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25th June 2003, 07:36 PM
Is it just me, or have there been far fewer fics that have ended up incomplete recently than there have been in the past? I can remember not long ago when the entire first page would change every single day with the new batch of "fics-to-be-abandoned." But lately fics have been staying up for several days without a single new reply. If I'm right, is this a reflection on members realization that fic writing is difficult, and it takes a while, thus acting like a "spamguard," in a sense? Or is it just that there's less fics overall lately? I don't know whether to feel proud to be one of the elite members that's still be writing or to be destraught over a thinning forum...

The Decapitated Mole
25th June 2003, 09:32 PM
It's because of a few things:

1) There are less fics overall
2) Of the fics that there are, fewer of them are written just for the hell of it, or on a dare, etc. People actually put some thought and effort into it, which makes them better, therefore people reply, making the author happy, so that they continue to post with it.
3) There are more readers than writers here nowadays, from what I've seen.

[Just on a side note: Every fic I've ever written has been abandoned. Back when my first fic died, I was full of ideas for new fics, I must've posted 5-10 of them over a year or so, and not one of them got a single reply. Not a one. THAT is why, I feel, that a lot of fics get abandoned. Authors get discouraged, because nobody bothers to reply to what could be a promising fic.]

26th June 2003, 11:58 AM
Originally posted by The Decapitated Mole

Authors get discouraged, because nobody bothers to reply to what could be a promising fic.

That's a good point, but it can be both good and bad. If the fic is a quality work that deserves some recognition, but the author simply doesn't have the well-known name, then we lose a promising author. However, if the fic is one where a bunch of random phrases are posted once every few weeks, then keeping that spam off is definitely a good thing. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that every great writer was a newbie at some point. So encouraging someone to continue, even if their works are not perfect, gives them a chance to succeed. However, if your 5-year-old brother could write something better, then perhaps we are better off without the fic.

And my sincere apologies for any 5-year-olds who are reading this. It was just a figure of speech!

The Decapitated Mole
26th June 2003, 12:13 PM
You have a point, however... Some of these "random phrase" things, which is basically what I do, I write humor. It's al I can do, because whenever I tried to write a serious fic I was shot down, my comedies always had the best responses of anything I've done. So just because the fic doesn't make sense, or is "just a bunch of random phrases", I can see where that would be classified as SPAM, but the author may be trying to wrtie it that way on purpose, like my elvis fic.

27th June 2003, 12:44 PM
No no no, I wasn't talking about your fic. Your fic has a plotline, characters, etc. What I'm talking about are those fics which have no plot whatsoever, have characters that do entirely random things, and events that are basically off the top of the authors head. Not to mention the posts are usually about one or two paragraphs long, and the authors stop posting them in about 5 chapters or less. Believe me, I've seen fics that meet ALL these criteria. As a rule, it's best not to do these things, but your fics might just be the exception, as they meet some of them, but have enough plot and style to make them worthwhile.

The Decapitated Mole
27th June 2003, 05:14 PM
I wasn't talking about my fic, either, at least, not the one you mentioned. But some writers might make those things, purposely, in an attempt [might be good, might not] at humor, like one of my latest fics. So, yes, a lot of times that might be classified as SPAM, but in some cases the author might genuinely be trying to write a fic. [I've actually seen quite a few fics like that, and they weren't mine, surprisingly enough]


28th June 2003, 04:08 AM
The writers think they got a good plot line, but they start thinking it's getting boring. Then they start a new fic.

This happens alot. Writers just need to stand strong and continue writing.

29th June 2003, 01:58 PM
Yeah there are some abandoned fics, but that is that this board is taking it more seriosly, honestly, I have posted about two to three chapters in two weeks with no replies. But i stayed strong. I find doing 25 1/2 chapters pretty darn good. But on subject, there are some abondaedn fics out there, I noticed Mr. Mayors fic is hopefully temporalily abondandon. ANd I do agree that it seems that the board is frozen in time alot. Just recently though there was a lot of Spam I think when someone sent out like six new topics containing various fics, I got mad at that. I am trailing and not making sence now soe have a good day.

30th June 2003, 09:49 PM
Dragon_Claw: Yes, you have a point there. I nearly quit posting my first fic a few times, but I kept it up basically because "having a first fic might get me noticed for later fics," etc. I really feel bad sometimes making criticisms, since it sometimes discourages the writer, but then I think back to when I got almost no replies in my entire first fic. So I just make my criticism friendly. In my opinion, any fic that a writer actually takes seriously is a fic worth keeping. But if they're not going to perservere in one fic, they're not going to perservere in any, thus creating an endless spam cycle. (Or at least until they drop out of the forum entirely.)

Powarun: Actually, I think just finishing your fic is good, no matter how long it is. Because in truth there are some short quality fics out there. And some fics get temporarily abandoned, while others CLAIM they are temporary but never post anything else...

And you're right, soon after I posted this topic a BUNCH of new fics were put up, thus actually proving another point even more: This forum fluctuates insanely, having only a few posts a day for a week, then switching into high gear. But maybe that's what makes this forum exciting. I dunno. I'll stop now, since I can't think of anything more at the moment. :wave:

30th June 2003, 10:33 PM
Some writers think their plots may seem boring because they know exactly whats going to happen before it actually does. Its just spoiling it for themselves but fun to see how other's who have no clue what will happen find it intriguing. I recently posted a fic called Indigo Dreams(Shameless AD LOL :P) in the Shippers forum today, its been viewed around 26 times yet the only person who had taken the time to write a review was mr. pikachu(BTW Thanks for that). Its just kinda depressing because at one time today I believe there was over 100 members online. LOL I even tried strategizing in order to gain some comments to give me an idea of what the people want to see. By posting in a smaller forum where my thread could clearly be seen(Shipping Forum) I had thought my fic could be easily accesible....no such luck. I then tried posting in the Fanfiction forum and also Bulbagarden's Shipper's & Fanfiction forums respectively yet not a single review throughout the day even though the thread was clearly visible.

I'm no H.G Wells but I have skills when it comes to understanding how to create a story that draws people in. That was the reason I started writing, I wanted to give people something that they could clearly enjoy and take some pride in it at the same time. I'm not complaining but for example, FF.Net has alot of fics that are clearly pointless and get more reviews than a well written piece of work. My other fic on FF.Net, a Zoids Romance, seems to be thriving even though I just posted it about 2 days ago(20 Reviews already & counting) but I suppose it helps when the people who review my fic state that its been a while since they've read a good Bit/Leena fanfic(since alot of them were random phrase's fics).

Boredom leads to alot of problems for an author. Since they know whats going to happen in their story, its good to have people review and say that " they can't wait to see what happens because their on the edge of their seats ". If reviews don't come in, those well thought out ideas go to waste because it gives a writer the impression that no one wants to hear them(or in the case of Fanfiction, read them). Sometimes my friends tell me to just post anyways and see what happens. But what is the use of spending time creating for example a 30 Chapter fic with about 2500-3000 words per chapter and get no inspiration to continue or tips to improve?

If it is indeed 2500 words per chapter, thats about 75, 000 words worth of wasted time. LOL In case some of you are wondering, I'm talking about myself. Anyways enough of my rant. Peace 8)

The Decapitated Mole
1st July 2003, 08:50 AM
Thats exactly the reasons my fic died so many times, except with mine it's been two years and it's just been the same thing over and over again. And it seems like I'm cursed or something. Originally I had a few annual readers, and then they just stopped. Now, on this last repost, which was my most successfull in a long time, just because I didn't give up, I had probably close to 350 or 400 views, and only 3 or 4 people replied, since FEBRUARY! And it's not just this. If I post in a fairly active topic, it will die within a few days, or with just about any topic at all, nobody will acknowledge my post, or if they do, it's just to not reply because I have some sort of disease that will kill them if they do. Like I said, every story I've ever written has been abandoned, not because of me, but because of them...

1st July 2003, 02:20 PM
Us writers should make some sort of pact with ourselves. Sort of like a " your scratch my back, I'll scratch yours " thing. Come to think of it, that would probably work out because they would understand & apprecriate the writing process alot better and provide more helpful hints than the usual " Oh great chapter, update fast ok? " person who posts and expects a newer chapter 15 seconds the previous one is loaded. LOL Their animals I tell ya J/K. Peace 8)

1st July 2003, 05:45 PM
I used to (and still do) think of it this way: If I write enough, someone will acknowledge my fic (which has happened). Once someone sees my fic and actually enjoys it, they may, perchance, spread the word. Or, when someone sees my fic and sees that someone else replied, that will draw them in. And if I write for long enough, people will see my fic as being well-established and me as being a well-established author, and (again) that will draw them in. There's a bit of psychology involved in fic writing, I guess, in that you have to see what you do and use that do your advantage. Anyway, that's just my strategy, and it's worked pretty darn well for me, I'd say. Oh, and HiTM@N, you can bet I'll still be replying! (In fact, I did just a few minutes ago... :P )

Well, that's all I've got to say for now, so I'll see you later! :wave:

2nd July 2003, 12:38 PM
Question: Would it be logical to say if an author's post count were in the 100-200's, that their recognition & replies towards their stories would be much more?

2nd July 2003, 06:07 PM
Well, part of that depends on the quality of writing, as well as whether they kept a fairly steady updating speed. I would guess that it increases as a fic becomes "established," so to speak, but that doesn't necessarily mean a specific number. I like to think of my fic as sort of being established (your opinion may, and probably will differ...), and it's post count has not yet reached 100. Others may go a very lengthy amount of time before they are noticed, thus delaying the replies. On the other end of the spectrum, some authors themselves that have already been established (you know who I'm talking about) get instant replies all over the place. And sequels tend to start off with a bunch of replies, since all the readers from last time like the writing style and the storyline, and will want to keep following it. I hope that answered more questions than it created. :(

2nd July 2003, 08:19 PM
Thanks, the reply answered some questions that I had been meaning to ask. I'm going to try my luck out at SPP, since I am a 'bit' more well known over there(Hopefully LOL). Peace 8)

13th July 2003, 01:26 PM
No prob. That's what I'm here for! ;) Anyway, if you do start posting these at SPP, don't forget those of us back at TPM! We enjoy reading fics, and remember, even if you don't get a single reply to your fic, the odds are still excellent that you've got closet readers (readers who follow along but don't reply). This can be easily monitored by keeping track of your post count. I remember my first fic...

Okay, getting off track here. Just don't forget about us, whatever you do! See ya! :wave:

13th July 2003, 11:55 PM
Well the back scratching idea is a good thing, yet lets say it is a good fic you are reading, and the author is a jerk about what your fic is. I haven''t seen it happen but it could. And also as I noticed, that my four readers, like my fic, and give me credit for not abandoing it. I mean I said I would like fiftry times, but I didn't because at times it is all I think about. But enough of me, what I think, is that you build a rep, and then make a fic. But a mate of mine, IloveX Tina, did that, and not many replies on his fic. So maybe, your fic has to be in season for people to want to read. I like replies, even if they make fun of me.

15th July 2003, 11:24 PM
I'm not sure I agree with the "back scratching" thing entirely, since you could always have disgrunted "scratchers" (so to speak). One thing that is important, as you said, is to build a rep. A good way to do that is by following up on your promises. If you say "I'm definitely going to have this chapter up tonight, I just have to make a few minor changes," get it up tonight! Don't work for 5 minutes, then say, "The heck with it, I'll do this in the morning." NOT A GOOD IMPRESSION. Also, I agree with fics "being in season," except it really works the opposite way as normal. If there are an overload of fics, most people probably won't get to yours if you are a new writer. If they are rather scarce (providin there are still a good number of readers), then that, my friend, is when you can gain readers for your fics. And we all like replies, though I'm not sure I agree with "even if they make fun of me." But constructive criticisms fine, even great! One suggestion to remember is to never tell someone not to reply for a reason. It doesn't mean you have to respond to flames, buit don't discourage people from replying if that's what you're after. Okay, I'm out of stuff to say...

16th July 2003, 10:15 PM
I can relate to trying to help early writers along, especially since we were all newbies once (and some of us still are). And I think every writer struggles at some point, for example, one of the sort of "legendary fics" on TPM has not had a new chapter for a VERY long time, and I don't know that anyone understands everything that's going on, but I can only speak for myself on that, and I really don't have a clue.

On a side note: Way to go with being persistent! Especially with a job and, as you said, a "VERY pregnant wife"! :o Man... I can't imagine how you handle all the stress! Well, let me be the first (at least on this thread) to wish you three good luck! Thanks for giving your input at a time like this!

17th July 2003, 04:54 PM
Powarn I am not being mean or anything but I would like to know what do yoiu mean a rep and why you metioned my name? Just want to know.

17th July 2003, 05:16 PM
If I may, Powarun, I think I may be able to answer ILoveX-TINAs question for you.

A "rep" is short for a "reputation." Basically, that means that you make yourself well-known on the forum in one way or another. Your reputation can include your style, your fic types, or basically anything you include with your posts. And I think he used you as an example to prove this point: Even if you do everything right, sometimes you still won't get as many reviews as you may deserve, because it just may not be the best time to join in the writing.

Powarun, please feel free to contradict me or elaborate on anything I've mentioned here.

17th July 2003, 05:40 PM
Thank you Mr_Pikachu. I don't think I really built a rep here but I might have but who knows. I dont care if people read or review it, I only post my fic because it makes me feel good and it takes my mind off of things. I know one of my fics is not that good but I still write it even if I get one reply but my other one I think is doing well. I seen other ones that tookawhile for people to like and read but I dont care anymore about posts and views as long as I can post it I am fine.

Tha Legend
17th July 2003, 07:16 PM
That's the kind of purity I need in my posts.