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1st April 2012, 12:54 PM
Teams were:

Mine was Typhlosion, Ampharos, Metagross, Snorlax, Krookodile, and Samurott.

My friend used Snorlax, Eelektross, Conkeldurr, Venusaur, Feraligatr, and Magmortar.

The battle lasted 22 turns.

Typhlosion used Flamethrower on the first turn against Snorlax. Snorlax used Toxic. Typhlosion used Flamethrower.Snorlax got withdrawn. In comes Feraligatr, which I then use Flamethrower on. I then use Earthquake on it, and my Typhlosion gets knocked out. In comes Metagross. It struggles with Feraligatr for about 3 turns before it knocks it out. Magmortar comes in and then it knocks out my Metagross. Ampharos comes in and gives Magmartor everything it has, knocking it out with Thunderbolt.

In comes Venusaur and now I have Krookodile in, who then gets hit by Toxic. Venusaur gets confused. Leech Seed affects my Krookdile and then it gets knocked out. Samurott vs Venusaur is the next matchup and then it also gets affected by leech seed, but I use Ice Beam on it to knock it out. In comes Eelektross. I Surf it once with Samurott, and then it Thunderbolt's me, knocking me out cold. I then bring in Ampharos, he withdraws Eelektross, and then brings in Conkeldurr. I Thunderbolt it, knocking it below half HP. I Thunderbolt again, almost knocming it out, and that's when it used Earthquake, leaving me with 5 Hit Points.I then Thunderbolt it, thus knocking it out cold.

He sends out Snorlax, and I Thunderbolt it out to almost half HP. My Ampharos gets knocked out cold. I bring out my own Snorlax, which he then uses the chance to bring in Eelektross. Snorlax had to wait a turn from using Giga Impact, but my Snorlax was faster than his, so I went first, and thus I knocked it out to claim victory.

You can post your own if you want, you can save your battles to the battle log, if you haven't battled already.