View Full Version : Scourge: A firebreathing dog gets his day.

3rd May 2003, 03:52 PM
It's high time dragons got a taste of the limelight in M: TG, and Scourge is the set to do it. While, fairly Timmy-oriented (lots of expensive spells) it has enough flavor and cool effects to satisfy all. And it has dragons! Who doesn't like dragons?

Cool cards:

Form of the Dragon This enchantment turns YOU, the player into a dragon. Being a dragon has its perks: five a damage every turn to a player or creature of your choice and ground-laden troops can't attack you (after all, most dragons do fly). The only downer is that your life total becomes 5 at the end of each turn, but with a few cards you could easily turn this into advantage (just beware of burn spells!).

Day of the Dragons Enchantment that removes all your creatures into play and then replaces them with 5/5 flying menaces. The best part is that if DotD leaves play, all your critters come back into play. Get some dragons, attack, sac them for useful effects, and then sac DotD once all the dragons go away.

And we also get a few gold cards in here as well. A very nice end to the Onslaught block!