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4th May 2003, 12:22 AM
[ This is my first time so.. If I mess up anywhere, let me know...thats if anyones even reading this.. x.o;; ]

---- Chapter 1 ---

"You useless dirtball!" :: He was standing up, frustrated. This trainer never got frustrated. Wearing a dignified off-white kimono very raggedy, with careless folds. Unwelcoming brown eyes narrowed, glaring into the eyes of a frightened little Mudkip. It had just lost its 16th battle in a row and used up all his trainers berries. The little Pokemon was laying on its side, eyes shut as sweat poured over its bruized body. It had many wounds from continuous kicking, but that was nice discipline. Now fed up with the Mudkip, the trainer drew a long sword, and with one swift swing, it was all over. The decapitated head of the Mudkip rolled across the ground, stopping at the feet of another Pokemon. "You've stained this beautiful grass, sir" They had been in an ethereal field, the air filled with the aroma of grass-Pokemon and perfumed female trainers. The trees were tall and it was bright and sunny, however no one seemed to notice eachother unless they came in contact. The Pokemon that had spoken was a Medicham, however its skin had a very slight tan hue. Pants made from unknown materials shined navy blue, aswell as what looked like a headcap of sorts. Normally the lips of Medicham were swolen, however this one was normal.

And there was another. Standing beside the Medicham was a slightly taller Pokemon, a Hitmonlee. Unable to communicate with humans, he merely stould with arms folded, enraged but not showing any sort of emotion. "What the ..You..can talk?" Eyes widened a bit as the trainer stepped back slightly, a hand slipping into the insides of his Kimono. "Yes. And I'd suggest you not involve your only other Pokemon" Eyes narrowed, almost had a slight shine to them as he would slowly begin to ascend off the ground. Wind would begin to pick up a bit, leaves blowing across them now. He would continue to lift upwards until standing over the branch of a nearby tree, which he rested on. "You should be punished for your actions, and made sure that you can never harm another Pokemon in such a way again." The trainer would glare at the Medicham now, and then attention would turn back to where the Hitmonlee was. To his suprise, the Hitmonlee was gone, in truth right behind him. In a second, the Hitmonlee would hold our arms, arched inwards for balance. 75% of his weight would be held on his right leg while the left shot forward, the diamond-hard sold would connect with the mans spine, nearly breaking it.

Eyes widened as he burst into a scream, bits of silava shooting from his mouth, arms held out as he fell towards the floor, unable to move for the moment. The Hitmonlee would be standing infront of him now, arms still folded and looking downwards at him with the same rage, but with a bit of pity aswell. He'd turn to look at the Medicham for any further directions, which was his fatal mistake. A hand would grasp onto his ancle, and the Hitmonlee turned around. However now a blade would rake across the Hitmonlees chest, causing him to stumble backwards with a grunt.. "Monlee!" Blood would pour down his body. The Medichams eyes were shut, and gave a slight yawn. The head of the Mudkip beginning to vibrate, lifting off the ground without dropping a bit of blood. And would shoot towards the back of the trainers head, hard enough to cause blindness. With a slight scream he fell unconsious, other trainers simply watching in horror, not daring to attack. This didn't last long as one, when one trainer, with short blond hair and black streaks and piercings on his tongue, ear, and over his right eye. Wearing a white shirt with cut up sleeves and baggy jeans, he'd launch two Pokeballs, which would release-......
[ XD I love teasing endings. ]

4th May 2003, 12:32 AM
Wow this is very intresting. I think it could be longer and Im not trying to be mean it's your story but I dont like the whole decapitation of mudkip. Yuck. Other than that part it was good. I tink the next chapter will be intresting to can't wait to see how it turn's out.

4th May 2003, 01:00 AM
Wow thanks. o.n; I know, the decapitation was a bit..cruel. x.x; I didn't think anyone would read it, and I really appreciate the reply. I'll be sure to keep it interesting as best as I can..and add visual aid once I get rollin.

4th May 2003, 08:24 PM
--- Chapter 2 ---

"Golem! and Xatu!" The two Pokemon emerged from their Pokeballs to face off against the Hitmonlee and Medicham. The two fighting-types would look disconcerned with the others as Medicham place a palm on the wound, casting a Recover to heal the wounds of his partner. "Golem! Crush 'em!" The stone creature sprung into the air, shooting downwards at the Hitmonlee with a grunt. The sole of his foot would harden and increase to the density of diamonds and the Hitmonlee launched it into the air, it collided with the face of the Golem. Cracks surged throughout the shell of the Golem as it seemed like everything was frozen for the moment.

Crack.Crack.Crack.Boom! The Golems limbs would fall first before the entire shell shattered into stone fragments. The head falling before the two Pokemon. Suddenly the Hitmonlee would be lifted into the air, smashed headfirst into the earth, and dragged far off until he flew into a tree. The Xatus eyes were glowing as it now glared emotionlessly at the Medicham, whos eyes were also glowing. They faced off for several minutes before the Xatu stopped, toppling over. The mental battle was won by the Medicham, but not the entire battle. The Xatu got back up, sending a tree at the Medicham, whom had to spring over it. Leaping at the Xatu, delivering a punch to its left wing, which instantly froze up. Another punch was delivered to its right wing, which began to vibrate form electricity. A final punch was sent at the birds breasts, causing it to stumble backwards. He jumped backwards as the birds body combusted.

The trainer screamed as he recalled the Xatu, backing up a bit with a shocked look. He had never lost a match to wild Pokemon before. Fear, and embarassment came over him, and he turned and sprinted away. The Madicham would glance at the newly formed crowd, whom scattered away from fear, he then went towards were the Hitmonlee had crashed. Helping him up and beginning to speak with him in languages unknown to human, he started to cast another Recover. They began to walk out of the fields as police emerged, unwilling to enter another battle for the moment... They were hungry.

4th May 2003, 08:36 PM
sorry for the shortness.. x.x the next will be Much bigger!

4th May 2003, 09:24 PM
INtresting again. You were very discriptive for the battle. I never knew golems could have all the arms, legs, and head fall of and then shatter?:yes: Well anyhting can happen in t story's. Your's is very intresting and it make's me wana keep reading it cause this is a very different story and that is a good thing!

6th May 2003, 08:45 PM

This is just me being a picky bastard, but you might want to fix your organization a tad bit. More paragraph breaks, for one. Also, whenever a new line of dialouge comes up, one should start a new line for it, and only one or two sentences should preceed it before going into the next paragraph. [/english teacher]

Also...you may want to post longer chapters...but that can be let slide...this fic is in it's fledling stages, after all. Hope to see more!

6th May 2003, 08:50 PM
--- Chapt 3 ---

And so the two Pokemons travels had taken them to the mountains. It had been months since their last encounter with humans. Medicham was deep in meditation, perched atop the same rock for 2 and a half months without eating a single bite of food. Hitmonlee was standing by, legs out, squat down, and arms were arched outward so fists were down by his waist. He kept his back strait as he trained, legs beginning to wobble from the extreme pain, however he stould and endured. It had been 30 minutes since he had started, and was sweating from the pain.

The mountain they were on was grassy, with few other Pokemon around nearby. The Hitmonlee was too busy struggling with himself to notice anything else, however Medicham noticed everything around him for miles. Something came out of the bushes, skuttling pretty quickly with a worried expression. It had a iron plated head and shell, however with an open underbelly, the Pokemon being an Aron. It ran right into the ancle of the Hitmonlee, accidently knocking it over as he went, it seemed like he was running from something. "Monlee!" He winced, falling onto his bottom. He looked up, eyes widening at what he had seen afterwards. Springing up, he'd give a call to his friend and ran the same way as the Aron.

The two Pokemon ran, while Medicham stayed on its perch. Soon large amounts of stomping could be heard, followed by roaring. Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Lairon, and Aggron were all stampeding across the mountain, chasing after the single Aron. There were about 5 of each! As they ran, it seemed like the entire mountain was trembeling, behind them were countless rockslides. They came in on Medicham, whoms eyes were opening, glowing a bright blue. Energy levels rose tremendously, causing the stomachs of these creatures to drop, but unfortunately, making them feel threatened.

Roaring louder, they increased their speed, smashing into the Medicham, shredding it to pieces, blood splattering as they stomped and roared, jamming claws and horns into it. The Hitmonlee watching in horror, stopping in his tracks now. Eyes narrowed in anger, and sorrow. Tears streamed down as he began sprinting back towards the group of Pokemon. "HITMONLEE!!" Was his battle cry as he sprang high into the air, shooting downwards while slamming a diamond-hard foor into the spine of one of the Rhyhorn, momentum allowing him to damage it somewhat. He'd spring back upwards off its back, comming close behind one of the Rhyhorn whom still had its drill-like horn spinning, deliving a swift spinning kick to the back of the creatures head, sending it forward and into one of the stomachs of the Aggron, drill shredding into it. That was three down 17 more to go. He'd grunt, standing inbetween them all, hyperventalating somewhat but keeping focus, dispite standing besides the bloody remains of his friend. The group of Pokemon poured in now on the lone fighter..

6th May 2003, 08:53 PM
Okay.. x.x I'll work on it. Thanks for your oppinion, its always welcomed.