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7th May 2003, 02:28 AM
Many people think that Pokemasters RPG forums are just an Internet site. But, when theyíre not looking, the users of Pokemasters enter a parallel universe. Where all the RPGs that have appeared in Pokemasters form a different world. Unfortunately, powerful walls created by the three creators, Bulbisaur4, Muffin Man and Ginger Cat, have separated these worlds. Things have been going peacefully, until a powerful darkness appeared in Pokemasters. A virus called ĎReaperí. Reaper has not only shattered the walls separating the worlds, but it has created many divisions of itself called agents. The Reaper has also created five agents called Demi Reapers. The Demi Reapers are far more advanced then the normal agents and were created to lead the normal agents. These agents have been slowly destroying the worlds, one by one.

At the same time, a group of users are relaxing at Fate islands, a group of islands created by Bulbisaur4. The portal back to the real world has closed and as a result, these users have been trapped in the pokemasters world. To get home, they'll need to defeat the Reaper, and restore the world.

Okay, hereís the deal. Our guys have to travel from one RPG to another, defeating the agents and saving the world. There is a Spirit in every world that if purified, will protect that world from the Reaper. Unfortunately, in order to reveal the Spirit, the group must defeat a powerful agent summoned by a Demi Reaper, or maybe even the Demi Reaper itself. The Spirit will look a bit like a crystal statue.

Hereís the sign up form.
User Name: Youíre user name of course.
A.K.A.: what youíre also called.
Age: duh
Gender: Male or Female
Skills/spells: up to 3 for starters, must include name and description.
Relations: you all know what this is donít you?
Other: Do not be afraid.

Hereís mine
User Name: Mystic_clown
A.K.A.: MC
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has long, blue dyed hair that is tied into a ponytail and brown eyes. He wears a purple tuxedo, black pants, a red top hat, white gloves, white shoes and a yellow bow tie.
Personality: He's happy-go-lucky and kind. He can be a bit of a pervert sometimes but means well. He's a bit insane and tries to be charming, but fails everytime.
Weapon: A large metal Mallet
Split Earth-pounds the ground with his mallet, causing the earth to split.
Whirl- starts spinning around with his mallet flying.
Malletmerang- throws his mallet like a boomerang.
Relations: no ones signed up yet.
Other: Keeps trying to hold a wet T-shirt contest.

Tyler and Hobbes
7th May 2003, 04:38 AM
User Name: fireguardian
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance:long black hair, shades, a black T-shirt with a flame on it, and red cargo pants
Personality:obssesed with money,girls,a bit of a show off, dumb,sometimess he can be a bit Irrational, creative, funny, scammer, charmer, most girls think he's hot
Weapon:cross bow with eternal fire on it's tips
Skills/spells:Fire Storm-creates a whirlwind of fire
Meteor Spark- opens a portal and many meteors rush out and attack the enemy
Flame tumbel- engulfs himself in flame, then bodyslams someone
Relations:no girl has signed up like MC said.

7th May 2003, 07:30 AM
User Name: Vampiric DrusillaTPM (why you ask? It says on post anyway...)
A.K.A.: Dru
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'9, shoulder-length black hair (OK, my hair's not black, but oh well, I wish it was), pale skin, green eyes, Murderdolls shirt and semi-faded black jeans. Wears 8 raver bracelets (ya know, the bright and glowy bead kind) on her left arm, and a red sweatband with a black star on her right. She's got scars all over her arms, which are semi-muscular. Her nails are almost always black. She likes to wear heavy black makeup to hide her face. Her boots are heavy Harley Davidsons that cover her ankles and have steel toe.
Personality: Pretty easy-going. She's the kind that if you don't bother her, she probably won't bother you. But her temper is legendary. Once you get her started, she's hard to stop. She'll keep going untill she or someone else knocks herself out. But she stands up for her friends and is very loyal.
Weapon: Nine-tails whip
Flame Arrow- pretty basic; flame projectile, duh...
Dark Light- hides her allies from enemies; pretty much, an invisibility spell.
Kiss Of Death- anything that her whip touches falls dead :D
Relations: Well, TPM-wise, adopted daughter of an admin, and Mike's gf...
Other: She likes guys who wear makeup. No no, not like that, like black lipstick, eyeliner, that kind. Like... the Murderdolls. *drools*

7th May 2003, 07:30 AM
~User Name: Nabooru23
~A.K.A.: Arnen
~Age: 13 (birthday is day of RPG :D)
~Gender: F
~Appearance: This. (http://www.ffextreme.com/ff10/characters-rikku.php)
~Personality: Usually upbeat and willing to help out, but has a darker side that shows itself quite often.
~Weapon: A pair of leather gauntlets with silver claws on the knuckles (Wolverine-style)
~Skills/spells: Is a master theif of all forms (lock picking computer hacking, pickpocketing, palming, etc.). Spells are Blizzaga (powerful ice-type attack *has played too much FFX*), and Ice Storm (creates a whirlwind full of hail, ice shards the size od daggers, and debris).
~Relations: Is friends with MC :wave: (if that's ok...?)
~Other: Happy birthday to me! :D

Krystalline Kabutops
7th May 2003, 07:47 AM
Hereís the sign up form.
User Name: Opaque Onigoori
A.K.A.: Opaque
Age: Umm..... 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Yellow hair, which is in the shape of Scizor's head. A gray t-shirt, with tiny spikes on the sleeves, dark green pants with spikes on the outward-facing ridges.
Personality:He likes to talk, and is hyperer then a hamster with a six pound bag of chocolate.
Weapon: A bunch of throwing knives
Slice 'n' Dice: Throws all knives at once, they lock onto the opponent and won't stop until they hit it.
Tornado of Steel: Spins around very fast, and throws knives so fast they become invisible.
Berserk: Stabs self with knives, driving self into a frenzy.
Relations: I dunno, wait for more sign-ups.
Other: He loves cheese dipped in cider. XD

7th May 2003, 06:37 PM
User Name: Moltrecuno
A.K.A.: Moltre, Molty, etc. (...or just plain ol' Teresa :))
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: A short asian girl. Need I say more? Well anyway, she's on the short side but don't piss her off or its gonna be bad. She has medium brown eyes, and wavy black hair that isn't tied up. Wears grey pedal pushers(or baggy pants, I forgot what they be called -_-; ) and a blue sleeve-less shirt that is skin tight. Yeah, aren't I cute? Oh, and if you still want a height from me, its 5'2 or so.
Personality: Very upbeat and outgoing. Loves to joke around and act sarcastic at times. She tends to mess around so much and it can get her into trouble sometimes.
Weapon: An ice blue sword that has fire and ice elemental powers that activate depending on her mood. It won't work at first, but it will later on.
Firewind~ Fire shoots out of hand like a gust of wind
Shirice~ Nails of user's hand glows ice blue and ice shoots out.
Angel Wings~ Wings appear on back and allow user to fly for a short time, or to be used as a short lived shield for the user.
Relations: TPM wise, has a boyfriend by the name of Deck Knight, and I have many friends in the forums that can kill people. :) In the RPG, not really =\
Other: Is an expert at pokemon battling anime style. =)

Shadow Djinn
7th May 2003, 07:22 PM
User Name: Dark Templar 8
A.K.A.: Hunter
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance:Looks like Zero in the white suit from Pilot Candidate or Candidate for Godess
Personality:Sarcastic when annoyed, touchy sometimes. Usually very friendly.
Weapon:http://ffgods.ffextreme.com/ffxweaponstidus.shtml The green sword ^^

Renzokuken: Hunter goes in a beserker form, and glows. With anger, he slashes at the enemy endlessly, performing tricks as he does it. (Jumpslash, spin and slash, etc)

Terra Flare: Hunter's sword is cloaked in green flames as he charges at the enemy. He slashes target, and the target is scorched harshly.

Dragon Fang.: The strongest skill. Required a lot of energy, and is used as a last resort. Hunter's blade glows and he swings his sword at the ground with a mysterious force surrounding it. A crack opens and a large dragon made of green energy appears out of the earth. Then it blasts a wave of enery at the target.

Relations: you all know what this is donít you?
Other: Do not be afraid.

7th May 2003, 09:50 PM
Looks fun.

User Name: GameWizard007
A.K.A.: GW7, Game, Gamey, or Hunter, I can also use Yomaki Since I notice someone else has my same name. (WOW)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: I have Black hair that just falls in place, Iím 5í7Ē, I wear black jeans and a Black muscle shirt, I have muscular arms, and Sapphire Blue eyes

Personality: I keep to myself mostly, but when Iím with my friends Iím a bundle of laughs.

Weapon: A Golden Samurai sword with Diamonds along the handle. The sword can Emits bolts of electricity after Practicing.

Thunder blade: The User makes a blade in an eruption of light that can cut through Pure steel. (Cant use to begin with)

Wind Sprite: A natural Power where the user can control the wind to do their bidding. For example, they can take flight by pushing the wind underneath them.

Blades of the Northern Wind: The user swings their sword at the enemy and three invisible blades of wind rush at the enemy.

Relations: My Best friend is Teresa.

Other: I'm wicked fast.

7th May 2003, 10:52 PM
...wow. I didn't this many sign ups this fast! I'll start this as soon as I can. If either Bulbi, MM or Ginger don't sign up, I'll have them as non player characters. In the meantime, you're all accepted.

BTW, Happy birthday Nub!

8th May 2003, 12:30 AM
User Name: Da'An
A.K.A.: Da'An
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Da'An is 6'2" tall with medium length black hair that is layered and streaked with a light blonde color. Da'An wears slightly flared black pants and a white top contoured to his body. He has a medium build. He wears a light, dark three quarter length jacket that drapes slightly to the back of his knees.
Personality: Although he is a loner and not used to being around many people, he is still compassionate, valiant, and tenacious when necessary. He always appears sentient, refined, and tranquil.
Weapon: He carries none, but when the time comes for defending himself, he summons a white wax wood bo. The staff is circled by a dark purplish-blue energy field that deals damage to the object(s) it strikes. The power of the bo is determined by the strength of the user, since it is a summoned weapon. If the summoner is healthy, than the bo is also nearly indestructible and powerful. With decreasing health of the summoner, the bo looses its power and is easier to destroy.
Skills/spells: Dark Matter Blast - A dark ball of energy is summoned and fired at the opponent. The ball explodes on reaching the target. *** This move can always be used regardless of the state of the summoner. ***
Psionic Surge - (Most Powerful Offensive Attack) - A Bo is summoned and its energy is sacrificed and combined with the essence of the summoner. The combined power is than formed into the shape of the summoner. With his essense and energy force rippling around him, he flies towards the opponent(s), vaporizing it/them and their surroundings into oblivion. *** Only works if the summoner is at full health. CAN NOT be used more than once, for obvious reasons.***
Life Force - This is used to heal the summoner or others to full health. If the summoner is at full health, it can bring life to the fallen.
Relations: I am sure we all (or most of us) will become better acquaintances...with time.
Other: sings * If you mess with my man...I'ma be the one to break it to ya. Got my girls, got my man. So find your own and leave mine alone. Don't mess with my man, I'ma be the one to break it to ya. Here's a little advice for you. Find your own man.

*** At NaBooRu23's House ***

* Da'An Summons a Birthday Cake and lights the candles. *
** Nabooru23 tries relentlessly to blow them out. **
* Countdown...5...4...3...2...1...BOOM!!! *
* The cake explodes onto Nabooru23 and a sexy male dancer is standing there in a thong...offering to lick the cake off of Nabs. *

HaPPy BiRtHdAy NaBooRu23 !!!

8th May 2003, 01:57 AM
Well you're in! I''l start this thing now!

8th May 2003, 06:01 AM
Wait for me!

User Name: Zeratul
A.K.A.: Maiku
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: around 6', with short dark-brown hair, green eyes; likes to wear jeans and T-shirts, and sunglasses too
Personality: Outgoing most of the time, though he sometimes clams up for seemingly unknown reasons on a random basis
Weapon: a very intricately-bladed sword, it looks like two bars wrapped around each other, one turquoise, the other white (will get a picture up as soon as it's scanned)

~Blade Slice: swings his sword hard, sending out an arched ripple of pure energy in that direction
~Energy Focus: Concentrates hard, creating an energy aura around him that powers him up and makes his hits harder
~Teleport: teleports him around (duh); can be used to span distances fast or to quickly strike an enemy from multiple sides (like Teleport from Tales of Phantasia ^-^ )

Relations: has quite a few TPM friends around, but nobody really close
Other: *is afraid* err, is really good at computer-type stuff

Pokemaster Cody
8th May 2003, 06:07 AM
User Name: Pokemaster Cody
A.K.A.: P.C.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin, wears sunglasses, white pants, blue shirt, white wristbands, and he wears AirForce Ones.
Personality: Nice, friendly, and calm but serious and concentrated in battle.
Weapon: Mithrill Long Sword

FusionHa: Ability to fuse with anyone or anything simply by touching them/it.

Hydro Pump: Can shoot large gushes of water from mouth.

Teleportation: Ability to teleport anywhere in a five mile radius

Relations: you all know what this is donít you?
Other: Do not be afraid.

8th May 2003, 10:32 PM
Well you two are accepted.