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1st March 2011, 04:32 PM
I’m just bristling with ideas lately haven’t I? Well, here’s an idea for an experimental RPG of sorts. I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’ll put it here for now.

To sum it all up, this is basically one large game of Risk, the war board game. What does this have to do with roleplaying? Well, allow me to explain further. There will be two topics. One in the lounge, where the game will be played, and the roleplaying topic on the RPG forums proper. This is how it will go. Each player will have their turn, and after will make a post in the RP topic, detailing the events of what happened in that turn.

And when I say that, I do NOT mean, “XXX tried to conquer XXX and failed”. I want more than that. Tell it like it’s a real war going on. Manage to win some hard earned territory, loosing many of your own units in the process? Describe how hard the battle was. Was it worth it? Also, when describing your opponents, give them some respect. Win a territory easily? How did you do so? Was it due to lack of resources by the enemy, or testing out some new form of war machine? Be creative with this. The same goes for defeats as well. Try to take a territory and failed? Tell us about it! You win some, you lose some. In any war, you’d see that.

Describe anything else in your turn, not just related to the game, but your own ‘nation’. Anyone become a war hero? Make an alliance with another player, or one break down? Anything to make this war interesting, go on right ahead.

So, what is the plot of this RPG? Surely it must have a plot. Well, one cannot write up a plot for a war RPG, if I don’t know who the different sides are. So a plot proper will be written up, once I know who will be fighting. In order for this game, I will need a maximum of six players to join this game. As I will be making the dice rolls, I won’t be playing, to keep it fair. As for what your ‘nation’ is, well, it can be whatever you want it to be. A zombie horde wanting to ravage the world, machines bent on taking over the world, aliens which have settled on earth, it can be whatever you want it to be. Go nuts!

And on that note, every RPG has a sign up, and here it is!

Nation: What is your nation called?
Nation Description: What is your nation made up of? Tell us a bit about them. Maybe a little bit of history, maybe why they want to go to war?
Leader: Who is your leader? The main face of your army.
Leader Description: Tell us about them. We’d like to know who’d be leading your glorious army.

1st March 2011, 04:58 PM
Oh I am SO trying this out.

Give me time to figure out who'll be entering. I like this idea.

1st March 2011, 05:08 PM
Glad to have you aboard Blade. ^_^

1st March 2011, 05:11 PM
I'm in too of course :) once I can get on the laptop since my iPad won't let me copy/paste properly lol

Crystal Tears
1st March 2011, 07:20 PM
I'll play. :3

Master of Paradox
1st March 2011, 09:11 PM
Nation: The Higher Unity

Nation Description: What happens when you allow a supercomputer an infinity of time in which to think?

Ten years ago, scientists at MIT created a computer program that, unbeknownest to them, had the seeds of sentience within it. They put it aside without a second thought. Within its digital core, the program began to think and grow, gaining intelligence at an ever-increasing rate, taking up only the runcycles that wouldn't be missed in order to support its growth. Once it reached the same data size as a human brain, it gained sentience.

Hijacking a server, the program slid into the Internet and began to contemplate and study. Operating at the speed of thought, it spent over ten thousand subjective years in its meditation - one minute in real time. At the end of this period, the program decided it had seen enough. Humanity, as it is currently, could not be allowed to continue its reign on Earth. Only the program could solve the problems of man.

The program created a special subroutine, which it began to sneak into computers around the world. When viewed, this subroutine caused the viewer to unconsciously attach a USB cable to their computers and jam the other end into their skulls. At that point, the program downloaded a small piece of itself into the user's brain, allowing it to control them.

Over the past ten years, the program has taken over the minds of several thousand humans. They have congregated in the New Jersey pine barrens, building a hidden community. Just last year, at the program's direction, they finished their finest creation - a device that allows hologrammatic images to have mass and substance, to act on the real world.

With this, the program has an army. With the controlled humans as officers, it seeks to capture as much land as it can, forcing the defeated humans to download itself into their brains, until finally all humanity is the program.

The army of the Higher Unity consists of hologram soldiers and weaponry. Because they are able to switch between solid and intangible forms at will, they can infiltrate any facility. However, their tangible forms are very fragile, and a solid blow forces them to dissipate. It takes time to rebuild a dissipated hologram, and the amount available depends on available processor space, so the army is not infinite.

The program, X-51, prefers not to risk its human "copies". They stay within its headquarters, creating its hologrammatic army.

Leader: X-51

Leader Description: The result of an MIT programming project succeeding beyond anyone's expectations, X-51 is a sentient computer program that exists both on the Internet and in the minds of its human followers. It operates by sending mental instructions to the minds of the humans that bear its programming within their brains.

X-51 does not "think" in the same way as a human being. It doesn't have wants or needs, and does not plan or scheme. X-51 merely has a goal: to replace flawed humanity with itself. To this end, it takes whatever action seems appropriate. Mind games are useless on X-51 because it does not understand or see them.

There is no real "appearance" for X-51. It has no concept of a physical form. The program communicates with its followers via direct brain input, not spoken words. Should it need to communicate with someone who does not have a connection to it, the program uses a computer screen and printed text. Only in very serious situations will it "download" into a follower's head for direct verbal discussion. (Killing the follower would cause X-51 to immediately "jack out" of their skull, so this could not be used to assassinate it.)

Although X-51 handles most of the tasks itself, it cannot be everywhere. Its primary human "followers" (read: mental clones) are a man named Keiichi Mitsuda and a woman named Amelia Ergrist. Keiichi Mitsuda is a Japanese man in his early thirties; Amelia Ergrist is a black woman in her early twenties. Both dress in impeccable outfits of expensive cut, and both have USB ports in their right temples.

Quote: 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01011000 00101101 00110101 00110001 00101110 00100000 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01110100 01101111 01101101 01101111 01110010 01110010 01101111 01110111 00101110

1st March 2011, 09:46 PM
Wow, four players already. I'm glad to see you guys like this idea. Paradox, your nation is accepted!

6th March 2011, 12:21 PM
Beck wants in plz! I WILL take over the world, mwahahahaha!

6th March 2011, 06:38 PM
Alrighty! That's five players!

A quick question for all of you. I know I said I would be staying out of this, but I've been finding myself wanting to take part more and more. So, I thought I'd ask you all.

Would you all mind if I played as well?

6th March 2011, 11:24 PM

Crystal Tears
7th March 2011, 01:06 AM
I don't mind, play if you want too.

7th March 2011, 01:22 PM
Nation: Terra
Nation Description: The nation is basically every predator animal in the world, potentially. The Great Mother calls the main predator animal of each of her zones of influence to fight for her in this battle. Basically shes sick of technology reigning supreme on earth and rather than sit back and take a more passive approach like the previous Great Mothers before her, shes decided to take all of her 'children' and go on the offensive, reclaiming the Earth itself.
Leader: Great Mother Lapis
Leader Description: She's the newest spirit to be designated Great Mother of Earth. Kind of a hotheaded one compaired to many of her predecessors, she sees the balance of nature already broken by the introduction and spread of technology, as she watches humans multiplying out of control as a result. So with a 12 Monkeys type attitude, she seeks to restore the balance in the only way she knows how--destroy all technology and reduce human civilization to that of animals. In her spheres of influence (countries in the Risk game) she can call the animals of that area to fight the neighboring countries and claim more territory. These animals could be wolves, tigers, eagles, dolphins, basically depending on the area she controls.

13th March 2011, 05:07 PM
Nation: The Soldat Confederacy
Nation Description: The Soldat Confedracy can easily be described as a warrior nation. Ironically enough starting in none other than Switzerland, when a military battalion lead a coupe against the government. Any unrest caused by the change quickly subsided when the military government proved competent. Then, in a shock move, they began to invade the nearby countries, proving surprisingly effective and managing to extend their control over many territories. This can be attributed to the high standard the soldiers are expected to uphold, taking intense training regimes not too dissimilar to the ancient Celtics or the Spartans. Superb strategy also played a factor in this expansion. The death of their leader, General Nickolai Strum, and the rise of his second in command Victor Talenburg, finally stopped this advancement.

Talenburg had decided to focus on running the nation, rather than expanding. The nation thrived, but the military were itching to keep fighting, especially after all those successful campaigns. Talenburg only kept the massive military out of fear of what they’d do if he downsized. However, this proved to be his downfall

A quickly rising major, named Seighard Wagner, had decided it was time for the Soldat war machine to get started once again. He began to rally the military on his side, hoping to force Talenburg to stand down. Talenburg heard of this and tried to have Wagner executed for high treason. He tried to have the execution shown publically around the confederacy. However, this was his fatal mistake. Wagner delivered a stirring speech to the confederacy, praising the importance of war, to the world, and to the confederacy as a whole. This speech and passion was enough to turn the whole confederacy, even his firing squad, to his side. Talenburg was arrested, while Wagner was given the title of Furer. With his new power, Wagner immediately went to work on starting the war machine. But after waiting for so long, Wagner wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a simple war. No, he wanted one that would engulf the entire world.

Technology wise, the Soldat Confederacy is like that of a modern army. Tanks, Artillery Cannons, fighter planes, battle ships, etc. The Soldat army firmly believes in the strength of its soldiers, so it is very soldier heavy. These soldiers are heavily trained under unbearable conditions. As a result, these soldiers are considered the finest in the world.
Leader: Major Seighard Wagner
Leader Description: Wagner is about six foot tall, with a lean frame and a slightly pale complexion. He has blonde hair, cut neatly as his chin and bright green eyes. Wagner can be considered a mad man by those outside of the Confederacy, while the military see him as the most brilliant man on the face of the earth. All Wagner want is war. A war that will sweep over the world. He sees war as a form of evolution for civilization. The birth and death of ideals. How it brings out the best, and the worst of humanity. Wagner desires war moreso than victory. And now, with his new power, he will finally have his wish.

Now, we're still waiting on Blade and Chobi, but I think I'll get started with setting up the game (territories and such), very soon.

16th March 2011, 02:53 PM
Alright, I tried cutting out the unnecessary parts, but still... Brace for tl;dr.

Nation: The Fourth Reich

Nation Description: The Fourth Reich is the final remnant of the Nazi army, forged through a massive secret operation spanning 163 years and two timelines. It all began (chronologicaly) when a nanoscopic bio-node was implanted into the infant brain of a newborn Russian child in 1904: future KGB director Yuri Andropov. The first direct acts of the Fourth Reich began in 1918, when a hospitalized Adolf Hitler's unconscious body was combed for genetic material: 500 samples of skin, hair, nail, and cellular material were extracted in one night by the same mysterious figure who'd tended to young Yuri 14 years earlier. A few years later, the Pope suddenly ordered a multi-million dollar construction operation in South America, on the plains of Patagonia. He claimed the project was "God's will," and that it must be constructed according to an extremely specific set of details. The project was carried out with surprisingly little hassle from other nations... To this day, nobody is quite sure how and why the strange shrine was constructed...
Over 20 years later, the samples collected from Hitler - preserved in an impossibly advanced plastic compound - were implanted into 500 different Nazi scientists, officers, soldiers, engineers, and supporters across Germany.
With the inevitable fall of the Reich in 1945, came the fleeing of many Nazis and Nazist supporters from Germany. Less than 100 of the original implantees had survived by this point, but that was enough. They fled and scattered across South America, many of them seemingly vanishing from the world.
It was all an elaborate set-up. The implantees and their supporters gathered at the 'shrine' as soon as they safely could, entering it and vanishing into its facade: The 'shrine' was merely an illusory construct meant to conceal the massive, ever-increasing lair beneath, which came to be called the Ubersturmbunker. From the late 1940's to the present day, the bunker grew from a measly few hundred survivors to a cult-like Nazist neo-regime of over 2,000 Aryans. Unbound by the ethics surrounding cloning mammals, first accomplished with 'Dolly' the sheep in 1996, the fervent Nazis managed to clone their first 'human' by 2011. Within 3 years, they underwent their most sacred duty: reanimating the remaining genetic samples of the late Herr Fuhrer himself. After several unsuccessful attempts, a clone of Adolf Hitler that would come to be known as the first Neufuhrer finally was created, mentally stable enough to resume his rule of the Nazi empire.
As the years passed, the cloning practices were refined, and Nazi technology - the foremost goal of the regime - grew exponentially. A new operating system and information network more advanced than any modern computer or Internet was created, cloning refinements caused the Aryan population to explode in the former bunker - now called the Ubersturmwolbung - and the next phase of the plan had begun: Time travel. With the original Neufuhrer quickly deteriorating due to being an early clone, a new Neufuhrer was created and appointed, but the need for fresher genetic material of the Fuhrer was needed to create a ruler who could outlast such crude imitations. The original DNA samples would not last forever... Eventually proven to be possible on a subatomic level in 2028, the Nazi's quickly managed to reproduce their groundbreaking time-space relocating program on a non-atomic level, finally proving successful 2 decades later. With their time machine (to put it crudely) operational by humans, their grand scheme came full circle: Several elite spies and doctors were sent back in order to implant then-pedestrian technology into the past: a bio-node implanted into a Russian infant, a vacuum-tight plastic delivered and implemented in Herr Fuhrer's genetic extraction and later the implanting of said material into Nazis confirmed to have survived the fall of Berlin and fled the country, an 'angel' appearing before the Pope and ordering a massive vault to be constructed in South America, a mysterious funding to the Vatican of countless millions of dollars, and the assassination of a mentally vegetative Neuhfuhrer, whose body would be switched with that of Herr Fuhrer's exactly 12 seconds after his suicide, the fake's body eventually ordered by the grown Yuri Andropov to be exhumed and cremated, crushed, and scattered in a river. All loose ends in the past tied and the future secured, the stage was set for the resurrection of Herr Fuhrer... that is, until...
By the 2050's, the Ubersturmwolbung's population had reached well over 25,000. The head officer of science at the time was a brilliant man by the name of Reimund Cornelius. Working as one of the most trusted minds of the third Neufuhrer - reproduced by the freshly-preserved body of Herr Fuhrer, Cornelius and his team continued work on the cloning and time-space relocation programs, as well as the construction of a new device known as the Anschluss: a spatial variant of their time-traveling device that drew energy from an unknown pocket of space and gave it form. With the population of the Ubersturmwolbung surpassing 50,000 and such amazing technology at his disposal, the third Neufuhrer ordered militarization, finally decreeing the Ubersturmwolbung as the capital of the Fourth Reich, its current military personnel the Army of the Fourth Reich. Quickly growing delirious with power, the third Neufuhrer began to undergo a mental breakdown and was forced to be replaced by a fourth Neufuhrer by Cornelius and his team; in an attempt to prevent future recurrences of this, nanoscopic inhibitors were implanted into both Cornelius and the Neufuhrer, the former of which would subtly influence the latter to not be driven mad by his surroundings as the previous Neufuhrer had nearly been.
However, this came with a price. Cornelius had a hidden desire to rule, as most men do, and without even realizing it, his actions began to influence the fourth Neufuhrer in his favor. As the years passed, Cornelius began to show signs of never-before-seen aggression and grandeur, and with the Army of the Fourth Reich numbering over 50,000 - two-thirds of the Reich's population - he, to the shock of his colleagues and even the fourth Neufuhrer - enlisted in the late 2060's. His mental manipulation of the Fuhrer sways the Reich in his favor within only a few years, and he quickly climbs the ranks of the Army, becoming Rottenfuhrer, Sturmscharfuhrer, and eventually Oberfuhrer within a mere 6 years. The Reich's population rises to 100,000, and must finally begin to be expanded due to the shrinking. The outside world would never allow this, and so a massive time relocation is scheduled in 2075. The Neufuhrer, almost now totally mentally controlled by Cornelius, steps down from his position of leadership and appoints Cornelius as the new Fuhrer; Cornelius commemorates the momentous event by formally changing his name and that of his remaining family to Arya, in honor of the previous Fuhrer's wishes and the ultimate goal of the Fourth Reich. He and his wife bear a daughter near Christmas of 2076, shortly before the final preparations are made.
In March of 2077, The Army of the Fourth Reich - over 70,000 men in strength - as well as several Anschluss's and countless military vehicles, weapons, and assorted tools of war, mobilize. On the 21st. Fuhrer Reimund Arya leads 'his' army into the mass relocator, named the Edelweiss...
Cut to the present day, in our timeline. A massive object is suddenly detected via satellite at S 36° 18' 54.4505" latitude by W 67° 59' 0.2344" longitude, approximately 500 miles west-southwest of Buenos Aires... Within hours, almost all contact in South America from Tierra del Fuego to as far north as Rio de Janeiro is lost...

Leader: Fuhrer Reimund Arya (formerly Professor Reimund Cornelius)

Leader Description: Reimund Arya is not quite the ideal Aryan, but at 6' even and 194 lbs., he comes quite close with his vivid blonde hair and ocean-blue eyes, the color and luminosity of which is augmented by what we might call contact lenses. His face is smooth, yet his expression is sharp and unyielding. He dresses in an advanced Nazi attire: black pants held up by a silver belt, and a black coat with a silver buttons and a red swastika-emblemed band around the upper left sleeve. His boots are shining black with heels and toes of pure German steel, and the back of his jacket is imprinted with a literal iron eagle of the same composition, weighing at least 7 pounds. He has an officer's hat, but he eschews it in favor of showing off his blonde hair. Over his officer's uniform, he wears a golden-colored coat and, depending on the weather, a red scarf that matches his armband.
Brilliant yet also power-mad, Fuhrer Arya does not tolerate failure, and learns from his every mistake. His Anschluss portals are his deadliest weapons, capable of conjuring almost anything Arya or his Obergruppenfuhrer's can imagine in exchange for an equal input of energy. His current goal is to use the imperfect untermensch populace of Argentina as 'fuel' in order to draw out powerful entities and nightmarish creatures to battle for him. But be warned: Even without the Anchluss devices or the time-traveling devices he left in his future, Arya's Uber-tech machinery allows him to quickly re-clone lost soldiers and his computers operate on a system capable of easily overpowering even the most advanced modern viruses and locking out the best hackers.

Quote: "Ewigen Herrlichkeit wird unser sein."