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20th May 2003, 11:07 AM
48 hr DQ
Arena: Regular Arena

Any noobie looking for a fast match that already has a team approved please.

Pichu! Heracross! Go!
Each are male btw.

You send out the 2, and attack, then I attack. Any quick ref is fine ^^

20th May 2003, 11:43 AM
I'd like to ref!!

20th May 2003, 12:04 PM
I assume regular arena is indigo plateu

Sense you don't mind if I accept, I will use my Gligar, Nosferatu (m) and my Scizor, Harbringer (M).

Harbringer, take to the air, while rising Safeguard yourself to begin with. Razor Wind or swift as needed from the air against the Heracross. (Scizor flew in the anime)

Nosferatu, you have another meal before you. As always, the rat is your target. Stir up a sandstorm to disrupt your opponents while you take to the air. Preform Faint attack to avoid any status enducing effects. Other wise launch Razor Winds and or sludge bombs at your rodent of an opponent, aim for the mouth if possible.

20th May 2003, 12:27 PM
As he takes to the air, before he can use FAttack, Thunder Wave it Pichu! Thunder Scizor to bring him back to the ground. Aglility away from Sludge Bomb.
Heracross, Mega Horn Gligar in the neck to push until you see blood. Try to damage his eye then with a Mega Horn again, this time to the right eye! Hmmmm...... lets try a Strength to squeeze the blood out of him by squeezing his gutt in a bearhug!

Heracross male
Nickname: Diesel
Signature Move: Jacknife
Heracross pushes the opponents head between his legs(the opponent in now bent over). He then grabs there waist and flips there body, so that there legs are now resting on one of his shoulders, with them facing the opposite direction of him. He then pushes them forwards by their waist, sending the falling to the ground with great force.
Type: Fighting | Accuracy: 80% | Damage: 25% | Takes massive energy on Pokemon outweighing Heracross | Can be used once per match, and Heracross will be too drained|

22nd May 2003, 09:34 PM
Shadow, you can ref ^^

30th May 2003, 04:21 PM
sorry I took forever, I had some health problems, I'm not totally better but better enough to crawl behind my pc!

oh just like to say, scizors aren't flying types so I count fatigue for flying, just as with heracross!


A nice day on the indigo plateau, the sun is shining happily and the crowd is enjoying this nice day, sitting comfy on the high quality chairs from indigo stadium. The cleaners are still whiping some blood from the floor from the previous match but are being boo-ed away by the audience, their getting impatient. The cleaners are being called away, so that the match can finally start! The crowd starts cheering as the battlers rise their platforms and ready their pokemon. Let the games begin!!

heracross(M): fine, health 100%, energy 100%
pichu(M): fine, health 100%, energy 100%


nosferatu(M): fine, health 100%, energy 100%
harbringer(M): fine, health 100%, energy 100%

Four pokemon appear on the scene, two bugs, a flying scorpion and a baby rat, a nice little troop of monsters! With the blink of an eye nosferatu and harbringer take air, while airing 5 stars start to circle harbringer, harder and harder, till they form one star and explode leaving a green aura around harbringer. Meanwhile nosferatu tries to create a sandstorm but immediately gets thunder waved down by the little yellow pichu, only it didn't work cause nosferatu is partially ground type . Being busy laughing at pichu nosferatu gets hit by heracross, pushing the horn in nosferatu's back, missing the neck.
Nosferatu had a bad start, being crashed down by a good work from heracross, and its get even harder for him as heracross charges to him again, an on the ground lying scorpion isn't a hard target, but luckily for nosferatu his pal harbringer sees this and launches a razor wind towards heracross, slicing its body and sending him out course, so he misses nosferatu. Pichu however, not noticing all of this power up totally and releases a very powerful thunder from his little cheeks. so much power from a little yellow pichu, happily for pichu and not so happily for harbringer the thunder hits, sendingharbringer to the ground, at least he saved his buddy, who now sliced that yellow pichu who knocked its friend out of the sky!
Nosferatu again attacks pichu now trowing a vile purple ball at him, but the little pichu maneges to get away with agility. Heracross tries to grab nosferatu but is stopped by harbringer, who aims another razor wind at him and hit him right in da face! harbringer saved nosferatu again! All pokemon are n the ground now facing eachother, waiting for the next round!

heracross(M): is sliced all over his body by the razor winds, health 80%, energy: 77%
pichu(M): has multiple slices, health 90%, energy 80%

nosferatu(M): pain in back,, health: 85%, energy: 88%
harbringer(M): safeguarded for three more rounds, health: 80%, energy: 78%

edit: made an energy calculation mistake! and the paralyzing mistake

1st June 2003, 11:24 AM
Gligar is ground / flying, as such he is immune to electric attacks. How is he paralyzed?

1st June 2003, 11:26 AM
oh damn, talking about stupid mistakes!

1st June 2003, 11:34 AM
As such, wouldn't he not have fallen into the Heracross's megahorn and finished Sandstorm properly?

1st June 2003, 11:38 AM
Sand can't come from no where. Sandstorm woulda failed. And Heracross has wings, he can just as easily fly up and use it.

4th June 2003, 10:38 PM
I've been asked to reref this match. Reffing will either be late tonight, or tommorow.

18th June 2003, 02:21 AM
Cyrus vs. WaterElite117

Beginning of Round 1 Status
>>>>>>Nosferatu the Male Gligar: 100% health, feeling good
>>>>>>Harbringer the Male Scizor: 100% health, good
>>>>>>Pichu (M): 100% health, feeling great
>>>>>>Diesel the Male Heracross: 100% health, peachy

>>>>>>Nosferatu the Male Gligar: Sandstorm-Faint Attack/Razor Wind/Sludge Bomb (Pichu)- Faint Attack/Razor Wind/Sludge Bomb (Pichu)
>>>>>>Harbringer the Male Scizor: Safeguard-Razor Wind/Swift (Heracross)-Razor Wind/Swift (Heracross)
>>>>>>Pichu (M): Thunder Wave (Nosferatu)-Thunder (Scizor)-Agility
>>>>>>Diesel the Male Heracross: Mega Horn (Nosferatu)-Mega Horn (Nosferatu)-Strength (Nosferatu)

The cab drove down the street, the little yellow car moving along the gray strip of pavement. I peered out as the cab passed the grand Indigo Plateau. I had reffed handfuls of battles at Indigo Plateau, always driving up to the Indigo, walking in, the crowd cheering, and reffing another spectacular match after spectacular match. HONK HONK!

“Alright alright!” I cried. “I’ll move into the bike lane.” I steered my bike from the road onto the thin bike lane. I kept staring at the grand stadium, swimming in the memories of past battle…and zoomed past Indigo Plateau.

“WOAH!” I cried out as I pressed on the brakes. “I’m here.” Quickly, I got off my bike and ran towards Indigo Stadium, and swerved into the run-down battlefield right next to it. “Sorry I’m late all.” I made a mental note to get cooking on reffings…only being able to afford a bike is sad…

Battle: Round 1
The four Pokemon stood in the empty field, the dust hovering over the ground in the wind. The sunlight illuminated over them, as they stared at each other, waiting for the moment when one of them would make the first move. Quickly, Pichu leaped into action, firing off a bolt of electricity at Nosferatu. The purple flyscorpio Pokemon launched itself into the air as the bolt struck him. The electricity began crackling as it surged around its body, having no effect. Nosferatu’s eyes glowed, the dust slowly rising into the air and shrouding the field in a wild sandstorm. As the dust began to quell, Heracross took off, speeding towards Nosferatu, ramming Nosferatu with his horn, sending him flying through the air. Meanwhile, Harbringer took off, an aura of light swirling around him, enveloping him in a protective barrier.

Nosferatu fell to the ground, landing on his back, the Sandstorm raging around him. Diesel flew into the Sandstorm, searching for Nosferatu, ready to ram his horn into the purple Pokemon’s body once again. Harbringer stared down upon the field, seeing figures moving around in the raging dust. Harbringer sent out a spray of stars upon one of the figures, sending out a swift. Diesel cried out as the stars began slicing around him. Pichu began to scramble around, the sandstorm pelting it with sand. He began to fire of a bolt of electricity, but to no avail, for he could not see in the sandstorm. Meanwhile, Nosferatu peered around, searching for his opponent. Suddenly, a bright light shown and a cry was heard. Nosferatu fired a Sludge Bomb at the glowing figure. The Sludge Bomb hit Pichu, the toxins splattering over him. The poisons began seeping through his pours, into his bloodstream, the virulent liquid ready to attack his body.

Heracross stumbled around the field, unable to see in the thick, raging dust. He began searching for his opponent, his efforts in vain. Nosferatu spat another sphere of toxins at Pichu. Pichu stood, preparing for even a hint of a certain attack. He peered into the raging sand, trying to keep focus on the battle. Suddenly, the Gligar’s attack flew into sight, Pichu quickly using Agility, narrowly escaping the blob by a hair’s width. The blob of toxins splattered over the ground, the poisons eating away at the arena. Harbringer watched the battle from above on his sky high perch. Harbringer again fired a spray of stars, glowing a bright yellow as it passed through the sand. Diesel cried the stars swept around him, slicing his skin.

End of Round 1 Status
>>>>>>Nosferatu the Male Gligar: 92% health, fatigue (6%)
>>>>>>Harbringer the Male Scizor: 100% health, fatigue (2%)
>>>>>>Pichu (M): 91% health, fatigue (14%), Poisoned
>>>>>>Diesel the Male Heracross: 87% health, fatigued (4%), slices and cuts over his body
>>>>>>Sandstorm is raging. Damaging non-Ground, non-Rock, non-Steel types in the vicinity, not to mention hindering vision :/
>>>>>>Sorry for keeping you all waiting.

20th June 2003, 10:02 PM
1 round a month... Thank you for the rereffing PMF, the DQ is up. I catch a Lapras.