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Tyler and Hobbes
4th May 2003, 07:40 PM
Ten years after the death of luke skywalker,the galaxy is slowly changing.Due to the battle with the Yuzhan Vong, and the solo kids, there are still lingering evils. Many Jedi have fallen to the dark side. A young boy, possesed by the spirit of Darth Maul, opens a holocron holding spirits of most of the siths. There are also dark sides of many Jedi. The galaxy is unaware of this. It was two years ago. You are a padawan. You sence something, but people just blow it off. One day a voice comes to you. It is of Master skywalker, he tells you to run away and vanquish evil. A day after that you hear there was a slaughter in the Jedi temple, you must defeat it.


Name: make it sound Jedish
Age: 10-20 if dark 36-736
Gender: Don't say both or die, wahaha
Lightsaber color:Now there are any color lightsabers, they found more crystals
Side:Dark or light:
Other weapons:
Force moves:make something up
other: noooooooooooO!!!!!!

My sign up:

Name:Med Carel
Age: 16
Looks:Took a storm troopers life, now he has his armor with two head tails sticking out
Personality:Outgoing,show off, he can be a bit hyper, he is mean torwards people he doesn't know and will do anything to protect his friends
Lightsaber color:Black
Other weapons:ion blaster, rifel
Force moves: Force lock: paralyzes the enemy for ten minutes
Force hide: can anyone say invisability
Force Explode: Explodes objects, stuns people

RaZoR LeAf
5th May 2003, 05:35 AM
I might join, if you can expand on the history a little. Preferably, i'd like to know the state of the galaxy, due to the Yuzhan Vong and how the Jedi have been ultimatly affected by their presence. If you don't know what i'm talking about you';ll have to make this an AU RPG. Cos i think most star wars RPGers would know what i'm talking about.