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Charles Legend
11th October 2013, 10:07 PM
Fist of all please bear in mind that I am using my NOOk to post this because none of my internet browsers are working at the moment. So please bear in mind that it might have some grammar mistakes, however please don't git on my case about it.

Anyways I'll be posting what I have fond, My Kalos adventure starts tomorrow with the download of Torchic, so stay tuned for further updates.

~Charles Legend

14th October 2013, 01:40 AM
I'll join is as well detailing my progress with my checkpoints being Badges and Team Flare Admin encounters.

Significant events so far:

-Fought a wild Zigzagoon that Growled a lot, making it a tank.
-The first Pikachu I encounter and catch in Satalune Forest has a Light Ball. O_O
-Before leaving Santalune Forest I encountered a Panpour, decided to train it a bit and encountered and caught a Pansear soon after.
-Bunnelby fails battling most Pokémon in Route 22.

Current team:
Froakie - Lv. 10
Spewpa - Lv. 9
Bunnelby - Lv. 9
Fletchling - Lv. 9
Torchic - Lv. 10
Litleo - Lv. 12

14th October 2013, 09:59 PM
Man, Lumiose City is huge!

Didn't realize just how huge until I got to it the second time after restoring the power.

It's sectioned off into streets just like Castellia, but there are also alleys where you can run into trainers and it has two pokemon centers and the camera swings around freely. Waaaaay bigger than Castellia. Now time to take on the gym!

Perfect Chaos
14th October 2013, 10:50 PM
Where'd you get the Litleo Divine? I could never find one o_O

Badges: 1
Pokemon Caught: 32

Current Location: Route 6

Current Team:
Frogadier - Lv. 23
Combusken - Lv. 25
Ivysaur - Lv. 23
Pancham - Lv. 16
Venipede - Lv. 17

About to explore the Palace and waiting to get on my way to the 2nd badge.

Nothing exciting happened so far, I'm spending far too much time on training my Pokemon, me thinks.

Will probably have to take a hiatus playing this since my Black 2 is coming in on Wednesday.

14th October 2013, 11:33 PM
x_x Ok. 12 hour non stop playing has let me to the third to last town.
One badge left.


>O! And I know I buzzed by a ton of stuff, so when I go back through to start amassing the Pogeymanz..Ima just be excited to find all these things I missed.

15th October 2013, 02:27 AM
Litleos are found to the east of Santalune, Chaos, in Route 22. Also, Cliff Badge get! Here's some stuff that happened beforehand:

-Found and caught a White Flabebe, named it Snowblossom
-Furfrous are both physical and special tanks
-Ran into a couple of hordes
-Did a little catching spree
-Fought in the Battle Chateau
-Wild Pokémon can be in berry trees that you plant
-While Rock Smashing for a Binacle, found Onix on the beach. O_O

Current Team:
Frogadier - Lv. 24
Combusken - Lv. 24
Ivysaur - Lv. 24
Honedge - Lv. 23
Helioptile - Lv. 23
Tyrunt - Lv. 23

15th October 2013, 06:02 AM
Just a warning to everyone, do NOT save in Lumiose City! Especially not near the cars! There's a game breaking glitch that can cause your whole game to die D: To be safe, go for the Pokemon centre whenever you have to save in that city.

Shadow Wolf
15th October 2013, 10:01 AM
So is this to post things you have discovered in game? If so then I wanted to ask someone with a guide or something about that very convenient shiny spot found in the reflection cave. I kinda read from one of the npc in the cave that this is about a transformation of certain pokemon but I was wondering if someone found something there.

16th October 2013, 01:29 AM
Not much happened before the Rumble Badge. Some Critical Captures and I kinda figured out how rare cave encounters worked, but otherwise not too much happened.

Current Team:
Frogadier - Lv. 32
Combusken - Lv. 32
Venusaur - Lv. 32
Honedge - Lv. 33
Helioptile - Lv. 32
Tyrunt - Lv. 32

16th October 2013, 01:53 AM
So is this to post things you have discovered in game? If so then I wanted to ask someone with a guide or something about that very convenient shiny spot found in the reflection cave. I kinda read from one of the npc in the cave that this is about a transformation of certain pokemon but I was wondering if someone found something there.

>.> Alakazite is there in the post game. That's all.

Ended the main story with my crew

Chomper: Tyrantum: 72
Armadon: Chesnaught: 71
Flame On! Talonflame: 75
Po'h: Pangoro: 74

Seriously. Armadon fits Chesnaught so frigging well XD. I'm going on a Primal Rage kick XD


16th October 2013, 04:35 AM
Only 4 Pokémon DL? That's somewhat unusual. In the meantime, Plant Badge get with, again, nothing too extraordinary happening except some Mega-Evolution testing.

Current Team:
Greninja - Lv. 36
Blaziken - Lv. 36
Venusaur - Lv. 36
Doublade - Lv. 35
Helioptile - Lv. 35

I've also got the general idea of who I want for my final team so I'll be taking a mini-break of sorts to obtain my final member. Truth be told, I was going to have a Flying-Type as part of my final team, but once I experienced the wonder that is now my Doublade, I had to make it a team member.

16th October 2013, 05:22 AM
I caught a Kangaskhan and Mawile in the Glittering cave. FUCK YEAH A FAIRY I WANNA TRAIN :D Missed you Mawile <3

I still keep getting spoilers :( mostly on Facebook. Sad times.

16th October 2013, 08:37 AM
Discovered something just now which some might not even notice. In the Luminose City Art Museum, some of the paintings are directly taken from past Pokemon TCG artwork. Two examples are the Forest Hermit and Pokemon Volunteers.

Shadow Wolf
16th October 2013, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the help DL. :)

Anyway, right now I'm a bit surprised. Not sure if this counts as spoiler since this is just a pokemon move, but I'm pretty sure that Espeon learned Morning Sun at later levels. In my playthrough I just evolved my Eevee into Espeon at lv33 and that's the move it learned when it evolve, so I'm not sure if it may be en evolving move or a move learned at that specific level. I'm happy, though. ^_^

Anyway, 3 badges at the moment and on my way to progress with gameplay and story now that I have a team which I find it fairly complete:

Pikachu - lv40
Espeon - lv33
Blaziken - lv42
Blastoise - lv41
Chestnaught - lv40
Shelgon - lv31

EDIT: Note to self - a Pokemon game without a fisherman/trainer who has a full team of Magikarps is not a Pokemon game. >.<

16th October 2013, 02:10 PM
There is one! I forgot where I fought him, but he was there.

At the E4, team's about in the 60s: Gardevoir/Greninja/Zoroark/Blaziken/Flygon/Talonflame.

Caught Zoroark at Pokemon village, decided to replace my Pikachu with him because I didn't feel like using my Thunderstone and didn't feel like I needed coverage against water anyway. That came back to bite me, since, one of the Elite 4 is a water trainer. Guess I'll teach Gardy Thunderbolt. Still loving this unlimited TM use thing, would be nice if they could do that for stones.

Perfect Chaos
16th October 2013, 02:24 PM
Welp, I just got my Black Version 2 this morning so looks like Y is gonna be on a long hiatus.

16th October 2013, 05:25 PM
Won't be that long. Yer gonna fly through it lol. No problem Shadow.

Divine, yeah I somehow tend to end up with only 4 pokemon and a hm slave or two. In this case, it was that weird electric Lizard and Lapras. Everyone else was seriously overpowered as it was, no need for anyone else. Didn't even use any mega evolutions sans the ones you are forced to use.

Only pokemon that gave me grief in the e4? Stupid Gyarados. Dragon dance gyara still works when no one has electric moves on your team.

And is this the game of freebie pokemon or what! Geebus I got like 5 freebies and all I did was give em pidgey lol

16th October 2013, 06:26 PM
I have both X and Y and I'm loving them. I've already beat Y and working on X.

My Teams.

- Greninja
- Heliolisk
- Pangoro
- Lucario
- Talonflame
- Tyrantrum

- Quilladin
- Araura
- Charmeleon
- Eevee
Planning on getting:
- Kingdra
- Meowstic or Ageislash

17th October 2013, 02:34 AM
So, just made it through the Elite Four, finally.

Spoilers if you don't want to know what in store for the four:

Had trouble with the water guy at first. Sent in Gardevoir as I planned. T-bolt got his Clawitzer into the red, but Gardy went down on a critical hit. After getting my revenge on Clawitzer, the rest of my team got destroyed by his Gyarados, which happens to have the same moveset I used back in Diamond. I used to own with it, not so much fun being on the receiving end.

Wised up the second time around and used Calm Mind from the start and promptly swept his team.

Next up was the fire chick who got swept by Greninja.

The dragon lady presented some trouble. I led with Gardevoir again, but her Dragalge stood up to a Psychic and countered with a Sluge Bomb, which took Gardy out (who mind you, was still weakened by her fight against Siebold). The rest of the fight proved to be a bit of a struggle and in the end I was left with just Blaziken, but came out victorious.

For the Steel guy, I didn't fool around. Had Blaziken go mega and destroyed him.

Healed up for the champion. Only needed Gardevoir. Her first few were easy, but Aurorus was being a pain after it threw up a light screen. Luckily I noticed it was doing jacksquat against me with Blizzard, so I used Calm Mind a couple times figuring I could always use a Full Restore on the off chance I got frozen (didn't happen). Then Light Screen wore off. From there, the rest was a cakewalk, including her Mega Gardevoir, who went down thanks to a critical hit. Although I wonder if I even needed the crit. Like I said, I was backed up by two calm minds.

Then Az, the 3000-year-old hobo... was a pushover. Pretty anticlimactic, but I would've been furious if I had to go through that again.

Game time: 31:06

Edit: OK, I had to add this. After starting the game back up for the post-game, your mom tells you she saw your parade on TV. Really? Your child just got crowned Pokemon League champion and is being praised as a hero for stopping Team Flare and all you can do is watch the celebratory parade on TV? That's almost as bad as the nurses at the pokemon centers telling you "we hope to see you again!" Can you imagine leaving a hospital and having the doctor tell you that. That would leave me seriously questioning the quality of the medical treatment I just received. Yeah, I'm in a weird mood right now.

17th October 2013, 03:11 AM
Route 13 is a pain to go through and breeding is vague because the only way to know that you have an Egg is if the Day Care Guy is facing forward. Otherwise, did some nicknaming and got myself the Voltage Badge!

Greninja (Gamakage) - Lv. 39
Blaziken - Lv. 39
Venusaur (Laurel) - Lv. 39
Doublade (Sheath) - Lv. 39
Helioptile (Storm) - Lv. 40
Mr. Mime (Duplica) - Lv. 35

I wanted a Special Attacker Fairy as part of my team so it was either Mr. Mime or Gardevoir. Since I didn't get Trace from all the times I tried breeding for a Ralts, I got Mime Jr. with Filter and evolved it to Mr. Mime instead from the breeding process.

17th October 2013, 05:26 AM
I got called a newbie for being at 10 hours play time, having only just reached the second gym. From someone who finished the main story in 12 hours... Riiiiiight.

Anyway, I'm now at 18 hours, second badge in hand, just in the city with the third badge :)

Team of awesome:
Finn (Braixen) lvl 32
Jake (Wartortle) lvl 32
Vivillion lvl 30
Pikachu lvl 29
Mawile lvl 30
Kangaskhan lvl 29

Do those catches make me a newbie? I think not XP

Shadow Wolf
17th October 2013, 11:52 AM
OK, so on in Lumiose.... HOLY CRAP!!!! A girl scared the crap out of me!!!

Not sure but I'll include it here. Basically in one of the buildings in Lumiose city my game went silent and after a few flicks of the screen fading black, a creepy girl appeared behind me and after a few seconds, she said: "You're not the one..." and passed by me floating. Bear in mind that she's nowhere to be found on this place, so I take it that this is a ghost girl.... expecting creepypastas from this event anytime soon... Meanwhile, if someone got an item or aanything after beating the game, let me know, alrighty?

Wait... where are you? Come back!!!! >.<

17th October 2013, 12:56 PM
Shadow..what building was this in? And speaking of....post game stuff, what do I need to do besides check waterfalls and finding legends/ Megawastesoftime? In fact...I still cant start the hunt for Mega Stones cause I havent had the catalyst event happen yet.

Shadow Wolf
17th October 2013, 01:04 PM
Shadow..what building was this in?

I believe it is in the north boulevard. There's a building with 3 floors where there someone wanting to open a karate dojo on the third floor. The best way to find it is to position yourself entering the city from route 14 and taking the sidewalk to your right. Is the first building you'll be able to enter and you'll know you're there because the receptionists speaks about not knowing what the building is about. Anyway, when you enter the building, take the elevator to the 2nd floor.

17th October 2013, 01:29 PM
I encountered that mysterious girl too, but that wasn't the part that creeped me out. The part that creeped me out was after she disappeared... was that there was no one on that floor in the first place other than her. O_O

In the meantime, Route 14 is less annoying to get through than Route 13, I can never seem to get off more than 3 hits with Water Shuriken, and a Psychic Gym's gimmick is apparently considered Fairy now. Fairy Badge get!

Greninja (Gamakage) - Lv. 40
Blaziken - Lv. 41
Venusaur (Laurel) - Lv. 40
Doublade (Sheath) - Lv. 41
Helioptile (Storm) - Lv. 40
Mr. Mime (Duplica) - Lv. 40

Unoriginal Badge name is unoriginal. Still disappointed that there's no freaking Dark-Type Gym after 5 generations it's been introduced.

17th October 2013, 05:09 PM
Yeah that threw me off, her being fairy. Oh. Is anyone else annoyed by fairy types popping up and nullifying your attacks when you are on a roll in a gym?

17th October 2013, 05:10 PM
Bex: such a noob xD

18th October 2013, 12:39 AM
Anistar Gym is very cool looking.

Greninja (Gamakage) - Lv. 47
Blaziken - Lv. 47
Venusaur (Laurel) - Lv. 47
Doublade (Sheath) - Lv. 47
Heliolisk (Storm) - Lv. 47
Mr. Mime (Duplica) - Lv. 47

All I need is a Dusk Stone and my team will be at it's peak. Now... where do I find one?

18th October 2013, 12:05 PM
I never did post a pic of my X&Y swag...


Got 3 posters for going to midnight launch. I just got the guidebook, will be reading up on PokéAmie and Super Training soon, will give advice ^^

18th October 2013, 01:25 PM
I've been trying Super Training. Played that Gallade one numerous times trying to get a Dawn Stone. Finally did. All because early in the game I caught a Ralts for my team who happened to be male. I figured I'd save him to evolve into a Gallade later and caught another Ralts. She happened to have a rash nature (increases Sp. Atk) and apparently a good Sp. Attack IV. Now I'm trying to get a reset bag so I can redo her EVs and make her into a deadlier sweeper to use in the Battle [stike]Tower[/strike] Mansion.

18th October 2013, 01:27 PM
Anistar Gym is very cool looking.

Greninja (Gamakage) - Lv. 47
Blaziken - Lv. 47
Venusaur (Laurel) - Lv. 47
Doublade (Sheath) - Lv. 47
Heliolisk (Storm) - Lv. 47
Mr. Mime (Duplica) - Lv. 47

All I need is a Dusk Stone and my team will be at it's peak. Now... where do I find one?

Super training or you can get one from a team flare member in Laverre post-game.

18th October 2013, 02:22 PM
This isn't exactly a discovery, but does anyone know if there's any stock behind rumors of giving tips to people increasing the chance of shinies appearing? I've been tipping 1000 to everyone and I've not personally seen any difference, but there's a chance it may be in the strategy guide or whatever. Want to know, I really want to get some shinies!

Also, I've completed the game and did so a few days ago, finished the game with a team of Delphox, Hawlucha, Charizard, Sylveon, Aurorus and Draglage! Also, I found and caught Zygarde, it was in that cave that used to be a train track. Does anyone know what's with that Chamber of Emptiness place? I went there expecting to find a legend, and it was, well, empty.

19th October 2013, 01:45 AM
Lotta stuff happened. Geosenge Town got WRECKED. Team Flare's plans are nucking futs. Xerneas is relatively easy to capture for a Legendary... and can be used in battle immediately like Reshiram/Zekrom. You apparently can't use Thief to steal Mega Evolution Stones. Friendly Rivals battle you with no break. Trekking through a forest maze before getting the Iceberg Badge. All that plus fabulous prizes!

Greninja (Gamakage) - Lv. 55
Blaziken - Lv. 55
Venusaur (Laurel) - Lv. 55
Aegislash (Sheath) - Lv. 55
Heliolisk (Storm) - Lv. 55
Mr. Mime (Duplica) - Lv. 55

I'm thinking of buying the Rain Dance and Thunder TMs for Storm because of her Dry Skin Ability before moving onto Victory Road and the Elite Four.

19th October 2013, 04:07 AM
Some of the things you just said should probably have had spoiler tags. I stopped reading half way through ><

22 hours, 3 badges, just arrived in city with gym 4 in it. Monorail was disappointing.

20th October 2013, 12:15 AM
And so... the journey is over... for the moment...

Greninja (Gamakage) - Lv. 61
Blaziken - Lv. 61
Venusaur (Laurel) - Lv. 60
Aegislash (Sheath) - Lv. 61
Heliolisk (Storm) - Lv. 61
Mr. Mime (Duplica) - Lv. 60

Took me 50:33 to beat the game. Not too shabby I must say. Onto post-game shenanigans!

20th October 2013, 05:44 AM
>.> Ima mega hunt tomorrow. Figure I can get them all in an hour if I plot my courses right and stock up on repels.. Looking up stuff on what to level up and EV spreads and junk. Realized I never EV trained any 5 pokes, so its about time I do that alongside Gen 6

Crazy Elf Boy
20th October 2013, 07:49 AM
Ok here is where I am going to document my descent into madness with Pokemon Y.

It all started at the midnight launch where I won best dressed and got a pikachu plushie.

I finished the game for the first time my team being:


Then like the fool I am I started again almost immediately and missed out on a bit of end game stuff. So I started again this time I blazed through it with:


This time however I did manage to pick up a ton of the mega evolution stones and traded them over so I can start all over again and this time I am thinking of going with:


This will be my proper run through which I will try and get everything I possibly can.

Shadow Wolf
20th October 2013, 01:33 PM
OK, so something I wanted to share with you guys. I'm pretty sure that some of you already know it, but just to inform everyone else:

Critical Capture is a concept brought in Gen V. Basically put, the poke ball that you use (with the exception of the Master Ball of course) will make a special sound/movement which will let you know when you will make a critical catch (EDIT: OK, so I just read that the critical capture can still fail. However, the chances of catching a pokemon through critical capture are higher than a normal capture). :)

Anyway, in X and Y I've found two indicators that will let you know that you are going to make a critical capture (don't think this will have to be placed in spoilers)

1-When you throw the pokeball, the noise it makes will be different. The best way I can explain it is that it will make a "whoosh" sound (I call it the "speed up" sound, since is similar to when something fast passes by)
2-After touching the pokemon and locking it, the pokeball will shake in mid-air before touching the ground.

The other indicator doesn't need to be pointed out because I'm sure you've seen it already, which is the poke ball shaking once before doing the "Locked in" click.

Anyway, just a bit of insight. Hope it helps. :)

20th October 2013, 05:49 PM
Caught my first Shiny this Gen! It was a Durant that popped out of a shaking bush. Totally surprised me as I was not looking for any Shiny Pokemon at the time nor was I expecting one to literally jump out at me. My friend said his friend had caught a Shiny Espurr. The Shinies I would like are Goodra, Delphox, Noivern, and the final evolution of Flabébé

21st October 2013, 05:32 PM
My first shiny is a Slowpoke.

21st October 2013, 06:05 PM
So far the post-game has been rather disappointing... Then again, the original games had no post-game material whatsoever, except for Mewtwo. My favorite post-game place so far has been the Battle Institute, it provided lots of BP for Single Battle with Sheath in the lead. Why are Legendaries so fricking easy to catch in Gen. 6? I caught Xerneas with 2 Ultra Balls, Zygarde with 2 Ultra Balls and a Dusk Ball, and Mewtwo with a Dusk Ball. O_O The idea of the Friend Safari is brilliant, but the execution definitely needed some work. The Looker Bureau is okay, for the most part, but like the overall plot of the game it's rather lackluster. Now, I'm mostly experimenting with Berry mutations and I will eventually experiment with the 6th gen. Pokémon. Definite ones to experiment with are the Inkay-Malamar line, the Noibat-Noivern line, and, of course, Sylveon.

Lady Vulpix
16th November 2013, 07:09 PM
I'm playing VEEEEEEERY slowly, but... I've discovered a few references to previous games, and also that some people are very generous with their trades (I got a great Kangaskhan in a random trade, and a really good Charmander at the GTS - because my previous Charmeleon's defense was so low that he would faint at the first physical hit).

I also discovered that the 3rd Gym is really easy (I prepared so much, and I ended up beating the Fighting type Gym Leader with ONLY a level 29 Snorlax).

17th November 2013, 01:04 PM
Why are Legendaries so fricking easy to catch in Gen. 6? I caught Xerneas with 2 Ultra Balls, Zygarde with 2 Ultra Balls and a Dusk Ball, and Mewtwo with a Dusk Ball. O_O

I caught Xerneas with a Repeat Ball.

Lady Vulpix
17th November 2013, 03:16 PM
I've found several things to be a bit too easy in Gen 6.