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26th May 2003, 05:13 AM
sorry I havent posted in awile been busy studying for my final.

anyway I'm all cought up Seviper seems cool. mabey now that chris saved his life ,bulbasar will start to respect him.

I also have another question, this is your last fic with From Rookie To Champion right, are you going to write anything
else or is this it?

27th May 2003, 11:14 AM
Well it was a good chapter, dang Flygon got away. I like Flygon more than Dragonite, whom I think before you rewrote this was in it. I may be wrong. Seviper and Bulbasaur a strange combo, one anti social one too social. Oppisites attract. The ball that that one guy held sounds cool where can I get one?

28th May 2003, 02:41 PM
Yo, SM. Just checking in.

I haven't read any of the fic yet, but from those last few comments by other readers it looks hella good so far. I just don't want any influences 'til you know what has been completed.

See ya!

Chris 2.1
29th May 2003, 10:31 AM
hey peeps! Barcelona rocked. I'm posting T-W-O C-H-A-P-T-E-R-S today! I'm just in a good mood.

- Each story is starting to pick up speed (Like Misty's car hehe), and soon each relates to the other in a very synchronised way. I like it. Misty;'s story is so great to write!

-Simple plan are wkd! Bulbasaur's attitude is still the same...will it last? I wonder...and what about Chris' once treasured Pidgeotto? Time will tell...

Dragonfree: I think the Sandra/Al thing MAY be deeper than you think. All i'll say is this: Seafoam Island.!!!

Hanada: Glad you enjoyed it! Dragon Dance...what is that move exactly? attack? defence? stat change? I'd appreciate sum1 telling me!

Oakbark: Yea. I had a great time in barcelona, and Flygon might return....maybe...Kimi is basically the female r/s character, but kinda REALLY emphasised to make her seem annoying! Seviper rocks!

Watermaster: This is my last fic ever! Enjoy it while you can...I hope whatever you're studying for goes smoothly. Unless its a test on sandpaper, which should go roughly...:confused:

Powarun: What ball?
Anyway, Seviper and Bulbasaur will soon grow to respect each other, I'm sure of it.

The Indigo Road
Chapter 24 - Rights, Wrongs and Dragon Tamers[i]
By Shinymarill


“Mightyena! Headbutt now!”

Mightyena charged and forced his hard skull into Slowpoke’s doughy body. The confused Pokemon collapsed, unable to battle any longer. I watched the boy fiercely, as he recalled his beaten Pokemon.

“Ok kid, now tell us where the Gym is! ” I snapped. I was now in full, updated Elite attire: The uniforms were a navy blue, with white sleeves. In the center, there was a silver shield, which had a golden R on it. They gave me a great sense of dignity: I was still rather sad and upset, but either way knew that this wasn’t the time. I had an authority role now - I had to reinforce it.

“It’s…in…. Northeast Saffron” The boy wept. “Please! Leave me BE!”
“Let him be” Jet growled. One of the O Grunts dropped him. The grunts were ranked in A, E, I, O, U. we took the second worse, O Grunts, for some first hand experience. Oh well. One kept smiling at me with a lop sided grin…it made me shudder.

The boy was left alone, and the group of four continued through Saffron. We all got in the van and proceeded through the large City. The rest of the Grunts (Rank A) had left to Pewter to take care of business.

Off we drove, searching for the Psychic Gym. Jet told me he would be using Mightyena and Foretress if I didn’t mind, which I didn’t, as Mightyena was still technically his. Jet had also been given Magmar for a short period of time, the same one we stole from Chris Haruka.

However, as I looked out my window, my eyes widened at a familiar 14 year old kid on a petrol scooter. Kecleon by his side, content grin on his face. What was he doing here? I couldn’t believe it…this was a good opportunity: 4 VS 1.

“Jet! Look!” I hissed. “It’s Chris!”
Jet watched, his eyes widening.
“That retarded kid,” Jet whispered. “Should we?”

“Hmm…we could” I began. “But…our mission…”
“It can wait” Jet purred. “Let’s go”

We stopped the van and piled out. Chris peeped along on his scooter but stopped when he saw Jet and myself. Kecleon leapt off the bottom of the scooter and watched, as did the stupid teenager. We each drew a Pokeball, the O Grunts still in the van.

“ You ” He growled. “What do you two want with me?”
“There are a few issues left unsolved” I began. “Fancy solving them?”
“Not at this time” Chris said. “Megan, don’t you cows go and get milked around now?”

The little bastard sneered.

“Take that back!” I snapped. “Mightyena, GO!”
Chris watched as Mightyena formed. He stared Chris down, and it became apparent that the annoying ‘Joe trainer’ was worried. He drew a Pokeball and threw it out, forming into a large Seviper.

“Oooh” I said. “GRUNTS! GET HERE NOW!”
“Free experience” Jet said to them. “Watch this”

The three rockets watched Chris’ battle with myself. Seviper lunged at Mightyena, but he ran around in circles, confusing the sinewy Pokemon deeply. Mightyena then forced his head down and sunk his teeth into Seviper’s body.

“Swing it around” I began. “Make sure it doesn’t live”
“NO!” Chris screamed. “Acid!”

Seviper turned and blasted an acid at Mightyena, leaving a bald patch where the fur had left. I was angry now! Jet seemed distraught at his Pokemon’s health, but I kept on battling with him.

“Take down!”

Mightyena charged. He tore across the field and stomped on Seviper, leaving the viper Pokemon somewhat battered and bruised. It got up, however, and with its long lasting health it managed to strike back. It lunged, sinking its large red fangs into Mightyena’s coat, ripping it savagely.

“NO!” Jet cried. “Megan, recall him!”
I watched. Should I? I thought about it carefully, but Jet had already taken action. He swiped the ball from me and recalled Mightyena.

“This is for you,” He said to Chris. He smacked him in the face. Blood spewed from his nose, and he now had a large bump above his eyebrow. Tears streamed down Chris’ face as he fell down. I actually pitied him…Jet lashed out too hard, I thought…

Jet stormed back into the van, but I walked over to Chris.

“You okay?” I asked. “Sorry about that…Jet’s protective”
“Where are your Pokemon?” Chris asked me, innocence in his eyes. I looked at him. Jet, however, shouted my name from his seat. Wanted me back, I guess.

“Long story,” I said. “But you’ll hear it one day”

I dashed into the van, and as I thought about it, maybe this new life of mine meant I’d act like this all the time. The sheer thought of not being a rocket made me smile, and the thought of meeting new people and new Pokemon just filled my heart with joy!

“Listen” Jet began, staring into my eyes. “Mightyena is pretty hurt…please be more careful with him…especially when you leave me”

“Ok. I will,” I said emptily. “Sorry”
“Don’t worry about it” Jet said, starting the van back up. “We have a mission, and a ‘death’ to plan out”

I smiled as we drove through Saffron. Chris lay there, seemingly confused about all of this. Oh well. Boys will be boys…



I LOVE my new Ampharos! Flaaffy didn’t stay Flaaffy long…but my new Electric Dragon is SO CUTE! He’s strong, but powerful, and being a dragon meant I could have him with me on Dragon Rock! Kimi was really jealous!!

“Chris should be here today,” I said at the breakfast table. “I can’t believe he’s taken so long!”

“Leave him be” Kimi said, munching her toast. “I’m sure he’s caught in some harebrained scheme or sorts…”

“That must be it…” I said sarcastically. Kimi glowered at me from her seat. Brock ate silently, not wanting to disrupt our friendly argument.

“Krystal, you might be interested to hear that there’s a Dragon Trainer in Fliscoula City” Brock said. “He should be returning from the Miami Islands shortly, actually. He’s training over on Paragon Island in the league, and returning to his unofficial Gym Post”

I dropped my cutlery.

“A dragon tamer? You mean he’s competing for Dragon Rock?” I asked, keen on this new competitor.
“That’s right” Brock said. “An unofficial Gym is a great way to get recognised”

“Yea…” I began. “Do you know anything else about him?”
“Nope” Brock said. “He left a few months ago, though, to train in the Miami League”
“But he’s back?” I asked.

“Not yet, but probably very soon” Brock said. “Thomas Chambers I believe”

Thomas Chambers? And he was in the Miami League? Hmm…. if he won…more recognition for him, and if he had a training ground…well, Lance was practically queuing to get a shot at him!

“I’m going to train,” I snapped. “See you later”


“Keep at it!” I shouted. Ampharos and Charizard had their little tug-of-war together, and Marill and myself watched keenly. Espeon sat with us; it was good to spend time with her after all this time. Steelix was asleep and Kingdra sat by the pond. We were in Celadon outside Mrs Kirby’s house: an elderly, rather paranoid lady who had a pond infront of her house. She had a lovely bridge across leading to her Japanese Garden, but her Meditite never battled. Neither did her Natu.

Ampharos used his strength attack to yank the rope, causing Charizard to collapse. I gasped, not expecting that! I ran over to Ampharos and hugged him tightly. I’m sure we could have won that electric tournament if he was like this…

“This is great, guys!” I said. A ginger haired boy walked over, about 16. He had a red t-shirt on and tight jeans.

“What are you doing, training for a circus?” He asked, laughing at his own joke. Charizard tapped him on the shoulder, and as he turned, my dragon blasted two nostrils of smoke into the boys face.

He coughed a few times, but drew a Pokeball.

“Let’s have a 3-3” He said. “I choose you, Zangoose!”
The Premium ball opened and formed into a strange weasel Pokemon. Rather stocky, it was white, with a red gash across its stomach. It had large claws and pointed ears. Its eyes burned with a purple glaze.

“Weird” I muttered. “Steelix, take this guy on, would you?”

Steelix woke, slinking onto the arena and facing the much smaller Pokemon. This would be a cinch, and I think the kid knew this as well. Zangoose flexed his muscles and got in a stance: Steelix flexed his neck joint and stared down.

“Headbutt!” I shouted. Zangoose got down on all fours and ran, just before Steelix’ head smashed into the ground. Zangoose, sensing more movement from the sinewy beast, leapt again as Steelix swung his tail around.

“Now! Use … erm…” The kid began. He was clueless; most physical blows would just benefit me more than him! I was so happy at this guy’s lack of skill. Steelix forced his head down rapidly, smashing into Zangoose and knocking him back.

“Zan-goose!” Zangoose spat. It actually sounded like ‘couscous’, that rice stuff…you know…it’s yellowy…never mind. What did I do to deserve an audience with such dry taste in rice?

“Zangoose! Work on your Karate Chop!” The kid shouted.
“Iron tail, now!” I said, although Steelix would OBVIOUSLY do the attack now. The final segment of my Steelix shimmered a lovely metallic, later being forced into Zangoose’s ribs.

“Great job, Zangoose” The kid muttered.
“What do you mean? We broke two of his ribs!” I said happily. The boy stared at me – he was about two years older, but tears streamed down his face in sorrow.

“ZANGOOSE!” He bawled. Recalling the battered ‘thing’, He ran off into the distance. Confused, I did little else but stare impassively at the idiot. I turned to Steelix, who was also pretty shocked.

“You did really well,” I told him. “I think I’ll take you off Kimi”
Steelix grinned at me through his hinge-jaw, but I just chuckled, despite the fact it was very intimidating to watch.

I had second thoughts about Kingdra. It was my only OFFICIAL Dragon, but Dragon Rock allowed all my others. I could take Marill, Charizard, Ampharos, Kingdra and Steelix, with space for another final Pokemon. Yea, I suppose that would work.

“Come on guys, keep at it!” I cried, clapping my hands. Ampharos and Charizard started a wrestling match, Steelix lifted large rocks with his tail, and Kingdra practised spins and flips from out the water. Dragon Rock, here I come!



We sped on towards the town that we presumed was Cerulean. Misty smashed into many Kakuna, but she seemed to be filled right up to rage. I was intimidated nonetheless, but our main concern was Dave – he could strike any moment.

“Dave hasn’t come yet” I began. Misty breathed in thick spurts as she pushed her foot down on the pedal even more. She didn’t answer. “How are you, Wartortle?”

Sitting on the middle seat, Wartortle looked up from his Game Boy and smiled.
“Where did you get that?” I asked him. He just smiled, showing two pointed teeth. Dave must own it…

I suddenly heard a large thud above us. The roof was now dented as the lime green saloon car screeched to a halt. Misty stared at me, and I returned her icy gaze back with a confused one of my own.

“What…what was that?” Misty asked me. I shook my head.
“I…don’t know” I began. “Should we…get out?”

While I talked, Misty rudely got out the car, before screaming loudly. The scream pierced my head, making it split rationally. I felt dizzy just hearing her.

“TONY! QUICK! OH MY GOD!” Misty shrieked. I got out the car to see what was up, and looked at the roof. I stared in disbelief at what was before me…

Anne-Marie’s corpse lay on the roof, her clothes ripped, hair pulled out in some places, and her pale clammy face just finished the look. Her eyes were closed, but maroon/brown patches of dry blood littered her legs and face.

I screamed. As loud as I could. I didn’t care if anyone or nobody heard me. I just felt like shrivelling up and dying right now…my mind was scarred with outcomes of what could have happened to the poor ditz.

I then looked up, and saw Dave on his Skarmory. They had dropped it on us. The bastard. My lip trembled before I blurted out:


Dave stared at me. He was about 5 feet in the air, but he wafted down slowly. Skarmory landed on the roof, nibbling and picking at Anne’s body, while Dave got Misty in an arm lock.

“Say it again” He growled. Misty looked scared; a part of her silence seemed to cry out ‘ help me! ’, soft as it may be.

“Don’t drag her into this” I spat. Misty looked rather flustered after being referred to as ‘her’, but Dave just stared at me. His jet-black hair…his light stubble showing from now shaving…his Rockport shoes…He was rough.

“Ok then” Dave snapped. He shoved Misty, causing her to fall onto her knees in the grass. “Skarmory! Drill peck!”

Skarmory flew down at me, cawing its name. Car door still open, I leapt inside the drivers seat. The metallic bird whooshed past the car, eyeing me ferociously. I sat there, Wartortle still on his Game Boy.

“Scared?” He sneered, his teeth yellow with not brushing! He should use Aquafresh ice white – the tiny microcrystals inside actually reduce the amount of plaque and bacteria on your teeth, and make YOU feel … whoops…the old ‘toothpaste’ days. Erm…anyway…

“You wish,” I snapped. I kicked the door open, smacking Dave in the face. He tumbled back and fell onto the grass. On my signal, Wartortle leapt out the back seat and joined my side. Skarmory had gone back to feasting on Anne’s corpse. The savage, inhuman beast! It took after Dave, the way it glared ferociously, and the way its movements were so quick and unpredictable…

“Wartortle, water gun NOW” I commanded. My voice was harsh and cruel, like the lashing of a whip. Dave seemed to show no fear towards me…there was no signs of anything except anger, and resent. I gulped. This was the right thing to do, I knew it.

Dave threw something at me. I felt it smack me in the chin, and as it ricocheted off, I instantly recognised it as a Pokeball. It opened up, released white energy and slowly took the form of a bigger, badder, Pokemon than my Wartortle. It had a big, thick body with two large cannons coming from its large shell. It’s fleshy, but rough skin had blunt claws, but powerful fists, and although its tail was short, stumpy even, and nothing like the glamorous one Wartortle had, it was clear this Pokemon, about 5”7 (although the regular was about 5”3) feet tall, Blastoise looked at me coldly.



WHAT a day! Right, so I was heading to the east gate, and was gonna use that bomb Al gave me. So I go there, and the guys out cold. On the floor. Asleep. I walked past him and arrived back in Saffron, which was full of police. There, I saw Megan and Jet again (eeeep), who battled me. Seviper whupped Mightyena totally, but then Jet smacked me in the face, and now I have this large egg-like lump on my eyebrow. I also have cracked, red blood drying on my nose.

And to top it all off, the Gym Leader’s gone. Left her post. I heard she hasn’t been seen for a few days now, which is sort of weird. I really wanted to check out Saffron Gym…

A large, bulky man then approached me. He was a karate man. Cool. He had a red belt on, and if I remember karate (which I don’t,) then red ISN’T the best. Phew! He wandered over to me and got out a Pokeball.

“I want a battle,” He said thickly. I stared at him, confused.
“Ok then...1-1?”

“That will do” He began. However, as he got out a Pokeball, he looked at me. He sighed. Something seemed wrong…

“I am sorry,” He continued. “A battle…it is not my order”
“Right” I said. “What is, then? Did someone send you?”
“I was sent…because…” The man began. He held out a newspaper. Holding it close, I read out the front article:

[I] Predict This!
Gym Leader Sabrina Cartel is still missing. Police have been searching the area for a week and a half, two days after she went missing. Officials are suspicious, as the lonely Leaders disappearance occurred the same day as the Saffron City explosion at Silph. Co headquarters. Paul Scott, reporter for the Saffron City Express, had this to say:

‘We remain confident our very special, beloved City Leader is doing Ok, wherever she is. Search parties are spreading out towards Cerulean, and even to Brellaville, but we remain altogether confident she will pull through. Her Alakazam, Slowbro and Mr. Mime were found in their Pokeballs at her flat next door to the Gym, but underlining trainers at the Gym claim she has an Abra with her’

Remember, The Saffron City Express will be here first with any information regarding Sabrina.

“I never realised it was so important” I mumbled.
“It is very, VERY important to us,” The man said. “Sabrina has been a very tough Gym Leader to defeat”

“So, you want me to help you?” I asked. The man nodded.
“I can’t” I began. “The police are searching for her; she’ll turn up”
The man nodded. I got back on my scooter and purred through the city. It was 3:00: I hope I could get to the next town/city by nightfall. I actually had missed Krystal all this time, you know…



“I SAID TELL US!” Jet snapped. Sabrina cowered. “We can come back in an hour, when you’re even weaker…”

“Please!” Sabrina screamed. “You’ve left me up here for way too long”
“No, we haven’t!” Jet purred. “We have business with you…and so help us, we’ll do ANYTHING to get this information”

We were atop Saffron Radio Tower. The wind whipped my face violently. Sabrina was tied to a large metal rod sticking out the ground. Luckily, the stairwell was high and came out the top of the building, and Sabrina was tied behind that. Nobody could see her.

“All we need is the key to the Gym” Jet said soothingly. “And once that’s sorted, YOU are no longer needed. Get it?”

“Where will I go?” Sabrina sobbed, tears streaming down her face.
“No need for concern” I said gently. “We’re just taking you to the Hoenn region, and you can start a new life there”

“I DON’T WANT TO!” Sabrina screamed. “PLEASE! LEAVE ME ALONE!”
“You heard her,” Jet said. “Come on, everyone”
I felt so sorry for Sabrina; I knew what it was like to be mentally unstable. We turned and walked towards the door leading down to the ground level. You see, this set of steps led to the executive room, but the door was actually hidden. It was a mirror, and when pushed, it clicked and moved to the side, allowing us to get up the now visible staircase.

“Lock up” Jet snarled, throwing me the key. I caught it. On the other side of the door was a lock, so if anybody DID find this place, they couldn’t get through the solid metal door. The three walked off, and I watched.

“Don’t worry,” I told Sabrina. “Everything will be fine”
“Shhh, shh!” I hissed. “Everything is gonna be fine, we’re taking you to a nice Island, Dewford I believe, and you can start a new life there”

“I DON’T WANT A NEW LIFE!” Sabrina screamed, pale with flustered hair. “I LIKE MY OLD LIFE!”
“So do I” I began. “But I’m starting fresh”

“Why?” She asked, in a more gentle approach.
“I can’t get out of Team Rocket any other way” I sighed. “I have to fake my own death. Well, eat all that up, and I’ll see you tomorrow”

I couldn’t believe how kind I was, even though I locked her atop a huge building and whatnot. I gave Sabrina her food package, which was a large picnic hamper full of sandwiches and crisps and drinks to keep her going overnight.

“Thanks” Sabrina said gently. I smiled, and walked off. I flinched as the metal door CLANKED shut. Poor girl. This whole ordeal seemed so much worse…I can’t believe I’d done such awful things before my demotion. Then again, James had forced much worse and harder orders for us to do since he took over late last year. I wandered down the stone steps and caught up with Jet as we walked off.

“How are you?” He asked kindly.
“I feel pretty bad” I began. “My head is throbbing…but it doesn’t hurt as much knowing there are people worse off out there”

Jet stared at me.

“Not long, anyway” He began. “We’ll start the takeover tomorrow”
“What about the Gym? We can’t get in!” I said.
“We’re breaking the door down with Foretress, and Magmar can help” Jet told me, showing the orange Pokeball to me. “Holmes said we’re each getting a Promo if we do this well”

“Great” I said happily.
“But I want you to keep Mightyena” Jet said sternly. “You’ll have 2, and I’ll have 3, including Magmar”

I nodded. This wasn’t so bad. Not long now…not long until I left this awful place and went to a new a beautiful land. I heard we were going to somewhere called Hoenn, and I knew Sabrina was getting dropped off at Dewford…where would I go, I wonder?

The Indigo Road
Chapter 25 - Johto League, Grass Field
By Shinymarill


My last match had gone pretty well. Pidgeot was a real star! He’d spent two days healing, and would need to rest for two more. In my match today, I would probably use Quilava, Misdreavus and maybe Vileplume or Politoad. That’s the rest of my team anyway, but you get my drift…

This match was on the grass field. I actually had a Feebas that was at home: She was very strong power wise, but she was only useable in water, and I usually got made fun of when I used her. Mum was using different flavoured berries to hopefully help stop Feebas’ scales from flaking off. Once her beauty level (basically texture, colour, etc) was all up to standards, she’d have to confidence to evolve. She was a total wuss, though. I had her on my journey, but she lost in the Catcalina Gym to Randy’s Poliwag, so I lost faith in her. My bad! Mum also had a Bayleef that I’d used once…she was very cute! I battled with her against Camilla and her Illumise on Debonarin Island. She was this snob that used snooty Pokemon…and her badge was a golden biro.

I took my Pokeballs and walked through the arches onto the arena. The crowd roared! They were very happy to see me here, and I was more than happy being here! My last victory had really boosted my popularity at Mount Silver, and if I played the cards right and won this one, I would be loved even more!


The woman I was facing had beautiful golden brown hair. It reached down to her hips, and she had wonderful creamy brown eyes. Her posture was delicate but firm, wearing a black leather jacket and a short silk skirt. She wore glasses, but they were very thin, oval sensible ones. The jacket was on top a white t-shirt.

“Hello there” She said politely. “My name is Lauren”
“It’s an honour,” I said. “I am Molly”

“Well then, Molly, shall we begin?” Lauren asked. She then turned to see the referee shaking his head. “Oh! Of course. The referee tells us when to start. Do excuse me”

I smiled. What a nice lady!

The referee blew his whistle, and the match began! The commentator was right now talking about our past victories, but I felt as if I had swimmers ear from all the noise. Lauren got out a gorgeous ball and hurled it forward.


The ball opened, and I was very curious to see what emerged. The light spilled out and took the form of…of…some sort of dancer or something. It was confusing. It was white, with thin green legs. Its arms were also very, very thin, but white.

“Kirlia!” Lauren shouted. Kirlia? I asked myself WHAT type this thing might be, it was very unusual. Maybe normal? Either way, I drew my ball and threw it out. Quilava was the Pokemon for the job.

“Quilava, Let’s do this!” I shouted. Quilava ran out and landed bluntly. He faced Kirlia, trying to decipher something . What he tried to find out about the Pokemon was a mystery to me. “Come on! Let’s try your flame wheel, get them!”

Quilava nodded. He leapt into the air, rolled into a ball and shot his flames up. They then started to surround his now spinning body, as the wheel cloaked in flames rolled forward at Kirlia. Lauren, however, was one step ahead.

“What a lovely attack, Molly” She told me. “I do LOVE Quilava, but I’m afraid Kirlia here has the upper hand. LOW KICK!”

I gasped. A fighting type? Kirlia sprung up into the air, its thin legs looking very fragile and delicate. Either way, it performed a 360 spin in the air, before flying back down and jousting Quilava with a leg. Quilava stopped rolling and hissed, flaring his front and back flames more and more. Kirlia then landed, and held her hands infront of her, and started to create a marble-sized ball. Seconds later, the ball grew after sapping energy from anything near. Quilava, meanwhile, ran back to my side of the arena, and by the looks of things he was rather spooked by this incredible shadow ball.

“Kirlia, release it!” Lauren shouted. She looked at me. “I take it you’ve never seen Kirlia before?”
“Never” I breathed. “Quilava, use an agility to evade that attack! Then…then try a quick attack to strike that thing!”

Kirlia held the orb above her head like it were some sort of bomb. She leapt up into the air and hurled it down at Quilava. Quilava, though, was ready and prepared. He ran forward, a silver streak of energy shooting behind, allowing him to evade the devastating shadow ball. He then turned, before shooting forward again and knocking into Kirlia.

“Very good!” Lauren said. “You really have raised Quilava to be as fast as it can be, haven’t you? Either way, we didn’t come here to lose! Kirlia, psychic!”

I gasped…was Kirlia a psychic type? They were very strong, and I KNEW Misdreavus could take it down. However, Quilava was out, and as part of my team of three for this match, I had to ensure I got the most out of him.

I watched as Quilava was wrapped with a deep violet glow. Within seconds, he was levitated into the air my Kirlia, who could then move my Pokemon around like a puppet. I gasped. This wasn’t fair! Quilava had no way of escaping…unless we could blind the opposition…

“Don’t worry! Stay calm!” I cried, assuring Quilava. “Just breathe in through the mouth, out through the nose, and try releasing a smokescreen!”

Quilava followed my breathing instructions, but Kirlia sensed some sort of strategy. She flailed her arms from left to right, sending Quilava (who was currently two metres in mid-air) shooting from left to right as she did so. I bit my lip. This looked bad…only slightly…

“Come on! Try an endure and break out of it!” I cried. “Quilava, please!”
He struggled and struggled, but the fact was that Kirlia could keep this up just too long. I watched in despair. Thinking to myself, I figured the only way to get Quilava out was for Kirlia to release the attack.

“Now, Kirlia!” Lauren cried. “Release the psychic, and follow up with a rapid spin!”
Kirlia hissed, releasing the psychic aura from around Quilava. He smashed against the ground, roaring in pain. I cried out to him.


I hated acting like I was already an experienced veteran trainer. I was 12! I got out Quilava’s Pokeball and shot it at him. The beam wrapped around him and pulled him inside. I sighed deeply. Quilava had been really very hurt, but I was glad he wouldn’t get any worse. I plucked Misdreavus’ Pokeball and prepared to send her out.

“I AM sorry” Lauren said. “I didn’t mean to hurt your Quilava so badly”
“But you would have done, wouldn’t you?” I spat, my attitude rather vicious. “If I hadn’t RECALLED my poor Pokemon, you would have unleashed even more psychic attacks!”

Lauren looked rather scared of me. I shot an angry glare at her. “I may be 12, but that doesn’t mean you can treat me like a little kid. This is the Johto league. BOTH of us: YOU, and ME gave it our best shot to get to the eight different gyms. YOU, and ME, both battled with our Pokemon, side by side, HOPING we could taste success through it all. And here you are…trying to leave her with a winning trophy. Don’t make me laugh!!!”

“Misdreavus, GO!!!” I yelled. I hurled the ball out, and it took the shape of Misdreavus. She screeched happily, but her eyes soon focused on Kirlia. Now was the time. Be ruthless, Molly. Be fearless: do it for Quilava.

“THUNDERBOLT! ATTACK!” I spat. Misdreavus watched me, tears forming in her eyes. She burst into tears, floating in circles and screeching her name. Oh well. I didn’t realise Misdreavus was so emotional! “Please…calm down…please?”

“Ok, Kirlia, we managed to take Quilava down. Misdreavus may be tough. Wait for her to attack, and then we can counter strike it”

Good plan. I watched her. Misdreavus had started to calm down…I was thankful, and started to order the next attack. I thought to myself: we needed a ghost attack that would really show that Kirlia…and Shadow ball was probably the best. But Kirlia knew that, too, so we could get a taste of our own medicine…

“Shadow ball! Attack!” I said. “Concentrate on drawing energy, and focus it infront of you! Once it forms, it should take the shape of a little ball…that will grow, and grow, and grow until it gets to the size of your head. Then release it!”

Misdreavus sent the attack flying through the air. Kirlia, however, tried a ballet jump into the air to evade it. Her legs, however, were rooted to the ground.

“Kirlia?” Lauren asked. “Why can’t you move? KIRLIA!!!”
I then looked at my Misdreavus. Her eyes glowed a dim blue, and it seemed as if she was using a psychic attack to keep Kirlia down…yay! The shadow ball smacked into Kirlia: she flailed her arms painfully, and screeched her name as the shadows plunged into her body.


Kirlia seemed rather dehydrated. She lay on the ground, holding her chest and breathing in thick, heavy spurts. Lauren watched her, tears forming in her eyes, as her friend lay untouched.

“Return” She wept. “Sorry to have put you through this”
Lauren drew the next ball, which was also a Gorgeous ball. “That Misdreavus is from Mount Silver trek, isn’t it?”

Before I could answer, Lauren went on.

“I know from personal experience how strong those can be, and as petty as it may sound, beating you will be a lot harder than I first predicted. However, I have a Pokemon that can do well against your stupid GHOSTS. Murkrow, GO!”

Her ball opened and revealed a black crow. It had a bright yellow beak, and some sort of hat-shaped feather array on its head. It looked very sinister, and very cute! He did a little square dance to the crowd, winning them over.

“Misdreavus, I know you can beat this mangy old crow! Focus…focus energy into your beads, and TACKLE!”

Misdreavus charged forward and smashed into Murkrow, who was still dancing. Murkrow flapped back, rather flustered by this sudden outburst from my banshee. Misdreavus then launched her tongue forward, which wrapped around Murkrow and bound him tight. Lauren, watching this all and seemingly confused, awaited the time to be ripe enough for an order.

“Don’t worry yourself, stay calm,” Lauren said stiffly. “Just focus on the cold winds of the north…feel them whisk you away from the entanglement of Misdreavus and let them flow…let them flow from your body as an icy wind…”

Lauren seemed very focused. Murkrow’s eyes were glazed with an almighty blue wind…it flowed across his body and through Misdreavus’ tongue, causing her to recall it in shock. Murkrow then spread his wings gallantly, as a misty veil of fog swirled around the arena. My Misdreavus panicked; she floated in circles, trying to find the opposition, but the fact was, this dusty cloud had completely separated me from the rest of the stadium.

“Hello?” I asked, waiting for an answer. It seemed distant…what was happening to me?



I have been in Lavender town for a couple of days now. Tyrogue had evolved into a Hitmonlee after we left Saffron, but my main idea was keeping low. I didn’t want to be seen again after Sandra had…well…tortured me. I was honestly this close to shooting the cow, but I couldn’t. I just wasn’t cold hearted enough to be a rocket. I had let Sandra go, telling her to leave me be, and I wouldn’t shoot. She agreed, before turning the gun on me…her Sableye then led me away from the building and towards a warehouse.

“ Re-recruit [I]” I remember Sandra spitting. “NOW!”
Sableye concentrated the psywaves deeper into my body. I screamed, roared, flailed around, but all my attempts were hopeless.

“[I] N…NEVER! ” I screamed. “ I’d be a fool to say YES”

It was so painful…my left arm still throbbed with pain. The muscles were pulled and really hurt. It was a sorta sharp shooting pain down the whole bone. Sandra was so strong, so strong it hurt ME.

Wandering through town, Hitmonlee by my side, we stopped by a drinks vender. Giving him the £1 coin, Hitmonlee and myself walked off with a can of cola each. I had to admit, it tasted rather flat, as if it had been under the sun for an hour, but I didn’t care.

We then approached a girl of about 14. She was dressed with drapes and robes, with a billowing violet cape. WHAT was with these capes? They’re not very practical, and you can get snagged very easily. I wandered over to the girl, rather keen on what she had to say.

“Why hello” She said (rather seductively, I might add).
“Hey” I said cheerily. “Why are you dressed like that?”

“Ah, you’re a traveller” The girl said. “I am Monica, and I am a ghost adept”
“Ghost Adept?” I asked.
“Yes. I can communicate with the spirits of the afterlife,” Monica said. This was just plain freaky. She had more to say.

“I have tutoring by an adult Adept; she teaches me how to sharpen my skills and become stronger” She said. “She is my Grandmother, and being an Adept is usually a hereditary thing. All my family are Ghost Adepts, male and female”

“This sounds like a pretty big thing” I said, gulping. Monica continued.
“Yes, for there are other clans around the world. The Serpent Clan of The East assemble on Dragon Rock. They believe power is a much more important Ally than any other, and can also consider size a very big attribute towards their strength”

She sounded very mature when she spoke like this. I was impressed.

“However, Adepts and Clans have rivalries. The Ghost Adepts, for example, share a bond with the Psychic and Mind adepts, which are around Croclan Island in the south. Fire and Ground Adepts form a bond, but the Fire Adepts of the world share a symbolic relationship with Tundra Adepts”

This was interesting stuff. She suddenly snapped out of it.
“I am sorry” She began. “This must be very boring to you”
“Not as much as I’d expected,” I said. “Why don’t you tell me more over a McRonalds?”

“I’d love to” Monica said, winking. We linked arms and walked off, Hitmonlee following grouchily. This girl was 14, 15 at the oldest, and I really liked her. First love? You bet. Sandra wouldn’t find me here…she could spend her whole life looking, but never again would I go back…



“Misdreavus, are you alright?” I asked my friend. She screeched her name from wherever she was. “Erm…use a flash!”

The beads around Misdreavus’ neck glowed, before flashing a bright white. This allowed my spirited banshee to see about a foot or so infront of her, but we couldn’t see Lauren OR Murkrow.


Out of nowhere, Murkrow sliced through the air and attacked Misdreavus. He pecked her hard with his bright beak, digging his talons into Misdreavus’ head. She wailed and screamed as loud as she could, which started to become unbearable.

“Thunderwave!” I cried.

Misdreavus blasted a volt of electricity through her body, which passed through Murkrow and shocked him badly. He screeched and cawed in pain, before flapping up into the air, trying desperately to get away from the attack. Sparks crackled across his body, though, and he soon collapsed onto the ground before us.

“Kraw…” Murkrow gasped. Lauren still couldn’t see, but I presumed Murkrow could cease the cloud of fog when he wanted to. Sure enough, the whisps of fog started to spiral away in the wind gently.

“Murkrow, what happened?” Lauren asked. Murkrow opened a beady eye, but closed it. He was hurt badly. Lauren got out her Ball for Murkrow and shot the beam toward his body. He was picked up and delivered back into the sphere, now safe from the carnage. “You did very well, you really did”

Lauren put the ball away, before turning to me. “You’ve taken down two of my Pokemon already, and I just pray this last one can be the hammer to knock Misdreavus into place. It’s VERY strong, but I am, too. I’ve been training since I was your age, and I’d hope that this last member of my team, my strongest, I might add, can show you to act your age”

What was she getting at? This was rather confusing, I had to admit.

“I choose you, Dustox!”

The ball opened. Light poured out of it and formed into a rather ugly moth. It fluttered its wings and grimaced rather sickly, clicking its tongue and making an eerie screech.

“Misdreavus, Can you take this down?” I asked her.
“Mis! MisDREEEEEEEEEE!” She cried. I took that as yes.
“Great! Power up a thunderbolt and show that bug what you can do!” I replied.

Misdreavus nodded. Her eyes flickered a yellow colour, as did her beads around her neck, and within seconds she fired a jagged streak of electricity forward. Dustox flapped back, but still got shocked! I watched in anticipation as Dustox cowered beneath the mighty attack.

“Oh my!” Lauren exclaimed. “Try to get up!”
Dustox’s wings seemed damaged. He couldn’t get up: sparks crackled all over his body, and he seemed in a lot of pain.

“Dustox! Night shade!” Lauren shouted. I’d seen this attack a lot before.
“That isn’t exactly an ‘advanced’ attack!” I smirked. “Go on, attack as much as you want!”

“Very well” Lauren snapped. “FULL POWER!”

The stationary Dustox glowed purple. From its eyes, it managed to project a hazy purple beam at Misdreavus, but it looked much stronger than one I’d seen before. The beam than sparkled with little silver stars: it shot into Misdreavus and drove her back across the arena. Eyes screwed shut, she endured the pain that she had just been given. Poor thing.

“Misdreavus, do you want to rest?” I asked her. She sniffed, nodded, and floated towards me. I fired the Pokeball beam forward and recalled Misdreavus. She had done extremely well; I was very proud of her and always would be, but now the torch was passed onto someone else.

“You’re up, Vileplume!” I cried, throwing the ball out. Watching, I saw the ball release a soft white light, which then took the structure and form of – WHAT? This wasn’t Vileplume! The creature was on all fours; with an array of leaves around her neck…it was Bayleef! Oh man. I hadn’t traded her back…Mum agreed to teach Vileplume some defensive attacks while I trained Bayleef…that was ages ago, up on Mount Silver’s pass. I needed to trade her back, but for the meantime…

“Bayleef!” I said. “Great to see you girl!”
“Bay-bay!” She cried back, a cheeky grin on her face. Aww…what a cute Pokemon!
“Go and use a stun spore!”

Bayleef charged forward (rather enthusiastically) and swung her leaf around, wafting a gentle yellow powder through the air. The same powder slowly floated from the leaves around her neck, too. Dustox crawled back, rather scared in this situation of being unable to fly. The powder wafted around him, but he seemed to be holding his breath.

“Keep it up, honey” Lauren said sadly. Turning to me, she cleared her throat. “So, paralysing AND stunning Dustox? That’s low ”

“It is not,” I snapped. I flashed back about half a year to when Chris was in the Miami League. A savage Crobat physically drained his Electabuzz from energy and electricity. Chris was in an awful state, but Electabuzz had managed to pull through. “I’ve seen much worse. Bayleef! Go in for a body slam!”

However, as my argument with Lauren closed, Bayleef was sitting down. Eyes closed, she turned away from me in disgust. What did I do? Bayleef was angry with me or something…

“What’s up?” I asked her. Bayleef sighed. She was such an attention seeker! Angered, I thought about completely sucking up to her. “Oh…would you please use that amazing body slam? I know you perform it really well…”

Seemingly satisfied, Bayleef looked on at the crippled moth. It looked as if very second it lived was agony. Maybe I should ensure it was recalled.

On my command, Bayleef raced forward and launched herself into the air. She yelled her name happily as she crushed Dustox. It may be powerful, but it was seemingly puny, so it had no chance! Bayleef lay there, smiling at the crowd that cheered her on. Lauren, however, held out the Pokeball.


Now with her Dustox out from under Bayleef, Lauren burst into tears. The crowd cheered further, and a cameraman even ran forward to interview Lauren, a snooty reporter alongside. I watched keenly, as Lauren kicked the cameraman in the teeth and ran off.

“AND MOLLY HAS WON!” The announcer cried. Stating the obvious didn’t matter, as long as it was good news to state! The lady reporter ran over.

“Molly Hamilton, you have won your second match in the Johto League!” She said. She had flaring maroon hair, in a vibrant perm. She wore a distinct creamy yellow button shirt, unbuttoned I might add, over a bright pink t-shirt. “How do YOU feel?”

I watched, as the cameraman zoomed in on me.

“On top of the world” I declared. “NOTHING can bring me down”

29th May 2003, 12:33 PM
Golly. That was a lot, but it was great. Wow, Hoenn is actually mentioned, but I'm sure it's not important. I still wait with much anticipation on what will happen when Chris and Krystal get back together.

29th May 2003, 03:47 PM
Wow. That was a total overload. 2 Chapters?????
Do you want to kill me?????;)

Okay. Molly. That was cool.

Al. ''Love is in the air''....(sings the song merrily, clutching the hands of some random pokemon from the undergrowth)

Megan. I love her when she's nice.......;o

Krystal. Cool. A battle with Thomas on the cards perhaps??

Chris. He totally rocks, but maybe thats because he uses Aquafresh.......

Dave. Sick freak!!!!! Poor Anne-Marie......

Tony. He's such a girly-boy!! Sorry if that offends you but he is!

Misty. I like a tough girl.

That's about it, but Id like to know why Marill is allowed on Dragon Rock??????

29th May 2003, 06:20 PM
Whew... that was LONG. But well worth the time it took.:yes: What a sore loser, that Lauren. And going ON AND ON about how "strong" Dustox is... she's weird.
So Al is in love with Monica... he's got a different taste than I have, at least, she annoys me...
Hey! What was that! Ampharos beating Charizard??? What an insult...

Hmmm... if Sabrina has an Abra with her... she might be able to Teleport away...

Hanada Tattsu
29th May 2003, 06:54 PM
Great chapters!

Wow, Molly is doing very well, and Megan seems to be much nicer than she was, it seems that Chris is starting to realize this.

I loved them, write more!

BTW, I'm glad you had a nice time in Barcelona.

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I read your first chapter and your last chapter and it was really good. I really liked chapter 25! Good battles the Kirila and quilava battle was great. You are very descriptive and it took me a while to read and thats a good thing!

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Sorry Shiny, I wasn't trying to be bitchy, it was just a pivotal point in your story and your characters seemed to implode. I wasn't expecting their coping mechanisms would be "go and battle" and "Go shopping" :\ But perhaps some quiet reflection.. I dunno... But once again sorry if you got the wrong idea.

Chris 2.1
30th May 2003, 03:44 AM
Jukain: Well, you'd be surprised how Hoenn fits into this actually. But it isn't something i'd go ahead with in the sense of a fic there. It's been done!

-Molly did exceptionally well, here's an extract from 'Chapter 32 - *****-slaps on the battlefield'
“Bitchslap darling!” Gregory shouted. Poliwhirl attempted a ‘whatever’ sign with her large, masculine paws, but it didn’t seem to work. She raced forward and slapped Politoad hard. Politoad, however, leapt into the air and managed to survive the onslaught.


“Get back!” I said, as Politoad leapt back.
“ATTRACT! Show them what we’re made of!” Gregory said in a girly squeal.
“They’re both female, it won’t work!” I said back.
“Oh, but my Poliwhirl’s a lesbian” Gregory said, winking. Oh god.

the two dashes mean they're not one part; this is two parts of the battle, with text inbetween these extracts.

-Al does indeed seem to have found love...could it mean Monica has a big part to play? Maybe it does...

-Megan's a great character, *sniff*. She's just great...

-Krystal hasn't had a battle AS OF YET, but I will probably be trying one, it would be pretty cool. You'll see why things may not go to plan in Chapter 30/33

Chris does use it! I DO! It's really minty, like eating a bowl of mints and drinking mint sauce all in one :-o

-Dave's character has been built but...but...Blastoise? Uh-oh. What wil Tony do, I ask? WHAT WILL HE DO?

-Do you mean camp? I hope not....he's cool!

Tony: Darn right i'm cool!

-Misty being rough n tough all adds to the end really. She does something drastic...i'll say n'more...hehe...

Dragonfree: Yea, Dustox was parp, wasn't he? I loved writing that Chapter, it reminded me of writing the Miami League...*sniff*. Oh well! Ampharos used STRENGTH to overpower Charizard, he learnt it automatically when lifting Flygon! Sabrina may not have Abra with her though...hmm...

Hanada: Thanks! Yea, Megan is shedding her Rocket lifestyle, thank goodness! I hope you enjoy her last Chapter...Molly's doing great, isn't she? Lets hope she can beat Gregory in Chapter 32...

Pokemonrule13: Aww thanks! That's great to hear, I hope you read the Chapter that will be up on Monday! It's entitled 'Lets run away', and will feature Al, Chris...erm...lol...I forget. If i remember correctly, Chris goes for a rather great shopping spree in Brellaville!

Oz: No sweat. You're right in what you say, but it's alright! Come on msn more ;_;'

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Oh, Dragon dance increases Attack and Speed. I meant to mention that in my last post, but I forgot.

Chris 2.1
30th May 2003, 11:41 AM
Dragonfree: Ok, thanks! That will help next time >__<''

Oh, and Oakbark: Marill wont be allowed to compete on Dragon Rock, she'll either just be a mascot or go and train with Kimi i expect.

Subame: Glad you're touching up....'you know what', and i hope you'll be here in the future!

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Well, these two chapters were both excellent but I wonder if Molly's winning streak willl last and if Krystal will be able to win the competion on Dragon's rock.
But the chapter Bitchslap on the battlefield sounds funny especially with the lesbian Poliwhirl using attract.

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Good chapters, I am out with the flu for two days, so I had to read, sleep read sleep watch tv, sleep. SO I may have missed some important stuff. ANy way Molly is a really good trainer, and the only thing I dislike about her is her name. Chris, OMG I can not believe Jet's reaction for his beaten Mighteyna. Seams like Megan is going to the light side before she dies like Lukes dad. Doesn't Sabrina have ESP that can help her? OH well. About my last post, you know the gold pokeball with the silver letters.

War Raichu
30th May 2003, 06:36 PM
Hey peoples! Had a bit of catch-up (mmm....catsup.... :P) to do. Dave, along with his Skarmory, is sadistic. I hope that Chris and Krystal's reunion is joyous. :D

Chris 2.1
31st May 2003, 04:06 AM
Jon UKX: Molly's streak is indeed blazing onward, but does she have what it takes? If Gregory's Poliwhirl's as freaky as it sounds, then it may well be Molly's ticket to the 4th Round! Dragon Rock DOES, as you said, have competitions, but it is a lot like traning ground really, where people train their Dragon Pokemon around the lush landscapes. Lance is the chairman of Dragon Rock, and it is, like The Orginazation, in ranks.

Lance - chairman
Dragon Deciples - 12
Apprentices - 50
Students - 75

Upon enrolling, you are a student, although trainers like Krystal (and Tom) who have had a lot of expirience may be upgraded to an apprentice. Others may START with a dragon Pokemon.

The trainers are split into Houses: Dragonite, Rayquazza, Latias and Latios houses. Each is housed by three deciples. They can train as they wish, and if they do exceedingly well they can be promoted to a higher rank!

Powarun: He does care, doesn't he? He would have ended the match sooner if it were him battling, but i think Megan took it too far! Lukes dad? Pardon et moi? Sabrina's ESP can't work, she can't concentrate because she hasn;t been eating as well as she should, thats why Megan gave her the hamper. You'll see ESP soon...
Oh, and Tom's Pokeball is mega kewl! I designed it maself :-p

Raichu: You're 4 months late! DETENTION! lol j/k! Anyway, nice to see you're back. Anybody wanna guess on what will happen with Tony and Dave? ANYONE? Dave is soo sadistic....*mutter* Chris and Krystal have a nice reunion, but first, Espeon decides to conffront Krystal...

Chris: Hey, any questions for any of us?

Rika: They've kept us in this recording studio for WEEKS!

Tony: Hey...where's Croconaw?

Seviper: Bai Bon't Bo...(i don't know)

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Gregory's match sounds very interesting to say the least.
BTW, is the Poliwhirl Russian???? lol:P

You've really made out Dragon Rock well, and i just wondered if you make little sketch maps of Kanto and the Miami Islands for yourself to show the towns and the routeway taken by everyone?

I can't believe Ive grown to love Seviper so much! He is so cool!
- stares angrily at Seviper -
Let Croconaw go, for me? :(

See you all later!:wave:

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Oakbark: I really don't have the privacy to do so: No living person i've met actually knows about this, you know. Not parents, siblings, relatives, friends...I create things in my mind, which can be a lot stronger than any sketch. I think Seviper's great too!

31st May 2003, 03:33 PM
It just occured to me is Seviper liable in the Dragon Tamers, I may have just spoiled something but I just realized that he was in the dragon egg group. I was making a reference to Star Wars the only part I saw. ICUDK Hmm, I noticed the chapters legth have grown and me thinks that chapter, number 31 will be the longest so long. Well hope Chris goes somewhere in life exept for the death of him.
Kill that guy who tries to kill Tony.

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I'm back! WOOT WOOT!!! SUMMER!!!!! *does wierd little dance that makes ppl laugh*

here are some of my favorite parts since ive been away 4 about a month:

“Mr Haruka!” Another voice called. I sprinted out of the Hotel and down the streets of Saffron as a reported chased me. I turned a corner by the Dojo, and came face to face with a large group of reporters and people.

“Mr Haruka, isn’t it true that you sold your Granbull to Team Rocket?” A woman asked. A man pushed her out the way.
“Joshua Neal, Cerulean Scoop” He said. “How has this whole ordeal affected you? Do you miss your family?”

“Get bent,” I snapped. I kicked him in the shins and ran through the crowd, not stopping until they stopped pursuing me. Couldn’t they just leave me on my own? I wanted it that way…


Krystal: I dont know what to think, really. I still love him, and I think he still loves me. He said his job came first...but...oh, i dont know really.
Chris: Date me...I wont leave ya
Krystal: No. I'm going, cya
Chris: WHAT do I have to do to get her to like me?
Kecleon: Force her to marry you, have a shotgun wedding!
Chris: did...did you just talk?
Kecleon: Leon! Leon le!
Chris: Oh...oh well...


“What’s wrong?” I asked Kimi. She looked nervous still.
“I know you’ve been a bit troubled recently” She began. “But can we have a battle? A 1-1”

I thought about this. Her Pokemon would probably look good, if she was a breeder, but we’d have to see. I could train Charizard, Steelix and Marill up before we headed off.

“Maybe later” I began. “There’s more to this fanfic than battles”
“Fan…fic?” Kimi questioned. Stupid girl.


Shadow: Hey again, long time no see. Granbull's death was striking, wasn't it? I liked writing it.

Chris: He was...a fighter. A non stop plugger. He was very strong physically, he was the bodyguard in my team.

Kecleon: what part am I?

Bulbasaur: you'd be the dickhead

Kecleon: Screw you, weedy! *Unleashes psybeam*

Chris: Hey, stop that! *recalls both*. Like I say, Granbull was a fighter. Remember that.


“Duskull! Help us out!” Monica cried. Duskull ran forward and held his spooky paws out, as a nightshade shot out each one. The combined force hit the Snake, but it jabbed Duskull with its pointed arrowhead tail. Duskull didn’t take much damage, but floated behind Jessica. The coward.


"Good…good" I mumbled. A small Sentret walked infront of us, but soon became road kill after Misty flattened it beneath her wheels of rage. It was quite scary, being in this car, but I knew I had to get home.


“How are you, Wartortle?”

Sitting on the middle seat, Wartortle looked up from his Game Boy and smiled.
“Where did you get that?” I asked him. He just smiled, showing two pointed teeth. Dave must own it…

also, when Granbull was being cremated,
...but a lot were challaners; people who could talk to the spirits. i believe you ment chanellers. 1 small eror... hehehe...
molly's match with gregory sounds..... friggin' wierd!!! that guy just doesnt seem to be normal...

also, ive got a question 4 Chris: If you could add any pokemon to your team, excluding legendaries or hyper strong ones (Mew, Mewtwo, etc...), which pokemon would you chose?

anyway, keep up the good work SM! cya:wave: !

Chris 2.1
2nd June 2003, 11:55 AM
Hey guys, I'm writing Chapter 34 - Trust, which features a legendary Pokemon! hehe! It;s set on the Bike Path as Chris and Krystal press on for Seafoam Village...

But, if you've checked the fanfic ideas thread you'll see a third FRTC creation i entitled 'From Trainer to Trainee'. All the details are there, and I don't plan to write it, but...i started Chapter one! :-o. I may write a few chappies before I leave, who knows?

Powarun: Chapter 23 is the biggest in TIR, and Chapter 26 (Part 2 of the Unown one) was the biggest in FRTC. Dave MAY die, he MAY not, but I have a very important death in this fanfic....

Ultra P: Hey! Glad you liked those hehe. ARGH I couldnt spell Chanellers....mumble.

Chris: I'd say That, if i could have ANY Pokemon, I'd probably have a Sceptile or a Blaziken, they're amazingly strong. But most my team are one's I've caught because I like them, so I don't mind really.

The Indigo Road
Chapter 26 - Lets run away
By Shiny


Brellaville is where I am now. It’s a happy, chirpy town, rather empty but still pretty nice. Here I am, scootering through happily on my way to Celadon City. I decided, after winning a few battles and getting some more cash, that I could get some new gear for my journey. There was a shop called ‘System’ at the corner of a street, so I headed there. That sold the stuff I wanted.

You see, I had plenty of Pokemon utensils and Pokeballs and such, plenty of healing items like potions and a lot of full heal gum, paralyse cola and three packets of Poison-Cure mints. I was looking to boost my image; I was going to get my lip pierced.

I pushed the door open, which was very small. The room was…very spacious but badly thrown together. The room had a large cleared space infront of me, with a disabled ramp leading up to a display of various chains and pendants. Racks of t-shirts and hoodies littered the inside perimeter of the store, which was a sort of square shape. To my left, there was a sofa, which went from the entrance of the store right up to a glass counter. It was a hazy green, with a somewhat ‘doughy’ guy of about 21 lying down, eating a baguette. He wore cream cargo trousers, with a batman t-shirt. Sad. He also had fuzzy blonde hair, and black glasses.

I didn’t know weather or not he worked here or not. I could check out the chains, and if he asked me anything about being served, I’d ask about peircing’s. I looked at the glass cabinet, faced almost pressed against it, admiring the thick chains and the proud pendants. I had my eye on a pretty snarky one; a circle, it had three smaller circles cut out, each one about a third of the way around, on the edge of the main circle. It shimmered silver, and had three black dots forming a basic triangle shape in the middle.

I cleared my throat. Time to question ‘Batman’ over there.

“Yo, Batman!” I chipped up. “You work here?”
His hollow laugh soon deteriorated into a grim snort. He cleared his throat (I presumed he had a lot of phlegm build-up down there), and said, “yes” shakily.

“Well, how much are these pendants?” I asked keenly. He set his baguette down on the grubby throw for the couch, and walked up the gentle ramp towards me. He too, admired the pendants and chains, before straightening himself back up.

“I’d say…” He began, mulling it over in his brain, which was full to the brim of ‘Star Wars’ trivia, no doubt. “Erm…”

I watched him. He began to sweat. He then tilted back slightly, toward the counter. “Hey! How much are the chains again?”

A heard a squeak. A RAT! I waited intently, as the squeaking became louder, and a figure appeared from the arch behind the counter. A girl, wearing a red tracksuit, came through, wheelchair bound. She looked pretty punkey, but she forced her hands down the backs of the wheels to move herself up the ramp to meet us.

“What you got your eye on?” She asked, rather keen and much more at rest than Batman, who was just looking at the floor in shame. I pointed to one; it was hard to describe really, but it was a middle-thickness one, which was twist-linked to form together. (Author’s note: If I had a camera I’d show you it!)

“Oh, that’s about £12” She said. BLOODY HELL! That was so expensive! Either way, I cleared my throat.
“I’ll take it,” I said. “Oh, and the pendants?”

“Left-sided ones are £5, right sided ones are £7, middle ones are £10 and up”
I could see why. One I saw first was a magnificent metal triangle, with flames inside in a beautiful blue gem. It was a beauty to look at. My pendant was £5, not bad, so altogether it was £17! Batman walked back to the couch and continued to savour his baguette, while the girl wheeled towards the counter. I took the two items (she unlocked the case) and I followed. I watched, chuckling to myself, as Kecleon, still at the door, was trying to get rid of a punky Smoochum. Its hair was scraggy with brown streaks, and it had make up on its eyelids.

I gave the lady my cash, and she gave me change and the two items. I slipped the pendant onto the chain and clipped it on around my neck. The girl smiled.

“Looks great on you!” She said. I smiled back. She was about 23. Batman stayed silent, eating his baguette in shame as another customer walked off with a bad impression of him. I saw that, sitting on the floor by the couch was a rather unhappy (and small) Shuppet, moulding around the shiny, sleek floor and looking down at the ground. He must belong to Batman.

“Do…do you do peircings?” I inquired. The girl smirked.
“Yea, well, I don’t, what will the wheels and everything. But Alan does”
“Alan?” I asked. Batman got up. Must be his name.

“Come with me…” He said, smirking.
“I’ll keep Kecleon occupied” The lady said. “As well as the rest of your Pokemon”
I handed her my Pokeballs. I then left with Batman, by the arch behind the counter and prepared to get my lip pierced…


“What do you think?” Batman asked, showing me the mirror. I looked at the person staring back at me – my bottom lip was now pierced with a silver ring. This ring, although looking rather bland, was the best I saw out of all the gothie-style rings they offered, with giant black gems sticking out the front. It was pretty cool, and paired with my chain refreshed my image totally!

“I love it,” I said happily. “Thanks, Batman”
“What?” He asked me.
“Erm…Alan, Alan, that’s what I meant” I said quickly. “Alan”

I walked out to see the girl with Kecleon in her arms. Smoochum was on her shoulder. She wheeled herself over to me and handed Kecleon over. Smoochum then slid into her owner’s arms.

“I love that Kecleon,” She said. “I wish they lived in Brellaville”
“Thanks” I said back. “Do Kecleon live in many places over the world?”
“Mostly Hoenn” The lady said back. “That’s just tacky, though”

I smirked. I said my goodbyes (after Shuppet leapt onto my leg) and walked out System, and got my scooter out my bag. I had also purchased a new bag, which had an open strap for my petrol scooter. I unstrapped my scooter and fastened the Velcro strap back on, before folding the handle out from the base. I then clicked it in place, before turning the engine on. Kecleon leapt onto my shoulder, and together we kicked off through Brellaville. My lip was still numb, and it hurt to move it, but never mind.

“Hold on, Krystal!” I said boldly. I don’t know WHO to, just in case a camera crew caught it!



“So, how are we doing in the red corner?” Ainsley said. I was watching ‘Ready, Steady Cook!’ on TV, and Ainsley Harriet (presenter) was looking at the red side of the kitchen. They were doing a salmon, garnished with lemon zest or something.

“Well, we’re just zesting the lemon” The chef said. He was called ‘Anthony Worrol Thompson’, and was rather plump. He had a fuzzy beard and was grating the lemon skin to ‘release the flavour’ or something.

After the program finished, I wandered into the kitchen and got out the grater. We were doing jacket potato and lasagne tonight, but I was going to ‘jazz it up’ by zesting the potato and sprinkling it on top!

While I worked, I heard a lot of commotion outside. I put down my grater and walked outside, opening the slide door to get into the garden. I wandered through the garden, now empty since Cascoon evolved into Dustox, and opened the latch gate to the reserve.

Everyone was playing football. Well, not EVERYBODY, Wigglytuff, who was a bit of a tomboy, was in the fray but Sunflora just looked up to the sun in optimism. Bayleef lay down and watched, but Typhlosion, Sudowoodo, Donphan, Ursaring, Golem, Cyndaquil (Typhlosion’s kid), Hitmontop and Politoad all played. Rocky and Corona were at the back of the reserve. Noctowl was asleep, but…where was Weezing? And Dustox? And Smeargle?

My question was partly answered when Weezing hovered over to Bayleef to talk. Weezing then came over to see me, flickering her eyelashes seductively. She slowly floated down until she was at my eye level.

“Where’s Smeargle?” I asked. Weezing thought to herself.
“WELL, I remember seeing him and Dustox head inside…they said –

I gasped. They’d be terrorising my food!

“MY POTATO ZEST!” I roared, running inside. Weezing watched, slightly bewildered, but she floated after me, curious and somewhat bored. We burst into the kitchen. I halted, Weezing slammed into my back and I watched with fury as Dustox sprinkled a sleep powder into my creamy Bolognese sauce. I gasped. Racing forward, I could see Smeargle using his sleep powder as well! He’d encouraged Dustox…another enemy on my list!

“Take that!” I cried, tackling Smeargle to the ground. He collapsed onto the ground. I pinned him down.
“Dustox! Use a giga drain!” Smeargle croaked.
“He’s not your trainer!” I cried. “Chris is!”

Dustox looked at Smeargle, then me, then Smeargle, then me, until he turned to Weezing.
“Wanna go watch the football?”

“’Kay” She grunted. The two Pokemon fluttered/hovered off outside, leaving Smeargle and me alone in the kitchen. Smeargle managed to force me back and push me over, causing me to tumble into the kitchen cupboard.

“Bah” I muttered, as the stupid beagle walked back outside. I really got angry with Smeargle, and now Dustox started to cause mischief alongside Smeargle, I’d need to find an ally. Fast. I thought carefully. Who could battle alongside me for supreme victory over a large moth and a dog?

My choice was wide, but I decided that next time I was out, I’d climb the big Oak and chat to Noctowl, to see what he could say to encourage me. He was considered wise, much more than any of Tim or Suzie’s Pokemon.

“Get ready, Smeargle” I smirked. Turning, I knocked a pot of ketchup into my lasagne Bolognese. I got the bottle out, after emptying its contents into my pot, and resumed stirring it around.



Still spending time in Lavender Town, I was waiting for Monica to finish her class. She had arranged to meet me at 4:00, outside the Pokemoncenter, but the time slowly drew closer and closer to 4:30. Where was she?

I heard panting, and turning around, I saw Monica run towards me. Duskull was by her side, floating happily. She stopped, panting quickly. I wandered over and hugged her as she got her breath back.

“Sorry I was late” She gasped. “I was kept back because I hadn’t worked well enough”
“Distracted?” I asked her.
“Yea…distracted by you…” She purred.
“Oh…sorry” I muttered. She smiled.
“It’s the good type of distraction…” She said seductively.

“Oh” I mumbled. “So, what do you wanna do?”
“LEAVE” Monica wept. “I just hate it here”
It seemed somewhat sudden. Curious, I began to ask her what made her say that. However, she went on.

“I mean it’s so CONSTRICTING! I want to be out THERE, in the real world, not being stuck in this stuffy, pokey little town”

“I hate the outside world” I began. “I’ve spent a long time away from my family, away from it all. I had to live rough, and then when I met Sandra…it all fell into place…”

Flashback! Hold on tight………………

I sat infront of the TV with Ben and Phil. I was only 9, but Ben was already 15, and Phil was 13. Ben needed a Saturday job, he said. I still didn’t understand that: was he an adult on Saturdays and a child the rest of the week?

Mum was doing ironing in the living room, and Dad watched TV with us, partly reading ‘The Gazette’. At the moment, ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ was on, with that cheesy host, Chris Tarrant. I watched in anticipation, eager to see weather Mildred Latimer would succeed in winning £64,000 on this question.

However, the door burst open. Dad got up, staring across at the doorway to see a man walk in; two figures either side of him. The man wore an orange suit, with gelled black hair, while his sidekicks wore black, with black caps and a red R on the front. Dad walked over.

“Who are you?” He snapped. “What do you want here?”
“Please excuse my rudeness,” The man purred. “I am Giovanni, and I would like to talk to you, Taylor”

My Dad looked across at Giovanni. The man continued.

“Now, I know you have MONEY troubles, so if you would like to…discuss them, I’d be more than happy” Giovanni said, his voice oily and slinky. I didn’t like him. My Dad blushed; it seemed, before leading Giovanni to the dining room.

Back to reality…

“What happened?” Monica asked. She was very keen.
“My Dad worked for Giovanni,” I said. “After that, Dad had to kinda make Phil and Ben work for Team Rocket as well. Money was tight, and as the contract stated, I had to work for Team Rocket, too”

“Oh my god!” Monica remarked. “So, what happened after that then?”

“When I turned 15, I ran away from home, not wanting to start working for Giovanni. However, he was now replaced with Vicious, he had been for 5 years. I ran from my home in Viridian City and made my way to Johto, going through Silver Cave.

However, one Sandra Beddington stopped me. She told me of the opportunities for Team Rocket…and after persuading from my Mum, brothers and father, I recruited. I worked there for about a year”

I took off my jumper and showed Monica a red R tattoo on my left shoulder.

“See that? It’s an official mark of a Team Rocket member,” I told her.
“You poor thing” Monica said, hugging me. “So…why are you on the run?”

She seemed a little thick, but I went on. “When I turned 16, I just wanted to be a kid, live my life to the full while I could. I packed a few rations and left the base, with Tyrogue, Scyther and Gyrados. And since then, I’ve been running from Sandra”

“You must hate life,” Monica said.
“I do, really” I said blandly.
“Well, why don’t you do something with me?” Monica asked. I raised an eyebrow. “I’ve finished my module in Adeptry, and I have a 2 month break!”

“Cool” I said. “What are you supposed to do?”
“Well, in Fuchsia City, their badge is the Soul Badge, which, when collected from the Gym, can be brought back here and be used as a symbol of our status. Most Ghost Adepts get their most local ‘element’ badge, but s lot of us scour the world for about 5 of these status badges”

“So, you wanna walk to Fuchsia?” I asked.

“Even better” Monica said, rattling a set of keys. “Let’s run away”



“Wartortle, Get out the way!” I screamed. Blastoise leapt forward into the muddy grass, but Wartortle dashed out the way as the humongous turtle crashed into the mud, sending splatters all over Misty, Dave and myself. Dave was leaning against the car, while Misty and myself stood away from it with Wartortle.

“Give it up, Tony” Dave snapped. “You’re too puny, too weak: TOO SMALL for the big leagues”

I stayed silent.

“I can get us out of here” Misty hissed. “Staryu knows Teleport”
“That’s great,” I whispered. “KEEP RUNNING WARTORTLE, YOU’RE DOING GREAT! But how can you do that without him seeing?”

“Two words” Misty said. “ Mud slap ”
I smiled. “Wartortle, Mud Slap DAVE now!”

Dave looked shocked, but soon enough Wartortle rushed past and slapped him with a handful of mud. Dave shrieked, wiped the mud from his eyes and looked around. Me, Misty and Wartortle held onto Staryu’s top segment as it glowed a bright white. In a flash, we were gone.

We re-appeared in Cerulean. I looked around wildly. My eyes stopped, however, when I saw the newspaper stand up ahead. The headline looked like a quote: “ Please, find her soon” It said. Misty gave the man the money and took a copy. On the front cover was a photo of myself, and one of Misty. They were sort of recent, but Misty’s looked like when she was 11, with ginger bunches and a yellow top.

“Oh my god!” Misty cried. “Look at this!”

I looked at the newspaper. I found myself gasping when I read the inspiring words:

“Please, find her soon”
“Please, find her soon” David Robson pleaded to ‘Cerulean Scoop’ in a recent interview. David is the closest thing to a relative that Misty Waterflower has, an 18-year-old girl who has been missing around a week now. Her fate, along with that of close friend and apprentice Tony Aquadox, is not certain.

Dave told us, “In a hike upon Cerulean Cape, members from some punk gang sent their Pokemon out against myself, Misty and Tony. Nidorino, Weezing and Primeape were what they used. All our Pokemon were back at the Gym, so we were unable to attack. I remember watching as Misty and Tony fell down to the poison powder Weezing spread; I had run back, so I was safe. I ran, ran as fast as I could, pelting the Pokemon with rocks until they lost track of me. I barely escaped”

We stopped there. Dave was in tears. Police have been sent to search the Cerulean Cape, closing it off from trainers and Pokemon. Remember, the Cerulean Scoop brings the news AS IT HAPPENS, so keep those peepers peeled.

Angered, Misty scrunched the paper up.
“He’s really got this planned out” I said nervously. “I mean, He’s taken the Police to the COMPLETELY wrong direction…hasn’t he?”

“Yea, We were kept hostage by the power plant, or near to there anyway” Misty explained. “Dave really knows what he’s doing”

“And you never knew he was a Rocket?” I asked.
“I never suspected him of anything like that,” Misty said quietly. She scrunched up the newspaper and threw it to the floor. “He lied to me. LIED !”

“He’ll be coming after us” I warned Misty. “He’ll be driving down here now”
Misty stayed silent. I looked at her, nervous. Had I said something wrong? “What’s up?”

“You’re the 2nd in command,” Misty said. “Of the Gym, that is…”
“So?” I asked. “Does that matter?”
“Dave’s 3rd” She pined. “He kidnapped us to clear our names on the Gym Charter, and once it was declared as his…he could take it over”

“But why would he?” I asked.
“For Team Rocket” She murmured. “And we’ve been gone long enough, I think, so the Gym is in his hands”

She raced through town towards the Gym. I followed. The town was rather empty, but anybody that did see us seemed rather confused at these two people, both reported missing, and both racing through town to the Gym.

Kicking the door, Misty found it was locked.


“Use Staryu” I told her. Misty nodded. Staryu emerged after he was released from his ball. Core glowing, brimming with everlasting energy, the front door crumpled and crunched to a single ball of metal before us. Devastating.

We raced inside, to be confronted by an almost sickening sight. Our Gym was different. Now painted a dull black, our usual boardwalks were now gone, the water drained, and a solid metal maze lay before us.

Misty walked over. Her hand brushed the cold metal walls of the maze, the 7foot high walls that towered over our hopes and dreams. Spikes scattered across the tops of the walls. We HAD to get through and fast. Dave could be here any minute now…

I felt myself gasp, and step into the maze. Misty followed. As soon as we did, however, I felt a sharp sting in my neck. Turning, I saw a figure in the doorway. A large Steelix was by his side, slithering across the floor. Dave.

“Run!” I hissed. We took the left turn and ran down the dark path. Misty and Staryu were ahead of me. I released Wartortle for comfort. To get to the arena, and the staircase to Misty’s flat then we’d need to get to the end of this confusing maze. Once we got out, we could get to our Pokemon, and stop this Gym from being turned to Team Rocket material.

“Steelix…” Dave murmured. “Lets go. Take left, I’ll take right”
Throwing a ball to the ground, Dave released Blastoise. “You take the right fork through the left path. They will NOT ruin this for me…I have a dream, and as a Team Rocket Grunt, class A, I have a duty”

2nd June 2003, 03:00 PM
Wobbuffet is cool, and i love Ready, Steady Cook!!!!
(oh my deluded life.........)

Staryu should have used Teleport a long time ago, but never mind.

Monica has got everything planned out, and I think she's great.
But there's something about her.........

The whole Gym Leader takeover is going very well, isn't it?

And a quessie for Marill, how do you feel about being a mascot for Dragon Rock?????

2nd June 2003, 03:42 PM
Well Chris has gone gangster, did that happen when Granbull died? the Wobbuffet part was great I loved that, can't wait to hear what happens with those too. Dave is too sinister to live, and if you don't kill him can I do it. I just hate him now, the perfect criminal who is on a rampage will his rage get him stuck.

ONly complaint, weather is supposed to be whether.:D

2nd June 2003, 03:59 PM
Nice. This is really heating up. A third one? Well, not to complain, but it's not really worth it if it can't be full length, unless it's made into a sort of short story. Ok, I'll thrash myself for that one, you know what you're doing better than I do.

2nd June 2003, 05:15 PM
Finally we have some of Wobbuffet's point of view! Sleep powder in the food...

Dave surely had it well planned... hmmm, if he can fit a Steelix in there, it must be big...

Oooh! I think I know who might be that "important death"!

2nd June 2003, 05:24 PM
looked at the glass cabinet, faced almost pressed against it, admiring the thick chains and the proud pendants. I had my eye on a pretty snarky onesnarky? why is Chris going all gangster and stuff? i wonder how Krystal will react when she sees him?

I’d need to find an ally. Fast. I thought carefully. Who could battle alongside me for supreme victory over a large moth and a dog?hehehe... a large moth and a dog...

MY POTATO ZEST!ROTFLMAO!:D :D :D I should use that as a quote somewhere...

hmmm...Monica and Al, running away... sounds ok. Wobbofet <-(spelling) must be like the worst cook ever, and he doesnt even notice! hehehe...

have u ever noticed i say "hehehe..." a whole lot? i need to stop that, hehehe... "D'OH!!!"~Homer Simpson

Hanada Tattsu
2nd June 2003, 07:23 PM
I loved that chappie! It was one of your funniest!

LOL, Chris' new "change in style" was hilarious, I wanna see what Krystal thinks of it, lol.

Wobuffet now has two new enemies, Smeargle and Dustox, heh, I wonder what Noctowl will think?

We got some of Al's past, that was good, and I wonder what'll happen to Tony and Misty?

Write more!

3rd June 2003, 02:38 PM
Cool chapter, as the others have said, Chris's change of style is hilarious. It's great that you made Wobbuffet make new enemies with Smeargle and Dustox and putting 'Ready, Steady, Cook' in the fic is cool as well.
Anyway, From Trainer to Trainee sounds cool but it sounds like a new series than a current story in the series.
(I also put ideas in the fic ideas too, one is a spin-off to Skin Deep and the other is a comedy starring Cluff.)

Chris 2.1
3rd June 2003, 02:58 PM
Oakbark: lol, you like it? I never know WHAT they're cooking...lol! I'm an awful chef, like Wobbuffet. Staryu didn't really have time to escape; the spacious clearing where Dave released Blastoise was clearer; by my beleifs a Pokemon's mind wouldn't be as clear and focused in a cloudy, sweltering room. Maybe Monica's planning is a sign for something....or maybe she's just been hoping to do this for a while. The little carjacker...lol! The Gym takeover is BIG - Saffron and Cerulean are sorted, while Domino has headed to Pewter. I wonder if anything will happen to Celadon while Chris stays there?

Marill - i'm sorta pissed off with it, but if I can evolve then maybe she'll like me more...

Powarun: GANGSTER? It's a skate shop, sells SKATE stuff and etc etc. Dave's evil as anything, but...well, everything that happens should please you all. Hehe...

Jukain: Well, weather or not it is gonna be FINISHED (or started hehe) is still debated, although its unlikely it will be. Things are definitely heating up for Tony as he struggles to win Misty back...can you believe he made that fony article? Things heat up for Chris later on, as well. Hope you enjoy...hehe

Dragonfree: don't be mislead, there a lot of possible deaths in TIR! The Cerulean Gym is massive, lets hope Dave's plan gets totally ruined! I....I hope, anyway....

Ultra: Snarky is a skater word, but the chains are skater as well! Not big gangsta' pendants, funky skater ones! Lol, that was written after my expirience with my eyebrow ring, my chain, batman and the woman in the wheelchair!

Hanada: as i said: based on real life! Lol, what a day I had then...hehe. Al's past is sorta revealled, but there's a little bit about his present you guys won't know until the confrontation, later in the fic...

3rd June 2003, 03:15 PM
I have just realised something that you said in the last post!!!!
*slaps head hard*
How could i have been so blind?????
The Organisation are really going strong, and by the looks of it - going to get a lot stronger.....

I wont tell anyone my thoughts, but if my suspicions are correct then {insert name here} is in for a surprise.........

Also Chris, I saw your fic idea, and it sounds cool!:yes:

Chris 2.1
4th June 2003, 01:15 PM
Oakbark: Intriguing! The Orginisation becomes a central part of the fanfic, and you'll see plenty more of the Organisation as the fic rolls on! Thanks about the fic ideas!

Well, strangely, you may ask yourself, here is Chapter 27. My social life is spinning out of control, and since my mates are round fridays most weeks, chances of FRTC Chappies being seen are a lot more common, Chapters are being posted wednesday and [n] sunday [/b]. ENJOY!

The Indigo Road
Chapter 27 - The Miami League Finals
By Shinymarill


“Don’t do it,” I hissed. As Kimi walked through from the kitchen with the food on a tray, Ampharos leapt infront of her and wailed. Screaming, Kimi dropped the tray and sent milk, toast and butter flying over me. I leapt up as the cold butter slipped down my back…it was so gooey and ikky! I screamed and tried to get it out, while Ampharos chuckled and ran off.

“I SAID NO! NO!” I cried. “I need a shower…”

I ran off to the bathroom. Kimi and Brock went to clean up, and Ampharos just ran into the back garden. He was always playing jokes on us: yesterday, he gave Kimi an electric shock! She was unconscious for an hour…


After I got freshened up, I walked into the living room to see Kimi and Brock watching Jerry Springer. It looked sorta boring: lesbian Jynx’ telling their secret to their Smoochum children. Gross.

Marill was talking to Lotad, so I took Espeon to the front of the house. I petted her as we sat on the doorstep, watching Celadon City walk past us. People shopping…kids training Pokemon, annoying townies on their cell phones, and even a boy and his Grimer dropping their litter on the floor.

“We’re going soon” I hushed to Espeon. “Chris will be arriving any day now”
“ I want to show you something, ” A voice said. I looked down at Espeon, whose jewel was a silver colour now. It shimmered and rippled.

“Was…was that you?” I asked her. She nodded, although she wasn’t facing me. “You’re…you’re telepathic?”

“ I am, ” She said, her voice filling my mind. “ You’re worrying about Chris…but I can sense someone else who may be causing you to get concerned ”
“Yes…there is someone” I began.

“ Al ” I heard.

“That’s right! Al!” I gasped. Espeon got up and walked along the street, before turning and facing me. She sat down rather casually, her bead constantly throbbing with a silver glow. It was beautiful.

“ Let me show you what will happen, ”

I watched her, as she started to become blurred. I watched. Keen, I was very keen to see what this was. My mind suddenly throbbed painfully…the people around us morphed into trees, or flattened down to become the ground. I then looked. I was on a white pier, out to sea. The City was not too far away, but it looked rather empty. Espeon sat by me as I stood up.

“Where are we?” I asked Espeon. She looked at me, blinking delicately.
“ Fuchsia City, Kanto ”

“We are?” I gasped. “This is near Seafoam Village!”
“ True. However, this place is full of twists and turns…I urge you to stay. Stay with me, and we can be a duo again…”

“I’d love to take you back,” I said pleasantly. “But…don’t you like it with Kimi?”
“ She is very nice, but I want to be with you again ” She hissed. I felt rather insecure around this scary Pokemon.

“ WHY did you leave me? WHY did I wake the next day to find out my trainer didn’t want me? WHY DON’T YOU WANT ME? YOU BRING ME INTO THE WORLD AND THROW ME AWAY LIKE A RAGDOLL! I WOULD BE A DRAGON IF I COULD! ” She screamed.

“Please! I didn’t mean it like that!” I cried.

“ YOU CAN STAY HERE! ROT HERE WITH ME! ” Espeon cried happily. I screamed out loud…she was going to keep me here! I cried out, hands over my ears, trying to escape from this. I got up and tried to run, but I couldn’t.

“ If you won’t listen to ME…” Espeon growled, glowing white. Her shape shifted, until she was around my height, with a long sleeved t-shirt, orange with white sleeves, baggy navy blue denim shorts and chunky shoes.

“Chris?” I asked the figure.
“ STAY HERE Krystal ” Chris told me. “ IT’LL BE GREAT…”

I panicked as a tear slipped down my face. I couldn’t stand this. Was it really Espeon, or Chris? I couldn’t tell…I just fell to my knees infront of Chris and burst into tears.

“Just leave me alone” I wept. Chris growled, and walked over to me. I screwed my eyes shut, but heard a clatter. Looking up, a large purple, black and gold snake had leapt onto Chris and sunk its large red fangs into his neck.

“CHRIS!” I cried. The snake looked up, blood dripping from its fangs. Chris was now pale, but lay there, motionless. Just then, he glowed. White light took over his body, and he started to shrink back to the Espeon form. She had a wound on her side, and her forked tail was parted. The background dissolved before us, and we were now outside Kimi’s house again.

“Chris?” I asked. I heard a motor to my left, and upon turning, saw Chris and Kecleon riding into Celadon on a petrol scooter. Chris leapt off it (after turning it off) and ran over to the snake, which looked rather happy and playful.

“Good job” Chris said to it. “You want to go back in your ball now?”
Did Chris OWN this thing? Wow! It was a ferocious viper of some sort. The snake nodded, and Chris recalled it in a Pokeball. Kecleon ran over and hugged my leg affectionately.

“Great to see you again!” I cried. I ran over to Chris and hugged him tightly. “It’s been so long!”
“Yea, I know” Chris said back. “How’s everything?”
“Flaaffy evolved,” I said happily. “But…I saw Dane again”

“Oh crap” Chris said.
“He told me he worked for Team Rocket…and he stole Seel!”
I cried. Chris comforted me, but I then became aware of the chain around his neck. It was a pretty nice metal one, but I then became fully aware of his lip ring! I got out the hug and touched the ring.

“Very nice” I said happily. “Erm…it’s bleeding”
“Oh…right” Chris muttered, glowing red. I chuckled, and got out a tissue, cleaning the dried, cracked blood from his chin. He was very grateful. Suddenly, Espeon got back up and raced forward, tackling Chris to the ground.

“HEY!” He cried. “Kecleon, go!”
His Kecleon ran forward and headbutted Espeon. She whipped her tail around and caught Kecleon up, before thwacking him onto the ground numerous times. Kecleon got blood on his face and screamed in pain as Espeon smashed his face in.

“Kecleon! Ancient Power!” Chris shouted. “Show her!”

Kecleon glowed a dim bronze. Espeon let go, intrigued, as Kecleon held his arms out wide. His eyes narrowed, a breeze caught the air around him, and his stripe was brown, a rocky brown. With a roar, Kecleon blasted a beam of gold energy from his stripe and forced it into Espeon. She cried out as she was flung into the air. Smacking against the ground, blood spilled from her nose.

“Wow” Krystal said. “Thanks”
“What was she doing to you?” Chris asked.
“She took me to Fuchsia: something bad will happen to Al there” Krystal said. “I just don’t know what”

“Well…were heading there, aren’t we?” Chris asked. “Oh, do you like my ring?”
He wore a very nice silver lip ring. I admired it for a few seconds. “There’s some dried blood around the outside though”

“Oh crap” Chris said, wiping it with his sleeve.
“Let’s introduce you to Brock and Kimi” I said, chuckling. We wandered inside, but Chris released Umbreon to see his sister while we went inside.

“ I tried to warn her, I really did ” Espeon purred.



Cacturne was doing very well, having riddled my team down to Ninetales and Haunter. I had absolutely no faith in the apparently ‘wickedly strong’ ghost, as Ditto had failed pretty easily against Tom’s dynamite Salmenace. Ninetales, however, was really unable to use fire attacks through fear of melting the arena, so we had to just use physical blows.

“Cacturne, needle arm!” Tom shouted. Cacturne spun around and released a storm of needles towards Ninetales. Agile as she may be, Ninetales was unable to evade every hit from the barrage of needles, and collapsed in pain. Wearily, she got up, only to be pummelled by Cacturne’s meteor punch.

“Get up and use quick attack!” I shouted. Ninetales and her flamethrower were unstoppable, but she was rendered almost hopeless if she was endangering herself by using it.

She sped along the arena and whisked past Cacturne, dealing minor damage and receiving recoil from his needles. Cacturne turned, glaring at my beautiful fox with his evil stare. Ninetales leapt over his head and landed, slipping and eventually falling over. Cacturne then started to create a shadow ball in his large arms.

“Keep pulling in shadows!” Tom ordered. His next words were at me. “Give you locals a challenge”
“Oh yea? I’ll make my land proud. YOU won’t stand a chance!” I cried. “Ninetales, use a take down!”

Ninetales ran forward at Cacturne, but, as optimistic and proud as she was, she was just to weak to be able to inflict any major damage. Cacturne took the attack very well, but simply forced a meteor punch into Ninetales’ jaw, knocking her down to the ground.

“Ninetales, you’ve done really well” I began. “Return”
Recalling Ninetales, I prepared to get out Haunter’s Pokeball. He was my last choice. I then considered Tom, who could probably use Gyrados if he needed to. I prepared to release Haunter into the stadium, but a strange white glow took over the ball.

“What’s going on?” I asked myself, as the ball floated from my grip. It opened, still glowing bright white, and released Haunter. He floated in a specific circle, crying his name. I then thought back to Haunter’s, and how being used by a new trainer can help them evolve! Trade evolution I think it was called. Nowadays they had grown powerful enough to evolve independently, but this was the lazy method.

Releasing his hands, Haunter started to glow red. Within seconds, his arms shot back and delved into his body, causing the ghostly figure’s ‘skin’ (or whatever it was…) to warp and twist. The body developed legs, something not found in Haunter in its current or Gastly state. The light started to die down and fade away, as a proud Gengar floated in mid-air.

“Gengar! Oh my god!” I cried. “A Gengar!”
“You may have a new Pokemon, but we can take it down no problem. Cacturne! Try using a razor leaf” Tom said savagely. He had never seemed too competitive; he’d shout and go out his reach, but came across as someone who wouldn’t take losing badly. Cacturne’s arms swished out, sending two sharp leaves straight at Gengar. I knew this wouldn’t be a problem, and I was right. Gengar chuckled rather demonically as he soon became transparent, causing the leaves to disappear through him.

“Gengar!” He cackled. He stepped back and started to create a shadow ball in his hands. He drew energy from around him to form the crackling violet sphere. The sphere grew bigger and bigger, until it was the size of a watermelon.

Gengar launched the ball like you would pass a netball. It flew at Cacturne, who, despite his punch forward at it to destroy it, was struck by it painfully, resulting in him stumbling back clumsily. He gasped, facing Gengar and narrowing his eyes. Gengar then floated up into the air and held his palm flat. His eyes flickered an intense orange, as a small flame shot up from his palm. With a cry, he forced it from out his palm towards Cacturne.

Even Tom looked worried, as Cacturne’s left arm was set alight. Cacturne dashed from left to right, swinging his arm around in a desperate attempt to subdue the flames.

“Good job Gengar!” I said happily. “Now, use a curse!”

As Gengar chanted his name, obviously an incantation of some sorts, Cacturne was slowly rooted to the spot and left vulnerable to attack. The muscles in his body seized up drastically, and soon the cactus Pokemon found himself ready to bite the dust.

“You’re doing great!” I assured Gengar. “Power up a hyper beam, NOW!!!”

Gengar looked stunning as he floated up into the air. Holding both hands out; He commanded an orange blast of focused energy to be released from his hands. The Hyper beam shot across the arena and pierced the sky with its blazing power. Cacturne watched from his rooted spot as the beam flew on…

“Rapid spin!” Tom shouted, right at the last minute. With a swish of his large, truncheon-like arms, Cacturne pulled out of his curse and repelled the hyper beam. Gengar chuckled as the beam flew through his body, giving him a tickling sensation to please his tastes.


“Come on, Gengar, lets see a perish song!” I said. Gengar nodded, cleared his throat and began wailing loudly. Cacturne tried holding his arms to his ears, blocking out the pain, but he couldn’t bear it.

“CACTURNE!” Tom roared.
“Gengar, use an ice beam,” I breathed. Gengar opened his mouth and blasted the smooth, pearly ice attack. Cacturne perished as the cold ice spread across his body, causing him to go blue. Gengar forced his fist into Cacturne’s face and he fell.

He fell. Down, down to the ground.

I watched, as Tom recalled him. Gengar floated by my side as we watched him carefully.

“What can I say?” Tom began. “You’re Damn good”
The crowd roaring was intense: I smiled at him, as he turned and walked into the locker rooms.


“Well, You’re father has been caught up with some…business” Mum said. “I expect you’ll be getting the next ferry home?”

“Yea, I will be…” I began. I paused. “Actually…I’m in possession of a Ditto: He can transform into a Wailord and sail me home!”
“Well, I guess so” Mum said. I chuckled to her.
“I’ll see ya around” I said, before hanging up.

Turning, I saw Roy.

“Excellent battle” He said. “I…I’m heading back to Hoenn to compete in more contests. I catch Pokemon, raise them, win contests with them, and send them home, so I think you can keep Gengar. Besides…he seems to like you”

“Really? Thanks Roy!” I said happily.
“Well, I’ll need Ditto, though” He continued.
“That’s too bad…I was going to have him transform into Wailord and take us home…” I muttered.

“THAT’S IT!” Roy cried. “I can go home with you! I’ll go and get my bags and we can leave!”

I didn’t believe it. Roy ran off, just as Tom walked forward.

“Hey” I said lightly.
“Rika…you’re really strong” Tom said. “I really enjoyed battling you, even if I lost”
“Any plans?” I asked.

“Hell yea! I got an unofficial Gym in Kanto: I’m training for Dragon Rock, and that’s why I competed here AND started my Gym up” He told me.

“Sounds great,” I muttered. “But…but I have to get back home. There’s been a lot of action, I’d say”

“I need some action,” Tom blurted out. He blushed as I stared at him.
“Now, now, you’re only 14” I said, chuckling. Tom laughed.
“It’s been so good meeting you, and I hope I do again,” Tom said. I smiled at him.


Roy ran down the stairs with his bag.
“Let’s go!”

I sighed, before glancing at Tom. He was bright enough to see what was going on…He just gave his broad smile. For a 14-year old, he was a really nice person.

“Have a nice time,” He said, smiling. I returned the smile with a disapproving sigh, before walking off with Roy.



“Well, call again!” Kimi cried. “It’s been great seeing you”
“Thanks for the accommodation” Krystal replied, waving. “It was only 2 star, but it was ALRIGHT…”

Kimi didn’t take it well. I went off on my Scooter, Pidgeotto in the air and Kecleon by my feet. Krystal walked, so I made sure I didn’t go far. We’d probably end up taking it in turns or something.

“I like your earring” I said.
“Thanks” Krystal replied. “It hasn’t gone septic, has it?”
“Well…sorta” I began. Krystal sighed.
“I’ll get it checked out at the next City” She began.

We continued on until we got to a signpost, directing us to Fliscoula, the next big destination in our journey south. I had really missed Krystal…and I hope she had missed me. I thought about Sandra, Dane, Al and everything that had ever happened in the past few weeks.

“Come on, I’ll get you a present in Fliscoula” I told her. Excited, she leapt into the air.
“Great! Marill, come on!”

Marill leapt onto her trainers shoulder and the two ran off. I turned the CC up, before pushing down and scooting forward, Pidgeotto flying ahead and Kecleon watching from about kneecap high.

Sure, we may not be famous trainers with really strong Pokemon. We’re not constantly on a new adventure, never really helping anybody with his or her Pokemon, but I’d like to think I led a pretty damn good life.

I then heard a scream. Pushing down on the accelerator, we pushed on around the bend to see Krystal lying on the ground.

“KRYSTAL!” I screamed. Marill lay unconscious as a white animal ripped Krystal’s cape. I watched in horror as blood trickled from Krystal’s lip. I clenched my fists, leapt off the scooter and stared at the Pokemon.

It’s an Absol. I studied at a pre-college in Pontaricò before I left, and Absol seemed like a very dangerous Pokemon. They lived atop mountains, and they’re pretty damn destructive with that blade. It looked up at me, blood dripping from its sharp teeth.

“YOU MONSTER!” I roared. I grabbed three Pokeballs between my fingers, before charging forward and pelting Absol with them. Two missed, opened on the ground, and Seviper and Electabuzz formed behind Absol. Umbreon formed infront, and faced off against this formidable opponent. There was something about those two…they actually looked rather alike in terms of stances and eyes…

Through my violent temper, a tear slipped down my face.

“Hold on, Krystal” I muttered.

4th June 2003, 02:04 PM
Wow, I hope Chris catches Absol. Just the thing to become friends with Bulbasaur.

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Also I replied to the previous chapter but since you replied at the same time, you didn't answer it but I understand.

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In Storage: Noctowl, Dustox, Weezing, Wobuffet, Smeargle

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Sorry if I spoiled some of this story for you.

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Powarun: That was 5 options :-P It's true, those are the options, although there are more obviously, one inparticular you wouldn't expect. Fpreshadowing indeed, but it is also a gateway into Espeon's feelings and how she reacted to being left with Kimi. Tom's my best mate, he's the best! cool guy, really is. I wish he went here on TPM, i wish he liked Pokemon really, because then I wouldn't have to hide this from him :-(. Oh well. Swablu for Tom? he may already have one, if he owns a Gym. Hmm, keep guessin and all will be revealled.

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The Indigo Road
Chapter 28 - Fighters
By Shiny


Umbreon raced forward and tackled Absol from Krystal’s body. He leapt back but kept his balance as he skidded along the grass. Umbreon stared at the terrifying wolf Pokemon, the rings glowing on his body.

Absol howled, before focusing power into the blade on the side of his head. He leapt into the air and swung his head around, releasing a blade of energy forward at Umbreon. Umbreon shot to the left as the energy scarred the ground.

“Come on, guys” I croaked. “Seviper, poison fang! Electabuzz, focus a Thunderpunch”

Electabuzz thought hard, focusing his energy into his right hand. It crackled violently as he thrust it towards Absol. However, the speedy Pokemon leapt into the air and evaded the attack, before firing a blade of energy again and smacking Electabuzz in the stomach.

Seviper lunged at Absol and sunk his deep red fangs into Absol’s ribcage. He howled in pain as Seviper swung Absol to the left, making the wolf graze across the floor. I stood there, watching the action from afar. Kecleon stood by my side, transfixed, while Pidgeotto pecked at some seeds on the ground.

I ran over to Krystal and picked her up. She opened her eyes wearily.
“…Chris?” She asked.
“How are you?” I asked her. “You look bad”

“Get me….” She began.
“Get you what?” I asked quickly.
“Get me help…” She breathed, falling down.

“KRYSTAL!” I cried. I looked around wildly. What could I do? Electabuzz, Umbreon and Seviper were panting heavily after the adrenaline rush. I looked around, walking over to my scooter and standing it up.

“Ok, I want you five to STAY HERE and protect Krystal” I began. “Get Ampharos and Charizard, too”

Kecleon released Ampharos and Charizard, and the 7 Pokemon stood around Marill and Krystal. Absol lay in the ground, gasping slightly. I pushed off from my scooter and towards Fliscoula City, looking for help.

* [center]

“Is she alright?” Kecleon asked nervously. “Krystal, I mean”
Charizard looked down at his trainer: he was Krystal’s first capture, and he had held that title with pride. He had often held a macho image, but if the truth were to be spoken, then he was worried. Very worried for his trainer.

“She’ll be fine” Charizard huffed. “Now, Myself, ‘Buzz and Kecleon will be attacking anything that comes near. The rest of you will be circling Krystal and Marill, making sure you attack anything that comes near. Put simply: WE go forward to attack, you attack anything that goes forward”

As the biggest and probably physically strongest Pokemon, Charizard seemed to be taking a lead role in all of this. Ampharos seemed to have respect for his friend, but his new size and capabilities had given the impression he was willing to be a leader, too.

Seviper, Umbreon, Ampharos and Pidgeotto formed a ‘circle’ around Krystal’s body. Charizard, Electabuzz and Kecleon walked forward and prepared to attack anything. Ampharos, however, was looking at Absol with a confused expression. Absol looked up at Ampharos, and started to speak…

“You should have caught me while you had the chance”

Within seconds, he launched himself at Ampharos and clung to his upper body. Ampharos screamed and stumbled around as Absol created a gash on Ampharos’ body.

“Haha! Take that!” Absol cried manically.

Electabuzz send a surge of electric energy down to his fist, before racing forward, roaring his name and smashing Absol in the face. Howling, the white and grey Pokemon flew back and smacked against the floor. Ampharos stumbled slightly, but Electabuzz managed to support him.

“Are you…all right?” Electabuzz asked. Far from it being him who was the ‘caring one’, this situation had really meant all Pokemon stuck together, looked out for one another, and fought for Krystal no matter what.

“Yea…” Ampharos muttered, nodding awkwardly. Electabuzz settled him down with Krystal.

The Pokemon looked around. Umbreon walked to Charizard.

“Should we catch him now?” He asked nervously.
“I’m not sure,” Charizard grunted. “Catching him would only mean we’d have to keep him, wouldn’t it?”

“I suppose so” Umbreon muttered, slightly ashamed of his idea.
“But” Charizard went on. “If we do not catch him, then we can only guess what he’ll do next”

Kecleon ran up to Krystal and got an Ultra Ball from her belt. He then ran over to Charizard and handed it to him. Charizard prepared to throw the ball at Absol, when he froze on the spot.

“Can you…hear that?” He asked the group. A series of howls rose up from the surrounding forest. “It could be more of them”

“Pidgeotto, you can go and check” Kecleon advised. Pidgeotto looked up from the sand he was kicking.

Angered, Charizard walked up to Pidgeotto and grabbed him:
“If you’re in this group, then you’ll fight for your friends, help your friends and even put yourself before your friends”

“My friends are all on Route01” Pidgeotto rasped. “I’d fight for THEM any day”
“You’re in THIS group now” Electabuzz said boldly, getting up from talking to Ampharos. “Your priorities lie here now”

“Well then, Ok, I will look” Pidgeotto snapped. He ran, spreading his wings and flapping them hectically, before swooping up into the air and going towards the forest. However, another Absol leapt through the bushes and landed on Pidgeotto, pinning him to the ground and biting his left wing. He screeched loudly, as the rest of the group stared I disbelief.

“PIDGEOTTO!” Kecleon cried. He eyed the Absol and charged at it with his claws. “YOU BASTARD!”

Kecleon slashed Absol across the back, but he bucked his back legs and sent Kecleon flying through the air. The chameleon smacked against the floor and lay there, breathing deeply, a gash on his back.

“Come on guys” Electabuzz said. “Me and Charizard will take on these two –

“What do you mean… two ?” Absol said, chuckling. Three more Absol leapt from the bushes and bombarded the Pokemon. Charizard and Electabuzz were currently battling Absol, but Umbreon was now squaring off against a rather bulky one. Seviper had to take on two at a time, which was looking rather grim.

Charizard opened his mouth and blasted a torrent of flames at Absol. He screamed as the flames engulfed his body menacingly, running wildly around the path between Celadon and Fliscoula.

“Come on, Chris” Electabuzz gasped, smacking Absol in the face. Absol then sunk his teeth into Electabuzz’ knuckles. He roared in pain.

Kecleon lay there, as did Marill, Pidgeotto and Ampharos. Charizard, Umbreon, Electabuzz and Seviper battled to the max against the ferocious Absol, waiting for some help from their trainer.

[Center] *


“I’m sure you’ll be let free soon,” I told Sabrina, who was pale, shaky and rather paranoid at the time. “You gave Jet the keys to the Gym, and the takeover won’t take long, so we can only wait”

“But…but I don’t want to go” Sabrina whimpered.
“It’ll be fine” I assured her, assuring being something I did an awful lot recently. I got a buzz on my pager:

“Megan – Gym doors opened, we’re in! Come visit us, JH has Promo’s for us. Luv Jet”
I presumed JH was James Holmes. Our Promo Pokemon were in! A new friend for me…I sighed happily, putting my pager away.

“Well, I have to go” I told Sabrina. “We’ll probably be taking you tomorrow, or the day after”

“Please!” Sabrina cried. “PLEASE!”
“I’m sorry,” I said, walking down the staircase.

I wandered through the City of Saffron: The heat had died down after the Saffron bomb, but Police officers were still patrolling a lot more than before. Jet the Gym Leader…he had always dreamed of making a name for himself…

I arrived at the Gym, and went inside. Inside, I saw the long arena, and Jet, as well as about 5 Grunts.

“Hey Meg” Jet said, walking over. “Like the Gym?”
“Are you refurbishing it?” I asked keenly.
“We will be, but we can’t just yet” Jet said. “Officials have been told of the new Gym Ownership, but if we change it straight away they may get suspicious”

“Yea” I said emptily. “So, you said our Promo Pokemon were here?”
“Yup” Jet said. “Well, as I said, I’m keeping Magmar, but yours is right here”
Jet handed me a Violet Pokeball with a yellow star on the front. I smiled, taking it off him and throwing it out into the Gym.

The ball opened and released a blob of white light, white light that slowly took the form of a purple shell. I looked down at it. It was shut.

Suddenly, as I bent down to inspect, its hinge opened, a big red tongue flopped out and it rasped “Shellda!”

“Shellder?” I questioned. Its actual body must be the black part inside, I thought. Shellder was a pretty cool Pokemon. “Try an Ice beam!”

I pointed at Simon, a grunt with a Shroomish. Shellder once again opened her mouth, and from her black body, she blasted a pearly white beam. It was smooth, with a hint of sky blue as it hurtled towards the grumpy, dumpy Mushroom.

The beam made contact, and Shroomish soon became encased in a block of ice. His expression was rather fixed as he stared into the nothingness ahead of him. Simon turned around.

“What was that for?” He asked hotly.
“Cool off” I snapped. “Clamp!”

Shellder rocked slightly, before launching herself forward at Simon. She shut her shell over his shoe, clamping onto his foot. Simon tried to shake her off by swinging his leg up and down. Shellder stayed on.

“So, are you pleased?” Jet asked.
“Yea! She’s great,” I said happily. “When…when are we leaving?”
“Maybe four days time?” Jet said. “At most, that is. Four days at most. I need legal papers sorted and whatnot”

Jet then took me to the back of the Gym and through a door. Once there, I saw a large plane, silver in colour.

“The same ones they use for parachute dives” Jet explained.
“This is what we’re leaving in, ey?” I said, moving my hand across it. “What’s happening then?”

“I managed to persuade Smokey to pilot for us,” Jet said. Smokey was this Rocket we knew who had a Numel. He was a good trainer, but his pyromaniac antics had often got him suspended from work. He was one of a large selection of pilots on the Rocket Force, as was Domino. She was in Pewter City, however, taking over the Gym.

“We’re flying over Oldale” Jet told me. “It’s a nice town in another continent. There’s a forest nearby you can drop from –

“DROP?” I questioned.
“Yea, Parachute drop out the plane” Jet told me obviously. “You’ll safely land in the woods, and you can get to Oldale”

“Sounds good” I began. “I’d better change out of my rocket uniform before we leave!”
“Yea, but I’d spend the next few days training Shellder. She’s strong, but just train that extra bit,” Jet advised.

“Thanks” I said, kissing Jet on the cheek. “Thanks so much”
“It’s Ok” Jet assured me. “It’ll be sad seeing you go, but…but I know I’m doing the right thing here”

I hugged him, before running off to train my new Shellder.



“Run away?” I questioned. Monica nodded.
“My dad owns an 18-wheeler; we can use that to get to Fuchsia!” She said enthusiastically.

“Are you sure that’s safe?” I asked. “I’m one year off taking my driving test, and you’re only 14!”
“Oh, stop whining” Monica said hotly. “We have to keep on the run, in case Sandra catches you!”

She had a point.

“Yea…yea, you’re right,” I said, hugging her. “You’re very special to me, you know”
“Thanks, I feel the same” Monica told me.

And with that, Monica ran down the road, presumably towards her father’s 18-wheeler. I hoped he wasn’t a steel adept with giant metal fists or something. Or some big dude with tattoos. I did hope, however, that he was a weedy little man with glasses…

I stared in disbelief at the huge truck. It was red, rather bulky and looked MASSIVE. Monica clambered in with no problem, but it took me a while to boost up into the truck.

Inside, it was very warm. The chairs were big and comfy, but the steering wheel was about the size of a dustbin lid! Monica gripped the wheel confidently, and slammed her foot down on the accelerator.

As he tore out the peaceful Lavender Town, the one place where I’d felt secure and at home, a large cloud of black exhaust trailed after us. I felt guilty: from an adults perspective it may look as if I had kidnapped Poor Monica, but I had to say, it was much rather the other way round. We drove south towards Fuchsia, where Monica’s Soul Badge lay. Once there, we’d escape somewhere else. I heard Fuchsia was by the sea…maybe we could get a boat…



“Keep going!”

We ran across the maze in the dim light. Misty and I hissed across to each other where to go: right now, we had just nipped straight across a 4-way turn in Dave’s maze. I felt my heart smash against my body through every beat it gave off. Dave really had this planned.

Misty, who was infront of me, stopped. Staryu, her only Pokemon with her, stood still too.

“What’s up?” I asked.
“I can hear something,” She hissed. I stopped, and tried to listen. As I listened, a thick slither could be heard from somewhere nearby.
“I hear it too” I assured her.

“What can we do? It sounds like a Pokemon,” She said.
“You attack if it comes infront, I’ll attack if it comes behind” I said to her. She nodded, gathering her wits and turning.

“AIIIYEEEEEEEEEEE!” She screamed, pointing. I turned, and saw a humongous Bronze Steelix staring at us. It cocked its head slightly, but then forced it down at Misty. I grabbed her delicate frame and pulled her back as Steelix smashed the floor.

We both breathed in quick spurts. Misty had her hand to her chest as her other hand kept Staryu close.

“We’ll go back to the 4-way and take the right path,” I said to her. She nodded, as we both turned on our heels and pelted down the maze’s path. Steelix followed, although rather delayed, as it had to un-jam its head from the floor.

As we came to the 4-way path, we darted down what was the right path and followed it as it turned left, right, right, left, forward. We ran on evermore, the path being totally straight, and it looked as if it would stay like that for a lot longer.

As we turned left, we ran down a small straight and turned right, before the path opened up and revealed…

“The arena!” Misty cried. She ran onto it: it was cement, with engravings in. “What happened to it?”
“He’s changed it. Changed it for his own uses” I muttered. Misty got her key for her room and ran up the stairs. Once there, she slotted the key in and accessed her bedroom.

While Misty freshened up, (I didn’t need to), I got all my Pokeballs (except Seaking’s) and attached them to my Pokeball belt. It felt good having them there. However, as I examined the arena, I felt someone grab me by the back of the neck. I turned, and saw Dave standing with Blastoise.

“Welcome home, Aquadox” He snapped.
“Hey DAVE” I snapped.
“How you been? Living in fear?” Dave sneered.

“Not any more” I told him. “What’s this about?”
“It’s MY new Gym” Dave said. “In thirty minutes I will be the Cerulean Gym Leader, so I refurbished this as part of The Gym Plan”

“The Gym Plan?” I asked.
“Never mind” Dave uttered. “The point is, this Gym will be mine in thirty minutes!”

I heard a sharp noise, and saw Dave clasp his arm on pain. I looked up to see Misty in her swimsuit, white jacket over it and her short ginger hair curving out at the ends. She held a pistol in her hand.

“It’s only a pellet,” She snapped. “But LAY OFF HIM”
Dave stepped back, and I walked to the left a little.

“Dave, we’re taking you on in the last 30 minutes we have” Misty told Dave. “We’re going for an all-out dogfight for the ownership of this Gym, so watch out”

Dave stared at her. He plucked a Pokeball from his belt and maximised it.

“Bring it on, *****”

Chapter 29 - Tears of Hope
Posted on Thursday

-Chris, after suffering a lot in the forest, meets another trainer in Fliscoula City. And it just so happens he's into Dragon Taming...
“Oh, I see. I got to the semi-finals of the Miami League, but lost to a girl named Rika” I explained.
“She beat me, too” Thomas said. “She’s very strong. Oh, I’m Tom, Tom Chambers”

“Chris Haruka” I said, shaking Tom’s hand.

-In the Pokemoncenter, both trainers hear some good news...
“With the recent Saffron City explosion, the Devon Corporation heist and petty vandalism up 80%, the future looks grim. People need more protection on these streets we walk, which is why I will declare that Pokeball belts are to be sold holding eight balls. HOWEVER, League matches will resume as 6-6, but Gyms unofficial or registered may hold 8-8 bouts”

-Wobbuffet collects his fears and takes on Smeargle:
“Noctowl! Help me!” I shouted. I then heard a coo, as Noctowl clasped his talons on Smeargle’s head. Staring fiercely, Noctowl hurled Smeargle into a primrose bush. Dustox, shocked at this, fluttered off to find Weezing. I smiled at Noctowl.

So come online on Thursday to see all this and more! How much chocolate can YOU get for £10?

8th June 2003, 12:44 PM
Guess, I missed an important one, war with reincruitements. Oh well I tried. No one but Dave should die, and making a pokemon die is not right, watch out Marril, something may get you. Poor Krystal, and Megan, she really needs to get a better life in Oldale. The misty part was cool, and it fits her anime likeness, with anger and all. It was a good chapter can not wait till thursday

8th June 2003, 01:16 PM
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War Raichu
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Brilliant chapter!
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Wow, great chapter!

Hmm, Pidgeotto is evil, LOL, but it did sacrifice itself for Krystal and Marill. Electabuzz is strong, but that Absol is too. Wow, there's nobody left, I wonder if Charizard, Electabuzz, and Seviper can fight them off?

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And Tony versus Dave, I wonder who will win. Heh...

Keep it up!

The Silver Storm
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War Raichu
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The Silver Storm: Dave remodeled the inside of the Gym where there wasn't a pool. Seaking can't battle on land. ;)

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Powarun: Well as i mentioned, deaths are plotted out, I hope you enjoy (well, wrong word....) I hope you APPRECIATE the deaths there are. Or maybe there's only one? Megan should do fine in Oldale, let's hope!

Jukain: Yea, It's really where everything ties up and where the conflicts start. Misty & Tony VS Dave....can they battle him, let alone beat him? The Gym hangs in suspense, I just hope they can do it! Maybe we can get spotlight for some of Tony's Pokemon...but who will Dave use?

Raichu: It was a real pistol, but loaded with pellets. Maybe not ALL pellets, but pellets indeed. When you say pellets three times like I just did, the word makes NO sense :confused: The Absol are wreckless, I hope they keep Krystal alive...

Oakbark: Me and you both. As I'm writing Chapter 35, about to start 36, I can guess 38 Chapters for the fics length. Short? Long? Maybe both or neither, but I've kept you all hanging along the way.

Hanada: Pidgeotto better get his act together, he really does nothing for the group. Do you think he'll ever change? I was in a Shellder mood when I decided Megan's Promo Pokemon...so Megan has Shellder, Domino got a Magneton and Sandra got a Sableye. Neat. Sableye makes a return, by the way...
Al and Monica are indeed whisked away to Fuchsia, I hope I don't disapoint! Remember Tony AND Misty are against Dave.

TSS: As Rai pointed out:
1) There is no water.
2) He has a 6-Pokemon belt, and 7 Pokemon.
Krystal will hopefully pull through...*crosses fingers*

Tony:: Heh...take the RED PILL, Misty. The RED PILL...

Well, It was in 3rd person because I didn't want to opinionise (is that a word?) the scene through varius Pokemons eyes. Kecleon telling that was going to be an option, but i didn't. I prefer 1st, too.

Rai: Good job. Well, he cemented OVER the pool, there MAY be water underneath....;) ;)

I'm finishing Chapter 35 - Bag me one, which is ELEVEN PAGES! Geez...its very important and stuff, so i hope you enjoy. Chapter 36 will feature Weezing.....yay!?!, as well as housing an emotional scene for Chris. Let's hope whatever happens goes well...*bites lip in nervousnessnessness*

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Hey Kec, The seconds point makes more sense. (I never knew he had seven pokemon still. Didn't he have a total of eight after he added Ekans????Just wondering) Also just because a gym floor is cemented over doesn't mean that you don't have a fish in your party though.

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38 chapters?
Sounds about fitting for this fic, as the chapters are longer and better, and there's no compulsory badge-collecting.

Me and Marion, my friend, are experimenting with different things to 'poison' the exam supervisors with. We make the coffee for them in the Cookery Room so we have access to curry powder, salt and the like. Ever put over five heaped teaspoons of Nescafe powder into a mug to make coffee? Trust me - the thing is overpoweringly strong, and so is the smell. Lucky we're not the ones drinking it!!!!!

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so, only 38 chapters, huh? thats a pretty good length, but nowhere near as long as the first part. but im sure that this will turn out to be an xtremely good fic!
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Chris 2.1
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TSS: Tony grabbed his Pokemon for protection, and since Seaking wouldn't be much use on land, he didn't pick it up. Ekans and Mudkip were slaughtered by Dave.

Oakbark: Yea, less badges to be collected really. Chris just hasn't bothered, he's training. Oh foo. Nvermind, and i'm glad you stir up trouble every now and then!

Ultra: Absol are evil Pokemon alright.
Pidgeotto: Why am I like this? Because i was kidnapped from Route01, trained extensively against an angry wolf and many other Pokemon, and owned by an idiot. THATS WHY. But...if I weren't so arrogant I might have been able to help Krystal...

I guess FRTC was so long because we had pointless chapters like the Shroomish chapter and many more I've forgotten :-P There were 10 Gyms, two people to go to each, whereas this has 8 gyms, not all are visited and only one person battles.

Well, Chapter 36 is being written, named 'Weezing's Indigo Debut', which is the match in Fuchsia. Here's a wee extract:

“Let’s attack! String shot Ariados” Koga called.
“Aria” The Pokemon clicked. It blasted a sticky thread from its mouth at Kecleon.

“Safeguard” I shouted. Kecleon held his hands infront of him, and a large white bubble arched over him. The string shot covered and spread across the bubble, leaving Kecleon stuck, in a sense.

“Kecleon, destroy the safeguard with a thunderbolt” I said. As his stripe brimmed yellow, sparks shot off. Kecleon blasted the attack from his body and shattered the safeguard, causing it to slowly disappear. Kecleon then shot his tongue from his mouth and licked Ariados across the face. Shuddering, Ariados started to crawl back slightly.

See ya!

10th June 2003, 12:37 PM
Now you sound like me, criticizing your own fic. Oh well, it happens to everyone. I really liked the original FRTC more than this one. Not that this one isn't good, I just liked the original more. Something is lacking here, and I'm not sure what it is.

And now, the thrashing of self because I criticized an author who is obviously better than me. *beats self up*

Chris 2.1
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Jukain: Sequels are hard, they always feel slightly 2nd hand because the characters are being reused and whatnot. I feel like writing more Islands for the original 3, but i can't...theyre on land. Oh well. Thanks for the feedback.

The Indigo Road
Chapter 29 - Tears of Hope
By Shiny


“Come on” I told myself, as the ambulance raced through the forest. After informing Fliscoula City Hospital of Krystal’s condition, they dispatched an ambulance straight away. I was with a paramedic in the back, while two drove. A Chansey sat with ‘Steve’ the paramedic and me.

“You say she was around here?” The navigator asked.
“Yes, that’s right” I said silently. They drove on more, until the man slammed the brakes on.

“Bloody hell” He exclaimed. “Look at this!”
As he stopped, I looked to see about five or six Absol attacking a group of Pokemon – our Pokemon! Seviper was slapping one with his iron tail, Charizard conjured a fireball and hurled it, Umbreon was seen blasting a swift at one, and Electabuzz and a weary Ampharos blasted thundershock’s forward. Pidgeotto, Kecleon and Marill lay on the ground, as did Krystal.

“Those are our Pokemon,” I explained. “Excuse me”
I leapt from the ambulance and ran towards Kecleon. I picked him up, and he managed to smile weakly. He had a large gash on his back, and as I examined Pidgeotto, I saw he had a badly injured wing.

“KECLEON! PIDGEOTTO!” I cried, picking Pidgeotto up. “PLEASE! WAKE UP!”
The Paramedic and his Chansey walked over.
“We’ll call for a Pokemoncenter Ambulance,” He said. “Please, wait here with the Pokemon while we take Krystal”

“Can I not go with Krystal?” I asked.
“Well, I think its best if you get these Pokemon checked out” The Paramedic said, examining Ampharos’ bruises. “There’s an ambulance on the way”

I recalled Charizard; he seemed all right, but I assured him he did an amazing job. Electabuzz and Umbreon had minor injuries, but Seviper was a-ok. I recalled him and sat down, waiting for the next ambulance.

“I’ll visit Krystal later” I told the Paramedic as he drove Krystal away from me. “Bye…”

The minutes slipped by, and soon enough the Pokemoncenter’s Ambulance drove onto the scene. I helped load Ampharos onto the stretcher, but Electabuzz sat on the seat inside the ambulance. Umbreon was on the floor, and Pidgeotto, Marill and Kecleon were in separate Ambulances. I went into Kecleon’s as we drove off towards Fliscoula City.


I pressed my face against the glass. Kecleon lay there, Pidgeotto lay there, and Umbreon, Electabuzz and Ampharos lay there. I sniffed as I thought about what had just happened. Almost my whole team out. I couldn’t believe it. And Krystal…I think Marill was still being treated in Intense Intensive Care, but she’d be out soon, I think. I sighed heavily. Bulbasaur and Seviper on my team: that was it. I felt so lonely without Kecleon…or Krystal…

Fliscoula was a very oriental city with pagoda’s and oriental, Japanese buildings. People wore special dress gowns called Kimono’s when they went out for special occasions, and a lot of people, I noticed, had black hair.

I released Bulbasaur and together we wandered the streets. It was dark, but paper lanterns decorated the street and lit it up. Streetlights were in fact put inside wooden structures about 6 feet high, which fitted in with the whole theme of Fliscoula.

I went to ‘Tai’s Noodle Bar’ in the heart of town and ordered some chicken noodles. An oriental food, with a slightly meaty zing to it. To be frank, I wasn’t keen on ordering Qwilfish scales; they were supposed to be highly toxic, despite being a delicacy.

I sat at the bar as my dish slowly revolved around on the nice conveyor belt. A Japanese lady (whose name badge read ‘Anya’) stood behind the counter cleaning glasses, singing to herself. The dishes had number cards on them, and when they came past your seat you took them off the revolver. How quaint. If they only introduced these things at McDonalds…

My noodles were somewhat complicated to eat with chopsticks. I kept fumbling around desperately; all the while wishing I had a fork, and ended up dropping them on the floor.

The doors opened, and I heard someone walk in. Meanwhile, I picked up my grubby chopstick and wiped it on my t-shirt. The figure was a kid, about my age, with bleached hair. It was gelled so hard that it made the hair look crunchy, sort of like straw. It was a deep brown underneath the bleached parts. He had a navy blue hoody on, with a Pokeball on the back, and wore black baggy jeans.

“Hello, Mr Thomas” Anya spoke, as Thomas sat next to me.
“Hey” He said.
“How was big Island tournament?” Anya asked keenly, almost unable to get the words out.

“I lost to the Champion” Thomas began. “But I did get a lot of good experience. Most my team are back at home. I’m off duty at the Gym today, but I’ll be back there tomorrow”

“The Gym?” I blurted out. “You’re a Gym Leader?”
Thomas chuckled.
“Not quite” He began. “I own an unofficial Gym in the city, but I’ve been in the Miami Islands to do some training”

“Oh, I see. I got to the semi-finals of the Miami League, but lost to a girl named Rika” I explained.
“She beat me, too” Thomas said. “She’s very strong. Oh, I’m Tom, Tom Chambers”

“Chris Haruka” I said, shaking Tom’s hand.

Over our meal, I explained about the snow in Pontaricò, Catcalina and other Miami Islands, and how Articuno had flown to Seafoam Islands. I told him about how Krystal and myself were going to research Articuno in Fuchsia City, and flush him out to stop the snow.

“But how will Articuno get rid of the snow?” Tom asked keenly.
“Well, sources say He knows an attack called Morning Sun, which can melt away sun and welcome spring into the world. If he can use that, then we’re ok”

“So, where is this ‘Krystal’ you’ve been talking about?” Tom asked.
After that query, I explained about the Absol and how they attacked us. Tom nodded in agreement.

“They’re from Lightening Ridge” He said. “I never expected so many to attack you, though”

Tom and Me talked even after our meal was finished. I learnt that he was from Fliscoula, and his divorced Mother lived in the city with his older brother Andrew. He was also training for Dragons Rock, and set up his unofficial Gym to get some recognition and reputation.

And for being a dragon Tamer, Tom had a team of Salmenace, Gyrados, Arcanine and Rhydon for his team, but also had a Kangaskhan and a Cacturne, who didn’t battle as much.

“Well, when Krystal’s out of Hospital then you can maybe battle her” I suggested. “She’d love that”

“So would I” Tom said. “If you want, we can go back to my place and go on my Gamecube. You like Tony Hawks 4?”
“Yea, I got it at home!” I said. “Ok then, lets go!”

We left the restaurant and headed through the City. While Krystal was down and out, At least I could hang around with Tom! Two dragon tamers may be a lot to handle, but I’d like to think me and Tom could be really good mates.



After talking to Noctowl in the big tree, he had advised me just to battle Smeargle. Have a little fight. I was up for it myself, and I’m sure he’d want to fight as well. Noctowl then fell asleep, rather suddenly I might add, leaving me to clamber down the tree and prepare.

As I did, however, and made my way to the kitchen for Broccoli Ice cream, two figures stood in the doorway.

“I can’t let you proceed, Mr Blobby” Smeargle declared, his arms folded. Dustox flapped his wings and nodded. “We are going to make sure you don’t cook again”

Leaping forward, Smeargle aimed a body slam at me. I turned and elbowed him in the face, before rolling to the side to evade a psybeam from Dustox. I then folded my arms and focused a mirror coat as Smeargle fired a hydro pump.

“Yes!” I cried, as it repelled and hit Dustox. “Take that!”
Smeargle snarled and slapped me. I whimpered slightly, before using an encore on the bastard. He then started slapping the air as I stepped back from his attack. Dustox, who was now Smeargle’s underlining, had little to do, so he started fluttering over to the flowers.

“Noctowl! Help me!” I shouted. I then heard a coo, as Noctowl clasped his talons on Smeargle’s head. Staring fiercely, Noctowl hurled Smeargle into a primrose bush. Dustox, shocked at this, fluttered off to find Weezing. I smiled at Noctowl.

“You’ll get DOUBLE helpings of ice cream,” I told him.

“Ouch…” Smeargle grumbled.
“Learnt your lesson?” I sneered. “Is it good to be with the filth? It’s where you belong, you know”

“Just…call it quits” Smeargle gasped. “Leave me alone”
“Fine by me” I mumbled. I turned and headed for the kitchen, as Tim stepped out.

“Smeargle?” He inquired. “Got some good news”
I didn’t want to hear it. I wandered towards the kitchen, my real home, and began to boil the sugar salt mix, ready to serve it as soup. And I’d HAVE to get a nettle for the garnish…



The next day, after a sleepover at Tom’s, we decided to go to his Gym, so I could see how things ran. However, as I visited Kecleon, Pidgeotto, Umbreon and Electabuzz, I heard a very important TV report:

“Hello. I’m Chad Cuclux, and this is the news. The Pokemon League official Bertie Almonds has confirmed at a press conference the new legal Pokemon carrying limit has extended. Here’s Nina Nanar”

The TV then showed an Asian woman with a very annoying name. Black short hair tied in a bun, a cream suit on and a red gem necklace; she stood infront of a park full of children.

“Hello, I’m Nina Nanar. Bertie Almonds confirmed that Pokemon Trainers could now carry up to Eight Pokemon on their belts:”

Bertie was then seen at a press conference. Round and chubby, he had a rather boisterous face, red and puffy, with a grey beard around his fat lips. He had glasses on, and began to speak:

“With the recent Saffron City explosion, the Devon Corporation heist and vandalism up 80%, the future looks grim. People need more protection on these streets we walk, which is why I will declare that Pokeball belts are to be sold holding eight balls. HOWEVER, League matches will resume as 6-6, but Gyms unofficial or registered may hold 8-8 bouts”

“So, with eight Pokemon allowed on your team, who will YOU choose?” Nina asked. “Nina Nanar, Fliscoula News”

Oh man! Eight Pokemon? I rushed towards the videophone and rang home. Thomas followed, anxious to meet my family. Tim picked the phone up, and I could already see the same story on their TV.

“Hey Chris” Tim said. “Heard the news?”
“Yea!” I cried. “Can you send me two of my Pokemon?”
“Erm…sure” Tim said. “Which ones?”
“Well, Dustox, I haven’t really met him yet…” I began. Tim placed the ball on the pad and pushed the button. Within seconds, the ball appeared infront of me. The great ball. I can still remember when I captured Dustox as a Wurmple…


“Wow! It’s rare” Chris said, shutting his Pokedex. “Noctowl, go for a wing attack”
Noctowl shot forward and gave Wurmple a large amount of damage. He shot a string shot but Noctowl used a whirlwind to blow it back.

“Ok then! Great ball, GO!” Chris shouted, throwing the Pokeball. It hit Wurmple, and absorbed him in a flash of white light. The great ball landed softly on the ground and shook three times, before pinging to indicate a successful capture.


The good old days. Tim then began to speak.

“And what else do you want?” He asked.
“Erm…has Professor Oak sent you Smeargle back?” I asked.
“Yea, yea he has” Tim responded.
“Can you send him, then?” I asked. Tim nodded. He put the phone down, and got Smeargle’s orange Pokeball, before running around to find the creative young Beagle.

Smeargle was seen dashing across the screen, Tim soon after him. Smeargle then showed up on the screen and picked up the phone.

“SMEARGLE!!!!” He barked. He smacked himself over the head with the phone, before running off. Tim gave chase, eventually using his little Cyndaquil to tackle Smeargle. The beagle fell down, giving Tim time to recall him into the Orange and white Pokeball.

“Here you go” He said, teleporting the ball. I received it, admired it and picked it up. As my belt could fit 6 Pokeballs on, I would have to buy a new one before I got Kecleon and Pidgeotto back.

“Thanks” I said. I hung up.

“So, ready to see two cool Pokemon?” I asked Tom.
“Yea” He replied, grinning. I got the two balls and hurled them out, the light being released taking the form of Dustox and Smeargle.

“Dustox!” The moth cried shrilly. He flapped straight at me and landed on my outstretched arm. He fluttered his wings, staring at me with deep eyes. Then, without any warning, he took off and flew circles around the Pokemoncenter, laughing hysterically.

“Dustox!!!!!!!!” He shrieked. He landed in Tom’s face, causing him to splutter and try to swat the thing away. Smeargle, however, was busy attacking a little boy’s Raticate with his tail. The angry rat looked through the mass of green paint in his eyes, and raced forward.

“Smeargle!” I shouted. Tom managed to get Dustox away from his face, the moth seemingly attracted to bright lights, but now Smeargle had caused a little scuffle with Raticate.

Joyfully calling his name, Smeargle leapt high onto the desk of the Pokemoncenter and started firing bubbles from his tail. Raticate popped them all as he raced at my speedy dog, but Smeargle leapt into the air, performed a cartwheel, landed, and blasted an ember at Raticate.

“Raticate! NO!” The boy cried, as his filthy sewer rat was engulfed in flames. Smeargle blasted a water gun and doused the flames. Either way, the little boy was in hysterics. I decided to take my new Pokemon out on the town for our new Pokeball belt.


So, we wandered through town, Dustox instantly shooting towards any bright lights, and Smeargle jumping up at anybody he saw. He reminded me of a newborn puppy, except this guy was really powerful, more so than anybody on my team.

“Smeargle, stop!” I cried, as he leapt up on an old man. The man swatted his cane around to get the hyper Pokemon off, eventually thwacking him on the head. Smeargle collapsed in a heap on the floor. I watched him.

“Return” I said, as Smeargle was returned into his Pokeball. The old man dusted off his pinstripe suit and got out a Pokeball.
“Son, nobody leaps onto my suit and gets away with it,” He croaked.

“Well, Smeargle did” I rasped. “And I don’t know why you’re telling me; I didn’t even jump up at you”

“I choose you!” The man roared, throwing out his ball. It opened and revealed a healthy looking Nidorino. It reminded me of my old one, and I then thought to how he was doing on Trueman Farm. The Nidorino pawed the ground. I felt as if people used battling (IE: a beating up someone’s Pokemon) as an answer to ANYTHING these days…

“Dustox, GO!” I cried, pointing at the Nidorino. Dustox looked over at me from the lantern he was attacking. I opened my bag and got out a torch, shining the beam on the ground. The moth perked up and fluttered towards the dot.

I shone the torch in Nidorino’s eyes. “Headbutt!”

Dustox shot forward and headbutted Nidorino, but Nidorino started racing around and bucked Dustox off. Angered, the poison moth fluttered into the air and prepared for another attack.

“Try a psybeam!” I said. From his yellow eyes, my Dustox blasted a pinkish beam straight forward at Nidorino. Nidorino growled and leapt to the left as the beam smashed the ground. He then leapt up at Dustox, ferociously trying to joust him with his long, thin horn.

“Keep back!” I cried, as Dustox flapped higher. “Go for a sleep powder and show them how we battle!”
Dustox blasted his wings forward fast, causing a wind to pick up. A light blue powder was released into the air, which was sent towards Nidorino. He perked up, sniffing the toxic powder, before becoming woozy, stumbling from here to there.

“Now! Psychic!” I roared. Dustox’ eyes glowed a fearful blue, as he wrapped Nidorino in the same glow. As Dustox shrieked his name shrilly, Nidorino screwed his eyes shut and endured the pain. Dustox then concentrated as he prepared to try levitation.

“Come on! That’s it!” I cried, as Nidorino rose about half a foot off the ground. However, the glow stopped, and Dustox dropped Nidorino. Dustox, probably exhausted from trying that attack, started panting.

“Tackle!” The man cried. Nidorino, recovering from the faint sleep powder and weak psychic attack, galloped forward and leapt into the air. He smacked into Dustox, causing him to fall down onto his back.

“Good job, very good” The man said. “Now, stomp”
Nidorino walked over to Dustox, who was at the moment wriggling and squirming. He forced his foot down, but Dustox managed to use a psychic to manipulate Nidorino’s foot. He then managed to throw Nidorino back, who shot back across the ground.

“Dustox!” He cried, sprinkling a sleep powder over Nidorino.
Nidorino sneezed, before starting to get drowsy. Dustox was already perfecting the attack, causing him to make it a lot stronger than it was before. Nidorino collapsed, labelling Dustox as the winner.

“Return” The man said stiffly. He gave me a £10 note for winning, turned on his heel and walked off towards the dry cleaners.

“So, what do you wanna do?” Tom asked.
“I dunno really,” I said back. “Lets just look around town…how many bars of chocolate can I get with £10?”

Laughing, my new mate and me walked off down the street, Dustox by my side.

Tom: Sweet, I'm on the scene! any questions folks?

12th June 2003, 11:53 AM
Great battle with Dustox. Now Wobbuffet can prepare his suicide meals in peace. Yeah, I know, it's hard to continue that plot, but you did it real well.

12th June 2003, 12:48 PM
Dustox seems really cool, what would happen if I fed it this fifty kilograms of Sugar. Laughs evilly. And Krystal better not be too hurt, maybe lost some limbs or something, but not killed. Do you think a Marril without a Tail would be able to swim? Liked this chapter, and Smeargle was saved from the brollivally ice cream. yuck. by the way wonder what is better Dustox's flying or my driving? TOday I can drive and for the rest of my life. ha ha.

Chris 2.1
12th June 2003, 01:36 PM
Jukain: Heh, I liked Dustox' battle. He doesn't get many in, but be prepared for his 3-3 tag team with some other Pokemon in Fuchsia! Chapter 35 has a cool 2-2, Chris and Krystal against a loser with a Combusken, Cacnea and Shellgon. it's funny! He also has Surskit...hehe. I think this fic is much more seriosu if you know what I mean...it deals with love, death, betrayal, and watch out for Chapter 38...because Sandra makes her final appearence. Deadly.

Powarun: Dustox is great, glad you all liked him! Krystal should be ok......I hope! Marill won't lose her tail, heh, funny if she got a prosthetic one glued on ;) Smeargle was saved! Hoorah! Lol, he doesn't battle much really, but he'll make his mark! Driving? you're 17/18? :-o wow...lucky you!

From the folder of Shinymarill:
Chapter 36 - Weezing's Indigo Debut:COMPLETED
Chapter 37 - UntitledIN PROGRESS

PM me for any info, remember!

Chris: So any questions? COME ON!


Electabuzz: Hey! *chuckle* *grabs pot of paint* TAKE THAT!

Chris: Oh man, a paint fight....NO LUMINIOUS COLOURS! dustox will go mental...

War Raichu
12th June 2003, 02:30 PM
What happened to the Absol? Were they scared away by the paramedics or the fighting Pokemon? Anyway, I'm ready to see Krystal revived again. :) I still want to see what Chris buys for her.......

12th June 2003, 03:11 PM
Smeargle and Dustox....those two gangsters!!!!
Poor old Wobb.....

You really love bringing your friend into this, don't you?
I wrote a ;o digimon ;o story years ago on paper with all my local friends, but then destroyed it in case they saw it......

Oh, and i see that your advertising McDonalds instead of McRonalds now - what was it? the extra money???????

12th June 2003, 05:42 PM
Well I am 16 and 3/4, or one half, and right now, I might be moving in a week month or months, so life has been hectic. I have a question for Krystal if you come around. "How will you feel if your hair is painted a dull black or a bright green, or putrid green?"

Wobby are you upset that Smeargle can not your ice cream anymore.
and would you rather be with Chris?

Pidgeotto, did you learn your lesson why a team is better then independent in a war. or gangsta fight.

12th June 2003, 06:31 PM
hehehe... Dustox just flows the beam of light!!! hmmmmm... this could have posibilities... *pulls out a laser pointer* awsome Powarun!! u can drive now huh? i cant wait, since ive only got about 3 more years (i'm 13). btw, just as a recap, how old is everyone here? im just wondering. Smeargle seems to be a bit hyper nowadays... *snicker* lousy old man. they always seem to carry pokemon that are pretty small and weak, like Nidoran or Meowth. speaking of chocolate, 10 pounds ( i cant make the sign with my keyboard) is about $16.69, and i know a place that sells candy bars for 40 cents, so i can get 41 candy bars with 29 cents left! (i got the currency converted at http://www.convertit.com/Go/Maps/Currency/Converter_Input.ASP . very useful.) i hope Krystal gets ok, and Tom seems to be a pretty nice guy. anyway, with 8 pokemon at once, i could contruct my ultimate team!!! the only problem is that i need to think one up... uh, catch you guys later!

Hanada Tattsu
12th June 2003, 06:34 PM
Wow, great chappie, I loved it!

So, Krystal and all the other injured are in the hospital. What happened to Absol? I wanted someone to catch one. So, Chris met Tom; will Tom be the next Tony?

Noctowl is on Wobuffet's side, they beat up Dustox and Smeargle, yay!

So Chris withdrew his Dustox and Smeargle! That was a great battle, now Wobuffet, Weezing, and Noctowl are the only ones of Chris' Pokemon to be left at the estate.

Great chapter! :)

Chris 2.1
13th June 2003, 11:35 AM
Raichu: The Absol were scared by the ambulance...but....well, i'll stay tight-lipped...Chris' gift is a nice one...very thoughtful one and very cool! Anyway, thanks!

Oakbark: Wobb is left to C.I.P, cook in peace! I liked making Tom in the fic, it was ish-hard but i modelled it alright! I guess Mcronalds was my Pokemon version of the famous resturaunt, but I decided McDonalds needed spotlight...:-s

Powarun: Krystal can't answer, but she'd feel the same way anybody would!

Wobbuffet: I'm disapointed, but he deserves it for being a jerk! I hope i can be a famous chef...Like those other.....chefs....I never really was Chris' Pokemon, i just prefer cooking really.

Pidgeotto's being treated at the center right now.

Ultra Poke: Yea, he seems to like lights! Smeargle is the hyperest, except maybe for social Seviper, hehe! Well remember this was a Nidorino, but old men love Growlithe, Nidoran, Meowth, Ponyta and stuff. They also had a few Noctowl in GSC. Tom's a gd chap, nice intentions, bleached hair, you know the score. Krystal should be fine, I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanada: Tom isn't exactly the new Tony, because he is introduced later in the fic, he trains what he wants and, well, he's the same age as Chris and Krystal. Maybe some did catch Absol? Heh...you never know. Yea, the Haruka residence is now occupied by three of Chris' Pokemon, and prepare to see Weezing battle in Chapter 36!

_:- From the folder of Shinymarill -:_

Chapter 37 - Tag Matches IN PROGRESS
3rd page out of ?

-Waiting in the Fuchsia Park for *****, Chris and Krystal train some of their Pokemon, but Terrence, a red-haired kid, challanges them to a new kind of battling. Two Pokemon out, one in reserve. It's a 3-3, and after having his lip-ring insulted, Chris HAS to win. But can he pull himself together later on at Fuchsia Peir?

The Silver Storm
13th June 2003, 02:32 PM
nice chappie. I hope Krystal is okay as well.

Question for Tom: How did you get interested in Dragon Rock????

Chris 2.1
15th June 2003, 07:30 AM
TSS: Krystal will hopefully pull through, she deserves to! She had big plans...*sniff*. Thanks.

Tom: Well, Fliscoula is a very oriental place, and although people often train dark and psychic types, I saw a documentary of Dragon Rock on TV. I also watch Lance's battles in 'Elite 4 Rumbles' on PLN, the Pokemon League Network. I'm hooked!

The Indigo Road
Chapter 30 - Aerodactyl's Reign
By Shiny


“COME ON” Dane snapped. “HARDER, FASTER!”
I whined through my water gun as I focused it harder. Dane smacked me over the head with a newspaper he’d rolled up.

“WHO WANTS A SEEL WITH A PATHETIC WATER GUN?” He asked. I looked down at the ground. “COME ON? WHO?”

I sniffed, as Dane sighed to himself.

“I’m going for a break,” He said. “KEEP WORKING!”

We were in a yard: me, a Mawile, a Lickitung, a Pikachu and a Banette. Dane was planning to sell us once our attacks were up to scratch, but I just felt so unhappy. I missed Krystal…although I didn’t know her too much, and I missed being able to sleep…

“Come on! Come on!” Murkrow mimicked, walking in. “Keep working, keep working!”

Banette, although looking mischievous and cheeky, was rather sullen and somewhat depressed. Lickitung was bulimic, so every time she ate she spewed all over one of us, usually Pikachu, whose recent distinctive vomit odour had labelled him as unpopular.

Mawile was trying to cheer people up: her stand-up comedy was poor, but she was at least optimistic and very happy. However, as she seemed to crave attention, she would often use her large clamping jaws to make a somewhat large noise to make us look at her.

“I am the angel of death…” Banette said quietly, rocking back and forward. “Jesus is coming…Jesus is coming…”

“Ok, Ok, you electric Poke’s will love this one!” Mawile cried. “HOW do you get a Pikachu on a bus?”
I stared at him. Lickitung ran away to throw up in the corner, as she had received numerous beatings from doing so in the center of the yard.

“You POKE-HIM-ON! POKEMON!” Mawile said, chuckling. Nobody laughed. “Come on…have a sense of humour!”

“We’ve been taken from our trainers and we’re going to be KILLED” Pikachu cried. “WHY should we be able to laugh?”

Lickitung was heard groaning as she spewed up. Banette sat there, a bible in his hand:
“Jesus will save me…Jesus will save me…”

I looked around. The whole place was so depressing, and someday soon, I’d either get killed, as the pessimistic rat suggested, or sold to somebody else as a Pokemon. I sniffed, holding a tear back, as Dane strolled back with a Charmander. It had a black eye, but a deep, intimidating glare.


I slowly made my way over, as Murkrow ran circles around Banette in a vein attempt to get him back in the crowd.



After vomiting numerous times upon eating £10 of treacle fudge, today was looking good. Saturday. I remember calling it ‘town day’ when I was at home, because we used to go and spend our pocket money in the shops then.

Electabuzz and Umbreon had recovered by now, so Tom and me headed towards the Pokemoncenter to pick them up, bringing my team back up to 6 Pokemon. Kecleon and Pidgeotto, however, were still being taken care of. Kecleon had a bad gash on his back, while Pidgeotto was physically drained of energy, suffering a dislocated wing and a few wrenched-out tail-feathers.

“I always loved Umbreon” Tom said. “My ex girlfriend raised two Eevee, but one evolved to Flareon, and one to Vaporeon. Of course, I wanted one to be an Umbreon, but she bought the evolution stones while I was out and evolved them”

“Oh, who was your ex?” I asked.
“Nikki Burgess” Tom said. “Fit girl, great body, but a bit of a backstabber. She was really power-hungry, and came from a pretty bad background”

Tom sniffed, as a tear slipped down his face.

“I still love her” He began. “But…but it makes me angry sometimes, angry when I think about how we broke up…”

I was expecting him to go on, but we arrived by the Pokemoncenter. He walked inside, so I followed rather nervously. It would be great seeing Umbreon and Electabuzz again! It hadn’t been long, but I could ask about Pidgeotto and Kecleon, as well as Krystal and Marill.

Inside, Tom asked to have his Pokemon healed, and I inquired about Electabuzz and Umbreon. Nurse Joy led me behind the counter and down a corridor.

It was cold and dark, empty and lifeless. The walls dripped with cold water as I walked towards the end of the tunnel. A bright light shone at the end…I jogged, ran, sprinted, until I burst out into an amazing sight.

It was a beautiful rock face, with a waterfall trickling down. There was a large grassy area for Pokemon to play in, and three pine trees, no doubt for bird Pokemon to perch on. Electabuzz and Umbreon saw me and raced over enthusiastically, happy to see me after their recovery.

“How are you?” I asked, in a bear hug with Electabuzz and stroking Umbreon. They both shouted up their names happily. “I’ve got two Pokemon that want to meet you…”

Electabuzz broke out the hug and stared at me, seemingly confused.
“We’ll go to the Gym, and I’ll introduce them to you” I said, smiling. Maybe it was thankfulness that my Pokemon, or these ones anyway, were all right, but I kept them out of their Pokeballs. We walked back through the cold tunnel towards the Pokemoncenter. Once we got there, Tom greeted us, paying very special attention to Umbreon.

“So, you wanna see my Gym?” He asked me.
“Yea, I guess we can go there” I replied back.

So, off we went to Tom’s gym. His unofficial Gym, of course, but a Gym nonetheless.



I’d trained Shellder a lot over the past few days. She was really strong, but I really wanted a water stone to evolve her. I’d really kick some *** with a Cloyster! It reminded me of when Jet and myself raided Team Aqua’s ship one time…I met an old school friend Louise, who had a Chinchou, but…but it felt as if EVERYBODY had just been pulled into this whole evil thing. I was glad to be leaving it soon.

“Are you ready?” Jet asked me. I nodded.
“Yea, I sure am,” I said back. Having never skydived in my life to date, with a pyromanic instructor teaching me and having the vision of my bloody corpse littering the floor of Oldale Forest didn’t really spur me on.

We walked into the plane, myself having been given goggles and a parachute-pack. Sabrina was also escorted into the plane, as we were dropping her off, I think. Where, I do not know.

The metal plane cluttered and clanked. I gripped the seat tightly and gasped in quick breaths as we departed from Saffron City. I stared out my window to see the beautiful industrial town sink beneath the clouds. I’d never see them again.

“So, got any plans for a job?” Jet asked, as Sabrina stayed silent and Smokey drove the plane.
“Well, I have an A-level in Geography, Biology and IT, so I might start research” I said keenly. Jet nodded. “What A-levels did you get?”

“Oooh, lemme think” Jet said. “Psychology, Business studies, Chemistry and Physics”
“Wow” I said. I was pretty impressed by that: Jet never seemed the educated type, more of the ‘secluded, to himself’ type that bunked off school.

“You know, it’s gonna be weird not seeing you” Jet began. “We’ve worked side by side for a few years now, and it feels weird knowing I can’t see you in the park, or hang around with you after a successful mission…”

Jet looked pretty upset.

“Oh, don’t say that” I began. “Maybe you can quit the Organisation too?”
“I like my job” Jet declared, fighting the tears. “But I like you, too. I’m just going to really miss you”

I sat there, comforting myself slightly. Jet is the only person who really cares for me…I feel like we’re both just standing there together, in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this whole idea was blown out of proportion…maybe it was a tad over the top. Or maybe I was just scared? Nervous at the prospect of this going wrong…

“What’s going to be happening to me?” Sabrina asked.
“Oh, we’re just giving you some ‘fresh air’, but we’ll be killing you once we land in Fallabor Town” Jet explained.

“KILLING ME?” Sabrina screamed. She stared at me, a vein throbbing in her forehead. “YOU…SAID…I’D LIVE”
“I…I thought you would!” I cried innocently. Sabrina tried to lash out at me, but she was strapped in tightly. “I didn’t know!”

“Calm down” Jet told her. “Wherever you go, we can be certain you’ll go squealing about our plans. Maybe it’s best you go…”

“I’LL GET YOU!” Sabrina screamed at me. “THIS ISN’T OVER!”


As the flight commenced, Smokey told us we were approaching Mauville City, a town specialising in electric type Pokemon. There was a vast forest surrounding it, which meant a lot of wild Pokemon lived in the region such as Stantler, Farfetch’d and Lotad. Hoenn was home to a bombardment of new species of Pokemon. Maybe I could even enter a league!

Sabrina, now rather calm after her freak-out about an hour ago, was panting to herself. She was concentrating on a penny that lay on the floor. She was just…staring at it, as if she expected it to move. Her eyes then glowed a swirling blue colour, as the penny slowly began to rise in the air. I watched in disbelief; was she…levitating the coin? She looked up, having seen us, and the concentration had stopped. It clattered against the ground, echoing against the walls of the plane.

“Did you do that yourself?” I asked.
“Yes” Sabrina uttered. “But that’s just the beginning. I’ve been practising my levitation a lot recently”

I tried to show interest.

“Oh…really?” I asked.
“ Really ” Sabrina purred. “This is for lying…”

“What is?” I began, before I felt a sharp tickling sensation in my ribs. I looked down, but there was nothing tickling me. I say ‘tickle’, but it was far from funny. It was rather scary. I looked up at Sabrina, her eyes glazed with a swirling blue and purple glow. She cackled quietly. A strange glow then encased the large metal door. The locks slid to the left, the knobs and dials turned, and the door smashed open. The wind swept violently through the plane, blowing in our faces and whipping our hair up.


He began to get up, but Sabrina turned and faced him. The glow took over Jet’s seat, and the belt clicked back firmly in place. He was stuck. Sabrina turned to me, the wind still slapping our faces with uppermost delight. Jet watched, shocked and fearful.

“And now…the revenge…” She spat. I felt my seatbelt unclick, and it shot back into the holder. I then screamed as a force straightened my up to standing position and dragged me towards the door.

“NO!” I screamed. “JET, HELP ME!”
Sabrina stopped the psychic connection, leaving the raging wind to pull me out the plane. I gripped onto the doorframe, looking behind me at the billowing clouds. “Sabrina, don’t let it end like this…”

“WHY” She snapped. “We can meet up again in heaven, in about ten hours”
I watched, half fascination and half fear as my fingers prised themselves from the doorframe. It couldn’t end like this. No. Jet and me had a plan…I couldn’t leave like this…

“NO!” I screamed again, as my last finger lifted. I shot away from the plane, Jet’s head barely visible as he screamed and held a hand out. I was being whisked away, down beneath the clouds, the wind rushing through my hair and flapping it up. The plane disappeared from view.

“JET!” I screamed, my voice not being heard by even myself. I then remembered the parachute. I grasped the chord and yanked it hard, causing the large white parachute to lift up behind me and ease my fall. As I softly sliced through the air, I sniffed, thinking of Jet and what he must be thinking. I’d pulled it to late for him to have seen that…



Truth be told, Tom’s Gym was bland. It was a basic arena, with a mesh fence surrounding it. There was a watchtower in one corner with a bell at the top, the ground around the arena being compressed sand.

“Cool…” I said, trying to sound fascinated. Tom threw out three Pokeballs, all Ultra Balls I might add, each one bursting open and forming into a large Pokemon. First up was the pewter Grey Rhydon: I’d never seen one up close before, only at Pontarico’s tacky zoo, but that one was about fifty, old and cracked. Tom’s was feisty, thrusting its drill into the air.

Salmenace was next: It was roughly the size of a horse, purple with orange wings. It was a dragon Pokemon, it looked strong and rather boisterous, but Tom assured me it was friendly. I kept my distance.

Tom also had a faithful Arcanine; like Rhydon, it was approved by Dragon Rock, so he trained it. I remembered Giovanni’s from Pyro Island, it was actually pretty tough, but this one seemed a lot bigger, and broader. He showed off his Extremespeed by charging around the arena. I was impressed, sort of.

“I got a grant from the mayor” Tom began. “To turn this space into a Gym”
“What was it originally?” I asked.
“Erm, I think it was a college,” Tom said. “But after making loadsa redundancies and stuff, it was knocked down and shifted to Fuchsia”

“Oh, right” I said.
“The college was really hyped up with fossils and such” Tom went on. “They discovered Anorith here”
I had no idea what an Anorith was, so I just nodded in excitement.

“I’ll release my team,” I said. Electabuzz and Umbreon were already out, so I got Bulbasaur’s Ultra Ball, Seviper’s Pokeball, Dustox’ great ball an Smeargle’s Citrus Ball and threw them out. Each one hit the floor at the same time, sending a shower of white light flooding through the arena. The light then grouped into four separate blobs, each taking the form of a different sized Pokemon.

Seviper and Dustox immediately started talking, the lively moth resting on Seviper’s arrowhead tail. Bulbasaur settled down and lay there, staring up at the impressive size of Tom’s team with disgust. Smeargle, however, ran over to Electabuzz and Umbreon, tagging Electabuzz and tearing across the arena. Umbreon darted away as Electabuzz chased the two. All the time, Bulbasaur opened a closed eye and just muttered to himself.

However, as Electabuzz tagged Umbreon, they stopped. Smeargle stood at one end of the arena, and all the Pokemon just stood there, looking around and listening. Tom and myself looked around, too, unsure of what was going on.

The arena suddenly exploded in a shower of dust and sand, as a figure swooped from underground. I crouched down, holding my arm up against the sand. Tom had Salmenace blow it away with its powerful wings, slowly revealing a bird Pokemon that rose from the ground.

“Aero!” It screeched. Its voice was high and scrawny. It was a light grey colour, with broad wings and a large jaw. Its jaw was lined with rows of sharp teeth, and it had powerful legs and a pointed tail. It screeched its name again.

“Aerodactyl?” Tom said. “Bloody hell, I thought they were extinct!”
“It’s…big,” I gasped. I’d never seen anything so broad, so intimidating…maybe I could catch it and sell it on Ebay…

“I suppose it may have come from the foundations of the college?” Tom suggested.
“That doesn’t make sense,” I said. “Wouldn’t the builders know if they’d left a gigantic pre-historic bird under the rubble?”

“It could have been in a Pokeball” Tom thought, defending his theory. “Anyway, we need to keep it down, it looks sorta vicious”

“Right” I said. “Erm, Electabuzz, thunderbolt attack now!”
Nodding, Electabuzz charged at Aerodactyl, his antenna brimming with an electric surge. He blasted the jagged streak of lightening, which curved through the air at Aerodactyl.

“Aero!” It cried, shooting out of the way. It shot down towards Tom, who took action straight away.
“Salmenace! Take down!”

His dragon shot through the air and smashed into Aerodactyl, sending him crashing down to the ground. He rolled over a couple of times, before stopping in the dust. Salmenace landed by Tom’s side.

“Flamethrower!” Tom ordered. “Come on Chris!”
“Oh…umm…sorry” I mumbled. “Smeargle, use sludge bomb!”
Smeargle held his hands out as if he was about to bowl a bowling ball. A purple ball took shape and formed in his hands, made from gloop and sludge. Smeargle held it there as his tail end glowed dark purple. When the ball bulged with sludge, around the size of a bowling ball, Smeargle held it on one hand, his fingers pushing into the thick, but oddly satisfying sludge, before he started to spin around wildly. He then released it, letting it fly forward and smash into Aerodactyl. Sludge and grime was spread all over the pre-historic Pokemon’s body.

“Yes!” I cried. “Now, hose it off with Hydro Pump!”
Tail end glowing a majestic ocean blue, Smeargle held his limp tail out like a hose as he blasted a high-pressured, sparkling blast of icy water. Aerodactyl, however, suddenly (and rather surprisingly, I thought Salmenace had taken it down) flapped its wings and shot into the air. It curved round accurately and locked onto Smeargle.

“Smeargle!” The Pokemon croaked helplessly. He got on all fours and ran across the arena, leaping over the gigantic hole (he uses his Tail as a vault) and landing, before continuing along the arena.

“AERO!” The beast cawed, before powering up what I thought was a hyper beam. Smeargle couldn’t outrun it, so I decided to go for teamwork:

“Seviper, Umbreon! Poison sting and Hidden Power NOW!”
Seviper slid along to face the Aerodactyl as it flew ceaselessly across the sky. He opened his mouth and blasted a barrage of pins forward, which stopped Aerodactyl from attacking and kept him concentrating on his defence.

“Umbree!” Umbreon cried. Eight small, snooker sized purple orbs floated around his head. On his command, each shot through the air towards Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl screeched as he was bombarded and drained of energy by the hidden power.

“He’s weak,” I said. “Bulbasaur, get up there and use razor leaf!”
Bulbasaur looked up and grunted. I was angry. Here I was, battling this ferocious beast and he was just snoozing! I wasn’t going to stand for this.

“Listen here” I snapped, turning and shooting an icy glare at him. He perked up, rather keen to hear me. “I caught you, I take good care of you, I feed you and make sure you’re alright. I cater every one of your needs, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT AGAINST ME?”

Bulbasaur rolled his eyes. Damned Pokemon.

“Well” I began. “You weren’t exactly strong enough to resist being caught now, were you?”

Bulbasaur looked up at me.
“Saur…” He grumbled.
“GET OUT THERE” I snapped. “You have to battle alongside me, alright? I am your trainer, and you’d better start listening, or I’ll take this disobedience thing to NEW HEIGHTS. Got that?”

My Pokemon looked rather bewildered. Bulbasaur looked up at me, his eyes darting back to the ground, the Aerodactyl and the other Pokemon.

“Saur” He snapped. He got up, stretched his legs and fired a razor leaf at Aerodactyl. He cawed as he was struck, before shooting forward with his talons, planning to snatch Bulbasaur up completely. However, Bulbasaur shot a leech seed forward, hitting Aerodactyl in the eye. The seed sunk in slightly, before dozens of thick vines curled around his body.

With a thump, the Pokemon lay defeated on the ground. I looked down at Bulbasaur as he cried his name. Smeargle, Umbreon, Electabuzz and Seviper came over to join me, nuzzling me, hugging me or, in Seviper’s case, coiling around my neck. Dustox, however, was fluttering towards a bright streetlamp that had just lit up.

“Okay!” I shouted. “Aerodactyl, You’re mine”
I pulled from my pocket an Ultra Ball. I tapped it with my thumb, enlarging it, before preparing to throw it out at Aerodactyl.

“Sorry” Tom said quickly. He drew a fast ball from his belt and threw it forward, the ball shooting towards its target and smacking it on the back of the head, drawing Aerodactyl in a red flash of light. I watched, half confused, half angry. The ball shot back and smacked against Tom’s palm, as the dragon tamer clasped the ball tightly.

“You bastard!” I cried. “I was gonna catch that!”
“But you have eight Pokemon” Tom said. “Plus, this thing can probably go through for the Dragon Tamers; that’ll make me stand out!”

“I guess you’re right…” I began. “You’re need is greater than mine”
“Thanks man” Tom said, smiling. “I owe you a McRonalds”

Well, I HAD lost the chance to catch a seemingly extinct fossil Pokemon, one that is strong, durable, physically stronger than anything I’ve seen and able to give me a free ride, BUT I suppose it isn’t everything…is it?

Well, it WAS everything, to be honest. And I’d missed out! As Bulbasaur rubbed his head against my leg, I began to appreciate the special skill of shouting at a Pokemon. Maybe it can work for Pidgeotto!


Megan hung from the treetops. She soon came around, and realising she was stuck, whipped out her trusty penknife. Within seconds, the parachute straps were cut, leaving Megan to drop limply out the tree and in a heap on the floor.

Dusting herself off, Megan pocketed her penknife and took her rocket uniform off, revealing the casual clothes she hadn’t worn properly for a long time. Megan had even worn her uniform when she was sacked, living in hope that she would be rehired.

“Hello new life” Megan said. She took a deep breath and marched forward towards Mauville City, where her new life lay. No means of communication were on her and all the people she ever knew were miles away. However, she bit her lip thinking about poor Jet, probably in tears on the plane.

Megan walked through the clearing, ready to start over again.


“YOU *****” Jet snarled, pointing the gun at Sabrina. “It wasn’t supposed to end like this. Oh no. She’s dropped down, we didn’t have a chance to record her co-ordinates and now she’s probably DEAD…”

“She lied to me” Sabrina said. “I thought I was going to live”
“Well sucks to that,” Jet snapped, spit flying from his lips. “I just don’t know what to think. I had hoped I could have said GOODBYE to her”

Jet pulled the trigger and shot Sabrina. Her body lay in the chair, blood spilling from her wound on her chest. Jet turned to Smokey, strapping himself in and unbuckling his seatbelt.

“Turn” He snapped. Smokey nodded, hitting the door release button. The automated locks slipped to the left and opened up, causing Sabrina’s dead body to roll out and drop into the sea. As the door shut, Jets’ fearless character soon shattered as a tear slipped down his face.

Chapter 31 - Showdowns, Swablu and Krystal Makes three:
Out Thursday
-Tony and Misty go against Dave while the Gym is still theirs...
“Water gun! Aim for the torso!” I commanded. Opening his gaping mouth, Pellipper blasted a streak of water out and smashed it into Mr Mime. Angered, the Pokemon stopped and clutched his breast where he was hit. Mr Mime straightened himself up and raced forward, a hand out, ready to doubleslap Pellipper to hell.

-Krystal has a strange dream in the hospital...
“What’s happening?” I asked. I held a hand up to stop Hitmonchan, and, to my surprise, he stopped. My hand was then held horizontally out, as a Pokeball appeared in the palm.

It was a Lure Ball. Didn’t belong to me, but maybe, just maybe, I can use this to help me against Hitmonchan. I clutched it like a treasured possession, and threw it forward. If I was lucky, I might be able to hit Hitmonchan with my Pokeball.

-In Fliscoula park, all three are in for a shock:
However, as Krystal brought her change from her pocket, she pulled out an Ultra Ball.

“What’s that?” I asked her.
“I’m not sure” She began. She checked the Pokemon on her belt: “Marill, Charizard, Kingdra, Steelix and Ampharos, that’s them all, but…then there’s this one”

-But what triggers Marill's sudden 'change'?
“You okay?” Kecleon asked.
“I’m ready” Marill began. “Ready to evolve…”
“NO!” Kecleon shouted. But it was too late.

-Al and Monica get a shock as they arrive in Fuchsia, too.
“Oh man! A Whismur!” Monica cried. “I can catch it!”

All on Thursday!

15th June 2003, 09:11 AM
Well, Megan got what she wished. At last Bulba listens. I've never seen anyone kill off a gym leader, much less one of the more powerful ones. *sigh* The beginning of the 30-something chapters...the beginning of the end.

15th June 2003, 09:29 AM
Sorry for not replying to this fic, I've got a chest infection but I'm getting better.
Anyway, Great chapter, the Aerodactyl scene was cool, I do wonder what will to Megan now she has gone to Mauville.
Question for Dane:
Where are you? cos you're weally cruel to your captives.

Hanada Tattsu
15th June 2003, 09:51 AM
Great chapter! I loved it!

Wow, Dane is really a bastard, he makes his Pokemon work so hard, and he even threatened to kill them? Wow, the guy is evil.

So Umbreon and Electabuzz are all right. I'm glad they still like Chris after the Absol incident.

Megan and Jet part, but Jet thinks Megan is dead. That's a pity. So Jet is gonna kill Sabrina...

The battle with Aerodactyl was great! Tom caught it, I wish Chris had caught it.

And Jet shot Sabrina... 'tis a pity. Oh well, she deserved it.

Great chappie!

Chris 2.1
15th June 2003, 10:53 AM
Jukain: She did, yea. I feel sorry for Jet. He's living his life thinking he let his friend down, without saying goodbye or anything. She's not even anywhere NEAR Oldale! Just a note: The last chapter may feature a little Megan extract, and how she's doing. I don't know, though; the idea was she was left in Hoenn, I get a good feeling knowing readers will just let themselves go wild thinking of what she gets up to, and if I did a small part, it would be shattered. Maybe...Chapter 38, the finale, seems it may lack something as it wouldn't be very long...unless I introduce a rather important flashback...
The begginning of the end, yes. these next few chapters are action packed, and a lot of POVS' finish. Rika's is done, Megan's has drawn to a close, and as I write this, Tony's is fading away, rather drastically I might add!

Jon: Good, glad to see you're recovering! As i said to Jukain, I really wanted it to be an open kinda thing, where the idea that anything can happen would be created, which is why i'm wondering if i should do a final Megan POV or not. Chapter 38 is strong, so i don't want it to be bouncing around anybody elses POVS, and besides, all the others will have finished by then!

Dane: Right now? I'm not saying. You'll see more of me soon. I don't show anything towards these Pokemon. They need to be trained and they need to train themselves or else nobody will buy them. That's what I'm needed for, that's what I do.

Hanada: Yay! I like it when people like/love it!
I don't think Dane will kill them, he can't. He needs to sell these babies off and get some work done for the Organisation.
I wouldn't have thought Buzz and Umbry would have been angry with Chris, but they're just glad they're united and the whole ordeal is over!
Jet killed Sabrina...already! I feel sorry for him, and Megan will too, but...it was meant to be.
Tom has Aerodactyl, yay! hehe.

15th June 2003, 12:56 PM
Sabrina is soooo evil. It was understandable why she wanted to kill Megan but i was sure glad Jet killed her.

Tom/Chris thing was cool too, and i wont comment on other parts.....

Krystal has a dream! I think i know what might happen.....

War Raichu
15th June 2003, 03:50 PM
Sabrina turned as evil as she acted in the Anime! :D I think she should have sent Jet flying out, though. Megan was being nice, even though Sabrina didn't know that. So, Marill will evolve in the next chappy.

Mr. Burns: Excellent.

Chris 2.1
16th June 2003, 10:30 AM
Oakbark: Yea, Sabrina's life has withered away. Poor girl. The takeover really has been taken to extreme heights, I wonder if anywhere else is going to be taken over yet? Maybe it's best they wait...What do you think Krystal's dream is about? PM me :)

Raichu: Yea, she was just weird in the anime XD. She didn't have anything against Jet, what would that accomplish? I was proud of this, I really was. Yea, Marill's evolution is all-set....but is it a good thing? Only time will tell...

Well, after being inspired as I brainstormed, I relly did get some ideas for the end. Back-stabbing, interrogations and guilty consciences are all in store. I'm also planning James Holmes' section in Chapter 37! It's got info about Jet, Megan, Domino...all the rockets really!

17th June 2003, 06:15 PM
ah, chapter 30: the beginning of the end, as some others have said. Chris missed out on the Aerodactyl, which would have been the perfect addition to his team, but we cant have him getting too strong, now can we? ;) Jet thinks Megan is dead, and Sabrina is dead. im kinda neutral on that, since in the few episodes she was in, she was kinda weird and when she was "cured" by Haunter they never had her interact, so no one realy knew what she was like. and i though her psychic powers were already strong enough to rival an Alakazam on their own. why didnt she do something from the beginning? anyway:

quote from the anime:
Sabrina's doll to Ash:

Do you want to play with me? I could make all of you dolls!
*evil glowy eyes*

so, Maril is going to evolve. i wonder why Kecleon is screaming "NOOOO!!!!!". I thought Dane was fighting Misty and Tony in the gym, not training stollen pokemon.:confused: o well.

btw, I GOT A GAMECUBE!!! ya! *claps for self*


Chris 2.1
18th June 2003, 12:10 PM
Ultra - DAVE is battling Misty and Tony, the guy misty slept with, the guy who killed Mudkip and Ekans, and the one who kidnapped them both! DANE is training his Pokemon up before heading off so sell them. Since she was tired, depressed and hungry, her psychic powers were weakened and sapped, but her anger seemed to spur her on and help her focus her power, thats why she practised on the penny. Kecleon and Marill are the two small Pokemon; Kecleon will be alone if Marill evolves...

The Indigo Road
Chapter 31 - Dreams, Showdowns and Krystal makes three
By Shiny


Dave was using his Pokedex to switch his Pokemon around, having trained around 20 strong ones. Misty was loading her pistol, and I stood nervously. I couldn’t believe all my time here in Cerulean City had wound down to this – a full on Pokemon battle at gunpoint. Well, I wasn’t at gunpoint, but my mind was swirled with answers asking things like ‘ why did Misty have a gun? , that particular question being one which stumped me the most.

“Ok, I’m ready” Dave snarled, turning and slipping his Pokedex in his pocket. “The time is 11:23AM”
“Thanks, eagle-eye” Misty said sarcastically. Dave looked rather angry. He plucked a Pokeball from his belt and threw it out onto the arena.

“Mr Mime, GO!”

The light from the Pokeball rearranged itself into a human-like shape. The Mr Mine was around 3 or 4 foot high, with knobbly knees, curved shoes and white gloves. He had a pear-shaped head and two tufts of greeny-black hair either side of his face.

“Mime!” The Pokemon cried. He frowned, concentrating as he moved his hands hypnotically. Despite his clown-like appearance, he was rather cold and evil. Misty looked across at me.

“You take him, I’ll send something out if you can’t handle it,” She said. Nodding, I selected the first Pokemon that came to mind.
“Pellipper, GO!”

Throwing the ball, I watched as it burst open quickly, the light shooting out and forming into my pelican. He swooped down and sliced through the air, eager to battle Mr Mime.

“BEGIN!” Misty roared.

“Mime, show them a psybeam” Dave snarled. Mr Mine held both palms out infront of us. A multicoloured beam of energy formed in the middle of the Pokemon’s two hands, and upon his command, it was blasted forward at Pellipper. My good old Pellipper, however, just swooped through the air and evaded the attack.

“Water gun! Aim for the torso!” I commanded. Opening his gaping mouth, Pellipper blasted a streak of water out and smashed it into Mr Mime. Angered, the Pokemon stopped and clutched his breast where he was hit. Mr Mime straightened himself up and raced forward, a hand out, ready to doubleslap Pellipper to hell.

“Pellippa!” The water bird cawed, flapping back to evade the slaps. He then forced himself forward and smashed Mr Mine in the ribs. This was going well.

“Beak slash!” I cried. Pellipper thrust Mr Mime up into the air with his beak. Crying his name, Mr Mime flew into the rafters of the Gym and began his descent down.

“Don’t worry, use a light screen” Dave said cunningly. Mr Mine used his hands to make a light pink platform beneath him, which he landed against roughly. Getting up, Mr Mime dusted himself off and looked around from his high vantage point. Pellipper flew up forwards him from lower down.

“Thunder, NOW!” Dave roared. Mr Mime trembled, before shooting two bolts of lightening from each palm. Pellipper shot under the first, but the second pierced his feathers and tore through his body. Pellipper flopped down and grazed against the ground.

“Pellipper, get up!” I cried. “If you’re weak, then fire a water gun at the ground”
Pellipper did as I suggested, and was propelled through the air, giving him time to straighten up and get back to flying. He swerved in the air and glided towards Mr Mime. Mr Mime fired the bolts again, but Pellipper managed to swoop straight down, nearly smashing against the arena floor, before picking up speed and height, and soaring through the air.

“Get under the light screen!” I said. Pellipper flew underneath it, and while Mr Mime was above it, then he was unable to attack. I sighed heavily, before thinking up the next attack. What could we do?

“Gust attack Pellipper!” I shouted. Pellipper flapped his wings, sending a heavy wind shooting in Dave’s direction. Mr Mime slipped from his spot atop the light screen, plummeting down towards the ground. With a sickening crunch, the poor clown broke an arm as he made contact with the concrete.

“Corsola, GO!” Misty cried, throwing the Lure ball out. The ball burst open, releasing Corsola next to Pellipper. Misty must be sending her out now for when Dave sent out his next Pokemon.

“Bubblebeam attack, Corsola!” Misty piped up. Corsola leapt into the air and blasted an array of aqua bubbles at Mr Mime’s battered body. The bubbles exploded, covering the clown in bruises all over.

“Dave, Mr Mime can’t battle anymore,” I said. “Recall him”
“No” Dave uttered. “PSYSHOCK!”

I’d never heard of an attack like this. Mr Mime started to glow: an apple green aura encircled him, and slowly but surely, the clown managed to get back up. He flexed his fingers, as the red circle on his center vibrated with the strong glow of green energy penetrating into his body.

“Mime, Mime, Mr Mime!” He spat. The energy, still in the Pokemon’s body, started to solidify in his hand. A green orb was created, one with many small flashed of white energy zooming around inside. The orb, around the size of a cricket ball, was hurled by the Mr Mime towards Pellipper.

“Pellipper, evade!” I cried. Pellipper, however, was unable to. He floated in mid-air, seemingly trapped by Mr Mime. The orb hit him, and the whole place erupted in a huge green explosion. Corsola was hurt; Pellipper has presumably been mauled by this sensational attack, and Mr Mime managed to stand. I watched, as the dust settled and eventually cleared. Pellipper and Corsola both lay on their sides.

“What the…” Misty began.
“Devastating…truly devastating,” I breathed. Mr Mime then collapsed on the ground, weak and tired. All three of us got out our Pokeballs, before recalling our Pokemon.

“That wasn’t too bad” Dave snarled.
“We’ll fight back, we’ll fight back good and whup your ***” Misty rasped. She drew a normal Pokeball. “GO!”

“GO!!!” Dave roared. I then got our Wailmer’s Pokeball: He can set them straight.


The white flashes of light emerged, blocking my sight momentarily. I wonder what they each chose?



Seviper, who knew the iron tail ability, was helping me teach Electabuzz. Seviper focused hard and groaned as the silver energy formed on his tail. Seviper then thrust it forward and smacked into Rhydon, who was our target.

“Burr-ah” Electabuzz groaned. He focused the energy through to his tail, before it started to shimmer silver. With a roar, he whipped it around and smacked Rhydon in the stomach. Finally, after around an hour, Electabuzz learnt Iron Tail.

“Good job” I said, as Electabuzz gave Rhydon a high-five. Seviper coiled around my neck playfully, but then started to talk to Bulbasaur, Umbreon and Dustox. Smeargle was talking to me, while Salmenace and Arcanine slept. Aerodactyl was still in his Pokeball after trying to eat Smeargle.

After about another hour practising attacks with attacks, I recalled Bulbasaur, Umbreon, Seviper, Dustox, Smeargle and Electabuzz. Tom recalled Rhydon and Salmenace, his Arcanine walking beside him.

I had received a call from the Pokemoncenter; Kecleon’s back was now all right, his gash now barely visible, and Pidgeotto’s stress-treating therapy sessions had finished. He was legally sane. I was looking forward to seeing them both and having a full, 8 Pokemon team. Mum had also called; Suzie and Tim had left for a place called Pacifica, an archipelago of four Large Islands with on and offshore Gyms. It sounded rather nice. They wanted to get back into training and acquire two more Pokemon on their teams.

Krystal was also ready to come out of hospital. Apparently she had no major injuries, but was frequently checked by doctors at Fliscoula City General, and had also been rather shaky. I was keen to hear WHAT had happened there, so Tom and me headed off there.

We visited the Pokemoncenter first. Not having a Pokedex, Tom took Aerodactyl’s Pokeball to the movedex to check out what his recent capture had in the way of attacks. The Nurse went to get me my Pokemon.

I was only there a few minutes. I heard a patter somewhere close, and in a few seconds I saw Kecleon, tearing through the Pokemoncenter to see me. I bent down and opened my arms as Kecleon leapt in, the two of us hugging tightly.

“This is Tom,” I told Kecleon, as Tom stepped forward. Kecleon nodded at Tom, who returned it with a ‘thumbs up’. Nurse Joy then wandered into the room with Pidgeotto perched on her outstretched arm.

“Pidgeotto and Kecleon are both still rather shaky, but it’s nothing to worry about” She informed me. I held my arm out, and Pidgeotto did a glide-hop from the two arms, clutching his talons into mine.

“Hey there” I said to my friend. “Feeling all right?”
“Pii” Pidgeotto chirped, his voice dull and grainy. He seemed really depressed…but why?

“ Now that you’re on this team, you fight with us ”. Those words shot around Pidgeotto’s head as he thought about what Charizard had told him. He sighed.

I got out six Pokeballs and released Bulbasaur, Seviper, Umbreon, Electabuzz, Dustox and Smeargle. Kecleon had a little (very little) reunion with Smeargle, who was now very chummy with Electabuzz. Umbreon and Seviper were good friends, but now it seemed Bulbasaur tried to join in their conversation. Dustox, who was at one point making friends with Seviper, Bulbasaur and Umbreon, fluttered over to see Kecleon and started talking.

Arcanine was just at Tom’s feet. After a brief social gathering, a girl of roughly 15 and her Marshtomp stood before us.

“This ISN’T a social club,” She snapped. The group parted, letting her walk through to see the Nurse. “Muddy needs his laxatives”
“Ok, will you be taking pills, suppositories, food or anything else for the laxative?” The nurse asked. The idea of a Marshtomp with a suppository was sickening…

I recalled my team, save for Pidgeotto and Kecleon, and we went off to visit Krystal. I hope she’d come back with us today…



Opening my eyes, I saw the room I was in. It was a…a dojo of some sort. Brown wooden columns stood erect to support the room, and, as I stepped forward, I noticed the man ahead of me.

“Who are you?” I asked curiously. The man was tall, blonde haired and had emerald green eyes. He had a fuzzy heard around his mouth, and wore a cream ‘fighting outfit’. It was the usual trousers with that weird shirt with the ‘y’ on the front. Well…the Y was black, and was part of the material…oh darn this is hard…

I looked down and saw myself wearing opposite colours to him.

“We will battle,” He declared. “Hitmonchan is my Pokemon, who will you choose?”
“Erm…” I began. I looked down, to see I had no Pokemon whatsoever. “How did I get here?”

The man frowned.

“Hitmonchan, dynamicpunch” He growled. I screamed…although no sound came out. Hitmonchan forced a glowing gloved fist forward at me. A wooden column became splintered as I evaded the attack.

“What’s happening?” I asked. I held a hand up to stop Hitmonchan, and, to my surprise, he stopped. My hand was then held horizontally out, as a Pokeball appeared in the palm.

It was a Lure Ball. Didn’t belong to me, but maybe, just maybe, I can use this to help me against Hitmonchan. I clutched it like a treasured possession, and threw it forward. If I was lucky, I might be able to hit Hitmonchan with my Pokeball.

The ball clicked, opened up and released a flood of white light. Standing on its back legs was a yellow duck, a Psyduck, wearing a red sweatband and wristbands. He suddenly started jogging on the spot rapidly.

“Hey” I said lightly.
“Hello” He said lightly. Did…did he talk? .
“Can you attack Hitmonchan?” I asked.

“No can do” He replied. “I’m testing my pulse”

True to his statement, the Pokemon suddenly stopped, breathed heavily and checked his wrist pulse.

“Oh my” He began. “It’s gone down two beats per second. You’re on your own!”
Psyduck ran off.

Suddenly, Hitmonchan raced at me with a flaming fist. I screamed as loud as I could…I felt myself drop to my knees as blood spilled from my face. Running my hand across my eyebrow, it felt swollen. But, should it swell so quickly?



As the clock ticked on, Tom and me waited for Krystal to come out. Dustox and Kecleon talked on, while the Bulbasaur-Umbreon-Seviper friendship sailed friendlily. Smeargle and Electabuzz seemed very good friends now, although Smeargle’s fast chatting and hyper attitude meant that my Electabuzz was easily ticked off.

Pidgeotto was still rather depressed. I sighed. What can I do?

Suddenly, the doors burst open. Krystal, wearing her ‘new’ but still rather unpractical black cape, charged down the hall. I got up, arms open, as Krystal came closer and closer. However, she ran past me and grabbed Tom’s hand, shaking it vigorously.

“HEY there! I’m Krystal,” She said.
“I’m Tom, nice to meet you” Tom said politely. They shook hands again.

“Krystal, Tom’s a dragon Tamer,” I explained. And with that, the two began a rather boring conversation. I grabbed Seviper and let him coil around my neck. I felt more accepted, and together, after recalling the team except Kecleon and Seviper, we walked off.


As we shopped in ‘ HMV ’, the music shop, I considered getting some music, but later forgot about it. Krystal was looking at ‘Good Charlotte’, a band I really liked, while Tom looked at ‘Mudvayne’. I’d never heard of them, but they sounded heavy!

After Tom bought a new set of headphones, the three of us walked into the towns oriental gardens with a McRonalds. I ate my ‘chicken’ McSandwich, while Krystal ate her chicken nuggets. Tom had a Big Mick. However, as Krystal brought her change from her pocket, she pulled out an Ultra Ball.

“What’s that?” I asked her.
“I’m not sure” She began. She checked the Pokemon on her belt: “Marill, Charizard, Kingdra, Steelix and Ampharos, that’s them all, but…then there’s this one”

She got up from the bench and gripped the ball. As she did so, Seviper lunged forward and ate her chicken nuggets, as well as ripping a half of the bench. Tom and me hastily leapt off.

“I CHOOSE YOU!” Krystal shouted wildly, throwing the ball. It smacked against the ground and released a white energy. I stared in amazement as the most…well; I’d say the most unexpected Pokemon emerged.


I stared in disbelief: Krystal turned pale as she took a step back. Tom, having heard of our recent events, looked surprised, but nowhere near as much as Krystal and myself. The guy did try, though.

Absol looked into Krystal’s eyes before pouncing at her. Acting fast, I grabbed Seviper and threw him at Absol. Seviper wrapped around Absol’s head and began a wrap attack, slowly decreasing the oxygen entering Absol’s body. Absol tried to escape, eventually swinging his head around wildly to get the viper off.

“Poison sting!” I shouted.

Seviper held his head back, before peppering Absol’s already ruffled coat with a barrage of stingers. Absol shrieked in pain, as Krystal drew an Elle ball.

“I choose you, Marill!” She cried.
“Help out, Kecleon” I advised. The 1:1 became 3:1; Marill shot a water gun in Absol’s face, Kecleon was slashing his back and Seviper simply blasted Absol with acid.

It wasn’t long before Absol collapsed. Marill then grabbed her tail as it glowed, propelling the iron tail forward and smashing Absol’s face with it. Absol grunted as Marill leapt back.

“You okay?” Kecleon asked.
“I’m ready” Marill began. “Ready to evolve…”
“NO!” Kecleon shouted. But it was too late. A white light engulfed Marill, causing her to stretch out to a much bigger form. Her ears now long, rabbit-like ears, her body bigger and patterned with white bubbles and her once stubby arms now longer meant the obvious: Marill had evolved into Azumarill.

“Zu-zu!” She cried. Krystal’s eyes opened wide as the two embraced. Kecleon watched in disbelief as his once close friend had instantly slipped away from him. He sniffed, but suddenly ran to me as Seviper tried to swallow him.

“Congratulations” I said, as Azumarill came over to me.
“Zu-zu Azu!” She said happily. She certainly seemed very cheery. She looked down at Kecleon, who looked away. The team continued to bombard Absol.



The truck shot through the route towards Fuchsia. Monica looked determined and ready as steam shuffled from the small funnel atop the cab. I wondered about her family, and how much they’d miss her. I then thought back to Viridian City, and my Mother, Ben, Phil and my dad. I hope they were doing ok.

“You alright?” Monica asked, as we ploughed across the track.
“Yea” I said, sniffing.
“We’re nearly there,” She continued.

Suddenly, I felt us smash through something. I looked out the window to see that the truck had smashed through the route gate, splintering the little wooden cabin. Monica screamed. Thinking fast, I pulled it into reverse and we drove back out. Smoke and dust cleared and started to settle. I quickly hopped out.

“Hey, what’s this?” Monica asked. I turned, to see a set of keys. They must have fallen from my pocket! They hung on a red R key ring. I swiped them back off her.
“Nothing, just nothing” I said quickly.

Monica looked at me quizzically. I shook it off by wandering inside the route gate. There was a dead body, a woman’s, lying in the path of annihilation from the truck. My eyes widened, and I soon became rather pale.

“What do we do? What do we do?” I asked Monica, who stood there, rooted to the spot.
“Phone 999” She said. “And once you have, head to the city, it’s only a couple of miles”

I did as she advised. I rang 999, asked for the ambulance and directed them to the accident.

“Thankyou. And who is this calling?” The lady asked down the phone.
“I’m…no-one,” I said, hanging up. I slipped the phone in my pocket, and together with Monica, we ran off.


Fuchsia wasn’t far, but once we got there, we found it to be a rather dull, lifeless city. It was almost empty; papers rustled along the slightest breezes, and we saw very few people. Duskull and Scyther were out.

As we walked, talked and tried not to look suspicious, a little pink mouse ran over to us. It was a Whismur. They were sorta like Marill, except without the long jagged tail. It had soft pink fur and a very confused look on its face.

“Oh man! A Whismur!” Monica cried. “I can catch it!”
I had to agree, catching Pokemon was a good idea for her upcoming Gym match. Duskull shot forward at Whismur, who was hit hard, taking excessive damage. Whismur opened his mouth and blew a gust forward, pushing Duskull back slightly.

“Shadow ball!” Monica cried.

Duskull created a small marble in his hands, before making it grow gradually until it was around the size of a basketball. Purple in colour, it swirled with a glazed combination of navy blue and white.

Hurling the attack, Duskull created another to send. However, Whismur, being the normal type, was immune to the attack, bringing a ticklish sensation to the small Pokemon.

“Help us out!” I cried, as Scyther flapped forward. He slashed at Whismur, who tumbled back. He rolled along the floor, beaten pretty damn quickly. Monica grabbed a Pokeball from her belt (she had taken three with her) and threw it forward. It hit Whismur and absorbed him inside.

The ball flew back to Monica, who caught it in her hand. Now with a Whismur on her team, Monica began to train around Fuchsia.

“This place is nice” I began. “I feel at home”
“Me too” Monica replied. As I stared into the sky, even the demonic shaped clouds and flashing bolts of lightening didn’t crush my spirits.

18th June 2003, 12:24 PM
Great chapter, I liked the explenation especially. So Marill evolved, poor Kecleon, all alone.

And Krystel catching the Absol? I saw that one coming, but I wonder who threw the ball. Maybe Charizard?

18th June 2003, 12:50 PM
Chris, well you must like your Seviper, and I am glad you caught that freindly pokemon, it seems like it likes you. And so far you are training Bulbasaur correctly.

Krystal, what ever happened, drugs or insaneness, you need to snap out of it, and guess what your pokemon gave to you, an Absol that wants to kill you,

Thomas, nice, how you caught the Aerodactyl from Chris, besides Chris is too immature to train a pokemon that powerful. You should hang out with these people and maybe you can distract Krystal from Dane, next time.:P

As for SHiny Marril, it brings a tear to my eye that this fic might one day end, but it cheers me up thinking you will either right about the characters future or you will just kill them off.

Tony, you better win, and smart thinking versus the female Mr. Mime.
Talk to you later.

18th June 2003, 01:17 PM
Oh dear. Krystal has a bloodthirsty Absol now. :P I wonder why Kecleon didn't want Marill to evolve? Dave is good to take out two pokemon at once, one of them fresh into the battle. This is gonna be intense.

Chris 2.1
18th June 2003, 03:02 PM
Dragon_Claw: Yea, i suppose he might just go all quiet and huffy, maybe. Or maybe he befriends Dustox? he's a good size. There's always Bulbasaur...but i feel sorry for him, Kecleon & Azurill went back before they were introduced to the fic...well, Amphy threw a ball once, maybe he tried again? Amphy always sees himself as a Pokemon TRAINER....*sigh* hehe.

Powarun: Seviper's chris' lifeline when his two friends get too friendly! Nah, jus kiddin, Krystal and Tom are just mates! What do you mean, drugs and insaneness? what's she done wrong? Absol's just the leader from the pack, he has excess anger to waste....lol...Yes, the fic is drawing to a close, im writing Chapter 38 now, but...im not sure if this is the last Chapter or not. Probably.........................:-o

Jukain: if it aint a dragon, she'll probably get rid of it....what if she sent it to Kimi? LOL. Kecleon and Marill are roughly the same size, and chummy because they're both small...Kecleon's alone now, even though marill 'could' have stayed as a Marill. I say 'COULD' because, in my opinion, the expirience has overpowered her really, it was just overpowering....Dave's got a tough team, and the whole thing will have finished in Chapter 37!!!!!!!!!!

Shiny's update:

-Chapter 37: Tag Matches is finished, reaching TWELVE PAGES! :-o
It's a great Chapter, funny to begin with, starting with a 5 page battle, but slowly descends into a very emotional chapter for Chris.

-Chapter 38: Decision at Gun point
Monica, Al and Chris find themselves closer than ever as they each try to endure a horrific time on Fuchsia's Beach. In a bunker to the far west of the beach, trouble's brewing. Will Monica crack to save Al? Can Al try and stop his girlfriend from being hurt? does Chris have any purpose here?

18th June 2003, 08:10 PM
Hey SHiny some more thoughts came into my head, okay, for the drugs or insaneness, the begining of Krystal's part about her dream. I never had a dream that odd.

Also I have seen bits and pieces of yet another sequal, and Chris gets a Pidgeot one day, hmmm, things are falling into peices, and I just figured something out with forshadowing. As for 999, is that for an ermegancy line, like we have 911, ahmen. Oh and I just thought of how Krystal can get her Seel back, the Absol. Laughs evilly if it listens.

Hanada Tattsu
18th June 2003, 11:47 PM
Great chappie!

I have a question for Kecleon? Why do you hate Azumarill so much just because it evolved? It's the same, just different in form...

Anyway, write more!

Chris 2.1
19th June 2003, 12:34 PM
Oakbark: Hehe, don't know? Lol. It all falls together, as i've said many many times. Dane, don't get that moody, hehe. He has a final POV in the last Chapter, don't you know, and has one before that in Chapter 34.

Powarun: I see, it's just a dream....or is it? maybe its symbolic in a way? Interpret is for yourself, but It's very strange indeed. Maybe she has foreshadowing? Nah, she isn't an Adept Like Monica. Hmm...perhaps a spinoff is in order...lol. 999 is our 911! Yea, Pidgeot will make his debut, so to speak! Lol. Seel....the poor guy. You'll see how that ends up another day..

Kecleon: Me and her were good friends in her Azurill and Marill forms, but now she's really big and intimidating, and i'm sorta scared of her really. She seems so different...and she's left me to socialise with the arrogant Bulbasaur...*sigh*

War Raichu
19th June 2003, 02:24 PM
Poor Kecleon....... Left all alone to befriend Bulbasaur........ :( But I'm glad Marill FINALLY evolved! ;) So, Krystal caught an Absol? Freaky. :)

19th June 2003, 07:18 PM
Now thats just creepy finding something in your poket that tried
to kill you.

marill evolving? now all kecleon has is bulbasar and pidgeotto.

a depressed pidgeotto is not good for traveling

Chris 2.1
20th June 2003, 11:07 AM
Raichu: Yea, he half makes friends with someone very important in the last Chapter. There's a nice translated scene with Kecleon, Ivysaur, ***** and ******, as well as *****'* *******. Don't want to spoil any uncaught catches yet! hehe.

Watermaster: Amphy tried to catch it...he's an ash wannabe ^_^; Krystal stops the Absol problem in the nxt Chapter, so don't worry! Kecleon COULD Befriend Dustox i guess...maybe...lol. Or he could just evolve, maybe? into something wicked!!!!!!!! Lol. Pidgeotto's been haunted by what Charizard and Electabuzz told him, maybe he's settling down? You never know...

Anyway, Chapter 38 is still under progress. I've added a Dane POV (a very short one, though) to just clear a few things up, Kecleon has a perspective (woo!), and there is a death for one character.... :-o

However, a New Chapter will be posted every Friday, to speed things up. So, it goes like this!

Sunday - Chapter
Wednesday - Chapter
Friday - Chapter

there we go! And to kick this off, here is Chapter 32: Bitchslapping! lol, remember when i posted this chapters preveiw? I do!

The Indigo Road
Chapter 32 - Bitchslapping
By Shiny


As my third match came ever closer, I was starting to tingle with excitement. I kept Bayleef on my team, and got Sandslash from home. My team was now:

My next match was on the ice field. I figured that Bayleef might be rather bad in this, as she can easily slip. Quilava, whilst being good, was rather battered from his last bout against Lauren, and his fire may cause the arena to melt. I thought Pidgeot would be pretty weak against Ice, so I decided to use Sandslash, Misdreavus and Politoad.

I walked through the tunnel and came out on the arena. The arena was decorated with three large, wild sculptures of sharp, jagged ice. I sighed as I made my way to the stand. As it rose up, I got some more height and could now see my opponent better. He was about 32; dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and awful maroon shorts. He wore flip-flops and shades, and seemed to have a fake tan.

“Heya angel!” He cried. “I’m Gregory, but you can call me Greggy!”
“How about ‘Groggy?’” I asked. He blushed.
“Ooh! Aren’t you naughty!” He said. He must be gay…although I wasn’t against them…


“Politoad! You’re up!” I shouted. Politoad leapt onto the arena, ready to take on what Gregory released. Gregory drew a light blue Pokeball, kissed the tip and threw it out.

“Poliwhirl, DARLING!” He shouted. The ball opened and revealed a female Poliwhirl: I could tell by her pink wristbands. My Politoad, boasting her beautiful pink bow on her head, scowled at her pre-evolution.


As the crowd asked themselves the question raised by the announcer, I cut in with an attack.

“Doubleslap! Now!”

Politoad raced forward. She wasted no time, and started to slap Poliwhirl across the face. Poliwhirl whimpered in her very high grunt (an oxymoron, I think), before digging her heels in and blasting a water gun forward. This force pushed Politoad back, who shot across towards an icy pillar.

“Bitchslap darling!” Gregory shouted. Poliwhirl attempted a ‘whatever’ sign with her large, masculine paws, but it didn’t seem to work. She raced forward and slapped Politoad hard. Politoad, however, leapt into the air and managed to survive the onslaught.

“Mega kick!” I screeched. Politoad forced her left foot down and kicked Poliwhirl in the face. Blood spilled from her face. Gregory ordered a bubblebeam, a rather weak attack involving Poliwhirl blasting bullet-like bubbles from her hands.

“Counter with reflect,” I advised. Forming a barrier infront of her, Politoad managed to stop herself receiving damage. Poliwhirl, angered and pissed off, charged with another bitchslap.

“Get back!” I said, as Politoad leapt back.
“ATTRACT! Show them what we’re made of!” Gregory said in a girly squeal.
“They’re both female, it won’t work!” I said back.
“Oh, but my Poliwhirl’s a lesbian” Gregory said, winking. Oh god.

Poliwhirl walked over, flexing her blue legs in a vain attempt to flirt with Politoad. As she came over, Politoad forced her hand into Poliwhirl’s face, pushing her back and making her fall on the ice.

“Poli!” Poliwhirl cried.
“Now! HYPER BEAM!” I cackled. Politoad managed to force an orange beam of energy from her mouth. It shot through the air, picking up speed and eventually smashing into Poliwhirl.

“POLIWHIRL! NO!” Gregory cried. “Oh, you poor dear”
He recalled Poliwhirl. I smirked as Politoad crossed her arms. Go girl!

“We’re not done yet,” Gregory snapped. “Go, go, GO PIKACHU!”
His next ball, a custard yellow, burst open and started to reveal a weenie little Pikachu.

“Pika pi!” He cried.
“Politoad, keep at it! Go for a water gun” I advised. Politoad blasted a water gun from her mouth, but Pikachu ran to the left and evaded it.

“Spark plug, darling” Greg said. Pikachu blasted a thin coil of electricity at Politoad, shocking her. She leapt back, taken aback by this sudden shock. She then raced forward, slapping Pikachu hard. Pikachu cried out in pain.

“NOW! Hydro Pump!” I shouted. Focusing her energy, Politoad tried blasting a hydro pump. She groaned as she tried to blast the energy, but she wasn’t able to. The power just wasn’t there. However, Pikachu soon headbutted her in the stomach, causing her to topple back.

“Pika honey, use a thunderbolt!” Greg said, fluttering his eyelashes. The Poke-pervert. Pikachu’s cheeks erupted in a yellow glow as he blasted a thunderbolt towards Politoad.

“Reflect again,” I snapped. Politoad managed to stop the thunderbolt from coming near her, before successfully forcing the screen forward and slapping Pikachu across the face with it.


As blood poured from Pikachu’s skull, he slowly ran forward and attempted a tackle. Politoad, however, picked the little rodent up and hurled it into the air. Pikachu squealed mournfully as he smacked against the hard floor. I heard a sick crunch from his body.

“OH POOP!” Greg shrieked. “Like OH-MY-GOD Pika honey!!!!”
He shot the beam at Pikachu and successfully recalled his SECOND Pokemon! I was still on my first, while he had been whittled down to his last. YES!

“One more baby left” Greg said, sighing. His next ball was chrome on the top, white on the bottom. It looked pretty cool. “METAGROSS, GO!!!”

The ball, moving faster than the other two, opened and revealed an amazing Pokemon. It was a steel substance, with a mouth on its underside. It actually resembled a four-legged crab, although each leg was wide and stocky. It shimmered slightly as its legs smashed into the ice.

“Damn” I began.



“That is way too much syrup!” Krystal said, watching me drown my pancakes. “You’ll get a sugar overload!”

“Go dude! GO!” Tom cried, as I started stuffing the sickly pancakes in my mouth. I chuckled, sending dribbles of syrup down my shirt. Krystal and me met Tom in the hotel café, and, although he didn’t have a room here, he was allowed in.

“Anyway, I’m not sure WHAT I’ll do with Absol” Krystal said. “I mean, I don’t want to waste a space on my team! I can get 8 now!”
“Well, as luck would have it…” Tom began. “Today’s Friday: The day of the Fliscoula Swap Meet”

“Wots vat?” I asked, through a mouthful of syrup.
“Well, people just…trade Pokemon really” Tom said. “You sign a slip with the Pokemon you want to trade, your name and your phone number, and you get contacted during the day if someone wants to trade”

It sounded all right. Krystal might be able to get a Dragon Pokemon! We finished breakfast, but a lady stopped me at the door.

“Erm, is this yours?” The woman asked. She held up a Seviper that was on a muzzle. “He ate the items in the gift shop, that comes to £2,345.99”
“I…I can’t really…afford that” I began. “But my Home number is 076548876, you can get the money from there”

I avoided Krystal’s icy glare, and the three of us headed to the town center.


The town was bustling! People flocked around with Pokemon in their arms. Krystal kept the Ultra Ball in her hand as she registered. There was a desk with a red throw over it, supervised by two old women. Krystal specified the Pokemon she was trading (you could either do that or say what you wanted to receive in a trade), and gave her phone number and name. We were just to have a fun time until she was rung with an offer.

We sat in the park, Krystal showing us the rather sick scar on her stomach from the Absol attack. While she gave Tom an awfully stretched version of the story, I decided to do some training. I released Pidgeotto.

“Fancy practising some accuracy?” I asked. Pidgeotto looked up at me, a tear forming in his eye. He just flapped off to join Tom and Krystal. After evolving, Azumarill was starting to be friendly with Ampharos, who, despite his efforts to bond with Charizard, just couldn’t pull through. It was probably because Charizard considered himself a veteran among these newer Pokemon.

I then released Dustox. He would surely train with me! However, as I did release him, he fluttered over to the orbs of a Chinchou. I grabbed him and yanked him back, right before Chinchou released a spark. The little boy, although looking about 6 years of age, scolded me. I walked back to see Tom and Krystal.

“And then: OH CRAP! Absol to the left, Absol to the right! BIFF! BAM! I turned and smacked one in the jaw…” Krystal continued…

I turned to Kecleon, who had turned bright pink. Little attention seeker…



“Metagross darling! BODY SLAM!” Greg spat. Metagross launched into the air, before tearing through the air and smashing poor Politoad. I heard a crunch, and as I looked up, her arm looked out of place.

“Oh ****” I murmured. “Return, good job”
After Politoad was recalled, she let out a heavy sigh. I selected Sandslash’s Fast ball and hurled it out.

“Slash!” He shouted. Metagross faced Sandslash, and the bell pinged.


“Yes, yes he can” I told myself. “Sandslash! Sandstorm!”
Sandslash held his claws out and spun around, creating a whirlwind of dust and sand. It soon obscured my sight, Gregg’s sight and Metagross’ sight.

“Metagross! Release a hyper beam!” Gregg yelled. I heard a noise, before the beam dimly lit up the sandstorm. It smashed into Sandslash and he fell back into the ice. I then thought about this cleverly: wouldn’t the sand help penetrate the ice? Well, depending on the thickness of the ice…

“Sandslash! Pin missile!”

Quills standing erect, Sandslash blasted a barrage of them from his arched back. Metagross, however, simply stood there was the quills repelled off his hard surface. Metagross then forced a large metal arm forward and broke Sandslash’s nose. He rolled along the ground as the sandstorm raged on.

“Sandslash! “ I cried.

“Yoo-hoo! Metagross! Use a fire spin honeydew!” Gregg cried. Metagross’ eyes flared red. Within moments he blasted a spiral of fire out his mouth and engulfed Sandslash in it. I heard a scream.

“SANDSLASH! RETURN!” I cried, shooting the beam at my poor Pokemon. He disappeared in the ball, leaving me with one more Pokemon. Metagross was purely strong! It was scary.

“I…I need to think” I began. “Quilava, get out there!”
As the ball opened, Quilava flared up his fire patches. Gregg screamed in pleasure.
“Aww!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cutie!” He said. Quilava roared.

Roaring louder, Quilava glowed white. Suddenly, the energy took over him, and he slowly started to morph up, standing on his hind legs. A large flame collar went across the back of his neck. Typhlosion, now taller and hauling plenty ***, stared at Greg with a look of anger across his face. He must be Homophobic…

Typhlosion’s fist was alive with bubbling, brimming embers. He forced it at Metagross, who pushed from the ground and into the to evade the attack. Typhlosion leapt back suddenly as Metagross crashed back down savagely.

“Typhlosion!” I breathed. “You…evolved!”
“Typhlosion gave a nod. HE WAS SO COOL! I cried out, cheering him on as he leapt across the ice. He then got down on all fours and charged. Cool!

It became a full-on fight; Metagross sprung into the air, only to come crashing down onto Typhlosion, who was evading and blasting embers from the back of his throat. The battle was great, but I had to win!

“Typhlosion! Use flamethrower!” I cried. Typhlosion nodded, blasting a stream of flickering flames from his mouth. Metagross used his pogo technique to evade the attack, before crashing down into the ground.

“Are you alright?” I asked him. He gave a bold nod. “Good, then try using a swift!”
Typhlosion roared, before throwing these yellow stars through the air. They formed behind him; he plucked them delicately and hurled them. Metagross, however, lifted up his front arms and slammed them back into the ground, sending a quaking streak of energy through the ground, cracking it and splitting the arena.

From the left side, Typhlosion created and manipulated fireballs from his palms, before hurling them at Metagross. Metagross, however, leapt into the air again, the difference being that this time he aimed himself at Typhlosion on the way down.

“Watch out!” I cried.

“Oooh, what a seaxy Meteor Mash!” Gregory commented.

Typhlosion leapt back, but Metagross simple smashed on top of him. I watched, tears streaming down my face, as I worried for Typhlosion.

“Use flare!” I urged. This would probably hit Metagross…but Typhlosion lay there. His eyes closed, his body limp. Metagross sat there, too. Was it over? I hoped not. Typhlosion struggled to get up, before falling again.

Seconds seemed like hours as the referee prepared to raise Gregory’s flag. I drew the Pokeball and shot it at Typhlosion, allowing him to be safe. I sighed deeply as the crowd cheered for Gregory and Metagross. I sniffed. My dreams, my hopes, my goals…all smashed like Typhlosion’s bones.

“THANKS honeys! MWA! I love you all to pieces!” Gregory cheered. “Visit my site! www.Greggiesguys.com!”
My platform began to lower, and I walked off towards the locker rooms. That reporter from my last match and her cameraman flocked over to Gregory.



Tom and me stayed in the park while Krystal went to haggle with three trainers, one offering a Tauros, one a Swablu and another a Metang. Tom and I talked about this; it was obvious she would choose the Swablu to trade with her Absol; she’d wanted a Swablu for a long time.

“I’d really like to battle Krystal” Tom began. “If we both have dragons, we can see who is the better”
“S’pose” I mumbled. Tom looked down at Kecleon, still a neon pink to get some attention.
“I have an idea” He began. “Wanna try teaching Kecleon thunderbolt?”
“Erm…will that work?” I asked.
“Yea, it works fine” Tom assured me. “He’s a normal type, and they can learn LOADS of attacks”

“Well, Ok, but if we have to eat rib of Kecleon for tea you owe me” I said. Tom laughed loudly.
“Well, release Electabuzz” He said. I got the Pokeball and opened it. Electabuzz emerged, flexing his muscles.

“Now, Electabuzz, place your palm on Kecleon’s stripe” Tom said. “Do you know spark?”
Electabuzz thought for a moment, before nodding.
“Good. Slowly release it down your arm into Kecleon” Tom said. Electabuzz did so; the coil of electricity wound down Electabuzz’ arm and disappeared into Kecleon’s stripe, making it flash yellow.

Kecleon flinched slightly.

“Are you alright?” I asked quickly.
“Leon” He replied. He gave the thumbs up, turning back to Green.
“Kecleon! Thunderbolt!” I cried happily. Kecleon tried forcing the attack, but a tiny, short streak of electricity sparked out his belly. Kecleon hung his head.

“We’ll keep trying until you’re more experienced” Tom assured me. “And Kecleon, that was very good for a first try”

Kecleon seemed content. He then scampered over to Dustox, who was out of his Pokeball, to tell him the good news. Electabuzz stayed with me, Tom and Arcanine.

“Thanks” I said lightly, as Krystal ran through the woods. Azumarill was in her ball. I felt sorta sorry for her now; since she evolved she didn’t have as much mobility as she was in her younger forms.

“LOOK!” She screamed. She showed us the Great Ball she held. “I CHOOSE YOU!”

The ball spun through the air before opening up. The light poured out and started to solidify in the air. The Pokemon was blue, rather small with cotton-like wings. It had a yellow beak, very little, and beady eyes.

“Swablu-lu-lu!” It chirped.
“ISN’T SHE JUST ADORABLE?” Krystal screamed. Swablu, scared by the noise, flapped at high speed past us and smashed into Electabuzz, winding him. Electabuzz toppled over and wheezed, while Swablu flew circles around Tom.

“I’m sorry!” Krystal said quickly, plucking Swablu from the air. She stroked it playfully. “No more nasty-pasty shouting, right?”

“Swa-blu-lu-lu!” It chirped. As Krystal released Azumarill, Dustox, Kecleon and Swablu chatted, while Electabuzz became re-acquainted with Azumarill. Arcanine lay at Tom’s feet, not intent on chatting. Too many people, not enough time.

I released Umbreon, and began stroking him as he lay on my lap. Dustox then flapped off into the park, chasing the little boy and his Chinchou again. That boy accused me of being a paedophile after I chased him to get my Dustox back yesterday. I sighed, as the day slowly rolled on. Maybe we’d leave tomorrow…

Next up, on Sunday, Chapter 33 - Adepts Clash!

-Chris has a battle with an enthusiastic little bugger...I mean, erm...child...
“Seviper!” I said hotly. “You…can’t really eat him…”
Seviper lifted his head back and hocked Weedle out. In a pool of saliva, Weedle lay there on his back. The little boy ran over.


-Monica's battle is underway at Fuchsia...but is Janien really a sub-adept?
“Ok Koffing! Poison Gas!” Janine continued. Now, the green gas mixed with a deep red, an almost brown gas coming out the same gas. The two gases mixed, forming into a deep black, much thicker gas that enveloped Koffing. Now the ball of explosive gas wasn’t visible…until a white light shot out the cloud.

“Koffing’s gases have merged,” I said. “He can evolve”
Monica nodded as a smaller Koffing started to form on the side of the original like a foetus. The Pokemon wasn’t such a vibrant purple, dimmed down slightly, and had two large fangs.

-But what's wrong with Al?
The two of us wandered to the north of town. I hadn’t caught a Pokemon in ages; I hoped I was still good enough! However, as Monica walked through the sliding glass doors, I caught a glimpse of someone walking through town. Sableye by her side, rockets already flocking through the city…

Sandra was back .

I clenched my fists and ran inside the Safari Zone. She wouldn’t ruin this moment…

Check it out on Sunday!

Hanada Tattsu
20th June 2003, 11:45 AM
Great chappie! LOL, Gregory is just so gay, lol. Politoed was doing pretty well, but I can't believe Molly lost, oh well.

Chris sure can eat, lol. So Krystal finally gets rid of Absol, good. And she gets a Swablu! Yay!

Kecleon learned Thunderbolt...

Cool chappie!

20th June 2003, 12:02 PM
All right! Krystal got a Swablu. Too bad we'll never see it become Altaria, or will we? Aww, I wanted Molly to win. Oh well, you can't really expect to win easily against a Metagross.

20th June 2003, 12:06 PM
Originally posted by ShinyMarill Raichu: Yea, he half makes friends with someone very important in the last Chapter. There's a nice translated scene with Kecleon, Ivysaur, ***** and ******, as well as *****'* *******. Don't want to spoil any uncaught catches yet! hehe.

Ivysaur? Don't you mean Bulbasaur? :rolleyes:

War Raichu
20th June 2003, 01:18 PM
Dragon_Claw: Isn't it obvious that Bulbasaur will become Ivysaur someday? ;) ;) *wink-wink*

That Greg guy is one of the gayest guys I've ever seen, tying with a guy I've seen on the news who does women's makeovers. :P

ShinyMarill: *Slaps back playfully* Alright!! You got a Pikachu beaten silly!! I thank you! Pikachu drive me insane, especially Ash's. *Has Raichu smother Ash's Pikachu to death* Did you notice that when you made Greg list his website, it turned clickable? :D

Krystal got a Swablu. Altaria, anyone? :) And my GSC favorite, Cyndaquil, had its evolutions in this chapter. Very great! :D

Chris 2.1
20th June 2003, 03:03 PM
Hanada: Politoad is such a cool Pokemon, but its anime voice is so rubbish! I can see why you go on baout it in AD, because i heard it yesterday and it sucks -__-;;
One thing i adore about the USA is their food: IT'S GREAT! Steak houses, seafood all-you-can-eats, we went to a place in Florida called 'Pondarosas' which was all you can eat ANYTHING! I had blueberry jelly (or JELLO as its called), pancakes, waffles, bacon, fruit, ice cream, steak (yum), burgers, sossages, the list goes on! I LOVE THE UNITED STATES!
Yea, Absol's gone, Swablu debuts! Swablu is a kinda cute factor for Krystal's team, although she is sorta kewl as well. SPOILER: Krystal gets one more Pokemon before the end!!!
Kecleon's LEARNING Thunderbolt, he hasn't mastered it yet, lol.

Jukain: Yea, did you expect her to catch it? Maybe it DOES evolve to Altaria, there IS Chapter 38, right? hehe. Molly was doing so well but...Gregory really had a hard shell. I wanted to fool you all by slipping Metagross in...he WAS going to have a Clefable, but i find them hard to write about for no reason ^_^;;

Dragon_Claw See what Raichu said :-)
Anyway, Bulbasaur was originally going to evolve in Cerulean and Celadon Gyms: The idea for Bulbasaur was to have Tony to meet them again, the three having Blastoise, Venasaur and Charizard. Then, in the 3rd one (OH.MY.GOD, it doesnt exist) the three helped stop an ancient force taking over Pontarico, one released by the Ancient Mew spirit....Nice while it lasted.

Rai: This is your new nickname ;)
Yea, Bulbasaur evolves. I aint saying when, though :0p I dunno why I made Greggy (or GROGGY as he was called) so gay, he was originally gonna be like Cody from FRTC: A surfer dude with a Hariyama, but i thought 4kids would sue me :-0 Where do you live? that news sounds scary...
Pikachu are usually alright in my fics, but *sees Rai's gun* Raichu are waaaaaay better! heh...^_^;;
I didn't mean for Gregg's adress to be clickable, but nevermind. Has anyone tried it? does it work? hehe, funny if it did...o_0;;;
Altaria, eh? you'll have to wait and see m'lad. I won't say a word. Glad you liked Quilava and Typhlosion being in...hehe.

20th June 2003, 09:35 PM
Well it was a good chapter, you did something that made my eyes pop out and that was the Greg guy, I won't say more. Exept the Metagross was extreme.

And thank you for beating the bloody pulp out of A PIKACHU.

And for Chris, well pancakes are good. and sugar highs are better than regualr highs. I think.

Krystal I am dissapointed you should have set it on Dane, and caught a Swablu. How tough can a blue bird with somekind of soft wings be.

Tom guess we willl be seeing ya:wave:

And for SHiny, America does have good food, and if you thought Ponderosa was good, you have not bbeeeen to an Old country Buffet, or other buffets, they are loaded with food, and inexpensive unless you are at a nice one with all you can eat sea foood and steak/ribs. And your story is slowly ending, you are positn more chapters at a faster raate=good:yes:

your link does not work, and

Riachu, it is for Pika the gross thingy that should not evolve into you since it is a desgrace unlike yourself

Chris 2.1
21st June 2003, 09:31 AM
Powarun: Yea, Gregg is very extreme. Swablu has some decent battles, watch what you say mee-ster. Tom's gone, butt his legend lives on...or something :-s
I know the link doesn't work, oh well. I doubted it. That buffet place sounds great, I'd love to go! Yum...
Glad you now like the more frequent chapters.

Well, folks, Chapter 38 is ended, 13 pages in Microsoft Word! I'm impressed. I left a gigantic cliffhanger, but Chapter 39 - The Epilgoue, explains it before finishing the fic off nicely. The Lati*s make another appearence, I hope you enjoy!

Now the chapters are finished, I guess i'm left to post them...and then we're done. Im writing another Chapter of FTTT, because i'm bored, really. They're very short, basic ones, ones that, if i was to post, would be longer and have more to them.

21st June 2003, 05:58 PM
poor Molly lost to a gay guy...
“Bitchslap darling!” Gregory shouted.


“Oooh, what a seaxy Meteor Mash!” Gregory commented.
i mean, what the freakin' ? he makes it so obviouse that he's gay, but those two quotes just sound funny! lol!
“Anyway, I’m not sure WHAT I’ll do with Absol” Krystal said. “I mean, I don’t want to waste a space on my team! I can get 8 now!”
“Well, as luck would have it…” Tom began. “Today’s Friday: The day of the Fliscoula Swap Meet” always "as luck would have it" hehehe... thats what i love about stories! ya, Kecleon should be able to learn all kinds of elemental attacks of various types (ie: fire, water, electric, ground, etc...). that could compensate for its small size in battle. neway, keep at it, and ill cya later!:wave:

22nd June 2003, 12:04 AM
Well, I'm back! Boy, it's hard to get my nose out of The Order of the Phoenix... well, I got myself here anyway, the time being ten minutes to five AM here now that I'm finished catching up here... I'm too tired to make a detailed review of it all, but I liked all the chapters... I don't really know why, but I feel Sabrina did exactly what I'd have done... I mean, why sitting there being a good girl when they're going to kill you anyway? Get some revenge while you have the chance, I say... Broccoli ice cream? Has Wobbuffet gone absolutely mad now? Smeargle and Dustox are Chris' new team members.... Marill evolved... I've always thought Azumarill looks pretty ugly, though... Misty's got a... huh? A gun? Now, that's the Misty we all know... Gregory must be some serious idiot... "My Poliwhirl's a lesbian"... makes no sense... too bad it's only going to be 38 chapters long... sorry, but I seriously need sleep... see ya... zzzzzzzz...

Chris 2.1
22nd June 2003, 09:14 AM
Ultra_Poke: LOL, Gregory was a fun character to...make (fun of :-p). I guess Lesbian Poliwhirl are natural really,hehe. A lot of gay people don't actually deny being gay, the stereotypical type, that is. there are, however, the ones that woman ask out and find our first-hand why he lkes pink...*shudder*. I'm sorta homophobic myself though, I get very intimidated around some.

Dragonfree: Yea, i'm immersed in TOOTP as well...Im on Chapter 32 i think....or 31...OWLS its called. Anyway, Sabrina did what she could do in her last minutes of life, and although it was rather grim, I think she can die proud, really. Poor Megan...
Azumarill's alright, Marill is better but i wanted to kinda create a feeling that Marill's evolution was forced due to her high expirience. Misty deals some serius ***-platter with that gun, as you'll see in Ch37!
Why is Gregory an idiot? as I explaied to UP2000, He may not mind people knowing he's gay.
AND... Chapter 39 is the Epilogue, about 4 pages I think, it's pretty cool. I hope I don't disapoint!

The Indigo Road
Chapter 33 - Adepts Clash
By Shiny


“Whis whis!” Whismur cried. The energetic Pokemon bounced around happily, causing Monica to squeal in delight. Duskull, not being as enthusiastic about this sorta thing, floated drowsily and sighed. Hitmonlee, Scyther and me sat in the grass and watched.

Monica planned on catching a third Pokemon before taking on Fuchsia Gym. There was a field in west Fuchsia where we could catch a flying type or a grass type, but as grass would suffer against Fuchsia’s poison Pokemon, we decided a flying type would be good.


After searching in the fields for anything worthy, Monica seemed rather angry.

“There are just Spearow” She whined.
“Don’t worry” I assured her. “We can keep searching. Scyther! Slash!”

Scyther swiped his scythe from left to right and sliced the long grass down. It was now shorter, but it looked like he had also slashed a leek in half. A duck Pokemon held the leek protectively, rather angry with us. He squawked, charging and flying into the air. He then shot down towards us both.

“Whismur! Headbutt!” Monica shouted. Whismur forced himself into the air and knocked Farfetch’d out the sky. He smacked on his back, whimpering a little. Monica then turned to Duskull.

“Duskull! Curse!”

Duskull swooshed forward and sent a red skull into Farfetch’d. He squawked again, his eyes drooping shut. Monica drew her next Pokeball and threw it. Farfetch’d was hit, he was drawn inside the ball and became Monica’s. The ball lay in the grass. Monica picked it up.

“That’s my third Pokemon!” She said happily.
“Good job babe” I said, kissing her. She smiled.
“Duskull, Whismur, let’s go!” She said happily. Whismur, however, started to glow. Monica pulled apart from our hug as Whismur began to change shape, gaining stronger arms, legs, claws, and a pair of speaker-like ears. As the light faded, the soft, cute Whismur had disappeared, and the boisterous Loudred now made his way onto the scene.

“LOUD!” He shouted. Monica stared at him.
“Hey Loudred! Good job evolving!” She said happily.
“LOUD!!!” Loudred replied, smirking. He began jumping up and down, shaking his fist. “LOUD, LOUD, L-O-U-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh man, he’s obsessed!” Monica pined. “Come on, It’s off to the Gym”
“LOUD!” Loudred responded, running down the path. We both followed.


We both came to the Gym. Loudred was banging on the door savagely, but Monica just recalled it. We opened the doors and came to a sort of dojo, with four wooden pillars keeping the upper floor up.

“It’s empty,” I announced. That was before I heard a loud roar.

A figure charged at us, before releasing delicate kicks with her slender legs. She took off a black mask and revealed herself to be around 20, with black hair tied back. She wore a Soul Badge on her special dojo uniform.

“WHO are you?” She asked boldly, taking cat-like strides towards us.
“I’m Monica, a Ghost Adept from Lavender Town” Monica stated. “I need a Soul Badge right now”

“A GHOST ADEPT?” The lady asked. She smirked. “Well, I am Janine, the Fuchsia City Gym Leader, and I happen to be a sub-adept”

Monica gasped, but I myself didn’t seem to mind.

“AL!” She hissed. “That means she’s experienced in two forms of adeptry”
“I see” I began. “Is…that a problem?”
“One side of her family must be adepts of one clan, and the other side adept of another. She’s strong!” Monica continued.

“Yes, My father’s side are Soul Adepts, while my Mother’s side are Hive Adepts. I have both Poison AND bug Pokemon” Janine explained. I hated all this: it was so confusing!

“We will have a quick 2-2 upstairs,” Janine said. “Lets go”
She leapt into the air, kicked off the wall and managed to throw herself up the stairwell.

“Bloody hell” I said, running up the staircase with Monica. Here we go…



“LEON!” Kecleon cried, sending a large jolt from his stripe.
“AERO!” Aerodactyl screeched, absorbing the attack. Aerodactyl stayed there, while I ran over to hug Kecleon.

“That attack is working wonders!” I said. We hugged tightly. “You’re starting to get a load better Kecleon!”

We were at Tom’s gym; when Aerodactyl flew from underground it destroyed the foundations of the arena, so the whole thing collapsed under a gigantic gaping crater. So, while the builders worked, we let all our land Pokemon out to stretch their legs, wings or whatever.

Kecleon talked to Bulbasaur, who was a lot more social recently. Dustox, Swablu, Aerodactyl and Pidgeotto perched on the fence of the Gym, talking about this and that. Umbreon just slept, while Seviper, Ampharos, Rhydon, Charizard, Electabuzz and Smeargle talked. Steelix was talking to Arcanine and Salmenace. Azumarill wandered over to Kecleon, but he turned his back. Sighing, she joined the conversation with the other ‘big Pokemon’.

I sat down on a bench, one of a few that went around the outside of the Gym. Bulbasaur ran over to me with Kecleon, and both sat either side of me. I smiled, before noticing Bulbasaur’s bulb. It has started to open slightly.

“Did you notice that, Bulbasaur?” I asked him. He tried to see it, but he couldn’t turn at the right angle. He shook his head. “That means you’ll evolve soon, right?”

Bulbasaur nodded enthusiastically. He must want to evolve a lot!

“Come on, we’d better make tracks” Krystal said to me. “Let’s say our goodbyes and leave”


“Well, it’s been absolutely great meeting you” Tom said. “But…it’s a pity I can’t come along, you know what Mum’s are like”
“Yea” I began, thinking about how little my Mum minded me going. “But we have each other’s phone numbers”

“Yep” Tom said. “And Krystal…no doubt I’ll see you at Dragon Rock sometime soon eh?”
“You bet” She replied. Swablu flapped alongside us. The stupid Marill-impersonator. “We didn’t get our battle…”

“It can wait” Tom said, releasing Salmenace, Gyrados, Rhydon, Arcanine and Aerodactyl. “Goodbye!”
I didn’t go on the scooter; I kept it on my backpack. We both walked out of the beautiful Fliscoula City together, heading to Fuchsia as soon as we could.

“We’ve been heading to Fuchsia for ages, haven’t we?” Krystal said suddenly.
“Hehe, yea, you might say we’ve been somewhat sidetracked” I replied.
“That lip ring is really cool” Came Krystal’s sweet voice. “It’s bleeding again”

“DAMNIT” I cried. “You got any tissues?”

After that incident, we came across a sign:

Bike Path! Get to Fuchsia in half the time! Only £10 for a bike rental!

“Will I be able to take my scooter?” I asked.
“I dunno, probably” Krystal replied. “Maybe you’ll pay a small fee or something”

However, my Phone rang. I picked it up and answered it.

“Hello?” I asked.
“It’s Professor Helmsworth!” The Professor said. “How’s the search?”
“We’ve just left Fliscoula” I explained. “Heading to Fuchsia now”
“Oh, I see” The Professor replied. “I’ve done research on Articuno a lot lately, and it seems that it can learn an attack called Absolute Zero”

“Great” I said.
“I think, however, that is what the attack was that it used when flying to Seafoam Village: We predicted it was powder snow, but that isn’t strong enough”

“Go on…”
“Now then, most books I’ve been reading hint that Moltres can use its Searing Heat attack to neutralise the effects of Absolute Zero. However, Moltres are also thought to be extinct”

“Damn” I muttered. “I just don’t understand WHAT we can do”
“Well, Summer is starting to arrive, that should help” Helmsworth said. “Before leaving, Tim left his baby Cyndaquil, and he’s defrosting some of the ice…”

“I suppose I should just let that happen,” Helmsworth continued. “Calvin is helping with Typhlosion and a Torkoal, and we’re advising locals to use any fire Pokemon they can”

“So…you don’t need us to go there?” I asked.
“You can get a boat from Fuchsia to Cinnabar Airfield, and from there you can fly to Pontaricò” Helmsworth said.

“Ok then, thanks,” I said. “See ya around”

I hung up and slipped the phone in my back pocket. I informed Krystal of what happened as we walked inside the Bike Path place. However, somebody stopped me.

“Fancy a battle?” He asked, holding out a Pokeball.
“No, not really, can I get past please?” I asked the boy. He was only little.
“NO” He snapped. “I WANT A BATTLE!”

He threw a Pokeball out, and released a Weedle. The Weedle chirped its name happily. If I had to beat this kid, I would. I plucked a Pokeball from my belt and threw it out.

“SEVIPER!” I cried. The ball opened and took the form of my sinewy viper. He hissed, his forked tongue flickering in-between his large red fangs. He stared down at the small caterpillar.

“Seviper, start with a crunch” I said. Lunging forward, Seviper prepared to crunch at Weedle. However, in one quick crunch, Weedle disappeared. Seviper, cheeks bulging with a worm-sized object, blushed slightly.

“Seviper!” I said hotly. “You…can’t really eat him…”
Seviper lifted his head back and hocked Weedle out. In a pool of saliva, Weedle lay there on his back. The little boy ran over.


I recalled Seviper, gave the kid a revive and walked through the Bike Rental.



“Loudred, mega punch!” Monica cried. Fist glowing, Loudred forced the energy forward into Koffing, but he floated back.

“Koffing” He grunted, blowing a cloud of smoke around the arena. “Koffing”
He then charged forward and smacked into Loudred, knocking him back. Monica screamed as he rolled across the floor. He steadily got himself up as Koffing flew forward again.

“Now, use a grime attack” Janine commanded. Koffing’s X below his mouth glowed, before he started to spin around really fast. From the spinning ball if gas came a large handful of thick sludge, which flew forward and slapped Loudred in the face.

“Loudred! Scratch!” Monica shouted. Loudred charged forward, before aiming a slash across Koffing’s face. The Pokemon floated back in shock, but Loudred then grabbed Koffing, before throwing and kicking him across the arena like a football.

“Get up Koffing!” Janine said. There was a deep cut in Koffing’s side, which started to leak a light green gas. The gas formed around the arena, suddenly making Janine grin devilishly.

“Ok Koffing! Poison Gas!” Janine continued. Now, the green gas mixed with a deep red, an almost brown gas coming out the same gas. The two gases mixed, forming into a deep black, much thicker gas that enveloped Koffing. Now the ball of explosive gas wasn’t visible…until a white light shot out the cloud.

“Koffing’s gases have merged,” I said. “He can evolve”
Monica nodded as a smaller Koffing started to form on the side of the original like a foetus. The Pokemon wasn’t such a vibrant purple, dimmed down slightly, and had two large fangs.

“Weezing” It grunted. “Wee”
It blasted a large cloud of smoke, causing Loudred to cough and splutter. He swiped the cloud away, but Weezing simple tackled him and knocked him to the ground.

“Return!” Monica shouted, shooting the beam at Loudred.
“That was easy” Janine said. “Thanks for helping Koffing evolve”

“I choose you!” Monica shouted, throwing Duskull’s ball out. He formed and faced off against Weezing.

“Oooh, a ghost versus a poison type” Janine said. “A true clash of the adepts”
“Yes” I said. “Duskull! Night shade now!”

From each paw, Duskull blasted a rather hazy bolt of dark purple energy. They both struck Weezing, making the Pokemon grunt and wheeze. Weezing forced himself forward for a tackle, but Duskull teleported. He appeared behind Weezing and blasted a confuse ray from his scary mask.

“Weezing!!” The Pokemon cried, as he started bouncing like a basketball. Duskull’s paw glowed, before he used Spirit Slap on Weezing, sending shooting vibes of dark energy with every slap.

“Weezing! Flamethrower!” Janine shouted.
“Duskull, get out the way! Teleport!!” Monica cried. Duskull disappeared right before each flamethrower shot through him. He appeared behind Weezing, grabbed him with his paws and headbutted him. Weezing fell down to the ground, beaten and bruised.

“Ok Weezing, that’s good enough” Janine said. “You’re probably tired after evolving”
Weezing sighed as he was recalled. Janine drew another Pokeball.

“You’re up, Heracross!” Janine roared. A blue beetle emerged from the ball, with a large horn on his head. He flexed his arm muscles boldly and jousted the air with his horn.

“Night shade!” Monica shouted. Duskull fired the two bolts of hazy purple energy from each paw, and used the combined blast to push Heracross back while he floated in the air.

“Heracross, megahorn!” Janine ordered. Fluttering with a pair of handy wings, Heracross flew forward, but passed straight through Duskull. Turning, Duskull started to collect energy and form a shadow ball. He then bowled it towards Heracross and smacked it into him.

“Hera!” He spat, flying forward. After trying to joust at Duskull with his patented horn, Heracross soon got angry after Monica’s strongest Pokemon teleported instantly.

“Heracross, it may teleport, but we have even better powers” Janine assured her Pokemon. “Try a fury attack”

Heracross’ horn blazed white as he ran at Duskull again. This was simply another mega horn, but less powerful I guessed. Duskull, however, blasted another nightshade from his paws and shocked Heracross.

“Hera!!” Heracross cried. He flapped up to the rafters of the gym, before shooting back down with a quick attack. Duskull collided with the beetle and flopped onto the floor. Monica bit her lip, shuffling her feet in the heated climax of the battle.

“Are you…alright?” Monica asked. Duskull looked up and nodded wearily.
“Duskull” He moaned. He managed to pull himself together and floated back up, staring at Heracross.

“Just repeat” Janine said. “A quick attack will knock that Duskull senseless”
One more, Heracross tore through the air towards Duskull. Duskull was smashed into again, causing him to slam into a rafter.

“NO!” Monica shouted. “Keep it up, PLEASE!”
Duskull pulled himself together as Heracross simply forced himself through the air at him again. However, my ghost Pokemon blasted a Nightshade ahead of him, striking Heracross the second he came close.

“Now, psybeam!” Monica chimed. Duskull powered up a beam, and blasted it from his eye. It shot through the air and struck Heracross, causing him to fall to his knees in defeat. Duskull then tackled Heracross as he lay in the ground.

“Nice job” I congratulated him. He smirked.
“Return Heracross” Janine said. “Thanks for that, Heracross isn’t as strong; we never train him at a poison type gym, but either way, you defeated me. Here’s a soul badge to prove it, I hope it helps”

Janine walked over to us, presenting Monica with a glass heart, pink in colour. Monica took it, pinning it to her chest. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

“I…I actually feel stronger…” Monica began. She opened her eyes. “Al, I did it!”
“You did great babe,” I said. We kissed, Janine watching like an angry crow. As I broke out of it, I turned to Janine.

“Thanks” I told her, leading Monica down the stairs.


“I think there’s a badge in Johto I should really get” Monica told me as we walked through down with our McRonalds. “The fog badge, and I think even the rising badge can help ghost adepts”

“Well, we can catch a boat from here tomorrow if you want” I said kindly. Monica nodded to me. “But how about we BOTH go Pokemon hunting in the Safari Zone?”

The two of us wandered to the north of town. I hadn’t caught a Pokemon in ages; I hoped I was still good enough! However, as Monica walked through the sliding glass doors, I caught a glimpse of someone walking through town. Sableye by her side, rockets already flocking through the city…

Sandra was back .

I clenched my fists and ran inside the Safari Zone. She wouldn’t ruin this moment…

22nd June 2003, 09:22 AM
Great chapter!

So, the freaky Gregory has arrived!!!!!
I kept imagining Molly battling Boy George! And the name is similar.......:rolleyes:

So Absol is gone, and we have a Swablu!
Seviper is soooo cool, Ive really grown to love him.;o

And my alter ego will have a POV. Hmmmmm.


Editing post as new chappie has arrived........

Will the Articuno mystery ever be solved? Shouldn't the residents of Pontarico be frozen to death by now? lol

Tom is gone, and i noticed you brought back McRonalds again in the last couple of chapters.

Al and Monica..............and Sandra............

22nd June 2003, 09:28 AM
Very cool chapter, great description!

Keep it up

22nd June 2003, 12:11 PM
I see you actually came up with some attacks for this part. Excellent. I like the JP name of the attack more myself. Sheer Cold? :P And it was all for nothing, save for the experience, but it's not over yet.

22nd June 2003, 05:17 PM
Why is Gregory an idiot? as I explaied to UP2000, He may not mind people knowing he's gay.

I don't mean that; I mean that it makes no sense to think Attract will work because Poliwhirl is a lesbian. I mean, if it was Politoed who was a lesbian, it might make some sense, but this way it's completely idiotic.

Anyway, nice chapter. I'd get absolutely furious if I went all that and then were told just to go home...

22nd June 2003, 07:00 PM
nice chapter. Kecleon's doing realy well with T-bolt, isn't he? i think he should learn a few more elemental attacks, preferably a fire type one (flamethrower/fire punch *hint hint*) or an ice one(icebeam/punch *hint*). Al and Monica seem to be doing pretty well together, and she seems to be getting strong trainer wize.
“Seviper, start with a crunch” I said. Lunging forward, Seviper prepared to crunch at Weedle. However, in one quick crunch, Weedle disappeared. Seviper, cheeks bulging with a worm-sized object, blushed slightly.

“Seviper!” I said hotly. “You…can’t really eat him…”
Seviper lifted his head back and hocked Weedle out. In a pool of saliva, Weedle lay there on his back. The little boy ran over.

“WEEDLE!” He cried. “SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE!” LOL!!!:D :D :D mmm... i just love Weedle for breakfast! [/funny sarcasm] lousy Sandra's still on his tail, and just when they're starting to be happy! :mad: hehehe... Chris' lip ring keeps bleeding! must be annoying.

oh ya, btw, how old is everyone here? im just curious and bored cuz ive unlocked everything on my game for my GameCube (SSBM) and ive read all of the chapters up now. neway, cya!:wave:

Hanada Tattsu
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Wow, great chapter! The climax of this fanfic has already started, and the way you write is just great!

So, Monica catches a Farfetch'd, cool! That Pokemon hasn't been seen on a fic for so long! Also, Whismur is now a hyper Loudred! Cool, Loudred is funny. Al and Monica are really getting closer and closer with each other, heh. Janine also seems like a strong gym leader, she is. That was also a great battle! Koffing/Weezing were great, and so was Heracross. Monica's new Loudred and especially her Duskull are strong, I wonder if they will evolve? So Monica's dream came true, she has a Soul Badge. Sandra and Sableye have arrived in Fuchsia, will Al tell Monica about his past? Also, what will happen if they escape early to Johto?

I'm glad Kecleon's Thunderbolt is working wonders, cool! Kecleon is getting stronger, I agree. Bulbasaur is gonna evolve soon! Yay! I'm glad its a social Pokemon now, it will really do great for Chris. Pidgeotto seems more social now as well, but Umbreon has been sleeping lately. Poor Azumarill, Kecleon is being so mean to it. So Tom leaves the group, I wonder if we'll see him again? Wow, so we now know what attack of Articuno's is causing the snow, and we know the forumla to stop and defrost the snow, Moltres. I wonder if they'll meet one. As for the Seviper-Weedle battle, that was funny! Seviper should have eating the Weedle, it would have served the kid right. I wonder if the Bike Path people will allow Chris and Krystal to pass Cycling Road?

Great chapter! Keep it up!

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Hey, I pretty much just finished the first RTC fic. I thought it was great, I hope the indigo road is as good. :)

*Starts reading*

Chris 2.1
23rd June 2003, 11:17 AM
Luckily, as you'll all be glad to hear, I may be setting some things straight: The Epilogue will be ****fed to Chapter 40, and Chapter 39 will now be entitled 'Krystal, Dane and Tom', which will be a pretty kool chapter! Im working on it, so I hope I don't disapoint!

Oakbark: Ok, i'll empty my inbox ^_^;; Yea, Seviper is so kool! Swablu has landed...but....will it last? I wonder...Well, Pontarico still has HEATING, it's just snowy and such.
Tom's...GONE! But he'll return in Chapter 39, as I mentioned. Hehe...lol.
Al, Monica and Sandra. But you seem to forget...I mentioned Chris appeared, but not Krystal...so what happens? I'm afraid I can't answer for you... :-p
Dane makes his stand next Chapter. Hope I please...

Dragon Claw: Thanks! I'll keep up the writing if you keep up the reading, lol!

Jukain: Well, as ive said, it centers, the end this is, in Fuchsia, and having the fic trail on afterwards to see Articuno...HOW they could get a large blue bird to move and whatnot...I kinda felt this was what I had to do, really. Oh well.
Things are definitely heating up....better get your lotion out, these next chapters will burn you!

Dragonfree: Gregory kinda wanted Attract to work, basically, it involved flirting, and hopefully lowering Politoad's awareness, but Politoad's straight...
Chris hasn't really been told to go home, but it does seem rather stupid. Anyway, he was also focusing on delivering Smeargle and training...so I made sure he did both!

Ultra Poke 2000: Hmm...you'll have to see ;), but as Chapter 39 explains, Kecleon can indeed learmn elemental attacks like that. They're a very unique species....
Sandra's just turned up...can Sandra use Monica to her advantage? Can Al protect Monica?
I'm fourteen, 14. I'd also like to know everyone's ages...

Hanada: *stares at text* :o :o :o
I always loved Farfetch'd: Originally, before getting Granbull, Chris was going to get Teddiursa/Phanpy/Farfetch'd and send it home after it got injured...but it never happened. Krystal was also going to catch a Mawile on her way home. I guess Al may have to come forward at some point...but will he? It will be very hard for the guy...
Sandra's impact has hit him hard, hasn't it? But I wonder if Al has been keeping something from us...apart from the fact he ran away....
I think Umbreon's just nocturnal, sort of, but He battles importantly in Chapter 39. Well, the BATTLE Isn't important, but Chris' dignity sure is! Hehe. Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur both have similarities, but that may change soon.... :o
Do you think the two have TIME to see Moltres? I'm not sure myself, hehe. It COULD save them from Sandra, maybe? Oooops...I gave something away ;o ;o
Thanks, I'll keep it all up!

Pokehimon: YOU GOT THR 500TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breathes deeply* oh well...monkeytrumpets....
Great to see you're a reader, And I hope you enjoy reading the sequel!

Well, as mentioned above, the cliffhanger from Chapter 38 will still be in Chapter 39, but Krystal will take up most the space. Then, Chapter 40 may have to be re-writte completely to accomade this change, it may be longer and explain a little more. I hope you like it!

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Well as I said before I am fifteen going on Sixteen soon. But with the chapter, what would have happen to Weedle if it was eaten? o_O, it would have a hard time coming out if the horn stuck to soemthing.

Al, you seem troubled, you should really calm down, and relax, who knows Sandra may only want to know the girl you are going out with, or just wanted to catch some more pokemon.

Chris, you are begining to gain your newer pokemon's trust, and becoming a better trainer.

SM, will Seviper ever learn that, stockpile type move?? It is in Ru/Sa. And why did Absol attack Krystal?? I wondered that for a while, atleast when I make pokemon attakc I have a reason, other than for food in the wild.

23rd June 2003, 05:20 PM
About the age thing, im 15, and will be 16 on September the 13th
-laughs evilly-
and my names Damien too.....

That whole Al secret got me wondering....could the runaway boy be related to Sandra??

Yeah! More of my alter-ego will be coming soon!!!!
I wonder what will happen......

And about Monica, I still think the same as my PM Shiny. Could she possibly be the female version of You-Know-Who(

no, not Voldemort :no: ), or maybe just a little bit of a turncoat.......

Sandra might just be interested in the duo's rare pokemon, so maybe there'll be a showdown......

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man when this fic is done I'll have lost one of the few fic's that are good. oh well all things come to an end at sometime.:(

sandra still at it, Al on the run, home land frozen. rough times

at least krystal got a new dragon and kecleon a new attack
how will this workout.

oh and before i forget I'm 17, and good looken for the laddies he he he.

23rd June 2003, 06:02 PM
man when this fic is done I'll have lost one of the few fic's that are good. oh well all things come to an end at sometime.:(

sandra still at it, Al on the run, home land frozen. rough times

at least krystal got a new dragon and kecleon a new attack
how will this workout.

oh and before i forget I'm 17, and good looken so come down to me laddies heh heh heh.

Chris 2.1
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Powarun: Lol, yea. Seviper just wants friends!
I think Sandra wants Al, she doesn't know he's with Monica, does he? :no: Besides, She's been after him a while....what would possibly stop her?

Chris: Thanks, Castform! Erm...Powarun, sorry. I'd like to think i'm an amazingly excellent trainer, with all the skills of a champion! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Tim: Know who you remind me of?

Chris: No, who?

Tim: Brett.


Brett: Haha! Fearing mortals, tremble before me! I am BRETT HARUKA, Steel type MASTER!

Tim: No you're not. You're a drama queen...

Brett: Nah, that's stupid. Anyway, I could take you on, little bro! I choose you, Scizor!

Chris: This is getting pointless...NEXT QUESTION!

Absol, as Tom explained, usually stray from the mountains for food. Krystal was running and...they chased after her. They're savage Pokemon, that's why they live on Lightening Peak, alone. But they wandered down and attacks Krystal.

Oakbark: Hey, maybe he is!!! :-o....but WHAT? cousin? Hmm...I suppose Ben/Phil could have married her, nice thought mate! I don't think I emptied my Inbox ^_^;; I'll empty it now, and then you can send me this PM!
Do you mean the female Damien? Female Al? :-s
You'll later learn, from James Holmes, that: 'The world is developing past Pokemon. The Holmes Organisation are developing their ways of taking over what they can. Pokemon was the beginning. Now Power is obtained through much more...'

Watermaster: Im sorry. I have to break away from Pokemon, that's all. Check out When Destinies Collide, Electric Buggy to Victory and Lisa The Legend, they're what inspired me.
Lol, yea, Sandra looked as though she'd quit. How wrong we were...hehe
So what do you think of Swablu? She's kool, IMO.

So, Chapter 39 still underway: 'Krystal and Dane'. Want me to make you scream with a little extract?

Swablu cooed; she flapped across from my head and blasted the streaks of wind forward. The flames began to die slowly, resulting in a melted trouser leg literally constricted onto the man’s leg.

“There” I said obviously. “We HELPED you out…”

The man stared at me with his garish yellow teeth. I could see something stuck in-between two of them…

He made a grab for my chest – I thought he was going to grope me at first, but he took my Blackthorn Pendant, ripped it from my chain (which dug into my neck aggressively) and ran off down the street. My chain, now snapped, dropped onto the ground, leaving red marks around my neck. I stood there innocently, my face pale watching the man run off down the street.

OOOOH.... ;)

Hanada Tattsu
24th June 2003, 11:52 AM
I have a question for Tom: Do you have a crush on Krystal?

Also, I'm 12. :D

24th June 2003, 03:57 PM
im 13. my B-day is on 12-31 (new years eve) so im one age all year!:D
He made a grab for my chest – I thought he was going to grope me at first, but he took my Blackthorn Pendant, ripped it from my chain (which dug into my neck aggressively) and ran off down the street. i wonder why he wants the pendant, and, for that matter, when she got it. anyway, im just sitting here waiting patiently, so i cant wait till the next chapter!

24th June 2003, 05:14 PM
I am 20, and I will be 21 in about a month.

Chris 2.1
25th June 2003, 10:26 AM
Tom: Krystal? Nah. She's a nice person, a good friend, but I'd never go out with her.

Ultra: I'll say nothing :-p It's....********************************....lol.

Jukain: I never realised you were so old! thats 6 yrs older than me...

Hey, if anybody has a picture of themselves, why not post it up here? I'd love to see what you all look like!

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The Indigo Road
Chapter 34 - Trust
By Shiny


Misty’s Pokemon took the form of Staryu – that would help against Dave, it was very strong. Wailmer sat there, prepared to battle as much as he had to. Dave’s Pokeball burst open in a vivid shower of light, the light forming into a Primeape.

“Prime!!” It screeched.
“Right then” Misty began. “Staryu, start with a rapid spin!”
“Yea, and Wailmer, go for water gun” I said.

Staryu jumped into the air, before spinning on its side and shooting at Primeape. Primeape was knocked down by Staryu, but soon got straight back up. Wailmer fired a powerful water gun from his spout, hitting Primeape in the chest.

“Ooh, nice” Dave said sarcastically. “Primeape, go for a cross chop”
Primeape crossed his arms to form an x, before charging and unleashing it at Staryu. Staryu moaned in pain as a ligament was brutally ripped off, as did Misty.

“That’s it!” Misty snapped. “Staryu, THUNDERBOLT”
I didn’t understand why she hadn’t used this before…Staryu’s core brimmed yellow, before it blasted a thunderbolt from the center of its body. The jagged streak of electricity arched across the arena and shocked Primeape. Primeape fell to his knees in pain.

“DOUBLE EDGE!” I roared. Wailmer turned, grinned, nodded and hurled himself into the air. He hurtled back down, the air flapping the flaps either side of his face. He smashed on top of Primeape, causing a bone to brake. Dave’s eyes opened in terror as he watched.

“No” I snapped. Dave suddenly ran across the arena at me, ready to punch. I whimpered, turning and running. I heard a sharp noise, before stopping in my tracks. I turned around; Dave was on the floor, it seemed Misty had shot him again with a pellet.

“Get back to battle” She ordered him. He did so.

“Wailmer, go for an ice beam!”
“Staryu, recover!” Misty said. As Staryu’s core pulsated a gorgeous purple, before the ripped space suddenly sprouted a new ligament. From the battlefield, the old one flashed and disappeared.

Now Wailmer’s spout glowed. He leapt into the air and fired a downward beam from it, one that tore through the air and aimed for Primeape.

“Primeape, jump!” Dave said. Primeape turned round, an unhappy look on his face.
“JUST DO IT” He continued. Primeape groaned, leaping feebly into the air and evading the attack. “Now, MEGA PUNCH!”

Primeape charged with a glowing paw, driving it into Wailmer. Wailmer flew back and hit me, causing me to fall down. Dave started laughing, Misty was blushing and my leg was hurting! I got Wailmer’s Pokeball and recalled him, before dusting myself off and getting a new Pokemon.

“Staryu can stay in” Misty hissed.
“I know whom to send out” I assured her. “Octillery, you’re up!”

Octillery emerged slobbishly, flopping his tentacles. On my command, he blasted a water gun and hit Primeape again. I think Primeape had a dislocated arm, because his left was out of shape and floppy…

“Primeape, earthquake!” Dave said.
“NO! You’ll destroy the Gym!” Misty cried.
“So? I’ll claim insurance,” Dave rasped. Misty looked across at me.

“STARYU! Do what you can to STOP PRIMEAPE!” Misty shouted.
“Octillery, flamethrower!” I ordered. Octillery shot the smooth, silky flames forward, and, although he heated the arena something awful, managed to engulf Primeape in a blast of flames.

Staryu, however, ran forward and sliced at Primeape with its limbs. Primeape screeched as he fell down, beaten. Angered, Dave shot the beam at Primeape and recalled him.

“DAMN YOUR STARYU!” He roared, pulling something form his pocket. I couldn’t see WHAT it was, but it was yellow. It smacked into Staryu, giving the Pokemon a large dent on its top ligament. The stone fell to the ground.

“It’s a thunderstone!” Misty shouted.
“But…there’s a small piece missing” I pointed out, looking down at it. Staryu turned to us, a piece of the thunderstone embedded in its segment.

“Staryu?” Misty questioned. Staryu began to glow. It grew slightly, but behind its segments, where the 2nd set of spinning segments a Starmie has would be, sets of jagged, electricity-like segments emerged. The figure changed to a bronze colour, with a bright, pulsating yellow core.

“Vous” It hummed.
“What is that?” Misty asked.
“I’m…not sure” I began. I remember buying an Aquadex from town, a Pokedex for all water types. I scanned it across at this strange Pokemon.

Starvous – This evolution for the very strong and still very mysterious Staryu is now part electric, meaning this water/electric type is physically stronger than it could be in its Starmie state. The thunderbolts that have burst from its back can release electric attacks at will. This Pokemon is very powerful.

As I stared at Starvous, I even noticed its center Gem was indeed the jagged piece of thunderstone. I smiled.

“Right then” Dave spat. “I choose you Lairon!”
He hurled the ball out, which opened and formed into a steel lizard-like creature. It crawled along the arena, hissing.

“Starvous! Thunderbolt!” Misty cooed.
“Octillery, go for a water gun” I commanded.

The jagged thunderbolts that backed Starvous glowed yellow; before the Pokemon blasted a thick streak of lightening form them. They curved and attempted to shock Lairon, but the Pokemon absorbed the attack.

“It wasn’t…very effective” Misty said, disappointed her new Pokemon couldn’t be used to the best of its ability. Lairon, however, leapt into the air and slammed into Starvous.

“Vous” It hummed. It then fired two spirals of electricity, each twisting into each other and striking Lairon. While the attack didn’t deal loads of damage, it still kept Lairon under control while I attacked. Octillery blasted the water gun and soaked Lairon, causing the wet lizard to conduct the electricity.

“Octillery, it’s a steel type” I began. “Flamethrower!”

However, Lairon swung its tail around and thwacked Octillery, sending slamming into the ground. I watched as Lairon then body slammed Octillery, causing my poor Pokemon to scream rather loudly. DAMN!

“Return!” I said quickly. Damn, that was Pellipper, Corsola, Wailmer and Octillery out already! I didn’t know how much longer Starvous could last, but I knew Croconaw and Wartortle were sure ways to help us win. The thing is, I could easily use one of them now and progress further, but I then thought to Blastoise. He could destroy us all! Politoad and Starmie, maybe even Lapras could take him on, but I’d have to think about it.

“I choose you!” I cried, throwing out my next Pokemon.



I decided to let Electabuzz try out my scooter on the bike path, and Krystal and me both rented one. Mine was an awful pink one with frizzly bits coming off the handlebars and a pink basket. Krystal got a blue mountain bike, while mine still had training wheels…

“I’m NOT trading!” She said hotly for the third time. “Now, let’s go!”
“Ok ‘Buzz” I began. “Don’t put the motor on, it’s a freewheeling ride, k?”

“Burr-ah!” Electabuzz cheered. Kecleon, sitting in my basket with Swablu, looked pretty damn excited! We’d practised his thunderbolt on some Spearow before; it was definitely getting sharper!

However, Electabuzz peered over from the handlebars. He managed to push the scooter that slight bit, causing it to teeter over the top of the slope. I watched, getting a Pokeball out.

“Seviper!” I cried. “Grab the scooter!”
Seviper grabbed the handlebar with his fangs, and sunk his tail into the soft grass. However, it was when Electabuzz started moving that Seviper’s tail was yanked from the ground. Electabuzz disappeared down the bike path, Seviper flapping behind from the handlebars.

“NO!” I shouted. “Electabuzz! Seviper!”
“Let’s go” Krystal said. She’d taken her cape off after it got jammed in the chain. She shot down the path after Electabuzz. Swablu instantly perked up and shot after her trainer, leaving Kecleon and me on a pink bike.

“We’d better go,” I said, pushing off. The air tickled my face as we shot down; it was really very relaxing. I enjoyed the freewheeling sensation as my training wheels squeaked happily.

I really HAD to get a bike! They were cool for wheeling around, and pretty fast. They cost loads less than my scooter, although I did really enjoy that. I had already lost sight of Krystal and Electabuzz; the path split up several ways to allow variety.

However, my Bike began to wobble. I looked, and saw a tiny screw slowly unscrew! It was one of two holding the front wheel in place, but as one fell out, the front wheel became jittery and began wobbling violently.

“Uh-oh, that isn’t good” I began. “Krystal! HELP!”

However, as the wheel eventually broke off, my bike screeched against the grass. I turned the handlebars as fast as I could, but we suddenly jerked to the left.

We rushed through a thick cluster of bramble bushes, the thorns scratching my face. I fell to the ground, sapped from energy, hope, and luck. I was in a muddy clearing of sorts, although the clearing I found, as I looked behind myself, was actually made by my Bike, destroying anything in its path. Kecleon was on the floor.

“Are you alright?” I asked.
“Leon” He muttered. I got up, but as I did, found myself staring at something. The most amazing, unique, beautiful creature.

It was a beautiful blue dog. It was around 6 foot in height, with beautiful wisps of purple hair flowing from its head. It looked bold; yet so fragile…it was elegant and patterned beautifully.

“What…are you?” I asked it.
It stared at me. Elegantly, it tore back through the path I made. Following it, I saw it leap into the air. The sun shielded my vision, but when it was cleared, the Pokemon was gone.

I stepped out from the undergrowth. I picked Kecleon up and, bike in ruins and tatters, we looked at where we were. It was now a large piece of flat land: the hill continued upwards and the slope rode downward. Krystal and Electabuzz must be down there by now, I thought. My thoughts were interrupted, however, when something appeared form behind me.

It was…it was a Miltank, one that looked scratched and worn. She stomped out, clutching the handlebars from our bike. We must have hit her or something…She threw it down with a clatter, nostrils flaring and eyes narrowed.

“MIRU!” She bellowed.
“Kecleon, thunderbolt!” I said. Miltank, however, leapt into the air and curled into a ball, before hitting the ground and bombing towards us at great speed. Kecleon was hit severely, flopping to the ground as Miltank rolled ever closed.

“Hey!” I snapped. I grabbed two Ultra Balls, “Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, GO!”
My two Pokemon emerged; Bulbasaur, much more social in recent days, and Pidgeotto, lost in thought. “Gust and Razor leaf”

Pidgeotto’s harsh winds whipped Miltank’s face, causing her to stand her ground. Bulbasaur blasted a spiralling array of sharp leaves that slashed Miltank across her body. She roared in pain, before grabbing the end of her tail. It shimmered slightly, reminding me of Marill and how her tail did that when she used…iron tail…Miltank must be doing the same!

“Bulbasaur, vine whip!” I roared. Bulbasaur brought out his vines and shot them forward, ensnaring Miltank and keeping her in place. However, Kecleon, now able to get up after almost being crippled, ran forward and slashed the Pokemon across the face.

“MIRU!” She bellowed. She roared loudly, enveloping Bulbasaur and Kecleon in a red aura. Both became engulfed in energy and shot into their Pokeballs. Miltank had used roar. By god!

“Pidgeotto!” I cried. “Sky attack!”
Glowing a feverish blue, Pidgeotto whooshed into the sky and into the clouds. He built up his energy as quickly as he could.

Screeching his name, Pidgeotto tore through the sky and sliced past Miltank. Miltank cried out in surprise as Pidgeotto turned around, shooting back forward and smashing into the pink cow. He then became wrapped in a white glow…




Well, the bike ride was fun, except Chris had sort of disappeared somewhere. All my team rested: we were at the route gate, but this one had a large seating area, a beautiful fountain (which Kingdra swam in), and even a restaurant upstairs. Azumarill, Ampharos and Charizard talked, Kingdra swam, Steelix slept and Swablu sat on my head. Cute.

Electabuzz and Seviper cradled the battered scooter, tears in their eyes. I assured myself Chris would come, when all of a sudden a policeman walked through the doors, the ones that led to Fuchsia. He had smooth black hair and a pretty nice body! I watched in amazement as he talked to Janice, the route-gate guard. She pointed at me, and the Policeman walked over.

“Excuse me, are you Krystal Leighton?” He asked.
“…Yea” I said silently. “What do you want?”
“I was working on Dane’s case,” The man said. “I’m Jack”
“Hi” I said, feeling myself go pale. My hands shook. “How is it…going?”

“Well, we located the house he was occupying” Jack explained. “He was in Bronze City, west of Pewter”
“And it looks like he’s been stealing more than your Seel” Jack went on. “But…our three men that went to investigate were killed”

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed.
“Yea, it hit the force hard” Jack told me. “Dane escaped, much to our annoyance, but it seems like he’s planning to sell the Pokemon he stole on the black market”

“Wait…did Dane kill the men?” I asked.
“We…we’re coming to that conclusion, yes” Jack admitted. I gasped. “But we’re looking into it; one man’s gunshots are on the torso, so it’s safe to presume he was close to Dane, and unaware he carried a gun. It also tells us Dane struck pretty quickly. The other two have marks on their back, presumably because they ran away from him”

“So, what are you doing about it?” I snapped. “Sorry…that was…rude of me”
“Don’t worry, I’ve been asked worse,” Jack said, smiling. “We’re tracking him down, but…but we can’t really be sure where he’s heading”

“Oh” I gasped.
“Well, we’ll keep you informed. We’re flying to Vermillion, because we believe that he could be getting a boat from there to Daezun, a merchants city in Egypt”

“Ok, thanks Jack” I said.
“Everything will be fine” He said, smirking. He ran up the stairs for some food at the restaurant.

Dane, wherever he was, was planning to sell Seel on the market…I sniffed, stroking Swablu affectionately. The bastard…Jack could hopefully catch Dane, and I could get my Seel back…



“Pidgeotto!” I cried. Well, he wouldn’t be Pidgeotto much longer. The light helped Pidgeotto expand and grow; he boasted big, powerful wings and a gorgeous head-crest. His beak was bigger and more deadly, his talons were now fierce mauling weapons and his eyes were a hazel brown. Ever since I started training I wanted a Pidgeot, and here he was.

“You did it!” I cried, as Pidgeot put his wing around me. It felt warm and soft, gentle and loving. “I’m so proud of you!”

However, after I stopped hugging Pidgeot, it became apparent Miltank was gone. I was quite confused. However, I approached the next hill and stared down at the route gate below us.

“Come on, let’s mosey,” I said, leaping onto Pidgeot’s back. He gasped slightly – he wasn’t used to carrying me, but he managed to flap slightly, before pulling into the air and swooping down the steep slope, keeping close to the ground.

“You’re a member of the team, now” I told him, as the air whipped my face. This was cool! Pidgeot were very strong Pokemon, I remember seeing Molly’s in the Miami League. I smiled to myself as we shot down the hill. Life is good.



“OPEN UP! THIS IS THE POLICE!” I heard them roar. The door shook as the swat team hammered upon it violently.
“LEAVE ME ALONE!” I roared back.

I ran into the hallway and saw Banette. He clutched his cross tightly around his neck. I got his Pokeball and recalled him. I also recalled Lickitung, Mawile and Seel, but I couldn’t find Pikachu. I then looked up the massive staircase to see him standing there, about to run again. There was a sweet but deadly look on his face that tore through my skin.

“Hey there Pikachu!” I said kindly, moving forward. “Are you comin’ down?”
“Pi” He huffed.
“Oh, but Pikachu!” I cried. “Mawile has the funniest joke…”

Pikachu stayed there.

“Pi, Pikachu!” He cried, running up the next set of steps. I gave chase. I ran three at a time, a pistol in my hand, ready to give him what he deserved. I turned, bolted up the next set of steps and turned to see him in the study. He was trying to open the window, but he was too small.

“Oh dear” I said slyly, walking forward. “Stuck?”
“Pika!” He cried, sparks emitting from his cheeks. I stepped back and whipped out my pistol.

“DON’T make me do this,” I told him. “You’ll sell for a lot of cash…I don’t want to have to shoot you now”

I heard a crash – the Police had broken in. It seemed I could hear only three voices. I plucked a Pokeball and recalled Pikachu on my new, 8 Pokemon belt. But only 7 were in their balls…

I suddenly had an idea. I crouched down, held my legs and rocked to and fro. The three policemen ran into the room and saw me, shaking timidly like a weak animal. One man walked forward.

“Are you alright?” He asked me. I kept the gun concealed.
“I’m…I’m…OH I’M SORRY!” I bawled, hiding my face with my arm. “I WISH I COULD TURN THE CLOCK BACK!”

“There, there” One man said from behind. The one who crouched down cleared his throat.
“I’m Alex,” He said. “Now, if you come with us, we can make sure you’re alright”

“Hmm” I mumbled.
“We’ll make sure the others don’t hurt you or punish you for your crimes…we understand, Dane. We understand” Alex continued.

“Why did you do this Dane?” Another man asked.
“I…” I began, struggling to find the words. “I opened my eyes ”, my last words were coated in an insane sense of pride.
“Dane!” Alex exclaimed. “Tim, get the sedatives”

“You don’t have a chance, not when The Organisation’s in power” I began, my voice now much more powerful and vengeful. “One day soon the world will see how Holmes has worked us. Our loyalty and trust will pay off greatly soon…you will all perish…”

“Dane?” Alex asked me. I stood up, whipped out my pistol and shot Alex in the chest. Tim and the other man turned and ran. Alex flopped onto the ground, colour draining from his body quickly. His blood stained the light brown carpet.

“STAY HERE!” I cried, shooting them as they ran. Tim screamed in pain as the bullet pierced his back. He collapsed onto the third man, who, now pale and fearing the worst, screamed in terror.

“Your friends need you, Dwayne” I told him. He turned and ran, but Ditto revealed itself to be the lamp. He wrapped around Dwayne’s legs and made him fall to the ground. I stood on his lower back and pressed the gun against his neck.

“Please….p-p-PLEASE!” Dwayne cried. “I have a wife, two kids, and I have Pokemon at home…”
”Don’t worry, you’ll see them soon” I snapped. I fired the gun. He screamed. Smoke whistled from my barrel as I slipped it in my pocket. I ran down the stairs and opened the door.

People might still be around looking for me, I thought. Ditto transformed into a woolly hat. We walked across Bronze City and past the shimmering square Gym. We wandered through town until we came to the airport.

“Next plane to Vermillion City, here I come” I muttered. I got out my passport, (fake one, it had me with a pair of shades on and a goatee I managed to grow, under the name of Darren Lichfield) and prepared to go, go, go!

I looked up at the blue sky.

“This is for you, Krystal honey,” I said, wiping a tear from my eye. “When we are ever powerful you will soon learn…you will soon join us in our quest for power and control”

Next: Chapter 35 - Bag Me One
-Chris & Krystal have a battle en route to Fuchsia....against who?
“Azumarill! Hydro Pump!” Krystal ordered. Azumarill’s blast of high-pressured, sparkling water soon doused the fireball, and she then followed up by racing at Combusken and slapping him across the face. Smeargle, however, used an agility to evade the pins and splashed paint over Cacnea’s face.

“Cacnea! Take down Smeargle with a mega punch!” The boy spat. Cacnea hopped over on his pointy ‘legs’ and smashed Smeargle in the face. Needles scattered across his creamy complexion, Smeargle spat in Cacnea’s eye.

-The two go hunting around the Safari Zone...do either of them catch anything, I wonder...
“We need to get him out of here, quick!” Krystal said. She was stopped, however, when a Treecko ran forward and tried to tackle her. Counteracting, Bulbasaur ran and headbutted the gecko back. The last Treecko I saw stood on its hind legs, but this one crept along on all fours sneakily.

“Tree!” It hissed, leaping in the air. Bulbasaur leapt forward and smacked him across the head in mid-air, before body-slamming him into the ground.
“Swablu! Gust!” Krystal cried. Swablu flapped her wings and conjured up a powerful gust, but as it picked up sand it soon became a threatening sandstorm that dragged Treecko in and whipped him away.

-and Tony has a tough time in his battle...but can things pull through with an evolution? Hmm....
“Croconaw, headbutt!” I cried. Blastoise, after emerging and stretching after his long sleep, smashed Croconaw in the face with his paw. Bawling out, Croconaw leapt back and blasted a water gun, soaking Blastoise.

“Show him a REAL water gun!” Dave shouted. From Each cannon, Blastoise forced a large thick jet of water. Golduck and Wartortle were each smashed in the face, falling back and collapsing. Golduck looked rather dizzy already, but he managed to get up. He lifted a thin finger and held it at Blastoise as his head gem glowed brightly.

See all on Friday, the 27th of June....

25th June 2003, 10:43 AM
Considering this fic will possibly end before i can reply again I'd just like to say that the rest of the chapters will be great.I reckon Krystal will catch a Bagon or Treecko for her final catch.
And a question for Swablu:
How did your oringal trainer treat you,better or worse than Krystal and do you like the rest of the team ?

And a question for Pidgeot:
How does it feel evolving twice ?

And a question for Azumarril:
How do feel now that Kecleon doesn't really want to do anything with you ?

And finally a question for Bulbasaur:
How are you going to feel evolving ?

25th June 2003, 11:40 AM
Yes, I am that old. That was fantastic, Chris finally has his dream pokemon.

Chris 2.1
25th June 2003, 12:32 PM
I'll reply to all your posts when we get some more, guys. However, I'm testing these little banner sig things I'm making. They're off FRTC Gym Leaders, I've done Phil and Christy, making their sprite AND one Pokemon. Let's see if you like Christy's...

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25th June 2003, 01:17 PM
That's neat! That's certainly impressive. Sprites are fun to make. I still have the four I made for my fic, but couldn't use because the thread that I posted them in was deleted. I was gonna use them for posting team status, like when a poke is caught or evolves, I update it, posting the sprite and all pokes that character has.

Chris 2.1
1st January 2004, 04:31 PM
And how, you ask? I was connecting to the wrong Internet server ^^ Turns out the Internet was working all along.....heh, anybody can make that mist - *gets pelted with fruit* gaaah!

Oakbark's trip down memory lane made me decide to write my own......

-Chapter the first -- Lugia Master 2K1-

As I was known. Lugia Master 2K1, the newbie. I hadn't managed to work sigs yet, I just wrote beneath a load of ------------, tried making it the same but it always varied. I began a great fic...Chris' Quest. I had it all set out. 10 gyms. Islands. ME. Alas, after about Chapter four (all neatl;y written in reply boxes) I was critiscised so much I abandoned it.

Then, I worked on a fic...the kid got a Cleffa, he caught a Totodile, he caught a Wooper and then....BAM, stamped with the word NEWBIE.

TPM soon went down. Alas. I went to Serebii and, after he was revealled, called myself Kecleon. I grew popular and unearthed Chris' Quest, with a new name, more description and ECETERA!

Chapter the second -- Another Forum Down-

After Chapter 34, Barking Up The Wrong Treecko was about to posted, the whole of Serebii had gone down. NOOO! So then, using common sense, I went to the EzBoard but, finding them hard and confusing, went to Pokemon Crater's chat as....Shinymarill.

I was an OP there, like the equiv of a mod, but only because my friend gave me VOP (semi-modship). a guy called Brock found out, and made me do a strange test on stuf, like how hash//12:** meant either to acess an invalid source of operation or not. I got 0/10, and was now a guest again. Meh. I heard from a friend TPM was a proper forum, so I returned and posted FRTC.

It wasn't really favoured, and I can see why. TPM has a variety of fics, and Serebii has mainly Trainer ones, anmd they're mostly (exceptions are there) kinda pants. FRTC continued and it went down very well. When it ended, I decided to give Chris and Krystal one last adventure. The Indigo Road would arise.

Chapter the third - The Indigo Road and Monica's Army

*realises he's blabbering* Ok, lets hurry this. I did the Indigo Road, pulling away from Trainerishness with relationships (Ch5 - The Kiss was very good ^^) the Saffron City Bomb, Granbull's Death and, at the very end, Sandra's Interrogation. It felt good doing something less Pokemon-centered.

After a while, and once Monica was introduced more, I realised I had to incorporate her into something. A Golden-Sun-style fiction came to mind, with a new world for adepts and magic-folk.

It ended tradgically, with my chapters being destroyed. To this day, I have thought of three other fanfics with the army, including one where Nat was kidnapped by a rather sinister Swordsman, taking her to Palea, another continent. There, Monica and Serena met Ray, a rather snappy, irritatable Storm Sage. Victor became ressurected and, with Phoenix and Sid, journied to save Nat and reunite with Monica.

Another idea was that Altonia and Palea began a large war. Monica had decided to side with Altonia, but let Ray down when he heard. She didn't know where to turn and ended up trying to stop it by herself.

The last was that the army reformed, with James, Alice's brother, and Sid, who seemed to be more human now he had realised he was left behind by Mortimer. The army were visited by a sage named Alkazaar, who came to tell them his land, in the near future, had been destroyed. He took them to a year ago, and together they fought to try and calm the elements, which had sinewed out of control and taken over. As they fought, they were aided by Mortimer, Lee, Afee, Boko and Reef, as well as Ouranos. They all wanted to save this land, as it would soon endanger the whole world. Now united as one, although each group resented the other, the large group helped save the world....again.

If I had the time...if my friends liked Pokemon and I didn't have to disguise this...then I'd do it. GO ME! But alas....

Chapter the Last - Where we stand today

And then I wrote FSTT. Basically, an insight to what any of our lives may hold. A look into how backstabbing our society is. The socitey we have to change for ourselves after it scars us, and believe me, i'll change it. I have big dreams and, as bigheaded as it sounds, I'm told I have tremendous talent on stage. I was in the National Youth Theatre in London, I passed my audition there at 14, and those in the UK might realise how impressive that is. I'm going to make a name for myself. Chris Wilson - sorry, Wilson isnt my surname. I never reveal my real name online. But Chris SOMEONE will be famous, I'll show myself to you soon....Ok?

You guys mean everything to me, well everything online. You guys who watch so keenly to see my work...I owe this to you.


And now...The Epilogue! *sniff*

By Brit Chris


Here we are. Single. How ironic. My mind flashed to Krystal, who was probably snogging Adam. I sighed heavily; no matter what the situation, Krystal always pulled out of them better than me. I took my Pokeballs and headed to the battle park to TRY and get back on track. I used Pidgeot, Umbreon and Scyther. Pidgeot took down my opponents Claydol with difficulty, but survived the first round. He was, regrettably, taken to the cleaners by the trainers Ampharos. I sent Umbreon out. Umbreon delivered some clean attacks, including a brilliant take down, and managed to use a Full Moon (Umbreon absorbs lots of moonlight and streaks into the opponent) to sent Ampharos down.....or so I thought! Ampharos struck back with a thunderpunch/fire punch combo and took my Pokemon down. Scyther was next, and with a dynamic swords dance, he upped his power and took Ampharos down. The trainer sent out a Venomoth, and after a pretty hard fight, Venomoth was defeated by Scyther's skull bash.

Whitney hadn't rung me, although Jane got my number. She texted me a lot. I never texted back. I went to my Rehabillitation classes, mixing very well with a little boy called Bjarni. He had a Furret, which he painted pink with some kind of toxic paint, giving it lung cancer of sorts. It just stood there silently. Anyway, I mixed with....sorry, what did I say his name was? Ug. I mixed with him to really just avoid Jane, who was being targetted by a fat slob with a grizzly beard.

Rehab had passed very quickly and eisily. I continued college, I passed English Literature and Art, getting a B and an A* in those respected subjects. Eventually, I went to university and studied English Language, and from there I began working in a Newspaper Editory.

Now? Now I'm 32. I work as a Journalist for 'The Kanto Times', and me and my family have moved to Cerulean City. Before you ask, I didn't marry Krystal, that's a bit cliche and expected, isn't it? No, I married Ruth, a girl I met at Uni who was studying Drama. She does a lot of acting now; you may have noticed her as a soldier in Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. She was...seventh back, third left. Can't miss her. We have two sons, Thomas, who is 6, and Dylan, who is 4. I've never been happier.

Tim and Suzie both went their seperate ways. They both live in Pontarico, STILL. Suzie is married, with a little girl called Bethany. She's 8. Tim's single, although he calls prostitutes on many occaisions when he feels lonely. Brett, after having to battle Lewis three more times, the fat chubby little pudding having used his SECRET WEAPON - a new-born Beautifly, to try and defeat Brett's Armaldo. Lewis had a Silcoon for a long time, and thought it would hatch into a Pokemon. When it 'hatched' into Beautifly, he was convinced he had a miracle. He currently writes a fanfic, which has no replies, I see...

I visit The Pokemasters, under a new name, of course. Nobody from my childhood recognises me. (Editors note: FRTC Chris, not me! I am actually leaving...). I see many fanfics, many Anime Episode Guides (although now, in 2021, the group is Misty, Tracey, Casey and Robert, the guy from the Misty Special with Pellipper and Delcatty. Robert sucks as a dub name...) and most my readers from old stories are moderators. I look back, and the little stories I wrote on the internet were laughable. I remember, touching as it was, someone suggested I published one of them...

Thinking back, I remember all the things I did with Krystal. The day I finally let my feelings take over my senses, we simply faded away on that drizzly afternoon on Fuchsia Pier. She saw me as an intimidating figure once I told her my feelings, someone who may, at one point, pressure her for a kiss or something much worse. She doesn't understand...I don't think. Then again, what fool would I be if, per chance, I had locked away my emotions? I'd have regretted it for the rest of my life; at least this way, I know where we stand, which is, at the moment, as far away from each other as possible.

I got an e-mail from Tony - he's in LA! Entered a water Pokemon championship, and came second. He's still living there, and asked if Ruth and I would ever like to visit. He was a genuinely nice guy, was Tony. He never mentioned his marital status. I wonder if he's got a girlfriend? Maybe Misty, that redhead from Cerulean. So, as the last you'll hear from me, goodbye everybody. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my life and where it's lead me. Maybe someday you'll see me again...maybe someday I'll come back...



I travelled back to Dragon Rock. Took Shellgon, Kingdra, Charizard and Gyarados. I gave the other members of my once unstoppable team to Mum to look after while I was away, and for some simple company. Adam and me bid farewell to each other, until after two more years (two years of writing, texting, ringing and emailing Adam!) I graduated as an honourary member of the Elite Squadron, which consisted of 16 qualified trainers. Each was of a certain type, except Normal, of course. It was so great representing a TYPE of Pokemon, and it gave you such power and authority...

...And I'm still in the Squad, from 18 to 32, a total of 14 years I've spent here. Shellgon finally evolved into Salmenace, and my team had a very powerful reputation. We were then told we had to have 6 Pokemon each, even thought 8 was the maximum an 8 on 8 battle seemed very long. I took Ampharos and Steelix onto my team once again, and as a 6-some (7, including me) we still battle as well as we can.

Kimi is engaged to Brock, and they both live in Pewter City, with Brock's family. It reminded me of the museum, and the snooty lady behind the counter. Ash went back home and was given a role in 'Coronation Street' - he sucks in it. Brittish Soaps have no room for a cliche, cardboard cut-out character.

Adam and I are married, and currently live in the UK. In a little town called Brampton, North England. We have a little girl, 7, called Fiona. She has sky-blue hair, unlike my aquamarine and Adam's jet black, with Adam's hazel eyes. She's slim - I think she could be a model. In three years time, three short, sweet years, my little darling will have her very own License and can, if she wishes, capture her very own Pokemon. This is what life is all about.

I still think about Chris. He visits me in dreams, dreams of new leagues and new lands we visit with Tony. I had, after so many years, realised that I do have a soft spot for him. He's a very sweet guy, much funnier than Adam but...but he feels like more of a friend, while Adam is a partner to me. Would things be different if I had dated Chris? Yes. Would it be different if I had not gone to Dragon Rock with Lance and continued to Seafoam Village with Chris? Yes. Would I perhaps be slightly happier knowing that, through this course of action, I would have not had to see Dane in Vermillion? Yes. Would I regret saying 'no' for the rest of my life? Yes.

A Philosopher once said that, in order to be happy in life you need three things -
1) An unbreakable relationship
2) A steady job
3) To be able to make a difference

I've met the criteria...and I'm still not happy. Fiona and Adam mean everything to me; they are my life now. While I love them to peices, I can tell there's an empty space in my heart for Chris...and there always will be.


December 31st, 2003

"Good evening, I'm Michael Beurke and this is the news at ten" Came the man's voice. "Here are todays headlines"


"Local Teenager found in Church explosion"


"Haruka Family try sueing McDonalds"


"And Pontarico Gym moves"

The veiw changed back to the newsreader as he sat at his desk.

"Good evening. Local teenager Jane Goodway is in the Emergancy Ward tonight after a horrific explosion in the abandoned St. Martin's Church on the Industrial Estate. Eileen Park has the full story"

A woman stood outside a wrecked, demolished church building. She wore a fleece, a scarf and a wooly hat, which neatly concealed her fluffy blonde hair.

"Thankyou Michael" She said. "I'm standing here where, roughly 6 hours ago, a loud explosion was heard just by the side of St. Martin's Church. As you can see behind me, the left side is completely and utterly destroyed, while the right side seems stable. Sources point to Jane actually living here, as she ran away from home three weeks ago. I'm here with Mary, Jane's mother, and Carl, Mary's partner. Mary, how does this make you feel?"

"I feel awful" She replied shakily. "Who would have tried hurting my little girl? My baby?"

"And Carl" The reporter began. "How do you feel?"

"I can't put it into words" Carl began. "Jane ran away from home because she hated me, and I feel that if I had just left and stopped seeing Mary, this may never have happened"

"Now then, Jane's condition has been upgraded to stable, but until the poor girl is finally sent home, we can only wonder at what really happened. Eileen Park, ITV news, Pontarico"

"Thankyou Eileen" Beurke said. "Chris Haruka, a local boy who placed fourth in the Paragon Island Tournament, is trying to sue McDonalds after a false contract was signed"

"That's right, Michael" Chris said.

"You're not supposed to be on set yet!" Michael roared. He cleared his throat. "Erm...but...yes, so Chris, can you erm...explain it for us?"

"I was visited by RONALD MCDONALD HIMSELF, and we talked about a deal we were going to make where he gave me 500 in exchange for -

"500 what?" Michael asked keenly.

"Well, he didn't specify" Chris replied nervously. "I presumed MONEY, but he sent me THESE -

Chris slapped 500 vouchers for McDonalds food.

"I see" Michael mumbled, staring at the screen in confusion. "You are sueing them for -

"NOT.BEING.SPECIFIC.ABOUT.THEIR.500!" Chris cried hotly.

"Erm, get him out of here" Michael mumbled. Two guards appeared and dragged Chris off.

"HEY!" He shouted. "YOU'RE ONLY PROLONGING THE INEVI-....erm, what's that word that means like 'unavoidable'?"

The guard didn't reply.

"DAMN YOU, MICHAEL BEURKE!" Chris screamed.

"Anyway" Michael continued. "The Pontarico Gym has now been relocated after Brett Haruka, local Gym Leader and brother to that EGGNOG of a guest I was just talking to, claimed that the people around here are weak"

The screen showed Brett at a press conference.

"I am now packing my bags and my Gym and moving for a third time" Brett declared. "I am heading to the Steel Valley, near Lavaridge Town and Mount Chimney, because I feel that there are very few people around here with enough skill and enough power and expirience to beat me. I have been challanged, FOUR TIMES, by Lewis Adams, a profoundly lost boy who used a BEAUTIFLY against my SKARMORY! He constantly loses to me and COMES back as if he thinks he can beat me using different TACTICS!"

"Paul Scott, Saffron times" A monkey-faced man cried. "Are you hiring any apprentices?"

"Yes, yes I am" Brett said firmly. "The two best matches I have had this year from challangers were by two eighteen-year old lads who have very strong Pokemon and good attitudes towards their training. Mathew Gentry and Andrew Gibson"

Two rather tall lads walked onto the podium with Brett. Mathew was slightly stockier; he had jet black hair, styled with what was presumably was. He wore a zip-up sweater with a neck. Andrew, slightly lankier than Mathew, had green eyes and his hair was hidden by a dog-eared hat. He had a camel-skin jacket on over a red t-shirt. Mathew was accompanied by a Girafarig, and Andrew had a Victreebel by his side.

"These two are my apprentices" Brett said.

"Meowth, talking Pokemon times" A Meowth chirped up. "Is it tru that your bruvver, Cwis Hawuka, wos sent to reehabilitation beycoz of drug abuse?"

"This interveiw is over!' Brett snapped, as the crowd murmured. The three walked off with their Pokemon.

"And our last story" Michael said calmly. "Regular Joe Writer Chris Wilson is leaving The Pokemasters Forums today, after 3 years at the loveable website. Chris says he has exams coming up, a future he needs to focus on, and hates keeping his love of Pokemon secret. He intends on squashing it out his system by just leaving the forum, although we here at ITV news think the pressure will surely make him explode. Chris does tell us, however, that 'without TPM, I'll be so bored in the evenings. AND there's lots of fanfics I can't read anymore'. Well Chris, from all of us here in the Pokemon World, goodbye. That's the news for tonight, I was Mathew Beurke. Goodnight"

THIS IS MY LAST NIGHT ON TPM! GOODBYE EVERYBODY! LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX, you only get one! I hope you all have a rich, full life and enjoy every second of it! Remember M, Remember E, put it together and REMEMBER ME!!!