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Master Kirby
25th August 2006, 03:51 PM
The Longest Dream I Can Remember Ever Having

Have you ever woken up in the morning right after having a dream, and you can still remember parts of it? I have had that happen to me many times. Sometimes I can remember a lot of the dream, and sometimes all I can remember is that I had been dreaming.

Over the years I have experimented with trying to control what happens in a dream, such as giving myself the ability to fly. If I am able to realize that I am dreaming, yet not wake up, I sometimes am able to reason with myself thinking that since it is all in my head, I should be able to give myself supernatural powers such as flight (varying from swimming through the air to all-out fast superman flight).

Another thing that I have learned is that when you wake up, if you remember that you had a dream, by thinking about it you can sometimes remember more of it. This morning, when I woke up, I realized that I could remember what I was dreaming right before I woke up. It was the longest dream of which I have been able to remember this much. As soon as I realized how much I could remember, I write down notes so I wouldn't forget.

The following story is a record of how I remember the dream from beginning to end. It is very long, and I am amazed that I remembered this much. I have not changed anything to try to make it a better story, but I have recorded everything I can remember so that I get an accurate account of what happened.

The dream starts now.

Supermarket Free-For-All
The earliest thing I remember is being in a room where there were a lot of different people. For some reason, a group of people had to stand in rows to one side of the room. They may have been illegal immigrants who had been caught, but I can't really remember why. All I knew was that all of them were eating. By eating I mean that as I looked over at them, everyone's chin was moving up and down as they were munching on food.

I walked over to this group of people and what I saw was rows and rows of packages of food stacked around 6 feet high, and stretching for about half the length of a supermarket aisle. Every once in a while, a man would walk up to the stack of food packages and rip one open. People would then come forward and start eating whatever was inside.

This was great! have you ever been in the cookie aisle of the supermarket and wished that it was all free and you could eat anything? Well, apparently something like this is what was happening. I remember walking forward and grabbing pieces of Chips Ahoy cookies to eat. There were all kinds of different kinds of food, but I remember best those cheese cracker sandwiches. There were packages of the kind of crackers where there are two orange cheese crackers, that have either cheese or peanut butter spread between them. I took a lot of these packs of crackers since they were so good.

The Stargate Is Real?
At this point in my dream, the food was forgotten because a different matter was at hand. We had a real stargate!

If any of you haven't seen the sci-fi movie or TV series named stargate, you might not know what a stargate is. In the show, an ancient alien device was found which allows people to travel to planets in other galaxies. A stargate looks like a large stone ring about 12 feet in diameter, having an inner rotating ring covered in different runes/symbols/chevrons. A wormhole that looks like a surface of shimmering blue water is opened up in this ring, and by stepping through it, you can exit out of another stargate anywhere in the galaxy.

Well, what does this have to do with my dream again? As I said earlier, we had one, and it was real! I was real confused because I know that stargates were just made up for TV, but the facts were, there was one standing in front of me. In order to test if this stargate was real or not, it had to be tested. My sister was planning on going through, and coming out in Japan. A team was assembled, partly consisting of a group of soldiers from the military, and we were going to go to Japan to meet my sister as she exited the stargate.

The Surreal Dream Japan
The odd thing about dreams is that while anything can happen, you often jump from one event to another totally unrelated event and forget what you were dreaming about before. At this point in my dream, something like this happened. I totally forgot about the food and the stargate, and all I knew was that a bunch of people and I were walking along a road in Japan.

As we walked along the road in a rural farming area of Japan, it was a surreal sight. It was all bright and sunny, and the Japanese people who were in the fields or standing in their yards started singing a happy song together in Japanese. First the men started singing, and then the women joined in, everyone singing together in perfect harmony with no wrong notes.

As we walked along with the Japanese people singing, I was thinking that this couldn't be real. It was much to happy. It was like the kind of thing you would see in some movie or musical where the sun was shining, people were happy, and there was nothing wrong in the world. At this point in my dream, my parents were even there with us, and my Mom said to my Dad that this couldn't be real because it was much too happy for real life. Plus, you don't often see people standing in their yards singing with their neighbors for anyone who passed by to hear.

The Guarded Estates
At this point in my dream, as we continued walking along the road, I found that not all was happy and bright as we had seen earlier. There were other places that were very different, often opposite.

As things in dreams often change, we were still walking along a road, but it was no longer in Japan. The atmosphere was no longer bright and sunny. We were now in a more forested area with high, broad, leafy trees reaching towards the sky, and overshadowing the fallen-leaf covered road.

Walking down the road, I looked over to the left hand side and saw an unusual sight. In this area, there were houses that were guarded by armed men. There were men with guns standing in the shadow of the leaves, facing the road in case any people had the idea to trespass. The armed men stretched the whole length of the property to the left of the road, spaced apart by around 20-30 feet.

Since the group of people I was with mainly consisted of a military group, we decided to run faster so the guards wouldn't see us anymore. We came to a more heavily forested/jungled area on the right hand side of the road, and knew we had to sneak in without being seen by any guards.

The River
In this portion of my dream I was alone with the rest of the group gone ahead. I knew I had to sneak into this area without being caught by anyone. The edge of the road dropped off into a river, and I decided to swim for the other bank where I could hide in the thick forest's undergrowth.

I leaped over the wire fence, and into the waters of the river swimming with all my might towards the other bank. I swam fast and hard in order to get across before I was seen. I finally reached the other side, and continued to swim along the edge hiding under overhanging branches and plants.

For a while, the unreality of dreams surfaced and it was as if the plants I was swimming under and pushing aside were made of thick hairs that were around 5 feet long. I thought to myself that these could not be real because in order for these plants to actually be hairs, the ground would have to be made of flesh. Since I did not understand what was going on, I just continued to swim and walk along as the branch of the river became a small swamp and I left the water, entering the forest.

This Is Not A Made-Up Story
As I sit here writing this, I remind you that everything I type actually happened in my dream. I am not making things up or changing things to make a better story. I am just recording everything that I remember happening. I am sure that more happened than I remember, and it made more sense at the time, but at least I remembered this much.

As soon as I woke up this morning, and remembered the dream to this extent, I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing everything I could remember because it is not often that you remember this much of a dream, all connected together. As it was, I didn't even remember the sections before the Happy Japan until about an hour into the day.

Climbing The House Made of Trees
Getting back to the dream, I had just finished crossing the river and left the riverbank of hair. I now found myself at a house that was made of trees. The house was very large, and was probably around 5-6 large stories tall. The reason I say that the house was made of trees was because I was in a room without walls, so I could see the surrounding forest. There were trees growing upwards inside the building just as much as outside.

I found myself in a square room with a staircase winding round and round up the four walls, leading to the upper floors. The stairs were at the corners of the room, connecting a flat section of floor along the center of the wall before continuing up more stairs at the next corner, and thus climbing to the upper floors. The center of the room that was not occupied by the stairs was full of trees, thickly packed only a few feet apart, with their leaves and branches intertwining among each other.

I started climbing up the trees in the center of the room because I had to reach the top. As I was up around the third story, stepping from one of the flat sections of floor back into the tree branches, I climbed towards the next level above me. Just before I reached the next level, I stopped and stood very still.

I saw a man with a fully automatic rifle standing at the ground level, looking around to see if he could find anyone. Luckily there was a chance he wouldn't see me up in the branches because they were very crowded, causing it to be kind of dark. While the gun man was looking up, I saw the feet of the rest of my team running around the staircase to get to the top. The man with the gun couldn't see anyone, but must have heard something, so he pointed his gun up into the air and shot off a bunch of rounds just in case anyone was there. I saw wasn't hit by any of the bullets, though I did see one blast through the floor right behind where my team was as they ran around the stairs.

The man with the gun started to walking around the stair case, coming closer and closer to where I was hiding. I wondered if he actually did see me. As he came to stand on the floor directly below where I was I closed my eyes and hoped he wouldn't see me. He looked up at me (I guess my eyes weren't allways closed) and said something to the effect of Forget I ever saw you. He then continued walking around the stairs and was gone.

Fight With The Wrestler
I now came to the top of the building and my dream took a slight change. I was by myself again, and didn't remember being with any other people. I was at the doorway to a room, so I opened it and walked in. Inside this room was a man who must have been an enemy of mine because we immediately started fighting. I might have had a wooden sword with me at one point, but then again, that might have been an entirely different dream. What I remember is that while we were fighting hand to hand, we were yelling about something which I don't remember anymore. I kicked him backwards an when he was on the ground I grabbed onto him to try to put him in a hold to subdue him.

I placed my hand directly below the base of his nose and pressed upwards and back, causing him to tilt his head backwards and keep him from moving so he wouldn't hurt himself more. (I think that would actually work in real life.) There were piles of clothes lying around on the floor, so while holding under his nose and having his feet pulled back towards his rear, I managed to grab a cloth rope, kind of like what you see on a bathrobe.

I tied his hands and feet together behind his back and stepped back. I finally had prevailed. At this point, something odd happened. I wanted to show him to other people. It was kind of like what you would see on some wrestling show. We were being broad casted on TV and I stared speaking to the people watching about how they new this guy as an older wrestler, but he was now returned and was young. This was apparently the son of some older wrestler, and I had now defeated and tied him up. I then turned around an jumped through either a window or door (I can't remember which. Maybe both at the same time?) and leaped off the top of the tall building in the forest in which I had climbed earlier. I was flying through the air, looking down at the building and trees as I flew away.

The Suburban Spy
As I flew away from the forest, my dream changed again, and I found myself standing inside of a suburban home. I was looking around the room because I had the feeling like it was bugged, that there were cameras hidden in some objects on the wall or on the mantle of the fireplace. I feel like I am some kind of spy so I can not let anyone find that I am there. I was looking at a kind of light bulb that was connected to a stand. It disconnected so I needed to reconnect it before someone came into the room and noticed that something was changed. I heard someone coming up the stairs from the basement, so I ran around through the kitchen and into the living room to find a place to hide. I get down on the ground behind a couch and large arm chair, and by keeping myself on the opposite side from the woman who came up from the basement, I avoid being seen.

When the woman goes back into the kitchen I am ready to go out the front door, which is right next to the couch, when the husband comes home from work. He comes in the front door, and I hardly escape being seen as he walks around to the front of the couch and sits down. Now, with the man sitting directly in front of me, he only needs to turn around to see me, and I don't know if the wife will come back into the room at any minute.

To make things worse, as I lay there behind the couch I realize that they have a pet bulldog. I suddenly remember that I have a ring that has a pin on it, containing a sedative. I quietly raise myself up and poke the pin into the back of the man's ear, causing him to fall asleep. Its perfect! If the wife comes in and sees him sleeping, she will just think he had a hard day at work.

There was one problem though. I had forgotten about the dog. While it ran around the couch and tried to bite me I jumped up and stood on the arms of the couch and armchair. The arms of the couch had a cloth covering that looked like a strip of sheep's wool. I quickly grabbed the arm cover and held it out for the dog.

It worked! While the dog was biting and pulling on the fluffy arm cover, I opened the door and ran out. I jumped out, and grabbed the edge of the roof where it hangs out over the porch, and swung myself out and up on top of the roof. I had finally escaped! Looking down, I saw the wife standing in the doorway with a puzzled look on her face. She must have been wondering why the door was hanging open and the dog was jumping around tearing at the couch's arm covering. What mattered, was that I had escaped without being found by anyone except the dog.

Nearly The End
After all of this happened, I dreamed about some other things and then finally woke up. I can't really remember much of what happened after escaping that suburban house, and the bits I do remember don't really make sense.

This is the end of what I remember of my dream this morning. I hope you enjoyed reading about the adventures I went on. It was kind of weird at times, but that is what happens when you are asleep. Your imagination goes wild.

So, what did you think of my dream? I didn't really have much control of what happened since I didn't realize I was dreaming. Have you ever had any real long dreams you could remember? Are you ever able to control what happens in your dreams? Share with us.