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Last Exile
13th November 2002, 05:14 AM
Okay people, this is something Mist and I have decided to try. We will be co-writing this fic in the sense that we write alternating chapters. I will write the odd chapters and Mist will be writing the even chapters. As for what this fic is about, read the first chapter! You'll figure it out! Basically, it's a fic about us in a fantasy world of our own creation!

Chapter 1 - Watercress

She rocks.
“Cool man!”
Her hair whipped in the air like it had a mind of its own. Her eyes were so alive it almost hurt to look into them. Her teeth gleaming like arctic glaciers.
“This rocks!”
She is one of the greatest things in this world. But don’t let her know that.
She’s my sister.
“C’mon bro, live it up!”
“You little beauty!”
Rollercoasters never thrilled me much. They seemed so simple really. It’s the visual contortion that induces the fear in the riders. It’s an illusion really. A combination of speed and heights. But hell, I always put up a pretense for Tara. Actually it’s not a pretense. She brings the feelings of exhilaration out of me. Feelings I otherwise wouldn’t feel or admit to.
The ride was finally over. Nearly all that descended from the carriages were as disoriented as newborn babies. Only Tara and I seemed to have any grip on reality.
“That was sick! Totally awesome!”
“You said it, sis! Bloody unreal!”
Tara giggled then ruffled my sweaty black hair playfully. “This fair is turning out to be pretty damn good. Beats a day home in front of the box hands down!”
I brushed her hand off lightly and met her face. “Right on. That milk bottle stall was pretty addictive!”
“You could’ve stopped before five plushies though!” jeered Tara, flicking me on the arm.
“Well you’re certainly not complaining!” I teased, nudging into her. “You haven’t stopped hugging that Totodile plushy from the moment I won it for you!”
Tara giggled again. It was a trademark reaction from the skater chick. “Yeah, well I love water Pokemon! They’re so cool!”
“But not as cool as you, right?” I replied, gesturing with my hands.
Tara flashed her pearly whites briefly. “You got it, bro!”
She was only fourteen but in many ways Tara was already an adult. She was way past the typical teen girl trademarks of endless shopping, gossiping and dressing for the boys. She dressed like Avril Lavigne with the jeans and T-shirt look, possessing the long hair and fiery spirit to match. She was into skateboarding and heavy music. But most of all, she had a love of Pokemon unparalleled, except maybe by me. She loved water Pokemon most of all and she spent many nights dreaming of having a Totodile. She just loved the look of its toothy grin, its scaly back and its fidgety little feet.
“You’re still itching to get that Totodile today, aren’t you?” I smirked, half-heartedly attempting to wind Tara up.
“Yeah, yeah, Ryan,” groaned Tara, rolling her eyes and flicking her hair back. “Bet you’re still as keen as mustard to get your hands on that Chikorita, aren’t you?”
I blushed slightly. “Grass Pokemon are my favourite type. Plus I’ve always had a thing for Chikorita.”
Tara giggled yet again. “Yeah, I can tell by the way you’re clutching your Chikorita plushy! Put in it you bag before you sweat so much that you ruin it within a day.”
“Can it, Tara!” I spluttered before taking her advice. “Pity that we couldn’t make a dig for the Cyndaquil either. Then we’d have all of the Johto starters.”
“Yeah it sucks, bro, but that’s the way it is. We’ll find some cool Pokemon once we finally get to go on our Pokemon journey.”
“Indeed! We’ll be the envy of the entire continent once our journey is over!”
“That’s a promise, dude!”

Ever since she was old enough to remember, Tara wanted more than anything else to be a Pokemon trainer. But our parents had been completely against her going. I could understand both sides of the argument. In this crazy world were terrorists were blowing places up at random, more people than ever were being murdered and assaults were almost expected, it wasn’t exactly safe to let a young girl to wander the planet by herself. But I sympathised more with Tara though, because our parents had done the same thing to me. I’d wanted so much to be able to go out on my journey, but my pleas always fell on deaf ears. They would never put me in such jeopardy in an unpredictable environment. And due to the conservative views that people still held about the female gender, if they wouldn’t let me go, they sure as hell wouldn’t let Tara go.
I understood their point. But they didn’t see it from Tara’s perspective at all. They didn’t ever see the way she cried at night every time they rejected her. Cried so hard she barely got to sleep at night. I lost count of the times she suddenly climbed into my bed, her face so wet with salty discharge that I had to hug her for what seemed like an eternity. Each time it happened it felt like my heart was being ripped out. It was bad enough that my dream was continually being reduced to ashes, but it was like rubbing salt into the festering wound every time they rejected Tara. It stung like hell and each time it hurt even more.
On the night of Tara’s fourteenth birthday, just after I turned nineteen, the final straw occurred. It had been coming for so long. After a gigantic party, presents galore, she made one final desperate plea. Not only did they knock her down, our mother cracked her across her arms and then our father shoved her over. They then told her to grow up, stop dressing like a skater girl and to get a life.
It was enough to push one over the edge. With bruised wrists and cut cheeks, she made a customary run to my room. She tore the door open and jumped right on top of me while I was lying on my bed reading the third Harry Potter book. I instantly dropped the novel and cradled her. She was a strong girl but all people have their limits. She had just reached hers.
“Did they do this to you?”
Tara nodded gingerly, her face showing nothing but desolation.
I then reached for her face, traced the cut on her left cheek and sucked the blood that accumulated on my finger.
“I swear to you now that they will never hurt you again.”
Tara held me a little tighter and looked me in the face. “But how? They’ll never let me leave. I’m too young to be out on my own.”
“But not too young to live with your brother.”
Hope returned to her face in the form of colour. Her face returned from a ghostly white to a silky cream.
“You’d do that?”
“You’re my sister, Tara,” I replied with a smile. “It’s my responsibility to look out for you.”
For the first time in ages, Tara smiled a true smile. Not the forced raising of lips, but the natural reflex.
With Tara at my side, I entered the living room and faced my parents. “You’ve gone too far this time. Tara isn’t staying here anymore. She’s coming with me.”
“No she’s not!” screamed my mother. “You may be an adult, Ryan, but she’s still our daughter!”
“Once I tell the police what you did to her tonight and all those other nights, that’s the last thing you’ll be!” I roared, my eyes like wildfire.
“Don’t threaten us!” barked Dad, making an instinctive move for his left pocket. Only I knew what that meant. I knew right then I had to do anything to protect Tara and whipped out an object from my right pocket.
“No, you listen right now!” I grunted, bearing a revolver in my hands, pointing it at my gutless, abusive parents, who were now fearful for the first time in lives. For once, they weren’t in control.
“Are you out of your mind, Ryan?” shrieked Mum. “If you did take Tara, how would you look after her?!”
“Professor Oak granted me a research grant five days ago! He’s giving me three million dollars a year for an indefinite period. I can easily take care of Tara and then some! I’ll be damned before I let you two destroy Tara’s life! So tomorrow morning, you are going to release her from parental custody and assign sole guardianship to me!”
“And why would we do that?!” roared Dad, itching to reach for his gun.
“Because if you don’t, I’ll make sure you guys go to jail and will never be able to save face when you walk in public!”
They kept to their promise. The next day, sole guardianship of Tara was shifted to me. She was free of their tyranny at last, as was I. With the research grant, we now had free reign. As part of the grant, Professor Oak wanted me to have hands-on experience. I had a vast scientific knowledge of the Pokemon world but no personal experience. Although I thought it was overstepping the bounds of the grant and his generosity, the professor insisted I go on a Pokemon journey. That gave me the one opportunity to finally give me a shot at my dream and for Tara to have hers.

Recently many new trainers had set off on their Pokemon journeys, so there weren’t any left for Tara and I. Professor Oak then alerted us to the local fair and that there were contests that had the three Johto starting Pokemon as prizes. It was a match made in heaven. I could go for Chikorita and Tara could try for Totodile.
“So what does your contest require, Tara?”
“Some general knowledge quizes. Tie-breakers involve water obstacle courses. How about you?”
“Looks like I’m in for a bit of a treasure hunt. I have to be the first to track down the Chikorita.”
“With your nature love you should handle that just fine,” she joked.
I smirked. “Considering your brains, your skating skills and your natural agility you should win your contest on a walk!”
Tara blushed. “Yeah, right! Just kick some butt for me and I’ll kick some butt for you, deal?!”
“Cool, sis.”
Giving each other the thumbs up, we headed off to my contest area first. The grass contest was on at two in the afternoon, which was just five minutes away. Tara’s contest was at three.

“So here are the rules. You may use no kind of Pokeballs to catch the Chikorita and you may not use any Pokemon against it! The first person Chikorita comes to naturally and likes is the one who becomes its trainer. There is no time limit and you may use your surroundings to help find the Chikorita. But remember, your actions may affect how the Chikorita regards you. Good luck to you all. The contest begins now!”
About twenty people, including myself, made a run into the fern-covered forest. For some reason I just love ferns. Their simple and fragile form filled with greens and earthly browns. So soft and so shady. The way water drips off them after a rain shower is just so alluring. I saw countless examples of this as I sped through the forest, not able to soak in the wonders of this sight but still able to avoid harming plant life.
I scanned the ground beneath me for clues. By pure chance, I came across a set of footprints. Small and oval-shaped, just like a Chikorita’s. They were fresh, because water had barely seeped into the imprints. Chikorita was nearby and I had a lead on the rest of the contestants. Adrenaline surged in my veins and my heart was thumping harder than it had in my entire life. As if I finally knew what living really was. I let my feet carry me as fast as they could down the moss-laden path, hearing twigs snap under my sneakers. I knew I was close to finding my dream. I could feel it.
I almost thought I was hallucinating. I heard a sharp cry from what sounded like the Chikorita everyone was looking for. My brain felt like it was being drawn to the Chikorita like a magnet and my body felt like it was almost being voluntarily being drawn to the Pokemon’s cry. For a few moments I felt like I was in a dream and I couldn’t even tell what was going on.
When I finally entered the scene of the source, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was the Chikorita, but it was being attacked by a male kid of about thirteen years. He throwing stones at it and poking it with a stick, making the Chikorita squeal in pain over and over. Each scream ripped at my brain and tore it apart. I couldn’t take one more second of this injustice.
“Stop that right now!” I yelled, jumping in front of the Chikorita and taking the blow of the three stones that were hurled in Chikorita’s direction. Chikorita made a funny sound while the male teen grunted.
“**** off, wise guy,” he retorted.
“Scram, you little insignificant, gutter-crawling, egg-sucking piece of ****!”
“And who’s going to make me?!”
“Chikorita. Take a look at my feet.”
The teen brat stared downwards. Chikorita was nuzzling against my foot, clutching to me like a little child seeing solace in its parent.
“It looks like Chikorita has made its decision. So get lost, you loser.”
The teen grunted like a caveman and clenched his fists. “Fine. Just be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”
And with that he stalked off. I then cradled Chikorita in my arms and sheltered its shivering body.
“It’ll be okay,” I whispered. “It’ll be okay.”

“You got it!” Tara ran to me and gave me an enthusiastic high five. “Way to go, man!”
“Sensational indeed!” I grinned.
“Looks like one of us got what we wanted,” she smirked. “I guess the two of you are going to be a great couple now!”
“Tara!” I groaned.
“I guess the two of you are going to get married now!”
“Can I be the bridesmaid?!”
“Chill, dude, chill!” She then gave me a warm hug. “I’m thrilled you finally got the Pokemon you wanted.”
I smiled at her as the sun broke through the clouds and lit us up. “In half an hour that’ll be both of us. So let’s go see your victory.”
Tara smirked again then led us on to the beginning of something great.

13th November 2002, 07:55 AM
sp00t, I got the first reply!

Is it just me, or did I detect a bit of shippingness in here? It might be accidental, or just me reading too much CCS, but I swear I got the feeling of shipping between the two main characters.

Anyway, this should tide me over until the new WDC comes out.

13th November 2002, 08:55 AM
Ha! Got the Second Reply! Bwhahahahaha. Ha. Haa. Ha.
Yes I think the shipping I suggested was OrangeVapour Shipping or CitrusMist Shipping or as PH suggested - Aussie Shipping, but that just made me feel ill. Involving all Aussies in that ewwwwage... *Shudders*

Anywho, I'm feeling there is a real life element drawn into this which you're using to vent your feelings and perhaps using it as a "Wish" diary of sorts, you know. Cause not everyone has the same upbringing. But the plushie thing was cute.

But the abuse of the Chikorita, it came off as a bit... unrealistic, as the fic so far had kept going at a good pace and they hit it off kilter, damaging its credability. But another thing is why would Prof give all that cash for a research assignment. Wouldn't you need to write up a huge proposal or something? :P And isn't there a meeting with Social Workers and other stuff? Bah, I'm being administrative!

Plus that last bit of dialouge seems jumbled and needs some sorting please! But this is refreshingly different and I can't wait to read more! Good work.

13th November 2002, 09:04 AM
Nice. Looks like it'll be another great fic. i eagerly await the next chapter. Keep up the great work. I get the third reply.

13th November 2002, 01:10 PM
Pretty cool, but I was kind of confused about the 3 million dollar thing until I remembered it was Aussie dollars, how many aussie dollars makes a us dollar?

This is pretty cool and eww to the prson who said the shipping between the 2 main characters..they are brother and sister!:P

13th November 2002, 06:32 PM
Let me guess. Citrus is writing from the point of the brother, trainer of the plant pokemon. And Mist is writing from the point of veiw of the sister, the water pokemon trainer.

Quite nice. It sort of is reminding me of a fic called Jelousy. Unfinished though :P Yet in that one it starts out very comical and the person is hurt badly by someone very unexpected, not their parents. All in all, I really hope this goes well. Post more soon! It did have an air of realisticness in there.

Note: How was the kid attacking the Chikorita! Wouldn't it just run away? And if her was far enough away to throw rocks at it, especialy if someone could come in and intercept them, how could he be poking sticks at the pokemon?

Mew Trainer Rose
13th November 2002, 06:52 PM
this is great! i like the feel or realism that's in some parts, especially the beginning. makes me almost feel like i could get a pokemon at the next fair i go to.

...if only i could. :) anywho, nice job! I look forward to seeing what it'll be like.

Snakes N' Legends
13th November 2002, 07:38 PM
Another great fanfic, CCC. By the way, what ever happened to Citrus the Chikorita? I liked that fanfic although they were a few parts I didn't like about it. What I mean is that the parts I didn't enjoy, there were parts that I did enjoy. Have you considered about reposting Citrus the Chikorita or does that not agree with you.

Oh, good idea teaming up with Mist. You two make a great team. She writes Lapras Valley High and you write When Destinies Collide. Although they aren't the same story, you can see the same level of reality and seriousness, I think.

14th November 2002, 12:26 AM
Hi! And I do detect some shippjing in here... sort of like S+T, T+Y, or maybe even Syaoran + Meiling...
I really like this fic! Tara is so Avril Lavigne[EDIT: stupid comment] ... just an added bonus. But it's sad how their parents are so concerned about terrorists harming their children, but are abusing them themselves.Well, I guess life isn't always logical.

P.S. To all the people asking, 1 US dollar = approx. 2 Australian dollors.

14th November 2002, 06:32 AM
A very good start to the fic, the dialogue was a little too corny for me at times but still it was very good, I liked the emotion and all.

BTW mistysakura what you said is right but the way you said it was confusing:

1 Australian dollar is worth about 50 US cents so therefore 3 million Australian is about 1.5 Million US.

So if you went from Australia and flew to America with say $10 you'd get $5 dollars US approx.

15th November 2002, 01:36 PM
I'll be waiting for a new chappie.And it's cool how Chikorita liked Ryan the minute it saw him.:yes:

Last Exile
15th November 2002, 05:35 PM
Wow! A pretty decent turnout for just the first chapter! :)

platinumhawke: Yeah, you did get the first reply! ;) As for shipping, um, I don't really think so. Maybe you ahve read a bit too much CCS lately! :D Tara and I are good friends though but we thought playing brother and sister would be most fun. Basically they have a better than average relationship of that type, that's all. So they're always able to mess around with each other's head and take it with good humour.

OzAndrew: Well the guy had been working Chikorita over for quite a bit before I got there, so it was already suffering some injuries. But still, Chikorita knew it was to be given to a human trainer and since the brat (whom I will identify in Chapter 3) was the first person it saw it felt an affinity for that person and liked him but was ultimately confused and scared by his behaviour. As for why I got such a large grant, that will become clear later. I guess everything went so smoothly with the transfer of guardianship because the parents had no qualms with it. In the end they were probably glad to be rid of Tara and I.

Nala98: Well, hopefully Tara and I can make this work! ;)

Craig: Thank you for pointing that out! ;)

Doomykins: Yeah, that's the basic idea. As for the rock-stick thing, they were big rocks.

mew trainer rose: If only we could! ;) If only we could. Good to hear this fic does that for you!

tyranitar master: Citrus the Chikorita is ditched for good. I think it was a disgusting piece of sugar-coated junk despite how popular it was. I made it too soppy and it was just downright ridiculous. And for those interested, the idea to write this stemmed from an AIM conversation. I asked her if she wanted to write something with me and she said she was thinking exactly the same thing! Guess it was destiny.

mistysakura: Aussie No.2! Sweet! ;) It wasn't just concern on behalf of the parents. They were abusive too. Tara was their second beatup toy after me. As for the shipping, it ain't there. It's just family love.

Kinglerlord2: Welcome mate! That makes three Aussies here after Ozzy and mistysakura! :D As for the dialogue, it will be getting more graphic from here on in but we're keeping it silly as well because that's how we're portraying the characters.

100FangCroconaw: Yeah, I guess Chikorita was ecstatic that someone came to save it and felt complete gratitude. A natural reaction!

Thanks for all the support everyone! You've been great! :wave:

Ok Tara, when we spoke two days ago you were very close to finishing. So feel free to post Chapter 2 whenever you're ready. I need to know how the last bit of the chapter goes before I can write Chapter 3 however.

16th November 2002, 04:47 AM
Okay peoples chapter two is in da house!


Chapter Two:


“I wonder how long until the Totodile contest is on,” I wondered out loud. Ryan wouldn’t let his Chikorita walk itself, he insisted on carrying it everywhere we went. Of course it had a pokeball, but that stayed in its small size, tucked away in the pocket of Ryan’s jeans. Ryan would sniff the Chikorita’s leaf every now and then to inhale the sweet fragrance.

A few moments later Ryan’s slow moving brain registered the fact that I asked a question. “What?” he asked, snapping into reality. “Oh, I heard somewhere that its on in about half an hour or something,” he answered. “What do you think I should name my Chikorita?”

“You and that Chikorita,” I groaned. “How about this,” I suggested. “Name it Wife.”

“Shut up,” Ryan told me, grinning. I knew he really didn’t mean it, him and I always kidded around like this. He glanced at his watch. “We have thirty minutes to kill,” he announced. “What do you want to do?”

“Go on that,” I pointed, stopping in awe as I gazed at the miraculous structure in front of me. It was huge for starters. The track of the roller coaster seemed to stretch skyward for kilometers, then it went over, and plummeted down towards the ground. After that it seemed to twist in and out, going around and around, before looping twice and riding upside down up and down a little hill. Then it came to a stop. “The Rage Control,” I whispered in awe.

Chikorita and Ryan both looked up at the Rage Control, and just like on the anime cartoons that Ryan loved (like Sailor Moon) their eyes went huge while the pupils shrunk to the sizes of bread crumbs.

“On that?” Ryan managed to squeak. He quickly regained his voice. “Okay I will admit, I went on the other ones but that is just going way to far, Tara… oh great.” Ryan sighed as he trudged his way over to me with Chikorita towards me, where I was in line.

I was looking forward to this ride, I’d never seen anything as thrilling as this before in my life. Sure that one time my class went to Wonderland when I was in school was fun. I went on the Space Probe, a really tall tower where you get taken up slowly then dropped down. And the Demon, that was so much fun.

I remember when Adam (an old friend) and I went on that ride, I was shaking as I stepped into the little cart that we shared. I can distinctly remember the conversation we had also.

“Are you sure about this?” I whimpered, scared out of my brains. It was the first time I had ever gone on a roller coaster before, and Adam was forcing me to go on with him. But Adam had been a heap of times, to him this was just a very thrilling way of brushing his teeth.

“Don’t worry about it,” Adam reassured me, in his calming and confident voice. “Just remember to pose for the photos.” He had explained earlier how they take photos of you just as you’re about to go upside down on double loops, and then those photo’s are shown on a screen later.

“Right,” I nodded, shaking in my seat. We began to get pulled up backwards, up the steep slope of the runway. Adam was smooth, calm, and not scared a bit. I felt like I would never ever need laxatives.

I could hear Adam counting down the seconds until the launch. He spoke the numbers as if there was nothing to be scared of. “Five, four, three, two, one!” Adam cried, then we shot down, fast as anything. I was so scared, I gave a quick smile for the camera then shut my eyes tight and screamed.

Then I went on the same ride five more times.

“Hey, Tara,” Ryan waved his hand in front of my eyes. I blinked and looked up at him.

“Hi,” I grinned.

“We’re going on the ride,” Ryan told me. Instantly those familiar excited yet nerving jitters appeared, and I grinned evilly around. The gates opened and as the people exited from the ride, dazed and shaking, people flooded into the ride, grabbing what seats they could.

“Sorry no pokemon allowed on the ride,” the worker told Ryan. “We can mind the Chikorita for you if you wish.” Ryan reluctantly agreed and hopped on the ride, leaving his pokemon behind. The ride was beginning.

“I hope they don’t’ take pictures,” Ryan groaned. Last time he had a picture taken on a roller coaster, he was screaming and his face was a light shade of green. I had been smiling widely of course.

“I hope they do!” I cried, as we made our way down a very small hill, at top speed. Racing up the next hill, I could feel the hands of gravity pushing me back against the plastic seat. Tipping straight over, my stomach and internal organs were pushed right back into my spine and whatever else is in your back. I could hear Ryan screaming and freaking out, and laughed. “YAHOO!” I hollered. We shot round and round as the ride rode the twisted track.

Ryan’s hand flung from its grip and smacked me right in the face. “Hey!” I yelled, but Ryan was too busy screaming for himself to be bothered paying attention. Once we were out of the twisty zone, we went straight for a bit, giving everybody a chance to relax. Well, those with their eyes closed.

Ryan sighed loudly. “We’re finished,” he breathed, opening his eyes. It couldn’t have been better timing, we tipped and flew down the slope and through the two loops. I was cheering, Ryan was shrieking. When we came down the second slope, I gave a cheesy smile as flashes went off and the ride finished.

“Here’s your Chikorita,” the worker handed back the pokemon to Ryan, who accepted it, shaking. He stumbled down the exit way, while I ran ahead to see the results of the photos.

Ryan’s face was pulled back by the pressure, yet he was screaming. His hair was being blown back, exposing his forehead and making it look extremely large. His expression was priceless though, his shrieking mouth was twisted, causing his whole face to look deformed and hilarious. I, on the other hand, had my hair being blown back, and was giving a beautiful smile.

By the time the shaking wreck of my brother arrived, I had already paid for a copy of the photo. Once he glanced at the screen, he knew what I had done and groaned. “You are so evil,” he complained, sitting down on a spare chair.

I shrugged. “What do you expect?” I replied. I ran over to him and handed him the photo, while grabbing his wrist. “Come on! We have 10 minutes to get over to the pool and enter!” I tugged at his hand, trying to pull him up.

Reluctantly he stood to his feet, this time letting Chikorita use her legs. He followed at a slow pace, trying to recover from his dazed state. Fishing into my backpack, I pulled out a bottle of water, and took a drink. I glanced at Ryan’s face – it was obvious that he was too much in after shock from the Rage Control to take notice of his surroundings.

I tossed water at him through my water bottle and watched as he spluttered and wiped his face free of the drops. “Hey!” Ryan protested. I just grinned and put the water back. “To do,” Ryan made a list. “One, burn the photo, two, flush Tara down toilet.”

“I wish you wouldn’t make lists,” I told him playfully.

The fair wasn’t really a fair when you looked at it from the view of the owner, workers, and everybody else. Ryan and I just called it a fair because that was just how we were. It was actually the opening of a new theme park and on the opening they were having competitions to win pokemon. Normally it would be just pokemon plushies – but the coolest thing was that aside from extreme and wild roller coasters and rides, great food and fairy floss, they had the sickest pool and water slides!

Which is where they were holding the Totodile competition.

We could hear them before we even arrived. “Ten minutes left ! Sign up to win a water pokemon while you can! Only two to be given away! Are you ready?” the speakers announced then repeated the message.

“Two pokemon?” Ryan repeated.

“All right, twice the chance to win a Totodile!” I grinned. I ran ahead, and squeezed my way into the sign up booth.

“Name please,” the lady drawled in a bored expression. Her name tag read Jan.

“Tara Jayne Serenity.”

“Age please.” Her voice was irritating, almost the same as Roz from Monsters Inc.

“14,” I answered, a bit saddened by the fact they needed my age. It wasn’t as if I was too young for a pokemon, the youngest you could be for a pokemon to train was twelve anyway. It was the horrible memories attached to the age.

My fourteenth birthday was supposed to be one of the best, I had been looking forward to it for as long as I could remember. Fourteen seemed like the coolest age, almost scary to tell the truth. I figured that seeing I was allowed to walk down the road to my friends houses and down the road and around the corner to the movies with them then I would be allowed to walk down the road, around the corner, and across a whole hoard of places with gyms on a pokemon journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I had tried looking at the whole thing from my parents perspective too. They had stopped me from going for as long as I can remember, and it was because “We love you and we don’t want to loose you.” As if they’d care whether they lost me or not, they hated me. They treated me as their personal slave, I was always doing the dishes, cleaning up every night, waiting on them hand and foot. I had to stay up late just to finish assignments because when they were awake I was forced to do the work.

They weren’t very nice.

But when I turned fourteen I found out how mean they could get. I always had a hunch they hated the way I dressed, the way I acted and what I was passionate for. My skateboard. I suppose that’s why they bought me a dress for my thirteenth birthday, which I had shoved in the back of my cupboard. After the party, and after all my skatie friends left, I had faced them, and asked them one last time if I could go out on a pokemon journey with them. My best friend Adam and another friend, Patrick, they were both going on their pokemon journeys too, but I couldn’t see why I wasn’t allowed to go with them. Safety in numbers after all.

Their response was hitting me, shoving me down. The hatred in their eyes was enough to tell me that what was coming was bad. My arms stung after mum cracked against them with the wooden spoon she was going to hand to me.

“Grow up *****!” Mother had yelled.

“You’re a disgrace to females,” Father had sneered. The rest basically went along the lines of grow up, stop pretending to be a boy, start dressing properly instead of like a street kid and stop skating because skating lead to nothing and I had no life by skating. I did what I was used to doing, getting the heck out of there.

This time was just too much, I remember running into Ryan’s room, trying so hard not to cry, but breaking down. Ryan had been the best though. He had taken care of it all, especially with his totally cool gun. He’d told his parents to give him custody of me and that we were going to get out of there. Mum and Dad didn’t want to do that though, and they had been very reluctant. All I could remember was them signing the papers and the cool way the gun had shone in the light.

“Excuse me, Tara,” Jan said, her voice drowning out the thoughts. “We need you to fill this out.”

“Oh okay,” I blinked and grabbed for a pen, and began to scribble in answers. I handed the form back to drawly Jan and she looked over it before nodding.

“You may go through,” she drawled. I shuddered at her voice then laughed as I looked back and saw Roz serving somebody else.

“Are all the contestants here?” the head judge asked. I stood in a large group of guys and girls who all wanted to enter and win just as much as me.

“Do you know how the competition runs?” I asked the girl beside me. She was a typical girl, with straight blonde hair done up nicely in two small pigtails at the back while leaving enough out at the front for those strands that hang down the sides of the face, and a small thin fringe. She wore a skirt and high sandals.

How did she keep her balance?

“He’s going to explain that right now,” she replied, facing me.

“But all the people aren’t here yet,” I frowned. “Oh by the way, hi, I’m Tara.”

“I’m Marian,” she smiled back.

“Been on the Rage Control?” I asked her.

“No! Why would I want to go on that,” Marian answered. “Personally I think it’s much too boisterous.”

“I went on it,” I shrugged. Marian gave my clothes a quick glance and then forced a smile.

“Okay,” she nodded. “Are you a tomboy? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Yeah,” I shrugged. I had expected that from her – I was dressed as a skatie, and normal girls didn’t dress like this. I brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes and tucked it behind my ear. “I think he’s about to start explaining,” I observed. “Good luck with the contest Marian.”

“Same goes to you,” Marian answered, nodding.

“Okay now I’m going to start explaining the rules,” the head judge announced.

“Wait!” a cry came from behind, as a tough looking guy walked over to us. I observed him, he looked like he thought he was the toughest thing alive. His shoulders were broad, and his skin was a dark tanned color. He wore a baseball like top with the numbers 6 and 9 printed on the back in large print. He wore jeans and shoes as well, and on his head had an Echo cap sitting. He walked into our group, and shoved me aside to get closer.

“Hey!” I exclaimed. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“What do you care?” the guy asked. He looked me over and a disproving look shone in his eyes. “You little tomboy ****.”

My fist tightened, as I prepared to punch him. “Since when do you get the right to call me a ****?” I demanded. “You homo whore.”

“You two!” the head judge yelled. “Both of you! If there is any more trouble you’re both out of the contest!”

We glared at each other before turning away and staring straight ahead.

“Okay, the contest is divided into two divisions, senior and junior,” the head judge began explaining. “Senior ages range from 16 to 20, while junior ages range from 12 to 15. You will divide into two groups now please, and then you will be told your obstacle. Juniors over here,” and the head judge pointed over to his left, “and Seniors over here,” pointing over to his right.

The group split from one to two, like the splitting of cells in test-tubes. It’s so stupid they force you to watch videos like that when you’re young.

That guy was in my group, and he spoke first. “So now what are we doing? Are we going to hurry this up or what? I want that Totodile.”

“Do you want to learn a thing called patience?” I asked that guy, annoyed.

“Tara, stop it,” Marian whispered. And to the guy she also had a few words. “Look Mitchell, can you just shut up? You’ve done nothing but cause trouble since you got here.”

“You know him?” I gaped.

“Unfortunately,” Marian sighed.

“Look, I don’t want to have any hard feelings or anything,” Mitchell began. “So why don’t you just leave now, Tara. That’s your name isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I replied slowly. “Why should I leave?” I eyed him.

“So that when I win you won’t feel as bad,” Mitchell smirked. I grit my teeth. I wasn’t just winning the Totodile for myself now. This was war.

“Today you are competing for a very great prize,” the lady running the junior division announced. She seemed full of energy and was just busting to tell us. Her name tag read Maggot. “I’m Maggot everybody and today we all have the chance to win a Totodile! Okay, so here’s what you have to do. First its going to be a short five question quiz, then after you fill that in, the people with the highest marks will go into the trivia challenge. After that the two winners will have to compete in some secret challenge.” She whispered secret as if that was scary and thrilling. “Are you ready? You can go over to that table, take a pen and a piece of paper and answer the questions on the paper.”

We left Maggot and made our way to the table. “Good luck,” Marian wished me.

“Same to you,” I replied, grabbing a pen and beginning to read the questions.

Question One: Where can Clefairy, Zubat, and Geodude all be found?

That was easy. I scribbled down the answer, Mount Moon, and read on.

Question Two: What is HM 03 and what does it enable pokemon to do?

I scrawled my answer. HM 3 is Surf and teaching it too a pokemon results in learning how to swim across water with passengers on their back.

Question Three: What do Friend Balls and Lure Balls do?

Friend balls make a captured pokemon like you more and Lure Balls make it easier to capture water pokemon.

Question Four: Where was the legendary Dragon Scale found?

The legendary Dragon Scale was found in Mount Mortar.

Question Five: What pokemon did Ash use in the Orange League finals that aired a few months ago?

This question made me pause. It aired about five months ago, and I saw other people pause at this question also. They had all been easy up to this point. I thought about Ash and the times that Ryan and I had watched the reruns of famous league finals and battles – and began to try to remember the pokemon that Ash carried with him.

Pikachu! That was always the famous one – his Pikachu and him. I bit my lip as I tried to remember the pokemon he had. I do remember him beating an Onix, but with what water pokemon? He didn’t own a Totodile or any of the water pokemon that migrated from Johto anywhere. Was it Gyarados? No, it wasn’t as strong. It wasn’t evolved either… Lapras! No, he didn’t beat Onix with Lapras but he still had one.

I scrawled down Lapras, and then Squirtle as I remembered the tiny turtle that he carried. Squirtle was very close in the pokedex to another of Ash’s pokemon, was it Charmander? No, but he had a Charizard. I scribbled Charizard and also Bulbasaur as it came to me. Now there was only one space left to fill in. But what pokemon was it?

I couldn’t remember for the life of me. I paced around trying to remember. Looking around I observed the various people and pokemon. Over somewhere else they were having one of those ranch things where the trained professional cowboys would get up onto the back of Tauros and ride without falling off…

Tauros! I scribbled down the answer and handed it in where they quickly marked it. “Congratulations Tara,” Maggot grinned. “Most people forgot the answer to the last question. You make it through to the trivia quiz. You have to go stand over there next to the stage. You can sit if you like.”

“Thanks,” I smiled back and made my way over there. Halfway across, I made a face. Mitchell was already finished with his questions and leaning against the stage smugly. I groaned.

Maybe I should just go up to him and say “Hey, I know we got off to a bad start but lets be friends”. I groaned again at my idea. What was I thinking?! That wasn’t the Tara that I knew!

“What are you doing here?” Mitchell asked.

“Can I just say something,” I replied. “That won’t involve any teasing or name calling?”

“What,” Mitchell sighed.

I sighed inwardly. “How about we just forget everything that happened and try to get along? I mean…”

Mitchell cut me off. “I don’t really care,” he replied. “You’re basically asking to be friends right?”

“Well…” I sighed. “Yes.”

“I don’t know you,” Mitchell answered. “But from what I’ve seen you’re a jerk.”

“Fine then, be like that,” I replied, as I saw Marian walking away from the judges table. She walked over to me, and I grinned at her. “Hey how did you go?”

But her face had already answered that, the expression in her face and eyes was disappointment. She hadn’t made it. But she still gave a sad smile. “I guess I should’ve double checked,” she sighed. “I made a mistake, and answered question one in question two’s line. So for HM 3 I put it was Mount Moon.”

I giggled. “That’s funny when you think about it,” I told her. “But I’m sorry you didn’t make it.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Marian smiled. “I’ll get Daddy to buy me a pokemon. He can afford a pure bred Eevee for me.”

“Are you going to stay and watch?” I asked. “Because if you’re not go for the Rage Control.”

“I think I’ll stay and watch for a while,” Marian answered. “Good luck.”

“Thanks,” I smiled. Marian waved as she left the stage, her blonde hair swinging as she walked. Her father could afford to buy her a pure bred Eevee, those things were like $5000. It was much better to get a crossbred Eevee from the pound. Her father must be really rich.

Maybe he owned Microsoft.

“Okay, guys, we’re going to start the trivia now, get up onstage,” Maggot announced, bouncing over. She made her way to the mic and picked it up. “Okay everybody. Welcome to the Junior Division Trivia. This is for the Totodile. Now our contestants are as follows, Zachary Weasle, Jessica Morris, Mitchell Taylor, Veronica Jacob, Tara Serenity, Pyro Martin, Stacey Bowell and Ross Mason. The other people unfortunately didn’t make it into this round and will have to go to the pound or the pokemon store if they want a pokemon.”

“Good luck,” Pyro Martin whispered to me. I turned around and looked at Pyro. His hair was a very light creamy brown, it was hard to describe, but it was spiked up at the front. His eyes were a deep blue and they shone with innoncence.

I smiled back. “You too,” I grinned. “You’re Pyro aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Pyro smiled. My heart seemed to jump a beat. I think I was getting a crush on Pyro.

“Hey do you have a mobile?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Do you?”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Wanna swap numbers?”

“Okay,” Pyro agreed, and gave me his number. Just as we finished swapping numbers, Maggot began to run the quiz.

“Okay, first question…”


“Typhlosion!” Mitchell answered.

“Actually it’s both Charizard and Typhlosion, but can also include Ampharos,” I interrupted.

“Tara gets the full points, Mitchell gets half the points,” Maggot announced. “And we’ve got a tie between Tara and Mitchell, which means that they both will be going into the final round!”

“What do you reckon the final round is?” I wondered aloud.

“I’ve heard that they fill the pool with jelly and you have to swim your way across,” Pyro replied.

I laughed. “Are you being serious?” I asked him. “I’d rather walk chest high through Dittos.”

“At least you could eat your way across,” Pyro shrugged. “In a jelly pool I mean, not through Dittos.”

I grinned. “So do you skate?” I asked him. He didn’t really look like a skater but sometimes skaters dressed differently.

“No, I ride my bike a lot,” Pyro replied. “Why?”

“Just wondering,” I shrugged. I normally never admit that I’m a skatie chick, basically for the reason that people ridicule me. Not that I let it get to me, it just gets annoying.

“Mitchell and Tara are going to be doing the final obstacle course now,” Maggot demonstrated to the obstacle course with her right hand. “They will first have to make their way through the tires on the ground, a foot in each. After that they will have to run and use the rings to swing their way across from ring to ring over a pit of Ekans and Arbok. If you fall you won’t be killed, just probably hurt and slowed down.”

“Eep,” I squeaked.

“Then they will have to make their way through a shallow pit of squishy Dittoes, and climb over a fence. The rest is self explanatory, but I’ll explain it anyway,” Maggot continued. “They will have to crawl through two tubes and then they will have to run to the end in an all out sprint. Tara and Mitchell, you two can make your way to the starting line.”

Breathing in and out, I glanced at Pyro before leaving. “Good luck,” he smiled.

“Thanks,” I replied, smiling. I liked him! Well it was a change from my year long crush on Adam but it was still interesting. I tried to forget about him, and the other hundreds of people watching me about to race. “Hey Mitchell,” I spoke.

“What?” he replied.

“Good luck,” I told him, then after looking at him for a moment, I added, “You’ll need it.”

“I think that you should get all the luck you could find and then maybe you’d have a chance at beating me,” Mitchell smirked. He got ready to run, and so did I. The gun blasted and we ran off, and hit the tires. In and out the feet went.

I found this really easy, we were always made to do this at school last year in PE. It was quite fun after you got over the tiring bit. I ran, ahead of Mitchell, and jumped, catching the rings in my right and left hands. I wasn’t the best at the monkey bars, but steadily swung my left hand to the ring in front. Then my right hand.

Behind me Mitchell was catching up, and I was pressured to go faster. My palms became sweaty and as I swung for the next ring, I felt my fingers slipping.

I was inches away from the ring when I fell down into the pit.

“Tara!” Ryan yelled from the sidelines.

“Oh my gosh!” Marian exclaimed.

“That cant be good,” Pyro commented.

I felt myself falling and closed my eyes tight. I had faith in God seeing I was a Christian so it didn’t really matter whether I died or not. I just didn’t feel like dying at the moment because I wanted to go on a pokemon journey, marry Pyro (yeah! I had a fast crush growing!) and kick Mitchell’s butt.

“Lord please save me!” I called. Then I stopped, and felt myself bouncing as I was caught in sticky string shot by the snakes. I grinned. “Thank you Jesus!” I called up to heaven, before making my way some how over to the rocky edge of the pit and beginning to climb up.

Mitchell had stopped to see whether I was going to die or not, and once he saw me climbing my way up the side, he turned and made a run for the Ditto pool. I felt the tension as my muscles pulled me up the side, but once I reached the top, I rolled up onto the grass, got up and made a dive for the Ditto pool.

Moving as fast as I could I jumped out just before the end and began to sprint my way to the tubes, and got down on my knees crawling through them. All of a sudden, I felt my tube shake as Mitchell crashed his into mine before getting out. I made my way out though, and chased after Mitchell as he dashed for the finish line.

It was a mile away at least. Well 200 meters to have a realistic look at it, but Mitchell was ahead of me. I wasn’t the fastest person around but I was fast. I sprinted, my legs aching with stressing pain, my heart pumping so hard it was going to break my rib cage. I caught up to him, and saw the finish line, this time much closer than before.

Then I slipped.

I must have had Ditto slime on my shoe or something, but all I remember was being a head of Mitchell by the tiniest bit, then seeing the grass in close up view. I could hear the cheering around and I knew the awful truth.

Mitchell had beaten me.

My butt had been kicked.

Lady Vulpix
16th November 2002, 09:41 AM
Ryan, that was excellent! I've found that I have more things in common with the 2 of you than I thought. Your talent for description hasn't deteriorated one bit, and nor has your creativity. I hope that fic stays up for a long time. :)
I'll read Tara's part as soon as possible. I have too much work to do, but I'll do my best to keep up.

16th November 2002, 12:44 PM
I can't believe Tara got her butt kicked.I hope Mitchell's Totodile abandons him.But I suppose there is always the Cyndaquil contest.Or maybe the prof. can send her one.

16th November 2002, 08:03 PM
Argh! Leave it to Mist to make a really bad chapter!

Just kidding, lol it was great.. too bad Tara lost though :(

Last Exile
16th November 2002, 08:37 PM
Lady Vulpix: Wow, that's a pretty big wrap for just one chapter! :D Well, Tara and I will do our best to see this through and make it as good as it can be. Do get to Tara's chapter when you can, though. I thought her chapter was very creative and quite entertaining. I've given Tara free reign to pay me out when appropriate. :P

100FangCroconaw: Oh, don't worry! This isn't the end of the Totodile saga by far. Tara gave me an indication of where she wanted this to go, so I know what to do with Chapter 3. I can promise you a conforntation of epic proportions involving four people.

Craig: Yeah, it sucks but it shows originality and really gives the plot more substance. Chapter 2 is all Tara and I'm impressed to the extreme with what she produced.

Again, this chapter blew me away Tara. Your PM with the final details has given me an idea of where Chapter 3 will go. As always, I'll PM you the final product before I post it. ;)

Snakes N' Legends
16th November 2002, 11:58 PM
A very good chapter, indeed. First I have to say a few things. As I am very good at noticing things in certain fanfics, I noticed that the characters in this fanfic are the actual names of the writers, if I am not mistaken. Also I thought I caught Martin's name. I know it was Pyro Martin but I thought that Mist was trying to put a little bit of Lapras Valley High into this fanfic or it might be just be concidence that the name Martin appeared. Also, this fanfic mentions a little bit of the anime. I have to admit when I read the last question, I knew the answers of the top of my head.

Well, you two keep up the good work.

17th November 2002, 12:52 AM
Very nice. This a very interesting format...a joint fic. Keep it coming! Can't wait for the next chapter.

What's going to happen to Tara? She didn't get her Totodile so what's going to happen to her?

17th November 2002, 04:50 AM
Originally posted by tyranitar master
A very good chapter, indeed. First I have to say a few things. As I am very good at noticing things in certain fanfics, I noticed that the characters in this fanfic are the actual names of the writers, if I am not mistaken. Also I thought I caught Martin's name. I know it was Pyro Martin but I thought that Mist was trying to put a little bit of Lapras Valley High into this fanfic or it might be just be concidence that the name Martin appeared. Also, this fanfic mentions a little bit of the anime. I have to admit when I read the last question, I knew the answers of the top of my head.

Well, you two keep up the good work.

Okay yep your right thats just because thats us in there TM. Thats Ryan as Ryan if he were on a journey and thats me if i was on a journey. Yeah.

Also Pyro Martin? No I wasn't trying to bring a bit of LVH into the fic. It was just a cool last name I've heard. theres a chick in my class with that last name.

The anime bit - well basically I like to make fun of the anime if I can and I don't know why I put that in there. Basically it happened a few years ago for these people so it would be a tough question. I know you knew and so did i btu the me in the fic had to think.



Lady Vulpix
17th November 2002, 06:44 AM
I've finally caught up! That was a great chapter, Tara! Too bad you've had to suffer so much from prejudice and stupid people like Mitchell. I hope life treats you and your character much better than that in the future. You both deserve it. :)
But you were also mean: why did you make Ryan ride the Rage Control?
By the way, I like roller-coasters with loops, while I don't like those with steep falls (I don't like the feeling of my stomach going up to my throat).

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18th November 2002, 04:04 PM
poor Tara, not getting the Totodile. :( but theres always the pound, as i think you hinted twice. :P hope she gets something good!

24th November 2002, 07:10 AM
Hee, the humor in this fic is entertaining Mist and your chapter is you epitomised! Great to see! But it had a great mix of humor and snarky sarcasm and bitchiness which is good. I loved the Wife Comment about Chikorita, but we didn't see too much of it, probably cause its Ryan's little buddy!

The Contest seems to be a wierd thing! And it seems much more like a Game Show contest than anything else! Maggot as a name... *Shudders* poor lady! And the "Gladiator-esque" course! Classic!

I can't wait to see where this goes, but good work! Both of you!

25th November 2002, 12:21 AM
I haven't heard from Ryan in ages. I have no idea when chapter three is giong to be up but thanks to those people who commented on my chapter. Your comments are very appreciated. I'm not going to go into a big detailed sop about how they help us all be better writers but its nice to get comments. If anybody sees ryan can you tell him to get his butt on aim sometime?

Oh and I'll keep on teasing ryan and his chikorita about the wedding oz. :D


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As for chapter 3, it is nearly done. I have a significant portion of it ready and am writing the critical part of it soon. I feel really physically exhausted and just haven't had the writing spark lately. I've even had the skin on my palms peel away, which happens to me after long periods of stress. I inherited it from my dad. But my spark is coming back. As long as I can stop playing Sonic Adventures 2 for more than 5 hours a day, we'll have something up new soon.

Tara, I'll have a completed product for you in the next few days. I've come up with a significant plot twist. It happens to explain why I received such a large grant from Professor Oak.

And for anyone that's interested, I'll be getting my final result for my Uni course this year very soon. I'll be seeing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Thursday (opening day in Australia) as well.

PS. Any 24 fans here? I saw the final episode of Series 1 tonight (Oz premiere). I figured what happened in the final episode would happen. It seemed obvious that Teri would be the one that would die. Jack is essential for future series and Kim's death, while it would be incredibly significance, wouldn't have as much impact as losing Teri. The traitor was Nina. Wow.

PSS. Anyone know the alternate ending for 24?

PSSS. The sequel to WDC (when it's finally done :D ) will be 24-like

25th November 2002, 09:41 PM
Okay that explains a lot. I can't wait to read what you've got in store! I'm sure its gonna be great!


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26th November 2002, 10:09 AM
Wow...this is a cool fic....

I'm glad I sacrificed sleeping time to read...It's really interesting...^_^ I like it, and the story's well written.

*hopes for the next chapter*

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Hyperness is a Good Thing: Great name, great comments! Beautiful! ;) Just don't dodge sleep over this too much, ok? :D

Might start again tonight. I got my mark for my Uni course. I passed but not as well as I expected to. So we'll see how the future pans out now.

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Wow, I oughta do this 'fic reading' thing more often! Guys, what can I say? Since it's you two I was expecting great things, and you haven't disappointed me so far. Seeing as I'm impressed when the fic's only really just starting, I can't wait to see what happens when things REALLY start to get going! ^_^

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1st December 2002, 07:38 AM
AntiAsh Superstar: No worries Ade! Great to have a person of your talent here. Hope you enjoy what gradually comes. ;)

Ok Tara. I've PMed you what I've done for Chapter 3. So let me know ASAP whether what I've got is right to post and what you think about what we've been thinking for Chapter 4.

PS. I think you should give your chapters titles. Makes it a bit more fun. You do that in LVH, but no worries. You'll get round to it. ;)

1st December 2002, 07:41 PM
post more! i wanna know why the grant is like $3,000,000 , and what tara will do cuz she lost the contest!

1st December 2002, 11:49 PM
Well Ryan has finished typing up the chapter! Good news! But you'll have to wait until he gets on next for him to post it! :P Moo! Basically its a very good chapter and its very good.



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3rd December 2002, 02:45 AM
Chapter 3 – Reality Bites

“I can’t believe we just did that!”
My whole body was pulsating with sweat and my veins were sticking out. I was sprawled out across my bed in the hotel room we had rented for the night. My hands clutched at the sheets as my exhausted body craved rest. It would not come, however. Tara flipped myself over and then jumped on me, giving me a warm yet smothering hug, tight enough to kill a boa constrictor.
“That was amazing! We finally gave that slimy bastard Mitchell what he deserved!” Her arms constricted around me even more but I couldn’t feel a thing. Except warmth, her natural warmth. I’d never seen her this happy and carefree in her life. And I’d helped to bring it about. That was what would always keep me going. Especially after the events that unfolded tonight. The sight of Tara glowing like the sun and laughing like she was floating on cloud nine would never leave my memory> Despite what we’d done tonight, it would always keep me going. It was more than worth it.

- Twenty-four hours earlier -

Tara’s tear-soaked face was smothered against the pillow, almost as if she wanted to end it all right then and there.
“That scumbag beat me. That sexist, arrogant homie! Of all the people, it had to be Mitchell ****in’ Taylor.”
My eyes were on fire and I wanted to kill something or someone. Particularly that lowlife Mitchell. He dressed like trash, talked trash and acted like trash. I mean, what kind of self-respecting person would dress like a homie and wear a cap that says 69? Tells you straight away what was on his mind. It was a sure bet that his main quibble with Tara was that he’d never be able to sleep with her. Within minutes I’d figured that Mitchell only like girls that he figured he could score with.

Hardly anyone approved his victory in yesterday’s contest. Marian gave Tara a few kind words and a soothing hug, Pyro gave Tara a sympathetic look that even managed to force a smile out of Tara, even if just for a few seconds, then Tara turned, her face lowered and her eyes watery, ran towards me like a roadrunner and embraced me gingerly, almost as if she was about to fall apart. I held her softly and rubbed her scalp with the gentle action of a masseur.
“It’s okay, Tara. You did your best.”
Tara sniffled and kept her face buried in my shirt. This was not characteristic of Tara at all. Usually she’s a pretty tough girl. She’d taken dirt from our parents and from jerks at school for a long time, so she knew how to handle pain. But this kind of pain could not be avoided. It was personal. Mitchell Taylor had offended her in the worst way possible. It was a matter of honour now. She had to beat him to prove she wasn’t what he labelled her as.
But she didn’t. She was faster but he was luckier. Tara and I both have conditions of sweating more than the average person, which cost her when swinging over the pit. And as for the final sprint, it was just rotten luck that Tara had a bit of Ditto slime clinging to her left sneaker. When she fell flat on her face and felt the earthy smell and taste of grass and dirt, she instantly knew it was over. As she fell I saw her hopes fleeting in an instant like kids from thunder. It wasn’t fair but life in general is rarely fair. Tara had lost and I could not see why the Powers That Be would make things turn out this way such that Mitchell triumphed. Totodile is quite a rare Pokemon. You have to be lucky to find one in the wild. So seeing this one at the theme park opening was a golden opportunity. Tara could finally get her dream Pokemon.
Somehow things went horribly wrong. It’s an all too familiar tale that anyone could tell you a million times over about a million things that have happened to them, and each time it would move you in a different way. Tara’s tale was one of the biggest hard-luck stories anyone could tell.
Tara’s misery tuck in my head like a dagger. It hurt like hell and made me sick to my stomach. Mitchell Taylor had scorned the both of us, not just Tara. War on her was war on me. I swore on all that is good and holy that Tara would get a Totodile and that Mitchell Taylor would pay for what he’d done to us.

“Moping around will get you nowhere, Tara.”
Tara finally lifted her face from the silky pillow, which was now saturated to the core with her tears. “And what do you think I should do, alright?”
I sighed then regained my composure. “Listen, I’ll get us some food and we can play Sonic Adventures 2 until we drop. That sound good to you?”
Tara’s face perked up at the sound. “Yeah, that sounds pretty decent. I’ll have Chinese. What are you getting?”
“Thai and Italian.”
“What?” Tara gave a look as if she was looking at Michael Jackson coming straight out of plastic surgery. “How can you do that?”
“I’m not in the mood for rice tonight and I don’t want Asian noodles either. So I’m getting green chicken curry from the Thai place and farfalle with loads of Napolitano sauce. That combination is heaven to the mouth.”
“I’ll take you word for it,” giggled Tara. “Just make sure your stomach doesn’t explode!”
“Yeah, yeah,” I smirked while dialing the number for the hotel takeout centre.
“I want a big serve of sweet sour pork and stir-fried vegies, got that Ryan?”
“Sure thing, Tara.” At least some things hadn’t changed.

Tara had taken to Sonic Adventures 2 from the moment I bought my Gamecube. The first mission of the Hero storyline was Sonic escaping from the military police by skating on a piece of metal he’d ripped off a jet, set against American punk music. Tara completely identified with that and she was an instant Sonic addict. Sonic’s whole attitude, his voice, his talk, his moves, the soundtracks for his levels, it was all Tara. For similar reasons, she also liked Shadow, because he was kinda punk and kinda metal and he simply reeked of attitude. She also liked Rouge, but she’d never admit that, for obvious reasons.
I, however, had no problems in admitting I liked Rouge the bat. She’s fast, she can fly, climb walls, she’s got a cool voice, great outfit, nice exotic mission music and she’s a government spy foiling the bad guys. How cool can you get?! Tails the two-tailed fox ruled because he had a sweet machine to pilot and he had a pretty cool voice too. Knuckles the echidna was cool because he had attitude, he could also fly, climb walls, great moves, and also had a fairly decent rap soundtrack, but I avoided using him tonight because of Tara. I also liked the sweet pink female hedgehog Amy Rose, who was teen girl with pride and power. Tara thought she was hilarious and always payed me out whenever I used her.
“I’m here to rescue my hero, Sonic!” Tara mimicked in a girly voice, eyes wide open like she was in heaven, clasping her hands in prayer and going ga-ga all over.
“I’m getting excited!”
“If I tell you, will you marry me?!”
Payouts of Rouge were also common.
“How was that? Perfect, like me?!”
“All of the world’s jewels belong to ME!”
I let her attack me at will. I was just glad to see her feeling better. Seeing Tara happy was the most important thing in the world to me now. I wasn’t just her brother anymore, I was her guardian. I had to look out for her now.

We’d played all the way through to 3am, so we didn’t get up until noon. Tara was clutching the sheets to her chest, a serene smile across her young face. It felt great to know that she was having pleasant dreams. After watching her for a moment, letting her serenity pass through to me, I then proceeded to look outside our hotel window. We were still in our home town, one of the minor centres of our state. In America suburban streets are lined with miles and miles of oak trees, but in Australia, it’s a lot more exotic and beautiful. The streets, even in the most urban centres, are lined with weeping myrtle, bottlebrush, wattle, cherry blossom and plenty more. A mix of native Australia and international types. One of the real perks and trademarks of living in our country. It’s greener and more relaxed.
Sighing, I fell down onto the soft bed in front of the TV in our room and reached for the remote. Except my hand was grasping at nothing but air. I whirled my head to the side and saw Tara’s smirking face beaming back at me.
“Bit slow today, aren’t ya?” she purred in a feline manner as she flicked the monitor on.
“You’re one to talk!” I teased. “I doubt even a Slowpoke could have been as sleepy as you were.”
Tara grinned as she began flicking from channel to channel. “I suppose you want the cricket on, do ya?”
“You bet your life I do.”
“Not today, thanks.” Tara flicked to Channel 9 and then spread out while lying down on her back against the soft bed.
I smirked as I watched the match, my eyes lighting up and the sound of soft clicks and the roars of the crowd. “Bloody Poms. They stink worse than a Koffing. Even you could play better than them, Tara.”
“Well maybe the fast bowlers might feel a little guilty about trying to beat up a girl, but maybe they’d be intimidated by the skater girl.”
“You wish.”
We both laughed and softly flicked at each other as Gilchrist sent another wayward delivery to the stands.
“Jesus Christ, man! He miscues and still manages to hit a four then belts the guy for six next delivery. Now that’s talent!”
“Bet he gets out next ball,” predicted Tara with a smug look on her face.
“Pig’s breakfast!” I spluttered. No-one disses my any of my cricket idols in my presence. Adam Gilchrist, Darren Lehmann, Jason Gillespie. They’re the untouchables. The English bowler charged in with a delivery that was too wide. Gilchrist whacked it behind him and it was headed for another six, but he instantly cursed. For the racing red ball was soaring towards the black fielder out at fine leg. He was racing around to get under it to take the catch but he was incredibly close to the boundary rope. If his feet touched the rope at all, the catch would be illegal and Gilchrist would survive. The fielder twisted his foot sideways to give him position and his hands grasped the red ball. Bronx cheers came up as England supporters cheered as something finally went right for them while Australia supporters booed. I then turned towards Tara, who was grinning like an idiot.
“You jinxed him! How the hell could you do that?!”
“Aw, come on! We have to make sure England doesn’t lose by TOO much!”
We both ended up in stitched as we fell to the floor and laughed like hyenas.
“Hey Chikorita!” I chirped as my sweet green Pokemon jumped onto my face and nuzzled in against me. Tara began laughing out of control again and kept hitting the floor with her fists.
“I swear man, I can’t stand hearing laughter from ****ing anybody!”
We both jumped with a start. That voice wasn’t either of us. It was familiar, way too familiar. I had a fair idea who that voice was. Tara’s fists were pumped and she looked ready to kill.
“Calm yourself down, man, you stupid ****! I ****ing swear I’ll whup your *** if you don’t shut up!”
Now it was my blood who boiled. I knew that voice too. I really knew that voice.
“Listen, man. I got that Totodile fair and square, but that runty ***** gave me enough trouble to last a lifetime, I swear! I’d slit her throat it I had the chance, man! Her and that brother of hers! That was meant to be your Chikorita man, not his! He don’t deserve ****, Marcus!”
“Damn straight, Mitchell. That damn mofo bloody hypnotised that Chikorita or something. I found it first, for ****’s sake! I’ll kick his *** in when I seem him next time. And his sweet little Chikorita will be mine!”
“So it’s settled then. We corner the two of them, cream their brains out, nab the Chikorita and leave them to bleed!”
“Right, bro. They’ll be eating from soup straws once we’re through with them.”
Tara and I stared at each other in fury then down to the street below us. Who else could it be but Mitchell and Marcus Taylor. Apparently ruining Tara’s dreams wasn’t enough for them. They were after my Chikorita, with bashing our hides in as an added incentive.
“C’mon, you stupid little runt, get moving!” blared Mitchell as he kicked his Totodile right in the guts. Totodile winced and momentarily cried before it swung into step with its dastardly master, not wanting any more punishment.
Tara’s face went red and she blew her top, which she had been threatening to do ever since she met Mitchell. “That bastard! How dare he treat Totodile like that?! I swear I’ll save that Totodile from those ****ing homies even if I have to pry it from their dead hands!”
“Hey, you’d better cut that **** out, okay?!” I grunted. I had no problem with Tara being more aggressive and independent than the average girl. But I definitely had a problem with her tendency to use violence as an answer.
“No one’s killing nobody, got it? We will get that Totodile from those arseholes, but we’ll do it on our terms.”
Tara’s eyes widened in bewilderment. “So what are you suggesting?”
My lips formed a wicked grin and my eyes were like wildfire. “I think it’s time we give Mitchell and Marcus Taylor a taste of their own medicine.”

Hyperness is a Good Thing
3rd December 2002, 08:55 AM
Yeah! Cool chapter...can't wait to see what they did to the two @#$%%#$%$%&*^%&@#!%.

Excuse that.

Mitchell and Marcus are eviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil. They're baaaad.

*sits down to wait for the next chapter*

Snakes N' Legends
3rd December 2002, 06:03 PM
Interesting chapter. That just shows you that there are trainers who care more about winning than the way they treat their pokemon. It is very interesting that you added Sonic Adventure 2 for the Gamecube. Mist added Shrek in Lapras Valley High and you added Sonic Adventures 2 in this fanfic.

Well, keep up the work, Ryan.

5th December 2002, 01:15 AM
Take it easy on the OrangeVapour Shipping he says... then he tosses something like this at me...

Originally posted by Citrus Crush Chikorita
“I can’t believe we just did that!”
My whole body was pulsating with sweat and my veins were sticking out. I was sprawled out across my bed in the hotel room we had rented for the night. My hands clutched at the sheets as my exhausted body craved rest. It would not come, however. Tara flipped myself over and then jumped on me, giving me a warm yet smothering hug, tight enough to kill a boa constrictor.
“That was amazing! We finally gave that slimy bastard Mitchell what he deserved!” Her arms constricted around me even more but I couldn’t feel a thing. Except warmth, her natural warmth. I’d never seen her this happy and carefree in her life. And I’d helped to bring it about. That was what would always keep me going. Especially after the events that unfolded tonight. The sight of Tara glowing like the sun and laughing like she was floating on cloud nine would never leave my memory> Despite what we’d done tonight, it would always keep me going. It was more than worth it.

Almost the whole of that paragraph just screams out ecchi shippingness. Are you tempting me here CCC?

5th December 2002, 02:26 AM
Goodness sakes those homies don't give up! WORD! G to the o to the o to the d, work CCC, it seemed to give a small insight to our typical Aussie life. You down with that me homie?

But I have to admit with PH there about the OrangeVapour Shipping, reading that paragraph alone is quite suss ^^; You're going to harpoon me for that one aren't you!

Also I liked the cheering up of poor Tara but the Sonic and Cricket parts weren't really my fav parts to be honest. But Mitchel And Marcus sound like Bangers and Mash IMO you know those two troublemaking monkeys! Lol...

Oh well it was good CCC can't wait to see what happens.

5th December 2002, 03:23 AM
Originally posted by OzAndrew
But Mitchel And Marcus sound like Bangers and Mash IMO you know those two troublemaking monkeys! Lol...

Lol! Me and Adam (my best friend) ALWAYS talk about the little kids shows that we used to watch and that was one of them!

As for the shipping? Give it a break? For one thing, Tara has a crush on Pyro. And Pyro happens to be a substitute for this guy who i like named Todd :D As for Shipping? Oh come off it would you! Brother and sister! Obviously with a closer bond than me and my sister but brother and sister get along and care about each other. Its' like me and Adam, except one is way older. And likes wishy washy rock ;) (no offence Ryan)



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The Vines own ALL of you! ALL OF YOU! So get yourself nuts and go WILD!

Queens Of The Stone Age.....YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's Songs For The Deaf, all right! Run you little wimps!

The Strokes...FIGHT! DRINK! BE STUPID! Yeah! Except I don't do that stuff! :D I just ROCK!

The White Stripes...Brother and Sister doing it for themselves! MAD! Girls make wicked drummers...and guitarists come to think of it.

Silverchair...GODS! Flee, you mortals! This is eternity calling for you! Guitars and violins do mix!

I'll argue more later! ;)

Anyways, I guess people seem to be picking up 2 things big time.

1. Mitchell and Marcus are two maniacs. Correct!

2. Shipping between me and Tara. NO !&*&*!&*(@(&*@*( WAY! Firstly, the two characters are brother and sister. That stuff is not on, seriously. I think imagination is getting the better of too many people here! Besides, there is a considerable age gap between the two of us. I'm sure people like the idea but Tara and I are just good friends IRL. And I think it's illegal for adults to be involved with teens anyway. So just go easy on the shipping suggestions, please?! ;)

5th December 2002, 04:14 AM
First of all - all the bands except for Queens of the Stone Age aren't my cup of punk tea.

The Vines, what is with them? They look freaky, he's skinnier than my best friend (who has the cuteness going for him) but this guy must be anorexic or somehting. And where's the english accent come from if he's an aussie? But Im not syaing they're bad. I'm just saying that their singing sucks and their guitar riffs are really lame compared to other ones such as Unwritten Law and Sevendust.

The Strokes, they're just freaky. Their music is (N) for me anyway

The White Stripes, never really liked their stuff much. And where the heck is their bassist?! BASS ROCKS (mainly cuz im learning it)

And Silverchair. They WERE good. I'm saying that everything before Diorama ROCKED MY SOCKS. Then they brought out wishy stuff man! Go their old stuff, their new stuff kiss my butt. :P

No OFFENCE! I'm just saying I prefer a punk cup of tea instead of THAT type of music cup of tea. :P

And ryan u should've expected this from when you first posted your reply



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7th December 2002, 05:36 AM
I expected it Tara. Each to their own I guess. The Vines rock IMO because I can associate with them to a degree. I understand Craig Nicholls being a withdrawn, unpredictable, sometimes nutty person. Oh well. I respect your tastes, and you respect mine. So everything's cool.

Let me know how you're doing with Chapter 4 by PM.

7th December 2002, 09:01 PM
Originally posted by Citrus Crush Chikorita
2. Shipping between me and Tara. NO !&*&*!&*(@(&*@*( WAY! Firstly, the two characters are brother and sister. That stuff is not on, seriously.

--Fair enough. Perhaps all the anime I've watched has eroded my perception, and destroyed what little conservative nature I once held. Hell, three of my fave animes, Ceres, Utena, and CCS, are loaded with relationships that are a few tangents down from normal, and have yet to see anyone that has complained about them.

I think imagination is getting the better of too many people here!

--That may be the case, it just when I read your two chapters, it was my interpretation that the two characters (whom I treat as seperate entitiies, even if they are projections of the author) were just a bit more than close.

Besides, there is a considerable age gap between the two of us.

--Again, I'm not conservative when it comes to *fictional* relationship pairings.

I'm sure people like the idea but Tara and I are just good friends IRL.

--When did I say anything about a relationship between you two, outside of this fiction?

And I think it's illegal for adults to be involved with teens anyway. So just go easy on the shipping suggestions, please?! ;)

--Ok, from now on, I'll keep whatever comments I have to myself.

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My, my! This is good stuff!

Ryan, you already know you rock from my point of view.

Mist, this will be the 1st time I'll actually tell someone that she sucked.

But NOT you.

Mist, your writing style is pure gold. I loved it, and I am waiting anxiously for the next chapter. You ROCK. Even if you don't like rock.

Santana ROCKS, and everyone that cooperates with him creating perfect musical pieces rocks too.

That were my 2 cents.

9th December 2002, 05:50 AM
Originally posted by Darkgel
Mist, your writing style is pure gold. I loved it, and I am waiting anxiously for the next chapter. You ROCK. Even if you don't like rock.

Hey! I love rock music! I just love a diffferent style of rock. I mean - Im not into the "wishy washy" Ben Lee, Alex Lloyd stuff. I like the heavier Papa Roach, System of a Down, and the punk side of Rock. (Unwritten Law, Goldfinger, Antiskeptic). Basically I love rock, just heavier rock.

^_^ Also I'm gonna be a while with the fourth chapter. Sorry ! I'll be about a week .


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16th December 2002, 09:07 PM
Just to let everyone know that Tara and I are both still alive and well. She should have something ready in a week or so.

Today's my graduation. Be saying goodbye to friends in the department before I start my Graduate Diploma of Education next year. I've decided to become a teacher, and I'm looking forward to it, which is more than I can say about my stuides for quite a while.

Thanks again to PlatniumHawke for making me a mod of OA, and to anyone else that had something to do with it.

Two final words:


2. Gabi, I did read your post in Lapras Valley High. And thank you so much! :)

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CONGRATULATIONS, "RAYN"! I'm glad you read my post. I hope you have a wonderful start as a teacher.
I've always liked teaching too.
I have an exam today, so I can't stay on much, but I wanted you to know I'm really happy for you.
And I stick to my words on my last post. I can count the great writers on TPM with my fingers, and you and Tara are two of them.

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Heck of a wrap Gabi! :)

OK, there hasn't been anything new for ages. As some of you may already know, Tara is on a holiday until January 18. So she can't write anything new. I've decided to take a bit of action in the meantime.

Tara and I had agreed to do alternate chapters. But I have been writing chapters that are much smaller than what I normally do, and I did cut Chapter 3 short in order to get it up around a deadline. So, if it's cool with everyone, and people are still interested, I can finish writing Chapter 3 as it was intended to, with the showdown between us and the Taylor brothers. Is that cool with everyone?

2nd January 2003, 07:56 AM
About Chapter 3, that's cool. So, you've decided to become a teacher. Hope you'll have a great start, and enjoy your studies! Wait a minute, is that possible?

I've never really liked teaching, half the stuff they teach at schools is useless anyway. But I do like the concept.

By the way, if I haven't said this yet, you guys rule.

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mistysakura: Well, things are beginning to get crazy. Expect fireworks. in the next installment. And we both love to hear people saying we rule! :) :yes:

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Yes, you rule, but it doesn't sound nice when you say it yourself. ;)
I've posted a battle, by the way.

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Lady Vulpix: Cheers! ;)

Okay, this is to let everyone know this fic is still going. New material was postponed because Tara was on holiday. As a result, we've decided to extend Chapter 3. I'll try and have something new up soon.

Thanks for your patience. ;)

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Okay! It's finally here. Hope posting this was okay Tara. You Oked most of this and liked the ending ideas, so I hope you're cool with this. I PMed you on Monday but you didn't reply, so I thought you'd be ok with it since you wanted this continued. Anyway, on we go! ;)

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use this anytime soon, but just in case.”
I reached for my backpack and stuck my hand inside the dark container. From it I retrieved the instrument of death. Tara’s eyes lit up in wonder instantly, a fact that made me uncomfortable to say the least. She had this intense fascination with my handgun ever since I threatened to use it on our parents when I helped her escape from our hell-hole of a home. I guess I couldn’t blame her. It was the instrument that triggered her freedom and allowed her to embrace her dream. Plus I had mine specially made, possessing a poisonous tinge of green, making it look that much more intimidating. A combination of chromium and nickel plating gave it the cold gleam that it constantly radiated. It was like a prized gem in a way.
“Okay, if you’re not going to kill anyone with it, how can you use it?”
“Simple. Shoot them in leg or the arm.”
“Does that really stop someone?”
“If you hit them in the right place. Besides, the high bleeding rate and the intense pain due to nerve rupturing is enough to halt a person’s actions.”
“Wow.” Her eyes lingered for a moment like a hovering vulture. “Maybe a lethal shot wouldn’t be so bad.”
There were many ways one could interpret that. But considering the events of the last few days, I knew what she was thinking.
“Don’t go down that path, Tara. You are too good for that.”
Tara lowered her head and sighed. “I still wish it, though.”
“Do you really hate Mitchell that much to go to such an extreme?”
“He’d do it to us. As would Marcus. You heard them.”
I sighed and sat myself down next to Tara. “I heard them. And I’ll admit sometimes I wish Marcus would take a long walk off a short pier. But think about it, Tara. If I did something illegal, I’d lose guardianship rights for your custody. And...” I could feel the dryness ripping at my exposed throat. “You’d be stuck at home again, with no chance to get out until you could afford to live by yourself.”
Tara’s bottom lip fell and left her speechless, save one sentence. “Anything but that. Anything but that!”
“Hey, it’ll never happen, got that? No one’s tearing us apart. I’ll never let anyone take your freedom away. Whatever it takes to keep you safe.”
Tara’s eyes swooped down on me like a semi-trailer. “Anything?” she questioned through a quivering lip.
“If it was your life at stake, I’d do whatever it takes.”
“Don’t say that.” Tara’s defiant nature was temporarily softening.
“I have to. It’s what I’d do.”
“Then let’s avoid getting into such situations. I don’t wanna be alone.”
I gently placed my hand on her shoulder. “I know. You won’t be as long as I’m around.”
Tara smiled with the brightness of a dove’s feathers. “Thanks bro.”
I let myself fall back on to my bed, relieving my joints from the accumulating stiffness. “Okay, that leaves us with two objectives. One, to fend off Mitchell and Marcus. Two, to get Totodile.”
Tara’s eyes widened. “You still think we can get it?”
My face hardened like granite boulders. “I’m not leaving any showdown with this two unless we leave with Totodile.”
Tara’s face gave the impression that her brunette locks of hair had suddenly wilted from the mere mention of my intentions. “Ryan, I hate those two wankers, maybe more than you so. But this could be deadly! They’re not your average losers. They’re bad to the core and you can bet they’re armed! I’m certain I saw Mitchell using a flip knife just before the contest and Marcus keeps flashing something steely. I wanna get them bad, real bad! So much it keeps me up at night. But if our lives are in danger, it’s not worth it. I don’t wanna end up dead or back with our ****ing parents. It’s not worth it.”
“I agree,” came my soft yet stressed reply. “But I don’t think we have a choice.”
Tara leaned towards my direction, ripe with curiousity.
“Mitchell and Marcus have it in for us. We’re the mark and they won’t stop until they’ve made us feel pain. One way or another, our paths will cross theirs again. And when it does, expect all hell to break loose.”
Tara nodded her head in hollow acceptance. “If that’s how it has to be, then so be it. If Mitchell wants to take me on, I’m ready for him!”
“That’s the way.”
Tara’s face then turned severe teen-style. “So how are we going to do this?”
My fingers pressed against my lips, indicating my deep thought. “A good idea would be to trail them for a bit. We need to figure out exactly what they’re planning. Then we can determine the best way to confront them.”
“Why bother? You can ask me right now!”
My blood froze. Tara’s face was contorted in horror. We were not alone.

I slowly turned around, not daring to believe it was who I thought it was. Surprise came over both of us like the cool high tide on a blistering summer day. It was Marian, the girl Tara met on the day of the contest. A serene smile broke out on her creamy face.
“Who were you expecting, the Taylor twins?!”
Tara giggled lightly. “Funny you should mention them.”

“Don’t feel bad, Tara. You’re not the first person to be wronged by the Taylor twins.”
Marian sat next to Tara, giving her a reassuring pat on the shoulder and proceeding to give advice on how to tackle the Taylor twins. She was quite pretty for her age, if only she hadn’t done up her hair in pigtails at the back. It almost made her look like a pop tart, another in the endless line of Britney clones. But the majority of her ash blonde locks were left long and straight, contradicting the kiddish pigtails with a more womanly feature. Across the front her hair was cut to a fringe, the way models in mens or fashion magazines have their hair done. She was dressed in a short red T-shirt and flare jeans, making her seem not quite as girlie as she did back at the contest, except for her high sandals, showing her toes adorned with opalescent nail polish. It always fascinated me that females wear the high-heeled type of shoe. Do they actually like them?! I always thought it must be extreme torture for females to do that to their feet. Imagine how they’d feel by 50. Overall she was quite petite but tall for her age, sporting a very soft pair of blue eyes. Sympathy must be a common emotion associated with those eyes.
Tara was a complete contrast. She was hardly the typical girl. She wore a loose T-shirt displaying her love of System Of A Down. Her hair was left long but wasn’t done up with anything and hardly combed. Her elbows betrayed the fact she’d suffered several scars from falling from her skateboard with their reddish tone. Her green eyes were as intense and thriving as the green grass that inhabits the planet. Her jeans were worn out from use rather than the intentionally faded type now available. But within five minutes of meeting her, you knew Tara had spirit. She needed to be able to live. That’s why I took the risk to get her out. She was wasting away at home. Now her spirit could embrace the world. Maybe that’s why Marian wanted to help Tara even the score.
As if it was me. Right on six feet tall, short black hair that frustratingly lingered halfway between straight and curly, brown eyes that could make people feel warm and safe yet cold and speechless as well, thin glasses that made me look older than I really was. As for my dress sense, a black T-shirt indicating my passion for the rock revival in the form of The Vines, brand new denim jeans and partially worn white, blue and orange sneakers were five years too old to be the drawcard for someone like Marian. She was still stuck in the teenybopper phase, even though Tara was way past it. Uni girls and young women could appreciate my style, and many thought I was quite cute, trustworthy and easy to talk too, but never sexy or wild enough. For some reason it was women in their 30s, 40s or 50s or women already in relationships that thought I was handsome. It never seemed to work. A mixture of signals always seemed to be transmitted from me for some reason. Only Tara seemed to have a clue as to who the real me was. Most people couldn’t understand a twenty-one year old that rocked out to The Vines, Queens Of The Stone Age and Tool could also intensely love Harry Potter and Pokemon. It was a fact that I resented daily. Then again, it allowed me to present an enigmatic personality, to mask my true self in a way. And in my line of work, that was a handy thing to have on your side.

“The Totodile is no longer theirs?!”
“That’s what Marian says,” replied Tara as if the world had been lifted from her shoulders. “They still have it, but something’s come up. It wasn’t chance that my shoe got Ditto slime stuck with it. I mean, think about it. If I had Ditto slime on my shoe, I should have fallen over sooner than just before the finish line. A friend of Marian’s taped the race, and she swears that just before the finish, Mitchell slung a bit of Ditto slime he picked up from the pit right into my path.” Her lips formed a vicious scowl. “That ****ing bastard cheated, Ryan! I was the better contestant. He used deceit and trickery to shift the favour in his direction. The ref saw this afterwards and wants the Totodile to be given to me since I was next in line, but since they can’t find the Taylor twins, it can’t be enforced.”
My fists clenched in fury. “That...lowlife scum!”
“And that’s not all. She spoke to two of the guys that monitored the Chikorita contest. They said just before the start, Marcus threatened them with a knife and said he’d cut them up bad if they didn’t tell him where to find it.”
“Son of a *****! Those two mother****ers are in for it now! They cheat their way through the contests and want revenge on us because we were better despite playing fair? Those guys don’t know when to quit, Tara.”
“Exactly Ryan.” Tara’s face looked more like than a wolf ready to kill its prey than a teen girl. I didn’t dare say innocent. Innocence is lost too early these days. We both lost our innocence a long time ago. We didn’t have the cushy upbringing of people like Marian. We had to face the hard side of life early on in order to survive. “I want Mitchell to feel pain, Ryan. I want that bad!” she screeched, foaming at the side of her mouth.
My stone cold eyes reflected agreement. “They shall get retribution. Karma will get them in the end.”
“Oh no,” sighed Tara. “Not the karma argument again.”
“Hey, you have to admit it makes sense, right? What comes around goes around, right? You hit someone, they hit you back, right? And when it hurts, that’s bad karma.”
“Alright, I get it, really. I just still believe in Christianity more than you do.”
One major point Tara and I differ on is religion. Tara still goes to church and likes Jesus. As for me, I adhere to Christian morality, but as for the scripture and all that stuff, I can’t agree with it. I can’t believe that one of all the religions out there is right. It can’t be that only a select few are right. All people deserve a chance in the end. Personally I think all religions have got part of the higher scheme figured out but they disagree on too many trivial issues to get along. The only thing religions seems to do anymore is create division and start conflict all over again. Look at Israel, the Middle East, Ireland, and so on. I just can’t buy into it anymore. There is some higher power at play. I just personally don’t give a **** what way he’s oriented and all. I figure that being a good person and doing well in life is what matters. And if you do that, then the Powers That Be respect you and eternal peace is yours. That’s all I want think about religion. I spent too many morbid years in my teens speculating on theology. But heck, maybe I'm wrong. Eveyrone has a right to believe in what they want to believe in, and I certainly don't slam Tara' religious beliefs. That is something that you just can't touch.

“Hey, I want that Totodile bad, really. Especially since it’s meant to be mine now. But is going after them such a good idea?”
I could understand where Tara was coming from. “Perhaps not. But would you rather let them have the advantage of surprise?”
Tara smirked. “I guess not. When you put it that way, it’s actually quite sensible.”
“Okay then. I’ve thought about this long and hard. The only way to get a sneak attack on those two is to lure Totodile away from them using someone other than ourselves.”
“How are we going to pull that off?”
I slyly gestured to the Pokeball attached to my belt. Tara’s eyes lit up in anticipation.
“We’re going to use Chikorita?! Wicked! That’s suck a cool idea.”
“Yeah. It isn’t that bad. Chikorita is familiar with Totodile so it will feel a need to get its attention. If we allow it to do it in a way such that it gets Totodile’s attention without the Taylor twins noticing, we’ve got it made.”
“But won’t that mean that we can take off without Mitchell and Marcus noticing?”
“How long do you think it will be before they notice it’s gone. They may be trash but they’re not that stupid. Mitchell was smart enough to fool everyone at the race. Trust me, there will be a showdown. It could get really bloody.”
Tara’s eyes were on fire. “Good. I want to kick Mitchell’s butt until he begs for mercy.”
I shook my finger. “Nuh uh. Don’t go too far, Tara. If you let your rage overcome you, Mitchell could get you arrested for assault. Then he’d have the last laugh, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?”
“Yeah. You’re bloody right! But I want that bloody bastard to feel pain!”
“He’ll feel pain, believe me. We have a way.”

Trailing the Taylor twins was easier than expected. At the volume they talked trash to each other, they probably wouldn’t notice if the Twin Towers had collapsed behind them. It was an incredibly mind-numbing experience. It had taken two hours scouring town in order to finally get sight of them without them getting sight of us. After listening to these guys for five minutes, you wonder how people like those two existed.
“So we find those two bogans, mash the hell out of them, nab the guy’s Chikorita then head out to the gyms.”
“You stupid mofo! We’re gonna need more Pokemon than just the two we’d have at that point. We’ll need to catch some more first.”
“Say, how the hell are we meant to pull this **** off without getting the damn cops on our tails?”
“As if, man! Our dad will fix the cops, like he always does. How the hell do you think he got to where he did today?”
“Fair point, bro. The Chikorita is as good as ours. Those Serenity siblings won’t know what hit them! We’ll kick their butts until they bleed so bad they won’t remember a damn thing!”
“Right on. So let’s find the twerps and even the score!”
“Even the score?!” Tara’s lip was twisted several times over. “If anyone’s meant to settle the score it’s us!”
“Hold your horses, Tara,” I replied, tugging her back as she tried to run after Mitchell and Marcus. “We have to play this game with smarts. It’s time for the sneak attack.”

Tara couldn’t stop giggling. She had to cover her mouth for several minutes before finally being calm enough to let the plan proceed in its scheming, devilish nature. This from two of the nicer souls on the planet.
Chikorita lay beside my feet, keenly flicking her head leaf back and forth as quietly as possible. She’d been pretty tired after her initial ordeal with Marcus and wanted to spend a prolonged amount of time inside her Pokeball in order to recuperate. Personally, I found it strange at the time. I wondered why on Earth a Pokemon would want to spend any time at all inside a cramped up it of space. Then again, considering it spends that time in a different state of energy, maybe the concept of space and time doesn’t matter in that sense. Maybe that’s why the regenerative effects of a Pokeball are what they are.
It had taken a bit of work to persuade Chikorita to do the part I had planned for her. I could understand where she was coming from though. Her fear of Marcus was still as potent as green tea. The bitter taste that rips against your throat like acid and leaches you dry. But I learned a long time ago that the only way to overcome your greatest fear is to face it head on. Of course you’ll still be more afraid than a lanky five year-old kid on their first ever day at school. But when you do the thing you’re most afraid of, then you get the courage to do it. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s the way it works. There’s an anti for everything. Such is the way of this ****ed up universe. Eventually Chikorita agreed to play along. For a bag of Chikory treats. Lime-flavoured.
“Okay. Chikorita, it’s time. Do your stuff. And keep quiet, Tara!”
Tara’s cheeks were redder than Rudolph’s nose from holding her breath. She wanted to laugh so much she looked like she was about to explode. But not a single sound permeated the air. The two Taylor twins were clueless as. This was the perfect scenario for Chikorita to gently poke her head through a wattle bush, her face surrounded by a sea of thin little yellow flowers. It made her look like a Hawaiian hula girl. From her vantage point, she had a perfect view of the Taylor twins and their Totodile, slinking along behind them, its head turned down in despair. Gently, she extended one of her neck vines out, the grass green tip creeping up like a stalker, right to the point where she could gently tap Totodile on his shoulder. The little blue guy turned his head around with a start, but the Taylor twins were too absorbed in their own **** to notice and kept walking. Totodile’s curiousity easily got the better of it and it followed Chikorita’s vine like a fish rising to the bait. Completely absorbed in this new task, it went through the wattle bushes and followed the intrusive vine all the way back to Chikorita. It stared at Chikorita for a couple of seconds, in recognition of their brief acquaintance in breeding at the theme park, before letting its face teeter up, meeting Tara’s completely ecstatic gaze. Her eyes were more alight than diamonds and she couldn’t contain her excitement in the least. She ran towards Totodile and scooped it up in her arms lovingly, letting the little blue wonder chortle and kiss her on the cheek. For once in a long time, Tara was happy. It was an incredibly heart-warming sight.
“It’s mine. My own Pokemon!” Tara was beyond tears after the last twenty-four hours. Her voice was nervous and so excited. This is one of those sibling moments you want to remember.
“Excuse me, *****. I think you’re referring to my Pokemon!”
Tara’s elation instantly turned into pure horror. She had just heard the one voice she didn’t want to hear. Right at her moment of triumph, Mitchell Taylor had come to reduce her dreams to burning ashes and to rub them in her face. It was too much for her to bear anymore. She wanted to do only one thing now: fight. She
“**** you, Mitchell! Marian told me about how you cheated to win the contest! You’ve been disqualified since! The Totodile is officially now mine! You’ll have to pry it from my dead hands if you want it!”
“An appealing notion, ****! Hey, Marcus! Get your *** over here right now!”
The equally notorious and ugly twin emerged from a seedy bush wearing a revolting rap tracksuit. “Alright you stupid ****, I’m here! So you found the little runt. What have you got planned from her?”
Mitchell’s evil eyes gleamed with despicable desires. “I say we take the girl’s innocence here and now, bro. It’s as much as the scheming little ***** deserves.”
Marcus licked his lips like a rabid dog. “Yeah. You like that, you little ****? You have no idea what we’re going to do to you! You ever read about those filthy sex stories in men’s magazines? They’re nothing compared to what’s in store for you! Not even your big brother can save you now!”
A rare moment of brilliance struck Mitchell’s otherwise ignorant mind. “Say, Marcus? Where is that brother of hers? I swear I heard him two minutes ago.”
“I’m right behind you, morons!”
Mitchell and Marcus didn’t know what hit them next. My eyes were like lava and my skin was like the surface of the sun. I growled like a raging lion and seized both of the Taylor twins by their heads before smashing them together like coconuts, leaving blood to flow out of their heads like coconut milk. Chikorita emerged from beside me and stuck out her tongue in bitter contempt. Tara’s pent up anger was released in a bout of laughter and taunting.
“Sucked in, you gorillas! You are completely pathetic! Now you two are getting what you deserve.”
Marcus jumped up with a start, a silver pistol clenched in his hands, pointing it directly at the centre of my forehead.
“One move, you bastard, and your sorry *** is going to the next life. And if your Chikorita even dares to try to attack me, she goes too.”
I scowled like I’d never scowled before while Chikorita began to chatter with fury. We were in big trouble. But there was one thing I couldn’t understand. How the hell did the Taylor twins manage to get hold of a weapon that wasn’t available at all to the public? This was no mere gun. It was a standard modern day army handgun. Now I was really beginning to wonder. Exactly who were the Taylor twins?
My train of thought was broken by a sudden vibration in my pocket. It was my beeper, set to vibrating mode. I knew what the message was. Marian had managed to accomplish what I needed her to. But maybe it would be too late now.
“Mitchell, she’s all yours.”
Mitchell rubbed his hands eagerly to the point it made me sick. I wanted to get right at him and rip his throat out, but Marcus’s instrument of death prevented that possibility. Tara was reduced to a shaking mess. Her downfall was one step away from being complete. Mitchell was going to beat her again. He was going to destroy all her dreams and aspirations with one single vile act. He was going to do the worst thing possible to her. What innocence left in her would be stolen from her forever. I couldn’t believe this was happening. To my sister! If only I could kill them! I wanted nothing more than to end their lives. But it was us who was on the receiving end.
I’d given up. Except I had forgotten one factor: Tara.
“You lose, *****!” sneered Mitchell, reaching out his hands towards Tara’s face and preparing to slide them down.
“You first,” replied Tara coldly. Then she did the most unexpected thing at the time.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Those two gangsters touched my breasts!”
Mitchell was left completely dumbstruck. For once the trash-talker was left speechless. Marcus was so flipped out he dropped his gun. This was the one opportunity we needed.
“Now, Tara!”
That was the one calling card Tara needed to unleash her revenge on Mitchell.
“See you in hell, fly boy!”
Tara whipped her right leg up and smashed her foot right into Mitchell’s privates. Mitchell let out a howl of pain and collapsed on the floor like a newborn baby, completely helpless and possessing no control. I reacted by slamming my right hand into Marcus’s stomach, intentionally hitting just below the diaphragm. Marcus was winded in an instant, hitting the ground like a slab of cement, crumbling and completely wasted.
“Where’s the gangsters that assaulted a young girl?!”
All around us police officers, including several Officer Jennys appeared, all brandishing their standard weapons and mad as hell.
I pointed my finger. “They’re the two that tried to assault my sister!”
“Geez, you two actually survived!”
Marian emerged from behind the wall of law enforcers.
“Nice work there, Marian. I thought we were goners for a moment.”
Marian smirked flirtatiously. “Well, you know, not all blondes are dumb!”
“Perish the thought! I never claimed to think that.”
“I know, you softie. You’re such a sucker at times, you know.”
“Hey, I’m just glad I lived. I owe you one, Marian. You helped to save Tara from a fate worse than death.”
“Hey, from what I saw, she managed to handle herself pretty well. You’ve got a cool sister!”
“Yeah, she’s something.” My face quickly turned to her, seeing her tiny yet strong body rushing with adrenaline, her face resonating confusion and exhilaration. She’d had her triumph had last. Mitchell had been beaten at last.
“Guess Totodile is finally hers.”
“Yeah, she’s stoked about that. Listen, can you speak to her for a while? I need to settle something with the police.”
“Sure. I understand.”
I walked forward towards the chief investigators but Marian spoke one more sentence.
“And don’t worry, Ryan. Your secret is safe with me.”
I looked back at her and for one of the few times in my life, I displayed fear.
“Remember, if they found out you know, it could be the end of you.”
“I know. I’m willing to take that risk. For Tara’s sake.”
“And one more thing. She mustn’t know. If she did, I couldn’t live with the consequences.”
“I know. You’re a good person. You can trust me. Lord knows that besides me and Tara, you don’t have anyone else to trust.”
I had no need to reply to that. That was the sentence that required dead air in the aftermath. Steeling myself, I approached the congregation of Jennys awaiting my presence.
“Well, you did pull it off. It was a bit of a reckless plan, though.”
“It did net the Taylors. And they’re my main concern. Any idea as to who these two truly are?”
“As embarrassing as this is, no. Our records contain nothing on them. And all our attempts to access their personal records like social security and medical and so forth were blocked. We’ve got no idea who they are. Except for one thing.”
The tallest Jenny retrieved a newspaper article. It was folded and looked recently cut out.
The headline was somehow not expected. It read:

Richard Taylor, CEO of Predator Inc. announces record $200 billion profit earnings

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Chapter Four: Cape of Confusion

Evening shadows were being cast along the ground, as the skylight dimmed. Clouds had turned from a fluffy pure clean white to different shades of gold and pink. The area was slowly growing darker as the sun decided to crawl over the hills. I sat on the tree stump we had managed to come across. It was the perfect place to spend our first night under the stars, in a small grassy clearing a bit away from the road. The path we were taking wasn’t the quickest to the next town but it was the path that Ryan had chosen and I didn’t feel like arguing. Besides he wanted me to have the full classic experience for a while.

Camping out under a star lit sky next to a small fire with sleeping bags and pokemon.

Leaving Salm had been a pleasing experience. Unfortunately about ten minutes after leaving the hotel and Salm all together I had realized that I had forgotten my skateboard so back we went to get it. Ryan was a bit peeved off but he should have expected it from me.

My mobile had beeped with a few messages from Pyro but as we continued on I realized that it was just one of those things where you see a cute guy and instantly like them until a few days without seeing them. It wasn’t anything serious. Anyway, with all those Hawaiian shirts he reminded me of a country bumpkin. I have nothing against Hawaiian shirts or Hawaii. And I like Hawaiian pizza, and pineapples and surfies are hot as. And volcanos are cool too. It’s just that in Hawaiian shirts he looked like a farmyard scarecrow.

Marian had also been texting me during the day. She asked where we were headed and laughed as I told her we were going up to Cape KY. She said that the quickest way around the region was to head Queen Stone way. But she’s a teenybopper so I didn’t pay any attention.

But I’m still nice to teenyboppers. They have feelings too. I have that sticker on my bag. My bag is covered in different stickers, same as my skateboard. One says Pennywise in big white letters on black background, another says Jackass. Some say Globe, others say Enjoi, Element, and a few are funny bumper stickers.

Mud covered his dusty blue scales, as he looked up at me from the ground with big curious eyes. Followed was Ryan’s own pokemon, covered in mud and water dripping from the leaf in its head. I laughed and picked up my own prized possession. Nobody could take him away from me. Messiah was my earned pokemon. I had gone through a lot for Messiah, the little Totodile on my lap covered in sticky wet dirt.

Ryan was out looking for some water. I volunteered Messiah to give some water but Ryan had pointed out that Messiah wasn’t strong enough to create enough water for boiling and cooking some noodles and would I really want to drink water that came from the insides of a pokemon?

I let him go without hesitations after that.

I opened my bag and got out a small piece of washcloth and instructed Messiah to wet it. A small tinkle of water sprayed out onto the cloth and I began to wash the mud off his face before it dried and needed to be scrubbed off.

“You could really use a bath or something,” I commented.

“Toto!” Messiah squealed, squirming. Chikorita laughed at Messiah’s squirming body, and reached out a vine to tickle him with.

“Don’t,” I told Chikorita, trying my best to hold Messiah still. “It’s hard enough.”

Chikorita retracted the vine with disappointment and went over to grumble by a tree, her back turned to Messiah and me. “Miss me?” a familiar voice asked. Turning around I gazed up at my brother. He was a doofus.

“Damn you’re back already,” I kidded disappointment. “Get enough water to last us?”

“Yeah until tomorrow anyway,” Ryan replied, beginning to light a small fire. He talked as his hands busily placed wood in a pile with some paper. “Tomorrow we’re going to keep on going up the hill and we’ll probably stop in at a small town over night if we can find one.”

“Is there one?”

“Not according to the map.” Ryan pulled out the matches and began to strike, fire sparking up. “But there’s bound to be somebody with a house or a little cottage around here.”

“Like the ones in the movies with a fireplace made out of wood?” I asked, my imagination taking off like a steam train with broken brakes. “Yeah, with a cute coffee table and lounge chairs and a hat stand in the corner. And curtains with flowers and a cute kitchen and bunk beds and a toilet with frozen toilet water.”

“How can toilet water freeze in the middle of summer?” Ryan asked me, staring at me and not concentrating on the fire. The hot flames licked at his hands and he pulled away quickly and rubbed his hands.

“I don’t know, you tell me,” I shrugged. I stood up off my tree stump seat and walked in a circle around it before heading over to Ryan who was bent over the fire, still rubbing his hand. Messiah jumped off and ran around the area like a chicken with no head. That was one hyper ‘dile.

“What’s on your mind?” Ryan asked. I stared into the flames, each ember burning brightly, captivating my mind. I barley heard him, his words washed over me like a wave tossing a cute surfer. He noticed that I was in deep thought and left me alone, going over to his little Chikorita to take care of it.

I sat on the grass, cross legged, watching the flames rise as the sky darkened to midnight blue. The past few days had been full on. So much had happened, it was just as if I was hanging out with my old friends again.

Ryan’s gun was so cool. It had come in handy too, especially against my parents. I mean, I thought climbing out the window and sneaking off to night parties was the way to defeat their rules. And against those dip **** hard asses, Mitchell and Marcus. Hard *** homies annoy me. Homies, what bros, rev heads, they all come under the topic of hard *** in my opinion. But that’s only the really stuck up ones. Some homies are really nice and one of our cousins is really nice and he’s a what-bro skater.

I was getting lost in my thoughts again. But it was really peaceful camping out in the middle of nowhere. Ryan said that even though we were camping out tonight we’d do the authentic traveling style for another day then go back to motel rooms and bed and breakfasts.

“Where are we going tomorrow?” I asked.

Ryan looked around from behind the bushes. “Can you wait a minute?” he asked, turning his head back to concentrating on his aiming skills. I laughed and reached over to get out my camera but I wasn’t fast enough. He glared at me as I placed the camera back in the bag.

I stared up at him with innocent eyes. Then I pointed to his fly. He got the hint and zipped it up. “Yeah kiddo?” he asked me, reaching out to ruffle my unruly hair.

I backed off quickly. “Go wash your hands,” I told him, trying my best to stay far away from his hands. He looked at them and shrugged. “Where are we headed tomorrow?”

“More north. We’re going to Cape KY remember?” Ryan turned to leave to find water to wash his hands. Messiah, who was still running around acting as if his tail were on fire, crashed into Ryan’s legs and fell down with a thump. “Hey Messiah,” Ryan began. “Can you wet my hands?”

Messiah grinned toothily and shook his head. Ryan rolled his eyes. “You and Messiah are a good pair, both stupid and stubborn.” And with those words he left.

I grinned, and lay back, shutting my eyes. Images of the past few days floated into my head. The shocked looks on my parents faces as Ryan flashed the gun, Marian and I talking for the first time, receiving Messiah after a whole lot of hard work, meeting Pyro… it was all good.

The night sky was so beautiful, I decided, opening my eyes. God had created such a perfect night. It was good to keep in mind that God doesn’t create junk, although I wasn’t quite sure what Marcus and Mitchell were doing around. They probably just had an attitude issue.

And as in most situations, good moments are cut short by an unexpected distraction. Sometimes these unplanned events turn out good, sometimes they can lead you on the wrong road, one filled with misfortune and bad things.

And my silent, quiet, reflecting moment was crushed by one squeal from the loud lungs of Messiah.

Jumping up, I ran towards the direction in which Messiah had cried out from. Through the bushes where Ryan had “number oned” next to, I came across Messiah with a bleeding arm. He was holding it, hopping from one foot to the next, squealing.

Across from him stood a glaring creature, one whose eyes looked like they could have easily caused Messiah and I to both explode right there. It’s jawline was impressive, I would have loved the set of muscles on my jaw line that it had, I’d be able to talk for longer. It’s teeth were sharp and pearly white. Perhaps it flossed.

But this was one mean looking Jolteon.

It growled like a rumble of thunder heard from the clouds in the distance. I was a bit scared until a rustle was heard in the bushes and some guy burst out the bushes with a pokeball. The Jolteon turned around, and seeing the guy behind her, slunk over to him with a hung head.

Messiah was now picked up in my arms, and I was busy trying to get a close look at the cut in his arm so I didn’t get a good look at the guy until he spoke. “Did my Jolteon do that?” he exclaimed with concern.

Looking up, I came face to face with your typical skatie, surfie dude. His hair was blonde, streaked obviously as he had brown roots. It was just the way I liked it.. His eyes were a vivid blue, the same kind of blue as a Pepsi Blue drink, except much stronger. His skin was tanned and looked smooth. In his ear he wore a simple sleeper, and on his head sat a backwards Juice Ematic cap, orange. He wore baggy jeans and an Omni belt, and a large black T-shirt with orange writing reading “Sk8 or Die” in graffiti style writing.

He was the best.

But I still couldn’t forget about Messiah, who sat in my arms trembling. “Yeah, I think so anyway,” I answered.

“And I thought I could trust you,” the guy told his Jolteon, peeved. “Get back to camp Enjoi.”

“You named your pokemon Enjoi?” I noticed. “Cool name.” I pulled out a rag cloth out of my pocket, which I had stuffed in from home after being sick of doing the dishes. I don’t know why it was still there. I began to try and wipe up the blood from his arm.

“Yeah,” the dude nodded. “Your Totodile okay?”

“Messiah will survive,” I shrugged. “Your deck Enjoi?” I tried to turn the conversation back to skating, hoping that he’d notice that I was cool. I was so dumb though, he would probably see I was a try hard anyway.

“Nah,” the dude shrugged. “Element.”

“Element’s cool,” I commented. “I want an element deck but I can’t afford it.”

“Sucks,” he replied.

“Hey what’s your name?” I asked, holding the cloth over Messiah’s cut. He chattered away to himself happily, not really caring that I was paying more attention to the other guy than to him.

“I’m Zach,” Zach answered, holding out his hand. I noticed the wallet chain hanging down the side of his pants. By the looks of it, it was a Rip Curl one.

“I’m Tara,” I replied, smiling. “I’d shake your hand but then Messiah would probably complain for attention or something.”

“Oh are you a Christian?” Zach asked.

“Yeah,” I answered. “You?”

“Yeah,” Zach grinned. “Go God!” He gave a punk rock sign with his hands and stuck his tongue out. I grinned and gave a small laugh and returned with my own punk rock sign.

Messiah noticed the pressure taken off his cut and the pain suddenly rushing to his brain, and let out another squeal.

From the bushes behind me Ryan burst through and instantly glared at Zach. “Who are you and what the hell do you want?” he demanded aggressively. I noticed his gun in his pocket.

“Chill Ryan,” I rolled my eyes. “This is Zach. Zach, my older brother Ryan.”

“Nice to meet you,” Zach held out his hand. Ryan shook it, a bit more comfortable with the fact that Zach was so polite. “You’ve got a cool sister,” he commented.

“Shut up,” I scoffed. “You haven’t even known me for five minutes.”

“Hey you didn’t scream your head off at me when Enjoi attacked your Messiah,” Zach shrugged. “That’s cool for me.”

“Zach!” a voice called from behind him and in about five seconds the owner of the voice appeared. A girl around about our age with styled blonde hair, combed neatly and let loose around her shoulders, came over and instantly was all over Zach. Her long dark eyelashes fluttered as she looked up at him, obviously wearing tons of make up. Her skirt (EUGH) was short (double EUGH) and she wore those cork sandals, with the really high heels that looked like cork. Her top was small and tight fitting and had no straps.

She was a whore.

She noticed me, in my jeans with the ripped bottoms, oversized T-shirt which now had blood on it, messy unruly hair, spiked armbands, holding Messiah closely to me, and glared at me. Her look said it all.

‘Keep away from my guy you *****.’

Ryan got a glare also.

“I’ll come back to camp now,” Zach told her. “Oh by the way, Andi, meet Tara and Ryan. This is my girlfriend, Andi.”

“Hey Andi sup?” I asked. I had a dislike for this girl but I didn’t want to cause any trouble.

Andi looked me up and down and gave a girlish snort. “Come on Zach, back to camp,” she tugged on Zach’s arm, looking at him pleadingly.

I wanted to be sick.

“You headed to Cape KY?” Zach asked Ryan and me.

“Yeah,” Ryan answered.

“Maybe I’ll see you round,” Zach shrugged. “See ya.” And Andi dragged him off.

“I didn’t like that girl,” I commented, as Ryan and I headed back to our own camp site.

“She was trouble,” Ryan replied. “Watch out for girls like that.”

“You think I don’t know that,” I told him. “Now did you wash your hands?”

“Yes,” Ryan rolled his eyes.


For about two days we traveled along the road to Cape KY. The first two days were fun, but then Ryan decided that we were going to take too long and if the competition was going to be held at its regular time we would have to take less time in between places.

So Ryan got us a bus and for about another twenty minutes we sat bored out of our minds. Ryan had his headphones on, listening to some CD, Massive Attack or something. I rolled my eyes at his taste in music. Massive Attack were boring, what happened in their songs was boring. No heavy riffs, only the bass lines were good. But that’s talking from only listening to one song, but still I was always right.

Punk rock was the best. Full stop.

But there was only one disc man, and we had to share which meant either listening to Massive Attack or going without. And I went without.

I wanted to let Messiah out of his pokeball but the bus rules stated No Loose Pokemon, which was really dumb. I sighed and looked out the window. Cape KY was partway up a mountain, and the first step on our journey. I totally sound cliché but it was true, I was going to win a badge.

I elbowed Ryan hard as we pulled in to the main Cape KY town. It wasn’t as big as Salm but it was a decent place, compared to all the other places I had seen, which was basically the heart of Salm.

We crashed out for a few more days, Ryan deciding that we could always enter the later competition if necessary. I was glad we got to crash out, I had been experiencing some pretty weird mood swings lately, and I just couldn’t explain it. It was as if I was annoyed with everything. Annoyed with the way the trip was going so far, annoyed with the type of personality Messiah had gotten, annoyed with the fact that there was nothing now. I mean where was the excitement?

That’s why, a week after we left from Salm, I found myself walking down the streets of Cape KY, Messiah at my side. We were headed towards the end of Cape KY, and seeing it was such a small place it only took us about ten minutes to get from where we were staying to a small open field that was sure to contain lots of pokemon.

Yet I still felt empty, like, even though I was headed, searching for excitement and meaning, there was a hole, like something was missing, and so early in the trip too. Messiah looked up at me, today calm, as if he was asking with those large eyes “now what?”

I tried not to let my damp spirits bother little Messiah. “Okay, now I want you to scratch the bark on this tree here,” I instructed, tapping the tree with my hand. Messiah looked at the tree, took a breath in and with great speeds jumped up and began powering his small arms in fury. Landing on the ground with a soft thud, Messiah grinned proudly at me, shining his sharp little teeth. Embedded in the bark were dozens of scratch marks, really shining through the bark.

I raised my eyebrows, trying to act happy. “Wow, good work Messiah,” I congratulated. Messiah seemed oblivious to my real mood and gave a cry of delight. “Now,” I began. “I want you to growl at me. I’m your enemy so come and growl at me okay?”

Messiah nodded and swallowed, preparing a growl. He opened his mouth and from the depths of his throat rumbled a small yet never less a growl. I burst out laughing, and Messiah blushed, embarrassed. “Don’t worry about it,” I laughed. “That sounded so damn funny!” Messiah grinned and gave a chuckle. “Leave it like that, hopefully you’ll surprise your enemies with something so unexpected that they’ll stop in confusion or something.” Messiah nodded and gave me a small thumbs-up.

“You should know… Rage, right?” I tried hard to remember what the teachers had been saying in the few school lessons I had been paying attention to.


“And water pokemon such as Totodile and Squirtle usually learn…” the teacher had been babbling on about.

“Hey Tara,” Adam flicked my ear and I turned around. He held up a piece of paper with a picture of two big eyes drawn in bold black colors. Underneath the words read ‘I see you’.

I tried to contain my laughter, but I didn’t do that very well. The teacher glared at me, as I turned around and I sheepishly grinned back. “Hi,” I waved meekly.

“Out Tara,” the teacher sighed, pointing to the door. Laughing and glaring at Adam I walked out of the class room. Behind me the teacher shut the door and continued to talk about water pokemon.

I groaned. This was useless.

“Can you do water gun?” I asked Messiah. He looked thoughtful for a moment, placing a tipped finger on his scaled snout. He turned back to me, and opened his mouth. My first thought was that he was going to give a cry and nod, but I wasn’t expecting to be blasted in the face by room temperature water.

I glared at him, then burst out laughing. I was soaking wet but I didn’t care. It was nice to be with Messiah, even if he was cheeky.

Laughing, I picked him up. “I think that that is enough for today,” I announced. Messiah groaned but allowed himself to be carried off by me. We walked out the little park area and were about to enter Cape KY again.

But Messiah jumped out my arms suddenly, this time not mucking around. The look in his eyes, as if a fire was burning in his skull (of course fire can’t burn in a water pokemon.) He gritted his teeth together, and tensed up his muscles and stared firmly behind us, looking around.

“What’s wrong?” I began to ask. Messiah ignored the question, keeping his eyes focused. No movement came from the bushes or long grass. Messiah loosened up, and gave a small “Toto” before turning around and continuing to walk back, satisfied that there was nothing there.

With a defying roar out the bushes in front of us leapt what looked like a large wolf. I gave a scream and backed off fairly quickly. Messiah tensed up immediately, and blasted the growling wolf with a fresh dose of water.

Wrong move. The wolf leapt at Messiah, missing him narrowly, but if he hadn’t of ducked he would have been hit badly. Messiah turned around as the wolf reered its head back and ran at Messiah again. Messiah lifted his arm and swiped it down as the wolf ran towards him. Catching the wolf’s face with his nails, Messiah was taken down by a wolf that now had slash marks on its face.

With a snap of the wolf’s jaws Messiah almost had his nose bitten off. Luckily his head moved out the way as a reflex and only the side of his cheek received a nasty bite. I ran forward, seeing Messiah’s helpless position and tried to pull the wolf creature off him.

My hand jerked back immediately. At least I had gotten the creature off Messiah, who was getting up and preparing to attack in rage. His eyes burned furiously at the site of my hand dripping with blood thanks to the teeth of the wolf. Running forward, Messiah was a mess of slashing limbs and snapping jaws and angry cries.

I bet they were really offensive too.

Messiah met the wolf head on and began to attempt to slash it to bits. Being only little, it was easy for the wolf to push him away and wind him with his paw. Messiah got up and looking up, saw the wolf charging towards him, and was smacked in the middle of his chest with the shoulder of the wolf.

Panting he went down. He was doing so well for his first battle, I was so proud of him I wanted to cry. But I was already almost in tears due to the fact that I was pouring out blood and it hurt like hell. Still I couldn’t let Messiah get the crap kicked out of his little hiney.

I ran up and swinging my leg, attempted to connect with the wolf’s cheek but the quick reflexes of this animal were not to be underestimated. It ripped my jeans more than they already were and took a bit out of my leg. I stumbled back, watching Messiah go in again for another attack of fury. He never gave up.

“Don’t Messiah!” I cried. “We have to run now!”

Messiah shook his head and blasted the wolf with more water. The wolf, now dripping, shut his jaws down on the soft belly skin of my Totodile, resulting in some piercing screams.

“Take down!” a voice ordered, and out of nowhere a blaze of yellow and white leapt across, knocking the wolf off Messiah. On top of the wolf now, Jolteon growled, spikes sparking with electricity. Zach ran up behind it. “Thunder!”

I shut my eyes tightly, and I still felt blinded as great light emerged from the power of the electrical shock. It seemed to last forever, but after a moment it subsided, and Zach tossed a pokeball out and captured the beast. I stood there, panting, gasping for breath.

“Thank you so much!” I thanked. I ran over to Messiah and picked him up. He looked as if he was about to faint. My legs wouldn’t hold me any longer, I slumped to the ground, worn.

“Are you okay?” Zach asked, concerned. He took a look at my bleeding arm, and my bleeding leg. “You look horrible.”

“So what’s new?” I shrugged. I tried to steady my breathing and my heartbeats, but they were still moving as fast as before. Jolteon walked over to Messiah and licked him gently.

“Seriously what happened?” Zach asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “One moment we were training the next moment that THING attacked us.”

“It was a Poochyena,” Zach informed me. “They’re really tough little fighters. I just don’t know why that one attacked you.” He spun the pokeball in his hand then looked at me on the ground. “Do you want it?” he offered.

“No,” I refused. “It’s okay, you caught it.”

“You sure?” Zach asked.

I nodded. “Hey where’s that,” I stopped myself from uttering offensive words. Like hoe. “That girl you were with. Sandy or something.”

“Andi,” Zach replied. “She’s somewhere. Probably out with her other friends getting their nails done.”

“Why bother?” I shrugged. “What a waste of money.” I snorted loudly.

“You’re not like most girls are you?” Zach commented, even though it was more of a question.

I shook my head smiling. “Nope.”


“What the hell happened to you today?” Ryan exclaimed, as I walked in our room, still bleeding slightly, sweaty, dirty and with an aching leg. Messiah walked also, except his stomach had a bandage wound around it.

“Got attacked by some thing called a Poochyena,” I shrugged. “No big deal.”

“Wha?” Ryan spluttered. “No big deal! Look at you! You’ve got bite marks all over you, you’re still bleeding!” Ryan groaned. Chikorita came into the room and raised her eyebrows (try finding eyebrows on a Chikorita. Impossible!). Ryan was still spewing with emotions a mix of shock and anger. “What on earth possessed you to get attacked?”

“Oh we decided to do some training because we were bored,” I told him, going and pouring myself a drink of cold water. I got out an extra glass and poured one for Messiah, and handed it down to him. He gulped it in one go. “And basically I discovered that Messiah is pretty strong, but soaking a Poochyena is not a good action.”

“So how did you get out of it?” Ryan demanded. “Messiah wouldn’t be able to beat such a strong thing as a wild Poochyena. I didn’t even know there were wild Poochyena around these areas. Normally those type of pokemon tend to stay in the low valleys and plains. They’re hardly around these areas.”

“Well I’m okay,” I shrugged. “What’s for tea?”

“You can grab some McDonalds for dinner on the way to the hospital,” Ryan told me. “Come on Chikorita, grab my wallet.” Ryan went over to the window and closed it, locking it so that nobody would get into our room at the Bed n Breakfast.

“Do we have to?” I whined. “I’ll be right!”

Ryan’s look told me to shut up. I stopped my arguing and followed him, carrying Messiah with me. I had already taken Messiah to the pokemon center after being attacked. There was a wait but they managed to give him a few stitches and wrapped the rest of the wound in a thick bandage. Ryan was making too much of a fuss about us being attacked. It was no big deal, not as if we were killed or anything.

We ate in the waiting room, and after about three hours we entered the area where I got a few stitches on my arm and a bandage. My leg was fine, it wasn’t such a deep bite, but I had to get a needle anyway. It hurt bad, even worse than it would normally hurt because I have this needle phobia.

When we left the hospital it was late, and Ryan insisted that I recall Messiah. I thought that was dumb, because if we were going to be attacked Messiah could help. But Messiah was hurt and probably weaker than Ryan’s Chikorita. Ryan was probably training Chikorita that day to be tons strong. But there was something about Ryan lately, not straight away but ever since the whole Mitchell and Marcus incident.

He seemed like he was hiding something, but I didn’t know what. All I knew was that I would probably wonder now and forget about it the next day.


I walked the streets of Cape KY. I didn’t have a clue where I was going but I knew I wanted to find the gym that day and at least talk to the gym leader. I walked into the shopping center; I heard that the gym was actually a shop or something in there. Walking through, Messiah by my side, we still wore our bandages. I wasn’t going to challenge the gym leader with Messiah’s side prone to pop its stitches at a battle.

The food court was small but packed. I walked past it, the smells of different types of foods reaching up my nose into my brain telling me to stop and buy some food. Messiah’s brain also made that calling and he tugged my jeans, asking with his eyes if we could get something. I nodded to him and we walked past the crowd over to the kebab shop. Kebab’s were nice, especially chicken ones. I stopped in at McDonalds and bought Messiah a happy meal, on the condition that we shared the little toy. They were celebrating the release of the new kids movie, so little Mew toys were being given out. Mew, Mewtwo, Celibi and a small toy of the hero, some chick named Bessie.

“Hey Tara!” a voice called across the cafeteria. I looked around, in one hand holding my kebab, in the other hand holding a Happy Meal. Messiah sipped the lemonade, holding it with two clawed hands. In the middle of the crowd Zach shot up, waving his hands around. I grinned and made my way over to him.

“Hey how are you?” I asked him, placing my stuff down on his table.

“I’m good, how bout you?” Zach replied. “Hey how’s your arm?”

“Stitches, how cool,” I answered. “Want to see?”

“We’re eating here girl,” one of Zach’s friends commented, raising his eyebrows.

I took a seat, Messiah taking one next to me, and took a bite of my kebab. “Oh by the way, sorry,” Zach began. “This is Tara, guys. Tara, that’s Ashley, Warren and Andrew.” They waved at me.

They were all hot but Zach was the hottest. “Where’s Andi?” I asked.

Warren sneezed loudly, but his sneeze sounded much more like whore than a real sneeze. Zach glared. “She’s hot, shut up,” he retorted. “She went with her other friends to go do some shopping.”

“Oh this is Tara!” Ashley suddenly exclaimed, a light bulb going off in his head. “The one who Andi was calling a *****.”

“Me? A *****?” I gasped. “Well she’s smarter than I thought. Most people don’t realize until a week later.” I grinned and took another bite of my lunch.

“You’re not a *****,” Zach replied. “She’s tough you know,” he told Ashley, Andrew and Warren. “You know that Poochyena I caught? She was attacked by it and her and her Totodile, Messiah, managed to almost beat it. Check out the bite marks on her leg and arm.”

I lifted up my ripped jeans and showed them the bite marks. Andrew turned away, a bit grossed out. He had a weak stomach. “Can I touch?” Warren asked, reaching out a finger. I shrugged and he stuck his finger into the tooth-hole in my leg. “Ooh! That’s gross!”

Zach laughed. A few moments later, the ‘girls’ returned. Andi gave me a look. “What’s she doing here?” Andi asked.

“She’s eating lunch,” I replied in the same tone as Andi. “Speaking of lunch, did you eat or did you just go puke it out afterwards?” I smiled sickly at her, but she just glared back.

“Woah where did that come from?” Andrew asked nobody in particular.

I didn’t know. I just said it. Couldn’t keep my mouth shut could I?

“Zach why is she still hanging around,” Andi turned her attention to her boyfriend.

“Because she’s cool,” Zach replied. “She’s a Christian, she’s into skating, she’s a full on tomboy.”

“And he’s only known me for two days,” I commented, raising my eyebrows.

“Well she’s a *****,” Andi commented.

“Oy!” I exclaimed. “I was about to apologize for what I said because it was totally uncalled for, but now I’m not going to because you really are an anorexic whore.”

“What did you call me a whore for?” Andi demanded. I stood up and glared at her.

“Maybe because you are one,” I answered.

“What about you, I wouldn’t go around calling people whores when you look like that,” Andi told me. Her friends stood around her watching her. Zach watched on worried that there would be a fight. Warren, Andrew and Ashley anxiously watched for any signs of a fight.

“At least I don’t wear skirts that are so far up my *** that there is no chance of getting them out, even with tweezers,” I retorted. “Now why don’t you just go give some poor goat head.” I turned around and sat down and picked up my kebab.

Andi stood there, glaring at me before grabbing a hold of my hair and pulling my head back and using her hand to slap me across the face. I dropped my kebab onto the table, where Messiah grabbed it and took a bite. My fist curled up into a small rounded ball, and I have to admit I had always imagined myself in a fight wearing my cool Christmas present, a wrist cuff given to me by my cousin. It was read and had silver studs on it and it was really cool. I wore a lot of armbands but that is beside the point.

I wasn’t sure whether to punch her fully in the face or not, but decided that if I ever needed to get Mitchell and Marcus in the wrong books of the law it would sort of help if I hadn’t punched some **** in the face.

I punched her belly instead. Winded, she stepped back, letting go of my hair. I got up, kicked my chair aside with my leg and stomped on her pretty little painted toes. She glared at me and slapped me across the cheek. It stung for about a second, but I could feel the burning of a handprint on my face. She stood there glaring and gloating over me. I looked at her. What was she staring there for. I went to punch her nose, forgetting everything logic I had thought a minute ago, and found her hand clasped around my wrist.

My other hand shot underneath. Quite a good shot too. She grabbed her stomach with one hand, and tried to slap with another. She was hopeless.

Then I felt a slap, one that knocked my face sideways, one that made me almost crash into some poor family’s table. She had been acting weak for the first few times. I flew at her, and punched her, a really good shot! Right on her cheek! She fell back, only stumbling until I placed my foot underneath her.

I wasn’t really hurt but I grew bored with her after this. She was too easy to knock down. I turned away and picked up my kebab, what was left of it anyway. Messiah jumped on my backpack, as I picked it up and put it on. “See you guys later,” I said to them. “Zach, make sure you tell her that she was an easy win.”

“I heard that *****!” Andi shouted, getting up.

I ignored her and walked off through the center, leaving the food court. I was secretly hoping that I had made a good impression on Zach and his friends, but I wasn’t going to show anybody that. Messiah and I walked a little while longer and came across the gym.

We walked past that and then entered the pokemon gym. It was more like a closed in shop with a doorway, not an open shop like the other ones. And it seemed really nice too. With Messiah’s stomach with stitching though I didn’t really think we could battle. And I hadn’t been bothered to be a good little trainer and go catch a pokemon every chapter and give them some corny name like “Pidgeon” and “Sparky”. How dumb. I just wanted to hang with Messiah for a while.

“Can I help you?” some dude asked, walking up to me. He looked about forty, with balding red hair, and a red moustache. He wore an un-tucked collared shirt that supported a football team, and had a gym leader name tag pinned on.

“Hey are you the gym leader?” I asked.

“That’s me,” he grinned back. “I’m Wayne.”

I shook his hand. “I’m Tara,” I replied. “I was going to be battling you today…”

“Scared of me?” Wayne joked.

I smiled. “No,” I answered. “I got attacked by a Poochyena. So basically if Messiah,” I indicated to Messiah, “battles he’ll have popped stitches I guess. So otherwise I would have battled you.”

“Yeah it’s a smart decision,” Wayne nodded in agreement.

“I just wanted to find out a bit about the type of gym and such,” I shrugged.

Wayne and I talked for a while. I didn’t keep track of time but after a while the door opened and Ryan rushed in. “Tara, come on, you’ve got to pack your stuff,” he told me in a hurried voice. He turned to Wayne. “Sorry but we have to go.”

“Go as in leave Cape KY?” I asked.

“Yes,” Ryan replied.

“Guess I’ll battle you at some time when I’m stronger then,” I said to Wayne.

“See you later Tara!” he waved.

Ryan dragged me out the shop, Messiah following as fast as he could. I grabbed my arm away from Ryan’s grip. “What is your problem?” I demanded. “What’s the big deal?”

“We have to leave Cape KY,” Ryan told me urgently. “Half an hour to pack your bags at the B’n’B then we have to leave. Come on!”

“Wait!” I told him. “Why do we have to leave so soon?”

Ryan looked around, and I could tell by the worry in his eyes that it was something important that he didn’t particularly want me to be talking about in such open spaces. “We could be in serious danger here,” he whispered. “Now come on!”

Lady Vulpix
29th March 2003, 08:03 PM
Oh! You're on! I've caught Connor, Ryan and Tara online on the same day! This is incredible!
Ok, it's late now, but I'll read this chapter first thing tomorrow morning. It's great to know this fic goes on. :)

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30th March 2003, 04:08 AM
Ohhhh......niiiiiiiiice and long.......Jus tthe way I like it..^_^

Andi is kinda an interesting person...even though she's sounds like a ^&**(.....And Zach sounds like a nice guy.

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30th March 2003, 06:30 PM
I sent you quite a few messages, Tara! I've got no idea why they didn't reach you. Anyways, this chapter is ultra cool! Lot of fun indeed! I'm going to enjoying messing with Andi's mind! God, she is such a disgusting pampered little fake plastic doll, hey?! :D

My Chikorita does hae a name now. I'm calling her Snapdragon. :)

And just one thing: I ALWAYS WASH MY HANDS! :yes: I'd like everyone to understand that, ok?! :yes:

Some 2 x 2 matches would be cool. I say we do some of them. ;)

Linkin Park rocks! Meteora is a mighty killer album! I hope it murders pop for the sluts they all are! :D Anyway, the new White Stripes album, Elephant, is comiong out today, and they reckon it's a killer too! Fully of choatic blues-riffs, mighty female drumming from Meg White and a lotta howling from ol' Jack White! Rock on comrades!

I'll start work on the next chapter. I wanna do a gym battle, I guess, or at least part of one.

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First of all, sorry for not responding sooner. Maybe I have forgot about this fanfic. Okay, responding to the Chapter A gun? Seems like LVH have a thing in common. Also didn't WDC or LVH ever use the song System of a Down or am I imagining it? Okay, for chapter 4 now ... Poochyena? Involving R/S Pokemon, eh?. I am doing that with one of my fanfics. I think I mentioned Wurmple in Lawrence's Journey. Well, keep up the good job, both of you.

Lady Vulpix
31st March 2003, 06:09 PM
Now I'm intrigued as to what's going on.
Your descriptions are as good as usual, Tara! Though I must admit I was a bit shocked at the way your character enjoys violence, and also how she judges people just by looking at them. Still, Andi's appearance led me to think she had some serious self esteem issues, which turned out to be true.

I have a few questions:
1.- What do those labels you used mean? (teenybooper, homie, rev head, what bro...)
2.- How did Zach know you were christian? And why was that strange, anyway, aren't christians common in Australia?
3.- What did Andi call you? It seemed to be important for the plot, but it was censored. Could you do something like post all the letters but 0ne, or something like that?

Some scenes with Ryan were funny, but he looked so dark most of the time! Anyway, I think that attitude is an important part of the story, right?

1st April 2003, 05:47 AM
1.- What do those labels you used mean? (teenybooper, homie, rev head, what bro...)

Basically they are just lables. Most teenagers lable others around them. For instance, teenyboppers are those who listen to pop music, are mostly blondes (but others arent) and are full like "how cute!" "how sweet" and if you've ever seen the movie The Hot Chick they're just like the group of girls in there. Homies are people who are listen R'n'B and those around my school are mostly really hard and full of themselves but not all of em are. They often listen to R'n'B, Rap, Hip Hop and other stuff like that and they're the people who always are like "tupac lives" n stuff. Rev heads are just people who are really into cars n stuff. What bros are the people who always walk around going "What you want bro?" "You tlakin to me?" "What bro?" yeah. Thats the way theyr'e labled at our school. ^_^

2.- How did Zach know you were christian? And why was that strange, anyway, aren't christians common in Australia?

Yeah Christians are common but most people arent. I mean if you walked down the street there would be about 1 out of 10 who is a Christian (guessing) because most people are roman catholic and there is a difference. Also the nickname Messiah is a word used in the bible meaning Christ. it's another name for Jesus.

3.- What did Andi call you? It seemed to be important for the plot, but it was censored. Could you do something like post all the letters but 0ne, or something like that?

Basically most of her words were like "b*tch" and "sl*t" and "wh*re" and words like that. They werent really important it was just like fighting n stuff. Basically three lettered *** words are mostly a*ss, five ***** is mostly b*tch, and 4 letter ones are either sh*t or sl*t. ^_^;;

Thanks for reading it guys I'm so sorry it took me so long to get around to. Its just been a bit hard to find itme latley.


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I am Christian. :D

Not the most adherent, but Christian morals are decent.

3rd April 2003, 01:49 AM
Isn't Roman Catholic a denomination of Christianity? That's what I leartn in RE anyway. *is surprised she actually listened*
Pretty good chapter there. Andi seems like an ineresting character.

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mistysakura: Yeah, it is. Tara did well with that chapter! ;)

Well, Tara is now a Fanfic mod! :) :wave: :yes: So, I'd better get onto thinking of what to do for the next chapter! I'll see if I can be on an afternoon next week, Tara, so we can talk. Mum says she will give me the password soon, but not yet. :rolleyes: Keeps changing her mind: :(

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Well, I just caught up, and I can say that this looks very well done! I like the distinct characters and their personalities. It has a very well thought out plot, which makes it all the more interesting to read. And I learned something today! I learned that sl*t is censored on this forum! Whee.

Anyway, no real suggestions other than spelling and small grammar issues, but nothing that's any big deal. It's a very creative idea, having you two alternate chapters! Lookin' good! Keep it up!