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10th May 2003, 10:03 PM
The year is 3005. You are an average teenager living on the continent of Spira, a continent found almost a thousand years ago in the middle of the southern Pacific Ocean. You go to school, hang out with your friends, etc. You pay little mind to the weapon that hangs above the mantle of your family's house. Ancient history, right?

You have enjoyed listening to stories of your family's lineage since you were a child. The stories... They were so incredible, they couldn't have possibly been real.

At least, that's what you think. All until the day when you hear news that a village in southern Spira has been desolated. Totally destroyed. You hear rumors telling of something called, "Sin." It seems like you've known that name forever, but you have just learned it recently.

You and some friends, some from your village, some from others, have decided to take a stand against this, "Sin." You leave the house late at night, taking the weapon that hangs over your fireplace mantle, headed for the last place known to have been attacked.

You finally reach the remains of what was once the town of Killika. Before you can do hardly anything, however, you and all the others suddenly fall unconscious. When you wake up, it is thousands of years in the past...

Ok, I'm only accepting LSUs for miscellaneous chars. Form:

~Name: ...
~Age: Whatever. Can be however old.
~Gender: ...
~Race: Are you human? Al Bhed? Ronso? Guado? Anything I forgot...?
~Side: Good? Or evil?
~Rank: Just put about how high up on the ladder you are. Leader and second-in-comand are both taken.
~Time: Are you from the past or present? (some people from the present also follow the heroes through time)
~Looks: Include both if you're from the present.
~Personality: ...
~Weapon: Whatever... You can only have one main weapon.
~Powers/Abilities: Not too many, 'k? This does NOT include magic, but does include summoning Aeons (put which, and cannot be Anima, the Magus Sisters, or Yojimbo)
~Black Magic: Basic spells only to start, please.
~White Magic: Same as above.
~Items: ...
~Relations: ...
~History: Please try and make it short...
~Other: ...

Here're my cards:

~Name: Rhika
~Age: 15
~Gender: F
~Incarnate: Rikku
~Looks (present): A bit tall, with strawberry-blonde hair that goes straight to just below her shoulders. Her eyes are bright green, and she wears a red-orange tank top and blue jeans.
~Looks (past): Still sorta tall, only now her hair is up in a somewhat spiky ponytail atop her head. Her pupils are now spirals, instead of round. She wears an orange-red top and short green shorts. A pair of goggles with black lenses hang around her neck. (basically, she looks like Rikku without the things on her back)
~Personality: Free-spirited, and not afraid to speak her mind. She can be a little tiny bit hyper sometimes, and if she has a problem with something, she says so.
~Weapon: Claw (looks kinda like a long, brown leather glove with steel spikes, rusty at first, protruding from the knuckles)
~Powers: Stealing (not mugging, yet), can steal parts from Machina and cause a malfunction, can operate most kinds of machinery, and can speak Al Bhed, though she doesn’t know why.
~Black Magic: Thunder, Water.
~White Magic: Haste, Cure.
~Items: Al Bhed Potions (20), Grenades (5)
~Relations: Nuya's cousin.
~History: Has lived at the very edge of the Sanubia Desert her whole life, just her and her family. She goes to school and whatnot on the mainland, and has to take a ferry to meet up with everybody else.
~Other: None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

~Name: Seth
~Age: 19
~Gender: M
~Race: 1/2 Guado, 1/2 Human
~Side: Evil
~Rank: Leader
~Time: Present
-Present: Sort of tall and slightly muscular, with spiky black hair and odd, silver-blue eyes. He wears a long-sleeved navy-blue shirt and black jeans.
-Past: Looks pretty much the same, only his hair is like Seymour's (still black), and he is dressed like him. He has silver marks on his face (again like Seymour), and abnormally large hands (again again like Seymour o.O)
~Personality: Very evil and seductive, and is very used to getting his own way. He expects people to worship the ground he walks on.
~Weapon: Staff (all black, except for the round jewel on the end, which is smoky dark-grey)
~Powers/Abilities: Summoning Bahamut, Auto-Potion.
~Black Magic: Fire, Bio, Demi
~White Magic: All the Nuls, Slow.
~Items: Potion (30), Antidote (3), Soft (3).
~Relations: None yet... Nobody's signed up...
~History: He's the son of a rich lord. His father was hardly ever around their mansion in Bevelle when he was a child, but the servants were always around, and he enjoys kicking them around. He is secretly the reincarnation of Seymour.
~Other: *summons Bahamut* *said Aeon beats Other into a bloody pulp*


I was awakened by my little brother, Yuki, shaking me awake.

"Go 'way, Yuke..." I muttered, still half-asleep. I shoved my pillow at him.

"But, but sis, there's some important stuff on the news, and Daddy thinks you should hear about it!" he sounded very pouty, typical of a child of his five years.

"Ok, ok... Just lemme get dressed, and I'll be right down..." I groped for my goggles on the dresser, but they were not there. "Hey, Yuki, can you get Sissy her goggles?" Yuki handed them to me; they had been on the floor on the other side of the room. "Now go downstairs and tell Dad I'll be right down."

"Aye, ma'am!" he said, rushing from the room.

I shook my head, grinning. I proceeded to get dressed in my favorite top and shorts, then went to see what Dad wanted.

"Ah, Rhika, you're up!" he said. "Sorry for having Yuki wake you so early, but I thought you'd like to know that... Well, the town of Killika has been destroyed," he said rather blatently.

I gotta go now, or my dad'll be on my butty. I'll post for Seth in the morning. Bye! :wave:

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
11th May 2003, 05:36 AM
~Name: Kiharu Maria Therese Ronso (whew...)
~Age: 16
~Gender: Female
~Incarnate: Kimahri. (Incidentally, in one bad fansub I saw of the game, 'Kimahri' was transliterated as 'Christopher'. XD XD)
~Looks (present): 6'8", blue fur; she's slim and has an athletic physique. Her silver hair is tied back in a stumpy ponytail, with a few strands hanging over her brown eyes. Her horn (can't remember if the females have horns, left off playing blitz for a while... help, anyone?) is ivory white, and of medium length. She has a variety of earrings on her lion-ears, and an iron ankh on a cord around her neck, as well as a linen 'ribbon' (call it a ribbon and die) on her tail. Wears a coarse belted tunic and trousers (look, Ronso mentality has advanced so that they now wear some semblance of proper clothing! xD) with the usual Ronso sandals.
~Looks (past): As above, but she now wears leather armguards, and armour like Kimahri's.
~Personality: Smooth-talking tomboy. (She needs to be one, since she gets into so much trouble.) Extremely mischievous, and there isn't anything she can't make sound grubby. She also procrastinates regularly, but she's responsible, if she feels that she must be. Her mind is so broad, you could fit three football fields in.
~Weapon: Extremely scary-looking halberd that also looks much too heavy to lift. For now, she uses a Hunter's Spear (basic halberd, no adornments).
~Powers/Abilities: Luck and Jinx, as well as Steal
~Black Magic: Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice.
~White Magic: Scan
~Items: Potions, Antidotes, basic curative items as per se
~Relations: Almost every Ronso around is related to her; she has kind of a whole LOT of cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, granduncles, grandaunts, etc...
~History: She comes from Kimahri's direct line of descendants. Ronso have long memories, so her immediate family is held in somewhat high regard. Since Kiharu is constantly getting into trouble and creating commotions, her family's lineage has come as saving grace on more than one occasion.
~Other: Don't get her drunk... please?

Mount Gagazet, with the white moon sailing lazily on her cloud boat.

The Ronso tribe were holding their nightly meeting around the fire. Every Ronso had to be present, even the cubs, who usually slept in the crooks of their mothers' arms until it was time to return to their huts. Generally, the meeting was of no consequence to Ronsos below forty because it was mostly reminders, announcements and, very occasionally, warnings.

Elder Kelk Ronso, the dunnohowmanyth, (Kiharu couldn't really be bothered to count how many Kelk Ronsos there had been ever since the time of Kimahri; must be a few billion by now, she reasoned) made out the announcements in his slow, rumbling voice. He never used one of those amplifiers that the humans had invented. Bloody traditionalist. "I repeat, Ronsos below the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the taverns. Do you hear me, Kiharu Maria Therese Ronso of the line of Kimahri?"

Kiharu, whose head had been lolling forward onto her chest, jerked upwards with a bright, innocent expression. "Yes, Elder!"

Most of the younger male Ronso population s******ed at this, and Arras, her best friend, nudged her none too discreetly. Her parents and prim older sister sighed theatrically, in perfect synchonization.

She put out her tongue at the Elder when he turned his back for a moment, but withdrew it and sat up straight in quivering surprise at his next words. "However, my next news is of a great tragedy... The town of Kilika is no more, and not one survivor lives to tell the tale of what happened."

A stunned silence seeped through the ranks of seated Ronsos, followed by agitated murmuring and talking. Kelk Ronso held up his hands, signalling for them to be quiet.

"I have heard rumours that a monster from our distant past has done this. They say, and the murmurs are rippling from all over Spira, from Bikanel and Besaid, even in holy Saint Bevelle, that..."

He paused, weighing up the chances of widespread panic, then went on, deciding to go for broke. "...That Sin has returned."

"As you all know, we, the Ronso clan, have a strong affinity with this continent. We have been here since the beginning, fought for its freedom in the black days of Sin, and one of us was the guardian of the legendary saviour Lady Yuna. We, the Ronso, know these happenings, so-called stories, to be true when all of Spira has forgotten that they once feared to set foot out of their houses because of the danger from the sea. We cannot let this go unchecked."

Kiharu stood up, completely mesmerized by Kelk Ronso's proclaimation. When she was younger, she'd loved it when there were storytelling sessions about the bad old days, and loved it even better when they had plays. "Yup! I'm headin' down to Kilika to check it out, man!"

11th May 2003, 12:36 PM
~Name: Nuya
~Age: 18
~Gender: Female
~Incarnate: Yuna
~Looks (present): A long, pointed cap over short, spiked up pink hair. Icey blue eyes and a great smile. She wears robes that fall over her metal boots.
~Looks (past): Wears more skimpy clothing, hair has been cut shorter than before, but still almost the sime height: Not very tall at all.
~Personality: Just about the nicest person you ever met. She loves everyone, and treats everyone with the same amount of respect. Very formal most of the time, but can occasionally get playful when she's trying to act happy or when she actually is happy. Undernieth her cheerful exterior, though, she worries...
~Weapon: Staff: Taller than Nuya herself, it has a large, golden sun on the end of it.
~Powers/Abilities: Summoning Ixion, Shell and Protect, Haste and Slow
~Black Magic: None
~White Magic: Cure, Haste, Slow, Shell, Protect
~Items: Elixer (1), Ether (5)
~Relations: Rhia's cousin!
~History: TBR!
~Other: Goooooood.....


"I'm going to visit Rhika now," I informed the elder, bowing low, my hat almost falling down into my eyes. They say I look like Lady Yuna, but what can I say? I've never seen the girl. I just accept thier praise and listen to them tell stories of my ancestor's greatness.

"Be careful, Lady Nuya. Night will be falling soon." I shot them a grin, bowed lowly, and lifted my robes a bit to run off, the sound of my metal boots on the temple floor making people look up at me. I just smiled and waved, and they waved back. Fame is good.

The ferry was waiting at the dock to take me to my cousin's house. I love the captain of the ferry. He's so funny, everything he says makes me laugh. But that's not why I go on the ferry, I just like to visit my cousin.

I arrived a half an hour later, so I straighted out my robes and walked to her house. As soon as I knocked, my little cousin Yuki opened the door. "Nuya!" he laughed. We hugged, and I gave him a noogie. He's a good kid.

"How is everybody?" I asked, smiling.

"There's something wierd on the news. Come watch it with us."

"...Something wierd?" Raising an eyebrow, I entered the house.

11th May 2003, 02:15 PM

A knock came at the chamber door.

"Enter..." I said lazilly, waving an arm. A servant came in, trembling slightly. I was reclined on a sofa, idly watching the video sphere. I truned my head and glared at the young man. "I do not recall asking for assistance," I said coldly.

"I-I know, milord, it's just -- I have urgent news from your father."

I groaned audibly, sitting up. "What does that fool want now?" I groaned.

"Your father has gotten word that a small town in southern Spira has been destroyed. He's been hearing rumors of something called... um... What was it? I think it was 'Sin' or something," he bowed appologetically.

"And...?" Servants... always wasting time...

"Your father bids you go to Kilika and investigate."

I sighed, rubbing my temples. Yes, it wasn't as though I had a life as well..."Fine," I said nonchalantly.I leaned back against the wall. "Well? Why are you still here?!" I shouted at the young servant. He yelped, running from the chamber. I chuckled as the bang of the door resonated off of the high ceiling. It is highly entertaining to see one's servants squirm so; very much like beaten dogs, they are.

I stood finally, resigned. If father said I was to go to Kilika, I would go. I was at his beck and call until I was old enough to wed, sadly. I gazed coldly about the room, taking in every image. My eyes rested upon the old staff hung above the small fireplace. "<Yevon knows a weapon may come in handy...>" I thought. I reached upward and carefully unlatched it from the wall.

I stared, transfixed for the moment, at the staff I now held. I had been told that it had once belonged to my ancestor, Maester Seymour Guado, and had been found after he had been murdered [OoC: Note that is only what he was told]. I blinked, snapping out of my stupor. I turned regally and strode from the room, the ancient staff at my side.


"Nuya!" I heard Yuki cry from the doorway. I stood up abruptly, rushing to greet my cousin.

"Nuya!" I cried, hugging her. "Hey, did you hear what happened to Kilika?" I asked her, suddenly serious. She shook her head. "It's been destroyed. No survivors or anything." I lowered my voice to a barely-audible murmer, "Tonight, I"m thinking I'm gonna go and check out the place, you know? Wanna come along?" I awaited her answer.

Majin Sean
11th May 2003, 07:17 PM
Hey Nab, I hope you don't mind that I changed my name to be similar to Auron

Name: Aerox
Gender: Male
Incarnate: Auron (http://www.ffextreme.com/ff10/characters-auron.php)
Looks (present): He wears a black shirt, black pants, and black boots. Over his shirt, he wears a dark blue jacket that's like the one Auron wears but it doesn't cover his face. He also has a silver hoop earring on his left ear and a slash scar on his left cheek
Looks (past): Looks like Auron (including sunglasses) only younger and the jacket still doesn't cover his face also.
Personality: Calm, quiet, doesn't talk much, but he's a born leader and helps out whenever he can, you basic type of a lonewolf
Weapon: Here, the red one in the middle (http://ffgods.ffextreme.com/ffxweaponstidus.shtml)
Powers/Abilities: Very strong for his age and his sword is very sharp, it can pierce through almost anything. He's also fast, and can strike enemies that are very nimble. Also, his sword has special abilities that can weaken an enemy's Defense, Strength, Magic power, and Magic defense
Black Magic: Thunder, Ice
White Magic: Haste, NulShock
Items: Potion (10), Remedy (5), Megalixer (1)
Relations: Has a "thing" for Rhia (if you don't mind Nab)
History: His father and mother were both killed in an accident when he was around 6 years old. Unknown to him, his father was seeing another woman and his last wish before he died was that the woman he was seeing would take him in. She did, but he never received the love a mother would give to a child. She would ignore him and all his deeds and always blame him for things he never did. One day, at the age of 12, he slapped his mother, tired of all her false accusations on him. After that episode, he ran away, living on his own and never looking back on his former life.
Other: All your other are belong to us

"Hmph...so, Kilika has been destroyed, eh?" I said to myself. I was laying against a tree branch on a large tree, out in the middle of nowhere. I had been walking along a nearby village when a random villager shouted it to the rest of the locals. Everyone had started to get frantic...everyone, but me. I had always been a cool type of person, one that never backed down from anything. The person who had spread the news said that the cause of this destruction was because of some unknown force...only known as..."Sin" For some reason, when I heard that name, I actually felt like, I had heard of that name before. Now, I was alone, thinking of the recent ocurrence of events. "Well...since I got nothing better to do with my life...why not go check out the wreckage at Kilika" I muttered. With that, I grabbed my father's sword which I took with me when I ran away from my "step-mother's" home, five years ago. It served me well ever since, helping ward off all the variety of creatures that lived around the area I was staying. I knew that I would be needing it. After that, I then launched myself from the tree branch and lightly landed onto the ground. I started walking, my destination: Kilika....

11th May 2003, 10:58 PM
~Name: Duragon
~Age: ?????? (Looks 22)
~Gender: Male
~Race: Human
~Side: Evil
~Rank: 2nd
~Time: Present
(Present)Looks like Kuja from FF9 except his hair is longer, his robe is black with red markings and
has cold blue eyes.
(Past) The same except his skin's paler and his eyes are a poisonus green.
~Personality: Cocky, arrogant and all around evil. He seems loyal to Seth and wants total
~Weapon: A long sword
~Powers/Abilities: He can control people like puppets (kinda like Malik from Yu-Gi-Oh)
~Black Magic: Fire, Thunder, Water and Blizzard
~White Magic: Cure, Esuna Relfect and Barrier
~Items: an Elixir, 2 turbo ethers and 2 antidotes
~Relations: none
~History: A mysterious sorcerer. He suddenly, appeared and offered his services to Seth. He's well
known for his ability to control people use them for his own twisted purposes. He seems loyal but
what is he really after?
~Other: Plans to take control of the Dark Aeons.

I'll do his intro later.

15th May 2003, 09:54 PM

I sighed, exiting the mansion and heading for the small airstrip out back. I was going to take my private jet to Kilika, as it was such a long ways away. The pilot bowed me in, and we took off, headed south.

OoC: Blah. Excuse the shortness. Can't really do much till Kaptain posts again...

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
16th May 2003, 12:37 AM
Kiharu Maria Therese Ronso/F/Kimahri

She was going to go to Kilika tonight. That, she was absolutely certain of. How and with whom, she didn't know. Climb out the window again, probably, since her father had found out about the subterranean tunnel under the sofa in the living room. Parents were so boring. And their path of thinking was so linear.

Kiharu opened the sandalwood chest that her parents kept all of Ancestor Kimahri's old weapons in. (Her parents had a dinner that night; they'd locked the door and taken the key with them, and her sister was at her boyfriend's hut, her perfect, law-abiding, athletic boyfriend who didn't have two neurons he could rub together and call a brain - hah!) There were millions of spears in here... she could sell them and make a bleeding fortune.

She tossed out a freaky-looking spear that must have been Kimahri's favourite because it was in tiptop condition, despite the thousand years or so that had passed. She passed over elaborate halberds, elementally-endowed spearheads, rusty, coagulating lesser spears that had obviously been bought in a hurry. Finally, Kiharu settled upon a simple, easy-to-wield halberd, that had no ornamentation. It was functional, and sparingly designed.

Following that, the Ronso opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a few Potions, Antidotes and Echo Screens. You never knew which bugger might be looking for a fight. She closed it carefully, then reached for a pencil and some paper, writing slowly as her Ronso claws were not accustomed to human-sized writing materials. It was a note to her parents, and had only one sentence:

Dere Mom an Dad, I am going 2 kilikka 2 hav a looke around.

Then, she disappeared out the window, and descended holy mountain Gagazet.
Blah... ~_~;;