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Chris 2.1
1st March 2003, 05:03 AM
Hey everybody, and welcome to the final installment of from rookie to champion. This fic (as well as Lucky Charms) is my last little pinch of fanfic writing, so i hope you all appreciate it. Chapters are up on Monday and Thursday, but the next is up on thursday, then monday, then thursday and so forth.

Gather round, as our story begins...all the way on a little Island called Pontarico...


The Indigo Road
Chapter 01 - Stronger Than Yesterday
By Shinymarill

“Umbreon, attack!”

Chris stood there with his faithful Umbreon. A few black hairs were seen poking out of his chin, and there were light scabs and scars seen on his top lip, no doubt from shaving. Tim stood on the other end of the arena with his Marcargo, Rocky.

“Rocky! Ember attack!” Tim roared. He wore the same red zip-up jacket and the same red trousers, but it was plainly obvious he changed t-shirts during the past five months. He had three Pokeballs down his left leg and two down his right; Rocky’s Pokeball was in his hand.

“Marcargo!” Rocky roared, blasting a boiling chunk of molten rock at Umbreon. The rock picked up speed and shot across the field at Chris’ slinky Pokemon.

“Evasive moves! One! Two!” Chris shouted, his voice becoming hoarse. Umbreon leapt to the left, as the molten rock slammed into the ground and simmered. Umbreon was hit by a consecutive molten rock from Rocky, though, and fell to the ground.

“Now body slam!” Tim followed up. Marcargo moved rather quickly along the grass and launched his slimy body into the air; globule’s of lava drooping from his chin. He flew forward and prepared to swallow up Umbreon with his fiery, blobby body.

“Agility!” Chris roared. His voice had become a lot deeper in the last few months but it was a subtle and unnoticed change. Umbreon became a blur as he picked himself off the ground and tore across the field, Marcargo collapsing in a heap.

“Get him! Psybeam!” Chris said, seizing the opportunity to attack. Umbreon held his mouth back as he leapt in the air, and a large beam of multicoloured energy formed, before blasting out and firing at Marcargo.

“Use flare,” Tim uttered. He clenched his free fist, and ran along the large field as the battle started to move along the large space.

Marcargo created a wall of fire that blocked the Psybeam. He then spat another molten rock at Umbreon, hitting him in the stomach. Umbreon received a burn on his stomach and collapsed on the floor.

“Umbreon!” Chris cried, running along the field and catching up with his Pokemon. “Are you Ok?”

Chris cradled Umbreon as best he could and examined the burn.
“That’s a relatively weak burn,” He said soothingly. “We’ll go and treat it”

Chris recalled Umbreon in the oh-so-familiar Moon ball. He had four Pokeballs on his belt; Electabuzz’ normal red and white Pokeball; Granbull’s dark blue and white great ball, Umbreon’s moon ball and Kecleon’s fast ball. Noctowl, which Chris had caught early on in his Pokemon journey, had decided to sleep a lot, and his Pokeball was kept in the kitchen for absolutely no reason. Noctowl had also started to re-adapt to the life of waking up at night and hunting. Now he had become rather useless as a Pokemon, so Chris kept him in the reserve.

The reserve. This was another big change in the Haruka residence over the past 5 months. Chris’ dad worked as a Pokemon doctor and had won a large cash sum after helping in an accident involving Mayor Madison’s Hitmonlee. He was awarded a cheque in public, which he had used a minority of to buy the field behind their house. This had then been changed dramatically to a Pokemon reserve for Mr and Mrs. Haruka’s three children’s Pokemon. Well, there was Brett as well, but he was the Gym Leader in Olivine City, and he was 19, so he wasn’t at home anymore.

The reserve was beautiful; a massive Oak tree lay in the middle, which Noctowl perched in happily. Next to it was a large pond, which Suzie’s (Chris’ older sister; Tim’s twin sister’s) Starmie swam in peacefully. Suzie’s Rapidash, named Corona, also raced around the field with Tim’s burly Donphan and many of their Pokemon.

However, this was separated from the Haruka’s garden by a large row of fir trees. Three had been cut down (To Brett’s disgust via E-mail) to make way for a wooden gate leading to the reserve.

Chris’ Wurmple had evolved, too. It was now a pearly white Cascoon and lay right by the tiny pond in the garden. It had a few plants in it, but Cascoon kept its red eyes locked onto the pond all day.

Chris had also caught a Weezing in his travels; this seemingly useless Pokemon (aside from helping Chris in his Semi-final, and also losing Chris’ Semi-final match of the Miami League) sat jammed in-between two branches of the large Oak tree in the reserve. She came out often to either eat fruit or talk to the other Pokemon, and Chris had noticed his Mom really seemed to like her.

One more Pokemon Chris had ‘caught’ in the Miami Islands was Wobbuffet; he had come home with Chris after they built a strong friendship, but Chris had found that he preferred cooking with his Mom than actually battling or doing anything with Chris. Wobbuffet did look really funny with a chef’s hat and an apron on, but it felt empty being without him.

“Hey Dad! Can I borrow some burn heal?” Chris asked, walking through the kitchen and arriving in the living room. Chris’ dad lifted the paper down and folded it on the table.

“You know, you should carry some around” He said, tutting. Chris followed his father as he walked upstairs to his room.

Chris’ dad was tall and had brown hair. He was wearing a blue-buttoned shirt and had jeans on, and wore a pair of black socks. Chris’ dad had brown eyes, like himself. Chris’ dad brought from his room a bottle of red liquid. It had a fire symbol on a blue sticker and was able to be sprayed.

“Thanks” Chris said, running off down the stairs.
Chris arrived in the living room; the house didn’t really have doors but arches connecting rooms together. He lay Umbreon on one of the red sofas and sprayed him with the burn heal.

Umbreon flinched slightly, but soon relaxed. Chris sprayed three shots and started to rub it in gently. Umbreon closed his eyes a little bit. Tim walked in and slumped down infront of the TV, turning it on.

“Alright! Pokemon wrestling” He said, leaning forward. Chris watched as a Machamp smashed his fists into a gothie Jynx. The Jynx then used a perish song and started to make the Machamp drowsy, before lifting up her skirt and making Machoke puke.

“Weird” Chris muttered, recalling Umbreon. His Mom walked through from the kitchen with some mail to give Chris.

“A letter” She said impressively, handing it to Chris. Confused, Chris tore the seal off it and brought the letter out.



“We’ve been walking for ages,” I said, as me and Jet proceeded through the Forest of Donwurray Island. The forest was rather sparse but it still made me shiver slightly. I kept walking through the wood; glad I was with Jet and not on my own.

It was rather scary; thick dark trees bore their scratched faced before us, but we had a mission, and so be it our duty to fulfil it.

“I’m sure we’ll find that stupid bird,” Jet mumbled. He hadn’t shaved in days and looked absolutely terrible. We had been assigned a mission to trace Articuno and catch it. However, we were also informed that one tail feather from the elusive bird would be just as valuable.

We had been walking for a long time but had seen no sign of it yet. Apparently Articuno flew from a variety of Islands around the world, and Donwurray Island was one of the roosting spots.

I brushed some ferns out of my hair and looked as we arrived at a cave. This was the perfect fairytale setting for a mysterious bird. I was waiting with anticipation as Jet hurled his Pokeball out. His ever-faithful Foretress appeared before us.

“Use explosion!” Jet cried. Foretress clung to the side of the cave and started to glow a brimming white. Within seconds, he used a huge explosion into the side of the cave, causing it to collapse, unfortunately.

“Whoops” Jet mumbled. “Foretress, are you Ok?”
Before Foretress could reply, a shimmering blue glow rose from the cave mouth, and Articuno gracefully flapped his wings and appeared out of it.

“Get it!” Jet cried. Foretress leapt forward but Articuno blasted an ice beam from his beak and froze Foretress into a solid block of ice. He smashed onto the floor, but the ice remained as solid as ever.

“Foretress!” Jet cried. He got out his next Pokeball, but Articuno blasted another ice beam at Jet and managed to freeze him, too. He stood there in his angry stance, a Pokeball held out. I felt so sorry for him.

“Jet!” I cried. However, Articuno soon spread his wings and started to fly away! I knew this opportunity was ripe at the moment, so I plucked a Pokeball from my belt.

“Vileplume, attack!” I shouted. Vileplume came out of her Pokeball and gave me the thumbs up. She faced the disappearing Articuno. She fired two vines from her body and managed to wrap them around Articuno. I yelled with success!

“Try a pollen whirlwind,” I said. However, Vileplume pulled Articuno back only to find a long, slender, blue feather. He had escaped! Vileplume dropped the feather, which I graciously slipped into my belt. I had to admit; it looked pretty good there!

“What is he doing?” I asked Vileplume. Where we plucked the tail feather, a light snowy powder flowed from behind as he flew off. It froze the roots in the ground and started to freeze trees.

“Oh boy” I said. “He’s using a powder snow!”

Articuno flapped through the Miami Islands, powder snow spilling from his tail.


Dear Chris,
How are things? I hope everybody is Ok. Cascoon would be a perfect Pokemon to study if you would let me. I hope you can bring him round.

At this present time, I have something I would like you to see. I have a rare Pokemon that I am sure you would love to examine with me! Krystal is coming as well, goodbye!

Professor Helmsworth

“It’s from the Professor” Chris said, reading it over again. “Wants me to take Cascoon to the lab and also wants me to pop round and see some rare Pokemon”

“Great” Chris’ Mom said. “Have a nice time”
“I will” Chris said. He grabbed a great ball on the kitchen counter and ran outside. He approached the pond with caution as he held the ball out.

“Cascoon return!” He cried, recalling the grumpy Pokemon. It had a tendency to use its spike cannon a lot on Chris whenever he approached, so Chris had usually left it to be on its own.

“I’ll be off then,” Chris shouted, leaving via the front door. As he closed it, he looked out at Pontaricò town. It was pretty nice. However, it was a ten-minute walk across the town towards Professor Helmsworth’s laboratory.

“I wish I still had Nidoking” Chris grumbled, thinking about his Pokemon on Trueman Island. He could have ridden Chris along to the lab in absolutely no time. He started to walk, when a shadow rose over his body.

“Hey…” He mumbled, looking up. A large orange dragon soared over him, before turning and swooping down towards the ground. Chris watched in anticipation as he saw one of his best friends appear before him…

“Krystal!” Chris called, waving. She flew down on her large orange dragon.
“Come on” She cried. “We’ll get there quicker”

Chris clambered aboard and held onto her hips as Charizard took off into the sky. Krystal hadn’t changed really, but instead of her white lab coat she now wore a black cape over a red t-shirt.

“How are you?” She asked, keeping her eyes focused on flying to the lab. “Been doing much?”

“Not really, you?” Chris asked. Krystal nodded.
“I have decided to try and join the Dragon Tamers,” She said, handing Chris a brochure. It showed a man standing with a Dragonite by his side. Silhouettes of Latias and Latios were seen behind him.

“You always had your eyes on dragons, didn’t you?” Chris said. “How is the team?”
“Very small now” Krystal said. “Kimi decided to go off back to Kanto with Brock and start her own breeding place with him, so I said she could take Espeon and Steelix to work on”

“Steelix?” Chris inquired. “Won’t that be a challenge?”
“I hope so,” Krystal said. She had never got on with Kimi too much. “So, how was your birthday?”

Chris had turned 14 on January 3rd, and Krystal had sent him six Ultra balls.
“Great thanks” Chris said. “Me and Calvin went bowling”

“Oh” Krystal said emptily, sad she had been left out.
“I was going to ask you, but I didn’t know your address or your phone number” Chris said, blushing.

“It’s Ok” Krystal said, as they landed infront of the lab. Marill was in her arms, and as Krystal set her down, she began talking to Kecleon about their adventures.

As the two entered the laboratory, Professor Helmsworth greeted them. He still had wispy white hair and a wrinkled face, but Chris had a great deal of respect for him either way.

“Hello!” He cried. “So good to see you both in such good health”
“Hey Professor” Krystal said.
“Hi there” Chris said.

“I thought I should show you this very unique Pokemon that I was sent by my grandson Jonathon” Helmsworth said. He led them up a spiral oak staircase to a room with a battle arena.

“How about I show you his skills in the battlefield, Chris?” Helmsworth said, grinning broadly. He got out an Orange and white Pokeball and maximised it. “Smeargle, GO!”

He sent the ball as far as he could hurl it (which was actually a good distance). The ball hit the floor and shot back into the air, opening and pouring white light from it. The light then took the shape of Smeargle, who had a thin slender tail with a brush on the end. He resembled a beagle dog, and had a sort of beret on his head.

“Smeargle” He said hoarsely.
“I choose you, Kecleon!” Chris shouted, as his friend leapt onto the arena.

“Smeargle! Use Mega punch!” Helmsworth roared. Smeargle started to chant his name as his fist glowed a deep blue colour. He held it up and then started to follow through by pushing it forward through the air at Kecleon.

“Run!” Chris shouted. Kecleon got on all fours and ran out of the way. Smeargle turned, frowned, and tried again. He thrust his glowing fist forward at Kecleon with a lot of power.

“That thing looks strong” Krystal warned Chris. “It’s had a lot of experience!”
“I can tell” Chris said, clenching a fist. “Kecleon! Faint attack!”

He and Kecleon had worked on this attack. Kecleon disappeared, leaving only his bold red stripe to be seen. Smeargle frowned harder and tried to concentrate on distinguishing Kecleon’s body.

“Use lock on!” Helmsworth called. Smeargle held his tail and ran forward at the red stripe. It shot forward and what was obviously the upper body scratched Smeargle. He managed to throw Kecleon off and onto the floor, and used his big foot to keep him in place.

Smeargle then held onto his tail tighter, as the end started to glow red. He drew a circle on the invisible body, and as he did so, Kecleon’s whole body started to come back in colour. Kecleon now had a painted red target on his head.

“Now fire a hydro pump!” Helmsworth cried. Smeargle lifted his foot up and Kecleon ran from under it. He ran across the arena at Chris, but Smeargle’s tail end now glowed a beautiful aqua blue. Smeargle held it like a hose and blasted a surge of water forward, hitting Kecleon directly on his target and firing him back at Chris.

“Kecleon!” Chris cried. He picked his friend up. “Are you going to be Ok?”
“Leon” He said. He started to perk up slightly as the red target faded. Chris put him back on the floor and Marill ran over, keen to help her friend.

“So why did you want to show us Smeargle, professor?” Krystal asked, joining Chris and Helmsworth in the arena center. Helmsworth drew the orange and white Pokeball and recalled Smeargle.

“Well, it is simply because I wanted to show you that all the attacks you saw were thanks to Smeargle’s special attack – sketch”

“Sketch?” Chris asked. “What makes it so special?”
“It allows Smeargle to remember an attack that has been used on him so he can use it for his own use” Helmsworth said. “This Smeargle has 76 attacks”

“76?” Chris questioned. “Wow!”
“He seemed to be really strong,” Krystal said. “Has he battled a lot?”

“Oh my yes” Helmsworth said. “He is one of the strongest Pokemon I have ever examined. EVER. And that is the primary reason I was going to send him to Professor Oak to examine”

“Professor Oak?” Chris asked. “I thought he was an advertising gimmick?”
“Oh, this is the real Professor oak” Helmsworth said, chuckling. “But since you brought Electabuzz here last week, he ate all the electricity from the exchanger”

“He did?” Chris mumbled. “Sorry…”

“Why did you make it a pre-designed Pokeball?” Krystal asked curiously, staring at the orange ball.
“Well, I was having lunch on the afternoon it had been sent, and as I was eating a Satsuma I was partial to the colour orange at the time!” Helmsworth chuckled. “So I had a new ball designed for it”

“I see” Chris said. “So the machine won’t work?”
“No, it has been drained from electricity” Helmsworth said.

“Hey! We could travel to Kanto and give it to Professor Oak!” Krystal said.
“Come on” Chris said. “This isn’t the anime, we can’t go on errands like that”

“I think you could do with that,” Helmsworth said maturely. “For somebody who competed so well in the Miami League I would have expected much more battle strategies from you”

“Really?” Chris said emptily. “Maybe I could train in Kanto, we could deliver that Smeargle and we could…erm…train some more…I guess!” Chris said. He laughed slightly.

“I suppose we could” Krystal said. “What do you think, Chris?”
“I think that I battle just fine,” Chris snapped.

“I meant what do you think about travelling to Kanto” Krystal replied.
“Oh. Well, I suppose I might as well” Chris said. “I’d best check with Mom, though”

“Same here” Krystal said. “We’ll meet at the west Pontaricò dock tomorrow lunchtime, Ok? I’ve never been on the new ferry’s they built.”

“Sounds good” Chris said. “Come on, Kecleon. We’d best be getting home now”

“What about Cascoon?” Professor Helmsworth asked. “And Smeargle?”
“Oh…right” Chris said. He handed over the great ball to Professor Helmsworth and took the orange Pokeball off him.

“Have a nice time,” Chris said, as he walked out of the lab with Krystal. “I’ll meet you tomorrow lunchtime, right?”

“Right” Krystal said, as Chris and Krystal walked their separate ways.

That night, as Chris slept silently, small snowflakes started to float down from the tail of a large blue bird. He flapped off to the west of Pontaricò. From Dunwurray Island. Megan cradled the feather as if it were gold, and watched the mighty bird. She got out a phone.

“Yea, Sandra? He’s headed to Kanto” Megan snapped. “Probably Seafoam Village by the looks of things. No, I don’t have any purple lipstick. Ok. No, not any cherry, either. Just head off with Duncan to Kanto, Ok? Yes, I realise I can’t order you around. No, you can’t order me around. Just go, just go”

She put her phone away.
“Inconsiderate bimbo” She grunted.


The Indigo Road Winds on...
-Wobbuffet cooks a suicide meal...
Wobbuffet turned round as he sprinkled chilli powder, and accidentally tipped the whole jar in. He quickly stirred it round a few times to make it look less obvious.

-Helmsworth starts to wonder about the recent snow...
“Hello Chris!” Professor Helmsworth said. “I looked up some data in an old Pokemon encyclopaedia and it seems that Articuno is behind all of this recent snow”

-And Chris gets in some proper battles...
“Twist!” Jeanette said. Bellsprout started to twist slightly to the left and the swift attacks missed! Chris stared, open-mouthed at this. Bellsprout then faced Kecleon, ready for another attack.


also, find out how YOU can appear in the fic! The From Rookie To Champion Quiz kicks off on Thursday!

25th March 2003, 02:40 PM
Thank you again SM for selecting me as the character appearance for Frtc: TIR.
It's great to be chosen for something for once, and hard luck to all other participants.

Thank you to all the people who have congratulated me, and a very BIG thank you to Jon UKX for an unexpected surprise.

-wipes forehead-

It's like my own Oscar speech......;)

War Raichu
26th March 2003, 08:52 PM
YAY! Serebii.net is back up! :D Unfortunately, the forums aren't. :(

Chris 2.1
27th March 2003, 10:42 AM
Oakbarl: lol. nice speech ^^;;. Dane (you) is coming along well, but Chris catches him in their hotel room up to somehting sinister...or is Chris just jealous of Krystal's new afections for Dane?

Raichu: yea! it is so full! :o its amazingly great!

ps: i got sent home today: i've broken a rib! someone gave me a bear hug (more like a steel hug) and i broke a rib! it hurts, but i get ice cream :P


The Indigo Road
Chapter 08 - Mary Had A Little Fight
By Shinymarill


We left Pewter City last week, and we’re now going towards Seafoam Village. First, we’re heading to Cerulean City, before going to Saffron, Celadon and Fuchsia in that order.

“I suppose we should head through Mount Moon” Krystal said. “Maybe I can catch a cool Pokemon there”
“Yea, that’ll be a first!” I said, chuckling. Krystal smacked me in the arm.

“Just keep quiet,” She snapped. I guess someone was having a period…although if I said that, I wouldn’t be here to tell the story. We wandered over the fresh green field.

“You know, I bet I could catch some Dragon Pokemon while I’m here” Krystal said. “Maybe I can check your Pokedex”

“It got smashed, remember?” I told Krystal. Stupid girl. She never remembered a thing. It was that guy’s Tyrogue. I think he was called Al. Anyway, we had this little adventure in Pewter where this big gang of evil thugs met Al, and they talked about this and that…it got a little boring…but then the thugs left after Al ran off someplace.

Ok, so I can’t tell stories well. Maybe ask Krystal: she could spend about three chapters telling you what happened, incorporating laser guns and hover-Ferrari’s into it.

Anyway, as we walked along the field, Krystal saw this sheep thing. Mareep. It looked pretty…sickly, to be honest. It was a bright yellow colour with two strange cone-horns either side of its face. Krystal squealed madly, and sent Marill out to battle it.

“This should be funny” I bragged, sitting down. Kecleon was by my side as Krystal stood opposite this large fur coat.

“Bubblebeam!” Krystal screamed, pointing at Mareep. The stupid thing was awfully docile and stood there pleasantly. It reminded me of my granny…although this Mareep didn’t have some secret alcohol addiction and didn’t hug me…

Marill leapt into the air and fired a barrage of pellet-sized bubbles at Mareep. Mareep seemed to be huddling up from the attack. I think this one was male, although all that fluff really made it hard to decipher.

“Ma-weep!” He cried. He blasted a blue bolt of electric energy forward at Krystal and Marill. Marill tried to dodge the attack, but she was smacked right in the…well…the whole body really, and flopped onto the ground.

“Oh, you poor thing” Krystal said. I chuckled at the prospect of her not being able to catch it. “You stay and watch with Chris”

“Marill!” She squealed. She sat down next to Kecleon and chatted, leaving me free to watch the battle. Krystal got out hew next Pokeball and sent it out.

“Charizard!” She cried. Her ball opened up and released Charizard. Charizard looked down at the scared Mareep, and prepared for an attack. Mareep began by charging forward and Headbutting him in the stomach.

“Charizard! Fire spin!” Krystal roared. I couldn’t wait to see this: a roast lamb! We haven’t really been eating well in recent days; we can get pies and pasties from the bakeries in town, but Krystal’s always complaining about healthy eating and whatnot. Geez…

Charizard blasted a tornado of flames at the Mareep, which engulfed it in an inferno and trapped it. Unable to attack, Mareep wailed in pain, as he became prisoner to Krystal’s team.

“Go, Ultra ball!” She shouted happily. She hurled a Pokeball at the defenceless little Pokemon and smacked it on its back. The Ultra ball drew Mareep in with an orange energy and locked him inside.

“Yay!” Krystal cried, as the ball dropped into the soft springy grass. It pinged loudly to indicate a capture, which Krystal soon cheered about. Marill ran over from her chat with Kecleon to congratulate Krystal.

“Good job” I said. Krystal walked over with Marill, Charizard and her Pokeball.
“Thanks” She said. “Remember, you’re not the only one who can catch new Pokemon!”

“Why don’t we try a battle?” I asked her, thinking things over. Bulbasaur would be able to grind Mareep down: Pidgey had a slight disadvantage, so my other recent catch would be the best.

“Oh, you think you can beat me?” Krystal asked. “Remember who placed higher in the Miami League”
I scowled.

“Let’s heal our Pokemon and then we’ll battle,” I said angrily. I knew Charizard would be hard to beat. Maybe I should use Electabuzz…and Kecleon against Marill. Yea, that sounded good.

There was a Pokemoncenter in the next field, as well as an entrance to Mount Moon. We had our Pokemon healed by Chansey, and we then walked out of the center and into the center of the fresh field.

“3 Pokemon each” I declared. I smiled at her menacingly.
“You’re on” She said.

“Go, Bulbasaur!” I cried, throwing the Ultra ball out. It burst open and released my Bulbasaur, who looked around wearily. Krystal drew a Pokeball from her belt.

“Go, Mareep!” She cried. Her Ultra ball burst open and her Mareep formed. I was surprised: I had expected her to send out her Charizard, for a sure win, but she was probably testing Mareep out.

“Let’s make it fair” She told me. “Mareep! Thundershock!”
Mareep bleated his name, before firing off a blue bolt of electricity at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur was pretty good against electric types, so I didn’t worry.

“Dodge it!” I shouted. Bulbasaur leapt to the left and the thunderbolt charred the ground. Bulbasaur turned and faced Mareep. “Razor leaf!”

Two sharp leaves were sent shooting out from behind Bulbasaur’s back. Mareep leapt to the right to evade a batch of leaves, and then to the left to evade another blast. He panted slowly, before Krystal issued the next attack.

“Try a headbutt!” She called. Mareep charged forward at my Bulbasaur, but he ran away from him. This chase issued for a while, until Bulbasaur brought out his vines to lash Mareep as he ran.

“Bite them!” Krystal shouted. Mareep used his small teeth to crunch onto a vine. Bulbasaur gasped, as Mareep swung his head around, dragging Bulbasaur with him. Bulbasaur got up.

“Thunderbolt!” Krystal cried. Mareep started to glow, and he pumped a blue shock through Bulbasaur’s vines and into his body. Bulbasaur’s eyes widened as he received the blast.

“Bulba…” He grumbled. He then showed a rather disgruntled look, before he trotted over to the grass. He lay down, stating he wouldn’t battle.
“Hey!” I snapped. “Come on and battle!”

“Bulba!” He snapped abruptly. He then started to droop to sleep.
“Stupid lazy bugger” I murmured. I watched him contemptuously, before turning to the battle again.

“Come on!” Krystal said playfully. “I thought you were good?”
“Kecleon, show her” I snapped. Kecleon nodded, and ran onto the arena. Mareep faced Kecleon, as the battle began.

“Get it! Faint attack!” I spat. Kecleon started to disappear, leaving only his stripe. Mareep watched, confused by the red stripe creeping along the grass.
“Thundershock!” Krystal shouted. I think she knew her recent catch couldn’t beat my first Pokemon.

Mareep blasted a Thundershock forward at Kecleon, who managed to evade. He ran forward in his cloaked form and smashed into Mareep. He toppled to the side, before managing to get himself up.

“Now a slash!” I cried. Kecleon held a paw back, and raced forward at Mareep. He swung his arm down, slashing Mareep across the cheek and giving him a rather nasty cut.

“Tackle!” Krystal roared. Mareep ran forward at Kecleon, but he leapt out of the way. Angry, Mareep pursued the now visible Kecleon around the arena. Mareep then fired a large thunderbolt forward at Kecleon, which struck him in the chest.

“Leon!” He moaned.
“Quickly! Psybeam” I hissed. It sounded such a dangerous and forbidden attack in battle with such small Pokemon. Kecleon launched himself into the air before blasting a multi-coloured beam down at Mareep.

“Push it back with a thunderbolt!” Krystal said. I was worried at her strategy: It sounded pretty damn good. Mareep forced a yellow streak of electricity forward at the beam, which ceased its fire and kept the two attacks pushing against each other.

“Full power!” I cried, even though my friend was already using full power. Mareep, however, could not supply the electricity for much longer, so the psybeam pushed the thunderbolt into his body.

“Mareep!” The sheep cried. His body glowed, before it fluffed up a lot. He looked about twice as fluffy!
“Oh my!” Krystal exclaimed. “That thunderbolt must have fluffed up his fur!”

“Try a hyper beam!” I called. Kecleon panted and looked back at me.
“Leon…” He sighed. I shot a confused look at him, asking ‘well, what can we do then?’ The poor mite was too tired.

“Try something more energy-conserving,” I said. “Meditate!”
“Leon?” He questioned. I sighed.
“Remember that Geri Haliwell yoga video?” I asked Kecleon. “Suzie played it all the time”

For those of you who don’t know, Geri Haliwell is a ginger **** in England who has a yoga video. She used to be famous…but she hit a sore spot or something. Suzie loves her, and has her yoga video to ‘spiritually enhance’ herself. It’s a miracle she’s related to Tim…he tries to burn people like her…

“Leon!” Kecleon cheered. He suddenly did some strange ballerina dances around the arena. I sighed. It was taken from Geri’s song ‘It’s raining men’ in ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’, and featured Geri prancing around in the rain. Too bad Suzie loved Geri’s music…

“Not the song!” I shouted. “The yoga!”
Kecleon suddenly clicked, and crossed his legs. He closed his eyes and swung his head slowly, chanting his name.

“Get it!” Krystal shouted. “Headbutt!”
Haha! She fell for it big time. Mareep charged at Kecleon, a determined look on her face. Kecleon, however, managed to bring up a pink barrier without any effort. Mareep smashed against it and cried in pain.

“Mareep!” Krystal whined. She got out a Pokeball and recalled her Pokemon. “Marill, it’s your turn”
Marill walked onto the arena and faced Kecleon.

“Water gun!” Krystal shouted. Marill fired a water gun from her mouth at Kecleon, which hit him in the chest. He nursed the stinging pain and prepared to strike back. Kecleon watched his friend through deceived eyes.



“Good Golduck!” Misty cried, hugging her recently evolved Pokemon again. “That’s another challenger whupped”

I couldn’t tell Misty I had been training with Psyduck, because she’d get mad how I treated him. And even worse, she can’t congratulate and hug me for it. Stupid redhead!

“You’re lucky to have one,” I added, stroking Squirtle’s shell. Golduck stared at me with evil eyes. I knew he knew I didn’t want Misty to know something! I then walked out her living room and to the pool.

“I need a badge,” A voice said. I looked across at a girl with a feather boa and a Bulbasaur by her side. Her Bulbasaur was dolled up with fancy make up and a ruby in her bulb.

“Then beat me,” I told her. I wasn’t the leader, so to speak, but as Misty’s only apprentice I was allowed to hand out badges. It was pretty cool, and got me a lot of experience.

“Get em!” I cried, releasing my Goldeen onto the arena. She swam in the water while the girl picked her Pokemon.
“Go, Clefairy!” She cried.

Goldeen faced Clefairy and prepared to battle. I knew it could be hard, but I had to win. This girl had money, not talent, judging by her clothes, her Bulbasaur and her Clefairy.

“Water gun!” I shouted, remembering Krystal and her Marill use that attack so much. I wonder how she’s doing?



“Now headbutt!” I cried. Chris was proving to be tougher than I’d thought.

Marill charged at Kecleon, who leapt out the way. He charged forward with his own headbutt, but Marill blasted a water gun in his face to push him away. Chris watched angrily.

“Use a slash!” Chris ordered. Marill ran from Kecleon, but he slashed her across the back, causing my Pokemon to fall on her stomach in pain. Kecleon looked over his ‘friend’, and looked angrily, like Chris had done.

“Hyper beam!”

Kecleon leapt into the air and his body glowed an orange glow. Within seconds, he shot a magnificent orange beam from his stomach at Marill, who watched from where she lay.

“Return!” I shouted. Guilt had taken over me…I recalled Marill in her Elle ball and put the ball away. Kecleon had taken two of my Pokemon down…so effortlessly…but I knew he couldn’t beat my next one.

“You’re losing your touch” Chris told me.
“No I’m not,” I snapped back. “Charizard, GO!”

Charizard emerged from his Pokeball and looked down at Kecleon. Kecleon’s lip trembled slightly, as did Chris’. Chris shouted for Kecleon to sit this one out, and chose his next Pokemon.

“I choose Electabuzz!” He roared. Electabuzz formed from the white light, and prepared to take Charizard down. I had been training with Charizard and Kingdra much more than with Marill or even Mareep. Mareep had done an excellent job, and I just caught him today!

“Flamethrower!” I shouted. Charizard sent a massive streak of elegant flames shooting at Electabuzz.
“Barrier!” Chris said quickly.

Electabuzz created a pink barrier by rubbing his palms across the air like a window cleaner. The barrier absorbed the flames and disappeared, leaving Charizard vulnerable to attack.

“Thunderbolt!” Chris roared. Electabuzz sent a surge of electrical energy into the sky, which soon arched back down towards Charizard. Charizard flew back and evaded the attack.

“Mega punch!” Chris shouted. I only remember seeing Electabuzz battle like this in the Miami League against Jane. Back then, Electabuzz had been critically injured and had to spend most the competition out the fights.

Electabuzz drove his fist forward into Charizard, which sent a shower of blood onto the springy grass. Charizard wiped his nose and flicked the blood off, before shooting into the sky.

“Charizard!” I cried. “Fire spin!”
Charizard’s mouth brimmed with flames before he blasted a spiralling tornado out his mouth. The tornado flew forward and wrapped around Electabuzz, draining his energy and burning him something awful.

“Electabuzz!” Chris cried. “Try to get out!”
Electabuzz’ figure was scorched as flames burned and scathed his body. He stumbled out of the tornado and collapsed on the floor.

“Get up!” Chris snapped. The stupid fool was so focused on winning he risked his Pokemon’s life…
“Oh, for gods sake!” I snapped. “Just recall him”

“He’s clearly beaten,” I declared. “Don’t have a repeat of the league”
“I suppose you’re right” Chris said, getting the Pokeball out. He recalled the tired Electabuzz into his Pokeball.

“Take that!” I snapped. “I beat you!”
He didn’t answer. Instead, he walked off to the Pokemoncenter in a sulky mood. I tagged along, chuckling to myself about it. He was such a strange boy…


“Horn attack!” I shouted. Goldeen shot forward and knocked Bulbasaur into the water. Bulbasaur tried to get out, but I had Goldeen use her best attack: Water way.

Goldeen sang a beautiful song, as a wave of water crashed over Anne and her Bulbasaur. Anne looked a complete mess in her soggy clothes, and she started to cry.

“You monster!” She wept, holding tears back. “Daddy will have to pay another £120 for this top!”
She ran out the Gym, her waterlogged Bulbasaur in hot pursuit.

“Come back when you’re a better trainer!” I shouted, a grin across my face. Goldeen turned to me, before glowing. She became enveloped in a bright white substance, and she started to grow. Her horn became sharper and more powerful, while her tail was stronger and bigger. The light started to die down, revealing a beautiful orange Seaking before me.

“Oh man” I gaped. I had never expected Goldeen to evolve, but I suppose it must be mating season. I suppose Misty’s Goldeen might have evolved, too. I was excited about our new Seaking: I hoped we could learn a thing or too from them!

“Hey, Misty!” I cried, running into the living room. “You’ve gotta see this”
My heart stopped as I saw Misty and David on the sofa, ‘expressing their feelings’. Disregarded clothes lay around the room, creased and messed up.

27th March 2003, 01:40 PM
Cool, two perspectives on the same battle. I think Water Way's American name is Water Pulse. For some reason there isn't anything else I can say.

Chris 2.1
27th March 2003, 02:40 PM
Jon: What EBTV chappie? I thought it was rather original:confused: . That was the same SD thing? oh well. Nevermind, eh?

Jukain: Thanks for that. I'll use it in future. Yea, 2 perspectives! Chapter 9 has absolutely loads of perspectives, so keep your eye out ;)

Next Chapter 'A day in the live of...'
-The Haruka residence is disturbed when Grandma arrives...
“Hello Mom” Mom said. Grandma was very short: about 4 foot 5. She had a slumped posture and broad shoulders. Her grey hair was knotted in a tight bun, and her wrinkled face had electric blue eyes.

-And Nidoking helps protect Trueman Farm...
Suddenly, there was an explosion from the forest at the back of the field. Rika watched, confused, as a group of Graveller and a Golem burst forward into the field. A figure was seen walking into the field.

“Who are you?” Rika snapped.
“Call me James” He began. “James Holmes”

-And Anne gets her 'just desserts' in Cerulean Outskirts...but is anybody there to help her?
“La-hoo-ser!” I said to Nidoran as she collapsed. I recalled her, but Ekans advanced forward on me. I stepped back, reaching for Staryu’s Pokeball, when Ekans spat a dart into my neck.

“Oh” I sighed, my eyes drooping. I fell forward and thumped against the ground. All went black…

-And Chris gets a surprise at the Gym...
A figure walked onto the arena opposite me. There was no mistaking the short died blue hair, the slightly muscled (and now slightly tanned) body, the baggy jeans…

“Tony?” I queried, looking at the figure.

-Also, as an added bonus: Al finds himself in a tricky situation
“Sorry Al…” Sandra said, putting on a cry. “I’m really, really sorry”
“Give them back you old *****,” I snapped. Sandra eyed me furiously, before clicking her fingers. A lady stepped forward and released a Butterfree

27th March 2003, 02:47 PM
Really great chapter, SM! A chapter that's only interviews is interesting. And that stupid Anne... she really gets on my nerves every time she's mentioned.

27th March 2003, 02:48 PM
What I meant by it was set up LIKE a chapter of EBTV, you know with the points of views from Jessica, Andrew, Mr Mime etc but this chapter was rather original.

27th March 2003, 03:16 PM
That was an amazing chapter, and the different perspectives is interesting.
I cant wait to read about myself in your fic, it should be interesting!
And the next chapter sounds action packed.
Ohhhhh, the excitement of it all..........

27th March 2003, 05:55 PM
You have talent, making Chris lose all his big battles is a great way how to improve character. Looks like we have two deal with two pissed off males. What is the whole get up with Al

Chris 2.1
28th March 2003, 11:02 AM
Dragonfree: I think they're diferent from the interveiws in FRTC: These are 1st person POV'S, but yes, a variety of them is rather kool.

Jon: Thanks! These numerous POV's are all over the fic!

Oakbark: Dane rox! ^^;;;. I hope you like the way he is portrayede in the fic. Yea, next chappie is full of action. James Holmes is in! Remember, from TR?

Powarun: Will Chris battle Tony? can he? is the Lapras renting, ride giving guy going to be of any importance? find out soon! Oh, the Al thing is a sub-plot, more is revealled each chappie.

28th March 2003, 06:01 PM
I can happily say that this fic is better than the original. Well done. Chris losing twice to Troy was a surpise but still good. I wonder if he'll come back to the gym for a second rematch...

I noticed something though. In Chapter 7, you ended it with Megan almost quitting with life. In 8 though, there's no follow up to what happens with Megan and Jet. Now, will they appear in 9 as well seeing what happens with Tony dropping in on Misty and David or will they be ignored?

Chris 2.1
29th March 2003, 03:13 AM
TML: I can see why you're confused. Basically, the main fic is Chris and Krystal researching Articuno, but i pull in other POV's from other peoples life, like Tony and how he's doing, and later Rika, Molly, Tim and Suzie...

Megan's struggle through life is a very realistic and lifelike POV. It doesn't happen EVERY CHAPTER, but to keep readers following the fic i spread them out. As the fic progresses, you'll see Megan and Jet go through harsher times together, and alone, before they remenisce about when they started out in Team Rocket. These flashback's help us see Megan and Jet's real character - did you know Jet used to have a Charmander? and what about Megan's best friend Mark Sims?

Don't worry, you'll hear from them soon.

29th March 2003, 07:27 AM
cool! new chapters!!! things seem to be developing rather quickly between Misty and Dave, hehehe..... anyways, congrats OakBark!!! i should have spent more time on the quiz, but at the time i only had a few mins b4 i had to get off so i kinda rushed it. this story is geting even more complex, which = good, which = me not being able to wait = I HATE THE SCHOOL WEEK!!!! looks like Electabuzz got roasted in that battle with Charizard. puting Chris on a losing streak is something ive never seen any writer do b4 to thier main charachter, so that makes this fic pretty cool! im going to some of the other fics im reading now. cya!:wave:

29th March 2003, 10:41 AM
I already understood the point of views thing. I just wanted to know why you ended one chapter with Megan and Jet in it but didn't include them in the other one. Thanks for explaining anyway

Chris 2.1
29th March 2003, 02:41 PM
Ultra_Poke: Thanks! Dave is seen in a lot more light sooner on, so keep an eye out! Chris' ability soon increases as he trains more. Electabuzz also has an important battle against Martin (with his Raichu)!

TML: Well, its a suspense i guess. I hope that explains it. I want people to read more in the next chapters to find out what happened.

War Raichu
29th March 2003, 03:04 PM
Raichu's coming back!? YES!!! :D

Mr Mayor
29th March 2003, 08:47 PM
After reading all day (with breaks of course) I finally caught up in this Fic. You really put a lot of work into the chapters. It is quite obvious when you look at their length, as well as their detail. I really enjoy reading, and intend to read more.

I do have a question though. You talk about"The Miami League," and Tony knows Chris, even though they have never spoken in the 8 Chapters I've read. That means there is obviously another fic. Is there a spot Icould read it? I really enjoy your writing, and I'd like to have a bit more insight into the lives of Chris and Krystal...

29th March 2003, 10:18 PM
I've finally started reading your work. I remember the original "From Rookie to Champion" fics that I started reading but never finished. So far, with this one, I'm up to chapter 6. I started at Ch.1 and I stopped only to get to work on my own fic. You've somehow inspired me to take my story even more seriously! Now, I'm gonna be just like Akira Toriyama with Dragonball; Play video games for 16 hours and work on my anime novel for 8 hours a day. No sleep for me!

Good job! I only wish I could find your older stories.

Chris 2.1
30th March 2003, 02:40 AM
Raichu: He's back, alright! I knew you'd be pleased ^^;;

Mr Mayor: Hey there! Welcome to the fic. This fanfic follows the previous Fanfic, entitled 'From Rookie To Champion'. It's in the completed fiction archive, so head there. However, the setting is 'show all posts from last 30 days', so change that (its at the bottom toolbar) to something longer, like all of the posts, to see my chock-a-block fanfic!

Sygma: Another new reader! Hey. Oh, i'm thrilled i've inspired you to write, because its a wonderful thing to do! As i've said, the fanfic before this is in the archive, so change the settings and prepare to be dazzled!

Well, folks! Chapter 09 is up tommorrow, and its pretty long! It's about 9/10 pages, which is probably the longest a chapter ever has been! Lots of things are shown, including Nidoking and Nidoqueen on Trueman farm, so i suggest Sygma and Mr Mayor check the pre-fic to find out about them!

30th March 2003, 08:19 AM
Nine or ten pages? It's gonna be a long one...

Can't wait!:D

Mr Mayor
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Holy Cow! The first part is amazingly long. You must really enjoy writing. I hope my fic turns out as good as this... but I have yet to aquire many readers who read every chapter.

Anywho, I may not be able to finish the entire fic today. My parents would probably shoot me.:P I'll attempt to, however.

Chris 2.1
30th March 2003, 12:37 PM
Dragonfree: It's long alright. Glad you're looking forward to it!

Mr Mayor: Don't worry about it, its a long fanfic on the whole. Just do as much as you can, k? It's for your own benefit.

Mr Mayor
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Well, I'm on Chris's second Gym Battle. The one with the three evolutions of Eevee. It's great so far, but I must read more.

*Returns to reading*

Chris 2.1
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Mr Mayor: Nice to see you're progressing through the fanfic! Thanks.

I'm writing Chapter 17 now, part 3 in the tales of trechery. It may well be the last part of TOT, or maybe it will be Chapter 18. And Chris has a new Catch planned! PM me for spoilers on the new catch, the old reject and what happens!


The Indigo Road
Chapter 09 - 'A day in the life of....'
By Shinymarill


I was watching TV in the living room. There was a photo of me, Suzie and Chris on the TV, which got me thinking of my little brother. Searching for Articuno…the stupid dope. That thing didn’t even exist!

“Tim!” Suzie cried. “Grandma’s coming!”
I instantly fell off the couch. Grandma? That rich old hag who always make me eat her toffee?

“Quick!” Suzie cried. “Fluff up the cushions!”
Grandma was always consistently rambling about cushions. She loved to complain, did Grandma.

“Suzie, get the door!” Mum cried from the Kitchen. “Wobbuffet has put popcorn in the spaghetti again”
“Wobbuffet!” The blue blob cried. He was such a bad cook, was Wobbuffet. His pie had a fried egg inside, and he put bacon in the bread dough. He also put bananas in Curry, but we’ll not go there.

The door swung open and smashed against the wall as Grandma stood in the doorway. She had two heavy bags, which were carried by an extremely exhausted Flaaffy. A Taillow was in a cage under Grandma’s arm, as she stomped into the house.

“Hello Mom” Mom said. Grandma was very short: about 4 foot 5. She had a slumped posture and broad shoulders. Her grey hair was knotted in a tight bun, and her wrinkled face had electric blue eyes.

“This house smells,” She declared, sniffing into the air. She got out a bottle, which read ‘Old old old spice’. She sprayed it into the air, which make the room stink of old people.

“The smell of the young” She murmured. “Yuk”

My baby Cyndaquil ran along the floor to see Grandma. Typhlosion had met a Typhlosion belonging to a girl named Katie who lives down the road, and they produced a batch of healthy Cyndaquil. I kept this special one – He was a light brown where he would be black.

“Argh!” Grandma cried. Cyndaquil ran happily, but Grandma pulled something out of her pocket. A Skitty. This feisty cat always sat on the dinner table, through Grandma’s orders. She left hair everywhere…

“Skitt-eeeeee!” Skitty cried, tackling Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil fell to the floor. I ran over and picked him up.
“Get me a drink,” She hissed. She slumped over to the couch and sat down. “And fluff up these cushions, Sarah”

She took a swig of brandy.
“Oh yea, that’s the ticket” She began. “I always said, I said ‘you can’t call her Suzie! The kids’ll call her ‘woozie Suzie!’ I say…you younger ‘uns think you know best!”

“She’s getting tipsy again,” Mom said. “And she’s barely through the door”
“You know what? This couch is awful” Grandma declared. “I told you, I said ‘crème is awful! You want a nice dusty maroon’”

“Oh boy” Mum began. “And she’s staying for a week”

“A week?” I protested. This wasn’t fair. A week with her? You’ve got to be kidding me!

I watched as Flaaffy wandered up the stairs with Grandma’s bags. She dropped the Taillow cage, which smashed open and released the bird. He chirped loudly, before shooting around the room at breakneck speed. I went into the kitchen, took a 6-pack of coke and a loaf of bread, and ran upstairs. I’d need this…



Through the cave we walked. I didn’t like it, as it was cold and wet. The light was ok; torch brackets were spread through the cave so we could see where we were going. However, Krystal kept Mareep out, his orb on his tail lighting the place up a little more.

“Look!” Krystal pointed out. “A lake!”
Krystal ran over to the sparkling lake. It was small, but in a sense rather large. Krystal got out a Pokeball and threw it out into the water.

Her Kingdra emerged. He was a cool Pokemon. I really liked him to be honest, but he was very strong. Krystal was very strong. Marill was weaker due to her size, but I didn’t mind really. Neither did Krystal.

“Kingdra needs a good swim” I said, smiling. Krystal looked at me in the semi-darkness and returned the smile.

We watched Kingdra for a while, who was clearly enjoying himself. Marill soon leapt in the water too, and the two Pokemon enjoyed a relaxing swim. I sorta wished I had just one water Pokemon: I had a Magikarp at one point, but I released him from my team. I wish he had evolved into a powerful Gyrados…

“Well, we’d better keep going” Krystal said. “Return, Kingdra”
She shot the beam at Kingdra, and he disappeared into the Pokeball. Marill shook herself off (onto me), and walked alongside Krystal and I.

As we walked, I suddenly saw a glow of light coming from the end of the tunnel. We were out! Nearly…. I ran towards the exit, as did Krystal and Mareep. Marill was sitting on Mareep’s back, and we all headed towards the light.

I stepped outside, and gasped. I looked around. It was some sort of park…with shops and merchandise everywhere. A man walked over in a Clefable costume.
“Hi! Welcome to Mount Moon Square!” He cried. “I’m Clefable!”

I groaned.
“How do we get to Cerulean?” I asked impatiently. Clefable chuckled.
“Hehehe! All you need to do is go through the cave there,” He said, pointing to another part of Mount Moon.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I roared, falling to my knees. Not another cave…please!



“Ni, ni!” The Nidoran male cried. He looked at me with such hope and determination. I smiled back, although my surly looks would probably scare my son to death. He ran along and joined the other five Nidoran: two other males and three females. Nidoqueen watched happily.

“Remember when we were like that?” She asked me.
“Yea” I replied back. I then thought back to Chris, who had left me in the care of my old owners before he went home.

“I wonder how Krystal is doing” Nidoqueen began.
“They’ll be getting along great” I replied. Suddenly, Rika ran along with her Jolteon. Jolteon was firing sharp shocks forward, which excited the Nidoran and left them scampering around.

“Come on guys” Rika said happily.
“Yea, alright” I mumbled. We ran into the large field at the back of their farmhouse. Rika’s Pokemon also roamed free around here: Heracross, Jolteon, Ampharos and Ninetales. Mantine and Corsola swam around in the ocean, which was closer to the front of the house. I have never seen Mantine, but I remember Corsola from when I was younger.

Suddenly, there was an explosion from the forest at the back of the field. Rika watched, confused, as a group of Graveller and a Golem burst forward into the field. A figure was seen walking into the field.

“Who are you?” Rika snapped.
“Call me James” He began. “James Holmes”

“Go away!” I snapped.
“Leave us alone!” Nidoqueen roared. James didn’t understand Pokemon talk, but his Golem and give Graveller sure did.

“What do you want?” I heard Rika inquire.
“Are your parents home?” James sneered.
“Yea” Rika spat. “Yea, they are”

“I’d like a word with them” James muttered.
“No deal” Rika snapped. “You’re from Team Rocket! They’ve been trying to buy us out!”

“I took over,” James said. “We go under a new name. Golem! Tackle attack!”

Golem leapt into the air at Rika. I watched, horror-struck at what was happening. Rika looked pretty scared. I ran forward and into the air myself, taking Golem head-on and smashing him against the ground.

“Hey!” James roared. “Graveller! Attack!”
Two Graveller leapt forward at me. I ran to the left and swung my tail around, thwacking one of them and sending it to the ground.

“Get lost!” I snapped. I turned and saw a Graveller run at me. He swung a fist forward and smacked it into my jaw. I heard a sickening crunch and I fell back. Moving my jaw, I felt a sharp sting, so I kept it in a fixed position.

“Nidoqueen, help me!” Rika cried. Nidoqueen leapt forward to attack the Golem, but he simply ran and tackled her. She managed to keep going, but two of the Graveller soon kicked her in the stomach.

“No!” Rika shrieked. I saw Ninetales and Ampharos on the ground in pain, while Heracross and Jolteon kept evading attacks. After a massive rollout attack from Graveller, Jolteon was sent shooting across the ground. His leg looked dislocated.

“Somebody help us!” I roared. Suddenly, a Graveller grabbed Rika by the arms. He then shimmered slightly, before a white glow took over his body. He was self-destructing!

“Now, why don’t you get your father” James growled. “Or Graveller might be tempted to explode”

Rika struggled to release herself from the grip of Graveller, but he was much too strong. I tried to get up, but my arm hurt a lot. I lay in the ground, hearing moans of pain from Jolteon, as Graveller prepared to explode.



We wandered through Mount Moon Square. It was a public attraction, really, but we still walked along, trying to get to the next part of Mount Moon. The cave ahead had a crumbly roof and dank entrance. We walked inside.

Mareep lit the arena up with his vibrant yellow wool and glowing electric orb. He was a real cutie, I tell you! I caught him yesterday and had gotten a lot of use out of him (He whupped Chris in a battle yesterday).

We continued through the cave. It was dark and gloomy, but the few torch brackets littering the walls helped us through. I occaisionly saw a Paras or Geodude while we were here. Marill took care of them for experience.

“So, you wanting another badge in Cerulean?” I asked Chris, my mind seemingly bored.
“Yea, I suppose” Chris said. “I need to train”

“Well, ok then” I replied. “Just don’t enter the league”
“No way” Chris replied. “I mean…all that way…just to wind up walking back again”
“You lazy bastard” I said.

“Anyway, I might just train around Kanto, and then head somewhere else for a league competition” Chris replied, obviously not listening to what I’d just said. Oh well. I really wanted to get to Dragon Rock and train my Dragon Pokemon there. Basically, you could sign up for it, with any experience you’ve had as a Pokemon trainer helping you get in. I had Charizard and Kingdra as dragons…but I hoped I could catch more…

We then walked further and appeared at another cave exit. Chris and I ran out, our hearts filled with joy. We appeared in a fresh field, and saw a large city visible further down.

“There’s Cerulean” Chris said, pointing. Kecleon ran up onto his shoulder.
“Yea, let’s go” I said. Mareep ran down the field happily, as Marill walked by my side. I wish she could evolve into some kinda powerful dragon…but I doubted it.

We ran off towards the city, happiness flooding over me.



I had totally just lost my last Gym battle against this stupid oaf. He used a Goldeen, and it managed to take down Clefairy and Bulbasaur! I only had one badge, which was the one from Pewter City.

I walked through the forest on the outskirts of Cerulean City, eager to battle my Pokemon. I suddenly saw something infront of me. It was…it was some sort of snake. It was a light purple with a yellow tail and some yellow beneath its jaw.

“Let’s check this out,” I said, getting my special Pokedex out. I had the voice set to David Beckham’s. He was so sweet! I pointed the Pokedex at it and identified the Pokemon.

“Ekans. Yea. This Pokemon has really good poison and ‘dat. It’s like…really strong and all, but it’s really bad in defence and stuff. It’s a snake.”

Ok, so the words were uninspiring from the dunderhead, but I smiled at the sound of his voice. Victoria Beckham was so lucky to have him as a husband! And two children! Lucky them…

“Go, Bulbasaur!” I cried. “Bulbasaur, attack this thing while I ring Candice”
Bulbasaur looked at me, deeply confused, but either way tackled Ekans. Meanwhile, I got out my cell phone and dialled Candice’s number.

“Hello?” Candice said.
“Hey!” I yelled. “How are you?”

“Oh, fine” Candice said. “Have you heard that new Darius Song?”
“Oh my god yea!” I cried. Darius was also a complete hunk…I loved him! “I love the video…”

“Yea, but that girl he’s with is a complete tart,” Candice rasped back. “Remember when we went to see him in concert? I bet he got the inspiration from us!”
“You can so tell” I replied.

“So what are you doing?” Candice asked.
“Oh, the usual” I replied, stumbling slightly in my heels. “Catching an Ekans”
“Oh my god cool!” Candice replied. “What else do you have?”

“Nidoran female, Bulbasaur, Clefairy and Staryu” I replied.
“You are so lucky!” Candice replied. “I got a new handbag”
“Really?” I asked, as Ekans sunk his fangs into Bulbasaur.

“Yea, it’s like, fawn, but with like, these little red patches on” Candice told me. I listened, quite keen on this handbag.
“Wow” I replied. “You are so Lucky”

Bulbasaur screamed as Ekans shot a barrage of poison darts at her. I sighed and recalled Bulbasaur. I got out Nidoran’s Pokeball, as I kept talking to Candice.
“Well, I’d better go” I told her. “Bulbasaur just totally lost to Ekans”

“Oh my god really?” Candice said.
“Yea, she totally stank,” I said back. Nidoran ran forward and clawed Ekans. I smiled.

“Well, c ya” Candice said, hanging up. I put the phone away in my back pocket and continued to attack.
“Get it with a fury swipes!” I said. Nidoran charged, but Ekans smacked her over the head with the end of his tail.

“La-hoo-ser!” I said to Nidoran as she collapsed. I recalled her, but Ekans advanced forward on me. I stepped back, reaching for Staryu’s Pokeball, when Ekans spat a dart into my neck.

“Oh” I sighed, my eyes drooping. I fell forward and thumped against the ground. All went black…



We walked through Cerulean City, enjoying the sights. I saw a girl with a Slowbro who challenged me to a battle with her. She had short blonde hair and a sorta cute smile. She wore tight shorts and a sports vest.

“Just a simple 1-1” She said happily.
“Sure” I replied. Who to use? I bet Electabuzz could make short work of Slowbro…but I really wanted to save him for the battle. I got Bulbasaur’s Ultra ball and threw it out.

“Bulbasaur!” He cried, leaping onto the arena.
“Go Slowbro!” The girl shouted. “By the way, I’m Rachel”
“Chris” I said lightly.

“Slowbro! Attack with Mega punch!” Rachel said. Slowbro’s fist glowed a white colour, save for the blue tinge visible. Slowbro brought his fist surging forward at Bulbasaur.

“Headbutt!” I shouted. Bulbasaur shot across the arena, (and what speed!) and smacked Slowbro in his crème stomach. Slowbro topped back slightly, and Bulbasaur leapt back.

“Slowbro! Water gun!” Rachel said. Slowbro blasted a water gun at Bulbasaur, who leapt out of the way. Bulbasaur leapt into the air and blasted a spiral of sharp leaves forward at Slowbro.

“Confusion!” Rachel yelled. Slowbro’s eyes glowed with a vibrant purple. He held his arms out at Bulbasaur, and the entire collection of razor leaves glowed that same purple tinge.

“Slow…” Slowbro groaned, sending the leaves spinning back round and towards Bulbasaur.
“Bulba!” Bulbasaur protested. He brought out two vines and shot them forward, slapping the leaves away.

“Now! Body slam!” Rachel said. Slowbro leapt into the air and spread his limbs out as he came crashing down onto Bulbasaur. This looked bad.
“Erm…get out the way!” I cried, trying to remain calm.

Bulbasaur tore back along towards me.
“Leech seed!” I cried. Bulbasaur’s bulb glowed, as he blasted a single seed from it straight at Slowbro.

“Slow!” He bellowed, yawning loudly. The seed shot into the back of his throat.
“Slowbro!” Rachel cried. “Are you alright?”
Slowbro gave the thumbs up…until vines shot out his mouth and twisted around his face. Slowbro clenched his stomach in pain as the vines crept all over his body. He gasped, and collapsed on the ground.

“You poor baby!” Rachel said. “Thanks for the fight”
“Anytime” I began. “Sorry for hurting Slowbro like that”
“He’s been in worse,” Rachel said, surprising me. “Just head to the Gym now, and good luck!”

She ran off, and I recalled Bulbasaur.
“Nice plan” Krystal said, smiling.
“I didn’t mean to” I began, realising she was being sarcastic half way through my sentence.

“Let’s just go” Krystal said, as we headed off to the Gym.
I pushed the doors open and stared in amazement. The whole room was a massive pool, with plank-like walkways criss-crossing across them. At the end, one walkway led people off the pool and into a separate water arena.

“Come on” I said, running across the wet planks. Krystal walked a little slower than me, taking in the sights of all the different water Pokemon swimming around.
“Hey, a Wailmer!” Krystal said, pointing. I saw the large bulky whale and thought of Tony…

We walked off the massive pool and approached the separated, smaller pool. This was like the arena I battled Saffri on, except there were red and yellow floats instead of numerous extinct Pokemon ones.

I followed the walkway and leapt off. It stopped right before the pool, but there was a tile walkway around to the end of the arena. I walked to one side, waiting for somebody to appear.

“Hello?” I cried, my voice echoing out into the large room. “Anybody here?”

A figure walked onto the arena opposite me. There was no mistaking the short died blue hair, the slightly muscled (and now slightly tanned) body, the baggy jeans…

“Tony?” Chris queried, looking at the figure.



I looked around. I was…I was in a field, at the mouth of a cave. Sandra stood over me with three Pokeballs in her hand. My eyes darted to my belt, which was empty. She had my Pokemon!

“Hey!” I snapped. I looked around, realising my legs and arms were bound together. I tried to break free, but it was tight. Surrounding Rockets laughed and cackled at me as I lay there.

“Sorry Al…” Sandra said, putting on a cry. “I’m really, really sorry”
“Give them back you old *****,” I snapped. Sandra eyed me furiously, before clicking her fingers. A lady stepped forward and released a Butterfree.

“Take care of him” Sandra ordered the lady.
“Stun spore!” The lady cried out. I watched as Butterfree prepared to release a strong yellow powder in my face.

“Scyther!” I screamed. I screamed as loud as I could, spit flying from my lips. The ball quivered on the belt Sandra held, as a ball burst open. It took the form of my mighty green warrior, Scyther.

Instantly he spun. Spinning round, the stun spore was repelled and sent back towards the rockets, who each stepped back. Scyther turned, before shooting a blade down at me, cutting the rope and allowing me to move.

“Thief!” I ordered. Scyther shot forward in a purple dash, and returned with my belt around his neck. Sandra looked shocked, but I simply swung the belt around my waist and clipped it into place.

“Sandstorm!” I shouted. Scyther spun around while rooted on the spot, creating a billowing cloud of dust. The rockets seemed to disappear before a veil of sand, as I made my way through the cave with Scyther. They weren’t going to get me so easily…

31st March 2003, 12:37 PM
Great chapter
What chapter does Dane come into the fic?
Thanks in advance.

31st March 2003, 01:31 PM
Nice. How much longer does this perspective thing last, cuz, it's cool and all, but it's distracting from the main plot.

Chris 2.1
31st March 2003, 02:46 PM
Oakbark: Dane debuts in Chapter 14, and is in until about Chapter 18. I am writing Chapter 17 now, which is really cool! I really enjoy writing this part

Jukain: The various POV'S are just in most chapters now. Is it distracting? Darn :( Well, i hope you can skip the parts you dont like or something :P however, the battle in the next chapter is in 3rd person

Next Chapter - The 3 unite!

-Chris arrives at the Gym...but is it really Tony?
Chris stared at Tony. Tony stared at Chris.
“You’re a Gym leader?” Chris asked, not able to cope with the fact his friend had made such a name for himself.

-But Chris hasn't realised his friends strength...at all...
Pellipper built up speed and pulled out of the water, shooting up at Pidgey. Streaks of energy shot behind him as he tore upwards and smashed Pidgey out of the sky with his beak.

-and Tony shows off his new Pokemon!
“Did you catch anything?” Krystal asked.
“Well actually…” Tony began. He got out a Pokeball. He threw it out, and it opened up, forming into a strange Pokemon.

It had two orange parts on the side of its face, and had a streamlined blue body.
“Mudkip!” It cried.
“How sweet” Krystal said.

all on thursday!

Mr Mayor
31st March 2003, 03:02 PM
Great new chapter. I am starting to understand "The Dream" in your first story. Tony wouldn't be there (he is training), Krystal now has a Charizard, and I am guessing Al will meet up with krystal and Chris sooner or later. Chris will get shot or something after he gets six badges from Kanto. The Pidgeot he was riding is Pidgy in it's final form... I hope I'm right.:P

31st March 2003, 05:47 PM
I totally loved the chapter! Hope Marie-Anne dies of the poison... she deserves it.:yes:

I wish you had asked something about the dreams in the quiz, I'm so interested in dreams I remember them well.

31st March 2003, 06:27 PM
Confusing. Dizzy at reading everyones thoughts in the fic and the spinning hour glass banner at the top does not help. That was different too many people talking at once kingda hurts a fic. Please keep to a few like two or three people leading the story with different plots. Anyway Bulbasaur seems tough it reminds me of Chris in a way.

31st March 2003, 06:27 PM
Confusing. Dizzy at reading everyones thoughts in the fic and the spinning hour glass banner at the top does not help. That was different too many people talking at once kingda hurts a fic. Please keep to a few like two or three people leading the story with different plots. Anyway Bulbasaur seems tough it reminds me of Chris in a way.

Chris 2.1
1st April 2003, 09:43 AM
Mr Mayor: Ahh yes, the dream! A rather flimsy pretext for the sequel, but i have to say, Chris will have less badges when that takes place. I know it will slowly slot together, and readers have been anxious to see this, but lets just say Krystal may not be in....this part will be shot at thend of the fanfic. Chris getting shot? maybe...or maybe that was the DREAM part?

Dragonfree: Lol! Anne doesn't die from the poison, but sooner or later she'll be found by someone...and infact, she pays quite a large role after Tales of Trechery...

Powarun: Kingdra hurts a fic? what?
but yea, the diferent POV'S were confusing, but dont worry, something like that wont happen for a while ;).

1st April 2003, 05:44 PM
The forums have returned! I look forward to seeing everyone there.

1st April 2003, 06:00 PM

Hee! The Grandma seems like um... the guest from hell.. knowing old people she'll never leave! I'm sure it'll drive them to build a Granny flat for her out the back of the ranch! I hope she falls down the stairs! Or Wobbuffet gets her back! lol

Chris got all melodramatic didn't he? Over a cave.. But nice to have a Nido POV... I'm surprised there aren't any water or Grass Pokemon nearby that'd kick their asses. Nasty rocks.

Ann Marie.. hmm... she seems dead. lol. Would be funny if the Ekans tried to eat her. But the B vs Bro was good.. teh seed in teh mouth ;) Yummy. ;o

But its a nice chapter, short and the many POVs further accentuate that and that ain't a good thing :S You don't have to jam in everyone in such a short space, otherwise it feels rushed.

And to you One Line Repliers, have some decency and put some effort into a reply! *Growls* Hold on...I'm not an animal!

Chris 2.1
2nd April 2003, 09:47 AM
Jukain: I'm making my way there now...lol. Thanks for the info, i tried yesterday so i wouldnt have checked again for a while. Thanks.

Ozzy: Dont fret! no more chapters are that jam-packed. It got out of hand....lol. Grandma is in an upcoming chappie, but she leaves later on. After that, there isnt much action at home except for the Gardeners Tourney on Haylain Island...;)

Anne-marie dead? :o it's a possibility, even though I (yes, ME) know what happens to her in the end....;)

2nd April 2003, 01:58 PM
Of course you would know... I know what happens to the nasty, spoiled little thief in my story...:yes:

Chris 2.1
3rd April 2003, 09:52 AM
Dragonfree: I know all! Mwa-ha-ha


The Indigo Road
Chapter 10 - The 3 unite!
By Shinymarill


“Look” Misty began, as we sat on the end of her bed. “What you saw yesterday was…it was a misunderstanding”

“Oh, you didn’t understand?” I asked her. “Well, you were sleeping with David”
“Hey, stop going on at me like I’m too young” Misty said. “I’m 17, nearly 18. Stop going on at me like you’re my mum!”

“Look” I began. She could chuck me out her house for this…and deprive me of my Gym apprentice-ness. “I’m just shocked…”

“I suppose it is pretty shocking stuff” Misty said, thinking it over. A small light on the wall flashed. Somebody had entered the Gym to battle. “Why don’t you take care of this person…and if they beat you, they can battle me”

“Sure” I said, walking out the bedroom. I walked downstairs towards the arena. I hope it wasn’t that stupid Anne-Marie girl: She drove me nuts! I whupped her *** yesterday, and Goldeen evolved!

I leapt off the staircase and walked onto the arena, to be met with two familiar faces. Kecleon…Marill…I knew these two! I looked across at the surprised figure before me, and remembered back to our old days as a three.

“Tony” He said.
“Chris” I muttered. “Nice to meet you again”


Chris stared at Tony. Tony stared at Chris.
“You’re a Gym leader?” Chris asked, not able to cope with the fact his friend had made such a name for himself.

“I’m the apprentice,” Tony boasted. “Beat me in a 2-2, and you can challenge the leader in a 3-3”

“Sorry” Chris began. “But I came here to win”
“Well, good luck” Tony began.

“Electabuzz, you’re up!” Chris shouted, He plucked the Pokeball from his belt and released it onto a yellow float. Electabuzz stumbled slightly, finding it hard to keep balance.

“Haha!” Tony cried. “Go Seaking!”
The Pokeball burst open and took the shape of a large fish. Chris stared at it in disbelief.

“This should be easy” Chris said unconvincingly. “Electabuzz, thunderbolt!”
Electabuzz charged his antenna and blasted a surge of electricity towards Seaking. Seaking watched.

“Flail!” Tony cried. Seaking wriggled around and launched itself out of the water and into the air as the thunderbolt shook the whole arena. Chris watched in disbelief as his winning idea soon crumbled away.

“Water gun!” Tony shouted. Chris expected Seaking to blast a large mouthful of water, but instead the large fish blasted a tiny, sharp dart of water at Electabuzz.

It struck Electabuzz in the chest, causing the electric Pokemon to clasp his chest in agony. He stumbled back.
“Watch out!” Chris cried. “The float!”

“Burr-ah!” Electabuzz shouted, balancing himself on the float. Tony and Seaking remained calm and peaceful, while Chris and Electabuzz were flustered and bothered. This was tough.

“Seaking! Try a whirlpool!” Tony ordered.
“Thunderbolt! Again!” Chris pined desperately. Electabuzz’ antenna glowed, as he forced a surge of electricity forward at Seaking.

“Flail! Again!” Tony cried, his voice matching the same pitch as Chris’. Chris grumbled, as Seaking flipped into the air and missed the electric current flowing through the water.

“Not again!” Chris pined. Seaking splashed into the water and prepared to attack. The horn on Seaking’s head whirred round, and as he submerged into the water a small current began to form. Within seconds, a large whirlpool had focused around Seaking and started to drag Electabuzz in.

“Erm…” Chris began. Electabuzz rarely did anything except electric attacks, and it had become apparent they wouldn’t work. What could he do?

“Now! Horn drill!” Tony ordered. Seaking got up from the whirlpool and his horn glowed brightly. He shot through the water towards Electabuzz and struck him in the chest, knocking him back off his float.

“No!” Chris shouted. Electabuzz floated there, while Seaking watched beside. “Thunder!”

Electabuzz pumped the attack through the water with his last ounce of strength, shocking Seaking and knocking him out, too. Tony watched in amazement at the turn of events.

“Return” He said to Seaking, shooting the Pokeball at him.
“Good job, Electabuzz” Chris said, recalling Electabuzz.

“Good try” Tony said. “But I don’t think you can beat me”
“Think again” Chris said. “Pidgey, I choose you!”

Pidgey appeared out the Pokeball and flapped in the air. Tony burst out laughing.
“Hey!” Chris said hotly. “Don’t laugh at Pidgey!”
“Sorry…” Tony began. “Sorry...but I thought you would have caught something else besides a Pidgey!”

“I have other Pokemon” Chris snapped. He did only have his Bulbasaur that was recently caught…but Tony probably wouldn’t inquire any further.

“Oh well” Tony said. “You can’t give yourself an air advantage here! Pellipper, go!”
Tony hurled the lure ball out. It burst open and formed into Pellipper, Tony’s shorebird.

“Pellippa!” He cawed loudly. He was considerably bigger than Pidgey. Pidgey looked confident, but Chris didn’t.
“Quick attack!” Chris shouted. Pidgey tore through the air at an amazing speed and hit Pellipper. Pellipper flapped back, before launching himself at Pidgey with his gaping mouth.

“Pidgey!” Chris shouted. “Whirlwind!”
Pidgey flapped his wings and sent a blast of wind forward at Pellipper. Pellipper struggled to keep flying, and was knocked out of the air.

“Easy!” Chris said happily. However, as Pellipper flopped down towards the water, he tucked his wings in and turned slightly, causing him to skim across the water elegantly.

“Easy when he’s a water type” Tony commented. “Now! Beak slash!”
“Beak slash?” Chris questioned. Tony grinned.
“I suppose Pidgey won’t learn it for a while” He said. Chris muttered something.

Pellipper built up speed and pulled out of the water, shooting up at Pidgey. Streaks of energy shot behind him as he tore upwards and smashed Pidgey out of the sky with his beak.

“Pidgey!” Chris cried. Pidgey flopped against a red float and lay there. “You know what to do”

Suddenly, Pellipper soared down at Pidgey and used his beak to launch him into the air. Pidgey cooed painfully as he shot back down to the ground. Chris stared in disbelief.

“I guess that only works with movie-stars,” He noted. “Pidgey! Peck!”
Pidgey got up and tore to the left before Pellipper struck again. Pellipper’s eyes narrowed as Pidgey arched around in the air and shot down at him.

“Per!” He snapped, shooting back. He skimmed across the water backwards, shooting quick, sharp darts of water at Pidgey.
“Pii!” Pidgey cooed, shooting out the way. “Pii pi!”

“Good job!” Chris said. Suddenly, Pellipper unexpectedly turned around and tackled Pidgey, sending him into the water.

“No!” Chris shouted. “Pidgey…get up!”
Pidgey lay there. Chris recalled him, embarrassed at what just happened.

“Good job” Tony told Pellipper. “Chris, you lost”
“Thanks, eagle-eye” Chris spat.
“But I think your choice of Pokemon is what let you down” Tony explained. “You can fight Misty, I’ll get her now”

“Are you allowed to do that?” Krystal asked Tony.
“As long as we’re still friends” Tony said, smiling.

Tony returned a few minutes later.
“Your match will be scheduled for tomorrow, okay?” Tony told them. “Now let’s catch up on everything that’s been going on”


“So, why did you come here?” Krystal asked Tony. The three were around a table at a café in Cerulean. “You seemed really keen to get back home to Catcalina”

“I was” Tony said. “Things just went wrong”


“It’s good to be home, you know” Tony said.

“I bet it is” Earnshaw said. “But then again, I was never a traveller. And I think most of that journey through the world has helped your Pokemon a lot, too”

Suddenly, a familiar figure walked into the reserve. He was smaller than Tony, due to his age (15). He had blonde hair and a slight tanned body. He was wearing a formal blue shirt and some black trousers. This was Sam.

“Hello Sam” Earnshaw said.
“Why hello… Jenny ” Sam said. Earnshaw chuckled.

“Oh you” She said, laughing.
“I got you a present,” Sam said, getting out an Ultra ball. “I caught her a few weeks ago and have been raising her lovingly”

“That’s so sweet!” Earnshaw cried. Sam threw the Pokeball out and revealed a large blue rabbit. It was an Azumarill.

“OH! An Azumarill!” Earnshaw cried, hugging her.
“I knew you liked them,” Sam said. He nudged the Azumarill, and he brought out a bunch of roses.

“Thankyou” Earnshaw said, giving Sam a kiss on the cheek. Tony couldn’t stand it any longer, and walked home.

The next few days were just as sickening. Whenever Tony tried to do any research on water Pokemon, Sam would slink into the lab with his Beautifly named ‘Jenny’. Sam had competed in leagues before, so he had a variety of Pokemon.

Tony couldn’t stand it any longer. He was the third person in this world for two.

That night, Tony took all his Pokemon into their Pokeballs except Goldeen. He could only carry six, so he was leaving his trusted Goldeen a little longer.
“I’m going on another journey,” Tony told his Mom.

“Oh, honey” His Mom began. “Again?”
“I want to study at Cerulean Gym in Kanto” Tony began. He’d been thinking this over for a few days now.

“I see” His Mom began. “Well, pack everything you need, and I’ll get you a taxi to the dock”


“Cool” Chris said. “Chewed out by a close friend…”
“Anyway” Tony said. “I started to work here with Misty’s Pokemon, and she then asked if I wanted a spot in the Gym. I said yes, and she gave me the job!”

“That’s great” Krystal said. “But couldn’t you work at Catcalina Gym?”
“Nope” Tony began. “Randy is Sam’s dad, and Sam’s already an apprentice there. It would feel weird working under that pile of filth”

“So, what have you been doing then?” Tony asked. Wailmer and Squirtle were with them, and they were chatting to Kecleon, Marill and Pidgey.

“We left about three weeks ago” Chris said. “Pontaricò and many other Islands have become frozen over with solid ice”
“We’ve been ringing back often” Krystal cut in. “To check if it’s melting”

“But it isn’t” Chris said glumly. “We were told Articuno is behind all this”
“How do you know?” Tony asked. Krystal fumbled for something in her pocket.
“This photo was taken a couple of nights before we left” Krystal said, showing a picture of a blue bird shooting off in the distance. Snow was billowing from where a tail feather should be…

“Wow” Tony said.
“We’ve been scowering around here for some information” Chris said. “And I’m also training my Pokemon at the Gyms”

“Impressive” Tony commented. “Any new Pokemon?”
“Yea” Chris said. He got out an Ultra ball. “Go!”
It hit the ground and released Bulbasaur. Tony patted it on its bulb.

“Nice” Tony said. “And Pidgey, I presume?”
“He’s hoping it will evolve” Krystal said doubtfully. “As if”
“You never know” Tony began. “What have you been catching, Krystal?”

Krystal released Mareep, which Tony stroked gently. Mareep seemed to love attention.
“Sweet” Tony sighed.

“Did you catch anything?” Krystal asked.
“Well actually…” Tony began. He got out a Pokeball. He threw it out, and it opened up, forming into a strange Pokemon.

It had two orange parts on the side of its face, and had a streamlined blue body.
“Mudkip!” It cried.
“How sweet” Krystal said.

“It’s for Brittany” Tony explained. “She always wanted one”
“How nice of you” Krystal said. “Anyway, we’d better go. I’m sure you have some battles to battle, and people to beat”

“And I expect you two will be needing a good nights rest for tomorrow” Tony said.
“Yea, and we need to call relatives and whatnot,” Krystal added. The three got up. Each stared into each other’s eyes, not wanting the moment to end.

“Well…goodbye” Tony said, turning. Wailmer hopped after him and Squirtle followed. Chris and Krystal turned the other way, their 5 Pokemon walking alongside them towards the streets of Cerulean.


Next Chapter: Tony and Cerulean Gym
-Chris gets asked a favor from Krystal before he heads off for his second Badge...
“Chris” Krystal said, as we approached the Gym. I let her continue. “I want you to do something for me”
“Oh” I said, unsure of what I could say to be honest. “What is it?”

-And Misty bends the rules in her Gym, as she released an unexpected Pokemon:
“Whoa!” Krystal exclaimed from behind me. “Dragonair are thought to have been extinct!”

-But Chris doesnt get all the action, as his faithful Noctowl gets in on a kidnap!
They were talking about a girl inside the van. I moved over the roof slightly to get a better look. Still I could see nothing.
“Keep her here” The man said. “The Trueman family will pay a lot for her whereabouts”

As the Indigo road whisks you off even further, keep your eyes open for Chapter 11!

3rd April 2003, 11:27 AM
Nice Chapter, Sorry that Pidgey lost, poor thing is getting beaten up all the time because Chris is too ignorant to train it before gym battles it seems like. Glad tony got Mudkip well I am in school and I have go bye. Thank you for the fic

Mr Mayor
3rd April 2003, 02:00 PM
That was an alright battle, considering the circumstances. Not much action, other then the Battle, but that is always important in a good story. You need a few relaxing chapters to catch your breath after all the action. I was happy to see Tony, Chris and Krystal become reunited. I can't wait for Monday's chapter. It sounds interesting.

Great Job!

War Raichu
3rd April 2003, 02:12 PM
Nice chapter! I can't wait to hear what Krystal wants Chris to do! :D

3rd April 2003, 02:19 PM
Interesting chapter, and poor pidgey doesn't seem to get a break.
Much like Holly in my fic- she simply can't get her Trapinch to use good attacks, and he can't win battles.....

3rd April 2003, 05:03 PM
*remembers it's Thursday when about to go to sleep*
*rushes to TPM > Fan Fiction > From Rookie to Champion: The Indigo Road*
*reads the chapter*

Great one! Why is Chris always using Pidgey, it's tiny and still weak... well, hope he learns...
But the battle was a draw, wasn't it? Electabuzz beat Seaking and Pelipper beat Pidgey, right? Or was I just reading the chapter so fast I got it wrong?:confused:
So Rika's been kidnapped. The next chapter will be interesting.

War Raichu
3rd April 2003, 07:58 PM
Speaking of other peoples' fics (LOL), my fic should be ready to post soon. I'm going to get to 5 chapters then start posting. As you can see in my sig, those Pokes are the two starters. I hope that once I start posting, I'll HAVE to continue posting so I won't disappoint any readers. :P ;)

Mr Mayor
4th April 2003, 06:22 AM
Originally posted by Raichu26
Speaking of other peoples' fics (LOL), my fic should be ready to post soon. I'm going to get to 5 chapters then start posting. As you can see in my sig, those Pokes are the two starters. I hope that once I start posting, I'll HAVE to continue posting so I won't disappoint any readers. :P ;)

I'll be sure to rad it when it gets started. The title even sounds cool. :P

Chris 2.1
5th April 2003, 12:10 PM
Ok, can i just say that, before i answer queries and replies, and as much as i like to encourage new fic writers, this isn't a thread to advertise your fic, Ok? Mods will get angry and such, and i dont want that to happen. If anybody wants their fic preveiwed, post it in the writers lounge.

Powarun: Chris just wants Pidgey to evolve, that's all. He doesn't realise, does he? Oh well. Maybe he can realise soon enough...Mudkip's cool, and has a little more parts to fill later on.

Mr Mayor: The chapter focused on the battle, as that was a very important part - in FRTC, Tony was treated as 'the 3rd guy' and his character was undeveloped. Tony now has a much better and much interpreted character, and we can now see the circumstances of a proper battle between two of the original 3.

Raichu: It's a big favor, and it's cool i guess. Just wait and see, cos i dont wanna give anything away ;)

Oakbark: He managed to do well against Mak's Teddiursa...lol. He'll learn, but through his fights he HAS picked up expirience, even if he didn't win...

Dragonfree: Well, it was 2-2, last Pokemon standing wins. Seaking and Electabuzz were both knocked out in that match, thats why they were both recaleld. Tony won. Pidgey is weak, i know, but Chris wants him to evolve so badly! Rika's kidnap is bad...could it have been James Holmes?

Thanks for the replies, people! Chapter 11 up Monday. And i'm writing Chapter 19, 'Fear Factor'. Tales of Treachery has ended, being 4 chapters long, and it is a shocking set of chapters, as Sandra and Krystal battle, Al has the oppertunity to SHOOT Sandra, and Chris makes plans to head to Lavender Town...on his own...

Mr Mayor
5th April 2003, 02:18 PM
:o Next few chapters sound interesting. I can't wait for them...

5th April 2003, 03:15 PM
great chapters!!!!! pidgey seems to always get beaten up by more experienced trainers, so maybe Chris needs to do some training seperatly. cant wait till they meet Al! his Scyther seems to be well trained. Chris' grandma seems to be a bit on the, how do you say, unfriendly side. cant wait for the next update! cya!:wave:

5th April 2003, 03:44 PM
Sorry about the poke fic talk- i deleted my last post to show i didn't mean it. Its just so easy to get carried away..........

-zips up mouth before he can talk about fic again-

Chris 2.1
6th April 2003, 03:54 AM
Mr Mayor: Oh, thanks! Team they're pretty interesting, and peel away from trainerishness and more into real matters, as you'll see. How are you doing with FRTC?

Ultra_Poke2000: Maybe he does...or maybe it's something else...Al's Scyther is wickedly strong. It's cool, as is Tyrogue and Gyrados. Grandma is vicious! argh!

Oakbark: No sweat dude, i've done it before, too ^^. I know, its easy to get carried away. Oh, and i'm about to PM you with some info regarding Dane in Chapter 19...

Mr Mayor
6th April 2003, 06:39 AM
Originally posted by ShinyMarill
How are you doing with FRTC?

I assume to mean TBAM, and it's coming alond quite well. I need advice though. I've got all these awsome ideas in my head, but when it comes time to write them down, it is much harder then I thought.:confused:

Chris 2.1
6th April 2003, 08:30 AM
no, i mean the original From Rookie To Champion - weren't you reading it as well?

Mr Mayor
6th April 2003, 08:47 AM
Oh, I understand now. Sorry, my mistake.

The past week was very, very busy, and I got next to no reading done. I intend to do a bit more today. So far I have finished 29 Chapters.

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How can I put this? ...
Ok, flashback. It's friday night. I have just got back home from a very fun party, had a shower, and go to my room. I'm not planning on going to bed any time soon, so I go online. Cut to going to pokemasters. Eventually, I end up here. Closer inspection shows me that this is a sequal to a fic that I had started to read a long time ago. I decide to start reading it over. 80 chapters later and I am here congratulating you on such a successful fic. n_n Because I read it all in one (HUGE) block, I could literally see your writing skills develop. I can't wait to continue to read this fic, you have hooked another reader. ^_~

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Mr Mayor: no problem! Anyway, Chapter 29 is...erm....Domino, isn't it? Yea, i remember that one, and watch out, as Domino comes back sooner or later.

Raichu2: Can i call you Raichu2? we have two rai's here at The Indigo Road :P. i can sorta remember you, and i like your sig! Looks gr8 8). I am so glad you like the new fic, and i hope you stick around!

yay, a new reader, an old friend! Chapter 11 guys!


The Indigo Road
Chapter 11 - Tony and Cerulean Gym
By Shinymarill


“Come on, let’s go!” I cried. Krystal and I headed off to the Cerulean Gym to get another badge. I was still unsure of whom to use: Pidgey would be an excellent choice, as he wasn’t limited to the floats like my other Pokemon. However, he was weak, and I didn’t know weather or not I could rely on him.

I decided he could take out one of Misty’s Pokemon. I was sure of it. I’d start with him, and probably use Bulbasaur to follow up…although I was still unsure of my third Pokemon.

“Chris” Krystal said, as we approached the Gym. I let her continue. “I want you to do something for me”
“Oh” I said, unsure of what I could say to be honest. “What is it?”

Krystal fumbled for a Pokeball on her belt and handed it to me. “Use Kingdra in the match; he desperately needs to get out there and battle, and I know you can do that for me”

“Thanks!” I said happily. This could be my secret weapon against Misty. Tony was tough yesterday, but I bet Misty was hard as nails! I decided to sue Pidgey, Kecleon and Kingdra: Bulbasaur was a tad weak to be battling something so important.

We arrived at the Gym. Entering, we found it full up with Remoraid and Goldeen swimming peacefully, as trainers stood on the planks and walkways to spectate. We approached the water arena, as Misty wandered over to us.

“Hey there” She called, her voice bouncing off the delicate walls of the large building. “I hear you made short work of my apprentice”

I watched, as Tony (who was behind Misty) winked at me. He was such a good friend to me!
“Yea, and I’ll do the same to you” I spat.

“Yea, right!” Misty said, drawing a Pokeball from her belt. It was a deep purple colour. “Go, Dragonair!”

Her ball opened and revealed a wonderful blue snake. It was slender and long, with a beautiful set of wing-like ears either side of its face. A large bead was on its neck, and a graceful horn on its forehead.

“Whoa!” Krystal exclaimed from behind me. “Dragonair are thought to have been extinct!”
I gasped. These things must be rare. And Powerful, too. I prepared to battle, but whom should I use against such a large threat? This was strong, so I needed to use something as good.

“Kingdra, you’re up!” I shouted, releasing Krystal’s seahorse. It bobbed up and down in the waves playfully, before facing the lovely Dragonair. “Use an aurora beam!”

Kingdra leapt into the air and spun around, before blasting a beautiful beam of rainbow colours out his snout towards Dragonair. Dragonair shot underwater and out of the way.

“Now! Hydro pump!” Misty cried. This Gym was tough, using such a powerful attack on me!
“Underwater! Now!” I snapped, as Kingdra ducked under the waves and under the sea.

Dragonair soon followed through and shot forward at Kingdra. Kingdra was hit, but he soon shook the blood from his wound. Kingdra then blasted a smokescreen from his snout and filled the arena with a thick cloud.

“Dragonair!” Misty cried. “Get up!”
Dragonair swam back to the surface and burst out, gasping. She shook her head, and turned to look for Kingdra.

“Now! Whirlpool!” I cried. Kingdra slinked down to the corner of the pool and a small whirlpool twisted from his snout. It grew and grew, before dragging the water in a surging circle shape.

“Dragonair! Watch out!” Misty cried. A smile spread across my face. Her fate was sealed…



I raced through the wood, unable to get them out of my thoughts. Sandra, Duncan, Mike and Lilly pursued me on foot. Mike and Lilly were both grunts, getting 1st hand experience of Duncan and Sandra: They were both Elites.

“Yanma, get him!” Mike bellowed. His Yanma tore through the sparsely populated wood after me, my heart thumping against my chest heavily. Tyrogue, who was by my side, raced forward and smacked Yanma in the face.

“Keep going!” Mike cried, as Yanma came for another blow. Tyrogue leapt to the left as Yanma flew forward, and leapt back as he came again. Yanma fluttered back to Mike, as Lilly got a Pokeball out.

“Butterfree, attack!” She cried. Her Butterfree emerged to take me down, but I wasn’t going to lose so easily. Tyrogue leapt up to attack, but Butterfree shot forward and knocked Tyrogue into me.

I clutched my arm and fell down. Tyrogue seemed all right, so he stood infront of me to defend me from the rockets. God bless him.

“Get them!” Sandra snapped, as Butterfree and Yanma flew at me. Tyrogue launched a rapid spin forward to repel them, but they wouldn’t give up.

“Come on” Duncan said, as Sandslash joined the fray. “Just give in, you job deserter”
“NEVER!” I screamed. I kicked Duncan in the shin before Tyrogue and me tore through the forest.

“He’s tough” Duncan growled, nursing his shin. “Sandslash! Pin missile!”
I whimpered slightly as the pins smacked against my back. I roared in pain and turned, facing the four deceiving figures.

“Fine” I said. “Beat me in a match and I’ll come back to Saffron”
“Ok then” Sandra said, walking up to me. She stroked my chin with one finger, before forcing a heel onto my toe.

“Come” She continued, as Mike and Lilly grabbed one of my arms each. They tugged me off, as I became slightly worried about my decision…



Dragonair slithered out of the water and blasted an ice beam at Kingdra. Kingdra fired one back, causing a large ice orb to form in the center. The orb dropped and smashed, as Dragonair and Kingdra continued to battle.

“Finish it with hyper beam!” I cried. Kingdra glowed white around the edges as he leapt into the air. His snout had an orange orb in it, as he blasted an intense hyper beam forward. It smashed into Dragonair and knocked her out.

“Return!” Misty cried. “Staryu, go!”
Her ball opened and revealed the same Pokemon Whitney once had. I remembered that battle with Nidoran and how he evolved…

“This will be a cinch,” I told Kingdra. “Water gun!”
A precise dart of water was shot from Kingdra’s snout at Staryu. Staryu was hit, but it didn’t seem to bother. It leapt out the water onto a yellow float and continued the match.

“Rapid spin!” Misty cooed lightly. Staryu spun from its float and through the air, smashing into Kingdra as it hit the water. Kingdra backed away as Staryu repeated the attack.

“Kingdra! Smokescreen!” I cried. Kingdra ducked underwater and blasted a stream of ink out. Staryu, now underwater, had a hard time finding Kingdra, but its pulsating core shone brightly, allowing Kingdra to see Staryu.

“Headbutt!” I shouted. Kingdra drove its hard head through the smoke and smashed Staryu something awful. Staryu shot back, but then rapidly flew forward and tackled Kingdra.

“Swift!” Misty cried. Staryu shot into the air and blasted a barrage of small yellow stars at Kingdra. Kingdra was peppered by the attack and ducked underwater. Staryu landed on a float and prepared to strike again.

“Thunderbolt!” Misty cried. Staryu’s core glowed yellow as it blasted a surge of electricity forward into the water. Kingdra cried its name as it became electrocuted.

“No!” I cried, watching Kingdra close its eyes wearily. I recalled it and pocketed the ball, before getting Pidgey’s Pokeball out. Maybe I could do this…
“Go!” I roared, hurling Pidgey’s Pokeball out.

Pidgey appeared and faced Staryu, who looked more than ready.
“Quick attack!” I shouted. Staryu may be fast, but I bet Pidgey’s quick attack could do the trick.

Pidgey shot forward and hit Staryu, knocking it back slightly. Staryu shot stars forward as Pidgey soared through the sky and evaded the attacks. Pidgey then turned, before shooting forward at Staryu.

“Water gun!” Misty cried. Staryu shot a water gun forward at Pidgey, but he soared out of the way again. Staryu’s core then throbbed a vibrant yellow…

“Thunderbolt! Now!” She cried, as Staryu blasted the attack. Pidgey shot out of the way just in time, but Staryu fired the attack numerous times. I knew Pidgey could evade the attacks someway…

“Pidgey! Quick attack through the air!” I yelled. Pidgey shot forward as a white streak streamed behind him. Suddenly, the white streak became lighter until it was a silvery colour. Pidgey learned agility!

However, the glow soon took over Pidgey and absorbed him inside. Pidgey glowed, as his wings shot out bigger and bolder. His whole body grew, as a red hair crest became visible on his head, and tail feathers of pink and brown shot out from behind him.

“Pidgeotto!” I cried, happiness taking over my body. “Yes!”
“The wait’s finally over” Tony said. “Good job!”

“Staryu! Tackle!” Misty cried. Staryu shot forward on its side, but Pidgeotto sliced through the air and out the way! I was amazed at the speed of this amazing Pokemon.

“Steel wing!” I ordered. Pidgeotto became a glowing silver streak as he shot through the air and smashed into Staryu. Staryu stumbled back and into the water, its core smashed.

“Return!” Misty cried. “You’ve done a good job so far”
“Thanks” I said casually, as Pidgeotto flapped above me.
“But beat this!” Misty cried. “Go, Squirtle!”

A cute Squirtle emerged and faced Pidgeotto off. It was Tony’s! I stared at Tony, as he winked at me and gave me the thumbs up.

“Peck!” I cried, as Pidgeotto shot through the air and slammed into Squirtle. Squirtle stumbled backwards, before plunging into the water. Squirtle got himself back on the float.

“Squirtle!” He said, blasting a water gun forward. Pidgeotto shot out the way and flew down to deliver a quick attack. He shot forward at Squirtle, but the tiny turtle leapt into the water and evaded the attack. Pidgeotto turned sharply and scanned the water for any sign of its target.

“Now! Rapid spin!” Misty shouted. Squirtle popped inside his shell and shot out of the water, flying through the air and smacking Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto flapped his wings to stay in the air.

“Quick attack!” I cried, as Pidgeotto shot forward and slammed into Squirtle. Squirtle fell back, but launched a water gun from his mouth at my new bird. He shot out the way and turned, before flapping a whirlwind forward to keep Squirtle at bay.

“Try a bubblebeam!” Misty suggested. Squirtle was about to breathe in, but Pidgeotto shot forward and rammed him in the chest. Squirtle fell back, and shut his eyes.
“Come on!” Misty cried.

Squirtle just lay there. Tony stepped forward.
“He doesn’t want to battle anymore,” Tony explained. “Pidgeotto has too much stamina”

Misty gave Tony the ball, and Tony recalled his friend.
“Nice job” Misty said. “I assure you, I can battle better, but I have a lot on my mind…personal life and such…”

“I understand,” I said kindly. Problem’s in bed, no doubt…

“Here’s the Cascade badge!” Misty said. She pulled an earring off, and I saw it was a blue glass tear. It looked like the dewdrop badge, which was a turquoise colour. I added it into by badge case, and admired the two badges.

“Good job, Pidgeotto” I said to my friend, as he flapped down. He perched on my outstretched arm, and I felt a strong surge of pride inside me. Kecleon was with Krystal, and looked pretty annoyed at how chummy Pidgeotto was with me.

“What are you guys doing tomorrow?” Tony asked me.
“Gee…erm…I’m not sure” Krystal began. “We could spend another day in town, couldn’t we?”

“Yea” I replied.
“Well, why don’t we go up to Cerulean cape?” Tony asked us. “There are some wild Pokemon up there, they have massive battles…it’d be great!”

“Sure” Krystal said. “We’ll meet you outside the Gym at 12:00 tomorrow, ok?”
“Ok by me” Tony said. “See ya!”

We wandered out of the Gym and towards a travel lodge, my new Pidgeotto on my shoulder. Kecleon looked at him sternly, as did Marill. I hope Pidgeotto got on with this bunch…



I sat in the tree, watching the reserve flash before me. It was nighttime. My talons released their grip from the tree branch I grasped on, and I took off through Pontaricò, scowering for food.

I shot across the town square and saw a little Rattata chewing and gnawing on some food. My wings made no noise in flight, so I shot down and screeched loudly, before stabbing him with my beak and clasping him with my talons.

“Thanks” I purred, shooting through the town. On the roof of Helmsworth’s laboratory, I nibbled on the Rattata pleasantly. I looked out to sea, faintly able to see Catcalina, my home Island. I wonder how all my friends were doing…

I suddenly heard a noise. I watched, as a large removal van pulled up infront of the laboratory. Who was it? My eyes watched evermore as a figure got out. It was…it was a man…I didn’t know him…

“Right, let’s get moving,” He said. “We want to get those Pokemon, so you lot all get in”
“Right” The other people chanted. They had leapt out the back of the van. “What shall we do with her?”

They were talking about a girl inside the van. I moved over the roof slightly to get a better look. Still I could see nothing.
“Keep her here” The man said. “The Trueman family will pay a lot for her whereabouts”

The Trueman’s? That’s where Nidoran and Nidoran came with Chris and Krystal. Could it be…Rika?

Rika was fast asleep and tied up in the back of the van. I watched eagerly.
“Mr Holmes” One of the rockets said. “Are you ready sir?”

“Yes” Holmes said. “You all go into the laboratory. Take as much as you can, but don’t get carried away . Keep two Pokemon back so we can use them to frame her with”

So, they were planning to steal some Pokemon off Professor Helmsworth, and use two to frame Rika! I couldn’t believe it. I had to stop them. Before I could tell myself what I was doing, I watched the grunts lay Rika down outside the lab in a ‘fall position’, and run inside. They’d presumably picked the lock.

I then cooed loudly, before shooting down at Holmes. I latched onto his head and yanked his hair, cooing savagely. It felt good hearing that man scream and yell. I flapped back, and launched myself forward, jousting him in the cheek with my beak.

“What the bloody hell?” Holmes remarked, running back from me. I then flapped forward again, slapping him with one of my wings. I could see out the corner of my eye Rika stirring.

“What’s going on?” She asked. I then scratched Holmes across the face with my talons, before Headbutting him into the side of the van. He fell to the ground, unconscious.

I flapped over and ripped the ropes binding Rika. She looked for her Pokeballs. Those rockets had stolen them, most likely. We had to get them back before the grunts came out the building.

I soared over to the back of the van, and Rika and I searched inside. Soon enough (and sooner than we expected), 4 Pokeballs lay in the back, which Rika took and clipped onto her belt.

“Great” She said, smiling. She stared at me for a second. “Do you belong to Chris? Chris Haruka?”
I nodded my head politely. Rika gasped.

“Thankyou very much” She said to me. “Now, let’s get to work”

After we locked Holmes in the van and shut the back door, Rika told me of her story.
“James Holmes is the leader of Team Rocket” She began. “But it’s been referred to as ‘The Holmes Organisation’ now. My father and Mother own a farm, remember?

I nodded, and clicked my tongue. I remember playing hide and seek there, which was lame and boring. Just because Chris hadn’t seen the 4th Pokemon movie, he made up his own little idea.

“Well anyway” She continued. “James wants to own the farm, because we get a lot of income and whatnot. He’s been round a lot of times to get us, and last time he launched a Golem and a flock of Graveller onto my Pokemon and me! Nidoking and Nidoqueen helped, but we were no match for them. I suppose they’re just getting they’re own back”

I clicked my tongue again and agreed. Stupid Chris. He had to travel over the seas to get some action, while I just had to eavesdrop on a criminal gang as they spilled their secret plans…the chump…


next Chapter - Cape Fear

-Chris and Krystal meet Tony and climb up Cerulean Cape for the day. There, they meet Narinder, a girl who is into Pokemon like them. She challanges Chris to a match...
“Agility” I said bitterly. Umbreon’s rings glowed a bright white, before he simply dashed across the arena away from Blaziken’s blows. The Pokemon looked confused, but nonetheless remained calm.

-And Sandra's plans all sail smoothly as she continues her job
“NO!” He roared. I knew somebody would have heard. Our plan had been dented, so we must act fast.
“Hypnosis!” I shouted loudly. Starmie then transmitted red waves through the air at Al, which in a matter of seconds weighed his eyes down.

-Suzie becomes surprised as she feeds all the Pokemon in the garden, what could it be?
I ran over to the glowing cocoon, and watched as the light that wrapped around it slowly moved up into the air. It left the ground and morphed into the shape of a large moth, which, as the light died down, had a purple body with green wings. It fluttered around, its large eyes blinking.

All continues on thursday, as the Indigo Road whisks us othrough Cerulean!

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Great chapter SM, though I wonder why Chris wants to collect badges if he is only after Articuno.
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Heres chapter 12! where is everybody? ARGH....


The Indigo Road
Chapter 12 - Cape Fear
By Shinymaril


After a rough night at the travel lodge and a rather crisp breakfast, Krystal and Me headed through town to find Tony. We were meeting him at the Gym, and heading out at Cerulean Cape for some battles and a nice day out.

“We should really be pressing on” Krystal sighed. “Seafoam Village isn’t for miles and miles yet – it’s about three cities away!”
“Calm down” I told her. “We have all the time in the world to worry about Articuno”

We met Tony, who had Mudkip and Squirtle out. Kecleon soon became acquainted with Tony’s rather timid Mudkip, while Marill caught up with Squirtle. The four Pokemon followed us as we proceeded up the gentle bike slope.

“They have some great trainers up at the cape,” Tony told us. “But a lot of people train up there having lost to Misty, so you’ll win a few brawls”
“Great” I said. “We could do with some training, right Kecleon?”

Kecleon nodded. He kept talking to Mudkip.

Soon enough, a small kid shot down the path on his bike. Tony pushed Krystal and myself out of the way, before mouthing off at the kid who disappeared into the large city.

“Stupid bastards” Tony uttered. “They’re not supposed to free wheel down here”

Soon, we found ourselves at the top of the hill. We wandered along through the pine trees until we found a picnic bench and a campfire. The campfire was a collection of glowing embers and ashes, probably used the previous night.

“Let’s grab some lunch, then” Tony said, getting his bag off his back. He pulled out some chicken sandwiches, tuna, and egg mayonnaise and bacon rolls. Everybody let his or her Pokemon out, Kingdra, Mudkip and Squirtle swimming in a nearby pond.

Granbull and Electabuzz sat on the table, as did Charizard. Umbreon and Bulbasaur lay on the ground, although they seemed to show resent towards the other. Pidgeotto circled the sky happily, keeping away from everybody else.

“Pidgeotto seems a little antisocial” Krystal said, watching the impressive bird from the safe refuge of her bench.
“He does, doesn’t he?” Tony said. I was outraged. I’d wanted Pidgeotto for a long time, and now he finally got one, those two just nitpicked at it?

“He’s perfect just the way he is,” I snapped. “Bulbasaur, fancy some food?”
Bulbasaur stirred, before getting up. As he trotted past Umbreon, I noticed the dark type trip him up. Bulbasaur landed on his face, giving Umbreon time to get up.

Umbreon walked over to me, but Bulbasaur brought out two vines and wrapped them around Umbreon’s legs.
“Umbree!” He snapped. He turned to face Bulbasaur.

“Don’t fight!” I pleaded infront of my Pokemon. Bulbasaur ran forward and aimed a headbutt at Umbreon, but he shot to the left, causing the grass Pokemon to slam into a leg of the bench.

The bench collapsed, and we leapt off rationally. I scorned Umbreon and Bulbasaur.
“When you’re on my team, then you’re friends” I snapped. Kecleon ran over from collapsing onto Krystal and joined my side.

I recalled Bulbasaur and Umbreon.
“Well, that foods all wasted” Tony said, looking at the sandwiches littering the floor. Granbull patted his stomach, before walking forward for some food.

“You big lump” I chuckled, watching Granbull make a beeline for the discarded food. However, high in the sky, Pidgeotto watched with interest. He then tore down through the sky towards the food, shooting back up with a mouthful of bacon.

“Hey!” Tony snapped. “Mooching old canary”
I grumbled at the word ‘mooching’. Pidgeotto flew ahead of us as the large group walked on, (Mudkip, Squirtle, Kecleon, Marill, Electabuzz, Granbull, Charizard, Mareep, Pidgeotto, me, Krystal and Tony)

Kingdra safe in his ball, we walked through the wood. Our group was certainly large. We then broke out the woods and came to a marble arena set in sand. A boy was using a Scizor against a girl and her Medicham.

“Get them!” The girl cried. She was of an Asian culture, with a white gown on. She had black plaited hair and her Medicham had a focus band on her wrists. “Use double kick!”

Medicham forced its legs forward at Scizor and pummelled him back. Scizor shot into the air and turned, before shooting back down at the Medicham.
“Light screen!” She cried. Medicham created a pink barrier, before Scizor slammed against it.

“Return!” The boy shouted. He walked off, before I ran onto the arena.
“Hey there” I said to the girl. “I’m Chris”

“I am Narinder,” The girl said. “Would you like a battle?”
“Yes please” I said. “A 3-3?”

“Fine by me” Narinder said. “Tentei, can you battle?”
Tentei must have been Medicham’s nickname. Tentei nodded, and got in a fighting stance. It was so weird!

“Electabuzz, come” I said, as Electabuzz parted the large group. He faced off against Tentei. Tentei remained calm.
“Thunderpunch!” I roared. Electabuzz’ fist brimmed with electrical force as he drove it forward at Tentei.

“Tentei! Lilly skip!” Narinder cried. Tentei leapt gracefully through the air, evading the Thunderpunch. She turned, and launched a kick into Electabuzz’ face, causing him to collapse.

“Get up!” I cried. “Thunderbolt!”
“Keep it up!” Narinder roared. Tentei kept leaping away from the attack, which was driving me mad.

“Now! Psybeam!” Narinder cried. Tentei crossed its arms in the air, and they glowed purple. Within seconds, she blasted an extreme purple beam from them right at Electabuzz.

Stumbling back, Electabuzz clutched his forehead and prepared to strike again. Tentei leapt into the air and delivered a fast pummelling double kick with her two large legs. Electabuzz screwed his black eye as he kept being forced backwards.

“Quick! Thunderbolt!” I roared. Electabuzz, still weary from the kicks, released a large surge of electricity into Tentei’s body, shocking her and sending her back. She stumbled around aimlessly for a second.

“Now! Mega kick!” I shouted. Electabuzz swung his foot around and smacked Tentei in the jaw, sending her collapsing onto the ground. Narinder looked shocked, and held out the gorgeous ball.

“Return” She said boldly. “Good job”
“That thing’s strong” I commented, as Narinder got out another gorgeous ball. I hoped it wasn’t some stupid prima Donna Pokemon…

“Go, Ferneux!” Narinder cried, throwing out her next ball. It sounded like ‘Ferno’, possibly from the word inferno?
The ball opened up and formed into a Blaziken. It roared loudly, the glowing parts of its feet throbbing vibrantly.

“Oh man” Krystal said, gasping at the sheer…sheer amazingness of this majestic Pokemon.



I was losing my tether with Granny. She was really driving me mad with her Taillow: it squawked and rattled its cage every night! I needed sleep!

I walked into the reserve with Corona to feed our Pokemon. I took the large sack of Pokemon food that was on Corona’s back and sprinkled it around, causing our Pokemon to run over.

Tim’s Cyndaquil ran over for a feed, while Chris’ Weezing shot forward for a little grub. My Politoad came, too, and we continued to spread the food around. We approached ‘Cascoon’s garden’, which was the name we gave for the clutch of flowers littering around Chris’ grumpy Pokemon. It was attracted to flowers and such, so I think it’s going to evolve soon…

Tim’s Typhlosion and Arcanine took some food off us before we continued to the back of the reserve. I was sick to death of doing this: It was Tim’s turn this week!


“And Blastoise has beaten Slaking!” The announcer cried. “Lewis Adams is sending out another Pokemon!”
I watched the Miami League tournament with Tim. I’m sure I’d seen that fat kid before…

“Go, Scyther!” Lewis shouted. Scyther faced off against Malcolm’s Blastoise. I was keen to see how the match went, but Lewis was really doing badly. Blastoise was Malcolm’s second Pokemon, and Scyther was Lewis’ fourth and last Pokemon.

“This is boring,” I declared. Grandma slumped herself down onto the cough next to Wobbuffet and snatched the remote.
“I want to watch Doreus” Grandma declared. “It’s the season finale”

We switched over to an old man with a Zimmer frame.
“Well…this is a case old Doreus can’t solve” The man said, moving a wrinkled hand through his wiry hair.

“No!” Grandma gasped. “Doreus, check the drawer! There’s a gun in the drawer!”
“Hold it right there, gramps” a voice said. Doreus turned to see a man standing in the doorway with a gun. “You’re days of stumbling across the street and slipping on ice are over”

“Oh my” Doreus said. Grandma gasped.
“No!” She screamed, as the adverts came on. I got up, and together with Wobbuffet walked outside.

We walked along the moonlit garden and into the reserve, where a white light shot from Cascoon’s garden. I ran over, Bayleef coming after me. She was originally asleep in the front part of the reserve, but she awoke and followed me.

I ran over to the glowing cocoon, and watched as the light that wrapped around it slowly moved up into the air. It left the ground and morphed into the shape of a large moth, which, as the light died down, had a purple body with green wings. It fluttered around, its large eyes blinking.

“Dustox!” I cried, staring at the Pokemon. It was rather ugly compared to the alternate evolution, Beautifly, but I’m sure Chris would be pleased all the same. I watched in fascination. Nothing could ruin this moment…

“Suzie!” Mum cried. “Grandma needs a sponge bath”



I looked at Blaziken. It roared loudly, before the round begun.
“Thunderpunch!” I roared. Growling, Electabuzz drove his fist forward at Ferneux, but the wily Pokemon knelt down and sprung into the air.

In mid air, Ferneux swung his legs around rapidly, before shooting down with an outstretched foot and slamming it into Electabuzz’ face. Electabuzz stumbled back from the searing heat coming off Blaziken’s foot.

“Thunderbolt!” I roared. I felt angry with Blaziken, sorrow for Electabuzz and anticipation for the fight. Electabuzz clutched his fists and roared his name as he issued a blast of electricity from his body into the air. Arching down, it shot forward at Blaziken.

“Upper Sky!” Narinder ordered. Blaziken looked down, as he clenched his fists with rage. A navy aura filled his body as he opened his once shuteyes, and he stared forward at Electabuzz. Within seconds, he shot into the air, a white streak shooting behind him.

Watching, Electabuzz waited for the strike as Blaziken shot back down. He was a white and navy streak as he headed for my Pokemon, which couldn’t be good. Blaziken struck into Electabuzz and sent him sprawling back onto the ground.

Lying on the ground, Electabuzz waited to be recalled. I wanted him to keep going, but there was no point forcing him. I caught a glimpse of his scar from the Miami League - a gash from where Crobat had drained all his energy and left him white. I shuddered, before getting the ball out.

“Return” I said bleakly. I attached the ball onto my belt and selected my next Pokemon. Granbull and Umbreon were tough enough to take him down, so I decided to play by speed and select my dark Umbreon.

“Let’s go!” I cried, throwing the moon ball out. Umbreon emerged from the flash of light, and faced off against the much larger, better built Blaziken. I was slightly worried, as Umbreon was smaller in comparison, but I hoped his telepathy could help us here.

“Fire punch!” Came Narinder’s cry. Blaziken grumbled, before his fist glowed and brimmed with a passionate red glow. He then swung it back, forcing it forward soon after at Umbreon.

“Agility” I said bitterly. Umbreon’s rings glowed a bright white, before he simply dashed across the arena away from Blaziken’s blows. The Pokemon looked confused, but nonetheless remained calm.

“Ember shower!” Narinder ordered. Blaziken’s yellow parts of his legs throbbed violently, as he started to spew streaks of fire around the arena. I stood back, worried, although I knew I was safe. I feared for Umbreon: He was doing an excellent job dodging this constant surge of magma flowing across the arena.

It soon beckoned upon my gentle senses that I had no control over the match. Umbreon was using the attack I had commanded, but he was the one using precision jumping and evasion techniques, while Narinder and Blaziken were just making things worse.

“Strike! Quick attack!” I cried. Umbreon shot forward, appearing for a brief moment and tackling Blaziken in the stomach quickly. Blaziken tumbled back, but avoided falling by leaping into the air and landing quickly.

“Show him a fire punch!” Narinder ordered. Blaziken thrust a flaming fist forward, and he smacked Umbreon in the face. Umbreon shot across the ground, but he soon got back up.

“Quickly! Shadow ball!” I cut in. Umbreon was preparing to fire the attack, but we heard a loud roar in the forest ahead. I turned suddenly, and I could clearly see Narinder, Krystal and Tony had done the same.

“What was that?” Narinder asked herself curiously. “Ferneux, let’s go”
“Hey, you can’t go on your own” Krystal said. “Let’s go, Marill”
I decided to follow, Umbreon and Kecleon by my side. Tony and Squirtle also followed.



“Now!” I roared. “Psychic!”
Starmie’s core pulsated with a hard vibrant glow. Within seconds, it managed to transmit the aura onto Al, who was battling with Scyther.

“NO!” He roared. I knew somebody would have heard. Our plan had been dented, so we must act fast.
“Hypnosis!” I shouted loudly. Starmie then transmitted red waves through the air at Al, which in a matter of seconds weighed his eyes down.

“Nighty night” I said sweetly, watching him collapse to the ground. Scyther moved forward.
“Attack!” I snapped. Duncan ordered Sandslash to attack, and Lilly and Mike sent Yanma and Butterfree out.

Scyther was being beaten badly. I laughed sadistically. Al couldn’t run forever…and I had been assigned to track him down and catch him again. I’d explain in detail…but I can’t. It’s exclusive information, and I don’t know how many of you are reading this…

There was then a loud thump, as a Blaziken smashed through the forest. Four kids were seen, as well as an Umbreon, a Kecleon, a Marill and a Squirtle. I recognised two kids from the Pewter City incident.

“Look!” The familiar kid cried. He ran over to Al. “It’s Al!”
“Is he alright?” The familiar girl asked, walking over. They nursed him slightly, as their Pokemon watched. The other male stepped forward.

“What have you done to him?” He inquired. I stepped forward with Starmie.
“He’s fast asleep,” I said. “And he won’t wake for a while”

“What’s going on, anyway?” The Indian girl asked.
“Just keep your red dot out of this, you” I sneered. The rockets chuckled, as I stared at her with disgust.

“Make Me,” She hissed back. “Ferneux! Cross chop!”
Her Blaziken shot forward at us and released a cross of energy into Mike’s face. He tumbled back, his nose clearly broken, while holding the constant gush of blood back with his free hand.

“Water gun!” I ordered Starmie.
“Narinder! Hold those lot off!” The familiar male said. “Krystal, you too”

We now knew the girls names.

“Tony, you go and help Chris” Krystal said. I smiled. We knew the names of the group, so we advanced a step further. Tony ran over to help Chris, while Krystal and Narinder prepared to battle.

“Return, Ferneux” Narinder said. I was curious at her action: Blaziken was in top shape, why did she switch?

“Nayru, attack!” Narinder cried, throwing a nest ball out. It opened up and formed into a Swablu. The little Swablu fluttered around Narinder. Krystal sent her Marill up against us.



I stood over Al, gently slapping him across the face. He still hadn’t woken yet. Squirtle tugged my sleeve slightly, before I turned to him.
“Water gun!”

Squirtle shot a blast of water forward into Al’s face, causing him to splutter and cough. He stood up, looking around. I put my hand on his shoulder.

“Are you alright?” I heard Chris ask. Al nodded, before looking around. I turned, and saw Narinder and a Swablu battling the rockets with Krystal and Marill.

“Fine, I’m fine” He said, looking around. He recalled a worn Scyther, which I had forgotten about. I didn’t really like this situation: A boy being hypnotised by a group of Team Rocket members: Al even wore a slightly ripped, muddy team rocket outfit.

“I need to go” Al said to us. He pushed me away, before he raced forward through the forest. I prepared to go after him.

“Come back!” Chris cried. I stopped Chris. That kid can just leave a safe place and head into danger. It’s his fault, it you ask me. Running away from care and into a sour world of hatred is a bad idea. Maybe I’m just different to Chris.

I suddenly heard a familiar scream, and turned, to see Swablu and Marill on the ground, beaten by this one Starmie. The Starmie had held Krystal into the air, Narinder watching with a scared expression plastered across her face.

“Chris!” I snapped. “Help us out!”
Chris released Pidgeotto and I sent out Squirtle. Yanma and Sandslash raced at us, and we engaged in a battle.

I kept my eyes focused on ours.
“Squirtle! Water gun!”

Squirtle blasted the attack at Yanma, but he shot out the way. Yanma became a mere blur as he tackled Squirtle. My friend got up, and ran forward at the green dragonfly. However, Yanma shot into the sky.

“Tackle!” I cried. Squirtle leapt into the air and hit Yanma, sending him crashing down to earth. “Now water gun!”

Squirtle leapt high into the air and fired a water gun, soaking Yanma’s wings and leaving him helpless. Squirtle then leapt up high, before slamming onto Yanma’s dripping body.

“Return!” Mike said, recalling Yanma. Squirtle then said his name, before he glowed bright white. I gasped. He was evolving! His shell became bigger and a large, fluffy tail billowed out the back. His skin was a darker, more navy blue, while he gained two powerful ears either side of his face.

“Wartortle” He said, in a rather grim voice. I hugged him happily.
“You finally evolved!” I told him, as Chris, Krystal and Narinder watched. I was so happy! Misty might finally start to like me if she saw this guy!

“Hey, look!” Chris said. “The rockets have gone!”
He was right. They must have left almost immediately after I beat Yanma. I presumed Pidgeotto beat Sandslash.

“Never mind” Tony said. “I’ll pay them back someday”


We had bid farewell to Narinder and headed back down the cape, all the while Krystal commenting on Swablu. She loved that little guy! We walked to the Gym and healed everybody’s Pokemon.

“I got you all something to remember me by” I said to them, as they stood by the town gates. I got out the first box and handed it to Chris. He opened it with anticipation.

“Those are for Granbull,” I told him. “They’re focus bands”
Instead of the usual black wristbands with diamond studs, this was a silver band with black studs. Chris released his Pokemon and attached them onto his wrists. “They’ll keep him going longer in matches”

“Thanks” Chris said to me, hugging me. I’d never hugged another male, but Chris was a really close friend. It didn’t mean anything, anyway.
“Good luck” I told him.

Krystal walked forward, and I got out her present. I handed it to her.
“Oh, Thankyou!” She cried. I had gotten her a beautiful gold ring for her finger, with a sapphire K in the center. She slipped it on and flashed it.

“It’s beautiful,” She said to me. I smiled. Krystal pecked me on the cheek, before stepping back.
“We’ll meet again” I told them, smiling. They walked off into the sunset, as I waved my closest friends off. I’d really miss them…

I turned, Wartortle by my side, and walked back to the Gym. I was pretty happy - happy for my friends, happy for Wartortle. He evolved! I’d had him ages, and never thought he had wanted to, but it looked like Misty was one step closer to being with me than ever before…

Next Chapter - Suspension, badges and battles
-Megan and Jet get back from their living hell on Dunwurray Island, to be greeted by James:
“Now, you two are in no shape to be working for me” James said. “Consider yourself suspended from work until further notice”

-Smeargle gets sent home to the Haruka Household after Professor Oak is done researching him, but he should make friends!
“Why, are you making another salad?” I sneered. “Next time, don’t use nettles, ok? They have these things called ‘thorns’ that actually hurt people who have a sense of taste”

“Go to hell!” Wobbuffet snapped. He charged at me, jousting his tennis racquet at me with all his might. I used my lively body to shoot out the way. Sunflora and Wigglytuff sure did enjoy this!

-Molly has a shot at entering the next league, and she's already in Mahogany Town!
Thudding, Dewgong lay on his back, his eyes closed. I stared blankly at Dewgong’s body…had I done the right thing? I was impressed by Politoad’s power, but as I watched her pant uncontrollably, I reminded myself of how much energy it takes out of you.

-But where is Chris?

All on Monday...

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Great chapter SM, though I wonder why Chris isn't in chapter 13, also will Chris's Cascoon evolve into Dustox? I think he would be a great POV.

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I liked this chapter, can not wiat till monday. Oh I might nor reply since it would be spring break for me. Anyway, Pidgeotto is attisocail, he is then my best freind. You use a lot of starters you know that? Bulba, Blaze, Blast, Char, Cynda, Typholions

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Heh, I hope there will be a lot more of Grandma, she's so funny! :D The chapter was a bit confusing at some points, but I got them after I read over it again. Otherwise, it was very good.

Mr Mayor
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Great job. Very long, very nice. I really enjoyed it. I'm happy Squirtle evolved as well. :D I hope Tony gets the girl in the end...

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JonUKX: Chris is in Chapter 13, but only for a little battle. Cascoon evolved already! Check Suzie's POV.

Powarun: Pidgeotto is just ANTISOCIAL, yea. I HAVE used a lot of starters, havent i? Oh well, who's gonna stop me! Haha. Remember Krystal had traded Nidorina for Chikorita at one point in the prequel.

Dragonfree: Hmm...maybe ;) I'm sory it was confusing for you, but i am glad it was all clear eventually.

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Chris 2.1
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Ok guys, here is Chapter 13! Enjoy!


The Indigo Road
Chapter 13 - Suspension, Badges and Battles
By Shinymarill/Kecleon


“You’re costing us a lot of money,” James snapped. “The rescue mission alone set us back a long way”

“Sorry sir” I cowered. Both Jet and myself were pale and thinner than we’ve ever been. Domino and Sneasel had rescued us after she had flown over Dunwurray Island in her exclusive team chopper.

“Now, you two are in no shape to be working for me” James said. “Consider yourself suspended from work until further notice”

I gasped. I couldn’t believe it! No work, no pay…James ushered us out his office, and we silently walked down through to Pyro Island town.

“This is awful,” I said. “How can we get money now?”
“Sell some of our Pokemon” Jet said bleakly. “It’s the only way we can get some income”

“But…I love my Pokemon” I said uneasily. “Linoone, Vileplume and Ariados”
“It’s the only way,” Jet told me. “The only way we can live”


We sat on a bench in the park. I watched a pretty cool fight between a Vulpix and a Houndour. I sighed to myself as I stared at the two young kids. They’re life had just opened, fresh and new, while mine was rotten and past its best.

I stared at my hands, which, despite being only 32, they were cracked and withered. They were very pale and showed my electric blue veins incredibly well. Smoking was such an awful, awful thing to do. You know, the small white stick you smoke for hours on end, smiling to yourself over how cool you look. If anybody saw me as cool, they should clean their glasses.

“Remember when we first joined Team Rocket?” Jet asked me. I smiled at him, thinking back to that wonderful day…


“Come on” Megan snapped. She had a cigarette in her mouth, as she wandered over to the office on Pyro Island hill. Spinarak was on her shoulder, and she wore a pink crop top with yellow baggy jeans.

She felt nervous. She approached the building, and was greeted by a large man in armour. He wasn’t incredibly tall, but very stocky, although the armour could have helped give that rather vicious image.

“New recruiter?” The man asked. “I am Vicious”
“You sure are” Megan said to him, shaking his hand. A spry 21 year old, her brown hair had light blonde streaks shooting around, and it was longer, to her armpits.

“I mean that is my name” Vicious said, grinning. He looked a lot older than Megan, probably about 39. She chuckled; he seemed to like her a little.
“I am Megan” Megan told the man.

“Well then, let’s get to work” Vicious said. Megan walked inside.


“Your first assignment as grunts is very simple” Vicious told Megan, as well as 9 other people. “You are to travel to Metropolitan Island and hijack the comet train”

Megan had heard of the comet train: It was a fast monorail that shot around the Island and around the humongous industrial buildings. She was eager to start her first mission, so the ten grunts all packed into a boat and sailed off.

Megan was looking out to sea, Spinarak at her side. A male walked over, who was about three years older than her. He had a Pineco under his arm, and a Charmander by his side.

“Hey” He said cheerily. His black hair was long, but only bushy. It looked pretty cool, and he had wonderful hazel eyes.
“Hi there” Megan said. “I like your Pineco”

“Thanks” He said. “I like your Spinarak”
“Thanks” Megan replied. “I’m Megan”
“Jet” The male said. “I take it this is your first mission too?”

“That’s right” Megan replied. “I’m sort of nervous”
“Yea” Jet said back. “Just try and relax, like the sea”

Megan stared out to sea and smiled.
“Good advice” She commented, gazing out to the large open space. “I really want to travel the whole Miami Archipelago”

“Yea, I guess that’d be cool” Jet murmured. “Me, Charmander and Pineco wanted to enter the league, but I guess we just need some cash first, that’s why we’re doing this job”

“Me too” Megan said. “It’s cool to be a member or Team Rocket”

F-l-a-s-h-b-a-c-k O-v-e-r

“It’s cool to be a member of Team rocket,” I said lightly, reciting the words. “Yea, I bet it’s cool to be poor, too”

“Don’t worry” Jet assured me. “I’m sure we can get back on our feet”

The days were long and tiresome. I found myself looking for any scrap of food in the streets, and to be honest, I really felt my life was better off lost. Jet tried to comfort me; he told me there was an easier way to overcome this lonesome life. ‘I’m lonely, and you’re lonely, but together, we’re lonely together’ he said.

The days crept by and I sat by a lake, watching a few Farfetch’d scoop up breadcrumbs in their beaks. I sighed heavily. Linoone, Vileplume and Ariados: Three very important members of my team. Was Jet right? Should I sell just one? I hated the idea, but I found that if I sold them or not, they’d either leave my life or I’d leave theirs.

Jet sat down after using some of his money to buy us a pizza to share. He brought it over and gave me a slice. I savoured the fresh, cheesy taste that flowed into my mouth.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps. I turned to my left, and saw Domino walking towards us with her brand new Magneton: She had done an apparently ‘amazing’ Ultra Ball Heist and James had rewarded her with a new Pokemon.

“Domino!” I gasped. She approached us, but turned to Jet.
“It’s been a week,” She said to him. “James wants you back on the team”
Jet leapt up and the pizza fell to the floor into the gravel.

“Really?” He gasped. “Really?”
“Come on” Domino said, chuckling. “Let’s get you to HQ”

“That’s great!” I said, getting up as well. Domino looked at a letter in her hand. She held her other hand in my face.
“Sorry, it says here that you’re still suspended” Domino told me, clearly not sorry.

“I see” I began, sitting back down. Jet glanced at me, before Domino and him walked off down the road. I sighed. I was alone in the world, with nothing but a spider, a weasel and a flower as friends.

Bending down, I scraped the gravel off the pizza. There was a lot left, and I wasn’t letting it go to waste.



“Bullet seed!” I cried. Bulbasaur leapt into the air and his bulb throbbed silver, before he shot a barrage of seeds from it down at Nidorina. She used her claws to slash them back, but the sheer force and strength of the seeds soon made her reconsider.

“Keep it up!” Lisa called. “Tackle!”
Nidorina shot forward and smashed into my Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur flew back across the ground, severely whupped. Maybe he could pull through…

“Try absorbing!” I ordered. Bulbasaur’s bulb glowed a fresh summer green, before small sips of green energy were drawn from Nidorina. They shot into the air into Bulbasaur’s seed.

“Try a slam!” I suggested. Bulbasaur shot forward and into the air, stretching out before slamming down onto Nidorina. That didn’t do much damage: She was all spiky.

“Poison sting!” Lisa cried. This attack was going to take us down, so I needed to act fast.
“Try a stun spore!”

Bulbasaur crouched down, as he held his bulb proudly forward. He blasted a spiralling cloud of stun spore from it, which hit Nidorina directly in her eyes. She hissed, while stumbling back.

“Nidorina!” Lisa cried. “Return!”
She hit the beam at Nidorina, bringing her back in her Pokeball. Lisa put her ball away, having lost to Bulbasaur and Pidgeotto.

“Good match” She said. “I really like your Bulbasaur”
“Thanks” I told her. “I got him on the west fields by Pewter City”

“Oh, how nice” Lisa said. She was 16, and had sleek short black hair. She was kinda cute, but she wouldn’t date me!

“Well, goodbye” Lisa said, heading up the road to Cerulean. The path we were at was long and spacious – not a tree in sight. It was nice to feel so free and alive in this fresh path leading to Saffron City.

After a long debate and a hard slap at my expense, we decided to leave Vermillion out of our quaint journey. It sounded like a lovely thriving seaside town, but I had to admit, Krystal was very keen on getting to Seafoam Village. I never stay on task…

The walk was long, but we were passing through a tiny village called Pourie Town. It was pronounced ‘p-you-ree’, and it was apparently a pleasant place. I thought back to Pallet Town, and Professor Oak, before I wondered if Smeargle was back home…



“A point to us!” Wigglytuff cried. Herself and Sunflora were wearing black headbands, and Wiggly was wearing a black shirt and shorts. Wobbuffet and me were wearing white headbands and white shorts and shirts.

“Damnit Wobbuffet!” I snapped. “I served the ball to you!”
“Too bad I hit it down” Wobbuffet said. His voice was husky and very gangster-style, which was weird.

We were playing Tennis, and I was getting really annoyed with this annoying blue blob! Wobbuffet would just use mirror coat and send the ball right back at them, which would go out and lose us a point!

I’d lived here a couple days now. I really liked this massive reserve, and it was cool talking to all these different Pokemon about what they’ve done in their lives. Jonathon was my past trainer, and I’d done loads of neat stuff with him in Johto. He just left me with Professor Helmsworth while he went on vacation, and he had left me with the Haruka Family.

“I’m out this dump!” Wobbuffet grumbled, walking into the house. “Be careful what you eat tonight, ‘mate’”

“Why, are you making another salad?” I sneered. “Next time, don’t use nettles, ok? They have these things called ‘thorns’ that actually hurt people who have a sense of taste”

“Go to hell!” Wobbuffet snapped. He charged at me, jousting his tennis racquet at me with all his might. I used my lively body to shoot out the way. Sunflora and Wigglytuff sure did enjoy this!

“Taste paint!” I snapped, slapping him across the face. Splashes of vibrant colours were plastered across his face as he winced. I then powered up a doubleslap and released it into the blobs face.

“Get lost!” He snapped. Wobbuffet then clapped his hands rhythmically. I soon found my legs moving on their own…He was using encore! I danced around as Wobbuffet clapped his hands in different ways.

“Stop it!” I snapped. Wigglytuff laughed and chuckled. I wanted her! Wobbuffet was stealing my girl…and I’d make sure I got him back… oh yes; I’d make sure indeed.



“Well then, it seems you’ve come far” Pryce told me. The old man stood at the other end of the icy arena, and surveyed me with his black, creased eyes. I stared back at him, a Pokeball in my hand.

“This match is a 2-2” Pryce told me.
“Fine” I said back. This was the chance to get my 7th Johto league badge, so I had to do my best.

“I choose you, Dewgong!” Pryce called, throwing the ball out. It burst open and formed into the beautiful, sleek Dewgong. It called its name out, and I prepared to select a Pokemon to use.

“Go Politoad!” I roared. My voice was slightly hoarse, but I threw the ball at the ground, which soon burst open and revealed Politoad. She smiled and waved at me, before turning to the match.

“Dewgong, use a take down!” Pryce commanded. Dewgong slid across the ice and forced itself into the air, before crashing down towards Politoad. She rolled to the left and endured the shards of flying ice that were sent at her, before she turned to face Dewgong.

“Use doubleslap!” I told Politoad. Running over, Politoad held a paw back as she prepared to drive it forward into Dewgong’s face. Dewgong whined and wept as he was being bombarded by a barrage of hard, fast slaps to the cheeks.

“Bite!” Pryce said. Dewgong unexpectedly chomped on Politoad’s paw, causing my beloved frog to leap back in pain. “Headbutt!”

Dewgong then lunged forward, his horn jabbing Politoad in the stomach. She stumbled back as blood seeped from her wound. Clutching it, she moaned her name mournfully.

“Politoad! Watch out!” I cried. Dewgong swung its soft, fan-like tail around and hit Politoad, sending her flying back across the ice. I stared down at her: She was clearly getting beaten, and she was having a hard time fighting back.

“Can you keep it up a little longer?” I asked her kindly.
She nodded. I thought of Pryce’s Dewgong, who had power, speed and a high attack. How could such a beast be taken down or overpowered?

“Try a low kick!” I suggested. While in his Poliwhirl form on Semicon Island, we had learnt a lot from Melissa, the Gym Leader and her fighting Pokemon. I had lost to her, but she then helped me train Poliwhirl against her Poliwrath, which allowed me to get Poliwhirl in better shape. However, I had refused a water stone from her; I felt Politoad was so cute!

I brushed my chestnut brown hair from my face: It had become longer than ever, and was all knotted and bushy. It felt awful, but I had just passed through a cave to get here, so you could see why I was in such a state.

Politoad did a slide tackle along the ground and kicked Dewgong. He slid back across the arena, but soon sprung into the air and launched itself down at Politoad. Politoad watched, tears forming in her eyes.

“Dynamic punch!” I cried. Politoad got up from cowering, and her fist glowed a bright white colour. She held it back, before forcing it forward and smacking it into Dewgong’s body, sending him back through the air.

Thudding, Dewgong lay on his back, his eyes closed. I stared blankly at Dewgong’s body…had I done the right thing? I was impressed by Politoad’s power, but as I watched her pant uncontrollably, I reminded myself of how much energy it takes out of you.

“Return, Dewgong” Pryce said, recalling his Pokemon. I quickly fumbled for Politoad’s Pokeball and aimed it at her.
“You too” I began. “Great job”

Pryce chose his next Pokemon. He threw the ball forward, which burst open and formed into a beautiful blue Vaporeon. It had a slinky blue tail, which was joined to an elegant body with soft paws.

Vaporeon purred. She sat down and waited for me to release a Pokemon. She was a water type, so I knew Vileplume was the right choice for this. I selected her Pokeball and threw it out.

She formed from the light and stared Vaporeon down. This would probably be hard, as I knew Vaporeon’s ability to learn ice attacks.
“Razor leaf!” I cried. Vileplume sent two razor sharp leaves flying from her bud towards Vaporeon, who was bombarded by them, before shooting back across the arena.

“Use an ice beam!” Pryce roared. I gasped. Vileplume couldn’t evade this…

Vaporeon’s mouth brimmed with an arctic surge of energy, before blasting a large pearly white beam forward at Vileplume. Vileplume then leapt to the left and narrowly avoided the attack, which had soon created a large jagged shard of ice.

“Good job!” I cried. “I never knew you were so evasive!”
“Vileplume!” My friend screeched happily. She then held her head forward and blasted a sleep powder through the arena at Vaporeon.

“Vaporeon! Tail whip!” Pryce snapped. Vaporeon flapped her tail, which wafted the sleep powder away from her. Vaporeon then charged forward with a headbutt, and knocked Vileplume back across the arena.

“Keep it up,” I said, as Vileplume skidded back. “Use bullet seed”
Vileplume leapt into the air and spun around, before blasting an array of silver seeds at Vaporeon. She was kept back by the onslaught, giving my Vileplume time to attack.

“Solarbeam!” I cried. Vileplume glowed, before she landed on the ground and blasted a green beam forward through the air. Pryce and Vaporeon watched in fascination as the beam had decided their fate…

Vaporeon was struck by the attack, as it drove her into the wall. She wailed in pain as she fell down, Pryce turning and seeing this.
“Return!” He gasped. He shot the beam at his Pokemon.

“Very nicely done” Pryce told me. “You took down two of my Pokemon with skill and precision, so here is the Glacier Badge”
I took the snowflake-shaped badge and pinned it to my red jacket. 7 badges!

“Thanks!” I cried. “Come on, Vileplume, let’s go”
Vileplume skipped after me as we ran out the Gym. I was so happy…that scumbag Damien might have shunted me from the Miami League, but Johto held great things for me…

Next Chapter - The Pourie Town Tourney
-Now in Pourie Town, the chance for a thrilling tournament is open!
“I’d like to –

“I’ll enter” Krystal cut in. I watched her with a confused expression. She looked up at me as she filled in the form.
“Remember? I captured Mareep” Krystal explained.

“But it’s rubbish!” I stated. “Electabuzz could beat it any day!”
“You wish” Krystal snapped. “Anyway, Nurse Joy said Mareep’s very strong”

-Krystal cathes a new Pokemon...
“What are you going to do with it now?” Chris asked. He had a point. I couldn’t just leave it here, could I? I fumbled for an Ultra Ball on my belt.
“Go!” I cried, throwing it. It smacked ____* on the head and pulled him inside, registering him as mine.

-Chris meets an old friend at the battlefield...can he show him that he ISN'T a Rookie anymore?
I faced Martin. I hadn’t seen him since I battled Elekid with his Raichu! What a mistake that was. His scruffy brown hair still nestled on his face, and his patches of freckles littering his face made me reminisce. Through a pair of thin, oval glasses, his bright tan eyes shone brightly.

-And Rika has a hard decision to make, as she talkes to Christopher Ritson of the Miami League
“Oh, I see” I said nervously. Somebody had won the Miami League, so I needed to head off and challenge him or her. I needed to get back home: Mum and Dad would be so worried about me!

“I’ll make it there in a week” I said. I could just train some more…
“I’m afraid you need to make your way down here now” Chris told me. “The battle is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Now get down here, or your title as Miami League Champion goes down the drain"

-Meanwhile, Krystal's next opponent watches happily:
“Transform” I commanded. Ditto glowed white, as he reshaped and took the form of a Mareep. I looked at the two, and mine was a lovely shiny bronze colour, which varied from the usual electrifying yellow.

All is revealled on thursday!

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Great chapter SM, I have a rough idea who Krystal is going to catch but I may be wrong. is chapter 14 the chapter that Oakbark appears cos I forgot.

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Dragonfree: Thanks! Yea, Molly got to Johto P-R-E-T-T-Y quickly ;) I was gunna have all her gym matches but just couldnt be bothered. It's more about the league with Molly. Electric tournament? hmm....maybe, even though its obvious :P

Mr Mayor: Molly appears in Chapter 21, so you may not have seen her. She is the 11 year old on Talon Island, with Delibird. You had an elec tourney? pants. I was gunna have water, and have Chris borrow Kingdra, but eelc is better :yes:

-I'm keen on who you think, but if you've read the Intro you may already know. Hmm. Yea, elec tourney! whoo. Anyway, Dane (Oakbark) makes a small debut in Chap 14, but 15, 16, 17 and 18 are more Dane-packed.

Mr Mayor
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And no, I didn't have an Electric Tournoment. It's like something I had planned for my fic however (Tournoments for certain types). You'll learn more about that in my next Chapter though.

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I miss Megan and Jet's old days on TR, during the days of Vicious. However, the Holmes Organization is also threatening, so there's nothing I'm missing.

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Dragonfree: was this the Bayleef at the TPM forums? I am very sorry to hear that either way. Smoking has awful results, why can't people see that?

Hanada: They were once dubbed as 'anime days', which is a reason I wanted to pull away from them. However, as i plan the ending to the fic (Most parts of the fic are decided and whatnot), i Know you'll like Megan's last mission....or rather, her departure from the Miami Islands.

Templar: Yea, i guess i did reveal TOO much. Is it the right one you're thinking of? Thanks for that, i'm proud of this fic.

-The Indigo Road-
Chapter 14 - The Pourie Town Tourney
By Shinymarill


We sat by the lakeside. Kingdra and Marill swam around, while Charizard just stood by my side as I groomed Mareep. He really enjoyed being groomed. I then put him down, as he ran around the open clearing.

It was a semi-circular clearing, the straight edge being a lovely pool with a waterfall. Trees and bushes surrounded the area. Chris was testing Granbull’s focus bands on Electabuzz, while Umbreon lay asleep. Pidgeotto perched on a tree branch while Bulbasaur lay by the pool. Those two were really antisocial!

“How’s the water?” I asked Marill. She chirped her name and splashed some water around playfully. Kingdra was probably eating some seaweed underwater. I then heard something hard, and I focused on the pool, horror-struck, as Kingdra was flung out the water.

With a thud, Kingdra slammed against the soft grass. I ran over to him and lifted him up slightly. He looked hurt.
“What happened?” I asked him, rubbing his body. He turned to the water, where a water Pokemon watched us.

“Seel, Seel!” He barked, clapping his fins.
“Did you get in a fight with Seel?” I asked sympathetically. Kingdra nodded, before drooping a little. I got out his Pokeball and recalled him.

“Seel, you messed with the wrong girl,” I said, getting up. “Mareep! Thundershock!”
Mareep blasted a blue surge of static electricity through the air and towards the water. Seel watched, a playful look in his eyes.

As the attack struck the water, Seel became shocked to an intense degree. The electrical energy shot through the waves and conducted, which made Seel dizzy and ill. Soon enough, Seel was in no state to battle, as he floated limply on the waves.

“What are you going to do with it now?” Chris asked. He had a point. I couldn’t just leave it here, could I? I fumbled for an Ultra Ball on my belt.
“Go!” I cried, throwing it. It smacked Seel on the head and pulled him inside, registering him as mine.

“Cool” I said, as the ball shot back to my hand. “Now, let’s head onwards to Pourie Town”
We recalled all of our Pokemon and headed out the clearing and towards Pourie town.



“Agility!” I cried, as Jolteon tore across the arena. Treecko watched, a confused look upon his face. The girl who owned Treecko also watched with a rather perplexed expression.

“Leaf blade!” She cried. Her name was Emily, and she was coloured. She had lovely black hair in a vivid perm, while wearing massive red earrings. She had a lovely violet t-shirt on, and black leather trousers.

Emily had just started her journey, and Professor Helmsworth had given her a Treecko. The other night, James Holmes of Team Rocket had kidnapped me, and had prepared to frame me for the robbery of the Professor’s lab in Pontaricò Town. Luckily, Chris’ Noctowl had helped me out and made a mockery of the rocket trap, and I was now sailing home.

The Professor had a theme for this year’s starter Pokemon – grass types! I had met a lot of people with various Pokemon, and Emily had Treecko. I had battled Connor, who had a Seedot, and also a girl called Rosie with a Bellossom.

Treecko grasped the air, and a green powder soon spread around the air he grasped. Soon enough, a branch-like blade formed in his arms like a sword. Treecko held it close, as Jolteon prepared to strike.

Jolteon ran forward, but Treecko swung his blade around and smacked Jolteon in the stomach. He leapt back, but started to growl, his pins brimming with electricity.

“Thunder!” I roared. I felt bad: This kid had hardly battled, and I was just whupping her butt! Oh well: I was the Miami League Champion! I had to make sure people knew that…

Jolteon blasted a streak of electric needles into the sky, which all shot down at Treecko. He swung his blade around hazardously, but the needles shot into his body. One seeped into his arm, causing him to clutch it in pain.

“Tackle!” I cried. Jolteon shot forward and smacked Treecko in the stomach, sending him to the ground. He laid there, bruises and grazes all across his body. Emily got out her Pokeball and recalled Treecko.

“Thanks for the battle” She muttered, walking off. I smiled to myself: Another kid beaten!
However, my cell phone rang. I picked it up.

“Hello?” I answered.
“Rika, this is Christopher Ritson, head of the Miami League” Chris said. “We have a new challenger here for you now”

“Oh, I see” I said nervously. Somebody had won the Miami League, so I needed to head off and challenge him or her. I needed to get back home: Mum and Dad would be so worried about me!

“I’ll make it there in a week” I said. I could just train some more…
“I’m afraid you need to make your way down here now” Chris told me. “The battle is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon”

“I’m not even at Catcalina yet!” I protested.
“Just get here,” Chris said sternly. “Or your title as Miami League Champion goes down the drain”



Pourie Town soon came into view. It was small and quaint, bigger than Pallet Town. On the sign greeting us into the town, an Elekid and a Mareep were seen either side of the words ‘Welcome to Pourie Town’.

“Cool” Krystal said. “They have Mareep here!”
“Maybe they like Electric Pokemon” I thought. I remember an Island we visited in the Miami Archipelago where a lot of trainers battled with Electric Pokemon. One guy, who had a Raichu, beat me silly. Elekid had been butt-whupped, causing him to run off in a sulk.

We wandered into town, and saw a large stadium before us. A light brick path lead the way to the Stadium, houses, shops and trees either side. We wandered down in anticipation: The Stadium took up most of the town.

“Lets see what all this is about” I mumbled, as we wandered to the entrance. There was a man and a woman standing at a ticket booth at the side, who stopped us when we wandered towards the locked gate.

“I’m sorry” The woman began. “But the tournament hasn’t begun yet”
“Tournament?” I asked.
“That’s right,” The woman told us. She had springy blonde hair, while the man had sensible, flat brown hair.

“You can register here if you’re interested in participating” The man told us. He had thick glasses and a very boring but satisfied look splattered across his face.

“Or, you can buy tickets for the tournament, which is held on Wednesday” The lady told us. It was Monday today, so we could enter, train and even win!
I cleared my throat.

“I’d like to –

“I’ll enter” Krystal cut in. I watched her with a confused expression. She looked up at me as she filled in the form.
“Remember? I captured Mareep” Krystal explained.

“But it’s rubbish!” I stated. “Electabuzz could beat it any day!”
“You wish” Krystal snapped. “Anyway, Nurse Joy said Mareep’s very strong”

“Yea, that’s what she said” I complained. I grabbed a form and filled it in, before giving it to the woman. Krystal gave the woman her form, and we were then given cool laminated cards to put around out necks. Mine said ‘Entrant 20’, while Krystal’s said ‘Entrant 21’

We walked off towards the Pokemoncenter, our minds focused on the training ahead. Kecleon and Marill watched, concerned on what was happening at the moment.



Time is a strange thing. Whenever you want it to slow down, it speeds up! That is just totally stupid! Anyway, Chris told me he could whup me, but let me tell you, he is the guy in for a whupping!

Mareep isn’t small and weak: He’s very strong! I trained with him all yesterday and Monday, and his attacks are a lot better. We’ll show that idiot Chris!

Ok, we waited in the locker room for our battle. There were 22 people in altogether, and matches were fought until it was tied to two people. The winner got a voucher for 5 free Ultra balls, and also a coupon for £5 off any item at ‘Saffron Boutique’, which I knew sold rare Dragon items that could boost dragon Pokemon’s power.

I was called my number, and Mareep and me ran out the room and onto the arena. It was an Astroturf arena, springy and slightly damp. My opponent stood on the other side…it was Daniel Grey! He was the kid from Pallet town who chose Charmander.

“Hey Krystal!” He shouted. “I can’t wait to battle!”
“Me neither” I shouted. “Mareep and I are tough”

“My Pokemon’s tougher” Daniel bragged. The bell sounded, and I instantly felt tense and excited. The crowd drowned out everything that was announced by the announcer, and I soon found myself engulfed in battle.

“Go, Magneton!” Daniel cried. His heavy ball burst open in a shower of light, taking the form of a Magneton. I stared at it; could a rookie already have such a strong Pokemon? It didn’t sound right.

“Mareep! Attack with a thunderbolt!” I roared. Mareep blasted a jagged streak of electricity forward at the metal Magneton. However, it simply floated out of the way. I watched in frustration.

“Thunderwave!” Daniel cried. Magneton’s magnet units glowed, before he fired off numerous streaks of thin, electrical energy forward at Mareep, who stood his ground. I warned myself that this Magneton was tough.

“Flash!” I cried happily. I had a great plan. Mareep’s tail orb brimmed with a white shimmer, before that white shimmer was projected through the whole arena. I could barely see, neither could Magneton or Daniel.

“Thundershock!” Daniel cried. I was one step ahead.
“Hidden power!” I ordered, cutting into Daniel’s command. Mareep’s orb glowed a dimmer white, before a small flame flickered inside. I knew Mareep’s stats were suited for a fire attack!

Mareep roared, and soon he ran across the arena. The glow, although at his tail end, shot across his body and engulfed him, before he ran up and tackled Magneton in mid-air. Magneton floated back, as the flames spread across his hard surface.

“Thunderbolt!” I shouted. Mareep blasted the attack again, which his Magneton at extreme speed. Magneton moaned and floated around, before he lost his balance and clattered to the ground. Steam hissed from around him as he closed his eyes.

“No!” Daniel cried. “Magneton!”
“Number 21 wins!” The referee said. “Clear the arena!”

We walked off our respected sides of the arena and towards the rooms, where I got Mareep healed. Marill ran forward and hugged Mareep, congratulating him on his recent victory.

“Reep!” She bleated. I looked across at Chris.
“Nice match” He told me. “I watched”

“Thanks” I told him. “Are you up next?”
A bell sounded. A battle had just begun.
“After this one, yeah” Chris told me. “Wish me luck”

“Good luck” I whispered. We waited together, watching the match on the screen above. I hoped he did well…



Magneton hovered by my side as I watched the match from the locker room. There were two, so I wasn’t in the same one as Krystal. I wished I could have beaten her, but that Hidden Power attack was strong.

“Never mind” I said. “We need to head off to Saffron for our 3rd badges”
As Charmander sat by my side, I decided to release my team of five. I threw the three remaining Pokeballs out, as Geodude, Furret and Taillow formed before me.

“We’ll hang around for the rest of the match,” I told them. They all cheered loudly. I decided to look out from the door leading to the arena and watch the match. It was a Raichu versus a Voltorb.

“Iron tail!” The boy shouted. His name was Martin: I’d talked to him in the Pokemoncenter. His Raichu was strong, and the two had been training for ages. Raichu’s tail glowed a vivid metallic colour, before he thwacked it down onto Voltorb’s head.

“Voltorb is out!” The referee cried, as Voltorb exploded with frustration. Laughing, Martin hugged his Raichu as the trainer recalled his Voltorb and brushed past me. I opened my mouth in fascination as Martin waved to the crowd. What a trainer!

I was totally excited about this! He walked out the other exit to the other locker rooms. Krystal would probably get all the gossip! Oh well. I watched as Chris wandered over for his first match, wondering who would emerge to face him.

Suddenly, I saw Martin! He wandered through our Locker room.
“Hey Dan” He said.
“Hey there” I replied, my eyes widening in joy. “Great match”

“Thanks” He told me. “I’m up again”
“Against Chris?” I asked. Martin nodded.
“Raichu has just been healed, so we’re fine” He assured me. “Great seeing you again”

I watched him dash out the doors and appear on the other side of the arena.



I faced Martin. I hadn’t seen him since I battled Elekid with his Raichu! What a mistake that was. His scruffy brown hair still nestled on his face, and his patches of freckles littering his face made me reminisce. Through a pair of thin, oval glasses, his bright tan eyes shone brightly.

“I hope you’re a little better than last time” He smirked. I returned the smirk with a slight grin.
“We’ll have to see,” I said. The bell sounded, the referee signalled the start of the match.

“Raichu, I choose you!” Martin cried, releasing the Pokeball. The ball burst open, and the orange mouse formed from the elegant white light. He clenched his paws and tried some rapid punches into the air.

“Electabuzz, go!” I cried. I opened the ball and sent Electabuzz out. My Electric soldier faced off in this dynamic match. “Thunderpunch!”

Growling, Electabuzz concentrated his electricity down into his left fist. He clenched it in rage, and built up the energy, before driving his fist forward at Raichu. He smacked Raichu in the cheek, and the Pokemon flew through the air. He smacked against the ground, but soon got up.

“Doubleslap!” Martin commanded. I knew this guy was strong, and I also knew he had strategies, but this attack wasn’t anything compared to Thunderpunch. Raichu ran forward and slapped Electabuzz across the face with his rounded paws.

“Thundershock!” I cried. Electabuzz released a charge of electricity across his body, which shot into Raichu’s body by means of his outstretched paw. Raichu stumbled back, dizzy from the attack.

“Don’t stop! Try using iron tail!” Martin ordered. Raichu’s yellow thunderbolt on the end of his tail shimmered with a metallic coat, before he forced it down onto Electabuzz’ head. My Pokemon fell back slightly, damaged by the powerful attack.

“Use a skull bash!” I told Electabuzz. Now, we hadn’t used this move for a while, but I was pretty sure he could remember it. Electabuzz used his mighty hands to hold Raichu in place, before bringing his head forward and smacking Raichu in the face. Raichu fell onto his back, worn out.

“Now stomp!” I said. Electabuzz forced his foot down onto Raichu’s body, but Raichu soon released a sharp (and rather vibrant) Thunderbolt into Electabuzz. My Pokemon’s eyes widened in fear and in shock as Raichu got up and smacked him in the face.

“Seismic toss!” Martin said. Raichu ran forward and grabbed Electabuzz’ body with both hands. Raichu then bent down and sprung into the air, covering a fair distance by using his long, springy tail.

Raichu then held Electabuzz down as he started to rocket back to the arena. Electabuzz watched, fear creeping over his face. With a sickening thud, Electabuzz lay on the ground, while Raichu stood proudly.

“Electabuzz!” I cried. That was strong! I was still confused why Martin hadn’t used a hyper beam, but I’m sure he was saving his strength. Electabuzz needed to act fast…

“Raichu! Finish him with a Hyper Beam!” Martin cried. Raichu spread his legs out and held his hands out either side of him. His cheeks brimmed with a white glow as the same energy formed into his mouth. The beam was blasted out of Raichu’s mouth and straight towards Electabuzz, who was facing away from the devastating attack.

“Light screen!” I cut in. Electabuzz turned round and wiped his hands across thin air, forming a light pink barrier. The hyper beam was forced against it, Electabuzz cowering from behind his shield. The light screen forced the hyper beam back at Raichu, who watched with a confused look.

“Hurry and use agility!” Martin said, as the devastating hyper beam smashed him in the face. Raichu shot across the arena as blood seeped from his mouth. Raichu landed on the floor and made a sickening crunch.

The crowd gasped as Raichu lay there. There was no movement. The referee declared me the winner, as Martin recalled Raichu and walked off to his locker room. I hugged Electabuzz, asking if he was Ok. I’m sure we could take this tournament down!



I’d battled another match: It was against a Chinchou, owned by a girl called Monica. It was actually hard, as the Pokemon had constantly used confuse ray on Mareep. Mareep ended up releasing a large Thunderwave on the whole arena, which took down Chinchou easily. However, Monica and myself were still achy from the after-effect.

My next match was soon, but I didn’t know whom it was against. I just knew that the person had won every last match without taking even half their health off. That was good. Too good. I knew we could beat them...but how? It was the semi-match, in which the winner would go on in the finals to win the vouchers and stuff.

The crowd cheered and roared as I walked out the lockers with Mareep. We had to beat this tournament!



I watched from the locker rooms. My opponent walked onto the arena with a Mareep, and waved to the crowd. I looked down at Ditto.

“Transform” I commanded. Ditto glowed white, as he reshaped and took the form of a Mareep. I looked at the two, and mine was a lovely shiny bronze colour, which varied from the usual electrifying yellow.

“Let’s go,” I told Mareep, as we walked onto the arena. “This girl’s trainer you well, very well indeed”

Chapter 15 is up on Thursday, which is the start of our ~Tales of Trechery~. These next few installments of the fic are 'specials, so to speak, but i'd say they difer from the specials in the original FRTC. I hope you enjoy them....here's a little taster...

-Tony gets a shock in the forest...one or two, to be precise...
“Misty’s all mine” David said, chuckling. I could see a team rocket badge pinned to his t-shirt, and gasped. Exeggutor released a large cloud of sleep powder, as Blastoise and David covered their noses. I made a slight whimper as I fell asleep. How…how could this happen?

-Krystal is in for a surprise in her next match:
As the light left Mareep’s body, I saw he was now a shocking pink! Small clumps of wool clung to his body, and I guessed his constant electric attacks had caused the wool to shed. He stared at me with his cute little eyes…I was so happy!

-Angry at Megan, Jet thinks back to their old days on Team Rocket...and how they reshaped him rationally. Learn more about Mark Sims and Charmander on that fateful 3rd mission:
“Okay!” Jet snapped. “But none of your Pokemon have died”
He was right. Charmander had died, and he used to belong to Jet. I sniffed slightly, biting my lip.

“Exactly” Jet continued, referring to my silence. “I can remember it so vividly, and I wish it was erased from my mind sometimes”

Get ready....Monday...Tales of Trechery. What will YOU find out from it all?

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Aww...... poor Raichu! :( The specials seem like they'll be interesting. :)

21st April 2003, 07:24 AM
Great chapter SM, though I did think that Krystal would catch a Swablu but Seel will do. Something tells me that Tales of Treachery will be quite dark.

Chris 2.1
21st April 2003, 09:40 AM
Raichu: yea, poor guy. He got his just desserts! but the Tales of Trechery are great fun to read and write...well...maybe not fun...

Jon: its sinister alright. Swablu? W.A.S (wait and see). she may do, if Altaria is a dragon...

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Another great chappie, I wasnt expecting a Seel, but still cool,these specials sound exiting, Keep Writing!

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Good chapter, too many people talking but it was good. Like how the guy so far is a cheater. Ditto. Well keep it up. BTW I was searching for your fic new chapter on thursday and and you know the rest. I am glad the Chris beat that mean ugly Riachu.:P

21st April 2003, 03:55 PM
That was a great chapter, and Krystal's new catch was surprising to say the least. Hasn't she got three water types now?

I like how my character,Dane, started out. I'm a cheat with that Ditto of mine.
I guess this would be a good time to admit my full christian name is.....Damien. I know, how weird is that.......;)

Chris 2.1
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Psychoflame: Unexpected is definitely the word. It was something rather 'last-minute', but i hope you grow to appreciate him all the same. I hope he's social, unlike Bulbasaur and Pidgeotto *frown*

Powarun: Sorry to confuse you. Dane is bitter...or is he? He is not seen as badly later on...not by Krystal, anyway. What does Chris eventually have against him? Grudges can be so petty...Raichu? UGLY? MEAN? *Raichu26! Thunderbolt!*

Oakbark: Three indeed. Maybe she'll give Kingdra to Tony? maybe she'll go train at Cerulean Gym and give Charizard and Mareep to Kimi? Who knows. DAMIEN? burn him, burn him...BURN HIM!

I am pleased with the overall sucess of this chapter, and I hope that The Tales of Trechery go down well! I am also considering the dream, and how it will work. As the TOT go on, you'll see what I mean.

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Whoa! Really nice chapter. The Seel catching had a bit quick ending, but that's nothing to worry about. I can't wait for the TOT! No, Bayleef was not at pokemasters. She was at Mew's hangout, along with my best internet friends... smoking is so stupid...:no:

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Powarun: *Deep voice* WHAT'D YOU SAY?!??!?!??!?!?!??! *Tosses Raichu's PokeBall* Rain Dance!!! *As Raichu's cheeks glow blue, Powarun converts into the water-droplet form* Thunder!! *Raichu strikes Powarun with the lightning bolt of 00berness* Enemy Powarun fainted! :P :D

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Dragonfree: It was rushed, wasnt it? I felt the same. Seel isn't seen much YET, but his character and attitude are unearthed soon enough. TOT is really well anticipated, probably because i made such an ordeal out of it! I hope you enjoy

Raichu: *stares in amazement* :o well, I'm a water type, so i'll just...erm...just move along...*runs for the hills on camelback*

Its tuesday, and Shiny still has easter eggs! *munch munch* Oh, just for fun, and more of a quessie i have: Do you all celebrate easter with chocolate eggs? I was curious...cos we do in the Uk *munch*

22nd April 2003, 04:12 PM
We do... I'm munching mine right now too... and typing... and playing Sapphire... I'm always doing so many things at once... whoops, the batteries in my gameboy Advance are dead. Have to go and get new ones.

22nd April 2003, 04:59 PM
Wow this fic is really good. I just started it due to a deal between me and ShinyMarill and I am sad that I didn't start reading it sooner, it is really good.

Chris 2.1
23rd April 2003, 04:07 AM
Dragonfree: lol! I'm eating a malteasers one...hmmm...i guess Malteasers are a Uk thing though...:confused: I hate it when batteries go dead! x_x;;

Legendarymon: Hey there. I read your post wrong and thought you said 'I started a duel with Shinymarill!' En Guard, Touche! hehe. Glad you like the fanfic, hope you keep reading.

Hanada Tattsu
23rd April 2003, 09:00 AM
Thanks for congratulating me on my mod spot! That was nice of you! :)

Anyway, nice chapter! Mareep is very strong, i like it. It should evolve all the way into Ampharos. And Marill should evolve into Azumarill too.

Chris 2.1
23rd April 2003, 09:24 AM
Hanada: Oh, its Ok! PM me for spoilers on who evolves, who doesnt, or KRYSTALS FINAL TEAM! :). I want to reveal the information since it has changed after writing Chapter 23.

At the moment, I am writing Chapter 24 - the Dream. It features Megan mostly, as well as small Chris, Krystal and Tony parts. The Tony part is reaching a climax, as you'll see tommorrow.

Here is some parts from Chapter 24!

-Chris is in for a shock when he returns to Saffron...
My eyes windened as Megan and Jet stared at me from their van. I got off the scooter and stared back, my mouth open. They both got out, as well as two other, probably less important rockets.

"Time to settle the score...'twerp'" Jet sneered. Megan looked awful - pale, clammy, with a slightly lazy walk, so to speak. She shouldn't be working...not in this state...

-What's up with Misty?
I screamed. As loud as I could. I didn’t care if anyone or nobody heard me. I just felt like shrivelling up and dying right now…my mind was scarred with outcomes of what could have happened...

MORE? MORE? Nah, wait! lol. Hope this keeps you going. PM me for the storyline of ANYONE; Chris and Krystal, Tony, Rika, Molly, Megan, Al........or final teams, current teams ANYTHING!

i'm bored :-(

23rd April 2003, 03:11 PM
*sigh* It's so long till chapter 24...:(

Chris 2.1
24th April 2003, 06:28 AM
Dragonfree: awww, dont fret! I can remember when i wrote this chapter i'm posting at the moment...time will pass, and in the meantime...*gets out a large book with peeling gold letters*, lets check out the ~Tales of Trechery~

~Tales of Trechery~
Part 1
By Shinymarill


“Yea, I’m fine” I assured Mum. She was SO annoying when she was all ‘did you get robbed? Remember to take care’ and junk, and since my slight ‘escapade’ (or perhaps ‘soap opera style subplot’) incident, Mum had rang me an awful lot.

“Well, Mantine and Corsola are still here, Rika honey” Mum said. Sure…state the OBVIOUS! I had to agree that this 6-6 battle would be rather hard to do if I had only 4 Pokemon: Jolteon, Heracross, Ninetales and Ampharos. I needed a plan…but what could I do? The boat was already arriving at Paragon Dock, and I had no choice what to do. I needed to BUY a Pokemon, or perhaps steal one…

“Don’t be stupid,” I reminded myself. I can’t steal a Pokemon! I turned my mobile phone off (after saying goodbye to Mum, of course), and looked around. I was really stuck for what to do…

“Rika! Hey, Rika!”

Someone ran over to me. I remembered his spiked brown hair and his baseball cap (or, his rather unfashionable cap that went AROUND his head), his black t-shirt and green shorts.

“Remember me from the league?” The boy asked me. “I’m Roy!”
I stared blankly at him. He can’t have done too well; he looked clumsy, although I’m not sure if you can look clumsy or not.

“Oh….” I muttered. “Oh yes!”
He seemed satisfied by my act. “I remember you now!”

“Are you keeping your title up?” He inquired. I wanted to reply so sarcastically, that guy was sooooo full of it.
“Yea, that’s right,” I told him. “But I only have 4 Pokemon on me”

“Oh. I…I see” Roy stuttered. He obviously couldn’t take in how I had ‘forgotten’ to take 2 Pokemon with me on a very long cruise. Either way, he fumbled around for something on his belt.

“Take this,” He said. “One of my best Pokemon”
“What is it?” I asked, quite keen. I clasped my hand around the ball tightly.
“Ahh…you’ll have to wait and see” He said, winking at me. I frowned at him disapprovingly.

“It’s a Ditto” Roy explained. “He has almighty statistics”
“How come?” I inquired. “Do you train him a lot?”

Ok, so I’d asked the stupid question now. But this guy can’t have done well in the league if I didn’t know him…

“I don’t really battle as much” Roy told me. “I’ve been in Hoenn for the past few months, entering Contests and such. You get awarded ribbons and trophies depending on how well your Pokemon looks while performing certain attacks”

“So, this Ditto’s won a lot?” I asked. Roy gave a quick nod. “Well, that’s 5 Pokemon on my team now, but what about the last?”

My Dad had told me about these contests, and how good they were as far as statistics were concerned, so I could try and get a 2nd Pokemon off beauty boy here. He thought for a moment, before getting out a Great Ball.

“This Pokemon’s strong” He began. “It’s a Haunter”
“Haunter, eh?” I said, keen to test out this brilliant Pokemon. Roy nodded. I took the ball and thanked him.

“Are you watching the fights?” I asked.
“Oh, yes!” Roy told me. “I’ll be rooting for you, Rika. Maybe we can grab a bite to eat after the fight?”

“Yea, sure” I told him, strolling off the boat rather quickly. I separated from him and headed towards the stadium. I was very grateful for Roy; giving me (or lending me) two Pokemon for the match, but he would NEVER have a romantic date with me!



I looked across the arena at my opponent. He was around 15 (and pretty cute!), wearing a navy blue long sleeved t-shirt and denim jeans, as well as funky purple trainers. His eyes shimmered with a teal colour; it was a lovely blend of green and blue. Dark brown hair was scattered over his head, spiked at the front. However, he wandered onto the arena with a Mareep!

“He’s got a Mareep,” I mumbled. I noticed it was more of a flashy gold colour than my shocking yellow. Its fur sparkled slightly, and made it look much more tanned than my sheep.

“Hello” He said happily. “I can’t wait for our battle”
His voice had a distinct ‘happy-go-lucky’ note to it, which was slightly alarming, but he was cute, and his body wasn’t bad, so I guess it was ok.

“Me neither” I told him. “I love meeting cute guys and whipping them in battle”
“You don’t have to whip me in battle ” He said slyly. I blushed, chuckled and prepared to attack. Battle first, fraternise later…

“I’m Krystal,” I said across the arena. He smiled back.
“Dane” He began. “Mareep! Voltage Tackle!”

With a rather violent bleat, Dane’s Mareep tore across the arena; a shower of sparks shooting from behind his coat. My Mareep watched with a confused expression, before being mauled down by the fast little sheep.

“Mareep!” I cried. I looked across at Dane.
“Round 2” He chuckled, as Mareep turned on the spot to face us again. “Voltage tackle again!”

“Mareep! Get out the way!” I ordered my fluffy companion. He darted to the left, as a shooting blaze of searing sparks hurtled forward. Those sparks acted as some sort of damage-taker; anything that hit Mareep would get shocked.

“Try a flash!” I suggested. Maybe if I could blind it…

Mareep’s tail end glowed vibrantly, before a large white light shot out of it and spread around the arena. I could barely see a thing; neither could Dane or our Mareep. I knew my Mareep could sense another electric Pokemon, though.

“Thundershock!” I said. “Take that Dane!”
“Take what?” He mumbled. “Mareep! Hidden Power!”

Suddenly, the bright white glow was soon shrouded out by a red glow coming from Dane’s Mareep. He was using hidden power! Not only that, but it was the fire hidden power, too. My Mareep’s stats meant it could use a fire-hidden power, but so could Dane’s!

A giant ball of flames shot forward and smacked into Mareep, making him fall down. Mareep had singed, blackened fur, and looked rather ugly compared to his golden opponent. We had to hit back!

“Take down!” I cried. Mareep charged forward at Dane’s Mareep and smacked him in the face. He stumbled back, before my Mareep blasted a Thundershock into the soft, fluffy fur of Dane’s Mareep.

“Thanks for that” Dane said, as Mareep’s fur fluffed up. It was amazing! It was all fluffy and flumpy (is that a word?), like a duvet made of marshmallows! It made it look considerably bigger though, which proved a problem.

“Mareep! Don’t use any electric attacks,” I warned him. “Use…erm…do you know iron tail?”
Mareep looked at me, hope shimmering in his eyes. He turned back round, the navy stripes on his horns glowing silver.

“Reeep!” My friend bleated happily. He swung his tail round, giving it a metallic look to it. He used it to smash into Dane’s Mareep, sending the golden fluff ball flying back across his side of the arena.

“Get up!” Dane snapped. His Mareep wearily got up, but watched, as my Mareep was encased in a wonderful white glow! He was evolving for me! I watched, a stunned look across my face, as the glow shaped Mareep completely differently; he was now on hind legs, and the wool faded away to reveal a somewhat shiny, rubbery coat.

As the light left Mareep’s body, I saw he was now a shocking pink! Small clumps of wool clung to his body, and I guessed his constant electric attacks had caused the wool to shed. He stared at me with his cute little eyes…I was so happy!

“Great job!” I cried. The crowd cheered loudly, spurring me on. Oh, what the heck! “TAKE THAT, DANE!”

“Nice job” he said softly. I blushed, giggling to myself.
“Flaaffy!” I shouted. “Headbutt!”

Flaaffy ran across the arena (and pretty darn fast, too), before smacking his head into Dane’s gorgeous golden Mareep. Mareep stumbled back, but released a large thunderbolt into Flaaffy.

Flaaffy squealed as he tumbled back. Mareep then galloped forward and rammed him in the stomach. Flaaffy clutched his side, panting a lot. He was exhausted after evolution, and was starting to get weak.

“Please! Keep it up!” I cried. “Thunderpunch!”
Flaaffy’s fist crackled with electricity, and he brought it forward through the air at Mareep. He took the impact too well, and managed to drive himself forward, pushing Flaaffy back.

“Flaaffy! Focus punch!” I ordered. Flaaffy slammed Mareep in the face with his fist, causing blood to spew out from his now-battered face. I cringed slightly, as Flaaffy kicked Mareep hard. However, his foot was trapped in the maze of soft wool, giving Mareep an advantage.

“Mareep! Thunderbolt!” Dane shouted. Mareep blasted a severe blast of surging electricity into Flaaffy via his foot. Flaaffy stumbled around after being headbutted by Mareep soon after.

“You’re getting weaker…” Dane teased. He may be cute, but I’d love to smack him in the face…

“Flaaffy! Use a fire punch!” I spat. Flaaffy’s fist glowed red, before it shot up in flames. He forced them forward at Mareep, which could finish the match for sure, but the golden, loveable (yet oh so annoying) Pokemon leapt out the way.

“I’ve had it” Dane said. “Mareep! End this with a swift attack!”
Of course! Why didn’t I try that? We could have hit their Mareep if we used that attack…it never misses…

Mourning over my lack of ideas, I watched as a barrage of sharp stars shot forward on cue to Mareep’s bleat. Flaaffy slapped the air to repel the stars, but his efforts soon failed as he surrendered to the almighty blast.

“NO!” I shouted. Flaaffy fell down onto the floor, a cloud of dust escaping from underneath him. He twitched slightly, as Mareep and Dane waved to the audience. That was my cue to get lost. I recalled Flaaffy and walked towards the locker rooms.



“Get them back, Corphish!” The kid cried. His wee lobster ran at Wartortle, who nimbly leapt into the air. His fluffy tail billowed from beneath him, and it looked fabulous.

“Wartortle! Double kick!” I cried. Wartortle thrust his foot down and kept kicking at Corphish, who retaliated with his claws, snapping them and scuttling back. Wartortle, however, smashed his foot into Corphish and made him collapse.

“Yea!” I cried. I gave Wartortle a high five. The kid recalled his Corphish.
“Great match” He told me.
“Thanks” I said back. We were on the outskirts of town, in a light wood, and this kid had challenged me before he headed to Cerulean Gym.

“Now, you’d best head off to the Gym” I told him. “Misty will be sure to test your skills”

That was my line I had to say to advertise the Gym. It sounded so corny! Like something from the anime…and we all know that’s a pile of rubbish…even though my little sister Brittany likes it…

Wartortle and me wandered through the forest for more battles. I hadn’t battled Anne-Marie again, which was confusing. She did, however, seem like the kind of girl who would never set foot here again. She’d get all the other badges and probably sleep with the head of the league to get into the tournament! She lost against me, and hadn’t even had a re-match…

“This is boring,” I mumbled. I would release Mudkip, but he had a tendency to run away from anything. He was a scaredy-cat! Or fish…whatever the heck he is…

We soon approached a seating area, with a rather smashed picnic bench. Upon closer inspection, it seemed the bench had been warped and re-shaped by acid . I bent down and examined it.

“What would do such a thing?” I asked, careful not to touch it. Wartortle then tackled me to the ground as something lunged forward at us. I looked up to see a slinky Ekans now twisting around the bench. It had tried to attack us!

“Hey!” I snapped. I got up, and leapt back. “Wartortle! Water gun!”
Wartortle blasted a water gun forward and kept Ekans back. Wartortle then leapt forward and headbutted the snake, knocking it out.

“There” I snapped. “Taken care of alright”
I walked away from the area we were at. However, I soon turned back and stared at the ugly snake. I felt sorry for it in a strange way. It lay there, motionless except for its slight breathing.

“Oh man,” I mumbled. I felt sorry for the little thing, even if it tried to poison me. I guess I was less ruthless than Krystal…did you know when we were in Shroomish Woods she pelted a Kakuna with rocks? She’s a sadist…

“Pokeball, GO!” I cried, throwing the ball. I hurled it forward at Ekans and smacked it on the forehead. It was dragged inside and sucked into the ball, before dropping onto the grass.

“You poor thing” I said, taking the ball. I then saw a battered Pokedex on the floor. Pink in colour…

Picking it up, I saw the screen had been smashed and a few of the buttons were broken and pulled out. The paint had been scratched and scraped and it looked in horrible condition. I accessed the profile.

“’Vis ‘ere Pokedex belongs to Anne-Marie Appleton” David Beckham told me. I gasped. That was the girl I battled at the Gym! That was a few days ago, maybe as much as 5!

She must be near. I looked around the cleared space for any sign of her. Maybe Ekans had attacked her? If Ekans lunged at me from behind, then I should look there. I pushed apart ferns and branches as I made my way along.

“Come on…” I grumbled. I looked around the wood; it was a lot thicker here than it was out in the clearing. Thick branches whipped into my face as Mankey and Aipom scuttled across the treetops.

I stopped as I felt my foot kick something. I looked, and saw a body lying on the floor. I remember leaping back and cursing, before I looked at who it was. It had mud on its face and hair in the way, as well as feathers from a boa.

“Water gun” I told Wartortle. His icy blast washed the mud from her face and her hair clung to her forehead. I stared deep into the closed eyes of Anne-Marie, and screamed as I saw the large gash on her arm. A purple poison seeped from the reddish brown wound. It looked infected.

“What do I do?” I asked myself. I had to get her to a hospital. But an Ekans couldn’t have done all this…they’re poison isn’t weak enough. I realised Anne’s Pokedex was still in my hand.

Breathing frantically, I tapped in ‘serpent Pokemon’ into the Pokedex. It came up with Ekans, Arbok and Seviper. I hadn’t heard of Seviper before, so I clicked information.

It came up with all sorts of various shots of wounds from Seviper’s. They looked large, but judging by Seviper’s attack method, it seems most injuries were to the legs.

“Well, Seviper’s ruled out” I declared. Arbok didn’t live around here anyway…what could it be?

I suddenly gasped as something clasped around my face. I could sense a hand…I grabbed it and tried to see who it was, but I felt somebody kick the back of my legs. I fell to the ground, still gagged.

“Nice knowing you” A familiar voice said. I looked up to see David with his foot on my chest, Blastoise by his side. I looked wildly around: I had only Mudkip, Ekans and Wartortle on me, but Wartortle had done a runner!

“David!” I gasped weakly. He then stepped back to show an Exeggutor behind him. This one was…this was golden! It was a shiny one! I was so happy to see this Pokemon, but at the same time, unhappy at the prospect of kidnap.

“Misty’s all mine” He said, chuckling. I could see a team rocket badge pinned to his t-shirt, and gasped. Exeggutor released a large cloud of sleep powder, as Blastoise and David covered their noses. I made a slight whimper as I fell asleep. How…how could this happen?



Walking around the giant lake on Pyro Island, I saw many trainers and Pokemon alongside each other; water Pokemon assisted their trainers in staying afloat, while an Aipom helped his trainer up a tree.

“I’m sorry,” I said, looking down at the ground. I was referring to my Pokemon, Vileplume, Linoone and Ariados. “But I’m going to have to let you go, for the better”

I started to walk through town. I crossed a bridge to get there, a bridge which overlooked a riverbank full of Ludicolo’s playing in the water. I sighed a heavy sigh. Suddenly, I saw Jet run towards me.

“Megan!” He breathed. “What are you doing?”
“I…I’m taking my Pokemon to the pawnshop” I told him. “They deserve a better life”

“Don’t say that,” Jet snapped. “You’re a wonderful person”
“Would a wonderful person get demoted?” I snapped. Jet looked shocked.
“We’ve been through a lot together,” He told me.

“We? We?” I asked. “I, MEGAN, had to watch Damien Crag get impaled onto a large rocky spike. I, MEGAN, had to fall from Demi-Duo Gym into the forest and break my arm. I, MEGAN, had to –

“Okay!” Jet snapped. “But none of your Pokemon have died”
He was right. Charmander had died, and he used to belong to Jet. I sniffed slightly, biting my lip.

“Exactly” Jet continued, referring to my silence. “I can remember it so vividly, and I wish it was erased from my mind sometimes”


Megan and Jet had successfully accomplished their first mission. Now, they were on their 3rd mission for Team Rocket, and were stealing the Aerodactyl DNA from a laboratory in Croclan Island.

“Don’t worry” Jet told a rather nervous Megan. “As soon as the alarm sounds, we run”
“But what if I trip up?” Megan asked. They were patrolling the top floor, along with a man named Mark Sims. He had messy mousy hair, and a freckled face. He was young, too.

Their objective was for the three to gag and drug the scientists and people in the room. When they woke up, Mark’s Paras released another spore and kept them asleep. When the alarm was rung (IE: when their objective was complete), they had to run out the building and away.

“You’ll be fine” Mark told them. “We just have to be careful”
The room was tense. It was a smashed up laboratory, and they had to run up a small flight of steps (as the lab area was set into the floor), and run towards the long staircase. Windows had been boarded up with help from Pineco.

Suddenly, a large bell sounded. People started to wake, so Mark had issued a spore whirlwind to be blasted through the building. Jet ran towards Megan and Mark, but he tripped, smacking his chin on the floor.

“Charmander!” Jet cried. “Help me!”
Charmander ran forward to help Jet, who was on the floor. The spore was making him cough, so he covered his mouth up.

Megan and Mark watched with Pineco, Paras and Spinarak. Charmander helped Jet slightly, and Jet managed to get on his feet. However, as he began to run, Charmander began to fall down.

“Come on!” Megan cried. “Just get Charmander’s Pokeball and recall him!”
Jet raced forward to the flight of stairs, and felt for his Pokeball.
“I left it on the dashboard of the car” He gasped. “I didn’t think I’d need it”

“I’ll get him,” Mark said. Paras watched as Mark leapt into the cloud of spore. He coughed and spluttered, as Charmander was heard crying out.

“Watch out for his flame tail!” Jet snapped. “It’s dangerous!”
There was a flicker of flames seen from the glowing blue powder, and Megan and Jet (as well as Pineco, Spinarak and Paras) dived down the stairwell as a massive burst of flames engulfed the whole room.

“Keep rolling” Jet muttered, as they rolled down the stairs. Crumbled plasterboard fell onto their heads as they slammed against the marble steps. They looked up, unable to see any of the blast but able to recall scared visions…

“MARK!” Jet roared. “CHARMANDER!”
Megan comforted him.
“He saved us” Megan began. “Mark saved our lives”

“But Charmander’s gone” Jet said. “Gone”

Next, in part 2...

-After Krystal's loss to Dane, Chris gets a challange from the guy himself!

“Fire spin!” Dane cried. Ninetales released a shooting whirlwind of flames from her mouth, which shrouded around Kecleon. He screamed in pain as flames engulfed him. I had to take action.

-Dane has a call with ... someone, but...what could be happening tomorrow?

“Good, good” I murmured. I never realised how clever that kid was! He had this thing sussed out. “And when is everything falling into place?”

“Tomorrow” Dane said. “4pm”

Part 2 of our tale will continue...but for now...*places book back on shelf* I'll leave you to wonder...

Mr Mayor
24th April 2003, 07:54 AM
Pretty good chapter. My only complaint would be I didn't quite understand exactly how Jet's Charmander died... but then, I could be the only one. Dane is really an interesting character. Can't wait to read more.:D

Hanada Tattsu
24th April 2003, 08:46 AM
Another great chapter! :)

Wow, so Dave is a member of TR. I never would have guessed. :D

I like how you insert flashbacks in there, it's really good to see the story happening from people's different points of view. And Anne Marie's dead? :(

24th April 2003, 09:04 AM
Hmmm... if Anne-Marie has been lying there for five days, unconcious, she should be dead by now... let's hope so... or hey! If her pokémon haven't eaten for five days... uh-oh. :o Well, who knows what happens... that David Beckham pokédex is so funny. It always makes me laugh.
Poor Charmander. It didn't live to become a Charmeleon or Charizard... it could never fly... Do I sound stupid when I get emotional?
Why hasn't anyone noticed that Dane always has the same pokémon as his oppoment? I'd think there was something fishy about that right away...

Chris 2.1
24th April 2003, 10:33 AM
Mr Mayor: *puts labcoat on* let me explain:
Basically, Paras released a whirlwind of sleep powder, thus also releasing toxins into the atmosphere. It is these hormonal (is that right?) toxins that alter the brain's senses, causing it to lull you to sleep. HOWEVER, these toxins also react when lit, forming a chemical reaction. This reaction was an epxlosion, engulfing Mark and Charmander in flames.
Understand? lol. Dane rules. He's generally a cool guy....except for...*cough* erm...NEXT PERSON!

Hanada: It was something I could use to make Dave even more hateable...he stole Tony's 'girl!'. Dave is a very unique character as you'll see in the Tony saga*, and Tony's relationship with Misty develops a lot more.

Dragonfree: she might be dead, she might not. I wanted a personalised Pokedex, and i think it is actually pretty neat! Wait till you hear Kimi's Gareth Gates one ^________^;;; I guess you like Charizard LOADS, do you? hehe. Charmander...poor Charmander...You're catching onto Dane quicker than Chris! I mean...nah, thats just silly...*nervous glance left 2 ight*

Mr Mayor
24th April 2003, 10:58 AM
Ok, it makes sence now. Thanks. I am eagerly awaiting the next Chapter.

*goes to read a Chapter form the original, which he still isn't finished with*

Chris 2.1
24th April 2003, 03:43 PM
Mr Mayor: I read old chappies sometimes...remenisce and whatnot :) ahh, glad you understood my science lesson ^_^

Oakbark: so, YOU have an alter ego too, eh?
Now, what have i told you? NO CANDY!
Timmy: I WANT IT...*sob sob*

ahhh...kids...DONT YOU HATE THEM? yea, glad you liked the chapter. Anne Marie might not be dead, dont worry. She might get taken somewhere else though...am i leading you on or blabbing? lets say she's not the only death in the fic.

24th April 2003, 08:09 PM
Well it was a pretty good chapter, surprise with a new kind of death. Well at least Crystal lost giving Chris a golden oppertunity to win thid tournement. Better make him win
I survived the blast holding onto a Focus band. I hate Pika and Riachu, no offence man but the guy is annoying.

Chris 2.1
25th April 2003, 06:15 AM
Dragonfree: The colouring really is amazing, I am very impressed. I hoped there was a better Kec. sprite, he looks like he's doing the Hula or something ^_^;;. Oh well. I also wished the shiny Kec. was purple instead of having a blue stripe >_<';;

Powarun: She isn't confirmed as being dead...don't run before you can walk (can Catform do either? lol). Chris may just win this tournament....*crosses fingers, before realising he KNOWS what happens* oh well.

People, people! Chapter 16....i think thats the next one ^_^;; has more from Chris about the dream....its a recollection, not an actual dream, but it sharpens and sharpens...until...BOOM! Yea, i'm still planning the dream to take place in the fic, but it's very confusing........:confused:

25th April 2003, 11:04 AM
Well, Castform floats. It can't run maybe it rolls and the clouds mistaken for women's chest could be wheels. O-o. Anyway be a little nice to Chris and make him claim some fame.

26th April 2003, 06:50 AM
i know ive been gone for a million years, but im back now! there was easter and my mom had her apendix out (she's doing fine, btw)!

this fic has progressed alot. here are some of my favorite parts:

I clicked my tongue again and agreed. Stupid Chris. He had to travel over the seas to get some action, while I just had to eavesdrop on a criminal gang as they spilled their secret plans…the chump…


“Dustox!” I cried, staring at the Pokemon. It was rather ugly compared to the alternate evolution, Beautifly, but I’m sure Chris would be pleased all the same. I watched in fascination. Nothing could ruin this moment…

“Suzie!” Mum cried. “Grandma needs a sponge bath”


Scyther was being beaten badly. I laughed sadistically. Al couldn’t run forever…and I had been assigned to track him down and catch him again. I’d explain in detail…but I can’t. It’s exclusive information, and I don’t know how many of you are reading this…
cant wait till next UD, so bye!

Mr Mayor
26th April 2003, 10:37 AM
ShinyMarill: This is off topic, but, you were talking about the Kecleon sprite, and he's the main Pokemon in your fic. I was just wondering, is he your favorite Pokemon?:P

Chris 2.1
26th April 2003, 03:42 PM
Powarun: You'll have to see if he gets fame or not...But i doubt it, unless he runs the National Lottery and pushes the button that reelases the balls! yay!

Ultra Poke: who are you? Lol. I dont remember you...
UD? ??? ahem. so yea...the fic has progressed nicely hasnt it? Oh, and that Sandra thing = :P The whole thing doesnt get explained until Chapter 25, really. Al meets a special someone in Lavender town ^_^

Mr Mayor: Yea, the litle guys great. I am Kecleon on the spp forums, but i keep my old 'old skl' name here :-p

so yea, Chapter 25 underway. It's mostly Molly ... and ... erm ... you'll find out in Chapter 16 i think why she's in. *ahem*. Al is also in for a whee while, and I'm trying to fit Chris in as well.

Chris 2.1
27th April 2003, 08:00 AM
Ok, I am doing what i did with FRTC: The 'ask the author' interveiw. You have any questions about this fanfic or any other fics i've done, then Post them here and I will answer them as sharply as possible. You may ALSO ask CHARACTERS questions, 'EBTV Style' hehe. Oz wont mind ;)

I am not prepared, however, to reveal spoilers in the post, so dont ask! hehe.

I hope i get a few quessies from you lot! Ask Chris, Krystal, Tony, Al, Sandra, Duncan, Megan, Jet, James Holmes, Rika, Molly, Misty, DAVE, George, Daniel, Kecleon, Marill or ANY POKEMON! GO FOR IT! :):):):):):)

27th April 2003, 08:24 AM
I've got a question for Krystal:
Why did you become a Dragon tamer? I mean there isn't many dragons to tame.

27th April 2003, 09:07 AM
Question for Tony:
Do you hate Dave enough to kill him????
(its only hypathetical, so its not technically a spoiler)

Chris 2.1
27th April 2003, 09:39 AM
Jon UKX:
Krystal: Why? DUH. Lance is adorable. Heh. That old cow Claire is there, though. What? I'M NOT BLUSHING YOU RETARD! ... well, Dragons like my Charizard and Kingdra are purely stong, they need very little training (DONT say i'm lazy :-/ or i'll get Chariard on you), and some, like Swablu (I DEFINITELY need one) are sprta cute. Why? Do you think i won't get in?
Marill:Let's hope she can get back to earth, eh Jon? Well, at least she took me with her...she COULD have left me with stupid old Kimi...
Krystal: What was that, Marill sweetie?
Marill: Marill, mar!

Tony: Hmm...I'm not sure. I'm pretty melow really, so I probably wouldn't stab him intentionally. Krystal, however, has a much shorter fuse than me.
Krystal:: WHAT?
Tony:: Heh...i Didn't know you were here! ... But Damien, (thats your name, right?) I think I would just beat him up, personally. I gotta go, anyway, cos Wartortle needs trained up so he can evolve!
Wartortle: Buddy, you got kidnapped on Monday, remember? I ran off into the woods, cos i was scared, and then thats all THEY know! Don't ruin anything you idiot...
Tony: See? he's crying with hapiness and enthusiasm...
Wartortle: Thank Grimer he can't hear me...*grin*

Chris: OH, no questions for me, then? Fine! I'll start my own fanfic, with blackjack, and roulette...Oh, forget the Fanfic, i'll just start my own casino...
Electabuzz: I bags being Doorman!
Granbull: YOU? erm...I have focus bands...LOOK!
Chris Don't you just HATE it when you get stubborn Pokemon? Like Bulbasaur?
Bulbasaur: I hate you.

Hanada Tattsu
27th April 2003, 10:18 AM
Question for Anne Marie:

Are you dead? LOL

Mr Mayor
27th April 2003, 11:23 AM
Question for Granbull:

I know in the first FRTC, you and Charmeleon seemed to be rivals, althought you did come together in that battle with the seventh Gym Leader. Are you and Charizard friends now, or do you still try and better each other?

Also, Question for Chris and Krystal:

You two shared that kiss in the woods. Can you see anything happening between to two of you in the future?

Chris 2.1
27th April 2003, 02:17 PM
Anne-Marie: Erm, NO! Right now, I am in the forest, barely staying alive with a GIGANTIC GASH on my left leg. I feel drowsy, my make-up bag has gone and my mascara has smudged! Oh, do you want to hear my totally heroic story? Ok, so I was battling this Ekans, and i thought it spat a dart at me, but i turned, and saw this guy, about 18 or 19, standing over me with a tranquilizer gun! He had a Blastoise by his side, and kicked me in the teeth (my LIPSTICK smudged, the retard). Erm...I won't be saying much more ... i feel kinda drowsy...

Mr Mayor
Chris: Oh, we're a perfect match, Mr Mayor! She, a dragon taming girl with beautiful blue hair...and me, a bold, naieve young kid with a chameleon Pokemon. OH! It's just great. I HAVE been planning something for the bike path...

Krystal: ***SMACK***
He's joking...optimism and ugliness dont to together, Chris! Hahhaahahhaa! Well, he's a really good mate, and I stand by that: we're close mates and we always will be. My theory is that if we go out, we'll take it further, and if we split up then...we'd get further arpart. I dont want to lose him as a friend...he's very kind, and funny...

Chris: Whats this? my ears are burning...

Krystal: We're not talking about YOU...

Chris: NO! my ears ARE burning! Charizard's been making fun of me...

Krystal: He did?

Chris: Well...Ok, i yanked his tail to see what would happen...

Krystal: oh yea, he's pretty thick, too. Thanks! Thats one more question that you got CHRIS!


Granbull: Well, I dont see him as much as i'd like to. Charizard and I are just, well, normal, i guess. We did seem very close in the Miami Islands, but once he evolved he seemed to be rather dominant of the group: He had evolved TWICE now, and although 'King and 'Queen were the same, those two were very quiet Pokemon.

Charizard: Dogg, I can answer questions better than you!

Granbull: Oh yea? EAT MY FIST!




Kecleon: Can we have an interveiw WITHOUT Granbull fighting? This is stupid! Come on, Bulbasaur, lets go somewhere else...

Bulbasaur: Just leave me alone, Okay? I HATE being the center of attention...

Kecleon:: Pidgeotto? Hey! Pidgeotto?

Noctowl: Oh...he had to erm...DISAPEAR somewhere...MWA-HA-HA!

Kecleon: You remind me of the farmer that killed my parents.

Noctowl: Yes, I get that a lot...

28th April 2003, 11:22 AM
Okay I had a question that has been bugging me since FRTC
Chris, have you beaten pokemon Ruby or Sapphire on your gameboy yet. You had it since the begining of the story and you haven't used it yet. Also other than Pidgeot what other pokemon do you want.

Krystal, do you think that Damien deserved to die?

Bulbasaur, what would you do if you had a fan club named after you, who worshiped you, but you couldn't kill them or hurt them.

28th April 2003, 11:27 AM
Question for Charizard: Are you offended by the R/S sprite of Charizard?

Question for Kecleon: Do you ever feel like Chris has completely lost interest in using you?

I'd really want to ask Kingdra one question, but I'd rather not if I want to live.

Chris 2.1
28th April 2003, 12:15 PM
Bulbasaur: You? what makes you think you're better than anybody else? You're not a complete fool like Chris, i'll give you credit for that, but all humans are just MORONS. I hate you all, really. Walking around, trying to be like Ash Ketchum 24/7! I wish I was back home...

Chris:Hey PAL, don't try and steal my Pokemon! Bulbasaur, you'll aways remain loyal to me, won't you?

Bulbasaur: You can't spell Obituary without I.O.U, and U owe ME big time, you Pokenapping idiot.

Chris: I WISH i knew what you were saying...

Bulbasaur: No, you don't.

Umbreon: Yea, I miss her. She sends me Psymail to my brain, and we stay in touch, but I hope I can see her soon. I heard she's in Celadon City, so We can see her hopefully! It'd be great...


Wobbuffet: My meals? there isn't anything wrong with my meals! Hahaha! I stay in the house with Annie (Chris' Mum), cooking and such, so I don't see the other Pokemon much. I DO have a crush on Wigglytuff...but Smeargle is stealing her off me...damned beagle...

Smeargle:Well, If it isn't my favourite blue blob! Hey wobbs!

Wobbuffet: ... GET ... OFF ... ME ... *walks off*

Smeargle: Well, He's just a grumpy sod. Nevermind. Wiggly and I are gonna go to the reserve for some quality time...


Smeargle: I meant ... you know ... *wink wink* stuff...

Dustox: ... TAKE ME!

Chris: Well, I started out ... picked Mudkip (cute!) and then got to about Rustboro...but then i got stuck. Mudkip is doing well, but I ended up kinda...ditching him in my box and training up a Taillow instead. Unfortunately, he's my main Pokemon along with Jigzagoon and Dustox, so you can see my problem.

Krystal: well I have:
Latios lv 100
Salmenace lv 100
Altaria lv 100
Blaziken lv 100
Kingdra lv 100
Marill lv 100
They're all super great!

Chris: NEXT question! Well, Pidgeot is a cool Pokemon. I'd (secretly) like a Marcargo or a Torkoal, but I doubt it. Oh! I'd also sorta like an Absol or a Huntail...


Krystal: Of course not. Nobody deserves to die so painfully, when all he wanted was me. I feel very sorry for the poor guy.

Chris: *Krystal and Damien, In a tree*

Krystal: SHUT UP!

Damien's Ghost: Who-o-o-o-o-o-O-o-O-o! DONT ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS, OR I'LL GOUGE YOUR EYES OUT.................



Bulbasaur: I probably would. Anyway, If you're just a small castform I can bully you...he he he...

Kecleon: To hell you will! *slash*

Charizard: They got it ALL wrong...you're one is much better ^___^

Kecleon: Nah...I mean, i HAVENT battled for ages, but I really cant be bothered, especially with what HE goes against. I'm pleased Granbull got mashed against Rhyhorn, not me!

Thanks for that, guys! Loadsa questions! All the people here are seemingly satisfied...and to thank you, here is Part 2 of Tales of Trechery! *Opens the book, begins to read...*

The Indigo Road - Chapter 16
Tales of Trechery - part 2
By Shinymarill


I lost my last match in the tournament against a guy and his Jolteon. He was called Nick. His Jolteon was wickedly strong. In Krystal’s match against Dane, she had lost too, but gained a faithful (yet scraggy and annoying) Flaaffy.

Last night, However, I had a very strange dream. Atop a radio tower, I felt myself next to Krystal, Tony and even Al. We all faced Sandra, Duncan, Megan and Jet …it was confusing. A woman was gagged, tied up and to the left of us, and we continued to stare from each other, to the rockets, to the woman.

“Enough silence” Sandra snapped. A weird gremlin stood at her side. “Eat lead!”
I watched, horror struck, as Sandra shot her gun forward. It felt…familiar…it felt like that image was already in my mind…Al ran forward, before cowering to the bullet as it pierced his chest.

I heard screams, laughs, cries…it all faded and dissolved before me…

“Never mind” I told Krystal, coming back to reality as Dane walked off with a silver trophy full of vouchers. “It was a stupid tournament anyway”

“It wasn’t that bad” She muttered, looking across at Dane. “I wonder if Dane wants lunch with us?”
“Well us, IE: Me, doesn’t want lunch with Dane” I said rudely.

“Oh, grow up” She snapped. “Just have lunch on your own then”
Krystal got up from the lockers and wandered over to see Dane. I grumbled to myself. I hated that guy.


Krystal spent the afternoon flirting with Dane over a milkshake. ‘I just adore strawberry’ she said. Dane just chuckled. Marill was with Kecleon and me as we slurped our vanilla.

“So, I hear that you won a Cascade Badge” Dane said to me.
“That’s right,” I boasted back. “I won an earth badge, too”
“Very impressive” Dane said. Shut up. You’re not my dad…

“Well then” He continued. “Why don’t we have a quick Battle? Just a 1-1…to see how good we are against each other and sharpen our skills”
“No thanks” I mumbled back.

“Chris!” Krystal snapped. “Dane is helping to train you, you should be grateful!”
“Fine then” I growled. “Lets head to a battlefield”

We were at an outside table when drinking our milkshakes, but Dane took me to the center of Pourie Town for our fight. The arena was a light yellow colour in honour of the electric festival.

“Just one Pokemon each” Dane told me. He got out a Pokeball, which was black on the top. I could see a yellow ‘D’ on the front. He threw it out.

“Go Ninetales!” He said. The ball opened and released white light, which steadily took the form of the beautiful cream-coloured fox. I remembered this from my match against Rika in the Miami Islands…

“Kecleon, get out there” I told my friend. Kecleon hadn’t battled for ages, because he was smaller than my average opponent, but I felt he needed to battle a lot more. He walked onto the arena and prepared to battle.

“Flamethrower!” Dane spat. Ninetales blasted a scorching stream of flames forward at Kecleon. Kecleon leapt out the way and got down on all fours, evading the attack as best he could.

“Kecleon! Lick!” I shouted. Kecleon whipped his tongue out and licked Ninetales across the cheek, but she simply chomped onto it. Kecleon winced in pain as Ninetales shook the tongue like a dead animal.

“Ninetales! Flamethrower!” Dane ordered again. Ninetales set Kecleon’s tongue alight, which made my Pokemon dance around madly. He whipped it against the ground to put the flames out, but Ninetales used quick attack to take him down.

“Kecleon! Psybeam!” I commanded. Kecleon blasted a purple beam from his stripe and smacked Ninetales in the jaw, pushing her back. She hissed, before running forward and preparing to headbutt my chameleon.

“Agility!” I ordered. Kecleon leapt to the left, to the right, and then to the left again to evade Ninetales and her barrage of attacks. Ninetales then leapt back and landed on all fours. It looked like Dane and she had a plan.

“Fire spin!” Dane cried. Ninetales released a shooting whirlwind of flames from her mouth, which shrouded around Kecleon. He screamed in pain as flames engulfed him. I had to take action.

“Endure, please!” I said. Kecleon’s stripe burst with white light, which soon created a white bubble around my Pokemon, shielding him from any of the fire. I bit my lip nervously to see if Kecleon would survive…



I had already won by Rising badge in Blackthorn City. It was really easy! Politoad’s ice beam had taken down a Seadra and a Dragonair that belonged to the Gym Leader. Now with eight badges, I was making my way up the hilly path towards Mount Silver and the Johto League.

However, I saw something up ahead. It was a Pokemon, and was a purple colour. It had red beads around its neck (although it consisted mainly of a head), and part of its head looked like hair of some sort…

“Misdreavus” I told myself. These were strong Pokemon, all right. I battled one in Croclan Island Gym. I knew I could capture one of these, and I had only 5 Pokemon on my team, too.

“I choose you, Quilava!” I shouted. Throwing the ball, I released Quilava out to battle Misdreavus. His back and forehead flames flared up before he prepared to fight this cunning ghost Pokemon.

“Use tackle!” I cried. Quilava had known this attack since he was young, and had perfected this physical blow very well. He raced forward at Misdreavus and pounced at her, but she disappeared instantly, leaving Quilava to smash against the ground.

“Oh, you poor thing!” I said. Misdreavus formed into the air again, before shooting forward and hitting him hard. It was either a tackle, or a headbutt…although it could even be a body (or rather, head) slam.

“Flamethrower!” I ordered. Quilava spewed a thick stream of flames from his mouth and caught Misdreavus up in them. She screamed out loud, meaning I had to cover my ears.

“Quilava! Its screech is strong” I warned my Pokemon. “Try an ember”
Quilava hissed and spat a glowing ember forward. It struck Misdreavus in the face and she screamed loudly.

“You’re mine!” I shouted. I hurled a Pokeball forward and smacked the Misdreavus in the face. She was sucked inside the ball and landed on the ground. I picked the ball up and cheered loudly: Politoad, Pidgeot, Quilava, Delibird, Vileplume and now Misdreavus!

I put the ball away onto my belt. The mountain trek was a little further, so I continued on. I hoped with all my heart I could win the Johto League…



Kecleon leapt out the surge of flames, scorched and worn out. He faced Ninetales, but she swung her tails around elegantly, smacking him in the face. Kecleon rolled along the ground.

“Now! Hyper beam!” I spat. Kecleon just lay there. He was exhausted. I could see a large graze on his right elbow, so I picked him up. “Stop the fight, Dane”

“Good job” He told me. Ninetales landed by his side. “We both picked up some… valuable techniques there”
“Yea, yea” I snapped. “Come on, let’s head to the Pokemoncenter, heal Kecleon and get us some rooms for the night”

“Oh, I have an idea” Dane began. “I can get us rooms; I know the best hotels in Pourie Town. You two go to the Pokemoncenter, and I’ll fix us up some rooms”

I muttered. There was no way this was going to be all right. What if Dane tried to murder us? I didn’t want that. I had a plan.

“Great idea” Krystal said. “Come on, Chris”
She grabbed my arm and dragged me off. I almost thought she was in on this murder…even if the murder idea was complete rubbish.


“Kecleon should be ok in the morning,” Joy told us. “Pop back then”
“Thanks” I said emptily. Ten minutes had passed, maybe even less. Kecleon was staying overnight, so we decided to go to the Hotel.

“This map says there’s only one hotel IN Pourie Town” Krystal explained. She was looking at a map in the Pokemoncenter. I thought to myself. Maybe Dane was in some scheme of some sort…I didn’t trust him.

“It’s called ‘Hotel La Roca’” Krystal explained. “Just north of here. Let’s go”
We wandered through town, many people congratulating us both on our battles in the tournament yesterday. It was nice, and reminded me of my Miami League days.

We wandered over to the desk, and I cleared my throat. Krystal sat down on the chairs and read a magazine.

“Excuse me, has anybody called Dane checked in?” I asked pleasantly. “We’re staying with him”
“I’m sorry,” The man said. “But I can’t reveal that information”

This would be tricky. I released a Pokeball by my side (under the desk), and Umbreon appeared next to me.
“Ooops, need to tie my shoes” I told the man, bending down.

“Listen” I whispered to Umbreon. “Use faint attack and create a distraction”
Umbreon nodded, before turning invisible. I got back up and looked at the man. I smiled, but he returned it with a severe ‘I’m pissed off’ look.

Suddenly, Umbreon knocked him clean of his chair. He looked around wildly, trying to find out what happened exactly, when a psychic force picked up his computer. The force drove the pc into the wall, sending shards of glass all over.

“Come back!” The man cried. Umbreon re-appeared and dashed up the stairs. I smirked. Krystal stared at me from beneath ‘Gardening weekly’, but I slipped behind the desk, ignoring her.

There was a wooden board with keys hung on it. Three were missing: Room 12, room 35 and room 71. A name was written on a card underneath the hook of who was in that room.

I saw Dane’s name under hook 71. So, the little weasel was there, was he? I looked in a draw under the pc and found the exact same keys, numbered key rings attached. I scampered around for number 71.

I found a few I didn’t need…13, 57, 24…. However, I soon found 71: the desired key that would lead me to our culprit.

“Lets go,” I told Krystal. She looked up from ‘Yoga or Yoghurt?’ and stared at me.
“We don’t need to go,” She said. “And why did you ransack the whole reception area?”

“Dane’s up to something” I snapped. “He’s planning something sinister, and I don’t want to have to go through with it any longer. Krystal, open your eyes. Look infront of you. Dane’s not right”

I received a sharp slap. Krystal stared at me ferociously as I lay on the ground.

“ How can you even think that? Dane is a lovely, sweet kind person, not like you at all. Now YOU look around: He’s getting us a room, he’s helped you battle: He’s a saint!”

“Well, I’m going to get him” I snapped. I got up and ran up the stairs. Marill at her side, Krystal gave chase.

Up the stairs we ran, and I slowly saw Umbreon appear by my side. He chirped his name, and I thanked him. Krystal was on our tail as we headed off. This was perfect: We could finally frame Dane, or at least catch him!



“Ok then, go and check the east gate. Duncan! Head to the west gate and send Mike and Lilly to the north and south gates” I snapped. “Al is IN Saffron, make sure he can’t get OUT”

With those orders in their minds, the respected people hung up and went off. I stood atop Silph Co, watching the industrial city from my view. My phone then rang, so I picked it up and placed it to my ear.

“Hello?” I spat.
“It’s me,” Dane said down the phone. I’d been expecting a call from this guy for a while.

“Good to hear you” I said. “How is the mission?”
“It’s coming along nicely,” Dane purred.
“No suspicions?” I inquired.

“Of course” Dane told me. “But Chris’ suspicions are just seen as green envy. He suspects me, but I’m just toying around; creating a climax of tension for him until he makes an idiot of himself”

“Good, good” I murmured. I never realised how clever that kid was! He had this thing sussed out. “And when is everything falling into place?”

“Tomorrow” Dane said. “4pm”
“You have this scheduled out, haven’t you?” I sneered.
“We’ll be at Saffron by then” Dane assured me. “I…I have to go now”

“Why?” I asked, as Dane hung up. I cursed. I didn’t know if he’d been rumbled or not, but I just put the phone away. Saffron was an industrial town, clogged with clouds of exhaust from factories.

I wandered off through the town, strumming Starmie’s Pokeball. If this mission went successfully, then I might even get a promo Pokemon! When we did a successful mission, we were given a special Pokemon from James. Megan got a Vileplume after her robbery in Pontaricò, so I wanted a new Pokemon too!



We shot past door 68…69…70…before arriving at door 71. I jammed the key in the lock, but I stopped when I heard something.

“Tomorrow” Dane said. “4pm. we’ll be at Saffron by then”
What was going on? I wanted to hear more, but I heard Krystal coming down the corridor after me.

I rattled the door and turned it.
“I…I have to go” Dane said. I burst through the door and stared across the room at him. He had a phone in his hand, and an angry look splattered across his face.

“Alright Dane!” I snapped. “What’s been going on?”
Dane eyed me furiously. However, when Krystal ran in, he suddenly smiled sweetly.

“What on earth are you talking about?” He asked.
“Tomorrow, 4pm” I snarled. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, that!” He said lightly. He paused. “I need to do something so very, very important”

There was a silence as he stared into Krystal’s eyes. “I can’t stand it any longer!” He cried out. “Krystal…”

“Yes?” Krystal inquired, as Dane walked towards her. He pushed me onto the bed, and I watched, horror-struck, as Dane cradled Krystal’s hands in his own two.

“Will you go out with me, Krystal?” Dane asked. Krystal opened her mouth widely.
“Dane…of course!” She cried. The two hugged passionately, Dane swinging Krystal round happily.

Dane glared at me. I stared back, confused. Umbreon sat on my lap as we watched Dane and Krystal twirl. This was confusing. Krystal would HATE me if I tried to stop Dane, but I knew he was up to something. I stroked Umbreon’s fur gently, thinking things over. If I cared for Krystal, then I had to stop Dane. But if I cared for her (possibly even more), then I’d leave her to enjoy life with Dane. What do I do?



I’d left Cerulean after winning my second badge, and I headed onward to Vermillion City. It had taken two days to walk down there, and the lovely seaside waves crashing against the bank was great.

“We…we need a new friend on our team” I told Squirtle. “We only have five”
Squirtle nodded. We walked on further, seeing all sorts of tourists and such. I stopped dead when I saw a little lobster infront of me.

“Corphish” He gurgled.
“Aii!” I squealed, leaping back. Bubbles frothed from its mouth and it snapped its pincers. It was scary.

Squirtle saw my fear and raced forward. Corphish leapt into the air and fired a bubblebeam, keeping Squirtle back. Corphish then landed infront of me and screeched his name, frothing more bubbles and snapping his claws.

“Get it away!” I screamed. Squirtle ran forward and used a rapid spin to knock the Corphish onto the ground. It lay there, unable to move. I was happy I had beaten it, but Squirtle looked pretty tired.

“Good job” I told him. We walked past Corphish and headed to the Pokemoncenter, where I could heal all of my Pokemon. I had Squirtle, Magby, Aron, Teddiursa and Farfetch’d, but Corphish wasn’t an option really.

Suddenly, I heard a loud glowing noise behind me. I turned, so see Corphish morphing, changing shape and size. He was now a humongous lobster, with two gigantic claws and a large star on his forehead.

“Crawdaunt!” He growled. I shook slightly, turning pale. The large lobster stomped towards me, clicking his claws like large scissors. Squirtle looked rather miffed by this…he’d worked hard against that thing!

“If I catch him…” I thought to myself. “…He wouldn’t hurt me!”
I fumbled for a Pokeball on my belt. It was a premium ball…given to me by Granny on the day I left. It was precious, and I wanted to have it as a reminder of my journey, but this was important.

“Go…Po…Pokeball” I muttered. I threw the ball forward as I stepped back from Crawdaunt. However, with a snap of his claws, the ball was rendered to dust. I gasped, walking back further. What could I do?

“Help me…” I muttered to myself. Squirtle leapt into the air and tried performing a mega punch, but with a flail swoop of his claw, Crawdaunt sent Squirtle flying back towards me. He smacked against the entrance to Diglett Cave, and lay on the ground.

“No!” I shouted. Suddenly, Crawdaunt opened his mouth and powered up an ice beam! I watched in fascination as he blasted a pearly white beam forward at me. I gasped, cowering from the attack.

Suddenly, a bolt of electricity flew in from the left. It shot into the ice beam and was conducted through to Crawdaunt’s mouth, the electric shock leaving the red lobster in a daze.

A Raichu then ran forward and tackled the dizzy Crawdaunt, making him collapse. I watched, as a big muscular man walked forward and joined Raichu. He hoisted me up off the floor and picked Squirtle up.

“Are you alright son?” He barked.
“Sir! Yes sir!” I said nervously. The man chuckled.

“I’m LT Surge,” He told me. “I’m the local Gym leader around these parts”
“Thanks for saving me from Crawdaunt” I uttered, staring across at the frazzled corpse.

“That thing’s strong,” He told me.
“You look strong, too” I said to him. He chuckled.
“Well, my Raichu is a sucker to ground types” He told me. I gasped. Ground types? That meant Aron would beat him!

“I need to battle you,” I said. “For a badge”
“Now…now I don’t know about that,” Surge said. “Maybe you need to train s’more”
“I’ve already got two badges!” I pined. Sure, I traded a Green Taillow for my cascade Badge, but that bird was the wrong colour!

“Ok then” Surge told me. “You come to the Gym if you want a battle, k? I’ll give you a 3-3”
I cheered as he walked off. My 3rd badge was just around the corner!

I cautiously walked around Crawdaunt, leaping back every time it twitched or moved.

28th April 2003, 12:29 PM
Great chapter SM, though it looks like Krystal going lovy-dovy with Dane, also I have a question for Chris, Krystal and Tony
If you were in any fic on the TPM board, which fic would be in?
Jon (from Skin Deep): I bet Krystal want to be in Skin Deep!
Cluff:She must think I’m cute!
Lotad:No! I’m cute!
Me: Shut up you three!
All three: Sorry.

Chris 2.1
28th April 2003, 03:36 PM
Jon UKX:
Chris: I'd be in ... erm ... Lisa The Legend or Electric Buggy To Victory. However, I'd be lead to believe i'd end up destroying the fate of the world in LTL, or breaking the buggy in ETBV. Oh well.

Krystal: You're a desperate boy, aren't you? Pssh. I'd be in ... *realises Jon is in hysterics* erm ... SKIN DEEP, of course! He..hehe...

Tony: I like the idea of being in 'Tyler and Magmar', although stepping into that world would result in all my Pokemon having something perculiar with them...

Wartortle: I'd be obsessed with toiletries and cleaning things...

Tony: ... right ...

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Id love a quick hi from all of Tim and Suzie's pokemon.

Hanada Tattsu
28th April 2003, 03:56 PM
Another good chapter; this is turning more suspensful by the minute;

So the current teams are:

Chris - Kecleon, Electabuzz, Umbreon, Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur

Krystal - Marill, Charizard, Kingdra, Flaffy, Seel

Tony - Wartortle, Croconaw, Lapras, Wailmer, Octillery, Pelipper, Seaking, Mudkip

28th April 2003, 04:03 PM
Well, I like it. I like saying well. Anyway, this blob of pokemon can deal a lot, ShinyMarril. just watch me wreak havoc. Na, I am not in the mood. It was a great Chapter, I hated Dane from the start in the first place glad he is from Team Rocket. In the dream were they on a building because if they were could you kill Dane. He he he. Trading a cascade badge for a shiny Taillow lol. This chapter was long, keep it up.
Keep Bulbasaur.

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Hey, one question for Chris after this chapter: If you had a gun, Dane was right in front of you and Krystal was watching - would you shoot him or not?

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Question for Krystal:

Why Dane? WHY! WHY! WHY! We all know he's evil! Why not date Chris, you know you like him...

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Tim: Hey, a question! Yay! My name was before yours, sis!

Suzie: Eat slime! Anyway, I have Corona, my Rapidash, Wigglytuff, Sunflora, Politoad, Bayleef and Sudowoodo. You'll see Sudo in Chapter 26! Say hi everyone!

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Marcargo, Donphan, Typhlosion, Golem, Ursaring and Hitmontop: HEY OAKBARK!

Hanada: Chris still has Granbull! Well, he HAS Granbull full stop! Tony also has that Ekans he captured before he was kidnapped.

Powarun: George thinks it was the wrong colour, and it was worth thousands. I havent written his battle yet, but it will probably be the only George perspective I do, except for this one. I do too many...lol. Bulbasaur MAY stay, wait and see!


Chris: No, I would hate to ruin Krystal's feelings, but it IS a good idea. Oh well. You'll see what happens eventually.

Mr Mayor:

Krystal: Do you watch too many movies? HE IS NOT EVIL! He is a nice guy (great body), with a lovely personality AND a Ninetales.

Chris: Why did you tell him that crap story about you having a Ninetales?

Krystal: Ever heard of flirting? evidently not...

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Also Leah Nium from my fic has a question for Tony.
Leah: Are you annoyed that Dave has taken your girl, Misty? If you are not annoyed, I could arrange something *wink wink*
Me:*Whispers* RUN TONY!

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Powarun: He's based off me, I don't mind! Anyway, I have a girlfriend, am generally smart for my age and don't even HAVE ruby or sapphire.

Jon ukx

Dustox: Not really. I didn't know WHAT i'd evolve into until I did. I was seperated from my trainer a long time ago on that Island; after three years without our trainer we become wild and the Pokeball is disabled. That happened. I like Chris' house. Also, being a Dustox means i can FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kecleon: I wish I could fly...What's it like, Noctowl?

Noctowl: ZzZzZzZzZ...

Kecleon: He's asleep. Hmm...


Tony : Well, good question. I still love Misty, but what will she do when i get out of captivity and tell her about Dave? will she freak? I hope so, and then I can be taken as the hero!

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Chris 2.1
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Powarun: Well, for Kecleon's colour change to actually work, he needs to be hit by an electric attack, IN BATTLE. When chris registered, Kecleon would be a normal type and he couldnt be let in.

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1) Is your hair naturally blue, or do you get it dyed? :P

2) If I told you Dane was a member of Team Rocket, is lying too you, and believe I have good evidence that he may try and kill you tomorrow at 4:00 on the roof of Silph Co, would you beilive me?

Also, a question for Chris's Gandma:

Has it ever occured to you that you are rude, obnoxious and annoying?

30th April 2003, 10:06 AM
I have a question for Noctowl:
I know you adapted back to Night life but how do feel seeing as you were Chris' first caught pokemon and he just leaves you at home ?
And a question for Chris and Krystal:
If the pokemon league changed the team rules and you were only allowed 4 pokemon at a time which 4(incuding ones you have given away or at home) would you have ?

Chris 2.1
30th April 2003, 10:34 AM
Mr Mayor:

Krystal: WELL, it's naturally blue, which is pretty gnarly, so I don't have to die it. But Shiny's best mate used to have blue hair :-o, Now there's some trivia for you!

Oh, did Chris feed you his ****-and-bull story of what happened? Did he say something was happening tomorrow at 4pm? Dane was involed? Dane was trying to ... kill me? Haven't heard that one, but I want to tell you now: DANE IS NOT trying to kill me! OKAY? DROP IT!

Grandma: Eh? what? SPEAK UP!

Tim: Grandma, Mr Mayor asked if you knew you were rude, obnoxious and annoying?

Grandma: PHOOEY! kids these days are always playign their 'video games' and never get any fresh air! Where IS Suzie, anywho? They still should have called her Sarah, I said to your Mum, i says 'They'll call her 'Woozy suzie!' but OH, NO, don't listen to me! You'll miss me when i've gone...WHERE'S CHRIS?


Noctowl: Well, I am peeved with this new Pidgeotto he's gotten...grr...but i don't mind too much really. I prefer life at the reserve; my fighting days are done and dusted, if you ask me. He didn't leave me at home, anyway: I wouldn't go ...

Chris: for the Miami League? I presume you mean that. If it had changed to four Pokemon, I wouldnt have caught my last two, Eevee and Granbull. Eevee, since he hatched from an egg, would go home i guess.

Krystal: Yea, I agree. I wouldn't have caught Horsea or Eevee.

Note to readers: I will be unable to post a chapter tomorrow: Instead, I will post one on Sunday afternoon/evening, as I have a non-Pokemon, 'doesn't know my secret' Friend, so i cant go on TPM! See ya Sunday,


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I guess I should explain why I disappeared. With Serebii back, I thought that there was no point to return to any forum I went to, and make Serebii my home again, but that didn't happen. I don't know if it's because of school or what, but the forums lost most of it's activity and even the regulars are long gone, possibly fed up the forums going down. I think it's slowly dying or has died, I'm not sure. Not even my club is getting anyone anymore, I have only one faithful member left. However, one of my chat friends is making a site inspired by my club. I gave them permission, of course, and I am behind the scenes watching it unfold. It will possibly have everything Serebii has. This site is not up yet, it's still being worked on. We will have forums, but I don't know what kind of forums. Once everything is ready, you are welcome to come by.

I have also been working on my own fanfic. (Yes, again) I told a lot of ppl about it and I make it seem like I worked hard on it, which may be true, but I can never convince myself. It doesn't compare to you, but not much does. I started it before I had Ruby, and it involved Hoenn and new pokemon, so it needs to be tweaked a bit. I need to rewrite the outline and write a few more chapters, but it could be up on Serebii soon.

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What can Chris do? If he likes Krystal, he wants her to be happy, but that may mean leaving her with her love OR protecting him. Poor guy.

Chapter 26 - Lets run away.
Currently in progress. PM me for info.

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1st May 2003, 06:46 PM
Originally posted by ShinyMarill
Chris: Questions? Anybody? COME ON! I'll be your friend...

Tony: We didn't sail around the Miami Islands for this! Argh! Come on...questions for Tony?

Wartortle: Erm, what about ME? I DID evolve for you, buddy...

Okay, guys, questions for all of you...

Chris: Since I asked Kecleon, how do YOU feel about using him so little? I mean, he's your starter and all...

Tony: Same as I asked Chris in my last post, but with David and Misty.

Wartortle: What does evolving feel like? I think so much about that...

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Name: Antton Hill(Translated it to English ;)
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Black shirt with no sleeves(dunno the word), white long sleeved shirt (wich you can see through abit), dark blue/black denim jeans, black or blue trainers. Golden necklace/black necklace with pearls. Also golden/silver bracelet. Silver chain hanging from the front of jeans to the back of the jeans.
Selected pokemon: Houndour

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Powarun: isn't it eisier using an Electric type? :-p! it is a good point however. Maybe Kecleon gets his spotlight soon? Hmm, as I recall, he helps in a grueling battle in Lavender Town! maybe Ditto is breaking the rules, but WHO saw Dane?


Chris: Well, we're going against REALLY big Pokemon recently, I don't want him hurt. FEAR NOT! My brave Chameleon does indeed battle soon, mwa-ha-ha...

Krystal: Don't try to be evil, okay?

Dane: PROJECT your voice...MWA-HA-HA-HA! see? like that!

Chris: One day, Krystal, you'll thank me for being jealous...

Tony: I don't underand, can you type the whole thing? Thanks!

Wartortle: It's like i'm growing, i'm inflating almost. My soul spreads into my new body; I'm flexing new, sleeker fingers and waging a long, slender tail. I can feel to sharp ears forming from my face: at first they feel rather 'plastic' and 'glued-on', but then my head almost adapts to it and they grow on. It's very cool...

Tony: If you evolve again, then Misty will like me! Please?

Wartortle: Let's just say you'll need me as a Wartortle...

Yinx: Dane IS the winner of the competition. Thanks for filling it out anyway...i hope you keep reading and stuff! ^^;;;


Chris: I don't have favourite types. I like the Pokemon itself, and in some cases wont know its type UNTIL i catch it. I guess i like dark types, though....


Brett: Well, being the *ahem* OLIVINE CITY GYM LEADER *cough*, I LOVE steel types! Come on, take me on! BATTLE ME! Whoo! GO ON!

Chris: I can't believe you're so powerhungry. don't you live above KFC?

Brett: The pen is mightier than the sword! *gets out a pen* JOUST! JOUST!

Chris: Sorry. He doesn't APPEAR IN FANFICS much...

Brett: Dude, you have a fanfic? HEY PEEPS! BOO! HAHA! I choose Magneton! Use a thunderwave and KILL THEM!

Krystal: Steelix! Lightening rod! TAKE THAT!

Chris: where did you get Steelix?

Krystal: Don't you READ Chapter 17? Oh, you guys better had, too!

Wartortle: HEY Oakbark!

(Shiny note: This Cha[ter is a great achievement of mine, I hope you enjoy...)

Tales of Treachery, Part 3
Chapter 17
By Shinymarill


I wandered through town. I seemed so distant from the people around me, almost like I had drifted away from them. Fresh from the pawnshop, I was £100 heavier and three Pokemon lighter: I told myself I had done the right thing.

“No Pokemon” I said to myself. “Not one”

I drifted through the streets, alone and helpless. I just needed to get back on my feet and I’d be fine…I’d be fine…

“Megan!” Jet cried. He raced towards me, Mightyena by his side. I watched, as Jet showed me his stern face.
“Don’t sell your Pokemon,” He snapped. “I have some money right here”

“Too late” I said wearily. I showed him the £20 notes. Jet gasped.
“They’re your Pokemon,” He told me. “They’re a part of you…”

I stared at him. Jet got out a Pokeball.
“Take Mightyena,” He said. Mightyena stepped forward. “He can help you, and we both need a Pokemon, right?”

“I suppose” I began.
“And I’ll get you Ariados back” Jet told me. I looked at him quizzically. “Trust me. Now I have to go, involved with a large mission in Saffron City”

“Goodbye” I mumbled, as Jet ran off. I looked down at Mightyena.
“Remember me?” I asked him. He smiled. I scratched behind his ear, making him grin to himself.

The winds rustled past us gently. Mightyena looked up at me, and I looked down at him.
“Let’s go too,” I said. We ran off together, Mightyena and me.



Dane and me sat together in the Pokemoncenter while Chris phoned Professor Helmsworth. I had released all my Team except Kingdra, who was just sitting in his ball. I tell you, having a fish on land just doesn’t work…

Flaaffy was talking to Charizard, and Marill was sitting on my knee. Seel, however, just lay on his back, slapping his belly with his fin. I strummed Kingdra’s Pokeball, as we talked some more. Kecleon was now fine, and was with Chris.

“Chris is just jealous,” I told Dane, which was true. “Don’t worry”
Dane had released Ninetales, but told us Mareep had been sent home. Did you know that he had his own reserve in Hoenn? He had over 200 Pokemon that he switched around frequently…it sounded great…

Chris walked over, a newspaper in his hands.
“Look at this!” He said, pointing at the main headline. It was Duncan, the Team Rocket guy with Sandslash. He had been arrested, as well as two grunts named Mike and Lilly.

“Wow” I said. “But…what about Sandra?”
“I hope she’s alright,” Dane blurted out. We both stared at him, Chris and myself.

“Why would you want to think that?” Chris asked.
“Do you know her?” I asked. Dane blushed.
“I meant the Skitty in the bottom headline” Dane said, pointing to an article about an old woman who’s Skitty had been hit by a train.

“I do hope that woman’s alright,” Dane said. I sighed heavily. I thought he meant Sandra! Chris, however, eyed Dane cautiously. I decided to go and ring Kimi. I said goodbye, before walking over to the phone.

“Hello?” Kimi asked.
“Hey!” I answered back. “How is business?”
“Krystal, we don’t own a salon,” Kimi stated. “But we’re doing fine”

Kimi lived in a flat with Brock. They spent most the time grooming their Pokemon and whatnot; Kimi had my Steelix and Espeon, as well as a few of her old Pokemon from when she trainer in the Miami League.

“Good” I said. “Hey…could I maybe take Steelix back off you?”
“How come?” Kimi asked.
“Well, I thought you might like to look after Kingdra” I said. “We never battle with him, because he needs water, and it’s becoming rather hard”

“I guess so,” Kimi said. “We’ve got a pond outside”
“That’s great,” I said. “And even better, I think Steelix is allowed by the Dragon Tamers!”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Kimi asked, placing the Pokeball on the pad. With a bold flash, Kingdra’s Pokeball disappeared, and Steelix’s formed on the pad. They were both ordinary Pokeballs, so I couldn’t tell the difference.

I picked up the ball and showed Kimi.
“Thanks” I told her. “We’re in Pourie Town now, so we might see you in the next few weeks”

“I’ll look forward to it” Kimi said, hanging up. I did the same, and made my way across the Pokemoncenter towards the boys.

“That’s Steelix on my team” I said, spinning the ball on my finger. Chris gasped.
“Wanna test it out?” He asked me. I grinned. I could show Chris up infront of Dane! This would be perfect.

“You’re on”


Chris was battling on this arena for the 2nd time during his weeklong stay in Pourie Town. He had lost against Dane, and was going to lose against me, too!

“Ready?” I asked him. Little kids had gathered to see the battle; our travelling gear, which consisted of our backpacks, surrounded us both but my Cape hid my bag, making me look a lot less bogged down.

“You bet” Chris said. But what could he use against Steelix? No fire Pokemon meant he’d have a hard time. I drew the Pokeball and threw it out, the wind catching my cape and causing it to ripple. Kecleon watched from Chris’ side, eager to battle Steelix himself.

“Steelix!” I shouted, as the light morphed into the sinewy steel snake. His segments twisted around like drills, and he stared down his hinge jaw at Chris. Chris looked pretty scared.

“All right then” He said. “Electabuzz, I choose you!”
His ball burst open, releasing white light that formed into Electabuzz. He clenched his fists angrily, shooting electricity through his body.

“Steelix!” I cried. I had been told that Steelix had learnt rock smash, so I wanted to test that out. “Rock smash!”

Steelix squirmed back, and drove his head forward at Electabuzz. Electabuzz waited for an attack from Chris.
“Endure it!” He snarled. Electabuzz held his palms out and pressed against Steelix’ head, which shot at him like an intercity express.

“Now, pump a thunderbolt into it!” Chris said. I knew Steelix was ground, but wouldn’t the electricity pass through his metal body?

I was right. A yellowish tinge shrouded Steelix’ body and lit him up as he slinked back in pain. Electabuzz then prepared himself for the counter attack Steelix would deliver.

“Iron tail!” Krystal screamed. Steelix thrust his tail around and smashed Electabuzz in the ribs, throwing him back. He shot across the floor, grazed and bruised. Chris ordered Electabuzz to get up.

“Use Thundershock!” He said. Electabuzz shot a string of sparks forward, causing Steelix to shoot his head from left to right in order to avoid it. Once done, Electabuzz leapt into the air and latched onto one of Steelix’ lower segments.

Electabuzz clambered up towards Steelix’ head, and my sinewy Pokemon could do very little except wait. Electabuzz eventually got onto the top segment, the head and jaw, and stood up.

“Thunderbolt!” Chris shouted. Electabuzz pumped a large voltage blast into Steelix’ body, making him glow a golden yellow. He gritted his teeth, before trying to buck Electabuzz off his head.

Steelix! Dig!” I cried. Steelix shot into the air (using his tail as a spring) and dived down underground, causing Electabuzz to leap off for his own safety. A gaping hole was left from where Steelix smashed underground. All we could do was wait.

Electabuzz looked around, seemingly confused of my Steelix’ whereabouts. However, the ground shook violently, as Steelix burst through the tough surface of the arena and into the light.

“Electabuzz! Cross chop!” Chris ordered. Electabuzz crossed his arms in mid-air and fired a white X of energy forward. It smashed Steelix in the face, causing him to screw his eyes shut in pain. Electabuzz then stepped back as Steelix prepared a skull bash.

“Endure again!” Chris cried, although it was too late. Electabuzz shot to the left and skidded along the ground as Steelix pulled his head back up from the ground. Steelix roared loudly, and Electabuzz growled.

“Steelix! Rock smash!” I yelled. Steelix threw his head forward at Electabuzz, who started to panic. I smiled gleefully as Chris wore his plastered stare. His stare, which brimmed with fear…

“Light screen” Chris spat, his look now sinister and cunning. As if he were washing an invisible window, Electabuzz wiped his hand across the air and made a pink barrier. It glistened; soft as it may look, it was sparkling and hard, thin but thick.

“Steelix!” I cried, as Steelix smashed his head against the screen. Dazed, he flopped back, his large head swaying back and forth. He needed to pull through! “Try a rock throw!”

Steelix straightened up and prepared to attack, but Electabuzz was already powering up a mach punch. He leapt high into the air and smashed his fist into Steelix’ upper body, causing searing heat to spread across his surface. Roaring, Steelix collapsed backwards and smashed against the floor. Electabuzz landed on the ground and smiled.

“Yea!” Chris shouted. He shook Electabuzz’ hand as I recalled Steelix. I walked over, past Chris and towards Dane.

“Very nice match” Dane told me. “You did very well”
“Thankyou” I blushed. We wandered off with our bags (although I only had a small bag, Dane had a rucksack and Chris had a small bag), and prepared to leave Pourie Town. It was strange, leaving after we’d been here for such a long time.

Our next stop was Saffron City, the industrial Town. There was a Gym there, or so I thought, so Chris would no doubt try and compete there. I didn’t mind really, I guess I just wanted to get to Seafoam Village more.

Storm clouds loomed over the large city that peeked out from the hilltops – It looked unwelcoming, but I’m sure it would be fine! Together with Dane, Chris, Kecleon, Marill and me wandered through the fresh open path towards Saffron City.



I stared around. Groggy, I tried to understand what had happened. The room was familiar…I was here before…I noticed a mark on my arm, no doubt from an injection. The room was composed of four grey brick walls, one of which was lined with bookshelves. Opposite that, Misty and myself hung from chains, having both been tranquillised numerous times.

David was on the phone, talking to his head probably. Every time I woke up, I was drugged. It wasn’t right.

“Yea, we’ll take over straight away,” David said. “I’m 3rd in line, and number 2’s here with me! Drugged, asleep…”

I closed my eyes and breathed through my mouth, pretending to be asleep. If he found out I was awake, I could easily become drugged again. I listened closely, for it was the only sense I had.

“Well, Jet’s going to Saffron now” Dave said. “Once the bomb goes off, nobody will be allowed in or out, so it’s the perfect opportunity. No, she’s still on the roof I expect.”

I thought about that last part. The roof? Who was on the roof?

“Dane’s there now, I think” Dave continued. “He’ll be delivering the cash, and he’ll also be there by 4pm. Yea, that’s right. I think Duncan was caught sir”

A bomb. 4pm? Money? This Dane must be an undercover character, working for Team Rocket. Maybe he was in Team rocket! I felt myself breathe deeply as I recollected the last few events.

“So what’s after Saffron?” I heard Dave inquire. “I need to jot this down. Sorry. Ok, my mind, it’ll be in my mind. I suppose nobody can sir, no. Ok, right. Well, he’s still out there somewhere, so I hope we can focus on him soon enough”h

Who were they talking about? It was confusing, although they had revealed a lot. Dave walked over to us, so I closed my eyes again. It was hard keeping them closed, especially when one knows one can use them.

Misty stirred. Dave smacked her in the face, causing her to gasp. I squinted, and saw Misty’s face covered in blood. Dave wiped his fist on his sleeve. He then jabbed Misty, causing her to sleep again.

“We should be expecting the bomb in three quarters of an hour” Dave told the person. “Thankyou sir. It’s been a pleasure”

Dave then hung up, before dialling another number. I thought about my options:
1. Break out of this ‘prison’ with Mudkip and Ekans; Wartortle had stayed in the woods when I was taken.
2. Stay here and find out more about the plot, although time wasn’t keen on this idea.
3. Stay and get smashed in until I died.

Truth be told, all the ideas were bad, but they were my only ones. I thought hard to myself. I had to break out; it was my only way of doing something . I was about to reach for a Pokeball, when Dave walked over to me. Damnit! I made eye contact with him…

He forced his fist into my face, smashing it and showering his knuckles with blood. I whimpered, as he injected me with the greeny-blue liquid. I felt light-headed and woozy, before I eventually started to droop.

“No” I said lightly. “Let me…let me save the day…”



Dane eagerly walked towards Saffron City. The walk had been about 25-30 minutes, with occasional stops for water or for our Pokemon to play. Dane’s Ninetales had ended up tackling Bulbasaur after they had a little scuffle. I know Bulbasaur was arrogant, but I still don’t like Dane…

“Come on guys!” He said. We approached Saffron, which examined us closely from its towering skyscrapers. Krystal and me followed, less enthusiastic about the matter. We entered the city, clouds of exhaust clogging the streets. Koffing and Weezing hovered around higher up in the air, spreading their toxins.

“This place is awful,” I gasped, clutching my throat. Dane didn’t seem to mind, but even Krystal and Marill seemed to be choking from the lack of oxygen. Kecleon seemed fine, but I was having a hard time myself.

“It’ll be fine” Dane told us. “Now, who wants to visit Silph Co?”
“What the hell is Silph Co?” I grumbled.
“Don’t be like that!” Krystal snapped, slapping me lightly.

“It’s a Pokeball manufacturers,” Dane explained. “Very educational, plus, you get to see loads of cool Pokeballs”
“It SOUNDS like a load of Pokeballs” Chris added. (SM’s note: Get it?)

“Please” Krystal pleaded. “Now Dane lets head inside”
Dane escorted Krystal inside, Marill in her arms. Kecleon and me wandered behind, not really too thrilled about this.

“I’d like to join the tour” Dane said, as we stepped inside the building. A lady sat at a desk across the room, and after paying, receiving tickets and joining the large group collecting by the stairwell, we wandered up the stairs.

“Now then” A camp voice said. I looked over the heads to see a pompous man standing infront of the group. “I’m Vinny, and I’ll be your tour guide today”
He was probably gay. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate gays, they can just scare me really. I’m never safe!

Vinny was wearing leather trousers (*Sigh*), and a white button shirt. He had a large badge on his shirt saying ‘VINNY’, with ‘I’m a tour guide, too!’ written underneath. It wasn’t funny.

Vinny led us up the stairs, telling us all about Pokeballs and how they were made. I looked at my watch. 3:16. Cool. Well, it wasn’t, actually, but it was something to think about…

As we climbed up the stairs and arrived on the first floor, I thought about what Dane said. ‘At 4pm…’ were Krystal and myself in danger?


This was boring! However, we were now on floor 7, looking at the reserve. It was a large grassy area inside, where Ponyta frolicked around. The whole thing was surrounded by glass, and we were now on flat conveyor belts that led around the perimeter of the reserve. When we came to a corner, we boarded a metal square, which connected to a conveyor belt shooting off across the next side. Behind the reserve was a large screen, saying ‘Silph Co: Where EVERY day at work is your best day at work!’ Trying to boost worker morale never worked…

“And if you see this” Vinny said, holding a white Pokeball up. It had an orangey red stripe across the middle. “This is called a Premium Ball. You will each receive one at the end of the tour”

People applauded and clapped. I sighed. It was actually a cool Pokeball, and I was glad I’d get one at the end of this crummy tour.

Staring at my watch again, it read 3:33. I watched the second counter as it came closer to 33 seconds. A whole line of threes certainly would be cool. I waited…28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33…

“Yea!” I cried, disturbing the tour. People looked at me as I showed them my watch. “3:33:33!”

Suddenly, the lights went off. All the electricity was drained, leaving us in semi-darkness. I looked around wildly. The light came from the Ponyta’s flames, and the windows. It was still rather dark.

Once again, our attention was diverted. I stared at the large screen, which now showed a picture of a familiar woman. It was her . Sandra .

“Hello there” She said soothingly. “My name is Jocelyn Chambers, and I’m here to make a little proposition”

I presumed this was being broadcast throughout the whole building, or even throughout the whole city. We watched in fear, but I noticed Dane watched happily, almost dribbling as he stared at Sandra. What was he up to?

“We DEMAND £250,000” She snapped. “Or our bomb will go off in precisely 25 minutes from now”
“4pm” I murmured. Dane WAS behind all of this! He must have been!

“And” Sandra continued. “To prove I’m not bluffing…”
She held a remote out. She pushed a red button on it, and the whole reserve exploded. Shards of glass flew at us rapidly, as well as foliage and debris. I shielded myself, dropping to my knees with Krystal.

“Make it stop!” She cried. Marill and Kecleon were ducking down, too, and I felt plaster and dust shower us. I wished it would stop…please, make it stop! Fear swept over me, (although it could have been Krystal’s cape) and I screwed my eyes shut. This wasn’t happening .

I stared up at Dane, who leant against the rail, watching silently. I couldn’t believe this! The rest of the group was on the floor, whimpering and crying, while he stared at Sandra with a determined look upon his face.

What was going on? Dane had betrayed us (or he was about to), and I knew he was strong: he’d beaten Krystal and me in matches. Was it right to get to the bottom of this? Should I risk all in a battle for the truth?

Plasterboard smashed over my head, and I felt myself collapse, unconscious.

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Tales of Treachery, part 4
Chapter 18
By Shinymarill


“This match will be a 6-6” The referee declared. “Pokemon may not be withdrawn from the challenger, Thomas Chambers, or the Champion, Rika Trueman. After one trainer has lost three Pokemon, an arena change will occur”

I stared across at Thomas. He looked about 14. He had bleached hair, which was gelled to the e-x-t-r-e-m-e. It was spiked at the front, curling over slightly. It looked razor sharp. He had green eyes, but wasn’t as tall as me!

He wore skater clothes. He had dark baggy jeans on, and wore a navy blue hoody with a Red and white Pokeball on the front. He looked like he gave a damn about his dress sense, which was great for an opponent!

“Get them, Salmenace!” Tom cried. His Pokeball burst open and released a pearly white light. It then took the form of this hideous dragon. It was a deep purple, with orange wings. On all fours, it roared loudly.

“Hmm!” I declared. I got out Ditto’s Pokeball. Throwing it out, I imagined Roy boasting to his friends about this. He was such a loser! Ditto formed, and bounced around like flubber! That movie rocked…I suddenly noticed Ditto was a bright blue colour! It was shiny!

“Salmenace! Flamethrower!” Tom cried. Salmenace ran forward, before pressing down and shooting into the air. It soared high, blasting streaks of flames from its mouth at Ditto. Ditto, however, just leapt to the side with its rubbery body.

“Haha! Loser!” I cried. “Ditto! Transform!”
Ditto slowly glowed white, before taking the shape of a Salmenace. However, this one was different. It must be a shiny one. It was a bright green instead of purple. I liked it a little more than Tom’s one.

“Dragon rage!” I shouted. My Salmenace leapt through the air and fired a blazing streak of green flames forward. Tom’s Salmenace leapt to the right evasively, and blasted another flamethrower, hitting my Pokemon.

“No!” I whined, biting my lip. I did that a lot when I was nervous. Salmenace got himself up, and shot into the air. Tom’s dragon followed as the fight now switched to the skies. Flamethrowers were fired from Tom’s Salmenace, but mine evaded all three.

“Aerial Ace” Tom continued. Salmenace soared sharply, turning and shooting at my beaten up dragon. However, he sprung into the air, spreading his bright wings and managing to glide quickly, evading the attack.

“Skull bash!” I shouted. Turning sharply, Salmenace shot straight at Tom’s, and smacked it head on. Both dropped form the sky, but Tom’s purple dragon pulled out, spiralling across the rocky ground and shooting back through the air. Mine wasn’t as fortunate, smashing against the ground painfully.

“No!” I shouted again. Salmenace, mine that is, looked terrible. He had burns from the close flamethrowers, and scratches and grazes from his date with the ground. I thought carefully. One Pokemon would be down, but pretty early on. Should I recall Salmenace? He was weak, but that Ditto Roy recommended was in rough shape now; I might not have such a good chance…. Either way, I had worn Salmenace out pretty well, he wouldn’t last much longer…

“Ditto, return” I said, shooting the beam at Ditto and bringing him back to safety. “Sorry about that”

The crowd were cheering as I chose my next Pokemon. I thought about my options carefully. What to use…what to use…



I lay there, among the plaster and dust. My mind swirled as I thought about what it was I could do. Dane, however, had gone up to see the head of Silph, Lionel Hughes, to request something. What it was, I had no idea.

“Are you Ok?” I asked Krystal. She nodded, before coughing loudly. She picked Marill up and dusted herself off.
“We need to get out of here,” Krystal said. “It’s the best thing to do”

“The whole building has been shut off” A man told us. “They’re questioning individuals now, to make sure they weren’t in any connection with the explosion”

“How will they know?” I asked curiously.
“Well, Pokemon trainers like you will have ID numbers, right? Those show any links with people like Team Rocket, so unless you are behind it, you’ll be fine”

“Yea” Krystal said, sighing heavily. Well, we only had to wait now, but how was the money getting delivered? Maybe that’s what Dane was doing…to pass through and leave the building…

“Look” I said, pointing to the reserve. It was a smashed up, bashed up collection of ruins, smashed trees lying on top of the Ponyta corpses. It was a sickening sight, to see such beautiful Pokemon mauled down underneath large plastic trees. Kecleon looked pretty shaken, but I assured him it would be Ok.

“Now all we can do is wait,” Krystal said. She released Seel and Flaaffy, her much more portable Pokemon. Charizard and Steelix would just take up room and probably destroy things…

Seel slapped his stomach with his fin. He was a lazy bugger! Flaaffy seemed more hyper, charging here and there, blasting short streaks of electricity from his horns. He was a truly active Pokemon.

I got out a Pokeball and released Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur. Pidgeotto shot around the room, cawing his name. Bulbasaur, however, lay down and stared at everybody darkly. He was the different sort of lazy…

People were rushed in to take care of the injured. There was a shooting pain down my arm, but I didn’t want to cause any hassle. I just shook it off. However, a medic ran over to me. She had short brown hair, and blue eyes.

“Oh dear” She said, grabbing my arm. I yelped in pain, but she kept examining it. “It looks broken”

“Broken?” I asked her. “But…”
“You must have dived down awkwardly,” She told me. I looked at the ground ominously.

“Come with me” She said, leading me off to a staircase. “I’ll take you to the medical room”

I watched Krystal, Marill, Seel, Flaaffy and Kecleon as I was dragged off. I hope I wasn’t going to be long; I really wanted to stay and keep them safe.


I ran down the staircase; at the top of the flight of stairs was a medical room, but the rest of the building had been shut off. I had a cast on, which would stay on for two weeks! It was so unfair!

“Are you alright?” Krystal asked, hugging me.
“Yea, apart from this stupid cast” I said. Krystal chuckled. “Where did Dane go?”

“He’s delivering the money,” Krystal said. “What a hero…”
I sighed to myself. She was falling into his clutches, but I knew not to show it. The time wasn’t right, and my opinion had to be put aside, just this once…

“How noble” I said cheerily. Looks like Krystal liked that comment. She nodded, saying ‘Uhh-huh!’ and we wandered around the wreckage. It was all we could do, really.

“There’s a gym here,” Krystal said. “But the leader’s gone missing”
“Really?” I asked. This was weird: the Gym leader leaving his post! Maybe I could run it! Yea…Chris the Gym leader. Had a nice ring to it.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “What’s the next city after Saffron?”
“I don’t know” Krystal admitted. “I’m sure Kimi is in Celadon, but that might be close or near”

Kimi was Krystal’s cousin. She lived in Pontaricò with Krystal, and me too, and had chosen a Torchic for her Miami League badge-spree. Krystal had told me that Torchic had remained unevolved, rather like Krystal’s Marill, but Kimi had gathered a nice collection of Pokemon from many Islands we hadn’t visited. The Miami League had 15 Gyms, but only 10 badges were needed, so people took various sea routes to get to various Gyms. Rika, the Champion last year, had taken a different route to us, and therefore had 7 different badges to Krystal and me. Kimi had taken a really long route, but been to many different places.

I looked at my watch. It was 3:57. Only three minutes until our fate was decided…my heart skipped a beat through fear, and I felt myself gasp uncontrollably. I could die. My whole life could wither away before me. College…University…my first job…my first pint…all these things may never even happen.

“Krystal” I said to my friend. “We might not have long”
“Dane is delivering the money,” Krystal told me. “He’s got guts, Dane has”
Thinking about it, she was right. Dane was (in my opinion) up to no good, so he may well be getting them their money delivered.

“Maybe you’re right,” I said, thinking a little more. It didn’t sound good, really, but I think we might be all right. I looked around; most people were being treated upstairs with minor or major injuries. Vinny, the tour guide, had been smacked over the head by a shrub and collapsed. He was unconscious.

Everybody turned to face the screen (it was in ok condition, however) as it flashed on. Sandra appeared again.

“Thankyou for the donation” She said sweetly. “But now, you will be seeing something very nice indeed”
The screen turned off. People panicked and worried as they wondered what might happen.

Suddenly, figures burst through the doors. There were about 30, most charging up to other floors. Leading them was none other than Sandra , flicking her hair back as she paraded onto the scene. She had a Pokeball in her hand, which was a deep violet instead of red. It had a yellow star on the front. It wasn’t Starmie’s…

“Hey there” She said to us. She held the ball back slightly, before drawing a pistol. “If you beat me in a Pokemon match, then you are all free to go”

“You’re way too strong,” I said. “You’re a professional evil woman, and we’re just trainers”
“Oh, it’s you” She said, eyeing me sourly. “Naturally, you couldn’t put up a fight, but somebody else can”

“You can’t make us!” A man cried, standing up to Sandra. He had bushy brown hair and green eyes. “But I’ll take you on anyway”
He threw a Pokeball down to the ground and released a Donphan. The Donphan pawed the ground furiously.

“I don’t really battle those headstrong, ‘leader of the pack’ style people,” Sandra said dully. She aimed the gun at the mans head and pulled the trigger.

With a sickening squelch, half of the mans face collapsed in a bloody heap on the ground. Krystal screamed loudly, as did many other people. I leapt back in shock, as the figure collapsed in a heap on the floor. Donphan, tears spilling down his face, stepped back in confusion.

“You witch!” Krystal said, hatred flowing from her tongue. “How DARE you kill that innocent person? He challenged you to a match, which is what you wanted, and you shot him! You’re a demanding old cow!”

Sandra watched Krystal with interest. “Come here, child”
“I will” Krystal spat. She wandered over and faced Sandra.
“I like your style” She said. “How about a battle?”

“Any day” Krystal said sourly. “Flaaffy, get out there!”
She hadn’t noticed that Dane hadn’t returned, although Sandra had. I actually wondered if Dane was all right…

“Flaaffy?” Sandra asked. “What a lovely Pokemon”
“Thanks” Krystal said, her teeth grinding wildly. Sandra held her Pokeball out, before dropping it onto the ground. It bounced off the floor, and opened up. The light poured out and took the form of her Pokemon…

It was purple, with two gem-like eyes. It had flat hands and feet, and looked around.
“Sable” It said. “Sableye”

I walked over to a thin girl watching the battle. She was wearing tight jeans, and was very skinny. Sorta like a twig. She had thin arms, and wore a quicksilver t-shirt. She had long mousy brown hair in a bobble. She held out a Pokedex.

“New Pokedex?” I asked. She nodded.
“It’s got information on over 350 Pokemon” She boasted. While mine was held sorta like a calculator, she held this like a personal organiser, with a large button on the side like a Pokeball. It displayed Sableye on the screen.

“ Sableye: Classed as the Immunity Pokemon. As it is ghost and dark, it is immune to every type. It can use its mean look to root a person or Pokemon to the spot, before performing a deadly curse attack to vaporise the human opponent. Pokemon, however, will steadily lose battle stats until they cannot battle. A truly devastating Pokemon, it is rare and dangerous. ”

I looked at the somewhat puny Pokemon. Maybe that Pokedex entry applied to bigger, older Sableye? I watched as the battle began.

“Flaaffy! Thunderbolt!” Krystal screamed. Flaaffy released a humongous jet of blue electricity from his horns. It tore through the air at Sableye, who showed no signs of trying to prevent the attack whatsoever.

“Sableye! Faint attack!” Sandra cried happily. Sableye’s mysterious eyes flickered a deep blue. The thunderbolt shot straight through him, causing Sableye to become transparent. He then disappeared completely, leaving Flaaffy and Krystal deeply confused.

“Ssssable!” Sableye screeched, appearing in mid-air and slamming onto Flaaffy. Flaaffy fell onto the ground, as Sableye held a fist back. Sandra was grinning happily, while the group of rockets and our group of normal, everyday people watched.

“That’s it! Focus punch!” Sandra said gleefully. Slamming his fist down, Sableye smashed it into Flaaffy’s jaw. Flaaffy bled excessively, and started to stumble back as he took the damage.

“Sableye! Mean look!” Sandra commanded, her voice now a petrified screech. Sableye’s eyes glowed a dim black, before that same glow shrouded around Flaaffy. Flaaffy watched his feet, confused, and tried to move. However, this looked doubtful. Sableye’s eyes then started flickering through red, blue and purple.

“Flaaffy! Send a thunderbolt out!” Krystal ordered. Flaaffy released a large attack towards Sableye, and managed to make the little gremlin scream in pain. He screeched loudly as he collapsed onto the ground in pain.

The electricity cleared, and Sableye was seen on the ground in a heap. Krystal cheered, and she had reason to, but soon enough the gremlin disappeared in a cloud of dust. Sableye had disappeared.

“Ssssable!” Sableye screeched, flying down from above and latching onto Flaaffy’s head. Flaaffy tried to shock him off, but he simply became invisible, (which I presumed cancelled the attack).

“Sableye! Curse!” Sandra said happily. Sableye’s eyes flickered those same shades of red, blue and purple, before he held his hands out infront of him. Flaaffy started to droop as he changed colour; red, blue and then purple. It was incredible to watch, even if it was hell for Flaaffy to endure.

Flaaffy cried out his name as he fell down to the ground. He was dizzy, and rather dehydrated. He had been sapped of his strength, and I was unsure of weather or not he could reclaim it.

“Excuse Me,” I said to the girl. “Can I use that Pokedex?”
“Sure” She said, handing it to me. “I’m Georgina, by the way”
“Chris” I said, clicking ‘more detail’ on this curse.

“ Curse is a deadly attack performed by ghost Pokemon. It sneakily saps the strength of Pokemon, reducing their statistics until they cannot battle. It is difficult to learn, and very difficult to master, so many Pokemon find they do not perform it. Pokemon that have been cursed usually regain their natural strength after a couple of days ”

“Thanks Georgina” I said, handing Georgina her Pokedex. “So, are you a beginner trainer?”
“Sorta” She said. “I come from Fuchsia City, and I left with my Nidorina. We’ve been training and collecting badges, and I was going to get my third here”

“Cool” I said. “So, there are 2 more gyms on the way to Fuchsia?”
“Yea, in Fuchsia itself and Celadon” Georgina said. “I really like your Kecleon”

Kecleon, however, was with Marill as they watched the battle. Kecleon didn’t respond to the nice compliment.

“Flaa!” Flaaffy screamed, as Sableye used a dynamicpunch to smash him in the face. He was pulled out of his mean look and smacked against the ground, rolling along and getting blood on his wool.

“Flaaffy!” Krystal cried. She bent down and hugged her Pokemon. “Lets return you”
She shot the Ultra ball at Flaaffy, and looked at Sandra. Sandra had Sableye by her side, and got out her gun.

“We had a deal,” She said lightly, pointing it at Krystal. Krystal was panicky. I felt I had to do something…something heroic…I could battle Sandra. Yea, show the ***** where to stand.

“Granbull, go!” I shouted, not realising what I was doing. My Granbull raced forward and tackled Sandra to the ground, sending the pistol flying across the floor. Granbull stayed on top of Sandra, ripping her shirt with his fangs.

“Sableye!” Sandra cried. “Tackle!”
Sableye raced forward and smacked Granbull off Sandra. The two Pokemon were engrossed in a scuffle, before Sandra got back up.

“Take that!” She screamed, picking up her pistol.

She fired a bullet straight at Sableye, as he aimed a slap at Granbull. I was amazed. Sableye was going to be killed!

Sableye, however, vanished in a puff of smoke, and disappeared completely. The bullet ripped through Granbull’s skin and sent wave after wave of blood out. Granbull clutched his chest and collapsed on the floor.

“NO!!!” I screamed, racing forward. I helped pick Granbull up, and supported his head as I knelt down. “Are you Ok?”

Granbull looked up at me, sorrow in his eyes. He couldn’t die! I watched mournfully as he gasped, trying to speak. Granbull just shook his head weakly through gasps, before collapsing limply in my arms.

“NO!!!” I screamed again, holding Granbull close. I shut out the outside world as I sobbed into the corpse of my good old Bulldog Pokemon. He didn’t deserve to die! I screamed and bawled as I clutched his head to my chest.

“No…” I murmured. “GRANBULL!!!”
Krystal came over with Marill and Kecleon. They comforted me slightly, but I shook it off. Granbull…

Krystal turned hastily as Sandra wandered over. She drew her pistol and aimed it at me, as Krystal took a step back. Sandra grinned, flicking her hair from her face. I stared at her.

“Why not go and join him?” She asked me. I frowned, before leaping up. I forced my fist at her and smacked her in the face, sending a shower of blood from her nose. She stumbled back, this time shooting wildly into the air. She had a gun. I knew that, but I had to stand up to her.

“NO!” I roared. “YOU *****!”
I smashed Sandra in the face again, and she fell onto her buttocks. She looked flustered, but her gun was still in her hand. I looked down at it.

“Go ahead” I said. “Do your worst”
“If…if that’s what you want” Sandra gasped, staring up at me. “We can both enjoy this”

I launched a kick into her face, and then kicked the gun. It dropped onto the ground and skidded along, landing a few feet away. Everybody seemed to stare at it as if it were made of gold…that precious gun…

I then watched as it was picked up. I looked up to see a figure I didn’t expect one bit…


He stood there, pointing the gun at Sandra’s head. It was now that I became properly aware of Georgina and the rest of the tour group. Team rocket had all gone to the upper floor.

“I’ll enjoy this” Al sneered. “You’ve made me who I am, and I don’t really feel like thanking you for it”

He looked ready to pull the trigger. Now, in this bizarre twist, seconds lasted hours, as Sandra stared up at Al, regretting a hell of a lot. Al gritted his teeth and wore an insane grin as sweat ran down his fingers.

“You *****” Al uttered. “You are a complete and utter *****, and I should kill you right now”
“Go on” She said, her voice an attempt at being stern. It instead, however, came out as a weak cry.

“But I’m not going to” He said. He stared at her deeply. The gun stayed there, held up to Sandra. “Just go now, go and piss off back to your HQ and leave me alone. Leave my life. I’ll be better off”

“Deal” She grumbled. Al pulled his hand back, as Sandra got up slowly. “SABLEYE! Mean look!”

Sableye reappeared by Sandra’s side and cast a shadowy skull forward. It whooshed into Al’s stomach and seized him up completely. The only thing that moved was his shocked expression.

“Haha!” She cried. She prised the gun from Al’s grip and pointed it at him. “Come with us”

Sableye used a psychic attack to lift Al up. Rockets flooded back down the stairs, and began to lead the party. Al was after them, being controlled by Sableye and threatened by Sandra. The rest of the rockets joined, and the group walked off.

We all lay there in the semi-darkness. It was quiet. I looked back at Granbull and burst into tears. I fell to the ground, the tour group watching and talking. Krystal re-assured me with Kecleon and Marill, but the fact is, losing a Pokemon was just as bad as losing a limb.

Chapter 19 - The Fear Factor
Up on 8th May, 2003.[/u]

-Chris considers where to go next after Granbull's death:
“Well, I was hoping I could go to Lavender town” I explained. “And meet you in Celadon City or something. I could cremate Granbull at Pokemon Tower, and then go to meet you in Celadon City; you can stay with Kimi and Brock”

-Meanwhile, Tony manages to move a step forward...only to take two steps back....
Misty sobbed on, as I prepared to launch Ekans onto Dave. However, Exeggutor blasted a powder from his head, which started to stain my clothes a yellow colour. I gasped, inhaling the powder, before I collapsed on the floor. I heard another thud, probably Misty…

-As Krystal sets off she is caught up in catching a Murkrow...until she has a 'slight' reunion:
[i]“Murkrow?” I asked, wandering through into a cleared space. It was sorta circular, with a few yellow flowers growing around it. I walked into the clearing more, searching for Murkrow. I then looked up to see him in a treetop. I stepped forward, but a hand clasped around my mouth and pulled me back. I felt myself touch a body…

“Hey there, Krystal” I heard Dane purr.

[b] All on Thursday!

6th May 2003, 11:09 AM
Holy shi!, that was a freaky skin crawling chapter, dang that was good. Even though I disliked Granbull it did not deserve to die. Poor thing, I am speechless so that is all I can say.
MOments later.

No, that was bad, Sandra doesn't deserve to die she needs to be tortured. Holy Miltank, that was good.

Mr Mayor
6th May 2003, 02:02 PM

Wow. That chapter was powerful. However, I dispised it. Not the chapter itself I guess, but the fact that Granbull died. I like Granbull, I thikn he's a cool Pokemon. I can't believe Sandra could be so heartless. I think Al should have shot her. The guy having his head shot off was kind of greusome too...

She kind of reminds me of the villian I am planning for my next fic.

Great Chapter though;)

Chris 2.1
6th May 2003, 02:47 PM
I am very pleased at this, and how the response is! Chapter 17 and 18 were two large acomplishments of mine, and I really think this fic has drifted away from trainerishness as well! Do you agree?

well, the spring awards will be coming up, no? Lets hope I get some votes!

Powarun: Touched, are you? I'm glad my work has lifted your character a little...maybe for the best? who knows. Granbull was a Pokemon I myself cheifly loved, but life chooses the unlucky ones, not you. Oh well. Sandra....does she die? does she live? Well...lets say that Chris has another dream...and it's much more accurate! Much more.

Mr Mayor: As i've said, i'm pleased you've been wrapped into this so well. Granbull was such a good character!

I did like him a lot...but I'd spent a long time devising a new member for Chris team - his new catches were early and i thought i'd help the fic slide with a new Pokemon. Granbull was going to meet his old trainer, who battled Chris for his faithful Granbull back.

Unfortunately, Chris lost, and had to hand him over. That sucked. Chris WILL, i repeat WILL catch a new, ADVANCE Pokemon! when? where? WHY? you'll see later.

Oakbark: Al is goodnatured. Chapter 26 is a delve into his personality, and we see how he came to be himself. Awards? lol, lets hope, eh? anyway, stunning is maybe an overstatement, but i DO like compliments...

Chris: look guys...just dont ask my any questions, K? I'm not in the mood...

Kecleon: I guess the Pokemon are the only ones fit to answer queries....wanna hear my account of it? the full scoop: £500!

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I don't know. Personally, I probably would have liked it more if Granbull would have met his old trainer.:P That way the Pokemon wouldn't have died. However, I guess I am contradicting myself. I have much of my next fic planned out, and there are deaths of Pokemon in it as well. :P

Anyway, I'll deffinatly vote for you to win awards. I know I haven't read many fics, but this is the best one that I have read.:D

6th May 2003, 03:42 PM
:o That is all I can say, really, other than that is some of the best writing I've ever seen, even from you.

6th May 2003, 03:43 PM
Well, sadly I was touched, and I noticed that you put a more realistic death than falling into a pit with spikes, he he he. Yeah, guess that is life. Don't know what song this chapter reminds me of, The Murkrow death = time of your life, Damien death, = Ha ha your dead, but this one was two. Also with the new pokemon, please not a starter or over used, somehow I think it will be nogylf, read backwards for rewsna, HOPE I didn't gues right

Hanada Tattsu
6th May 2003, 05:08 PM
Shiny Marill, an excellent chapter, as always!

I can't believe Granbull died, Chris never really saw its true strength! I'll miss it, but now both Krystal and Chris have an extra slot open.

Chris 2.1
7th May 2003, 10:35 AM
Mr Mayor: I thought that, if Granbull was from Kraden Island, there's a big chance his trainer would be, too. The deaths can really make a fic a lot more seriosu, and pull it out of being trainery and bland.

I'm so pleased you will be voting for the fanfic. I can see it's a firm favourite around here. Looking a Gavin Luper's reveiw of this, which I might add was very off-putting and flat, I can say i've earned a higher mark than i last did. 73/100 or something :-/

Jukain: Usually a men of many words. This is what i've done. I am so pleased you liked it! It was nearly ALL Chris...and 9 pages, something pretty amazing really! This truly is a great moment for me!

Powarun: I felt Damien's death was rather good!:P Murkrow's was rather weird: I remember in the original FRTC Noctowl used return and Murkrow used frustration. the two attacks collided and were forced into Murkrow. Tacky, good VS evil sorta story i guess. Thanks. Flygon? Lets say he makes an appearence......;) I made sure this wasn't overused OR a starter, so dont worry.

Hanada: The lesson is this: appreciate your Pokemon while you can. Chris has learnt that now...maybe too late, I admit, and hasrh, but he and Granbull shared some truly memoriable times. New Pokemon will come, a couple, anyway, and get ready for a reunion for Krystal!

7th May 2003, 10:57 AM

I sit here and stare.

That chapter was among the best things I've ever read.

It has everything I like. True evil that kills the good... chaos at its best... strong feelings... and just being extremely well written.

You are truly talented, SM.

7th May 2003, 02:53 PM
Never mind Gavin Luper's review, as he clearly needs to review it again. So much has happened since the Smeargle/going to Kanto starting plan, and you've gone in-depth with the ups and downs of lifes morals, which is good. I myself have touched on boyfriend dominance/abuse in my fic, but only for one or two chapters. I was going to bring a death of a less important character, but i couldn't. The way you portray things is very real, and yet we all feel weird afterwards- I mean the vivid picture i had of Granbull with Chris holding his head up was......tearful. Maybe im going a bit in depth but it made me think. And many of the books i read dont do that. Congratulations.

Mr Mayor
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Only 73/100? Sure, it's not 100/100, but I've never read a 100/100 fic. I don't think there is one out there. I would have given this probably a 88/100. 90/100 would be very rare.

What I am trying to say is yours is awesome!

Chris 2.1
8th May 2003, 11:38 AM
Dragonfree: Oh man, glad you were so touched! Hopefully you wont find this fic boring after that dynamic climax! I think you'll like one of the Pokemon that is coming up...Chapter 22 i think...I want to make sure I can leave here satisfied with my work, ans you've all helped me say that.

Oakbark: As long as a small bunch of people like it, I dont mind! In Chapter 21, Reunion and Remeniscence, I set a very realistic scene of Granbull's cremation. I hope you enjoy.

Mr mayor: Thanks so much!

Krystal: Ok, so I was at the canteen, and Chris wasnt! neither was Tony or their Pokemon. They'll probably filming the next Chapter. Anyway, any questions for me?

Megan: WHAT about me? ... *cough*

Jet: Megan, take your insulin! You need it...

*Jet hands Megan the medication*

Jet: she has this to keep her right. She's been rather dehydrated and pale, clammy, and rather dizzy. I do hope she will be alright...

The Indigo Road
Chapter 19 - The Fear Factor
By Shinymarill


I sat alone in the Pokemoncenter, Kecleon by my side. Nurse Joy then came back with Umbreon, Electabuzz, Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur. They had all been healed, but Electabuzz and Umbreon had seemed pretty down about what happened. They were sad about their friend Granbull. Pidgeotto just perched on the top of a chair, and Bulbasaur lay on the ground, snoozing.

Krystal returned from the washroom, Marill on her shoulder. Nurse joy soon came back with Seel and Charizard, and gave her Steelix’ Pokeball. Flaaffy was still recovering after the gruesome brawl with Sandra’s Sableye.

During the events, I had completely forgotten about my broken arm. I just felt so bad…so worried, so troubled…what could I do?

“If you’re really upset” Krystal began. “Then maybe you should go home”
“I suppose” I began. “But we’ve done barely anything here, I wanted to spend ages training around here and battling loads of new Pokemon”

“You’ve done that!” Krystal said, still trying to remain calm around troubled old me. “But it’s up to you, and whatever you do, I’ll stick with your decision”
“Thanks” I said.

Georgina came into the Pokemoncenter.

“Hey” She began. “Look, I hope you’re all right”
“I’ll get over it,” I said, looking up at her. “But it’s just so shocking…”
“I can see why it would be,” Georgina said. Nidorina was at her side.

“Do you fancy a quick battle?” She asked.
“I…I don’t feel like one, thanks” I murmured. I stared at her: she was about my age, but still young when it came to training. What the hell.

“Oh all right then” I sighed happily. I walked outside. I battled WAY too much…



“Misty…Misty, wake up” I said, as Misty stirred.
“Tony?” She asked. “Tony, I found you!”

“What do you mean?” I asked her.
“That kid…with the Corphish” Misty began. “Told me he saw you in the forest. I asked him when, and he told me about an hour ago. I went looking for you”

“Misty!” I cried, as her head fell limp. She was drifting out of consciousness. I heard footsteps. Dave was coming. “Misty, have you got any Pokemon on you?”

“No…yes…erm…I can’t…I can’t really remember,” She said emptily. “I met Dave, and asked him what he was doing, but he just put me to sleep with an Exeggutor. My Pokemon are at the Gym”

“The bastard” I said. “I have Ekans and Mudkip, but that’s it”
“Well, release Ekans” Misty said. Doing so, the snake emerged on the floor. He started moving his head around like he was dancing.
“Ekans, use an acid” I asked. Ekans blasted a steaming batch of acid at me, which sizzled through the chains holding me to the wall.

“Good job” I said, landing. I helped undo Misty’s (Ekans seemed to have bad accuracy), and we got onto the ground. Dave walked in, and his eyes narrowed as he saw us. We spent about 10 seconds staring at each other.

“Ekans! Bite!” I ordered. Ekans lunged at Dave and bit his arm. Dave yelled out, clutching it in pain.
“You little bastard” He said. “Exeggutor!”

His shiny gold Exeggutor emerged.

“Stun spore…I want to see these two in extreme pain…unable to move” Dave continued. Misty looked terrified.

“Dave!” She wept. “DAVE, I love you!”
“I know,” He said casually. “And keep it coming”

A rather distraught Misty burst into tears before me, as Dave stared gruesomely. Maybe Ekans should go for another hit…that might show him. I was rather confused how Dave had slept with Misty, but didn’t love her…

“Don’t you love me?” Misty pined.
“Of course” Dave replied back, shocking me. “But my job comes before my love life, so don’t forget it”

Misty sobbed on, as I prepared to launch Ekans onto Dave. However, Exeggutor blasted a powder from his head, which started to stain my clothes a yellow colour. I gasped, inhaling the powder, before I collapsed on the floor. I heard another thud, probably Misty…



“Wing attack!” I shouted. Pidgeotto tore down and smacked into Aipom, making him roll along the grass. He got himself up, and clutched his tail. Crying his name like a savage tribesman, Aipom swung his tail end around until it shimmered a metal glow.

“Iron tail!” Georgina cried. Aipom smashed his tail into Pidgeotto, which knocked him out of the sky. I watched in anger as Pidgeotto took the damage.
“Quick attack!” I said.

Pidgeotto tore through the sky and smashed into Aipom. He tumbled back, but retaliated by swinging his tiny paws around, trying to hit Pidgeotto. Having the air advantage, however, my Pokemon simply flapped higher to evade attack.

“Now! Drill peck!” I shouted. Pidgeotto shot down, spinning round fast. However, this attack was a new try for my bird Pokemon, and he simply couldn’t finish it. Pidgeotto spiralled out of control and skidded across the muddy arena.

“Aipom! Swift!” Georgina cried. Aipom commanded a barrage of sharp stars to shoot through the sky and pummel Pidgeotto. However, Pidgeotto managed to flap up, shoot through the sky and evade the rest of the attacks.

“Now! Finish up with a take down” I said slyly. Pidgeotto now had a lot more weight in his evolved form, so this was a cinch. He shot through the air, quite low down, and raced forward at Aipom. Aipom was hit, and fell back onto the floor.

“Aipom!” Georgina cried. She got a potion out of her bag and raced forward. She gave the drink to Aipom and assisted him in sipping it down. He looked rather dehydrated.

“You did well,” Georgina said, getting the Pokeball out. She shot the red beam at Aipom, pulling him into safety away from the fight. She put the ball away, and prepared to get her next Pokemon.

“I choose you, Chansey!” Georgina cried. I gasped as the white light from the love ball formed into the helpful Pokemon I had seen in so many Pokemoncenter’s…

“Chansey!” It squealed. “Chansey!”
“Cool! A Chansey!” Krystal exclaimed. “I’ve never seen one battle before…”

“Me neither” I added. “Pidgeotto, use a gust!”
Pidgeotto flapped his wings and sent a spiralling tornado forward at Chansey. Chansey watched with hopeful eyes, as the attack shot forward.

“Light screen!” Georgina cried. Chansey did like Electabuzz and wiped an invisible wall like a mime, eventually creating a pinkish barrier infront of her. The gust pushed against it, but the light screen absorbed the attack.

“Use a Psywave!” Georgina then ordered. Chansey glowed a deep blue, as did her egg, as she positioned her paws infront of her. Within seconds, Pidgeotto was encased in the same glow, and was pulled forward to Chansey effortlessly.

Chansey then kept Pidgeotto in the air and swung her paw forward, slapping Pidgeotto silly. He whimpered and cried out as he received dangerous and deadly slaps from the innocent pink Pokemon.

“Pidgeotto!” I cried out, as the psychic connection broke. “Agility!”
Pidgeotto glowed, before throbbing a bright silver colour. He then shot instantly out Chansey’s grip, a silver streak tearing behind him as he rocketed through the sky.

“Now! Egg bomb!” Georgina shouted. Chansey picked her egg up and hurled it like a Pokeball. It tore through the air and exploded upon impact on Pidgeotto, who spiralled out of the sky and landed on the ground.

“Oh man!” I cried. That attack was good! I even saw another new egg in Chansey’s pouch. “Good job, Pidgeotto”

The beam hit Pidgeotto and pulled him inside. I considered my next choice. Electabuzz. Obviously he had the experience and size to take Chansey down. I drew the Pokeball and threw it forward, releasing Electabuzz.

“Burr-ah!” He cried happily. Chansey watched him happily.
“Thunderbolt!” I cried. After the experience in Cerulean Gym, I came to the conclusion Electabuzz needed to use more attacks than just thunderbolt. I had now set myself a target to revise punches, maybe even try to focus his kicks, and I really fancied teaching him Iron Tail, as he seemed to have forgotten that attack, if he once had it.

Electabuzz blasted a jagged streak of electricity forward at Chansey. She gasped, surprised, before turning and running towards Georgina. Her run was rather funny; she seemed to have little stamina, and plodded along cautiously.

“Chansey!” She cried, diving to evade the thunderbolt. She rolled into the mud and shot forward, her egg now cracked and splattered. She lay there, looking up at Georgina.

“Oh, Chansey” Georgina sighed. “Don’t worry, you did your best. Return”
Chansey sniffed before she was recalled, sorry for her trainer. I gave Electabuzz a high five, resulting in a sharp shock on my behalf (he was charged up to the max).

“Well, thanks” Georgina said. We were on the outskirts of Saffron, but we were going to head back into the city today. Georgina bid us farewell as she walked off, and I decided to ask Krystal something important.

“Krystal…” I began.
“Yes?” She asked curiously. As I thought how to phrase my question, I thought about Dane. Was he alive? Had he delivered the money?

“Well, I was hoping I could go to Lavender town” I explained. “And meet you in Celadon City or something. I could cremate Granbull at Pokemon Tower, and then go to meet you in Celadon City; you can stay with Kimi and Brock”

Krystal looked upset.
“I know you want to do this alone” She said. “And so be it. Ok then. I’ll make my way to Celadon, and you go to Lavender, before making your way BACK through Saffron and to Celadon”

“Check” I said to her. “We’ll heal our Pokemon and then we can leave in a few days”
“Oh, so soon?” She asked. Without a reply, she seemed to understand. “If that’s what you think is best…”

“I do,” I murmured.



“Well…see you soon” I mumbled. Me and Chris exchanged hugs, and phone numbers (why not sooner? I have no clue…), before parting.
“Thanks for this” Chris said. “Thanks a lot”

“Anytime” I said lightly. I turned, and walked off, my drawstring bag on my shoulder under my cape. It billowed behind me as Marill stood on my shoulder, and Flaaffy, Seel, Charizard and Steelix remained in their balls.

The path ahead was crunchy and light. I walked briskly, the path reminding me of my way home from the town center of Pontaricò after the Miami League. We wandered on further, my urge to battle growing ever more impatient.

Suddenly, out of the bushes, a little Taillow flapped out and onto the path infront of us. I watched keenly as he pecked at the little seeds on the ground. Looking at Marill, I knew what she was thinking.

“Go!!!” I roared, as she leapt off my shoulder. “Water gun!”
Marill blasted a water gun and struck Taillow in the wing. He looked shocked, and flapped up some dust, before shooting forward at us.

“Taillow!” He cried. Marill then swung her tail around and smacked him in the jaw. He flew back and landed on the ground. That was easy. We continued on, slowly moving Taillow into a nearby bush.

As the path progressed, I realised how lonely life could really be. But when I got to Dragon Rock, then that would change. People who liked dragons as much as I did would be surrounding me, it would be great!

However, I stared down at my belt. Seel’s Ultra ball stayed there, and I thought to myself. Why did I have him? Why? Did I really need him? I caught him before we entered Pourie Town after he battled Kingdra, but I had never even battled with him yet.

I thought about him; I had been told he was a very high level. Maybe Kimi would like him. I thought about battling with him with some wild Pokemon, for a little experience. Yea. Sounds good.

I released Seel, and he formed infront of me. Slobbishly, he lay on his back, his tongue sticking out. He seemed to be a complete lazy slob, did Seel. I poked him gently with my foot, but he rolled over.

“Seel! Come on!” I cried. Seel started to get up, but I just sighed. I held his Ultra ball out and shot the beam at him, recalling him. He was useless. Grrr. Flaaffy was ok now after that gruesome match against Sableye…

I wandered off until I came to a small town. It was called Brellaville. It had small houses and small shops, and looked sorta quaint. I wandered through the empty streets as the sun set in the orange sky.

I walked into the store, and bought some bread rolls and slices of wafer thin ham for lunch tomorrow. I bought a small packet of butter, a 6-pack of Coke and a packet of gummy bears.

After paying the man, I took the paper bag and walked around Brellaville looking for a hotel or something. I saw a Pokemoncenter, and they usually supplied rooms for trainers. I popped in, greeted the Nurse (and being rather wary of the Chansey there), and was given a room upstairs. It had two single beds, a TV, a mini-fridge (which I stored my shopping in) and an en suite bathroom. It was pretty nice.

“Oh well” I sighed, scrambling onto the bed. Marill was with me as we watched a movie about a jewel thief and his Mawile. It was pretty cool, ‘cos Mawile used its large jaws to cling onto the ceiling when a security guard came in. The agent was you’re average ‘good looker’ and was pretty cool. I thought about him, and thought back to Dane…where was he?

I should get police to find him, but they’re too caught up in the whole Saffron City thing. I then thought back to Granbull…that poor Pokemon. Death. What a way to go, with a bullet through your chest. I hoped I never lost a Pokemon the way Chris had to.

After the movie, I looked across at my watch and sighed. 11:24. Oh well, better get changed. I took off Marill, Flaaffy, Charizard and Steelix’ Pokeballs and put them on my bedside table, as I dressed into my pyjamas. As I went to sleep, I thought about my Pokemon…they were all so special to me…


I stood there. I was in a large hallway from a humongous mansion. A Murkrow hopped forward on the velvet carpet. I heard a man’s voice echo in my mind as I saw Murkrow stare at me…

"Other friends have flown before, on the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before." [/b]

What was that from? It was…[I] The Raven , by Edgar Allen Poe. I remember now. And Murkrow was hopping forward at me again, watching my every move. It was intriguing, but confusing.

I put my hand by my side, and felt a single Pokeball on my belt. I watched, as the Murkrow started to bob forward slightly, making a tapping noise. Curious…


I sat upright in bed. I looked around, the tapping noise coming from the window. It was 2:36AM. Wow, I’d been a sleep a few hours. I got up and wandered over to the window to see what was making the tapping noise…

I opened the curtains and saw a Murkrow! Perching on the windowsill, this Murkrow was a purple colour, and had been tapping my window for some time now. I stared at it, and it simply pointed at me with its wings.

Within seconds, Murkrow hopped off the windowsill. I watched in anticipation as he hopped along the ground below. He then turned, pointing to me and cawing. I thought about this. Should I go?

Yes. That Murkrow was rare. It was purple, that wasn’t normal. I quietly slinked across my room and got dressed, leaving my cape here. I was in my red t-shirt and blue tight shorts. I wouldn’t be long, so I suppose it wouldn’t be cold for long. I left Marill asleep, as well as Flaaffy, Steelix and Charizard.

I walked down the stairs, past the desk with a sleepy Chansey at it and outside. I walked around the back of the Pokemoncenter, as my room looked over the forest at the back, and wandered through the open clearing.

“Murkrow?” I hissed. “Murkrow!”
I suddenly saw the little blighter. He hopped forward, and I made a grab for him. However, he hopped back and started to flap his wings wildly.

“Don’t go!” I hissed. Murkrow obeyed, and stayed there. However, as I edged forward, he hopped back slightly. I tried again. I slowly moved towards Murkrow, and he hopped back again.

I leapt at Murkrow, tired of my past approach. Murkrow leapt back hastily and ran through the forest. I could catch him. I ran after him, surprised at how quiet and peaceful the forest was.

“Murkrow?” I asked, wandering through into a cleared space. It was sorta circular, with a few yellow flowers growing around it. I walked into the clearing more, searching for Murkrow. I then looked up to see him in a treetop. I stepped forward, but a hand clasped around my mouth and pulled me back. I felt myself touch a body…

“Hey there, Krystal” I heard Dane purr.


I stayed still as Dane gasped in heavy spurts.
“Murkrow, come” Dane said, as Murkrow took flight and landed infront of me. Dane owned him! I was a little upset at this, but it may actually be that I was gagged by a former (or current) boyfriend.

“So nice to see you again” Dane murmured, keeping me close. “What have you been up to?”
I looked at him (or attempted to) and he soon realised. He got out a Pokeball and released it. It took the form of a Ditto.

“Ditto!” I gasped, my voice now a muffle.
“That’s right” Dane said soothingly. “How else do you think I could get in that Tournament?”

He let go of me. He wore his same t-shirt, but it was ripped and slashed. His hair was a mess and he hadn’t been eating well by the looks of things…

“You copied my Mareep?” I protested. No! It must be a lie!
“Yes, that’s right” Dane said to me. “It was also in my room when Chris stumbled in on me. He transformed into a porcelain Jynx”

“You bastard!” I cried, slapping him across the face. He stumbled back, unsure of what to do. “DITTO! Transform!”

He held out a trading card with a Tangela on it. Ditto watched it, as he became encased in a white glow. He took the shape of the same Tangela on the card, vines swathing across his body. He shook himself a little, before sneezing.

“Ditto, vine whip!” Dane cried. Tangela shot two vines forward and wrapped me up. I remained immobile as Dane watched me with Murkrow and Tangela. “I tell you what. How about a battle?”

“I can’t,” I said nervously. I was scared. “All my Pokemon are at my cabin”
“LIAR!” Dane spat. “I can see a Pokeball from here”
I stared down and saw an Ultra ball on my belt. It was Flaaffy’s! I must have forgotten to take it off last night…

“Tangela! Get it!” Dane shouted. Tangela fired a third vine off and wrapped it around the ball, before yanking it from my grip. I gasped as Dane clasped the ball in his hand. He looked at it, intrigued by it.

“Go!” He shouted, releasing the Pokemon. However, as I expected it to form into Flaaffy, it actually took the form of…of…of…Seel!

Of course! I hadn’t had him too long, and I must have forgotten about his ball on my belt and kept it on last night! Oh, thank goodness Seel was here! He could save me! I watched as Dane eyed Seel.

“What beautiful fur…” He exclaimed. “They’ll like this…”
Dane got the ball and shot it forward at Seel, recalling it in a flash of light. I stared, horror-struck. Was he going to keep it?

“Give it back!” I screamed. Dane ignored me. “Who is ‘they’?”
“My boss” Dane cried. He got out his wallet, which showed him in a team rocket uniform. “James Holmes, the leader of Team Rocket”

“James…Holmes?” I asked. “Team Rocket? Dane, NO!”
“It’s too late” He said. “Tangela! Sleep powder!”

Tangela shook his coat and released a cloud of powder into the air. I coughed and spluttered, trying to cover my mouth and nose, but it wouldn’t work. I collapsed on the ground, the powder gathering around me…

[i]Chapter 20 - Split Ends
Posted on Monday the12th of May[i]

1) Chris: Battles and etc!
“Ancient Power!” I spat. Kecleon’s stripe brimmed a bronze glow, before he managed to force a gigantic blast of energy from his stripe. As it shot forward, the beam morphed into a dragon’s head, before shooting into the pier, splintering it as it tore across and smashed into Octillery.

2) Krystal: Peircings, Pinsir and MP3's
The bushes rustled. Hairs stood up on the back of my neck as I looked around nervously. Marill’s ears perked up, and Flaaffy distinctly heard something. We spent a few seconds staring around, until something charged through the bush at us.

It was a brown bug on its back legs, with two large horns. It clicked them furiously and started flexing its muscles. This was a Pinsir. I ordered Flaaffy to attack; he needed some experience.

3) Molly: A Battle against a skater. 'Nuff said.
“PIDGEOT!” I cried out. I fumbled for his Pokeball: Golem was going to do a final rollout and kill him! I got the Pokeball and prepared to shoot it at him, but Pidgeot wearily got out the way.

“Return, come on!” I cried. Pidgeot managed to get up and sped through the clouds, hiding from me. That stupid bird! Courageous? I don’t think so…

8th May 2003, 12:14 PM
The plot continues to thicken. Excellent chapter as always. If you've been to Serebii, you already know of my little secret. If you haven't, then, oops. I wonder when Articuno comes back into this? I guess I'll find out.

Mr Mayor
8th May 2003, 01:48 PM
Great Chapter. I can't wait to find out what happens to Krystal. I feel bad for Chris though. The death of Granbull still haunts me... =P

8th May 2003, 02:08 PM
We all have our dark sides.......
Are you saying Chris wouldn't have killed Sandra when she killed Granbull?
It's not my fault.......there's more to me than you know..........

-fades willingly back, much to the surprise of Oakbark-

Weird, he almost looks upset......
Anyways, that was a great chapter, as usual.
Question for Krystal:
Thoughts on Dane???????

Chris 2.1
8th May 2003, 02:34 PM
Jukain: The plot thickens indeed. Erm...WHAT secret is it? PLEASE PM me it so I can know something more...or where abouts is it on serebii? Hmm?

Mr Mayor: Yea, it can be a strange thing. Chris meets a recurring character called Monica, and he soon realises what SHE poseses. She is a very weird girl, in the conventional sense. i'm glad you liked the Krystal thing!

Oakbark: thanks.

*Krystal may not reply right now*

weird. Erm...can ANYBODY reply?

Kecleon: I can....but i doubt you'll wanna talk to me...

Al: I'm actually held captive somewhere. Any questions?

OH yea: Chapter 27/28: ABSOL. No more words from me!

8th May 2003, 02:39 PM
Hey Kecleon, hope you're doing okay after Granbull and everything.........

Hello Al!
I hope you'll get out of there( wherever you are)
Sorry about Dane......
I'd help if i was a fictional character......

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Hanada Tattsu
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Wow, another great chapter!

Dane really is a bastard, but did he turn in the money?

8th May 2003, 08:05 PM
Well it was a good chapter, poor chris, can't believe that you could kill a bull dog. Well past that, the chapter was good, and hopefully Dane steals seel, no offence Seel lovers but I thought it was worthless to. Dang you stole my idea of having a pokemon stolen and the trainer doesn't care. Well maybe Krystal does care. THe fight with Chansey really explained the pokemon, and its DEFENCE, it actually has a high Specail defence, but hey you ment to have like that, I think. Punches self.

9th May 2003, 09:44 AM
Well, guess what you managed to make me dream tonight. I was Chris and I was inside a large room I assume was Silph, although it was completely empty. Then Sandra came, drew a gun and started shooting at me. The bullets glowed yellow and moved very slowly, so I managed to evade a few, then some hit me, and a lot more hit me, and I died. Not exactly the best dream ever, but if I've started dreaming about this story, it means it's very high in my mind...

It's the second time I dream I get shot and killed in some way or another. Let's hope that doesn't mean anything.

Chris 2.1
9th May 2003, 11:32 AM

Kecleon: I do miss him, yea. Me, Buzz and Umby. Bulbasaur and Pidgeotto are just senseless gits, so they won't have any feelings.

Pidgeotto: Gimme a break lizard-lips. I was almost killed by a large white beagle with a paintbrush for a tail, before getting severe brain damage from a large Pokeball.

Kecleon: Touche.


Erm, Sorry, but Sandra tells me to 'LEAVE MY MOTHERFU*ING HOSTAGE ALONE AND STOP ASKING HIM QUESTIONS!' so I guess he's under control...

Jukain: AHHHH....its in the fanfic section? lol, thanks. PM me anyway, i'll empty my mailbox.

Hanada: It would be safe to presume that, yea. I guess Team Rocket is everywhere -- oops, sorry: 'The Orginasation'!

Powarun: He doesnt have a bullet-proof Pokeball, ya no, although thst WOULDNT have helped in this situation. BTW: I'm obsessed with Seel after seeing his crystal animation. Don't worry, you'll see him again...

Dragonfree: deep :o :o :o :o :o
anyway, if thats how you reacted to it, then dont worry: everything sorta tones down now....until CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN! DUN*DUN*DUN*

Chris 2.1
10th May 2003, 07:37 AM

--Chapter 28 - Fighter--

After an Absol attack on the way to Fliscoula City, Chris and Bulbasaur head off to get help. Meanwhile, the other Pokemon are out of their Pokeballs and continuing to battle against the pack of Absol eager to get at Krystal:

Angered, Charizard walked up to Pidgeotto and grabbed him:
“If you’re in this group, then you’ll fight for your friends, help your friends and even put yourself before your friends”

“My friends are all on Route01” Pidgeotto rasped. “I’d fight for THEM any day”
“You’re in THIS group now” Electabuzz said boldly, getting up from talking to Ampharos. “Your priorities lie here now”

what do you think? There's some more with Tony, hopefully Megan and IF I CAN MANAGE....some Al as well, which is desperately needed.

Mr Mayor
10th May 2003, 08:22 AM
Wow, that Chapter sounds cool.

It looks like Flaafy will evolve. You said Electabuzz got up from talking with Ampharos.

Chris 2.1
10th May 2003, 09:43 AM
Mr mayor: Yea, Flaaffy will evolve between now and Chapter 28. When? you'll find out later...

Krystal: any questions for me? Hello?

Chris: Or me? i AM a greiving Pokemon trainer...*gets smacked on arm*

Megan: Pipe down loser. Does anybody have any questions for Megan Holland, the AMAZING Rocket Elite?


Ps: This isn't 100% certain, but Chapter 28/29 may have some interesting circumstances on Pokeballs. As you read on, you'll learn of Dave's plans, and Jet's mission, and the whole thing should come together when Al, Chris, Krystal, Monica (WHO?) and Sandra meet in Fuchsia! But circumstanes may lead to trainers being allowed to use 8 Pokemon on their teams! If this goes ahead, Post which two you think Chris will put back on his team and we'll see who is right!

Hanada Tattsu
10th May 2003, 10:14 AM
Well, if it is correct, I think it's gonna be Wobuffet and Smeargle!

10th May 2003, 12:17 PM
Hey SM. Good chapters you're posting. Very interested in what Dane will be doing in the future

I dunno, I think Nidoking and Wobufett will come back. Chris wants Nidoking back too much and Wobufett will pop up unexpectedly and come back to Chris

Chris 2.1
10th May 2003, 12:25 PM
Hanada: I PM'ed you them, as per your request, but it seems as if your Mailbox is full :-s Wobbufet and Smeargle have that rivalry, remember, and Wobba seems to enjoy cooking with Chris' Mum, but we'll see...Chris will be getting to Fuchsia soon.

TML: Hey! you're back! Nidoking is such a good idea! But...he's back with his old owners, and if I'm correct, Nidoking Venom is greatly needed on Trueman Farm to help make antibodies and antidotes. Looks like he'll be staying. Maybe Wobbuffet...he does seem rather popular.

I have decided the two he will use...:) one of which has devloped a character eisily. You'll see them soon!

10th May 2003, 05:08 PM
Yeah, you know I read this. I just don't post

I never said I liked Wobbufett, I actually don't like them a lot. He's one of the only ones that came into my mind

10th May 2003, 08:18 PM
Did chris even catch wobuffet. I think it just followed him home.
but things can happen. so if he's going to get two more he's got dustox and noctowl and weezing well what ever you picked shinymarill.

Chris 2.1
11th May 2003, 05:08 AM
TML: I'd really appreciate it if you did post :-/, I like knowing that I'm appealing this to a lot of people, really. I meant Wobbuffet was a popular character by when Hanada and You said it, he was asked a few questions and stuff...

Watermaster: Hey! another closet reader? Yea, Chris didn't catch Wobbuffet, Wobbuffet just followed him home! I would have thought Chris' Mum would have gotten him a Pokeball, though. We'll have to wait and see.

Chris' choices are:

So, who will it be?

11th May 2003, 05:49 AM
Hey, good fic, really great! I started reading this fic yesterday and when I woke up this morning I realized I fell asleep while reading this.

as for the contest, I think he gets Wobbuffet and Dustox

Mr Mayor
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Hmmm, I think that Dustox might be used, since he hasn't had much time in the fic. I don't think Noctowl WON'T come back. He had a lot of time in the previous fic, and, as you said, he doesn't like to battle anymore. Possibly Weezing, since he hasn't been used much either.

Chris 2.1
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Pokeruler: Really? oh man! Lol! What did your parents think? Anyway, i'm so glad you're picking up on this, I love getting new readers!

Mr Mayor: Weezing is a SHE (weird, aint it?), thats why (if you've read it) she uses sweet scent and attract in the finals. She is female, but very masculine because of her image. Noctowl's pretty much crossed off the list, isnt he? Poor chap:

Noctowl: you're telling me!

11th May 2003, 04:48 PM
Hmmm... I'll be a little different and say Smeargle and Dustox.

11th May 2003, 09:18 PM
dustox and weezing. but won't dustox add to the social problem
on chris team. mabye umbreon, bulbasar, and dustox can go to some tharepy

Chris 2.1
12th May 2003, 01:40 PM
Dragonfree: Well, we'll see if you're right or not! Hehe. I do LOVE Smeargle...but if he goes, will the Wobbuffet/Smeargle rivalry fade away?

Watermaster: I'd say Bulbasaur and Pidgeotto were the unsocial ones, BOTH, I might add, from Kanto! Dustox was only 'unsocial' in his Cascoon form, where he was incapable of movement. As a Wurmple, he was small and neglected. As you'll soon see, Dustox is rather hyper!


The Indigo Road
Chapter 20 - Split Ends
By Shinymarill


“Mr Haruka!” Another voice called. I sprinted out of the Hotel and down the streets of Saffron as a reported chased me. I turned a corner by the Dojo, and came face to face with a large group of reporters and people.

“Mr Haruka, isn’t it true that you sold your Granbull to Team Rocket?” A woman asked. A man pushed her out the way.
“Joshua Neal, Cerulean Scoop” He said. “How has this whole ordeal affected you? Do you miss your family?”

“Get bent,” I snapped. I kicked him in the shins and ran through the crowd, not stopping until they stopped pursuing me. Couldn’t they just leave me on my own? I wanted it that way…


I was making my way to Lavender town, and was walking along a set of piers across the water. Kecleon was alongside, running on all fours as I walked pleasantly along. Fishermen were trying their luck with anything they could catch, a basket of Pokeballs by their seat.

After the incident two days ago, my arm was still in a cast. I whimpered as I thought back to my beloved Granbull, and what was happening now. He had been escorted to Lavender Town in his coffin, and I had to walk. Great.

We came across a rather tall and thin fishing kid, about 14, with one Pokeball in his basket. Poor guy. He wore blue trousers below a bare (pale, and bony) chest, with ginger hair that was short. He didn’t look too old.

“Hey, you” He said. “Fancy a battle?”
“Sure” I muttered. “Kecleon, go!”

Kecleon stood infront of me on the pier, as the kid got the Pokeball out.
“Octillery, Go!” He roared. The ball opened up and a slimy Octillery appeared on the pier.

“Slash!” I commanded. Kecleon ran forward and slashed Octillery across the face. “What’s your name, stranger?”

“Dale” He murmured. “Dale Wilson”
“I’m Chris,” I told Dale. “Headbutt!”

Dale had been pretty distracted by all of this, so Kecleon smashed into Octillery. My technique was getting sharper and better, I was doing well over in Kanto. Octillery then blasted a water gun out his mouth and at Kecleon, hitting him and sending him flying back.

“Leon!” He gasped, smacking against the pier.
“Come on! Psybeam!” I urged him.

Kecleon leapt into the air and blasted a vibrant beam from his stripe. It smashed into Octillery and forced him back slightly, but his suction cups kept him secure. Octillery then launched himself in the air and used a skull bash to smash into Kecleon.

“Kecleon!” I shouted. “Faint attack!”
Kecleon disappeared and raced at Octillery. However, Dale saw a flaw in my plan, as it was obvious Kecleon was heading straight for him. Octillery swung a tentacle around and smashed it into Kecleon.

“Kecleon! Are you Ok?” I asked. I got out his ball, but he held up a hand. “You…want to continue? All right. Shadow ball NOW!”

Kecleon held his hands forward, as a purple orb formed violently. Throbbing with an intense violet glow, small black and navy blue thunderbolts crackled inside. As this happened, the ball grew in size until it was about the size of a basketball.

“Leon!” Kecleon cried successively. The ball tore through the air smashed into Octillery, knocking him back slightly. He then blasted spiralling water from his snout, which was directly aimed at Kecleon. However, he had an advantage. He leapt into the air, before shooting a swift forward and keeping Octillery back.

“Ancient Power!” I spat. Kecleon’s stripe brimmed a bronze glow, before he managed to force a gigantic blast of energy from his stripe. As it shot forward, the beam morphed into a dragon’s head, before shooting into the pier, splintering it as it tore across and smashed into Octillery.

“Bloody Hell” Dale said, watching. “You…you can pass”
He dragged Octillery into the basket, who recovered slightly as Dale fished some more. I leapt across the gaping hole I smashed in the pier and walked onwards.



I looked around. It was morning, and I was on the ground. I looked at the blueish stain on my red shirt, and remembered the sleep powder. Dane had obviously left, and taken Seel with him. I sobbed silently as I lay in the grass. I searched my back pocket and thankfully found my room key – Dane couldn’t get at the rest of my Pokemon, which was better than nothing.

I wandered back through the forest and towards the Pokemoncenter. Once there, Joy eyed me suspiciously, making me jog quickly up the stairs. I approached my room and wandered inside. Seel was gone, and Dane had been a part of Team Rocket…

I got washed, dressed in my cape and picked up my Pokeballs. Marill was in hers that night. I watched some TV, seemingly bored with my life at the moment. I should make my way to Celadon as soon as possible and meet Kimi.

That afternoon, Marill, Flaaffy and I walked through Brellaville and did a little shopping. I got a new white cover for my Nokia Phone, which had a silhouette of Dragonite on the back, and small Dratini silhouettes on the front.

I also went to ‘Pearce’s piercing parlour’ and managed to get my ear pierced! I got a gold ring in the top of my left ear, and flashed it a little. It was mega wicked! It gave me a boost of confidence, even if my ear had swollen up a little.

And then, I thought some more. An MP3 player! Yea! I ran down the street with my Pokemon as we entered a shop called ‘The Discovery Store’. There, I bought an MP3 player, to listen to some cool music!

Then, I realised I had no music! Thinking to myself, I considered going to the Internet café and downloading some music. Yea, that sounded right. I recalled Flaaffy as we walked towards the Café. I ordered a cheese pizza and managed to hook my MP3 player up, before starting to download the new ‘Busted’ song. Those guys rocked!

Now with about 10 songs on my MP3, I wandered on through Brellaville, searching for something else to do. I’d pretty much done as much as I could, so I decided to get going for Celadon; hopefully I could get there by nighttime.

Off I went, into the forbidding route that led me to safety once more. I felt vulnerable now; I didn’t want to leave, but I knew the sooner I left, the sooner I’d be at Celadon, and sooner I’d be safe once more.

The path I took lead right through a forest, a thick one at that, so I released Flaaffy alongside to help me a little. The two stood either side of me as we wandered on through the woods.

The bushes rustled. Hairs stood up on the back of my neck as I looked around nervously. Marill’s ears perked up, and Flaaffy distinctly heard something. We spent a few seconds staring around, until something charged through the bush at us.

It was a brown bug on its back legs, with two large horns. It clicked them furiously and started flexing its muscles. This was a Pinsir. I ordered Flaaffy to attack; he needed some experience.

Flaaffy ran on all fours, sparks crackling from his horns. He issued a thunderbolt at Pinsir, who managed to endure the attack very well. He shook slightly, as sparks shot from his horns and into the air. He snapped wildly at Flaaffy, and charged.

“Flaaffy! Careful!” I cried. He leapt to the side evasively, and managed to send an electric discharge down to his paw, before driving it through the air into Pinsir. He toppled back, before Flaaffy used a flash to blind him.

“Ok, now finish up with headbutt!” I ordered. Flaaffy tucked his head down and charged full pelt, smashing Pinsir in the ribs and making him collapse. Flaaffy cheered happily, and we continued on.



“Yes folks, the Johto League championship is underway! This battle is on the rock field, and will have 3 Pokemon per side. The trainers are Molly Babilton and Mike Hatt. Begin!”

I stared across at Mike. He was about 14, with a red t-shirt on and black denim jeans. Geez…skaters are a lot more common nowadays… He had brown hair that was spiked, and wore a pair of shades.

“Go Cloyster!” He roared. He released the Pokeball and sent out his tough clam Pokemon. I stared at it. It looked strong. I decided whom to choose against it, because I knew they had good defence.

“Misdreavus, you’re up!” I ordered. I threw the ball and released Misdreavus. She faced Cloyster and began the match. A bell sounded, my heart pounded, and the battle begun.

“Misdreavus! Shadow ball!” I ordered. In the lobby before my match, I had gone over her attacks and Misdreavus had some excellent ones: even Thunderbolt, but that was for later…

Misdreavus created a large orb of purple energy, slowly drawing shadows from objects around her and increasing the size of the ball. It hovered infront of her like a crystal ball before a fortuneteller, and Misdreavus screamed; she screamed so loudly the audience covered their ears. The ball shot forward at Cloyster.

Cloyster closed its shell and the attack moulded against the side, before exploding. Cloyster didn’t take any of the damage at all, leaving me slightly stuck for answers. I thought of using our thunderbolt trump card…

“Good job, Cloyster!” Mike said, cheering his Pokemon on. “Try again Molly”
“I will,” I snapped. “Misdreavus! Try a thunderbolt attack NOW!”
Misdreavus looked rather shocked with my sudden wave of rage crashing over me, but she obeyed nonetheless.

Her eyes glowed yellow, before she blasted a thunderbolt from her whole ‘body’. It arched round the air and shot down at Cloyster, who was watching with his beady eyes. He then shut his shell and the attack defended off completely. This was hopeless!

“Cloyster! Ice beam!” Mike roared. Cloyster opened up and blasted the surge of ice from his mouth. It shot across the arena, freezing any dirt or any mud, and smashed into Misdreavus. She froze over suddenly, encased in a solid block of ice. Clattering, she fell to the ground, a shocked look still on her face.

“No” I hissed. I got the Pokeball and shot it at Misdreavus, who was instantly recalled. I put the ball away on my belt, and thought about what to choose next. Ice beam was strong…but ice was weak against steel…I thought to myself cleverly as I got out my Zephyr ball.

“Go Pidgeot!” I roared. I released the beautiful bird, which flapped in the air and watched Cloyster. Cloyster stared back, grinning. Pidgeot landed on a flat, smooth rock, and perched there before the match begun.

“Spike cannon! Go!” Mike said, ordering the attack. Cloyster fired spikes from the two large ones on the front of his shell, and sent them right at Pidgeot. Pidgeot, however, remained calm. I knew what to do.


Pidgeot spread his wings out, and an even cross appeared infront of him, bigger than himself. It was made of small tiny stars, and as Pidgeot called his name, the cross began to spin round, repelling the attack.

“Now use steel wing!” I said. Pidgeot shot into the air gracefully, taking a few hits from the spike cannon. He turned, and shot back down at Cloyster, a metallic streak enveloping his whole body.

Pidgeot shot past in a mere streak, causing Cloyster to take damage. That was great! Mike, however, was angry. He pointed at Pidgeot again, and began his command.

“Use a blizzard!”

Cloyster began to chant his name, before small ice crystals spun around him. They grew and grew, swirling around even faster, before the whole barrage of ice crystals shot at Pidgeot rapidly.

“No! Agility!” I cried. Pidgeot took to the skies and shot straight up, the crystals shooting after him. He turned and dipped down, swerving as much as he could. The crystals, however, lost accuracy and dropped, smashing and spreading ice across the arena.

“Pidgeot! Drill peck!” I shouted. Pidgeot spun around rapidly as he tore down at Cloyster. His quick reactions enabled the bivalve to shut quickly, but Pidgeot was one step ahead. His beak shut in-between Cloyster’s shell, and Pidgeot drove Cloyster into a large rock.

“Return!” Mike spat, shooting the beam at his Pokemon. Cloyster was brought back into his ball, and Mike chose his next Pokemon. I thought hard. What if Mike brought out a rock type, an ice or an electric type?

“Go!” He roared. Mike hurled the ball forward and it burst open. It took the form of a bulky boulder Pokemon, round and heavy. Golem. He was a rock type, and would be good against Pidgeot.

“Steel wing!” I said desperately. This had worked against Cloyster, so why not have it work against Golem? Pidgeot tore through the sky at an exceptional rate, but Golem was one step ahead. He rolled into the air and tackled Pidgeot, knocking him out of the sky and to the ground.

“Pidgeot!” I cried. Golem was using rollout as he sped across the floor. I gasped, hoping Pidgeot could get up. He managed to pull himself together, but was mauled down by Golem.

“PIDGEOT!” I cried out. I fumbled for his Pokeball: Golem was going to do a final rollout and kill him! I got the Pokeball and prepared to shoot it at him, but Pidgeot wearily got out the way.

“Return, come on!” I cried. Pidgeot managed to get up and sped through the clouds, hiding from me. That stupid bird! Courageous? I don’t think so…

Pidgeot then tore back down, silver streaking his body. He shot past Golem and delivered a hit, before turning and facing Golem. Golem looked angry, but still determined. He launched a dynamicpunch at Pidgeot, but he flapped back playfully.

“Ok, now an icy wind!” I said. Pidgeot flapped his wings and made a cold wind pass through the arena. Golem shivered, and Pidgeot then glowed silver again. We were using steel and ice attacks because they’d work best.

“Rock throw!” Mike ordered. Golem started hurling rocks at Pidgeot, but he flapped out of the way. Pidgeot then glowed, as he charged down through the air and smashed the rocks as he went.

Pidgeot was using skull bash! Yay! He tore through the air and smashed into Golem, sending him tumbling back onto his buttocks. Pidgeot then shot forward and delivered a final steel wing, knocking Golem out.

“Return Golem” Mike said. He got out a Great Ball next, and threw it out. It took the form of a large purple Cobra…Arbok. He stared at Pidgeot, and Pidgeot stared at Arbok.

“You too, Pidgeot” I said, shooting the ball at Pidgeot. I heard gasps and shocked sounds from the audience, but Pidgeot was weak. He wouldn’t last any longer anyway. I put the ball away and decided whom to use next. I knew.

“Delibird!” I shouted. He emerged from the great ball and watched Arbok happily. “Use ice punch!”

“Deri-deri!” Delibird chirped. He brought his fist flying forward at Arbok, but he slinked out the way. He then peppered Delibird with a poison sting attack, causing Delibird to flap into the air.

“Delibird! Ice beam!” I cried. Delibird Blasted a pearly white beam of ice forward, which Arbok lunged out of the way to evade. The arena was shaping up to be very icy due to the Pokemon we used, and it would definitely slow Arbok down.

“Arbok! Dig!” Mike roared. Arbok leapt into the air and burrowed through the ground as he hit it. Delibird watched in fascination as Arbok disappeared. Delibird and I both had a great idea.

“Hidden power!” I cried happily. Delibird held his paws over his mouth, and looked like he was going to throw up. Instead, once his hands left his mouth area he blasted a water jet from his beak and down the hole.

The force was strong. Delibird had the stats for a water hidden power, and it wasn’t long before Arbok burst out the waterlogged hole, gasping for air.

“Powder snow!” I shouted. Delibird breathed a cloud of ice over Arbok, securing it in an icy ditch. His head stuck out, leaving Delibird free to attack the poison cobra. This was easy!

Delibird raced forward and slapped Arbok savagely. The red bird sure did have a lot of slap in him, bless him. Arbok, however, started to pepper Delibird with a barrage of poison pins.

“Deri!” He squawked. He was shocked, and held his paws infront of his face for protection. However, Arbok was now being rather cunning, releasing a barrage of poison pins to repel Delibird and even attack him.

“Delibird! Try a swift!” I called.

Delibird swooped his arm from left to right and cast a flurry of stars forward at Arbok. Arbok remained in his captive frozen hole, and was bombarded by the attacks. Delibird then watched in fascination as Arbok prepared to attack.

Arbok hissed loudly, and the ice smashed. He shot out the hole and appeared infront of Delibird, flickering his tongue and spreading his marked hood. Delibird panicked and ran across the rocky arena as Arbok spewed hot steaming acid form his fanged mouth.

“Mega punch!” I shouted. Delibird held his fist back as a glow took it over. Delibird then forced his paw through the air and slammed Arbok in the jaw, sending blood spurting out of Arbok’s mouth.

Arbok then swung its tail around Delibird and trapped it. I watched Delibird with fear in my eyes, as I thought about an attack to use. Arbok wrapped Delibird and squeezed him hard…

“Delibird! Rapid spin!” I shouted out. Could Delibird manage this? Delibird glowed for a split second before spinning rapidly. He released himself from Arbok’s grasp and fluttered into the air.

“Arbok! Hyper beam!” Mike roared. Arbok blasted a white beam through the air at Delibird, who watched in fear. He suddenly did something peculiar. He stopped flapping and dropped the ground, narrowly going under the hyper beam. He took damage from the crash, but was all right.

Arbok powered up another hyper beam, but Delibird, one step ahead, charged with a take down and smacked Arbok in the face. Blood from the serpent stained Delibird’s body as he flapped back. Arbok collapsed in the dust, ending the round.


I sighed with relief as Delibird appeared by my side. We’d better have a clean up and phone home before we had our next match tomorrow…Delibird and me waved to the audience as Mike recalled Arbok. I was one step closer to grasping success…one step closer…

12th May 2003, 01:56 PM
Great chapter SM, Shopping does solve some problems at least for Krystal (although she does have bad taste in music) and a battle after the death of Chris' pokemon also helps too.
Wants...Chris..to..get..a...Zangoose..or...a...Sev iper.

12th May 2003, 03:36 PM
Good chapter, I know I complain about Chris alot but Molly did a splendid job with her one step ahead planning. You did a good job explaining a "girls shopping season," for krystal. And for a joke, can pokemon trainers in a fic swim, no offence, but in most stories the kids usually ride a pokemon, [Cruel], or gets a boat. But one could also get :mad: when a fishing lure is caught onto them. See ya, and I liked the legth:yes: :wave:

12th May 2003, 03:54 PM
Great chapter, and Molly is sure doing well for herself.
Krystal has bad taste in music- maybe Seel had a lucky escape?!?
Poor Chris, he's had enough turmoil without those stupid reporters. If only i could sent myself into the fic and use my Ninetales to help him......
Too bad my evil side- if he's really evil- is alreday a fic character.

Chris 2.1
12th May 2003, 04:24 PM
Jon UKX: I find that my cousin shops to relieve anger, cause anger, lose tension, gain tension, get over her ex, get over how fit her currrent bf is...the list goes on.

Chris' new member COULD be seviper/Zangoose....you never know...

Powarun: Well, I can swim, so Chris can, yea. He wont swim long distances, though. He'll use a Pokemon, i guess. He cant swim to Seafoam from Fuchsia, can he? anyway, He may not even get there :-o Molly's next match is in Chapter 25, and later one in Chapter 31.

Oakbark: Seel's escape will be actually confirmed in Chapter 29 - I gave him a POV ^__^. Krystal has a taste in music that can be described as P A P. Chris wont be seeing those reporters again...they have much more to worry about...

Currently writing Chapter 30 - Aerodactyl's Flight.

its sorta hard to explain relly:

after meeting Thomas Chambers in Fliscoula City, Chris gets aquainted with him and his Pokemon, as well as two of his recent additions as his Pokemon lie in the Pokemoncenter. However, as night creeps around the corner, Tom's ex, Nikki, plans something awful at the local collage with a recent scientific discovery...Can Chris trust _____ and _____, the recent additions to his team, to battle for him while his others recover?

Hanada Tattsu
12th May 2003, 06:25 PM
Wow, great chapter, SM!

Molly is doing great, I wonder if she wins?

I want Krystal to get Seviper.

12th May 2003, 07:37 PM
Very good chapter, SM. Krystal's shopping seemed a bit and-then-I-did-this-and-then-I-did-that, though, but maybe that's just me, I can't stand shopping...
I just had an idea. Maybe Chris will take Smeargle and Wobbuffet, then the rivalry can go on and he will have Smeargle (I don't know why, but I seem to think he must take Smeargle)...

The Silver Storm
12th May 2003, 11:16 PM
Hey ShinyMarill, aka Kecleon. Yeah I'm from the Serebii forums. As soon as I post my fic you'll know who i am. anyways, this is better than your first, i'd say. Though killing Granbull wasn't your best bit of writing. Is it just me or does a Pokemon die in each of your fics. In the original there was the leader's Murkrow, and now Chris' Granbull. Oh well.

A question for Krystal: If someone has askeed this already, oh well. If someone hasn't meh: What do you think of Dane now?

12th May 2003, 11:55 PM
Mmmmmkay then. Oz Minds :o I'll have a look at the more recent episodes then. Aww poor Vinny was knocked out! But WTF Why did Sandra kill that man? She wanted a battle and so she was goign to get one from a man who claim he couldn't beat her... WTF....

And why are people in a hostage situation not looking for an escape route and instead standing around talking about where they come from.. what is with these people!?

And Poor old Granbull died eh :S I'm surprised Sandra just didn't kill those pesky kiddies....

THe next chapter Chris has JUST LOST A POKEMON and a girl who watched it happen comes in and asks for a battle.. ok are your characters taking drugs!?

Go Ekans but! Kick the butt of Eggy! Gogogogog Ekans' you're good!

And WTF was with Krystal attacking that poor Taillow? Doesn't she like them after her league defeat? And ok let me get this straight...a girl goes alone in the dark at night to follow a bird with only a Seel she forgot... what drugs is she on?!

Why did Chris not just stop and talk to the media? Interesting... I'm sure he'll be on a current affairs show and he "Attacked them brutally" And when you're depressed, why battle? That confuses me.

And Krystal, she just had a Pokemon stolen.. so of course what you do is NOT report it to the police, or tell anyone, but go shopping... Why are these characters self imploding?

Well its written well but 2 things bug me.

1) The characters do the darndest things at the worst times ever and
2) The battles seem to be padding :x

But that's about all, I think having a lot of solo stories detracts from it as when they can bounce off eachother its a good thing, while the solo thing is good for 1 or 2 epis its not as interesting with that lack of character development in involvment cause you can't have an indepth conversation with Marril. lol.

Good work Shiny, but watch those comments please.

Chris 2.1
13th May 2003, 11:16 AM
Hanada: I kinda dont know WHAT to do with the whole Molly thang. I'll try to pull a little turn and make it all coolio and whatnot :confused: anywho, Her next battle is going to be (if i can manage it...theyre tedius to write) Chapter 31. Krystal, with Seviper? Well, she has gotten pretty picky with this whole Dragon Rock palava. We'll see, eh?

Dragonfree: Girls are like that! well, some are :-o (remembers your a girl ^_^;;), when she's on a shopping spree she can get overloaded with snazzy glittery clothes or something. My girlfriends that demanding, too....Smeargle and Wobbufet? Oooooh, maybe!

The Silver Storm: People AND Pokemon die in my fics. Damien died in the first installment, that innocent bystander (Oz is right: WHY didn't he find an exit damnit!) was killed...although I AM working on the next proper, appreciated death. I dont think it was bad wriitng myself, and i dont think many people do here, either. Meh.
Krystal: I dont know what to think, really. I still love him, and I think he still loves me. He said his job came first...but...oh, i dont know really.
Chris: Date me...I wont leave ya ;)
Krystal: No. I'm going, cya
Chris: WHAT do I have to do to get her to like me?
Kecleon: Force her to marry you, have a shotgun wedding!
Chris: did...did you just talk?
Kecleon: Leon! Leon le!
Chris: Oh...oh well...

Oz: *sheilds himself from bitchiness* ARGH! Long! Well, let me sort a few things out for you:
-Well, I used that whole 'Sandra-stupidly-does-something-stupid' thing to show she had power...but it seems a little hasty, doesnt it? Either way, it scared the other people to death!
-'And why are people in a hostage situation not looking for an escape route?'
I guess it must have been a damn great battle....*notices nobody laughs* Ok...ok, well, it was sealed of by those Rocket People, wasnt it! Some went upstairs, some stayed downstairs, some secured exits.
-THe next chapter Chris has JUST LOST A POKEMON and a girl who watched it happen comes in and asks for a battle.. ok are your characters taking drugs!?
It could cheer him up.........*silence*
Actually, now I think abut it, he might become self-insaneincase anybody he battled pulled out a gun :o Now THERE'S an ironic twist...
-Glad you like Ekans! Isnt he just cool....
-You said yourself in FRTC - 'Will she have some anti-Taillow thing from now on?' I do so, i get shouted at! I cant win :(
-Why did Chris not just stop and talk to the media?
I myself, would hate being pestered by them, especially if my Pokemon (or in the real life, my adorable dog) had died.
-And Krystal, she just had a Pokemon stolen.. so of course what you do is NOT report it to the police, or tell anyone, but go shopping... Why are these characters self imploding?
She DOES tell the Police, i just didnt write it. Ch21 for more details. She told the Police, who are going to ring her when Dane is caught. Soon? maybe.......

and besides, the solo stories are being tied up a lot more. There are:
1) Chris & Krystal in Kanto
2) Megan's last mission
3) Molly's Johto League battles
4) Rika defending her title
5) Tony's life in Cerulean
6) Al, although he doesnt appear much!

Now, at Chapter 30, we have:
1) this is here till the end!
2), drawing to a close
3) Hmm...i may write this in advance, and have it postable whenever
5) Starting to draw to a close
6) Meh, its shooting back up and becoming more important, but will soon go for certain reasons.

Its a big collection of stories, but most are slipping away. I hope you're just in a bitchy mood, cos you seem really harsh! :-o

anway, now the bitchy sesh is over, its back to writing for me! I might add Chapter 29 is 7 pages of CHRIS all the way! Nobody else.

13th May 2003, 03:17 PM
Wow, that was a great chapter. You had great deatial and it was a great length. Right now your story is my favorite. I can not wait for the next chapter!

The Silver Storm
13th May 2003, 05:51 PM
Completely forgot about Damien, I almost wish that Scizor had saved him, just so he and Dane could kill each other.
Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohb well, I'm not going to name my fic or anything, just to create suspense.

A question for Chris: when are you going to avenge Granbull?

Question for all the main characters: are any of you applying to go to a mental institution? /jk

actually I wanted to ask what are your plans for when Chris and Krystal get back from Kanto?

For Krystal: When are you going to start believeing what Chris says?

Chris 2.1
15th May 2003, 11:56 AM
Totodile: i'm very pleased! your favourite? I carry that with pride! I hope you enjoy the next Chapter!

The Silver Storm:

Chris: I'm not sure if avenging him will help...will it? True, Sandra deserves to be punished, but what can I do? Maybe next time I see her i'll get angry...

Al: Give her one from me...

Chris: Erm...sure, why not! How are things?

Al: I'm being tortured to being told about the whereabouts of a key...*SCREAM* ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHH!...erm...yourself?

Chris: well, that in mind, I can't complain really. Hey...did you say something about a key?

Al: It doesn't matter, really. *cough*

After Kanto? well, this is the last you'll see of Chris and Krystal, as i havent made plans for another fanfic with them in. You'll see everything come together at the end, i guess.

Anyway, here is Chapter 21! I'm still writing Chapter 30: expect it to be titled the same as the preveiw but the main Chris focus slightly diferent. Seel has a much-needed perspective after the Tales of Trechery, and the Megan saga comes to a close with an unexpected twist...


The Indigo Road
Chapter 21 - Reunion, Scooters, Escapes and Smoochers
By Shinymarill


We walked on through the woods until it started to become lighter. At the moment, I was listening to ‘Girls Aloud: No good advice’. It wasn’t really my style, as It was terribly poppy, but it was an Ok song really.

“ I don’t need no good advice,
I’m already wasted, ” I said, as the song was pumped to my ears. Flaaffy and Marill walked alongside me until a city came into view.

It was Celadon, as a large overhead banner read ‘Welcome to the fresh sights of Celadon!’ with a Gym badge either side of the words. That must be the official badge, which ‘Joe trainer’ would want to compete for.

And then, as I walked through the gates, I saw something up ahead. It was Kimi! And Espeon! I ran forward with Marill and Flaaffy, as Kimi looked up. She faced me with open arms, only to see me hug Espeon very tightly.

“How ARE you?” I asked my friend. She was a really strong Pokemon I owned before I tried training for Dragon Rock, so I handed her over to Kimi. She was beautiful, her lovely silky skin, her soft ears, her delicate tail…

“Nice to see you, too” Kimi rasped. I got up, and stared into her eyes, while Flaaffy was introduced to Espeon.

“And HELLO little Marill!” Kimi cried, wrenching Marill from my grip. She smooched her on the cheek and hugged her tightly. “HOW ARE YOU?”

She reminded me of a butch auntie of mine, Auntie Gladys. Well, it was actually Kimi’s aunt as well…you get the picture! Kimi then spied Flaaffy.

“AWW! A FLAAFFY!” She cried, grabbing Flaaffy and hugging her tightly, just managing to lift her off the ground. Flaaffy squirmed as Kimi planted a kiss on her left horn. I just WISHED Flaaffy had released a thunderbolt!

“Kimi” I began, thinking over the past few days. “I gotta tell you a few things first”



“We’ll be fine, don’t worry” I re-assured Mightyena. He sat by my side as we sat in the hull of the boat. It’s destination: Saffron City, but we had to get to Vermillion Port first and drive to Saffron.

Mightyena grumbled as I scratched behind his ear. He seemed a very loyal companion, and I was still very grateful for Jet giving me one of his Pokemon. Now, Jet had only Foretress, and I had Mightyena. I thought back to Pyro Island, and how I abandoned the chance of getting my Pokemon back from the Pawn Shop.

I heard a noise. The clunk of metal steps as somebody walked down them got ever louder, and the noise soon echoed around the room I was in. Boxes were piled high, and rags and clothes were scattered around.

I glanced at Mightyena, before the two of us ran across the space and squatting behind the stacked boxes. I looked across the wall at the shadows as the figure began to move.

“Oh, Mightyena” Jet sighed. It was Jet! He came down and walked around the hull. “Why did I leave you? Why?”

Mightyena began to pine. No. Not here. I felt awful for hiding from Jet, but Jet felt awful leaving me behind. “I’ll need a dark type if I’ll be taking Saffron Gym”

This time it was me who blundered. I fell over in shock and landed on the cold metal floor. Jet wandered over to me, Mightyena happy to finally see his master again. Jet was tackled to the ground by the friendly Pokemon.

“Hey there” Jet said, as Mightyena licked his face. “Megan? What’s going on?”
“We…we wanted to come with you,” I said, looking down at the ground. “I figured that the only way to get back on my feet is to get back into the knack of things”

“James didn’t plan on keeping you” Jet told me. My brow was furrowed. “He actually hoped you’d just…well…die. That’s why I have been seeing you so much, to make sure you’re ok”

“Oh” I mumbled. “Thanks for telling me, but what can I do after this?”
“I don’t know” Jet began. “If only you could just reset your career…”

I stared into Jet’s eyes as he thought. I had an idea. I perfect plan.
“I need you to help me with something” I began. I then looked around slightly. “But we’ll make a start after the mission here”



I had gone back to Kimi’s flat and met Brock, before the three of us wandered through Celadon with our Pokemon. I left Charizard and Steelix in the reserve outside Kimi’s flat, but Flaaffy and Marill came with me, Kimi, Torchic, Brock and Lotad. We stopped off at a Diner.

While eating my steak and chips, I looked at Kimi’s Torchic. It was cute, and seemed to be talking to Marill a lot. Marill was a very social member of my team, unlike Charizard and Kingdra. Flaaffy got quite nervous around new people, but he was doing very well.

Brock’s Lotad was asleep as Brock ate his chicken pie. Brock poked it happily and chuckled as it snored. We had got onto the topic of Team Rocket, as it was a hot focus point for paparazzi and reporters. Kimi had shown me numerous headings from Celadon City newspapers of the explosion a few days ago.

“So, did you tell the Police about Seel?” Kimi inquired keenly.
“Well…sorta” I began. “The man asked what Dane looked like, and I told him, but they said they’d ring me with any information.”

I ended up crying. It’s weird, because Seel never really seemed an overall favourite on my team. I suppose I plucked him from the wild and sorta just kept him in a ball, but confined as he may be, I hoped he was safe now. Maybe he was taken to Seaworld? I could free him…hehe…

“I can’t believe he worked for team Rocket!” I wept.

“They’re called the Organization” Kimi said, eating her watercress salad. “Run by James Holmes”
“Cool” I replied. “I hope Chris is alright at the moment”
“He should be fine” Brock said happily. “He’s had experience on his own before, hasn’t he?”

“Probably” I muttered. I slurped my strawberry Milkshake and finished it off, before Kimi started looking around nervously. She stared at me, then Marill, then my belt, and then at Torchic.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Kimi. She looked nervous still.
“I know you’ve been a bit troubled recently” She began. “But can we have a battle? A 1-1”

I thought about this. Her Pokemon would probably look good, if she was a breeder, but we’d have to see. I could train Charizard, Steelix and Marill up before we headed off.

“Maybe later” I began. “There’s more to this fanfic than battles”
“Fan…fic?” Kimi questioned. Stupid girl.



It was nighttime. I stood infront of Granbull as his corpse was riddled with flames. There were about 12 of us altogether; some were other members of Lavender town who paid tributes, but a lot were challaners; people who could talk to the spirits. They gathered with their ghost Pokemon as Granbull became cremated.

I sobbed to myself, as a young woman put her arm around me. Granbull looked peaceful, which was best. All my Pokemon were out their Pokeballs, and I noticed Umbreon and Electabuzz were very emotional, as well as Kecleon, but Pidgeotto seemed very unsocial and tried to look at something else. Bulbasaur, however, just stared at the ground.

I was so alone. I needed somebody I knew to comfort me. The flames skipped along Granbull’s body; he was on a sort of pedestal, only it was about the size of a table. It was marble, and Granbull lay on it, burning slowly. The fire danced and hissed all over my Pokemon.

Kecleon was a plum purple, emphasising his sadness. I then thought about God. How can he watch down at me now? How can he feel anything but sadness? How can he do this to me? I have been living hell these past few days, and I don’t think anybody realises that.


The next day, I wandered through the quaint town of Lavender. It wasn’t busy really, a few people wandered here and there, but all in all, it was a relief from the hurly-burly of Saffron.

Kecleon at my side, we approached a girl who I saw at the cremation last night. She had dark hair down to her hips, and had piercing blue eyes. She wore sensible glasses that were silver, and looked pretty. She was about my age.

“I’m very sorry about your Granbull,” She said slinkily. What do you mean? Slinkily’s a word! You know, it means sorta seductively and slyly…duh!

“It’s Ok,” I said lightly. She smiled.
“I’m Monica,” She told me. “Fancy a quick battle then? You know, to help boost your spirits and everything…”

“Maybe not” I said to her. “I just feel a little down…and I don’t think it would boost my spirits”
“Well, maybe you can have lunch with me” She said, once again being slinky and sly. I wanted to decline…

“Erm…” I mumbled. She kissed me on the cheek.
“How about now?” She said to me seductively.
“Of course!” I cried, walking up the road with her.

We had a light lunch at Mcronalds, before walking through the small shops to buy some new things. I had a little wad of cash, which meant I could probably buy a small mode of transport to get back to Celadon. I’d heard good things about Golf Buggies; maybe I could purchase one of them.

“Let’s see” I began, getting out my bankbook. “£275: that could get me a rather shoddy buggy with no wheels”

“Yea” Monica replied. “I suppose I’ll come with you then”
The two of us got our bags and wandered off through the town once more. We approached an electronics store, which sold all sorts of gadgets.

“Let’s see what I can buy!” I cried happily. However, after looking around for quite some time, I found nothing. I wandered over to an assistant.
“Excuse me, where are the electric buggies?” I asked.

“Sorry, those things are only to be used for golf” The man said. “Some Australian guy introduced the buggy system a while back, and trainers have been stealing the idea ever since”

I sighed. Lucky Australian.

“What can I buy?” I asked.
“Have a look over here ” The man told me, leading Monica and myself through the store.

I stared at the item the man showed me. On a showcase pedestal, it revolved slowly as a spotlight shone onto it. Monica seemed to like it. I was unsure.

“A petrol scooter?” I asked him. “How much?”
“£274.99” The man said happily. I had the money, and it would be a nice way of getting around…

“Deal!” I cried, getting out my cash card.



“Go, Charizard!” I roared, throwing the Pokeball out. It burst open and formed into my faithful Charizard. Happy at being released, he blasted torrents of flames from his mouth.

“I choose Furret!” Kimi cried, releasing the friend ball. It opened and took the shape of a slinky ferret Pokemon, which bounced happily. Kimi squealed with delight as Furret started sniffing the air ‘adorably’.

“Flamethrower! Now!” I shouted. Charizard opened his mouth and blasted a stream of flames at Furret. Furret glowed, before using an agility to shoot out of the way of the attack. Charizard tried again, but Furret evaded again.

“Use a tackle!” Kimi shouted. People who used tackle were either complete idiots, or really good people who practised and revised basic attacks. I knew which one she was…

Furret built up speed and raced at Charizard. He then swung his leg around, smacking Furret in the jaw and sending her flying back to Kimi. She grazed herself across the side. Charizard then flapped his wings and took into the sky.

“Thunderbolt!” Kimi ordered. That attack surprised me a lot. Furret blasted a thunderbolt forward at Charizard, and my dragon Pokemon was caught up in the intense blast. He was shocked so hard he lost flight, causing him to hit the ground.

“Charizard! Get up and use a seismic toss!” I shouted. Charizard swooped forward and grabbed the squirming Furret, carrying him like a parcel as he tore through the air. As he got very high, Charizard threw Furret down effortlessly. Furret was hurtling down towards the ground very quickly, spelling a bad result for Kimi.

“You know what to do!” Kimi cried. Furret started to balance out, and made sure she would land on her feet. Furret then bounced lightly as she hit the ground, flying through the air and landing safely.

“Take down!” Kimi said. Furret built up speed (which seemed really easy for her) and raced at Charizard. Charizard watched, unsure of this, before being hit in the stomach by the charging fluff ball.

Charizard was winded, and toppled back. Furret ran back to Kimi happily, as Charizard started to get up. I was angry, as Kimi was just having a laugh, effortlessly attacking us, while I took this seriously.

“Flamethrower!” I shouted. Furret charged at Charizard, but my faithful Charizard was ready. He opened his mouth and blasted a searing streak of flames forward at Furret. Furret leapt to the left and evaded the fire, and then across to the right to evade a 2nd time.

“FIRE SPIN!” I roared loudly, spit flying from my mouth. “GO!”
Charizard flapped into the air slightly, as Furret ran close, before he blasted a spiral of flames straight at the Ferret Pokemon. Hurt, it leapt back as flames shot across its body.

“Furret!” The Pokemon screamed. It collapsed on the ground, rolling to put out the fire. Kimi looked rather worried. The arena was ground and soil, so Furret’s flames were put out easily.

“You poor thing” Kimi said, bending down. She got out her Pokeball and recalled Furret. “Thanks for the battle”

“Anytime” I remarked, as Charizard landed beside me. “Want another bout?”
“No! That’s alright,” Kimi said quickly. Torchic on her shoulder, she walked ahead through town. Brock walked with me, as I recalled Charizard and picked up Marill. I’d settled the score, and taught her a thing or two!

“Was that really necessary?” Brock asked.
“Well, Yes” I said back. “I want to show her that I’m no bubble-headed girl: I haul ***!”

“Don’t do it again, Kimi can be stroppy” Brock warned me. Oh well.



My eyes opened, and I stared across the room. The table was smashed and in pieces, and the bookcases had been tipped over. The books were ripped, trashed, burned …

“Misty” I hissed, getting her attention. She stared across at me, wearing a somewhat bleak grin. “We need to get out of here”
She nodded, before looking ahead and screaming loudly. I looked to see what was wrong.

Mudkip and Ekans had been hung on the wall across from us, their necks slit. Blood had seeped out, dried and cracked over their gashes, and their faces were lifeless and their bodies limp. I screamed out, too, but nobody could hear.

“My god!” I cried. “My Pokemon!”
“Don’t worry” Misty said. “I still have Staryu”
“But you said…” I began.

“I HAD to say that, I thought someone might have been listening,” She told me. “The Pokeballs on my hair band, but its well concealed”
“Great” I said. “Release it and we can escape”

Misty shook her head violently (she was restrained with chains, as was I), and her hair band fell from her hair. It clattered from the ground, the Pokeball opening and taking the shape of Misty’s Staryu.

“Hya!” It cried.
“Staryu, use a swift!” Misty shouted. Staryu blasted an array of tiny yellow stars from its central core, the stars gradually weakening the chain restraints. With a rapid spin, Staryu managed to smash the chains and get Misty down. Misty then helped free me.

I sobbed as we walked past Mudkip and Ekans…I wasn’t too fond of Ekans, but Mudkip was for Brittany! What would I tell her? I can’t tell her that Mudkip’s dead…

We ran towards the room, but the door was locked. It was steel, and very hard. Misty banged it in frustration.
“Stupid door!” She snapped, tugging on the handle. “Dave must have locked it”

“Look!” I cried. “A velux window!”
“It’s locked, like the door!” Misty pined.
“But it’s glass” I stated. “Staryu can break it!”

“It’s not a brick!” Misty bellowed. I stared at her. She stared back at me. Seconds passed gracefully, before she realised what we had to do to escape. “Ok then. Staryu! Rapid spin!”

Staryu shot through the air and smashed the glass, sending it showering onto the floor. Misty and I stood back dramatically as Staryu dropped back down. Misty then watched - interested in how we were going to get out, as the velux was rather high.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “We can use those bookcases”
We used Staryu again to use its psychic powers, lifting the bookcase to the wall by the velux. I then started clambering up the case, before reaching out for the window edge. I grabbed it, but managed to pierce my skin with sharp glass. Cursing, I hauled myself up and looked at my wound. It was small.

Misty followed me from down in the room, and as she got up, we looked around to see where we were. We were on top of what seemed like a bunker, a bunker that overlooked a vast forest. I could see a town ahead…was it Cerulean?

“This is hopeless” Misty pined. “If Dave isn’t here, he’ll have left for Cerulean now, to take over the Gym!”
“Shhh!” I hissed. I pointed to the ground, and Dave was seen getting the keys for his car. Misty and Dave knew how to drive; I had failed my test twice.

“Double edge!” Misty cried. Staryu flew forward and smacked Dave in the jaw. Dave fell back onto the ground, blood gushing from his face, mostly his nose. Staryu had blood over one segment, but Misty jumped from the semi-underground Bunker and wiped the blood off.

“I have an idea,” I said, as I grabbed the keys from Dave’s unconscious body. I shook them infront of Misty. “But you’d better drive…I can’t”
Misty smiled, before recalling Staryu. She took the keys, and as we piled into the car, I looked in the back seat, admiring the sleek leather chairs.

“Wartortle!” I shouted, seeing my friend gagged and tied in the back. “We must be remotely close to Cerulean if Wartortle is here!”
I untied and ungagged Wartortle. With him alongside, Misty put her foot down on the clutch, before speeding off through the forest, Dave, Mudkip and Ekans far behind us.

Next Chapter, posted on Monday the 19th of May! 'The Serpent, The Viper, The Dragonfly'

-Rika's match against Tom continues. Can she work her way through Tom's Pro-freeze plan?
Gyrados powered up an ice beam, before issuing the attack from his mouth and across the arena. Now, as Jolteon evaded the attack, the whole arena was a solid layer of ice, waiting to be challenged on. As he powered the beam, Gyrados rose out the water (sorta flew…hovered in a way) and made sure to glaze every spot.
“Jolteon!” I cried. “Get ready!”
“No need” Thomas said, recalling Gyrados. “We’re done for this stage. I choose you!”

-Chris and Monica go apple-picking in Lavender Orchard. It's a lovely peaceful day...but what's that in the bushes?
“Great!” Monica said. “Let’s get it healed later on, and we’ll get it verified by the Nurse”
After we ate our ‘victory’ ‘meal’, we got our bags and walked through the town to the Pokemoncenter. I didn’t know quite what this was, but it better be a lot more social than Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur…

-Krystal does a little 'training' after getting lost in the woods, but was her battle all that the Pokemon needed toe volve?
As I wandered back along the path, Vibrava lay there. It twitched a little more, before it was taken over by a bright white glow. The glow shrouded its body, and caused it to change and form into a much larger, much fiercer dragon. The new Pokemon looked around with its huge red eyes, experiencing this new feeling of freedom with its much broader wings.

As it flapped, it shot into the air and through the forest. A large gust of wind whipped up behind it, and it tore off towards Celadon, seeking revenge.

Find out more on Monday!

15th May 2003, 02:34 PM
I'm still here, I've been away for a while but now I caught up completely!! This fic is sooo good, you really make me happy shinymarill!! Anyway, poor granbull(I really loved that part, its so sad but it was really eeehhm beautiful), question for cris though, How do you want us to remember granbull?(how we should remember him how he was, you were his trainer so you should know him good) and a question for bulbasaur, don't you wanna be a strong pokemon? cuz you aren't really battle willing.

15th May 2003, 02:37 PM
Strange......i thought Dane would kill Skarmory for his comments......

Anyway, I can't help feeling Chris' new catch is a Baltoy- you know the one that evolves into the big fat thing with eyes all around its head.
So, Flygon's in town- but will Krystal have what it takes to catch it????????

Chris 2.1
15th May 2003, 03:02 PM
Shadow: Hey again, long time no see. Granbull's death was striking, wasn't it? I liked writing it.

Chris: He was...a fighter. A non stop plugger. He was very strong physically, he was the bodyguard in my team.

Kecleon: what part am I?

Bulbasaur: you'd be the dickhead

Kecleon: Screw you, weedy! *Unleashes psybeam*

Chris: Hey, stop that! *recalls both*. Like I say, Granbull was a fighter. Remember that.


Bulbasaur: I'm naturally strong, my species evolve with the seasons. I dotn need 'levelled up' or 'trained', i'm already like level 46 or something. I'll probably evolve if 'ASH' lets me out...I dont want to battle with him that much, but...but I know i'll have to eventually.

Charizard: You guys might not hear from me often, but i'll say Pidgeotto's take on Chris changes a lot in Chapter 28, you'll see. Hehe. Why? You'll see. hehe.

Oakbark: Baltoy? I HATE THEM! they remind me of Jewish Stroodles, which i think tell your fortune. But just because I hate it, does that mean it wont be in? Do you not like him?

Yea, Flygon's in town. Krystal...catching it? Well, it makes perfect sense, and i do really love Flygon! You'll have to see on Monday ^__^;;, what did you think of the scooter?

The Silver Storm
15th May 2003, 03:27 PM
MY NAME IS THE SILVER STORM!!!!!!!! NOT SKARMORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also who said i was a guy???????????

Krystal, you didn't answer my last question: When are you going to start believing Chris

15th May 2003, 03:54 PM
I loved that chapter. Monica gets on my nerves, I'm not sure why... I can't believe Dave killed poor Mudkip and Ekans... he's evil! Evil! I'm not complaining, I like evil...

The Silver Storm: Why do you have that user title if you get mad when someone calls you Skarmory?:rolleyes:

Hanada Tattsu
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Great chapter! This fic is getting better and better!

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Okay, SHinyMarril, I have to let this out, okay, you may be offended but, I can't beleive you for killing Mudkip and Ekans, and making Tony leave them behind. and to spite that Wartortle is alive. I had to let that out, you kill more pokemon than me, in a fanfic, that is sad. And Granbull ceremation not sure if I liked that holl saga, but i will keep reading. Dang I am glad you live in England, and I can tell, what are flats, and Chicken Pie? But everything else I did not complain about was pretty darn good. I can't beleive you killed Tony's pokemon. Is krystal next, and a question for Krystal, do you worry that one of your pokemon will die. Maybe seel, this is an edited post, since I did feel guilty for my insult toward you

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Drangonfree: Thanks for that. You reminded me that I was going to change that

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Question for Chris: WTF is wrong with you?!?!?! what do you think Krystal would say?!?!?!

Question for Krystal: What DO you say to what Chris is doing??? Also my previous question still stands: When are you you going to lilsten to Chris???

Chris 2.1
16th May 2003, 10:19 AM
The Silver Storm: I'm really sorry for not answering your last question! I didnt see it -_-;;

Krystal: I feel kinda embaressed about rhe Dane thing...i walked right into his trap. I dont want to have to admit to Chris about this whole ordeal, and how he was right, but I can just tell he wants to gloat! I have faith in Chris, i always will, but love can put you under a spell...

Dragonfree: Monica's based off someone at my school who is 14 and dresses like a 25 year old! HIGH heels, stockings, BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK eyeliner and mascara etc etc. But Monica has a part to play, but just after Chris leaves, in fact!

Hanada: I want to show you all that this is just life, really. Dave wanted to make sure Tony and Misty couldn't escape, but he didn't realise Misty's hairband had a REAL Pokeball on it! Dave's ruthless, evil and whatnot: But Tony was going to give Mudkip to Brittney! What will he do?

Powarun: You called me a bastard. I dont really have much more to say to you

TSS: Call me SM, Shiny, Chris, anything! Chris ISNT travelling with Monica, is he? NO. He's just hanging around her while he's in Lavender. Monica, as i've said, has a more important part than one would first assume, but she doesnt travel with Chris. DON'T PANIC!


Chris: NO! I havent gone anywhere with her!

Krystal: MONICA YOU *****!

Monica: Bring it on...

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A flat is basically a house. You get a block of flats, which are sorta like apartments cos they're stacked high and you dont get a garden, well, you do in some cases. You pay rent to stay in it.

A chicken pie is GEORGEUS! its lovely chunks of suculent chicken with either a chicken sauce or a bubbling gravy inside a crusty pastry...*dribble* hehe. I'm glad i can get you to picture that, because it's a striking image.

Well, Krystal wont die, thats for sure.

Krystal: I am always worried for their well-being, but I think the worst is over. Chris is rather upset, I hope he's doing alright in Lavender Town. I guess they COULD get hurt...i'm just woried about Seel, the police haven't rung with any details.

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“Some Australian guy introduced the buggy system a while back, and trainers have been stealing the idea ever since”

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Jon UKX:
Dane says he's nowhere near Reke, although he did say to keep your wits sharp, or Cluff may go splat in the night.

By the way, does anyone know how to make a Ditto reform apart from making him laugh? People are starting to think I'm crazy going about the house tickling stuff.......

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hey everybody, sorry I havent been here for a while. It seems Oakbark has been answering things on behalf of Dane, which is understanable, but either way, I will answer all the queries I can and set a few straight:

JonUKX: Dane's story has seemingly come to a close (although you wouldn;t know it around here :-/) but I plan on letting anybody know when he can be used; some things are still to be ironed out.

Watermaster: Chris & Krystal don't know what's happening to Tony and vice versa! So i guess they can't answer the first one.

Tony: I fancy Misty, but I don't think she fancies me exactly. Now isn't a good time...

Sorry, but Dane can't answer right now. He's...not here...Seel isn't, either. I hope he's Ok...

Oakbark: Monica has a certain special something, doesn't she? I love writing her in the fic. The Scooter won't get ditched! Chris spent £274.99 on it! You'll have to wait and see, because, well, even at Chapter 31, such an event hasn't happened. Something...drastic happens when they meet back up...:-o Nuzleaf OR Baltoy? Nice choices :-). Chris might get one if he decides not to get two Pokemon from home when the 8-ball maximum is featured. Who knows?

and now, after NO delay, here is Chapter 22!


The Indigo Road
Chapter 22 - The Serpent, the Viper, the Dragonfly
By Shinymarill


“Good job” Thomas said, recalling his Rhydon. He was now on his 4th Pokemon, and I was on my 3rd! I waited with anticipation as he drew his next Ultra Ball. He threw it out and released a Gyrados. The large serpent leapt into the recently changed arena (after I knocked Rhydon out), its huge fangs lined in its gaping mouth. Could Heracross stay on? Ditto had been taken out; Ampharos was rendered hopeless and now Heracross looked slightly troubled. Salmenace, Kangaskhan and Rhydon had been taken down from Thomas’ team, so we were at least making progress.

“Gyrados! Hyper beam!” Thomas roared. Gyrados powered up the white beam and forced it form his mouth. As it tore through the air, Heracross watched nervously. We needed something to do to evade it…

“Quick attack!” I cut in, as Heracross zipped through the air. The attack had smashed into the stadium side, but shock absorbers had been placed to take care of any off-target attacks.

“Gyrados! Leer!” Thomas said again. He looked about 14. He was very confident and didn’t look one bit nervous as he battled with his dragon-related Pokemon. Maybe he could enter Dragon Rock? I knew very little about Dragon rock, except for it was a very tough competition for dragon trainers.

Gyrados’ eyes glowed a venomous red as Heracross became still. His joints seized up and stayed in place, causing him to feel nervous and vulnerable. Gyrados then forced his head forward and smashed it into Heracross, causing him to fall back.

“Hera!” He clicked, as he flopped into the water. Thomas looked very happy as he ordered the follow up attack –

Gyrados forced its fin-like tail down onto Heracross’ body, causing a ripple in the water. Heracross took damage and just lay there. He had a totally gross look to him, but he was a cool Pokemon.

“Return!” I shouted. “Take care, Heracross”
I put the ball away. Jolteon would be a good choice, but could he negotiate the water? Hmm. Haunter was a last-resort (I didn’t trust Roy after he lent me Ditto), and Ninetales would be hopeless on water.

“Go Jolteon!” I shouted. Jolteon emerged from the fastball and his spikes instantly perked up. He brushed his feet on the layer of gravel that went around the circular pool, and prepared to jump. He would be jumping to the center of the water, which was also a sort of soil compound that acted as a pad for Jolteon. It went right down underwater, so Gyrados was limited to a somewhat donut arena.

“Gyrados! Flamethrower!” Thomas cried. Gyrados opened its mouth, and instantly he shot a shotgun of flames from it at Jolteon. Jolteon used an agility to shoot to the left and onto the pad, leaving Gyrados enraged.

“Gyrados! Again!” Thomas roared. Gyrados blasted the attack a 2nd time, and eventually scorched Jolteon. Jolteon pined and whimpered, but retaliated with a blast of thunder issued from each and every spike across his body.

“No!” Thomas cried, as Gyrados roared in pain. The attack seared through his body, causing a slight dizziness effect. The sea serpents head then flopped down effortlessly and smashed against the center of the arena.

As it smashed, water seeped onto it and Jolteon soon found himself stuck. He then leapt onto Gyrados’ body and used it to cross the arena and appear on the edge. Gyrados, however, suddenly shot back up and roared.

“Not yet” Thomas said to me. “We need a little change here”
“What?” I questioned. Thomas smiled.
“Ice beam!” He roared.

Gyrados powered up an ice beam, before issuing the attack from his mouth and across the arena. Now, as Jolteon evaded the attack, the whole arena was a solid layer of ice, waiting to be challenged on. As he powered the beam, Gyrados rose out the water (sorta flew…hovered in a way) and made sure to glaze every spot.

“Jolteon!” I cried. “Get ready!”
“No need” Thomas said, recalling Gyrados. “We’re done for this stage. I choose you!”

Thomas released another Pokemon (now his 5th), and as the light took the shape of a new creature, I stared at his strange choice. The light died down and revealed a beautiful dog before me. Arcanine.

“Lets see how you treat this challenge” Thomas told me. “Where I come from, we try and give people a lot more than they expected, and judging by your face I think I’ve done my hometown proud”

I thought about this. Gyrados must have been Thomas’ only water Pokemon, or Pokemon able to use water in a battle, so he had turned the tables to make sure his ground Pokemon (or land I suppose) could get a good match in. Arcanine was his 2nd last, but what would he draw for his ace card? I thought about this, as Jolteon struggled to stay on the ice.



The scooter was actually pretty fast. I practised turns and whatnot around Lavender, while Monica watched in fascination. She seemed quite fond of me really, or maybe just my Pokemon. One foot was infront of the other, both hands on the handlebars, and Kecleon above the front wheel holding onto the front part that eventually split to form handlebars.

“Very good!” She cried. Her Duskull was at her side. She promised me a battle with her at the end of the day, so I could train a little before heading off to Celadon to meet Krystal. I thought about Granbull: I wanted a commemorative Pokeball on my belt, but then realised 6-6 Battles wouldn’t be that good with 5 Pokemon as a maximum.

Then, I considered catching a new Pokemon over here. Yea, that made a lot of sense. I left Granbull’s ashes in the Pokemon tower, and also left a Gastly I was rather keen on catching.

We turned, and the scooter stopped infront of Monica. She smiled sweetly, as Kecleon leapt off to talk to Duskull.
“So, fancy that battle?” I asked Monica.

“Not now” She told me. “Later. We can head to Lavender Orchard and see if we can get you some new Pokemon”
“Hmm…” I began. “It’s a bit soon, isn’t it?”

“Oh, if you think so…” Monica began. I thought about it. Maybe she was right.
“I just don’t know,” I told her. “We might as well head there”
I had some Ultra Balls, but I wanted to just use a normal Pokeball. I had one Normal Pokeball for Electabuzz, a Moon ball for Umbreon, a Fastball for Kecleon, and Ultra balls for Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur.

The orchard was a large green field, with cement walls around the outside. Lovely bushy trees bloomed here, and many Pichu and Sentret scampered around happily. Those two species were way too weak for me!

We decided to head to a tree and pick some apples. Monica bought a basket for £1, and we headed off to a tree near the end of the field. There, a large overgrown bush curled across the wall and into the orchard.

Bulbasaur used razor leaf to slice apples from branches, but his poor accuracy meant he would mostly hit Spearow, cut the apple in half or just take TOO much off, bringing a whole branch with him. Pidgeotto was in the treetops, but he just kept to himself. That stupid Pokemon…why was he like this?

Umbreon slept, but Electabuzz helped catch the apples and put them in the basket. On my command, Kecleon ran up the tree and assisted the picking. Monica had her Duskull help too, but he seemed rather reluctant.

The whole afternoon was spent picking apples, and by the end, we had a nice healthy batch. Our Pokemon all gathered around as Monica cut up the apples with her pocketknife. Yea, I was surprised she had one, too. Kecleon began eating, as did the rest of the team. However, from the bushes, I saw a slinky figure emerge. I ignored it.

Then, piercing the skies with its deadly hiss, I heard a noise.

I turned quickly to see a large black serpent strike. It leapt into the air, its slinky gold patterned body trailing behind, and prepared to hit Kecleon. My wily chameleon leapt to the left and slashed the Pokemon across the back of the head.

“Vipe!” It hissed. It turned, and shot forward again. Kecleon leapt back two steps and blasted a barrage of stars from his stripe, but the snake got back by shooting poison sting from its mouth.

“Duskull! Help us out!” Monica cried. Duskull ran forward and held his spooky paws out, as a nightshade shot out each one. The combined force hit the Snake, but it jabbed Duskull with its pointed arrowhead tail. Duskull didn’t take much damage, but floated behind Jessica. The coward.

“Chris! Use Umbreon!” Monica told me. I nodded.
“Umbreon, go!”

Umbreon got up, his mouth sticky from the apples. He ran forward at the snake, which managed to shoot out the way. Angered, It shot another poison sting from its mouth and peppered Umbreon.

“Work on resistance!” I called. At the reserve, we’d trained to build up Umbreon’s resistance. He had been bad at this, but now, months later, improvement was definitely visible. Umbreon fired a swift from his ring on his forehead, hitting the snake.

“Viperrrrr” It hissed. Tail end glowing bright silver, the Pokemon swung it around and smacked Umbreon in the ribs. Umbreon fell back, but got back up and used its quick attack. The snake started panting: it was weak.

“Team attack!” I shouted. “Kecleon, Psybeam! Umbreon, Swift! Bulbasaur, Razor leaf! Pidgeotto, wing attack! Electabuzz, thunderbolt!”

The power of five attacks all shot forward at their own speed. The snake Pokemon (I had never SEEN such a strange, but oddly favoured Pokemon) was attacked numerous times, before collapsing in a coiled up heap.

“Never mess with me,” I snapped. I then thought to myself. That thing had been tough. Tough, yea. I needed a tough Pokemon, to fill a slight gap, and as Pokemon go, this one wasn’t bad. I thought it over, before drawing a Pokeball.

“This one’s for Granbull” I said. “POKEBALL, GO!”
I hurled the ball forward, which smacked against the serpent. It was drawn inside by a bright red light, and once it was sucked in completely, the ball shut, dropping in the soft springy grass and rolling slightly. One ping later, it was verified to my name, and I had successfully captured this…this Pokemon.

“Great!” Monica said. “Let’s get it healed later on, and we’ll get it verified by the Nurse”
After we ate our ‘victory’ ‘meal’, we got our bags and walked through the town to the Pokemoncenter. I didn’t know quite what this was, but it better be a lot more social than Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur…



The ship was still sailing onwards. It was exciting. Jet and me stared out across the sea as we continued on.

“So, what was this ‘plan’ you had?” Jet asked me. I thought about weather or not I should say right now or not. Yes. It would be a good idea.
“I wanted to start fresh,” I told him. “You know, go somewhere else and live a new life”

Jet seemed shocked. I continued.

“I have little to live for over here; all my Pokemon are gone, I lost my job and I have no money”

“But what makes you think moving somewhere else will change all that?” Jet asked me. I cleared my throat.
“I can do my best,” I told him. “And I’m counting on you to be there for me, be there to help me out”

“But what can I do?” Jet protested. “And anyway, look at Al! Holmes is tracking him down because he tried to dessert his job, do you want the same problems?”
“Well...” I started. “I was hoping I could…erm…I could fake my own death”

Jet stared at me blankly. He held my hands in his.
“Megan, you cannot be serious!” He snapped. “I mean…DEATH? You’d be lying to the whole world”

“But the only person that would CARE about me would be you, Jet” I pined. “And you’d know the truth”

Jet looked at me. He was obviously upset and confused, but he seemed to understand. He seemed to realise what I’d gone through, and he seemed to know, to know that I needed him through this tough, difficult time.

“Ok” I said, gritting his teeth. “We’ll do it. But before we do, we have to take over the Gym, and we’ll make sure that’s our best mission yet”

I nodded, and looked out as we pulled into Vermillion dock. Jet, myself and a few other rockets packed into a van, Jet driving, me in the back, and prepared to drive off. I kept to myself as the rockets talked to themselves, knowing that Mightyena and I had to help Jet as best we could to get that Gym in our possession.



Today we hadn’t really done much. I trained all my Pokemon (including Kingdra) against Kimi’s Pokemon, but they were rather weak and puny. She had a Solrock, however, which was rare and very well trained.

I was in the town with Marill and Flaaffy (us 3 making a common scene now), and we were looking around shops and stores. I was starting to get a little bit bored, but I continued to look around a skaters shop, pretending I wanted a chain.

We were now starting to leave town. I wandered through the light forest, wanting to train against some wild Pokemon. My eyes lit up, however, when something stood infront of me. It was a sort of dragonfly thing, but six legs.

“Vibrava!” It screeched. They were good to battle against, I thought. I looked at Marill.

Marill leapt into the air and rolled into a ball, before dropping, screeching as she hit the ground and shooting at Vibrava. However, the bug shot into the air, leaving Marill rolling around frantically. Marill got out the rollout, and shot a water gun.

The attack hit, and Vibrava flapped out the sky lop-sidedly. It flopped on the ground and started clicking its name. I knew it could take more damage. I then got Marill to fight with Flaaffy.

“Marill! Flaaffy! Doubleslap!” I shouted. Flaaffy raced forward and slapped Vibrava, as did Marill. Marill then leapt back into the air and shot a water gun from her mouth, soaking Vibrava. The bug was battered, and lay there hopelessly. Flaaffy then released a thunderbolt from his horns and shocked Vibrava very hard, as the water conducted the electricity.

Vibrava twitched slightly. It was beaten, and easily, too. I looked around, noticing for the first time in quite some time that I had entered the forest. I decided it was best to get back to Celadon and meet Brock and Kimi.

As I wandered back along the path, Vibrava lay there. It twitched a little more, before it was taken over by a bright white glow. The glow shrouded its body, and caused it to change and form into a much larger, much fiercer dragon. The new Pokemon looked around with its huge red eyes, experiencing this new feeling of freedom with its much broader wings.

As it flapped, it shot into the air and through the forest. A large gust of wind whipped up behind it, and it tore off towards Celadon, seeking revenge.



After getting the Pokemon healed, it was clarified that this Pokemon was a Seviper. It was a poison type Pokemon, and very experienced, probably an adult. I decided to keep him on my team for a while and see how he fitted in; if he did badly and couldn’t get on well enough, then I’d send him home in exchange for Weezing, or maybe my useless Cascoon.

Monica had gone home for her tea, so I decided I might as well ring home. I hadn’t rung the family for a while, so I could guess that they’d either be worried, carrying out a search party or just sitting on the couch.

After dialling the number, I waited patiently, as Seviper was talking to all my other Pokemon. Umbreon seemed rather fond of Seviper, chummy in a way, but Electabuzz was rather reluctant to socialise with this ‘replacement’ for his friend Granbull. Kecleon was with me, although he was trying to talk to Bulbasaur.

“Hey Suzie!” I said, as my sister picked up the phone.
“Chris! Finally!” Suzie said happily. “How are things?”
“Great…” I began. “Although…”

“Although what?” Suzie inquired, keen on what was wrong.
“Granbull was killed” I began, pulling myself together. “In the Saffron City explosion”
“You were in that?” Suzie exclaimed. “Oh god!”

“But don’t worry” I said. “I just have a broken arm”
I had the cast off now, because it got all itchy so I just threw it away.
“Well, I’m sorry about Granbull” Suzie explained. “We all are. But guess what? Cascoon evolved, and now he’s a really lively Dustox!”

“Cool” I began. “But…what’s a Dustox?”
Suddenly, Suzie shrieked loudly, diving below the phone. A rather ugly moth fluttered over to the screen and cried its name in a shrill and piercing voice.

“…Hey there, Dustox” I said lightly. I saw Wobbuffet tear across the screen as Dustox followed. Suzie got back up and brushed her hair from her face.
“Sorry” She began. “But Dustox has spread a sleep powder through the room. I’ll see you real soon!”

Suzie hung up, as did I. I turned around, and saw Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur sleeping, Electabuzz sitting on the floor lonesomely, Umbreon and Seviper talking quietly, and Kecleon looking up at me.

“Come on, guys” I said. I got out the two Ultra Balls and recalled Bulbasaur and Pidgeotto, recalled Umbreon in his moon ball, and recalled Electabuzz in his normal Pokeball. I looked down at Seviper.

“Let’s get you a battle in”

We wandered off out the Pokemoncenter, and looked around lavender town. It was peaceful, but I eyed a little girl and her Vulpix sitting on a rock, eating some lunch. Seviper eyed Vulpix and swung his tail around, picking up the little fox and dragging her towards his face.

“GET OFF!” The girl screamed. Vulpix was crying to herself, as Seviper said his name happily.
“He’s just being friendly!” I protested, as Seviper made a few funny faces. I grabbed Vulpix and wrenched her from Seviper’s grip, before handing her to her trainer. She ran off, petting Vulpix.

Looking across at Seviper, who looked anything but guilty, I soon became aware of how many dangers awaited a poisonous viper that liked to make friends.

Next Chapter
Chapter 23 - Ryuu Moon

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When I introduce Dane in my fic cos chapter 6 is almost done and chapter 7 is in the pipelines.
BTW chapter 7 is called Wurmple, Taillow and DANEger

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I decided to read ahead since it's taking me a long time to catch up (I had to play Pokémon Stadium 2, then do my story, thencut the jungle of a lawn in both the back and front of the house, then do my regular chores! I know. Excuses, excuses...), but it's not hard to tell whats going on. I really liked the title of Chapter 22 (in fact, I NEVER read ahead of a story, but because this chapter's title caught my eye sooooo much, I had to!)

Gyarados, Seviper, Vibrava...(I really thought Yanma at first).

And Dustox is not ugly! It's appearnce is just challenged.

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Sorry for not replying right away too, like SygmaXE, and my reasons, went forty miles in a new car to pick up parts for an engine for my truck. THne working on it, in th emean time I was reading fanfics. Soo. My thoughts are, it was well written, Krystal shall catch Furigon, or Flygon. SO I could be correct and she needs another dragon. Chris's Seviper, didn't see it coming, with Ekans and all, but I like it. Favorite car is a Viper. As for Dustox, it sounds cool, maybe it should team up with a crazy Yanma. Cheers

Chris 2.1
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Dragonfree: Isn't he just great? Seviper, IMHO, is a fruitful member to the team. Glad you enjoyed the chappie, keep reading!

Jon UKX: I'm afraid it may have to wait, Jon: Dane's whole life thing isn't exactly finalised, i'm still just making ideas. Zangoose? Meh, he's alright. FYI, He makes an appearence soon!

Oakbark: Lol! Well, you never know...:rolleyes: I hope the other team members get along Ok with him! Monica only has Duskull :-( but she's gonan catch something else later....;)....and No, i can't tell you cos i dont no what it is yet :P

Jukain: Terribly sorry. I always pronounced Gyarados (gai-rah-doss) instead of (gaya-rah-doss). My bad :P I used to call Suicune (soo-ih-seen) and Meganium (mega-ger-an-ium) Salamenace, as well, i am sorry. As i said in response to Dragonfree, Seviper is just so cool IMHO. I want one on Sapphire...*sigh*

Hanada: Yea, he is amazingly amazing. Lets just say Krystal ad Flygon...well...you'll see...lets say Kimi interludes...

Sygma: Glad you liked the title. Dustox is not ugly, is he? he's sorta avarage, but KEWL! You'll maybe see him later, perhaps, and i'm hoping you'll post more now you've caught up! Yanma OR Vibrava, both are weird dragonfly-thing-hybrids :-p

Powarun: Geez, 40miles? A truck? wow, a side of you i've never seen before...I wasn't keen on Seviper on the team, what with Tony's Ekans as you stated, but I found the three came down to Absol, Huntail or Seviper. Huntail was water onyl, something I liked...but found may lead to be underused. Absol was too much like Umbry, but Absol DOES have a good role in Chapter 31.

Next Chapter
Chapter 23 - Ryuu Moon

-More from Tony as he and Misty find their need for speed...

-While Thomas releases something breathtaking on the Miami Stadium!
I watched in fascination as the ball opened up. A scarecrow emerged; covered in needles, with a very sinister look splattered over his face. He looked scary, and was a vivid green colour. This did look intimidating, but more so because I had never seen it before – I’d battled all the other members of Thomas’ team before, so the surprise had worn off.

-Chris and Al meet...and exchange stories. Could this be the start of a cheesy spin-off?
The two of us stood there. We were bonding over dead Pokemon…now, who would have thought Sandra had brought us two together? I sighed. Krystal…I’d be seeing her again soon.

“Goodbye” Al said, looking at me. “Gotta stay on the run”
He gave me a small bomb. It was the size of my palm, and was a camouflage green colour.

“It’s a sleep bomb,” He said. “For the security guards”
I smiled. Maybe there were advantages to Team Rocket, if you got all these funky gizmos. I clutched it tightly, recalled Bulbasaur and Seviper and hopped onto the scooter. We pressed on towards Celadon.

-It's Dragon Day in Celadon, the day when people celebrate Dragon Pokemon. But who should gatecrash the party but Flygon! Krystal and Kimi's rivalry is tested when Kimi does something unexpected...
Watching in awe, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the shards of my Ultra Ball. I then looked across at Kimi, pulling myself away from my shattered dreams. She drew a gorgeous ball from her belt and held it back.

“NO!” I shouted, spit flying from my mouth. SHE CAN’T CATCH THAT!

The Indigo Road may have seperated Chris and Krystal, but they'll be back soon! Check this chapter out on SATURDAY the 24th of May. I'm on Barcelona Sunday to Tuesday, so i may just post something saturday night and something Thursday.

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Well Dane can meet Leah and the gang in another chapter so instead the gang will meet a certain Spinda maniac in chapter 7:
Wurmple, Taillow and Soggy
Anyway, are Krystal and Kimi both dragon tamers and I think I might know what Thomas' pokemon.

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Powarun: Kill Kimi's Pokemon? wtf? Erm...anyway, who says EITHER of them catch Flygon? and what about Brock? Hehe, Al adding to the team MIGHT be a possibility, but if he's going in the opposite direction than Chris it may be rather hard...hmm...

Jon: Thomas' last Pokemon is sorta easy. If Krystal handed Espeon and Steelix to Kimi, i doubt she'll train Dragons too. You'll see her rather nice team soon enough, though, although som have already appeared.

Anyway, lets do THIS!

Chapter 31 - Showdown's, Swablu's and Krystal makes three

Currently in progress.
PM me for details regarding it.

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hey everyone. In a rush. Enjoy Chapter 23!

The Indigo Road
Chapter 23 - Ryuu Moon
By Shinymarill


We sped on through the forest, not wanting to look back. Misty was really rather good at driving, I had to hand it to her. Trees smashed in our way as we tore through them; the forest route wasn't clear, so we couldn't avoid any more foliage.

"We're still quite a way from Cerulean" Misty told me, her foot pushing down on the pedal. What could I say? She seemed somewhat angered and spurred on by the thought of knocking Dave out before.

"Good…good" I mumbled. A small Sentret walked infront of us, but soon became road kill after Misty flattened it beneath her wheels of rage. It was quite scary, being in this car, but I knew I had to get home.

I thought back to Chris and Krystal, and how they might be doing. Then, my mind flashed back to the Gym plan, and how Dave couldn't take over our Gym any longer. Misty then turned to me.

"I completely forgot!" She cried. "Dave has a Skarmory, he could get to Cerulean before us!"
"Damnit" I said. "Well, as long as we can beat him in a Pokemon -

"No way" Misty said nervously. "He's every experienced!"
"But…we're good…" I began.

"No way" Misty told me. "It's way too hard for us to battle him…"
As she talked, I became aware of our Pokemon back at the Gym.
"What about all our Pokemon?" I cried.

Misty stared at me. I had a point.
"The gym’s not even locked" She pined. "I thought I'd find you easily"
"STEP ON IT!" I roared. Misty slammed her foot down and we smashed through a large bush, heading on through the forest.

"Hold on, babies!" Misty cried. "Hold on Togetic, Golduck, Starmie, Seadra, Politoad, Corsola Seaking…HOLD ON!"

"I'm coming, guys," I said to myself. "We'll get there when we can"



"Arcanine! Extremespeed again!" Thomas roared. Arcanine raced forward again and smashed into Jolteon. My faithful electric type was definitely having a hard time, due to its size I presumed. Jolteon's needles brimmed violently, before shooting a thunderbolt from them and shocking Arcanine.

“Jolteon! Quick attack now!” I shouted. I had taken into account in recent days how important a loud voice could be – it helped in battles, drowning out the opposition to get an attack in. Jolteon raced along the arena at Arcanine and attempted a heavy tackle, but it seemed that Arcanine’s build was too big for my poor Jolteon.

“Fire spin!” Came Tom’s cry. The idiot. The whole arena would melt before us! Didn’t he know that? I bit my lip as Arcanine brought up the spiral of flames from his mouth. Fight back, I told myself.

“GO! THUNDER!” I roared back. Jolteon roared. His needles all stood up on end, and each began to crackle violently. He launched an arching thunder through the air, the combined force of the attack forcing the fire spin back at Arcanine.

“Good” I assured Jolteon. Arcanine’s body crackled with electricity as he cowered in pain. Thomas watched him with a confused expression.

“Are you Ok?” He asked. Arcanine gave a bleak nod, but fell on his knees. I wanted to make sure this was for real. Clearing my throat, I ordered the next attack.
“Pin missile!”

Jolteon’s pins all pointed forward, and white streaks of energy flew from them. Arcanine was peppered badly, his body lying there. Thomas held a hand out to stop the barrage.
“Stop it!” He said hotly. I ordered Jolteon to stop the onslaught, as Tom got out a Pokeball and recalled Arcanine.

I had taken down all but one of Thomas’ Pokemon. He seemed to recall his Pokemon when they were still able to fight…it was confusing, really. He drew a Golden Pokeball from his belt and held it at me. There was a silver ‘TC’ on the front, Thomas Chambers.

“Where I come from, we get our first Pokemon in these balls” Thomas told me. “This is my best, my most powerful…my winner. Don’t expect to beat him; he’s strong”

“I get that a lot,” I told him casually. “Let’s see him, then”
“Alright” Thomas said, gritting his teeth. “Cacturne, GO!!!”

I watched in fascination as the ball opened up. A scarecrow emerged; covered in needles, with a very sinister look splattered over his face. He looked scary, and was a vivid green colour. This did look intimidating, but more so because I had never seen it before – I’d battled all the other members of Thomas’ team before, so the surprise had worn off.

“Jolteon!” I cried. “Use a –

“Meteor Punch!” Thomas roared. Wow. Cacturne forced his club-like fist onto Jolteon’s skull, causing him to topple down in pain. Jolteon gasped, breathing now becoming rather difficult. I bit my lip as I watched…should I take a leaf from Tom’s book and recall him? I had more Pokemon on my team, so it was all right.

“Return” I said, shooting the beam at my friend. He disappeared into the sanctuary of the ball. I sighed, thinking of whom to choose next. The decision was hard…very hard…and I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess up.



I shot along the route to Saffron happily. This scooter was a great little thing! The engine purred smoothly as a small cloud of black gas coughed out the exhaust. I left Lavender town after Seviper scared a little kid to death and tried to eat his Furret. That stupid snake…

Kecleon was on the foot part, enjoying the breeze that whipped into his face. He hadn’t trained much, but maybe if there was a Gym in Celadon then we could go there.

Now my team was Kecleon, Electabuzz, Umbreon, Seviper, Bulbasaur and Pidgeotto. I was hoping Bulbasaur would evolve, as spring was now dawning upon us, but I wasn’t too bothered. His attitude may be even worse if he evolved…but then again, it could be fine.

I then thought about ringing Professor Helmsworth. I was keen to find out about Articuno and the conditions at home. I got out my mobile phone and dialled the number, releasing my Pokemon while I talked.

“Hello, Professor?” I asked.
“Chris!” Came the professor’s reply. “How is Kanto?”
“It’s good thanks” I replied. “There have been a few…hard parts. Granbull was shot”
I sniffed as the Professor gasped.

“I am terribly sorry,” The professor said. I then began explaining the whole Saffron event, and what had happened and why. I didn’t forget Dane, either. That scum pile.

“But, on the plus side, I DID manage to catch a Seviper” I said. Staring across, I saw Pidgeotto flying into the sky from Seviper. Poor thing. And by that, I mean the terrified bird and the social snake. Bulbasaur seemed to take a slight liking to Seviper, but not as well as any other members of my team got on. Seviper slinked over to me after Bulbasaur went to sleep.

“Oh my!” The Professor exclaimed. “Very good. Have you found it useful in battle yet?”
“Well, we haven’t battled much” I said, blushing. I stroked Seviper as he coiled around my neck. “But he is very friendly”

“Ah” Helmsworth said. “Well, the snow is still here. Once we clear it, it falls even heavier, so we just stay inside now”
“How are other islands?” I asked.
“Professor Earnshaw tells me that one of her Lotad has frozen to death,” Helmsworth explained.

“Oh man,” I murmured. “Well, we’re heading to Seafoam, and once we get there we’re heading to the Library, and getting us some information on the elusive creature. I heard that Fuchsia also has good reference books on Articuno”

“Yes, yes that is true” The Professor said. “Well, good luck in all of this. I hope you succeed in getting some information”

He hung up rather rudely, but I didn’t mind that much. I put my phone away and looked around wildly. Pidgeotto was grooming himself, Umbreon was with Electabuzz, talking, and Kecleon and Seviper were with me…

“BULBASAUR!” I shouted. “Bulbasaur?”
I suddenly heard something. I turned, and saw five men walk towards me. They were rockets…I think. Dressed like Sandra and her cronies, they approached me carefully.

“Looking for something?” They inquired. I stared at them menacingly.
“Yea, my Bulbasaur” I said grittily. One man walked forward, grinning.
“Show him,” He said.

They moved, and I stared at my Bulbasaur. He was chained to the ground with anklets and pegs, and one rocket had a large butcher knife in his hand. I was surprised I hadn’t seen this earlier; although I reminded myself I wasn’t looking in this direction.

“Give us all your cash, or we’ll prune your Bulbasaur’s bud” One said, sneering. Bulbasaur looked in a state of panic, wildly looking around in fear. I thought to myself. What could I do?

“Leave him alone” I snapped. They laughed, and one of them released a Golbat. It swooped down at me, bearing its large fangs. Seviper lunged at it and headbutted it, causing the blue bat to flap back in a state of shock.

“Acid!” I snapped. Seviper blasted a thick mouthful of acid and struck Golbat, causing it to screech in pain. He was recalled, but Seviper kept going. He held his tail forward and drove it through the air like an arrow, piercing the chains and pegs and releasing Bulbasaur.

I hugged him, happy at his safety. However, The rockets then released a Poochyena, a Muk, a Voltorb and a Weepinbell at me. I stared in shock. My team was all recalled, but I still had Bulbasaur, Seviper and Kecleon out.

“Please, leave me alone!” I cried. Seviper lunged forward at one man, sinking his red fangs into his arm. The man shrieked in pain, collapsing onto the ground. He was pale. The four remaining men sent their Pokemon forward.

A Tyrogue leapt infront of me, picked up Voltorb and hurled it at Weepinbell. After a rather nifty explosion, both Pokemon were left out the match. Poochyena leapt through the air, but Tyrogue rolled under the wolf and launched a high jump kick at his ribs. Falling down, Poochyena was then picked up and hurled into Muk.

I watched in fascination. Tyrogue leapt back as Muk bobbed forward. Tyrogue glowed, slowly morphing and taking the shape of a larger Pokemon. He had coiled legs and a brown body. This Tyrogue, familiar as he may have been, was now a Hitmonlee.

“Monlee!” He bellowed. He launched a Dynamo Kick into Muk’s body, but the slimy pile absorbed the attack. Hitmonlee, now unable to free his foot from the globule of slime enveloping it, slammed it against the ground recklessly, causing pain to Muk. Muk released Hitmonlee’s foot from his grip.

“Get the hell out of here” A familiar voice said. Al ran along the road in full rocket uniform, and met up with Hitmonlee. “I’m back on the mission”
“Al!” One man cried.
“Get him!” Came the voice of a second.

“Why get me?” Al said. “Sandra recruited me after she caught me in Saffron. I’ve been assigned to follow this kid”
“You have?” One asked. He eyed the rocket badge on Al’s chest. “Well then…Muk, return”

The four wandered off, picking up the 5th and leading him through to Lavender town. I watched in fascination. Al…re-recruited? No. He seemed to be so against it…

“You owe me one,” He said sternly, as Hitmonlee and himself stared at me.
“Is…is it true then?” I asked nervously. “Are you recruited?”
“Of course not” He snapped. “But THEY’D take me in if they knew I wasn’t”

“Yea, I guess,” I said. Al looked down at Seviper.
“I love Seviper,” He told me. He then looked up at me. “I used to own one”
“…What happened?” I asked, nerves almost setting me back from asking.

“Sandra” Al said, gritting his teeth. “She used her Starmie to kill it infront of me”

Silence fell. What could I say? I could tell him about Granbull…yea, that might help. I cleared my throat.
“She shot my Granbull”

Al looked up at me.

“Seriously?” He asked me. “I am sorry”

The two of us stood there. We were bonding over dead Pokemon…now, who would have thought Sandra had brought us two together? I sighed. Krystal…I’d be seeing her again soon.

“Goodbye” Al said, looking at me. “Gotta stay on the run”
He gave me a small bomb. It was the size of my palm, and was a camouflage green colour.

“It’s a sleep bomb,” He said. “For the security guards”
I smiled. Maybe there were advantages to Team Rocket, if you got all these funky gizmos. I clutched it tightly, recalled Bulbasaur and Seviper and hopped onto the scooter. We pressed on towards Celadon.



I was listening to Simple Plan – Perfect. I bought their album today. They were such a deep band! The lead singer was cute.

“ Hey, Dad, look at me,
Think back and talk to me,
Did I grow up according to plan,

And do you think I’m wasting my time,
Doing things I wanna do,
But it hurts when you disapprove all along,

And now I try hard to make it,
I just wanna make you…proud,
I’m never gonna be good enough for you,
I can’t pretend that I’m all right,
Cos nothing’s all right ”

Such a great song. It really spoke to me. Kimi walked over. We were at her flat. Today had been great; we got discounts off meals because it was ‘Dragon Day’, where people celebrated the day of the dragon Pokemon. I had met loads of Pokemon like Swablu (I really liked them now!), Bagon (grumpy but cute), Shellgon (Evolution of Bagon) and even a Charmeleon.

On Dragon Day, the moon was called ‘Ryuu Moon’, because it shimmered a lovely bronze colour in the night. It was mystical event, scientists still researched into it, but Celadon and its neighbouring city Fliscoula got a great view of it.

We got all dressed up (IE: Washed hair, brushed teeth etc, got fresh clothes on) and walked to town for a nice meal at the French restaurant in town. I took all my Pokemon (Including Espeon); Kimi took Torchic, Furret, Manectric, Solrock and Eevee, and Brock took Lotad and Foretress.

The city was lit with firefly lanterns and the whole place was vivid and beautiful. It was so romantic! Marill was very impressed. Lotad and Torchic were equally amazed, although Lotad was also drowsy.

We sat down outside and ordered our meal. I went for the seafood platter, Kimi had toasted French bread and Ham with Caesar salad, while Brock opted for Mozzarella and Dill soup. The evening was marvellous; we talked about everything there was to talk about.

“I love this toast,” Kimi said, eating it delicately. Brock commented on the soup, and how Basil would have been a better herb to use than Dill. Brock was a cook AND a breeder, experienced in both.

“I have to admit, these squid rings are very nice” I replied. The food was so full of flavour! I would have expected such fresh food from Vermillion or Fuchsia, but not in a large city like Celadon. Our meal was interrupted, however, when a swarm of people charged through the town.

Brock got up.

“What’s going on?” He bellowed. A woman stopped.
“There’s a huge beast in the town center! It’s terrorising Celadon!” She screamed. She ran off. Brock looked across at us.

“Come on, I bet we can battle it” He told us. We both wiped our mouths with napkins, and nodded.
“Sure thing”

We charged through the large crowd of people, parting them to get to the scene. A large dragon shot flames at the statue of Erica, the Gym leader and her Vileplume. I stared at it. It was powerful, boasting immense strength. What was it? It had red eyes and a green body, with a sharp set of wings.

“Flygon!” Brock remarked. “Watch out!”
“Fly…gon?” I asked, staring at the beast. It was awesome. “Cool! I’m gonna catch it right now!”

Kimi and Brock seemed shocked.

“You can’t! Look at it!” Brock snapped. “Foretress, GO!”
He released his armoured shell, which faced off against the raging dragon. It turned, eyeing this new opponent. Flygon charged forward, his wings almost plastered to the side of his body, streamlining him and helping him streak through the air.

Flygon fired a gallant flamethrower at Foretress, but he used rapid spin to deflect it. Brock then followed up with a pin missile, but Flygon shot right up, into the air, and turned, facing Foretress from below.

Roaring, he shot down and used a skull bash, smashing the statue. Kimi released her Eevee, which fired a safeguard and helped protect us. The white dome over us repelled the debris from the statue, and Marill, Torchic, Eevee, Lotad and Foretress stayed with myself, Brock and Kimi.

“This is too hard” Brock told us. “Flygon’s angry, so I’m presuming he has a trait that reflects that. I don’t know about traits well enough, however, so I can only guess”

“Let me use Charizard” I hissed. “He’s a dragon, he’s strong. I’m sure he could take down Flygon”

“I agree” Kimi whispered. “Charizard IS very good”
“Their physical strength is probably about equal,” Brock told us, going over the idea in his head. “Well…Ok, go for it”

I released Charizard. He faced Flygon.

Charizard tore through the air at Flygon, but he shot out the way. Flygon then shot forward and rammed Charizard, before firing a flamethrower. Sensing this, Charizard retaliated with a flamethrower of his own, overpowering Flygon’s.

“Go! Mega punch!” I cried. Charizard, in mid-air, forced his fist into Flygon’s jaw. Flygon tackled Charizard and shot through the air and away. Charizard then joined us as he flew to the ground.

“This is hard” Brock said. “Flygon ran; he knows Charizard will beat him”
“We can use someone else,” I suggested. “Steelix?”
“No way” Brock said. “Flygon would beat it with a flamethrower”

I argued back.

“He’s strong, you know!” I said hotly. “You’ve been caring for him, and I trained him!”
“What I mean is, Steelix is naturally slow. Flygon is naturally fast. Steelix is naturally weak to fire. See where I’m coming from?” Brock replied.

“Yes…yes I do,” I said. “Marill is too small…”
“Try Flaaffy” Kimi suggested. “Or Espeon”
“Go with Flaaffy” Brock said. “Then Espeon”

“Gotcha” I said. I threw out Flaaffy’s Pokeball, and he emerged at my side. Marill stayed with Torchic, Eevee, Foretress and Lotad, as Flaaffy and me stepped out the safeguard.

We ran through town, and we saw Flygon resting on the top of the Gym.
“Wake it up. Thundershock” I hissed. Flaaffy’s horns glowed, and he blasted the attack forward. It hit Flygon’s tail, sending a sharp static shock through to the Pokemon’s body. He perked up. Flygon’s wings shot out the side of his body, and he took flight. I watched in awe as he soared down at us, no doubt planning to maul Flaaffy down.

“Thunderbolt!” I cried. Flygon, however, opened his mouth and a stream of flames whooshed out and hit Flaaffy. Flaaffy rolled along the ground, subduing the flames. He turned, faced the ferocious Flygon and cried his name.


Flaaffy’s horns glowed yellow, the colour getting lighter and creamier, before finally going white. Flaaffy’s horns glowed white, before dimming down to a teal green in-between the navy stripes. Flaaffy was then engulfed in a throbbing teal aura.

Brock and Kimi ran around the corner by Fletch Street and joined us with the group of Pokemon. Marill ran forward to my side, but was soon rather engrossed in Flaaffy’s display.

“I think he’s learning a dragon move,” Brock told me. “But what?”
But what indeed, I thought to myself. Flaaffy leapt into the air, hands held up above his head in a ballerina position. He spun, spun fast, becoming a tornado of teal energy flowing through the atmosphere, before charging forward and smacking Flygon in the stomach. The Pokemon flew back angrily.

“Dragon dance!” Kimi said, using her Pokedex’ movedex feature to clarify the attack. “Great job!”

Kimi was soooo from the anime. I tell you…she is such a copier of May! With the unevolved Torchic and all… * sigh *

“Flaaffy, you were great!” I said, as Flaaffy hugged me. However, Flygon charged through the air towards Flaaffy, Marill and me. I watched, fear creeping over my shoulder and panic spreading into every part of my body. What was going to happen?

Kimi threw a Pokeball out and her Manectric appeared. It was a beautiful blue dog, with streaks of lightening on its head and sides. It had a very proud status in Kimi’s team, varying from the ‘comical’ Solrock, and the cute Torchic, Eevee and Furret, all three of which seemed to have no character whatsoever.

Manectric shot forward, electricity streaking behind him. He tackled Flygon and shocked the weary dragonfly, causing it to collapse in mid-air and fall to the ground. Sparks crackled over its body violently.

“Whoo!” Kimi cheered, hugging Manectric. “Great job Spike!”
Manectric barked. Tsch. I got an Ultra Ball out and prepared to catch Flygon. What a member for my team!

I hurled the ball, but Flygon’s wings popped back up. It seemed very weak, but had the strength to smack the ball back with its powerful wing. The ball flew back from Flygon and smacked against the ground, shattering.

Watching in awe, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the shards of my Ultra Ball. I then looked across at Kimi, pulling myself away from my shattered dreams. She drew a gorgeous ball from her belt and held it back.

“NO!” I shouted, spit flying from my mouth. SHE CAN’T CATCH THAT!
“Flaaffy, strength!” I roared. Flaaffy held his palms out, spitting on each and rubbing them together. Within seconds, Flaaffy picked Flygon up and held him above his head. I smiled, as Kimi’s ball dropped limply against the ground.

“Now! Thunderbolt!” I roared. However, something strange happened. As Flaaffy held onto Flygon, a white light engulfed his body. Eyeing it cautiously, I saw it came from Ryuu Moon. The light faded to a brilliant bronze, before glazing Flaaffy’s body and making him grow. A red orb formed on his forehead, his cone horns stayed (Wehay!) either side of his head, and as the light began to fade, I could now see a yellowy bronze Ampharos holding Flygon up.

“Palu!” He cried. My eyes opened widely.
“AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” I screamed, running forward. Impressed by this, Ampharos threw Flygon into the air, and ran at me. Flygon smacked against the ground, eyes closed and dignity drained away. Ampharos and I hugged tightly: this was an official Dragon Rock Pokemon! I could keep him on my team!

Kimi watched me, jealous and confused. She tried to catch Flygon because I had wanted it, but now, the beaten up dragonfly beat his wings, before shooting into the air and away. It headed to Ryuu Moon, and I stared up at the brilliant bronze glaze. Wait till Electabuzz tried his luck against THIS!

24th May 2003, 04:37 PM
Cool. I wanted her to get Flygon, but Ampharos is good, too. This was certainly an interesting chapter. So much going on. I can't wait for the next one.

24th May 2003, 05:02 PM
That was a good chapter. Misty is a crazy driver. That poor sentret got ran over by a crazy girl. The battle was really good. The bulbasaur ordeal was good to. Simple Plan rules. Charizard vs flygon good battle. Good length and description. Keep it up!

24th May 2003, 06:27 PM
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Hanada Tattsu
24th May 2003, 11:33 PM
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25th May 2003, 09:40 AM
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I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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-blood beginning to boil dangerously-

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