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Lady Vulpix
26th September 2011, 07:34 PM
Newly arrived on TPM after its past success on a lost digital land back in 2005, comes Pokemon Spotlight!

Everyone with Adopted Pokemon is welcome to participate. The premise: you must send me a PM with the name and description of one of your Pokemon. Each week one of the candidates will be chosen at random and will be on the spotlight for 7 days. The remaining candidates will stay on the waiting list for future spotlights, and you can enter a new Pokemon after your previous Pokemon's spotlight is over.

During the course of each week, players - and their characters - may ask any questions addressed to the Pokemon on the spotlight. The questions must be answered in character (if you enter Pokemon in this game, you agree to check this thread during your Pokemon's spotlight week and answer the questions from your Pokemon's perspective).

You may start sending your PMs now. I may enter my own Pokemon at some point, but if and when I do, they will go to the waiting list like all others.

Lady Vulpix
28th September 2011, 09:50 AM
Ladies, gentlemen and genderless Pokemon, here is our first Pokemon Spotlight!

Name: Kurtzwick
Species: Dratini
Family: Lagi, Jasmine, Flame

An easily-frustrated translucent Dratini, he developed a severe case of kleptomania early on in life. This has gotten him into some trouble before, notably with another pair of thieves who seem to have it in for him. He has inexplicably managed to avoid law enforcement, even though he has an alarmingly large stash of stolen loot (which he calls 'swag').

Kurtzwick gets annoyed very easily; he prefers everything going to plan, or at least according to hastily-improvised idea. He prides himself on being very sneaky and sly, and gets aggravated when the contrary is proven. Because of his translucency, he does manage to sneak around quite well.

Kurtzwick gets along decently well with most of his teammates; Anzu likes to poke fun at him, but given that nobody can dislike Anzu, this doesn't bug him too much. He and Groviglio get at each others' throats, but again, Groviglio does the same for everybody. Raini has no patience for Kurtzwick at all, even less so than she does for anybody else, and as far as Kurtzwick is concerned, he's petrified of her.

The Dratini, the thief, the legend (not really): Kurtzwick.

Let the questions begin.

28th September 2011, 02:05 PM
This question comes from Maybelline: "Do you find it difficult to see yourself in the mirror in the morning?"

Lady Vulpix
28th September 2011, 02:25 PM
I wish we still had the TL smilies.

I shall ask a question too. How do you feel about your life right now?

And from Caledor: have you ever been asked a question you couldn't answer?

The Blue Avenger
28th September 2011, 04:54 PM
In response to "Do you find it difficult to see yourself in the mirror in the morning?":
"Nah, it's not as bad as you think. Like, okay, sure, it was bad right when I first got that translucent juice. I couldn't find myself with a map, and that got real confusing real fast. But now? Barely even notice it. Helps that I'm not actually invisible, too. Though I wanna try that out one day."

In response to "How do you feel about your life right now?":
"My life right now is freaking weird. I get kidnapped to do some weird tests in some warehouse somewhere, and it turns out Popple's behind it, but not really? I don't even know. That's just a weird situation all over. Ignoring that, though, I dunno, not bad. Until all that stuff happened, it was actually pretty boring, but I guess I can't complain about that anymore."

In response to "Have you ever been asked a question you couldn't answer?":
"Man, Caledor, you come up with some weird philosophical stuff, don't you? Man, how do I even answer that? ...Heh, looks like the question i couldn't answer was this one. ...ooh, damn, but I just answered it, didn't I? Huh."

29th September 2011, 12:32 PM
Hey, Kurtzwick! What's the biggest thing you've stolen? And have you had any problems hiding your loot from Jeff?

The Blue Avenger
29th September 2011, 06:10 PM
In response to "What's the biggest thing you've stolen? And have you had any problems hiding your loot from Jeff?":
"The biggest thing? That's either the steps to the tango or the abominable snowman."

"I'm pretty sure that's Carmen Sandiego, Kurtzy."

"Oh sure, go and ruin it, Anzu. Okay. If we're telling the truth, I managed to steal an abandoned junker bus before. That was really cool. Jeff made me put it back though. And, uh, I have my hiding places most of the time. Jeff doesn't know about them. The bus was a bit of an exception, 'cause it's hard to hide something that big. Just, uh, don't tell Jeff I have hiding places. He'll get Raini or someone to figure it out, and then my jig's up."

29th September 2011, 07:41 PM
Jasmine http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y1/WolsongsWilderness/hexaewingeddratini-1.png: Congrats. My question is this, how do you feel about being in the spotlight?

The Blue Avenger
29th September 2011, 08:43 PM
In response to "My question is this, how do you feel about being in the spotlight?":
"Hey Mom! Long time no see! You look like you're doing well. Um, sorry I don't call as much as I should, it's just, I'm busy, you know, with all the things I do. All that stuff. Um."

"Yeah, you know what, Bugsy Malame, I think you can stop trying to hide your nasty habit from your mom. I'm pretty damn sure she knows."

"Thanks for that, Grove. Anyway. The question. It's pretty cool to get all this attention on me, I gotta say. I mean, I am the master shadow thieI MEAN the master awesome Dratini, so it only makes sense. I'm not used to it, though, I do all my best work out of plain sight. Um. And by that I mean--"

"By that he means he steals things, geez, get over yourself. And stop glaring at me like that. You're not intimidating."

29th September 2011, 08:50 PM
Bandit's got a question for you.

"Yeah. Um...any tips on dealing with cranky cat Pokemon?"

*gets smacked by Katana*

The Blue Avenger
29th September 2011, 09:05 PM
In response to "Yeah. Um...any tips on dealing with cranky cat Pokemon?":
"Oh man, don't even talk to me about cranky cat Pokemon. Raini was bearable before she evolved, but now she's a Persian and the strongest freaking thing on the team! And on top of that, she won that tournament, I guess? Because her ego just wasn't big enough. When she was a Meowth, I could at least give her a run for her money, and I'm actually almost as strong as she is now - you hear that, Groviglio, I'm stronger than you, deal with it - but...

...oh. Oh no. She's watching me right now. I can tell. I can't see her, so she's probably doing her sneaky Faint Attack trick, but she's around here somewhere. So, um, to answer your question, Bandit, uh, why would I know anything about cranky cats? I just know a really awesome cat! Yeah... heh..."

29th September 2011, 11:13 PM
Zent: "What's your favorite food to steal from others?"

Lady Vulpix
30th September 2011, 08:58 AM
Lagi: "Hi, Kurtzwick. You know I really care for you and I don't want to ruin your mood, but I can't help but notice some misguided pride in you. Have you ever thought about the effects your actions can have on others?"

Hero: "What I would like to know is why everyone goes soft with you. I mean, Lagi's Lagi, but even the police is letting Jeff watch you and he's not doing a good job at it, is he? So how do you do it?"

Amber: "I suppose they must be have him on the suspects list for any reported theft, but they have their hands full with all the other things that have been going on. Whatever happened to those e-mails about the Dubious Discs, for instance? And what about the Snag Machines, and the members of Team Rocket who are still on the loose? And now... Kurtzwick, do you have any idea where you were taken, by whom or even what for? And do you have any clue about where your father is?"

The Blue Avenger
30th September 2011, 07:33 PM
Okay! Switching to dialogue tags for easier reading!

In response to "What's your favorite food to steal from others?"
<Kurtzwick> Aw man, I dunno. Like, I feel bad about stealing food straight from other people, you know? It's weird that that's where I get hung up, but... I guess that's what it is. Sorry, I guess that's kinda a lame answer.

In response to "Have you ever thought about the effects your actions can have on others?"
<Kurtzwick> I... do... do I have to answer this?

<Kiva> I thought you were enjoying the spotlight.

<Kurtzwick> Yeah, but that was before I started getting guilt-tripped. Look, I'm just... can I call it here?

<Anzu> Hey, sorry, but you're in it for the long haul, Kurtzy.

<Kurtzwick> Aww... okay, okay... yeah, I know, my actions have consequences. I get that. But it's... do I really have to get all psychological here?

<Kiva> Would you want to misrepresent yourself to Lagi, of all Pokemon?

<Kurtzwick> ...it's... easier to not think about it, okay? I... yeah. I just can't help it. Can we move on?

In response to "What I would like to know is why everyone goes soft with you. I mean, Lagi's Lagi, but even the police is letting Jeff watch you and he's not doing a good job at it, is he? So how do you do it?":
<Kurtzwick> Well... most of it's small stuff, so maybe they're just turning a blind eye to it?

<Groviglio> SMALL stuff? You stole a BUS!

<Kurtzwick> That doesn't count.

<Groviglio> And a bunch of expensive electronic crap!

<Kurtzwick> Eh... it was going obsolete anyway?

<Groviglio> You tried to steal a building!

<Kurtzwick> It obviously didn't work!

<Groviglio> Long story short there, Butch Cassitini here I think just gets absurdly lucky. His number's gotta be coming up soon though. Doesn't help that Jeff's a putz who half the time pretends it's not going on anyway.

<Maza> Hey now, be fair. Remember when Jeff tried to do something about it?

<Kurtzwick> Oh yeah! That was a fun month. Man, I got past every barrier he put up.

<Maza> Maybe that's what Lagi's talking about, though. I mean, how do you think it reflects on Jeff that he can't keep a leash on you? Especially now that he got promoted?

<Kurtzwick> ...Next question!

In response to "Kurtzwick, do you have any idea where you were taken, by whom or even what for? And do you have any clue about where your father is?":
<Kurtzwick> I got nothin' about what all that was about. They got Popple too, but I didn't see Rookie around, so maybe they got something against active thieves or something? I mean, all the Pokemon there were super weird, but I couldn't tell you why. I just wanted out of that place. And I dunno where Dad is either. Haven't seen him in ages.

Lady Vulpix
30th September 2011, 08:44 PM
Lagi: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. What would you rather talk about?

The Blue Avenger
30th September 2011, 09:01 PM
In response to "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. What would you rather talk about?":

<Kurtzwick> Nah, nah, it's not your fault, don't worry about it.

<Groviglio> He'd just rather not talk about his severe crippling psychological problems.

<Kurtzwick> Oh, like you're one to talk! I'm pretty sure you're compensating for something! Nobody acts like that without a reason.

<Groviglio> Yeah, only I'm not the one on the pedestal right now, so.

<Kurtzwick> Yeah, just you wait. It'll happen eventually.

<Cam> This is all well and good, but you know you didn't answer Lagi's question, right?

<Kurtzwick> Oh! Oh yeah. Um. Geez, I dunno. You're doing okay?

Lady Vulpix
1st October 2011, 07:02 AM
Lagi: I'm OK, all things considered. I wish I had news from Edie... or from any of my children for that matter, but I suppose it's not going to happen. I'll have to learn to live with not knowing where they are and what's going on in their lives. *Sighs.* I'm sorry, I've ruined your spotlight, haven't I? I should be counting my blessings instead. I still have you and Jasmine, and I have some amazing friends on whom I can always rely. So... to return the attention to you and attempt to make up for ruining the mood... what are the things you're happy for?

The Blue Avenger
1st October 2011, 08:44 PM
In response to "what are the things you're happy for?":

<Kurtzwick> Aw, well... I, uh... it may not look like it, but I am happy for my team. We don't all exactly get along...

<Groviglio> You can say that again.

<Kurtzwick> ...but it wouldn't be the same with anyone missing. None of us are used yet to half the team being in Chrace. Everything seems... quieter. Emptier. I hope we get to see everyone again soon.

Lady Vulpix
1st October 2011, 08:50 PM
Gabi: Have you had any contact with them since they left?

The Blue Avenger
1st October 2011, 09:58 PM
In response to "Have you had any contact with them since they left?":

<Kurtzwick> Yeah, we've talked to everyone a few times. Sydney told us about all the weird crap that's been happening - how this ex-governor or whatever took her under her wing, how that crazy teacher started training her, and how the public turned against her, I guess? Doesn't sound like a real friendly neighborhood. But we haven't heard from any of them for a while. Dunno what's up.

Lady Vulpix
5th October 2011, 09:42 AM
Thank you, Kurtzwick.

And that's it for the first Spotlight. Let's welcome a new Pokemon!

Name: Bandit
Species: Kecleon
Family: No biological relatives known

The first male Pokemon adopted into the team, formerly part of a Pokemon gang. Bandit is the most vocal of the team, usually being the first to comment on how crazy or stupid something or someone is. During trouble he's either panicky or cynical. Although not a fighter by nature, he'll enjoy a battle if it's exciting enough and is very skilled with his wide move pool. He gets along well with most of the team although Trinity's snootiness gets on his nerves and Katana... well, their relationship is complicated. Despite the fights they get into, the two really like each other and act as Bo and Ken's "aunt" and "uncle".

5th October 2011, 10:03 AM

o.O What was your best palate swap!

5th October 2011, 11:32 AM
Bandit: Oh, one time I tried to turn plaid. "Tried" being the keyword here.

Shonta: But he got stuck with some muddy red/green mess.

Yyyyeah, and got stuck that way for an hour. So I don't do patterns that require more than two colors anymore. Since that was a failure, I'd say the Zebistrika stripes.

Complete with Zebistrika sounds.

The Blue Avenger
5th October 2011, 04:48 PM
From Maza:
So what's the best part of not being in a gang anymore?

5th October 2011, 05:41 PM
Zent: What's the longest you've ever stretched your tongue out?
May: o.O Don't ask that, that's rude!
Zent: >o Hey! I wanna know! It looks sticky too! I wanna play with it!

5th October 2011, 06:41 PM
So what's the best part of not being in a gang anymore?
I'd say it's not getting my butt in life-or-death situations anymore.


Lemme quickly rephrase that. It's not getting my butt in life or death situations involuntarily anymore.


Hey, it's not like you'd kill me if I didn't throw myself in front of a Zap Cannon! Diablo was not a nice boss! But seriously, having a leader and team that actually cares about me is a lot better.

What's the longest you've ever stretched your tongue out?
Let's see...that would be about three or four times my body length, although I get the feeling it can go a little longer. But then it'd hurt.

Lady Vulpix
8th October 2011, 12:16 PM
I have a question. How did you feel about being in the Dragon Games?

8th October 2011, 02:14 PM
Well, at first I wasn't too thrilled. I'm not one to just jump into battles like some of my teammates. I was nervous at the start.

Katana: Probably because your trainer stayed on the verge of fainting.


But after I got past those worries it was kinda fun. It wasn't life-or-death like that Yssera business, and I liked being the center of attention for a while. But after all that, I'm gonna step back and let the others have their fun.

Have fun with life-or-death?

Don't try to twist my words.

The Blue Avenger
11th October 2011, 04:23 PM
<Kurtzwick> So. In a scary-cat-off, does Raini or Katana win? I'm going to assume Raini isn't in earshot when I'm asking this.

<Anzu> What's your favorite type to turn into? And does it feel different, being a different type?

<Kurtzwick> Oh yeah! Another one! You and I should totally team up to be partners in crime! The Kurtzwick Experience, we'd call it, Featuring Bandit!

<Groviglio> Y'know, Puff the Tragic Dragon, somehow I don't think he wants to start the whole gang thing again.

<Kurtzwick> ...well, still!

<Maza> What would you say is your favorite move?

11th October 2011, 09:08 PM
In a scary-cat-off, does Raini or Katana win?
Oh man, that's a toughie. I haven't been around Raini personally, but I do know she's got those psychic powers. Katana though...her claws can do a number on you ow and she's got a real sadistic streak ow not to mention that she was more or less the boss's right-hand cat OW! Will you stop scratching me!?

Depends on if you keep answering that question.

It's a tie. Definitely a tie. Although as she gets stronger, that may change OW! My hide's gotten tougher lately. *rubs scratch marks*

What's your favorite type to turn into? And does it feel different, being a different type?
Hmm, gotta say Steel. My scales even feel different. With most types I don't feel any different. But when I'm a Fire-type I feel cooler, and I feel like I overheat easily when I'm an Ice-type.

Oh yeah! Another one! You and I should totally team up to be partners in crime! The Kurtzwick Experience, we'd call it, Featuring Bandit!
Why am I "featuring"? Am I a side act or something? Just kidding, just kidding. But going back to being a thief...

Do it and they'll never find your body. Not all of it, at least.

You know, maybe you are scarier. I'm sure Raini doesn't spit out death threats every day.

What would you say is your favorite move?
Magic Coat. Bounces back those annoying status-afflicting moves.

The Blue Avenger
11th October 2011, 09:22 PM
<Kurtzwick> Yeah, see, Raini may not spit out death threats every day, but that's because she just prefers to act on themGAH OUCH

<Raini> ...

<Kurtzwick> I get it, I get it! Okay, sheesh... Is there some way we could just lock Raini and Katana in a room together and... man, not even see who comes out. Just leave them in there. Like, forever. Problem solvedOW OKAY JEEZ

<Groviglio> So is the rest of your team about as dysfunctional as your cat and our cat are? Or are we just the lucky ones?

11th October 2011, 09:42 PM
Man, I wish OW but the kids would miss her. Sad Umbreon and Squirtle eyes make me sad.

So is the rest of your team about as dysfunctional as your cat and our cat are? Or are we just the lucky ones?
Trust me, Katana and Trinity are the only dysfunctional OW MY FREAKING TAIL! *turns bright red*

Trinity: Don't lump me in with her! *snorts out smoke*

For crying out loud! Circe's a lazy otaku with a surfer dude accent (like Shonta with a surfer dude accent), the fighting types are cheerleaders, and Destai's a feral dog who's misunderstood by most of us but they're still okay! The fox and the cat, on the other hand, are DEMONIC! OWWWWW!

The Blue Avenger
11th October 2011, 09:55 PM
<Groviglio> Do your fox and your cat hit anyone but you? 'Cause if not, I think I just found someone who could beat Ponztini there in a 'designated punching bag' competition.

<Kurtzwick> I'd argue against that if my past didn't work against me. I guess we only got the one demon, though, so that's good.

<Maza> Well, since we're talking about how well you all work together... who do you work best with on your team? In battle or out.

11th October 2011, 11:20 PM
Do your fox and your cat hit anyone but you?
They tend to go after each other from time to time, and Trinity doesn't get along with Ali.

Condescending witch.

I see you've finally discovered the dictionary, or was that big word from one of our trainer's rants?

Who do you work best with on your team?
You won't believe this but I do best with her. *points to Katana* It's that kind of relationship.

It's complicated.

Because you make it complicated.

Lady Vulpix
12th October 2011, 02:29 PM
OK, OK, Katana, Raini and Trinity, you can stop hurting your teammates now. Please? We have a new spotlight!

Pokemon: Maybelline
Family: None

A diva in mind and body, this plus-sized Pokemon is more than just lips and tongue. She's a girl with dreams of being a true Pokemodel - as well as the allure of losing some pounds via great adventures.

She'd modest in public, vanity hidden for closed doors and private moments with close friends that know she doesn't let her looks get to her shiny head.

15th October 2011, 11:33 PM
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y1/WolsongsWilderness/sinoparainbow3.pngSinopa: What is your biggest fear?
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y1/WolsongsWilderness/ebonyponyta1.gifEbony: What is the best thing about being on your team? The worst?
Sugar: Do you like practical jokes?
Me: Sugar....
Sugar: *blinks and gives her best 'who me' look?

15th October 2011, 11:39 PM
Me: What would you like to model? Formal eveningwear? Swimwear? Accessories?

Lady Vulpix
16th October 2011, 11:36 AM
Sylvan: How do you manage to be so... umm... attractive? To everyone in general, I mean.

16th October 2011, 10:23 PM
Sinopa: My biggest fear? Hrm, I guess that would to be left behind to work under deplorable conditions. Ever had to clean a floor with your tongue? It's...degrading!

And the best thing about my team is that I'm the only attractive one. No competition. Zent's my girl, but she doesn't try to outshine this! The worst? Well that wold have to be Mossy's ever demanding tea parties.

Practical jokes? Well...I guess they're ok. As long as they don't muss with my hair or face. :: Strokes head lovingly::

*_* Oh Modelling would be a dream. I think I could pull off a red sequined dress, like that Jessica Rabbit heffer. Only with more class. Sensual selections...that's what I'd like to show off. *Tongueflick*

Sylvan: I guess its my magnetic personality. :D Men love me. I can't help it-but I now know how to stop their advances. If only I could control who could be attracted to me...I wouldn't get Rapp into so much trouble.

Lady Vulpix
17th October 2011, 07:33 PM
Gabi: Now I'm curious. What does Mossy demand at his tea parties?

18th October 2011, 12:18 AM
uGH! He always wants us to dress up (ok that's the fun part), and then talk, but since he doesn't TALK, its so weird! He just stares at us, and takes sips and wriggles his vines and then prances around us. He get so weird! Then he wants to dance with me, and..I dont know about you, but dancing with vines always leaves me feeling a bit, well earthy smelling.

Lady Vulpix
19th October 2011, 09:39 AM
O_o I much prefer my own tea parties.

Thanks, Maybelline. Now it's time for a new spotlight. And people, please send me more descriptions for the upcoming weeks. Thanks in advance.

Name: Caledor
Species: Espeon
Family: None that is known, although his genes must have come from somewhere. He considers Hero and Tsunami like big brothers, and he's dating Kiara.

Caledor has many layers, but he prefers to be known as a cheerful, silly Pokemon who's always willing to have a good time. He has been described as an eternal child (this may be related to the fact that he missed a lot of things during his actual childhood, but he doesn't like thinking about that). He has a strong determination and will let nothing bring him down. He has made it his mission to bring smiles to all his friends' faces and he usually succeeds, even if they sometimes end up laughing at his own expense. He doesn't mind, since he's the first to laugh at himself. And as silly as he can be, he will defend his friends - and his girlfriend - fiercely if the situation calls for it. As a result of his unusual origin, he can perform a wide range of attacks as well as surround himself with a halo of light of varying colors. There are downsides too, but he doesn't want to talk about them. His determination to focus on the positive can sometimes cause him to bottle up and eventually explode, but he's a stubborn guy. :rolleyes:

20th October 2011, 11:29 AM
Lily: What do you like best about Kiara?
Beacon: Do you enjoy battling?
Moriko: What's your favorite method of training?
Shonta: Wish we had these questions for 'belle.

Lady Vulpix
20th October 2011, 12:04 PM
<Caledor> Yay, questions! *Jumps up and down.*

Lily: Where do I begin? She's sweet and caring, and also warm and fluffy. She was always nice to me, even when I didn't know anyone very well and I didn't think I had a chance with her. And she's also very protective of her friends, which is something we have in common. And she has a way with cuddling... There are lots of things I like about her, to be honest. I don't think I could list them all. I'm very lucky that someone like her is willing to date someone like me.

Beacon: Yes, I do. Of course there are some moments which are less than nice, and when it gets all serious and world-threatening I just want to get it over with so that we can go back to enjoying the good times. But battling itself can be fun, especially when I get to surprise my opponents by doing something they weren't expecting.

Moriko: Whatever works, as long as I'm not under Ventura's coaching.

<Ventura> Pardon?

<Caledor> What I mean is... Ventura's way of training is a bit too intense for me. I think training should be an enjoyable experience, not a sacrifice.

<Ventura> Testing your limits and expanding them is necessary, but we'll discuss that later.

<Caledor> OK, later. Moriko has asked me how I like to train, and the truth is... any occasion can be an opportunity for training. You can always learn something new about yourself and others, and you can work on improving yourself at any time. Be it friendly battles, sports and games, exercises at the Barracks, target shooting or even meditation - which I know I should do more of -, or just taking any chance to hone your skills. Psychic skills are the hardest to exercise, at least for me. I'm still looking for ways to improve them. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

<Hero> You do have quite a big pair of ears now that you mention it.

<Caledor> They're quite good, I can't complain.

<Tsunami> You of all Pokemon should know better than to poke fun at someone else's appearance.

<Hero> Hey, I was only making an observation!

<Caledor> Ahem... Let's move on to the next question. Oh, wait, that's not a question! But I have a question now. Who's 'belle?

20th October 2011, 12:08 PM
Katana: I think she was trying to think of Maybelline's name but could only remember the "bell" part.

I'm not good with names.

21st October 2011, 11:39 AM
<May> o.o? Zent has a question. Her speech pattern is still juvenile. Does your fur take like grape candy?
<Zent> >)
<May>..Careful how you answer that?

Lady Vulpix
21st October 2011, 01:03 PM
<Caledor> Moriko: Ah, no worries, then. No one's memory is perfect.

Zent: I have the feeling you're asking what my fur tastes like, right? Well, I normally only lick it when I'm hurt, and it doesn't taste good, but it does help me feel better. Or if someone dumped... oh, wait, no, I'm not going to finish that sentence while talking to you, I've seen you at the stadium. In any case, the short answer is 'no'. My fur tastes nothing like grape candy. Although come to think of it... I've never tasted grape candy. I'll have to get Gabi to get me some so I can try it, but I bet it must be sweet and my fur isn't sweet, and it's not tasty either, so there.

22nd October 2011, 01:51 PM
<May> He said no! Least wait til he's asleep before trying! I have a question though. Since you're a Psychic Pokemon, can you always tell what other people are thinking?

Lady Vulpix
23rd October 2011, 08:10 AM
<Caledor> I wish! But sometimes I have the feeling that might not be a good thing. At least Hero and Tsunami keep telling me they're glad that I can't, and while I'd love to know why they're saying it, I can imagine many ways in which reading the thoughts of others could cause trouble. I can transmit my own thoughts to others, though. It's quite useful when I want to say something to someone and I don't want everyone around me to hear it, or when I have to talk to a human who doesn't understand Pokemon speech. Oh, and sometimes I can sense energies or get snapshots of future events. Those are the abilities I'd really like to improve.

Oh, and May... you may want to remind Zent that I have a good sense of hearing and a wide range of attacks. I wouldn't use a Water attack on a little Larvitar, but I could definitely bite back.

23rd October 2011, 01:05 PM
Kiara: *blushes before looking up at Caledor and smiles* What's your favorite game?
Colby: Do you like tag
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y1/WolsongsWilderness/ebonyponyta1.gif Ebony: What's your least favortie game
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y1/WolsongsWilderness/sinoparainbow3.png Sinopa: What do you like most abotu being an espeon?

The Blue Avenger
23rd October 2011, 01:23 PM
<Maza> I've already asked this question to someone else, but I'll give it another go. Who do you work with best on your team?

<Groviglio> Yeah, way to be creative there, spoonhead. Caledor, I gotta know. Does it get confusing, being named the same as the region? Can't say I run into that problem very much.

<Kurtzwick> You said you could transmit your thoughts, right? Can the people or Pokemon you transmit them to tell it's from you? Or could you make them think they were thinking it?

Lady Vulpix
23rd October 2011, 01:24 PM
<Caledor> Oh, Kiara! It's great to see you here! *Trots to Kiara's side and rubs her cheek.* My favorite game? I'd say anything I can play with you. *Grins.* I do play with that Beach Ball a lot, come to think of it. Maybe we can play together soon?

But I must answer the questions first, so... umm... least favorite game? I've never played a game I didn't enjoy, but if I have to choose one I'll say Truth or Dare because some players don't realize it's supposed to be a game and end up hurting each other's feelings.

As for what I like about being an Espeon... that's an interesting question. My attacks became a lot more powerful after I evolved, so that's a good thing. And I'm glad to have my psychic abilities whenever they manifest, and I hope I'll get to improve them one of these days. And... I think it's cool to have a gem on my forehead, and it's also cool that it changes colors when I glow. *Glows blue to show the change in the gem's color, from gold to blue.* And I'm also more agile than I was as an Eevee, and I have a forked tail which I can wrap around things. Is that a good answer for you?

Hey, Maza! I work well with just about everyone in my team. I usually feel more comfortable with Tsunami and Hero, but sometimes things do get out of control when the three of us are together. On the other hand, Ventura's training is extenuating, but she's great help when we're battling. And I've done some good teamwork with Sylvan and Amber too. With the others I haven't worked so much, but I get along with all of them.

Groviglio: I dunno, is it confusing being named after grass? It's not like it's hard to tell when someone's talking about me and when they're talking about the province. And I like my name. Caledor's a beautiful place, and it's much better than being referred to by a number. Now, when the old Dragon Master went and named his Jolteon Caledor, then things did get a bit confusing. I... I may sound mean by saying this, but I'm kind of glad they're gone. I mean, I hope they're OK wherever they are. I hope they're doing so well that they never wish to come back. *Shivers.* Ehm... OK, next question!

Kurtzwick: I can make others hear my thoughts, but they'd have to be quite stupid to believe they're their own. Unless they happen to be thinking the same thing, I suppose.

24th October 2011, 01:49 AM
<May> She's a baby :o A ..very...hungry...baby..
<Wring> "I've got one. What do you think is the best prank you've ever pulled on someone?"
<Zent> ...

Lady Vulpix
24th October 2011, 08:25 AM
<Caledor> She's a hungry baby with sharp teeth, she needs to learn to control them. Umm... a prank? I'm not much of a prankster, really. I sometimes take stuff out of Gabi's backpack to play with, or I may playfully shoot something at Tsunami or more rarely Hero, but setting something up and then waiting to someone to fall for it to see the reaction is not something I've done a lot. I haven't pulled any pranks on my team. I thought of making the Turkish bed once for Gabi after she mentioned it in a conversation - the thing where you put the sheet the wrong way so that no one can get in - but I realized it would be a lot of effort for something that would last just a couple of seconds, and then I'd have to help set it right again. I could think of some prank to pull and then decide if it's worth it or not. I suppose I could count that time back at the lab when I zapped one of the machines to see if I could stop it from working, but it wasn't really a prank, I was just fed up with being put in there and held still while they examined me and did whatever it is they did. And it wasn't worth it anyway, because I was put in a cage until they could fix it. I made up a song while I was in the cage, though. Something about colors. Oh, wait! There was that time when I hid in the shadows and then pounced on Tsunami. That has to count as a prank!

Lady Vulpix
26th October 2011, 07:53 PM
Thanks for the questions, everyone, and thanks to Caledor for answering. We have no Spotlight at this time. Please PM me your descriptions so that we can continue. Thanks in advance.

Lady Vulpix
28th October 2011, 06:17 PM
We have a new spotlight! It'll be running for a week starting today.

Name: Katana
Species: Zangoose
Family: None biologically

The sourpuss of the team (no pun intended). A former member of the same gang that Bandit was in, all the tough times shaped her into the rough creature she is today. Under all that attitude and claws is a kitty cat with a soft spot for children. She instinctively took the role of guardian for Bo and Ken and has been a good mother to them both. She also takes leadership of the team when Shonta is not around (something that is met with some resistance). Bandit and she make a good team, which is surprising until you see it in action.

The Blue Avenger
31st October 2011, 08:44 PM
<Maza> From one leader to another, how do you motivate your... ah, less enthusiastic team members?

<Groviglio> What he means is that our team's about as functional as a brick airplane.

<Maza> Not in so many words. But, yes.

<Kurtzwick> So you seem pretty wound up. What do you actually do to chill down? I figure you gotta actually be relaxed once in a while.

Lady Vulpix
1st November 2011, 05:59 PM
<Gabi> What was your life like before you joined the gang?

<Iael> Have you... no... Has anyone ever... umm, no... Let's see... What do you think about the rest of your team, other than Bo and Ken?

1st November 2011, 10:11 PM
From one leader to another, how do you motivate your... ah, less enthusiastic team members?
Katana: I'm not one for pep talks. I leave that to Moriko and the other cheerleaders. Plus the majority of the team doesn't need motivation; they're gung-ho enough.
Bandit: She just doesn't wanna answer "a boot to the head" like she wants to.
Shut it.

So you seem pretty wound up. What do you actually do to chill down? I figure you gotta actually be relaxed once in a while.
Just get some time alone. Have a nap on the windowsill, watch something on TV, take a stroll in the park. And I'm not wound up.
Yeah, this is normal for her. Wound up for her means that I would've been in pain right now.

What was your life like before you joined the gang?
Oh...um...it was kinda normal. I belonged to another trainer and I...had a litter...I don't usually talk about those days. *droops ears*

Have you... no... Has anyone ever... umm, no... Let's see... What do you think about the rest of your team, other than Bo and Ken?
*perks back up* I love the majority of them. Moriko's fun to be around. Lily, Rose and Beacon are all really sweet girls. Nama's nice, but she and Rose hardly talk at all. I feel nervous around Rose; she's always so nervous about something. Athena is warm and motherly; it's a good thing she has Vital Spirit because she'd drop from all the housework she does. Destai is a good Pokemon, although he used to be a bit bossy. I had to show him his place.
Circe is too nerdy but so's our trainer and she's still a good person. I get used to the nerdiness. Ali can be annoying sometimes but otherwise she's fun too. Jewel doesn't talk a lot either but I see her as a voice of reason and we always need one of those.
You forgot about me and Trinity.
I hate both of you. If I had the chance, I would cut you up into cubes and roast you over a spit like kabob.
You know you love me. And I can take you in a fight now, so there.

The Blue Avenger
2nd November 2011, 04:05 PM
<Kurtzwick> This is you not wound up. Got it. Fine. Hey! Just outta morbid curiosity, what did Trinity and Bandit do to get that sorta treatment?

<Maza> Hmm... What's the coolest battle you've ever been in?

<Cam> If you don't mind me asking, what's your favorite memory?

<99> Query: Would you have rather participated in the tournament, instead of Bandit?

2nd November 2011, 04:51 PM
What did Trinity and Bandit do to get that sorta treatment?
Trinity does nothing all day but sit on the couch and watch TV. And not the good TV, either. It's all those so-called "reality" shows. She doesn't care if she gets her fur on the couch; she's a heavy shedder during the summer. She constantly raids the fridge for junk. It's a miracle her butt's not massive.
Trinity: Hey!
She's also a conceited, self-centered and airheaded whiner.
But I'm innocent. No idea why you pick on me.
You're loudmouthed. You're the person who always says the right thing to anger the enemy. You complain as much as Trinity does.
That's only when we're in danger! Or about to run into danger!
Unfortunately, that's been happening to us a lot lately.

What's the coolest battle you've ever been in?
I don't really know. As far as battles go, mine have all been kinda dull. I'm sure I'll be able to answer that some time in the future.

If you don't mind me asking, what's your favorite memory?
Bo's hatching. His first day out of the egg. He was the cutest ball of fluff. *grins*

Would you have rather participated in the tournament, instead of Bandit?
I did offer, and I was Shonta's first choice. But she figured that Bandit had a wider movepool, and the team thought he was the more entertaining choice.
My charm cursed me once again.

2nd November 2011, 05:06 PM
<Wyrm> My team really doesn't know me very well yet and you seem fairly independent. What did you do to show your worth to the rest of the team?
<May> Garnishing ideas?
<Wyrm> Well, I don't want to make the wrong impression...
<Zent> O\/\/\/O Eraararar Spaghetti bluenose! @ Katana: You fight cace-tasting spaghettis before?
<May>...Poisonous snakes. Have you fought-...I hope you mean poisonous snakes..-before?

5th November 2011, 01:35 AM
OOC: I've been so busy with NaNo that I didn't notice your post.

To Wyrm: I helped them fight my old gang when they attacked us. Long story.
Lily: Thanks again for that, by the way!
To Zent: Cace-tasting spaghettis? Wh-what? Oh, poisonous snakes. Thanks for clearing that up, May. When I lived on my own, I had a few run-ins with snake Pokemon. I lived in the forest so it was expected. Surprisingly, I didn't have to worry about it when I became part of Shonta's team.

Lady Vulpix
6th November 2011, 07:28 PM
Thank you, Katana.

Sorry I'm late with this, it was hard t find the time and place to connect to the Internet when I was in China. I'm not home yet, but the next plane will take me there. We have a new spotlight now.

Name: Groviglio
Species: Tangrowth
Temperament: Rooney-esque

Grumpy and creative - a volatile combination, but Groviglio has both in spades. On the surface, it looks like he doesn't get along with anyone - and on the inside, it certainly looks like that too. Groviglio prides himself on the uniqueness of his insults, even if it means they're a bit of a stretch - and he doesn't hold back for anyone, except in very rare cases.

Originally belonging to another trainer, Groviglio doesn't talk much about that time of his life; it's speculated that something happened in between his first trainer and his second that gave him his negative outlook.

Despite all that, though, Groviglio is incredibly loyal and won't ever betray a teammate or let them down. Sure, he might insult them to the point of them wishing he wasn't helping, but the intent is still there.

The Blue Avenger
6th November 2011, 08:58 PM
Um, just as a note, I wrote that spotlight before I knew Andy Rooney had died. No disrespect meant.

6th November 2011, 11:02 PM
Moss: "..."
May: ..uhhh that's not really a question!
May: Hrm, Well when you put it that way, I guess so. So what do you think Groviglio? Wanna join Weight Watchers with me?

The Blue Avenger
7th November 2011, 04:37 PM
<Groviglio> Hey, don't you dot dot dot me, buddy. We may be related species and all that, but that don't mean that you get to pull that sorta stuff on me.

<Kurtzwick> Yeah, Grove's the only one allowed to do that kinda thing.

<Groviglio> You can shove a sock in it, peabrain.

<Maza> H'oh boy. This is going well.

<Groviglio> Shut up. What was that other question? ... What?! Weight Watchers? What exactly are you trying to say, here?!

<Kurtzwick> Do you wanna tell him?

<Maza> Oh, hell no.

<Groviglio> It was a rhetorical question, lunkheads. I'll have you know I'm a very healthy weight for my species.

<Kurtzwick> A very, very healthy weight.

<Groviglio> I will end you.

7th November 2011, 05:11 PM
*snickers* I was wondering what you thought about that question!
Are you going to ask your question or just point and laugh at him?
Yeah. Okay. Have any of your insults ever come back to bite you in the, um, vines?
Lily: Have you talked to Sylvan lately, Grove?
Why ask him that?
I dunno. He just seemed to like talking to her.

The Blue Avenger
7th November 2011, 05:36 PM
<Groviglio> Any insults come back to haunt me? Nah, of course not! I knock 'em dead! Nobody every comes back to face me!

<Kurtzwick> Ignoring that time with the Forretress...

<Groviglio> Exception that proves the rule.

<Anzu> And that Electrode!

<Groviglio> The other exception, come on!

<Kiva> Hm... what about the Golbat?

<Groviglio> The third-- okay, we're done with that question.

<Anzu> Hee hee!

<Maza> Now what's this about Sylvan?

<Groviglio> Hrmph. I haven't talked to her recently, no.

<Kiva> ...

<Anzu> ...

<Kurtzwick> ... that's it?

<Groviglio> hey, I don't gotta chase everything down with an insult.

<Kurtzwick> ...Except you totally do.

<Groviglio> Go die in a fire.

8th November 2011, 08:42 AM
Moss: "..."
Wyrm: o.O Wow, yer really fascinated with his size, huh?
Moss: ...u.u
Wyrm: "Ok. Moss just asked you sir, how do you feel about the power inherent in the ground and grass that you both are inclined to represent-is it a shallow misinterpretation of the power that you posess? Or have you came across foes and friends alike that truly represent the energy of the earth as well as you proclaim to."
Moss: n_n!

Lady Vulpix
8th November 2011, 09:26 AM
Do the dead deserve more respect than the living, Jeff?

Anyway, Grove, what is it that you enjoy so much about insulting everyone? And how can an exception prove a rule? I've heard that many times before, especially from my father, but I just don't get it. Don't exceptions actually disprove the rules?

Lady Vulpix
8th November 2011, 09:26 AM
Do the dead deserve more respect than the living, Jeff?

Anyway, Grove, what is it that you enjoy so much about insulting everyone? And how can an exception prove a rule? I've heard that many times before, especially from my father, but I just don't get it. Don't exceptions actually disprove the rules?

The Blue Avenger
8th November 2011, 04:01 PM
The dead don't deserve more respect, but considering that got posted literally the day after the guy died, I likely wouldn't have made a joke about him so soon.


<Groviglio> ... Hold on, lemme hear that one again. ... Man, but you're a wordy little guy, aren't you? Okay, lemme make sure I'm gettin' this right. You want to know if I'm strong and if there're other Pokemon as strong as me? Man alive, that took a bit. I guess to get at the answer there, being honest, I know I'm not the strongest guy in the world. I can take Maza in a fight...

<Maza> Only when you get lucky. Signal Beam will still knock you down.

<Groviglio> Hey, unless I get a Sleep Powder in first, spoonface. Anyway. There're tons of Pokemon stronger than me - tons of Grass-types too. You only got to look around the Guild to see that. Even on my team, Kurtzwick could probably have a pretty good go at me...

<Kurtzwick> 'Probably'?

<Groviglio> ...And I wouldn't be able to do much against Trezzatura, and Raini knows she's got me at a disadvantage. But that's getting aside from the point. I got decent grass power backing me up, and sure, I play it up some, but I'm smart enough to know that I'm not nearly the bee-all and end-all there. I think that answers your question. If not, try again in words us common folk can get at.

<Maza> Hostility, fantastic.

<Groviglio> Uh, okay, Gabi next. Why do I like insulting? I coulda sworn we'd been over that before at some point. Anyway. It's fun stuff. I get to be creative and show off, hey. I got the skills, so I got to show it. Besides, it's like a litmus test. If they can't deal with it, then they wouldn't want to be around me, and I wouldn't want to be around them. But if they can take it, and especially if they can turn it right back around, then hey, they're probably pretty cool.

<Kurtzwick> That justification was actually pretty good.

<Groviglio> Right on.

Lady Vulpix
8th November 2011, 07:05 PM
You missed my second question.

The Blue Avenger
8th November 2011, 08:05 PM
<Groviglio> Oh! Oh, okay, I see it now. Got it. Eh, it's an expression. No good trying to get to the exact semantics at the bottom of it, but it just means that the exceptions are so rare that they showcase how much the 'rule' does apply.

8th November 2011, 09:13 PM
Rose: *whispers something in Katana's ear*
You can't ask him this yourself?
*shakes her head*
Hey Mr. Bush-With-Eyes, Rose wants to know if you ever miss being smaller, and if there are any problems with being big.

The Blue Avenger
8th November 2011, 09:31 PM
<Groviglio> Bush with eyes? That's the best you can do? Haha! Come on, step up your game! I can tell you got it in you, but you got to do better if you're going to go to bat against an A-lister!

<Maza> The question?

<Groviglio> Huh? Oh, oh yeah. Right. Yeah, I miss being small sometimes. For like a month after I evolved, everyone on my team called me a hulking monstrosity. I mean, not that I cared, but it got real old real quick. No creativity in that. It makes it hard to fit most places. I gotta duck into the door to our house, even. But it's not all bad. I mean, it makes other people and Pokemon take me a lot more seriously, even if i still look, well, you can tell.

9th November 2011, 08:26 AM
:; Dances around Grov -to prove her point.::

The Blue Avenger
9th November 2011, 04:13 PM
<Groviglio> ...uh... huh. Yeah, okay.

Lady Vulpix
13th November 2011, 01:22 PM
OK, that's another spotlight over. Thanks, Groviglio.

I need more descriptions, please. But for this week, I'm going to let Amber get some attention. :)

Name: Amber
Species: Charizard
Family: Plum (mother), Outcast (father)

Amber was born in a place known as Paradise Valley. Originally known as Cherry, she was the sweet and inquisitive child of an unusual couple. She left her home valley to explore the world and has achieved some wonderful things since then, both working with the Dragon Tamers and half-secretly assisting in some of the Dragon's Guild's research projects. However, there are still those who give her trouble because she doesn't enjoy battling. In any case, she's far from defenseless, but she sees violence as a last resort. Ever since she evolved, Amber has possessed great physical strength, which she has worked hard to control. She also has an intelligent and curious mind, as well as an ability to understand the nature of metallic objects and control them to some degree - an ability which she hasn't fully explored. And she's also good at cooking and tea-blending. :) She gets along with everyone in the team because it's hard for anyone to be mad at her, but Sylvan is the one with whom she spends most of her free time, while her trainer is the one with whom she spends most of her busy time.

14th November 2011, 08:20 AM
o.o!!!!! n_n!!
Wyrm: What do you find hardest about flying?...oh, and greenball is asking what kind of tea do you like the best.

Lady Vulpix
14th November 2011, 03:00 PM
<Amber> Hello, Wyrm, pleased to meet you. I can't say I find flying any hard these days. It took me some time to learn to balance myself in the air, but it soon became natural. Although I must admit I still find it hard to fly while carrying weight. It may have something to do with shifting my center of gravity, or changing the amount of force needed to lift me up... I'm not quite sure yet. Perhaps I need to learn the move Fly in order to do that properly? In any case I'm glad that Spark and Lagi are willing to carry our friends when we all need to fly somewhere.

Greenball is Mossjito, right? My favorite kind of tea... That's even harder to answer! I like variety, I don't think I could settle for any one kind. But I think oolong tea is the most flexible for blending purposes. You can mix it with flowers, fruits or even certain spices and always get good results. Black (or red) tea tends to go better with spices and just as well with fruits, but it's not so good with flowers. Green and white teas go well with flowers, and white tea is also good with mint or green apples, but they're not so good with cinnamon, berries and other fruits. Er... am I ranting too much? I think you wanted a simpler answer, didn't you? Let's see... if you're planning to make your first blend I would recommend oolong tea with rosebuds. It's both tasty and easy to make.

15th November 2011, 08:20 AM
No. I think the ranting is what he wanted...because he's writing this stuff down....>.>

Lady Vulpix
15th November 2011, 10:25 AM
<Amber> Oh! In that case I'm glad to help. Is there anything else you'd like to know?

The Blue Avenger
4th December 2011, 06:50 PM
<99> Bobbery has sent an e-mail concerning this spotlight. Queries: What is your favorite recipe? When did you learn it? What recipe has turned out the worst?

Lady Vulpix
4th December 2011, 07:49 PM
<Amber> Should I answer this? I don't want to leave a question unanswered, but shouldn't it be time for someone else's spotlight?

<Gabi> Don't worry, there's been a bit of a hiatus, so you can answer it and then we move on to the next participant.

<Amber> Alright, then. I like experimenting with new things. It's hard to pick a favorite because I'd eventually get tired of always eating the same thing no matter how much I like it. But my two oldest meta-recipes, sweet mix and savory mix will always have a warm place in my hard. I call them meta-recipes because they're not really recipes, just vague guidelines: heat some water, throw in whatever you can find as long as it's sweet (or savory, depending on which mix you're making), then mix it all together. That can yield some great results or some culinary monstrosities, depending on the ingredients you use, but it's always fun and it brings back nice memories of when I was living with my mother in Paradise Valley and learning to cook my first meals.

Curiously enough, or perhaps for that same reason, the meals that turn out best with me are usually soups. You could see them as a more careful variation of the savory mix. As for what turned out worst... I scorched quite a few things in my early days. I remember burning a fish my dad gave me. It made me very sad. He tried to comfort me but what he said can't have made much sense because I don't remember it. Or perhaps I was too upset to listen. But one half of the fish was still salvageable, so I ended up eating it after all and doing my best to avoid the burnt bits. From then on I tried twice as hard to get my flame just right: it's hard to hold a steady flame and control it so that it won't leave any raw parts but it won't burn anything either. Cookers are much more stable.

<Gabi> Thanks, Amber. And now... our next spotlight.

Name: Maza
Species: Alakazam
Favorite Utensil: Spoon

Maza, in a word? 'Level-headed.' Maza is the glue that holds the rest of the team together - capable of mediating when necessary, and acting as the de facto leader when Jeff is indisposed. Most of the team respects his decisions (even if it is for different reasons - Raini, for example, doesn't cross Maza mostly just because it would be inconvenient to get in a fight with him). His high intelligence and his quick thinking make him a natural strategist, so he and Mercandos make most of the team's plans.

Maza naturally synchronizes well with Groviglio, due to the amount of time the two spend sparring with each other. The two rub off on each other, too; from Groviglio, Maza got a sense of Sarcasm, while Maza has mellowed Groviglio out somewhat and helped him focus himself. Maza holds Raini in very low regard, probably more so than anyone else on the team does; Maza is very defensive of his family, and in his mind, Raini is a wrench in the works.

Maza is also a little bit of an oddball by virtue of being an Alakazam who specializes in physical attacks. He practices boxing quite a lot, even if he doesn't have a lot of muscle to back it up.

5th December 2011, 01:00 AM
Beany beany!
*snicker* That's not nice, no matter how accurate. Does anyone ever get away with calling you beanhead?

The Blue Avenger
5th December 2011, 05:02 PM
<Maza> Beanhead? That... is a new one. Nobody's called me that before. Grove's really the only one around who calls me by anything but Maza, since 'Maza' in and of itself is sort of like a nickname anyway. And Grove tends to call me 'spoonhead,' 'spoony,' 'spoonface'... variations on a theme, really.

<Groviglio> It's going to be my masterpiece. I'm going to call him every nickname I can with 'spoon' in it.

Lady Vulpix
6th December 2011, 11:14 AM
<Tsunami> Hi, Maza. How are you? I don't know why there seems to be a general consensus that I must be the one to talk, even though I hadn't thought of any questions. I guess 'how are you?' will work for now.

<Hero> Don't be ridiculous, you always have something to say so you might as well start putting your big mouth to use.

<Tsunami> Your mouth is technically bigger than mine.

<Hero> Only physically. And it doesn't show because I know how to keep mine closed.

<Tsunami> Do you or don't you want me to talk?

<Gabi> Why don't we see if anyone else has a question?

<Tsunami> Sounds good to me.

<Lagi> I do have a question. I suppose I might as well ask, and I hope I'm not making a mistake, being too intrusive or something. But Maza... since the subject of Raini has come up in your description... and believe me, I understand how hard it's for you to put up with her, and she has caused a lot of trouble. But she has feelings too and, at least occasionally, it feels like she's trying to change. Not all the time, and perhaps not for the best reasons, that much I can't tell, but... I believe that if you push her too hard you may end up making things worse. So my question is... do you think there's a way for her to change her ways, at least enough to learn to respect others? Or do you believe that all you can do is keep her at bay?

The Blue Avenger
6th December 2011, 04:54 PM
<Cam> The two of you bicker about as much as Grove and Maza do.

<Groviglio> Hey, stuff it.

<Maza> Now, now, he has a point. Nothing wrong with it, though. That's just the way some relationships work.

<Groviglio> Relationships? What are you trying to say?

<Maza> You know what I mean. Anyway. Tsunami. I'm doing all right. Life's busy as always. And Kurtzwick's off doing his own thing somewhere. I wish he'd told us more about what happened, if only so we could help keep a closer eye on him.

<Groviglio> He just doesn't want us looking over his shoulder while he goes and loots the town dry.

<Maza> *sigh* Let's move on. Uh, Lagi, yeah. Look. I know Pokemon and people alike can change their ways. So I know Raini can become a productive member of the team. But at the same time, she's the sort of Pokemon who thought that it would be good to control her teammates with her psychic power. She tried to jump me when I found out. We need to make it apparent, and fast, that that's not going to be tolerated. You always have to start hard.

6th December 2011, 06:38 PM
Circe: Hey dude, has Grove ever called you a spoony bard?
Lily: Do you have any reason why Raini acts like she does? Everyone else on the team is so nice. Even Grove is just a sarcastic grump like Bandit.
I always thought it was because cat Pokemon were all hellspawn.
*punches him*
Bo: What are some things you like to do that don't have anything to do with training, Maza?

The Blue Avenger
6th December 2011, 09:05 PM
<Groviglio> Hah, 'spoony bard' was the first thing I called him when he evolved into a Kadabra! I was waiting for that one!

<Maza> Really? I don't remember that.

<Groviglio> Oh, 'course not. I only used it the once. I don't want to overuse it.

<Maza> That makes a certain amount of sense. Lily! I think some Pokemon may just be like that. Jeff wasn't really ever very strict with her. I mean, he didn't have to be with us. So she grew up without a whole lot of discipline, I guess. Not all cats are bad. Jeff had one when he was a kid, and he said it was the sweetest thing.

<Groviglio> He's also oblivious as hell, sooo...

<Maza> Yeah, yeah. Moving on. My pastimes? I like crosswords and number puzzles. Before he went to Chrace, Bobbery was teaching me to cook. The spoons, you know. It makes sense. I never really got any good at it though. Last time I tried, I burned everything.

<Cam> It's true. Even the banana smoothie!

<Groviglio> Which was a freaking accomplishment, let me tell you.

<Maza> But, uh, aside from that... I read a lot too! I've already gone through Jeff's collection of books at least twice. I'm making a good go at the library's collection now.

<Cam> What about when you took up sculpting--

<Maza> We don't talk about that.

Lady Vulpix
7th December 2011, 08:15 AM
<Ventura> Hello. What do you think of Jeff? And how do you feel about him being your trainer?

<Water Angel> Please excuse her, she has many skills but conversation isn't her forte. At least she did say 'hello'.

<Ventura> How would you have asked?

<Water Angel> Not quite so bluntly. I'm not sure I would have asked those questions, but if I did have to ask... perhaps something along the lines of "after being with Jeff for so long, how do you feel about your experiences with him as a trainer, and what are your views about him in general?" But no, I don't think I would have asked him what he thinks about Jeff. I don't think asking someone what he or she thinks about someone else is likely to yield a very positive outcome. There is much which just can't be said, and whatever the answer is, its interpretations may lead to disagreement, agitation and even confusion. No, especially confusion.

<Ventura> That's the problem with words. But I still want to know, so I ask.

<Water Angel> *Sighs.* I suppose that's fair.

<Hero> I have a question now. It's a much better question because it's something that everyone would like to know and it can't possibly cause all the things Water Angel just said.

<Caledor> What do you think about Mona?

<Hero> No! That's just the same kind of question.

<Caledor> I know. *Grins.*

<Hero> Stop interrupting me. My question is the following: how do you manage to teleport such long distances - with passengers - without exhausting yourself? I mean, I know your kind is born knowing how to teleport, but we don't usually hear about anyone other than you teleporting their friends all the way to... say... Avelorn. So is there a secret?

<Caledor> Umm... yeah, that's a feat, but not quite as impressive as the other. How did you burn a banana smoothie?

The Blue Avenger
7th December 2011, 06:52 PM
<Maza> What do I think of Jeff? Sheesh, no kidding, that is a loaded question. Not that I have anything bad to say about him. He's a pretty nice guy. Granted, he's not the most organized - he's got this bad tendency to just hope things will sort themselves out, especially if he's got a lot to work on already - but Jeff's reliable, and just about the friendliest guy you'll ever meet.

<Groviglio> And there's a but coming.

<Maza> No, no. Nothing bad. That said, I don't think he's the world's best trainer. Well... that's maybe not the way to put it. He's a very hands-off trainer. He lets us do our own thing. While it works great for, say, me and Grove, then you get Kurtzwick, who really needs a leash, and Raini.

<Groviglio> Pluses and minuses, right?

<Maza> Right. Every style has its advantages and disadvantages. I mean, Groove Guy relishes the freedom he gets in training, for example, and for me, it let me find out how much fun boxing was!

<Groviglio> That's still hella weird.

<Maza> Don't knock it just because you can't try it.

<Groviglio> Hey! I will knock your teeth out if I have to!

<Cam> A-hem! Moving along, right?

<Maza> Uh, Caledor, about Mona? She's... a friend. I used to kinda sorta have a crush on her. There are bits and pieces of it still hanging around, but I'm still sorting through my feelings on that. It feels like I've grown up a lot since then, and she hasn't quite as much.

<Groviglio> I didn't expect you to be that upfront about it.

<Maza> Some of us can actually be honest about our feelings.

<Groviglio> Hey! Say that again--

<Maza> Hero! There isn't really a secret, no. I never make a single teleport jump that distance. I always have to take it in bits and pieces. So over long journeys, I teleport several times. Or in some cases, many, many times. I do get tired sometimes, but I roll with it the best I can. I've practiced a lot with Teleport, too, so that may help. Who knows? Maybe I'm just naturally gifted, too! Hah!

<Groviglio> *under his breath* You're naturally something, all right.

<Maza> And... Caledor again. Okay, that one's kind of embarrassing. I was trying to make a flambe along with the smoothie - more than one dish at once; I thought I could handle it - and I may have accidentally spilled some liquor, lit some things on fire, you know. I'd prefer not to dwell on it.

<Groviglio> Damn amazing is what it was.

<Maza> Thanks for that.

<Cam> You know, I think your bickering could actually power a small town.

<Groviglio> Small? Medium to large at the least.

7th December 2011, 06:59 PM
Maza...is it? Hi. Wyrm here. Question before I go back on babysitting duty.

Do you think you could best a Primeape or a Hitmonchan in boxing skill only?

The Blue Avenger
7th December 2011, 08:39 PM
<Maza> Ha! I'd like to think I'm that good, but I know I wouldn't stand a chance. My boxing trainer, Jersey, is a Hitmonchan, and I know he could beat me any day of the week, without even using one of his hands. He takes it easy on me, and I still get exhausted! I know it's not my thing, but it's still fun.

<Groviglio> In other words, you're persisting even though you know you can't succeed. Isn't that some definition of insanity?

<Maza> Har har.

7th December 2011, 09:03 PM
Ken: Ooh, ooh! Do ya have a special boxing move? Like a Super Uppercut or something?
Bo: He's a Pokemon.
I know! But does he have a special technique? Like confuse the enemy with his speed and then get in close and give him the ol' one-two?

The Blue Avenger
7th December 2011, 09:28 PM
<Maza> I have Sky Uppercut; does that count?

<Groviglio> Since literally any Pokemon who can learn the TM can use the exact same technique, I'm gonna go with no.

<Maza> Ah well. Aside from that, Jersey tells me that my punches pack a bit more... well, punch because of my spoons.

<Cam> I'm surprised that's legal.

<Groviglio> Who said it was legal?

<Maza> Aheh, well, not much I can do. In a real fight, I'm not letting my spoons go.

<Groviglio> Which still doesn't answer the original question.

<Maza> Oh yeah. My best technique is to teleport around behind my opponent! I don't get many opponents, in boxing at least, who are prepared for something like that.

<Groviglio> That seems low for you.

<Maza> Hey, we use whatever advantages we have.

8th December 2011, 07:34 PM
o.o You eat wif spoons? What you eat wif spoons? DO YOU EAT CHOCOLATE?

>.> Eeeasy Zent. But she does remind me of something to ask you. Do you ever consider using sporks? or forks?

The Blue Avenger
8th December 2011, 09:16 PM
<Maza> Heh, I don't actually eat anything with these spoons. It seems like it'd just be weird. I am partial to good chocolate, though. Best thing in the world, though? That's manju! The red bean paste is delicious. And sometimes you do need something sweet!

<Anzu> Hee, remember when he tried to make one?

<Kiva> I remember how long we spent cleaning the walls of the kitchen afterwards.

<Maza> It's not my fault they exploded!

<Groviglio> Actually, yeah, it kinda is.

<Maza> I'm really not that awful a cook, I swear... Er, I really don't ever use forks or sporks. The idea just... I don't know. It rubs me the wrong way. These are my spoons, you know? I couldn't use anything else.

Lady Vulpix
4th January 2012, 05:19 PM
Thanks a lot, Maza.

And sorry about the hiatus, but we have a new spotlight now!

Name: Lily
Species: Bellossom

She's friendly and sweet enough to give you cavities! Easygoing, cheerful and energetic. She's always up for some practice battling, some exercise, or a walk in the park. She hasn't battled for a while, preferring to cheer on those who need catching up. Lily doesn't have a violent bone in her body but she knows plenty of ways of disabling opponents. She's taken in Rose as a sort of protege during her downtime.

The Blue Avenger
4th January 2012, 05:35 PM
<Maza> Hey there, Lily. What do you like best about being a Bellossom, as opposed to a Gloom or an Oddish?

<Groviglio> How can you be so... cheerful all the time?

<Maza> Ignore him. I think the concept of friendliness is alien to him.

Lady Vulpix
4th January 2012, 06:10 PM
<Caledor> Hi there! It's always nice to see someone with such a sunny disposition, no pun intended. Have you been helping others smile lately? If so, how, and how has that worked out for you?

<Tsunami> Running out of ideas, Kid?

<Caledor> Never. I just like learning more about other's styles. Call it a professional exchange of experiences.

<Tsunami> I would laugh if I didn't think you really mean it. *Shifts eyes.*

<Sylvan> Hello, Lily. I have 2 questions if I may. First, what made you decide to evolve into a Bellossom? And my second question is... how do you take care of your leaves and petals? They look beautiful!

<Hero> You're all making me sick. My question is the following: has anyone ever demanded that you pay their dentist's bill?

4th January 2012, 10:36 PM
What do you like best about being a Bellossom, as opposed to a Gloom or an Oddish? ARMS! And smell. I was afraid that I'd be one of those Gloom with its scent glands on a hair trigger. I didn't want to hose someone by accident!

Trinity: We just gotta worry about pollen buildup. Just one little sneeze and the whole team's asleep. Or poisoned. Or paralyzed.

That only happened once. *blushes*

How can you be so... cheerful all the time? I guess it's just easier for some people than it is for others! No matter how bad things get, I know that the sun will come out, the rain will be back, and I'll never be alone!


Katana: Shonta, are you crying?

It just reminds me of that song from Annie.

*hands Shonta a hanky*

Have you been helping others smile lately? If so, how, and how has that worked out for you? Usually a bright smile or a little dance helps. No one can frown at backflips or pirouettes! But some people on our team are real sourpusses.


*looks away in embarrassment*

First, what made you decide to evolve into a Bellossom? They look so pretty! The flowers on their head, the leaf dresses, and their light green skin! And they're so graceful! I mean we're so graceful! *giggles* I guess it's a little shallow, but the other choice was Vileplume and they tend to have trouble moving around with those huge petals.

And my second question is... how do you take care of your leaves and petals? They look beautiful! Thanks! I drink plenty of clean water, soak up lots of sunshine and make sure to take vitamins! Oh, and I do my best to stay away from open flame.


Has anyone ever demanded that you pay their dentist's bill? Huh? No...no, I don't think so. I'm sure people know I don't have the money to pay their bills. That's a real random question.

Lady Vulpix
5th January 2012, 07:39 AM
<Hero> *Coughs.* Random, yes, let's say it was random. I think I'd better leave, it looks like everyone here's been hypnotized by the candy fairies or something.

<Caledor> Or maybe you're getting old.

<Hero> *Glares.* Didn't you hear that a Ninetales can live for 2000 years? My life's only just began.

<Tsunami> Except that that's only a myth, not a fact.

<Caledor> That, and being old is a state of mind.

<Hero> So you two are ganging up on me now? Either face me one on one or leave me alone. In any case, I'm outta here.

<Caledor> No, Hero, wait! I was just kidding!

<Hero> *Sighs.* That's all you ever do.

<Gabi> *Shakes her head.* Sorry about that, Lily. Even after all these years it's like they can't control themselves when they're together. Has it ever happened to you that a situation got out of hand?

5th January 2012, 08:17 PM
Was there a reason you asked that question, Hero? I'm sorry if it wasn't meant to be random.

I kinda expected that question to come from Caledor.

Has it ever happened to you that a situation got out of hand? Yeah, lots of times. With a team like mine it's bound to happen a few times. I'm almost never part of the situation, but the teammates usually tell me to stay out of the way because I'm so small and light that I'm easy to toss around. And with several of the Pokemon able to use super-effective attacks, it's better to just find some high ground and wait for them to fight it out.

Lily, you're the highest-leveled Pokemon on the team. One good Solarbeam should take out all of us!

Or you could just disable us with your pollen.

*blushes brightly* It only happened once!

We weren't talking about your--

*sneezes and scatters Stun Spore*

...Bless you.

Lady Vulpix
6th January 2012, 07:53 AM
<Hero> *Jumps away from the spores.* I was trying to make a joke. But apparently that's a privileged reserved for a select few now.

<Amber> Hero, please, calm down. It's not their fault that they didn't know what you were thinking.

<Hero> You mean you didn't get it either?... Oh, wait... Amber, right. If you haven't got it by know then perhaps it's best that you don't. No offense meant, the joke has nothing to do with you.

<Amber> Offense? What am I supposed to take offen... oh. *Laughs.* I get it now. It was for the description, right? The cavity-inducing sweetness. But Hero, you know me better than that. I can tell the difference between someone making a joke about sweetness and someone calling me sweet as an insult.

<Hero> Well, I'm glad you can. But don't blame me for caring. In any case - and again, nothing to do with you here - things were getting too sappy for comfort. I had to do something to change the mood or else I was going to get sick. In a way, I guess it worked.

<Amber> Well, I'm not taking offense for that, but don't you think Lily may? It's not nice to tell others that their sappiness is making you sick, you know.

<Hero> This isn't my day. Perhaps I should stop talking altogether. Show me some patch of soft earth so I can dig a hole and bury myself for the rest of the day.

<Amber> *Sighs.* You don't have to be so dramatic. An apology should be enough.

<Hero> *Looks around for a while.* Um... OK, I'm sorry, Lily. And... Sylvan, I suppose. And Caledor... No, I'm not sorry for calling Caledor sappy. He called me old. So just Lily and Sylvan.

<Sylvan> *Smiles.* Apology accepted.

<Caledor> I've been called worse things than sappy and you're not getting any younger. *Sticks tongue out.*

<Amber> Stop it, please. Before things get out of control again... Lily, I know what it feels like to have trouble controlling your abilities. Have you tried any kind of training to stop your powders from shooting off unexpectedly?

<Tsunami> And hasn't anyone noticed that calling Grass-type Pokemon sappy is a pun in itself?

<Hero> I wasn't trying to make a pun. Please let's not go back to that subject.

<Tsunami> OK, then, no more sappiness talk, but there have been too many jokes and puns here to ignore that subject. Lily... how do you feel about jokes and puns? Is there any kind of joke that you like? Does any kind bother you?

6th January 2012, 02:17 PM
The description?

Shonta didn't let you read it before she turned it in, did she?

Nope. *reads description* Ohhhhhh! Now the question makes sense! That's pretty funny!

Dang. I wrote it and it still went over my head.

A lot of things go over your head.

Lily, I know what it feels like to have trouble controlling your abilities. Have you tried any kind of training to stop your powders from shooting off unexpectedly? It's just spore buildup. It wasn't a problem when I was battling regularly and releasing it every once in a while. But this break in training has made me too lazy. I build up too much spores and I accidentally release some when I sneeze. Like when you move your muscles a certain way to do stuff; when I sneeze it's the same as when I do it on purpose.

Lily... how do you feel about jokes and puns? Is there any kind of joke that you like? Does any kind bother you? I think they're great! I like the ones that others don't like to much, the ones with lame puns. But I don't like the ones they don't finish like "A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar" and "There once was a girl from Nantucket..."

There's a good reason why that second one is never finished. And it's not really a joke as much as a crude limerick.

What's so crude about it?

Moving on!

6th January 2012, 07:17 PM
Don't think we've met. Name's Wyrm. I see you that you command attnetio because your so gashawfulcute.


..Oh dun tell me you don't like cute things!

>.>...*shrug, shuffles away*

...I swear. Anyway. Question. I was wondering if you always knew how to dance, or if it came to you upon evolving?

Wow, you're beautiful! I heard all your secrets, but do you think hiking everywhere helps to keep you healthy?

Keeps the weight of---*SLURPSLAP!* The nerve!

7th January 2012, 06:07 PM
I was wondering if you always knew how to dance, or if it came to you upon evolving? Hi, Wyrm! Yeah, I've always known how to dance but evolving into a new body forced me to kinda relearn. My legs aren't really as great as they were as an Oddish when it comes to stepping. It's actually easier to do jumping moves.

I heard all your secrets, but do you think hiking everywhere helps to keep you healthy? It certainly doesn't hurt. The exercise and fresh air does a body good!

Lady Vulpix
8th January 2012, 09:05 AM
<Hero> Thanks. Now, what's that about that Lickitung knowing all your secrets?

<Caledor> And now for a real random question: if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, where is everyone?

<Tsunami> What's with you and trees?

<Caledor> I dunno, I just like them. Anyway, this is Lily's spotlight, not mine. I've already had my spotlight and no one asked any questions about trees.

<Lagi> You're starting to confuse me now. You somehow manage to mix your emotions just like you mix your words, to the point when even they don't seem to make any sense.

<Caledor> In that case I have achieved something today.

<Lagi> *Sighs.* In any case, one of them has given me an idea for a question. Lily, would you like to tell us about anything that has made you feel impressed?

<Caledor> *Gasps.* Lagi, you're too good.

<Lagi> *Smiles.* Then maybe you can answer that same question later. I'd like to hear the story. Actually, it would be nice if I could hear about all the amazing and awe-inspiring experiences everyone has had... but I don't think anyone can live long enough to hear them all.

<Hero> Wait, does that mean Caledor was impressed by... trees?

<Caledor> Hero... Eevee House... now. Or, rather, as soon as Lily answers my question. I'd like to hear what she has to say.

<Hero> Huh? OK. *Shifts eyes.*

<Water Angel> Hello, Lily. I don't feel you and I have talked enough. Maybe we could meet at the Eevee House someday, or at the Guild's garden. Have you been there before? Anyway, that's a question, but I have a more open question too: is there anything you would like to share without having to wait for someone to specifically ask about it?

8th January 2012, 02:20 PM
I think May was talking about my beauty secrets, Caledor.

Trinity: Those are just common guidelines for Grass-type Pokemon, I'm sure.

No those are guidelines that everyone must take to heart! Never let yourself get dehydrate! Get outside every once in a while! Don't get set on fire!


Okay, so that last one doesn't apply to you.

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, where is everyone? They're hiding from the giant who pushed the tree over.

Ask a random question and you get a random answer.

Would you like to tell us about anything that has made you feel impressed? Bandit's battle with the Porygon2 at the tournament! That finishing blow! Porygon2's Zap Cannon! Bandit's Sacred Fire! It was a fantastic finish and the ultimate lucky move!

We definitely should've gotten that on DVD or something.

I've been to the Eevee House before, Water Angel. I went there a lot when I was an Oddish. There's a lot a space to run around there! But I haven't been there lately. But I didn't know the Guild had a garden. We don't go to that place except when there's meetings, and even then we don't stay often. Is the garden over there pretty?

Is there anything you would like to share without having to wait for someone to specifically ask about it? Hmm...I love e-readers!

You love...e-readers?

Yes! It's hard for me to read anything without fingers to flip the pages with! That's why e-readers are so handy, especially the ones with touch screens!

Lady Vulpix
9th January 2012, 08:37 AM
<Hero> Ahem... that was me.

<Gabi> I'm sure she meant to say Hero. You were both talking so much that she just mixed up your names, that's all.

<Hero> This wouldn't have happened 10 years ago. I need to do something to fix it. Sign me up for another tournament.

<Gabi> You know I can't do that, and you're overreacting.

<Tsunami> Overreacting? Hero? Nah!

<Hero> How would you like my teeth in your tail?

<Tsunami> Not much, thank you. I should learn Aqua Tail someday.

<Gabi> I'm not giving you a TM just so you can attack Hero with it. And Hero, behave! I've already had too much of this.

<Hero> Only because you take it seriously. *Grins.*

<Gabi> *Sighs.* I give up. Off to the Eevee House, you three.

<Caledor> Me? I didn't do anything this time! I will go, though, because I have something to say to Hero. But first, I must say something to Lily: I like your style, girl! We should do this more often!

<Lagi> I'm going with them, both to hear what Caledor has to say and to keep them in check.

<Hero> *Grumbles.* As if we were going to thrash the Eevee House or something.

<Water Angel> Ahem... Let's get back on topic, shall we? The garden is quite an enjoyable sight, and it has a large fountain, which is where I spend most of the time while Gabi's working at the Guild's HQ. Well... on either side of the fountain, really. Now that the secret is out, I might as well let you know too. The fountain is connected to another fountain located in the basement of the MTU building. There, you can find a computer made specifically for Pokemon to use. But you need to be able to swim and either breathe underwater or hold your breath for some time in order to get from one fountain to the other via the hidden passage. Otherwise you will have to go through the main entrance of the MTU building and ask for directions inside.

And that was a long exposition without a question. I will ask a simple one: can you swim?

9th January 2012, 12:37 PM
Sorry, Hero! With this many Pokemon talking, I got a little confused!

I know how that feels.

Can you swim? No, I can't. Too bad. That sounds like a cool thing to check out. I'll have to go there the other way one day.

The Blue Avenger
9th January 2012, 07:49 PM
<Jeff> DVDs! Of the tournament! What an excellent idea! Gotta remember that for next time... What other suggestions would you have for the tournament?

<Groviglio> Always wondered this one. Do Bellossom have legs?

<Maza> ...Wait, you really always wondered that one?

<Groviglio> Well, you never see 'em, do you?

<Maza> ...Conceded.

9th January 2012, 08:00 PM
The same could be said for Tangrowths :/

o.o? ::Lifts up vines, sees feet just fine:: ..

It's better if you stay quiet Mossy. I'll do the talk-OMGISTHEREANYTHINGYOUDONTLIKEINTERMSOFCUTE...or... maybe just something that you feel you encounter too much of....

Spastic! Completely spastic...you are!

IAMNOTAMNOTAMNOT..I'm just very thorough in my thought patterns...

9th January 2012, 09:10 PM
What other suggestions would you have for the tournament? Online streaming video of the battles? If they haven't done that already.

Do Bellossom have legs? A lot of people wonder. Even Shonta asked me that question. *lifts her skirt a little, showing little stubby legs* Yeah. They're not good for running but they're springy so...*does a no-hands backflip*

Lady Vulpix
10th January 2012, 08:54 AM
<Spark> Nice move! How did you learn to do that?

<Gabi> I've just thought of this question. To what kinds of rhythms can you dance?

10th January 2012, 10:02 PM
The backflip? Lots of practice. I had trouble getting the timing right and kept landing on my head.

If she wasn't so light I would've had a few things in the house broken.

To what kinds of rhythms can you dance? That's...a very good question. I hope I can remember what I've learned about time signatures. I guess 4/4 is the easiest, followed by 2/4. 3/4 throws me for a loop because I always think of the waltz and I'm not much of a slow dancer.

11th January 2012, 07:19 AM
So let me see if I got the facts right, you can disable your enemies, giving them cavities while dancing? Man, that's a strange power.

Bruce: I think you got it wrong...

No, I'm cool with it, dancing is like art right? and art is important for many people, so if a few cavities are the price for it it fine by me.

11th January 2012, 08:36 AM
(Classy: Sorry if that was confusing. Skitzo's questions were "Is there anything that you think is too cute? and on the flipside, is there anything that you feel you encounter too much of that you don't like?)

11th January 2012, 03:45 PM

Is there anything that you think is too cute? Most baby Pokemon are pretty close to being too cute. They're little bundles of puppy dog eyes and giggles!

Trinity: *makes gagging noises*

*pulls her away by the ear*

Is there anything that you feel you encounter too much of that you don't like? Mean bad guys. The ones who feel like they have to make fun of and hurt weak people, the ones who do bad things for fun.

So you don't like Katana?

...I didn't say that. She's not a bad guy.

But she chases around weak people.

Jewel: She chases around you and Trinity, and neither of you are weak.

So let me see if I got the facts right, you can disable your enemies, giving them cavities while dancing? No no no! The cavities part was just a little joke!

New rule, Shonta. From now on, all Pokemon Spotlight entries from this team must be run by the Pokemon in question.

Lady Vulpix
11th January 2012, 06:00 PM
Thanks, Lily, you were great. :)

We have a new spotlight now. I hope this one is as active as the latest one.

Name: Wayne
Species: Gastly

The youngest in a Gastly family with 6 older brothers who were all called Ghastly, Wayne got not so originally renamed after Bruce Wayne. Still, he doesn't care much about that since he actually likes comic books. Wayne likes licking and scaring people randomly, he also likes hiding in dark places and enjoys getting as much attention as he can. His dream is to have his own TV show. He's not too good at speaking, however.

11th January 2012, 07:09 PM
::Never saw a ghost before. Doesn't know how to react.::

o.O She won't bite you Wayne...I don't think...she will..at least. Float up from her, just to be safe. Hi, by the way; where are my manners! I wonder, do you ever find yourself floating apart without you knowing it?

11th January 2012, 08:27 PM
What kind of TV show would you want to have? And what comic books do you like?

What's your favorite thing about being a ghost?

What's your favorite way to scare people?

12th January 2012, 07:36 AM
Do you ever find yourself floating apart without you knowing it?

Wayne: Me don't know what float apart means, so maybe, once I looking at mirror saw myself going away somewhere, but I not moving, maybe I was floating apart, but probably was just my brother, maybe that's why mirror don't work anymore.

What kind of TV show would you want to have? And what comic books do you like?

Wayne: One where I could scare people, and have gifts, and prizes, and maybe contests. Maybe like big brother with ghosts and traps, would be fun!
Oh, and with cake.

Wayne: Comics, they tasty! Batman, Spiderham, not superman, boring.

What's your favorite thing about being a ghost?

Wayne: Scaring people, flying, not so good for handling buckets.

What's your favorite way to scare people?

<Wayne suddenly appears right from behind Shonta> Wayne: Dunno. Create good ambientation first, then scare, maybe lick.

Kerel: No licking.

Wayne: Maybe then cake.

Lady Vulpix
12th January 2012, 09:35 AM
<Gabi> You scare people with... cake? How does that work?

<Spark> Are you sure that's a wise question to ask?

<Gabi> I was about to ask what it was like growing up with 6 brothers all with the same name, and what he did when he wanted to talk to one of them, but apparently he can't tell his brothers apart from his own image, let alone from each other, so that seems to be a moot point.

<Spark> That's... really weird, true. But it's still intriguing. Wayne, what was your life like when you lived with your brothers?

12th January 2012, 10:03 AM
Wayne: Cake Trap!

<Gabi> You scare people with... cake? How does that work?

<a cake starts flying towards Gabi, but is caught and held by Bruce>

Bruce: You did see that comming, didnt you?

Kerel: Still, thats not really scary.

Wayne: Cake has carrots and fish.

Kerel: Disgusting, not scary.

<Gabi> I was about to ask what it was like growing up with 6 brothers all with the same name, and what he did when he wanted to talk to one of them, but apparently he can't tell his brothers apart from his own image, let alone from each other, so that seems to be a moot point.

<Spark> That's... really weird, true. But it's still intriguing. Wayne, what was your life like when you lived with your brothers?

Wayne: well, sometimes fun, sometimes hard. some like pranks, play them often. Me younger so it harder, we compete for attention, and sometimes dinner, complicated, but also nice things. Also mum just calls us Ghastly, and makes difficult to talk with each, but very good when she ask who broke something, all looking the same sometimes confusing but still learn to recognize each most of time.

oh also ... brother in cake.

< Ghastly comes out of the cake >

Ghastly: Boo.

Bruce: Ah!

<Bruce drops cake>

Wayne: Cake scare!

Lady Vulpix
12th January 2012, 04:26 PM
<Amber> Do you bake your own cakes? Otherwise, where do you get all those cakes for your... antics?

12th January 2012, 07:46 PM
<Amber> Do you bake your own cakes? Otherwise, where do you get all those cakes for your... antics?

Wayne: Cake not baked, raw fish raw carrot, baked  flour and meringue. Mix stuff cake just happ ens.

13th January 2012, 06:44 PM

>.>...She wants a cake. Please, for the mercy of the ever living... give her a cake!

And uhh, who do you think you can imitate the best out of your colleagues?

The Blue Avenger
14th January 2012, 12:27 PM
<Maza> Do you harbor any ambitions of evolving?

<Groviglio> 'Harbor any ambitions of...'? Wow, way to make it sound really fancy.

<Maza> While I know perfectly well you're being sarcastic, I'll take the compliment as you said it.

15th January 2012, 09:20 AM
>.>...She wants a cake. Please, for the mercy of the ever living... give her a cake!

Wayne: Sure, who she? You Mean Amber? There strawberries and onion cake backstage, no bro in them, don't like onions.

And uhh, who do you think you can imitate the best out of your colleagues?

Wayne: You mean colleagues as other pokemon on team or other tv people?
I can imitate Kerel pretty good, just say whatever or forget to wear pants.

Kerel: Hey! I had to chase a guy who sneaked into my room at 2 am.

Bruce: You did enter a bar without pants though.

Kerel: Yes, but I was... neverminnd and you don't even have legs!

Wayne: And about tv people, I can imitate the black smoke from Lost, like chasing people in islands or forest and stuff. Scaring TV people is more fun than imitating, specially reporters.

<Maza> Do you harbor any ambitions of evolving?

<Groviglio> 'Harbor any ambitions of...'? Wow, way to make it sound really fancy.

<Maza> While I know perfectly well you're being sarcastic, I'll take the compliment as you said it.

Wayne: Evolve, like Gengar? Never thought about it, hands maybe useful but I like being gas, easier to hide.
Could be fun working at a Harbor thought. Nice you can speak fancy words, when I know one, never know when to apply it. Apply's fancy, right?

Lady Vulpix
15th January 2012, 01:50 PM
<Ventura> *Chuckles.*

<Gabi> Congratulations! It's not easy to make Ventura laugh.

<Ventura> He just brought back some memories. The good kind, or at least the kind that becomes good in hindsight. And yes, 'hindsight' is a fancy word. I don't know about 'apply'. Would you like to have a talk with Water Angel? She knows a lot of fancy words. It can be very...

<Water Angel> Illustrative?

<Ventura> I suppose.

<Water Angel> Nevermind that you offered my services on my behalf, but I think having a conversation with Wayne could be an interesting experience. But first, or perhaps as the beginning of the aforementioned conversation, I have a question: do your brothers usually follow you around wherever you go?

<Ventura> Now you're pushing it. No one uses the word 'aforementioned' while talking.

<Spark> She does.

16th January 2012, 06:56 AM
<Ventura> *Chuckles.*

<Gabi> Congratulations! It's not easy to make Ventura laugh.

<Ventura> He just brought back some memories. The good kind, or at least the kind that becomes good in hindsight. And yes, 'hindsight' is a fancy word. I don't know about 'apply'. Would you like to have a talk with Water Angel? She knows a lot of fancy words. It can be very...

<Water Angel> Illustrative?

<Ventura> I suppose.

Wayne: I Don't know what hind sight means, like watching backs maybe, but yes, it Fancy.

<Water Angel> Nevermind that you offered my services on my behalf, but I think having a conversation with Wayne could be an interesting experience. But first, or perhaps as the beginning of the aforementioned conversation, I have a question: do your brothers usually follow you around wherever you go?

Wayne: Oh, not always, depends, sometimes I follow them, it funny to scare in group, can do like those cartoons where we come out from everywhere and people think there only one of us. Ghastly I invited though, he likes meeting people.

<Ventura> Now you're pushing it. No one uses the word 'aforementioned' while talking.

<Spark> She does.

Wayne: Nice, can learn fancy words talking, can be much Illustrative. How do you use aforementioned? It like bubblegum? Hard to do while taking?

Bruce: It means previously mentioned.

Wayne: Oh, then hard, hard to do something previously, I always do things in present.

Kerel: I think Im lost.

Lady Vulpix
19th January 2012, 10:01 AM
<Gabi> OK, let's give you one more day to make up for yesterday's blackout.

<Sylvan> Speaking of blackouts, how do you feel about darkness? Not the Dark type nor any of the metaphorical versions, but actual darkness. And how well can you see in the dark?

19th January 2012, 10:14 AM
How does your trainer deal with your...idea of fun?
Trying to get advice for dealing with us? At least be forward with it.

19th January 2012, 11:43 AM
<Gabi> OK, let's give you one more day to make up for yesterday's blackout.

<Sylvan> Speaking of blackouts, how do you feel about darkness? Not the Dark type nor any of the metaphorical versions, but actual darkness. And how well can you see in the dark?

Wayne: I like darkness, good to hide, people scare easier. I see pretty well. Full darkness can be confusing, not know where one is, think it's the kitchen, then is the restroom, but very fun to play with bros or people.

-How does your trainer deal with your...idea of fun?

Wayne: He tries to dogdge cakes.
Also he don't normally want me to scare or lick people, not too much at least, except bad guys.

-Trying to get advice for dealing with us? At least be forward with it.

Kerel: If you figure out a way, please let me know. Although letting him have fun sometimes helps when I have to ask him not to, or lending him a comic to read in return for not... licking a nurse at a hospital for example, of course I've not seen that comic again, what do you have to say about that Wayne?

Wayne: em... ate it.

Lady Vulpix
19th January 2012, 12:01 PM
<Iael> That makes me wonder how Wayne gets along with the rest of his team.

<Gabi> Why don't you ask him?

<Iael> Oh... sure. Wayne, how...? I suppose you've heard the question already.

19th January 2012, 12:39 PM
Wayne: I get along well, Bruce not taste good but talks funny, Kerel fun but not let lick people too much, Caroline nice, doesnt mind if I lick, Kerel does. WhaleLord I cant scare, sleeps a lot, but likes humid and dark places, so hes good. Voltshock no humor, dont want to help with jokes, not a shocker. Teresa very nice, not part of team but has chocolates.

Lady Vulpix
20th January 2012, 08:57 AM
Thanks, Wayne. That was fun.

We have a new spotlight now!

Name: Moriko
Species: Heracross
Relations: none

The team's most enthusiastic fighter. As bright and cheerful as Lily, but three times as loud. To her, the glass is always half-full. She loves to watch battles as much as she likes being in them, cheering on her teammates and friends. She's the one to go to for a pep talk. Her tact could use a little work though; she tends to get carried away and say the wrong thing.

20th January 2012, 07:50 PM
Do you molt? *_*!!

Why are you so excited about that?

That's for me to know. Also, any tips for folks like me that have no appendages?

::Walks up... reaches for the horn:: o.o

Rapp: Ehh, Mossy, don't think she's gonna let you sit atop her horn...

20th January 2012, 09:54 PM
Moriko: Let 'im sit! I can toss a Snorlax with this horn! A Tangrowth is nothing!

*whispers to Mossy* Don't do it, she'll toss you...

Do you molt? *_*!! Yeah, but it's pretty rare. I reckon I do it once a year. I'm about full-grown now so there's barely any need.

Bo: One time I saw her shed. Uncle Bandit and I used the old exoskeleton to scare Miss Beacon.

Beacon: Still not funny!

Also, any tips for folks like me that have no appendages? I got appendages. *clacks claws* I just can't use them as well as those with actual hands. My advice is to use what I don't have: your tail! It looks extra flexible to me!

Lady Vulpix
26th January 2012, 12:59 PM
<Caledor> Sorry for the delay! I... got caught up at the Eevee House. You know, all that dust... and Kiara... Especially Kiara. Has it ever happened to you, that you wanted to be in 2 different places at the same time? But I want to tell you that I really, really like what you do for your team. Could you please show me one of your favorite cheering songs? And yes, that was two questions. *Smiles.*

26th January 2012, 02:05 PM
Kerel: So you're kinda like the team's cheerleader, and also one of the best fighters right?
It'd be cool if you could fight and sing at the same time, ever tried that?

Bruce: Anything you like besides fighting?

26th January 2012, 03:24 PM
That's okay! Oh, you two are so cute together!

Has it ever happened to you, that you wanted to be in 2 different places at the same time? Back during the Dragon Games, I was torn between watch Bandit battle and training at the Training Grounds. But that Kecleon couldn't go without my cheering!

I couldn't even hear you over the rest of the spectators.

Awww, you're just saying that!

Trinity: Denial...

Could you please show me one of your favorite cheering songs? Sure! Ahem...
F! I! G-H-T! We will push for victory!
Let's! Go! All the way! There's no way we'll lose today!


So you're kinda like the team's cheerleader, and also one of the best fighters right? It'd be cool if you could fight and sing at the same time, ever tried that? Well, I'm one of the best physical fighters. Jewel, Beacon and Lily are brutal in their own special way. And I don't wanna risk biting my tongue while trying to fight and sing at the same time...again. You run out of breath doing both simultaneously anyway.

Anything you like besides fighting? Playing cards with Athena and Ali, and flying. And cheerleading, of course.

Lady Vulpix
26th January 2012, 08:52 PM
<Caledor> Cool! And thanks for saying we're cute. *Smiles.* Now... I've been told you were itching for questions. If I ask you a question, does it mean I'm scratching you?

The Blue Avenger
26th January 2012, 08:54 PM
<Maza> Trezzatura sent this one in by e-mail... "Playing cards, huh? What's your favorite game? Ever bet anything on it?"

<Groviglio> So your tact needs work, huh? Lemme hear it. Best example of your tact deciding it'd had enough and was outta there.

26th January 2012, 09:30 PM
If I ask you a question, does it mean I'm scratching you? I guess it does! Like a nice scratch under my wingcase!

"Playing cards, huh? What's your favorite game? Ever bet anything on it?" We used to play Go Fish until Shonta introduced us to Uno. And we played for Starburst at first but we couldn't agree on the values for each flavor. Now we play for plain M&Ms.

Ali: Friday nights we play for Peanut M&Ms!

Best example of your tact deciding it'd had enough and was outta there. Well, I can't really think of one...

How about when you caught Rose watching Twilight?

Oh yeah, that piece of crap! Why do people watch that dumb girl net not one, but two supernatural guys? And she marries the one with noooo attractive personality whatsoever? Not the one that can actually walk through Rio without turning to ash? I'm sorry, I meant sparkles. All those airheaded girls just let them think that everyone likes it!

Rose: *sniffles and curls up in corner*

27th January 2012, 07:29 AM
Kerel: M&M Bets? so you've never played for money?

Teresa: Well I think thats actually healthier.

Kerel: What? Do you know how much fat those things have?

Bruce: Playing games for M&M, not liking Twilight, I think that's a a great way to spend some nights, do you think I could join you sometime? I can bring tea and cookies.

Kerel: How do you spend a night not liking Twilight?

Bruce: That's not hard, really, I spend my life not liking Twilight.

Lady Vulpix
27th January 2012, 02:28 PM
<Lagi> Please, don't be so mean to Rose. It's not right to attack someone just because of the kind of fiction they like to watch. She's not hurting anybody.

<Tsunami> Except those who are in the room with her and are forced to see it, or at least hear it.

<Lagi> I don't think she's forcing anyone else to watch. When you're watching something, those who are not interested either ignore it or leave the room.

<Hero> Unless we want to watch something else or want to do something in that room and can't focus because of the noise.

<Tsunami> *Sighs.* In which case we fight and neither of us ends up doing what we want to do. Say, Moriko, has anything like that ever happened among your team?

27th January 2012, 08:37 PM
I guess we could bet fake money. Betting real money could get complicated, and even less healthy than M&Ms.

Ali: Nuh uh, M&Ms are better.

We keep eating them before the game's over! It's hard to have a winner when there's nothing left to win!

Wait, how do you bet anything on Uno? It's not like poker or baccarat. There's only one clear winner.

We pour a king-size bag of M&Ms in a bowl. Winner of each game gets 5 or 10, depending on how many games we play for.

That's...a pretty good idea.

Friday nights, Bruce! And we like chocolate chip and iced oatmeal!

Say, Moriko, has anything like that ever happened among your team? Movie night.

Movie night.

Movie night.

It gets brutal when we're trying to decide what to watch. I almost always end up with a Flamethrower to the face.

That's what you get for dissing Twilight!

Lady Vulpix
28th January 2012, 09:38 AM
Thanks, Moriko, that was great. :)

And now, the spotlight Hero was waiting for!

Name: Hero
Species: Ninetales (with more tales than tails)
Relations: Tracker (girlfriend), Brandy (daughter), Rick (son), parents probably still alive.

Against his trainer's better judgement, she has allowed Hero to write his own description. Here it goes.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else. First of all, I would like to thank Jeff for convincing Gabi to let me write my own speech. As you must already know, my name is Hero. If you didn't know it, you should have.

I'm the fastest Pokemon among the Dragon Tamers and, while not many remember the first Griffon Games these days, I'm in even better shape now than I was when I won that tournament. I'm also the one who made my team an actual team, because you can't have a team with only one Pokemon.

I'm very skilled at battling and I'm unbeatable in a race. Well, I suppose no one's absolutely unbeatable, since highly improbable things can happen, but my track record is spotless so far. I have won other kinds of games too, even a few seeking contests back at Caledor Forest, and the competition was fierce back then.

And I have been named Hero by Tracker for the heroic deeds I did both before and after I joined the Dragon Tamers, feel free to ask about them. Or about anything except my tails. I must warn you that I'm good at comebacks too. I took my first steps into the noble activity of delivering witty retorts with my old friend and rival Scorch, even before he founded his own pack, made me his second in command and proved to be a complete failure as a leader but good at knowing whom to trust. Since then, my best friends have usually been my best rivals too, and I have introduced my friends Ray, Tsunami and Caledor to the joys of comeback fights. Ray was never my rival, though; he's always been too fascinated by me to even think of competing.

Of course, I know about my lack of modesty, but there's a reason to it. I can't be modest because nobody's perfect. If I were modest, then I'd be perfect and I'd be breaking a fundamental law of the universe. So some of the things I've said may be slightly exaggerated, but only slightly.

And yes, I know I'm ranting and it's absolutely on purpose because I'm brilliant like that. So ask away!"

Mikachu Yukitatsu
28th January 2012, 11:10 AM
I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.

Hero, do you have a favourite track? Do you prefer simple ones or perhaps, say, mountainous or labyrinthine ones?

I'm a bit embarrassed because I know nothing about your heroic deeds? Could fill me in about them? Like the most important ones everyone should know?

Lady Vulpix
28th January 2012, 12:25 PM
<Hero> Oh, a new face! Welcome to my spotlight! I don't really have a favorite track. They all have their charms. Simple ones are fun because I get to build up a lot of speed, but I also like tracks with obstacles because they're more challenging and require you to put some thought into what you're doing. I think every track is good for a race... except for water tracks, of course. I can swim, and I will if I have to, but it's really not my thing.

Which leads us to the second question... my heroic deeds!

<Tsunami> Now that you've got him started, he'll be hard to stop.

<Hero> Shush, you! OK, my first heroic deed which got me some due appreciation from most members of my old pack was that time when Kid, now known as Ray, got his leg stuck on a fallen tree branch in the lake. He was nearly drowning! We were both Vulpixes back then. I was passing by and heard him scream for help, so I rushed to the lake, jumped in and swam to where he was to set him free and bring him back to the shore.

Then there was that time when I took a bullet aimed at Gabi by a Rocket grunt. That was really painful, especially because I had to refrain from running from THREE WEEKS in order for my leg to heal completely. You can imagine what kind of torture that was, but I endured it stoically, because it would have been even worse to end up maimed for the rest of my life.

And I also helped bring down a Dark Cloak soldier who was attacking us. And there were all those times when I helped bring down crazy Pokemon, possessor demons and stop all kinds of weird and crazy things. Among the worst was that terribly powerful Salamence who used to work as Yssera's bodyguard on White Mountain. That fight took a lot out of me, but I still managed to come out on top and clear the way between us and Yssera herself.

I have also helped my teammates win many battles by giving them useful advice. And I have cooperated with the police in some investigations.

<Tsunami> Yes, 'investigations', that's what he and Tracker call it now.

<Hero> I've told you to shut up, this is my spotlight. And we have done a lot of research together, just so you know. Oh, and there was that monstrous vampiric Arcanine who worked for the Crimson Blades!

<Tsunami> Was that the one you had to face on your own because you were impatient and darted away from the group?

<Hero> *Casts a fiery glare at the Vaporeon.* What have I told you to do?

<Tsunami> Oh, but it's just so fun to interrupt you! And you like comebacks, remember? You've said it yourself. In your own description.

<Hero> You'll pay for this when it's your turn at the spotlight.

<Tsunami> I wouldn't expect any less of you. *Smiles.*

<Hero> Heh. Alright. I must add that I've been living with Tsunami for over 10 years. Putting up with him is an act of heroism all by itself.

<Tsunami> *Bursts into laughter.* I would reply... *Keeps laughing.* But that's just so ridiculous... I can't stop laughing. *Laughs even more.*

<Hero> I win.

28th January 2012, 05:52 PM
o.O Hrm. Color me impressed.


*Deep breath*ok. Ignoring her...Hero....who on your team bothers you the most? To that effect, is there a challenge you wouldn't attempt.

I think Vulpixes are pretty. Especially their fur.

Is that all you are going to add? Really?

I don't have any questions for him. Fire types are pretty one dimensional. :/

...Sounds like someone's being spiteful

I am NOT! I don't mean to sound spiteful Hero. I am sure you can teach us all a grand amount. I just rarely hear anything about fire types these days. To add something constructi-YOU EAT NOMS?!?!-Zent DOWN! She's still learning tact. Um, what's your favorite food?

Lady Vulpix
28th January 2012, 06:45 PM
<Hero> I must admit I have been called many things in my life, but one-dimensional? I should at the very least have 3 dimensions! And before anyone interrupts me, I know what she meant, but since she somehow didn't seem to want to offend me, I'll just pretend she didn't mean anything by it. You, young lady, clearly have a lot to learn about Fire types. Try talking to Amber someday.

<Amber> Wow, thanks, Hero! I'm flattered.

<Hero> I... just think you'll do a good job of showing her how far from one-dimensional a Fire type can be. And I'm quite busy, you know.

<Tsunami> He's busy trying to make sure he doesn't accidentally prove her point. Nice move, Hero. I shall give you credit for knowing your limitations.

<Hero> I am not one-dimensional!! And you know it. Curse how well you know it! *Sighs.* Sorry, everyone, I just remembered a really horrible chain of events. Which would lead me to say Tsunami is the one who bothers me the most, but only because he's so close to me he gets under my skin sometimes.

<Tsunami> Oh, you're talking about that time! I thought we'd both agreed to never mention it.

<Hero> Yeah, we did. Let's leave it at that. Oh, and Lagi bothers me sometimes, but it's not really her fault. It's her empathic abilities and her inability to leave me alone when she believes she can help me. I know she really means well, and she's a tremendous tag-team partner. And Tsunami's one of the best friends I've ever had. So is Caledor, who also bothers me sometimes. And so does Gabi, for that matter. But I could give my life before I lost any of them.

Now, a challenge I wouldn't attempt? I'm not sure. I guess it's a matter of weighing the stakes and the rewards. For instance, I wouldn't risk my life or my friends for the sake of a game or a bet.

And my favorite food... I used to love the fish we had in the forest, but here in the city it's rarely fresh enough. I like omelets and pancakes, and the various breakfast cereals we have at home. And... almost anything sweet, really. From berries to honey to those weird round things... what were they called?

<Water Angel> Are you referring to Laddu?

<Hero> Ah, yes, Laddu. That's it. Thanks.

<Water Angel> You're welcome.

<Hero> So, as I was saying... I like sweets not only because of their taste, but also because when I eat them, I can feel the energy building inside me right away. I could eat sweets with every meal if it weren't bad for health, but I do eat a tasty treat at least once a day.

30th January 2012, 11:27 AM
<Hero> I... just think you'll do a good job of showing her how far from one-dimensional a Fire type can be. And I'm quite busy, you know.

Kerel: That's a compliment right, cause he could also be calling Amber Fat... probably a compliment. Hero, What did Tsunami mean by your "investigations"?

VoltShock: A Chalenge he wouldn't attempt, I bet he wouldn't even dare to beat WhailLord at a standing still competition.

Bruce: I don't think he'd want to beat his 3 weeks record.

Lady Vulpix
30th January 2012, 01:54 PM
<Hero> Aren't you supposed to be a detective or something? I'm starting to wonder how you can solve any cases, if you can't figure that one out. And no, I was not calling Amber fat. In fact she's quite light-weight for a Charizard, which is a wonder considering how much she likes cooking.

30th January 2012, 02:40 PM
Kerel: Look, If I wanted to figure it out some other way I probably could, I'm asking you cause you're in the spotlight and also in case you don't know, sometimes asking is a way of investigating stuff. In any case for someone whos supposed to like so much to tell tales you're being way too secretive regarding those investigations, and also I am a Detective but I tend to investigate things I'm being paid for, kinda my thing you know.

Bruce: Dont mind him, hes obviously better at running than he is at talking with people.

Kerel: I bet I can run faster than he does.

Bruce: Well, you know he has 4 legs right?

Kerel: So? He also has many tails and bet he cant even fly.

Teresa: What does having many tails have to do with flying?

Kerel: You dont play many videogames do you, Teresa?

Lady Vulpix
30th January 2012, 03:06 PM
<Hero> Now this is weird. I hear questions, but none of them is addressed to me. I get the reference, but no, I can't fly. I bet it would be fun. Sometimes when I run really fast, I feel the wind brush my fur and it almost feels like flying. I can make quite a long leap too... but I do have to touch the ground in the end.

And to answer the previous question, Tsunami was implying that he didn't believe my girlfriend and I ever did any actual research when we got together. But we did. We still do sometimes. We do lots of other things too, of course, but research is one of the things we do.

30th January 2012, 03:19 PM
Circe: Dude! A vampiric Arcanine? Really? That must've been before I was adopted! Tell me more about that one!

Lily: You like sweets, Hero? What's your favorite kind of sweet?

Bo: You should try Shonta's sweet iced tea. I heard it has more sugar than soda!

Katana: And that's why you get in trouble when you sneak some.

Lady Vulpix
30th January 2012, 03:32 PM
<Hero> Er... well, he wasn't vampiric in the literal sense. But he was unnaturally strong, and he bit me and sucked some of my blood, so it was disturbing enough.

I don't have a favorite kind of sweet. Picking a favorite would mean I could eat just one kind and do without all the others, and that's not something I'd like to do.

What kind of tea has soda in it? Anyway, I like my tea with honey rather than sugar, if I can choose.

OK, I've been thinking about that crazy video-game discussion that sprouted from my having 'many' tails, and I've decided I'd rather not ban that kind of talk, so here's a new rule, which supersedes the old one: you can talk about my tails, as long as the question or statement has no offensive intent. In other words, be respectful and we can all have fun and enjoy free speech.

30th January 2012, 03:45 PM
*laughs* No, I meant that it was sweeter than soda is.

Hey, Hero. Do you ever get bored when things get peaceful?

Lady Vulpix
30th January 2012, 04:06 PM
<Hero> *Laughs even louder.* Now it makes sense! I got that sentence completely wrong, but it was a funny mix-up.

Yes, I do get bored sometimes when things are too quiet. If it goes on for too long, I tend to get restless. But I'd rather not tempt fate because being bored is still better than... say... having to face the Black Dragon. I'm still trying to come up with a strategy that won't get us all killed. All I can say for now is that I'm grateful that he seems to be having as much trouble completing his quest as we are.

But wait, you didn't ask about the Black Dragon, you asked about the dull and peaceful times. The way I usually deal with them is by leaving the house and finding something interesting to do with my time. I can go and see Tracker, take part in random competitions and do some training. Not to mention that when you're out on the streets of a big city, interesting things will happen sooner or later. And then I can return home at night and bicker with the boys. Those are all good ways to spend a peaceful day.

31st January 2012, 08:06 AM
<Hero> And to answer the previous question, Tsunami was implying that he didn't believe my girlfriend and I ever did any actual research when we got together. But we did. We still do sometimes. We do lots of other things too, of course, but research is one of the things we do.

Kerel: Oh, that's what he meant, I thought he was talking about some secret investigations or something, its a good thing you still investigate sometimes, any reason why you don't investigate as often?

Random guy disguised as a banana: Well sometimes when you've been dating for a long time it kinda happens.

Kerel: I mean investigations.

Lady Vulpix
31st January 2012, 02:20 PM
<Hero> Who is that guy and why is he dressed as a banana? Is he advertising something? No advertising on my spotlight!

<Caledor> Hey, calm down! I don't see him selling or advertising anything. I think he's just a weird cosplayer. Nothing wrong with that, right?

<Hero> Cosplaying as fruit? That's a new one. Almost as weird as you are... Almost.

<Caledor> I'll take that as a compliment.

<Hero> As for why I don't spend so much time investigating with Tracker these days... Well, she's with the police, I'm with the Dragon Tamers. We have different jobs to do. If I find anything that may be of help to her, I let her know; but I can't dedicate so much of my time to research dubious discs and snag machines - as important as I'm sure they are - when not far from here there's a dragon trying to take over the world or something.

31st January 2012, 02:48 PM
Banana Guy: Nevermind me, Im just blending in the background.

Kerel: So no time for investigations but yet still time for the spotlight, interesting...

Lady Vulpix
31st January 2012, 02:59 PM
<Hero> What are you implying? I've been waiting for this for a long time, and come on! It's not like it takes up a lot of time, just answering some questions.

And no, banana guy, you're not blending into the background. You're way too visible for that.

31st January 2012, 03:30 PM
Its peanut butter jelly time!

<Zent> O\/\/\/\/O!
<May> Hero...have you tried flying with your tails? To that regard, can you shed some light on how many tails you were born with?
<Wyrm> oooh I have a question? If you weren't a fire type, what type would you choose to be?

Lady Vulpix
31st January 2012, 04:23 PM
<Hero> That's a... funny... face.

No, I haven't really tried to fly with my tails, because I know it wouldn't work. I have, however, tried to see if I could spin them around. It's quite hard to do without them getting tangled, and moving them in different directions or at different speeds will do just that. But if I synchronize them and move them together, I can create some wind with them. Not enough for it to be effective as an attack, though.

<Tsunami> I can't think of some nasty jokes I could make out of that answer; but to show some decorum, and prove the fact that I'm actually capable of not saying whatever crosses my mind, I'll refrain from making them.

<Caledor> Could you use your tails as a fan to cool us down in the summer?

<Hero> I'm not going to test that, I'm not your servant. In fact, you belong to me.

<Caledor> Again with that! It doesn't work that way and you know it. The color-changing lantern shall not be owned!

<Hero> Yet you keep comparing yourself to inanimate objects. Nevermind, you've got enough attention already. Back to my questions. How many tails was I born with? Well, one. I don't really remember the time when I had only one tail, but all Vulpixes are born with just the one, and no one has ever said that I was an exception. The only thing that was unusual about me when I was little was that I was already faster than other Vulpixes my age. On the outside, I looked normal up until the moment I evolved. *Lowers his head.* But well, at least nothing else went wrong. The rest of my body's fine, including the seven tails I do have, I am the fastest Ninetales in Ulthuan, I have become quite capable at battling (I don't need to exaggerate that because the plain truth is good enough), and thankfully my mind is as sharp as ever.

<Tsunami> That's technically true, even if only one aspect of your mind has ever been sharp at all.

<Hero> OK, now that is going too far. You're insulting my intelligence in front of everyone which, come to think of it, doesn't speak well of yours. And you know I'm good at many things, so that's not just an insult, it's a lie.

<Tsunami> Sorry, I got a bit carried away. But you must admit that you are somewhat specialized. You're good at battling, racing, watching battles and races, talking about battles and races...

<Hero> *Rolls his eyes.* Come on! I'm a master strategist.

<Tsunami> You do sometimes come up with some good strategies for things other than races and battles, but you still have an uncanny inability to notice the obvious when it comes to interacting with others.

<Hero> What's obvious for someone isn't always obvious for others. We notice different things. For example, I have noticed that you're getting too much stage time during my spotlight, and you don't seem to have noticed that. Same thing goes for the 'no offensive comments' rule.

<Tsunami> *Lowers head and tail.* OK, OK, enjoy your spotlight. I guess I'll just leave.

<Hero> No! Er... No... You don't have to leave. Just please try to watch your words. Do you think you can do that?

<Tsunami> I can. I'll show you what I'm capable of.

<Hero> Good. Now, where were we? Ah, yes, type choice. That's an interesting question. I must admit I have always taken my type for granted and focused on making the most of my strengths and covering my weaknesses. But if I had to choose a different type... let me think... I think Ghost would be best. *Chuckles.* Funny how things turn out, maybe that's why I have a Ghost-type Hidden Power. But just think of it: Ghost types have fewer weaknesses than Fire types, they're immune to a wide range of attacks, and they usually get cool powers like making themselves invisible and intangible! The downside is that moves like Flamethrower and Fire Blast would become less effective, and it would feel weird to have a body that's so fundamentally different from mine. And I would learn what it's like to be hurt by fire, which as far as I understand can be quite painful. But everything has its pros and cons. I suppose that if I keep training Spooky I can get at least a sample of what it's like to be a Ghost type. Quite nearly the best of both worlds.

The Blue Avenger
31st January 2012, 04:31 PM
<Groviglio> This spotlight got friggin' weird, man.

<Maza> That's how it goes, doesn't it? Anyway, hey Hero, good to see you. You say you wouldn't mind being a ghost... Wouldn't that involve being dead?

<Anzu> Hey now, be careful! Bow's not dead, after all!

<Maza> Can a ghost Pokemon die? I thought Ghost Pokemon were spirits either way. Hmm. This will require some thought.

Lady Vulpix
31st January 2012, 04:44 PM
<Hero> Hey! I was wondering when you guys would show up! And Ghost types can be born, so I figure they must also die at some point. They can even... "investigate". Sorry, Tsunami and Kerel, I'm holding on to that word now. Ghost type Pokemon aren't really ghosts, just like Dragon type Pokemon aren't really dragons. And I'm not made of fire either, for that matter. I think someone asked me that once... I wish I could remember who it was... Some really weird individual. Someone from Soo's team, perhaps? So no, being a Ghost type would not imply being dead. But like Anzu pointed out, you have had more contact with Ghost types than I have. Have you ever thought of asking Lady Bow what it was like to be a Ghost Pokemon? I do recall her saying that it was a bit uncomfortable to be so different from everyone else, but... I somehow don't think that would be too much of an issue for me.

<Tsunami> *Waves his tail in silence.*

<Hero> What's that for?

<Tsunami> *Shrugs and mumbles two syllables with his mouth closed.*

<Hero> Ha, ha, very funny.

<Tsunami> *Grins.*

The Blue Avenger
31st January 2012, 04:49 PM
<Anzu> Investigate? Like what Cam's doing?

<Groviglio> I think those quotation marks mean he's going for something a little different.

<Anzu> Oh. ...ohhh.

<Maza> You know, none of us ever asked her that. Always thought it would be sorta awkward, you know? Like, "hey, what's it like being pretty much dead?"

<Groviglio> And you say I don't have tact.

<Maza> That's because you don't.

Lady Vulpix
31st January 2012, 05:12 PM
<Hero> I've been accused by the newly mute of having no tact either, which is really a case of the pot calling the kettle black. But I don't think either of us would use those words to ask that question. And really, I don't think she's dead.

Hmm... Isn't it weird that we're talking about ghosts and death and yet the creepiest thing is Tsunami being quiet?

<Tsunami> *Chuckles.*

1st February 2012, 10:40 AM
Kerel: Actually it was very funny to watch you and Tsunami disscussing, or was it arguing? It did seem to be a shared spotlight though.

Wayne: Ghost pokemon not dead, well, not all, yet grandpa comes visit sometimes and he dead, so some are.

WhailLord: So youd like being you but with ghost powers which is pretty much what you are, right? What kind of pokemon would you not like to be, like the one that you'd most not want to be and why?

Lady Vulpix
1st February 2012, 10:52 AM
<Hero> Don't get me wrong, arguing with Tsunami is one of my favorite pastimes, but this is my spotlight and he was getting way too much attention. I'll get my revenge for that if and when his time comes.

Now... a ghost Ghost Pokemon? Or would that be a Ghost Pokemon ghost? No matter how you say it, that's... freaky. Are you joking or is this a real thing?

And of course it's no news that I like being myself. I don't spend so much time bragging to give everyone the opposite impression, right? But my Hidden Power is still far from perfect. I still have a lot of work to do before it can work as I desire, and I really hope I can make it happen. And even then it won't be like being able to change types at will, but if I can achieve something close enough to astral projection, I'll be satisfied.

And there are many Pokemon I wouldn't like to be. Anything with two or more heads, for starters. Just imagine the kinds of internal conflicts those Pokemon must have!

1st February 2012, 10:57 AM
Wayne: Well, he comes on sundays, but just cause he don't wanna pay for cable tv and wants to read our newspaper.

1st February 2012, 01:01 PM
*runs in* Lily told me I missed the Chiquita banana!

Quiet you. This is Hero's spotlight. Ask him a question or leave.

Fiiiiine. Do you like bananas?

*growls and kicks him*

OW! That was a legitimate question!

Jewel: *quietly watches them fight for a while* <This will give me an opportunity to ask you a question, Hero. Have you had any battles in terrain that gave you a big disadvantage?>

And I still wanna know if you like bananas!

*bites his tail*

Lady Vulpix
1st February 2012, 02:31 PM
<Hero> Hey, Katana, it's OK! It is a question. Now... what's a Chiquita banana?

<Gabi> "Little banana girl"? I don't know, it doesn't make much sense to me. But I think he was referring to the guy in the banana suit.

<Water Angel> It was probably a reference to to the animated commercial made in the 1940's.

<Gabi> What commercial?

<Water Angel> Search the web and you'll find it.

<Hero> OK, girls... You've answered my question, thanks and well done. Now let's go back to the way things should be, which means I get to answer questions because, you know...

<Gabi> *Sighs.* Yes, it's your spotlight. I think you're enjoying this too much.

<Hero> Just enough. *Grins.* And I would ask Wayne if he's sure his grandfather is dead and not just pretending, but Wayne's spotlight is over, so instead I will answer Bandit's and Jewel's questions. First, bananas. They're OK. A bit dull to eat them alone, but great in pancakes. Or with chocolate.

And now, on to the more interesting question. I think my most difficult battle was on the way to the Tower of Hoeth, during our first trip there. The problem wasn't the terrain itself, but all the illusions that were set up. It's hard to battle when you can't trust your own senses. Funny, I ended up helping Tracker by setting off one of those illusion traps.

My toughest battle terrain-wise was the one I had at the 3rd Maze. The fateful 3rd Maze, also known as the 3D Maze. Could it be possible that whenever I battle at an unfavorable location something really weird happens that ends up helping someone close to me? Hmm... No, sounds too convoluted. Must be a coincidence. Anyway, I was still recovering from the shot and I was up against a water-bound Lapras named Morning Mist... who used Rain Dance. Now, some might say I shouldn't have battled in those conditions, but to those 'some' I would say: you try being in my place. I was extra careful not to make any sudden moves that could reopen my wound and used mainly ranged attacks... except for that moment when she came close and I got to use Iron Tail. And I played a smart trick with Double-Team and finished the battle with a mimicked Thunder. It's not as fulfilling as finishing with a Quick-Attack, but I did the best I could given the circumstances.

2nd February 2012, 07:47 AM
Kerel: So you've been to a 3D Maze, which makes me wonder, have you ever been to a 2D Maze, I mean, that would seem harder, probably a 4D maze would be worse though.

Caroline (to Hero): Can I have your autograph?

Lady Vulpix
2nd February 2012, 08:32 AM
<Hero> Yes, I have been to a couple of 2D mazes. They weren't flat, if that's what you're thinking, but the challenge was two-dimensional. As is the case with most regular mazes, really. You can jump up and down all you want - or dig, but they usually don't want you to do that - but if you want to reach the exit then the only moves that really matter are the ones you make at ground level. While the 3D maze had several levels - or floors -, and going up and down was necessary in order to reach the goal.

Now, a 4D maze would be... too crazy for comfort. No matter what the 4th dimension is, having to move back and forth in any dimension outside regular space would be just insane.

<Caledor> But insane can be fun sometimes! You can meet an alien griffin who gives you a funny name.

<Hero> No, thanks. No offense to any alien griffins, but I've had it with funny names and I'd rather stick to the world I know. And let's not even think about time travel either, because once you open that kind of worms everything you knew just stops making any sense and there's no telling what could happen. Or have happened. Or cease to have happened. Yeah, let's not go there.

Instead, let's go to... the next question! And of course you can! I'm not going to deny one of my fans a paw print. Now, where shall I leave it? Do you have a photo or something?

2nd February 2012, 08:50 AM
<Caledor> But insane can be fun sometimes! You can meet an alien griffin who gives you a funny name.

Kerel: Now I really want to know what Caledor means.

<Hero> Now, where shall I leave it? Do you have a photo or something?

Caroline: I have a notepad.

Lady Vulpix
2nd February 2012, 09:00 AM
<Caledor> Well... I'm not sure if it means anything. It's the name of the province we live in. That's not the funny name.

<Hero> Hey, you! Stop answering questions! You've already had your spotlight.

<Caledor> OK, grumpy fox.

<Hero> If I get grumpy, it's only because everyone keeps trying to steal my spotlight. Don't you all get it? My spotlight, I answer the questions. It shouldn't be too hard.

<Caledor> OK, go ahead, answer.

<Hero> Caledor is the name of the province. It was also the name of an ancient warrior who played a key role in the war of the Sundering. And it was also the name of Scott McHenry's Jolteon, but our Caledor came before him. And he was named after the province, not the warrior. Now, whether the name itself means anything, I don't know. I think it was chosen by the elves who lived here many centuries ago, but it's not like anyone can ask them now.

And sure, a notepad will do. Hold on a moment. *Runs off for a while, then comes back with an ink pad, opens it, presses his paw against it and then leaves a mark on Caroline's notepad.*

2nd February 2012, 09:51 AM
Kerel: Actually I meant what he meand by the whole griffin thing, but it was an interesting story. Hey wait there were elves here!? What kind of elves, like Tolkiens, D&Ds or Harry Potter's? Or some other stuff maybe? Please tell me there are not Smurfs in this place.

...*Runs off for a while, then comes back with an ink pad, opens it, presses his paw against it and then leaves a mark on Caroline's notepad.*...

Caroline: Thanks.

Lady Vulpix
2nd February 2012, 10:35 AM
<Hero> You're very welcome. And please, if you ever come across Lord Absol, which I hope you don't, don't mention any of those names you just listed. He doesn't have a good sense of humor. I don't really know a whole lot about what elves are like. I know they look a lot like humans, but they have pointy ears and sometimes other more subtle physical differences... unless they're using an illusion or something to change their appearance. Teclis does that a lot. And they seem to be attuned to magic and/or nature and/or this land and/or I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about. There are not that many of them left, and the few that are still alive are not terribly open about themselves. Oh, and they can live for a really long time without showing signs of aging. But that didn't save most of them from getting themselves killed in the Sundering. As far as I know, only a few of them survived, and some mingled with humans and left descendants who can enter the Forbidden Mountains but you couldn't tell they have elven blood by looking at them. I dunno, maybe half elves look more like elves, but after a few more generations they're basically human.

And thus concludes today's lesson of History with Hero. This spotlight really is fun, I'd never thought I'd be giving history lessons.

As for the griffin story... I find it more weird than interesting. Caledor once found himself in another dimension after a battle against the Dark Cloak... right when he evolved if I recall correctly. That Dark Cloak soldier had some crazy psychic powers, and we had to join forces to beat him, but then weirdness ensued. Gabi, Lagi and Ventura were transported too. It was quite scary for those of us who stayed behind, not knowing what was going on with them. But we worried for nothing, because it turned out they'd been just chilling out or something. And Caledor met a griffin who started calling him Golden.

<Caledor> That's not exactly how it happened. The girls were sent to Bei by a psychic shockwave and I went after them to bring them back. It was hard to follow the traces of psychic energy they had left, especially since I was just starting to get used to my psychic powers.

<Hero> Because you're so much better with them now. Whatever. Weird shenanigans. Not the kind of thing I'd like to see everyday.

<Caledor> Is that why I have never seen you use Extrasensory?

<Hero> I will use that move when the situation calls for it. So far, it hasn't. All that psychic stuff is too delicate, I say better leave it to the experts until I'm sure I won't do anything wrong.

<Caledor> Come on, it's not like you could tear a hole in the fabric of the universe!

<Hero> A hole in my own head would be bad enough. Or ending up crazy like Solitude.

<Lagi> Solitude's not crazy. She's troubled, but she's well placed in reality and in full control of her own actions. And she'd feel much better if you didn't treat her like she was insane.

<Hero> If you say so... I could never make any sense out of her. But well, if I ever see her again I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

2nd February 2012, 11:07 AM
<Hero> As for the griffin story...

Kerel: Well I really didn't even catch half of that but I agree on the weirdness.

Bruce: Dimension traveling, yep, better to try to stay away from those things.

Kerel: And the universe has already enough holes as it is, I wonder if it's warranty is still valid.

Teresa: Hey, its heros spotlight, remember?

VoltShock: It kinda looks like it's Hero's team's spotlight.

Caroline: We should ask him something.

Teresa: Well, Hero, it's your spotlight and whatever you say here is going to be heard by many, so which would be a message youd like to transmit to as many people as possible? Like to your fans.

Lady Vulpix
2nd February 2012, 11:29 AM
<Hero> Yes, that's what I'm saying, it's my time to speak. And I must thank this kind lady for realizing it. Now to think of a message for my fans...

Always be yourselves, and never be ashamed of who you are. Figure out what you're good at, and become even better at it. Know your weaknesses and try to overcome them. Some things you just can't change, but you can learn to stop them from hurting you. Never let anyone's words bring you down, and if they underestimate you, make sure they learn how wrong they were. If you have a goal - and you should always have at least one -, no matter how distant it seems, keep trying to achieve it; you may have to revise your strategies every now and then, and keep checking to make sure whether that's what you really want. But if it is, then it's worth pursuing no matter what anyone says. And try to have fun and make the most of your life. And remember to give me credit if you finish a battle with a Quick-Attack. *Grins.*