View Full Version : Friend Safari and Shiny Pokemon Questions.

8th November 2013, 04:34 PM

After having this game a little under a month, I've gotten a few questions on my mind about the Friend Safari and the shiny pokemon in it. I have since gotten two in there. A Sliggoo and a female Pyroar. Those are both decent and I'm still wondering a few things. I have found that having a pokemon with illuminate in front of the party does help somewhat. It helped to find pyroar.

1. Has anyone calculated the odds of finding shinys in there?

2. Does it matter if there's three or two pokemon in the safari? I ask because there are a few safaris with two. These are from people who do not have the game.

It seems like shiny pokemon are easier to find now. I hope I am able to find more when I have time. As it is, I only have those two plus the clauncher I got fishing and the dragalge I got in a trade.

So, what are your thoughts on shinys in the Friend Safari?