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1st March 2003, 12:49 PM

Nice to see it back ^^

can't wait to see the rest of the chapters ^^

1st March 2003, 12:52 PM
Hey Kecleon! er um.... ShinyMarill!

It's me Lapras from SPP. I can't believe FRTC is over and now the Indigo Road has started. I love this story more than ever!


1st March 2003, 12:58 PM
It's finally here!

Keep the good chapters comin'!


1st March 2003, 01:26 PM
that was a great first chapter, I can't wait for the quiz
(I did cameo this fic in chapter 2 of Skin Deep and they meet the author of FRTC later in the fic)

1st March 2003, 02:22 PM
jeeeej!! Finally the sequel, I'm so happy now. Being in the fic, cool, if your in can you battle cris or crystal? that would be so cool(even if you would lose)

1st March 2003, 03:05 PM
Yea Thank you Shiny Marril for the fics return. BTW, Chris has seen Latias hasn't he, so Articuno may be the second pokemon heard. Now have to take tranliquilizers so I wake up on mondays and thursdays and so I have no school in between.
How old is Chris this time, is he fifteen, or fourteen? Shaving is hard, and recently I found the point of shaving cream, it is to cover skin so you know were the hairs are to shave.

Chris 2.1
1st March 2003, 04:21 PM
Arnold: Yea, its nice to be typing after...a week? lol. Hope you enjoy the rest of the fic!

Fox: Hey! Glad to see you made it. Check frtc out in the archive if you missed anything, and check back! If you love it so far, then wait till you see the rest of the chapters! Some new Pokemon, some new friends, some new gyms! It's all in here...including some new rockets...and a new death :O

Oakbark: lol. glad you're having a good time. Keep the good chapters coming? sorry, i'm only posting rubbish ones :P. jk! Have a good time reading!

Jon: It really sunk you into the action, didn't it? The quiz is exciting, and thankyou for the SD cameo! I can ingale my grandchildren that tale when i'm older...

Shadow: There IS a battle, and a lot of interesting development. I have it all planned out to be set later in the fic, it's original AND strange!

Powarun: He's 14, AKA: me ^^. Shaving's a bummer...use an electric razor as they don't cut ya! However, the top lip can be a trifle tricky with an electric razor...and Krystal's birthday (14th) is in the fic! :O

Thanks for the replies, guys! Check back on Thursday for chapter2!

1st March 2003, 05:16 PM
The 'guest appearance' sounds cool, but how will you choose the person?
Must have patience 'til Thursday.............

1st March 2003, 05:55 PM
awsome chapter! so thats how theyre going to Kanto! i knew something like that with the cape was going to happen! im glad im not going to eat that soup!
“Professor Oak?” Chris asked. “I thought he was an advertising gimmick?”

“Hey! We could travel to Kanto and give it to Professor Oak!” Krystal said.
“Come on” Chris said. “This isn’t the anime, we can’t go on errands like that” heheehe... advertising gimmick? can you extend the quiz into the weekend so i can have a chance? thanx!

Chris 2.1
2nd March 2003, 03:32 AM
Oakbark: How do we decide? You'll see...you'll see soon enough...The actual role the character has is set, i just need the character!

Ultra_Poke2000: You'll see more Wobbuffet suicide meals later on. The quiz isn't ON Thursday, it starts on Thursday, and continues for a long long time.

Thanks for all the replies. At the moment, i'm working on Chapter 12, 'Cape Fear'. The plot thickens a little more...as do the Pokemon's attitudes towards the new members of Chris' team...

2nd March 2003, 07:02 AM
Bravo! Yet again you've managed to surpass yourself!

What's this about being in the fic??? I WANNA BE IN THE FIC!

*Slaps self, breathes deeply*

Composure... And thats better...

Whats all that about, then?? *Being in the fic, not my sudden outburst!*

2nd March 2003, 07:18 AM
Woozers!Really good so far...

Hmm... about being in a fic?I want to!*Drops an Anvil on J so he will move out of the way*

But ofcourse, I'm to dumb to be in a fic...I don't even have good pkmn...Except for my Torchic and Pochena in Pokemon Sapphire.That's just about it.

*J tries to stand up, but I drop a Anvil on his head again before he can get Revenge on me*

Heavenly Sage HLSOE
2nd March 2003, 07:21 AM
I haven't read finish From Rookie to Champion but FRTC: The Indigo Road looks really promising Chris. Love this ^__^ Nice fic...as usual :)

2nd March 2003, 10:12 AM
Sorry for not responding sooner. Nice to see the sequel under way. I was wondering if you were gonna do an audience participation thing. That should be interesting.

2nd March 2003, 11:51 AM
*Casually blows up RTJBH, nurses bad head*

BTW, the thread closed before I could say this... So...

I'd have to say FRTC is one of the best fics I've seen, congrats on finishing it... And... WAHEY! DAMIEN'S DEAD!*Composes self*

Cape Fear??? Oh, I think I know where that might be set... Though I could be wrong...

*Kicks anvil, wails in pain*

Chris 2.1
2nd March 2003, 01:48 PM
whoo! replies!

J_MadNintendoFan: It's still rather confusing to organise, since the appearence is near to where i'm writing. I might change it slightly, causing it to be later...but i'm still unsure. Thursday has full details...

Raven: Don't worry, the character is portrayed very originally and well. Torchic and Poochyena? Well...you'll understand the rules soon, so keep your fingers crossed you can use your own Pokemon!

HLSOE: its in the archive. Thanks for checking it out....but i thought you left? Hmm...maybe you faked your own death...:confused:

Jukain: Interesting indeed, seeing how a lot of you have specific favourite Pokemon. That might help...maybe...*chuckle* Well...check on thursday for the full story and whatnot

J_mad2: Thanks. i appreciate it a lot. Cape Fear COULD be misleading, but its set on A CAPE....but not the cape like Krystal's one...lol

2nd March 2003, 06:10 PM
guys, my little bro wanted to know what i do on this site, so he registered as HyperPikaBond007. he's going to hang around the PCG part of the forums mostly, and he might mention me every now and then. he's totaly new to any forums at all, and he's only 9. also, a little while ago he posted about 6 times in a row! then i made him appologize, so thats 7posts in a row!

btw, thanx 4 acknowleging <---(spelling) that about the quiz! ^_^

2nd March 2003, 10:07 PM
Wow, I can´t believe it!!!

The Indigo Road is here. I was waiting for it to come, and it´s finally here.

Hey SM, sorry for not replying earlier, but I had a problem with my computer screen. Maybe you thought you have lost a reader, but i´ll never leave this story behind.

*starts crying*

This was a great beggining, the only thing I didn´t like is the way Noctowl lives nowadays. It´s a pitty.

Anyway, I will say what I have been telling you since the beggining of FRTC...

Great work!!! Keep it up SM!!!

Heavenly Sage HLSOE
3rd March 2003, 05:48 AM
I did...but I do pop back occasionally to the fanfics forum to meet up with certain people and read old favorites...From Rookie to Champion was definitely one...so willFRTC: The Indigo Road be. ^__^ I can't satisfy my thirst for fics :P Well, gotta study, cya :wave:

Chris 2.1
3rd March 2003, 02:36 PM
Ultra_Poke: if he checks the fic out, i'll be sure to be nice to him.

Istantler; Nice to see you here. Thaks for the comments, and i hope you participate in the quiz! Noctowl has an action-packed POV in Chapter 11, with James Holmes and Rika being in as well!

HLSOE: another person who's appearence makes me smile. glad to see you'll follow the sequel through.


for people participating in the quiz, read the following:
-you must include the followjg information as soon as you can. Please state:
*your christian name
*your age
*your gender
*breif description (ie blue eyes, short blonde hair, short)
*ONE Pokemon (ONE only, it must be specific)


3rd March 2003, 02:47 PM
Do we do it now?

name-Jon Owng
description-gelled black hair, brown hair, glasses, t-shirt with a Zangoose symbol, blue denim jeans and white trainers
Pokemon-Hinbasu or Cluff(depends if we can have made up pokemon)

3rd March 2003, 02:57 PM
I guess I'll try. I never won anything before.

Name: Michael Hicks
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Description: brown hair, blue eyes, green shirt and blue denim pants.
Pokemon: You already had a trainer with Treecko, but I would like it or any of it's evos, preferably Sceptile(full evo). If this is not possible, then gimmie Mudkip or any of its evos.

War Raichu
3rd March 2003, 05:13 PM
Sweetness! I completely forgot about looking for the new fic! Anyway, here's a profile:

Name: Derek
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Description: Looks like Chris from Pokemon GSC, but wears blue clothes instead of red.
Pokemon: Typhlosion, if that's okay. Raichu has already made an appearance. ;)

3rd March 2003, 06:13 PM
Whoa! I totally forgot the sequel had already started! Great first chapter! That about shaving reminds me of my brother...:rolleyes: Well...

Name: Hlín Önnudóttir. (I'm Icelandic)
Age: 13.
Gender: Female.
Description: Long, blond hair, blue eyes, glasses and a very stupid expression I always seem to have.
Pokémon: Well, I'd want a Charizard or a Butterfree or a Scyther... I'm not sure...

3rd March 2003, 08:48 PM
I don´t know what´s this of the quiz, but anyway...

Name: Ismael Martedí (I´m not Italian or Muslim, but those are my roots)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: Short brown hair, honey brown shiny eyes. I´m wearing grey joggin pants and a "french blue" T-shirt. I´using white snickers too.

Pokemon: Hard decission, but Vulpix is the one!!!

4th March 2003, 06:08 AM
Meh... I'll do my best

Name: Brenden...Zimolka
Age: 14
Descreption: Brown eyes, Brown hair, Black shirt, black pants, black boots, black gloves
Pokemon: A Blue Torchic. Shoots out blue flames. What?

4th March 2003, 08:14 AM
ok, here goes nothing

name: Marvin Vrieling
description: got blue eyes(just like my mama's:) ) blonde spikey hear, normal jeans and my shirt is red, and in sunny weather i've got my thin blue jacket on! well, hope thats enough, can be more specific if I have to be!
pokemon: you have to be nuts asking, nidoran(m) its my all time favorite and if I'd have the chance to go on a pokemon journy I wouldn't leave without a nidoran!

well, hope thats good!

4th March 2003, 09:14 AM
I think I'll have Scyther.

4th March 2003, 09:40 AM
Might as well have a go ^^;

Name: Dave

Age: 18

Gender: *checks* Male

Description; Brown short hair, Black Shirt with a white strip going around the middle with some random letters on it, Runpapa Mexican Sombrero style hat, Dark Green Trousers.

Pokemon: Runpapa ^^

Chris 2.1
4th March 2003, 12:18 PM
Ok, thanks everybody for their 'bio's. it all fits in nicely, as the character will be modelled as close to you as you can. Basically, i think all the Pokemon can work...sorry Jon, but not custom Pokes.

I'm seeing some interesting Pokemon (Like Runpapa!) and i can definitely see this going well.

as time is short, lets just start the quiz now! I'm busy thursday, but i can still post the chapter so i'll go for it.

Rules and stuff

This is a quiz based on Pokemon. ANY POKEMON, although i'll have to do frequent checks to see about the new ones. There may also be bonus points...

i ask a question about Pokemon, which may also include maths, and the first to answer gets a mark. by the time the chapter where one of you guys starts is up, we'll have a leaderboard with the winner right there.

Get it? Ok then, here goes...

Question 1-
How many segments does a Steelix have?

Get going, and even though the quiz is running, new peopel may hand me their bios.

4th March 2003, 12:25 PM

4th March 2003, 12:35 PM
Steelix has 9 Parts to him.

^^ I dunno what you ment when you said post it, so i'm posting my answer ^^;;

4th March 2003, 01:09 PM

Name:- Jonathan

Age:- 14

Gender:- Male... Yeah, Male... Hehe... he?

Description:- Short, Scruffy brown hair, with a bit that covers the front eye (The tips a dyed red). A green bandana. A t-shirt (Green w/ grey sleeves), extremely baggy jeans, black trainers, black top tied round waste. Often carries a rose and a guitar around with him. (I'm a hippie, whadda ya expect!?)

Pokemon:- A hippie-fyed, Roselia

8 or 9... Damn, I'll go for 8

4th March 2003, 01:12 PM
I count 9 segments as well.

Chris 2.1
4th March 2003, 01:21 PM
Arnold is correct!

One point to him. Sorry guys who didnt make it quick enough. i feel bad for people who get here on weekends...^^;;

Question 2-
-what is Ursaring's classification?
Bonus point
-what is Teddiursa's cgaracteristic (there is only one)

Arnold = 1

4th March 2003, 01:29 PM

Type: Normal

Classification: Hibernant

Is that what you call "classification"? Or is it his kind?

I think Teddiursa´s caracteristic is something abou "gather things" or something like that.

War Raichu
4th March 2003, 01:46 PM
Ursaring's Class: Hibernant
Teddiursa's characteristic: Gather Things: May find an item after battle.

*Hopes for points*

4th March 2003, 02:26 PM
I'm going for

Teddy - Littlebear

Ursa - Hibernant

4th March 2003, 03:18 PM
Teddyursa- Little bear


4th March 2003, 05:31 PM
Teddiursa's characteristic: Find stuff
Teddiursa's classification: Littlebear
Ursaring's classification: Hibernant

4th March 2003, 05:38 PM
If you're waiting for me to answer...*points to what everyone else said* I lose again.

5th March 2003, 08:31 AM
Isn't there another more fair way to do this, seeing the times you post I never can answer on time to actually earn a point! I really want to participate but if there are a lot of good answers before I can answer, it doesn't matter if I answer!

Chris 2.1
5th March 2003, 10:26 AM
everybody, Istantler is the winner. Hmm...well shadow, you have a point. this clearly isn't working as well as i'd thought. How about i post a quiz sheet, which everybody fills out and PM's back to me. After that, i pick the winner who got the most of the 20 correct.

If that sounds alright, then i think i may do that. If two people have the exact amount of correct questions, then i'll pick one at random.

People can reply with their thoughts on this new quiz. in the meantime, i'll get to work writing it. But do you want FRTC questions or General Pokemon Questions?

5th March 2003, 10:35 AM
I agree, it's unfair that those who are browsing the forums at the same time as you get the points. But still, it's very likely that almost everyone will get all answers correct if you send a quiz sheet. Wow, I have no idea how to do this. You do it somehow...

5th March 2003, 11:21 AM
I was lucky I was browsing the forums at the same time SM posted the questions. But in the first question about Steelix I had to delete my answer message, because I posted it at the same time SM posted the winner.

This system is complicated, and it can bring some conflicts between readers.

I´d prefer the second option you gave, with questions about FRTC and General Pokemon.

5th March 2003, 12:28 PM
I'd like poke questions, although the last bonus question was hard. I can't find a good source for ability info, and if you wanted the classification of the Ru/Sa pokes, I don't know a good site for that, either. I pretty much only know names and types of Ru/Sa pokes, and some abilities. Yeah, anyone that knows these sites can just go there and get info, you'd be pelted with all right answers. Same with FRTC, you can just go to the archive and find the answer. I don't know what to do. I figured this would be some strategy contest, or a personality quiz. You can't get the answers to that. Problem is, I'm not good at strategy, but it would be interesting to know since it would give a sense that the person is actually in the fic.

War Raichu
5th March 2003, 02:01 PM
I'd like FRTC questions. I followed the prequel like Pikachu follows Ash! ;) :P :D But that's just my opinion. ;) BTW, ShinyMarill, when will the next chapter be posted? :confused:

Chris 2.1
5th March 2003, 02:36 PM
Dragonfree: I'll try my best to have a lot of hard questions: i really want people to try and do their best, but i also expect people to do less than others: People following this from the start may have an advantage. For Eexample, what colour is Josh's Pokedex? Questions like those are ones you may not remember as well...or what chapter Krystal's Pokedex was 'upgraded'.

Istantler: It will be GENERAL and FRTC RELATED, so i hope a lot of you can get your head around the questions.

Jukain: PM me and i can give you a good site for info, but in the meantime, i think that this FRTC and General will test you enough: not too hard, not too easy.

Raichu: As i said in the first post, Chapters are on Mondays and Thursdays, although Saturday (which was when i posted it) had a chapter up instead of Monday. It's been 4 pages now! And ONE chapter up!

-the two head off to Kanto, where they hope to meet Professor Oak. On the way, they hear some shocking news about the recent weather in Pontarico...
“Hello?” He said, stopping in the forest.
“Hello Chris!” Professor Helmsworth said. “I looked up some data in an old Pokemon encyclopaedia and it seems that Articuno is behind all of this recent snow”

and Chris has two uplifting battles against very expirienced trainers...
-“Thunderbolt!” Chris issued. Electabuzz’ cute antenna glowed and crackled, before releasing a massive surge of electricity forward at Charmeleon. He became shocked deeply, and he fell back.
-“Bellsprout is knocked out!” Gill cried. “The round goes to Chris!”
“Yea!” Chris cried. Jeanette recalled Bellsprout. She got out another Pokeball and hurled it out into the arena.

Lets see what the Indigo Road has in store for you tommorrow...

5th March 2003, 03:20 PM
Name: Damien ( i know, this will probably rule me out straight away, Damo is the name that i would use in the fic)

Age: 15


Description: Long-sleeved trainer top (dark blue) and trainer trousers (dark purple)

Pokemon Used: Ninetales

P.S: As people have been saying, the competition is unfair, especially for people that can only come on at weekends or twice a week. A suggestion from me is to make the entrants write a descriptive paragraph on themselves meeting up with Chris/Krystal (this is a fanfic forum) or something like that. I think the compo should be fanfic related at least.

Chris 2.1
5th March 2003, 03:34 PM
Oakbark: I'll start writing the 20Question quiz on word tommorrow. I hope that's ok, because i know a lot of readers here cant write fanfics, or write them better than me. What if Gavin Luper entered? we'd all be dead meat.

ps: Long sleeved T-shirt? hehe. i like them loads. Chris wears a brand new one in chapter 2, which is a design i have 8)

5th March 2003, 03:46 PM
A very valid point about Gavin.........
How could you possibly put my name in the fic if i won?
Damien always seems to be associated with bad.......

5th March 2003, 03:51 PM
Thanks for the added rules, even if I may not play the quiz, I do know that there are some people that go on all the time, others on week ends and me after school. Can not wait till tommorrow new chapter. Also with all the posts I swear I thought Shiny Marril posted half the story already.

Chris 2.1
6th March 2003, 10:35 AM
Oakbark: Just because you're called Damien, doesnt mean you wont be in. You have as good a chance as anybody else if you try your best.

Powarun: Yea...the amount of anticipation for this is overwhelming! I can't believe it's so popular...


The Indigo Road
Chapter 02 - Back on the road
By Shinymarill

“Bayleef! Tackle attack!” Suzie cried. Bayleef galloped forward and slammed into Smeargle, sending him back. Smeargle got up, and frowned.

“Attack with doubleslap!” Chris said. He had checked all of Smeargle’s attacks out, and he had an impressive line-up. Chris had decided to battle with Smeargle to keep him in top shape.

Smeargle ran forward and slapped Bayleef with his tail. Bayleef leapt back and then Headbutted Smeargle in the chest. He fell onto his buttocks.

“Now! Ice beam!” Chris shouted. Smeargle held his tail forward as it glowed an arctic blue. With a roar, he issued a smooth, pearly beam from it, which shot forward and froze Bayleef. She hit the ground.

“Bayleef!” Suzie cried. “Return”
The Pokeball recalled Bayleef. Suzie put the Pokeball on her belt, as Chris recalled Smeargle in the orange Pokeball. The whole Island of Pontaricò lay under a thick blanket of snow, which was far too sudden to be honest. Chris found it cool to battle, but Wobbuffet, Cascoon, Weezing and Noctowl all stayed inside.

“So why did you get given that Smeargle again?” Suzie asked.
“Professor Helmsworth wants me to give it to Professor Oak in Pallet town. So, I am taking a ferry later today with Krystal and we’re going to explore Kanto and train a little while we are there” Chris said proudly.

“And when were you going to tell Mom?” Suzie asked. Chris gulped loudly.
“Oh…that” He said, blushing.

“What time does the boat leave?” Suzie asked.
“12.45” Chris said.

“And it’s already 12.17” Suzie said, chuckling. “Get your skates on”

Chris ran out the reserve with Kecleon by his side. The whole of Pontaricò was now coated in thick snow after an unexpected snowfall later in the night. Professor Helmsworth had advised Chris did some research on the elusive legendary Pokemon to see if there were any connections. He screeched to a halt when he arrived into the kitchen.

“Honey, can you pass the nutmeg?” Mom asked. Chris handed the jar. Wobbuffet added some in the pan he was tending to.

“What are you making?” Chris asked his Mom. She turned around, and looked at him.
“I’m making apple pie, and Wobbuffet is making nutmeg noodles” She said.

“Wobbuffet!” He grumbled, stirring the Nutmeg into the instant noodles. He seemed awfully happy being a cook, even though he specialised in suicide meals. Chris decided to pluck up his courage and ask his Mom.

“Mom…I’m…I need to ask you something” Chris stuttered. His Mom, who had gone back to her pie, inhaled a deep breath and sighed happily. She turned back round to Chris.

“Yes?” She inquired. She reached for some chilli powder for Wobbuffet. She handed him the jar, as he carelessly poured the powder in, a hand on his hip.
“I am going on another…journey,” Chris said, bringing the words out. Chris’ mom was rather angry.
“A Journey?”

“Well…not really a journey” Chris said quickly. His Mom stopped to listen this.
“Go on” She growled.

“Well, Professor Helmsworth has given me a…a Smeargle to take to Professor Oak in pallet town. I also thought I could train a little bit over there, because I need the training and experience…and then we’d come home” Chris said.

“Smeargle?” Mom asked.
“Yea…” Chris mumbled.

“You made that up,” She said sternly. “What a stupid name… Smeargle …”
“He is not made up!” Chris argued back, as it was common knowledge, which it was, really. “Look, I’ll show you!”

He threw the Orange ball out and revealed the Smeargle. He waved his arms around and swished his tail around merrily. Chris couldn’t believe it, but it seemed Smeargle knew to put on a cutesy show and please Mom.

“Awww! He is adorable !” His Mom cried. “Awww!”
She hugged Smeargle tightly. Wobbuffet turned round as he sprinkled chilli powder, and accidentally tipped the whole jar in. He quickly stirred it round a few times to make it look less obvious.

Wobbuffet then carried the jar over to the plants, and tipped some soil into the jar. He secured the lid and popped it back on the spice rack, glad to have ‘helped’. He then started stirring his noodles.

“How…discreet” Chris muttered. He was actually amazed how well the soil matched the chilli powder.

“So, can I go to Kanto?” Chris pleaded. His Mom turned from playing with Smeargle.
“As long as Professor oak sends this guy back here when he’s done with his research,” She snapped.

“K…” Chris uttered. “I’ll go and get ready”


Fifteen minutes later, Chris had said goodbye to everybody and set off. He was wearing his same baggy denim shorts that shot down to his ankles, his vans shoes that he loved so much, and an orange T-shirt with long white sleeves. His ankles had some rather mature black hairs on them - not too many, not too little, but enough to give him a good image.

“Off we go!” He cried, getting an Ultra ball out. He held it out to a nearby bush, standing his trainer stance with pride. Kecleon sighed to himself, and clambered up to Chris’ shoulder.

Chris walked through the wood. It was pretty much empty. He was itching to battle a trainer or a wild Pokemon, but neither appeared as he walked along the path. Chris fumbled on one of his Ultra balls. He was so bored!

“Can’t be long until we get to the dock,” Chris said. The dock had been built over Christmas, so now, the 15th of February; the dock was available for people to use.

Chris walked through the thin layer of snow that was in the west wood. His mobile phone rang suddenly – it was Professor Helmsworth. Chris put it to his ear to talk to him.

“Hello?” He said, stopping in the forest.
“Hello Chris!” Professor Helmsworth said. “I looked up some data in an old Pokemon encyclopaedia and it seems that Articuno is behind all of this recent snow”

“Articuno?” Chris questioned. “It rings a bell”
“It is a legendary bird; people in Kanto are crazed about legendaries” Helmsworth explained. “Unfortunately, there have been few sightings and little is known about in the Pokedex or any reference books”

“How can I find it then?” Chris asked.
“It is thought that Articuno have specific roosting spots all around the world; unfortunately I can’t really provide any more information, but I’m sure that others in the Kanto region can help you” Helmsworth continued. “Now, go on!”

He hung up. Chris put his mobile phone into his back pocket and continued trudging through the thin layer of snow.

Chris continued on until the forest parted and revealed a very glamorous dock. It had a variety of small and large cruise ships, and Chris was unsure of which he was supposed to board on. However, he soon saw Krystal standing by one of the docking platforms next to a medium-sized boat.

“Glad to see you could make it” She said lightly. “I bought us tickets”

“I had a call from Professor Helmsworth earlier” Chris said. “Apparently he believes Articuno is behind all of this sudden snow”

“Well, that would make sense” Krystal said. “But what can we do about it?”
“The Professor mentioned something about Articuno having multiple roosting spots” Chris began. “I think that Articuno has flown west from one of its old roosts”

“That would make a lot of sense,” Krystal said, as they boarded the ship. Marill and Kecleon were talking a little bit more; each exchanging adventures they’d had in the last few months.

Chris and Krystal were talking a lot about Articuno while they sailed to Crimson City. Krystal had mentioned that Kimi had seen it while she was in the Miami Islands. She also pointed out that Ash Ketchum had apparently seen every legendary in existence. Chris couldn’t believe such a lie. That was just a petty excuse to be popular.

The cruise was very long, and it took about 6 hours. Chris had a few battles, but none had appeared to be challenging and exciting. Krystal had also spotted a Mantine in the water, which she had attempted to capture. Unfortunately, her efforts failed, and she continued to Kanto with a team of three.

“We’re here,” Krystal said, as they approached a dock. Chris could make out that most the buildings here looked normal, not a trace of Crimson. They docked, and the two trainers ran along into the city to stretch their legs.

“This is great, finally getting off that stinking tub,” Krystal said, stretching her arms and legs. “The whole of Kanto is a region; no water!”

“I suppose” Chris began. “Anyway, let’s explore this city; I’m sure there’s something to do”
As they walked along, Krystal noted the slabs that were laid down for the crazy-paving floor were coloured red, pink, maroon and deep and light shades of all those colours. It made it rather jazzy.

“I hope I can find a trainer,” Chris said hopefully. “Then we’ll see who needs to train”
“Hey there!” A voice called. Chris turned round, and saw a kid around his age walking over.

“You train Pokemon?” The kid asked. He had a bandana on, but a few strands of brown hair poked out. He had a blue body warmer over a bare chest and eight badges on the left side.

“Sure” Chris said.
“Well, I have all eight badges that can be found in Kanto” The boy bragged. “Let’s see how tough you are”

“Ok then” Chris said. “Electabuzz, GO!”
His Pokeball was hurled as far as he could hurl it. It hit the ground and opened up, revealing his familiar friend Electabuzz.

“Let’s see…Charmeleon, GO!” The kid shouted. His ball exploded and the white light formed into the lizard Krystal once owned. He crept along on all fours and shot some flames forward at Electabuzz, but he stepped out of the way.

“Begin!” Krystal roared, running forward and attempting to be a referee.

“Charmeleon, try an ember!” The kid said. Charmeleon spat a molten rock at Electabuzz. He remained calm.

“Rock smash!” Chris roared. He had taught this attack to Electabuzz while the reserve was being built, and it helped a lot. Electabuzz struck his fist into the rock and shattered it, sending shards at Charmeleon.

“Attack with flamethrower!” The kid roared. He knew what he was doing. Charmeleon sent a quick scorch of flames at Electabuzz, who narrowly evaded them. Electabuzz turned.

“Thunderbolt!” Chris issued. Electabuzz’ cute antenna glowed and crackled, before releasing a massive surge of electricity forward at Charmeleon. He became shocked deeply, and he fell back.

“Slash!” The kid spat. Charmeleon raced forward with extended claws as he attempted to slash Electabuzz. Electabuzz ran out of the way and launched a Thunderpunch into Charmeleon’s jaw.

“Charmeleon!” The kid snapped. “Tail slap!”
Charmeleon roared before swinging his thick tail around and slapping Electabuzz with it. The electric Pokemon massaged his cheek from where he was burnt.

“Attack with rage!” The kid shouted. Charmeleon’s tail flame burnt and crackled merrily. It doubled in size and Charmeleon roared loudly. He shot a flamethrower to the left and right.

“Charmeleon!” He roared, advancing on Electabuzz. He brought a fist forward towards Electabuzz, but Electabuzz used the palm of his own hand to block Charmeleon’s attack.

“Thunderbolt!” Chris said. Electabuzz grappled Charmeleon’s hand and pumped electricity into his veins. Charmeleon became shocked badly and started to aimlessly wander around.

“Mega kick!” Chris cried. Electabuzz’ foot flew through the air and knocked Charmeleon senseless. He collapsed onto the ground, losing the battle. The kid who owned Charmeleon recalled him.

“Great battle” He said, as Chris recalled Electabuzz. “You battled in a league before? You look familiar”

“I was in the Miami League” Chris said. “But I lost”
“Hmm…I don’t think I remember you,” The kid said. “But I’d suggest going to our city’s Gym and try your luck there”

“You have an official Gym here?” Chris questioned with excitement. “Wow”
“Well…it isn’t official,” The kid said. “But the leader competed in the Indigo League a long time ago”

“I should really check it out,” Chris said.
“I don’t think so,” Krystal snapped. “You have to deliver Smeargle!”

“That can wait” Chris said, ushering her away with his hand. “Now, off to the Gym!”


The Gym was rather basic. It comprised of tall cube hedging around a grassy arena. The hedging went all around, but there was an arch at the front for access inside. Chris and Krystal walked in and approached the arena with caution.

Suddenly, a little girl with ginger hair leapt forward. She looked about eight. She had chubby cheeks and annoying freckles all over her face. She had blue eyes and a stern look about her.

“HEY!” She bellowed. “What are YOU doing here?”
“We’re here for a badge,” Chris said impolitely. The girl gasped.

“THERE ISN’T ANY BADGES HERE! THIS IS AN UNNOFFICIAL GYM!” She bellowed once again. Krystal got slightly sick of her.

“Listen, you little brat” She spat, grabbing her by the collar of her t-shirt. “Tell my friend where the Gym Leader is or I’ll make soup out of your organs”

The little girl started breathing heavily. She then burst into tears and started wailing uncontrollably.

“Hey, shh! Shhh!” Krystal pleaded. A lady walked over with black hair. She was wearing robes of a deep crimson colour and looked very nice. She was about 19.

“Gill, can you please not cause so much noise?” She asked pleasantly. “My Pokemon are resting, and it is unable for them to adapt to such a noise”

She seemed very calm. Before Gill could protest, Krystal stood infront of her, and Chris stepped forward slightly.

“Erm…can I have a battle?” Chris asked. “I was hoping to train up a little around here”
“Of course. I am Jeanette of Crimson City Gym and I accept your challenge” She said.

“We will have a 2-2” Jeanette said from her side of the apple-green arena. Yellow, red and blue flowers sprouted from the ground and it looked very pleasant. Jeanette got her first Pokeball out.

“Bellsprout, GO!” She cried, hurling it into the arena. The ball opened and formed into the weedy little plant. He wobbled his vines slightly, making Jeanette chuckle. Chris looked down at Kecleon.

“You pick this guy off,” He told him. Kecleon leapt onto the arena and faced Bellsprout.

“Begin!” Gill yelled. Krystal watched her contemptuously.
“Kecleon, swift attack!” Chris shouted. Kecleon opened his mouth and fired a barrage of stars at Bellsprout.

“Twist!” Jeanette said. Bellsprout started to twist slightly to the left and the swift attacks missed! Chris stared, open-mouthed at this. Bellsprout then faced Kecleon, ready for another attack.

“Razor leaf!” She cried. Bellsprout flicked his leaves forward and two more emerged, flying at Kecleon at rapid speed. He was hit by them and was fired back a few feet.

“Keep going” Chris said. “Fury swipes!”
Kecleon ran forward and before Bellsprout could evade, he scratched every inch he could. The neck, the bell-mouth, the legs, the roots…

“Now use karate chop!” Chris said. Kecleon charged forward and chopped Bellsprout in the head.

“Bellsprout!” Jeanette cried. “Vine whip!”
Bellsprout flung two vines around Kecleon’s left leg and flipped him over. Kecleon started to get up, but Bellsprout brought his head forward and Headbutted Kecleon onto the ground.

“Kecleon!” Chris cried. “Psybeam!”
Kecleon’s stripe burst with showering colour and flew forward at Jeanette’s Bellsprout. He was pushed back and collapsed on the floor.

“Bellsprout is knocked out!” Gill cried. “The round goes to Chris!”
“Yea!” Chris cried. Jeanette recalled Bellsprout. She got out another Pokeball and hurled it out into the arena.

“Beedrill!” Jeanette cried. The large poison bee emerged. It flapped its wings at immense speed and its eyes glowed slightly. It had two stingers on its forearms and one on its backside.

“Wow” Chris said. “Kecleon, go for a Hyper beam!”
Kecleon’s stripe brimmed with white energy and he fired the massive white beam from it. Beedrill, however, shot out of the way with its agility.

“Now, twin needle!” Jeanette cried. Beedrill put his two stingers together and flew forward at Kecleon, who was out of breath and cowering.

“Out of the way!” Chris cried. Kecleon leapt out of the way of Beedrill. However, Beedrill turned, and used a supersonic to detect Kecleon. Kecleon had used faint attack to hide himself, but Beedrill soon hunted him down.

“Beedrill! Solarbeam!” Jeanette said. Beedrill blasted an impressive Solarbeam from a green orb he created, which was impaled on his two stingers. The beam shot forward and slammed into Kecleon.

“NO!” Chris cried. He recalled Kecleon in his fastball. Chris then decided whom he should use next.

“Go, Smeargle!” Chris cried. The orange Pokeball burst open and revealed Smeargle in all his glory. He cried his name hoarsely.

“Use a water gun” Chris cried. Smeargle shot a water gun from his tail and kept Beedrill away from him. Suddenly, as the water gun died down, Beedrill shot forward for a take down attack.

“Twin needle!” Jeanette said. Beedrill flapped forward, jabbing at Smeargle with his stingers, but the beagle Pokemon kept leaping back. As a finale, Smeargle slammed his fist into Beedrill’s jaw and knocked him out.

“Beedrill!” Jeanette cried, recalling the Pokemon. “That Smeargle has an impressive array of attacks”

“Thanks” Chris said. Smeargle galloped forward on all fours and jumped up at Chris, licking and slobbering at his face. “Stop it! Hey, cut it out!”

Chris forced Smeargle down and recalled him into the orange ball. He put it back on his belt.

“The first of eight official gyms start in Viridian City” Jeanette said. “Good luck!”
“Thanks” Chris said again, as he headed off with Krystal. They walked out of the Gym and towards the travel lodge, where they drifted off to sleep.

“Tomorrow we’ll head to Pallet town,” Chris said to himself, as he drifted off to sleep. “Pallet town…”



“Leave me alone!” I cried, running down the alleyway. The group of rockets pursued me still. I panicked as I ordered Tyrogue to kick some bins down to block the path. The rockets leapt over them.

“Never!” One cried. “Crobat! Get him!”
The male threw a Pokeball out and a large purple bat appeared. He flapped his wings gracefully before charging at me.

“Tyrogue, help!” I cried. Tyrogue leapt forward and tried to keep Crobat off me, but he was sorely losing the fight. I had to do something…I knew I couldn’t use Scyther after the escapade earlier…I had to make a run for it.

The rockets were no doubt concentrating on the battle. Tyrogue managed to smash his fist into Crobat’s face, which had caused a lot of damage. Suddenly, I sprinted through the alleyway, despite the stitch in my chest.

“He’s getting away!” a lady cried. The Rockets watched as Tyrogue followed me towards a large mesh fence blocking the way. Tyrogue kicked a small hole in it, which meant I could crawl through. However, my rocket shirt ripped slightly on the sharp edges. I ran through out of the alleyway, as the rockets looked at the small hole none of them could fit through.

“We’ll find him,” A rocket said, carefully getting my ripped piece of clothing off the wire and slipping it in a sealed bag. “Don’t you worry”

Next Chapter up on Monday! Chapter three - The three little kids
-Chris catches a brand new member for his team, and the two head off to find Professor Oak in Pallet Town:
“He’s nearly dead!” Krystal screamed. “Chris!”
“Hey, he is!” Chris said worriedly. “I guess Smeargle is strong”

-There, they meet three very different trainers, each starting their journey:
Chris looked at this stubborn-looking 11 year old. She had blonde hair that showered down her back. She had a stuck-up nose and was wearing a black, revealing top, although she had little to reveal. She had massive metal loopy earrings on and bright red lipstick. Chris didn’t understand why , but she was wearing a black feather boa that reached down to her black skirt.

-And Tony has to make a rough decision...
[i]“Keep it up Lapras!” I roared. Lapras was in the lead, slightly ahead of Starmie and Politoad. I bet I could have counted on Chris or Krystal in times like these, but they were millions of miles away. I had a new duty.

6th March 2003, 11:51 AM
Great chapter, although I wonder who that guy(or girl) that was attacked by the Rockets.

6th March 2003, 12:24 PM
Excellent battles. Ooo...a defector from Team Rocket. This is getting good already.

Chris 2.1
6th March 2003, 12:46 PM
Jon: It's a major part of the fic, and everything becomes clearer as the fic goes on. First person is a gradual change in FRTC, and you'll see nearly every major character give a POV, even Noctowl and Nidoking, as well as Tim, Suzie, Megan, Jet, Tony, Krystal, Chris, Sandra (you wont know her yet), Molly, Rika......

Jukain: A job desserter, but why? questions build up, but a whole heap of answers will help you see clearer.

6th March 2003, 02:26 PM
Nice chapter, SM!

In my fic, The Tanta Quest, the male lead has a Tyrogue too. I hope that your Tyrogue won't be a main addition to the fic, as my fic in still in the making and i'd hate for people to think i was copying yours.

Chris 2.1
6th March 2003, 02:52 PM
Oakbark: Don't worry! This Character is not a male lead at all, he is more of a recouring character. His Tyrogue isn't his only Pokemon, but he does have a strong relationship with this and his other two Pokemon.

for the record:
Oakbark and Shinymarill used a Tyrogue in their fanfics purely because they have amazingly original minds

That ok? lol!


People, i have finished the quiz. Once you have filled out the answers, PM them to me so i may reveiw them and mark them. Try not to discuss your answers with other entrants (which i may remind ANYBODY can do as long as they present me with a bio), and please try to use the prequel just when you need to - i'd like you to try and do these on your own, and as faithful readers and friends i hope i can count on you to do so.

I'll state that you may only use FRTC as a reference 5 times, ok? It sounds harsh, and i know i cant fidn out if you've done it or not, but if you want this part, then you'll hopefully obay the rule!

1.When Chris met Calvin for the second time, how many badges did he have?

2.How many leaves are on a Bayleef?

3.In ‘And now we close’, what was the name of the surfer that helped Chris and Krystal get home?

4.In Chapter 68, what was Rika using in her 1-1 with Krystal?

5.What level does Pidgey evolve into Pidgeotto?

6.In ‘Domino’, what Pokemon did Domino have?

7.What was the name of the trainer who’s Sandshrew slashed Kecleon’s tongue in Chapter 45?

8.What Pokemon did Chris lie about seeing in Taillow’s Wood?

9.How does Josh wear his Pokedex, and what colour is it?

10.Which Pokemon did Kate use against a woman in Chapter 14?

11.Why did Roy stay in Lamakan Dessert?

12.How many Slugma battled Jet and Krystal?

13.At what level does Chikorita learn synthesis?

14.What is the mean value of Chris, Krystal and Tony’s Pokemon?

15.How many references have been made to me, the author, in From Rookie To Champion?

16.Why did Tony think that Chris and Krystal’s Pokemon eggs were on their own and not with a parent?

17.Which Pokemon is on the front of Rhonda’s apron?

18.How many appearances has Whitney made BEFORE the league?

19.What did Chris try and capture before his Gym match?

20.And finally…in Chapter 69, Crimson Liberty, what colour hair did the assistant have?

6th March 2003, 03:36 PM
What do you mean by "the mean values" of Chris, Krystal and Tony's pokémon? And about question 19, before what gym match?

War Raichu
6th March 2003, 06:46 PM
Great second chapter. I can't wait to find out Chris's new catch. Here's my answers to the quiz:

1.When Chris met Calvin for the second time, how many badges did he have? 5 Badges

2.How many leaves are on a Bayleef? 8 total; 7 around its neck and the one on its head.

3.In ‘And now we close’, what was the name of the surfer that helped Chris and Krystal get home? Cody

4.In Chapter 68, what was Rika using in her 1-1 with Krystal? Wailmer

5.What level does Pidgey evolve into Pidgeotto? Level 18

6.In ‘Domino’, what Pokemon did Domino have? Sneasel

7.What was the name of the trainer who’s Sandshrew slashed Kecleon’s tongue in Chapter 45? Daniel.

8.What Pokemon did Chris lie about seeing in Taillow’s Wood? I dunno...... :rolleyes:

9.How does Josh wear his Pokedex, and what colour is it? Stumped again......:rolleyes:

10.Which Pokemon did Kate use against a woman in Chapter 14? I don't think Kate appeared in this episode. :confused:

11.Why did Roy stay in Lamakan Dessert? I think he wanted a Sandshrew.........

12.How many Slugma battled Jet and Krystal? Five.

13.At what level does Chikorita learn synthesis? Level 22.

14.What is the mean value of Chris, Krystal and Tony’s Pokemon? Math? NOOOOO!!!!! :o Lol. Uh....... 6?

15.How many references have been made to me, the author, in From Rookie To Champion? Damn, they keep getting harder! :(

16.Why did Tony think that Chris and Krystal’s Pokemon eggs were on their own and not with a parent? “Probably” Tony replied. “We should be ok taking them, because I haven’t seen a Pokemon for miles”

17.Which Pokemon is on the front of Rhonda’s apron? Sunkern.

18.How many appearances has Whitney made BEFORE the league? I think 2 appearances.

19.What did Chris try and capture before his Gym match?

20.And finally…in Chapter 69, Crimson Liberty, what colour hair did the assistant have? Blonde

I hope I did good. ;)

Chris 2.1
7th March 2003, 10:18 AM
Dragonfree: The mean value is a term used in avaraging: Add the numbers together (the number of each trainers Pokemon: 8, 6 and 7), and divide by the number of trainers (in this case) there is. 6 + 8 + 7 / 3.

question 19: Before the 5th Gym. sorry for confusion.

Raichu: I asked to be pm'ed the quiz, but i shall PM you the score you got. i wont divulge it.

So far, (including Raichu) i have had two quiz's! I am marking one, and i will PM Raichu with her results shortly. I would like to ask people who have participated not to tell other ppl answers!

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Raichu: Yea, it's pretty hard. I suppose it could depend on the Pokies in your sig, maybe? Anyway, sorry again!

The quiz: I Have had three or four entires, and things are shaping up nicely. It is official: The Winner will appear in 'Chapter 14 - Tales of Treachery'. I have written the thirteen chapters before this, so i have stopped writing TIR until i have all the quiz results. I will have to make a deadline, but not anytime soon, as loads of people need to get here!

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Thanks, I know nothing about English math terms. Anyway, I am just about finishing, and I'll send you my answers as soon as I'm done.

War Raichu
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I suppose it could depend on the Pokies in your sig, maybe?

It's okay. Actually, the pics in my sig have to do with the fanfic I'm writing right now. Raikou is the center of the fic, the blue GSC male character is Derek, the main character (AKA, me. Lol.), the Cyndaquil is his starter, the girl in pink's sprite I made (out of R/S's girl rival and a Beauty's head) ;she, Lea, is the "girl", the Chikorita is her starter, the Rival is, well, the Rival, Damien, and the Totodile is his starter

8th March 2003, 01:56 PM
My sig? I made that team up out of pokes from my R/B/Y team, G/S/C team, and planned Ru/Sa team. I was just having fun.

Chris 2.1
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Dragonfree: I'm about to check your answers now, so i wish you the best of luck! English Maths is alright as long as you're taught it, but when they use a homophone term like mean, it could get confusing...

Raichu: I love that girl sprite! So original! I might try various heads on various bodies, see if it works.

Jukain: i like your sig, since i'm now very fond of Sceptile. My sig is just my fanfics...

War Raichu
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ShinyMarill: Thanks. It took me a while to make it. Almost everytime the head was misplaced or I accidentally painted a wrong section on her. What I did was take the head of a Beauty and the body and bandana of the Female Rival and combined them. After attaching the parts, I customized one of my pink colors in Paint and painted all that was red pink. Came out pretty nice. :) I also tried to make a Chris sprite with the Male Rival's body and a Youngster's head. I even tried just the Rival's head and body with the youngster's hat, but the angle didn't look right. :rolleyes:

8th March 2003, 08:49 PM
That's neat. I tried to make one, too. My own design, no real reference to anything. (Ok, so I tried to make a fanfic, that's why there's a name)

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Chris 2.1
9th March 2003, 05:00 AM
Raichu: Yea, i can see the problem ^^

Jukain: cool! That's a coolio sprite. Very good!

Chapter 03 up tommorrow. I was hoping loadsa ppl would have filled in their bios and tried the quiz, as i have only 5 people! I'll keep the whole wuiz running longer, but i may have to put a deadline in! Subject to change, the quiz will not be open TWO WEEKS TODAY! i need ppl to fill it out like Subsane, Ultra Poke, Istantler, loadsa u guys!

Chris 2.1
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The Indigo Road
Chapter 03 - The Three Little Kids
By Shinymarill

Chris and Krystal woke up the next morning and got ready to leave Crimson city. They went downstairs in the travel lodge and had a rather shabby fried breakfast before healing their Pokemon and heading East to Pallet Town.

“Ready to go, Kecleon?” Chris asked his friend.
“Leon le!” He cried. Chris had congratulated his battle against Bellsprout yesterday, and told him not to worry about losing to Beedrill.

“It shouldn’t take too long to reach Pallet town” Krystal said, Marill in her arms. “It’s only a short walk, and we’ll be able to see some Pokemon we wouldn’t see in the Miami Islands”

“Sounds good” Chris said. They walked out of the route gate and through the fresh, open field that led them to Pallet town. Chris then saw a Pidgey sitting in the grass, grooming under its left wing.

“Pidgey!” Chris said happily. “I have to catch one!”
“Why do you want a Pidgey?” Krystal said, laughing. “They’re small and weak”

“But it will evolve” Chris said, his eyes widening. “Into Pidgeotto!”
“Oh man” Krystal muttered. “I thought you didn’t like Pidgeotto anymore”
“Are you crazy? I’d love one!” Chris cried.

He selected a Pokeball to throw out into the field to face Pidgey. He plucked the smooth, round Pokeball from his belt and maximised it. He pulled his arm back and then hurled it forward, releasing the ball from his grasp.

The ball burst open in a wonderful flash of light and formed into Smeargle. He faced Pidgey, who was still grooming himself.

“Smeargle! Use a glare!” Chris shouted. Smeargle’s eyes turned a vivid electric blue and he shot a stunning look at Pidgey. Pidgey, despite trying to overlook the glare, caught it, and turned the same blue colour as Smeargle’s eyes.

“That’s it! He’s done for!” Chris said happily. “Smeargle, weaken it with a pound”
Smeargle nodded, and ran forward on all fours. He raced at Pidgey, who kept in his frozen form. Smeargle leapt up onto Pidgey and knocked the tiny bird to the ground.

“He’s nearly dead!” Krystal screamed. “Chris!”
“Hey, he is!” Chris said worriedly. “I guess Smeargle is strong”

“Chris, we have to get it to a Pokemoncenter right away!” Krystal nagged. Chris sighed.

“Pokeball, go!” He cried, throwing the ball at Pidgey. He thwacked Pidgey on the head with the round ball and sucked him inside. After all of Pidgey’s attempts at squirming out the ball failed, the ball pinged.

“Alright!” Chris cried. “I captured a Pidgey!”
“How nice” Krystal said sarcastically. The two kept walking towards Pallet town.


The two trainers and their Pokemon arrived in Pallet town. It was very…stereotypical for a town; there was a quaint shop, no Pokemoncenter and a lot of two-storey houses. There was a laboratory atop a hill that probably belonged to Professor Oak.

“Well, we’d better head to that laboratory” Krystal said. “Professor Oak can maybe heal Pidgey”

“Yea, let’s go” Chris said. They walked through the town, many people stopping to admire Marill and Kecleon. The town was very small and it took the two no longer than five minutes to walk up the hill to the laboratory.

Chris rang the doorbell, and was greeted by a man of about 42. He had jet-black hair around a slightly bald spot, and a slightly hooked nose. He had a gracious smile and emerald green eyes.

“Hello there” He said. “May I help you?”
“Oh, are you professor Oak?” Chris inquired.

“Why yes I am,” He said, smiling.
“We have a very injured Pidgey and were hoping you could heal it for us” Krystal said innocently.

“Right this way” He said sternly. “Oh, and thanks for bringing Smeargle”
“Erm…how did you…” Krystal began. Professor Oak smiled, and showed the two a small white creature with a lost expression on its face. It tugged on Oak’s trouser leg.

“It was my Ralts,” He said. “He uses Psywave and predicted that you two would be bringing Charles’ Smeargle for me”

“Oh, right” Chris said, understanding Professor Helmsworth was called Charles. “Thanks”


Professor Oak had put Pidgey in a healing machine in his lab. It was resting in the corner, and the Professor then introduced Chris and Krystal to three trainers.

“These three are all starting their Pokemon journeys today” He explained. “This is Anne-Marie Appleton, and she has chosen Bulbasaur”

Chris looked at this stubborn-looking 11 year old. She had blonde hair that showered down her back. She had a stuck-up nose and was wearing a black, revealing top, although she had little to reveal. She had massive metal loopy earrings on and bright red lipstick. Chris didn’t understand why , but she was wearing a black feather boa that reached down to her black skirt.

“That skirt’s a little ‘north-of-the-knee’” Krystal whispered. Chris had to agree.

Chris then looked at her Bulbasaur. Presumably a female, she had a diamond-shaped crystal on her forehead, with golden beads going around her head to secure it on. Her Bulbasaur had eyelash extensions , which were a deep black, and wore pink lipstick. She had a large ruby chunk in her bulb , making her look like a walking jewellers.

“Nice to meet you, Anne-Marie” Chris said, holding his hand out. Anne, however, was talking to herself, her hand over her ear.

“Erm…I said hello” Chris said nervously. With her free hand, Anne slapped Chris’ that he held out.

“I’m on a cell-phone!” She hissed. She held her other hand out, and a minute phone was seen in her palm. She held it back and started speaking. “Oh-my-god. I was like ‘Charmander? Sure, I’ll have a pyromaniac lizard-thing burning my dress! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!’ But seriously though, Bulba is soooo cute! The only problem is, I gave her eyelash extensions and although they look super, she still looks rather ugly”

Chris couldn’t believe it. Bulbasaur got out a vine and slapped Anne.
“I wasn’t talking you, honey!” She said, a nauseating smile spreading across her face. She put the phone back in her pocket and approached Chris.

“ You have a mental age of a 3 year old,” She snapped. Chris stepped forward.
“Yea? Well you have the mental age of a 31 year old!” He snapped back. Shocked, Anne-Marie stormed out of the laboratory with her Bulbasaur.

Professor Oak looked rather flustered.
“This is Daniel Grey; he chose Charmander” Oak said. The kid had black hair and a baseball cap on backwards. He was wearing a football shirt and football shorts, as well as a pair of silver trainers.

“Hey Daniel” Krystal said politely. “You know, I used to have a Charmander”
“Really?” He asked. Krystal sighed inside her head; 11 year olds were sure full of energy.

“Yup” Krystal said. “He’s one of my strongest Pokemon”
“WOW!” Daniel cried. “I hope I can be as strong as you, Krystal”

“Well…that’s very nice” Krystal stuttered. She had dug herself in a large rut now. Professor Oak handed Daniel five Pokeballs and a Pokedex, so he took them and ran out of the lab, shouting his name constantly.

“Where is the other trainer?” Chris asked.
“Oh, he’s called George” Oak said. “He’s rather timid, and he chose Squirtle”

“Oh, ok!” Chris said. “Did he leave sooner?”
“Anne made him cry” Oak explained. “That girl is a handful”
“I know” Krystal said.

“Anyway, I think Pidgey should have recovered now” Oak said, walking over to the machine. He pulled the Pokeball from it and handed it to Chris.

“Thanks” Chris said, putting the ball on his belt. “And here’s Smeargle”
He handed the orange ball to the Professor, who put it on a shelf.

“Thanks for that” He said. “Now, I expect you are heading to Viridian City?”
“Yea!” Chris said excitedly. Krystal frowned. “Well, we’re researching Articuno, and on the way we’ll be passing through some of the gyms”

“Well then, I’m sure I heard that Pewter museum has a lot on extinct Pokemon and legendary Pokemon; maybe you can find something of use there” Oak explained.

“Thanks” Chris said, as he and Krystal left the laboratory.



Misty had just fed the Pokemon, so my 7 were all pretty happy. Wailmer sure did like Misty! Goldeen was very fond of Misty’s Goldeen, and the two swam around a lot. Looking at Misty’s Seadra made me remember Krystal and her Kingdra. I wonder how she was doing?

“Ok then, that’s Staryu and Starmie attended to” Misty said, dusting her hands.
“Great” I replied, being as enthusiastic as possible. Misty seemed really tipsy…light-headed and such.

“Are you Ok?” I asked her. Truth be told, I was actually hoping there was something wrong with her, just for some added excitement. Misty sighed.

“I saw David again,” She said, sighing once more. “That Blastoise…so cool! And David is so hunky and cute…”

I grumbled. The only reason I left Catcalina was because of Sam, and now a bigger, more muscular one was in Cerulean City and caused Misty to swoon! This was so unfair!

“Personally, I think that Squirtle are cuter” I replied, trying to get Misty to like my best friend Squirtle. Misty flicked her ginger hair back.

“Maybe when you’re older you’ll realise how great big strong Pokemon are” Misty said, sighing. Yea, right. She only liked Blastoise because he belonged to David. I decided to change the subject rationally by looking at my watch.

“Do you think we should start exercising the Pokemon?” I asked. Misty nodded, and on her command, a Staryu, Starmie, Seadra, Goldeen, Politoad and a Psyduck emerged from the water.

“Come on guys!” I cried. Wailmer, Goldeen, Squirtle, Croconaw, Lapras, Pellipper and Octillery emerged. Together, they started pacing themselves as the 13 Pokemon swam lengths of the pool.

As I watched Squirtle swim along through the pool, I realised the only way to get Misty’s affections would be to evolve him. I didn’t know when, I didn’t know how, but it was the only way.

“Keep it up Lapras!” I roared. Lapras was in the lead, slightly ahead of Starmie and Politoad. I bet I could have counted on Chris or Krystal in times like these, but they were millions of miles away. I had a new duty; as an apprentice at Cerulean Gym I had to get Squirtle to evolve.


“Well, I suppose we should camp out for the night” Chris suggested. They had found a nice dry spot in the forest, and had let all of their Pokemon out except Krystal’s Kingdra. Kecleon had become fast friends with Pidgey, as had Marill, but Charizard seemed to contemptuously stare at him. Electabuzz and Charizard had grown rather friendly.

“I guess we should go get some wood for a fire,” Chris said. “Pidgey, Kecleon! Come on”
Pidgey and Kecleon followed Chris through the forest as he went for kindling.


When I was told we were in a region I never expected to be sleeping out in the woods at night. I wasn’t really that cold, but I would never be able to sleep like this. Electabuzz had started to drift to sleep, as had Granbull, but Umbreon stayed awake, looking at the full moon with anticipation.

Marill was with me now her new friend Pidgey had gone off. I held her close, as Charizard walked over and slumped down next to me.

“This should be great,” I said enthusiastically. “Hopefully we can catch some more dragon Pokemon to help us reach Dragon’s Rock”

Charizard nodded, understanding that he would need to tone up his social skills. However, Marill looked slightly unhappy.

“Look, I know I won’t be battling with you as much, Marill” I said. “But you will be expected to pitch in a lot and be my friend…that is, if you still want to…”

I knew I’d hit the innocence key. Marill said her name innocently and she started smiling. She obviously felt bad by what I’d said, which was really my ulterior motive at the time.

Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. Turning, I saw a pack of Houndour staring at me, each with globules of saliva creeping out of their heavily fanged mouths. I backed away slightly, but Charizard and Marill stepped forward.

“Marill! Bubblebeam!” I cried, noticing Granbull and Electabuzz still asleep. Chris’ Granbull wasn’t half lazy! Considering he was a bulldog, he slept a lot and was scared of water…It looked like I’d have to do this alone.

Marill blasted the stream of bubbles forward and peppered Houndour with them. This particular one leapt into the air at me, but Charizard swung his tail round and knocked it to the ground. It was there that Charizard started kicking and punching it with incredible force.

However, the other four Houndour didn’t like this. It looked as if the one Charizard was savagely attacking was the leader. Just my luck! The other four all ran forward to my Charizard and ripped and tore his skin. Charizard roared loudly as he collapsed onto the floor.

“Charizard!” I cried, as he roared out loud. Marill blasted a water gun at one Houndour, but he managed to evade it and give Charizard the damage. Worried, I looked across at Umbreon, who was transfixed at the full moon.

“Umbreon!” I snapped. “Help us out!” I knew my Espeon would never have let us down like Chris’ Umbreon did. Umbreon turned, and each of his gold rings were sparkling a white colour, and his eyes were red.

“Umbree!” He cried, running forward. A streak of white trailed from his body as he charged headlong at the Houndour. He tackled Houndour and left him lying on the floor in pain. It looked like two ribs had been broken, not counting one of the three on his back.

“Alright!” Krystal cried. Suddenly, Chris ran through the forest with Kecleon and Pidgey. Shocked, Chris dropped the pile of wood onto Granbull’s head, making the pink Pokemon collapse onto the ground.

“Help us out!” I cried. Chris nodded, and sent Pidgey to attack. That stupid old pigeon couldn’t help! We needed power here!

However, I was soon proved wrong as Pidgey used a whirlwind to send two Houndour off my Charizard. There was one left, and four lying on the floor. Marill blasted a water gun at them and Electabuzz (after being woken by Chris) fired an immensely powerful thunderbolt and got rid of them all.

“Thanks!” I cried, hugging Chris. Chris said it was nothing, and tended to Charizard’s cuts and grazes with some full restore. I was so thankful I was travelling with him at the moment. Charizard was recalled in his Pokeball after he coughed up some flames to get the fire going.

“I’m glad we’re travelling together,” Chris said, as he held his hands against the raging flames. Granbull stayed fast asleep, while Electabuzz and Kecleon sat with Chris, Marill and I. Umbreon curled up next to me, and Pidgey roosted on a low branch.

I couldn’t help but agree with Chris on that one.

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Next Chapter - The First Gym
-Chris has battled a lot, but one battle that will always remain in his mind is his dynamic semi-final match against Rika Trueman...
“Counter it with a psychic attack!” Chris said happily. Noctowl was surrounded by a blue glow, and as the rocks came close, they started to move away slowly. However, this was only one at a time, so Noctowl was being barraged by a variety of other rocks.

-But his first match in a Kanto Gym proves a lot harder, especially against the gigantic, powerful Pokemon the Gym Leader has.
“Great job!” Chris commented. However, Feraligatr got up and smacked Electabuzz in the face. Electabuzz fell back, as Feraligatr launched a slash across his left cheek. Electabuzz looked shocked.

The Indigo Road continues on Thursday, with 'the first gym'

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More spoilers for Tommorrow's Chapter...
“Electabuzz, endure!” Chris cried, remembering the day he and his sparky friend mastered this attack. They had gone against Suzie’s Rapidash and endured all of her fire attacks, plus Suzie’s Politoad’s water attacks. It had been well worth it.

As Electabuzz’ waist was wrapped with vines, Electabuzz managed to use his powerful hands to grab the vines and yank them forward, causing Meganium to lose her footing slightly.
-but who is the strange figure they meet when they emerge from the Gym?
“It’s alright,” Chris said, looking at the shards of his Pokedex. “Who are you?”
“Me?” The boy said. “I can’t tell you. All I can say for now is that you must not tell anybody about me; no mention of me to close friends, near friends, close enemies or even your Pokemon. You hear?”

Keep going along the Indigo Road.....and you'll soon see!

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Dragonfree: You'll find out soon enough!

The Indigo Road
Chapter 04 - The First Gym
By Shinymarill

After a restless night on Route01, Krystal awoke to the extinguished fire and a ready-to-go Chris. His Pokemon had been recalled (Except Pidgey) and he looked wide-awake.

“Morning” He said. Krystal sighed deeply to herself.
“We need to get some sleeping bags,” Krystal moaned. “I hated sleeping on a Pineco”
“Who wouldn’t?” Chris said lightly, walking off through the forest.

“One day…” Krystal muttered, as they walked off through the forest. Pidgey seemed to really enjoy this nice place; he chirped his name several times while gliding through the air. Krystal didn’t mind him really; she just wished she could catch some new Pokemon in Kanto.

As they continued along through the forest they heard some gurgling. Krystal stopped and turned around, unsure of where it came from. Chris turned, too. He didn’t really know who or what made that noise, but all became apparent when a jet of water hit Kecleon from behind.

“Leon!” He cried. He turned around and looked at the attacker. He saw a small Squirtle running forward, water gun spraying from his mouth. There was no sign of a trainer at all.

“Hmm” Chris mumbled. “Pidgey, wing attack now!”
Chirping, Pidgey shot forward and hit Squirtle with his brown wings. Squirtle fell back, landing on his buttocks.

“Squirtle!” a shrill voice called. Squirtle turned around, and saw a 10-year-old boy running as fast as he could, a Rattata by his side. The boy had fawn coloured hair that looked rather messy and had green eyes. He was wearing a woolly sweater with some nice diamond patterns on it and had green shorts on.

“Squirtle!” He cried again. Squirtle looked up and ran towards his trainer, hugging him.
“Squirtle squirt” He pined, while massaging his buttocks.

“There, there” The boy said. He turned to Chris and Krystal.
“What was that for?” He snapped, a lot of stamina and voice for a 10 year old.

“Because he sprayed my Kecleon” Chris snapped. “So I ordered Pidgey to counter strike”

“Oh, I see” The little boy said. “I’m George, and this is Squirtle and Rattata”
“Hey George” Chris said. “Sorry about that, Squirtle”

Squirtle nodded. George, however, recalled Rattata.
“We’re searching for some Teddiursa, have you seen any?” He inquired.

“No, sorry” Krystal began. “Maybe try in the thicker parts of the forest”
“Good idea” George said. “Thanks, and I’m sure I’ll see you again”

Waving goodbye, Chris and Krystal walked further into the deep forest and onto Pewter city.

On the way, however, Jeanette had advised Chris tried his luck at the Viridian Gym in Viridian City. Although Krystal argued that they would be set back as far as time was concerned, Chris had to admit he needed to get into shape.

Viridian City, as they arrived, was a beautiful place swarming with fountains and benches. There were a lot of flowers in square fencing, giving the whole place a very tidy and neat look.

“So, can I come to the Gym as well?” Krystal asked. Hurriedly, she said, “I don’t want a badge, I just want to see you battle, that’s all”

“Of course!” Chris cried. “I need to heal my team and then I’ll be heading to the Gym”


Now with his team healed and Pidgey back in his Pokeball, Chris and Krystal headed off to the Gym.

The Gym was a plain rectangular building with the words ‘Gym’ written in bold green. It also had a pea-green roof, and looked like a run-of-the-mill Gym. Chris and Kecleon opened the door and walked inside. Krystal and Marill followed.

Meanwhile, on a grassy knoll not too far from the Gym, two young trainers watched Chris and Krystal enter the Gym.

“They look loaded” One boy said. He was about 10, but blonde hair and green eyes. “I bet we could beat them”

“Too true” The second boy said, also about 10. He had brown hair and hazel eyes. “Once they’re out of the Gym they’re Pokemon will be weak enough to take”


The Gym arena was a light, fudge brown colour with white markings. This Gym was so plain it was almost unbearable. A trainer stood on the opposite end of the arena with a red jacket and a red baseball cap on backwards. He was wearing black shorts and had three Pokeballs on his belt.

“The name’s Cal” Cal said boastfully. “And this match will be a 3-3”
“Fine by me” Chris said, getting a Pokeball out. “Granbull, GO!”

Hurling the ball as far as he could, Chris watched as his great ball opened up and revealed his pink bulldog. He growled and clenched his fists, saliva dripping in globules from his thick jaws.

“Meganium, you’re up!” Cal said. His Pokeball opened up and revealed some sort of Dinosaur Pokemon with petals around her neck. She had two antennas and was green in colour.

“Meganium?” Chris asked. “Easy. Granbull, take down!”
“Gur-r-r-r-anbull!” He roared, getting on all fours and racing forward at Meganium. Meganium stood there, transfixed at the beefy Granbull.

“Vine whip!” Cal roared. Meganium leapt back as two thick vines sprouted from behind her neck. She shot them forward, having full control of them, and managed to wind them around Granbull, before using them to pick him up.

“Granbull!” Chris cried. “Try a bite attack”
Granbull sunk his teeth into one of Meganium’s vines, causing the Pokemon to drop him in shock. Granbull collapsed onto the ground and got up. Meganium, however, was nursing her injured vine with her intact one.

“Use vine whip again! Attack!” Cal said. Meganium swished her vine forward, making it thrash Granbull across the face. He fell back, a red mark on his face. He was hit again by the brutal attack before running back.

“Try a dynamicpunch!” Chris said. Fist glowing, Granbull aimed it forward as he leapt through the air at Meganium. However, she moved her sinewy neck out of the way and Headbutted Granbull in the stomach, sending him back down to earth. He ground against the floor and lay there, groaning in pain.

“STOMP!” Cal cried. Meganium positioned her large foot over Granbull’s still body, and forced it down into his chest. There was a loud crack; Granbull had broken at least one rib.

“Oh no” Chris said, shooting the great ball’s beam at Granbull. “Good job”
“Nice work Meganium” Cal said, giving his Pokemon the thumbs up. She smiled back at him, as Chris launched another Pokeball into the arena.

The light burst from it and formed into Chris’ mighty Electabuzz. He flexed his muscles at Meganium, who looked rather contemptuously at him. Electabuzz growled, sparks flickering across his body.

“Meganium! Vine whip!” Cal cried. Chris noticed this was a good skill Meganium had obtained, and Cal hadn’t let it go to waste. This was a Pokemon even Rika, the Miami League champion couldn’t beat.

“Electabuzz, endure!” Chris cried, remembering the day he and his sparky friend mastered this attack. They had gone against Suzie’s Rapidash and endured all of her fire attacks, plus Suzie’s Politoad’s water attacks. It had been well worth it.

As Electabuzz’ waist was wrapped with vines, Electabuzz managed to use his powerful hands to grab the vines and yank them forward, causing Meganium to lose her footing slightly.

“Meganium! Pull back!” Cal cried. Meganium tried to reel Electabuzz in, but he was just too strong.

“Thunderbolt!” Chris roared. Electabuzz, still holding onto the vines, drove a massive electrical current through them, causing Meganium to receive a huge electric shock. She fell back, and landed on the ground, knocked out.

“Great job!” Chris cried. He couldn’t believe how easy that was! Electabuzz strummed his chest boastfully as Cal selected his next Pokemon. Cal drew the lure ball back and forced it forward.

“Feraligatr!” He cried, as a massive alligator appeared before them. Chris gulped, as the enormous beast shadowed over him.

“This is a water type,” Chris said. “He’s weak to electric attacks! Electabuzz, send a thunderbolt right at him!”

“We’re not beaten so easily,” Cal muttered. “Use a double team!”
Chris watched as Feraligatr soon split into three copies. Chris tried his hardest to distinguish the real thing from the two copies it produced, but it was very hard. For all he knew, Cal could have three Feraligatr’s instead of one.

“Electabuzz! Spark!” Chris said, unsure of whether his decision was good or not. Electabuzz growled, and sparks were soon issued to shoot off from the electrical discharge swarming his body.

A collection of sparks shot at the left Feraligatr, which made it disappear. However, soon after, the Feraligatr appeared again; This Pokemon was very skilled at restoring copies from double team.

“Water gun!” Cal cried. Electabuzz watched as the right Feraligatr blasted a thick stream of water at him. Electabuzz was struck in the chest and fell to the ground. The wind had been knocked out of him, causing him to clench his fist in pain and wheeze.

“Electabuzz!” Chris cried. “That water was high-pressured”
“Too true” Cal called across the arena. Feraligatr kept his eyes looming over Electabuzz constantly.

“Thunderbolt!” Chris cried. Electabuzz shot a jolt of electricity at Feraligatr, who was hit severely by the attack. It was pumped to Feraligatr’s whole body, causing him to cringe to the ground.

“Great job!” Chris commented. However, Feraligatr got up and smacked Electabuzz in the face. Electabuzz fell back, as Feraligatr launched a slash across his left cheek. Electabuzz looked shocked.

“Now! Hydro Pump!” Cal shouted. Feraligatr’s red ridges shimmered a beautiful blue glow. Within seconds, he blasted a refreshing stream of high-pressured water straight at Electabuzz.

“Thunderpunch!” Chris roared. Electabuzz started to produce crackling electricity in his left fist and brought it surging forward at the water blast. The two attacks connected, triggering a huge static blast in the arena.

“Oh my!” Krystal said. Chris held his arm up against the impact of the attacks, and watched as Feraligatr stood over Electabuzz, his electric Pokemon worn and beaten. Chris got out the normal Pokeball containing Electabuzz and recalled him.

“Good job” Chris said. He then realised his choices were narrow. Pidgey or Kecleon would never be able to manage, so it was really Umbreon who he had to send out. Chris plucked the moon ball from his Pokeball belt and tapped it, maximising it to the size of an orange. Chris drew his arm back and with all his force he hurled the ball forward.

“Umbreon!” Chris called, as his sleek black Pokemon formed from the light. Umbreon gave a quick screech and stared at his opponent. Feraligatr looked disdainful at this new foe.

“Water gun!” Cal roared.
“Quick attack!” Chris shouted back. Feraligatr blasted the water gun, but Umbreon shot through the air gracefully, becoming a black blue with shimmering gold rings. He tackled Feraligatr in the stomach, causing him to step back nervously.

“Earthquake!” Cal commanded. Feraligatr growled, sending a glowing tremor through the arena towards Umbreon. Umbreon remained calm, watching this with his intrigued expression.

“Agility!” Chris shouted. Umbreon leapt into the air amiably, evading the earthquake and landing back on the ground. Umbreon then started to glow, as a blue aura shone in his deep eyes. Feraligatr soon became coated with this blue glow.

“That’s a mean look!” Cal said to Feraligatr. Umbreon’s eyes then shone red, as Feraligatr seized up completely. Umbreon then smirked to himself, before preparing to attack.

“Psychic!” Chris said. Umbreon managed to levitate Feraligatr with his psychic abilities, and threw him across the arena, causing him to pick up dirt as he grazed through it.

“Return” Cal said, recalling his worn out friend. Chris knew Feraligatr wasn’t completely worn out, but he also knew Cal had a plan. This last Pokemon would be the strongest on his team.

“Go Typhlosion!” Shouted Cal. The ball opened and formed into the same Pokemon Calvin had. Chris stared at it, a confused expression on his face. This looked a lot stronger than Calvin’s…

“Umbreon!” Chris cried. “Quick attack!”
Umbreon shot across the arena towards Typhlosion. Typhlosion stayed where he was, waiting for a command.

“Nova!” Cal said. Typhlosion roared, as a red flame flickered in each eye. His flame collar shot up and he stomped the ground furiously. The ground cracked, and flames from beneath crept through to the arena.

“Umbreon!” Chris cried. “Safeguard!”
Umbreon protected itself with the safeguard shield, but the cracks from the ground soon started to seep with lava.

“Now! Shadow ball!” Chris roared. Umbreon growled, as a small orb formed infront of him. Chris felt a whooshing sensation as Umbreon drew shadow and energy from all around him. It felt like he’d been plunged into a bucket of ice-cold water. Umbreon’s shadow ball started to take size beyond a Satsuma, and soon a pineapple, a melon…a water melon…

“Fire!” he roared. The ball was seemingly large and was ready to burst. Umbreon pawed it curiously with his paw and sent the ball flying at Typhlosion. Typhlosion watched it, obviously charmed by the dazzling display. He was struck in the chest and collapsed to the ground, groaning.

“Typhlosion!” Cal said. “Fire punch!”
Typhlosion got up, as a fire started to crackle happily inside his palm. He forced it forward, the ghostly flames flickering through his fur, and smacked Umbreon in the face.

“Tackle!” Chris said back. Umbreon shot forward and tackled Umbreon in the stomach, causing him to topple back slightly. Within seconds, Umbreon glowed a shimmering violet and closed his eyes. The three trainers watched inside the Gym, and Typhlosion, Kecleon and Marill each watched.

Umbreon shimmered the constant glow, but soon enough that glow was passed onto Typhlosion, Cal, Chris, Krystal, Kecleon and Marill. Everybody examined his or her hands or another body part as the glow seeped through.

“This is weird” Chris said. Within seconds, Umbreon screeched loudly, causing everybody to cringe in pain. Typhlosion whimpered; Marill and Kecleon were rather distraught and Chris felt his mind starting to numb.

“Argh!” He cried, collapsing on his knees. Cal recalled his Typhlosion, and Umbreon started to stop. Chris got back up and hugged his Umbreon tightly, who looked rather pleased with himself. Krystal looked like she was in need of an Umbreon fur coat.

“That was strong” Cal said. “Umbreon’s hidden power is a technique rather unlike any I’ve seen before”

“Cool” Krystal said. “You lead that battle, Chris!”
“Thanks” Chris said, as Cal glowed red. “Can I have a badge?”

“Sure” Cal muttered. He handed Chris a badge that was a feather; green and white in colour. Chris took it, and pinned it to his cap for the time being.

“What is it?” Chris asked.
“The earth badge” Cal grumbled.
“But you didn’t use any ground Pokemon” Krystal pointed out. “And you used nothing to symbolise the badge”

“Just…just get out,” Cal grumbled. Muttering to herself, Krystal and Marill stormed out of the Gym, Chris and Kecleon shortly behind after recalling Umbreon.


“Ok, so off to Pewter Museum” Chris said, admiring his badge. “Come on!”
“Halt!” A voice snapped. Chris looked around, and saw two kids, each about 10 with brown hair. One had a Hitmontop and the other had a Machop.

“Give us all your money” The Machop’s trainer said. “Or we’ll crush you!”
“You couldn’t crush a can,” Chris snapped. “Kecleon, get them!”
“You too, Marill” Krystal said.

Marill and Kecleon faced Hitmontop and Machop, ready to begin the bout. Marill charged forward, but was stopped by a small figure. It was a Pokemon. It knocked Marill back as it leapt from the grassy knoll above.

“Tyrogue!” Krystal snapped. “It’s a Tyrogue!”
“Wow” Chris said. “Lets check the Pokedex”

He got it out, but the Tyrogue sensed this. It leapt forward and smashed the machine with its bare fist. Machop and Hitmontop, along with their trainers, stepped back slightly as this happened.

“Hey!” Chris snapped. “Kecleon, scratch!”
Kecleon raced forward to scratch Tyrogue, but it blocked the attack with its arm as it leapt back slightly.

“Stop Tyrogue” A deep voice said. A figure was seen on the top of the grassy knoll, and soon sprinted down to see Tyrogue. Tyrogue, having a lot of respect for this authority figure, watched.

“Sorry you had to see this,” The person said. Male, this guy was about 16 years old. He was slightly muscular, or as muscular as he could be for a person of his age, and had slightly tanned skin. His eyes were an emerald green and his hair was a light fawn brown. However, he wore a tight black uniform and a black cap. He had a white belt, black trousers and white shoes.

“It’s alright,” Chris said, looking at the shards of his Pokedex. “Who are you?”
“Me?” The boy said. “I can’t tell you. All I can say for now is that you must not tell anybody about me; no mention of me to close friends, near friends, close enemies or even your Pokemon. You hear?”

“Yea” Krystal stuttered. “Are you from Team Rocket?”
“Don’t be soft” He chuckled. “They were taken over”
“Yea…I heard something like that,” Chris said back. “Who are they now?”

“I can’t say another word,” The boy said. He looked around like a Sentret and surveyed the surroundings. He sensed something, and called for Tyrogue, as the two ran off ahead.

“Hey!” Krystal shouted. “Come back!”
“He’s gone,” Chris muttered. He clutched his head slightly. “But I know I’ve seen him somewhere”

“He headed to Pewter City, just like us” Krystal said.
“Well, that sign says Viridian Forest is right in-between Pewter and Viridian” Chris began. “Come on, we’ll head off now and we’ll be at Pewter by tomorrow”

“Fine by me” Krystal said, as they walked off. The kids with Machop and Hitmontop protested, but Chris couldn’t care. His mind was focused on that boy…that boy…

“Maybe it’s a headache from Umbreon” Chris stammered, walking through Viridian City.



We followed Al through Crimson City, but he escaped. His Gyrados sure is tough. Starmie managed to send his hyper beam back at himself, though, which made me laugh an awful lot.

Al is cunning. It’s surprising really, for a 16 year old, but nonetheless very clever. We’re trying to get a tracker on him…someway…but it’s becoming hope more than chance. However, we’ve got orders, and we have to fulfil them. James gave us instructions to find Articuno and return Al, but he also wanted some Omanyte fossils from Pewter City. We’re heading there now, and I’ll be meeting Duncan there tomorrow.

next Chapter - The Kiss
-The Viridian Forest is an unwelcoming place for Chris and Krystal as they head to Pewter City Museum...
A red ladybug fluttered over to Krystal. Krystal smiled as it hummed its name several times. However, there was soon a tremendous roar, causing Ledyba to fly away. Krystal and Chris stopped dead; they listened quietly for any faint noise, but could not hear a thing.

-And what's wrong with Krystal?
“Yes…yes that’s a good plan” Krystal said impulsively. “We’ll just…just keep going towards Pewter City now, right?”

-But things turn bad as Krystal finds herself attacked...
Fear crept over Krystal’s shoulder as Beedrill held out his other arm. He prepared to joust it forward into her face. Krystal was shaking, and her eyes stared longingly at Beedrill, who was buzzing.

The Indigo Road moves one step closer on Monday!

13th March 2003, 11:53 AM
So, the mysterious Al is revealed. Interesting having Cal as Gym Leader, excellent battle.

War Raichu
13th March 2003, 04:03 PM
Very nice chapter with Cal as the Gym Leader. Kind of a grouch, though. ;) Great, more Team Rocket jerks. I can't wait for the next chapter! I've been waiting for "The Kiss" for a while, now. :D

13th March 2003, 05:29 PM
Great gym battle! How did he become the gym leader of Viridian city, with no Ground pokémon? Well, I guess we'll be getting to the love scenes in the next chapter...:rolleyes:

13th March 2003, 06:21 PM
Nice chapter, now how many times do I have to say that, well the gym battle with the three starters, and named after the game is unogriginal BUT this is an early chapter so it can slide. Along wit mysterios figures, it is very good, I wood say moore but I am confused.:confused: :confused:

14th March 2003, 04:40 PM
Great chapter, and Umbreon's Hidden Power was interesting.
Can't wait for next chapter!

Hanada Tattsu
14th March 2003, 06:41 PM
Shiny Marill, I read the original FRTC, and have just started reading FRTCTIR, and I must say these are the best fics I have ever read in my life.

The actions, the descriptions, the battles, everything just seems so colorful and vivid. I loved the way you described the islands in the Miami Islands, I felt like I was there myself.

Keep it up, I think this is one of the best fics ever.

16th March 2003, 09:13 AM
That was great, great battle! Electabuzz is awesome, I only find it sad that cris doesn't use noctowl anymore, they were such a good team together! Oh well, he has a cool pidgey now! Lol, I tried to take the quiz, and I promised myself I wouldn't use the fic, well, I maybe knew three answers, so I decided to let it go! Thats more fair for the people who really know the answers! anyway, I'm really enjoying this fic!

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16th March 2003, 10:05 AM
Hey everybody. i aint been on the internet all weekend, and i can see we've got ourselves soem replies! *pulls up sleeves* Lets get to work...

Jukain: Cal was originally Calvin, and was a kid who owned a Kadabra. But then i changed Cal to Calvin, keeping the original Cal in the Viridian Gym. Al is revealed! Gasp!

Raichu: Jerks? :o Sandra is eeeeeevil, and she packs a punch as you'll soon see. Cal is a grouch, aint he? hehe. And yea, the Kiss tommorrow!

Dragonfree: Gary didnt have any ground Pokemon in G/S/C either...did he? Anyway, Viridian just took their best trainer and threw him in the Gym ^_^. The next Chapter.....ooooh, lets just say one thing leads to another...

Powarun: I wanted to use a character in Kanto familliar with readers. I'm sure i'd have got complaints making an entirely new character up anyway. Mysterious figures....they appear a lot in the fic....mwa-ha-ha-ha.

Oakbark: Yea. He needs to use it again, methinks. *thinks thinks thinks*. He'll use it later....:P We need to get to the bottom of that strange Hidden Power.

Hanada: I'm deeply flattered, believe me. I'm glad my idea of the Miami Islands worked for you, and i'm glad my world was recreated into your mind. I assure you, there are much better fanfics around, but thanks all the same! Keep reading!

Shadow: You should enter the quiz! You might win! Anyway, Noctowl does tell us a little of his life in Pontarico later in the fic, as well as Nidoking engaling us in a tale from Trueman Farm with Rika. Glad you like 'da buzz' ;)

Ok peeps, keep watching for the next Chapter! It's up tommorrow, so keep your eyes glued to the screen. Oh, and does anybody know where Subsane is? he must be on vacation or something....but the quiz officially closes next week, the saturday!

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Hi SM, Sorry for not replying as I've been busy with working with Skin Deep and school but I thought the last two chapter were great especially the battle with Cal, I think I know what the Kiss (chapter 5) might involve.

16th March 2003, 03:18 PM
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Chris 2.1
17th March 2003, 10:56 AM
Jon: I understand. Cal was sorta tough, wasn't he? The second Gym match is a lot harder, but is it necesserily in the next town? The Kiss is a very good chapter at symbolising where Chris and Krystal stand, although it may be easy to mis-interprate.

Oakbark: thankyou!


The Indigo Road
Chapter 05 - The Kiss
By Shinymarill

Trudging through the woods, Chris and Krystal were still heading for Pewter City. They had been told there was valuable information about Articuno there, so they decided to trek through Viridian Forest.

“This place is swarming with bugs!” Krystal said, looking around her in every direction. “And not just the common ones; they have Ledyba here!”

A red ladybug fluttered over to Krystal. Krystal smiled as it hummed its name several times. However, there was soon a tremendous roar, causing Ledyba to fly away. Krystal and Chris stopped dead; they listened quietly for any faint noise, but could not hear a thing.

“What was that?” Chris asked.
“I don’t really know” Krystal muttered. “It scared Ledyba away, though”
Chris just stood there a good long time. He felt for Pidgey’s Pokeball and prepared to throw it out.

Suddenly, a figure burst through the bushes. It was a Pochena on a red lead, and a little boy was being dragged through the woods and bushes with this snarling beast. Pochena stopped and sniffed the air, detecting a scent, which intrigued him.

“Do you need any help?” Krystal asked the boy. His clothes were hardly distinguishable from the mud he had been dragged in, but it looked as if he was wearing a yellow jacket. He was about 12 years old.

“I’m fine! Really, I am!” He said, getting up from the giant mud puddle. Every so often, he had to wrench the lead back to stop Pochena from pulling on it. Pochena looked eager to battle, so Chris stepped forward.

“Maybe we can have a battle,” He said to the boy. “Pochena looks like a pretty interesting Pokemon”

“Thanks” The boy said. He wiped streaks of mud from his face and then wiped them down his jumper. “The name’s Mack”

“Chris” Chris said, shaking Mack’s hand (Much to his disgust). “How many Pokemon should we use Mack?”

“Well, I’ll say 2” Mack muttered, struggling to fit the words around his attempts at stopping this mad Pochena. “Because I want to see what you can do”

“Fine by me” Chris said, as Mack and he walked towards a clearing. Krystal looked rather bored as she and Marill followed. Pochena was tugging Mack along, so Chris had to jog to keep up.

“Pochena! GO!” Mack cried. He released Pochena from his red lead, and he was wearing a cute red collar. Chris looked at it curtly, and drew a Pokeball. He strummed the side, causing it to enlarge.

“Go Granbull!” He called, sending the great ball out. It opened and took the shape of Granbull. He clenched his fists and roared at Pochena, who was running around and sniffing the ground.

“Bull?” Granbull questioned. He watched as Pochena lifted his right leg up and ‘marked his territory’ on the arena. Granbull looked sick at the sight of that. However, Pochena perked up and prepared to battle.

“Tackle attack!” Mack cried. Pochena trotted forward at Granbull, but he simply went on all fours and ran off. Granbull turned sharply, and faced the wolf Pokemon by snarling and growling.

“Show that thing a real tackle!” Chris said briskly. Granbull galloped along and smashed Pochena to the ground. He got up, and raced at Granbull, who simply got on his hind legs and leapt back, out of the way.

“Power up! Dynamic punch!” Chris commanded. Granbull’s fist glowed a pearly white, and it soon became streaked with navy energy. Within seconds, Granbull thrust his fist at Pochena and slammed him in the jaw.

“Poochie!” Mack cried. “Your fang!”
Pochena stared at the white fang that lay on the ground, the top lined with deep red blood.

“Show that guy what you can really do” Mack said. Pochena nodded, and raced forward at Granbull, who looked slightly more scared this time around. However, a karate chop later, Pochena was smacked across the back and lay on the ground.

“Return” Mack grumbled.
“Good job” Chris said to Granbull, recalling him. “Got anything better Mack?”

“Of course” Mack protested. “I choose you, Teddiursa!”
His next Pokeball (which Chris noticed was a moon ball) Opened and revealed a cute little Teddy bear.

“Awww! Look at his cute little moon!” Krystal said, fawning over this adorable bear. Chris stared at her.
“I’d look cute too if I had a little moon on my forehead” He muttered.

“Pidgey, attack!” Chris said. He had to battle with this thing a little more often. Pidgey emerged and faced the mischievous Teddiursa. Before the battle had officially started, however, Teddiursa ran forward at Pidgey with his sharp claws!

“Whirlwind!” Chris said quickly. Pidgey flapped a giant gust at Teddiursa, blowing him across the field. He dug his claws into the soft turf of Viridian Forest to hold on. Pidgey then followed through with a quick attack and struck Teddiursa.

“Teddy!” He protested. His moon glowed, and he fired a barrage of stars forward at Pidgey. This swift attack hit Pidgey, who flapped back in frustration.

“Again! Quick attack!” Chris shouted. Pidgey flew forward and struck Teddiursa, who seemed pretty weak for a bear. Teddiursa fell on his buttocks and started to cry. Pidgey then took this opportunity to clamp his talons around Teddiursa’s head.

“Peck!” Chris said gleefully. “Peck!”
Pidgey was constantly rapping against Teddiursa’s head with his sharp beak. Each peck was followed by a sharp wail from Teddiursa.

“Headbutt!” Mack said. Teddiursa, still with a perching Pidgey atop, charged forward towards a tree on the edge of the forest. He slammed Pidgey into it, causing the bird to swoon a little.

“Pidgey!” Chris cried. “Quick attack!”
Pidgey shot forward like a cork from a bottle and swooshed past Teddiursa, causing the cute little Pokemon to become confused.

“Teddiursa!” Mack cried, running over. He caught Teddiursa as he collapsed onto his arms. “Return”

“And I win again!” Chris shouted, recalling Pidgey. “I am on fire!”
“Not anymore!” Krystal screamed, as Marill blasted a water gun in Chris’ face. Spluttering, Chris held his hand up against the water to stop him from getting wet.


“What a day” Chris said, sitting on a tree log. Charizard had cut logs down most the afternoon, so a lot of small chunks of wood were on a roaring bonfire, while there was two long thin longs being used as benches.

“Yea, it was exciting alright,” Krystal said, on the same bench as Chris. “But I suppose we can just relax a little now that it’s night time”

“Yea, you’re right” Chris said to her. All the Pokemon were out except Krystal’s Kingdra, which seemed rather unsocial anyway. All the Pokemon were asleep, as it was starting to get pretty late. Chris, however, was pretty wide-awake, as was Krystal.

“We should really be doing a journal for Articuno” Krystal said. “I’ll buy a jotter or a notebook at Pewter City”
“Great idea!” Chris said. “We could take newspaper pictures and stick them in and stuff!”

“I wonder where he is now…” Krystal asked, staring into the treetops. “Soaring majestically…flying among all the Pokemon in the world…”



I ran as far as I could. Houndour was running after me, but I knew I couldn’t stop and fend it off. Tyrogue could beat it any day, I knew that, but it was the time it took for me to throw the ball…it set me back too far.

“Get him!” A man called. These people weren’t a team, so to speak. It wasn’t ‘Team ____’ you saw in the anime; these people were real life hell raisers. They wanted me dead, dead as a…well…dead as a corpse I suppose.

“Leave me alone” I snapped, running. I noticed the cut on my arm from the escapade a few days ago. My shirt was ripped. I kept sprinting through the forest, as Houndour scorched it down with a flamethrower.

“Breaching contract, Alexander,” a shrill voice said. I knew I’d done something wrong, but it was the only way. The only say I had in this whole ordeal was how painfully I died. Ok, so what I said before was kinda in a lie, but I’m in a hurry; you people are sorta slowing me down right now.

They don’t exactly want me dead. But I suppose it would help if I explained all this to you. You’re probably a little confused with me. Ok, first things first. My full name is Alexander –

“Whoa!” I cried, as a stream of flames missed my ear. You guys come visit me in another couple of chapters; this is a tight situation, really.


“I’m freezing!” Krystal said, as she moved closed to the center of the log. “This fire needs to be warmer!”
“Don’t bother waking Charizard” Chris said to her, the only source of light being the raging fire.

“I suppose it would be a little unfair,” Krystal said. She noticed Chris move closed to the fire. She could understand it, really. It was awfully cold in Viridian Forest…

Seconds flashed by, and Krystal and Chris had edged next to each other. The two were both basking in the warmth of the fire. It was so pleasant, although this sort of scenario had never popped up in the Miami islands.

“Look at all the stars” Krystal said, looking at Chris. “It’s beautiful”
“Yea, it sure is” Chris said, staring at Krystal. The two moved their heads closer, and turned them slightly, before moving forward some more.


I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time, but it felt right. No reason, it was just generally the right thing to be doing at this time. I moved closer, closer…I could feel her breath reviving my senses as we kissed. Our lips pushed together as we engaged in a passionate kiss, and my world simply dissolved…

This was the best opportunity I’ve had for a while to kiss someone. Shaun was a bit of a loser really, so I guess he doesn’t count. I moved closer to Chris, and I was surprised how handsome he looked when he dimmed his eyelids down a little. We should not have had that Italian victory meal last night; Chris reeked of garlic bread a little. However, our lips opened up and we kissed, the night sky watching our every move…however, sooner enough, I opened my eyes completely, as did Chris. We backed away a little, realised what we were doing and fell back.


“Whoa!” Krystal said, crawling backwards along the floor.
“What were you thinking?” Chris snapped. “Coming onto me like that…”

“ME?” Krystal asked. “YOU came onto ME”
“I did not!” Chris bellowed back.

Both trainers breathed in thick, heavy spurts.
“Ok…ok” Chris said, sweat down his face. “Don’t panic”
“I won’t!” Krystal snapped.

“We just need to forget that EVER happened, Ok?” Chris said.
“Yes…yes that’s a good plan” Krystal said impulsively. “We’ll just…just keep going towards Pewter City now, right?”

“Right?” She repeated. She got no sign of life form Chris as they got up.
“H-e-l-l-o?” She said, waving her hand infront of Chris. He pushed it away, an angry look on his face.

“Ok! OK! Stop annoying me!” He snapped. Chris stormed off through the rest of the forest, seemingly confused with emotions.

“I’m only just being friendly” Krystal began.
“Yea, and look where that got you” Chris spat. Krystal tapped him on the shoulder, and forced her hand forward, slapping him on the cheek. He stumbled back.

“What was that for?” He bellowed.
“I’m giving you some common sense,” Krystal said. “You’re just being mean to me. Just because you kissed me”

“I didn’t!” Chris protested. “YOU kissed ME!”
“GIVE IT A REST!” Krystal wailed. She held tears back badly, causing them to stream down her face. “Just leave me alone!”

Krystal tore through the forest, her cape billowing from the faint winds in Viridian Forest. Chris watched, ashamed of himself, as one of his best friends disappeared into the distance.


Krystal was walking through the wood. Tears streamed down her face, and she settled down on a tree stump. She made herself comfortable by lying on the ground, making herself a bed for the night.

“Marill, we’ll be fine” She assured her friend. Marill looked doubtful. However, Krystal then got up as a Beedrill flew at her with his jousting needles.

“Whoa!” She cried, getting up. She leapt back hastily. Marill fell to the floor and rolled along the ground, her eyes screwed shut. She opened them, and was staring up at the massive Beedrill. Krystal had to beat this bug.

“I’ll choose Charizard” Krystal began. However, Beedrill swung a leg around and kicked Marill. He then shot a needle forward and struck it into Krystal’s cape, pinning her to a tree.

“Hey!” She cried. “Marill, help me!”
“Marill!” She cried. She blasted a water gun, but Beedrill buzzed its name slightly. Within seconds, his wings flapped at an alarming rate, allowing him to shoot out of the way.

“Hey!” Krystal complained, as the water gun hit her in the face. “Marill! Doubleslap!”
Marill leapt into the air and tried to slap Beedrill, but a needle arm of Beedrill’s hit her.

“Chris!” Krystal cried, looking around. Chris was the only thing that could save her…but he wouldn’t. He’d just walk off…

Fear crept over Krystal’s shoulder as Beedrill held out his other arm. He prepared to joust it forward into her face. Krystal was shaking, and her eyes stared longingly at Beedrill, who was buzzing.

“Please!” Krystal cried, reaching for Charizard’s Pokeball. “Leave me alone!”
Suddenly, Krystal saw Kecleon! He was running forward at Beedrill, eventually latching onto his back and scratching it. Beedrill wrenched his arm out the tree stump, setting Krystal free.

“Thanks Kecleon!” Krystal cried, as Beedrill tried to buck Kecleon off his back. Suddenly, Chris appeared. Krystal forgot all that had just happened and glared at him. As he walked past, she sniffed loudly.

“Kecleon! Hyper beam!” Chris shouted. Kecleon pushed himself off Beedrill and he glowed orange. A massive, orangey white beat burst from his stripe and forced Beedrill to the ground.

“Great job!” Chris said, giving Kecleon a high-five. The two looked at Krystal and Marill.

“Listen” Chris began. “Sorry about before”
“It’s alright,” Krystal said. They stared at each other.

“So, are we going out or what?” Chris asked, as they continued through Viridian Forest.
“I don’t think so,” Krystal said. “Unless you…you wanna…you know…”
“Not really” Chris said. “You’re just a sorta friend”

“I wonder why we kissed, then?” Krystal asked herself.
“Dunno” Chris muttered. “Maybe we’re just growing up a little”

next Chapter: The Museum
Up on Thursday.

-Chris and Krystal arrive in Pewter City, preparing to go to the museum to research Articuno.
The museum was very large. It was a dominating building of about eight floors, and from the outside looked rather impressive. It was composed of strong pewter, maybe with bricklayers underneath to back it up.

-They unearth some interesting information about the fabled Pokemon...
[i]“This says Articuno was last seen heading towards Seafoam Village” Krystal explained. “It’s got a set of directions from Pewter, so I’ll jot them down. I’m sure we could go there and find out some more information”

-And Tony's new evolution plan goes wrong...very wrong...
“Psyduck!” The Pokemon roared, getting up. I realised that attack was counter, and Psyduck couldn’t learn it unless it was close to…evolution

-But what happens on the basement floor of the museum? Who is threatening Krystal?
“Take that!” He cried manically. He shot into the water, but the bullets lay on the waves. “Take that!”

Fine out as the Indigo Road leads us all the way to the next town...!

War Raichu
17th March 2003, 01:02 PM
AH-HA! I knew it'd be Chris and Krystal kissing (just a lucky guess) and that it'd be different from the one in FRTC! :D :rolleyes: ;) Ah, the "cuddling around the fire" moment. Classic! And then, of course, they both deny starting it. :rolleyes: Perfect chapter! :D

17th March 2003, 02:07 PM
Great chapter Sm although I have a feeling that Chris really likes Krystal.
Also is the gym leader of Pewter City Brock or Flint?

17th March 2003, 03:14 PM
How romantic.........;)
Just as i imagined it would be.........

Anyway, back to reality, i thought the Kanto sequel would be a bit predictable..how silly of me to have doubted your talent.

Great chapter.

Chris 2.1
17th March 2003, 04:12 PM
Raichu: Its teen-love, fanfic style! Lets hope nothing more happens, eh? I'm glad you liked this early character development! It was interesting to write...how do i know what a girl thinks when i kiss her?

Jon: It's a 'happy-go-lucky' friendship, i guess. The leader? neither. Maybe they dont even go to the Gym....after all, they're heading to the museum...

Oakbark: I'm glad you're not disapointed. I've made quite a few new towns, like Bronze City, Pourie Town, Seafoam Village and Fliscoula (flis-cow-la) City. Maybe we'll visit them...and remember Crimson City!

I'm glad you liked the chapter. It was hard to carry it on for so long, hence the quick Al scene and the Beedrill escapade.

17th March 2003, 05:08 PM
Love scenes... classic...:D:rolleyes:

I just took a second look at everyone's bios, and I seem to be the only girl reading this story... I wonder why.

But I can't tell you what a girl feels like when she's kissed, though.

Hanada Tattsu
17th March 2003, 06:26 PM
Another great chapter. :)

I'd like Mack to appear later on. BTW, I liked the kissing scene. :D

17th March 2003, 06:39 PM
Nice chapter, I noticed you use Pidgey a lot. Along with the love seen, every good book series has love in it exept for childrens book. Can we/I have a visual of what Chris and Krystal look like? Because that love scene really made me think of what they look like but I have no clue what they really look like. Please

Hanada Tattsu
17th March 2003, 07:44 PM
Originally posted by Powarun
Nice chapter, I noticed you use Pidgey a lot. Along with the love seen, every good book series has love in it exept for childrens book. Can we/I have a visual of what Chris and Krystal look like? Because that love scene really made me think of what they look like but I have no clue what they really look like. Please

From reading it, I think Chris looks like the main boy player in G/S/C, and Krystal looks like the main girl player in Crystal.

I may be wrong, but just to get that verified, I would ask Shiny Marill, since she actually wrote the fanfic. :D

War Raichu
17th March 2003, 08:14 PM
I think Krystal does look like Marina from the Crystal version. In FRTC, SM described Krystal with blue hair and a white lab coat.

17th March 2003, 10:38 PM
AH! Finally I finished FRTC and FRTCIR! I first read FRTC on serebii, but I found it here. I am happy. Good job ShinyMarill. I can't wait till the next chapter.

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18th March 2003, 12:03 PM
Dragonfree: Really? wear that with pride! glad you liked the love scene!

Hanada Tattsu: He might appear as the fic rolls on, we'll see. I do have a lot of room for character development, so he could make an appearence i guess. Did you like him?

Powarun: Yea, Hanada is correct. However, while Chris has the looks of the main character, he wears cargo shorts (cream, about half way down his shin), with Vans(tm hehe) shoes on. His T-shirt is orange with long white sleeves. Krystal is based off Marina in the Raikou special, but she know wheres a black cape instead of a white labcoat, and her pokegear was snapped and smashed in Chapter 69 of frtc.

Hanada: HE! i'm a he! *sob sob* j/k. I can see the confusion myself.

Raichu: Yup!

Piyochan: Who were you on spp? Glad you found the fanfic, my friend.

18th March 2003, 12:09 PM
WHOAH!!! that was great, I was shaking on my chair after the kissing scene(maybe it has to do with my social developments:D )
well, if the fic keeps on going like this I defenetily gonna be an frtc:tir addict!!!

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I forgot! It has been a long time.

19th March 2003, 10:22 AM
Hey,ShinyMarril I just wanted to say great finsh to FRTC and great start to this.Oh,a question:Is Krystal's Kingdra actually going to be used(or be out) during this fic ? and when will Krystal fight a battle other than with wild pokemon ?

Chris 2.1
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Shadow: Glad you liked it! I can see this was unexpected from you guys, am i right? Glad i got you addicted, we sell TIR patches that work like Nicoteine patches, only £12 for two!

Piyochan: It's been ages, hasn't it? About November, i believe.

Pikachurocks: Kingdra is used as much as it can be, and appears at every possible location, but it is hard, as Kanto is a reigon. Watch out for his appearence in the museum (along with one of Al's Pokemon), his battle in Cerulean Gym and a fight against another guy competing for Dragon Rock!

19th March 2003, 01:12 PM
I can't wait till tomorrow... I want to find out more about this Al guy!

Chris 2.1
20th March 2003, 12:44 PM
Dragonfree: A little more is revealled now, but the whole thing spans over a lot of chapters. It's a large sub plot to the fic, really.


The Indigo Road
Chapter 06 - The Museum Of Pewter City
By Shinymarill


We shortly arrived at Pewter city. It soon became apparent that everything was a stone grey colour, and resembled Pewter rock. Viridian Forest ended and a slow winding path overlooked the small city.

“Not bad” I heard Krystal declare. Geez, did she have to review everything ? I told myself I was still rather edgy since that…erm ‘moment’ in the Viridian Forest, but I still thought Krystal could be so annoying so much!

“Let’s just get to the museum,” I muttered, taking lead down the small path leading to the city. A regretful sigh came from Krystal, which got me grinning. Last night the two of us had started our journal on Articuno.

Day One:
Today we’re going to Pewter City museum to find out some information on Articuno, the legendary bird Pokemon. It’s been thought to cause a lot of snow back home, which is usually perpetual and ever lasting.

We had filled little in today. However, once we got the museum we would be filling out height, weight, roosting spots and anything else we could find, as well as sketching and taking photos.


The museum was very large. It was a dominating building of about eight floors, and from the outside looked rather impressive. It was composed of strong pewter, maybe with bricklayers underneath to back it up.

“Looks good” Chris said, as they entered the building. They approached a counter, with a pimply teenager sitting in a leather swivel chair behind a glass case. There was a sliding hatch for the money to be sent through. Behind him was a stern woman of about 47, with streaking magenta hair and broad purple lipstick on her withered lips.

“Yea, two children please” Krystal said, leaning against the counter.
“Tell her to get OFF the counter,” The woman snapped shrilly. The teenager stuttered, and cleared his throat.

“ Please don’t lean on the counter,” He said proudly. Krystal glared ominously at the stern woman, who seemed in the least bit cooperative. Chris slipped the money under the glass hatch as the woman ordered the kid to ask for it.

“Ask about a family membership,” The woman snapped.
“Would you be interested in subscribing for a family membership?” The teenager asked. Krystal stared at him.

“No thanks” She said, smiling sweetly. The woman stared at Krystal sourly.
The two took their members wristbands and scanned them into a machine, letting them go through the turnstile.

“Ok, we should head to the legendary floor” Krystal said. “That’s the 7th and 8th floor”
They walked through the lobby, which was really a realistic display of 3d Pokemon. Chris saw a Clefairy, a Cleffa and a Clefable around a meteor, and also saw an Omanyte and an Aerodactyl moving realistically.

They entered the lift, and soon appeared on the 7th floor. Krystal stepped out, and it looked amazing. A 3d model of Articuno was in the center, which had wings flapping a tail feathers billowing.

“Lets make some sketches” Krystal said. She whipped out a sketchpad and started to draw it. Chris watched, but it seemed she was having a hard time. She then stabbed the pad with her pencil, and roared loudly, spitting across onto the page.

“STUPID BOOK!” She screamed, hurling it onto the ground. “I HATE drawing!”
“Maybe we’ll take a couple of pictures,” Chris said, getting out his camera. He snapped a couple of shots and waited for them to be processed.

Chris sellotaped each corner and stuck the picture in page one. He added some more jotting notes, like Articuno’s height and weight, and also managed to find some interesting information. Apparently Articuno had a roosting spot on Dunwurray Island. That was in the Miami Archipelago, near Talon Island.

“Check this out, Krystal” Chris said, showing her some pictures of Articuno that had been taken on Dunwurray Island. They were blurry, and out of focus, but Chris was still fascinated by them.

Chris looked, and Krystal was kneeling down, reading something.
“What are you looking at?” He inquired. However, she held a hand up to silence him. Chris watched with anticipation, as she got up.

“This says Articuno was last seen heading towards Seafoam Village” Krystal explained. “It’s got a set of directions from Pewter, so I’ll jot them down. I’m sure we could go there and find out some more information, even see him on the way”

“Good idea” Chris said.
“Where should we head next?” Krystal asked. “I was hoping we could check out the fossils on the basement floor”

“Sure thing” Chris replied. They walked around, examining other legendary birds and information, before heading towards the lift. They entered, and pushed the button to go down to the basement floor. However, as they headed down, the lift started to make an eerie grinding noise.

“I don’t like this” Chris murmured, holding onto the side of the lift. “I don’t like this!”
“What’s going on? The lift is grinding against something” Krystal began. The lift them stopped, causing Chris to topple over. The lights then blacked out, plunging the lift into darkness.



“Let’s see some water guns,” I asked Squirtle. My faithful water Pokemon shot a blast forward and hit me in the chest. It stung slightly, but I shook the diminutive pain off me. “Again!” I cried. Squirtle needed to focus his power in order for him to evolve, so he was attacking me.

“Squirtle” He muttered. He didn’t want to hurt me. I could sense that pride inside him, but he needed to focus attacks much better. Perhaps I could borrow one of Misty’s Pokemon…

“Attack!” I yelled, soon after. Squirtle blasted the attack at Psyduck, and hit him head on. We were outside in the back garden of the Gym, and Misty’s gormless Psyduck stood there as he became bombarded with attacks.

“Rapid spin!” I cried. Squirtle tucked himself into his shell and shot forward, tackling Psyduck to the ground. He lay there, grumbling and muttering his name. “Follow up with an ice punch!”

Squirtle’s left fist now glowed an arctic blue colour as he charged forward with it. Psyduck watched, worried, as his fate became sealed like the ice sealed round Squirtle’s paw.

“Psy…” He grumbled. Suddenly, as Squirtle struck Psyduck, a red glow encased the yellow duck and Squirtle was hurled across the arena by a psychic force. Squirtle thumped against the ground, and fell down.

“Psyduck!” The Pokemon roared, getting up. I realised that attack was counter, and Psyduck couldn’t learn it unless it was close to…

“ Evolution ” I uttered, as Psyduck was showered with a sparkling white glow. His paws shot out and sharp claws peeked out of them; his bill became thinner and longer and four spikes shot out of his head. He grew less plump and much more flexible, and the light died down. This was a Golduck, and had a sleek blue coat.

“Golduck!” He snapped. He started flexing his muscles, and ran forward at Squirtle and I.
“Attack!” I yelled, throwing Squirtle at Golduck. Squirtle shot forward with a skull bash and smacked Golduck in the stomach, winding the Pokemon.

“Golduck!” Snapped the vicious Pokemon. He closed his mind, and held a long spindly finger up at us. It glowed a deep red, as the jewel on his forehead shimmered that same colour.

“Is that…?” I asked myself. I suddenly saw a psybeam shoot from the bead on Golduck’s head, and it struck Squirtle hard. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, whining in the pain.

“Return!” I shouted. I shot the beam at Squirtle, and recalled him. I decided to head to the Pokemoncenter and tend to Squirtle. I had to find another way of evolving him into his next form, that way Misty might appreciate me more…


“What’s happening?” Chris asked, feeling his way around the walls. “It’s pitch black!”
“Chris? Send out Electabuzz!” Krystal advised.

“Of course!” Chris said, looking around for his Pokeball. He felt along the surface, but he could feel a crescent moon engraved on it, so he put it back. That was Umbreon’s moon ball!

“Go!” Chris said, releasing the Pokeball that must be Electabuzz’s. His faithful friend emerged, the electrical surge flickering from his body lighting up the lift.

“Try Thunderpunch” Chris said, using the only source of light to open the circuit box. Electabuzz slammed a high-voltage fist into the circuits, setting them off again and giving off a faint light. The lift started up again, and started to move.

“Thank goodness” Chris said, sighing to himself. However, with another drastic clunk, the lift shot down the shaft uncontrollably, heading for the ground…


Chris woke up. He looked around, and Krystal was gone. Electabuzz and Kecleon were still here, but it was clear the lift was smashed to pieces. The doors were jammed and prised open, a crowbar lodged in-between the automatic doors.

“Let’s check this out,” Chris said. Together with Electabuzz and Kecleon, he wandered out the doors and around wherever they were.

This didn’t look like the museum at all. It was a damp, a dank, and a dripping place, full of stalactites and stalagmites. The rock was a deep brown colour. Chris wandered around aimlessly.

Krystal walked around the corner, Marill in her arms.
“Chris!” She cried. She ran forward, and let Marill out her arms. She hugged Chris rather tightly.

“Where are we?” Chris enquired. “This certainly isn’t the museum”
“Oh yes it is!” Krystal said. “This is the basement floor; it’s been designed to look and feel like a cave!”

“Erm…it is a cave” Chris muttered. Krystal slapped him across the back of the head.
“Don’t be so silly! Of course it is!” She snapped. “They have actual Omanyte and Omastar down here! It’s great!”

Chris followed Krystal, and recalled Electabuzz as he went.
They arrived at a magnificent underground lake. Tourists walked along the rope bridge that led around the perimeter, feeding the Omanyte that would leap out the pure water and onto the large, flat rocks that stuck out.

“Wow!” Chris said. “I thought Omanyte was extinct?”
“They were thought to be” Krystal said. “They must have resurrected them or something”

They walked around, purchasing some breadcrumbs to throw to the Omanyte. The Omanyte would flip out of the water and their tiny tentacles would cling onto the bread, eventually getting sucked into their gaping but discreet mouths.

“Cute” Chris muttered. “I’m going to catch an Omanyte”
“You what?” Krystal asked. “But it’s against the law!”

Chris ignored her. He reached for a Pokeball on his belt and hurled it out, the white light taking the form of Pidgey. However, the tiny bird joined Omanyte as they eat breadcrumbs from rocks.

“Hey!” Chris shouted. “Get back to the fight!”
“Face it” Krystal said. “He’s a gastronome”

Chris recalled his Pidgey, displeased with this lack of respect and dignity. He put the ball back on his belt, and was about to select another Pokeball. However, there was a sudden rush of panic.

A large group of people ran down a large set of stone steps, which inevitably led up to the other floors of the museum. Chris had just noticed this, now being at the other end of the relatively small lake with Krystal. In fact, the lake seemed much more like a massive pond…

The group ran down; it was composed of about 20. They all dressed in light violet and a woman with blonde hair that was very, very long was leading the group. It reached past her hips, and she had dark green eyes.

She had a Starmie by her side. The Starmie’s core pulsed loudly and emitted a fragile, gentle noise. However, it stopped after about 30 seconds. The woman began to speak.

“Ok, everybody span out” She snapped. The group all ran into the crowd, pushing people apart and asking people questions. They held up a picture of somebody, and interrogated the tourists with a pistol.

“Hey, what are they doing?” Chris asked.
“Not sure” Muttered Krystal. “Keep down”

Suddenly, the woman stared at Krystal and Chris, both trainers on the bridge that clung to the wall and went around the lake.
“Ask them,” She snapped. The man nodded, and ran forward with his Sandslash.

“Hey, kids” He said, his face splattered with a grin. His black boots made an echoing clump as they struck the soggy planks of the bridge. “Fancy helping us out?”

Chris shook a lot. Krystal was also rather shaky, but she tried her best to remain calm. “Depends what you mean” Krystal said slickly. The man grinned. He then drew a silver revolver from his pocket, and held out a photo.

“Have you seen this kid?” He asked. The revolver was pointed at Krystal. Chris could see beads of sweat trickling down her forehead in panic. Chris saw the photo, and it was the kid they saw in Viridian City!

“…Nope…not at all” Krystal said unconvincingly. The man raised an eyebrow.
“This girl has some information,” He said. “Sandslash! Pin missile!”

Sandslash leapt into the air and fired an array of sharp pins at Krystal, pinning her cape to the wall. She tried to move, but she couldn’t. She had been restricted.
“Help!” Krystal cried. Tourists and townsfolk ran forward, but the man held the gun out.

“STAY BACK!” He snapped. Krystal released a Pokeball into the water, and Kingdra formed. He ducked underwater and avoided the man’s fire. However, the man kept Sandslash guarding Krystal and turned to the water.

“Take that!” He cried manically. He shot into the water, but the bullets lay on the waves. “Take that!”

Suddenly, the woman caught sight of this and stormed across the other side of the bridge, eventually reaching Krystal and Chris.

“Starmie, search the water” She snapped. Clicking her fingers, Starmie instantly teleported from where it was, and appeared next to the woman. Starmie’s pulsing core started to throb, and the waters brimmed with a blue aura.

Omanyte started to levitate from the water, and floated in mid-air. They stared helplessly and wiggled their small, tiny tentacles in the air as Starmie brought them towards the pack of people.

The team of people hurled Pokeballs at the Omanyte, catching them securely and putting the balls on their empty belts.

“Stop!” Krystal cried. “Kingdra! Bubblebeam!”
Kingdra popped out of the water and fired a blast of hard bubbles at Starmie, ending the psychic connection. The remaining Omanyte all dropped into the water.

“Hey!” The woman called. “Starmie, ice beam!”
Starmie cried out, and blasted a blue beam from her top segment. It shot forward at Kingdra, who ducked underwater to evade being hit.

“Good job” Krystal said, pinned against the wall. “Try a hyper beam!”
Kingdra was about to perform an attack, but a white sphere of energy was seen forming into the water from far away.

A humongous Gyrados emerged from the light and roared loudly, its slinky shape bearing itself infront of Kingdra. He looked rather spooked by this impressive Dragon Pokemon.

“Hyper beam” a hoarse voice said. Almost everybody turned round to look at the top of the long, wide staircase to see the same boy on the photograph. He stood there, a Pokeball outstretched. Gyrados blasted an orange hyper beam straight towards Starmie.

“Psychic” The woman snapped. “Al, stop fooling around; you were always too weak”
Starmie created a psychic force around the hyper beam, causing it to turn and shoot back towards Gyrados.

Chris watched with fascination; it reminded him of his Magikarp, and how he abandoned it a long time ago. He was young…he was naïve back then. He then realised that this woman and Al knew each other…

“Shut up Sandra, you old cow” Al rasped. “Gyrados, evade!”
Gyrados easily slinked out of the way to avoid the hyper beam. The ceiling shook and the ground trembled as the rocks from the hit crumbled and parted, falling into the pond/lake.

“Return” Al said, recalling Gyrados. “Just let those Omanyte go”
“You wish” One man said, the same man who had previously inquired Krystal about Al’s whereabouts.

“Scyther!” Al called. Scyther formed from the Pokeball he threw. “Cut”
Scyther nodded, and flapped his wings. He shot down at the members of this gang, a scythe stretched out.

Scyther streaked past one man, causing the Pokeballs to fall heavily onto the ground. Scyther turned, and faced the man.

“Sandslash, get him!” The man cried. He had fuzzy maroon hair that was very short.
“Scyther! Swords dance!” Al shouted.

Sandslash fired a flurry of pins directly at Scyther, whose mid-air spin prevented him from any harm. Scyther then struck his scythe into Sandslash’s skull, hurting the Pokemon a lot.

“Take that, Duncan” Al said. “Scyther! Fury swipes!”
Scyther raced forward, cutting Pokeballs from the members of the gang. As he did so, Tyrogue (Who was by Al’s side) would collect the Pokeballs and toss them back up to Al, who had them in a bag.

“Good job guys” He said, recalling Scyther. Suddenly, Pokeball flashes lit up the dimly lit cave, and a barrage of Pokemon raced forward up the stone steps towards Al.

“Tyrogue, let’s go,” Al said, running off. He disappeared as the steps disappeared into darkness. Duncan, along with the other members of this gang (As well as Sandra and Starmie) gave chase.

Tourists looked around; glad the bottleneck had been stopped. Some thanked Krystal, and one little girl even thanked Chris. Some people had their photos taken with Krystal, although in truth she had done little to contribute.


“Well then, I suppose it’s back on the road for us” Krystal began.
“Can’t I get a badge at the Gym?” Chris asked.

“Don’t be stupid” Krystal said. “We have a task here”
“But can’t we just go to the Gym?” Chris whined. Krystal released a Pokeball and her ever-faithful Charizard emerged by her side.

“Nope” Krystal said, as Charizard released a torrent of flames at Chris, causing him to run off towards the next destination. Charizard had changed; he was more like Krystal’s soldier, henchman or bodyguard, and with size like that Chris had no reason to complain.

“Nidoking, where are you?” Chris asked himself. “I could really use you right now”

“So, those two are the travellers I’ve heard of” a voice said. “Graveller, go get them for me, we need to see them”

Next Chapter: 2nd Catch, 2nd Badge
-Chris is greeted by a challanger in Pewter City...who just so happens to be the Gym Leader!
“ I was impressed about your past experiences in Gyms. Please visit Pewter Gym for an official Match. Yours Sincerely, Troy Of Pewter Gym ” Chris read. “That must be the Gym leader”

-But it all goes horribly wrong...
“Stomp attack!” Troy cried. Chris couldn’t believe it! Rhyhorn slammed his foot down onto Granbull’s back, and made a sickening crunch. Granbull lay there, obviously suffering intensely from the last attack.

-And Megan comes to terms with herself...this can't go on much loger...
[i]“I…don’t want to live” Megan murmured. She collapsed on the floor. “I’m so far into the world of thieves, and have waded so far into a life of crime, that turning back is just as tedious as going on”

“Don’t say that” Jet replied. “We just need some food”
“No” Megan muttered. “This is the end”

20th March 2003, 01:01 PM
Great chapter, although I wonder if Troy of Pewter City is related to Brock in any way. are Sandra and Al the new Megan and Jet?

20th March 2003, 01:45 PM
Awesome chapter! The guy and the woman at the counter were funny!:D
Hmmm... Omanyte alive at the Pewter museum and Kabutops alive at the tenth gym in the Miami islands? I wonder if there will be an alive Aerodactyl sometime?

20th March 2003, 03:06 PM
Interesting chapter........

I would like if you developed more on each individual pokemon's personality, like you are doing with Charizard in this chapter. It would be interesting to get an insight on their pokemon pals on each team, their loves and hates etc. Its only a suggestion, but i think you would make an excellent job of it if you tried.:)

20th March 2003, 04:27 PM
Nice, chapter, Is granbull going to die. Even though I dislike Granbull in genarl there are exeptions. That was great having krystal being famous for barely anything. Chris should have go a Kubuto or Omynait since it would add a difference in vcariety

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Al and Sandra are not the new Megan and Jet. If you saw the man with Sandslash (Duncan), the one who inquired Krystal, you'd notice he was an executive, mentioned in FRTC, along with Sandra. His rank is lower, now: He's a grade A grunt. This is all explained much better in the fic, but Al and Sandra do not see eye to eye any more, although they may once have....and remember, Sandra is an adult, and Al is 16.

Dragonfree: Good point! Aerodactyl will maybe make an appearence, and a very big battle, in a later chapter set inbetween Celadon and the Bike Path. Krystal meets somebody else competing for Dragon Rock who owns his own unofficial Gym to train, where he might get recognition and reputation. Not everything is set in stone, but it is *hopefully* going to be called 'Showdown at Fortune Gym', which is exciting to write and design ^^;;;;

Oakbark: I love doing that; exploring Pokemon's characters. Chris' later Pokemon (in fact, one in this next chapter) has a couple of paragraphs of his veiw on the battle, and how he feels when he is hit. Chris' Pidgey soon devlops an interesting character, too, and even Granbull seems to change. It doesnt really kick in for a while, however.

Powarun: I like Omanyte loads, and if you want, i can PM you a sneaky spoiler for that Pokemon's later role at the end of the fanfic. Granbull may or may not die, you'll have to see. Remember, it's a rock Gym...

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Sorry, I am a little bit late. Great chapter SM! Will there be more of Al? He seems pretty interesting.

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I'm late to post here, since I have Ruby version. Nice chapter; it seems Krystal does have a "thang" for Chris, jugging from her hug. ;)

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Sorry for not posting in so long, I was on vacation. Awww...I think they really do care about each other and don't want to admit it, but that's just me, and I'm usually wrong. Ooo...Tony got Misty's Psyduck to evolve. Great chapters.

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sry i havent replied in like a million years, but life had sucked me into an interdimensional portal of things to do so i have had no time to reply to anything. anyways, so thats who Al is! i though Al stood for like Alan (me, hehehe...) or somthing like that, but o well. a shinney Charizard sounds cool! ill inquire to some of my sources on exactly what colors a shinney Charizard would be. ill tell you later. ive also just barely found time for the quiz,and hope youre still accepting answers. im gonna PM you my answers in a sec. hope i get in the fic!
They entered the lift, and soon appeared on the 7th floor. Krystal stepped out, and it looked amazing. A 3d model of Articuno was in the center, which had wings flapping a tail feathers billowing.

“Lets make some sketches” Krystal said. She whipped out a sketchpad and started to draw it. Chris watched, but it seemed she was having a hard time. She then stabbed the pad with her pencil, and roared loudly, spitting across onto the page.

“STUPID BOOK!” She screamed, hurling it onto the ground. “I HATE drawing!”btw, who here can type properly, like with your hands on asdf and jkl; , and when did you learn if you can. i learned last year (6th grade) in computer class. all we did for 45 minutes straight was type a page over and over monotimously till our fingers ached, but im glad, cuz now i type at about 40-50 wpm and i will be, as my teacher said, "thanking him in for the rest of my life." c ya later!

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Like hi ^^; Um, thought I'd give this an absolutely scathing review ;) I'm just jotting ideas after reading ok.. so its jumbled...

Lol. Heh Megan's a lot nicer ain't she. Jet still seems headstrong like James from TR.

I was amused that Krystal wears a cape, they really aren't very funtional you know. I was a bit miffed Chris didn't take that cacoon Pokemon on his journey. Or perhaps catch a Kakuna to match it.

I was certainly miffed at the Mother going "Yes Son I barely see, leave without a proper goodbye you self absorbed bastard! And you never cleaned your room!"

Krystal also has no patientce anymore, holding that little girl up. Rather evil of her. And in that really unfunctional cape I think it'd be funny to have her nearly drown in it. That person's unknown perspective, I reckon that's of a kid who joined Team Rocket and found out it wasn't everything it appeared to be. Heh. Silly kid.

Another thing that peeved me off was Ralts using Psywave to read their thoughts, that's highly unethical and from such a distance really quite difficult.

Ann Marie... where do I start. Bint Extrodanaire. Daniel Grey... he didn't seem interesting or hyper. But dull. It was nice to see Tony again. He was cardboard cut-out for a while. Interesting to see his Arc basically involves him training Squirtle and trying to Woo Misty. There's probably a JR Trainer who's interested in him. Poor lass.

Seems there's a bit of tention between Chris and Krystal, neither seem too... fond of eachother anymore. I'm hoping physical violence will become commonplace. Also why didn't Pidgey get pissed at Chris for catching it? That's odd I found.

Heh, that Teddiursa refrence seemed to be a throwaway refrence to ABAHB ^^; I'm annoyed at Cal. He's that bastard on Pokemon Stadium two who only has 3 sayings. And he's got an ugly sprite. Heh at the end of the battle. I gotta say the battles lack tention apart from the Pokemon. There's nothing happening with the trainers and such which I like to see.

Heh! That poochyena's like every dog I've ever tryed to walk! They always try to strangle themselves. Its rather entertaining. And the "Territory Marking" Yay for that. Poor dog was beaten, come on Chris! LOSE! Oh well.

Krystal blasting Chris with the water gun *Shirks* Animish. Meh for the kiss :S

The Pewter Gym thing, this was all very animish to me and I skimmed a lot of it lol. The counter part was funny. And back to tony, poor Squirtle. I say Squirtle needs to perhaps write a letter to Tony telling him to keep his hormones under control.

And Ebuzz using an electric attack in a lift... Oh god... Almost like that epi with Ritchie... But Ha! Serves them right! lol. They got in trouble. And I knew that cape was useless.. Oh well this part was rather good.

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ok folks...The winner of the 2003 FRTC Quiz is......



He scored an amazing 18 out of 20, so you can all compare your results to his. I know a couple of people did well behind him, very close with about 15 i think.

And now......chapter 7!

The Indigo Road
Chapter 07 - 2nd Catch, 2nd Gym
by Shinymarill

“Come on” Chris said, as they left the hotel in Pewter City. Krystal had kept Charizard out of his Pokeball, just to keep Chris in shape. Chris knew he could beat Charizard if he used Electabuzz, or if he still had Nidoking. He thought back to the days when Nidorino battled alongside him. He missed those days.

“Ok, ok” Krystal said, wandering out the hotel. She was packing brochures into her bag; she had been given them by a rather cheesy salesman in the lobby, and was the type of person not logically built to refuse.

They were leaving Pewter by the east gate; this would take them to Cerulean City, and they could get directions there to get to Seafoam Village. However, it looked like a very long trek for them.

Suddenly, the ground started to rumble. Within seconds, a Graveller burst out of the ground and landed on Chris’ left toe. Chris sat down and nursed his injury as Graveller showed up.

“Wow” Krystal said. “You can’t be wild, you have a note around your fist”
The Graveller had a red wristband (like the one’s on a Granbull) on his right wrist, which had a note on it. Chris got up and took the note, which Graveller was more than happy about.

“ I was impressed about your past experiences in Gyms. Please visit Pewter Gym for an official Match. Yours Sincerely, Troy Of Pewter Gym ” Chris read. “That must be the Gym leader”

“‘Past experiences?’” Krystal quoted. “This person must be the same guy from the Miami islands; Trey, remember?”
“This says Troy” Chris said, putting his finger along the word. “Either that, or he has two names”

“Let’s check it out,” Krystal said. “Graveller, are you coming?”
“Graveller!” He shouted, leaping in the soft soil and digging his way to the Gym. Chris prepared to get in the hole, when Krystal pointed out that they were expected to go to the Gym on foot.


“Welcome to the Gym” A voice said. Chris noticed this was a rock field, like the one he had battled Calvin on in the Miami League, but the exception being that this one was made from pewter.

“Are you Troy?” Krystal asked.
“Yes, yes I am” Troy said. “I see Graveller found you well”
“Yup” Chris confirmed.

Graveller leapt out the ground and appeared by Troy.
“Troy? How do you know of any of our battles?” Krystal asked. “No offence, but I’ve never seen you before in my life”

“My eldest brother told me of you” Troy said. “Brock is his name”
“Oh yea” Chris said. “I remember him”
“I easily recognised you Chris, as he told me you had a Kecleon. And I know Kecleon don’t live over here”

“So, you wanted a battle?” Chris asked.
“Yes, an official 2-2 to decide weather you are worthy of this badge” Troy held out a badge shaped like a rock. As it was held to the light, Chris was disappointed that only the white border glinted; it was obviously real rock.

“Ok” Chris said. He thought about whom he should choose to go against Troy. Graveller looked tough…if only he had Nidoking still! Chris had regretted ever letting him go…



Off I went. Out the museum, (dropping the Omanyte off on the way) and out towards wherever my legs took me. Tyrogue remained loyal through these rough times, as did Scyther and Gyrados.

“Starmie! Psychic!” Sandra screamed. I remembered back to the days when that attack was like a beautiful wind chime bristling on the slightest breeze. Now it was a death call.

Starmie brimmed with energy, energy I could feel start to pass through my body. Within seconds, I was lifted into the air.
“Tyrogue!” I cried. Tyrogue leapt forward and attempted a kick at Starmie, which succeeded!

Starmie, however, caught Tyrogue up in the psychic trick. Soon I felt myself being drawn back to Sandra, Duncan and the rest of those mindless people. That Organisation was just plain wrong.

“We’ve waited a while for this” Duncan said.
“YOU signed a contract,” Sandra said. “So you’d better come back on our side for the next 5 years”

“What if I don’t?” Al asked.
“Then you’ll meet a death so tragic –” Sandra began.
“If me escaping from Hq is tragic enough, I think me dying is even worse as far as budget is concerned,” I said to Sandra, smiling. She gave me a faulted look: I was right.

“We have our ways” Sandra began, pulling a silver revolver from her jacket. “Like… murder of the framed sort”

I stared at this metal weapon that watched me playfully. My mind played tricks on me; the gun laughed in my face, before slightly pulling his trigger. I urged him to stop, but he didn’t listen. All fell silent as I slid from Starmie’s grasp and collapsed onto the floor. I wasn’t in any pain except the minor pain from falling, so I wasn’t sure weather I had been shot or not. I looked up at Sandra as my eyelids closed. I couldn’t be dead…could I?


“Granbull! Mega punch!” Chris shouted. Granbull thrust his fist forward again, but his efforts failed as Graveller tucked his arms in and leapt into the air. He then grinned, as he slammed down and smacked Granbull on the head. Chris’ Pidgey had already bitten the dust; this wasn’t looking too good for him.

“Graveller! Rollout!” Troy shouted. Graveller ran forward and started a forward roll, which soon became a heavy strike forward at Granbull. Granbull got on all fours and dashed out of the way, the speeding rock on his tail.

“Granbull! Try an earthquake!” Chris roared. Could Granbull pull this off? He certainly hoped so. He then thought back to Nidoking once again, and how he had earthquake as an attack.

“Gran?” Granbull asked, still pounding along the arena. He looked as if he wasn’t really up to trying.
“Please!” Chris cried. “Just focus your energy and send it down to your feet”

“Granbull!” He roared. Granbull suddenly glowed a nice beige colour, and sprung into the air. In the air, Granbull’s arms and legs were spread out, and he turned round to face Graveller.

“G-u-rrrrr-anbull!” He roared. His wristbands shattered suddenly, and as he landed on the ground he sent a pulsing crack through the arena towards Graveller. Graveller was hit by the surge of power and flew back into a large rock.

“Return” Troy said. “I choose you!”
His next Pokeball emerged and took the shape and form of a Rhyhorn. Chris stared at this Pokemon. He hadn’t had good experiences with this Pokemon.

“Granbull! Dynamic punch!” Chris cried. Granbull launched a glowing fist forward to smack Rhyhorn in the face.
“Agility” Troy snapped. Rhyhorn became a blur and shot around the arena at an amazing rate.

Chris didn’t understand how it was fast; it just was. Granbull watched as the Rhyhorn disappeared and re-appeared. He was getting confused…

Bam! Granbull was his in the ribs and collapsed onto the ground. He got up, just as Rhyhorn rammed his horn into Granbull’s backside, launching him into the air. Granbull skidded along the ground, as Rhyhorn walked over.

“Stomp attack!” Troy cried. Chris couldn’t believe it! Rhyhorn slammed his foot down onto Granbull’s back, and made a sickening crunch. Granbull lay there, obviously suffering intensely from the last attack.

“Return” Chris said, recalling Granbull. “Sorry, Granbull”
“Well, I won” Troy said, smiling. Rhyhorn trotted over to his side. Troy moved his hand caressingly across Rhyhorn’s smooth back.

“Yea” Chris began. “How come you’re so strong, though?”
“Well, I have trained with these two for a while” Troy commented. He recalled Rhyhorn.

“But I’ve trained with Granbull for ages!” Chris protested. “And he was thrashed”
“Maybe you need to train different types, ” Troy said. “We’re strong over in Kanto”


“Granbull will be here most of the day,” The doctor said. “He’s been seriously injured. What happened?”

“It was a Gym match,” Chris pleaded. “Rhyhorn was tough”
The doctor walked over to the window and stared out of it at the Gym. “That Troy is very skilled; he really knows what he’s doing”

“But Chris isn’t exactly a rookie” Krystal protested. “And Trey is only the 2nd Gym Leader!”
“Well, Pidgey and Granbull are both poor choices for a battle against a rock type” The doctor continued. He had a sensible goatee beard, and fair auburn hair.

“I suppose I should use a water type or a grass type” Chris began. “But I don’t have one”
“Pewter City has a lot of grass Pokemon in the western route” The doctor said. “Try catching one there, and you might have a better chance”

Chris picked Pidgey up from the Pokemoncenter (He wasn’t as injured as Granbull, so he was free to go) and walked out with Kecleon and Krystal towards the western gate.


The western route was simply a gate that led them to a large, grassy plain. It was like a field, or a grassy route that overlooked a small dirt path towards a town.

“That must be Bronze City” Krystal said, looking at a map. “I think this must be the place”

The two trainers and Kecleon, Marill and Pidgey all spread out through the field, looking for any sign of a grass Pokemon. Kecleon searched, but he found nothing. However, Marill’s ears perked up and she ran through the tall grass.

“Marill!” Krystal cried. She watched her Pokemon run away. “She must have sensed something”
Krystal gave chase, with Chris, Kecleon and Pidgey close behind. Kecleon ran ahead, slashing tall streaks of grass down and clearing the path.

They arrived infront of a Gloom. It stood there, a sweet sap leaking from its mouth. Gloom smiled.
“Gloom gloom!” She said happily. Chris stared at her.

“I don’t want that smelly thing,” He declared. “Pidgey! Wing attack!”
Pidgey shot forward and streaked past Gloom with his sharp wings, slicing her in the side.

“Gloom!” She snapped. She crouched down, and blasted a purple powder from her bud. It soon swarmed around the arena menacingly, engulfing anything beneath its surface.

“Pidgey! Whirlwind!” Chris cried, fear creeping into his throat. Pidgey flapped his wings very hard, causing a minor whirlwind to push the poison powder away. This wasn’t enough, though, and the powder continued to spread.

“Run!” Krystal cried, picking Marill up.
“Kecleon! Lets go!” Chris said. Kecleon nodded, leaping onto his shoulder and running off, Pidgey flapping alongside.

Suddenly, they came to a part with shorter grass than before. Chris instantly recognised George, the trainer from pallet town, and his Squirtle. The two were battling a Bulbasaur.

“Squirtle! Water gun!” George cried. Squirtle took a deep breath and blasted the water gun forward at Bulbasaur. However, he just took the gentle spray with a smile, and enjoyed the tickling sensation he got from it.

“Bulba!” He cried. He fired two razor leaves forward at Squirtle, who ducked into his shell to avoid them. Bulbasaur then ran forward with a tackle and sent Squirtle back into the grass.

“Squirtle…” He moaned. George held out a Pokeball and recalled him. He pulled out another Pokeball and released Teddiursa from it. The small bear was very cute, and had a rather large head. The crescent moon shone brightly on his head.

“Scratch attack, Teddiursa!” George cried. Teddiursa ran forward, but Bulbasaur ran out of the way. He then raced forward and tackled Teddiursa, which sent him on the floor.

“Swift!” George said. Teddiursa fired a barrage of stars from his moon, but Bulbasaur brought two vines out from behind his bulb and swatted the stars away. He then raced forward and tackled Teddiursa in mid-air. The Pokemon flew back and his George in the stomach.

“Good job” George cried. “Return”
Bulbasaur trotted over, and his bulb began to brim slowly with a blue powder.
“I’m going to catch you anyway!” George cried, getting a Pokeball out. However, Bulbasaur shot a magnificent sparkling powder from his bud and instantly sent George to sleep.

“That’s sleep powder,” Chris muttered. “That would be handy”
“Chris, go and catch it!” Krystal cried. Chris looked at George and back at Krystal.

“But look at him” Chris said. “George really wanted to catch it…”
“Oh, for goodness sake” Krystal said. She kicked the side of Chris’ belt, causing a Pokeball to slip out. Krystal then kicked the ball forward and made it hit Bulbasaur on the head.

“You did it!” Chris cried, as the ball wobbled once. “Thanks”
“Anytime” Krystal said, smirking. However, the Bulbasaur broke free from the Pokeball, as it flew back to Chris.

“Pidgey, quick attack!” Chris said. Pidgey shot forward at Bulbasaur, who sneakily leapt to the left and evaded the attack. Bulbasaur turned round as Pidgey flew down at him again.

“Bulba!” He yelled. He brought out two loose vines, and by spinning round, he managed to whip Pidgey several times with his mace-like vines. Pidgey flew back, but soon tore forward and struck Bulbasaur.

“Bulba!” He cried. He realised he could not tackle Pidgey while he was in mid-air, so Bulbasaur fired a razor leaf. Pidgey, however, managed to evade both the attacks and blasted a whirlwind at Bulbasaur, pinning him to the ground.

“Pokeball, GO!” Chris cried, hurling one of the Ultra balls Krystal had given him. The ball hit Bulbasaur and an orange energy drew him inside. The ball wobbled, eventually pinging and indicating his capture.

“Great!” Chris said, picking the ultra ball up. “Let’s heal this guy and head to the Gym”

“You really think you’ll win just because you have a type advantage?” Krystal asked.
“Well, this guy does look strong” Chris replied, the Ultra ball clasped in his hand successively.

“I guess we’ll have to find out how you do,” Krystal moaned. “But this is the last time we go to that blasted Gym”


“So, ready to try your luck again?” Troy asked, his eyes focusing on Chris.
“That’s right” Chris said, walking forward with Kecleon at his side. “How many Pokemon are we using?”

“Just the one” Troy murmured. “And I choose Rhyhorn!”
He hurled the Pokeball out, the light spilling from it moving and taking the form of the stone rhino.

“Bulbasaur, attack!” Chris shouted, throwing his latest Pokemon out. The ball opened up and formed into the Bulbasaur Chris had captured earlier.

“Take down!” Troy roared. Rhyhorn drove one paw through the dirt from infront of him to behind him. He galloped forward at Bulbasaur, who watched with interest. Rhyhorn came close to making contact, but Bulbasaur leapt out of the way and over Rhyhorn’s head.

“Bulbasaur! Razor leaf!” Chris shouted. Bulbasaur landed on the ground and ignored him. “Bulbasaur! Razor leaf!”

“Bulba” He grumbled. Bulbasaur raced along the arena, dodging behind the large pewter rocks and avoiding Rhyhorn at all costs. Rhyhorn charged again but Bulbasaur evaded by using his vines as a pair of extenders.

“Bulba!” He cried, shooting an onslaught of sharp leaves at Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn was peppered by the attack and screwed his eyes with frustration.

“Thankyou!” Chris breathed. “Follow up with a vine whip!”
Bulbasaur landed on a large flat rock and ignored Chris. However, as Rhyhorn charged forward, Bulbasaur fired a razor leaf again to keep him back.

“Well Chris, it looks like Bulbasaur is as arrogant as you” Krystal said.
“No he’s not!” Chris said hotly. “And I am NOT arrogant! Bulbasaur, show Rhyhorn your razor leaf!”

Bulbasaur leapt from the rock he was on and ran around the arena. Rhyhorn saw this and charged after him, gaining speed as he chased the small grass Pokemon. Rhyhorn used a horn attack, and his glowing horn was used to launch Bulbasaur into the air.

“Bulba!” He cried, as his forehead smacked against a rock on the way down. He fell to the ground, obviously rather hurt already. Rhyhorn pawed the ground furiously and raced forward again, the speed becoming much more obvious than before.

“Bulbasaur! Vine whip!” Chris shouted. Bulbasaur leapt out of the way from Rhyhorn by leaping backwards, but Rhyhorn was getting ever closed. “Please! You need to listen to me if you want to win!”

“Bulba” He grunted, looking at Chris. However, as he did so, Rhyhorn used another horn attack to send Bulbasaur grinding against a large rock. Bulbasaur realised he had little choice.



“Come on!” Chris said, urging me on. I was really annoyed with this guy; he first caught me from my home and now he was trying to tell me what to do! Does he have a bulb? No. Is he a grass type? No. He obviously had no experience against Rhyhorn before, because he was doing a bad job.

I tried my best to evade this Pokemon, but the fact was it was just too hard. Rhyhorn was too powerful, and I cursed Chris for ever choosing me against it. Couldn’t he recall me?

“Just recall me!” I cried, although my words were simply a cry to him. Rhyhorn charged at me, his face plastered with a broad grimace.

“Can’t you leave me alone?” I cried helplessly, leaping back onto a large rock.
“I have orders,” Rhyhorn boasted. “And you should realise that you do, too”

“Is your brain made of rock, or are you just stupid?” I sneered. Rhyhorn kept running after me, as I leapt back playfully. I covered a good distance doing this. However, he looked rather upset.

“Let’s see, shall we?” He asked me. He leapt forward, incorporating speed into a jump and smashed into me. I flew across the arena and lay there.


“Get up!” Chris cried. He looked at Bulbasaur.
“Saur…” He grumbled. He started to get up. Bulbasaur ran forward and tackled Rhyhorn, but he just ended up taking the damage.

“Bulba!” He cried, avoiding Rhyhorn’s horn by leaping into the air. Leaves spiralled from his bulb and shot forward at Rhyhorn, hitting him dead on.

“Bulbasaur! Vine whip!” Chris shouted. Bulbasaur flung two vines from his bulb and wrapped them around Rhyhorn’s neck. Bulbasaur then flew back down and used the vines to swing the heavy Pokemon around, crashing him into a large rock.

Rhyhorn roared. He fell onto his side, and was unable to get up.
“Bulbasaur! Try a Leech Seed!” Chris said jubilantly. Bulbasaur fired a small seed from his bulb and managed to hit Rhyhorn with it. However, it repelled off the hard rock surface.

“Skull bash!” Troy roared. Rhyhorn charged at Bulbasaur, who ran away. The small chase went on for a small time, Bulbasaur keeping a good distance from the charging rhino.

“Bulba!” The Pokemon cried, as he was rammed by Rhyhorn’s stone horn. Bulbasaur flew into the air and smacked against his face. He wearily got up, but Rhyhorn just smashed him in the face and made him collapse.

“Bulbasaur!” Chris cried. “Here, have some full heal gum”
“It won’t work” Troy said. “He can’t chew well if he’s out of breath”
“Troy’s right” Krystal said.

She walked over to the two of them, as Chris recalled Bulbasaur. “We need to heal him”

“Maybe you should just train somewhere else” Troy said. Chris looked embarrassed and upset at the same time.

“You’ve got a long trip ahead,” He continued. “Take care”

“Look, you’ll need a case for that badge, and any others you might get” Troy said, seeing Chris’ earth badge. He handed Chris a leather wallet, which had room for all eight badges. Chris didn’t intend to get all eight, but he pinned his earth badge onto it.

He felt low. He’d lost twice at a Gym…he was really getting bad. He was so good before…and he still was good, but maybe not as good. He really had to train.


“What’s happened to me?” Megan asked, looking down at her weary hands. She turned, and saw Jet stumble through the forest. He had a large gash across his cheek, and Foretress looked rather battered.

“We can’t go on like this” Jet said. “Have you tried HQ again?”
“Yes” Megan growled. “The reception is too low”
“And the forest too dense” Jet responded. “We’ve been trapped here for days”

“I know” Megan murmured. “My stomach really does hurt”
“Megan” Jet began. “We need to send for help”

“But you know Holmes” Megan replied rather hastily. “He’s worried about Articuno”
“But we did flush it out of its nesting spot” Jet added.
“He knows that” Megan said. “He just presumes we’re on our way back. Besides, he’s just taking the whole Team Rocket over: He can’t show any favouritism”

“I…don’t want to live” Megan murmured. She collapsed on the floor. “I’m so far into the world of thieves, and have waded so far into a life of crime, that turning back is just as tedious as going on”

“Don’t say that” Jet replied. “We just need some food”
“No” Megan muttered. “This is the end”

24th March 2003, 11:34 AM
Congratulations Oakbark! and for winning the quiz you get a part in chapter 6 of Skin Deep, great chapter ShinyMarril!

24th March 2003, 12:48 PM
Congrats, Oakbark. So, Chris finally falls. Oh well, this isn't really about getting badges, is it.

Chris 2.1
24th March 2003, 02:29 PM
Jon: It seems Oakbark has become something of a celebrity now, hasnt he? Thanks for that.

Jukain: Chris misses loadsa badges, he gets a few more, primarily for the battle factor. I like it when Chris loses. anyway, Gavin said that this is a trainer fic, which i think it isnt as much anymore, which is why i'm trying to emphasise how Chris loses. Its about TR! and Articuno!

next Chapter - Mary had a little fight
[b]Krystal sets her eyes on a new Pokemon for her team as herself and Chris head onwards to Seafoam Village.
“Bubblebeam!” Krystal screamed, pointing at Mareep. The stupid thing was awfully docile and stood there pleasantly. It reminded me of my granny…although this Mareep didn’t have some secret alcohol addiction and didn’t hug me…

-This is all before Chris and Krystal have a battle...to settle a little argument...
“Bulba…” He grumbled. He then showed a rather disgruntled look, before he trotted over to the grass. He lay down, stating he wouldn’t battle.
“Hey!” I snapped. “Come on and battle!”

-Meanwhile, Tony gets a challanger in the Gym, and takes her on...but isn't she a little young for a feather boa?
Goldeen faced Clefairy and prepared to battle. I knew it could be hard, but I had to win. This girl had money, not talent, judging by her clothes, her Bulbasaur and her Clefairy.

-But Tony sees even more after he crashes into Misty's room...
[i]“Hey, Misty!” I cried, running into the living room. “You’ve gotta see this”
My heart stopped as I saw Misty and David on the sofa, ‘expressing their feelings’. Disregarded clothes lay around the room, creased and messed up.

'Mary had a little fight' on thursday!

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Very nice chapter, SM. The interview with Bulbasaur was interesting. Chris is getting a little more like Ash on his start, making a mistake like that.

War Raichu
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Cool, Chris caught a Bulbasaur. It was cool how Bulbasaur talked in the battle. And it seems that Tony may not get a chance with Misty after that "make-out session". ;) And congrats, Oakbark! :D

Chris 2.1
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Dragonfree: I guess he is...but maybe not as much as Ash! Chris is still strong, remember. Bulbasaur's POV was short, but it got a point across.

Raichu: Maybe if Squirtle evolves....anyway, Dave's true side is seen when he meets Tony in the forest....It's a scaaaawry chapter, and is Chapter 15.

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About the picture, I think you can only link to attachments, not display them in your sig.

A fake pokémon in the story! Ooh, I love fake pokémon! Starvous sounds good. Poor Chris, getting a bike that breaks down right away and also happens to be... "pink with frizzly bits coming off the handlebars and a pink basket". And then he sees Suicune... makes me remember way back when he saw Latias... will Latias ever appear again? Or Suicune, for that matter... Well, at least he has a Pidgeot now. And Dane is still at it, I see...

Oh, and I'm 13.

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I didn't like Dane's part at all.

I sent you a message saying I didnt want any shooting scenes for my character after my friend committing suicide, but you obviously did not get it. I am pretty disappointed really, I didnt expect this.

War Raichu
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This was a pretty cool chappy! A custom Pokemon: Starvous, the appearance of Suicune, the evolution of Pidgeotto, and Dane returns with a vengence. :D Even though I really despise Pikachu, I'm glad Dane didn't shoot his. :) Something about other Pikachu just make me forget about Ash's annoying Pikachu and remember its cuteness. ;)

ShinyMarill: Did you make a Starvous sprite? I made many sprites when I was writing my failed fanfic. :)

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ooo. the battle with Dave intensifies, and Dane escapes the law yet again, but what he just said about the Organization and the takeover was kinda creepy. speaking of which, im sorry to hear about your friend Oakbark. it must be realy hard on you.

Pideotto evolved! but i thought Chris always wanted a Pidgeotto, not a Pidgeot... o well, its still great! the battles in the next chapter sound awsome! ive g2g. cya!

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Yo Oakbark, I know we are not the best of friends but I feel sorry that SHiny made that mistake. My frined killed himself by hanging, and I hate to hear people joking about that kind of stuff. Sorry man.

Shiny, your pic is alright did nice touch ups so I may say. Lets see, Chris gets a nice pink small bike, that is wrong, Kecleon should of had it. Also did Electrabuzz kill the scooter. Chris seems to be very lucky at finding rare running pokemon, hate to see if he caught it and showed it to Krystal. It would be nice to see Krystal beg to Chris.

Pidgeot, you do love Chris, you are his favorite pokemon, now do what he says no matter how crazy it is, and jumping off a bridge probally won't kil you. SO you can follow him if he does.

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Great chapter!

I really liked it, it was great!

Tony and Misty are doing pretty good against Dave, but Dave is pretty good as well. Starvous is a creative Pokemon, I wonder if there will be an evolution...

So Chris and Krystal are on Cycling Road, and the bike brakes? Heh, that Miltank seemed mean. Pidgeotto finally evolved, so now Chris has a Pidgeot. I think Pidgeot is gonna be social again.

Krystal gets interviewed, I wonder what's gonna happen with the police?

Dane is an evil guy, really. He shot all three of the Swat Team. Bannete is really religious, lol. Wow, so Dane wants Krystal to join The Orangisation?

Keep it up!

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Where's ShinyMarill? :confused:

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First off....


for not being around, I’ve had exams and stuff. I have also been polishing off the fic, which is now done and done! Let's dish out some replies and post Chapter 35!

Dragonfree: Glad you liked Starvous...it just...popped into my head :-s. I suck at Fake's, which is why they're non-existent, but in another fic I had Luntic and Soltic, sun and moon evolutions of the lucky little Pokemon. I was proud of them! ;_; Chris finally has Pidgeot...Dane's STILL at it...but did he intend all this? You’ll see a little more into it in Chapter 39!

Oakbark: I'm PMing you after this, but I am very sorry for my own misinterpretations of your PM. I presumed you meant you didn’t want Dane to die, but I cannot express my regrets at this. You've become a close friend over TIR and I really don't like the situation my Naivety has led me to. I am sorry. I'll PM you, as I've said.

Raichu: Dane would never kill Pikachu; he's one of his items to sell in Daezun Market. Erm...more on that soon. But he needs all the 5 Pokemon for his hostage/market/deal/thing, so he would never kill him :-). I HATE Ash's Pikachu :-/ but I'm glad you like Pidgeot, glad you appreciated Suicune and also happy with Starvous! I never made a sprite though ... Oh well.

Ultra: Chris loved Pidgeotto, but his one put him off the entire species, so I guess he was anticipated his evolution that much more. The Organisation is starting to intensify...and in the Epilogue you'll see a rather shocking figure applying for a job at Pyro Island.......... :o
More on Dave this chapter...keep your peepers peeled!

Powarun: Joking? I'm sorry?
I would never joke about something this harsh and awful, you're not alone, you know. But Electabuzz didn't BREAK the scooter, it's just a wee bit mangled. Hehe. Suicune didn't have MUCH reason for being in, but last time the legendary beats were in a fic of mine it was...worse...........

Hanada: Yea, go M&T! Dave is strong, but can the two Water trainers beat him? What if he whips out an electric type? They're kinda pearl-jammed if he does...
Pidgeot's reign of unsocial ness has evaporated...(loads spelling errors there ^^).... YAY! Pidgeot is so cool.... *sigh* Jane's Miltank should have been in their battle, IMHO, but it didn't work out. Same with Duskull...although back then he didn't HAVE an evolution.
Krystal's interview was interesting. Jack should return....
I feel sorry for Dane. He's making mistakes...bad mistakes. I guess he should eventually come to and realise...but can he take all this back? And he doesn't exactly want to persuade Krystal to join...but is it his motive? Find out soon...

Raichu: HERE I AM! :) :)

The Indigo Road
Chapter 35 - Bag Me One
By Shinymarill


After meeting up with Krystal and showing off my amazing Pidgeot, we both went along the dusty track that led to Fuchsia City. I decided that, for added benefits, I’d go to the Gym and try and win a badge – I needed another badge after my Earth Badge and my Cascade Badge. The Scooter had minor injuries but we fixed it up good. It worked wonders!

“I wonder when I’ll get my reply from the Dragon Tamers” Krystal pondered to herself.
“Reply?” I asked, confused.
“Yea, I applied to join, and they reply saying if I’m in or not,” She explained. I nodded my head in agreement.

“You’ll definitely get in” I assured her. As I said that, a boy walked forward.

“Yo, I just got me a Soul Badge” He boasted. “I’m like sooo good!”
“Don’t lie,” I said. “I bet you wet the bed”
The boy blushed.

“I DO NOT!” He snapped. “I’ll take you both on, a 2-2”
“Erm…sure” Krystal said. “Go, Azumarill!”
The ball opened and her familiar old Azumarill emerged.

“I choose Smeargle!” I shouted. Smeargle raced out the citrus ball and alongside Azumarill. The boy drew two Pokeballs from his belt, before throwing each one out. One burst open and revealed a Cacnea, while a Combusken emerged from the 2nd.

“Cacnea! Nea!” The little fat thing giggled.
“Busken, busken BUCK!” The Combusken screeched, flapping its clawed hands.

“GO!” The boy cried. “Cacnea, go for a needle arm, and Combusken, ember attack now!”
Arms out, Cacnea spun around and released a barrage of sharp needles. Combusken turned and blasted a fireball from his buttocks.

“Azumarill! Hydro Pump!” Krystal ordered. Azumarill’s blast of high-pressured, sparkling water soon doused the fireball, and she then followed up by racing at Combusken and slapping him across the face. Smeargle, however, used an agility to evade the pins and splashed paint over Cacnea’s face.

“Cacnea! Take down Smeargle with a mega punch!” The boy spat. Cacnea hopped over on his pointy ‘legs’ and smashed Smeargle in the face. Needles scattered across his creamy complexion, Smeargle spat in Cacnea’s eye.

“NEA!” Cacnea screamed, hopping back to his trainer. As his trainer hugged the distraught Pokemon, Azumarill grabbed Combusken by the neck and pinned him to the ground.

“Smeargle! Fly!” I shouted. I loved it when he did this! Have you seen the Matrix: Reloaded? Well, Smeargle can do like Neo and fly! It’s great!

Smeargle struck his pose and flew into the air, tail swishing behind elegantly. Cacnea started to sniff, so the boy recalled him and threw out a Shellgon. The Shellgon ran around in circles imitating a chicken, something that Combusken found rather offensive.

“Shellgon! Take down!” The boy said. Shellgon charged, but both Krystal and myself knew what to do.
“Water gun!”

Smeargle, having now landed and trying some Matrix moves, held his tail up and blasted a water gun. Azumarill fired one from her mouth, and the combined force smacked Shellgon and pushed him back.

“BUSKEN!” Combusken screeched. He started farting embers at his trainer, who leapt from left to right in order to evade them. Shellgon then sat down and drew a picture in the dirt with his paw.

“Shellgon, use a hidden power”

“Smeargle! Rapid spin!” I shouted. Smeargle leapt onto his pin-top style head and spun around, picking up speed and shooting towards Shellgon. Unfortunately, Shellgon ran forward and knocked Smeargle off balance.

“Hmm…let’s try something else,” I said, getting the Citrus ball out. “Return”
I realised Smeargle’s foolhardy antics didn’t help. However, as I recalled Smeargle, Krystal was right in there and sent someone else out.



“Use thunderbolt now!” She ordered. I stepped to the side as she took over the battle. Ampharos charged up an attack and blasted it from his horns at Shellgon, shocking him. Azumarill then swung her iron tail around and made a sickening crack come from Shellgon’s body.

“Combusken! Karate chop!” The boy said. He got out a CD player and pressed play. I gasped as I heard the familiar beats…

Everybody was Kung fu fighting,
It was as fast as lightening,
In fact it was a little bit frightening,
But it came in expert timing,

I wore a painful expression. Combusken charged, but Azumarill slapped him across the face. She then used an ice punch and knocked him back. He collided with his trainer, farted on his shoe and set it alight.

“ARGH! COMBUSKEN!” The boy cried. “I choose you Surskit!”
This next ball opened in the water and released a water skater.
“Skit!” It chimed up.

“Surskit, use a water gun” He asked, hopping around. Krystal cut in.
“HYDRO PUMP, AZUMARILL!” Krystal roared. Azumarill glowed as she blasted the impressive blast of water. It smashed into the boy who lay in the pond Surskit was in.

“Argh!” He wept. “Shellgon, Combusken, help me out!”

As the two Pokemon helped their trainer, Krystal and I wandered off towards Fuchsia. I released Kecleon, who had been sleeping for a while. Damnit! We should have practised thunderbolt on him!



“Lairon, another body slam now!” Dave cried. Lairon leapt high into the air and slammed down onto Starvous, knocking the bronze Pokemon and putting it out of the fight. Misty recalled her Pokemon, and threw out the next one, forming into Starmie.

“Take down!” She cried. Starmie shot forward at Lairon, but the attack was ineffective. Water attacks were so poor against steel ones, and it wasn’t long before myself and Misty figured we couldn’t beat this thing very easily.

“I choose Croconaw!” I cried. Emerging, my powerful alligator flexed his muscles and faced Lairon. Before the lizard could attack, Croconaw blasted a water gun and forced Lairon back. Starmie then blasted a thunderbolt from her core and shocked the now wet Lairon, the attack doubling in damage and penetrating beneath his hard skin.

“Lairon!” Dave shouted. “Use metal claw!”
Charging for the fleshier Croconaw, Lairon leapt high and aimed a slash. Croconaw, now using his water guns to keep Lairon from attacking, blasted another and kept him in the air. He then rolled out the way as Lairon crashed down and smashed on the cement arena, cracking it slightly.

“Look, water!” Misty observed. “The arena’s leaking”

As the water seeped across the arena, Lairon started to step back. I presumed he was part rock, that’s why he feared the water. Croconaw looked up at me as I dished out the next attack.

“Water gun!”

Croconaw powered up and blasted the attack forward, smashing into Lairon and driving him into the ground. Lairon looked up, crippled from the power, as Croconaw slashed him across the face savagely.

“Lairon!” Dave cried. “Return. Well, it looks like my CEMENT wasn’t strong enough”
“Honestly” Misty snapped. “We escaped the base, and we broke your cement! You’re not trying as hard, honey”

“**** off” He snapped. He drew a Pokeball. “I have this guy for reserves, but…well, I think circumstances are changing since I started this battle”

“What do you –

“BLASTOISE! Despatch! Show those two a real water Pokemon” Dave grunted.

I gasped. His 4th Pokemon, the raging Blastoise! I clenched my fists as Starmie and Croconaw faced off against Blastoise.

“Only 7 minutes left!” Dave cackled. “Let’s end it quickly”
“Starmie, return!” Misty cried. “I choose Golduck!”

Golduck formed from the light, turning and scowling at me. He still remembered…I used him as target practise for Squirtle, and it triggered his evolution. It HADN’T worked in my favour…

“Croconaw, headbutt!” I cried. Blastoise, after emerging and stretching after his long sleep, smashed Croconaw in the face with his paw. Bawling out, Croconaw leapt back and blasted a water gun, soaking Blastoise.

“Show him a REAL water gun!” Dave shouted. From Each cannon, Blastoise forced a large thick jet of water. Golduck and Wartortle were each smashed in the face, falling back and collapsing. Golduck looked rather dizzy already, but he managed to get up. He lifted a thin finger and held it at Blastoise as his head gem glowed brightly.

“Golduck!” He snapped. The aura encircled Blastoise and gradually lifted him into the air. Blastoise, lifted about half a foot, forced himself back down and broke the psychic connection. He then roared, blasting more water from his cannons. Golduck got down and dived, splashing into the shallow pool of water leaking.

Suddenly, Croconaw looked up at me. He smiled, flexed his muscles and began to glow. The glow flashed around his body before penetrating beneath his skin, allowing his arms, legs, torso and jaws to develop. He became much taller and much stronger, and as the light died down and calmed, I stared back. Was this really the little injured Totodile I’d saved on Catcalina Island?

“Great job!” I cried competitively. “Dave, prepare to eat dust!”
Dave snarled, as Blastoise and Feraligatr locked claws and prepared to strike. Misty hugged Golduck as he slinked back, and my eyes widened in anticipation. We had a chance now…



“Well, we came to the Safari Zone, JUST like you wanted” I said, as we strolled through the long grass. “Happy?”

“Yea!” Krystal said, jumping up and down. Azumarill was out. The rules had now changed; we were allowed all our Pokemon with us, and any we caught were sent back to the reception, where they were then slotted onto our teams or if we had a full team, sent home or where we specified.

The grass was long and dewy, and as we walked there was a definite sense of vulnerability. I felt sure something would always leap out at me from its home, thinking I was trespassing.

The grass parted as a Nidoran Male leapt out and tackled my leg.
“Hey!” I snapped. “Kecleon, slash!”

Kecleon raced forward and slashed Nidoran across the cheek.
“Headbutt, follow up!” I commanded.
Kecleon charged with his head tucked down, smacking into Nidoran. He fell back, but we weren’t done yet…


Stripe brimming yellow, crackling with sparks and spitting with volts, Kecleon charged up the attack. He blasted a jagged streak of electricity from his body, which curved through the air and shocked Nidoran.

He lay there. Kecleon hugged me as I bent down. Krystal and Azumarill watched. As I got up, however, I turned to see something leap out the bushes.

It was a Weepinbell. Calvin was raising one before I left Pontaricò, but his was weak and petty. I shouted and pointed. Krystal turned wildly, as did Azumarill, and her aquarabbit instantly peppered bubbles from her mouth. Weepinbell flapped back slightly.

“Bell, bell” He murmured. Swishing his leaves, he sent two flying forward. Krystal ducked, as did Azumarill and I, the grass behind being sliced relatively shorter. I got out a Pokeball and released Bulbasaur. On my command, he fired an array of his own razor leaves.

“Bulba!” He cried, bringing out two vines. He shot them forward and lashed Weepinbell with them, before wrapping him up and throwing him to the ground. He slowly got up, spewing acid from his gaping mouth. Bulbasaur narrowly dodged it by leaping to the left. Weepinbell charged, knocking me back into the grass. As he hopped over, I backed away on all fours, trying to get away. As I did so, however, I looked back to see myself at the edge of a cliff.

Below looked rather scary. I could barely see it, but I knew I couldn’t fall. It looked more dead…rocky and sandy, that sort of scenario.
“Bulbasaur, headbutt!”

I looked to see Krystal with a purple thing in her arms. It was a Bagon.
“Isn’t he adorable?” Krystal asked. “I’m going to catch him!”
Bagon leapt out her grasp and slapped her hard, before running towards me. He chomped into Weepinbell’s body, before tossing him aside and tackling me. Startled, I flapped my arms and fell down the gap.

“CHRIS!” Krystal cried. “Bulbasaur, vine whip!”
Bulbasaur shot the vines, but Weepinbell tackled him back. Weepinbell then spewed Acid, causing us her back away. She picked up Bagon and with Kecleon, Azumarill and Bulbasaur alongside her, she ran towards the cliff.

Looking down, Krystal couldn’t see me. Suddenly, she was tackled by Weepinbell and felt herself slip. She recalled Azumarill, gripped onto Kecleon, Bulbasaur and Bagon and felt herself fall…

I swooped along on Pidgeot and managed to catch Krystal, who miraculously gripped on. She sat down, as Bagon started slapping Kecleon with his paw. Kecleon ran over to me, but Bulbasaur slapped Bagon with a vine.

Now rather huffy, Bagon ran and leapt off Pidgeot, plummeting to the depths below. Krystal gasped, holding a hand out, before looking at me:

“Pidgeot needs to go down there” She said. “Let’s go!”
I nodded, and ordered Pidgeot to descend. Krystal released Swablu.

“BLU!” She cried, wiping Krystal’s face with her wing. “BLU, BLU, BLU!!!”
“Swablu, quit it!” Krystal snapped. Swablu started to whimper, tears forming in her eyes.
“Aww, I’m so sorry!” Krystal said, hugging her Swablu. I held onto Kecleon and Bulbasaur, as Krystal sent Swablu to search for Bagon.

We flew down the shadowy depths below, hoping to find Bagon. I presumed Krystal wanted to catch the damned thing…


I leapt off Pidgeot, as did Krystal. Bulbasaur and Kecleon landed, and Krystal whistled for Swablu. Looking around, we were at some sort of dried out rocky chasm. The rocks were a dusty brown, towering above us and watching over the sandy grain on the ground. I’d hate to fall down and land here…

Swablu glided through the air and hugged Krystal. Swablu then pointed to a track leading through the rocks and stones. Krystal wandered through, and after recalling Pidgeot; I followed with Bulbasaur and Kecleon.

“Oh, How could he get this far?” Krystal pined.
“Walked” I mumbled. She turned and slapped me hard.


We continued to walk. However, as we turned a corner, the rocks parted and spread out, revealing a gravely area with small weeds poking out the ground. Pebbles and rocks littered the area, and Bagon was seen; it looked like he had collapsed due to his injuries.

“Bagon!” Krystal cried, running over. She picked him up, cradling him in her arms. His body looked battered, but his head seemed fine. Not a scratch. How odd…Swablu stroked Bagon with her wing, the dragon Pokemon enjoying the sensation.

“We need to get him out of here, quick!” Krystal said. She was stopped, however, when a Treecko ran forward and tried to tackle her. Counteracting, Bulbasaur ran and headbutted the gecko back. The last Treecko I saw stood on its hind legs, but this one crept along on all fours sneakily.

“Tree!” It hissed, leaping in the air. Bulbasaur leapt forward and smacked him across the head in mid-air, before body-slamming him into the ground.
“Swablu! Gust!” Krystal cried. Swablu flapped her wings and conjured up a powerful gust, but as it picked up sand it soon became a threatening sandstorm that dragged Treecko in and whipped him away.

“Stand back!” I cried.
“Swablu, honey, come back!” Krystal said. Swablu fluttered back, and I made sure to keep Bulbasaur by my side. Bagon, however, squirmed out Krystal’s grasp and charged at the sandstorm, colliding with it and getting hurled in the air.

“What is he…doing?” I asked.
“He wants to fly…I think” Krystal said. “Bagon! It’s not safe!”

“Vine whip Bulbasaur! Get Bagon down!” I commanded. Bulbasaur brought out his vines and wrapped them around Bagon, dragging him to the ground. Bagon tried to wrestle his way out Bulbasaur’s grip, but Bulbasaur bound the hyper little dragon tight.

“There, there” Krystal said. An Arbok shot out of the sand and flickered its tongue at her menacingly. Still half in the sand, it bore its frightening marks on its hood. Krystal screamed, before ordering Swablu to attack.


Swablu raced forward and smacked into Arbok. He flinched slightly, before spitting a poison sting forward at us. Swablu, however, glowed a silvery colour.

“Mirror move, Swablu!” Krystal cried. Swablu then blasted her own poison sting forward and made each attack (symmetrical to Arbok’s) clang against Arbok’s. Arbok then watched as Swablu charged again.

“Keep it up!” I cried. “Bulbasaur, tackle”
Bulbasaur raced forward and, together with Swablu, kicked the **** out of Arbok. Arbok swung his head around ‘evasively’, but Kecleon blasted a thunderbolt at him, shocking him slightly. Still in the ground, Arbok managed to take minimal damage.

“Bulbasaur! Bullet seed!” I shouted. Bulbasaur leapt into the air. Bulb glowing silver, he blasted an array of silver pellets from them, each smacking Arbok and dealing a little damage.

“Ok hotshot, let’s stop bullying Arbok” Krystal said, stepping past the battered snake. Bulbasaur, Kecleon and Swablu were talking to Bagon as he was bound in Bulbasaur’s vines, held high in the air.

“ LEMME GO! LEMME GO!” Bagon cried.
“ Don’t sweat dude” Bulbasaur assured the fragile Pokemon. “ We’re helpin’ you out”

We then came to a large path upwards. It seemed to lead us back to the PROPER Safari Zone. We walked up it, hiking and panting. Bulbasaur was getting sweaty, his vines beginning to droop and Bagon beginning to squirm.

“ HAHA! VICTORY! ” Bagon cried, leaping from the air and smashing against the ground. “ I WILL FLY! I WILL! ”

“WHY does he do that?” Krystal asked, watching him crack as he hit the ground. “It’s suicidal!”
“Yea” I began. “So, you wanna catch him?”
“I suppose he would evolve into Shellgon, and let’s face it, that one was powerful this morning,” Krystal said. “Then they evolve into Salmenace, right?”

“Yea” I said, thinking of Tom and his Salmenace.

“When we get back to reality, I’ll use a Safari Ball,” She said. “But in the meantime we have to hike some more”


After nearly getting killed by a Graveller, battling a Zubat and failing to catch a Grovyle, We arrived at a lobby. Inside, we got ourselves some drinks and canteen food, while talking to other people about their catches. This lobby was like a route gate, linking two zones together.

“So I was like NOOOOO! And threw the ball!” Jenny said.
“And you managed to capture Rhyhorn?” Krystal asked keenly.
“OOOOOH Nope!” Jenny said. “Got away, but I broke his horn easy! NOBODY messes with a cricket player!”
“Yea…lovely” Krystal murmured, walking off.

“I just adore that Seviper” Monty told me.
“How come?” I asked him.
“Heh, been around Snake’s all my life” He said, sniffing. “Sure, This is my THIRD wooden leg, but I see each one as a memory, not a limb”

“Seviper has to go” I began, shooting the beam and running. I met Krystal and together with Swablu, Bagon, Bulbasaur and Kecleon we ran out the lobby and back into the Turf zone, the one by the gate.

“Ok, Bagon!” Krystal cried, getting out a safari ball. “I’m going to capture you”
“BAGON!” He roared, charging at her. Krystal screamed and threw a Pokeball out, which opened and formed into Steelix. He stared down at Bagon, who stayed rooted to the spot.

“Steelix! Glare!” Krystal said. Steelix’s eyes flickered like small sparks as he stared at Bagon, intimidating and trapping him. Bagon tried to move, but he seemed to be incapable of doing so. Steelix then swung his tail around and smacked Bagon, injuring him.

“Safari Ball, GO!” Krystal shouted, throwing the ball. It hit Bagon and drew him inside, before closing the ball. The ball, now full and heavier, dropped to the ground and began to wobble.

“Once…” Krystal murmured, as the ball wobbled once.
“Twice…” She continued.
“Three times…….”


The ball’s red light flickered off, announcing Bagon as Krystal’s. She bent down, picked up the ball and held it forward.

“Yay! I caught him!” She cried happily. The ball floated, before disappearing in a flash of light.

Suddenly, hearing a rumble, she turned, facing the lobby to the zone behind us: The hive zone, home of Bug Pokemon! Trainers shot out of the lobby, being chased by Beedrill, Ninjask, angry Butterfree and even Heracross. Scyther, Heracross and Ledian all started destroying the zone.

“What are they doing?” Krystal asked. “Steelix! Use a sandstorm to send them all back!”
Steelix blasted a thick cloud of dust from his mouth, morphing into a large tornado, spiralling forward at the bugs.

Each screeching and crying in its own painful way, the bugs tried to retaliate. Krystal, however, had a back-up plan.

“Charizard, go!” She shouted. “Flamethrower!”
Roaring, Charizard fired the dazzling flames into the tornado and sent a flaming tornado sweeping across the field, perishing the bug Pokemon. They collapsed on the ground, or, most of them did. A Scyther, Heracross and Ledian attacked us individually.

Krystal had Swablu take on the Ledian, using mirror move to deflect any attack Ledian used, before blasting her with a gust or a take down. Ledian wasn’t very tall, so Swablu had no troubles.

Heracross attacked Kecleon, so I had my Pokemon use thunderbolt to paralyse him, before blasting a swift to pepper the beetle into losing. As a result, Kecleon also used the battered Pokemon to practise his accuracy on his hyper beams.

Bulbasaur, however, had a rough time against Scyther. Scyther aimed slashes up, down, left and right, Bulbasaur being able to just make it in evading each one. However, Scyther kicked him in the face, before aiming his scythe towards Bulbasaur’s skull.

“Bulba!” My Pokemon cried in protest, leaping back and toppling over onto his bulb. I helped him get up, as he brought out his vines and wrapped Scyther’s left scythe up. Bulbasaur swung Scyther around and made him smash the ground. Blood oozed from Scyther’s face as he got back up.


Scyther raced forward again, and managed to slash Bulbasaur across his face. Bulbasaur, shocked at his injury, tackled Scyther in the stomach, dealing damage but making him vulnerable.

“Bulbasaur, try a razor leaf” I said. Scyther immediately slashed away any leaves that came close. I watched, shocked and worried.

“Umbreon, Let’s –

Bulbasaur brought out his vines and whipped my hand. I decided to keep Umbreon in his ball - Bulbasaur was getting touchy…

“Bulba! Bulbasaur!” He cried. His bulb glowed more. I watched as his bulb slowly peeled apart, forming into a pinkish bud. What was happening? Bulbasaur suddenly glowed, and as I stood there, watching in amazement, his shape and form began to change. Well, not really. He grew ever so slightly, his bulb peeled to reveal two fern leaves, deep green, either side of a majestic pink bud. The light died down, and the creature stared at me, two small fangs peeping from its mouth. It was a darker green that Bulbasaur.

“Ivysaur” He said in a hoarse cry.
“Bloody hell, you evolved!” I cried. Ivysaur turned back to the battle. “Take down!”

Now with a little more power, Ivysaur galloped along the arena and took Scyther head-on, hitting him in the stomach. Groaning and getting up, Scyther forced his blade forward, but Ivysaur used his vines to vault backwards and evade.

“Good job, now go and use Solarbeam!” I roared.

Bud throbbing violently, Ivysaur leapt into the air and forced a smooth, citrus-green beam to shoot out and smash into Scyther. The power itself had damaged the mantis, causing him to collapse on the ground.

“Sleep powder!” I said. Ivysaur shook his coat, and a blue powder wafted through the air. Scyther inhaled, and soon became rendered hopeless. As he snoozed, I whipped out a Safari Ball.

“I’m gonna catch him” I declared.
“WHAT?” Krystal cried. “WHY?”
“Because he’s strong,” I snapped.
“But you won’t use him” Krystal said blatantly. “Just like Weezing and Noctowl and Wobbuffet…”

I felt myself go slightly red.

“Well, I’ll show you” I spat. “Firstly by catching Scyther…”

I took a step back and hurled the ball, which hit Scyther and drew him inside. As the ball closed shut, it dropped to the ground and pinged suddenly. I guess when Scyther’s asleep he can’t really fight back…

“Yes!” I cried, as the ball disappeared back to the lobby. “And secondly, I’ll use Weezing in my Gym match tomorrow”

“You…will?” Krystal asked me. “Oh, alright”

Smiling, I walked with Ivysaur, Krystal recalled her Pokemon except Swablu, and we headed to the exit of the Safari zone. I had a Scyther, although he’d be at home, Krystal had a Bagon and I also had a badge to win tomorrow. I’d say this training was worth it, but…would it crumble once I battled with Weezing? Only time will tell…

War Raichu
30th June 2003, 04:02 PM
Glad you're back! :) I should have known Krystal would catch a Bagon. But I really thought she'd catch a Dratini; Dragonite is like THE dragon. ;) LOL at Smeargle, flying like the Matrix. :D Also a LMAO at Combusken farting! :rolleyes: Tony has a Feraligatr now; now Dave has is gettin' it! And ole' Bulbasaur finally evolved! :)

Hanada Tattsu
30th June 2003, 04:43 PM
Wow, great chapter! So, Chris and Krystal battled that wierd kid, LOL. His Combusken farting was hilarious, and Smeargle doing Matrix Moves was funny too! :D Azumarill is very strong, as is Ampharos. The Safari Zone was freaky, but cool. Swablu got a lot of air time today, as did Bulbasaur, Kecleon and Pidgeot. Swablu's pretty strong. Yay! Krystal caught a Bagon, it really suits her alot.
And Chris' Bulbasaur finally evolved into an Ivysaur, it seems terribly strong as well. So now both Chris' anti-social Pokemon have turned normal and social again, both Pidgeot and Ivysaur.
Wow, Tony and Misty are doing okay against Dave, but will his strong Blastoise win?
Oh well, so Tony's Croconaw finally evolved into Feraligatr, is this his secret weapon to beat Dave?

So, these are the current Pokemon the group has as of Chapter 35:

Chris: Kecleon, Electabuzz, Umbreon, Pidgeot, Ivysaur, Seviper, Dustox, Smeargle, Scyther

In Storage: Noctowl, Weezing, Wobuffet

Krystal: Azumarill, Charizard, Steelix, Kingdra, Ampharos, Swablu, Bagon

In Storage: Espeon

Well, keep it up!

30th June 2003, 06:04 PM
I hope Scyther doesn't wreak havoc back home, like his other pokemon. Cool, Krystal has a Bagon, I didn't expect that. All right! Blastoise vs. Feraligatr, it doesn't get any better than that.

30th June 2003, 06:26 PM
great chapter!
most funniest parts ever! (there's alot of them, i know):
“GO!” The boy cried. “Cacnea, go for a needle arm, and Combusken, ember attack now!”
Arms out, Cacnea spun around and released a barrage of sharp needles. Combusken turned and blasted a fireball from his buttocks.


“BUSKEN!” Combusken screeched. He started farting embers at his trainer, who leapt from left to right in order to evade them. Shellgon then sat down and drew a picture in the dirt with his paw.


“Combusken! Karate chop!” The boy said. He got out a CD player and pressed play. I gasped as I heard the familiar beats…

Everybody was Kung fu fighting,
It was as fast as lightening,
In fact it was a little bit frightening,
But it came in expert timing,

I wore a painful expression. Combusken charged, but Azumarill slapped him across the face. She then used an ice punch and knocked him back. He collided with his trainer, farted on his shoe and set it alight.

“ARGH! COMBUSKEN!” The boy cried. “I choose you Surskit!”


“Smeargle! Fly!” I shouted. I loved it when he did this! Have you seen the Matrix: Reloaded? Well, Smeargle can do like Neo and fly! It’s great!

Smeargle struck his pose and flew into the air, tail swishing behind elegantly. Cacnea started to sniff, so the boy recalled him and threw out a Shellgon. The Shellgon ran around in circles imitating a chicken, something that Combusken found rather offensive.


Swablu glided through the air and hugged Krystal. Swablu then pointed to a track leading through the rocks and stones. Krystal wandered through, and after recalling Pidgeot; I followed with Bulbasaur and Kecleon.

“Oh, How could he get this far?” Krystal pined.
“Walked” I mumbled. She turned and slapped me hard.



“ LEMME GO! LEMME GO!” Bagon cried.
“ Don’t sweat dude” Bulbasaur assured the fragile Pokemon. “ We’re helpin’ you out”

We then came to a large path upwards. It seemed to lead us back to the PROPER Safari Zone. We walked up it, hiking and panting. Bulbasaur was getting sweaty, his vines beginning to droop and Bagon beginning to squirm.

“ HAHA! VICTORY! ” Bagon cried, leaping from the air and smashing against the ground. “ I WILL FLY! I WILL! ”
when Combusken started fartin' out fire balls i was ROTFLMAO! http://burns.thefinaldimension.org/otn/realhappy/xxrotflmao.gif x 10!
that Bagon seemed a bit mental there... "“ HAHA! VICTORY! ” Bagon cried, leaping from the air and smashing against the ground. “ I WILL FLY! I WILL!" oooookay....http://www.freeadpower.org/~mrsmiles/otn/other/sly.gif

ya! Bulbasaur evolved! and Chris has a Scyther!:D also, Tony has a Feraligator! now they might have a chance. "Water attacks were so poor against steel ones, and it wasn’t long before myself and Misty figured we couldn’t beat this thing very easily. " but isnt water super effective against steel? o well. we havent heard from Dane this chapter... i wonder what hes up to...

neway, cant wait till next chapter! :wave:

30th June 2003, 11:25 PM
Well done Shiny Marril
High points
Krystal gets a Bagon, ya know what I would do to that Bagon, I would evolve it into a Shelgon, and superglue an everstone to its back shell, then I would give it the iron boots from Windwaker. Ha ha,
Chris catches a few bug pokemon in this saga, Syther, Wurple, maybe another one. Reminds me of Scizor in FRTOC
Rhyhorn gets a horn removed, some pokemon cruelity is good.
The characters almost die again, oh well. there was Pidgeot to save them.
The next match will be a Ferlagator versus Blastoise, there could have been a Swampert, but there was a death involved to stop that.
Bulbasaur evolved, yay and this pokemon seemed much cooler once he helps out the other pokemon, like the suicadal Bagon.

Krystal a fact I wiill tell you is,, you can never have to many pokemon.
Also I didn't know Neo can fly, I was told he couldn't adn it was to stretch reality or something.

And for Bagon, if you fall from a nice drop you may get hurt so I would recommend, stealing Krysta's money and Chris's and buy your self a airplane, no need to evolve, no more trainers, and if that won't do, buy a trampoline, go to Saffron city and jump from a tower onto the trampoline, that way you know the hardships of falling.

and for Combusken, which is a pokemon I hate, eat more beans.
Have a nice day or night or afterlife

1st July 2003, 10:27 AM
A few things, first I'm sorry for not replying to the last chapter I've had exams and I've been doing coursework, now that these two factors are over, I can get on with my own fic (and FINALLY post chapter 6) and I can spend more time reading the fics on TPM.
Anyway, great chapter Shiny, Chris catching Scyther, Krystal catching Bagon ( I can fly!), Bulbasaur evolving, Smeargle's Matrix Realoaded stunt and Combusken farting fireball.
I wonder what Dane's next move will be? I keep thinking he and Krystal will have a battle.
One more thing, do you like the Cluff sprite that R666 made for me?

Chris 2.1
1st July 2003, 02:08 PM
Aww....I'm afraid I can't reply very well...Unfortunately I'm busy with Coursework for the next two years.....We're spending the rest of this year preparing for the preparation year next year, it's stupid. Anyway, I'm glad you all love Smeargle's Matrix-spoof, and Combusken's rather strange ember attack!

Hanada: Scyther is Chris' 9th Pokemon, so he would be sent home. But everything else is right...

and Jon, that's a great Cluff sprite!

Anyway, sorry again! Chris' Fuchsia Gym Match is on Friday, can he win? Hmm.....i'll leave you to find out for yourselves!

Chris 2.1
2nd July 2003, 10:40 AM
Chapter 36, everyone!

The Indigo Road
Chapter 36 - Weezing's Indigo Debut
By Shiny


I hadn’t seen Sandra since the last escapade, but stood by my beliefs she was searching for me. Monica and myself stayed in the Pokemoncenter together, Hitmonlee, Scyther, Loudred, Duskull and Farfetch’d out their Pokeballs.

“So when do you fancy leaving?” I asked her quickly.
“I’m not bothered, maybe in a few days time,” Monica said sweetly. “I like the look of Slateport City”

“Really?” I asked. “That’s a long way…”
“Well, we could get a plane from cinnabar airport” She suggested. “At any rate, we don’t have to rush, do we?”

I looked into her sparkling blue eyes.

“Yes, yes we do” I said innocently. Concerned, she listened to me with interest. “I know I told you why Sandra’s been after me, but…it goes further that that. It’s deeper than you could imagine”

“It is? Well what like?” Monica asked quizzically.

I breathed in and signed heavily.

“Well, my dad often talked about Giovanni, the leader of team rocket at the time” I began…

Flashback…exits to your left right and center


I sat there, hypnotised by the TV. I smiled and chuckled as the door opened. Dad, Phil and Ben must be home. Dad said their job was very demanding and he hated it, but I never understood why…

“Oh, honey” Dad said, kissing Mum. “Giovanni’s gone!”
“That’s wonderful!” Mum cried. “What happened?”
“He said he’s leaving tomorrow, Bruce ‘Vicious’ Lamar is going to be head,” Dad said. “Giovanni wants me to go and help him clear his office”

“Why you?” Mum asked.
“He said that he’d grown to like me,” Dad explained. “And that he would promote me and the lads”

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” Mum cried out.
“Giovanni isn’t that bad really” Phil admitted. “Nice guy behind it all”
“It’s the same with every rocket” Dad said. “Peel their armour off and you’ll see they’re nice folk”

“Well, can you take Alex? I’m out tomorrow,” Mum said. Dad nodded, and my eyes widened. Great, off to the office!

As I played on Dad’s PC, accessing my favourite websites and downloading music, I felt as if this life wasn’t so bad for me. I was 14; I’d be starting this in 2 years time. I always remembered what Dad had told me.

“There isn’t good or bad, only truth. People who live by all the rules constrict themselves and never learn as much as myself, Ben or Phil”

I sighed. Giovanni was packing things away and talking in a hushed voice, but Dad walked over with a two-pound coin.

“Go down to the canteen and get yourself some food,” He said kindly. “There’s a can machine, a chocolate machine and a sweets machine. Go wild!”

Clutching the coin, I ran across the office and down the corridor towards the canteen.


As I strolled along the corridor sipping my coke, I wondered about my Pokemon. Tyrogue and Magikarp. I really had to train them when we got home, because we’d been losing a lot of battles recently.

As I neared Dad’s office door, slightly ajar I might add, I heard his voice:

“But why?”
“I HAVE to” Giovanni snapped. “This team’s going down with me”
“I’m still not sure about this” dad said, anxious by the sound of it.
“I’ll be fine” Giovanni snapped. “I have the Master Ball with me, and I’m the only person in the business who has the key code for the basement”

“So, what if someone goes after you?” dad asked.
“They won’t, because we’re the only people who know about this” Giovanni said, his voice now a purr.
“And you’re going…

“To Pyro Island, I’ll run things at the Gym for a while. After a few years I’ll leave again to Cianwood City” Came Giovanni’s reply.

Dad stayed silent. Clearing his throat, Giovanni spoke.

“To recap: I’m taking the Master Ball and the 10-digit Key Code with me to Pyro Island. I’ll run the Gym, and years later I’ll head to Cianwood City. Without the code to the basement, Team Rocket can’t get their mitts on any of the £3,000,000 grant money, as well as denying any protection from the public eye”

“Right” Dad said. “This sounds so concrete, how can you be sure it will all work?”
“Because you’ll help me,” Giovanni muttered.

I burst through the door. Giovanni got up, a vein throbbing in his temple.
“EAVESDROPPER!” He bellowed.

Flashback ending…please address all complaints to the Pilot. Thankyou for reading with ‘Al flashbacks’

“Wow” Monica said, hugging me. “So, Giovanni is where?”
“He’s in Cianwood, but he’s alright now,” I said. “He isn’t moody or snappy or whatever”

“I suppose when you know, and there’s nothing you can do about it, he has to accept it really,” Monica said.

“And now you know” I mumbled. “Sandra and her team are after me to get Giovanni’s location. I don’t know the key code, but Giovanni does, he’s the only person that does, and he’s what’s stopping The Organisation from getting £3,000,000 for free”

I thought about what I’d done. Now, Monica was in on my life and was willing to keep it a secret. But Sandra could now extend her search to Monica, and look for her as well as me. Was it right to drag her into this? It was done, however, so I had no option but to make our way out of town as quickly as possible.



After exchanging Weezing for Umbreon for the day, greeting Scyther at home and saying hi to Wobbuffet, I returned to Krystal with a fully concentrated mind.

“BAGON!!!” The Pokemon cried, leaping off the sofa and slamming against the ground. Krystal grabbed him and held him in her arms tightly.
“AWWWWWW! AREN’T YOU A WITTLE CYUUTIE??” She said, smiling. Bagon squirmed out her grasp and started talking to Swablu.

“I choose you!” Krystal said, releasing Azumarill and talking to her. Rather than joining in, Kecleon started talking to Swablu and Bagon. Azumarill’s ears drooped. Krystal then recalled Swablu and Bagon and walked out the Pokemoncenter with me.

Along the way, Krystal saw a figure up ahead. With flaming red hair, presumably died, a cape and black boots, he looked a rather important authority figure.

“They call THIS a city?” He groaned. Krystal’s eyes lit up.
“LANCE!” She screamed, running forward. The figure turned, his shiny boots squeaking.

“Why hello” He said. “With that little get up, someone would think you trained dragons!”
“I do” Krystal said. “I applied for Dragon Rock but haven’t got a reply yet”

“YOU DIDN’T?” Lance bellowed. He cleared his throat. “Well, the ferry leaves from Vermillion in two weeks time…I’ll check the database, if you’ll come with me…”

“We’re heading to the Gym” I cut in rudely. “How about we meet you at the Pokemoncenter at eight?”
“Sure, I’ll get it checked by then” Lance told me. He turned on his heel, his boots squeaking again, and made his way through the town. We continued to the Gym.


The Gym was large. Rather like some sort of dojo. We walked inside and saw an arena, one outlined in white markings, the arena itself being light brown.

“Not bad” Krystal admired.
“Azu-zu!” Azumarill said.

As we came further, the back wall revolved and revealed a woman and an old man. The man was sitting in a wicker chair, while the woman stood in a fighting stance and focused on us.

“Nice entrance, it’s clearly better than at the other Gyms” I commented.
“Yes” The man said. “My name is Koga, and I shall be battling you today”
“WHAT?” The woman protested. “Granddaddy, you’re to frail to battle! You can’t walk anymore!”

“Pokemon is not about moving,” Koga said calmly. “As our challenger will find out today. Now young man, we shall use 4 Pokemon each. Is that Ok?”

“Yea” I said. “That’s great, thanks”
“Humph. I could do with a battle” The girl snapped.

“Ariados, Go!” Koga cried, stationed in his chair. The woman watched, arms folded and brow furrowed.

Koga’s ball opened and revealed the large orange spider. It clicked its pincers and spat at the ground. I turned and looked down at Kecleon, who clenched his fists. He probably remembered Megan and her Ariados. That got me thinking about Megan, and when I saw her in Saffron. I hadn’t told Krystal.

“Get out there!” I cried enthusiastically. Kecleon got on all fours, ran onto the arena and faced Ariados.
“Let’s attack! String shot Ariados” Koga called.
“Aria” The Pokemon clicked. It blasted a sticky thread from its mouth at Kecleon.

“Safeguard” I shouted. Kecleon held his hands infront of him, and a large white bubble arched over him. The string shot covered and spread across the bubble, leaving Kecleon stuck, in a sense.

“Kecleon, destroy the safeguard with a thunderbolt” I said. As his stripe brimmed yellow, sparks shot off. Kecleon blasted the attack from his body and shattered the safeguard, causing it to slowly disappear. Kecleon then shot his tongue from his mouth and licked Ariados across the face. Shuddering, Ariados started to crawl back slightly.

“Ariados, use poison sting,” Koga snarled. Fangs parting, Ariados peppered Kecleon with a barrage of stingers. Kecleon fell back, bruises and scratches across his body. Ariados leapt high and slammed onto his body, obscuring him from sight. Concerned, I watched for any movement.

“Kecleon, use flash!” I said. Kecleon’s stripe glowed a bright white and heated up. I thought it might have hurt Ariados’ underside, but it didn’t. Kecleon, however, managed to use an agility (something I didn’t know he could do) and appeared infront of the spindly spider.

“Kecleon! Psybeam!” I shouted. The classic ‘psychic>poison’ was in effect. Kecleon blasted the jagged, multicoloured beam from his belly stripe. It smashed into Ariados and, despite his efforts to dig his legs into the ground; he was forced back across the arena. Koga watched keenly.

“Ariados, commence! Use Solarbeam” Koga croaked. “It’s time you learnt, young man”

Ariados powered up a green orb above its body. Energy was sapped from its body and added to the large orb, as it flickered a citrus-green. Ariados screeched loudly, so loud I had to clasp my hands over my ears. Koga and his granddaughter seemed fine. While we did so, Ariados blasted a Solarbeam from his orb, which smashed into Kecleon. He lay there, dizzy and worn out.

“Kecleon!” I cried. “Use a swift attack”
Kecleon got up and fired a barrage of small stars from his stripe. They all bombarded Ariados and kept him back while Kecleon powered up his hyper beam.

“Hyper beam!”

Kecleon puffed his chest out and blasted the orangey beam forward. Ariados leapt into the air but collided with the beam, which knocked the worn out Pokemon to the ground. He fell on his back, unable to move.

“Ariados, good job” Koga said. He drew the Pokeball and recalled Ariados. As he out the ball away, his Granddaughter handed him another Pokeball. Koga opened it in his hand, and the light started to mould into the shape of a slimy Muk. The purple globule of slime breathed heavily and stayed still. Tired and out of breath out of performing his hyper beam, Kecleon panted heavily.

“Kecleon, slash!” I ordered. Kecleon charged, but leapt back once Muk made a hand from his body and slammed it into the ground. Kecleon then blasted a thunderbolt forward, but Muk managed to absorb it with his body. I clenched my fist. This wasn’t working!

“Muk, smother” Koga croaked. Muk moved forward and smothered Kecleon with his body. Kecleon gave a muffled cry as he was engulfed in slime, the foul stench causing him to lose his breath.

“Kecleon, return” I said, shooting the beam from the fastball. Kecleon was recalled, now able to get his breath in his secure ball. I then got out Seviper’s Pokeball and threw it out. He’d be able to whup this goop. Seviper emerged from the light and stared at Muk. Muk stared at Seviper.

“GO! Iron tail!” I shouted, cutting in through Koga’s voice. Seviper’s arrow-head-tail shimmered silver, before he forced it forward and slapped Muk with it. It hardly did any damage. Muk leapt at Seviper, but Seviper’s mouth glowed red, before he sent a scorching flamethrower from his mouth and roasted Muk.

“Muk!” Koga croaked. “Sludge!”

Muk looked rather ill. He threw up a load of browny sludge onto Seviper, who looked rather displeased at this social present. Now slightly angered, Seviper forced himself forward and bit Muk with his red fangs. Muk cried out, although Seviper had done little damage. Seviper tried a constrict, but Muk slipped out far too easily.

“Muk, use a body slam” Koga ordered. Muk leapt in the air for a second time, this time managing to engulf my Seviper. It didn’t take long, however, before Seviper bucked Muk off his body.

“Flamethrower Seviper!” I shouted. I never thought Seviper could learn such a powerful attack, but we’d practised a few times and he’d finally nailed it. Seviper blasted the silky flames forward, which scorched Muk and gave him a large burn. He looked down innocently at his mark, clutching it with his hand.

“Now use acid!” I cried. Seviper spat a ball of acid from his mouth, which dissolved on Muk’s body. Muk let out a loud roar and spread out across the ground. I presumed he had fainted. Koga held his head down in shame and shot the ball, recalling him. The girl handed him a 3rd Pokeball.

“Beedrill!” Koga cried. Beedrill shot out the ball and fluttered up into the air, its huge drill-needles by its side. Seviper waited for Beedrill to attack. Koga closed his eyes for around 3 seconds, maybe 4, before opening them suddenly and glaring across the arena. “Poison sting!”

Beedrill stuck his bottom forward and blasted a thin stream of stingers. Seviper swerved his head sharply and evaded them, before peppering Beedrill with his own. Each set of stingers clashed against each other.

“Seviper, flamethrower!” I shouted. Surely this would work…Seviper sent the roaring, crackling flames through the air at Beedrill. Beedrill stayed there, wings beating energetically.

“Agility” Koga said, his voice calm and distant. Once the flames were within hurting distance from Beedrill, he flashed quickly and disappeared. He appeared behind Seviper, jousting him through the body with his stinger. Now bloody and hurt, Seviper’s head teetered, before the snake collapsed on the ground.

“Seviper!” I shouted. I ran over and picked his head up. Opening his eyes wearily, he stared at me sorrowfully. I saw the blood shoot out the wound on his back, and I saw Beedrill try and scrape the blood off his stinger with his clean one.

“Return” I said, as the red Pokeball beam pulled Seviper into his ball. I put the ball on my belt and selected my next choice. I remembered about my promise to Krystal about using Weezing, so I grabbed her battered old Pokeball and threw it out. I remember this ball was scratched and lost some of the paint, but I hadn’t intended on keeping Weezing…

Weezing formed from the light, and turned to see me. Her eyes lit up and she charged forward, licking my face like a puppy. I forced her back, scolded her and ordered her to battle.

“Double edge!” I shouted. Weezing hovered up and flew through the air, arching up and hitting Beedrill. Beedrill dropped, but flapped its wings to get more air. He swung one stinger forward like a fist, but Weezing darted to the left.

Smokescreen would really help us here, but I remember Weezing didn’t have it any longer; my Mum had helped Weezing control her gases and now she was brimming with sweet perfumes rather than clouds of anything poisonous. Her Scary face was revamped to be a stunning attract, but I dreaded to know what else had changed…

“Weezing! Toxic!” I shouted. Weezing turned and looked at me.
“Weezing whee?” She asked.
“You can’t use toxic?” I asked her innocently. “Ok, ok, use confuse ray”

Instead, Weezing’s cross-like markings glowed pink. Weezing puckered up and fired a large heart from her lips, which smacked Beedrill in the face and made him woozy. Sweet kiss? SWEET KISS OVER CONFUSE RAY?

“Oh man…” I said, as Beedrill fluttered carelessly from left to right. “Weezing, double edge again”
Knowing this would work, Weezing shot forward and hit Beedrill. Beedrill shook the sweet kiss off and charged with both stingers, ready to joust.

“Weezing whee!” Weezing protested, frowning. She hovered up into the air and roared, blasting a jagged, multicoloured psybeam from her cross-like pattern and hitting Beedrill. He withered in pain as Weezing projected the attack, before Weezing headbutted the bee and made him fall back onto the arena.

Koga recalled him and handed his granddaughter the ball. She took it, before taking a ball not from beneath her ninja costume but from her own belt – a light pink ball with a white bottom and a heart on the front.

“Now this has been a good match,” Koga croaked. “And since I rarely fight in 4-4’s, I fear any of my other Pokemon may just fall quickly. That is why my granddaughter Janine has rented me a Pokemon for this fight”

He hurled the ball out. “Beautifly!”

The ball opened and took the shape of a medium-sized butterfly with a long, curved nose. It waved its paws frantically and fluttered its wings gracefully. I clenched my fist. It’s probably strong…

“Weezing! Sweet scent!” I commanded. Weezing blasted the pink powder from her spouts and clouded up the arena in a hazy perfumed cloud. My vision was hazy, but I could make out everything fine. Beautifly was coughing.

“Now use sludge!” I shouted. Weezing turned again.
“Weeeeeee” She complained. Her eyebrows raised, I presumed she didn’t know the attack anymore – gardening for so long only meant you’d forget old attacks. Weezing’s ‘crest’ as I now called it glowed citrus green.

Weezing faced Beautifly and roared as small beads of energy zipped out Beautifly’s body. They floated towards Weezing and she ate them, restoring some of her energy. Beautifly, however, charged forward and slapped Weezing. She must be strong, because Weezing was whimpering in pain.

“Come on! Double edge!” I said, urging her on.
“Beautifly, use stun spore” I said. Beautifly flapped her wings hard and blasted the stun spore forward. The cloud of yellowish powder wafted through the arena, and Beautifly also blasted a gust to push the stun spore at us.

Weezing grunted, screwed her eyes shut and forced herself through the cloud, knocking Beautifly out of the air. She fluttered back up and shot through the air, tackling Weezing. However, Weezing’s strong build and Beautifly’s delicate frame meant little damage was dealt.

“Beautifly, use a swift” Koga croaked. Beautifly blasted the sparkling array of yellow stars at Weezing, who was peppered back slightly. She floated above the attack and spat sludge, covering Beautifly in the brownish goop. Must be Mum’s makeshift compost…

“Beauty!” The Butterfly chirped.
“Now, wing attack” Koga said. Glowing slightly, Beautifly tore through the air and her wings sliced across Weezing’s body.

“Weezing, whee” Weezing grunted. She blasted a sweet scent through the arena. Unfortunately, Beautifly smiled and fluttered happily thanks to the enticing smell. She just loved sweet scents. Status wise, they didn’t do anything.

“Oh, Grandfather” Janine snapped. She leapt a couple of steps forward onto the arena, obscuring her grandfather. “Let ME”

“Beautifly, silver wind!” She screeched. Beautifly flapped a gust forward, one, which sparkled with small specks of silver dust. The force pushed Weezing back; it was a lot stronger than the gust used before. Weezing struggled to overpower the wind.

“Come on…” I muttered. Weezing’s crest shimmered a glowing orange. Maybe a fire attack?

“WEEZING!!!!!!” The Pokemon roared, her eyes blazing with orange flames. The heat suddenly rose in the Gym; it was now stuffy and sweltering. Weezing still forced the energy forward; creating the sunny day, but shortly afterwards sent a beam of white light in Beautifly’s eyes.

“Flash?” Janine asked herself. “And sunny day...together?”

“Weezing, double edge!” I shouted. Weezing shot forward and smashed into Beautifly. Still rather dizzy, she flapped down and rested on the floor. Weezing then floated above the Pokemon, her crest glowing white. She dropped down and body slammed the frail Pokemon, knocking her out.

“BEAUTIFLY!” Janine roared. “YOU BASTARD!”
“Weezing, sweet scent” I muttered. Weezing blasted the cloud of perfume from her mouth, and as she did, I myself felt a warming sensation come over me. Why all the fighting? Can’t we all just…get along?

“Beautifly” Janine said softly. She sniffed the air. “Let’s just...rest now, ok?”
She shot the love ball at Beautifly and recalled her. “Now I will go and prepare lunch, grandfather”

She pushed a panel from the wall, and it slid to the left, like a sliding door. She walked out and shut the door behind her, leaving Weezing, Me, Krystal, Azumarill and Koga.

“Very nice work” He said. “You seem shaky with Weezing’s attacks…is she new?”
“Not exactly, we just haven’t trained for a while” I explained, blushing slightly. “But I’m learning”

“Then you can’t lose, as long as you learn” Koga told me. “Now then, here’s your reward…the Fuchsia Gym badge”

He beckoned for me to come closer. I did so, walking across the arena with Weezing. Koga clicked his fingers, and from a floor above, a Koffing came down with a small badge in its mouth. It was a pink heart. I took it, showing it to Weezing and celebrating.

“So, how many badges have you earned over here?” Koga asked keenly.
“This is my third” I said. “Earth badge, Cascade badge, Soul Badge”
“Ah, not a league candidate?” Koga inquired, his voice so frail but still so keen.
“Nope, not this year anyway” I said, smirking. “It’s been great meeting you, but we’d best be off”

“Goodbye now” Koga said, as we walked out the Gym.

“Well, you did well, didn’t you?” Krystal said, smiling. “Still had another Pokemon to use…”
“Yea” I muttered. “Kecleon was great, and Seviper was awesome…I’ll get his wound checked out, and well, Weezing was a star!”

We wandered to the Pokemoncenter to meet Lance.


“Well, yes, you were accepted in” Lance said, sipping some tea.
“YAY!” Krystal cried, leaping up. Bagon, Swablu, Charizard, Ampharos, Azumarill, Kingdra (in a seat) and Steelix cheered out. We had met in the park on the way to the Pokemoncenter.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” Krystal screamed, hugging Bagon tightly. “YES!!!”
“Congratulations” Lance said. “Now, you must be at Vermillion on the 20th –

“That’s two weeks on Friday!” Krystal protested.
“Yes, I thought you knew…” Lance trailed off.

“No…I can’t go then! I haven’t even TOLD my Mum I got in…she doesn’t know…I only found out like 40 seconds ago…I need to pack, I need to say goodbye…” Krystal said, pacing the room frantically.

“Why not fly home?” Lance suggested. “I mean, where do you live?”
“Pontaricò, an Island south of here” Krystal explained.
“Oh. Um…well…” Lance began. “I’m going to Catcalina for a three or four weeks on vacation…sort of”

“Really?” Krystal asked.
“Yea, I’m just sick of working so you won’t see me until your second or maybe even third week at Dragon Rock” Lance explained. “I could…drop you off on the way to Catcalina”

“On what?” A keen Krystal inquired. Lance drew a deep green Pokeball and threw it out. The light opened and took the shape of something incredible. A Dragonite. It was about 7 feet tall, standing proudly against the creamy oranges and navies in the sky.

“Oh…” Krystal sighed. “It’s beautiful”
“Jake” Lance said. “My Dragonite”
“He can…take us home?” Krystal asked, nervously I might add.

“Yea, we’ll make a few stops on the way but Jake’s good, experienced, very good on long journeys…” Lance went on.

“So…let me get this straight,” I said, standing up. “Krystal. You’re going home…when?”

“Umm…tomorrow morning I guess” She answered back. Lance nodded firmly.
“WHAT?” I cried out. “ARE YOU MAD?”
“No, but I’m determined” Krystal said. “I’ll leave tomorrow, we’ll stop off somewhere for tomorrow night, and we’ll make our way south”

“And in two week’s time…”

“Well in two weeks time I’ll get the ferry to Dragon Rock” Krystal said, folding her arms. “Can I? Or do I have to get the one from Vermillion?”
“I’ll make sure you can” Lance said boldly. “After all, I AM the chairman”

Krystal forced a laugh, Bagon in her arms.

“Anyway, it’s late. I’ll meet you here tomorrow at 3.00”
“Oh, that late?” Krystal asked.
“Yes” lance said, nodding. Cape billowing, he pointed north. “And now, I do my laundry. AWAY!”

He recalled Jake and ran off.

“Weird…” I murmured. Krystal’s blood boiled.
“K…” I muttered. “Let’s just head to the Pokemoncenter and get some sleep”

Recalling Steelix, Kingdra and Charizard, and allowing Ampharos and Azumarill to walk alongside her while she held Bagon and let Swablu perch on her head, Krystal pressed on. I looked across at her, sighed, and imagined my life in 24 hours. Alone.

Hanada Tattsu
2nd July 2003, 11:37 AM
Wow, very good chapter! Heh, chapter 36 on page 36!

So now Monica knows about Al's secret, I thought she would react differently.

Great battle! Kecleon did better than I expected, and Seviper seemed strong too. Wow, Weezing must have gained a bunch of experience.

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BTW, is there a sequel to this??

2nd July 2003, 01:07 PM
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2nd July 2003, 06:05 PM
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2nd July 2003, 06:31 PM
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“Weezing, double edge!” I shouted. Weezing shot forward and smashed into Beautifly. Still rather dizzy, she flapped down and rested on the floor. Weezing then floated above the Pokemon, her crest glowing white. She dropped down and body slammed the frail Pokemon, knocking her out.

“BEAUTIFLY!” Janine roared. “YOU BASTARD!”
“Weezing, sweet scent” I muttered. Weezing blasted the cloud of perfume from her mouth, and as she did, I myself felt a warming sensation come over me. Why all the fighting? Can’t we all just…get along?


“And in two week’s time…”

“Well in two weeks time I’ll get the ferry to Dragon Rock” Krystal said, folding her arms. “Can I? Or do I have to get the one from Vermillion?”
“I’ll make sure you can” Lance said boldly. “After all, I AM the chairman”

Krystal forced a laugh, Bagon in her arms.

“Anyway, it’s late. I’ll meet you here tomorrow at 3.00”
“Oh, that late?” Krystal asked.
“Yes” lance said, nodding. Cape billowing, he pointed north. “And now, I do my laundry. AWAY!”

He recalled Jake and ran off.

“Weird…” I murmured. Krystal’s blood boiled.
“K…” I muttered. " And now, I do my laundry. AWAY!" lol!!! thats probably one of the funniest quotes ive ever heard, and coming from Lance! :D neway, cya!:wave:

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Weezing’s crest shimmered a glowing orange. Maybe a fire attack?

“WEEZING!!!!!!” The Pokemon roared, her eyes blazing with orange flames. The heat suddenly rose in the Gym; it was now stuffy and sweltering. Weezing still forced the energy forward; creating the sunny day, but shortly afterwards sent a beam of white light in Beautifly’s eyes.

“Flash?” Janine asked herself. “And sunny day...together?”

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Hanada: Monica took the news strangely...i wonder why? Is there a reason?
Weezing did excellent, didn't she? Seviper battled hard and showed that new members are as strong as the old, and Kecleon backed up the theory that nothing can stop him...except a pile of goop! Thanks for reading, there is NO sequel to this, sorry. Two unfinished, shoddy half-made chapters were made for the would be sequel, but it was scrapped. Sorry. PM me if you want them.

Jukain: Yep, she did well, didn't she? Chris did excellent too, earning his third badge whilst in Kanto. I'm so proud of both of them! Hehe. I wonder how chris will do when Krystal leaves?

Watermaster: Krystal cares deep down, but her priorities lie in Dragon Rock. Poor girl. The teams are:

Chris - Kecleon, Electabuzz, Umbreon, Pidgeot, Ivysaur, Seviper, Dustox, Smeargle
Krystal - Azumarill, Charizard, Kingdra, Steelix, Ampharos, Swablu, Bagon

Ultra: LOL, glad you liked Lance :-) He says some 'inspiring' words in C37! The sweet scent was cool :-p
Monica may not always be with Al, but her love an devotion will surely keep them together. You'll see.....hehe.
I hope you enjoy Krystal's goodbye! ! ! ! !

pOWARUN: Nope, she can do an ugly grimace though! Lol. Glad you enjoyed the Lance quote. I think Weezing was one of the good Weezing's from ____ Isle. Can anybody remember what it was called? the Island she came from?
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Dragonfree: Sorry, he won't get much spotlight. Nevermind. He had a good battle with Bulbasaur, right? Dave reminds Misty & Tony of their time as the battle slinks on, but are they too late? All is found out in Chapter 37!!!


The Indigo Road
Chapter 37 - Tag Matches
By Shiny


“Dustox, psybeam!” I cried. Dustox’ eyes flickered, before he blasted the multicoloured beam forward. The wild Teddiursa leapt back, before trying to slash Dustox with his sticky paws.

“Kreeeeeeeeee!” Dustox shrieked, shooting forward and tackling Teddiursa. Teddiursa flopped to the ground, bawling and beating his fists. Dustox flapped back to me, chirping happily. We were in the park, battling for the day. Krystal was training Kingdra; we had all our Pokemon out, assembling by a large lake. Seviper had rested well, and thanks to some healing jelly that was spread over his wound, he had recovered from the battle with Beedrill very well.

“Kingdra! Headbutt!” Krystal cried. After blinding Poliwhirl with a smokescreen, Kingdra shot through the veil and smacked into the amphibious frog. “Now use bubblebeam!”

As the fight moved from beneath the water, Poliwhirl raced forward. Kingdra flipped out of the water and blasted the bullet-like bubbles, keeping Poliwhirl back. Kingdra then powered up a hyper beam, which smashed into Poliwhirl and knocked him underwater. Kingdra swam to the shoreline and met Krystal.

“Great job!” She cried. She turned to Bagon and Swablu, who sat there watching. They both clapped happily. Azumarill emerged from the water, shaking herself and congratulating Kingdra.

“Ok Bagon” Krystal said, picking her friend up. “Let’s battle”

I sat on the bench with Electabuzz, Ampharos and Smeargle. Ivysaur and Umbreon lay beneath me, talking in hushed voices. Seviper was with Charizard and Steelix, practising attacks. Seviper was learning to dig from Steelix, and evaluating flamethrower by looking at Charizard’s.

Pidgeot was soaring above us, happy to be among other birds like the Spearow and Pidgeotto that occupied the same space.

He landed at the end of the bench, letting me stroke him affectionately.
“Can I ride you?” I asked nervously. Pidgeot, now looking innocent, shook his head. “You don’t like it when I do, is that it?”

He nodded. I must be too heavy, because Kecleon and Smeargle ran onto his back and were away in seconds. I sighed. A boy wandered past the lake and made eye contact with me. I stared at him. He had flaming orange hair, spiked up, wearing an airwalk t-shirt and baggy jeans. Heh, a ‘sk8er boi’, as the song goes.

“Fancy a battle?” The boy asked. “I’m Terrence”
“Don’t you get some sort of ‘cool’ nickname, like Terr or something?” I asked keenly. Terrence stared at me.

“Hum…NOPE” He snapped. “Anyway, a 3-3 tag match Ok?”
“Yea, but let me ask one question,” I said. “WHAT THE HELL IS A 3-3 TAG?”
“That lip ring must be cutting the air supply to your brain” Terrence said, chuckling. He looked about 12.

“That doesn’t even make sense,” I said blatantly.
“A tag match is a 2-2, when two Pokemon are out at once…” Terrence began, talking slowly. The gay. “And you have one reserve Pokemon who you can bring forward in exchange for one of your two out”

“Right…” I began.

“You have to select the three Pokemon FIRST, though” Terrence explained. “All the kids around here do battles like this”

“Ok then, let’s go!” I said. “Any of you guys want to take on jerkface?”
Umbreon got up, yawned, stretched and wandered forward. Yay! Dustox fluttered over and joined in, too.

“BAGON!” I heard, as the little purple scamp ran onto the arena, slapping Umbreon and pushing him back. Krystal chased after him, stopping by my side. She had heard everything, but I had the strangest idea she wanted to battle…

“I’ll join you,” She declared. “Bagon and I”
“Ok, Dustox can stay on reserve” I said. Pidgeot had now landed with Kecleon and Smeargle, and now the three, as well as Electabuzz, Seviper, Ivysaur, Charizard, Steelix, Ampharos, Kingdra, Azumarill and Swablu watched the fight keenly.

“OK! I CHOOSE YOU GUYS!” Terrence roared, throwing out a fastball, a heavy ball and a Great ball. A Nuzleaf formed from the heavy ball, a Victreebel from the great ball and a Taillow formed out of the fastball. Taillow fluttered in the air from the sidelines.

“Umbreon, quick attack!” I shouted. “Get Victreebel!”
Umbreon roared, shooting through the air at Victreebel. Screaming, the floral Pokemon swung back as Umbreon tore across its head. Skidding, turning and shooting back, Umbreon tried again.

“Bagon! Headbutt!” Krystal cried. Bagon ran forward at Nuzleaf, but he leapt into the air and evaded. Bagon was getting frustrated as Nuzleaf leapt back for every leap forward Bagon did.

“BAGON!!!” The Pokemon wailed, punching Nuzleaf in the face. Nuzleaf scowled and leapt forward to attack, but Bagon spat an ember at him, setting alight to his nose.

“Nuz!” He protested, patting the flames with his hands.
“Are you alright?” Terrence asked. Nuzleaf nodded nervously, but his nose started to grow. It extended about three centimetres. Pinocchio had a lawsuit, finally…

“Bagon! Ember again!” Krystal cried. Bagon spat embers from his mouth, causing Nuzleaf to go up in flames. He danced around wildly, Bagon clapping his hands in enjoyment.

“Nuzleaf!” Terrence snapped. “Razor leaf!”
Swinging his head-leaf (which was crackling with fire now), Nuzleaf sent a wave of sharp leaves at Bagon, who stood there vacantly.

“Umbreon, agility!” I cried. Umbreon shot forward, hoisted Bagon on his back and turned back round. Bagon was settled down, while Nuzleaf burned and Victreebel hopped at us.

“Nuzleaf, Taillow, tag!” Terence said, as the two Pokemon switched places. “Taillow, quick attack!”

Taillow streaked through the air and hit Bagon, making him topple to the ground. Bagon settled himself back up and ran forward, slapping Taillow. Taillow pecked Bagon on the head.

“Umbreon, swift attack!” I shouted. Umbreon fired the array of stars, which struck against Victreebel and led to even more wildly false screaming. Victreebel used vine whip and ensnared Umbreon’s left back leg, dragging him towards his gaping mouth.

“Umbree!” He cried. As he did, a violet glow wrapped around his body. I faintly remembered that from…oh, it was from somewhere…

“Hidden power!” I exclaimed. “From Viridian Gym!”

Umbreon managed to send the aura to Victreebel. I didn’t hear any sharp screeches, so I presumed the screeches were released in that Aura, as Victreebel was squirming in pain on the ground. Then, Umbreon blasted six small purple orbs that started circling his body, each exploding into Victreebel.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAH!! The Pokemon screeched. Umbreon kicked a little sand in Victreebel’s face before running back to me.

“Good job!” I exclaimed, as I hugged Umbreon. Terrence recalled Victreebel.
“Nuzleaf, can you go in your comrades place?”

Nuzleaf, after being torched and after screaming as hard as he could, really was looking shoddy. He just shook his head. Bagon and Umbreon were chasing a rather worried Taillow around savagely. Terence drew two Pokeballs.

“I choose Lombre! I choose Mawile!” He cried. The strange, lilly-hat-wearing Lombre emerged, evolving from Lotad if I remember school correctly. He clapped his hands and tapped his foot rhythmatically, sort of getting a beat in his head. Mawile materialized from her ball, her strange Venus flytrap-like jaws snapping while she manoeuvred them above her head majestically.

“Wow! Mawile are so cool!” Krystal declared. “Chris, let’s overload this thing”

Before I could reply, Lombre and Mawile charged at us. Three on two? THE DOUBLE-CROSSING BASTARD!

“Hey!” I snapped.
“Haha! Tag-team 2-2’s, YEA RIGHT!” Terrence cried. “ATTACK!”
“Oh, just **** off” I mumbled. “Dustox, stun spore!”

“Charizard, flamethrower!” Krystal shouted, as Charizard swooped over the battle like a referee having to settle a brawl on the football field. Charizard blasted the searing flamethrower from his fanged mouth, which immediately sent Mawile running off from the attack. Lombre blasted a water gun to counteract it, but only ended up creating a veil of steam.

Dustox sprinkled the attack, but Taillow flapped a whirlwind to cancel it out. We all dived down as the powder wafted past us. Charizard was caught up and simply fell down, unable to fight. Krystal ran over.

“NO!” She screamed. “Charizard, can you move?”
Attempting several times, Charizard could only fail. Krystal sobbed momentarily, before turning to her other Pokemon.

“Azumarill, Ampharos, GO!” She cried. Her Pokemon ran forward, so it was Dustox, Umbreon, Azumarill and Ampharos.

“Umbreon, stay back” I said, as my friend slinked into the shadows. “Pidgeot, WHIRLWIND!”

Pidgeot swooped forward and used his whirlwind to force Lombre back. Mawile used her jaws to crunch into the ground, leaving her body flapping back in the wind. Lombre flopped back; Taillow soared high into the clouds and disappeared.

“Taillow?” Terrence asked. “Come on down!”
Terrence watched as Pidgeot flew back. Smeargle and Electabuzz joined the fray. This was a proper tag-team; each Pokemon pitching in for a little experience.

“TAILLOW! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Terrence screamed, dropping to his knees.
“He really did a good job escaping” Krystal observed. “He waited until your mind was elsewhere before…flying off”

Terrence was in tears, but Lombre, Mawile, Electabuzz, Smeargle, Azumarill, Ampharos and Bagon all fought each other. Dustox, caught up in the excitement, shot around spraying a stun spore from his mouth.

“Terrence, watch out!” I cried. Terrence looked up as the powder swirled around his head. He sneezed, before his eyes became blotchy and his face was red. Suddenly, gasping for air, his joints seized up and he fell down on his back, twitching slightly.

“Terrence!” Krystal cried. “Chris, we could get in BIG trouble for this!”
“Well, let’s go!” I cried. “Electabuzz, Dustox, Smeargle, Pidgeot, Umbreon, Ivysaur, Seviper RETURN”
“Azumarill, Ampharos, Kingdra, Charizard, Steelix return!” Krystal said, Swablu perching on her head and Bagon in her arms.

We pressed on through the forest, Terrence twitching on the ground. Mawile and Lombre exchanged nervous looks. Lombre slowly walked towards the lake, nervously turning left and right. He shot a glance at his trainer, before leaping in the water and swimming off.



Fist clenched, teeth grinding, veins throbbing and my heart smashing against my chest, I watched on as Feraligatr and Blastoise wrestled on the arena. Misty and Golduck were rather wooden at the moment, each watching through fear and anticipation.

“COME ON!” Dave spat.
“Keep it up” I said, much more quieter than Dave. The two wrestled more and more, but, as my attention was diverted slightly, I saw the cement arena was cracking evermore…

…Water seeped out the cracks – it must have been a very thin layer Dave had used. Budget cuts, I’d guess. Either way, Feraligatr looked down momentarily at the water covering his feet, giving Blastoise time to hurl him to the ground. Feraligatr smashed against the cement, shattering it and causing him to fall into the icy water. Small chips of Cement flew off the arena, and the two water Pokemon laid there in the new arena.

“DAMNIT!” Dave roared. “Blastoise, rapid spin”
Blastoise tucked into his shell and spun around, shooting through the water and smacking into Feraligatr. He floated to the surface and gasped, looking up at me. The large, fearless alligator really wasn’t living up to his name…he was shivering and looked so innocent, but was that because I owned him: I knew him from Totodile…I knew what he was going through. We had bonded well.

“Feraligatr, get out!” I cried. “And keep Blastoise in!”
As Blastoise followed, Feraligatr managed to kick him back into the water. Feraligatr shook himself, as Misty and Golduck took over.

“Golduck! Psybeam!” Misty cried. Paws either side of his gem, Golduck forced the jagged, multicoloured beam from his head towards Blastoise. Blastoise leapt to the left, smashing a slightly dent in the floor, as the psybeam smashed the wall.

“Blastoise, HYDRO PUMP! Let’s show these kids who’s who,” Dave snarled. Feraligatr ran forward to stop the attack from hitting me. Blastoise’s cannons blasted two powerful blasts of water forward, each smashing into Feraligatr and felling him. Feraligatr lay there.

“NO!” I cried. I recalled him and prepared to send out Wartortle. Feraligatr was down…I couldn’t believe it…Misty was shocked, too, and Golduck had just hidden behind his trainer. He knew he couldn’t survive it…

“You know…” Misty began, tucking her gun in her back pocket. “I like a man with… power ”
“That’s me,” Dave said. “Baby”

“I’m starting to realise…” Misty said, walking around the arena. “Why I fell for you in the first place, Dave. So strong, so dynamic, so powerful”
“And you, Misty” Dave said, as Misty joined him on his side of the arena. “So delicate, but firm, beautiful and smart…”

I couldn’t believe it! Misty smiled sweetly and walked behind Dave.
“All that tension from batting…” She said, moving her hands to his shoulders. “Poor you…”

Now she was giving him a back massage! I don’t believe it! Dave didn’t even look at me now; his head was looking up and his eyes closed.

“TO HELL WITH YOU!” I heard Misty scream, her grip on Dave’s shoulders allowing her to bend him back slightly and knee him in the buttocks. She kicked him into the water, spread her legs out and drew out the pistol.

“STAY THERE” She spat. Dave tread the water as he floated there, clothes, hair and shoes ruined. “Or I’ll shoot”

“Yea, right, you told me yourself they were only pellets”
“WRONG” Misty said. “Three are pellets. Two have been used on you…and the third…”

She fired directly down, showing the small pellet on the ground. There was no denying it. Dave still wasn’t convinced.

“And just because there’s no pellets, whats saying there’s bullets?” He said. “It may be empty”

“Wrong again” Misty said, aiming for the lights in the arena. She shot, shattering the glass and plunging us into a little more shadowy atmosphere. Only one light was out of five, so I could still see fine.

“You *****” Dave snarled. “You rotten *****”
“Keep quiet” Misty snarled. She didn’t even look up when she said, “Tony, phone 999 while I keep scumbag under control”

I got out my mobile phone, one with a dark blue cover on it and a white Suicune silhouette, and rang 999.

“Hello, this is 999. Please state weather you need to ”
“This is Tony Aquadox of Cerulean Gym, I need to speak to the police”
“Uh-huh, and the reason?”
“Dave Robson, I…I have him here. He kidnapped me and Misty Waterflower, we need the police!”
“Right. Where are you Tony?”
“Cerulean Gym”
“Someone will be right over”
“Thanks, g’bye”

I hung up and turned to Misty and Dave.

“Tony” Misty said, her eyes on Dave. “The maze!”
“Oh man!” I cried. “We need to…erm…”

Blastoise then leapt at me, a grin across his face. He knocked me to the ground and pinned me down. I stared at him as he grunted in deep breaths. “Blast…toise…Blast…”

“Golduck!” I cried. “Roar!”
I heard (I couldn’t see for this blubbering shellfish) Golduck squawk loudly, before an echoing moan came from his mouth. A thin icy sheet of air formed around Blastoise, slowly making him glow and shoot back into the Pokeball all the way in Dave’s submerged belt.

I got up, dusting myself off. I released Feraligatr, who was gasping in exhaustion.

“Feraligatr, I NEED you to help me” I said, as he clutched his chest.
“Gator” He grumbled.
“This is very important,” I told him. “Fire a hydro pump directly at that metal, it should hopefully punch a hole right through, allowing Police to get Dave”

Feraligatr nodded. He started breathing deeply, focusing by closing his eyes. The stripe on his lower body, well, the two that pointed down in a wide V shape anyway, glowed a bright blue, before he opened his mouth and blasted the high-pressured stream of water. It was forced against the metal walls of the maze, which were soon pierced by the devastating attack. I watched as a very large, gaping hole was left after Feraligatr’s reign of ‘terror’.

I looked through and, as Feraligatr rested, I could look right through the maze and see the door! I gasped, thanking Feraligatr and recalling him.

“Thanks Tony” Misty said, her eyes still focused on Dave. He suddenly dived underwater, turning quickly, while Misty shot accurately. I saw a flash of movement, before Dave surfaced, a bullet embedded in his shoulder. Blood spilled into the pool.

“You…*****!” He wept, as the blood spilled into the water. “Ow!”
“The Police can take care of you” Misty spat. “Keep calm”


As Dave was carted off in an ambulance, a police car infront and behind it, Misty and me watched from the Gym doors. Wartortle was by my side.

As soon as the escorted ambulance turned the corner, Misty let out a sigh.
“WHAT a wild ride” She began. “I…I’m in shock, really”
“There’s a lot I still don’t understand,” I said. “Like, if Dave was taking over Cerulean, then does that mean that other Gyms are being taken over in Kanto?”

“I don’t know…” Misty pondered.
“Dave kept mentioning the ‘takeover’, I wonder if this is some sort of plan?” I continued.
“You never know” Misty mumbled. “But he’s off the Gym charter now, it’s me, you and then the apprentices. He can’t get it!”

“Hey, why did you have a gun?” I asked ardently.
“WHAT? Oh…well…the gun, yes. Erm, sorry?” She asked.
“Where did you get the gun?” I repeated.
“Well, that’s not really important” She said. “We jus’ need a builder to change this Gym back!”

“It’s gonna cost loads” I said.
“I’ll put it on Dave’s card” Misty said, as she held the plastic card in her hand. I gasped, smirked, and followed her inside.

I’d usually have said I was a wet blanket. For the most time I’m usually just saying no, refusing this and that. When I travelled with Chris and Krystal, I didn’t battle as much, and I’d have thought I was worse off from it all. It’s developed really, from travelling alone to this whole incident. It’s made me stronger, much stronger than yesterday. Mudkip, my beloved Mudkip, and my rather unusual Ekans were both scars on Dave’s plan, and my life here in Cerulean, but with any hope Brittany would have another when I next went out fishing at the lake. Now, as the 2nd man (not literally, obviously) at Cerulean Gym, a dazzling Feraligatr on my team (Probably to be used by Misty, as she’s the leader), my duty was set in stone. Go to hell, Dave.


James Holmes

“How is it the Newton’s cradle always gets twisted and knotted?” I asked myself, fiddling with the contraption in my office. Angered, I knocked it to the ground and got up.

I walked out my office, which overlooked the executive’s area. They all clicked away on their laptops on the black wooden desks. My best executive, Lynne Summers, walked over to me with a clipboard of information. She had short brown hair and a very serious face. Her finishing hazel glazed eyes reminded me of a hawk. Sharp, decisive, never fooled.

“Sir, Dave Robson has been arrested” She told me.
“WHAT?” I roared.
“Here’s the article,” Lynne said. I growled, snatching the paper she held. I saw the article and Lynne, a fast reader, zipped through it, as my eyes remained wide open in shock.

“You’ve all been fooled, like me”
Those were the words of Misty Waterflower, who, after apparently being reported as kidnapped on Cerulean cape, gave us this rather different story:
‘Tony had been gone for a while. I was worried. Taking Staryu for protection, I left the gym and headed out to see where he was. I bumped into Dave, who asked what I was doing here. I simply shook it off, saying I was searching for Tony, explaining the whole situation. His eyebrows rose as I mentioned the Gym. With that, his Exeggutor emerged behind me, sprinkling the sleep powder and lulling me to sleep’

I threw the paper to the ground, unable to read more.

“Any news on Domino?” I asked Lynne.
“Yep, she contacted us an hour ago. She’s in Pewter City, and at the moment she’s training Sneasel to handle rock types”

“It will be hard with Magneton,” I said.
“Yes, she told me she’s going to teach Magneton rain dance, to help her” Lynne explained. “Erm, Sandra is still in Fuchsia, leaving the takeover for a while until she’s interrogated Al”

“And how is that going?” I asked.
“Unfortunately, her efforts can’t quite do the job” Lynne began. Hastily, she added, “If you permit her to use more…force in her next try I’m sure she’ll be able to get the information she wants”

“Very well, get back to her and explain she is permitted to use whatever force she is required to” I said, as Lynne nodded and walked off to her desk.

I took time researching into our elite’s and seeing how things were working. I walked over to Beck’s desk; his laptop was hooked up to a Porygon2, and his work as a scientist in Kraden Island University had paid off well.

“Sir, we’ve managed to hook up to Dane,” He told me.
“Excellent” I said.
“Line three” Beck said, handing me the phone. I picked it up, the ‘on hold’ button flashing, and resumed the conversation.

“Sir” Dane said.
“Dane, how are things going?” I asked.
“Smooth, very smooth” Dane explained. “We left the farmhouse and we’re making our way across the border to Daezun”

“Daezun?” I inquired.
“A merchants town across from Egypt” Dane told me. “I’m going there, selling up and making my way back to base”
“I…I think through all of this, you deserve a break” I told him. “You know, to lie low. Sell the Pokemon, I’d suggest moving to somewhere like Paris or Berlin, and then come back in say, three months time”

“Oh, oh Thankyou sir” Dane said, happiness flooding over him. “Thankyou. Goodbye for now”
“Been a pleasure”

I gave the phone back to Beck and walked back to my office. I started making calls and sorting papers, as my phone rang. I picked it up, pressed it to my ear and got up, pacing my room nervously.

“James, it’s Jet” came the voice.
“Jet! Lovely to hear from you” I began, as my Jolteon arose from sleep.
“Sir, we located Saffron Gym, it’s been taken over and we’re now refurbishing it” Jet told me.

“Good, good” I said, as Jolteon sat at my feet. “Remember to try and make it seem…normal”
“Unfortunately, Megan…was killed” Jet told me. I gasped, getting up and flipping Jolteon over. He muttered something and walked under my desk, going back to sleep.

“What happened?” I asked quickly.
“Sabrina manipulated the locks on the door and Megan’s seatbelt…and, well, she’s gone”
“Oh my gosh” I said. “That’s awful. And what did you do with Sabrina?”

“Killed her there and then” Jet said. He was holding the tears back.

“So, you’re still going through with this?” I asked Jet.
“Yes sir, for King and Country” Jet said, speaking firmly. “Thankyou for Magmar”
“It was getting bored at HQ,” I said, smiling, even though Jet could not see. “And Megan got her Shellder ok?”
“Yes, she was over the moon” Jet said, sniffing again.

“You’re a brave person,” I said. “Very brave, you’ve definitely earned your place here Jet”
“…Thankyou sir” Jet said softly. “I’d better be off now, goodbye”
“Bye” I said emptily, as Jet hung up.

I put the phone on the hook and sighed to myself. Sandra should be tracking Al right now, and once she did, we’d finally unearth some of Giovanni’s money he’d left, but first, we needed that code…damn Al. He’d finally get what he deserved…



We stood there, Krystal and me, on Fuchsia’s pier. Painted a grey/white blend, it was soon slippery due to the lashing rain coming from the woolly black clouds. Lance stood at the far end with Jake.

“So, ready to come along?” Lance asked Krystal, who had her cape on, a long-sleeved black t-shirt underneath, her Pokemon in their balls and her bag on her back. Her bag was hidden thanks to her cape, though.

“Yea, just give me a minute,” She said, turning to me.

“I got you this in Fliscoula” I began, getting out the box. I handed it to Krystal, who opened it cautiously and saw my present.

It was a dragon’s head, silver, with shimmering eyes. It could fit in your palm. It was on a chain, which Krystal immediately put around her neck, smiling.
“I love it! Thankyou!” She cried.
“The head is a badge in Blackthorn City” I said knowledgably. “I hope you –

“THANKYOU!” Krystal cried, hugging me tightly. I smiled as she did so, staring at Lance, who was tapping his foot impatiently. “This is great!”

We stood there, parting from the hug. I could smell Krystal…she had such a warming smell…

“So, you’re just…leaving?” I asked, a whimper in my voice.
“Well, yes” She said firmly. “Unless…unless you can give me a reason why I shouldn’t…”

“Actually…” I began. “I have a few words I’d like to…get off my chest”
Krystal waited.
“You’re smart, you’re brave, you’re… beautiful and…I can’t bear to see you leave me here” I said, glowing red.

“Oh, Chris” Krystal said sympathetically. “That’s sweet”
“Krystal, I love you!” I said, half sad, half happy and enthusiastic. It was a frighteningly strange combination.
“So, what I guess I’m saying is…” I began, my lip trembling. “Is…”
“Is?” asked Krystal.



“Will you go out with me…please?” I repeated, slowing it down slightly.
“Chris…” Krystal began, biting her lip. “Please try to understand…that I don’t…I don’t really… feel that way about you”


“We’re friends, and if we went out, we’d take that too far, too far to continue being friends after we broke up” She continued.

“Oh…” I mumbled.

“Sorry” Krystal said fragilely, nervous at speaking.
“No, no you shouldn’t be” I said, ushering her away. “You’re going places now…you wouldn’t want to miss your flight home”

“Please…Chris…we’re still mates, right?”
“Mates. Yea, we’re mates,” I said, bleakly smiling. She moved closer and pecked me on the cheek.
“Viridian Forest was a mistake,” She said simply. “Ciao for now”

She turned and ran boldly down the pier. Around halfway, she slipped and fell flat on her face. Hmm…rather unexpected…

“I’m ok…I’m ok!” She cried, getting up, brushing herself off and, face red, she strolled towards Lance. “Let’s go”

“Are you sure you’re doing the right thing?” I questioned.
“Right and wrong are only words” Lance said boldly. “It’s what you DO that counts”

“And I’m asking if what she did…” I began. “…Forget it”
The idiot’s advice was awful. I sighed heavily.

As the rain whipped against me, slashing and slapping my face, I watched tearfully as the girl I loved clambered onto Dragonite. Lance spoke to him, before he ran forward (Krystal looked nervous), leapt off the pier, swooped down, dived up and tore through the skies.

“Goodbye!!!” I cried, waving as noticeably as I could. Kecleon watched me. “I love you!!!”

And she was gone. My love. The one I’d have wanted to spend the rest of my life with. My mind flashed back to the sensations and feelings of Viridian Forest, although it was difficult to recall them…. I sighed, turned, and walked back to the Pokemoncenter, the rain drizzling down my back. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered.

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War Raichu
4th July 2003, 03:14 PM
*Stops crying* Oh......God.....that was really sweet.......poor Chris... :( No kidding, I was actually crying. *Sniff* But at least that bastard Dave got shot. :) And the return of James Holmes! Me thinks, something happens to Krystal on the way to Dragon Rock involving the Holmes Organisation. ;)

Hanada Tattsu
4th July 2003, 03:31 PM
Oh my God, Shiny, this was simply the best chapter.

Everything was answered, but is this the last chapter? Or are there future chapters, just not with Chris?

Anyway, Dave is finally in jail, and Misty and Tony get the gym back. I can't believe Krystal left Chris like that.

Great chapter!

4th July 2003, 03:37 PM
The Funny: Pinocchio had a lawsuit, finally…

The sad: “Chris…” Krystal began, biting her lip. “Please try to understand…that I don’t…I don’t really… feel that way about you”

The thing that makes me angry: That you might be going, so I can't enjoy your writing anymore!

But it was a good chapter, I compared your first chapter of the original, and this chapter, and it really improved greatly!

Chris 2.1
4th July 2003, 04:45 PM
Raichu: aww, dude, don't worry! It was emotional, wasn't it? Based off real-life expirience, it was....Jess, the girl i loved, said the exact same words...
Dave's shot! haha! arrested before the timer ran out and now the Gym is back in Misty's possession! If you're curious as to what happens afterwards, then look out, as the Epilogue has small peices on what everyone's up to!
The Organisation? Hmm...maybe. Or maybe James was just in there to tell you how Dane, Jet and Sandra were doing, as well as Dave. OR maybe not! Lol. I added the executives in there for fun....lol.

Hanada: Lol, thanks man!
There is three more Chapters:
Chapter 38 - Decision by Gun point - Chris
Chapter 39 - Krystal & Dane - Krystal
Chapter 40 - The Epilogue - Everyone
I tied up a lot, except Al and Monica's part. I hope you enjoy the twists and turns in C39!
Krystal left Chris because she's pursuing a dream, and he's pursuing shards of a broken heart....
Thanks for the support!

Dragon_Claw: Thanks. Yea, Nuzleaf's nose was going to be emphasised a lot more, but well, it led to a full on scrap with all the Pokemon! Hehe.
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Preveiw - Chapter 38

-Chris meets someone unexpected on West Beach!
“Chris?” Al questioned. “What are you doing here?”

-The three have a ansty run-in with some guards from the Organisation! Watch THIS:
Monica raced forward and launched a kick at his phone, sending it flying through the air and smashing against the floor. It shattered. Zach turned to Monica, red in the face with anger and a throbbing vein in his temple. He pulled his sleeves up and ran at her, growling and snarling wildly.

-Eventually, they get caught. Trapped. Unfortunately, Al has to really decide between trust and love...dedication and Monica...what will he choose?
“So, are you going to tell me?” Sandra asked keenly. Al looked up at her, his face pale and worn. “ARE YOU?”

“…Not a chance” He gasped. Sandra’s eyes widened, before she turned her eyes to Monica and more importantly, the gun.

Catch it all on.......Sunday. Hope you enjoy!

4th July 2003, 08:22 PM
Awww. Poor Chris. And poor you.

Go Misty! I really, really liked her part...

That Terrance is really stupid. No wonder his pokémon are leaving him now they get the chance...

Hmmm... there was something else I meant to say, but I forgot it...

4th July 2003, 11:57 PM
Very well written chapter, and I raise my glass to Chris, who's hardships some like myself have gone through for a first try at love.

Also to Shiny, ducks don't echo, and if I miss some chapters from now until the end of the month, it is because I am moving and it will be tough to read in the mean time, so if I don' make my nasty remarks every chapter don't be alarmed.

THE gym part had a good ending, even though I would have liked Dave to drown. And poor feralgator. Would a revive ever work on a dead pokemon.

Cheers got to go, and to TErrance, you got what you deserved.:yes:

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ya! Terrence got beat up and abbandoned by his pokemon, most likely cuz he was mean to them. :P Tony looks like his life is finaly getting to be pretty good. Dave got shot and arrested! yay!!!:D but then Dane got a vacation! whats up with that? i realy wasnt expecting that part at the end with Chris and Krystal. poor guy.
“Please…Chris…we’re still mates, right?”
“Mates. Yea, we’re mates,” I said, bleakly smiling. She moved closer and pecked me on the cheek.
“Viridian Forest was a mistake,” She said simply. “Ciao for now”

She turned and ran boldly down the pier. Around halfway, she slipped and fell flat on her face. Hmm…rather unexpected…

“I’m ok…I’m ok!” She cried, getting up, brushing herself off and, face red, she strolled towards Lance. “Let’s go”

“Are you sure you’re doing the right thing?” I questioned.
“Right and wrong are only words” Lance said boldly. “It’s what you DO that counts”

“And I’m asking if what she did…” I began. “…Forget it”
The idiot’s advice was awful. I sighed heavily.hehehe... she tripped and Lance continues with his wierd act! :D the next chapter sounds kinda scarry for Al and Monica. evil Sandra.....

anyway, cya!

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I can't believe it. He really did love her. I'm crying as much as the others here are. The battles were great. I'm glad that the Cerulean Gym is safe again. Sorry for not replying in so long, but with Serebii back, I haven't been paying much attention to this place. I figured you wouldn't be coming back to Serebii, and it would be futile to get this up there with it so close to the end. I will here to end, then. But that is really the saddest thing I have ever seen. Fic writing at its best. :D :(

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That.......was brilliant. It was joyful, tearful...everything. Fantastic.

Your inbox is full, Shiny, so I'll say what I have to say here.
Never mind about my comments on the chapter - but i'm afraid i'm still a bit uptight after my friend and all of that. Sorry.

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Thank you.

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Shiny, are you gonna continue this on Serebii? 'Cause if you are not, please post that you aren't there because some people are anxiously waiting.

Also are you gonna do a sequel for this? If not, are you gonna do any other fic involving any of the characters on this?


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I'm gonna miss ya, Shiny! *Sniff* :( But I was trying to decide on what I'd read after this fic, so I'll just read the original FRTC! ;) :D

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Aww you guys.......hehe. I had plans for a Monica fic after this, I really would love to do it but I'm doing what I must, unfortunately. Oakbark, I'll do what you asked, i'll make sure of it! Thanks for that GREAT Idea!

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Terrence's Pokemon were cool, I liked most of them, but they hated him! They took the time as ripe....mwa-ha-ha-ha!

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Chris' Hardships will pay off someday...*sigh*
Feraligatr isn't dead...he's exhausted, that's all. Lol. The Gym saga was great, I enjoyed it, but there were so many alternative endings...One was that Misty and Tony were arested, having been accused of killing Anne-Marie. I guess i wanted to show that while Saffron is easy to take over, Cerulean sure ain't!

Ultra: dane got a break to lie low until the whoel ordeals he's been through were burried. I'm glad you liked the Chris/Krystal goodbye...
Terrence was a prick, slang for loser. Hehe, I liked his Pokemon when they left ^__^;;
Also, Dave got shot! GO MISTY! *Waves a Misty flag* whoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lance does his weird act and Krystal slips! Hehe. Al and Monica aren't the only one's in trouble....

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Raichu: Electric Buggy to Victory is superb, I'd advise that. I'd check out Hanada's Tracey-themed fanfic, It's rather good, You guys should all support each other! Powarun has a fic, Jon UKX has a fanfic somewhere.....ask people in this topic if they have any fics and you'll find some healthy reads!

Get ready....




The Indigo Road
Chapter 38 - Decisions by Gun point
By Shiny


“Farfetch’d is fine now” The nurse told me. “Just give him these morphine tablets twice a week and he’ll be ok!”

“Great” I replied, taking the ball and clipping it to my belt. Loudred and Duskull were with Al as he sat in the Pokemoncenter, studying a map of all the nearest airports and docks.

“Well, we can sail to Seafoam tomorrow or Thursday” He said, looking at the map. “There’s a ferry leaving then”

“Great!” I cried. “It’ll be sad leaving here, though”
“Well, yea, but we expected it when we got here” Al said firmly. “I’ve learnt that you never appreciate something unless you want to remember it”

“What’s wrong with remembering something?” I snapped. “I loved Fuchsia!”
“But I’ve been chased so many places, attacked in many alleyways, and it just seems like each location has a story to tell…usually a bad one…” Al moaned.

“I stand by my point,” I snapped. “I got Loudred and Farfetch’d here, as well as my Soul Badge!”
“As I was saying…” Al said. “I think we can get a plane from Seafoam to Johto, and travel to Ecruteak from there”


“Yea, the Fog badge is there, it would take you up a level” Al told me.
“Well, I suppose so” I said, clasping my head. “My head feels kinda sore”
“Awww honey” Al said, getting up and hugging me. “You want me to get you some painkillers at the chemist?”

“No, no, I’m fine” I said, shaking him off. “I’m just going to go for a walk, that’s all”

Duskull quietly floated by my side, Loudred stomped ahead, and as I released Farfetch’d, he glided through the air above me. We left the Pokemoncenter together, Al collecting his thoughts inside with Scyther.

I wandered along the white pier of Fuchsia, looking out at the beach that spread either side of it. Up ahead, after the pier ended, I saw a Mantine flip out the water, spiral round and land back in, shooting off towards Seafoam Island.

Loudred then leapt in the air and pointed at a bunker on the beach, barely visible.

“LOUD, LOUD!!!” He cried, pointing and jumping.
“Yea, it’s a bunker,” I told him. He continued to jump up and down violently. I was worried he’d fall off the pier. He must want to see it.

“Ok then, we can check it out…” I began, thinking it over. “Yea, come on guys!”

We raced back along the pier and down onto the beach. I felt quite excited, really. Duskull shot forward, Farfetch’d soared happily and Loudred…well, Loudred was just Loudred! He flailed his clenched fists happily as he ran forwards.



I acted like such a jerk before. This was the fourth time Monica had run off like this…. I had Scyther and Hitmonlee out and Gyrados in his Pokeball. The Pokemoncenter was quiet, so I pulled out a normal Pokeball I hadn’t ever opened. I remembered this little guy well…

“Go” I whispered, opening the ball. The light hit the floor and morphed into the cream coloured shell, the beady eyes and the little blue tentacles…

“Omanyte!” Omanyte cried happily, moving his tentacles around. I picked him up and laughed.
“I need to train you up, really, don’t I?” I said happily.

I set Omanyte down, who started scuttling towards and sucking on one of the videophones. Hmm…I picked him up and nudged him towards Hitmonlee and Scyther, but both were rather…quiet in his presence.

However, as all my Pokemon had learnt, I’m quiet. They usually act the same. Omanyte then tucked into his shell and did little rolls around the room. As he did, I got a call on my cell phone. I picked it up. It read: Sandra.

Shuddering, I picked it up and pressed it to my ear.

“Hello Al…”
“What do you want?”
“Just hear me out. I have unsettled business with you and as god is my witness, I’ll get it from you”
“One word… Monica ”

I gasped.

“How do you know about her?”
“Never mind. All I’ll say is you’d better be ready to tell me some information…”

She hung up. Oh. My. God. I decided to ring Monica and see what was happening, if she didn’t answer, I’d presume she was kidnapped, but if she answered, I’d meet her: I didn’t want her hurt.

I rang her phone.

“Hey its Al”
“Are…you alright?”
“What?” Monica seemed rather confused. “Yea, my headaches a lot better thanks. Did…you have anything else in mind or something?”

“No…I just love you more than anything in the world – I’d hate you to leave or get kidnapped or something”
“Oh, that is so sweet!” Monica said. “Mwa!”

“Where are you? I thought I’d meet you or something…”
“West Beach, very far along”
“Ok, see you soon!”

I hung up, glad Monica was safe. I recalled Omanyte and Scyther, and with Hitmonlee by my side, I ran off to find her.



“Pidgeot! Sky attack,” I shouted. Pidgeot tore down through the air, shooting past Delibird and knocking him back slightly.

“Delibird! Doubleslap!” Benji cried. The tanned little kid wore a dress-up team rocket uniform, as did his Delibird and Koffing. “Team Rocket doubleslap at the speed of light!”

I sighed. He had a talking Meowth plushie by his side, and when he pushed a radio remote, it would say ‘MEEEEEOWTH, That’s RIGHT!’ Rather loudly and crackly. It was a crap toy.

Delibird ran forward and tried slapping Pidgeot, but Pidgeot simply stole the sack of food and flapped back to me. I smirked as a chocolate cake slipped out the sack. Hehe.

“Pidgeot! Screech then steel wing!” I shouted. Pidgeot screeched as loud as his lungs let him, causing Delibird to cover his ears and run in circles. Shimmering silver, Pidgeot tore through the way and knocked Delibird back.

“NOOOOOOOO! Looks like Team Rocket’s blaaaaasting off again!!!” Benji cried, grabbing Meowth and running away. Delibird flapped after him, Meowth’s crackly cries of ‘DON’T ASK MEEEEEEOWTH, I’M JUST A POKEMON!’ Trailing behind.

“Great job” I said, congratulating Pidgeot. We were on the West Beach, and had gone quite a long way west to get some training in. Benji had been ‘taking over the world’ by pouring sugar water into the sea, hoping the salt/sugar fusion would make the sea explode. Oh well, at least he chased the dream…

I wandered further along the beach. I saw a lot of Shellder closed up, wedged in the sand helplessly. I sighed heavily, looking up at the pier and remembering last night, last night when Krystal left…

Had I done the right thing? Was it right for me to have just…let it out? Yea, it was. It definitely was best; I’d have killed myself if she’d left now not knowing how I felt. I mean, she has to have some feelings for me, mustn’t she?

I wandered on further, Kecleon by my side, until a Loudred ran up to me. I looked down at the little creature. He clenched his fists and blasted a foghorn-like sound from his speaker ears. I was forced back into the sand, falling onto my back and spluttering. Loudred chuckled.

“Hey!” I said hotly. “Kecleon, thunderbolt”
Kecleon’s stripe brimmed yellow, crackling with enthusiastic sparks. They shot out in a blast attack, shooting into Loudred and making him shudder in shock. Loudred then leapt back as a figure ran over the sand –


“Loudred! Chris! Kecleon!” She cried, looking at each of us. “Loudred, have you been bullying?”

I shook my head, but I guess seeing me in the sand may back up Monica’s idea. She ran over and helped me up, hugging Kecleon before hugging me.

“Love that ring!” She said, smiling at my lip ring. “Where did you get it done? I’d love one!”
“Brellaville” I said, thinking of Batman and the girl in the wheelchair. I also thought back to that Punk Smoochum and the blobbish Shuppet… “Great place”

As we walked along the beach, we talked. Apparently Monica had a soul badge, her recently caught Whismur had evolved and she caught a Farfetch’d since she left Lavender Town a week or so ago.

She also explained about meeting Al. I guess he must be a lot happier now he’d found love, and more importantly, escaped from Sandra. I sighed. That awful cow had made my life so difficult now Granbull was gone…

Monica and I battled wild Pokemon, mostly Trapinch, but Pokemon nonetheless. Duskull was very strong, Farfetch’d was quick, less power but quick, and Loudred was just angry. Loudred then pointed to a metal bunker in the ground. He jumped up and down happily, and Monica recalled Duskull and Farfetch’d and ran towards it. However, She stopped dead in her tracks when a ferocious sandstorm whipped up. She watched, eyes opened wide, as Scyther and Al emerged from the whirlwind. The darker sand died down and lay atop the lighter sand, and Al and Monica embraced.

“Chris?” Al questioned. “What are you doing here?”
“Me and Monica met in Lavender Town,” I said. “I just met her now”
Getting better acquainted, the three of us walked towards the Bunker. I was amazed at what Al had done…what was that?

“What are you…doing?” Al asked cautiously.
“We’re exploring this place,” Monica explained. “Loudred wanted to”
Al looked around. He kicked the door, but it didn’t move. Scyther tried a skull bash into it, and managed to dent it slightly. Al tried again; breaking the hinge and making the door swing open.

“Well…Ok then” He said, feeling for something in his pocket. “Let’s go”

The light from the outside world lit up the dark inside. I peered in. It was a metal spiral staircase. I wonder what was down there? Monica and Loudred took the first steps into the bunker, peering down the staircase.

“There’s an underground corridor below these stairs!” She cried. “Let’s go!”

Monica tore down the metal steps, Al and I in pursuit. Monica and Loudred were very hyper, but Al was a lot less enthusiastic, following at a slower speed. I ran after Al with Kecleon, worried, nervous and excited at the same time!

However, as we walked on, we came to a large semi-circular door, metal, guarded by two agents. They wore black, with a blue ‘H.O’ on the front. I looked at them. They reminded me of rockets…but…wait a second…Holmes Organisation!

“They’re Holmes agents!” I cried. “Stay back!”
“Oh man, we’ll get a ****in big reward for this!”

The two men raced forward. Al leapt into the air; back flipped, and upon landing, used his hands as legs and spun around like a Hitmontop. He smacked each agent in the face and pulled out the spin, chopping one man in the face. He stumbled back as the second raced forward.


Al launched a kick, but the agent grabbed his ankle and hurled him to the ground. I really felt the pain Al got as he smacked against the stone floor. The two agents stood over Al, Monica and me watching from the last metal step.

One agent, a tanned one with messy black hair, got out a cell phone and put it to his ear.

“Sandra? It’s Zach,” He said. “Al’s walked right into us! We got him at the -

Monica raced forward and launched a kick at his phone, sending it flying through the air and smashing against the floor. It shattered. Zach turned to Monica, red in the face with anger and a throbbing vein in his temple. He pulled his sleeves up and ran at her, growling and snarling wildly.

“Hey!” Monica cried. Suddenly, her long black hair (which was in a white braided ponytail now) started to float above her head as her eyes shone pure silver. I was amazed. Monica then floated into the air, arms out and legs together, before shooting through the air and punching Zach in the face. He flew back across the ground as Monica opened her mouth, releasing a devastating shriek. Zach covered his ears, screaming and dropping to the ground in pain.


Monica then forced her foot down onto his stomach. He threw up a mouthful of blood and vomit, which luckily didn’t hit Monica. She then turned as the second agent ran forward. However, as he did so, Al grabbed his arms and held him back. The man squirmed, but Al let Monica punch him in the face angrily.

“What you doin here?” Al spat. “What’s the organisation got in store?”
“None of your buisiness” The man said, spitting a mouthful of blood (from the two teeth that came out) onto the floor.

“I have every right,” Al said, as Monica slapped him this time. “TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON!!”
“NEVER!” He spat once more. “I OBEY SANDRA!”

“Sandra…so she’s here?” Al asked. The man stayed silent. “IS SHE HERE?”
“I’LL NEVER TELL! GO TO HELL YOU BASTARD!” The man shouted. He loosened his muscles and collapsed onto the ground wearily.

“He’s…out of breath,” I muttered.
“Yea, unconscious too” Al said.
“Monica, HOW did you do all that stuff?” I asked keenly.
“The soul badge makes me…alter slightly,” Monica said. “It increases my agility and can help me create shadow balls…You know about Adepts, do you?”

“Yea” I said, thinking of Chantel back on Croclan Island. She surely wasn’t as strong as Monica…or she didn’t show it anyway. I then thought about her new Pokemon she’d have for her Gym after Murkrow died. Maybe a Noctowl?

“Well I’m a Ghost Adept” She began. “I’d explain, but it’s complicated”
“Yea” I began. “I’m up to date with it all, really. Let’s press on, anyway”

We approached the door, but it was tightly shut. Al tried hammering it open, Electabuzz and Hitmonlee tried to open it, but it wouldn’t work. Not even Smeargle’s explosion could destroy its tough surface.

“DAMN IT!” Al spat. “This bugger’s tough. We should get out of here if Sandra’s coming…”
“We don’t know that, though” I said. “Zach could have been sent to find you, as a replacement”

“Besides” Monica began. “We’re tough, aren’t we?”
“Not compared to Sandra” Al murmured.
“She’s TOO strong,” I said.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps. They sounded like high-heels. I swallowed as we watched the stairs for any sign of who it may be. Monica, as hard as it may sound, watched enthusiastically. Al was nervous.

And as the figure came into view, I gasped at the long swaying blonde hair, the long white gloves, the new uniform, identical to Zach’s…

Sandra had landed.

She walked off the stairs and stared, open mouthed at us all.

“Hello children” She said, smirking. She bent down and examined Zach. She was still a good distance away from us. “Dear, dear, you’ve really beaten up Zach, haven’t you?”

She took a ball from her belt, two in fact, and released both. Sableye and Starmie appeared either side of her.



My mind was fuzzy. I opened my eyes wearily and saw myself in a wooden chair, tied up. I quickly looked down at my belt, and all my Pokeballs had been replaced by eight other Pokeballs, black on the top, grey stripe across the middle and white on the bottom.

Monica and Al were on my left and right. Sandra sat in a chair infront of us, Sableye and Starmie by her side. She watched impatiently as I woke up. As I did, however, she got up suddenly and stormed forward.

“Ahhh…you’re awake,” She said, smiling.
“What…what did you do?” I asked. “Where am I?”
“Thanks to THIS…” She said, holding up a clearance card. “…We got through this coded door!”

Al started to wake, too. As he did, Sandra slapped him across the face violently. Al opened his eye and stared at her disgustedly.

“What are you doing…” He murmured.
“Waiting for some answers,” She snarled back, slapping him again. Al whined.
“What for?”

“Giovanni” Sandra said back. Al’s eyes opened widely.

I was quite confused.

“Look, I’m not telling you – OW!”

Al cringed. Sandra walked behind his chair.

“You’re in pain because there’s a bullet still in your arm, I shot you” Sandra said simply. “Now then, if you tell me what I need to know, then I’ll happily get you something to help against that wound”

Monica stirred, and upon seeing Sandra, she screamed loudly. Turning swiftly, Sandra glared at the teenage girl.

“KEEP QUIET” She hissed. “Or I’ll silence you for good”
She turned back to Al.
“Now then, any locations for us?”

“Go to hell” Al spat, cringing again.
“We’ll all go there soon,” Sandra said. “You’ve been bad Al, by running away from home and breaching a contract… Chris, you were in the explosion and didn’t even try and deliver the money…”

“DANE DID!” I screamed. “It was part of your plan!”
“But you didn’t TRY, did you? And you didn’t even THINK before releasing Granbull against Sableye…HOW could you…” She said crudely. “Now he’s gone forever…”

“SHUT UP!” I screamed. “SHUT UP YOU *****!”
“NO” She said violently. She drew the usual pistol from her pocket and pressed it firmly against my head. “Don’t tell me what to do, laddo, especially if you don’t want a bullet imbedded in your skull”

I stayed silent.

“Now then, MONICA, you’re no angel either,” She continued, thoroughly enjoying her authority.
“What are you talking about? You don’t even know her,” Al snapped, a note of worry in his voice.

“Oh, we’ve met a few times…” Sandra murmured. “Haven’t we?”
Monica was pale, shaking through the tension. Al looked at her sorrowfully.
“Monica…is this where you’ve been going?” He asked.

“Al…please…I was worried about you” Monica said. “I went for a walk last week, and I met Sandra. I told her you were very edgy and you had trouble sleeping, and she kept telling me to meet her at the same place…we talked about you, and well, I got a lot off my chest...it helped me”

“Don’t worry, nothing happened” Sandra uttered. “This isn’t working as well as I’d hoped…. Sableye, teleport”

Sableye shot small strings from his hands, hitting some of our lock balls. Two of mine were taken, shooting back like elastic into Sableye’s hands. One of Monica’s was taken, and one of Al’s. Sableye clutched the balls happily, before walking through the wall and disappearing.

“NO!” I cried.

“Don’t worry” Sandra grunted. “Sableye is just keeping them until you confess”
“Al, confess!” I cried.
“NO, I swore to Giovanni I wouldn’t say a word and I stand by that” Al said hotly. Sandra walked forward and approached Monica.

“Now then, AL, if you want Monica to be safe, then I suggest you tell me everything I need to know” Sandra said. “And then she’ll be fine, her Pokemon will be fine and you’ll be fine”

Al looked into Sandra’s apple green eyes. He bit his lip nervously, looking across at Monica, who had the gun pointed at her. I was nervous, too. Al had to make a decision at gunpoint, but was it going to be the right one?



I was released from my Pokeball and looked around. Ivysaur formed from another ball, Duskull from a third, and to my great shock, something incredible formed from ball number four.

A Kecleon .

It was an aqua blue colour. I was guessing it was female, because her voice was higher than mine. She looked around nervously, as did Duskull and Ivysaur. Sandra’s Sableye stood infront of us all.

“Welllllcome my dears” He said, smirking.
“What do you want gremlin?” Ivysaur snapped, moving forward. Sableye pointed a thin, spindly finger at Ivysaur.

“I’d tread lightly…” He began. “I’m verrrrrry powerful when I want to be”

“We can take you on,” I snapped.
“Yea!” The other Kecleon cried. This might get complicated, so I’ll call her blue for the time being.

“Oh, so you two think you can beat THISSSSSSSSSSSSS?” Sableye screeched. From each palm, Sableye fired a jagged nightshade, the dark purple bolt shooting towards Blue. I leapt in her way and blasted a psybeam, knocking the nightshade and cancelling it out. Blue leapt into the air and fired a bubblebeam from her stripe, peppering Sableye.

“Take this!” Ivysaur cried, blasting an array of razor leaves. They sliced across Sableye, causing him to screech uncontrollably. He toppled back, just as Ivysaur tackled him down.

“Argh…” Sableye spat. “Let me go!”
“NO” Ivysaur snapped. He used his vines to wrap Sableye up. Sableye screeched and flapped about wildly.

Suddenly, Sableye used a psychic and unwrapped the vines. He leapt forward and slashed Ivysaur across the face, kicked him back, swung a karate chop at Blue and knocked her down.

“NO!” I cried, running over. I swung my tail around and whipped Sableye across the face. He screeched and charged at me. Duskull picked Blue up and floated up, evading the menacing Pokemon. Sableye watched from where he was standing, mouth gaping open.


I spat on the ground and faced Sableye.

“Go for me if you have to bully anybody” I snarled. I felt…like a hero…and I could take anybody down.
“Fine” Sableye snapped. He raced forward at me, but leapt back and flipped into the air. I blasted a swift attack from my stripe, the improved accuracy of it smacking into Sableye and pushing him back. He raced at me, but I got on all fours and ran around the room.

“Sable…” He murmured. He blasted a nightshade at me as I ran across the walls with my sticky paws. The cement walls shattered and crumbled in places as the devastating attack forced itself against them. I landed back on the ground as a white orb engulfed my hand. I swung the focus punch round and smashed Sableye in the face.

“NOOOO!” He screamed. He held a hand out and clasped it over my face, sending psychic waves into it. I screamed out in pain as the attack brought searing pain into my body.

“No! Greeny!” Blue protested. She raced forward and tackled Sableye, before slapping him across the face. As he tried to attack, however, Blue managed to force a blast of water from her stripe, causing it to smash into Sableye and smash him against the wall.

“Yea!” I cried, as Blue and me passionately kissed. I felt so warm…so fuzzy…so soft, cuddly and altogether brilliant. I had never met another Kecleon…I’m an orphan, you see. Blue and me kissed overpoweringly together, arms wrapped around each other, backing into the wall.



“So, are you going to tell me?” Sandra asked keenly. Al looked up at her, his face pale and worn. “ARE YOU?”

“…Not a chance” He gasped. Sandra’s eyes widened, before she turned her eyes to Monica and more importantly, the gun. Sandra grunted, Monica screamed and cried out:


Sandra watched her keenly.

“You know something Monica?” She asked.
“AL TOLD ME EVERYTHING!” Monica bawled. “Please…don’t hurt either of us…PLEASE!”

Sandra kept her eyes on Monica.

“I won’t hurt you…unless you meet my conditions,” She growled.
I could tell Monica had instantly regretted this.
“Ok…” She said, her voice shaky and nervous.

“Firstly…” She said, aiming the gun at Al’s forehead. “Tell me where Giovanni is situated”

Monica’s voice was shaky.

“Ok…I’ll tell you” She began, clearing her throat. “He…he was last stationed at--

Suddenly, Duskull floated through the door, going as fast as he could. He grabbed Sandra’s head and pulled her back, causing her to shoot into the air. The bullet hit the ceiling, but Duskull used a free paw to fire a nightshade, breaking the legs off the Al’s chair and allowing him to stand up. He soon wriggled free of the ropes and snatched the gun off Sandra, who stumbled slightly.

Duskull floated behind Monica as Sandra turned to face Al.

“Al…give me the gun,” Sandra rasped.
“Go to hell you *****” Al said, loading it and pointing at her. “Stay back”

“No” She said simply. “No, I won’t”
“I…I mean it” Al growled. “I’ll shoot you”
“You don’t have the guts,” Sandra said simply. She was very calm. “You don’t fit in the Organisation BECAUSE you’re too human”

“STAY BACK!” Al spat, pointing the gun at Sandra.
“No” She said, moving forward in an attempt to grab the gun.

“NO!” Al screamed, shooting the gun. Sandra clutched her left breast, eyes wide open. Al had shot her. She staggered back, falling and smacking her head against the cement floor. She must have cracked it. She lay there, gasping, blood spewing from her wound. I could see blood pour from the back of her head where she cracked it.

“Sandra” Al cried. He stared at the gun, gasped, and threw it into the corner in shock. Sandra kept her eyes open, staring bleakly.

“You won, Al,” She gasped. “ You finally won…”
Her last words were a mere whisper. She closed her eyes, her head tilted to the side and she lost all grip.

“Oh my god” Al gasped. “What…what have I done?”
“Come on, untie us” Monica said, her face pale and clammy. Al did so, untying Monica and soon after, me. I walked through the doors that Sableye went through, eager to see my Pokemon.

As I did so, however, I saw Kecleon making out with a blue Kecleon! Mouth open wide, I saw Ivysaur watching me happily. Al must own that Kecleon!

“Oh, Marina” Al muttered, running over. “I’m so glad you’re alright”

I recalled Ivysaur, Monica recalled Duskull and Al recalled Marina. As we walked through the tunnel leading to the stairs, however, we heard a voice shouting. As we walked through the door, we came face to face with a swat team, each with a sniper rifle and situated in every angle possible.


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7th July 2003, 12:25 PM
Wow, this is an impressive chapter. I see the end nearing :( I like Kecleon making out with the blue one...he has more luck then his trainer. I don't want you too leave, so if you're gonna write on another forum, tell us!

War Raichu
7th July 2003, 01:47 PM
LOL at the Team Rocket kid. Al and Monica really beat those grunts' asses! :o I've never heard of Pokemon making out, but Kecleon doing so was a kick in the pants at Chris, since the Kiss in Viridian Forest with Krystal was just a kiss. ;) Finally that b*tch Sandra is dead. :mad: But what's up with the SWATs?

7th July 2003, 02:37 PM
Yay! They got Sandra, and Kecleon has a girlfriend. That was good. I can't wait to see what happens.

Chris 2.1
7th July 2003, 03:04 PM
Dragon_Claw: LOL, Kec has more luck than Chris! Well...will it last? a Pokemon relationship? Hmmm....the end is nearing, yes, but don't worry.....I'm jus glad you like the fic!
I won't be writing again, but I'll pop back and tell you if i ever do!

Raichu: Benji was mad...lol.
Monica and Al are pretty good, aren't they? Monica's soul badge does allow her a lot of physical strength and agility, and now she can cast her own shadow balls! It's a signature attakc of the Ghost Adepts...
Sandra's dead....did you expect it? I wondered if it was ever expected or not....what did you guys think?
The SWATS are secret ;)

Jukain: Al killled her......he won.....or did he? What are the SWATS for, do you think? You'll find out on Wednesday, my friend!!!

7th July 2003, 03:35 PM
Cool chapter, and Sandra is finally gone.
I guess Al figured it would be stupid to make the same mistake twice, and not kill her when he had the chance like Saffron.

Monica's part reminded me of the Matrix - did anyone else think that?

As you said Chris, the end is looming. It's kinda sad really.....:(

Can't wait for next chapter......aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!:D

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Heh... a Team Rocket fan. Benji was weird.

And finally Al killed that cow Sandra. Too bad I saw it before I read the chapter - when I went to the last page, the first thing I saw was Oakbark's post... I knew he would kill her.

Monica's part reminded me of the twins in Matrix: Reloaded for some reason...

And Kecleon's got a girlfriend... Chris is getting very alone now...

Oh, and great chapter. It seemed pretty short, though.

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A pretty good chapter, a little upsetting that you had it all faced into one plot. Unlike what is happening with blank and Chris.

Go Kecleon, I noticed a lot more pokemon kissing in fan fics now adays. What colour would the offspring be, Shiny Marril?

What will hapen to Sableye, if you don't want him I will take him. laughs.

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heheh... crazy Benji. sugar+salt= not the explosion of the ocean! chocolate cake, lol! when Al appeared out of the ground it sounded like a dig or something. whoa, Al killed Sandra! i thought something like that would happen! what i didnt expect was Marina and Kecleon. that was so funny i almost fell out of my chair! wonder how long it will last? im thinking if the swat is a normal swat team and not an Organization one, theyre mistaking them for Organization agents or something. neway, cya!:wave:

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Love Ure Fic As Always, Why Arent you writing anymore?

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Okay, Reading Oakbarks Idea I may add that I swear on the Holy Bible that from Chapter One Of the First FRTC to the last chapter posted of the sequel I have been there although I have not posted. I havent found time, whether you believe me or not I just thought you might want to know.

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Shiny, I'm gonna reply my thoughts on the chappie in a sec, but I just wanna ask something.

So, let me confirm this; you're still writing this here, but you've decided to quit it forever on SPP? Also, are you gonna write any kind of sequel for this, involving any characters of this?

Thanks, and please clear your PM Box.

Chris 2.1
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I am still writing! I will be writing 'Monica's Army', and probably posting on Fanfiction.net....if you want to check it out, then head there. It isn't up YET, but i'll say when it is!

Oakbark: I suppose Al wanted a nicer life, didn't he? Oh well, his troubles may be over soon, they may be over now, they may NEVER be over!
I can see what you mean; the combat Monica used is amazingly good, i love combat! Hehe. She's hauling @$$ now, I wonder if she'll go off somewhere else?
The next Chapter......it's good! heh. It's up tomorrow, actually.

Dragonfree: it's 59k, the highest is 60k ;)
Aww...sorry it was spoiled for you. Nevermind.
As explained to Oakbark, the combat in this was sorta like the Matrix. NO LAW SUITS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe.
Weather Kec and Marina will last is determined next Chappie...OOOOH! Chris is really alone isn't he....

Powarun: Do you mean it was all in one perspective? and Unlike WHO and Chris? Krystal? I'm still not 100% clear on this....
Lol, Kec should rock the casbah. I guess it would be Blue, like Marina, or pehraps Green. Maybe they have a batch of green and blue ones?
Sableye has run off now....to the Safari Zone.......DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN!!!

Ultra_Poke: It was a teleporting Sandstorm THING. LOL. Pretty cool, eye?
Glad you liked the relationship, hehe. I'm also glad you liked the Sandra scene.....
Nice idea on the SWATS, all will be revealled!!!

Sonicslayer: I originally wanted to leave because I don't like Pokemon as much............Monica's Army has very very very FEW Pokemon in, maybe one surprising one I think...
Ok, I belive you've been reading! Anyway, it applies if you started reading from the start OR even yesterday, so don't worry! You'll be on!

Hanada: Ok, well, I'm not going to SPP, two forums gets complicated >__<, but I'm still here for the time being. I can now confirm (as I'm writing it now, hehe) That Monica's Army will be on Fanfiction.net, involving Monica. New Characters are introduced, and it focuses on Adeptry a lot more.......
PM box will be claered! (EDIT-cleared)

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Wow, that was an excellent chappie!

Hmm, so Monica had spoken to Sandra during her venture with Al. It's all coming together now.

Benji was funny, I hope we see him again, LOL.

Also, Chris got involved in this too. Kecleon found a replacement for Marill, I think the Blue Kecleon can't match Marill/Azumarill though.

Sandra is dead... finally. I just hope that Chris, Al, and Monica don't get arrested though.

I am neurotic, just to let you know. j/k

Just a few things.

1) So, you are writing a sequel; Monica's Army. Just one thing, are you going to write From Trainer to Trainee or anything else involving any characters from this fic?

2) So, no more at SPP? K

3) Yeah, are you gonna post Monica's Army or anything else you are writing involving any character from FRTC on TPM? I know ur not gonna at SPP, but please post it on TPM, as we can't reply at FF.net


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So you are writing Monica's Army?
I have a feeling you've been itching to focus on her and her Adept abilities for ages!

Please, send me a preview if possible of the first chapter.

Oh, and to all CLOSET READERS, I think it would be advisable to speak out now and get your name down for reading for sooo long!

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Great Chappie, Always loved it never found time to post, Truely great story bummed out hearing ya hate Pokemon. Oh well different people like different things you grow out of a lot of things.

Chris 2.1
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Hanada: Glad you enjoyed it!
I wonder if the Three will get arested? Maybe they do, a rather Grim end to the fic, though, but who knows? (apart from me ;))
Yea, Monica and Sandra have been having girl talks! Hehe. It all folds together, *sigh*....
Kecleon and Marina may have snogged, but who says they'll last? Especially if Al's on the run....The H.O are still after him............................
1) FTTT Is not going to be made into a fic, sorry. Chris, Krystal, Tony or anyone won't be in anymore fanfics, except MAYBE (this is a MAYBE MAYBE) They will get small Povs in MA, but i doubt it. Oh well.
3)That's true, no replies at FF.net. Well, Myabe it will appear here.....when i've finished it, i'll return here :)

Oakbark: Dude, this is so great for me to write this! I have LITERALLY been Itching to do this, it's gonna be great! Tomorrow i'll PM you a sample....but I have to dash now!

Mega: 'I'll edit this and answer your thingy, but I cant now!

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What I meant in my last post was, that you made it so there was no side quests. Like you would usually have Chris's part, person's part that was a side quest like Tony, that one girl who was very strong and was a champion, and Dane at times. thats all. Hm now that Sableye is out in the wild, i should explore the safari zone.:D

When do you think this fic will end, in how many weeks days months years, milleniums, or eons.

Chris 2.1
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Meganium: Exactly, I've grown out of Pokemon really. Oh well. Monica's Army is not really Pokemon-related, so you may find it a lot different from other fics.

Powarun: Well, there were seperate POVS', but everyone elses has finished, haven't they? Dane had a small part in, but i put it in this next Chapter instead. I hope you enjoy it!

Erm, the Epilogue is posted Friday.......and Then I'll keep it open till sunday I guess.

Are there NO character/author/pokemon questions?

The Indigo Road
Chapter 39 - Krystal and Dane
By Shiny


“PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST” Came the voice. We stared at each other. Sure, Al may be under arrest, but why me? Why Monica? How did they know what was happening?

I recalled Kecleon, and behind Al and infront of Monica, I walked up the steps past the swat team.

As we walked outside, the sunlight was very welcoming. I looked down at the ground, unable to block out the sun. There were still a lot of people around the outside of the bunker…how had they tracked us down?

“I’m Neil Breyward, head of this party,” A man said, stepping forward. “Now then. Al Summerford, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Monica Luinskei. Monica, you will be escorted back home to Lavender Town to see your parents. Mr Summerford, you also stand accused of Grand Theft Auto, stealing Mr Luenski’s 18-wheeler”

Neil got two swat men to grab Al. They were both stocky and well built. They each grabbed one of Al’s arms and hoisted him into the air. He looked around angrily as he was taken towards a car at the end of the beach.

“LEMME GO!” He roared.

“AL!” Monica screamed. “AL!!”
“Don’t worry,” He grunted, trying to turn and face his love. “They can’t lock me up forever…I LOVE YOU”

“I love you too!” Monica cried.

“Miss Luinskei, this is Mr Peterson, he’ll be escorting you home” Neil said, diverting Monica’s attention. Monica looked at the gangly man. He had brown hair that lay smoothly atop his small head, and had bright green eyes.

“Well Chris, it’s been great seeing you again,” Monica said lightly, turning to me. Mr Peterson looked aggravated. “I enjoyed your company today and in Lavender”
“Good luck training around the world” I said.
“I doubt I will, not if I’m going back to Lavender,” She said disappointedly.

“Erm, Mrs Luinskei?” Neil asked.
“Sorry” She said, walking with Mr Peterson along the beach. I didn’t see their car, so I presumed it was actually IN Fuchsia, or perhaps Monica’s parents were in Fuchsia.

“And who are you?” Neil asked.
“Sandra kept me as a hostage” I said, thinking quickly of what to say next. “Erm, I live in Pontaricò, and she kidnapped me. I’m Chris”

“Right” Neil said. “Come with me”


I was taken to a room, where I had to be interviewed and whatnot. Neil was very good at making sure what I said was real, and even though I contradicted myself on more than one occasion, Neil found my story to fit perfectly.

I was given a plane ticket to Pontaricò, paid for and everything, and was escorted to Fuchsia City harbour that very same afternoon, that was, after I bought souvenirs for everybody at home and whatever. My guard, named Fed, was chunky, coloured and bald, and height wise was about 6 Feet tall. He reassured me a lot.

I explained everything to my Pokemon and talked about the past day and what had happened. Electabuzz and Umbreon were very glad Sandra was dead, which really showed how much they missed Granbull each and every day. I sent Monica a text asking her to put some more flowers by Granbull’s grave when she got back home. Smeargle took the whole story rather happily, his tongue flopping out the side of his mouth as he watched. Dustox was attracted to Electabuzz’ antenna, which sparked and flickered with light. Seviper, Ivysaur and Pidgeot each tried to get their head around what had happened, while Kecleon turned blue in memory of Marina. I would have happily taken her back home with me for Kecleon…

The plane journey was drab. It was lower class, so we were literally expected to keep the bloody plane together. I had two kids on my right; each one screaming at each other after the girl snapped the boys crayon savagely. The mother and father had chosen to sit somewhere else. Lucky sods. I guess they knew what the kid’s standards were on planes.

The view was incredible as we soared over Cinnabars volcano. It bubbled with searing heat and heated lava. I’d have loved to have gone there and competed for a badge. I had heard it was very tough. I delved into my pocket and found my Earth Badge, from Cal:

“We’re not beaten so easily,” Cal muttered. “Use a double team!”
Chris watched as Feraligatr soon split into three copies. Chris tried his hardest to distinguish the real thing from the two copies it produced, but it was very hard. For all he knew, Cal could have three Feraligatr’s instead of one.

“Electabuzz! Spark!” Chris said, unsure of whether his decision was good or not. Electabuzz growled, and sparks were soon issued to shoot off from the electrical discharge swarming his body.

My Cascade badge from Misty, after Krystal lent me her Kingdra:

Dragonair slithered out of the water and blasted an ice beam at Kingdra. Kingdra fired one back, causing a large ice orb to form in the center. The orb dropped and smashed, as Dragonair and Kingdra continued to battle.

“Finish it with hyper beam!” I cried. Kingdra glowed white around the edges as he leapt into the air. His snout had an orange orb in it, as he blasted an intense hyper beam forward. It smashed into Dragonair and knocked her out.

And my much more recently earned Soul Badge from poor disabled Koga:

“Kecleon! Psybeam!” I shouted. The classic ‘psychic>poison’ was in effect. Kecleon blasted the jagged, multicoloured beam from his belly stripe. It smashed into Ariados and, despite his efforts to dig his legs into the ground; he was forced back across the arena. Koga watched keenly.

“Ariados, commence! Use Solarbeam” Koga croaked. “It’s time you learnt, young man”

I then thought about Pidgeot, Ivysaur and Seviper, each caught while I was over here. Cascoon had evolved into Dustox, also on my team, and my energetic Smeargle also joined the roster. As we soared ever closer down to Pontaricò, I could see the fluffy clouds bursting with passion and life. I saw a Fearow tear through them effortlessly, despite the fact they looked so solid…Fearow disappeared.

As we passed over the Kaggral Sea, I saw Teputin, a large continent that had a 5-badge competition. It was very Mediterranean, with a lot of palm trees and calm blue seas. I had visited one of the towns when I was young, but I couldn’t remember it that vividly. I just remember they all ate bananas…Teputin was also the only known home for Wiscash and Clampearl.

The overall journey was about an hour and a half. It wasn’t that bad, in fact, it had made a change from ferries or cars. The airport was a few miles from the town, so once I left the airport I got a taxi straight away.

The taxi man was fat. He moulded into his brown, foul stenched chair and drove off, the dancing Elvis on the dashboard wiggling violently. The two pink dice jiggled together and knocked against one another, and the quiet radio banged out an awful dance song. It lasted the duration of the ride.

I paid the taxi driver; he gave me change, and drove off. I looked around. Hmm…it was about 10 minutes home, so I got my scooter out, flicked it on and purred off down the road, towards my home.



Well, A week had passed, a week at home, that is. I’d bid farewell to my Mum, who lived with my auntie, Kimi’s Mum. Dad left my mum and me when I was only little. I can’t remember anything about him. Mum never mentioned him. So now, Aunt Ruth and my mum were in the same house. Chris may have three other siblings, but I didn’t have any. Tony had a younger sister called Brittany, and he had captured Mudkip for her…I wonder how he’s doing in Cerulean?

I sat on the rocks by the sea, watching the waves crash over the shore ferociously. The boat was departing in about 6 hours. I might go and train to the Gym, I could train some of my Pokemon up there I suppose. Then again, I could explore Diglett’s and find something remotely interesting there…

Suddenly, I heard a rapt noise. I turned either side, but still I heard the sound all around me. I got up. Bagon and Swablu were with me, while Azumarill and Kingdra swam in the water.

“Who is it?” I asked, before a shadow appeared, creeping along the ground in a slow, steady manner…

I looked up to see a Salmenace soar above me, before turning and slowly landing. I could see the spiky fringe of Tom Chamber’s hair from the purple creature, and knew instantly that he was attending Dragon Rock.

“Tom!” I cried happily. Salmenace, having grown over the weeks, slightly bigger than your average horse, was pawing the sand, occupying himself while Tom clambered off. Tom sat next to me on the cold, slimy rock. Bagon ran eagerly off the rock, slipping and collapsing in the sand, eager to see his evolution up close. Swablu flapped over cautiously. Salmenace, having once had Bagon’s dreams of soaring high in the sky, started flapping up sand and lifting short distances into the air, showing off to the two small Pokemon.

“A Bagon, eh?” He said keenly.
“Yea” I replied. “I hope I can get a Salmenace someday!”
“Where’s everybody else?” Tom asked, almost as if I was abusing my Pokemon. I clumsily found Charizard, Steelix and Ampharos’ Pokeballs, throwing them off the rock onto the sand. Each burst open violently. Charizard immediately approached Tom, but I told him off, telling him Tom was a friend, not intending to hurt me.

“Protective, isn’t he?” Tom said, blushing in embarrassment.
“Yea…he is,” I mumbled. Ampharos leapt up, grabbed a Pokeball from my belt and smirked, maximising it. He really wanted to be a trainer himself…he leapt off the rock, slipping slightly, and ran across the beach, eager for a Pokemon to capture.

“AMPHAROS!” I cried. “Swablu, tackle him!”
“Leave it to me” Tom said, pulling an Ultra Ball out.
“No!” I cried hastily. “Anything big will break his ribs!”

My plan worked; Swablu knocked Ampharos down, he dropped the Pokeball and fell into the sand. The ball rolled shortly along the sand, before a Trapinch, submerged nearly half way into the sand, snapped it with its ragged jaws. The ball was gone.

“PALU!!!” Ampharos wailed, punching the sand with his fists. Swablu stroked his back with her wing slightly, trying to apologise. Swablu fluttered back, but Ampharos stayed where he was. I shot the beams of Azumarill and Kingdra’s Pokeballs into the water, signalling I wanted them back up. They emerged soon after, before I recalled them.

I recalled Charizard, Steelix and Ampharos, Bagon in my arms and Swablu perching on my head. Tom recalled Salmenace and released Arcanine, who walked alongside him affectionately.

“So, where do you fancy going?” I asked.
“Umm…I dunno, maybe the seafood diner?” Tom suggested.
“I’m not…into seafood,” I said, feeling the colour drain from my face even as I spoke. “How about JFC? Jail-grade Fried Crow. I hear their meat is ‘tangy but satisfying’”

“Sure” I said, as we headed off together.


After a ‘satisfying’ meal, we both headed out and decided to explore Diglett’s cave. It couldn’t hurt, could it?

As we wandered through the town, I saw a rather ‘doughy’ tramp sitting on the side of the street. He held an illegible piece of writing out on a sheet of cardboard, written in an untidy scrawl. He started to get up as he approached us. A Spoink sprung up and down by his side. Both smelled rather pungent.

“I…I…need to” He grunted, bumbling around. He had a scarred face, lined with dots of tiny stubble. “I…”

“Are you alright?” I asked. Tom held a hand out.
“Leave him alone” he said. Sniffing the air, he announced, “He’s been drinking”

“GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY” He growled, eyes narrowed at Tom. He whipped out a penknife (rather quickly for a drunk) and bore it at Tom menacingly. Tom looked calm, but he still backed away.

“No. Arcanine, ember” He mumbled. Arcanine’s throat built up with a scorching flame, before he burped, brought it up and set it at the tramp. The tramp’s leg was soon ablaze; he dropped the knife and hopped around, flailing his arms and legs.

“You may have not resorted to violence, but we did” Tom said, smirking. I looked up at Swablu.


Swablu cooed; she flapped across from my head and blasted the streaks of wind forward. The flames began to die slowly, resulting in a melted trouser leg literally constricted onto the man’s leg.

“There” I said obviously. “We HELPED you out…”

The man stared at me with his garish yellow teeth. I could see something stuck in-between two of them…

He made a grab for my chest – I thought he was going to grope me at first, but he took my Blackthorn Pendant, ripped it from my chain (which dug into my neck aggressively) and ran off down the street. My chain, now snapped, dropped onto the ground, leaving red marks around my neck. I stood there innocently, my face pale watching the man run off down the street.


“I felt so helpless” I pined to Tom in the Pokemoncenter. “First Seel, and then this!”
“The Police said they still had no luck finding the tramp,” Tom muttered. He rubbed my back reassuringly. “I Just know they’ll get it”

“But they didn’t get Seel back…” I moaned. “That was ages ago”
“There’s always hope…” Tom said tolerantly. “Always hope…”

I was worried about going outside again, but I obviously had to. The tramp had stolen my gift from Chris…I really had admired him for buying such a thoughtful gift for me. I held a tear back.

“He fancied me, you know,” I said, sniffing again.
“He…did?” Tom said alarmingly. “Seriously?”

“Well…I don’t know where he was heading” I moped. “S-s-Seafoam Island…I t-t-think”

“He’ll always be there in spirit,” Tom said. I had to admit, that was awful reassurance, but I was happy he had made the effort.

We sat in the Pokemoncenter for a lot longer, talking about our hopes and dreams, and about Dragon Rock.

“They put you in one of fuve ‘groups’. Latias, Latios, Dragonite, Dragonair and Rayquazza”
“How do they pick?”
“I’m not sure,” Tom said. “But let’s hope we both get in the same one”

“Latios” We said together.

“Rayquazza” We said again. I sighed.

“Here, in case you’re in another situation like this afternoon” Tom said. “Here’s the guy’s penknife he dropped”
He handed me the silvery knife, which flicked out and revealed a magnifying glass, tweezers, a toothpick, a shoehorn, a large blade, a more ‘needle’ like blade, and many more. I stashed it in my back pocket.


Later on, as the sun blasted a vibrant, deep, golden yellow, Tom and me sat outside the Diglett’s cave, Swablu and Bagon out. We were going to explore it in a lot of detail, I hoped…

“Sure is…warm” Tom murmured.
“Yea…blazing” I sighed. I turned to see what he was looking at. He was staring at me!

“You’re eyes are gorgeous” He admired. Hun, my *** is for sittin on, not kissin!
“Thanks” I said lightly. “I like your…eyes, too”
I was lost for words. I felt him move closer, his fresh breath cooling my neck. I remember closing my eyes dreamily and letting my mind go wild…

Little did I know, a figure watched from afar with a Murkrow by his side. A Ditto perched on his shoulder, before the figure drew a thin trading card.


The Pokemon glowed, growing and morphing into something utterly amazing…

After the sun dipped slightly, causing the bold oranges to smash against the deep navies of the sky, Tom and me sat outside the cave, tired. I let my head droop lazily…He did, too.

“We should go in…” I said.
“Yea, K”

We slowly got up, Tom taking my hand in his and helping me. I was instantly reminded of Dane, and how he had treated me kindly. My mind flashed back to when he gagged me in the forest. How I loathed him…and what he may be doing with Seel…

As we walked in the cave and further from the glow coming from the exit, the glow of light, I found myself cloaked in darkness, barely able to see Tom, who walked ahead.

Bagon was walking alongside me, Arcanine walked alongside Tom and Swablu perched atop my head affectionately. I smiled as Swablu cooed her name a few times. She really was sweet…I imagined having an Absol on my team, maybe not the one that tried to attack me, but a tame one all the same. It brought a smile to my face.

I occaisionly looked back at the light outside. However, I saw Tom turn to me.

“There are brackets on the walls,” He murmured. “If we can light a few then we can take them with us. I’ll use Arcanine”

“Bagon, ember” I hissed, Bagon nodded. He opened his mouth and coughed up a glowing ember. It made contact with the torch and lit it up. We continued the process on another torch, grabbing one each. I held it close like a sword, but then held it at more of a distance like a shield. When I heard a noise, I would turn sharply, only to see a little Diglett pop out.

“Krystal…” A voice said. Tom turned at me.
“Who was that?”

Tom looked ahead, barely able to see the patch of light. A silhouette stood there, blocking a majority of the light out. I grabbed a Pokeball and threw it out forward. From the ball, the light morphed into Ampharos, who stood infront of me happily.

“Use a flash, Amphy,” I said sweetly. Ampharos nodded, focusing his energy. The orb on his forehead and tail glowed, before releasing a flash that penetrated into the corners of the cave. We could then see all around us, and more importantly, infront, where Dane stood at the exit out.

“Krystal” He said simply. “Back together at last…”


“Dane…what are you doing here?” I asked. “What?”
“I’m…getting a boat to Daezun” He purred. “The merchants city near Egypt”
“GIVE MY SEEL BACK YOU BASTARD!” I screamed. I ran forward at him, but Tom held me back.

“Why did you shoot those three swat guards?” I asked, a whimper in my voice. Dane sighed.
“I had to” He said simply. “For it was the only way of getting out…”

“HOW COULD YOU?” I roared.

“Be reasonable” Dane continued. “Just because I work for Holmes doesn’t mean I’m necessarily a trigger-happy maniac. I didn’t want to. I had to. Sacrifices must be made to achieve Nirvana”

“Nirvana…” Tom mumbled.

“Krystal” Dane said, moving forward. I stepped back. “ Please try to understand…you can hate me, you can despise me, you can think nothing but awful thoughts of me…but the fact is, the Organisation is rising. You’ll come eventually. We’re soon going to show this world what we can do”

“I can see what you mean…” I began.
“Good, because those men did NOTHING to me…I didn’t feel it was right shooting them like this”

“Battle him,” Tom hissed. “Now his guard is down”
I thought about it. Dane was strong, but I had been training a lot recently. Thinking carefully, I decided Ampharos, already out his Pokeball, would be best suited.

“Thunderbolt!” I roared.

I pointed at Dane. I was mad with rage. I was staring at Ampharos, but still he didn’t do anything.

“AMPHAROS!” I cried, “I’m talking to you!”

Ampharos pointed at himself. He nodded, clenched his fists and forced the jagged bolt of electricity from his body. It shot forward at Dane, but he leapt down and evaded. He turned to his left.


Ninetales ran forward. Tom looked at Arcanine.


Arcanine ran head-on and, in mid-air, tackled Ninetales. She fell onto the floor, lighter of the two. She took a lot of damage. Arcanine blasted a flamethrower at Dane, but Ninetales managed to conjure up a white protect shield. The flames rippled the surface peacefully.

“Ditto!” Dane cried. “GO!”

Dane hurled a Pokeball, but it opened and revealed something much different. A Banette. It clutched its large silver cross tightly around its neck, shooting glances from left to right nervously.

“Argh!” Dane yelped. “Erm…Banette, RETURN”
He shot the ball at Banette, recalling him quickly. “Murkrow, go!”

Murkrow flapped forward at me, clawing me in the face. I forced him back and smacked him in the jaw, but Murkrow clasped his talons around my cape and managed to pull me across.

“GET OFF!” I screamed. When he was in reach, Dane grabbed my arm and dragged me so I was right infront of him.
“Listen” He hissed. “I don’t want to play games…”
“Neither…do…I!!!” I protested, stamping on his foot. However, he kept hold of me and twisted my arm. I squealed, looking at Tom innocently.

“Murkrow” Dane purred. “Get blondy out”
Murkrow started pecking Tom, causing him to run out the cave. Dane smirked, and as Ninetales and Murkrow followed, Dane and me brought up the rear.


Outside, by the crashing rocks, Dane kept a firm grip of me. Ninetales and Murkrow faced Arcanine, Swablu, Bagon and Ampharos. Dane released his Ditto and drew a Pokemon trading card out, just like when he had done so with Tangela.

“Flygon” He murmured. “Transform!”
Ditto nodded, and almost instantly began to grow, as if it were evolving. It soon morphed into the mighty Flygon, flapping its wings angrily.

“Now then” Dane said. “Take down on Arcanine!”
Flygon nodded, and as its wings slapped into its sides, it shot through the air towards Arcanine. I’d never seen Tom battle before…

“Quick attack! Evade, turn, attack!” Tom cried. Arcanine used the quick attack as a very souped up agility. He tore into the air, over Flygon’s head while he shot down, and onto the ground near Dane. His front legs stayed pressed down, while his back spun around and allowed him to face the other way. Now Facing Flygon, he blasted a fireball forward and slammed the dragon in the back.

“Flyyyy!” The Pokemon shrieked.

“Damn” Dane mumbled.
“I’m a Gym leader,” Tom boasted. “Don’t play games with me. Arcanine, scorch”

Arcanine then blasted a spiralling blast of flames, the oranges and silky reds blazing and swirling together, before shooting forward and trying to lure Flygon in. Flygon flew through the air and shot into the clouds, before tearing back down almost straight away. He rocketed past us and shot into Arcanine.

“Arcanine!” Tom cried. “Get back, I know who to use”
He shot the beam and recalled Arcanine. Tom then drew another Ultra Ball, held his arm back and lobbed the ball forward.

From the brilliant white light emerged an Aerodactyl. He flapped his wings impressively, screeching his name and staring at Flygon.

“Aerodactyl, sonic stream!” Tom roared. Glowing blue, Aerodactyl shot through the air, wings out fully. He cawed menacingly as he headed for Flygon. Flygon’s reactions told him to shoot into the air and he did so. Aerodactyl followed, pulling up and tearing through the soft, flurry clouds of the sky.

“Flygon! About turn! Flamethrower!” Dane cried, immediately staring at Tom. I knew he wanted to make a good impression. I heard a scorch sound, presumably Flygon’s, but as I watched, Dane ran past me and stood infront. He was making this personal with Tom.

This was my chance to get Seel back! I saw three Pokeballs, which belonged to Murkrow, Ninetales and Ditto, but there were five ‘lock balls’ – black on top, grey stripe in the middle and white on the bottom. That must be where his stolen Pokemon where.

Swablu flew over, as Bagon and Ampharos stayed with Tom. As Flygon flew from Aerodactyl still, the pterodactyl cawing and snapping his jaws menacingly. Flygon suddenly glowed, morphing back into Ditto. Ditto then stared up at Dane. I refrained from trying to take one of the lock balls until Ditto had gone.

Dane drew another card from the bum bag around his waist. He flicked it around, revealing a picture of a Manectric. Ditto focused on the picture, before his body rippled and he started to grow. White light obscured his figure as he formed into the large dog. Within seconds, the light faded and revealed the lively Manectric. If I hadn’t seen Ditto, I would have honestly thought this was real.

“Discharge!” Dave cried. Manectric blasted a blue streak of electricity from his body. Aerodactyl tore through the clouds, causing Manectric to leap and bound forward, staring up into the sky for any sign of the Pokemon.

Suddenly, Aerodactyl tore back down and headbutted Manectric. Before he could retaliate, Tom’s Pokemon shot through the air and across the arena. Manectric ran after him. This was surely my chance. Kneeling on the ground, I looked up at the four lock balls on one side of Dane’s belt, and the one lock ball with three of Dane’s normal Pokeballs. I thought about this. This had to work.

I reached forward and grabbed three, yanking them off Dane’s belt. Dane turned angrily, before I crawled back, got up and stepped back.

“HA!” I cried. “I got Seel!”
“You don’t know that…” Dane muttered. “I have five other Pokemon, you may have mixed them up”

I threw the three balls down to the ground, revealing a Lickitung, a rather pale pink I might add, a Pikachu and my darling Seel! I quickly pulled out Seel’s usual Ultra Ball and shot the beam, recalling him in a flash of orange light. I then drew the lock balls.

“Manectric, tackle her!” Dane cried.

I shot the beams and recalled Lickitung and Pikachu, right before Manectric knocked me to the ground. I rolled back along the beach, the sand getting in my hair and face. Dane grabbed the two Lock balls.

“Thunderbolt! Teach her…” He growled.
“NO! I CHOOSE YOU!” Tom shouted. He threw out Rhydon’s Pokeball, who appeared in a flash of warming light. “Lightening rod!”

As Manectric blasted the attack, it slowly rose into the air and shot towards Rhydon’s drill. Spinning frantically, the drill absorbed the electric attack, leaving me unharmed. I looked up. Dane had turned around.

“Bagon!” I cried. “Headbutt!”

Bagon looked across at me. He closed his eyes peacefully, before a marvellous, familiar glow took over his body. He slowly built up and formed into a large, round body, with four purple paws coming from underneath. He was considerably bigger. Before I knew it, the white Shellgon was now infront of me. The hexagon-style hole from which two eyes watched deceivingly, the cute soft paws and the hard, bone-like shell encasing him, it was all here!

“Shellgon!” I cried happily. “Take down!”
It was cute watching him charge across the sand, hammering into Dane’s back. Dane fell to the ground as I got up. I looked at Shellgon, who looked at me.

“Body slam!”

“Ditto!” Dane cried weakly. “Transform!”
Dane, with his last ounce of breath, drew a final card and hurled it forward. It stuck to Manectric, who watched as his form first shrunk down to that of the small Ditto, before shooting even smaller to form a tiny little Natu. The card flew back to Dane.


As Shellgon leapt in the air, Natu used its eyes to focus a psychic power into Shellgon’s body. Shellgon just…floated there momentarily, as Natu concentrated on keeping him in the air. Natu then drove Shellgon back, dropping him. He dug his heels into the sand as he fell.

“Shellgon, are you alright?” I asked, bending over. Shellgon seemed ok…He gave a gruff, muffled ‘HMM!’

Swablu and Ampharos ran over, as did Tom, who recalled Aerodactyl and Rhydon. Dane lay there, Natu by his side.

“I hope you don’t think I’m…finished,” He gasped.
“You are” Tom said. “Shellgon would have snapped your spine like a twig”
“Ha” Dane grumbled. “Natu! Teleport!”

Natu’s eyes glowed a vibrant apple green. Dane flashed momentarily, before Natu and he disappeared. I looked around, and Dane appeared on the dock not too far away with Natu on his shoulder.

He smirked, before strolling onto the boat, ticket out. I watched. We ran forward, but before we could say or do anything he had gone into the boat.

“He’s got away!” I cried, pointing.
“Damn” Tom muttered. “Those poor Pokemon…”
“But I got Seel back!” I cried, releasing the Ultra Ball. Seel emerged from the white light and, staring up at me, he clapped his fins happily.

“Seel, Seel!” He barked playfully. I bent down and hugged him tightly. Shellgon, Swablu and Ampharos watched, as did Tom.


After recalling the team, save for Swablu, Tom and me stood by the dock, which lead to the ferry. I was actually nervous. I sighed, as Tom put an arm around me and led me towards the boat.

“Everything will be fine” He assured me. “Try to forget Dane”
“Maybe he’s right” I sighed. “Maybe he didn’t intend to kill those three innocent people…”

“But he did kill them” Tom said calmly. “Remember that”

“But it’s something he said to me” I recalled. “ The fact is, the Organisation is rising. You’ll come eventually. We’re soon going to show this world what we can do ”

“He’s just trying to scare you” Tom said. “Don’t let him get to you…don’t sink that low”

“I think he already did get to me” I sighed, as we wandered onto the boat.

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9th July 2003, 12:49 PM
I'm glad that Chris is ok now. Poor Krystal, she gets her Seel back, but she has been affected by Dane. I shall await the conclusion, then I will say what I need to say.

9th July 2003, 12:51 PM
Excellent Chapter As Always, No Doubt, I cant wait for the final chapter. I wanna see how Chris' Mom reacts to his lipring Lol cant wait.

9th July 2003, 01:27 PM
Great chapter. Although a lot of what Dane said made no sense... at least not to me... he sounds a bit... mental. Well, Crystal has lost the last thing she had from Chris. I liked 'Jail-grade Fried Cow'.:D

Chris 2.1
9th July 2003, 02:37 PM
Jukain: Chris has made it out safely, poor Monica and Al.......
Krystal FINALLY (and rather unexpectadly, this wasn't part of the plot originally) gets Seel back! Yipee! And it seems Dane's words have penetrated beneath her skin...

Meganium: Hehe, thanks. I'm sure Mum will hate the Lipring, hehe. My mum would hated my eyebrow ring, lol.

Dragonfree: He was just expressing his sorrow for shooting the three Guards. Put simply, he felt he had to shoot them to escape, and that was a much bigger priority. Is he luring Krystal again? Hmmmm
Shame she lost the pendant....*sniff* to that lazy bum and his springing thing......oh well.

Ok, I am clearing my PM box after this, and then I will PM Oakbark with a taster of MA. anybody else want one?

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9th July 2003, 02:43 PM
Ill have a taster of MA I am interested in seeing about the concept of it.

9th July 2003, 02:52 PM
Great! I loved the chapter, and Seel was returned!
Monica wasn't too bothered about Al though.

Dragonfree, Dragonfree, you just don't get it.
The Organisation is growing, and unlike the fanciful stories you read, evil can and will overcome good. Krystal is a smart girl, and she'll soon learn it's better to join evil than try to beat it - especially the Organisation. Cerulean was a slight hitch in the overall plans, and Dave's pitiful actions are not an indication of weakness on TO's behalf.
So Krystal got Seel back......I personally blame that Banette. No matter, he'll make a fine price in Daezun.....
Those guards had to be killed - it was me or them. I couldn't hand myself over in the hope of being bailed out by Holmes, could I?

And so I leave. It's been nice knowing you, especially you, Dragonfree..........:yes:

9th July 2003, 03:00 PM
Great Shiny, although I wonder if we've seen the last of Dane. *Hint hint* I think Krystal will her new Shellgon despited it having a egg for a body.
Question to Krystal:
Has Dane really affected you? I mean if that guy nicked my pokes I'd fight him with my bare hands.

9th July 2003, 03:36 PM
Sorry, no previews for me. I will leave TPM when this fic is over. I really have no place here, and with the other authors going to Serebii, there is no reason for me to stay.

9th July 2003, 05:36 PM
This was a cool chapter. Doesn't Al get a law suit first or something lol? I have to stop typing, i have a splinter in my finger, it hurts like hell. I would love a MA spoiler

9th July 2003, 07:41 PM
Originally posted by Oakbark
Dragonfree, Dragonfree, you just don't get it.
The Organisation is growing, and unlike the fanciful stories you read, evil can and will overcome good. Krystal is a smart girl, and she'll soon learn it's better to join evil than try to beat it - especially the Organisation. Cerulean was a slight hitch in the overall plans, and Dave's pitiful actions are not an indication of weakness on TO's behalf.
So Krystal got Seel back......I personally blame that Banette. No matter, he'll make a fine price in Daezun.....
Those guards had to be killed - it was me or them. I couldn't hand myself over in the hope of being bailed out by Holmes, could I?

And so I leave. It's been nice knowing you, especially you, Dragonfree..........:yes:
Should I tell you what you don't get, Dane? That everything is just a point of view. From your point of view, you had to kill those guards, it is smart to suddenly go evil even though you aren't and the Organisation will take over the world. From my point of view, you are a maniac. It's that simple.

Nice knowing me indeed... well, put it this way... I don't like people. OK?

9th July 2003, 11:27 PM
I am sick of sayign good chapter or someother adjective chapter.

Well, I have somehting to ask you Shiny do you have something against fat people. I noticed that you mentioned a lot of chubbiness in here. Or it could just be me. I am not offended since I am as skinny as a rod, but others may.

On the other hand, you see Krystal, if you would have stayed with Chris, although you may have not have your necklace so soon you would have it.

Chris, a song that I heard was quoted, but all good things must end. And to you it seems like it has happened. Btw there are other girls or boys out there. snickers at this comment.

As for Shiny again, well it is no shock that the story ends, really and it seems to conclude rather quickly, how you feel bout ending it. Are you happy or sad, I understand that pokemon is just another fad out in the sea, but will you come back, like a two year from now, as you are shopping, and you come across a new pokemon item? It was nice knowing ya.:yes:

Hanada Tattsu
9th July 2003, 11:31 PM
Excellent chapter!

So, Al is in jail, he kept up for so long only to be caught again. Oh well, at least Monica is back home in Lavender Town safe and sound. And Chris is freed, heading back to Pontarico.

Krystal and Tom? I never thought about that. The bum was stupid, he stole Chris' gift to Krystal! Ampharos was funny, LOL.

Wow, Dane was back. Tom really kicked Dane's @ss, and now Krystal finally has a Shellgon! I hope it eventually evolves. Hmm, so evil Dane sold that Bannete, Lickitung, and Pikachu, but Krystal finally got Seel back, making it her eighth Pokemon!

Keep it up!

Chris 2.1
10th July 2003, 12:55 PM
Meganium: Sure thing, I'll PM you the advance veiw of MA after I've typed this post.

Oakbark: Well, she still loved him, but I suppose she was scared, really. She did cry out for him, but did you notice how shocked she was when he shot Sandra? She may have felt he deserved it......

Jon: Do you mean she'll like her new Shellgon? Hehe, I reckon she'll love it.

Krystal: Oh yes. I knew from expirience he was tough, he creamed Flaaffy with a Mareep! I expected I would have to fight him in Vermillion, but Tom luckily did the honours! He showed me how tough he could be, I'm very grateful.

Jukain: Seems like we'll leave TPM together...I'll probably post MA on SPP and TPM when they're both finished, so you can all like my writing :-)

Dragon_Claw: Well, he killed someone, 'kidnapped' (thats what it looked like) Monica, 'stole' (with Monica's permission) a truck and has been breaching a binding contract for a while now. They felt he didn't HAVE a case. Take care with the splinter!

Dragonfree: Hehe, you go! I'm glad to see you're all debating this and that....

Powarun: Nah, not anythign against them, but as I mentioned with Lewis, I hate everybody being normal weights, normal stomachs etc etc. I'm thin, too....
Krystal should have stayed with Chris, I reckon. Poor guy. I wonder what would have happened if they went to Seafoam? and Cinnabar?
How do I feel? Sad, really. I kinda wanted to do more trainer fics, I have heaps of ideas in the writers lounge, and I feel as if I've let you all down......

Hanada: Al's off....I wonder if the Organisation get involved? Monica's safe now, and Chris gets a free flight home! Everything worked out...except for Al's 6 year sentence.
Krystal and Tom - another thing I, THE AUTHOR, Didn't expect! The nasty Bum should be hunted down....
Glad you liked Ampharos!!!!!!!!!
Krystal's team is:
Azumarill, Charizard, Kingdra, Steelix, Ampharos, Swablu, Bagon and Seel, a full team!

Still working on MA.....hehe. Im PM-ing Mega the preveiw now!

10th July 2003, 02:30 PM
Maybe there's something wrong with my PM Box, but if not could I please have Monica's Army preview???
Just wondering, will TO be in it?

I'm a maniac, eh?
So Sabrina throws Megan out of an aeroplane, and Al shoots Sandra.......how does that make the good guys look?
There is no such thing as good or evil, only power, and those too weak to seek it......

You're quoting that from Ha-

Shut up! I still mean it though. You can't stay a sprite recolouring girl for the rest of your life, darling, so wake up and smell the coffee!!

10th July 2003, 05:15 PM
Actually, one thing that makes you even more of a maniac is that first you call yourself evil, then you come, quoting from Harry Potter that there is no good or evil. But good and evil is nothing more than a point of view. From your point of view, you should actually say you're a good guy, but because you don't seem to think logically, you call yourself evil. To quote from ME instead of Harry Potter... if you believe that you are evil, I guess you can't be helped. And since you mentioned "the good guys" also being evil, I am actually against all "good and evil" sort of thing. J.K. is right - there is no good or evil. Just different points of view, which are the origin of all arguements, wars and debates. For example the reason why some people were with the war in Iraq and others were against it.

And one last thing...

DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all.

10th July 2003, 05:24 PM
Originally posted by Dragonfree
Actually, one thing that makes you even more of a maniac is that first you call yourself evil, then you come, quoting from Harry Potter that there is no good or evil. But good and evil is nothing more than a point of view. From your point of view, you should actually say you're a good guy, but because you don't seem to think logically, you call yourself evil. To quote from ME instead of Harry Potter... if you believe that you are evil, I guess you can't be helped. And since you mentioned "the good guys" also being evil, I am actually against all "good and evil" sort of thing. J.K. is right - there is no good or evil. Just different points of view, which are the origin of all arguements, wars and debates. For example the reason why some people were with the war in Iraq and others were against it.

And one last thing...

DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all.

Ouch, spicy, nice! :P But who called you darling? P.s. do any of u have msn/aim?

10th July 2003, 09:11 PM
Originally posted by Dragon_Claw
Ouch, spicy, nice! :P But who called you darling?
That maniac, Dane.

P.s. do any of u have msn/aim?

No, not me.

11th July 2003, 10:37 AM
HeyShiny.Where to begin ok
First:Chapter 37 was the sweetest thing I have ever read poor Chris.
Second:Yay,Krysta got her Seel back.
Third:it's not going to be easy coming to these forums every Sunday,Wesnday(I know its spelt wrong) and Friday and not being able to read the best fic EVER!!

Well good luck and hope to see you again someday.

-Ash' Pikachu on serebii forums and Pikachurocks on this forum-

Chris 2.1
11th July 2003, 01:05 PM
Oakbark: Yea, the Organisation are briefly in it. I'll PM you a little spoily preveiw after this post, thanks!
Dane, stop quoting J.K :0p

hmm...Dragonfree, DC and Oakbark, i'll leave you to it..

Pikachurocks: Glad you liked Chapter 37! Tag matches. I enjoyed writing it! That battle was about 5 pages, lol. Seel is back! Yea! Give Azumarill some company, hehe. And I apologise for leaving, but staying would be simply pointless.

READERS! I am busy this weekend, so The Epilogue shall be up on Sunday, ok? Thanks. I also may leave the thread open for a week or so, before leaving. When MA is finished I will return, posting a chapter a day....or something. Lol.

EDIT - Oakbark, your MA preveiw (and anyone elses) will be Sunday, Ok? sORRY for inconveinience (sp)....

11th July 2003, 01:30 PM
but why exactly aren't you posting MA here?

11th July 2003, 02:17 PM
Oh, I keep forgetting it... I'd like a preview of MA too, please.

11th July 2003, 05:35 PM
I don't believe I'm evil, and I certainly don't want to seen as evil.
Let me explain. The Organisation is under Holmes, and his 'employees' are working for him all over the place. He is expanding from just pokemon to a much, much larger scale, and you better believe it. I looked at it this way:
Holmes and TO: The big people, and the ones soon to be in authority all over Kanto and beyond.
Everyone Else: The victims, and the ones that will stand to lose once TO is in full working.

So you see, the choice was simple. By joining TO I am ensuring I won't be a victim in all of this. So I'm not evil - just acting smartly. Why do you think I want Krystal with me? It's for her own good, for her safety. I don't want her to be a victim after TO comes into it's own. Doesn't that prove I love her?? Maybe I was agressive with her in the caves, but it would have been better for her in the long run. Hopefully she'll pick up on that......

You're pretty intelligent Dragonfree. Maybe you, like Krystal, will soon realise that resistance is futile. Working alongside scum is better than being victimised by scum.

Sorry about the 'darling' phrase, maybe 'babe' would be more to your liking..........

Don't worry about the Monica's Army preview, Chris. Just get it to me if you can!

War Raichu
11th July 2003, 06:53 PM
Yay! Krystal got Seel back! But she also lost Chris's gift to her to that bum. And the bastard Dane came back. Al is in jail, with Monica heartbroken. Very nice last chapter (this is the last chapter, excluding the epilogue, right?).

Chris 2.1
12th July 2003, 02:57 PM
Hey guys. I've really been thinking a lot, and maybe me leaving here is a bad idea. I can handle erasing INT history every week, or near to that anyway, and I can definitely say me writing MA has been a cause for me to stick to TPM for longer. This will definitely be my last slice of fanfiction, *remembers the same words at page1 of this fic*. Anyway, the Epilogue is up today, and MA will be posted....shortly after!

Dragon_Claw: Well, I am now! Hehe.

Dragonfree: Actually, in the writers lounge, the topic 'fanfic ideas' has a two paragraph preveiw of the fic, which is up soon, maybe even by the time you've arrived at the boards tonght.

Oakbark: Now now, we've said these things before, Try not taking too much into your own hands; I have things intended and whatnot, so Let me set a few things straight:
-Dane for one believes the Organisation isn't bad in any way, they're just changing things for the better
-Dane doesn't think anybody in TO is scum, except Duncan. No reason. Lol.
It isn't much, but try to keep those in mind! Don't worry about it, either, It's an interpretation!

Raichu: The pendant's gone, but Seel's back!
Oh, a little of Chris POV is in the Epilogue, but it's mostly a summary really. Thanks!

Another note: Please insert your name into your next post (IE: PUT ME ON THE LIST!) So i don't miss anybody, Mkay? Thanks.

Now, for the last time..........*sniff*

The Indigo Road
By Shiny


So that’s what happened. Al was taken off to prison, screaming his love for Monica. Monica watched from afar, crying the same love messages. I felt so sorry for her; she’d really had a rough time. Sandra, meanwhile, was now dead…I wonder if she had planned to take over Fuchsia Gym? I bet she would have, once she got the information off Al or Monica.

And here I am. It’s three months afterwards, my sideburns have never looked better and I’m feeling great. All my Pokemon, including my Scyther I caught in the Safari Zone are outside, weather they’re playing, sleeping, watching or whatever, they’re having a nice time.

Smeargle is tormenting Wobbuffet again after his short holiday…hehe. I hope everything’s going ok at Dragon’s rock, I hope you’re doing the best you can and I hope every bodies training to their best! Say Hi to Tom, if he’s there, that is. I hope his training at the Gym paid off.

I miss you every single day, Krystal. Take care,
Love and kisses,
Chris xxx


Chris slipped the letter in an envelope. He licked it, stuck it down and ran down to the mailbox outside. Pushing the letter in the letterbox, it teetered over the edge momentarily, before dropping back in.

Chris turned, ran back inside, and joined his Pokemon in the reserve. Seviper was coiled around the branch of the large Oak, pestering the boisterous Noctowl. Weezing and Dustox sat in the primrose bush together, Umbreon, Electabuzz, Smeargle, Kecleon and Ivysaur were playing tag, and Pidgeot had flown around the island for the day. Chris joined in, glad that he’d learnt something from those months abroad. Scyther was with Chris’ Mum, trimming the hedge with her.

From the safety of the kitchen, Wobbuffet watched the action with a hand on his hip. He shook his head disapprovingly, before turning back to the stove and making his famous Jam burgers. Tim’s little Cyndaquil ran through the kitchen and into the backyard, piping up his name, eager to get some attention.

And as Chris played with his Pokemon, two other majestic birds watched from afar. The smaller, red one, Latias, and the larger, blue one, Latios. They look at each other, Latias giggling slightly. Latios held a hand up, one that was neatly tucked in to his aerodynamic body. Latios watched keenly.

“ And you say he can save our land from being torn? ” Latias asked keenly.
“ He is…the one ” Latios murmured. “ One day soon he shall realise his destiny…”

“ I don’t see his Pikachu…” Latias said nervously.
“ Neither do…I…” Latios gasped. “ Maybe this is not ‘Ash Ketchum’, He who sells many types of promotional garments ”

“ So…”

“ So, we spend the rest of our lives trying to find this idiot, and give him one good reason to visit Hoenn ” Latios said sternly.

“ Off we go…” Latias muttered, as the two tore through the skies once again.


The Indigo Road slowly wound to a close, ending right back at Pontaricò. All across the world, people lived their lives happily. Tony, now working at the Gym again, was enjoying, above most things, the free parking space for his new VW Beetle. His Pokemon all enjoyed the exercise at the Gym, especially Lapras, who had become rather slobbish recently. Although a Blastoise had been one of his more focused ideas, he was happy with Wartortle, and would be even if he were still a Squirtle. Feraligatr was practising his punches on a wooden pillar Misty had installed.

And Jet, the new Saffron City Gym Leader, battled with his Foretress and Magmar against anything that dared challenge him, smiling at the commemorative plaque dedicated to Megan Holland. Jet still cried, sometimes, over that fateful day when his best friend’s plans to leave the force had gone overboard. Nevertheless, he continued to fight ruthlessly against any opponent. His wins were so far 50:30 losses, which wasn’t bad, considering this post had been his for such a short space of time. Jet then shed a tear for Charmander, and how he wished his Pokemon could have helped the team…

Krystal, now safely at Dragons Rock, blissfully trained her Pokemon against those of any other student. Tom and her decided, however, not to battle each other: They were friends, and no less (although perhaps more…)
Both herself and Tom were put in the Latios House, which was one of five sacred houses at Dragons Rock. Latios, Latias, Rayquazza, Dragonite and Dragonair. A Dragon Disciple housed each, 12 sacred trainers each with a powerful and rare Dragon. Krystal, although traumatised about Dane, and even more so over Damien, because it was a year since his death, still managed to pull through.

Megan, after surviving her near-death encounter above Oldale, was now in Littleroot town, working under the supervision of Professor Birch. She had received a cuddly little Torchic for her dedication to Pokemon Research, and continued to train Pokemon as best she could. She also did lectures to the younger children who would soon become trainers themselves, teaching them basic grooming, feeding and battling techniques. She had become very popular among the children, as had her Torchic. Torchic’s jazzy pink glitter bow tie was a huge success. Megan often visited the Battle Park in Oldale for some first-hand battling experience with Mightyena, Shellder and Torchic.

Far away in the continent of Hoenn, in a city called Slateport, Rika Trueman sat in the crowd of a Pokemon Contest as Roy Walker tried his best to win. He caught Pokemon, raised them, won contests with them and then let Rika’s parents look after them in their farm. They now had a Phanpy, a Donphan, and many bug Pokemon, including Ledian, Ledyba (about 6, Roy caught a swarm…), Cascoon and Silcoon, around four each, and a few Caterpie, who’s silk was priceless.
However, Roy had also helped raise a Nidoran Male, and used him in the Pokemon contests. He had evolved to Nidorino and was sent home. Rika’s parents used Nidorino and Nidorina poison for antidotes, so it was essential the Nidoran evolved.

“Go on Flutterbye!” Roy cried to his Butterfree. “I BELIEVE IN YOU!”

Rika was slightly disgruntled she had been dragged along to Hoenn with Roy. She’d really put her foot in it. She just had to make sure she was home this time next year for the Miami Finals again. However, Roy HAD given her that marvellous Gengar…She had exchanged him for Heracross, as the beetle was a lot less psyched. She had also transferred Corsola and Mantine over, bringing her team back to 6. She sighed, hoping that, wherever Chris, Krystal and Tony were, they were having a great time.

Now in Cherrygrove City, Molly Hamilton continued her long trek to the nearest Dock. Her Pokemon were all beaten and bruised after a Houndour Attack on the outskirts of town. Molly sighed to herself. The Johto League had been tough, and all for nothing…
She drew the silver Pokeball trophy from her bag and savoured the moments knowing she had beaten Mike and Lauren, and eight Gym Leaders, but was still shocked at her loss against Gregory. She walked through the spitting torrents of rain, her spirits doused, trying to find a suitable room for the night. But, at 11:15, she had little hope. She sniffed at the prospect of not seeing her parents for a long time, and then thought back to the Miami League. And Damien. This time, it wasn’t a gun-wielding maniac that had cost her glory; it was a gay man…a gay man with a Hawaiian shirt and a Metagross.

In Pacifica, Tim and Suzie Haruka battled in a 2-2. Suzie’s Bayleef and Tim’s Hitmontop each fired attacks, Bayleef sending a wave of fresh, scented leaves shooting at Poliwrath, while Hitmontop, spinning on his head, shot forward at Vileplume.
“Great job!” Tim cried. “Use focus punch!”
Hitmontop forced his powerful fist forward, smashing it into Vileplume’s face. Vileplume, however, tried firing a Solarbeam forward from his flower. Hitmontop used an agility to shoot left and right from the onslaught. This was their 2nd Gym battle, this one against Tino, for a Marble Key, a key made from marble with a diamond streak down the center. Tim had recently caught a Houndour, which he currently trained, and Suzie had captured a Lanturn upon her arrival in Loca Late, a large village. Their adventure was just beginning…

After being taken back home, Monica sat in her classroom, being lectured about the Golem rebellion of 1913. The mysterious Regirock had led golems from the mountains, trashing homes in Lavender town. Regirock was a powerful being, one that had utter power dripping from its body. Monica dreamed of searching for him…but she dreamt even more of training with Al again, searching for badges in new locations.
Al, meanwhile, had been transferred to Saffron Maximum Security Prison. He longed to break out and find Monica, but he had a 6 year sentence; breaching contract had landed him in even hotter water than the ‘kidnapping’ and ‘grand-theft-auto’, both of which were not fair charges. Once Sandra was found, (half way into his trial) he had been sentenced even further. Monica had taken the truck; Monica had agreed to travel with him…he sighed, leaning against the rusty bars on the window, staring into the fresh, vibrant world. Why did it look so tempting when He couldn’t get out there?

As the sun sets over Pyro Island, James Holmes paced the room angrily. He then got a call on his intercom. The new guy was here for his interview. James sat down and waited while the doors opened.
A young 14-year old boy walked out the darkness of the lift and into the lights of the office. He stared out at the night sky longingly, before James cleared his throat. The boy took his seat, messing up his fair brown hair with his hands.
“Name?” James asked.
“Calvin…Calvin Wilson” The boy said.
“And you’re applying for…?”
“Grunt. I’ll work my way up!” He said enthusiastically, before slinking back into his chair.
“Well Calvin, let’s talk” James began. “I think you’ll make an excellent member to our… family …”

James tipped his chair back and thought to himself.

“ Warm blood ” He sighed. “ The Organisation is biding its time…”

As Calvin talked, James nodded, before getting up and walking across the room.
“Do go on,” He continued, as he stared out the window which surveyed Pyro Island’s village, named Mahon. The moon lit up the island, making the water glitter and sparkle as if enchanted. A smile crept along his face, as he placed a sweaty palm across the surface of the glass. His dreams were coming together…there was nowhere to run now…

Also, look out for MA on the boards!

12th July 2003, 04:03 PM
*Sniff* the last chapter of TIR was really great, especially with the summary about what has happened to everyone.
But what happened to Dane, is he going to reveal the Organisation to the rest of the pokemon world or is dead and dusted.
Well, over and out.

12th July 2003, 04:10 PM
This was touching *sniff sniff* I just wish we could find out how Krystal was doing in the Dragon's Rock and how life was for Nidoking and Nidoqueen

12th July 2003, 04:53 PM
And Thus it Ends, Sad I agree it would have been nice t ofind out how Nidoqueen and Nidoking are. Calvin's a traitor,



12th July 2003, 05:18 PM
Sorry 'bout Dane, he's trying to entice people into TO or something...... Or maybe he wants to see more of Dr-

Grr..... shut up you! I guess this is the end of From Rookie to Champion, and its sequel The Indigo Road. Im sure all you people that think im a bastard and a maniac and a crazy will be pleased to know I'll be leaving. Goodbye to one and all, and if you want to contact me, just ask the snake charmer in the centre of Daezun with the religious Banette - he'll tell you. Oh, the pokemon want to say goodbye too! (yes thats an exclamation mark meaning i have a humourous side):


Until next time.....

(shoots Flamethrower) Bye!!

Are you going to make a list of the fic's characters and their past and previous pokemon or will we take the last chapter as the character list??

Goodbye, and hoping to see you all soon in the Monica's Army fic!!

12th July 2003, 06:09 PM
*applause* Well done. There is nothing more that needs to be said, except for what will be my last statement here.

I will miss you. You were my inspiration. I wish you could've seen my fic. I have dedicated it to you, who got me to write in the first place. You will forever remain one of the best. *hugs, crying, then slowly walks away*

War Raichu
12th July 2003, 07:17 PM
So it ends.............. :( Calvin an Organisation grunt? Freaky. Shiny, what happened to Articuno? I may have missed a chapter, but it seems like Articuno just disappeared from the storyline. LOL at Latios and Latias. Sad that Chris never saw Krystal. Will "Monica's Army" involve any characters from FRTC? Anyway, it's been two great fics!


12th July 2003, 09:41 PM
Okay, Shiny Marril, I will miss you too, your fic was great, I really enjoyed Latios and Latias part, LOL, really. You were an inspiration, even I put that down in my fic. You will be missed yet hopefully not forgotten. You were a good kid kept up with your fic, and I am sorry to see it along with you go. As for Oakbark, you are quite a character, and I will miss your insaness in your replies.
And for Riachu26, if you were the one I dissed the pikachu with and you made fun of me, I am sorry, and I was wondering the same thing, what happened to that dang articuno that made it all cold. achu

Hanada Tattsu
12th July 2003, 10:45 PM
*sniff* *sniff*

That was such a touching Epilouge, I loved it! Poor Al, I feel bad for him. So, Chris and Krystal, seperated, I hope she doesn't get with Tom...

So, it's over. But not all over. There is still the sequel, Monica's Army, which is gonna be posted here. FTTT would have been good too, too bad the idea was shelved!


Chris 2.1
13th July 2003, 04:34 AM
Hey, first off, let me thank Oakbark and Hanada Tattsu for repling to Monica's Army! Thanks guys!

Jon UKX: Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it mate. Dane left TIR with the words he left with Krystal, but since I forgot them (^_^;;) then I'll not quote them. He will be in Daezun by now.....
Glad you liked it, I'll put your name down on 'THE LIST!!!!!

Dragon_Claw: Well, I know we didn't see much of Dragon's Rock, but Krystal WAS in the Epilogue, wasn't she? It would have been two long compared to the other people's parts, I didn't want it overshadowing....
I should really have put the Nido's in, really, but I just....well, i didn't FORGET (I'm a professional :P) but I just didn't think there was too much to put in. Oh well. I'll put your name down on 'THE LIST!!!!!

I'll do a list of every Character in TIR with their Pokemon! Maybe just their current ones.....THAT'S GREAT! I'll start to work now. I'll have a character list (for you, Dane) and Oakbark, you'll be on the reader list. LOVL at the snake charmer, YES! I'm very happy mate!
Thanks for the inspiration, See ya at MA! I'll put your name down on 'THE LIST!!!!!
PS: if there is a sprite limit for posts I'll do one Character PER post, M'kay?

Jukain: ....I'm speechless. To think...I'd inspired you that much? I'm utterly breathless, man, I'm so pleased for you. Just remember this, my friend: As long as you dedicate writing with me in mind, part of me will be there in the writing. Ok, some disney-corny-thing I know, But I mean it. Thankyou. I'll put your name down on 'THE LIST!!!!!

Rai: Erm....in Chapter 33 Me believes, Helmsworth phones Chris explaining about the snow, and how it's dieing down. Chris comments on this being a pointless few months, but the proff hangs up!
Glad you liked the Lati*s little thing, and I'm glad I surprised you with Calvin...I just wanted to show you what happened to him, really. Oh, Monica is in MA, as well as Domino, Duncan, James H....that's it. Will you be chekcing it out? I'll put your name down on 'THE LIST!!!!!

Powarun: I remember your first post in FRTC...it was after Krystal's match VS Giovanni, and you kept pestering me with ' why would iron tail worjk on a fire type'....It was very funny. LOL. But you've slowly changed to a good friend, really, who thinks his mind, and doesn't care who knows it! I hope you read MA, it's on the forums, and I AM NOT LEAVING UNTIL IT'S FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice to see you and Rai are making up! I'll put your name down on 'THE LIST!!!!!

Hanada: Thanks. I'm sure Krystal would be stung by guilt if she dated Tom. Poor Al...this is all he needs. His efforts have failed miserably, haven't they? You're a slightly late joiner to the FRTC roster, and I'm sure you've picked this all up rather quickly. Thanks for giving me the support we all need at times, thanks a lot. I'll see you at MA. I'll put your name down on 'THE LIST!!!!!

Folks, a couple of things:

-Oakbark's idea: I am making a list of every Character in the fic (or at least ones with names) and all their Pokemon. Some new additions may be made, for example Rika has a Nosepass Roy used in the Tough contest. Don't be surprised.

-The Reader List: is underway. I'll have this as the last post in the fic, so we'll have the fic up a little longer.

this must be one of the biggest fics EVER!

13th July 2003, 04:38 AM

This fic was just damn good ^^

hate to see it finish..and Good luck with Monicas Army ^^

13th July 2003, 10:55 AM
Um If You Didnt See My Post I Would Like To Be On The List As:



Any Way Just I thought you should no You were the inspiration for my writing. Thanx.

13th July 2003, 04:11 PM
great. i get sucked into the world of Zelda: Wind Waker and forget about the boards for about a week and what happens? my favorite fic gets finished, thats what! ah, its over... or is it? once im done with this post im going over to see MA.

looks like things turned out well for most of the people, except for Al, poor guy. hes right about his first 2 charges, thats completely unfair! :mad: everyone's having a good time, but whats this about Calvin joining the Organization? i know iv heard his name b4, im just not sure where..... but i know this is a bad sign, cuz he used to be good. MA is a mini sequel to this fic, right? or is it something different? o well, ill find out in a minute. cya!

13th July 2003, 07:02 PM
Sorry I'm so late, we went out of town for the weekend...

Anyway, I loved the Latias and Latios bit. It disturbs me a bit that Monica said nothing to anyone about her part in the "kidnap", though. Well, at least Chris is writing to Krystal.

Oh, and put Dragonfree on the reader list too. I'm a big fan of yours, you know...

And could anyone tell Dane that I'm NOT darling, babe or anything else he wants to call me other than Dragonfree. If he dares calling me anything else again, I'd like to follow him to Egypt with some sharp object.

14th July 2003, 01:12 PM
It's over :( anyway that was a great ending to a great fic.
I know that you are happy to finish it in some ways, well I'll
miss this storie sniff sniff (promised i wouldn't........ cry
wahhhhhhhhh. sniff I'll have to check this new storie of yours out, sniff.

Chris 2.1
14th July 2003, 03:27 PM
Hey guys. I guess I can't stop, but THANKYOU so much for reading over these past few months, its been since about January if I remember correctly. I have one thing to show you, which I'd like you all to see.......


Well folks, The Indigo Road has ended. Sadly, I admit. I’ve really spent a lot of time with this, more so than with From Rookie To Champion, for I felt that this seemed so much like ‘season2’ of already amateurish work. I worked hard, I did, bringing Sandra (and for a short time, Duncan) into the fic, adding some spice and flavour to Al’s once easy ‘I wanted to quit TR’ idea. I’m proud. I’m proud firstly for moving so many of you with scenes like Granbull’s Last Fight, Krystal’s Goodbye and Sandra’s Last Breath.

It is with these chapters that I received a lot of support from you; some labelled parts as ‘the best writing you’ve seen’, which, apart from being flattering, has really spurred me on. Ok, it’s not as good in eyes of others, (I’ll not name names) but I’m so pleased I’ve got a group of readers I can be so proud of.

And to show my gratitude, to show your loyalty and dedication you’re all on, THE LIST!

Jon UKX,







Hanada Tattsu,






Pikachu Rocks



For being such great mates!

*sniff* I guess even I have to get emotional, guys. I'll leave you some time to give the fic some last farewells before closing....

14th July 2003, 03:32 PM
I'm am really sad to see this fic go. Altough it does not star my favorite of this fic, Chris and Kecleon, Monica's Army will be a great replacement, even if it's about something completely different.

Just to let you know Shiny, you inspired many chapters of my fic, and I'm sure you did the same to other people's fics. Just to let you know, this fic is the best one I ever seen!!!

Hanada Tattsu
14th July 2003, 03:37 PM

Shiny, thank you so much for writing this fic and making so much of us happy over the past few months. The way you write is not only excellent and outstanding, it is inspirational. If not for your story, I would not write mine.

I am also glad that you are not leaving this board. I am sure that your fanfic will win an award in the upcoming awards ceremony, but I know that I will vote for your fanfic.

I'm glad that MA is a sequel, and that characters from this are appearing in that, and I'm sure it will be as good as FRTC and TIR, if not better.

Well, thanks for putting me on the list, and as a notion of thans from me and my fellow readers, thanks for adding some colour and flavour to the fanfic board here at TPM, thanks for being there to make our visit to the fanfic board an exciting, inspirational one.

Thank you...


14th July 2003, 06:32 PM
Well, it has ended. During the time when other great trainer fics existed but were slow with producing chapters, FRTC pushed its way through and its chapters were given at a constant rate to bring in fans. Your writing has definitely improved from your first fic and Indigo Road has held its ground among its superiors, EBTV and LTL. Nice job SM, your fics have been a joy to read

14th July 2003, 07:14 PM
I'd like to mention it too that you inspired my fic (which is not here, in case you were wondering). It started out so dull, such a normal, boring trainer fic with nothing interesting... after I read your stories, I discovered how boring it was, I made it better, all thanks to you. And I will always be your faithful reader, I'll check on Monica's army every day. I'm glad that you're still writing, I've enjoyed your stories so much.

14th July 2003, 09:10 PM
cool! im on the list! (Homer Simpson style) *WHOO HOO!* your Monica's Army fic is turning out great! ive read both chapters and replied. anyway, if you are still taking questions for the charachers of this story, i have one for Kecleon and Al each:

ME (to Kecleon): Do you have any plans for a future with Marina? I'm not sure if thats posible, seeing as Al is in jail, but I'm gona take care of that with my next question.

ME (to Al): This is kind of 2 questions. 1) When will you get out of jail? Is your sentance 6 years, or is it longer? and 2) What happened to your pokemon? are they in jail with you or what?

those are my questions. plz answer ASAP!:wave:

14th July 2003, 11:43 PM
I will tell you this Shiny, your fic made me shed a tear once it was over, and not because reading causes my eyes to water. It was an insparation for me, and if you want proof, I even said that in one of my chapters in my own fic, I think Chapter 1 or Z, I am unsure. I really can't put my finger on why this story was so good though, it was like most trainers fic, no offence, but you added crisp details, made a character of your characters, and did somethings other people wouldn't do. But there were times when I felt I came up with something and just as I was going to write it in my own fan fic, it was taken by you and I didn't want to say anything at the time.

Yourself has put on a good show on this board, and hope you have a farewell with other stories and hope you go into college. As I think harder and harder why this was a good fic, I noticed a lot of orginality and not following the game, and Murkrow still haunts me, but how NOctowl is a light pokemon sure puzzles me. And the old boy friend meanie, and you think Krystal would have learn.
Now here is my summaries for some pokemon found in this fic.
Kecleon, for being the hero's first pokemon by mistake. He was an awsome pokemon and was probally just as famous as its trainer. These are some brief and maybe stupid one sentence discriptions on Chris or Krystal's pokmeon, I am too lazy even for you shiny to post them all, like you did.

Azuril>Marril>Azumarril, was a character whom was given to Krystal and was the babied one until it could fight on its own and I didn't mind that.
Flaafy and Mareep and Ampharos, the pokemon that wanted to be a pokemon trainer was a cool addition and allowed at Dragonrock.
Bagon>Shellgonwas the suidal character whom was cool and made the scene alot.
Swablu was a clean freak who should have evolved in this fic, since I feel a little dissapointed it didn't.
Elekid,and Electabuzz, two pokemon that were a great addition and in my opinion were probally one of the better characters, how Chris had to cope with Elekid and Elecatbuzz's areas of attacks.
Scyther, just didn't know to much abou this, but
Scizor, was a disloyal pokemon that knew right from wrong, and had a horrible trainer.
Dustox, was an awsome light frenzy add on, who deserves to be on Chris's team for the effort of catching a Wurple in a great ball.
Magicarp, one of Chris's only mistakes in catching a pokemon, hope you are doing well.
Seviper, who doesn't like this party animal he was a humorous add on whom worked out great, Chris's necklace
Steelix, a good long pokemon that came in handy quite alot and had great attacks.
Magmar and I think Jynx, please let me know if I am wrong, were supposed to be Chris's and Krystal's in that order, pokemon, whom were stolen from Jet and Megan.
Wynaut and Wobbuffet, were the side characters and were heavily needed for humor. I dislike Pelliper because of what it did.
Weezing, how many poison types are giving fragrance, not many, and this one topped the list.
Absol part of the pack that hunted humans gladly traded.
Nidoking, was a great fighter, whom I think never gave up, and one of Chris's greatest accomplishments for raisning that high.
Nidoqueen, hate to do this but same as Nidoking but Krystals.
Umbreon, founded as an Eevee, was one of Chris's coolest pokemon and was very loyal and laidback exept for in battle.
Espeon, mad at being given to Kimi, was Krystal's back up strong pokies.
Bulbasaur>Ivysaur, a pokemon that disliked its trainer, until it helped him and remained a strong bond between pokemon and trainer.
Pidgey>Pidgeot, was a disloyal pokemon until Chris's pokemon talked some sence into it, btw Chris's favorite pokemon.
Noctowl, Chris's pokemon that stood for light, and upsetted chris for it not evolved into Pidgeoto, I think.
Charizard, IMO Krystal's strongest pokemon, whom was extremely loyal and was gladly taken to dragon rock.
Smeargle, Wobby's worst enemy, whom was highly skilled and partailly given to him.
Granbull, oops, I just forgot about this guy, he was a good physcal batller and died for Chris, mew rest his soul.
Seel, a stolen lazy pokemon caught in an ultraball.

Um if I forgotten any please tell me or do them yourselves, I know this ain't much but it was what I did for my good mate Shiny Marril for writing this story, might as well give some characters, my opinions that can not speak my language:P

Powarun signing off with no sig. and my last words on this story, I am sorry to see a good fic quit being told, yet Shiny did what he could and I respect that. Have good day:wave:

15th July 2003, 03:58 AM
Shiny,Can you do me a big favour and edit The Readers it putting me on there please.

Like most people have said,you really inspried(sp?) my fics.Thank You.

Chris 2.1
15th July 2003, 02:46 PM
Hey guys. I'm touched by everything you've said, and Pikachu, i'll put you and TML onto the reader list. I am happy so many have been inspired by this fic!

I completed the Trainer/Character list, featuring all important Characters save for Gym Leaders. Here you go!

-From Rookie To Champion-
The Indigo Road
~~ Cast ~~

Chris Haruka

Krystal Leighton

Tony Aquadox

Anne-Marie Appleton
Nidoran Female

Daniel Grey

George Hilltop

Tim Haruka

Suzie Haruka

Grandma Haruka

Rika Trueman

Molly Hamilton

Dave Robinson
Mr Mime

Misty Waterflower

Megan Holland


Sandra Beddington

Al Summerford

Monica Luenski


Blaziken (Ferneux)
Medicham (Tentei)
Altaria (Nayru)
Dugtrio (Karst)
Sneasel (Trix)


Murkrow (shiny)

15th July 2003, 04:07 PM
read...whole story...today...so tired!

This is lovely. I dont know if u remember me from the original FRTC. but i read that with great interest. I have to say, this is the most wonderful fic ever!!!

Chris 2.1
16th July 2003, 10:55 AM
Ultra_Poke2000: Hehe, good questions!

Kecleon: Marina's with Al, in prison, so I can't really see her. Oh well. I never realised how beautiful Suzie's Wiggytuff is before...*sigh*

Smeargle: HEY! She's mine!


Al: I have a sixyear senetence, mate. I can't believe it. I have community service to do, which is clearing the mountains of debris from Silph Co after the explosion. My five are with me, but in lock balls, i'm afraid.

Teddiursa: Hehe, glad you've caught up mate! Thanks so so so so so so so so so so so much for reading!

Well, if there are no more questions, I'll get this sent to the Archive, shall I?

17th July 2003, 02:50 PM
No!! Wait!! I've been trying for the last few days to get online, but couldn't. I want to say my final goodbye to this fic, and say how happy I am to have been here, and all the rest. Everyone's on a high, and ending the fic on a high note is good.

So, this is goodbye! Hope to see all the regulars over at Monica's Army. Goodbye to all the characters and pokemon that made Pokemasters fanfic threads so great. Now you go to that lovely place in............The Completed Fanfiction Archive!!!!!!!!!!

So, without further ado..........


17th July 2003, 02:58 PM
Sorry to spoil that last post but nor could i get oonline and I also would like to say a final Goodbye to my favorite fanfiction i have ever read and I wish you best luck with Monica's Army. So with a final goodbye to my favorite fanfiction of all time I quote Oakbark...

So, without further ado..........

Chris 2.1
18th July 2003, 12:49 PM
Oakbark: Hey there! Everybody, like you, is so happy at the moment, and although the fics ending, their spirits are high! It's brilliant to see you all inspired by my work!

Yea, i guess i'll see you at MA as a usual reader, and I urge readers here to check it out. It's going rather smoothly, so, unless I don't see you there, goodbye to you all!

Mega; You didn't spoilt he 'last post', I wasnt intending to have that as the last one ever :) No sweat, dude, you weren't the last to ask to be added.

You've been a recently found but altogether great reader, and I hope I'll see you at MA!

Thanks, guys. This means a lot, you know...

War Raichu
18th July 2003, 02:11 PM
Man, I'm really gonna miss the FRTC characters.......... :( I spent a lot of my time reading the two fics......... *Sniff*

Chris 2.1
18th July 2003, 02:33 PM
Rai: I hope you check MA out, it's not as Trainery but it's gotten good feedback!

Peeps, i guess we'd better not say much more. *sniff* Mods, you can close this now.....

See ya, guys. It's sorta sad, but nevermind, eh? We're 100Posts more than FRTC...and that was 30Chapters more!

22nd July 2003, 12:58 AM
Well I see Shiny Marril wishes me to close this, and I'd better do it now before I have an Angry Brit after me. Anywho Shiny, its great to see your work always getting better, from A Boy and HIs Bear to Lucky Charms to that other fic I forgot ^^; Its good to see you take constructive criticism on board.

And by the looks of it, Monica's army is shaping up well. A non pogey fic which is a nice and refreshing approach. Seems you picked up a lot of readers along the way too! All I can say is that I hope you don't leave for Serebii so soon, after all, posting there's half the trouble, having to split chapters up so much! Lol

Oh well, and with that I'll close and move this!

Bai now.