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Cool-headed Blaziken
12th September 2006, 12:04 PM
She Will Be Loved (AAML One-Shot) Rated: K+

A/N: Inspired by Maroon 5’s ‘She Will Be Loved’

A young man, seventeen years of age, was walking down a clear path of a dark forest. He was wearing his blue denim jacket over his black t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, red and black trainers and a red and white hat. He also had scruffy shoulder length hair and zigzag markings underneath each eye. He had a small little yellow mouse with red cheeks named Pikachu tucked inside his jacket as the weather was raining heavily from the night sky.

Soon, he spotted a city from a high hill and suddenly stopped, gazing at the beauty of it. It was a city that he was very familiar with. It was famous for having one of the top trainers in the whole of the Kanto region. “I’ll drop you at the Pokemon Centre, Pikachu. I got to talk to someone,” the man said. “Is that okay?”

“Pika,” his friend cooed, knowing what he meant.

Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else

Meanwhile, inside the Cerulean City Gym, a woman, eighteen years of age, was switching off all the lights inside the building while getting her creatures to sleep. She was wearing a yellow sleeveless t-shirt, a pair of blue shorts and a pair of brown shoes. She also had ponytail at the side of her ginger hair. While she was doing her duties as a gym leader with a sad look on her face, she remembered one particular event that involved the man she held close to her heart and herself.

Meanwhile, outside the building, the man with the denim jacket was standing outside, ignoring the raindrops falling on his head and clothes. He too remembered that particular event when he and the woman decided to part ways and ended in a bad way.

I drove for miles and miles
And wound up at your door
I’ve had you so many times but somehow
I want more

It was a couple of weeks ago when he finished competing in a pokemon league. He came close to winning but lost out in the semi-finals. Nevertheless, he was still happy of competing in the league.

He and a number of friends and relatives were celebrating this occasion at his hometown of Pallet Town. In his own traditional way, he was eating a lot of food the party provided. Among the group enjoying the party was the girl who had a deep crush on him, although it might’ve been more than just a crush.

Despite his manners, she couldn’t help but give a pleasant stare, wondering to tell him how she felt about him considering they had spent years travelling together before she had to leave to take over her sisters’ responsibilities for the Cerulean City gym.

Tap on my window, knock on my door
I want to make you feel beautiful
I know I tend to get insecure
It doesn’t matter anymore

Soon, Ash felt bloated in the stomach, considering that he ate and drank too much. He decided to rest for a while by going a distance away from the party. He found tree stump in a clear space and sat on it, letting out a small breath. He looked up to the sky, gazing at the beautiful stars and spotting some bug pokemon flying past.

Suddenly, a familiar face came across his, surprising him. “Hello, Ash,” she said with a small smile.

“Hiya, Misty,” he replied back, also showing a smile.

They sat on the grass and gazed at the stars together. Apart from some small chirping, there was nothing but silence between them. While Ash continued on calmly looking, Misty had this feeling in her stomach, heart and mind, thinking whether or not to tell him on this occasion.

“Ash…” she said finally, with a hint of red showing on her face.

“What is it, Mist?” he asked turning his attention towards her.

“We’ve been… friends for a very long time, right?” she turned her head away from him slightly.

“Yeah,” Ash replied slightly puzzled.

“I can tell you anything… right?”

“Sure,” he said with assurance in his voice.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone about this…” she said before quickly placing her hand on top of his that was on the ground, much to his surprise. She then slowly turned towards him while gently grasping his already grasped hand before raising it slowly up to the same level as her chest and looked at him in the eyes.

“I… I think I’m in love with you.”

Silence again.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies
It’s compromise that moves us along
My heart is full and my door’s always open
You can come anytime you want

Those words made his eyes show one emotion – shock. He saw a number of emotions in hers – fear, sincerity, and hope. He felt that she was telling the truth about her feelings; she had a fear of rejection and a strong hope of a positive reply.

He quickly turned away from her, hiding away a bashful look on his face. He too had strong feelings for her but he couldn’t figure out why he was feeling that way considering the fact that he was rather dense when it came to love, despite that he was travelling with her for a long time. He never thought that a girl like her would like a guy like him.

He though long and hard about this situation. Would he abandon his dream of becoming a pokemon master to support her in her gym duties? Can he convince her to leave the gym and come with him on his next journey? If he goes away, how will she cope without him and vice versa?

She waited patiently, hoping to hear what she wanted to hear.

“I’m sorry, Misty…” he said with sadness in his voice.

“What…?” she sobbed in shock, tears formed in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, but… I can’t.”


“There are a lot of things I have to do,” he said as he quickly stood up, moving his hand away from her. “I don’t think I can do this.”

He started to walk but then stopped, leaving the shocked and highly saddened girl watch him go. “We’re still friends, Mist. I want you to know that,” he said, feeling a small choke in his throat, threatening that he would cry at any moment. “If you need anything, just call me or e-mail me… I’ll be there… I swear.”

She curled into a ball-like shape, placing her face on her knees while crying. Also in tears, he walked away.

The next morning, he set off on his journey without saying goodbye to anyone apart from his mother. This saddened her even more.

Since then, she had a really difficult time trying to get over that bad moment. Despite having some support and encouragements from her friends and relatives, she couldn’t forget that moment, the adventures she had and cherished with that young man, including the man himself. This also made her life difficult as a gym leader when she recently had more losses than wins in her gym battles.

I know where you hide
Alone in your car
Know all of the things that make you who you are
I know that goodbye means nothing at all
Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

Back at the present time, the woman was about turn off one more light at the main entrance. To her surprise, the man she confessed her love to was standing behind it. She was also surprised by the fact that he would come back to her in a rainy night after the argument they had a week ago. They both gazed at each other for several seconds.

Tap on my window knock on my door
I want to make you feel beautiful

Slowly, she walked up to the main entrance door.

I don’t mind spending everyday

She unlocked and opened it while still gazing into his eyes.

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

He entered by taking a step forward as he gazed into hers.

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Several seconds passed as they stood a very short distance away from each other without saying a word.

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

They moved their faces close to each other until their lips touched.

And she will be loved
She will be loved…

Their kiss became long and passionate as they held each other close while feeling a pleasant flow of electricity between them.

And she will be loved
She will be loved…

He held her around her middle while she caressed his soaking face ignoring the wetness.

And she will be loved
She will be loved…

A week ago, she confessed her love to him. He responded by holding her close to him as if to say, “I love you too.”

There was no need for words. Their eyes and their touch told the story.