View Full Version : I challenge Kenji. Ref needed

15th December 2002, 04:23 PM
if/when you have a space open, here's the fight you requested.

2 vs. 2
1 week DQ
Arena: Ref's choice.

15th December 2002, 04:29 PM
Well I'm only in two battles currently, so I can accept your challenge.

I'll wait for a ref to make an arena before I choose my pokemon. I just ask that there be some water.

Also, you never said who sends out first/attacks first.

In case anyone is wondering, I'm Kenji. At least I was ^_^

15th December 2002, 04:31 PM
Oops, forgot that. I'll send out first, you attack first.

I'll wait to find out about the arena first too.

15th December 2002, 09:22 PM
I'll ref this little battle. Alright, the arena will be my personal favorite, a floating island. THe island is aboput fourty feet long and one mile thick. THe ground is hard and digging threw it is impossible. Weather threats accure every three rounds. They are random.Here is the list.

Over Cast- Dark Clouds, power ups dark pokemon and 5% Health

Solar Eclipse- Sun causes Fire types to gain strength and 5% health while Ice and grass loose strength and 5% health.

Snow Storm- Icy winds. Icy and Water gain gain strength and 5% health.

Tornado- 5% Flying damage to every pokemon

Water Funnel- 5% Water damamge to every pokemon

Hail- Takes 5% from any non rock, ground, or steel pokemon. Powers rock ground and steel up

Rain- Much like rain dance, on difference is 5% health to grass, water, and ice pokemon while fire, rock, and water loose 5% health.

Rainbow- Automatcally after rain, heals all normal and psychic pokemon 5%

Hurricane- All pokemon receive 10% damamge

Chaos Storm- Random Effects, could be beneficial or deadly.

Their are a few trees and a river running threw the island. If the pokemon falls of the island, then a herd of Scyther will slash at it until either it finds a way up[ or sacrifices 5% health for a Skarmory to save it.

15th December 2002, 10:11 PM
Okay then. I choose Audrey III (Male Bellsprout)

15th December 2002, 10:31 PM
I'll choose my Staryu, Topaz. Just hang out in the river, Topaz. You'll be much better off there.

Alright, start off with Thunder Wave. Follow up with a medium sized Substitute, then finish off with Surf. Make the land slippery, that Bellsprout should have a tough time moving around.

Thunder Wave ~ Substitute ~ Surf

15th December 2002, 10:58 PM
Okay, Audrey, while that Staryu tries to use its Thunder Wave, get your feet grounded and use a Sleep Powder. Then Clear the Skies followed by a Solarbeam. Let's see it stand up to that.

Sleep Powder~Clear Skies~Solarbeam

16th December 2002, 04:32 PM
The trainers begin by setting up their pokemon. One sends out a Bellsprout, while the other trainer sends out a Staryu, a starshaped pokemon. Both pokemon listen closly to there trainers calls. Both pokemon are clearly ready for the battle. Bellsprouts position is across the river from Staryu. Bellsprout is closer to a tree while Staryu is next to a rock. The weather above is clear, but a group of clouds are forming in the right. In the left, the moon is close to the sun. Staryu is determined as it fires a blast of electrical currents towards Ballsprout. At the same time, the vine like pokemon attempts to fire a group of powder that has the intent of putting the water pokemon to sleep. Yet it never hits, for the electrical current whipes away the powder even before it leaves Bellsprouts body. Staryu is happy as it begins to form a Substitute, one that has a pretty good ammount of life in it. Belsprout, though hurting, craises itsd arms into the air and causes the weather to be nicer. Yet those clouds and the moon are still moving. It feals great as Staryu creates a tidal wave from the river. It aims it at Bellsrpout and nails it, only leaving it minimum dammage. Bellsporut fires a blast of solar energy, destroying the substitute. As it finishes, both pokemon look up to see what the weather will do. In the east, a red strom with green lightning has formed and is moving slowly towards the arena. It is a chaos storm. To the North, a Hurricane has formed and is mopving extremly quick. It will strike very earlier next round. Finally, a Solar Eclipse may happen soon, most likely much later.

Staryu- 90% Fine.

Bellsprout- 98% Wet, paralyzed

16th December 2002, 04:50 PM
Wait, let's see if I have this right, a Grass-type took 5% damage from a Water attack with Clear Skies in effect? Either you're a major High Damage Ref, or something's not Kosher here. And Thunderwave somehow destroyed Sleep-Powder? Excuse me?

And sorry I didn't catch this earlier, but how does a Solar Eclipse POWER UP FIRE TYPES? It seems like BLOCKING THE SUN would weaken them, much like Rain Prayer. And speaking of Rain, what effect does it actually have on Water-types, and why are Pokemon being damaged by these weather changes?

I'm sorry, but you're WAY too illogical in these things for me to post my attacks without an explanation.

And weren't these weather changes only supposed to take place every THIRD round? Just checking, since the Hurricane will strike 'Very earlier' next round. I'm very tempted to ask for a new ref after all this.

17th December 2002, 03:40 PM
Altright, let me clarify a few things, then you may decide if you wish and desire a new ref, alright? Ok, first, the sleep powder issue with thunder wave. It didn't setroy it, but Bellsprout was paralyzed and couldnt' finish the attack. I don't see why thats either inplausable or not doable. If that was a major problem, i'm sorry, but i did a randominzer for Paralyse, and my randomizer told me that Bollsprout was paralyzed.

With the damage for Surf, I do see the fairness in your complaint there. THe damamge was too high and i failed to remember that Clear Skies where in effect. For the longest time i was used to "Sunny Day" and i guess thats still a habit that is dying slowly. I'll redo the damage if i'm still the ref.

Now with my map and damage and special things and what nots. Solar Eclipse, now that is a stupid mistake on my part. THeres another map thing i forgot called Solar Flare, which would power up Fire pokemon. Solar Eclipse is meant to power up Dark and Ghost. The round thing, with the hurricane, was indeed supposed to wait every three rounds, i just jumped the gun a little without even meaning too. Now, with those out of the way, i am sorry for the confusion/ maistakes. I'll redo the damage ammount and change the Hurricane to the round after if you still want me to ref. I appologize for this all.

17th December 2002, 06:31 PM
Okay, that's fine. The phrasing for the Thunderwave/Sleep-powder turn was confusing, as it seemed to say that the Thunder Wave wiped away the powder. Also, this all seems to be turn-based, as the attacks should be fired at the same time, not 'one Pokemon attacks while the other waits' and vice-versa. This was another part of the TW/SP confusion.

As for the damage, I will post my attacks when the round is redone with the proper damage.

Oh, and on a topic related to the Clear Skies confusion, Solarbeam is the most powerful Grass attack. When it's supereffective it should do slightly more damage... just saying.

And when the damage is corrected, please post a reply saying so, rather than just editting a previous reply. It will help me to know I can post my next move.

18th December 2002, 03:46 PM
alright, i gave back most of Bellsprouts health, but i did not change Staryus, because the attack only hit the Substitute. The Weather is as followed, just so you all know.

Hurricane- 3rd Round, early
Solar Eclipse- 6th Round
Chaos Storm- 9th Round

(All last for one round. )

21st December 2002, 02:47 PM
Okay, before it can Sub in again, use a Solar Beam. Then, see if you can't Wrap it up. Finish it with a Take-Down.

23rd December 2002, 12:21 PM
Heh, your Bellsprout is paralyzed, meaning Topaz will be faster.
So, start off with a small Substitute, to absorb that Solar Beam. Then, use Star Shine. Finish off with Psychic.

Substitute ~ Star Shine ~ Psychic

Signature Move: Star Shine
A small, bright ball of energy in the shape of a star forms at the end of each of Topaz' star points, shooting forward to form a larger energy star a few feet in front of Topaz. This bright energy star then shoots forward at the opponent, with a chance of blinding the opponent temporarily. Topaz must recharge for four rounds before doing this move again.

Type: Psychic |Accuracy: 90% |Damage: 15% |Effects: 30% chance of accuracy reduction