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8th October 2002, 12:24 PM
I'm looking for some content for TPM's TCG section.

Currently I am looking for perhaps some basic information people would want to know from every series that has been released.

Roarkiller wrote a real nice one for the Expedition Base Set that I put up on PokeMasters.net already.

Any help would be welcome.

Also, any other ideas of what could be put up that people are generally looking for when they want some TCG info.

8th October 2002, 07:11 PM
On Roarkiller's website, it has a deckbuilding guide...that would be nice...

Also, maybe card of the day thing and a weekly deck fix (select one submitted deck and a whole board of PKMN TCG experts rate/fix it)...

Pics of the cards, or at least pages with the attacks, energy cost, etc.

8th October 2002, 09:19 PM
hmmm..or you could go tho this link: http://www25.brinkster.com/tcgtower/spoilers/ex60.shtml (http://http://www25.brinkster.com/tcgtower/spoilers/ex60.shtml) look at the Expedition spoilers and no thanks needed...

8th October 2002, 09:58 PM
Link doesn't work...

Anyway, I was just giving Kevin suggestions...but thanks for the site though (even though the link doesn't work...)

9th October 2002, 05:05 AM
Heh knowing that Kevin needs help in rebuilding Pokemasters.net back to its former glory. I decided to emerge from my hiding place to post a report that I had just finished typing recently.

Anyway to let you doods why Darkyouth havn't been posting that often as he use to be is because I have been taking a prolonged break and would probably back by November. This is for those who havn't hang around the MISC section where I had posted my topic there.

So for those who thinks that Darkyouth had quitted TPM. Sorry to disappoint you then ;) !

Enough crap for me hehe. Here comes my stuffs... ...


Legendary Collection

What exactly is Legendary Collection? It is a set that is make up of reprint cards that are previously from the Base and Base2 sets. The 110 cards that bring back old time favorite cards so that they could be made playable in the new modified environment. Together with the addition of the new reverse holographic foils that comes in with every pack of booster packs, who would say that the set is unwanted? With the addition of Legendary Collection cards, the cards together with the new modified format will bring about a whole new lot of strategies that we had yet to discover.

The Pokemons

The card that we had been anticipating for in the Legendary Collection is finally out! Charizard! With a pokemon power of changing every energy attached to it as fire energy and also an attack of 100 damage, this card will rule the TCG environment like never before. Together with Neo Revelation’s Entei, you will be discarding fire energies and doing almost 100 damage every turn.

Most people would think otherwise. Because with the recent release of the first English E card’s Venusaur (The one with Harvest Bounty) and because of Charizard’s power, you could find yourself attaching two energy and also doing up to 100 damage per turn. Other combos with the card include recycle energies and also double colorless energy in the unlimited environment.

Other pokemon that too deserve recognition in this set is Ninetales. Its attack only needs to discard one energy to do up to 80 damage unlike Charizard where you would have to discard two. This card besides working well with Neo Revelation’s Entei also works well with the gym ‘Energy Stadium’. By flipping a head, you can get back your discarded energy and there is no worry of not having any energy in your hand in order to use the attack.

Legendary Collection would also be releasing Neo Discovery’s Beedrill’s Rival, Nidoking. Though Beedrill could do a 30 damage in poison compare with Nidoking’s 20 and have a free retreat cost, Nidoking beats it in terms that it needn’t need any flipping to use its poison attack and also in terms of having a better second attack. Nidoking’s weakness to a rarely played type Psychic even makes it better than Beedrill that had a weakness to mostly played type Fire.

Muk is the next card that deserves a name for itself in this set too. It would be goodbye to those days where Slowkings rule. When you play this baby, all pokemon that is in play will not be of any effect. That includes irritating Slowkings as mentioned and Typhlosion’s Fire Recharge!

Other good and yet to be mentioned pokemons are Dark Blastoise, Exeggutor, Venusaur and also Arcanine.

The Trainers

The trainers that are in this set are rather little. The best of the best trainers that are worth mentioning in this set are actually Pokemon Breeder, Pokemon Trader, Bill and Scoop up.

With the return of Breeder and Trader, it would be bye bye to those days where we have to play slow evolutions and when we have to relied on those coin flips to get our evolutions using Breeder’s Field in the modified environment. Breeder with helps us to get out second stage evolutions out by turn 2. Pokemons that require fast second stage evolution by turn 2 such as E card’s Vileplume and Neo Genesis’s Jumpluff will benefit with this card.

Trader will be better for those pokemons that only need to evolve one time and also second stage pokemons that require more evolutions to do a certain combo. Pokemons like Neo Revelation’s Kingdra benefits by getting out its evolutions faster and also be able to use its genetic memory as early as turn 3. That would be killing two birds with one stone. 3 Slowkings out by turn 2 will be not a problem with trader around.

When the change of format in modified came, many people are left wondering how on earth are they going to rely on insufficient Professor Elm, unreliable Bill’s Teleporter and the conditional Mary. With no more Misty’s Wrath and also Sabrina’s Gaze, most players turn to Bill as an immediate solution to card drawing before the supporters of the E cards came out.

Bill is good as it allows the players to draw two usually valuable cards from the deck without any conditions like the risk of flipping coins. Even with the release of supporter, most people still prefer to play Bill because of disadvantage of supporter having only to play once per turn. Bill works together with the gym Radio Tower of Neo Destiny.

Well Scoop up is back again! Yes, Scoop Up, the great Trainer card that lets you pick up any of your Pokemon in play, place the Basic in your hand, and discard the rest of the attached cards. Now the combo of Neo Revelation’s Entei with Scoop up begins. Fire deck now no longer becomes as slow as it uses to be before.


The release of the set Legendary Collection opens up a whole new aspect for two types that are expected to dominate future modified tournaments. They are fire types and grass types. With options of firepower house such as Ninetales, Charizard and Arcanine we would be expecting lots of energy stadiums, scoop ups and also Neo Revelation’s Entei to be played together with them.

Poison and Pokemon powers would be the winning theme for tag team tournament. Therefore with this in mind we can also too expect Nidoking and Muk to be played greatly.

I want to wrap up by adding that in TCG; it’s all about the fun not about just making decks and winning tournaments. So have fun and thank you for your attention by reading the report.

Done by: Darkyouth


Here yea go Kevin! I remember Pokemaster San had a report on the set Neo Genesis somewhere in the board so you would have to look it up! I remember that it is somewhere in the topic site submission.

And also doods, I believe Kevin here needs reports not pictures! I believe that Roarkiller and Hobbs had that much pretty covered up! Remember they can shared some of the scans from their own sites to Pokemasters.

Like what pokemasterfrank had mentioned, I too believe that the deck building guide from Roarkiller's site would be a useful addition. ^_^

And also I've learn that DarkBlastoise here had earn quite a repulation in the TCG section recently when I was looking through the topics here. Anyway my advise to you DarkBlastoise, I used to behave like you when I was just a noob around during my first days here lol. So try to tone yourself down and try not to post unnesscary posts around here. Anything except a fix is usually not acceptable around here.

Heh seems like most the TPM TCG veterans here had not contributed to the TCG site building lol. Maybe its high time for Clicky Pen and also maybe hobbs to start working on their reports lol.

So sayorana doods! Cya you doods in early november~ 8)

*Goes back into hiding again*

11th October 2002, 03:09 AM
@DKyouth: i already submitted a report on Expedition for Kevin, and its already been uploaded. Although if i knew it was gonna be uploaded, i wouldve made it much better.

In any case, the Deck Building guide is recommended to be published only in small websites. In big ones, i dont think its appropriate. But reports on how to make a good deck will be okay, as well as how to play. And i got those.

For the moment, let's work backwards and do Legendary Collection.


Legendary Collection :- The best of Red and Blue

The first batch of cards after the Neo series, it was described by Wizards as "a collection of the best from Red and Blue". While this may not be true for some, it does bring about some interesting facts and changes that will be seen more often in the future.

So what is it?

Put simply, the Legendary Collection is a reprint set very much like Base Set 2, only it includes Team Rocket and some Promo cards like Nintendo Promo Mewtwo.

There is also a parallel foil for every card and several of the cards are now rephrased to fit the new rules as well as clarification, which will be explained later.

The set also boasts the first 4 Box Toppers. Box Toppers are like parallel foils of the cards you get in a booster pack, only twice the size. This of course makes it unplayable like Jumbo cards. There are 4 of such cards in this set.

Any new changes in this set?

As stated, there are no new cards that appears in this set. However, several of the cards are rephrased. Let's take a look at some examples.

Discarding Energy
Original phrase:

Discard 1 [R] Energy card in order to use this attack.

New phrase:

Discard 1 [R] Energy card or this attack does nothing.

The changing of this phrase is to get rid of confusion from 'copycat' attacks like Metronome which ignores all attack requirements, as well as reduce its power.

Pokémon Power
Original phrase:

This power stops working/can't be used if this Pokémon is Asleep, Confused or Paralyzed.

New phrase:

This power stops working/can't be used if this Pokémon is affected by a Special Condition.

The changing of the phrase is to fit the new ruling that Poison and Burn shuts down Pokémon Powers. Since the old phrase only includes 3 of the 5 special conditions, the new phrasing solves this problem.

What other new surprises are there from this set?

The bad news is, if you buy a Theme Deck, it does not have a Holo card in it any more. However, Wizards makes up for it by adding 3 rare cards, plus an extra parallel foil to boot. Which means you get a total of 61 cards in the pack!

Should you buy it?

It may be a reprint but if you are an avid collector, the parallel foils are very worth it. Also, its a good way to get the cards that you missed out from Base to Team Rocket, as well as newer versions of the same cards.

Also, since this is a reprint, their twins in Base, Jungle, Fossil and Team Rocket have now become modified-legal. However, to avoid confusion, using the LC version is recommended.


Edit: Typos. Also Kevin, some ppl may be looking for info on how to play the game if they have just started playing or wish to start playing. Although WoTC already have this in their site, maybe you might want to put a copy here. I got the newest rule book (v8 i think) from Expedition if u need it.

25th October 2002, 04:53 AM
Okaaay... who made this topic sticky? Anyway, only Kevin, an admin or Clicky can do it, so it must mean this needs attention.

Oh well, SI's not really a set, so i'll skip that and go to Destiny.


Neo Destiny
The 4th and final frontier! Of the Neo series, of course. If Neo Genesis is compared to Base set, then Neo Destiny can be called the Team Rocket of the Neo block. With a whole new series of 'Dark' Pokémon, they are now joined with a new generation of their counterparts, 'Light'.

So what's new?
The Pokémon. Like the Team Rocket set, the Dark Pokémon have lower-than-average HP. Their counterparts, the Light Pokémon don't have higher HP, unfortunately, but their attacks are surely more interesting. Mirroring their name, their attacks don't do that much damage usually; instead several of them have effects of healing capabilities which may come in very, very useful in battles.

Is the set worth using at all?
Definitely. Neo Destiny has one of the toughest Pokémon in the neo block, second perhaps only to Neo Genesis. Every aspect of the game gets a big boost, from status, bench destruction, even trainer manipulation.

Dark Gengar
There's no doubt who's the king of status disruption here. While Discovery Beedrill wins in poison, poison itself falls under the sleep condition. And Dark Gengar just made its position even higher. You now have to flip two coins and get both of them heads before anyone can wake up. That means double the trouble for those who have nothing to defend against sleep status. As for combos, Misdreavus obviously fits very nicely here.

Actually, Dark Gengar by itself is strong enough. Its attack has the ability to change the Defending Pokémon if you so choose, and does 30 damage with automatic sleep to boot, nicely complimenting its power. And since the switching of Pokémon happens during the attack itself, babies on the bench are going to be cowering in fear.

Dark Crobat
If you thought Dark Golbat was nasty, here's its darker evolution, doing twice as much damage with its power, with an ability to heal from its attack to boot. Flip a coin for every Pokémon your opponent has and get a heads, and you can remove a damage counter from Dark Crobat. And for only 2 grass energy, a widespread 60-damage possibility is wicked.

Combos? While Rocket's Hideout is an obvious combo, the real power comes in using Hyper Devolution Spray. Evolving, devolving, every turn, you may not even have to attack on some turns to gain a prize. And of course, focus band won't bother you any more.

Light Azumarill
If you think the Dark Pokémon are stealing all the limelight, think again. Light Azumarill can really kick butt with its amazing Bubble Jump. While at first glance it may seem weak or even double-edged, its true power shines with a very unlikely partner - Pluspower.

According to WoTC's rulings, the coin flip only determines if two energy cards will be transferred. So regardless of the flip, Light Azumarill and all other cards attached will go back to your hand. And since your turn still hasn't ended, Pluspower goes back to your hand as well! Oh, not forgetting that all the damage you get is gone now too. While a little bit of strategy is needed to ensure that you have a marill/azumarill ready on the bench, it's no big deal, especially since you can attach Focus Band to it, which of course can be recycled back to your hand using Bubble Jump. So many possibilities.

So all in all, Neo Destiny is no pushover when it comes to power or strategy. In fact, it is so strong that it rewrites the basic rules of several archetypes. If there is one set that you want to consider adding to your collection or if you are looking for cards for your winning deck, then check out Neo Destiny. It is guaranteed not to disappoint.


Yeah well, im only good in coming up with strategies and combos, not evaluating. But then im honest in my expressions, so if i say its goog, its good. So yeah, my submission for neo4.

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9th February 2004, 11:51 PM
Since no one has replied to this thread in over a year and Kevin is not interested in updating his site, it is safe to unstick this thread.

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