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Yes I know another trainer fic so just comment good or bad but not to mean ok. Yes I am going to try it again.
Creatures New and Old: Meagan’s Journey

“Finally morning,” said Meagan waking up and getting ready for the day, “Today is the day! Yes today I go to Prof Birch and I can choose my pokemon.”

Meagan got ready and put on her clothes. She put on a skirt, tennis shoes, a purple shirt, a headband, her new running shoes and her backpack on. She combed her light blue hair, looked at her pale blue eyes and smiled. May grew all her life in Littleroot Town with her mom and her brother that already left to be a pokemon trainer. He next-door neighbor was a new guy that moved from Johto. Then next to him lived Prof Birch’s hot son, Brendan, but he did not like Meagan. The person who liked Meagan was the new guy Nick.

Meagan walked down the stairs and petted the pet Persian. She went to the kitchen and saw her mom.

“Well looks like you are leaving too,” said Mom, “another one of my babies is going to leave.”

“Ahh mom,” said Meagan, “Persian is going to stay here with you and so is Jynx. And when I catch more pokemon I will give you some ok?”

“I guess,” said Mom, “But you have to be careful.”

“Yes mom I will,” said Meagan.

Meagan walked to her mom and hugged her. She walked out the door and saw her house. Nick was walking out of his house, he noticed Meagan and walked up to her.

“Hey Meagan,” said Nick, “So you are starting your pokemon journey?”

“Yeah,” said Meagan, “So have you seen your dad, Norman?”

“No,” answered Nick, “I am going to see him when I go to Petalburg.”

“Cool,” said Meagan with a smile, “Umm where is umm Brendan?”

“Oh he is at the lab,” said Nick.

“Ok,” said Meagan, “I will see you there.”

“Ok,” said Nick walking away, “Why Can’t she notice me?”

“Why can’t he leave me alone?” asked Meagan to herself.

Meagan said goodbye to her friends and neighbors as she walked to the lab. There it was the lab of Prof Birch. In the front a huge fountain and many flowers. She walked into the lab and she the Prof.

“Hi Meagan,” said Prof Birch.

“Hi Prof,” said Meagan.

“So are you ready to pick your pokemon?” asked Prof Birch with a grin on his face.

“Of course!” answered Meagan.

Prof Birch walked to a table that had three pokeballs on it.

“Here are three pokemon,” said Prof Birch, “You can only choose one. So let me tell you which ones they are. In this one is a Torchic. It is a fire pokemon.”

“Tor!” cried out the red bird.

“Hmm,” said Meagan, “I don’t know. It is not my type.”

“Hmm I see,” said Prof Birch, “Then what about this Treecko.”

‘Tre!” said the Treecko.

“No way!” said Meagan.

“Then the last one is this Mudkip!” said Prof Birch.

“Kip!” said the Mudkip.

“Ahh,” said Meagan, “I want this one. Mudkip do you wanna be my pokemon?”

The Mudkip smiled and went next to Meagan and cuddled her.

“Ok good,” said Prof Birch, “Here is your pokedex and some pokeballs. Brendan should be in Oldale City maybe you should go talk to him.”

“Ok I will come on Mudkip!” said Meagan picking up her Mudkip and leaving the Lab. She walked out of he little town and waved goodbye to it. She was on the start of her new pokemon journey. The sun behind her began to set on the mountains and she looked at Mudkip and they walked.

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Yea! Your posting here! I like your story. Keep on posting here.

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Yay! I love your fic, I'm glad you decided to continue it!

Great chapter!

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More please...
Longer chapters would make the whole experience more enjoyable. It's very clichèd, but it's okay.

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I agree that the chapters should be much longer. But anyway, I personally think that you should try working on your dialogue and sentence structure--since many of your sentences could easily be joined together. Said is also very much overused, and you should try thinking of replacements for it-- or maybe even adding an action after the dialogue. You'd actually be quite surprised of how many synonyms there are for said. ^^;

Anyway, please don't think of this as a flame. I'm just trying to help ^_^

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Yup, I'm here, too. You cannot escape me. Just kidding. Your stories are always good, and I will await for this one to get back where we left off, if we can. Mine is still somewhere, too, but can't advertise. PM me.

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This is a very good fic, I'm glad you brought to TPM. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for all the comments and for the help I will use it when I am typing the new chapters.
Trainer of the Night: Poochyena’s Bark is worse than his bite!
Meagan was now walking on route 101 to get to Oldale. Mudkip was getting tired and it was now completely dark.

“Mudkip,” said Meagan, “Do you want to camp here?”
“Mud!” cried out Mudkip nodding her head.

“Good,” said Meagan smiling, “I wonder what pokemon Brendan and Nick got…but they can’t get a better pokemon than Mudkip!”

Meagan went to her backpack and got out her sleeping bag and her pillow. She collected some firewood and made fire. She got some fruit from her backpack and gave some to Mudkip while she ate some too.

“Well Mudkip let’s go to sleep,” said Meagan yawning.

“Hold it!” said a trainer. He was short, had glasses, shorts, a shirt with a pokeball on it and his hair was just freaky.

“Who are you? And why are you bothering me?” asked Meagan.

“I’m Mathew but everyone knows me as the Trainer of the night!” said Mathew.

“Yeah,” said Meagan, “I’m Meagan and everyone calls me Meagan. And why did you bother me?!”

“Well you’re a pokemon trainer aren’t you?” asked Mathew.

“Yeah,” answered Meagan, “I have a Mudkip.”

“Then you must battle me then!” said Mathew, “Go Duskull!”

“Cool a Duskull,” said Meagan, “Mudkip, you ready.”

Mudkip went into battle position and went into battle. Duskull did the same and he floated in the air. Mudkip used a mud slap and it his Duskull. Duskull shook of the mud and used leer. Mudkip avoided it and used water gun on the ghost. Duskull hit tree and hid behind Mathew.

“No! No! No! No!” cried out Mathew, “You defeated the Trainer of the Night! I am so out of here!”

Mathew left with Duskull slowly following him. Meagan smiled and hugged Mudkip. She got on the floor and heard something behind her. It was a low growl, a growl that sounded like a pokemon was injured…a growl of distress…of weakness. It sent a shiver through Meagan’s bones as she slowly turned around. There at the bottom of a bush was a Poochyena. It looked scared and injured.

“Mudkip…it’s a Poochyena,” said Meagan, “It looks injured, should we like help it?”

Mudkip nodded and it went up to the injured pup. She told him that they were going to help him. Meagan approached the pup very slowly and cautiously. She picked it up and the Poochyena felt safer and felt calm. Meagan sat on the ground and reached for her backpack. She got out some potions and some food. She put the potion on Poochyena and gave it some food.

“He looks better. Well let’s see how you feel in the morning, “ said Meagan petting the pup on the head.

Meagan crawled to her sleeping bag and got in. She covered herself and went to sleep with Poochyena and Mudkip next to her.
Meagan slowly woke up and she rubbed her eyes. She found Mudkip and Poochyena still asleep. She got some fruit and same pancake mix. She made some pancakes with fruit on top of them. The pokemon woke up and ate some of the pancakes.

“Good morning,” said Meagan.

“Mud!” said Mudkip.

“Roof!” cried out Poochyena.

Meagan laughed and they all ate some more pancakes. Meagan now felt like catching Poochyena but at the same time did not want to. Just then two Mightyena approached the camp and startled the group. They looked mad and looked at the group. Mudkip ran behind Meagan and was scared. The Mightyenas were showing their teeth and they were growling.

“Their going to kill us!” yelled Meagan terrified.

Poochyena began to bark and went to the Mightyena…. It then began to nuzzle them. The Mightyena began to lick Poochyena and they looked friendlier. Poochyena began to bark at the two Mightyena. The Mightyena walked up Meagan and licked her.

“I guess they are your parents,” said Meagan.

Mudkip was getting licked too and then she had enough. Mudkip went inside the sleeping bag and hid. Meagan petted the two Mightyenas and hugged them. She felt better for not catching Poochyena after all. Meagan packed up and got Mudkip. Together all five of them walked to Oldale. There, Mightyena and Poochyena left Meagan and Mudkip. Meagan waved goodbye to them and walked to Oldale.

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That was a good first chapter, It could have been longer and a little more descriptive. I think you will get better. Well I see you posted chapter 2. It is good. It looks like it is a little more descriptive. Keep it up.

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Good chapter. People his story gets really good trust me! I like this alot.

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Yeah, this is just the way DT works. It's short, but good. Lots of realism, I would rate it PG-13, even. Anyway, keep up the good work.

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Yay! I love that chapter!

I kinda wish Meagan would have caught Poochyena, but hey, she might!

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Oldale: Team Magma’s Secret Plan!

Meagan and Mudkip entered the small town of Oldale. They looked around and spotted the Pokemon Center. Entering it she said hello to Nurse Joy and gave her Mudkip so she could heal it. While she was waiting she called back home and spoke to her mom. Her mom’s sister was there and they were going to leave town for a little vacation. Nurse Joy called her and she hanged up the phone. She got her Mudkip and brought her out of her pokeball. She thanked Nurse Joy and walked outside. Meagan thought about her father and brother and thought where they were. She got into la-la-land and bumped into a guy.

“Um…Meagan?” asked they guy.

“Brendan!” exclaimed Meagan.

Brendan wore jeans, a black shirt, and a vest and had white hair. They hugged and sat down on a bench and began to talk. Mudkip played with Brendan’s Torchic.

“So Meagan you are going to beat the gym leaders,” said Brendan.

“Yeah,” said Meagan, “I hope I can beat them especially my cousin.”

“Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Phone Call! Phone Call!”

“Could you wait I need to get this,” said Brendan.

“Sure,” said Meagan.

Brendan got up and answered the phone call. Meagan overheard his conversation.

“What do you mean,” said Brendan in a bothered mood, “No eliminate them! We must expand the land. We cannot let them expand the water. With the land expanded the ground pokemon can be happy. Team Magma will win this war!”

Meagan did not know what he was talking about…probably research. Brendan hanged up the phone and sat back down on the bench.

“Sorry about that,” said Brendan excusing himself.

“That’s ok,” said Meagan, “Who was it?”

“Ah you know parents,” said Brendan.

“Ah of course,” said Brendan.

Just then some people in pirate uniforms appeared out of nowhere. They had some Crawdaunt in front of them.

“You must come with us,” said one of them.

“No!” said Brendan, “Meagan…get out of here! Go call my dad and tell him that Team Aqua are attacking!”

“Ok!” said Meagan running to the pokemon center.

Meagan ran into the pokemon center and called Prof Birch. Meagan told him what happened and was coming over right this way with Persian…since Jynx went with Meagan’s mom. When she hanged up the windows shattered and glass was everywhere. She hid behind the counter with Mudkip in her arms. Nurse Joy went inside where all the pokemon were and put security mode on and called Officer Jenny.

“Where is that girl?” asked one of the guys from Team Aqua.

“I saw her come in here,” said one of the girls.

“Leave her alone!” cried out Brendan, “Why do you want her?”

“She saw us and called your daddy we must eliminate her!” said the guy.

Meagan did not know what to do and she was scared. She wanted to run away but she was to scared. She wanted her mom, her dad…anyone! Just them Prof Birch entered along with Nick.

“Ahh Prof Birch,” said the guy, which was most likely with leader.

“Leave my son alone!” commanded Prof Birch.

Nick left and went behind the counter…he saw Meagan and comforted her. He had Treecko and he comforted Mudkip. They left behind the counter and went outside. Persian was waiting there and when she saw Meagan she went up to her and nuzzled her. They heard the arguing of the Prof Birch and Team Aqua. Nick left Meagan so he could go help Prof Birch. Meagan sat down and began to cry. She did not know this was going to happen. Then she heard screaming…it was Prof Birch! She ran around and saw Prof Birch lying in a puddle of his own blood. Team Aqua was laughing and Brendan was crying while Nick was protecting Prof Birch.

“Ha! We did what we wanted to do…we are out of here!” said the leader. They left out of sight and Meagan, Nick and Prof Birch were left.

“Prof Birch!” cried out Meagan running to him.

“Mea…. Me…Megan…go get Nurse Joy…. Hur…hurry!” cried out Prof Birch. Meagan had his blood on her shirt and she ran to the pokemon center.

“Nurse Joy! Help me! Prof Birch is injured he might die!” said Meagan.

“Oh my take me to him,” said Nurse Joy.

They ran to Prof Birch and they helped him to the pokemon center. Nurse Joy and Chansey began to heal Prof Birch. They stitched up the deep wound and cleaned him up. Meagan went into a room and changed her shirt to a clean one. She went back outside and Nick was there. Nurse Joy came out with gloves full of blood. She smiled to them and winked.

“He is going to be all right,” said Nurse Joy.

“Thank you Nurse Joy,” said Meagan and Nick.

“Meagan…he want to talk to you,” said Nurse Joy.

Meagan walked to the healing room and she sat down next to Prof Birch. Persian and Mudkip slowly followed her and waited for her.

“Meagan,” said Prof Birch.

“Yes,” said Meagan.

“I want you to help safe my son,” said Prof Birch, “Use Persian…. And catch other pokemon…defeat the gym leaders…help save my son…please.”

“I will Prof,” said Meagan.

“Thank you,” said Prof Birch.

Meagan walked out and saw that Nick left. Nurse Joy told her that he left and that he would meet you in Petalburg City. Meagan walked out with Persian and Mudkip and they walked to the next city.

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Good chapters. I like how Meagan has Persian to use, but it's not really hers. Kind of original... I wonder if Ash is ever going to do that with his Mom' Mr. Mime. Keep up the good work.

3rd June 2003, 08:53 PM
Indeed. I wish I could think like this, but I don't. I'm too linear.

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That was a good chapter! I can't wait for the rest of them! There is just something about your righting i like. I just dont know what. WHen I do I will tell you! Keep it up!

Hanada Tattsu
4th June 2003, 07:23 PM
I liked this chapter!

So, the pet Jynx is with Meagan's mom, and the pet Persian is now with Megan. So Team Magma has hired Brandon, and Prof. Birch was hurt... this is a great fic!

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Thank you everyone who reads my story.
Danny: The First Capture!
Meagan was lonely and afraid. She was afraid of Team Aqua and Magma. Lonely since she was by herself…there were no people to talk to. She thought about Brendan and Prof Birch and Nick too. Her mom, dad and her bigger brother. Suddenly Persian picked up her ears and looked around.

“What is it girl?” asked Meagan.

Persian prowled around Meagan and meowed. She screeched and a pokemon came out from the grass. It was white, purple head with a green spike sticking out and it floated off the ground. Persian looked at it and slashed it. The Ralts was weak and fell to the floor. Meagan got a pokeball and threw it. It shook and was captured.

“Yay!” said Meagan, “I caught it!”

Meagan brought the Ralts and it screamed.

“I think she likes us,” said Meagan laughing, “This is Persian and this is Mudkip.”

Ralts smiled at the pokemon and it went up to them.

“Well I have two pokemon since Persian in my guardian so I cannot use her,” said Meagan.

Persian laid down and heard a twig snap. She began to meow and placed her self in a pounce position. Mudkip and Ralts heard it too and joined Persian.

“What is it?” Meagan asked.

A young man came out of the bush. He wore the outfit of Morty ( the gym leader ) he had ice blue hair, sandals, a tattoo on his ankle and a blue eyes. To Meagan he was so handsome she stared at him blankly.

“I’m sorry if I scared,” said the guy, “but….do I have something on my face?”

Meagan snapped out of her trance,” Oh no, you just started my pokemon. And no…you…don’t have anything on your face.”

“Oh,” said the guy, “Your Meagan right?”

“Yeah…but how did you know?” Meagan asked.

“Well your brother told me to come and accompany you in your journey,” said the guy, “ I’m Danny nice to meet you.”

“Hi Danny,” said Meagan, “My brother? Where is he?”

“He is in the Johto region,” said Danny.

“Is he a good trainer?” Meagan asked.

“Oh yeah,” said Danny, “He was in the top five in the Kanto region...he even beat me.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Meagan, “So you gonna join me?”

“Yeah,” said Danny sitting down, “So you have three pokemon.”

“Well Persian is my protector so she does not count, I just have two,” said Meagan sitting down next to Danny.

“Oh I see,” said Danny, “My pokemon are..”

Out came out a Dewgong, Arcanine, Dragonite, Vileplume, Ampharos and a Espeon.

“Wow cool pokemon,” said Meagan, “they look strong.”

“Thanks,” said Danny, “Yours will be strong too.”

“Thanks,” said Meagan blushing, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“What?” asked Danny taking back with the question.

“Oh nothing…” said Meagan.

Meagan and Danny got tired and went to their sleeping bag. Danny fell to sleep but Meagan would not. She looked at the sky and saw a yellow pokemon. It had some sort of gesture hat and it looked and Meagan. It smiled and vanished. Megan wondered what was it and went to sleep.

Next: Petalburg: What a flying surprise AAAACCCCHHHHOOOO!

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Keep it coming. Danny is such a cool character. *winks at DT* Anyway, I am at a loss for words again. I'll await the next one.

4th June 2003, 09:22 PM
Yet again another good chapter. Just keep them going so you can get the other chapters! Your keeping me all wondering.

Hanada Tattsu
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Cool chappie! Is the Ralts shiny?

Write more, can't wait for more chappies!

8th June 2003, 10:22 AM
Yes Ralts is a shiny Ralts. :P
Petalburg: What a flying surprise AAAACCCCHHHHOOOO!

Waking the group went to Petalburg. It was not to far so they got there pretty fast. Danny and Meagan went to the pokemon center and healed their pokemon. Danny also deposited all his pokemon and called home. He talked to Pryce to send him Slakoth.

“Cool pokemon,” said Meagan, “Kinda lazy though.”

Slakoth was on the floor just scratching his head.

“Thanks,” said Danny, “That’s how they are.”

“Oh I see,” said Meagan,” So you going to battle the gym leaders?”

“No,” said Danny, “Don’t need to. I came to accompany you.”

“So you are just going to catch new pokemon?” Meagan asked.

“Of course,” said Danny.

“Norman is the gym leader here,” said Meagan.

“Yeah but you need to beat four other ones since he is the 5th gym leader,” said Danny.

“Oh,” said Meagan sadly.

Meagan and Danny walked outside and Meagan saw Nick coming towards them. Meagan look mad at him but she waited till he came to her 1st.

“That’s Nick,” said Meagan disgusted, “He really likes me.”

“Do you like him?” Danny asked.

“Like no!” exclaimed Meagan.

Nick walked up to them and he saw Danny with Meagan.

“Hey Meagan…who is this?” Nick asked.

“Oh this Danny,” said Meagan, “This is Nick.”

“Hi,” said Danny extending his hand towards Nick.

Nick did not shake his hand and talked to Meagan, “I got you something Meagan.”

“How could you just leave back there in Oldale?!” yelled Meagan.

“I’m sorry,” said Nick with his head down.

“You never thought that Team Magma or Aqua could have gotten me!” yelled Meagan.

“No,” said Nick, “No I did not.”

“That’s right!” exclaimed Meagan, “You never think!”

“Well I got you this,” said Mick shamefully giving a pokeball to Meagan.

“And you gave me a pokeball! You think this is going to make it all better! It’s probably empty!” yelled Meagan.

“Open it, said Nick.

Meagan threw the pokeball and a blue and white small bird came out. It had a long beak and it had a short tail. It was a Wingull! It went to Meagan and hugged her with her wings.

“Wow! Thanks!” said Meagan hugging Nick. She noticed what she was doing and stopped, “Yuck! I hugged Nick!”

Danny thought, “I will need to give her something better…but a Wingull is a good pokemon especially in the first gym.”

“So I guess this is your boyfriend,” said Nick looking at Danny.

“What!?” said Danny shocked.

“No,” said Meagan.

“Then why don’t you wanna go out with me?” Nick asked.

“I would even date Wallace and Bugsy but not you! You would most likely leave me dead!” said Meagan.

“Ugh,” said Nick walking away.

“Finally he is gone,” said Meagan smiling.

“Well that was unexpected,” said Danny chuckling.

“We should go to the gym so I could go say hi to Norman,” said Meagan.

Meagan and Danny walked to the gym and entered. Norman was right at the entrance. Meagan liked Norman because he was a handsome man and nice unlike his son.

“Hello Meagan,” said Norman.

“Hi,” said Meagan hugging Norman, “This is Danny.”

“Hello,” said Danny shaking Norman hand.

“Hi,” said Norman, “I heard about that happened. I’m sorry about Nick to. He got you that Wingull to say he is sorry.”

“That’s ok,” said Meagan.

“I want to go to see Prof Birch but I can’t since I am waiting for someone,” said Norman.

“Who are you waiting for?” Meagan asked.

“A young man named Wally. He is ill so he is going to move to Verdanturf ,” said Norman, “But he ants a pokemon so he can be happier.”

A young man entered. He had silver hair. Shorts and a t-shirt.

“Ahh you have finally arrived,” said Norman.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” said Wally.

“That’s ok,” said Norman, “This Meagan and Danny.”

“Oh hello,” said Wally.

“Meagan can you do me a favor?” Norman asked.

“Sure,” responded Meagan.

“Can you go with Wally so he can catch a pokemon,” said Norman, “Here Wally use my Zigzagoon to weaken a pokemon.”

“Yeah sure,” said Meagan, “Danny stay here.”

Danny nodded in approval.

Wally and Meagan walked out of the gym and entered the place where Meagan had made camp. Wally walked around and a pokemon came out. It was Ralts, it was the normal kind not purple like Meagan’s. Wally sent out Zigzagoon and it tackled Ralts. Ralts could only growl. Zigzagoon kept tackling it and Wally caught it. They went back to the gym and Wally returned the Zigzagoon.

“Meagan I will challenge you,” said Wally.

“Ok,” said Meagan accepting the challenge.

“Go Ralts!” said Wally sending out the Ralts.

“Ok go Ralts!” said Meagan.

“You have one too,” said Wally.

“Yes,” said Norman, “And it is a different color too.

“Yeah I caught it yesterday,” said Meagan.

Ralts that belonged to Wally began to move around. Meagan’s Ralts slowly followed. Ralts #1 ( Wally ) then spun around and hit Ralts #2 ( Meagan ). Ralts#2 growled loud and Ralts #1 shook his head. Ralts #1 hit Ralts #2 and fell to the floor. All hope seemed lost to Meagan…her Ralts was going to lose. Just then Ralts #2 lowered his head. She slowly raised her hands and head and used her Confusion attack! It was a very powerful also. It confused Ralts #1 and it hit itself.

“This battle is over!” said Norman, “Meagan is the winner!”

“Good job,” said Wally.

“You too. I thought I was going to loose,” said Meagan.

“Meagan I am going to train hard so one day I can beat you,” said Wally, “Bye.”

“Bye,” said Meagan.

Meagan and Danny said goodbye to Norman and they walked outside. They left the town and Meagan was happy since she made a new friend. But in Petalburg woods lives a legend of a green pokemon. This green now wanders there since she got lost in time traveling. A trainer of pure heart must help it escape from the hands of evil.

8th June 2003, 10:38 AM
Oh goody, here comes the neat part. Stay tuned, this gets really good. I'm sorry, I just don't want to comment on something I've read twice.

Hanada Tattsu
8th June 2003, 10:55 AM
That was a good chapter! Nick gave Meagan a Wingull, that was sweet. And we meet Wally, this story is great!

Keep it up!

8th June 2003, 01:18 PM
Good chapters. I wonder if there's going to be a love triangle between Megean, Danny, and Nick... hmm.

8th June 2003, 03:17 PM
Great chapter! Keep on posting them! Wingull is finally in it! U like you story a lot and I can't wait for the new chapters! Keep it up!

12th June 2003, 10:17 AM
Petalburg Woods: Flaming Hot Magma

“Wow Petalburg Forest is so beautiful,” said Meagan.

“Yeah,” said Danny.

The forest seemed like as if they were alive. Greenery everywhere, plants, flowers and pokemon. Mudkip, Ralts, Wingull and Slakoth were battling some wild pokemon to gain experience. They saw some Wurmples, Silcoon, Cascoon there but Danny did not like those neither did Meagan. Danny found a lake and they saw a Zigzagoon drinking water. It saw them and ran away. That is when they heard a yell, it was a man’s voice that was yelling help. Danny and Meagan. Ran to where the yells were coming from and saw Team Magma and a man on the floor.

“Give me the damn scrolls!” yelled the Team Magma member.

“No I will not give them to you,” said the man.

“Leave him alone!” yelled Danny.

“Ha! Your gonna stop me?” said the Team Magma member.

“You bet,” said Danny, “Meagan 2 on 2 battle ok.”

“Ok,” said Meagan.

“Go Poochyena! Go Magcargo!” said the Team Magma member.

“Go Slakoth!” said Danny.

“GO Wingull!” said Meagan.

Poochyena used bite and bit Slakoth on the knee. Slakoth turned around and saw the Poochyena. Slakoth yawned and it affected Poochyena, Poochyena became drowsy. Wingull flew over Magcargo and used water gun on Magcargo used fire blast. It missed Wingull and she used wing attack making it hide in it’s shell. Slakoth then began to attack the shell and Poochyena went to sleep. Wingull used wing attack and it his Poochyena making it crash into Magcargo.

“Ahh!” cried out Tem Magma member, “First our second in command was kidnapped and now this!”

Team Magma got his pokemon and ran away.

“I wonder,” said Meagan.

“What?” Danny asked with curiosity.

“You se Brendan was kidnapped by Team Aqua and before I heard him talking about Team Aqua and how he needs to stop them,” said Meagan.

“DO you think Brendan is the person second in command?” asked Danny.

“Maybe,” said Meagan, “I hope not.”

Danny walked to the guy and helped him up. They told him their names and his name was Mark.

“So what did that guy want?” asked Meagan.

“HE wanted these scrolls,” said Mark holding out some scrolls.

“What do they do? Or what are they for?” Danny asked.

“There is a legend that I believe is trapped in this forest,” said Mark, “A pokemon, a small green one named Celebi. It can time travel and somehow got transported to this forest thinking it was Ilex forest which is located in Johto. When it arrived Jirachi appeared and sealed Celebi in a tree with a green shield trapping it in the tree where it still slumbers.”

“I saw that pokemon,” said Meagan pointing to the picture of Jirachi.

“You did,” said Mark, “When? Or Where?”

“After I meet Danny that night,” said Meagan.

“You never told me,” said Danny.

“I thought I imagined it,” said Meagan.

“Wow I hope I can see Celebi,” said Meagan, “And Jirachi again.”

“May I finish?” asked Mark bothered, “Jirachi put a spell on the seal or shield. The spell could only be broken if a trainer of pure heart helped Celebi out. Celebi would then be sent to Ilex Forest and rest in it’s shrine. So only a trainer of pure heart can open the seal.”

“Wow I hope I can see Celebi,” said Meagan, “And Jirachi again.”

“Team Magma wants these scrolls so they can control all plants and choke the water and grow more land,” said Mark, “Team Aqua wants it so he plants can choke the land and transport water where there is land.”

12th June 2003, 10:37 AM
I hope you don't mind, but I will refrain from posting to this fic for a while since I've already seen this part, but know that I am still here, and I'm sure the rest of your readers will support you.

Hanada Tattsu
12th June 2003, 06:38 PM
Great chappie!

Wow, so we finally know about Celebi and Jirachi.

So Brendan was kidnapped, I wonder if Meagan still likes him even though he's in Team Magma...

14th June 2003, 04:33 PM
HEy! Sorry I havent posted in awhile, I have had tons of exams. Keep it up with all teh chapters! I love it! Keep it up!

17th June 2003, 11:07 PM
Hey, I been catching up and this is really great. It looks like you have gotten better. I really like dhte chapter when Meagan got wingull from Nick. That was really nice and sweet of him. Then with the legendarys was really cool. It seems that you haven't posted in a while. Why haven't you? I would really like for you to continue! The shiny ralts was really cleaver to. That isn't part of Wally and the game. Good chapters.

18th June 2003, 09:30 AM
Soory about not posting any more chapters but I have been busy. So here they come now.

Petalburg Woods: Legend come to live

Meagan and Danny said goodbye to Mark and were walking to leave the forest.

“I’m going to miss this place,” said Meagan.

Just then flowers and vines sprouted form the ground blocking the exit to the forest.

“What is going on?” Meagan asked.

“You cannot leave,” said a feminine voice, “For the trainer of pure heart is her! You must help me.”

“Celebi?” asked the voice.

“Yes,” said the voice.

“The trainer is Meagan then right Celebi,” said Danny, “She is the trainer of pure heart.”

“Meagan, she must hurry for evil lurking. Go to the lake of flowers and you will see my tree there. Be careful trainer of pure heart for Team Aqua is near,” said the voice fading away.

“Team Aqua!” responded Meagan.

“Lake of Flowers?” asked Danny.

They looked around and saw a Vileplume. It walked through the forest and Danny and Meagan followed it. They reached the Lake of Flowers. The water was covered with colorful, huge flowers that overflowed and climbed up a huge tree. On the tree was a green shield that looked like something was inside it.

“I believe that is where Celebi is,” said Meagan.

“Your right,” said a man in a Team Aqua outfit, “And the trainer of pure heart is here to. My, my, my I got lucky today very lucky. I am Archie the leader of Team Aqua!”

“What did you do with Brendan?” Meagan asked.

“It does not matter,” said Archie, “He is alive and well.”

“Leave us alone!” yelled back Danny.

“So,” said Archie walking to the tree, “Celebi sleeps inside this tree. The young trainer is out here to. You, Meagan, will help Team Aqua obtain Celebi. With her we will choke the land and bring water everywhere! The water pokemon will be so happy!”

“Your psycho!” yelled Meagan.

“But you ill help me!” yelled Archie, “Go Crawdaunt!”

A big emerged from the pokeball and stood in front of its trainer.

“Go Mudkip!” said Meagan.

“Go Slakoth!” said Danny.

Crawdaunt went inside the lake but got tangled inside the roots of the flowers. Mudkip went in the lake and swam through the roots. Slakoth climbed the trees and went where Crawdaunt was. Archie ran towards Meagan but Danny tackled him throwing them both to the ground.

“Meagan!” yelled Danny, “Go get Celebi!”

Meagan ran to the tree but Crawdaunt saw her. It cut the roots and was going for Meagan. Slakoth jumped on him, Ralts came out and floated around Meagan. Wingull came out and perched on a branch waiting for the right moment. It used wing attack on the crab and it went in the water again. Mudkip used mud shoot and the crab could not see. Persian was watching from far away but waiting if the pokemon needed help. The pokemon were beating up Crawdaunt and it looked weak.

“Good job,” said Meagan, “Come on Ralts…we need to help Celebi.”

They climbed they tree and they saw Celebi sleeping. Meagan touched the green shield and it cause a ripple effect. She put her arms inside and reached for Celebi. Celebi woke up and she smiled. Meagan put her arms around Celebi and brought her out. Together they climbed the tree.

Archie and Crawdaunt were waiting for her. Danny and the other pokemon were in a net hanging from a tree.

“Let them go!” said Meagan.

“I’ll let them go when you give me Celebi,” said Archie.

“Never!” cried out Meagan, “I won’t give her to you…the hands of evil!”

Archie laughed but then stopped when he saw Celebi.

“You must leave the forest!” said Celebi telepathically.

It was moving it fingers commanding the flowers and vines. They were shoot and Archie and Crawdaunt and they were caught inside of them. Celebi snapped her fingers and they were sent flying out of the forest. She then used razor leaf to cut the net.

“Trainer of young heart,” said Celebi, “You helped me and I am grateful for your help. I give you this.”

Celebi went to the flowers and brought out a egg. It was a light blue color.

“This egg is yours,” said Celebi, “Thank you trainer of pure heart.”

Celebi vanished along with her flowers. Meagan put the egg in her backpack and together they all left the forest. Happy for what they did.

Next: Rustboro: Rock Solid!

18th June 2003, 01:02 PM
You posted! Keep on posting! I hope you keep up with this story becuase its good. That was a good chapter with celeibi in it. Keep it up and keep posting!

Hanada Tattsu
18th June 2003, 11:55 PM
Finally, you posted! A Great chapter, I loved it!

Well, all the Pokemon helped out. Wingull seems lazy, but Slakoth seems much more active than I thought.

Wow, Danny seems to like Meagan, and why didn't Persian battle? Archie is evil, and at least Brendan is alive and well.

As for Celebi, yay! I hope we see it again!

And I wonder what the egg is?

19th June 2003, 10:06 AM
Hanada Tattsu: Sometimes I forget about Persian so like Persian sometimes does battle and sometimes does not.

Rustboro: Rock Solid!

Entering Rustboro Meagan and Danny went to the pokemon center to heal their pokemon. They ate some lunch and decided to leave the pokemon center.

“This is where the 1st gym is,” said Danny.

“Who is it?” Meagan asked.

“It’ Roxanne,” said Danny, “The rock/ground leader. She uses her Geodude and her Nosepass.”

“Will I use Mudkip,” said Meagan.

“Mud!” cried out Mudkip.

“And Wingull,” said Meagan.

“Gull!” said Wingull.

“Yeah,” said Danny, “Those will be very good in battle. Since her pokemon are weak against water. It should be a piece of cake.”

“I hope so,” said Meagan.

The city was huge and Danny told Meagan that the Devon Corporation was in this city. Then they passed a school where Roxanne teaches and a little girl came out running towards them. She was in a school uniform with her hair in a pony tail.

“Are you two pokemon trainers?” she asked out of breath.

“Yeah,” said Meagan, “I’m gonna go battle Roxanne right now.”

“Want me to take you there?” she asked regaining her breath.

“Yeah,” said Meagan, “I’m Meagan and this is Danny.”

“I’m Momo,” said the girl, “I go to the school where Roxanne teaches.”

“Cool,” said Meagan, “DO you have a pokemon?”

“Yep,” said Meagan, “It’s a Spoink. Roxanne told me in order to finish school I must travel with a pokemon trainer for a little while. So I was wondering if I can join you two?”

“I guess, no harm in that,” said Meagan, “So where’s your Spoink?”

A purple pig came out, it had a pearl on it’s head and a springy tail that it bounced on.

“Here she is,” said Momo picking it up and hugging it.

Meagan, Danny and there new friend Momo walked to the door of the gym. When they walked inside it was all rocky. It had a lot of boulders that were everywhere. On top of the biggest pillar was Roxanne.

“Hello Momo….I see that you found trainers to journey with,” said Roxanne in a soft voice.

“Yes Miss Roxanne I have,” said Momo.

“Actually I also came to battle you,” said Meagan.

“Ah I see,” said Roxanne.

Roxanne jumped off her pillar and landed on her feet.

“through this battle I will know more about pokemon!” said Roxanne, “GO Geodude!”

“Go Wingull!” said Meagan.

Geodude tackled Wingull that crashed into a boulder. Wingull then flew in the air and Geodude began throwing rocks to Wingull. Each one missing him. Wingull used wing attack that blew away Geodude which crashed into the boulder. Geodude got up again and threw some more. Yet again each one missing Wingull. Then Wingull used water gun which hit Geodude. Geodude could no longer battle and fainted.

“A strong trainer I am against!” said Roxanne, “Return!” GO Nosepass!”

Wingull flew into the air and used water gun. It his Nosepass but then his it self in the boulders.

“Perfect,” said Roxanne, “Now Nosepass Thunderbolt!”

“What!” cried out Meagan.

Nosepass sent a thunder bolt that hit Wingull. Wingull tired from the last battle fell to the floor and could no longer battle.

“Return! You did good Wingull,” said Meagan, “Go Mudkip!”

Mudkip jumped on the boulders and Nosepass crashed into them. Breaking them and Mudkip used water gun. It hit Nosepass but then Nosepass used thunderbolt which hit Mudkip! Mudkip fell to the floor and looked tired but did not want to give up. Nosepass was going to use body slam but then Mudkip moved out of the way. It then began to glow……it was evolving.

“Its…..its….evolving!” said Meagan happily.

Mudkip got a little taller and stood on its back legs. Her hands grew longer and her tail to. It was a Marshtomp! Nosepass got scared and used thunderbolt but it had no effect. Marshtomp got ready for her water gun and threw it at Nosepass. Nosepass was sent back to the boulders and crashed…it could battle no more. Meagan was the winner.

“I won!” said Meagan.

“Good job,” said Roxanne, “Here is your Stone Badge.”

Meagan took the badge at was grateful. They left the gym and went to the pokemon center to heal there pokemon. They were on the way to Rusturf Tunnel.

I hope you all like it.

Hanada Tattsu
19th June 2003, 10:26 AM
Wow, great chappie!

Momo sounds like a good character, and she has a Spoink!

Wingull did good, and so did Mudkip, or should I say Marshtomp! Good job!

Keep it up!

19th June 2003, 06:48 PM
The gym battle! Great chapter with Marshstomp! Marshstomp beat that nosepass good! Wingull did good but Marshstomp did better. Keep it up and keep on posting!

23rd June 2003, 12:49 PM
Whismur’s Whispers: Team Magma Returns!

Entering Route 116 is was getting dark so they made camp. The moon was full, the night was quiet and well the group was sitting around the fire.

“So Momo,” said Danny, “Where are your parents?”

“I have no parents,” said Momo sadly.

“Oh I’m sorry,” said Danny.

“I was raised in Rustboro by Roxanne all my life,” said Momo, “Roxanne told me that I was abandoned when I was born. She said my parents were pokemon trainers and they had to leave me.”

“Do you know if they are still alive?” Meagan asked.

“Roxanne said they are very alive,” said Momo, “She even said that they might be one of the Elite members.”

“Cool,” said Meagan, “Well not really cool. Do you want to meet them again?”

“Yeah,” said Momo, “I would love to.”

“You know my mom is one of the elite members,” said Meagan.

“That is so nice,” said Momo, “And your daddy?”

“Well my dad…..I don’t know where he is,” said Meagan, “I also have a brother that is in the Johto region right now.”

“The Johto region……I hope I can go there,” said Momo.

“I beat you will,” said Danny,

“And what about you Danny?” asked Momo, “What about your parents?”

“My parents…….my parents are dead,” said Danny, “I was also abandoned on an island. Where there I was discovered by Sabrina the Kanto gym leader. She taught my psychic powers there at her gym. Then I moved to Johto where I lived with Pryce. There he taught me the powers of ice pokemon.”

“Wow,” said Momo, “Sabrina…I have heard so many stories about her. I even heard that she is going to battle the gym leaders Tate and Liza. I hope I can go see that battle.”

“Maybe you will,” said Danny.

“So what pokemon do you like Momo?” asked Meagan.

“Psychic pokemon!” said Momo out loud, “I want to be a psychic gym leader just like Sabrina.”

“Then you can challenge Sabrina and the twins,” said Meagan.

“That would be so cool!” said Momo.

“So Momo who gave you that Spoink?” asked Danny.

“Well when I was visiting my cousin Flannery,” said Momo.

Danny interrupted her, “You are related to Flannery!?”

“Yeah,” said Momo, “Can I finish?”

“Go right ahead,” said Meagan.

“Ok well she took me to Jagged Pass and well I wandered off,” said Momo, “But before that she gave me a pokeball...anyways. I wandered off and I tripped and fell on a wild Numel. The Numel got mad and began chasing me. The Numel was going to tackle me when a Spoink came out and used psybeam. It confused the Numel and it ran away. The Spoink then came and checked on me and kissed me. It searched in my pocket and brought out my pokeball. It touched the pokeball and went inside…and that’s how I caught Spoink.”

“That reminds me of how Erika, the gym leader, got her gloom,” said Danny and he told the story.

It was now dark and time to hit the hay. They all got in their sleeping bags and they went to sleep.

***Meanwhile in Rusturf Tunnel

“Yes we found what we want,” said a Team Magma member on a phone, “Yes the Book of Continent should be in here…….I see…..so we must await till the moon turns a lava red……then the book will come out of the ground….”

The Team Magma sat on the ground and talked on the phone. In the corner was a Whismur overhearing his conversation. Whismur then traveled out of the cave and began to walk to the grass. The moon was pink and it was time for the mating season for the Whismurs. The male Whismurs gathered around and there tip of their ears began to glow an eerie yellow. The females were timid and just looked at the males. The male ones began to cry out loud and the females whispered. Then one by one they began to pair off slowly and went back into the cave. But there was one left…the little Whismur that overheard the Team Magma conversation. The little Whismur wandered off and did not return to the cave. Whismur traveled very slowly to the camp and saw Momo. Momo’s hair was untied and Whismur began to play with the soft silky hair. Whismur then pulled to hard and Momo woke up. Momo and the Whismur both yelled waking up Danny and Meagan .

“Ahh!” yelled Momo, “There is something in my hair!”

Meagan ran to Momo and took out the Whismur out of her hair.

“That’s a Whismur!” yelled Danny.

“It’s cute,” said Meagan.

Momo looked at it and was cute and she agreed to.

“Put it away!” yelled Danny.

“Why?” asked Meagan.

“Are not aware of what those things can do?” asked Danny, “They can yell really loud and break glass. Those pokemon are deadly.”

The Whismur then whispered.

“Why is it whispering?” asked Momo.

“Maybe it lost its voice,” said Meagan.

Danny then walked up to the Whismur and felt it.

“Yep it did lose its voice,” said Danny.

The Whismur jumped out of Meagan’s arms and began to signal them. It moved its tiny little arms, then it drew on the ground. It drew the letters “T” and “M”. It drew some book and the moon.

“I wonder what is it trying to tell us,” said Momo.

“I think I know,” said Meagan, “ ‘T’ means Team ‘M” is for Magma. They must be some book that deals with the moon and they must be in Rusturf Tunnel. Is that right Whismur?”

Whismur nodded its head and walked to the cave signaling the group. The group followed the pokemon into the cave but noticed something else. They noticed the moon and its color. A blood/lava color. They got an awkward feeling inside of them.

The Team Magma member then looked at the shrine to the book. The moon’s light entered the cave through a little hole and shined on the shrine. Out of the shrine came blood/lava like substance. Out of the substance emerged a book…..the Book of Continent. The book that control the flow lava and control Groudon. The book floated in the substance and the Team Magma grabbed it. The ground began to shake and lava began to overflow from the ground.

“It works!” said the Team Magma member, “The creation of land and the destruction of water has begun!”

23rd June 2003, 01:04 PM
Good chapter! Showed some history of Momo with her parents leaving and her wanting to be a psychic trainer. Then the part with Whismur was cool to. Keep it up and keep postin!

23rd June 2003, 03:12 PM
Good chapters. Sorry for not posting in a while. Momo's a pretty good character, and i like Spoink.

Hanada Tattsu
23rd June 2003, 04:55 PM
Cool chappie!

So Spoink is Momo's only Pokemon, and she's an orphan. :( Well, sorta.

Also, I hope someone, hopefully Momo, gets that Whismur. Also, I wonder if Team Magma will succeed?

Great chapter and description! :)

Shadow Djinn
24th June 2003, 12:20 AM
Mm...this story is magnificent but your description could be improved a tad.

like when it says this:

Wingull used Wing Attack

Could be:

Wingull flapped his wings rapidly, sending two gusts of wind at Geodude, who winced.

And when it said:

Wingull used Water Gun
It could've been:

Wingull opened his beak and fired a jet of water at Geodude,soaking the rock and knocking him out.

other then that, it's fine.

24th June 2003, 03:17 PM
Dark Templar 8 yeah I know I need to work on those battles so in the future chapters I will try to do a better job. Thanks.
Battle for a Book!: Continent Awakes from the slumber!

Meagan, Danny and Momo saw everything that was going on in the tunnel. They saw the lava overflowing and felt the ground shaking. The Team Mama looked crazed with the book in his grasp.

“Put the book down!” ordered Meagan.

“Never,” said the TM member.

“Then we will take and put it back by force,” said Danny.

“Come and get it then,” said the TM member, “Go Mightyena!”

“Go Slakoth!” said Danny.

Slakoth came out with his confused look on his face. he was tired but still wanted a good battle. Mightyena snarled at Slakoth and showed off his pearly white teeth. Slakoth raised his off arms and waved them in a fierce way. Mightyena tackled Slakoth and Slakoth threw his body on top of Mightyena. Mightyena mainly got hit on the head and was confused. Mightyena shook his head and the confusion was gone. Slakoth tackled the Mightyena but it missed. Slakoth landed on his stomach not moving at all. Mightyena figuring Slakoth fainted was going to use bite just to make sure. IT opened it mouth and went for Slakoth. Slakoth turned around and hit Mightyena with its arms. Mightyena had enough and used crunch! Slakoth could not take it and fainted.

“No..” said Danny sadly, “You did a good job…return.”

“Now its my turn!” said Meagan, “Go Marshtomp!”

Marshtomp came out with her hands in the air. Mightyena new he did not stand a chance against a healed pokemon. Mightyena rant to Marshtomp and opened its mouth showing its fangs. Marshtomp took the attack and when Mightyena let go Marshtomp began to beat him away. Mightyena was going to use crunch but Marshtomp used Mud Shoot making Mightyena trip and fall. Mightyena looked exhausted.

“You are strong little girl,” said the TM member returning Mightyena, “Lets see if you could handle this! Go Tyranitar!”

Out came out o huge pokemon if front the TM member.

“What is that?!” screamed Meagan and Momo terrified.

“That’s a Tyranitar,” said Danny, “They are very strong and recommended for experienced trainers.”

The Tyranitar looked at Marshtomp and roared. Out came out a huge noise that shook the cave. Marshtomp terrified retuned to her pokeball.

“See you cannot defeat Team Magma!” yelled the TM member.

“Be quiet!” snapped Danny, “I forgot what lives in this tunnel.”

“Don’t you tell me to be quiet! I will if I want to!” yelled the TM member even louder.

Whisper (The Whispering Whismur) could not bare the yelling and jumped out of Momo’s arms. He went into a smaller tunnel and went through many corridors. He reached a big room where all the Whismurs were. Whisper began to tell everyone what was happening in their tunnel. The Whismurs were very angry and lined up in single files and traveled through the corridors. They reached where the huge giant stood.

“See my Tyranitar is unstoppable,” said the TM member.

Just then all the little pink Whismurs surrounded the Tyranitar.

“What are these pink things?” asked the TM member.

“They are Whismurs and they are mad since you are very noisy,” said Danny.

The Whismurs began to use screech except for Whisper. He stayed back since he was not loud. Tyranitar outraged and began to use its tail to throw the Whismurs away. The Whismurs knew they did not stand a chance against such a huge monster. They all gathered again and jumped on Tyranitar and began to pound the Tyranitar. Some of the weak Whismurs began to rest to regain their strength. Whisper was pounding Tyranitar on the face when he flicked him off. Whisper flew across the room and landed on the ground roughly. Momo ran to Whisper and picked him up.

“Whisper…you can’t…give…up,” whispered Meagan sadly.

Whisper could barely open his eyes and Meagan began to cry, her tears falling on Whisper. Whisper felt the sadness yet the comfort from Momo. Whisper slowly opened his eyes and got up. He walked up to the Tyranitar and Tyranitar looked at Whisper. Tyranitar used it tail and threw it off again. Whisper fell back and stood up. Then all the Whismurs stood behind Whisper since he was glowing. Whisper was evolving into a Loudred. His ears got bigger and his vocals got better.

Loudred opened his huge mouth and it used hyper voice. The attack was loud and all the Whismurs did Hyper Voice too. Tyranitar closed his eyes and fell to the ground dazed.

“No! I was beaten by some stupid pokemon,” said the TM member, “Take this stupid book!”

The TM member threw the book to Danny and left with Tyranitar. The group opened the book and saw what they had to do…they had to destroy the book. Destroying the book would result in the stop of the lava and stop the ground shaking. All their pokemon came out and destroyed the book. Immediately the lava stopped and the ground stood still.

“Well at least we stopped that,” said Danny.

“Momo we have to go,” said Meagan.

“Ok,” said Momo, “By Whisper. Take care of the Whismurs.”

Momo hugged Whisper and they left the tunnel. They could pass through the tunnel since the lava was still there and it was burning hot. So they went back to Rustboro and through the forest and saw a sign that lead to a house where a man called Mr. Briney gives free rides.

After all the Whismurs and Whisper went back to their smaller tunnel the lava was still boiling hot. Slowly out of the lava came out a red, claw covered with the lava. You could hear growling from beneath.

Next: I See-Dots!

Hanada Tattsu
24th June 2003, 04:53 PM
Wow, that was a great chapter!

The Team Magma member was good. Poor Slakoth lost, but Marshtomp did great! Whisper evolved into Loudred, and we even saw a cameo of Groudon!

Great job!

24th June 2003, 07:16 PM
Good CHapter! Whisper evolved into Loudred! The battles were ok in this. They were just alittle fast. Keep it up!

25th June 2003, 10:46 PM
I See-Dots!

“What a day,” said Momo sitting on the ground outside a sea cottage.

“So this is huh Danny,” said Meagan.

“Yep this Mr. Briney gives people free rides to the next two towns,” said Danny.

“Cool and the next town is…” said Meagan.

“Next town is Dewford,” said Danny.

“Do you know who the gym leader is?” asked Meagan.

“I dunno, but I think he uses….Fighting…yeah fighting type,” said Danny scratching his head.

“Then my Wingull and Ralts will be good to use,” said Meagan.

“Guys! Can we please go! I want to go somewhere else!” exclaimed Momo.

“Ok ok,” said Meagan and Danny.

The group went inside and saw an old man with a Wingull. He was working on a boat and the Wingull called out to him. The old man got up and looked at the strangers.

“Hmm…..let me guess you three are pokemon trainers and you want a ride to the next two towns,” said the old man looking at them.

“Yes sir,” said Meagan, “I am Meagan, this is Danny and Momo.”

“Hmm….I am Mr. Briney and this Peeko,” said Mr. Briney.

“So about the ride,” said Meagan.

“No I cannot give you a ride right now!” exclaimed Mr. Briney.

“But why not,” said Momo innocently.

“My boat needs fixing,” said Mr. Briney.

“Well I can help you,” said Danny.

“Yes you can,” said Mr. Briney, “Um girls this is a man’s job so can you two go away.”

“Well Momo we are sure not wanted we here,” said Meagan, “Let’s go to catch some pokemon.”

“Ok,” said Momo.

the girls walked outside and went for a little scroll around the grass.

“Hm maybe we can catch some cool pokemon,” said Momo.

“Yeah,” said Meagan.

Just then Meagan leaned against a tree and a acorn came out. Meagan looked at I closer and it was a Seedot!

“Yay! A Seedot!” yelled Meagan.

Wingull came out and looked at the Seedot. The Seedot got on its little feet and began to bide. Wingull just lowered its accuracy and waited for the bide to be over. When the bide was over Seedot began to throw seeds like bullets to Wingull. Wingull was hit five times and Wingull got mad. Wingull used wing attack and the Seedot used Nature Power. The Nature power turned into stun spore and it was blown to Wingull. Wingull blew it back to Seedot and it was paralyzed. Meagan threw the pokeball and it was captured…Meagan captured a Seedot! Meagan picked up the pokeball and hugged Wingull. Wingull then was returned to its pokeball. Meagan did not notice that Momo was gone during the whole battle and she looked for her.

“Momo?!” Meagan screamed out loud.

“Here I am,” said Momo coming out of a bush with a Wurmple on her shoulder.

“Did you catch that?” asked Meagan.

“Yeah,” said Momo kissing the Wurmple, “What about you?”

“I caught a Seedot,” said Meagan calling it out.

“Well not my kind of pokemon,” said Momo disgusted with Seedot.

Seedot threw a seed at Momo’s face and laughed.

“I don’t think it likes you either,” said Meagan laughing.

“Ha ha very funny,” said Momo rubbing her face.

Meagan and Momo walked back to the Sea Cottage and the boys were done fixing the boat.

“Well were sailing my darling!” exclaimed Mr. Briney to Peeko.

Everyone ran to the boat that began to set sail across the sea.

Next: Deep Blue Magikarp!

25th June 2003, 11:33 PM
Good Chapter! Could have been a little longer with them catching pokemon. Good to see seadot and wurmple coming along now. It went a little to fast though. They quickly went out and found them. But it was still good. Keep it up!

Hanada Tattsu
26th June 2003, 12:28 AM
Cool chapter!

Wow, Mr. Briney was mean to Momo and Meagan, they should have helped out too, lol. Wingull is a nicely trained Pokemon, and Meagan caught a Seedot cool! So Momo caught a Wurmple, cool! I wonder what it would evolve into?

I would have liked to actually see Momo catch the Wurmple and battle but that's okay, I'm sure we'll see Momo battle in the near future.

26th June 2003, 09:30 AM
Good chapter. I like Seedot, it funny, and i hope it stays around for a while.

26th June 2003, 04:36 PM
Deep Blue Magikarp!

On Mr. Briney’s ship the group was sailing to Dewford Town. But of course there is always the one that is Sea Sick. We see Momo running to the side of the boat and looking green.

“Well we sure now that Momo does not like boats,” said Danny laughing.

Momo just sat down and did not say anything.

“So what business do you have at Dewford?” asked Mr. Briney.

“I am going to challenge the gym leader there,” said Meagan.

“Ah Brawly,” said Mr. Briny, “He is a tough opponent I wish you all the best luck.”

“Thanks,” said Meagan.

*Deep Beneath the Ocean.*

A school of blue Magikarp that are supposed to be extinct are at the bottom of the sea. Just then a Tentacruel shows up and begins to chase them. The Magikarps act as one huge Gyarados and the foe becomes terrified. The Tentacruel ran away and the Magikarps laughed. They swam to a huge rock and entered through a little hole. They came to a shrine built for the legendary Rejice. The shrine was made out of some ice structure with diamonds on them. They put their heads out of the water and they begin to sing. The shrine began to glow a very icy blue and then yellow. The rock began to crumble and Rejice came out of it. It looked at the Magikarps since it was the time of the year when the legends are awakened to judge the pokemon world. Rejice picked a Magikarp and sent out of the cave, it was unworthy. That Magikarp was the runt of the whole school, it had to be released. The Magikarp was sent flying out of the cave and landed on the ship of Mr. Briney. The blue Magikarp landed on Danny and he fell to the floor. Momo felt better and laughed at Danny.

“Ah what Danny fell cause a little Magikarp hit you?” said Momo sarcastically.

Danny picked up the Magikarp and he was about to throw it out.

“Wait a minute,” said Mr. Briney.

“What?” asked Danny.

“That Magikarp is supposed to be extinct. It is the key to rise the legendary Rejice,” said Mr. Briney, “You might want to catch that little one, it might come in handy. Plus I think this is the year when they are awakened.”

“Who are they?” asked Meagan.

“All the legendary pokemon,” said Mr. Briney, “They come to judge the pokemon world.”

“They judge the world?” asked Momo.

“Yes,” said Mr. Briney, “They eliminate anything that is unworthy. They are the balance of the world and there is one out there that will break the balance. Then they destroy that person.”

Meagan went and rubbed Momo’s back and the Magikarp fell on the floor tumbling Danny. Danny fell, out of his pocket came out a pokeball. The Magikarp touched the pokeball and went inside. The pokeball did not even shake, it just was captured.

“No!” cried Danny, “I did not want it!”

“Ha! Ha!” laughed Momo.

Seedot came out of his pokeball and it threw a seed at Momo.

“Who is laughing now?” asked Danny laughing.

Meagan laughed at went to the side of the boat. She reclined on the railing and looked at the Deep Blue Sea. In the distance she saw some blue pokemon. It had some diamonds on the front and looked like out of this world. The pokemon looked at Meagan then it submerged.

Next! Dewford: Knuckles of a Fighter!

Hanada Tattsu
26th June 2003, 04:42 PM
Pretty cool chappie! It was a bit short, but that's okay.

So, Momo throwing up was funny, lol. And Danny captures a shiny Magikarp, cool! I wonder if the group will see Regice.

Also, I wonder how Meagan will do against Brawly?

Keep it up!!

26th June 2003, 06:35 PM
Good chapter! Lilttel short but good. The magikarp capture was ok could have been a little different. Good description. Keep it up!

27th June 2003, 01:19 PM
Dewford: Knuckles of a Fighter!

Arriving at Dewford Port everyone except for Mr. Briney and Peeko got off. Mr. Briney said he would wait for them till they would return. Momo ran down to the ground and kissed it.

“Finally! Land!” exclaimed Momo.

“Looks like you like the ground,” said a young man. He had blue hair, he wore pants and a orange shirt.

“Yeah,” said Momo looking at the handsome guy,.

“Who are you?” asked the young guy.

“I’m Momo,” said Momo getting up, “That is Dany and Meagan over there.”

“Oh nice to meet you,” said the young guy.

“And who are you?” asked Meagan.

“I am Brawly leader of Dewford Gym,” said Brawly, “Did you come to challenge me?”

“Yes I did,” said Meagan stepping up to him.

“Well did you bring a bathing suit?” asked Brawly.

“Why would I need one?” asked Meagan.

“Well there are two parts of the battle or match,” said Brawly, “There is surfing contest with your pokemon then the battle.”

“Oh ok,” said Meagan, “Great I don’t think I packed a bathing suit.”

“”I have one,” said Momo bringing out a two piece bikini that seemed to fit Meagan. It was blue with little bubbles on it.

“Well then,” said Brawly, “Shall we go the gym?”

“Sure,” said Meagan.

They walked to the gym and behind the gym was the beach. It had huge waves crashing on the sand.

“Oh God,” said Meagan.

Brawly and Meagan went to the changing rooms and they put on their bathing suits. Brawly came out with his well developed body and his orange trunks. Momo stared at Brawly’s body and she was in love with him.

“Ready?” asked Brawly, “If you are then go choose a surf board.”

“I’m ready,” said Meagan embarrassed with her suit.

Meagan went to a wall where there were millions of surf boards. There were some with flowers, with pokeballs and some with pokeballs. Meagan choose one with feathers painted all over it. Brawly of course chose the gym leader one, the one with badge.

“Ok now you choose a pokemon to surf with you on another board,” said Brawly, “I am going to use Makuhita with his own pokeball surf board.”

“Ok,” said Meagan, “I will use Marshtomp.”

Marshtomp came out and choose a surf board with a picture of icicles on it.

“Ok then we are ready,” said Brawly, “Let me explain the rules. This is a race, we need to race around that flag over there. Our pokemon can use attacks to knock them off the boards. But they cannot use that attacks on us. If your pokemon fall then they lose, if you fall then you lose also. This is only the first part of the match.”

“Ok, so if we fall then we lose,” said Meagan.

“Yep you got it right,” said Brawly.

Brawly and Makuhita ran to the ocean and began to get ready. Meagan and Marshtomp also went into the water and got ready also.

“This water is so cold!” cried Meagan, “It is freezing!”

“Ah you can handle it,” said Brawly.

Just then the race began! Brawly and Makuhita got a head start and Meagan tried to catch up. For a starter she was really good and Marshtomp also was really good. Makuhita went close Marshtomp and used a knock off. Marshtomp was hit but managed to stay on. Marshtomp then used a water gun almost knocking it off.

“Looks like our pokemon are really determined,” said Brawly.

“Yeah I guess,” said Meagan hanging on to dear life.

Makuhita used a whirlwind and Marshtomp used take down. Both pokemon fell into the water and it was up to Meagan and Brawly now. They reached the flag and turned around it. Just then Regice came out far away from the contest. Regice then cause a huge tidal wave that was right behind them.

“Oh great,” said Meagan panicked.

“Stay calm,” said Brawly.

The tidal wave then crashed on top of Meagan,. Brawly barely got away from it and there was no sign of Meagan. Marshtomp jumped in and found Meagan. Marshtomp put Meagan on her back and took her to the shore. Meagan was ok but she was scared.

“I guess you win,” said Meagan sadly.

“I would make a rematch but rules are rules,” said Brawly, “You can always beat me in the battle.”

At the Gym*

The group walks in and Meagan changes to her normal clothes. Brawly also changes into his gym outfit.

“We will use two pokemon each,” said Brawly.

“Ok,” said Meagan, “I’m ready!”

“Good, go Machop!” said Brawly.

Machop came out and began to flex.

“Machop huh….go Wingull!” said Meagan.

Wingull came out and bowed waving its wings.

“Ready….lets begin!” said Brawly.

Machop began to focus his energy and Wingull surrounded herself in a mist. Machop then leaped into the air and used karate chop. Wingull was hit but she still stood strong. Wingull then aimed on Machop and hit it with a peck. Machop scratched his head and began to focus. Wingull just looked at Machop and used a wing attack. Wingull’s wings turned white and struck Machop across his body two times. Machop opened his eyes and lost his focus. Machop then was going to use Seismic Toss but Wingull was to fast. Wingull then opened his beak and some waves came out. It was supersonic and Machop got confused….it struck out itself.

“Return Machop you did good,” said Brawly, “You are a very good trainer but let me see if you can beat Makuhita!”

Makuhita came out and raised one of his arms. Wingull looked at the fighting pokemon and flew to him. Just then Makuhita used fake out and Wingull flinched and fell to the ground. Makuhita grabbed Wingull and used Seismic Toss. Wingull was thrown to the air and fell crashing to the ground. Wingull could not battle anymore.

“Wingull, you tried your hardest,” said Meagan smiling at her, “Ok go Ralts!”

Ralts came out and floated from the ground.

“What!? Why Ralts!?” asked Momo, “I don’t think it has never battled a stronger pokemon.”

“Fighting are weak against psychic,” said Meagan.

“But it does not even know psychic!” screamed Momo.

“It’s ok,” said Meagan.

Ralts floated from the ground and looked tiny compared Makuhita. Makuhita was going to use Arm Thrust but Ralts teleported to the other side of the arena. Makuhita then began to beat its belly and used belly drum. Makuhita threw itself to Ralts and used knock off. Ralts fell to the ground and struggled to get up. Makuhita was going to use fake out but Ralts managed to teleport itself to safety. Makuhita used tackle and Ralts was thrown to the ground. Ralts then floated to the ground and began to glow. Its body got bigger, its legs developed, its purple helmet grew longer and you could see her red eyes. It was Kirlia.

“It evolved!” said Momo, “Meagan I studied Kirlia in school it should know psychic now!”

Kirlia raised her hands and her skirt turned around her body. Her eyes opened wide and used psychic. Makuhita was hit by several unseen forces and fell to the ground.

“Now that was a battle,” said Brawly returning his pokemon, “You earned the Knuckle Badge.”

“Thank you,” said Meagan bowing.

The group left and Momo wanted to go to Granite Cave since you could Abra there so that was there next destination.

Next! Abra Kadabra Alakasam!

27th June 2003, 01:41 PM
Great chapter! That had a good gym match battle. Wingull did a great job and so did Kirlia! Good thing Ralts evolved. Keep it up!

27th June 2003, 09:25 PM
Greetings, DewgongTears. I've see you've improved a great deal in your writing. You've recaptured the image of Ruby/Sapphire decisively and that's why it's enjoyable. However, I strongly suggest that you describe a little more on the attacks, for example, Fake Out. Fake Out in the game looks like a white sheet folding in and flinching the defending Pokémon, but that's just the game graphics. I would like to know who you picture it in the story. The conventions are improving, and that's all my suggestions. Keep it up!

Hanada Tattsu
28th June 2003, 01:08 AM
Good chappie!

So, Shiny Ralts finally evolved into a Shiny Kirlia. And now Meagan has two badges, and lol, the surfing part was funny, but you could have put more description about Regice.

Well, keep it up, good job! :)

28th June 2003, 08:21 AM
Good chapter. It's a good thing Ralts evolved, and now Meagan has a shiny Kirlia, plus another badge. Keep up the good work.

28th June 2003, 11:45 AM
Hey, I just been catching up with your story and it is good. I liked the gym battle chapter the best. The chapter where Momo catchs wurmple, you should have added the battle with Spoink and wurmple. Ralts evolved to win and now its a powerful and shiny Kirlia.

28th June 2003, 06:03 PM
pokemonrule13: For the wurmple capture I did not include that cause you will see that capture later on in the story.

Neo-Xantios: I will keep that in mind for future chapters and thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the rest of you guys who read this.
Abra Kadabra Alakasam!

Momo ran ahead from the group and crashed into a familiar face….it was Brawly. Momo fell to the ground and was helped up by Brawly.

“Sorry,” said Momo smiling.

“That’s ok,” said Brawly, “Where are all of you headed for?”

“We’re going to Granite Cave wanna come?” asked Momo.

“Sure I’d love to,” said Brawly.

The four of them walked to Granite cave and there was a young man there. He walked up to them with a Alakasam and a Kadabra behind him.

“Did one of you come to catch an Abra?” he asked.

“Yes I want to catch one,” said Momo.

“Ah you are a psychic pokemon trainer,” said the guy, “My name is Ben. I too train psychic pokemon.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Momo, “My name is Momo.”

“Well then here is a psychic pokeball,” said Ben handing a light purple pokeball, “That pokeball is to catch psychic pokemon that use teleport to run away., use it well. Then when you catch an Abra come here so I can battle you.”

“With your Alakasam?!” exclaimed Momo.

“Yes,” said Ben, “If you are psychic pokemon then you will have no problem.”

“Ok I will come back,” said Momo bowing and everyone entering the Granite Cave.

Ben stayed outside waiting for them to come back.

“Wow this cave is so huge,” said Momo.

“Yeah it is,” said Brawly, “I love this place.”

Momo walked around with group in the huge cave. Then it was spotted…an Abra!

“There it is,” said Momo, “Go Wurmple!”

Wurmple came out and looked at the Abra. Wurmple raised its head and spit out some sticky string. It wrapped around Abra and the Abra just stood there. Momo was about to throw the psychic ball but Abra teleported away.

“Aww man,” said Momo, “We have to find another one.”

A Zubat flied above their heads and hung on the roof. They saw a cloaked man sitting on a rock. he climbed down the rock and stood in front of the group.

“Who are you?” asked Meagan.

The strange man walked up to them and got Meagan’s hand. He placed a stone with a picture of a leaf on it. Then he disappeared.

“Who was he?” asked Momo.

“He is some strange man that trains in this cave,” said Brawly, “I do not know anything else.”

“I felt something about him,” thought Meagan., “Something very strange about him.”

“Meagan?” said Danny waving his hand in front of her face, “Meagan?”

“Oh what?” asked Meagan coming back from her thoughts.

“Ok you just were like gone,” said Danny.

“Oh sorry,” said Meagan.

“Lets find that Abra,” said Brawly.

“Ok,” said Momo with dreamy eyes.

Meagan walked up to Momo and talked to her in whispers.

“You like him huh,” hinted Meagan.

“Yeah he is so cute!” said Momo, “He is so hot!”

“Yeah he is but he is not my type,” said Meagan checking Brawly out.

“Hm I think I know who you like,” said Momo.

“Who?!” said Meagan shocked.

“I think it is Danny,” said Momo raising her eyebrows.

“Shut up!” said Meagan to Momo.

“Ok, ok I guess it is true then,” said Momo.

“Yeah,” said Meagan, “Just a little.”

“I guess he is ok,” said Momo.

Meanwhile in the guy’s conversation.

“So you like Momo huh,” hinted Danny.

“No I like Meagan,” said Brawly.

“What?!” exclaimed Danny.

“Why do you like Meagan?” asked Brawly.

“No it is just I think Momo likes you,” said Danny.

“Oh I see,” said Brawly checking out Momo, “I guess she is ok.”

Danny seemed upset at the conversation.

“So where did that Abra go?” asked Brawly.

“I dunno,” said Momo getting sad.

Brawly went to Momo and comforted her…of course it worked. Just then the Abra appeared, they knew it was the same one since it had the string on it.

“Just throw the Psychic Ball!” yelled Meagan.

“Ok,” said Momo throwing the Psychic Ball.

The Psychic Ball touched Abra and it was sucked inside the ball. It wiggled a little but then it stopped…..she caught Abra!

“Yay!” screamed Momo jumping in the air in a little girl pose.

Momo and the group ran outside to see Ben was still there. The sun was setting behind the arena and Ben sent out Alakasam. Meagan sent out her newly caught Abra. Little did everyone know that this Abra was released in the Granite Cave by Sabrina so there could be a new kind of Abra. A kind of Abra that knew Shadow Punch.

The battle began and Alakasam used Calm Mind. Abra just stood there…..looking blankly. Alakasam then was going to use Psychic but Abra teleported to safety. Alakasam then turned around and used Psybeam. It lifted its silver spoons and out of them came out a beam with colorful colors. It his Abra and Abra began to get mad. Abra teleported right in front of Alakasam and used shadow punch. Alakasam then recovered and used the same attack Shadow Punch knocking out Abra.

“No! Abra!” yelled Momo running to get Abra, “I’m sorry.”

“You battled good and I did not know you would catch that kind of Abra,” said Ben.

“What do you mean by ‘that kind’?” asked Momo.

Ben explained the story and Ben left, but before Momo became his rival. They promised in the future there would be another battle. The group healed their pokemon and went to the dock. Meagan and Danny said goodbye to Brawly then slowly walked to the boat. They left Momo by herself with Brawly.

“I know that you will never like me cause I am like half you age but I wanted to tell you that I will always have a place for you in my heart,” said Momo in tears, “Goodbye!”

Momo ran to the boat that took off for the next town Slateport. Brawly was left on the dock thinking of what Momo said to him. He knew he would see Momo again and tell the truth, but not yet.

28th June 2003, 06:53 PM
Originally posted by Dewgongtears
The battle began and Alakasam used Calm Mind. Abra just stood there…..looking blankly. Alakasam then was going to use Psychic but Abra teleported to safety. Alakasam then turned around and used Psybeam. It lifted its silver spoons and out of them came out a beam with colorful colors. It his Abra and Abra began to get mad. Abra teleported right in front of Alakasam and used shadow punch. Alakasam then recovered and used the same attack Shadow Punch knocking out Abra.

Well, its not bad, but let me try to rewrite the quoted text.

"Momo smiled, and opened her pokeball to reveal her new Abra, who looked quite scared at his larger, stronger opponenent. Alakazam started off by focusing, and raising its spoons into the air. A purple glow surrounded the psychic pokemon, raising its powers. Suddenly Alakazam glared at Abra, who suddenly teleported away in fear. Alakazam turned around, and launched a beam of multi-colored energy from his spoons. Abra was hit head-on, and was stunned for a moment before teleporting mere inches away from Alakazam. Abra's fist glowed with a dark energy, and he smacked Alakazam in the same. Alakazam quickly recovered, and slammed his fist into Abra's gut with the same attack. Abra skidded back a few feet, and then lay on the floor, defeated."

Anyway, good fic, the plot seems quite interesting.

28th June 2003, 06:56 PM
Prety Good CHapter! The battle could have gone on a little longer. GOod length and pretty good description. Keep it up!

Hanada Tattsu
28th June 2003, 10:03 PM
Great chapter!

Cool, so Momo has an Abra now! And also a love triangle! Momo likes Brawly, Brawly likes Meagan, Meagan likes Danny, and who does Danny like? Meagan? We'll have to wait and see...

I wonder who that wierd guy was who gave Meagan the Leaf Stone?

So Momo lost, but oh well.

Keep it up!

29th June 2003, 08:56 AM
The descriptions are getting much better and the story is fitting on like a puzzle. You're also improving on showing, rather than telling what happened. The length is getting better, too. Great job!

29th June 2003, 09:35 AM
Thanks you everyone who supports me and this story.
Scripture of an Ancient Fish : Momo awakens!

When the world was young. Where no man existed, no wars, no pollution, everlasting fields of greenery, where the ocean was blue and never ending. Where pokemon did not fear humans and where they remained free. Deep beneath the ocean lived an incredible school of fish, fish that was once roamed the seas. They are covered with rocks and they live forever. This pokemon that once lived is called Relicanth! When humans came to the earth they made a scripture. This scripture contained the directions to where they once lived, a cave under the sea, the Cave of Life!


Finally arriving at Slateport the group got off and they saw a beach!

“Well I will see you kids later,” said Mr. Briney.

“Ok bye! And thank you!” cried out Meagan.

Mr. Briney and Peeko left on their ship back to their sea cottage.

“That went faster then usual,” said Danny.

“Speak for yourself!” said Momo rubbing her stomach.

Momo was feeling better when a captain bumped into her.

‘Hey watch it!” yelled Momo.

“Oh sorry,” said the captain carrying a big chest.

“What is in that chest?” asked Momo.

“You are not from Team Aqua are you?” asked the captain.

Momo said that they were not from Team Aqua. He explained that he was Captain Stern and that he found the Lost Sea Scripture of the Relicanths. He explained what they were and what the scripture contains. Momo really seemed interested ad Captain Stern asked if they wanted to help him. He said that his submarine could fit them all. Meagan, Danny and Momo of course said yes since it was once in a life time thing to do. Danny helped the Captain take the chest to the submarine. They all got ready for the trip and they got on the ship with the scripture. The submarine was very roomy and they took off to the deep, deep sea. They saw many water pokemon that came up to the submarine and ran or swam away. Moo was by herself when she got a picture in her head. The picture was of the Cave of Life. She saw the Relicanths and she heard a voice “Your powers have awoken.” Momo came back and she ran up to Meagan and the other. They were all standing against the biggest window to the outside underwater world.

“Guys I just saw some pictures in my mind,” said Momo with her hands folded, “I also heard a voice.”

“What did the voice say?” asked Meagan.

“That powers were awoken,” said Momo a little scared.

Momo then saw outside and saw the cave she saw in her mind.

“That’s it! That is the Cave of Life!” exclaimed Momo.

Captain Stern checked the Scripture and knew she was right. The submarine entered the Cave and there was a part where you could get off the Submarine. They got off the ship and saw another shallow lake there.

“Is this the place where they are found?” asked Momo.

“Yes,” said Captain Stern, “They are found here.”

Momo then got a pictures in her head and her eyes turned to the color of a very deep purple. Just then she walked into the water and a rock was moved. Out of the rock resurrected a whole bunch of Relicanths. They jumped out of the lake and gathered around Momo. They began to chant and Momo was levitated from the ground.

“What is going on?” asked Meagan in shock and awe.

Then they heard a soothing voice, “Momo you receive the powers of your ancestors.”

Just then a ray was shot from all the Relicanths to Momo’s small body. She was slowly brought to the ground just as she was slowly raised. Momo slowly opened her eyes and saw she felt different...she received her psychic powers.

“We must destroy the scripture,” said Momo in a different voice.

“But Why?” asked Captain Stern.

“No one can know of this beautiful sanctuary of these beasts,” said Momo.

“Well then I should keep it a secret also then,” said a girl in a TA uniform.

“Who are you?!” yelled Momo.

“I am Isabel from TA!” said Isabel, “Hand over that Scripture!”

“Never!” yelled Captain Stern.

“Ok then go Wailmer!” yelled Isabel.

Out of the pokeball came out a huge blue whale. The blue whale had an evil look on his face and it awaited its command from its trainer.

“Go Abra!” yelled Momo.

“Abra!” said Abra coming out.

Wailmer began to roll and went straight for Abra. Abra just teleported out of the way before it hit her. Abra then raised her arm and it turned into a shadow hitting Wailmer each time. Wailmer began to turn and it created a whirlpool! The whirlpool began to go for Abra and she just stared at it.

“Abra!” yelled Abra standing up, “Kadabra!”

Abra began to glow and it got bigger. Its tail extended, its head became bigger and in her hand was a spoon….Abra evolved into a Kadabra!

Kadabra then used confusion and the whirlpool settled into nothing. Wailmer was going to use water pulse but Kadabra used Psybeam. Out of her spoon came colors that hit Wailmer. The attack erased the memory of both the Wailer and the TA girl. Kadabra sent then away flying into the air. Momo closed her eyes and her normal voice came back.

“Kadabra!” yelled Momo running to Kadabra hugging it.

Captain Stern felt sad but he had to do it. He threw it in the water where it slowly turned into nothing. Momo looked up and smiled at everyone. She said goodbye to the Relicanths and everyone swore this place would be kept a secret forever and of course the Relicanths knew their secret was safe and the group left on their submarine. The water was calmer and they went to Slateport and said Goodbye to the captain. Walking away from the city they looked into what was going to come……Mauville!

“Momo?” asked Meagan.

“Yes?” asked Momo.

“What happened back there?” asked Meagan.

“I don’t know,” said Momo, “I think something was giving to me since I feel a lot closer to my pokemon.”

Momo hugged her Spoink and they went off to the next town.

Hanada Tattsu
29th June 2003, 10:46 AM
Wow, good chapter!

So, Momo really does have some kind of secret powers. I wonder if she'll catch a Relicanth someday? Also, Abra evolved into a Kadabra quite fast, but cool anyway!

Keep up the great work!

29th June 2003, 11:21 AM
Wow. That was fantastic. I sense another legend in our midst. We will see what Momo's new abilities will cause.

29th June 2003, 12:07 PM
Great Chapter! Momo is very intresting now with her powers. Abra evolved fast but its all good. Good length and description. Keep it up!

30th June 2003, 09:01 AM
Hello there. That was one interesting chapter indeed. Kadabra was powerful and the TA was foolish and naive. Keep it up!

30th June 2003, 02:05 PM
Hanada Tattsu: I put that Abra evolved fast since really Abra is more unuseful but it is still a cool pokemon to have because of its other evolutions.

Jukain: In the future Momo will be more of a main character but I have said to much now

IloveX-TINA: Thank you very much for your input.

Neo-Xantios: Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the rest of the rest of the chapters.

I think this is where I stopped in Serebii....I think.
Plusle & Minun : Positive and Negative

“Wurmple! Use your poison sting on that Zigzagoon!” commanded Momo.

Wurmple threw itself to the Zigzagoon and injected poison into it. The Zigzagoon began to throw in the sand to throw off Wurmple. Wurmple then fired sting that stuck to Zigzagoon. Zigzagoon broke free from the string and charged to Wurmple. It lowered its head and used head butt on Wurmple. Wurmple was thrown to where Momo was. Wurmple got up slowly and began to cover its self with its string. Then the string became hard and Wurmple was no longer a Wurmple is was a Cascoon! Zigzagoon was terrified of this and ran away. Momo ran to Cascoon and hugged it.

“Wow, Cascoon you look so cool,” said Momo.

“Congratulations Momo,” said Danny and Meagan.

“Thanks guys,” said Momo.

The group was walking down the road. Momo was holding her Spoink, Meagan was holding her Seedot and Danny was walking with no pokemon. They arrived at the lake known as Magikarp Lake.

“You know what you can catch here,” said Danny.

“What?” asked Meagan.

“Plusles and Minuns,” said Danny.

“Cool! I want a Plusle!” said Meagan.

“I want a Minun,” said Danny.

“I don’t want one,” said Momo.

“You are so negative,” said Meagan and Danny.

“I am sorry,” said Momo sarcastically.

“Then you stay here,” said Meagan, “While we go catch them.”

“Ok I will,” said Momo.

Danny brought out his blue Magikarp and sent it out in the lake.

“Take care of it,” said Danny.

“Yes sir!” said Momo.

Meagan and Danny left Momo with her pokemon and walked into the grass. They saw many kinds of electric pokemon but no Plusles or Minuns. They kept walking around when they heard some noises. Then just out of the bushes hopped out tow pokemon…



Yelled the pokemon. They stood hand in hand and looked at the two trainers.

“There they are!” yelled Meagan, “Go Marshtomp!”

“Go Slakoth!” yelled Danny.

The twins stood in front of the giants and started to clap there hands. Marshtomp opened her mouth and shot out a Mud Shot hitting both of them. Plusle then began to use quick attack hitting both of them. Slakoth opened his mouth and yawned. Plusle and Minun began to get drowsy but still fought hard. Minun gathered a electricity and it went into her negative signs on her cheeks. Then Minun unleashed a huge thunderbolt from her body going for Marshtomp. But it did not have any affect on Marshtomp. Slakoth then rested on his turn since it was very tired. Marshtomp then threw her body on both of them. She used take down but took some damage herself. Plusle and Minun then went to sleep very slowly.

“Ok go pokeball!” yelled Meagan and Danny.

When the pokeballs were thrown Plusle and Minun woke up. Minun jumped into Megan’s pokeball and Plusle into Danny’s pokeball. The pokeballs wiggled a little but then stopped they were caught. Meagan and Danny called them out and see what they caught.

“What?!” both of them said.

“I caught Minun!” exclaimed Meagan.

“I got Plusle,” said Danny.

Both of them debated and they wanted to trade pokemon. Minun hugged Meagan’s leg and stuck her tongue out at Danny. Plusle did the same to Meagan.

“I guess Minun likes me more then,” said Meagan picking Minun up.

“Yes and Plusle likes me more,” said Danny petting Plusle.

They went back to Momo and showed her their catch.

“They are so cute,” said Mono.

Seedot came out and threw a seed at Momo’s face.

“Seedot!” yelled Meagan, “You do that again I am going to make you into a Christmas Tree Ornament!”

Seedot ran away with Meagan following it.

30th June 2003, 03:11 PM
Cool. They will be useful for two-on-twos. That silly Seedot. Serebii.net is back, so I look forward to seeing the forums again.

30th June 2003, 03:19 PM
Nice, I like the opposite thing than expected thing happening. Kinda reminds me of the Vileplume VS. Bellossom episdoe where the Vileplume wanted to be Bellossom and vice versa.

Hanada Tattsu
30th June 2003, 04:57 PM
Wow, great chapter!

Cool, so Momo's Wurmple finally evolved into a Cascoon! That's cute what happened with the Plusles and Minuns!

So Meagan has a Minun, and Danny has a Plusle!

Seedot is funny, LOL.

Keep it up!

30th June 2003, 06:41 PM
Good CHapter! Good length and Description. Plusle and Minun are finally in the story and they blelong to Danny and Meagan. Momo is going to be excited when cascoon evolve to Dustix since it learsn psychic attack and I think it is part pcychic. Keep it up!

30th June 2003, 11:37 PM
Hey, Momo got Abra and it evolved! I bet shes enjoying that and her new powers. That is really cool that she comes from a family with powers. The Plusle and Minun chapter was also great. You are really coming along with your chapters.

1st July 2003, 10:45 AM
Jukain: Yeah I heard about Serebii and when those forusm come back I will post them there also.

2ra: Yeah when I was writing this one that is what I thought also.

Hanada Tattsu: Seedot gets funnier in some other chapters and Momo still wont like him that much.

IloveX-TINA: Just wait till it evolves to Dustox ad you will hear what Momo thinks about him.

pokemonrule13: Thank you for your comments and Momo will later learn more of her powers.

So now here it is TWO brand New chapters.


Wally’s Return

Meagan finally caught up with her Seedot and he was returned to his pokeball throwing a fit. Meagan put her hands on her face of the embarrassment.

“Sorry about that Momo,” excused herself Meagan.

“That’s ok,” said Momo rubbing her face, “I kind of just wish that Seedot would like me more and stop throwing seeds at my face.”

Meagan hugged Momo and all three of them walked to Mauville.

“Look there it is!” exclaimed Danny.

“Yeah but I want to battle you first Megan,” said a voice.

“Who are you?” asked Meagan turning around to the voice.

Meagan noticed who the guy was…it was her friend…Wally!

“Hey Wally!’ exclaimed Meagan waving to him.

“Hey I see you made a lot of new friends huh,” said Wally looking at Momo.

“Oh yeah this is Momo,” said Meagan introducing her.

“Hi!” said Momo happily.

“Well I wanted to ask you for a battle,” said Wally, “Do you?”

“Why of course Wally,” said Meagan.

“Ok a two on two,” said Wally getting a pokeball, “Go Kirlia!”

Kirlia came out gracefully and waited for his opponent.

“Go Seedot!” yelled Meagan.

Seedot came out and rocked back and forth. Kirlia threw himself on Seedot but Seedot jumped out of the way. Kirlia skidded on the ground leaving a trail of dust behind her. Seedot then faced his opponent and threw himself on Kirlia performing a body slam. Kirlia was hit on the back and he immediately got up in pain. Kirlia looked at Seedot and used double team. Many copies of him were made surrounding Seedot in a blink of an eye. Seedot felt threatened, so he fired many seeds at all the copies from the tip of its head. Each one was destroyed and one seed hit the real Kirlia. The impact was so huge that Kirlia hit a tree knocking the tree over. Kirlia immediately recovered from the attack and began to use a confusion attack. His eyes glowed and purple waves were sent into the air heading for Seedot. Seedot was hit but he managed to close eyes and was not confused but he still fell back. Seedot then jumped on the ground and little particles came out of the tip of Seedot. The ground began to glow and it was transferred to Seedot. The attack was Nature Power it was being used and it turned into Stun Spore resulting in the paralization of Kirlia. Seedot then fired more seeds at Kirlia knocking it out cold.

“Kirlia!” yelled Wally returning it a tear in his eye, “Go Swablu! Please win!”

A little blue bird came out of the light. Its wings looked like they were clouds and Meagan knew this pokemon since her cousin Winona loved these. Swablu perched on Wally’s shoulder then flew into the battle ground. Seedot began to calm himself and his mind, it was using growth. Seedot began to glow a very beautiful green and he somehow was showing off to Swablu. Swablu got near Seedot very slowly and using her beak began to peck Kirlia rapidly. Seedot could grow no more so he used harden. His body became rock solid and Swablu hit her beak on the hard body doing very little damage to Swablu. Swablu flew to Seedot and used take down. Swablu fell on Seedot’s little body making Seedot very weak. Swablu took aim on Seedot and flew into the sky and flew real hard to Seedot then she used her wings like knives slicing Seedot, it was aerial ace! Seedot was hit with the attack and could no longer battle. Seedot was returned and Meagan thought on who to send out.

“Go Minun!” yelled Meagan Minun came out and jumped in the air.

Minun looked at the flying Swablu and stuck out her tongue. Swablu came close to Minun and began to peck it with its little beak. Minun began to charge up his electric powers in her body while doing this she was clenching her little arms and hands. Swablu closed her eyes and began to sing, the song was very unbearable since it was the Perish Song. Minun heard this awful song and knew the countdown began. Minun began to take aim on the little blue bird flying in the sky and Swablu used take down again. Minun toke the best aim and released the spark attack. Out of Minun’s body emerged a electric beam headed straight for Swablu. Swablu got hit and fell to the ground the electricity running through her little body. Swablu was paralyzed and could not move. Minun then used quick attack knocking it out and stopping the Perish Song. Wally ran to Swablu and picked her up. He began to get tears in his eyes and did not look at Meagan.

“I’m sorry Wally,” said Meagan going to Wally hugging him, “It is a pokemon battle.”

Wally began to feel a lot better, “I….guess…..but…now…you showed me that I am not ready to venture out on my own. So I will go with my uncle and train over there.”

“Ok Wally you can get stronger then maybe one day you beat me,” said Meagan

“Yeah but I do not want you to let me win,” said Wally smiling.

“Of course not,” said Meagan winking.

Mauville City: Nick inflamed!

Arriving at Mauville the group immediately healed there pokemon. They walked outside of the small Pokemon Center and saw this town that was very bright city. It had a casino a bike shop, a gym and next to it was the Day Care Center. To the east was a lake that lead to Fortree. To the west was the pathway to Verdanturf Town. To the north was the desert and the monorail to the beautiful mountains. Danny looked around the city and he noticed a familiar then Meagan noticed the face..

“Nick?!” exclaimed Meagan, “You know I am still mad at you!”

“Yes it is me but I did not come to waste my time on you,” said Nick very rudely.

“Oh no?” said Meagan, “Then why did you come here?”

“I came here to battle…..Danny!” yelled Nick.

“For what reason what did I do to you?” asked Danny.

“For a reason I keep to myself,” said Nick, “Come on what are you a afraid!”

“Ok then!” yelled Danny getting a pokeball ready.

“Go Grovyle!” yelled Nick.

A green reptile came out that looked like an ancient dinosaur. It had long leaves from its hands, from its feet and from its head. It looked at them and stuck out its little tongue tasting the outside world.

“Go Plusle!” yelled Danny sending out his Plusle for the first time in a real battle.

Plusle and Grovyle looked at each other and got ready for the battle. Plusle began to charge for his electric attack while Grovyle looked at the little mouse with hunger in his eyes.. Plusle jumped in the air swiftly heading straight for Grovyle while Grovyle avoided the attack with ease. Grovyle began to run around Plusle making it confused. Grovyle stopped in front of Plusle and looked at it flicking in and out his tongue. The reptile then threw leafs that were like blades towards Plusle. Plusle looked at the very bright green leaves that looked like they were doubled. Plusle started to shake his head vigorously and he soon wore off the confusion. Plusle swiftly jumped out of the way of the leaves with delicate ease but the leaves still chased him with brute force. Plusle ran around the ground when the leaves struck him in the back. Plusle fell to the floor and tried to get up. Slowly it reached behind his ears and got a berry from behind them. He looked at it licking his lips and gobbled it down with one bite. Plusle began to focus and out of its body came a big yellow spark. The electric attack went to Grovyle and he was hit. Grovyle began to get very angry with Plusle it could show by the steam coming from his head.

Come on Grovyle!” commanded Nick.

Grovyle got up and looked at Plusle with fire in his eyes. He vanished and reappeared behind Plusle striking it…..it was a quick attack. Plusle was surprised and he flew across the field landing on his belly. Plusle had a hard time getting up but then immediate fell back to the ground. Danny ran to Plusle picking it up and cradling it in his arms.

“Did I actually win?” Nick said confused, “We won!”

“Congrats,” Danny said not meaning it.

“Time to claim my prize,” Nick said grinning.

Nick skipped up to Meagan grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth. Meagan tried to get away but it was no avail. Meagan was able to get one of her hands free and slapped Nick on the face. SLAP! Nick stopped and rubbed his face with his right hand. It was red where he was slapped and he ran away. Laughing but groaning cause of the pleasure and the pain. Grovyle laughed at Meagan and followed his trainer out of the town. But before Grovyle could get away he was hit by a seed…..it was Seedot of course and Meagan laughed at Grovyle who was rubbing his head.

“What the hell is wrong with him?!” yelled Meagan.

“That was strange,” Momo said with a smile on her face.

Danny healed his Plusle with his items he had and returned him to his pokeball.

“We should go to the gym,” Danny said a little sad because he lost.

“Next time Danny you could beat him real good,” cheered on Momo and Meagan.

“Yeah I guess you are right,” Danny said with confidence.


1st July 2003, 10:59 AM
Good chapter... it's kinda sad that Danny lost, but he'll do better next time. Seedot really is getting funny, now he's spitting seeds at everyone. not just Momo.

Hanada Tattsu
1st July 2003, 11:27 AM
Finally, where we left off! And as a bonus we get not one, but two chappies!

Great chapter!

So, Wally has a Swablu and his Ralts evolved into a Kirlia. Woah, Winona is Meagan's cousin? Cool! Seedot is pretty strong, and Minun is very strong!

Poor Wally...

Chapter #2 was even better! Danny has gotten very mean. His Grovyle is very strong, as is Plusle, but Plusle sadly lost. And Nick is a pervert! Well, at least he got his, he got slapped by Meagan, and got Bullet Seeded by Seedot. :D

Write more! Excellent!

1st July 2003, 12:22 PM
Great battles. This is coming on nicely. I liked that Seedot got even with Grovyle, Nick is a jerk. Congrats on getting this far. I have a lot to update on my fic, too. I have 15 chapters(soon to be 16) up elsewhere, and I'm currently writing Chapter 25. (I am at Meteor Falls)

1st July 2003, 02:57 PM
Great Chapter! Your chapters were great! It was funny and sad. Grovyle kicked some *** and that was great. I think Wally needs to grow a little more because it was just a pokemon battle and he got sad but who knows. I can just imagin seedot when it evolves...WO. Keep it up!

1st July 2003, 08:07 PM
I... Hate... Nick. I hate that slimy, smelly, buffle braind b@st@rd. :mad: I hope Danny pokemon gets a chance to kick Nick's Gorvyle's @$#! *Turns into the Hulk* XD

2nd July 2003, 07:44 AM
Sorry I haven't replied in some time. Those chapters were excellent with a lot of descriptions about the battles. Improvement comes quick indeed. Ah yes, Nick's Grovyle is probably a wannabe. Hey, Nick is one too! Keep it up, my friend!

EDIT: I hope you know what I'm implying. :P

3rd July 2003, 01:30 PM
RJdude: Seedot is the most enjoyable character I love to write. I am going to try to make a chapter of Seedot's origin and why he spits seeds at Momo.

Hanada Tattsu: I am glad that you enoyed those two chapters. I do hope that you enjoy this one.

Jukain: I am hoping to read your chapters very soon.

IloveX-TINA: In later chapters you will see the 'new' Wally well kinda.

ralts_mudkip: I guess a lot of people don't like Nick and other people just love Seedot. Thanks.

Neo-Xantios: Thank you and yes I know. I hope you like this one.

This is Part 1 of the Wattson Battle
Mauville: The Rise of an AntiMeagan

“So Meagan who ya gonna use for this match….I think Roxanne told me that this gym leader uses electric pokemon?” asked Momo.

“You should use Marshtomp,” advised Danny.

“Hmm nah I have used him too many times,” Meagan said looking at her pokemon.

“Mi!” cheered Minun jumping up and down.

“I think I will use Minun after all she is electric also,” Meagan said smiling and picking up Minun.

“Good choice,” Momo said happily.

“Thanks,” Meagan said gratefully.

The group asked for directions for the gym and found out that the leader of the gym is going just one more person since he was on a very tight schedule. When Meagan heard this she ran to the gym. It was a more like a lighthouse than a gym. She went in and found no one there. She looked around the gym and saw some lighting rods. They were charging a Magneton in the middle of the room.

“Hello?” Meagan yelled out into the room, “Is anyone here?”

The Magneton began to yell very loudly that is hurt their ears. Out of a room came out an old man that looked like Santa Claus.

“Santa!” yelled Momo.

“No I am not Santa Claus,” the old man said to her in a raspy voice. He had white hair and wore some outdated clothes.

“Are you the care taker of this gym?” Meagan asked.

“HAHAHAHAHA!” the old man began to laugh holding his stomach, “That is very funny indeed.”

“Ok,” Meagan said a little awkward.

Danny whispered in her ear, “I think he is the gym leader…..I think his name was Watt…..Watty…Walter……Water?”

“I think it is Watt….Watts…..” Momo added in.

“The name is Wattson,” the old manage to say out of his laughter.

“Wattson! That‘s it…” Momo and Danny agreed.

“Well Wattson I am Meagan from Littleroot Town,” Meagan introduced herself.

“Yes you are very little,” Watson laughed it out.

“Ha Ha Ha,” Meagan said sarcastically.

“You have attitude,” Wattson stated.

“I have a lot more than that,” Meagan said coldly.

“Hmm let us start this gym match…a 1 on 1 read go….Magneton!” Wattson yelled throwing a yellow pokeball to the arena. The light formed three magnet pokemon…then they all formed into one super pokemon.

“Hmm Go Minun!” Meagan yelled while Minun jumped off her shoulder.

“A Minun!” Wattson sneered, “This will be easy.”

“Think again,” whispered Meagan.

Out of the middle of the arena emerged a rod that began to conduct electricity. From the top of the rod came out two electric beams. Each beam hit one pokemon on each side of the arena. Minun and Magneton were absorbing the electric current.

“What are you doing?!” Meagan demanded to know, “You-You better not be hurting Minun!”

Wattson laughed real hard, “I would never dream of hurting your little mouse I am simply just charging their powers up so we could have one hell of a battle.”

Meagan realized that Minun was loving this current since it might be used to her advantage, “I see how you do your battles differently than the others trainers.”

“Thanks,” Wattson told her gratefully.

Magneton and Minun finished absorbing the beams and the battle was about to commence when a young man entered the gym.

“I’m here to battle you Wattson,” said a young man in his teens. He wore a tuxedo and some sunglasses that he took off when he entered. He had blonde hair and green eyes.

“I am very sorry but I already accepted this trainer’s challenge,” Wattson declared pointing to Meagan.

The boy sneered at Meagan, “You are going to waste your time on this?!”

“Look who is talking!” snapped Meagan, “I am just as good as you.”

“May I ask who are you?” Momo asked.

“My name? My name is Dustin, Dustin Michael Simms,” said the boy smiling, “I am sure you have heard of me.”

“Actually no,” everyone said including Wattson.

Dustin fell anime style, “You have not?! I am the best trainer.”

Meagan laughed out loud, “There is always someone greater than you.”

“Ah so a smart mouth,” Dustin said looking at Meagan fiercely.

“Enough! This is supposed to be a gym badge not a convention,” Wattson yelled.

Dustin sat down on the chair next to the wall, “I am going to have to see this and if you lose Wattson I told you were wasting your time. But if she wins….well that is if she wins.”

Meagan ignored the comment and the battle was now going to begin!

3rd July 2003, 01:38 PM
Good chapter! I think Meagan will win because Minun can be pretty strong. We will have to wait for next chapter. But she should have used Marshstomp for a gurantee win. That Dustin person is a ***. I hope Meagan battles him and wins to teach him a leason. Ok length and description. Keep it up!

Hanada Tattsu
3rd July 2003, 08:16 PM
Great chapter!

Wattson is real annoying. His Magneton seems very strong, but I don't think Meagan's Minun was the right choice, but I'm sure she'll win.

Dustin really is a snob.

Keep it up!

3rd July 2003, 11:25 PM
Hey that was an intriguing chapter. However, it can be better if you write the gym battle all in one chapter. I look forward to the battle! Oh yeah, Dustin is a fool!

4th July 2003, 09:57 AM
Duston doesn't demand mutch respect, does he? :rolleyes:

Like Hanada Tattsu said, he is sutch a snob. all good traines know that there is always some one stronger, and that it is imposible to have a team that better then any other.

... Did i just say that? O_o

Anyway i cant wait to see the actual battle. :P

10th July 2003, 09:29 PM
IloveX-TINA: Lets see is Meagan and Minun can win in this battle. You will also see more of Dustin also.

Hanada Tattsu: Wattson is an old man so he thinks he is the best. Let's see what Meagan has in store for him.

Neo-Xantios: I wrote them seperate since I wanted to focus on this part more since it is important and so is the next chapter after this one.

ralts_mudkip: Thanks for reading and this is the actual battle you have been waiting for.


Trinity Force

“Minun! Use your charge attack!” Meagan commanded.

Minun clenched his hands and began to charge her powers.

“Magneton! Lock on!” Wattson bellowed.

Magneton focused its body on Minun’s body preparing for the next attack.

“This might be a hard battle,” Danny whispered.

Momo heard what he said and looked at him, “Why do you say that?”

Danny turned to her, “Because Magneton knows a powerful known as the ‘Tri Attack’ which attacks with three main elements: Thunder, Ice and Fire. This attack might knock out Minun.”

Momo looked at the battlefield and prayed that the battle would go ok.

Minun looked at the magnet pokemon and she just stood looking at the Magneton. Magneton then focused on the mouse pokemon and let out a very loud screech attack. Minun’s ears folded down so the noise would not affect her. She then clapped her hands jumping up and down with her ears down….she was performing an encore attack. Magneton could not resist the attention and began to screech even more. Minun knew it was her chance. Her body turned yellow all over and from her negative sign cheeks released a yellow whip like beam that slashed Magneton sever times.

“What was that?!” Meagan asked shocked.

“Ha! That is just an enhanced electric attack. It really is a spark attack but only certain special pokemon can master these enhanced techniques,” Wattson said a little jealous.

“Can you Magneton do that?” Meagan asked.

Wattson snorted, “No he cannot but he can still beat you.”

“Your Magneton is a ‘It’ not a he since Magneton are genderless,” Momo said with sarcasm, “Just to let you know.”

Wattson ignored her comment and focused on the battle.

Dustin looked at Meagan then Minun and said silently, ‘This girl might not be so bad maybe she can win…..but what am I saying! She is going to loss and Wattson will see that he wasted his time….”

Minun sneered at Magneton and the magnet pokemon seemed to be steamed. Magneton then began to dance in the air. They all clenched together and then separated causing a sonicboom that hit Minun right in the face. Minun fell to the floor and got up really fast. Minun ran to Magneton with full speed and crashed into the Magneton. They both fell to the other side of the arena where Minun got up fast who looked at the fallen fighter. Magneton rose in the air and smacked Minun across the face. Minun rubbed her cheek and glared at Magneton.

“Let us finish this!” Wattson yelled, “Magneton Tri Attack!”

Magneton nodded in approval and looked at Minun. Each Magnemite glowed a different color. One was red, the other blue and the other yellow.

“Meagan make Minun use agility!” Danny yelled, “This is an incredible attack!”

Meagan looked at the Magneton ready to fire it, “Minun agility when it is going to fire it.”

Minun winked at Meagan and held a thumbs up. Magneton then fired a beam of fire, then of ice, then of electricity. Minun began to run around the field but the attack still hit her. Minun flew across the field. Minun then reached behind her ears and got a berry which she ate very fast. Minun healed herself just a little and jumped on Magneton. She charged up and used her whip spark attack on the Magneton.

“I see your Minun has mastered this kind of technique but you will still loose!” Wattson laughed out.

‘This girl has really some slick moves…..but I am in a steady relationship with Melinda…but this Meagan and her friend Momo…..are both pretty good. But this Danny fella must be her boyfriend…..why should I care I could beat her easily in a battle….but not Melinda she puts up a hard battle,’ Dustin thought staring at Momo and Meagan.

Minun was running away from the tri attack afraid she might get paralyzed, burned or frozen. Minun could not get a chance to attack this unstoppable overgrown Magnet.

‘If this pokemon keeps on using this attack I can actually loose and Dustin will be right that I am not worthy….Come on Meagan put yourself together and try to beat this gym leader. Then I can show Dustin what I am capable of doing,’ Meagan thought.

Magneton was locking on Minun when Minun stopped. It was the chance this Magneton was waiting for! Magneton released yet another Tri Attack! This time is was a direct hit and Minun flew into the wall. Minun tried to get up but she could not. She fell on the floor leaving a trail of dust.

“Minun is unable to battle……Wattson is the winner!” Dustin said smiling, “I told you Wattson that you wasted your time. Now step aside Meagan and let me show you how it is done.”

“I am sorry I will battle no one,” Wattson not looking at Dustin.

“What?!” Dustin yelled with shock.

Meagan could not believe she actually lost her first battle. Minun’s pokeball fell to the floor and Meagan could not believe it. “I lost,” Meagan managed to say that.

“It’s ok Meagan you could always have a re-match,” Momo said hugging her.

“Yeah Meagan,” Danny agreed with Momo.

Meagan said nothing but just looked at Minun who was now up but still tired. Meagan began to get tears in her eyes and ran away leaving Minun and her friends behind at the gym. Meagan went east but she did not know where she was going since it was dark.

10th July 2003, 09:37 PM
That was a good chapter! Poor Meagan. She should have used good ole' Marshstomp, but now I think she is going to train Minun really hard so it can beat Magneton. I want to see her battle Dustin and win. Good length and description. Keep it up!

10th July 2003, 10:53 PM
Dustin needs liposuction for that swollen ego of his. :rolleyes: After all Minun did his/her best. (the folowing is some advice for Megin)Don't let a corpse-errm, lost battle ruin your day. :D

11th July 2003, 09:38 PM
A decisive chapter. But I feel sorry for Meagan that she lost. And I would love to see Dustin get his reputation tarnished. I can't wait to see the rematch and the Dustin losing!

12th July 2003, 05:36 PM
Poor Megean, too bad she lost. And I feel bad for Minum, it tried hard... oh well, I'm sure she'll win the next one.

Hanada Tattsu
12th July 2003, 11:25 PM
Wonderful chapter!

Danny and Momo are such nice friends to Meagan. Meagan did try very hard to battle. Both Dustin and Wattson are stuffy snobs, I hope Meagan really beats them both up next time. Wattson's Magneton is ruthlessely strong, but Minun can be strong too if it tries.

By the way, why doesn't Meagan use Persian sometimes?

14th July 2003, 02:56 PM
IloveX-TINA: Here is when she battles Dustin and so much more.

ralts_mudkip: Meagan should seem different in this one. Thanks

RJdude: Thanks for reading and I hope you like this chapter.

Hanada Tattsu: Well here is a chapter where you see Persian in action.

I hope you like this chapter.

The North Wind blows!


Running in the darkness Meagan fell twice over some boards. Her skirt was full of mud but she did not care….she wanted to get away from all this right away. After walking alone in the dark with the moon as the only light source she finds herself in front of a lake. The lake was surrounded by many beautiful crystals and many wild life. She saw a Barboah swimming in the water along with a Horsea and a Jigglypuff drinking some water. She sits down at the lakes edge and takes off her shoes. She places them in the water and she felt relieved. The water was so nice. It was warm and seemed to refresh her. But still she lowered her head and began to cry. Her teardrops falling into the lake making ripple effects.

One by one her pokemon emerge from their pokeballs. Marshtomp looks at Meagan and likes her arm. Marshtomp gets a little sad since Meagan did not response so Marshtomp went into the water where it began to swim. Wingull hugged Meagan and flew to a nearby tree to look for anyone that could cheer up Meagan. Seedot does nothing to Meagan but goes to a tree where it attaches it self to a branch of the tree where Wingull is also. Kirlia comes up and looks at Meagan and does what Meagan is but she looks at the lake. Kirlia seems to be in a trance looking at the lake. Persian soon looked at Meagan and rubbed against her.

Meagan looked at herself in the water’s reflection, “How could I have lost?”


Wattson was soon in his quarters in the gym. He looked at Minun who was being healed by his pokemon. Wattson walked around his gym, looking outside to see if Meagan was going to return.

“I think I went to hard on the girl. But it is a gym match after all and I must battle very harshly. If Meagan does return for the re-match I will gladly battle her. If she wins I will trade Minun for a pokemon of my own. With my training Minun will be very useful at the last gym battle with Wallace.”

Wattson sat on his desk and wrote on his journal what had happened today. He looked at Minun and smiled.

Momo & Danny:

“Where is Meagan?” Danny asked as they walked outside.

Momo looked at Danny frowning, “I just hope she is ok because I just saw a T.V. and it said that there is going to be a tornado in this part of town. The newscaster said it was coming from the north.”

“The north you say?” Danny asked a little worried.

“Yeah it is on the east of this town but it is coming from the north. Like the North Wind.” Momo looked at the street that lead to the east of town where there are a lot of trees.

“Could it be that it has returned?” Danny asked out loud.

Momo looked at Danny as if he was crazy, “What has returned?” Momo asked sarcastically.

“The Legendary Beast Suicune. The North Wind as some people call it.” Danny looked in the direction of the lake.

Momo looked to the direction of the lake also. “Meagan is there…..I can feel it.”


Leaving the gym Dustin was very pissed off. He has been following Momo and Danny for quite a while so they could lead him to Meagan.

‘That girl messed up my chance to get the Dynamo Badge. When I see her I am going to make her pay.’ Dustin thought this with a grin on his face. ‘I will make her pay.’


Meagan noticed that her hair was waving in the wind. She looked up and saw that all the trees were moving with the wind and all the pokemon were now gone (except for hers).

“What is going on?” Meagan managed to yell out.

“It is a tornado!” Momo yelled behind.

“Momo! Danny!” Meagan looked at them and ran to them.

“Meagan we need to get out of here right away!” Danny yelled over the wind.

Out of nowhere a huge tree branch was heading towards them.

“Duck!” Danny yelled.

All three of them managed to avoid getting hit with the branch. Then they heard some noises of a pokemon they have never heard before. The creature was a little bigger than them. It was blue with crystals around its body. A purple mane that flowed with the wind. It had a huge crystal on top of its head. It had two white streams coming from its tail.

“Suicune….” Danny said in awe.

“What is that?” Meagan asked looking at Danny.

“It is the Legendary pokemon Suicune, the North Wind.” Danny slowly got up but Suicune roared. It began to growl, coo and howl.

“Momo can you translate?” Danny asked her.

Momo seemed to be working on the translation when she finally spoke, “It is looking for the Trainer of Pure Heart. Who is that?”

Meagan looked at Danny and they told Momo of how Meagan was the Trainer of Pure Heart. About Celebi and Jirachi.

“So you are the Trainer of Pure Heart?” Momo asked.

Meagan smiled. “Yeah I am. So Suicune wants to see me?”

Momo nodded, “Yeah it does.”

Meagan slowly got up and Suicune came to a halt. It titled its head to look at Meagan and make a gesture that wanted Meagan to come closer. Suicune looked at Meagan and seemed to smile. “Meagan you look just like her.”

Meagan was dumbfounded since she could understand it, “Like who? Who do I look like?”

Suicune titled its head, “Like your sister.”

Meagan opened her eyes as in shock. “My Sister?! But I have no sister…..”

“You have a sister and her name is Olivia Rose,” Suicune said.

Meagan felt a lump in her throat. “Olivia Rose? Where have I heard that name before.”

“Maybe this picture will help you.” Suicune lifted its paw to reveal a envelope. Meagan picked it up and opened it. She reached in and got a picture of a young woman in her twenties. She had light gray hair that reached her shoulders that made seem very seductive. He eyes were blue that looked at you that seemed to pierce you. Her red lips seemed to be like roses. She had two piercing on both of her ears. The picture was only of her head.

Meagan looked at the picture puzzled. “This is my sister?”

Suicune smiled at her. “Yes it is and she wants you to have this necklace to guide you and make you stronger so you can defeat the gym leaders. She knows you lost to Wattson so she wants you to have this.” Suicune shook its body and from its purple mane came a necklace. It fell to the floor and Suicune picked it up with its snout. It then offered the necklace to Meagan. The necklace had a silver chain that held in place a sphere that was hollow but see through.

Meagan put the necklace on her neck and she smiled. Suicune then touched it and in the middle of the sphere seemed to be wind blowing to the north. Meagan looked down at it and when she looked up Suicune was gone. “Thank you,” Meagan whispered.

Momo and Danny walked up to Meagan and they all embraced. Meagan told them everything from her sister to the necklace.

“I can’t believe I have a sister,” Meagan said almost out of breathe.

Meagan then felt brave enough to go to battle Wattson again. She returned her pokemon to their pokeballs except for Persian. Meagan looked at Persian then looked at the ground. She saw some black shoes that looked familiar.

“Well well look what the cat dragged in,” Dustin grinned and spat.

“What do you want?” Meagan asked politely.

“Little girl you made me miss my chance to beat Wattson!” Dustin yelled.

Meagan smiled, “No need to yell. So what are you going to do about it?”

Dustin got a pokeball, “A pokemon battle of course. Go Houndoom!”

Out of the light emerged a dog that was black. It was a bigger then Persian and almost as big as Momo. The dog had two sharp horns on its head. Its snout and belly was brown. The dog looked like something from the evil side. The Houndoom looked at Meagan and howled. Meagan got a pokeball but then Persian stepped up to Houndoom.

“So you are going to use Persian?” Dustin asked laughing.

Persian hissed and brought out her claws.

“Persian ya ready?” Meagan asked getting ready to battle.

“Meow,” she said walking up to Houndoom.

Meagan thought to herself, ‘I know that my mom taught Persian a lot of techniques so that should be helpful.”

Houndoom and Persian walked around in circles staring each other down. Persian then pounced on Houndoom slashing away. Houndoom yelped in pain when it came in contact with Persian’s long tail. Houndoom used bite on the tail and Persian jumped off. Persian eyed down Houndoom then Persian meowed really long and loud. Houndoom flinched and shut his eyes. Persian then raised its head and tail to the sky. From Persian’s jewel shoot out a yellow beam….it was thunder. It struck Houndoom who was really getting mad. Houndoom shook its whole body and opened its snout. From its snout came out a flaming hot fire. Houndoom was using Flamethrower.

Persian was burned from the attack but then the jewel released several yellow balls. It was Zap Cannon. Houndoom was hit each time by the attack. Houndoom was paralyzed and fell to the floor. It was trying to get up but Persian slashed it again.

Dustin looked shocked. “What?! How could this pokemon defeat mine?!”

“This Persian belongs to my mom and is very strong. It has had years of training.”

Dustin went and spitted on Houndoom. He returned the pokemon back to its pokeball and glared at Meagan. “This is not the last time you will see me!”

“Next time try to be more mature,” Meagan said hugging Persian, “And treat your pokemon with respect.”

Dustin walked away coolly away from them. Soon the group went back to the pokemon center where they healed there pokemon. Persian got the star treatment. Persian winked at everyone and licked herself clean. She then got a huge fish meal that she ate all by herself.

“Meagan tomorrow you can re-match Wattson,” Momo said eating.

“Yeah I just hope that Minun is ok,” Meagan said.

“Mi!” yelled a voice.

Meagan turned around and saw Minun and Wattson. Minun ran to Meagan and they embraced. She said she was sorry and she promised Minun next time they would win. Minun of course, wanted a re-match with the overgrown Magnet known as Magneton. They soon went to their rooms and went to sleep. Meagan and Minun smiled and were ready for the next day.

14th July 2003, 03:05 PM
Hmm... so Megean has a sister? Pretty good idea. I wonder if her sister controls Suicune... that would be interesting.

And Megean got a necklace that helps her in Gym battles... I hope she beats Watson.

And Dustin is a snob, I'm glad he lost.

14th July 2003, 05:22 PM
That was a tough Persean! :o I'm glad that Dustin lost too, maybe next time he will be a little more humble.

14th July 2003, 05:24 PM
That was a good chapter. That was really cool with Suicune and then Meagan finding out about her sister. Iw onder if she will meet her ever? Dustin got whet he deserved! I wonder if she is going to use Minun for the gym battle or another pokemon. Good length, it was much longer than your other chapters. Keep it up!

Hanada Tattsu
14th July 2003, 07:37 PM
Excellent chappie!

Poor Danny and Momo, they were so worried about Meagan. Meagan shouldn't have taken her loss so seriously, and Wattson is kind after all. Dustin really is a *****. Meagan has a sister? Olivia Rose, I wonder if we ever see her?

Persian finally battled! Yay! It did great too! Houndoom was strong, but the way Danny behaved with it was nausiating. Minun is okay, and we saw Suicune!

Keep it up!

14th July 2003, 10:19 PM
Most evoking chapter! Meagan must be really special to have legendary Pokémon make first contact with her. Dustin is, as always, a wannabe. He can't do anything. As for the next gym battle, I'm sure it will be the most decisive! Best of luck!

20th July 2003, 02:44 AM
Hey, sorry it took me awhile to post. That was a good chapter. Persian kicked some butt. I am glad you showed it again in battle it is very strong and thats what Meagan needs. I wonder if she will use that for her battle.Dustin finally got what he desrved and he deserved all of it! Wonder if we will see him in any more chapters.

23rd July 2003, 04:33 PM
Out Shocked!

In the morning Meagan walked out of the pokemon center. The sun was shining on her face and she loved it. There were no clouds in the sky and she felt as if it was a sign it was all going to go right. Meagan knocked on the doors of the gym where they opened automatically.

“Wattson I have come for my re-match!” Meagan yelled into the dark gym.

The lights turned on and they all saw Wattson.

“Welcome back Meagan,” Wattson said coolly.

Meagan smiled, “So what are the rules?”

“A three on three.”


Wattson and Meagan took their place on the arena.

“Go Voltorb!” Wattson commanded throwing a yellow pokeball.

The yellow pokeball opened to reveal a yellow light. The light formed into a pokemon that looked like a pokeball. The pokemon looked and snickered at Meagan.

“Cool pokemon Wattson. Go Seedot!”

Meagan threw a pokeball and Seedot came out. Seedot jumped up and down almost loosing its balance.

Meagan thought while looking at Seedot, ‘Come on Seedot I need you to win!’

Seedot looked at Voltorb and both of them were ready to begin.

“This will be easy.” Wattson laughed.

Meagan glared at Wattson, “Don’t count on it.”

Voltorb began to roll very fast around Seedot. Voltorb jumped into the air, taking aim on Seedot released five white stars towards Seedot. Meagan determined this attack as a swift attack. Seedot took aim on the stars. He then fired five seeds that collided with the stars making a explosion in the sky.
Both pokemon get a little edgy and Seedot jumps on Voltorb. Seedot begins to pound Voltorb from up above. Voltorb closed its eyes and a yellow light was sent to Seedot’s body….it was spark. Seedot fell off Voltorb and they both looked at each other. Seedot then began to glow the color of the arena. While Voltorb began to roll around Seedot. Then both pokemon used a swift attack that hit each pokemon sending crashing to one another. Both pokemon became extremely tired. Seedot and Voltorb both began to glow a white color. Then a huge ‘boom’ was heard and smoke filled the arena.

“What?!” Meagan and Wattson both tried to look into the smoke to see what had happened.

When the smoke subsided both of them saw their pokemon. Both, Voltorb and Seedot, had fainted to the use of the attack of explosion.

“Looks like both are unable to battle,” Wattson said with negativity in his voice.

Both trainers returned their pokemon back to their own pokeballs. They put those pokeballs away and reached for new ones.

“Go Raichu!” Wattson yelled throwing a normal pokemon.

Out of the red light a pokemon was formed. It was a mouse pokemon and Meagan knew what these were capable of doing.

Meagan smiled and threw her pokeball. “GO Marshtomp!”

From the red light emerged Marshtomp. Marshtomp raised her hands up in the air and growled. Both pokemon walked to the arena and waited staring at each other. Raichu began to clench its fists and released a yellow bolt of thunder. The bolt flew towards Marshtomp but when it touched Marshtomp, it seemed to be absorbed into her body.

“****! I forgot that Marshtomp is part ground.” Wattson cursed loudly.

Meagan snickered then became serious.

Marshtomp opened its mouth and sent out a gush of water. The water splashed Raichu and made it very wet. Raichu immediately shook all the water from its body and ran towards Marshtomp. Raichu jumped in the air and threw itself on top of Marshtomp that made them rolling to the side of the arena. Marshtomp jumped up and slammed her body hard on Raichu almost causing paralization. Raichu was getting very tired of this mud fish. Raichu turned around glaring at Marshtomp with its tail in front of them. Its tail became steel like and slashed Marshtomp multiple times. Marshtomp then ducks and opens it mouth yet again. It released a shot of mud that hit Raichu that fell to the floor. Raichu could not stand up because whenever it tried to get up it would slip and fall. Marshtomp then body slammed Raichu making it unable to battle.

“Looks like you are determined to win.” Wattson chuckled.

Meagan winked at him and Marshtomp ran to her where they embraced. Wattson returned Raichu back to its pokeball and then he got his last pokeball.

“Lets see if you can beat my last pokemon. Go Magneton!”

Out of the light formed three Magnemites that joined together to create the Trinity Force pokemon known as Magneton. The magnet looked at Meagan and remembered who she was. Marshtomp was ready to battle the Magneton but Minun came out from its pokeball. Minun began to yell at Marshtomp and Marshtomp lowered her head. She then walked to back to Meagan and returned to her pokeball.

“I believe your Minun wants a re-match with the pokemon that she lost to. Too bad she will loose again.” Wattson laughed holding his belly.

Meagan looked at Minun who seemed determined to battle the Magneton again. “Are you sure Minun?”

Minun nodded without looking at her.

“Ok then Minun do your best!” Meagan said cheerfully.

Minun turned her head and winked to Meagan.

Minun began to run really fast around Magneton and Magneton began to charge its powers. Minun stopped and jumped in the air. Her arms were folded across her chest and she seemed to be holding something. She opened her arms and from her arms came white stars. Each star struck Magneton and it could charge no more. One of the stars hit the screw of the middle Magnemite. The star cause the screw to move making it loose. Minun saw this and got a plan: if she could loosen all the screws Magneton could fall apart…..worth a try.

Magneton clenched together and released several sound waves that screeched across the whole room. Minun folded her ears to avoid the sound attack. Magneton clenched together again but this time when it released a ‘boom’ was heard. A cyclone was formed that was sounding with the same ‘BOOM’ sound.

“I see your Magneton has become very stronger.” Meagan smiled.

Wattson laughed holding his belly.

Minun began to run around Magneton and did the same technique with the swift attack. This time all the stars hit the screws and loosened them. Minun thought that one more powerful swift would do it. Minun began to run around Magneton and Magneton locked on her. Magneton then clenched together again and released several yellow balls as if it was a cannon. Minun was hit several times with the shock and she lost her chance to dismantle the pokemon. Minun got up from the attack and clenched its fists. Minun released a electric bolt that hit Magneton on top of the magnets. Magneton could not move and Minun knew it was her chance. She began to ran around Magneton and she released several stars. All the stars….missed! Minun was shocked since Magneton was now able to attack.

Magneton began to glow in different colors. It was preparing to use Tri Attack. Minun knew that if this attack hit her she would have no chance to attack. Magneton released the tri attack and Minun jumped out of the way in the knick on time. Minun then began to run around and threw several stars towards Magneton. Each star struck Magneton on the screws and one by one the screws fell off the Magneton!

“MAG!” cried the Magnemite on the left as it fell apart.

“NE!” cried the right one as it fell apart also.

“TON!” cried the middle Magnemite and that one fell apart.

On the floor there was only a pile of magnets, and screws.

Wattson had a face of disbelief. “I lost!” he managed to whisper.

“Minun you won! All you guys one!” Meagan yelled as she ran to Minun and picked her up.

Wattson returned his broken pokemon back to his pokeball. “That was an excellent battle! HAHA! I have never seen that kind of technique before! I award you with the Dynamo Badge!”

Wattson held out of the badge to Meagan and she accepted it.

“Thank you Wattson.”

“No thank you.”

Wattson looked at Minun then looked at Meagan, “Meagan I want to train your Minun. If you let me train her she will be very strong for the last gym leader. I will lend you one pokemon in place for Minun.”

Meagan looked at Minun. Minun had a grin on her face, “If you want to Minun.”

“Follow me.” Wattson began to walk off into a room. Meagan and Minun followed him into the room. There were three pokemon in the room: A Pikachu, Jolteon and a Elekid.

“Choose one of the three.” Wattson said.

Meagan looked at the mouse and did not like it. She liked the dog like pokemon. Elekid was not her kind of pokemon so she accepted Jolteon. They traded pokemon and said goodbye to each other. Meagan looked at her new friend Jolteon and is seemed that Jolteon loved to be with them all. Momo and Danny loved Jolteon all ready.

‘With Jolteon on my side my cousin will be a synch.’ Meagan thought in her head and she looked at Jolteon.

23rd July 2003, 04:54 PM
That was a great gym battle! Minun kicked soem electric butt. Thats nice of Wattson to trian her pokemon to make it stronger now she has a Jolteon. That battle was a good length and so was the chapter! Keep it up!

23rd July 2003, 04:57 PM
Aww..., she traded Minum... oh well. Good chapter, I'm glad Megean won the rematch.

23rd July 2003, 07:47 PM
Hey, that was a good gym battle. Meagan did really good. Marshstomp did well along with Minun. I think Jotleon will be a good companion 4 her.

Hanada Tattsu
23rd July 2003, 07:59 PM
Wow, one of the best chapters yet!

Meagan battled really well, and I'm glad how Momo and Danny supported her. Wattson seems nicer. Voltorb was pretty weak, but Seedot put up a fight. Also, the Raichu was strong, but Marshtomp really beat it. Magneton was strong, but the way Minun beat it was cool.

Cool, so Minun temporarily belongs to Wattson, and I'm glad that Meagan didn't choose the Elekid and the Pikachu but chose the Jolteon, they will be great partners.

No more of Dustin?

23rd July 2003, 08:52 PM
If you would like your character be in my story for something (cannot say what for) please fill this out. Later in the story you will your character in the story so please be patient.
Pokemon (only six no legends):

Shadow Djinn
23rd July 2003, 08:59 PM
Name:Zane Keskagi
Age: 15
Personality:Silent, really serious. he despises people, yet is strategic during battle. Prefers to use Speed and Stealth.
Pokemon (only six): Scizor, Dragonair, Houndoom, Umbreon, Pidgeotto, Mudkip(strongest, never let it evolve.)

[attachment deleted by admin]

23rd July 2003, 09:28 PM
I will be in it!

Black shirt, black pants, black hair
Nice and always wants to win and treats his pokemon very well.
Swampert, Sevper, Noctowl, Arcanine, Cacnea, and Lairon

Can't wait to see what chapter I am in!

24th July 2003, 09:10 PM
Hello Dewgongtears. I see you've came back. That previous chapter of yours was awesome and the battle was intense. I'm glad that Meagan has finally received her Dynamo Badge. And I shall surely see how well Jolteon co-operates in the battles yet to come.

I'll be a candidate for this one:

Name: Craine Hiros
Age: 22
Sex: M
Description/Outfit: Has short spiky hair often with gel on it. He's a little shorter than six feet.
Personality: He is a considerate and out-going person. He does however, joke around, but is serious when the situation is grim.
Pokemon (only six no legends): Kecleon, Ninetales, Banette, Swellow, Golduck, Chimecho

Thank you.

24th July 2003, 10:59 PM
Thank you all who are reading my story! I am veyr grateful for the trainer forms and I am accepting more. Well I am really proud of this chapter. I hoep you like it.

TS! The Snatchers of both pokemon and humans.....lives

“Illumise and Volbeat! Go!” ordered the two twins, Amy and Kay. They both wore little purple dresses and held each others hands. Their two pokemon which looked like Fireflies flew into the battlefield. The purple with black one looked more feminine than the other red with black. The red one was a little bit bigger than the purple one.

Momo grabbed two of her pokeballs, “Well since you only want to battle me. Go Spoink! Go Cascoon!”

From the red light emerged two pokemon. The energetic piglet and the immobile cocoon.

“HA! You are going to send out a Cascoon?!” laughed Amy.

“This should be easy!” giggled Kay. “Since Spoink is weak to bug.”

‘That’s right but if I would use Alakasam…..he would be weak too.” thought Momo. ‘There has to be a way.’

“Illumise! Volbeat! Use Quick Attack!” the twins commanded.

The Fireflies flew into the air and vanished in thin air. Then they appeared behind Spoink and Cascoon hitting them both. Cascoon looked at them both and just grew harder. Spoink on the other hand looked at Illumise and sent a confuse ray towards her. From the pearl came the purple ray that encircled Illumise making it confused. Illumise tried to use another quick attack but ended up hitting herself. Volbeat’s tail began to glow and soon its whole body. It used the attack Tail Glow and his special attack grew. Cascoon just hardened again awaiting for an attack. Illumise flew into the air (still confused) then crashed into a tree that shook off her confusion. Illumise then raised its arms and clapped them. This excited Volbeat and from his antennas fired a beam into the air. The beam made a signal, since this is signal beam, and the beam hit Cascoon. The beam bounced off Cascoon’s hard shell and the beam ended up hitting Illumise. Illumise got very angry and quick attacked Volbeat. Volbeat ended up clapping for her and this excited her. Volbeat then fired another signal beam and it hit Spoink!

Spoink flew into a tree and was almost knocked out. Spoink then got up and coiled his spring. She then bounced into the air and from the ground all you could see was his shadow. Volbeat knew what this was and moved away. Illumise however was curious and stood right underneath Spoink’s shadow. Cascoon just looked at Spoink and Illumise awaiting her doom. Spoink then began to fall and landed right on Illumise sending her into the ground. A gush of wind also hit Illumise when the bounce had occurred.

“Oh no Illumise fainted.” cried Kay.

“Don’t worry sis Volbeat will beat them,” Amy told her sister trying to comfort her. She then glared at Volbeat, “Volbeat! Give Spoink your most powerful Signal Beam!”

Volbeat nodded and looked at Spoink. Volbeat’s antennas glowed different colors and from them was fired a beam straight for Spoink. If you would have blinked you would have missed it entirely. Poor Spoink never had the chance to react.

“No! Spoink!” Wailed Momo fighting tears.

Amy and Kay winked at each other and said together, “One down! One to go! And this one will be easy!”

Momo returned Spoink and hopped for a miracle to happen.

“Do you think Momo can win?” Danny asked Meagan.

Meagan looked at Cascoon, “If it evolves it will learn gust and confusion.”

Danny looked at Meagan, “How do you know this?”

Meagan looked at Danny smiling, “My grandma use to have many bug pokemon. She taught me the wonders of bug pokemon but I never liked them. Really I liked grass ones but anyway. She taught me everything and when she was dying she gave me some sort of fossil. It looked like a claw, she told me it was once a great bug pokemon that went extinct. I did not believe her since I was so young.”

Danny titled his head a little, “What did you do with it?”

Meagan closed her eyes and reached into her braw. She brought out a little blue pouch. She reached inside that and brought out a flat rock that had a claw imbedded inside of it. She handed it to Danny, “Here it is. I keep it with me cause it is the only thing I have left of my grandma.”

Danny was amazed with it, “You know Meagan I have friend. Her name is Martina. She lives in the desert north of Mauville. Maybe we can show her this and she might resurrect a pokemon from this.” Danny held out the fossil so Meagan could have it back.

Meagan looked at it and put it in the pouch. The pouch she put in her braw. “I think I would like that to have a pokemon that my grandma gave me.”

“Guys!” Momo yelled.

Meagan and Danny looked at Momo to see what was wrong. “What is going on?”

Momo had a sparkle in her eyes. “Cascoon is evolving!”

Everyone looked at Cascoon. From the top it split, from the crack arose two green wings. Two yellow antennas came and a long body. The creature had two big yellow eyes and four little arms.

Momo looked disgusted. “What is that?! I wanted a Beautifly!”

Meagan looked at the pokemon then looked at Momo. “Momo you got a Dustox.”

Momo frowned, “But I wanted a Beautifly!”

Meagan got on eye level with Momo. “Momo, Dustox can learn psychic attacks so it would fit you more. So it can learn bug, flying and psychic attacks. Unlike Beautifly.”

Momo looked a little better, “Well it is not a Beautifly but if it learns psychic attacks….then I will learn to love it.”

Dustox looked at the tired Volbeat who had been psychically attacking Cascoon while Cascoon was constantly using harden. Dustox looked at the Volbeat it flew into the air. Dustox then began to flap her wings. The flapping of the wings created a huge wind storm. The wind flew into Volbeat and Volbeat was sucked into the little tornado. Volbeat was thrown around like a rag doll and when it subsided Volbeat fell to the ground. Volbeat had fainted and was unable to battle. Dustox flew to Momo and Dustox liked Momo. But Momo flew awkward towards her new pokemon.

Amy and Kay then said goodbye to Momo and left the group’s sight. The group started to walk towards Verdanturf when a guy entered their sight actually…it was two guys. Meagan knew who they were and Momo and Danny only knew one of them. The two guys were Mathew a.k.a. The Trainer of the Night and the other was Dustin.

“Ah what a cute couple you two make.” Meagan chuckled telling them this.

Dustin and Mathew did not look to happy to be told this. “So she beat you too?” Dustin asked Mathew.

Mathew nodded.

“I guess we need to teach you all a lesson.”

‘So are you two ready to loose?” the group asked.

“HA!” laughed Dustin and Mathew.

“Then let’s battle,” said Meagan, “Go Jolteon!”

“Jolt!” cried Jolteon when it jumped into the grass arena.

“Go Crawdaunt!” Dustin yelled throwing a blue pokeball.

Out of the blue light emerged a huge crab that Meagan and Danny had seen before. “Craw!” The huge crab/lobster opened and closed its huge claws.

“Go Slakoth!” Danny yelled throwing his pokeball.

The red light turned into the lazy pokemon that had a dazed look on his face.

Mathew grabbed two pokeballs then choose one of them. One contained his Duskull and the other was a mystery. “I only have two pokemon. So go Golbat!”

The red light formed into a black bat that as a little smaller than Momo. The mouth looked more like the body and it flapped its wings. They all knew these two would not be hard to beat with Jolteon.

Just then a young boy with silver hair, he had red eyes, a uniform like TR and he stood with one hand on his hip. He spoke in a voice that sounded pure evil and in a whisper tone, “Well, well, well. Nice pokemon you all have.”

Dustin smiled accepting the compliment. “Thanks but we are going to battle.”

Momo did not like the looks of this guy. “Just who are you by the way?”

The guy fell anime style then got back up dusting himself off. “My name is Super Keel.”

“HA!” laughed out loud Mathew too bad for Mathew that would be his last.

‘That will be the first kid to go.’ thought Super Keel. “I come from the notorious Team Snatch.”

Meagan rubbed her face. “Oh great another team we have to beat.”

Super Keel snarled. “Well unlike TA, TM, and TR We are a lot more evil and sinister! We capture pokemon from trainers! We take the pokemon then we kill the trainers! Simple as that! And you are all my next target!”

The trainers were so scared they could not respond to him.

“That is horrible!” Momo managed to say.

All the trainer except for Mathew returned their pokemon. Dustin then slowly walked to the group and Mathew was petrified.

“Mathew! Come here!” the group cried out.

“Go Gloom!”

The group saw a strange pokeball that looked like two hands. Inside was a ball of black energy, the hands opened releasing the black energy that formed the Gloom. The Gloom immediacy used Stun Spore on Mathew and Golbat.

“Just to show you all!” Super Keel said as he threw another one of those strange pokeball device. HE threw it at the paralyzed Golbat. “When this Golbat evolves into Crobat I shall rule evolve!”

Danny told Super Keel that Golbat only evolves with happiness and kindness. “He will never evolve with you!”

Super Keel grinned. “We will see about that!”

With that Super Keel brought out a hand gun. “I told you we kill the trainers.” He aimed the gun next to Mathew’s head. He put his finger on the trigger and pulled it. All you heard was the noise of the gun. The group all watched this horrible act. They watched as Mathew’s top portion head was blown off. On the ground was his brain’s remains that exploded with the force. His skeletal remains of his skull could be seen and blood was all over the ground. Dustin called out Houndoom and got on.

“I am going to get Officer Jenny!” with that he was gone.

“I could care less! I will be long before she comes back.” Super Keel stated. Super Keel then aimed the gun at Meagan and pulled the trigger……

24th July 2003, 11:09 PM
Wow, now we have a killer in the story. Great job describing the gun shot. That was really good and so was the rest of the chapter with Dustox now in the mix. Momo should like that pokemon a lot. Good length and good description, I liked this a lot. I wonder what will happen next, with Team Snatch. Keep it up!

25th July 2003, 08:44 AM
Good chapter. The battles were good, and Cascoon evolved... Dustox suits Momo. Keep it up.

25th July 2003, 01:04 PM
Hey, that was a good chapter. That was funny when Momo did get Beautifly but then she started to like Dustox causse of its ability to use psychic attacks. The new bad people seem really creepy, I would't want to run into them. I wonder if Meagan will make it?

25th July 2003, 01:39 PM
My "Pseudo-Spider-Sense" is tingling! Megan is okay! :o

Can you have my character in the story? just don't make him a bad guy please. :(

Name: Haku
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Visual Description:
White shoulder length Hair, Black Jacket which when zipped up has a large red Pokeball symbol on it (is un-zipped), Blue T-shirt worn under jacket, Brown Back-Pack, Has Pokemon's Pokeballs on belt, wears Black Corduroy Pants, and wears White Sneakers. Light colored skin with a little acne on his face, has brown eyes and is about 5' 6" tall.
A wandering pokemon trainer, he began his journey across houen seaking the title of pokemon Masterism, and has almost achieved his dream, but lost to Steven in the final round at the pokemon league championship tournament. The flames of his desire to become champion have burned low over the years, but an unexpected enlightenment lead him to resume persuit of his wishes...
He is quite clever in the ways of pokemon battling, and is very helpful and polite when he is in a good mood, and is a carful thinker, and not mutch slips by his notice(when he is paying atention). He can be a bit of a mocker and is a little sarcastic when not in the best of moods. and if he gets outright infuriated, he shows it. And may throw a punch or kick the nearest thing he can afford to break. Yet he takes good care of his pokemon, and does not treat them like servents but like frends. He has never had a girlfriend, and is proud to say he never will. :)

Note to Dewgongstears: I may add to this bio evry now and then, so check this post often. :wave:

Other bits:
If anyone attemts to talk to him about his loss at the pokemon league, he immediately changes the subject. and he has a very bleak outlook on love, and considers it a big interfearence and calls love-life stuf Spalc(Stupid, pointles, anoying, lovey-dovey crap).
So genarly, if he was "back-round person" in a love scene he might blow a rasberry. ;) He also belives in the leginds.

26th July 2003, 01:37 AM
Wow. This latest chapter finds you power ascending, Dewgongtears. That two on two battle was excellent and Cascoon evolved in a Dustox, which knows Psychic attacks. That's an excellent Pokémon for Momo. But the last scene was harsh. The Team Snatch's actions are worse than any Team I've encountered. I wonder what their motive is.

26th July 2003, 06:32 PM
Thank you all who is reading and thank you for the characters. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

Someone to lean on

BOOM! Was all that was heard. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as Super Keel fired the gun towards Meagan’s head. Momo took cover and she crouched on the floor not knowing what to do. Danny on the other hand tried to push Meagan but he seemed to be immobile…..had he been paralyzed and not known it?

Meagan just looked at the bullet that was coming towards her expecting to be killed. Then they heard some sort of singing or a song from the sky. From the clouds a Hyper Beam was fired at the bullet. The hyper beam destroyed the bullet and then they all saw the creature that used the powerful attack.

“Fly!” cried the green flying dragon. It was green and hand two nig green triangular wings. It had two big red eyes and two huge antennas. It was bigger than all of them and it was carrying a girl in a cloak on its back. The creature landed and the girl got off.

The girl patted the creature then looked at Super Keel. “I have finally found you Super Keel! This time you will not get away.” She looked at the lifeless body of Mathew. “It seems like I am too late for this young man. But you will not kill these three!”

Super Keel put his gun away. “Why do you care? You after all have everything you want. You are the daughter of two very well known people. Why do you care if I kill this girl?”

The girl in cloak looked at Meagan. “I have my reasons Super Keel. Now I will eliminate you know.”

Meagan walked to the girl in the cloak. “If you kill him you will be no better than him.”

The girl in the cloak looked at Meagan. “You are right, I will let you deal with him. But first I am going to take away that Golbat!”

Super Keel grabbed the Golbat’s pokeball. “Try to take it away.”

The girl in the cloak seemed to be amused. She reached in her cloak and brought a pokeball with a heart on it. “Go Blastoise!”

She threw the pokeball and it opened up revealing a pink light. The light formed into a giant turtle. It had two huge pumps on his shell. It seemed to glare at Super Keel.

Super Keel laughed grabbing a pokeball with the initials TS on it. “Go Venasaur!”

When he threw the ball, the ball itself formed into the giant plant like creature. It had a huge flower on its back that smelled very good. Even from where they were standing.

Meagan turned to the girl. “What is your name?”

The girl in the cloak did not turn to look at her. “Call me O.R. And Meagan when we are battling use your Kirlia and Momo’s Kadabra to get the Golbat. I want you have it, I will take the Duskull.”

Meagan seemed disgusted. “But what about Mathew?”

O.R. seemed saddened. “He was a pawn in their game, he knew his fate. Team Snatch cannot have his pokemon. They already took something more precious…..his life.”

Meagan knew it was right even though Mathew was a pawn. No pokemon should be taken by someone who would treat them badly. Meagan just nodded getting Kirlia’s pokeball. She walked to Momo and told her to get ready with her Alakasam so they could take away the Golbat.

Blastoise withdrew in her shell and stood there. Venasaur started to absorb the sun to perform an all powerful solar beam.

‘Crap…I know I cannot beat a Venasaur.’ though O.R.

Danny knew this would be a hard battle since the Venasaur looked really tough and at a high level.

“Blastoise enough!” O.R. ordered, “Flygon your turn!”

The huge dragon pokemon that was named ‘Flygon’ flew into battle. Blastoise took her spot next to O.R. ready to protect her. Flygon was on the floor and glared at the Venasaur. Venasaur let go of the sun and Venasaur awaited his master’s orders.

Super Keel grinned. “Venasaur come back. Let’s fire with fire. Go Vibrava!”

From a green pokeball emerged a pokemon that resembled Flygon. It was a lot smaller than Flygon and this one looked more energetic.

O.R. chuckled, “Looks like your Trapinch finally evolved.”

Super Keel looked at his Vibrava. “It is still useless though but it can beat Flygon any day!.”

“You wish.”

“Then let’s see what you got.”

Both dragons flew to the sky and eyes each other. Once they reached a high altitude they slammed into each other. Flygon easily sent Vibrava flying into the sky. Being so much bigger and heavier Flygon over took Vibrava. Vibrava soon was able to fly back in front of Flygon. Vibrava soon flew to the ground and began to flap his wings. The Vibrava soon began to use the attack Sand Attack. Sand soon filled the air and Flygon had a hard time getting through all of the sand.

Meanwhile back on the ground the sand began to fall on the ground making it hard to see through. This was the perfect chance so Kirlia and Kadabra teleported right next to Super Keel. Kirlia began to see where he held the pokeball. She found that is was on his belt on left side. Kirlia could not use her hands to get the pokeball so it was up to Kadabra. Kadabra extended his hand and grasped the pokeball. Super Keel felt this and swatted away Kadabra. Kadabra was caught of guard and dropped the pokeball. Kirlia and Kadabra then immediately teleported back to the trainers. Kadabra and Kirlia told Momo what had happened.

Momo looked at Meagan and told her what had happened. “That is so cool that you can understand them.”

Momo blushed a little. “Thanks. But we need to find the Golbat.”

The pokeball rolled towards a little pond where it sank to the bottom. Even though the lake was not that deep the pokeball was covered with water. On the surface of the water there seemed to be a little bug skating on the water. This little blue pokemon with a yellow cap saw the pokeball submerged.

“Sur!” cried the happy pokemon. The pokemon submerged underwater and looked at the pokeball. He put his four skinny legs on it and brought the pokeball out of the water. By the time the little bug pokemon came out of the water the sand was all gone.

Meagan then looked at the pond and saw the pokeball. On top of the pokeball was a Surskit, Meagan knew what kind of pokemon was this and always liked to have one.

“Look a Surskit!” Meagan told Momo.

Meagan looked at the Surskit. “It does not look psychic.”

Meagan just sighed and went up to it. “Hi little one can I have that pokeball please?”

The Surskit that was about the size of her foot looked at her. Surskit then fell in love with Meagan. It seemed to blush more and got off the pokeball. The Surskit just seemed to smile and Meagan bent down to pick up the pokeball. She then petted Surskit and picked it up. Surskit was in heaven as Meagan was holding it and walked back to Momo.

“Meagan! Watch out!” yelled Danny as he shoved her out of the way. Surskit held on to Meagan for dear life while Danny pushed her out of the way. Just after Meagan was pushed by Danny both Flygon and Vibrava fell where Meagan was just standing.

“Those could have killed you!” screamed Danny which was now on top of her. “Are…are you ok?”

Meagan looked at Danny then Surskit who was OK, “Yeah I am ok but Danny you can get off of me you know.”

Danny blushed a little and got off Meagan then helped her up. “Sorry about that Meagan.”

Meagan just smiled and made sure Surskit was ok.

“You stupid girl!” yelled Super Keel, “I should have known you are were going to take away the Golbat!”

Just from the east they saw the sirens coming.

“Oh crap! I wasted enough time with you!” Super Keel stated getting a little nervous, “I am out of here. But mark my words all of you. I will get you all and when I do I will kill you. For Team Snatch will never give up. You have not seen the last of Super Keel!”

Super Keel then returned and brought out a little capsule that when he threw it smoke arose. When the smoke subsided he smoke is gone and Officer Jenny got there with Dustin.

“Danny why did the two dragons fall?” Meagan asked.

Danny explained to her that they both used dragon breath that knocked each other out. Meagan got a little mad since she missed such a great battle but she wanted to know who this O.R. chick was. Meagan looked to see what O.R. was doing and she was talking to Officer Jenny.

“So Miss Stone you going to keep the Duskull and Meagan will keep the Golbat?” Officer Jenny asked.

‘Miss Stone? That is my dad’s last name…..but my last name is not Stone is Shoal…could this be Olivia? No…it can’t,’ Meagan thought.

“Yes that is correct,” said O.R., “Now I will on my way on the search for him.”

Just then a Hypno came out and teleported O.R. from there with the Duskull pokeball.

“Wait!” Meagan yelled but O.R. was gone.

“Miss we are going to take all of you to the Verdanturf just in case Super Keel is in the area,” said Officer Jenny.

Meagan thanked Officer Jenny and went to go look for Dustin but he was already gone.

“If you are looking for Dustin he is gone. But we are going to need you three what happened today. So when we go to Verdanturf you can tell us ok?” Officer Jenny was looking at Meagan.

Meagan and the group just nodded to Officer Jenny.

“Once there you can answer my questions and tell your story of what happened.”

“I hope we can help,” Meagan stated looking at Golbat’s new pokeball. She put Golbat in a regular pokeball and threw away the other one. “Golbat I am very sorry about your trainer and I know I can never replace him,” whispered Meagan to the pokeball containing Golbat, “but I want to get to know you. If you do not want to know I will respect you. But for now I am going to send you to my house back in New Bark Town. There you will be safe and you keep my home safe.” The ball then dematerialized in her hands and she knew it went to her house. For only a trainer could have six pokemon and she programmed her pokeballs to be sent to her house when she captures more than six pokemon.

Momo looked at the Surskit who was now sound asleep in Meagan’s arms. “Meagan what about that little one?”

Meagan looked at it and smiled. “Well I am going to leave him here.”

“You should take him.”

“Nah he belongs here.”

“Whatever you say.”

Meagan went to the pond and placed him next to the pound in a bush. She said her goodbye and they all got on Officer Jenny’s car. They sped off to Verdanturf so they could testify what they saw.

Meanwhile Surskit awoke to find himself without Meagan. He exited the bush to see them going off to Verdanturf. Now he was going to go to Verdanturf so he could be with Meagan. For being a little guy Surskit really ran fast and never lost sight of the car. But following him was a Swellow that was very hungry.

26th July 2003, 06:47 PM
That was a good chapter! I am glad Meagan didn't die! That was a weird person that showed up, I wonder if we will see her again. I hope the little Surskit doesn't get eaten poor little guy/girl. Keep it up!

26th July 2003, 09:58 PM
I wonder what will hapen to Surskit? Any way that was a cool chapter, I can't wait for the next installment. :D

27th July 2003, 02:07 AM
Wow, another great chapter. This O.R. character is very cool. I can't wait to see Super Keel being brought to justice. And for that Surskit, I shall see its fate. I hope Meagan's new Golbat will be of great service.

27th July 2003, 08:47 AM
Hmm... so Meagen got Golbat... pretty good. I hope she gets Surskit, it seems to like her a lot. And I wonder if O.R. really is Olivia... hmm...

Hanada Tattsu
27th July 2003, 11:36 AM
Great chapters!

That Team Snatch dude is indeed evil, and the Trainer of the Night is dead. :(

Momo finally has a Dustox, and Surskit is cute, I hope Swellow doesn't eat it. Meagan has a Golbat now, and Dustin dissapeared...

Keep it up!

28th July 2003, 06:04 PM
I really enjoyed making this chapter. Thank you everyone who spends their time to read my story. Thank you again.


The Truth Shall Set You Free

“Please state your name.” Officer Jenny told Meagan who was going to be questioned first.

The group was in the same room and were ready to answer the questions.

Meagan cleared her throat. “Meagan Glacier.”

Officer Jenny raised her eyebrows. “Is that all?”

Meagan hesitated to answer the question by looking down. She managed to whisper, “No.”

“Then please state your name.” Officer Jenny said sounding that she was getting agitated.

“Meagan Isabel Stone Glacier.”

“Hmm. So you are the daughter of the greatest pokemon trainer.”

Momo and Danny just looked at each other. They looked at the window that was open and saw that the Surskit was climbing in the window. The Surskit looked out the window and saw the Swellow was in a tree waiting for him. Surskit sighed then saw Meagan and just stayed looking at her.

“Meagan can I ask you a question?” Officer Jenny asked.

Meagan slowly nodded.

“Why did your parents break up?”

Meagan looked at her and sniffed. “Well you see when my brother left for his journey I was only left, I was four. (Also at this point I did not know I had a sister.) So my dad, which I dare not say his name, began to abuse me verbally and psychically. Slapping me, hitting me and cursing at me most of time that something went wrong in his life. (At this point we lived in Ever Grande City since my mom is part of the elite.) My mom, Glacia sent me to the Lecra Region (which is north of Hoenn) for my own safety. There I lived with my grandma till I was seven. I also obtained my first pokemon there which a Caterpie that my grandma gave me since she loved bug pokemon. The Caterpie which loved me very much and we were so happy until my father found where I was. My grandma did not know what to do when he got there so she ran away leaving me alone with him.

“My father killed my Caterpie in front of my eyes and he took me back to Hoenn. There I found he psychically abused my mom. He stopped only when she told me where I was hidden. You see my biological father is not Steven, my biological father is none other than Maxie, the leader of Team Magma.”

A gasp came from the room as everyone was shocked at Meagan’s painful past.

“There Glacia tried to defeat Maxie but it was no avail. He was going to kill use unless we joined Team Magma. I would never join Team Magma and neither would my mom. When he told us this my mom said that she would have never married him if she knew who he was. Then Steven broke into the house saying that he found who this ‘Maxie’ really was. Steven managed to defeat him with his Metagross and Maxie was imprisoned. From that moment on Steven and my mom, Glacia, fell in love. They were the first two elite trainers to fall in love and to later get married. I of course grew up with Steven and he loved me as his own.”

Meagan began to cry and she put her hands on her face. Momo went and hugged her trying to comfort her. The Surskit of course went to Meagan and when she saw the little pokemon she hugged him.

Officer Jenny shook her head at her story. “Meagan I never knew this and no one will ever know. I will tell no one of your painful past. I should have never have asked you to tell me.”

Meagan managed to speak, “Thank you Officer Jenny. That‘s ok cause no one knows but someone needed to know.”

Officer Jenny nodded and handed Meagan a napkin. “Now can you please tell me what happened.”

Meagan told Officer Jenny what happened. To when he jumped out, to when he stole the pokemon when he killed Mathew and when Super Keel pointed the gun to her. She gave Officer Jenny a detailed description of Super Keel and Officer Jenny felt she was close to catching Super Keel once and for all.

Then it was Danny’s turn to tell his story.

“Please state your name.”

“Danny Winter.”

Officer Jenny looked at him. “Is that all? Only Danny Winter, not Daniel.”

Danny sighed. “My name is Daniel Winter Omega.”

Officer Jenny wrote his name down on her clipboard. “Omega? Winter? I know Winter is Pryce’s, the gym leader of Mahogany Town back in Johto. Are you his son?”

“No he adopted me since my parents abandoned me when I was little. I was also raised by Sabrina but she never really adopted me.”

“What about Omega?”

“Um Pryce told me that he found me with a card with the name Omega on it. So he believes that real last name is Omega but he gave me his last name.”

“I see.” Officer Jenny stated rubbing her chin.

“Omega is a very well last name known in Lecra.” Meagan said.

“It is?” Danny asked.

Meagan nodded. “Maybe I will show you on day when all three of us go. I know that one of the wisdoms, which are gym leaders, has the last name Omega. I wonder if he can be your father?”

Danny smiled and Meagan hugged him giving him a kiss on his cheek. Meagan went and sat next to Momo.

Officer Jenny smiled at them and got her pen. “So tell me what happened.”

Danny told Officer Jenny what happened. The story was just the same as Meagan’s but a little more detailed.

“Thank you.” Officer Jenny said shaking his hand.

Danny switched places with and Meagan was still holding Surskit who was now well sound asleep.

“Your name please.”

“Momo Minerva Flame.”

“I have heard of you. You are the cousin of Flannery the gym leader of Lavaridge. Am I correct?”

“That is correct Officer.”

Momo then told Officer Jenny about Super Keel and about the killing. Momo was not that detailed Meagan or Danny but she was still good. Just then Officer Jenny got a phone call.

“Yeah…great…not him again…yeah I will be there right away,” Officer Jenny hanged up the phone then looked at the group. “Sorry kids but there is some crazy Groudon Priest saying that the time is near. That Groudon is going to come back to judge his earth.”

Meagan looked at Officer Jenny with a puzzled face. “Do you believe him?”

Officer Jenny laughed. “Of course not. You see people are getting tired of him and they want him dead. Civilians have tried him but when they try to they are engulfed in the earth. I am sorry but I have to go.”

Officer Jenny got her things and left the station. Momo then blinked and she saw a vision. She saw Rusturf Tunnel being filled with lava and a creature rising from it. The creature then would make Verdanturf his home and await till his arch enemy and his Orb be active. She saw the preacher then would go to preach the coming of Kyorge.

“Guys I want to go see that preacher.” Momo and Meagan said together. They just stared at each other blankly.

“You two don’t actually believe it do you?” asked Danny.

Momo and Meagan nodded.

Danny grew hysterical. “I can’t believe it. How could you believe that lunatic!”

“If you want to come with us you can. If you don’t then don’t come.” Momo stated.

Meagan, Surskit and Momo walked away from Danny. They exited the station and saw Wally there. His Kirlia was next to him and he saw them too.

“Hey guys!” Wally said cheerfully, “Come on we can go see that preacher!”

“Do you believe him?” Meagan asked.

“Of course!” Wally said excited, “Just between us when I went into the tunnel I heard growling from within it. Then the after I got out the entrance and exit were sealed. Like if someone or something closed them up.”

Together they all went but Danny slowly followed them to the tunnel. Meagan saw him coming and she waited for him.

“Come on Danny,” Meagan said grabbing his hand. Surskit was on her shoulder looking at them both.

“Ok ok,” Danny said letting Meagan lead him.

There they saw the tunnel and at the closed entrance was the preacher. He wore the robe of a priest, on the left was the color blue and the right was red. In the middle it swirled all together. He had one eye blue the other red. His hair had streaks of blue and streaks of red. His skin was dark and he was barefoot. He looked at everyone with his two different colored eyes. He was surrounded by many humans and many pokemon.

His voice was strong and did not need microphones. “The Time has come! The Continent shall arise! DO not believe the lies believe the truth! Humans of earth have awoken and now he wants revenge! I have done my job for this Continent! I must prophesize for the sea!”

Then in front of their eyes he turned into lava and he seeped into the earth. All the people and pokemon gasped. The pokemon soon fled and Surskit was getting nervous. Then the ground began to shake. People were curious, some fell, some stayed other fled. Meagan and the group stayed to see what was going to happen.

From top of the tunnel emerged a volcano that began to erupt flaming hot magma. It spewed and soon was traveling down the volcano. Now the people began to run away from the town and the group slowly retreated. Then huge boulders began to fall from the sky. The group was cornered from every direction and was soon trapped with no where to go.

The from the top of the volcano emerged a huge red pokemon. Lava dripped from its red body and soon you could make out what is was.

Behold! The Continent! Behold!

The pokemon known as ‘Continent’ roared into the sky that was now black.

“Is that who I think it is?” Meagan asked in terror.

“That is that pokemon that Team Magma is after! Groudon!” Momo yelled.

Groudon then looked at the group and got mad at the word Team Magma. Enemy of continent! Your days are now numbered! You shall die! Is what Meagan heard, she put her hands on her ears to try to stop the words going into her head.

“PLEASE STOP!” Meagan yelled.

Groudon now jumped off the volcano and landed right outside the boulders. It roared in the face of the group. Meagan was now petrified with fear of the sight of the pokemon. Her necklace began to glow a blue color and Groudon calmed down a little.

“Kirlia! Kadabra! Teleport!” Momo and Wally yelled to their psychic pokemon.

Groudon opened its huge mouth and released his lava into the hole. That is when the group teleported out of danger. They were outside Verdanturf.

This is my home! No one shall come here ever more!

Then Verdanturf turned into a valley of magma. Then the land rose and the hill to get there was steep. Meagan fell to her knees and began to cry. Surskit was on her shoulder trying to help her out. The rest of the group was in shock of what they saw. In the horizon was Groudon and roared at Meagan. Surskit looked up and saw the Swellow was flying away in terror. The Swellow was no longer hungry but looked for shelter.

Never come daughter of evil!

Then everything stopped…Meagan then collapsed on the ground…the last thing she saw was Surskit, Danny, Momo, Wally, Groudon, Maxie, the Swellow and their pokemon…then it went black.

28th July 2003, 08:42 PM
Incredible! This latest chapter finds your power ascending! I was so intrigued to have Meagan's treacherous past revealed to me. Momo reminds me of Ryer Ord Star in the trilogy Voyage of the Jerle Shannara because she has visions like a seer. Groundon was awesome, but I wonder who summoned it. I simply can't wait to read the next chapter!

28th July 2003, 09:21 PM
Wow, that was your best chapter yet. So Megean is really Maxie's daughter, and Groudon (who was very cool, by the way) hates her for it. Very good.

And on a side note, it's good to see that Surskit is okay.

28th July 2003, 10:26 PM
That was a very revealing chapter with everyone. Especially with Meagans past. That was cool. Really freaky with Groundon, I wonder what will happen with that. Keep it up!

Hanada Tattsu
29th July 2003, 12:43 AM
That was indeed the best chapter yet! Great job!

Hmm, poor Meagan, I didn't know she was Maxie's daugher, and that he abused Glacia, and that he killed her first Caterpie and her grandma, and that Glacia married Steven!

Jenny was funny, and the story of Danny and Pryce was sad too. Hmm, Momo is related to Flannery?

We see Wally again, I think his Kirlia got stronger. Surskit is so cute, and it serves that Swellow right.

The people really hate that Groudon Priest, and I don't blame them he was wierd.

Oh well, Kadabra and Kirlia teleported everyone to safety, and Groudon was freaky. So, no more Verdanturf?

Keep i up!

Aj the helldog
29th July 2003, 12:46 AM
Nice fic, it's really good and has a god flow to it. It also has it's own originallity. count on me to be an abid reader

29th July 2003, 03:29 PM
Hey, thous were some good chapters! The latest one is really deep with info on Meagans family being revealed and then the other 2 being related or some what related to gym leaders. Groudon is now around and walking. It will be intresting to see how this goes.

3rd August 2003, 10:09 AM
Well here it is the next chapter. I did not know if I should post this one but I guess I will. This chapter may be confusing since Meagan is in a dream like state and things are foretold. Now these may or may not happen. Also just because Meagan is seeing this does not mean that this will all happen to her. In the future more characters will be introduced that fit this chapter.

Will enough of my talking here is the next chapter.

Groudon! Kyorge! Meagan! The Trio of Death!

Where am I? Who am I? What is going on? Am I dead? Have I died?

“Meagan!” is what sounded in an echo.

Who is that?

“Oh no! Please God don’t let anything happen to her!” cried a feminine voice in the echo.

War of Titans

Meagan opened her eyes slowly but she found herself in a dream like state. She slowly, carefully got up and walked on what seemed to be a cloud of feathers. She looked down and she began to fall into complete total darkness. After what seemed like ages she landed on some sort of platform that was above an active volcano. There in the volcano she saw Groudon submerged in the lava being camouflaged by it. On the edge on the volcano she saw…..her father, Maxie. Maxie looked at her and grinned, “You are worthless! You are not my daughter! My daughter is pure evil! You are the Trainer of Pure Heart after all. But Meagan find the evil inside of you…”

“No! Shut up!” Meagan screamed at him putting her hands on her ears to block his hideous snake like voice.

Maxie smirked then looked at Groudon. “Continent arise from your slumber! I, Maxie, shall command you now! Together we shall destroy everyone who opposes us!”

Groudon moved in the lava. ‘It is not time yet.’

“What do you mean?”

‘Where is the orb?’

Maxie checked his pocket but could not find it. He then heard some laughing coming from the other side of the volcano. He looked up and saw his arch enemy, Archie.

“Hello there Maxie,” Archie said with two orbs in his hand. A red one and a blue one.

“You son a…give me the damn orb! I am going to crush you once I get Groudon in my grasp!” Maxie began to get steamed and began to curse at Archie.

“Now, now, now Maxie keep your calm. I came here to offer you an alliance. An alliance so we can kill your daughter!”

Meagan looked where Archie was and behind him was the sea. In the sea was an a blue orca submerged in the water. She believed this creature was known as Kyorge. Kyorge and Groudon both had signs of terror on their faces since they were going to fall into the hands of evil and destroy the world with all its people and creatures. Just then Maxie and Archie each had their own orb in their grasp, both orbs now began to glow their color.

“Groudon! Kyorge!” they commanded in unity, “Destroy Meagan!”

Groudon and Kyorge looked at Meagan then reluctantly fired beams of water and land. The two beams sped towards Meagan, then from her pocket arose out a yellow orb, it began to glow its color. Something from the sky fired a ray of air destroying both of the beams. Meagan looked at the sky and from the clouds emerged a huge green dragon. That dragon was none other than the legendary Rayquaza. On his back was Jirachi and both flew to Meagan.

‘Climb on,’ said the friendly feminine, squeaky voice of Jirachi, ‘Meagan we are here to help you, not to hurt you.’

Meagan climbed on Rayquaza and all three of them disappeared into the sky.

“Damn that Jirachi and Rayquaza!” Archie and Maxie both cursed and then faded away. Groudon and Kyorge also faded away and Meagan, Jirachi and Rayquaza were left alone in her dream like state.

“Where am I Jirachi?” Meagan asked.

Jirachi giggled, ‘I can’t tell you that. It is out of my league, we are just here to show you things that might come if the legends have the legendary gathering and your some of your destiny.’


Rayquaza then began to fly very high in the sky where they could see into outer space. Rayquaza began to roar at Jirachi.

Jirachi patted Rayquaza, ‘He wants to welcome you to his reign.’


Meagan saw all the stars and she saw some constellations of pokemon. One stood out since it was one of a Gardevoir.

‘Look there is your Gardevoir! You see only shiny pokemon are showed in the sky since they are so special. These shiny pokemon find a place next to earth since they did something so marvelous to earth and their trainers.’ Jirachi told Meagan.

“Yeah but why is it there?”

‘Meagan your Gardevoir will be forever be with you. That will be your prized pokemon Meagan, it shall move the hearts of people and shall protect you.’


Meagan smiled at her words, then Rayquaza began to fly back to earth. They landed at her Grandma’s house that forever rests in peace.

“Why are we here in the Lecra Region?” Meagan asked nervously.

Jirachi pointed to two people. One was a little boy that was playing with a Horsea. The other was an older woman but she could not see her face. This woman had a crown on her head and a yellow jewel embedded in her forehead. Meagan stared at them both, then she saw that both faded. Meagan did not know what this all meant but she grew nervous at she could see next.


“Rayford?” Meagan asked out loud.

Jirachi just giggled then they saw a dark gloomy castle. They saw the same woman from the house but this time in a Team Magma Leader uniform.

Princess of Darkness…Princess of Evil

The hole castle fades into nothing and they are brought to another lively, sun filled castle. In the hall room was a girl but just like the other woman Meagan could not see her face. Only she looked in a mirror and she wore a dress like a sorceress and she was holding a mighty scepter. The woman looked into a crystal foundation that contained a body of a body that resembled a human. The body in the crystal opened its red eyes, that glared at the woman.

The Indwelling

The woman was taken over by the body in the crystal. Now the woman indwelt by this monster destroyed the castle and everything inside of it.


Meagan then sees a grass field and saw a young man that had his face hidden. He was surrounded by all the legendary pokemon including Jirachi and Rayquaza. The man then was killed by them all and all what was left was his ashes. Meagan was confused since she did not know who this was and what all this meant.

Jirachi and Rayquaza looked at each other and only dropped her head.


Meagan saw the young man that was destroyed by the legends and the little boy she saw at her Grandma’s house.

All this is can be prevented……only you can stop this from occurring……you can only stop this……you are from royal blood……you bring hatred…you must stop the legends from doing this for this will come in due time…you must stop this Meagan…

“Will this happen to me? The woman with the little boy? The woman that was indwelt?” Meagan asked out loud.

No answer

Meagan then saw that she was all alone…no one was with her anymore. She was back on the cloud and she put herself in the fetal position. Then she felt as if eyes were watching her. When she looked up she saw Groudon and Kyorge looking at her. She looked around…she was terrified at what she saw. Hoenn, Johto, Kanto and Lecra lied in ruins. They were the trio of death.

A woman in a red robe looked into a mirror. You could not see her face but she laughed. She had long white finger nails and her eyes were red.

"She is falling for it. Soon she will return to Lecra!"

3rd August 2003, 04:52 PM
That was a very weird creepy chapter, a little confusing but thats just me. I wonder why Meagan dreamed that and why a lot of the legenarys were there with her. It was very creepy with all the voice and them Groudon and Kyroge trying to kill her. keep it up !

3rd August 2003, 06:24 PM
IloveX-tina is kinda right, the chapter is a little confusing but it was still pretty good... I'm guessing the dream was a little but of a prophocy. So it looks like Megean's Gardivoir (when it evolves) is going to play a pretty big big part in the future, cool. I can't wait for the next part.

4th August 2003, 08:27 AM
A mysterious chapter indeed. The feeling was beyond natural with all the legends. But what does this vision mean? It was emotional and was quite disturbing, having to witness all the pain. I can't wait for the next installment!

Hanada Tattsu
25th August 2003, 11:24 PM
Wow, creepy chapter, but it fit in great! Great job!

That woman is freaky, I think that she wants Meagan to come to Lecra so she can destroy her or something, perhaps she is related to Maxie?

Keep it up!