperion's weapons?"

"That would be very unwise," replied Siege, "They'd most likely have a counter for whatever weapons we have on the Hyperion. They won't have a counter for this thing, though."

"That's right," I added, "Besides, the Yamato Gun isn't strong enough to destroy that much."

"Yeah...unless you combine that with my Chaos Flare," added Beelzemon.

"Well, i'm getting tired of this waiting," Conker said, "Virgo is probably making out like a bandit while were here waiting on Siege."

"Virgo isn't important right now," I said, "He's a low bounty, anyways. Besides, Drasco is threatening Earth. Virgo's just a common theif."

Then I remembered that all this time we forgot about Vash, who was still sitting down, watching us. He could probably take care of Virgo while we settled this.

"Hmmm...well, you could go with Vash, Conker."

Vash looked up when i mentioned his name.

"Yeah...we could, couldn't we? Alright."

"Well, I guess it would be ok so that we make sure they don't cause too much trouble," said Vash.

"Very well," said Siege, "take the dropship I suped up just in case you get into a fight."

The two of them then headed to the ship and flew off, leaving the three of us at the base, waiting for the coordinates.

Snakes N' Legends
13th June 2003, 10:15 AM
Bowser (Tortsa)

I was really drunk now. Boy, this demon drink really takes a toll on you. My movement was very stable. I could notice the female Demon Turtle. She was snickering. I couldn't see what was funny but I laughed in a drunk way.

"Tortsa, you have done it again." She said as she led me out of the bar.

I wonder why she didn't drink. We turned to a corridor. Then she stopped. She growled and looked at me. Woah, what was her problem? It was like I did something wrong.

"You ignorant dragon, letting Lance run loose." She said.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I asked.

That's when I could see a spirit come out the Female Demon Turtle. The Demon Turtle fell over and it appeared. I couldn't see who it was but things got clearer. Too clearer. It can't be. It was ...

"Yera!!!" I gasped.

"I don't know if you knew this but you were supposed to be guarding your ship and Lance. Come on. Go find Domino, Shonta and her pokemon while I search for Lance." She growled.

"Yes, Yera!!" I said in a embaressed voice.

I swayed back and forth until I arrived at Shonta and friends location. They were all worried about me. I could understand. How could I be that stupid?

"Hi, guys!!!" I said.

They all turned around. Some of them were relieved but mabye some of them were angry. That's when I collapsed. Whatever was in that drink was powerful enough to knock me out. Goodnight, I said to myself.

Trevor Venema (Gratha)

I looked around for a computer. I head sent information about Drasco's weapon but I needed to send actual computer data. I found a computer and started to type. I could believe all the information. I was finding. Drasco has been busy. I guess I underestimated the guy.

"Hey Gratha. What are you doing here?"

I turned around. They was ... Ryoko. What on earth was she doing here? I knew she was a Demon but what was she doing on Demon Planet. I ignored her and took out a data transfer module.

"You know Drasco and you are party poopers. It doesn't matter anyways. I am different from you ... demons." She said.

That brought me back to what Drasco said. He said I was a demon dragon. Well, of course, he didn't know that I was really Trevor Venema but it was like he knew. I turned to Ryoko. Was she born from this planet? I decided to test some fate. I told her to close the door and any entrance to the lab. She did and I turned off my holographic form.

"You're not Gratha. You're just some weird Dragon thing." Ryoko said.

"My name is Trevor Venema. I am here to stop Drasco's threatening plan that involves my planet Earth." I said.

"Well, you can't do it alone. You probably need help. I could help but ... I'd rather not."

"I do have help. I have my fellow Venemas/Venemosas, Shonta plus her Pokemon and The Four." I said.

"Did you say The Four??? I am sorry. I am out of here." Ryoko said.

That's when she finally left. I knew she would leave when she heard the name The Four. The Data Module was finished. I hoped this data would arrive in time. I sent it to the Hyperion.

Drasco Venema

Some Venema was on board. Now my plans were ruined. If he or she found out my true plans, The Four would be able to stop me. I had to stop and catch this Venema. I ordered a bunch of Demon Soldiers to follow me. I ran through out the base until I reached one of the rooms with my weapon of mass destruction.

"So Venema, we meet. Tell me, where is Trevor Venema?"

"He is here ... in Demon Phoenx holographic form!!!" He said nervously.

"Don't lie to me, Venema. I know everything about my demons." I said.

"Then you don't know anything, Demon Dragon boy." He said proudly.

"Proud of ourselves aren't we. I like that ... maybe you would make a better Demon than a human." I said.

"What? No, I am telling the truth. Trevor is disguised as a Demon Phoenix." He said.

"That can't be ... true. Wait, Gratha was acting very unusu .. al. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I yelled.

Now I was mad. I was tricked. Somehow Trevor got on this planet and he probably knew everything about my plans. He probably had it sent to The Four. I gathered the guards not before telling one of them to take this Venema to the Demon Gun room. I rushed through out the corridors. I arrived at the room. Ryoko ran out. I don't know what she was doing here but it didn't matter.

"Hello, Drasco. How are you doing?" He asked.

"Imposter!!! Get him!!!" I yelled.

"What are you saying, Drasco. It is me, Gratha." He lied.

"No, you are Trevor Venema. You foolish Venema. Thought you could beat me. Is the Pokemon Changer weapon finished?" He asked a guard.

"Yes, it was finished yesterday, Drasco." One of the guards said.

"Tie him up to it and turn it on. You are about to become a Dragonite like you should have. Sorry, I can't stay to watch but I have to stop your friends The Four from ruining my plans." He said.

{*The Four* - Yes, I know. I threw Ryoko in there because I wanted to have Trevor meet her just one. I hope that is okay with you guys.}

13th June 2003, 04:47 PM
"Rest up guys," Gali said, "We've got one hell of a hiest tomorrow." Gali and I walked into our room.
"Do you think this will every work?" I asked.
"Sure it will, as long as the Four keep out of this." I smiled.
"Hey Gali. When I got hit when we were holding up that ship, did you really care about methen."
"Of course I did. I love you Tea." I smiled again.
"Well then here's your reward." I then leant over and kissed him.

I hammered away at the keyboard.
"What ya doing?" Tio asked.
"I'm doing a background chheck on this woman with the diamond. Her name's Gabrielle Hylan, she's 22, she's stinking rich and this last part is..." I clicked on the file and my eyes widened.
"This is going to be more difficult then we thought."

14th June 2003, 09:44 AM

"What have you been up to?" I asked Bowser, who was now down for the count.

Feather landed in front of him. "YO, WAKE UP!!!" she screamed. She waved a wing in front of him. "No dice, Shonta. He's out like a light and, eww, drunk as a skunk." She made a face and flew up to my shoulder again.

"I'll say. His breath is kickin'!" Reaper growled.

I threw my hands off in defeat. "Great. We have a job to do, and everyone's getting drunk. Guess there's just one thing to do." I walked up in front of Bowser and grabbed his horns. "Clear!" I surged a Thundershock through him.

Bowser's eyes slowly opened. "Whoa, that's good stuff," he said drowsily.

Draco helped Bowser to his feet. "I hope you know that if Trevor finds out, it's your head and not ours," he told Bowser.

"And believe me, I'm telling!" Feather chirped angrily.

Snakes N' Legends
14th June 2003, 07:58 PM
Trevor Venema

I was about to become a Dragonite ... once again. But what confused me that I was a Demon Dragon. Could I have been born on this planet? Was that even possible? Or was all of this a bad dream? Wake up, Trevor.

"Hello, there!!"

I turned to see Ryoko. Of all the people to be there, it had to be Ryoko. I wondered what she was doing. She was fiddling around until she clicked something. It was the transmitter. She probably didn't want to upset Drasco so instead she helped me in a different way.

"You owe me big, Dragon Boy." Ryoko said.

"No, I don't. I am a bounty hunter and if I weren't tied up, I would send you start to jail. Or maybe I will call for back-up." I chuckled.

Then she ran out of the room. The Demon Guards stood watch. I don't know why I was going all Dragoney yet but I had a chance for someone to save me.

"Shonta, if you can hear me, follow this directions. I am in a bind. Someone leaked out that I was in a holographic disguise. Now Drasco is going to turn me into a Dragonite. Please hurry ... and tell Bowser to check up on Lance. I don't want Lance causing trouble." I said.

I hoped Shonta and pals would get here in time or else the Dragon's Den would soon be my new home.

*The Four*
15th June 2003, 07:19 PM
*Sigh* i'm sorry guys...i'm just not feeling this RPG anymore. Besides, i already had plans for Ryoko. Ah well...its nto your fault. It was wrong of me to trust the TPM to know exactly what i meant by a space RPG...-_-. Anyways, feel free to finish this with thatever you have. Snakes n Legends now controls my characters. [and by the way, the secret weapon was an EMP device, if you even know what that is...-_-]. Anyways, i'm going to think of a new RPG idea...a better one, most likely. Enjoy the remnants of this RPG, ok? Well...see you all later.

15th June 2003, 08:53 PM
My last post. I was depressed for some time, so I'm going to conclude these chicks and let them be foree for control...

Annie and Oakley
"They didn't even notice us!" Annie laughed as she took Sammi and May to the grave site. "All that fighting, and WE WERE WATCHING THEM AND EATING POPCORN LOUDLY AT THE SAME TIME!"
"AND WHY THE F**K DID THEY HAVE TO INTTERUPT OUR SWEET LOVE?!" Kuja complained. "First it was that STUPID blue hedgehog, who made a nice dinner, and THEN it was that STUPID pair or moron fighter groups, one was *The FOOR* or something equally stupid, and thenone was the outlw group who keeps that one girl in Stockholmes in his evil desires!"
"TELL ME ABOUT IT..." Meowth complained.
"Now Sammi... perform the rights...." Annie said, motioning the girl forward.
Sammi sighed, unwilling to corrupt May's life. But she had no choice.
Performing an ancient chant, Sammi conjured up a mysterious spirit. This spirit floated around the heads of our villains before floating around May and finally entering her body. May spazzed out for a bit before finally coming to rest.
"Jesse?" Asked Kuja.
"May" opened her eyes. "I never felt better." Jesse's voice sneered.
"Welcome back, my friend," Annie said. "Now what kind of trouble should we cause?"
"I don't know... but LET'S FIND OUT," "May" happily stomped towards the ship Annie and Oakel had, and everyone followed suit.
"Say Annie, don't we have unfinished business to attend?" Kuja winked seductively.
"Sure we do," Annie and Kuja "rented a private room" off the ship, much to the chagrin of Meowth. They blasted off, looking for trouble, riches... who the hell knows.

Sonic and his gang we recovering at the hospital. Kuja had trashed their entire group single-handedly after they had unfortuantely intterupted Kuja's lucky moment with Annie. Their opinon on Kuja was unanimous(sp?).
"I hate Kuja."
"Kuja SUCKS!"
"Did you know May was kidnapped?"
"HUH?!" Everyone stared at Rob, who was reading the newspaper.
"Yeah," he said. "According to this, May, the hotshot trainer who owned the Elite Four recently and was the Pokemon champion, was kidnapped some two days ago. Apparently, that's the same time we got trashed by Kuja. Annie and Oakley are up to no good, I bet. With a trianer that strong, they could trash anything!"
"Oh no... and we have to stay here for TWO DAYS!" Eggman whined. "We'll never manage to catch up to them at THIS RATE!"
Everyone sighed and got back to ranting about how much Kuja sucks.

That's all, folks. My characters are free to be controlled by anyone. Please don't forget them, at the very least give them good endings!