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4th June 2012, 06:08 AM
This thread contains the (un)official HUDD stamp of approval. Also, despite the title, this thread has nothing to do with Soul Edge/Calibur. Fooled you!

Anyhow, back in 2008, I created a thread (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?t=17308) whereby we could reminisce on all of the wonderful characters we'd created over the years.

Personally, I first registered with TPM specifically to join an RPG. And, just recently, I've jumped back into the old game. (hoo-ha!)

So, has anyone collected anymore lovely personalities in the four years since the first topic? I've only added one, and he's only a day old at the moment, so I'll edit this post with his story at a later date.

Whoa nelly!

4th June 2012, 12:42 PM
I think it's about time I told everyone my deepest, darkest RPG secret.

My first character.

I was pretty devastated recently when Sie told me she remembered making the RPG that this character resided in. I kept quiet, because the character was just so horrific and I hoped that she didn't remember her.

Her name had been Lilly Crystal, except everyone read my sign up as though I'd written it in a Japanese way, and called her Crystal Lilly instead. It was in Making a Band, she played bass. She was very mary sue, based a lot on myself appearance wise. I remember she dropped her bass amp down the stairs and broke it so had some little drama about trying to get a new one.

I hate her now. Well, I hate that version of her. I used her again in Kimmi's magic schools RPGs. She was sorta better. She had more flesh to her now. That and she got through 4 of them with a few interesting story lines. She got better as she went on, so much so that I hardly relate her to the girl I created in Making a Band.

So there she is. Crystal Lilly. Thankfully, I THINK I've got better at this whole character thing XP

7th June 2012, 06:24 PM
:;Hops in, amped about a Soul Cal RP::

::See this: No words. Just leaves::

8th June 2012, 01:32 AM
...maybe I should take that as a sign to make one?

9th June 2012, 03:06 AM
You do, and Ill join in a heartbeat.

19th June 2012, 10:36 AM
My first character is little known, but it was actually an Umbreon named Mystic. When I was brand new to TPM (and RPing in general), I decided to join the Eeveelutions RPG that was being run by Kalah (B4). Having no knowledge of RPG etiquette, nobody told me that I couldn't just join an RPG in progress, so I just started posting. BBP got really pissed at me and gave me a lengthy reprimand post, but through some odd circumstance I was allowed to remain and finish the RPG. This was the beginning of my long tenure here, and probably one of the more embarassing moments I've had. If anyone else actually remembers this, I'll give them 3/4 of a cookie.

Other notable characters from my past: Xavier "Bear" Lionheart (back when cheesy, obvious RPG names were cool) from my first The Normals RPG, Razzo from Dark_Espeon's Pokemon Flight Force, Ramius the Ursaring from BBP's pokemon school RPG (what the hell was it called again??), and Hamma/Hammer from the series of Dragonball RPGs by Outlaw JT, Heald, and Ultimate_Charizard.

Ah, nostalgia.