View Full Version : A few things i dislike of Black/White. (gameplay spoiler)

11th November 2010, 09:03 PM
Well, the games are mostly awesome and quite different from the old ones as many of you can probably tell already (And i am not talking about the graphics) but there is one issue that kind of bugs me a lot.

Every "route" has very few pokémon to capture and when i mean very few i mean about 4, from which 2 are usually rare spawns, so in the end it´s mostly 2 in every route with the occasional "rare" spawn and the very occasional fourth spawn.
(That does not make those pkmn rare or strong, they just have a lesser % of appearing)

To add to it, usually the pkmn are grouped into types, at first you mostly find grass pkmn, then you may find water pkmn, then perhaps fire pkmn and so on and usually the type needed to defeat a gym/ story related trainer/ bad guy is in the route right after it´s battle. (I am making up the types as not to spoil too much, this is not the order)

I know that it may be that the month, day, hour and many other factors may be involved in which kind of pokémon you meet ( like some only appearing at night ) but the fact stays that a lot of us gamers have school/job/irl life to attend to so we usually tend to game at the same hours every day, except perhaps during the weekend, so it does not make much of a difference for the average gamer.

Also, many of the pkmn you capture at, let´say route 2, have their evolution appear in route 4, so it´s kind of pointless to try and capture em all and then train them, because you will soon meet up their evolutions regardless...
( i know trained pkmn are better but still, it really does not make much diff, at least not at low/ mid lvls...)

Note that i only played up to the third badge aprox. so things may change in the future, but even if they do , that´s A LOT of gameplay hours you have to game thru this issues, specially if you stop and enjoy the whole game (since it´s so different) rather than just rush from gym to gym (which i highly advice against)

20th March 2011, 10:41 PM
I agree with you on a lot of these points; especially how there's little incentive to train your Pokemon to evolve because you'll end up just finding their evolution after a couple badges. But for this version, I guess the story is a real focus, so I think they wanted the players to spend more time playing through the story rather than just filling the Pokedex. There's a lot more to this game than the others.