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Dark Sage
30th September 2005, 12:06 PM
Greetings fellow readers!

And welcome to Act Two!

You know the story…

One thousand years ago, an evil tyrant called the Shadow Queen strove for world domination, using armies of darkness and powerful Shadow Games. But she was opposed by three brave heroes…

One was known as the Dark Sorcerer, a wizard of unparalleled skill. Another was called the Warrior Queen, a master of the sword who could outfight any man. The third was the Dragon Master, a strange man who was rumored to have the blood of dragons, and who could tame these great beasts…

http://www.itstimetoduel.com/cardpictures/BPT-007.jpghttp://www.itstimetoduel.com/cardpictures/MFC-059.jpg http://www.itstimetoduel.com/cardpictures/SDK-041.jpg

Together they invaded the island that was the Queen’s home, recruited a band of loyal Companions, and eventually, stormed her palace. After a great and terrible battle, the Shadow Queen was defeated, and a curse cast by the Three Heroes made her a prisoner of her grand abode.

Now, one thousand years later, still locked behind the Thousand Year Door, the Queen has only one escape route – defeat the blood heirs of her three heroes in a fair contest. As fate would have it, all three of the heirs are duelists, so she has lured them to a tournament in which they can be defeated in style.

Little does she know, the original Three Heroes almost hoped this would happen…

For they intended the Queen to perish forever, and only in a second defeat could that happen.

They couldn’t do it, so they planted the seeds of heroics in their bloodlines, and preserved the souls of their Companions in fine art, so that they could aid their descendents when the time was right.

The stage is set… And the Thousand Year Door is about to open…

Let the duels commence…

Dark Sage
30th September 2005, 12:08 PM
[B][I]The Thousand Year Door…

Beyond those huge, iron doors lie nightmares beyond imagining… Terrors that a woman with demonic powers dreamt up…

In all my years on Monster Island, I’ve snuck into the Palace of Shadow a few times. I’ve never stayed long. I can mask my presence from the Shadow Queen for a short time, but not forever…

Yesterday, the last of my three allies gained the ability to enter that accursed place, and as much as I fear for their safety, I can’t stop them. They are the only ones with the power to topple the Shadow Queen.

I only wish I could say for certain that they’ll be successful…

Because the ancient prophecies foretold a battle between the descendants of the Three Heroes and the Shadow Queen…

…but the prophecies did not reveal who the victor would be…

So will Stan, Andy, and Francesca be able to repeat what happened one millennia ago?

All I can say is… I hope so…


The Thousand Year Door

Act Two


False Start

Francesca woke up to find herself in a very nice bedroom, in a comfortable feather bed.

Memories of last night came back to her…

Using some sort of magic, Merlee had transported her, Stan, and Andy back to Rogueport, and booked them into the best inn in town. He said something about “a surprise” in the morning.

She looked at her Duel Disk on her bedside table. A note was attached to it.

She looked at it:


Shower up, and meet me in the common room for breakfast at eight. I have something to tell you and your friends.

Trust me, you’ll want to listen.

- Merlee

Francesca shrugged and headed for the shower.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

When she got to the common room, Stan and Andy were already there. Sticky buns, muffins, scones, and orange juice were set up at a table.

“You guys got the note too?” she asked.

“Uh huh,” replied Andy. “Wonder what he wants? We’ve got to get to the Door soon.”

“So how’s our three f-f-finalists?” asked Merlee’s voice.

He appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and sat down.

“So what’s this surprise?” asked Stan, suspiciously.

Merlee took a muffin and started to butter it.

“First,” he explained, “g-g-go to Marty’s General Store, t-t-two blocks east of h-h-here. Tell Marty that you w-w-want to buy two bunches of bananas, three t-t-tubes of toothpaste, and one b-b-box of salt.”

“Why the heck…” asked Francesca.

“Y-y-you’ll see,” replied Merlee. “After you’re done there, take the north r-r-road out of town. It l-l-leads straight to the Thousand Year Door.”

He paused for a minute as he chewed the muffin.

“My friends,” he said, “I’ll st-st-still be able to give you a little help, b-b-but from now on, it will be minimal. My presence in the Palace of Shadow m-m-might be dangerous.”

He got up.

“Good luck,” he said.

And then he left.

He turned back and grabbed a scone.

“One for the road,” he added.

The three teens paused.

“Should we check out this store?” asked Andy.

“When has Merlee ever lied to us?” asked Francesca. “Let’s go check it out…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Marty’s General Store looked like an old-fashioned mom-and-pop store, with weather-beaten siding that was in need of a paint job. The three teens entered, feeling somewhat out of place.

An old man with no hair and thick glasses sat behind the counter, reading a newspaper.

“What can I do ya for, kids?” he asked, not looking up.

“Uh, yeah…” muttered Stan.

This is going to sound so embarrassing… he thought.

“We need… two bunches of bananas, three tubes of toothpaste, and one box of salt,” he said as quickly as possible.

The old man looked at him.

He put his paper down and adjusted his glasses.

“So…” he said softly. “You know the password…”

“Password?” asked Andy. “What…”

Before he could finish, the old man hit a button under his counter. The floor opened up in the middle of the store, and a stairway going down was revealed.

“Follow me,” he said, walking to it. “You can call me Marty, by the way…”

The followed the old man down into a cellar.

“What is this?” asked Francesca.

“A powerful magician who was part of a sect dedicated to overthrowing the Shadow Queen entrusted me with some things,” replied Marty. “He told me to open up this cellar to any duelist that had been given the password. Only a few members of his sect know the password, so I think you can be trusted…”

They reached the bottom of the stairs, and Marty turned on a light.

The three teens couldn’t believe their eyes! The basement was set up like a card store! There were bins and racks full of Duel Monsters cards everywhere!

“You three are free to take anything from here that you like to make your decks stronger,” explained Marty. “The cards are grouped by class and type.”

“Wow…” muttered Andy. “I’m like a kid in a candy store!”

He went to the Dragon cards first. One dragon caught his eye…

This guy might do good… he thought. And I heard he works well with Warrior Dai Grepher…

He went across the room and looked at a few Magic and Trap Cards.

He remembered his duel with Gerald Laxina…

This might work… he thought, taking it.

He took a few more Magic and Trap Cards, and then something hit him.

He went over to another Type of Monster, and looked through.

Bingo! he thought, pulling out three identical Monsters. I’ll replace my Troop Dragons with these, and then it’s watch out Shadow Queen!

Francesca went to the Trap Cards first, and found a few good ones.

This, and this, and this, she thought.

She went to the Warrior’s section.

Hello? she thought, looking at a female Warrior. This gal would feel right at home with my Amazons…

She then went to look at the Amazon cards, but she didn’t find any new Amazons…

But she did find a card that caught her eye…

Wow! she thought. This is much better than Gaia Power! I can’t wait to try it out!

Stan was looking though the Spellcasters section.

My mentor used this gal a few times, he thought. She might come in handy…

He paused.

Oh, this guy is rare! I can replace Mind On Air with him – he’s much better…

He found a few Spellcaster accessories he hadn’t even heard off. All of these could make his deck almost perfect!

He took a few more Magic and Trap Cards that he had heard about but never got the chance to own. Finally, he went to the bin for more general Monsters and took a very rare one.

This will help a great deal, he thought.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

After thanking Marty, the three teens sat on the gallows in the center of town and remade their decks.

They now had a few more than the minimum of forty cards, but they weren’t too big to be unmanageable.

“One last thing,” said Stan, going to his spare cards.

He took a card out.

“I’m going to add that card that Aesop gave me now.”

They each gave their decks a thorough shuffle.

“We have powerful decks,” muttered Francesca. “Whatever the Queen throws at us, we can take.”

They all put their hands together.

“So, to the Thousand Year Door?” asked Andy.

“You bet!” answered Stan.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Inside her Nightmare Steel Cage, Melissa sighed.

There hadn’t been much to do for the past several days except count the cracks in the walls of the cavern (which she had: 3,569).

She looked over at her siblings. At least she was luckier than they were – they could barely move, if at all.

This was far from the first time her mother had punished her like this. The first time was when she was only nine. She had snuck into her mother’s private sanctum, a place that was completely forbidden. She had been “grounded” via Spellbinding Circle for a week.

And she was still lucky… Of all her siblings, she had been punished the least.

When push came to shove, the Shadow Spawn didn’t truly love their mother, and they doubted that she loved them; but they had never considered the possibility of leaving... After all, where were they to go?

And truth be told, they didn’t really want to leave their mother…

Because when she was freed of her curse, they would be the prince regents of her new empire, and their power would be a thousand times greater.

That would be when they stopped getting punishments and started dolling them out.

At that moment, the Shadow Queen appeared in the room.

Lovely, thought Melissa, our jailer’s here…

The Shadow Queen flicked her Duel Disk into position and produced a card…

Heavy Storm.

She fit it into a slot, and a fierce wind erupted around the room. The restraining devices holding the Spawn shattered!

They groaned and picked themselves up off the ground.

“All right kids, listen up!” snapped the Queen. “Stan, Andy, and Francesca are heading for the Palace as we speak. That means I need every available servant ready, including you six!”

They all looked at each other.

“So start reviewing what all your Monsters can do under the new rules,” she continued. “I don’t want any more screw ups!”

She turned and faded into the shadows.

“Those three kids are coming here?” asked Melissa. “Ooh, I wanna strangle that Francesca!”

“So do I…” muttered Maria.

“One thing matters now,” cursed Tyson. “Revenge!”

Vladimir sighed.

“People, control yourselves,” he warned. “are you that anxious to have to face mom’s hickory stick again?”

“They embarrassed us, Vladimir!” shouted Kurtis. “They embarrassed all of us!”

“And we’re going to show them what the Shadow Spawn can truly do…” growled Leopold. “Even if it means getting our hands dirty…”

Vladimir sighed again.

“I’ll have no part in this, people,” he said. “I’m going to go review my cards…”

He started to walk away…

“Vladimir!” shouted Leopold. “It will only work if we’re all in it!”

Vladimir turned to them.

“Then it doesn’t work,” he said with a shrug.

“Let the coward go,” said Maria, as they watched him walk off. “Once those three brats get here, we’ll show them that revenge is a dish best served cold…”

She gestured, and a beam of ice shot from her hand, coating the wall with frost…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The road north of Rogueport was barren and broken.

All around were weeds and dead trees. The mountain loomed ahead of them, and the three teens felt a strange presence around them.

They remembered Sydney’s warning at the start of the tournament:

“The north road leads directly to the Thousand Year Door. I advise you to steer clear of that one for now. If you don’t have a Crystal Star… well, we can’t guarantee your safety if you go near it.”

They did have Crystal Stars, but that didn’t make this hike any less unnerving.

After about three hours, with the clocks at high noon, they reached their destination…

A huge cliff-face was in front of them. And set into the face, was a huge set of iron doors, covered with runes.

When they looked at it with a second glance, they saw writing painted on it. Somehow, they knew it was writing that only a few could see:

[I][B]There is no treasure here. There is no glory to be sought here. All that lies beyond these doors is death and incredible evil. If you value your life, do not proceed.

They paused, and then the message started to change… A longer message appeared:

[B][I]We are leaving this message to our own blood, if our lineage has survived this long, for only you can see this. We urge you never to give up, and not to let the horrors beyond this door deter you. We did all we could, but more must be done. The Shadow Queen’s evil must be extinguished forever, and only you can make that happen.

Proceed. You, our heirs, are the Three Heroes now.

At that point, the last lingering traces of doubt were erased from their minds.

They held their Stars up the door, and they glowed. It slowly creaked open…

They walked in, and into a huge room. It was circular, with a tiled floor, and a domed ceiling. What really shocked them were the doors. There were doors all around the circular wall, each with a number on them. the door to their left had the number 1, and the door to their right had the number 60.

“Well, which door to take?” asked Andy.

“I wouldn’t take any door yet,” said a sinister voice. “It might be bad…”

A man-shaped form appeared in the middle of the room. He wore a purple tuxedo and derby. His skin was orange, and his ears were fiendishly pointed. His hair was long and white, and his teeth were fangs.


“Witty Phantom?” exclaimed Stan.

The three teens flicked their Disks into position…

The Fiend chuckled. He removed his hat and spun it on his finger.

“Now, now, children, I’m not here to fight…” he said. “I’m here to guide you through this room. Choosing the right door is part of a riddle…

“And you’d better get it…”

“A riddle?” asked Francesca.

“Indeed,” said the Phantom. “But first…”

The Life Point counters on their Disks all set to 8,000.

“Now, let me explain the rules of this little intro game,” started the Phantom. “As you might remember, there are new rules in effect for all contestants that get this far. I’m not here to tell you them – only the Mythic Dragon can…”

“The Mythic Dragon?” asked Francesca, shocked.

“You know it?” asked the Phantom, surprised.

“How could I forget…” muttered Fran. “It took out my D.D. Warrior Lady… and me with her!”

“Well, I promise you it won’t hurt you now,” chuckled the Phantom, “but you’ve got to find its lair.

“Only one of these doors leads to it… The other doors have Monsters behind them waiting to attack you.

“Now, you might want to write what I’m about to tell you on paper… This is hard to remember…”

Francesca paused. She pulled a notebook and pen out of her duffle.

“Splendid,” started the Phantom. “Now listen well, because I’m not going to repeat myself.

“As you can see, each door has a number… And Mythic Dragon has five heads.

“The Dragon’s head of Fire hates prime numbers, but only if its head of Ice hates the number 45; if not, the head of Ice hates numbers that are not prime.

“The Dragon’s head of Thunder hates odd numbers, but only if its head of Fire hates the number 57; if not, the head of Thunder hates even numbers.

“The Dragon’s head of Ice hates multiples of five, but only if the head of Darkness hates the number 24; if not, the head of Ice hates multiples of three.

“The Dragon’s head of Wind hates perfect squares, but only if the head of Thunder hates the number 18. If not, the head of Wind hates perfect cubes.

“Finally, the Dragon’s head of Darkness hates numbers containing two different digits, like 37 or 42, but only if the head of Wind hates the number 8; if not, the head of Darkness hates numbers with two of the same digit, like 33 and 44.

“Only one door has a number that is not hated by any of the five heads. The Mythic Dragon’s lair is behind that door.

“Got all that?”

“Yeah…” muttered Francesca writing the last clue down.

“One more thing – you only have two hours,” said the Phantom. “Is it all understood?”

They nodded.

“Then good luck, my friends,” said the Phantom, tipping his hat.

“You’ll need it…”

And then he vanished into shadows.


Dark Sage
30th September 2005, 12:12 PM
Continued from last post:

In another part of the Palace, Lord Crump was sneaking around.

He edged towards a door that said ”Alchemy Lab”. He nudged the door open and went in.

He eyed rows of tests tubes, beakers, and flasks, some of them containing colored liquid.

The Queen would punish me good if she caught me in here… he thought. But she’d reward me if I could take down those kids…

Only problem is, I don’t think I can! She’s right… I am a coward, I’ve always been a coward, and I always will be a coward!

But maybe there’s something that the Queen’s been working on that will help with that…

He looked at the test tubes.

Potion of stone skin, potion of flaming breath, love potion #10… Ah, these are no good for dueling…

Then a large flask of clear liquid caught his eye.


Wow, liquid courage! he thought, picking it up. This is just what I need!

He paused.

Of course, it might not be wise to drink this…

He paused for a minute.

And then he drank the whole flask in three gulps.

“EEE-YUCK!” he shouted. “That tastes like my bowling shoes!”

And then he felt a change come over him.

He whipped a Duel Disk off of his back, and strapped it on his arm in one swift stroke.

“Watch out, you brats!” he said out loud. “This is gonna be the last duel you ever dueled!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“I can’t make heads or tails of this silly riddle…” muttered Francesca.

“Well, we have to do something,” muttered Andy.

Francesca shrugged.

“Maybe we should try a door and see what happens…” she said.

She went over to door #10 and turned the knob.

The door opened, and a hulking Warrior in armor carrying an axe appeared…


Francesca screamed as Axe Raider struck her with his weapon and she fell backwards.

The Warrior slammed the door shut, and the counter on Fran’s Disk fell to 6,300.

“That didn’t go too well…” she groaned.

“All right…” muttered Stan. “We’ll just fight them like we used to…”

He drew a card from his deck…

Skilled Dark Magician.

He went to door #20, and opened it…

A large green genie appeared and glared at him…


“Oh, La Jinn, huh?” sneered Stan. “Well this Fiend’s no match for my Spellcaster…”

He threw the Monster Card on his Disk…

But to his surprise, Skilled Dark Magician did not appear…

“Huh?” said Stan in surprise.

La Jinn breathed forth a blast of flame from his mouth and Stan screamed!

He fell over, and the genie closed the door. The counter on Stan’s Disk fell to 6,200.

“Okay…” muttered Andy. “I think I see the rules now…

“We aren’t allowed to summon Monsters here… We open the wrong door, we get attacked and lose Life Points – and I’m betting none of these Monsters are weaker than those two.”

“And if we lose all our Life Points, the Queen wins,” muttered Francesca. “Even between all three of us, we can’t risk trying doors at random. One of us is certain to hit zero before we find the right one that way.”

“We only have an hour and a half left…” warned Stan.

“Either way, we’re dead…” muttered Andy.

“Either way…” whispered Francesca.

She looked at what she had written down.

“Either way! That may be the key to the riddle!”

“Huh?” asked Andy.

“Look,” said Francesca. “The head of Ice hates either multiples of three or five. So, either way, it will hate 15, 30, 45, and 60, which are multiples of both numbers.”

“Wow, beautiful and smart!” exclaimed Andy.

Fran wrote down those numbers. She looked at what she had written down.

“And therefore,” she continued, writing down numbers, “since the head of Ice does hate 45, the head of Fire must hate prime numbers. That eliminates 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, and 59.”

“Keep going…” urged Stan.

“And therefore,” she said, writing down more, “since the head of Fire doesn’t hate 57, since it isn’t prime, the head of Thunder must hate even numbers, eliminating 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, and 58.”

“Yeah, you’re on a roll, Fran!” shouted Andy.

Francesca continued.

“Therefore,” she said, “since the head of Thunder does hate 18, since that’s even, the head of Wind must hate perfect squares, eliminating 9, 25, and 49.”

“And therefore…” urged Stan.

“Yes, therefore,” continued Francesca, “since the head of Wind doesn’t hate 8, since it isn’t a perfect square, the head of Darkness must hate numbers with two of the same digit, eliminating 55 and 33.”

“Okay, what else?” asked Andy.

“Finally,” replied Francesca, “since the head of Darkness does not hate 24, since it has two different digits, the head of Ice must hate multiples of three, eliminating 21, 27, 39, and 51.”

She paused. She counted.

“The only door that hasn’t been eliminated is door #35,” she said.

They all looked to that door.

“Let me open it,” sighed Andy. “I’m the only one who hasn’t lost Life Points.”

He opened the door…

A bright light emitted from the room within.

There didn’t seem to be any Monsters blocking them, so they all went in.

They found themselves in a huge dungeon. Skulls and bones littered the ground, and more skeletons were bound to shackles on the walls.

Their Disks shut down, and the numbers vanished.

A sound that sounded like five beasts roaring at once echoed through the dungeon, and a huge form arose in front of them…

They gasped as the huge image of Mythic Dragon appeared in front of them!


They drew back in fear, as steam poured from the mighty Dragon’s five sets of nostrils…

And intimidating voice entered their minds.

“Welcome duelists,” it said. “Congratulations for getting this far. As you have already been told, there are new rules for all duels that occur within the Palace of Shadow – and I will do my best to explain them.

“These new rules are a complex system called simply… the Deckmaster System.”

“Deckmaster?” said Stan, in wonder.

“To start,” said the Dragon, “before you start any duel, you and your opponent must choose any Monster from your deck to act as a Deckmaster. Any Monster in the entire game can serve as one, and every Monster has a special ability while serving as a Deckmaster.

“To demonstrate, let’s watch Sonya and Calvin duel using this system…”

Two teenagers wearing Duel Disks appeared at the Mythic Dragon’s feet. One was a girl with blonde hair and a ponytail, wearing a schoolgirl dress. The other was a boy in jeans and a jean jacket.

The three teens guessed that they were holograms of some sort.

The two virtual duelists activated their Disks.

Sonya chose a card from her Disk.

“My Deckmaster is Total Defense Shogun!” she announced.

She held the card aloft, and the well-armored Warrior appeared… Standing behind her. (1,550/2,500)


Calvin chose a card from his own deck.

“My Deckmaster is Flame Swordsman!” he announced.

He held the card into the air, and the blue and orange-armored Warrior with his bronze sword appeared, also behind him. (1,800/1,600)


“LET’S DUEL!” they both shouted.

The numbers 8,000 appeared above them.

“And so the duel starts,” said Mythic Dragon, “and Sonya has the honor.”

Sonya placed a card on her Disk.

“I summon Vorse Raider in Attack Mode!” she shouted.

The wicked Beast-Warrior brandishing his axe appeared, as a Monster usually did. (1,900/1,200)

Calvin drew a card.

“I summon Gearfried the Iron Knight in Attack Mode,” he exclaimed.

He put a card down, and the mighty Gearfried appeared. (1,800/1,600)

“And now…” exclaimed Calvin, “I use my Deckmaster’s special ability, lowering his Attack Score by 200 to increase Gearfried’s by 200!”

The three onlookers gasped, as Flame Swordsman’s Attack Score fell to 1,600 and Gearfried’s rose to 2,000.

“Attack her Vorse Raider!” shouted Calvin.

Gearfried charged forward, striking the Beast-Warrior with his blade and destroying it, dropping Sonya’s Life Points to 7,900.

“As you can see,” said Mythic Dragon, “Calvin used his Deckmaster’s ability, known as Warrior Support, right away. He can lower the Attack Score of his Flame Swordsman to increase the Attack Score of any of his Warrior Monsters by the same amount.”

Sonya drew.

“Uh, oh, it appears Sonya’s hand isn’t too good right now…” quipped the Dragon.

“I pass this turn…” said Sonya.

“You might think Sonya is crazy,” said the Dragon, “ending her turn without a single card on the field… Likely she’s in for a painful direct attack in a few seconds…”

Calvin drew a card.

“Gearfried!” he shouted, “attack her Life Points directly!”

Gearfried charged forward…

“I activate my Deckmaster’s ability!” shouted Sonya.

She discarded two cards, and Total Defense Shogun glowed…

Gearfried was thrown back, and was blasted into pixels.

“As you now see,” commented the Dragon, “Sonya’s Deckmaster has a useful ability as well. Total Defense Shogun’s Total Defense Barrier allows the duelist to destroy a Monster that tries to attack directly if she discards two cards.

“Now, take note of this fact. For the most part, a Deckmaster stays behind you on the sidelines. In this state, it’s indestructible, immune to attacks and any card effects. On the other hand, it can’t do anything in this state except its Deckmaster ability.

“Now back to the duel…”

They watched as Sonya made a draw.

“It seems that Sonya is still having bad luck with her draws,” continued the Dragon, “and she can’t keep discarding cards forever…”

“I summon my Deckmaster to the field in Defense Mode!” she commanded.

Total Defense Shogun moved onto the playing field, and took a stance.

“As you can see,” said the Dragon. “Sonya has summoned her Deckmaster. At all times, this is considered a Special Summon, and does not require any special requirements if the chosen Monster needs any to be summoned. You can even do so during your opponent’s turn.

“Now Total Defense Shogun has all his normal effects, which to him means the ability to attack while in Defense Mode…”

“Attack directly!” commanded Sonya.

The Shogun took a swipe with his sword, and Calvin fell backwards. His Life Points fell to 6,450.

“Unfortunately for Sonya,” continued the Dragon, “she seems to have forgotten about Calvin’s Deckmaster…”

Calvin drew.

“I summon Warrior Dai Grepher!” shouted Calvin, placing a card down.

Grepher appeared, holding his large sword. (1,700/1,600)

“And now I’ll take 1,000 of my Deckmaster’s Attack Points and add them to Grepher’s!” he yelled.

Flame Swordsman went down to 600 Attack, and Grepher went up to 2,700.

“Attack!” shouted Calvin.

Grepher struck Total Defense Shogun, and blew him into pixels! Sonya was thrown back, and her Life Points fell all the way to zero.

“This duel is over…” said Mythic Dragon. “You see, if a duelist’s Deckmaster is destroyed, he or she loses automatically.”

“That’s something to think about…” muttered Stan.

“A few more things to consider,” said the Dragon, as Sonya and Calvin vanished. “Once you choose a Deckmaster, you can’t change it. The only way to change a Deckmaster is to alter it in some way, such as through a fusion. A Deckmaster cannot be offered as a sacrifice – such an attempt simply will not work. Also, if a Deckmaster is on the field, there is no way for an opponent to control it.

“I’m afraid we can’t provide a manual of what each Monster does as a Deckmaster – after all, this game has more than two thousand Monsters. Some Deckmasters are more useful than others, but all have their uses. You’ll figure it out as you go along…

“Now that that’s out of the way…”

A large door appeared behind it.

“…the Palace of Shadow awaits!”

It disappeared, and the door creaked open.

The three teens took their decks and shuffled. They entered the door.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Stan, Andy, and Francesca looked around…

They were on a bridge of sorts, over water. The place was lit by eerie torches, and the water one hundred feet below was dark. The whole place was spooky.

“Keep on your toes, guys…” said Andy, as they started to cross. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this place was crawling with Monsters…”

As they reached the middle of the bridge, the water below started to churn. They looked down…

Five pairs of glowing eyes looked back at them!

“WHA!” shouted Stan.

Five figures burst up out of the water and flew over them!

The three teens looked at them. It was the Shadow Spawn, minus Vladimir.

“Well, well,” chuckled Francesca, “if it isn’t the Brady Bunch’s evil twins!”

“That’s right!” shouted Melissa. “And we’re here to get revenge!”

“Oh, save it…” muttered Stan. “You clowns couldn’t duel your way out of a paper bag!”

“You just don’t get it, do you?” laughed Leopold.

Flames surrounded Tyson’s hands, and he shot forth a stream of fire at the three of them!

“HEY!” screamed Francesca.

“Why should we duel you when we could just blast you to pieces?” laughed Maria.

The five of them raised their hands, and energy coursed around them.

“Now what?” gasped Andy, panicking.

“We run like crazy…” answered Francesca.

They fled across the bridge towards the exit.

“Get them!” shouted Kurtis.

Blasts of wind, fire, ice, and burning light trailed behind them, and the stone floor started to shake as the three teens fled from the angry Spawn.


Dark Sage
30th September 2005, 12:14 PM
Continued from last post:

Meanwhile, the Shadow Queen entered the same alchemy lab that Crump had broken into.

This was the place where she created her special magical cards, and currently, a very special one was being worked on.

A metal sphere was being heated by a Bunsen burner, and foul-smelling odors came from it.

This particular card was going to be her strongest one. She’d only be able to use it once, and it would be way too costly to make more than one…

But once Stan, Andy, and Francesca were defeated, she’d use it…

…and that would ensure that their defeat would be total, freeing her forever.

Right now, she only had to add a few mundane ingredients to the concoction. She placed in a few rare mushrooms and some ginseng juice into the sphere.

Then she took a Duel Monsters card and placed it in a brazier. To make a magical card, you always had to use one or more normal copies of the card.

She set fire to it, and it quickly burned to ashes. She poured the ashes in the mixture, and it glowed with eldritch energy.

Most of her magical cards needed only one at least, or five at most copies of a normal card. This one would be so powerful, it needed a hundred.

That was the ninety-seventh one. Of course, one of her rules for her servants was that they were required to exchange any copies of this card that they had for another until she had enough.

But she had acquired enough some time ago, enough for her servants to use it again, and in a few days, the key to her freedom would be complete.

As she left the concoction to simmer, she went to her “cookbook”. Maybe she could make a new servant before her victims needed to be viewed…

And then she noticed that the vial that contained the Liquid Courage was empty.

She growled. Her first thought was that one of her children had taken it, and when she found out who it was, he or she was going to be “dipped”…

Then she heard a voice.

“Uh, mom?” called Vladimir. “Can I come in? I have something to tell you…”

“What is it, Vladimir?” she sighed.

Vladimir walked in.

“Uhm,” he said. “I really hate to be a tattletale, but there’s something in sector A7 that you should look at…”

The Queen gave him a look. Then she motioned with her hand, and a globe appeared in it.

She gave a look of horror!

“THOSE IDIOTS!” she screamed.

She rushed out of the room.

“Vladimir, meet me at the dip pool!” she shouted as she rushed by.

Vladimir grinned.

“Well, I can’t say I didn’t warn them…” he said with a shrug. “This is gonna be great…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Stan, Andy, and Francesca were running across a huge antechamber with a red carpet, lit by torches. Two doors were on the opposite wall.

“Think we lost them?” asked Stan.

Five globes of energy shot out in front of them, and formed into the siblings.

“Uh, frankly, no…” gulped Andy.

They turned and ran the other way.

“Melissa, rings!” shouted Kurtis.

Melissa gestured, and threw a set of rings made of light. They encircled the three teens, pinning their arms and legs!

Kurtis gestured, and they were blown against the wall!

Then Leopold raised his hand, and stony arms grew out of the wall and held them in place!

They struggled as the five Spawn walked up to them.

“Consider this payback, guys,” mocked Tyson. “We’re gonna fry you up like a canoli!”

“Uh…” said Melissa.

“Um… muttered Kurtis.

“A canoli…” sighed Tyson, “it’s an Italian pastry, very popular in New York bakeries! Doesn’t anyone here ever eat out?”

“I knew what it was…” said Stan with a nervous chuckle.

“I’d keep quiet if I were you!” snapped Leopold.

“So who do we kill first?” asked Kurtis.

“I wanna do Francesca,” said Maria. “Bet I can make her explode!”

“Explode?” gasped Francesca, struggling. “What are you…”

“Open wide, Fran!” laughed Kurtis, making a gesture.

Two windy hands forced Francesca’s mouth open…

Then Maria cackled, and water shot from her hands, directly at Francesca’s mouth!

“FRAN!” screamed Andy.

Then, suddenly, the room went dark, and it started to shake…

Maria stopped.

“Uh oh…” muttered Tyson.

The Shadow Queen appeared above all of them, her eyes glowing red!

She raised her hand, and a huge tornado made of darkness appeared. The Spawn were sucked into it screaming!

After a few seconds, they were gone.

The Shadow Queen landed and turned towards Stan, Andy and Francesca.

Her eyes glowed for a second, and the three of them shivered.

She snapped her fingers, and the light rings vanished and the stone restraints crumbled.

Her eyes stopped glowing and she smiled.

“Ah heh…” she chuckled. “Kids today… what are you going to do with them?”

The three of them were too scared to answer.

“Look kids,” said the Queen with a nervous laugh. “You must be really hungry… The room in the door to the left has a guy who’ll make you anything you want. Just refresh yourselves, and we’ll forget that this little… unprovoked assault ever happened, okay?”

They glared at her.

“Don’t worry…” she said, grimly, “I’ll discipline them…”

Stan was about to say something, but the Queen vanished.

“Did the Shadow Queen just save us?” asked Andy.

“And then offer us food?” asked Francesca.

“Well, I am pretty hungry…” muttered Stan. “We’ll figure it out later…”

They wandered towards the door she had pointed to.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The five Shadow Spawn were really dreading what was about to happen.

They were in a dark chamber full of chains and gears. And they were in a bad predicament. They were suspended by chains from their ankles above a large pool of green, putrid slime.

“Uh, guys?” muttered Melissa. “I’m getting that queasy feeling that I get whenever I eat… anything healthy…”

“SHUT UP, MELISSA!” shouted Kurtis.

“Cut her some slack, Kurtis,” moaned Maria. “Mom’s never done this to her before…”

“Well it’s high time she grew up…” said Vladimir’s voice.

He appeared out of the shadows.

“You told on us, didn’t you?” scowled Tyson. “You’re always sucking up to mom!”

“Let me put it this way, Tyson,” growled Vladimir. “I’m over here, and you’re up there. Where would you rather be?”

“Vladimir,” shouted Leopold, “the second I’m free of this I’m gonna…”

“You’ll do nothing, Leopold!” scolded the Queen’s voice, as she stormed in.

She gazed at the five prisoners.

“Are you five stubborn, or just plain stupid?” she asked, angrily. “I have to defeat those three in a fair contest to leave this dump! Do you realize what would have happened if you had killed even one of them?”

There was a long pause.

“I’d have been stuck here until the end of time, that’s what!” she shouted. “Why on earth did you try it?”

“Uh…” stammered Melissa. “We weren’t thinking clearly?”

“You weren’t thinking clearly?” yelled the Queen. “Well then, I’m just going to have to clear your head…”

She looked at the pool.

“I’m going to dip four of you for two hours…” she continued.

They moaned.

“…but one of you,” she continued, “is going to be punished for TWICE as long! Which one of you drank THIS?”

She held up the vial.

“Uh, what’s that?” asked Tyson.

“Liquid Courage,” replied the Queen. “A potion, looks like water, tastes like old sneakers… And someone drank about half a pint of it!”

“I think Melissa did it…” muttered Kurtis.

“Me? No!” protested Melissa. “I mean, I let those Kuribohs into Grodus’s bathroom… I set that Faith Bird loose on Twilight Town… I turned Lord Crump into a Turtle Bird… and I still say he was happier that way…”

She chuckled.

“I totally booby-trapped Maria’s bed with a Swarm of Scarabs…”

“That was you?” shouted Maria.

“Yeah…” chuckled Melissa. “But this… totally not me…”

All this time, the Queen was concentrating, studying the anatomy of the five of them.

“Fine,” she said, “it wasn’t any of you… But you still each get two hours…”

She walked to a lever.

“Mom, forgive us!” shouted Leopold.

“Have mercy!” screamed Maria.

The Shadow Queen paused.

“Didn’t say ‘please’…” she scolded.

“PLEASE!” begged all five of them.

“Mercy, huh?” sighed the Queen.

“I… don’t think so…”

She pulled the lever, and the five siblings screamed as they were lowered into the pit.

“Uh, mom?” asked Vladimir. “What’s so important about this Liquid Courage?”

“Let’s just say I pity whoever drank it,” scowled the Queen as they turned to leave. “It was a failed experiment. It makes whoever drinks it fearless – literally. Whoever drank it is now incapable of experiencing fear at all.”

“So?” asked Vladimir. “What’s wrong with that?”

“That can be incredibly dangerous,” responded the Queen. “If you have no fear, you lose your ability to defend yourself. You stop using your smarts, and act only on your impulses.

“Whoever drank that is going to rush headlong into danger and get more than he bargained for…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The room that the three teens entered did indeed seem like a cafeteria, albeit a dark and sinister one. Tables and chairs with diabolic imagery were set up. Standing behind a counter among a stove and various utensils was a fiendish figure.


“The Bistro Butcher?” exclaimed Stan.

“Well, well, customers,” chuckled the Butcher.

They drew back.

“Oh, sorry,” chuckled the Fiend. “Did I scare you?”

“Uh…” muttered Stan. “The Shadow Queen said we could get anything we wanted to eat in here…”

“And that’s my job,” answered the Butcher. “Do you know any Duel Monsters who are better at gastronomy?”

They didn’t exactly know how to answer that.

“So what could I get you?” he asked.

“Uh…” asked Andy. “Do you have hamburger?”

“Sure thing,” said the Fiend. “Anything to go with that? Fries? Onion rings?”

“Three cheeseburgers and fries,” said Stan, quickly.

They were still a little afraid of this creature, but they didn’t exactly believe that the Shadow Queen would save them just to poison them.

“Give me five minutes,” said the Butcher, turning to his stove.

At that point, the door to the cafeteria was thrown open.

Lord Crump entered.

“So,” he laughed, “I’ve finally found you!”

“You!” shouted Francesca. “You’re that little creep that’s been spying on us this whole time!”

“What’s the matter?” sneered Andy. “You afraid to face us in person?”

“I’m facing you right now!” laughed Crump, holding up his Duel Disk. “I’ll take on each of you, one after the other!

“And don’t think about slipping by me! There’s no other way out of this room but the way you came!”

Stan sighed.

“Fine pal…” he said. “I’ve been wanting to teach you a lesson for some time… But let us at least eat before we duel.”

“Very well…” chuckled Crump. “Enjoy your last meal. I’ll be waiting in the chamber outside…

“And after I defeat you all, the Queen will finally give me the respect I deserve!

“It’s a pity that your first duels in the Palace of Shadow will be your last…”

[B][I]Coming up next:

It’s Crump versus Stan! And a burning question will finally be addressed – is Crump a competent duelist, or is he just blowing a lot of hot air?

See some of the new additions to Stan’s deck and find out, in a chapter called “Mage Versus Machine”, coming soon…

Master of Paradox
30th September 2005, 12:30 PM
And so Act Two begins. Some will not like this chapter because it doesn't have a duel, but I rather enjoyed it. I do like well-written interlude chapters.

One wonders what cards the three snagged from that basement... but, knowing how your duels work, they're either powerful created cards or the sort of things that would cost me a fifth of my income to purchase in the real world. (No offense, mind you.)

Yes, I smiled when I saw the Witty Phantom come up - it is my soul card, after all - but it embarasses me to admit I had no clue how to solve that number puzzle. My hat's off to Francesca.

Hmmm... I could note how foolish the Shadow Spawn are (their mother's warned them how many times about that "fair fight" clause? You'd think they'd want her free just to get her off their backs), or how the Deckmaster System exactly matches the show (unlike some of the more lenient variations I've seen), but I won't bother.

Crump's dueling next chapter? I knew he'd be playing a Machine deck, but it'll be worth reading just to see if something resembling Magnus von Grapple shows up.

30th September 2005, 01:22 PM
“Unfortunately for Sally,” continued the Dragon, “she seems to have forgotten about Calvin’s Deckmaster…”

Isn't it meant to be Sonya?

30th September 2005, 02:21 PM
nitpicking are we?

Great chapter. Every time I saw that they walked through a door I was hoping "Let them meet the other finalists" (I GOT MY REASONS :p) But this seems better. In every Yu-Gi-OH story the hero(s) or the most likely to be the last of the finalists. I didn't really like the part when the shadow spawn attacked but it fits their characters as it fits Vladimirs to "save" Stan,Fran and Andy. You think those 3 would figure out that the shadow queen didn't want them dead when they can solve a riddle like that.

Perfect Chaos
30th September 2005, 05:14 PM
Ah, damn, I didn't get a chance to review the last chapter for Act One, but oh well, no point in crying over spilled milk as they say

So, our three Heroes have finally gotten through the Thousand-Year Door with supposedly great improvements to their decks. And we finally see Grodus duel, hopefully he won't be a complete pushover for Stan. I liked how you had the Witty Phantom come and give the riddle for the Heroes. I personally like him as a fanfic character because of what his demeanor could possibly be. And the Mythic Dragon was as fearsome as he was supposed to be.

See you next chapter

Dark Sage
30th September 2005, 05:36 PM
Uh, Chaos, I think you're confusing Crump with Grodus.

Lord Crump is the incompitent one whom the Queen has thusfar only used to spy on the kids. Sir Grodus is her right-hand man, basically Crump's boss. Crump is Stan's opponent next chapter.

And yes, Grodus is going to be dueling eventually, and the theme of his deck is a secret I will not reveal under ANY circumstances!

30th September 2005, 05:50 PM
yay! act 2! yay! under no circumstances! yay! machine deck! ect. ect. ect.
I love filler chapters that there are no duels, I just do so this was one of my favoritye chjapters along with when merle explained the shadow spawn. Keep up the good work

Shuppet Master
30th September 2005, 06:43 PM
What an awesome intro to the second act! I was expecting those kids to act that way, it reminds me of how the Big 5 tried to possess Joey and his friends in the Virtual World and Noah took them out and beat them up. Somehow, the Spawn(sans Vlad) will be like the Big-5 in this part.

And I can't wait for the first duel of Act Two. As for Magnus Von Grapple, well, my lips are sealed. :)

30th September 2005, 07:06 PM
Hmm, I expected Grodus to have the machine deck. Anyway, let's see how Crump fares against Stan.

Perfect Chaos
30th September 2005, 08:23 PM
Sorry DS, I did mean Crump. Speaking of Grodus, we haven't seen him make any cameos for a few chapters now huh?


Dark Sage
2nd October 2005, 10:28 AM
I have an announcement to make to my loyal readers:

Thanks to you, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Thousand Year Door has won Best Non-Pokemon Fic in the Golden Pen awards, by a landslide, in fact.

Thanks to everyone for making this possible! :cool2:

Another note...

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Once again, a thank you to all loyal readers.

P.S.: I also won five other awards, including Most Dedicated Writer, and four for "Pokemonese".

2nd October 2005, 10:32 AM
Hey; congratulations, DS! You deserve those awards.:)

Shuppet Master
2nd October 2005, 11:11 AM
Yeah, congrats! I think your Yu-Gi-Oh crossover with Paper Mario is awesome. I used to love Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and the goofy characters(of course, my new GameCube love is going to be Pokemon XD: Gales of Darkness, which is out now) and the way you used Evil Peach's form for the Shadow Queen is pretty neat-o! The whole Shadow Spawn was also cool. I can't wait to see what Act Two has to hold.

Take a bow, you are an excellent writer! :D

2nd October 2005, 05:43 PM
Congradulations dude! You deserved them. I mean, your fics are the only reason I actually look around in the fanfiction forum anymore.

3rd October 2005, 02:38 AM
Same as his.Before this fic, I used to look here also to read the adventures of Blank Myn, but those have stopped

Dark Sage
3rd October 2005, 09:31 AM
Hello everyone...


It was the first night on my new job. I was working the night shift on a construction site, at a post with no lights or electricity (yet). My shift was supposed to be twelve hours, and turned into fourteen because my relief was two hours late. I do hope the boss yells at him.

But, tired as I am, I decided to post the next chapter, because I left you hungering for more with no duel in the first chapter of Act Two.

At the end of all new chapters, there will be a new thing that describes the ability of Deckmasters used in detail. I know that many folks want to use my cards - now they can use my Deckmasters SA as well.

One more thing: To all fans of a certain supporting character in a certain spin-off series, I apologize in advance if this chapter makes his cards look bad.

- DS

Dark Sage
3rd October 2005, 09:34 AM
[B][I]Ever since we came to this island, the Shadow Queen has had a creep spy on us…

This weirdo in a funny suit has stayed just out sight, watching us, trying to learn about us, but never having the courage to face us. The one time Andy and Francesca caught him, he fled like a coward.

But it’s strange – somehow he must have gotten a good deal braver, because right now, he’s sought us out, and made a challenge to all three of us.

Well, I’m going to duel him now, as my first opponent in the Palace of Shadow.

I really don’t think this Lord Crump guy is anything more than a lot of hot air. Heck, I doubt he’s even a real lord.

At least, I hope he isn’t anything more than hot air…


Mage Versus Machine

The three teens had to admit something…

For a Fiend, The Bistro Butcher made really great hamburgers.

They just really hoped that the beef he made them with came from a cow, and not a Battle Ox (which was a small possibility).

“Anything more I can get you kids?” asked the Fiend, as he wiped his counter with a rag.

“No, we’re fine,” answered Stan. “These are great, by the way…”

His mother had told him a simple tip about politeness – always compliment the chef, no matter what the food tasted like. He guessed that was especially true when the chef was a nasty-looking demon with a sharp hook for a hand.

He whispered to Andy.

“How do you suppose he can cook with only one hand?”

Andy shrugged.

“Thank you,” replied the Butcher. “Well, leave your dishes, I’ll clean up… And by the way Stan…”

“Yeah?” answered Stan.

“When you go out and duel that guy, be sure to kick his butt good,” sneered the Butcher. “No one in this Palace likes him very much…”

“Really?” asked Stan.

“Yeah,” snarled the Fiend. “Take this little cafeteria I have. I’m bound to cook for anyone who asks… But every time he comes in, he orders me around like I were some slave, eats like a hog, and leaves a big mess that I always have to clean up. If the Queen wouldn’t punish me, I’d…”

He raised his big cleaver menacingly…

“Don’t worry, pal,” answered Stan, “I’ll teach him a lesson…”

He wiped his mouth and got up.

He shuffled his deck again, and started for the door, his two friends followed.

Lord Crump was leaning against the wall of the large antechamber where the Queen had rescued them, near the door that they hadn’t taken.

“Well, well,” he snickered. “So, you’re finally finished. Now we can start.”

“I’m gonna take you down, fatso!” warned Stan.

“HA!” laughed his foe. “You’re hardly a match for…”

He paused.


“Crump?” chuckled Stan. “So that’s your name? Figures. Well then, let’s get started…”

His Disk flicked into position, and the holo-imagers shot out.

Crump repeated the trick, and the Life Point counters set to 8,000 apiece.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” chuckled Crump. “Before we start, according to the new rules, you have to choose a Deckmaster!”

Stan paused. He took his deck out of its tray.

“It can be any Monster in your deck, so choose well!” laughed Crump.

So many Monsters… thought Stan. And I have no idea what any of them can do as a Deckmaster… Who to choose…

And then a card flew out on its own!

“What?” exclaimed Stan.

The form of Vivian the Shadow Siren appeared beside him!

Crump laughed.

“Well, that’s an interesting choice…” he chuckled.

“Wait!” protested Stan. “I didn’t…”

Then Vivian’s voice sounded in his head.

”Don’t worry Stan!” she urged. ”I can be a good Deckmaster! Honest! Just give me a chance!”

Stan paused.

”Okay, fine…” he replied, thinking out loud. ”What’s your ability?”

”Uhm, uh…” answered Vivian.

There was a long pause.

”I… I forgot…” she mused.

“You forgot?” shouted Stan out loud.

“Is there a problem?” laughed Crump.

”I just wanted to help!” sobbed Vivian.

”Vivian, don’t cry, please!” sighed Stan.

“Crump, I have to make a change!” he demanded.

“Tough darts, Stan!” laughed Crump. “You know the rules! Once you chose a Deckmaster, you can’t change it!”

Stan looked at Vivian.

”Well,” he said, sort of annoyed. ”Looks like we’re stuck together. For now, try hard to remember!”

“Vivian the Shadow Siren is my Deckmaster!” announced Stan.

“And I’ll gladly show you mine!” laughed Crump.

He held a card into the air, and a huge robot appeared behind him…


“Meet the mighty Machine King!” cackled Crump. “And I’ll gladly tell you what its ability is. It’s called Reserve Power! Every time I summon a Machine Monster, it will raise its Attack Score by one quarter of its Defense Score!”

“Man... That’s powerful…” muttered Andy.

“Now, let’s reshuffle and duel!” shouted Crump.

The two of them reshuffled their decks, and plugged them into the holders. They each drew five cards.

“Think Stan can beat this clown?” asked Francesca.

“Please…” muttered Andy. “This guy likely couldn’t beat a preschooler…”

“I’ll start this off,” chuckled Crump, drawing his first hand.

“My first card will be…”

He looked at the card.

“Graceful Charity!”

He played the card, and the angel flew out of the card, and handed him three cards.

And I know just what to discard… he thought, handing her two.

The angel flew into his discard slot with the two cards.

“And I’ll play this Monster in Defense Mode…”

He placed a card down.

“Meet Cycroid!” he laughed.

A weird Monster that looked like a red bicycle with fists on its handlebars and an eye in the center of them appeared. (800/1,000) –> (1,050/1,000)


“HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!” laughed Stan. “That’s a Monster? I’ve gotten better cards out of my store’s discount bin!”

“This Monster is a special Machine,” answered Crump, “known as a Vehicroid.”

“I don’t care what religion it is!” laughed Stan. “It’s still weak!”

“It’s your move…” muttered Crump.

“Is Crump serious?” asked Francesca. “That Monster is pathetic!”

“It must be part of a larger plan…” mentioned Francesca.

Stan made his draw.

”Good!” urged Vivian, looking at his hand. ”You have plenty that can fix his little red bicycle!”

“Let me show you a real Monster, Crump,” warned Stan.

He placed a card on his Disk.

“I summon the mighty Magician’s Valkyria!”

A light shone from above, and a Spellcaster appeared. She looked a little like Dark Magician Girl, but with a brighter, more ornate costume, and a fancier staff. (1,600/1,800)

“Valkyria!” shouted Stan. “Attack his Cycroid with bright rainbow blast!”

Valkyria aimed her staff and fired a stream of multicolored lights! Cycroid was blown into pixels.

“Now I’ll place one card facedown, and that will end my turn,” stated Stan.

He placed a card in a slot, and it appeared.

Crump chuckled as he drew.

“Good work, Stan,” he said, “but Cycroid was merely a decoy to draw out one of your stronger Monsters…”

He looked at the card he had just drawn.

“First I’ll play this Magic Card…” he said. “It’s called… 7!”

He played the card. A spinning wheel like that in a slot machine, appeared above him, and the number seven appeared on it.


“And just what does your Magic Card do?” asked Stan, surprised.

“You’ll see soon!” chuckled Crump. “And now I’ll summon yet another Vehicroid… the mighty Patroid, in Attack Mode!”

He placed another card down, and another cartoonish Machine appeared. This one looked like a humanoid police car with arms and legs, eyes in place of headlights, and a patrolman’s hat on its “head”. (1,200/1,200) –> (1,500/1,200)


Crump chuckled.

“With this guy,” he said, “I can see any one of your facedown cards once per turn! So, Patroid, show me what that facedown card is!”

Patroid produced a whistle and blew it! Stan’s facedown card lifted, showing it to be Spellbinding Circle.

It went back down.

“Well, can’t have that, can we?” snickered Crump. “So I’ll just play Mystical Space Typhoon!”

He played the Magic Card, and Stan’s Spellbinding Circle was shattered.

“Doesn’t matter…” sneered Stan. “Your Patroid is still weaker than my Valkyria…”

“Not for long…” chuckled Crump, choosing another card. “Because I play Rush Recklessly! This will increase my Monster’s Attack by 700 for one Battle Phase!”

He played the card, and Patroid’s Attack shot up to 2,200.

“Patroid!” he shouted. “Attack his Spellcaster with long arm of the law!”

The Vehicroid shot forward with its first and punched Valkyria, blowing her to bits!

Stan’s Life Points fell to 7,400.

”Stay strong, Stan…” urged Vivian. ”He just got a lucky start…”

”I hope so…” answered Stan.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

It was at this point that the Shadow Queen was in her throne room, and decided to check up on her victims (a catch-all term that she was now using to describe all eight of the finalists). As she activated her viewing globe, she was quite surprised to see Stan dueling Crump.

“Grodus!” she yelled. “Get in here!”

Sir Grodus materialized before her.

“Yes, your excellence?” he responded, bowing.

“I seem to recall telling Crump that he was not allowed to duel those kids…” snarled the Shadow Queen.

“Uhm…” muttered Grodus. “He seems to have disobeyed you, my liege. Trust me, I had nothing to do with this…”

The Queen stared at him. She would know if he were lying, and clearly he wasn’t.

She rubbed her chin.

“You want me to go stop the duel and bring Crump here?” asked Grodus.

“No…” sighed the Queen. “Let him have his fun for now… This actually might be good for a few laughs…”

The Queen thought for a minute.

The way Crump is acting, there’s no doubt in my mind, she thought. HE was the one who stole the Liquid Courage. The jerk. Didn’t his mother ever tell him never to drink from strange bottles?

Well, once this duel is over, we’re just going to have to have a little talk…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Who’d have ever thought that this blowhard would inflict the first wound?” muttered Andy.

“Don’t worry,” assured Francesca. “This duel is just starting.”

Stan drew a card.

“I’ll place two cards facedown on the field…” he stated.

He threw two cards into slots, and they materialized.

“Now I summon Gemini Elf in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

He placed the card down, and the two twin elves appeared. (1,900/900)

“Attack his Patroid!” yelled Stan.

The two elves shot forth bolts of lightning, blasting the Vehicroid into scrap!

Crump’s Life Points fell to 7,600.

“Take a permanent vacation on the junk heap, pal…” mocked Stan.

“Very funny,” snarled Crump. “Now it’s my turn…”

He drew.

He chuckled.

“I summon one of my strongest Vehicroids!” he exclaimed. “The powerful Steamroid!”

He placed a card down, and a huge Machine appeared. This one looked like a humanoid steam locomotive with eyes and arms, rising up on its hind wheels. (1,800/1,800) –> (2,250/1,800)


Stan gasped!

“Oh, and by the way…” chuckled Crump. “You might be interested in knowing… Not only does my Deckmaster make this guy stronger than your elves, but Steamroid gains 500 extra Attack Points when it makes an attack!

“Steamroid, mow down his elves with freight train rush!”

The huge Vehicroid’s Attack rose to 2,750, and it charged forward, plowing into Gemini Elf! They screamed and were blasted into particles.

Stan’s Life Points fell further, to 6,550.

”Vivian…” said Stan to the Spellcaster by his side. ”His Deckmaster is giving him too much of an edge. Are you SURE you can’t remember?”

”Not yet Stan…” answered Vivian, sadly. ”But I can give advice… His Steamroid may look strong, but maybe it has a weakness…”

“A weakness…” muttered Stan. “Hmmm…”

“I end my turn,” said Crump.

Steamroid’s Attack went back to 2,250.

Stan drew.

“I play Card Destruction!” he said, playing the card.

Crump shrugged. The two of them discarded the two cards they each had, and drew two more new cards.

“And now…” stated Stan, “I activate one of my Trap Cards… Disgraceful Charity!”

His Trap lifted, and a form flew out of the card. It was a female Fiend with black skin and black feathered wings, dressed in a peasant’s outfit. She flew above the arena.

“Huh?” whispered Francesca. “Marie the Fallen One?”

The demoness pointed at both duelists with her claws, and magical energy struck their Disks.

“Thanks to my friend Marie here,” explained Stan, “we both get back the cards we just discarded!”

Marie vanished, and two cards slipped out their discard slots.

Crump chuckled.

“Clever,” he said. “But to help yourself, you had to aid me as well!”

“Perhaps,” answered Stan. “But now I have a theory about your Steamroid, and I’m gonna test it!”

He placed a card down.

“I summon Skilled Dark Magician in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

Skilled Dark Magician appeared, brandishing his staff.

“Ooh, clever!” mocked Crump. “Do you actually think it will work?”

“Skilled Dark Magician!” shouted Stan. “Attack his Steamroid!”

“Stan, NO!” screamed Andy.

“Are you crazy?” yelled Francesca.

Skilled Dark Magician fired his dark spell…

And to everyone’s surprise, the Vehicroid blew up!

Crump’s Life Points fell to 7,450.

“I thought so…” muttered Stan.

“Huh?” asked Andy. “But Skilled Dark Magician was weaker!”

“Oh! I get it!” exclaimed Francesca. “Steamroid gets a 500-point bonus to its Attack Score when it attacks… but to make up for that power, it takes a 500-point penalty when it’s being attacked!”

“Congratulations…” said Crump, sarcastically. “You figured it out…”

He drew a card.

“Well, he chuckled, “since one was so good, I’ll play a second 7 card!”

He fit a card into a slot, and another slot machine reel spun over his head. A second seven appeared next to the first.


“Two of those cards?” gasped Fran. “What’s going to happen if he draws another one?”

“”Wouldn’t you like to know!” laughed Crump. “Now I’ll summon this guy in Defense Mode – Gyroid!”

He put a card down, and a cartoonish blue helicopter with eyes and arms appeared, hovering in mid-air. (1,000/1,000) –> (1,250/1,000)


“And that’s my turn…” he snarled.

Stan drew a card.

This little guy might help later… he thought.

“Skilled Dark Magician,” he shouted, “attack that whirlybird!”

Skilled Dark Magician fired a bolt of energy from his staff… An explosion burst at the point of impact…

But when the dust cleared, Gyroid was still there!

“What?” gasped Stan. “But my Monster’s Attack was greater than its Defense!”

“Doesn’t matter!” laughed Crump. “Thanks to Gyroid’s effect, you have to successfully attack it twice in one round to destroy it!”

Twice? thought Stan. What is it with these Vehicroids? How can defeat Monsters with such weird powers?

Vivian touched his hand.

”Stan,” she said. ”I assure you, we will defeat these creatures. All machines have a weak point… you simply have to find them…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

At this point, the Shadow Queen realized something.

“Grodus…” she said. “I just noticed that Stan is using one of his Companion cards as his Deckmaster…”

“So?” responded Grodus.

“First of all,” answered the Queen. “Those cards aren’t in our database. Their Deckmaster abilities were probably infused by whoever created them, and might be very powerful.

“And I’ve been watching those kids duel… These Monster Cards are more than just cards – every time I’ve seen them play one, I’ve felt a living soul residing in each. It’s as if those Companions have been brought back to life and sealed in cards.

“Since one of them is serving as Stan’s Deckmaster, Crump might be in bigger trouble than he thinks…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Can it be? My turn?” chuckled Crump, making a draw.

He chuckled as he looked at the card.

“I’m sure you’ll remember this move, Stan!” he laughed turning the card on his Disk. “I’m switching Gyroid to Attack Mode…”

Gyroid prepared to attack…

“…and then using another Rush Recklessly!”

He threw another card into a slot.

“Gyroid, attack his Skilled Dark Magician with downward draft!”

Gyroid’s Attack rose to 1,950, and it’s blade spun furiously! Skilled Dark Magician staggered against the windstorm, and he shattered!

Stan’s Life Points slipped a little, to 6,500.

“And I’m not done!” laughed Crump. “I’m playing a Magic Card called Recycling Plant!”

He slammed a card into a slot.

“This clever card lets me fuse together one Machine Monster on the field with one in my Graveyard, with no Polymerization required!” explained Crump. “So I’ll fuse together Gyroid and my destroyed Steamroid to summon Steam Gyroid, in Attack Mode!”

Steamroid appeared, and a portal resembling a giant gear flew into place behind them. The two Vehicroids were sucked through it…

And an enormous form trudged out! It looked, basically, like an evil combination of both Vehicroids, with a demonic face on the front, and the blades on it back spinning wildly. (2,200/1,600) –> (2,600/1,600)


“So,” mocked Crump, “what do you think of my merged Machine?”


Dark Sage
3rd October 2005, 09:38 AM
Continued from last post:

“Actually, I’m happy to see him!” exclaimed Stan.

“Huh?” replied Crump.

“By summoning that monstrosity,” explained Stan, “you’ve enabled me to get the best use out of my Trap Card. I activate A Rival Appears!”

His Trap Card lifted, showing the image of White Magician Pikeru struggling with Ebon Magician Curran.

“Let me explain,” said Stan with a grin. “By activating A Rival Appears!, I can Special Summon from my hand any Monster who has the same number of stars as one of your Monsters. Since that thing has six stars, I can now summon this guy…”

He placed a card down.

“Meet my Cybernetic Magician!”

In a flash of light, a tall Spellcaster appeared. He was dressed in a pure silver coat with a mid-sized train, boots, and a peaked hat. He carried a silver punch-dagger. (2,400/1,000)


“Big deal!” laughed Crump. “Your fancy-pants Spellcaster is still weaker than my Machine!”

“We’ll soon see,” said Stan, “It’s my move!”

He drew.

“Now I’m enacting Cybernetic Magician’s effect,” he said. “By discarding one card in my hand, he change the Attack Score of any Monster on the field to 2,000 for one turn.”

Crump laughed out loud.

“I see two things wrong with THAT!” he laughed. “One, you haven’t got another Monster on the field! Two, even if you did, increasing one of your Monster’s Attack Scores to 2,000 wouldn’t be nearly enough!”

“You just don’t get it do you?” sighed Stan.

Crump paused.

“I said that he can change a Monster’s Attack Score to 2,000, not just increase it!” laughed Stan. “While he can indeed increase the Attack of one of my weak Monsters, he can also lower the Attack of one of my opponent’s strong Monsters!”

Crump was startled!

“Simply put, Crump, if the Monster you had in front of you was Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, my Cybernetic Magician could still take it down.

“So I’ll just discard this…”

He discarded one card, and Cybernetic Magician chanted. Steam Gyroid glowed, and its Attack fell to 2,000.

“Cybernetic Magician, destroy his Machine with cyber magic!”

Cybernetic Magician raised his dagger, and sparks of eldritch energy flowed from it! Steam Gyroid sparked and then erupted into a fierce explosion!

Crump shielded himself as his Life Points fell to 7,050.

“All right!” screamed Andy.

“Blow those Machines to smithereens!” shouted Francesca.

“Okay, now I’m angry…” muttered Crump, drawing a card.

He placed it down.

“I’m summoning Jetroid in Defense Mode,” he stated.

Yet another Vehicroid appeared. This one looked like a cartoonish, red fighter jet plane with eyes on its cockpit and arms and legs. (1,200/1,800) –> (1,650/1,800)


“End turn,” he said.

Stan sighed.

”Vivian, anything yet?” he asked. ”I could sure use some help…”

”Sorry…” she moaned.

Her hands went to her eyes.

”Oh, I feel so useless!” she sobbed.

“What the heck is wrong with that Deckmaster of yours?” laughed Crump. “It seems to be throwing a hissy-fit!”

He laughed.

“Can it even do anything? Looks like you picked a real loser, Stan old chum!”

Now Vivian really started to cry.

”Vivian, calm down!” urged Stan. ”You aren’t a loser!”

”Yes I am!” she croaked. ”I can’t do anything right!”

”That’s your sisters talking…” replied Stan.

Vivian suddenly stopped short.

“Now let’s try to beat this creep,” he said.

“I draw one card…” he said, making a draw.

“And also, remember that card I discarded to activate my Magician’s effect? It was a little critter called Sinister Serpent. When it’s sent to the Graveyard by any means, I can get it back at any time.”

The card slipped out of his discard slot.

“Now then,” he said, “Cybernetic Magician, attack his Jetroid!”

Cybernetic Magician took aim.

Crump chuckled.

“Sorry, Stan,” he said, “but when Jetroid is attacked, I can activate any Trap Card from my hand that I want, and I want to activate my Shadow Spell!”

He threw a card into a slot, and a mass of chains bound Cybernetic Magician! His Attack dropped to 1,700.

Stan growled.

“I’ll place a Monster facedown in Defense and end my turn,” he said.

He put the card down, and the concealed Monster appeared.

Crump drew.

“HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!” he laughed.

“I think he got a good draw…” muttered Francesca.

“Look at this, Stan!” laughed Crump. “I just drew my third 7 card!”

He played the card, and another wheel spun, forming a third seven next to the other two.


“Now I can tell you what these cards do, Stan,” he chuckled. “When one of them on the field is destroyed, I gain 700 Life Points…

“And when all three of them are on the field, I can destroy all three, not only gaining 2,100 Life Points, but drawing three cards in the process!”

The three cards shattered, and his Life Points went up to 9,150. Three cards flew off of his deck.

He chuckled again.

“Now then,” he said, “to deal with your Monsters… I’ll summon Drilloid in Attack Mode!”

He placed a card down, and a loud rumbling was heard. A new Vehicroid burst out of the ground, this one shaped like a drilling machine with eyes and an evil smile. Its arms had smaller drills in place of hands. (1,600/1,600) –> (2,000/1,600)


“I’ll shift Jetroid into Attack Mode too!” he laughed, turning the card.

“Drilloid, drill the point home into Cybernetic Magician!” shouted Crump.

Drilloid’s central drill spun rapidly, and it sped forward on its treads. It plunged its weapon into Cybernetic Magician and he shattered!

Stan’s Life Points fell to 6,200.

“Ow…” muttered Francesca.

“That’s gotta hurt…” mumbled Andy.

“Jetroid, destroy his facedown Monster with air strike!”

Jetroid launched a barrage of missiles at the facedown Monster! Sinister Serpent appeared on the card, and was blown to bits!

“And I’m not done!” laughed Crump. “Now I play the Magic Card… Peace Offering!”

He played a card, and a Magic Card showing Mystical Elf handing a fruit basket to an unseen receiver appeared.

“Huh?” asked Stan.

“This Magic Card lets me take any card from my hand and place it in your deck!” laughed Crump, holding a card aloft.

The card flew from his hand, and struck Stan’s deck!

“What did you put in there, Crump?” demanded Stan. “A bomb?”

“I’m not telling!” laughed Crump. “I end my turn…”

”Stan, be careful!” warned Vivian. ”That card that he planted in your deck must be part of some sort of strategy!”

”I know,” answered Stan. ”But what?”

He drew a card.

“Don’t forget, I now get Sinister Serpent back,” he said.

The card slipped out of his discard slot.

“And now I play… Pot of Greed!”

The evil jar appeared, and handed him two cards.

Perfect, he thought.

“I’m summoning a Monster that a great duelist by the name of Aesop gave me,” he stated. “I summon Watapon!”

He placed the card down, and the tiny, furry Fairy appeared. (200/300)

“HA!” laughed Crump. “That Monster is useless!”

“No it isn’t,” said Stan. “Since I drew Watapon using Pot of Greed, summoning it is considered a Special Summon.

“That means I can sacrifice it to summon this guy in Defense Mode…”

He switched cards on his Disk and Watapon vanished.

“Meet Neo Aqua Madoor!”

A blast of ice and snow hit Stan’s side of the field, and the icy magician clothed in furs appeared. (1,200/3,000)


“He looks like a giant Eskimo!” sneered Crump.

“A giant Eskimo with 3,000 Defense Points!” laughed Stan. “You’ll never get by him!”

“Oh, really?” laughed Crump, making a draw.

He added the card to his hand.

“Drilloid, attack his Madoor!” he shouted.

Stan gasped as Drilloid charged at Neo Aqua Madoor, drill first…

The Spellcaster groaned and shattered!

“Wha… Buh…” gasped Stan. “But his Defense was 1,000 points greater than that thing’s Attack!”

Crump chuckled.

“Drilloid doesn’t care if a Monster has a million Defense Points!” he laughed. “Due to its effect, whenever it attacks a Monster in Defense Mode, that Monster is destroyed automatically! And I don’t even take any damage!

“Now where were we?

“Oh yes… You had nothing to protect you, and I was about to attack you with my Jetroid! Jetroid, attack!”

The Vehicroid fired a barrage of missiles at Stan, and he screamed as they exploded around him!

His Life Points fell to 4,550.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“I wouldn’t have believed this if I wasn’t seeing it,” mused the Queen. “Crump is actually doing a good job. Maybe that Liquid Courage actually gave him a lot of self-confidence as well…”

“So what should we do if he actually wins?” asked Grodus. “Will we still punish him?”

“Well, yeah…” muttered the Queen. “Breaking into my lab is a major no-no… But maybe I’ll give him a raise afterwards…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“All right horn-head…” growled Stan, “It’s my draw…”

He drew.

Not bad, he thought.

“I’ll play a Monster facedown in Defense Mode, and that will be all,” he stated.

“You don’t fool me, Stan!” laughed Crump, making a draw. “You have a lousy hand, so you just set your worthless Sinister Serpent again.”

Stan stared at him.

Crump drew.

“Jetroid, attack his Monster!” shouted Crump.

Jetroid fired its missiles…

… and a bent old witchdoctor appeared on the card.

“Old Vindictive Magician?” shouted a shocked Crump.

“Yes!” exclaimed Stan with a smirk. “And since you flipped him, I can destroy any Monster on the field I choose, and I choose your Drilloid!”

Old Vindictive Magician cast his curse at Drilloid, and it shattered into pixels. Then the Magician crumbled into pixels himself.

Crump growled.

“It’s your move…” he stated.

Stan drew.

“I place one card facedown…” he said.

He threw a card into a slot, and it materialized in front of him.

“And I’ll summon Ebon Magician Curran in Defense Mode!” he stated.

Curran appeared, and shielded herself with her switch. (1,200/0)

“That ends my turn…” stated Stan.

“Defending with a Monster with zero Defense Points,” chuckled Crump. “Real bright…”

He made a draw.

“I’ll place my own card facedown,” he stated.

He fit a card into a slot, and it appeared.

“Jetroid, destroy Curran!”

Jetroid fired its missiles…

“Hold it right there!” shouted Stan. “I activate… Draining Shield!”

His Trap Card lifted, and an invisible barrier formed around Curran, stopping the missiles.

“Not only did I halt your attack,” sneered Stan, “but now I gain Life Points equal to that Monster’s Attack Points!”

His Life Points went up to 6,200.

Crump growled.

“I can’t take all the credit for adding this Trap to my deck,” chuckled Stan. “I was inspired by a friend of yours – Vladimir, the Shadow Spawn of Darkness!”

“Friend?” shouted Crump, obviously offended. “The Spawn aren’t my friends! They do nothing but boss me and the rest of the Queen’s servants around!

“Those spoiled brats know that the only one they have to answer to is the Queen herself, and if she isn’t around, their word is law! Do you have any idea what that brat Melissa did to me last month? She…”

“I’m not interested!” interrupted Stan.

But come to think of it, that explains a lot… he thought.

“Now it’s my draw…”

He drew one card…

Curran cast her spell, and dark magic struck Crump! He groaned, and his Life Points slipped to 8,850.

Stan placed a card down.

“I’ll summon Neo the Magic Swordsman in Attack Mode…” he exclaimed.

Neo appeared, holding his sword aloft.

“Now I’ll…” he started.

“I’m activating a Trap!” laughed Crump. “Activate… Just Desserts!”

The Trap Card lifted.

Two ghostly hands flew forward from Crump’s Disk and locked around Stan’s neck! He gasped and fell to his knees!

“STAN!” screamed Francesca.

Stan’s Life Points fell to 5,200.

Then Vivian reached down and offered him her hand.

”Stay strong…” she said. ”If all I can do is encouragement, then that’s what I’ll do…”

Stan got up.

“As I was saying…” he snarled, “I’ll shift Curran into Attack Mode…”

Curran got up and into attack stance.

Then Stan paused.

He remembered Jetroid’s effect.

If Crump has a Trap Card in his hand, he can activate it when I declare an attack. This might be risky…

But I have to take the chance!

“Neo, attack his Jetroid!” he shouted.

Neo the Magic Swordsman leapt into the air and brought his blade down on the demented plane! It was blown into scrap!

“Curran, attack directly!” shouted Stan.

Curran cast forth a dark spell that plowed into Crump! He gasped and fell over.

His Life Points fell to 7,600.

“I’ll end by placing this card facedown,” said Stan, fitting a card into a slot.

The card appeared.

Crump snarled. He got up and drew.

“I’m done fooling around…” he cursed.

He took three cards from his hand.

“First I’ll place two cards facedown…” he snarled.

Two cards appeared in front of him.

“Now I’ll summon… X-Head Cannon!”

A far more deadly-looking Machine than anything he had summoned yet appeared. It was a blue robot with a helmeted head, two powerful arms, and two huge laser guns on its shoulders. Below its torso was a unit that looked like it meant to connect to something else. (1,800/1,500) –> (2,175/1,500)

“Oh… my… God…” gasped Francesca. “That’s no Vehicroid… That’s one of Kaiba’s XYZ Machines!

“And that’s trouble…”

“X-Head Cannon!” ordered Crump. “Attack Curran with de-fission ray!”

The two cannons on the metal Monster’s shoulders glowed, and fired!

“I activate… Magic Cylinder!” shouted Stan.

“Eh?” said Crump, as the Trap Card lifted.

The two Cylinders appeared. One of them caught the blast, and the other shot it right into Crump! He howled and fell over!

His Life Points tumbled to 5,425.

He got up, gasping for air.

“Anything else?” asked Stan.

“No!” snarled Crump. “It’s your move!”

Stan drew.

“Oh Crump?” said Stan with a smile. “Curran would like a word with you…”


Dark Sage
3rd October 2005, 09:42 AM
Continued from last post:

Curran cast her dark spell again, and Crump staggered back. His Life Points fell to 5,125.

“Now, I’ll place another card facedown,” said Stan, throwing it into a slot, “and move both my Spellcasters into Defense Mode.”

The facedown card appeared, and Neo and Curran shielded themselves.

“Make your move…” dared Stan.

Crump drew.

Excellent… he thought. My master plan is almost complete. Stan won’t know what hit him!

“I summon Y-Dragon Head!” he shouted, throwing a card down.

Another frightening Machine, this one looking like a robotic dragon painted red with more guns, appeared in a flash. (1,500/1,600) –> (1,900/1,600)

“Say goodbye to your Monsters!” yelled Crump. “X-Head Cannon, attack Curran!”

X-Head Cannon fired…

“You never learn, do you?” chuckled Stan.

His Trap Card lifted, showing Dark Magician standing in front of a magical circle pointing a staff.

“Magician Selection?” gasped a startled Crump.

“This Trap Card not only protects a Spellcaster from an attack, but it deflects the attack to your weakest Monster!” laughed Stan.

The blast bounced off a shield and plowed into Y-Dragon Head, blowing it to pieces!

Crump seethed as his Life Points hit 4,850.

Okay… he thought. Exactly when did I lose control here?

“It’s your move, you brat!” he cursed.

“Then I draw…” said Stan.

Curran cast her spell again, and Crump staggered back. His Life Points fell to 4,550.

“I play Graceful Charity!” he exclaimed.

He placed his card into the slot, and the angel flew out, handing him three cards.

Vivian looked over his shoulder as he looked at them.

”Let’s see,” he thought out loud, ”Dark Magician, Negate Attack, and…

He paused.

”Stan!” said Vivian. ”That must be the card Crump planted in your deck!”

”But why?” replied Stan, reading the description. ”If I use this, I could cripple him…”

He thought for a minute.

”I’ll bet he intends to use Dimension Fusion or Return From the Different Dimension…

“But I’ll be ready for him…

“First I’ll summon Dark Magician, who’s stronger than anything he’s summoned so far. And I’ll set Negate Attack, just in case. His plan will blow up in his face!”

“Stan, are you sure this is wise?” asked Vivian.

”Trust me…” answered Stan.

He handed two cards to the angel, and she flew into his discard slot.

“Okay Crump, get ready…” he said.

“First I’ll place this facedown…” he said, fitting his Negate Attack into a slot.

“Now I’ll sacrifice Neo and Curran to summon Dark Magician!”

The two Spellcasters vanished, and Dark Magician arose! (2,500/2,100)

“Now I’ll play… this!” he shouted, throwing the card into a slot. “System Down!”

The card revealed itself.

“I’ll pay 1,000 Life Points,” he continued, as his Life Points fell to 4,200, “and in return, all Machines on your side of the field and in your Graveyard are removed from play!”

X-Head Cannon shattered, and several cards fell out of Crump’s discard slot.

“Huh?” asked Francesca. “Why did Stan put that in his deck?”

“He… didn’t…” muttered Andy. “Oh no…”

Crump transferred the cards to his Removed From Play slot. A smile crossed his face…

“Dark Magician…” ordered Stan, “attack him directly!”

Dark Magician aimed…

“Activate Waboku!” shouted Crump.

A Trap Card lifted, and the blast was halted.

“Your move then,” snarled Stan.

“Heh, heh, heh,” chuckled Crump, making a draw. “Heh, heh… HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! I can’t believe you fell for it!”

“Fell for what?” demanded Stan.

“This has been part of my plan all along!” laughed Crump. “All the pieces have fallen into place!

“I reveal my facedown card… Perpetual Motion Machine!”

The card lifted, showing a Magic Card with a wacky machine on it.

“Perpetual Motion Machine?” gasped Andy and Fran at the same time.

“A perpetual motion machine is believed to be impossible…” explained Crump. “And this card does something that is almost impossible. It lets me summon Monsters to the field that have been removed from play… with no cost at all!”

“That’s ridiculous!” shouted Stan.

“But there are three conditions…” continued Crump. “I can only summon three… They have to be Machines… And they have to have 2,000 Attack Points or less.

“So first I’ll bring back my X-Head Cannon!”

X-Head Cannon reappeared. (1,800/1,500) –> (2,175/1,500)

“Then I’ll bring back Y-Dragon Head!”

Y-Dragon Head materialized. (1,500/1,600) –> (1,900/1,600)

“And finally…” he said with a wicked grin, “the last piece of my master plan… Z-Metal Tank!”

A large, yellow Machine on tank-treads with metal spokes appeared. (1,500/1,300) –> (1,825/1,300)


“Wait just a second!” shouted Stan. “I never sent your Z-Metal Tank to the Graveyard!”

“You’re right!” laughed Crump. “I put it there myself on my first turn, when I played Graceful Charity, remember?

“And now, my metal Monsters… combine into XYZ-Dragon Cannon!”

Z-Metal Tank rolled to the center; Y-Dragon Head folded its winds and alighted on top of it; X-Head Cannon alighted on top of that, and the three Machines fused together in a burst of steam! (2,800/2,600) –> (3,450/2,600)


Crump chuckled as he lifted the last three cards in his hand.

“As you probably know, Stan, this Monster has the power to destroy any opposing card, so long as I discard one card from my hand!” he cackled. “So I’ll get rid of your Dark Magician by discarding THIS!”

He threw a card into his discard slot, and the Machine fired its guns, vaporizing Dark Magician.

“And now, your facedown card!”

He discarded another card, and the Cannon blasted his Negate Attack card to bits!

“And now,” said Crump, “for my moment of triumph…”

He slowly turned the last card in his hand around, showing it to Stan.

“LIMITER REMOVAL?” screamed Stan.

“That’s right!” cackled Crump. “This will double my metal beast’s Attack, which will be more than enough to finish you off!”

He threw it in a slot, and XYZ-Dragon Cannon glowed with purple fire! Its Attack went up to 6,900!

“NO!” screamed Andy.

“STAN!” shouted Francesca.

It’s over… thought Stan, lowering his head. I guess I couldn’t cut it where the real Dark Sorcerer could…

“XYZ-Dragon Cannon…” laughed Crump. “Prepare to fire…”

The Cannon aimed its guns at Stan. They glowed…

Stan closed his eyes…

”STAN!” screamed Vivian. ”Discard the card you have in your hand!”

Stan’s eyes opened wide!

“FIRE!” shouted Crump.

Hardly knowing what he was doing, Stan threw his last card into his discard slot…

As the horrible Machine fired, Vivian grabbed hold of Stan, and they both vanished into the shadows!

The blast from the XYZ-Dragon Cannon struck the ground where Stan had been standing, leaving a scorched burn twenty feet across!

“WHAT?” shouted Crump. “Where’d he go? You can’t just dodge a direct attack!”

Stan and Vivian emerged from the shadows.

His Life Points were untouched.

“How?” sputtered Crump. “How did you survive?”

Stan chuckled.

“My Deckmaster saved me,” he said. “She finally remembered what her ability was! If I’m about to be hit by a direct attack that would cause me to lose 2,000 Life Points or more, she can protect me from it, so long as I can discard one card!”

“All right!” shouted Andy.

“Hi five!” yelled Francesca.

“Thank you, Vivian,” sighed Stan, giving her a thumb’s up. “I would have lost if not for you…”

Vivian blushed and giggled.

“And now it seems you’re in trouble, Crump!” mocked Stan, “because in your effort to destroy me, you did something very foolish!”

“What do you mean?” snarled Crump, angrily.

“Well, because you used Limiter Removal, your mighty Machine will be destroyed as soon as you end your turn. And take a look at yourself – you used up every card in your hand to use its effect and double its power, meaning you’ll be completely defenseless when it’s my turn!”

Crump growled.

“Not quite…” he snarled. “I still have one Monster that I can summon… Machine King, I summon you to the field!”

Machine King trudged out to the center of the field. (2,200/2,000)

“I end my turn,” said Crump.

XYZ-Dragon Cannon exploded into pixels.

“You summoned your Deckmaster?” laughed Stan. “That’s even more foolish!”

“Not quite,” said Crump. “First of all, Machine King gains 100 extra Attack Points for every Machine on the field, itself included. Second, its Deckmaster ability still applies, and in case you didn’t catch it the first time, it’s a Machine itself.”


“I truly doubt that you’ll summon anything strong enough to defeat it…” mocked Crump.

“We’ll see…” said Stan. “I draw one card…”

He drew.

“And since I discarded my old friend Sinister Serpent to activate Vivian’s effect, he’s back again…”

The card slid out of the discard slot.

“And this duel is over Crump!”

He showed him the card he had just drawn.

Monster Reborn.

“Ha!” mocked Crump. “And just what are you going to bring back with that?”

Stan fitted it into a slot, and the holy ankh appeared, glowing in mid-air…

Cybernetic Magician reappeared! (2,400/1,000)

“Oh… no…” gasped Crump.

“Remember how this guy works?” chuckled Stan.

He discarded his Sinister Serpent again, and Cybernetic Magician cast his spell. Machine King’s Attack Score was lowered to 2,000.

“Cybernetic Magician…” ordered Stan, “destroy Machine King!”

The Magician raised his dagger, and shot forth his powerful blast! Machine King sparked and exploded!

Crump fell to his knees.

“Your Deckmaster is demolished,” stated Stan. “I think that means you lose…”

Crump seethed in rage.

“I won’t lose to you, Stan!” he shouted. “I demand a rematch! I…”

“There’ll be no rematches Crump…” said the Shadow Queen’s sinister voice. “You have some explaining to do…”

A dark portal opened, and he was sucked through it!

Stan sighed.

Vivian waved goodbye, and she vanished.

Stan removed the System Down card from his discard slot. With one swift motion, he tore it in half.

“Well guys,” said Stan, as he reassembled his deck, “let’s get moving…”

They headed for the other door.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Fifteen minutes later, Crump was on his knees before the Shadow Queen.

She knew how to dispel the effects of the Liquid Courage, and she wanted him scared right now.

“Crump, I don’t know what to say to you…” she scowled. “Breaking into my lab, stealing my potions, flagrantly disobeying me by challenging those kids…

“Up until now, the servant I hated the most was that handyman who smokes those nine-inch, Cuban cigars, but you’ve just beaten him!”

“Well, uh…” muttered Crump. “I almost won…”

“Oh, you ‘almost’ won…” sighed the Queen. “Well ‘almost’ only counts in horseshoes and nuclear strikes! And might I add, what was the first warning we gave you in the seminars on the Deckmaster system?”

“Uh…” muttered Crump.

He sighed.

“Summoning a Deckmaster is never a good idea…” he stuttered, with a nervous grin.

“Exactly…” sighed the Queen, flicking her Disk into position. “I wish I could say I was sorry for this, Crump…”

She placed a card into a slot.

“But the truth is, I never liked you much anyway…”

The Grave Arm burst out from the ground. Crump screamed and he was pulled under.

“Such a waste…” sighed the Queen. “Grodus!”

“Yes, my Queen?” asked Grodus.

“Is you-know-who in position?”

“She’s ready,” responded Grodus.

“Good,” sighed the Queen. “We’d best have her duel Stan quickly…”

She got up and waved her hand over the viewing globe.

“The last time I tried something like this, my enspelled victim was freed… Likely because Francesca’s Companion Monster dealt a direct attack in their duel. I still don’t know quite how those cards work… But likely the inherent goodness inside Flurrie was what shocked my spell out of Yumi…

“So this time we’ll be more careful. My slave has been instructed on the appearance and abilities of all three of Stan’s Companions, and the instant he summons one, her top priority will be to send it to the Graveyard and keep it there.

“I won’t lose my grip on this one so easily…”


Card Specs

Type: Spellcaster/Effect
Attribute: Light
Level: 4
ATK: 1,600
DEF: 1,800

Card Description: Just as Dark Magician Girl was educated by her famous teacher, this young sorceress became the student of Dark Magician Girl. So long as this Monster remains face-up on your side of the field, your opponent cannot select another SPELLCASTER-type Monster as an attack target.

Note: “Magician’s Valkyria” is a Japanese promo card that has not yet been released in the United States. It was first used by Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Marie the Fallen One’s visage, with a card hovering between her two claws. Each player returns to his or her hand all cards that were discarded from their hands to the Graveyard by card effects during the current turn.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Dark Magician casting a spell in front of a glowing magical circle. You can activate this card when you have a SPELLCASTER-Type Monster face-up on your side of the field and your opponent declares an attack. Redirect the attack towards the Monster on your opponent’s side of the field with the lowest current ATK.

Note: “Disgraceful Charity” and “Magician Selection” were both used by Yugi in the multi-part anime episode “Clash in the Coliseum”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a vast junkyard. Fuse one fusion material MACHINE-Type Monster in your Graveyard with one on the field to Special Summon the resulting Fusion Monster.

Note: “Recycling Plant” was used by Nezbitt in the two-part anime episode “Mechanical Mayhem”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Mystical Elf holding out a fruit basket to an unseen receiver. Take one card from your hand and place it in your opponent’s deck without him seeing it. Then, your opponent shuffles his deck.


Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a crazy-looking machine without any apparent purpose. Special Summon up to three of your MACHINE-Type Monsters that have been removed from play whose base ATK does not exceed 2,000 apiece in face-up Attack Mode.

“Machine King”: Machine/Earth, Level 6, (2,200/2,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Reserve Power”: Increase the base ATK of all MACHINE-Type Monsters you summon by one quarter of their base DEF.

“Vivian the Shadow Siren”: Spellcaster/Dark, Level 4, (1,800/1,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Vivian’s Veil”: When you are about to receive a direct attack that would cause a loss of 2,000 Life Points or more, you can discard one card from your hand to negate the attack.

[B][I]Coming up next:

One of Stan’s old opponents returns! And if you haven’t already guessed who it is, well, you have a short memory.

It’s a chapter called “In Blackest Night,” and it’s coming up soon.

Warning: The next chapter contains many cards from “Elemental Energy”, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Do your homework. If you are by chance someone who dislikes “Yu-Gi-Oh GX” (if there are indeed such people) I recommend you skip this next chapter. :biggrin:

Master of Paradox
3rd October 2005, 11:37 AM
Never expected to see Crump use the Vehicroids. I suppose it makes sense, although I expected him to lean more towards humanoid robots, given Magnus von Grapple. Machine King makes an adequete stand-in.

But if the Companions are going to be the Deckmasters for the heroes in every one of these duels, I walk. It's too cheesy by even my standards.

The duel was up to par, especially when Crump started winning. (He was actually kind of tough when you fought him in the X-Nauts lair in the game.) However, most of your card pictures are broken. Just pointing out.

I haven't much else to say, since it was a pure dueling chapter. When I have a lot to say, it's usually bad, so that's a blessing.

"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my power - Green Lantern's light!"

Could it be any more obvious who's coming up next? (Apologies if you wanted to keep that chapter meaning under wraps.)

3rd October 2005, 02:19 PM
3 things
1. great chapter, I love vechroids! the only bad thing about it was why would an expert duelist like Stan discard a card from his hand just to decrease Steamgyroids attack by 200?
2.Can I use one of your made up cards for my fanfiction Yu-Gi-Oh! The Millenium Adventure?
3.can you give me help with my Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction?

Dark Sage
3rd October 2005, 02:23 PM
Master of Paradox,

Don't worry, the kids will not be using their companions for Dekcmasters for every duel. Far from it. They'll be using a variety.

- SM

3rd October 2005, 03:19 PM
ok, good chapter, though I did have one problem, it was probablt at my end but I couldn't see some of the pics. I rally wanted to see the zyx dragon cannon. darn. oh well
anyway, nice, go green launtern someone beat me to the poem though darn again kepp up the good work.

3rd October 2005, 07:39 PM
Master of Paradox: OH DEAR GOD NO!! Not her! Anyone but her!!

Anyway, nice chapter Brian. Hmm, never heard of Vechroids. Well, you learn something new everyday

Shuppet Master
3rd October 2005, 08:37 PM
Sorry for not reviewing so soon.

I apologize for the mistake. I thought Stan would be forced to fight Colette, his girlfriend. But then, we already had boyfriend-girlfriend dueling in Mandate of Heaven, one lover's duel is bad enough. :) I figured it out a bit later. Looks like a rematch is in the works. I wonder what her deckmaster will be?

Loved the deckmaster abilities. Machine King's deckmaster ability rocks. I like how Vivian couldn't remember her deckmaster ability until the deathblow was flung at Stan. I envisioned Stan freaking out as Vivian pulled her into her void. One person on the Paper Mario board said that whenever Vivian pulled Mario under, she was having sex with him. :lol:

Great chapter, keep it up.

EDIT: Forgot to add this...


I fell in love with that brunette when Yugi used it against Kaiba in the movie. (Of course, she never got to use her effect...) Maybe I'll make her the keystone of one of my future character's decks...

EDIT 2: Thanks for the promo, DS. I'm going to leaving soon, so I'd better get that chapter up ASAP!

Dark Sage
4th October 2005, 03:42 AM
I'd like to speak to promote SM's fic, which has reached a crucial point.

His next chapter will be reaching where he left off after he decided to start over. So soon, brand new chapters of "Sister of Anansi" will be up!

I'm asking everyone who likes his work to read it and review. Because it's going to get better.

- Brian

5th October 2005, 02:28 PM
Dear Dark Sage/ Venusaur/ Cyber Commander/ Brian,

How have you been? You may not remember me, but I started reviewing your fic YGO JR: Mandate of Heaven at about Chapter 30 on ff.net. My e-mail there was UniversalDragonX@comcast.net, and my username was Super-Monkey3. Now, I've transferred to the PM forum because you guys are more updated here; here, you can call me Blademaster. I have been reading four fics here for awhile: your own Pokemonese and YGO: TTYD, Shuppet Master's Sister of Anansi, and mr pikachu's Shadow Realm: Fifteen, all of which are awesome stories. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to register here for awhile, but now I have, so I'll be reviewing all four stories a lot more often. I'm also familiar with all your friends, like starjake (Fire types ROCK!), Master of Paradox, and pokemasterkatie. It's nice to meet you all, and I'm glad to be part of the team...again, sorta. :smilie:
I won't review all the chapters I've missed in detail, but let me just say this about each one:
YGO: TTYD-I LOVE Paper Mario, and this game is SO nostalgic for me. Incidentally, will any cameo characters or villians appear, like maybe Vivian's sisters or Bowser? Just wondering... :rolleyes:
Pokemonese- Even as a college student, I'm still a Poke-fan; in Pokemon Ruby, I caught all the Pokemon one person in the game could: 177 out of 200. This story is AWESOME...I just wish we could see more of it, like with your other fics. It's great, but it's also slow, which is agonizing at times. :eek:
Sister of Anansi-This is a good story, if not a little scattered and a little slow. I'm still waiting to see what your next creative deck idea will be. :cool:
Shadow Realm: Fifteen-It's an awesome premise, I'll admit, but it seems a little lacking in action. Nothing personal, just a comment... :what:

I'll be sure to participate in any more contests or whatnot in the future, if there are any. It'd be really cool to see one of my ideas on the web. Just for the record, I got 13 of your 20 questions and the bonus one, and I voted for Lector in Act Two. Too late, yeah, but I'm just saying. Until the next chapter (Which could be soon, as I'm going to go read some more now.), I'll see you all later.


PS: I haven't come up with a signature yet, but I will soon. Ciao!

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Nice to see you, kid. Welcome aboard!

5th October 2005, 06:31 PM
Vwelcome, I've been expecting you.....

anyway, welcome aboard, stay away from the bobm shaped sailer over their, if he gets angery, he really blows.

Dark Sage
7th October 2005, 07:08 AM
It's time for a new chapter, but first, a word of explanation:

The website where I get my pictures from had its account suspended, so until further notice, we're going to have to do without pictures.

Also, to fans of "Pokemonese," a new chapter will be up later today. It's a little short, but new, longer chapters will be up soon.

So enjoy.

- DS

Dark Sage
7th October 2005, 07:09 AM
[I][B]In the comics, it’s a common theme for a villain, often one believed to be as mean as they come, to reform and become a good guy.

Maybe some terrible trauma happens to him during a battle with a hero, and the result is he does some serious thinking. He repents his crimes, and resolves to leave his evil ways behind.

It’s happened many times throughout comic book history.

It is incredibly rare, however, for the opposite to happen. I can’t even remember an instance when a hero has had something happen to him that turned him into a villain. At least, it never happened to one permanently.

But now, a duelist I know who uses heroes as her theme is under a spell, and her heroic Monsters are in danger of drifting into darkness…

I can’t let this happen… I won’t…

And the Shadow Queen will pay for this…


In Blackest Night

The three teens were wandering down a hallway. The carpet was blood red, and the walls were lit by torches.

Their Disks were in place, and they were ready to draw a card in case anything appeared.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Shadow Queen watched them with a smile.

She took a card from her deck of magical cards.

Maybe I’ll give them a little test to shake them up… she chuckled.

She tossed the card into her fireplace…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The team stopped short as a facedown card appeared in front of them.

“Get ready guys…” cautioned Andy. “The Queen is up to no-good…”

The card lifted, showing a Quickplay Magic Card with the image of a knight in shining armor on it.

“I know that card!” exclaimed Francesca. “It’s called Bronze Knights! It lets the user summon one Bronze Knight Token for every card he discards!”

And then, a battalion of knights in armor bearing swords started to appear! There must have been about twenty of them! (500/500 x20)

They marched towards the three teens.

“Yeesh!” shouted Andy. “The Queen must have discarded half a deck!”

“I hope this works…” muttered Stan, taking two cards from his deck.

He placed a card on his Disk, and Dark Magician appeared in a flash. (2,500/2,100)

“How’s he going to take down twenty Monsters?” gasped Francesca.

“I’ll show you,” answered Stan, throwing the other card into a slot. “Go, Diffusion-Wave Motion!”

Dark Magician took aim, and fired! One by one, the Bronze Knights were mowed down!

A smoking scorch on the carpet was all that remained of the tokens.

Stan looked up.

“We know you’re watching,” he sneered. “These tricks are starting to get annoying…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Queen chuckled.

“Well, isn’t that just too bad, Stan!” she laughed. “It’s only going to get worse from here!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

They finally got to the end of the hallway and came to a door. They tried the handle and opened it.

They entered another large antechamber. The lights from the torches made the place dim. A lone figure stood in the center…

“Uh…” said Andy.

The torches flared brightly, and they saw the figure clearly.

She was instantly recognizable, with her Wonder Woman costume, complete with her lasso. She glared at them as they looked at her.

“DIANA!” laughed Stan. “So you made it here too!”

“Yes, I made it…” hissed Diana. “No help from you, Stan. And now I’m here to defeat you…”

“What?” asked Stan. “Diana, you made it to the Palace, there’s no need for us to duel before we find the finals…”

“I’m doing what I was told to do, Stan,” answered Diana. “The Queen has told me to defeat you, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Stan drew back in fear.

“You’re working for the Shadow Queen?” he gasped. “But why?”

A voice reached Stan, Andy, and Francesca’s ears.

“My friends,” said the voice, “listen carefully…”

“Merlee?” asked Stan, softly. “Where are you?”

“I’m somewhere in this room, hidden,” Merlee replied. “And I’m afraid Diana’s soul has been enspelled by the Shadow Queen’s magic.”

“Can’t you break the spell like you did with Yumi?” asked Francesca.

“The evil magic of this Palace is too strong for that this time,” answered Merlee’s voice. “If you wish to free Diana, you must find a way to do so yourself…”

Stan paused. He spoke to Diana.

“Come on, Diana!” he said. “I saw your deck front and back when I defeated you the last time! You don’t stand a chance!”

“I’ve gotten some coaching,” replied Diana. “I now know more things about my Monsters than I did before. I can use them in far deadlier ways!”

Stan sighed.

“Fine,” he said. “If you want to duel, I’ll be happy to oblige…”

The two duelists swung their Disks into position, and the holo-imagers shot out.

“Now meet my Deckmaster,” stated Diana, holding a card aloft. “The mystical Goddess With The Third Eye!”

The card glowed, and a robed, female Fairy with a third eye on her forehead appeared behind Diana. She held her hands as if in prayer.

“All right…” muttered Stan, taking his deck.

So now who? he thought. Vivian was good, but I’m sure there’s someone better in here…

His eye caught his Dark Magician Girl.

Hmmm… why not?

He held the card aloft.

“I choose Dark Magician Girl!” he exclaimed.

In a flurry of hearts, the gorgeous female Spellcaster appeared beside him.

In his mind, a gentle female voice sounded.

”Stan, tread with caution,” said Dark Magician Girl’s telepathic voice. ”Our foe is formidable…”

”Okay…” answered Stan. ”I hope your memory is better than Vivian’s…”

”Once per duel,” she replied, ”I can enable you to draw one card for every Monster you have in your Graveyard. But remember, only once, so call on my power only when you have to.”

“Gotcha…” answered Stan.

Inside Diana’s mind, a conversation was taking place.

”Remember the warning I gave you, Diana,” warned the Shadow Queen.

”Yes, my liege,” she replied. ”His most dangerous Monsters are Goombella the Scholar, Vivian the Shadow Siren, and Ms. Mowz the Tease Thief.”

”Correct,” answered the Queen. ”If he summons one, do all you can to destroy it at once, or it might be bad.”

The two reshuffled.

“Let’s get started…” said Diana, drawing five cards. “The first move is yours…”

Stan drew six.

“I’ll summon Mystical Elf in Defense Mode…” he stated, placing a card down.

The holy elf appeared, kneeling in prayer. (800/2,000)

“That’s all for my turn…”

Diana drew a card.

She looked at it.

“I’m sure you’ll remember this card,” she said, opening her Field slot.

She placed a card into it.

“The incredible Skyscraper!”

Just like before, the dark city arose around them, but this time, they were at street level, apparently in an entertainment district. Flashing, colored, neon lights were everywhere – all that was missing was the cityfolk.

“Now I’ll summon Elemental Hero Clayman in Defense Mode,” she stated, “and end my turn.”

She put a card down, and the bulky hero made of clay appeared, shielding himself. (800/2,000)

“This isn’t going to be a very exciting duel if they only play Monsters in Defense Mode…” muttered Andy.

“I think Diana might be up to something…” sighed Francesca. “Don’t forget, Clayman is fusion material for a deadly Monster called Elemental Hero Thunder Giant, who can destroy any Monster…”

Stan drew.

The Illusory Gentleman… he thought. With Skyscraper in place, Clayman could destroy him… but I doubt she’d take him out of Defense Mode…

“I summon The Illusory Gentleman in Attack Mode,” he stated, placing a card down.

The colorful, one-eyed Spellcaster appeared, holding his cane aloft. (1,500/1,600)

“Your move,” he stated.

Diana drew.

“I believe I’ll pass for this turn…” she stated.

Stan drew again.

Still nothing that can break Clayman’s Defense, he thought.

“I’ll summon Magician’s Valkyria in Attack Mode!” he exclaimed.

He placed the third Monster Card down, and the beautiful Valkyria appeared. (1,600/1,800)

“And I warn you,” stated Stan, “So long as she’s on the field, you can’t attack any other Spellcaster!”

“Indeed…” muttered Diana, making a draw.

She looked at the card.

“I play Pot of Greed…” she said, playing the card.

The Pot handed her two more cards.

“Now I summon Elemental Hero Burstinatrix…” she stated, placing a card down.

The fiery, female heroine appeared. Flames appeared in her hands. (1,200/800)

“And now I invoke my Deckmaster’s special ability,” she continued. “Power of Fusion! If I discard one Magic Card, she can fuse two Monsters together with no Polymerization required! So I’ll discard this…”

She discarded a card. Goddess With The Third Eye glowed.

“And I’ll fuse Clayman and Burstinatrix together…”

The two Heroes melted into orbs of brown and red light, and merged together, forming a bulkier shape…

“…and I’ll use them to form Elemental Hero Rampart Gunner, and place him in Defense Mode!”

A powerful looking form arose. It was a man in grey, robotic armor with a huge gun for his right hand and a large shield for his left hand. He wore red shades. (2,000/2,500)

He crouched in defense.

Great, thought Stan. She put up a stronger defense…

“Also…” continued Diana, “due to my Goddess’s effect, a Monster she fuses can attack on the round it is summoned…”

Stan stared at her.

“He can’t attack when he’s in Defense Mode!” he laughed.

“Oh no?” said Diana with a smile. “Rampart Gunner, attack him… directly!!”

Rampart Gunner raised his gun, and fired a blazing burst of flames! Stan screamed as it hit him in the chest and he was thrown backwards!

His Life Points fell to 7,000.

“So long as Rampart Gunner is in Defense Mode, he can attack you directly for damage equal to half his Attack Score,” chuckled Diana. “If you can’t summon a Monster with more than 2,500 Attack Points, this duel will be over in seven more of my turns!”

“This is what I feared,” whispered Merlee’s voice. “The Queen has educated Diana, telling her secrets about the Elemental Heroes that she didn’t know before – and she likely informed her of the perfect Deckmaster to use as well…”

“Stan’s in for the fight of his life!” exclaimed Francesca.

Stan made a draw.

“Ooh, I have to pass for this turn,” he muttered.

“Splendid,” said Diana, drawing. “Rampart Gunner, attack him again!”

The Hero fired his gun, and Stan was thrown back again! His Life Points tumbled to 6,000.

“Your move,” said Diana with a grin.

Stan looked at his deck.

”Trust in your deck, Stan,” urged Dark Magician Girl. “You’ll draw the right card…”

Stan drew.

He placed a card down.

“I sacrifice Mystical Elf and The Illusory Gentleman to summon Buster Blader!” he shouted.

The two Spellcasters vanished, and the mighty Warrior appeared! (2,600/2,300)

“Buster Blader, attack Rampart Gunner with blade buster attack!”

Buster Blader made one mighty swipe with his sword, and Rampart Gunner shattered!

“Magician’s Valkyria, attack her Life Points directly with bright rainbow blast!”

Valkyria shot forth her multicolored beam! Diana cringed as it hit her.

Her Life Points fell to 6,400.

“Not bad…” she gasped. “But I’m only getting started…”

She drew one card and added it to her hand.

She fit a card into a slot.

“I play my Premature Burial card, to bring Burstinatrix back…” she said.

Her Life Points fell to 5,600, and Burstinatrix reappeared in front of her.

“It may have cost me 800 Life Points, but I’m about to gain a lot more.”

She took a card from her hand.

“Next I’ll summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman to the field!”

The put a card down, and the caped, cowled Hero armed with tanks and hoses appeared. (800/1,200)

“Now I’ll just discard this…” she said, discarding another card, “so that my Goddess can fuse them into Elemental Hero Steam Healer!”

Burstinatrix and Bubbleman melted into orbs of red and blue light and merged together…

And another large form emerged! This one was a hulking man in purple and red armor, with metal claws for hands and large tanks on his back. (1,800/1,600)

“As I’m sure you know,” added Diana, “when Skyscraper is on the field, my Heroes gain 1,000 Attack Points when they attack a stronger Monster. And need I remind you, due to the Goddess’s effect, he doesn’t have to wait to attack!

“Steam Healer, attack Buster Blader with steam blast!”

Steam Healer’s Attack shot up to 2,800, and he shot forth twin gusts of scalding hot steam from his claws! Buster Blader groaned, and he was eradicated.

No fair… thought Stan, as his Life Points fell to 5,800.

“And now we get to Steam Healer’s effect,” stated Diana, as steam rose around her. “When Steam Healer destroys an enemy Monster, that Monster’s Attack Score gets added to my Life Points!”

Her Life Points shot up to 8,200.

“Now I’ll play one card facedown…” she said, placing a card into a slot.

A facedown card appeared.

“Make your move,” she dared.

Stan drew.

“Diana, I don’t want to hurt you,” urged Stan, “but I cannot let you win this duel! Please, come to your senses!”

Diana just gave him a cold stare.

“Fine…” sighed Stan. “I summon Gemini Elf in Attack Mode…”

He placed the card down, and the twin elves appeared. (1,900/900)

“I know the limits to your Field Card,” stated Stan. “It powers up your heroes when they attack, but not when they’re being attacked! Gemini Elf, take out her Steam Healer!”

Gemini Elf shot forth bolts of lightning! Steam Healer sparked, and he exploded!

“Ergh…” muttered Diana.

“Magician’s Valkyria, attack directly again!” shouted Stan.

Valkyria shot forth her bright rainbow beam, and Diana shrieked as it hit her in the chest!

Her Life Points stood at 6,500.

“That’s my turn…” muttered Stan.

“Merlee, this is crazy!” muttered Francesca. “Isn’t there anything you can do?”

She saw Merlee in the corner of her eye, in the alley that had been formed by the hologram of the Field Card.

“The Queen’s magic is stronger than mine here, Francesca,” he said, sadly. “But maybe magic isn’t necessary…”

“Huh?” pondered Francesca.

Diana drew one card.


Dark Sage
7th October 2005, 07:13 AM
Continued from last post:

“Okay Stan,” she said. “I play a Magic Card… A powerful one called Dark Factory of Mass Production…”

She played the card.

“This card allows me to add two Normal Monsters from my Graveyard to my hand.”

Two cards slid out of her discard slot.

“Now I’ll summon Clayman in Defense Mode again, and end my turn.”

She set the card, and Clayman appeared in a defensive stance. (800/2,000)

Stan drew a card.

“I’ll summon Neo the Magic Swordsman in Attack Mode,” he said.

He placed the card down, and Neo appeared, brandishing his glowing blade. (1,700/1,000)

“That will end my turn,” he said.

Diana drew.

“I’ll place a second card facedown,” she said, fitting one into a slot. “And then I’ll summon Winged Kuriboh in Defense Mode.”

The facedown card appeared next to the other one, and then the fuzzy Fairy version of the more common Fiend appeared, fluttering in the air. (300/200)

“That’s all for me,” she said.

”Be careful, Stan,” warned Dark Magician Girl. ”I think she has a plan…”

Stan drew.

”A very good draw!” exclaimed the Spellcaster.

“I sacrifice Neo and Gemini Elf…” exclaimed Stan.

The two Monsters vanished.

“To summon Dark Magician!”

Dark Magician Girl looked overjoyed as Dark Magician appeared on the field! (2,500/2,100)

“Dark Magician, attack Clayman!” shouted Stan. “Dark magic attack!”

Dark Magician shot forth his lethal spell, and Clayman shattered.

“Valkyria, take out her Winged Kuriboh!” shouted Stan.

Valkyria fired her beam, and Winged Kuriboh was blown away.

“Clever, Stan…” chuckled Diana. “I didn’t think you’d fall for the same trick twice…”

“You mean…” gasped Stan.

One of Diana’s Trap Cards lifted…

“Activate Hero Signal!” she exclaimed.

The shining signal shone over the buildings of the dark city!

A card slipped out of her deck.

“As you know,” stated Diana, “this Trap lets me summon an Elemental Hero of four stars or less from my deck, and I’m choosing Elemental Hero Wildman!”

She placed the card down, and the savage-looking Hero appeared, holding his huge sword. (1,500/1,600)

“Then I end my turn,” said Stan. “But don’t forget, you have to take out my Valkyria before you can attack any other Spellcaster.”

“I’m well aware of that, Stan,” said Diana, drawing.

“So now I’ll activate my Deckmaster ability again…”

She discarded a card.

“Know why? Because I’m fusing Wildman with Edgeman!”

The golden-armored Hero appeared in the field, and the two Heroes melted into globes of light, which again merged…

“And by doing that, I can summon Elemental Hero Wild-Jaggyman!” she shouted.

An enormous form leapt onto the field. It was a muscular barbarian wearing a golden, horned helmet and gauntlet, holding a huge sword! (2,600/2,300)

“This Hero is very powerful,” laughed Diana. “He can attack all of your Monsters at once!”

“WHAT? screamed Stan.

“Wild-Jaggyman, attack his Valkyrion!” shouted Diana.

Valkyrion screamed as she was cut down.

“AND his Dark Magician!”

The Hero struck Dark Magician with his sword and he shattered.

Stan’s Life Points fell to 4,700.

“He’s like Asura Priest on steroids!” gasped Andy.

“It’s your move…” mocked Diana.

Stan drew.

Nuts! he thought. I have six cards, and not a single Monster I can summon!

“I activate a Trap!” shouted Diana.

Her Trap Card lifted.

“The lethal Life Shaver!”

“Life Shaver?” gulped Stan.

“This was a gift from the Shadow Queen,” chuckled Diana. “It forces you to discard one card for every one of both our Standby Phases that it’s been facedown on the field! There have been seven, so now you have to discard every card in your hand!”

Stan was dumbfounded. He discarded his whole hand of cards.

“You have nothing to play at all!” laughed Diana. “Just end your turn!”

Stan paused…

He looked at Dark Magician Girl…

“I beg to differ!” he shouted. “I call upon my own Deckmaster!”

Dark Magician Girl waved her staff.

”Soul Circle!” she chanted.

Images of Mystical Elf, The Illusory Gentleman, Buster Blader, Gemini Elf, Neo the Magic Swordsman, Magician’s Valkyrion, and Dark Magician appeared around Stan…

“What’s going on?” gasped Diana.

“Due to her effect, I can now draw one card for every Monster in my Graveyard!” laughed Stan, as seven cards floated off of his deck and placed themselves in his hand.

He looked at them as the images vanished.

“So I’ll place one card facedown…”

He placed a card in a slot, and it appeared.

“And I’ll play Monster Reborn, to bring back Dark Magician, in Attack Mode!”

The Magic Card appeared, and Dark Magician reappeared. (2,500/2,100)

“I think you’re bluffing!” accused Diana.

“Maybe, maybe not,” chuckled Stan. “I end my turn…”

Diana drew.

She thought for a moment…

“Wild-Jaggyman, attack his Dark Magician!” she shouted.

Wild-Jaggyman charged forward, swinging his huge sword…

“Sorry, Diana, you thought I was bluffing, and now you’re gonna pay,” said Stan. “Activate facedown card – Shrink!”

His facedown card lifted, and Wild-Jaggyman shrunk to half his size!

“You shrank my Hero down to the size of a sidekick!” shouted Diana.

“And that’s not all,” answered Stan. “I also cut his Attack power in half!”

Dark Magician blasted his dark magic, blowing Wild-Jaggyman away.

Diana’s Life Points fell to 5,300.

Diana angrily took a card from her hand.

“I’ll end my turn by summoning Wroughtweiler in Defense Mode,” she said.

The mechanical dog appeared, and sat. (800/1,200)

Okay… thought Stan. When Wroughtweiler is destroyed, she can retrieve one Elemental Hero and one Polymerization card from her Graveyard…

But I’m guessing that due to her Deckmaster, she removed her Polymerization cards to make room for other cards. So she likely has none of those Magic Cards in her Graveyard, making Wroughtweiler useful only as a shield.

He drew, and looked at the card.

A Trap Card…

“Diana, are you sure you won’t think this through some more?” he protested. “Search your mind! You don’t really want to hurt me!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Oh, but that’s the beauty of it, Stan!” laughed the Shadow Queen. “She really doesn’t want to hurt you! But the thing is, she just can’t help herself!”

She laughed wickedly.

“You are truly evil, your eminence,” chuckled Grodus.

“Why thank you, Grodus,” chuckled the Queen. “I do love your compliments. Incidentally, how are my kids doing?”

Grodus looked at his watch.

“Um, they’ve still got twenty minutes…” he said.

“Well, this duel shouldn’t last longer than that,” sighed the Queen. “And if it does, well, too bad for them…”

She chuckled.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Okay Diana, I’m placing one card facedown,” said Stan, fitting the card into a slot.

“And then I attack with Dark Magician!”

Dark Magician fired, blowing Wroughtweiler away.

“Make your move…” he ordered.

Diane drew.

“I play Card of Sanctity!” she declared, playing it. “Now we must each draw until we hold six cards!”

They each made their draws.

“It’s almost over, Stan!” she warned. “I have what I need in my hands to call forth a great power…”

She took a card from her hand.

“First I’ll play a Magic Card called The Warrior Returning Alive,” she started. “This allows me to return one Warrior from the Graveyard to my hand…”

She played it, and a card slipped out of her discard slot.

“And I’ve used it to retrieve my old friend Bubbleman!”

She took another card from her hand.

“Now I’ll discard one more Magic Card to call upon my Deckmaster’s ability one more time…”

The Goddess With The Third Eye glowed…

“And I’ll fuse together three Heroes this time! Avian, Sparkman, and Bubbleman!”

The winged Hero of Wind appeared on the field, followed by the sparking Hero of Light, followed by the cowled and caped Hero of Water.

They melted into orbs, and fused together.

“With their three bodies merged, they form a mighty Warrior whose very name strikes fear into the heart of the underworld…” announced Diana. “Elemental Hero Tempester!”

A huge, humanoid figure appeared. It was a powerful, muscular man in a blue spandex costume and a visor with magnificent feathered wings! (2,800/2,800)

Stan was astonished…

“Tempester!” shouted Diana, “attack his Dark Magician with fury of the tempest!”

A gust of wind and bolt of lightning blasted forth from the Hero, and Dark Magician was blown to pieces!

Stan’s Life Points fell to 4,400.

“Hold on!” shouted Stan. “I activate my Trap Card! Activate… A Rival Appears!”

His Trap Card lifted.

“Since your Tempester is an eight star Monster, I can summon THIS guy to the field! Arise Dark Magician of Chaos!”

He threw a card down, and the master of dark magic arose! (2,800/2,600)

“And don’t forget, I now get to retrieve one Magic Card from my Graveyard because I summoned him…”

A card slid out of his discard slot.

“It appears we have a standoff, now, Diana,” he said.

“Or so you think,” said Diana, with her eyes narrowing.

At this point, Francesca had had just about enough.

“This is terrible!” she shouted. “Superheroes should not be used this way! This goes against… some sort of natural order!”

Merlee’s soft voice came out of the shadows.

“The Shadow Queen has clouded Diana’s mind,” he answered. “She has forgotten what it means to be a superhero… And how much she loves them. Right now, her Monsters are nothing but Warriors…”

He paused.

“But maybe she could use a reminder…”

Francesca thought for a minute at that.

She thought hard…

What did she tell us after her first duel with Stan? she thought.

Stan made a draw.

I don’t trust that Monster, he thought. Better safe than sorry…

“I’ll place a card facedown,” he said, “and end my turn…”

“Good,” said Diana, drawing.

“Now, I’ll summon another Wroughtweiler to the field…” she said.

Another of the mechanical hounds appeared.

“But he won’t be staying long,” she continued. “Now I’m going to show you Tempester’s effect.

“You see, if I sacrifice one card on the field during a round with Tempester present, one Monster of my choice cannot be destroyed in battle for the remainder of the round.

“So I’ll sacrifice Wroughtweiler…”

Wroughtweiler vanished.

“…and I’ll choose Tempester himself!

“Do you see my strategy Stan? Since our two Monsters have equal Attack and mine can’t be destroyed in battle this round, all I need to do is attack, and your mage will be destroyed, while my Hero will be spared.

“Tempester, attack!”

Tempester powered up his storm again…

“Activate… Shrink!” shouted Stan.

His Quickplay Magic Card – obviously what he had gotten from his Magician’s effect – lifted. Tempester shrunk to half his size, and Dark Magician of Chaos fired!

True to Diana’s word, the Elemental Hero was thrown back, but he was still there. But her Life Points fell to 3,900.

“Very well,” she replied. “I’ll place a card facedown, and end my turn.”

The Magic Card’s effect wore off, and Tempester grew to his normal size, gaining back his full Attack Score.

So now what? thought Stan.

He made a draw.

“I’m sacrificing my facedown card to use his ability again!” shouted Diana.

The facedown card shattered.

“You’ll never destroy him!”

Stan looked at the card he had drawn.

He placed it into a slot, and it appeared facedown.

At that point, an idea came to Francesca.

She looked up at a building that Diane’s Field Card was creating. A blue neon light was shining.

She took out her Crystal Star.

Yellow and blue make green! she thought.

She ran up to the light.

Hope this works… she thought, holding the Star up to the light.

As she hoped, the blue light shone through the Crystal Star, shining a green glow over the whole area!

“What are you doing?” demanded Diana. “Trying to distract me?”

“Think, Diana!” shouted Francesca. “Doesn’t this light remind you of something?

“Think back to the first comic book you ever owned, the one where you discovered your love of heroes!”

Diana paused for a second.

Francesca wracked her mind.

How does that chant go? she thought. Oh yeah…

Francesca started to recite:

[color=green][B][I]”In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil will escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!”

Diana looked dumbstruck.

“I end my turn Diana…” said Stan, slowly.

He looked at his facedown card.

I was going to use my Dust Tornado to destroy Skyscraper, but if I do that now, it would kill the light… he thought. I hope Francesca’s plan works.

Diana slowly drew…

“I place this card facedown…” she said slowly, placing a card into a slot.

The card appeared.

“And I’ll use it to activate Tempester’s effect…”

It shattered.

“Tempester, attack…”

Stan gritted his teeth as the hero prepared to attack…


Dark Sage
7th October 2005, 07:15 AM
Continued from last post:

“NO! Stop!” shouted Diana.

She paused.

“I end my turn…” she said.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“What’s this?” exclaimed the Shadow Queen. “Diana is resisting my control!”

She got up and fumed.

“I won’t allow this! I’ll enter her mind myself and confront her!”

She closed her eyes.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Stan drew one card.

Then he spoke up.

[color=green][B][I]”In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil will escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!”

He waited.

“Fight it, Diana!” he urged. “The Shadow Queen has clouded your mind, turning it into the true blackest night! But you can break free, and change it to the brightest day it once was!

“Here, I’ll encourage you…”

He fit a card into a slot.

“I play Magic Formula! This increases the Attack of my Magician by 500 points!”

Dark Magician of Chaos rose to 3,300 Attack.

“Since you neglected to sacrifice a card, I could wipe out Tempester now. But to prove my sincerity, rather than attacking, I’ll end my turn. It’s your move now…”

I hope this works… he thought.

Diana shakily drew…

“Diana!” shouted a voice in her head. "Your Skyscraper card is still in effect, and now his Monster is stronger than yours! You don’t even need to sacrifice a card now! Destroy his Chaos Mage!"

“Shut up…” she whispered.

”Do as I say!” shouted the Shadow Queen. ”I am your master, he is your enemy!”

Diana closed her eyes…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

She was in the seat of her soul…

In the center was a huge contraption. It was a giant green thing that looked like a futuristic camper’s lantern, glowing green. But it was bound by chains, as if it was being held captive.

“No!” she shouted. “Let it free!”

The Shadow Queen appeared in front of her, between her and the lantern.

“You can’t hope to drive me out, little girl,” she said angrily. “Now pick up your cards and go back to the duel this instant!”

“NO!” shouted Diana. “You won’t tell me what to do! You can’t make the Elemental Heroes use their powers for evil! And making me do your dirty work for you – all you are is a coward!”

“You think you’re powerful enough to drive me out?” chuckled the Shadow Queen.

Diana made a slight smirk.

“Queenie,” she said, “how about a little game? That would prove you aren’t a coward. I win, you leave my mind forever. You win, I’ll submit to you forever.”

The Shadow Queen rubbed her chin.

“A contest for your very soul…” she pondered. “I’m intrigued. Pick your poison!”

“Uh, hundred-yard dash?” asked Diana with a shrug.

“Right…” scowled the Queen. “Like I’m going to get into a footrace with a teenager who’s a member of her high school track team! I’m twelve-hundred years old! What do I look like, stupid?”

“Okay, grandma, okay!” exclaimed Diana. “I see you have your Duel Disk…”

“Please…” muttered the Queen, looking at it. “You’ll never outduel me!”

“I’m proposing a game of luck…” said Diana, shuffling her deck. “We each take the top six cards off our deck, and we’re only allowed those six. We each have two turns. Whoever can summon the most powerful Monster in two turns is the winner.”

The Queen chuckled.

“Okay, I accept your challenge,” she said with a grin. “I’ll even let you use her if you want!”

Diana turned around, and saw that Goddess With The Third Eye had followed her.

They shuffled their decks. They each picked up the top six cards.

“Heh, heh…” cackled the Queen. “I’ll give you one last chance to surrender…”

“You take the first turn…” sneered Diana.

“Fine,” said the Queen, putting a card down on her Disk. “For my first move, I’ll summon Double Coston!”

A pair of black globs with faces, connected by a strand appeared. (1,700/1,650)

“Your turn…” she chuckled.

Diana discarded a card.

“I’ll discard this to use my Deckmaster,” she said, “fusing Avian and Burstinatrix together…”

The two heroes appeared and merged…

“Forming the incredible Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!” she shouted.

The merged Hero walked out, and glared at the Queen. (2,100/1,200)

“Not bad…” laughed the Queen. “But now it’s my turn. And you should know about Double Coston’s special effect…”

“If you use it as a sacrifice to summon a Dark Monster, it counts as two sacrifices,” interrupted Diana. “I know…”

“You got it!” laughed the Queen. “So I sacrifice it to summon Invader of Darkness!”

The creature vanished, and in its place arose a hulking man, dressed entirely in black, astride a black horse. (2,900/2,500)

“HA, HA, HA!” laughed the Queen. “Beat that!”

“You’re forgetting, I still have one turn!” shouted Diana.

She discarded another card.

“Now I’ll invoke my Deckmaster again!” she shouted. “discarding another card to merge Flame Wingman with Sparkman…”

“Forming Elemental Hero Shining Flame Wingman!”

The two heroes merged, and the shining Hero in brilliant white armor and glorious feathered wings appeared, his brilliance nearly blinding! (2,500/2,000)

“HA, HA, HA!” laughed the Queen. “That guy may be powerful, but my Invader is still stronger. You lose!”

“Check again…” chuckled Diana.

Shining Flame Wingman’s Attack went up to 3,700.

“HOW?” shouted the Queen.

“Didn’t I ever tell you about his special abilities?” asked Diana. “He gains 300 extra Attack Points for every Elemental Hero in my Graveyard! That means that just by summoning him, he gains 1,200 extra attack points!

“That means I win…

“Shining Flame Wingman, destroy her Fiend with ray of purity!”

The Hero blasted a beam of pure light and Invader of Darkness was vaporized!

The green energy battery shook. The chains binding it shattered, and pure, green light flooded the soul chamber!

The Shadow Queen gasped…

“LEAVE!” shouted Diana. “Begone before he attacks you!”

The Shadow Queen bowed her head. She vanished.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Diana opened her eyes. Only seconds had passed in the real world.

“Stan!” she cried. “What am I doing?”

She looked around.

“Time to end this…” she said. “Goddess With The Third Eye, I summon you to the field!”

“What?” gasped Francesca.

“She’s taking a dive!” shouted Andy.

“Attack his Dark Magician of Chaos!” yelled Diana.

The Goddess flew to attack, and Dark Magician fired to defend himself. Diana’s Deckmaster was blown to pieces.

Her Life Points fell to nothing.

The holograms shut down.

Diana almost collapsed. Merlee ran out of the shadows and caught her in his arms.

“Th-th-there, there, child,” he said. “You’ll be fine…”

“Thank goodness…” muttered Stan.

“Stan…” moaned Diana. “I’m so sorry…”

“Don’t be,” said Stan. “We gave you a push, but you drove that wicked witch out of your mind yourself. That isn’t easy to do…”

Diana sighed…

“You were taking a big risk there…” she noted. “You made your Monster stronger when I had Skyscraper on the field…”

“Actually…” replied Stan, taking a card out of his Disk.

He showed Diana the Dust Tornado card.

“If you had declared an attack, I would have activated this, destroying your Field Card, and Tempester would have been destroyed. And I also had this card in my hand…”

She showed her his Premature Burial.

“I could have brought back nearly anyone with this, and had I attacked directly with both Monsters, you’d have lost… And the Shadow Queen would clearly have punished you for it…”

Diana shuddered.

“My friends…” said Merlee. “I w-w-wish I could stay longer, but I m-m-must get Diana out of the Palace and to safety. I am certain now that the Shadow Queen h-h-has seen me, and my continued presence is not w-w-wise.

“But we will meet again…”

“Bye guys…” sighed Diana. “And pop the Queen a good one for me, okay?”

Merlee and Diana vanished.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Shadow Queen walked down the hallway to where her children were being held.

Not a total loss, she thought. I discovered one important thing…

That accursed meddler Merlee has been helping those kids… Who’d have thought he was still alive?

Well not anymore. I’ll make sure the Palace’s security will keep him out specifically.

The last thing I need is that… jerk messing up my plans…

Not after what happened last time…


Card Specs

Type: Warrior/Effect
Attribute: Earth
Level: 8
ATK: 2,000
DEF: 2,500

Card Description: "Elemental Hero Burstinatrix" + "Elemental Hero Clayman"

This Monster can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon. As long as this Monster remains in face-up Defense Position, it can attack your opponent's Life Points directly (apply the ATK of this card for damage calculation). If this Monster attacks your opponent's Life Points directly while in face-up Defense Position, decrease the battle damage by half.


Card Specs

Type: Warrior/Effect
Attribute: Earth
Level: 8
ATK: 2,600
DEF: 2,300

Card Description: "Elemental Hero Wildman" + "Elemental Hero Edgeman"

This Monster can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon. This Monster can attack more than one Monster on your opponent's side of the field in one battle phase. This Monster cannot attack your opponent directly after attacking any Monsters.


Card Specs

Type: Warrior/Fusion/Effect
Attribute: Wind
Level: 8
ATK: 2,800
DEF: 2,800

Card Description: Elemental Hero Bubbleman + Elemental Hero Avian + Elemental Hero Sparkman

This Monster can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon. Send one card on your side of the field to the Graveyard (not including this Monster), and select one Monster. So long as this Monster remains face up on the field, the selected Monster can not destroyed as a result of battle that round (damage calculation still applies).

Note: “Elemental Hero Rampart Gunner”, “Elemental Hero Wild-Jaggyman”, and “Elemental Hero Tempester” are real cards that will be released in the “Elemental Energy” booster pack. All three of these cards have been used by Judai in “Yu-Gi-Oh GX”.


Card Specs

Type: Warrior/Effect
Attribute: Fire
Level: 6
ATK: 1,800
DEF: 1,600

Card Description: “Elemental Hero Burstinatrix” + “Elemental Hero Bubbleman”

This Monster can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon. If this Monster destroys a Monster as a result of battle, increase the controller’s Life Points by an amount equal to the current ATK of the destroyed Monster.

Note: “Elemental Hero Steam Healer” is a card that has been used by Judai in at least one episode of “Yu-Gi-Oh GX”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that show.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of an hourglass in the sky, its bottom half broken, with its sand spilling into the palm of a hand; cards float by in the background. When this card is activated, your opponent must discard a number of cards from his hand equal to the number of Standby Phases (yours and your opponent’s) that this card remained facedown on the field.

Note: “Life Shaver” was used by Kaiba (after getting it from Yugi) in the multi-part anime episode “Clash in the Coliseum”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

”Dark Magician Girl”: Spellcaster/Dark, Level 6, (2,000/1,700)

Deckmaster SA: “Soul Circle”: Once per duel, you can draw a number of cards equal to the number of Monster Cards in your Graveyard.

Note: Tea used Dark Magician Girl as her Deckmaster in the two-part anime episode “Freeze Play”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

”Goddess With The Third Eye”: Fairy/Light, Level 4, (1,200/1,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Power of Fusion”: You can discard one Magic Card from your hand to fuse together two or more fusion material Monsters without using “Polymerization” or a similar card. A Fusion Monster summoned in this manner may attack on the round it is summoned.

Note: Serenity used Goddess With The Third Eye as her Deckmaster in the two-part anime episode “Mechanical Mayhem”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

[I][B]Coming up next:

Stan is going to take a well-deserved break, and Francesca is going to step up to the bar. This time, one of HER old opponents returns, but this one isn’t under the Queen’s spell – he’s serving her via his own free will. See some of the new additions to Fran’s deck in this thrilling chapter. Those of you with faulty memories might want to backtrack, because you won’t want to miss “Stone Cold”, coming soon!

Master of Paradox
7th October 2005, 08:23 AM
Well, that was a bit of a waste of my time. You see, if there's one thing I loathe, it's a duel that's truncated because one of the participants, an unwilling one, breaks the control "due to the goodness of their heart" or some such twaddle. Of course, this was one of them.

And quoting the Green Lantern Oath twice only makes it look like you ran out of ideas.

But I should focus on the positive. This was a very nice duel, cardwise - I again admire your willpower to resist inventing Elemental Hero members, as the game itself provides all that you need for that. I like the Elemental Heroes, and any duel where they're used to the best of their ability is one I like. Stan's deck, unlike Francesca's, hasn't gotten repetitive to me, so this was a match-up I could enjoy...

...and then you cut it off with that "duel for the heart" bit. Sorry, I'm just bitter that you interrupted a good duel for that.

What makes it worse is that, even possessed, Diana's had all the character growth of a Happy Tree Friend (do yourself a favor and don't ask what that means - you do not wish to know).

I'm afraid this was a low spot for your story. Happens to us all.

Looking to the next chapter, I can already tell what's going to happen - Francesca will duel that guy with the Wave-Motion Cannon, the heroes can't lose, and he's going to suffer terribly. I have a bad feeling about the rest of this story.

Shuppet Master
7th October 2005, 12:45 PM
I wish you would stop being so pessimistic, Paradox. I understand how you hate these "friend turns enemy" stuff. No offense, but I bet you REALLY wanted Yugi to crush Joey in that death-duel and watch Joey drown. :mad: Merlee couldn't have Stan win and then undo the corruption because the Shadow Queen was more powerful. Of course, if Brian does a third "friend brainwashed duel", I'm going to have to talk to him about his illogic(since Merlee is now out of the picture for good).

I think this is a good chapter, and the little game Diane played with the Shadow Queen was nice. The next duel is a big one, I knew Stonewall Jackson would return for revenge against Fran for making a fool out of him the last time. I hope he dies a horrible death in this rematch.

Great job, Brian, and I hope to see your work again. ;)

Dark Sage
7th October 2005, 12:50 PM
There won't be anymore "friend brainwashed duels".

And who said Merlee was out of the picture for good? I might still have plans for him. Remember, he has a Duel Disk, but he hasn't used it yet... You have to wonder if he ever will.

Anyway, I promise that from now on, duels will all reach a better conclusion.

- DS

7th October 2005, 01:23 PM
INo offense, but I bet you REALLY wanted Yugi to crush Joey in that death-duel and watch Joey drown. :mad:

I prefered that yugi drowned, I consider Joey and Kaiba the only true duelist since most others either have millenium items or their deck is beefed up by someone with a millenium item

Master of Paradox
7th October 2005, 02:15 PM
No offense, but I bet you REALLY wanted Yugi to crush Joey in that death-duel and watch Joey drown. :mad:

I just wanted those damned episodes over with. I HATED all four parts of "Friends 'Til the End".

7th October 2005, 03:08 PM
Okay, that was pretty cool. The whole friendship thing is old as dirt, (mostly thanks to Tea: I'm all for being a good person, but too much so gets to be annoying after awhile. Still, the rest was kewl. I wish Elemental Energy would be released already-I wanna see the new E-Heroes!!! :biggrin:


...Aw, this is weak! I don't have a picture or a quote!

...Grrr... :mad:

7th October 2005, 06:41 PM
What makes it worse is that, even possessed, Diana's had all the character growth of a Happy Tree Friend (do yourself a favor and don't ask what that means - you do not wish to know).

I second that.

I kinda agree with Paradox this time. The duel itself was pretty good, Diana on the otherhand, wasn't (I didn't really like her anyway). Anyway, why would the Queen brainwash someone like Diana, there are plenty other (much cooler) duellist's to possess. At least in the Battle City saga, Malik brainwashed Joey to get to Yugi.

Shuppet Master
8th October 2005, 07:43 AM
why would the Queen brainwash someone like Diana, there are plenty other (much cooler) duellist's to possess

Let me answer this, Brian.

(1) Diana had dueled Stan before and lost, so the Queen knew Diana would want a rematch when she learned about all these new E-Heroes.

(2) As Merlee said when he rescued Yumi, the Shadow Queen loves twisted irony - friends fighting each other and sucnot, and having the E-Heroes fighting for the side of evil was the most twisted irony in the world.

(3) It made for an interesting way to rescue Diane by using the green light. (Although I have to agree with Paradox or whoever said it, having two characters repeat the motto was annoying. I was expecting Andy to say it too.)

Dark Sage
10th October 2005, 06:53 AM
You know, I like most holidays, but I hate Columbus Day. Columbus Day is one holiday I wish we could get rid of...

See, I'm an Italian, and I know the truth about Christopher Columbus - he wasn't the hero or visionary that most people think he was. He was really a stain on Italian history.

Let me give you the FACTS as opposed to the myths.

One: Contrary to myth, Columbus was far from the only person who believed the Earth was round. Everyone back then who wasn't nuts knew that. The reason everyone was reluctant to fund his search for the Western Passage was simple - they thought it would cost too much, be too dangerous, and bring no profit. (And in the end, it didn't bring much - all of his voyages barely covered expenses.)

Two: Columbus never realized that he had discovered a new continent. He died thinking that he HAD found the Western Passage, something that was completely wrong.

Three and most important: Columbus wasn't doing what he did for the benefit of anybody except himself. He was a greedy merchant who was interested in the opium trade (among other things), and also displayed exceptional cruelty. When landing on the continent, he tortured natives who bothered him, and executed others by lopping their hands off.

This may be a good time to mention that, despite what you see in portraits, Columbus had blonde hair.

Maybe when I'm in congress - note that I'm not very hopeful - I can make my voice heard, Chistopher Columbus will be seen as the fraud he was, and we can do away with this accursed holiday that honors an idiot.

Those are the words of a heartfelt Italian. Sorry to ruin your day off.

But just to make it a little brighter...

Since my last chapter didn't win much praise, I've decided to post the next chapter now. Let's hope everyone likes this one better than the last.

And by the way, Yu-Gi-Oh GX premiers on Cartoon Network tonight at 5PM, EST.


- DS

Dark Sage
10th October 2005, 06:56 AM
[B][I]My first duel on Monster Island was against a real creep – a type I knew too well. A teenage boy with hormones coming out of his ears who thought I was an easy score.

He played a very annoying type of deck – a Stall Deck. He might have beaten me if I hadn’t drawn my Gaia Power card.

I never expected to meet this creep again…

It seems anyone can be wrong once in a while.

There was another thing I didn’t expect…

I never imagined how low he’d sink to get back at me…


Stone Cold

In the Queen’s throne room, a figure knelt before her.

“So,” she said, “Is your deck ready?”

“No problem,” he responded. “With the help you’ve given me, it’ll be a piece of pastry! Just remember our deal…”

“Of course…” replied the Queen. “Defeat Francesca, and I’ll have total power over her – I can erase her mind and reprogram her as your slave. You must admit, having a lover who’ll do exactly what you tell her to is the best type…”

The kneeling figure grinned.

“Now go…” said the Queen. “And don’t screw up…”

She pointed, and he vanished.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

After their encounter with Diana, the three teens were in a bit of a predicament…

They were now in a hallway, and it seemed to go on without end.

They had already been following it for half an hour, and there was no end in sight.

“This is ridiculous!” gasped Andy, as they stopped to take a break. “This hallway must go on forever!”

“There must be some way of getting ahead…” muttered Stan.

And then a form materialized in front of them… a weird Monster appeared.

It looked, for all intents and purposes, like a wooden doorway with a stone arch, with a face, arms, and legs, carrying a spear. It folded its arms… clearly it was standing in Defense Mode. (800/1,800)

“Uhm…” muttered Stan. “I think that’s a Golem Sentry…”

“Yeah, and it’s a door…” muttered Francesca. “I have a feeling if we defeat it, we can get out of this hallway…”

Andy flipped his Disk into position, and drew a card.

“Luster Dragon #1!” he exclaimed.

His powerful Dragon appeared! (1,900/1,600)

“Attack!” he shouted.

Luster Dragon blasted his breath weapon and blew the Golem sentry to pieces.

Another door, this one a normal one, appeared.

“Well…” said Andy, “here goes…”

He opened it…

They entered what could best be described as an indoor rock quarry. Mounds of stone surrounded them, mostly what appeared to be granite. The center of the huge room was dusty, but clear. The overhead ceiling was dark.

But what disturbed them was, there were no exits.

And as soon as they were through, the door they came through vanished!

“Now what?” gasped Francesca.

“Now what, babe?” said a voice. “Now if you want to get out, you have to go through me…”

“I know that voice…” muttered Francesca.

A figure appeared from behind a rock.

“Stonewall Jackson?” exclaimed Francesca.

It was him, all right. Same plain t-shirt and jeans, and the same blonde crew cut.

“Remember me, babe?” he asked.

“I can’t believe you made it to the finals…” scowled Francesca.

“I didn’t…” chuckled Jackson, “but the Shadow Queen gave me a special pass…”

“Special pass?” asked Francesca.

“Yep,” he said with a grin. “All I have to do is defeat you, and I get to take your place… and another little prize…”

“Please…” muttered Francesca. “I already kicked your stony butt! Your Stall Deck is nothing new to me!”

“I’m not playing a Stall Deck anymore,” chuckled Jackson. “And the only way out of this quarry is for you to duel me. If you win, you get to proceed. If I win…

“…I get you…”

“Jackson, please!” protested Stan. “Working with the Shadow Queen is selling your…”

“Who asked you?” interrupted Jackson. “This is between me and her! And I want revenge for being humiliated!

“And I will have it. Once I defeat her, the Queen has promised to reprogram her mind and give her me as a slave. Deals don’t get any better than that!”

“You lousy…” growled Andy.

“Wait, Andy…” muttered Francesca.

She turned to Jackson.

“Fine, Jackson, you’ve got yourself a duel,” she said. “I’ll show you that I’m no prize to be won!”

“Excellent!” laughed Jackson.

He made a dramatic motion with his arm, and his Duel Disk swung into position.

Fran activated hers.

“Now, gaze upon my Deckmaster!” laughed Jackson. “My Millennium Shield!”

He held the card up, and the large shield with Eye of Horus on it appeared behind him.

“Now you…” he dared.

Francesca looked through her deck.

I wonder if I could use a Fusion Monster… she thought.

She held up one Amazoness Paladin, Warrior Dai Grepher, and Polymerization.

“Amazoness Queen!” she shouted.

The three cards glowed, and the powerful form of Amazoness Queen appeared beside her.

“Wow…” muttered Jackson, reshuffling. “Two babes! Today’s my lucky day!”

Amazoness Queen put her hand on Francesca’s shoulder.

“Francesca…” she muttered. “I swear on the spirit of Hippolyta that we will vanquish this lout!”

Wow… thought Francesca. She can talk!

“Okay…” whispered Francesca back. “How exactly can you help?”

“As you know,” answered the Queen, “my Attack Score is 2,500. I can subtract points from it and add them to any of my subjects that you summon. But be careful, because I only have a limited supply, and you never know when you might need them.”

“Gotcha…” replied Francesca, reshuffling.

“If you’re done talking to yourself,” sighed Jackson, “let’s duel!”

The scores set to 8,000.

They both drew five cards.

“I’ll start this off, cupcake…” chuckled Jackson, drawing a card.

He placed a card down.

“And I’ll summon a guy who I think you’ll remember… Giant Soldier of Stone in Defense Mode!”

The huge golem of Stone appeared, and crouched in Defense. (1,300/2,000)

“If you think hiding behind defenses is going to work any better this time than it did last time,” laughed Fran, “you’re sorely mistaken…”

Jackson chuckled inwardly…

Little does she know, I’ve changed most of the cards in my deck, he thought. My defensive strategy has taken a complete one-eighty – to an offensive one!

Fran drew a card.

“I’ll place two cards facedown on the field…” she stated. “And then I’ll summon Amazon Archer in Attack Mode.”

She placed the cards down. Two facedown cards appeared, and the Amazon bow-woman appeared, notching an arrow into her weapon. (1,400/1,000)

“That will end my turn,” she stated.

Jackson drew, and then laughed out loud.

“I’m moving my Giant Soldier into Attack Mode!” he laughed.

Giant Soldier of Stone stood up and lifted his sword.

“Now I’ll summon… Monk Fighter!” he exclaimed.

He threw a card down, and the young, rocky monk appeared. (1,300/1,000)

“And now,” he continued, “I can instantly sacrifice him to summon Master Monk!”

Monk Fighter vanished, and the elderly, muscular monk appeared! (1,900/1,000)

“Say bye-bye to your Life Points!” laughed Jackson. “Master Monk, attack her Archer with Shaolin kick!”

Master Monk leapt at Amazon Archer…

“FRAN!” screamed Andy.

“Hold on, Jackson!” shouted Fran. “I activate my Trap Card!”

Her Trap lifted…

“The Regulation of Tribe! With this Trap, I can choose one type of Monster and stop them from attacking! And I choose Rocks!”

A mass of chains sprouted out of the ground, binding Master Monk and Giant Soldier of Stone!

“I also activate… Scapegoat!” she shouted.

Her other facedown card lifted, and four fluffy sheep appeared.

Jackson growled.

“Fine, make your move…” he snarled.

Fran drew a card.

“In order to keep my Trap Card on the field, I have to sacrifice one Monster every turn,” she stated, “so I’ll sacrifice one Scapegoat…”

The blue sheep vanished.

“Now I summon Amazoness Paladin in Attack Mode!” she shouted.

The mighty Paladin appeared, holding her sword aloft. (1,700/300) –> (1,900/300)

“And now I’ll activate my Deckmaster’s special ability!” she proclaimed. “I’ll take 100 Attack Points from my Queen, and add them to my Paladin!”

Amazoness Queen’s Attack Score fell to 2,400, and Amazoness Paladin’s rose to 2,000.

“Paladin, attack Master Monk!” shouted Francesca.

Amazoness Paladin swung her sword, and blasted Master Monk into pebbles!

“Archer, take out his Soldier!” screamed Francesca.

Amazon Archer fired her arrow, and Giant Soldier of Stone was reduced to rubble.

Dust flew, as Jackson’s Life Points fell to 7,800.

“Your move…” muttered Francesca.

“Okay, so you got lucky that turn…” muttered Jackson, drawing.

He looked at his card.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and summon Stone Statue of the Aztecs in Defense Mode…” he said, setting two cards.

A facedown card appeared, and the massive Stone Statue materialized. (300/2,000)

“How nice…” muttered Fran, drawing.

“I’ll sacrifice another sheep to keep my Trap Card for one more round…” she said.

Another Scapegoat vanished.

“Now I’ll sacrifice the other two to activate Amazon Archer’s special ability!” she exclaimed.

The last two sheep vanished, and a glowing arrow appeared in Amazon Archer’s bow.

“This lets her shoot 1,200 points of direct damage right into you!” shouted Fran.

Amazon Archer fired, and Jackson staggered back as it hit him.

His Life Points fell to 6,600.

“Next I’ll use my Deckmaster’s ability again,” she continued, “taking 100 Attack Points from her, and adding it to my Paladin again!”

The Queen dropped to 2,300 Attack, and Paladin rose to 2,100 Attack.

“Paladin, ordered Fran, “shatter his Stone Statue!”

Amazoness Paladin leapt forward and demolished Stone Statue of the Aztecs.

“Archer, attack him directly!”

Amazon Archer fired his bow, and Jackson staggered back again.

“YES!” shouted Andy. “You’ve got him on the run, Fran!”

Jackson’s Life Points fell to 5,900.

“What?” said Francesca, surprised. “You should have lost more Life Points than that!”

“But I didn’t, thanks to my Deckmaster!” chuckled Jackson. “The Millennium Shield gives me Skin of Steel! It cuts the damage done from direct attacks in half!”

“All right…” sighed Francesca. “Make your move…”

Jackson drew.

“I’ll place another card facedown…” he stated, “and a Monster facedown in Defense Mode.”

Another facedown card appeared on his side, and then a hidden Monster appeared.

“So now what Fran?” he gloated. “No more goats to sacrifice, so you’ll have to sacrifice one of your bimbos if you want to keep your Trap!”

“Don’t call them bimbos…” said Fran, through her teeth. “And I can’t afford to sacrifice them, so I’ll destroy it…”

The Regulation of Tribe card shattered.

“Paladin, attack his facedown Monster!” she shouted.

Paladin charged…

“Activate… Negate Attack!” shouted Jackson.

One of his Traps flipped up, and Paladin’s sword slammed against a barrier.

“Fine, that’s my turn…” mumbled Francesca.

Jackson made a draw.

“First I’ll place another card facedown…” he said.

Another facedown card appeared next to his other one.

“Now, you’re probably wondering why I used Negate Attack…” he chuckled. “Well, the reason is, to activate this Monster’s flip-effect, I had to flip it…”

The Monster Card flipped up…

“So meet my Medusa Worm!” he laughed.

A huge, rocky worm, colored red with spines all over its body appeared. (500/600)

“And that means one of your Monsters is history!” laughed Jackson.

A beam of energy blasted from the Worm’s mouth, striking Amazoness Paladin! She turned to stone, and then shattered!

Jackson switched cards on his Disk.

“Now I’ll sacrifice my Medusa Worm for Stone Ogre Grotto!” he exclaimed.

The Worm vanished, and a man-sized brute made of boulders appeared. (1,600/1,500)

Francesca opened her eyes in surprise. Stone Ogre Grotto?

“Stone Ogre Grotto,” commanded Jackson, “attack her Archer with stone fist!”

Stone Ogre Grotto slugged Amazon Archer, blowing her away.

Francesca’s Life Points fell to 7,800, but she started laughing.

“Stone Ogre Grotto?” she laughed. “Somebody actually still uses that card?”

“I have to agree with Francesca on this…” muttered Stan. “Five-star Monsters that weak are old news!”

Fools… thought Johnson. Can’t you realize I WANT my Monsters to be destroyed?

“My move!” shouted Francesca, drawing.

“Let’s see how you deal with the newest member of my team!” she exclaimed. “I summon the lovely yet lethal… Getsu Fuhma!”

She put a card down, and a female warrior with red hair in dark armor holding a katana appeared. (1,700/1,200)

“Destroy his big boulder!” she shouted. “Whirlwind strike!”

Getsu Fuhma made a huge sweep with her sword, blasting Stone Ogre Grotto to dust!

Jackson’s Life Points slipped to 5,800.

“So much for your pathetic Rock…” mocked Francesca.

“Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow…” muttered Jackson, drawing.

He placed a card down on his Disk.

“Another Monster in Defense Mode…” he chuckled, and that will be all.

Francesca drew.

Man, this hand bites… she thought.

“Getsu Fuhma, attack his facedown Monster!” she shouted.

Getsu Fuhma rushed to attack…

And a Morphing Jar appeared on the card! It cackled and was smashed to pieces!

“Heh, heh…” chuckled Jackson. “We’ll have to discard our hands and draw new cards…”

“Hold on, Jackson, you liar!” accused Francesca, as she discarded her hand. “When I dueled you the first time, you wagered your rarest card, and I won!”

“Your point being?” asked Jackson.

“My point?” snarled Francesca, making five draws. “Morphing Jar is much rarer than Gear Golem the Moving Fortress!”

“I didn’t have a Morphing Jar then,” answered Jackson. “The Shadow Queen helped my make some vast improvements to my deck…

“And once I draw my secret weapon, you’ll be finished!”

“Secret weapon?” muttered Andy. “What could that be?”

“Well, make your move…” muttered Fran.

Excellent… thought Jackson, looking at his new hand.

“I’ll place a third card facedown,” he said, fitting the card into a slot.

A third card appeared.

“And now I’ll summon yet another Monster facedown in Defense Mode!”

Another hidden Monster appeared.

“Make your move…” he dared.

Fran went for her deck.

She paused.

Three cards facedown… she thought. Likely he’s planning something very nasty… Have to be careful…

She drew a card.

“Well,” chuckled Jackson. “I think I’ll activate… ALL THREE of my Traps!”

“All three?” gasped Francesca.

“Yep!” said Jackson with a smile, as all three of the facedown cards lifted. “They’re all the same Trap, useful weapons called Rock Bombardment!”

He took his deck out of his tray.

“For each, Trap, I have to discard one Rock Monster from my deck…”

He discarded three cards…

Three catapults appeared behind him…

“And now each one of them can smash off 500 of your Life Points!”

Fran gulped.

“FIRE!” shouted Jackson.

The three catapults launched three boulders into the air…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Shadow Queen laughed out loud as she saw Francesca get flattened.

“Rewind!” she commanded her viewing globe. “I’ve GOT to see that again!”

“Francesca is down, but she’ll get up again…” muttered Grodus. “Are you certain that this clown can beat her?”

“Depends on a lot of things,” sighed the Queen. “The secret weapon I gave him is indeed powerful, but Francesca’s deck does have ways to counter it.

“It basically depends on when he draws it, and on whose luck is better…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Francesca lay on the ground and saw stars…

She checked her Disk – those Traps had reduced her Life Points to 6,300.

“Get up, Fran!” shouted Andy.

“Give me a minute…” she moaned.

Then a hand reached down. Francesca saw that it was Amazoness Queen’s.

“Be brave, Francesca,” she said. “Your opponent used a cheap shot, but I swear to you, his dishonorable ways will not help him win.

“He who lives without honor will end without honor.”

The Warrior helped her up.

“It’s still my move, Stonewall!” shouted Fran.

She took a card from her hand.


Dark Sage
10th October 2005, 07:00 AM
Continued from last post:

“I sacrifice Getsu Fuhma to summon Penumbral Soldier Lady!”

Getsu Fuhma vanished, and the stronger Warrior of Darkness appeared. (2,100/1,400)

“Attack his facedown Monster!” shouted Francesca. “Sword of Shadows!”

Penumbral Soldier Lady attacked with her blade…

And a huge, rocky figure appeared on the card. He was a wild-looking man dressed in a martial arts gi.

Penumbral Soldier Lady’s blow smashed him to pieces.

“Well, that was…” started Fran.

And then Penumbral Soldier Lady vanished!

“WHAT THE?” shouted Fran.

Jackson laughed.

“You attacked my Legendary Jujitsu Master!” he cackled. “Any Monster that attacks him while he’s in Defense Mode is returned to the top of the owner’s deck!”

Francesca growled.

“I can’t do anything else,” she sighed. “Take your best shot…”

Jackson drew.

“I summon Avatar of the Pot, in Attack Mode!” he laughed.

He placed a card down, and a tall, rocky genie with green skin appeared. His head looked just like the Pot of Greed. (1,200/1,300)

“Since I summoned this fellah, I can now discard my Pot of Greed…” started Jackson.

He discarded a card.

“…and draw three more cards!”

The Avatar cast a spell, and three cards flew off of Jackson’s deck and added to his hand.

“Now my Avatar, attack her directly!”

The Avatar lumbered forward and slugged Fran in the stomach!

She fell to her knees. Her Life Points fell to 5,100.

Okay… she thought. So his strategy has definitely been given some coaching…

“Your move princess,” chuckled Jackson. “And unless you have something in your hand right now that you can summon without a sacrifice, you’re gonna be feeling a world of pain next turn…”

Francesca drew, drawing Penumbral Soldier Lady again.

“It just so happens that I do,” she replied, placing a card down. “I’m sure you remember Amazoness Swords Woman?”

The wild Amazon with her mighty sword appeared. (1,500/1,600)

“GO!” shouted Fran. “Attack his Avatar of the Pot!”

Amazoness Swords Woman leapt up and gave a fierce war cry, blasting Avatar of the Pot to shards!

Jackson grinned as his Life Points fell to 5,500.

“Oh well, he served his purpose…” he said.

At least his first one, he thought.

“My move now…”

He made a draw.

Oh yeah… he thought with anticipation, as he looked at the Magic Card.

“I play… The Shallow Grave!” he announced, placing a card into a slot. “This lets…”

“I know what it does, stupid!” snarled Francesca. “It lets both of us Special Summon a Monster from our Graveyards in facedown Defense Mode…”

A card slid out of hers and Jackson’s discard slots, and they each set it.

Getsu Fuhma should at least protect me from whatever he’s planning… she thought.

“Now I’ll flip-summon the Monster I just revived!” chuckled Jackson. “You remember my Medusa Worm, don’t you?”

The card flipped into Attack Mode, and the Medusa Worm reappeared.

Francesca gasped as Amazoness Swords Woman was turned to stone! She shattered into pixels!

“And now,” declared Jackson, taking another card from his hand, “I’ll sacrifice Medusa Worm to summon a mighty beast known as Granmarg the Rock Monarch!”

He switched cards, and Medusa Worm shattered. A huge, hulking form made of stone with huge fists appeared! (2,400/1,000)

“I’m afraid that just by summoning him, he destroys one facedown card,” chuckled Jackson, “meaning the Monster you summoned goes back to the Graveyard!”

A beam of energy shot from Granmarg’s eyes. Getsu Fuhma appeared on the card and screamed! She shattered.

“NO!” screamed Andy. “That was her only defense!”

“Jackson plotted that whole move out perfectly!” gasped Stan.

“Rock Monarch!” shouted Jackson, “attack directly with royal stone smash!”

Francesca screamed as the huge Monster clobbered her with its huge fist!

She fell on her back and her cards scattered…

Her Life Points fell to 2,700.

She groaned in pain…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Shadow Queen chuckled.

“It was brilliant to use Jackson as our assassin,” she laughed. “It won’t be long now…”

She turned to a silent figure in the corner, who was also watching.

“I should have thought of this a long time ago – and if our other assassin is just as good, our troubles are as good as over...”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Francesca!” screamed Andy. “Francesca, baby, get up!”

Francesca pulled herself to her feet and picked up her cards…

She slowly drew one card…

Man, my hand is no good… she thought.

She fit a card into a slot.

“I play Card Destruction!” she exclaimed. “Now we must discard our hands and draw and equal number of cards!”

“Whatever you say, babe…” chuckled Jackson.

He discarded his hand…

And then a hideous elephant appeared behind him and gave a fierce trumpet, knocking Francesca over!

Her Life Points plummeted to a mere 700!

“What did you do?” she demanded.

“It’s not what I did…” he laughed. “When you made me discard my hand, you made me discard a clever Monster called Elephant Statue of Disaster! It isn’t the type of Monster you summon – you have to trick your opponent into making you discard it! When that happens, your opponent loses 2,000 Life Points!”

“This is crazy!” gasped Stan. “Fran’s Life Points are in triple digits, and Jackson has over 5,000!”

“Stay strong Fran!” shouted Andy.

Amazoness Queen touched Francesca’s hand.

“Yes, stay strong…” she repeated.

Fran played a card.

“I play Monster Reborn, to bring back my Archer!” she shouted.

Amazoness Archer reappeared. (1,400/1,000)

“And now I’ll sacrifice her to summon Madame Flurrie of the Fog!” she shouted.

Amazoness Archer vanished, and Madame Flurrie materialized. (1,800/1,000)

“Now to get rid of your Rock Monarch!” shouted Francesca.

She discarded two cards, and Flurrie cast forth her mighty breath! Granmarg the Rock Monarch was eroded into sand!

“Make your move…” dared Francesca.

Jackson made a draw.

“I’ll summon another Giant Soldier of Stone in Defense Mode…” he stated, placing a card down.

The giant golem appeared. (1,300/2,000)

“Try to get past him…” dared Jackson.

Francesca drew.

“I play Card of Sanctity!” she exclaimed, playing a card.

“Good!” laughed Jackson, as they started to draw. “I get more cards too!”

He looked at his new hand.

I drew my secret weapon! he thought.

“Now I summon Amazoness Fighter, in Attack Mode!” shouted Francesca.

She placed a card down, and the powerful Fighter appeared. (1,500/1,300)

“And now I’ll call upon my Deckmaster, transferring 600 Attack Points from her to my Fighter!”

Amazoness Queen dropped to 1,700 Attack, and Amazoness Fighter climbed to 2,100.

“Amazoness Fighter, crack that overgrown boulder!” she shouted.

Amazoness Fighter made a flying kick, and shattered the Giant Soldier.

“Flurrie, attack directly with your Gale Force!”

Flurrie let lose her furious breath, and Jackson staggered against it.

“Heh, heh…” he chuckled. “Did you forget about the ability of my Deckmaster?”

His Life Points fell to 4,600.

“I’ll place one card facedown and end my turn,” continued Fran, ignoring him.

Jackson grinned as he drew.

Yes! he thought.

“I play Card of Demise!” he laughed, playing a card.

“This lets me draw five cards,” he continued, making five draws, “so long as I discard my whole hand in five turns… But that doesn’t matter, because you’re going down on this turn!”

He fit another card into a slot.

“Now I play… Final Destiny!”

“FINAL DESTINY?” shouted Stan and Andy at once.

“I discard five cards…” laughed Jackson, discarding cards from his hand.

An enormous explosion rocked the field!

“…and in return, I can vaporize every card on the field!”

“Not so fast, Jackson!” shouted Francesca. “By destroying my facedown card, you activated it! Waboku!”

The three emissaries in blue appeared.

“Oh, fine…” muttered Jackson. “But I’ll still show you the stone cold face of defeat…”

He dramatically threw a card down…

“I summon the unstoppable… Megarock Dragon!”

An enormous, titanic form appeared! It looked like a HUGE dragon, made completely of stone! It let out an awesome roar!

“Quite a looker, isn’t he?” chuckled Jackson. “And let me explain his special ability! When he’s summoned, I have to remove Rock Monsters from my Graveyard, and for each one I remove, his Attack and Defense are 700!

“And in addition to the ones you know about, I discarded five to play Final Destiny, and another one when you played Card Destruction! So I have twenty Rocks in my Graveyard! So I’ll remove… all of them!”

Cards spilled out of his discard slot, and the huge Monster’s Attack Score shot up to (14,000/14,000).

“Please tell me that stat meter is broken…” gulped Andy.

“HA, HA!” laughed Jackson. “You’re doomed!”

Francesca just stared at him.

Not at the Monster, but at Jackson.

“You… you…” she stammered. “You threw twenty Monsters into your Graveyard just so you could remove them from play to power up your Megarock Dragon?”

“That’s right,” said Jackson. “You have a problem with that?”

“Oh, Jackson…” moaned Francesca, holding her head. “For the love of all that’s…”

“What?” asked Jackson.

“Jackson…” groaned Francesca. “Every Monster in this game is a unique being with its own talents! If you just throw them away…”

“Unique being?” laughed Jackson. “Give me a break Fran. “All these dumb things are are ink on cards. Who cares what happens to them?”

“You are a sad case, Jackson…” muttered Francesca. “And I must say, I’m gonna enjoy thrashing you more than I did anyone else…”

Jackson laughed out loud.

“Just how are you gonna do that?” he laughed. “My Dragon has enough power to take down the Egyptian God Monsters right now!”

Fran stared at him.

“Whatever,” muttered Jackson. “I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn…”

A facedown card appeared.

My strategy is perfect, he thought. She’ll obviously put a Monster in Defense Mode, but when she does, my Acid Trap Hole will send it straight to the Graveyard! And if she sets any Traps, I’ll just blow them away with this Heavy Storm! Then she’ll suffer the worst direct attack she’s ever had, and I’ll win!

Francesca drew a card.

“I have a question for you, Jackson, and you’d better answer it,” sneered Francesca.

“Uh, a question?” asked Jackson, puzzled.

“Yes, a question!” snapped Francesca. “On your Monster’s card, where it has where Attack and Defense should be written, does it say zeroes, or question marks?”

Jackson looked at the card on his Disk.

“Question marks!” he answered. “What does that have to do with it?”

Francesca grinned.

“That means your Dragon’s base Attack Score is indeterminate,” she explained, “meaning its original Attack is the score given to it by its effect – what it has right now!”

“What does that have to do with it?” repeated Jackson again.

“I’ll show you…” said Fran with a smile. “I never showed you this trick in our last duel, because none of you Monsters had decent Attack Scores then…”

She placed a card down.

“I summon Amazoness Blowpiper, in Attack Mode!” she shouted.

The teenage Amazon with her blowgun appeared. (800/1,500)

“I ACTIVATE…” started Jackson.

He stopped short.

“What? Attack Mode?” he stammered. “How come?”

“I’ll show you ‘how come’…” stated Francesca.

She placed a card in a slot.

“I activate Amazoness Spellcaster!”

The aged Amazon witchdoctor appeared and flew into the air with a cackle! She cast her spell, and both Amazoness Blowpiper and Megarock Dragon started to glow…

“This handy Magic Card swaps the original Attack of an Amazon with one of your Monsters for one turn,” explained Fran. “And like I said, the original Attack of your Megarock Dragon, because it is indeterminate, is what its effect gives it!”

Jackson turned pale.

“That basically means that my Blowpiper now has an Attack Score of 14,000, and your mighty Dragon has a mere 800! How’s that for girl power?”

“WHAT?” shouted Jackson, as the scores changed. “This can’t be! I planned this out perfectly! I had all the powerful cards!”

Amazoness Queen gave Jackson a dirty look.

“You disrespected your Monsters and treated them as nothing but fuel!” shouted Francesca. “I don’t care what powerful cards you had! You have no right to call yourself a duelist!

“Blowpiper, attack his Dragon!”

Amazoness Blowpiper screamed and leapt up into the air, kicking the great beast and blasting it into dust!

“NOOOO!” screamed Jackson as his Life Points tumbled to zero.

Jackson fell to his knees… He sobbed.

Then a dark portal opened, and he was sucked through it.

Francesca turned to Amazoness Queen.

“Your Majesty…” she said. “Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without your support.”

The Queen offered her hand.

“You and your partners be careful, Francesca,” warned the Queen. “This den of evil contains many more perils. But I will still be there when you need me.”

She vanished.

Andy ran up to Francesca and hugged her.

“Ooh, what was that for?” squealed Francesca.

“Thought you might need some comfort after all those direct attacks!” laughed Andy.

“Well, I am a little tender…” sighed Francesca.

Then a door appeared in the middle of the room.

“Let’s go,” said Stan. “The Queen likely isn’t through with us yet…”

Andy looked at his Disk.

And she likely has my number up next… he thought.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Stonewall Jackson…” mumbled the Shadow Queen. “Such a grandiose name for such an abysmal failure…”

“Please…” begged Jackson. “Give me another chance… I can beat her… She can’t be so lucky twice in a row…”

“Humph,” muttered the Queen, activating her Disk. “You’ve dueled Francesca twice already, and both times you flopped. I’m not about to let you waste my time doing it again.”

She fit a Grave Arm card into a slot.


The gruesome arm burst out of the ground and seized Jackson. He screamed as he was pulled under.

A figure came up to the Queen chuckling.

“That guy was a loser anyway,” she said. “I can assure you, I can do much better…”

“Well, I’m giving you the same deal I gave him, Poison,” replied the Queen. “Defeat Andy in this rematch, and I’ll erase his mind and reprogram him as your slave. That’s what you want, right?”

“You bet!” smirked Poison. “And with the tips you gave me, I won’t lose this time. Revenge will be sweet!”

“Now get going,” ordered the Queen, “and don’t screw up…”

Poison rushed off.

Grodus came up to the Queen.

“Uhm, excuse me, your majesty,” he asked, “but I thought your plan for those three was to banish them to the Graveyard and then…”

“Poison is a fool to believe me,” chuckled the Queen. “I have no intention of keeping my end of the bargain with the likes of her – nor did I with that idiot Jackson.

“If she defeats Andy, I’ll first banish him to the Graveyard – and Poison’s only reward will be to be sent there herself.

“You see Grodus, duelists think that their rare cards and deck-building strategies make them unbeatable…

“But without the intelligence to use a good strategy, you’re nothing, not just in dueling, but in all walks of life.

“I’ve had to outsmart many people in my time, and if I have to betray a few recruits to ensure my freedom…

“It’s no skin off my nose…”


Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of an executioner about to chop a deck of cards in half with a guillotine. Draw five cards from your deck. Five turns after you use this card, discard your whole hand to the Graveyard.

Note: “Card of Demise” was first used by Kaiba in the anime episode “Clash in the Coliseum”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

”Amazoness Queen”: Warrior/Fusion/Earth, Level 7, (2,500/1,700)

Deckmaster SA: “Amazon Support”: You can permanently subtract Attack Points from your Deckmaster to permanently increase that of any Monster with “Amazoness” in its name, or who is named “Amazon Archer”.

"Millennium Shield”: Warrior/Earth, Level 5, (0/3,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Skin of Steel”: Decrease the damage you take from direct attacks by half.

[B][I]Coming up next:

Poison challenges Andy to a rematch, and it’s going to fiercer than ever before! Like Jackson, Poison has learned not to make the same mistakes as before… but Andy is no rookie either! See some of the improvements to Andy’s deck, in a chapter called “Rage in the Cage”, coming soon.

Master of Paradox
10th October 2005, 08:03 AM
The instant Stonewall started playing Rock monsters, I saw the Megarock coming. From there, I could have predicted the entire duel. And as impressed as I am that you found a place for the Elephant Statue, I have to give my honest opinion: it was a fairly boring duel. Partly because my boredom with the Amazons has extended to Francesca, partly because Stonewall was a cipher, and partly because the only surprise was the Elephant Statue.

At least she didn't use a Companion for a Deckmaster... although using a created card is close to being as bad.

And that long speech about disrespecting the cards is the sort of thing that makes me skim down about a page or so to find where it ends. I'm sorry, but the show (either one) already gave us that message... repeatedly.

Mediocre chapter, in my opinion. And do you HAVE to kill off the supporting villains every time?

Hmmm... judging from these chapters, we can expect to see more of the non-user characters as the Shadow Queen's pawns. Again, I've got a bad feeling about this...

10th October 2005, 10:10 AM
I never liked Jackson but not even he deserved that. I am not sure how you did not this chapter, I loved it. Sure Megarock Dragon was predictable but the rest of the duel was fun. Rock is one of my favorite deck themes.

10th October 2005, 01:06 PM
........Okay, that's it. I know I'm gonna regret this, but something has to be said.

You know, MoP, I was taught that if you can't say something nice then you shouldn't say anything. And you don't seem to ever have anything nice to say. Why? Rather than comment on the dozens of perks in each chapter, you always pick around for anything that could be a fault. How many duel scenes have you ever made? DS has made over 100 unique themes. Now, I can understand that part of being a reviewer is pointing out the negative aspects, but you rarely write a review with a mix of positive and negative comments and to my knowledge have never written one that was all positive. You know that DS takes hours of his own time to write these chapters; all you have to do is sit back and read them for about 20 minutes each. You're not being paid to be a critic or a cynic or a reviewer that gives everything a lousy review, so please do us all a favor and stop acting like you are.

10th October 2005, 01:06 PM
Since I don't play the card game, any new card or strategy I see is new and interesting. So this was a good chapter, IMO

The only thing I'll agree with Paradox on is how you use the "disrespecting cards" speech over and over again. It's a straight take off from the anime and I see it enough on the show so I honestly don't want to read it in a fic

Edit: Blademaster, I think Paradox is offering a new perspective when it comes to reviewing Brian's fics. After every chapter he produces, all I see are positive reviews and barely any critiques. Paradox is honest enough to say what he feels and I find it a hell of a lot more enlightening than "great job" or "can't wait for the next chapter". And you can see that he likes this fic enough to bother criticizing it rather than ignoring it altogether

10th October 2005, 02:36 PM
........Okay, that's it. I know I'm gonna regret this, but something has to be said.

You know, MoP, I was taught that if you can't say something nice then you shouldn't say anything. And you don't seem to ever have anything nice to say. Why? Rather than comment on the dozens of perks in each chapter, you always pick around for anything that could be a fault. How many duel scenes have you ever made? DS has made over 100 unique themes. Now, I can understand that part of being a reviewer is pointing out the negative aspects, but you rarely write a review with a mix of positive and negative comments and to my knowledge have never written one that was all positive. You know that DS takes hours of his own time to write these chapters; all you have to do is sit back and read them for about 20 minutes each. You're not being paid to be a critic or a cynic or a reviewer that gives everything a lousy review, so please do us all a favor and stop acting like you are.

That review up there is exactly what an author wants to hear; constructive criticism. Sure, you could focus on the GOOD parts, but that'd be stupid and wouldn't explain how you could improve.

Dark Sage
10th October 2005, 04:42 PM
Wow, page three already.

Opaltiger has a point - a good writer would rather hear constructive criticism rather than fake praise. It you have something negative to say that's truly meaningful, I want to hear it.

In my own defense, this is a work of fiction, so I'm trying to make meaningful conflicts, not simple duels. You'll note that I don't go into the whole "bond of friendship" thing. (Even Tea got kind of sick of that eventually - she said so herself in the first episode of the Doma Saga.) And you must admit, throwing every Monster you have into the RFP pile to feed a single Monster (especially in a setting where the Monsters are practically living beings) is pretty cruel. Not to criticise anyone who uses Megarock Dragon, if there are such people, because it's a powerful and useful card if you use it in the right way.

Anyway, it seems my track record is kind of down right about now. I'll try to do better - hopefully, the next chapter will be better...


10th October 2005, 06:00 PM
Opaltiger has a point - a good writer would rather hear constructive criticism rather than fake praise. It you have something negative to say that's truly meaningful, I want to hear it.

Yeah, I understand, but MoP doesn't seem to ever say anything positive. :biggrin:

Incidentally, DS, remember in a review of mine for The Mandate of Heaven a long time ago that I mentioned a fic of my own? Well, I kinda wanna put it here at TPMF, not ff.net. There's more reviewers and writers here, and I wanna see how my fic compares to all the great ones of this place. I just don't know how-do I need permission or a membership or something?

I know it's pretty soon and sudden, but I think that I'm starting to lose interest in what I've already written-I only have about a half dozen chapters left to write, but I'm not really motivated anymore since summer vacation ended...

Shuppet Master
10th October 2005, 06:43 PM
I'm glad that the Shadow Queen is very two-timing, because the thought of Fran turning into a brainless bimbo who pleasures men sickened me. Of course, the alternative(life in the Graveyard) isn't fun either.

Anyways, I'm sure Brian isn't going to be using a lot of his characters in rematches, these three were just the worst.

Also, I want to see the other Companions' deckmaster abilities! :(

As for killing off the supporting characters, not all of them were killed.

Stupid Jackson. He powered up his dragon only for all that attack power to get blown back in his face. :)

10th October 2005, 06:44 PM
You can post your fic here anytime you want. No bells or whistles

Dark Sage
14th October 2005, 09:28 AM
Before I reveal my next chapter, I'd like to say that "Yu-Gi-Oh GX" is going strong on Cartoon Network, and anyone who has cable should check it out. It's a great show.

Anyway, good news - my website with the database is back online, so we can have pictues again...

So, here's the next chapter...

Dark Sage
14th October 2005, 09:30 AM
[B][I]I have to say, I agree with Francesca; Jackson wasn’t much of a duelist.

He had good cards – he had a valid strategy…

But he had no respect for his cards themselves. He treated his Monsters as nothing more than fuel to power one single Monster, casting them all aside like they were nothing when he no longer needed them. A duelist who does that can never see the Heart of the Cards, and can never truly be a success.

And I’ve dueled my share of duelists like that – such as the first one I challenged when I came to Monster Island.

And now, just like Jackson came back to seek revenge on Francesca, that duelist is gunning for me…

I can hope this is as easy as the first time…

But I doubt it will be…


Rage In The Cage

After leaving the quarry where Francesca had dueled Jackson, The three teens checked their watches…

It was six PM. They hoped that they’d find a place to sleep soon.

They knew at this point that the Queen couldn’t slit their throats in their sleep – she apparently couldn’t simply murder them outright. Still, it was going to be hard to sleep in this place unless they could find some beds.

The hallway they were walking down terminated in another door…

Andy slowly took the handle and opened it…

They entered what looked like a busted arena. Broken bleachers surrounded them, and garbage was thrown about. What looked like a boxing ring was in the center – and a skull was painted on the mat!

They looked around. Again, there were no exits…

“Crud,” muttered Stan, “now what?”

“I’ll tell you what!” laughed a female voice from above.

“That voice… sounds familiar…” muttered Andy.

A loud cranking was heard. A chain with a hook on it descended from the ceiling. Riding on it was a familiar figure…

It was Poison. She was exactly how Andy remembered her – the dark hair, and the revealing outfit… black leather bikini top and jacket, with a mini-skirt made and boots from the same material. She still had handcuffs hooked to her belt, and those ugly tattoos of thorny roses on her arms stood out prominently.

She landed on the mat.

The change came over Andy immediately.

“Poison…” he snarled. “Still going with the Goth slut look, or did someone actually die?”

“Save it,” she chuckled. “I’m still angry about the humiliation you handed me the first time in Petalburg – after that, I couldn’t get back on track. But I’m working for the Shadow Queen now…”

“Figures…” muttered Andy.

“And I want to get a win off of you, Andy!” she shouted. “You and me are going to have a rematch!”

“Get a life, Poison!” scoffed Andy. “Why should I duel someone who was hardly a challenge the first time?”

“I’ll make it worth your while if you win…” said Poison with a smile.

She pointed, and a door appeared behind her.

“It’s getting late, people,” she continued. “You’ll be tired soon, and wanting dinner and beds, right? Well, if Andy refuses to duel me, you can simply walk out that door…

“But you’ll go to sleep hungry, have to lie on the cold floor, and manage tomorrow without breakfast…

“On the other hand, if he wins a duel against me, another door will open, and you’ll get to some nice guest quarters where there’s food and a comfortable place to sleep.

“So, do we have a deal?”

“Andy, you don’t have to…” cautioned Francesca. “Don’t forget what happens if you lose…”

Andy paused. It was a rather tempting offer.

He turned to Francesca.

“I’m not going to let you sleep on stone, honey,” he whispered.

He turned to Poison.

“All right,” he said. “You have your rematch. But God help you if you’re lying…”

“Then step up, here, cutie!” laughed Poison.

Fool, she thought. I knew you’d never resist my offer. And I’ve learned a lot from our last duel, and once I defeat you, you’ll be my slave forever!

Andy stepped up to the boxing ring.

“Now,” stated Poison, “we need a prop or two…”

All of a sudden, a steel mesh cage appeared, surrounding the two of them! It was cubical, and twenty feet to a side! Barbed wire was on the top.

“Lift!” shouted Poison.

As Andy stared in wonder, the cage they were in levitated until they were ten feet off the ground.

“Want to explain the meaning of this cage, Poison?” asked Andy, now annoyed.

“You ever watch professional wrestling?” replied Poison, with a grin. “I love it! So I asked the Queen to make this duel one of the most dreaded types of pro wrestling simulations – a cage match!”

“Oh, come on, Poison!” sighed Andy, rolling his eyes. “Don’t you know that professional wrestling is…”

“What? Fake?” interrupted Poison. “Sure I know. The true pro wrestling fan will tell you that he doesn’t watch the show because he likes violence and bloodshed, but he watches it for the laughs…”

She chuckled.

“…those same people also say they like to read Playboy for the interviews. But let me tell you something Andy. The ‘sport’ may be fake, but I know enough about it to know that it isn’t without its dangers. When a wrestler picks up an opponent and throws him, he’s really picking him up and throwing him. And that can hurt! There have been many times in the history of pro wrestling when wrestlers have been seriously injured, or even killed in the ring…

“And since this is Duel Monsters, and we’re in a steel cage, I’d do my best to avoid direct attacks if I were you! Falling against the walls of this thing would hurt bad!”

She activated her Disk.

“Now to present my Deckmaster!” she announced.

She held a card aloft.

“I choose The Bistro Butcher!”

The card glowed, and the fiendish chef with his hook and cleaver appeared behind her.


“Now you choose someone,” she taunted, shuffling. “Not like it will matter…”

Andy took out his deck.

Hmm, he thought. One of Stan’s Companions had a pretty useful ability… maybe one of mine will too…

He held a card aloft.

“My Deckmaster is Koops the Bashful!” he shouted.

The card glowed, and Koops appeared behind him.

“A turtle?” laughed Poison. “Couldn’t you have tried harder than that?”

“Andy…” whispered Koops’s voice.

“Koops?” whispered Andy back.

“Don’t let her insults get to you – we can do this!” he responded. “I can help in a big way!”

“How so?” asked Andy.

“Well,” mumbled Koops, “not that I’m bragging, mind you, but I have something called a… well I’ll whisper it to you…”

He whispered in Andy’s ear.

“All right,” replied Andy.

Looks like I’ve got a winner… he thought.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Well, this should be entertaining,” muttered the Shadow Queen.

“Why exactly did you give in when that fool wanted a cage match?” asked Grodus.

“Well, I’m not too much a fan of wrestling myself,” sighed the Queen, “but figure since I’m going to bury her once this is over anyway, I might as well make her duelist’s dream come true first… I can be generous.”

“Are you going to keep your end of the bargain if Andy wins?” asked Grodus.

The Queen nodded.

“Oh yeah,” she answered. “It would be unsporting to force my victims to sleep on the floor and let them wake up hungry…”

She pulled a Magic Card out of her dress.

“…and besides, I want them at full strength once I send them through my next challenge…”

She paused.

“By the way, where are my kids?”

“Showering,” answered Grodus.

“Well, they’ll be there for an hour or two,” sighed the Shadow Queen. “You think I was too harsh on them?”

They both paused.

“NAH!” they both laughed.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Poison drew her first hand.

Andy noticed that Stan and Francesca climbed up into the busted bleachers to get a better view.

“I’ll start this off, if you don’t mind,” said Poison. “And I’ll use my Deckmaster ability right away…”

The Bistro Butcher glowed with a dark aura.

“During my draw phase, I can choose to draw two cards instead of one, so long as I then discard one from my hand!”

She drew two cards.

“Think I’ll discard this…” she said, discarding a card.

“Good grief…” muttered Andy.

“And if you think that this ability will deck me out fast, think again!” laughed Poison. “My deck is far larger than the minimum, and I have three copies each of all the important cards!”

“Well, her Deckmaster’s ability seems balanced…” muttered Francesca.

“Not really,” noted Stan. “Don’t forget, her deck has three Dark Necrofears in it. If she can discard a card every time she draws, she can have plenty of Fiends in her Graveyard to use to summon them!”

“Now, I’ll set a Monster in Defense Mode, and end my turn,” chuckled Poison.

Andy drew a card.

“Well, I’ll summon someone I think you might remember,” laughed Andy.

He placed a card down.

“Spear Dragon, in Attack Mode!”

The small Dragon with the long beak appeared. (1,900/0)

“Good move, Andy…” whispered Koops.

“Attack her facedown Monster with cyclone blast!” shouted Andy.

Spear Dragon screeched and shot forth a gust of wind…

A strange Fiend with blue skin and one huge eye appeared on the card. (650/500)


It was blown to pieces.

“Well, your Monster is destroyed…” chuckled Andy. “But since it was in Defense Mode, your Life Points are safe, right? Wrong! Due to my Spear Dragon’s effect, you lose… 1,400 of them!”

Poison’s Life Points fell to 6,600.

“And now my Spear Dragon moves to Defense Mode,” continued Andy, as Spear Dragon folded its wings.

“Don’t get too comfy,” chuckled Poison. “The Monster you destroyed was a critter called Hiro’s Shadow Scout, and since you flipped it, you now have to draw three cards and show them to me!”

Three cards flew off Andy’s deck, and images of them appeared in the air above them: Lord of Dragons, Cave Dragon, and Heavy Storm.

Poison laughed!

“And next, you have to discard the Magic Card you just drew!” she cackled. “So say goodbye to that Heavy Storm!”

The Magic Card flew into Andy’s discard slot.

“Fine,” snarled Andy. “Make your move…”

“Ooh…” moaned Francesca. “Losing that card might hurt Andy badly…”

“He can still handle it,” assured Stan.

“I’ll use my Deckmaster ability again…” chuckled Poison.

She drew two cards, and then discarded one from her hand.

In all likelihood he’s going to summon that Cave Dragon next, she thought. So this should be a safe move…

“I’ll place a card facedown, and summon my Feral Imp in Attack Mode!” she stated.

She played the cards. A facedown card appeared, and then a nasty green imp appeared in front of her. (1,300/1,400)


“Attack his Spear Dragon!” shouted Poison.

The Imp leapt forward and slashed at the Dragon with its claw, shattering it.

“Lovely…” muttered Andy. “Fortunately, it was in Defense Mode…”

“Your move…” said Poison with a smirk.

Andy drew. He added the card to his hand.

“I’ll summon Cave Dragon in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

The old, wingless Dragon appeared. (2,000/100)

Poor Andy… thought Poison. So predictable…

“That will end my turn…” he said.

“Then here comes my Deckmaster again!” laughed Poison.

She drew two cards.

Perfect, she thought. I’ve already drawn one Dark Necrofear! But first I’ll take care of what Andy already has…

“I’ll place a Monster facedown in Defense Mode,” she said, “and I’ll switch Feral Imp into Defense Mode too.”

A facedown Monster appeared, and then Feral Imp shielded itself.

“My move now…” said Andy, drawing.

“Be careful, Andy…” whispered Koops.

“I’m being careful,” assured Andy.

“I summon Koumori Dragon in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

He placed a card down, and the small Dragon of Darkness appeared. (1,500/1,200)

“Koumori Dragon, attack her Imp!” he shouted.

The Dragon breathed forth a blast of flame, and the Imp was incinerated.

And then black flames erupted around Andy! He screamed.

His Life Points fell to 7,500.

“What happened?” he asked.

Poison pointed to the Trap Card she had just activated.

“Perhaps you remember my Zorc’s Revenge card?” she chuckled. “It will cost you 500 Life Points whenever you destroy one of my Fiends!

“And by the way, my facedown Monster is a Fiend too…”

Andy looked at her for a second.

“I don’t care…” he snarled. “Cave Dragon, attack her facedown Monster!”

Cave Dragon belched forth its breath weapon…

A strange-looking Fiend with a lanky body and studded belts all over its body appeared on the card…


“Newdoria!” gasped Andy.

The Fiend was destroyed, and black flames engulfed him again! He cringed, and his Life Points fell to 7,000.

“Yep, Newdoria,” chuckled Poison. “And when it’s sent to the Graveyard, I can destroy any Monster I choose – and I choose your Cave Dragon!”

Cave Dragon burst into pixels!

“Make your move…” sneered Andy.

“Gotcha…” chuckled Poison. “I’ll only draw one card this time…”

She made a draw.

“…and now I’ll summon a beast called Dark Jeroid!”

She put the card down, and a hideous Fiend appeared. It had a body shaped like an inverted pear with slimy blue skin, and ten clawed limbs. Its sunken face was on the bottom part of its torso. (1,200/1,500)


“When I summon this adorable creature, one Monster on the field loses 800 Attack Points,” chuckled Poison, “so now your Koumori Dragon is much easier to handle!”

Koumori Dragon’s Attack fell to 700.

“Dark Jeroid, attack his Dragon!” shouted Poison.

Dark Jeroid blasted a foul gout from its mouth, and Koumori Dragon was liquefied!

Andy’s Life Points fell to 6,500.

“Don’t worry, Andy,” urged Koops. “That thing might look scary, but it only has 1,200 Attack Points!”

“Yeah,” answered Andy. “But every time I destroy one of her Fiends, I’ll lose a hunk of Life Points… Damn, if only I hadn’t lost Heavy Storm!

“By the way, how much has your you-know-what stored so far?”

“2,700 Life Points worth,” answered Koops.

“Well, that’s good…” replied Andy.

“Are you gonna move or what?” asked Poison. “And what does your Deckmaster do, anyway? If you ask me, it looks kinda scared!”

“He’s always scared,” replied Andy, making a draw. “But I’ll reveal his ability when the time is right. In the meantime…”

He put a card down.

“I’ll summon Divine Dragon Ragnarok in Attack Mode!”

The gaseous Dragon appeared in a flash of light. (1,500/1,000)

“Attack her Dark Jeroid!” shouted Andy.

Ragnarok shot forth a beam of light and incinerated the Fiend.

Poison’s Life Points fell to 6,300, but the dark flames covered Andy again, bringing his Life Points down to 6,000.

He groaned.

Divine Dragon Ragnarok… thought Poison. And he has Lord of Dragons in his hand too… Soon I’ll have my revenge…

“It’s time, Andy…” she said, drawing a card.

“I’ll remove Hiro’s Shadow Scout, Newdoria, and Feral Imp from play…”

She put a card down.

“To summon this!”

A black shadowy form fell over the cage, and the spooky form of Dark Necrofear arose! (2,200/2,800)


“Super…” muttered Andy.

“…but I’m not ready to attack just now…” sighed Poison. “I’ll place two more cards facedown, and that will end my turn.”

She fit two cards into slots, and they appeared.

Andy was surprised.

“She could have done a lot of damage if she had attacked Ragnarok…” he whispered. “What is she up to?”

“Be careful Andy…” muttered Koops again.

“What is Poison doing?” exclaimed Francesca. “Andy can use Ragnarok to summon King Dragun, and that guy is immune to Necrofear’s effect!”

Stan paused.

“Poison is either stupid,” he said, “or she’s leading him into something…”

Andy drew one card.

“All right, Poison, get ready!” he shouted.

He fit a card into a slot.

“I play Polymerization, to fuse Ragnarok with Lord of Dragons!”

Lord of Dragons appeared on the field, and the two Monsters were swept into a vortex!


“You know what’s coming next…” he chuckled. “Here comes your old friend… King Dragun!”

The fierce form of King Dragun stepped out of the vortex and roared! (2,400/1,000)


“And now,” said Andy, taking another card from his hand, “I’ll enact King Dragun’s other effect!”

“Other effect?” gasped Poison.

“Yes!” laughed Andy. “Once per turn, I can use him to Special Summon any Dragon from my hand! So meet one of the newest members of my team – a four-star Dragon so powerful that he can only be Special Summoned… Rare Metal Dragon!”

A huge dragon with no wings that seemed to be made of steel-like metal appeared next to King Dragun (2,400/1,200)


Poison’s eyes opened wide.

“And you might be interested in knowing, Poison,” added Andy, “that not only is King Dragun immune to effects that target, so are all Dragons that fight alongside him! And while King Dragun can’t attack this round, my Rare Metal Dragon can destroy your Dark Necrofear without worrying about its effect!”

“YES!” yelled Francesca. “Clean her clock, Andy!”

“Rare Metal Dragon, attack her Dark Necrofear!” shouted Andy.


Dark Sage
14th October 2005, 09:33 AM
Continued from last post:

“I activate Shores of the Styx!” shouted Poison.

A Trap Card on her side lifted, and a cackling was heard. A ghostly ferryman on a wooden skiff appeared.

Rare Metal Dragon stopped.

“Huh?” asked Andy. “Why didn’t it attack?”

“Thanks to my Trap Card, it couldn’t hear you!” laughed Poison. “The waters of the River Styx dull and cloud the mind!”

“What?” asked Andy.

“What it means is,” explained Poison, “my Shores of the Styx Trap can only be activated when I have a Fiend on the field, and when I activate it, no Monster can do anything for the rest of the round!”

“Then it’s your move,” growled Andy.

Poison made one draw.

“I’ll play Pot of Greed!” she laughed, playing the card.

The Pot handed her two cards.

“Now I’ll play Rush Recklessly!” she shouted, playing a card. “This will increase Dark Necrofear’s Attack to 2,900 for one attack!”

Andy gasped!

King Dragon… he thought.

Poison pointed to Rare Metal Dragon.

“There’s your target, Dark Necrofear!” she ordered. “Attack with doom gaze!”

Dark Necrofear’s eyes widened, and she blasted a ray that blew Rare Metal Dragon to pieces!

Andy’s Life Points fell to 5,500.

“WHAT?” shouted Andy, shocked. “Why didn’t you destroy King Dragun when you had the chance?”

“I’ve got something else in mind for him!” laughed Poison, taking a card from her hand.

She put a Monster Card down on her Disk.

“I now summon Claw Reacher…”

A Fiend in armor with very long, metallic arms, and big claws appeared. (1,000/800)


“Now,” she said, taking another card. “I know your King Dragun is immune to card effects that target, but this card doesn’t target! I play Creature Swap!”

She placed a card in a slot and Andy looked on with horror...

“Now we both have to choose a Monster to trade with each other…” laughed Poison. “I choose my Claw Reacher, but you have only one Monster to choose from…”

Claw Reacher and King Dragun switched places, as Poison laughed.

“I’ve been planning this since that painful direct attack he gave me!” laughed Poison. “I’ve wanted so much to use this Monster against you – and now that I’ve made it my slave, I will!”

“That dirty…” muttered Stan.

“…bitch…” snarled Francesca.

“Is that your turn?” sneered Andy.

“Oh no…” chuckled Poison. “I have one more card to play…”

Her last facedown card lifted. It was a Trap showing a picture of Injection Fairy Lily, Giant Soldier of Stone, and Gyaku-Gire Panda falling from a great height to their doom.

“I activate Screen Dropping!” she declared. “For the bargain price of just 500 Life Points…”

Her Life Points fell to 5,800.

”…this Trap destroys all three-star Monsters on the field, and I’m afraid that’s just what Claw Reacher is!”

Claw Reacher shattered…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Well!” chuckled Grodus, “Our assassin seems to have gotten the better of young Andy!”

The Shadow Queen frowned…

“Uh, I thought you’d be happy…” he muttered.

“Andy is using one of his Companions as a Deckmaster…” muttered the Queen. “Just like Stan did against Crump. I don’t like it…”

“What’s not to like?” laughed Grodus. “Poison has two powerful Monsters right now, and Andy has nothing!”

“And Andy hasn’t even used his Deckmaster’s ability yet!” sneered the Queen. “I have no idea what Koops can do! I hate things that I don’t know about!”

She sighed.

“I admit it… I’m a control freak…”

She searched her mind, trying hard to remember what powers she had seen the scaredy-cat Koopa utilize with the Three Heroes after he had joined them on their quest one-thousand years ago…

It was harder than she thought. She never gave the Companions much thought, thinking them no more than henchmen.

It was a sorry case for the Queen. The Companions weren’t henchmen, or even sidekicks – they were partners. The Heroes had never treated them as inferior. And they never would have defeated the Queen without their help.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Andy drew one card.

“I summon The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave in Defense Mode!” he exclaimed.

He put the card down, and the sleepy, rocky Dragon appeared. (1,300/2,000)

“Okay, Koops,” he whispered. “This had better work…”

“It’ll work…” gulped Koops. “I’m pretty sure it will…”

“You’re pretty sure?” replied Andy. “Maybe you’d rather be up here!”

He sighed.

He waved his hand to signal the end of his turn.

“It’s pointless, Andy!” laughed Poison, drawing a card. “Dark Necrofear, destroy his Dragon!”

Dark Necrofear shot forth her doom gaze, blowing the Dragon to pieces! Andy shielded himself.

“I’ve waited a long time for this!” laughed Poison. “King Dragun! Attack your former master directly! Divine wrath!”

King Dragun looked at Andy sadly…

He shot forth a blast of black flame…

“ANDY!” screamed Francesca.

…and then Koops produced a HUGE turtle shell and threw it over Andy! The blast hit the Shell, cracking it, but Andy’s Life Points were untouched.

“WHAT?” yelled Poison. “What happened?”

The Shell lifted, and Andy emerged.

“Now you know what my Deckmaster can do, Poison!” he chuckled. “He has a handy thing called a Shell Shield!

“Here’s how it works – every time one of my Monsters is destroyed, the Shell Shield gains Life Points equal to one half of the destroyed Monster’s Attack Points! And if you want to hurt me with a direct attack, you have to destroy the Shell Shield first!

“When you struck, it had stored 4,550 Life Points, and you only managed to knock off 2,400 of them, leaving my own Life Points unharmed!”

Poison seethed.

“Make your move…” she hissed.

Andy drew.

“I was inspired to add this card to my deck by a guy named Gerald Laxina!” he laughed. “It’s called Spell Sanctuary!”

He played the card, and it appeared on his side.

“Now we can both add any one Magic Card of our choice from our decks to our hand!”

“Why would you let me get any Magic Card I wanted?” asked Poison, taking her deck.

“I like to live dangerously,” answered Andy, taking his.

He chose a card, and then reshuffled.

Poison chose one, and reshuffled herself.

“Andy is taking a big risk,” gulped Stan. “Some Magic Cards can be quite powerful…”

“Yeah…” muttered Francesca. “But Andy will get to use his first…”

“Now,” said Andy, placing his Deck back in his tray, “I’ll use this card… Snatch Steal!”

“HA, HA, HA, HA!” laughed Poison. “Have you forgotten the effect of your own Monster? It can’t be affected by cards that target!”

Andy grinned at her, and played the card. The wily bandit appeared.

“Wait…” gasped Poison. “You’re going after Dark Necrofear!”

“That’s right…” replied Andy, as the bandit appeared. “King Dragun’s powers protect Dragons that fight alongside him, but not Fiends!”

The bandit grabbed Dark Necrofear and dragged it over to Andy’s side.

“Now, just like last time, I’ll sacrifice your Dark Necrofear to summon one of my Monsters!” shouted Andy.

Dark Necrofear vanished as Andy placed a card down.

Luster Dragon #2 appeared! (2,400/1,400)

Poison chuckled.

“A fat lot of good that will do you!” she laughed. “Its Attack is equal to King Dragun’s.”

“Oh really?” replied Andy holding up another card. “Remember how I took down your Dark Ruler?”

He showed her the card.

“Your Scorching Ruin card?” gasped Poison.

“That’s right…” said Andy, sadly, as he played the card. “King Dragun, I’m so sorry…”

King Dragun looked at him, and nodded.

Luster Dragon’s Attack shot up to 3,400.

“Luster Dragon, put him out of his misery! Emerald flash blast!”

Luster Dragon shot forth his green stream of energy, and King Dragon was destroyed!

Poison’s Life Points fell to 4,800.

“Aw, I feel like I just shot my best horse…” mumbled Andy.

Koops put his arm on his shoulder.

“Don’t feel too bad, Andy…” he urged. “Poison just lost 1,000 Life Points, and King Dragun will be glad to know that since he went to your Graveyard, he just added 1,200 Life Points to my Shell Shield, so he managed to help you damage Poison and protect you at the same time.”

“Yes…” sighed Andy.

“Make your move…” he muttered.

“Then I’ll use my own Deckmaster again!” cursed Poison, angrily.

She drew two cards…

…and then she discarded one.

“Now I’ll play Card of Sanctity!” she shouted.

A bright blue flash lit up the top of the cage.

“Fine!” answered Andy. “I could use more cards!”

They both drew until they had six.

Perfect, thought Poison. The perfect combo…

“I’ll place two cards facedown on the field…” she said, placing two cards into slots.

Two cards materialized.

“And now I’ll summon one Monster in Defense Mode!”

A hidden Monster appeared.

“And don’t forget about my Zorc’s Revenge Trap!” she laughed.

“I really don’t care!” shouted Andy, making a draw. “I have Life Points to spare!”

“Luster Dragon, attack her facedown Monster!”

Poison laughed as Luster Dragon shot forth its breath weapon.

“Reveal… Waboku!” she shouted.

Her Trap lifted, and the three robed priests appeared.

“And I’ve done more than block your attack…” chuckled Poison. “Since the attack still happened, you activated my Monster’s flip-effect!”

A little Monster appeared on the card. It looked like a brain, with wings, claws, and an eye on a short tentacle. (200/900)


“What?” said Andy, puzzled.

“It’s a Fiend called a Brain Jacker!” laughed Poison. “Brain Jacker, jack Luster Dragon’s brain!”

The Brain Jacker flew over and latched its claws onto Luster Dragon’s head! It roared, and then its eyes glazed over.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING?” shouted Andy.

“When Brain Jacker is flipped, it becomes an Equip Card that Equips to the Monster of my choice,” laughed Poison, “and now your Luster Dragon, like King Dragun, is my slave for as long as it remains!”

Luster Dragon flew over to Poison’s side.

“POISON!” shouted Andy. “You’re nothing but a thief!”

“I may be a thief…” chuckled Poison, “but I’m a great thief!”

“By the way…” she added. “For as long as Brain Jacker remains Equipped, you’ll gain 500 Life Points during each of your turns…

“Or will you?”

She activated her other facedown card.

“I activate Bad Reaction to Simochi!” she shouted.

“Meaning I’ll lose Life Points instead of gaining them…” groaned Andy.

“Exactly!” chuckled Poison.

Andy put a card down.

“I’ll end my turn by summoning Masked Dragon in Defense Mode…”

The red, metallic Dragon appeared. (1,400/1,100)

Poison made one draw…

“Now I’ll summon Headless Knight, in Defense Mode!” she shouted.

She threw the card down, and the phantom knight in armor with no head appeared, covering itself with its shield. (1,450/1,700)


“Go, my slave!” she shouted. “Attack his Masked Dragon!”

Luster Dragon tried to resist, but it couldn’t help itself. It blasted forth its breath, destroying the Masked Dragon.

“Clever, Poison,” chuckled Andy, “but you’re forgetting, when Masked Dragon is destroyed, I can summon another one!”

He took out another card, and another Masked Dragon appeared.

At this rate, I’ll never get at his Life Points! thought Poison in frustration.

“My move now…” said Andy.

He drew, and the Simochi card glowed. His Life Points went down to 5,000.

That’s just what I needed, he thought, looking at the Magic Card.

He added it to his hand. Then he chose another card.

“I sacrifice my Masked Dragon to summon Des Volstgalph!” he shouted.

Masked Dragon vanished, and the mighty sand Dragon appeared with a roar! (2,200/1,700)


“HA!” laughed Poison. “You already used up your Scorching Ruin! You’ll never destroy Luster Dragon with that thing!”

“I’m not going to destroy it…” said Andy with a smirk. “I’m going to save it!”

He placed a card into a slot.

“I play A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon!” he shouted.

“Huh? What does that do?” stammered Poison.

“First I have to return a Dragon with five stars or more to my hand,” explained Andy. “Des Volstgalph, return!”

Des Volstgalph vanished, and then a huge dragon made of flames with huge wings appeared!

“And now, every Magic and Trap Card on the field is destroyed!” he continued. “That includes Monsters who have become Equip Cards!”

The flaming dragon flapped its wings… First, Spell Sanctuary shattered. Then the Zorc’s Revenge and Bad Reaction To Simochi cards disintegrated. Finally, the Brain Jacker on Luster Dragon’s skull exploded!

Luster Dragon roared!

“He’s free!” yelled Andy.

Luster Dragon leapt back to Andy’s side.

“Luster Dragon!” shouted Andy, “destroy her Headless Knight!”

Luster Dragon blasted forth his mighty breath, and Headless Knight was blasted into nothing!

“All right!” shouted Stan.

“WHOO, WHOO, WHOO!” cheered Francesca.

“All right Andy…” muttered Poison, “it’s my move now… And I’ll use my Deckmaster ability again…”

She drew two cards.

She smiled, and discarded one…

And then Luster Dragon’s Attack Score fell to 1,900!

“What?” gasped Andy. “What happened?”

“I discarded a very useful Fiend called Archfiend of Gilfer,” answered Poison. “When it’s sent to the Card Graveyard in any way, one Monster on the field loses 500 Attack Points!”

“Now, I’ll remove Claw Reacher, Brain Jacker, and Headless Knight from play, and summon another Dark Necrofear!”

She put a card down, and another Dark Necrofear arose! (2,200/2,800)

“ATTACK!” shouted Poison.

Dark Necrofear blasted her lethal gaze, destroying Luster Dragon.

Andy’s Life Points fell to 4,700.

“It’s your move…” snickered Poison.

Andy made a draw.

He sighed.

“I’ll place a Monster in Defense Mode…” he said.

A facedown Monster appeared.

“That all?” chuckled Poison.

Andy nodded.

“Then I’ll use my Deckmaster ability again…” she continued.

She drew two cards and discarded one.

“And now I’ll play Graceful Charity!”

She played the card, and the angel flew out with three cards.

Poison smirked, and quickly handed her two.

“Well,” she chuckled, taking another card, “I have my third Dark Necrofear here!”

No… thought Andy.

“I think I’ll remove three more Fiends from play to summon it too!” laughed Poison.

She placed the card down, and a second Dark Necrofear appeared next to the other! (2,200/2,800)

“Oh for the love of…” muttered Stan. “I’ve never heard of anyone having to face two Dark Necrofears at the same time!”

“You!” shouted Poison to the first, “attack his facedown Monster!”

The first Dark Necrofear attacked, and Grey Wing appeared. It was blasted to pieces.

“Now my second one, attack him directly!”

The second Dark Necrofear fired!

Then Koops threw the Shell Shield over Andy, and the blast hit it! Cracks appeared on the huge shell.

Andy peeked out of the Shell.

“Koops,” he whispered. “How many more Life Points does this thing have?”

“Given what I just got from Grey Wing, 2,300,” answered Koops.

“Then this next draw better be something that I can defend with…” muttered Andy.

He drew.

Crud… he thought.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn…” he sighed.

A facedown card appeared in front of him.

“No!” gasped Francesca. “Andy has no Monsters to protect him!”

“He still has Koops’s Shield,” answered Stan. “Let’s hope it’s enough…”

Poison chuckled as she drew.

“I’m not fooled by your bluff,” she said with a smirk. “Both of you, attack directly!”

The first Dark Necrofear fired, and the Shell Shield covered Andy again…

…and this time a very large crack appeared in it.

Then the second one shot its lethal beam, and the Shield was blown to bits! Andy screamed and was thrown backwards!

His Life Points fell 2,100 points, to 2,600.

“So much for your shield…” chuckled Poison.

“Andy, she’s right!” gasped Koops. “She destroyed it! I can’t use it again!”

“Don’t worry Koops,” answered Andy, getting up. “We’ll find another way…”

“It’s my move, Poison!” he snarled, drawing.

He looked at the card.

“Since you weren’t fooled by my bluff, I’ll use my facedown card…” he said. “Reload!”

The Magic Card lifted, and an ancient shotgun appeared in the air.

Andy’s deck floated out of his tray, and it combined with the four cards in his hand. The cards all flew around him in a chaotic pattern… and then reassembled themselves back into a deck.

Then, a new hand of four cards flew off of the deck.

Andy looked at them.

“Next, I’ll play Pot of Greed!” he shouted.

He played the card, and the Pot handed him two more cards, bringing the total in his hand up to five.

This just might work… he thought.

“Now I’ll play… Fusion Recovery!” he exclaimed. “This lets me retrieve one Polymerization card and one fusion material Monster from my Graveyard!”

Two cards slipped out of his discard slot.

“And the Monster I chose is… Rare Metal Dragon!”

“Wait!” shouted Poison. “That Monster isn’t part of a fusion!”

“I beg to differ!” laughed Andy. “This Dragon is part of a little-known Fusion Monster, which is the one I’m about to summon right now!”

He plugged his Polymerization card into his Disk.

“I’m fusing Rare Metal Dragon with my favorite Warrior – Warrior Dai Grepher!”

Grepher appeared on the field, followed by the silvery Dragon. The familiar portal opened, and they were drawn through it.

“Wow, Warrior Dai Grepher sure gets around…” exclaimed Francesca.


Dark Sage
14th October 2005, 09:35 AM
Continued from last post:

“But what does this Fusion create?” asked Stan.


A tall Warrior walked out of the vortex. He was a tough, brave looking man with blonde hair, dressed in beautiful, sliver, metal armor that had a definite draconic theme and a futuristic look. He was armed with two long daggers.

“Meet Metal Dragoon!” exclaimed Andy.


Poison sneered.

“Now I’ll play one card facedown, and that will end my turn…” said Andy.

He fit a card into a slot, and it appeared.

Poison drew. She chuckled.

“The end is near, Andy!” she laughed. “I’ll Equip one of my Necrofears with Dark Energy!”

She played a card. A hand holding a dark orb appeared, and it was hurled at one of the two Fiends. Its Attack Score went up to 2,500.

“No!” screamed Francesca. “Andy’s Monster is a sitting duck!”

“And so are you, Andy!” laughed Poison. “Once your Dragoon is destroyed, my other Fiend will go right for you, bring you down to…”

She paused.

“…250 Life Points!

“Dark Necrofear, attack Metal Dragoon with doom gaze!”

The powered-up Necrofear fixed its gaze on Metal Dragoon… it fired its lethal ray…

There was a huge explosion…

But when the smoke cleared, Metal Dragoon was still standing! His armor was a little cracked, but he hadn’t been destroyed.

“WHAT? HOW?” stammered Poison. “My Fiend was stronger!”

Andy’s Life Points fell a little, to 2,450.

“Obviously you have no idea of Metal Dragoon’s special ability,” he chuckled. “His ultra-strong dragon-hide armor can protect him from two lethal blows! In order to destroy him, you have to successfully attack him three times!”

Poison thought for a minute.

By the time I manage to do that, he might have found a way to get rid of my Necrofears… she thought. Time for plan-B…

She pointed to the other Dark Necrofear.

“You!” she shouted. “You attack him!”

Francesca gasped.

“A Dark Necrofear kamikaze strike!” she gulped.

The Dark Necrofear’s eyes glowed. Metal Dragoon’s two daggers glowed with green energy, and they formed into huge, kopesh-style swords! He leapt and struck down the Fiend!

Poison cackled as her Life Points fell to 4,650.

“And now,” she laughed, “I’ll take possession of another of your Monsters!”

The ghost of Dark Necrofear flew into Metal Dragoon! He gasped…

He started to float to Poison’s side…

“Not this time, Poison!” shouted Andy. “I activate my Trap! Go, Dust Tornado!”

His Trap Card lifted, and a furious wind whipped around the field.

“I know that when Dark Necrofear is destroyed, it becomes an Equip Card,” said Andy with a smirk, “so this Trap lets me free my Monster from its grasp!”

When the winds stopped, Metal Dragoon was back on Andy’s side.

Poison was too startled to speak.

“All right!” shouted Francesca. “All you need to do now is take down one more, Andy!”

“It’s my move, now, Poison,” said Andy.

He made a draw.

Good, he thought.

“I’ll place one card facedown…” he stated, “and then I’ll summon this Monster in Defense Mode… meet Mirage Dragon!”

He played a card, and a facedown card appeared. Then he played a Monster card, and a hazy, blurry dragon that seemed to be made of light appeared (1,600/600)


“That will end my turn…” he stated.

Poison drew.

She giggled.

“Now I play…” she started.

She paused.

“Uh check that…” she stammered. “Is your Metal Dragoon a Monster of Earth, like Grepher, or a Monster of Darkness, like Rare Metal Dragon?”

“Earth, why?” asked Andy.

“That’s all I needed to know!” laughed Poison.

She fit a card into a slot.

“I play Negative Energy!” she shouted. “This doubles the Attack of all Dark Monsters on the field!”

Dark Necrofear’s Attack shot up to 5,000!

“You thought I didn’t see that you still took Battle Damage when I attacked Metal Dragoon the first time, did you?” laughed Poison. “Well when I attack him this time, he may not be destroyed, but you’ll lose 2,650 Life Points and the duel!

“Dark Necrofear…”

“Activate Threatening Roar!” shouted Andy.

The great beast appeared behind him and roared! Dark Necrofear cringed…

Poison was beside herself in frustration. She had been cheated out of victory yet again.

“Make your move…” she dared.

“Fine!” shouted Andy, drawing.

Perfect, he thought, looking at the very common Magic Card. That was just what I needed…

“I sacrifice Metal Dragoon and Mirage Dragon to summon my mighty Tyrant Dragon!” he shouted.

The Warrior and the Dragon shattered, and the huge Dragon of Fire arose! (2,900/2,500)

“Now I play a very special card!” continued Andy, throwing a card into a slot. “Power Lift!”

Tyrant Dragon bellowed.

“This lets me add my beast’s Defense Score to its Attack Score, for a total of 5,400, enough to take down even your Dark Necrofear!”

What? thought Poison. He’d be stupid to…

“Tyrant Dragon…” shouted Andy, “attack with imperial inferno!”

Tyrant Dragon blasted forth a stream of fire, and Dark Necrofear was blown to bits!

Poison’s Life Points fell to 4,250, but she was cackling like a madwoman.

“That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!” she laughed.

Dark Necrofear’s ghost flew into Tyrant Dragon, and it howled. It floated over to Poison’s side.

“Only an idiot would let me have control of a Monster this powerful, you fool!” she laughed.

“Don’t get too attached Poison,” said Andy, smugly. “You may have my superpowered Tyrant Dragon, but you won’t be keeping it long enough to use it…”

“Huh? Why?” asked Poison.

“Because of Power Lift’s side effect,” answered Andy. “It’s powerful, but whatever Monster I use it on is sent to the Graveyard at the end of the turn I use it.

“As soon as I end my turn, that powerful Dragon will be destroyed, leaving you with nothing…

“But first…”

He took a card from his hand.

“…I’ll play Monster Reborn, to bring Metal Dragoon back.”

He played the Magic Card. The holy ankh appeared, and Metal Dragoon appeared on it. (2,350/2,350)

“Okay, Poison…” said Andy, stabbing his thumb down, “I’m ending my turn now.”

Tyrant Dragon burst into pixels!

Now Poison was truly frightened…

“I’ll…” she said. “I’ll use my Deckmaster ability again…”

She drew two cards.

She gulped as she looked at them.

“Disappointed, Poison?” asked Andy.

She discarded one.

“I’ll put a Monster in Defense Mode…” she stated, placing a card down.

A hidden Monster appeared.

“Now it’s my move…” stated Andy.

He made a draw.

“And it’s my old, reliable, Luster Dragon #1!” he stated, placing the card down.

The large Dragon made of sapphire appeared. (1,900/1,600)

“Luster Dragon, attack her facedown Monster!” shouted Andy.

Luster Dragon shot forth its brilliant blue breath, and The Portrait’s Secret was eradicated.

“Metal Dragoon, attack her directly with silver dragon swords!”

Metal Dragoon’s daggers grew into their kopesh forms, and he charged! Poison screamed as he made two slashes, throwing her against the side of the cage!

Her Life Points fell to 1,900.

“This isn’t over!” she cursed, getting up.

“I’m afraid it is…” said Andy, calmly.

He fit his last card into a slot.

“Because now I play my Quickplay Magic Card… the mighty De-Fusion!”

Metal Dragoon glowed…

“This splits my Fusion Monster into the two Monsters I used to summon him!”

Metal Dragoon divided into two orbs of light, and they formed into Warrior Dai Grepher (1,700/1,600), and Rare Metal Dragon (2,400/1,200).

“Rare Metal Dragon…” shouted Andy, “attack directly with flash flare blast!”

Rare Metal Dragon roared, and shot forth a beam of pure energy from its mouth, striking Poison and knocking her over!

Her Life Points were depleted.

“No…” she moaned, as the cage lowered, “it can’t end like this…”

“I’m afraid it has…” said Andy, as the cage vanished. “And remember your side of the bargain.”

The dark portal opened, and Poison was sucked through it…

And Andy noticed a second door had appeared leading out of the derelict arena…

“Thanks, Koops,” he said, turning to his Deckmaster. “Without that Shell Shield, she’d have beaten me long before I had beaten her…”

“Any time, Andy,” chuckled Koops. “But remember, I’m not the only one with powerful abilities. Trust all the Monsters in your deck – they can help you immensely.”

He vanished.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“I don’t know what I can say to you, Poison,” sighed the Shadow Queen. “I give you all the help I can, but you still manage to blow it…”

“I couldn’t help it!” begged Poison. “His Deckmaster was too strong! I simply couldn’t get a direct attack in! He completely ruined my strategy! No one can win a duel by destroying Monsters alone!”

“Well, maybe you should have concentrated less on stealing his Monsters out of some stupid thoughts of revenge, and concentrated on summoning powerful ones of your own!” scolded the Queen.

She flicked her Disk into place.

“NO!” pleaded Poison. “Not that! Please!”

“Save it,” scowled the Queen. “What makes you think I would punish Jackson and spare you?”

She fit a card into a slot. The Grave Arm burst through the floor and grabbed Poison! She screamed and was dragged under.

“Grodus…” sighed the Queen. “We must prepare for tomorrow…”

She held aloft another Magic Card…

…it was Monster Reborn.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The three teens entered the door, and went into a small series of rooms. It was like a small group of hotel rooms. Two comfy looking beds had been set up in one room, and a door led to another bedroom, presumably for Francesca. A bathroom with a shower was accessed by a door in the far wall.

They smelled cooked chicken, and saw a door leading to a kitchenette. That was the first thing they went to.

Inside they saw a stove and a refrigerator. Stan opened the stove and saw baked chicken quarters – they were still hot and smelled delicious!

Francesca opened the refrigerator.

“WOW!” she said, picking something up. “It’s almost impossible to find this kind of cheese!”

“I’ve got to say one thing for the Shadow Queen,” chuckled Andy, taking a carton of milk, “for a wicked witch who wants to kill us, she keeps her promises…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Queen watched as her victims helped themselves, and then she shut off her viewing globe.

“Careful,” she sneered. “You know if you eat too much you’ll have nightmares and wake up cranky…”

She sighed.

“I’m hungry myself, so me and my own blood had best get dinner…

“Because tomorrow, the true terror starts…”


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a fiendish, cloaked ferryman, piloting a skiff down a dark river. You can only activate this card when you have a FIEND-Type Monster on your side of the field. During the round you activate this card, all Monsters on the field cannot attack or activate their effects.

METAL DRAGOON (Monster Card)

Card Specs

Type: Warrior/Fusion/Effect
Attribute: Earth
Level: 7
ATK: 2,350
DEF: 2,350

Card Description: Rare Metal Dragon + Warrior Dai Grepher

This fighter wears armor forged from the impenetrable hides of the strongest dragons, making him nearly indestructible. When this Monster is summoned, put two counters on the card. If this Monster battles a Monster in Attack Mode that has equal or higher ATK while at least one counter remains, this Monster is not destroyed (battle damage still applies) and one counter is removed. If this Monster battles a Monster with equal or higher ATK without a counter, it is destroyed normally.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Injection Fairy Lily, Giant Soldier of Stone, and Gyaku-Gire Panda falling from the sky to their doom. Pay 500 Life Points. Destroy all face-up Level-Three Monsters on the field.

Note: “Screen Dropping” is a real card that will be released in the “Elemental Energy” booster pack. “Screen Dropping” is only the assumed English name, and is subject to change.

”The Bistro Butcher”: Fiend/Dark, (1,800/1,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Butcher’s Cut”: During your Draw Phase, you may draw one extra card. If you choose to do so, you must then discard one card from your hand. Discarding a card in this manner is a cost.

”Koops the Bashful”: Reptile/Water, (1,800/500)

Deckmaster SA: “Shell Shield”: When your Monsters are destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, divide their ATK Scores in half and add them into one lump sum. All damage inflicted by direct attacks is first deducted from this sum and from your Life Points when it reaches zero. The sum can increase as more of your Monsters are destroyed. (If a direct attack is made that exceeds the sum, deduct the difference from your Life Points.) If you take Life Point damage from a direct attack after the sum reaches zero, you can no longer use this ability.

[I][B]Coming up next:

We turn back the clock a few hours, and give Stan, Andy, and Francesca a break to see how another of the finalists is doing.

Wanda Underwood wanders into a sylvan nightmare, where she must duel for her life against a terrifying foe. It all happens in a chapter called “The Greenhouse Effect”, coming soon.

Master of Paradox
14th October 2005, 10:47 AM
So... that's it for Poison, then. Only idiots would ever work for a villain in a Dark Sage story - you're either going to be brutally humiliated in battle or on the fast track to the afterlife. No exceptions.

I have nothing to say about the duel. It was simply average. (Well, that's a lie, I have one thing to say - why'd you steal the name "Flash Flare Blast" from the Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon's attack?)

Actually, come to think of it, I have nothing to say about the chapter as a whole. It passed through my mind like an X-ray.

And now we get to spend a chapter with the supporting cast. The Persephone chapter in Mandate of Heaven was decent, so I've got hopes fo rthis one.

Dark Sage
14th October 2005, 11:47 AM
I'd like to address MoP's concern...

Poison is NOT dead, and neither is anyone else who the Queen has punished. The Graveyard is her prison. After all, she never knows when someone who has outlived his usefulness might become useful again.

Is she capable of killing an enemy? Maybe. You'll just have to wait and see.

- DS

Shuppet Master
14th October 2005, 12:52 PM
That's a pretty decent chapter. Poison was just insane, trying to turn Andy's monsters against him. I was a little worried there when the Shell Shield shattered, but Andy survived.

So Wanda's up next, huh? That's cool, I can't wait to see more about that. Keep up the good work, Brian.

14th October 2005, 02:22 PM
What about the cage? I thought after Poison talked about so much it would effect the duel somehow. Anyway great duel!

14th October 2005, 05:24 PM
And still I wait for one of the main characters to lose a crucial duel. =o

Otherwise, decent chapter, nothing too spectacular. Looking forward to next chapter, as I'm getting a bit sick of the dragons and amazons (one of my best friends plays a dragon deck, and I play an amazon or dark magician deck, so yeah. x3;; )

14th October 2005, 06:16 PM
Once again the hero wins and the loser gets a terrible punishment This has become one of those storries where I develop an unrealistic hope that the bad guys will win (because they're cooler then the heroes, I can say that).

Well, at least we're goign over to someone else now. Hopefully this will be interesting.

14th October 2005, 08:09 PM
*pop* Huh? Over already? I was just getting to sleep.....
Momotemy stinks. Add some spice to the pot and stir it in. I'M BORED!!!! *goes back to sleep*

Shuppet Master
14th October 2005, 10:26 PM
Don't worry, the bad guys will win, at least a partial victory - after all, Brian's been building up this whole "the heirs of the heroes must be defeated to free the Shadow Queen" thing that it's obvious that, even if the minions don't win, the Shadow Queen herself will defeat two of the heroes herself. Of course, it's so the last hero can pull a win and destroy the Shadow Queen forever. :D

15th October 2005, 12:58 AM
um, speaking of which, if the shadow queen needed to beat the heroes to escape, why didn't the three just get off the island instead of going through all this? The queen would still be imprisoned and it'll save them alot of trouble.

15th October 2005, 05:24 AM
The only way off the island will probably be to be defeated or to win the tournament (don't forgot they were lured there). If they would want to leave the island they probably need to be beaten. And seeing as the stage they are in now they can't lose or the shadow queen will rule the world. And in the earlier stage how could they be certain that the opponent didn't work for the shadow queen?
So in my opinion the only off the island for them will be to finish the tournament.

Shuppet Master
15th October 2005, 08:13 AM
Uh hello, Mystic Clown? No offense, but did you actually READ the story? In the "Information Please" chapter, where Merlee is telling the story to the kids, someone asks why they didn't just leave and Merlee told them that the Shadow Queen controlled the entire island and all exits from it! The boat captains would refuse them entry and, unelss they got the help of some friendly Coast Guard choppers, they would have to swim all the way home, and that's a long way.

Basically, once they set foot on the island, they were trapped and the only way to leave is by defeating the Shadow Queen.

15th October 2005, 11:14 AM
That would stink. But why do they have 2 play duel monsters? can't queenie just send some discuized hobo to beat them at chess or somethin?

15th October 2005, 05:17 PM
That would stink. But why do they have 2 play duel monsters? can't queenie just send some discuized hobo to beat them at chess or somethin?

Now THAT, would be interesting, and downright funny.

Dark Sage
15th October 2005, 06:10 PM
Believe me, it's going to get a whole lot more interesting from here on out.

The three main characters won't be the only ones who will be dueling, but if you want them to lose... Well, that can't happen right now, because if they did, they'd be out of the story.

The Queen will duel herself at around Chapter Fifty Six, and it won't be the last time. (Wait until you see who her opponent is...) In between now and then, it will get a lot harder for the heroes. They might preservere for now, but it will get much harder. (Hint - The Shadow Spawn aren't named that just because their mother is the Shadow Queen).

Believe me, with what I've got planned, we're in for a wild ride.

15th October 2005, 11:42 PM
I'll trust you on that (I'd still prefer the disguised hobo though).

BTW, DS, do you think you can give me a hand with my fanfiction? I just need a bit of help thinking of a title.

Dark Sage
18th October 2005, 08:31 AM
Well, it's time for a new chapter.

As you know, I'm giving Stan, Andy, and Francesca a little break for a chapter, and giving a member of the supporting cast a chance. They'll be back next chapter, but for now, let's give someone else a go.

So enjoy. Hopefully, this will be better than what I've been doing lately.

- DS

Dark Sage
18th October 2005, 08:32 AM
[I][B]My name is Wanda Underwood…

I try to keep my last name a secret, so no one will connect me with my brother, Weevil Underwood. I hate to say this, but I despise my brother, the lousy cheater.

Ever since I started dueling, I had a goal – to become an even greater Insect Duelist than he ever could be.

And it seems now I have achieved that goal. In Duelist Kingdom, he didn’t last one duel. In Battle City, he was eliminated on his second.

But I’m in the Monster Island Tournament, and I’ve gained access to the Thousand Year Door as one of the finalists!

It would be great…

But this creepy place might be more than I bargained for…


The Greenhouse Effect

Shortly after Stan’s duel with Diana, Wanda Underwood was wandering down a hallway in the Palace of Shadow…

And despite the creepy surroundings, she was on Cloud Nine.

She had done what her brother couldn’t come close to doing – gotten to the finals of a major tournament.

She dug into her pocket and pulled out an item:

The Emerald Star!

She still remembered the great battle that had won her this gem, which she had fought shortly after winning her seventh card. A strange Interdimensional Matter Transporter had taken her to Poshley Heights.

There, she had met with Pennington. Once he saw that she had seven Cards, there wasn’t much to say. He led her to a strange building called Poshley Sanctum and unlocked the door; with one “good luck,” he let her in.

Wanda wandered around the creepy Sanctum for a while before intuition led her to a secret shrine. There she was challenged by a monstrous phantasm that called himself King Boo!

And it was during the duel that Wanda found a flaw in her strategy… Her DNA Surgery could change the Type of all Monsters on the field to Insects… But her foe’s Spirit Monsters remained Spirits no matter what Type they were.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Wanda was in big trouble at the moment. Her Life Points stood at 2900, her Insect Barrier had long been destroyed, and her first Insect Knight had just been destroyed by her opponent’s Susa Soldier. King Boo’s Life Points just went up to 4,000 thanks to his Spring of Rebirth, and he also had one Monster facedown and a facedown card. All Wanda had on her side right now was her DNA Surgery.

“Give it up, bug girl!” laughed King Boo in with a throaty laugh. “My Spirits are invincible, and they’re going to just keep on coming!”

“This duel isn’t over so long as I have one Life Point left!” cursed Wanda.

She drew one card.

She placed a card on her Disk.

“I summon Neo Bug!” she shouted.

The bizarre combination of wasp and scorpion with a blue exoskeleton appeared. (1,800/1,700)

“Attack his facedown Monster!” she commanded.

Neo Bug flew forward…

A powerful, bearded man awash in flames appeared on the card. (1,500/1,600)

“Activate… Castle Walls!” shouted Boo.

His Trap Card flipped up, and the Monster’s Defense increased to 2,100. Neo Bug bounced off, and Wanda’s Life Points fell to 2,600.

“That’s no Spirit!” gasped Wanda.

“No,” chuckled Boo. “It’s a Monster called Flame Ruler. So, is that your turn?”

“Yeah, move…” gulped Wanda, dreading what was coming next.

King Boo drew one card and added it to his hand.

“As you probably know,” he said, “if I sacrifice Flame Ruler for a Monster of Fire, it counts as two sacrifices. So I’ll sacrifice it…”

Flame Ruler vanished as he put a card down.

“And I’ll summon the unbeatable Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi!”

A huge Monster appeared. It was a giant with a bare chest, wearing a kilt, with flames for hair and strange tattoos covering its body. It gave an evil glare! (2,800/2,900)

“Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi,” laughed King Boo, “destroy her Bug with spiritual flames!”

The huge Spirit laughed, and shot forth a stream of fire! Neo Bug was incinerated, and Wanda’s Life Points fell to 1,600.

“And that’s not all,” chuckled Boo. “Since my Spirit King damaged your Life Points, you have to discard the rest of your hand before you make your next draw! And my turn isn’t over…”

He played a Magic Card.

“I play Spiritual Energy Settle Machine! This card may force me to discard one card at the end of each of my turns to keep it in play, but it’s worth it, because now my Spirits won’t return to my hand.”

He discarded a card.

“Okay, I’m ending my turn now…”

Wanda sighed and discarded her hand…

She drew one card…

“Poor little Insect Duelist,” chuckled Boo. “Nothing to play, and only one attack away from defeat. All you have on your side is your worthless DNA Surgery, and…”

“I play Card of Sanctity!” shouted Wanda.

“Card of Sanctity?” exclaimed Boo. “How could anyone be so lucky?”

They each drew until they had six cards.

“I play Monster Reborn…” said Wanda, playing the card, “to bring back Neo Bug!”

Neo Bug reappeared.

“Big deal!” laughed Boo. “Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi already burnt it to a crisp!”

“Now,” continued Wanda, “I play Multiplication of Ants!”

She played the card.

“This card lets me transform this Insect into two Army Ant Tokens and place them in Defense Mode!”

Neo Bug melted into two small ants. (500/1,200 x2)

“Finally, I’ll place one Monster facedown in Defense Mode, and end my turn.”

She set the card, and the facedown Monster appeared.

Boo made a draw, and hesitated, as if unsure…

Is that a Man-Eater Bug? he thought. I can’t risk a second Monster…

“Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi, destroy her facedown Monster!” he shouted.

The Spirit struck… And a large grasshopper appeared on the card and was blown away.

“Thank you!” said Wanda with a smile. “Since you just destroyed my Pinch Hopper, I can now summon any Insect from my hand!”

She put a card down.

“So, say hello to Insect Queen!”

The huge, beetle-like, monarch of Insects trudged onto the field, and gave a screech! (2,200/2,400)

“This gal gains 200 Attack Points for every Insect on the field!” said Wanda with a grin.

King Boo giggled.

“I see three Insects,” he chuckled, “so her Attack is 2,800, the same as Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi!”

“Guess again!” laughed Wanda. “Because of my ‘worthless’ Trap Card’, your Spirit is an Insect too. A big, hideous, ugly, flaming Insect, but nonetheless an Insect. So Insect Queen’s Attack is 3,000!

“So, you can discard a card and keep it on the field, in which case you’ll probably only lose 200 Life Points on my turn, but lose your Monster… Or, you can deactivate your Magic Card, and let it return to your hand, in which case I can attack directly!”

Boo looked at her.

He discarded a card, and waved to end his turn.

Wanda chuckled and drew.

“I summon Sinister Serpent!” she exclaimed.

The small, winged snake appeared.

“And I’ll feed it to my Queen!” she continued.

Insect Queen grabbed the Serpent and devoured it.

“Insect Queen, attack with venom blast!”

Insect Queen shot forth a blast of venom, and Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi was no more. King Boo cringed as his Life Points fell to 3,800.

He snarled and made a draw.

He grimaced, as if he had drawn a good card one round too late.

“Monster in Defense Mode…” he growled.

“Is that all?” said Wanda, making a draw.

She giggled.

“Sorry, Boo, but I’m going to use a card that I was inspired to put in my deck by my first duel here… Nobleman of Crossout!”

She played the card, and the armored knight appeared, and stabbed into the card. Otohime appeared, and shattered. King Boo gasped.

“Now I summon… my second Insect Knight!” shouted Wanda.

She put a card down, and the sword wielding mantis warrior appeared. (1,900/1,500)

“Now, I sacrifice one Army Ant so my Queen can attack! Eat, my Queen!”

Insect Queen grabbed hold of the Ant, and devoured it. Her Attack Score was now at 2,800, but that was more than enough.

“Attack!” shouted Wanda.

Insect Queen shot forth her venomous stream, striking King Boo’s immense form! He groaned as his Life Points took a dive to 1,000.

“Insect Knight, finish him off with your mandiblade!” yelled Wanda.

Insect Knight flew forward, and struck the huge ghost! King Boo screamed, and then vanished into mist!

A bright green light pervaded the shrine, and the sparkling Emerald Star lowered itself into Wanda’s hands… She shivered with excitement…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

That was one day ago, and now Wanda was in the Palace of Shadow. Solving the riddle in the entrance hall wasn’t too hard – she was smart for her age.

But she wasn’t quite sure what she was supposed to do.

After a while of walking down a hallway, she came to a large set of double doors… and was surprised when they opened for her.

She went inside, and was shocked to see a huge indoor garden! Huge plants were all over the place! Flowers and shrubs the size of trees loomed overhead!

She took in the sheer beauty of the place and started to wander into it…

And then she heard a menacing hissing noise…

She turned around, and was startled to see a huge plant with a pod bearing razor-sharp teeth!

She screamed, and ran, with the carnivorous plant on her heels…

Then she stopped short, as another one loomed right in front of her!

She ran in another direction, panting for breath. A clearing seemed to be up ahead…

She entered it and stopped…

In front of her, was a huge rose, almost eight feet tall.

Then she saw that the monstrous plants were right behind her. She tried to run again…

But four vines sprung out of the rose, and bound her arms and legs!

“No!” she screamed. “Please!”

“Begging for mercy isn’t going to help, Wanda…” said a voice from the rose.

The huge plant bent over, and to Wanda surprise, a humanoid form was growing out of the center of the blossom. It was a slender woman with elflike ears and features and blue skin. Her black hair was tied in one long braid, and her eyes glowed yellow. She seemed to be growing from the center of the flower from her waist. She wore no clothing, apparently content to show her bare chest with pride.

“Who…?” gasped Wanda.

“Come now, Wanda,” said the creature. “You’re a duelist… Certainly you recognize Rose Spectre of Dunn? My friends call me Rose…”

She smirked.

“…and I guess I can call you plant food…”

The two carnivorous plants bore down on Wanda. She struggled with the bonds in fear.

“Why?” she begged.

“Huh?” asked Rose.

She waved her hand, and the plants backed off.

“Why, Wanda?” she stated. “Revenge, that’s why. Oh, not against you, personally, but against all duelists who use Insect Monsters. Plant life despises insect life… since the dawn of time, insects have gorged themselves on our leaves and roots, used us as hatcheries, and spread foul diseases that have sickened us. Turnabout is fair play…”

“That isn’t always how it is!” protested Wanda. “Bees and other pollen gatherers help flowers reproduce!”

“A worthless side effect,” noted Rose. “The wind is enough. Your insects feed on us, so now we’re going to feed on you, Wanda…”

“No…” begged Wanda, as the two plants moved in.

“Huh?” said Rose.

She held her head, as if concentrating.

“All right, yes… I understand…”

Just as the two plants were almost on Wanda, Rose held her hand and they backed off.

“Well Wanda, seems you lucked out,” said Rose. “The powers in charge have decided to give you one chance to save yourself…”

She waved her arm, and the vine restraints let go.

“But your chance is void if you try to run, and you’ll never make it out of here alive if you try, understand?”

“What do you mean, a chance?” asked Wanda.

Rose reached into her petals and pulled out a Duel Disk.

“Simple,” she stated. “We’ll duel. Defeat me, and you won’t be eaten. And maybe you’ll even get a reward for your trouble.”

“Well…” muttered Wanda.

She sighed.

“I guess you aren’t giving me a choice…” she said softly.

“You’re smart,” answered Rose.

“Fine,” said Wanda.

She flicked her arm, and her Duel Disk swung into position.

“Don’t forget, Wanda,” noted Rose. “You must first choose a Deckmaster. It can be any Monster you have in your deck…”

Wanda took out her deck and looked though it…

Her eyes fell on Insect Queen.

I think we have a winner! she thought.

She held the card up.

“My Deckmaster is Insect Queen!” she shouted.

The huge Insect sovereign appeared behind her.


I just wish I knew more about this whole system, she thought, before I had to bet my life on it…

“So who’s yours?” she asked.

“Fool,” chuckled Rose. “I’m a Duel Monster myself, Wanda! That means I’m both the duelist AND the Deckmaster! Double the pleasure, double the fun! Now let’s duel!”

They both drew five cards, and their Life Point counters rose to 8,000.

Then Wanda heard a voice behind her… A hissing, buzzing voice. She heard it coming from Insect Queen.

“Fear not Wanda,” said the Monster. ”I can easily help you reduce this evil flower to mulch. My Deckmaster ability can be beneficial if used right…”

“Oh?” whispered Wanda. “How does it work?”

“If you offer me one Insect Monster on the field,” answered the Queen, ”I can raise your Life Points by its Attack Score. But be careful – after I do this, I cannot do it again for three of your turns.”

“Sounds good to me,” replied Wanda.

“Since it’s only fair,” said Rose. “I’ll let you go first.”

“Okay!” exclaimed Wanda, making a draw.

Hmm, she thought. 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom…

She placed two cards into her Disk.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and a Monster facedown in Defense Mode,” she stated.

The two cards appeared, perpendicular to each other.

“Now go ahead and move, you weed,” she dared.

Rose hissed, and drew.

“You should know better than to insult someone who can have you devoured, Wanda,” she said. “Once I crush you, my pets and I will savor your flesh. But until then…”

She fit a card into a slot.

“I’ll blow away your facedown card with Mystical Space Typhoon!”

The cyclone blew across the field! The DNA Surgery Trap lifted and was blown to bits!

“Good,” snarled Rose. “I’ll sooner be transplanted in a toxic waste dump than see my Monsters turned into Insects!”

So much for me using this… thought Wanda, looking at the Insect Barrier card in her hand.

Rose took another card from her hand.

“Now I’ll summon a great warrior for my cause,” she stated, “and his name is… Jelly!”

“Jelly?” replied Wanda, startled.

“Jelly Beans Man, in Attack Mode!” shouted Rose.

She placed the card on her Disk, and a cute looking creature appeared. It had a huge body like a green jellybean with a smiling face, wore a cape, and carried a toy sword and shield. (1,750/0)


Come on… thought Wanda.

“Attack!” shouted Rose.

Jelly leapt forward and struck at the card, slicing the Ladybug in half!

“HA!” laughed Wanda. “You just destroyed my 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom! When it’s flipped, all four-star Monsters on your side of the field die!”

There was a long pause. Rose chuckled.

“Notice that Jelly is still here…” she chuckled.

“What…” muttered Wanda.

“This Monster Card is relatively new, and he’s bound to be a hit with those who play Gravity Bind decks,” explained Rose. “Although his Attack Score rivals many four-star Monsters, Jelly Beans Man only has three stars, making your Ladybug’s effect worthless!

“So it’s your move…”

Wanda was upset… She had wasted a good card.

She made a draw.

“Well, well,” she said. “I summon my Neo Bug!”

She placed a card down, and the armored, alien-looking Insect appeared. (1,800/1,700)


“Neo Bug, take down her Jelly Beans Man with crush claw!”

Neo Bug flew forward, and grasped the candy soldier, crushing it.

Rose’s Life Points slipped to 7,950.

“Figures,” chuckled Wanda. “Insects are attracted to sugar.”

Rose growled.

“It’s my move…” she said, making a draw.

She put a card down.

“So I’ll summon Man Eater in Defense Mode.”

An ugly plant rose up. It was a flower with red petals, vine-like tentacles, eyes, and a gaping maw. (800/600)


“That’s all for my turn,” she said.

Wanda made a draw.

Hey, this will work… she thought.

“I summon Skull-Mark Ladybug!” she exclaimed, putting a card down.

The large beetle with a skull and crossbones on its back appeared on the field. (500/1,500)


“Now I’ll use my Deckmaster ability,” said Wanda, “and sacrifice my Ladybug to her!”

Insect Queen reached forward, drooling in anticipation, and grabbed the Skull-Mark Ladybug. She slowly chewed the Insect, working it into her jowls…

“That grants me 500 Life Points,” noted Wanda. “And since doing that sent Skull-Mark Ladybug to the Graveyard, I gain an additional 1,000 Life Points!”

Her Life Points went up to 9,500.

Insect Queen wiped her mouth.

”You’re smart, Wanda,” she said. ”If you had a thorax and wings, you’d be perfect…”

Wanda grinned.

“Neo Bug, destroy her Man Eater!”

Neo Bug flew forward, and made short work of the Plant.

“You must think you’re clever,” snarled Rose. “Well, I can be clever too…”

She drew a card.

Heh, that was just what I needed, she thought.

She placed a card on her Disk.

“I summon Griggle, in Attack Mode!” she exclaimed.


Dark Sage
18th October 2005, 08:35 AM
Continued from last post:

A small Monster appeared. It was a round Plant with a mop of green hair, wearing red sneakers. (350/300)


“What the?” said Wanda.

“And now I play… Creature Swap!” laughed Rose, placing a card into a slot. “This forces us to swap Monsters!”

Griggle and Neo Bug vanished, and reappeared on the opposite sides of the field!

“And due to Griggle’s effect,” continued Rose, “when it switches owners, I gain 3,000 Life Points!”

Her Life Points went up to 10,950.

“Neo Bug!” she shouted. “Destroy the Griggle!”

Neo Bug flew forward, and crushed the small plant!

Wanda’s Life Points fell to 8,050.

“Heh, heh,” chuckled Rose. “It’s your move…”

Wanda nervously made a draw.

Hey, she thought. This ought to help…

“I’ll summon Insect Soldiers of the Sky in Defense Mode…” she stated, placing a card down.

A large dragonfly appeared, hovering in midair. (1,000/800)

“Now I’ll place a card facedown, and end my turn,” she stated.

She played the card, and it materialized.

“Good,” said Rose, making a draw.

“Well, since I’m really hate your bugs, I’ll just sacrifice your Neo Bug…”

She placed a card down, and Neo Bug vanished.

“…to summon Queen of Autumn Leaves!”

A tall woman with red hair, dressed in a gown made of multicolored leaves and a laurel crown of the same substance appeared. (1,800/1,500)


“Go!” shouted Rose. “Destroy her Soldier with Autumn breeze!”

Queen of Autumn Leaves gestured, and a blizzard of colored leaves flew forward, striking the dragonfly and tearing it apart!

“Thank you,” said Wanda with a grin. “By destroying one of my Monsters in Defense Mode, you’ve enabled me to activate my Trap…”

Her Trap Card lifted.

“Soul Rope!” she exclaimed.

She took her deck out of the tray.

“Now, for the price of merely 1,000 Life Points…”

Her Life Points fell to 7,050.

“I can summon any four-star Monster from my deck that I choose! And I choose Insect Knight!”

She placed a card down, and the ferocious mantis fighter appeared! (1,900/1,500)


She shuffled her deck and put it back.

“Clever…” muttered Rose. “I end my turn…”

Wanda made a draw.

“Insect Knight, attack Queen of Autumn Leaves!”

Queen of Autumn Leaves screamed as Insect Knight charged and struck her down.

Rose’s Life Points fell slightly, to 10,850.

“That’s my turn, Rose,” said Wanda. “Why don’t you try harder?”

“Oh, I will…” chuckled Rose, drawing.

“I’ll play my Pot of Greed,” she said, fitting a card into a slot.

The Pot handed her two cards.

Then she placed a card on her Disk.

“Now I summon Darkworld Thorns in Attack Mode!” she exclaimed.

A large plant with thorny vines, and a monstrous pod appeared. (1,200/900)


“What’s that going to do?” asked Wanda.

“Well I’m going to activate my own Deckmaster ability!” laughed Rose. “Which, like your Trap Card, costs me 1,000 Life Points…”

Her Life Points fell to 9,850.

And then Darkworld Thorns started to grow and change…

In a few seconds, it formed into a huge flower…

Wanda gasped! It had formed into a clone of Rose Spectre of Dunn! (2,000/1,800)

“As you can see,” said the true Rose, “I can spend my Life Points to turn any Plant Monster into a clone of myself, with the same Attack and Defense!

“Now my clone, attack her Insect Knight with thorn tendrils!”

The fake Rose Spectre lashed out with a set of thorny vines, grasping the Insect and crushing it!

Wanda’s Life Points fell to 6,950.

“Finally, I’ll place a card facedown,” said Rose with a grin, fitting a card into a slot.

“This is nuts…” muttered Wanda.

”Don’t worry,” urged Insect Queen’s buzzing voice. ”We still can make compost out of her weeds…”

Wanda drew one card.

She grinned.

“Monster in Defense Mode…” she said quietly.

She placed the card on her Disk, and the card appeared.

She waved to signal the end of her turn.

Rose chuckled as she drew.

“That’s a Parasite Paraside, isn’t it?” she laughed.

Wanda’s smile vanished.

“I spent a long time learning how Insect Duelists work,” commented Rose, “and I know how to counter all of their strategies!”

Her Trap Card lifted.

“I activate Ceasefire!” she shouted.

“Huh?” sputtered Wanda, as the Parasite (for that was what it was) appeared on the card.

“That means your Parasite is harmlessly flipped face-up, and you lose 500 Life Points from the one Effect Monster on the field!” laughed Rose.

Wanda’s Life Points fell to 6,450.

“Now my clone,” ordered Rose, “kill that thing!”

The clone shot forth its vines, and squeezed the life out of the Parasite.

“You can just forget about any hopes you have of turning my Plants into Insects, Wanda,” snarled Rose, “because it isn’t going to happen!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Watching with some amusement were the Shadow Queen and Grodus.

“Um, your majesty?” asked Grodus. “What’s the point of all this? I thought your goal was to do away with Stan, Andy, and Francesca.”

“True,” answered the Queen, “and this is part of the larger plan…

“I’m putting the other victims through a few tests to see if they can stand up to serious dueling. They might be of use to us…

“If Wanda fails, well, it’s no loss if she’s eaten…

“But if she’s good enough to beat Rose, we might have a potential weapon that we can manipulate… All it will take is the right push…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“It’s my move!” shouted Wanda.

She made a draw.

“I play Graceful Charity!” she announced.

The angel flew out of her deck with three cards.

Rose looked at them. She discarded her Jade Insect Whistle and Prickle Fairy.

“Now I play The Shallow Grave!” she exclaimed. “Now we each summon a Monster in facedown Defense Mode!”

Two facedown Monsters appeared, one on each side.

“Now I’ll flip mine into Attack Mode,” she continued. “Insect Knight, welcome back!”

The mantis fighter appeared. (1,900/1,500)

“He can’t defeat my clone…” started Rose.

“He’ll be able to in a minute,” chuckled Wanda. “I’m Equipping him with this…”

She fit a card into a slot.

“Insect Armor With Laser Cannon!”

A steel exoskeleton appeared on Insect Knight, and a large laser gun appeared over its shoulder!

“This raises the Attack of any Insect by 700 points!” exclaimed Wanda.


“Insect Knight… Turn that flower into potpourri!”

Insect Knight blasted its cannon, and the clone of Rose Spectre of Dunn was blown into fragments! Rose shielded herself, as her Life Points fell to 9,250.

She growled…

”Good work, Wanda,” commented Insect Queen. ”That attack hurt Rose, and I don’t just mean in the Life Point department. It shook her mentally too. Just keep going. I know your trump card is still in your deck somewhere… You simply have to draw it.”

Rose drew one card.

“Oh, I pass, I can’t do anything!” she sputtered.

“Fine!” laughed Wanda, drawing. “Insect Knight, destroy her facedown Monster!”

Insect Knight fired his cannon, and Jelly Beans Man was blown away.

“Your move again,” chuckled Wanda.

Rose drew one card.

“I’ll place one card facedown,” she said, placing a card into a slot.

The facedown card appeared.

“Now I’ll summon… Vampire Orchis in Defense Mode!”

She put a card down, and a huge, nasty-looking tree appeared, with a monstrous face and two vines tipped with mouths. (1,700/1,000)


“And just by summoning it, I can now summon Des Dendle!” she continued, placing another card down.

An ugly creature that looked like a living patch of slime appeared. (300/2,000)

“Des Dendle,” ordered Rose, “attach yourself to Vampire Orchis!”

The slimy creature slithered up the bark of the evil tree, coating it with a moldy covering.

“Eew…” said Wanda. “How’d you do that?”

“Des Dendle is a Union Monster,” explained Rose. “One that can bond with Vampire Orchis. Now make your move.”

“Ha,” chuckled Wanda. “I can take out your tree with one blast!”

She drew a card.

“Activate… Dust Tornado!” shouted Rose.

Her Trap Card lifted, and a tornado blew about the field. The Insect Armor With Laser Cannon shattered.

“Big deal!” laughed Wanda. “I can still chop down your tree. Insect Knight, attack!”

Insect Knight flew forward and struck the hideous tree!

But as he backed up, it was still standing!

“How?” gasped Wanda.

“Don’t you know anything about Union Monsters?” chuckled Rose. “When you attacked, Des Dendle took the hit, leaving my Orchis unharmed.”

Wanda looked at the card she had just drawn.

“I’ll place a card facedown and end my turn,” she said.

A facedown card materialized.

Rose drew one card.

She chuckled.

“Now I sacrifice Vampire Orchis…” she said.

The tree vanished.

“…to summon the King of all Plants… Fairy King Truesdale!”

An imposing form arose. It was a tall man, dressed in a green, sylvan robe, carrying a wand tipped with feathers and a blue orb. (2,200/1,500)


“Truesdale,” shouted Rose, “exterminate her Insect Knight!”

Truesdale thrust his staff forward…

“You should really pay more attention to facedown cards, Rose,” chuckled Wanda. “Activate Sakuretsu Armor!”

Her Trap Card lifted. As Truesdale fired a beam of energy, a shimmering light surrounded Insect Knight, and the blast was deflected! Fairy King Truesdale was blown to bits!

“King of all Plants…” laughed Wanda. “That moron couldn’t have been king of a compost heap!”

“Just move!” shouted Rose, angrily.

“Gladly!” answered Wanda, drawing a card.

Can’t believe I was scared of this loser… thought Wanda. I’ve had harder games of tic-tac-toe…

“Do-de-do,” she said, placing a card down. “First I’ll summon my Flying Kamakiri #1 to the field…”

She placed a card down, and the huge, green mantis appeared. (1,400/900)

“Now I’ll use it to use my Deckmaster’s ability!”

Insect Queen hungrily grabbed the Kamakiri, and then started to shove it into her mouth.

“Tell that stupid Deckmaster of yours to chew with her mouth closed!” yelled Rose, angrily.

“Ignore her…” said Wanda to Insect Queen.

The Queen swallowed the last of it, and Wanda’s Life Points went up to 7,850.

“Now, Insect Knight… why don’t you prune Rose a little, huh?”

Insect Knight charged forward! Rose shrieked as he slashed at her with his sword!

Rose’s Life Points fell to 7,350.

“I… hate… you…” snarled Rose.

“You’re only mad because I’m winning,” laughed Wanda. “Make your move.”

“I draw one card…” said Rose, drawing.

She looked at it.

“I summon a creature called Lord Poison in Attack Mode,” she stated.

She placed a card down, and the ugliest Plant of all appeared. It was semi-humanoid, with green, slimy skin, a green tendril instead of legs, and sharp, black horns sprouting out from its body. (1,500/1,000)


“Well, that’s… disgusting,” said Wanda. “But my Insect Knight can easily kill it…”

“I agree,” said Rose, calmly. “Lord Poison, attack her Insect Knight!”

“WHA?” shouted Wanda, as Lord Poison leapt at Insect Knight.

Insect Knight swung his blade, and Lord Poison was obliterated.

Rose’s Life Points fell to 6,850.

“I want to know why you did that, Rose!” demanded Wanda.

“Simple,” replied Rose with a grin. “When Lord Poison is destroyed in battle, I can Special Summon any Plant from my Graveyard except Lord Poison itself. So… Fairy King Truesdale, return!”

The King of Plants arose back on the field. (2,200/1,500)

“I believe it’s your move…” said Rose.

Wanda looked at Truesdale.

Okay… she thought, Maybe this is a little harder than tic-tac-toe…

She drew a card.

“I play Multiplication of Ants,” she said, fitting a card into a slot. “And I’ll use it on my Insect Knight.”

Insect Knight melted into two orbs, forming two Army Ant Tokens. (500/1,200 x2)

“That’s all I can do,” she said.

“Good,” chuckled Rose, making a draw. “Then I’ll summon Bean Soldier in Attack Mode.”

She put a card down, and another Plant Monster appeared. This one was another bean, but it looked far more serious than Jelly, and it carried a real sword. (1,400/1,300)


“Truesdale, Bean Soldier!” shouted Rose, “wipe out her ants!”

Truesdale cast a spell and shot forth a ray of energy, destroying one Army Ant. Then Bean Soldier slashed with his sword, destroying the other one.

“Your move…” chuckled Rose.

Wanda drew one card.

She looked at it strangely…

She turned to Insect Queen. The Queen winked…

“A Monster facedown in Defense Mode,” she stated, “and that will be all.”

She set the card, and a hidden Monster appeared.

Rose chuckled and drew.

“First,” she said, “I’ll summon another Man Eater in Attack Mode…”

She placed the card down, and the ravenous Plant appeared. (800/600)

“Then,” she continued, “I’ll spend 1,000 Life Points again to use my Deckmaster ability on it!”

Her Life Points fell to 5,850, and Man Eater grew and changed shape, turning into another clone of Rose Specter of Dunn. (2,000/1,800)

“Next,” said Rose, turning a card. “I’ll shift Truesdale into Defense Mode. And so long as I keep him in Defense Mode, all of my Plants gain a 500-point bonus to their Attack and Defense!”

Truesdale knelt in defense. The clone grew to (2,500/2,300), Bean Soldier grew to (1,900/1,800), and Truesdale himself grew to (2,700/2,000).

“Time to give you some serious hurt!” laughed Rose. “Bean Soldier, attack her facedown Monster!”

Bean Solder raised his sword and charged…

And a small creature appeared on the card. It looked like a large worm, colored dark green and black.

Bean Soldier slashed it in half.

“HA!” laughed Wanda. “GOTCHA! That was a Parasite Caterpillar!”

“Parasite Caterpillar?” gasped Rose. “What does that do?”

Bean Soldier gasped. It dropped its sword and clutched its chest.

“Apparently, makes your Bean Soldier sick,” answered Wanda.

“What did you do to it?” demanded Rose.

“Well, Rose,” chuckled Wanda, “Right now, your walking lima bean there can’t attack me or defend you, nor can you use it as a sacrifice! And in just three short turns, something very… pretty will happen!”

Rose was very angry.

“Yeah?” she snarled. “Clone, attack Wanda’s Life Points directly!”

The Rose Spectre clone shot forth its thorny tendrils… Wanda screamed as she was lifted off her feet and constricted by them!

The Plant slammed her to the ground, and her Life Points fell to 5,350.

“Hmph…” muttered Rose. “I can’t wait until this duel is over and I’m allowed to grab you with my own vines! I’m not even going to share you with my pets now – I’m going to devour you myself!”

“You’ll have to beat me first…” gasped Wanda.

She drew a card.

“I’ll play Premature Burial to bring back my Neo Bug…” she stuttered.

Her Life Points fell to 4,550, and Neo Bug reappeared.

“And since you’re so sick of Insects, how about an arachnid? I’ll sacrifice Neo Bug to summon my Black Widow!”

Neo Bug and Premature Burial vanished, and a huge, black spider with the image of a red hourglass on its abdomen appeared. (2,600/500)

“Black Widow, take out Fairy King Truesdale with venomous fangs!”

The spider pounced upon Truesdale, and sank its fangs into his side! He shattered.

The Rose clone fell to its original stats of (2,000/1,800).

“Clever…” muttered Rose, drawing a card.

“I’ll place a card facedown on the field,” she said, setting a card.

A card appeared.

“And now I’ll use Mystic Wok, offering my clone as a sacrifice!”

The huge Chinese wok appeared, and the clone was cooked in it. It dissolved into vapor, and the real Rose inhaled it.

Her Life Points went up to 7,850.

“You’d consume your own image?” said Wanda, disgusted. “You are bloodthirsty!”

“I do what it takes,” snarled Rose. “Make your move.”

“Weren’t you listening a minute ago?” laughed Wanda, making a draw. “Your Bean Soldier can’t defend you! Black Widow, attack that weed directly!”

Black Widow scurried towards Rose.

“I activate Nightmare Mirror!” shouted Rose.

The Trap Card lifted, and Rose discarded a card.

An evil-looking mirror appeared in front of Rose.

“Look in this mirror, Wanda, and tell me what you see…” mocked Rose.

Wanda looked.

“That… that’s my reflection!” she gasped.

“Right!” laughed Rose. “And now your Monster will have to attack it instead of me!”

The Black Widow struck the Nightmare Mirror, and it shattered! Wanda was thrown back!

“And since your reflection got hit,” laughed Rose, “you lose 1,000 Life Points!”

Wanda’s Life Points fell to 3,550 as the Rose Spectre of Dunn laughed.

Wanda got up.

“Make your move…” she cursed.


Dark Sage
18th October 2005, 08:38 AM
Continued from last post:

Rose drew.

“I’ll summon Green Phantom King in Defense Mode,” she stated.

She put a card down, and a tall man in a green druid’s outfit appeared. (500/1,600)


“That will be my move…” she stated.

Wanda drew.

“Black Widow, attack Green Phantom King!” she shouted.

Black Widow leapt forward and devoured the Plant fairy.

Wanda took a card from her hand.

“And I’ll finish by playing Insect Barrier!”

She played the card, and it appeared.

“What’s the point in doing that?” mocked Rose. “It isn’t going to happen, Wanda! I’ll never let you turn my Monsters into Insects!”

“Make your move…” said Wanda with a smirk.

Rose made a draw.

“So, Rose…” said Wanda with a smirk. “How well can you count?”

“Huh?” asked Rose.

“It’s been three turns, Rose!” laughed Wanda. “Now you’ll see what my Parasite Caterpillar has truly done to your Bean Soldier!”

Bean Soldier fell to the ground, and started to convulse… Strands of silk started to form around him, forming a large chrysalis!

“What the…” started Rose.

“It’s a Malignant Metamorphosis,” laughed Wanda. “And wait until you see the result…”

The chrysalis hatched, and a large form flew out. It looked like a huge butterfly! (2,700/2,000)

“What have you done?” shouted Rose.

“The Parasite Caterpillar turns any Monster than attacks it into a new Monster called Poison Butterfly,” explained Wanda. “And although it has 2,700 Attack Points, you can’t attack me with it, due to my Insect Barrier card.

“Now, about that crack about you never letting me turn your Monsters into Insects?”

Rose was angrier than she had been all duel.

“I pass for my turn…” she scowled.

And then she screamed, as the Butterfly flapped its wings, covering her with pollen!

“Forgot to mention,” chuckled Wanda. “You’ll lose 500 Life Points during the End Phase of every turn that Poison Butterfly is on your side of the field.”

Rose’s Life Points fell to 7,350.

“And now it’s my move!” stated Wanda, making a draw. “And I’ll just summon another Monster or two…”

She put a card down.

“Flying Kamakiri #2, in Attack Mode!”

Another huge mantis appeared, this one with a red exoskeleton. (1,500/800)

Rose made a draw.

“Ergh, I’ll pass again…” she grunted.

Poison Butterfly spread its pollen again, and Rose’s Life Points fell to 6,850.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Well,” chuckled Grodus. “It seems Rose has been outsmarted… Maybe she hasn’t been watered enough lately…”

“Don’t count Rose out just yet,” pondered the Shadow Queen. “She has yet to draw the most powerful Monster in her deck… And once she does, little Wanda might be in serious trouble…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“This is getting boring…” muttered Wanda. “I guess I’ll pass too…”

Rose drew a card.

“I play… Exchange!” she shouted.

Wanda was shocked.

“Fine…” she sighed.

“You’d best come over here, seeing as I’m rooted to the ground…” chuckled Rose.

Wanda’s two Monsters stepped aside to let her by, and then Poison Butterfly moved aside. She revealed her hand.

“Well…” pondered Rose. “That Destroy Defense card looks good…”

She took it.

“Now you take one, so we can continue…”

She held out her hand, which was only three cards.

Wanda looked surprised at one of the cards there…

“This will do…” she said taking it.

Wanda looked at it, as she walked back to her position.

“Why would she give me access to a Royal Decree card?” she whispered to Insect Queen. “Obviously, she doesn’t have much more faith in her own Traps…”

”Either that or she doesn’t have many left,” stated the Queen. “But be careful anyway…”

“All right,” said Rose. “I’m ending my turn…”

She cringed as Poison Butterfly doused her with pollen again, and her Life Points fell to 6,350.

She snarled…

Wanda drew.

“I’ll sacrifice my Kamikari to summon Hercules Beetle, and place it in Defense Mode!” she stated.

Flying Kamikari#2 vanished, and a huge, black, stag beetle with a powerful frontal horn appeared, bent over to repel an attack (1,500/2,000)


“Your move…” she chuckled.

Rose made a draw.

“I’ll play my own Graceful Charity…” she stated.

The angel flew out of her deck and handed her three cards.

She smirked, and handed her two. The angel flew into her discard slot.

“I’ll place a card facedown, and that will be my turn…” she stated.

She cringed as she was sprayed with poison again, and her Life Points fell to 5,850.

Wanda drew. She looked at her hand and sighed.

Six cards in my hand, and my only Monsters are Sinister Serpent and Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth… she thought. And I’ve got these worthless Pyro Clock of Destiny and Heart of Clear Water here too. Maybe I should rethink the whole Moth thing… Using my brother’s signature move makes me too much like him…

“I’ll pass this turn,” she stated.

“Good,” said Rose with an evil grin. “Now I can strike!”

She drew.

“Heh, heh,” she cackled. “I just drew a deadly card, Wanda! The lethal Delinquent Duo!”

She played the card.

“So, I’ll pay 1,000 Life Points…”

Her Life Points fell to 4,850

Two ugly imps flew forward. One of them snatched the Moth card out of Wanda’s hand and threw it into her discard slot.

Well, that wasn’t a total loss, she thought.

She gave the Pyro Clock of Destiny to the other imp, and it tossed it into the discard slot as well. They vanished.

“Now,” continued Rose, “I’ll play the card I took from you… Destroy Defense!”

She played the card, and Hercules Beetle leapt into Attack Mode.

“And now,” laughed Rose. “I’ll sacrifice Poison Butterfly to summon a powerful Monster… Most people think that only animals can become undead creatures… But they’re wrong…”

Poison Butterfly vanished, and a huge form rose out of the ground…

“I summon a Zombie called Vampire Flytrap!”

The creature in front of Rose was hideous. It was an immense, rotting piece of vegetation, with four slobbering pods, each one with a set of razor-sharp teeth! (2,450/0)

“I don’t think I need to tell you what flytraps do to insects,” said Rose with a grin. “Vampire Flytrap, devour her Hercules Beetle!”

The Flytrap pounced on Hercules Beetle and swallowed it!

Wanda’s Life Points fell to 2,600.

“Your move,” she said with an evil smile.

Wanda angrily drew.

“Black Widow!” she shouted. “Kill that thing!”

Black Widow scurried forward…

“I activate my Trap Card!” laughed Rose. “Mask of Weakness!”

The Trap lifted, and a hideous mask latched to Black Widow’s face! Its Attack fell to 1,900.

“No!” shouted Wanda. “My Black Widow won’t last another turn with its Attack reduced!”

“Oh please, Wanda,” laughed Rose, “it isn’t even going to last this turn!”

Vampire Flytrap pounced down on Black Widow, swallowing it!

Wanda’s Life Points fell to 2,050.

Wanda almost kicked herself – she should have set the Royal Decree card, and she knew it.

“Just finish your move so I can end this,” chuckled Rose. “This duel has just made me hungrier!”

Wanda started to sweat…

She looked at her hand.

“The only Monster I have in my hand is Sinister Serpent!” she whispered. “It has only 300 Attack Points, and I can’t defend with it! If I play it, she’ll attack, and I’ll lose…”

She looked at the other cards in her hand…

“Insect Queen, I have an idea, but it involves great risk…”

”I know what you’re planning…” said Insect Queen, “but remember, if I go down, you’re going down with me…”

“We really don’t have much choice…” replied Wanda.

”True…” said Insect Queen. ”Well, if this fails, it was nice knowing you…”

Wanda placed four of her five cards into slots, filling up her Magic/Trap Zone.

“Okay, Rose, I’m placing four cards facedown…”

The facedown cards materialized.

“And now I call my Deckmaster to the field! Go, Insect Queen!”

Insect Queen slowly scurried out in front of Wanda. (2,200/2,400)

“Since there’s one Insect on the field, herself,” continued Wanda, “her Attack Score is increased to 2,400!”

“Heh, heh…” chuckled Rose. “Ha, ha… HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! You made a slight error there, Wanda! Even with that bonus, she’s fifty points weaker than my Flytrap! And once it devours her, you automatically lose!”

Wanda stared at her.

“Oh, I get it…” chuckled Rose. “One of those facedown cards must be something incredibly deadly, right? Well sorry Wanda, but I wasn’t planted yesterday!”

“Just move…” said Wanda with a sneer.

Rose drew one card.

“I play Card of Sanctity!” she exclaimed.

She placed it into a slot, and coins fell from the sky. They each drew a full hand of cards.

Rose chuckled again.

“Well, Wanda…” sighed Rose. “This has been fun, but I’m afraid this is where the duel ends…”

She fit a card into a slot.

“I play Heavy Storm!”

A fierce wind started to blow around the field!

Wanda smiled…

“That’s exactly what I wanted you to do, Rose…” she chuckled. “By trying to destroy my facedown cards, you activated one of them!”

A Trap Card lifted, and she discarded her Sinister Serpent.

“Judgment of Anubis!”

The storm quelled, and the fierce jackal spirit appeared behind Wanda… it howled, and Vampire Flytrap shattered into pixels!

“Not only did I destroy your Flytrap, but now you lose 2,450 Life Points!” laughed Wanda.

Rose’s Life Points fell to 2,400.

Rose was dumbfounded.

“I uh…” she said, looking at her cards.

“I’ll play two cards facedown, and end my turn.”

She played the two cards, and they appeared.

I can still win this duel, she thought. Her Insect Queen will fall victim to my Mirror Force or Sakuretsu Armor – even if she destroys one, there’s still the other!

Wanda made a draw. The Sinister Serpent card slid out of her discard slot.

“Did you forget I had this?” asked Wanda, as another of her Traps lifted.

“My Royal Decree!” shouted Rose.

“Yup,” chuckled Wanda. “And that makes those two Traps worthless! Now I’ll summon Sinister Serpent!”

Sinister Serpent appeared on the field. (300/200)

“Now, feed and grow strong, my Queen!” she shouted.

Insect Queen grabbed the Serpent and slowly stuffed it into her mouth.

“And now,” shouted Wanda, “attack directly with venom blast!”

Insect Queen opened her terrible jaws and shot forth a blast of energy, striking Rose Spectre of Dunn! She screamed as her Life Points hit zero.

“We did it…” sighed Wanda.

Insect Queen winked at her, and then vanished.

Rose sighed.

“Yeah, I lost…” she said. “And I guess a deal’s a deal…”

She paused.

“But come here for a minute before you leave, Wanda…” she added. “You dueled so well, you deserve an added reward.”

“A reward?” asked Wanda.

She paused.

“Okay, but I’m staying at arm’s length…”

She cautiously walked up. This was an opponent she wasn’t taking chances with.

“I know you seek to be better than your brother,” said Rose, producing a card. “Well I have here a powerful Insect Monster that he’s never even heard of!”

She tossed it to Wanda. Wanda looked at it.

“I’ve never heard of it either!” she said in amazement.

She read the effect description.

“That is powerful!” she exclaimed.

“Take it as a gift,” offered Rose.

“I’m a little hesitant to take gifts from someone who wanted to eat me…” said Wanda, sarcastically.

“If you don’t want it, throw it in the trash!” snapped Rose. “But if you’re serious about dueling, you might want to take this card too…”

She took a card out of her deck.

“You see,” said Rose, “Being a Duel Monster myself, my choices when it comes to Deckmasters are incredibly limited. But for someone who uses Insects, this makes a much better Deckmaster than your Insect Queen, especially since you might want to use your Insect Queen in a duel. I’ll tell you the secret… Come here…”

Wanda inched forward carefully. The Monster whispered in Wanda’s ear.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Well,” said the Shadow Queen. “The first part of the contingency plan is complete. Pretty soon all the pieces will be in place…

“And my three primary targets will have nowhere to hide…”

SOUL ROPE (Trap Card)

Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a bare-chested man with golden skin with a strange energy cord flowing out of him. You can activate this Trap when one of your Monsters in Defense Mode is destroyed in battle. Pay 1,000 Life Points. Special Summon one Level Four Monster from your deck.

Note: “Soul Rope” was first used by Yugi in the anime episode “Clash in the Coliseum (Part 2)”. It was since made into a real promotional card in Japan.


Card Specs

Type: Insect/Effect
Attribute: Earth
Level: 3
ATK: 800
DEF: 800

Card Description: If this Monster is destroyed as a result of battle, place one "Cocoon Counter" on the Monster that destroyed this Monster. If a Monster has a "Cocoon Counter" on it, the Monster cannot attack, change its Battle Position, or be Tributed for any reason, and if it is the only Monster on your opponent’s of the field, you can attack directly. During your opponent's third Standby Phase after this effect is activated, Tribute one monster with one "Cocoon Counter" on it to Special Summon one "Poison Butterfly" from your hand or Deck to your opponent's side of the field.


Card Specs

Type: Insect/Effect
Attribute: Wind
Level: 7
ATK: 2,700
DEF: 2,000

Card Description: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned through the effect of “Parasite Caterpillar”. Inflict 500 points of damage to the Life Points of this card’s controller during each of his/her End Phases.

Note: “Parasite Caterpillar” and “Poison Butterfly” were used by Weevil in the multi-part anime episode “On The Wrong Track”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a dark, fiendish mirror. You can activate this Trap when your opponent declares a direct attack. Discard one card from your hand. Negate the attack, and inflict 1,000 points of direct damage to your opponent’s Life Points.

Note: “Nightmare Mirror” was used by Marik in the anime episode “The Darkness Returns (Part 3)” All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

BLACK WIDOW (Monster Card)

Card Specs

Type: Insect
Attribute: Dark
Level: 6
ATK: 2,600
DEF: 500

Card Description: This feared arachnid preys on anything caught in its web. Its poison is lethal enough to kill the strongest Monsters within minutes.

Note: “Black Widow” first appeared in “The Mandate of Heaven”.


Card Specs

Type: Zombie
Attribute: Earth
Level: 5
ATK: 2,450
DEF: 0

Card Description: A giant, multiheaded, undead creature that feeds on living flesh, some say that this hideous plant is spawned in the depths of Hades.

Note: “Vampire Flytrap” first appeared in “Legacy of the Duelist”.

”Insect Queen”: Insect/Earth (2,200/2,400)

Deckmaster SA: “Insect Predator”: Offer one INSECT-Type Monster on your side of the field as a Tribute. Increase your Life Points by an amount equal to the Tributed Monster’s base ATK. After using this ability, you cannot use it again until three of your Standby Phases have passed.

”Rose Spectre of Dunn”: Plant/Dark (2,000/1,800)

Deckmaster SA: “Plant Polymorph”: Pay 1,000 Life Points. Permanently change the ATK and DEF of one PLANT-Type Monster on your side of the field to those of the Deckmaster. Attributes, Levels and any Effects remain unchanged.

[B][I]Coming up next:

Stan’s encounter with The End of Anubis helped him conquer his fear of Exodia… But next chapter, the Fiend returns, carrying with him a whole new strategy. Ever wonder why the Shadow Queen chose The End of Anubis as her Exodia duelist? Find out in a chapter called “To Stop The Unstoppable Foe!” coming up next.

Master of Paradox
18th October 2005, 08:49 AM
Definitely better than the previous chapters, I'll say that off the bat.

I was growing sick of the main characters, so having someone else up to bat was a welcome reprieve. The choice of living Duel Monster was also inspired - anyone who, like me, has played Forbidden Memories knows Rose Spectre of Dunn very well.

The duel itself kept my attention. The Rose Spectre played an interesting plant deck, and I admired the use of Griggle's ability (now that there are several ways to make it work, Shien's Spy being another possiblity, it and Ameba are underrated). Granted, I find insects a little tired, but this didn't affect my enjoyment of the chapter. About a 8/10 on the duel...

That mini-duel with King Boo at the beginning was a welcome surprise, too.

To summarize: you're back on the right track.

Looking at the next chapter, however, my hopes sink again. At least we won't get the same duel twice, but I didn't really like the first End of Anubis chapter to begin with...

18th October 2005, 11:50 AM
One quick thing: I always thought Griggle increases LP by 3000?

Dark Sage
18th October 2005, 01:34 PM
Opaltiger -

You're right. The chapter is now fixed.

- DS

18th October 2005, 04:17 PM
MUCH BETTER!!! Thank Slifer.

Anywho... keep up the great work. (btw I LOVE KING BOO!!! w00t!)

Shuppet Master
18th October 2005, 04:45 PM
I loved this chapter! It's nice to see one of the other finalists dueling. And the Shadow Queen was watching, so I guess she was a bit bored with watching the others. Great plant deck, great deckmasters, and I liked how you put it a scene with Wanda defeating the character. (For everyone interested, I gave Brian the suggestion of Wanda dueling that guy.)

18th October 2005, 08:49 PM
Oh; nice suggestion SM; since there are Dark Boos protecting the real Garnet Star in the game, why not go for King Boo to guard the duelist's Crystal Star?:)

The quick detour away from the group was nice; and I really like Wanda, so you can tell I liked this chapter quite a bit. Nice of Wanda to reconsider her Great Moth strategy: Despite the Insect Barrier/DNA Surgery combo(and even Heart of Clear Water), getting out PUGM is still an incredibly tough feat...the opponent would just need Heavy Storm or Giant Trunade to screw up that careful plan.;) But there aren't many(if any) Insects stronger than that Mothra lookalike, so maybe she can use another type of Monster...:/

Dark Sage
20th October 2005, 11:03 PM
I'm surprised no one has even asked about the nature of the card that Rose Spectre gave Wanda.

I'll tell you right away, it was a real card. And it is very powerful if you use it right.

I should probably tell you at this point that I'm really not truly certain if "Rose Spectre of Dunn" is a real card, even in Japan. Apparently, in forbidden memories, she was one of the easiest fusion monsters to summon - simply fuse any Fiend with any Plant, and you had this babe who had an ATK of 2,000, which in a game like this could often be a lifesaver. She's appeared in almost every video game since. The reason I used her as a villain was, I needed a Plant who could wear a Duel Disk and one who was much more sinister than Fairy King Truesdale. She seemed to fit the bill.

Shuppet Master
21st October 2005, 01:57 AM
My fellow author Cullen used Rose Spectre of Dunn with a villian in his fic, and I can say it was a Fusion of Feral Imp and Snakeyashi. If I rewrite the story, I'll use this duel as a guidepoint for the wicked principal Kurono. ;)

21st October 2005, 02:46 AM
Nice chapter dude. Wanda's a welcome change from our three heroes.

Hmm, so End of Anubis is going to make another appearance huh? I thought the queen said she wasn't going to use duel monsters as henchmen anymore?

Dark Sage
23rd October 2005, 07:41 AM
Before I get this new chapter up (which is what I'm doing), let me explain something. My world is technically the anime world, and there's something about the anime that you should know...

A lot of cards that are fairly common in the real world are virtually unknown in the anime.

Take Dark Necrofear. When Bakura played it in his duel against Yugi, both Yugi and Kaiba had never even heard of it, and they're likely the world's two best duelists. Who in the real would hasn't heard of Dark Necrofear.

Thus, it's perfectly natural for the characters in my fanfic to not know about a card that everyone in the real world knows about. (In fact, one of the cards in this next chapter is another one that took Kaiba completely by surprise.)

So don't call my characters dumb - this is the anime world.

And enjoy.

Dark Sage
23rd October 2005, 07:44 AM
[B][I]Ever since I was… well, obliterated by Exodia in my first tournament, I had an irrational fear of the five cards that make up that unstoppable, game-winning strategy. Ironic, seeing as the five Exodia cards are technically Spellcasters.

Fortunately, the Shadow Queen actually helped me. She tried to take advantage of my fear by sending a hideous Fiend after me who played an Exodia deck. But I defeated it, and conquered my fear.

I never realized that said Fiend might come back to challenge me again…

Well, no problem. I defeated Exodia once, and I’m willing to bet I can do it again.

Only problem is, I have a funny feeling about this whole thing… Is he hiding something this time?

Guess I’ll find out…


To Stop The Unstoppable Foe!

Shortly after Andy’s duel with Poison, a small gathering was being held at an inn in Rogueport. Four duelists were gathered around a table in an inn, drowning their sorrows in milkshakes.

They were Sean Kishore, Cyrus Gamule, Gerald Laxina, and the one who called himself Aesop.

All four of them had come very close to reaching the finals – but they had lost the duels for the Crystal Stars. Not much left remained for them on Monster Island now.

“Well people,” sighed Sean, “drink up… The boat leaves tomorrow, so we can at least enjoy the hospitality here for one more day…”

Gerald yawned.

“It was nice while it lasted…” he muttered. “I guess it’s back to the old routine…”

“Pardon me,” said a voice. “D-d-do you mind if we join you?”

They turned and saw Merlee, with Diana close by.

Aesop looked and saw the Duel Disk on Merlee’s arm.

“Aren’t you a little old for this Tournament?” he asked.

“I’m not officially in it,” he stated. “I’m j-j-just someone who’s keeping a close eye on things.”

He and Diana sat down.

“Everyone,” he said. “You may be depressed about not making it into the Thousand Year Door, but it may be better that you didn’t. The Shadow Queen has terrible plans for those who are there now…”

“I knew it!” exclaimed Cyrus. “She’s using this thing as some sort of way to escape! My pen pal told me!”

“Indeed,” sighed Merlee. “Fortunately, the only ones who can defeat her have made the finals. Stan, Andy, and Francesca will be working hard to bring her down. If they can do so, her evil will be eradicated…”

“And if they can’t?” asked Gerald, getting interested for a change.

Merlee sighed.

“Then she will escape,” muttered Merlee, “and the world might be in jeopardy. My friend Diana here can tell you firsthand of her evil powers…”

“What will she do if she escapes?” asked Sean, getting curious.

Merlee took off his glasses and slowly started to clean them.

“Well, her first priority will be to destroy anyone who could defeat her in Duel Monsters,” answered Merlee, “meaning the world’s top duelists.”

“You mean guys like Yugi Mouto, Seto Kaiba, and Joey Wheeler?” asked Aesop.

Merlee nodded.

“Those will be her top priority,” he answered. “Folks like Rebecca Hawkins, Vivian Wong, and Leon Wilson will also be high on her list. See, she knows that if she destroys the Chosen Ones, word might spread to those who had battled Dartz and Marik, and she would be challenged again.”

“Even worse,” he added, “after this tournament, she will no longer be bound by the rules of fair play. Her minions will be able to cheat to their hearts’ content. Cyrus… Some of them might even use your favorite Equip Card in its most unfair combo…”

Cyrus gasped.

“You mean the Butterfly Dagger-Gearfried-Magical Marionette combo?” he gulped. “That’s horrible! Someone who uses that combo can raise the Attack Score of a Marionette as high as he wants, while destroying all opposing Monsters in the process! That’s the reason no one is allowed to have Butterfly Dagger and Gearfried in the same deck for tournaments!”

“Having them both is grounds for disqualification…” muttered Gerald.

Merlee nodded again.

“But she wouldn’t care,” he said. “The Shadow Queen would use that combo and worse to defeat the King of Games, Kaiba, and all the other good duelists in Shadow Games and trap them in her Graveyard. Once they were gone, nobody would be able to challenge her. We would have to make sure she cannot lay her traps..."

“Then…” muttered Aesop, sadly, “you need duelists who can challenge her, who can manipulate the rules as well as she can…”

“Possibly,” answered Merlee. “I’ll put my faith in the Chosen Ones for now. But if they fail…”

There was a long pause.

“It could be the end…” sighed Sean.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The next day…

Francesca was the first to wake up, and was surprised to find bagels, donuts, and croissants on her bedside table.

She snuck to the kitchenette, and sure enough, the refrigerator was stocked with milk and orange juice.

She smirked as she headed for the shower. It was awfully nice of the Queen to give them breakfast before challenging them again.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, the Shadow Queen was sipping coffee in her dining room.

The six Shadow Spawn walked in.

“So how did you sleep, dears?” she asked.

All of them except Vladimir (who was chuckling softly) gave her cold stares.

“Still a little tender?” she asked. “Well maybe now you’ll realize that when I make a rule, I expect it to be followed!”

“When do we get a chance to duel them again?” asked Tyson.

“Soon,” answered the Queen, sliding on her Disk. “I intend to challenge them like never before if you six become needed again. Until then…”

She picked up a Magic Card…

Monster Reborn.

“…we can simply watch their progress…”

She slid the card into her Disk…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Everybody ready?” asked Andy, shuffling his deck.

“Am I?” answered Stan. “The Shadow Queen had best watch out!”

“Then let’s go!” exclaimed Francesca.

They opened the door to the group of rooms, and were met by a bright light…

Before they knew it, they were in a huge, circular room, similar to an arena. The floor was concrete, and the walls were brick. The room was at least a hundred feet wide and thirty feet tall. The door they had come through was gone. Ahead of them were three iron doors. Again, the room was lit by large torches.

They noticed something on the wall behind them – three levers, and each one had one of their names on it.

“Uhm, I think each of us is supposed to pull his or her lever…” muttered Andy.

“It could be a trap…” suggested Stan.

They all looked at each other.

They all shook their fists, and then thrust them out. Andy and Francesca opened, paper. Stan’s two fingers jutted out, scissors.

“Okay,” he said, grabbing his lever, “be ready for anything…”

He pulled it down…

The middle door slowly opened…

Out of the door walked a familiar figure. It was a fiendish creature with purple skin and patches of fur. Its head was shaped like that of a jackal. It wore a Duel Disk on its arm.


“Hello, Stan,” it cackled. “Did you miss me?”

“The End of Anubis!” exclaimed Stan.

“That’s right!” sneered the demon. “Thanks to you, I’ve spent the past week buried in the Queen’s Graveyard! I want revenge, so we’re dueling right here and now!”

“Please…” muttered Stan. “I’m not afraid of Exodia anymore! You can’t intimidate me with him!”

“Once you see my new strategy, you WILL be scared!” laughed End.

Stan sighed.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll duel you… just give me a minute…”

He reached into his side deck and pulled out his Soul Release card. He then removed Disgraceful Charity from his deck and replaced it with the Magic Card.

He quickly reshuffled.

I know what you’re doing Stan, thought End. Adjust your deck all you like! It won’t make a difference!

“Be careful Stan…” pleaded Francesca. “You know if he gets all five pieces of Exodia into his hand, it’s all over!”

“Don’t worry,” assured Stan. “I’ll take him down just like I did last time!”

“Enough talk!” laughed End. “Time to choose your Deckmaster!”

“Fine,” answered Stan. “I’m choosing my favorite Monster!”

He held a card up, and the mighty Dark Magician appeared behind him!


“Dark Magician is my Deckmaster!” he announced. “So what is yours, pray tell?”

The Fiend laughed.

“I’m The End of Anubis, Stan!” it laughed. “That makes me the duelist and the Deckmaster! A regular two-for-one sale! Now lets reshuffle and start!”

As Stan reshuffled, he heard a mystical voice of wisdom behind him… It was Dark Magician.

“Stan,” he said. ”Just as my apprentice helped you before, I can aid you greatly in this struggle. I am connected to your soul more than any Monster, so we can make a team better than any…”

”I see,” answered Stan. ”So how can you help?”

”If you spend one thousand Life Points,” he answered, ”I can let you play any one Magic Card a second time in a row. Use this ability wisely.”

“Okay, gotcha,” answered Stan.

“Ready?” chuckled The End of Anubis. “Then it’s time to duel!”

The Disks swung into position, and the Life Point counters rose to 8,000.

“I’ll start this off…” cackled End.

It drew a card.

Perfect, it thought. Already I have most of what I need to bring my strategy out…

“First,” it said, fitting a card into a slot, “I’ll play Pot of Generosity!”

A peaceful-looking vase appeared in front of it.

“Okay…” mused Stan. “What does that do?”

“This Magic Card lets me take two cards from my hand that I don’t want, and shuffle them back in my deck!” answered End.

Two cards flew from his hand, and then back into his deck.

“Huh?” asked Stan. “Why the heck would you do that?”

“I have my reasons,” it said. “Now I’ll place a Monster in Defense Mode, and that will be my turn.”

A facedown Monster appeared in front of it.

“That’s it?” asked Stan. “No Traps? No Wall of Revealing Light?”

“I said, it’s your move…” repeated End.

“Fine…” sighed Stan.

He drew one card.

He placed a card down on his Disk.

“I summon Skilled White Magician in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

The mage of Light in his white robe arose. (1,700/1,900)

That facedown Monster is likely Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive, thought Stan, and flipping it will let him make one draw… But I don’t have many options…

“Skilled White Magician, attack!” he shouted.

The Magician shot forth his rainbow colored beam…

And a tall woman with long, dark hair in a dark cloak appeared before she was blown away.


“Aw, Witch of the Black Forest?” gasped Stan.

“Uh huh…” answered End.

A card slipped out of its Deck, and it took it.

“I suppose you used her effect to search for an Exodia piece,” said Stan, offhandedly.

“Uh, no,” answered End. “No I didn’t, actually.”

Stan gave it a look.

“Yeah, right,” he replied. “You’re lying!”

The End of Anubis gave him a glare.

“If I’m lying, may I be blasted by Obelisk the Tormentor’s mighty Fist of Fate!” it exclaimed.

Stan drew back…

He knew that this guy was a Fiend, and that Fiends were likely liars… But that sure sounded like an oath that a Duel Monster wouldn’t break.

Stan looked at his hand.

“I’ll place a card facedown and end my turn,” he said, fitting a card into a slot.

A facedown card appeared behind Skilled White Magician.

“Okay…” said End, drawing.

It added the card to its hand, and then fit a card into a slot.

“Now I play… Painful Choice!” it declared. “That means…”

“I know what it means, sheesh!” interrupted Stan. “I know the rules! Clearly you plan to use Painful Choice to thin out your deck!”

Skilled White Magician stored the energy, his staff turning copper.

“You’re just no fun to play against, Stan!” chuckled End.

“Just show me the five cards so we can continue, okay?” sighed Stan.

“All right,” chuckled End.

He took five cards from his deck and placed them on his Disk.

“I think you’ll recognize these cards…” it said with a chuckle.

The five cards appeared in the air in front of it…



Stan, Andy, and Francesca gasped!

They were the five Exodia cards!

“WHAT?” shouted Stan. “What are you up to? You’re using Painful Choice on your Exodia cards?”

“Yes I am,” answered End. “Is that a problem?”

“What is he doing?” whispered Andy to Francesca.

“I don’t know…” answered Francesca. “I really don’t… Anyone who holds all five of those cards wins automatically… But not if he draws them that way! Now Stan can make him discard four of them!”

“Well Stan, it’s your choice…” chuckled End.

“Uh… okay…” muttered Stan.

”Be careful, Stan,” warned Dark Magician’s voice. ”He’s clearly up to something… No sane duelist would throw those cards away unless doing so served some greater purpose…”

“I choose…” mumbled Stan.

Hold it! he thought. If he drew them all using Painful Choice, he wasn’t lying when he said he searched for something else with the Witch! What on earth did he use her for?

He paused.

Obviously, this is why he played Pot of Generosity. He had one or two of those cards in his opening hand, and he wanted them back in his deck so he could draw them with Painful Choice. But why? This makes no sense!

“Confused Stan?” asked End. “Let me give you a hint about my strategy… I got this idea after watching a guy named Gozaburo Kaiba.”

“Gozaburo Kaiba?” replied Stan. “Seto Kaiba’s stepfather who disappeared after Seto overthrew him? That guy couldn’t duel worth beans!”

“How little we know…” chuckled End. “Now make a choice. We haven’t got all day…”

Stan hesitated again.

“Scared?” chuckled End. “Why do you think it’s called Painful Choice?”

“I choose the Left Arm!” shouted Stan, quickly.

The cards in front of the Fiend vanished.

“So then, I get to keep the Left Arm of the Forbidden One, and I discard the others…” it stated, discarding the four cards.

“Still my turn…” it continued. “So now that I have this card, I’ll place it in Defense Mode, and end my turn…”

Stan was shocked as he saw the disembodied Left Arm of the Forbidden One appear in front of his opponent. (200/300)

“Are you nuts?” shouted Stan. “Now I’ll send that to the Graveyard too! You’ll never retrieve all five pieces!”

The End of Anubis just chuckled.

Stan drew a card.

“I’ll play my Pot of Greed!” he shouted.

The Pot handed him two more cards, and Skilled White Magician stored more energy, his staff turning silver.

“Now I’ll summon… Gemini Elf!” he shouted.

He threw a card down, and the two twin elves leapt into view, making a four-point landing. (1,900/900)

“Skilled White Magician, obliterate the last Exodia piece!” shouted Stan.

Skilled White Magician cast his spell, and the Left Arm was blown to bits.

“Gemini Elf, attack directly!”

Gemini Elf cast their lightning bolts! End cringed as they hit it.

The Fiend’s Life Points fell down to 6,100.

It chuckled an evil chuckle.

“That’s my turn,” said Stan, “but unless you have some super-monster to take the place of Exodia, this duel isn’t going to last much longer…”

The Fiend drew a card.

“Why Stan,” it said, “that’s exactly what I have!”

He took a card from his hand and showed it to him.


Dark Sage
23rd October 2005, 07:46 AM
Continued from last post:

“See this?” it chuckled. “It’s a Magic Card called Contract With Exodia!”

“What?” gasped Stan. “Contract With Exodia? What the sam-hill is that?”

“A very powerful Magic Card,” laughed End. “So powerful, that in order to play it, all five of my Exodia cards had to be in the Graveyard!

“You see Stan, Exodia has more than one power… A duelist automatically wins if he holds all five pieces in his hand… But used in another way, the almighty Exodia is powerful, even if he’s in the Graveyard!”

“So you put them there on purpose… to do what?” asked Stan, starting to sweat.

End played the card… The room darkened…

A glowing circle surrounded them, and the interior of the circle formed a glowing five-pointed star!

A huge shadow arose, and it formed into a hulking shape…

“I summon the almighty Exodia Necross!” shouted End.

The creature in front of Stan was at least twenty feet tall, hulking, with black skin the texture of steel, surrounded by an aura of dark energy. And its appearance…


“It looks just like… Exodia!” gasped Francesca.

“That’s because it is Exodia,” laughed End, “or at least his avatar of sorts…”


“Wait a second…” muttered Andy. “That thing only has 1,800 Attack Points! Stan can crush it!”

“Maybe…” chuckled End. “But first… Exodia Necross, attack his Skilled White Magician with your mighty fist!”

Exodia Necross roared, and lunged at Skilled White Magician…

“I activate Negate Attack!” shouted Stan.

His Trap Card lifted. Skilled White Magician braced himself, as Necross’s huge fist slammed against an invisible barrier.

“Ah, well,” sighed End. “Close but no cigar… That’s my turn.”

“I’m not fooled by your Exodia Necross’s apparent weakness,” accused Stan. “I’m sure it’s hiding a dark secret!”

“Well, it is a… Dark Monster…” agreed End.

Stan drew.

I’ve got to try something… he thought.

“Since three Magic Cards have been played, I can now sacrifice Skilled White Magician for Buster Blader!” he shouted.

Skilled White Magician vanished, and the mighty Warrior appeared. (2,600/2,300)

“Gemini Elf!” he shouted. “Attack Exodia Necross!”

Gemini Elf shot forth their lightning bolts, striking the beast…

But it merely shrugged them off. End’s Life Points fell to 6,000.

“Heh, heh…” chuckled End. “Why don’t you try again?”

Stan looked a little worried…

“Buster Blader, you attack it!” shouted Stan.

Buster Blader leapt up, and slashed at the great beast with his sword, causing sparks to fly…

But again, Necross was unharmed. End’s Life Points were reduced to 5,200.

“Getting the picture?” chuckled End. “So long as the five pieces of Exodia are in my Graveyard, Exodia Necross can’t be destroyed in battle! It also can’t be destroyed by Magic or Trap Cards! It’s indestructible!”

Stan looked at him hard.

“Fine,” he snarled. “It’s your move…”

“Then I draw…” said End, drawing. “And a little thing I forgot to mention… on each one of my turns, its Attack rises by 500 points!”

Necross’s Attack grew to 2,300.

“Now my Monster, attack his Gemini Elf!”

Necross struck with its fist, flattening the two elves!

Stan’s Life Points dropped to 7,600.

“Your move…” chuckled End, “unless you want to give up now…”

Stan made a draw.

”Stan…” said Dark Magician. ”This creature is powerful… But there is a card in your hand that we can use to harm our opponent greatly…”

”Yeah…” replied Stan. ”I see what you mean…”

Stan fit a Magic Card into a slot.

“I play the Magic Card, Shrink!” he exclaimed, which will reduce your Necross’s Attack down to 1,150!”

Necross didn’t actually reduce in size, but its Attack Score did halve.

“Heh,” chuckled End. “Gozaburo’s opponent did the exact same thing!”

“Did he do this?” asked Stan. “Now I’m paying 1,000 Life Points to activate my Deckmaster’s special ability!”

His Life Points fell to 6,600.

“It lets me use the effect of Shrink a second time!”

Exodia Necross lowered to an Attack of 575.

“I noticed that you still took damage when I attacked your Necross with a stronger Monster…” said Stan with a smirk. “So, Buster Blader, attack!”

Buster Blader swung his sword, and again sparks flew! End’s Life Points fell to 3,125.

“Now I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn by summoning Mystical Elf in Defense Mode.”

A card appeared in front of him, and Mystical Elf appeared in her praying position. (800/2,000)

“That was clever, Stan,” chuckled End, “but it was too little too late, and I doubt you can do it again…”

He drew a card.

“Now my turn starts, and not only does your Shrink effect wear off, but Necross rises to 2,800 Attack!

“Necross, obliterate his Buster Blader!”

Necross threw a mighty punch, and Buster Blader shattered!

Stan shielded himself, as his Life Points fell to 6,400.

“Your move…” chuckled End.

Stan drew and grumbled.

“I’ll pass this turn…” he sighed.

“Then I’ll move…” chuckled End, “and now Necross is even stronger…”


“Even better Stan, look what I just drew!”

He showed him the card…

Change of Heart.

“NO!” screamed Francesca. “He’s going to move Mystical Elf out of the way so he can attack Stan directly!”

“That’s right!” laughed End, playing the card.

The demonic spirit flew towards Mystical Elf…

“Not so fast!” shouted Stan. “I activate Spell Shield Type-8!”

His Trap Card lifted, and a weird machine appeared in front on Mystical Elf. It spun in a strange pattern, and Change of Heart shattered.

“Okay, you escaped that one…” growled End. “Necross, destroy his Elf!”

Exodia Necross threw his mighty fist forward and blasted apart Mystical Elf!

“Make your move…” dared End.

Stan drew.

“I play Graceful Charity!” he exclaimed.

The angel flew out of his deck, and handed him three cards.

He quickly handed her two of the ones in his hand.

“I’ll place one card facedown,” he said, placing a card into a slot.

Another facedown card appeared.

“And now I’ll summon Goombella the Scholar in Defense Mode!”

He played the card, and Goombella materialized.

“This lets me use her Tattle!” exclaimed Stan.

Goombella hopped on his shoulders, and the top four cards lifted off of his deck.

Stan smiled as he saw one. He made one adjustment, and then they flew back.

Goombella moved back into position.

“Your move,” said Stan with a smile.

“What could Stan be planning?” asked Andy, as The End of Anubis drew.

The beast’s Attack Score rose to 3,800.

“It better be something good!” gasped Francesca.

“Necross, flatten his mushroom!” shouted End.

Exodia Necross charged forward.

“Activate… Spellbinding Circle!” shouted Stan.

Necross froze in place, as the shimmering pentagram surrounded it!

“See?” chuckled Stan. “I may not be able to destroy it with Trap Cards, but I can halt its attacks!”

“Can you?” chuckled End.

He fit a card into a slot.

“I play… Remove Trap!”

The Spellbinding Circle shattered.

“Remove Trap?” said Stan, almost laughing. “Someone actually uses that old card?”

“Yes, antiquated I know,” answered End, “but effective. I know that Exodia Necross can be hindered by Continuous Magic and Trap Cards… And I’m allowed to have three copies each of Remove Trap and De-Spell in my deck, unlike Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon.

“And it’s your move.”

Stan drew.

“Well then, I think I know Exodia Necross’s weakness…” he stated.

“Do tell…” chuckled End.

“You said that in order to summon him, you needed all five pieces of Exodia in your Graveyard,” started Stan. “So I’m betting that if I take those pieces out, it’ll go away! Am I warm?”

“You’re red hot!” laughed End.

“Well then…” said Stan with a smile.

He fit the card he had just drawn into a slot.

“I play Soul Release!”

The card revealed itself…

“Will you now?” laughed End.

The Fiend pointed, and the Soul Release card was smashed to bits!

“WHAT?” gasped Stan. “HOW?”

“HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!” laughed The End of Anubis. “Did you forget we were playing via the Deckmaster system Stan? My Deckmaster ability negates and destroys any Magic or Trap Card my opponent uses that affects a Graveyard!

“I, on the other hand, can use any such cards I want… Not that I need to!”

The demon chuckled.

“It is true that if even one piece of Exodia is removed from the Graveyard, Exodia Necross is destroyed. That’s its weakness. So that’s why the Shadow Queen chose me as her Exodia duelist! With my Deckmaster ability, Exodia Necross is truly indestructible!”

“We’ll see about that…” snarled Stan.

“What do you mean?” answered End.

“The problem with you, pal,” replied Stan, “is that Exodia Necross is the only offensive weapon in your whole deck. The rest of your cards are concentrated on summoning and protecting it. Only a fool relies on one powerful Monster to win a duel.

“Make your move…”

“I will!” shouted End.

It drew, and Necross grew to 4,300 Attack!

“Destroy Goombella!” he shouted.

Exodia Necross flattened the Goomba.

“Now what?” said Francesca, almost crying. “How on earth is he going to beat that thing?”

“I wish I knew…” muttered Andy.

Stan wished he knew too…

He thought back to what the Fiend had said after his first attack on Exodia Necross had failed…

“So long as the five pieces of Exodia are in my Graveyard, Exodia Necross can’t be destroyed in battle! It also can’t be destroyed by Magic or Trap Cards! It’s indestructible!”

Stan paused.

Hold on, he though. Something’s missing from that…

He reached for his deck.

”Stan…” said Dark Magician’s voice. ”It may be that Exodia Necross has a weakness that even this maniac is unaware of… There is a card in your deck that may exploit this weakness. Trust in your deck, and it will come to you…”

Stan paused again.

”Yeah…” he answered. ”I get it… but first, I have to draw it…”

Stan closed his eyes and drew.

Well, that’s halfway there… he thought, looking at it.

“I’ll place a Monster in Defense Mode and end my turn,” he said.

He put a card on his Disk, and a facedown Monster appeared.

End drew, and Necross grew to 4,800 Attack.

“Haven’t given up yet?” he laughed. “Exodia Necross is unbeatable! Attack his facedown Monster, my beast!”

Exodia Necross threw his fist…

A female magician dressed in purple robes with long blonde hair carrying a fancy staff appeared. She cringed and was blown away.


“You destroyed my Apprentice Magician,” stated Stan. “And when she’s destroyed, I can search my deck for a Spellcaster of two stars or less, and summon it in facedown Defense Mode.”

A card slipped out of his Disk, and he set it down on his Disk. Another facedown Monster appeared.

The End of Anubis chuckled.

“I know your plan, Stan,” he chuckled. “That’s Magician of Faith, isn’t it? You’re going to use her to get back your Shrink card, so you can pull that trick with your Deckmaster again!”

“Maybe!” answered Stan.

“Well, this will discourage you!” laughed End, showing him two cards.

They were two Magic Jammer Traps.

“Huh?” gasped Stan.

End placed them in slots.

“Just in case you try to blow them away with Heavy Storm!” it chuckled, as they appeared. “Now make your move…”

Stan sighed and drew a card…

“I summon Magician’s Valkyria in Defense Mode…” he said with a heaving sigh.

Valkyria appeared, kneeling in Defense. (1,600/1,800)

“Magician’s Valkyria?” said End in surprise. “Wow, that card is super-mega-rare! I can’t wait to crush her!”

He drew one card… Exodia Necross grew to 5,300 Attack.

And The End of Anubis laughed harder than he ever had!

“Look at what I just drew, Stan!” he laughed, showing him the card.

“NO!” screamed Stan. “Not Fairy’s Meteor Crush!”

Andy and Francesca gasped.

“That’s right,” laughed End, playing the card, “and I’ll Equip it to my Necross!”

Exodia Necross glowed with purple fire!

“Now,” giggled the Fiend, “I could do a lot of damage to you by obliterating your Magician of Faith… But I think I’ll wipe out your Valkyria first. After all, I love crushing ultimate rare cards much more than I do commons! Necross, flatten his Valkyria!”

Exodia Necross threw a mighty punch! Magician’s Valkyria screamed and was blasted apart!

Stan’s Life Points fell to 2,900.

“Well Stan…” said the Fiend with a grin, “that’s my turn… But your Magician of Faith is next, and if memory serves me correctly, she has only 400 Defense Points! Next turn, Exodia Necross will have an Attack Score of 5,800, meaning you’ll lose 5,400 Life Points and lose!”

Stan made a draw.

He looked at the Monster on the card.

Please let me be right… he thought.

“This isn’t Magician of Faith, End,” he said with a smirk, “you only assumed that…”

“What?” replied End. “Then what the heck is… Oh… no…”

Stan hit a command on his Disk, and the facedown Monster flipped into Attack Mode…

“Reveal… Old Vindictive Magician!” he shouted.

The wizened old witch doctor in colorful clothes with his exotic staff appeared. (450/600)

Old Vindictive Magician cast his powerful spell, and shot a beam of energy at Exodia Necross! The great beast howled… and shattered!

“AAARRRGHH!” screamed the Fiend.

“You said that Exodia Necross couldn’t be destroyed in battle, by Trap Cards, or by Magic Cards,” said Stan, calmly, “but you said nothing about Monster Effects. So I was able to figure out its other weakness…

“And since you were dumb enough to tell me that those two Trap Cards are Magic Jammers, I can safely finish this!”

He switched cards on his Disk.

“I sacrifice Old Vindictive Magician to summon Dark Magician Girl!”

Old Vindictive Magician vanished in a sparkle of light, and Dark Magician Girl appeared in a flurry of hearts. (2,000/1,700)

“And now,” continued Stan, “I call my Deckmaster to the field! You’re on, Dark Magician!”

Dark Magician leapt up in the air, made a flip, and landed beside his apprentice. (2,500/2,100)

The two Magicians looked at each other and nodded.

“Go!” shouted Stan. “Attack that thing directly with double dark magic attack!”

Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl put their staffs together and fired a burning beam of dark energy! The End of Anubis screamed as its Life Points were reduced to zero…

It fell to his knees, and smoke rose from its form…

And then it shattered, just as its Monster did…

Stan took a deep breath.

“What do you suppose happened to him?” asked Francesca.

“Don’t know, don’t care…” sighed Stan. “Hopefully, he’ll have learned his lesson, and we won’t be seeing him again…


Dark Sage
23rd October 2005, 07:49 AM
Continued from last post:

The Shadow Queen walked down a long hallway with her children close behind. They had their Duel Disks strapped to their arms.

They entered a large chamber full of screens. She snapped her fingers, and pictures of people appeared on the screens. On the three largest screens were three of the greatest duelists in the world… Yugi Mouto, Seto Kaiba, and Joey Wheeler.

One, a boy who held the spirit of a heroic Pharaoh within him who had once saved the world; the second an expert strategist and planner who lived for games of all types; the third a tough-as-nails youth with legendary luck.

The Queen turned to her children.

“Kids,” she said. “I’m not going to lie to you… Once we complete our goals, we have to do away with any potential threats. And these will be the biggest threats once we leave this place.

“A question… Do you have any idea why these three duelists succeeded so often and defeated countless adversaries?”

“Uh,” said Melissa. “Because their opponents were big idiots who kept making dumb mistakes?”

The other five Spawn gave her a look…

“Actually…” answered the Queen, “yes! Although their own strategies did have something to do with it…”

The screens flashed.

“The history of these three is full of fools who could have beaten them if they hadn’t screwed up and reviewed their strategies a bit more carefully…”

A picture of Marik Ishtar (as he appeared with his dark side dominant) appeared on a screen.

“Marik Ishtar’s dark side was a prime example,” said the Queen. “When he faced Yugi in the final battle, his entire deck revolved around summoning and strengthening his Egyptian God Card, The Winged Dragon of Ra. Ra is indeed powerful, but even I wouldn’t have relied on it for everything. As our… friend The End of Anubis just illustrated, concentrating on one powerful Monster is a sure way to lose.”

She growled.

“Let’s watch another duel where a stupid mistake changed the whole course of history…”

A duel appeared on a large screen. One of the duelists was Kaiba. The other was not immediately recognizable.

Strangely, the whole arena was surrounded by a strange green circle, forming a pentagram.

“Now, I’ll bring you up to where we are at this point. Kaiba’s opponent is a guy named Alister, one of Dartz’s Three Swordsmen. He had lured Kaiba to Duelist Kingdom by impersonating Pegasus.

“See that weird circle surrounding them? That’s the work of an enchanted card that Alister has called The Seal of Orichalcos.

“It would take too long to fully explain it, so I’ll give you the basics – it’s magic gives Alister’s Monsters a 500-point bonus to their Attack, the Seal prevents both duelists from escaping…

“And whoever loses the duel… loses his soul.”

“Cool!” exclaimed Maria. “Why can’t we use stuff like that?”

“The Seal of Orichalcos also slowly drives whoever uses it mad,” noted the Queen. “We don’t want to mess with that. Now note that Kaiba’s only defense right now is Versago the Destroyer… Kaiba has 2,000 Life Points, and Alister has 2,200.

“Tyson, I believe you’ll recognize the Monster Alister is about to summon…”

Alister summoned a Monster… A hideous-looking Fire Fiend with a blazing sword.

“Yeah, that’s a Gorlag,” said Tyson. “It only has 1,000 Attack Points, but it gains 500 for every Fire Monster on the field, itself included.”

“Plus another 500 from the Orichalcos,” added the Queen.

They watched as Alister’s Gorlag destroyed Versago.

Then a form appeared on Alister’s side. It was Versago.

“Yep, just like clockwork, the Monster Gorlag destroys appears on the user’s side, and its Attribute is changed to Fire,” added Tyson.

“Indeed,” said the Queen. “So now Gorlag has 2,500 Attack Points. Plus, Versago gains 500 from the Orichalcos, for a total of 1,600. Now it’s Kaiba’s move.”

Kaiba played one card facedown, and then summoned Pitch Dark Dragon in Defense Mode.

“I’m wagering that facedown card is Kaiba’s Crush Card,” noted Vladimir.

“It is,” answered the Queen. “And Alister knew that too. He had studied Kaiba extensively…

“Uh, I think we can fast-forward this part… It’s just a bunch of rants by Alister about why he hated Kaiba…”

The image on the screen sped up.

“Stupid, stupid…” said the Queen. “More stupid… I really hate it when they give speeches.”

The action stopped.

“Okay, here we are,” said the Queen. “Here’s where Alister totally screws up…”

They watched as Alister activated his facedown card – Royal Decree.

“That seems like a smart move to me…” noted Kurtis.

“Just wait…” sighed the Queen.

Alister ordered Gorlag to attack Pitch Dark Dragon and destroyed it. Then he attacked directly with Versago, bringing Kaiba’s Life Points down to 400.

Then Pitch Dark Dragon appeared on Alister’s side, powering up Gorlag even more.

“How did Alister screw up?” asked Leopold.

The Shadow Queen sighed.

“Can anyone tell me what the idiot did wrong?” she asked.

All of the Spawn looked at each other…

“Sibs…” said Vladimir, “Pitch Dark Dragon had only 600 Defense Points. Alister could have destroyed it with Versago and then attacked Kaiba directly with Gorlag, wiping away 2,500 of his Life Points, which was more than he had! He could have won right there!”

“Exactly!” said the Queen, throwing up her arms. “He threw a victory away! You can’t afford to make such boneheaded moves when the stakes are this high!”

“Well, come on mum,” persuaded Maria. “We want to see how this ended…”

“Very well,” said the Queen. “Let’s watch the rest…”

They watched as Kaiba played his White Dragon Ritual, sacrificing his Blue Eyes from his hand to summon Paladin of White Dragon; then he played Monster Reborn to summon the Blue Eyes. He attacked the Pitch Dark Dragon with the Paladin, bringing Gorlag down to 2,500 Attack, and then attacked Gorlag with the Blue Eyes, destroying it and Versago.

Alister’s Life Points were now at 1,200, and as Kaiba ended his turn, Paladin’s effect allowed him to sacrifice it for a second Blue Eyes.

But then Alister turned the tables. He played Aetonix's Flame, destroying the two Dragons, AND reviving Gorlag. Then he played Fire Whip, summoning the two Blue Eyes to his side and changing their Attribute to Fire. The Orichalcos also increased their Attack to 3,500 apiece.

“Good lord!” squeaked Melissa. “How did Kaiba survive!”

“Well,” said the Queen, “since Alister played Aetonix's Flame, he couldn’t attack that round, but Kaiba thought he was doomed – he knew he didn’t have a card in his entire deck that could get him out of this one…

“But, you know when someone is facing insurmountable odds, and people say, ‘May Heaven help him’? Well, Heaven decided to help him. The gods of Duel Monsters found Kaiba worthy…”

They watched as Kaiba made his draw.

“…and that’s when Kaiba met Critias!”

They all watched as Kaiba merged his Crush Card with the Fang of Critias, forming Doom Virus Dragon!

“Critias is a magical card that can fuse with any Trap to form a powerful Monster,” explained the Queen. “Although that Dragon only had 1,900 Attack Points, summoning it destroyed every opposing Monster with more than 1,500 Attack Points!”

The two Blue Eyes and the Gorlag were vaporized, and Kaiba prepared to attack…

“Certainly,” continued the Queen, “Alister would have fallen victim to his own Seal, if he hadn’t a Quickplay Magic Card prepared…”

Alister’s facedown card lifted.

“Contagion of Madness?” asked Tyson. “What’s that?”

“It isn’t exactly common,” answered Vladimir. “You can activate it when you take damage, and your opponent takes half the damage you take.”

Both Alister and Kaiba were thrown backwards, and the Seal of Orichalcos vanished.

“As you can see, that duel ended in a draw,” explained the Queen, “and as powerful as the Seal is, it cannot steal two souls at once – ending in a draw is the only way for both duelists to escape unharmed…

“But the fact remains… If Alister had not been a total moron with that move, history would have been very different!”

She turned to the Spawn.

“If we are to succeed in our goals, we cannot repeat the mistakes that people like this made. We must be smart where they were stupid…

“And I thought a little practice might help…”

“Practice?” asked Melissa.

“Yes,” replied the Queen. “The magic in this chamber can produce illusory replicas of these duelists for you to practice against. So when you go up against the real thing, you won’t be caught by surprise. I’ve programmed their strategies, decks, and even personalities…

“I think it might even be… enjoyable…”

Leopold chuckled.

“I’ll give it a try, mom,” he laughed. “Set me up against Wheeler… he shouldn’t be too hard.”

“As you wish,” said the Queen with a smile.

She waved her hand, and Joey Wheeler appeared, Duel Disk in hand.

He grinned, and gave a thumbs-up to Leopold.

“Just remember, Leopold,” warned the Queen, “this is still a duel, and the Disks work just as well as they do with living opponents. If you want to end the duel prematurely, just say ‘abort’.”

Leopold and the virtual Joey activated the Disks, and “Joey” drew his first hand.

“I’ll start this off, Leo,” chuckled “Joey”, drawing his first card.

He looked at it.

“Um, eheh…” he said nervously.

He played a card.

“I’ll play one card facedown, and that will be my turn.”

Leopold laughed out loud.

“What’s the matter, Wheeler, have a bad first hand?” he laughed.

The illusory duelist stared at him…

Leopold made a draw.

“I’ll play Gaia Power,” he chuckled, fitting a card into his Field slot, “which increases the Attack of all my Earth Monsters by 500 at a cost of 400 Defense…”

A ring of trees surrounded them.

“Now I’ll summon… Two-Headed King Rex!” he shouted.

The powerful, double-headed Dinosaur appeared. (1,600/1,200) –> (2,100/800)

“Attack him directly!” cackled Leopold.

The Dinosaur charged forward.

“Activate Scapegoat!” shouted “Joey”.

His facedown card lifted, and four fluffy sheep appeared. Two-Headed King Rex snapped up one of them.

Leopold growled.

“Okay, make your move…” he said.

“With pleasure…” said “Joey”, drawing.

He put a card down.

“I summon Panther Warrior in Attack Mode!” he exclaimed.

The feral, cat-like Beast-Warrior with his armor, cape, and sword leapt into view.

“And in case you didn’t realize it,” laughed “Joey”, “he’s an Earth Monster too!”

(2,000/1,600) –> (2,500/1,200)

“HA, HA, HA!” laughed Melissa. “Looks like Joey was leading you right into that one, Leopold!”

“Shut up!” shouted Leopold.

“Now I’ll sacrifice one Scapegoat so he can attack!” laughed his opponent.

A second Scapegoat vanished, and with one swing of his sword, Panther Warrior cleaved the Dinosaur in half, reducing Leopold’s Life Points to 7,600.

“’Kay…” chuckled “Joey”, “I’ll place another card facedown and end my turn…”

Another facedown card appeared.

“Be careful, Leopold,” warned Vladimir. “Wheeler can be crafty when he wants to be…”

“Don’t worry,” said Leopold, as he drew, “I already have a backup plan…”

He fit a card into a slot.

“I’ll play Graceful Charity!”

The angel appeared, and handed him three cards. He quickly gave her his Little D. and Uraby.

“Next,” he said, “I’ll play Soul Release, removing from play Two-Headed King Rex, Little D., and Uraby…”

He played the card, and transferred the three cards from his Graveyard to the removal slot.

“And now I’ll summon Tyranno Infinity!” he shouted.

He placed a card down, and the huge, multicolored Dinosaur appeared in front of him. (3,000/0) –> (3,500/0)

“Go!” he shouted. “Devour his Panther Warrior!”

Tyranno Infinity roared…

“Activate… Kunai With Chain!” shouted “Joey”.

His Trap lifted, and a bladed boomerang with a chain attached to it appeared in Panther Warrior’s hand. He hurled it, grabbing the huge Dinosaur by the neck!

“Now your big bad dino can’t attack, and my Panther gets even stronger!” laughed “Joey”.

Panther Warrior’s Attack climbed to 3,000.

“Big deal!” shouted Leopold. “He’s still too weak to destroy my Dinosaur…”

“We’ll see…” said Joey, drawing.

“Hee, hee, Pot of Greed time!” he said, playing the Magic Card.

“Must he be this annoying?” said Leopold, turning to his mother.

“The real Joey Wheeler is this annoying,” answered the Shadow Queen. “If you can’t get used to it, you haven’t a chance against the real one!”

“Joey” drew two cards.

“I play Giant Trunade!” he exclaimed.

He played the card, and Gaia Power and the Kunai with Chain was blown off the field. Panther Warrior’s stats were changed to (2,000/1,700), while Tyranno Infinity’s were reduced to (3,000/0).

“Next,” stated Joey, “I’ll summon Gearfried the Iron Knight…”

He put a card down, and Gearfried appeared. (1,800/1,600)

“Now I play… Shield and Sword!”

He played the card and Leopold gasped! The Attack and Defense of all three Monsters on the field were flip-flopped, Panther Warrior becoming (1,700/2,000), Gearfried becoming (1,600/1,800), and his Dinosaur becoming (0/3000)

“Gearfried, take down that dino!” shouted “Joey”.

Gearfried swung his mighty blade, and Tyranno Infinity was blown apart!

“Now…” laughed Joey, “goodbye Scapegoat, hello Panther!”

Another Scapegoat vanished, and Panther Warrior charged, slashing at Leopold with his sword!

Leopold’s Life Points plummeted to 4,300.

“Ready to throw in the towel, Leo?” mocked his opponent.

“This isn’t ‘enjoyable’!” growled Leopold, making a draw.

He snarled…

“I summon a Monster in Defense Mode…” he growled, placing a card down.

A hidden Monster appeared.

“Great,” chuckled Joey.

He placed a card on his Disk.

“I summon Hayabusa Knight!” he exclaimed.

A tall Warrior in armor with a hawk’s head, carrying a rapier appeared. (1,000/700)

“Attack his facedown Monster!” shouted “Joey”.

Hayabusa Knight flew forward. Mammoth Graveyard appeared, and was blown to pieces.

“I figured that Monster couldn’t defend worth beans…” chuckled “Joey”. “Now, Hayabusa Knight, direct attack!”

Hayabusa Knight attacked again, and Leopold screamed!

“Gearfried, Panther Warrior, finish him off!”

The last Scapegoat vanished, and the two Monsters plowed into Leopold. He howled as his Life Points hit zero and he was thrown on his back.

“Joey” grinned and gave another thumbs-up before he vanished.

“Bravo…” said the Queen, clapping. “That may have been the most pathetic display I’ve ever seen from you, Leopold…”

“He had a lot of lucky draws…” moaned Leopold.

“The real Joey is just as lucky…” noted the Queen.

“I could have taken him down…” said Maria. “I wouldn’t have been stupid enough to play Gaia Power against him – everyone knows that most of his Warriors are Earth.”

“You want to make a bet on that, Maria?” shouted Leopold.

“Yes, Maria, prove to your brother that you aren’t a lot of hot air…” said the Queen. “Get up here…”

Maria gulped and stepped up to where Leopold had been.

“Because you’re all going to do this until you get better…” warned the Queen.

“Dark Magician”: Spellcaster/Dark, (2,500/2,100)

Deckmaster SA: “Magic User”: Spend 1,000 Life Points to use one Normal or Quickplay Magic card a second time in row.

Note: Yugi used Dark Magician as his Deckmaster in the multipart anime episode “Merger of the Big Five”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

”The End of Anubis”: Fiend/Dark (2,500/0)

Deckmaster SA: “Defiler”: You can negate and destroy any Magic or Trap Card your opponent uses that effects a Graveyard or cards in a Graveyard. You can still use any such cards yourself.

[B][I]Coming up next…

Again, we give our heroes (and the Spawn) a break, as we check in on another of the finalists…

It isn’t time for Johnson to make his appearance, but another legally inclined Monster confronts Raven and forces her to confront her illicit past, in a trial by combat.

For all those who didn't like Raven because she played cheesey moves (Master of Paradox, mostly), I think you might like this return appearance.

It’s a chapter called “Legal Maneuvers”, and it’s coming soon.

23rd October 2005, 08:09 AM
I was wondering how Stan was going to beat Exodia Necross since End of Anubis has an ability that stops Stan from interacting with his graveyard. Anyway, I can not wait to see Raven duel again.

Shuppet Master
23rd October 2005, 01:54 PM
I really enjoyed this chapter, even though the duel was short. It had a lot of filler stuff and a scene with the Queen and her Spawn. It seems the heroes are going to have their work cut out for them once they meet again. :D

EDIT: I'm sorry this was a short reply. I didn't have much to say. I must say that Queen is getting serious with her children. She wants them to be champions, so she set up that virtual duel system whcih had virtual duelists that used the same sort of strategies as the real McCoy. I also liked how she showed the Alister/Kaiba duel in Duelist Kingdom. Nice. :D

And that part at the beginning with my user character and the other user characters talking with Merlee...I suggested that to Brian, but it seems he's taken it a bit farther. Why can't Upperdeck put a rule saying that Butterfly Dagger can't be in a deck with Geafried the Iron Knight instead of banning Butterfly Dagger. It's not fair Elma is stuck in Traditional. :mad:

Perfect Chaos
23rd October 2005, 02:44 PM
Hey DS, I'm very sorry that I haven't replied for the past 2 or 3 chapters but high school's a bugger and so are college applications @_@

I read this chapter and I think I might sound like Paradox a little bit. The duel was OK at best but very predictable in outcome. I knew that End would wound up using Exodia Necross for this chapter so I wasn't surprised by that. Also, most people knew that the only real way to destroy Exodia Necross was by using an Effect Monster that destroys other monsters.

It was interesting to see Leopold to go up against the "illusional" Joey, but not "too" interesting. I personally would've liked to see Kaiba duel again.

Look foward to the next chapter.


24th October 2005, 04:23 AM
OK, I kind of liked this chapter. Exodia is one of my favorite strategies, because I think that only attacking to win is boring. Yes, Im not making any sense.
Exodia Necross is also a monster that I like.

About the chapter, it was ok. It wasnt boring but it also wasnt very exciting, in my opinion. But I did like that duel with "Joey".

And darn. I wanted to see Aesop (and his other decks.) in the finals.

Anyway, keep up the good work. :)

Master of Paradox
24th October 2005, 08:09 AM
Well, that was mediocre.

The only thing about the End of Anubis duel that I haven't read a thousand times before was the final move. It seems every Exodia duelist plays Necross in these stories anymore... but Exodia duelists in the real world wouldn't waste the deck slots, especially with the new ban list (which doesn't exist in the anime world, but you get the point). I did like End's deckmaster ability, but in all it was a boring duel.

And don't get me started on the second half of the chapter (the filler with the Queen and that Joey duel). Pointless.

I did like the scene with the user characters, but that was about it.

I'm not sure if I'll read the next chapter - you see, it wasn't Raven's moves that irritated me, it was the character herself. Your characters (outside of the mains) don't grow, so I seriously doubt she's any less infuriating.

Dark Sage
24th October 2005, 11:11 AM
All right, true confessions time...

It seems a lot of you didn't like this chapter.

Truth is, even I didn't like it much.

Even when I outlined it, I thought it predictable and repetative.

But the only other option was for me to have a repeat of the first duel with The End of Anubis, so I stuck with the plan.

I hope my next chapters can be better.

Master of Paradox, IM me. Maybe if I can figure out why you hated Raven so much, I can avoid that from now on.

- DM

24th October 2005, 01:19 PM
Okay, if everyone else is gonna be brutally honest, then maybe I should, too (Although that might not be so smart considering the reviews I've gotten.) :p

Chapter 34 was really good; I don't think I've ever seen a decent Plant Deck. At least not since Belladonna from Legacy of the Duelist.

Chapter 35 wasn't so great, sorry. It's nothing against you, DS, but Exodia duels are typically kinda boring since they can only go one way; your duels are great because of their diversity. What saved this chapter was the second half: Leopold, with his 165 IQ, was beaten by Joey Wheeler? In less than five turns? Man, that HAD to have hurt his pride! :xd:

I couldn't help but notice that you haven't updated Pokemonese in awhile. If you're interested in any of my ideas, just ask. You've helped me, and I wanna help you (and maybe see one of my ideas in a good fic for a change :rolleyes:).

Anyway, I'll see ya next chapter; please hurry, though, 'cuz Shuppet Master and Master of Paradox are slacking off again. :keke:

Dark Sage
24th October 2005, 03:20 PM
Leopold, with his 165 IQ, was beaten by Joey Wheeler? In less than five turns? Man, that HAD to have hurt his pride!

It probably did, Blademaster, it probably did... But the real Joey has beaten smarter. Take Johnson for instance (Although Johnson and Leopold share one thing in common - they are both "book smart" but they lack the "street smarts" that they need to succeed in a tough situation. Joey has that in spades.)

Shuppet Master
24th October 2005, 03:28 PM
Well, sometimes "book smarts" are needed where "street smarts" fail. If you've ever seen Ozzy and Drix on Kids' WB, one episode had Drix trying to learn street smarts and he foolishly ended up trusting a pimple bacteria, which allows that creature to form a huge ugly embarrassing zit. But Drix went back to his intellect and found a way to destroy the zit. (Sorry, I just had to relate that because it points out something - there's a time for one smarts and time for another.)

I actually liked the scene with the Spawn and Queen - even though the Queen might end up forcing all the heroes to fight Yata-locks, she knows that it'd be stupid to slack off in your own practice dueling! :)

Dark Sage
24th October 2005, 03:37 PM
Wow, page five already.

SM, I saw the episode of "Ozzy and Drix" you mentioned.

And I wasn't saying that street smarts are better than book smarts. I'm saying that you need both to truly succeed. That's one of the reasons Joey got into a lot of trouble before Yugi straightened him out. (If you read the manga, you'll know that he made a lot of mistakes early in his life, getting involved in gang activity and the like before he wised up.)

Basically, one type of smarts is not better than the other. You need both.

And a little luck can't hurt.

24th October 2005, 06:01 PM
Not a bad chapter dude, but, to be honest, I've seen better from you. I did like the cameos our user characters made (you use beer to drown your sorrows! not milkshakes!).

Anyway, throughout the duel there was one thing bothering me. Why didn't End put Necros in defense mode? It would have saved him a lot of lifepoints and it wouldn't have changed a thing.

Also, am I the only one getting sick of duelling monsters or are other people getting it too. Thankfully we'll be getting a human (if you can call him that) opponant for a change.

Dark Sage
24th October 2005, 06:09 PM
Okay, let me count...

I'm not done yet, MC. After this chapter, there will be six more opponents who are Monsters, seven if Johnson counts as one. There's also a villain who isn't human, but not a Duel Monster either (and I'm keeping VERY closemouthed about him/her).

See, the Palace of Shadow is a haven for demons, and these demons have taken the forms of Duel Monsters. The Queen is skilled in the dark arts, so not all of her servants are human. What would you expect from an immortal evil sorceress?

Hang tight. I do my best to try to give these creatures personalities as much as humans.

As for why End put it in Attack Mode, well, he did so so he could attack with it!

As for why your character wasn't drinking beer, he was too young.

Keep reading.

- DS

Shuppet Master
24th October 2005, 07:06 PM
Yeah, Mystic Clown, think before you say stuff like that! In Sailor Moon, Melvin drowned his sorrows in milkshakes, the young teenager's version of guzzling beer at a pub. :)

Also, I just realized that End used the Witch to fetch Necross, since it is a monster card and it has zero defense, Witch-searchable.

25th October 2005, 02:36 AM
Um...you do know I was joking about the beer right?

Anyway, when on thinks aobut it, yeah, you can search Necros with WotBF. Although building an entire strategy around getting it out is just pointless. I mean, it's like Dark Guardian, you should only use it as a plan B.

If the villian you're talking about Brian is Bowser, I'll double over laughing! :xd:

If I may take a guess, Johnson's going to take the form of Judgeman again (I could be wrong though).

25th October 2005, 05:26 AM
Haha! I just thought of something. Wouldnt it be funny, if the Queen would send a Left Leg of the Forbidden One to duel the kids? Or something similar. Would be funny to see a leg hop into place, then place cards with its toes and talking with...I dont know what.

Meh. My imagination again.

25th October 2005, 04:38 PM
Wee! Finnaly my little duel smarts kick in. I knew that End of Anubis searched for Exodia Necross first even though I did not put it down in my first review, it probually was just because I read it first.

26th October 2005, 02:05 AM
zigzagoon: are you sure you're not just trying to take the credit for what Shuppit's figured out? *eyes zigzagoon suspiciously*

26th October 2005, 01:23 PM
Well I thought so and when SM posted it I knew it so I guess I owe something to him but I did know.

Shuppet Master
26th October 2005, 02:30 PM
That's okay, anybody could have figured it out if they saw the card. :)

26th October 2005, 05:27 PM
I know! A chess-playing hobo and a left leg of exodia gang up and beet them!! Yay!

Anyway, good chappy, not the best one though, the last one was pretty good though.

Kepp getting better plz!

Dark Sage
27th October 2005, 10:38 AM
My last chapter certainly wouldn't have won many awards, so I decided to post another one sooner, rather than later.

A brief word of explanation - I'm taking a bit of anime artistic license. I know that the key Monster in this chapter is really two Monsters, not one, and that what is done in this chapter could not truly be done, but I'm making it different than the real rules to make what I think is a good plot.

So enjoy...

- DS

Dark Sage
27th October 2005, 10:40 AM
[B][I]My name is Raven… Don’t expect me to give you any name other than that.

Life dealt me a cruel blow when I was a kid, due to a corrupt society full of lazy, rich snobs. To survive it, I had to take what I wanted from those who didn’t deserve it.

Madripor is long behind me, and I thought I was done with trials. Seems I was wrong.

I got into the Thousand Year Door, and now some chick with wings has decided to prosecute me. I must say her jurisdiction is more fair than most of the ones I’m used to – at least here I have some means of defense.

But I still don’t like it. These types of places chafe me.

And if anyone is going to throw the book at me, it isn’t going to be this weirdo…


Legal Maneuvers

It was around the same time as Francesca’s duel with Jackson, on the previous day.

A figure in a cowl and cloak was carefully making her way through a dark part of the Palace of Shadow.

Raven would never admit it to anyone, but she was nervous. The filthy streets of the poor sections of Madripor were one thing – creepy haunted dungeons were quite another.

She took a small object out of her pouch. I was a black gem that seemed to glow with an uncanny aura. Her last opponent had called it the Onyx Star, and it had gotten her past the Thousand Year Door.

Her last opponent was one of her toughest…

Once she got seven cards, an Interdimensional Matter Transporter had taken her to a secret grove in Boggly Woods. There she met an odd creature. Had Stan managed to summon Vivian during their duel, she might have compared the creature to her…

But this creature, who called herself Beldam, was much older-looking, and not nearly as cute. Still loyal to the Shadow Queen, she had been granted immortality – but eternal life didn’t come with eternal youth. Youth would be given back on the condition that no-one got the Onyx Star.

Raven told her that she’d be disappointed. But she was in for a struggle…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Archfiend Soldier, attack her Life Points directly!” cackled Beldam.

Raven cringed as the Fiend struck her with his Sword and her Life Points tumbled to 2,000.

“Has it sunk in yet, dearie?” laughed the witch. “I have 3,000 Life Points more than you do, and you don’t even have a Monster stronger than the one I have on the field now!”

“Strength isn’t everything…” muttered Raven, making a draw.

She played a card.

“I play Swords of Revealing Light!” she shouted.

The glowing swords crashed down around Beldam.

“That will hold you,” sneered Raven. “Make your move.”

“Fine,” chuckled Beldam. “I’ll pass the time by summoning a few more Monsters…”

She gestured, and a card flew off of her deck and into her hand.

“Opticlops, in Attack Mode,” she chuckled, placing a card down.

The huge, muscular, cyclopsed Fiend appeared. (1,800/1,700)

“That’s it for my move…” she chuckled.

Raven drew one card.

Good… she thought. This will give that crone a rude awakening…

She put a card down.

“I summon Dark Scorpion Shanna the Quick in Defense Mode,” she stated.

She placed a card down, and the young teenage thief appeared, kneeling and shielding herself. (1,300/500)

“Interesting,” chuckled Beldam. “But next time, you might want to think about defending with a Monster who has more Defense Points!”

“Just move…” growled Raven.

“Gladly…” snarled Beldam, as another card flew into her hand. “Don’t tell me what to do…”

She looked at the card.

And then she let loose an evil cackle!

She placed a card down.

“I summon my Goblin King in Attack Mode!” she laughed.

The dark, ornate throne rose up, holding the small, royally dressed Goblin.

“And since I have two other Fiends on the field, his Attack and Defense are both 2,000!” laughed Beldam. “Plus, you can’t attack him until you destroy my other Fiends! Not like that’s going to happen!”

“I dunno…” sighed Raven. “I have a sneaking suspicion that I can take him down…”

She drew a card.

“All right!” she announced. “I’m moving Shanna into Attack Mode!”

She turned her card, and Shanna stood up, brandishing her daggers.

“And now I summon this guy in Attack Mode… Dark Scorpion Tornas the Joker!”

She placed a card down, and the young urchin in ragged clothing appeared. (300/300)

“Ha!” laughed Beldam. “Your Tornas is no stronger than a Kuriboh!”

“Oh really?” answered Raven. “Tornas, attack her Opticlops!”

“What?” shouted Raven as Tornas leapt forward.

Opticlops fired a burning beam of energy from its eye, and Tornas was blown to bits!

Raven’s Life Points fell to 500.

“You want to explain why you did that?” chuckled Beldam.

“Simple,” said Raven with a smirk. “When Tornas is destroyed in battle, all other Dark Scorpions on my side of the field have their Attack Score increased to 3,000 for the rest of the turn!”

Shanna’s Attack went up…

“And that’s not all,” continued Raven, discarding a card. “By discarding one Monster Card, I can have Shanna attack three times in one round!”

Beldam gasped…

“Shanna, attack her Archfiend Soldier!” shouted Raven.

Shanna leapt forward and stabbed the Archfiend, destroying it!

“AND her Opticlops!”

Shanna slashed at the Opticlops, blowing it away!

Beldam’s Life Points fell to 2,700…

“And now that you have NO other Fiends,” chuckled Raven. “Goblin King’s Attack Score is…


Beldam screamed as Shanna drove her daggers into the diminutive monarch, blowing him to shards! Beldam’s Life Points fell to zero, and she collapsed…

Smoke rose from the wicked hag, and she vanished…

A sparkling shower of motes came from the roof of the grove, and the glowing Onyx Star lowered into Raven’s hands. It tingled when she touched it…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Well, thought Raven, I’m here, and so far, meeting up with that creepy Dragon was the most interesting thing that happened…

This place looks expensive… Wonder if there’s anything worth lifting here…

A door appeared in front of here.

Well, that looks unusual… she thought.

She opened it.

She entered what looked like a stuffy office. Bookshelves lined the walls, and a very fancy desk was in the center. A flag was next to the desk (no nationality – it was simply sky blue), and the desk was loaded with papers and pens, a few of them very old fashioned.

Raven went to the bookshelf and took down two of the books.

Law books? she thought, looking at them.

“This isn’t a library, Raven,” said a stern, female voice. “Please put down my books, most of them haven’t been discredited yet. Now have a seat in front of the desk, please…”

“And what if I don’t want to?” asked Raven.

For a second there was no reply…

Then the chair in the front of the desk turned, and sped towards her! It did a circle, and hit her from behind! She fell into it, and it carried her back to its previous position.

“Ow…” muttered Raven. “You want to warn me before you do that again?”

“Quiet!” ordered the voice.

A beam of light appeared in front of her, and an intimidating form appeared on the other side of the desk…

It was a woman, and even sitting down, she was tall. She had sapphire blue skin, and wore robes and jewelry that suggested ancient Egypt. Most remarkably, she had huge wings coming out of her back with blue feathers.


“What are you?” asked Raven, in awe.

“I take it no-one’s ever used me against you in a duel,” responded the creature. “Good thing too, because that would have been a duel you’d have painfully lost. I’m known as The Agent of Judgment – Saturn.”

“Agent of Judgment?” stammered Raven. “That doesn’t sound good.”

“Just call me Saturn, everyone does,” responded the Agent, putting on a pair of reading glasses. “Now I wouldn’t try leaving, because even if you could get away from me, which you can’t, no one can leave this chamber unless I allow it. So let’s just look at your record, shall we…”

She picked up a folder and skimmed through it.

“Okay, here we are…” said Saturn. “Boy, this is pretty long… sixty-three counts of pickpocketing, forty counts of breaking and entering, thirty-eight counts of burglary…”

“HEY!” shouted Raven. “That’s none of your business!”

“I’m afraid I have to disagree with you there, Raven,” answered Saturn. “Bringing criminals to justice has been my business for several millennia… Agent of Judgment, get the picture?”

Raven was silenced, and the Agent continued.

“Ten counts of armed robbery, three counts of assault and battery, one count of extortion…”

“That’s a dirty lie!” shouted Raven. “I never committed extortion!”

Saturn glared at her for a second.

She threw a set of photographs at Raven.

“Do THESE jog your memory?” asked Saturn.

Raven let out a squeak of fear…

No one had ever connected this to her… In fact, she had burned all the copies she had kept, and she figured the negatives were still in some vault in some Madripor records archive…

“You remember, don’t you?” asked Saturn. “A judge had sentenced you to be tortured. Stick and the rest of your group saved you from a lot of pain, but you wanted revenge. So you took these photos of that judge in an indecent act with a woman who wasn’t his wife. Then you sent him copies, telling him that you’d send the negatives to the town council if he didn’t fork over a year’s salary.

“You knew that adultery was unforgivable among the brass in Madripor. So naturally, the guy was scared out of his mind, and he did what you told him to do…

“And to make matters worse, after he had done it, you sent the negatives to the town council anyway… It ruined his life.

“You never even told your mentor that you had done it – you knew he wouldn’t have approved.”

“How did you get these?” growled Raven.

“I can get any evidence I want, Raven,” answered Saturn. “No criminal can hide an incriminating piece of evidence from my powers. I’m not the average lawyer… I have divine powers when it comes to finding justice.”

Raven paused.

“Hey,” she snarled. “The only reason that guy was a judge anyway was because he had rigged an election! Even the other members of the ruling class hated him!”

“True, he was a criminal himself,” agreed Saturn, nodding, “and an evil man. But two wrongs don’t make a right, Raven.”

She closed the file.

“So I’m going to give you one last chance, Raven,” said Saturn. “Now we’re either going to wipe your record clean, or punish you for it…


She waved her hand, and the room started to change… The desk vanished, and the walls seemed to expand…

After about ten seconds, they were still in the office, but it had changed shape to a circular arena-like area. Saturn was now standing five meters from Raven, and she was wearing a Duel Disk.

Raven winced… The Duel Monster in front of her was nearly seven feet tall… Clearly, trying to escape by overpowering her was out of the question...

“Raven,” said Saturn. “In ancient times, rulers often gave criminals the option of trial by combat. If the accused defeated his opponent, he would be acquitted; losing would mean conviction, if he even survived.

“So here’s the deal, and I don’t expect you to like it. Defeat me, and I’ll acquit you of every crime you’ve ever committed. My authority on such matters is practically limitless. You must admit that I’m offering a far better deal than those judges ever gave you in Madripor.”

“And if I lose?” asked Raven with a sneer. “I suppose I’ll sentenced to hanging again?”

“The ruler of this Palace has no death penalty,” answered Saturn. “But if you’re convicted, your sentence will be to be tucked away in solitary confinement… forever.”

Raven gulped.

“Now it’s time to present your Deckmaster…” ordered Saturn. “After all, as the old saying goes, he who is her own lawyer has a fool for a client.”

Raven pulled her deck out of her tray.

“This is a no-brainer…” she snarled, pulling out a card.

She lifted it up.

“I choose Don Zaloog!”

There was a flash of light, and the master of thieves appeared beside her.


“Very well,” answered Saturn, as Raven reshuffled. “And I’ll be serving as my own Deckmaster.

“Now let’s duel!”

As they drew their first hands, Raven heard a voice behind her.

“Raven,” said Don Zaloog’s powerful voice. “Don’t let this creature intimidate you. Just as your team stood by you in the past, I promise the Dark Scorpions will stand by you here.”

Raven was a little stunned. She had used Don Zaloog a thousand times in her dueling career, but she had never expected him to talk.

She merely nodded.

“I’ll start things off,” said Saturn. “After all, the prosecution always presents its case before the defense…”

She drew her first card.

“And I’ll summon this creature in Attack Mode,” she stated. “Agido!”

She placed a card down on her Disk, and a weird creature appeared. It was spherical, with an orange covering and a large central eye. Strange claws and blades jutted out from its sides. (1,500/1,300)


“Now it’s your move…” she stated.

Raven drew.

Hmm, Chick the Yellow… she mused.

“If you summon a member of the Dark Scorpions,” stated Don, “I can increase his or her Attack strength by 500 points.”

“Great…” whispered Raven.

“I’ll summon Dark Scorpion Chick the Yellow, in Attack Mode!” exclaimed Raven.

She put the card down, and the young, blonde teenager carrying a mallet appeared.


“And my Deckmaster gives him a little boost!”

(1,000/1,000) –> (1,500/1,000)

“Clever,” stated Saturn. “But that ‘little boost’, as you say, makes him and my Agido equally matched.”

“Then I guess it’s your move…” stated Raven.

Saturn drew a card.

“Now I’ll summon Spirit of the Harp in Defense Mode,” she stated.

She placed a card down, and a beautiful woman in a golden robe, holding a large harp appeared. (800/2,000)


“You seem to like Fairies a lot,” remarked Raven.

“Technically, that’s my own species,” answered Saturn. “But between you and me, the Agents and other ones of my class don’t like the term ‘Fairy’. I mean, no one would call Shinato by such a frail term, would they? We prefer the terms ‘celestial heralds’, ‘seraphim’, that sort of thing… A few duelists even flatter us by calling us deities.”

“Uh, you know Shinato?” stuttered Raven, in fear.

Did she have that Monster in her deck?

“We’re not here to discuss my colleges, Raven, now move!” snapped Saturn.

Raven drew.

She switched cards on her Disk.


Dark Sage
27th October 2005, 10:41 AM
Continued from last post:

“I sacrifice Chick the Yellow to bring forth Gorg the Strong!” she shouted.

Chick shattered, and the muscular, bald-headed muscleman of the Dark Scorpions arose. (1,800/1,500) –> (2,300/1,500)


“Gorg, attack her Agido with Scorpion’s crush!”

Gorg leapt forward and brought his mace down on the spherical Fairy, smashing it!

Saturn’s Life Points fell to 7,200.

“And since he damaged your Life Points,” said Raven with a smirk, “I can send your Spirit of the Harp back to the top of your deck!”

Spirit of the Harp vanished.

“Really…” muttered Saturn, “well, maybe Agido will be coming right back…”

A dice appeared in the air.

“I suggest you watch this dice, Raven,” she continued. “When Agido is destroyed, it rolls, and I can then summon a Fairy from my Graveyard with the star level of the resulting roll.”

“Agido is the only Fairy there,” chuckled Raven. “You’d need an exact four to summon it.”

“You never know…” answered Saturn.

The dice rolled.

And it landed on the two.

“Aw,” said Raven. “Too bad…”

Enjoy it while you can, thought Saturn. Soon my secret weapon will take this duel by storm…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Two sets of eyes were watching.

“Ah, Grodus, look at Saturn toy with that girl,” chuckled the Shadow Queen. “I should know that even Fairies have a dark side…”

“Mmm,” answered Grodus. “Any duelist will tell you that for a Fairy, Saturn is a cruel Monster… If she’s used at the right time in the right way, her effect can wipe the user’s opponent out.”

“True,” answered the Queen. “And she has a Monster in her deck that can be almost as powerful…

“Let’s just see what develops…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Saturn drew one card.

“I’ll summon Spirit of the Harp again, in Defense Mode,” she said.

Spirit of the Harp reappeared.

“Now…” she stated.

She started to glow with a golden aura.

“…I’m activating my own Deckmaster ability!”

“Huh?” asked Raven. “What’s it do?”

“It costs me 1,000 Life Points,” answered Saturn, as her Life Points slipped to 6,200, “but now I can take a Monster or Magic Card from my deck…”

“Any at all?” gasped Raven. “That’s crazy!”

A card slipped out of Saturn’s deck.

“No, a specific Monster or Magic Card,” she said, adding it to her hand. “Being able to add any at all would be crazy. Now I’m ending my turn.”

Raven drew a card.

“I summon Dark Scorpion Meanae the Thorn!” she shouted.

She threw the card down, and the glamorous, female Warrior appeared, holding her whip! (1,000/1,800) –> (1,500/1,800)


“Gorg, take out Spirit of the Harp!” shouted Raven.

Gorg charged forward and obliterated the Spirit.

“Meanae, attack directly with Scorpion’s lash!”

Meanae let out a squeal of delight, and lashed at Saturn with her whip! Saturn cringed as she was hit.

Her Life Points fell to 4,700.

“Are you done?” she asked, sarcastically.

“No…” chuckled Raven. “Since Meanae damaged your Life Points, I get to add another member of her team to my hand from my deck or Graveyard!”

A card slipped out of her deck.

Shanna the Quick will end this in a hurry! she thought. Especially since my Deckmaster can raise her Attack Score to 1,800!

“It’s my move!” said Saturn, drawing.

She drew one card.

“Since I used my Deckmaster ability last turn to get the Monster,” she continued, “I’ll use it on this turn to get the Magic Card!”

She glowed golden again, and her Life Points fell to 3,700. A card flew out of her deck.

She added it to her hand, and then looked at the field.

“Now then,” she said, “I’ll place one card facedown, and summon my Winged Kuriboh in Defense Mode!”

A facedown card appeared in front of her, and then the adorable, furry Fairy with wings appeared. (300/200)


“And that’s my turn,” she stated.

Raven chuckled as she drew.

“Right…” she chuckled. “You expect me to fall for that? Forgive me for playing devil’s advocate, but being a thief all my life, I’ve learned to see setups coming from a mile away, and if that isn’t a Trap you just put down, then I’m the Queen of England!”

Saturn was silent…

“So I’ll summon Dark Scorpion Shanna the Quick in Attack Mode, and end my turn,” stated Raven.

She placed the card, and Meanae’s younger sister appeared, holding her daggers. (1,300/500) –> (1,800/500)

“Clever girl,” stated Saturn, making a draw. “But it won’t help you.

“I’m placing another card facedown, and that will be my turn.”

She set the card, and it appeared.

Raven drew.

All right! she thought. Mystical Space Typhoon!

“I activate my Trap!” shouted Saturn.

The card she had just set lifted.

“Solemn Wishes! And I’m sure you know what that does…”

Man, I’ve gotta end this quick… thought Raven.

She plugged her card into a slot.

“I play Mystical Space Typhoon!” she shouted. “Say goodbye to THAT card!”

The storm shot forward, heading towards the other card…

“Pity…” sighed Saturn. “I was hoping to keep that part of my secret for a little longer. Sorry, Raven, but by destroying that card, you activated it!”

The Magic Card revealed itself…

“Transcendent Wings!”

“HUH?” gasped Raven. “I’ve never heard of THAT!”

“I have to discard two cards to make it work,” stated Saturn, discarding two of her cards, “but it’s worth it!”

Winged Kuriboh started to glow…

It started to grow and change shape…

Before Raven’s eyes, it formed into a beautiful creature, resembling a golden dragon with feathered wings, holding the Kuriboh in its claws! (300/200)


“Transcendent Wings transforms plain old Winged Kuriboh into Winged Kuriboh Lv. 10!” shouted Saturn.

“Heh, heh…” chuckled Raven. “Very pretty… but it has no more Attack or Defense Points than the old version!

“And this duel is over…”

She raised her finger…

“Raven, wait…” warned Don Zaloog. “This may be dangerous… I’m sensing incredible power coming from that Monster! We have no idea what it can do!”

“It’s still my turn,” answered Raven. “If I destroy it with Meanae, Shanna and Gorg will flatten her! We’ll win!”

Don only sighed…

“Meanae, attack that thing!” she shouted.

Meanae the Thorn raised her whip.

“Hold it right there, Raven!” shouted Saturn, raising her hand. “I activate my Monster’s special effect! Wrath of the Divine!”

“What?” gasped Raven. “Wrath of the Divine?”

Winged Kuriboh Lv. 10 started to glow with a blinding light!

“By sacrificing itself, Winged Kuriboh Lv. 10 can destroy all opposing Monsters in Attack Mode!” shouted Saturn.

Raven stared in horror…

Gorg, Meanae, and Shanna screamed, as they were blown to bits! Raven was thrown back, and landed on her behind!

“And that’s not all…” chuckled Saturn. “Now the base Attack Scores of each Monster it destroyed will be taken right out of your Life Points!”

Raven held her head, as her Life Points fell to 3,900.

Don Zaloog sighed again, as Raven got up.

“Your side’s looking kind of empty, Raven,” chuckled Saturn. “Maybe you should summon a Monster…”

Raven looked at her hand.

“I don’t have one!” she cursed.

“Then it’s my move,” gloated Saturn, making a draw. “And I’ll take a boost from Solemn Wishes…”

Golden rain fell on her, and her Life Points went up to 4,200.

“Now I have a friend I’d like you to meet,” stated Saturn, placing a card down. “Shining Friendship, that is!”

A cute Fairy shaped like a green ball with a smiley face and feathered wings appeared. (1,300/1,100)


“Shining Friendship,” she chuckled, “attack directly lovely kiss!”

Shining Friendship laughed with joy and flew forward. Raven cringed as it planted a wet one on her face.

Now I know what it means to kill with kindness… she thought.

Her Life Points fell further, to 2,600.

“Your move,” chuckled Saturn. “And I really can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a defendant! Usually trials are boring affairs… They consist of too much talking and not enough action. I mean, Hollywood makes them look exciting, and dramatic, but in reality… borefests. Don’t you think the legal profession would be more respected if we all did it this way?”

“I didn’t know ‘celestial heralds’ had such senses of humor…” growled Raven.

“You should see Archlord Zerato,” chuckled Saturn. “He can really spice up a party!”

Raven looked at her deck.

I have no Monsters in my hand… she thought, and I only have 2,600 Life Points left… If I don’t draw something good now, she’ll in all likelihood summon something else on her next round…

Life in solitary… Personally, I’d rather be hanged…

“Raven…” said Don Zaloog’s voice.

He put her hand on her shoulder.

“You’re in dire straights, and you need to start thinking better… You can’t duel carelessly anymore. If you lose, you won’t just pay with your Life Points this time…”

“What do I do?” asked Raven.

“You’ve got to think sensibly, Raven,” he answered. “You’ve dueled using instinct and powerful cards for so long, that perhaps you’ve forgotten the mind and heart of true dueling…

“The power of dueling is here…”

He pointed to his head.

“…and here…”

He pointed to his chest.

“…but it’s never here.”

He pointed to his gut.

“Have faith… Trust in your deck. If you want your freedom more than this creature wants to imprison you, and I’m certain that that is the case, the right card will come to you.”

I just hope you’re right… thought Raven, reaching for her deck.

She closed her eyes.

She drew.

“I play my Pot of Greed!” she shouted.

She played the card, and the colorful jar appeared, and handed her two cards.

Excellent, she thought.

“I play Heavy Storm!” she shouted, throwing one of the cards into a slot.

A storm covered the field, blowing the Solemn Wishes card apart!

“Now I’ll summon a swashbuckler named Dark Scorpion Fandral the Dashing!” she exclaimed, throwing a card down.

Fandral appeared, waving his rapier dramatically. (1,500/800) –> (2,000/800)

“Attack her Shining Friendship!” shouted Raven.

Fandral leapt forward and impaled Shining Friendship with his blade! The Fairy shattered.

Saturn’s Life Points went down to 3,500.

“And thanks to Fandral’s special effect, I gain 300 Life Points for every star level of the Monster he destroyed!” gloated Raven. “This isn’t over yet!”

Her Life Points went up to 3,800.

“So whatcha gonna do now?” chuckled Raven. “I doubt there’s a Fairy you can summon with no sacrifice that has more than 2,000 Attack Points?”

Saturn drew a card.

“Will this guy do?” she asked. “I summon Mudora!”

She placed a card down, and muscular Fairy with golden skin, wearing a mask and headdress appeared. (1,500/1,800)


“Oh, crap…” muttered Raven.

“I take it you know his ability,” chuckled Saturn. “He gains 200 Attack Points for every Fairy in my Graveyard, and there are four.”


“Mudora, take down Fandral!”

With one swipe of his sword, Mudora cut down Fandral.

Raven’s Life Points fell to 3,500.

All right, back where I started… thought Raven.

She drew one card.

I play Monster Reborn!” she shouted, playing the card.

The holy ankh appeared, and Gorg the Strong appeared again. (1,800/1,500) –> (2,300/1,500)

“Heh, heh,” chuckled Saturn. “Talk about the luck of the draw! But is seems we have another standoff… our Monsters have equal Attack power!”

“Fine. I end my turn,” said Raven.

Saturn drew a card.

“I’ll place one card facedown,” she said, fitting a card into a slot.

A facedown card appeared.

“And then I’ll summon a critter called Kaiser Sea Horse in Defense Mode!”

She put a card down, and an aquatic warrior with shiny violet scales, holding a trident appeared. He knelt in Defense. (1,700/1,650)


“That’s enough for my move…” chuckled Saturn.

No… thought Raven as she drew a card. If she sacrifices that Monster for a Light Monster, it counts as two sacrifices!

“Sorry, Saturn,” she shouted, “but I’ll destroy your Kaiser Sea Horse! Gorg…”

Gorg lifted his mace…

“I activate… Compensation Mediation!” shouted Saturn, as her facedown lifted.

The Trap Card was revealed, showing the image of a man being strangled by a ghostly figure.

“What?” asked Raven.

The chamber grew dark, and all the Monsters on the field vanished.

“It’s sort of complicated, so I’ll explain,” started Saturn, walking up to her. “Take this…”

She handed her the Trap Card.


Dark Sage
27th October 2005, 10:44 AM
Continued from last post:

“Now, take two non-Monster Cards from your Graveyard. A word of advice – make sure they’re ones you might want to use again…”

Raven went to her discard slot.

“Fine,” she said, removing her Pot of Greed and Monster Reborn.

“Now, place them facedown with the Trap Card,” explained Saturn. “If I can guess which one is mine, your Battle Phase is skipped, and you can add the other two cards to the top of your deck. If I can’t, you can attack like you were planning, and only the card I picked goes to the top of your deck.”

Raven was a little nervous…

“Don’t worry…” said Don Zaloog. “This is all a matter of luck… If yours is better than hers, you won’t lose. And you didn’t become one of the greatest thieves in Madripor by being unlucky…”

Raven placed the three cards into slots.

“Good…” sighed Saturn. “Now then…”

She paused.

“Card on the left…”

Raven sighed and hung her head…

The card lifted, showing the Trap Card.

“You were saying?” she angrily said to Don.

She withdrew the Trap Card and hurled it at her opponent, and the Monsters reappeared.

“You may have stopped me from attacking,” snarled Raven, “but you gave me access to two very powerful Magic Cards.”

She placed them at the top of her deck.

“Well, we’ll soon see if that was a good idea or not,” chuckled Saturn.

“And it’s still my turn!” shouted Raven. “I play Swords of Revealing Light!”

She played the card she had drawn when she started her turn, and the shimmering swords fell down around Saturn.

“Clever again,” chuckled Saturn. “But they won’t hold me for long. It’s my move…”

She drew, and added the card to her hand.

“Now I sacrifice my Kaiser Sea Horse to summon the mighty Wingweaver!” she shouted, switching cards.

Kaiser Sea Horse shattered, and a huge form arose. It was a beautiful Fairy, dressed in a toga, with six glorious wings. (2,750/2,400)


“And that ends my turn,” she chuckled.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Too bad,” sighed the Shadow Queen. “Talk about bad luck. I had high hopes for Raven… But once those Swords wear off, Saturn’s Monsters will swarm the field, and she’ll be finished.”

“Not that it matters,” asked Grodus, “but what were you planning on doing if Raven had won?”

“That’s just the point, Grodus,” sighed the Queen. “It doesn’t matter. Raven’s chances of winning now are pretty much infinitesimally small…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Raven drew a card.

Not scared of her Wingweaver, she lied to herself. I can still do this…

“Since you were so nice to let me have Pot of Greed back, I’ll play it!” she said, playing the card.

The Pot handed her two more cards.

“Now I’ll move Gorg into Defense Mode…” she continued.

Gorg the Strong knelt and held his mace in his lap.

“…and I’ll also summon Cliff the Trap Remover in Defense Mode.”

She placed a card down, and the Dark Scorpions’ master of disarmament appeared, kneeling and holding his dagger downward. (1,200/1,000) –> (1,700/1,000)


“That will be my turn, Saturn,” she finished.

“Very well,” chuckled Saturn, drawing. “Think I’ll just pass for this turn.”

Raven closed her eyes and drew.

She gave the card a strange look.

“All right, Agent of Judgment,” she stated, “I’m playing my next card facedown.”

She played a card, and it appeared behind Cliff.

“Now make your move.”

“Very well,” chuckled Saturn, making a draw.

She smirked.

“I’ll play Elf’s Light!” she exclaimed, placing a card into a slot.

A glowing Fairy appeared over Wingweaver and waved a wand.

“This will make Wingweaver’s Attack 400 points stronger, at the cost of 200 Defense Points!”


“And with that, I end my turn,” she said.

The Swords vanished.

“Didn’t get much help out of your three free turns, did you?”

“On the contrary,” said Raven, making a draw, “I got just what I needed!”

She fit a card into a slot.

“I play Monster Reborn!” she shouted. “I’ll bring back a Monster from your Graveyard… A little guy called Winged Kuriboh!”

Winged Kuriboh appeared on the ankh. (300/200)

Mudora’s Attack fell to 2,100.

“And now I’ll reveal my facedown card,” continued Raven. “It’s a Trap called Dark Scorpion Pilfer!”

“Huh?” asked Saturn, as the card lifted. “What does that do?”

“It lets a member of the Dark Scorpions steal any Magic Card from your Graveyard that I want…” answered Raven.

Cliff the Trap Remover cleared his throat.

“Oh, sorry Cliff,” said Raven. “I meant any Magic Card that he wants. So which one do you want to take Cliff?”

The Trap Remover rubbed his chin. Then he whispered something to Raven.

“Wonderful!” laughed Raven. “You guys always have the best ideas!”

Cliff gestured, and a large image of a Magic Card appeared in his hands.

”That’s my Transcendent Wings card!” shouted Saturn.

“Exactly!” laughed Raven. “So now I’ll discard two of my own cards to activate it!”

She discarded two cards, and Winged Kuriboh started to glow… Just like before, it grew, and formed into Winged Kuriboh Lv. 10! (300/200)

“I must say, Raven,” chuckled Saturn. “That was a smart move… Too bad it won’t work! You see, that’s my Monster you have up there, and I’m well aware of all its strengths and weaknesses…”

“Weaknesses?” asked Raven.

“Yes, weaknesses,” answered Saturn. “It’s true that if you managed to activate its effect, I’d lose 4,250 Life Points, and the duel…

“But Winged Kuriboh Lv. 10’s effect can only be activated when your opponent enters her Battle Phase. And you know as well as I do that I’m free to simply skip my Battle Phase, thus not giving you a chance to do it!”

“So what now?” asked Raven, with her eyes narrowing. “Do we just skip our turns until one of us is decked out?”

She was a little nervous about this… She had played Pot of Greed twice, so if Saturn had as many cards in her deck as she did, she’d run out first…

“Not quite…” chuckled Saturn. “That Monster has another weakness… but I won’t tell you what it is…”

Raven sighed.

“It’s your move…” she stated.

“Then I’ll draw…” said Saturn.

She looked at the card.

She smirked.

“And I’ll place one card facedown…” she said, fitting a card into a slot.

What other weakness could that thing have? thought Raven.

She thought for a minute.

Of course! It couldn’t be more obvious!

I hope I don’t draw the right card too late…

She drew a card.

“I activate a Trap!” laughed Saturn, as her card lifted. “A powerful one, called Left Arm Offering!”

A frightening card appeared, bearing the image of an executioner about to chop a man’s arm off.

“To activate this card, I have to discard my whole hand…” explained Saturn.

She discarded the five cards in her hand.

“…and in return, I get to take any card I choose from my deck!”

She took out her deck, and got what she wanted.

Raven looked at the card she had just drawn.

Well, what do you know… she thought.

“I’ll place this facedown, and end my turn,” she stated.

She fit a card into a slot, and it appeared behind the Kuriboh.

Saturn made a draw.

She chuckled.

“Well then,” she said, “I’ll place one card facedown, and that will be all.”

She placed a card in a slot, clearly the one she had gotten from Left Arm Offering.

If I’m right, thought Raven, this duel will end on her next turn!

She drew a card.

“I pass for my turn,” she stated.

Hope I’m right… she thought.

Saturn drew a card.

“Mudora!” she shouted. “Attack Winged Kuriboh!”

Mudora raised his sword…

“Go, Winged Kuriboh!” shouted Raven. “Wrath of the Divine!”

The Kuriboh started to glow with a blinding light…

Wingweaver and Mudora cringed, as they were blown into shards…

“That’s just what I wanted you to do, Raven!” laughed Saturn.

Her Trap Card lifted.

“My Barrel Behind The Door will blast the damage right back at you!” she laughed. “You lose!”

An ancient magical cannon appeared… it started to glow.

“Actually,” said Raven with a smirk. “That’s exactly what I was expecting… I activate my Counter Trap! Go, Seven Tools of the Bandit!”

Her own facedown card lifted…

“This may cost me 1,000 Life Points…” continued Raven.

Her Life Points fell to 2,800.

“But it’s worth it to make you fall flat on your face!”

A huge jackknife shot forward, shattering the Barrel! An explosion ripped through Saturn’s side of the field… the Agent shrieked and fell over…

Her Life Points fell to zero…

Raven paused to catch her breath.

“I’d be a pretty pathetic thief,” she gasped, “if I didn’t know how to disarm a trap…”

Don Zaloog gave her a thumb’s up.

“Not bad, kid,” he said. “That was some good thinking. Your journey is far from over… Keep being strong…”

Saturn slowly got up… She was also out of breath.

“I lost…” she muttered.

She let out a long sigh.

“Very well,” groaned the Agent. “As promised, case dismissed, and your record is hereby wiped clean…”

She walked up to Raven.

“And since you dueled so admirably, I’m also commuting the sentence of another criminal to time served.”

“What do you mean?” asked Raven.

Saturn handed her a card.

“WHAT?” asked Raven in shock. “I thought this card was only a myth!”

“He’s quite real,” answered Saturn. “Pegasus only made five copies, but never distributed them – they were part of a project that was unfortunately cancelled. I can’t say exactly how I got him, but he’s yours now.

“Use him in your deck, and you’ll become even stronger. I guarantee it.”

A door appeared in mid-air.

“Now then,” said Saturn. “Your journey continues. The finals aren’t far behind.”

Raven was speechless.

She shuffled the card into her deck, and went for the door.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Shadow Queen chuckled.

“All going according to plan…” she chuckled. “All going according to plan…”


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a group of people, one of them being strangled by a dark ghost. This card can only be activated during your opponent’s turn. Your opponent chooses two non-Monster cards from his Graveyard and shuffles them with this card. Choose one of the three cards without looking at it. If the card you choose is “Compensation Mediation”, your opponent skips his Battle Phase, and puts the other two cards on the top of his deck. If you choose one of the other two cards, your opponent can conduct his Battle Phase normally, places the card you chose on the top of his deck, and discards the other one.

Note: “Compensation Mediation” was first used by Joey in the anime episode “My Freaky Valentine (Part Two)”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Don Zaloog snatching a priceless gem from a safe. You can activate this card when a Monster that has the words “Dark Scorpion” in its name, or is named “Don Zaloog” or “Cliff the Trap Remover” is face-up on your side of the field. Take one Magic Card of your choice from your opponent’s Graveyard and add it to your hand. (If this card goes to the Graveyard, it goes to the original owner’s Graveyard).

Note: “Dark Scorpion Pilfer” first appeared in “The Mandate of Heaven”


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of an executioner about to lop off a man’s left arm. Discard your whole hand. Then add any card from your deck to your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

Note: “Left Arm Offering” was used by Marik in the anime episode “The Final Face-Off (Part One)”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

”Don Zaloog”: Warrior/Dark, (1,400/1,500)

Deckmaster SA: “Team Rally”: Increase the ATK of all Monsters with the words “Dark Scorpion” in their names, or who are named “Cliff the Trap Remover” on your side of the field by 500.

”The Agent of Judgment – Saturn”: Fairy/Light, (2,400/0)

Deckmaster SA: “Wrath of the Divine”: Pay 1,000 Life Points to search your deck for either one “Winged Kuriboh” or one “Transcendent Wings” and add it to your hand. This effect can be used once per turn, during your main phase.

[B][I]Coming up next:

We go back to our main characters, as The Unfriendly Amazon challenges Francesca to a rematch. And wait until you see her new strategy! It’s all coming up in a chapter called “Girl Power”, coming soon.

27th October 2005, 01:13 PM
Hmm...you're right. Technically, RAven would not have been able to to use Winged Kuriboh LV10 against Saturn, because she doesn't own one. But it was nice irony nonetheless.

It was certainly an interesting duel. This is the first Fairy deck I've seen that didn't use Shinato and/or Zerato.

However, I'm very keen as to what happens with the rest of the plot. Fransesca's rematch with Unfriendly Amazon...that should certainly be fun!

27th October 2005, 02:22 PM
Uh, DS...?

You do realize that Fairy's Gift is a Spellcaster and not a Fairy, right?

BTW, Kuriboh RULZ!!!

Dark Sage
27th October 2005, 02:44 PM
Thanks for pointing out that mistake, Blademaster.

The mistake is now edited - I replaced Fairy's Gift with something else.

- DS

Shuppet Master
27th October 2005, 03:42 PM
Great job, Dark Sage! I really like that chapter because Raven was probably one of my favorite of your characters. I'm imagining the Teen Titans Raven dueling. :D

Great duel. I didn't realize that you made Agent of Judgement(I think the makers mispelled Judgement to fit the name on the card) have a deckmaster ability that would bring the components of Winged Kuriboh Level 10 out. Winged Kuriboh is actually a part of Jaden Yuki's deck, and seems to be a guiding spirit for Jaden(he appears in spirit form a few times). Keep up the good work.

(For everyone else, excuse the plug, but I'm working on my next Anansi chapter now and, barring the rain in our area, it will be finished before this weekend, I just need to get the rest of the scenes in. Bye! ;) )

Master of Paradox
27th October 2005, 06:38 PM
Shuppet Master: I'm pretty sure it's actually spelled "Judgment".

And once again, I have bad luck with girls named Raven. At this rate, one will be involved in my death.

Sorry, DS, but Raven's still an irritating, self-satisfied, aggravating insert-demeaning-term-here. Her playing the Dark Scorpions makes me feel bad for them. Her opponent was fairly interesting, though - I think most of us expected Hysteric Angel/Fairy. I know I did.

The duel would have made up for this, but I hate the fake Dark Scorpions. Hate them beyond all reason. At least that's their swan song. (Interesting, though, to see a non-Sanctuary Fairy deck.)

Did I like anything? Well... I did like Saturn's little speech complaining about her type name. How they got from "Angel" to "Fairy" still puzzles me.

The next chapter doesn't look very promising, either. Oy...

Dark Sage
27th October 2005, 06:45 PM
It's a little early for New Year's but I'd like to make a resolution anyway.

I, Brian Corvello, promise never to make another new fanfic Monster Card featuring a new member of the Dark Scorpions ever again. Nor will I use any of the three I have already created ever again.

To further fulfill this resolution, I am putting another restriction on anyone who uses my work. No one is allowed to use Dark Sorpion Shanna the Quick, Dark Scorpion Fandral the Dashing, or Dark Scorpion Tornas the Joker in their own fanfic. They are off limits.

Raven or another character might reference them in a future chapter, but I give you my word... they will never be summoned in a duel again.

You can't mess with the originals.

- DS

27th October 2005, 06:53 PM
Oh, for Pete's sake, Brian, don't bash your own creations just because MoP doesn't like them. Don't let someon else' opinion dictate your own! I like the new Dark Scorpion members, and you're not messing with the originals by creating new team members. And, no, I'm not saying this to 'free up' your creations so I can use them; I currently have no plans to use a Dark Scorpion deck in my fic. I just think it's silly to get rid of something you created just because someone else doesn't like it.

Dark Sage
27th October 2005, 06:57 PM
Well, Randy, personally, I think creating them was a big mistake too. I just don't like them.

Why did I have Raven make it to the finals then? Well, I have my reasons.

27th October 2005, 10:30 PM
Hey, Long time no see. I haven't been able to do more then read for a while, so I'll make this one count.

First and foremost, going strong and good work. Things could have been better, but I think our well known critic MoP is going a bit far.

I do have to agree on the original scorpions though. For one thing, with the support cards now, five seems the correct number to include. For those who must make more, certain guidelines must be followed. For example, one of the great things is the talents and personalities for each member. If there isn't a role for them to play, don't make them.

Second, I was shocked when none of your originals had a choice of effect when doing damage, they all had one standerd (and if I may be so bold unrelated) effect.

With all of the flaws pointed out at Raven's last appearance, I was able to enjoy the duel as it was. It did seem to end abruptly, and I would have bet money on Zerato's appearance. Still full of suprises.

With the previous returns of old rivals, I am expecting a sub-par coming next. It would be fabulous if I was proven wrong though. It would not be the first time.

Shuppet Master
27th October 2005, 11:25 PM
Well, you can bury your creations(I came up with those new Dark Scorpions, but Brian altered their names and effects), but I like the Dark Scorpions to create my own and screw what Master of Paradox says! :p

(Bolt of lightning strikes me.)


Anyways, Brian, since you destroyed your own Dark Scorpion monsters, may I make a suggestion? If you are going to destroy everything else connected to the Dark Scorpions you made up, how about using a GX card that is used later in the series. It's called "Dark Scorpion's Retreat" and has a special effect I can't say here. ;)

28th October 2005, 02:29 AM
Hmm, the chapter was alright, although, personally, I wanted Raven to loose. How come people whom have only commited the sin of being jack-asses *cough*Poison*cough*Jackson*cough* get sent to the grave yard, but she gets off scott-free?

Anyway, If you want to destroy your creations Brian, go ahead, but I think you took it a bit too far Paradox.

Master of Paradox
28th October 2005, 07:39 AM
Everyone's saying he's "destroying" his creations. How can you destroy something that isn't there to begin with?

Besides, the false Dark Scorpions (pardon the term) aren't destroyed. They still exist in the two Raven duels so far. They simply will not be seen again - more "banned" than "destroyed".

28th October 2005, 12:09 PM
I'm linking all chapters. Some a bit more then others. 1 thing that annoys me though is something like this

"Now my monster will get to pick something from your graveyard"

Monster wisphers something in the duelists ears

"Oh what a great idea. You always have the best ideas"


I hated it the first time pegasus did it and I hate it everytime somebody does it. It just pointless. Why not just say.

"Now I get to retrieve a card from your graveyard."

Or if you really want to involve the monster.

"Now my monster bring me that card."

It's just annoying, seriously (atleast that's what I think).
Pegasus did it out of mockery because it suits him. But most other duelist just come over like copycats if they do it.

Shuppet Master
28th October 2005, 12:37 PM
Ah, don't worry, Silencerf. I promise that I won't do that in my stories(of course, I don't use cards like Dark Scorpion Pilfer often :D). Pegasus is one of my favorite eccentric characters because he's the father of Toon monsters and he acts weird, even when not insane. (Play Nightmare Troubadour for the DS and get into a Shadow Game with him, and you know what I mean.)

If I did do it, the guy who uses the card would be the epitome of annoying(like "I'm gonna rip your #*#*ing face off if you don't shut up!" annoying) and would be hated or at best intolerated by everyone else, even his superiors, and would either stop his ways or die a horrible painful death. Mwa ha ha...

Dark Sage
1st November 2005, 08:45 AM
Well everyone, time for a new chapter.

This chapter may be short, but I promise the next will be longer.

So enjoy.

- Brian

Dark Sage
1st November 2005, 08:46 AM
[B][I]I like the Amazons… But up until the time I came to Monster Island, I thought that legends like the story of The Unfriendly Amazon were just fairy tales that some duelist who happened to be a writer made up…

Turned out I was wrong. Shortly after I met Stan and Andy, the real thing showed up gunning for me. She affirmed my story, and showed a great hatred of true Amazons, like the ones in my deck. Naturally, she hates anyone who uses them… people like me.

I thought I was done with her – but now she’s back, and she’s gunning for revenge with a whole new strategy.

I hope I can take her out again… That Skill Drain deck of hers was rather rough.

But I’m not a coward. If I can’t stand up to her, I’ll never defeat the Shadow Queen…


Girl Power

The Shadow Spawn had certainly seen better days.

They knew that the images of Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba in front of them were only phantasms (none of them had the guts to face Yugi yet), but that didn’t make being smashed by them any less embarrassing.

Their mother had left them alone for the time being, and Melissa was trying her luck against Kaiba. She had been waiting to face him for years so she could steal his three Blue-Eyes…

And right now, it seemed like that dream was a long way off…

“Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon!” shouted “Kaiba”. “Attack The Creator!”

Melissa cringed as The Creator was blasted into shards.

“Blue-Eyes!” shouted Kaiba. “Attack her directly!”

Melissa screamed as a bolt of White Lightning ripped through her, and her Life Points fell to nothing.

She fell on her back, and smoke rose from her clothing…

“Pathetic,” said her opponent. “Even Wheeler gave me a better challenge than that…”

“Kaiba” vanished.

“Bravo,” said Kurtis, clapping. “Encore!”

“Hey…” groaned Melissa, “I brought his Life Points down more than you could…”

“Yeah,” he responded. “You brought them down to 7,000 instead of 7,500…”

“People, this is embarrassing,” sighed Maria. “We’ve each lost by shutout at least once…”

“Twice here,” groaned Leopold.

“We’d have the advantage if we could do it our way…” sighed Tyson.

Vladimir stared at him.

“Tyson,” he stated. “These duelists are non-living doppelgangers. They may be able to talk and even insult us, but they’re actually mindless, with no more real souls than a player piano. ‘Our way’, as you put it, can only be done against living, sentient opponents.”

“I guess…” muttered Tyson.

Melissa smirked.

“Hey, Vladimir…” she chuckled. “You claim to be the best one of us… I dare you to take on Yugi!”

Vladimir drew back.

“Why?” he asked. “Mom was planning on dueling him personally.”

“Aw, are you afraid to go up against the King of Games?” asked Melissa.

Vladimir’s eyes narrowed.

He stepped up to where Melissa had been.

“Present Yugi Mouto,” he ordered.

A light flashed, and the intimidating form of Yugi Mouto appeared in front of him…

A light shone from the Millennium Puzzle…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Half an hour earlier…

In the arena where Stan had dueled The End of Anubis, the three partners still were no closer to proceeding.

“I guess one of us should pull a lever next,” said Andy to Francesca.

Francesca sighed.

“I’ll do it, baby,” she said.

She went to the lever with her name on it, and threw it down.

The door on the right slowly opened…

A tall figure walked out…

Francesca gasped. She recognized her immediately…


“The Unfriendly Amazon!” she shouted.

“Hello Fran,” scowled the Amazon. “So good to see you again.”

“What do you want?” asked Fran. “You want your butt kicked again?”

The Amazon growled.

“Thanks to you Fran,” she replied, “the Queen buried me for what seemed to be an age. But she can be generous – she gave me another chance. I’m not going to lose to you this time.

“And once I defeat you, you’ll be the one who’s tucked away in the Graveyard, and I’ll get what I wanted all along… Namely your deck.”

“WHAT?” exclaimed Francesca, nearly laughing. “What do you want my cards for? I thought you hated the Amazons!”

“I do!” snapped The Unfriendly Amazon.

She paused.

“Perhaps it hasn’t kicked in yet,” she said, “but the Shadow Queen can enchant cards and bring them to life. Once I defeat you, she’s promised to do exactly that to the Monsters in your deck… And then force them to serve as my slaves. I’ll finally be able to enact my revenge by dominating them!

“They’ll suffer forever…”

“You’re insane…” scowled Francesca.

“We’re all a little insane, Fran,” chuckled the Amazon, “and you’ll either duel me, or you and your friends will never leave this arena…”

She drew her sword.

“…at least not in one piece…”

Francesca sighed.

“Fine…” she said.

“Fran…” warned Andy, “be careful. “You know she plays a Skill Drain deck, and most of your Monsters are powerless without their effects…”

“Then I’ll just have to be really careful, Andy,” replied Francesca.

Fools, thought the Amazon. Little do they know, I’m now using a completely different deck. I’ll take Francesca completely by surprise…

Francesca faced her foe, and the two activated their Disks.

“Now choose your Deckmaster,” chuckled the Amazon. “As you can see, I’m my own… And I can guarantee my powers will be better than any you have!”

Fran looked through her deck.

Her eyes caught sight of her most powerful Monster.

Heh, why not? she thought.

She held the card up.

“My Deckmaster is Guardian Angel Joan!” she shouted.

A flash of light appeared, and the lovely form of Joan appeared beside her.


“Now let’s duel…” dared Francesca.

Then she heard an enchanting, musical voice behind her.

“Francesca,” said Guardian Angel Joan’s telepathic voice. ”Fear not, for I will stand behind you and help you vanquish this evil creature. My power of Resurrection is incredibly potent…”

“Resurrection?” asked Fran. “How does that work?”

”If you simply discard one card and pay 500 Life Points, I can revive a four-star or lower Monster, chosen at random, from your Graveyard,” answered Joan. ”But be careful, because I cannot use this ability to revive the same Monster twice.”

“Okay,” answered Francesca. “That sounds good…”

“All right Francesca,” chuckled The Amazon, making a draw. “I’ll start this thing off…”

She added the card to her hand.

“Okay…” she chuckled. “I’ll place one card facedown…”

She played a card, and it appeared.

“And now I’ll summon Etoile Cyber in Attack Mode!”

She placed a card down, and a tall form appeared. It was a thin woman dressed in a colorful blue and red bodysuit decorated with ribbons, with gorgeous, flowing, chestnut hair. She spun a pirouette and then turned to face Francesca. (1,200/1,600)


“That will be my turn,” chuckled The Amazon.

Etoile Cyber? thought Francesca, making a draw. Who the heck is that?

She looked at her hand.

Her facedown card is likely her Skill Drain… But Getsu Fuhma can handle that gal without her effect…

She threw a card down.

“I summon Getsu Fuhma in Attack Mode!” she shouted.

The redheaded Warrior of Darkness appeared, holding her katana aloft. (1,700/1,200)

“A new one?” chuckled The Amazon.

“Uh huh,” answered Francesca. “And unless you have any Fiends or Zombies in your deck, she doesn’t care about your Skill Drain! Getsu Fuhma, attack her Etoile Cyber!”

Getsu Fuhma lifted her sword and leapt forward…

“I activate Mirror Wall!” shouted The Amazon.

Francesca gasped as a wall of glass sprang up! Getsu Fuhma’s blade struck the glass, and her Attack Score was reduced to 850!

“Etoile Cyber, counter-attack!” shouted The Amazon.

Etoile Cyber spun around and delivered a kick to Getsu Fuhma, smashing her apart!

Francesca’s Life Points fell to 7,650.

“All right, you win round one…” muttered Francesca.

“Of course,” chuckled the Amazon, making a draw.

“I’ll pay 2,000 Life Points to keep my Trap in place…”

Her Life Points fell to 6,000.

“What’s she thinking?” asked Andy. “That’s an expensive Trap to keep…”

“Now I’ll place a card facedown,” said The Amazon with a grin, placing a card.

The card appeared.

“And now that you have no Monsters to defend you, I can attack you directly with Etoile Cyber,” she continued. “And when she makes a direct attack, her Attack Score increases by 600 points!”

Etoile Cyber spun her pirouette and her Attack rose to 1,800. Francesca grunted as the Warrior kicked her in the stomach.

Her Life Points fell further, to 5,850.

“I warn you, Francesca,” sneered The Amazon. “You haven’t even seen the beginning of my new strategy…”

“You can’t keep hiding behind that Mirror Wall forever,” gasped Francesca. “It’s my draw…”

She made a draw.

“I activate my Trap!” shouted The Amazon.

Her Trap Card lifted.

“It’s a handy Continuous Trap called Life Absorbing Machine!” she declared. “What does it do? You’ll see on my next turn!”

“Wonderful,” muttered Francesca. “I’ll summon Amazoness Swords Woman in Attack Mode…”

She placed a card down, and the scantily clad Warrior with her huge sword appeared. (1,500/1,600)

The Warrior sneered at The Unfriendly Amazon.

“What was it you said about this one?” asked Francesca. “Didn’t you say she was the one who argued the loudest for having you thrown out of the tribe?”

The Amazon frowned.

“Yeah,” she said, “and once the Queen gives life to your deck, I’m going to torture her the most!”

“It’s your move…” growled Francesca.

I’ll never let you enslave my Amazons… she thought. I won’t let you win this duel…

The Unfriendly Amazon drew.

Good, she thought. My combo is two-thirds complete…

“First, my Life Absorbing Machine restores my Life Points by half of what I paid last turn,” she announced.

Her Life Points went up to 7,000.

“Then I’ll pay 2,000 again, to keep the Mirror Wall…”

They went down to 5,000.

“And finally, I’ll summon Blade Skater in Attack Mode!”

A flash of light appeared on the field, and a figure actually skated into view. It was a female in a silvery bodysuit, with a bald head, wearing ice skates and two sharp blades on her forearms. (1,400/1,500)


“This gal is lighter on her feet than Michelle Kwan on her best day!” laughed The Amazon.

“Big deal…” replied Francesca. “She still can’t defeat Swords Woman. And what’s with the dancers and figure skaters? Aren’t they a little… effeminate for someone who’s supposed to be as tough as you are?”

“That’s the whole idea…” snarled the Amazon, with an evil glare.

Fran didn’t like that look.

“The Amazons who banished me take pride in being so tough and rugged…” she snarled. “So in this duel, I’m going to humiliate them and you with a female Warrior who’s much more cultured!

“And as soon as I draw the right card, you’ll see her true power!

“Now make your move…”

Francesca drew.

Perfect… she thought.

“Time to use my Field Magic Card,” she announced.

The Unfriendly Amazon chuckled.

“Hate to break this to you,” she replied, “but Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater are both Earth Monsters. Your Gaia Power will benefit them too…”

“This isn’t Gaia Power,” answered Francesca, opening her Field slot.

She placed a card in it.

“Time to bring us… to Themyscira!”

A blinding flash of light pervaded the arena, and the surroundings changed. Before everyone’s eyes, they were standing in what best could be described as… paradise. It was a beautiful, lush rain forest, unspoiled and pure, with sparkling waterfalls. Ancient temples of strange architecture surrounded them.

“Since you were once an Amazon yourself,” chuckled Francesca, “I’m sure you’ve heard of Themyscira… maybe when you were young, and being trained? The ancestral home of the Amazons? It is said that an Amazon who dies heroically in battle will be welcomed into this paradise… That pretty much leaves you out.

“And because this is their true home, all Amazons gain a 500-point bonus to both their Attack and Defense Score!”

Amazoness Swords Woman rose to (2,000/2,100)

“Your move…

The Amazon snarled as she drew.

“Yes…” she chuckled as she looked at it. “Now my combo is complete…”

“First I’ll gain 1,000 Life Points from Life Absorbing Machine,” she stated.

Her Life Points rose to 6,000.

“Then I’ll deactivate my Mirror Wall, so I don’t lose any more.”

The Trap Card vanished.

“And now I play… Polymerization!”

She fit the card into a slot. Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater started to dance up a storm…

A flash of light consumed them, and from out of the flash, a new figure appeared. It was a female in a red and purple spandex suit, with flowing black hair, and red shades. She wore ice skates and had spiked protrusions on her shoulders.

“I summon Cyber Blader!” laughed The Amazon.



“Now I’ll place a card facedown,” she continued.

She played a card, and it appeared.

“That will be my turn,” chuckled The Amazon.

“Fine…” stated Francesca.

She drew a card.

Waboku… she thought.

“I’ll place a card facedown, and that will be all…” she stated.

She fit a card into a slot, and it appeared.

“Stan,” muttered Andy. “You ever hear of Cyber Blader?”

“No…” answered Stan. “Somehow I doubt that she’s good news…”

The Amazon drew.

“Cyber Blader,” she ordered, “attack Amazoness Swordswoman with whirlwind rage!”

Cyber Blader spun into a furious pirouette and hurtled towards Swords Woman…

“I activate Waboku!” shouted Francesca.

Her Trap Card lifted.

“Oh, will you?” answered the Amazon. “I activate my Trap Jammer!”

Her own Trap Card lifted, and the Waboku card shattered.

Cyber Blader plowed into Swords Woman, and she was blown to shards.

“That may have cost me a few Life Points,” sighed The Amazon, as her Life Points fell to 5,900, “but I just couldn’t resist a chance to destroy her… It was so… therapeutic.”

“Keep yakkin’, you sorry excuse for an Amazon,” snarled Francesca.

She made a draw.

Perfect, she thought. That was just what I needed…

“I summon Amazoness Fighter in Attack Mode!” she shouted.

The muscular Warrior appeared. (1,500/1,300) –> (2,000/1,800)

“And now,” stated Francesca, “I’ll Equip her with The Girdle of Hippolyta!”

She placed a card in a slot, and the golden belt formed around the Fighter’s waist, bringing her Attack up to 2,800.

“Now she’s strong enough to defeat your dancer!” stated Francesca. “Fighter, attack!”

Amazoness Fighter leapt forward and aimed a kick at Cyber Blader…

She hit the Warrior in the gut…

Cyber Blader let out a groan of pain, but when Amazoness Fighter fell back, she was still there!

The Unfriendly Amazon chuckled… Her Life Points fell to 5,200.

“Wha?” asked Francesca. “How did she survive?”

“That’s one of Cyber Blader’s powers,” chuckled the Amazon. “When my opponent has exactly one Monster on the field, she can’t be destroyed in battle!

“And you haven’t seen anything yet…”


Dark Sage
1st November 2005, 08:49 AM
Continued from last post:

As usual, the Shadow Queen was watching with Grodus.

“Perfect,” said the Queen. “With our arsenal of rare cards, my it’s only a matter of time before my servants bring down those kids…”

“Uhm, your majesty,” asked Grodus, “if I may ask a question…”

“Shoot,” answered the Queen.

“Where exactly did we get all these rare cards?” he asked. “Every duelist in your employ seems to have them…”

The Queen chuckled…

“We got them the easiest way we could, Grodus,” she answered. “We bought them.”

“Uh, bought them?” asked Grodus. “Even we aren’t that rich…”

The Queen chuckled.

“Lesson number one of business, Grodus,” she replied. “Always be on the lookout for great bargains… Let me tell you a story…”

“Marik Ishtar once sought to usurp the power of the Pharaoh… And in his quest, he became the leader of a criminal organization called the Rare Hunters.

“The Rare Hunters stole and otherwise illegally obtained the rarest Duel Monsters cards, selling some of them on the black market, while keeping the best for themselves. As you can imagine, they had powerful decks, even though some of them had weak strategies.

“Anyway, Marik made a lot of mistakes. Eventually, the dark spirit within him took complete control of him. When Yugi eventually defeated the dark side, Marik’s soul was healed, and he decided to start a new life…

“A peaceful one, with his sister and his foster brother…

“But he had a lot of cleaning up to do first. He had to disband the Rare Hunters and get a lot of guilt off his conscience. He gave them all an ultimatum – either hand over their ill-gotten cards or be turned over to the authorities. They didn’t have a choice.

“Marik knew that returning the cards to the original owners would be too difficult. So he decided on a better way to get the weight off him. He’d have an intermediary sell them at the next Duel Monsters convention, for five percent of the legitimate market value, and then give every cent of the proceeds to charity.

“Of course, everyone running the event thought that the seller was nuts, but it was his choice.

“I found out about it of course – it was publicly advertised. So I sent several duelist – my kids among them – to get all they could carry…

“And we walked away with a king’s ransom in rare cards that we had bought for relative peanuts.

“Like I said, always take advantage of a bargain…”

She chuckled again. Then she sighed.

“And we owe it all to Marik…” she pondered. “Too bad he, his sister, and his foster brother are three of the duelists we’re going to have to take care of once we leave this place. We can’t have any duelists of that caliber able to threaten us…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

”Francesca,” urged Joan, ”Don’t give up hope yet… No Monster is indestructible… I’m sure that Cyber Blader has a weakness…”

“Yeah…” muttered Francesca with a smirk. “And I think I know what it is…

“She said that her Cyber Blader can’t be destroyed in battle if I had exactly one Monster on the field… So if I have two she loses that power!”

”Be careful, Francesca!” warned Joan. ”I doubt it is that simple!”

The Unfriendly Amazon drew one card.

“Perfect,” she said. “First I’ll play this card facedown…”

She fit a card into a slot, and it appeared.

“Now I’ll use Emergency Provisions to send it and Life Absorbing Machine to the Graveyard!”

She played a card, and a huge mouth appeared, swallowing the two cards.

“And thus I gain 2,000 Life Points…”

Her Life Points went up to 7,200.

Fran drew her next card.

“For my next move,” stated Francesca, “I’ll summon Amazon Archer in Attack Mode!”

She placed the card, and the Amazon fletcher appeared. (1,400/1,000) –> (1,900/1,500)

“Now your Cyber Blader can be destroyed in battle!” gloated Francesca.

“True,” chuckled The Unfriendly Amazon, “but neither of your Warriors are powerful enough!”

“What do you me…” started Francesca. “YAAAH!”

Cyber Blader’s Attack Score shot up to 4,200!

“How the Hell?” shouted Francesca.

The Unfriendly Amazon laughed out loud.

“Time to come clean,” she said, “and tell you exactly how my Monster works. If my opponent has exactly one Monster on the field, as I’ve already said, she can’t be destroyed in battle. If you have exactly two Monsters on the field, her Attack Score is doubled! If you have exactly three, she’s immune to all Magic Cards, Trap Cards, and Monster Effects!

“That makes getting rid of her very hard, wouldn’t you say?”

Francesca started to sweat.

“I… I end my turn…” she gulped.

“Good,” said the Amazon. “So which of your Warriors should I crush? I could do you a lot of damage by attacking your Archer, but since your Fighter is the bigger threat right now…

“Cyber Blader, attack her Fighter with whirlwind rage!”

Cyber Blader spun forward, and obliterated the Fighter.

Her Attack Score returned to 2,100.

“Well, make your move…” sighed The Amazon.

Francesca angrily drew…

“I’m activating my Deckmaster ability!” laughed The Amazon. “Come Forth!”

She discarded a card.

“Huh?” asked Francesca. “What can you do?”

“It’s simple, really,” stated The Amazon. “Each time it’s your turn, I can discard one card, and then choose one card from your hand. If that card is a Monster Card, you have to Special Summon it in Attack Mode!”

Fran gasped…

If she guesses right, I’ll have two Monsters on the field again, and one of them will be wide open for an attack!

She looked at her hand… Of the six cards she had, two were Monsters: Amazoness Paladin, and Amazoness Blowpiper…

“Card on the far right, Francesca,” stated The Amazon.

“You made a lucky guess, pal…” sneered Francesca.

She played the card, and Amazoness Blowpiper appeared. (800/1,500) –> (1,300/2,000)

Cyber Blader went up to 4,200 Attack again.

“I’m so sorry, Blowpiper…” she whispered.

She turned a card on her Disk.

“I’ll end my turn by switching Amazon Archer to Defense Mode,” she stated.

Amazon Archer knelt, and held her bow in her lap.

“My move…” chuckled The Amazon, drawing.

Ooh, Mirror Force… she thought, excitedly. This should be good for insurance…

“I’ll place a card facedown,” she said, setting it.

The card appeared.

“And now, Cyber Blader, attack her Blowpiper!”

Cyber Blader did her deadly dance, and blasted Amazoness Blowpiper to pieces!

Fran’s Life Points took a nosedive to 2,750.

“That’s my move, Francesca,” she chuckled.

Fran angrily drew…

Hey, she thought, looking at the card. Time to give this witch a little stroll down memory lane…

“I’m using my Deckmaster ability again, Francesca!” laughed The Amazon, discarding a card.

“Well, by all means, pick a card,” said Francesca with a grin.

Huh? thought The Amazon. You’d almost think she wants me to drag out another of her Monsters. What’s she up to?

Well, I already discarded a card, and I intend to make the most out of it…

“Card on the far left,” she said.

Francesca chuckled.

She showed her the card, which was Dramatic Rescue.

“Sorry, wrong,” she said. “But you know, my friendless friend, I’m going to summon someone anyway…”

She put a card down.

“I summon Amazoness Paladin!”

The general of the Amazon army appeared. (1,700/300) –> (2,300/300)

“What?” asked The Amazon, surprised. “Why would you want my Monster’s Attack to go up?”

“Remember THIS card?” asked Francesca, showing her a card.

“ARRGH!” shouted The Amazon. “That’s your Earth Tremor card! That accursed thing cost me the duel last time!”

“Aw, you remembered!” laughed Francesca, fitting it into a slot. “Then you know that I simply have to sacrifice an Earth Monster…”

Amazoness Paladin vanished.

“…and it creates an earthquake that blasts off 500 of your Life Points for every star of the strongest Monster you have on the field!”

“NOOO!” screamed The Amazon. “Cyber Blader has seven stars!”

What happened next could have been described as an unnatural disaster. The realm of Themyscira shook, and illusory stones tumbled from the cliff-sides! Cyber Blader screamed and covered her head as debris rained down on her master, crushing her!

As The Unfriendly Amazon pulled herself up in a daze, her Life Points tumbled to 3,700.

“See?” chuckled Francesca. “Your Cyber Blader is nearly indestructible, but you sure aren’t…”

The Amazon hissed.

She drew one card.

“I hope you enjoyed that as much as I’m going to enjoy this!” she shouted. “I’m playing a classic… Stop Defense!”

She fit a card into a slot, and Amazon Archer rose up into Attack Mode!

“Cyber Blader, attack!” she shouted.

Cyber Blader danced forward, and demolished Amazon Archer.

Francesca’s Life Points fell again to 2,550.

There’s got to be something I can do… thought Francesca.

”Francesca,” said Joan, ”There is a way… Cyber Blader is powerful depending on how many Monsters you have on the field… but only to a point…”

Francesca looked at her cards…

And then at the field…

“It all depends on what I draw now…” she whispered.

She drew a card.

“Okay, Amazon, I play Mystical Space Typhoon!” she shouted.

She played the card, and the Mirror Force card was blown away.

“Big deal!” laughed the Amazon. “I hardly need it anymore!”

“Oh, I beg to differ!” laughed Francesca. “I’m activating my own Deckmaster ability!”

She took three of her cards.

“First, I’ll discard three cards, and spend 1,500 Life Points!” she exclaimed.

“What?” shouted The Amazon.

“Is she crazy?” gasped Andy.

Fran discarded three cards, and her Life Points fell to 1,050.

“Now Joan, do your stuff!” she shouted.

Guardian Angel Joan clasped her hands, as if in prayer…

“Now I can Special Summon three random four-star or lower Monsters from my Graveyard!” exclaimed Francesca.

Three shapes appeared in front of Fran. The first was Getsu Fuhma (1,700/1,200), followed by Amazoness Fighter (1,500/1,300) –> (2,000/1,800), and then Amazoness Swords Woman (1,500/1,600) –> (2,000/2,100).

“Well, that will work…” added Francesca.

“What do you mean?” sneered The Amazon. “They’re all weaker than Cyber Blader!”

“I still have one more Monster to summon!” laughed Francesca. “I call my Deckmaster herself to the field!”

Guardian Angel Joan spread her wings and flew upward! She made a pose in the air, and then landed gracefully beside the others. (2,800/2,000)

“Notice that I have four Monsters now,” growled Francesca. “That means Cyber Blader can be destroyed in battle… She has her original Attack… And she isn’t immune to card effects.

“And most importantly…

“…Joan outranks her by 700 Attack Points!

“See? I learn fast…”

The Unfriendly Amazon gulped…

“So you can just forget about your dreams of getting your hands on my deck,” snarled Francesca, “because this duel is over! Guardian Angel Joan, attack Cyber Blader with searing light of Heaven!”

Joan raised her arms, and a ball of pure light appeared in them! She shot it forward… Cyber Blader screamed and shattered into pixels!

“And now…” ordered Francesca. “Amazoness Swords Woman… Amazoness Fighter… Attack that reject directly and end this!”

The two Amazons leapt forward… Fighter delivered a fierce kick, and Swords Woman slashed with her blade!

The Unfriendly Amazon’s Life Points fell to zero…

She fell to her knees, and smoke rose from her form…

And then she shattered…

Francesca turned to Stan and Andy.

“You know guys,” she sighed. “When I was a little girl, my parents wanted me to take ballet lessons, but I didn’t want to, because I thought dance lessons were for wimps… They told me that dancers can be just as cool as anyone else…

“This whole thing has taught me… It’s good to listen to your parents…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Vladimir was facing a very realistic facsimile of the King of Games.

“Yugi” had 4,000 Life Points remaining, one facedown card, and Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in Defense Mode. (1,500/1,200)

Vladimir was behind at 3,000.

He drew a card.

“I summon Drillago in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

He placed the card down, and an infernal Machine with drills and screws all over it appeared. (1,600/1,100)

“Destroy his Gazelle!” shouted Vladimir.

Drillago’s drills spun. It leapt forward and Gazelle shattered.

“Yugi” smirked.

“Thank you,” he said. “You activated my Trap… Soul Rope!”

His Trap lifted, and his Life Points fell to 3,000.

“Now I can summon any four-star Monster from my deck that I choose, and I choose Queen’s Knight!”

He placed the card down, and the lovely Warrior dressed in scarlet armor appeared. (1,500/1,600)

“Uh oh,” sighed Kurtis. “I can see what’s coming…”

“So,” mocked “Yugi”, “any other moves you’d like to make?”

“Just move…” sighed Vladimir.

He couldn’t believe this pre-programmed hologram was talking down to him like this…

“Yugi” quickly made a draw.

“I summon King’s Knight!” he shouted.

He placed a card down, and the monarch in golden armor, carrying a sword and shield appeared. (1,600/1,500)

“And that lets me summon… Jack’s Knight!”

He put another card down, and the handsome Warrior in sapphire armor with a shield and sword appeared. (1,900/1,000)

“Jack’s Knight, attack his Drillago!” he shouted.

Jack’s Knight brought his sword down on the Machine, and it exploded.

“King’s Knight, Queen’s Knight, attack directly!”

Vladimir screamed as the two Knights closed in on him and made two swipes with their blades, knocking him over.

His siblings chuckled.

“Bravo, well done,” said a voice.

“Yugi” vanished, and the Shadow Queen’s image appeared.

“You’re improving, Vladimir…” she said.

“What do you mean?” asked Leopold. “He lost…”

“Not many duelists could have reduced Yugi to half his Life Points,” noted the Queen. “You’re all getting better…

“Of course, until you actually start winning a few of these matches, we won’t know for sure if we can take them down or not. I’ll probably have to duel Yugi personally, but he’s still good practice.”

“Uhm, mom?” asked Melissa. “Question? After you beat him, can I have those Knights?”

“I guess,” sighed the Queen. “But we’re still a long way from that. First we have to get out of here…

“Anyway, Francesca has just won another duel, and this is starting to worry me… It seems that with each duel they win, these kids get stronger. If your involvement is needed, you’ll have to up the ante…”

The Spawn looked at each other.

They chuckled…

“Hee, hee,” giggled Melissa. “I love dueling that way.”

“So do I,” laughed Maria. “If there’s one thing I love more than banishing some poor fool to the Shadow Realm, it’s the duel that leads up to it!”

“Quite,” replied the Queen. “For one thousand years, I’ve never given anyone but you six the gift of Shadow Magic, and only one of my original servants who has it remains…

“Speaking of which, maybe I’ll have him test one of them first…”

The Shadow Spawn all gasped.

“Are you crazy?” gulped Kurtis.

“That guy’s a monster!” shouted Leopold. “What were thinking keeping him as a pet?”

“He not only ate my homework,” shuddered Maria, “he ate my tutor!”

“That was her own fault…” sighed Tyson.

“Look,” stated the Queen, “I know none of you like him that much, but he’s one of my oldest surviving servants. And I’ve been secretly teaching him how to duel.

“Eventually, we’ll see if one of those kids is able to handle the horrors of a Shadow Game…”

“So who’s his intended victim?” asked Vladimir, who was just as frightened.

“That’s entirely up to him,” answered the Queen. “But given his state of mind, I think there’s a very good chance that he’ll choose Francesca…

“He has his reasons…”


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Field
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: The ancestral home of the Amazons, where the souls of all Amazons who die honorably enter upon death. All Monsters on the field with the word “Amazoness” in their name, or who are named “Amazon Archer” gain a 500-point bonus to their ATK and DEF.

Note: “Etoile Cyber”, “Blade Skater”, and “Cyber Blader” are real cards that will be released in “Elemental Energy”. The English names are subject to change.

”Guardian Angel Joan”: Fairy/Light (2,800/2,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Resurrection”: Discard one card and pay 500 Life Points. Put all the Monsters of Level Four or lower in your Graveyard into one pile and shuffle, and draw one at random. Special Summon the drawn Monster. You can use this effect multiple times during your turn. If a Monster that is Special Summoned this way is sent to the Graveyard, it is removed from play.

”The Unfriendly Amazon”: Warrior/Earth (2,000/1,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Come Forth!”: Discard one card from your hand. Choose one card from your opponent’s hand. If the card you choose is a Monster Card, your opponent must Special Summon it in face-up Attack Mode, ignoring any Special Summoning requirements.

[B][I]Who is this strange servant of the Queen whom even the Spawn are afraid of? That is a question that will go unanswered for now.

Coming up next…

Again, we leave our trio alone to check up on another finalist. Chico enters a den of evil, where a vile seductress waits… Can he escape her clutches?

A chapter called “Mistress of the Night” is coming soon…

1st November 2005, 09:05 AM
Girl Power indeed...those dancers are no laughing matter; they're the reason why Alexis is in Obelisk Blue in the GX series!

I liked your use of the field card, especially when Fransesca used Earth Tremor. As Senor Pikachu has told me a few times, using the surrounding area during a story is just as important as telling the story itself; kudos. Showing us that the Spawn are losing is a nice touch as well.

However, I am getting a bit tired of seeing what's going on elsewhere in the castle. A side trip here and there is fine, but this will be the third time this act that we've diverged from the main plot. Unless, of course, these side duels eventually have something to do with the plot...that's not a question I can correctly guess.

But this was good. so when does Andy get to pull his lever?

Master of Paradox
1st November 2005, 09:06 AM
I'm not going to accuse you of sinking to fan worship, since odds are you've been writing this chapter long before that episode of GX, but I am going to suspect it. Especially since you've cited Alexis as your favorite character.

This duel bored me, sad to say. Not only was it fairly predictable once the Unfriendly Amazon got out Etoile Cyber, but it was too short (which you confessed to). And Themyscria was completely unnecessary.

On top of that, there was more filler scenes of "the three" humiliating the Shadow Spawn. Wise move, making your big villains look like weaklings repeatedly.

I do look forward to the next chapter, if only for personal reasons.

Dark Sage
1st November 2005, 09:10 AM
Well, one reader who liked it, another who doesn't.

Anyway, MoP, I outlined this chapter long before GX premiered, so no, I wasn't inspired by Alexis.

Second, the Spawn will only be seen in this subplot once more, and I think it might surprise you.

Third, I felt that since Gravekeepers have a field card, so should the Amazons.

Andy will use his lever in the chapter after the next.

And hopefully the NEXT chapter will be appealing even to Master of Paradox.

- DS

Shuppet Master
1st November 2005, 11:27 AM
Yeah, the chapter was short(the Unfriendly Amazon was actually my favorite minion in the story because she looks sexy with that long gray ponytail and I have two Unfriendly Amazon cards) but that was because The Amazon was stupid - just like End, she relied on only one monster, not realizing that Cyber Blader's weakness was swarm tactics - it's weak when your foe has a full field of monsters and only strong when your opponent is ALSO relying on a small field. Duh! >_>

Anyways, it was nice that Vlad challenged Yami yugi and did some damage to him(of course, Vlad's been beaten by Leon Wilson, because Leon dropped him to less than 1000, but that was because of Zigfried's awful magic card, the Castle of Stromburg. I'm sure without it, Leon would have had a harder time). And for who that strange minion the Queen has, I know but I'm not telling ya! :D

1st November 2005, 11:31 AM
Funny, Use a Ground Collapse or Ojama Trio and Cyber Blader would be almost unstoppable.

Too short yes, and I am dissapointed that the field didn't have another effect, but more enjoyable then End's reappearance.

Why a deckmaster effect needs 2 costs is beyond me, but the Amazon's was unexpected.

A suprise indeed Sage. Nice work

1st November 2005, 03:42 PM
You know to make the duell longer you could have added some of the newer cards in the Cyber Skater theme even though I could see why you did not because everyone is saying you ripped off Alexisis anyway.

Shuppet Master
3rd November 2005, 01:49 PM
EDIT: Sorry, folks, but Dark Sage(no offense to him, of course, I'm sure he didn't intend it) did something illegal - he linked to a picture on a site that forbids remote linking. If you saw that picture that said "Remote Linking to this Image is Not Allowed", then that means that you can't use the image tag to display an image that is on their site. They have installed a bot to stop that because people of unsavory natures are using their images, linking to them directly, to save on costs and effort to ask permission for their works and display it on their server. While some sites don't mind what you do to their images, remote linking is something which eats up bandwidth on both servers.

So everyone, don't link directly to an image unless they are public images(for example, the site Dark Sage gets his card images from is a public site and has placed their mark on their images to ensure that this is their work).

Perfect Chaos
3rd November 2005, 04:03 PM
Hey Brian and fellow readers,

Sorry I haven't been reviewing for a while now, but I'm still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma. I'm even lucky to have even found a computer that has Internet access. I'm sorry, but I won't put a review in this because I don't have time, but I'm just letting everyone know that I will be absent for some time and the reason why.

Until then,


Dark Sage
6th November 2005, 07:24 AM
My last chapter was two short and unimpressive, so I decided to put up the next one right now.

Before I begin, one card used by the protagonist of this chapter is the property of Master of Paradox, and has been used with his permission.

I at least hope, for that reason, he likes it.

- DS

Dark Sage
6th November 2005, 07:25 AM
[B][I]One of the actors I most admire is Clint Eastwood. I share one thing in common with one of his most famous characters… I don’t truly have a name. I rejected the name my parents gave me, because they rejected me. Until I prove myself worthy of being a man, everybody can just call me Chico… I don’t mind.

The moment I set foot on Monster Island, I knew that the natural order was out of balance and that evil spirits ruled this place. I’m not a Native American by birth, but my adoptive family’s tradition rubbed off on me enough so that I could sense when something is wrong with the land. This land was suffering, crying out in pain…

…crying out for help.

I resolved to fight this evil by doing what I did best – dueling. I worked hard to get as far as I could in this tournament, and now I’ve reached the apparent epicenter of the evil that rules this land.

And now I’ve come face-to-face with one of the evil spirits I was seeking. The worst part is, she seems to have a crush on me… And she’s issued a challenge…

Well, as another of Clint Eastwood’s characters once said…

Go ahead… Make my day…


Mistress of the Night

It was shortly before Stan’s duel with the End of Anubis.

Like the other finalists, Chico was trying hard to hide how nervous he was.

He didn’t need his gut instincts to know that there was evil around him – anyone who wasn’t blind could tell you that the Palace of Shadow was a den of evil. It seemed that whoever had built the place wanted it to look evil. It was like Dracula’s castle, only not in black and white.

Right now, he was walking down a long stone staircase. Torches lit the walls, and cobwebs hung from the ceilings. He had the feeling he was heading into some dark cellar, but he had to go forward.

He sat down on the steps, and fished something out of his pocket.

It was a Crystal Star that had been called the Golden Star, and like its name implied, it was the color of pure gold. Getting this had not been easy…

Once he got his seventh card, the Interdimensional Matter Transporter had taken him to Petalburg. There, someone had pointed him in the direction of a ruins outside of town, commonly known as the Shwonk Fortress to locals.

He quickly found his way into the inner sanctum of the fortress, a strange crypt that suggested Egypt. He was met by a curious creature. He resembled Koops in general outline – he was, like Koops, a turtle – but there the similarities ended. This creature wore shades and an Egyptian headdress. He promptly introduced himself as Tutenkoopa.

Chico didn’t know whether to laugh or be insulted. But he still had to duel this creature…

And he soon learned that despite Tutenkoopa’s ridiculous appearance, he was no amateur…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Chico was in trouble.

His Life Points stood at 2,500, and his enemy’s were just ahead at 3,200. Even worse, his Necrovalley had been wiped out. His only defense right now were two facedown cards. His foe had a Monster facedown in Defense.

Tutenkoopa chuckled.

“Run out of insults, Chico?” he asked. “Maybe it’s sunk in that I’m more than I appear… I’ve been the high priest working for the Shadow Queen for years, and I know how to handle upstarts like you.”

“Humph,” snarled Chico. “You know, in this tournament, I dueled a guy who used a Monster that looked kind of like you. Andy is a far more noble duelist than you’ll ever be, and I’ll wager that his Monster is a nobler Monster than you are!”

He drew a card.

“But it’s my turn, so I’ll place a Monster facedown in Defense, and that will be my turn.”

A facedown Monster appeared.

“So be it,” chuckled Tutenkoopa, making a draw.

He grinned.

“I flip my facedown monster into Attack Mode!” he laughed. “Go, Poison Mummy!”

The card flipped face-up, and a rotting mummy clad in rags appeared. (1,000/1,800)

Poison Mummy breathed a foul gout of decay at Chico and he gasped! His Life Points fell to 2,000.

“If you think that was impressive, wait until you see this,” continued Tutenkoopa. “I’ll sacrifice Poison Mummy for a Spellcaster called Great Dezard!”

He switched cards on his Disk, and Poison Mummy vanished. In its place rose a tall Egyptian priest in white robes and a headdress. (1,900/2,300)

“Great Dezard, attack his facedown Monster with kopesh slash!” ordered Tutenkoopa.

Great Dezard lifted a curved blade, and swung it forward…

Cat of Ill Omen appeared on the card and shattered.

“Thank you…” muttered Chico. “Now I can search my deck for any Trap Card and place it on the top of my deck. It isn’t as good an effect as it would have been with my Field Card, but I’ll take what I can get…”

A card slipped out of his deck, and he placed it on top.

“That will hardly be a problem,” chuckled Tutenkoopa.

Great Dezard’s robes turned silver.

“Now that he’s destroyed one of your Monsters,” he continued, “he’s immune to Magic and Trap Cards that target!

“And it’s your move…”

Chico made a draw.

I know what’s coming next, he thought. But I have to do something…

“I’ll place this card facedown…” he said, placing down the card he had drawn.

It appeared next to the other two.

“And then I’ll summon Gravekeeper’s Vassal in Defense Mode.”

He set the card, and the short, weasly Gravekeeper dressed in rags appeared, shielding himself. (700/500)

“Aw…” said Tutenkoopa, feigning sympathy. “Run out of good Monsters? Well I sure haven’t!”

He made a draw.

“Great Dezard, destroy his Vassal!”

Great Dezard swung his sword, and the Vassal was eradicated.

Great Dezard’s robes turned gold…

“And now that he’s destroyed two of your Monsters,” chuckled Tutenkoopa, “I can sacrifice him…”

Great Dezard vanished…

…and the stench of a grave pervaded the chamber…

“To summon a creature feared to all as… Fushioh Richie!”

A hideous Zombie arose! It was a gaunt, rotting creature wearing the remains of a wizard’s robe, carrying a sickle-ended staff. He glowed with an unholy aura. (2,600/2,900)

“You confront me with Fushioh Richie…” snarled Chico. “He was the Gravekeepers’ deadliest enemy! The Gravekeepers protect tombs, and that walking worm nest only defiles them!”

“Say what you will,” chuckled Tutenkoopa, ”but behold his power! Descend into the earth, Fushioh Richie!”

The Zombie vanished, and was replaced by a facedown card.

“That will be my turn,” chuckled Tutenkoopa. “And by the way, this guy is just as immune to Magic and Trap Cards as Great Dezard was…”

Chico surveyed the situation.

Every time that… thing flips face-up, this guy can summon a Zombie from his Graveyard. he thought. I have to make this next draw count…

He drew. He looked at the card.

“I place a Monster facedown in Defense Mode, and end my turn,” he said, setting the card.

A facedown Monster appeared.

“Fine,” chuckled Tutenkoopa, drawing a card. “Now rise, Fushioh Richie!”

The Zombie flipped into Attack Mode.

“And now I’ll use his ability to bring back Wandering Mummy!” exclaimed the Koopa.

A pair of rotting mummies appeared next to the undead sorcerer. (1,500/1,500)

“Fushioh Richie, blow away his facedown Monster with unholy blight!”

The creature thrust his staff forward…

A bald, chubby nomad appeared on the card, and was blown into pixels.

“HA!” laughed Chico. “You just flipped my Gravekeeper’s Guard! And when that happens, I can send one Monster on your side of the field back to your hand! Goodbye Richie!”

Fushioh Richie vanished.

“And unless you can somehow repeat the process of summoning Great Dezard and destroying two more of my Monsters with him, he won’t be coming back,” gloated Chico.

Tutenkoopa was speechless for a second.

“I’m not finished yet, Chico!” he cursed. “I can still attack you with my Wandering Mummy! Attack him directly!”

The two mummies lurched forward and slugged Chico! He groaned, and his Life Points fell to 500.

“So now what?” asked Tutenkoopa. “You seem to be out of Monsters!”

Chico drew.

“On the contrary,” he said with a smirk, “I’ve had three waiting on the field for quite a while! Go, facedown cards! Embodiments of Apophis!”

His three Trap Card lifted up, and purple smoke poured from them…

The three snake-like Embodiments of Apophis emerged, holding their swords high! (1,600/1,800 x3)

Tutenkoopa gasped…

“Go!” shouted Chico. “Attack his Wandering Mummy!”

The first Apophis struck down the Zombie.

“Now, you two, attack directly!”

Tutenkoopa screamed as he was struck down by the two serpents.

His Life Points fell to zero, and he fell to floor.

He vanished, and a golden glow lit up the chamber…

The shining Golden Star lowered itself into Chico’s hands…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Chico remembered this and the other battles he had fought as he continued to descend the stairs. He wondered where Andy was right now – Andy was the only duelist who had defeated him during this tournament. He was guessing that Andy had likely succeeded too… Perhaps they would get a chance for a rematch when he finally found the finals.

The stairway finally ended, and he came to a stone door, one with strange runes over the surface.

With a creak, the door opened…

Most folks would have turned and ran at this point, but Chico was motivated by bravery and a desire to put an end to the blight on this land. But he was still cautious. He carefully walked in…

He almost regretted that he had. He was in a crypt, a very evil-looking one. Demonic gargoyles and sinister paintings adorned the walls. Curtains the color of blood were hanging from several places. A fireplace with a lit fire was on one wall, carved in a fiendish shape.

Most shocking, at the far end of the room was a coffin, well-made and painted black, with a pentagram-symbol on the lid, surrounded by a silk canopy.

“Okay…” muttered Chico. “Think I’ll be leaving…”

As he turned, the door slammed shut…

Chico nervously turned towards the coffin, and a girlish giggle came from it…

The lid of the coffin slowly opened, and a form rose out of it…

It was a woman with green skin and hair, and a near-perfect figure. She was dressed in a purple dress with a long train.

She grinned at Chico, showing a flash of small, pointed teeth…


“Vampire Lady?” gulped Chico, sweating.

“And who might you be?” she purred. “I don’t get guests too often… Oh, it’s so lonely down here…”

She drifted up to him… Chico tried to run, but he was rooted to the spot.

“You’re so handsome…” she said, stroking his cheek. “Such nice hair…”

She felt his arms.

“Such muscles… Why not stay a while and keep me company, hmm…?”

Chico pushed her away.

“I don’t date outside my species,” he growled. “Now how about letting me out of this place?”

“You can’t get away from me darling,” chuckled Vampire Lady. “And I won’t let you go so easily. Big, strong boys like you come along once in a blue moon.

“But if you’re willing to make a little gamble, I’ll give you a chance…”

“What kind of gamble?” asked Chico.

Vampire Lady gestured, and a Duel Disk appeared on her left arm.

“I just want to play a little game,” she answered. “Duel me… If you win I’ll let you go…”

“And if I lose?” asked Chico, getting nervous.

“Like I said, I’ve been lonely for a long time,” replied the vampire. “If I win, you have to share my coffin…”

Chico gulped.

“For how long?” he asked.

“As long as I want,” she purred.

Chico paused.

“Not sure if that’s a good idea…” he stammered.

Vampire Lady took hold of his arm and applied pressure.

Chico could feel it – she was strong.

“If you refuse, I’ll simply drag you there,” she warned with a smile.

“All right, all right!” gasped Chico. “I guess I really have no choice…”

Vampire Lady backed up, and started to shuffle her deck.

I have to beat this creature, thought Chico, looking at his. Otherwise I’m going to be her bedmate for as long as she wants, which could be forever… And who knows what she’ll do if she gets tired of me… I know what vampires do! I have to trust my deck…

“Well Chico,” said the Monster. “Time to choose a Deckmaster… Make certain it’s a good one…”

Chico looked through his deck.

Well, he thought. This guy is pretty hard to summon… Maybe he’d be better as a Deckmaster…

He held the card up.

“I choose Mystical Knight of Jackal!” he exclaimed.

A golden glow surrounded him, and the golden-armored Beast-Warrior appeared.


“Splendid,” chuckled Vampire Lady. “I, of course, will be my own Deckmaster. Now let’s begin…”

The Duel Disks flipped into position, and they drew their first hands.

“You may go first,” she purred.

Chico drew his first card.

Awesome! he thought. I haven’t had an opening hand this good in months!

Then he heard a haunting voice in his head. He sensed it was coming from Mystical Knight of Jackal.

”Chico,” said the Beast-Warrior, ”I swear on the divine power of Re-Horakhty that I can help rescue you from this demoness. My Deckmaster ability is great…”

”Really?” answered Chico. ”What is it?”

”Normally,” responded the Knight, ”My power can ‘spin’ a defeated Monster back to the top of your foe’s deck. Now, however, if one of your Monsters is destroyed in battle, simply pay 500 Life Points, and I’ll transport it back to the top of YOUR deck.”

Yes! thought Chico. I can’t lose!

“Now then,” he said, flicking open his Field slot.

He fit a card into it.

“I play Necrovalley!”

A vortex surrounded the two of them, and the creepy tomb transformed into the desert valley. Cliffs rose around them, and the Pyramids and the Sphinx appeared far behind Chico.

“In this ancient burial ground, tombs are sacred places,” explained Chico, “so folks like you are abominations!”

Vampire Lady giggled.

“You flatter me,” she chuckled.

Chico chose a card.

“Now I’ll summon one of the guardians of Necrovalley…” he continued. “Gravekeeper’s Curse, in Defense Mode!”

He set the card, and the black-robed nomad carrying his hooked staff appeared, kneeling in defense. (800/800) –> (1,300/1,300)


“And just by summoning him,” stated Chico, “I can take a piece right out of your Life Points!”

Gravekeeper’s Curse pointed his staff and fired a blast of black energy at Vampire Lady…

She merely smiled as it hit her. Her Life Points fell to 7,750.

“What?” gasped Chico in surprise. “You should have lost 500 Life Points!”

Vampire Lady giggled.

“In case you didn’t realize it yet, darling, I’m a vampire,” she chuckled. “Vampires are very hard to hurt. My Deckmaster ability halves any damage I take from card effects. So your Curse barely left a mark!”


Dark Sage
6th November 2005, 07:29 AM
Continued from last post:

“Then it’s your move,” answered Chico.

Vampire Lady drew.

“Well,” she said, “my opening hand isn’t too great…”

She played a Magic Card.

“So I play Magical Mallet!”

A toy, wooden mallet with wings on its head appeared in the air, and spun in a chaotic pattern.

“What’s that?” asked Chico.

“A reset card,” answered the vampire. “This lets me put this card, and any number of cards I want from my hand back into my deck, reshuffle, and draw the same number of cards. And I’m going to return all six!”

She returned the cards to her deck and reshuffled. Then she drew six more cards.

“Well,” she sighed. “Still not the best hand… but fortunately…”

She played a Magic Card.

“…I drew Magical Mallet again, meaning I can use it again!”

The Mallet spun again.

Chico’s eyes opened wide.

Talk about a dangerous card… he thought. It basically lets her choose what cards she starts this duel with!

Vampire Lady returned the Magical Mallet and two other cards to her deck and reshuffled again. She drew three more cards.

“See Chico,” she said, “Magical Mallet is a great card to have when you’re looking for an important card… Like this one!”

She played another Magic Card.

“I play… Dark Snake Syndrome!”

Chico felt a tingling over his skin…

He looked at his arms, and saw that they were covered with hideous tattoos, shaped like demonic snakes!

“What did you do?” he gasped.

“Dark Snake Syndrome is a curse that will slowly sap your Life Points,” chuckled Vampire Lady. “On my next turn, you’ll lose 200 Life Points… then 400 on the next turn, then 800 on the next turn, and then… well, you get the idea…”

Chico looked at her. He noticed that the same tattoos were covering her flesh as well.

“I notice that you have the same problem,” he snarled.

“True,” chuckled his opponent. “But remember my Deckmaster ability? It will only hurt me half as much. And my turn is just starting…”

She took another card from her hand.

“Next I’ll place one card facedown on the field…” she stated.

She fit a card into her Disk, and a facedown card appeared.

“Next, another Continuous Magic Card,” she stated, playing another card. “It’s called Level Limit Area B. So long as this card is in play, all Monsters of four stars or greater are shifted into Defense Mode and kept there!”

She put another card on her Disk.

“Finally,” she said, “I’ll summon a creature called Servant of Catabolism in Attack Mode!”

An ugly creature resembling a cross between a snail and a squid appeared in front of her. (700/500)


“It may be weak,” she stated, “but it can bypass your Monsters and go straight for your Life Points! Servant of Catabolism, attack!”

Chico gasped as the mollusk leapt at him and grabbed him with its tendrils! It squeezed!

He panted for breath as his Life Points fell to 7,300.

“Your move, darling,” said Vampire Lady.

“Don’t call me ‘darling’,” growled Chico, making a draw.

He switched cards on his Disk.

“I sacrifice Gravekeeper’s Curse for Gravekeeper’s Chief!” he shouted.

The Curse vanished, and the nomad wearing formal robes carrying a golden staff appeared. (1,900/1,200) –> (2,400/1,700)


He knelt in Defense.

“And now I can use his effect to Special Summon one Gravekeeper from my Graveyard,” stated Chico, “and with only one in my Graveyard, you can guess who’s coming back!”

Gravekeeper’s Curse reappeared. (800/800) –> (1,300/1,300)

He swung his staff, and blasted the ray at Vampire Lady again. Again, it didn’t seem to bother her much. Her Life Points went down to 7,500.

“And your strategy has a fatal flaw in it,” said Chico with a grin. “My Chief may not be able to attack right now, but my Curse only has three stars! Gravekeeper’s Curse, attack her Servant of Catabolism!”

Gravekeeper’s Curse aimed his staff and it glowed…

Vampire Lady chuckled…

“Activate… Sakuretsu Armor!” she shouted.

Her facedown card lifted, and Gravekeeper’s Curse was blown to bits!

“See honey?” she purred. “That apparent flaw wasn’t so much of a flaw, now was it?”

Chico growled.

“It’s your turn…” he said.

Vampire Lady made a draw.

Chico felt a slight burning on his skin, as the snaky tattoos started to slither! His Life Points went down to 7,100. Vampire Lady’s went down to 7,400.

She placed down a card.

“I summon Jinzo #7 in Attack Mode!” she laughed.

A tall, humanoid android covered with wires and tubes appeared. It had the number 07 printed on its chest. (500/400)


“This guy may be even weaker than Servant of Catabolism,” chuckled Vampire Lady, “but he can do the same thing! Jinzo #7, attack directly!”

The Machine leapt forward and slugged Chico in the face!

“Your turn, my Servant!” shouted the vampire.

Servant of Catabolism leapt forward and constricted Chico again!

His Life Points fell to 5,800.

“Well,” chuckled the Monster, “I think that’s enough for one move…”

Chico made a draw.

What can I do? he thought. She’s got me totally locked down!

“I summon Gravekeeper’s Assailant…” he stated, placing a card down.

The shadowy assassin appeared, brandishing his dagger. Again, he knelt in Defense. (1,500/1,500) –> (2,000/2,000)


“Anything else?” asked Vampire Lady.

“No,” sighed Chico. “I have to end my turn…”

Vampire Lady drew.

The tattoos on Chico’s flesh throbbed. His Life Points fell to 5,400. Vampire Lady’s fell to 7,200.

The vampiress drew.

“I summon Rainbow Flower in Attack Mode,” she stated.

A clay flower pot with an angry face painted on it appeared. Then a large flower with multicolored petals, a smiling mouth, and a single eye in the center sprouted out of it. (400/500)


“Let me guess,” sighed Chico, “this Monster can attack me directly too…”

“You’re smart, cutie,” chuckled Vampire Lady. “Go my creatures!”

Rainbow Flower darted forward and bit Chico on the arm! Jinzo #7 slugged him in the face again! Servant of Catabolism gripped him in its lethal hug!

Chico’s Life Points fell to 3,600, and he fell to his knees.

“Well, we’re almost done,” sighed Vampire Lady. “But don’t despair Chico… It may be hard at first, but I assure you, you’ll grow to like me after a while…”

Fat chance… thought Chico.

Then he heard Mystical Knight of Jackal’s voice.

”Chico,” he stated, ”This has taken a dangerous turn…”

”Tell me about it…” answered Chico.

”Our foe is playing a Direct Damage Deck,” said the Beast-Warrior. ”I fear my Deckmaster ability is of no use, because she has no intention of EVER attacking your Monsters.”

The creature offered his hand.

”But if all I can do is encourage you, that’s what I’ll do…”

He helped him up.

Chico drew a card.

“Okay, Elvira,” he said, “I’m playing Pot of Greed!”

He played the card, and the jar handed him two new cards.

“All right!” he shouted. “First I’ll summon Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder!”

He placed the card down, and the black-robed nomad carrying a primitive cannon appeared. (1,400/1,200) –> (1,900/1,700)

He knelt in Defense.


“With this guy,” explained Chico, “I can sacrifice a Gravekeeper and blow away 700 of your Life Points! So I’ll sacrifice both my Assailant AND my Chief!”

The two Gravekeepers melted into orbs of dark energy, and they were absorbed into Cannonholder’s cannon.

“All right Cannonholder… lock and load!”

Cannonholder pulled the pin back and aimed at Vampire Lady…

“FIRE!” shouted Chico.

The Gravekeeper fired two blasts, striking Vampire Lady in the chest! She flinched a little as her Life Points fell to 6,500.

“Not bad…” she chuckled. “But don’t you remember my Deckmaster ability? I only take half damage from card effects!”

Chico frowned.

“I’ll place this card facedown, and that will end my turn,” he said.

He played the card, and it appeared in front of him.

Vampire Lady drew again.

Chico grunted as the tattoos burned again. His Life Points fell to 2,800, while Vampire Lady’s fell to 6,100.

She put a card down.

“I summon another direct damage Monster,” she said with a smile. “Mystic Lamp!”

An old oil lamp, like the kind genies came out of, appeared. (400/300)


“Do the math, Chico!” laughed the vampire. “I have four Monsters who can attack you directly, and their total Attack adds up to 2,000! I simply have to attack this turn, and my Magic Card’s curse will finish you on my next turn!

“Mystic Lamp, attack!”

A blast of smoke shot out of the Lamp’s spout…

“Activate Waboku!” shouted Chico.

His Trap lifted, and the three priestess in blue robes sprang up.

“Looks like I delayed my defeat for one turn,” snarled Chico. “And I’ll fight to my last card before I let myself become some teddy bear!”

“You’re only delaying the inevitable,” sighed Vampire Lady. “Why don’t you give up? Are you sure you even WANT to win?”

She blew him a kiss.

“Oh, I’m sure…” growled Chico, drawing.

“I play Graceful Charity!” he shouted.

The beautiful angel flew out of his Disk, and handed him three cards.

Okay… he thought. Now I might still have a chance…

“All right babe,” he said out loud, “it’s time to combo!”

He placed a card into a slot.

“I play Dark Room of Nightmare,” he stated.

A Magic Card with the image of creepy shadows in a sinister temple appeared.

“Next,” he continued, “I’ll summon Gravekeeper’s Vassal… in Attack Mode!”

He played the card, and the sneaky vassal of the Gravekeeper’s appeared. (700/500) –> (1,200/1,000)


“Now, you’re likely wondering why I keep such a pathetic Monster in my deck,” stated Chico. “The answer is, he makes a good combo with this Magic Card.”

“You see, so long as Dark Room of Nightmare is in effect, any time I do damage to my opponent that isn’t battle damage, he or she loses an extra 300 Life Points.

“That brings us to Gravekeeper’s Vassal’s special ability. When he attacks, the damage he does isn’t considered battle damage, it’s considered effect damage.

“And even better, he’s only a three-star Monster, so he’s allowed to attack with your Level Limit card in place!

“So, Gravekeeper’s Vassal, attack her Rainbow Flower with evil eye!”

The Vassal glared at Rainbow Flower, and a blast of dark magic struck the plant! Its one eye glazed over, and it shattered.

Vampire Lady’s Life Points fell to 5,650

“Yeah, I know,” said Chico. “Since that didn’t count as an attack, it only does half damage, but at least I can destroy your Monsters…

“I’ll place a card facedown, and end my turn.”

He placed a card into a slot, and it appeared.

Vampire Lady chuckled as she drew…

This time the tattoos on Chico’s flesh started to sizzle and smoke! He screamed as his Life Points fell to 1,200!

Vampire Lady grinned as hers fell to 4,850.

“So you have a Monster who can attack,” she purred. “Doesn’t matter. The three Monsters I have left can attack too, and they’re packing enough Attack Points to win this duel right now…

“This has been fun, Chico, but…

“Servant of Catabolism, attack his Life Points directly!”

Servant of Catabolism leapt forward.

“I activate Eye of Wdjat!” shouted Chico.

His Trap Card lifted, showing an Egyptian eye surrounded by hieroglyphics.

“Eye of Wdjat?” gasped Vampire Lady. “What does that do?”

“It’s a rare card,” growled Chico. “Since you ordered your Servant to attack, I can now redirect that attack towards a target on your side!”

A glowing eye appeared on the Servant’s shell…

“And I choose your Mystic Lamp!” shouted Chico.

Servant of Catabolism did a one-eighty, and lunged at Mystic Lamp! It crushed the lamp into shards!

Vampire Lady’s Life Points fell to 4,550.

She chuckled as she turned a card on her Disk.

“I’ll end my turn by shifting Jinzo #7 into Defense Mode…” she giggled, as the Machine knelt. “But it was too little, too late Chico. On my next turn, my Magic Card’s curse will drain your remaining Life Points, and that will be that…

“So make your last move…”

She’s right… thought Chico. Unless this next draw is my best draw in whole career, I won’t be winning this one…

I planned to defeat the evil that had polluted this land… Seems I’m nothing but a failure…

”You’re not a failure,” said Mystical Knight of Jackal’s voice. ”A failure wouldn’t have even gotten this far…”

”But her strategy is so hard to defeat,” answered Chico. “It was much easier in the beginning when this tournament started.”

”Beginnings are often easier,” replied the Knight. ”Only someone willing to endure true difficulties can endure something to the end. And ever since your deadbeat parents left you to die, you’ve been taught that the easy way out was the wrong way…

“After all, you saved your allowance for six months to afford the rarest card in your deck…”

My rarest card? thought Chico, looking at his deck.

He knew what the Jackal was talking about. That card was his favorite… A card that held the very history and origins of the Gravekeepers in the form of one Monster…

But if he drew it now, it couldn’t help… He’d need something different…

”Believe in your deck, Chico,” said the Knight. ”If you have faith, the right card will come to you…”

Chico made a draw…

The skies over Necrovalley darkened…

“All right, Vampirella!” he shouted. “Here’s where it gets interesting! I play… Heavy Storm!”

He slammed the card into a slot, and a fierce wind tore through the whole area! First his Dark Room of Nightmare was blown apart, followed by Vampire Lady’s Level Limit Area B, followed by the Dark Snake Syndrome! Finally, Necrovalley itself disintegrated, returning the arena to Vampire Lady’s tomb.

He was relieved to see the hideous tattoos on his skin vanish.

“This duel isn’t over, Vampire Lady,” he snarled. “It’s just getting started!


Dark Sage
6th November 2005, 07:32 AM
Continued from last post:

“First I’ll shift my Cannonholder into Attack Mode!”

Cannonholder rose off the ground and aimed his cannon.

“Gravekeeper’s Vassal, attack her Jinzo #7!”

The Vassal glared with his evil eye. The wicked android sparked and blew up.

“Cannonholder, attack her Servant of Catabolism with shadow blast!”

Cannonholder blasted a beam of dark energy from his weapon, blowing the Servant into pixels!

Vampire Lady’s Life Points fell to 3,850.

“And don’t think I’m done with you yet!” yelled Chico. “I’ll sacrifice my Vassal so that Cannonholder can get in one more shot!”

Gravekeeper’s Vassal melted into dark energy, and was absorbed into the cannon. Cannonholder fired, striking Vampire Lady in the chest!

Her Life Points fell down to 3,500.

Her brow furrowed.

“Seems I underestimated you,” she said. “No matter… I like my companions a bit on the tough side…

“It’s my move…”

She drew a card.

She showed it to him. Pot of Greed.

She played it, and the jar handed her two more cards.

Chico may have defeated one strategy, she thought, looking at them, but his Life Points are low enough to finish him with my back-up plan. And with these cards, I already have all the cards in my hand that I need to pull it off…

“For my next move,” she said, “I summon Jirai Gumo in Attack Mode!”

She placed a card down, and a huge spider with claws like scythes and a slobbering set of mandibles appeared. (2,200/100)


“Perhaps you heard of Jirai Gumo?” she asked.

“Yeah, I know about it,” said Chico, quizzically. “I know that if you attack with it, there’s a 50% chance you’ll lose half your Life Points.”

He paused.

“Wait…” he started. “Your Deckmaster ability…”

Vampire Lady shook her head.

“Paying half your Life Points to attack with Jirai Gumo is a cost, not a card effect,” answered Vampire Lady. “So my ability is of no use there. So I’m not going to attack. I’m just leaving it as an offensive wall until my true strategy can be revealed. It’s your move.”

What’s she up to? thought Chico, making a draw.

He looked at the card.

“I’ll place one card facedown,” he stated. “And also a Monster facedown in Defense.”

The two facedown cards appeared.

“Next, I’ll move my Cannonholder into Defense Mode…”

He turned the card, and Cannonholder knelt.

“And that’s my turn…”

“Wonderful!” cheered Vampire Lady, drawing a card. “Now, I always say, while one is good, two is better! So I’ll summon another Jirai Gumo in Attack Mode!”

She placed the card, and a twin of the first trapdoor spider appeared. (2,200/100)

Chico looked at her.

“You’re up to something…” he snarled.

Vampire Lady laughed evilly.

“Well,” she stated, “since you really can’t stop me, I might as well show you the Monster I’m going to set on my next turn… After all, we’re going to have to get to trust each other eventually…”

Huh? thought Chico. Why would she show me her strategy?

She turned the card and showed him…

“Jigen Bakudan!” exclaimed Chico.

“That’s right!” chuckled Vampire Lady. “The infamous bomb-Monster. I set this little guy facedown in Defense, and when he’s flipped, all the Monsters on my side of the field are destroyed… And you take damage equal to half their total Attack Scores. That amounts to 2,200 Life Points gone, which is 1,000 more than you have left!

“And if you think you can save yourself by using Nobleman of Crossout, think again…”

She showed him another card in her hand.

“It’s called Book of Taiyou,” she stated. “This Magic Card lets me…”

“I know what it does!” snarled Chico. “I have that in my deck myself. It lets you activate a Monster’s flip-effect on the round you set it!”

“Correct,” stated Vampire Lady. “So I end my turn… And I’ll accept a peaceful surrender if you want to be spared the humiliation…”

Chico drew.

He sighed.

“I place one card facedown…” he muttered.

The card appeared.

“Sorry,” he sighed, “but I’d rather go down fighting… do what you have to…”

A tear fell down his cheek…

Vampire Lady chuckled as she made a draw.

“So brave…” she laughed.

She placed a card on her Disk.

“Anyway, I’ll set this Monster facedown in Defense…”

The facedown Monster appeared.

“And now…” she stated, playing a card, “I activate Book of Taiyou!”

The card flipped, and Jigen Bakudan appeared…


“I activate my Trap!” shouted Chico. “Go… Divine Wrath!”

He discarded one of the two cards in his hand. Vampire Lady gasped as thunder rolled…

Lightning fell from the ceiling, vaporizing Jigen Bakudan!

“Heh, heh, heh…” chuckled Chico. “Couldn’t you have recognized such an obvious bluff when you heard it? Thanks to my Divine Wrath Trap, your Jigen Bakudan was destroyed the instant it tried to activate its effect, negating the effect and destroying it.

“So what are you going to do now?”

Vampire Lady didn’t answer…

“I take it that means it’s my turn,” stated Chico.

He made a draw.

His eyes opened wide!

“I flip my facedown Monster into Attack Mode…” he stated. “Presenting… Magician of Faith!”

The splendidly dressed Spellcaster with her crescent-moon staff appeared. (300/400)

A card slid out of his discard slot.

“I’ll use her to get back my Necrovalley card, and play it now!”

He threw the card into his Field slot, and the vortex consumed the room. Necrovalley returned. Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder’s stats went up to (1,900/1,200)

“Now I’ll move my Cannonholder into Attack Mode…” he continued.

Cannonholder stood up.

“And I’m not half-done yet!” exclaimed Chico. “I activate my other facedown card… Rite of Spirit!”

His Trap lifted.

“This lets me bring one Gravekeeper back from my Graveyard, and I’m choosing my Chief!”

Gravekeeper’s Chief appeared, holding his scepter aloft. (1,900/1,200) –> (2,400/1,700)

“And just you know,” continued Chico, “when he’s on my side of the field, I’m not bound by the negative effects of Necrovalley. So I play… Monster Reborn! Gravekeeper’s Assailant, return!”

He played the Magic Card, and the shadowy assassin appeared, carrying his long dagger. (1,500/1,500) –> (2,000/2,000)

“And finally…” said Chico. “I’m going to give you a taste of the rarest card in my deck… The mightiest Gravekeeper of all…”

He switched cards on his Disk…

“I sacrifice my Magician of Faith…”

Magician of Faith vanished into mist. The sky darkened over Necrovalley again, and lightning flashed!

“…and I summon… [B]Gravekeeper’s Mummy!”

A golden sarcophagus appeared on the field… It slowly opened…

A tall form crawled out. It was an ancient, mummified cadaver, clad in rotting burial linens, and decorated with golden jewelry and a bejeweled Egyptian burial mask. He carried a long crook. (2,000/0) –> (2,500/500)

“Gravekeeper’s Mummy?” exclaimed Vampire Lady, startled. “How can a Gravekeeper be a mummy? You yourself said that in Necrovalley, Zombies were…”

“Abominations?” interrupted Chico. “Most of them are… But this one is a far nobler Zombie than any vampire. He was the first Gravekeeper, and the one responsible for starting their proud tradition. Upon his death, his followers embalmed his body in a sacred ritual, and legend has it that when Necrovalley is threatened, he will emerge to defend it once more…

“But enough with legends… Gravekeeper’s Chief, attack the first Jirai Gumo!”

The Chief cast a spell, and shot a beam of ancient magic at the huge spider, blowing it into pixels!

Vampire Lady’s Life Points fell to 3,650.

“Gravekeeper’s Assailant, attack the other one!” shouted Chico.

Assailant raised his dagger…

“Stupid…” chuckled Vampire Lady. “It’s 200 Attack Points stronger!”

“True, but when Necrovalley is active, Gravekeeper’s Assailant can change the battle position of a Monster when he attacks!” answered Chico. “So he’s changing it to Defense Mode, where it’s 1,900 points weaker!”

Jirai Gumo crouched in Defense Mode, and Assailant plunged his dagger into it, blasting it into pixels!

“And now that you’re defenseless,” chuckled Chico, “Cannonholder, attack directly with shadow blast!”

Cannonholder aimed his cannon and fired, striking the vampire in the stomach! For the first time all duel, she screamed…

Her Life Points fell to 1,750.

“And now for the grand finale…” proclaimed Chico, “Gravekeeper’s Mummy, attack with Spell of Souls!”

Ancient, mystical energy started to flow around Gravekeeper’s Mummy, and ghostly wisps surrounded him… cries from the souls of deceased Gravekeepers filled the room…

He pointed his crook, and blasted his mighty spell at Vampire Lady, knocking her over!

Her Life Points fell to zero…

Mystical Knight of Jackal turned to Chico.

”Congratulations, Chico, he stated. ”I may have been of little help as a Deckmaster this time, but perhaps in the future it will be different.

”For now, remember to have faith, and the evil in this land will wiped out…

”If not by you, than by those who you ally yourselves with…”

He vanished.

Vampire Lady got up, as Necrovalley and Chico’s four Monsters vanished.

She hung her head.

“Well, you won…” she said sadly.

She sighed.

“You can still share my coffin if you want…” she said softly.

“No thank you!” snapped Chico. “Just point me in the nearest direction out of this chamber of horrors…”

“Before you go…” sighed Vampire Lady, walking up. “Why don’t you take something to remember me by…”

“Remember you by?” asked Chico. “I want to forget you!”

“Just hear me out, please!” pleaded Vampire Lady. “There’s a reason I’m so lonely… A reason I tried to force you to stay…”

She paused.

“The master of this Palace is a wicked creature… She keeps me as much a prisoner of this tomb as… as I wanted to make you. But I can help you defeat her…”

“Oh? How?” asked Chico, somewhat annoyed.

He wasn’t sure whether or not to believe this vampire, but she had lost… He knew that no duelist with any honor would break a wager…


Vampire Lady took four cards out of her dress.

“The master doesn’t know I have these,” she urged. “Take them, and you can defeat anyone…”

“Yeah, right…” said Chico, as he took them. “They’re probably just some sort of cheap…”

His eyes bugged out as he saw what they were.

“No way…” he gasped. “No freakin’ way! I’ve heard of these cards… But…”

He was speechless. These cards were so rare, they made Gravekeeper’s Mummy look like something you could pull out of a booster pack…

A door behind Vampire Lady opened, revealing a stairway going up.

“Go…” she said, sadly. “Leave me…”

Chico walked to the door.

He looked at the cards.

That vampire was a beast, he thought. But is it wrong to accept help from one evil creature to defeat another? These cards would make my deck twice as powerful…

A strong feeling of temptation came over him…

Finally, he removed three cards from his deck, and then shuffled the four new cards into it.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

In her tomb, Vampire Lady sadly sat on the edge of her coffin.

Not all of what she had said to Chico was lies, although a lot it was… She was pretty lonely down here, and Chico would have made a great companion…

An image flashed in front of her. She stood up as the Shadow Queen’s face appeared.

“Vampire Lady?” she said in a comforting voice. “Don’t feel bad for losing… So you didn’t get what you wanted…”

“It would have been nice…” sighed the vampire.

“Well,” suggested the Shadow Queen, “you can still have him if you want… You just have to wait until the finals are over…

“And you played your part well… You’re an excellent liar…”

Vampire Lady chuckled.

“He should have known never to believe a vampire,” she giggled.

“What my victims don’t know,” stated the Shadow Queen, “is that by accepting my help in the form of these rare cards, they’re technically on my payroll. So if Stan, Andy, or Francesca should fall to any of them in the finals… Well, my job is done…”

She chuckled.

“And once they’re out of the way, I’m free to do anything with my unknowing minions as I want…

“Hang tight… You won’t be lonely much longer…”


Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a wooden toy mallet with wings on the head. Shuffle this card and any number of cards from your hand back into your deck, and then draw a number of cards equal to the number you returned to your deck.

Note: “Magical Mallet” was used by Chaz in the “Yu-Gi-Oh GX” episode “Making the Grade”. All creative credit goes to the writers of this episode.

EYE OF WDJAT (Trap Card)

Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of an Egyptian eye surrounded by hieroglyphics. You can activate this card when your opponent declares an attack. Redirect the attack of the attacking Monster to another Monster on your opponent’s side of the field, or to your opponent directly if he has no other Monsters on the field.

Note: “Eye of Wdjat” was used by Odion in the anime episode “Awakening of Evil (Part One)”. All creative credit goes to the writers of this episode.


Card Specs

Type: Zombie/Effect
Attribute: Dark
Level: 5
ATK: 2,000
DEF: 0

Card Description: This embalmed creature was the first Gravekeeper, and the secret guardian of Necrovalley. When this Monster destroys an opponent’s Monster, you can Special Summon one “Gravekeeper’s Servant Token” (Zombie/Dark/2 stars/1,000/1,000) to your side of the field in Attack Mode during your next Main Phase.

Note: “Gravekeeper’s Mummy” was created by Master of Paradox for one of his chapters in the fanfic “Yu-Gi-Oh! Lady of Dragons”. All creative credit goes to him.

”Mystical Knight of Jackal”: Beast-Warrior/Light (2,700/1,200)

Deckmaster SA: “Self Spin”: When one of your Monsters is destroyed in battle, you can pay 500 Life Points to put the destroyed Monster on the top of your deck.

Vampire Lady”: Zombie/Dark (1,550/1,550)

Deckmaster SA: “Vampiric Immunity”: All damage you take from card effects is halved.

[B][I]Before I continue, rest assured that this will NOT be the last you see of Gravekeeper’s Mummy in this fanfic. Chico will use him again, and make good use of his effect.

Coming up next:

The heroes are still stuck in the arena, but an exit is in sight. Peten the Dark Clown shows up to challenge Andy again, and if you thought his deck was anti-Dragon before, wait until you see what he’s got up his sleeve now. Plus, fans of “Yu-Gi-Oh GX”, wait until you see what Andy has in his deck!

It’s all coming up in a chapter called “Comedy and Tragedy”, coming soon…

6th November 2005, 10:33 AM
Nice! I much prefered this to Chico's first appearance, and I am astounded that you found a way to make the Vassel work. Probably was a goal of yours in this chapter. Now to clear up a bit of confusion. While it is true that Paradox did write the duel for that chapter, Gravekeeper's Mummy was my design. With the way it was presented, I don't blame you for the mistake, in fact I am quite flattered. Next time, I wouldn't mind you asking for permission however. But enough with that. I do look foreward to another appearance of him in the future if that is what to happen. Keep it up, this was the best chapter in a long time.

PS. I noticed a couple of Hasker's cards as well. Was that intentional, or simply coincidence?

PPS. The whole time I was waiting for a Ring of Destruction, but I suppose that would have bee3n too obvious

Dark Sage
6th November 2005, 11:24 AM
Bakura -

Master of Paradox said I only needed his permission to use the card, and he gave me it. Sorry about that.

As for Vampire Lady's similarities to Haskar, well, they both run Direct Damage Decks, so they have a few cards in common. That's about it.

Shuppet Master
6th November 2005, 01:18 PM
That was a really great chapter, D.S.! I always wondered how to make those weenie monsters from Metal Raiders work, and you did pretty well with it. Vampire Lady was a freaky character, and something tells me that things are looking bad.

So that is the Queen's plan, to turn the other finalists into her servants by giving them useful cards, so technically they are serving her. Poor Stan, Fran, and Andy! :(

Can't wait for the finals, and I can't wait to see what cards you were talking about with Andy, since I'm a big fan of GX. Keep up the good work! ;)

Master of Paradox
7th November 2005, 07:25 AM
jkBAKURA: You invented the Gravekeeper's Mummy, yes, but the one Chico used was my design. Besides, we're coauthors... (Something tells me that between this and my deal on Friday, the relationship between us is now strained.)

A much better chapter than the first go-round with Chico. For one thing, we didn't have to sit through his past this time.

Just by reading the "coming next chapter" blurb on the last chapter, I guessed Vampire Lady would be his opponent. Very creepy, as appropriate for a vampiress.

That was an... interesting duel. I noticed the similarity between the VL and Hasker myself, but some of your personal comments in the past had left me prepared for such things. Dark Snake Syndrome is an incredibly unpleasant card to look at, let alone be hit with, and the accompanying "weenie rush" made Chico seem in even deeper trouble. (Nice touch, as well, to have her use Level Limit Area B instead of the usual protective tricks - I'll have to keep it in mind for a certain future project.) Chico's deck hasn't changed much, but a good Gravekeeper deck doesn't.

And you handled the Mummy nicely.

I have only a few suspicions as to what the VL gave Chico... and I admire the touch of having the Shadow Queen transform the other finalists into extra servants that way.

Next chapter should be, if nothing else, rather interesting. I know exactly what cards you're talking about, and to be frank, Andy's inclusion of those could be stretching the deck a bit too far.

7th November 2005, 02:42 PM
Next chapter should be, if nothing else, rather interesting. I know exactly what cards you're talking about, and to be frank, Andy's inclusion of those could be stretching the deck a bit too far.
I'm inclined to agree; since I have a good idea which cards he's speaking of.:/ I mean, Fire is a pretty rarely used type; so what are the chances...unless there's a rematch with Tyson in a future chapter?

Dark Sage
13th November 2005, 02:18 PM
After a bit of a lull, it's time for a new chapter.

When I said that fans of "Yu-Gi-Oh GX" would love what Andy has in his deck, a few folks thought I meant Bastion's H2O Monsters. Well, no. Those guys are two situational (and they aren't even Dragons - Hydrgeddon and Oxygeddon are Dinosaurs, and Water Dragon is actually a Sea Serpent).

But I think you'll like this chapter anyway.

- Brian

Dark Sage
13th November 2005, 02:19 PM
[B][I]Being a duelist who uses a Dragon Deck, one great duelist who I admire is Seto Kaiba.

Kaiba uses a lot of Dragons, not the least of which are his three unique Blue-Eyes White Dragons. But his deck isn’t truly Dragon-themed… More or less, it’s a Beatdown Deck.

He uses a lot of other Monster Types… Warriors like Blade Knight, Beast-Warriors like Vorse Raider, Fiends like La Jinn…

I also believe he has three Peten the Dark Clown cards in his deck. These three Monsters are useful to him in two ways: One, their effect helps him put up a good defensive wall. Second, because they have only 500 Attack Points and are Dark Monsters, they can be used to trigger his deadly Crush Card Trap.

I doubt even Kaiba knows that one of his Monsters has come to life, turned evil, and is attacking a duelist who admires him. If Kaiba were here, he’d likely be upset.

Well, this clown is in for a rude awakening…

Because between the last time we met and now, I obtained a secret weapon or two…


Comedy and Tragedy

Maria was sweating heavily…

She had Amphibian Beast (2,400/2,000), and Gagagigo (1,850/1,000) in attack Mode on her side; her opponent, Seto Kaiba’s doppelganger, had a clear side, but he had just foiled her attempt at a direct attack with his Negate Attack.

The scores were at a dead tie, with each of them at 2,800…

And it was “Kaiba’s” move.

“I play my Pot of Greed!” he shouted, playing it.

He drew two cards, and grinned.

“I play the Ritual Magic Card, White Dragon Ritual!” he exclaimed, playing the card. “To do this, I’ll sacrifice the Blue-Eyes in my hand… And summon Paladin of White Dragon!”

A powerful Knight in shining white armor astride a white dragon appeared, holding a lance. (1,900/1,200)

“Next,” he continued, “I’ll play Monster Reborn, to bring back the Blue-Eyes I just sacrificed!”

He played the card, and the ferocious Blue-Eyes White Dragon appeared on the field. (3,000/2,500)

“Paladin!” shouted “Kaiba”, “destroy Gagagigo with dragon lance!”

The Paladin flew forward, and speared Gagagigo, blowing it to pieces.

“Blue-Eyes, obliterate Amphibian Beast with white lightning!”

The Dragon blasted forth its powerful breath weapon, eradicating the Beast.

“But wait…” said Kaiba with a grin, “there’s more! Now that my turn’s ending, I can sacrifice my Paladin for another Blue-Eyes, so now I have two!”

Paladin vanished, and a second Blue-Eyes appeared in front of him.

Maria’s Life Points were at 2,150.

“So what are you going to do now, Maria?” he gloated.

He asked.

Maria shakily reached for her deck…

“I play the Magic Card… Reload!” she stated.

She put her five cards into her deck, reshuffled, and drew five more cards.

Her eyes opened wide.

“I play… A Legendary Ocean!” she shouted.

She threw a card into her Field Slot, and the arena became awash with sea water. The beautiful palace arose behind her.

“Now I play Premature Burial!” she exclaimed. “I’ll use it to bring back Gagagigo!”

Her Life Points slipped to 1,350, and Gagagigo arose. (1,850/1,000) –> (2,050/1,200)

“But I won’t be keeping him,” she continued. “Due to the downgrading effect of A Legendary Ocean, I can now summon my next Monster with only one sacrifice… So I sacrifice Gagagigo to summon Levia-Dragon – Daedalus!

The lizard man vanished, and a huge form erupted out of the Ocean. It was a sea Monster with a serpentine body, fins, and huge teeth! (2,600/1,500) –> (2,800/1,700)

“Impressive…” said “Kaiba” with a smirk. “But that’s still not strong enough…”

“I’m not done!” continued Maria. “Now I can sacrifice Daedalus to Special Summon an even stronger beast…”

Daedalus shattered as she put a card down.

“So arise, Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo-Daedalus!”

The biggest sea monster of all appeared… it looked like the original Daedalus, but with two heads and nastier-looking fins. (2,900/1,600) –> (3,100/1,800)

The two Blue-Eyes and their master drew back in fear…

“And that’s not the half of it,” chuckled Melissa, as the waters around her started to churn. “By sacrificing A Legendary Ocean, Neo-Daedalus can destroy all cards on the field and in both our hands except himself!”

A huge series of waterspouts shot up, and the two Blue-Eyes were blown apart!

After a minute, Neo-Daedalus was the only card in play…

“Kaiba” gasped…

“Neo-Daedalus, attack directly with fury of the tempest!” shouted Maria.

Kaiba’s double screamed as a blast of water plowed into him, knocking him over…

He shattered into pixels.

“Uh… did I just win?” muttered Maria.

“Sure looks that way, Maria,” said Leopold with a grin.

“I call it luck…” sighed Melissa.

“Luck or not, we’re getting better,” stated Vladimir. “But remember one thing… these virtual images are just phantoms. The real things will be a lot harder…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Earlier, Stan, Andy, and Francesca were still trapped in the arena…

But they figured they were closer to an exit.

“Only one lever to pull down, guys,” said Andy, “mine. And I can just guess who’s going to come out when I pull it…”

He went to the lever and pulled it down…

The door on the left slowly opened, and a cackling laughter echoed throughout the arena…

A figure tumbled into view, then leapt up and did a somersault…


He smiled at Andy.

“Peten the Dark Clown,” sighed Andy. “Long time no see. Where have you been keeping yourself…?”

Peten’s smile turned into a scowl.

“Where? WHERE?” he snarled. “The Queen punished me good, Andy. Do you know what it’s like to be sealed away in the Graveyard? I couldn’t move… I couldn’t see… I couldn’t hear!

“But there was one thing I could do… I could think! And the only thing I could think about was how I wanted to pummel you to pieces!”

He cackled with insane laughter again, as a Duel Disk appeared on his arm.

“If you defeat me,” he chuckled, “you and your friends are free to progress to the second level of the Palace of Shadow. But that’s not going to happen. I’m going to defeat you, little boy… And I’ve been improving my deck since our last encounter!”

The change fully came over Andy.

“I hate to tell you this, but so have I,” answered Andy. “And I’ll duel you if I can get rid of you for good!”

“Be careful, Andy!” shouted Francesca. “You know he has a Buster Blader!”

“I know!” answered Andy. “But I’m fully prepared for it!”

“Very well…” laughed Peten.

Their Duel Disks activated.

“Now choose your Deckmaster!” he laughed.

Andy took out his deck.

Decisions, decisions… he thought. Well, since I play a Dragon Deck, why not use a Dragon this time?

He held a card up.

“I choose… Luster Dragon #1!”

In a flash of light, the beautiful sapphire Dragon appeared.


“Now then…” started Andy.

”Andy…” said a soft, mystical voice in his head.

Andy turned, it was coming from Luster Dragon.

”Was that you?” he answered. ”I didn’t think dragons could speak…”

”Dragons possess the ability to communicate telepathically with any being who has a language,” answered Luster Dragon. ”Word just hasn’t gotten out, because we tend to eat anyone who hasn’t earned our respect…

“You, however, is someone we respect, so listen closely…

“My Deckmaster ability allows you to Special Summon my older sibling, Luster Dragon #2 to the field, and it doesn’t matter whether he is in your hand, your deck, or in the Graveyard at the time.”

”How many times?” asked Andy.

”As many times as you like, once per turn,” answered Luster Dragon. ”But it is only free the first time you do it. The second time, you must pay 500 Life Points… The third time, you must pay 1,000… And the payment increases by 500 each consecutive time.

“Use this ability wisely, and we will defeat our foe. Remember, he holds dragonkind’s mortal enemy in his deck…

“And I’m certain that Buster Blader is not the only bane of dragons he carries.”

“Okay Peten, enough talk,” exclaimed Andy. “Let’s duel!”

The Life Point counters rose to 8,000 apiece.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Watching closely – more closely than usual – were the Shadow Queen and Grodus.

“Are you sure it’s wise to trust this joker?” asked Grodus. “He already cheated once…”

“I know,” pondered the Queen, “but Peten and I reached an… understanding…

“First, while he was improving his deck, I made him replace the trimmed-down Buster Blader with a normal one…

“Second, he knows I’ll be watching closely, and if he does anything to cheat, I’ll not only stop the duel, but I’ll use this…”

She held up a glowing card.

Last Day of the Witch.

“That…” muttered Grodus. “That destroys all Spellcasters on the field…”

“And if I use this magical version, it will destroy any of my servants in whatever room I choose who happen to be Spellcasters.

“So if Peten cheats this time, he dies, plain and simple. Since he knows I have this card, I don’t think we have to worry about that…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Bah… thought Peten, drawing his first hand. I don’t have to cheat to beat this child… My anti-Dragon deck is good enough using my own skills!

He made his first draw.

He chuckled. He opened his Field slot.

“For my first move…” he giggled, “I’ll play this card… A Field Magic Card called Array of Revealing Light!”

The Field slot closed, and a glow appeared on the arena. A mystic circle with glowing lines appeared on the floor.

“Array of Revealing Light?” asked Andy. “What does that do?”

“Simple,” chuckled Peten. “I name one Type of Monster, and for as long as this Field remains in play, that Type of Monster cannot attack on the turn it is summoned!

“And I choose Dragons!”

“Aw, nuts!” exclaimed Francesca. “Now practically every Monster Andy has is going to have to wait a round before it can attack!”

Peten chuckled an placed another card down.

“Next, I’ll summon this guy in Attack Mode… Mystic Clown!”

A tall figure appeared. It was a gangly, thin Fiend, with colorful clothes in shades of purple, and one eye.


“AND, he gets a little boost!” laughed Peten.

(1,500/1,000) –> (2,000/1,500)

“How did your Clown get stronger?” asked Andy.

“My Deckmaster ability increases the Attack and Defense of any clown Monster I summon by 500!” laughed Peten.

He took another card.

“I’ll finish by placing this facedown, and turn it over to you…”

A facedown card materialized.

Andy drew a card.

“Well you aren’t the only one with a powerful Deckmaster!” he warned. “First I’ll summon my Cave Dragon!”

He placed a card down, and the lumbering, elderly Dragon appeared. (2,000/100)

“Next,” he said, “I’ll use my Deckmaster’s ability to Special Summon Luster Dragon #2 from my deck!”

Luster Dragon #1 glowed, and a card flew out of Andy’s deck. It fell on his Disk, and the powerful Luster Dragon #2 appeared. (2,400/1,400)

“Since I can’t attack with them thanks to your Field Card,” he continued. “I’ll end my turn there…”

Peten growled. He drew a card.

“I’ll summon Toon Alligator in Defense Mode…” he snarled.

He placed a card down, and the comical, grinning alligator appeared, shielding itself with its stone axe. (800/1,600)


“And I’ll also move Mystic Clown into Defense Mode, and that will be all…”

He turned his card; Mystic Clown knelt and shielded himself.

Andy drew a card.

“Spear Dragon in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

He placed the card down, and the pterodactyl-like Dragon appeared. (1,900/0)

“I may not be able to attack with him this round, but I can attack with my other two! Cave Dragon, wipe out Mystic Clown with noxious breath!”

Cave Dragon blasted forth his gaseous breath; Mystic Clown gasped and shattered.

“Luster Dragon, attack that dumb-looking cartoon with emerald flash blast!”

Luster Dragon shot forth a beam of energy, blowing Toon Alligator away!

“Yes!” exclaimed Francesca. “Peten has no more Monsters on his side and Andy has three! Next round, Andy will clean his clock!”

“Then why is Peten smiling?” asked Stan.

Peten was indeed chuckling. He drew a card.

“I’m not done yet, Andy…” he giggled.

His Trap Card lifted.

“I activate Call of the Haunted to bring my Toon Alligator back!”

The comical Reptile returned.

“But I’m only doing that so I can sacrifice him…” continued Peten. “To summon this…”

He placed a card on his Disk, and Toon Alligator vanished.

“I summon Dragon Seeker!”

A man-sized Fiend appeared. It was hideously ugly, hunched over, and combining the features of a dinosaur and lizard. It had bat-like wings on its back. (2,000/2,100)


“Just by summoning this guy, he can destroy one Dragon on the field!” exclaimed Peten.

Beams of energy shot from Dragon Seeker’s eyes, and Luster Dragon #2 was blown into pixels.

“Actually, he can destroy two,” laughed Peten. “I still have his attack to use on Spear Dragon! Dragon Seeker, attack Spear Dragon with dark claws of fury!”

Dragon Seeker leapt forward, and slashed at Spear Dragon, tearing it in half!

Andy’s Life Points fell to 7,900.

“Well,” chuckled Peten. “Your move…”

That guy’s grinning like a Cheshire Cat… thought Andy as he drew. I’ll bet he already has Buster Blader in his hand, and he’s just waiting for the right time to summon him…

For now, I’d best just protect myself…

“I summon The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave in Defense Mode,” he stated.

He placed a card down, and the sleepy, rocky Dragon appeared.

“And also, a card facedown,” he continued.

He fit a card into a slot, and it materialized.

“Over to you, clown…” he dared.

“Then I draw…” chuckled Peten.

“Heh, heh…” he laughed. “HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!”

He calmed down.

“I couldn’t have asked for better!” he exclaimed.

He took another card from his hand.

“I bring my Toon Alligator back again with Monster Reborn!” he laughed.

He played the card. Toon Alligator reappeared.

“Now I’ll sacrifice both my servants to summon…”

He chuckled, as Toon Alligator and Dragon Seeker vanished into mist…

He put a card down…

“BUSTER BLADER!” he laughed.

With a bellowing war cry, the huge Warrior in armor appeared, holding aloft his mighty sword! (2,600/2,300)


“Now, with two Dragons on the field and two in your Graveyard, he has more than enough power to cause you a world of hurt!” laughed Peten.


“Fifty-six hundred Attack Points already?” gasped Francesca. “Now what?”

“Buster Blader…” started Peten.

“I activate Threatening Roar!” shouted Andy.

His Trap Card lifted, and the great beast roared, causing both Peten and Buster Blader to shield themselves.

“Fine,” chuckled Peten. “You’ve bought yourself a turn, nothing more. I’ll end my turn by playing this card facedown.”

He fit a card into a slot, and it appeared.

”Andy,” said Luster Dragon’s telepathic voice. ”This has gotten dangerous…”

Andy drew a card.

”Don’t worry,” he replied. ”I’m gonna take down this joker the same way I did the last time…

“I’ll place one card facedown,” he said, fitting a card into a slot.

A facedown card appeared.

“Now I’ll pay 500 Life Points to activate my Deckmaster’s ability again,” he exclaimed.

His Life Points fell down to 7,400.

“I’ll summon Luster Dragon #2, and place him in Attack Mode!”

Luster Dragon reappeared.

“That will end my turn…” he sneered.

“Oh dear…” remarked Peten. “A facedown card… Whatever could it be…”

He held his forehead.

“Wait…” he chuckled. “It wouldn’t happen to be… Burst Breath, would it?”

Andy glared at him.

Strange, he thought. He’s right… but he doesn’t seem to be the least bit worried. But what is he going to do? I’ll activate it the second he draws!

“Well Andy…” chuckled Peten, “I’ll draw one card…”

He drew a card.

“I activate Burst Breath!” shouted Andy, as his Trap lifted.

Luster Dragon #2 growled… Energy appeared in its jaws…

“Poor Andy…” chuckled Peten. “You won’t get me with the same trick twice! I activate my own facedown card!”

His facedown card lifted, showing a Quickplay Magic Card with the image of Marauding Captain fending off a fiendish creature.


Dark Sage
13th November 2005, 02:22 PM
Continued from last post:

“It’s called My Body As A Shield!” laughed Peten. “Activating this card costs me 1,500 Life Points…”

His Life Points fell to 6,500.

“But it’s a price I’m willing to pay, because it negates and destroys any card that destroys Monsters!”

The Burst Breath card shattered.

Andy gasped.

“Unfortunately,” grinned Peten, “since your Trap was negated, your Dragons survived… but not for long! Buster Blader, attack his Cave Dragon with blade buster attack!”

Buster Blader leapt forward and made a slash, cleaving Cave Dragon in two!

Andy’s Life Points tumbled to 4,800.

“God help him…” whispered Francesca.

“He’d better…” muttered Stan. “Cause I don’t know who else can!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Very clever, Peten,” chuckled the Shadow Queen. “I never expected you of all people to learn from your mistakes…”

“Your majesty,” said Grodus, “even if Peten wins, I must remind you that The End of Anubis and The Unfriendly Amazon have failed. What will become of Stan and Francesca after this?”

“Well, regardless of the outcome of this duel,” she answered, “whoever is left will proceed to the next level of the palace…

“And if our victims thought it was hard so far, they’re in for a surprise.

“In fact, Grodus, when they enter the second circle, I want you to confront them personally…”

“Me?” asked Grodus.

He reached into his robes and took out a deck of cards.

“Well, why not?” he chuckled. “It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to get involved…”

“Well, don’t get carried away,” warned the Queen. “Your deck has its strong points, but it does have weaknesses…”

Grodus drew a card from his deck. He looked at the hideous, fiendish figure clad in gold armor…

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Those three brats have seen plenty of Dark Monsters before, but not even Stan’s Dark Magician is as Dark as the Darkness in my deck!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Ready to give up, Andy?” chuckled Peten.

“I’ll never give in to some Barnum and Bailey reject, Peten!” shouted Andy, making a draw.

Des Volstgalph? he thought. Powerful, but useless right now…

“I’ll switch Luster Dragon into Defense Mode, and that will end my turn,” he stated.

Luster Dragon bowed and folded its wings.

Peten cackled as he drew.

This might be good for later, he thought, looking at the Warrior.

“Buster Blader, slay his Luster Dragon!” he shouted.

Buster Blader charged, and smote Luster Dragon, blowing it into shards.

“Make your move…” chuckled Peten.

Andy drew.

His eyes opened a little.

One of my secret weapons… he thought. Aw, but if I summoned it now, it would just be killed!

“Actually,” he stated, “I choose to end my turn without making any move!”

“Your choice,” chuckled Peten, drawing a card. “Buster Blader, you know what to do…”

Buster Blader leapt forth, and destroyed The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave.

Now what? thought Andy. Keep defending until I run out of Monsters I can defend with? If he manages a direct attack with that super-strong Buster Blader, I’ve had it!

”Andy, said Luster Dragon’s voice. ”Things may look bleak, but remember one thing…

“In a duel, all it can take is one draw to turn the entire thing around. Remember when you dueled Gerald Laxina? Time nearly ran out… But your last draw made all the difference.

“It will come to you… Don’t give up so long as you can make one more draw…”

Andy paused.

“Okay, thanks…” he answered.

He went to his deck.

One draw… he thought.

He drew.

Heh, heh… Well what do you know…

“Time to say bye-bye to your Blader, Peten!” he shouted. “I play… Snatch Steal!”

The Magic Card appeared.

“NO!” shouted Peten. “My Monster…”

“…is mine!” laughed Andy.

Buster Blader vanished and reappeared on Andy’s side, his Attack Score back down to 2,600.

Peten gulped.

“And now, to get rid of him, I’ll sacrifice him to summon the Monster whose name is feared by everyone, whether they can spell it or not… [I]Des Volstgalph!”

Buster Blader vanished, and the huge desert Dragon appeared with a roar. (2,200/1,700)

“Be glad I can’t attack you with it this turn, thanks to your rotten Field Card,” warned Andy. “It’s your move.”

“YEAH!” shouted Francesca. “Go Andy!”

“Uh, Francesca…” muttered Stan. “Andy just made a mistake…”

“Huh?” answered Francesca.

“Well,” sighed Stan, “Andy was so nervous about Buster Blader and so anxious to get rid of him, he threw away a good opportunity to damage Peten. See, since Des Volstgalph couldn’t have attacked anyway, Andy should have attacked Peten directly with Buster Blader, and then sacrificed him.”

Andy looked over at his friends. He had clearly heard that…

“Calm down, Andy!” shouted Stan. “You got rid of Buster Blader, didn’t you?”

Peten chuckled.

“Should I make my move, Andy, or would you like to make another dumb mistake?” he giggled.

“Just move…” snarled Andy.

“Gladly!” laughed Peten, drawing. “My Buster Blader may be gone, but my deck is full of vicious beasts waiting to destroy you!”

He threw a card down.

“I summon… The Hunter With 7 Weapons!” he announced.

A figure materialized. It was a tall, grim-faced Warrior with a bald head, dressed in a leather suit and cloak. As his name suggested, he was armed to the teeth with weapons. (1,000/600)


“When this guy is summoned…” stated Peten.

“I know!” interrupted Andy. “When he’s summoned, you can name one type of Monster, and when he battles that Type, he’s assumed to have 1,000 extra Attack Points!”

“Clever,” smiled Peten. “So I’m naming Dragons…”

“You’re pretty lousy at math, Peten,” called Francesca. “That makes his Attack Score 2,000, and Des Volstgalph is 200 points stronger!”

“Actually, Francesca, I knew that,” answered Peten. “But I’m prepared. This guy has seven weapons… But I’m going to give him an eighth one! After all, as any Warrior knows, you can never have too many weapons…”

He fit a Magic Card into a slot.

“I’m Equipping him with Sword of Dragon’s Soul!” he laughed. “The first effect of this Equip raises any Warrior’s Attack by 700!”

The axe in The Hunter’s right hand vanished, and was replaced by a large, serrated blade.

“This is more than strong enough to defeat Des Volstgalph!” laughed Peten. “Hunter, attack with specialized strike!”

The Hunter With 7 Weapons leapt forward and jabbed Des Volstgalph in the neck with his blade! The Dragon roared, and shattered into pixels!

Andy’s Life Points fell to 4,300.

“I end my turn, Andy,” laughed Peten. “So what are you gonna do? My Hunter has an Attack of 2,700 against your Dragons, and even if you managed to summon your Tyrant Dragon, which I doubt you can, any Dragon that battles a Warrior armed with Sword of Dragon’s Soul is destroyed automatically!”

“Heh, heh…” chuckled Andy. “Heh, heh, heh, heh…”

“Hey!” shouted Peten. “What’s so funny?”

Andy drew one card.

“What’s so funny?” he asked. “I’ll show you…”

Then he placed a card on his Disk.

“I summon Cyber Dragon in Attack Mode…” he stated.

The ground started to rumble…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“What’s this?” gasped the Shadow Queen, getting up. “This is impossible… Andy’s summoning a Monster… that I’ve never even heard of!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

From out of the ground, a [B]huge creature erupted! It was a giant, serpentine beast made of metal. It roared, and coiled around Andy. (2,100/1,600)


“GOOD GRIEF!” shouted Francesca. “Andy, where did you get that?”

“From Marty,” answered Andy. “That secret stash of cards he had… It had everything…”

“Never mind where he got it!” shouted Peten. “How the heck did you summon a Monster that powerful when you had no Monsters on your side?”

“I was able to summon it because I had no Monsters on my side,” replied Andy. “Cyber Dragon’s special ability lets me Special Summon it directly to the field if my opponent has at least one Monster on his side and I have none.”

“Yeah?” said Peten, with a sinister chuckle. “Well a fat lot of good it will do you, because…”

“Cyber Dragon…” ordered Andy, “attack The Hunter With 7 Weapons with strident blast!”

Cyber Dragon roared! It blasted a wave of flame from its mouth, enveloping The Hunter!

Not even ashes were left.

Peten’s Life Points fell to 6,100.

“WHAT?” shouted Peten. “HOW? Your Dragon…”

“The name ‘Cyber Dragon’ is a misnomer, Peten,” answered Andy. “This Monster is a Machine, so he didn’t care about your Field Card, your Hunter’s effect, or that Equip Card.”

Peten shivered.

“Your move…” dared Andy.

Peten drew.

“I p-play… Pot of Greed…” he stated.

He played the card, and it handed him two cards.

He grinned a sinister grin.

“I’ll still beat you Andy!” he cackled. “I summon Crass Clown in Attack Mode!”

He placed the card down, and the ugly, fiendish clown appeared, balancing on his ball.


“And let’s not forget my Deckmaster ability!” he laughed.

(1,350/1,400) –> (1,850/1,900)

“Humph,” scoffed Andy. “Even with that bonus, your Fiend is no more than a clown to my Cyber Dragon.”

“Well then,” chuckled Peten, “I’ll just have to make him stronger, with the Magic Card, Psycho Circus!”

He played a card, and a Magic Card with the image of several clown Monsters doing tricks around a sinister-looking carnival under a stormy sky appeared.

“This Continuous Magic Card increases the Attack Score of any clowns that we both summon by 500!” laughed Peten. “Pity you likely don’t have any in your deck!”

Crass Clown’s Attack went up to 2,350.

“Crass Clown…” shouted Peten, “attack Cyber Dragon with acrobatic daggers attack!”

Crass Clown let out a bone-chilling laugh… He did a handstand on his ball, and then threw three daggers at Cyber Dragon! The great beast exploded!

Andy’s Life Points fell to 4,150.

“Poor Andy…” muttered Francesca. “A great Monster like that done in by a… clown…”

“I dunno, Fran,” answered Stan. “Andy doesn’t seem worried at all…”

“Is that your move?” asked Andy.

Peten chuckled manically, and nodded.

“Yeah, just keep laughing…” snarled Andy, drawing. “Laugh until the guys in the white coats come to take you out of here in a rubber truck!”

He looked at the card.

I’ll save this, he thought.

“Well, Peten, since I have no Monsters on my side again, I’ll just summon another Cyber Dragon!”

He placed a card down, and the ground shook again. Another Cyber Dragon erupted out of the ground!

“You have two in your deck?” exclaimed Francesca.

“No… three,” stated Andy. “These guys have a lot of surprises.

“Next I’ll play Monster Reborn! Guess who’s back?”

He played the Magic Card, and in a flash of light, the first Cyber Dragon reappeared.

“I’m not impressed!” snarled Peten.

“But wait,” answered Andy, “there’s more! Or actually, less, depending on how you look at it.”

He took a card from his hand and showed it to Peten…


“I mean, any first grade math teacher will tell you that two is greater than one, but that isn’t always the case…”

He played the card, and the two Machines swirled into a vortex of light…

“Especially when the one in question is… Cyber-Twin Dragon!”

An enormous form appeared. It was a bigger, meaner, two-headed version of Cyber Dragon, with even an even nastier-looking visage on its two faces. (2,800/2,100)


“Just when I thought he’s done everything he can to surprise me, he proves me wrong,” muttered Francesca.

“Your move…” said Andy with a glare.

“I uh…” stammered Peten. “I move Crass Clown to Defense Mode…”

Crass Clown shielded himself.

“And I’ll place a card facedown…”

He set a card, and it appeared behind Crass Clown.

“That all?” asked Andy, drawing. “Well it won’t help! Notice that Cyber-Twin Dragon has two heads! That means he can attack twice in one round!

“But first, I’ll wipe out your facedown with Mystical Space Typhoon!”

He played the card, and Peten’s Sakuretsu Armor shattered.

“Uh oh…” muttered Peten.

“Uh oh is right,” chuckled Andy. “Cyber-Twin Dragon, destroy his Crass Clown!”

The Dragon’s right head breathed flame, eradicating Crass Clown.

“Now attack directly!”

The left head shot forth its fire, and Peten screamed!

The Duel Monster’s Life Points tumbled to 2,500.

“Had enough yet?” asked Andy.

“NO!” snarled Peten.

He drew a card.

He grinned at Andy again.

“I’ll match you card-for-card, and fusion-for-fusion!” he shouted.

He fit the card into a slot.

“I’ll play Silent Doom!” he laughed. “This lets me summon a Monster from my Graveyard and place it in Defense Mode, so long as I don’t attack with it!”

Crass Clown appeared, crouching in Defense.

“Next I’ll summon… Dream Clown!”

He placed the card down, and the silly-looking Warrior-clown appeared. (1,200/900) –> (2,200/1,400)

“And now I’ll play… you guessed it… Polymerization!”


The two clowns swirled into a multicolored portal of light…

“You remember my fabulous Fiend with the funny name, don’t you?” laughed Peten. “Bickuribox!”

The large box appeared on Peten’s side of the field, and the crazy fiend-in-a-box popped out, cackling.


“And by the way, in case you were wondering, it also benefits from my Deckmaster ability AND my Psycho Circus card!”

(2,300/2,000) –> (3,300/2,500)

“Now I can destroy your Dragon…” he warned.

“You’ll have to wait one turn…” muttered Andy.

He drew a card, and added it to his hand.

“I’ll place a card facedown, and that will be all,” he said.

The facedown card appeared.

His eyes shot daggers at Peten.

“You don’t fool me, Andy!” shouted Peten. “That card is nothing more than a bluff!”

He drew.

“Bickuribox, attack!”

Bickuribox cackled! It pulled a large scythe out of its mouth and sprang forward…

“Activate… De-Fusion!” shouted Andy.

His Quickplay Magic Card lifted, and Bickuribox was stopped dead in its tracks. It melted into a dark glob, and then split, forming into Crass Clown (1,350/1,400) –> (2,350/1,900) and Dream Clown (1,200/900) –> (2,200/1,900)

“Where did you get that?” shouted Peten.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” answered Andy.

Peten growled…

“I’ll place a card facedown and end my turn…” he muttered, placing his last card into a slot.

The card appeared.

“It’s your move!” he shouted.

Andy drew.

“Cyber Twin Dragon, cream his clowns with double strident blast!”

Cyber Twin Dragon shot forth two bursts of flame, and the two clowns were incinerated.

Peten’s Life Points were now at 1,450.

“Anything left in your bag of tricks, Peten?” asked Andy.

“I might,” sneered Peten. “Since you attacked when I had no cards in my hand, I was able to activate this Trap!”

His Trap Card lifted.

“Card of Last Will! Now I can draw five cards!”

He made five draws.

“Well, make your move then,” stated Andy. “We’ll see if you have a good one.”

Peten drew a sixth card.

He glared at Andy.

“Okay, Andy…” he growled. “This isn’t fun anymore… You’ve forced me to resort to my emergency plan…”

His cards floated out of his hand, positioning themselves above his head. Then his Disk vanished!

“First I’ll summon Saggi the Dark Clown in Attack Mode…” he growled.

One of his cards faded away, and the creepy-looking Saggi appeared. (600/1,200) –> (1,600/1,700)

What’s he up to? thought Andy.

“And now…” snarled Peten, “I’ll summon my favorite Monster to the field… me!”

Peten floated forward, until he was side by side with Saggi. (500/1,200) –> (1,500/1,700)

“Uh, you can do that?” asked Andy.

“You’re allowed to summon a Deckmaster to the field, Andy,” answered Peten. “The End of Anubis, The Unfriendly Amazon, and I are no exceptions.”

“Yeah, well that was a dumb move,” said Andy. “Even with your Deckmaster ability, you only have 1,500 Attack Points – one shot, and you lose this duel!”

“I don’t think so…” chuckled Peten.

Another of his cards faded, and it appeared on the field.

“Polymerization!” he shouted.

Peten and Saggi formed into blurs, and a flash of light covered the area…


[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Well, Peten’s made a risky move…” sighed the Queen. “But then again, he’d have lost anyway if he hadn’t…”


Dark Sage
13th November 2005, 02:25 PM
Continued from last post:

Andy was now facing a clown that was ten feet tall, and almost as wide as he was tall.

The immensely fat clown was dressed in an orange suit, large pointy shoes on legs that seemed too small, had arms that also seemed too small, had a frilled collar, and a tall, pointy hat. His face has rosy painted cheeks and a silly smile.

Despite this comedic appearance, the creature exuded a definite aura of menace. (2,000/1,700)

“As you can see,” said a voice that was deeper than Peten’s original voice. “I have fused with Saggi to form a new Spellcaster called Clown-A-Round. This new form has 2,000 Attack Points…

“My Deckmaster ability still applies, giving me 500 more…

“And finally, my Psycho Circus card gives me 500 additional!”


“Not bad…” sighed Andy.

“And my turn is just starting…” continued Peten.

Another of his cards revealed itself.

“I play Quick Attack. Now I can personally demolish your Dragon!”

A large ball with stripes and stars appeared in his hand.

“Bouncing ball barrage!” he shouted.

The ball flew forward, and bounced around in a chaotic mess! Cyber Twin Dragon exploded!

Andy shielded himself as his Life Points fell to 3,950.

“Finally, I’ll place a card facedown, and that will be all,” he said, and a card appeared behind him on the floor. “Just try to stop me…”

He chuckled a chuckle that was clearly inhuman.

Andy drew.

“Fusing yourself with Saggi has clearly driven you insane, Peten,” remarked Andy. “Not that you were entirely lucid to begin with!”

He placed a card on his Disk.

“I’ll summon Masked Dragon in Defense Mode,” he stated.

The masked, fiery Dragon appeared, crouching in Defense. (1,400/1,100)

“Andy is clutching at straws…” muttered Stan.

“There’s got to be something he can do…” sighed Francesca.

Please baby, do something… she thought.

“My draw…” said Peten.

A new card appeared.

“I play Pot of Avarice,” he said, as the wacky jar that Andy had seen Gerald used appeared. “This lets me…”

“I know!” interrupted Andy. “It lets you put five Monsters from your Graveyard to your deck, reshuffle, and then draw two cards!”

Five cards appeared, and then vanished. Then two cards appeared, joining the two Peten already had.

“Next I’ll summon Mystic Clown yet again,” continued the Monster.

Mystic Clown reappeared. (1,500/1,000) –> (2,500/1,500)

“Too bad he can’t stay,” stated Peten. “Because I’ll activate my facedown card… Altar For Tribute!”

His Trap Card lifted, showing the image of an evil-looking altar.

“Now I can sacrifice Mystic Clown, and gain Life Points equal to its original Attack Score,” he stated.

Mystic Clown melted into light, and Peten’s Life Points went up to 2,950.

“Next, I’ll play the Magic Card Dark Designator,” he said, as another card appeared. “Now I can name any Monster I can think of, and if you have it in your deck, you must add it to your hand.”

Andy drew back in surprise.

“Now let’s see,” chuckled Peten. “I name Red Eyes Darkness Dragon!”

“What?” said Andy.

He went to his deck and leafed through it, taking the card out.

“Why did you do that?” he asked.

“So I could do this,” continued Peten. “I now activate Confiscation!”

Another Magic Card revealed itself.

“This may cost me 1,000 of the Life Points I just gained…”

His Life Points went down to 1,950.

“…but now I get to see the cards in your hand, and force you to discard one!”

The images of Andy’s four cards appeared before Peten.

“Heh, heh,” he chuckled. “Naturally, I choose to banish Red Eyes Darkness Dragon!”

“NO!” shouted Francesca. “That was Andy’s strongest Monster!”

“And now that that’s done,” chuckled Peten, “did you think you were safe putting that Masked Dragon in Defense Mode? Well you aren’t! As Clown-A-Round, when I attack, I get to choose the battle position of the Monster I’m attacking, and I choose Attack Mode!”

The huge ball appeared in his hand, and Masked Dragon rose into Attack Mode!

“Bouncing ball barrage!” shouted Peten.

He hurled the ball, and Masked Dragon was blown apart!

Andy’s Life Points fell to 2,350.

Andy snarled as he took a card from his deck…

He placed it on his Disk, and a second Masked Dragon appeared in Defense Mode.

“Finally…” chuckled Peten, “I’ll place this card facedown…”

His last card vanished, and appeared on the field.

“Make your move…”

Andy drew a card.

A Trap Card… he thought.

He fit it into a slot.

“I’ll place a card facedown…” he stated.

The facedown card appeared.

“Now I’ll pay 1,000 Life Points to activate my Deckmaster’s ability one last time!”

His Life Points fell to 1,350, and Luster Dragon #2 appeared on the field once again! (2,400/1,400)

“And now I’ll play this Magic Card…” he shouted. “Scorching Ruin!”

He threw a card into a slot.

“Not so fast Andy!” laughed Peten.

His Trap Card lifted.

“I activate Spell Shield Type-8!” he cackled. “That means your Magic Card fizzles!”

The Quickplay burst!

“No…” moaned Francesca. “That was his only chance…”

“Didn’t you know that I saw your hand?” chuckled Peten. “I knew you had Scorching Ruin in it. Luckily, I had a Trap to counter it!

“There’s nothing more you can do! Just end your turn!”

Andy hung his head…

Peten chuckled, and another card appeared.

“This duel is over…” he laughed.

The ball appeared in his hand, and Masked Dragon shifted into Attack Mode…

Peten hurled it, and Masked Dragon was blown to pieces!

“NOOOO!” screamed Francesca.

She fell to her knees.

“He lost…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“YES!” shouted the Shadow Queen, getting up.

“After nineteen failures, it seemed a good round number like twenty was the key!”

“Uhm, your majesty…” muttered Grodus.

“I knew it was only a matter of time…” cackled the Shadow Queen.

“Your majesty…” sighed Grodus.

“Grodus!” shouted the Queen. “Can’t you see I’m happy?”

“Uhm, sire…” he said. “I think you should slowly turn your head and look back at the orb…”

The Queen looked.

“What the?” she said, surprised.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The smoke started to clear…

“Hmmm…” murmured Peten.

Andy was still there, as was his Luster Dragon #2 in the front, and Luster Dragon #1 behind…

His Life Point counter still stood at 1,350.

“WHAT?” shouted the merged clown.

“It was a close one, Peten, I’ll give you that,” said Andy. “But see, I knew you knew I had Scorching Ruin. I also knew that you could shift Masked Dragon to Attack Mode, and that you had a facedown card.

“Did you honestly believe I would have risked spending 1,000 Life Points without a little protection?”

He pointed to the activated Trap Card beside him.

“By destroying Masked Dragon, you activated this,” he explained. “It’s a Continuous Trap called Spirit Barrier. So long as it’s active, I can’t take damage from a battle so long as I have a Monster on my side of the field, and as you can see, Luster Dragon #2 is standing strong!”

Peten growled. Francesca gasped a sigh of relief.

“And due to Masked Dragon’s effect, here comes my third one!” shouted Andy.

He threw down a card, and the third Dragon appeared. (1,400/1,100)

“Fine,” chuckled Peten. “Then my turn is over… But what now Andy? You haven’t got a card in your deck that can defeat me now!”

Andy looked at his hand. The only cards he had were Premature Burial and Mirage Dragon.

Even if I brought back Cyber Twin Dragon, he wouldn’t be enough to defeat Clown-A-Round… he thought.

But he isn’t completely right… There are still a couple of tricks I could use… It all depends on what my next draw is…

Come on, baby needs a new pair of shoes…

He drew a card…

He placed the card in a slot.

“I’ll place this card facedown…” he said softly.

He fit Premature Burial into another slot. His Life Points fell to 550.

“And now I’ll use this to bring back another Masked Dragon!”

Another Masked Dragon appeared. (1,400/1,100)

“It’s your move…” he growled.

Another card appeared.

“Well, now it truly ends, Andy!” laughed Peten. “I just drew Mystical Space Typhoon!”

“Too bad you won’t get a chance to use it!” shouted Andy. “I activate… Supernova!”

His Trap Card lifted… The ceiling glowed with intense light…

“What?” muttered Peten. “What’s happening?”

“Because I now have two Monsters with the same Type, Attribute, and star level on the field, I can now spend all my Life Points but one…” started Andy.

His Life Point counter fell to 1.

“And now I can destroy two opposing Monsters! But I only need to destroy one!”

The creature in front of him gasped in fear…

“Supernova…” shouted Andy, “wipe out Clown-A-Round!”

A burning beam fell from the ceiling, and Peten screamed!

“Curse… you… Andy…” he gasped.

And then he shattered into shards.

Andy fell to his knees.

His Monsters and Deckmaster vanished.

“ANDY!” shouted Francesca, running up to him. “Are you okay? Say something!”

“Something…” he muttered.

He gasped.

“Just… give me a minute.”

“Look…” said Stan.

The three doors on the wall vanished…

And then a huge, double-door appeared.

It slowly creaked open.

“That door is our means of exploring further,” stated Stan. “But we have to be careful… That was our closest shave yet…

“And people, I think that it’s going to get even harder from here on out…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Unfriendly Amazon opened her eyes…

She was sitting on a chair in the center of a large cavern.

To her right was a chair holding The End of Anubis… To her left was another one holding Peten the Dark Clown (in his original body – possibly someone had used another De-Fusion).

She noticed that the three chairs were surrounded by a glowing circle, in a thirty-foot radius.

“End!” she shouted nudging him. “Wake up!”

The Fiend slowly came to.

“How’d we get here?” she asked.

“I think Peten had something to do with it,” snarled the Fiend.

“Don’t blame me!” accused Peten, lifting his head. “I did better than the two of you did! You should have used Ground Collapse on Francesca you moron!”

The Unfriendly Amazon gave a sulk.

“I had three of them, Peten,” she mused. “Just because I have cards in my deck doesn’t mean I’m lucky enough to draw them, Mr. I’ve Got Three Polymerizations…”

“Well, well,” said a voice from the shadows. “Tweedledum, Tweedledumber, and Tweedledumbest…”

The Shadow Queen walked into view.

The three Monsters gulped.

“Your majesty, please, we tried…” begged the Amazon. “You can’t send us back…”

“Oh, I could throw you three jerks in the Graveyard again,” sighed the Queen, “but that wouldn’t be any fun. You three are going to stay right here… And to make sure you do, we’re going to play a little game…”

“A game?” asked End.

“Yeah,” she answered. “I’m not going to tie you down or even lock the door to this chamber… Heck, there isn’t even a door to lock… But I have another way of keeping you in those chairs…”

The Queen took three Magic Cards out of her dress and showed them to them.

Last Day of the Witch, Warrior Elimination, and Exile of the Wicked.

“NO!” shouted Peten.

“Have mercy!” pleaded the Amazon.

“I take it you know that if these cards were activated, it would mean your doom,” muttered the Queen, gesturing over them.

The cards melted into a ball of light… Then the light split into three orbs…

And each orb shot into their chests!

“Here’s the deal…” explained the Shadow Queen. “I placed one card inside each your beating hearts. I won’t tell you who has what, except that each of you is carrying one that will doom one of the other two should it be activated. Only I can remove them.

“See the circle surrounding you? Stay in the circle! If you aren’t in the circle, the card inside you activates.”

They all gulped.

“Simple enough?” she asked. “And don’t one of you try to kill the other two, because if that happens, the one who dies is no longer in the circle!

“Of course, that means if one of you leaves the circle and one of you bites the dust, another one of you bites the dust, and then the third one bites the dust!

“Who needs a prison cell when your prisoners won’t want to leave?

“Maybe after a few months, I’ll decide to forgive you for screwing up… Maybe, that is…”

She waved her hand, and a globe of light started to form.

“But I’m not heartless. For now, to keep yourselves occupied, this will let you watch Stan, Andy, and Francesca’s progress… if that amuses you.”

She turned and vanished into the shadows, leaving them alone.

The End of Anubis hung his head…

“This is your fault, dog-face…” mumbled the Amazon.

“Oh shut up, bimbo!” he replied.

The Queen chuckled.

This was much better than throwing them in the Graveyard…

So much for them, she thought. But that last duel was a great one… Maybe after Andy is defeated, I’ll use his cards… A Cyber-Twin Dragon would make an excellent steed once I get out of this place…

SILENT DOOM (Magic Card)

Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a hand with a glowing orb in the palm. Select one monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it to the field in face-up Defense Mode. The selected monster cannot attack for as long as it remains face-up on the field.

Note: “Silent Doom” is a Japanese card that has not yet been released in the United States. It was used many times in the anime, originally by Kaiba in “A Duel With Destiny”.


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Continuous
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Crass Clown, Dream Clown, Saggi the Dark Clown, and Peten the Dark Clown performing in front of a sinister-looking circus tent under a stormy sky. When this card is on the field, all face-up Monsters on the field with the word “Clown” in their names, or who are named “Bickuribox”, gain a 500-point bonus to their ATK.

CLOWN-A-ROUND (Monster Card)

Card Specs

Type: Spellcaster/Fusion/Effect
Attribute: Dark
Level: 6
ATK: 2,000
DEF: 1,700

Card Description: Peten the Dark Clown + Saggi the Dark Clown

The most powerful clown Monster in existence, he might rule over the others if he weren’t insane. When you attack an opposing Monster with this Monster, you can change the Battle Position of the target.

”Luster Dragon #1”: Dragon/Wind, (1,900/1,700)

Deckmaster SA: Once per round, during your Standby Phase, you can Special Summon one “Luster Dragon #2” from your hand, deck, or Graveyard. The first time you use this ability, there is no cost. The second time, pay 500 Life Points. With each consecutive time, increase the Life Point payment by 500.

”Peten the Dark Clown”: Spellcaster/Dark, (500/1,200)

Deckmaster SA: Every Monster you summon that has the word “Clown” in its name, or who is named “Bickuribox”, gains a 500-point bonus to its ATK and DEF.

[B][I]The heroes have passed into the second level of the Palace of Shadow… You know the old saying, “Out of the frying pan, into the fire”?

But coming up next, one of the winners of our contest falls deep into the fire! One of the two user characters who made it to the finals delves into an infernal pit, where a fiendish force challenges him! It’s a diabolic chapter called “Luck of the Roll”, coming soon…

Perfect Chaos
13th November 2005, 03:30 PM
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Yeah, I got my Internet back a few days ago, so I can finally review.

This chapter was really interesting. I think I liked Peten best (after End of course) of all the monster cronies that the Shadow Queen used. The duel was actually pretty good, as I thought that Andy was going to just take it all the way at one point, before Peten made a comeback. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that Andy was using the Cyber Dragon combo. I like Cyber Dragons, but I think they're a little overpowered, but that's just me.

I really liked the punishment that the Shadow Queen put for End, Amazon and Peten. When I read through the punishment, I immediately thought of the Saw movies, which I thought was really ingenius of the director to come up with murder scenes like that. That was definitely one of the highlights I found in this chapter.

I look forward to the next chapter and when Grodus finally duels.


13th November 2005, 04:10 PM
Hmm...I'm trying to figure out what type of deck Grodus has. Going by the description of the card given in the chapter, I'm thinking one series of monsters, but the title of the next chapter suggests a different type...then again, you didn't promise that Grodus will be dueling next chapter...

Anways, back to the current chapter; the new clown cards were very intriguing. I also enjoyed Luster Dragon's comment on how dragons tend to eat those they don't respect...a nice chuckle line there. As for the duel, there was one slight incongruency which could very easily be written off as poetic liscense: De-Fusion only brings back the Fusion-Material monsters if they are in YOUR Graveyard. In this case, the monsters would've been in Peten's Graveyard, and thereby off-limits to De-Fusion's effect (Bickribox would still have been sent back to the Fusion Deck, however). As I said, this is a very minor technicality in a story that doesn't follow real-life rules to a T.

Grammar notes: I'm seeing fewer and fewer misuses of quotation marks, so that's good (I don't remember seeing any in this chapter, actually). I do believe you used 'two' instead of 'too' in one instance, so be sure to watch out for that. Nothing else jumps to mind; it's clear you're taking more time to proofread; either that, or you're just becoming a better writer.

I have a pretty solid idea as to one deck-type the next chapter will feature, but I haven't the foggiest notion who the duelists themselves are. I'll see you then!

13th November 2005, 04:43 PM
How friggin stupid of me to forget the Cyber Dragons(Jaden vs. Zane round 1 is even one of my favorite duels in GX!)! ...I knew Water Dragon was a Sea Serpent, BTW. And it is kind of obvious Hydrogeddon and Oxygeddon are Dinosaurs if you look at the pictures and not the names--Oxygeddon looks like a Pterodactyl, while Hydrogeddon sort of looks like an Ankylosaur.:) Great duel...good thing for Peten Andy didn't bring out the big bad Trampler, though losing by Supernova is likely just as painful.;)

And judging by the new card set that has just come out, I have a good feeling what the theme of Grodus' deck is. I have been wrong before, so take what I said with a grain of salt.:p

Shuppet Master
13th November 2005, 04:50 PM
Grodus isn't dueling next chapter. Didn't you hear Brian? It's one of the user characters! Anyways, I really enjoyed the chapter and all those cards Peten used. They seem to have a cross between a fun Clown deck and an anti-dragon deck. And the fate of the Duel Monsters is just evil. :)

I really was worried about Andy using Supernova again. I'm sure Paradox is going to chew you out for using it again, Brian. I have a feeling that sooner or later, Andy is going to lose a duel because of that card!

Can't wait for the next chapter.

EDIT: To Pokemasterkatie, if you're guessing the D.W. guys, yep, it's them. I can't wait to see how those guys work!

Also, I liked the Cyber Dragon family too. I was stunned when Andy pulled out that card! But then, when you have an opponent who has a powerful warrior with 2700 attack and able to kill any dragon in one hit, you need a non-dragon and Warrior Dai Grepher would have tied in attack.

Dark Sage
14th November 2005, 06:02 AM
To Perfect Chaos: I never even heard of the Saw movies. But I will tell you that I planned this out from the very beginning, by having a Spellcaster, Warrior, and Fiend as the the assassins. And take note, this is not necessary the last we'll see of these three, although they won't be dueling again.

To Starjake: Actually, I was going by anime rules. Yugi used De-Fusion to split up his opponents' Fusion Monsters several times - the first time was in the Battle City episode with Strings when he used it to split Humanoid Worm Drake into Worm Drake and Humanoid Slime.

Anyway, you may have an idea what the next opponent's deck type will be, but I guaruntee, you are wrong! The next duelist uses a very special deck. But if you're thinking what I think you're thinking... well, just wait and you'll see.

To everyone: I'm not at liberty to discuss Grodus's strategy. But the duel with him and whoever he duels with will be epic.

And by the way, Andy will use both Cyber Twin Dragon and Cyber End Dragon, but he does NOT have Power Bond. Since those three cards are his only Machines, that card would be uneccessary.

Master of Paradox
14th November 2005, 07:28 AM
I'm trying to find the right words for this...

First of all, I did like Peten in his first appearance. I liked him here, as well. I guess I just like dueling clowns.

As for this duel... I don't know. It felt like pretty much the same duel as before, but with Cyber Dragons and a really silly clown fusion. Psycho Circus was fun to see, but clown decks are starting to play themselves out.

Nasty little torture for Peten and friends, though. I have a soft spot for well-planned punishments.

I have no comments for next chapter, other than to say you pretty much tipped your hand on the opponent's deck theme.

P.S. - That wasn't the first Saggi/Peten fusion I've ever seen. The first was in a story by WolfGeneral on Fanfiction.net, and it was far less silly than Clown-A-Round (dumb name, that).

14th November 2005, 03:34 PM
What can I say? I like Peten. I couldn't help but laugh when the other clowns were wailing on him the last time we saw him.

Hmm, Peten's deck hasn't changed much since we last saw him though. In my opinion, Amazon's deck was the only one that changed.

Well, I really didn't see the cyber dragons coming, mainly because they're not dragons.

Man, I'm really starting to dislike that supernova card. It seemed like a cheap way to win a duel dont you think?

On with the next chapter!

Dark Sage
18th November 2005, 07:37 AM
Hello everyone...

The next chapter is a special chapter, because it stars a user character! I worked hard on this, and I hope you all will like it, especially him!

So read on.

- DS

Dark Sage
18th November 2005, 07:40 AM
[B][I]My name is Kyle Stevens…

All my life, I’ve been fascinated by past civilizations… The Aztecs, the Incas, the Babylonians… I loved archaeology so much that I’ve created a Duel Monsters deck with an ancient theme.

When I heard that the goal of this tournament was to get into a place called the Thousand Year Door, I strived to get there. Certainly, with a name like that, the place past the doors would be full of marvels of the past!

Now that I’m here, I didn’t expect this…

I’m facing a creature that gives even other Duel Monsters nightmares…

And it seems that in this duel, skill has little to do with it. My chances for survival depend on whose luck is greater…

…mine, or hers…


Luck of the Roll

In a dark part of the Palace of Shadow, Kyle Stevens looked around.

He was surrounded by eerie sarcophagi, each one bearing the images of frightful demons.

They truly puzzled him. He knew all about cultures and civilizations… But the hieroglyphics on these stone caskets did not match any ancient or modern culture that he knew of…

He knew one thing for certain about this tomb…

…it was scary.

The light was incredibly dim. He was wondering why he had never bothered to bring a flashlight.

He got an idea. He reached into his pocket and took something out.

It was his Crystal Star. The Agate Star, that was what it had been called. It glowed with an red light, illuminating the tomb.

He sighed. This key into the Door had not been easily won. After he had won his seventh card, an Interdimensional Matter Transporter had taken him to the chilly Fahr Outpost. There he was challenged by a man named General White, who Kyle estimated to be between seventy and three-hundred years old. Kyle didn’t think the old military man was serious, but White told him he’d never get to the Thousand Year Door unless he defeated him. Kyle shrugged and agreed, never believing that the old codger could be a serious threat…

How wrong he was…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Kyle was in serious trouble, despite the fact that he was ahead 3,400 Life Points to 2,800. He also had two Monsters crouching in Defense Mode: Grave Ohja (1,600/1,500) and Ancient Gear Soldier (1,300/1,300). White had only one Monster out, but the one in question was a big one: the powerful VW Tiger Catapult (2,000/1,500).

Kyle had learned early on that White had a thing for Monsters with a military theme.

White chuckled.

“Ready to give up, Junior?” he asked. “A young Turk like you can’t beat an old crow like me… And your antiquated relics are no match for the sheer power of the modern age!”

“Just move, okay?” growled Kyle.

“Fine,” chuckled White, making a draw. “Then I’ll activate my Monster’s special ability! By discarding one card I don’t need…”

He discarded a card.

“…I can shift one of your Monsters to Attack Mode! And just in case you get any ideas about putting a Monster in facedown Defense, I’ll choose your Grave Ohja!”

Grave Ohja stood up into Attack Mode.

“Catapult, scud missile barrage!”

The Machine blasted forth its missiles, and Grave Ohja was blown to dust. Kyle’s Life Points fell to 3,000.

“Well, make your move…” dared White.

Kyle looked at the five cards in hand.

I have something that could take down that thing, but it would end in a draw, he thought.

He drew a card.

Whoa, that changes everything!

“I’m moving Ancient Gear Soldier to Attack Mode!” he exclaimed.

White looked puzzled, as the Soldier stood up and aimed its gun.

“Now I’ll play… Double Spell!” proclaimed Kyle, playing a card. “I’ll discard one other Magic Card…”

He discarded a card.

“…and now I can copy one Magic Card in your Graveyard! And I have my eye on that one you used on your Overdrive!”

White paused.

“Limiter Removal?” he gasped.

“That’s right,” chuckled Kyle.

Ancient Gear Soldier’s Attack shot up to 2,600.

“Ancient Gear Soldier, take out that Catapult!”

The Soldier blasted his Tommy gun, and VW Tiger Catapult exploded!

But White chuckled as his Life Points fell to 2,200…

“Heh, heh,” he chuckled. “Don’t think you’ve won. Since you used Limiter Removal, your Soldier will self-destruct when you end your turn! You’ll be defenseless!”

“No I won’t!” laughed Kyle. “Because now I sacrifice Ancient Gear Soldier, to summon Ancient Gear Beast!”

He switched cards on his Disk, and the Soldier vanished, and was replaced by the large, mechanical wolf. (2,000/2,000)

“Clever…” muttered White, as he drew. “But I still have a few tricks up my sleeve…”

He fit a card into his Disk.

“I play Premature Burial!” he declared, as his Life Points fell to 1,400. “And I’ll use it to revive Double Coston!”

Two black blobs with eyes, connected by an energy cord appeared. (1,700/1,650)

“In case you’re wondering how that got in my Graveyard,” he stated, “I discarded it to use my Catapult’s special ability! And when I sacrifice this Monster to summon a Dark Monster, it counts as two sacrifices!

“So I’ll sacrifice it to summon… Barrel Dragon!”

Double Coston vanished, and a horrible Machine rose out of the ground. It was a giant energy cannon with three long barrels, and a jaw full of sharp teeth below the center one. (2,600/2,200)

“Here comes the fun part,” chuckled White. “Barrel Dragon’s cannons are going to charge with energy, and if two of them manage to reach maximum output, it can automatically destroy your Beast…”

Barrel Dragon glowed… The energy in the three cannons started to rise…

One of them filled… The second one filled…

Kyle groaned, as he saw that the third one only reached halfway…

The cannons blasted, blowing Ancient Gear Beast apart!

“And you know what the best part is?” laughed White. “I still have its attack to use on you!”

Kyle gulped as three crosshairs appeared and lined up on his chest…

“FIRE!” shouted White.

Kyle screamed as he was blasted by the three cannons.

He fell on his back, and his Life Points tumbled to 400.

“Had enough yet, Junior?” asked White. “I’ll just place a card facedown, and that will be my turn.”

A facedown card appeared.

Kyle groaned, and looked at his hand.

I have three cards that would make a good combo, he thought. But I need a fourth…

As he sat up, he drew a card…

He slowly got up…

“I’ll place two cards facedown on the field…” he stated.

His two cards appeared in front of him.

“And now I’ll play… Heavy Storm!”

He placed another card in a slot, and a fierce wind erupted over the field! First, White’s Bottomless Trap Hole card lifted and shattered. Then the two strange Traps Kyle had set lifted and shattered as well.

“That was the dumbest move I’ve ever seen!” laughed White. “Most duelists wait until after they play Heavy Storm to set their own Traps!”

Then a spooky mist started hanging over the field.

“What the…?” asked White.

Then two frightening shapes appeared in front of Kyle! They were golden serpents with insectile faces, wearing bejeweled headdresses! (1,000/1,000 x2)

“Heh, heh,” chuckled Kyle. “Getting rid of your Trap was just a bonus! Those two cards I put facedown were Traps called Statue of the Wicked… When one is destroyed, even by me, I get to summon an evil idol called a Wicked Token!

“And now I’ll sacrifice my two Wicked Tokens…”

Kyle placed his final card down on his Disk, and the two tokens vanished.

“To summon Ancient Gear Golem!”

The mighty Machine, thirty feet tall with powerful arms and a glaring red eye rose behind Kyle! (3,000/3,000)

“Uh…” gulped White.

“Old he may be,” said Kyle, “but in the days when this guy was built, things were built to last! Ancient Gear Golem, attack Barrel Dragon with mechanized melee!”

The Golem’s gears spun, and it lashed forth with its mighty fist, blowing the Barrel Dragon to bits!

White stared in disbelief as his Life Points fell to 1,000.

“Uh…” he stammered, drawing a card.

His hand shook as he placed it on his Disk.

“I summon Oni Tank T-34 in Defense Mode…”

An army tank with a demonic face on its front appeared. Its guns lowered. (1,400/1,700)

“That won’t work,” chuckled Kyle, drawing a card. “Thanks to Ancient Gear Golem’s trampling effect, when he attacks, not only won’t your tank survive, but neither will your remaining Life Points! Golem, destroy the tank!”

Ancient Gear Golem lashed forward, and punched the tank, blasting it away, and throwing General White on his back. His Life Points were depleted.

Kyle walked up and picked up something he had dropped.

“I’m taking the Agate Star,” he said. “I don’t think you’ll need it anymore…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Kyle grinned as he continued to explore the strange crypt.

He turned.

Was someone watching him? He swore he saw a pair of glowing eyes out of the corner of his sight…

But when he turned to look with a full glance, they were gone.

Then he noticed one of the sarcophagi had writing on it, in Italian.

That was a language he could read.

He read:




Kyle gulped…

He had read Dante’s Divine Comedy a few times…

In the “Inferno” section, that was the verse written on the Gates of Hell!

As he was contemplating this, the sarcophagus slowly creaked open, and a dark passageway was revealed behind it. The smell of brimstone came from below…

“Yeah, right!” said Kyle. “If you think I’m coming down there, you are sadly mistak…”

Then two fiery arms shot up and grabbed him! Kyle screamed as he was pulled into the passage!

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Kyle lifted himself off the floor…

And he shivered in fright.

He was in a chamber flanked by demonic statues. The floor was had the pattern of spines, leading down into a large pool of lava that made up the center.

“Wait… I recognize this place…” he muttered.

He remembered a duel once where his opponent used Archfiend Monsters. The guy had a special Field Magic Card called Pandemonium…

This chamber looked just like Pandemonium!

He stared at the lava pool.

“Don’t like the look of that lava…” he thought.

“It isn’t lava, mortal,” said a sinister female voice.

He looked up in fear, and saw that a throne of skulls was in an alcove on the far wall. Sitting on it was a frightening looking female Fiend wearing a golden dress and a violet cloak. She had scaly skin, fangs, and huge wings. She was sipping… something red out of a wine goblet.


Kyle gulped.

“Infernalqueen… Archfiend…” he stammered.

“Yes…” hissed the creature, getting up. “Don’t bother trying to run, only I know the way out of here…”

She drifted over, strangely hovering over the ground rather than walking.

“And as for what that pool is, it would take too long to explain completely, but it’s a magical device that can separate a mortal’s soul from his body – it makes it easier for me to consume them.

“And you’re going to be taking a dip shortly…”

As Kyle drew back in fear, Infernalqueen chuckled.

“And this will be a treat,” she mused. “I do like them young and healthy…”

“WAIT!” shouted Kyle. “You can’t just… do that! I thought… I thought demons had to, you know, bargain for souls… Or win them somehow…”

“True,” chuckled Infernalqueen. “And if you want to get out of this chamber with your skin intact, you’ll accept my bargain…”

She raised her left arm, and flames enshrouded it…

A fiery Duel Disk appeared on her arm.

“I’m not only a Duel Monster,” explained Infernalqueen, “I’m also a duelist. So we’re going to duel. Once I defeat you, I’ll consume you!”

“Suppose I say no?” asked Kyle.

“Then your soul will escape this chamber, but your body will not!” scowled Infernalqueen, with her eyes glowing red.

Kyle sighed…

“If by some miracle you defeat me, you’re free to go,” she stated.

Kyle paused.

Then a light came on in his eyes.

“Can I have a minute to change one card in my deck with one in my side deck?” he asked.

“Of course,” nodded Infernalqueen. “The rules say you can…”

Kyle took out his side deck, and looked through it.

I knew this would come in handy someday, he thought, looking at a card.

He removed one card from his deck, and shuffled the new card into his deck.

“Now then, as soon as you’re ready,” added Infernalqueen, “according to the rules of the Palace of Shadow, you must choose a Monster to serve as a Deckmaster…”

Kyle looked through his deck again.

Hmmm, he thought, looking at a card. This guy is very situational… Maybe he’ll work better as a Deckmaster…

He held the card up.

“My Deckmaster is Avatar of the Pot!” he announced.

The rocky jar-genie appeared behind him with a laugh.


“Hmmm,” mused Infernalqueen. “How unique. I’ll be my own Deckmaster. Now stand by the edge of the pool, so you’ll have no chance to escape your fate once you are defeated…”

Kyle nervously walked to the edge of the lava pit. Infernalqueen drifted to the opposite edge, and the faced each other.

The Disks swung into position, and the Life Point counters set to 8,000 apiece. Kyle drew five cards. Infernalqueen gestured, and five cards flew off of her deck and into her hand.

“It’s time to duel, as you mortals are so fond of saying,” she said. “And the first move will be yours…”

As Kyle made his first draw, he heard a cackling laugh behind him. He turned and looked at Avatar of the Pot.

“Was that you?” he asked.

“Indeedy so,” giggled the Avatar. “And let me tell you about the benefits of greed, Kyle – I know about them, because I’m the embodiment of greed! Greed can be good!

“At any time during the duel, pay 1,000 Life Points, and I’ll let you draw five cards from your deck; but too much greed isn’t good, so I can only do this once.

“But remember, greed can be good, so use it when you need it.

“And good luck… greedy!”

Kyle looked at his six cards.

Well, well… he thought. I already have just what I need to pull a big surprise on gruesome there…

He chose a card.

“I’ll place a Monster in Defense Mode, and end my turn,” he said.

He set the card, and the facedown card appeared, hovering over the lava.

“Now that’s a pathetic move…” snickered Infernalqueen.

She gestured, and a card flew into her hand.

“I’ll summon Gemini Elf in Attack Mode,” she stated.

She placed a card down, and the two twin elves appeared, with their arms around each other, also hovering over the lava. (1,900/900)


“Uh, Gemini Elf?” questioned Kyle.

“Is that a problem?” asked Infernalqueen.

“Well…” stammered Kyle. “I was kinda expecting a Fiend…”

Infernalqueen chuckled.

“Just because I’m a Fiend myself doesn’t mean I use them in my deck, mortal,” she laughed. “Maybe my strategy is something you have yet to grasp…

“Gemini Elf, attack his facedown Monster with dual magic!”

The twins shot forth bolts of lightning… a huge rodent appeared on the card, and was blown away.


“Thank you!” chuckled Kyle. “Since you just destroyed my Giant Rat, I now get to pull one Earth Monster with 1,500 Attack Points or less from my deck and Special Summon it!”

He took a card from his deck.

“And the Monster I choose is… Mine Golem!”

He placed the card down, and a statue of stone appeared. It was shaped like a blocky soldier, with strange protrusions on its back. (1,000/1,900)


Infernalqueen didn’t respond.

“My move!” exclaimed Kyle, drawing.

He looked at the card.

It’s the card I added from my side deck! he thought.

He looked at the seedy-looking figure on the card.

Could come in handy…

“First I’ll shift Mine Golem to Defense Mode,” he said, turning his card.

Mine Golem crouched in Defense.

“Then I’ll place one card facedown,” he said, setting a card.

A facedown card appeared.

“Finally, another Monster in Defense…”

He set another card, and a facedown Monster appeared next to Mine Golem.

Infernalqueen willed another card into her hand.

“I summon Vorse Raider in Attack Mode…” she stated.

She placed the card down, and the wicked Beast-Warrior appeared, holding his axe aloft. (1,900/1,200)

“Vorse Raider, attack his facedown Monster!” she shouted.

Vorse Raider hurled his axe…

A three-eyed, toothy-mouthed Fiend appeared, and was blown into pixels.

“Sangan?” asked Infernalqueen.

“Yup,” chuckled Kyle. “Thanks again!”

He took another card from his deck and added it to his hand.

“My move again,” he stated. “And I’ll summon the Monster I just searched for in Defense Mode… another Mine Golem!”

He placed the card, and a twin of the first Mine Golem appeared, crouching in Defense. (1,000/1,900)

“To think I was scared of you!” laughed Kyle. “This is just another duel, and you’re not much of a duelist. You’ll never get my soul!”

Infernalqueen erupted in flames!

Kyle gulped…

Maybe that wasn’t the brightest idea… he thought.

“I’ll teach you to insult the ruler of Pandemonium!” she shouted as she drew a card. “First I’ll summon Mad Dog of Darkness in Attack Mode!”

She placed a card down, and the vicious, rabid Beast appeared. (1,900/1,400)


“Now I’m using my Deckmaster ability!” she stated. “By paying only 500 Life Points…”

Her Life Points fell to 7,500.

“…I can search my deck for any Magic or Trap Card whose effect involves one or more dice…”

A flame appeared in her hand, and a card appeared in the flame.

“And I’m going to use it right now…” she said, showing it to him.

It was Graceful Dice.


Dark Sage
18th November 2005, 07:42 AM
Continued from last post:

“You obviously see the situation, mortal,” she gloated. “All three of my Monsters have Attack Scores that are equal to your Monsters’ Defense Scores. So even if this die rolls as low as a one, two of my creatures will destroy your Golems, and the third will be free to strike at your Life Points!”

Kyle stared her in the face.

“Activate Graceful Dice!” she shouted, fitting the card into a slot.

The card revealed itself, and the teddy bear popped out, holding its die…

“Hold it right there!” shouted Kyle. “I activate… Legendary Gambler!”

His Trap Card lifted, and a tall figure appeared beside him…

It was a man with a snide look and a short goatee, wearing a fedora and an overcoat. He held a die of his own in his hand.

“What?” asked the startled Infernalqueen.

Kyle chuckled.

“I figured a Monster like you intended to use dice in her deck,” he answered. “So I put this Continuous Trap Card in there before we started. Here’s how it works… Anytime you activate an effect that involves rolling one die, my good friend Legendary Gambler is going to roll one of his own. If his roll is higher than your roll, the effect of your card is negated!”

Infernalqueen’s eyes glowed red…

“Graceful Dice, roll!” she shouted.

The teddy bear rolled its die… It skipped and bounced over the lava pool.

It landed on the three.

Legendary Gambler threw his die! It rolled and landed next to the Graceful Dice…


The Graceful Dice was blasted to pieces.

“Seems my Golems and my Life Points are safe,” chuckled Kyle.

Legendary Gambler gestured, and the die reformed in his hand.

“And about that crack about you being the ruler of Pandemonium?” he continued. “Don’t make me laugh… You may be the Queen of the Archfiends, but we all know that you’ll always be second-best next to Terrorking. He’s the greatest Archfiend… You’re nothing but a booster.”

Infernalqueen’s eyes glowed again.

“After I devour you, I’ll be sure to pass on that compliment to him,” she scowled. “Now make your move.”

Kyle made a draw.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and then summon my third Mine Golem in Defense Mode,” he stated.

He placed two cards. A facedown card appeared, followed by yet another Mine Golem. (1,000/1,900)

Infernalqueen glared at him.

She added another card to her hand.

I could search for another Graceful Dice, she thought, but with his Gambler, it could be a waste…

“I choose to end my turn without making any move…” she stated.

“Good,” chuckled Kyle. “Then I’ll activate my facedown card...”

His facedown card lifted.

“Minefield Eruption! Say goodbye to my Mine Golems, and a lot of your Life Points!”

The Mine Golems started to glow…

Then they burst in a fierce explosion! Infernalqueen’s three Monsters and Infernalqueen herself were thrown to the ground!

“Get off of me you idiots!” she shouted to her Monsters.

As they got up and resumed their places, she saw her Life Points fall to 4,500.

“What happened?” she demanded.

“Minefield Eruption is a Trap that destroys all my Mine Golems on the field, and deals 1,000 Points of damage to my opponent for each!” chuckled Kyle.

He took another card from his hand.

“Next I’ll play Soul Release,” he continued, “which I’ll use to remove my three Mine Golems from play.”

He played the card, and the three cards came out of his discard slot. He transferred them to his removal slot.

“Finally, I’ll summon Lost Guardian in Defense Mode.”

He placed a card down, and another stone statue appeared. It was a bulky, blocky creature carved in a way to make it look like it was wearing armor. It carried a stone sword. It crouched in Defense.


“Lost Guardian’s Defense Score is 700 times the number of my Rock Monsters that have been removed from play,” stated Kyle. “I just removed three so, well, you do the math.”


[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Shadow Queen frowned as she leaned on her hand and watched the duel.

“Looks like Infernalqueen isn’t doing so well,” muttered Grodus, who was behind her.

“I don’t like the Archfiends much,” answered the Queen. “They live for chance, luck, and randomness. The only rule they follow is the one that says whoever is stronger is better. Frankly, they’re more chaotic then I am...”

She pulled a set of cards out of her dress. Several of them were Archfiend cards.

“But they do have their uses,” she added, putting them back.

“Anyway, I needed to truly test Kyle, and push him to his limit. Out of all my victims, he’s one of two that I have the most hopes for.

“Francesca may have beaten him once, but if Kyle wins this duel, she won’t stand a chance in a rematch…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Coward,” scowled Infernalqueen. “Hiding behind defenses and striking with Traps…”

“Well, maybe next turn I’ll draw a Monster that has a decent Attack Score!” said Kyle with a shrug. “Not all of us are packing decks loaded with four-star wonders who have great Attack Scores. Until then, I’ll end my turn.”

“Fine,” scowled the Archfiend, drawing a card. “I will place two cards facedown on the field…”

She set two cards and they appeared.

“Next I will play Emergency Provisions,” she stated. “By disposing of these two unnecessary Magic Cards, I’ll gain back most of the Life Point damage you inflicted on me…”

A huge mouth swallowed the two cards, and her Life Points went up to 6,500.

“Now make your move, mortal…” she stated.

Kyle drew.

“Sweet!” he exclaimed.

He switched cards on his Disk.

“I sacrifice Lost Guardian for Ancient Gear Beast!”

The statue vanished, and the huge, mechanical hound with gears for joints materialized. (2,000/2,000)


“GO!” shouted Kyle. “Attack Mad Dog of Darkness, my Beast!”

Ancient Gear Beast pounced and tore apart the Mad Dog.

“There’s a reason they call this guy man’s best friend!” laughed Kyle.

Kyle got no response at all, as his opponent’s Life Points dropped to 6,400.

“Oh, come on, where’s your sense of humor?” asked Kyle.

There was a pause.

“If you lived in Pandemonium,” answered the Archfiend, “you wouldn’t have much of one either…”

She drew a card.

“I’ll use my Deckmaster ability again…” she pronounced.

Again, a flame appeared in her hand, and a card appeared in it. Her Life Points fell to 5,900.

“Now I’ll place two cards facedown on the field,” she stated, setting two cards.

The cards appeared.

“Make your move.”

“You think that scares me?” asked Kyle. “You can’t activate Traps when Ancient Gear Beast attacks!”

He drew a card.

“I knew that, mortal!” exclaimed Infernalqueen. “So I’ll activate them before you attack!”

Her first facedown card lifted.

“First, Dust Tornado!”

A tornado ripped across the field. Legendary Gambler groaned, and was blown into pixels.

“And now that he’s gone, I activate… Skull Dice!”

Her other Trap lifted, and the nasty imp with his red die appeared. It tossed it… Again, it skipped and bounced over the lava… And came up a three.

“That lowers the Attack of your Beast by 300 for this turn,” gloated the evil queen.

“Fine,” muttered Kyle. “In that case, I’ll pass this turn.”

Ancient Gear Beast returned to his normal stats.

Infernalqueen willed a card into her hand.

“Excellent,” she stated. “Now I don’t have to waste any more Life Points on my ability, because I just drew another Graceful Dice!”

She fit it into her Disk.

The teddy bear appeared again, he threw the die…

It landed on a six!

Gemini Elf’s stats went up to (2,500/1,400), while Vorse Raider’s went up to (2,500/1,700).

“Gemini Elf, attack the Ancient Gear Beast!” shouted the demon.

Gemini Elf shot forth their lightning bolts; Ancient Gear Beast howled, and exploded.

“Vorse Raider, attack directly with blood axe!”

Kyle gulped… Vorse Raider hurled his axe at him, and he cringed as it hit him.

His Life Points plummeted to 5,000.

Kyle staggered to his feet…

He drew a card.

“I play a card facedown, and also a Monster in Defense Mode,” he stated.

He set the cards, and the facedown Monster and set card appeared, hovering over the lava.

“It’s your move,” he stated.

Infernalqueen chuckled as she drew.

This Monster will be good for later, she thought. I need two more cards to use him. One is easy to get… The other will take some luck.

“Gemini Elf, attack his facedown Monster!” she shouted.

Gemini Elf shot forth their bolts…

“Activate Negate Attack!” shouted Kyle.

His Trap Card lifted, and the attack was halted.

“Very well,” muttered Infernalqueen. “You’ve bought yourself a round.”

Kyle made a draw. He looked at the four cards in his hand.

Not much, he thought. Hey, wait…

“I’m activating my Deckmaster ability!” he exclaimed.

Avatar of the Pot chuckled, and then glowed. Kyle’s Life Points fell to 4,000. Five cards flew off of Kyle’s deck, and he caught them.

Now this is more like it! he thought.

“First I’ll play two cards facedown,” he stated, setting a Statue of the Wicked and a Non Aggression Area. “Then I’ll play… Double Spell!”

He discarded his Exchange.

“Now I can duplicate any Magic Card in your Graveyard, and I choose Emergency Provisions!”

A mouth appeared, and swallowed the two cards. His Life Points went up to 6,000.

“Next, I’ll play a Continuous Magic Card called Ancient Gear Castle!”

He played the card and a rumbling shook the whole room…

A huge castle rose behind Kyle! It was a crazy structure, full of gears and mounted with turrets and cannons!


“What does that do?” asked Infernalqueen.

“The secondary effect is to increase the Attack Score of all Ancient Gear Monsters by 300,” answered Kyle. “So I’ll summon Ancient Gear Soldier in Attack Mode!”

He placed the card down, and the robotic, clockwork soldier with his ancient rifle appeared. (1,300/1,300) –> (1,600/1,300)


“Now I’ll flip my facedown Monster into Attack Mode,” continued Kyle. “Reveal… Dummy Golem!”

The card flipped, and a small, squat statue made of clay appeared. (800/800)


“That Monster is pathetic!” laughed Infernalqueen.

“That’s the idea,” chuckled Kyle. “When Dummy Golem is flipped, you have to choose a Monster, and then trade it for the Dummy Golem! It’s kind of like a Monster version of Creature Swap!”

Infernalqueen’s eyes glowed again.

“Ergh…” she growled. “Gemini Elf…”

Dummy Golem and Gemini Elf vanished and switched places.

“Great,” laughed Kyle. “Gemini Elf, attack her Vorse Raider!”

Gemini Elf flew forward and lightning sparked from their palms… Vorse Raider raised his axe…

There was an explosion, as both Monsters were blown apart!

“And since he’s done his job, Ancient Gear Soldier, destroy the Dummy Golem!” shouted Kyle.

Ancient Gear Soldier blasted his machine gun, and the Golem shattered.

Infernalqueen’s Life Points fell to 5,100.

“Congratulations… Kyle,” she said with a grin. “But this duel is far from over…”

“Whoa, using first names now, are we?” asked Kyle.

Infernalqueen didn’t answer. A card flew into her hand.

She paused to look at it.

“I will summon Battle Footballer in Defense Mode,” she stated.

She placed the card down, and the bulky android in a football jersey and helmet appeared. (1,000/2,100)


Kyle drew a card.

Just one more Monster, he thought.

“I pass this turn,” he stated.

Infernalqueen made a draw. She grumbled.

“Disappointed with your draw?” asked Kyle.

“I still drew something that can take out your Soldier,” she replied. “I summon Berserk Gorilla!”

She played the card, and the very angry-looking gorilla appeared, with steam shooting out of its nostrils. (2,000/1,000)


“Destroy his Ancient Gear Soldier with blazing berserk breath!” shouted Infernalqueen.

Berserk Gorilla shot forth a stream of flames from its mouth, incinerating Ancient Gear Soldier.

Kyle’s Life Points dropped to 5,400.

“Make your move,” she ordered.

Kyle drew a card.

“I summon Stone Statue of the Aztecs in Defense Mode…” he stated.

He played the card, and the rocky, unhewn statue arose. (300/2,000)


“End turn,” he stated.

Infernalqueen drew.

“I play Rush Recklessly,” she stated, “and use it on my Gorilla!”

She played the card, and Berserk Gorilla rose to 2,700 Attack.

“Destroy his Statue!” she commanded.

Berserk Gorilla shot forth his lethal breath, and the Statue shattered.

“You’re next…” she warned.

Kyle chuckled as he drew a card.

“What’s so funny?” scowled the demoness.

“If you thought Ancient Gear Castle’s secondary effect was great,” said Kyle, offhand, “wait until you see its primary effect!

“You see, every time I Normal Summoned a Monster, it got a counter, and I can sacrifice those counters instead of Monsters to summon Ancient Gear Monsters…”

He threw a card down.

“So I’ll sacrifice the two counters that are on it to summon… ANCIENT GEAR GOLEM!”

An eruption of lava burst out of the pool! The enormous, jury-rigged but well-running Machine rose out of the pit, and glared at Infernalqueen and her two Monsters with its glowing red eye!


“And don’t forget, the Castle itself gives it an extra 300 Attack Points!”


Berserk Gorilla let out a frightened whimper…

“Now, my mechanical monster,” shouted Kyle, “attack Berserk Gorilla with mechanized melee!”

The gears and pistons on the ancient beast started to turn and pound, and the Golem punched Berserk Gorilla with its mighty fist, smashing the Beast flat!

Infernalqueen cringed as her Life Points fell to 3,800.

“So what are you gonna do now?” chuckled Kyle.

No answer.

Infernalqueen gestured and willed another card into her hand.

A slight smirk appeared on her face…

“What now Kyle?” she responded. “I’ll use my Deckmaster ability one last time…”

Her Life Points fell to 3,300. Flames appeared in her hand, and a card appeared in them.

“Then I’ll summon Mystical Elf…”

She placed a card on her Disk, and the pacifist Spellcaster appeared, holding her hands in prayer. (800/2,000)

“But she won’t be staying long,” continued the Archfiend. “For now I play… Dimension Dice!”

She fit a card in a slot, and it showed an image of an action figure on some sort of game board.

“Dimension Dice?” asked Kyle. “I’ve never heard of that…”

“This Magic Card lets me sacrifice my two servants to summon a powerful Warrior named… Orgoth the Relentless!” answered Infernalqueen.

She threw a card down, and Battle Footballer and Mystical Elf vanished…

And a hulking form burst out of the lava. It was a barbarian clad in violet armor, wearing a horned helmet that didn’t show any of his face, holding a huge, two-handed sword. (2,500/2,450)

“Phew!” said Kyle in relief. “You had me worried for a minute. That guy may be powerful, but he’s no match for my Golem!”

“Is he?” asked Infernalqueen. “Orgoth’s power is subject to change, Kyle. You see, with him on the field, I can play a special card…”

Her Field Slot flicked open, and she placed a card into it.

As it clicked shut, a transparent grid with a checkerboard pattern appeared over the lava pool.

Infernalqueen chuckled. A golden dice appeared in front of her, and then one appeared in front of Kyle.

“It’s called Dice Dungeon, Kyle,” she stated, “and from this point on, your fate lies in the hands of chance!”

“Dice Dungeon?” asked Kyle. “What do you mean?”

“I’ll explain,” chuckled Infernalqueen. “When an attack is declared, the owner of the attacking Monster and the owner of the target both roll their die… Then the Attack Score of their Monster is changed, for bane or benefit, depending on the roll of the die!

“We’ll see whose luck is truly better… Orgoth prepare to attack!”

Orgoth lifted his sword…

“Roll die!” she shouted.

The die fell forward… It skipped and bounced…

It landed on a two.

“Two,” chuckled Infernalqueen. “That raises my Monster’s Attack Score by 1,000 points!”

Orgoth’s Attack went up to 3,500.

“Now let’s see if your Golem is any luckier…” she dared.

Kyle paused…

“Roll die!” he shouted.

His own die rolled…

It landed on a five.

“HA!” he laughed. “I rolled higher than you!”

“Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh…” chuckled Infernalqueen.

Ancient Gear Golem’s Attack fell to 1,650!

“In this game, higher isn’t always better!” she cackled. “Orgoth, attack with diamond blade slash!”

The barbarian leapt up and brought his blade down on the huge Machine, cleaving it down the middle! Sparks flew, and it exploded!

Kyle stood aghast as his Life Points plummeted to 3,650.

“Your Golem is destroyed,” chuckled Infernalqueen. “It’s your move now…”

Orgoth’s Attack returned to 2,500.


Dark Sage
18th November 2005, 07:43 AM
Continued from last post:

She beat my best card! thought Kyle. My next draw had better be something good…

He made a draw.

This will work if my next roll is luckier, he thought.

“I play Monster Reincarnation!” he exclaimed, playing a card.

He discarded his Maoi Interceptor Cannons.

“I’ll use it to bring Ancient Gear Beast back to my hand,” he continued.

“And don’t forget, since I summoned Ancient Gear Golem, my Castle gained another counter, so I can sacrifice the counter to summon it!”

Ancient Gear Beast arose. (2,000/2,000) –> (2,300/2,000)

Infernalqueen gave him a stare.

“Ancient Gear Beast, prepare to attack…” he started.

His die was hurled forward… It rolled…

It landed on the six.

“Well?” asked Kyle.

“Six doubles your Monster’s Attack Score,” answered Infernalqueen.

“YES!” shouted Kyle, as the Beast’s Attack rose to 4,600.

“You’re forgetting,” chuckled Infernalqueen, “I get to roll as well…”

Her own die was hurled forward…

Kyle gasped!

It landed on a six too!

Infernalqueen burst out laughing!

“Too bad Kyle!” she cackled, as Orgoth rose to an Attack of 5,000. “We both got the same roll, and my Monster was stronger than yours to begin with! And since it’s too late to call off your attack…”

Ancient Gear Beast leapt forward, and Orgoth cleaved it in half!

Kyle looked in sheer horror as his Life Points fell to 3,250.

“Uh…” said Kyle.

He took one of the two cards in his hand.

“I’ll place a card facedown, and that will be my turn…”

A facedown card appeared.

Please let her fall for it, he thought. That facedown is nothing more than a bluff! If she attacks me now, I could lose!

“Well Kyle,” chuckled Infernalqueen, drawing, “this has been fun… So let’s roll the die one more time… But I warn you, if it lands on a six or a two, this will be the last direct attack of your life!”

Orgoth raised his sword. Kyle bowed his head as the die rolled.

He didn’t see the result, but he knew something was strange when Infernalqueen growled.

He looked up.

A one.

“One,” snarled Infernalqueen, angrily, “That means his score decreases by 1,000.

Orgoth fell to 1,500 Attack.

“Oh well… Attack!” shouted the Archfiend.

Orgoth slashed at Kyle with his sword and he screamed!

His Life Points fell to 1,725…

“All right, Kyle,” scowled Infernalqueen, “you survived one more turn… But in case you’re hoping for a miracle, forget it. Miracles don’t come to this place…”

Kyle looked at the card he had put facedown.

Then he looked at the card in his hand. It was Grave Ohja, which likely wouldn’t help.

If I draw a good Monster now, I might have one more chance… he thought.

He drew.

Bingo, he thought. Now it’s all up to a little risk of my own…

He waved his hand, and his facedown card lifted.

“I play Level Conversion Lab,” he stated.

Infernalqueen’s eyes narrowed.

“Let me explain,” stated Kyle, “when I use this card, I have to show you a Monster from my hand…”

He turned a card towards her.

“It’s a guy called Ancient Giant,” he continued. “Now I get to roll a die of my own. If I roll a one, I have to discard this Monster… Any other number, and that’s the star level of Ancient Giant until the end of the round.”

A silvery die flew out of the Trap Card.

Again, it skipped and bounced.

It landed… on the two!

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief.

“That means I can summon this normally-five-star Monster with no sacrifice,” he stated.

He placed the card on his Disk, and a huge form appeared. It was a giant stone statue, carved to resemble a man in a robe. (2,200/1,100)

“Now, let’s see how my luck holds out,” he stated. “Ancient Giant, prepare to attack! Roll die!”

Ancient Giant raised his fist… The Dice Dungeon die rolled…

It was a three.

“HA, HA, HA!” laughed Infernalqueen. “You remember that, don’t you? That means his score doesn’t change at all, Kyle!”

She chuckled.

“Now… dance my die!”

Her own die rolled…

And it came up a five! Infernalqueen gasped as Orgoth’s Attack fell to 1,250!

“Go!” shouted Kyle. “Destroy Orgoth the Relentless!”

Ancient Giant slugged the Warrior with his fist, and Orgoth was smashed apart!

Infernalqueen’s Life Points fell to 2,350, and Dice Dungeon vanished.

“Thank goodness…” muttered Kyle. “Make your move…”

Infernalqueen growled as she drew.

“Gear Golem the Moving Fortress in Defense Mode,” she stated, placing a card down.

The blocky Machine made of sharp gears appeared in front of her. (800/2,200)


Kyle drew a card.

Well… he thought.

“I’ll place a Monster facedown in Defense Mode,” he stated.

A facedown Monster appeared.

“Ancient Giant, attack her Gear Golem!”

Ancient Giant charged forward and rammed his fist into the Machine… It shook a little, but with its Defense identical to Ancient Giant’s Attack, neither Monster was damaged.

Infernalqueen’s eyes narrowed.

“Confused?” asked Kyle. “See, Ancient Giant…”

“I didn’t ask,” interrupted Infernalqueen.

Well! thought Kyle. You don’t have to be rude about it…

She drew a card.

“Oh, I pass this turn…” she grumbled.

“Fine,” chuckled Kyle, drawing. “Then this duel is over! I flip my facedown Monster into Attack Mode… Go… Medusa Worm!”

His card flipped, and the long, rocky worm covered with spines appeared. (500/600)


Medusa Worm shot forth a ray of energy at Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, and it shattered into pixels!

“Now to end this,” yelled Kyle. “Medusa Worm, direct attack!”

The Worm darted forward and bit Infernalqueen on the arm! She shrieked!

Her Life Points fell to 1,850.

“Now, Ancient Giant, punch her lights out! Fist of the ages!”

Ancient Giant lumbered forward and smashed the evil queen in the stomach. She barely knew what hit her. She fell backwards and fell sprawled on the ground.

“I win…” gasped Kyle.

Infernalqueen growled a little and got up…

Her eyes burned with flames as she floated forward, hovering over the lava pit...

“Wait!” protested Kyle. “We had a deal! You said I could go if I beat you!”

“Oh, I won’t break my promise Kyle,” she stated. “But I have a question… Why do you have Ancient Giant in your deck?”

Kyle paused.

“Why not?” he answered.

Infernalqueen chuckled evilly.

“I knew why you had it attack my Moving Fortress even though it couldn’t destroy it,” she continued. “If that Monster fails to attack during a round, you lose 300 Life Points… And you had very little to spare at the time.

“Seems to me it’s a very risky Monster to use, Kyle. What if someone were to lock you down with Gravity Bind? Level Limit Area B? Messenger of Peace? Or maybe paralyze it with Nightmare Wheel? That would already cost you Life Points. There are many ways to keep you from attacking, or at least keep one Monster from attacking…

“Why is it in your deck?”

Kyle didn’t answer.

“I know why it is, Kyle,” she answered. “You play an Ancient Deck, and you’ve heard… stories. Stories about how that card can work with seven other cards to form a powerful combo… It’s your ultimate dream to own all eight cards in the combo and form the ultimate Ancient Deck, isn’t it? But Ancient Giant is the only one you have…”

“What’s wrong with having dreams?” asked Kyle.

Infernalqueen chuckled.

“I’m the Queen of the Archfiends, Kyle,” she answered. “I can make dreams… come true…”

She gestured, and flames appeared in her hands…

A set of seven cards appeared in them. She spread them out…

Kyle gasped…

He held his hand out, shaking…

Then he remembered who he was talking to.

“Oh, I get it,” he said with a smirk. “You couldn’t win my soul, so now you want to bargain for it! I suppose that to get those cards I’m going to have to promise it to you in a contract signed with my blood?”

Infernalqueen chuckled.

“No Kyle, I don’t even want your soul anymore,” she answered. “You may find this hard to believe, but consuming a mortal who had bested me would make me sick. I’m giving these to you as one duelist to another because you deserve them.”

Kyle looked at her.

“Yeah right,” he stated. “You’re the Queen of the Archfiends… Like I’m really going to believe that there are no strings attached.”

“Well then,” sighed the Archfiend, “guess I’ll just dispose of these…”

She prepared to drop them in the lava…

“NOOOO!” screamed Kyle.

Infernalqueen stopped.

She glared at Kyle.

“I give you my word that giving you these cards does not give me any right to any part of you,” she said, handing them to him. “Of course, I’d like a rematch someday, but be warned, the stakes will be the same. Return, and you won’t be so lucky.”

A door opened to the side.

“The way out of Pandemonium is guarded by Archfiend Soldiers who do their best to make sure that no mortal leaves,” she stated. “But keep a Monster with more than 1,900 Attack Points on your Disk, and you’ll defeat them easily.

“Good luck…”

Kyle turned to leave.

He looked at the seven cards…

Then he took his Ancient Giant out, and added it to the seven cards…

What harm can it do? he asked himself.

He took Ancient Gear Beast and placed it on his Disk – then he made his way for the exit.


Card Specs

Type: Trap/Continuous
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a seedy gambler in a trenchcoat and a fedora, tossing a pair of dice (the man in this card’s picture resembles Grandpa Mouto when he was young). When your opponent activates a card that involves rolling one die, roll one die of your own. If your die roll is a number greater than the number rolled by your opponent, the effect of your opponent’s die roll is negated.

ANCIENT GIANT (Monster Card)

Card Specs

Type: Rock/Effect
Attribute: Earth
Level: 5
ATK: 2,200
DEF: 1,100

Card Description: This giant statue of stone is the lesser guardian of the Ancient City. If this card does not attack during your Battle Phase, inflict 300 points of damage to your Life Points during your End Phase.

(Note: “Legendary Gambler” and “Ancient Giant” were used by Solomon Mouto [in his alter ego of “Apdnarg Otuom”] in the anime episode “Let the Games Begin!” All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Continuous
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a crazy castle full of gears and cannons. Increase the ATK of all Monsters on your side of the field with the words “Ancient Gear” in their name by 300. Every time you successfully Normal Summon a Monster, put one counter on this card. If you wish to Normal Summon a Monster with five level stars or more that has “Ancient Gear” in its name, you may remove a number of counters from this card equal to the number of Tributes needed to Tribute Summon the Monster. The Monster can be Normal Summoned without Tributes during the current turn.

Note: “Ancient Gear Castle” will be released in the future booster pack, “Shadows of Infinity”. It will be used by Professor Crowley in a future episode of “Yu-Gi-Oh GX”. The English name may be subject to change.


Card Specs

Type: Warrior/Effect
Attribute: Earth
Level: 7
ATK: 2,500
DEF: 2,450

Card Description: A warrior clad in armor and bearing a huge sword. He takes great pride in his strength. This Monster cannot be normal summoned. This Monster can only be Special Summoned via the effect of “Dimension Dice”.


Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Orgoth the Relentless on a game board. Offer two Monsters on your side of the field as a Tribute to Special Summon one “Orgoth the Relentless” from your hand or deck.


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Field
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: If there is no “Orgoth the Relentless” on your side of the field, destroy this card. Every time an attack is declared, each player rolls one dice for each Monster he has involved in the battle. On a roll of 1, subtract 1,000 from the Monster’s ATK. On a roll of 2, increase the Monster’s ATK by 1,000. On a roll of 3, the Monster’s ATK remains unchanged. On a roll of 4, reduce the Monster’s ATK to zero. On a roll of 5, cut the ATK of the Monster in half. On a roll of 6, double the ATK of the Monster. All changes to ATK last until the end of the turn.

Note: “Orgoth the Relentless”, “Dimension Dice”, and “Dice Dungeon” were first used by Duke in “Mechanical Mayhem (Part Two).” All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode. (Orgoth first appeared as a Dungeon Dice Monsters character in an earlier episode.)

[B][I]Those who have played “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door” know that Sir Grodus is one bad villain. And all through this fanfic, he hasn’t done much except watch from the shadows.

But next chapter, he confronts the heroes, with a powerful deck with some of the most ferocious Monsters and lethal Traps and Magics! I’m not going to give away the title or any information – you’ll just have to see for yourself!

Master of Paradox
18th November 2005, 09:02 AM
Well... I saw Archfiends coming, but the deck theme caught me off-guard. In fact... there wasn't much of a theme at all, besides the dice. I'm not sure whether to praise or condemn it.

Kyle's still not much of a character, no offense to his user. But I do like the Ancient Gear monsters, so he managed to earn a bit of affection off me in that manner. Interesting, too, that he would try to assemble the Ancient combination - also known as the most labor-intensive combo in Duel Monsters..

It's odd... nothing was riding on it (despite the hyperbole), I've criticized one of the decks involved, but that was still a fun duel. I guess I may like Ancient Gear monsters more than I thought... (And I was waiting for Minefield Explosion. Glad to see it.)

I hate to say it, Brian, but if you look through the past responses, Shuppet Master already gave away Grodus's theme. I still want to see how it works...

18th November 2005, 03:28 PM
I really thought the Infernalqueen used a random deck to. I guess you could call it an Orgoth deck but every card that did not come from the Robotic Knight episode was random, I really hoped that she used an Archfiend deck. I hate to say it but I hated her. On the other hand I loved Kyle's deck. I'm surprised that he did not use a Statue Of Easter Island.

Shuppet Master
18th November 2005, 03:55 PM
I didn't mean to give anything away, Paradox. I just answered a person's question. I apologize deeply if I spoiled anything.

Anyways, that was an awesome duel. Seeing Crowler's Ancient Gear deck in action was great. I wasn't expecting Kyle to own Ancient Giant and wanting Grandpa Moto's Ancient Dragon deck! That was just amazing. :)

I was expecting Blind Destruction, but what can ya do? Keep up the good work, Brian!

19th November 2005, 11:53 AM
Well, let's see here...

-Duke Devlin's dice cards finally appearing in a fic was pretty cool.

-Due to circumstances beyond my control, not one but two of the near-future chapters of my fic have been spoiled, to an extent. I like things to be really secretive, but after the duels in this chapter, I'll soon look like a copycat instead of a creative and original writer. Bummer... :redface:

Dark Sage
19th November 2005, 12:02 PM

Please don't let this chapter ruin it for you. Go ahead and use Duke's cards in your fanfic - I might even like it (especially if it's a relative of Duke himself who is using them).

- DS

20th November 2005, 11:07 AM
So I guess my characted will appear in 2 chapters (or your next chapters should be devided in 2). So exited.

I like the chapters up till know but they couldn't amaze me. And I'm kinda dissapointed that pokémonese is going on so slow. No offence since you probably have a busy live.

Also whe is the winner of the quiz annonced?

Dark Sage
20th November 2005, 11:26 AM

Here's a spoiler...

When the finals finally happen, your character and Kyle will be paired together.

The winner of that duel is the winner of the contest, and neither you nor Starjake will know until the duel is complete.

Hope that answers the question.

And yes, your character will appear in the chapter after next.

- SM

20th November 2005, 11:51 AM
Duke Devlin...


Well, we'll see next chapter. :rolleyes:

Shuppet Master
21st November 2005, 04:58 PM
(Laughs) Silencer, you must have been out VERY long, the winners of the quiz were announced ages ago! ;)

Anyways, you should be proud that your character got in. I'm a little jealous, but Dark Sage did my character a bit of justice with a cameo, so I'm happy. :)

22nd November 2005, 01:10 PM
I know the winners where announced, but the person that was first is the big winner. (Although I forgot if their would be an extre reward). And we actually scored the same amount of points and first place is decided by luck.

Dark Sage
23rd November 2005, 06:10 AM
Since I'm going to be busy - and likely dead tired - during Turkey Day tomorrow, I figured I'd set up the next chapter now.

I gotta tell you... I never did more research for a chapter. The cards that teh antagonist uses are... Complex, and I made certain that I got ever last ruling right.

So prepare to enter a world of terror...

A world of nightmares...

A World of Darkness...

Dark Sage
23rd November 2005, 06:12 AM
[I][B]When a duelist builds a deck, he always must focus on a theme. Whether it’s Dragons like me, or Spellcasters like Stan, a good theme helps the cards in your deck work together. A lot of themes focus on a particular Type of Monster, be it Fiends, Warriors, or even Fairies.

Some duelists take it one step farther, and concentrate on themes that duelists call “tribes”. Tribes are types within types. Francesca’s deck is an example. Her Amazons are Warriors, but they are special Warriors who have to work together to survive.

We’ve seen a lot of duelists on Monster Island who used tribes. There was Diana who used the Elemental Heroes, Raven, who used the Dark Scorpions, and Chico, who used Gravekeepers. Even Cyrus, who used the Guardians, can be considered having a tribe deck – although the Guardians represent many different Types, they are still bound together.

But right now, I’m facing a duelist who is using a tribe of Monsters who I have never even heard of…

All I know is, they may be one of the deadliest tribes I have ever seen…


World of Darkness

In her alchemy lab, the Shadow Queen stirred a cauldron of thick, foul-smelling liquid.

She turned to an ancient tome, and read quietly.

Then she walked over to a shelf.

“Let’s see,” she muttered, taking a few things down. “Adder’s tongue, blindworm’s sting, petrified spider eyes…”

She looked hard at one jar.

“Eye of newt?” she grunted, throwing it in the trash. “That is SO Seventeenth Century!”

“Mom, can we come in?” asked Melissa’s voice from outside.

“Fine,” she answered, as she started adding ingredients to the cauldron.

The six Spawn walked in. They held their noses.

“Uh, if that’s dinner, I’m eating out,” muttered Maria.

“Don’t make jokes,” scolded Vladimir. “Mom is probably preparing a major spell.”

“Indeed,” said the Queen. “Perhaps you’ve heard of the Big Five?”

“Uhm…” muttered Kurtis, drumming his talons against his chin. “That brat you have locked up may have mentioned them…”

“They were corporate tycoons who once opposed Yugi Mouto and Seto Kaiba,” answered the Queen. “They lured them and their friends into a virtual world, and tried to steal their bodies by defeating them in duels… They failed miserably, and they were… erased when the virtual world was destroyed.

“But I have a data recovery system better than any computer, and the Big Five were no rookies when it came to the Deckmaster system.

“So I’m going to try an experiment…

“This spell will free one of them, at random, from the void… I’ll have him challenge one of my victims. And if he does well, I might free the others too.

“In the meantime, Grodus can keep them busy.”

“Grodus?” asked Leopold. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him duel…”

“He’s not too bad,” answered the Queen. “His deck is powerful if used right…

“Emphasis on ‘if used right’.”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Unfriendly Amazon groaned.

She had a black eye and a busted lip.

The one who gave them to her wasn’t in very great shape either. She lacked the strength to kill The End of Anubis (not that she wanted to), but her sword had left some pretty serious cuts.

And both of them were exhausted.

Peten the Dark Clown sighed.

He had been lucky. Since he was pretty weak, they didn’t dare strike him.

“Ready to call it quits you two?” he asked. “This was funny for about five minutes, but I’m really getting sick of us arguing over whose fault it is.”

The Warrior and the Fiend slumped back in their chairs.

“Good,” sighed Peten. “Now the Queen said we could watch those three brats, so we might as well…”

An image came up on the viewing globe.

“I suppose it’s better than sitting here watching the paint dry,” grumbled End.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Andy, Stan, and Francesca delved into what they assumed was the second layer of the Palace of Shadow, and they seemed to be heading down. The corridor was sloping.

Eventually, a door came into view at the end.

“Eh,” muttered Stan. “This likely leads to another of the Queen’s surprises.”

“The motto of the wise is, be prepared for surprises,” answered Andy.

“Where did you hear that?” asked Francesca.

“I dunno,” said Andy. “I just get a kick out of saying it.”

“Well, we can’t go back,” sighed Stan.

They opened the door, and the sound of classical music reached their ears…

They were in what looked like a dark ballroom. Dim light came from large crystal chandeliers, lit by candles made of black wax. Red curtains lined the walls, and strange paintings surrounded them. It looked like a place where the Addams Family would throw a dance.

The music floated through the air.

Then the music changed to a more recognizable tune, one that everybody knew…

It was The Imperial March…

Also known as “Darth Vader’s Theme.”

“Someone’s coming…” muttered Andy.

He had a feeling that the Queen would only play that song when one of her servants was about to show up.

A chuckle came out of the shadows…

“Greetings children,” said a voice, as Sir Grodus came out of the darkness.

“Didn’t we see this guy at a Star Trek convention?” asked Stan.

Grodus chuckled.

“Amusing, Stan,” he answered. “But no… I am Sir Grodus; most residents know me as a senior member of the Monster Island Council… But those of the Palace know me as the Queen’s right-hand-man.”

“In other words, you’re her professional bootlicker,” chuckled Francesca.

Grodus snarled.

He waved his scepter, and lightning struck at Francesca’s feet!

She gasped.

“Next time I won’t miss…” he warned.

He tossed the scepter aside, and a Duel Disk appeared on his left arm.

“Now then,” he said. “On to business. Who wants to perish first?”

“You just made it personal by threatening Francesca, chrome-dome!” threatened Andy. “You want to duel, you’re on!”

He turned to face Grodus.

Their Disks activated.

“Then choose your Deckmaster so we may begin…” dared Grodus.

“Whatever…” muttered Andy, taking his deck.

He leafed through it.

His eyes fell on one of his two Companion cards.

Admiral Bobbery has been a big help ever since I first met him, he thought. I’ll bet he’ll be great as a Deckmaster!

He held the card up, and Bobbery appeared behind him in a flash.

“My Deckmaster is Admiral Bobbery the Bomber!” shouted Andy.

“Your little sailor is a fish out of water compared to my Deckmaster,” said Grodus, holding up a card of his own.

A dark shadow appeared behind him, and a hulking, intimidating form arose.

“Meet Dark Ruler Ha Des!” he laughed.


“I’m not scared of Fiends,” answered Andy, reshuffling. “I’ve taken on Fiends so many times in this tournament, that they’ve become little more that a joke.”

“Oh, you’ll be scared soon enough!” warned Grodus, reshuffling. “In fact, I do hope you’ve packed clean underwear!”

They reloaded their decks, and the scores set to 8,000 apiece. They each drew five cards.

“LET’S DUEL!” they both said.

“I’ll start this off,” said Grodus, making his first draw.

He chuckled.

Already, I have all that I need to make a good combo, he thought, with a little luck, and a little help from Andy…

“I summon a Fiend from a region where your darkest nightmares come alive,” he chuckled. “A demonic warrior whose name is feared and reviled… Zure, Knight of Dark World!”

He placed a card down, and a hideous figure appeared out of the shadows. It was a muscular Fiend with grey, scaly skin, wearing a royal blue cape and holding a sword. (1,800/1,500)


“I don’t care what his name is,” answered Andy. “He’s ugly, and that’s what I’m calling him…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Unfriendly Amazon looked on in wonder.

“A friend of yours, End?” she asked.

“No way!” answered End, in fear. “The Fiends of Dark World are insane! They’re a warmongering race who think violence is the answer to everything! They wage war on everyone who’s paths they cross, even other Fiends!

“They like war so much, that they wage war on themselves when there’s no-one else to fight!”

“Well,” chuckled Peten. “Seems Andy might be in trouble…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Well,” answered Andy reaching for his deck, “if you’re done, then I’ll just…”

“Did I say my turn was over?” snapped Grodus. “Did I?”

“All right!” answered Andy. “You don’t need to yell!”

Grodus chose another card.

“As I was saying,” he continued, “I’ll now play the Magic Card… Terraforming! Which as you know, allows me to search for one Field Magic Card…”

“Fine,” sighed Andy, as he went for his deck. “Search for Mystic Plasma Zone…”

“Mystic Plasma Zone?” laughed Grodus. “Who said anything about that outdated card?”

He fit the card he had gotten into his Field Slot.

“I play… War-Torn Plains of Dark World!” he shouted.

An uncanny darkness enveloped the room! Then it seemed like they were transported to another place…

The ground was a rocky wasteland, and skeletal corpses – with fiendish features – littered the ground. The sky was dark and maroon-colored, and three ominous moons looked down upon them. In the distance, a sinister castle of alien architecture loomed.

“This isn’t even a nice place to visit,” commented Francesca.

“That’s your opinion,” snickered Grodus.

“Yeah?” answered Andy. “Well your Field Card doesn’t seem to have increased your Zure’s Attack Score by even one point! Just what does it do?”

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out,” answered Grodus. “In the meantime, you just worry about my facedown card…”

He set the card, and it appeared behind Zure.

“…and my turn is over.”

“Fine,” said Andy, making a draw.

“Andy!” snapped Admiral Bobbery’s voice.

“Bobbery?” whispered Andy.

“Don’t be afraid of his ugly Monster, Andy!” assured Bobbery. “I’ve seen uglier things in my day. And listen…

“My Deckmaster ability is useful, but it’s limited. If you call me to the field, I can destroy ALL the cards he has on the field!”

“Really?” answered Andy, surprised.

“But be careful,” warned Bobbery, “because I can’t attack on the round I do that. Use it only in an emergency!”

“Okay, thanks for the tip,” replied Andy.

He placed a card down on his Disk.

“I summon Luster Dragon #1!” he shouted.

With a roar, the huge sapphire dragon appeared! (1,900/1,700)

“Attack his Knight!” shouted Andy. “Destroy him!”

Luster Dragon shot forth his energy blast! Zure screamed and was blown into pixels!

“Yes!” cheered Francesca. “That guy wasn’t so tough…”

Grodus’s Life Points fell to 7,950.

“Huh?” said Andy with a quizzical look. “You only lost fifty Life Points? You should have lost a hundred!”

Grodus chuckled.

“Now you see one of the benefits of my Field Card!” he laughed. “When a Dark World Monster is destroyed in battle, I only take half damage!”

“Dark World Monsters?” gasped Andy. “There are more of these things?”

“Indeed…” chuckled Grodus. “And you just triggered the other effect of my Field Card too… When a Dark World Monster is destroyed in battle, I get to draw one card!”

A card flew off his deck, and he caught it.

“Fine,” snarled Andy. “It’s your move…”

Grodus made another draw.

“I’ll summon this guy in Defense Mode,” he stated. “Scarr, Scout of Dark World!”

Another hideous creature appeared. It looked like a cross between a huge lizard and an ape, with crimson scales. It clutched a jagged dagger in its claw. It crouched in Defense. (500/500)


“Next I’ll use my Deckmaster ability,” he continued. “Demon Summoning!”

Dark Ruler Ha Des glowed with an unholy aura.

“By paying 1,000 Life Points,” explained Grodus, “I can search my deck for any Fiend with four stars or less and add it to my hand.”

His Life Points fell to 6,950. A card slipped out of his deck, and he added it to his hand.

Well, that’s useful, thought Andy.

“And now it’s your turn,” said Grodus.

Andy drew.

Graceful Charity.

That Scarr might look scary, he thought, but it’s weak… which probably means it’s an Effect Monster. I’ve got nothing good in my hand, so…

“I play Graceful Charity!” he exclaimed.

He played the card, and the beautiful angel flew out.

She handed him three cards.

“Now,” said Andy, as he discarded the Graceful Charity, “I’ll just…”

“Hold on, Andy!” shouted Grodus. “I activate my Trap! Zombie’s Jewel!”

His Trap lifted, showing the visage of a fetid zombie with a glowing jewel between its claws.

“What’s that?” asked Andy.

“Zombie’s Jewel can be activated when my opponent discards a card for any reason,” answered Grodus. “Then I get to take that card!”

Andy laughed!

“You should have waited until I discarded my two cards, Grodus!” he laughed. “Now all you’ll get is my Graceful Charity!”

The Magic Card flew out of Andy’s discard slot and into Grodus’s hand.

“Truthfully Andy,” he said, “your Graceful Charity was exactly what I wanted. Anyway, Zombie’s Jewel is so powerful, that you now get to draw one more card. So hope it’s a good one.”

Andy was puzzled. He made another draw.

He skimmed over his cards, and then handed two to the angel. She flew into his discard slot.

“Why did Grodus go through all that trouble just to get Andy’s Graceful Charity?” asked Stan.

“Beats me…” said Francesca with a shrug.

“It’s still my turn, Grodus!” shouted Andy. “And I’ll sacrifice Luster Dragon to summon Des Volstgalph!”

Luster Dragon vanished, and the larger Dragon of Earth appeared. (2,200/1,700)

“Des Volstgalph, attack Scarr!” shouted Andy.

Des Volstgalph shot forth his scorching breath, and Scarr was eradicated!

“And now you lose 500 Life Points!” gloated Andy.

Grodus’s Life Points fell to 6,450 Life Points…

…but he was smiling.

“Remember the effect of my Field Card?” he said with a grin. “I now get to draw one card!”

He made a draw.

“And also,” he continued, “when Scarr is destroyed in battle, I get to search my deck for one Dark World Monster with four stars or less, and add it to my hand!”

A card slipped out of his deck.

“This one will do,” he stated.

“Fine,” sighed Andy. “It’s your move.”

“Whoa,” said Stan. “Grodus has like… eight cards in his hand!”

“And here comes a ninth!” chuckled Grodus, making a draw.

“Next I’ll bring that number down to eight again, by summoning Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World, in Attack Mode!”

He played the card, and a new Fiend appeared. This one was sunken and gaunt, and wore clothing that seemed to be made of bone. He carried a long pike. (1,600/1,300)


“Eesh…” muttered Francesca. “That one’s even uglier…”

“Now I’ll play the Graceful Charity I took from you,” continued Grodus, playing the card, “which brings my hand down to seven, but quickly brings it up to ten!”

He played the card, and the graceful angel flew out, handing him three cards.

“Now the Magic Card goes back to your Graveyard…” added Grodus.

Andy looked down, and saw his Magic Card slip into his discard slot…

“And then…” chuckled Grodus, choosing two cards, “I’ll bring my hand size down to eight once more, by discarding two cards…”

He discarded two…

“And now you’ll see the true power of Dark World!”

Two shadows appeared to either side of Beiige… They took shape…

And they formed into two more Beiiges!

“WHAT?” shouted Andy. “Where did they come from?”

Grodus chuckled.

“Many of the Dark World Monsters gain special powers when you discard them from your hand,” he answered. “In Beiige’s case, when he is discarded, he is Special Summoned to the field right away! In case it hasn’t sunk in, I discarded two Beiige cards by playing Graceful Charity!”

“Yeah, well,” sneered Andy. “All three of them only have 1,600 Attack Points. They’re no match for Des Volstgalph, and they can’t attack together…”

“They don’t need to!” laughed Grodus. “I’m Equipping one of them with this…”

He played a card.

“It’s called Chthonian Alliance!” he laughed. “When a Monster is Equipped with this card, it gains 800 Attack Points for every Monster with the same name on the field…”

The Beiige in the center started to glow with a dark aura…

“Do the math…” chuckled Grodus, in a sinister voice.

“Hang on!” started Stan. “Beiige’s original Attack was 1,600, he gains 800 Attack Points for each additional Beiige, there are two additional Beiiges, that makes…”

“Thirty-two hundred…” interrupted Francesca. “And that’s trouble…”

“GO!” shouted Grodus. “Destroy Des Volstgalph!”

The Equipped Beiige charged and stabbed the Dragon with his pike! Des Volstgalph groaned and shattered!

“You two!” ordered Grodus to the other Beiiges. “Attack directly!”

The two Fiends leapt up and speared at Andy with their weapons! He howled and fell to his knees.

His Life Points dropped all the way to 3,800.


Dark Sage
23rd November 2005, 06:15 AM
Continued from last post:

“Wow, this is great!” laughed the Amazon. “All I need is a hot dog and a bag of popcorn!”

“Humph…” muttered Peten. “That Grodus thinks he’s such a big shot…”

“You’re only upset because Andy humiliated you twice, and now someone else is taking him down,” noted End.

“Well,” sighed Peten, crossing his arms, “so long as somebody does it, I guess I can live with it…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Heh, heh,” chuckled Grodus. “I’ll play two cards facedown, and that will end my turn…”

Andy slowly got up.

“You may have me outnumbered, Grodus,” he said as he drew, “but I’m not outgunned yet…”

He looked at the card.

Well, well… he thought.

“I summon Koops the Bashful in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

He put the card down, and the meek Koopa appeared. (1,800/500)

Koops looked around at his surroundings and shivered in fright.

“Stay calm Koops!” urged Andy. “You’re gonna take down those ugly excuses for Monsters!”

He turned to Grodus.

“My friend Koops here can attack as many Monsters as I want him to…” he explained. “In exchange for that, he can’t attack on my next turn.

“Koops, attack the two unequipped Beiiges!”

Koops retracted into his shell, and shot forward! He plowed into one Beiige, blasting him to pieces! Then he shot into another one, blowing him away!

“And now that there are no other Beiiges on the field,” continued Andy, “your Equip Card is worthless. Koops, destroy the last one!”

Koops zoomed into the last Beiige, and he shattered into pixels!

Koops sprang back up on Andy’s side, and gave a thumb’s up.

Grodus chuckled.

“Have you forgotten the effect of my Field Card again?” he asked. “That attack only cost me 300 Life Points, and now I get to draw three cards!”

His Life Points fell to 6,150, and three cards flew off his deck.

“Whatever,” muttered Andy. “I’ll place three cards of my own facedown, and end my turn…”

He fit three cards into slots, and they appeared behind Koops.

“Well, well,” chuckled Grodus, drawing another card. “Three facedown cards… what to do… Oh, I know… I’ll activate one of my facedown cards! It’s a Magic Card called Dark World Lightning!”

One of his cards lifted, and a bolt of lightning shot down from the sky! It struck one of Andy’s facedown cards, shattering it!

“My Dragon’s Bead!” he gasped.

“Dark World Lightning not only destroys one of your facedown cards,” chuckled Grodus, “but it lets me discard one card. So now I’ll discard a powerful Fiend named Sillva, Warlord of Dark World!”

He discarded a card.

“And when Sillva is discarded, just like Beiige, he’s Special Summoned to the field!”

A silvery glow appeared on Grodus’s side, and a huge Fiend appeared. He was beautiful in a demonic way, dressed in silver ceremonial armor and a flowing cape. He carried a long sword. (2,300/1,400)


“And since that was a Special Summon,” laughed Grodus, “I’ll also summon another Zure!”

He placed a card down, and another Knight of Dark World arose. (1,800/1,500)

“Now, my Fiends…” started Grodus.

“Activate… Threatening Roar!” shouted Andy.

One of his two remaining Trap Cards lifted, and the great beast roared, causing a shockwave that sent the two Fiends cringing.

“Very well,” chuckled Grodus. “I’ll set two more cards facedown, and end my turn…”

He played two more cards, and they materialized next to his other one.

“Ready to give up yet?” he asked.

“Never!” shouted Andy, drawing.

He looked at the card.

“I play Pot of Greed!”

The grinning jar appeared, and handed him two more cards.

Good… he thought.

“Next I’ll play Snatch Steal!” he shouted, throwing a card into a slot. “And I’ll use it to steal Sillva!”

The bandit appeared, and he dove into Sillva! Sillva gasped, and then flew over to Andy’s side.

“Next,” continued Andy, “I’ll sacrifice Sillva to summon Cyber Dragon!”

Sillva vanished into mist, and the huge mechanical Dragon burst out of the ground! (2,100/1,700)

“And I’m not done!” he stated. “I’ll activate my facedown card, Call of the Haunted!”

His Trap Card lifted.

“I’ll use it to bring back my old friend Des Volstgalph!”

Des Volstgalph appeared in a flash of light.

“And since I’m getting sick of your War-Torn Plains, I’m going to wipe them out, by playing Stamping Destruction!”

He threw a card into a slot, and Des Volstgalph stamped his foot. A shockwave shot forth, and Grodus cringed. The whole scenery melted away, and his Life Points fell to 5,650.

“Des Volstgalph, attack Zure!” shouted Andy.

The Dragon blasted forth his breath weapon, and the Knight of Dark World was blown away!

Grodus cringed as his Life Points fell to 5,250, and then to 4,750.

“And now,” yelled Andy, “Cyber Dragon, attack directly with strident blast!”

Flames appeared in Cyber Dragon’s jaws.

“Not so fast, Andy!” shouted Grodus. “I activate Dark Wall of Wind!”

A Quickplay Magic Card lifted on his side, and a cyclone of dark wind surrounded Grodus. Cyber Dragon shot forth his flames, but the cyclone deflected them.

“Fine…” muttered Andy. “It’s your move…”

Grodus drew.

His eyes lit up.

“I place a Monster facedown in Defense,” he chuckled, “and also a Trap Card facedown…”

He played the cards. A third facedown card appeared, followed by a facedown Monster.

“He’s actually telling Andy that it’s a Trap?” gasped Francesca.

“Something’s up…” muttered Stan. “I have a feeling he wants Andy to know it’s a Trap…”

“By the way, Andy,” noted Grodus, taking another card, “are you a big fan of Joseph Conrad?”

“Joseph Conrad?” replied Andy. “Yeah, I read his works in English class. He wrote… Uhm…”

“I play Heart of Darkness!” exclaimed Grodus, playing a Magic Card.

“Right, that was the name of it…” muttered Andy, starting to sweat.

“Heart of Darkness lets me remove one Dark World Monster with five stars or more from play, and gain 2,000 Life Points in return!” laughed Grodus.

Sillva slipped out of his discard slot, and his Life Points went up to 6,750.

“I’m ending my turn…” he said in a sinister tone.

Andy drew.

He waited for Grodus to spring his Trap, but strangely, he didn’t.

Heavy Storm! he thought. Now I can get rid of all three of those facedown cards…

He sighed, and looked at his Call of the Haunted.

It will cost me Des Volstgalph, but if that Trap is sprung, it might cost me more…

He fit the card into a slot.

“I play Heavy Storm!” he shouted.

Grodus chuckled.

“That’s exactly what I wanted you to do Andy!” he laughed. “I activate Dark Deal!”

The Trap Card he had just set lifted.

“Dark Deal?” gasped Andy. “What does that do?”

“Simple,” laughed Grodus. “I may have to give up 1,000 of my Life Points to activate this Trap…”

His Life Points fell to 5,750.

“…but now it takes the Magic Card you just played, and changes what it does!”

“Changes what it does?” gulped Andy.

“Yes!” stated Grodus. “Now, instead of destroying all Magic and Trap Cards on the field, your Heavy Storm requires you to choose one card in my hand and make me discard it…”

He held up his hand.

“So choose…” he chuckled. “And remember, with my deck, being made to discard a card isn’t always a bad thing…”

Andy hesitated for a minute.

“Far left…” he said.

“Oh,” said Grodus. “Good choice… For me!”

He discarded the card.

“You just made me discard one of my deadliest creatures! Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World!”

He cackled.

“When Goldd is discarded, he, just like Sillva and Beiige, is Special Summoned to the field…”

A flash of golden light appeared on Grodus’s side, and the nastiest Fiend yet appeared. He was a hulking figure dressed in magnificent golden armor, with huge, metallic wings! (2,300/1,400)


“Not again…” sighed Andy.

“Even better,” laughed Grodus, “since it was technically your card that made me discard him, he now can destroy two of your cards! So say goodbye to Cyber Dragon and Des Volstgalph!”

Two beams of piercing light shot from Goldd’s eyes, striking the Dragon and the Machine! They shattered into pixels!

“No…” gasped Francesca. “Andy…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Ha, ha!” laughed Peten. “Good old Sir Grodus! This makes me sorry about the eleven times I sent him bomb letters!”

“Uhm, Peten…” added the Amazon. “You did that twelve times.”

Peten crossed his arms.

“I know,” he sulked. “But I’m NOT sorry for last time! He really did something that made me mad…”

“What did…” started End.

He paused.

“Oh, forget it,” he finished, “I’m not even going to ask…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“It’s still my turn, Grodus!” cursed Andy.

He turned a card on his Disk.

“I’ll shift Koops into Defense Mode and end my turn…”

Koops knelt in Defense.

“My draw…” chuckled Grodus.

He drew a card.

“Heh, heh,” he chuckled. “This Monster scares even me!”

“Who is he?” asked Andy, now starting to feel scared.

“I’ll show you in a minute,” answered Grodus, “but first I’ll activate another Trap…”

Another of his cards lifted.

“The Forces of Darkness! This lets me add two Dark World Monsters from the Graveyard to my hand!”

Two cards slid out of his discard slot.

“So welcome back, my Vanguards!” he laughed, showing them to Andy.

He placed a card down on his Disk.

“Now I’ll summon a Fiend so insane that even the other residents of Dark World call him mad,” announced Grodus. “I summon Bron, Mad King of Dark World!”

A cackling, maniacal laugh echoed over the field, and a new Fiend appeared. He certainly looked insane, with wild hair and a tattered cape. He had wrinkled gray skin, and his very long arms ended in long claws. (1,800/400)


“Here it comes…” gulped Andy.

“Goldd!” commanded Grodus. “Wipe out his turtle with dark gold rush!”

The Wu-Lord of Dark World roared… He blasted forth a wave of golden energy, and Koops was vaporized.

“What?” said Andy in surprise. “You attacked with Goldd first? Fool. Koops had only 500 Defense Points! You could have attacked him with Bron and then attacked me with Goldd, doing me more damage!”

“Actually,” corrected Grodus, “I can do you more damage by attacking you with Bron. Bron, attack him directly with lunatic lunge!”

Bron cackled like a madman and leapt forth! Andy cringed as the Fiend raked at him with his claw.

His Life Points fell to 2,000.

“You see Andy,” chuckled Grodus, “when Bron damages your Life Points, I get to discard one card!”

He discarded a card, and a dark shadow appeared on his side of the field.

“You remember your old friend Beiige, right?” he asked.

Beiige appeared, holding his pike. (1,600/1,300)

“And since my Battle Phase isn’t over…” he continued, “Beiige, attack!”

Beiige charged, and stabbed at Andy with his spear! Andy screamed and fell to his knees.

His Life Points fell to a mere 400.

“HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!” laughed Grodus. “Your Life Points are nearly drained! But until then, please, scream all you like! I do love hearing it!”

“You sadistic…” gasped Francesca. “You’re even darker than these Dark World creatures!”

“Just for that, Francesca,” laughed Grodus, pointing to her, “you’re next!”

He chuckled to himself.

“Once I dispose of these fools,” he muttered, “the Shadow Queen will be so pleased, she’ll…”

And then a thought hit him.

“Wait a second…” he grunted. “Who needs the Shadow Queen? I’m even better at this than she is!

“Once I defeat these brats, I’ll take down her brats, and then I’ll take down her! All of the power she has will be mine…”

He failed to see that Andy had gotten to his feet.

“Is your turn going to end sometime in this century?” he growled.

“Huh?” asked Grodus. “Oh, right. I’ll end by placing one more card facedown.”

He fit a card into a slot.

“Now make your last move…”

“Stan! Andy can still turn this around, right?” asked Francesca.

“I dunno…” muttered Stan. “Grodus still has 5,750 Life Points and three powerful Monsters on the field; Andy’s is in triple digits, and he has a clear side. Frankly, it’s gonna take a miracle…”

Andy had heard them.

Not to mention the fact that I only have one card in my hand, he thought. The chances of a miracle now are pretty slim…

“Oh, that’s poppycock!” said a voice behind him.

“Bobbery?” said Andy, turning around.

“Andy, when I was your age, miracles happened all the time,” said Bobbery. “You ever see the movie A Perfect Storm?”

“Who hasn’t?” asked Andy.

“Wasn’t it about two violent storms that came together at sea to form what they called a ‘perfect storm’ which was incredibly deadly?” asked Bobbery. “Well let me tell you, when I was a young sailor, I saw a storm that was even more perfect than that! When I went out to sea once, three violent storms came together, and my ship was caught in it! Our craft was blown to splinters, and we clung to lifeboats for the rest of the time, expecting every minute to drown or be blown away! But the sea spared us… me and my whole crew survived to see the storm quell.

“When we were finally rescued, they said the fact that we survived was more than a miracle!

“But do you know why I believe I didn’t drown that day? Because I wanted to live. I wanted to get home to see Scarlette again. My faith and my determination made the miracle happen.

“Miracles don’t just come to people for no reason, Andy. You have to make them come to you. Now draw your next card, and remember that!”

Andy looked at his deck.

He drew.

“I play… Monster Reborn!” he shouted.

He played the card, and Des Volstgalph materialized in front of him, in Attack Mode.

“And also,” he stated, fitting his last card into a slot, “one card facedown…”

A facedown card appeared next to his other one.

Andy NO! screamed Francesca in her head. That’s the most obvious trick in the book! It will never work!

Andy waved his hand to signal the end of his turn.

“HA, HA, HA!” laughed Grodus. “Do you expect me to fall for that?”

He drew a card.

“I activate… Royal Decree!”

One of his Trap Cards lifted.

“Now your Trap is worthless…” cackled Grodus. “Of course, this card forbids me from playing any as well, but that doesn’t really matter, because after this attack hits, you lose!

“Goldd, attack Des Volstgalph with dark gold rush!”

Goldd powered up his golden assault…

“Who ever said this was a Trap Card, Grodus?” asked Andy.

He waved his hand, and a familiar Quickplay Magic Card lifted.

“Huh?” gasped Grodus. “Your Scorching Ruin?”

“Now Des Volstgalph’s Attack is increased by 1,000, plus 200 since I just played a Magic Card!” laughed Andy.

Des Volstgalph rose to 3,400 Attack!

“So attack me, Goldd!” gloated Andy.

“No…” gasped Grodus.

It was too late… Goldd shot forth his lethal gold rush, but Des Volstgalph blasted through the attack with his own energy blast! The Fiend howled in pain, and was blasted into atoms!

“Grodus…” snarled Andy. “Wu-lord of Dark World… is vanquished.”

Grodus’s Life Points fell to 4,650, and then fell to 4,150.

“A minor setback…” growled Grodus. “I’ll move Bron and Beiige into Defense Mode, and then summon another Beiige in Defense Mode…”

He turned the cards on his Disk, and the two Fiends crouched in Defense. Then he put another card down, and another Beiige appeared, also kneeling in Defense.

“Make your move…” he dared.

Andy drew.

“Well, what have we here?” he asked.

He fit a card into a slot.

“I play Sweet Feast!”

Grodus gasped as the overflowing cornucopia appeared over Andy.

“Since the most powerful Monster on the field is my six-star Des Volstgalph,” explained Andy, “I gain 6,000 Life Points, and I get to draw six cards!”

His Life Points went up to 6,400, and six cards flew off of his Disk.

“Since I can’t do anything else because I played it, it’s your move…”

Grodus grunted as he drew.

“I pass, I can’t do anything!” he cursed.

“In that case,” stated Andy. “I’ll blow away your Royal Decree with Mystical Space Typhoon!”

He played the card, and the Trap shattered.

“Now I’m going to take care of your facedown mystery Monster,” he continued, fitting another card into a slot. “Nobleman of Crossout!”

The knight in shining armor appeared, and stabbed into the card. A second Scarr appeared, and shattered into pixels.

“Next, two cards facedown…”

He fit two cards into slots, and they appeared behind Des Volstgalph.

“And finally, Des Volstgalph, destroy Bron!”

Des Volstgalph shot forth his lethal breath, and the Mad King of Dark World was incinerated.

Grodus’s Life Points fell to 3,750.

Grodus was now clearly angry. He drew a card…


Dark Sage
23rd November 2005, 06:17 AM
Continued from last post:

“I’ll play a second Dark World Lightning!” he exclaimed, playing a card. “Say goodbye to THAT facedown card!”

Lightning stuck one of Andy’s facedowns, destroying his Dragon’s Rage.

“And as you know, this Magic Card also lets me discard one card, so I’m discarding a guy called Broww, Huntsman of Dark World.”

He discarded it.

“When this Monster is discarded, I get to draw one card.”

He made a draw.

He looked at it and growled…

“Disappointed, Grodus?” asked Andy.

“Just move!” shouted Grodus.

“Fine!” said Andy, drawing.


“I activate my other facedown card…” he exclaimed. “Burst Breath!”

Des Volstgalph roared, and exhaled a furious gout of flame!

After the smoke cleared, both he and the two Vanguards were eliminated.

“Now that my side is clear,” continued Andy, “I’ll summon another Cyber Dragon!”

The ground rumbled, and the huge metal serpent emerged from the ground! (2,100/1,700)

“But wait!” laughed Andy. “Since summoning Cyber Dragon was a Special Summon, I can sacrifice him…”

He switched cards on his Disk, and Cyber Dragon vanished…

“…to summon Luster Dragon #2!”

The huge emerald Dragon appeared with a roar! (2,400/1,400)

“Luster Dragon, attack him directly!”

“Oh no you don’t!” shouted Grodus. “I activate my own Quickplay, Gateway to Dark World!”

His last facedown lifted up.

“This Magic Card lets me Special Summon one Dark World Monster from my Graveyard!” shouted Grodus, “so I’ll Special Summon Broww and place him in Defense Mode!”

A new Fiend appeared. This one looked similar to the others, but he wore a combination of armor and furs. He carried a bow and a quiver of arrows.

He crouched in Defense. (1,400/800)


“Now your Dragon will have to attack him instead of me!” cursed Grodus.

Luster Dragon shot forth his emerald flash, and Broww was blasted into particles.

“Your move…” sneered Andy.

“Yes!” cheered Francesca. “Andy’s got this duel cold! Grodus will never catch up!”

“Don’t jinx it…” warned Stan.

Grodus drew a card.

He looked at it.

“I’ll place two cards facedown, and end my turn,” he stated.

He fit two cards into slots, and they appeared in front of him.

“What?” said Andy, startled. “No Monsters at all?”

Grodus just stared at him.

Andy drew a card.

This could be dangerous, he thought. His whole deck relies on weird Traps and Quickplays…

He sighed.

I’ve used up Stamping Destruction, Heavy Storm, AND Mystical Space Typhoon. By the time I draw Dust Tornado, there’s no telling what he may do!

I have to chance it…

“Luster Dragon… ATTACK!” he shouted.

Luster Dragon roared…

“Hold it, Andy!” shouted Grodus. “I activate… Magical Trick Mirror!”

One of his Traps lifted, and a toy wizard covered with mirrors appeared, and spun around in a dizzy dance!

“What the?” said Andy.

“This Trap Card activates when you declare an attack, and lets me duplicate one Magic Card in your Graveyard!” shouted Grodus. “So I’m choosing to activate… Graceful Charity!”

Andy’s Disk shook, and the angel flew out of his discard slot, and then flew over to Grodus…

She whipped three cards off of his deck, and handed them to him.

“And if you liked Sillva, Warlord of Dark World the first time,” chuckled Grodus, “prepare yourself for double the trouble, because I’m discarding another Sillva!”

The handed the angel two cards, and she flew into his discard slot…

And then, another Sillva materialized in front of Grodus. (2,300/1,400)

“Big deal!” shouted Andy. “Luster Dragon is still stronger!”

Luster Dragon shot forth his blast, and the Fiend was blown to bits!

Grodus shielded himself as his Life Points fell to 3,650.

“I activate my other Trap!” he shouted. “Chthonian Blast!”

His other Trap lifted.

“This Trap can be activated when one of my Monsters is destroyed,” he explained. “It then destroys the Monster on the field with the lowest Attack Score, meaning your Dragon!”

Luster Dragon howled and exploded!

“And now we both lose Life Points equal to half of that Dragon’s Attack Score…” growled Grodus.

His Life Points fell to 2,450, and Andy’s fell to 5,200.

“That was a desperate move…” muttered Andy.

“Say what you will,” said Grodus. “It’s my draw…”

He looked at the card.

“Heh, heh…” he chuckled. “This time I’ll play my own Graceful Charity!”

He played the card, and for the fourth time, the angel appeared, handing him three cards.

“And now I’ll discard my third Sillva!” he laughed.

He handed her two cards, and she flew into his discard slot…

…and once again, Sillva appeared. (2,300/1,400)

“Sillva, attack directly with dark silver stream!” he laughed.

Sillva threw up its arms and fired a wave of silvery dust! Andy cringed against it and staggered backwards…

He gasped for breath as his Life Points fell to 2,900.

“All right…” he moaned. “My draw now…”

He slowly drew.

“I summon… Mirage Dragon, in… Defense Mode…” he groaned, placing the card on his Disk.

The shining Dragon of Light appeared in front of him, curled up in Defense. (1,600/600)

“Your move…” he muttered, clutching his head.

Grodus drew.

“I play another Gateway to Dark World!” he stated. “And this time, I’ll use it bring back Goldd!”

He played the card, and Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World appeared again. (2,300/1,400)

“Of course,” muttered Grodus, “a Monster revived by that Magic Card can’t attack on the round it’s Special Summoned in that way, and I can’t summon anything else because of it…

“But Sillva can sure attack!

“Sillva, wipe out his Mirage Dragon!”

Sillva shot forth his dark silver stream, and Mirage Dragon was disintegrated.

“Now, I’ll place two more cards facedown,” chuckled Grodus.

He fit two cards into slots, and they appeared.

“Your move…” he dared.

Andy’s hand shook as he drew.

He looked at his cards.

No Monsters… he thought. And nothing that can block an attack… If those two Fiends attack me directly, I’ve had it!

“Andy,” said Bobbery, “there is a way, but it involves a great deal of risk…”

Andy paused.

“Well,” sighed Andy, “what have I got to lose?”

He took a card from his hand.

“I place this card facedown…” he said.

A facedown card appeared.

“And now I call my Deckmaster to the field! Admiral Bobbery, go!”

Bobbery trotted out to the center of the field. (2,200/1,000)

“Has Andy lost his mind?” gasped Stan.

“I think he has…” groaned Francesca.

“HA, HA, HA, HA!” laughed Grodus. “Are you nuts? Sillva and Goldd are both stronger!”

“You don’t get it, do you?” asked Andy. “By calling Bobbery to the field, his Deckmaster ability activates! Bobbery, Bomb Barrage!”

Bobbery glowed golden, and a flurry of lit bombs flew towards Grodus’s side!

“Huh?” quipped Grodus.

There was a fierce explosion, and the two Fiends howled! They were blown to bits!

Grodus looked down in disbelief. His two facedown cards were gone too.

“I’ve destroyed everything on your side, Grodus,” said Andy. “I can’t order Bobbery to attack this round, but I can next round… So it’s your move…”

Grodus shakily drew…

He looked at the three cards in his hand…

His second Field Card, his second Terraforming, and his second Chthonian Alliance.

Worthless, he thought. And if that creature attacks me directly, I’ll lose… there’s got to be something I can do…

He looked over his shoulder.

Wait a minute… he thought. The answer is staring me right in the face!

“You haven’t won yet, Andy!” shouted Grodus. “You aren’t the only one who can summon his Deckmaster!”

Francesca gasped…

“Dark Ruler Ha Des, I summon you to the field!” ordered Grodus.

The hulking Fiend lumbered onto the field, towering over Bobbery. (2,450/1,600)

“Heh, heh, heh,” chuckled Grodus. “In case you didn’t notice Andy, my Deckmaster’s Attack Score trumps yours by two hundred and fifty points! And once I attack, you lose! Didn’t count on that, did you?”

Andy started to sweat.

“Dark Ruler Ha Des!” commanded Grodus, “attack his Bomb-omb with Stygian blast!”

The Dark Ruler cackled… black flames formed in his hands…

“That’s exactly what I wanted you to do, Grodus,” said Andy, softy. “This time, you walked into my trap…”

His facedown card lifted.

“Activate Power Lift!”

“Huh?” gasped Grodus.

As Ha Des shot forth his blast, the whole arena was caught in a fierce explosion!

When the smoke cleared, only Admiral Bobbery was there…

“Wha… Guh… Buh…” stammered Grodus.

“I was hoping you’d summon your own Deckmaster, thinking he would defeat mine,” answered Andy. “That’s why I set Power Lift. It let me add Bobbery’s Defense Score to his Attack Score, for a grand total of 3,200!”

Grodus stared in disbelief…

“Normally, this would mean that Bobbery would be destroyed when you ended your turn,” continued Andy. “But you’ll never get a chance to end your turn… Your Deckmaster is gone, so you lose!”

“YAAAY!” cheered Francesca.

Bobbery turned to Andy and winked.

“Thanks again, Bobbery,” said Andy.

“Don’t mention it,” said the Companion, before vanishing.

And then, a rope made of dark energy flew down from the ceiling and ensnared Grodus!

The three teens looked up in fear, and saw the Shadow Queen reel him in!

“We need to chat, Grodus!” shouted the Queen.

And then they both vanished into darkness.

Another door, this one made of wood, appeared in the far wall.

“Where do you think this leads?” asked Andy.

“Probably to another of the Queen’s traps,” sighed Francesca. “But then, what choice do we have?”

They opened it.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Well, seems the big cheese was a big loser,” sighed Peten.

“Hey, he made the same dumb mistake you did,” commented the Amazon.

Peten sighed.

“Touché,” he mused.

“I wouldn’t have been dumb enough to summon myself to the field…” she continued.

“I know,” chuckled End. “Probably because you’d have needed to sacrifice one of your own Monsters every round to keep yourself from blowing up! That’s why no-one uses your card, you know…”

“Hey, watch it!” snapped the Amazon.

“I mean Peten and I are still pretty useful,” added End, “but you… frankly there are much better four-stars with your strength to use…”

“Quit it…” snarled the Amazon.

“Panther Warrior, Goblin Elite Attack Force…” listed End.

“Quit it!” shouted the Amazon.

“Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei, Berserk Gorilla… Heh, heh… You aren’t even better than a big ape!”

“Oh, that does it…” snarled the Amazon, drawing her sword again.

As the fight started again, Peten sighed.

Maybe when the Queen lets us out of here I’ll go into classical theater, he thought. I’m sure there’s a Shakespearian troupe who’s planning to put on Twelfth Night… I’d make a pretty good Feste…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

In the Queen’s alchemy lab…

“Don’t feel bad, Grodus,” sighed the Queen. “Things didn’t work out too bad…

“For me…

“After all, had you won… I’m sure you’d have tried to seize power for yourself!”

Grodus gulped.

“I really hate it when my henchmen get thoughts of treason…” scowled the Queen.

“What are you going to do to me?” asked Grodus with a shudder.

The Queen grinned.

“Nothing!” she answered.

Grodus paused.

“Uh… nothing?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” she answered.

The six Shadow Spawn walked up.

“I’m going to let my kids punish you for me,” she replied. “Children…”

They flicked their Disks into position and drew the top cards…

“No… please… don’t…” pleaded Grodus.

“Kaiser Sea Horse, go!” shouted Melissa.

“Harpie’s Brother, go!” shouted Kurtis.

“Blazing Inpachi, go!” shouted Tyson.

“Panther Warrior, go!” shouted Leopold.

“Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness, go!” shouted Maria.

“Drillago, go,” sighed Vladimir.

The six Monsters appeared, and closed in on Grodus.

Turning her back to a great amount of screaming, the Shadow Queen turned to her cauldron.

While they’re doing that, she thought, I can finish the final incantation…

She started to chant…


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Field
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a broken battlefield awash with fiendish skeletons, and a dark palace in the background. Whenever a Monster with the words “Dark World” in its name is destroyed in battle, battle damage to the controller of the Monster is halved. Also, when a Monster with the words “Dark World” in its name is destroyed in battle, the owner draws one card.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a fetid zombie holding a gem between its hands. You can activate this card when your opponent discards a card to his Graveyard for any reason. Add that card to your hand. Your opponent then draws one card.

Note: “Zombie’s Jewel” was used by Marik in the anime episode “The Final Face-Off”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Quickplay
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a man being buffeted in a dark tornado. This card can be activated when you have no Monsters on your side of the field. During the round this card is activated, you cannot take battle damage or effect damage.

Note: “Dark Wall of Wind” was used by Marik in the multi-part anime episode “The Darkness Returns”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a sinister figure in a dark robe with a blood-red gem floating between his hands. Remove one Monster that has the words “Dark World” in its name and five level stars or more in your Graveyard from play. Increase your Life Points by 2,000.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a toy wizard covered with mirrors. You can activate this Trap when your opponent declares an attack. Activate one Magic Card in your opponent’s Graveyard for your own use.

Note: “Magical Trick Mirror” was first used by Kaiba in the anime episode “Clash in the Coliseum”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

Admiral Bobbery the Bomber: Machine/Water, (2,200/1,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Bomb Barrage”: When you summon the Deckmaster to the field, you can destroy all cards on your opponent’s side of the field. The Deckmaster cannot attack on the round this effect is activated. This effect can only be used once per duel.

Dark Ruler Ha Des: Fiend/Dark. (2,450/1,600)

Deckmaster SA: “Demon Summoning”: Pay 1,000 Life Points. Add one FIEND-Type Monster with four stars or less from your deck to your hand. You can activate this effect once per turn, during your main phase.

[I][B]Coming up next:

If the Queen is going to conquer the world, she likely needs an army… Well she has one, and next chapter, the other winner of our contest is going to stumble into them!

Drake encounters the Queen’s army, and is confronted with one of the most legendary Warriors of the dueling world. Can the powers of Chaos defeat one of the greatest military minds of all time? Don’t miss “Chain of Command”, coming soon.

Master of Paradox
23rd November 2005, 07:13 AM
Ah, Dark World... in the CSR universe, it's Hell, literally.

For obvious reasons, this is the first time I've ever seen anyone play a Dark World deck, and it'll probably be the most complete one I'll see for a while. You went out of your way to find an obscurity for Grodus to play...

However, somehow, this duel disappointed me. I think it's because I knew Andy had to win, and something about the rarer, trickier deck losing made me unhappy. That, and once again someone won due entirely to made-up cards, one of which was a Companion - something about them doesn't work with me...

On technical grounds, the duel was fine - it was one of those duels where both parties play every move they could possibly think of, which in my book is a pretty good one. It was interesting seeing Andy react to a Dark World deck, even if I didn't like the outcome.

(Yes, I know I'm impossible to please.)

Looking ahead to next chapter, I can already see every move of the duel, even if I can't guess the opponent. Or maybe I can...

23rd November 2005, 01:33 PM
Darn. I thought Grodus is going to deck out.

..because yeah. He drew so many cards. And stuff.

Otherwise, pretty good duel. Im not a big fan of "tribe cards", I just dont like 'em. That includes all of them. Amazons, Archfiends, Dark Scorpions, Vehicroids...well, I kinda like vehicroids. But still.

Meh. A good chapter, anyway. I wanted to see, what kind of deck Grodus is using, since the chapter he appeared.

Shuppet Master
23rd November 2005, 02:18 PM
That was a really awesome duel, Brian! (I know, I'm becoming a broken record, but still...) I was unsure of how to play Dark World monsters because they are pretty annoying. I got a couple of them and was a bit upset at them, but they are neat cards to play if you like countering opponent's standard Don Zaloogs and Spirit Reapers. :)

Grodus was an idiot for getting big-headed(but then, he has a big head, if you know what I mean). I know Grodus can't go to the Graveyard because he has to be there until the end, but it was funny seeing the Spawn kick his you-know-what. :biggrin:

Anyways, the commentary between the three Duel Monsters was funny and when End provoked the Amazon again, it was hilarious. Well, keep up the good work and happy Thanksgiving, Brian!

23rd November 2005, 03:42 PM
I think that the Mario based are way to powerful. If Andy brought out Cyber End Dragon he could gain 10,000 life points and draw 10 cards! If that card was real it would be banned as fast as you could say 'broken'. But the Dark World cards are AWSOME! I am thinking of using a Dark World deck, the problem is I don't have Goldd or Sillva. I'm not rich, I only make a dollar per day from allowance and I have to buy my own cards.

23rd November 2005, 08:03 PM
Once again, this is one of those duels where I wanted the bad guy to win. Grodus is just a kick-ass villian.

Anyway, I agree with everyone else, the commentary between the three monsters was pretty funny (what did Grodus do to make Peten send him 18 mail bombs?).

Anyway, it would have been cool to see a war break out between the Shadow Queen and Grodus..

Oh, before I forget, nice duel Brian.

Shuppet Master
24th November 2005, 11:16 AM
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

goldenzigzagoon: That's the reason those cards are fake. You are right in saying that Sweet Feast is broken, even with the drawback of ending your turn when you play it(which can be avoided by playing it last, like Andy has done before). Of course, since it is a fanfiction-only card, the writer can decide when it will be played, so he wouldn't have Andy play it with Cyber End Dragon on the field. Also, consider that using it when your deck is low is risky, because you would deck out and lose that way.

Mystic_Clown: Well, I'm sure you'd love to see a war break out between evil villians, but Dark Sage is the author of this fanfic, so he has the say. Besides, it would completely screw over the plot(which Dark Sage was so kind to spoil for me, but not completely). However, I'm sure he's got something up his sleeve to compensate for that. :)

Perfect Chaos
24th November 2005, 12:53 PM
Very nice chapter Brian. I couldn't tell that Grodus was going to play a Dark World deck until after I read the chapter title.

Originally, I was thinking of not playing the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG anymore because no Fiend support had appeared for the last couple of sets. Now, I'm slightly reconsidering of returning to play with the release of the Dark World monsters. I technically like them alot better than the Archfiends.

Now there's an idea. A duel between Dark World and Archfiends...*dreams*


Dark Sage
24th November 2005, 07:36 PM
Goldenzigzaggon -

True, the Enchanted Cards are very powerful, but in the anime, the characters used the Egyptian God Cards and the Legendary Dragons. This sort of thing is nothing new.

Mystic Clown -

Whether Grodus will rebel or not - I won't say.

Perfect Chaos -

If you like Fiends, wait for Shadows of Infinity, in which the most powerful Fiend Monster ever will be released. His name is Phantom Emperor Ravel, and he'll change the way you look at Fiends.

24th November 2005, 08:39 PM
True, the Enchanted Cards are very powerful, but in the anime, the characters used the Egyptian God Cards and the Legendary Dragons. This sort of thing is nothing new.

True, but you can get the Egyption God cards in real life, I read it somewhere. You cant get the dragons though.

Dark Sage
24th November 2005, 08:45 PM
Mystic Clown,

The Egyptian God Cards were limited edition cards that you can buy if you have enough money. However, there are two things to consider:

1. Each of the cards have no rulings printed on the text. In other words, these cards have whatever effects that the two players decide on. Most of them use the rules of the anime.

2. These cards are not tournament legal.

Also, I'll give you a spoiler. Merlee will eventually tell the kids that their Companions and Enchanted Cards are NOT legal for true tournaments, and that they are only to be used on Monster Island. The reason the Queen hasn't stopped them from using these cards is...

...Well, that's a little secret.

Shuppet Master
24th November 2005, 10:52 PM
His name is Phantom Emperor Ravel, and he'll change the way you look at Fiends.

Brian, I know about that guy. He and his two friends, the Flame Emperor and Thunder Emperor, will show up near the end of the first season of GX. They are sort of like the dark versions of the God Cards.

Also,[rant on] WTF was Konami thinking making those three cards playable and the God Cards non-playable when both of those trios are basically divine beings? Someone needs to strangle Konami and get their act straight! I know the three Demon Emperors are weaker technically, but c'mon, they should be banned. They make the Chaos monsters look like sissies![rant off]

Sorry for the rant, but I had to get it off my chest.

25th November 2005, 06:50 AM
So the enchanted cards are super powerful spell cards that are banned. There is also only one of each, they sort of remind me of The Golden Castle of Stronburg.

25th November 2005, 10:07 AM
Dark World Monsters...?

Man, I've never seen those things in a duel before. Judging by the images, effects, and descriptions, I'd say that these guys are to the Archfiends what the Archfiends are to normal Fiends... :eek:

Unfortunately, the next chapter stirs up fear in me-if it is what I think it is, then yet another of my chapters will be unveiled...

Well, not really. I doubt that even DS could've devised the theme I have planned... :rolleyes:

25th November 2005, 11:12 AM
Dark World Monsters...?

Man, I've never seen those things in a duel before. Judging by the images, effects, and descriptions, I'd say that these guys are to the Archfiends what the Archfiends are to normal Fiends...
Heh; no wonder I'm so interested in them!:biggrin: Of course, I don't play aside from the video games; but this theme seems like one I'd want to play.:)

Brian, I know about that guy. He and his two friends, the Flame Emperor and Thunder Emperor, will show up near the end of the first season of GX. They are sort of like the dark versions of the God Cards.

Also,[rant on] WTF was Konami thinking making those three cards playable and the God Cards non-playable when both of those trios are basically divine beings? Someone needs to strangle Konami and get their act straight! I know the three Demon Emperors are weaker technically, but c'mon, they should be banned. They make the Chaos monsters look like sissies![rant off]

Well, they are a little less broken than the Divine Gods in the right deck. But I feel they're way too hard to get out. Take Uria, Slifer's counterpart. To summon him, you have to send 3 Continous Traps to the Graveyard. It's hard to keep one of those out, let alone 3 without an opponent's Heavy Storm ruining your big plan.:wink: I have no idea how the final enemy of the first season managed it! ...Oh, wait; Jaden doesn't have those kinds of cards, now that I think about it.:p

So the enchanted cards are super powerful spell cards that are banned. There is also only one of each, they sort of remind me of The Golden Castle of Stromburg.
But Stromburg's more broken than broken--there's a reason Pegasus didn't go through with the card.:rolleyes: The Enchanted Cards are very powerful...since there's only one of each, banning them was the right thing to do.:wink:

25th November 2005, 03:27 PM
Blademaster, the Dark World cards are from the newest pack, Elemental Energy. I went to the Pre Release so I was one of the first people to see them. I remember when you said my duels needed more meat to them, so I fixed that, mostly because one of my only three reviewers threatened to stop review because he could not stand my terrible duels. The latest four chapters have got much better reviews.

25th November 2005, 04:41 PM
Yeah, but does this game really need another group of Fiends? First there were the Bakura-occult Fiends from LON, then the Ha Des Fiends of LOD, then the Marik-nightmare Fiends from PGD, then came the Archfiends of DCR and the afterlife Fiends from AST, and now these Dark World freaks? Just how many castes does the Fiend world have? Dark Necrofear, Ha Des, Golem, Zorc, MaZera, Goldd... it's too much! Konami should add more of a different type of Monster! How about some new type of Dragons that aren't LV-, Blue-Eyes-, or Red-Eyes-based Monsters? Or maybe a new band of Warriors or Spellcasters? Oy...

25th November 2005, 05:09 PM
Your right, but there is a new card called Rapid Fire Magician who can be pretty useful but yeah I think there needs to be more REBD cards.

25th November 2005, 05:35 PM
Your right, but there is a new card called Rapid Fire Magician who can be pretty useful but yeah I think there needs to be more REBD cards.
I doubt there'll be anymore Red-Eyes support--the rest of them are in the Doma Saga.:( And don't even think about Dragon Nails...

25th November 2005, 06:07 PM
The Paladin of Dark Dragon that Joey used was pretty cool. I hope that comes out.

Dark Sage
25th November 2005, 06:21 PM
Yeah, so was Lord of the Red.

Listen people, if you are tired of Fiends, take heart. "Shadows of Infinity" will have only two Fiends, and neither Phantom Emperor Ravel nor Dark King of Destruction will be common OR easy to use (the first requires you to sacrifice three Monsters who must also be Fiends; the second is a Ritual Monster, and to summon him, you must sacrifice EXACTLY eight stars worth of Monsters, no more no less. What's more, to activate his powerful effect, you must pay 2,000 LP).

Shadows of Infinity will have support for some underrated groups. Like the Des Frogs? The set has more cards for a Des Frog deck. Like Ancient Gear monsters? The set has a lot of accessory cards, and more good Machines thrown in (it even has something that's practically the same as Blast Sphere). Like Insects? The set has a slew of powerful Insect Monsters.

My favorite is Chainsaw Bug. This four star Monster has 2,400 ATK, and the only handcap is, whenever it engages in battle, your opponent draws one card. (Combo it with the Trap "Greed", and turn a negative into a positive.) Another good Insect is Devildozer (likely will have its name changed for the English. This eight-star Monster is summoned by removing two Insects in your Graveyard from play. It has stats of 2,800/2,600, and when it damages your opponent, he must discard the top card from his deck.

More of Jaden's deck... Some of which you haven't seen in the U.S. yet. But you will see Super Junior Confrontation and Cyclone Boomerang (Wildheart's favorite weapon isn't as powerful as it is in the anime, I'm afraid.)

Plus there's a Ritual Card that can summon one of TWO monsters. One is the Fiend I told you about, and one is the most evil Fairy you'll likely ever see.


A special Equip for both Pikeru and Curran, which I'm not going to talk about, because it might show up in this fic before the set is out!

But enough Fiends. There's much more in this set.

25th November 2005, 08:08 PM
I love the new Pikeru and Curran cards! Shadow of Infinity is awsome! I think I'll make a deck that revolves around the ritual card you mentioned, I don't want to give the name away so I won't talk about it.

25th November 2005, 10:18 PM
DS, please give me a site where I can see these cards!

BTW, could you give me a bit of help for my fic. I'll send you a PM.

Dark Sage
28th November 2005, 05:51 PM

Hello to all my loyal readers!

My parents have given me my Christmas present - a laptop computer - early, so I now can write at work.

And write I will.

I'm already concentrating more on "Pokemonese".

And, for when "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Thousand-Year Door" is over, I am planning a new Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic!

Sounds cool, right?

Don't get excited. It's only in the outline stage. But, before I submit to anything in stone, I'm making an offer.

That's right, there will be user characters! Namely, YOU.

First, let me give a little spoiler:

This fanfic will have nothing to do with any tournament. The main setting is a college for duelists, similar to that in "Yu-Gi-Oh GX". Basically what I'm doing now is accepting entrace applications.

I want all of you to, above all, BE ORIGINAL! Don't send me something I've seen a thousand times before. I'll let you know if a part of a character is all right or not (some of the stuff I have planned is indeed set in stone, such as the main characters).

So, if you are interested, fill out this form and PM it to me:

Character Name:




School Year: (No seniors allowed. Only my own characters will be seniors. And if I get all juniors, I have the right to change some.)

Deck Theme: (Again, be original. If you submitted a user character for TYD, try something new. If you want to submit a whole deck, be my guest.)

One last thing: This fanfic takes place in the true anime world. So do not have a character use cards that are unique, like Blue-Eyes. (In fact, do not submit a character who uses Dark Magician either. He won't be showing up unless Yugi himself - or Arkana - also shows up.)

I can't stress enough to be original.

Submit your characters, and you never know, your character may accomplsh great things in this new project.

Shuppet Master
29th November 2005, 03:16 PM
I'm working on a user character as we speak, D.S. :D

29th November 2005, 03:46 PM
And I'm also thinking on it. I know the type of deck I want to use...now I have to think on a unique personality of my character.^_^

29th November 2005, 04:25 PM
I might cook something up. But I'll probably be to lazy. :biggrin:

The Blue Avenger
29th November 2005, 04:28 PM
I already sent my character in. I'm proud of how he turned out.

29th November 2005, 05:31 PM
Will all of our user characters show up or just you're favorites? I'm not sure if my character is good enough.

29th November 2005, 07:58 PM
Don't sweat it, Ziggy; just do your best and I'm sure DS will give you a shot. I wanna send a character in, too, but I've got a lot of decisions to make, first...

29th November 2005, 08:18 PM
Ya, I guess my character is original. I'm just not sure if he is original in a good way or a bad way.

30th November 2005, 06:11 AM
Can you also use self made cards (with enough details) or do you prefer if we use exicting cards?

Dark Sage
30th November 2005, 08:50 AM
LEt's answer some questions...

First, anyone who submits a user character will be featured at least once in the story.

Second, you can make up new cards, but not two many.

I've seen a few user characters, and I'd like to say, I am seeing originality.

Now, it's time for a new chapter. Silencer, you might want to pay attention...

Dark Sage
30th November 2005, 08:51 AM
[B][I]Call me Drake.

My skill in Duel Monsters using a Chaos Deck may have made me the champion of Benelux, but even so, I never considered myself a celebrity. There are lots of people more famous than me, even among Duel Monsters.

The guy I’m facing – he’s a celebrity, at least among Monsters. More than a celebrity, he’s a legend. There may be others of his Type that are stronger, but few that are more respected. Every duelist who knows of him, whether you’re standing behind him or on his receiving end, knows that he’s worthy of respect…

And now I have to duel him…

Do I even stand a chance?

After all, my deck is Chaos, but this guy is big on order… And most people will tell you that order is superior to chaos…


Chain of Command

Shortly after the duel with Peten, the last finalist to reach the Palace was at a crossroads…


Drake didn’t know what to make of this place. With every turn he made, it seemed there was another intersection to choose. Whoever built the Palace must have been mad.

As he walked towards the latest one, he had a thought.

Haven’t I been here before? he thought.

He looked around.

That’s the ticket, he thought. This is a labyrinth…

He reached into his pocket and took out a felt-tip pen…

Then he marked an X on the side of one of the passages.

This should help, he thought. I’ll mark each way I take, and if I come to a marked one, I’ll take the other one!

Smarts were going to be what he needed to win the finals, along with a bit of luck…

Although it was mostly luck that got him the jewel in his pocket, the precious Opal Star.

After winning his seventh card, an Interdimensional Matter Transporter took him to the most unlikely place – The Wonky Circus. There he was challenged by the most unlikely of creatures – a weird character in a red robe wearing a white mask. He looked like a typical performer, but this was one clown with a lot of pent-up aggression.

He called himself the Shy Guy General. Drake almost laughed when he gave that title – but the Shy Guy insisted he WAS a general, or at least had been one millennia ago, and that he had been the commander of the Shadow Queen’s armies. Due to the Queen’s current condition, he was forced to work at a demeaning position – and he was determined that no-one, not Drake nor anyone else, would win the Opal Star from him.

A good crowd of spectators turned out to watch, and pretty soon, Drake was facing a twisted masquerade…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Drake wasn’t in the best position at the moment. In fact, he was in a pretty bad position.

First off, he was losing 2,000 Life Points to 3,500.

He had Bazoo the Soul Eater on the field in Attack Mode (1,600/900), but it had been rendered a liability thanks to a Mask of the Accursed. He also had his Soul Absorption card active, but it was just as much a liability, thanks to a Mask of Dispel.

His opponent had two Monsters in Attack Mode, Grand Tiki Elder (1,500/800) and Melchid the Four-Face Beast (1,500/1,200). He also had a Mask of Restrict active – that last part didn’t bother Drake much, seeing as there weren’t many Monsters in his deck that needed a sacrifice to be summoned.

Still, he knew that he had only one more turn to find a way out of this…

The Shy Guy chuckled as he drew.

“I’ve overthrown churches that put up more of a fight than this,” he mocked. “Maybe getting seven Cards was all just dumb luck…”

“You haven’t won yet,” growled Drake.

“Maybe so, but your Life Points will be drained in a matter of rounds,” answered the Shy Guy. “And if you think the torture I’m putting you through is painful, just wait until the Queen’s plans are complete…

“After a thousand years, I’ll finally get my old job back, and leave this accursed circus life behind!”

He placed a card down on his Disk.

“I’ll place Three-Headed Geedo in Defense Mode, and that will be all for my turn.”

A Fiend with three heads and three masks appeared, crouching in Defense. (1,200/1,400)

“Then I’ll draw…” said Drake, drawing.

“..and you’ll lose 1,000 Life Points,” chuckled the Shy Guy.

Drake’s Life Points fell to 1,000.

“But that’s ALL I’m gonna lose!” shouted Drake. “I just drew Heavy Storm!”

He threw the card into a slot, and a fierce wind erupted around the arena! His Soul Absorption card shattered, along with the Mask of Dispel, then the Mask of the Accursed on Bazoo shattered, and finally, the Mask of Restrict shattered.

“Now then,” chuckled Drake. “I’ll remove Banisher of the Light, D.D. Trainer, and D.D. Survivor from play…”

Three cards fell out of his discard slot, and he moved them to his removal slot.

“…to increase Bazoo’s Attack Score to 2,500!”

Bazoo’s Attack Score shot up!

“Bazoo, incinerate his Grand Tiki Elder with breath of souls!”

Bazoo the Soul Eater blasted forth a ray of energy from his mouth, and the creepy Fiend was obliterated!

The Shy Guy’s Life Points fell to 2,500.

“And that’s my turn,” said Drake with a grin.

The Shy Guy chuckled.

“I should thank you, Drake!” he remarked. “You saved me the trouble of destroying my Mask of Restrict myself!”

“What do you mean?” asked Drake.

The General drew a card.

“Because now that it’s gone,” replied the creature, “I can sacrifice my two Monsters…”

Melchid and the Geedo vanished…

“To summon the mighty [B]Masked Beast Des Gardius!”

A huge, hulking form arose. It was both hairy and scaly, with horns and spurs. Its head wore three hideous masks. (3,300/2,500)

“Des Gardius, attack his Bazoo!” shouted the Shy Guy.

The huge Fiend leapt forward and tore Bazoo in half with one mighty swipe!

Drake’s Life Points fell to 200.

“Your move,” chuckled the creature. “Do you really think you can win now?”

Drake drew.

“I do,” he said. “I know how your Fiend works – if I destroy it, you’ll be able to use a nasty Magic Card called Mask of Remnants, which will brainwash one of my Monsters… but that’s not going to happen…”

He fit a Magic Card into a slot.

“First I’ll use Soul Release, to remove five cards from my Graveyard…”

Five cards fell out of his discard slot and he transferred them to the removal pile.

“Now a grand total of fifteen of my cards have been removed from play,” he said. “Making it just the right time to summon…”

He put a card down.

“…wait for it…”

An enormous bonfire erupted on his side of the field…

“…[I]Gren Maju Da Eiza!”

With a roar, the Chaos Fiend appeared!

“And his Attack and Defense are 400 for each of those cards that have been removed from play! Do the math…”


”Six-thousand Attack Points?” screamed the Shy Guy.

“Gren Maju Da Eiza,” commanded Drake, “wipe out Des Gardius with chaos flames!”

Maju shot forth a stream of blazing fire, and Des Gardius was burnt to a crisp!

“Try using that Mask of Remnants now,” gloated Drake, as his opponent’s Life Points hit zero.

“No…” groaned the Shy Guy, falling to his knees.

“I’ll be taking the Opal Star now,” said Drake. “And I wouldn’t count on coming out of retirement any time soon…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Drake marked off another corridor and went down the other.

Have a feeling I’m getting somewhere… he thought.

He stopped.

A large door was in front of him.

He shrugged.

He pulled the hinge.

The door opened onto a grassy hill covered with shrubbery. He looked up, and saw the sky overhead which was grey and cloudy.

How could I have gotten back outside? he asked himself.

He turned and saw the door, which was standing on end…

And then it vanished!

He looked down the hill, and saw tents of some sort. Campfires were burning, and he saw figures walking around.

Well, maybe someone can clue me in, he thought.

He walked down the hill.

He didn’t notice that his Life Point meter on his Disk set to 8,000…

As he walked down the hill, he heard a cry behind him:

“Halt!” shouted a female voice.

He turned and saw two figures.

One of them was a soldier of some sort, dressed in fancy armor with a cape. He held two swords. The other was a woman dressed in beautiful leather armor stained red and orange. She held a sword as well.

“Marauding Captain?” asked Drake. “Command Knight?”

The two Warriors looked at each other.

“All right pal, how did you get in here?” asked Command Knight, pointing her sword.

“I… walked in?” answered Drake.

Command Knight’s eyes narrowed.

“Look,” gulped Drake, “I’ll gladly leave if you just point me in the direction out of here…”

“It isn’t that easy,” answered the Captain. “This is a restricted area since yesterday, and we’re on alert. You’d best come with us…”

“Uh… suppose I say no?” asked Drake.

He slowly reached for his deck…

But apparently, Command Knight had been expecting that. She made a slash across Drake’s chest with her blade!

He howled and fell over. He noticed now that his Life Point counter was on, and that it had just dropped to 6,400.

“You’d best keep your hands where we can see them and away from those cards!” threatened Command Knight.

“Even if you defeat us,” added Marauding Captain, “we’re far from the only ones here, and you do not want to know what will happen to you if that counter hits zero.”

“All right, fine…” sighed Drake, raising his arms. “Here’s me giving up… I’m sure this is all just a misunderstanding…”

“Perhaps,” answered Command Knight. “But that’s for our CO to decide…”

The two Duel Monsters led him down the hill, and Drake looked around in wonder. It looked like a military camp of some sort, and there were Warriors all around. Warrior Dai Grepher was tending a fire with Gearfried the Iron Knight; nearby, a Goblin Attack Force was playing cards; a figure in very fancy, golden armor stood in the shadows… Drake couldn’t identify him, but from the looks of him, he looked like a Monster that anyone would think twice about messing with.

All these Warriors looked at Drake strangely.

In the center of the camp was a large table where two Monsters were sitting. One was a Little-Winguard who seemed to be explaining something on a map while the other one listened…

The other one…

No… thought Drake. It couldn’t be…

The other Warrior seemed to be the authority figure among this group. He was middle-aged, but handsome, with long, blonde hair, and a short goatee. He wore splendid, spotlessly clean armor, and a long sword was strapped to his back.


“General Freed!” announced Command Knight. “We’ve apprehended an intruder!”

The apparent leader turned and looked at Drake.

“General Freed?” he said in surprise. “As in Freed the Matchless General?”

Freed stood up. He was very intimidating, standing nearly six-foot-seven.

“Yes, and I must say this is a surprise,” he said in a commanding voice. “The Shadow Queen didn’t say that any humans would be coming here…”

“Where is ‘here’ exactly?” asked Drake. “Uh, sir? See, I wandered in here by accident…”

“It’s a pocket dimension inside the Palace of Shadow,” answered the General. “The Queen is building an army; just why, I’m not sure yet, but my orders are to train and be prepared to lead it – she doesn’t have much faith in her former general.”

“Sir, he sounds ignorant, but it might be an act,” warned Marauding Captain. “You heard the Queen’s warning…”

“Yes…” muttered Freed, rubbing his chin. “You wouldn’t know anything about a Merlee, would you boy?”

“Uh, no!” gasped Drake. “My name is Drake… I’ve never heard of any Merlee, and…”

“Well I know him,” interrupted Freed. “I had a run in with him once… Nasty business. I don’t know why the Queen put him on her most-wanted list, but ever since he snuck into tha Palace, restricted areas like this one are on high alert. There’s no telling what secrets he might learn.”

“Well, I’m certainly not Merlee,” chuckled Drake. “And if you’ll just let me go, if I see him, you’ll be the first to…”

“Sir, he might be lying!” interrupted Command Knight. “For all we know, he may be Merlee’s apprentice!”

Freed rubbed his chin…

He stared at Drake.

“I’m afraid I can’t just let you go with security this tight,” he said. “You aren’t supposed to be here, so you could be a spy…

“But then again, you could have just stumbled into here by accident like you claim, and I won’t risk executing someone who may be an innocent…”

He rubbed his chin again… Drake gulped.

“But there is one way you can prove you have no connection to Merlee,” he added.

He motioned to Little-Winguard, and the small Warrior took something out of a gunny sack.

It was a Duel Disk, covered with fancy runes.

Freed strapped it on his left arm.

“I’m busy, but I suppose we have time for a match…” he said.

“Me? Against you?” gasped Drake. “What will that prove?”

“Drake, let me tell you something about warfare,” answered Freed. “Every fighter has his unique style. Your style is like a fingerprint… it cannot be copied. And from one’s dueling style you can determine all influences. If you were even given advice in dueling by Merlee, your dueling style will give you away.”

Well, thought Drake. I’ve never even heard of this Merlee… I’ve got nothing to lose…

He shuffled his deck.

“Troops!” ordered the General. “Attention!”

All the Warriors stood at attention.

“Take your positions!” ordered Freed.

All the Warriors vanished…

“Where’d they go?” asked Drake.

A deck of cards appeared in Freed’s hand.

“My regiment are not only soldiers,” he answered, “they’re also the Monsters in my deck!” he answered. “This gives the Queen’s army one great advantage – it’s portable!”

Amazing, thought Drake.

Freed loaded his deck into his Disk.

Drake’s Life Point counter went back up to 8,000.

“Anyway,” continued Freed, “according to the Queen’s rules, all duels within the Palace walls must be conducted using a Deckmaster.”

“Uh…” muttered Drake.

He looked through his deck.

Well, this one’s always reliable… he thought.

He held a card up.

“I choose D.D. Warrior Lady!” he shouted.

In a flash of light, the gorgeous female Warrior in armor appeared behind him.


“Not a bad choice,” commented Freed. “Anyway, I’ll be serving as my own Deckmaster.”

The Disks flipped into position.

“Now let’s duel!”

As Drake drew his first hand, he heard a soft voice behind him.

“Drake, beware,” warned D.D. Warrior Lady. “Freed the Matchless General is a powerful opponent, whose skill in the arts of warfare is legendary, even in the Different Dimension.”

“Lovely…” muttered Drake.

“I can help as much as I can,” she added. “If you manage to remove one of his Monsters from play, pay 500 Life Points, and I’ll Special Summon that Monster from the void to fight on your side.”

“Okay, gotcha…” answered Drake.

“All right!” shouted Drake, drawing his first card.

Not bad, he thought, looking at his hand.


Dark Sage
30th November 2005, 08:53 AM
Continued from last post:

“I’m summoning a Monster in Defense Mode…” he exclaimed. “Peten the Dark Clown!”

He placed a card down, and Peten leapt into the air, did a flip, and then crouched in Defense. (500/1,200)


“Clever,” said Freed with a nod.

He drew a card.

“But I’ve always felt that the best defense is a good offense!”

He took two cards from his hand.

“I’m summoning a pair you might remember…”

He put a card down.

“First, Marauding Captain…”

Marauding Captain appeared, looking just how he did when he surprised Jake on the hilltop. (1,200/400)

“And due to his effect, I can summon another Monster, so I also summon Command Knight!”

He put another card down, and Command Knight leapt out. (1,200/1,900)


The two Warriors grinned at Drake.

“Ho boy…” he sighed.

“And Command Knight’s effect raises both their Attack Scores by 400!” continued Freed.

Both Warriors rose to 1,600 Attack.

“Marauding Captain, attack his Clown!” ordered Freed. “Blade of battle!”

The Captain leapt up, and cleaved Peten in half!

“Good try,” said Drake, reaching for his deck, “but when Peten is destroyed in battle, I can remove him from play to summon another Peten the Dark Clown!”

He placed a card down, and Peten the Second appeared.

“Interesting…” muttered Freed. “Command Knight, attack with blazing blade!”

Command Knight’s sword burned with fire, and she struck, burning the second Peten up.

Drake pulled another card from his Disk.

“Nice, but Peten isn’t worth using unless you have three in your deck,” he said.

He placed a card down, and Peten the Third arose.

“Very well,” said Freed. “I’ll end by placing a card facedown…”

He set a card, and it appeared behind his Warriors.

“It’s your move…”

Okay, let’s look at the situation, thought Drake. I’ve got my last Peten in Defense Mode, and two cards in my Removed From Play pile. It’s a start, but I’ve got to take the offensive if I want to get anywhere…

He drew.

All right! he thought. Let’s see them deal with this guy!

“I summon D.D. Survivor in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

He placed the card down, and a tall figure clad in tattered rags appeared. (1,800/200)


“All right!” exclaimed Drake. “Attack his Marauding Captain with breath from beyond!”

D.D. Survivor let out a ghostly howl…

“I activate a Trap Card!” shouted Freed. “Reinforcements!”

His facedown card lifted.

“This Trap increases the Attack of my Captain by 500 for the rest of the round, making him stronger than your Monster!”

Marauding Captain leapt over the blast, and swung one of his swords, cutting D.D. Survivor in half!

“Heh,” chuckled Freed. “Looks like your D.D. Survivor wasn’t a very good survivor after all…”

Drake’s Life Points fell to 7,700.

“All right…” sighed Drake. “I have to end my turn…”

Freed drew.

“I play a Magic Card,” he stated. “The A. Forces! This Continuous effect increases the Attack of all my Warriors by 200 for each Warrior I have on the field!”

He played the card, and both Marauding Captain and Command Knight rose to 2,000 Attack.

“Marauding Captain, destroy the last Peten!” ordered Freed.

The Captain leapt forward and cut down the last clown.

“Command Knight, direct attack!”

Command Knight charged and slashed at Drake with her burning sword! Drake screamed and fell to his knees.

His Life Points fell to 5,700.

“Humph,” muttered Freed. “It’s too early for me to tell whether or not Merlee had any influence on you… But one thing I can deduce… You’re a pretty poor duelist…”

“We’ll soon see…” growled Drake, drawing.

“I’ll place a card facedown and end my turn,” stated Freed.

He set a card, and it appeared.

Not bad… he thought.

“All right!” he said. “I’ll place down a facedown card of my own,” he continued.

He placed down a card.

“And then, I’ll summon Gustav the Chaosrider in Defense Mode.”

He placed a card on his Disk, and a sound like a noisy motorcycle roared. A portal opened, and the silver clad road-Warrior appeared, riding his bike. (1,400/1,500)


“And that will end my turn,” he stated.

Freed grinned inwardly.

If that’s a Trap, my Trap Jammer will take care of it, he thought.

He drew a card.

“Marauding Captain, attack Gustav!” he ordered.

Marauding Captain charged…

“I activate… The Reliable Guardian!” shouted Drake.

His facedown card activated.

Huh? thought Freed. That’s a Quickplay!

“This increases Gustav’s Defense by 700 for the rest of the turn!” exclaimed Drake.

As the Captain swung his sword, Gustav caught it, and shoved him backwards.

Freed’s Life Points fell to 7,900.

“Clever,” sighed Freed. “Maybe I spoke too soon when I called you a poor duelist… It’s your move.”

Drake drew.

“First I’ll play Soul Absorption,” he said, playing a Magic Card. “Now, whenever one of our cards is removed from play, I gain 500 Life Points!”

He chose another card.

“Next, I play Mystical Space Typhoon, to destroy your A. Forces card!” he said, playing the card.

The cyclone destroyed the Magic Card. The two Warriors returned to 1,600 Attack.

“Next I’ll move Gustav to Attack Mode…”

He turned his card, and Gustav turned to face the two Warriors.

“And I’ll also summon this guy in Attack Mode… Bazoo the Soul Eater!”

He placed another card down, and the large mandrill ape with purple fur appeared. (1,600/900)


“Now, I’ll remove my other Peten and D.D. Survivor from play, to increase Bazoo’s Attack Score by 300 for each until the end of your next turn!” he continued.

The two cards fell out of his discard slot. His Life Points went up to 6,700, and Bazoo’s Attack went up to 2,200.

“Next,” he continued again, “I’ll remove The Reliable Guardian and Mystical Space Typhoon from play! And for every Magic Card I remove, Gustav gains 300 Attack Points until the end of your next turn!”

Two more cards fell out of his discard slot, and his Life Points went up to 7,700. Gustav’s Attack went up to 2,000.

“Bazoo, attack Marauding Captain with breath of souls!” he shouted.

Bazoo shot forth a blaze of energy from his jaws, and Marauding Captain cringed. He burst.

“Gustav, attack Command Knight with your blazing chain!”

Chaosrider Gustav produced a long chain that glowed with energy, and he hurled it… Command Knight shrieked as it wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides. Gustav gave a yank, and she shattered.

Freed stroked his beard in wonder, as his Life Points fell to 7,000.

“Finally,” said Drake, playing a Magic Card, “I’ll play Chaos Greed…”

He played the card, and a sinister figure in a dark robe appeared behind him. The images of two cards appeared in front of the figure.

“Since at least four of my cards have been removed from play, and my Graveyard is empty,” explained Drake, “this lets me draw two cards.”

He made two draws.

“Your move,” he said adding the cards to his hand.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

As usual, the Shadow Queen was watching. Grodus (who at this point had not yet dueled Andy) spoke up.

“You know, my liege,” he said. “Drake has no connection to Merlee.”

“I know that, and you know that,” answered the Queen, “but the General doesn’t have to know that yet.”

She crossed her arms.

“I need to test Drake carefully. Like Kyle, I have high hopes for him. We need to see if he has what it takes. Should he lose, I’ll personally give the General the order to have him executed…

“But should he win, I have something good in mind…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Freed made a draw.

“I’m using my Deckmaster ability,” he commented.

“Huh?” asked Drake.

“As you know,” explained the General, “in a regular duel, I can enable a duelist to search his deck for a Warrior of four stars or less if he forfeits his Draw Phase. As a Deckmaster, I can pay 500 Life Points to do so without skipping my Draw Phase.”

A card slipped out of his deck, and his Life Points fell to 6,400.

“Now, I’ll play a card facedown, and also a Monster facedown in Defense Mode,” he said.

He set two cards, and two facedown cards appeared.

“And that will be my turn.”

Drake drew.

“I’ll play… Graceful Charity…” he stated, playing the card.

The angel appeared, and handed him two cards.

He considered. He handed her a Banisher of the Light and a D.D. Warrior, and she flew into his discard slot.

“Now I’ll remove from play the two Monsters I just discarded to power up Bazoo again,” he continued.

He transferred the cards, and Bazoo again went up to 2,200. His Life Points went up to 8,700.

“Now I’ll remove Graceful Charity and Chaos Greed to power up Gustav!”

He transferred the cards, and Gustav went up to 2,000 again. His Life Points went up to 9,700.

“Gustav,” ordered Drake, “take out his facedown Monster!”

Gustav swung his chain…

And a hulking barbarian crouched behind a huge shield appeared on the card. (100/2,600)


Gustav was thrown off of his motorcycle and landed on his back. Drake’s Life Points fell to 9,100.

Freed chuckled.

“Big Shield Gardna’s defensive stance was too much for your biker,” he stated.

Gardna stood up and held his shield to his side.

“Yeah?” said Drake with a grin. “Well, because I attacked him, Gardna had to switch to Attack Mode, so now you’re gonna lose 2,100 Life Points when Bazoo attacks!

“Bazoo, attack Big Shield Gardna!”

Bazoo blasted forth his breath weapon.

“Uh, uh, Drake,” said Freed with a smile. “I activate my Trap… Ready For Intercepting!”

His facedown card lifted, showing an image of a dozen soldiers couched behind shields.

“This Trap flips one Warrior into facedown Defense Mode as he’s about to be attacked!” explained Freed.

Gardna vanished, and was replaced by a facedown card…

And then, Bazoo’s breath slammed against his shield again! Bazoo howled and was thrown backwards.

Drake’s Life Points fell to 8,700.

“I told you that the best defense is a good offense,” said Freed, “but sometimes the reverse is true.”

Drake sighed.

“It’s your move,” he said.

Freed made a draw.

“I’ll place another card facedown, and summon Axe Raider in Attack Mode,” he stated.

He set a card, and another facedown card materialized.

Then he played a card, and a fierce-looking fighter carrying a battle axe appeared. (1,700/1,150)


“And I’ll end my turn by moving Gardna back into Defense Mode,” he stated, turning the card.

Big Shield Gardna crouched back behind his shield.

Drake drew and looked at his cards.

I’ve got nothing to remove from play, and nothing that can defeat Axe Raider, he thought. Best defend for now…

“I’ll move Bazoo and Gustav to Defense Mode…” he sighed, turning his cards.

Bazoo shielded himself with his arms, and Gustav turned his motorcycle sideways.

Freed made a draw.

“Axe Raider,” he commanded, “attack Bazoo the Soul Eater with battle axe crush!”

Axe Raider charged forward and smote the Beast, splitting it down the middle! The remains shattered.

“Your move…” said the General.

Boy, that was a smart move, thought Drake, drawing. He realized that if had destroyed Gustav first, I could have powered up Bazoo!

I have to stall until I draw one of my secret weapons…

“I’ll pass this turn…” he said.

Freed drew a card.

“Axe Raider,” he commanded, “attack Chaosrider Gustav!”

Axe Raider smote the biker with his weapon; Gustav shattered, and then his bike followed.

“Make your move,” chuckled Freed. “And try to put some effort into it!”

Drake drew…

He smirked…

He put the card down.

“I summon…”

A huge flame erupted on his side…

”GREN MAJU DA EIZA! he shouted.

The huge chaos Fiend appeared, and roared! Flames danced around its armored exoskeleton!


“Well, that’s a surprise…” sighed Freed, sarcastically.

He held his forehead.

“Not again…”

“Not again?” asked Drake. “What do you mean?”

“My troops and I have a… history with that Monster,” answered Freed. “I’ll tell you later…”

“Yeah?” grinned Drake. “Well you probably know that his Attack and Defense are 400 for every card of mine that has been removed from play, and so far, there have been ten!”


“Maju,” he commanded, “attack Axe Raider with chaos flames!”

Gren Maju Da Eiza roared, and breathed forth a blast of fire at Axe Raider…


Dark Sage
30th November 2005, 08:56 AM
Continued from last post:

But when the smoke cleared, the Warrior was still there!

“WHAT?” gasped Drake.

Freed chuckled…

And Drake noticed that he had activated a Trap. It showed the image of a man in a noble’s outfit emerging from the gates of a palace.

“Class System?” asked Drake. “What’s that?”

“Since Gren Maju Da Eiza doesn’t have more level stars than Axe Raider, this Trap negated its Attack!” answered Freed.

Drake sighed again.

“Then it’s your move…” he said.

Freed drew.

“I’ll place another card facedown,” he said, “and move Axe Raider into Defense Mode.”

He played a new card, and it materialized. Then Axe Raider knelt in Defense.

Drake drew.

All right! he thought. Another D.D. Survivor! Now I can take out both his Monsters!

“I summon…” he started.

“Hold on!” ordered Freed. “I activate my Trap!”

His Trap Card lifted.

“Rivalry of Warlords!”

“Rivalry of Warlords?” asked Drake. “What does that do?”

“I’ll explain,” chuckled the General. “So long as this Continuous Trap is in play, each duelist is forbidden from summoning a Monster of a type other than the Type he already has on the field.

“It doesn’t truly hinder me, because there isn’t a single Monster in my deck that isn’t a Warrior. But for you, thanks to Gren Maju, you can’t summon any Monsters right now that aren’t Fiends!”

Drake looked at his hand.

He chose another card.

“They say when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade,” he said. “I say that when life throws you a lemon, throw back a few lemons of your own!”

He played a Magic Card.

“I play Double Attack! Now my chaos fiend can attack twice, so long as I discard a Monster with more stars than it has! And since it has three stars, I’ll just discard my four-star D.D. Survivor!”

He discarded the card.

“Maju, attack his Axe Raider AND his Big Shield Gardna!”

Gren Maju Da Eiza blasted forth two bursts of flame, and the two Warriors were incinerated.

“No Monsters left, General,” said Drake.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Are you sure you want this guy leading your army?” asked Grodus.

“Don’t sell General Freed short,” answered the Queen. “He’s been keeping his best Monsters in reserve. He has several ways to take down Gren Maju…

“After all, he has before…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“My draw…” stated Freed.

He drew.

“And I couldn’t have asked for better,” he said. “I’m using my Deckmaster ability again…”

His Life Points fell to 5,900, and a card slipped out of his deck.

“…and now I’ll summon… Gearfried the Iron Knight!”

He placed a card down, and the powerful Warrior clad in black, iron armor appeared. (1,800/1,600)


“You think he scares me?” asked Drake. “One blow from Maju and it will be Knightfall!”

He chuckled.

“Knightfall, that was a good one… I should write that down…”

Freed didn’t change his serious expression.

“Every Monster has a story behind him,” he said. “Have you ever heard the legend of Gearfried the Iron Knight?”

Drake looked at him.

“Uhm, no…” he answered.

“It’s quite a tale,” started Freed. “You see, long ago, Gearfried was a barbarian king whose strength had no equal. Whenever he picked up a weapon, the earth would shake and mountains would crumble. He could take on entire armies single-handedly and win.

“Eventually, Gearfried realized that he was simply too strong, and that innocents would suffer because of his power. So, he forged himself a suit of irremovable iron armor that would greatly limit his strength. And from that point on, people called him Gearfried the Iron Knight.

“But Gearfried knew that someday, his true power might be needed again. So he left behind a spell that would free him from his limitations…

“And I’m going to use that spell now…”

He played a Magic Card.

“Gearfried, I set you free!” shouted General Freed. “I play… Release Restraint!”

Gearfried leapt into the air… The armor on him started to crack…

And then it shattered in burst of light!

A new Warrior had taken his place. It was a handsome, muscular barbarian, bare-chested with wild black hair and glowing eyes. (2,600/2,200)

“Gearfried the Iron Knight has become Gearfried the Swordmaster,” explained Freed.


“So?” asked Drake. “He still can’t beat Maju…”

“Yes he can,” chuckled Freed, playing another card, “because I’m Equipping him with Fusion Sword Murasame Blade.”

A huge sword appeared in Gearfried’s hand, and his Attack Score went up to 3,400.

“When Gearfried the Swordmaster is Equipped with a weapon, he can destroy one Monster on the field,” said Freed.

Gearfried shot a beam of energy from his blade, striking Gren Maju Da Eiza! The Fiend howled, and was disintegrated!

“Now, Gearfried, attack directly!” shouted Freed.

Drake gulped as the powerful Warrior leapt forward and slashed at him with his blade! He screamed and fell backwards.

His Life Points fell to 5,300.

Drake slowly crawled to his feet.

That hurt… he thought. Guess there was some truth in that legend…

He drew a card…

“Uhm…” he muttered.

“I summon… D.D. Trainer… In Defense Mode…” he said, placing a card down.

A tiny goblin riding a weird creature appeared, bracing itself. (100/2,000)


Not much of a Monster… he thought, but it was the best I could do…

The General drew a card.

“I summon Blindly Loyal Goblin in Attack Mode,” he announced, placing a card down.

A short, squat goblin with a bald head dressed in ragged trousers and holding a short sword appeared. (1,800/1,500)


“Gearfried, destroy the Trainer!” ordered the General.

With one swipe of his sword, Gearfried the Swordmaster cleaved D.D. Trainer in half.

“Blindly Loyal Goblin, attack directly with goblin blade!”

The goblin leapt forward and stabbed Drake in the stomach with his sword. He moaned and fell to his knees.

His Life Points fell to 3,500.

He started to sweat…

He got up and drew a card.

Yes! he thought.

“I summon my second Gren Maju Da Eiza!” he exclaimed.

He put a card down, and the huge Fiend reappeared in an inferno again! (4,000/4,000)

“Maju…” yelled Drake, “attack Gearfried the Swordmaster!”

Gren Maju Da Eiza erupted in flames, and shot forth a fiery stream, incinerating the barbarian!

Freed the Matchless General cringed as his Life Points fell to 5,300.

He stared at Drake.

“I’ll admit I was wrong…” he said. “You are a pretty good duelist… In fact, you’re soldier material…

“But I will try my best to win…

“My draw…”

He drew a card.

He fit a Magic Card into a slot.

“I play… Bronze Knights…”

The Magic Card appeared, showing the image of a medieval knight.

“And now I’ll discard two cards from my hand, to summon two Bronze Knight tokens…”

He made the two discards, and two knights in shining armor carrying swords appeared. (500/500 x2)

“And now,” continued Freed, “I’ll sacrifice them, and Blindly Loyal Goblin…”

The three Warriors vanished… The sky darkened and lightning flashed…

Freed placed a card on his Disk.

“To summon the most powerful Warrior in my deck, the mighty [B]Gilford the Lightning!”

A tall, powerful looking warrior clad in fancy, golden-orange armor with a powerful looking sword on his back appeared. (2,800/1,400)


Drake couldn’t believe it. This guy was that strange Warrior he saw standing in the shadows that he couldn’t identify…

He remembered hearing about Gilford the Lightning somewhere… But from where?

“Gilford…” ordered Freed, “show Drake your incredible power…”

Gilford slowly drew his sword…

Lightning stuck, and Gren Maju Da Eiza was obliterated!

“So long as I sacrifice three Monsters to summon him,” explained Freed, “he can destroy all opposing Monsters.

“Gilford, attack directly!”

Drake screamed again, as Gilford slashed at him with his sword, knocking him over.

His Life Points fell to 700.

“Now, I’ll play a card facedown, and end my turn…” stated Freed.

Drake slowly drew.

“I’m activating my Trap!” exclaimed Freed, as the card he just set lifted. “Minor Goblin Official!”

“Huh?” asked Drake.

“This Trap can only be activated when my opponent’s Life Points are at 3,000 or less. Starting on your next turn, you’ll lose 500 Life Points during each of your Standby Phases.”

Drake gulped.

He looked at his card.

“I play… Dark Core!” he shouted, playing a card.

He discarded one card.

A black hole opened onto the field, and Gilford the Lightning was sucked through it.

“That removes Gilford from play,” chuckled Drake, “and since my Soul Absorption card is still in effect, I gain 500 Life Points…”

His Life Points went up to 1,200.

“But I’m going to take a risk, and spend them again, to use my Deckmaster ability, to summon Gilford to my side of the field!”

His Life Points fell to 700 again, and D.D. Warrior Lady glowed. A portal opened, and Gilford the Lightning emerged on Drake’s side.

“Uh oh…” muttered Freed.

“Now let’s see how you like it,” said Drake. “Gilford, attack directly!”

Gilford charged and swung his sword, slashing across the General’s armor! Freed staggered back, and his Life Points fell to 2,500.

“And that’s my turn…” muttered Drake.

Freed glared at him.

He drew a card.

He frowned…

“I place a Monster in Defense Mode, and that will be all…” he stated.

He placed a card down, and a facedown Monster appeared.

Drake paused.

I’d better make a good draw, he thought. Because one way or another, it’s gonna be my last!

He drew.

His Life Points fell to 200.

He looked at the card.

“I summon…” he started.

“Remember my Rivalry of Warlords card?” interrupted Freed. “With Gilford on your side, you can’t summon anything except Warriors.”

“I know that…” answered Kyle, placing a card down. “Fortunately, this gal is as much a Warrior as he is!”

D.D. Assailant appeared next to Gilford, holding aloft her huge cleaver. (1,700/1,600)


Okay, thought Kyle. D.D. Assailant’s attack score is 1,700… Not the worst, but not the best either. My only chance to win is to destroy his facedown Monster with her, and then attack directly with Gilford…

So if his facedown mystery Monster has a Defense Score lower than 1,700, I’ll win… If it’s greater than or equal to 1,700, I’ll lose…

“D.D. Assailant, attack with dimensional slice!”

The Assailant raised her cleaver and leapt forward…

Warrior Dai Grepher appeared on the card… He was blasted into pixels!

“YES!” shouted Drake. “Gilford, attack with lightning blade!”

Thunder rolled, and Gilford the Lightning charged forward, striking Freed the Matchless General in the chest!

His Life Points tumbled to zero.

“Looks like you’ve met your match!” said Drake with a grin.

“Indeed…” muttered the General.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

A few minutes later, Freed and Drake were at the main table again, while all the Warrior Monsters had taken on corporeal forms again.

Drake couldn’t help but feel a little guilty… The ones that he had sent to the Graveyard all looked pretty exhausted, and none was more so than Gilford, who seemed to be nursing a bad migraine. Command Knight poured something that looked like brandy into a cup and gave it to him.

“Suck it up, big guy,” she said in a comforting voice. “You’re far from the first Monster to be brainwashed.”

“Yeah?” he grumbled, angrily. “Well try being pulled into a black hole and then pulled back out and then brainwashed all within the space of one round. My head is pounding like a jackhammer…”

“Well Drake…” muttered Freed, “I’m convinced… Merlee isn’t the type to use Chaos, and he certainly isn’t the type to use a foe’s own Monsters against him.”

“I am curious,” asked Drake. “What was that thing you were saying about having a history with Gren Maju Da Eiza?”

The General rubbed his chin.

“Funny you should ask,” he stated. “I’ve led forays into many different locals, even the Different Dimension. And on one trip there, we ran afoul of that creature… Through a great amount of luck, we were able to defeat it, but that only drew the attention of its master…”

“Master?” asked Drake. “I didn’t know he served anyone…”

“He does,” replied Freed, “but he only appears when the beast is vanquished. He was fortunately not angry – he was even impressed. He told us we could use these if we ever needed them…”

He showed Drake a Magic Card and a Monster Card.

“…but we have no way of using them, because we lack the right components. I guess the guy was a little eccentric.”

He placed them on the table.

“Still,” he continued, “you have the right components, so why don’t you take them… they’ll just gather dust if I keep them.”

Drake looked at the cards…

“Not bad…” he stated.

“Well, you’d best be on your way,” said Freed.

He waved his arm, and a door appeared.

“That door will take you back to the Palace proper,” he stated.

“Well, see you,” said Drake, waving.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Queen walked to her fireplace.

Images of Wanda, Raven, Chico, Kyle, and Drake appeared around her, all of them wandering through the Palace.

“Ah, my unwitting servants,” she stated. “Oblivious to what bleak destiny awaits on the road ahead…

“Stan, Francesca, and Andy will fall, and you’ll be my weapons…

“So we’d best start the training…”

She took cards from a deck, and threw ten Monster Cards into the flames! They burned fiercely!

Ten ghostly wisps shot out, screaming!

“Go, my duelist warriors!” she shouted. “Do what you must to keep them occupied for now…

“For if my true victims make it to the core of the Palace, we wouldn’t want them to be slacking…”


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a nobleman coming out of a splendid palace. You can activate this card when your opponent’s Monster attacks one of your face-up Monsters. If the attacking Monster does not have more level stars than the target, negate the attack.

Note: “Class System” was used by Marik in the anime episode “The Final Face-Off”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Quickplay
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a knight in shining armor. Discard any number of cards from your hand. Special Summon one “Bronze Knight Token” for each card you discarded in Attack Mode. (Warrior/Earth/1 star/500/500).

Note: “Bronze Knights” was used by Gurimo (yes, that was the guy’s name) in the anime episode “A New Evil (Part Two)”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

[B][I]I gave you a choice of five… You made your votes… And next chapter, the majority will be heard!

In a dark spot in the Palace of Shadow, court will be in session once again, as the Shadow Queen resurrects the member of the Big Five that YOU asked for! And if you don’t know who, then you haven’t been reading for long enough.

The chapter is called “Divine Judgment” coming soon.

Master of Paradox
30th November 2005, 09:51 AM
The image of the card you put up calls it "Chaosrider Gustaph", but you called him "Gustav" throughout the entire time he was in play - in addition to calling him "Gustav the Chaosrider" the first time. How... interesting...

Very entertaining duel, I will say. I admit I was making some crib notes off the Warrior deck (a character of mine in a future project plays them), and it was interesting to see some new tricks out of the Chaos deck. This was one of the few duels I couldn't predict (although some things, like Remove Restraints, were a given). All in all, about a 9/10.

This is, in fact, one of those chapters I can't say anything bad about (aside from that starting nitpick). Therefore, I have to cut my comments short or I'll embarass myself by gushing.

The next chapter... well, it all comes down to whether you have any lawyer cliches I haven't heard yet, I guess...

Shuppet Master
30th November 2005, 11:56 AM
That was an awesome duel, Brian! I had a feeling that Drake's opponent would use a Warrior deck with all the known warriors, like Gilford the Lightning. Good work.

Can't wait to read the next chapter. ;)

30th November 2005, 02:53 PM
That duel was awsome. I knew that duels are all most allways close in fics so I was wondering where it would get close when Drake had over 9000 life points. Surprisingly, this was the first time a saw Gilford the Lightning in a duel.

30th November 2005, 03:46 PM
My goodness...if Chaos could defeat the order and organization of an army, it must be a powerful deck indeed!

I'm curious as to the identities of the cards the finalists received. As far as I know, Gren Maju has no master in the real card game, so those two cards must be made up...then again, perhaps my memory is failing me in my sleep-deprived state.

And now, I believe I'll start the lawyer jokes...

How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Three. One to screw in the bulb, one to shake the ladder, and one to sue the ladder company.

Shuppet Master
30th November 2005, 08:47 PM
Blademaster, remember that this is the Shadow Queen we're talking about. She wouldn't care about how Duel Monsters were used, even if they are usually noble. She used a lot of good monsters for evil natures. Also, remember that Freed has no idea what the Queen is up to.

Dark Sage
1st December 2005, 10:54 AM
Blademaster -

I have a lot of respect for General Freed as well.

Not all of the Monsters who serve the Shadow Queen are evil. Freed and most of his troops are simply ignorant of her true intentions. It isn't that he's stupid - he's simply mis-informed. The Queen needs one of the best military minds in the dueling world if she wants her army to succeed, so she summoned Freed. He'd likely be upset if he learned what she was planning, but she likely has plans to use "persuasion" once that happens.

The sad fact is, Freed doesn't know it, but he and his regiment are slaves who are being used for selfish purposes. The Shadow Queen won't let them know that until it is necessary.

You'll note that Freed was not insulting towards Drake, nor did he use any of the usual "trash talk". But so long as that place was on high alert and he thought the Queen's intentions were benign, he would follow her orders.

1st December 2005, 02:05 PM
Fair enough.

Sorry I got so worked up, DS; I really like your story and would never insult you or it; I'm gonna delete that post after this...

Anyway, I actually liked this chapter; it's good for me to see a strong Warrior Deck (Warriors are to me what Fire Monsters are for starjake, lol.), but this one was even more than that; it was a real army-type deck; The A. Forces, Ready for Intercepting, Minor Goblin Official all reinforced it well.

You know, from your description, I honestly thought that the 'shadowy, gold-armored Warrior you wouldn't wanna mess with' Drake saw was Elemental Hero-Bladedge, since he's technically a Warrior, but he could even fit in a non-Hero Deck, since his only effect doesn't really have to do with the others; a trampling Warrior with 2600 attack points is pretty inviting...

Speaking of E-Heroes, I'm getting pretty impatient with DX; I wanna see Shining Flame Wingman and Wildedge already, dammit! But knowing 4Kids, they'll probably save those for some big duel at the end of the first season. Grr...

Anyway, I'd like to see Freed rebel against the Shadow Queen, like Grodus. But then, she'd likely kill him.

Or maybe she'd stick him on some uninhabited island for 50 years; when he finally got back, he'd be Freed the Brave Wanderer. :keke:

Dark Sage
1st December 2005, 02:15 PM
Shining Flame Wingman makes his "Yu-Gi-Oh GX" debut in episode #33.

Unfortunately, the episode where Jaden defeated Bastion was only #22. I have no idea when the debut of Episode #33 for the U.S. is due. It might not be for a while.

In a show like this, Jaden really can't summon a "new" Hero more often than once per duel. You can't have it all at once. Wildedge will show up, as will a lot of guys who are not real cards. But you'll have to wait.

Shuppet Master
1st December 2005, 02:22 PM
Actually, I heard on Pojo forums that the next new episode will be next Thursday, which confuses me. Why would they do that?

1st December 2005, 02:51 PM
Search me...they started doing reruns again after Jaden vs. Misawa. But by then, we'll see Chaz again!:D I hope they don't do anything stupid to Ojama Yellow...:mad:

BTW, I sent in my user character...hope it came through alright.:)

1st December 2005, 03:13 PM
Um DS, Wildedge and Shining Flare Wingman are real. They came out in Elemental Energy.

2nd December 2005, 02:43 PM
First thing: YEAY!

Second: I love the way you play the chaos deck DS. It can be powerfull(best case: around 30 cards RFM = 12000 attack and def *drool*) In real duels it isn't easy to pull it off (worst case scenario: all 3 majus in your hand from the start), so writing gives it kind of an advantage.

Thirth: I'm kinda dissapointed in the opponents deck. It seemed to have the most basic warriors (espacially command knight and marauding commander). Gilford was a nice touch, but I would have prefered to see Sword hunter or Silent Swordman (the lvl warriors).

And finally: YEAY!

Edit: after rereading the chapter I started wondering why Drake didn't just summon D.D. Warrior lady aswell and destroy the f/d monster with Gilford and then direct attack with both D.D.'s (or am I missing a f/d Traps/spell card?)

Dark Sage
3rd December 2005, 08:43 AM
Silencer -

Hmm, you're right... Summoning D.D. Warrior Lady would have solved both problems. I guess Drake forgot that he could do that.

But anyway, I'm glad that you liked it. Drake's next appearance will hopefully be as good.

- DS

Dark Sage
6th December 2005, 09:35 AM
Before I begin, a message to Shuppet Master:


Shining Friendship brings you warm wishes on this special day.


And now that I've done that...

On to the next chapter!

Dark Sage
6th December 2005, 09:37 AM
[B][I]Let me tell you a little about the man who willed me most of the cards in my deck, my great uncle Julius Taft Mason.

He chose the law as his profession, thinking it the best way to serve the people and the community. He attended the Harvard School of Law, where he finished second in his class.

He had a long career as a lawyer for a major firm, and eventually he was appointed the position of a judge for the State of New York by the governor. Later in life, he partnered up with two colleagues to start a very successful law firm.

Uncle Julius always knew that being a lawyer, and later a judge, was a huge responsibility. Making a mistake in a criminal case could result in letting a guilty person go free, or even worse – his greatest fear – result in an innocent person being convicted. He did his best to see that injustice was never done, and that justice always won out… tempered with mercy.

And now, I’ve just met the kind of guy whom he always hated… A lawyer who does not share his morals.

Beating this guy will be a pleasure, if I can…


Divine Judgment

In the Shadow Queen’s alchemy lab, a figure came to on the floor…

His hand went to his head, which was pounding. He searched his mind…

His last memories were those of an enormous explosion, followed by a darkness unlike any he had ever encountered…

He was a tall, thin man, dressed in a black, outdated business suit, and sporting an equally outdated haircut. He wore glasses that made him look… well, like a nerd.

“Who…” he muttered. “Where am I?”

A voice above him chuckled.

He looked up to see the intimidating form of the Shadow Queen.

“Welcome to the Palace of Shadow,” she said. “You’re Johnson, aren’t you? To be truthful, I was hoping for your friend Leichter, but beggars can’t be choosers…”

“What happened?” asked Johnson standing up. “Where am I? Who are you?”

“Well, let’s take your questions in order…” answered the Queen.

“Noah was defeated, and the virtual world was destroyed… You and your companions were, how shall I put it, deleted, but my data recovery system is second to none.

“As to where you are, this is the Palace of Shadow…

“And you may call me the Shadow Queen…”

“Shadow Queen?” gasped Johnson. “But… But I’m not dressed to meet with royalty!”

The Queen chuckled.

“Don’t bother,” answered the Queen. “I know about your… condition…”

She put her hand through his chest, and it passed right through.

“The reason you teamed up with that brat Noah is because your body was destroyed, and you needed a new one. Noah was lying to you the whole time; he never intended to truly give you Joey Wheeler’s even if you had defeated him.

“However, Johnson, I can give you what you want if you can defeat someone who’s bound to have less skill than Wheeler… And the Palace will afford you all the abilities that Noah’s world did…”

“You want me to duel?” asked Johnson. “A simple matter… Who do I confront?”

The Queen’s viewing globe appeared, and images of Stan, Andy, and Francesca appeared.

“Simply choose whoever you desire, and whichever one you defeat is yours, so long as I get his or her soul,” she answered.

“But there are a few rules that we have to follow…”

She put her hand on Johnson’s tie…

“One, I don’t tolerate cheating…”

Johnson chuckled.

“What makes you think I’ll cheat?” he asked.

She quickly straitened the tie very tightly!

“Because you cheated in your duel with Wheeler, that’s why!” shouted the Queen, knocking him over.

Johnson looked at her in fear.

“When I cast the spell to bring you here,” scowled the Queen, “I knew it was a shot in the dark, and I could only bring forth one of you at random. Because of your history of foul play, I was kind of hoping it wasn’t you that came, but you lucked out…

“I’m not as merciful as Noah was, Johnson, so if there’s so much as any fancy shuffling…

“By the way, I never liked lawyers to begin with…”

“I won’t cheat!” gulped Johnson. “I won’t cheat!”

“Good…” said the Queen with a smile. “Now here are the details…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Andy opened a door.

“All clear…” he said.

They entered a room with several couches in it, colored blood red, with a mahogany coffee table.

Stan looked at his watch.

“Wow, it’s eight PM!” he noted.

They all sat on the couch…

“We’ve got to find a place to crash soon…” sighed Francesca. “All this dueling is wearing me out…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Queen took a card from her special deck…

She tossed it into her fireplace…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

A ghostly sound moaned through the room…

“What?” muttered Stan.

A sinister phantom appeared, floating in the air in front of them!


“Huh?” muttered Andy. “Invitation to a Dark Sleep? Heh, you’re going to have to do better than that, Shadow Queen…”

He reached for his Disk…

But then, the Monster cast a dark spell, and the three of them were struck by black magic!

They slumped onto the couch and fell into a deep slumber.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Nighty-night…” chuckled the Shadow Queen.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Stan was the first one to wake up.

He looked at his watch – now it was seven AM. That thing had put them to sleep for eleven hours!

He looked and saw donuts, cinnamon rolls, and orange juice on the coffee table.

“Guys, wake up,” he sighed, nudging them. “We just got our wake-up call and room service.”

“Ooh, my back!” groaned Andy. “The Queen has a bad sense of humor…”

“I have a feeling she wanted to stall us,” muttered Francesca.

“But why?” asked Stan.

A door appeared on the far end of the room.

“Looks like we’ll find out after breakfast,” he sighed.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Half an hour later, they tried the door.

It opened into what seemed to be an old-fashioned courtroom, similar to the type that were used in the nineteenth century.

Hmmm… thought Stan. No jury box… Figures… since when does the Shadow Queen have jury trials?

Then a card appeared in front of the bench… a facedown Monster…

“Look out, people!” shouted Francesca.

The card flipped from Defense to Attack Mode, and a tall figure appeared. It was a woman dressed in a long, white toga, with a blindfold over her eyes, carrying a sword in one hand, and a set of scales in the other.

She raised her sword and flew towards them!

They leapt out of the way as she lunged!

“I’ve never seen a Monster like that before!” gasped Francesca.

“Frankly, I truly doubt there is one,” sighed Stan. “Must have been a custom card.”

Andy placed a card down on his Disk.

“Well let’s hope Luster Dragon #2 is strong enough to take her down!” he said.

Luster Dragon #2 appeared…

“Attack!” shouted Andy.

The Dragon blasted forth its breath weapon, and she was blown into pixels.

“Nicely done, Andrew,” said a voice. “But then again, Justice is blind…”

Johnson stepped out of the Shadows.

“And you are?” asked Stan, somewhat annoyed.

“Johnson’s the name,” he stated. “Former Head of Legal Affairs for Kaiba Corp.”

“Former?” asked Stan. “What happened, did Kaiba give you the boot?”

“In a way,” answered Johnson. “Me and his whole board of directors… Our plan to oust him took a… fatal turn…”

“So you’re…” gulped Francesca.

“What, a ghost?” laughed Johnson. “Often I wondered that myself. But I believe I’m still at least partially alive, and all I need to truly live again is a new body.

“So, after this duel is over, I’ll just subpoena that of whoever loses…”

“You’re sick…” muttered Stan.

“I do what I need to do,” answered Johnson. “When I was a lawyer, I can honestly say that I never lost a case. Once you know the law, you know how to manipulate it for your own ends. If you know the right way to handle a case, you can get any outcome you desire…”

“I take that back!” said Stan, getting angry. “You aren’t sick! You’re just plain rotten! My great uncle Julius was a lawyer and later a judge… He always told me that honesty was the best quality a lawyer could have. You say you manipulate the law… My uncle would call you a liar, pure and simple…”

Johnson chuckled.

“No offense, Stanley, but your uncle must have been the most pathetic judge in his circuit. I doubt he ever got very far with that kind of attitude. In fact…”

“Hold up…” said Stan, reaching into his pocket. “I think I have a photo of him somewhere in my wallet…”

He took out his wallet and opened to a picture.

Johnson’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“Your uncle was THAT Julius?” he gasped.

“Yeah, Julius Taft Mason,” replied Stan. “Maybe you’ve heard of him… co-founder of the Wilson, Mason, and Marris Law Firm? They’re pretty big…”

Johnson paused for a minute.

If I escape this Palace disguised as this kid, he thought, it could be my big break to get back into the legal profession! Going through law school again will be easy, and that law firm would never turn down their founder’s nephew…

“If you’re so content on proving that you’re superior to me,” chuckled Johnson, “then I’ll duel you…”

“Bring it on!” answered Stan.

Johnson vanished.

“Where’d he go?” asked Francesca.

Johnson reappeared, sitting behind the judge’s bench.

“I’m sure once you meet my Deckmaster,” chuckled Johnson, “you won’t be so sure of yourself…”

Johnson started to morph into a larger shape…

His tall, thin form was replaced by a hulking ogre wearing royal clothing and a crown.


“Heh, heh,” chuckled Francesca. “Gee Johnson, actually, I’d say that’s an improvement!”

Johnson picked up a gavel and slammed it onto the bench.

“Order!” he demanded, in a deep, gravely voice. “This court is now in session, the honorable Judge Man presiding…”

“Fine,” said Stan, activating his Disk, “then it’s time to duel!”

“Objection,” stated Johnson. “You’ve forgotten your own Deckmaster…”

“Oh, right…” muttered Stan.

He leafed through his deck.

With this guy, I probably need all of my powerful cards, he thought.

His eyes fell on Ms. Mowz the Tease Thief.

Wonder if she can help…

Ms. Mowz seemed to wink at him.

That was all the proof he needed.

He held the card up, and Ms. Mowz appeared behind him in a flash.

“Interesting…” muttered Johnson, as a Duel Disk appeared on his hand. “Now, let’s begin…”

The scores set to 8,000 apiece, and they both drew their first hands.

“So, what do you think we can expect from this guy?” asked Andy.

“Please,” muttered Francesca. “If Stan can’t beat some guy in a bad suit, I’ll eat my deck.”

Johnson drew his first card.

“The prosecution calls its first witness,” he said. “Hysteric Fairy, in Attack Mode.”

He placed a card on his Disk, and a tall Fairy appeared. She wore a blue dress and spectacles, and had feathered wings. (1,800/500)


“Any questions?” asked Johnson.

“Yeah,” asked Stan, “are all your Monsters nerds?”

“That statement will be stricken from the record,” warned Johnson.

He drew a card.

Then he heard a giggling coming from behind him.

“Ms. Mowz?” he whispered.

“Uh huh,” giggled the Beast-Warrior. “Don’t be afraid of this guy, Stan, I can help you a lot as a Deckmaster!

“Simply pay 1,000 Life Points whenever he tries to attack… My Tease ability will stun and confuse his Monsters halting the attack and ending his Battle Phase!

“Just be sure not to overuse it, because it’s costly!

“Now go get him, my big hunk of havarti!”

She kissed him on the cheek.

“Uh, yeah…” chuckled Stan.

He put a card down.

“I summon Gemini Elf in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

He placed a card down, and the two twin elves appeared. (1,900/900)

“Attack!” shouted Stan. “Destroy the Fairy!”

The elves shot forth their lightning bolts, blasting Hysteric Fairy into pixels.

“Howdya like them apples?” asked Stan.

“Witness dismissed,” said Johnson, with a shrug, as his Life Points fell to 7,900.

He drew a card.

“I summon Emissary of the Afterlife in Defense Mode,” he stated.

He put a card down, and a spooky grim reaper holding a scythe appeared, crouching in defense. (1,600/600)


“That’s not much of an improvement,” sighed Stan.

“We’ll soon see,” answered Johnson. “Call your next witness.”

Stan sighed. This guy was getting on his nerves.

“I summon The Illusory Gentleman in Attack Mode!” he shouted.

He placed a card down, and the colorful, Dark Spellcaster appeared.

“Go!” he shouted. “Destroy that Fiend with dark illusion!”

The Illusory Gentleman raised his cane and shot forth a blast of colors, blowing the creature into particles.

“And now…” started Stan.

“Objection!” exclaimed Johnson, hitting his bench with his gavel.

“What?” asked Stan.

“When Emissary of the Afterlife is sent to the Graveyard,” explained Johnson, “both players are allowed to take any Normal Monster of three stars or less from their decks and add them to their hands.”

Stan looked at his deck.

“Normal Monster with three stars or less?” he asked. “I… don’t have one.”

“Well I’ll choose Hinotama Soul,” replied Johnson, taking a card from his deck.

“My Battle Phase isn’t over yet, your honor,” chuckled Stan. “Gemini Elf, attack him directly!”

Gemini Elf shot their lightning bolts at the judge’s booth, and Johnson groaned…

His Life Points fell to 6,000.

“Heh, heh, your move,” chuckled Stan.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“How’s Grodus?” asked the Queen.

“Out cold,” answered Vladimir.

“Good,” chuckled the Queen. “When he comes to, tell him that any more thoughts of mutiny, and he’s dead.”

Vladimir looked at the viewing globe.

“I thought you said these Big Five guys were good,” he asked. “This guy is lousy.”

“It may seem that way,” said the Queen, “but Johnson has a definite plan in mind…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“My move…” grumbled Johnson.

He drew a card.

“Since I have Hinotama Soul, I’ll summon it in Defense Mode…” he stated.

He placed a card down, and a small Monster that looked like a campfire with eyes appeared in front of him. (600/500)


“What?” said Stan, almost laughing. “Was that the best you could do?”

Stan looked at him. Johnson just stared at him, and it was very hard to read the expression on his face.

“Fine, fine,” muttered Stan. “Have it your way…”

He drew a card.

“I summon Neo the Magic Swordsman in Attack Mode…”

He put a card down, and Neo appeared, holding aloft his sword. (1,700/1,000)

“Now as soon as I extinguish you sorry excuse for a Monster,” said Stan, “I can…”

“Hold on…” said Johnson.


Dark Sage
6th December 2005, 09:49 AM
Continued from last post:

His eyes glowed.

“I’m activating my Deckmaster ability!”

“Huh?” said Francesca, getting up.

“You know,” sighed Andy, “we should really start asking what these Deckmasters do before the duels start…”

Johnson slammed his gavel down.

“Death sentence…” he whispered.

“What the…” asked Stan, with a startled look.

“This costs me 1,000 Life Points,” chuckled Johnson, as his Life Points fell to 5,000, “but in return for that…”

Stan’s three Monsters were enveloped in glowing light…

…and then they vanished!

“They’re gone!” gasped Stan.

“Not only that,” chuckled Johnson, “but you lose 500 Life Points for each of them!”

Stan’s Life Points fell to 6,500.

“Good grief!” shouted Francesca.

“Talk about a powerful ability!” gasped Andy.

“This might be a good time to mention,” chuckled Johnson, “I worked with the gentleman who invented the Deckmaster system. He was privy to info on which Monsters made the deadliest Deckmasters!”

“All right, fine!” shouted Stan. “It’s your move! What are you gonna do, attack me with that little thing?”

Johnson drew.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Seems like Stan’s in a lot of trouble now…” mused The Unfriendly Amazon.

“Well, good,” snarled The End of Anubis. “It would serve him right if he got his body snatched by that nutcase.”

“Judge Man…” pondered Peten. “Doesn’t Kaiba use that card?”

“He used to,” affirmed the Amazon. “But not anymore. Judge Man was a useful Monster when Duelist Kingdom rules were in effect, and you didn’t need to sacrifice weak Monsters for strong ones. Nowadays, however, there are much better six-star Monsters that you could summon. For example, as far as Warrior Decks are concerned, Freed the Matchless General is a much better choice than Judge Man – and he’s five-star.

“But I will give Johnson this… That is one of the most lethal Deckmaster abilities I have ever seen…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“I’ll play Pot of Greed,” stated Johnson, playing the Magic Card.

The colorful pot appeared, and handed him two cards.

Excellent, he thought. I have the right combination to complete my strategy…

“Next I’ll play a Continuous Magic Card,” he continued. “It’s called Sinister Justice…”

He played the card, and it appeared. It was a frightening card, showing the image of a homely lawyer with a demonic figure behind him.

“Sinister Justice?” asked Stan. “What does that do?”

“You’ll see in a minute,” answered Johnson with an evil smile. “But first…”

He flicked his Field Slot open and placed a card in.

“I’ll play Fusion Gate. Now I don’t need Polymerization to fuse Monsters together.”

He played another Magic Card.

“Next, I’ll play Reinforcement of the Army. This lets me pull a Warrior of four stars or less from my deck…”

He went to his deck and got what he wanted.

“And finally, I’ll fuse Hinotama Soul with what I just searched for… Monster Egg!”

A large egg with legs and glowing eyes appeared on the field…

It swirled together in a fiery mix with Hinotama Soul…

“Combine!” shouted Johnson. “Form Charubin the Fire Knight!”

A form leapt out of the flaming vortex…

It was a tall knight in armor, surrounded by flames. He carried a fiery, spiked ball and chain. (1,100/800)


“Charubin the Fire Knight?” laughed Stan. “That’s a sorry-looking excuse for a Fusion Monster!”

“He may be weak, but that’s the whole point,” chuckled Johnson. “See, Sinister Justice has two potent effects on Fusion Monsters with four stars or less. First of all, such Monsters gain the ability to attack on the round they are summoned. Like so… Charubin, attack the defendant with flaming morning star strike!”

Charubin swung his ball and chain and charged! Stan cringed as he was knocked upside the head!

His Life Points fell down to 5,400.

“Second,” added Johnson, “whenever such a Monster succeeds in damaging your Life Points, I gain 800 Life Points.”

His own Life Points went up to 5,800.

“Clever…” snarled Stan.

“Apparently, this ‘guy in a bad suit’ is rather good…” muttered Andy.

“Yeah…” noted Francesca. “His Deckmaster ability may be costly, but it’s powerful… And that Magic Card will make sure he has Life Points to use it…”

“I’ll end my turn by playing one card facedown,” stated Johnson. “The prosecution rests… for now.”

A facedown card appeared.

Stan drew a card.

Skilled Dark Magician, he thought. He’s more than strong enough to take down Charubin, but Johnson can destroy him with one command!

But I’ve got to try something…

“I summon Skilled Dark Magician in Attack Mode!” he exclaimed, placing a card on his Disk.

Skilled Dark Magician appeared. (1,900/1,700)

“Well?” asked Stan.

Johnson made no response.

“Your funeral,” stated Stan. “Skilled Dark Magician, attack…”

“I activate my facedown card!” shouted Johnson. “Enemy Controller!”

His facedown card lifted, and a huge video game control pad appeared!


“Go!” ordered Johnson. “Left! right! A! B! Up! Y! X! Move Skilled Dark Magician to Defense Mode!”

Skilled Dark Magician was forced into Defense.

“I didn’t know lawyers were so fond of video games…” said Stan, sarcastically.

Johnson chuckled.

“I used to work for Kaiba Corp, Stanley,” he answered. “You know, the world’s biggest gaming company? I picked up a few things while I worked for Kaiba.”

“It’s still my turn, Johnson,” scowled Stan. “So I’ll place two cards facedown, and it’s your witness.”

“Very well…” said Johnson, drawing a card.

He added it to his hand and chose another.

“In case you were wondering,” he said, raising his gavel. “The reason I didn’t use my Deckmaster ability was because I had a better way to get rid of Skilled Dark Magician…”

He showed him a card.

“The Magic Card, Hammer Shot! This destroys the Monster on the field who has the highest Attack Score.”

He played the card, and then slammed his gavel down again…

A huge hammer came crashing down out of nowhere, crushing Skilled Dark Magician!

“Unreal…” muttered Andy.

“Now then,” continued Johnson, “I’ll play a second Magic Card… Painful Choice.”

He played the card.

“Not again…” sighed Stan.

“Is that a problem?” asked Johnson.

“I had a… painful experience with Painful Choice,” sighed Stan. “Well, just show me the cards, okay?”

Johnson took five cards from his deck, and images of five cards appeared in front of the bench.



“Huh?” asked Stan. “You used it to pull five minor-league Monsters?”

“Affirmative,” responded Johnson.

Stan paused.

He’s up to something, he thought. The only things those guys have in common is, they’re all under four stars, they all have no effect, and they’re all pretty weak… what’s the connection?

“Well,” he said, “Since I know from watching one of Andy’s duels that one-star Normal Monsters can sometimes be dangerous, I choose Dissolverock.”

“Then I’ll discard the other four,” replied Johnson, as they vanished.

“Now I’ll play… Dark Factory of Mass Production. This lets me recover two Normal Monsters from my Graveyard.”

“That’s why he played Painful Choice!” exclaimed Andy. “So he could get those Monsters easier!”

Johnson played the card, and withdrew Armaill and One-Eyed Shield Dragon from his discard slot.

“Now I’ll fuse these two together,” he continued, “to form Dragoness the Wicked Knight!”

The two Monsters appeared, and swirled into a multicolored blur…


A tall form materialized. It was a woman wearing armor and a horned helmet. She had dragon-like wings on her back, and carried two wavy swords. (1,200/900)


Stan narrowed his eyes.

“Then I’ll play another Continuous Magic Card,” continued Johnson, fitting a card into his Disk. “It’s called Leading Question.”

Another card appeared, this one bearing the image of Dark Ruler Ha Des raising an angry fist.

“Leading Question?” asked Stan. “Boy, all your cards have dumb names…”

“Say what you will, but this card also works well with low-level Fusion Monsters,” answered Johnson. “When one of them attacks, its Attack Score increases by 800!

“Dragoness, attack the defendant with wicked slash!”

Dragoness the Wicked Knight flew forward… Her Attack Score rose to 2,000…

“Not so fast, Johnson!” shouted Stan. “The defense would like to present exhibit A…”

One of his facedown cards lifted.

“…Draining Shield!”

A dome of energy surrounded him, and Dragoness slammed into it.

“This not only halts her attack, but it raises my Life Points by an amount equal to her Attack Score, meaning 2,000!”

His Life Points went up to 7,400.

Johnson gave him a cold stare.

“Charubin, you attack!” he ordered.

Charubin swung his fiery morning star, and his Attack went up to 1,900.

“You never learn, do you?” said Stan with a smile. “The defense presents exhibit B…”

His other Trap lifted…

“Magic Cylinder! This halts your attack and shoots it right back at you!”

The flames from Charubin’s ball and chain shot into one of the Cylinders and then shot out the other, striking Johnson’s bench! He groaned as his Life Points fell to 3,900.

“Seems your case just hit a snag,” chuckled Stan.

“Not for long…” scowled Johnson. “Your Traps can’t last forever…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The End of Anubis chuckled.

“I’m starting to like this Johnson,” he snickered. “He’s my kind of guy…”

“Aren’t lawyers related to Fiends?” asked Peten. “Them and politicians?”

“That’s just a rumor that’s been floating around for a long time,” answered End, “and being a Fiend myself, I can tell you with certainty, that it is untrue.”

“Well, Johnson’s certainly pretty Fiendish…” pondered the Amazon. “Maybe he can get Stan to play…”

She chuckled.

“…devil’s advocate!”

The three of them laughed.

“Oh, I kill me…” she laughed.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

I hate to say this, thought Stan, as he made his draw, but he’s right… My Traps won’t last me forever…

“Chin up, Stan!” squeaked Ms. Mowz. “Don’t forget about my Deckmaster ability! It’s almost as good as his!”

Stan paused.

Yeah… he thought.

He played a card.

“I’m placing a card facedown,” he stated.

A facedown card appeared.

“And I’ll summon Mystical Elf in Defense Mode.”

He set down a card, and the peaceful elf appeared.

“That’s my turn,” he stated.

“Humph,” said Johnson, making a draw. “I call that pathetic…”

He slammed his gavel down, and his Life Points fell down to 2,900. Mystical Elf vanished.

Stan’s Life Points fell to 6,900.

“You can’t do that forever,” snapped Stan.

“We’ll see,” replied Johnson. “Next, I’ll play Pot of Charity. I’ll remove Hysteric Fairy from play to draw three cards.”

He played the card, and the Monster Card slipped out of his discard slot. He drew three cards.

“And perhaps you’ve forgotten the effect of my Sinister Justice card,” stated Johnson. “Let me refresh your memory… Dragoness, attack!”

The Wicked Knight’s Attack rose to 2,000, and she flew forward again…

“Not so fast, Johnson!” shouted Stan. “You aren’t the only one who has a powerful Deckmaster! Ms. Mowz, go!”

Ms. Mowz squeaked, and flew from her spot, flying around the whole room, looping around in circles! Both Dragoness and Charubin got dizzy and staggered backwards!

“Order!” shouted Johnson, slamming his gavel against his bench. “Order in the court!”

Ms. Mowz resumed her position.

“What happened?” he demanded.

“It’s called Tease,” chuckled Stan. “I had to give up 1,000 of my own Life Points…”

His Life Points fell to 5,900.

“But she confused and disoriented your Monsters, making them too dizzy to attack. It’s kind of like having a Negate Attack that I can use every round, so long as I can pay for it.”

Johnson chuckled.

“Clever…” he answered. “but your Deckmaster ability is just as costly as mine…”

“True,” agreed Stan. “But my score is ahead of yours, so I’ll be able to use mine more times than you can use yours.”

“That might not be necessary,” answered Johnson. “Don’t forget, my Monsters gain 800 Attack Points when they attack, making them able to destroy most anything you’re likely to summon.”

“But not when I attack them,” answered Stan. “And when that happens… they’re weak.”

Johnson stared at him for a minute.

“In that case…” he stated, “I’d best call my retainer witness…”

He placed a card down.

“I summon Dancing Fairy in Defense Mode.”

In a flash of light, two pretty little Fairies appeared, dressed in adorable gowns with little feathered wings. (1,700/1,000)


“Defense Mode?” questioned Stan. “Why summon that in Defense when it has a stronger Attack Score?”

“Simple,” answered Johnson. “For every round this Monster remains in Defense Mode, starting next round, I gain 1,000 Life Points.

“And it’s your move…”

Have to take out that Fairy, thought Stan. But if I try, he’ll just use his ability again.

He drew.

Double Spell…

He thought.

Ooh, I got a killer idea!


Dark Sage
6th December 2005, 09:53 AM
Continued from last post:

“First, I’ll play Pot of Greed,” he announced, playing the card. “Since you used this yourself, I’m sure you know what it does!”

The pot appeared, and handed him two more cards.

“Then, I’ll activate my facedown card!” he shouted. “Dust Tornado!”

His Trap activated.

“I’ll use it to destroy your Fusion Gate!”

The tornado blew across the field, and Fusion Gate shattered.

“Next, I play… Double Spell!”

He played the card.

“This lets me duplicate any Magic Card in your Graveyard,” chuckled Stan, “so it looks like the prosecution’s evidence is going to be used for the defense’s benefit!”

He discarded a card.

“I choose to duplicate… Hammer Shot!”

“HUH?” shouted Johnson.

“You heard me!” laughed Stan. “And the Monster with the highest Attack on the field right now is your Dancing Fairy!”

The huge hammer slammed down, flattening Dancing Fairy!

“So much for you restoring your Life Points,” chuckled Stan. “I’ll end my turn there.”

Johnson drew.

He ended his turn without anything on his side, he thought. Clearly he intends to use that Deckmaster ability of his again… No matter… I’ll just force him to use it until he can’t any more!

“Dragoness, attack!” he shouted.

Dragoness flew forward…

“Ms. Mowz, go!” shouted Stan.

His Life Points fell to 4,900, and Ms. Mowz flew and flipped around the room again! The Wicked Knight held her head and backed up…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“This could take all day…” muttered Peten.

“Not quite,” stated the Amazon. “Stan and Johnson are playing a dangerous game of ‘gotcha last’!”

“What do you mean?” asked End.

“Johnson’s Deckmaster ability can leave Stan wide open for an attack,” stated the Amazon. “Stan’s can negate his attacks… But both of them have to spend 1,000 Life Points each time they do it. Neither of them can keep it up indefinitely, so basically, the first one to fall to 1,000 Life Points or less will lose this duel!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“My draw, Johnson…” stated Stan.

He drew.

“I’ll play… Graceful Charity!” he exclaimed.

The angel flew out of his deck and handed him three cards.

“And I couldn’t have asked for better…” he said.

He discarded two.

He placed a card down.

“I summon White Magician Pikeru in Attack Mode…”

Pikeru appeared, holding her scepter aloft. (1,200/0)

“And then I play the Magic Card… Sibling Rivalry!”

He played the card.

“This lets me Special Summon Pikeru’s dark sister from my deck… Ebon Magician Curran!”

He threw a card down, and Curran appeared. She glared daggers at Pikeru. (1,200/0)

“HA, HA, HA!” laughed Johnson. “That’s a laugh! Stan, even I wouldn’t admit children into the courtroom… There are just places where they don’t belong. A court of law can be a traumatic place. Letting kids into it is a little too much even for me.”

Stan just looked at him.

“You’re serious, huh?” asked Johnson.

“I’ll place a card facedown, and that will be my turn,” stated Stan.

Eh, thought Johnson. He didn’t try to attack Charubin? Why?

He drew a card.

“Charubin, attack White Magician Pikeru!” he ordered.

Charubin swung his ball and chain, and his Attack shot up to 1,900; Pikeru cowered in fear...

“I activate… Negate Attack!” shouted Stan.

His Trap Card lifted, and an invisible dome surrounded the two siblings, halting the attack.

Johnson growled…

“Fine,” he stated. “I’ll crush them next turn…”

“Whatever,” said Stan, drawing, “until then, they can do their job. First, Pikeru restores my Life Points by 400 for every Monster I have on my side of the field!”

Pikeru waved her scepter, and energy flew into Stan. His Life Points went up to 5,700.

“Next,” he chuckled, “Curran burns away 300 of your Life Points for every Monster you have on your side of the field!”

Curran giggled, and lashed her switch forward. Johnson groaned, and his Life Points fell to 2,300.

“And I think that’s enough for one move,” chuckled Stan.

Johnson angrily drew a card.

“Well, I’ve never prosecuted children before,” he said, raising his gavel, “but I’ll try anything once…”

He slammed the gavel down on his bench, and his Life Points fell to 1,300. Pikeru and Curran faded and vanished.

Stan’s Life Points fell to 4,700.

“Next,” he stated, “I’ll play Monster Reborn, to bring back that Skull Servant you made me discard when I played Painful Choice…”

He played the card, and the Skull Servant arose.

“And next, I’ll play Polymerization, to fuse it with the Dissolverock that you let me keep when I played Painful Choice!”

He played the card. The vortex opened, and the two Monsters were drawn into it…


“Forming a creature that suits my needs perfectly… Flame Ghost!”

A figure leapt out of the portal it was apparently a Zombie of some sort who was on fire, wafting with flames. (1,000/800)


“Skull Servants are full of surprises…” muttered Andy.

“Flame Ghost…” shouted Johnson, “attack the defendant with shadow flames!”

Flame Ghost’s Attack shot up to 1,800, and its hands burned fiercely…

“Ms. Mowz, go!” shouted Stan.

Ms. Mowz leapt forward, spinning around the room, and halting Flame Ghost in its tracks.

Stan’s Life Points fell to 3,700.

“Well, it seems we have a hung jury right now, Johnson,” stated Stan.

“Not for long,” answered Johnson. “You can’t keep doing that forever. Eventually, you’re going to run out of Life Points, and when you do, there’ll be nothing stopping my creatures…”

“Well, it’s my move!” stated Stan.

He drew.

Well, well, he thought. Goombella…

The figure on the card winked at him.

You want to come out and play? You sure?

Goombella nodded.

Stan placed a card down.

“I summon my surprise witness to the stand,” he stated. “Goombella the Scholar in Defense Mode!”

Goombella appeared, and gave Johnson a wink. (500/2,000)

“And just by summoning her, I get to enact a very useful ability called Tattle!” continued Stan. “I get to see the top four cards on my deck, and rearrange them any way I choose!”

The top four cards floated off of his deck. He considered. Then he made a few changes and they returned.

“That’s my turn,” said Stan. “So what are you gonna do? None of your three Monsters are strong enough to break her Defense even with Leading Question!”

Johnson drew.

He started to get worried.

He’s got a point, he said, looking at the card. And if I use my Deckmaster ability, it will be the last time. I’ve got to be careful…

“I chose to wave my right to cross examine this witness at the present time,” he stated.

“Uh…” muttered Andy.

“I think that means he passes,” said Francesca.

Stan drew.

“Two can play at that game, judge,” he stated. “I’ll pass too.”

Johnson drew.

Mirror Force… he thought. This will be good in case he tries to attack…

“I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn,” he stated.

He played the card, and it appeared behind his Monsters.

Stan drew.

“I’ll place one card facedown…” he stated.

He played a card, and it appeared.

“And the defense rests.”

Johnson angrily drew.

“Okay Stanley,” he said, “I can break its Defense now! I’m Equipping Dragoness the Wicked Knight with Fusion Weapon!”

He played the card. Dragoness’s swords vanished, and a futuristic trident appeared on her right arm.

“This Equip can only be used on Fusion Monsters of six stars or less,” explained Johnson, “but it raises their Attack and Defense Score by a considerable 1,500 points!”

Dragoness’s Attack rose to 2,700!

“Now, Dragoness the Wicked Knight, attack his mushroom with fusion blast!”

Dragoness aimed her weapon and it glowed… Her Attack rose to 3,500…

“Ms. Mowz, block the attack!” shouted Stan.

Ms. Mowz leapt out, and spun around the Wicked Knight! She staggered back, and ceased her attack.

Stan’s Life Points fell to 2,900.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Humph,” growled End. “Stan is finished. He only has two more uses of that trick left. Then that judge will throw the book at him. Literally.”

“I dunno,” muttered the Amazon. “I have a feeling he has something planned…”

She paused.

“Thanks to Goombella, he knows what his next two draws will be…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“I’d hold your Deckmaster in contempt of court if I could,” snarled Johnson. “I’ve never had a case where a defendant was this hard to crack. But I’ll crack you soon enough…”

“We’ll soon see,” stated Stan. “I’m about to present a smoking gun! In fact, two of them!”

He drew.

“Now I’ll sacrifice Goombella… Goombella, make room for the one, the only… Dark Magician Girl!”

He switched cards on his Disk. Goombella vanished, and the cute, female Spellcaster appeared. (2,000/1,700)

“And next I play… The Sage’s Stone!”

He played the card, and the mystical gem appeared. Dark Magician arose! (2,500/2,100)

“Yugi Mouto’s signature Monsters!” gasped Johnson.

“Well Johnson?” asked Stan. “Why don’t you use your Deckmaster ability? You’re allowed to…”

Johnson stared at him…

“Nice try, Stanley…” he chuckled, “but you can’t bluff someone who’s made his career out of bluffing…

“You know that if I used my Deckmaster ability, I wouldn’t be able to use it again… And your facedown card is likely something deadly… Not to mention the fact that you know what your next draw will be.”

He drew a card.

“So, I’m going to pass this turn.”

Stan drew.

“Well ain’t that too bad,” he chuckled. “Because that next draw was THIS!”

He played a card.

“Heavy Storm!”

He played the card, and a furious storm whipped about the courtroom. Johnson gasped as every piece of his strategy… His Sinister Justice, Leading Question, facedown Trap Card, and Fusion Weapon shattered into pixels.

Stan’s facedown card shattered as well, but he didn’t seem to care.

Johnson angrily raised his gavel.

“I may not have used my Deckmaster ability last round,” he shouted, “but I’ll use it now!”

He slammed it against the bench. His Life Points fell to 300, and Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl vanished.

Stan’s Life Points fell to 1,700…

And he chuckled.

“That’s exactly what I wanted you to do, Johnson,” he said. “You panicked, and now you’re gonna pay the price…

“It’s still my turn you know…”

He showed him a card in his hand…

Monster Reborn.

Johnson gasped.

He played the card, and Dark Magician arose again! (2,500/2,100)

“Dark Magician…” shouted Stan. “Attack Dragoness the Wicked Knight! Dark magic attack!!”

Dark Magician shot forth his burning beam of magic! The Wicked Knight screamed and shattered into pixels!

“NOOO!” screamed Johnson, as his Life Points hit zero.

He slammed his head into the bench.

“Not again…” he moaned. “I was so close… I almost had the body of someone who could have been Julius Taft Mason’s heir…”

And then he started to fade.

“What?” he gasped. “What’s happening?”

And then he faded into mist.

“Case dismissed…” muttered Stan.

“Good work my big piece of camembert!” squeaked Ms. Mowz.

She kissed Stan on the cheek, and then vanished.

“Phew,” said Francesca, walking up. “Thank goodness he fell for your bluff…”

“Who said I was bluffing?” chuckled Stan.

He took a card out of his discard slot.

“The card I had set facedown was a tricky Trap called Magician’s Vengeance. It’s a tricky Trap that can only be triggered when two or more Spellcasters on my side of the field are destroyed in the same instant.

“If he had used his Deckmaster ability, this Trap would have destroyed all of his Monsters. And even if he had summoned something else, I would have been able to deflect it one last time with Ms. Mowz’s ability.

“Then I would have brought back Dark Magician with Monster Reborn, and with only 300 Life Points keeping him up, he’d have been finished.”

They all turned around and looked at the doorway out.

“Well,” said Andy, “looks like the only way out is the way we came…”

He opened the door…

And it opened into a cave…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“So where did you send Johnson?” asked Vladimir.

“Dunno,” sighed the Queen, “wherever it is that deleted programs go. The Big Five were failures to begin with, and as much as I hate to admit it, my idea to use them as servants was a bad idea on my part.”

She held her head and concentrated.

Are you there, my pet? she asked in her mind.

A haunting voice replied.

[I]Yes, dark mistress, it said. [B]What is your command?

I’m sending three victims your way, answered the Queen. I want you to duel one of them.

She paused.

I believe you’ll recognize one of them, she continued. And should you choose her, defeating her will not be hard…

[I]Do not fear, came the response. [I]I’ll not only defeat this duelist, but I’ll condemn her soul to eternal darkness…

The Shadow Queen chuckled.

She looked at the viewing globe.

“Keep going, you fools,” she chuckled. “You’re about to face one of my oldest servants!

“Not to mention a new type of duel, unlike the type you’ve ever experienced…”


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Continuous
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of a homely lawyer with a demonic, hulking form behind him. When this card is active, any four-star or lower Fusion Monsters you summon can attack on the round they are summoned. Also, when one of your four-star or lower Fusion Monsters damages your opponent’s Life Points, increase your Life Points by 800.


Card Specs

Type: Magic/Continuous
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Dark Ruler Ha Des angrily raising a fist surrounded by energy. When this card is active on the field, at the beginning of your Battle Phase, increase the ATK of all four-star or lower Fusion Monsters on your side of the field by 800 until the End Phase of your turn.

Note: “Sinister Justice” and “Leading Question” were used by Johnson in the two-part anime episode “Courtroom Chaos”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Trap
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: Image of Dark Ruler Ha Des cowering before two shadows resembling Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. You can activate this Trap when two or more face-up SPELLCASTER-Type Monsters on your side of the field are destroyed at the same time. Destroy all Monsters on your opponent’s side of the field.

”Judge Man”: Warrior/Earth (2,200/1,500)

Deckmaster SA: “Death Sentence”: During any Main Phase, you can pay 1,000 Life Points. Destroy all Monsters on your opponent’s side of the field. Your opponent looses 500 Life Points for each Monster destroyed by this ability.

”Ms. Mowz the Tease Thief”: Beast-Warrior/Earth (1,200/1,000)

Deckmaster SA: “Tease”: When your opponent declares an attack, pay 1,000 Life Points. Negate the attack, and end the battle phase.

[B][I]Everyone remember that strange servant of the Queen who even the Shadow Spawn are afraid of?

This evil creature lurks in the darkest depths of the Palace of Shadow, ready to strike…

And next episode, he/she/it will strike indeed!

I won’t say much about what’s coming up next… but I will tell you one thing…

Next chapter, the first Shadow Game of the fic occurs…

Be here!

Master of Paradox
6th December 2005, 11:44 AM
Well... I'm trying to think of a way to deride this chapter without being unduly harsh, but I'm having trouble. There are only so many synonyms for "disappointing".

I was looking forward to this chapter for a fairly long time, since I voted for Johnson. To be fair, you got him down pat - and to be honest, that's not that hard as long as you keep up the lawyer jokes. And his deck was spot-on.

But the duel was a complete disappointment, and I'm not sure why. A lot of it was Stan's choice of Deckmaster. I think I made it clear the last time Ms. Mowz showed up how much I disliked her. That carried right on over to this chapter.

The entire duel fell apart when it came down to a race between "Death Sentence" and "Tease". It made some ten turns feel like complete filler, a fatal error.

And have I mentioned how much I loathe cheese puns?

(On a positive note, interesting how you used the original name for Johnson's Deckmaster ability - in America, of course, they call it "Clear the Courtroom".)

With the exception of the well-done portrayal of Johnson, this chapter was a wreck. I'm very sorry to say so, but I refuse to sugarcoat my opinion.

I won't get my anticipation up for the next chapter, but your usual pattern gives me some hope for its quality.

6th December 2005, 12:24 PM
Yeah, I didn't like this one as much because it seemed so predictable. I also hated the overuse of the deckmaster abilities. It would've been interesting if Johnson was someone other than Judge Man and if Stan used a real card rather than a companion card. I don't hate them as much as Paradox does but I'd rather see them in the battlefield rather than on the sidelines

Really makes me wish Leichter was chosen instead. That would've been a much more interesting duel

6th December 2005, 12:54 PM
Unfortunately, I my opinion follows the same lines as the others.

I didn't hold out hope for Johnson having a different Deck-Master, and I too noticed the original name for the ability, but all in all, rather lackluster.

Johnson's deck didn't have much of a theme in the first place so I can't complain about that, and I must admit the fusions he played were unexpected, (between fusions and the character, I was expecting Emperess Judge) but there just weren't enough combos used to keep me interested. Usually your duels have a couple of filler turns between each big move, but here, there were few to no big moves to begin with.

Johnson was perfectly in character, so you get major points for that, but since I didn't vote for him, I can't award as many points for personal enjoyment as I am willing to give for accuracy. The use of Hammer Shot as a reference to the gavel was a nice touch though. Enemy Controller made sense after the explination, but its apearance was out of the blue.

The Deck-Master effect race was something we hadn't seen before, and with a bit of tweaking, it might have come across as a tense situation, but it just wasn't written in a way to keep me on the edge of my seat.

In short, I have to wonder what the duels with the other four would have looked like. Sadly we'll never know.

You have me curious about the next chapter, but without much info, I can't tell weather to be eager or not. Guess I'll have to see won't I?

Oh, and Happy Birthday SM while I'm at it.

Dark Sage
6th December 2005, 12:59 PM
I've gotten three negative reviews, so I might as well confess - I didn't like this chapter either.

I had hoped someone other than Johnson would win the poll, because I could have written a good duel with any of the Big Five except him. But I had no choice.

I wrote three versions of this duel, and didn't like any of them. What you saw was the best one.

Anyway, I promise that the next chapter will be better. I may even post it sooner than I normally would because this one was so lousy.

- DS

6th December 2005, 01:41 PM
I had hoped someone other than Johnson would win the poll, because I could have written a good duel with any of the Big Five except him. But I had no choice.
Hey, if it makes you feel better; I never liked him either. I voted for Krump for his unique Penguin deck.:) Who's your favorite Big 5 member, anyways(just wondering)?:confused:

It was alright for what it was(even fun)...but I'm interested to see what this monster is. You said the Dragons wouldn't be appearing, right DS? I seem to recall that...but Hooktail did get mentioned back in Act One.:wink:

6th December 2005, 02:19 PM
I've gotten three negative reviews, so I might as well confess - I didn't like this chapter either.

I had hoped someone other than Johnson would win the poll, because I could have written a good duel with any of the Big Five except him. But I had no choice.

I wrote three versions of this duel, and didn't like any of them. What you saw was the best one.

Anyway, I promise that the next chapter will be better. I may even post it sooner than I normally would because this one was so lousy.

- DS

Quite honestly, if you didn't want to write about Johnson but knew he had a shot to win, you shouldn't have made the poll in the first place. Can't take that chance if you don't think it's a good idea

Still, you have loads of good chapters that outweigh the crappy ones so it's not much of a big deal

Shuppet Master
6th December 2005, 03:24 PM
(Two birthday wishes today, I'm blushing! :redface: Thanks, guy!)

Anyways, I voted for Johnson, so I'm sorry if everyone hated him, even Dark Sage. Maybe I should have stayed out of the poll?

I found the duel to be really interesting, and I liked the background on Stan's uncle, that came out of the blue. I'm glad Julius was one of the "good" lawyers who doesn't work for the money but for justice. :) I did find the deckmaster ability overusage a bit crazy, though.

I was glad Stan used Ms. Mowz. I really wish Fran would use her Companions as deckmasters. (Gets pelted by rotten tomatos from Paradox and JBakura.) Hey, cut it out! If you create a new monster, I want to see it as a deckmaster, so shoot me! (Ends up being the next birthday murder victim, j/k)

Anyways, this was a wonderful birthday present, Brian! With the Muppet Show DVDs and the new Dragon Quest game, I'm happy to turn 33 and have another year full of adventure! :D Keep it up!

6th December 2005, 03:28 PM
I would have voted for Nesbitt. I liked him because he actually semi-won his duel. Happy Birth Day SM!

6th December 2005, 03:29 PM
For the record, I did NOT say a WORD against Ms. Mouz being a deckmaster SM

And DS, one tiny pet peeve that's coming up. Why is it that 4 out of 5 deck masters here requre a life point payment?

I know you want to balance it but the last 4 deckmasters you used (and several before that ever since getting through the door) all used that meathod, and there are other types of effects. (power ups for instance, although Peten did use that)

Just drawing attention to it if you hadn't noticed

Perfect Chaos
6th December 2005, 04:33 PM
Sorry DS for "ganging up" on you, but I have to agree with the majority:

This chapter was not that great

The duel just hit the line of mediocrity, at best. As mentioned before, its mainly because the duel ended up being a race to see who would lose life points the fastest based on their Deckmaster abilities.

Also, I didn't like Johnson's deck at all, his character was good and you portrayed him exactly as I would've imagined him when he would duel.

Personally, I agree with TML. I think this chapter would've been alot more interesting if Leichter had dueled (I personally believe that he was the best duelist of all the Big 5)


7th December 2005, 04:03 PM
Awww, lame! :mad:

Johnson was even worse here than on the show-at least we got to hear Joey taunting the **** out of Johnson on the show!

Anyway, the lawyer-theme deck is a really difficult idea; if I'd been around earlier, I'd have voted for Lector.

BTW, I know who's appearing next chapter... :rolleyes:

-Blademaster, the Dark Scorpion Duelist

7th December 2005, 08:19 PM
Leichtor or Nezbitt would have been better, but I didn't mind Johnson. But, yeah, this chapter was a bit of a dissapointment. I have to agree with Paradox about the companions being deckmasters.

As I said before, if this next enemy's bowser, I'm laughing my ass off. :biggrin:

Dark Sage
9th December 2005, 12:10 PM
Well, my last chapter was so crummy, I decided to post the next one now.

So, let's hope this one is better.

Read on, and say a prayer for our heroes...

- DS

Dark Sage
9th December 2005, 12:12 PM
[B][I]I’ve dueled several skilled duelists…

I’ve dueled The Unfriendly Amazon (twice)…

I’ve dueled two members of the Shadow Spawn…

I’ve dueled some nut who looked like a kid in a ghost costume…

And now…

I’m facing the biggest, scariest, most horrible opponent I have ever seen.

I didn’t think it was possible, but this guy is actually scarier than the Monsters he has in his deck…

And I had a feeling when I drew my first card…

…that the rules have changed in a very big way…


Shadows of the Past

Down, down, down…


Stan, Andy, and Francesca walked down the sloping cavern, down a long tunnel. The light was dim, and fear started to creep into their bones…

“Does this tunnel ever end?” asked Andy.

“I don’t…” started Stan.

Then they almost ran into a large door.

They looked at it… It had the image of a frightening dragon’s face on it.

“Haven’t we seen a door like this somewhere before?” asked Francesca.

The door slowly opened…

They slowly ventured in…

They wished they hadn’t. There was no light at all in the room. It was pitch black.

Fear turned to panic when the door slammed shut, trapping them in utter darkness!

“Nobody… move…” cautioned Stan. “There may be dangerous things in here that we can’t see…”

“Yes…” said a sinister voice. “You cannot see me… But I can certainly… See you!”

At that, a set of huge, sinister, glowing eyes opened in front of them!

The three of them screamed!

Bonfires erupted around the room, and they saw the whole creature…

Again, they wished they still couldn’t…

It was a hundred and fifty feet long, covered with green scales, with a hideous reptilian head, sharp claws, and huge wings on its back! The only article of clothing it wore was an amulet with a blood-red stone.

The huge dragon glared at them and chuckled.

“Welcome humans,” he stated, “to the end of your life!”

He grinned a toothy grin…

“This will be a treat…” he chuckled. “My first snack of flesh in years…”

They backed up against the wall.

“Who… are you?” gulped Francesca.

The dragon got closer.

“I am Gloomtail,” he announced, “and you…”

He paused.

He closed in on Francesca and started to sniff. Francesca tried hard not to scream…

“YOU!” hollered Gloomtail.

“What?” squeaked Francesca in terror.

“I know that scent!” snarled Gloomtail in anger. “You were the one who slew my sister Hooktail!”

“Huh?” muttered Francesca. “Wait… that wasn’t…”

“Don’t lie to me, Warrior Queen!” shouted Gloomtail in rage. “Changing out of your raiment doesn’t fool me!”

“This guy’s totally loco!” gasped Andy. “He doesn’t even know how much time has passed since then…”

Gloomtail snarled. Steam poured from his nostrils…

“I would devour you right now, Warrior Queen,” he warned, “but after my sister’s death, that would be too good for you! You and I… we are going to duel…”

“Me? Duel you?” stuttered Francesca.

She paused.

“Uhm, if I win, will you let us go unharmed?” she asked.

“Very well,” answered Gloomtail, “but your chances of winning are nearly nonexistent!”

“How’s Fran supposed to duel an opponent who’s the size of a house?” gasped Stan.

“Very, very carefully,” muttered Andy.

Gloomtail pulled himself up to a sitting position.

He waved his claw, and a large card appeared in front of him.

“Now, meet my Deckmaster,” he stated. “A powerful sorcerer called… Lord of Dragons!”

The card spun around, and the draconic Spellcaster appeared. He flew up and perched on Gloomtail’s shoulder.


Lord of Dragons, thought Andy.

He leafed through his own deck, and found his own Lord or Dragons card.

I hope Fran beats this creature, he thought, but I have to admit, I’m curious as to what his Deckmaster ability is…

“Yeah?” answered Fran. “Well meet my friend Amazoness Paladin!”

She held up the card, and Amazoness Paladin appeared behind her.


Gloomtail chuckled.

“She won’t help you now,” he gloated. “After all, Warrior Queen, why do you think they call me GLOOMtail?”

The gem on his amulet glowed with a spooky light…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

In Boggly Woods, Merlee was wandering through the underbrush…

And then, a sensation came to him…

“NO!” he shouted. “That wicked worm Gloomtail has started a Shadow Game, and Francesca is caught in it!

“It’s too soon… I haven’t had a chance to warn them yet! I have to stop this!”

He started to run…

But then he stopped.

“Who am I kidding?” he gasped. “Once a Shadow Game starts, it doesn’t end until a winner is decided…”

He got on his knees and started to pray…

He looked at the sun – most folks’ eyes would hurt if they did that, but Merlee did it all the time…

“Oh, great and powerful Re-Horakhty,” he prayed. “God of Kings and Lord of the Sun, I beg you, please protect this young girl from the horrors that await her…”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“Say, Andy?” said Stan, getting scared. “I know this place was dark to begin with… But did it just get darker?”

The score on Fran’s Disk set to 8,000… and the number 8,000 appeared above Gloomtail in fiery digits.

He gestured, and six flames appeared in front of him, which formed into the images of six cards.

My sister will soon be avenged, he thought. Once you are defeated, your soul will wander the darkness of the Shadow Realm forever!

He glared at Francesca, and his eyes glowed.

“I’ll start things off slowly…” he stated.

A Monster Card revealed itself.

“I will summon The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave in Defense Mode…”

The card vanished, and the defensive Monster that Andy so often used appeared. (1,300/2,000)


“Now make your move, Warrior Queen,” he dared.

“Between the two of us,” said Francesca, drawing, “you can call me Francesca.”

“Really?” answered Gloomtail. “How odd. You never told anyone your true name before…”

Francesca sighed as she made a draw. Convincing him of the truth would likely be futile. She looked at her cards.

“Francesca,” said a comforting voice behind her.

She turned to see that it was Amazoness Paladin.

“Francesca, don’t be scared,” she said, trying to comfort. “I can help you in ways your other Monsters can’t in this duel, because I lie closer to your soul than any of them.”

“What do you mean?” asked Francesca.

“There’s little time to explain,” answered Paladin. “But if you discard one card, I can keep an Amazon from being destroyed in battle.

“But I can only do so once a turn, and not two turns in a row. And it won’t keep you from taking battle damage. Use it wisely…”

Fran took a card from her hand.

“I summon Amazoness Chain Master in Attack Mode!” she shouted.

She put the card down, and Chain Master appeared. (1,500/1,300)

“And that will do it for me…”

Gloomtail chuckled an evil chuckle.

He gestured, and a new card appeared in a flame.

A Magic Card revealed itself.

“I activate Tribute to the Doomed!” he laughed. “Now I’ll discard this…”

Another card was burned up.

“…and I’ll send your Chain Master strait to the Graveyard!”

A swarm of linens burst out of the ground! Chain Master screamed as they grabbed her…

They quickly wrapped her up, and then a huge hand grabbed her, dragging her into the afterlife.

Gloomtail chuckled. Another card was revealed.

“Next I will summon a creature called The Wicked Worm Beast…” he continued.

A truly disgusting creature appeared. It was a mass of snaky worms walking on clawed legs. (1,400/700)


“And now,” laughed Gloomtail, “I’ll use my Deckmaster ability!”

Lord of Dragons started to glow…

“I only need to spend 500 Life Points…” chuckled Gloomtail.

His Life Points fell to 7,500.

“…and in exchange, I’m allowed an extra summon this turn, so long as I’m summoning a Dragon!

“So I’ll sacrifice both my servants…”

The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave and The Wicked Worm Beast vanished…

Francesca watched in fear…

“And I’ll summon Serpent Night Dragon!” shouted Gloomtail.

A hideous, snake-like Dragon, with scales as black as midnight, appeared in front of him. (2,350/2,400)


“And now…” laughed Gloomtail, “since you have nothing to protect you… Serpent Night Dragon, attack directly with sonic nightmare blast!”

Serpent Night Dragon let loose a wave of earsplitting sound…

Francesca screamed…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Merlee felt a pain in his chest as the direct attack hit.

Curse you, Merlee, you idiot, he scolded himself. You should have warned them about this sooner!

Francesca has no idea of the stakes she’s dueling for right now! She might think that Gloomtail is a hideous monster, but what he has in store for her is more hideous than she could ever imagine!

All I can do, is pray that her own skill as a duelist is enough without my help…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Francesca fell to her knees…

Her Life Points fell down to 5,650…

“Fran! Are you all right!” shouted Andy.

Francesca shook in pain, with tears flowing down her cheeks…

She thought back to what had been the worst direct attack she had ever received until now. It had been last year, from a Perfect Machine King Equipped with a Megamorph. She had endued a 5,600-point hit in the form of a barrage of exploding missiles straight to her torso…

In a duel, there was no way to avoid a direct attack. No way to dodge or run and hide. You had no choice but to take it. So she had.

This Dragon wasn’t half as strong as that Machine had been…

So why did it hurt three times as much as she had remembered that attack from the Perfect Machine King?

As she started to slowly pull herself to her feet, she looked at the Serpent Night Dragon…

And she started to wonder…

Was this truly a hologram in front of her?

She drew a card.

Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t, she thought. But this is still a duel, and I can take it down!

“All right Gloomtail,” she shouted, “I’ll summon Amazoness Swords Woman in Attack Mode!”

She threw a card down, and the sword-wielding Amazon appeared. (1,500/1,600)

“And also, two cards facedown,” she stated.

She fit two cards into slots, and they appeared behind Swords Woman.

“And that’s my turn.”

“So be it…” answered Gloomtail.

Another of his cards appeared.

“Serpent Night Dragon, attack her Swords Woman!”

Serpent Night Dragon roared…

“Not so fast, pal!” shouted Francesca. “I had a Trap waiting!”

One of her facedown cards lifted.

“The Regulation of Tribe! Now, one Monster Type that I choose can’t attack! And I choose Dragons!”

A mass of chains sprouted from the ground, and bound Serpent Night Dragon! It roared!

“I also activate… Scapegoat!” she shouted.

Her other facedown activated, and the four sheep tokens leapt out.

“What do you think?” she said with a grin.

Gloomtail chuckled.

“Amusing…” he mused. “Don’t you know that dragons eat sheep when humans aren’t available?”

“Well, it’s my draw!” shouted Francesca.

She looked at the card.

“I’ll sacrifice one Scapegoat to keep my Trap for now…”

One token vanished.

“And I play Card of Sanctity! Now we must both draw until we hold six cards!”

She made three draws. Three flames appeared in front of Gloomtail, and they formed into cards.

Gloomtail seemed to give a slight grin…

“Uh oh…” muttered Andy. “I think he may have gotten a good draw…”

“Next,” said Francesca, “I’ll play Premature Burial!”

Her Life Points fell to 4,850, and Chain Master burst out of the ground. (1,500/1,300)

“Next,” stated Francesca, playing another card, “I’ll play Gift of the Martyr! I’ll sacrifice Chain Master to increase Swords Woman’s Attack by hers for one round!”

Chain Master faded away, and Swords Woman’s Attack rose to 3,000.

“Swords Woman,” shouted Francesca, ”Slay his Dragon!”

Swords Woman leapt up, and cleaved Serpent Knight Dragon in two! The pieces shattered!

Gloomtail’s Life Points fell to 6,750.

“Not bad,” chuckled Gloomtail, “but this duel is far from over…”

He gestured, and another card appeared.

“I’ll destroy your Trap with Mystical Space Typhoon!” he shouted.

A card revealed itself, and the cyclone blew across the field, shattering The Regulation of Tribe.

“Next,” he stated, “I summon Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 4…”

The card revealed itself, and a new Dragon appeared. It was the size of Amazoness Swords Woman, and was birdlike, seemingly made of golden metal. (1,600/1,000)


“I could attack with that,” stated Gloomtail, “but instead, I play a Magic Card called Level Up!”

Another card revealed itself.

“What does that do?” asked Fran.

“When Level Up! is used on any leveled Monster, it immediately evolves into its next stage,” answered Gloomtail. “Thus, it will transform my beast into Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 6!”

Horus started to grow, and within second, became twice the size of the Amazon, and much fiercer. (2,300/1,600)


“Now, Horus…” commanded Gloomtail, “attack one of her Scapegoats with black flame blast!”

Horus shot forth a volley of dark fire from its beak, incinerating one of the tokens.

“And now I’m ending my turn,” chuckled Gloomtail, “and when I end my turn on a round when this creature destroys a Monster, it evolves further, transforming into Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 8!”

Horus started to grow at an alarming rate, becoming almost as big as Gloomtail! It let out a furious screech! (3,000/1,800)


“Stan, do you know about this creature?” asked Andy.

“I’ve heard of leveled Monsters before,” muttered Stan. “Horus is supposedly one of the strongest… And just look at it! It’s as strong as Kaiba’s Blue Eyes White Dragon!”

“My move…” growled Fran.

She made a draw.


Dark Sage
9th December 2005, 12:15 PM
Continued from last post:

“Eh, I’ll pass this turn…” she stated.

Gloomtail gestured, and another card appeared.

“I will summon Lizard Soldier in Attack Mode…” he hissed.

A card revealed itself, and a humanoid Dragon wearing armor and carrying a stone axe and a large shield appeared. (1,100/800)


“And now I’ll activate my Deckmaster ability,” he chuckled, “to summon another one!”

His Life Points fell to 6,250, and another Lizard Soldier appeared.

“Lizard Soldiers, destroy her tokens with slash swipe!”

The two dragon-men leapt forward and made short work out of the two Scapegoats.

“Horus!” he commanded, “attack her Amazoness Swords Woman! Destroy her! Dark fire giga!”

Dark flames appeared in Horus’s jaws…

“Not so fast, big guy!” shouted Fran.

She discarded a card.

“I’m activating my own Deckmaster ability!”

Horus’s flames shot forward… Amazoness Swords Woman screamed and then fell to her knees… But she survived.

“Paladin can save one of my Amazons from dying in battle,” chuckled Francesca, as Swords Woman slowly got up. “Now normally, I would still take battle damage, but due to Swords Woman’s effect, I don’t take it – you do!”

Gloomtail’s Life Points fell to 4,750.

“It seems you are as tenacious as ever,” growled Gloomtail. “Very well, I end my turn…”

Francesca drew.

All right! she thought.

“Time to say bye-bye to Horus!” she laughed.

Gloomtail growled.

Francesca showed him a card.

“I just drew Amazoness Spellcaster!” she laughed. “This Magic Card lets me swap the Attack Score of my Amazon with that of one of your Monsters!”

She played the card.

“And so…” she started, as the card appeared.

“Horus…” growled Gloomtail.

Horus pointed his claw…

And the Amazoness Spellcaster card burst into flames!

“WHAT?” shouted Francesca. “You destroyed it?”

Gloomtail laughed out loud! His laughter shook the chamber!

“Your Magic Cards can’t help you now!” he laughed. “With Horus on the field, a Magic Card only works if I want it to! If I don’t, I can negate and destroy it!

“You’ll never defeat him…”

“I stand corrected…” muttered Stan. “It’s even stronger than Kaiba’s Blue Eyes…”

“And Fran can’t play any Magic Cards?” gasped Andy. “Talk about not playing with a full deck!”

Sweat fell down Fran’s face.

“Swords Woman, attack one of his Lizard Soldiers!” she shouted.

Swords Woman charged, and with one swipe of her blade, the Lizard Soldier was cut down.

Gloomtail’s Life Points fell to 4,350, but he grinned.

“I’ll end my turn by summoning Amazoness Fighter in Defense Mode,” she stated, placing a card down.

Fighter appeared, and she knelt. (1,500/1,300)

“My draw…” growled Gloomtail.

Another card appeared.

“Horus,” he commanded, “dark fire giga!”

Horus blasted forth his dark flame! Amazoness Swords Woman screamed and was burned to ashes!

“Forget?” sneered Francesca. “That damage goes back to you!”

“Heh, heh, heh, heh…” chuckled Gloomtail.

A Quickplay Magic Card with a frightening picture on it spun around.

“I play Spell of Pain!” he laughed. “This card can be activated when I would lose Life Points for any reason, and transfers that loss to my opponent!”

Francesca screamed as dark fire erupted around her!

She fell to her knees, and her Life Points fell to 3,350.

“I’ll place a card facedown, and that will end my turn,” growled Gloomtail.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

At the moment, Merlee, was rushing towards the Palace of Shadow.

He paused.

Francesca just took another hit, he thought, And that beast is ahead…

And Gloomtail has the advantage… his best Monster is on the field.

He reached down into his shirt and took out a small pendant.

It looked just like the ones that Stan, Andy and Francesca wore, but the stars were silver, and a fourth star, colored gold, was situated in the center of them.

There is a card in Francesca’s deck that she can use to defeat Horus, he thought. She simply has to draw it…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

“What are you waiting for?” growled Gloomtail.

“To be honest,” gulped Francesca, “a miracle…”

She drew.

Pot of Greed? she thought in disgust. That’s no good…

“I activate Solemn Wishes!” laughed Gloomtail, as his facedown card lifted. “That means…”

“I know what it means!” interrupted Fran.

She added Pot of Greed to her hand and took another one.

“I’ll summon Warrior Dai Grepher in Defense Mode and end my turn…”

She placed a card down, and the armored Warrior appeared, kneeling on his sword. (1,700/1,600)

Gloomtail drew, and a golden shower rained down upon him, raising his Life Points to 4,850.

“Your efforts are pathetic,” he chuckled. “Almost as pathetic as I find your Monsters! Horus, destroy her Fighter! Dark fire giga!”

Horus exhaled his black flame, and Amazoness Fighter was burned up.

Francesca closed her eyes and drew…

She looked at the card.

Gloomtail is pretty nasty, she thought. But maybe he can be tricked…

She fit two cards into a slot.

“I’ll place two cards facedown,” she stated, “and that will end my turn…”

A facedown card appeared.

Gloomtail chuckled and drew a card. His Life point went up to 5,350.

“Horus, destroy Warrior Dai Grepher!” he cackled.

Horus shot forth his flame, and Grepher was blown away.

Fran cringed.

“And now that you have nothing left,” chuckled Gloomtail, “Lizard Soldier, attack directly!”

“Not so fast!” she shouted. “I activate Waboku!”

One of her Traps lifted, and the Lizard Soldier was stopped in his tracks.

Lizard Soldier leapt forward and slashed across Francesca’s chest with her axe…

“You’re getting sloppy, Warrior Queen,” mocked Francesca. “You could have saved your Warrior with that card…”

“Maybe I have a strategy that’s too complex for you to comprehend,” sneered Francesca.

She drew a card.

Hope this works… she thought.

She chose another card from her hand.

“I play… Pot of Greed…” she stated, placing it in a slot.

The grinning pot appeared.

“Heh, heh,” chuckled Gloomtail. “Have you learned nothing? Horus…”

Horus waved his hand… The Pot of Greed’s jovial expression turned to one of fear…

“I don’t think so, Gloomtail!” shouted Fran. “I activate… Divine Wrath!”

Her Trap Card flipped up, and she discarded a card…

Horus froze, and thunder rolled overhead.

“What?” said Gloomtail, puzzled.

Horus screamed as it was stuck by lightning! It shattered into pixels!

“MY DRAGON!” screamed Gloomtail. “It’s… destroyed…”

“Your Dragon’s effect was its downfall, Gloomtail,” grinned Francesca. “Divine Wrath activates when a Monster tries to use its effect. Since you ordered Horus to negate my Pot of Greed, my Trap Card negated his effect, and destroyed Horus!”

For the first time all duel, a trace of fear appeared in Gloomtail’s eyes.

“Since Horus’s effect was never enacted,” continued Francesca, “Pot of Greed’s effect still goes through, letting me draw two cards.”

The Pot of Greed now grinned even wider. The spectral arm reached out, and pulled two cards off of Fran’s deck. It handed them to her and then vanished.

“And now that Horus is in the Graveyard, I can play all the Magic Cards I want!” chuckled Francesca. “So I’ll play… Art Attack!”

She played the card, and it appeared.

“Next, I’ll summon Getsu Fuhma in Attack Mode!”

She placed a card down, and Getsu appeared. (1,700/1,200)

“Attack the last Lizard Soldier!” she shouted.

Getsu Fuhma made a swipe with her sword, and the Lizard Soldier was blown to pixels!

Gloomtail’s Life Points fell to 4,750.

“All right!” shouted Andy. “Horus is history!”

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Merlee walked up to the Thousand Year Door.

He paused.

Francesca has just gained an advantage, he thought.

He paused again.

I only hope it will be enough…

He concentrated…

He mentally scanned the area, trying to detect the Shadow Queen’s evil magic.

When he was sure the coast was clear, he walked forward…

…through the door…

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Gloomtail drew a card, and his Life Points went up to 5,250.

“Lesser Dragon in Defense Mode,” he hissed.

A small, scaly dragon with no wings appeared. (1,200/1,000)


“Who’s using pathetic Monsters now?” chuckled Francesca.

She made a draw.

A Trap, she thought.

“I’ll place a card facedown,” she said, setting the card.

A facedown card appeared.

“And then I’ll attack with Getsu Fuhma!” she yelled.

Getsu made a swipe with sword, and cleaved Lesser Dragon down the middle!

“Your Dragon just split!” she chuckled.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow…” hissed Gloomtail. “My draw…”

Another card appeared. His Life Points went up to 5,750.

“I activate a Trap!” yelled Francesca.

Her card lifted, showing a hand dropping a sword.

“Drop Off!” she laughed. “It sends the card you just drew straight to the Graveyard!”

Gloomtail’s card shattered.

He growled in anger…

“I summon Armored Lizard in Defense Mode…” he hissed.

A card revealed itself, and a blue, humanoid lizard with sharp teeth appeared, crouching in Defense. (1,500/1,200)


“Gloomtail seems to be stalling for some reason,” said Andy, nervously.

“Don’t sweat it,” assured Stan. “Only one more round, and Fran’s Art Attack will kick in…”

Francesca drew.

“Getsu Fuhma, destroy his Armored Lizard!” she shouted. “Whirlwind slash!”

With one swipe of her sword, the Lizard shattered.

“That will end my turn, lizard lips,” laughed Francesca, and next turn, you’re history!”

“We’ll see…” growled Gloomtail.

Another card appeared. His Life Points went up to 6,250.

“Heh, heh, heh, heh…” he chuckled.

“I couldn’t have asked for better…” he chuckled. “Do you remember that card you sent to the Graveyard with Drop Off? It was a very powerful Monster that ordinarily needs two sacrifices to summon…

“But now I don’t need a sacrifice to call it forth at all!”

The card he had just drawn spun around…

Monster Reborn.

A huge, shadowy shape began to appear…

“Now arise…” commanded Gloomtail. “Arise my mighty Tri-Horned Dragon!”

The great beast stood horribly revealed! It was a fierce Dragon, with wicked claws, spines, and three horns on its forehead! (2,850/2,350)


Getsu Fuhma took a step back in fear…

“I see…” muttered Francesca. “Well, I’m sorry Getsu Fuhma, but I can’t stop him…”

“You misunderstand…” hissed Gloomtail. “I’m not going to have it attack her… I also have a Magic Card…”

Another of his cards revealed itself, showing the terrible image of a huge dragon blasting a castle to rubble.

“Wrath of the Great Wyrm,” he chuckled. “To pay the cost of this card, I have to discard the top three cards from my deck and reveal them to you…”

Three cards – A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, Burst Breath, and Luster Dragon #1 – appeared in front of him and then shattered.

“…but it is worth the price,” continued Gloomtail, “for this card lets a Dragon of seven stars or higher bypass your Monsters and attack you directly!”

Francesca stopped short… Now she was the one who was scared.

Time to bring this to a close… thought Gloomtail. Once this hits, she’ll be pleading for death!

“Tri-Horned Dragon,” shouted Gloomtail, “attack directly with death breath!”

Tri-Horned Dragon roared…

And then it breathed forth a blast of pure darkness from its maw! Getsu Fuhma was thrown out of the way, and It struck Francesca in the chest!

Maybe it hit too suddenly, but she didn’t scream… She merely fell on her stomach as her Life Points tumbled to 500.

“And so ends the life of the Warrior Queen…” gloated Gloomtail.

“Francesca… No…” gasped Stan.

“Get up!” begged Andy. “This duel isn’t over yet!”

“I beg to differ, human!” laughed Gloomtail. “She’s finished.”

“She still has Life Points left, pal!” growled Stan.

“It hardly matters,” laughed Gloomtail. “As strong as she was, there was no way her body or her soul could have weathered a blow like… Huh?”

Francesca’s hand moved…

She reached for her cards…

Slowly, she pushed herself up to her knees with her other hand…

Impossible… thought Gloomtail.

Francesca slowly dragged herself to her feet…

“That all you’ve got… you… you…” she started.

She stared at Gloomtail.

“Sorry…” she said, catching herself. “I almost called you a monster, but I don’t want to insult the more honest ones in the more respectable duelists’ decks.”

She’s insulting me? thought Gloomtail in horror. She should be begging for mercy by now!

“Is that your move, you abomination?” asked Fran.

“Move…” growled Gloomtail.

“Good, Francesca,” said Amazoness Paladin. “Now let’s teach this beast a lesson he won’t soon forget!”

“My draw!” shouted Francesca, drawing. “And since three turns have expired since I played Art Attack, this duel is far from over!”

Four forms appeared on her side of the field…

First came another Amazoness Fighter (1,500/1,300). Then another Amazoness Swords Woman (1,500/1,600). Next, Amazoness Blowpiper (800/1,500). Finally, Amazoness Tiger (1,100/1,500) –> (2,700/1,500).

“Heh, heh, heh,” chuckled Gloomtail. “Nice try! But your Tiger falls 150 Attack Points too short!”

“I’m not done!” stated Francesca. “I still haven’t made a Normal Summon for this turn…

“So, I’ll sacrifice Fighter and Swords Woman…”

She switched cards on her Disk, and the two Amazons vanished…

“And I’ll summon Guardian Angel Joan!”

The Tiger’s Attack fell to 1,900, as a light struck down, piecing the darkness of the cavern. The gorgeous Fairy descended, radiating an aura of Light! (2,800/2,000)

“Very pretty!” scowled Gloomtail. “But Tri-Horned Dragon is still fifty points too strong for her!”

“I’m not half-done!” answered Francesca. “I play Recruitment Drive!”

She played the Magic Card, and it appeared.

“Since I have at least one true Amazon on the field,” explained Francesca, “all female Monsters on my side of the field are now considered Amazons… that means both Joan AND Getsu Fuhma!”

Tiger’s Attack went back up to 2,700.

“I don’t see how that helps…” growled Gloomtail.

“Oh, it helps!” laughed Francesca. “Because since Joan is now an Amazon, I can Equip her with this…”

She played a card…

“The Girdle of Hippolyta!”

The golden belt appeared around Joan’s waist, and her Attack rose to 3,600!

“And now she’s strong enough…” stated Fran, “Guardian Angel Joan, attack Tri-Horned Dragon with searing light of Heaven!”

A light appeared in Joan’s hands, and she cast forth her beams! Tri-Horned Dragon howled, and was eradicated!

“YES!” shouted Andy. “That ugly Dragon is demolished!”

“And Gloomtail doesn’t seem to like it!” laughed Stan.

Gloomtail cringed as his Life Points fell to 5,500.

Such power! he thought. Holy power! It… it burns!


Dark Sage
9th December 2005, 12:17 PM
Continued from last post:

“I’ve done more than just destroy your Monster and cost you 750 Life Points, pal,” snarled Francesca. “Now, due to Joan’s effect, that Dragon’s Attack Points get added to my Life Points!”

Her Life Points rose to 3,350.

“And I’m not done with you yet!” she shouted. “Amazoness Tiger, attack him directly with claws of the great cat!”

Tiger pounced, and raked her claws across Gloomtail’s massive chest. He cringed and his Life Points fell to 2,800.

“Getsu Fuhma, attack!” she shouted.

Getsu Fuhma leapt up and made a slash with her sword. Gloomtail cringed as his Life Points fell to 1,100.

“And finally…” ordered Francesca, “Amazoness Blowpiper, GO!”

Blowpiper leapt up, and delivered a fierce kick to Gloomtail’s jaw!

The great Dragon’s Life Points fell to 300…

“That’s my turn…” stated Francesca. “And by the way, so long as Tiger is on the field, you aren’t allowed to Attack any Amazon except her!”

Gloomtail grunted, and drew…

“I’ll take a boost from my Trap…” he hissed, as his Life Points rose to 800.

“And now I’ll play my own Pot of Greed…”

The wicked jar appeared, and two flames flew out of it. The flames formed into cards.

“Ironic,” chuckled Gloomtail. “Your Pot of Greed destroyed Horus, and mine will pave the way for its return…”

“What do you mean?” asked Francesca.

“First I’ll place a card facedown…” stated Gloomtail.

A facedown card appeared.

“Then I’ll play this,” he stated. “Level Modulation!”

The card revealed itself, and a mass of dice spilled out.

“This card is so powerful, that to play it, I have to allow you to draw two cards, so pray that they’re good ones…”

Two cards flew off of Francesca’s deck.

“And now,” laughed Gloomtail, “I’m allowed to revive any leveled Monster from my Graveyard, so you can guess who’s coming back!”

Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 8 arose! (3,000/1,800)

“I can’t attack with it this turn, so you’d best make the most of your turn…” he warned.

Francesca drew.

“Don’t worry Francesca!” shouted Andy. “Joan is still stronger.”

“Not for long,” chuckled Gloomtail. “Activate Dust Tornado!”

His Trap lifted, and the Tornado swept across the field, shattering the Recruitment Drive card!

“Now that your Angel is no longer an Amazon, she’s no longer permitted to wear that Girdle!” laughed Gloomtail.

The Girdle shattered, and Joan’s Attack went back down to 2,800.

“And your Tiger is weakened also!” chuckled Gloomtail.

Amazoness Tiger’s Attack went down to 1,900.

“So now what, Warrior Queen?” asked Gloomtail. “Horus’s power to negate Magic Cards is once again in effect, and I doubt you have a Trap that can destroy it this time…”

“I don’t need Magic Cards to destroy it, Gloomtail,” said Francesca, quietly. “All I need to win this duel is already on the field…

“Amazoness Blowpiper, your target is Horus!”

Blowpiper loaded a dart into her blowpipe and put it to her lips…

“What?” asked Gloomtail.

“Blowpiper’s poison darts can reduce an opposing Monster’s Attack Score by 500 for one round…” stated Francesca.

Blowpiper shot her dart, striking Horus in the neck! It howled, and its Attack fell to 2,500.

“Joan, attack!” shouted Francesca. “Destroy that thing!”

Joan blasted forth her searing light, and Horus the Black Flame Dragon was blown into gibbets!

“No!” gasped Gloomtail. “I can’t lose… I never lose!”

“There’s always a first time for everything!” snarled Francesca. “Blowpiper, you do the honors!”

Blowpiper leapt up, and delivered another kick to Gloomtail’s jaw!

As Gloomtail’s Life Points hit zero, he howled a scream that could best be described as something out of Hell itself…

And his immense form crashed to the floor of his chamber…

Francesca stared for a few seconds…

And then she fainted.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

The Shadow Queen was watching, with her six children behind her.

She chuckled.

“Well, seems that duel left little Francesca a bit… flushed,” she laughed.

She sighed.

“Too bad for Gloomtail, but he was cramping my style anyway… It was time to get rid of the old and concentrate on the new…”

She turned to the Shadow Spawn.

“They’ll be entering the third level soon,” she stated. “Be prepared to meet them…”

“We won’t fail this time, mother,” said Kurtis. “They’ll never even reach Leopold!”

“You’d better not…” said the Queen sweetly.

Her eyes glowed with fire.

“Because if you fail me again, I won’t be the one who punishes you! Defeat them, or you will suffer the same fate as Gloomtail!”

They drew back.

“Is that clear?” she asked with a smile.

“Clear!” answered Maria. “Crystal clear!”

As they started to walk away, Melissa spoke up.

“Ah, what is she worried about?” she asked. “We’re better at this than that big lizard…”

“Apparently,” said Vladimir, “so was Francesca.”

“You worry to much Vlad,” chuckled Tyson. “We’ll take care of them just like we took care of the others this way…”

The five of them, minus Vladimir, transformed into orbs of light and sped off.

Vladimir sighed, and he followed suit.

He wouldn’t disobey his mother. If dueling any of them this way was necessary, he’d do so…

But every time she made him do it, he felt dirty for days on end.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Francesca’s mind saw vicious, shadowy specters, ready to pounce down and devour her…

Until Andy’s kind voice urged her back to awareness.

“Fran?” he said, nudging her. “Fran, wake up!”

Fran slowly opened her eyes…

“Did I win?” she asked.

“Yeah, you won,” muttered Andy, “but for a minute, we were worried you’d end up just like Gloomtail…”

Francesca sat up…

Gloomtail’s immense body was lying prone on the ground. His eyes were still open, and drool spilled from his jaws.

Stan was there, and he put his ear to the beast’s chest.

“His heart is beating,” stated Stan. “He’s alive, but…”

He waved his hand in front of the dragon’s eyes.

“…there’s just no-one home…”

“What happened to him?” gasped Francesca.

“Gloomtail suffered the same fate he meant to inflict upon you, Francesca…” said a voice from the shadows.

Merlee walked out into the room.

“His soul has been imprisoned in an endless void of darkness…” stated Merlee, going up to the behemoth.

They noticed he wasn’t stuttering now.

He reached over and closed Gloomtail’s eyes.

“…one of countless variations on the punishment,” he continued, “for losing a Shadow Game…”

“Shadow Game?” said Francesca, startled. “Wait, you mentioned that sort of thing before… This was a Shadow Game?”

“Certainly, Francesca,” said Merlee, “you noticed that this duel was different than any other you ever partook in. How the pain seemed so real, and how Gloomtail’s beasts seemed to radiate pure evil… And how Guardian Angel Joan seemed more angelic than ever…

“All the Monsters and spells the two of you called forth… No holograms were involved this time. It was all very real.”

Francesca tried to answer…

But all she could manage was a little whimper…

“Shadow Games are dangerous things,” muttered Merlee. “In another time, their outcomes could gain thrones and topple kingdoms. They are rare in this day and age…

“Shadow Games often have rules, that are always put in place by the one who is using the Shadows, but one thing remains the same…

“In a duelist’s career, he is usually only allowed to lose a Shadow Game once, because unless his opponent is merciful – and most duelists with this sort of power aren’t – that is the duel after which no-one ever sees him again.”

The three kids all stared at them.

“Well, at least she won, and we’re safe now,” said Andy, with a nervous grin. “It’s over…”

“No…” cautioned Merlee. “It’s just started…”

He paused.

“Soon, the Shadow Queen will open a portal that will let you into the third level of the Palace of Shadow. No sooner than you set foot there, will Melissa greet you… She is angry at being defeated before, and will not let you pass until one of you duels her again… In another Shadow Game…

“And behind her waits Kurtis… And behind him the rest of the Spawn… All of them eager to pay back their first defeat the same way.”

Stan chuckled.

“Hey, we beat them before, we can do it again!” he laughed.

“The term Shadow Spawn is more than a title, Stan!” warned Merlee. “These kids have been luring victims into Shadow Games since they were each eight years old! When they summon the Shadows forth, their power grows…

“In their early years, their victims couldn’t believe that second graders were capable of what they were threatening… They didn’t know the incredible danger they were in… until the Shadows had locked around their necks…

“They’ve done it many times, and they’ve never lost… Don’t forget, you aren’t allowed to lose more than one Shadow Game…

“And as for the Queen herself… She’s done it hundreds of times.”

The three kids looked at him for a minute.

“Is there… any way to beat them?” asked Stan.

“Yes,” answered Merlee.

He sat down on Gloomtail’s enormous tail.

“Listen closely,” he stated. “Old Merlee has defeated many ne’er-do-wells in Shadow Games, and I’ve learned the secret to winning them… But it isn’t easy…

“It lies in identifying and defeating your opponent’s Soul Card…”

There was a pause.

“Soul Card?” asked Francesca.

Merlee nodded.

“Every duelist has in his or her deck,” stated Merlee, “a certain card… Usually it’s his favorite, and usually it’s a Monster. This card is the card that represents the duelist himself. It forms a silver cord to the seat of the duelist’s soul, a bond that symbolizes his skill…”

Stan paused.

He took his deck out of his Disk and looked through it.

He took his Dark Magician and looked at it.

Andy saw what he was doing. He leafed though his own deck.

He looked at Lord of Dragons.

“Hold up,” started Francesca. “My favorite card is Amazoness Paladin… But I have two! Both of them can’t…”

“Yes, both of them can’t be your Soul Card, Francesca,” interrupted Merlee. “Take them both out and look at them, I assure you you’ll see a difference…”

This sounded strange to Francesca. She did so…

This is silly, she thought, looking at them. They’re identical… One isn’t…

She paused.

They weren’t identical…

No one else would have seen a difference. But holding them side-by-side in the old sage’s presence, the one on the left seemed to have an aura around her, one that glowed with magical energy.

Merlee was right…

The Paladin on the right was a cheap card…

The Paladin on left was more precious than gold…

“You see?” sighed Merlee. “Seto Kaiba’s Soul Card is clearly one of his priceless Blue-Eyes White Dragons. There are only three in the world, and each are flawless. If he ever let anyone else touch them – and he wouldn’t – that person could never tell a difference between them. But if Kaiba himself took the three of them and looked at them, he’d feel a special connection to one of the three… The one that represented him.

“In any case, in a duel as intense as a Shadow Game, if your soul is destroyed, it’s unnerving at best, and traumatic at worst. Winning the Game if that happens would take incredible willpower and luck, even from one as skilled as the Shadow Spawn.

“If you need proof, take some famous Shadow Games that have occurred over the years…

“Maximillion Pegasus is a strange duelist, in that his Soul Card isn’t a Monster, but a Magic Card… The powerful Toon World. When he faced Yugi Mouto in Duelist Kingdom, he was foolish even to turn the duel into a Shadow Game. Toon World had already been destroyed. Without that card, his chances were incredibly slim. And when Yugi used a Ritual to transform his Dark Magician – his own Soul Card – into Magician of Black Chaos, Pegasus didn’t stand a chance.

“Moving further, there was Battle City, where the first Shadow Game to take place was Marik’s duel against Mai Valentine… Poor Mai… She knew very little about how a Shadow Game worked. She had a chance to possibly win, but she made a crucial error… She sacrificed her own Soul Card to summon Marik’s! And when the Monster in question was an Egyptian God Card, well, that was not only bad strategy, it was stupid. Mai couldn’t begin to comprehend the power she was trying to harness! She lost… And she was saved only when Marik was eventually defeated for good.

“Marik didn’t fare nearly as well against Joey Wheeler – he only won that Shadow Game by default. See, if Joey had possessed the energy to order one last attack, he would have won. Sadly, the painful duel had left him drained, and he lacked the energy he needed…

“But I sincerely believe that he would have had that last bit of energy, if he had even been carrying his Soul Card in his deck at the time. See, he had given his Red Eyes to Yugi for safekeeping. Because he wasn’t even using it, he couldn’t muster the energy.

“In fact, it was the Red Eyes that enabled him to recover in time to support Yugi when the King of Games finally confronted Marik. See, during Yugi’s duel with Kaiba, Yugi managed to summon it… And then used the Red Eyes to destroy one of Kaiba’s Blue Eyes. Joey felt a surge of energy when his soul struck out at Kaiba, and he managed to fight away the Shadows…”

There was another long pause.

“So,” asked Francesca. “What are the Spawn’s Soul Cards?”

“I… don’t know…” sighed Merlee. “I don’t even know if they used them in their first duels with you…

“But I do know a way to identify what the cards are…”

He grinned.

“All sinners are defined by one of the Seven Deadly Sins,” explained Merlee. “Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, and Lust. In every sinner, his guilt lies more in one of them than any others.

“There are seven members of the Shadow Queen’s family, and each of them represents one sin more than the others!”

“Melissa is heavy with Sloth. She’s been a slacker all her life who has hated hard work and manual labor, and has always gotten others to wait on her hand and foot…

“Kurtis is guilty of Lust. Mai Valentine is not the only woman he fantasizes about. Any woman he sees who has beauty is on his list of those he wishes to make surrender, through one way or another…

“Tyson, like the fire he was born from, is guilty of Greed. The Shadow Queen doesn’t know it, but he steals power from everything and everyone in sight to make himself stronger – his victims, the Queen’s servants, even his siblings. He plans to even steal from her someday.

“As you can probably guess, Leopold is thick with Pride. Despite what proof there is to the contrary, he will not accept any statement that says that he is not the best of his siblings. He honestly believes he’s the most skilled and smartest duelist who ever lived, and that he will eventually discover a strategy that will defeat Yugi himself. He’s a fool.

“Maria is a practical embodiment of Wrath. The Queen’s servants quiver in fear when she gets angry, which is very often. She’s the one whom her mother punishes most for injuring others, and if her mother could not control her, she likely would have murdered an opponent outright by now.

“Finally, we get to Vladimir. You may think he was the most approachable of the Spawn, and in a lot of ways, he is. But in his heart lies Envy. When someone appears who is stronger than he, which isn’t often, jealousy rises to his heart, and reaches a boiling point. Everyone stronger than him is a rival to overcome, and he will in his mind… His mother is no exception – of all the Spawn, he is the one with the most serious thoughts of rebellion…

“Sadly for him, if I know that, then the Queen likely does too.”

“So what does this have to do with Soul Cards?” asked Andy.

“Well, like I said, a Soul Card represents the duelist,” answered Merlee. “Their Soul Cards will reflect their sins. For instance, if a duelist were to be defined not by a Sin but by one of the Seven Godly Virtues, the Virtue of Bravery, and he played a Light Attribute deck…”

He took a card off his own deck.

“…perhaps this would be his Soul Card…”

He showed it to them:


“Hang on,” added Stan. “If all this is true, then the Queen herself… Her own Sin is Gluttony…”

“True,” agreed Merlee.

“Well if she overeats she must have a great metabolism!” exclaimed Stan.

“Gluttony is a tricky concept,” corrected Merlee. “It doesn’t necessarily mean want for food. It means desire for trivialities – needless things, luxuries. The Queen has been a spoiled brat ever since she was a child, and has collected worthless toys and playthings for centuries to keep herself amused… And yes, she is overly fond of fine food and drink. A woman with her magic can keep a gorgeous figure no matter what she eats.”

“I just started hating her even more,” answered Francesca.

Merlee sighed.

“I’ve tried hard to identify her Soul Card more than anyone else’s,” he said. “But in the few duels of hers I’ve watched, I’ve never even seen her real dueling deck. She has many trial decks, and saves her true one for special occasions. I’ve never seen a card that suggests Gluttony in the slightest…”

Then, a door appeared, hovering in mid-air.

Merlee sighed.

“That door leads to level three,” he said. “No doubt Melissa waits on the other side. I can’t stay any longer… Before long, the Queen will realize I’m here…

“Good luck, my friends… I’ll watch, if that’s all I can do…”

And then he vanished.

Stan, Andy, and Francesca turned to the door.

They took some deep breaths…

Stan took hold of the knob, and opened it…

SPELL OF PAIN (Magic Card)

Card Specs

Type: Magic/Quickplay
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: You can activate this card when you take Battle Damage or Effect Damage. Transfer the damage to your opponent.

Note: “Spell of Pain” was used by Marik in “Return to Battle City”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


Card Specs

Type: Magic
Attribute: –
Level: –
ATK: –
DEF: –

Card Description: To activate this card, discard the top three cards from your deck and show them to your opponent. A DRAGON-type Monster on your side of the field with seven stars or more can attack your opponent directly on the turn this card is activated.

”Lord of D.”: Spellcaster/Dark, (1,200/1,100)

Deckmaster SA: “Dragon Master”: Pay 500 Life Points. You can make one extra summoning during a round, so long as the extra summoning is a DRAGON-Type. This ability can be used once per turn.

Note: Kaiba used Lord of D. as his Deckmaster in the multi-part anime episode “Settling the Score”. All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

”Amazoness Paladin:” Warrior/Earth (1,700/300)

Deckmaster SA: Discard one card. One Monster of your choice that has the word “Amazoness” in its name or that is named “Amazon Archer” cannot be destroyed in battle for the remainder of the round (battle damage still applies). If you use this ability, you cannot use it on your next round.

[B][I]Merlee gave them (and you) the rules, but the Spawn have twisted rules of their own.

Coming up next, Melissa challenges Andy to another Shadow Game, and her strategy has changed greatly since last time. The rules have changed for the worse, and it gets harder from here on in.

Don’t miss “Inner Demon”, coming up next.

9th December 2005, 12:31 PM
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Master of Paradox
9th December 2005, 12:34 PM
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BTW, Paradox, I don't think DS was going for a really elemental approach-if you used that logic, then how could Light be Sloth? Light moves at 186,282 miles per second and never stops moving until it is absorbed, so it isn't exactly a lazy element...

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You wrote that Fran had 6650 left; that's a mistake, and it's happened before once or twice. You should fix it.

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