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3rd May 2003, 03:23 PM
Is anyone here? There was a surge of posts, but now...

Anyway, I'm updating my Kabulix deck for Skyridge, so check it out.

Pokemon: [20]
4 Buried Fossil*
4 Kabuto [N2]
3 Kabutops [N2]
2 Onix [SI]
2 Steelix [E2]
2 Cleffa [N1]
2 Pichu [N1]
1 Tyrogue [N2]

Trainers: [26]
4 Copycat
4 Professor Elm
4 Gold Berry
3 Pokemon Trader
3 Focus Band
3 Double Gust
2 Pokemon Fan Club
2 Switch
1 Town Volunteers

Energy: [14]
7 Fighting Energy
4 Metal Energy
3 Recycle Energy
Get out Kabutops a.s.a.p. and start overwhelming your opponet with damage. Steelix can take the last few prizes with its ability to sweep the bench, and it takes care of those pesky grass types.

Translations: (From Pojo)
Buried Fossil 30 HP (C)
Evolves into Omanyte,
Basic Pokémon or Aerodactyl
You can evolve Underground Fossil
into any card that evolves from
Mysterious Fossil. Underground
Fossil can’t be affected by any
Special Conditions.
(Poké-POWER) Self-Restoration
Once during your turn (before your
attack), if there are any basic
Energy cards in your hand, you may
search your deck for an Evolution
card named Omanyte or Kabuto, show
it to your opponent, and put it
into your hand. Then, choose 1
basic Energy card in your hand,
show it to your opponent, and
shuffle it into your deck. _
Weakness Resistance Retreat Cost


6th May 2003, 08:35 AM
Yeah well, things juz aint what it used to be. Im thinking of asking the ppl here if they want a new mod to be incharge of other TCGs.

So that's what that card does. A bit broken if u ask me, especially if u consider omanyte/kabuto's power which allows for calling out more of them. U could be dishing out damage big time at warp speed like that. Then again, i did find modified more than a tad slow.

Ur running a VERY tight deck, its hard to make changes. Ppl would prolly say add another onix and steelix. For me, id say get in ome E.charge, but juz one or two, though not really needed.

Damn, we need disruption cards in modified. Its getting too stale and non-evil for me :yes: