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15th December 2016, 12:22 PM
Welcome, ASB, to the Items Depot. Starting now, all of your pokémon can purchase and equip hold items to use in battle and in the Safari Zone! Even the rare and elusive Z-Crystals can be found and worn! If you wish to purchase one of these fine items, submit a post with a link to the Bank Tower and I'll sell it to you. If you wish to battle with one of these items, you must say so at the beginning of the battle, and only one pokémon can have these items equipped at a time!

[Elemental] Gems
These gems have the rare ability to triple an attack's power! You can purchase one of each type, and the first move of that type used in battle will have their attack power increased. However, once the elemental gem is used, it will power down until the battle finishes.
Cost: 5 Points.

[Elemental] Rocks
Like the Gems, you can purchase one of each type (Damp, Heat, Icy, and Smooth) to increase the length of all weather-inducing moves and abilities twice over.
Cost: 7 Points.

Amulet Coin
This shiny coin doesn't seem to have any effect in battle whatsoever. Trainers using it, however, have noticed that the referees will give them twice as many points as they should've earned after winning a battle.
Cost: 15 Points.

Cleanse Tag
Useful primarily in the Safari Zone, this piece of fabric is bewitched into making it harder for random pokémon to attack you. Only powerful foes that can power through the Cleanse Tag's spell will be able to challenge you.
Cost: 3 Points.

This peculiar stone has an affinity for pokémon capable of evolution. Anyone holding onto this stone will have +2 to Defense and Special Defense throughout the battle, but only if they are capable of evolving.
Cost: 5 Points.

Focus Band
This small band increases the wearer's power of will, allowing it to survive in even the harshest of blows. If the wearer has 10HP remaining, they will survive the next attack that comes their way with at least 1HP remaining. Can only be used once during battle.
Cost: 7 Points.

Lagging Tail
Like a ball and chain, this item snaps onto the wearer and makes them unable to move with any speed whatsoever. All of their attacks will be used after their opponent, no matter how slow that opponent may be.
Cost: 5 Points.

This never-ending piece of food rests on the pokémon's collar, giving them easy access to it. At the end of every action, the pokémon will heal a small amount of HP.
Cost: 7 Points.

Life Orb
This mystical orb allows the wearer to sacrifice their own safety for power. All of their attacks will deal 50% more damage, but they will also lose HP every time they attack, even if they faint as a result.
Cost: 7 Points.

Safety Goggles
These goggles will protect the wearer's eyes from harm, making them immune to all Powder moves and damage from Sandstorm and Hail.
Cost: 7 Points.

Terrain Extender
This canister will increase a pokémon's strength of the elements. All Terrain moves and Surge abilities will have their effectiveness doubled.
Cost: 7 Points.