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Lady Vulpix
14th October 2011, 01:20 PM
I asked Zak if he wanted to post this one, but he said he'd rather I did it, so here it is.

We already have a collection of all the unphatomable Lingo Plushies (http://forboards.tripod.com/LingoPlushies.html) won until version 16 inclusive, but you can repost yours in this thread and also include any plushies you obtain from now on.

Shadow Wolf
14th October 2011, 01:35 PM
Alright, thanks Gabi.

OK, here's what I got so far...

(Version 15) Fantasy, Gallery, Couscous, Vertex, Thanks.

(Version 16) Message, Critic.

(Version 17) Whatchamacallit, Colossus, Matrix, Hiatus, Xylopyrography, Hidden, Equation, Weirder, Invariant, Anyway

(Version 18) Extract, Zigzag, Camellia, Effect, Stuffed, Server, Quality, Paradox, Absence.

(Version 19) Delight, Sequence, Legendary, Bookmark, Libellula, Sassy

(Version 20) Bezique Pizzazzy

Lady Vulpix
14th October 2011, 02:01 PM
Not a problem. :)

Here's what I got:

(Version 1) Success, Elixir, Piranha, Kinetic, Stalker, Luster, Quixotic, Feather, Elephant, Umbrella, Stutter, Zephyrs.

(Version 2) Fanatic, Plague, Synonym, Monarchy, Xerxes, Horizon, Tsunami, Symbol.

(Version 3) Fibulae, Myriad, Exodus.

(Version 4) Clepsydra, Sukiyaki, Beekeeper, Nervous, Messiah.

(Version 5) Illicit, Basenji.

(Version 6) Jazz, Spite, Champion, Aviatrix, Cysts, Psyche, Cowabunga.

(Version 7) Instinct, Linux, Pendant, Weapon, Archaic, Explicit, Jay, Memento, Salmon.

(Version 8) Eloquent, Revival, Yttrium, Freedom, Syzygy, Roadkill, Artisan, Crucifix, Diet, Outro.

(Version 9) Doohickey, Ditto, Afikomen, Martyrs, Pickle, Tails, Diode, Queue, Erratic.

(Version 10) Hypoallergenic, Aluminum, Embezzling, Lawsuit, Uncopyrightable, Sublime.

(Version 11) Thingamabob, Hauberk, Bitmap, Rigamarole, Bookkeeper, Strength, Trojan.

(Version 12) Caduceus, Mesencephalon, Touchstone, Corrupt, Toxicity.

(Version 13) Another, Awkward.
(Version whatever) Forsaken.
(Version 13 Reposted) Happiness, Megiddo, Matter, Tomorrow, Singing, Seventeen, Valkyrie, Asterisk, Oregano.

(Version 14) Wonderful, Mononucleosis, Electric.

(Version 15) Level, Marijuana, Romance, Syzygies, Cappuccino, Encyclopedias, Shrapnel, Knowledge, Rhodochrosite.

(Version 16) Starfish.

(Version 17) Flashlight, Intelligence, Phoenix, Autograph, Ocean, Invisible, Cowabunga again, Electrolyte, Professional, Spirit, Word, Whammy, Twilight.

(Version 18) Deified, Wallpaper, Thermometer, Succubus, Inconsistent, Armor, International, Aerodynamic, Heterojunction, Incomplete, Skunk, Electrode, Figurine, Legendary, Kimono, Investigator, Knuckles, Subzero, Supercontinent, Hazardous, Unrepeatable, Manifesto.

(Version 19) Idea, Plushie, Delicious, Thousandth, Unfamiliar.

(Version 20) Everyday.

Knight of Time
18th October 2011, 11:17 AM
Okay, well I just got back into the game, and so far, I got:

Version 17: Lover, Information, Abstract, Fluff, Symmetry, Trick
Version 18: Ideal, Informative, Comparison, Confluence, Attempt, Sonic, Obvious, Undefinable
Version 19: Train, Lightning, Interesting, Dialogue, Referrer
Version 20: Knuckle, Nothing, Hollow

Mikachu Yukitatsu
1st December 2013, 09:54 AM
Strict, Fantasy, Cheerful, Excellent, Knight, Mystery, Sundae, Funny, Hangman