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14th December 2002, 01:29 PM
Now, as most of you have allready herd, as of January 1st 2003 Slowking, Neo Gensis, will be banned from the Modified format. Well some may complain, I think this does more to expand the metagame than it hurts it.

So, what new possible decks do you guys think could now be used, what decks won't be used anymore, what do you think about this banning, and, well, any other opinions on this.

15th December 2002, 12:17 AM
Jeez, im playing monopoly at the same time as surfing the net.

Basically, nothing changes IMO, except some combos that rely on blocking the opp. trainers for better chances of wining are now screwed, like Donphan/slowking for example.

Actually, im more interested in the new 2 vs 2 format coming out in japan next mth. And the new usability of ebuzz.

16th December 2002, 02:13 AM
Oh, are they really going to ban Slowking? I'm glad. Slowking just takes absolutely no skill to use, really. Place a few on your bench, and BAM! Your opponent is now screwed. I always hated him. =P

I don't think the metagame will chance much aside from the fact that Slowking will now be dead. I mean, there weren't any decks that people stopped using because Slowking came around, they'd just hope for the best.

Actually, now that I think about it, I hardly care about this news. I'm an old skool player, so I avoid anything with the word "modified" in it (unless it's a draft).

16th December 2002, 04:05 PM
That is just total BS. Personaly, I don't really care for slowking, never play him. It's just the fact that they are banning a single card. Granted, I can see the reason for whole sets (To sell the new cards), But picking out cards and promo cards, there isn't a point. Just quit making crappy cards..:no: << that thing looks more sad then mad..

Alec Trevelyan
24th December 2002, 06:50 PM
hmm, slowking was a good card on mmf (hey, this guy give me 3rd place on nationals :D ), but i dont see any good reason to ban it, since igglybuff/muk/pichu can easilly counter this purple guy, nop? Decks like Kabulix will increase them power, that's for sure. Better wait for E2/3

Uh, by the way, i took 3rd place on brazilian nationals, we had on day 1 6 rounds of draft, then on day 2 was 3 rounds of unlimited and 2 modified.... later im gonna post the decks, i just didnt any good report cuz on both days i was w/ a terrible headache =/.


24th December 2002, 09:01 PM
Hmm, congrats Alec. So, what's the prize? Any special invitations or anything?

Alec Trevelyan
24th December 2002, 10:47 PM
nah, just booster boxes and something like this, well, i lost on semi-final's by the champiom, i wouldnt expectate his Scizor/Kabutops deck, was very good, but on standart i won all matches, due to my sneasel project, i also won him on unlimited, but top 8 was mmf =/ , if it would be unlimited i think i would be the champion, but i dont care, getting 3rd place is also cool, nah? :D . I'm gonna post the deck and a resume of the matches.


Pooka Rulez
25th December 2002, 09:53 AM
Ok, the reason Slowking was banned is because Japan didn't like the misruling and wanted it banned. Originally, Slowking's Power was only supposed to work when it was Active. Now the biggest reason that Slowking was banned was simply because TPC wanted it banned. Another thing, you had to tech against Slowking, otherwise you lose to it. Now, that takes up anywhere from 1-4 spots in your deck. Why should you have to waste deck space because of a purple Psychic thing? You shouldn't.

Ok, now what are my thoughts on what decks can be played? Well, I think that now more 2-Evolution decks are able to be played. Just like Blaine's Arcy and Typhlosion in Rocket-On, I think more Stage 2-Stage 1 decks will come. More Kabutops/[Pokémon] will probably come, because Slowking isn't there to stop Mysterious Fossil. I am happy Slowking was banned. If you got a bad hand and your opponent got 2-3 Slowkings set up rather quickly, it's almost impossible to recover. I've been in situations where I got a bad starting hand, so I was left with my one option of Eeeeeeeking with Cleffa. My opponent's second turn, he got 2 Slowkings out and I could never recover. He put up a Tyrogue so I couldn't Eeeeeeek as easily, and he just set up. It was almost impossible for me to recover. So, I think it's good that Slowking was banned. It provides more of a challenge, and it's fun. Slowking made the game pretty boring and aggrivating for the person without Slowking. We just have to see what's gonna happen next...