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6th May 2003, 05:25 PM
1 vs 1
I choose first
Matt attacks first
Arena: Solitude

Solitude is a mountain on the east side of Johto, that very few know of. Its peak sticks through the clouds, high above the rest of the surrounding area. The top has been flattened roughly, making a reasonable circular platform but leaving several bumps. A few stone pillars stick up along the edge. So high up, the winds change direction very quickly, and their howl assaults the ears at all times. The weather can also change without notice.

Because of the extreme winds, Pokemon can be sped up by the current or held back, even knocked out of the air from time to time randomly. The sound of the wind makes it very hard to use sound-based attacks.

Each round, the weather may change to either blazing sun, fog, or rain. This is random also.

Another thing... Falling down the side of the mountain causes 20% damage. The Pokemon is teleported back up instantly.

...If nobody has any problems with the arena, then... Go, my newly-renamed Dragonite, Spiran!

Dragonite M
Nickname: Spiran
Signature Move: Larger Than Life
Spiran concentrates energy and forms an image around its own body. This image is a representation of his own draconic spirit, and as thus will appear to be a gigantic dragon. Faced with a true dragon, no mortal creature can be as brave, and the opponent will be extremely unsettled. Thanks to this, it will be reluctant to attack the image, especially if it is small. Also, it will be extremely reluctant to go near the image, and there is a chance it will even get further away. Unlike a Double Team clone, Spiran is constantly holding up this image, and it cannot be disintegrated by attacks. However, when it is attacked, more strain is placed on Spiran. An exceptionally strong attack, or a strong attack that catches Spiran by surprise, can end the attack. While this attack lasts, it takes every third attack to continue, so basically he only gets two attacks every round. This attack lasts two rounds and can only be used once per battle.
Type: Dragon | Accuracy: 75% | Damage: 0% | See description

Dark Dragonite
8th May 2003, 09:43 AM
Ummm, I will offer my reffing abilities for this match, and don't worry guys, I will make this a #1 priority.

*chains himself to the Mountain*:wave: :yes:

Mysterious Druid
9th May 2003, 05:49 AM
If your opponet doesn't show I'll battle you.

9th May 2003, 07:20 PM
I'm here, I'm here...

Now let's see.... A flying type, eh?
Well I'll use Water Dragon! *Male Gyarados appears*

Ok, first, use an Icy Wind attack. Then use a [/b]Twister[/b]
attack. Finally, get close to him and use a Thunderbolt. Wow those attacks are completly un-original....

-Icy Wind-Twister-Thunderbolt-

9th May 2003, 07:33 PM
Sorry Mysterious Druid, maybe another time?

Alright then, down to business. Spiran, it's time to put your new abilities to the test...

First of all, Agility around most of that Icy Wind and get close to him. Then Thunderpunch him as hard as you can. Finally, Protect against that nasty lightning.

18th May 2003, 07:53 PM
Matt has requested the reffing services of Styx for this little battle of his.

Styx: Oh no you don't! I'm not reffing another of your battles. Remember what happened last time?

Smaug: *glares at him* You're not going to remember anything if you don't get out there and ref!

Styx: Hey, I don't see you reffing anything yet?

Smaug: No, that's because I can make you do it instead :P

Styx: *coughyoujustdontrefbecauseyousuckatitcough*

Smaug: *chains Styx to said mountain next to Dark Dragonite*

Styx: Oh yay, at least I can have some fun now :D

-_-;; How many times do I have to tell you not to kill people for entertainment?

Styx: Onviously not enough, or you wouldn't be here to tell me again ;)

19th May 2003, 11:27 PM
ROUND 1 – Avril Levigne fanboy vs. That guy who used to hit on me


Several weathered columns, worn away and cracked by the endless winds which forever blow through these stony limits, line the edges of what was once a vast and great colosseum upon the mountain-top. What remains of a once majestic ceiling hangs loosely supported now, while some less-fortunate pieces lay scattered about the rough floor, having not yet taken their tumble down the cliff. Upon this mountain there is no snow, as even the almost continuous fluffy sea of white is below it. Not a pleasant place to fall from, one can be sure.

A helicopter touches down brifely, just long enough for both Link 10 and Jarreddo to step out of its warm, heated cockpit and into the numbing cold. Above the shrill whistle of the wind, a loud shriek signals my own arrival upon this most inhospitable scene, having been made to ride here upon the nearly frozen wings of my Skarmory, Achilles.

Across the chilly expanse, a loud crack reaches my ears, and a plume of black smoke curves erratically off into the windy heavens. An orange glow captures my attention, and the heat of the fire all but takes my mind off of reprimanding Styx for starting it with dynamite. No, by the blackened marks across his otherwise bright red carapace, I think that he has learned his lesson.

However nice the blaze may be, both trainers know their pokemon will have to tough out the harsh conditions up here on their own. The cold depths of the ocean are nothing new to Link 10's Gyarados, but up here one thing is missing from that equation... the actual ocean. He flops around almost uselessly, able to move at no greater pace than that of a slow slither, and laboring even to accomplish this. Spiran looms over this "beached whale," so to speak, shivering in the cold and beating his wings slowly to try and keep warm.

The combatants:
Water Dragon (Gyarados M): 100%, fine
Spiran (Dragonite M): 100%, fine

Link 10: Icy Wind, Twister, Thunderbolt
Jarreddo: Agility, Thunder Punch, Protect


Despite his almost useless flopping, Water Dragon knows he is far from out of this match. He has the forces of nature on his side, to use to his advantage. His eyes glow a pale blue, and the fierce gale becomes even colder, if that is possible. Spiran takes to the air quickly, higher and higher... but there is no escaping the chilling winds. The stinging air chills him to the bones, as a thin layer of frost begins to form first around his wings, but quickly becomes visible around all of his body.

Shivering from the intense cold, he quickly doubles back. I say quickly, but he can really only move as fast as his nearly numb wings will allow him to go. The crackling warmth of electricity around his hand is a welcome feeling… now if only Water Dragon could share in it. Spiran snickers slightly, but a whirling vortex of wind catches him off balance. Nature is clearly against him here. Ripping through his body, the tornado blasts him back, dizzy and slightly disoriented. Momentarily regaining enough of his composure to realize what he should be, but apparently is not doing, he slams the glowing fist directly into the serpent’s fleshy side. He lets out a howl, and a hiss of steam escapes his body as the surge makes its way into his body, twitching reflexively on the ground.

Clearly, Water Dragon did not like that. He now prepares to subject Spiran to the same kind of torture, as his body begins to glow with the same sort of power he had just fallen victim to; but this time it is under his control. Sparks fly as it mingles with Spiran’s body, but he remains almost perfectly still, completely unfazed. The energy surge discharges harmlessly into the air and rock scattered throughout, warded off by some kind of protective shield.

Post-round stats:
Water Dragon (Gyarados M): 79%, fatigue (92%)
Spiran (Dragonite M): 82%, shivering, wings numb, fatigue (89%)

20th May 2003, 12:08 AM
All right, let's try to take advantage of his lack of mobility, shall we? First off, Thunder Wave, let's not leave anything to chance. Then Icy Wind him towards the edge, and finally Hyper Beam him off the cliff!

20th May 2003, 06:26 PM
rawr. Quick! Use a Double Team and spread the clones out far. Then use a Twister to try to send that Icy Wind back at him. Then quickly use a Reflect attack. Let's hope this works!

24th May 2003, 08:10 PM
ROUND 2 – Some dead guy vs. His boyfriend

The combatants:
Water Dragon (Gyarados M): 79%, fatigue (8%)
Spiran (Dragonite M): 82%, shivering, wings numb, fatigue (11%)

Link 10: Double Team, Twister, Reflect
Jarreddo: Thunder Wave, Icy Wind, Hyper Beam


The cold and howling wind definitely seem to be getting to both members of this little match, but Spiran is certainly feeling its effects much more than Water Dragon. Who sends a pokemon named "Water Dragon" into an arena lacking water, anyways? Shivering from the cold, and unable to move his frozen wings much as a result, Spiran plans to make his opponent suffer the same paralyzing misery he himself is going through. As he summons a pair of clones, he immediately realizes that this may not be the best place to try a trick like that... lacking any real substance, or weight for that matter, one disappears as it is blown into a column, and the other takes a nice little tumble down the side of the cliff. The real Water Dragon can only grit his teeth as a surge of electricity passes over him. He feels his muscles begin to lock up, but also realizes that without water, there is really no need for them here.

He can do just fine almost without any form of movement at all; he has simply to close his eyes and the howling winds obey him. As Spiran's own eyes glow an icy blue, snowflakes fill the air. No sooner does this icy breeze begin to blow than it is sucked up in a giant funnel cloud coming down from the heavens... Not even he can avoid the chilling sting of his own gale as the tornado engulfs him.

That didn't work... Spiran will have to try a different approach. Charging a beam of superheated plasma, he rears back and fires at Water Dragon. The Gyarados sits there, quite calmly, erecting an orange barrier of energy in its path. As energy hits energy, the barrier shatters, while the beam is refracted out into space above... I think it's on its way to Pluto right about now.

Post-round stats:
Water Dragon (Gyarados M): 75%, paralyzed, cold, fatigue (15%)
Spiran (Dragonite M): 71%, numb, movement difficult, fatigue (28%)

I screwed up my own fatigue %... it starts at 0 and goes to 100, to avoid any confusion. I simply had a brain fart while reffing last round.

26th May 2003, 11:02 AM
Yeah, sorry, but I'm leaving ASB... *forfeits* No more battling for me. *shrugs*

26th May 2003, 02:49 PM
Aww.. that's no fun :<
Hate to see you leave, Jarod. Maybe you'll come back?

I think I'll evolve my male Bellsprout now. Thanks for the short battle, Jarod.