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16th May 2011, 05:47 PM
I don't see a sub-forum for this, so... yeah.

Like the topic says, this is an in-game team. No Nature, EV, or IV Training has been done, so advice in that field is unneeded. Luckily, most of my Pokemon have great Abilities and I've checked their stats enough to know who to give what Vitamins, so they're passable.

Basically, I've done everything conceivably possible in Black to ensure my team is powerful enough for the very end-game. Routes 11 through 18 are all clear (with some difficulty), every sidequest is done except for a few Legendaries and two Sages, and I'm basically just grinding in the Nimbasa Stadiums now. The result is this team:

Pokemon: Swoobat(F) - "Camilla"
Level: 58
Ability: Unaware
Item: Scope Lens
-Air Slash

Fly is obviously only there for the sake of convenience, and Toxic replaced Shadow Ball when I realized that I couldn't reteach my Chandelure Curse. Fucking Stone evolutions.

Pokemon: Emolga(F) - "Splendid"
Level: 59
Ability: Static
Item: None; maybe a Flying Gem if I can find one...
-Volt Switch

If I can be assed to scour Victory Road for that Wild Charge TM, that'll replace Thunderbolt since Splendid's Attack is higher than her Sp. Attack. Protect I just threw on in place of Double Team because I dunno what else to put there. Mostly acts as a scout.

Pokemon: Chandelure(F) - "Wisp"
Level: 59
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Brightpowder
-Fire Blast
-Energy Ball
-Shadow Ball

Special Attacker of the team. She had Psychic, but I gave her Flamethrower in its place because I don't like how limited and how risky Fire Blast is.

Pokemon: Gurdurr(F) - "Bad Girl"
Level: 60
Ability: Guts
Item: Eviolite
-Stone Edge
-Hammer Arm

I'm debating whether or not to evolve her... If she evolves, Superpower gets replaced by Earthquake and Eviolite by either Shell Bell or Leftovers.

Pokemon: Samurott(M) - "Russell"
Level: 60
Ability: Torrent
Item: Shell Bell or Leftovers (depending on what Bad Girl gets)
-Aqua Jet

Better at attacking than Special, but Surf's convenience beats Aqua Tail's slight damage increase. Not sure whether to switch Blizzard for Ice Beam since the latter is weaker and Blizzard's PP is maxed out. Aqua Jet I may replace with Grass Knot, but I dunno which is more useful to have on-hand...

Pokemon: Haxorus(M) - "Leet"
Level: 62
Ability: Mold Breaker
Item: Expert Belt
-Brick Break
-Swords Dance
-Dragon Claw

...Do I even need to comment? A solid 2 meters and 100+ kilograms of pure, unadulterated Attack-based RAPE. My only regret is that I can't stick Giga Impact on him.

Any suggestions to improve my team, where to level up, or just maybe an available trade so my Gurdurr can evolve are all welcome.

16th May 2011, 06:00 PM
Know me, always down to trade :o Comment on team later

18th May 2011, 05:14 PM
Nice team, Blade. I think you can trade with me, though I am leary of Wi-fi working.