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13th May 2003, 10:59 AM
*** This is my very first RpG so I apologize if it's not as well prepared or interesting as some others, but it'll get better in the future. I hope you like it. ***

First, a little history lesson…

Long, long ago, the essence of Planet (Gaea) died as pokemon were selfish and uncaring as they attempted to colonize Planet and abused its spoils. As a punishment, Gaea implanted herself into the core of Planet and discontinued her benevolent and generous effects to it. Planet started to change as chaos and turmoil spread. Food sources were being depleted and were not being restored. Gaea was so saddened by the pokemon’s heartless attitude towards Planet that she did not allow anything living to be replaced, once it had died or been used up. With this shortage of food and resources, every pokemon large and small gathered into their respective clans and fought for control. It was a bloody, cruel, horrifying, superfluous time in the history of pokemon.

After a decade of endless wars, three friends came together and planned to bring peace into the world again. Together, Rayquaza, Ho-Oh, and Lugia unified the world and have since been the rulers of the Pokemon world. The world was to be split into three parts, one for each of them. There were the sky, sea, and land domains at stake. The three legendaries decided to draw lots for the territories. Rayquaza went first and drew the sky domain. Ho-Oh went next and drew the land domain, and was quite unhappy for it. Lugia was left with the sea domain and happily dived into the nearby sea and swam so fast in circles, he created a small whirlpool (which is still there today) before resurfacing to rejoin the summit. Ho-Oh, awfully unhappy about her lot and desperate to trade, asked Rayquaza if he would switch domains. But Rayquaza, the ruler of dragons, argued that dragons are at home in the sky and refused Ho-Oh’s proposition. Ho-Oh kept complaining about how she was also a flying creature and should not be subjected to the ground. However, Rayquaza stated that Ho-Oh had no choice since it was her drawn lot and obligated her to control it. Not one willing to fight Rayquaza, Ho-Oh agreed.

After they agreed to it, the essence of Planet appeared before them and revealed herself. She felt sad that she had caused such horrendous tragedies to occur. She would begin first by allowing Planet’s life forces to flow once again, so that resources could be renewed and things could grow like old times. Secondly, she would give the three legendaries powers, powers to help her control Planet and keep it operating and secure. She had been watching the three for the past five years as they planned to restore Planet back to its original state. And now, she would give them powers that would enable them to do so.

First, she purified their essences, made them all eternal (immortal), and gave them the power to heal themselves. Secondly, she declared Rayquaza the primary protector and leader of Planet as his domain is the sky and it covers the entire world. She also gave Rayquaza the gift of weather regulation and negation. He would be the supreme controller of weather and could direct it as he pleased, so that there would not be one extreme. To Lugia, she gave the power to restore balance to the oceans and seas in the forms of heat, lighting, and ice. The powers to heal others and to create storms at sea were also given to Lugia. Ho-Oh was given the power to resurrect others and the power to create life. Gaea than vanished and was never heard from or seen again.

For centuries, Rayquaza, Lugia, and Ho-Oh have kept peace unending in the world that both Pokemon and eventually, Humans would both inhabit. They also referred to themselves as The Gaeans, in honor of Gaea. Then, when Mewtwo was born, he was so powerful that the Gaeans allowed him to join their illustrious group and was given some small powers to control the weather by Lugia and a small domain on land by Ho-Oh. She also gave him the power to create matter and to control and erase minds. To this day, Rayquaza remains at his palace in the sky, Lugia in his citadel in the sea, and Ho-Oh flies around the planet keeping its inhabitants secure and helping those in peril. Mewtwo stays in his domain, guarding his realm and his followers.

And now, our story begins…in a time before humans joined pokemon…

Since the beginning of the Peaceful Age known as Restoration, Ho-Oh has created many new life forms and kinds of pokemon to inhabit Planet. She has created many current Legendaries, some of which she shares powers with. They are her enforcers, who keep the planet in alignment when she is elsewhere.

Ever since Mewtwo was chosen to become a Gaean, he felt a little envious and resentful. He felt that he was just as powerful as the other three. If he wasn’t, than why did they ask him to join them? Yet all he received was a pathetic little domain and the ability to control the weather around him. And even then, it was negated by Rayquaza’s power. Although his power to create matter and mind control were quite useful. He has been secretly organizing a coup d'état against the original Gaeans and has been recruiting many followers, many of which are belligerent fundamentalists that he has brainwashed. He built a secret base of operations that no one knows of, except for himself and his followers. They plan to wage a huge war against the Gaeans and grasp control of the world in the name of Mewtwo, their ONLY valid, supreme Lord and Ruler. The Gaeans are completely unaware of Mewtwo’s treachery and go about their business as usual.

Mewtwo and his followers know that the Gaeans are immortal, but have found a means to slay them. A decade ago, a large Meteor containig a dark energy source flew into Planet’s atmosphere and disintegrated into the size of a baseball, thrusting itself into the crust of Mewtwo’s domain. His followers have been studying the Meteor since than and have kept it a secret from the Gaeans. They have found it to have interesting properties. With it, they would be able to rid the world of the Gaeans, leaving it for themselves. They called this dark energy source, Dark Matter. It negates purity of the soul and has the power to kill an immortal being, a Gaean.

Now, it’s up to you to decide the fate of Planet. Will it fall to Mewtwo and his forces or will the Gaeans find out and stop him? Even if they discover Mewtwo’s heresy, will they be able to stop him now that he has the Dark Matter to aid him?

Here are the characters. You may play as many as you are capable of handling. If you are playing one of the Gaeans or Mewtwo, don’t abuse your power too much…LoL. All pokemon of R/B/Y - G/S/C- R/S are available for use. However, there are NO duplicates of the Legendaries. For now, there will only be one of each. Maybe in a later series, the Legendaries can spawn more Legendaries...maybe...(evil laughter)

(Necessary To Start)
The Gaeans
Rayquaza - (TAKEN) Immortality, Ruler of the skies, Primary defender of Planet, and Controls weather
Lugia - (TAKEN) Immortality, Restore balance of Heat, Lightning, and Ice to oceans, Create storms by the seas, and Heal others
Ho-Oh - (TAKEN) Immortality, Ressurect others, and Create Life

Mewtwo - (TAKEN) This legendary was said to be born from Mew's cloned DNA. Due to horrific DNA tampering, Mewtwo was born with extremely powerful psychic powers. Since he was so powerful, the Gaeans allowed him to join them in ruling the Planet. Lugia gave Mewtwo the power to control the weather around him and Ho-Oh gave him a small domain on Planet. She also gave him the power to create matter, control, and erase minds. However, he can not control the minds of the three Gaeans. Also, when battling with Mew present, he can turn any enemy to stone, except for Mew. He is the leader of his vile faction (The Rebellion) and has been plotting to overthrow the Gaeans and takeover Planet for himself.

(Optional – All Legendaries were created by Ho-Oh, except for Mew)

Kyogre – (TAKEN) This Legendary has complete dominance over water and rain and can control their movement. It drizzles around this Legendary.
Groudon – (TAKEN) This Legendary has complete dominance over land and can create and move rock and earth at will. The sun shines brightly around this Legendary.
Mew – (TAKEN) This Legendary has the DNA of all pokemon and can learn every move possible. It’s said to be near the supremacy of Mewtwo. When battling with Mewtwo present, it can turn any foe to stone, except for Mewtwo.
Celebi – (TAKEN) This Legendary was given the power to control plants and can time travel.
Deoxys – (TAKEN) This Legendary can shoot lasers, has a high intelligence, and can use psycho kinetic powers.
Latias – (TAKEN) This Legendary was given the power to shape shift and is extremely intelligent. (Only female)
Latios – (TAKEN) This Legendary was given the power to shape shift and is extremely intelligent. (Only male)
Jirachi – Ho-Oh gave this Legendary the power to grant wishes to beings pure of heart.
Articuno – (TAKEN) Given the gift to bring winter by Lugia, this Legendary regulates the cold in the air and in oceans. The places it visits receives an early fall.
Zapdos – Given the gift to bring storms by Lugia, this Legendary has to ability to control storms to its desires.
Moltres – Given the gift to regulate heat all over the planet by Lugia, this Legendary can bring an early spring to the places it visits.
Raikou – Given a gift to control lightning by Ho-Oh, this Legendary runs across the continents and can fire lightning bolts at will from the clouds on its back. It is the most dominating of the three Legendary dogs.
Entei – Given the gift to control fire, this Lengendary can cause volcanoes to erupt at will. It is the most vicious of the three Legendary dogs.
Suicune – (TAKEN) This Legendary has the ability to purify any water it touches and controls water flow. It is the most graceful of the three Legendary dogs.
Regirock – (TAKEN) This Legendary was given the power to create and control rock and earth by Ho-Oh. It shares this ‘duty’ with Groudon.
Regice – (TAKEN) This Legendary shares control of ice-coldness with Articuno. The air around this Legendary is always minus 328 degrees. It can create and control snow and ice at will and freeze anything it touches.
Registeel – (TAKEN) This Legendary has been given the gift of impenetrable metal. He can polarize himself, attracting matter of metallic components to him and moving them at will. He can also become a channel for electric energy to move through.
All R/B/Y - G/S/C - R/S Pokemon are avaliable for use.

*** If any of you have any ideas or suggestions for the addition of powers to the Legendaries, feel free to post them. I had to search for these and couldn’t find anything really good on the Regis, Jirachi, or the Latis. I am open to suggestions for all the Legendaries of course. ***

Signup Form

Race: Type of Pokemon
Name: If desired, not required
Gender (if applicable): Are you a male or a female, or neither...or both?! LoL!
Age: How old are you?
Looks: What do you look like? Are you a shiny? Even more odd than a shiny? LoL! Use your imaginations.
Personality: What is your character(s) like?
History: A little history of your character.
Side: Either Gaeans or Mewtwo
Special Power: (If applicable)
Strongest Attack(s): List your strongest attack(s) and any other attack(s) your character may use/learn in the RpG. If the pokemon reasonably should be able to learn the attack, than you may use it. For example, a water poke who doesn't have Hydro Pump in its moveset may use it. But nothing that wouldn't make sense like, "Chikorita used FIRE BLAST and killed Beautifly." If you can't decide if it would make sense or not, then just stick to Gamefreak's movesets. LoL!
Other: Any information that couldn't go in the above categories.

***** *****
My signup form:

Race: Gaean Rayquaza
Name: Dahak
Gender: Male
Age: Eternal
Looks: I look like a shiny Rayquaza except where there should be yellow is instead a scarlet red.
Personality: As the ruler of the sky, he is brave and devoted to his duties. He will always try to right the wrongs but first attempts to prevent the wrongs from happening in the first place so that he doesn’t have to correct them.
History: Eons ago, with the help of Lugia and Ho-Oh, they united the planet and for doing so were granted immortality and special powers. He is the primary protector of Planet and has been doing so for eons.
Side: Gaean
Special Power: He has air supremacy and controls weather conditions. Although other Legendaries have been granted limited control of certain conditions, he can always negate them when present.
Strongest Attack(s): Hyper Beam, Thunder, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Recover
Other: He is not particularly fond of Mewtwo, but will protect Lugia and Ho-Oh, as well as Planet with his divinity. He is also the leader of Dragons.

13th May 2003, 05:13 PM
Umm.....Can I have Latias, please? :3

Race: Gaean Latias
Name: Serenity
Gender: Female
Age: Not really known...But seems to act around 17 or 18.
Looks: -.- Too obvious....Look at Serenity in my sig.
Personality: Besides the intelligence of her, she also seems slightly dark(dark depressive....mind you...-.-) and silent. She'll devote as much as she can to her leader, Dahak, and her brother, Zephyr.
History: Has not really known her origin, but was apparently created with her brither by Rayquaza...Whom she respects as her 'parent'. Has also helped with some of the guarding the planet from her time alive.
Side: Gaean
Special Power: Can shapeshift into different forms, and was given high intelligence.
Strongest Attack(s): Ice Beam, Recover, Calm Mind, Psychic, Surf(Hey! You had five! -.-)
Other: Has a friend that's named Anubis...

EDIT: Changed Dragon Claw to Surf....I like swimming dragons...^^;;

13th May 2003, 05:16 PM
O__o';; This sounds cool! I sign up now...

Race: Articuno
Name: Mannenyuki
Gender: Female
Age: 300 yrs.
Looks: I can't really describe it, but I'll try. More of a dark bluish color, with a sky blue ruff. Normal blue crest, red eyes. Silver tail. I attached an icon piccy.
Personality: Friendly and always willing to help out. However, if you make her made, she'll turn quite...cold on you. XD!
History: Her past isn't too well known.
Side: Gaeans
Special Power: Drizzle - Rain falls when the Pokemon enters battle
Strongest Attack(s): Ice Beam, Blizzard, Aurora Beam, Powder Snow, Icy Wind, Fly, and Sky Attack
Other: . . .


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13th May 2003, 05:23 PM
This one looks really good... finally got me back to RPG after all those months :D

Race: Gaean Suicune
Name: Zenae
Gender: Female
Age: Rather old… er… several hundred years, I guess…
Looks: Resembles your ‘average’ shiny Suicune, with an icy-blue coat and deeper mane. Some of her markings vary, however, and her paws are white. Her eyes are deep ruby, and her Suicune head-crest thing’s color fades from very light blue to a deep navy depending on her mood.
Personality: Very calm and collected, though she does have a mood swing on occasion. She tries to help those less fortunate than herself when possible, but will hold a grudge for an overly-long time. She tends to ‘go with the flow,’ what with being the lesser patron of water and all, but is very stubborn when it comes to things she stands for.
History: Created along with Entei and Raikou, Zenae has always been the least dominant of the three dogs, though their powers are equal. While the other two raced around the continents leaving occasional destruction, she preferred wandering from river to river, speaking to the land’s inhabitants and purifying dirty water.
Side: Gaeans
Special Power: Has the power to purify and control water and its flow ((if you don’t mind, that is.))
Strongest Attack(s): Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Ice Beam
Other: She often looks to Lugia for guidance when needed, as she has great respect for the ocean-dwelling dragon.

Shadow Djinn
13th May 2003, 06:50 PM
Race: Could I be Gaeen Latios?
Name: Called Zeyphr
Gender (if applicable):Male
Age: Uh...dunno...
Looks: Looks like a normal latios cept his white parts are kinda light blue and his blue parts are the green like a shiny latios green
Personality: Dead serious bout things, and hardly jokes aroundcept when he is in a good mood. But he s really calm bout things
When he was created, he loved to shapeshift and play. But as he grew older, he started to get more serious. Then Mewtwo welcomed LZeyphr on his side, as Rayquazza welcomed him on his. Zeyphr remained by Rayquazza's side, as he created him.
Side: Gaeen
Special Power: (If applicable)Shapeshift and be very smart
Strongest Attack(s): Dragon Claw, Luster Purge, Hyper Beam,l Fire Blast, Extreme Speed

Krystalline Kabutops
13th May 2003, 07:04 PM
Race: Mew
Name: Lak
Gender (if applicable): Male
Age: He acts twelve, but no one really knows...
Looks: He's a tint of green, instead of pink. He hates pink.
Personality: He's very playful, loves a good joke, and makes a good friend. He sometimes speaks in riddles, unintentionally.
History: He's always loved to play and frolic, and he's never held a grudge in his life.
Side: Gaeans
Special Power: He can heal himself and others.
Strongest Attack(s): Thunder, Transform.
Other: He is really curious about Mewtwo, and wonders where all that hatred sprang from... certainly not Lak's DNA....

14th May 2003, 01:46 AM
Gothic Latias : Serenity is accepted.

SmearGal: Mannenyuki is accepted.

Espeon12: Zenae is accepted. Her control of water flow is also accepted, very kewl.

Dark Templar 8: Zeyphr is accepted.

Opaque Onigoori: Lak is accepted.

*** If any of you have any ideas on what additional powers we should grant to the Legendaries, than feel free to post. Like I mentioned above, some Legendaries had more information available so they were easier to work with. The Regis and Jiraachi were the hardest to find info on. We could all just be creative. LoL ***

RaZoR LeAf
14th May 2003, 02:16 AM
Can you reserve Registeel for me and I'll post a form when I get home from Uni. Thanks.

Great work for a first time too, btw.

14th May 2003, 05:03 AM
RaZoR LeAf: No problem man. Registeel is all yours. Feel free to brainstorm ideas for some unique powers for Registeel, if you want. Like maybe Registeel should be able to control metals like Magneto or something...LoL!

All we need is a someone to signup for Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Mewtwo and we can start!

RaZoR LeAf
14th May 2003, 09:40 AM
Race: Registeel
Name: Aloi
Gender (if applicable): Male
Age: One of the youngest of Legendaries, so only about 100 years
Looks: I attached a recoloured sprite. His golden eyes and sensors glow with a brilliant light, that envelop him with light when all else is shrouded in darkness.
Personality: Calm and collected. He never lashes out or shows anger, but he has a powerful personality, and shows great determination and poise.
History: Born from Ho-Oh's magestic wings along with his brothers, Registeel felt the least natural of all the legendaries. Born as a conduit of a metal, a far cry from any of the others, all possessing a natural element of the world, be it fire, water, electric or ice and rock as were his brethren. Isolated and disturbed he turned another path and found himself alongside Mewtwo, another who was no the same as the Gaeans.
Side: Uh. Mewtwo? Is that alright?
Special Power: Can become a pole of magnetism attracting any metal objects to himself and moving them as he wills. Can channel electrical movement. Possess a powerful defencive ability, and is practically un-damagable by physical force.
Strongest Attack(s): Thunder, Iron Defence, Ancient Power

Hope those powers are ok.

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14th May 2003, 09:49 AM
Race: Ho-Oh
Name: --
Gender (if applicable): ^^ She's female! Wee!
Age: Unknown
Looks: Just like Ho-Oh... except an aura of many different colors has begun to grow around her with each passing year. Along with this, her feathers have grown silkier and glowing and with each new life she creates, a feather turns to pure gold upon her wings.
Personality: She's always been a little jealous and angry with the fact that there is only one primary ruler- instead of dividing up every thign equally and making all three of them equal rulers. Accepting her fate however, despite her anger towards this... she is known greatly as the mother of the earth, the one who created life. She loves her creations and would protect them at any cost, and acts as a mother would towards all of them.
History: Same as above story- she helped restore teh earth to order. Now she's keeping watch over the earth... and has created all life upon earth and is bent on keeping it safe.
Side: Gaeans
Special Power: Immortal, Resurrection, Create Life
Strongest Attack(s): Sunny Day, Fire Blast.
Other: Her friend named Xaiac, is one of her allies who runs about the earth to monitor the pokemon she cannot see. He's been given a gift by her to be blessed with higher power levels.

Hope it's alright if I play two chars...

Race: Umbreon
Name: Xaiac
Gender (if applicable): Male
Age: He was created as the first creations of Ho-Oh. not until all other pokemon were made, were more of those in the images of Xaiac were formed. Xaiac is the original.
Looks: Just like an Umbreon except with alterations. His rings are not gold, but actually a glowing almost swirling violet color which match his icy, silver-frosted eyes. He has thick and silky fur which seems to match his bigger, more built and powerful stature compared to most dog-pokemon.
Personality: He's very loyal to Ho-Oh, and respects the Gaeans very greatly. He helps Lugia and Rayquaza too when they need an errand to be run. He's sort of like the side-kick to the Gaeans. Although he hasn't been given a, "Legendary" status, he still holds no grudges for anyone. He's loyal and honest... and rather pleasant to be around since he isn't as serious as most.
History: First pokemon to be created by Ho-Oh, he's been living through out the ages with Ho-Oh... although he has not been given any gifts of Immortality, Ho-oh and kept him alive and very fit. He's been running errands and helping keep order in the earth as well. He's extremely peaceful as well and tends to be optimistic.
Side: Gaeans
Special Power: His level is much higher than you woul dnormally see- a gift given to him by Ho-Oh with permission of the other Gaeans and he has psychic dna embedded into him. But he's really peaceful, and tries to avoid conflict at all costs.
Strongest Attack(s): Shadow Ball and other dark combinations.
Other: A special benefit of him is that he's part psychic- which is intermixed into his dark attacks.

Hyperness is a Good Thing
14th May 2003, 10:26 AM
*start bouncing up and down* prettyprettyplease can I play Lugia?

Race: Lugia is Lugia.
Name: Shardyr
Gender (if applicable): n/a
Age: Immortal and eternal
Looks: http://www.dltk-kids.com/pokemon/adoptions/lugia.gif Not sure if you can see it though
Personality: Loves the ocean and the seas..... Quiet and soft-spoken, often tries to be as diplomatic as possible. Reserved, and always would rather think rather than fight. However, he has a cold, raging temper when aroused or provoked too badly.
History: *points to the storythingy*
Side: Gaean
Special Power: Restores balances of heat, lightning and ice to oceans, creates storms
Strongest Attack(s): Hydro pump, Blizzard, Psychic(can I?, if not Hyper beam then), Recover
Other: Nil

14th May 2003, 12:15 PM
RaZoR LeAf: Aloi is accepted. Kewl powers.

Bulbasaur4: Hi Bulby..long time no see. ^_^ Ho-Oh and Xaiac are both accepted. I know you can handle two characters, so no problem.

Hyperness is a Good Thing: Shardyr is accepted.

Wow...thanks for signing up everyone. We're almost to the point of starting now. I just need someone to play Mewtwo's role and we can start. Maybe some other RpGer's can also sign up to take on more villianous roles.

Pokemaster Cody
14th May 2003, 12:29 PM
Race: Mewtwo
Name: Mew2
Gender: I honestly say Male
Age: Unknown
Looks: Normal Metwo, only a black tail and the skin is a dark blue
Personality: Mean, evil, uncaring, harmful, etc.
History: Worked with the legendaries for a while
Side: .......Mewtwo
Special Power: Can Control the Weather.... I also would like to note that he can create stuff and he can control and erase minds.
Strongest Attack(s): Psychic, Fire Blast, Blizzard, and Thunder
Other: None

My Group: Team Rebellion (lame)

Note: There is only one other person on my side.

14th May 2003, 12:43 PM
Pokemaster Cody: Mewtwo is accepted. I can add those powers to his list. Only RaZoR LeAf and you so far for villains...we can wait to see if anyone else will sign up to play as villains. Remember though, you have a "faction" that you can use. You don't have to make signups for any of them. You can just order them to carry out your duties in the RpG. I suppose if you had one or two that are extremely significant, than you should post for them, but other than that, don't worry about it. Plus you have that 'wierd' Dark Matter on your side. heheh

14th May 2003, 03:38 PM
Age:I say...1000!
Looks:Black and orange rocks.The rest is normal.
Personality:Has a confident personality,and a MIGHTY HOT TEMPER!
History:After being born,he started to construct...rocks.He did not know which side he would be on,but he found the path of light,and joined the gaeans.
Special power:Has the ability to lift rocks,control rocks,and make rocks.
Strongest attack(s):Superpower,rock throw,ancient power,curse.

14th May 2003, 06:37 PM
Um...Is it okay if I make a little 'ally' of Serenity, too? :3

Race: Houndoom
Name: Anubis
Gender: Male
Age: Also unknown....But acts around 19.
Looks: Like your average Houndoom, only his fur is a navy-blue color and the bone-like jewelry...stuff...is silver(that's a shiny for ya...;)).
Personality: Is pretty much like Serenity, only that he's more outgoing and brave. Seems loyal to both Serenity and her 'parent'. Will sometimes lie to get out of a situation, but will be honest around Serenity.
History: Was created from the flames of Ho-Oh as the first Houndour...He seemed lonely and went outside of the area of Ho-Oh's and journeyed to Mewtwo's area...and nearly got himself killed. Serenity rescued him, and they've been friends ever since. Even after he evolved into Houndoom, he didn't change his views of Serenity.
Side: Gaeans
Special Abilities: Nothing....Just nothing...
Strongest Attack(s): Flamethrower, Crunch
Other: His best friend is Serenity...^^

14th May 2003, 08:39 PM
Race: Groudon
Name: Chaos
Gender: Male
Age: Old...
Looks: Blue... :D (look at the link below)
Personality:[/b] Ver dark and unkind...often called the Pokemon of Misery.
History: Chaos Was never accepted by the Gaeans...nor did he ever want to, so He joined Mewtwo and wreck havoc on anyone and anything he pleased.
Side: Mewtwo
Special Power: Changes the Weather to strong sunlight and boosts every stat when weather is sunny, This Legendary has complete dominance over land and can create and move rock and earth at will. The sun shines brightly around this Legendary pokemon.
Strongest Attack(s): Earthquake, Solar Beam, Fire blast, Hyper beam,Recover.
Other:Chaos is blue becuase his body is so hot that it emits blue flames instead of red/orange.

[attachment deleted by admin]

14th May 2003, 09:53 PM
Is it all right if I create a new pokemon?...

Race: Celebi
Name: Pyne
Side:: Gaea's faithful
Gender: Male
Age: one Eternity, but acts about 27.
Looks: Looks like a typical Celebi, only his antennae are longer than normal, and his eyes are a deep shade of green, rather than blue. His face is usually more stern than you would expect. For a little fairy dude, he's got quite a bit of attitude.
History: Pyne is one of Gaea's faithful, immortalized for his loyalty. He, along with his younger sister, was sealed away with Gaea during the age of chaos. Now, he has been sent by Gaea as an emmisary and representative of her power. He has a link to the soil of the earth and can grow plants at will. Pyne is a dark, serious individual who has honed his powers in the eternity he had to practice using them. He still had his flukes, though. Shadow is quite agressive but can keep his cool even in some pretty tense situations.
Special Power: Can cause soil to sprout plants and have them grow at a furious rate. For instance, he can have the ground sprout vines to entangle enemies. His powers are weak to fire and ice, though.
Strongest attacks:Solar Beam, Psychic, Giga Drain, Synthesis, Slash
Other: Pyne has a younger sister named Willow

Second Character
Race: Celebi
Name: Willow
Side: Gaea's faithful
Gender: Female
Age: An eternity, but acts about 19
Looks: Is an Amber Celebi (Alternate-Color). She carries a lot of leaves with her and her eyes are a pleasent hue of Red. Her eyes also possess the famous anime "Eyelashes" that most female chaarcters possess.
Special Powers: Has the ability to cause something to bloom, as well as possesing advance healing abilities, normally through aromatherapy that she can create with the various spices her leaves contain.
History: Willow is the little sister of Pyne, two of the few who were faithful to Gaea before she left the earth on its own. Because she was so loyal, she was given immortality and other abilities for her faith. With her brother, Pyne, Willow acts as a representative for Gaea, and the two are seldom seen apart. While Pyne is more combative, Willow is a more passive individual who has a kind streak, believing that everyone deserves a second chance. She dislikes fighting and has devoted her energies more towards healing others.
Most Powerful Attacks: Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Petal Dance (Doesn't become confused), Feather Dance, Wish
Other: She has an older brother named Pyne.

14th May 2003, 10:21 PM
~Race: Kyogre
~Name: Neptune
~Gender: M (let's just say that... yeah...)
~Age: Em...
~Looks: Normal Kyogre, only the tail thingies on his back flash rainbow colors, and his eyes are deep blue instead of black.
~Personality: Very calm and reserved, and often comes up with practical solutions to problems. He's the kind of Pokemon who can casually watch as something catastrophic happens, than later say, "Oh, it wasn't that big a deal." He is very hard to anger, but when he does, hope that you are very, very far away.
~History: Later... TBR...
~Side: Gaea
~Special Power: The water-and-rain thingy...
~Strongest Attack(s): Hydro Pump, Thunder, Surf, and Water Pulse.
~Other: *blows bubbles* Is often seen in the company of Blaize.

Can I pwease have two cards? *bats eyelashes* I promise I'll be good... Otherwise I'll just have Nepty...

~Race: Torchic
~Name: Blaize
~Gender: F
~Age: 8 (in Pokemon years)
~Looks: A normal Torchic, only is a lighter shade of orange, and the feathers on her head/wings are orange-red.
~Personality: Veeerrrrry hyper, and is often happy to the point of being obnoxious. She makes friends easilly, and is rarely ever sad. She is also very sensitive to others' feelings, and is relentless in trying to cheer people (Pokemon, actually XD) up. She holds grudges for a very, very long time.
~History: Later. TBR.
~Side: Gaea
~Special Power: Flames are bright orange and yellow. She can also make the air for about 20-30 ft. around her very hot, like a sauna, but only for a short time.
~Strongest Attack(s): Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Peck, and Fury Swipes.
~Other: Hangs out with Neptune, despite their type differences... And she calls him "Nepty," much to his dismay.

14th May 2003, 11:18 PM
Dogman: Rocker is accepted. Maybe you could be a villain...since we are somewhat short of those...LoL...but it's your choice. ;)

Gothic Latias: Of course Anubis is accepted. :yes:

Seta: Chaos is accepted and thanks for being a villain. :P

Kohdok: I would rather you stick to the Pokes' that are available as that is what everyone else had to choose from. It wouldn't be fair if I allowed you to create your own strain of pokemon when everyone else had to choose from the set list. There are over 300+ pokemon available, so I am sure that you can find one likable enough to use in the RpG. It doesn't have to be one of the Legendaries posted, nor does it have to have special powers. But, if you want a power wielding poke, than Pyne has similar powers that Celebi would possess and Willow could be the passive Jirachi with some healing powers plus the wish granting, minus the Grass/Dragon. Sound good? :D

Nabooru23: Neptune and Blaize are both accepted. :)

All right everyone...looks like we can start this thing soon. I'll start it tomorrow ok? Thanks for signing up! 8)

14th May 2003, 11:33 PM
The mewtwo side is sooooooo outnumbered.:P

14th May 2003, 11:42 PM
The Mewtwo faction is outnumbered by Legendaries yes...but the "faction" means that he is leading a revolt with many pokemon backing him up. It's just no one wanted to play those 'regulars'. Anywhoo, Mewtwo can incorporate them into his plot without posting a signup for them. Same goes for you...unless the 'regulars' are significant...like they appear in every post...than you'll have to post a signup for them.

14th May 2003, 11:48 PM
Or we(the mewtwo side) can take the rest of the legendarys...but i dont feel like making a bio for them(im lazy:P ). I dont know how much i'll be using them aside from Groudon though...so i dont think they'll be major characters...for instince, Moltres and Entei can be Chaos'(Groudons) minions.

14th May 2003, 11:57 PM
Moltres is actually one of Lugia's minions...but it can turn on poor Lugia...LoL...makes for interesting storylines. Don't forget...you guys have an alien energy source helping you. :o

Deoxys can be a villain also, besides Entei. It is a space virus exposed to radiation...perhaps from the radiation of the meteor. Maybe the meteor picked up the virus in space and mutated it so that when it landed on Planet, Deoxys came into being. Than Mewtwo can find Deoxys and make it join his side. :o

15th May 2003, 05:17 PM
How about two Celebis? One green, one amber (Alternate-color for Celebi)

I would like the two to be related...is this okay? now, Jirachi does slightly remind me of Celebi, but I think two Celebi's would make more sense if I said that they were related. (Plus, Jirachi is from outer space...)

Pokemaster Cody
15th May 2003, 06:18 PM
Race: Rejice
Name: Iceman
Gender : .......
Age: ???
Looks: A purple Rejice
Personality: Serious and determined to fight against those who hold power above all.
History: Originally worked with the Gaeans, but was injured by a horrific onslaught in which Lugia and Rayquazza fought, later felt a burning need for revenge.
Side: Mewtwo
Special Power: Anything it touches with its hands turn to ice, and the temperature is always low around it.
Strongest Attack(s): Ice Beam, Blizzard, Superpower

Race: Charizard
Name: Ignion
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Looks: A black body and a red tail, black flame, red eyes.
Personality: Likes to play jokes and pranks and hardly ever is thinks in battle..
History: Was born to be a fusion between an Umbreon and Charizard but it messed up, and this caused his hate to humans and those of the Gaeans
Side: Mewtwo
Special Power: None
Strongest Attack(s): Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Fire Punch, Crunch (from Umbreon)
Other: Has some dark abilities: Resistant to Psychic

I'll post a little more later.

Pokemaster Cody
15th May 2003, 06:32 PM
Race: Deoxys
Name: Malice
Gender: Good question...
Age: Technically, 5, but has the mind of 1000 year old
Looks: Well, I guess I virus can't look that different.
Personality: Completely mute and has no expression or feelings
History: Was created in a flash and killed all humans he found. Has no regret for his actions
Side: Mewtwo
Special Power: Can shoot lazers and hack into any computer formulated data, also has psycho kenetic powers.
Strongest Attack(s): Psychic, Fly, PsyBeam, Recover
Other: Has no idea what his attacks are.

Race: Feraligatr
Name: Jaws
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Looks: Red skin with green stripes.
Personality: VERY talkative (hence, his name) and loves to use his mouth, in and out of a fight.
History: Trained under a team rocket trainer and eventually decided to join Mewtwo and killed his trainer.
Side: Mewtwo
Special Power: None
Strongest Attack(s): Surf, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Bite, Crunch
Other: None

Race: Alakazam
Name: Psych
Gender: Male
Age: 78
Looks: A silver Alakazam with a beard down to his feet.
Personality: Grumpy and usually unhappy. However, he is very wise.
History: Spent 70 years studying the human race, the mind, and the world and came to a cunclusion on who to join sides with.
Side: Mewtwo
Special Power: Nonw
Strongest Attack(s): Psychic, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Recover
Other: None


16th May 2003, 02:43 AM
Kohdok: That is fine...but you are the only one that I am allowing to have duplicate copies of a Legendary. Just make something like Ho-Oh goofed somewhere and accidently made two Celebis or something along that line. :P

Pokemaster Cody: Iceman, Ignion, Malice, Jaws, and Psych are all accepted. However, since we are in the time period BEFORE Humanity existed alongside Pokemon...if you could fix your signup when we get started, that'd be kewl. :yes:

I apologize for the delay. I was rather busy Thursday so I will get this RpG started later today, Friday. :D

16th May 2003, 11:35 AM
Meep, got room for one slightly late sign-up?

Race: Flareon
Name: Jyotika aka Jo
Gender (if applicable): Female ^^
Age: umm, young adult
Looks: Bright fire engine red pelt with her mane and tail a mix of red, yellow, orange, and white flame patterns. She has almond shaped emerald eyes and black wavy lines under her eyes, down her cheek, and over her body.
Personality: Cold, aloof. Not exactly anti-social, but she trusts very few people. She's a very practical flareon and calls it like she sees it. She's also very smart in the technical sense but lacking in other areas.
History: Unknown but very tramatic
Side: Mewtwo
Special Power: I'll just go with the gamefreak moveset (which I'll look up later)
Other: Nothing much.

16th May 2003, 12:11 PM
E_Eevee: Jyotika is accepted. LSU's are always accepted for this RpG, so don't worry. :D

Alrighty! I am starting this RpG NOW! :yes: