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4th August 2007, 06:27 AM
First thought: wow, that's a lot of votes (I did count half of them, but even then it didn't strike me there were this many). Second random thought: wow, that's a lot of ties.

I got two awards? That's more than I've ever gotten (except one year where one was Least Likely Couple or something). And I've tied with Brian for both, which is... surprising. I'd have thought his competition way out of my field. Anyway, thanks for the votes everyone. Both awards mean a lot to me; the poem for writing reason and the reviewer award because I'm glad that my words are of some help. So that award's more about you guys, really. :)

(Me? Second most rounded member? For the longest time, I was in the weird position of being a fanfic mod who didn't write...)

I'm really happy with the turnout this year, for the suggestions, nominating and voting. It means a lot more fics are being recognised, as shown by the long nominations lists and high vote counts (when was the last time we broke 20 in any category?) Congratulations to everyone who won stuff, and even for categories people didn't win in, it's clear that people love the fic enough and it left a deep enough impression for people to vote for it, which is great. Special congrats to Chris (2.0) for sweeping the awards; should really go and check out TPML sometime.

I'd like to apologise for some screw-ups too (look who can't read or add...)

4th August 2007, 07:18 AM
OK, I'll admit I'm a *bit* surprised that YGOTP didn't win 'Most Promising New Fic,' but 'Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Fic' overall?!??!?! Holy **** on a **** sandwich with **** on top and a side order of ****!!!!!

Honest-to-God, I'm in AWE of how this could have possibly happened... Thank you, whoever you are, for voting for me - it's moments like this that make me strive to be the very best writer I can be. :')

Also, w00t to me for instantly winning the 'Best Created Card' and 'Most Original Deck' ideas. In your face, Armor- and fast food-haters! You have been PWNED!!!!!! :hellyeah:

Oh, that does it, I am so asking for a banner for this fic now. I'm so proud...

(holds Golden Pen high; gets zero applause because everyone else is asleep)

......Right. Well, I'm outta here then. Thanks again, all! :D


Chris 2.1
4th August 2007, 08:10 AM



Wow. I'm absolutely gobsmacked that I've won so many awards. And when I look at the fierce competition from Gavin, Dragonfree and Grey to name but a few, I'm so honoured that people voted.

Can I do a sort of oscar-speech-esque thing for each thing I won? I'd be lying if I hadn't prepared something, anything.

Ok change of plan - I had written a sort of blow-by-blow speech for each one but who wants to read that? (Don't answer).

Thank you to everyone: thanks to those who read my work. Thank you if you nominated me. Thank you if my work was clicking away in your mind as you typed your votes out and thank you, if you had a spare vote left, if you gave it to me in vain hope it deserved some form of recognition.

I will not hide that this fic was a humorous side project I concocted after joining ASB - one of the friendliest forums I've been in. Such an array of characters and such visuals...it has been a fantastic source of inspiration. Years have gone (two since I began! How weird!) and we've snowballed into a mamoth fic that is, I sadly add, nearing its end.

My only way of perhaps thanking everyone is to keep writing; you'll be glad to know Chapter 46 - the beginning of Round 2 of the League - is nearing completion once I finish up some important scenes and overlook it all. Apart from that expect a big after-party in my fic later!

To those who didn't win - winning an award over the internet translates to 'my number is higher than your number' - I won an award or two by one single vote - and those who did not win should feel comforted in their votes that have been given by readers who, I imagine, yearn for that fic to earn what it deserves. And it will.

Again, like last year, I've rambled. I don't know if the fic will still be around by the Silver Pencils but this is DEFINITELY (note to self: work faster) the last Golden Pens TPML will be in.

And what a way to go out :)

Thank you.

4th August 2007, 08:34 AM
:sweat4: Methinks I need to dive deeper into the forums more often...

Member Awards

Best New Writer
13 Houndoom_Lover
13 mario72486
Unsolved Puzzle
16 winged_follower

Best Newcomer to the Boards
12 Dragonstar1715
17 mario72486
3 Unsolved Puzzle
10 IceKing

Thanks for both the nominations and the surprising win in the 'Best Newcomer' category. Kind of a surprise, seeing how I didn't know about this. But, like I said, I don't exactly read everything showcased here. No matter...

Anyhow, thanks again, and hopefully I'll get more involved with things here in the future.

4th August 2007, 10:33 AM
(rushes back)


How could I have forgotten!? This isn't my Award - This belongs to all three of us! Me, Mega Horny, and Crystal Tears! We all won on this one, guys! Woo-hoo!!!! ^_^

4th August 2007, 11:55 AM
Best Trainer Fic
14 The Academy: The Sinner and the Saint, by The_Arbiter


Well slap my ass and call me a son of a bitch!

I definitely did not see that one coming whatsoever - especially with harsh competition from Gavin, Oz, and Chris. I must say that this was a pleasant surprise, and makes me look forward to whoring out displaying that award.

I was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, but now I'm even more excited.


4th August 2007, 12:31 PM
Thanks to anyone who voted for my writing, the encouragement is gold to a writer ;). hopefully i can come out with more stuff soon. also congrats to Chris on the big night!

and big ups to the mods who ran the show. they work hard, the votes don't count themselves =D

4th August 2007, 04:49 PM
I really want to thank everyone who voted not only for Divinity, but also +Gate+ ^_^ And Divinity won best fantasy fic?! i'm so proud!
*huggles Kiiah, Keishun, Gaishan and Christian* YAAY! YOU CAN COME TOO BIG GREEN DRAGON LIZARD THING! *huggles it*

I was really surprised by how many close second places Gate and Divinity came in as well! So close but yet I'm just proud that they were even nominated and voted for. ^_^

I hope that I continue to bedazzle readers and I encourage them to continue reading, commenting and not giving up on meh! ^_^ Your comments and encouragement is what keeps me going!

Sike Saner
4th August 2007, 06:10 PM


*cough* Uh, yeah. ^^;

I was quite surprised to find myself nominated so many times, and surprised again to have won. When I originally wrote The Origin of Storms several years ago, I was without internet access at home at the time and thus didn't even expect to ever have a chance for it to be read by anyone outside of my own family, let alone receive any accolade for it. So yeah, this is something I appreciate very much. ^^

I'm very pleased to have received the Best Dark Fic award for this story. Horror, tragedy, angst, and drama are and have long been genres that I vastly prefer to work in; being honored for something I particularly love to do is all the sweeter. ^^

Receiving the Most Dedicated Reader award also falls under the category of recognition for something I enjoy, which is cool. ^^ Of course, I wouldn't have received it were it not for the number of seriously frelling great stories I've found here. ^^ Keep up the good work, folks, and you can bet I'll keep on reading.

Thanks goes out to those who nominated me, those who voted for me, anyone who's supported me and my work over the past four years, those responsible for the music that has inspired my work (especially Metallica and Saliva), and again, those of you who've been writing what I've been reading. Congratulations to all winners and to all those who were nominated, and kudos to all those who nominated and/or voted and everyone involved in the running of these awards! ^^

4th August 2007, 06:35 PM
Riku won an award? YES! Thank you, Kingdom Hearts obsession!

And thanks to all of those who nominated and voted for KTR. Although this is the last awards it will participate in, I assure you that Scattered Lights will also be worthy of awards. Shonta will be kicking ass, Riku will be as cold as ever, and Cinder will be the same lovable Cyndaquil.

Weasel Overlord
4th August 2007, 07:07 PM
Wow... firstly:

BUH!? I was nominated for stuff!? *looks bewildered* And I never even knew...

And secondly: BUUUH!? Theo's badger sett won best setting?! Now that is weird considering how much I hated the guy in my creative writing class for giving me that setting to write in. Perhaps I should write weird stuff I hate more often...

Well, thanks to anyone who nominated me and voted for me! I feel special and loved. ^____^ And considering how little of my writing I actually put up here, considerably surprised as well. :D

and horrible for not voting/nominating anything... SORREE!!

*floats away, clutching award. Even if it IS a tie*

Gavin Luper
4th August 2007, 10:10 PM
Wow ... I've had something like 4 chapters posted since the last GPs, and somehow ended up winning three golden pens nonetheless! I'm pretty stoked. Thanks very much to everyone who nominated me or one of my works for awards: I can't say how much I appreciate stuff like that. I didn't expect many votes at all for Uninvited, The Silent Man or Daimler, so thanks to those who did vote for those newer works of mine.

More importantly though, thanks to all the readers of LTL who have continued to support the fic for all these years (and to the newer readers, too, naturally!). Your support and readership makes it feel worthwhile to spend months slaving away on a new chapter, and I'm glad to see from these awards that I'm still at least doing something right as we plough through LTL's sixth year at TPM. (Man ... I need to finish it!)

It was cool to get Best Action, but I was thrilled to get Best Character in a Leading Role for Lisa. So people aren't sick of her yet? Thank God, because there's so much more of her coming. Also, I think Joseph Sterling needs to get some more scenes or something to show just how terrible he really is.

And once again, Lunanine was nominated for Best New Pokemon. Hehehe. I feel sorry for Issechu, he never gets a mention. :keke: *shudder* Ugly sucker he is, too ...

Anyway, I'm rambling again too: congratulations to all the winners - it was a really good voter turnout so you can be sure that these wins really are indicative of public opinion. And a special congrats to Chris 2.0, for absolutely cleaning up! Well done, dude. I'm going to have to read TPML one day and see what all the fuss is about! Hehe.

Lastly, well done to Ada and Faiz for running these awards smoothly - for the most part. Hehe, just kidding guys! ^_^ Please don't kill me ... :eek:


4th August 2007, 10:47 PM
Yay, I got FIVE votes!

I'm not completley forgotten after all!

5th August 2007, 05:44 AM
Oh well I was close for best newcomer...

Maybe I shouldn't have spent so much time on KHI (Kingdom Hearts Insider)

6th August 2007, 03:39 PM
:3 Thanks to everybody who voted for me, even in the billion-and-one categories I got nominated in and didn't win. XD I'm more surprised at some awards than others (while I may very well deserve "Most Improved Author/Fic" though I say so myself, the scientists keeping the morphs in Morphic is hardly even a plot twist at all and I can't say I found the aftermath of the debate particularly suspenseful myself), but nonetheless, thanks for all of them.

Fweeness. *goes to continue with chapter five of Morphic*

12th August 2007, 04:32 PM
Aww, I didn't win. *slithers away on my belly* Well, my as well go kill myself, get re-incarnated, and try again.

Though, thanks for the votes anyway, people! ^_^

25th August 2007, 10:36 PM
Right. I think it's high time this topic is closed.

Once again, congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who were involved in the award. We couldn't have done it without your help.