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Last Exile
3rd October 2002, 11:39 PM
I used to be one of the shortest people at school, but now I'm around 6 feet, so I'm glad about that! I hated being smaller than everyone else. Now I'm taller than both my parents, which really shocked my dad the last time I saw him

So, how tall are you?

4th October 2002, 12:19 AM
I am about 5'7'' I used to be very short when I was a little kid too, I didn't hit 4 feet until I was like 8. I think that I am done growing, I have only gotten about an inch taller since I was 14. (I'm 17 now.) I am pretty happy with my height though.

4th October 2002, 12:56 AM
I'm 6'1" and I'm 14. I'm pretty tall for my age, and many times I get told that I look like I'm 17 or something. I guess been tall can have some nice additions to yourself in various ways.

4th October 2002, 01:36 AM
It seems as if everytime one of these threads comes up everyone is a skyscraper. Anyway I'm 16 and 178cm or 5'10.

The Freak
4th October 2002, 02:02 AM
I am 6'9" and I am 43 years of age.

Austrian ViceMaster Alex
4th October 2002, 02:56 AM
I'm 181cm tall which is around 5'11.5". Since I'm 25 I won't get any taller than it, only smaller. I'm quite happy with my height.

4th October 2002, 07:17 AM
I'm 6'1" *shrug* seems like a good height to me.

4th October 2002, 10:07 AM
I'm 5' 9", which is pretty tall for my age... and for my sex XP

I'm hoping I won't get too much taller...

4th October 2002, 10:42 AM
Compared to most of my friends in real life, I'm approximately half an inch to an inch shorter than them, being 5' 5.5"/6". Of course, compared to most of the other people here......no contest! XD
Of course, I'm still growing at a pretty steady pace; I might be about 5' 9" by the time I'm done. :P

4th October 2002, 11:45 AM
well im not exactly sure, but i think im approximately 6" tall, yeah must be im quite tall, lol.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
4th October 2002, 11:47 AM
Wow...everyone is well a head above me..I'm only 5"1 and a half..*feels dwarfed.*

Why is everyone sooooo tall...;_;

4th October 2002, 03:09 PM
I'm almost 17 years of age and I'm 6 foot and 2 inches.

4th October 2002, 03:54 PM
I am about 6 feet tall.

Misery's Herald
4th October 2002, 04:23 PM
I'm five feet, eight inches tall and I'm exactly (plus one day) fifteen. Then again, there's this one kid who goes to my school, Matt Hill, he's about four months younger than me and he's at least six feet, eight inches. He's the tallest person in the entire school...

4th October 2002, 05:00 PM
I'm 5'9" and I have been pretty all through all my ages of growing up. I was around 5 foot when I was in fourth grade.

4th October 2002, 05:38 PM
im 6'3" :x

being tall owns :P

4th October 2002, 06:24 PM
i dunno lol i never new in my life how tall i am , well i am i am more small than tall but ia m consider normal high 13 l year old girl , if i found how talll i am am sure ill edit this ;)

Angel Blossom
4th October 2002, 06:28 PM
5'6", I think that's it. :P I like being this 'tall', I can't reach some cabinets, but that's okay. XP

4th October 2002, 06:30 PM
i am 16 and 5'11".

Crystal Mew
4th October 2002, 06:44 PM
I'm 5'7....I used to be one of the shortest kids in elementry school,now I'm pretty tall....actually,I'm about average height..so I'm happy with my height,I dont think I'll be growing anymore..

4th October 2002, 07:10 PM
I'm 14 and 5'10"

Tall is nice b/c hot girls dig ya!!~~


4th October 2002, 07:45 PM
Age: 12

Height: 6'3''

ph33r teh 00ber height

4th October 2002, 07:45 PM
i'm 15 years old, and i'm about 5' 11". not bad, my girl friend is 5' 10" lol. i like being tall...

4th October 2002, 07:51 PM
-_-; I'm so damn short. I'm 5'1 and I'm 15. I got my height from my mother's side. My dad's side is considerably taller but I got my hairy arms from him (no, it's not disgusting, just a bit more noticable than usual). I want to grow so bad but I'm pretty sure I won't grow again. Lucky me

4th October 2002, 09:46 PM
I'm only 5'3" myself and 24 years old so I definately know I won't be getting any taller. :(

My mom's side of the family has alot of adults that were shorter than average--ranging from 5'1" for females to 5'9 for the males, so I was naturally cursed with it. :rolleyes:

4th October 2002, 11:41 PM
i am a little over 5 foot 7 now, and i'm pretty happy with that height, it's normal i guess for being 16. it's just odd that i'm one of the taller people at my school. ;/

5th October 2002, 12:55 AM
5' 5''

Jay Umbreon
5th October 2002, 05:16 AM
Originally posted by Deviou$
Age: 12

Height: 6'3''

ph33r teh 00ber height

12 and 6'3? WTF? you're either bull****ting or disabled.

I'm 6 feet tall :) last time I checked anyways.


VeSAnUS LuPA_CrystalD
5th October 2002, 08:17 AM
I'm 15 and 5 ft 4. I quite like my height- not too short and not too tall. Mediocre.

Lady Vulpix
5th October 2002, 12:19 PM
I'm 1.63 meters tall, which is slightly above 5'4". 1 cm taller than my mum.

Insanity Factor
5th October 2002, 07:24 PM
I am 14 and 6 ft tall. Amazingly, there are lots of kids younger then me and in my grade that are taller then me.

Dark Scizor
5th October 2002, 09:31 PM
Well, i'm 14 and i'm about 5'6-7" tall, i'm not too sure since i have not checked my height in a while.

[Edit] i got my height afew months ago and i'm 175cm tall, so i thik thats about 5'10 or 5'9ish

Mab the Mad Clefable
6th October 2002, 11:38 AM
I am approxiamately 5 foot 5 inches tall. Everybody is bigger than me (I think)

6th October 2002, 11:55 AM
I'm 5 foot, 10.5 inches. I've been about that height for around 2 years now.

Avian Freeze
6th October 2002, 03:07 PM
I'm 13 years old and somewhere around 5' 6''. I'm taller than my mom now and a bit shorter than my dad.

7th October 2002, 12:26 AM

And I'm the shortest kid in my class.

Welll, third shortest.

7th October 2002, 04:36 AM
*Grabs Drivers Card* I'm 182 Cm Tall or about 6'1 ^^; I've always been tall and well I'm 17 so this is about as tall as I can get! Oh well ^^ I don't mind!

7th October 2002, 04:41 AM
19 and 5 Ft 10. I use to think I was 5ft11 and obviously when i got that measured at school,m so this was like three years ago they measured horrible wrong. I use to be taller than nearly everyone and hell most of the class were two years older than me, I went through puberty early. But eventually, I remained the same, and the people that were really short suddenly got taller than me.

I am 133 pounds. Yay go me.

7th October 2002, 06:46 PM
I think that ruler thingy to measure your height at the doctor's office is screwed... I just found out that I'm 59 inches(or 4'11). I know I'm not that damn short! ~_~; Last time I checked, I was 5'2. I'm thinking that since I'm in a cold climate, that I would be slightly shorter due to all this science crap that I won't go into. I'm also short because my parents are short. -_-; Btw, I'm about 15(16 next month).

*poses* I'm one of the shortest people of TPM! >=P


8th October 2002, 10:13 PM
I've always been pretty tall, I'm 5'8 now and I'm 13

8th October 2002, 10:19 PM
5"10 ? 5"11? (in between that. )
I'm just turned 19 last week.

9th October 2002, 06:05 PM
Im 5 foot 8 inches, which is scary cus my best mate is the EXACT same height!

so fly supersky
9th October 2002, 07:04 PM
I'm about 6'2 short. I've never actually checked my height but since my dad is 6'1 and an inch shorter than me......

9th October 2002, 08:05 PM
I'm 5'9 and Im thirteen...
Im a tower compared to all the other kids at my school, good thing is, I'm not a beanpole either... I'm pretty much built more than all the kids at school too, lol... tis fun, tis s'all fun...

10th October 2002, 09:05 PM
I am 6 feet tall.

12th October 2002, 01:49 PM
I'm only 5'6 and a half. Which is pretty good. I still have one or more years to grow though.

12th October 2002, 06:09 PM
I'm around 5'6" to 5'8" the last time i checked maybe a few months ago.

I'm taller than anyone in my household and a lot of ppl in my school are really short. There's this one guy that's about 2 ft tall.

22nd May 2003, 08:38 AM
im about 5'7", I've always been tall for my age ^^

22nd May 2003, 09:05 AM
Wow, I feel special :)

Am I really 5'10"? Hmm. I think that's what I am anyway :) I compared myself to someone who was 6'0" and we came pretty close, so I must be around that height

22nd May 2003, 11:22 AM
5"11 and I'm 19... I won't be gettin any taller but it's a okay height. ;) although many people at my college are so darn tall sometimes.

22nd May 2003, 03:38 PM
I'm tiny... 152 centimeters...;o

22nd May 2003, 05:02 PM
Im 14 years old and just under 6' 3"...yea im tall...and I wouldnt get rid of it for anything!!

*Runs outside to play basketball*

22nd May 2003, 10:38 PM
5 feet 10 inches tall:D

Master Rudy
23rd May 2003, 11:22 AM
Well I'm almost 18 and I'm about 5'11"

23rd May 2003, 05:40 PM
I'm 5'10 and thirteen, size 13 shoes... lol... I have ski's, lol...

Well, the doctor says I'll be anywhere from 6'2-6'5 when I stop growing, which is a good height, I think...

23rd May 2003, 08:45 PM
I'm 6'0. By comparison, my mom's 5'9 and my dad's 6'2. I guess that makes me almost exactly in the middle. *knows someone who is only 14 and is 6'5* o_o scary

24th May 2003, 07:33 PM
I think I'm more than a head shorter than you, Kyle... 5'4". And not growing anymore. Hey, that rhymes. Ooh, look, I'm a poet! :P Heh heh, just kidding.

24th May 2003, 10:25 PM
err...4'11". not growing anymore, either...yeah, i'm really short. ;_;

Darkmaster Kagemusha
24th May 2003, 11:05 PM
5'11" and a half and I'm 15 years old. I'm taller than almost all other people in my class. Also, I'm not a toothpick and I'm not fat either, so I'm happy there too. I'm supposed to grow to 6'2", but I'm gonna try and get taller. Tall is good. :yes: . Only one problem though. I'm top-heavy. I get pushed in the shoulder and I almost fall down :P

25th May 2003, 01:30 AM
I'm going to be 13 on June 9th and I'm 5'2". Yeah. I'm short. There's this girl at my school that's the same age as me and 5'9" :o

25th May 2003, 04:42 AM
I'm 5'11". That's kinda tall for an Asian, right?


26th May 2003, 05:00 AM
5'9" I guess that's pretty average for my age, race, and gender o.O;; I'm taller than most of the females in my family, but shorter than my dad.

26th May 2003, 03:00 PM
I'm about 5'7" right now. I'm still growing a lot. I never really was very short. my family thinks that i will be over 6 feet. I hope i dont stay this height.

26th May 2003, 03:40 PM
I'm, like, 5'6" or 5'7" and I'm 15. I guess I'm pretty average height. I'm hoping that maybe I'll grow another couple inches, but I don't really think I'm gonna. *sighs* Oh well.

26th May 2003, 08:35 PM
i am 5'8" to 5'9" at the age of 13.
somewhere around there.
i grew :-)

26th May 2003, 11:11 PM
I'm *cough* 5'3.... funny thing is I'm pretty average for my age around here o0 (I'm 15 btw) I really hope I grow at least a little taller, but I doubt it, my mom's 5'3 and my dad's 5'6... *sigh* ah well.

tall people suck


27th May 2003, 01:04 AM
around 5'11"....my mom its like 5'9" and my dad is around 6'.I think I'll probably get a little taller though too...8) ...all my friends except for a few are shorter than me...

Interpol HQ
31st May 2003, 04:45 PM
I'm 6'4", and tall people dont suck. Katie your just mad you cant give high fives.

16th June 2003, 06:27 AM
I'm about 5'11" which is average.

16th June 2003, 07:30 AM
Originally posted by LapRecord
I'm about 5'11" which is average.
"average"? depends on your age and sex.

not great for a 25 year old,but not that bad either. really freaky for a 5 year old.
sorry.somebody please stop me...

16th June 2003, 12:26 PM
I'm 5'10 and growing. I hope to be at least 6'9" when I am fully grown, but I doubt it will happen.

16th June 2003, 01:19 PM
Ummm..... Crap, I really haven't checked my age properly for aaaaaages. I was 5 foot 3 inches when I was 11......

*counts fingers* Er....

I think I'm about...... 6 foot ....... About that.... I think.......

BTW I'm 14.

16th June 2003, 01:52 PM
I'm one of the shortest people in my class. I'm almost 16 and only 5'3". ^_^'''

16th June 2003, 08:31 PM
I'm 5'5. Not bad for my age.

16th June 2003, 09:45 PM
I'm 14 and I'm about 5'9 or 5'9 1/2, strangely, I'm one of the tallest kids in my school o.O especially since just about every 14 year old here is over 6"

16th June 2003, 10:13 PM
6'0". Yeah, they stack it this high. ;p

16th June 2003, 10:51 PM
im a little over 6'4...

im 17...

16th June 2003, 11:09 PM
5'10" and 16 years old... I think that's average for a male caucasian O_o

16th June 2003, 11:14 PM
I'm 6'2" and 15 years old...no I didn't get held back a grade! :P

17th June 2003, 12:27 AM
5' 9 1/2" is average for full grown male caucasion

The Muffin Man
17th June 2003, 01:36 AM
W00t! I'm above average.

18 and 5'10. I should be hitting 6'0, since guys, I think, don't stop growing till 21...so maybe an inch or two...

17th June 2003, 01:48 AM
you grow for around 12-18 months after your wisdom teeth grow in... its a good way to compare... when all 4 are in, not if you just sprout one... or so ive heard something like that

Ice Maiden
17th June 2003, 12:07 PM
I'm 5'5" (last time i checked) and i'm nearly 13. I'm a lot taller than my friends! ^^;;

Sir Chris
17th June 2003, 01:57 PM
Lets see, I am 6'5" and I am sound mind of a 15 year old :)

edit: gligar, my mom calls you a liar hehe, you are misfornformed, that is not true abotu the wisdom teeth =o

~ Chris

17th June 2003, 02:08 PM
I'm 186cm, and 18 years old.

17th June 2003, 05:35 PM
Originally posted by SirChris
Lets see, I am 6'5" and I am sound mind of a 15 year old :)

edit: gligar, my mom calls you a liar hehe, you are misfornformed, that is not true abotu the wisdom teeth =o

~ Chris

ive heard its a good thing to base when you stop growing around... since some stop around 16 some aruond 21, etc... its just what ive heard, if ur moms a dr or something ask her when plz... thats why i said i may be misinformed

17th June 2003, 05:42 PM
Last time I measured myself was about a month ago. The result was about 5.3 feet. Don't know for now:confused:

Toon Dragon
17th June 2003, 10:49 PM
I am roughy 5'7"-5'8". My mother is 5'1" and my father is 6'5" :).

7th May 2004, 09:30 PM
Wow, I posted here when I was twelve 0_o Actually I've been around since I was ten...:p

Now I just recently turned 14 and I'm around 6'6'' and a half or 6'7'' (the doctor's tape measure said 6'6'' and a half; our's said 6'7''. Take your pick. I round down to 6'6'' though)

Jash Thor
7th May 2004, 09:46 PM
Wow there are some ridiculous heights here.

I thought i was all tall and cool bein 6'2" at 15...and i just realized just how short i am. Geez....lol.

7th May 2004, 09:51 PM
I'm 5'5" best height ever :wave: i'm hoping i stay this height throughout high school ;@

7th May 2004, 11:15 PM
Great work on the bump, Deviou$ ! I am 5'10, last time I checked.

8th May 2004, 12:03 AM
ermmm...... 5'9" or 5'10"....maybe i might be 5'11" if i think about it hard enough...

8th May 2004, 11:25 AM

Good job necroing :rolleyes: :wave: Oh I already posted in this thread, and I grew 1" since a year ago. Wow?

8th May 2004, 12:25 PM

Good job necroing :rolleyes: :wave: Oh I already posted in this thread, and I grew 1" since a year ago. Wow?i'm 6' now. that means i only grew 1" in about 2 years. :(

8th May 2004, 03:43 PM
Im 5' 9.

I was always the tallest throught school until everyone caught up, then I was one of the sortest!

Yoh Asakura
8th May 2004, 04:29 PM
I'm only 5'5.. heh

8th May 2004, 08:45 PM
i am 5'11. a good height! ;)

9th May 2004, 06:44 AM
Who the heck bumped this thing up?! It's from 2002!

Meh, what the heck... ;) Well, I'm 5'9" or 5'10", anyway. And I have no clue what that is in metric.