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18th September 2003, 04:52 AM
Welcome to the Voting Section of
The (LATE) Summer Fanfic Awards!

Welcome, come one come all and find out what you were nominated for and find out what to vote for. Rules are down the bottom, and please, if you are nominated post links to your fic/fics that are up for awards so that people have a chance of reading them before nominating for them. How to vote is all down below, underneath the nominations, so get voting people! The deadline will be posted sometime next week.

General Fiction:

Best Fiction Overall
- When Destinies Collide ~ Citrus Crush Chikorita
- Lapras Valley High by Mist
- Electric Buggy to Victory, by Oz Andrew
- Monica's Army (Brit Chris)
- Tracys Quest: The Kanto Federation, Hanada Tattsu

Best Non-Pokémon
- Bloody Sword ~ Mewf0ur
- Full Moon, Mist.
- Rose. This was a short story finished a while ago, but shorter than a year. By SneaselReborned.
- Quest of Twelve by Lady Vulpix

Best Dark
- Electric Buggy to Victory by OzAndrew
- LTL, By Gavin Luper because it does have a dark side to it
- Creatures New and Old (Dewgong tears)
- Mako's Family, Rambunctious Jamirus
- Damons Menace, DratiniHaunter13

Best trainer fic
- The Crystal League Gavin Luper
- Through Blind Eyes, Rambunctious Jamirus
- RJ, Legacy of a Master, RJDude
- The Emerald League, Captain Pringle.
- EBTV! By Ozandrew
- Search for Knowlege: A champion's Story (Mikey)

Best Comedy
- The Adventures of Tyler and Magmar by Silvermachop
- EBTV, by Oz Andrew
- 2ra: Journey Through Hoenn

Best Romance
- When Destinies Collide ~ Citrus Crush Chikorita
- Lapras Valley High, Mist

Best new fic
- To the Rainbows End ~ ZeldaFan20
- What Dreams Are Made Of, mr_pikachu
- Full Moon, by Mist
- Search For Knowledge: A Champions Story, Mikey

Best Action
- Bloody Sword ~ Mewf0ur
- Rhapsody in Red, by Aquababe727.
- When Destinies Colide, By Citrus Crush Chikorita
- Tracey's Quest: The Kanto Pokemon Federation (Hanada Tattsu),
- Mako's Family, Rambunctious Jamirus
- Lisa the Legend by Gavin Luper

Most Promising Fic
- To the Rainbows End ZeldaFan20
- Full Moon by Mist
- Creatures Old and New (DewgongTears)
- In My Dreams: The Road to Hoenn, Cyndaquil7
- A Doolittle of Pokemon, Classycat

Writing Style:

Best cliffhanger
- A Bittersweet Reunion ~ ZeldaFan20 When Ash is about to find out his father's secret.
- The whole 'who's gonna live' thing for about 5 chapters in Lapras Valley High by Mist
- Just before we find out about the bloody cards Sakura has, When Destinies Collide, CCC (and taking time with the next chapter really helps release the suspense. *hint hint*)

Best described fic
- When Destinies Collide ~ Citrus Crush Chikorita
- Electric Buggy to Victory by OzAndrew
- Lisa the Legend, Gavin Luper
- The Azure League, by DK
- Mako's Family, Rambunctious Jamirus
- Rhapsody in Red, AquaBabe

Best Plot Twist
- When Destinies Collide ~ Citrus Crush Chikorita When Sakura wakes up, and we learn about the bloody cards
- Jackie being a werewolf, Lapras Valley High by Mist
- The identity of the "lunatic", The Bittersweet Reunion, ZeldaFan20
- R.J's mom's real death, R.J- Legacy of a Master
- Andrew and Jess' separation, EBTV, Oz.
- WDC by CCC, when we thought Donphan Killed Muk

Best Plot and Storyline
- When Destinies Collide ~ Citrus Crush Chikorita
- Lisa the Legend by Gavin Luper
- Rhapsody in Red, Aquababe727
- EBTV, by Ozandrew
- Trainer Fic: Dreams of Mastery, Orion, The Blue Star
- What Dreams Are Made Of, mr_pikachu
- A Doolittle of Pokemon, Classy_Cat

Most Original Fanfic
- A Doolittle of Pokemon ~ ClassyCat18
- Lisa the Legend by Gavin Luper
- Lapras Valley High, Mist.
- WDC by CCC
- The Emerald League, CP
- Quest of Twelve, Gabbi aka Lady Vulpix

Most Realistic Fiction
- Rhapsody in Red, Aquababe727.
- Lisa The Legend, Gavin Luper
- When Destinies Collide, Ryan aka CCC

Best Pokémon Battle Scene
- Lisa the Legend ~ GavinLuper The three-way final of the Whirl Cup
- I'd say Marina VS Lisa, Chapter 41 of LTL, by Gavin Luper
- The battle between Lune and Surge in Lune, by Charizard04621

Best Chapter
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, the opening chapter. Dang, that was good!
- Martin and Nayia finally facing facts at the disco in Lapras Valley High
- The chapter where we thought Kayla had died, Lapras Valley High.
- Chapter 26 of EBTV - Classic, Two catches and an evolution
- The Truth shall Set you free, Creatures New and Old (DewgongTears)

Character Awards:

Funniest Character
- ZeldaFan20's To The Rainbow's End, Volbeat. (Yes, I know he's very new, but you gotta love that bug!)
- Magmar, The Adventures of Tyler and Magmar by Silvermachop
- Jessica, EBTV, Oz Andrew.
- Snoopy the Smeargle, The adventures of Tyler and Magmar, by SilverMachop
- Jeff, Search for Knowledge - A champion's story (Mikey)
- Kris from Tyler and Magmar, SilverMachop

Best Non-Human Character
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Meowth.
- Fury, LVH/LVH2/Full Moon (weirdness), Mist
- Sableye, EBTV, by Ozandrew
- Nidoking from Tyler and Magmar, SilverMachop

Best Villian
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Giovanni.
- Entei, Lisa the Legend
- Lenina, EBTV/LTL crossover, Oz and Gavin
- Boss Rocket, Tracey's Quest - The Kanto Pokemon Federation (Hanada Tattsu)

Best male character in a leading role
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Ash.
- RJ, RJ, Legacy of a Master, RJdude
- Bryce, The Emerald League, Captain Pringle
- Andrew, EBTV, By Ozandy
- Tracey, Tracey's Quest - TKPF (Hanada)
- Tyler from Tyler and Magmar

best male supporting role
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Li.
- Gavin, LTL, by Gavin Luper
- Jeff, Search for Knowledge (Mikey)
- Ian, from Through Blind Eyes, by Rambunctious Jamirus

best female character in a leading role
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Sakura.
- Sal, Lapras Valley High
- Meagen, Creatures New and Old (DewgongTears)
- Lisa in Lisa the Legend
- Shonta from A Doolittle of Pokemon

best female in supporting role
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Madison.
- Fury, LVH/LVH2/Full Moon (weirdness), Mist
- Jen, South Pacific, IloveX-TINA
- Jessica, EBTV, Oz Andrew
- Misty, Tracey's Quest - TKPF (Hanada Tattsu)

Most original character
- Mist's Full Moon (I think that's the title...), Sally-Anne.
- Lisa, Lisa the Legend
- Lisha, Through Blind Eyes, Rambunctious Jamirus
- Tammy, RIR, Aquababe727.
- Jess, EBTV, Ozandy
- Bryce, The Emerald Leauge, CP
- Hailey from Rhapsody in Red, Aquababe

Best Character Over-All
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Ash.
- Sal, LVH1/2/Full Moon
- Andrew, EBTV, Oz
- Lisa, LTL, Gavin
- Tracy, Tracys Quest: The Kanto Federation, Hanada Tattsu

Best Relationship
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Ash and Sakura.
- Martin and Nayia, Lapras Valley High
- Rini and Mako, Mako's Family, Rambunctious Jamirus (non-romance relationships?)
- Probably the bond between Lisa and Marina in LTL, Gavin Luper
- May and Misty ( Friendship) Tracys Quest: The Kanto Federation, Hanada Tattsu

Best Pokemon Character
- CCC's When Destinies Collide, Meowth.
- Fury, LVH1/2, Mist
- Mr Mime, in EBTV, By Ozandy
- Jeff's Shiftry, Search for Knowledge (Mikey)
- Shockwave, from Lune by Charizard04621
- Nidoking from Tyler and Magmar, SilverMachop

Member Awards:

Oddest Writer
- Mewf0ur.
- The Decapitated Mole
- A Grilled Fish
- Powarun
- Silver Machop

Most sadistic writer
- Mewf0ur.
- Silver Machop

Most dedicated writer
- ZeldaFan20.
- OzAndrew
- mr_pikachu
- Aquababe727.
- Hanada Tattsu
- Captain Pringle
- Charizard04621
- Brit Chris
- ClassyCat

Best Newcomer to the boards
- ZeldaFan20.
- How long has ILoveX-tina been around?
- Mikey

Best writer
- CCC.
- Mist
- Hanada Tattsu
- Brit Chris

Best new writer
- ZeldaFan20.
- Rambunctious Jamirus
- Mikey
- Hanada Tattsu
- ClassyCat

Best character based on a board member
- Captain Pringle, Emerald League, by CP
- OzAndrew from EBTV

Most dedicated reader
- mistysakura.
- ILoveX-Tina
- Master Kirby.
- Powarun
- Dewgongtears
- Brit Chris, a.k.a. Shiny Marill


Best New Pokemon
- CYDM, by Gavin Luper.
- Albino Murkrow in EBTV by Oz.
- Nagaeon in The Azure League by Dragon_Knight
- Tidalfin from The Emerald League by Captain Pringle.
- Orpionic, What Dreams Are Made Of, mr_pikachu

Best location
- Shady Thicket in LVH, Mist
- Rancher Gym, EBTV
- The Hidden Valley, from Lune by Charizard04621
- The cave of light in Quest of Twelve (Chapter 2) by Lady Vulpix. It's just really cool! ^_^;
- Calcium City Gym in When Destinies Collide.
- Orange Leauge, Tracey's Quest, Hanada Tattsu
- That forest from Rhapsody in Red, Aquababe

Best setting
- The Green League in CCC's When Destinies Collide
- Emerald Island, Emerald League, CP

Dropped Awards:

These awards were dropped because there were either no nominations or only one nomination for them, and awards this year will not have automatic winners:

Best stuffup
Best quote
Most Cliches
Best Poem
Best Sci-Fi

How to Vote:

This year we will be going with the same system used in the last winter awards. If you don’t remember that then this is it:

Fics will be nominated in a series of points. Your first preferance in winning fic will receive three points, your second preferance will get 2 points and your third preferance will get one point. You can only vote for one fic per lot of points.

Please set your emails like this:


Best described fic
When Destinies Collide by Citrus Crush Chikorita = 3 points
Electric Buggy to Victory by OzAndrew = 2 points
Lisa the Legend by Gavin Luper = 1 point

Please email your fics with your preferred winners in order.


~ Don’t vote for yourself. Don’t make fake emails to vote for yourself because we will catch you, and there will be punishment.
~ Vote fairly, its always a good idea to read fics that you don’t know much about before voting for your favourites.
~ Please vote on your opinions of the fic, not on the member (unless its member awards and then still don’t judge it on the member). These awards are not a popularity contest, please vote fairly and based on the writing skills not on whether you like the person or not.

All votes are to be sent to fanficawards@hotmail.com. You are only allowed to vote once, so make sure you’re happy with your votes before you click send.

God bless.


18th September 2003, 09:06 AM
So, it's voting time again, eh? Well, let me just sayvoteMewfourthat, as always, it is a thrill tovoteMewfourbe entered in the awards again. Hopefully, everyone willvoteMewfourvote for the fics that they have actually read, and will trulyvoteMewfourvote for those who really deserve it. It is those people whovoteMewfourthat are the best readers on the board, those whovoteMewfourvote on unbiased, nonconforminst principles. So, in closing, let me just sayvoteMewfourmay the best manvoteMewfour, or womandon'tvoteMewfourthereplease winvoteMewfour.

Lady Vulpix
18th September 2003, 10:49 AM
I'm really excited to see my first fic got nominated in 3 categories! :) Thanks to those who nominated it, and everyone who has taken the time to read the 16 chapters which are up so far and post their comments. I really appreciate it.

For those who haven't seen it yet and would like to take a look, here it is:
~¤Quest of Twelve¤~ (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9508)

Chris 2.1
18th September 2003, 11:59 AM
Uh-oh, i'm in the same catagory as loads of talented writers....and my fic gets less awards then my myself, but the way I see it, if I get NOMINATED, it shows people appreciate both me and my work, it doesn't matter if I don't win a thing because I can say people like my work...

[movie speech = off]

Ok y'all, so if you wanna check out Monica's Army, its...well, not in my sig actually, so scurry in the boards for it ^^

Good luck to EVERYONE, even the people I dunno!

Captain Pringle
18th September 2003, 02:23 PM
Bah, not like it deserves to win anything... but I will take the oppotunity to shamelessly plug... :P

The Emerald League (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19256)

18th September 2003, 05:07 PM
Shockwave is cool. (y)

Lune (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4945)

18th September 2003, 10:16 PM
Hey, everybody! Good luck to one and all! May the best members and fics win! Blah-dee-blah-blah!

Okay, here's what I'm REALLY posting for - the link to my nominated fic!

What Dreams Are Made Of (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13470)

Congratulations to anyone and everyone who was nominated, and good luck in the polls! :yes: Of course, we all know CCC and Mist are gonna take 'em all again, but it's all about fun, right? RIGHT?!

18th September 2003, 10:21 PM
Bah,first off thanks for the nominations all! Here's the url to my fic, hasn't had a chapter in a bit of time, but it will soon.

CLICKY for Search for Knowledge: A Champion's Story. (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19779)

18th September 2003, 10:22 PM
Originally posted by mr_pikachu
Of course, we all know CCC and Mist are gonna take 'em all again, but it's all about fun, right? RIGHT?!

There's a smart man. I'm glad Mist is doing this lot, I got so sick of typing out all her awards last time ;)

Good luck to everyone, and if you want a link to my Fic, in my sig.

Remember its illegal to ask for votes.

Good luck again.

18th September 2003, 10:25 PM
Bloody Sword: 3050 A.D. (http://pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6545)

It deserves your votes. But hey, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

19th September 2003, 03:05 AM
Originally posted by OzAndrew
There's a smart man. I'm glad Mist is doing this lot, I got so sick of typing out all her awards last time ;)

Thanks heaps Oz. -.- Got sick of it hey? Could have just given the whole award show to me you know, and maybe one award to Ryan, dont think he would mind too much. ^.^

Anyway, for those who want to see LVH 1 and the beginning of 2, LVH1 is in archive forum i think but I'll be making a website n stuff anyway. Full Moon is somewhere on page 2 i think. Lol I'm so lazy.


Rambunctious Jamirus
19th September 2003, 05:34 AM
Thanks for the nominations, people! Makes me all happy inside :)

So...if you want to read either of my Fics, the link's in the sig just click on the respective banner.

For those who don't know what I'm in or are lazy:

Through Blind Eyes:
Best Trainer Fic
Best Male Supporting Role: Ian
Most Original Character: Lisha

Mako's Family:
Best Dark
Best Action
Best Described Fic
Best Relationship: Rini and Mako

19th September 2003, 06:26 PM
WOW! I actually got nominated in eight categories---man, that's more than last time! Good luck to all my Buddies who also got nominated!

Any way, here are the links to my Fics, if anyone wants to take a small peak:

The Bittersweet Reunion (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2686)

To The Rainbow's End (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18192)

19th September 2003, 08:18 PM
OMG!Am I TRULY nominated?I must be blind...anyway,thanks for the nomination.I know who nominated me,I just don't like to say names,hehe.Thanks a lot,even though I doubt I'll make it.

Ohhh well,in case anyone wants to read,check out my FanFic here:
Dreams Of Mastery (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21112)

Never thought I'd be nominated!Anyway...if anyone has the weird thought of voting me,thanks!:wave:

I'd like to vote,but I haven't readed any Fic so far...maybe for winter awards...

Oh!Good luck to everyone!You deserve that award way more than me,definitely!:yes:

20th September 2003, 09:17 PM
Hey, Venasaur89 (and anyone else who didn't know), you have to send the E-mail to the address listed by Mist in order to vote. You can't just post on this thread to do it; it needs to be an actual E-mail. The address is at the bottom of the first post in this thread.

Also, btw, did anyone notice that Sci-Fi only has on fic nominated? Just wondering, since there are no automatic winners this year.

20th September 2003, 10:32 PM
Ohh..crap! Thanks for reminding me.....Guess I didn't read the rules and stuff:P

So, the mod chooses which fics will enter the nominations???(Soory, I wasn't that active in the last winter awards!)

Gavin Luper
21st September 2003, 04:54 AM
The mods don't choose anything ... here's what happens:

The nominations topic is opened.
People nominate any fic they want in any category.
Nominations close.
Members are then allowed to Vote for the fics or whatever in each category.
Voting closes.
Winners of each category is announced.

I hope that helped a bit!

21st September 2003, 07:42 PM
Originally posted by Gavin Luper
The mods don't choose anything ... here's what happens:

The nominations topic is opened.
People nominate any fic they want in any category.
Nominations close.
Members are then allowed to Vote for the fics or whatever in each category.
Voting closes.
Winners of each category is announced.

I hope that helped a bit!

So, when did people nominated for the fic..

Anyways, I have deleted my post, and have emailed the mod.

Last Exile
21st September 2003, 07:58 PM

Good luck everyone! :)

21st September 2003, 11:06 PM
Two things:

1. I've been searching the board for Rose, by SneaselReborned, and it hasn't turned up. Anyone got a copy?

2. I checked my nominations post (I'm sure I didn't nominate for Fury for "best female in supporting role, and nobody else would put "weirdness" in the exact same way), and it turns out that Fury, from "best non-pokemon character", got put into Best Female Supporting character as well, and Marina from LTL was left out. Could you please put it in there? Thanks!

Last Exile
22nd September 2003, 12:36 AM
Just a note:

Apparently I have two nominations for best location.

Yet they are the same location!

Can people tallying votes please take that into consideration.

23rd September 2003, 02:26 AM
Okay I guess I made a mistake or two, but you cant blame me, I mean, I'm not perfect! I'll fix them up on the page now - but for further referance:

- there will be no more sci fi category

- stuff


23rd September 2003, 07:57 PM
Wow, I am very surprised on all of this. 3 nominations is awsome! Jen finally gets her glory! If you want to check out what shes like a link is below. Most dedicated reader to me is very wo for me. Thanks for all who nominated and vote for me. Can't wait to see how this turns out. Then for the best newcomer I think it is, I dont feel I fit the category. I made this sn a while back after my other two and its a long story but its explained in a post in the writers lounge. But I started a new story on it...so I dont know but its up to the mods to decide to drop me or not but its all good.

The Decapitated Mole
24th September 2003, 05:54 AM
Yeah, I think it's quite blasphemous that whoever it was did that after there was already the whole discussion in the elimination station. Whatever, like you said, it's for the mods to decide.


24th September 2003, 08:03 AM
Don't blame mr_pikachu, it was me. Well, what happened was i missed the reply (didn't go on TPM for two weeks, and it wasn't exactly new anymore), and I decided that the mods could decide whether you belonged there or not. Obviously, they didn't decide after all. Sorry, my mistake...

25th September 2003, 04:25 AM
Deadline is: Next Monday, 6 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Work off that. Lol sorry, but if someone would like to post the other time zones that apply to people here then they're very welcome.


25th September 2003, 03:22 PM
I think that's 3 AM New York Time, Midnight Pacific Time. But I could be wrong. depends if sydney is on the eastern side of ozland, hell if i know XP :)

25th September 2003, 08:31 PM
I know this post is stupid, it's not going to change anything if I post it so late, but there might be some other last-minute voters like me who want to read as much as they can first. (And I've found some cool fics this way!)

Anyway, I came in here with a pretty good idea who I was going to vote for, and I was positive someone had nominated them... and they had been left off the list. I checked the nominations thread, and Classycat definitely nominated mr_pikachu for Most Dedicated Reader, and I know I nominated Marina (and not Fury, which must have bee a reading error since nobody nominated Fury for that) for Best Female in Supporting Character.

Well, good luck everyone!

26th September 2003, 05:10 AM
The deadline is on Monday?

Yeesh, thsat's pretty close.

Anyway, that's for all of you thtat nominated me. There's a link to my fic in my sig, but just to make life easier for you:


Good luck to everyone.

26th September 2003, 01:00 PM
Heh, and I had just assumed I was being concieted when I thought I'd been nominated for that, after I read the listed noms. Meh, it doesn't matter. I do appreciate being nominated for that, classy_cat18 (don't think for a second that I don't), but I probably wouldn't have won anyway, with all the other strong candidates, and everyone makes mistakes anyway. Although a nice solution might be to let me back in the Mod Contest... ;) lol, j/k. Yeah, I'm desperate. What can I say? I love this place. :D

Anyway, so this post isn't totally pointless, I have the deadlines for a bunch of time zones. Here goes:


BST, IST, WEST – 9:00 AM, Monday
CEST – 10:00 AM, Monday
EEST – 11:00 AM, Monday
MSD – 12:00 Noon, Monday

US and Canada:

NDT – 5:30 AM, Monday
ADT – 5:00 AM, Monday
EDT – 4:00 AM, Monday
CDT – 3:00 AM, Monday
MDT – 2:00 AM, Monday
PDT – 1:00 AM, Monday
AKDT – 12:00 Midnight, Monday
HST – 10:00 PM, Sunday


AEST – 6:00 PM, Monday
ACST – 5:30 PM, Monday
AWST – 4:00 PM, Monday

Please note that these are adjusted for Daylight Savings Time when listed. If it does not have a “D” in the abbreviation, it is not adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. If you do not go by Daylight Savings Time, or if the one listed doesn’t and you do, these will be 1 hour off, so please take that into consideration.

[i]Please note, I'm just adjusting Australia's times, cuz we're not in Daylight Savings time yet, unless someone forgot to tell me. ~Mist

Anyway, thanks again for the nominations, and good luck to one and all! :D

27th September 2003, 07:44 AM
I foudn that lemons thing that Gabbi was going on about.


its like, on the fourth or fifth page, which explains why Gabbi couldn't find it.


Lady Vulpix
27th September 2003, 07:27 PM
Thanks, Tara! :)
Then A Grilled Fish has a nomination for oddest writer.

30th September 2003, 08:44 AM
A bit later than I had hoped - this topic is closed. No more votes will be accepted. Don't even try and vote otherwise you'll be proving that you are a stupid bum monkey. :P I'm so nice.

Yeah - results should be up in a week or less. Heck, knowing me I'll stay up all night and they'll be up by sun rise. Seriously, results should be up sometime this week.