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The Blue Avenger
8th February 2011, 06:00 PM
Welcome to the Eevee House! I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about, so I'll jump right in.

The Eevee House is a stately mansion situated in Sector Alpha, in the province of Caledor. It was built for a preposterously rich member of the Traders and Merchants Association, a division of the Dragon's Guild. While the woman was invaluable to the Union and possessed unparalleled knowledge of how to play the market, some of the more utilitarian-minded in the Guild were rather hoping that she would bequeath the mansion to the Guild upon her death, as she had no surviving relatives. The researchers wanted more lab space, the soldiers wanted more room to train, and the merchants were impressed by the sheer economic value of the place. The only group not vying for the mansion was the Tactical Neutralisation Unit, and that was because being based in a mansion would have been slightly conspicuous.

So it came as a big surprise when the woman passed the mansion on to her pet Eevee.

Then, when the Eevee passed away, it bequeathed the mansion to the city, an action which angered many people, but especially the mansion's butler, who had been waiting patiently for some time and rather thought it was his turn. The only stipulation was that the Eevee House (as it came to be known) wouldn't go to a specific person. Instead, it would become public property, not unlike a park, and it would be open for trainers and their Pokemon to relax and socialize.

And so here we are! The Eevee House is a chance for you to kick your feet up, let out your Pokemon, and chill a bit.

If you direct your attention to this plaque on the wall over here, we do have a few rules:

1. (Out of character) No flaming other people.
2. (Out of character) Please make quality posts.
3. (In character) No willful destruction of property. Accidents happen, but don't be a jerk about it.
4. Have FUN!


All right, in-character part done. Now, on to business. This is an RP topic at its most basic - people can come here and write posts interacting with other people and their Pokemon. Great for character development! This is also a good way to stretch your writing muscles if you don't want to make a full-fledged post in the Battle Range.

A few notes:

1. The Eevee House is in Sector Alpha, but despite that, as in the past, Captured Pokemon can hang out here too. Just try not to think about it too hard.

2. Posting style! There are two different ways you can post here, depending on your preference - prose and script.

Prose is likely what you're used to. Let's see an example:

Groviglio trudged up the steps to the mansion. Ordinarily, he would enjoy a chance to find new Pokemon to insult, but it just hadn't had the same appeal lately. It was just too easy for people to come back at him...

...and so on and so forth. The script format is great for dialogue where all parties involved are simply talking, not a lot of action going on:

<Groviglio> Dude, you don't look so good.
<Maza> Really?
<Groviglio> Yeah, just like always! *cackle*

Like that. Both are welcome, but just do your best to make every post worthwhile. If you only have one line of dialogue to post, maybe you can flesh that out a touch with some prose.

So yeah! Just like rule 4 says, have fun!

The Blue Avenger
8th February 2011, 06:28 PM
((And just to kick things off, I'll go ahead and post.))

Groviglio slouched against one of the outside walls of the mansion, his arms crossed (inasmuch as a Tangrowth can slouch or cross its arms). Jeff had stayed in Avelorn after their training in the two towers - he had said something about "needing to stay to help set up," whatever that meant. Maza had stayed with him, but Jeff had sent the rest of the team home.

And so that left Groviglio at home with an assortment of schmucks, idiots, and at least one psychopath. He glanced around. Raini didn't seem to have followed him here, but he wasn't sure. After what Maza had pulled on her at the training session, he was pretty sure she was going to be on the warpath.

That led, in part, to his decision to visit the mansion. It had been some time since he last visited - crises kept popping up around every corner, after all - but it seemed relatively calm, at any rate. And free of murderous cats. That part was important.

As it happened, Groviglio was completely wrong. Raini had appeared at the Eevee House, and was currently sitting atop a rafter, it being anyone's guess how she got up there. From her vantage point, she could see out the wide bay window, and just barely make out her teammate leaning against a wall. Excellent.

8th July 2011, 09:55 AM
Nobody else posted in this thread so I'm posting here.
Trainers POV
Seems like nobody is here. I might as well come to the Eevee house and watch TV
Form TV
News Report: Tag is the #1 nickname along Pokemon.
Trainers POV
Why is that? I don't like it!

26th July 2011, 02:03 AM
(Amy's POV)

I decided to pop in with just a few members of my team. I wasn't sure what to expect as it had been a while since i had been here. After closing the door behind me, I let Rick down so he could play but instead of scampering around like usual he stayed clsoe to my side. Jasmine on the other hand had no such qualms and headed straight for the pool. Lastly, I let Laila out. She was the only captee that i had brought with me this time.She chose to explore the mostly empty house while i sat down on the couch.

Knight of Time
4th October 2011, 01:01 PM
Kyle's POV

It had been a while since I had come in here. But today, I was in a serious mood. As I sat down on one of the sofas, I reached into the area with my evolution-inducing items in it. Thinking hard, I figured that this would be a good time to help Cyberius, Flora, and Venus reach their next evolution stage, and so I took out the Upgrade, Moon Stone, and Genetic Accelerator Gene I had been respectively holding onto for this occasion.

Reaching into the Pokeballs section of my backpack, I took out their Pokeballs, and let them all out, letting them all stand in front of me.

"Oh hi Kyle, it's been quite a while, what's all this?" Flora asked, as she pointed to all the evolution items I had on the sofa.

"I've decided that there couldn't be a better time than now to help you, Cyberius, and Venus evolve, Flora." I replied.

"So there's something there for each of us?" Venus asked.

"That's right. The Genetic Accelerator Gene is for you, the Upgrade is for Cyberius, and the Moon Stone is for Flora. I had been holding these items in my backpack for quite a while now, so I thought this would be a good time to put them to good use. Besides, if I decide to battle again using any of you or your respective teammates, using these items will lighten my load and get a few things off my mind." I said.

"Like what?" Cyberius asked.

"Well, once you three evolve, all of you will be fully evolved, except Cyberius, I'm afraid I don't have a Dubious Disc yet. Even if I did have one on me right now, I don't want to rush too much in getting you to your final form. I still have some plans for you especially, Cyberius, it'll just take me some time to go through with the planning." I said.

"I understand." Cyberius replied.

As I turned back to the couch to begin using the evolution items, I opened up the Upgrade first to get the disc with the data needed to help Cyberius evolve, and I carefully touched Cyberius with the disc. In that very instant, the entire Upgrade vanished, and Cyberius began to glow white. Within a few moments, I had a new Porygon2 in front of me.

"Alright, now that that's done, Cyberius, I vow, if Cybertron were still here, he'd be proud of us. I'm sure he's watching you from cyberspace right now. Even if he was somehow in pieces, a piece of him will always be a part of you." I said.

Hearing sniffling, I turned and saw both Flora and Venus were moved by my speech.

"That speech of yours was such a touching thing to hear." Venus said, nearly about to shed a tear.

"Indeed...I can understand your past had some of its difficult moments, but to begin to overcome one of those moments, that must have been a bittersweet decision to help Cyberius evolve." Flora said, as she got close to shedding a tear herself.

"Yeah, it definitely was bittersweet...on one hand, Cybertron was a Porygon2 when I lost him despite all the battle experience he had, but on the other hand, Cyberius just evolved, but he hasn't battled...hence why I plan to remedy that sooner or later. But first, here, take the Moon Stone." I said.

As I turned around again and picked up the Moon Stone, I passed it to Flora. Within a few moments, she had evolved into a Clefable. Two down, and one to go.

"So I guess this now means it's my turn to evolve?" Venus asked.

"Mmhmm." I said, as I took the Genetic Accelerator Gene.

Wasting no time, I handed it to Venus, who immediately used it up. A few moments later, she had evolved into a Blissey.

"Well, there go the evolution items...but how do you all feel?" I asked my trio of newly evolved Pokemon.

"Great." was the one word they could all say at the moment, as they all agreed in unison.

Seeing that they were all clearly feeling happier, I sat down on the couch, pondering what I'd want to do next.

Lady Vulpix
9th January 2012, 09:35 AM
Hero, Tsunami, Caledor and Lagi walk into the Eevee House.

<Hero> Wow, look at this place! It's all covered in dust and cobwebs. It's like no one bar the spiders have been here in months!

<Tsunami> Maybe we can clean it up and get it ready to receive more visitors. I think it looks worse than it is, it's just a layer of dust and some cobwebs. Look, the pool is clean! Someone must have been maintaining it. They just neglected to clean the floor and the ceiling.

<Lagi> I can take care of the ceiling. Can you guys sweep the floor?

<Hero> Can we? Yes, we can. But isn't that someone else's job? It's not like we run this place.

<Tsunami> We used to run most of the activities here. Like the races, remember? I bet whoever is in charge of cleaning noticed that no visitors were coming and felt it was just a futile effort. We can change that.

<Hero> The races! I remember... No one was a match for me! But that did eventually turn against me, once everyone realized how fast I was and then no one would race me anymore.

<Caledor> There you go, gloating again.

<Hero> Says the self-appointed "King of waves". I am the fastest Pokemon among the Dragon Tamers. There's no contesting that. I was born fast, and I've trained hard to become even faster.

<Caledor> And I'm sure everyone cares.

<Hero> What did you just say?

<Caledor> I said everyone cares about your speed, don't we?

<Hero> Don't try to be a smart-ass. You'd better start helping with the cleaning, and tell me what you had to say.

<Caledor> What did I have to say?

<Hero> You know... trees! What's the deal with you and trees?

<Caledor> Trees! Oh, that's no big deal, really.

<Hero> Speak!

<Caledor> But it really isn't. And you wouldn't understand it anyway.

<Hero> Are you calling me an idiot?

<Caledor> No, I'm calling you a forest Pokemon. You grew up in a forest packed full of trees, and you took them for granted. To you, trees were always a part of the background. It's no wonder you don't find them impressive. But the first time I saw any real trees was when I was taken out of the lab at the end of your treasured Griffon Games. And... you know... the colors, the shapes, the smells, the sound of the leaves in the wind... They were the most amazing thing I'd ever seen!

<Hero> *Blinks.* I... Oh. I never thought anyone could find trees impressive, but if you grew up among walls and machines and test tubes... I sometimes forget how different your childhood was.

<Caledor> It's OK, I sometimes forget you have only 7 tails.

<Hero> Wha? Don't try to mess with me, you see my tails all the time, there's no way you can forget that.

<Caledor> I see you all the time, and I'm used to the way you look. I hardly ever pay attention to your tails.

<Hero> Are you serious?... I wonder if that's happened to anyone else.

<Tsunami> I bet practically everyone who's known you for a while has stopped thinking about your tails long ago. Your boasting, on the other hand, is impossible not to notice.

<Hero> Is that why you're trying to imitate me? So you can get noticed too?

<Tsunami> *Laughs.* I don't imitate you... Well, maybe sometimes. But I have my own style. I prefer to be known for the things that I do best, like making huge waves and enduring just about anything.

<Hero> As long as you never come across something that's just too much for you to endure.

<Tsunami> Right, but another thing I do is be careful and observant. If something like that comes about, there's a good chance I'll see it coming. I'm not so reckless as to rush into anything without first assessing the threats.

<Hero> Contrary to popular belief, neither am I. I just assess the threats really fast.

<Tsunami> Get on with you, Hero. There's no way you can tell in advance what you're going to find when you... allow me to quote you, "dash forward Hero style".

<Hero> *Laughs.* I wouldn't know in advance if I walked in slowly either. If I dash in, however, I have the surprise element on my side. And for what it's worth, I'm training Spooky to act as a scout for dangerous missions. The reception is poor, but at least it can give me some idea of what to expect before I rush in.

<Lagi> Or you could just ask Ventura.

<Hero> And get a headache in response? There's no fun in that!

The Blue Avenger
9th January 2012, 08:04 PM
*At that point, another group of four make their way into the Eevee House as well: Groviglio, Maza, Kiva, and Anzu.*

<Anzu> I think Cam had it wrong, guys. *smile* They bicker better than you do.

<Groviglio> Oh yeah, laugh it up, fuzzball.

<Maza> I wonder if that's one of those things that runs in the family.

<Kiva> I'm not sure. I don't feel much inclination to argue.

<Groviglio> Her relationship with the nearest fire-type certainly seems less volatile.

<Anzu> *grin* Or maybe our relationship just seems tame compared to you two!

<Maza> That's entirely possible. Anyway, hey, guys. Need help cleaning house?

<Kiva> Hello, Father!

Knight of Time
9th January 2012, 08:43 PM
Kyle's POV

I had just woken up from a nap on the couch that I had decided to take after all the previous evolutions. Seeing that the place was starting to look like it was in need of a serious cleaning, I looked around for some feather dusters, and soon found some. They looked like they were made using the feathers of a Doduo, due to their brown colouration and softness. But seeing that there were a few too many for me to carry all by myself, I turned to my group of newly evolved Pokemon.

"Guys, I'm going to need some help trying to clean things up around here. Now I presume none of you like getting your hands, or other appendages dirty, but I found some feather dusters we can make use of." I said.

"Why the clean-up?" Cyberius asked.

"I just realized this place is in serious need of cleaning. If nobody else will do it, we might as well do our part. But, seeing as I only have one pair of hands, I have a strong feeling the most effective Pokemon that can help here are the ones with well-developed hands." I replied.

"Maybe you ought to send Crusher out. With his four hands, he might be a major help." Venus suggested.

"Now why didn't I think of that. Come on out, Crusher." I said as I let my Machamp out of his Pokeball.

"What is it, Kyle?" Crusher said as he stretched all his arms out at once.

"Crusher, as you may have noticed, this place is in need of a real clean-up." I said, as I slowly pointed out various areas to Crusher that needed cleaning.

"Not a problem. I don't mind doing some work anyway, so let me know what I have to do." Crusher said.

"Please take up to four of the feather dusters here. Can you handle one in each hand?" I asked.

"Not a problem." Crusher replied.

As I nodded and gave four of the feather dusters to Crusher, I grabbed a fifth one and soon we began to clean the whole place up. Within several minutes, the place was looking better than ever on the inside, and even sparkling in places.

"Thanks for your help, Crusher. I have to admit, having four hands is definitely better than having only two." I said with a chuckle.

"Glad to help." Crusher replied.

Lady Vulpix
10th January 2012, 09:02 AM
<Hero> *Grins widely.* It's a skill.

<Tsunami> Kiva! *Trots over to her side.* How are you? It's great to see you here. What have you been up to these days?

<Lagi> Hi, everyone. And thanks, Maza. I think we're almost done, but all help is welcome. Thanks to everyone for helping, this place is looking much better already.

The Blue Avenger
10th January 2012, 04:49 PM
<Maza> Cool. *teleports into the rafters and starts doing some heavy-duty dusting.*

<Groviglio> It sort of looks like he just turned into a mobile dust cloud.

<Anzu> *grin grin* Aren't dust clouds usually mobile?

<Groviglio> *flatly* Ha, yes, of course, silly me. Shut up.

<Kiva> Ah, well, it's been busy ever since the tournament! Jeff going to explore meant that Anzu, Cam, 99 and I were watching the house... and so many people wanted to see Raini after she won. We eventually just had to hang up a sign that said "Raini Isn't Here." And then after that didn't work, we had another sign under that that said, "We Promise."

<Anzu> Yeah, an' that one worked! Can't figure out why.

<Kiva> And on top of that, Kurtzwick still hasn't shown back up.

<Groviglio> You know how he is.

<Kiva> Yeah, but it's been a while... *shakes her head* But that's what's been going on. Are you doing all right too, Father?

Lady Vulpix
11th January 2012, 07:13 AM
<Hero> That's the price of fame. I wouldn't mind going through that again, though. Now I can't even get my spotlight because Gabi says we should give others the chance first, can you believe it?

<Tsunami> Ahem... *Turns to Kiva.* I'm fine. You know... bickering with the boys, doing some training... I had this cool and really long battle with a Cryogonal where I endured a Solarbeam and mimicked a Confuse Ray... And I'm still waiting to see when the DT meeting will be held. Too many things are going on and we need to do something about them. And you say Kurtzwick's still missing? That doesn't sound good at all, especially now that there's a wave of disappearances. What has been done to search for him so far?

13th January 2012, 02:09 PM
Rick: *runs in, sneezes and skids to a stop barely avoiding tumbling into the pool.
Sinopa: *pads in and heads over to the sofa and lies down not feelign very good at her stomach*
Darin: *follows her* Are you okay?
Sinopa: *nods* I will be. Just dont feel good at my stomach right now.
Jasmine: *stretches her wings before looking around and heading for the pool*
COlby: *runs past and jumps into the pool creating a huge splash*
Kiara: *smiles when she sees Caledor and pads up quietly behind him

13th January 2012, 09:14 PM
Bo: *runs in* Whoo! It's been ages since I've been in here!
Lily: *walks past him* I'm going to see if the garden needs tending to.
Ken: Lemme help! I can water the flowers!

Lady Vulpix
14th January 2012, 08:32 AM
<Caledor> Kiara! *Hops over to her side.* I was wondering when I'd get to see you again! *Nuzzles her.* How have you been?

<Tsunami> *Looks around.* We could almost have the meeting here and now, except that none of our trainers are here. It would be funny if we ended up coming up with a plan on our own.

<Caledor> Ventura might, but us? I don't think so. Let me spend some time with Kiara while I can, and you can catch up with Kiva. Then we can all go and poke our trainers until they get their act together and do something.

<Tsunami> I'm just worrying that we may be taking too long and giving the Black Dragon enough time to do whatever it is he's trying to do... or at the very least get much stronger.

<Lagi> He does have a point.

<Caledor> Not here, not now, please. We'll find a way to sort things out. We always do. Right now, let's have a good time together. Then we can all go home and get our trainers to arrange a meeting.

The Blue Avenger
14th January 2012, 12:49 PM
<Groviglio> Yeah, heaven forbid Gabi actually act kind and considerate towards others.

<Anzu> You're just sayin' that because you already had your go-around. *grin* And what do you know about bein' kind and considerate, anyway?

<Groviglio> Just because I'm not doesn't mean I don't know about it.

<Anzu> Yeah, in the same way you know about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

<Groviglio> Ha ha.

<Kiva> Cam has been out to all of Kurtzwick's normal haunts to try and gather information. It turns out Cam has really taken to investigating; I think he quite likes it. He hasn't turned anything up yet, but he said he's found Clues, with a capital c.

15th January 2012, 10:35 PM
Kiara: *purrs and nuzzles Caledor back* I've been pretty good. YOu?
Rick: *Runs and jumps on the couch then giggles and starts jumping up and down*
Sinopa: *closes her eyes but the jumping doesn't help so she jumps down and heads over to a quiet corner hoping that the couch will occupy rick's attention for a while*

Lady Vulpix
16th January 2012, 08:20 AM
<Caledor> Me? I'm always good! But I'm even better when you're with me. *Grins.* I miss you sometimes. And you missed an exposition on the beauty of trees. What do you think about trees?

<Hero> Oh, I know Grove will be Grove. But sometimes it seems like the whole world is going crazy. And I'm not talking about Gabi letting someone else have the spotlight, that's just Gabi being Gabi. I'm talking about... have you ever had the feeling that everything's just rushing past you and you're staying behind? And if it were a matter of running to catch up, I'd be right on top of things; but how do you catch up with... I don't know, life?

<Tsunami> Just live! It's not that hard, really. Things change, you keep on living and being your best. Which if we were to judge by your own words, shouldn't be a problem for you. Now, where were we? Ah, yes, Kurtzwick. Maybe we should try asking Tracker. If he's still in Sector Alpha, she'll find him.

<Hero> Now who's being oblivious? Trying to get help from the police to save a known thief?

<Tsunami> Not the police as a whole, just Tracker. And we all know she's been keeping tabs on him. She did threaten to come for him if he got out of control. For all we know, she may be working on the case already... Unless she thinks he got what he deserves.

<Hero> It would be hard to ask her that.

<Lagi> *Quietly approaches Sinopa.* Is there anything I can do for you?

16th January 2012, 10:33 AM
Kiara: *purrs as she nuzzles Caledor* I miss you too. Trees are nice but i think my favorite are pine.
Sinopa: Do you know of anything that could settle my stomach?
Darin: *Starts to go over to Sinopa but sees her talking with Lagi so he decides to go look around and heads towards the backyard.*

16th January 2012, 10:47 AM
Noms need. Want to eat more noms

Working on it. Let's just wait here for a bi-whoa. There're alot of folk here.

Of course there are! It's called a gathering point! Now, you two must excuse me, I need to find a mirror. This walk is making me skin cling to my sides so unevenly...

Cling to y..I'm not even going to...


Lady Vulpix
19th January 2012, 10:49 AM
<Lagi> Let me see... we have some papaya enzimes at home... should be harmless enough. I could go and get some. And I could get Amber to make you some herbal tea. Would that be OK? I'll get Darin to stay here with you until I get back... Maybe he should stay even after I get back, I believe his company may help you.

<Caledor> Cool! I like pine trees too. You only get the odd one here in Sector Alpha, but there were many of them on White Mountain... I s'pose they're still there. Oh, and Glacier Peak has some too! It's been a long time since we've been there.

<Hero> *Approaches the newcomers.* Hello, there. New to this place, I see? We're at the Eevee House, a place for everyone to relax and have fun. And... OK, so much for a welcoming speech. I'm Hero, in case anyone didn't know. We don't seem to have much in the way of "noms" at this moment, but... wait, wasn't she the one who was eating the confetti at the stadium? I'm sure we can find something for her.

27th January 2012, 10:40 PM
Noms are great :O! Are you made of hot noms? Hot noms are great.

Hrm. Hero huh? Never heard of you?

Or any exploits of yours, if you have any?

Naa, dun think he does. Hey how's your skin hanging?

Shush. ..Well, Hero. I'm a fair damsel in distress...and I think YOU should show me around this place! I'm sure a young strapping fellow such as yourself can enchant me!


...:: Slaps his forehead. This is why he walks behind them all...they're nuts::

Lady Vulpix
28th January 2012, 07:41 AM
<Hero> Sorry, sweetie, I'm taken. But please do stop by the Spotlight show when you can, I'll be willing to answer any questions you may have. And no, I'm not made of noms, but see that big pile of fuzz and fluff we've been collecting? I can warm it up for you if you want. Not too hot, though, because most of it can burn easily. We don't want to start a fire here.

28th January 2012, 06:53 PM
FIERY NOMS! ::Waddles off towards dirt pile to permanently clean them out of here

Borderline disgusting....

You said it. Now wait, you said you saw her eating confetti? Wyrm, we have fans!!!

No....Mossy has a fan. We're an entou*gagged and bound before that statement finished, bowed to Hero, drags Wyrm away.::

:: Skitters up the wall, looks at all the cats/dog like animals here. Then spies the massive grove below.:: OMGNEWHOUSENEWHOUSE!BANZAI!!!!! :: Dives and burrows into Grov's tangled mess:: This would be a comfortable living arrangement.

30th January 2012, 11:38 AM
Sinopa: *I looked up at her and nodded giving a small smile* Thanks.
Ebony: *looks around before heading to the backyard where she could run
Kiara: *Smiles and settles down beside Caledor*
Rick: *hops down from the couch before he accidentally sneezes and squeals in delight when the small area of the floor in front of him becomes icy and he starts playing though mosly slipping and sliding*

Knight of Time
18th July 2012, 04:13 PM
Kyle's POV

Things were looking much better here since the cleanup. I was about to let out a few of my Pokemon to let them do a bit of exploring, but before I had the chance, a Charmander ran in and whimpered a little.

"Hey, I know you...you're Charra's son." I said.

"Y-yes. I haven't seen Mommy for years, but then I remembered that you were taking care of her. How is she?" the Charmander asked.

"She's good...I've been pretty busy though, but your mother now knows a couple of moves she didn't have before. They just came into her arsenal naturally." I said.

"Naturally? Uh...I'm confused a little."

"Well, as new discoveries are made, Pokemon can learn moves that they never had before, that they would have never been able to learn years ago. You have to be thankful for the new stuff that comes along, because some of it can be very helpful." I replied.

"Ah...but can I see Mommy now, please? It's been so long since I last saw her, and I wanted to show her I got stronger, too. I had to fend off a couple of wild Geodude that picked on me one day for no reason, and as a result of eventually scaring them away, I became stronger."

"You got it. Charra, come on out!" I said as I let the Charizard out.

"Mommy! I've got so much I have to tell you!"

"What did you want to tell me, son?" Charra asked.

"I had what started as a bad day one day when two wild Geodude were picking on me for no reason. But I eventually turned the tables, and made them go away. I got stronger, too!"

"I'm sorry I wasn't there when you were picked on, but I'm glad you were able to defend yourself, and I'm especially glad you've gotten stronger." Charra replied.

"I feel like I'm beginning to grow up, Mommy, don't you agree?"

"You sure are, son." Charra said with a smile.

"Uh, sorry to have to interrupt you two for a moment, but speaking of mother and child reunions, I'm feeling an even bigger reunion is in the cards right now. Charra, do you mind if I let out more of my Pokemon? I have a friend who has a Pokemon that is the mother of four of my Pokemon, and I have a funny feeling this would be a great time for me to let them out so they can see their mother."

"No, I don't mind." Charra replied.

"Thanks. Blazer, Aqua, Nocturne, and Mystic, come on out!" I said as I let four of my five Eeveelutions out.

"Is Mommy here?" Mystic asked curiously.

"I'm pretty sure she is. I'll see if I can talk to her owner, first." I said.

Checking for Wolfsong, I went over to her, and asked her if she had time to let Sweetie out to give Blazer, Aqua, Nocturne, and Mystic some battling advice that could help them in the future, as I was thinking it could soon be time for at least one of them to have their first battle, hopefully with their mother as a spectator.

zap the electric master
4th July 2015, 01:48 AM
I don't know who abandoned this snivy but it's going to come with me ."what oshawaht osha" well oshawaht is in love.
I got a black and purple snivy (f) hmmmm looks like it knows the moves leaf blade, leaf storm, vine whip, solar beam, grass pledge.
"vy snivy sni" ow oshawaht rejected but don't give up. "I change you to a battle zap 2v2."
Hmm flaireon and vaporeon snivy oshawaht go. 2 hours later oshawaht protected snivy with out me telling it to " vy snivy" huh oshawaht is not letting them get a chance to attack snivy.
"What what osha oshawaht" how did oshawaht Learn bide well I win. "Vy vy snivy" well now I'm sure it was a good fight for oshawaht because snivy is in love. Huh oshawaht and snivy are glowing and now meet dowhat and sirvine. Hmm that is good they have both learned a new move dowhat learned hydro pump and sirvine learned sweet kiss.

Lady Vulpix
26th August 2015, 08:08 AM
May I remind you of this rule: =5= No making 2 posts in a row unless there's a good reason for it (some posts, mainly updates, need to be stand-alone). If you remember you had something else to say, edit your old post, don't make a new one.

From: GGG Rules (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?t=12693), to which this forum is bound as stated here (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2141).

Shadow Wolf
10th September 2015, 07:45 AM
The young trainer Wolf was only beginning his journey through lands unknown to him. Having just returned from the Dragon Tamers Adoption Center with a new friend -an Eevee he decided to name Jaqen, for the information he obtained from this pokemon reminded him of a character with the same name-, he knew he could not just jump into any random place, for it could spell certain doom. As he crouched into the floor, his little brown friend shyly looked into his eyes.

"Mind if we tour the city?" He went ahead and asked the Eevee, hoping that he could begin establishing a closer bond with his new friend.

"..." With a bit of hesitation at first, the little brown pokemon made a hop into Wolf's knee, followed by a second hop into his right shoulder.

"I'll take that as a yes". Wolf knew that he wasn't the best talker at times, but since he cared for the Eevee, he knew that eventually the bond would grow. With that in mind, his black and white Converse marked the steps of a new friendship.


Sector Alpha was a very weird place for Wolf. Consisting of new buildings and places, he found himself wondering where to go and what to do. He had to start somewhere, so as he walked around the place, his eyes were orbiting around his head, scanning for anything he could consider safe enough. He found himself so focused in finding something that he overlooked one certain building so big that it would be "impossible" not to notice... except for him, of course. Fortunately, his fellow companion would not be as clueless as him.

"Eev, Eev" The Eevee poked his nose into his trainer's cheek.

"Huh? What is...? Whoa!" As the clueless Wolf turned his head to wonder what his friend wanted to say, his eyes finally returned to Earth and his pupils dilated at the sight of the enormous mansion standing out. Staring in awe, he couldn't help but walk right into the building. Crossing the already open Main Gate, his feet carried him through the dozens of steps ahead of him. The building was a very impressive looking mansion with really beautful gardens and trees. In fact, it was so big, anyone could wonder if this property was owned by some wealthy person. Wolf's doubts would be cleared the moment he found himself at the front of the building, for the words "...property of Sector Alpha: Open to the Public" would scroll through his eyes and be engraved into his mind.

"A public mansion? Not your common city, huh?" He mumbled to himself with a hand on his chin.

"Eev, Eev" His friend seemed like he anticipated something good.

"Huh? You want to go in?" Wolf's question seemed to be rethorical, as he finally noticed that the mansion had a name:
"Eevee House. Wow, you have a mansion? And I thought you were adopted.... Ow, ow, ow, OK, that was bad; my bad, my bad" A small bite in Wolf's cheek was enough to reming him of the fact that he is not that good in the joke department.

"Alright then... here goes nothing." Wolf steadily makes his way into the doors of the building. Making sure that no one's around looking, he tries his hand at the doorknob... turns to the right and separates the doors with a small, creaking sound. Pushing the door aside, his nose caught a bit of a dusty smell as he took a few steps inside. With that and with what his eyes were witnessing, he came to the conclusion that, although the place was cleaned, he wasn't sure exactly when. Additionally, since it was so big, it consisted of many rooms but he could not figure out if there were people in it or not. Not wanting to wait around any longer, his first thought was, of course, the very cliché kind of thought anyone could pull on a place like this.

"Hello" his voice echoed through the massive hall, hoping to act like a sonar and find someone.

Alright, so first post in a while... I'm not quite sure how to begin, so I decided to make an open ending post. That way anyone can reply. I also noticed that the pokemon talk, but since the journey is just beginning, Wolf doesn't know that just yet, plus Eevee has a quiet nature so... yeah XD. Finally, since this topic has not been touched for a while, it became the basis of the argument: "Is the mansion empty or not?"

Anyway, I think I described Wolf a bit in this post, but since the MVP's are the Pokemon, I'll go ahead and post a link describing Eevee (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?t=21818&p=609847&viewfull=1#post609847). Not sure if I did well, but if there's anything I need to correct, please let me know. :)

Knight of Time
10th September 2015, 01:41 PM
OOC: Nice to see you here Louis, you know, you can have your Pokemon talk if they wish (they can even have their own POV; I'll give you an example by telling you about my Eeveelutions, who you can read about in the database).

Electro's POV

Seeing that things were getting back to normal here, I watched as Kyle went to talk to Sweetie's owner. But upon noticing that she had mysteriously left, I sighed and looked into Kyle's eyes as he came back. Sensing he was disappointed, I ensured him things would be okay. His disappointment soon faded to my surprise, as he heard someone calling his name. Looking around, I noticed he was talking with a young man who had a Pokemon by his side. I didn't want to interrupt his lengthy conversation, so I went over to Blazer, Mysti, Nocturne, and Apollo.

Blazer's POV

Upon seeing Dad join with me, my brothers and my sister, we all watched as Kyle was talking to a young man he seemed to recognize. Going over to Kyle, I asked him who his friend was, and he explained that his friend's name here was Wolf, and that he started his journey with an Eevee. Kyle seemed happy to have his friend there, and I was beginning to wonder if his friend's Pokemon would want to say hello.

Mysti's POV

I was so happy to see Kyle with a new friend here. After Blazer went back to the others, I decided to take a turn with talking with Kyle. I asked him how long he knew this guy, and he told me that the two of them had some history outside the house. I was not exactly sure what kind of history it was, but soon after Apollo came walking behind me, and told me that he thought Kyle and his friend played a bunch of games together with other people. Upon hearing Kyle confirm that, I was at a loss for words. It was like this guy and Kyle were old friends.

Apollo's POV

When Kyle told me my prediction about him and his friend were dead on, I grinned. It made me so happy that my Psychic powers were starting to develop, and I was wondering what would happen next with these two friends.

Nocturne's POV

I had been noticing everything about Kyle and his new friend, and though I didn't really have an opinion on his friend yet, I asked Kyle if it would be alright if his friend could let his Pokemon play with us. Kyle seemed a bit skeptical since his friend was new here, and he told me that it would be better to let his friend make that decision. Shrugging, I curled up on the floor and decided to take a quick rest.