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27th January 2016, 07:16 AM
so I figure since this is my first team since Ruby I should probably see what other people think of my team. It's not specifically for battling on-line or anything like that, especially w/ all the apparently banned pokémon I use lol, but if I can get some input that would be fantastic.

Grass Knot
Held item = Magnet

Return is a filler move, sort of a finisher so I don't have to waste a thunderbolt to knock out whatever. Grass Knot for rock/ground coverage. Thunderbolt because it's a staple. Discharge is a tad redundant, but i don't have a better move at this point. I did breed a Pichu egg so I can hatch it and get Nasty Plot, but that's a plan that's far from completion.

Aura Sphere
Close Combat
Dragon Pulse
Hidden Power (Ice)
Held Item = Lucarionite

Aura Sphere and Close Combat for STAB. I know I shouldn't have two fighting moves, but I didn't see better options. I could live w/o Close Combat though. I like Hidden Power for the coverage against Flying types and some of the versatility it affords against other types. Dragon Pulse is a nice surprise against the various dragon types I feel (but am probably wrong lol).

Ice Beam
Dark Pulse
Held Item = Expert Belt

Coverage coverage everywhere lol. I tried to take advantage of Protean and give Greninja a wide range of abilities so he could be ready for almost everything, and use Expert Belt to really lay on the damage. Surf because I liked it best of the water moves he learns (water Pulse was good though), Dark Pulse for psychics. Ice Beam for coverage against grass, Extrasensory for coverage against Fighting. Probably my favorite pokémon and moveset (w/ my luck also my worst moveset XD )

Solar Beam
Arieal Ace
Focus Blast
Held Item = Charizardite Y

Flamethrower for STAB. Solar Beam when mega evolved/sunny day'ed for coverage. Aerial Ace because I needed a filler, gave a thought to switching it with Steel Wing. Focus Blast just to widen Charizard's versatility and for rock coverage.

Ice Beam
Focus Blast
Held Item = Mewtwoite Y

Psychic is filler until Psycho Cut, but a quality filler. Ice Beam for coverage and to make use of its massive Sp. Attack. Focus Blast for pesky darks. Recover because I may be old school in my thinking but I love life giving moves lol.

Oblivion Wing
Dark Pulse
Held Item = Life Orb

I know he shouldn't have Fly but he's my main mode of transportation lol. I could always just have a HM Slave though. Oblivion Wing for damage dealing/life giving move. I think it offsets Life Orbs effects nicely. Dark Pulse for STAB and w/ dark aura it's a pretty decent hitter. Psychic for coverage, but I'm not tied to the move.

There's the current iteration of my team. I am open to suggestions, but I may not be able to implement them all due to limitations in breeding (and sometimes patience lol). Please feel free to comment or criticise. If I'm way off base w/ any of my ideas please let me know haha. Otherwise, please have at it.


27th January 2016, 07:47 AM
Oblivion Wing is essential on Yveltal, Champion!:)

27th January 2016, 08:09 AM
yea it is. I would keep it over Fly any day of the week and twice on Sunday lol