View Full Version : Does card color influence you?

White Gryphon
19th May 2003, 02:00 PM
I posted an article here (http://www.pokemonlabs.com/tcg_strategy_help_comments.php?id=P119_0_8_0_C) that describes how I think picking out what colors appeal to you best could help you keep your focus while playing. I personally have a problem using Fire and Electric cards because the color of the cards gets me excited, and I don't function well when excited.

I wanted to post a poll about it here to see what other people thought, and since it's mainly focused around the Pokemon TCG, I posted it in the TCG forum. If any mod feels that it belongs elsewhere, they may move it to the proper forum without hearing a single complaint from me.

20th May 2003, 05:51 AM
Yeah it does, a little. Simple reason being that i like darkness pkmn cuz its dark, and dark=evil=niiiice >:D

Seriously, i juz like darkness simply becuz. No specific reason.

And juz so u know, my wardrobe is 95% black or white, lol. Im a boring guy to look at.

21st May 2003, 12:33 AM
When I did play the TCG, the colors didn't have very strong themes. Sure, Grass had poison, Fire discarded energy for some attacks, but I never saw giant differences in the different energy types that gave me a preference of one over the other.

Maybe that has changed since I left, but I highly doubt it.

26th May 2003, 08:38 AM
Well, I have my fav type from playing the game, and that was grass/poison, so I mostly play green decks in the tcg.
And my second choice are colorless decks, if you can classify that as card color.
The colors I don't like playing are brown (no status, no fun), and red (discard energy etc).