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GT Ball X
11th May 2003, 07:52 PM
Here's my ultimate Warrior Deck, Glorious Battle:

Undefeated GeneralX1
Initiate SoldiersX1
Big Shield GardnaX2
Millenium ShieldX1
Total Defense ShogunX1
Sword HunterX1
Vorse RaiderX2
Catapult TroopsX1
Garnecia Elefantis X1
Gazelle the King of Mythical BeastsX1
Super War-LionX1
Black Luster SoldierX1
Zombie the Fiend Hero(or whatever it's called)X1
Magic AbsorberX1
Last Warrior from Another PlanetX1
Gaia the Fierce KnightX1
Hayabusa KnightX1
Axe RaiderX1
Battle OxX1
Mystic HorsemanX1
Rabid HorsemanX1
Buster BladerX1
Dark ZebraX1
Garma SwordX1
Nimble MomangaX2
Sanga of the ThunderX1
Gate GuardianX1
Total: 34

Axe of DespairX3
Black Luster RitualX1
War-Lion RitualX1
Change of HeartX1
Monster RebornX1
Harpie's FeatherX1
Swords of Revealing LightX1
Tremendous FireX1
The Forceful SentryX1
Nobleman of CrossoutX1
Horn of the UnicornX1
Garma Sword OathX1
Total: 18

Mirror ForceX1
Call of the HauntedX1
Backup SoldierX1
Seven Tools of the BanditX1
Magic JammerX1
Robbin' GoblinX1
Trap HoleX1

So what do you think? If you see any weaknesses, just tell me and see if there are any ways to improve the deck. Thanks.


Ultimate Charizard
12th May 2003, 08:37 AM
Way too many Power monsters there. Try and decide if you want a ritual deck or a fusion deck too.

You have a lot of tribute monsters and thats not good. Sure theyre powerfull but do you have the 4star monsters to summon them. Way too many cards too. Try and keep the deck under 50 cards.

Personally i use 25 monsters in total, only 6 of them are tribute monsters and only 2 of them are 7 star or more.
Then i use 25 M/T cards so its a 50/50 deck but it works for me. I know its hard to leave out the monsters you like but if you just throw in all your favourites you'll lose.

One hint, if you can use Labyrinth Walls over Millenium Shield, same defence but it only needs a single tribute.

Last Exile
26th May 2003, 11:30 PM

Some tips on monsters:

1. For L4 normal, get monsters with atk of 1800 or def of 2000. Some 1900s are now out in LOD, so you could try and get them.

2. pick a theme. Fiend/warrior does not work.

3. Fusion is slow. Unless you have the cards to speed it up, avoid it. But you do have the Gate Guardian, so Fusion is a viable option. But only if you focus on fusion.

4. Keep the L5+ monsters to 5 or less. Remember, they need Tributes to come out. 2 Tributes for Gaia the Fierce Knight is not worth it.

5. I like your magic cards! ;) But some changes can be made. Get a Pot of Greed, it's a cheap rare. Drawing two cards instantly is a good way to get t your Gate Guardian pieces quicker. Scapegoat could really make it easy for you to get out big mosnters and big attacks with its 4 def token effect. And you really need United We Stand. Remember, power is not your focus. Buildup and annihilate is.

6. Ditch Reinforcements for Magic Cylinder. Restricted to 1, but considering it deflects for direct damage, it can win you a game in 1 turn if used right. And you might want to consider Call of the Haunted.

7. No effect mosnters?! :o Not good. Get some. Penguin Soliders (remove 2 op monsters back to their hand), Magicians of Faith (ressurect 1 magic card from Graveyard) and Man-Eater Bugs (kill 1 enemy monster) are good. Sangan would help you. If you want a fiend deck, get a Shadow Ghoul.

So you must pick your theme. If you want to use the Gate Guardian, get some Magicians of Faith to reuse Pot of Greed or to keep enemy monsters down with Raigeki so you can get the 3 guardians.