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If you veiw this, for the love of George Washington's wooden teeth reply, please!!! Sorry, I was sentimental for a moment. Please enjoy the adventures of the young Clay Smith. Thank you and post. (gets a sniper rifle and gets ready to pull the trigger)

10 years ago at the Nuclear Power Plant...

"The plant's on fire! Get the Poke'mon and RUN!!" Someone yelled out as he picked up a frenzied Electrode who was on the verge of exploding in the man's arms. "CLAY! LITTLE C! WHERE ARE YOU!" my brother Ray called to me. "RA! HELP ME!" I called out. I didn't understand my Y's yet. I was surronded by angry Pikachus. "PI...KA....CHU!!!!!" they all yelled out. I was about to face my death until I heard a voice yell, "HITMONCHAN, COMET PUNCH!" All of a sudden, the Pikachu were jabbed rapidly by a scarred Hitmonchan. I reconized it as Ray's Hitmonchan since it recieved a scar from a Scyther. The Pikachu fell as Hitmonchan finished them off with a Mega Punch. Ray and Hitmonlee picked the unconcious Pikachu's up and ran while I was on Ray's back. "Hitmonchan, the plant's heat reactor has reached critical mass. Take my Pokeballs, the Pikachus and Clay and get out!"Ray
ordered. Hitmonchan didn't like the idea but being extremely loyal
to Ray, he did as he was told and took me, Ray's other Poke'mon and the Pikachus and dashed out. Unfortunely, Hitmonchan dropped a Pikachu and didn't notice it. Hitmonchan made a desprate leap out the door and ran to the escape boat and made it in time for the boat to leave the area. Before my eyes, the plant exploded, leaving nothing but a huge fire and flying metal.

RAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled out, not knowing if Ray even made it out. Now the only person I had left was my extremely sick mother, Hitmonchan and Ray's Pokemon. Ray was the only person who could take care of me since Dad died in that car accident. But ten years later, my life was changed forever the day I started my quest to the Hoenn League....


CHAPTER 1: Me, Myself, and My Brother the Half Human Half Pokemon! will be up tommorow.

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Hello there. This is an interesting prologue indeed. You have described it well and I could picture the situation vividly. Keep up the story--I anticipate that this will be excellent.

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you said hitmonlee instead of hitmonchan. Make sure not to make any mistakes like this, it can get very annoying.

Besides that, great story.

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Neo-Xantios: Thanks man. I will keep it up. ;)
Dragon_Claw: I'll edit that and keep up your story to D_C. :D

I'll put it up when I get home because I'm at my aunt's house right now.

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Me, Myself, and My Brother the Half Human, Half Pokemon!

It's been 10 years since the horrible accident at the Nuclear Power Plant where Ray died. Fortunatly, Mom has recovered extremely well. Ray's Pokemon are still fighting fit and I just turned 14, the required age to become a Pokemon Trainer. I had spiky black hair and green eyes and stood at 5'11. I glanced at my clock and yelled out, "ELEVEN FIFTY SEVEN! I ONLY GOT THREE MINUTES TO GET TO PROFFESOR TEALEAF'S LAB!" I slipped on my white tennis shoes and black jacket and ran out the door, skipping breakfast which was shocking since I never missed a meal but this was desprate man!

I continued to dash down the road until I caught of a tree to catch my second wind. God I was tired but I only had fifty seven seconds left. I then started to walk quickly, wanting to conserve my energy until I heard loud footsteps behind me. I didn't want to look back so I began to run for my life until I stripped over a Geodude which just came up from the dirt. I looked back to see a furious Rhydon, but it was super-sized! It shot it's mighty claw at me but I quickly rolled out of the way. All of a sudden, my right cheek began to bleed. It got me, even though it's attack missed! I held my damaged cheek as Rhydon shot his tail at me, whipping me straight into a tree. My head throbbed rapidly as the beast closed in, his horn spinning quickly. It was the Horn Drill, Rhydon's most powerful attack! Rhydon then thrusted his horn at me but all of a sudden , I was pushed out of the way by a yellow blur, who grabbed the horn quickly and then sprinted out of the way, causing the horn to get stuck in the tree. I then saw that the blur was a Pikachu, wearing jeans! "THUNDERSHOCK!" it yelled out, sending a surge of electricity into Rhydon's horn. The electric rodent jumped back as the tree exploded from the electricity. Rhydon was then unconcious as the Pikachu smiled at me.

"You can talk!" I yelled, suprised and confused. "Don't you reconize my voice, Little C?" it asked. "Ray? What the heck happened to you? I thought you kicked the bucket!" I said, automaticly reconizing Ray's voice. "While you and everyone else escaped, the plant fused the Pikachu and I together, adding all of my features to Pikachu. My three tuffs of long hair, my slim body, my pants, and my eye color. I struggled out, barely alive. For the past ten years, I've been living off of food from the Pokemon Center in Rustboro that Nurse Joy gave me. I then obtained the strength to stealth onto the nearest plane to Gardenflower Town.
I arrived just five minutes ago." Ray explained with a grin. "Why don't we team up as Trainer and Brother/Pokemon." I suggested. "WIthout me, you'd get killed so heck yeah!" I yelled with a huge smile. I gave him a high five as we continued onto Prof. Tealeaf's lab.

Finnaly I can talk! Anyway, w just arrived at the lab to see Prof. Tealeaf and a boy with spiky brown hair. "Proffesor! Steve? You already have two Pokemon!?" Clay cried out as he saw Steve with a Mudkip and a Zubat. "I got Mudkip for my birthday and I got Zubat two minutes ago." Steve said with a sneer as he looked at me and smirked. "What's with the stupid Pikachu?" I then tried to leap at him but Clay grabbed me easily. "Down Ray. Anyway, where's my Pokemon?" Clay asked Prof. Tealeaf. The Proffesor handed Clay the remaining Pokeball. "Pokeball, GO!" my brother yelled as he threw the ball and in a flash of light, a Sneasel appered. "Crap Gramps! You gave him that freaking cool Sneasel and only gave me, your grandson a stinkin' Zubat! I find this offensive!" the little brat yelled. "A whiny little runt isn't he?" I whispered to Cla. He nodded as Steve carried on. "I want a tag team battle with Clay's Pikachu and Sneasel right now or I'm gonna cry, and cry and-" he began like a little girl until I yelled "SHUT THE HECK UP YOU WHINY LITTLE BRAT! SNEASEL AND I WILL FIGHT AND CARRY YOUR WIMPY POKEMON HOME ON OUR BACKS! YOU TOO YOU LITTLE GIRL!" Clay, Sneasel, Mudkip, Zubat, Tealeaf and Steve were all shocked until Steve said, "If I win, I get your talking Pikachu." Clay looked at me with concern in his eyes but I just nodded. Clay smiled as he nodded at Steve. Before we left, Tealeaf handed the two trainers four Pokeballs and a Poke'dex. The two smiled at Tealeaf and dashed outside. "Get ready Ray and Dart!" Clay called out. He also named Sneasel Dart before the battle. Mudkip and Zubat prepared also as they ran at us, ready to make me their teammate....


Hey Dart here! I may not be able to talk outloud like Ray but I can talk. Ray and I battle Steve's Pokemon and Clay gets us to Rustboro, only to get a huge surprise. Find out what it is in:

CHAPTER 2: New Friends and Pokemon Battles!

Sorry it took so long! :D :wave:

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Hahaha.... Very creative you are. The thing you should work on is the length of the chapter. A little longer will be enjoyable. Anyway, good job with that.

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tai! great to see you posting a story again and i think you've gotten more creative since the last time i saw you. great job with the story so far. so ray looks more like a pikachu than a human right?

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DH13: Thanks man! Keep up DM too. Whatever happened to the fic about Marty anyway? :confused:
N_X: Thanks! Keep up your story up and don't get drunk!
Here's Chapter 2, homies! :)


A New Friend and Pokemon Battles!

A furious Ray had a nearly transparent orb of electricity surrounding him while a freshly released Dart slashed at the sky. Zubat and Mudkip were stretching while Steve nastily pulled out a Pokeball, probaly preparing to claim my brother. "READY!" I yelled out. "GO!" Steve finished. I checked my Pokedex to look up Ray and Dart's attacks:

Ray's attacks are: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip, Thunderwave, Quick Attack and Ice Punch. Dart's attacks are Scratch, Growl, Sky Upper and Ice Beam

"Okay Ray, use your Quick Attack on Zubat and Dart use your Scratch on Mudkip!" I called out. "Zubat, use Supersonic at full power on Sneasel and Mudkip, blow that rat out of the air with Water Gun!" Steve yelled back. Fortunately, Ray was too agile to get strucken by Mudkip's spray of water as he drove Zubat into the dirt. A injured and pissed off Zubat then struggled to fly as high as he could while Ray was pinning him. "A little help here people!" the half Pokemon called. "Dart, aim your Ice Beam at Zubat but don't hit Ray!" I called. Dart, who was still scratching Mudkip jumped into the air and fired a beam of frost at the airborn bat. With great haste, Mudkip tackled Dart into a tree. The Ice Beam hit Ray's arms, which caused him to plummet from sixty feet in the air. "Dart, use your Sky Upper and catch Ray!" I called to my injured dark cat Pokemon. He nodded as he shot up claw first and grabbed Ray by him frozen arms and gently landed. "Ray, smash your arms into a tree to break the ice!" I yelled. "Right!" he called back as he leapt at the tree Dart slammed into arms first, shattering the ice into small peices. "Mudkip, Water Gun! Zubat, Tackle! I want that Pikachu!" Steve called out. This was Steve in brat-mode. A freaking pain in the ***, huh? The small frog like Pokemon shot a blast of water at Ray until I called out, "Ray, Ice Punch!" Ray got the idea and stuck his fist out, which then began to glow icy blue. The spray of water connected but froze into the shape of a jousting stick over Ray's arm. Ray smiled as he leapt at the incoming Zubat. My brother delivered a heavy slash which brought the poisonous bat to the ground. "Ray,
add electricty to the jousting stick and finish off Mudkip!" I yelled, smirking at Steve, who was panicking right now. "Mudkip, run!" the cowardly Steve yelled. Mudkip desprately tried to run but was too injured from Dart's savage onslaught of scratches. The electrified ice joust stick struck Mudkip with a sickening thud. Mudkip suprisingly turned and glared at Ray but fell no doubt. No one could survive that, I think. Steve recalled his Pokemon but still ran at Ray yelling, "I'LL GET YOU YOU SON OF A ELECTRIC RAT-" He was cut short when Dart delivered a heavy Sky Upper, sending the little girl flying into the air, making him turn into a little star like in the cartoons. "We won!" Ray and I yelled. Dart did a little Spinarooni whiel Ray and I did the Robot. Prof. Tealeaf sad, "Excellent job Clay. Long time no see, Ray." Ray looked at the old man in disbelief and replied, "You knew it was me, Gramps?" Tealeaf nodded and retorted, "Only you have a mouth that big." Ray just laughed as he shook the old man's hand as we left the lab and headed into the forest, taking one last glance at Gardenflower Town.

"WAIT FOR US!" Clay and I called to the boat that went to Newbark Town as it left the dock. "Dart, use your Ice Beam to form a bridge across the sea until we jump on the boat!" Clay yelled as he released Dart, who instantly used Ice Beam all the way to the side of the boat. Clay and I surfed across the slippery frozen bridge. Clay was going to sign up for the Johto League with Dart and I as his current Pokemon. We were almost to the boat when Dart slipped off. "DART!!!" Clay yelled as he dived after the dark Pokemon as it plummeted toward the raging waters below. "CLAY! DON'T BE STUPID!" I yelled to him. I was about to dive after him and Dart until a familar Zubat tackled me off the bridge. I looked to see Steve back in the forest, smirking. "CURSE YOU STEVE!!!" I yelled as I hit the icy waters below. I tried to hold my breath and look for Clay and Dart but all of a sudden blacked out.

"Ughhhhh, my head." I complained as I rubbed it. I looked to see I was in a small bed next to Clay and Dart, who were sipping on mugs of hot chocolate. "Here you go little one." a voice said. I looked to see a pretty girl around Clay's age hand me a mug of cocoa with a crazy straw. "Thank you." I replied with a smile as I took the mug. "I found you guys unconcious on the shore so I took you in. Oh yeah, I'm Keiko." the pretty girl told us. She had short brown hair and was wearing exactly what Kairi from Kingdom Hearts wore. "I'm Clay and these are my Pokemon Dart and Ray." Clay told her as he jumped out of bed. "Where are we exactly?" he asked, scratching the back of his head. "You're in Petalburg Town in the Hoenn region." Keiko replied sweetly.

HOENNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Clay and I yelled out. "We're supposed to be in Newbark Town! Thanks for your hospitality but we gotta split." Clay said as he recalled Dart, grabbed me and ran out the door. Then five seconds later, Clay came back and stupidly asked, "How do I get to the Johto Region?" Keiko just giggled as she motioned us to sit down. "There's a tunnel that will lead you to the Ruins of Alph and then another tunnel which will take you straight to Newbark Town." Keiko explained as she picked up two Pokeballs and her backpack from the table. "What Pokemon do you have?" Clay asked with a smile. "I have Silcoon and Poochyena." Keiko replied giggling. "Your parents must be giggleholics huh, toots?" I commented rudely. Keiko then went silent for a moment. "Keiko? Are you oka-" Clay was about to ask until he was slapped extremely hard by Keiko's lethal palm. "CLAY, YOU BRAT!" she yelled as she ran out the door. "Did anyone see the license plate on that Burger King truck?" Clay mumbled out loud. "Sel Snea Sneasel (Translation: Ray, you are a freakin' idiot." Dart told me. "Shut up!" I snapped as I slapped him with my tail.

I knew I hurt Clay by slapping him. I really like him and I could tell he liked me too. I continued to run across the shore until I tripped over a rock. "Oh, my ankle." I mumbled as I held it gently. I dragged my self across the shore until I heard a rumbling in the sea a couple of miles away. "RADOS!!!" a mighty voice roared out. I glanced at the terrifying sight of a ferious Gyrados ripping a innocent Horsea into shreds, splattering blood all over the sea and shore, turning the bloody areas a dirty crimson color. "Poochyena, Silcoon! GO!!" I yelled out, releasing my two Pokemon. "Poochyena, Bite! Silcoon, String Shot!" Poochyena leapt at Gyrados and bit the huge serpent's lip. Gyrados roared in pain as he tossed the small puppy to the sand. Silcoon desprately
shot a web string at Gyrados' eye while I threw a Lure Ball at the heavily damage Horsea. I caught the poor seahorse in one shake. I looked to see Silcoon get whipped at Poochyena, injuring both of them. Gyrados then began to charge up energy in his mouth. "HYPER BEAM!!" I cried out. I knew I was doomed since I couldn't run and Poochyena, Horsea and Silcoon were too injured to fight back. "ICE PUNCH!" a voice yelled out as a yellow blur delivered a heavy right hook with a icy aftertaste. I looked to see Ray jump inside of Gyrados' mouth a release a mighty Thundershock, causing huge damage to the water beast. All of a sudden, Dart, Poochyena and Silcoon dashed at Gyrados and scratched, bit and charged at the beast. Ray shot himself out as Clay jumped out of the blue and tossed a Pokeball at the mighty Gyrados. The ball quickly shook many times but came to a halt. Clay landed on his feet with the grace of a Persian. My savior picked up the Pokeball and placed it in the Pokedex, causing it to teleport to a different area. "I hope Prof. Tealeaf won't get killed by Gyrados." Clay said with a ear-to-ear smile on his face. All of a sudden, Poochyena and Silcoon were engulfed by a white light. Poochyena grew bigger while Silcoon seemed to break apart. When the light vanished, a Mightyena and Beatifly stood before me. "You guys evolved!" I yelled happily as Clay positioned me on his sturdy back. I would hug them both but I only had enough strength to recall them before I passed out.

I awakened in the Pokemon Center to see Clay napping on a sofa and Ray, Dart, Mightyena, Beatifly and Horsea were eating. My ankle felt so much better, which enabled me to walk again. I walked over the my slumbering savior and lighty kissed him on the cheek. I then turned to Mightyena and Beatifly and said, "Mightyena, I'm calling you Tramp and Beatifly, I'm calling you Dream." They smiled and said something in Pokemon language. I just shrugged as I sat next to Clay and rested my head on his shoulder and fell to sleep. Later that day, I took Clay to the tunnel that lead to the Ruins of Alph. "Do you still wanna go?" I asked, smiling at him. "After all that's happened! Meeting you, capturing a Gyrados which I won't be able to control for a while! Of course not! Besides, I don't know what I'd do without you, Keiko." he replied sweetly. "You big lug." I said as we laughed and I gave him a hug. "WOOOOOO-OWW! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR!" Ray yelled as Clay slapped him in the back of the head as we continued to laugh. I know felt safe as long as I had Tramp, Dream, Horsea, Ray, Dart and especially Clay...


Hey it's Keiko! Clay, Ray, and I are on our way to Rustboro Town so we can fight Roxanne for the Stone Badge but first we encounter a trainer abusing his Chikorita and we can't let that happen now can we? Find out what happens to Chikorita next time in Chapter 3: Let There Be Bullet Seeds!

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Salutations. That chapter was excellent, both in length and description. However, it is strongly suggested that you skip lines when ever a new person speaks or when a new situation commences. Good luck.

P.S. I shall never be drunk.

En Taro Tassadar!

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Here's Chapter 3! Oh yeah, thanks N_X. P:AP is going great! :)


Let There Be Bullet Seeds!

"Chikorita, Razor Leaf!" my strict trainer commanded. I simply launched two sharp leaves from the leaf on my head. The opposing Quilava simply burnt them with his backflame. "QUILAVA, FLAMETHROWER!" the trainer yelled. Quilava immediatley shot a burst of scorching flames at me, which was too fast for me to avoid. I took the hit and fell, due to my weakness against Fire-types. "I win! Give me 500 yen like you promised Patrick!" the trainer taunted as Patrick handed him the yen, picked me up and stormed into the woods.

"Golem, Mega Punch!" Patrick yelled as the mighty rock beast punched me in the face, sending me into a tree. "Weakling, you should have won!" Patrick yelled. Just hearing him made me shake all over. He kicked me, which since Quilava and Golem put the hurt on me, knocked me out. I heard water rushing below, probaly because Patrick took me to the tip of a cliff. "I never wanna see you weak face again!" he yelled as he threw me off. I quickly awoke and tried to use my Vine Whip to grip the cliff wall but there was nothing to grip! I then hit the ice cold water below.

Our party walked along the path of Petalburg Woods. Clay and I had just beaten two little girls in a two-on-two battle using Ray and Tramp. "Hey what's that?" Clay asked me as he pointed to a yellowgreen body in the water. Clay ran over to it and yelled, "Oh my god, it's a Chikorita!" Ray and I ran over to see a badly injured Chikorita in Clay's arms. "We gotta get to Rustboro City before this Chickorita dies!" I told Clay as I got out a Pokeball but Clay already had it in a Friend Ball he recieved when he got a little girl's Skitty out of a tree. I jut smiled as we ran at full speed through the forest and finally arrived in Rustboro City.

We had to stealth past every trainer and finally got to the Pokemon Center. "Nurse! You have to help this Chikorita we found in Petalburg Woods!" Clay yelled to Nurse Joy. We also handed her our other Pokemon and Ray. Ray and the others were healed quickly but Chikorita was still recovering. "Chikorita should be recovered soon so you should just sit down and eat since trainers eat free here." Nurse Joy explained as her Blissey directed us to a food court which as flooded with hungry trainers and their Pokemon. "This is like Stripperela at a bar." Clay whispered to me. I just nodded as we headed toward the sea of trainers. Clay ordered a burger and fries while I ordered a salad. We quickly finished our food and ran back to Nurse Joy to see Chickorita with a bandage around her head. "Chikorita, you're healed!" Clay cried happily as he hugged the freshly recovered plant Pokemon. "Chiko! (Translation: Thanks Clay!)" Chikorita replied. "Well Chikorita's healed so you can leave now but come back anytime." Nurse Joy said as he scooted us out the door.

"Clay, we can fight the gym leader now but we gotta choose our Pokemon first." Keiko explained. "I'm taking Ray and Chikorita. Who are you taking?" I retorted. "Horsea and Dream, but shouldn't you use Dart since Chickorita just recovered" she replied
corcerned for Chickorita. "You're right. Chikorita's my last resort if Ray or Dart are taken out." I said until Ray yelled, "I'm not gonna get taken out and neither will Dart!" I just smiled as we entered the gym. "Roxxane, I challenge you to a 2-on-2 battle!" I yelled out. Then a girl with two Pokeballs in her hand said, "Alright and your girlfriend can lose after you." I gritted my teeth and yelled, "Keiko's not my girlfriend! She's just a friend!" Ray and Dart stood foward as Roxxane released a Geodude and Nosepass. A referee jumped out of nowhere and yelled, "A two-on-two battle between Clay of Gardenflower Town and the gym leader Roxxane with determine the fate of the Stone Badge! FIGHT!"

"Ray, Ice Punch on Nosepass and Dart, Sky Upper on Geodude!" I yelled out. "Both of you, use Bide!" Roxxane commanded. The two rock Pokemon then began to glow red. Ray and Dart pummeled them with ice attacks until Geodude and Nosepass ran at Ray and Dart and bashed them. "OFFFFFFF!" Ray cried as he hit the ground and Dart hit the wall, which knocked him out since he took most of the damage. "Clay, don't!" Keiko called but I had to since Ray couldn't take another hit. "CHIKORITA, I CHOOSE YOU!" I yelled out, revealing my plant Pokemon. I whipped out my Poke'dex to look up Chikorita's attacks:

Chikorita uses the following attacks: Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Headbutt and Bullet Seed.

"Okay Chikorita, use your Razor Leaf on Geodude!" I called out. Chickorita nodded as she let loose a flurry of sharp leaves at Geodude, slicing him up. "Geodude, Selfdestruct!" Roxxane yelled desprately. The injured Geodude then exploded, which sent a wave of fire at Chikorita. Ray quickly pushed the plant Pokemon out of the way, barely avoiding the hit. "Ray, Ice Punch and Chikorita, follow up with Bullet Seed!" I yelled. Ray delivered a heavy left hook Ice Punch to Nosepass' face while Chickorita followed up with a machine gun like barrage of seeds from the dots around her neck. Nosepass then fell with a circle of seeds around him and a patch of ice around his huge orange nose. "No... I lost..." Roxxane moaned. I walked over to her and stuck my hand out to her. Roxxane smiled as she handed me the Stone Badge and the TM for Rock Tomb. "Rock Tomb is a rock-type
move that causes damage and slows your oppenent down." Roxxane explained. "Thank you. You're up next Keiko." I said with a smile. I sat in a corner and ten minutes later Dream and Horsea
were in Keiko's arms while a Stone Badge was pinned to her jacket. "Congrats Keiko!" I said with a grin. She just nodded as she recalled Dream and Horsea. We left the gym to see a green haired boy that made Chickorita shiver. "Hey there Chikorita, I've been lookin' all over for ya." he said with a British accent. "That must be the jerk who dumped Chickorita in the first place!" Keiko told me. "I want my Chickorita back you theif or I'll have to use force!" he yelled as he pulled out a truckload of Pokeballs and threw them to the ground revealing all sorts of Pokemon. "Ray! Dart! Chickorita! Go all out!" I yelled. "Pardon me if I make this quick." Ray said as he charged some electricity into his fist and let looks many beams of electricity at the opposing Pokemon while Chickorita Bullet Seeded away and Sneasel fired Ice Beams. Eventually, Patrick's Pokemon were crackling, frozen and covered with seeds. "I'll get you Chikorita!" Patrick yelled as he jumped over us. "HEADBUTT!" Keiko yelled as Tramp headbutted Patrick into the sky. "Awesome job guys!" Keiko exclaimed happily. "Well Chickorita, I guess you're mine." I said with a grin as I recalled her. "Good job Clay." Keiko complimented. I just grinned as we headed toward the path that lead to the next town and great new adventures.....


Clay here! Next time we get caught in the middle of two unoffical gyms that are in a huge war! It looks like we'll have to do some damage control and face a new enemy that's about as bright as rice pudding. Find out what happens in Chapter 4: Wars and Team S'more!

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Good chapters. I think in chapter 2 you rused some things with silicoon and mighyena evolving at the same time and having 2 pokemon be caught. You have ok length and you could use a little bit more description on surrounding areas. Keep it up!

26th June 2003, 08:06 PM
This is a really good fanfiction....

keep it up....

P.S> Aren't you moving too fast??

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Ahh! Excellent! It's getting much better. I'm glad Clay got a new Pokémon and a gym badge. Keep it up.

P.S. Thanks for complimenting on PAP! :D

EDIT: Ah yes, don't forget to paragraph new dialogues.

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It's Pieshake but my account became messed up so I got a new one. You can still e-mail me at Pieshake2@aol.com or just IM Pieshake2.

Here's Chapter 4, children! Oh yeah, thanks N_X! :D


Wars and Team S'More- Part 1 of 3

Clay and Keiko just won their Stone Badges and Clay just "captured" Chickorita, who is now named Choriko. Right now we were on our way to Dewford City, which we needed a boat or water Pokemon to get to. "Horsea's too small to get all three of us there." Keiko muttered. "Unless Ray learns Surf, we're toast." Clay muttered. Nowadays, Pikachus and Raichu's have learned Surf, but they used a long surfboard in order to use it. Man it would be useful and cool if I could learn it. Clay then whipped a map out of nowhere and proclaimed, "Well there's a small land path that we could take that would take us through Maint City and then through the Little Kuhana Islands continent and judging by our current position it would take us three days to arrive at Dewford City." Kairi said, "Come on them Mr. Human Atlas, let's go!" Clay and I nodded as we ran ahead north toward the small land path Clay told us about.

It took us a couple of hours but we arrived in the next city, Maint City. "This place is a stinkin' trash heap!" I complained. We all had our complaints about Trash City but we continued north until A huge green mantis came right at me! I rolled back and shot off a Thundershock, which the mantis quickly avoided. "It's a Scyther!" Keiko yelled to Clay. "Ray, Ice Punch!" Clay yelled to me. I shot at Scyther, my fist charged with ice energy until two long waves of green energy shot at my arms and shot me back to earth. "That was Air Cutter!" Keiko informed me. "Well, I got my own trick." I retorted as I charged electricity into my fist and yelled, "SHOTGUN!" Multiple beams of electricty shot from my fist and collided with my attacker's body, sending him crashing down in a burnt heap. I blew on my fist like I just shot a gun until I heard the voice of a woman say, "Bravo! That's one impressive Pikachu if it beat my Scyther!" A green haired girl wearing brown overalls and a black shirt came up to us and recalled her fallen Scyther. "I'm Rika from the Yatzi Gym." Clay and Keiko were confused and said, "There's no such gym!" Rika just smiled and bragged, "It will be once we get rid of those darn Kaz fools." Once again Clay and Keiko were confused. "They're the other unoffical gym guys." she replied. All of a sudden a huge rock shot down at us. I knocked it out of the air with my Ice Punch to see a Alakazam standing before me. "Again? You dopes will never learn!" I yelled as I released another Shotgun. Alakazam collected the energy with his two spoons and flicked my electricty right back at me. I tumbled into a wall, too tired to get back on my feet. "Scyther's Air Cutter did too much damage to Ray earlier." Keiko told Clay. "Okay then, Choriko, I CHOOSE YOU!" Clay yelled as Choriko appered. Clay picked me up and yelled, "Choriko, Vine Whip!" The grass Pokemon shot two vines at Alakazam, grabbing his legs and swung the psychic Pokemon around until it fainted from air sickness. Choriko then threw him into a thorn bush. "Alakazam! Are you okay buddy!?!" A manly voice yelled as a plump man came to see his faithful Pokemon unconcious and cut up. "That was impressive if a weakling Chikorita could beat down my Alakazam." the man bragged. "Say what Blubber-butt?" Clay yelled. Choriko then Bullet Seeded the fat man, knocking him down. "Alright, Choriko, you gave that Roger a beatdown!" Rika celebrated, hugging the Chikorita. Roger than jumped to his feet and pulled out a pistol and aimed it
at Kairi.

"Hey fat ***! Put that gun down or I'll kick your face in!" I yelled angrily. "Give me that Pikachu and Chikorita or I'll blast you and your girlfriend." Roger yelled evily. "That's it!" I cried as I pulled my fist back and let fly right into Roger's face, but due to the force of the punch, he pulled the trigger, sending it right through my chest. "Ray, get Kairi out of here now!" I commanded with my last breath as I fell to the ground, blood leaking from my chest like the water fountain back at home. Rika took Dart, Ray, Keiko and my badly injured carcass away from the area in a buggy while Roger continued to shoot at us. "Keiko....I'm sorryyyy....." I mumbled until I blacked out.

Sorry but these three part chapters will be short but each part will get longer. Part 2 will be much longer while Part 3 will be about as long as a 11-inch dick. :P Sorry for grossness but it will be that long. Thank you.

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Hey, there, Pieshake2. That was a short chapter but the action was cool. I wonder what will happen to Clay and Roger next... :rolleyes:

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Here's Part 2 of 2. Yep, no part 3 since it would only be a load of crap. For those who wanted Part 3 and are gonna flame you can bite my shiny metal ***.

CHAPTER 4- ACT 2 of 2

Wars and Team S'More!

"Momma, I don't want the bran flakes..." I mumbled, only to jump up. I was alive and the room I was in was a bloody mess! I saw a ocean of dead bodies with bullet holes in their chest on the floor, and their Poke`ball belts empty since they were probaly full before their owner's died. Pots were shattered, paintings were wrecked and the words KAZ GYM RULES AND YATZI GYM IS A HUGE PILE OF SUCKINESS! SIGNED ROGER "RIKA! KEIKO! RAY! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!" I yelled out. 'Ray, Keiko, please don't be dead...' I thought as I got out of bed. I looked at my chest to see it was bandaged. Roger and his thugs knew they could have killed me and tooken my Pokemon, but they didn't. I checked my belt to see Dart and Cho's balls still there. I saw my shirt on a rack so I put it back on and hobbled about, looking for my friends and hoping they were still alive. "Clay!" a voice called out from behind me. I turned to see Ray hiding behind a tray. "Bro! You're still alive but where are Keiko and Rika?" I asked politely. Ray then looked at the ground and spat out, "THEY WERE KIDNAPPED!" I was then silent as I grabbed Ray and ran to the aero-buggy parking area. I took the closest one as I released Dart and Choriko and yelled, "Let's ride!" We then shot off toward the evil Kaz Gym, ready to fight!

I could tell Clay was anxious to get to the other gym and fight Roger. I was prepared to fight Alakazam again too as we neared the area only to see gunners shooting bullets at us. "THUNDERSHOCK!" Ray yelled as he blasted the gunners, obliterating the huge guns and knocking out the guys operating it.
We landed and dashed out into the facility as Clay yelled, "NIGHTMARE! I CHOOSE YOU!" All of a sudden, a mighty Gyrados appered before us. "Clay! You brought back Beast Boy!" Ray complained, only to get a dirty look from all of us. All of a sudden, an sea of Kaz trainers dashed at us, gun armed while releasing their Pokemon. "GUYS! Thundershock, Hyper Beam, Bullet Seed and Ice Beam now!" Clay yelled. Ray, Dart, Nightmare and I shot our attacks, wiping out every member and Pokemon there. "Since when could Gyrados learn Hyper Beam at his current level?" Ray asked Clay. "Tealeaf taught Nightmare Hyper Beam via TM." Clay replied with a grin. Ray just nodded as we progessed through the gym. Next, we were in a dark room so we didn't know where the exit was. "Ray, can you use your Flash?" Clay asked the electric rodent. Ray nodded as he charged a bit of light power and released it, luminating the room. All of a sudden, huge multicolored beam zipped at us. We all leapt in different directions to see a Abra, a Kadabra and a familar Alakazam. Then a large man came out of the shadows with Keiko and Rika in his large arms. "ROGER! LET THEM GO!" Clay yelled furiously. "You'll have to beat my army of psychics first!" he replied evily as he commanded his Pokemon to attack. They then fired Psybeams at Ray. Ray did some Matrix-like movements through the attacks similar to theses:

0=Ray 0000000000
000 0
--- or /= Psybeams 0 0
AKA=Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam 0 AKA
000000000 ------------------------------- 0
0000 / 0
0 / 0

Ray dodged the attacks and landed a Ice Punch on Kadabra and quickly did a Tail Spin and whacked the other two. Abra and Alakazam used Psychic faster than Ray could run away, causing Ray's brother to skid across the hard ground extremely fast, injuring him pretty badly. "Nightmare, can you do another Hyper Beam?" Clay asked the mighty serpent. Nightmare sadly shook his head. He was still too tired from the onslaught of enemies earlier. "Dart, Sky Upper on Abra and Choriko, Headbutt!" Clay commanded. Dart and I ran foward only to get frozen in midstep. "CONFUSION!" Ray yelled as he staggered to his feet. Dart and I were thrown to the roof but I managed to use my Vine Whip on Alakazam's legs and Dart grabbed my stubby legs as we smashed into Alakazam, knocking him out. Kadabra and Abra began to charge up their Psybeams until Ray grabbed Abra and piledrived him on Kadabra's head, badly hurting them. "PSYBEAM, FULL FORCE! MAKE SURE TO KILL HIM!" Roger cried evily. The two psychic cats charged their Psybeams up to their full power and aimed at Ray, who began to run for his dear life. The two Poke`mon fired and hit their target!

"RAY!!!!!!!" Clay, Choriko, Dart, Rika, Keiko and I yelled out as he yelled in pain. "HYPER BEAM!!!!!" I yelled as I charged up a golden orb of energy in my mouth and shot a huge beam at Abra and Kadabra. They took the hit and fainted, which enraged Roger but we saw Ray with a blank look on his face. His eyes went entirely white as he began to cry out, "My name's Zero, not Ray! ZERO! MOTHER!!!" Clay looked at him strangely but confessed, "Ray never liked his name and always wanted to be called Zero like Dad called him before he died. Before the accident, Mom always called him Ray." Choriko, Dart and I shook our heads. All of a sudden, "Zero" dashed angrily at the fainted Alakazam and tore furiously at him with Ice Punch. "RAY!!!!!! DON'T!" Clay called out but it was too late, Alakazam was a bloody mess. Zero's eyes then turned back to their normal green and looked at us. Before he could react, Roger kicked him to the side, recalled his psychic Pokemon and stepped on a floor button, which caused the ground to rumble furiously. The middle of the room inflated and lifted into the air, creating a hot air baloon with a s'more on it. Roger jumped in with Keiko and Rika still in his arms and yelled to us, "These pretty women belong to Team S'more now!" We then all burst out laughing and Roger angrily yelled, "Don't you care about these girls?" Clay nodded and replied, "That is the stupidest name I've ever heard of!" Roger spat out, "You won't be laughing when Team S'more takes over the world!" Then the air baloon lifted off. "THUNDERBOLT!" Zero yelled as he cracked off a huge lightning bolt, knocking Rika out of it but fortunatly, Clay caught her. "KEIKO!!!!" Clay yelled out as he jumped up to the roof only to get a Psybeam shot at him by Abra, which caused my master to fall but I caught him with my tail.
Then he blacked out, I don't know why but he did.

<Zero> (formally known as Ray)
Clay awoke back at the gym/base of the Yatzi guys. "I can't believe I lost Keiko. She was one of the few people who cared about me or my pathetic life or dreams." he muttered. "Don't say that bro. Mom, Tealeaf, Choriko, Dart, Nightmare, Keiko and I all care about you, especially Keiko." I told him. "Yeah we'll go to the Team S'more base, save Keiko and finish Roger off once and for all! Scyther, Charizard, Poliwhirl and I will come too!" Rika ensured my little brother. Clay smiled a little as he gave us a thumb's up. We then grabbed some bullet proof vest, some sleep grenades and some food as we boarded the aero-buggy. "009 Air Force Buggy, go!" Rika yelled out as we levitated a bit and all of a sudden blasted off toward a huge smoking volcano whch was probaly the Team S'more base. Don't worry Keiko, we're coming...


Hi! I'm Rika and here's what gonna happen next time on LoC: HM! We arrive at the base, Poke`mon ready and bullet-proof vest equipped but will this be enough for us to get to Roger fast enough before he hurts Keiko? Find out next time in Chapter 5: Clay vs Roger! Final Fight for Keiko's Fate!

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0=Ray 0000000000
000 0
--- or /= Psybeams 0 0
AKA=Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam 0 AKA
000000000 ------------------------------- 0
0000 / 0
0 / 0

Hmm, I didn't get that. However, this was another interesting chapter. That battle was awesome. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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Don't worry the next chapter will be up tommorow. Sorry for the delay.