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19th May 2003, 08:50 PM
To celebrate the 500th post of the CCCC, the staff of CCCC is proud to open the very first games of the Crystal Caves.

How could this be happening to such a peaceful place as this?…

It was an earthquake. The ground rumbled, shook in an angry rage. I fell to the ground, the vibrations knocking me over. I looked over to Matt, who was also bewildered as I was about what was going on.

It always was such a peaceful place…a sanctuary…I would have never thought this would happen here…

Slabs of rocks…the ceiling of the caves, were falling around us, crumbling to pieces as the stones crashed to the ground. The stalactites fell downward, and stuck to the ground darts on a dart board. We quickly got up and ran through the caves, trying to get to safety. I dodged the falling slabs and through the corner of my eye I could see Matt doing the same. Quickly, we dashed down the halls.

A quick turn to the left, a short dash down a hall, sharp turn right, and finally…we made it to a dead end. We turned back, but just then, the ceiling crumbled in front of us and we were trapped. I leaned on the solid wall and sighed, thinking of our impending doom when Matt told me to come over. He pointed at the wall and I put my hand on it, feeling the wet cracks on the wall that was dripping out water. We heard more creaks and the cracks were getting bigger, until the rocks exploded toward us, the water breaking through the no longer solid barrier and sweeping us away as it broke down the rubble…

When we awoke, we found ourselves at the mouth of the caves…the beginning…the place we started. It was like a miracle, months living in a section of boat, miraculously surviving those months…and then being saved by the Dratini and brought here, to what looked like our safe haven. Now, it was a refuge ground. All of the inhabitants of the Crystal Caves were huddled in this one location. I got up and felt the crystal walls. The walls here gave these caves their name. The walls vibrated, but seemed to absorb the shock waves, the cracks in the gems obscuring light going through them.

I looked back, and saw Matt sitting near the water, his attention devoted to staring at the water. I walked over to see what was up and found that the water was filled with Pokemon, hiding, just like us. There were Seels, Goldeen, Horsea, Tentacruel, Remoraid, Chinchou, and even Mantines! The little ones whined and whimpered, scared of whatever was happening out side. ”There’s something out there…” I thought.

So it was decided, we were going to go out there and see what’s up. So Matt, Danny, Jay, and I donned scuba diving suits and plunged into the water. We swam out, through the clear aquamarine water, and were amazed at what we saw. It was a swarm of Gyarados, speeding past the caves, scratching and ramming the sides of the caves as they hurriedly passed through. “But why…” I thought to myself. ”Why…” But why was the least of our worries. We looked at the hole in the walls and the cracks that were already there, ready to burst at any moment. If that happened…it would be the end of the Crystal Caves…


The Tremor Games

Welcome to the first tournament in the History of the Crystal Caves! The Tremor Games! As an inhabitant of this wondrous paradise, you feel obliged in saving your home, and are ready to dive into that cold water and swim out to battle those Gyarados and divert them off away from causing the beautiful caves any harm.

As like the Avenger Games, and the recent Dragon Games, the Tremor Games will work in the same system. The host will post a scenario and a Pokemon to face and you shall do your best in writing a battle for that scenario. As more people sign-up, you will be paired up with other competitors and compete in your skill of writing. Now, for some rules.

1) Only Captured Pokemon that were caught at the Crystal Caves Capture Center or caught at Pokemon Avengers but approved at the Crystal Caves may participate.
2) As stated above, you will be matched up with another participant and be given an opponent to battle in a scenario. Whoever writes the best battle will proceed to the next round. Pokemon will be awarded an amount of levels and CCPs for the quality of the piece. The better quality, the more levels and CCPs awarded.
3) The amount of Pokemon used in this tournament will be decided when the amount of participants are totaled.
4) The winner of the Tremor Games will receive one Dratini and 100 CCPs as their award. Second Place shall receive an Elemental Larvitar and 50 CCPs. Third Place will receive one Master Ball and 25 CCPs. All participants will recieve a rare, one-time release only TM.

So now, sign up! State your name and sign up two Pokemon beforehand. If the amount of Pokemon that will be needed for the competition does increase, we will ask you to post more. Also, use this format.

Pokemon 1:
Pokemon 1’s Nickname:

Pokemon 2:
Pokemon 2’s Nickname:

Note: Remember to replace the "<" and ">" with "[" and ']"

Good luck.

NOTE: The Sign-ups will officially close Saturday, May 31 at Midnight Pacific Standard Time. All sign-ups sent in after that time will not be guarenteed a spot in the games.

1. Reptillius Pyrus
2. classy_cat18
3. Nala98
4. Darkprincess
5. Faithless
6. Link 10
7. DarkDragonite
8. SneaselReborned

Reptilius Pyrus
19th May 2003, 09:47 PM
O_O Dratini!!!

Name: Cora
Pokemon 1: Eevee
Pokemon 1’s Nickname: Moon
Level: 5
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Flail

Pokemon 2: Oddish
Pokemon 2’s Nickname: Sela
Level: 14
Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent, Poisonpowder, Ingrain, Giga Drain

Question: Will we be getting a free TM for each battle like in the Avenger Games?

Also: Can we use another of our Pokemon for Surfing and such? Neither of my entered Pokemon can swim. So if they're going to be fighting Gyarados, can I use my Snorlax to swim them out there?

19th May 2003, 09:52 PM
Originally posted by Reptilius Pyrus
O_O Dratini!!!

Name: Cora
Pokemon 1: Eevee
Pokemon 1’s Nickname: Moon
Level: 5
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Flail

Pokemon 2: Oddish
Pokemon 2’s Nickname: Sela
Level: 14
Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent, Poisonpowder, Ingrain, Giga Drain

Question: Will we be getting a free TM for each battle like in the Avenger Games?

Also: Can we use another of our Pokemon for Surfing and such? Neither of my entered Pokemon can swim. So if they're going to be fighting Gyarados, can I use my Snorlax to swim them out there?

The TMs will TBA at the beginning of each round. And yes, you can use your Snorlax to swim them out :D...either that...or they get their own Pokemon scuba gear :D (waits for the crowd to do an "awww...how cute" lol).

EDIT: *disables smileys* Also, thanks for signing up :D.

19th May 2003, 10:01 PM
Name: Shonta
Pokemon 1: Noctowl
Pokemon 1’s Nickname: Wiseguy
Level: 4
Attacks: Tackle, Peck, Hypnosis, Foresight, Dream Eater

Pokemon 2: Scyther
Pokemon 2’s Nickname: Jade
Level: 11
Attacks: Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Fury Cutter

19th May 2003, 10:02 PM
Name: Amy
Pokemon 1: Umbreon
Pokemon 1’s Nickname: Shadow
Level: 24
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Psychic, Growl, Pursuit, Body Slam, Hidden Power Fighting, Bite, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Double Team, Helping Hand, Quick Attack

Pokemon 2: Meowth
Pokemon 2’s Nickname: Oliver
Level: 6
Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Hypnosis, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Dream Eater

Reptilius Pyrus
19th May 2003, 10:08 PM
Originally posted by pokemasterfrank
The TMs will TBA at the beginning of each round. And yes, you can use your Snorlax to swim them out :D...either that...or they get their own Pokemon scuba gear :D (waits for the crowd to do an "awww...how cute" lol).

EDIT: *disables smileys* Also, thanks for signing up :D.

Ok, thanks for the info.

I hope I'm not against Amy again.... *gulp*

20th May 2003, 07:04 AM
Hmm..I was never in the Avengar Games so I think I'll try this out

Name: Rachel
Pokémon 1: Salamence
Pokémon 1's Nickname: Dieu
Level: 25
Attacks: Rage, Bite, Leer, Headbutt, Focus Energy, Ember, Dragon Claw, Earthquake and Hydro Pump
Trait: Intimidate

Pokémon 2: Mightyena
Pokémon 2's Nickname: Akuji
Level: 18
Attacks: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Yawn and Aerial Ace
Trait: Intimidate

EDIT: Also, if any of our Pokémon gain any levels or learn new attacks before the games offically begin do we just edit the posts to show the small change?

EDIT 2: Forgot their traits

20th May 2003, 06:30 PM
Originally posted by DarkPrincess
Hmm..I was never in the Avengar Games so I think I'll try this out

Name: Rachel
Pokémon 1: Salamence
Pokémon 1's Nickname: Dieu
Level: 25
Attacks: Rage, Bite, Leer, Headbutt, Focus Energy, Ember, Dragon Claw, Earthquake and Hydro Pump

Pokémon 2: Mightyena
Pokémon 2's Nickname: Akuji
Level: 18
Attacks: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Yawn and Aerial Ace

EDIT: Also, if any of our Pokémon gain any levels or learn new attacks before the games offically begin do we just edit the posts to show the small change?

Yes, but if you don't get it in at Midnight, May 31 PST, then it doesn't count.

20th May 2003, 06:50 PM
I was going the ask the same question as Rachel, so that's cool :)

Name: Jay/den

Pokemon 1: Kingdra (F)
Pokemon 1’s Nickname: Sheba
Level: 15
Attacks: Bubble, Smokescreen, Leer, Water Gun, Ice Beam
Trait: Swift Swin (When Rainy, Speed Doubles)

Pokemon 2: Flygon (M)
Pokemon 2’s Nickname: Faith
Level: 25
Attacks: Bite, Sand Attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb, Dragon Claw, Giga Drain
Trait: Levitate (Damage dealing Ground-type moves have no effect)

21st May 2003, 04:38 PM
Name: Matt
Pokemon 1: Medicham (F)
Pokemon 1’s Nickname: Medicham
Level: 16
Attacks: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Bide, Meditate, Confusion, Detect, Dynamic Punch, and Hyper Beam.

Pokemon 2: Flygon (F)
Pokemon 2’s Nickname: Flygon
Level: 23
Attacks: Bite, Sand Attack, Faint Attack, Fire Blast, and Earthquake.


22nd May 2003, 03:26 PM
Oh man, poor Wiseguy's not going to have a chance! Can I switch him for my newly caught Starmie?

22nd May 2003, 07:55 PM
Originally posted by classy_cat18
Oh man, poor Wiseguy's not going to have a chance! Can I switch him for my newly caught Starmie?

Umm...I'm going to have to say no :/. You signed up with these Pokemon, so I don't think so :/. You can add a Starmie in if it turns out you need a third Pokemon. Besides, Wiseguy will be fine. Its not like you'll be facing off against people's Pokemon, just their writing skills :D.

Dark Dragonite
26th May 2003, 01:07 PM
Well, all my writing will be dark right now, but atleast i don't have to face Frank in the Semi-finals :p

Oh, can we make the genders of our foes up as we go please??

Name: Steve

Pokemon 1: Raichu (M)
Pokemon 1’s Nickname:Ryu
Attacks:Surf,T~Shock,Charm,Doubleslap,Thief,Tail whip,T~Wave, Sweet kiss,Quick attack,Swift,Dynamic punch,Iron Tail,Double Team,Thunderbolt,Body slam,Rain dance

Pokemon 2:Gengar (M)
Pokemon 2’s Nickname:Spooky
Attacks:Lick,Hypnosis,Spite,Mean look,Haze,Dream eater,Dynamic punch,Double Team,Megadrain,Metronome,Curse

Edited in pokemon!!
Same as Avenger Games, I know...

26th May 2003, 07:30 PM
Name: Sneasel or SR

Pokemon 1: Poliwrath (F)
Pokemon 1’s Nickname: Wrath
Level: 14
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Amnesia, Belly Drum, Body Slam, Rain Dance, Double Slap, Water Gun, Hypnosis, Bubble, Mind Reader, Dynamic Punch
Ability: Water Absorb - Heals 1/4 of damage done when hit by water attacks

Pokemon 2: Swablu (F)
Pokemon 2’s Nickname: Swabby
Level: 19
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Sing, Astonish, Fury Attack, Aerial Ace, Ice Beam
Ability: Natural Cure - Status is healed when switched out from battle

Is that Poliwrath correct? My pokedex says that I level 14 one has all those moves, but i dunno. >_<. Whatever.

Anyway, can I switch my snease for something else? I just started the Capture stuff so those are the other two I have. Can I switch some stuff later? Or no? Meh.

[EDIT] Abilities...yeah

[EDIT II] Good thing midnight hasn't come yet^_^!

27th May 2003, 11:18 PM
Originally posted by SneaselReborned
Name: Sneasel or SR

Pokemon 1: Poliwrath (F)
Pokemon 1’s Nickname: Wrath
Level: 14
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Amnesia, Belly Drum, Body Slam, Rain Dance, Double Slap, Water Gun, Hypnosis, Bubble, Mind Reader, Dynamic Punch
Ability: Water Absorb - Heals 1/4 of damage done when hit by water attacks

Pokemon 2: Sneasel (M)
Pokemon 2’s Nickname: Leader
Level: 7
Attacks: Scratch, Leer, Spite
Ability: Keen Eye - Accuracy cannot be lowered

Is that Poliwrath correct? My pokedex says that I level 14 one has all those moves, but i dunno. >_<. Whatever.

Anyway, can I switch my snease for something else? I just started the Capture stuff so those are the other two I have. Can I switch some stuff later? Or no? Meh.

[EDIT] Abilities...yeah

You can add more attacks, and thats it. But you can't add anymore (unless I approve) when Midnight rolls by on Saturday (PST, btw).

30th May 2003, 02:11 AM
Ugh...double posts >_<

Anyway, I would like to alert all you Crystal Cavers that there is less then 24 hours left until the sign-ups for the Tremor Games! If you want to participate, sign-up quick!

Dark Dragonite
31st May 2003, 09:35 AM
Hi, I have a few questions:

1)Can we choose the gender of our opponent pokemon??

2)Can the deadline be extended for anyone currently in the Caverns, cause some may want to change a poke, if they find another, and you may get another sign up or 2 if people just starting get a pokemon or 2??

31st May 2003, 03:39 PM
Originally posted by Dark Dragonite
Hi, I have a few questions:

1)Can we choose the gender of our opponent pokemon??

2)Can the deadline be extended for anyone currently in the Caverns, cause some may want to change a poke, if they find another, and you may get another sign up or 2 if people just starting get a pokemon or 2??

Umm...you may choose the gender. And the deadline...we have an even number now ^_^;;;.


The Tremor Games
“We have to stop the Gyarados!”

The Gyarados were swimming around the caves, scraping across the outer cave wall, slamming their tails into the solid rock, ready to shatter the barrier that protected the caves from the water outside. Quickly, we swam away from the stream of the blue atrocious Pokemon and back to the cave opening.

“Everyone, there is a swarm of Gyarados swimming around the caves! They’re damaging the walls as they pass! If we don’t do something, the whole cave will collapse!”

The whole crowd buzzed, fear sweeping around them like a shadow, ready to swallow them up.

“Who’s going to help?”

Again they began to talk, looking at one another. People began to step back, their fear overcoming them. Then, 8 people stepped out of the crowd and picked up a scuba mask. They put on the scuba gear, and dove into the water…

Welcome to the Tremor Games, the very first tournament hosted at the site of the Crystal Caves! In this tournament, you will compete with others with your writing skills against other. You will be given a scenario and an opponent. You will write a battle for the scenario and opponent. Whoever writes the best battle wins. Also, you all receive one TM to use on the Pokemon that is participating in this round. Please state the TM you are teaching your Pokemon at the beginning of the battle. Below is the match-ups for the first round.

Eevee Lv. 5 vs Gyarados Lv. 5
Poliwrath Lv. 14 vs Gyarados Lv. 15

Salamance Lv. 25 vs Gyarados Lv. 25
Kingdra Lv. 15 vs Gyarados Lv. 15

Noctowl Lv. 4 vs Gyarados Lv. 5
Raichu Lv. 15 vs Gyarados Lv. 15

Umbreon Lv. 24 vs Gyarados Lv. 25
Medicham Lv. 16 vs Gyarados Lv. 20

You have until June 14th to finish your battles. That is two weeks. Good luck.

3rd June 2003, 11:09 PM
Do we post them here? I'm guessing so.

I'll get it done when I can^_^.

Time to kill some Gyarados! Whee!

*dances around like a crazed monkey*

3rd June 2003, 11:26 PM
Originally posted by SneaselReborned
Do we post them here? I'm guessing so.

I'll get it done when I can^_^.

Time to kill some Gyarados! Whee!

*dances around like a crazed monkey*

Yep, thats right.

4th June 2003, 01:36 PM
How much more time do we have to sign up for the Tremor Games? I want to know how long I have to sign up, in case I want to capture a few more Pokemon before actually submitting a few Pokemon.

4th June 2003, 05:58 PM
Originally posted by PokeMaster Jay
How much more time do we have to sign up for the Tremor Games? I want to know how long I have to sign up, in case I want to capture a few more Pokemon before actually submitting a few Pokemon.

Unfortunately, there is no more time left. Sorry. The sign-ups closed on Friday, and the games have already started. Sorry again.

Dark Dragonite
4th June 2003, 09:42 PM
Free TM for Ryu will be Dig!!

I had been standing in awe of the terror currently ongoing when the call to anyone who could possibly help went out. I answered "I will help to the best of my, and my pokémons' abilities." I reached for a pokéball, and lept towards one of the Gyarados that had just bashed a big crack in a Cavern wall, and was headed back to cause more havoc, throwing the pokéball, releasing my Male Raichu, Ryu. Gyarados turned to Ryu, an evil grin on it's face, and dashed at him. Ryu stood his ground, a smirk growing, and electricity surrounding his body as he charged up for battle.
Ryu(Lv.15 Raichu) VS. Gyarados(Lv.15)
Ryu's POV
Upon my being released, I saw my foe, a vicious Gyarados, that seemed to try to lower my defenses with this look it gave me. I grew enraged as it mockingly splashed water at me, then thrashed about , trying to smack me with it's tail. I could tell this was a methodic, intelligent beast, to go along with it's insane strength!! Why did he choose me to face this thing?!?! I took a stance, tying a red bandanna around my head, and tried to use my charm on the beast, hoping it was female, and romanceable, complementing her, and sweetly kissing her fin. Turns out I was half right, Gyarados was most deffinately a female, but she wasn't taking the bait, she smashed me in the head with her tail as she thrashed about, damaging the Cavern even more. Ok, different approach time, I thought, as I remembered a Bugs Bunny Cartoon, and pulled out a Mexican Sombrero, and began dancing around, then dashed over, double slapping Gyarados. She stood there stunned for a moment, then angered, as she followed closely. IT JUST MAY WORK!! I felt, as I went for round number 2 of my cartoon tactics, slapping her twice again. Once again, she let out a roar, and follwed my movement closely. Ok, Well, I hope third time isn't a charm for her, as I was now humming the mexican hat dance music again, and as I lifted my paw to slap her around again, I found her mouth homing on to my arm. I screamed with pain as I felt the razor sharp fangs sink in, practically to the bone of my left arm, the blood running down, tinting my fur a crimson red. She grinned, and that was it, I snapped. I began moving in what seemed to be slow motion, but was actually a hyper-like speed, my tail began glowing a steel gray, smacking the tip of the forehead on Gyarados, with which she let go swiftly. I clutched my arm, seething with fear, anger, and frustration. Ok, no more Mr. nice Ryu!! I conjured up razor sharp stars, which with a wave of my right paw, went spiraling towards my enemy, one or two sinking in to her skin, others bouncing right off!! Gyarados charged the rock I stood upon, sending seismic waves through it, shaking me, and the rock into the depths of the water. I surfaced quickly, only to be smacked in the face, and brought back under water where I could not risk using electric attacks without frying myself, and any other innocent pokémon or people around. I struggled to swim to the surface, but like a cat toying with a mouse, Gyarados held me under. I was running out of air, Steve couldn't reach me to return me, I was going to SUFFOCATE DOWN HERE!! I felt a panic, but it didn't last long, as if instincts I had no knowledge of were at work, until I saw it, Gyarados had a wide, shimmering ball of light in it's mouth, and I knew I was in trouble. Gyarados fired the blinding beam at me, and I braced for impact...
I watched with horror, not being able to stop Gyarados from drowning Ryu, my faithful companion, who had been with me through so much, was going to die, and all I or anyone else could do was watch helplessly. I fell to my knees, tears stinging my eyes, as they rolled down my face as I saw the huge explosion in the water, soaking most people or pokémn around the vicinity. I suddenly heard a gasp though, a familiar gasp, and hurried breathing that came from only one pokémon I knew... Ryu!!
I saw Ryu pop up from the ground, thank God, he remembered the TM I had just taught him!!
Something about him seemed different though, he had a confidence, stamina, and strength I had never seen in him before, standing there, watching Gyarados surface from the water, amazed to see Ryu standing. Gyarados tried sending electricity at him, but Ryu just graciously absorbed it, sparking with a new found power. Ryu dove at Gyarados, his right paw clenched in a fist, surrounded with a white light as he swung a right hook at her face, sending her into a wall of rock. Ryu was pissed, and I quickly made a mental note never to anger Ryu again.
Ryu's POV
I slowly shortened the distance between myself and my now mortal enemy smaller, and smaller. Gyarados seemed a bit scared as I wiped a bit of blood from my mouth, and smirked. Now, you will pay, for all the torture you put me through, for all the pain you put weaker, smaller, defenseless pokémon through, for all the abandoned pokémon you made, when you took their parents away with your thoughtless rampaging, the piper is about to get PAID!! I surfed Gyarados up onto dry land, where i had the advantage, and the only one who would get hurt would be the intended victim. Gyarados tried to retaliate with a frigid blast, which sent chills down my spine, but didn't stop my quick manuvering attacks, hitting weak points on the beast. She tried singing my fur with a Flamethrower, missing some of the other 7 trainers and bystanders by inches. Let's finish this game!! I roared, as I leapt into the air, then slammed my foe with all my weight. I enjoyed her screaming, I enjoyed her pain, and I was going to enjoy her last breath!! I charged up my electricity, ready to unleash a devastating blow, when I heard yelping, and howling coming from Steve's location. I turned , keeping one eye on Gyarados, and I saw it, the egg Steve had been taking care of had finally hatched, and a little puppy had come out, a pronounced snout, black fur, mostly covered by a white-ish gray. Steve had told me this was known as a Poochyena. Poochyena ran over, her legs a bit unsure, as she proceeded to stand between me and Gyarados. She howled at me, telling me that Gyarados wasn't normally like this, she was being controlled. I asked how she knew this, and she just told me to trust her. I didn't like it, but I backed down, patting her on the head, and apologizing to Gyarados, and she slowly slid into the water, no longer a threat. I had won, and I hoped I wouldn't have to fight again for a while, atleast not until after a long rest.
I had to rub my eyes to make sure what I was seeing was real, I now had a stronger, more confident Raichu, and a mysterious Poochyena that could reason with Ryu!!
I held off celebrating, as I returned Ryu, and walked back to where Frank and the others were, waiting to see if I was needed for another task.

I hope you guys liked my story, and I get a chance to proceed to the next round, if not, it was fun!!

4th June 2003, 10:29 PM
Steve. Very good.

Ryu grew 3 Levels
CCPs: 9

NOTE: For all who have not posted your battles yet, you have 10 days, three hours, and thirty minutes. Good luck.

5th June 2003, 11:24 PM
Ok, here go the usual before story notes. First of all, I got the thunderstone from the Expedia game. Second, the swords dance TM, I received from the EMT at the GT. Finally, Shadow’s free TM for this round is headbutt.

(Shadow’s POV)

The weeks after Steve was born flew by. It seemed like only yesterday that he had hatched, a small helpless ball of fur that slept most of the time. Now he was an energetic youngster that wanted to be as strong as I was. He was almost always happy. In fact, he was only upset whenever he lost a battle. I frowned, wondering how this latest loss was going to affect him. I slowly made my way to his usual hiding place. It was between two rocks at the base of a tree. “Steve, are you in there?” I gently whispered. “No,” came the muffled reply. I had to smile as I sat down. “I know that you’re in there, so why don’t you come out and tell your dad what’s bothering you.” A few seconds later, the tip of his tail emerged as Steve backed out of his hiding place. He looked at me with his upper lip quivering. “I’m never going to be strong like you at this rate…” He took a deep breath, as his tail drooped to the ground. “I’m sorry I let you down.” I pulled him close to me. “You haven’t let me down.” “If I had been stronger, I could have helped you more in the battle. As it was, you helped me. You might have even won if you had either Oliver or Spirit instead of me.” “Look at me.” Steve did as I asked, looking me in the eyes. “I was proud to be battling alongside you. Yes, losses happen, but they make us stronger. As long as you did your best, then there is nothing to be upset about. You did try your best right?” Steve smiled. “Yes sir, I did.” I smiled and nuzzled him. Steve’s smile was back. “Why don’t you see if Ivy wants to play?” “Ok, Dad.”

I watched him walk off, before getting up myself. I needed to find Amy. Flare was basking in the sun. I walked over to where she was. “Flare have you seen Amy?” “Yeah. She left about an hour ago to go for a walk. She should be back anytime now.” She saw me frowning, and before I could even utter a single word she knew what I was about to say. “Anyway before you start fussing about me letting her go off alone, she had Oliver with her.” I nodded. Just like Flare had said, Amy returned a few minutes later with Oliver riding on her shoulder. “Amy, could we talk in private please?” I asked her. “Sure,” she said as Oliver jumped off of her shoulder.

”What’s wrong Shadow?” she asked as soon as we were a safe distance from the others. She knew me well enough that when I wanted to talk about something in private, it was important. “It’s Steve.” “Is he still upset about the battle?” I nodded. “He seems to think that if he was stronger or if one of the others had battled with me, then we would have won. In other words, I think he blames himself.” Amy nodded. “Do you think its time?” “Yeah.” “I had hoped that this would have been a surprise for winning but, after what you just told me, I agree with you. I’ll get the others. I have something for Ivy as well.” I nodded. “I think Steve is playing with Ivy.” “Then could you get them both please? “Okay.”

With that, Amy began to round up the others, as I looked for Steve and Ivy. It didn’t take me long to find them either. I could hear them way before I saw them, so I just followed the source of the sounds. “Hey you two,” I called out as I approached. They looked at each other and nodded, before running straight at me. They jumped on top of me and began to tickle me. I laughed before I tickled them back. After a few minutes, I called a time out. “Amy wanted me to get the pair of you.” They gulped and followed me.

Amy smiled when she saw us. “There you are.” She motioned for Steve to jump on her lap. Scratching him between his ears, she spoke softly to him. “I have a question for you. Have you ever thought about what you would like to evolve into?” He nodded. “Yes mam. I have thought about that a lot. A jolteon or an espeon would be cool.” Amy smiled, and I knew why. I was the only one besides Amy that knew what she had in her pack.

(Steve’s POV)

I was wondering why Amy was asking me if I had thought about what I wanted to evolve into. It puzzled me further when she smiled at my answer. I watched as she pulled off her backpack and reached inside. She pulled out some sort of needle and a golden yellow stone. I had to blink to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. The two items were still there. I looked up at Amy and smiled. She smiled back. “Your choice.” I looked over at Dad. He was smiling sadly. “I’ll be right back.” I told Amy as I jumped down and walked over to Dad. I nuzzled him. Then I walked over to Mom, who was in the form of an Umbreon, and nuzzled her before returning to where Amy was sitting.

I looked up at her and she smiled. “So which will it be?” I closed my eyes thinking for a few minutes. “Jolteon,” I announced. “Are you sure?” “Yes mam.” Amy picked up the accelerator gene and placed it back into her pack. I jumped down from her lap and walked over to the stone. I looked at it for a few seconds before I touched it. Immediately, I was enveloped in a bright white light. A tickling sensation spread across my body as I began to change. The first thing that happened was my mane grew spiky. Then I grew taller, as my fur changed from chocolate brown to a golden yellow. Then, as if someone had flipped a switch, everything stopped. I smiled at everyone.

Amy called Ivy over to her next. She said she had a swords dance TM for her. I watched on in interest as Amy pulled a small wooden box from her pack. She opened it, and sprinkled the contents over Ivy. Within seconds the powdery substance disappeared. “Hey Ivy, race you to that tree.” Ivy nodded as Racer shouted at us. “Don’t leave me out!”

(Wa Ya’s POV)

I was excited because I had never witnessed an evolution before. It was an amazing thing to watch, even though it didn’t last long. Once it was over, I went inside. I needed sometime to think, and soon I was lost in my own little world.

It had been several weeks since I had been invited to join this team. There were only two Pokemon alive that knew the real reason that I had left my pack. They were my best friend Shaka, a mudkip and I. In fact, it was Shaka that had accidentally overheard the plan my middle brother had in store for me. I had always known that Taka was jealous of me just because I was older than him by five minutes. Our parents were the alpha pair, which meant that should anything happen to them I was the next in line. Then it was Taka and finally, my youngest brother, Kombi. Anyway. Shaka had been playing underwater in the stream where we got our water from when he overheard Taka and his followers discussing a plan to kill me and make it look like an attack by one of our rival packs. I didn’t want to believe what Shaka was telling me. But he had further proof. It was something that I couldn’t deny no matter what. Shaka told me that he had also overheard my brother admit that he had tried to kill me once before. He had placed a stick in my patch as I was walking along a cliff. There was a herd of rapidash racing each other and I decided to run to see if I could keep up. Anyway, to make a long story short, I tripped over the stick, and barely managed to keep from falling into the herd. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want anyone not even my parents to know what a klutz I was. I had asked him what he thought I should do. He said nothing thinking for a few seconds. “I think you should leave here. Join another pack or find a trainer. It isn’t safe for you here. No matter what happens, I will find you. I promise Tanabi.” I nodded, as I made my way back to the den. I wanted to see my parents one last time. When I got there, I saw a human passing through. Unusual, I thought as I nervously approached her. She smiled, and said “Hi.” So like an idiot, I waved at her as she walked off. I felt like I could trust her. In my gut, I sensed that she was a good person. This might be my only chance, I thought as I followed her into the next room. When she noticed that I was following her, she turned to face me. I gulped afraid that she was going to tell me to quit following her. Instead, she asked me to join her team, and I happily went into the ultra ball that she held out for me. Suddenly, I sensed that I wasn’t alone. I opened my eyes and looked to see Nahima standing in the doorway. “Hi.” I said indicating that I had noticed her.

(Nahima’s POV)

I half-heartedly watched Steve’s evolution. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy for him. I just couldn’t shake this feeling that something bad was going to happen. I wasn’t sure who I should talk to so I just hung around and watched Ivy get her TM. Then I decided to go talk with Wa Ya. I wasn’t sure if he could help or not but it wouldn’t hurt to talk to him about it. When I approached him, I noticed that he was in his own little world. I turned back to leave, and made it to the doorway when I heard him. “Hi. Is something bothering you?” he asked, his face showing true concern. I walked over to him and sat down. “Actually, yes,” I admitted. “I’ve been having this bad feeling in my stomach that something bad is about to happen. I’m not exactly sure when, where, or what.” No sooner than those words had escaped my mouth, than the earth began to shake. Wa Ya jumped up and placed his body on top of mine. Thus, effectively shielding me from danger. Soon it was over, at least for the time being.

Amy came running into the room a few seconds later. “Are you two all right?” I nodded my head yes as Wa Ya also answered her. For the second time that night we all gathered together. Everyone was talking a mile a minute until Amy held up her hand. Everyone grew quiet. “I know it’s going to be hard, but do your best to get some sleep. Tomorrow morning, we’ll try to find out what’s going on.” I knew that Amy was right. It took me a while, but I eventually managed to drift off into a restless sleep.

(Flare’s POV)

I slowly and quietly padded my way around the sleeping bodies to where Shadow was. “Shadow, are you awake?” I whispered. “I am now,” he replied. “What’s wrong?” I shrugged. “Do you think that this is the work of the Dark Cloak?” Shadow sat up. I don’t think so Flare. To tell you the truth, I honestly don’t know. I don’t sense the evil that was heavy in the air every waking moment like before. That doesn’t mean anything, though.” I shivered. “I don’t like this at all.” “Shh,” he whispered as he placed his paw around my neck. I leaned my head into his side, and soon fell asleep listening to his breathing.

(Amy’s POV)

I don’t think anyone got a good nights rest last night. The tremors continued all throughout the night. The next morning, after I got dressed, Zephyr showed up with important news. She said that people were gathering outside the cave opening. I nodded recalling everyone except for Flare, Shadow, and Oliver. Oliver jumped on my shoulder, as we hurried to get there. We reached the location Zephyr told us about just in time to hear an announcement. “Everyone, there is a swarm of gyarados swimming around the caves! They’re damaging the walls as they pass! If we don’t do something, the whole cave will collapse! Who’s going to help?” A low murmur swept through the crowd, as I looked down at Shadow. He nodded, and the three of us stepped forward. “We’ll help.” I said as my pokemon nodded in agreement. Flare was being supportive because she knew that she wasn’t going to be of much help. I recalled each of them. One of the pokeballs on my belt began to shake as Wa Ya emerged. “I’ll help swim you out if you’d like.” “I didn’t know you knew how to swim Wa Ya.” He smiled sadly. “There’s a lot of things that you don’t know about me.” I placed my arm around his shoulders as we entered the water. He began doggie paddling towards where we were told the gyarados were. As we neared the swarm of rampaging gyarados, we saw one of them a little ways out from the others. He had a swampert pinned against the rock and was repeatedly attacking it. I grabbed Shadow’s pokeball with my free hand and released him. Shadow distracted him while we rescued the swampert.

Shadow L.24 Umbreon VS. L.25 Gyarados

(Shadow’s POV)

“Hey you, leave him alone!” I shouted. Nothing. He didn’t pay any attention to me. I had to get his attention. I began to concentrate as a blackish ball of ghostly energy formed in the air in front of my face. When I felt that I had stored enough energy in it, I released it. Luckily my aim had been true. I watched as the energy hit the gyarados smack in the face and exploded. Now I had his attention. He roared in a combination of pain and anger. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Amy and Wa Ya had gotten the swampert to safety. The gyarados rose up in the air like a snake poised to strike. My eyes widened as he slammed his body into mine, and I was sent underwater. I surfaced as quickly as I could, gasping for air as soon as I broke the surface. I quickly began secreting a toxic sludge in my mouth. I knew that I couldn’t take many more blows like that and live to tell the tale. I quickly dove underwater and swam behind the huge sea creature. I quietly surfaced and spit the sludge all over him. He spun around, and rose up into the air once more. I knew what was coming this time. My eyes began to glow violet as the gyarados’s movements slowed down, eventually stopping. The gyarados smirked, and as soon as I released my psychic hold on him, he reacted. He began exhaling a pinkish mist that took the shape of an orb and slammed into me. I cried out in pain, before paddling my way over and slamming my head into his soft underbelly. He began to thrash about wildly as I struggled to get away. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough as his tail caught me in my side. I turned my head, and clamped down as hard as I could, letting dark energy seep into the wound. As I let go of his tail I looked at him, wondering how much longer this would go one. He was once more poised to strike me, but suddenly, his whole body gave a massive shake and he fell down on top of me. “SHADOW!” We plunged underwater. I felt my back hit the sand at the bottom. The gyarados’s unconscious body landed soon after. His tail had my back half pinned. By some miracle, the swampert came to my rescue. He lifted the gyarados’s tail just enough that I could pull myself out with my front legs. Then, he scooped my in his arms and carried me to the surface, where I breathed in the blessed oxygen. Amy swam over and hugged me tight, tears streaming down her face. “I’m so glad that you’re all right.”

(Wa Ya’s POV)

For some strange reason, I thought that the swampert looked familiar. I shook my head, figuring that I was imagining things. “SHADOW!” Amy’s shout had brought me back to the present. The swampert reacted before any of us could do anything. We waited, anxiously watched the spot where Shadow had disappeared. A few minutes later, the swampert emerged with Shadow in his arms. Amy hugged Shadow before she thanked the swampert. He in turned thanked her for helping him. Then he turned to face me. He looked at me several minutes. Then, as if he couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing, “Tanabi is that you?” My eyes widened. “Shaka?” I whispered. He nodded, before swimming over to where I was and gave me a huge hug. “See, I told you that I would find you one day.” Amy was looking at the two of us thoughtfully. “This is an old friend of mine. The last time I saw him, he was a tiny mudkip.” Amy nodded, and turned to face Shaka. Would you like to join our team?” she asked him. Smiling, Shaka answered her. “If Tanabi trusts you enough to join you, then so will I.” She smiled as she held out one of the extra crystal balls she had. Shaka went inside, and Nala let him out seconds later. She placed Shadow on his back. Then she placed her arm around my neck once more, and the four of us made our way back to the shore. One the way, Amy asked me, "Wa Ya, is your name really Tanabi?” I nodded. “Then that’s what I’ll call you.” I smiled, and as soon as we reached the shore, I hugged her.

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6th June 2003, 12:24 AM
Nice Battle Amy.

Shadow Grew 3 Levels.

CCPs: 15

6th June 2003, 01:30 PM
What's with this free TM? I'll take a guess and say that Wiseguy's is Dream Eater.

Shonta's POV
I heard the group's cries of help and agreed to help. This will be a perfect opportunity for Wiseguy to get some experience! I dived in the water and released Wiseguy, and then released Jewel when I remembered that I'm not a good swimmer. Wiseguy flew down in front of me and hooted happily.

"Nice to see you, too! We need to help clear out these Gyarados, so can you do it?" I asked him.

Wiseguy looked at the Gyarados and started to panic. I don't blame him. This was his first battle and he has to fight something can chew up and spit out Jaws! "Don't be scared! I'll be right here and so will Jewel here!" Jewel nodded and said something to Wiseguy cheerfully.

Wiseguy hooted again with confidence in his voice. "That's the spirit! Go in there and knock 'em dead!" Wiseguy flew toward a Gyarados and the fight started.

Noctowl L4 vs Gyarados L5

Wiseguy's POV

"What am I doing?" I hooted as I hovered in front of the Gyarados. "This thing has more teeth and a bigger temper than a rookie hockey player!" I just met my trainer and this is my first battle, but everyone does need me. Besides, Jewel seems to think I can do it! I looked at Shonta holding onto her Starmie and smiled.

"Wiseguy, watch out!" I heard Shonta yell. I looked back and saw the Gyarados rush toward me with his jaws wide open. I flew up and out of its reach, leaving it with nothing but a mouth full of water.

"Try to stay above it! It's only at around Level 5, so it can't do anything but Splash and Tackle!" Shonta commanded. I stayed above the Gyarados and started laughing at it.

"Watcha gonna do, huh? You can't reach me! That's right, this little birdie's out of your reach!" I crowed. The Gyarados jumped at me a few times, roaring at me as it did so. It missed me every time. It stayed bobbing in the water for a while and then swam to the side of the cave. I thought it had given up. Turned out it had a higher IQ than I thought.

The Gyarados started to Tackle the side of the cave, shaking loose stalactites from the ceiling of the cave. One barely missed me, but they were getting closer to knocking me out. Smaller rocks were raining down on me though, and that was getting annoying. "What now, ma'am?" I yelled at Shonta.

Shonta was also trying to dodge the stalactites, riding Jewel in circles around the cave. I had to do something! I flew towards the Gyarados and flew around his head. It tried to Splash me a few times and then swam after me. I raced on tiring wings through the cave to a point where the ceiling was much lower.

I landed on a stalagmite and waited for the Gyarados to come. It lunged for me again, its jaws wide open. I flew up at the last second, causing it to bang its head hard against the stalagmite. It was dazed for a second, giving me the opportunity for me to take the offensive.

I flew in front of its eyes and did my Hypnosis attack. The Gyarados's eyes slowly closed. It fell asleep on the surface of the water. "Guess it's time for me to get a little energized," I said to myself. I hovered just a little above the surface of the water, right in front of the Gyarados's eyes and used Dream Eater. The Gyarados grew weaker as I grew stronger. I left it sleeping when I had my fill.

Shonta's POV

"Where is he?" I asked nervously. I saw him fly toward the back of the cave with the Gyarados at his tail, but I couldn't see very far back. I swam toward there, afraid of what I might see.

I peered in the darkness for a minute, then heard some familiar hooting. "Stop, Jewel!" I said. We both listened to the hooting for a while, and then saw Wiseguy flying towards me. The Gyarados was nowhere to be seen.

"Did you do it?" I asked him. He hooted happily and landed on a nearby stalagmite.

"Alright! Knew you could do it! Now time for some well-deserved rest, don't you think?" I took Wiseguy's pokeball and returned him.

8th June 2003, 07:07 PM
The free TM in this battle will be Shadow Ball. Now on to the battle.

Matt’s POV

I heard many people around me screaming. They seemed to be very scared of these Gyarados. I looked outside of the cave. I saw eight Gyarados swimming around the caves, waiting to attack the first object they could find. Then, they started to attack the walls. Rocks began to fall from the ceiling in the cave. “Oh my lands, we have to stop these Gyarados’” A woman in the crowd said. “Let’s get someone to go after them!” A man said. “But who is going to be stupid enough to go outside of this cave just to stop some Gyarados” The woman said. A few other people and I stepped out of the crowd, a pokeball in hand. “I’ll go fight those Gyarados” I said.

A loud gasp was heard around the crowd. “What?! You can’t defeat those Gyarados by yourself.” One of the men said. “Well duh, that’s why there are seven other people coming with me” I said. I put on some scuba stuff and walked to the edge of the cave. I jumped into the water and swam towards one of the Gyarados. The others went to a Gyarados too.

I swam to a near by island and started to provoke the nearest Gyarados. It turned around and started to charge towards me. I laughed and called out Medicham. “Medicham at your service” She said. “Medicham, we must destroy that Gyarados!” I said. “Well we aren’t actually going to destroy it are we?” She asked. “You know what I mean” I said. “Riighht” She said. The Gyarados began to get closer to us. “Ok, get ready Medicham!” I said. “Right.” She said. The Gyarados got to our island. “Ok Gyarados, let’s have a battle. If I win, you go away. If you win, you can stay here and destroy The Crystal Caves and whatever you want to do.” I said. “Thhattsss finnneee wiitthhh meee” Gyarados said. The battle bagan.

Medicham Lv. 16 VS Gyarados Lv. 20

Medicham’s POV

This battle wasn’t going to be the easiest battle ever. Somehow I had to attack Gyarados while staying on the island. I just hopped that Gyarados would come closer to the island than he already is. I awaited an attack from Matt. “Ok Medicham, use a Thunder Punch on it” He yelled. I nodded and started to run towards the Gyarados. Luckily, Gyarados was coming down to use a Bite attack on me. I swang my fist and hit it right in the side. Gyarados yelled as the electric energy went through him. He backed away from me for a bit.

“Ok, what do we do now” I asked Matt. “Hold on…” Matt said. “HOW LONG CAN WE HOLD” I thought. Gyarados started to move again. He flew down and opened up his mouth. “NOW! SHADOW BALL!” Matt said. I held out my arms and shot out a purple ball into Gyarados’ mouth. The ball flew into his mouth and blew up inside him. Gyarados yelled as his insides started to disappear. “…so that’s what he wanted to do…” I thought.

“Ok, Medicham while it is being distracted by that Shadow Ball inside of him, run over there and hit it with a few Thunder Punches!” Matt said. I ran over there and started to punch Gyarados a few times with my fists. Gyarados wasn’t in very good condition after this. Gyarados ignored the pain and looked down at me. He opened up his mouth and started to power up a beam attack. He let it out towards me. I noticed it right off. It was a Hyper Beam attack!!! I ran away from what he targeted but I was hit with it anyway. I flew towards Matt and hit him. He fell off the island and into the water.

Luckily, Matt swam back up to the surface and climbed back up. “Ok, that’s it, use a Hyper Beam!” Matt said. I put my hands together and started to power up a Hyper Beam attack. It took a lot of my energy but I finally powered it up. I shot it out towards Gyarados’ head. I could hear Gyarados yell as the pain hit him straight on. I smiled and looked towards Matt. He had his thumb up pointing towards me. Gyarados passed out and fell into the water.

Matt’s POV

I went over towards the fallen Gyarados. “Hey Gyarados, so you gonna leave or do I have to attack you more?” I said. Gyarados got up and looked at me. “Okok, I’ll leave, just don’t fire another Hyper Beam at me” He said. He swam off as fast as he could. I recalled Medicham and swam back to the caves. “Well I’m back” I said. Everyone looked at me. They celebrated as they saw a few more people come in from battling the Gyarados’. They were very happy, but the happiness soon turned to worries as they thought about the people still out there. “Hopefully they are battling good…” I thought.

10th June 2003, 10:07 AM
Dieu is going to learn Flamethrower for his free TM.

[Rachel's POV]

"Okay Akuji, you Bite and I'll toss the Elemental Net!" I shouted to my Mightyena.

I remember being very excited for this moment was what I yhave been waiting for a long time. Now, my dream was a reality for right in front of us was a full grown, powerful Salamence! He was attempting to walk through a dense wall of trees. His stomping feet shook the ground wildly. In my hands was a Dragon Elemental Net I bought expecially for this time. The Salamence really didn't notice us behind him. With a simple flick of my wrist, I tossed the net over the dragon. He roared and attempted to destroy the net with powerful, massive ivory fangs. However, the net was strong enough to stand even a dragon's power. Akuji stalked the target with unmatched dark stealth, pure ivory fangs glint dangerously, slinky body leaping up with powerful hind legs, the long canine's and other pearly white teeth sinking into the flesh. The brutal assault led by Akuji was bestowed upon the Salamence. Slowly, all of the dragon's strength disappeared until he fell to his side to surrender. I threw a Heavy Ball at the Salamence. It shook back and forth slowly until it came to a sudden stop. The realm of chaos had a new dragon as a shadow rebel. After the capture, the ground shook bitterly and roared. Trees crashed to the ground and the screech of many echoed in the rumble. Then, all was quiet. The wind whispered an unusual message that night. A message hinting to a fear greater then any have ever faced or hoped to..(okay, maybe a little too dramatic >.<)

It was a peaceful yet boring morning. I decided to let my Pokémon rest for a bit before we had to leave. Dieu, the Salamence was resting in the shade. My beautiful Flygon, Sheik was busy basking in the sunlight. She stared out at the crystal clear sea. Basilisk slithered slowly through the hot sand towards Loki. The Arbok was busy resting in the sunlight, unbeknownst that my ebil (yes, ebil >P) Seviper was closing in on hom. A loud, surprised hiss broke the silence. Dieu leaped up in shock and roared angerly. Loki loomed over Basilisk, hissing and snarling.

"Don't ever do that again!" he snapped.
"You'd think an Arbok could sense an attack like that," smirked Basilisk.
"Please," Loki hissed. "If I tried to sense your presence I would probably faint right then,"
"and what does that mean?" hissed Basilisk.
"For a Seviper you sure aren't very bright, are you?"
"Why you little.."

Basilisk hissed loudly, showing off her huge fangs. She wrapped her tail around Loki's neck and squeezed. He coughed then used his own tail to whack Basilisk on the head. The both of them continued hissing at each other. Dieu grabbed Basilisk and pulled her off of Loki while Sheik took a hold on Loki. The dragons tried their best to hold back the two fighting snakes. Akuji stepped between them, growling at all four of them.

"Stop acting like children!" snarled Akuji.
"I think we should all just have a group hug," said Matrix.
"Shut up!" snapped everyone.
"Cookies.." says Matrix.

Everyone sweatdropped at the Metagross as he rolled away, mumbling something about socks. (..the irony o.O) Eventually, the scrabble between Basilisk and Loki was finished. Loki slithered into the water for a quick swim while Basilisk slithered her way into the forest. (Snakes can swim you know..Arbok can't learn Surf but I know snakes can swim!)

"I think I've witnessed enough violence for one day," said Sheik as she took flight.
"Little miss perfect," grumbled Dieu.

Dieu was thwapped upside the head with Sheik's tail just before the lovely Flygon flew off. My Salamence growled bitterly at her then stalked off to find a new place to rest. Meanwhile, a smell filled Basilisk's nose. Letting curiousity and hunger get the better of her, she headed towards the scorce of the smell. It eventually led her to a small nest with a little egg laying there. A grin escaped the Seviper's lips. Then, her thin tongue slipped out and flicked around the egg. (Snakes smell things through their tongues when they do that you know o.O)

"Mmmm.." she said. "Vulpix..."

Basilisk wrapped her tail around the egg, thinking it would make a great dinner. Before she had the chance to put it in her mouth, she heard me calling her. When she came out of the forest, I was standing on a large boulder looking for my lost Seviper. I noticed her near the forest, slithering very slowly today.

"Where have you been?" I asked her.
"Just in the forest," she studdered.
"What's that?" asked Akuji.
"What's what?" asked Basilisk.
"What's what what what," says Matrix.

I sneaked up behind Basilisk then grabbed the little orange egg from her grasp. She hissed, thinking something else stole her dinner. When she noticed it was me, the Seviper slithered over my ankle and nuzzled me happily. (like my cat O.o) I scold her though.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to steal eggs from nests?!?!" I yelled.
"596 times," said Matrix.
"Wow," says Dieu. "You can count?"

Basilisk sighed. She knew she was in trouble. That's the problem with raising snakes. If they find any eggs they only think about lunch.

"It was an abandoned nest though!" pouted Basilisk.
"I don't care," I scold.
"The mother is long gone," she said.
"Lets eat it!" snapped Loki.
"Over my dead body!" hissed Basilisk.
"With pleasure," scold Loki.
"Stop it or I'll make the both of you my supper!" snapped Dieu.

Both of my snakes shut up then slowly slithered away. I examined the orange egg curiously. I put the egg into my bookbag where it can keep warm until it hatches. Personally, I wanted to see what was in the egg. Sheik landed on the beach to find everyone in an uproar.

"Did I miss something?" she asked.

I recalled all of my Pokémon except for Dieu. He and I gathered all the camping gear so we could get going.

"Hey Dieu," I said.
"Yes?" asked Dieu.
"I got you a present,"
"You don't say?"
"It's a Flamethrower TM. I got it for free. Would you like it?"
"Whoa! Cool!"

Dieu happily hooked himself to the TM until he had a new fire attack. He breathed out a stream of fire that caressed a nearby rock. Dieu gave me a hug. I climbed on his back after the embrace then flew me away to another reign of the Crystal Caves. A week past and unusual small tremors still shook the Crystal Caves. No one gave it a second thought. They assumed a Pokémon somewhere was using Earthquake and that was what was causing this. One night, it was about time for me to leave the Crystal Caves for awhile. A screech changed my mind. Everyone around me was in a state of complete chaos. Fear was looming in the air like a morning fog. A shadow of non-escaping panic swept over those caves. A loud roar echoed through the cave and stopped the screaming. A few of those people replaced their screams with cries. Everyone's attention seemed to be out in the water. Even the biggest man was shuddering. Letting curiousity take another hold of me, I peered over to see what was happening. I saw what everyone was screaming about. A whole swarm of Gyarados were bashing their tails against the barrier that protected the cave from the rushing waters on the other side. Their muscular bodies scrapped against the rocks. Their ivory fangs glistened in the moonlight then crusehd together. Even in the screaming, they Gyarados continued to admir their unearthly bellow.

"Everyone, there is a swarm of Gyarados swimming around the caves! They're damaging the walls as they pass! If we don't do something, the whole cave will collapse!" someone shouted.

We swam quickly away from the stream flowing with Gyarados to the opening of the cave. Their roars sounded more like something from the darkest corner of all earth without the echos. A single Gyarados reared its hidious head from the water. He yelled at the dark night then bashed his head against the barrier. Fear, panic, agony and misery were overcoming the crowd like a diease. Seemed as if their courage was replaced by a plague, eating away at their minds. Slowly, driving them to the brick of insanity. (wow, I really am freaky XD) Even I couldn't deal with the total chaos. I jumped back into that stream and swam towards them. They weren't paying attention to anything. I was desperately trying not to get their attention. Inch by inch I crept closer towards them. Their large bodies were too big to fit through the stream. One Gyarados roared. Hus giant muscular body slammed hard against the barrier. It was a deadly blow. The rumble following the tackle applied was very nasty. The barrier was in bad shape. A few more good tackles like that would cause the whole wall to be crushed. The Crystal Caves would be no more. I took a single Pokéball from my bookbag. Before I had a chance to call upon one of my shadow rebels, a small snakes slithered over my foot. I shrieked in alarm. The largest of the Gyarados who was slamming his whole body against the barrier now reared his horrid face. His emotionless eyes scanned the area around him. He sniffed the air to sense for the invaders. The beast slithered away from the others. The muscular scales scrapped against the soft sand. Cowardly, I hid behind the largest boulder I could find. Suddenly, a shadow was laying over me and my hiding place. I stared up to find the Gyarados was very close. He kneeled his head down and sniffed the ground. He reared his head and bellowed. It was a scream from another dimension. He slithered back to his swam. I leaned against the boulder and slowly caught my breath. I was okay.

The boulder behind me began to slowly move! I fell to the ground when my boulder was gone. When I looked up, the Gyarados had grabbed the boulder with his fangs! I rushed off as fast as my feet could take me. The Gyarados' fangs crushed the boulder with great ease then he followed me. He reared back a bit then launched forward to tackle me into the water. When I finally made it to the surface, the Gyarados had already tackled me again underwater. The Pokéball I had in my hand slipped and floated around in the stream. I tried desperately to swim after it but the Gyarados tackled me deeper into the water. A horrible thought came to mind. He's trying to drown me! I noticed the Pokéball was now underwater too. I grabbed it then tossed it out into the air. A brilliant light changed into my gorgeous Salamence!Dieu flew over the stream, ready for anything. The Gyarados roared at Dieu but only received a roar back. As the two titans exchanged their roars, I climbed out of the stream and laid myself on the sand. Now, I was ready to teach that Gyarados a lesson in pain..

Dieu the Salamence Lv.25 VS Gyarados Lv.25
[Dieu's POV]

"Try your Dragon Claw!"

I knew perfectly well what the Gyarados had done. It attacked Rachel and was terrorizing others. No one is allowed to mess with my owner except me. No one else. I bellowed at the Gyarados. He crouched low to the ground then launched foward to tackle me. I easily was able to dodge the attack. The Gyarados hit a large boulder. It crackled and a large chunk of the rock fell apart. My claws gleamed in the caressing moonlight. I flew towards the Gyarados then swiped him hard and fast. He roared then tackled me into the stream. When I crawled out, he was looming a shadow over my body. He roared down at me in his sinister grin.

"Give it another Dragon Claw!"

The Gyarados heard her wishes. He opened his mighty jaw. A spine shattering roar echoed throughout the caves. A beam of pure ice beamed from his jaw and slammed hard against me with an everlasting chilling pain. He used Ice Beam! The little bugger! I tried my best to regain my strength to prepare for another Dragon Claw. I spread my wings it was then I discovered that my wings were frozen! It would be impossible to fly. Instead, I rushed over to the Gyarados' belly and slashed at it. The titan roared then tackled me into the stream again. Rachel screamed out when I didn't surface. She was getting worried. From underwater I could see the tyrant glaring at her. He bellowed then smacked her with his tail into the water. She flopped to the surface just to receive another unfair tackle deeper into the water. She didn't sound good. When she surfaced, she was gasping for breath. The water had a very slight hint of red blood in it. The Gyarados' unearthly shadow loomed over my girl. He was preparing to finish her off. I had enough of this. My Rage was growing. I crawled out of the stream and crept towards the Gyarados. He slowly slithered around Rachel in her weak state. 'Like an animal teasing its prey,' I shuddered. When the timing was just right, I slashed into his flesh again. The tyrant roared in pain. He snarled and growled. His snarls turned into deep groaning. Slowly, the beast fell against the ground. I managed to defeat him. I didn't have time to rejoice over my victory though. I helped Rachel on my back and flew her off to some help. I have a feeling it is just the beginning...

Also, Dieu (Lv.25 Salamence) was in a battle that started before the Tremor Games came up. Recently, the battle was finished and Dieu won and is now at level 26. I didn't count that in this battle but should I the next time? If I can't then that's okay :)

10th June 2003, 07:07 PM
I just decided to include comments about the battles, so yeah.

Wiseguy Grew 3 levels.
CCPs: 8

Comments: Well, your the first one to be commented on ^_^. Nice battle. One thing you should note is that even if Gyarados is at Level 5, its not limited to Splash and Tackle. It has other TM/HM moves and the Breed on move. Battles are more interesting if it consists more than Tackle repetitively. But you cover for that nicely with the stalagtites. Very creative. Great job ^_^.

Medicham Grew 3 levels.
CCPs: 7

Comments: Its pretty good Matt. You assume that the Gyarados are purposly attacking the Caves. As we will find out in later rounds, that is not the case :x...I've already said too much :X *runs* Anyway, I notice you use "said" a lot. Repetition can get boring. You can try to vary it like use "cried out", or "gasped". But this was a very interesting battle. The Shadow Ball in the mouth was an interesting twist. Nice.

Dieu grew 3 levels.
CCPs: 15

Comments: Very good. Very good indeed. I like your intro, very descriptive, very vivid. Foreshadowing very nice. I enjoyed reading the three quarreling snakes part. SOCKS. Anyway, your battle was quite good too. The Gyarados attacking you, giving your Salamance even more drive to defeat it. One thing though, I couldn't help noticing a few typoes here and there, but there were only a few. Its very nice, very descriptive. Good.

Also...I'll write comments on everyone elses...


Comments: Very good. Your very good at giving your Pokemon different personalities. Your also descriptive as well. The part with Wa Ya meeting an old friend was a nice touch and a good ending as well ^_^.


Comments: Very entertaining :D. The battle had a light comical twist. Your word choice is good. Also, the description was good.

11th June 2003, 12:52 AM
With most of my story written up i've decided to forfeit

Frank knows the reason, most likely

13th June 2003, 12:03 AM
Free TM = Psychic


I looked around in awe. The giant caverns…the large stalagtites…the roaring killer Gyaradoses. Wait a minute. THE ROARING KILLER GYARADOSES! I quickly swam to the left, only to see a beam of pure white energy streak past the spot a minute later. Close save. Too close. I looked at one of the leviathans going right for me, and I quickly was able to dodge. I swam to the surface, and floated there for a second. I felt a giant wave sweep under me, and suddenly the roaring of a titan was heard. An enormously sized Gyarados was floating only a few meters away from me, mouth agape, and ready to sink into flesh. I swam as fast as I could, but the terror didn’t stop coming. Suddenly I had a plan. I darted underwater, and the Gyarados followed. I jerked to the left, and then to the right, and swam over to the edge of the cave. The Gyarados stupidly followed, and at the last second I dodged him and he slammed into the cavern walls. Perfect. I spun around quickly and finger my pokeballs. Swablu…no. That would be pointless. Poliwrath! I took Poliwrath’s pokeball and opened it up, and my agile swimmer came out and stared right at the angry Gyarados. Mr. Jaws of Death slowly backed away from the wall, and looked right at Poliwrath with that little, “You’re dying now,” look. Ouch.

However, Wrath looked unfazed, and just smiled. I then remembered the special item I was given. I reached into my pocket, and pulled out a small box with a symbol on the front of an eye. I tossed the box to Wrath, who grabbed it and ate it like candy. Suddenly Wrath jumped up, and smiled, acknowledging the new move he gained.

Just then, the raging Gyarados lunged at Wrath.

“You can do it Wrath! I’m trusting you to beat this Gyarados!” I yelled, and swam to the wall of the cave to avoid being hurt.

Wrath the Poliwrath (14 F) vs Mr. Jaws of Death the Gyarados (15 M)

Wrath’s POV

My trainer was trusting in me to win this. I just had to. But that huge megalithic blue snake was in my way. Gyarados dived at me, but I just nimbly dodges. I glared, and the enemy glared back, almost as if it was laughing at me. I slowly swam to a position I could attack from, and I got ready. I focused, and I saw an orange glow on my arm. I was ready. Suddenly, the huge leviathan of the sea lunged at me, and I just narrowly dodged again. This time, though, I was ready with a comeback. As the huge snake wisped past me, I slammed my fist into its back, and I saw a deep impression into the skin. Gyarados thrashed around for a bit, and as he did I swam backwards to avoid being hit.

Obviously in a rage, Gyarados swam fast and rammed into the cavern walls, twice even. I laughed. What a moronic thing. And then I remembered my new technique. I began to focus, and I tried to attack Gyarados’s mind. Smiling, I found a way in. I focused again, and then suddenly let out a huge assault of telekinetic energy at the blasted thing. Gyarados suddenly stopped thrashing around and looked at me, very angry. The thing charged at me, and it felt as if a train had hit me. I was thrown backwards in a torrent of bubbles, and I slammed into the cavern wall with a crash. As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt a terrible pain in my arm. The blasted thing had taken a huge chunk of flesh and was eating it. Blood streamed down my arm, and I closed my eyes trying to recover some of the lost energy. I looked to my trainer, who gave me a sympathetic look, and then I looked to my enemy, who was smiling deviously.

I cast my look back to my trainer, who was intensely staring at my fight. Gyarados started rearing up for an attack, and I tensed up my good hand. I began to rub on my belly, and I felt tired, but I also felt great power surge through me. I looked at my right fist, which was my good hand. It was glowing with power. One hit was all I needed now to make this Gyarados regret everything it did to me. But I didn’t have enough time to power up! Gyarados began to charge at me, and I charged my hand up as much as I could.


“Noooooo!” I screamed as I saw the huge Gyarados charging at my poor Poliwrath. In such a time of crisis, I suddenly lunged towards the two.

Wrath’s POV

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something dart towards me, and I anticipated the end. Gyarados was coming closer, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to just hope what I had was good enough. And then, I saw my trainer enter my vision. In a last ditch effort to save me he had stepped between the Gyarados and me. In a split second, Gyarados slammed into my trainer, and he flew towards the cavern wall and slammed into it with a thud. I heard bones crack, and the area around the place of impact was red with blood.

This was too much. This was just too much! No more waiting. Suddenly, my hand was yellow with energy. And then, completely white. Pure energy surged through my muscles, and I darted through the water towards Gyarados, who was still coming at me. As I came nearer, I brought my arm up, and just then realized my mistake. Gyarados wasn’t planned to ram into me. He was planning to obliterate me. A ball of white energy was in his mouth, and it looked dangerous. Too late to stop now. As the ball of energy was hurled at me at point blank range, I swung my hand in a vicious uppercut.

Pain shot through my body, and through half-closed eyes I could see Gyarados thrashing around in pain. I had deflected the energy ball back towards Gyarados, and it had nailed him right between the eyes, goring a deep hole in his skull and letting out huge quantities of blood. My right hand was completely mangled and deformed from the pure energy attack that I bounced back, and blood was still streaming out of my left arm. I slowly treaded water as I saw my enemy, the Gyarados, slowly sink to the bottom of the cavern, dead. I saw the cloud of sand that flew up as my opponent’s dead carcass hit the bottom of the cavern. Pain shot through my body once more as I slowly swam towards my trainer, who was just regaining consciousness.


I slowly opened my eyes, and saw that my head had a nasty wound. Looking around through blurred eyes, I saw my trust Poliwrath slowly treading water around me. I smiled, and put out my hand. Poliwrath grabbed me, and pushed me towards the surface. I saw that her hand was completely destroyed, and would need serious medical attention. Last thing I could see was myself being dragged out of the water slowly.


“Do you know what happened? You just survived a Gyarados attack!” A doctor said as he wiped my head with a large towel. I looked around, and saw Poliwrath, who was also being treated. Smiling, I let myself be taken care of by the doctor. And then, slowly, I drifted into sleep.

18th June 2003, 01:21 AM
It's the 18th, and my opponent hasn't posted yet. What happens now?

23rd June 2003, 01:21 AM
Sorry for being a little late ^_^;;

Wrath grew 3 levels.
CCP: 10
Sorry...no time for comments :/

The Tremor Games

“Chikorita, Ancientpower!”

The green leaf Pokemon closed its eyes, focusing on his inner power. The Gyarados charged at Chikorita, its long blue body slicing through the air. Suddenly, the ground burst open, rocks flying out of the crack, pillars of rocks hitting the Gyarados. The Gyarados cried in agony, and the last one…fell.

“We did it!” I cried, running towards Chikorita. We both looked around, everyone celebrating their victories. Quickly, we all dove back into the water. We swam towards the caves, enjoying the beauty underwater.

As we made it to the mouth of the caves, I began to wonder why the Gyarados were acting in such a way. We hadn’t had any trouble from them for months. What happened?

“The crisis has been averted!” I announced “The Gyarados have been defeated, and the caves are once again safe. But, something is wrong. Something caused the Gyarados to go wild and swarm. I am going out to find out what caused this. Who is coming with me?”

The crowd buzzed with discussion, talking about the dangers, and whether if they should go or not. Then, four of the eight who went out to fight the Gyarados stepped out.

“All right then, lets go,” I said as I motioned for them to dive in.

We swam down the way the Gyarados came. We found nests of Magikarp eggs, broken shells, and even Magikarp. It seemed like a peaceful place. We swam over a ridge and found dozens of submarines and underwater drilling tanks, brushing away the Magikarp eggs, breaking them, destroying them. They began to drill, and then pump up black liquid.

“Oil…” I though. “They’re drilling for oil. That’s why the Gyarados were going wild. The noise from the drills...” I motioned for everyone to follow me, and we descended upon the driller’s base.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“The boss will be pleased,” said a grunt.

“Yes, at this rate, we’ll have millions worth in oil,” exclaimed the other grunt.

“All right,” I whispered. “I guess we’ll have to shut this down. You take the grunts…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Welcome to Round Two of the Tremor Games. This Round will work exactly like the last round. You will compete with others with your writing skills against other. You will be given a scenario and an opponent. You will write a battle for the scenario and opponent. Whoever writes the best battle wins. Also, you all receive one TM to use on the Pokemon that is participating in this round. Please state the TM you are teaching your Pokemon at the beginning of the battle. Below are the match-ups for the second round.

Swablu Lv. 19 vs. Rocket Grunt’s Magneton Lv. 20
Mightyena Lv. 18 vs. Rocket Grunt’s Jynx Lv. 20

Gengar Lv. 16 vs Rocket Grunt’s Sneasel Lv. 20
Meowth Lv. 6 vs Rocket Grunt’s Machop Lv. 10

You have until July 6th to finish your battles. Good luck.

23rd June 2003, 05:27 AM
Originally posted by pokemasterfrank
Sorry for being a little late ^_^;;

9 days isn't something to be ^_^;; of

Dark Dragonite
23rd June 2003, 08:35 AM
Originally posted by pokemasterfrank

Gengar Lv. 16 vs Rocket Grunt’s Sneasel Lv. 20
Meowth Lv. 6 vs Rocket Grunt’s Machop Lv. 10

ah ****, should've seen this comming, well, good luck hun!!

24th June 2003, 09:18 PM
Originally posted by pokemasterfrank
Swablu Lv. 19 vs. Rocket Grunt’s Magneton

Level for Magneton...?

25th June 2003, 06:58 AM
Originally posted by SneaselReborned
Level for Magneton...?

It's paired with intervals of 5 levels, so you'll be up against a Level 20 Magneton

25th June 2003, 09:30 PM
Originally posted by Jay
It's paired with intervals of 5 levels, so you'll be up against a Level 20 Magneton

Yep, thats right. *goes to edit post*

29th June 2003, 10:55 PM
Ok, first things first. I have had writer’s block, but I eventually was able to come up with something. At least it turned out semi-decent. Oliver’s free TM will be bubblebeam.

(Flare’s POV)

I didn’t like being in my pokeball when a situation like this was happening. However, I understood that I wasn’t much help to myself or anyone else for that matter when water was involved. I knew that Amy wanted me to be safe, but I was worried about Shadow. The last thing I really, truly heard was Amy scream out Shadow’s name. I gulped. That couldn’t be good. As soon as I felt that we were on dry land, I struggled and emerged from my pokeball. Once I was free, I saw Wa Ya and a swampert looking down at Shadow. “Out of my way.” I said as I pushed my way over to Shadow. “How are you?” I whispered, concerned. He gave a small grin. “A little sore but luckily, nothing broken.” I nuzzled him. “I’m glad that you’re okay.” Shadow smiled and nuzzled me back.

(Amy’s POV)

As soon as we reached the shore, I felt my belt beginning to shake signaling that one of my Pokemon was about to emerge. I had a feeling that I knew who it was. Sure enough, seconds later Flare emerged. I watched the ninetales muscle her way past Tanabi and Shaka in order to prove to herself that Shadow was okay. I closed my eyes wondering if I had been wise when I had offered my help. Almost as soon as that thought had entered my mind than I remembered something that my dad had told me a long time ago. “Amy, never do anything half-assed. If you start something, be prepared to see it to the end. The world is full of people that start a project only to quit when things get difficult.” I nodded, now understanding what Dad had meant when he told me that. I pushed the idea out of my mind, ready to provide help once more if it was needed.

Sure enough, I was jolted out of my thoughts. “The crisis has been averted! The gyarados have been defeated, and the caves are once again safe.” I smiled at that, but what I heard next wiped the smile off my face. “But, something is wrong. Something caused the gyarados to go wild and swarm. I am going out to find out what caused this. Who is coming with me?” A determined look appeared on my face as I stepped forward. “I am.” Shadow tried to get up. “No.” I told him. “You need to stay here and rest.” Flare was nodding her head in agreement. “Finally, someone with a bit of common sense.” she muttered under her breath. “You two ought to stay here as well.” I told Tanabi and Shaka. They didn’t look like they thought it was a good idea, but just nodded their heads acknowledging that they had heard me.

Soon, the five of us dived back into the water. Once more, we made the trek back in the direction from which we had battled the gyarados. As we neared, I noticed eggshells littered all around the floor. They didn’t look like the ones from which newborn Pokemon hatch from, these looked liked something had smashed them into bits. Soon, I could hear a dull roar echoing through the water. I was beginning to get irritated, especially after we saw that it was oil that these creeps were after. I shook my head, and forced myself to calm down. I didn’t need to go in there full of anger. When you involve emotions in a battle, disasters can happen. I glanced at the oil being pumped out of the ground one last time before focusing on the task at hand. We had overheard a few of the grunts talking, but nothing really important was mentioned. They were just talking about the oil. I smiled when I head tat we needed to shut the place down. I was all for that. I was one of the ones that was told to go after the grunts. I nodded, accepting the task, and I grabbed Oliver’s pokeball. I released him, he let out a hiss when he emerged in the water, but luckily no one else had heard him.

(Oliver’s POV)

I could feel myself being released. I emerged surrounded in water, instinctively, I let out a small hiss. Normally I didn’t mind water, unlike most meowths, I just wasn’t expecting it. I pulled the quick claw off and handed it to Amy. I didn’t want to risk losing it, and I knew that it was safe with Amy. “Well, well, what have we here?” I groaned. We had been spotted. The grunt went on to answer himself. “A pair of trespassers.” I looked around and noticed that the others had disappeared. They had gone off to look for more of the grunts. I did my best to look intimidating, but he just laughed. “My machop will have fun beating the crap out of that puny little Meowth.” “He is not puny,” Nala spat out. The grunt just smirked, and released his machop who seemed to be right at home in the water.

Oliver L.6 Meowth VS. Rocket Grunt’s L.10 Machop

I frowned slightly. If I used my thunderbolt attack, I would not only hit the machop, but also myself and Amy. I decided to try out my flamethrower. I hadn’t used it in a real battle before, so I was nervous. As I concentrated, the charm on my head began to glow red as I inhaled. Then, seconds later, I exhaled a jet of flames. It actually worked like it was supposed to and not a tiny puff of fire. I smiled, pleased with myself. All of that practicing had finally paid off. The machop was mildly surprised, but recovered quickly and delivered a powerful kick to my side. I winced in pain, as I heard the grunt shouting at Amy. I had a plan and I winked at her letting her know that I had something planned. I had noticed that I was slightly faster than the machop, and I wanted to maintain that slight advantage. “Your Meowth knows FLAMETHROWER! When we win, I’m going to take him from you. Then I’m sure to get a promotion.” “In your dreams,” was all that Amy said. I began floating on the surface of the water, pretending to be out of it so that the machop would come closer to investigate. I watched him through my semi-closed eyes. “Ha Ha! That Meowth was so weak that my machop finished him off in one hit. When the machop was right beside of me, I immediately sat up and fired a stream of bubbles right into his face. “What the?” the grunt yelled, as I swam away from the surprised machop. It took him a few seconds to recover, but when he did, he was furious. “You’re going to pay for that.” He muttered. “Would you prefer cash or credit?” I replied before I could step the words from escaping my lips. That infuriated him even further, and he swam over to me. I saw his right fist coming at me so I dodged going to the left. Big mistake. I didn’t see that is was glowing a pale blue color, but I felt it hen the freezing cold fist hit my side. I gasped, winded. That blow had severely weakened me and I was hanging on by a thread. I summoned my last ounce of strength, and my charm began to glow a violet color. The machop was glaring at me angry that I had tricked him. Perfect, I thought, as his eyelids began to droop. “You idiot, look AWAY!” the grunt hollered at the machop, but it was too little too late. The machop was already sound asleep. Time for a little payback. I extended one of my claws, and soon it was glowing a slight pink color. I touched the machop with my claw, and I immediately began to feel stronger as energy flowed from him into me. However, when I broke contact, the machop woke up. He was groggy, but looked like he waned to punch me again. I wasn’t about to let that happen. I extended my claws and raked them across the machop’s face leaving three parallel gashes. He fell backwards into the water, unconscious. I paddled over to where Amy was, and she slipped the quick claw back over my neck. I purred happily. The grunt recalled his machop and disappeared but not before muttering, “You’ll pay for this you little *****!” Amy just ignored him and congratulated me on my hard won battle.

Edit: code error X.X

2nd July 2003, 11:19 AM
First of all, I'm in my mother's office. I'm just writing what's on the top of my head. I hope you all like it.

Also, Akuji will be learning the Shadow Ball TM here


"Is that how the book said to treat head injuries?" asked Akuji, curiously.
All of Rachel's captured team were bent over her. Every inch of her body was covered in band-aids. She was still in pain from the Gyarados attack earlier that week. Dieu was unusually quiet after that assault. Everyone was worried. Even Sheik.
"Maybe we should look at the book again," replied Akuji.
The Mightyena picked up a medical book then put on a pair of thin reading glasses. He noticed everyone eyeing him oddly so he put the glasses away and looked through the book.
"What I want to know is what the bloody 'ell those Gyarados were doing? I've been helping dragons such as myself since I could remember. Gyarados would never behave in such a manner." says Sheik.
"Of course they would," snapped Kyonru. "They're like demon dragons. That's what they do. Destroy,"
"Only if they felt threatened or if they wanted to seek revenge." said Sheik.
"Sure," mocked Kyonru.
The Noctowl was treated with a nasty Dragon Claw after that remark. He scowled at the Flygon then flew off, grumbling about the pain and cookies.
"I wonder why they did that.." pondered Dieu.
"It was disturbing," nodded Basilisk.
"Think it'll happen again?" asked Loki.
"No one asked you," snapped Basilisk.
"Shut up you little.." growled Loki.
"Hey! Quiet down already," replied Dieu.
Everyone grew silent again. It was puzzling. Sheik swore many times that a Gyarados wouldn't normally do that type of thing unless it had a good reason. Like it seeked revenge or felt threatened. Not out of the blue such as they did.
"I got a theory that there's something in the water that scared them," said Sheik.
"I got a theory they the Gyarados are now evil and want to take over the world. I could command them.. make them my beast of death... then I'd be the master.. yes..." crackles Deathstrike.
"I got a theory we should work this out," sang Matrix.
"Quite trying to rip off Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical," sighed Peace.
Matrix shifted his eyes around then snatches away the socks from Rachel's feet and ran off, laughing evily.
"I think he has issues," sighed Dieu.
Everyone nodded to agree. It was puzzling however. Why did the Gyarados do that in the first place? Rachel was okay now but still kinda weak and feeling light headed. They all decided to sleep on it until morning came along.

Not everyone went to sleep however. Merry began to grow curious about his environment so he decided to explore. He wandered around the crystal caves for a bit. The night was dark with a moon lighting the way as the youngster padded around through the shadows. He was about to head back when he heard someone speaking in a low voice. The Ninetales snapped his head around to try find who was talking. It sounded like two people whispering. He followed the voices until it lead him to the water, near where the Gyarados had attacked first. Around the area where they were tackling and ramming into the wall was surrounded by yellow police lining. Merry noticed two men in the darkness loading a small row boat.

"Hurry up and load the boat," growled one man wearing all black.
"I'm trying," said the other as he carried large packages into the boat.
"This is the best scam we ever cooked up," snickered one of them.

After the boat was fully loaded, the men rowed up the river away. Merry was now really excited and curious about where they were going. He rushed back to the campsight to find little Banshee curled up besides Rachel's arm, asleep. He nuzzled his muzzle against her face in a desperate attempt to wake her up. Finally, his efforts became rewarded and the little Absol was awoken.
"Merry?" yawned Banshee. "What is it?"
"I found something awesome! You gotta see it!" beamed Merry.
"I'm trying to sleep. We can check it out later,"
"No! Now! You'll love it!"
"No.. I wanna sleep"
Merry hopped around, cheering for his victory. Banshee slowly got back on her feet then followed Merry away from the camp. She yawned loudly as she slowly followed behind. Little did they know their little "debate" was heard by Akuji. He watched as the youngsters ran off.
"Where the hell are they going?" asked Akuji to himself.
He got on his feet and slowly stalked them. Dieu snapped his head up and noticed Banshee, Merry and Akuji leaving. He woke everyone up when they were gone.

Merry stood near the shore happily then motioned his head out to the water. Banshee looked over and gasped. A bunch of huge tanks were rolling their way under the water. Egg shells laid along the beachside in a disgusting manner.

"What's going on?" asked Banshee.
"I don't know."
"We would get in big trouble if the others find out we're here,"
"I know,"

The two giggled for awhile then crawled along the beach quietly with Akuji stalking them in the bushes. Banshee was sniffing at the eggs, curiously. Merry was simply letting them break apart under his paws.

"Don't hurt them!" growled Banshee.
"Relax, the babies are gone anyway," said Merry.
"I don't think we should be here,"
"What could possibly happen?"

Just after Merry said that, a large net trapped the both of them. A few of the team rocket members laughed at the sight. Akuji leaped up from the bushes and snarled at the men. He glared over at the youngsters.

"You two know you have to stay in the campsight after dark!!!" growled Akuji.
"It was his fault!" screamed Banshee.
"Shut up!" snapped Merry.
"SILENCE!!" yelled Akuji.

He dug his claws into the ground, snarling at the men like a wolf with rabies. His claws caressed the ground in a threatening manner and his eyes glowed like firey jewels.

"Foolish puppy," laughed one of the men.

Akuji snarled then leap at the man. Ivory fangs sank deep into his arm. Growling and thrashing his muzzle around, the man screamed in pain while the other men laughed at the misfortune of their fellow member. Using his powerful Mightyena paws, he made it so the man couldn't get up. Resistence was futile. After a bit of their torture was given to the man, Akuji finally released him.

"Go away," snarled Akuji.
"We aren't going to take orders from a wolf," laughed another man.
"Are you crazy?! Look what he did to me!"
"And it still makes me laugh,"
"Would you be interested in knowing what it's like to be mauled by me?" grinned Akuji.
"No, thank you" gulped the other man nervously.
"I didn't think so," smirked Akuji.
"It's a Pokémon for god's sake! How about a little battle you mutt?" asked the third man.
"Very well. If I win, you all haul your asses away from the crystal caves and never return unless you want to piss me off some more," said Akuji.
"If we win, you let us take your friends with us,"
"Go ahead Jynx,"

The third man summoned Jynx, the freak lady of the Pokémon world. (*fears the Jynx*) Akuji arched an eyebrow at the Jynx. He chuckled slightly and had a confident smirk on his face.
"Hello, m'lady." chuckled Akuji.
The Jynx didn't seem amused. She glared at him and slapped him upside his muzzle. Now, Akuji was pissed and ready to maul her.

Akuji the Mightyena Lv.18 versus Jynx Lv.20

(Akuji's POV)

I may not be the team's protecter like Dieu but I don't like seeing them get pushed around much either. I began by showing off my two inch long ivory fangs. A thin layer of blood laid over them now after I attacked one of the other Team Rocket members. Jynx was now nervous. I decided to strike now. I rushed at her and grabbed her arm with my powerful jaw. She screamed and whined in pain. Blood dripped down from her arm and on the ground. It was a bit disgusting and unproper of me but who cares. I'm a Mightyena after all.

"Shake him off with Ice Punch," shouted the man.

Jynx grew a layer of heavy ice then punched me on the side of his face. Brr.. that's cold. Ice covered one of my ears and my face is cold. A shivering cold crept its way throughout my muscular body. I can't give up though. I decided to attack now with a more pleasent yet evil way. I started to walk away to confuse the Jynx. It helped. I used my hind leg to kick sand right in the Jynx's eyes. She screeched as the feel of sand in her eyes began to overtake her. She was vulernable. Now is my chance. I summoned all of my known strength into one swift attack. Strength. I spun around and snarled loudly. I leaped into the air and pounded the Jynx into the ground. My ivory fangs sank into her arm again. She screamed and then was quiet. The man leaned over to check on his Jynx.

"She's fainted,"

I grinned afterwards for my victory. No one should ever mess with a wolf such as myself. I licked some of the blood off my fangs. The man recalled his Jynx and the two stared at each other eye to eye.

"According to our agreement, if I win, you take your boyfriends and leave" I reminded them.
"How about this new deal? We take your friends and you and then we.."

A roar disturbed the conversation. Everyone peered up in alarm from the noise until a Salamence was seen flying towards them. Dieu roared again and breathed a heavy stream of fire and ash from down below onto them. Their clothes caught on fire and they wailed like babies then dived in the water. Dieu landed safely on the ground. He snapped the net open with his claw. Banshee and Merry happily hopped on his back. Dieu roared at the men as they stood up. Meanwhile, Zora was underwater, destroying the drills and tanks.
"Ah ha! I knew it! I knew it! I told you Gyarados wouldn't attack anyone unless someone else disturbed them! This is proof! Proof!" said Sheik.
"Give it a break already," sighed Basilisk.
A loud explosion from the water disturbed the chaos from the surface. I laughed evily at what was happening. I couldn't help it.
"What the hell?"
Zora slithered easily out from the water grinning evily. She joined besides Dieu. I grinned in a pleasent manner at them all. It's good to be on a kick *** team.
"Great work Zora," said Dieu.
"Thank you," replied Zora.
"As for you three, go away!" snapped Dieu.
"Why should we?" asked one of them.
"Because if you don't, then I will be sure to make your lives a living hell!!!"
All of them slowly stalked away in fear of the evil dragon. (Yaye Dieu!) Dieu let Banshee, Merry and Akuji climb on his back while he kept a grip on Zora as they went back to the campsight. Dieu laid on the ground and looked around at them all, sleeping soundly. He was proud to be the protecter of them all and to protect them all.

"Are you okay?" asked Merry.
"I'm fine," said Banshee. "Thank you."

Merry nuzzled Banshee sadly. She stared into his hazel eyes and felt her face turning red. Everyone else slightly snickereed at the youngsters. Merry realized what he was doing stopped then blushed brightly. Banshee stared at her paws then walked off. Merry's eyes followed her as she left. The Absol turned her head around and looked at Merry. She let out a soft sigh then cuddled against Sheik. Merry let a grin escape his muzzle then he walked off. Dieu grinned at them.

"They are growing up fast," he sighed.

[Rachel's POV]

Deathstrike hopped towards the lake and noticed all the reck. She sighed. "Pathedic mortals. I could do better. Someday this puny world shall be mine!" she laughed.

Matrix snuck over to Deathstrike and stole her socks. He crackled then ran off with an angry Pichu chasing him. Lunavar simply stared at them oddly.

"That reminds me," I said. "I have something for you Hedwig,"

I pulled out a small glass which contained white juice. It looked like milk. Hedwig flew on my shoulder and stared at me oddly. I opened the bottle and held it up for him. He stared at it then began to drink it. His brown feathers slowly lost their dull coloring to become a shimmering white. When he was gone, he was completely white. Hedwig tilted his head.

"What was that?" he asked.

I held out a small mirror for him to look at his reflection. Hedwig gasped. He looked like a beautiful snowy owl. The Noctowl happily hugged me, proudly.

"Thank you! I look prettyful." he said.


Sorry that this one sucked. It was the best I could do under short notice. Sorry again. *has a feeling she's done now XD*

5th July 2003, 12:46 AM
Hey All. I'm going on a trip to Canada tommorow, so I'll be gone for a few days :/ The games will be postponed until I get back...but the deadline stays :o Remember to post your battles before...whatever the deadline was ^_^;;

7th July 2003, 11:42 PM
The good news...all of you that posted make it to the next round! :O :O :O

The bad news...all who didn't make it...didn't post :/

Oliver grew 3 levels.
CCPs: 12
Comments: Nice Battle. Again, I like how each of your Pokemon has a different personality :o. Those corny phrases are really corny x_x. Anyway, I'd be infuriated too if someone said those phrases, so I guess it works :o.

Akuji grew 2 level.
CCPs: 10
Comments: I must have been asleep or something @_@. Jynx is weak against Dark x_x. Anyway, if you didn't figure out, your opponent is supposedly supposed to have the type advantage, but I messed up x_x. Anyway, the battle was pretty good, pretty easily won (partally my fault for giving you the type advantage x_x), but still good, so you only missed one level :o. The battle was quite well written though, and funny.

I'll edit in the next round later...

Dark Dragonite
8th July 2003, 10:17 AM
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to even write up a story, we can all thank Restaurant Depot for that, I'm so ******** quitting!!

Anyways, I believe it said all participants woudl get a rare TM, but I haven't seen anything given out to the losers.

8th July 2003, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by Dark Dragonite

Anyways, I believe it said all participants woudl get a rare TM, but I haven't seen anything given out to the losers.

From what I heard, it's a Splash TM. :) Unless they didn't like my idea. :(

8th July 2003, 10:33 AM
I didn't even know that that was said. x.o;;

Dark Dragonite
8th July 2003, 10:36 AM
Originally posted by pokemasterfrank
4) The winner of the Tremor Games will receive one Dratini and 100 CCPs as their award. Second Place shall receive an Elemental Larvitar and 50 CCPs. Third Place will receive one Master Ball and 25 CCPs. All participants will recieve a rare, one-time release only TM.

First post in this thread Matt.

10th July 2003, 07:39 PM
Originally posted by Jay
From what I heard, it's a Splash TM. :) Unless they didn't like my idea. :(

Shush Jay, its supposed to be a secret :O

All prizes will be awarded in at the end in the awards topic...if awards topics are allowed o_O If not, then it'll be in here ^_^

The Tremor Games

"AGH! Retreat!" cried the Rocket Grunt as they recalled their Pokemon and ran.

"Alright, now to shut this project down," I said, motioning for them to follow. We ran down the halls of the underwater base, passing the numerous logos of the Rockets. The walls were glass, clear to see the outside. We saw the destruction they caused, the water was polluted with filth created in the usage of the drills and the waste they had dumped.

After minutes of zooming down hallways (and getting lost :O), we finally made it to the Bosses Room. We were about to enter when...

"Stop right where you are! Your not going to disturb the boss..."


Welcome to the final round of the Tremor Games. Congratulations to all who made it to the final round. In this round, you will be given a Pokemon chosen at random and an opponent chosen at random. You will be issued 250 CCPs to buy items for your random Pokemon, but you may not use any of it for your other Pokemon, nor may you use items bought with these 250 CCPs for other Pokemon. Anything bought with these 250 CCPs must be used for the Pokemon used in this round, may it be new attacks, or just cool stuff for description. Good luck.

Lv. 100 Dodrio vs Rocket Executive's Lv. 100 Kabutops


Lv. 100 Blissey vs. Rocket Executive's Lv. 100 Hitmonchan

You have two weeks to finish your battles. Deadline is July 24th. Again, good luck.

19th July 2003, 05:58 PM
I hate writers block. Anyway the before story note is that the earring that Oliver finds in the story is the one I bought for him from the kiosk, and his quick claw is going to be given to Nahima. I also bought a few more TMs for the dodrio with the allotted amount of ccps that I was given. They haven’t been confirmed yet, but I already had this written ^^ I thought that I had bought them, then I realized that there were a few that I didn’t. ^^;; Edit: The tms have been confirmed. ^^;;

(Amy's POV)

I sighed. I was proud of Oliver, don't get me wrong, but I wished that the Rockets would just take a long hike off a short pier and leave us alone. I felt Oliver climbing up onto my shoulder and purring. I reached up and scratched him between his ears, just listening to his purrs. Then, I began to swim around looking for any of the others in case they needed any help.

I was about to give up after looking for what seemed like hours but in reality was more like thirty minutes at the most. *Thawp* "What was that for?" I asked Oliver rubbing my head. "Well if you had been listening to me, I wouldn't have had to hit you in order to get your attention." "Well, you have it now. No arguments from me. Now what were you trying to get my attention for?" I asked. "Well, we were looking for the others correct?" "Yeah." "Well, one of them is heading straight for us." "What! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Oliver sweat dropped, as I began to swim towards the approaching figure. When I reached her, she smiled, looking about as tired as I felt. "Good. I've been looking for you." She must have noticed my puzzled look, so she continued on. "I was sent to look for you because we need your help to shut this place down. I nodded, as I followed her. Soon, we had met up with the others, but as it seemed, only three of us were in any shape to continue on and complete the task we had came here to complete.

We slowly made our way inside the building, however once inside, we began to run trying to find our way to the bosses room as quickly as we could. "I think we've been through this corridor already." "You're not helping Oliver." I hissed. "Well, its not my fault that we're lost." I sighed, as we paused to regroup. I stared outside the glass wall. The once crystal clear water was now a dingy brownish gray and the destruction was continuing to mount. Soon we were off once more, and we actually made it to the bosses' office without getting lost again. I was beginning to think that this might actually not be as difficult as I had assumed that it would be when... "Stop where you are! You're not going to disturb the boss...” We turned around to see three Rocket Executives. One of them had a kabutops with him. He turned his attention to Oliver and me. "Get rid of them.” he ordered the Kabutops. The kabutops began to advance on us, and Oliver hissed at him. The kabutops merely sent him flying backwards by backhanding him with the broad side of his scythe. He was sent flying backwards and hit the wall, slumping to the ground. The kabutops began to advance upon me. He slashed at me and cut my belt off sending my pokeballs rolling in every possible direction. Once he had effectively disarmed me, he went in for the kill. I dived to the right and luckily managed to avoid getting sliced and diced. I saw a pokeball nearby, and I stretched my arm out and grabbed it releasing the pokemon that was contained inside. The pokemon that emerged was not one of mine. It was an emerald green dodrio with the tail feathers and the feathers on its heads a snowy white color. She also had a pokemon collar around her second head. She looked at me, then to the kabutops, then to the Rocket, before finally back to me. Then, without warning, she slammed her body into the kabutops. The battle, it seems, had begun.

L.100 Dodrio VS. Rocket Executive's L.100 Kabutops

(Dodrio's POV)

We couldn't stand the Rockets that held us captive. They stole us from our trainer because of our unique color. Suddenly, we felt the familiar sensation of being released. Upon emerging, we looked around, and saw that it was no Rocket that had released us, but that it was a young woman. We looked at what she was staring at and aw the kabutops, and then the Rocket. We looked back at her before slamming into the kabutops with all the force that our body could muster. He retaliated by slashing at us with his scythes. We dodged the first one easily, but the second one made contact. We winced, but began to conjure up a vile tasting toxic sludge and spat it all over the prehistoric pokemon. He glared at us before kicking out with his leg. We easily dodged it. “Is that the best you can do,” we taunted. “Missed me, missed me now you gotta kiss me.” “I don’t have to do any such thing he grumbled, and kicked me again this time making contact. I winced, but smiled when I saw him do the same. We began to smile sweetly at the kabutops as well as move in an enticing manner. He smiled and began to show off, furiously slashing at the air in an attempt to win my affection. I just began to race around him with ever increasing speed. I began to concentrate on a power that lay dormant most of the time. As I concentrated, little vines began to sprout from underneath his feet. He immediately slashed at them before they could do any damage. I sighed, but he seemed to no longer been under the spell of the attract. He came at me and slashed me hard. I began to furiously peck and torment him. He scraped his scythes together making a horrendous sound. I backed off, and he used the opportunity to hit me with his hidden power as well. I closed my eyes as the flames singed my feathers. I concentrated on my hidden power once more, and the vines sprouted from the ground once more. This time they wrapped themselves tightly around his body. We smirked as the kabutops closed his eyes, unable to fight any more. The Rocket recalled his kabutops and then advanced towards the woman that had released us. We ran over and began to peck at his head until he backed off. We decided that we would follow her until we escaped this Rocket hellhole. Then we would go and look for our trainer. Yes, that is what we will do.

(Oliver’s POV)

“Ow… I feel like I’ve been body slammed by a snorlax.” I muttered as I came back to my senses. I had just climbed to my feet when something caught my eye. It had a yellow tint, so, letting my curiosity getting the better of me, I went over to investigate. As I neared, I saw that it was an earring. I picked it up and hurried over to Amy. “Can I keep this?” I asked, as she looked at it. “Where did you get it?” “I found it in the corner over there.” I said pointing at the spot where I had found it. “I guess, but who are you going to give your quick claw to if you keep this you can’t have both.” “I’ll give it to Nahima. She seems like she would benefit from it the most.” She nodded, placing the quick claw into her back, while I put the earring in my ear. I then helped Amy gather up her pokeballs, before looking around to see if there was any help that I could offer.

Edit: the TMs have been confirmed.
Edit2: typos

20th July 2003, 02:46 AM
Originally posted by pokemasterfrank
Shush Jay, its supposed to be a secret :O

Oops ;o Umm, just reminding you? =P

Yeah, post the awards here when the tournament's over.

23rd July 2003, 02:24 AM
Rachel's POV

Everyone went gaga over Hedwig's new shimmering white feathers. He looked as a snowy owl, a very graceful and beautiful species of owls. My favorite owls. He had a hint of elegance now in his eyes. I was proud of Akuji's victory. Level 20. He was very powerful and I'm so proud. Hedwig flew on my shoulder then pecked at my head. "Got any cookies?" he asked. I sighed. Basilisk and Loki slithered over. Loki's tail accidently hit Basilisk as he slithered ahead. She hissed at Loki.
"Watch where you are going you idiot!" she hissed.
Loki spun his head around and growled at the Seviper. She continued to hiss and flick her tail around as she attempted to make herself seem more scary.
"Maybe if you weren't so bloody slow, I wouldn't have hit you!" Loki snarled.
Basilisk hissed then she launched forward and the two of them began to maul each other, like always. That never seems to end. I still wonder why they hate each other. Willow wrapped her tail around Basilisk's neck to pull her away while she got a good grasp on Loki's tail. They hissed and snarled at each other.
"If you guys don't ever learn how to get along then I'll make snake soup out of the both of you," growled Willow as she tossed them into the water.
They hissed then swam to shore while shaking the excess water off of themselves. The two of them exchanged sinister glares to one another then slithered opposite directions. I guess it's impossible for them to get along.. even in a tag team battle they failed.. after Loki was KOed, Basilisk laughed like crazy thus loosing. Oh well. We have more important matters at this moment. Banshee was skipping along the beach until she stepped on a piece of paper.
"Look what I found!" she screeched happily as she skipped over to me.
In her mouth she held a piece of paper. I took the paper and examined it.
"That's just a piece of trash," sighed Dieu.
"No, it's not.. it's a map," I said.
Everyone stared at me oddly. It was indeed a map. It appeared to be the map of a fortress. A hidden base perhaps. This must've fallen from a member of Team Rocket's pocket.
"This is their base," I whispered.
"Where is it?" asked my new Sneasel, Eowyn.
After studying the map for awhile, I came to realize it was underwater. Unfortunately, not very many of my Pokémon could swim. Only Eowyn who was equipped with Surf. I sighed then took out all my Pokéballs.
"According to my calculations, this base is underwater and I'm afraid only Eowyn can really swim.." I said as I recalled them all.
Dieu, Willow, Basilisk, Loki, Banshee, Orcist, Buffy, Hedwig and Akuji were recalled while Eowyn hopped around happily besides me.
"I get to go on an adventure," she giggled.
I rolled my eyes at the Sneasel. She dived in the water and swam at high speed underwater

Near the bottom was a small dome-like thing. Eowyn calmly swam into the entrance then took a deep breath when she reached the surface. I was gasping for breath. After a minute of getting lost oxygen back, Eowyn swiped her claws against the water to get to a rock rising from the water. One the boulder, I noticed a few men walking up and down what appeared to be the only way into the fortress. Both carried a lanturn in one hand while they patroled around themselves. Eowyn stared forward at the guards and from the look in her eyes, she was ready to speed past them. I wanted to see if there was another way around this. My eyes scanned about the fortress, looking for something. I didn't find it. I guess this was the only way around it.

"Alright, lets go!" the Sneasel shouted then prepared to rush forward but I grabbed her before she left.
"Whoa whoa. If they catch us, they'll throw us right back out." I said.

Eowyn dived in the water again. Perhaps it was better for her to stay out of this. I crept back into the water and swam closer to the hallway. A Team Rocket member was a few feet away from me. He spun around, letting the lanturn guide him through the darkness. I dived. When I could see him leave, I slinked myself from the water and near the hallway. I sidled besides the way and crept closer. Closer. Closer.. Suddenly, I spotted Eowyn hop from the water and run across the cement towards the Team Rocket members. So much for a sneak attack. She dived on one of the members and tried to let her claws do the work in this case. The man thwapped Eowyn off and she fell in front of me.

"Hiya Rachel," she beamed happily.

The man stepped out of the hallway to finish off Eowyn. He noticed me. He took out a large bat then thwapped me upside the head with it. I fell out cold. When I woke up, I was in a small room surrounded by metal bars. Oh ****. This isn't good. Eowyn was sitting on a small wooden table, humming to herself.

"I lived my life in shadow. Never the sun on my face. It didn't seem so sad though. I figured that was my place. Now I'm bathed in light. Something just isn't right. I'm under your spell. How else could it be? Anyone would notice me..." she sung.

Eowyn paused then thwapped herself around a bit.

"Curse that scary child's music!!!" she snarled.

I grinned to myself then bounced over to Eowyn and gave her a hug.

"You're okay!" I beamed.
"Oh please. Get a bloody room," hissed a nasty voice from that jail cell.

In the corner, sad an angry looking Blissey she was holding a small rock in her hand and tossed it at my hand. I grabbed the rock before it could hit me and stared at the Blissey oddly. She looked violent with a pair of sparkling silver earrings on her.. erm.. ears?

"Who are you?" asked Eowyn.
"Cruel." hissed the Blissey.
"We know you are but what is your name?" Eowyn asked again.
"I said it. My name is Cruel" she growled.
"I'm Eowyn. Pleased to meet ya!" beamed Eowyn

Eowyn offered her claw in friendship. Cruel met her gaze with a sinister glare. She exhaled from her mouth a tiny flame then set it off on the Sneasel. She screamed and ran around the jail cell, crying for mercy. Cruel found this amusing and grinned to herself. Eowyn snarled then gave Cruel a backwards peace sign. Cruel met this with a glare and let a few flames burn from her mouth. Eowyn whined then took shelter behind me, shivering and crying like a wimpy girl.

"Very amusing," Cruel cackled to herself.
"How long have you been here?" I asked, trying to see if the Blissey could help us at all.
"I don't know. A week. Maybe two. Those bastards scooped me up at a bar. Bastards. Right before I could get a few drinks. They also took my red juice.." she replied.
"Your red juice?" I asked.
"It's gonna make me a kick *** crimson color and I won't look like a bloody Easter marshmellow" she mumbled to herself.
"How about we make a little deal?" I suggested.

Cruel glared at me then tossed a rock around in her hand while staring at me with her emotionless black eyes.

"What do ya go in mind?" Cruel asked.
"You help us defeat Team Rocket and I'll help you get your Red Juice back," I said.

Cruel glared at me. She glanced at Eowyn who was cowering in fear of the ebil Blissey. Cruel grinned then dropped the rock.

"If it'll get me out of this hell house," she growled.
"That's the spirit, friend!" Eowyn beamed.
"Don't even get me started on you small fry," snarled Cruel.

Eowyn cowered in fear of her then hide behind me, staring at Cruel with fear in her eyes.

"Erm.. great.. first, we need to get out of here.." I said.

Cruel and Eowyn both looked at the metal bars. Eowyn didn't look confidence but Cruel grinned to herself.

"This place is very ragid and about to fall apart.. probably a place we can just crawl out from," Cruel said.
"Do you know where a hole is?" I asked.
"Sure sure," she said.

Cruel pointed towards where a chair laid against the wall. I pushed it aside and there was indeed a small hole there.

"I tried to get out through it but I'm too big for it. I can't seem to make it bigger with my attacks however." Cruel explained.
"Don't worry about that. Cruel, you be the look out. Check to see if there's anyone coming." I said.

Cruel padded over to the bars and looked around. I released Dieu and Willow from their Pokéballs. They both greeted me but were hushed almost instantly.

"Quiet! Now, can you guys try and use your Dragon Claws to break through this wall?" I asked them.

Willow and Dieu glanced at each other oddly then nodded. Both of the dragons dug their claws into the wall and began to work. Eowyn helped out by swiping her claws against the wall. I decided to let my new Scyther, Orcist help too. His scythes swiped against the wall wildly. After a few minutes of trying to destroy the wall, it worked. The ceiling crumbled like crazy. Before it could fall, I recalled all my Pokémon then dragged Cruel under the table. The pieces of ceiling fell all around us. After it stopped, I glanced out to see the whole jail cell was destroyed. It looked as if the jail part was seperated from the entire fortress. Cruel and I crept away from the jail cell towards the hallway from before where the lone Team Rocket member stood.

"We need to get past that guard,"
"He's no trouble," mumbled Cruel.

Cruel's nasty black eyes suddenly turned into an enchanting sparkling purple. The man was suddenly elevated into the air and went hurling into the water. Cruel ran through the hallway and I followed her. We arrived in a small room with a bunch of cages in them with several Pocket Monsters trapped inside. There was a Goldeen along with a Blastoise in a tiny little aquarium with a Dratini and Larvitar in another cage, trapped. They all looked sad. In the corner was a cage with many Rattatas. Twas sad. No members were in the room. Every cage was locked. So much for being hero of the day I guess. Cruel pulled a cigarette bud from the ground then lit it with her Flamethrower and put it in her mouth. I snatched it and squished the incky stuff under my shoe.

"That's bad for you,"

Cruel glared at me. She sat on a cage, causing the Rattatas to cry. She slapped her fist against the cage and yelled at them to shut up. I am really getting tired of that *****. I can't wait until I am able to defeat Team Rocket then get rid of her for good. I scanned across the dark room and spotted a door. When I opened it, I spotted eight Team Rocket members in that hallway! I slammed the door before any of them could see me. This was bad.. My Pocket Monsters wouldn't be able to handle them all... maybe there's another way around.. I sent out Basilisk and Loki.

"I want you guys to slither as quietly as you can down the walkway to see if there's another way around it," I instructed.

The snaked nodded then slithered across the walkway, silently. Seviper went towards the right of the walkway while Arbok stuck pretty close to the left side. He let his thin tongue escape his scale lips then flicked it about. (That's how snakes smell)... they disappeared from sight.

Loki's POV

This seemed odd. Why would Rachel be in a filthy mess such as this? No matter. Basilisk was on one side and I stayed the complete opposite of her. She's impossible. Basilisk I mean. No matter what I do, she's in the way. Like a bloody puppet. Better keep that filthy image from my mind before I lose my sanity. That's a road I need not to go down again. I reached the end of the walkway. Basicly, it let to what appeared to be an endless maze of doors and paths. This is hopeless. Basilisk gave me a sign that proved everything was clear on her half. I returned the signal. Basilisk was glaring at me from across the other side of the walkway. Suddenly, a woman stepped out from a door to notice that Seviper in the hallway.
"What are you doing out here?" she growled.
Basilisk snapped her head towards the woman in black. She reared up and hissed. The woman sighed then wrapped a rope around her neck.
"Get back with the other Pocket Monsters," she sighed.
I hissed suddenly and sprung from my location. The woman became startled. I wrapped myself around her and hissed loudly. I spit out my Sludge Bomb at her face. She screamed as poison reached her eyes.
"Leave the Seviper alone!" I snarled.
I released the woman and she ran off, trying to wipe the poison away. Basilisk just stared at me. I cleared my throat then looked away from her.
"Are you okay?" I asked.
Basilisk was silent. It was kinda freaky. She just stared at me. Surprised I bet. Even I don't know why I did that.. I don't even like her. I would normally love to see her get captured.. why the hell did I save her?
"I'm fine," she whispered.
I finally looked towards her. I felt a blush reach my face. I cleared my throat again then gulped nervously.. she is kinda pretty.. in a scary kind of way.. I began to slither away but then I heard her say something.
"Thank you," she said.
"You're welcome," I studdered.
Basilisk slithered besides me and grinned at me. I blushed again. She did too. She gave me an affectionate nuzzle then slithered off. I just stood there like a lovesick teenager.. then followed her back to Rachel... this was kinda odd but what can I tell ya? We all do crazy things we don't know what is it at times.

Cruel's POV

The girl's snakes returned to her, claiming that down the walkway was a series of doors and paths. This sucks. I need to get out of here as fast as possible. I really want to be a Red Blissey so I hope we find that Red Juice soon too. God. I want to be free. These bloody Rattatas are crying and it's giving me a bloody headache. Filthy vermon. Speaking of worthless nothings, Rachel intructed me to come over. I did so. She's my key to freedom. After she gets my Red Juice, I'm gone. Adios sucker! Yes, I'm aware I'm not a normal Blissey but who cares. She opened the door again. The Team Rocket members were gone. All that waiting for nothing. Geez, what a brilliant child. Note to self: Maul that stupid child. We crept down the walkway. The bloody snakes were right. It was an endless hall of doors. **** this will take forever! ****ing piece of ****. ******* worthless ******* *** *******. (</Cruel's profanity>) Rachel grabbed a door knob but a voice behind us stopped the brat. It was some fat guy. I laughed at him. Rachel was telling me to stop but I thwapped her then continued my laughter. He pulled out a small bottle with my red juice in it.
"Looking for this?" he asked.
I snarled then demanded it back. He grinned then released a Hitmonchan. I'm gonna tear that thing apart!!!

Cruel the Blissey Lv.100 versus Tony the Hitmonchan Lv.100

"Go ahead Tony and show that little marshmellow who's the boss," he said.
Tony? What a stupid name! Tony cracked his knuckles then bounced around me like a little pixie boy. Ha! This is cake. Tony began by jabbing a flaming fist into my side. Ow! ****ing wimp. I exhaled out my own scorching flames that burnt up Tony. He growled at me. Ooo.. so scary..
"Don't worry about it Tony. Give her a Dynamic Punch."
Too easy.. I created a veil to surround my body. Tony's punch kicked in but it didn't confuse me. Safeguard has never failed me... still, that Dynamic Punch hurt..
"Give her another Dynamic Punch," said the man.
He rushed over to deliver another punch on me but my eyes glowed a shimmering purple and stopped him in his tracks then send him hurling into a wall. He fell to the ground but got back on his feet. Damnit
"Never fear Tony. Just use a Thunder Punch."
He slammed his fist which was surrounded by several sparks and such at me. I made sparks surround my puffy body and it zapped him up. ha.
"Dynamic Punch her again." growled the man.
My eyes glowed purple again and he was sent hurling against his trainer, KOed. Too easy. Wimps. I hate wimps. I snatched my Red Juice away. Rachel released a Salamence then recalled her snakes then hopped on a dragon. I hitched a ride on the Salamence too. We flew out of the water to the beach. I held my Red Juice in my hand tightly.
"Thanks kid," I said.
"You're welcome," she replied.
I took the cap off of the bottle then drunk up the red juice. Slowly, my pink body grew darker and darker until I was a striking crimson colored. I look and feel great!
"See ya kid," I said again as I ran off, enjoying my new evil look.

The End.. whee.. I hope you all enjoy the.. original Blissey here xDD

29th July 2003, 05:41 PM
The Tremor Games[/b]

*fireworks explode over the CCCC* Welcome to the Tremor Games Award Ceremony! 8 participants have fought bravely for the benifit of the CCCC and to preserve the land for generations to come. They wrote descriptive battles and competed with spirit to win. Congratulations to all.

For all who participated in the games and all the workers, 10 rare, one-time-release only TMs will be released. Cora, Shonta, Amy, Rachel, Jay, Matt, Steve, SR, Danny, and I will recieve...the Splash TM. Use it, or keep it as a trophy TM. But remember, the Splash TM will never be released again :o


In third place, winning the Master Ball and a 25 CCPs...

SR and Steve! *hands each a Tremor Games collectors box holding a Master Ball and 25 CCPs.

In second Place, winning the Elemental Larvitar and 50 CCPs...


CCPs: 12
Comments: Well, you missed winning first by a hair, but thats ok. Your battle was very nicely written. The background story for the Dodrio being stolen for their colors was cool.

Enjoy your new Larvitar with Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the moment where the winner of the Tremor Games will be revealed even though since I revealed the second place, you can figure it out :O :O :O The winner of the Tremor Games is...


CCPs: 13
Comments: lol Original is right o_o. That Blissey sure is b****chy, lol :o Your story was quite amusing with the Blissey with the attitude and all the other mishaps.

Congratulations! Rachel has won an all expense paid trip to the Hidden Pond in the Sourthen Caverns, where you can catch one Dratini!...

One moment, you were walking up the stairs of the podium, ready to accept your award…the next, a bright light flashes and you awaken on the ground in a cold sweat in the middle of a cave. Water drips around you and on you from the ceiling, the constant beat of the drip and drop. You get up and walk down the cavern, wandering around, puzzled and confused. Your vision slowly becomes more and more impaired, as a fog appeared and became thicker and thicker as you move along. A cold wind blows past you, and you lift your arm to shield your face. You continue on...and fall down a cliff and into a pool of water! You see strange long blobs moving around in the water. Quickly, you shoot back up to the surface and take a breath, struggling to stay afloat. A Dratini pops up and smiles at you. It motions for you to lean on it and it carries you back to the shore. You hold out a Pokeball and it smiles. It jumps out of the water and into your arms. Suddenly, you feel as if you were awakened. You find that you are standing on the award podium, holding your Dratini.

Congratulations! You have won a Level 5 Dratini, gender of your choice.

As the first games of the Crystal Caves comes to an end, hold your acceptance speeches, congrats to the winners, and other stuff here. *wheels out a giant table with tons of food and party favors* Congrats to all who participated!

29th July 2003, 07:42 PM
Congratulations Amy for coming 2nd ^^ I know you wanted to win that Larvitar all along, and you have. You did a great job and I hope you keep your writing skills alive. :)

30th July 2003, 01:12 AM
Originally posted by Jay
Congratulations Amy for coming 2nd ^^ I know you wanted to win that Larvitar all along, and you have. You did a great job and I hope you keep your writing skills alive. :)

Thanks for the congrats. I'm happy to have just made it to the finals. Anyway i wanted to say Congrats to Rachel. ^^ I'll take care of my larvitar, rest assured ^^

2nd August 2003, 07:20 PM
OMG, congrats everyone :). Good job, Rachel. :} It's cool that you have a Dratini now. Now there's 3 captured Dratinis out =o. So anyway.... Congrats you two :D.

2nd August 2003, 07:29 PM
Ah, I've been lurking the topic and reading every story that has popped up...

Congrats to you, Amy, for second place! Take good care of your Larvitar. *claps* ^^

Yaye, go Rachel! *glomps her* ^__^; And I'd love to give Rache congrats on winning the Dratini, which I'm sure she'll find as a nice surprise when she returns from her trip. ^^