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3rd November 2002, 12:09 PM
The year is 12,110 AD. Twenty years ago, a dampiel bounty hunter named D was thought to have destroyed the last Vampire, Count Magnus Lee. He recieved no praise for his deeds, however, because he himself was half vampire, and in a world that was ruled by fear of these creatures of the night for so long, being born to the wrong parents was a crime. After the final Vampire was destroyed, however, D put away his sword, and settled down with the only human to ever accept him, a young lady named Doris.
However.....Magnus Lee was not the last.
For there were many Vampires who, in days before, grew weary of hiding in the darkness of coffins during the day. Vampires who longed for a place of Eternal night, a place where they could live without the threat of bounty hunters or the deadly rays of the sun. This place, was the City of the Night. Such Earth-weary vampires took to the sky in vast ships, and the City of the Night became a haven of darkness and peace.
Peace gets old quickly, and as time went on, boredom and the bitterness of never tasting blood drove these vampires to an unholy, restless rage. Seeing with new eyes what once was thier heaven, had become their hell. Seeking to end their 'exile', they returned in droves to Earth.
The Age of Vampires, glorious overlords of the night, was once again nigh.
And so began anew the slaughter of mankind by the creatures of the night........

The Present:
1:29 PM
October 15, 12,110
16 days until the moon of the woman (a night where vampires cannot drink blood)

A cold wind blows through the streets and forests of Earth, and faintly seen by those on the surface, the glimmer of Vampiric ships as they descend......

Anyone may begin.......^-^

The RPG's Website (http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/ssjbulma/vamp)

Ginger Cat
3rd November 2002, 12:43 PM
Please excuse mistakes... I dumb... :)

Name: Ferino Mejin
Age: 22
Species: Vampire
Side: Vampire
Gender: Male
Looks: About 6'2". Build is lanky, somewhat wirey, and not very agile looking- more like imposing. Hair is thick, bushy-like, at times looks uncombed but doesn't look dirty. Eyes are... Well, one is a brilliant golden color, the other is more of a golden brown; freaky-like effect from this. Skin is almost completely white. Clothing? Heh. As if you can't guess... Black jeans and shirt, with a black trench coat or cloack, depening on his mood.
Personality: Sadistic, but in a manner that is normally very subdued. He keeps his thoughts to himself for the most part, though he will speak very intently for his purposes when provoked, and is dangerous when p*ssed- even more so than usual. He doesn't completely have his views set on the battle between humans and vampires, but is inclined to side with vampires, as humans come off in a bad light when he sees them. Overall, more of a loner than anything.
Family: Who the hell knows? He certainly doesn't...
History: Mm, I'm gonna be shallow with this- sorry. He was born in the City of Night, but was taken to Earth by his parents when he was thirteen. While there, his parents were killed (at least, so far as he knew) and he was left to his own devices. He, however, didn't mind terribly. The humans weren't terribly nice to him, as is to be expected, but he lived with it; he enjoyed life on his own.
Weapon: Doesn't often use one, but when he does... Very nasty, sharp throwing knives.
Other: Tasted blood... many times... yay blood. Other than that? I... dunno.

Ferino Mejin ~ Vampire

They were returning.

For years, the Earth had been only scarecly populated by vampires. Those of us who had been there were persecuted endlessly, driven to near madness and starvation by the overpowering number of humans. So many, and yet we did not return to the city of Eternal Night. For what purposes? Some were uncertain, but many, such as I, felt that we belonged on Earth. We were not to be hidden in some desolate, distant city.

I'd been on the Earth for nine years, surviving alone. In that time, I'd seen few of my kind. We were unable to make much contact, and unable to do much damage. There had been far too few of us. We had been stuck where they left us.

Now... Now our numbers were growing. The vampires who had been living in the city of Eternal Night were beginning to feel the draw and see the need of a retake of Earth. They were returning, and we were gaining strength because of it. Soon we would have little to fear. Soon, we would be strong again.

Smirking slightly, I looked around my so-called home- a dark, cave-like inlet beneath a cliff that stood over the lake. No light penetrated the darkness of the cave, thankfully. That was why it made the perfect dwelling. No coffin for me, no sir. Damn the coffins, damn them all. I preferred the ground.

The vampires were returning, and would would be alone no longer. No more trouble from the humans, because they would be powerless. We'd bring them down. They had hated us for what we'd done, and then turned around and done the same thing to us... So we'd drive it back.

Perhaps later, once the sun was gone, I'd greet the new ones. Maybe I would watch. See what was going to happen. Once the sun went down... Then I'd see. Then we'd all see.

The end of the humans was coming...


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3rd November 2002, 03:40 PM
Name: Father roland, roland for short


Species: Human

Side: Vampire


Looks:Long face (cowboy bebop style) black eyes, silver hair, wears the whole priest outfit with trench coat, slinder. hair is long and in a half braid half ponytail.

Personality:sly, wants power, power on earth, doesnt want to wait for heaven. seeks power from the vampires. eternal life.

Family:his family was in the church business, so they put him in it also. he didnt want to so he killed them.

History: bad childhood, good schooling. He grew up hating the world.

Weapon:Two guns in holsters on his hips

Other: Very cunning can get out of any thing he starts(like a fight or something..) weakness: blind spot on his right eye, he damaged his eye during a fight with someone he was trying to murder. it can see only light & dark.


Father Roland

I sat in my old dusty chair, thinking of what to do. I lit a smoke and puffed on it. I looked at my clock, " 1:40....hmmmm... the Vampires are still asleep..." I leaned back in my chair, the dust flying. I started to clean my guns when I heard a knock on the door. " Come." I answered. It was Father Farwell, he brought a book with him. " Whats that?" I asked as I reached out a hand to take it from him. The title read Vampires " Know your enemy..." he said in a low voice,I started to read. Farwell just stared as if waiting for me to say something. I looked up at him, "Yes...and?" I asked getting annoyed at his presence. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. I could feel the anger swelling up inside, I didnt like people and I didnt like company. "Get out!" I yelled as I stood up quickly. I slammed my hands on my desk so hard the book fell on the ground.Farwell slowly walked out of the room shutting the door behind him. I went to pick it up when I saw what page it had opened at. It read Vampires: Eternal Life. Power beyond control. I smiled as I picked it up and began to read the chapter.

3rd November 2002, 03:44 PM


Another street fight. Just because I swiped a loaf of bread, the others think they can just take it. They try to knock me out with a beer bottle but I dodge it. The guy breaks it on the wall of the alley and his hand is covered in splinters.

"Hand it over kid," the leader of the group says. "That bread is ours."

"Steal your own," I called to them, feeling the knife in my pocket.

"Yeah right," he said. "I'm a human, you dope. Your a dampiel. You got that super vampire speed thing. Don't think we don't know! We've seen you steal bread before."

"This is mine," I said. "I'm takin' it"

The fight continued. They started to beat me. I winced in pain with every blow. I pulled my hand out of my pocket. And with a flik of my wrist...it was over. I had thrown my knife though each and every one of them...except for the leader. He ran off in fear.

"Man," I sighed. "What I have to do to get food. I walked off, but not before I washed my knife at a water fountain in the middle of the street.
Not really related to the plot...just to introduce my character...don't need to post stats since the site has it, correct?

4th November 2002, 06:22 PM
Ok I finished my post ^-^:D

4th November 2002, 07:22 PM
Time: 5:26PM 47 minutes until sundown
----Father Farwell----
I sighed as I walked out the doors of the Church of the Guiding Light. Sometimes it seemed as though Father Roland did not care about anything, let alone God or the people (OOC-DUH). Thinking about Father Roland always gave me a headache, so I closed my eyes and rubbed them as I walked. It was just as well that Father Roland told me to leave, it was time to restock the church's supplies so we could eat dinner tonight.
Suddenly, while I was rubbing my eyes, I collided sharply with something. I opened my eyes and saw a young boy laying on the ground where he was knocked down. "Oh dear, Im terribly sorry! Its my fault, I shouldve been watching where I was going....." The boy jumped up and tried to snatch something from under my shoe. It was a small, meager piece of bread.
"That was my dinner...." he said, staring at the dirty, torn, less than edible substance that was moments before something nourishing.
"Please forgive me..." I said. This poor boy, he looks like he never gets enough food. His clothes are dirty...there must be something I can do to better the life of this child!
"Please, If you would come with me to the Church, I will make you dinner. It would be more nourishing than a piece of bread anyway, and if you would like you could live there. The streets are no place for a boy to live..."
I could see his brain working to make a decision........

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
The cold wind blew on Earth, though I could not yet feel it. The sun, a foreign thing I had only heard of, was just a few inches of steel away, as my ship was minutes away from landing. Soon I would be on Earth, the place my parents were born, my mother as a human, and my father, as a vampire. They, however would never return to it, we had made sure of that. They were under the mistaken belief that Humans and Vampires could co-exist, heh, the only co-existing we could do is vampires ruling over the cattle known as humans, as they supply us with food. Or at least, some of us. I had never felt the hunger for their blood, for I have never actually seen a human, my mother had been changed before I was born. I was sure my father did the changing, so biting humans couldnt be wrong....
Its just the natural course of things.
I smoothed my long white/silver hair and stood up proudly. Its the way of nature for us vampires, us aristocrats, to rule. It was our birthright. And who was I to mess with nature?
I glanced up at Lantis, the one who had told me of such things. He was very old, but as we who are immortal often are, he was still very handsome. He turned to me. "We will be landing shortly, and the sun will soon be set. Then, it will be time to feed......."
I nodded, slightly giddy at the fact that he was talking to me. Yes, to feed, though I had never done so, or even wished to. But it was the way of nature.........
Myra has a sort of school-girl crush on Lantis, even though he's WAY too old and apparently has no interest in love (lust but not love). He uses this to get Myra to fight for his side, and she even went so far as to kill her own mother.
Yeah, you dont need to re-post your profile because its all on the site, but you can post what time it is if there was a signifigant gap in the time. Also, as this goes on and there are some clashes with the vamps and the vamp hunters, I'll throw in some artifacts and what not for people to find and use. You'll find out later what I mean.....^-^

4th November 2002, 07:35 PM
"Hmm...a prospect for food" I thought. But why do I need to go to a church. I can fend for myself! But then again...I could have as much food as I wished...and not have to work for it...that would be nice. But I've heard that vampire's cannot enter a church, for it is holy ground...oh what the heck...I'm only half vampire anyway..."

"Yes," I said to the priest, trying to put on the most polite tone I could. "I would like that, thank you."

"But first," he started. "We must go to the market to buy food."

Whatever, but I was getting hungry...

We returned to the church and I sat down at the table, staring at everything inside. There were stained glass windows of people...expecially one with a golden circle around his head. There was a stone man, resembling the man with the golden circle, nailed to a cross above the alter. It was all puzzing.

The priest walked out with three bowls of food...
Interesting...I wonder how Father Roland will react to a Dampial in the Church...

4th November 2002, 08:17 PM
Father Roland

My eyes hurt because of reading so much. I was getting hungry anyway, so I decided to see if that worthless farwell had bought the food. I walked throught the church halls, it was now 5:50pm, as i approached the kitchen quarters I heard another voice other than Farwell's. I opened the door slowly, and noticed that the person was a..dampiel... " Oh my Farwell did you know that, that is a dampiel?" I asked in a kind voice. Farwell looked up and said "yes, but he is a person in need. And we must help thoughs people in need, even if the are half vampire." he said calmly. " Well, I must get back to my work." Farwell said getting his bowl and walked into his work room.
There was silence as I sat down where my bowl was placed. The boy was eating and didnt seem to really care that I was there. " So...your a Dampiel..." I said grinning, i placed my chin on my hand. " can you tell me something about .............eternal..life??"
Silly roland-.-()

4th November 2002, 08:47 PM
Name: Kaethe Wilona
Age: 27
Species: Vampire
Side: Vampire
Gender: Female
Looks: Has long blue-black hair, and large dark green eyes under somewhat thick eyebrows (Like the wonderful Marilyn's, except black instead of blond) Medium-height, curvy: not too thin or too fat. Dresses in a black semi-mideval gown with pale silver trim. And, of course, has the standard pale skin, fangs, and pointy ears.
Personality: Vain, but amiable enough. She takes herself very seriously, and any slight on her vanity is punishable by death, but the slightest compliment produces a close companion. She also uses her Vampire Magnetism to full effect.
Family: A Dampiel half-brother, human sister-in-law, and niece. She ignores her extended family for the most part, and they ignore her.
History: Was born Earth to the Wilona family. However, she didn't get to enjoy her status for long, as her family had to flee to the City of Night. When she was grown she learned she had a brother who might kill her, so she made up her mind to deserve death if anything. However, as she claims, all her victims are bit quite willingly.
Weapon: Her amazing feminine charm.
Special Abilities: Has not yet mastered flying, but can bend crosses ^^;

I lay back and looked up towards the moon. The taste of blood was still strong in my mouth... the scent was heavy and sweet. I turned to look at the body of the man next to me. He had known I was a vampire but had still followed me out to this feild. I licked the tiniest drop of blood of my lips and felt a deep sense of regret. His blood had been thick and strong, and I wanted more. I sighed and looked back up at the shapes of the airships passing in front of the moon. Competition.
They had best stay out of my village, I thought darkly. Nowhere I had travelled had such delicious, or such gullible, humans. And I was not about to surrender them to some upstart usurper.

Master Rudy
5th November 2002, 12:12 AM
Name-Rudy Summers
Looks-Once again not a surprise if you know me. Stands at about 5'10" and looks similar to Trunks from DBZ. Has short blue hair and blue eyes. Wears a black jacket, black shirt, blue jeans and brown boots. Has his sword strapped to his back. In other words just take my characters normal appearence and give him pale skin and fangs ^_~
Personality-Not what most would expect from a vampire. Keeps calm in tough situations and is friendly toward those that support his cause and undersand him. Rudy is one of the few vampires that doesn't want to harm humans and stands against those that would slaughter them. However this puts him in a bad spot since most vamps and just about all the vampire hunters who act before they think would want to see him dead. One of the main things motivating him is finding his long lost sister.
Family-Both of his parents are dead. Rudy's only living family is a Dampiel half sister who he has never met.
History-Unlike other vamps Rudy's family didn't have any problems with the humans. Recent generations have even gone so far as to hunt their own kind and protect the humans. However this has put the Summers family in hot water with other vampires. As a result they have been paying the price in recent years. Rudy's mother died shortly after he was born so he never had the chance to know what she was like. His father recently died about a year ago. Before his death Rudy learned than before his father met his mother that he had a brief one night stand with a human about 20 years ago. Not wanting to deal with having a child who was half vamp the woman tossed her out like she was nothing. Once his father learned about this he tried to look for her but couldn't find any trace. In his will he talked about his shame in not being there for her. After learning about this one of Rudy's main goals has been tracking her down. However he doesn't have much to go by. All he knows is that she is in her 20's and is a Dampiel. For all he knows she could already be dead......
Weapon-A katana and two daggers
Other-Has never tasted blood and doesn't plan on doing so

Rudy Summers
@ about 6:30 PM (shortly after sunset)
Having just woken up I yawned as I stepped out of the hotel I had stayed at and onto the street. As I did this I made sure to place my hand over my mouth so that no one around me could get a clear look at my fangs. Despite the fact that I was on their side the humans around me didn't know that. Even if they did know that I wasn't a killer chances are they wouldn't care and would take whatever chance they had to take me down. To them I was just another bloodsucking vampire. However while I may have had 99% of the town against me I knew that there were some people who would trust you regardless of what you were. Several months back I had saved the oldest daughter of the man who owned the hotel I had just stayed at. At first they were not too thrilled over the thought of helping me out but after some time had passed they saw I wasn't a threat and had offered me a free room whenever I was in town and needed it. This just went to prove that trust could usually overcome fear. As I went down the streets I saw that some people couldn't keep their eyes off me but thankfully none were asking questions. Every single time I went into a town full of humans I feared that if my fangs didn't give me away first that my pale skin would. However for the most part people seemed to assume that I was some human vampire hunter that just didn't have time for the sun.

The main reason why I had come back was due to the fact I was following some leads and info I had picked up elsewhere. Right before my father was killed by some vampires that had come after us I learned that I had a half human older sister. Since then I had made it my goal to track her down. The main motivation was the fact that she was the only living family I had left. As a result I made it a point to never stop looking until I found her or found proof that she was also dead. Recently I had heard that three women matching the info I had came into this town in the past few days. Sadly what I knew about her wasn't much and had made looking very hard. Other than the fact that she was a Dampiel the only other things I knew was that she was in her early 20's and was abandon by her mother shortly after birth. I didn't even have a name to go by. However this still wouldn't be enough to make me give up. In fact after recent events I wanted to find her more than ever. There were several rumors that vampires from the City of the Night would be making a return to the Earth soon. At first most people just ignored them until it was confirmed not too long ago that the rumors were true. Everyone knew that within the next few days there was a chance that all hell would soon break loose. For now all I could do was continue my search and prepare for a war between the vampires and humans that was sure to come.

Little did I know however was that as I walked the streets someone was following me......

Just an intro post for the most part. As for that ending anyone is welcome to jump in if they want to tail my character ^_~

5th November 2002, 12:51 AM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Night had fallen on Earth, the glorious familiar black velvity night that was eternal in the City I was born in. It was time to go out and take back what was ours.
I wandered the darkened streets of the human city and thought about where Lantis had gone. He was off slaying some human to feast upon its blood, something which sounded as a dirty habit to me. Humans were lowly beasts, and biting them seemed very filthy indeed. I drew my wing cape around me tighter as an especially hard gust of wind blew, my hair flowing out behind me.
Earth was a cold place.
My thoughts drifted once again to the humans. Despite my dislike of the cattle I had yet to meet one, there were no humans in the City of the Night and until now that was where I had lived my entire life.
I had no sooner thought that when I saw someone walking up ahead. Could that be.....a human? I was intensly curious as to what a human was like, I know in the stories that Lantis tells they are described as 'delicious' but that didn't really tell me about what they were like as a species. I decided to observe this 'human' to see how it behaved, before I decided what to do with it.
There was no harm in learning, right?
But what Myra doesnt know, is that what she is observing is NOT a human...hah hah hah. Myra's naiive about the world, and all she really knows about the relationships between humans and vampires she was told---by someone who hates humans. He's kinda biased...;)
She thinks biting humans is nasty mainly cause shes never been around one, so shes never smelt human blood and gotten hungry..

Outlaw JT
5th November 2002, 02:34 AM
Name: Koger
Age: 33
Species: mutant
Side: whichever side is paying himmore at the time
Gender: male
Looks: 6'4", firm yet limber muscular build(well toned muscles), silver hair with two broad blue streaks running on either side of his head, violet colored eyes, dresses exactly like Gotenks. he wears a rose shaped silver pendant that has a garlic bud in it.
Personality: fun, playful, and greedy as heck. he enjoys life and enjoys his work and couldn't care less what anyone thinks of him.
Family: It is rumored that he is a young cousin of the mutant known as Rei but he can't confirm it cause he has no idea who his family really is.
History: He was found abandoned as a baby by a monastery. They raised him till he was 6 at which point he killed the head priest and made off with all the gold trinkets he could carry. He fell in with a vampire-hunter he tried to rob when he was age 8 because the hunter was amused by him. He picked up the trade and eventually went to work for himself as a bounty hunter, hunting anything he could get paid to hunt. He has killed his fair share of both humans and vampires and has no loyalties. His only loyalty is to the highest bidder.
Weapon: a twin pair of katanas. one is pure black and the other is pure silver.
Special Abilitys: speed and agility on par with a fully matured vampire. as a reflex he can change any inorganic material he touches into another material(it is only a reflex and he has no control over it....an example would be a blade changing into water as it slashes at his skin)
Other: he has a weakness for nubile young women that don't have fangs and might actually perform favors for such women if he thought there might be a reward or if it were a minimal task.


Cat and mouse, cat and mouse, what a delicios game is cat and mouse, Koger thought playfully to himself as he stalked his prey from the rooftops of the wretched little town he found himself in.
He was not following a mark. He wa being paid for killing anyone here. He was just bored and following an opportunity to have some fun. He had been following a stranger familiar to this place since he left the local inn. At first it had just been a means of entertaining himself since there were no contracts to be had here. Soon though he discovered two things. His prey was a vampire and one that was being followed by yet another vampire. It was like striking gold. Koger knew people who would pay him handsome fees for bringing in vampire corpses and here lay two right in his path.
"I love dancing in the pale moonlight," Koger chirped to himself with a jackal-like laugh.
With cat-like prowess he leapt downward. the forward most vampire, the male who had been trying to hide his nature from the casual passerby's, planting both feet on his chest to puch him to the ground just as he turned to see his attacker. Koger was far too quick to react and counter though. By the time he knew something had hit him Koger was already jumping off of him in a forward leaping spiral to land on all fours, ready to pounce. Koger sprung forward to tackle the second vampire head on, pinning her shoulders to the ground under his hands before rolling forward off of her to do a twisting leap into the air, landing facing the two with a loud jackal-like cackle.
"Oh what fun I find at night when I decide to prowl," Koger said enthusiastically, smile broadening as he watched the two vampires get to their feet.
"What the...." the male began but had no time to finish his thought.
He was interupted as Koger jumped sideways into a cartwell which wound around the female vamp to get between the two. He then stopped, and twisted as he sank to the ground to sit indian style. He looked up at the confused face of the male vampire.
"Koger's my name and I thought you might like to know that our lady friend behind me was stalking you dear boy. I think she meant to eat you having mistaken you for one of these defenseless little humans scampering about," Koger said quickly, not giving either time to really comprehend his presence.
"Are you serious?" the male vampire asked, more as a question to Koger's outlandish entrance than to his statement about the girl whom he had not paid much attention to yet.
"I am never serious dear boy but I also never lie. I could protect your honor for a fee my wee vampire lad," Koger said as he twisted up to his feet, drawing two blades seemingly from nowhere. "Or perhaps you have more coinage to offer my precious little darling," he said sliding over to the female vampires side. "A few coins and I can slay your prey for you and you may have his body for whatever you had planned and I keep his gold. It matters not to me."
Koger jumped back to get evenly between them again. His smile spread from ear to ear as he watched the dumbstruck faces of the two vampires. He also took note that all the humans had cleared from the street at the revelation that there were vampires among them. He dimmed his eyes and concentrated to pick out the sound of receeding footsteps. Someone knew of a local hunter apparently and was already on their way to fetch him.
"Ah, I just had an even better idea my children. Why don't you pool your resources and hire me to kill the pesky vampire hunter that someone is on their way to collect to come back and finish the lot of you off. I hear he's quite good," Koger said with a chuckle as he resheathed his blades. "Tick tock children of the fang. I will fight someone tonight and someone else will pay me. I am giving you the luxury of making the first offer so think quickly dear friends."

OOC: Koger is between Rudy and Myra if you couldn't guess and he is drastically energetic and loud(personality, not volume). He is out for sport and fun more than money right now. Don't take his loud and outlandish behavior as a weakness. He is extremely fast and agile and very skilled. He's serious about fighting someone and getting paid though. He just doesn't care who does the fighting and who's money he recieves(although he will be disappointed if he has to fight someone without any skills).

5th November 2002, 02:49 AM
OOC: Im not going to post right now cause I'm sleepy, but I just wanted to say, L O L!!!!! Koger is such a nut! Thats crazy, I cant read that without laughing! Kudos for the 'children of the fang' remark too! *yawn* Well, Im sleepy so Im going to bed. I'll post later!
Ciao! ^-^

5th November 2002, 08:55 AM
Ok I think I should start to put in my Vampire hunter now:)
Name:Liven Dinus

Age:21 years old

Species: Dampiel

Side: Vampire Hunter following in my fathers foot steps. (D's and Doris's Daughter) Might side with good humans who dont care if Im half.


Looks:Long dark brown hair, with a tad bit of red in there somewhere. Wears black trench coat with dark blue belt around her waist and chest. Has black boots with gold trim. Dark red eyes face alittle pale. slender yet strong.

Personality:Quiet, can be nice. Never scared. Very tough.

Family: None doris and D died

History:wonders from town to town. A hunter for anyone who hires. Lives a very lonely life.

Weapon: D's sword, he made sure to pass it down.(just in case*-*

Other:Since shes half Vampire she will still get the urdge to taste oof blood, but she has never bitten any human...yet! isnt good in the sun too long.(Just like D I might get heat stroke.) Sgets older slower than humans.
Liven Dinas: The Vampire Hunter

The moon had come up as I walked silently out of the cave I had been sleeping in. Ive heard talk about the Vampires coming back from the City of the Night. I grabbed my father's sword, I then remembered how he left for me when I was little. Vampire hunting was the only life I knew, but there wasnt much back in the old days. I made my way to a small village that was just beyond the hill that my cave was on.
I was walking the streets of the village when I noticed a man laying on the ground. I ran up to him, only to find that he had two holes in his neck. The blood was all gone, "This vampire must have been hungry...and its close...." I said to myself as I quickly stood up. I looked around, "Hmm...maybe I can get some answers by someone who lives here." I thought. I knocked on the nearest door, someone was home but was propebly to scared to come out. " Excuse me! I am a Vampire hunter and would like to help you!" I called from the outside. A young woman came to the window that was on the door and peered out. She opened the door at a crack, and looked out. " Hello...my nam..." I was cut off by her slaming the door in my face. I turned to see a woman in a sort of gown...it looked mideval. I placed my hand slowly on the hilt. " Oh crap." i said under my breath. The vampire looked at me in disgust, I wondered if she was the one who had killed the man. My cross neckless seemed to bend at the very presence of her. I then knew what I was up against...a true Vampire in its realm....night.
A little intro.

Ultimate Charizard
5th November 2002, 10:04 AM
mind if i jump in late.......

Name: Wynder
Age: 19
Species: QuarterVamp (75%Human)
Side: Human
Gender: Male
Looks: About 6'2" brown hair and blue eyes. Modestly built but still quite strong. Wears a black tshirt and blue jeans with his trademark Black fingerless gloves. Sometimes wears a black trenchcoat.
Personality: Likes to joke around if possible but will stand up for anything he believes in. Hates to see bullies, even if a female vamp is being attacked by a male he will defend her. Very loyal to those that earn his respect.
Family: None living (as far as he's concerned anyway)
History: His Vampire blood was discovered early and he was kickedo ut of home, wandered the streets before being take in by a fellow Quartervamp. He was taught to fight and survive before setting out to make it on his own.
Weapon: A black handled Katana and a handgun(like blades)
Other: Although has Vampire blood is still partially vulnerable to the Vampire Aura.

5th November 2002, 11:22 AM
Sure! Lates fine! I'll add your stats on to the website after Im done with this. ^-^
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
I was surprised at the sudden-ness of being knocked down, but I recovered and stood up. I brushed my wing cape off and frowned as dirt came off in clouds. Someone was going to pay...
I looked at the ridiculous creature as it cavorted around. All it was doing was jumping around, saying meaningless things and expecting to be taken seriously. And HOW DARE it knock me down.....
"I don't have any of this 'coinage' you speak of, and do you know who it is you are talking to? This man, " I motioned to the blue haired guy on the other side of the freak, "may be a vampire, but you are not." I lifted my head up and looked it straight in the face. "So your not in a position to be making any deals."
In reality I had made a mistake. The 'human' I had wished to observe turned out to be just another vampire, and I'd seen vampires before. This thing pointed out my mistake, and even made it seem as though I wanted his body for something. This alone mortified me to no end, so I wasn't going to let it slide. My pride was damaged..
Suddenly the creature became animated. "Oh oh! Many footsteps pattering this way! Children you are quickly quickly running out of time! Vampire hunter or vampys themselves, it matters not to me! As long as someones gold crosses my palm I'll be hap-py!!!"
A vampire hunter....Just as there were no humans in the City of Night, there were no Vampire hunters. I didn't really know what to do, Skullfire never told me about what to do in case of a Vampire hunter attack. Maybe I should attempt to hire the creature, it seemed to know what it was doing.........but NO. Not after what it did to me.
I looked at the other vampire. "Do what you want..." I said with an arrogent air about me. Swiftly I flew up and landed on the roof of a building. My left hand morphed into a claw and I stood, over looking the street where the thing and the vampire stood, awaiting the vampire hunter. I waited to see what they would do, ready to start slaying people if anyone came after me from my perch.......

----Father Farwell----
I sat in my office, writing the sermon for the next day. I wondered vaguely what Father Roland does all day. He's never spoken in the church, he's never written a sermon. He's never even picked up a bible. It seemed as though he was waiting for something...
Even so, with all his shortcomings, I mustn't judge. He is a child of God like every other living being, and he must be forgiven for what he does. Still, sometimes....
I looked up when I heard someone come in. It was the dampiel child. "Oh, hello" I said, taking off my reading glasses and standing up. "Here, have a seat, do you want to talk to me about anything?"
The boy looked uncomfortable as he sat down. "I.....I almost bit Father Roland.."
My eyes widened. "Oh my....." Perhaps it was dangerous to allow a dampiel come into the church, but Im sure we could get this resolved. "What happened?"
Surely this boy didn't mean too, but if thats true, then what was Father Roland up to....?

5th November 2002, 05:32 PM
Name: Lance Zachrus Hunter the Thirteenth

Age: Twenty-Three

Species: Dampiel

Side: Fights about 55% of the time on the Human side and 45% of the time on the Vampiric side.

Gender: Male

Looks: He has grayish hair that is cut mildly short so that it stays on his head, but he still has some large locks that spill over his forehead. He has red demonic eyes and pale skin. He wears black jeans with a large trenchcoat that he wears unbuttoned on his bare chest. He carries his sword in a sheath on his left leg. Is 6'1 and has a medium muscular build.

Personality: He is a loner, pretty much to say. He has little to none social skills and is not used to living with anyone except himself. If he encounters someone else, he normally knows not what to do. He is very scared around humans, not because he is physically afraid of them, but because he thinks they will attempt to kill him as many have. He fights constantly on both sides, killing both Humans and Vampires, which shows his sort of skitzophrenic side.

Family: His father was a vampire and his mother was a human. He has never met his father, nor even knows that he was infact a vampire.

History: He has lived his whole life alone. Knowing not of what he really was, he has a small glimpse that he might be that of a vampiric type. He sometimes will lose his conciousness when his insanity takes him over so he will not know what he drinks, does, or kills. He has fought anger problems all his life and is now being hunted down by a horrid vampire.

Weapon: A large two-handed black sword. It has a metal hilt and handle, but the handle is bounded tightly with black leather. The head of the sword is shaped in a skull and the hilt spreads out in small flames. The blade of the weapon has rivots and cuts in it.

Other: He has tasted blood twice before, but normally fights in to his cravings. He will kill the occasional human, but only when his insanity takes him over.
Alone. Like before. I stood even closer to depicting of the very bed I perched on. Bored, I lifted the sword off of the bed and placed in its respectable sheath. Sitting down, I hummed quitely, the sun seeming to echo through the window. That was it. I stood up and exited the room, walking outside into the bright sun. No matter, it didn't harm me like it did the vampires... that was for sure...

Name: Skullfire

Age: 11,011

Species: Vampire

Side: Vampiric Side

Gender: Male

Looks: He is 6'5 and heavily muscled. He has extremely pale skin and wears a black armor that has a gold trim around it. He has large dragon wings sprouted from his back. He wears dark black boots and black chain mail under his armor. He also has his sons red eyes and he uses them with his vampire instincts to have a great night vision. He has dark black hair shrouded around his head messily.

Personality: A crazed mental psychiopath. He will do anything for any bit of blood. He uses his massive strength to his advantage and is known for destroying a handful of humans at one time. His name Skullfire is Vampiric for Human Slayer and it ties in perfectly with his record of kills.

Family: He is the father of Lance Zachrus Hunter the Thirteenth, he was Lance Zachrus Hunter the twelve, but he gave up his name and stuck to his title among the Vampires, Skullfire. He now hunts down his own son in attempts to kill him.

History: He was born a normal boy but was bitten by a Vampire when he was about seven years old. This Vampire became his sucessor and he soon grew up to kill this very vampire in a fit of rage and destruction over a few bits of blood. He then entraced a female human to love him, and he impregnated her and left, having no means to kill her for some reason. After twenty-three years, he is still alive and has even more of a bloodlust.

Weapon: A large two-handed blade much like his sons except it has a thicker blade and is heavier. It is a dark gray blade with a metal handle that has no hilt and the handle is wrapped with brown leather straps. The blade is covered with the blood of many humans and it has the etched initials SF carved in the Vampiric Writing Language onto his blade.

Other: Goes insane at the very thought of blood nearby. Slaughters any humans in sight.
No post for him for now... damn work...
BTW, I'm currently writing a Vampire and Superhero crossover as a smoking break from writing my novel... Hope it turns out well...

5th November 2002, 08:09 PM
Name: Yuar Oro
Age: Unknown
Species: Vampire
Side: Sorta Nuetral.. *explained in other*
Gender: Male
Looks: His whole outfit, figure and every thing looks like this! (http://www.ayashi.net/gallery/g-images/ep02/ani02-045.jpg)
And here is a close up of his face!
HERE!! HIS FACE! (http://www.ayashi.net/gallery/g-images/ep03/ani03-072.jpg)
He is such a sexy boy!
HEHEE! Heere! (http://www.ayashi.net/gallery/g-images/ep02/ani02-081.jpg )
Personality: Very calm and rather cool- he isn't one to be quick to judge, to temper - or to be happy either. He thinks before he acts... and tends to plot things out rather detailed. He tends to be serious, but yet he isn't a total bore. He has a detailed view on things... and always remains calm. He is a great source of comfort however- and his neutral insight upon the world always guarentee's a nonbiased answer. He is extremely loyal to those he considers friends or allies, and always keeps his word. There is some thing about him which gives others comfort of his being near...
Family: His family is rather unknown... over all he is mysterious. He himself doesn't even remember where he his genetics come from.
History: He was a Vampire at a very young age, and for a short time he lived upon earth. In that short time, he studied humans and their actions/responses very closely. Sensing that slaughterings would be coming, he moved to the City of Night. There, he trained hard- believing a fit Vampire, was the only sure way of not being caught by humans. He trained hard... and often studied. Now- with the plans of other Vampires to go back to earth, he decides he could go as well.
Weapon: Him self... he doesn't like to use weapons much, but he has a Katana-like sword which the handle is made out of a gold-like material, and the blade is made out of pure diamond. Etched in the diamond is a wolf symbol...
Special Abilitys: N/A
Other: The reason he is nuetral is simple: Vampires should only hunt humans when hungry- they should not kill to simply kill the species. Just like humans raise cattle to kill and slaughter, the Vampires should carefully watch the human 'stock.' He sees nothing wrong in killing humans when needed for food. He won't hesitate to rescue a human in trouble, and to help a fellow outcast Vampire. So in a way- he is nuetral. He also doesn't see anything wrong with half bloods... but he finds it strangely ... disturbing to see willing humans/mutants join the 'kill-all-human' Vampires.

Yuar Oro – (M) – Vampire

I yawned, sitting there… watching.
It was interesting, seeing Earth again… dark, misty.
I was sitting upon a large Oak branch, my feet dangling over the edge as I gazed around. I had already arrived upon Earth.. and here I was, at my favorite spot.
It was true I had trained and lived in the City in the clouds… but on occasion I had snuck away to train upon earth again. Now I was here… and I wouldn’t be hiding.
I softly brushed a few of my auburn strands out of my eyes, as I slowly hopped off the branch and landed quickly upon the ground. Casually I gazed about, and then I walked forward around the woods..
I liked it here- it was dark… eerie. Very lovely.. dark, yet serenly beautiful. I smiled softly, as I approached the borders of the forest. Ahead of me… a city, brilliant in color yet dirty in it’s ways. If I could only begin to tell the deep rooted- history I would… it was so terribly bloody.
In the Vampiric History books that is…
I sighed, I had my fill tonight… deer’s blood. Not that well… but I hadn’t wanted to spoil my chances on earth just yet. I didn’t want to kill until I had adjusted… and I wanted to enjoy the sights. I walked out of the forest and slowly stepped upon a road… the forest was so strangely near the city- odd in a way.
I walked down the streets… with my sunglasses on, to hid my green eyes. I walked down.. looking probably omnious, but did it matter?
Not realy…

(Need interaction.. blah)

Name: Gyvien
Age: Unknown - Young Adult (20-25)
Species: Dampiel
Side: Human
Gender: Female
Looks: Her whole figure.. (http://www.ayashi.net/gallery/g-images/ep04/ani04-029.jpg)
A close up! (http://www.ayashi.net/gallery/g-images/ep04/ani04-015.jpg)
(She looks like that, except she wears all black clothing... a black tank-top like shirt, which exposes her abdominal muscles a bit, with a black, jean-like jacket over that. Her pants are black too, but more leather-like material. She wears black boots too... heh.
Personality: Very strong and spirited. She's not mean or cruel, but she's not bubbly or anything. She's pretty level headed- though she is fighting the inner will of her Vampiric side to kill. She struggles with fading images of her past...-which she strangely doesn't remember much of.
Family: She was born out of a Vampiric/Human one-night-stand thing. Once she was born, the female human was shocked and immediatly through her baby out upon the streets. It was there, a Vampire found her and raised her in secret. Then, once she reached her teens- the VAmpire left her. She never even know his/her name. She now has been trying to live in vain... occasionly living in a forest and hunting, and then visiting a city and getting food. She protects humans- so she hunts Vampires down. She usually kills at night... but if she finds a poweful Vampire, she'll try to take them downin the day.
History: ^ Above
Weapon: A nice, black sniper-like gun. She also carries two small daggers in her nice black boots. ^^;;
Special Abilitys: N/A
Other: Nope..

Gyvien – (F) – Dampiel

“Touch me and I swear…” I cursed, as that wretched man came closer.
“Damn half breed… your not worth my time- nor the dirt upon my boot!” The man growled, as I held my gun straight at his head.
“Go away or I’ll paint the ground with your blood…” I warned again, and he swore and walked away. I sighed relief, as I shoved the gun in my side again, and covered the apperance with my jacket. I sat down upon a trash can, in an alleyway…
Times were tough, especially when you were an outcast. I slowly jumped off, and walked down on of the lighter-lit sidewalks. I gazed upwards, to see the brilliant neon flashing light of a sign… for a bar.
“What the heck… its better then being out here.” I thought, at least I’d have some shelter… and who needed to know I was a Dampiel?
Most knew because of the marking upon my hand… I quickly put on a black glove over that hand, over both- then it wouldn’t be so obvious.
I entered the bar, and quickly found a seat.
“What will it be eh?” the Bartender immediately asked, and I just sighed..
He snorted, but at least he was getting it for me.
Times are tough…

6th November 2002, 10:15 PM
I sat down in my cave, alone. The sun had just set. " This sucks! I am so bored!!"
I has been a week at lest sense the last little human that wondered in do my domain had become my fest. I sat their contemplating wither to make my presence known in the town. I looked around my cave shortly, well it do need some homey touches as well. I made up my mind! I would go into town.
I grabbed my weapon, just incase of a vampire hunter was around, but it was such a small town, I doubt there was one. It was more of a matter to be safe. I braded my long hair and grabbed my cape and quickly put it over my shoulders. I was hungry and was NOT it a mood to sit like a spider and have my "fly" come to me. It was time to become the tiger, and not a picky one either.
I left the comfort of my cave and walked down the long path to the town. By the time I had interred town I pulled my cape's hood over my head. The town was busy, people everywhere, so I kept my eye out for the first swine to live the group, but I got bored of it fast and walked into a shop specializing in furnisher. I looked around the shop for abit. It was empty, except for the shopkeeper. I flashed one red eye in his direction. As soon as a rush of fear raced thru his body I leaped onto the counter, my hood falling off. I smiled evilly at him, "My, My and I thought I was Never going to get fed!". In a flash I had sucked him dry letting his limp, dead body fall to the ground.
I wiped the blood of my face then picked out what items I liked, seeing and unattended cart to the side of the shop and started to lode it. I walked back into the shop making sure I had all of what I wanted, and then looking behind the counter I found the bag of money, taking it.
I stared at the bag, "YAY! I have been wanting to take a vacation!" I tossed the bag of money up in the air, "This will be just fine!"
Walking out of the store and placing my hood back over my head, I pulled a boy aside. I placed some money in his hand then asked him to pull the cart to my home.
oO OH NO! Amethyst became a shoplifter.... lol :no: bad Amethyst.

Master Rudy
6th November 2002, 10:31 PM
This might be a bit long. Right now I'd like to get Koger off of Rudy and Mira's tail and then try to get a little bit of interaction going between some of the characters

Rudy Summers
There was nothing I couldn't stand more than unexpected surprises. Worse yet was the fact that with the exception of only a few people no one knew I was a vamp and now that word was going to get out I would have a rough time getting out of town. The only thing I had originally wanted to do was see if I could pick up some leads on my sister. Now within minutes I'd have every human on me like a pack of wild dogs.

I quickly considered my options. Fighting this annoying mutant would watse a good amount of time. i could have easily paid him off and had him help me with the female vampire but I had a theroy about her. I had a gut feeling that anyone who had mistaken another vampire for a human must have been born and raised in the City of the Night. So they've finally arrived I was thinking to myself. However for the time being that wasn't important. I had a strong feeling that this girl hadn't done anything wrong yet and until I learned or suspected otherwise then I had nothing against her. The last thing I wanted to do was fight but I either had to make a choice now or risk being seen by more humans. At the most I had about several hours before everyone in the town learned about me so for now the best thing to do was get away while I had the time.

Just to be ready I got into a fighting stance and reached behind me so that I could draw my katana in case I had no choice but to defend myself. This mutant who had called himself Koger seemed to only grow more amused at this. "So the tanless wonder wants to play with me?" he asked in a tone that seemed to show a slight hint of insanity. I just simply said "You were right about yourself when you said you are never serious. Did anyone ever tell you that you've got a screw loose?" My question only made him laugh out as he spoke. "They tell me that all the freaking time!" I just looked at the female vampire who was sitting on a rooftop with an expression on my face that must have been asking what his problem was. All she could do was simply shrug as I turned my attention back to the mutant.

It sounded like the hunters were getting closer as Koger laughed once more. "It's not too late boys and girls. If either one of you manages to cough something up then I'll take care of your problems. Afterward the two of you can have your way with their bodies. You can go ahead and share the blood or put them on display in some kind of twisted sideshow. It matters not to me. However if you don't want to pay then I'm sure I'd get a good reward for killing two dangerous and deadly vampires." I couldn't tell but it sounded like the female vamp liked the sound of being able to get an easy meal. However I didn't concern myself with that at the moment. I was running out of choices and the last thing I wanted was to see these hunters get slaughtered. Suddenly I had an idea. It wasn't going to give me much time to get away but Koger would at least be getting his money provided he didn't get caught by the hunters.

"Fine then" I said in a very serious and slightly evil sounding voice that surprised even myself for a moment. Luckly this nutcase didn't pick up on it. Reaching into a pocket I pulled out a small bag of gold coins and told him "You take care of those pests and then leave the two of us alone. I haven't eaten since yesterday and I'm sure my friend here is also eager to taste their blood." Looking at her again I gave her a quick wink. As soon as I did this she knew something was up. I only hoped it worked out because so many things could go wrong that it wouldn't even be funny. Koger made his way over to me so that he could get paid. This was what I was hoping for because he seemed to be the type that wanted the cash before doing someones dirty work. I acted as if I was about to hand the bag to him when suddenly I pulled my hand back and proceeded to smack him right in the face with the bag of coins. As they spilled all over the place I kicked the surprised mutant in the gut and then elbowed him in the back of the head. Just before making a break for it I shouted as loud as I could "Someone stop him! That freak is getting away with my money!"

It seemed to work perfected. Koger was currently down and in a bit of a daze. Meanwhile I could hear footsteps hitting the street from around the corner. I just hoped that these humans would have enough common sense to not take the word of a mutant lunatic. Of course once they noticed that the person who shouted for help wasn't around they would suspect something and I didn't want to be in the area when that happened. Flying up to the roof to join the female vampire who had been following me I said to her "There's no time to talk now so if you want to do so then follow me. Once we're out of here I'll tell you a bit about myself if you'd be willing to tell me about you." As much as I wanted to see what happened to that fool I knew we had to get out of here. The other vampire wasn't too far behind me as we started to jump from roof to roof. After a few seconds she said with a slightly amused tone "I'm hoping that wasn't a pick up line because your chances with just about any girl are pretty poor if that was your best shot." All I did was chuckle at this comment a bit. Despite the fact that I knew the two of us might not be on the same side once we heard what each other's story I had to admit that I liked her attitude.

7:00 PM
Looking both ways on the street below I saw that no one else was around at the moment. "It looks like the coast is clear" I said to the other vampire. Right now we were on the other side of town and outside of a bar owned by my other contact in this city. At the moment I was very grateful for the fact that I had friends in this town. The guy I was about to see was related to my friend who owned the hotel. Unfortunately he was the last of my human friends in this area. Before tonight I would have been pretty safe around here as long as I didn't make anyone suspious. However it seemed as if that had gone out the window for me following our encounter with Koger.

As the two of us jumped down from the roof we were on the other vamp looked around curiously and then at the building we were about to go into. "Are you sure about this? It seems a bit run down. Besides wouldn't it be a bad idea to go in here if humans are looking for you?" Before stepping inside I looked into the window and saw that no one else was inside except for a woman wearing all black that was sitting at the bar. That was good because the less people inside at the moment the better. Opening the door for the female vampire I said in a low voice "Don't worry about it. If you keep a low profile and don't draw any attention to yourself things should be fine. As for the guy that owns this place I once helped out his family. She seemed a bit surprised at this and said "You helped humans?" At this point I had a feeling her trust was not going to last much longer but despite that I simply said "It's a bit of a long story." As the bartender noticed me his mood seemed to brighten up a bit. "Well your a face I haven't seen in a long time! What's going on Rudy?" I was about to reply when he saw that someone was with me. "Hey did you finally find her?" he asked me. Shaking my head I told him "I wish I could say my search is finally over but it isn't. She's not my sister. The main reason I was in town was because I heard several people fitting what I knew had come recently. However after only about an hour I've got to get out of here. There was a bit of a mishap with a mutant and I'm expecting some kind of price on my head pretty soon. Could you do me a favor and give your brother a message? Let him know I won't be able to return for a little while. I have a few things in my room that I need to be put in a safe place." The bartender just nodded and said "I'll get right on it." With that he went into a room in the back to make a call.

As we were about to go sit toward the back away from everyone else we were stopped by the woman at the bar. "Hold on a moment" she said to me. As she turned around she looked me over. It was pretty obvious that she was a hunter. I didn't say anything but I knew my luck was really in the dumpster tonight. Eyeing the sword on my back and my pale skin she asked me "Why is it that you think your going to have a price on your head?" I was pretty sure she knew I had at least some vamp blood in me but she didn't seem to realize that I was a full blooded vampire. All I had to do was play my cards right and I'd be home free. "First off I'm going to go ahead and assume your a hunter right?" The woman just nodded without a word as I continued. "I'm not trying to be rude but I wish you could just back off a bit. I'm also a hunter but I've had my fair share of problems with humans. It's been a rotten night and at the moment I'd just like to get my mind off it." I was expecting her to say something but all she did was nod once again. She turned her attention to the other vampire with me but didn't say a word and turned back around and waited for the bartender to return.

Now that we were finally being left alone the two of us headed to a small table in the back away from everything else in the bar. Deep down I had a feeling that woman knew something was up but for some reason she seemed to be letting us go for now. I didn't know if this was going to be a good thing or a bad thing. In addition there was something about her that I couldn't quite place my finger on but rather than question it I just put it out of my mind. Looking at the other vamp whose name I still didn't know I said in a whisper "I'm a little worried about that woman over there so maybe we should keep it down. Now that things have calmed down a bit I'd like to hear a bit about you. Afterwards I'll tell you about myself but you've got to promise me one thing." Nodding she said "And what would that be?" I already was picking up a bit of mistrust in her voice so I was pretty sure she heard me when I told the other woman I was a hunter. Not sure how she would act after the rest of my story I said "No matter how much you might hate me after I'm done talking I just want you to promise me that for the rest of the night you won't try to start any problems with me. In return I'll do the same but I will say that following tonight I'm going to hope for both our sakes that we do not meet again." She seemed somewhat reluctant but agreed. "Unless you try something first then I don't have a problem with you." All I did was just nod so that she could get on with her story. I'm sure that after our encounter in the ally and everything else that had happened that both of us was curious about the other......
*notices his other normally long posts are dwarfed by the size of this one*
Did I just type all that?

Anyway I'm sorry if JT or Asilynne had anything planned but for at least a few more posts I'd like to just try and keep the fighting Rudy does pretty low. Also if anyone had trouble following it the woman in the bar is Gyvien ^_~

7th November 2002, 12:21 AM
"He taunted me. He asked about eternal life. He tempted me about biting him."

The repeated in my head. Do you want to? I know you do.

"I had lunged at him," I told father. "But before I bit him, I stopped and bit the turkey instead. It was like he wanted me to bite him."

Father Farwell thought for a moment. He looked at me.

"Child," he began. "I'm beginning to think that this is an unsafe place for you. It's not you at all. I'm beginning to have second thoughts about Father Roland..."
Sorry if this is short...don't know what else to write...

Outlaw JT
7th November 2002, 04:38 AM

Foolish, foolish children. Koger thought to himself as he watched the two vampires retreat into the night.
With a sigh of resignment he began collecting the gold that had been scattered. No sense letting it go to waste. If those young vampires wanted to be so idiotic as to cross him it was their choice. He wasn't one to turn down free gold though.
"Such a pity," Koger mumbled peacefully to himself as he placed the last loose coin back in its bag.
As he firmly tied the bag off to his belt he turned to face the human hunters as they ran out onto the street. Their blades were already drawn and they were scanning the street for their prey. Koger had to stifle a laugh at the silliness of the bold silver crosses on their tunics. It seemed perfectly absurd to him to wear such ugly things.
"Where's the thief and where are the vampires?" one of them asked, eyeing Koger cautiously.
"A bit late for the latter I'm afraid but there was no thief. It was merely a diversion for the pale couple to get away," Koger said as he turned to walk away.
The two hunters took steps towards him and Koger paused with a slight chuckle under his breath. He turned to face them as their stance challenged him. He looked them up and down slowly and then broke into laughter.
"You must be joking!" Koger burst out, doubling over in a fit of obscene laughter.
"Listen mutant. We will not be talked to in that......." the closer hunter began but he never had a chance to finish his though.
Mid sentence Koger rolled forwards to them while drawing both blades from their sheathes. As he got close to them he sprang forward from his roll landing the handle of his blades in both mens guts. Instantly they fell unconscious beside him.
"Bloody idiots," Koger mumbled to himself.
He leaned down and grabbed both men up, hoisting them over his shoulder. It had been so rude of that impertinent little vamp-child to run off without so much as a friendly thank you for performing his contracted task. He would have to learn them some manners when he showed up to deliver.

--------------------sometime later-------------------------

Koger had taken to the rooftops just like the vampire couple. It was the only way to stay out of site of the general public. Walking around carrying to knocked out hunters over his shoulders might tend to draw attention and he suspected his 'employer' had a thing for discretion. Why Koger couldn't understand. He always thought people should celebrate who they were. Be it vampire, mutant, or human, a person should be proud of themselves and show it to everyone. Apparently this vampire couple preferred to hide their nature in shame or fear or boredom. Whichever, Koger still thought it a pity.
He walked up to the entrance of the fine establishment he had tracked the vampire couple to. It had really been too easy. Young people these days had no idea how to hide their tracks. Any experienced supernatural hunter could've followed the trail they left over those rooftops.
He paused at the entrance to think. How to make the best impression on entering. Should he toss the hunters in through the door, through the window? Should he just waltz in as is with them slung over his shoulders? Should he drag them in by their collars? Ultimately he decided your first instinct is always the right one.
With a crash the first body went sailing through the window. It made it all the way across the room to smack into the bar. The second body landed two feet short of that. The Koger threw open the doors and walked in casually, as if nothing had just happened.
"What the he!!?" the bartender shouted as he looked at the mess.
"Sorry bout that? I told them to use the door but you know how hunters like to make flashy entrances," Koger said coyly. "For the repairs......and a round for the whole bar!"
Koger tossed the bag of coins he had recently acquired at the bartender. Immediately he turned to the corner to find the vampire couple he had tracked here. From appearances they were probably both upset about something before he got there. His arrival was something they most certainly were not ready to welcome.
"Mind if I join you?" he asked casually. Before they could even open their mouths to respond he slid over and sat down with vampiric speed. "Thank you so much. You know I was afraid I wasn't going to know anyone here and look who I find. How goes the evening dear children?"
"The hunters......you......" the male spoke up at last, somewhat dumbfounded.
"I offered to take them out for a drink. They weren't to keen on the idea, being on duty and all, but I simply had to insist," Koger said joyously. The look on the male vampires face grew more guilty and estranged. "Relax. I sensed that was not your style dear boy. Look closely and you'll see our hunter companions are still breathing. They'll probably wake up in a couple of hours."
"But the gold.....I told you to take care of........"
"I took the gold as payment for your need to insult me and your propensity for being rude. It really was not nice to leave in such a brash fashion. A simple request to stall the hunters while you escaped would have done the trick just as well as your sour attitude of things. It's a shame your parents never saw fit to teach you a sense of civility or manners. Why, if I weren't such a happy-go-lucky fellow I might be inclined to remove that wonderfully pale head of yours and turn it in for a reward for that little stunt you pulled," Koger said in a twist of inflections from malevolent to friendly to pleasantly psychotic. "Now, I am quite hungry after lugging our two friends over there all the way across town via the rooftops. What would you recommend?"
Koger leaned back in his chair while pulling a menu with the bar's logo on it seemingly from nowhere. As he appeared to scan the menu his eyes watched the vampire couple carefully. Obviously they weren't above being dishonest and underhanded. He would have to be ready for whatever foolish action they may take if they percieved him as a threat, which they had every reason to. It'd be nice if they could be civil this time and just enjoy his company over a meal, though. It'd be a shame to have to kill such a lovely young couple afterall.

OOC: Rudy and Myra will have been in the bar for about 30 minutes by the time of Koger's flamboyant entrance so both of you have a chance to work out that peaceful conversation before reacting to this. And remember, he doesn't kill unless he's being paid to but he does have his limits and he isn't above fighting for the fun of it if provoked.

7th November 2002, 02:47 PM
Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel

I raised a glance at teh two Vampire couples, as they talked rather secretly.
I knew they both must be full bloods... I had been around long enough in this world to recognize a full-blooded vampire, besides... I was a Dampiel, I could tell when some one was above me on the 'vampiric blood' scale.
They must know I'm a hunter... I told them so. But that means they must be weary of me...
I narrowed my eyes slightly, and took the glass of water which the Bartender had given me. I slowly circled the tip of the glass with my finger, and then got up slowly. I could feel the gaze of the two vampires burning at my back... but I ignored it, grabbed teh water and drank a few gulps, and then set it down gently. I tugged on the collar of my jacket, fingered the lovely dagger at teh side, and gazed at the two vampires.
Not now...
I sighed, and then gazed at the Bartender, who eyed me wearily.
"Where would you be off to on a night like this?" He asked, his question just to make small talk- to take away the silence. But I knew... and I would be honest.
" To slay the kind which made my existance so horrible. I wish I could only slay the one person- if that is wha tyou can call them- which made it so- but the kind will have to do."
The Bartender was silent, as I took out a few coins and threw it to him.
"There- for the courtesy- not the water."
Just as I was about to get out of there... suddenly a figure came in with such a sweeping motion I would have drew my dagger in thought he was a vampire. It was then, I could recongize him as a mutant. He eyed the two Vampires... one of them, which some how tweaked at my aura... why, I considered it unimportant.
He started talking about rudenes... and I immediatly presumed this was something of interest. A story rather...- I like stories.
I quickly sat back down in another chair, reaching over and grabing my glass and drawnig it close. I listened... feeling some what threatened, yet not entirely at the same time. I would doubt that this mutant and two vampires would want to strike against me...

Master Rudy
7th November 2002, 08:26 PM
OOC-Since JT said Koger appeared about 30 minutes after Rudy and Myra entered the bar I'm just going to hold off and wait for Asilynne to go ahead and have her character explain her past to Rudy. Afterwards I'll have him do the same thing before bringing it to the point where Koger comes crashing in. Also I think it may have been a bit obvious but I'll mention it anyway. As some of you may have noticed Rudy is willing to trust anyone as long as he thinks they are not too much of a threat at that moment. I was kinda planning for that to be a double edged sword of sorts. At times it may help him out but there might also be times where it turns into a bad idea. Keep that in mind once your character starts to interact with him. I don't mind if you guys want to use that in your posts as long as you don't make him seem like a gullible fool ^_~

8th November 2002, 10:11 AM
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10th November 2002, 01:26 AM
OOC: Time to do that "posting" thing I've heard so much about.

Name: Nall

Age: 16

Species: Dampiel

Side: Undecided

Gender: Male

Looks: Somewhat shaggy black hair, white bangs; white t-shirt with a black short-sleeved jacket over it; red fingerless gloves; blue jeans and boots. About 5'8", average build.

Personality: Chooses not to take sides in conflict, and does not easily get attached to people. Not very aggressive, but will fight back when necessary. Though he does not form attachments with people and has no real allies, he gets along with most people who don't try to pick a fight with him. Despite rough experiences with humans, he does not hate them or want to kill them.

Family: His father was a vampire, mother was a human History: His father was killed shortly before his birth, despite the fact that he got along well with humans. His mother died giving birth to him. He was taken into an orphanage for the first six years of his life, but was thrown out when they found out he was half vampire and feared he would grow up and turn on them. He spent the next ten years on the streets, hiding during the day and coming out at night to steal food where he could. He doesn't know his full potential, but uses every opportunity to try and find it.

Weapon: A pair of daggers which he is extremely skilled with; he can also throw them if necessary but uses that as a last resort, as he had them since he was six and they were the only thing he was actually attached to, to some degree.

Other: Extremely agile due to his life spent on the streets and spending much of his time running. Has not tasted blood, and does not intend to anytime soon.

Nall - M - Dampiel

It had been a strange night, indeed. About ten minutes earlier, I had seen a fight break out between what looked like two vampires and a mutant. I knew it would only cause more trouble if I butted in, so I kept my distance like most other people. Shortly, the fighting stopped and a brief conversation followed before the two vampires ran off. The mutant stayed behind to pick up gold that was scattered around, and before leaving, attacked two hunters, hoisted them on his shoulders, and followed the vampire duo.
My curiosity took the best of me at that point; I knew I had to follow them and see what they were up to! The best way was to follow the mutant via the rooftops. I found a rope dangling convienently from one building and climbed up using it. I looked around and saw the mutant in the distance. It was only for a short time, however, as he went back down shortly after I spotted him. That was all I needed, though; I took off in the direction I'd seen him going.

OOC: It took me long enough to think of something for my first post x.X; And it's not even very long.

10th November 2002, 10:20 PM
Father Roland

I sat at the table for a couple of minutes. "This will be easier than I had predicted. The Half had almost bitten me...heh..heh..heh." I got up and walked towards Farwell's office. I knocked on it softly, then let myself in. The Boy and Farwell were talking. "Oh...Im so sorry...did I come at a bad time Farwell?" I asked looking at the boy, he looked back in an unkind way. I walts up to his desk and placed both my hands on its surface. (Power hungry) "Yes...me and Skylar were having a talk....and he almost bit me farwell....Maybe I should take him to see a docter...maybe to neutralise the hunger?" I said in an inocent voice. Farwell smiled "Yes maybe that would be a good Idea Father Roland." I grinned as I motioned for the boy to follow, he looked at Farwell then at me. He got up and we both walked out of Farwell's office.
Moments later
"So Skylar....About this eternal life!" I said almost losing my cool. Skylar kept walking beside me not listening. I stopped almost suddenly. "I know what will get you...you half!" I almost yelled. I grabbed my cross and raked it on the palm of my hand. Thick red blood ozed out, "Yes...I know you cant resist the smell...Skylar. Dont you want to eat?" I tanted. I could see Skylar's eyes flash but then go back to normal. "No..Roland I will not...."Skylar turned and started to walk back towards the church. "I will get eternal LIFE!!!" I raised both of my fists in the air, my trench coat flowed in the cool night wind.
almost got eternal life *-*()

11th November 2002, 12:48 AM
Dun dun dun DUN!!! ^-^ Im back from the Con of Neko! heh..but in between yelling and cheering at the cosplay to talking non-stop practically all weekend, I have no voice.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
But oh well! ^-^ I got a cool souvenier, a drawing of me, Kuro, D2 and my sis Shaka (Nyoko and Bear were at the dance at the time :( )in our costumes by one of the artist people ^-^ its coool!!
Well anyway, on with the show!

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
::: 7:13PM :::
I studied the vampire man in front of me. I wasnt sure why he was so calm and so....non confrontational....but I had just shrugged it off. After all, he had shown the proper respect for a lady.
Still, the thing he said about hoping we never meet again bothered me....just a bit...though I don't know why. But, enough stalling. I cleared my throat politely and brought myself up so I was sitting up straight. "My name is Myra, from the great House of Link. As for my past...." I vaugly wondered what gave him the idea that he deserved to know about my past, after all I didn't know him, I had just met him a few minutes before. However... I studied the quietly curious look shining within his otherwise vampiric blue eyes, Despite all that...I feel like I should tell him.
"Well...If you must know, very well, I'll tell you.." I got a far-away look in my eyes as I remembered......

"Always be proud of who you are.."
Thats what my father always told me. And he said it again now, as I sit moping, staring disinterestedly out the window at the vast expanse of endless night. I turn to assult him with my frustrated gaze. "But Father, Maerid told me that Mother was a human once, and she was not born an aristocrat like us! He said that the Link family was a laughing stock, and that it was an embarrassment to his family that I was betrothed to him!" My eyes were beginning to well up with tears, the only way a child of six could deal with such shame and humiliation. My Father sighs quietly as he takes my hand and helps me stand up. "This may be true, you Mother was a human once," he says gently, concern and a small hint of sadness shining in his eyes. "But even so, be proud of who you are....."

"So, you were born in the City of the Night...." the blue haired man said, mostly to himself than to me, as if he had been making assumptions about me and had found one of them confirmed. I sighed and looked faintly annoyed. "Yes, I was, and I've lived there all my life....Now..." I shut my eyes, and waved my hand with an air of distain. "If there are no more interruptions...."
The man nodded and I continued....

"Oh, its the Link wench. Why don't you crawl back to whatever stinking beastial wasteland your mother came from so I wouldn't have to taint my family's bloodline with your filth?"
Maerid. Still vulgar and insulting as when we were small children. But now, 6 years later, I did not stand for such rude behaivior from someone who obviously was less of an aristocrat than me. "You'd be smart to shut your oversized mouth, for its only showing that I am more of an aristocrat than you will ever be. Marrying you would be an insult to my family. Weren't both your parents once human?"
His eyes show his enormus shock at the fact I knew his secret. He stutters as he tries to regain his fallen pride, before stalking away shamefully. I won that round.. I think to myself with a swell of pride.

"That was the last time I ever saw him, though I can't say Im sorry he's gone." I said with darkness in my voice. The man looked even more curious. "What happened?" he asked, leaning in slightly as he waited for me to answer.
I folded my hands and paused before continuing. "Well, that night, a few of the old generation vampires decided that some changes had to be made, that they were tired of living in the City of the Night. They wanted to return to Earth, because it is the vampire birthright to rule Earth, and it had been without rule for too long. So they did away with everyone who was less than worthy of the title Noblemen. Everyone who renounced thier aristocratic birthright, everyone who refused to return to Earth to claim back the night. My father, who once told me to be proud, forgot his own advice and became passive, as if he were one of the filthy human cattle. My mother also, ignoring the gift of becoming a noble acted like the human she once was and spoke out against returning to Earth. So I renounced them."
I paused, realizing I had probably said too much already, and fixed the man with an expectant gaze. "Well, thats enough from me for a while....now I believe its your turn..."
I told him more about myself than I would usually tell someone I had just met, but I still did not tell him everything. I decided I would wait and find out more about him before I placed my trust anywhere, even though he was a fellow vampire.
After all, one never knew what surprises Earth might hold....
Well I hope that makes SOME sense..Ill let you decide, Rudy, if you want Rudy to be able to tell his story, or if you want Koger to interrupt it. ^-^
I'll write Father Farwell's part later, I'm hungry!

11th November 2002, 12:24 PM
My feet still hurt from the convention..........My Rune costume is retired now, the boots hurt toooooo much.
As soon as I made it back to my cave, the boy had become extremely afraid. As soon as he let go of the wooden cart, he turned to run away. I grabbed him by the shirt and turned him to face me.
“Ok young man, I had decided to spare you, I’m not hungry and you helped me out. But don’t thing next time I will be so genres.”
I dropped the boy onto the ground where he sat frozen with fear.
“Oh one more thing, if you dare tell ANY vampire hunters that I’m here, I shall hunt you down and rip out you through!! Now………. LEAVE”
The boy quickly ran out of the cave and back to the town. I unloaded the cart and arranged my cave to my liking. After all that I decided that I would like to take a vacation away from this dreary town to a larger one.
Ok I am going to have Amethyst go to the town where everyone is so that she can finally interact with the other character; also I will put the picture of her up on my next post…

Master Rudy
11th November 2002, 10:37 PM
Rudy Summers
7:22 PM (several minutes before Koger's "grand" arrival)
The female vampire whose name was Myra had just finished up her story. While she didn't seem to be that bad of a person it was pretty obvious that she had a dislike towards humans. Her belief that the Earth should be ruled by vampires made it very clear. The other thing that worried me was that she stopped her story at a point that didn't seem quite like the end. I was getting a bad feeling about what had happened to her parents. Despite the fact that my instincts were telling me to be careful with her I felt the need to try and learn more about her. Also there was something about her that seemed to be drawing me to her. For some reason she seemed different from the other vampires I knew. In addition her beauty seemed to be......

I stopped myself at that point. Hold on there Romeo! I thought to myself. What are you thinking?!? This girl is NOT your type. Just because your both vampires doesn't mean that you should be thinking about her that way! Despite the fact that I wanted to listen to my common sense I couldn't get that absurd idea out of my head. Was I falling for Myra? This is insane. I've only known her for less than an hour! Rather then think about it any more I turned my attention back to the other thing that had caught my mind. The hunter at the bar was something that had been bugging me since I had walked into the place with Myra. It was as if I knew her from somewhere and yet I knew that I had never met her before in my life. Suddenly my attention was drawn back to Myra. Looking at me and then at her she said "Every since we walked into this place you've been focused on that human over there as if you were planning your next meal." I didn't pay attention to that comment since she would know soon enough that I wasn't like that. Instead I just simply blew it off by saying "That's not why I've been looking at her. I feel as if I know her from somewhere. However the strange part is that I've never seen her in my entire life."

Once again rather that worry myself with a ton of things I just went back to talking to Myra and ignored the hunter for now. "Anyway I think I've kept you waiting long enough. My name is Rudy" I told her. At this point I decided to tell her about my family and save the fact we were hunters for last. I was pretty sure she caught that earlier while I was talking to the woman at the bar but at this point I figured she thought it was just some kind of trick to get her to back off. After a brief pause I continued. "I'm one of the two last surviving members of the Summers family." This seemed to catch Myra's intrest. "Last surviving?" she asked obviously wondering how that happened. Going on I said "Well it's a bit of a long story but I'll just give you the short version. I was born 17 years ago. For the most part my life growing up wasn't too bad. However I never got the chance to meet my mother. Shortly after I was born she was killed by some vampire hunters." I stopped for a moment at this part. It was the one thing I never liked to talk about. It may have been a big loss to us but I knew that the humans lost more due to vampire attacks every single day. They had reason to fear us. While it was a big loss I never held it against them. Early on my father had taught me to forgive the mistakes of others no matter how big they were.

Myra must have known it was a rough subject for me so in an attempt to change it she said "I'm sorry to hear about that. What about your father?" I was about to answer but she then stopped me at that point. I must have had a look on my face that said it all. Trying to once again change the subject I could see that she was hoping she didn't say the wrong thing again. "If you don't mind me asking who is the other surviving member of your family?" Despite the fact that I still had no idea who she was I had to smile at that. "That would be my sister. However even that part of my life is a bit troubling. I've never met her in my whole life. All I know about her is that she is several years older than me and she is a dampiel." At this point Myra had a somewhat confused look on her face. It didn't take me long to figure out why. "Oh yeah I forgot. This is your first time on Earth so you've been around only other vampires. A dampiel is half human half vampire." Myra seemed to catch on quickly as to what I was talking about but she was a bit wrong about my history. "It seems a bit odd to me but I get it. Your mother was still a human when your sister was born right?" All I did was shake my head. "Not exactly. My mother was born a vampire as was my father. We share the same father but that is the only thing we have in common. His dying wish was that I find and protect her despite the fact that she could more than likely take care of herself."

As all that sunk in I figured it was about time to get to the part that would make her hate me. However right before I was about to start the canversation at the bar caught my attention. At the moment the woman was talking to the bartender. "Where would you be off to on a night like this?" he asked her. Her answer was a bit surprising. "To slay the kind which made my existance so horrible. I wish I could only slay the one person- if that is what you can call them- which made it so. But the kind will have to do." She was obviously talking about vampires but it seemed like an odd thing for her to say. Suddenly it became clear. Why I hadn't noticed before I didn't know but I now had the answer. I see now. She's not entirely human. At this point I became slightly excited. She seemed to have a dislike for vampires but at this point that didn't matter. I needed to talk to her right now. She seemed to be old enough so now the only question was if my search was finally over.

However it would have to wait for another day. Before I could get up to talk to her two bodies came flying in the window. All four of us looked toward the door to see what was going on. Suddenly both me and Myra cringed as we heard the one voice we didn't want to hear. "Sorry about that!" the voice has said from the doorway. Both me and Myra had no need to hear another word since we already knew it was Koger. As he made his way over to us and started some small talk I ignored him for the most part. He was not to blame for this. This was my fault due to the fact I was the one who payed him off. Luckly it seemed like they were alive. Even if it wasn't by my hands I would have still felt rotten had he killed them both. However I was still mad over this whole thing. "The hunters......." I started to say before he started to speak with that loud voice that was really starting to get to me. " I offered to take them out for a drink. They weren't to keen on the idea being on duty and all but I simply had to insist." Rather than hear another word I decied to ignore him for the most part until he tapped me on the arm and pointed at the menu. "Is there anything you would recommend my fanged friend? I could keep it simple and just order a beer but how about something with class?" Looking at the bartender he shouted "Vodka Martini! Shaken! Not stirred!"

I really wanted to choke him at this point as he looked back at me and Myra. "I said I'd order a round for everyone. You guys want something?" he asked us with a big grin. With an annoyed sigh I said "Do we look like the beer and whiskey type to you Koger?" The annoying mutant just chuckled and said "I almost forgot. Both of you are on that nasty diet of nothing but blood." Feeling a bit worried I looked back over at the hunter. Koger wasn't exactly being quiet and I was now worried about her wanting to take me and Myra out. In addition if she really was my sister then he was hurting my already poor chances of earning her trust. She already seemed to really hate vampires and I doubted she was in the mood to learn she had a brother that was part of the very race she killed for a living. Koger seemed to know I was getting annoying so he only pushed it a bit further and said to Myra "I hope you know your boyfriend has a nasty attitude problem. If I were you then I wouldn't get involved with someone like him." At this point I nearly felt out of my chair at that remark. As for Myra I knew that if she had been a human she would more than likely be blushing so much at this point that it would make an apple jelous. Of course that could have also been the anger.

As if things couldn't get any worse I suddenly heard something from one of the two hunters Koger had dropped in here. Just then the other one also started to stir. Checking a watch that didn't exist he said "Dear me did I say they would be out for a few hours? I guess I was meaning to say a few minutes. In any case I just remembered I had something I needed to do. Anyway have fun you two! And remember that their weapons tend to be very sharp." Suddenly without warning he broke the glass of a nearby window and ran off. However at this point I was getting a good idea of what he was like. It really wouldn't surprise me if it turned out he was watching what was about to go down from some nearby hidden location. Turning to my friend who owned the place I shouted "Now might be a good time to get out of here. I'll try to leave this place intact but just in case....." Reaching into a pocket I took out my last bag of gold and tossed it to him. Like most smart people he didn't need to be told twice as he ran out a back exit. As the hunters got on their feet and seemed to get an idea of what was going on they suddenly drew their weapons. That wasn't what bothered me however. The woman who I assumed was my sister was just sitting back watching. I only hoped she wouldn't jump in. Finally after what seemed like forever Myra spoke up. "So do you have any bright ideas Rudy?" As insane as it might have been I did. To the shocked expressions of everyone I took off my belt which held my two daggers and then did the same with the strap that kept my katana on my back. As I put both down on the ground I whispered to her "My idea is this: I'm just going to try to talk to them calmly." She just gave me a look and said "Ok then. May I suggest something that doesn't involve suicide?" Nodding I just simply said "Yeah. If I die make sure they don't kill you as well." After nearly falling over she said "I don't think your helping the situation much!" I just ignored this as I walked toward the two hunters with my hands behind my head. All I could do now was hope I wasn't walking into certain death......
Rudy talk his way out of this? I'm the one who came up with that and even I think it's insane! Anyway everyone who has a character watching the situation can feel free to add what they think about this whole thing. Afterwards I'll go ahead and continue since Rudy is the one trying to take control of the situation (I will admit however that as of right now he isn't doing a good job! lol)

13th November 2002, 07:55 PM
Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel

I leaned back slowly, narrowing my eyes as I watched as the mutant vanished, and instantly two other hunters came forth. Of course, fear struck the two vampires... and they whispered on what to do.
Strange... most vampires would have attacked by now. Those blood thirsty monsters...
I thought, and shook it off as I glanced blankly at this situation before. I leaned against a wall, and watched as the male Vampire started to walk up to the huntesr- as if to talk to them.
Is he insane? Not enough blood in his diet?
I thought, shaking my haed in my own amusement. It was strange... but there was some thing about that Vampire that made me wonder. Some thing... as if we connected in some way... but, that was rubbish. Why did I always become so dreamy about things like this? A hunter was sure footed and level headed... not thinking of absurb possibilities.
Why don't I just join these hunters and kill them right now?
I thought... and I smiled coyly at the thought. Humans were far to stupid to tell Dampiels from themselves... and Vampires usually assumed if they could sense human blood, that that was what you were- human. So... being a Dampiel in a way was a cover. If I didn't want these humans to know I was a Dampiel... they'd never find out unless I showed them the marking upon my gloved hand. Like thatw ould happen.
but no... I won't kill these vampires yet. I'll watch... lets see this fool try to talk his way out of this one to angry hunters wanting avenge upont heir human kind.

I smirked again, crossing my arms across my chest and leanign further back into th ewall...

Yuar Oro - Vampire - (M)

I had covered the streets extremely well, and now I was simply enjoying the night air... and the crisp of the eveing. Of course, I had snuck away to Earth several times... but there was nothing like being there with out wories. Already I could hear yellings and bottles breaking... and I knew it was probably the vampiric race creating happy havoc.
It made me sick.
We vampires still are stuck to our old ways... seeing the human as cattle, as betrayers... as stealers. We see them as taking our earth... but intruth, we tried to take it from them before as well. We kill them... mutate them by some times making them us, and suck the very life of them... and yet we believe them to be wrong? They have every right to fight for their lives...
Indeed, I did drink the blood of human. It was what made us strong- if you did not drink the blood of a human, you were usually weaker in comparison to those who did. weak from starvation fo the blood...
I used to not drink... stuck to my morals... but then I realized. Humans kill animals to eat... thus as we must drink to survive as they slaughter animals. They must eat- so they do, we must eat- so we do. Most of my victims I try to let live... try as I may. I drink blood from them... but release them before they could surely die. I release them enough for them to sleep a bit... take a day or two off, and then go back to normal. It did mean that I ate less then usuall... and I had to stalk more- but it served me.
I was a very good stalker... and a good hunter of the night- I have spent many years int raining to become such a Vampire. Training hard to stay strong to defend... adn yet, stronger still to protect.

It was then, I heard the shattering of glass... and it was that, which brought my attention most fully.
What may that be... seems close enough, perhaps I will interest myself into going there.
I swiftly turned a sharp corner, my auburn hair swaying as my daring green eyes pierced the night. I entered a bar-like place hurridly, and instantly saw the scene. Two Vampires were confronted by two hunters... while another hunter stood off to the side, watching with a bemused look on her face.
She didn't seem like she was going to kill... but I would have to keep my eye upon her.
I narrowed my eyes at the other two hunters...
It obviously showed that the VAmpires were not in the mood to slaughter these huntesr or humans at this hour. The male Vampire seemed to try to- talk to the hunters? Reason with them?
Surely he stands no chance... hunters are blind with revenge, and they do not listen to reason..
I gazed back at teh huntress against the wall... and studied her for a little bit. It then made me realize that she was not entirely human..s he had an aura about her.
She was a Dampiel... that was clear.
A vengeful Dampiel it seems... to be a hunter.
I thought... and then I swiftly turned and gazed at the more important scene.
I quickly took a few quick steps next to the she-vampire, and she took a staggering back away.
I shot her a glance and crossed my arms at the hunters, watching as the male Vampire tried to take reason.
If they did indeed listen.. they must have been drunk.
If they didn't....
I'd kill to protect these Vampires- they were nto killing, it seems the Hunters were trying to kill them first.
I helped those who did not kill or cause trouble..
They did not seem to- thus i'd help.
I had a nasty habit of helping both kinds... but hey, my morals are a bit strange.
"I see you've gotten yourselves in a nasty matter... "

(Okay, Yuar is a very smooth, calm Vampire with a clear head. But, his quick adn clean with attacking and very skilled at it too since he's trained himself to be a sort of 'justice' person... yet he isn't soft hearted n'stuff. So fi you start killing... just telling yah.)

14th November 2002, 12:15 PM
"A Vampire Hunter?" I laughed. "You've probably heard reports of a horrible vampire terrorizing this village, and let me tell you this right now, it is simply not true."
I smiled charmingly, showing off my fangs.
"You see that man? He knew exactly what he was getting into, and he did it anyway. Some humans don't mind death dealt from a vampire, especially not one as beautiful as I. So why don't you run back to whatever employer you came from and tell them that you were outclassed."

Master Rudy
14th November 2002, 10:17 PM
I'm just going to move things along so that none of you at the bar are waiting on me ^_~

Rudy Summers
Many might have called what I was doing foolish. It may have been somewhat crazy but I felt that things would turn out for the best if I could avoid a fight with these humans. However deep down I knew it wasn't possible. I was pretty sure the only thing holding them back at this point was the confusion over the fact I had put down my weapons and was walking toward them. I finally stopped about five feet away. This would give me enough time to react if I needed to but my weapons were still on the other side of the room. As a result I had a feeling that if things turned ugly it would be hard to get to them.

Just then I heard a sound from the doorway. Expect for myself and the two human hunters all eyes in the room turned toward whoever had just entered. From the way this person was affecting my aura I could tell he was another vamp. This worried me because I had no idea of his intentions. "I see you've gotten yourselves in a nasty matter" he suddenly said to no one in paticular. Just then Myra scoffed and said "How kind of you to notice." At this point the two hunters slowly begun to advance on me. I knew my chances were slim but I had to try to end this peacefully.

I put my hand in front of me and signaled them to stop as I shook my head. "I don't want any problems here. As you can see I am unarmed." One of them got into a defensive stance in case I pulled something sudden and asked "And what makes you think we will take your word for it?" With a bit of a smirk I replied "Think about it. Before the third vampire came in there were two of us. In addition there is another with some vampiric blood in her." I risked a quick glance at the woman at the bar and couldn't figure out what was surprising her more. The way I was handling this situation or the fact that I figured out she was a dampiel before anyone else could. Looking back at the hunters I continued. "I will admit I don't know the true intentions of everyone in this room but I want you to know that if I wanted you dead I would have killed the two of you. I promise you I won't kill either of you but if one of you even tries to make a move on anyone else in this room I will attack in self defense. This is nothing more than a standoff at the moment. Don't make things worse. If the two of you just leave now then no one will be hurt."

The one who had questioned me seemed to now be considering his options at this point and backed off a bit. His friend however seemed to be a little more brave as he came toward me in a threating manner. "Don't be afraid!" he shouted to his friend. "That's what he wants. I'll bet you he's waiting for us to drop our guard. After that he'll drain us so fast we won't have time to know what happened." I made an attempt to protest but suddenly the hunter lunged at me. I dodged to the left but his friend expected it. This time there was no time to react. With a quick move he slashed one of my legs and dropped me to the floor with a quick kick to my chest. Before I could get up he had his sword to my neck. Looking over at the other vamps I saw his friend was threatning them with a cross and he also had his sword ready. Myra seemed a bit unsure of how to react while the other vamp was getting ready to draw his own weapons. As for the other female hunter she seemed a bit unsure of what to do and was just watching the situation unfold. However it seemed like I didn't have long to think about it. The hunter who had his sword drawn on me looked ready to strike. All I could do now was think about how badly my plan to end this peacefully had backfired......
This is a good example of how NOT to use your brain!
Anyway the ball's now in Asilynne and Kalah's court ^_~

15th November 2002, 09:32 AM
Yuar Oro - (M) - Vampire

I watched as the hunters struck... some thing which made me not surprised. One of the hunters struck down the male VAmpire, causing him to fall to teh ground...a dn then he showed his sword... which looked like it was about to stab the vamp in the heart-area. I tried to walk over to him.. but instantly I saw a cross against my face and took a step back.
Damn those things..
The female Vampire was staggering back as well... and I couldn't figure out how I could get pass this hunter if...
Suddenly a short, abrupt noise was heard... and the cross in the man's hands suddenly flew into the air and was knocked several feet away from everyone. The hunter's eyes widened, as he turned away and gazed to see...
Ah, the Dampiel had a fine black gun... and had shot the cross.
Strange... a hunter Dampiel helping us? Maybe her morals are bewitched as mine..
I took no time however- the Dampiel had a look that said that was all she would do to help.
I quickly took my hand and grabbed the hunter and shoved him towards the female Vampire before he coudl even grab another weapon. The female vampire looked as though she could handle this foolish hunter...
I then instantly leapt into the air, reaching for my boots and pulled out my dagger-like sword. It had an extremely sharp, bewitched blade in which several symbols were etched into the blunt of the blade. I landed next to the male Vampire adn the hunter... but the hunter was so consentrated upon his new victim- he did not seem tnotice me... nor care.

The hunter thrusted his sword down at the male vampire, but I caught his hand just as he had done so. I stopped th eblad just in time... b ut I could tell he could thrust it down with one more try.. so I quickly brought forth my blade and flicked it from underneath his with a sweeping motion. HIs sword went flying... and the hunter narrowed his eyes at me. He brought forth his fist... and smacked me in the side of my left cheek. I quickly let go of his one hand... and the hunter then got off the down male Vampire, and made a move for his gun. I blinked a few times wiht my left eye... and then saw teh hunter go for teh gun. I quickly leapt at him, and the hunter moved out of the way. I was going to miss... so I tucked and rolled onto the floor- but stuck out my leg so the hunter fell down. He did not tuck and roll... thus I rose to my feet faster then he did. I quickly took the opportunity and poised my blade into the air. I quickly ran forth at the man and as the hunter rose I brought forth my blade.

A slash of silver went through the air as a sickening slicing noise was heard. The hunter had no time to scream... and it was lucky he did. Magic of a wicca had been encarved into my dagger... so its cuts burned like many flames... but he had not lived long enough to feel such torture. His head was sliced off his body... and soon both parts of him were in the corner of the room where we had fought. Blood reeked inthe air... and I quickly reached into my pocket and brought out a heavy scarf and drapped it over my nose and mouth. Nasty blood... I would not drink it.

I turned to gaze at the male vampire... and to see what the female vampire had done as well.

15th November 2002, 07:30 PM
Ooooo....bloody fight...I have an idea.....hehehehe!
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
A fight.....
The humans had started a fight. Funny, I had never seen humans before, but they had reacted just as I had been told; boldly and without thinking, like animals. But watching the fight I couldn't think of a way to react, like everything was moving in slow motion and by the time I realised what exactly was truely going on the whole thing was over, and I was looking at the body of something I had killed. This shouldve made me happy, I had killed one of the human vermin.
But something was wrong.
Because as soon as it was over, the smell came.
The humans that the newcomer had slain were bleeding, and the thick smell of thier blood filled the air. My eyes widened and without warning something started happening to me. "Aaaaarrgggrrr........" I heard a horrible noise and I vaguely wondered Was that coming from ME?!
I doubled over and clutched my stomach violently, feeling my fangs grow in my mouth. I heard Rudy and the other people shuffling around. "Whats.....HAPPENING.....to me..............." I managed to growl out as I stared at Rudy accusingly. Certainly SOMEONE shouldve known what was happening, and have tried to aid me.
Through the heat of what I was feeling I heard Rudy kneel down beside me. "Your feeling the hunger for their blood. Do you mean to say that youve never felt the hunger for human blood before?"
I couldnt speak so I shook my head violently, and let out another horrible cry. My head was thrown back and my fangs were growing even longer. How could I have felt the hunger when I had never seen a human before today? It felt horrible, like some part of wanting to drink was wrong. I dont know where that feeling came from, every vampire I had talked to before told me that drinking human blood was one of the great joys of life. At that moment I could not agree with them.
I was literally shaken out of my agony by Rudy, who had grabbed me by the shoulders. "Come on!" He yelled, almost sternly. "Snap out of it, fight it....FIGHT IT!!!"
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" I screamed, and then with a hiss, I sank my fangs into Rudys arm. Instantly I snapped out of my bloodlust, and I yanked myself away from Rudy struggling to compose myself, though I was still shaking all over.
So this is what the hunger is like, this is what nature had intended for vampires...
I wasnt sure I liked it all that much.
One thing about Myra, she hates humans but when It comes to eating them, she thinks its a really dirty thing to do. Its like humans with rats, humans dont like rats but (in the case of most humans at least) the thought of eating rats is like totally nasty and unclean. So, yeah.
BTW, I drew a pic of my character, and Im working on a pic of Rudy (cause I remember what he looks like, ^-~), so If anyone wants to help me out and put them on a website, I'll send them to you. My computer wont let me upload pics to a website or Id do it myself -.-()
Also, If you want a pic drawn of your character I'll see what I can do ^-~

15th November 2002, 08:19 PM

I had seen many fights...but I had never seen a fight like this one... They used weapons...much bigger than my knife. There were a few vampires and another dampiel. One of the vampires...the male one...he had a katana. The humans used guns.

"Why did I even come here?" I thought.



I walked towards the Church...but then I stopped. That Father Roland was dangerous I didn't want to bring danger to Father Farwell...he's the only kind person I've known...there's no telling what Roland might do next if I stayed at the church. Besides...I had enough of that phony father...

But why did I come here? To see this fight happen? Why did I come?...

15th November 2002, 11:06 PM
A thick layer of clouds are beginning to roll over the sky, obscuring the crescent moon that until moments before shone brightly. The smell of impending rain blows through the streets with the cold October wind.....

Vampires cant travel well in the rain. In 'Bloodlust', D was forced to take shelter inside a large hollowed out tree to avoid the rain, and D was only a dampiel. So I assume vampires can't travel through water very well.

Father Farwell
Father Roland WAS lying, now I was sure of it...he suggested taking the boy to a Doctor,but I could see now that that was not the truth. It had been quite a while and still Sky and Father Roland had not returned...
Just as I thought that, Father Roland burst through my office door, and slammed his fists into my desk. I stood up quickly, a bit in shock of his behaivior. "Father Roland---!!" I started to say, but then he looked up; with a totally calm and smiling face.
I jumped in shock. How...how could he be so calm after such a display of anger!? I swallowed my fear and carefully placed my reading glasses on my desk. "Father, where is Sky?" I said, calmly and carefully. I wasnt sure what was motivating Father Roland but I also didnt want to do anything to set him off again.
He grinned sweetly. "Oh, well I was taking him to the hospital but, he tried to bite me again, and then he just ran off! I tried to stop him......."
The look in his eyes reflected a hint of madness, and a slight thrill of panic went through me. Something was terribly wrong with him. Something that I didnt think I could fix. "R...Roland..." I stuttered, as I shuffled the pages of my sermon with shaky hands. "What ...what have you done to him...?" I feared something terrible had happened to the boy.
Father Roland didnt even blink. "Oh, well its like I said....dont you BELIEVE ME---FARWELL!!!" He said calmly until the last part, as he grabbed a gold crucifix off the wall and hefted it in his hands. There was murder in his eyes, a look that now Im sure he had all along, how could I have missed it all these years? God help me, I thought to myself as Father Roland swung-----------

Somehow I managed to duck under his arm as he swung down, missing me and running himself into the opposite wall of my office. I took a quick moment to thank the heavens for letting me survive that and then I ran out of the Church of the Guiding light, knowing I had to get away from Father Roland.
He was definitely NOT a holy man....

16th November 2002, 11:09 AM
Liven Dinas

"No...and I know that, that wasnt what that man had wanted. I know how you vampires work..." I said to the vampiress. "And right now I dont have an employer, thats what Im here for...but I think killing you will certainly make that lady in that house very happy." The Vampire stopped smiling and seemed to get angry at what i had said. She smiled again and said "You little Dampiel...do you really think you are strong enough to go against a TRUE vamp. and live?" She took a step closer. I reached for my fathers sword that was tied to my back. When I looked up again the vamp. was gone, I looked around me trying to find her. Damn where did that vamp. go? I had forgotten that they were very fast, I took out my sword and slowly walked around the house.
I was turning the corner when i heard something moving on the otherside. "Rahh!" I yelled holding up my sword towards the figure. A dog ran out of the trash can that it was eating out of, the cold night air blew around me. "It probebly left..." I said not finding anything. I started to walk down the road when I saw a dark figure in the road. "Hello? Is that anyone?" I yelled down the road.The figure turned slowly, as it turned I saw two red eyes looking back at me. What is this town crawling with vampires? I think im up over my head!! "Great now theres two vampires...I wonder where the other went ...I hope shes not around." I said as I turned slowly around.Please dont eat me...Please dont eat me!! I thought to myself. I was prepared to do battle to any of the two vampires..or both!
Liven isnt a coward i just feel like having a little fun. :D

Father Roland
My hands where both gushing out blood, one by me trying to make that kid bite me and the other by me swinging the cross at Farwell. Farwell had run out of the church in pure horrer, I felt i have gone insane with the thought of me having eternal life. Maybe with Farwell gone I can finally have it! I thought as I threw the cross to the ground. I walked out of his office, wiping off the blood from my hands. I walked into my office and got on my gloves, and my book I had gotten from Farwell. Then I walked out to the cool street, I must find that boy. I was walking the street, my hands were still bleeding badly, when I came to a bar. I looked at it, it looked like someone had started a bar fight. "They probebly got drunk and started one..." I said. I looked around the outside of the bar.

Master Rudy
16th November 2002, 05:21 PM
Thanks for mentioning that little thing about vampires and rain Asilynne. I'm sure several of the people in this RPG wouldn't have known about that if you didn't say anything.

Rudy Summers
7:50 PM
As painful as it may have been I was relieved over the fact that Myra had bitten me instead of a human. Thinking about humans suddenly reminded me of what had happened in the bar. Looking back I saw for the first time how bad things really were. Both of the hunters were dead. As I looked at both the bodies I saw what had more than likely made Myra act like that. The hunter that had attacked me had been decapatated and there was blood all over the place. Two different things came to mind as I saw the sight. The smell of his blood made it very tempting to feed. However I had been around humans my whole life and was able to keep myself under control. After seeing Myra act that way I had a few quick memories of the first time I had smelled human blood. Things might have gotten pretty bad if my father had not been with me at the time. Overall it wasn't one of my favorite experiences to think about. I knew exactly what she was going through at the moment.

As for the other thing on my mind I was wishing it had not come to this. I had been attacked by humans before but I had never killed one in my whole life. Despite the way I felt about what had just happened I knew that I may have been killed if it wasn't for the quick actions of everyone else in the bar. As much as I hated to admit it the two of them brought it on theirselves. If the four of us had been humans this incident would more than likely be overlooked due to the fact it was self defense. However three of us were vampires. There wasn't any doubt in my mind that there would be a price on our heads for this. In addition the female dampiel would also more than likely be blamed as well just for the fact that she had vampiric blood. If she did turn out to be my sister then it would have been another reason for me to protect her.

With a sigh I just sat down at one of the tables. Once Myra had calmed down the overall mood had been pretty quiet for the most part. For the first time since the attack I took a moment to check out my injuries. Looking at my leg I could see it wasn't bad at all. All the hunter did was attempt to cripple me so that he could go for the death blow. Compared to a human I knew it wouldn't take long to heal at all. As for Myra's bite I wasn't too worried about it. I was already a vampire so it wasn't like it would kill me. The only thing about it was the fact that I was a bit surprised at how painful it was. Myra saw me checking it out and sat next to me. She seemed to be fine now but I could see that she was still shaken up over what happened. "I'm real sorry about that Rudy" she said in a soft voice that was nearly a whisper. Shaking my head I told her "Don't be. You couldn't help it. It's just something that happened." After a few moments of silence she said "Tell me something. Is that going to happen to me every single time?" I knew trying to calm her down might not be much of a help so I figured to best way to do this was to be quick and to the point. "It's something that will always happen to you Myra. However it shouldn't be to that extent the next time. Over time you'll learn to keep yourself under control but keep in mind you will always feel the urge to feed when you smell a human's blood. It may not have seemed like it but even I wanted to drink from these hunters once I was able to smell their blood."

Once I was done talking to Myra everything was quiet again. During this time I started to regret my comment about hoping we didn't run into each other again after tonight. While I still didn't know her true intentions I knew that she was alone here. She needed someone that knew the Earth well and I felt that for the time being I should stick around to help her out. My main problem however was the fact that she still didn't know I was a hunter. Following her first experience with them I had no idea how she would take that news. On the one hand I knew she wouldn't forget this for a long time. Once again I was thinking about my first encounter. I was only a child then and for a long time I had fear them. Needless to say when I had learned that my father was also a hunter I was very confused. At that point in my life all I knew was that it was wrong to kill and feed off of the humans. Snapping out of my thoughts once again I started to think about Myra again. On the other hand I was a vampire like her. I knew that out of everyone on the Earth that for the time being I would more than likely be the one she trusted the most.

I may have had much on my mind but I knew sticking around here was going to become a very bad idea shortly. Bars tended to do their business at night. I was a bit surprised at how slow things were at the moment but it would only be a matter of time before someone had found out what happened here. Not wanting to waste any time I got up to go retrive my weapons. However just as I was bending down I suddenly had a dagger to my neck. Looking up I saw it was the female hunter. As I heard a sowrd being drawn by the other male vampire I looked toward him and yelled "No! Two people are already dead tonight and in my opinion that's already far too many." Looking back at her she said "I have no idea who the hell you bloodsuckers are but I want some answers now. I don't trust your friends at all but I will say that there is something odd about you. It's also not just the way you act. There is something else that puzzles me and I'm not quiet sure what it is. Unlike those hunters I'm giving you the chance to explain things to me. However if you or your friends try anything I will kill you." Turning her attention to Myra and the other vampire she added "And keep in mind that I'm not going to die as easily as those hunters that the two of you just took out."

At this point she had pulled the dagger away from my neck and took a step back. However I knew she didn't exactly trust me due to the fact she still had it drawn and the way she was looking at me. Sitting back down next to Myra I said "I'll give you your answers depending on one thing. Your going to need to answer some of my questions as well." I knew she didn't like the sound of that when she asked me "I don't think your in the posistion to be asking any questions right now. Why should I answer you?" I took off my jacket as I answered her since it looked like despite the danger we would be here for awhile. "All I'm saying right now is that I've been searching for someone. Either you answer some of my questions or that's all I'll tell you." Now she seemed to really be on guard after my last comment. I knew what might have been on her mind so I quickly took a moment to reassure her. "I promise you my intentions are not bad. Once I find who I'm looking for I plan to protect them with my life. I have reason to believe it's you but I won't be able to find out unless you answer my questions as well." She seemed a bit surprised over this but still didn't quite trust me. Despite that she said "I'm getting the feeling I'm not going to like this. However I'll let you ask your questions." I wasted no time at this point. "We're not going to have much time so I'll ask you everything at once. First off which of your parents was a vampire? If it was your father do you have any memory of him? Finally were you abandoned as a child by your human parent?" Once I had asked everything she seemed very shocked and surprised. The only problem now was that I had no idea how she would react......

17th November 2002, 12:55 AM
Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel

My wrist twitched, as he asked me his questions. For a bloodsucker, he was pretty smart. Too smart for me... and that made me very edgy. My wild auburn hair swayed in my face as I gazed at the female vampire, and the new VAmpire which had so easily killed one of the hunters. I then turned my attention back to this strange Vamp..

" I don't know how you presume such things you... you monster- but I'll say this for you. Yes, indeed my father was a Vampire who stocked up a frightened woman in a one nigiht stand if you wanted to know. That woman then at birth, found me to be a dampiel by the marking upon my hand."

I t hrusted my hand up at him, my gloved hand but did not expose the marking. Narrowing my eyes, I continued to sternly talk..
" AT the sight of me by birth, she dumped me in the middle of a street as a young baby- defensless and in the cold. No I do not remember anything upon my father - if that answers your question. Only one being raised me until I was five... which then, I can barely remember him. He raised me until I was old enough to live upon my own rules... but enough, I will not share the details fo ryou do not need to know."

I wavered my dagger about, as the male Vampire who had decapitated one of the hunters shifted a bit. He worried me a bit... as his gaze flickered to me and the vamp in front of me. But some how... I had the sense tha tif I did not harm, he would not harm me. But I couldn't trust any of the three... the monsters.

"Now I will ask you of this: Why do you ask me these questions? I felt like as if I know you some how... but I do not understand. If you are heading in the direction I think you are... then the idea sounds absurb. Besides, you are a Vampire and I a Dampiel who hunts the likes of you. If it weren't for my 'father', I would not be cursed like I am today. To be despised by humans and hunted by them... outcasted, and yet be outcasted by Vampires too and again still hunted. To yearn for blood, and yet have the blood with in myself which I yearn... "

I loosened my grip on the dagger, yet kept a fierce gaze upon them. How fond I was of this situation... to be surrounded by these three.. vamps... and yet, none of the would touch me. If they did... I knew I'd take off some thing... before I'd die. But hell, life right now didn't matter..

17th November 2002, 01:17 AM
I watched as the dampiel was threatening the vampire. What was happening? The male sat down and the dampiel started talking. What was going on? One moment, she looked like she was going to kill him, the next, she was talking with him?

What was that? Something had caught my eye. ...Father Roland! Did he see me? Did he know I was there? He must have...I was right in front of the door, he must have seen me.

I couldn't stay here...I ran toward the back door of the bar, passing the group of vampires, catching a glance from one of the vampires, and ran out the door...

I found myself at the park, in my usual spot. I leaned against the tree and it started to rain. Rain...it was so...something...It used to hurt when it rained...but now...it was enjoying...I guess it was a change to my street life... I looked up though the branches of the trees and felt the rain sprinkle on my face.

I stuck my hand into my pocket and pulled out my pocket knife. I felt the incriptions on it. I felt every little detail on it, every knitch, every scratch, every bump. I loved the knife. I had for as long as I remember...it was a special thing to me...

What was that? I heard footsteps...I looked up and saw a priest walking towards me...I brandished my knife, stood up, and got ready for the worst...
Shaka...or Asilynne could continue here...or somebody else dressed as a priest :) .

Master Rudy
17th November 2002, 01:50 AM
Here's something to get things going between Gyvien and Rudy.

Rudy Summers
There was no doubt in my mind at this point. I had the feeling I had finally found my sister but I was somewhat worried over how things would turn out. She had a strong dislike for vampires and looked ready to take out me, Myra and the other vampire. Personally I didn't blame her but I couldn't change what I was. I knew that she wouldn't like what she was about to learn but she would have to accept the fact sooner or later. With a serious look in my eyes I said "You were right when you said you might not like what you are about to hear. I'm somehwat worried about what you might do after seeing your attitude towards us. You can go ahead and not believe me if you want but keep in mind that I do not lie. Everything I'm about to say is 100% true."

Sitting back down at the bad she just gave me a nasty look and said "Say what you want and do it quickly. Afterwards I'll be the one to judge if your telling the truth or if you are a liar." Instead of jumping right to it I wanted to make a quick point. "First off I want you to know that I didn't want this to happen to these hunters. I really do feel sorry for them but it was self defense. If no one had done anything then the three of us would have died." All my sister had done was scoff at what I had said so far. "Better three of you than two innocent hunters." Normally I managed to stay very calm at all times but I was somewhat mad at her last comment. "Oh really? If that's true then why is it you helped us instead of them?" At this point she had nothing to say. Rather than push it I just continued. "Anyway going back to why I asked you those questions. Like I said before the reason why I'm searching for you is because I want to protect you." She seemed a tiny bit confused and asked "And why is it someone like you would go so far as to protect your enemy?"

I took a deep sigh before moving on. This was where it would get tricky. I figured it would be best to try and start slow before jumping into things. "The reason why is because I know your father. He died about one year ago but before his death he had told me everything about you and wanted me to track you down." Just by looking at her I knew my sister really seemed torn between what to do. She looked as if she had wanted to believe me but the part of her that hated vampires seemed about ready to end it right here. With a tone of anger in her voice she said "Tell me something. If what you speak is the truth then why is it that monster waited so long to try and look for me? Did he need someone to keep an eye out for him in the day? Did he honestly think I'd welcome him with open arms!" This was turning out worse then I wanted it to be. "He tried looking for you for a long time. I will admit I don't know what had happened between your father and mother but I know he cared. Once he heard about what your mother had done he made a failed attempt to find you. Also for your information he is not a monster like you think. He was a vampire hunter like you!"

The shocked expression of anger I had gotten at that point said it all. Without a word my sister had done nothing more than get up and begin walking toward the door. I had also gotten up at this point and took one step toward her. Suddenly she turned around and had her dagger at my neck again. "Don't follow me and don't say a word! Why I even bothered to listen to you I don't even know. I don't know why I'm doing this but I'm going to let you live for tonight. If I even see your face again your going to wish you did not lie to me like you just did!" I knew I stood no chance at this point so without a word I just backed off. If she would not listen then perhaps it would be best if the two of us just went our own ways. Turning back to face the others I saw that Myra had something else on her mind. She walked over and stood next to me as my sister reached the door. At that point I had just remembered that I told her a little bit about my past. Suddenly she yelled at her "So that's it? Rather than listen your only going to walk out? I'm guessing that you wouldn't be turning your back on him if your brother was a human or dampiel instead of a vampire!" This stopped my sister in her tracks. Turning around with yet another surprised look she said "What the hell did you just say?" All I could do was look at my sister and then at Myra. I had no idea why she had just done that. I knew that she was only trying to help me but I had the feeling she just made things worse......

17th November 2002, 02:25 PM

Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel

I turned my fierce emerald gaze to the female vampire, my wild auburn hair seeming to turn a shade redder then before. I clenched my fist, as I felt the dagger in my hand almost burn with ambition... how I wanted to kill them all right there. I put away my dagger however, and held a clenched fist at her.

"Shut the f*ck up- don't talk about things you don't understand!" I glanced at all three vampires now, the silent one shifted a bit... still holding his own bloody dagger as his eyes intently stared at me. I narrowed my eyes further at him, and then to the girl.

" If he was a human, I would have done the same! Humans are sh*t and aren't worth a d*mn penny! They outcasted me because of my tainted blood- they don't care that I have them in me too... and they hunt me down just as they do a Vampire... and they are far more stupid to realize that I hate vampires just as they do."

I felt my wrist twitch slightly..
"And if he was a flipp'n Dampiel, I sure as h*ll wouldn't be here in this situation- would he? Maybe I would treat him different as a Dampiel- because then he'd understand what I've been through. But that is comparing apples to oranges- the fact of the matter is that he is a f*cking Vampire not a Dampiel!"

I then turned my back to go out the door, but opening it I leapt away to see it was raining. I cursed under my breath, and whirled around to face them again.
"Sh*t, now its raining... how ironic."

I shoved myself past Rudy, not worrying about him touching me with any angry movement as I walked to the other side of the bar. I sat down and shook my head. Why did this have to happen... Why now? I'd find it better to just kill them... but- even if i wanted to, I'd probably only bring downone if any- there were three of them and only one of me. Plus, if one was my brother...

I wavered teh thought away..
d*mn it all..

Master Rudy
17th November 2002, 04:16 PM
Rudy Summers
8:06 PM
I honestly didn't know what to do at this point. I have been in tough situations before but never before in my life have I had no idea what to do. In addition with one look outside I knew the four of us would be spending quite a bit of time together. Now not only did I have to put up with the smell of human blood in the room but it also seemed as if another fight would break out in a matter of time. With a sigh I just sat back down once again as I looked at my sister. She didn't want to seem to accept the truth but I had a feeling that deep down she knew I was right. It seemed as if this were something that only time could handle.

At this point I just didn't care what Myra, the other vamp or my sister thought of me. I was going to speak my mind even if all three of them disagreed with what I had to say. Trying to break the silence I made an attempt to just talk to my sister. At this point Myra and the male vampire were nothing more than witnesses to this conversation I was trying to start. "I know hearing all of that at once may have been tough on you. However I want you to know that I too have a general idea of what has happened to you. You may think otherwise but I assure you that not all vampires are the bloodsucking demons you think them to be. There are some of us that want nothing but peace with humans. However this tends to put us in the same situation as dampiels. Not only are we hated by the humans but we also tend to be labeled as trators by the rest of our race. Never before have I killed a human in my whole life. Instead I have chosen to try and protect them from the ones that wish to destroy them. Would you like to know what my thanks is? After I was born my mother was killed by vampire hunters. One year ago our father was killed in a battle with the very vampires you and me have vowed to stop. As for myself I have been the target of countless attacks by both humans and vampires. I have been shot, stabbed, beaten and left for dead several different times in the past. When you......"

Without laying her eyes on me my sister just put her hand up to stop me from going on. In a surprisingly calm voice she said "Enough of this. If we're going to be stuck in this bar together then at least do me a favor and be quiet. It's already bad enough that I must lay eyes on the three of you. The last thing I want to do is listen to you as well." This wasn't going to stop me however. Going on with what I had to say I told her "What I'm just trying to say is that you have no right to say that I don't understand what you have been through. I've experienced this myself and...." Suddenly without warning she turned around threw her dagger right at me. It landed in the wall about two inches away from my head. Looking me right in the eyes this time she shouted "Was I speaking something other than English when I asked you to be quiet! ENOUGH!!!" Not learning my lesson I was about to once again protest when I suddenly saw the male vampire draw his weapon and make a move towards her. As I got up I worried that I wasn't going to make it but luckly I was just as quick. Before he had a chance to strike I had my daggers drawn and blocked his own with one of them while I placed my other to his neck. Giving him one look that told him to back off I said "If you so much as lay one finger on her then I'll personally make sure you join these hunters." At the same time we pulled out weapons back. However just as I was about to put my own away the four of us heard something from outside one of the windows. Has someone been watching us? I thought to myself. I wasted no time getting in front of everyone else and into a defensive stance. By now I couldn't care less what everyone was thinking about me. If I had to protect them all then I would. "Who's there?!" I shouted towards the busted windows. Whoever it was just simply laughed as he stepped into the doorway. However I wasn't sure what was disturbing me more. The fact that this man had an insane look in his eyes or the fact that he looked like a preacher......
I'm pretty sure this man needs no intro ^_~

17th November 2002, 08:56 PM
Yuar Oro - (M) - Vampire

The male Vampire had the dagger at my throat, and I wasn't about to point to him that all I had to do was flick my wrist up and take it from him. Instead I bowed and put my dagger away...
Touchy he was- I wasn't going to strike his sister dead, I was not a fool or cold hearted. I was just going to sternly tell her words which I learned so long ago... but, I guess this male did not want my help right now.

I didn't mean to interfere with in his family matters... it just seemed tha theneeded help since it wasn't going anywhere.

The Dampiel however, didn't look like she was in the mood for talking. I looked to the male Vampire who was her brother and soflty spoke...

"Perhaps you should let your sister think a bit for herself... some times the only cure and reason is silence itself."
Just as I had spoken the words, suddenly the door whirled open and a strange man stood in the doorway. His eyes were glazed with a craziness only humans could get... I thought, and he had a strange giggly laughter with in him. I took a step back, behind a table and undid the scarf around my mouth. I could take the smell of blood now... and I watched this man. He was what I would think to be a priest... which caught me off guard as odd.

I never was fond of priests... it usually meant they were armed with nonsense crosses and tons of anti-vampire weapons. It annoyed me severly... and here it was, a priest entering a bar.
An insane priest entering a bar.

I watched as the Dampiel still sat in her chair, reguarding the priest with slight wonder and yet her gaze remained stern and cold. I had to hand it to her- she was or seemed to have extreme skills- but I could only expect if from a lone Dampiel hunter. The other male vampire's eyes were wide with bewilderment... as the female vampire narrowed her eyes in untrust.

I could only imagine what this priest would want... and considering the night's events... it could only get wilder.

18th November 2002, 10:43 PM
Nall ~ M ~ Dampiel

I started to run across the rooftops, searching for the mutant I was following. However, the weather had other plans. It began to start raining, and I lost track of where I was going. I put a hood over my head to protect myself, and began to look for evidence of a struggle. I knew that with what had happened back there, something else was bound to break out eventually. The rain became too much in a short amount of time, however, so I jumped off the rooftops and back to the streets, hiding under a canopy to dry off. As soon as the rain let up a while, I would continue searching. A couple minutes later, I decided not to wait. Something could be going on now, and my curious nature prevented me from standing out of the rain waiting. I put my hood back on, pulled my arms into my jacket, and ran from the canopy. It wasn't long before I came across a bar with broken windows, and the scent of blood everywhere.
I suddenly got a strong urge to go in and get some of it... I didn't know why. This was the first time I'd ever smelled blood, since my life so far had been passive and I never had to attack a human. I managed to regain control of myself quickly, and I looked in the window. Inside, I saw several vampires and dampiels, as well as a beheaded human, most likely one of the vampire hunters than the mutant made off with earlier. In front of them, a short distance from the door, was a priest. He gave off a bad aura- I could tell he wasn't there for good reasons. It looked like he may have interupted something between the others as well, as if he was unexpected, and most likely unwanted. I climbed in the window as quietly as I could, managing not to step on the broken glass. It didn't hurt that I've broken into buildings on several occasions, so I wasn't out of practice with being stealthy. I knew at this point that the vampires and dampiel could see me, but I was almost positive the priest couldn't. I began to creep up behind him...

Master Rudy
21st November 2002, 05:48 PM
OOC-Does anyone have an idea as to where Asilynne and Shaka have been as of late? Most of the last posts have been nothing but me and Kalah. I don't think the two of us can keep it going on our own much longer since I brought Roland in on my last post

21st November 2002, 08:01 PM
OOC- What does OOC stand for anyway? Anyway, same here. I've included I guess Father Farwell and Asilynne and Shaka hasn't been here at all...Anyway...maybe something happened to their computer or something...

21st November 2002, 09:06 PM
OOC = Out Of Character

Master Rudy
21st November 2002, 10:15 PM
Originally posted by pokemasterfrank
...maybe something happened to their computer or something...

OOC-I'm really hoping that isn't the case. This RPG was off to a great start. Ever since I joined the RPG forum I've tended to base the success of the RPG's I've joined by comparing them to Dragon Ball VG. The cast of that RPG worked together very well and I honestly can't remember a time where there was a major disagreement among us. It moved along at a great pace and only got better in my opinion before the loss of Nall for a few months killed the RPG. So far it's looking like it'll be a repeat performance of VG. Just like in VG the cast is seems to be working together fine. I see enough experienced RPGers here to make this thing great. Let's just hope it doesn't go downhill at this point. Losing Asilynne and her sis would be a killing blow for this RPG and I would really hate to see that happen

22nd November 2002, 10:35 AM
OOC: Thy uslly cant get to a computer till the weekend. But there not gone so no worrys.

22nd November 2002, 04:08 PM
OOC: Sorry guys! The only time I can get to a comp is when I go to my moms house (i.e.When I say 'I have to go home now, Im actually GOING HOME')
When I started this RPG I didnt know things would go THIS fast, and I figured I could pick up on it when I could. I could probably still do that but people need to have a little patience, its not like Ill be gone for months or anything! ^-~
Same with Shaka, we both live with our dad.
So, just bear with us and have patience, and this WONT go the same way as VG ^-^ I mean come on its only been a week and already your writing us off!
Now lets see, where were we?
~~~~Myra Link~~~~Wood Water City
I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Rudy, an obvious high class aristocrat by his behaivior, had a dampiel as a sister? Not only that, but they were both vampire HUNTERS?! Something just didnt fit. Despite my initial distrust of Rudy, he had proven himself as a vampire of high class, with his manner of speaking and his reluctance to behave rashly like an animal. But how can someone who was so obviously an aristocrat be someone who would side with humans? And....how did I FEEL about that?
Before I could really think it through, the other male vampire jumped up and made a move towards the dampiel, with Rudy heading him off soon after, and they began to exchange a few heated words. Inwardly I scoffed. That one was definitely NOT an aristocrat. Just looking at how he acts reminds me of how the humans acted, senselessly going to attack like he was some sort of thoughtless beast
I was about to comment on how foolish everyone was being when we were all stuck together due to the rain, when I heard someone else come in through the door. "Needless to say the bar is closed-----" I started to say when the man ignored me and came right in, giggling to himself like something was wrong with his head. He was a human, and he was dressed like he was someone important. The very thought of an important human almost made me laugh, but his insolence kept me stern.
He looked at all of us and laughed again. "You....youre all vampires arent you?" He giggled and tossed off both his gloves, displaying hands that were bleeding profusely. He took his sword and slashed himself on the arm, making himself bleed even more, and then swung his sword. Some of the fresh human blood splattered on my face and I twitched, my heart beginning to race, as I felt the hunger rise up again in me. I was trying so hard to control myself I barely heard him as he spoke again.
"What do you know about......eternal life?!"

----Father Farwell----
I ran toward the figure in the dark. I prayed it was someone who could help me, Father----no, just Roland (as he no longer deserved the title of Father), was a dangerous man, and I knew it would be nothing for him to kill anyone, even a man of God. As I got closer, I saw that the person I had been running to was the dampiel child, Skylar. "Please, " I said as I saw him brandish his knife. "I know that Roland was lying about you. I saw him, the TRUE him, and he tried to kill me. Though he is evil I cannot fight him, Ive taken a vow of peace and would die before raising a hand against a child of God. So, please..."
He looked at me curiously, the rain running down his face, and finally spoke. "Ok Father, you took me in though you knew what I was, and always treated me with kindness. But there is one thing your wrong about." He put away his knife and looked me straight in the eyes.
"Roland is no child of God."
Ok, there ^-^
BTW, I finished that pic of Rudy. If anyone wants to see and maybe put it on a website that I could link to mine with, just let me know!

22nd November 2002, 05:55 PM
Father Roland

I was standing in the middle of the bar, my hands shaking violently. The blood was dripping on the floor making a puddle at my feet. "S..so you vampires...can give me what I want!" I stammered. The vampires watched me in disgust, but I did notice that one of them was having the urge for blood. I walts over to the female vampire and almost in her face I raised my bleeding hands. "Drink....you know you want to vampire!!" I yelled in her face. The male vampire with the blue hair seemed angry and walked in between me and the female. Just as I was about to coax the blue haired vamp. I heard someone behind me. Whirling around I was face to face with a dampiel. As I turned I said in a sly voice "Or....Would YOU like to give me ETERNAL LIFE!!?" The Dampiel stepped back a few steps in surprise. Not getting an answer I started to get angry, so I ripped my cross from my neck and ran at the blue haired vampire with it. "Bite me you DAMN Vampire!!" I yelled.
Just before I made it to the vampire, I heard another voice...sounded familiar. I turned slowly,"Ahhahaah....Father Farwell....so you've come! Oh? and whos that? Skylar how wonderful!!" I laughed. Skylar looked as if he didnt care about how i was bleeding. "Roland..Ive heard what you tried to do to the Father. The Father who had helped me when I needed it. Its time I stop your evil ways roland!" Skylar procliamed. Placing my hands on my chest I said in an almost pleeding voice,"Oh..but Skylar...I am a Man of GOD." I started to walk towards him. My wrists bleeding madly. I was going to get MY eternal LIFE!!!!
AAAAHH gosh thats Evil !! heavens well take it away Frank! :D

22nd November 2002, 07:04 PM
OOC: I just remembered, I was going to add something. Just so it doesnt get confusing as to where everyones character is (cause some people are in completely different towns) I was going to assign names to the two towns that are known right now, and if anyone is in a different town they can specify a name for it.
Ok, the city where the bar that Rudy, Myra and so many other people are at right now will be called Wood Water City
The town where Liven Dinas is currently taking on the two female vamps will be called Twig Town.....thanks to Shaka's bizarre suggestion lol ^-~
So when your in a certain town say which one, from now on ^-^
BTW Rudy who said you were a fruitcake?! lol ^-~

Master Rudy
22nd November 2002, 08:53 PM
Here's the short version of a long story Asilynne:
Ginger said it during an MSN convo with me and Kalah as a joke. Kalah thought it was funny as hell. The name caught on and eventually Nall and Mike started calling me that as well. So for the last time......

Anyway earlier tonight I had a pretty good post planned out but had to ditch the idea thanks to that idiot Bill Gates. A very minor problem forced me to restart my computer before I could save anything or get what I had so far posted. In any case here's a shortened version of what I was originally going to do. This is all going to be slightly before Roland noticed Nall and before Skylar showed up with Farwell. Keep in mind there was orginally going to be much more to this than what I'm putting down. To tell the truth I don't mind getting rid of that idea. It gives me yet another reason to tourtue Mr. Gates ^_^

*does an evil laugh under he notices everyone is looking at him funny*
Sorry...... ~_~;

Rudy Summers
Wood Water Bar
8:08 PM (just before the arrival of Skylar and Farwell)
Right before this man had came in I thought I saw Myra looking at me oddly as I tried to talk things over with my sister. I was getting the feeling that once she heard I was a hunter that she was starting to lose whatever trust she had in me. Once we were out of this mess I was going to take the time to reassue her that she had nothing to fear from me. Despite the fact that she didn't seem to like humans at all I was going to respect her opinion. Until she made an attempt to take a human life in a case that wasn't self defense I was going to trust her. At the moment I had nothing against Myra so all I could do at this point was hope she made the right choice.

The sudden laughter of this madman drew my attention back to the situation at hand. Those thoughts would have to wait for later. It was clearly obvious what he was trying to do before he even said a word. What the fool didn't know was that this was something that usually didn't work. Most of the time a vampire would go ahead and kill the human instead of giving them what they want. I prepared for a fight as he drew his weapon but became shocked when he gave himself another self inflicted wound. All I did as I put my daggers away was shake my head in disgust over his actions. Suddenly without warning he quickly swung his sword sending a the blood that was on it flying in our direction. It missed both my sister and the male vampire but me and Myra both got hit. Once again I felt my hunger return and wanted to do nothing more than sink my fangs into his neck. However I had gained a very good amount of self control over the years. Even so I was still worried but it wasn't over myself. I was worried more over Myra being too tempted to drain this idiot.

Looking over at her I saw that surprisingly she had much better control over herself this time around. However she still looked ready to snap at any moment. It didn't take long for Myra to bare her fangs but just before she was about to jump this man I got between them and stopped her. As I wiped the blood off of her face I said "He's not worth the trouble Myra. It's best to avoid people like this man." She calmed down and was about to say something when suddenly I heard something behind me. "Now what?" I asked no one in general as I turned around not knowing what to expect anymore......

That would be the point where Nall comes in. At the moment I don't have anything else to add and since Shaka already covered the arrivals of the others I'm gonna leave off here for now ^_~

22nd November 2002, 10:01 PM
OOC- Oops...sorry...
Holy man indeed. He's the devil himself. He tried to tempt those vampires over there, and almost did it too. The girl leapt for him, but the boy stopped her.

"You don't believe me," Roland said, getting closer, waving his bloody hand in front of my face, making me sniff the warm blood, oozing from his self-inflicted wounds. The blood smelled good, like a warm summer's breeze, or ice cream. I felt the need, the need to bite him. There was too much blood out. I wanted it. I was a kid chasing after an ice cream truck. I wanted it, and I wanted it bad. I bared my fangs and was about to lunge, but Father Farwell held me back, knowing what was happening.

"Stop it Roland," he commanded. "Stop it now. This is absurd..."

"Why should I, Farwell," he cried. "If I do God's will, will I become immortal. Will I gain riches beyond my wants. Will I become a God myself?"

"Every one is a part of God," said Father Farwell. "We were created in God's image and therefore we are like God."

"But just being like God isn't enough!" replied Roland. "He gives us the regular stuff, but he keeps the powers to himself. At least this way, I can have an eternaty to reach my goals!"

And with that, he grabbed my head and shoved my fangs into his arms.

"Yes!" he cried. "Yes! I will finally have my eternal life!"

23rd November 2002, 08:06 AM
OOC: I will do it for you Asilynne, I can host the images for you and you can place the links on your web page. Hows that sound?

23rd November 2002, 01:24 PM
OOC:YAY THANKS NYOKO! Should I send them to your yahoo account?

23rd November 2002, 03:07 PM
Roland (changing)

I ripped Skylar's fangs out of my flesh, the blood went everywhere. I swayed back-and -forth from loss of blood. I smiled evily as I looked at Skylar. "YES!!! Thank you Skylar!! You have finally given me what I wanted!!" I screamed as I held my head with both my hands. I could feel the changes forming in me as I turned Vampire. My eyes were changing color from black to red, I felt the fangs growing in my mouth. I swung my head back and laughed, everyone in the bar stared as I changed. Even my wounds healed, after a while I stood up straight. I looked into the night, it finally stopped raining. "Well it seems I have luck on my side!" I took one more glance at Skylar, and said"Thanks boy....Ahahahahah!!" I walked in to the darkness, and was gone.

The night was young and I had decided to see what a vampire could realy do. I looked up to the tall buildings of the town, I leaped effortlessly onto an inn. "Heh..this is great..." I said to myself. Just then I heard something coming, it was a couple taking a stroll. My..my....what have we have here? I asked almost giggling. I leaped down in front of them, they stopped and "Its...its a vampire!" The woman cried. Her husband jumped in front of her. "Oh? Whats the matter? Did i scare you?" I asked the man. He seemed to notice that I was wearing priest clothes and was a little shocked. I grinned, my glasses shone as I quickly grabbed the mans neck and sank my fangs in. He screamed out in pain as his wife started to run away. "Oh no you dont!" I laughed. I have eaten my first humans.
Heavens i didnt know my character could get even eviler. -_-()

23rd November 2002, 04:12 PM
The blood still flowed through my mouth. I had felt the warm blood flow into me, I had felt each of his heart beats...and I enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed it...it wasn't right. How could I? How could I have been so stupid! To let him use me like that? I should have expected something like that from him. But I was weak, I couldn't see what was going to happen. I couldn't protect my self from a priest. I had gone though years, fighting grown men and street thugs, but I couldn't not protect my self from a priest...

I licked my fangs, they still had the taste of blood on them. Father Farwell, just stood, glazed...

"I'm sorry child," he said to me. "I'm sorry. I should have stopped him. I'm sorry..."

But I just walked away. I couldn't risk it. I wouldn't know what might happen now. I had just tasted blood...the blood of a human...delicious blood...I shook my head. I couldn't think like that. I couldn't risk biting the good Father. He was the kindest person I had ever known. A tear formed in my eye. It trickled down my cheek and dropped to the ground.

Goodbye, and thank you, Father Farwell...

23rd November 2002, 05:09 PM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water Bar

I had wanted to bite him, VERY badly...I had lunged forward, ready to sink my fangs into his disgusting neck and drink his filthy blood, when...HE stopped me. Rudy, the vampiric enigma. Rudy, the one I couldnt figure out. He was a vampire, but he had told his 'sister' he was a vampire HUNTER, yet he had saved me from making the disgusting mistake of drinking a human! And it wasnt as though he wanted it for himself, he had just wanted to...HELP me, protect me.... As if I needed protecting!
But when his hand touched my face to wipe that horrid man's blood off, I couldnt help but feel....
Not for the first time that night, I was embarrassingly vunerable and I was about to lose my composure and say....

Then the madman charged at Rudy, but was soon distracted by a young boy and a human dressed much the same way as the madman. He tempted the boy and then forced the boy to bite him.
And then the human became Changed.
It was a horrible sight, he reeled about, bleeding everywhere, and when it was over, he was a vampire.
But there was NO way he would EVER be an aristocrat.
He had run out into the dispersing rain, glorifying in his own bloody victory. I watched him go, wide eyed. Was THIS what had happened to my mother? Try as I might, I could not imagine my Father participating in such a tainted ritual. But, if that were true, if my father had not bitten my mother, then how...?
I shook my head. All I knew was something unnatural was born tonight. Something that was an insult to aristocrats everywhere. And I'd be damned if I let it live.

----Father Farwell----
Wood Water Bar

"Skylar..." I paused, watching the hunched over form of the young dampiel walk out into the cold night. The wind moaned through the silent bar, and for a moment I stood, frozen, unable to do anything but stare through the open door at the darkness beyond. Then my purpose came to me as clear as crystal.
I strode up to catch up to Sky. "Listen, child, I know you feel bad for what youve done. But it wasnt your fault, Roland---"
He cut me off. "Roland is dangerous, I know!" He whirled around to face me, tears gleaming in his shame filled eyes. "And now hes even MORE dangerous! He's a vampire now, a MONSTOR! And I MADE HIM THAT WAY!!!!"
He squeezed his eyes shut and turned away quickly, running down the darkened street and disappearing into the shadows.
I could only watch, stunned. I shook my head sadly and closed my hand around the cross around my neck. "Skylar...." I whispered as I walked back towards the bar. "Remember youre not alone.."
I paused at the doorway and gazed back down the street.
"God is with you, my child..."

24th November 2002, 03:48 PM
Great thanks to Nyoko, I am pleased to announce my picture page is up! Come see! (http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/ssjbulma/vamp)

Oh and if anyone else wants a pic drawn, ask either me, Nyoko or Shaka. ^-^

Master Rudy
24th November 2002, 10:02 PM
OOC-I had an idea for a drawing if any of you three want to give it a try. How about a group shot of Rudy, Myra, Yuar and Gyvien inside of that bar? Here's a quick list of things I remember about this scene so that you guys aren't looking back over the posts as much for every single little detail:

-Gyvien is sitting at the bar looking a little pissed over learning about Rudy. Her dagger is stuck in a wall on the other side of the room
-Rudy has his daggers drawn and looks ready to fight. Keep in mind that he's without the jacket and has two injuries at this point: the slash on one of his legs and Myra's bite on his wrist (doesn't matter what leg/wrist)
-Rudy, Myra and Yuar all seem to be a bit puzzled due to Roland's arrival (Roland himself won't be in the picture. Think of it as being from his POV ^_~)

I know there is much more to it than that but I don't have the time right now to look over every single post from that timeframe. Poses don't matter to me so I'll leave that up to whoever decides to draw this. It just seemed like a good idea and I figured it would be a cool pic to add to that page ^_~

25th November 2002, 10:44 AM
ooc: I'll give it a try. I love to draw ^^ oh BTW Asilynne here is my characters drawing, you you can add it to your web page when you read this http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/elfdemonnyoko/amithis.jpg

25th November 2002, 02:42 PM
OOoooo! I'll give it a try too! Maybe... lol, iif I have time in my chaotic schedule. I just drew a sloppy sketch of Gyvien during some of my study hall, I'm too busy to clean it up or anything but I'll post it tommorow to show you. Oh and Shaka/Asilynne if you do draw Yuar... *pleading eyes* Make 'em look just like Tooya, but more serious. ^^;;; *glomps Tooya-appearance Yuar*

Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel

I simply blinked at the scene- as blood reeked through the air. I blinked again. Silence.
The blood was filthy- and it didn't help that vamps like me had an even greater scent of smell. But... I was always around blood, at least on my hunts- the smell of blood was now just a reoccurance. Nothing more. I blinked as I watched Rudy stand there, easing up as the bloody human ran off. Now he was a Dampiel too- like me... and insane Dampiel..
I snorted with discust, as I simply walked by Rudy, brushing against him hard but not paying attention. I went to the wall, and saw my deeply embedded dagger.

It had a black, leather handle wrapped around the silver handle. Upon the tip of the edge of the handle, was a leather strap in black, used to attached or tie aroudn things. The blade was pure silver, sharp... quick, and utterly cruel to use. I grabbed the handle sharply and jutted the dagger loose with ease. I quickly pushed the dagger back into my black boot, and then whirled around, leaning into t he wall again and crossing my arms.
What would these Vamps do now?

It was discusting... to have that... that freak loose now- as a Dampiel.
Mental Note to Gyvien: Kill Father Roland Freak
I thought, figuring it would be better if that strange thing was dead then alive. If he roamed the streets... he'd probably try to eat more humans. Or worse... he'd try to do some thing else.
I grimaced at this, and watched as my 'brother' turned to the female vampires. I watched the other vampire bring his strange dagger back to the inside of his jacket. It made me wonder- I knew that this male was my brother, I knew his female companion was either his wife or his friend of some sorts... but this male vampire? Theo ther one? Who the h*ll was he?

All in time I supposed... as I sighed, wondering. I didn't know what I was going to do... part of me just wanted to leave. But t hen... some thign in my cursed head said 'don't leave.' Why the f*ck not? I didn't know... all I knew, was that this was the wildest night I've ever faced -- when I haven't killed some one, that is.

Yuar Oro - Male - Vampire

I blinked, bewildered at the sight I just saw.
The man had to be mad... and now, he was a Dampiel. Not just any dampiel- an idiotic, psychotic dampiel who seemed lost in his nature and who lost his grip of reality. A human being who wanted Vampiric blood. I could only hope with in me that the rain stung at his skin adn felt like acid in his eyes.

I shifted slightly as I shealthed my dagger back in my jacket, looking over to the male vampire, his friend, and the Dampiel who had retrieved her well-armed knife. She sure seemed like she wasn't liking this... and it made me wonder. Though most Dampiels did not like Vampires, nor humans for tha tmatter- she seemed doublely hateful towards us. I faintly wondered why.

But there was another human, standing in the doorway. What did they say his name was- I could have sworn I heard them say his nam was Father Farewell. I took one quick, swift and graceful step towards him- walking past everyone else slightly, more towards the rain-drenched door. The 'priest' was staring out... and I kept about 6 ft away from him, but never the less I was closer to him th en anyone in t he bar. I would keep my distance though... even though he did seem good intentioned, I always kept up my guard. It was rule number 1 in Vampiric training.
Guard never comes down.

"So, friend of yours?" I said cooly, as the priest turned to gaze at me..- probably in shock that he realized now that he was left with three vampires and a dampiel.

25th November 2002, 09:59 PM
(Somewhere in-between her town called Crystal Waters and Wood Water City)

The rain had forced me to take shelter just outside my destination… Why now? Just when I was beginning to become happy again, my mood was shattered. Now I was Very mad, and may snap at the next person I walk by… Also I was in the mood for a little snack… I dosed off and when I finally woke the rain had stopped and I pressed on, growing even more hungry and eager for that snack…

(Wood Water City)

I finally entered the city; I pulled my clock farther over my eyes and continued on down the road.
“My, were could I possibly get something to drink and a bite to eat around here?” I said thinking out loud, just then I saw a bar, but a priest was standing in the doorway, and the window was broken, I slowly walked up to the door with my head down. The priest in the door way had kindly stepped aside to let me pass. I kindly nodded to him as if to say thanks.
I walked in, glass cracking under my feet, and the smell of blood came rushing to my nose, making me all the more hungry. I also had seen 3 vampires standing around and a Dampiel leaning up ageist the wall. I walked over to the bar stepping over chairs and other things lying on the floor. I leaned over the bar grabbed a glass and something to drink, I needed something to calm me down… I sat on the bar and quickly drink down the glass and poured some more in the glass. “Well, well, ant this a pretty site?!” I flicked a glass off the bar looking on as it crashed to the floor. All the others in the room looked at me as if ready to pounce on me and kill me without warning. I pulled my hood down, and calmly spoke to all in the room.
“What did I do to you all to deserve such a welcome? I’m not here to kill anyone, just on vacation.” I flashed them all a quick smile letting my fangs show agents my dark blue lips. I took another sip from the glass; I had to get out of here soon I was starting to get hungry…
OK Amethyst is being her normal extremely strange self oO… ok so feel free to interact with her as you all please… warning she is a skitso ^^

Master Rudy
26th November 2002, 10:39 PM
Rudy Summers
8:30 PM
This was quickly turning into one of the weirdest nights I had even witnessed. However I knew it wasn't going to be safe here much longer. There was only so much time before locals started to see that something wasn't right. In the back of my mind I had a feeling I knew why we had been fine so far. This was a really bad area of the city and it seemed that the people ignored things that went on here and decided not to deal with them. All I could do was shake my head. I didn't see how they could go without caring like this. It seemed like the only time things mattered to these people is if they were the ones being attacked. Plus there was unfinished business with Roland. He was no doubt feasting on the human population at the moment. He was already quite unstable to begin with and I knew that him being turned into a vampire only made matters worse

"What did I do to you all to deserve such a welcome? I’m not here to kill anyone." It was a female voice but I knew it wasn't Myra or my sister. Looking around I saw that another female vampire had joined us. I had been so deep in thought that I hadn't noticed her come in. Normally I be a little worried and a bit cautious around vamps but at this point I just didn't worry about it. I just had too much on my mind at the moment. Even so I made it a point to try and talk to her. "You'll have to excuse us" I said. "As you can see this hasn't exactly been the best of nights for everyone in this group." Looking at the bodies and then at my injuries she laughed a little bit and said "Oh really? I honestly didn't notice. Anyway the name is Amethyst." Sticking out my hand I said "I'm Rudy Summers. Sorry about not saying anything before but like I said this has not been the best of nights." However rather than shake my hand Amethyst just eyed me and asked "Summers you say?" All I did was nod as I drew my hand back. I had a feeling she had an idea about what I was but she just didn't seem to care less.

A few minutes slience passed by. Everyone in the bar seemed to be focused on the events of the night so far. After what seemed like forever Amethyst spoke up and said "Well if you ask me this looks like an odd bunch. How is it the five of you came together?" With a sigh I said "It's a bit of a long story. I'm not even sure where to start. Instead I can tell you about each of us. The dampiel at the bar is my sister....." I suddenly stopped as I remembered I still hadn't learned her name. In a disgusted tone she said "It's Gyvien and if you insist on dealing with me then you sure as hell better remember it next time 'brother'." The way she just spat that word out just hit me hard. I was about to introduce everyone else but Gyvien just kept on going without letting me have a chance to speak. "Going around the room that vamp helped out when things got a bit sour with the hunters. I believe I heard him say his name was Yuar." Next she pointed at the priest. "The human you passed on the way in is Father Farwell. He came in as his buddy Roland went nuts and got himself turned into a vampire with the help of some kid." Amethyst seemed slightly amused as my sister finally got to Myra. As she talked about her she seemed to show even more anger than she did with me. "Myra wasn't it? She would be my brother's girlfriend. One big and happy bloodsucking couple." Myra didn't seem to like the way she was being talked about but in a calm voice she made sure to correct Gyvien. "It's not like that at all. I've only just met your brother tonight." I didn't say a word but just sat back and was thinking to myself. It may not be like that at the moment but I'm sure it's only a matter of.....

I stopped myself short of finishing that thought. Why did I keep thinking about her that way. I just met her tonight. Myra was nothing more than a friend. As I got my mind off it however it seemed as if Gyvien was going to push it. "Oh really? Well I've seen the way you guys have been acting toward each other and how you've talked to each other. I assume it's just going to be a matter of time." Myra seemed to be losing her cool over what she was saying. "Surely you can't be serious! I've only know him for a few hours. Say what you will but I assure you he is nothing more than a friend." Gyvien seemed to be looking for a reason to fight and it seemed to be working. Before anything could happen I got between the two of them and said to Myra "Just don't listen to her. Both of us know it isn't true." However as I said this I couldn't help but wonder if Gyvien could have been right. This was the second time in a matter of hours I had been thinking about Myra like that. Am I really falling for her or is it nothing more than just concern over her safety? Rather than dwell on the matter I continued my speech and said "Besides I think we've got more important things to worry about right now. Roland's on the loose and I want to try and stop him before anyone gets hurt." Before anyone could say a word I was already out the door and on the rooftops in an attempt to find him. As I jumped from the rooftops I could have sworn I saw Koger but I decided to ignore him. Taking a look to see if it really was him all I saw was that Myra and Gyvien had decided to come after me. Even so I didn't slow down or say a word. The only thing on my mind right now was taking Roland out......

27th November 2002, 07:51 PM
(Wood Water City Bar)

After the all the introductions, the Dampiel named Gvyien, The female Vampire Myra, and Summers left one right after the other. That left only me, the prest, and Yura in the bar. I hoped off the bar counter took my hood off and tossed back what was left in the glass. After finishing off the glass I let it drap to the floor. I walked over to the bodys lying on the floor, they were there to long, I would have to go off and find a fresh meal. I turned towreds the door tossing my clock over my shoulterd. I smiled, “Well, its been fun. I am sure we will be seeing more of eachother.” Then under my breath I said, “now if you’ll exsuse me Ive grown abit hungry…” I turned to walk out of the bar…

28th November 2002, 08:20 PM
Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel

So, like that he just ran right out after the freak Roland.
Not on my watch!
I thought, narrowing my eyes as I quickly ran out of the bar, Myra suddenly catchign wind and coming as well. I shot her an angry glare, but she didn't seem to care. Stupid Vampiress.
I gazed up and picked out Rudy's shape in the darkness, moving amongst the rooftops like he owned them... he was rather quick and agile, which made me second guess.
Sorta like me... maybe it is in the gene pool.
But I swore at myself for even thinking like that. I quickly managed to hop onto the rooftops, and instantly I bounded after Rudy. My black jacket waved in the wind as my auburn hair blew in the wet of the night. THe smell of the rain hung in the air... and usually it would smell lovely, but in the city nights... rain only made it reek worse. I quickly managed to catch up to Rudy... staying behind him slightly. He was hot on the trail of Roland... and he gave me a mere glance, seeing me and Myra not too far off. Instantly my mind swore at me...
Why are you following him? He's gonna think you trust him, or get some strange idea.
Instantly I thought better of this situation... Rudy can scan the rooftops, I work better ont he ground.
Immediatly I lept off the edge of the roof, disappearing into the blackness of the shadows below the buildings. I then ran... ran swiftly through the alleyways, using my keen sense of smell to try to give me some vague idea of where this 'Roland' character was.

I swiftly walked through teh shadows, working well in the darkness and covering ground. I stalked through these cities for so long... I knew th em like the palm of my hand.. and the alleyways were perfect for getting through the city. My eyes narrowed, as I scanned the night air... and still, nothing. Then suddenly, before I coudl even prepare myself... I heard a scream. Instantly I jerked to a stop, and heard it again. Turning my head to my right, I instantly recognized it coming from the alleyway which connected to the sewer system. I quickly darted around one of the large buildings in a road where little people traveled... and then darted into the alley there. And that was when I saw it.

The sight made me instantly call upon my hunter instincts. Like lightening, my hand whipped inside of my jacket until my fingers merely rubbed against the cold metal. I quickly whipped out my sleek, black gun and pointed at the figures in teh darkness which Icould pick out. there he was... the dirty, bloody insane freak Roland wiht his ugly arms around a human girl. She was screaming... and she looked like she had mistakeningly took the alleyway to get some where, because I could tell by her casual clothing she wasn't just some bum on the street. Roland had his teeth next to her throat, and it made me want to throw up. I quickly pointed the gun directly just to the side of his face and fired. Instantly the bullet missed him merely by inches, and plunged into a window beyond that, breaking glass. Roland jumped from the girl, dropping her to the ground as she collapsed in a heap. He whirled around to face me, his eyes dancing wild like an insominac... as he swaggered a bit.

" Get your blood thirsty lips away from that girl..." I growled, as the girl quickly scrambled away from him and then gazed at me. The sight of me... with the gun, in black, with my wild, untamed and rather odd Auburn hair, with my narrowing green eyes made her freak otu. She ran right passed me and I let her, keeping my eyes from Roland.

"Why... it seems to me like you missed! HEhe-" The man began to laugh, as I shook with rage.
"I didn't miss you fool, that was called a warning shot. If you were paying attention, I missed you on purpose. "

His eyes glazed over a bit, as he took a step towards me.
"Why was thaat?" He slyly slurred, as I quickly put my gun away. I took a step towards him, my black boot stepping in a puddle of water as I narrowed my eyes further. I quickly bent down and unsheathed the slim, cruel dagger in my boot.

"Because I want the pleasure of killing freaks like you by hand..."

I then heard some thing, and instantly recognized the aura to be that of my 'brother', Rudy. He leapt down from teh rooftops, and Myra came down also. They were on the oppisite side of Roland... and Rudy took his eyes to me, and then gazed at the window.

"Back away Vamps, this freak is my kill... we don't want psycho, wanna-be dampiels like him on the streets now do we?"

28th November 2002, 08:56 PM
ROLAND HUNT!!!! lol ^-^ Oh, but before I write anything, It would probably be best if I cleared something up.
Rudy brought to my attention a really important question I had just taken for granted: Is only one bite all it takes for a human to become changed. I answered him, but now that I think about it, that answer sucked. So Im gonna explain it a bit better.

Usually when a vampire bites a human, they either drink the human dry or bite the human, drink a little, and then keep the human for future snacks, much like humans milk cows. But for a human to become CHANGED, the vampire has to bite the human, drink some blood, and then kind of inject some blood back into the human. This way some of the vampire's DNA gets into the human's bloodstream and changes them. This is why vampires are reluctant to change a human--because the changed human essentually becomes part of the vampire's family. Skylar didnt know what he was doing, he drank some and then, out of the horror of drinking blood, tried to spit it out. So HE didnt do it on purpose. Oh, and the changed human isnt a dampiel. A dampiel is a result of the union between a vampire and a human, I dont think I have to get into that. -.-()
Well I hope that clears things up! ^-^ *smacks a ruler on her desk* Class dismissed!

----Father Farwell----
Wood Water Bar
I was deep in thought about what I was going to do about Roland (as I felt he was partly MY responsibility, I should have seen what kind of evil man he was!) as I walked into the bar----when I realised I had survived Roland's attack only to walk into something worse.
The bar was full of vampires.
"So, friend of yours?" One of the male vampires asked me and I turned to face him, my hand going instinctively to my cross. "N..no. He is----was---*sigh* He was a fellow priest, in The Church of the Guiding Light. I..." I frowned and, totally forgetting the fact that I was having a somewhat pleasant convosation with a VAMPIRE, I lowered my head in shame. "I shouldve known how evil he was.....he never seemed to care much about God, or anything else for that matter. He...there were rumors about how his family died...but he was so young when it happened that SURELY he COULDN'T have...."
Apparently the other male vampire had heard enough. He stepped past me and when out the door without saying a word. Two of the female vampires soon followed him. Staring after them I asked mostly to myself "Where are they going?"
The remaining vampire snorted. "To kill Roland of course. Why, right now he's probably drained at LEAST 5 people and killed more than that."
I turned to the vampire. "But if we can find a way to stop him then we need not kill.."
The vampire looked at me like I was stupid or a coward or both. "What are you saying? Killing him is the ONLY way..."
I only vaguely heard him. I was already flipping the pages of the Book of Vampires mentally, and I found what I needed. An item that would stop a vampire and render them motionless without harming them. "Maybe not..." I whispered to myself. "If you wish, come with me back to the church. I may have an idea..."
Introduction of first RPG item, coming soon! Anyone who hears what Father Farwell will say to Yuar (Im thinking maybe Koger ^-~) will know about it and thus try and get thier hands on it. Also info on it can spread through word of mouth, though I think most would want to keep it a secret (again the exception would probably be Koger lol) But Ill wait to explain what exactly the item is and what it does (and hopefully have a pic of it) until Bulbie posts ^-^

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City
I followed Rudy from rooftop to rooftop with a stern look on my face. That...that...girl... that was Rudy's dampiel 'sister' was following as well. I thought back on what had happened back at the bar. She had some nerve to imply things about me and Rudy's relationship like that when she didnt even know me. And even if Rudy and I WERE together, she still had no right to pry into our personal affairs.....
....What was I thinking?! Did I--- had I just implied to MYSELF that---What WAS I thinking?!?! It was absurd, ABSURD, to think that I would just fall for someone I barely knew, and a vampire HUNTER at that, and expect to have some sort of future together---
"Just dont listen to her. Both of us know it isnt true."
Both of us know it isnt true.....when he had said that I felt something inside me click. It seemed funny, WRONG even, that he should say something like that. As if I had wanted to argue with him.......
"No." I said, stopping suddenly. I would NOT go down that line of thinking. Youve pushed it far enough to TRUST him, why cant you just leave it at that.
Suddenly I felt something bump into me hard and rudely. "If you cant keep up, then run home, little girlie. Or do you need youre mate to carry you?" She said the last with a laugh as she leapt up ahead.
That. was. it. I felt my face grow hot, whether from anger or pure embarrassment I dont know. But I knew one thing for certain.

Rudy's sister or not, I knew I wasnt going to get along with her.
Eek! Practically seconds after I posted, I realised that, while I was writing that, Bulbie had posted before! So, we'll just say my Myra post happened before she decided to run on the ground. ^-^()

28th November 2002, 09:44 PM
OOC~ Nyoko's pic of the skitz (^-~) Amethyst is now up on the website. And Nyoko, NOT FAIR! Why do you have to be so good!? lol j/k Im jealous ^-~
Oh yeah and If Im still worthy ;) then Im gonna try and draw one of those scenes Rudy mentioned. So which ones are Bulbie and Nyoko doing? Ill do whichever one's left ^-^ Thisll be cool!

29th November 2002, 01:58 AM

The three vampires were all around me and one of them had made me lose my prey! I looked at my prey as it scrabbled away, I then looked behind me at the male vampire. "Oh? and what do you all want?" I asked with an evil grin on my bloody face. The male stepped closer, "We cant let you kill anymore...." he said. Then the female, with the silver hair, stepped in front of him. "You sicken me....You think you can become an aristocrat...just by becoming a vampire doesnt mean you will ever be as good as a true Vampire!" She almost yelled. "Enough chit-chat! Hes my kill! so back off...'brother'." The other female with the knif said. I got into a elegant pose, and said "Oh but i wasnt doing anything wrong! I need to eat too!" I looked at the silver haired one, "You know what i mean?.....Right!" I said in an innocent voice until i said 'right'. The silver haired one grew angry and almost attacked, but the other female stepped in. "Back...off!" she said.
I folded my arms and sat back and watched the little fight.

Liven Dinas

I was walking into a town called Wood water city. I put my hands behind my head,"Man...how the heck did i get out of that one. Getting out of Twig town, was the hardest i have ever been through. I remembered how it had started to rain right before the two vampires could attack me. I looked into the dark sky,"Thank you!" I whispered. I was now walking down a dirty allyway, i had been so deep in thought i hadnt noticed i went down. Just as i looked up I saw three vampires around this seemingly harmless man. "oh no...is he hurt?" i asked myself. I pushed aside my cape and grabbed my gun that i carried around. I pointed it right at the vampire with the knife, "Hold it Vampire! step away from that man!" I said cooly. The man looked over at me and smiled, "Oh! thank you!! I was afraid that these vampires would bite me!!" I walked about 7 feet towards the vampire, my gun still at her head. "Ok...now come here sir."I placed my hand out for him to take it. "Wait what are you doing! hes not a good guy!" the male vampire spoke.
Liven doesnt know what the heck is going on, she just asumed that the 3 vamps. are just out on a hunt.8)

29th November 2002, 02:57 AM

"I'm sorry," I thought to the shop owner, even though I knew that he would never be able to hear me. I just hoped that he would get it.

I had went into a weapons shop and stole...I had stole. First, it was no big deal, I had stolen before. I had stolen food, food that I need to survive. But now, I just stole...to get...revenge...I wanted to get Roland for everything he put me though, for everything he would be doing...

I looked in my hands, I had a pair of throwing knifes, a sword and hilt, and a bullet. "Stupid...you stole a bullet, but not a gun." I stuffed what I could in my pockets and I slung the sword from my arm onto my back. I dashed though the dark streets, looking for any sign of Father Roland. My pale face showed as I ran though the dark grafittied walls. This place looked familiar...


"Leave us alone!"

"Why should I, traitor. You married a human! You sicken us. You could have chosen one of your kind, but you picked a human instead. And you! Human! You don't deserve to live, marrying a vampire."

Two daggers flew from the vampires hands and struck the couple in the chest, fatally wounding them. A young boy was standing there, horrified by the sight of his parents being killed in such a violent way. The vampire took out a long scimitar and was about to slash straight down the middle of the boy.

"Now your turn runt..."

But he fell short and slammed the handle of the weapon into the boy's head, knocking him unconscious.

"Your not getting our son," gasped the woman, holding a pocket knife firmly in the vampire's side, wrenching it from side to side.

She yanked the knife from the vampire's side and he fell. She dropped the knife to the ground...

Master Rudy
30th November 2002, 01:35 AM
Myra and Gyvien aren't getting along eh?
*has an idea* :D

Rudy Summers
About 9 PM
I started to panic at the current situation. Whoever this hunter was it would seem that experience was not on her side if she couldn't tell that Roland was a vampire. As she put out her hand to grab his I shouted "Wait! What are you doing!?" However it was too late. Roland had already made a lunge for her making her drop her weapon in the process. He was trying to go for her neck but luckly she was able to keep him away. However all of us could see that this would only be a losing battle in the end. Without wasting a single moment I grabbed one of my daggers and tossed it right at him. It hit Roland in his right arm and he released his hold on her. I was about to see if the girl was ok when he shot me an angry glance. This manic seemed to be unfazed by the pain as he pulled my dagger out of his arm and tossed it right at my feet. Without taking my eyes off him I quickly grabbed it and put it away as he stared at me. I already didn't like the feeling I had around this guy but his calm voice as he spoke only served to disturb me even more. "That wasn't very nice kid. If you had wanted me to share my meal then all you had to do was ask."

At this point Roland drew his sword but I stood my ground without making a move. Crossing my arms I said "And what exactly gave you the idea I was looking for dinner? For your infomation I'm not like you at all." This seemed to take Roland by surprise. All he seemed to be able to do was laugh as he tried to speak. "Well then perhaps you haven't looked in the mirror as of late!" Once he had noticed what he just said Roland started to crack up even more. "Sorry about that kid. Anyway it would seem you haven't seen yourself so let me tell you what you look like. You've got pale skin and two fangs in your mouth. You know don't you? Those things you use to drain humans of their blood?" All I did was sigh over both his actions and what he was saying. Roland seemed to have some screws loose but I was pretty sure everyone here knew that unless his luck pulled a 180 that his chances of getting out of this one were pretty bad. "I must admit that you've got me there" I said still standing without making a single move yet. "Just don't make any mistakes about it. We may both be vampires but keep in mind that I will never be anything like you. You are a murderer Roland." All Roland did was growl and take a step toward me as he spoke. "People like you make me sick. I finally get away from that idiot Farwell and then as luck would have it I run into a vampire with the same ideas as him."

As he was talking I noticed a look on the girl's face that seemed to say she knew who Farwell was. Meanwhile Roland continued his rant. "It's sickening I tell you! If you mean to say that you have not once drank from a human then I would say you are lying. This is your world. Our world! Rather than make these mortals live in fear you choose to help them." Now he was starting to make me sick as well. "In case your brain has given out on you I don't think I need to remind you that you were one of those humans less than an hour ago." With a smirk I added "Then again it would seem as if you left your brain behind a long time ago." Suddenly without any warning Gyvien grabbed me and turned me around to face her. From the looks of it she didn't seem happy over how I was handling things. "Is this some kind of joke? For someone who claims to be my brother you don't seem to be using much common sense. Your reasoning with a goddamn madman! Rather than watch you waste our time I'm going to go ahead and finish the job that you can't seem to start!" Just as Gyvien was about to charge him Myra got in front of her. With her usual pissed off tone she shouted at her "What the hell are you doing!?" With a very calm voice Myra said "Every breath he takes is an insult to me and all other aristocrats. If anyone kills him then it's going to be by my hands." Gyvien just narrowed her eyes and said "Kill him with what? Your good looks? A charming personality? Last time I checked you didn't even have a weapon!" It seemed as if Myra was trying to use every bit of self control she had to keep herself from going after my sister instead of Roland. "Well it may not look like I have a weapon but I'll have you know that I am far from defenseless!" Gyvien just scoffed and said "I'll take your word for it but keep in mind that I said he was mine to kill and no one else's!"

Feeling the need to step in at this point I said "This really isn't the time or place." However it seemed like the two of them didn't even hear me. Just then my attention was drawn to the sounds of footsteps rushing right at us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Roland had his sword above his head and was about to bring it down on the two of them. It would have been quite simple to avoid it Myra and Gyvien were paying attention. "Look out!" I shouted at them as I rushed to make another save. I had managed to push both of them out of the way causing Roland to miss and run right between us. I made an attempt to turn around and draw my katana but he somehow managed to catch me off guard and shoved me right on top of them. As I tried to get up I noticed there weren't any footsteps on the street at all. More than likely he had taken to the rooftops in an attempt to get away. Wasting no time I got to my feet and helped both Myra and Gyvien up. However just before I could go after him I heard the sound of a gun being cocked near my ear. Turning I saw it was the hunter I had saved. "Going somewhere?" she asked me with a very serious look that told me running would be a good way to get my head blown off. Why am I not surprised? If it's not one thing then it's another I was thinking to myself. "I'm going to let your friend go for now. Besides there is more money in bringing in three vampires than one." She seemed very serious as she spoke to us. "I want to know how it is you three know Father Farwell. He's happens to be a friend of mine and if I find out that any of you so much as layed a finger on him then being shot will be the least of your problems." I remained polite as I started to explain to her the events of the night but I sliently cursed at myself. Roland was long gone by now and because of the three of us becoming careless more people were going to die......

*looks at Kalah and Asilynne*
R-Can't your characters just get along?
K&A-NO!!! :P
*both of them beat up Rudy for trying to get their characters to make up*
R-*beaten to a bloody pulp* No respect..... ~_~;

30th November 2002, 02:45 AM
(Wood Water City)

“Ah! That was a well needed meal”, I grind at the limp body at my feet. I was in luck to stumble upon the drunken bum in an alleyway. Now feed and in a better mood, I was of to find a little excitement! Just then a vampire dressed in priests clothing had jumped over head. He must have been the one vampire that I was over hearing conversations about. “Looks like my funs just about to begin!” I jumped up onto the roof and fallowed silently after him. As soon as I got close to him I drew my weapons. I knew he had sensed me fallowing him, but yet he kept running glancing back every once in a wile. I jumped up in to the air just as he glanced back, caching him of grad. I trusted my weapons down around his neck, then griping the handles tightly I pulled the interior blades close to his neck. “Don’t moves or you’ll lose your head, “father”” I laughed as I said the last part…

30th November 2002, 08:39 AM

I had finally got away from those stupid vampires, Why would they like cattle? I thought as i leaped over a small house. "No matter!" Just as I had finished my sentence there were two weapens around my neck. "Ah damn another vampire!" I whisper. I stood up and placed both of my hands out and said " Go...ahead....kill me! heehhe!!" I started to laugh evily as I gripped both the blades making blood rush out of my hands. The female vamp. tried to cut my head but i managed to quickly shove my hand into her shoulder. She dropped one of her weapens and held her wound. I took out my sword and stepped back alittle, "Oh my! Im so sorry!" I grinned as i talked. The female then noticed that i wasnt an ordinary priest. I took my sword and shoved it into her other shoulder,and kicked her out of my way. She stumbled down to the street, "be seeing you!" I walked into the darkness ready for any prey.

Liven Dinas

The male vampire was trying to politly straighten things out, my gun was still at his head. "Ahh Shut up!! And what happened to that priest I just saw!?" I was mad at all these vampires, Why didnt they just stay up in their own city! What ever happened about that? I asked myself. "Well, the man you just tried to save used to be in the same church as Farwell...but he went alittle insane over the whole thought of being a vampire..." the male stated. I looked into his eyes, "Take me to Farwell. I dont trust you vampires. You might have done something to him. " I said as i felt tears come to my eyes at the thought of my only friend I could ever trust being a vampire.

30th November 2002, 11:18 AM
(Wood Water City)

I fell down and hit the hard streets. “Damn him! Now he has made me mad!! DAMN HIM!!” I cursed. I was careless and he had gotten the better of me… I leapt up on to the roof and collected my weapons, then jumped drown again falling to the ground, hard. It hurt, and that damned vampire was going to pay for it!!! I got up and though off my cloak, then quickly fallowed him in to the shadows. I have to be quick or I may never catch up with him. I ran holding my weapons in on hand then and my wound with the other, I had to run faster or I would never catch up with him. I speed up my pace; tossing one of my thick, long purple breaded hair over my shoulder with a flick of my head. I stopped as soon as I saw him devouring his next victim in the safety of the shadows and holding onto another. I silently walked up to him, narrowing my cold red eyes at him. “I believe you owe me some things….” I said sharply and coldly.

30th November 2002, 02:22 PM

I awoke with a start. Strange...one moment, I was seeing things in my head, the next, I'm on the ground. What happened. I looked around and remembered my flashback. I fingered the knife in my pocket, the one that was so like the knife in that flashback. This was the alley...the alley...strange...that boy, he was on the ground, out cold, and I was just on the ground...could I have been that boy...could they have been my parents...no...no...I probably just saw that fight...

"What!" I turned around. I had heard a scream, female voice. I dashed off in that direction. I made my way around a corner and kept moving on.

When I rounded the next corner, I saw that group of vampires at the bar...with a gun aimed at their heads. It was a human...a human vampire hunter. They were walking toward me, probably going out. It looked like the human was forcing them somewhere.

"I think I should follow," I thought as I leaped up on the rooftops. "I can follow safely up here."

30th November 2002, 08:05 PM
Yuar Oro - Male - Vampire

My eyes widened at this Priest Father Farewell. Although he was a human, and most humans were fools... he seemed very smart. I respected that. I nodded slowly....
"I will go with you."

I cringed at the thought however... me, entering a church!?
"One thing though- keep crosses away from me. I can enter a church, but you better make sure those crosses stay a good ways away."
Father Farewell nodded, and we both exited the bar. I eyed the man slowly, and softly spoke.
" Just to let you know... I know that you probably aren't on good terms with Vampires. BUt let me tell you my name, my name is Yuar Oro. and-"
Father Farewell suddenly twitched his gaze to me..
"Yuar Oro? I've heard of you before... you were the one who ended the massacre of humans by two vampires about a year ago weren't you? At the city not too far from here?"
I nodded,
"Yes, I won't kill humans... not with out reason. I only kill to protect- that is all. And I want to make it clear to you, that I will not harm you... nor let anyone else harm you."

He nodded softly,
"I am surprised to find you in this city... no one has heard of the 'encounters' with Yuar Oro for quiet some time."
I smirked soflty,
"I've been training in the shadows."
"So it seems..."
We continued to walk, as I followed the priest...

(Just to let you know, Yuar Oro is pretty well-known for his human saves and his vampire-neutral stand points.)

Gyvien - F - Dampiel

"Excuse me, but I don't believe I should be following your orders." I stated blankly, as the human hunter turned her head sharply at me, but kept her gun at Rudy's head.
"Excuse me, but I'm the one here with teh gun at his head."
I narrowed my eyes, and crossed my arms.
" Go ahead, blow off his head- see if I care. It isn't any guilt on my shoulders... "
The human hunter gave me a strange look of confusion, and suddenly I reached into my pocket and pulled out my own sleek black gun and held it directly in her face.
Myra gave me a glance as if to get at me... but I gave her a look that told her I would shoot her if she tried anything.
" You see, I have a gun too. You can shoot him, but I will simply shoot your head off as well. Then, you see, I still live. But, if you so kindly put that gun away... I will withdraw mine."

The human hunter snarled at me,
"How do I know you won't just shoot my anyway?"
I laughed as I looked to Myra.
" Because, this female Vampire here hates my guts if you haven't been able to tell already. If I don't pull away my gun, she'll agree to use my own dagger to kill me."

With that I withdrew my beloved dagger- my favorite one... out of my boot, keeping the gun steady, and I threw it at Myra's feet. She quickly grabbed the dagger, and gave me a strange look.
" I trust she can throw a dagger properly... so here is the thing, you take away your gun, I'll take away mine. If you don't, I'll blow off your head- if I don't pull away my gun once you pull away yours, Myra will stick that sharp, pointy thing called a 'dagger' in my head. Besides, your precious 'Father Farewell' is probably back to wherever he goes because we left him alive at a bar."

I smirked...
"But there was another Vampire there.... I believe his name was Yuar... Yuar some thing, I don't recall his last name, if he has any."

30th November 2002, 10:07 PM
lol Poor Rudy, lets see, hes been stalked, knocked down, chased after, yelled at, threatened, embarrassed, made to deal with 2 vampire hunters being thrown in the window, stabbed, clubbed, bitten (eheh..sorry lol), yelled at yet again, tempted by a madman, attacked by said madman, caught in the middle of 'cat fight', gets gun pointed at him by sister, gets gun pointed at him by another dampiel hunter, gets caught in ANOTHER cat fight....and this is all within a few hours! What other foul things could be in store for Rudy? ^-~ Well whatever it is Im sure he can handle it!

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City (alleyway)
If you wouldve talked to me a couple moments ago, you wouldve said that me being pissed was an understatement.
That horrid little dampiel had embarrassed me earlier, but, as if that wasnt enough, she had even went so far as to try and take from me the right to slay 'Roland'. The hideous monstor whose very life, as unnatural as it was, was an insult to every self respecting vampire. And then she insulted me by saying I was defenseless, which for me was the last straw. It had taken all of my self control and more to keep from swiping that infuriating smirking head from her shoulders.
Then the second female Dampiel hunter came, and helped the monstor to get away. It seemed circumstances WANTED me to lose my cool, because after she let the monstor go she went and pointed her gun at Rudy! His 'sister' wasnt much of a help either, and said "Go ahead, blow off his head. See if I care...." This alone infuriated me as much as all that happened before and I gave her a look that told her when all this was over, she would pay the price.
But, it seemed unpredictability ran in Rudy's family because she then tossed her dagger at me, and basically gave me permission to kill her if she did not keep her word. The surprise of this act cooled most of the anger I had felt and I just looked at the dagger, then at her. I didnt need it, if I had to kill her I could just do it with my built in weapon, but the symbolism of the knife astounded me. She was in essence putting her life in my hands, and even though I still didn't like her, that was something I had to respect. Something an aristocrat would've done.

The Dampiel stranger studied Rudy's sister carefully, and then darted her gaze to meand then to Rudy. She narrowed her eyes and made like she was about to pull the trigger. Her gun was inches from his head, and her hand was steady. If she wanted him dead, then there was no way he could escape.
But, I wouldnt let that happen. I walked slowly and purposefully towards the stranger, looking her straight in the eyes with an intense gaze the entire time. She watched me suspiciously, and nosed the gun up so it was against his cheek. I got to where my face was inches from hers. "Put. The gun. Down." I had had a bad day and I was NOT under any circumstances going to add the death of a fellow aristocrat to the list. I figured by doing this she would be less likely to shoot Rudy. Or, she might even turn the gun from Rudy to me. Either way I would win.
She looked at me for a minute, then grinned and pulled out a second gun from a holster on her hip that I hadnt seen. "I have a better idea, " she said, leveling her second gun right in my face. "How about YOU back off..."
This wasn't good. Everyone was pointing guns at everyone else and it didn't look like we could FIGHT our way out of this one. I glanced at Rudy. "Well," I said sarcasically, tossing my hair in a somewhat annoyed manner. "Why don't you try to talk your way out of THIS, it might actually work this time...."
He sighed and leveled his troubled gaze at the Dampiel stranger. I wondered what he could possibly do to help the situation, but hoped that he would do something soon.
Being killed by a Dampiel would be a bad end to a bad night.
Ohhhhhhhh!!! Showdown! lol I am SO going to draw that!
Oh and I refered to Liven Dinas as a dampiel because she is one, her father was the dampiel D after all. ^-^ Well, Rudy, I think the ball's in your court now, good luck! ^.~

1st December 2002, 03:01 AM
Ok, item time! Now you guys will find out what I meant when I mentioned it before. ^-^
----Father Farwell----
Wood Water City (Church of the Guiding Light)
I and the famous Yuar Oro had reached the Church and had gone inside. I made sure to steer him clear of the many crucifixes on the walls, until we got to my office. My papers were everywhere and the gold crucifix I had been threatened with was horribly misfigured, and was laying right below a large hole in the wall. I sighed. Roland mustve been furious when I had gotten away and just went mad right there in my office. For the second time that night I chided myself for not seeing his obvious evil before. Maybe had I known I couldve stopped him....
Well, I may still have the chance.
Going into one of my drawers I pulled out a big, old looking leatherbound book. The title read Book of Vampires.
"Here it is," I said and opened it up to the table of contents. I turned to the 'Weaknesses' page and came to the thing I was looking for; an item called the Vampiric Inscense. "Look," I turned the book so Yuar and I could both read:

Vampiric Inscense
The Vampiric Inscense is an item which, when swung through the air in the general vicinity of one who has vampiric blood flowing through his veins, will instantly and unconditionally render the vampire in a state of complete paralysis. This will last until the bearer of the inscense leaves, or until the vampiric victim is paralysed so he can no longer breathe.
"Well, that sounds pretty nasty..." Yuar said, frowning at the book. "Well, yes, but hopefully it wont come down to us having to kill him." I said, placing one hand inside the book and staring at the title hopefully.
I went back to reading:
The origin of the inscense is the ancient aristocrat-ruled City of Three Stars, where it was forged by the son of a Vampire Hunter in the year 9,002.
"The City of Three Stars...thats about 20 miles west of Wood Water City. But, why didnt I know about this?" Yuar asked, as I shut the book. "I think probably because hardly anyone knows about it, it was hidden there over a thousand years ago. Plus, humans probably kept it a secret. Imagine how a vampire hunter would feel if the vampires knew about it and took it. They would have nothing to fall back on.."
Yuar thought about this. "So...then why are you telling me about it? I could easily steal it now so no one could use it against me."
I smiled wearily. "I know trusting people has gotten me in quite a bit of trouble lately. But we both want to stop Roland, before anyone else gets hurt. And since he is partly my responsibility then I will take a chance and trust again. I believe that the Lord will take care of me, and you have already said you would not harm me. So, will you help me?"
I looked at him quietly as he thought it over. I knew that, at least on foot, it would take quite a while to get to the City of Three Stars, and during that time Roland could do quite a bit of damage. But if there was a chance that we could stop him without killing him then I had to take it. Because though he seemed like evil itself I knew he was still one of God's children.
Thou shalt not kill.
Ok let me explain the pic. I couldnt get a good one, but it shows the mutant Rei holding what looks like a ball of light. Thats the light that the inscense makes when its swung near a vampire. What it really looks like is what looks like a dipper but with a candle inside. You can see that D's not too happy about that light going to paralyse him ^.~
If you have any questions then dont hesitate to ask. I wanna make sure I didnt leave any holes in my explanation ^-^()

1st December 2002, 01:28 PM
Yuar Oro - (M) - Vampire

I thought softly... if this relic was real, which I certainly believed it was, it would be horrible to have it fall in some one else's hands. Plus, if this Father Farewell was so intune to not hurting Roland... then I suppose this would be the only way. And if it didn't work... well, then I suppose the only other option was to kill him.
"Yeah, I'll go with you to find it and help you. Besides... if your going to go to that city, you'll probably need some protection. I hear human hunters have a hard time giving up things- and if you plan on taking their item, they might not like it."
Father Farewell nodded as he glanced at me wearily,
"It will be dangerous for you as well- if they find out you're a vampire, reguardless of who your are or not. They don't ask for names of Vampires... "

I rolled my shoulders a bit and nodded.
"I understand, but I'm still going."
Father Farewell nodded, adn tucking the book underneath his arm we began to walk out of teh church..

Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel

A smirked rose from my face, as the other hunter now thrusted her gun at Myra. I was tempted to pull my gun away... but my respect and better judgement told me not too.
"Yes indeed... talk."
I spoke, as my gun still was at the other hunter's head.
"I don't know about you hunter, but I'm a Dampiel hunter as well... and what I said a few minutes ago, still stands.."

1st December 2002, 04:59 PM
Liven Dinas

I looked at the male vampires face, he was glancing over at my gun which was shoved on his cheek. I didnt move, i wasnt going to trust these vampires no matter what happens. Anyway how do these vamps. know Farwell? Why would they even care about a priest...their the living dead!..... Just then the male vampire started to talk, trying to reasure me, but i wasnt listening. I kept watching the female with the gun to my head. Would she really shot me?.....yes... crap! all these thoughts flooded my head, i felt dizzy and almost dropped my gun that was pointing at both the male & female. This isnt going to end well!!


"I owe you something? Oh no! Im in troble, now am I?" I said then bit my prey spraying blood on the female. "Would you like some my friend?" I took the live prey and shoved him towards her, she dodged him, and walked closer. The man ran off into the street. "Aw...now look what you made me do! Now I must capture my prey again!!" I finished the limp girl i was eating. I got up and licked my lips, then walked over to the female, taking out my sword I said "Fine shall we dance!?" I grinned showing my bloody fangs, then started to laugh almost uncontrollably.
Man this was one of my shortest! Oh well. be back next weekend! 8)

1st December 2002, 05:23 PM
I hope you don't mind if I post this... ^^; If you guys don't like this, just tell me. I thought this would be a good opportunity for my character to seperate for a little bit to give a kewel plot twist. Rudy, if you see me on MSN messenger I wanna talk to you. I have an idea for Gyvien and how she could gain more trust with ur char. ^^

Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel

I breathed softly, as I stared sternly at this dampiel hunter pointing a gun at now both Myra and Rudy. Rudy kept talking... trying to reason with her, but the hunter kept shaking her head back and forth. She wasn't going to listen... no matter what.
I kept my gun steady at her head, she knew tha tI would blow off her head if she pulled that trigger. The more Rudy talked however... the more the hunter seemed distressed, more unclear in her thinking... or perhaps thinking too much. But I saw it... I saw my opportunity.

The hunter's grip on her gun was loosening, she was aiming a bit lower now... she wasn't paying attention to her grip..
F*ck it all, I'm going for it.
I thought, and quickly I made a motion. Keeping my gun in my right hand, I suddenly took my left and with a quick, lightening movement and swung it downwards at the hunter's gun. Before she could realize, it was too late and my hand and knocked the gun out of hers, to the ground... the hunter gave a cry, and lunged for her gun but all to quickly I brought forth my own body to get in the way of hers and picked her gun off the ground.

I quickly stood straihgt, and now held both guns in my hand as I leapt away from her. The hunter's eyes were wide... as she breathed heavily... staring at me. Rudy gave a shout, as Myra watched. I smirked and t hen pointed my gun at the hunter.
" Gyvien no! You promise if she didn't shoot us that you wouldn't hurt her!" Rudy protested, but I snapped a sharp look at him.
"I said if she put away her gun Iwouldn't, I had to steal it from her. I didn't say if she didn't shoot you I wouldn't hurt her."

Rudy looked slightly confused, but Myra looked infuriated.
" Look, we don't need to kill her...-"
I sighed as Rudy took a step towards me.
"Gyvien don't-"
"Shut the f*ck up, both of you. You make me sick... no wonder so many try to kill you. You let them get away. Fine, you don't want me to kill her? I won't."
I took the hunter's gun and threw it at her feet.
"Besides, your a dampiel aren't you?"
The hunter slowly nodded as she grabbed her gun.
" Well then, I wouldn't kill you. Not unless you pointed the gun at my head. But let me tell you this- I'm a Dampiel too. Not a Vampire."

Rudy was about to speak agian, but I put away my gun and went face to face with Myra. She still held my dagger, but Iquickly grabbed it out of her hand. I then turned my back at them, and shook myhead.
" Go, do whatever. Go kill ROland... or try too. Go get killed. Go save the world. Whatever your f*cked up plans are, I don't want any thing to do with them."
I whirled around and glared at RUdy.
" We may have some blood ties, but you will never truely be my brother. I will never accept of all people, you, to that title."

With that I suddenly leapt upwards, and went upon the roof. With in an instant, I disappeared into the shadows to do my own biddings in the dark..

1st December 2002, 09:34 PM
(Wood Water City)

He had bit the man spraying blood, hitting me. I felt my self growing hungry again. The man ran off as I stepped close to him. He drew his weapon, “Fine shall we dance!?" he asked me. I licked the blood of the side of my lip. “Come on now, you treat me like one of those sentimental vampires who refuse to eat the swine!!” I laughed at him “Well, a dance sounds like great fun!” I said with an evil grin. I though my clock to the ground and drew my ring shaped weapons from my side.
I thing there is a tie of insanity between those two oO...

Master Rudy
1st December 2002, 10:51 PM
Rudy Summers
9:20 PM
That tense standoff had taken a bit longer than I was hoping it would but unlike the first one I had been in that night this one ended without a problem. As I watched Gyvien jump to the roofs and away from the area Myra looked at me and said "Sorry if this offends you Rudy but honestly I think your sister is a real b*tch." With a sigh I told her "I can see why you would say that Myra. However I think all she really needs is time. She knows she can't change who she is. As much as she would like to ignore the fact that I even exist I know that I'm more than likely on her mind. Hell I don't even blame her for acting that way. She was hit with that info all at once and must still be trying to sort it all out." Myra nodded seeming to agree with me but she said "Well in any case I can tell that the two of us all not going to get along. I just want you to keep in mind that if she goes ahead and starts something I'm going to make damn well sure that I finish it." As much as I didn't want to hear something like that I nodded. However I made sure Myra knew I wasn't going to let anything happen to her. "I won't stand in the way if you get into a fight with her but if it comes down to the point where her life is on the line I will not hesitate to help her out." Myra didn't seem to like the idea of fighting with me but she didn't have to worry about it. "Of course the same holds true for her as well. If Gyvien tries to pull a fast one then she will regret it. I don't even want to think about you getting hurt."

Once I was done talking Myra looked at me as if she was confused at what I just said. Even I wasn't sure what the hell I said! I knew what I was trying to say. I was trying to tell her that if she and my sister fought that I would stop it only if I felt that one of them was in danger of getting killed. However the way I said it made it seem like I was saying 'I will help Gyvien if you attack her but if she so much as lays a finger on you it's not going to be pretty.' There was quite a big difference between what I did say and was I was meaning to say. I wasn't too sure what to say now. Myra also seemed speechless over it. However neither of us needed to think about it much longer. "Excuse me but I'm still rather concerned over my friend Father Farwell. Don't be surprised to see my guns against your undead faces again if the two of you lovebirds don't get moving here soon!" I didn't say a word but I found it a bit odd that everyone we were running into seemed to think we were a couple. Myra seemed a bit steamed over it but unlike with Gyvien she was much more calm with this hunter. "I don't know where everyone is getting the idea that we are in love with each other but we are not. We only met tonight." The hunter seemed a little surprised and said in a polite voice "I'm so sorry about that. It just seemed like you were from some of the things that were said." With a slight smile that revealed the tips of her fangs Myra said "Well at least you've got a little more respect than his sister miss...."

However the smile only seemed to make her more nervous. Trying to reassure her I said "Look you don't have to worry about us at all. I'm a hunter myself." She just put her hands on her hips and said "Well I still don't trust you. You can earn it by bringing me to Farwell and showing he is unhurt. And just so you know the name is Liven Dinas." Nodding I introduced myself yet again "I'm Rudy Summers and my friend here is Myra Link." For a moment Liven looked as if she knew who Myra was when I said her name. "Link you say? Why does that sound familar?" Myra didn't seem to have any idea where she heard the name. However rather than stick around I said "Well we've wasted enough time here. We need to get back to Farwell." Thinking for a moment I added "With everything that has happened he would be foolish to have stayed at the bar." As much as I hated the idea I had a feeling we would find him at his church. Looking at Liven I said to her "Care to lead the way?"

2nd December 2002, 08:47 PM
Gyvien - (F) - Dampiel


I walked on the rooftop and gazed at the night sky. The stars were twinkling... and they were strangely beautiful, as the clouds some times left patches in the night sky. I sighed, the stars were laughing at me.
you are a hunter... a hunter cursed with the blood of a vampire. you are a dampiel...
My mind told me, trying to reason with my own thoughts.

Rudy... why did he have to come now? Why did he have to tell me those things? I knew they had to be true... but still, I didn't want to accept it. I had a brother... a vampiric brother. Indeed, I would have thought my brother to be ruthless, cold... a monster, but he was the oppisite. He was kind, reasonable... not even seemingly meant to be a vampire. It would be so easy to have killed him if he were to be as I had pictured... a true monster. But Rudy was not... That female he was with seemed to have more killing in her then he did. She obviously was infactuated with Rudy... and he in her. It sort irked me... and it made me amused to see them both get slightly aggitated when I mentioned something about it. Yet, both of them seemed reasonable... though the female stuck her nose where it didn't belong. Yet... still, they both were not as I had pictured anyone of relation to me to be.

I sighed as I leaned against a bar upon one of the rooftops, and slowly I slipped my dagger out of my boots. It gleamed in the light... as I studied it carefully. Sighing, my mind still wandered.

I am probably seemingly more of a monster then he is... I sighed, shaking my head. I had made such an impression... but they had struck me off guard. I had always been taught to always be on my guard... to never let your enemy strike you off guard. Yet they did it... he did it, and it made me furious. I had trained all my life... ever since I was abandoned, to be rock hard. Ever since it seemed every living,dirty creature on the streets took advantage of me... I vowed to become a blank. I vowed to not let any one touch me again... physically or emotionally. Over the years... I had killed many vampires, all blood-thirsty and ruthless.
Those two probably think I kill with out reason... they probably think I'm a murderer.
This night I didn't act like myself... I had become irrational with the drunkeness of the news.

"Still... " I thought, growling as I put the dagger back in my boot.
"He is not my brother, not in my heart."

I gazed over the edge of the roof, and saw that a large park was near. Many trees were in it... enough to take a nice, long decent stroll with out worry of humans- unless humans were abnormal to take walks this late. I gracefully leapt over the bar and off the rooftop, and landed like a cat on the street. I shifted my jacket, as I walked towards the park area. Entering I some how felt at piece to be in the night... in teh forest...
I grew up ..-
I was about to think some more, but stopped myself. Why journey down the horrors of memory lane? Why torture myself further?
I sighed and continued to walk deeper into this thick park... gazing at teh small stream which ran through it, and looking at the large, thick sturdy branches of the trees. I cracked a smile...night had it's own ways of presenting such beauty.

" ... Gyvien... "
My name whispers in the trees as the wind suddenly blew. I whirled around, instantly unsheathing my dagger as I felt a prickling sensation at the back of my neck. Was that a voice? Or just the wind?
"Gyvien... I knew you'd come here. I was waiting."
That was not the wind... and I whirled around again this time, to see a figure hiding behind a tree. I narrowed my eyes, getting into a defensive position as I made my dagger seen.
"Show yourself coward... don't hide in the shadows!"

I heard things shifting around me... as my e yes darted about, and the figure stepped forward. A smile was sketched on this 'things' face... as his dark, brown hair gently traced over his icy, coal-black eyes. His skin was pale, and he wore black completely. He made himself seen, as he grinned insanely.
" Why would I hide in the shadows? I have no reason to fear you..."
I gritted my teeth. He tried to strike at my pride... try to strip my hunter's confidence. IT would nto work though... this was a vampire, I could smell the stentch reeking off from him. I growled softly... as he suddenly cackled and waved his hand in the air.

Before I could muster a movement, suddenly a blade was at my throat, and I heard the clicking of a gun. Turning my eyes a bit, I saw another vampire... looking exactly the same as the main figure, except with blonde hair and a more wirey build. He held the dagger at my throat... as another man pointed a gun at my head. All three were Vampires...
The main figure stepped forward, still cackling.
" You see Gyvien, I have been waiting. A skilled hunter you are... but I think you are no match for three vampires, armed with a gun, a blade and teeth." I twitched at my toes, so itching to lunge at this vamp. He only smirked, as he circled around my paralyzed pose..

"You see, you killed my brother dear Gyvien. His name was Ruthar, he was a very great Vampire... and had many followers. But yet, you killed him..."
Narrowing his eyes, he suddenly pushed his lips to my ear and whispered.
" He was my brother... and I will avenge him. I have been following you... and waited. Now, I am ready to take you down..."
He grinned as he eyed the gun, but slowly he took out his own.
"I could kill you with a single bullet to the head... but that would be too easy. No, I want you to live- truely I do Gyvi-"
"You f*ck'n dirty rat! Like h*ll you do!" I spat at him, spitting on his face. I felt the dagger's blade at the edge of my throat, as the man merely laughed.
" No, I do... but only if you give me some information. I know very well you are one of the resistance... and I know you know where many of the other dampiels and humans who are apart of it as well are hidden... exchange that, and perhaps I will give you your life."
I narrowed my eyes.
He shook his head, taking his gun and pointing at my head.
" This would be too easy... we'll see how willing you are to keep your secrets once we're done with you."
With that, he swung the gun at my temple with such a force I was instantly seeing black...

(No one find Gyvien yet. You can 'sense' bad things... and maybe start heading over, but don't find her until I post again. ^^; Me gots an idea.)

7th December 2002, 01:37 AM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~

Well, we weren't dead.
Somehow, for some reason, she hadnt decided to kill us, even though Rudy's sister had flown the coup. Before she left, however, she had basically disowned Rudy. In a VERY harsh manner, I might add.
I glanced over at him as we followed the dampiel hunter whose name was Liven towards where her human friend. That mustve hurt him a great deal, his only living family shunning him like that... Suddenly I remembered MY family. I remembered how kind and gentle my father was, and I remembered my mother's strong will and quiet determination. I saw again the look on their faces when I---
With a jolt I realised what I was remembering. No. Such things were in the past, and I would not dredge them up to torture myself with. I couldnt do anything about my family, my family was dead. I'd just have to live with my choices.
But Rudy...his family was taken from him. And when he found what was his light of hope, his sister, she treated him like he was just another one of those vampires she makes her victims every night. She dashed his hopes for salvaging what was left of his family and left him.
I could do nothing about my family, but Rudy's still had hope. I wasn't going to sit back and watch while another's family fell apart.
And I most DEFINATELY wasn't going to let that dampiel think she had won our little skirmish.
I must've been staring at Rudy for a while with a less-than-cheerful look on my face because he suddenly said: "Im...sorry about everyone misunderstanding our relationship. I dont know why everyone we meet has been assuming things, but I assure you---"
Surprised for only a short moment, I cut him off. "No, its not that, I've just...been thinking. About your sister. That wasn't right of her to do that and I wanted you to know Im sorry, and that I...."
I what? What could I do? I shook my head and looked away. And anyway, why did I care so much...
He seemed to have an idea of what I was trying to say despite the fact that I didnt. "I see. ....Thank you..." I glanced at him and saw a look of thoughtful wonder on his face. I just nodded and turned back to looking up ahead at the approaching church. Great, as if we needed to get all sentimental right now...

Even so, I hoped Rudy felt better now. For some reason, I felt that there was something....something that defied all logic that drew me to him. I dont know why or how, but I knew that if it came down to having to go through Rudy to take on his sister, I might not be able to.
And that was a damn unconfortable feeling.
Allowing myself one more suspicious glance at Rudy, I took flight and went on ahead. "Come on, we don't have all night!"
I knew that before this night was through something bad was going to happen. I sighed.
Earth was not like I had imagined at all.
Ok, as I understand it, theres going to be a plan carried out so I'll just leave it to those people ^-~

7th December 2002, 08:16 PM

The female Vampire took out her weapon waiting for my move. She grinned showing her pointy teeth, I also grinned back. "Well now, lets g....o! " I pranced around her back and lifted my sword. She whirled around, her long hair almost hitting me. Our weapons met making sparks fly and glitter in the darkness. "Ahah well this is fun!" I laughed as i lifted my sword once again, this time getting her hand. I waltsed about two steps back and put my sword down. "I bet i could beat you without a weapon!" I grinned with only one tooth sticking out. The female seemed to have changed her emotion very quickly, she charged at me with her weapon and slashed both my legs. My knees gave out and i fell down. I sat there on the cold street, and started to laugh. "Heh...What fun! what fun!! but i grow bored.....anyway." I rised to my feet, abit unsteady. "I need to pay a couple of friends a visit! " I jumped on to the roof, and bowed. I did a slight solut, and ran away.

Liven Dinas

I was leading the two undead creatures, to Farwell's church. I still didnt trust them both, it was strange....the male er um Rudy, wasnt like most vampires i have seen. Most of them were murderous creatures who only cared about their next meal. I glanced back at them both, Rudy looked at me and i quickly turned away. Man i just hope I get to the church alive...and not in a coffin! Just as I had thought that i saw the church lights. I had to keep myself from running towards the church to see my friend. "Well....here we are..." I turned and grabbed Rudy by the scruf of the neck. " FATHER FARWELL HAD BETTER BE IN THERE OR SOMEONE IS GETTING HURT!" I shoved him at Mira and started for the church.

8th December 2002, 01:15 PM
Might as well continue some more... Yuar can't post, but Gyvien can.

Oh, and I don't know how bad this post will be... I'm sorta tired- but it has some blood in it. Just to warn you.

Gyvien - F - Dampiel

Blurry night... no, blurry vision.
I opened my eyes but every thing was blurry... every thing was mixed up and I couldn't focus. After blinking several times, my vision instantly sharpened but every thing was dark adn black.

"Look... she's finally awake."

After a few more seconds, my night vision kicked in and instantly I saw a face in front of me. I jerked my hand forward but found that it wouldn't come... it was bound. The face in front of me laughed, and I recognized it to be that... that guy- the one whose brother vampire I had killed. His two other helpers were standing farther off, not really paying attention to anything but just sitting there.

"Before I get what I want from you, let me introduce myself. The name is Oyar. A Vampire of your nightmares you pathetic Dampeil.."

I narrowed my eyes, feeling slightly sick to my stomach and weak, but I had enough spite in me.
"Does that mean your brother was worse then pathetic? Since I did kill him almost effortlessly.." I spat, and Oyar narrowed his eyes.

"You are not in position to sass me young Dampiel... because as you can notice, you can't move."

I gazed about, and saw indeed I was not able to move. My body was bound... to a large, thick tree trunk. My hands were tied above my head, but they were apart on oppisite sides above my head. My wrists were held by thick chains of silver, embedded deep into the trunk. My ankles were also tied with chains embedded into the bark, apart from each other... I was tied so that my body was almost stretched as far as it could go, and my back ached from teh pain. My leather jacket was stripped from me... so that I saw it was upon the ground aways. Nothing but my black, short skirt and my abdomin-exposing sleeveless shirt was on. My neck was also tied to the tree however, almost as if a collar was around my neck of chains... making my head unable to move forward and the oxygen supply to my brain limited. I noticed that my boots had also been stripped from me, so my bare feet shown.

Oyar grinned as he saw on my face, that I realized he had stripped me of some of my clothing, and of my pride. I swallowed hard as the chains clinked around my neck as I did so.

"So Dampiel... I will ask you questions- you will answer them. If you are a good little half blood, I will happily let you go."
"Liar..." I spat, and he simply shrugged.
" You will see."

With that he walked up to me, and touched my shoulder with a ginger hand as he made his face extremely close to mind. He trailed his hand from my shoulder, to my neck as he played with the chains around it. He grinned... exposing his teeth as he whispered- too close to comfort for I felt extremely violated by him being near.

" Now... what organization are you apart of, dear Gyvien."
I growled, spitting in his face as I spoke.
" The get-the-h*ll-away-from-me organization!"
He took a step back, narrowing his eyes as he whiped off the spit. He then shook his head as he walked to where my jacket and boots were, and slowly took out my... my cruel weapon, my best and hand-carved dagger. He gazed at it as it shimmered in what ever little light was in this park.. and then looked at me.
" You will pay for every incorrect or foolish answer... and what better way to recieve punishment, then by your own weapon to be covered in your own blood?"

He then took the blade and walked to me, as I tried to make myself loose from the tree... but it was hopeless, they had bound me well and I was weak to begin with. His teeth gleamed as he smiled, and took the blade and pressed it to my right shoulder- the top. He then slowly pressed the blade into my skin harder, as it pierced the fine tissue like a butterknife.. and then he drew a line from the top of my shoulder, down over my collar bone and then curled outward again until it reached my outer side parrelel to my colar bone. He withdrew the blade however, so it did not cut upwards to my arm. I felt the pain... and how deep he drew the line, but I would not cry out in pain nor would I tear for him.

" Beautiful blood..." he whispered, as he took the blade and held it.
"Smells sweet... you are lucky I have a great will power to hold my thirst. Now I ask you Gyvien... tell me about your organization.. I know it belongs to you dampiels, tell me more.."
"Never you ugly little-"

He suddenly took the blade and slashed it against my exposed abdomin, deep, swift and sharply. I winced as the pain seered all around... my shoulder already aching from being gashed and bound to a tree. Blood oozed from my abdomin, as it dripped down my stomach to my skirt, staining it. I kept my icy glare on Oyar however... refusing to cry out.

He smiled, as he brought my blade to his lips, and he playfully stuck out his tongue and licked the blood.
"Tasteful... I can see you won't tell. Your foolish mind thinks if you don't tell... I will never find out. Well there are many more dampiels who won't be as strong or stubborn as you... and they will tell. Then everyone will know and I can boast about how you died for nothing..."

He then took the blade and cut my several more times. He gashed my right arm to match my shoulder, he slashed my left hand across the top. Another cut upon my lower ribs... and many more around my arms and stomach, and even a small, not too deep one about my neck. He did not touch my legs however... nor my face.
"Your face is far to fair to be tainted... but your legs... "
He took the blade of my dagger and suddenly slashed the front of my left leg. I bit my tongue... the muscle was far more in mass in my legs, and there fore it hurt far worse to be struck where there was more muscle. My whole body ached... and I was wet with dripping blood. Every time he gashed me he would taunt me by licking the blade... and every time he would smile a bloody smile. I could have puked... if I had ate recently.

"You will... d-die.." I gasped, feeling the oxygen level going down, and I knew if this continued any more I would bleed to death... I already was bleeding too much.
"Die? From what?" He laughed.
" No one will even remember you... you will be a mere memory. No one is here to save you... and no one will ever know I did anything."

He then took the dagger and suddenly he slashed over the exact same gash that he cut across my left leg- but this time he dug even deeper. That was the last straw...
I was bleeding, I was wozy... I was in severe pain and I had been stripped of my pride and dignity. I was bleeding... a dampiel hunter bleeding and harmless to a vampire. He had licked a hunter's blood... and that was the ultimate insult.
I had nothing more to live for... nothing more to gain.

As he restruck the gash across my left leg... I did the only thing possible, the only human...

I screamed... for the pain of my memories, for how I was abandoned, for how I was treated as a child, how I was tainted, how I was raised... how I was hurt. I screamed for my past, my pain, my present, and... for my brother. IT wasn't just the pain that made me scream.. it wasn't just the circumstances... it was everything.

I screamed the most agonizing, blood-curdling scream I could muster...

(^^ Alrighty... if anyone wants, they can interfere. lol)

8th December 2002, 10:01 PM
Sorry.. X.X; I should have been more clear-

I really only want Rudy or Asilynne to interfere based on plot purposes. ^^; so could you edit your post? I am so sorry... I shouldn't have said anyone, because really I was meaning those two. Plus, the 'ring leader' is much tougher then taking him down with one shot... ^^;;;

Sorry again..

Master Rudy
8th December 2002, 10:20 PM
WARNING-Long post plus some blood/gore and some bad language ahead! Also I had a wild idea about the NPC vamp that Kalah had in her post that could make a pretty good side story IMO so expect to see him one or two more times ^_~

Rudy Summers
As we made our way to Farwell's church I started to get a strange feeling that something was not right. However I just shook it off for the time being. With everything that had happened so far it was shaping up to be a very long night. Whatever was bothering me I just shook it off as being jumpy or on edge. On the way it seemed as if Liven was quiet for the most part. I had the feeling that she didn't quite trust us but I kept my mouth shut. This wasn't the first time that such a thing was happening but by this point I was use to it. Not being trusted was something that happened to me each and every day. It didn't happen often but it was things like that which sometimes caused me to start thinking about my life. Why was it that people such as myself and my father were vampires? Looking at what we were we should have been killing humans left and right and yet we had decided to protect those that hate us instead. For the most part I tried not to think about it too much. I never hated what I was but the question always seemed to come up at times. How is it that someone that had the power to be a ruthless killer could turn out to be so peaceful?

These thoughts were pushed out of my head as I talked to Myra about Gyvien. I had finally found her and yet I had been rejected as if I was an animal. Was it because of what I was? Did she fear me for some reason? In any case it really didn't bother me too much knowing that she hated me. As much as I didn't want to believe it I had the feeling something like this would happen long before I had even met her. Yet somehow I still felt a bit hopeful about the situation. For all I know I would have done the same thing had I been in her spot and then suddenly learned I had a family member that was the very thing I had devoted my life to destroying. I figured that time was all she would need. Even if it turned out that she would never accept me I was going to make it a point to keep an eye on her. I was going to protect her even if I had to give my life to do so.

Little did I know I would be doing just that very shortly.

When we arrived at the church Liven had grabbed me and made it quite clear that there would be hell to pay if Farwell was not here. All I did was reassure her that he was. "Like I said before I highly doubt he would stay at that bar after what had happened there. This is the only place I can think of that he would go to." She didn't say anything that showed she was convinced. Instead she had decided to let us know that she didn't want us anywhere near Farwell. "I'll go in alone for now but don't you dare let me see either of you inside." All Myra could do was chuckle and ask "Do you honestly think either of us would walk inside a place like this?" Liven was about to answer but I beat her to it. "I'd go in as long as I knew no one was going to put a cross right in my face. However if Liven doesn't want me inside then I'm going to respect her wishes." Both of them seemed somewhat surprised that I would go inside but neither of them said anything. Without a word Liven walked inside as me and Myra stayed out front. Both of us just went ahead and sat down on the stairs near the door as we waited. As we sat there I started to think about things that had happened over the course of the night. There were some things on my mind and I felt I couldn't deny what I was thinking about any longer. However the real question was what Myra would think. Taking a deep breath I knew I couldn't put it off any longer. There was something I had to tell her and I knew that even if she hated me or didn't like what I was about to tell her that I had to get it off my chest.

Looking over at her the first thing I did was simply get her attention. "Myra?" was all that I could get out. I was nervous as hell about this whole thing as she looked back. "What is it Rudy?" she had asked me. She seemed to be studying the way I looked and seemed to know I had something on my mind. Taking one more deep breath I figured the best way to say this would be just to get to the point. Looking her right in the eyes I said "Well I've been thinking about things that have happened tonight and I've got a lot on my mind. While I'm not 100% sure about the outcome of each and every single thing I've witnessed tonight there is one thing I can easily conclude Myra." As I spoke it seemed as if she already knew what was coming but I wanted to say it for myself. "Myra.....I lo...."

Sadly I wasn't going to get the chance to finish.

The feeling that something was seriously wrong returned but this time there were three quick images to go along with it. First off I could clearly see Gyvien as a hostage. It looked as if she was in a park not too far from where we were now. Next was the image of her chained up. She had cuts all over her body and was chained up. Finally I saw something that I never even wanted to see again. I couldn't see who it was attacking her but I could clearly see that this person was using her own dagger against her. From the looks of it she was already very weak and it was likely she was going to die. However this person was not satisfied with this. With no warning at all they had suddenly thrust the dagger into her neck and killed her. After the images had gone away I saw Myra once again with a worried expression on her face. "What's wrong Rudy?" she had asked me. Standing up I said "It's Gyvien. I don't know how but I just know she is in trouble." I decided to leave out the images for now because the last thing I wanted was make Myra think I was totally nuts and had lost it. Hell even I had no idea what the hell just happened! She may not have liked her but Myra knew I cared about my sister and asked me "Is there any way I can help?" Shaking my head I told her "I have a feeling this one is going to be personal. You can't help me with the fight that I'm sure will be coming but do you think you could get back to the inn I'm staying at?" Myra just simply nodded as I reached into one of my pockets and handed her a gold ring with a ruby in it. "The humans there know me quite well. I told them a long time ago that whoever shows up with this is a friend of mine. All you have to do is let them see it and they should give you the extra key to my room." Finally I looked at a clock that was on the church and said "It's almost 10 PM. If I'm not back there by midnight then assume the worst has happened to me and get the hell out of there."

Not wanting to waste any more time I took off down the street but Myra quickly came after me. "Two quick questions Rudy." She said as she ran next to me. "First off are you sure about me heading over there? You may be a friend to these humans but I'm not too sure they are going to welcome me with open arms." Answering her without stopping as I jumped onto a rooftop I said "They have instructions to treat whoever comes in with my ring as if it were me. I also made it clear not to reject them no matter what they are. I'm pretty sure they might be a bit nervous about having a vampire they don't know inside the inn but they know that my friends can be trusted. The only thing you might have to say is that it's an emergency and that I'll be there as soon as I can." With that settled Myra asked her other question as we ran across the rooftops. "If you've got the time to answer it now I'd just like to know what it was you were about to say to me before you got distracted." Her second question kinda hit me a bit hard at that moment considering things just took a turn for the worst. I really did want to answer her and tell her what it was I wanted to say but right now my mind was on Gyvien. In addition if she hated what I was going to tell her then the last thing I wanted was try to deal with Myra while my sister was dying. With a sigh I told her "I really do want to tell you Myra but right now the most important thing is finding my sister. However I will promise you that once she is safe we'll sit down and talk about it." Myra seemed a bit unhappy about having to wait but I could see that she knew now was not the time. Taking a moment to stop I quickly looked around to get an idea of where we were at. Pointing to my left I said "The inn should be in that direction. As much as I hate to think about something going wrong I do feel the need to remind you. If I do not get back by midnight you need to leave. I have a ton of enemies and if they find out where it is I'm staying they might head on over there. I don't want you to get hurt because of my problems." Myra still seemed like she wanted to go with me but she didn't tr to convince me to let her come as I jumped off the roof to the street below. I didn't get very far when she yelled stopping me for just one brief moment. "Good luck Rudy" she shouted from above. Looking back at her I smiled before running off to find Gyvien.

Wood Water Park
About 20 minutes later (10:25 PM)
It didn't take very long to get to the park. Thankfully it wasn't that far from the church. However I still had to move fast if I was going to find Gyvien in time. Not wanting to make any noise by running all over the park I took to the air. The advantages to doing so were that it would give me a better view and it was quiet. It didn't take me long to find my sister and her captors after going up. While I couldn't clearly see who was who since everyone was facing away from me I could hear what they were saying. "Why don't we just forget it? It's obvious that the b*tch isn't going to talk." The second voice was the one that stopped me in my tracks. "I guess your right. However for the time being how about we take some time to enjoy ourselfs a bit more? After all it isn't everyday you get to kill a hunter."


The two of us needed no intro to each other. Him and his brother were two of the people partly responsible for killing our father. Since then we've had several run ins but he never stayed to fight and always left someone else to take care of his dirty work. His brother had been killed by another hunter recently so I made it a point to remind him each time I saw him. While it wasn't like me at all to do such a thing I knew that I would never forgive him for what he did. Not wanting to waste another moment while Gyvien was chained up I drew one of my daggers and my katana and went into a freefall. It didn't take long to finish off his friends since they were caught off guard. I had impaled the head of the first one on my way down using my dagger and then with a move so fast that a normal human would have trouble seeing it had beheaded the other goon. Putting the dagger away I got into a fighting stance as Oyar turned to me in shock. It didn't take long for him to regain that same cocky smirk I had seen so many times in the past. "What a very unpleasant surprise this is." he said while crossing his arms. If looks could kill he would have been dead before he even said that to me. Taking a few careful steps toward him I said "I feel the same way about you. By the way how's your brother doing Oyar?" With a low growl he said "How many times do you have to ask me that you bastard? I get my chance for revenge on the hunter that killed him and then all of a sudden you turn up!"

This suddenly caught me off guard. I found it ironic that Gyvien had killed one of the vampires who had killed our father before she even knew he was dead. Despite how serious the situation was I couldn't help but laugh a little bit. Oyar seemed to look as if he was thinking I had totally lost it. Once I stopped I took a quick moment to explain. "You have no idea do you?" I asked him. "First you kill her father and then she kills your brother without even knowing what you guys had done." Oyar just seemed more pissed than amused and said "And may I ask just who the hell her father is? I can't keep track of everyone that I've killed." Getting serious once again I said "So you really don't know who she is?" It was obvious that Oyar was getting pissed off over this whole thing. "ENOUGH!" he shouted. "If you don't tell me who the f*** she is then both of you will die!" I was pretty sure I had the biggest smirk I ever had in my entire life as I answered. I knew my sister wasn't going to be happy about this remark if she was aware enough to hear it but I wanted to make it perfectly clear. "That woman's name is Gyvien Summers. If you've been keeping tabs on me then I don't think I need to say another word."

Oyar seemed extremely shocked over this whole thing and was speechless. Taking a few more steps toward him I said "It was bad enough that you had to kill our father. This time you went after my sister. You've screwed with my family for the last time Oyar. Either you let her go right now or your going to die right here." He didn't make a move and just stood there as if he was daring me. Trying once more I said "The last time you actually stood your ground and fought me I saw that your sword skills were a bit rusty. Keep in mind your brother isn't around to bail you out this time." He still seemed stubbon over this whole thing. Just as I was about to rush him and kill him for good he tossed down Gyvien's dagger and then undid the chains around her. She fell to the floor looking like she had seen better days. Walking away he looked at me and said "I've gotten myself in way over my head this time. Mark my words when I say that we will finally end this once and for all next time Summers. Just keep in mind that if it's my destiny to die that I will be taking one of you to hell with me."

As much as I wanted to kill him right now I let him go. Besides it would be quiet bad if he had another trap set up. Right now helping my sister was the most important thing since she had already lost a ton of blood. I tried to help her up but either she was so out of it that she barely knew what was happening or she had already passed out. Trying to think quick I looked around and saw her coat. Picking up her dagger I started to cut some strips off of her jacket. "I hope your not too attached to this thing Gyvien" I said out loud as I started to tightly tie what I had cut off around her deeper cuts in order to try and stop the bleeding. The scent of her blood was very heavy but thankfully for the first time in my life I didn't feel the need to feed as I worked. I figured it might have had something to do with the fact that we were family. After I was sure I did the best I could with what I had avalible I grabbed her boots which were also nearby and sheathed her dagger in the belt that she still had on. Afterwards I grabbed her gun and held onto that myself. Picking her up carefully I started to make my way back to the inn. Finding her didn't take as long as I though it would so I was pretty sure Gyvien would make it. She wouldn't be able to fight for a little while and as much as she may have hated it I knew she would soon be thanking her vamp side due to the fact that she could heal quickly. I figured that walking would take quite some time so I flew back into the air once again. Hopefully I could get her back to the inn quickly. It's been a real long night and as early as it may have been for me I was pretty sure both of us could use some rest......

Damn! I've been in and out all night long because I've been trying to help my mom out around the house in addition to writing this. A post like this might have taken me only about an hour and a half or so had I not been working with her most the night. As a result I was typing this during some breaks and I must say I'm quite glad I finally got this over with! ^_^

*falls over feeling just as tired as Gyvien and Rudy*

11th December 2002, 02:48 PM
Gyvien – F – Dampiel

It was dark… darkness swirled around me.
Lightening flashed across the sky, as clouds swirled all above me with threats to pour.

I was nothing but a young girl… a mere child, lost, alone and deathly afraid. My deep auburn hair reaches almost to my thighs as my tiny frame ran down the streets. My black jacket dangled at my ankles as I ran, hugging the dagger which he had left me. It was the only thing I had left of him… and I would not dispose of it. Even though I had no clue how to weild a dagger, it still made me feel safe… and some enchanted thing about it made me feel better. But the rain would come… and I fled.

Dark creatures at every alley-way… every corner hissed at me and called to me. Telling me to come into the shadows, to meet my destiny. But it was then, when I thought I would be safe when suddenly a big, looming figure leapt out at me. His frame of his face was sharp, his dark auburn hair wavy as his icy blue eyes stared deeply at me with a stern look. He spoke to me softly… calling my name- but I shrieked in fear. He tried to grab me but I ran… ran into the alley way- the place which I was frightened to usually go. I ran into this darkness, and it was there as I ran that he yelled my name. But I fled in fear. I ran… clutching the dagger… until suddenly another hand- this one of ice cold and a feeling of sick with it. It was then my world fled… my innocence fled along with it.

I awoke, to hear the voices of the two people I really didn’t want to hear right then.
Rudy and Myra.
I kept my eyes shut, but soon after only hearing their mumurs it drove me mad. I slowly fluttered my eyes open, to only see that my vision was blurry. Blinking for a few moments… finally the vision returned to me and immediately I saw a diritied ceiling. I was in a bed… not exactly a place I felt extremely comfortable, for when you slept on your back on a bed, it made your neck vulnerable. I hated the position. Slowly I tried to shift to my right side but found a pain streak across my shoulder. I grimaced and roled back, and soon heard Rudy’s voice.
“You’re awake…”

I blinked softly, and saw Rudy standing over me. I didn’t like being looked down upon… so I dug my hands into the bed mat and quickly pulled myself upwards. It caused extreme pain in my abdomin and my shoulders, but I simply ignored it with my pure stubborness and got up straight to see him. The sheets which were on me fell down, exposing my shoulders and collar line, along with my black shirt.
“you seem to be healing up pretty well… but I’m surprised your not healed to a greaet extent which I think dampiels should be if they were you.”
I gazed and already saw the gashes were trying to heal themselves, but the one across my right shoulder and my abdomin were raw. I shook my head slowly… feeling extremely dizzy.
“ The gashes were pretty deep… I must have lost a lot of blood..”
Myra was silent, as Rudy nodded.
“Your lucky you have Vampire blood in you.”
I snorted at the remark, but made no twisting comment about it. Instead I reached down and jerked the covers off my legs. Their, the gash across my leg was swollen… but slowly mending. Stains on the sheets were evident near my leg. I groaned..
“This wasn’t my night…” Then the vision, the dream I had… it crept back into my mind.
“Where is my dagger?!” Rudy was taken aback by the sudden outburst, but quickly he handed me my dagger. I sighed with relief.
“ Good… I’d die if the only part of him left were taken. What about my gun, my boots and my jacket?”
He gave the gun back, and pointed at boots on the floor.
“Your jacket… well.. I had to use it to help your cuts not bleed so much.”
I sighed… there goes a memory.
“ I guess I’ll have to go shopping… then maybe we can all have a happy family meal at Applebees..” I said wryly… forcing a weak smile.

14th December 2002, 12:20 AM
Wow...I can already see that this post is gonna be a long one! Hehe and I have some delishiously good ideas! ^-^
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City
"Good Luck!"
I allowed myself one last look in the direction Rudy had gone before looking down at the ring in my hand. He wanted me to go somewhere safe to wait for him. It was a very kind and noble thing to do, and it kind of touched me that he didnt want me to get hurt.
But waiting had never been what I enjoyed doing.
I had briefly entertained the thought of following him to help him with his sister anyway, but quickly rejected it. It might not go well if I showed up, especially since his sister is such a b*tch. I can just imagine her now, dying just to spite me....
But...what SHOULD I do. I idly put the ring on as I thought, and then it came to me.
Roland was still on the loose.
I could dispose of that little matter, and then make it back to the Inn before Rudy did.
Even though I didnt like being told what to do, I figured I would go to the Inn eventually. Rudy had almost said something to me, and I wanted to know what it was. My heart thumped as I thought about what it SOUNDED like he was going to say...--but I wouldnt let myself jump to conclusions. After all, it couldve been anything...
I started to walk down the dark empty streets of Wood Water City. Roland was out here somewhere, and I figured that he was so insane it would be more likely for him to find me than for me to waste a good amount of time trying to find him. So I made sure I ws easily seen to anyone who may have been looking.
Though that soon changed, because it wasnt long before I heard many voices coming from up ahead. Not wanting them to see me before I had a chance to see them I quickly ducked into an alleyway. Peeking around a corner I saw that it was a group of human Vampire Hunters, some carrying torches, others weapons, and a few had both. All of them looked deadly determined.
"....was dressed like a priest!! I couldnt believe it, then he just grabbed Kaedril and...and...."
"Dont worry Gabe, we'll kill the b@stard." Another spoke as the first began sobbing. So, it seemed that the humans had finally got wind of Roland and decided to try and stop him. Great. Now NO vampire was safe on the streets, it looked as though I would have to go to the Inn right away after all. I was about to slip away unnoticed when something the first human said stopped me in my tracks.
"Oh..Kaedril....I love you....That false priest wont get away with killing my wife!!!"
Humans.....could feel LOVE?! But love wasnt an emotion that animals could feel! If...if humans could feel such a high emotion as love then.....were we really that different..?
I shook my head and leapt to the top of a building. Now was not the time for philosephy. I could discuss it later with Rudy, among other things, but right now my main priority was getting to the inn without being hunted.
Wood Water Inn
:::A few minutes later:::
I pushed open the door to the Inn and strode to the counter. "Im sorry but there are no vac----" The owner stopped short as soon as he saw me. Youd think he'd never seen a vampire before...
Before he could say anything else I took off the ring that Rudy had given me and held it up. His eyes grew wide as he tried to snatch it from my hands. "Wh-where did you get that?!"
Looking at him right in the eyes, I answered him in a precise, no-nonsense voice. "Rudy Summers gave it to me, with instructions to wait for him to return." I stared at him as if daring him to argue with me.
He took my dare. "What---! What have you done to him!" The human reached under the counter and pulled out a shotgun, leveling it in my face. "I swear you better answer me, or I'll---"
"Stop!" Another human, this one female, came over to the human with the shotgun and placed her hand on it in an attempt to lower it away from me. "Please." She looked at me, not with hate, but still with a careful gaze. "I think you better leave. We've had our troubles with vampires so if you mean us no harm then just leave."
I stared at them. "Well, and here Rudy told me that you trusted him enough to trust his friends. You supposedly would treat anyone with this--" I held up the ring. "--As if it were Rudy himself. If THIS is how you treat Rudy, then Im surprised he still considers you his friends..."
I said the last while turning towards the door. As my hand closed around the doorknob the male spoke up. "Wait.." I turned my head slightly to look at him. He sighed and grabbed a key out of a cupboard towards the back of the counter. "Here." He tossed it at me. "Room 4, down the hall. If your lying---"
"---then you'll attempt to kill me, yes, I know." I said, catching the key and walking past them. "But you'll find out Im not before midnight, he should be back by then."
Without another word I headed for Rudy's room.
Wood Water Inn
I found Rudy's room with no problem, and unlocked the door. The first thing I noticed about it was that Rudy's scent was everywhere.
But, after shaking that thought out of my head, I took the time to look around. The room was a comfortable size, with a bed, a desk, a bookcase, and a coat rack, which I hung my cape on as I walked in. I would be there for a while so I figured I might as well be comfortable. I sat on Rudy's bed and listened to his clock tick from its place on his desk. Sighing, I glanced down at my feet and noticed something.
The hem of my skirt was dirty, wet, and ripped.
Obviously Earth wasnt a very skirt-friendly place, and, as a person who liked to be clean, I couldnt go around wearing a dirty skirt. Spotting Rudy's closet I got up and went to it, finding an array of clean clothes. Perfect..
Finding a pair of blue pants to my liking I took them off the hook and laid them on the bed. I felt a little strange by taking his stuff but I figured he wouldnt mind terribly, considering I couldnt imagine Rudy wearing these pants anyway. They were made of a silk like material and I vaugly wondered what they were doing there in the first place.
Not bothering myself with such details, I changed out of my skirt and into the pants. They fit well, and were much lighter and more comfortable than the skirt was. I hung my skirt on the hanger and sat back on the bed, not knowing what else to do. Sighing, I stared idly at the ring and thought about Rudy. I hoped everything was ok, and that he would return soon.
Because, damn, did I hate to wait.
Whew....Ok, Rudy, you can post your arrival, and some of our convorsation, but I have a plan, so hopefully I'll get the chance to tell you.

15th December 2002, 01:45 AM

I was following the female vampire that was trying to kill me from before, she seemed like she was trying to be seen so I laid low. I was walking the buildings as I noticed a group of what seemed like Vampire hunters walk towards her, she also noticed and hid in an ally. "Oh my! is that one of my prey that managed to get away?" I laughed. "How fun this will be!!" I said aloud as i jumped down from the building and followed the hunters. "He was dressed like a priest!" I heard the one that got away say to one of the hunters. "Dont worry Gabe......." a hunter said, i didnt listen to their talk anymore as they made it to the 'crime' scene. His wife was still lying on the street, the man named Gabe started to sob again. The hunters burst into a talk about the vampire in the priest clothing. So i decided to have a little fun....
"Gentlemen? Why what on earth happened here?" I asked with a worried tone. Gabe looked into my face, seeing who it was he shouted "ITS HIM!!!! THE VAMP. IN THE PRIEST CLOTHES!" The hunters looked at me and started to charge, each one wanted me dead. I smiled and took my sword out, and as they charged I swipped them and waltzed towards Gabe. He was holding a torch, and was trying to keep me away. "Hey! Im not going to hurt you!" I smiled showing my teeth. I leaped for the man and sank my teeeth into his neck, he dropped the torch and went limp.
After finishing my meal I put my blood stained sword away and strolled down the street, where the female was heading, humming a little song.
Um...im not sure if i should write Livens part... dont know if anyone has something planned.

Master Rudy
19th December 2002, 10:46 PM
Just so you guys know this is all taking place before Gyvien wakes up ^_~

Rudy Summers
About 11 PM
I was finally almost there. After a little while I had a feeling Gyvien would be ok so I slowed my pace down a bit. However I still wanted to make sure I got there as fast as I could. If there was one thing I had learned over the course of tonight it was the fact that anything could go wrong at any moment. I didn't need to be taking any risks out here. As I turned another corner I could now see the inn up ahead. Running full speed now it didn't take me too long to get to the front door and inside. After shuting it behind me I turned around to be greeted by the business end of a shotgun. However once the owner knew it was me he lowed it down and yelled "God damnit Rudy! Do you need to come charging in like that?" Once he saw that I wasn't alone he was about to say something but I stopped him from doing so. "Not now. Let me put her in my room first and then we'll talk" I told him. With that I went down the hall and toward the room that I always had when I was here. When I opened the door I was relieved to find Myra inside waiting for me. That was one less thing to worry about. As she got up I put Gyvien down on my bed and what was left of her clothes and weapons on a table near her. Myra took one moment to look over her injuries and then at me and asked "So is she going to be ok?" I nodded and then told her "Gyvien should be fine. Anyone that can survive those kinds of injuries is not someone to be taken lightly." I was making my way over to the door again when Myra stopped me. "Hold on a moment. Your not leaving again are you?" Shaking my head I said "Of course not. I've just got to take care of a few things first and then I'll be right back. Could you please look after Gyvien for a few minutes? Myra nodded at me and with that I stepped out to talk with the owner of the inn for a moment.

As I approached the counter he just looked me over and said "With everything that's been going on tonight I guess I could really expect you to come back uninjured." I figured that by now he had heard about what happened in his brother's bar but they was something about those words that didn't seem right. "What do you mean by that?" I asked. As he placed the shotgun under the counter he said "Tonight has just been crazy. That's the main reason why I've been on edge most of the night. In the past few hours that have been at least 20 deaths due to vampire attacks. Several of them were linked to your old buddy that took out your dad." Somehow I wasn't surprised about that. Oyar was always a major problem when he was around. However it was the next thing that was said that froze me right there. "As for the rest of them it seems like there is a new guy out there. Some psycho dressed like a priest has been seen all over town tonight." That had really caught my attention. Roland was on the loose and from the sounds of it he was in the area. Growing more concerned I said "Listen to me. I've had several run ins with him and I think he's more dangerous than people say. As of right now this inn is closed for the night. Lock all the exits and make sure no one gets in. If people want to leave they can do so but let them know that they are doing it at their own risk." Needless to say the innkeeper was a bit surprised at all this. "You've got to be kidding me. Is it really that bad?" I nodded and said "This guy is nuts. No matter who it is do not let anyone inside." Before another word was said I locked the front door to the inn and headed back to my room. As I opened the door the innkeeper shouted at me. "Hey Rudy! Tell your friend that I'm sorry about earlier. Like I said before this hasn't been the best of nights. When she came in I kinda paniced and feared the worst about you." Somehow I had the feeling I wasn't the only one that had a shotgun pointed at them tonight. However rather than say anything about it I just simply nodded. It had been a very long night so far and I honestly didn't think I had the energy to say much else.

As I walked in the room I saw Myra standing there with her arms crossed. "Well I'll tell you right now I'm still not happy about having guns point at me but I think I can forgive him this one time." With a bit of a weak smile I said "I assume you heard most of what was said then?" She nodded at me and walked over to a chair and sat down as she spoke. "How could I have missed it? Roland is out there going nuts and we're stuck in this dump doing nothing about that idiot. I find it insulting that someone with a mind like his was able to become one of us." As I started putting my weapons away I said "Well we don't have much choice. With my sister in the shape she is we can't leave her alone. I'd ask you to stay but as I'm sure you've seen the people around here don't really like to take chances with vampires. I'm the one exception to the rule but even I get mistaken for the enemy sometimes." Myra got up and looked out the window as I grabbed a new set of clothes for myself. Over the course of the night they had gotten pretty ripped up due to the bar fight and bloodstained because of my quick battle in the park. I stepped into the bathroom to change while Myra talked. "So what do we do now?" she asked. I knew she wasn't going to like the reply but the way things were now we didn't have much choice. "Well for the next few hours I don't want to leave Gyvien alone. As far as splitting up goes I think that might also be a bad idea. The guy that did that to my sister already has more than a few issues with me. Normally I wouldn't stop you from leaving but this town has an extremely high number of hunters. A vampire could easily take one of them in a fight but it's not often you get that chance. I've seen some attacked by as many as seven at once." Stepping out of the bathroom I saw Myra turn around and say "In other words we're pretty much stuck here until tommorow night." All I could do was nod.

From that point on it was on the quiet side of things. Gyvien was resting while I sat in one of the chairs and Myra looked out the window. It was obvious we both had things on our mind. I had no way of knowing what she was thinking about but the main thing on my mind was earlier tonight at the church. I never did get the chance to talk to her. Now I was wondering how I should attempt it the second time. Should I just speak to her normally and just ignore it for now or should I do it now. However it soon become obvious she had the same thing on her mind when she asked me "So just what was it you wanted to say to me at the church?" I figured it was now or never and that no matter what the outcome was that it was best to get it over with. I was about to start speaking when she stopped me for one moment and walked over to me. "Before I forget let me give you your ring back first." At first I wasn't too sure how to go about it but she provided the perfect chance to start talking. Taking a deep breath I shook my head and told her "I don't need the ring anymore Myra. You can go ahead and keep it." She seemed slightly confused over it and said "But I can't take it from you Rudy. It is yours after all." I smiled a bit and said "No your wrong. It was my ring but it use to be my mother's. My father gave it to me only a few days before he died. When he did he told me never to get rid of it or give it to anyone unless it was a person I really cared about." The confusion turned into shock as Myra suddenly got the idea of where I was going with this. "Are you saying what I think your saying Rudy?" Nodding I told her the one thing I had been wanting to say all night. "Yes I am Myra. I'm saying that I love you." It felt so much better to finally know that I had gotten that out. All that was left to do was see how she reacted to that news......

I'm going to stop here and let Asilynne take over. Just keep in mind this is before Gyvien woke up ;)

20th December 2002, 11:23 PM
*sniff* That reminds me of a song! *sees people looking at her weird* ....Ok I'll post now! ^-^()
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water Inn
"Im saying that I love you."
I felt my heart stop as he spoke those words. I could only stare at him, my eyes wide and disbelieving. When I found my voice the only thing I could squeak out was, "Wh...what..?"
I heard what he said, perfectly well. I just couldnt believe it. He LOVES me? He loves ....ME?
I turned slowly, looking into the blue eyes of the man in front of me, and saw it was true. And with a start I realised I felt the same way. I realised that I had felt this way all night, but I had told myself that it was stupid, we had only met tonight. I had tried to tell myself that I didnt care, that he meant nothing to me, because I hadnt wanted to get hurt.
I couldnt lie to myself anymore.
We had been through so much together that I felt as though I had known him for a lifetime, and all the doubts that I had before were suddenly washed away. Looking at him with new eyes I took a step forward. "Rudy, I...." He looked at me patiently, waiting for me to respond. Silence passed between us as I tried to think of the right words to say, my mind drawing a blank.
Suddenly Rudy spoke with a hesitant voice. "If you dont feel the same way---"
Alarm shot through me. Im giving him the wrong idea, all because I cant find the words... So I decided to forget about words.
Before he could finish his sentance, I stepped forward and gently wrapped my arms around him, hugging him close. "I do feel the same way," I whispered, in a gentle voice I hadnt used since before my parents died. I suddenly felt a little embarrassed. "I...I just didnt know how...."
I trailed off as I felt his arms close around me.
For the first time in my life, I didnt hate anything.
And that was the best feeling in the world.
I'll let Rudy take it from here ^-^ probably something leading up to when Gyvien wakes up. Now, on to Father Farwell's part.

----Father Farwell----
Church of the Guiding Light (back)
Yuar and I had just finished readying the carrage when I heard someone calling my name from inside the church. As the voice got closer I realised it was one I knew very well.
"Liven?" I shouted, stepping down from the carrage and placing the Book of Vampires on the drivers side. Her head poked out the back door and she gave a yell of joy. "Father Farwell!" she yelled, running up and giving me a leaping hug. Almost falling down, I chuckled and patted her back. "I missed you too Liven. How have you been?"
"Fine." she said, smiling and wiping a tear from her eyes. "I was worried that a vampire had----" Noticing Yuar for the first time she stopped and instantly yanked me behid her and pointed her gun at him. "Get back Father, theres a vampire over there!"
"No, Liven you dont understand, he---" Not letting me finish, Liven began to yell threats at him, as he yawned disinterestingly and climbed into the carrage. "Ready to go, Farwell?" he said, ignoring the ranting Liven completely. I smiled apologetically. "Yes."
Liven was shocked. "Father....what....Who is...WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?"
I scratched my head and sighed. "Its a long story, but we could probably use your help where we re going, so why dont I explain on the way?"
Liven just nodded, although still clearly confused. "Ok, but this better be good...."
I remembered Roland and smiled grimly.
"Its not...."
Sorry its so short, but I just thought Id get things moving again with Farwell and Yuar ^-^

21st December 2002, 03:30 AM
Liven Dinas

"So...uh Father, where are we going?" I asked as Farwell started the horses. He looked over and tried a fake smile, "Well, Liven theres this ...man running around this town who has just turned vampire and is rampaging everyone who lives here." He answered. I looked over at the vampire who was riding with me and the father. "Uh....and?" I asked looking away, and out towards the street. "We are going to get a sort of trap, if you will, to stop him from doing harm to others.....and himself." Farwell seemed pretty sure what he was doing, so i just leaned back and went along for the ride.


I was strolling slowly down the dark street, i was a little bored. I wasnt very hungry anymore, and killing people started to get ....well...boring. I stopped and looked at my surroundings, "I know! I'll pay my little...'brother' a visit!! Certainly my dear little Skyler will be delighted to see me!!" I laughed and walked on. A little time later i saw a little boy milling around in the street. "Oh!! Skyler!" I yelled out at the boy, he whirled around and looked at me. I grinned and walked over to him, the boy queckly took out his dagger and took a swip at me. "Oh, now now boy! Im not here to fight, after all we are...Family!!" I smiled and sat down at the curb. *yawn* "So....since i am a bit new at this whole vampire business...why dont you show me the ropes!?" I asked turning my head towards him, still smiling. Skyler watched, but didnt say a thing. My glasses shone as i waited for a response, "Well come now!!! Speak!" I felt a little mad at him not talking to me. Skyler still holding his dagger in a ready pose, said" No..Roland. Im not like you and will never be....we're not brothers, or family!" I got a shocked look on my face, "OH!!! you hurt me when you say that brother! How could you be so heartless?" I asked. At that Skyler grew angry and lunged at me with great speed, I had no time to get out of the way. He hit me right in the stomach, just missing my heart. I was holding my wound my head down, my grey hair in my face. "Eheheh.......oh Glorious day! How about a small fight then brother....if you really hate me so!!" I rose to my feet, taking out my blood stained sword. "Lets go!!" I giggled.

Outlaw JT
21st December 2002, 10:35 AM
Koger--Wood Water City 7:30ish pm(right before the unfortunate death of the hunters in the bar)

Koger watched through the window of the bar from across the street with great interest. He honestly hadn't meant for those idiot hunters to wake up so abruptly but it did provide an ideal chance to observe his current interest. If Rudy truly wished no harm upon the hunters, how would he handle being threatened with deadly violence by them? The numerous possibilities warmed his blood with excitement.
He watched anxiously as the two walked towards Rudy, weapons drawn. Rudy could have easily drawn his own sword and dealt with them quickly but he chose to try and talk them down. After the kids earlier display of rash behavior it did come as a surprise, but a pleasant one. How truly entertaining to watch him squirm awkwardly rather then strike down his assailants.
It was true joy from Koger's weird perspective. He had found a rare gem that could provide countless hours of amusement. When so many things in this world bored him, Koger couldn't help but smile at the thought. He would have to take great care to make sure nothing fatal happened to this Rudy Summers. Koger would step in just before blood could be spilled.
Sadly he would not be able to stay and observe his new prey and the little drama he had unintentionally put in motion. Surely a vampire couple could save themselves from a pair of inept misguided hunters. It seems there was much else going on this night that required his attention. Starting with another vampire of great interest and even greater wealth.
"Have I caught you at a bad time?" a slithering voice called out from behind.
It was a familiar voice. One that only spoke to him when it had business to do so. It was the voice of a vampire at the opposite side of the spectrum from young Rudy Summers.
"Is there ever a bad time where money is concerned?" Koger responded carefully.
It was always amusing to deal with this particular vampire but it also always left a sour taste afterwards. Rarely did this vampire have a job which Koger would take were the money not so unbelievably good.
"I suppose not. So what brings the mighty mischievous Koger to Wood Water City? Are you here on business old friend?" the slithering voice called from the shadows.
"I suppose I should ask you if I am here on business. I have no active contracts," Koger answered quietly, finally turning to look at his company.
"I have no contract for you Koger. This I want to handle personally. I just wonder if you might have a touch of information for me. I know you keep tabs on all the active players wherever you go," the voice almost whispered as if he might be heard. "I am looking for a dampiel hunter named Gyvien, dressed in all black. Do you know of such a person in this area?"
"The price?" Koger asked sternly.
He knew better than to speak idly in this particular vampires presence unless he had already been paid to do so. As wealthy as he may be, Koger knew this vampire to be cheap whenever possible. Answering his concern two small bags were thrown at Koger's feet. Upon quick examination Koger counted a small fortune.
"I know bounty hunters who take contracts for less than this. It is an awfully high price just for information. Might I ask what you would do with this person?" Koger asked warily as he tied the bags to his belt.
"That would be my business alone Koger. It's not your style to interfere in your employers business. You've never taken an interest before," the slithering voice sounded rather annoyed.
"Well, tonight I'm in a generous mood so I think I won't be helping send some unlucky hunter to their death," Koger said cheerfully. "I do thank you for your handsome contribution to my retirement fund though Oyar."
Before the slithery vampire could react Koger had already leapt to the next rooftop. By the time he had begun to move Koger had already dropped down to street level on the far side of that next building. Oyar knew Koger's speed and knew he couldn't catch up so he could only growl quietly in frustration.
"You idiots get after him and retrieve that gold. Meet me back at the park in an hour if you can't catch him," Oyar said angrily, careful to keep his voice low so that no one outside that rooftop could hear him. "Blasted worthless mutant. He should be in my service freely the ungrateful welp."

Wood Water City--abandoned transit system(aka abandoned subway) 11ish pm

Koger walked the dark tunnel slowly, his patience growing thin with his new endeavor. Twenty minutes to lose Oyar's lacky's and three hours of investigative effort later Koger still had few answers.
He had decided soon after seeing the amount of gold in those bags that something big was up. Why Oyar's sudden interest in tracking down a specific hunter? Family vengeance or no, that had been a lot of coin just for a bit of information. Koger was no fool and he knew something was brewing.
If Oyar set out to pinch a hunter as well traveled as Gyvien there was more behind it. His first conclusion was that Oyar was intent on ferreting out the entire organized network of dampiel hunters. This led Koger to the estimation that Oyar meant to go about wiping out the hunters entirely, which led Koger to the conclusion that he himself was on the ever growing hit list of the devious Oyar. Koger may have done a good number of contracts for the vampires buit he had also killed more than his fair share of their kind in the same spirit of capitalism. Translated it meant as soon as the vampires were done with the dampiel and human hunters they would be coming after him. As fun as that chase may sound Koger was not so crazy to bet on the odds of the entire vampire nation against just himself.
Having reached all these conclusions early on this particular evening Koger set out into the underworld of Wood Water City to find answers. Why start with Gyvien? Koger knew there was bad business between Oyar's deceased brother and her but there must be more logic behind it. Gyvien had no special connections that Koger knew of so why start there? It seemed apparent then that she knew something he did not. But what? And how to find out short of asking the woman himself.
Sadly it did not click till an hour after he had left that bar that he had just that very chance earlier this evening. It dawned on him in a brilliant shock that the quiet dampiel at the bar had been Gyvien the Hunter.
"I suppose even I have to be the idiot sometime," Koger thought aloud.
It should have occurred to him immediately. It had been a rather huge coincidence that the very person Oyar sought was in the bar right below where he confronted Koger. Too late to dwell on that now though. No one would still be at that bar by this point of the evening.
"Pointless game of scratch and catch," Koger thought aloud as he stared down the long dark tunnel.
He had had no luck tapping his sources of the underworld. No one seemed to know anything other than Oyar was no longer calling his own shots. All Koger had found out was a new vampire had risen to power in Oyar's circle and was orchestrating their efforts. He would find out no more on his own.
"Time to go to the source. Time to find Miss Gyvien the dampiel hunter and ascertain her importance in this unfolding plot," Koger said to no one inparticular.
With a hearty laugh and a sudden spring of motion he leapt upward to a nearby ladder which led up. With lightning speed he was up the ladder and sliding the manhole cover free. Just as quickly he was back into the streets and alleys of Wood Water City. He would have to find this Gyvien to help him make any more sense of this unsettling vampire scheme.

OOC: I will start posting in here again if a certain someone doesn't keep writing Koger out every time I try to get him involved.

21st December 2002, 11:06 AM
Nothing to post with GYvien...
but Yuar... *huggles kawaii vamp*

Yuar Oro - (M) - Vampire

As the carriage began to go onward, I turned my gaze at the female hunter whom Father Farwell had called, "Liven".
SHe kept eyeing me as if I were a snake ina basket, ready to lung at her and suck out her brains at that very moment. I gazed out the window... knowing what we most likely would have to do to Roland. The business was risky... but if it worked, it would suit well. If not... well, I would kill Roland.

My last name wasn't Oro for nothing..

Liven gazed at me again, and this time she turned to Farwell.
"So why is he with us?"
She said it as if I were a disgusting disease...
I didn't like this, so I turned to her and gave a soft smile. For a hunter, she was curiously ....
" The name is Yuar Oro. Yuar for short." She narrowed her eyes and huffed at it, but I smiled again and shook my head.
" Look, I may be a vampire but I can guarentee you I am not a heartless killer like my kind makes itself up to be. "
"Then why are you with us?" She asked, as she eyed me with a slight curiousity but more in demand.

"I want to help. I often help humans who are being victims of vampires... and I won't lie however, I help vampires who are victims of hunters too. I believe in fair justice. That is what I do- I help people who are in need, reguardless of their kind. Like Father Farwell, I want to stop Roland from doing what he does. He's already probably killed ... and if he is allowed to continue, more people and vampires alike are in risk. He must be stopped. I am also here to defend Farwell... and perhaps you, but you seem to be able to take care of yourself. "

Liven nodded slightly... as I brushed my auburn hair away from my eyes, only to have it return infront of them.
" How will we do that?"
I flickered my emerald gaze to Farwell..
" We have an idea... about an item and a certain process at which to use this item. And blood. Farwell, you are more of an expert then I am... why don't you tell?"

21st December 2002, 11:07 AM
Nothing to post with GYvien...
but Yuar... *huggles kawaii vamp*

Yuar Oro - (M) - Vampire

As the carriage began to go onward, I turned my gaze at the female hunter whom Father Farwell had called, "Liven".
SHe kept eyeing me as if I were a snake ina basket, ready to lung at her and suck out her brains at that very moment. I gazed out the window... knowing what we most likely would have to do to Roland. The business was risky... but if it worked, it would suit well. If not... well, I would kill Roland.

My last name wasn't Oro for nothing..

Liven gazed at me again, and this time she turned to Farwell.
"So why is he with us?"
She said it as if I were a disgusting disease...
I didn't like this, so I turned to her and gave a soft smile. For a hunter, she was curiously ....
" The name is Yuar Oro. Yuar for short." She narrowed her eyes and huffed at it, but I smiled again and shook my head.
" Look, I may be a vampire but I can guarentee you I am not a heartless killer like my kind makes itself up to be. "
"Then why are you with us?" She asked, as she eyed me with a slight curiousity but more in demand.

"I want to help. I often help humans who are being victims of vampires... and I won't lie however, I help vampires who are victims of hunters too. I believe in fair justice. That is what I do- I help people who are in need, reguardless of their kind. Like Father Farwell, I want to stop Roland from doing what he does. He's already probably killed ... and if he is allowed to continue, more people and vampires alike are in risk. He must be stopped. I am also here to defend Farwell... and perhaps you, but you seem to be able to take care of yourself. "

Liven nodded slightly... as I brushed my auburn hair away from my eyes, only to have it return infront of them.
" How will we do that?"
I flickered my emerald gaze to Farwell..
" We have an idea... about an item and a certain process at which to use this item. And blood. Farwell, you are more of an expert then I am... why don't you tell?"

21st December 2002, 09:27 PM
(Asilynne is letting me tell Liven whats going on with Roland hunt)
Liven Dinas

Farwell looked at the vampire, then at me, "Ok..Yuar. You see Liven to stop Roland we have to catch him with a certain type of weapon. Its called 'Vampiric Insence of Time Trap'. It will make it so that Roland or any vampire will get parolized by the light. So we could move Roland without getting hurt to a safe place. Then we could change him back into a human!" He said. "Hmmm.... So how exactly will you be able to do that?" I asked very thoughtful. Farwell moved in his seat, "Well, we get the vampire that bit Roland in the first place and make Roland drink that vampires blood or in that case the dampiel." Farwell went on. I looked at him and folded my arms. This is going to be a long night, but it just might get a little fun! "Oh Farwell.....who was the Dampiel anyway?" I asked just remembering what Farwell had said about the Dampiel. " That Dampiel is named Skyler, he was acually forced to bite Roland in the first place. Roland forced Skyler's fangs into his arm and thats how it really started." He stated.
The carage was quiet for a couple of minutes, i was looking at the Vampire. I was trying to see why or how he could be on a priest's side. Well i am half vampire..... i thought to myself as i lowered my head. I dont know why but i was tired, so much was going on in one night!

21st December 2002, 11:28 PM
This was it.

There stood before me, wielding a bloodstained sword, stained with the blood of innocent people, was "Father" Roland. I spat on the ground in disgust. I would take him down now...no matter what. I made him into what he was, an evil insane creature bent on wrecking havoc, and I would take him out...even if it took my life to do it.

"Come on brother! You make the first move!" cried out Roland, laughing, with a hint of insanity in his tone.

My blood boiled, burning with the intense anger and hatred in me. "I will never be like you...ever! You're just a blood sucking son of a b****. You're a monster!"

"But don't you remember brother, you made me. You made me what I am. You gave me this wonderous gift and I thank you for it!"

"I remember," I muttered. I brandished my the knife in my left hand, glimmering in the moonlight. I reached to my back, and unsheathed my sword.

"Alright," I said to him. "I'm ready."

I dove at him, sword in front, ready to slash him into many little piece.

Metal clashed, as the the steel rubbed against each other. I put my whole force into it trying to push him back, but he was larger than me, and was a full vampire as well. He shoved me back with his superior strength, and I staggered backwards. I charged again, blood boiling, and steel met once again.

"What's wrong, brother?" he sneered, snickering. "How does it feel, being my creator, and yet being weaker and insignificant."

"Shamed," I grunted as I strugged to keep my ground. "Shamed to be the one that made you who you are!" I shoved even harder, and pushed him back.

"That's more like it!" cried Roland. "That's it, just keep fuming like that. Let your blood boil at the sight of me."

I glared at him. He was sicking. He enjoyed tormenting people, any one, just to satisfy his hunger...a hunger for pain.

"GAH!" I cried, putting my force into this blast. He needed to be taken down.

He dodged me with ease, sidesteping away. I turned around and charged again, in a blinding rage. All I wanted to do, all I could do in that moment, I was consumed in my hatred against Roland.

He dodged yet again, but this time, kicked me into the wall.

"Time for me to repay you," he said. He lunged at me, fangs bared, arms outward, sword in sheath.

I stared in horror as he got closer and closer, why was he lunging at me with out a sword. I quickly put my hands into my pocket, and threw out the two throwing knifes. He flew back, landed on his feet and moved his robes. The two knifes were on his chest, one above the heart area, and one below. He bared his fangs and hissed.

"You will pay for that," he said.

Then it hit me. He wanted to bite me...
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22nd December 2002, 09:56 AM

I was going to make the little boy pay for managing to stabe me
twice... All i had to do to get the two knives out of me was to stretch my arms out. The knives fell at the kids feet, he looked up as I got closer. I was going to bite him and drain the very life from his puny body. I grabbed his shoulders tightly and looked into his eyes. "Let me go!" He cried as I bared my fangs. " Oh dear brother! Who knows maybe I will make you a full vampire if i bite you! Then you could actually be worth something!!" I laughed. Skyler was kicking in the air trying to get out of my grasp, I grabbed his head and pushed it back, making his neck open. Just as my fangs were up against his neck a light shone on us. A man had come out of his house with a shot gun, "Hey! What are you doin......" he tried to ask. Still holding Skyler I lunged at the man with my sword and stabbed him in the heart. He fell to the ground, dead.
As i was sheathing my sword Skyler had managed to squiggle out of my grasp. "Damn! Come back here boy!!" I started to run at him. Skyler jumped out of my way and grabbed both of his knives. He got into a definsive pose, his two knives were up and ready for a throw. I stopped and folded my arms in a casual manner. "Ahah....Oh!? A game. yes we shall play!" I raised my hands. "Come on brother hit me!" I taunted. "Im not your brother!" Skyler yelled throwing one of his knives. I dodged it, the knife hit someones window. The glass shattered on me, little pieces of glass cut my skin. "Ah! Damn it kid..." I mummbled under my breath. Skyler smiled as he noticed that i was starting to lose it (not like i didnt already). Skyler then ran at me, not really expecting this i was caught off guard. He stabbed me in the stomach and ran off into the dark street. I grabbed the knife and pulled it out. I dusted myself off and hurried after him. "Thats it Im going to enjoy killing him!" I smiled.
I was walking down the dimely lighted street looking for my prey. My stomach had finally healed itself, "Come out kid! Fight me! Its not like im going to kill you!!!" I howled. I took my glasses off and walked up to someones house. I knocked on it and an old man came to the door. "Yeash....shonny?" He asked a little shakey. "Uh...yes i just wanted to know if you saw a young boy run anywhere around here." I asked. The man stared blankly for a few minutes, "Yeash...wuhat do you want!?" He asked again. I just looked at the old man, "Are you mocking me timer!? I yelled as i grabbed the the old man and dragged him out of his house. "ANSWER ME NOW!!! I NEED TO FIND THAT STUPID BOY!!!!!!!!!" I yelled showing my fangs. The old man just noticing that i was an angry vampire, screamed and tried to fight out of my grasp. I calmed down a little and threw him to the cold street, I jammed my foot in his side as i walked past him. "Be seeing you!" I walked on.

Master Rudy
23rd December 2002, 01:30 AM
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Rudy Summers
Around 11:20 PM
As I stood there hugging Myra I thought about how glad I was over the fact that things turned out the way they did. When I first started to notice I was falling for her I figured it was impossible. My history with other vampires spoke for itself and when I first talked to her it seemed like she wouldn't be too happy with the fact I was a hunter. As the night went on however I knew that I couldn't lie to myself about this. I couldn't really understand why I felt this way about her but I knew for a fact that this was meant to be. With a bit of a chuckle I said to her "If you had asked me if I believed in love at first sight before tonight I think I might have just laughed at you." Myra smiled at me and said "Well I'm glad to see that I made a believer out of you." For a few moments it was a bit quite. Both of us seemed a little unsure of what to say to the other. However as the saying went actions speak louder than words. Anyone could easily see that we cared about each other.

Me and Myra had stayed there like that without moving for a few minutes. If wasn't until our attention was drawn back to Gyvien that we stepped away from each other. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her starting to move around in bed and walked over to her side. "So your awake?" I asked her. She seemed to be a bit startled by me being there and quickly tried to sit up. She seemed to be in pain but from the looks of things she was healing up pretty good. I made a comment about the fact that it was her vampire blood helping her heal up quicker. Gyvien didn't seem to like that comment too much but I was learning to expect this from her. She may have hated that side of her but I was certain that she was a little happy that it did give her advantages that a normal human wouldn't have. While I never minded what I was I did have to admit that I envied her just a bit since she had the best of both worlds. With a groan Gyvien layed back down and said "This wasn't my night." Suddenly from out of nowhere she looked at me and shouted "Where is my dagger?!" I wasn't expecting an outburst like that at all but it seemed like she was worried about it so I quickly grabbed it off of the table near us and gave it to her. She seemed to be relieved about it and said "Good… I'd die if the only part of him left were taken. What about my gun, my boots and my jacket?" That had caught my attention once she said it. Him? I wonder who she is talking about? I thought to myself. However rather than question her I showed her where the rest of her stuff was. Of course knowing Gyvien I was getting the feeling she wouldn't be too happy about the jacket. "About that jacket" I started to say. "You were bleeding pretty badly and I needed something to stop it." As I thought she didn't seem to like it.

Walking away for a moment I went toward a closet as she spoke. "I guess I’ll have to go shopping. Then maybe we can all have a happy family meal at Applebees." Laughing a little as I looked at some of the extra clothes I kept here at the hotel I said "Well the last time I checked they didn't have anything on the menu that I liked." After saying that I felt the need to mess around with my sister for a moment. Turning toward Myra I winked at her and said "Of course if they added AB to the menu then I guess I'd have to take you up on that offer." Getting the idea Myra smiled at me and said "Well from what I hear the A+ is very good." Both of us started cracking up but stopped when we saw Gyvien glaring at the two of us. She wasn't saying a word and it was quite obvious she wasn't happy. As I went back to looking in the closet I told her "You do know that you've got to learn to take a joke right? Come on Gyvien. Lighten up a bit!" Finally I came across what I was looking for and pulled it out. Walking back over to my sister's bed I hung my extra jacket on the back of a chair. "I know it's not much of a gift but I figured it's the least I could do for you after tearing up your own." Gyvien seems a bit indifferent over what I was doing but I wasn't expecting much else from her. Even so I really didn't mind at that much. As I turned back around I noticed it was starting to get close to midnight. Turning to look at Myra and Gyvien I told them "Well this might seem a bit early to all of us but perhaps we should call it a night. It's been a long eventful day for all of us and I'm sure we could really use a break. Once we're all awake tommorow I guess the first thing we could do is figure out how to handle Roland." Neither of them objected to my plan at all so I could only assume that they agreed with what I just said. Before we went to sleep however I made it a point to shut the curtains over the window. I doubted that Gyvien wanted to add a nasty sunburn and two piles of ash to her list of things to worry about. However as I was doing this I saw a shape jumping across the rooftops. Was that Koger? I asked myself. I just shook it off since I honestly didn't think it was. Besides I knew that after everything that had happened that nothing else could go wrong tonight.

Could it?

Better watch yourself there Rudy! Those are famous last words!
Rudy from Dawn-What do you know?
Rudy from DBFS-Careful there kid! He bites!
Rudy from Dawn-No I don't!
*both versions of Rudy Summers start to fight with each other*


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23rd December 2002, 11:00 AM
Yuar Oro - M - Vampire

I nodded slightly as Farwell spoke, and soon after silence had settled I felt the gaze of the huntress upon me. I smirked slightly as I gazed out the window... but at teh sudden tingling in my skin I knew some thing.
" We should find a safe place to rest..."
"What?" Farwell asked, gazing at me as if I were crazy.
I sighed, glancing at the two of them.
" Night time isn't going to last much longer. It's midnight. If we continue to search we could get caught in the morning sun... If that happens, I'll be nothing but singed marks."
Liven gazed nervously outside as I nodded towards her...
"And she'll be a red, roasted tomatoe."
Father Farwell sighed, and spoke..
"But Roland could kill more..."
"Most likely he won't. If the sun comes up, he'll feel it and want to find some where safe to sleep for the night. Even if he is a freak with wounds, he won't be any match to bare the pain of the sun. We'll get our rest, and then first thing when the sun goes down we'll go in search. And this time we'll have the whole night... on our side."

There was silence... when suddenly Liven spoke.
" Well.... the vampire-"
"Yuar, please call me Yuar." I said softly, gazing at her with a rather bold gaze.

Gyvien - F - Dampiel

As Myra and Rudy started picking out where they would sleep I got to my feet and made my way over to the wall. My body ached all over... but I would manage. Glancing at those two... I could sense some thing in the air.
Some thing intense happened a while ago... those two seem different towards each other.
I then smirked..
Maybe they finally got over themselves. (she means this not in an arrogant way but in the love way.)

As they both started to lay down, Rudy glanced at me.
" Gyvien... you really need your sleep."
I sighed as I gazed up at the ceiling.
" Before you go to sleep Rudy... I wanted to say some thing."
Rudy slowly got up from where he was going to lie on the floor and walked towards me.
"What is it?"
I sighed... I couldn't believe I was going to say this. Or at least, if you had asked me a few hours ago I wouldn't have believed it... but, I felt some thing. Rudy wasn't like most vampires... I knew that from teh beginning. I just didn't want to accept them into my life... never again. Not since that one night... the night...
Let's just not think about it...
" I'm sorry for saying I would never accept you as my brother."
Rudy seemed a bit shocked by this, and I never gave him a chance to respond.
" I just... well, let me just say if you had my past you would have a dire reason not to like any vampires either. I really don't hate ... your... -our father, I... I guess I just used him as an excuse to have a purpose. You see... long ago... when I as little, I had a bad experience. I mean...- I was an outcast from teh start. Maybe you are an outcast now.. but I don't think by you being born you were one. My mother threw me out... I was left outside alone to die. If it weren't for... well, for a certain young vampire, I would have died. He was the only vampire I learned to trust... and at an older age of about 7 I ran away because he had been attacked by vampires who despised him. It was then that... that..."
I paused... I couldn't tell him the horrible thing that happened after that.
"Let me just say I was sort of abducted by a wild vampire with sick ideas of fun..."
That would put a picture in anyone's mind.

I sighed and turned away from RUdy..
" I guess we got off on the wrong foot because you were a vampire... and then when you said you knew what I had been through because you were an outcast vampire made me a bit more angrier. I'm sorry.."

24th December 2002, 08:46 AM
Liven Dinas

"Yuar, please call me Yuar....." The vampire said in a soft voice. I then looked out the window trying not to look back at the vampire. I could sence Farwell as he got very worried about stopping the carrage until the next night. The hunt for Roland would have to stop until the sun goes down. "Ok...we'll find somwhere to rest until we can go out again..." Farwell stated. He pulled the carrage into a small Motel, it was called the '
Dark Moon Motel "Ok you guys Ill go pay for a room ill be right back..." Farwell said as he opened the door and walked into the motel. I sighed and layed back, i was getting pretty tired.

I was walking down a small part of the town, it was very dark and i couldnt see a thing. "Where am i?" I asked myself. Just as i finished what i said i heard a slight chuckle in the darkness. I went for my two guns but they werent there, my sword wasnt there even. "Oh....no...." I whispered to myself. A dark man started to walk towards me, he was wearing the priest robes.Roland! I thought a little in panic. I quickly ran into an alley and hid behind a dumpster. I heard his foot steps on the hard pavement as he got closer. My heart was beating a mile a minute, then i saw him. He had stopped right next to where i was hidding and laughed aloud. "Oh! Whats the matter Liven! Dont you want to save me again?!" he insanly laughed. My fists were clinched as I ran out of my hidding place and tried to take him down. He just dodged me and grabbed me with one arm, then he went for my neck........Liven.......Liven...Hey!

"AAAAAhhhh!!! Get off meeee!!!" I yelled. I was suddenly back in the carrage, i felt a cold sweat on my neck. Yuar and Farwell were both looking at me i almost started to cry but heald it back. "Are you ok Liven?" Farwell asked concerned. I got out of the carrage, "Yeah...Im ok....Lets go i just need some rest."
Once in the Motel we all found were we would all sleep. There were only two beds and one chair. "Man what a dump this place is....." Yuar stated as he looked around the room. The light was dime and there were big cracks in the wall. "Oh...well..at least we're safe from the sun now.." I said.

25th December 2002, 11:13 PM
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26th December 2002, 11:00 PM
I understand JT wanted to do something, but Im going to write a short little something and maybe give him a boost ^-^
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water Inn, Room 4
:::A few minutes after lights out:::

I couldn't sleep.
It wasnt because I was in a strange place, or because it was too early in the night to sleep. It wasnt even because the soft sounds of Rudy's and Gyvien's breathing as they slept seemed louder in the quiet room. I couldnt sleep because I couldnt stop thinking about everything that happened. Gyvien's story of her past had got me thinking, and my thoughts just kept going in circles.
Humans who were Vampire hunters.
Vampires who were.....Vampire hunters!
Humans who killed their own kind without thinking.
Vampires who would rather talk their way out.
Humans...who could love...

What was I doing here...?
I shook my head as I gazed out of the window at the cloud filled night sky of earth. Earth....
We had come to Earth......to take it back. It had been taken from us by the humans, who tried to kill us all off so they could have it for themselves. But, we were superior!
.....or were we?
I had believed that we were, even earlier today, but I wasnt sure anymore. I had been shown an Earth that was nothing like what I had been told, humans for the most part werent evil, they just wanted to be left alone. They just wanted to live their life in peace, and wasnt that what everyone wanted? To live a happy life with the ones they love?
Something struck me as I thought these things, it felt very familiar. Was that...the reason my parents refused to leave the City of the Night? Was that why they went to live there in the first place? To live their lives together in peace?
Horror struck me as I realised what I had done that day, 2 years ago:
"All those who aren't with us, are against us." Lantis says as he looks down at me with his piercing icy blue gaze. I nod grimly as I knew what I had to do; my mother and father had already said they would not be returning to Earth. They were not with us, so they were against us. And if they were against us....
And if they were against us, they could not be allowed to live.
That was when I was told they had to die, my own mother and father. I hadn't wanted to, not in the least, but Lantis had said that sometimes you had to make sacrifices for the greater good of the race. And when Lantis said something, it was hard to argue....

So I had listened to him, I had done what he said, and I had killed my own mother. Sure, it was Lantis's influence that made me do it, and I didnt know that there was another way, but I refused to make excuses for myself. I had done something horrible and unforgivable, and I couldnt lie to myself and say it was right.
Because Rudy had shown me otherwise.
I jolted out of my thoughts as I heard him mumble in his sleep. Rudy. If he knew what I did, he might not feel the same way about me.... I thought about not telling him, but then realised I couldn't do that. I couldn't lie to him, especially about something like this. Even if he hated me and never trusted me again he had a right to know.
Taking a deep breath I walked over to beside Rudy's bed and gently shook his shoulder. He woke up with a start and sat up quickly. I withdrew my hand and sat on the edge of the bed. "Im sorry to wake you up Rudy...I know you've had a hard night." He could see I was troubled and patted my shoulder comfortingly. "What is it Myra?"
I turned my head to hide my face. "I...need to talk to you....about something..."
I looked into his blue eyes, as blue as Lantis's but worlds apart, and felt tears well up in my eyes. "Something that will make you hate me...."
I took a deep breath and prepared to say it.........
Ok Rudy Im going to let you decide if shes gonna spill the beans!!! lol am I evil or what? ^-~

Master Rudy
27th December 2002, 01:48 AM
Hoo boy! How am I going to go about this one? Well first things first I guess ^_^

Rudy Summers
11:35 PM
Hearing that come from Gyvien was something that helped make my night much better. It made me feel much better knowing that she didn't hate me or our father. I wasn't going to make her talk about all the details of her life if she didn't want to do so. However hearing a little more about it made me understand a little more why she was that way. It seemed as if she blamed her father due to the fact that she really didn't have anyone to blame. We may have both been outcasts but the thing was she was born one. From day one dampiels were treated like dirt. They were looked down upon by humans and for being part vampire and vice versa. I may not have had that problem early on since I only had to deal with humans as a child. However once I had become a hunter that all changed. I was suddenly in the same boat as dampiels and was now being hunted by my own kind. Gyvien and myself may have been the same in some ways but we were also alike in others. She had to deal with this much longer than me and I was sure the stress much have gotten to her over the years.

Once Gyvien had finished talking I got out of my bed for a moment and took a few steps toward her bed. "Sorry about what?" I asked her making my sister a tiny bit confused. It was clear that Gyvien was still in a little pain from the attack earlier tonight but despite this she tried to sit up and look at me. She was having a little bit of trouble doing it so she shifted around to look at me and said "Didn't you hear what I was saying Rudy? I've been treating you like trash most of the night. Hell I even tried to kill you! I'm sure you remember my dagger being aimed at your head while we were in the bar." Walking over to where her weapons were being kept I picked up the dagger in question and said to her "You mean this dagger? It seemed to be more of a warning shot than anything else. You were angry and understandably confused about everything that was going on." Laughing a little as I remembered that situation I added "If you say your sorry to anyone then it should be that wall that felt the full force of that attack." Gyvien shook her head and said "I don't see how you can be so calm. After all want if I had missed my mark and hit you?" I had a big grin as I said the next thing "I guess it would have been a bad time to lose my head then." Hearing groans from both Gyvien and Myra showed I had done my job in thinking of a bad one liner quite well. Gyvien was still trying to get over how bad that was when Myra spoke. "That thing we pulled on your sister earlier was classic but I think what you just said was one of the worst things I've heard in a long time Rudy!" Looking at her I smiled and said with a wink "I think that was the point."

I looked back at Gyvien once she had recovered from that bad joke and started to talk to me again. "So your not upset about everything I had done to you?" she asked. As I placed her dagger back on the table I sat in the chair near her bed and said "Let me tell you something. Once I had found you Oyar had lost his mind. I'm not going to trouble you with the details as to why since you've already got problems with him but me and him have also had a few bad run ins with each other. When I showed up he wanted to know just why I was there. You want to know what I said to him? The first thing I did was let him know who you are." Gyvien laughed a little bit and said "I'm the one who killed his brother. I doubt I needed an intro." Shaking my head I told her "Well he knew who you were. What he didn't know was that your Gyvien Summers." Needless to say that caught her by surprise. Gyvien was about to say something but I stopped her. "I've got a general idea of what you might say so don't. As far as I can remember you never mentioned a last name did you? In any case you've got one now and you sure as hell deserve it. You are my sister after all." Now it was her turn to stop me from talking. "Half sister Rudy. You've got to get it right." As I got up from my seat I smiled at her and said with a wink "Does it really matter that much? We're still family after all." Just then I looked at a clock and saw how late it was starting to get. "Well I'm not going to keep you up any long Gyvien. You need your rest and I have the feeling it'll be a long night tommorow." As I made my way over to my bad again she stopped me for a moment. "Rudy?" she said getting my attention. Turning around to look at her she said "Thanks." With a smile I told her "Anytime." With that I put out the lights and went to bed after making sure the curtains would keep any sunlight out.
@ 12:05 AM
It's happening again.....
Something was shaking me.
Someone was calling my name.
"This can't be happening!"
"Now is not the time for....revenge. Find y-your.....sis...ter......"

Suddenly I snapped awake. For a few moments I was unaware of what was going on around me. I always fell asleep quickly but the one thing that sometimes made it hard to stay asleep was that nightmare of what happened to me a little over a year ago. Just then I noticed what had woken me up. Sitting at the end of my bed was Myra. At first I figured she much have heard me talking in my sleep and was worried. However it was clear that something was really bothering her. "I'm sorry to wake you up Rudy. I know you've had a hard night." Sitting up I said "It's ok. What is it Myra?" She turned away from me for a moment and said "I need to talk to you....about something." I had no idea what was on her mind but it was obvious that this was something that she was trying to avoid. As she looked back toward me I got a clear look at her face. Despite the darkness in the room there was just enough light to clearly see the tears as they fell from Myra's eyes. "It's something that will make you hate me" she said. I had no idea where this was headed but I was already getting a bad feeling about it. What she said really worried me. While I was always very understanding I knew that it must have been bad if she was thinking things like that. I pulled her toward myself and hugged her as I spoke. "Listen to me Myra. You might think that I'll hate you but I swear that won't change my opinion of you." She pulled away from me and said "But you don't understand. There's no easy way to put this so I'm just going to go ahead and say it. About two years ago I was responsible for the death of my own mother."

Whoa! Time out! Did she just say what I think she said?

The thing that Myra had told me was quite possibly the most shocking thing I had ever heard. However now that she had said it things became much more clear as I started to think back to when we were introducing ourselfs at the bar. As she was telling her story there was one thing that was said which made me uneasy all night long:

"That was the last time I ever saw him, though I can't say Im sorry he's gone." I said with darkness in my voice. The man looked even more curious. "What happened?" he asked, leaning in slightly as he waited for me to answer.
I folded my hands and paused before continuing. "Well, that night, a few of the old generation vampires decided that some changes had to be made, that they were tired of living in the City of the Night. They wanted to return to Earth, because it is the vampire birthright to rule Earth, and it had been without rule for too long. So they did away with everyone who was less than worthy of the title Noblemen. Everyone who renounced thier aristocratic birthright, everyone who refused to return to Earth to claim back the night. My father, who once told me to be proud, forgot his own advice and became passive, as if he were one of the filthy human cattle. My mother also, ignoring the gift of becoming a noble acted like the human she once was and spoke out against returning to Earth. So I renounced them."

Holy s***! She wasn't as obvious at that point but she clearly said it then as well! Why didn't I pick up on that?!

In any case I tried not to think about it. I was not about to judge Myra on something she did in the past. No matter how bad it was it was just something I wouldn't do. I knew I might have been blinded by my feelings for her but I knew people could change. Today's enemies could become your allies in the future while your best friends could turn on you. In this day and age nothing was certain anymore. As I got up out of the bed I could clearly see the fear in her face at what I might do. Looking at her I put out my hand to help her up and said "Just relax. Your acting like I'm about to strike you down." She may have been upset but she could still be taken by surprise. As she got up I went over and opened the window. Turning back to her I said "If we're going to talk about this we better do it on the roof. I trust Gyvien and I'm sure she trusts me at this point but we've both seen how quickly she can act. It's not a risk I want to take." Stepping out of the window I started to fly up to the roof. While on my way up I looked down to make sure Myra was behind me and didn't try to take off. She was slowly making her way up as well. As I set foot on top of the inn I started to think about what she said. When she had told me what had happened I could clearly hear the remorse in Myra's voice and it was obvious that she knew she had made a huge mistake. I sat down on the roof and she did the same as well but it seemed as if she were keeping her distance. Looking at the moon I sighed and took a deep breath. As I looked at her I said "I'm going to hold true to my word. I won't judge you on something that happened a long time ago. Just keep in mind the Myra I'm talking to now is not the same one from two years ago." She nodded as she wiped away some of her tears. I took another breath and said in a calm voice "Perhaps it would be best to start from the beginning."

Man I thought I would never get done with this one! Anyway it's my turn to be evil as I pass this back to Asi!
*does his Vegeta impression*
Speak woman! Explain yourself!!!!

lol j/k ^_~

27th December 2002, 07:16 PM

I had walked into a small allyway. I stopped at the entrance and listened for any sound of breathing. *huff....huff...* I heard a small panting comeing from a dumpster. I grinned and walked up to it, my glasses were shinning from the street lamp. "Come out where ever you are!" I giggled as i reached into the top of the dumpster. I snatched the little boy from his sitting space and yanked him out violently. "Ahh! Hey let me go you dumba$$!" Skyler yelled as he kicked again. "Well! you almost got away! Its been fun though! But now its time...to, let me say....die?" I aked grabbing his head once again and pushing it back. I beared my fangs and lowered my head. Skyler was kicked me in the stomach, i could feel it brusing. "Oh child! Dont fight!" I said getting closer. My fangs made it to his warm neck, i bit down. My fangs sank into his neck making his warm blood wash into my mouth. He started to scream as i drank.
As he went limp i noticed that my strength started to weaken. I opened my eyes wide and took my fangs out of his neck. "Wah.....what the hell!! Whats happening to me!?" I asked myself as i dropped the limp Skyler to the ground. My sight was dimming a little and i started to sway. I managed to stummble down to some stairs to sit down. I held my head as i felt my fangs turn to normal. "What!? NO, i cant be changing! I though drinking his blood i would become stronger!" I screamed into the night. I felt everything change back to normal, back to being a weak worthless human! I turned and looked at the boy who was starting to get up, he was holding his neck. "You......You little piece of shi...." I was cut off as everything went blank.
I dont want Roland to die so dont kill him. :)

27th December 2002, 07:39 PM
Oh goody...

Oh well...at least he didn't spit back up...
I touched the two holes in my neck, burning. The holes burned, being bitten by a vampire, stung. I stared at the wretched monster, on the ground, groining. I took his sword, raised it above my head and...


It was like there was a shoulder angel and a shoulder devil fighting in my mind, trying to take over...trying to convince me to do their will, tearing me apart.

"Don't do it Skyler," my mind would whisper. "That wont solve anything."

"Do it," the other part of my mind would whisper. "Kill him. Make him suffer, like he did to you."

"No, you shouldn't. Don't be as low as that wretched beast."

"HA HA! You know you want to kill him. KILL HIM! Follow your gut. End this madman's life."


"NOOOOOOO!" I cried, mind torn from the mental strain. I let the sword dive toward Roland's body, Roland's heart, ready to strike death upon his tainted soul.

"Don't do it Skyler!"

My sword fell to the ground as I heard those words.

I turned around, and their was Father Farwell.

Ultimate Charizard
27th December 2002, 10:12 PM
Sorry im late but i need to see some Blood....Flying that is, my char doesnt feed of humans lol.

Name: Wynder
Age: 19
Species: QuarterVamp (75%Human)
Side: Human
Gender: Male
Looks: About 6'2" brown hair and blue eyes. Modestly built but still quite strong. Wears a black tshirt and blue jeans with his trademark Black fingerless gloves. Sometimes wears a black trenchcoat.
Personality: Likes to joke around if possible but will stand up for anything he believes in. Hates to see bullies, even if a female vamp is being attacked by a male he will defend her. Very loyal to those that earn his respect. Usually leaps before he thinks and likes to make wisecracks.
Family: None living (as far as he's concerned anyway)
History: His Vampire blood was discovered early and he was kicked out of home, wandered the streets before being take in by a fellow Quartervamp. He was taught to fight and survive before setting out to make it on his own.
Weapon: A black handled Katana and a handgun(like blades)
Other: Although has Vampire blood is still partially vulnerable to the Vampire Aura. Either that or he just has a weakspot for female Vaps ;)


I hated this place....it was crawling with scum. I entered the town under the cover of darkness. Such a funny concept since the most dangerous creatures and indeed my enemies thrived in darkness. The streets were deserted and a cold wind blew, throwing my coat open.
A man staggered out of a local bar, quickly followed by another and they attempted to prop each other up. Such fools, the danger around them, being so vulnerable and weak when those that would prey on them are at their strongest. "Ignorance is Bliss"

I continued past as they started singing and apparently one noticed me.
"Hey....Oi..Dave, look at this" slurred the larger man. "Dressed all dark, wandering the streets at this hour and he 'int' even pi$$ed"
His friend began to laugh "He must be one of them Vampires......wooooo scary" they both laughed, the alcohol on their breath noticeable even from a distance, and headed off down the street, thankfully not wanting to cause trouble.

"Ignorance may be bliss, but it seems Stupidity is preffered around here."
I continued on to the local Inn, since i would be staying id need a place to stay. As i approached the building i looked up. Two figures could be seen on the roof. Suspicions arose, not a normal habit for humans but not exactly proof that they were something....else.
I knocked on the large door and a small hatch slid open. "Sorry, Were closed, no rooms" The hatch immediately slammed closed and the Suspicions grew. I looked through a small window and saw a man, probably the landlord as he entered a back room and closed the door behind him.
"Guess its the busy season" i muttered as I stepped back, again catching sight of the two figures before noticing a small window open on the side of the building.

"Something isnt right here" i muttered, "And im going to find out what"

28th December 2002, 11:55 PM
lol Well, Im finally going to explain myself, even though Im not quite sure how you explain something like that! O.O Well I'll think of something ^-^
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water Inn, the Roof
The cold night air blew softly as I wiped the tears from my eyes. Though it was a hard thing to talk about, I knew I had to tell him everything, and it wouldnt do to tell a story and be sobbing the whole way through it. I closed my eyes and took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself. Once I felt like I could speak without sounding choked up I turned my attention to Rudy. "..Ok..." I said, sitting a little closer than I had before so I wouldnt have to speak so loud. But where to begin? When was it that everything had been put in motion?
Suddenly I felt as though the memories were flooding out.
"My parents never liked talking about Earth," I started talking without realising it, deep in my own memories. "Whenever I asked they always said it brought back too many painful memories. I always wondered about Earth, I had never been there. I was always curious as a child, I wanted to know everything. And since my parents wouldn't tell me, I had to ask someone else..
"My curiosity was noticed by an ancient vampire named Lantis. He saw my thirst for knowlege and told me all about Earth: an Earth full of animalistic humans, who bumble around and pretend to own a world that rightfully belonged to us. He spoke of when we were chased from our world by these lowly beasts, how they tried to kill thier rightful rulers and inherit something they didnt deserve. How they--" I stopped short as I saw a look of horror grow on Rudy's face as I spoke. I winced. "Im sorry, but I had been told those things all my life...now that Ive seen Earth first-hand I know that its different..."
Rudy saw my distress and placed a hand on my hand. "Its ok...please continue."
I nodded. "Lantis had been planning the re-take of Earth for a long time, and about two years ago he set everything into motion. I was like his little assistant, I looked up to him as my teacher and would do anything for him. Thats when......" I could hear my voice starting to waver so I stopped for a few moments. When I spoke again my voice was steady. "Thats when I was given my first assignment, to kill my Mother."
Telling all this to Rudy was like re-living it, only this time I felt full force the horror of what I had done. I looked at him with desperate eyes. "I was told she was a threat, she didnt know what was best for our race. Lantis said so... " I stopped talking and stood up, thoughroly disgusted with myself. "But theres no excuse for what Ive done."
I looked at Rudy, and saw the look on his face. He probably thought I was a monstor, and who could blame him? Despair welling up inside me, I took off the ring he gave me and held it up to him. "I'd understand if you didnt want me to have this anymore...." I said with sadness in my voice. Even though I didnt forgive myself and I didnt think anyone else could, I still had a small hope that Rudy could forgive me. I watched him nervously, wondering what he would do.....
Ok Rudy, part two ^-~

Master Rudy
29th December 2002, 01:18 AM
Rudy Summers
12:15 AM
As I heard everything Myra was telling me I grew sick and it wasn't because of what she had done. The actions that this Lantis had taken were some of the worst things I had heard in sometime. Even so I had to admit it was smart and effective. He sounded like the type that could have easily finished off all that opposed him on his own. However why do such a thing when you could trick others into doing it for you by feeding them lies? Also as an added bonus it would give him allies at the same time. It may have been true that Myra had a hand in this but I felt it wasn't really her fault. There was no doubt that Gyvien would have disagreed with me but it was what I believed. In my mind I thought that Lantis was the one responsible for all this. As much as a danger Roland was at the moment I now knew that he was a tiny little bug compared to this guy. That alone was saying quite a lot since the main thing I was concerned with was dealing with him first. Now I was focused on nothing but helping Myra get revenge on him.

While I was taking the time to think about all this and process the information Myra had taken the ring I had given to her off and was trying to give it back to me. "I'd understand if you didn't want me to have this anymore" she said to me with a sad look on her face. Taking the ring from her I looked down at it for a moment before grabbing Myra's hand and putting it back on for her. I wasn't really sure how to go about this situation so I tried to be as honest and truthful about it as I could. "That isn't exactly something you can forget" I started to say. "I'm not going to lie to you Myra. It may be only a few years. It could be a thousand. Hell it might even be forever. In any case this is something your going to regret for as long as you live. You might have had a hand in doing this to your family but I don't think it's your fault at all. If there is anyone to blame for the murder of your family it's Lantis. He used you and I'm sure many others to try and reach his goal."

As I finished Myra looked at me as if she was unsure that she heard me right. While I couldn't read minds I had a pretty good idea that she was thinking After telling him that he still insists on helping me? "But......I don't understand" she choked out still seemingly a bit upset over having to relive memories as painful as those. With a weak smile I said "Well I did say I wasn't going to judge you for something in the past didn't I? In the end I don't think what someone did in the past matters much. All it does is show what someone was like a long time ago and in most cases decide what a person will be like the rest of their life. However people can change. What really matters is what you do in the present and the future." Myra was about to say something but broke down and started to cry some more. Moving closer to her I gently pulled her near me and tried to comform her. Despite the fact that she was upset I knew that she was relieved over the way this was turning out. Looking up toward the moon I started to think about Lantis. I didn't even know the guy and I already had a very strong dislike for him. Somehow I knew I was going to be in way over my head but I didn't care. He had to pay for this if it was the last thing I did.

How could you do this to her you bastard......

It should be pretty clear where Rudy stands on this whole situation. I'll leave it up to Asilynne to decide if Myra and Rudy are going to finally call it a night or stay on the roof and possibly have a confrontation with Wynder or the roaming Koger.

29th December 2002, 01:53 AM
OMG! I have a perrrrfect way of tying this all together. If you catch me on MSN, I'll tell yah... other wise to you guys right now it will be a myyyystery!

Gyvien - F - Dampiel
(some time between when Rudy talked to her and to Myra- so everyone is currently sleeping during when this takes place.)

" You got away from me... "
A voice called to me, and I shivered...
"... you have managed to stay away for so long, 'tis a beautiful thing how you have changed..."
The lingering words seemed to come from a snake... darkness was around me..
"... but I have returned and now I have found you. I know where you are... I can sense you. I will come back. I will reclaim what is mine... -"
I tried to breath... I couldn't!

I jolted out of my sleep, breathing heavily as I shook violently from the dream.
"No..." I whispered, glancing up at ceiling. My body was tingling however... my senses were sharpened and I felt my vampiric side for killing rising. I felt my anger churn and my human side dwindle... I winced and hugged my abdomin as it heaved with pain, but I nimbly rose to my feet. I knew that the dream wasn't fake... it was a vison of some thing to come.
I swallowed hard, as my whole body trembled with memories from my past flooding back to me, the horrible images... the dreaded nights- the vampiric feast... the sacrifice... the pain, the violation...
I forced the memories away, but they came at me hard that I staggered slightly. ...
Not him... not now!
I looked over to see RUdy and Myra sleeping contently, and I softly withdrew a breath. If my vision was right... which I could outright sense easily- then they were in danger by I staying here. Despite all my teachings... they didn't deserve to get involved. They had Roland to worry about... and to tell the truth- I truely didn't care if he killed or not. He wasn't my problem truthfully... I had only wanted to kill him in the first place because of his Vampiric blood- but now... now... I had m ore pressing matters. No need for them to be involved. No... reason...
[i]Rudy would disagree... he would want to help... - perhaps.
It seemed to be in Rudy's nature to help, but his personality was still yet to be revealed.. it was hard tojudge a person by one night even if he was your half brother.
"Sorry Rudy..." I whispered, as I quickly tiptoed painfully to the corner. Despite the damned blood with in me, my wound upon my thigh and abdomin were extremely sharp, along with my left shoulder. Despite that, I slipped on my boots and grabbed the jacket Rudy gave me. It wasn't as long as my old one... so I made a mental note first thing tommorow night to go get another. Reaching across Rudy gently I grabbed the dagger he sat upon the table. It felt good to be in my hand again... and I swiftly placed it back in my boots. I found my other daggers and my gun in another corner, and put those in their respective places upon my body as well.

When it was all said and done... I stood there, in front of the shaded window and glanced at the two figures upon the floor again. I could almost hear the protesting words... but I ignored the idea. Best not to get them involved... this was my matter, and my past... if they tried to get involved, they would just end up getting either in the way or getting killed.
I can't do that ... I can't let them.

The clock showed it was 11:50, and I quicky undid the shade. The night sky was still sparkling... and I knew I had some time until about 3 o'clock before I should worry. I nimbly undid the window and slowly slipped out. There was a ledge for my foot to be... and I stood upon it. The night air was crisp and cool... so I quickly reached around the window inside and pulled the shade down again. Smiling softly, I closed the window and shook my head.
"Goodbye brother... and goodbye Myra." With that I leapt off the ledge upn the ground, and instantly I gave a soft cry as I collapsed upon the ground. The pain seered... but I gritted my teeth and stood up slowly. Shivering slightly, I wrapped my jacket around me and started to walk down the streets... I would travel down the city until around 2:30 if needed be, until I would search for a place to crash for the night.

Silence was evident all around me... for only my footsteps upon the ground and an occasional bark of the dog was heard. I felt uneasy as I briskfully walked... gritting my teeth, feeling very vulnerable with my condition. Still...
If Oyar thought he was dangerous, then he doesn't know a thing about being powerful..
I thought bitterly, as I walked a bit faster just thinking about it..
The dream was so real... so horrible...
I gulped slightly, and just kept walking...

29th December 2002, 10:24 PM
Wow, Rudy, that post you did was just awesome. Youve done some good posts but that takes the cake, it was so powerful! If I could Id put that whole thing for best quote ^-~

Hm....desicions desicions.....^-^ Well, hopefully something will just come to me! ^-^()
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water Inn, the Roof
If it were any other night, under any other circumstances, and anywhere else but Rudy's arms, I wouldve hated myself for crying like I was at that moment. But a lifetime of holding back any pain I felt, plus the relief I felt from Rudy's support made it so I didnt care. I realised that I had needed to let it all out for a long time. So, on the roof of the inn, under the moonlight of Earth, I did.
I dont know how long I stood there crying into Rudy's shirt, but after a while the tears stopped and left me feeling physically and mentally exhausted. I took a deep shuddering breath, I felt a lot calmer than I had in a long while.
What Rudy had said really touched me. "People can change. What really matters is what you do in the present and the future." I would do things different from now on. I would write my own present and future, and I would not allow anyone to control me again. For the first time, I felt free.
"Thank you Rudy," I said softly, my voice once again sounding stable. Rudy didnt seem to hear me. I then noticed that he was holding me very tightly and he seemed very tense. I put a hand on his chest and pushed away slightly so I could see his face. "Rudy.....?"
His eyes were squeezed shut and he was gritting his teeth, his fangs showing slightly. I had never seen Rudy so angry. "Whats wrong?!"
He realised that he was squeezing me and loosened his grip, though his face was still set in an angry expression. His eyes had a dangerous glint in them as he spoke. "This Lantis will not get away with what he's done." He pulled away from me and walked to the edge of the roof, looking out into the night. "He deserves to die for what he did to you."
At first I was shocked at hearing Rudy say that, he sounded so....deadly. But then I stood up straight and walked over to him, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. "Listen Rudy, I want him to pay too. He lied to me and ruined my life. He took my past, but he cant have my future." He just stared at me so I continued. "Your exhausted, youve already been in one fight for your life tonight. Dont gamble on trying to survive another." My almost stern voice grew soft again, and I smiled slightly. "Because if you died I would NEVER forgive you.."
His shoulders slumped as he smiled wearily. "Well, then I guess I had better not die," he said, his face finally beginning to relax. I smiled, relieved. I knew that our troubles werent over but for the moment anyway things were calm.
He shook his head and smiled wryly as we began to float back down to the window. "It has been a really hard night, hasn't it?"
I nodded. "What a first night on Earth..If I wouldve known it would have been like this, I might have just stayed home." I said, a small joking smile on my face.
I looked at Rudy and thought about everything that had happened that night. "Then again," I said warmly. "Maybe I wouldnt.."

As we lay down to go to sleep, both of us were too tired to notice that things werent as they should be...

Holy Crap that took me FOREVER! Writers block sucks! And if my post sucked, then sue me! x.x The little Goku's on my wallpaper were mocking me....
Ok, Rudy, JT, take it away!
BTW this is probably going to be my last post until next week, Im going home tomorrow. Ciao! ^-^

31st December 2002, 02:29 AM
Well, for some reason Im still here so Im gonna post for Father Farwell ^-^()
I know Frank had him in his post so I figured Id do a little something to make that possible :D
----Father Farwell----

Roland had found Skyler, had bitten him. He obviously didnt know it would change him back.....
Skyler sees him on the ground, immoble....he looks at him with hate, and raises his sword, about to kill.....
Don't do it Skyler!!!!" I shout. He stops. "F....Father Farwell...." He drops his sword and walks to me.
"Don't kill him, because if you do you'll only become a monstor like the ones your trying to stop..."
"But Father, he...."
I shake my head. "No. He can do no more harm now. Don't taint yourself with his wicked blood. His will come on Judgement Day, and he will pay for his evil ways. Do not be dragged down with him, my child...."
The scene starts to fade, as Skyler nods. "Ok Father....."

"Father...Father Farwell!"
I woke up with a start. It took me a minute to realise that I was not in the alleys of Wood Water City, but in our hotel room at the Dark Moon Motel. I shook my head. "What..?"
Liven waved a hand over my face. "Are you ok? Youve been staring at the same page for 30 minutes!"
I looked down at the Bible in my hands, the words "Thou shalt not kill" looking back at me. I took off my reading glasses and rubbed my eyes. What was that I had witnessed? A daydream, or had that actually happened? Was Skyler alright?
"I......have a strange feeling, Liven. I.....I want you to go back to Wood Water City."
She looked surprised and offended. "What?! And miss all the fun? Father, you know that its not too dangerous----"
"Im not worried about your safety Liven." I cut her off. "I know you can take care of yourself. But I feel that something has happened there, and the boy Skyler might need your help. So Im asking you to find him."
Liven sighed, but she knew I wouldnt ask unless it was something for the best. "O.....k....." She said, standing up and getting her weapons. "But you guys better not leave without me!" She gave Yuar a look that said 'Watch yourself' before she stormed out the door. Yuar sighed and causually looked in my direction.
"Well, isnt she quite the firecracker..."
Just a little thing so Frank isnt wandering about by himself with nothing to do ^-^()

31st December 2002, 09:09 PM
I stood there as the image of Father Farwell faded away.

"Father! Come back!"

Was that real, or just a figure of my imagination. I ran toward where I saw Farwell...but he wasn't there...he wasn't there. I was losing it...seeing things in my mind...


"Hey kid, your awake!"


His name was Ace. He found me on the streets one day and took me in. He was like a brother to me, he taught me how to steal to for food, to live on the streets, to survive. He was like a brother. He didn't care if I was a half-breed, he was my friend...


"Sky! Get out of here!"

"No way Ace, I'm not leaving you here!"

"Get out of here!"

It was just another street fight...or so I though. Knifes, chains, beer bottles, it was just like he told me. He told me to never back out, to fight back.

"Go now," he cried. He threw a pocket knife at me. It was smooth and white, the one I had in my pocket now. "I found this knife when I found you! Take it and go!"

I ran. Before long, I heard a gunshot. Tears streamed down my eyes...he would have been ashemed of me, crying...I knew that it was over...


I got up off the ground. How long have I been on the ground?Was I going insane? What was happening to me? Why do I keep seeing things? I stared at the fallen sword, on the ground, gleaming in the moonlight. I went over to pick it up, and then Roland grabbed my leg!

"Heh! Stupid dampiel! Bite me now!"

"And start this all over again! Over my dead body!" I cried.

"Oh...you soon will be..."
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Master Rudy
1st January 2003, 01:50 AM
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Ok I'm not too sure what Kalah has in mind so I guess all I can really do is hope this doesn't ruin her plans. Also since the night is half over I'm going to set the time for sunrise as 6 AM provided that Asi doesn't mind ^_~

Rudy Summers
12:22 AM
5 hours and 38 minutes to sunrise
As me and Myra went back inside our room I was thinking about how I was up on that roof. Normally I was a very calm person but once people started to mess with my family and friends that was it. Sometimes I worried even myself when I got like that. I had been provoked several times in the past and each time the results were quiet deadly. However for the time being I figured it might be best to just keep it off my mind. When it came to thinking about the lies Lantis fed to Myra I just couldn't stop myself from getting angry over it. I knew that if we managed to win the battle against him that he would be begging for someone else to kill him because I was going to make sure he suffered for all the innocent lives he destroyed.

As I layed down in my bed I just looked up at the ceiling for a few moments as I tried to shake those ideas from my head. It would be a bad thing if I focused on it too much now. There was always time for that later. Turning onto my side I was about to close my eyes and get back to sleep when something caught my attention. I wasn't sure if my mind was playing tricks on me so I sat up and looked over at the table where Gyvien's weapons were. I was expecting to see her gun along with her dagger but instead there was nothing. Getting out of the bed once again I went over to the table and flipped on the lamp. All I could do was hope I that I didn't see what I was expecting as I looked at her bed. However sure enough Gyvien wasn't there. "You've got to be kidding me!" I said out loud. Gyvien had left on her own and not even said a word. Normally I wouldn't worry but she was't fully healed from Oyar's attack earlier in the night. Franticly I started to grab my weapons and boots from around the room. Looking at Myra's bed as I got ready to leave I said "Hey Myra! I hate doing this to you after the night we've had but I'm afraid this night isn't over yet." Rather than get an answer I got nothing but quiet. Once I had my boots on I walked over to her bed to find her already sleeping. She fell asleep pretty fast. Then again after the night she's had I can't really blame her.

I was debating on leaving her alone to rest but I knew it wouldn't be the right thing to do. If she woke up to find both me and my sister gone then chances are she would really start to worry. Giving her a light shake so slowly woke up. In a tired voice she asked "What's going on Rudy?" Pointing at Gyvien's bed I said "I hate doing this but I'm going to have to leave. Gyvien has gone missing." Sitting up she seemed a bit confused as to when it could have happened but neither of us said a word. We were both so out of it that it would have been easy for her to slip out before Myra had woken me up. As I made sure I had everything Myra suddenly said "I'm going with you." Turning to her I was about to object but I knew better than to do so. After what had happened between us earlier I knew that she wouldn't let me go alone. As she got her own things together I took a moment to warn her and lay out a few things about what we should do. "You don't have to do this Myra but I'm sure we both know I can't stop you. Whatever you do out there watch out for hunters. I'm sure I don't have to remind you of what happened at the bar. Whenever some of their own die they usually double their numbers and search for whoever did it. After that rat Koger exposed us I'm pretty sure most people are going to be looking out for us since we were the ones in the area those hunters were patrolling. As for searching for Gyvien keep in mind that we've got to be back here within five hours." While she was putting her boots on Myra looked at me and said "Would I be right in assuming that is when the sun will be coming out?" Nodding I said "We've got a bit more time than that but there is no sense in risking it. Unless your feeling a bit suicidal then make sure your back here by 5:30 AM." With a bit of a smile I tossed in as a joke "I didn't fall in love with a pile of ash did I?"

Finally we were almost ready to go. However as Myra was grabbing her cape I started to think about something. Earlier in the night during one of her many fights with my sister Myra said something about not being defenseless and yet I hadn't seen her pull out a single weapon. I was sure she wasn't lying but I knew I'd feel better if she at least had something she could use. Walking over to my closet I started to look through the clothes I had here until I came across my other katana. It was a bit old and didn't have as long of a reach as the one I used now but that didn't mean it was any less deadly. As I turned back toward Myra I saw she was giving me a funny look. "Sorry if I'm being a bit nosey but it looks like you've got everything you own here. Don't you have a place to live Rudy?" she asked me. With a sigh I said "Well I use to. It all goes back to the night my father died. Our home was attacked and destroyed that night. Once the innkeeper said I could use this room whenever I wanted I went back to salvage what I could and brought it here. I may travel around but I guess you could can this city my home now. Anyway I think you should take this Myra." Stepping behind her I helped her with getting it on and made sure she would be able to grab it easily if she needed to use it. As I was doing this I said "I believed you when you said you weren't defenseless but I think it's better to be safe than sorry."

Once she was also ready to go Myra turned around to face me for a moment and hug me. As she did that she said "Thanks Rudy. I'm sure it'll be a big help." I smiled at her and then walked over to the window. Looking down on the street below I made sure no one was around before jumping out. Looking up I saw Myra was about to jump but I shook my head. "Don't do that" I said. "We'll stay together but you take the rooftops. This way one of us will be able to see a bit more of the area around us." As she nodded Myra started to hover just outside the window. While doing that she closed it but made sure to leave it open just a crack so we could get back in that way later. Once it was done she flew up to the roof and our search for Gyvien begun. For several minutes we walked without seeing anything. Suddenly from around a street corner I heard some voices. Quickly I jumped up to the roof with Myra as they came into view. Down below two hunters one male and one female were walking by and there was no doubt that we were the ones they were looking for. "So what do these vampires look like again?" the male had asked. The woman who seemed to be the leader said "Well the two of them look young but as we know you can never be sure with those bloodsucking bastards. Witnesses said the girl had long white hair and red eyes while....." Just then the guy stopped her and said "Did you say white hair? Who in their right mind would dye their hair that color?" The woman sighed and said "They weren't kidding when they said they stuck me with a rookie. Vampires sometimes have natural hair colors that humans would never be able to get without dye. Anyway the guy was said to have short bl......."

At that point the two of them had gotten out of our hearing range. I was slightly amused and yet worried at the same time however. The woman who was acting like some kind of hotshot also seemed to be a bit of a rookie. Hunters were suppose to be alert at all times and yet both of them were hardly paying attention and passed right by us. Myra scoffed at them and said "If they only knew just how close we were." As I watched them go down the street I said "I hope nothing happens to those two. If they don't pay more attention then both of them aren't going to live very long. They should be lucky we're not the way people must be making us out to be. It would have been so easy for us to just jump down and bite them before they had any idea what the hell had happened." Looking at Myra I could see she was a bit indifferent about the whole thing and didn't seem to care either way. However by now she must have known that I didn't want to see anyone who was innocent get hurt. Of course this time around I wasn't out to help hunters. Getting back on track I pointed at the opposite end of the building we were on and said "Well we should move on. I'm going to go check on the street down there." After I jumped down again we continued our search for Gyvien. I knew we would really need to watch out hunters at this point. Just because we had seen two inexperienced ones that didn't mean they would all be that way. Even if we did run into some more newbies me and Myra had to remember they had the advantage. We were pretty much outnumbed and it wouldn't take much for us to be overpowered after awhile. We may have been vampires and we may have been stronger but not many were able to take a group larger than six or seven on their own. As I walked on the street I could only hope nothing went wrong. However what I didn't know was that more trouble was just around the corner......

I have a few things in mind so for the time being I would prefer it if the only ones who get involved are JT, Kalah and Asi. Also once you see this message send me an e-mail or PM Kalah. This plan has to do with Gyvien but it's not going to work if you've already got something planned yourself. I don't want to go ahead with it if you already have something in mind and I need to check first

1st January 2003, 03:42 PM
Yuar Oro - M - Vampire

I nodded as Liven walked off, and then turned my head to Father Farwell.
"Do you think it was wise?"
"What?" The priest looked at me, as I gave him a wary gaze.
"To send her off on her own when sunset will becoming soon? There are many ... things, out there... which could attack her. She should have some one go with her."

The priest hesitated, and then glanced at me.
"I think she can take care of herself... she has good abilities."
I shrugged as I leaned agained the wall.
" If you say so... "

Gyvien - F - Dampiel

I walked a few steps down the streets as I sighed, feeling my aches and pains all over but luckily, ever since I was little I was pretty good at consentrating on other things to ignore the pain. Ever since I was little I had to know how to do that...
And with that freak roaming about, I'm gonna have to make sure I'm ready for him.
I shivered at the thought of him... he still haunted me in my nightmares, still whispered in the wind, and memories still flashed in my field of vision as well... those horrible... trecherous...

I stopped and took a breath as I closed my eyes, and then moved onward again. I never could forget him... never...
I ... I ..
I couldn't even think about it anymore.. it was too hard and I didn't want to be reminded about what the freak vampire did.

I need... some things then.
I flashed a grin, as I turned off the alleyway onto one of the main roads. It was risky buisness... there were no humans out tonight- not with Vampires roaming all over. Sure I had to watch not only vampires themselves, but half-blood hunters. I could deal with humans... it was the vampires that were the only skills. And no doubt Oyar was roaming about... the pathetic slime.
I continued to walk down the main street.. occasionally I'd see a figure and slip into the shadowed alleyways, clutching my gun inside Rudy's jacket that he gave me. It was a bit short... but I'd fix that soon enough.

After scavenging the area for what closed stores were around, finally I saw a good clothing store, and quickly made my way around to back to it. I pressed my fingers around the door to find it wasn't too thick. So, I put my hand in my pocket to gather my pins and-
"Sh*t, not my jacket.... no pins here."
I cursed a few choice words, until finally I just took one of my thinner daggers and picked at the simple-locked door. After struggling with it for a bit... finally it clicked open and I pushed my way inside. I narrowed my eyes and glanced about... and saw that strangely, the secriuty system wasn't activated. I blinked, thinking how... curious that was. Shrugging, I walked inside and quickly searched in the darkness for my ingredients.

Soon I had found the perfect jacket: Black, soft leather but not too heavy and very movable for quick movement. It was long and reached halfway to my calves, and had tight arms, except flared out around the wrists. I grinned, and quickly took all my belonging off Rudy's given jacket and placed them in this new jacket. I cut off all the tages, and soon had my new jacket upon me. I then grabbed two gloves, cut off the fingers and slipped them over my hands as well. A studded, black dog-like collar was also found, which I thought suited my touch. I placed that around my neck as well, and found it fitted nicely. I found two more like it, except smaller and in a blood-red color, and not has heavily studded. They were for wrists, and I put on one of them on my left wrist. I laughed slightly at myself, and equipped myself with one more item- a crimson red tank top. I put that on as well, after a painful try at making my shoulder not ache when moving my arm.

I was ready... so swift as I could I left, and I needed only one more store.

I quickly found a drug store, which was far easier to break into. That required only a swift blow to the lock with my gun to bust the door. I did have to break into the medicine cabnet.. but that required just a swift kick to shatter the glass. I was a bit messier... but I was getting hurried by the ebbing voices in the back of my head about.. him. I grabbed the heavy painkillers that wouldn't down my sensories, and a few pins.

I was out of there quickly... and after taking a few of the pills, my body was feeling abit better. Sighing, I turned into one of the alleyways, and thought about what actions to do now...

Master Rudy
2nd January 2003, 07:31 PM
Time to set things into motion here. Remember that for now I only want Asi, Kalah and JT to do anything. Also be warned that this next area isn't going to be very friendly so expect some nasty things along with some bad language.

Rudy Summers
About 1 AM
For about the past half hour or so me and Myra had searched for my sister. However so far there was no sign of Gyvien around in this area. In fact except for a clothing store that looked like it had been broken into recently there was no sign of anyone at all. I knew Gyvien could take care of herself but I was starting to get a little worried. Pretty soon we would be entering a rough area of Wood Water known for it's high number of vampires. I felt that only fools that were unprepared would go into such a place and it wasn't uncommon for many bodies to start turning up during the day. The worst part was that even the most experienced hunters avoided the area during the night due to the high risk of traveling there. It got to be so bad that after awhile it became known as the 'Blood District' among vamps because it was so easy to get a meal there. In my opinion it deserved that nickname.

As me and Myra entered the Blood District I motioned for her to join me down on the street. Once she had done so I took a moment to explain to her just how bad things were around here. "I don't think you'll need to worry about running into hunters while your around here" I told her. "Don't be surprised if you find some bodies around the area or see a vampire or two feeding on someone. Chances are if you enter this area and are not a vampire or dampiel that you won't be leaving alive." As she nodded I said "It may sound bad but for us it's pretty safe. Usually you can easily get around with no questions asked. It's the quickest way to the south side of the city but due to the high amount of danger in this area hunters and humans try to avoid it at all costs. Gyvien is the type of person that wouldn't care about the danger so I'm sure that if she were heading toward the south that she would have passed by here. For now maybe we should spilt up. We'll go our seprate ways for now and meet back in this area in about an hour." Myra seemed to like the idea and I couldn't blame her. Since running into me this was her first chance to look around on her own. Granted it wasn't the best place to take a tour of the city but she was able to take care of herself. If anyone did try to mess with her I would be quite surprised.

As we seprated Myra took the main road while I went down an allyway and then down another road. Not even five minutes passed before I came across a woman's body. She was clearly the victim of a vampire attack but that wasn't what caught my attention. The blood still smelled and looked fresh. Chances were whoever killed her wasn't very far away. After a few more minutes I came across two more bodies. This time however it was a bit more grusome. One of them was a woman and was also killed by a vampire. The other was a guy and was cut open right down the middle exposing his innards. If I had been a human chances were the sight would have made me sick to my stomach but instead it was having the opposite effect. Suddenly as I was looking over the bodies I heard a woman scream from one of the allies. Running as fast as I could it didn't take too long to find her. She had her back to me with a hand to her neck and was holding herself up against a wall. Whoever this vampire was he, she or they must have been thinking they hit the buffet tonight. As I approached her to see if she needed help the woman suddenly slipped and went down. However as I bent down to see if she was still alive she suddenly spun around and without warning stabbed me in the stomach. Needless to say I was quite shocked but before I could do anything else I got tackled to the ground and chained up by what seemed to be a small army. I was at their mercy and pretty soon all my weapons were stripped.

As I recovered from the sudden attack I saw what I was up against. There were six guys in front of me and each appeared to be armed with everything from swords to guns. As for the woman who I was trying to save I got my first good look at her. She was nothing more than a vampire who was faking it. However the real question was why she did it. It didn't take look for me to get an answer as she turned toward a rooftop and yelled "You were right about the fact that he would jump into anything if he had the feeling someone was in trouble." Before I saw who she was talking to I heard his voice. "Well I hope you remember what I said earlier tonight Rudy because this is were it ends for you." That was all I needed to hear. As he jumped from the roof I got straight to the point. "How did you find me Oyar?" I had asked him. All he did was laugh at me as he started to go into another one of his lond winded rants. "You've always been a simple minded person Summers. Did you honestly think I was just going to walk away? Once I was sure you wouldn't follow me I retraced my steps and quickly caught up with you. However I kept my distance as I tailed you to were you were staying. I was thinking of breaking in and killing your friends but then at around midnight I saw my chance. Your sister seems to be out past her curfew." As the female vampire held me against a wall with her foot I shouted "I swear that if you even touched her again that I will make what I did to your boys in the park look like nothing!" Oyar just laughed some more and said "Try whatever you want Summers because your not getting out of this one on your own." I hated to admit it but he was right for once. This wasn't good at all for me.

Suddenly up on the roof where he just was I saw Myra appear with her katana drawn. Despite this she stayed back. I was sure both of us knew she wasn't going to fight eight vampires armed with both guns and swords alone. Just then Oyar seemed to notice I was looking at something and looked up there as well. However thankfully Myra was already gone. Turning to the female vampire he said "Check it out and make sure whoever was there can't help him. See that some harm comes to them." Doing nothing more than nod at Oyar she started to make her way up to the roof. Just then he added "And if it's his sister keep in mind she isn't your plaything. Just kill her and be done with it." I quickly caught the meaning of that and despite how serious things were cracked a smile. However once Oyar saw that he walked over to me and kicked me were I had been stabbed. This caused me to fall over due to the amount of pain it caused. As he picked me up again he said "You have a problem with that Rudy?" Shaking my head I said "No I don't. I just find it amusing thinking about what Gyvien would do if she ran into someone like her." Oyar just ignored that and started talking about Gyvien again. "Going back to how I knew you were coming. I just followed your sister for a bit and then contacted some friends as you can see. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you'd be coming right behind her."

By this point about ten minutes had passed and there was still no sign of Myra. All I could do for now was wait and hope she didn't run into trouble as well. She had no plan whatsoever it seemed and I was sure she knew if she rushed in it would only get us both killed. Just then Oyar grabbed my attention again "It's funny watching you when your culeless Rudy. You must have thought that robbery was just something a human did." I quietly cursed at myself for two reasons. The first was simply because I didn't check it out. The second was because Gyvien had to rob that store. Of course I had no room to complain since I was also guilty of doing it once or twice. When money was tight you had to do what you could to survive. As I was thinking Oyar was still talking but the next thing was something I heard crystal clear. "You know she looks so sexy in that red tank top she took. Maybe I'll have to......" He didn't even get the chance to finish. Already knowing where he was headed I yelled "Lay a finger on her and your a f****** dead man!" If I wasn't being held down by his thugs I would have lunged at him despite the fact my arms were chained. Suddenly he took one of his men's pistols and shot me right in the leg. As I shouted he said in a calm voice "Such outbursts can be so rude. I guess I should take care of that little problem." With those words he aimed the weapon as my head and got ready to pull the trigger......

I'm going to stop it right there and leave that as a point for Gyvien or Myra to jump in at. I'd say about a half hour passed from the start of this post to the end so when you guys post keep that timeframe in mind. Also remember that I only want JT, Asi and Kalah jumping in to help. I've had something planned and only their characters should be involved.

2nd January 2003, 10:33 PM
Gyvien - F - Dampiel

I walked down the streets... blinking slightly as I walked down. I was in Blood District of course.. .well actualy, just entering. Sure I knew the bad rap it had... how you had to watch your back. But right now, I sure as hell didn't care. Plus if any stupid vamp wanted a piece of me they would have to get through my gun. My nice silver gun... which would blow their head off before their fangs would even shine in the nice moon light.

I rolled my eyes as I walked a few dead bodies... some of them were even Dampiel hunters. One of them however looked familiar, so I bent down and gazed at him. His dark brown hair stained was blood... and hisi eyes. He was Yven, one of the leaders of the underground dampiel hunter association. I was the ring leader I suppose.. .and, well, seeing this slightly saddened me and pissed me off at the same time. He was a good hunter... and him being dead wasn't ... pleasing. I sighed and reached down to his neck and saw the silver necklace with our s ymbol- the cresent moon. I shook my head sadly as I grabbed it and yanked it off. Slowly I put it in my pocket, until suddenly..

"Actually mourning for some one?"
I whirled around to see Myra, standing there gazing at me with paniced yet bitter eyes. I sighed and stood up, gazing at her with an annoyed look.
" Did Rudy send you off on another wild goose chase? If you are after me... I'm not coming, I don't want to put-"
"I don't want your renegade replies! Rudy is endanger and surrounded by eight Vampires. I can't possibly defend them myself... so I found you. Unless you don't want to help your brother."

Silence ensued, as I cursed under my breath.
"... I hope to god it isn't... " I gazed up at him.
"Whose the Vampire ringleader?"
"Some vampiric named Oyar."
I breathed a sigh of relief... it was Oyar, good... it wasn't the other one.
"You seemed relieved.- isn't Oyar the one who got you?"
I growled.
"He snuck up on me off guard- he's a coward and I know how he thinks. Let's go... can't leave Rudy hanging now can we?"

Myra then dashed off in the darkness as I followed, and though we didn't really care for eachother I think for once we respected each other. She loved Rudy, I knew that... I could tell, because despite our blood diferences we were both female. FEmales know when one loves another of the oppisite gender- it's just a vibe. I was his sister... and we, well.. I at least felt I had an obligation to protect him as well as he did to me. Besides, I had to repay him... I hated being in debt.
The darkness followed our footsteps where ever we went... and as we ran I wondered what Oyar wanted. Probably revenge... but I had a feeling it was some thing a bit more.

Myra then leapt upon the rooftop silently, and I followed with a swift motion. She jumped a few more tops, until finally she slowed down and inched forward and I stepped up from behind her and we both peered over the edge. There... were seven vampires.
Myra and I both gazed at eachother, knowing that one was missing. Myra smirked and gave me a look like she had taken care of that one.. .and I nodded. We then gazed over as suddenly the ring leader- Oyar as I instantly recognized it, held up a gun point black at Rudy after some words were exchanged.

Myra made a point to jump down at that moment with out hesitation behind the six who were watching. I then pointed my sleek gun at Oyar's and bit my teeth.
You dirty bastard.. I growled, as I pulled the trigger and hit Oyar's gun. Instantly the bullet shattered as the sound exploded through the air. The gun that Oyar held flew out of his hand several feet away. He cursed and dove for the gun but I already had jumped down. Before he could lunge for it I had my foot upon the gun and aimed a high kick to his face. It smashed into his jaw as he cursed and blood spattered in the air. I then scrambled for hisi gun, seized it and instantly brought up. I held both guns with both hands- mine at Oyar, the other one at the six. Myra was already struggling with them but they froze as they saw the scene.

"How nice of your fine figure to join us.." Oyar teased, as I snarled.

"Shut your mouth you perverted bloody bastard.." I hissed.

(Just a note: No one interfere o'course cept for JT, Rudy, Asi... oh, and just another note: Gyvien's pissed and not about to let anyone get the best of her. heh..)

Outlaw JT
3rd January 2003, 06:20 AM
OOC: time for Koger to become involved again........


The night had become most disagreeable to Koger. He had nearly come full circle since the real mystery began. He started the mystery in search of a dampiel hunter named Gyvien thanks to some incomplete intel gathered from the open-mouthed Oyar. His search for Gyvien had taken an unwanted turn at around midnight though. Just as soon as he had caught her trail he stumbled upon another predator by accident. Fortunately for Koger his skill as tracking and remaining concealed was much better than Oyar's. No sooner had he found Gyvien than he found himself tracking Oyar whom was also tracking Gyvien. It was enough to give one a headache.
Koger waited patiently, watching the predator track his prey. The game went on for almost an hour before Oyar broke pursuit. And Koger was left with an interesting dilemna. Oyar had seemed quite intent on acquiring Gyvien's company earlier this night so why would he so readily drop the chase? What could be more important to Oyar all of a sudden? Would it also be more important to Koger, or should he stay the course and catch up with Gyvien on his own? A most frustrating decision he was fortunate enough not to have to answer on his own.
Just as Koger was about to move onward and catch Gyvien for his answers, he was distracted by a souind. It was distant at first but he was sure he recognized it. It was a pair of boots he had spent some time following much earlier in the night.
"Ah.....my little protege'.........the plot thickens," Koger thought aloud.
The decision had been made and he would wait here, watching over Oyar carefully. Oyar was setting a trap for someone and young Rudy Summers seemed as likely a target as any. So, Koger lay in waiting in the shadows.
It took only a minute before Rudy was in sight, rushing towards a fake peril. It would have felt good to intercede but that would not provide any answers. Crazy though Koger may be he was not stupid. He needed answers and he was not going to get them by trying to evade a gang of vampires with a hapless youth in tow. He would have to let the first scene play itself out.
His patience would be rewarded, though barely. Two vampires erupted onto the scene with great speed. Arriving mere seconds before Koger himself would have felt pressed to action.
The actions of these two female vampires led to a fairly quick but tenuous standoff. Gyvien certainly had Oyar at a fatal disadvantage but should the other 6 cease to care about his well being her and the other female would not survive much past the first shot fired. Once she fired, the other six would turn in trio's upon them and it would be a short fight. Two against one on even footing they would surely overcome, but three on one with no decided advantage.......It would take a vampire far more ancient than them to beat those odds. Obviously this meant that the odds needed fixing.
Being the sporting fellow he was, Koger decided it was up to him to even them. With blazing speed he corscrewed down to street level from the balcony he had been hiding on. Halfway down both his swords were drawn. In his downward spinning top motion he decapitated one of Oyars six companions as he landed, Before anyone could adjust to his presence he was already turning sideways to decapitate one more. As he came out of his spin he had one sword to the neck of Oyar's closest companion and the other hovering dangerously close to Oyar's jugular. Koger's smile lit up as he panned his neck to take in everyones expressions.
"Sorry to drop in unannounced but I think I might have some business here," Koger said cheerily.
"You've got to be kidding me," Rudy mumbled painfully.
"No, I can say quite honestly that I am not kidding. It would seem that Mr Fatality and Madame Shoplift over here both have information I find myself in need of my boy," Koger chimed back.
"This is no business of yours Koger! If you must make it your business though I think I could pay a good deal better than these hunter twins," Oyar ventured cautiously.
"Hmmmm.......how delightfully survivalist of you. Trying to bribe a mutant with a sword at your throat," Koger replied, his grin almost glowing in the darkness. "You are mistaken though. I have much business here. You put the lovely Gyvien on my agenda of things to investigate in that awkward dealing earlier dear Oyar. I had much interest in a different vampire before that encounter though."
"What are you talking about? What is the that traitor of a vampire to you?" Oyar said, shifting his eyes back to indicate Rudy.
"Call him a pet project of mine," Koger whistled, turning to give a wink at Rudy.
It was hard to tell if it was for reassurance or to betray a less benevolent intention. Rudy wasn't about to argue the point while chained up though. Nor was he ready to question Koger while his blades were still to the throats of his enemies.
A drawing silence ensued. No one was too eager to say anything. Everyones nerves hung on the edge of a knife, quite literally for some present. It was a silence that could have gone on forever were time not such a consideration for everyone but Koger.
"F***!!" Gyvien spoke at last, voicing her frustration.
"Indeed," Koger added quietly. 'I would be most pleased to stick around like this all day but I feel it might become rather boring in about 4 hours. Don't you all agree?"
Koger's smile deepened as he carefully watched all the vampires around him. It did give him a small sense of advantage knowing that he could outlast all of them in a standoff thanks to his lack of vampiric blood. One of them would have to make a decision soon as to what would happen next. Would Oyar's companions give up the chase and flee, surrendering him to his fate? Or would they stay and play so that Koger may line his pockets with whatevers trinkets they have concealed on their oimpending corpses? Whatever the case, Koger was sure to have fun. His patience had indeed finally paid off at least in that regard.

5th January 2003, 05:56 AM
Whoa, I missed quite a lot! ^-^() So Im going to back up a bit and give me a chance to write some of Myra's point of view of all this. Keep in mind that Im writing this WITHOUT knowing what the 'plan' is yet so if you dont like what Im writing then its not my fault ^-~
Oh and it might be a little late in the game but I guess I had better post warnings ^-^() Yeah, this post isnt going to be pretty, cussing, blood, the works. Hey its the bad side of town what do you expect? ^-~

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City (Blood District)
:::1:07AM::: 4 hours and 53 minutes until sunrise (6AM is fine Rudy ^-~)

I had been walking down the main road of the 'Blood District' for only a few minutes when I had decided that I did not like this place. The streets stank of garbage and the faint smell of blood, small fanged animals hissed at me before rooting around in the trash, and thugs, vampiric and human, leered vulgar obscenities at me as I walked past. All in all, this place seemed deeply rooted in filth of all kinds.

Why would Gyvien be in this bloody cesspool anyway....

But I just disregarded the filth all around me and kept my senses tuned to finding Rudy's sister. I wondered what was south of here and where she thought she was going. After all, Rudy had saved her foolish hide once before, and she was still injured from that vampire Oyar's attack, so she was in no condition to be doing any heavy travelling. Not that I wanted her to stay with us, her leaving would just make it so I didnt have to deal with her bitchy attitude, but I knew that she was Rudy's family and even though she was rude and very ungrateful he cared about her. So, for Rudy's sake, I would find her.

Suddenly it was as if somebody kicked me in the stomach. I went down to one knee in shock as a thought pierced through my mind like a beam of light on a moonless night. Rudy's in trouble!! Somehow I just knew, and by the rising feeling of dread that I felt I knew it was BIG trouble. But before I could get up, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Whirling around I saw a large human man standing over me, swaying from side to side and grinning. He was wearing dirty work clothes with a nametag that read "Bill". He licked his lips drunkenly and said "Hey, missy whr ya goin....wer jes gettin 'quainted an' yer leavin'?"
Trying to resist the urge to kill I gave him a look that wouldve told any sober, sane person to get the hell out of there, and said, "Get. The hell. Offa me. Now." I was trying not to kill him only because I had made a silent promise to Rudy to deserve his love, and killing people without warning was not something he would approve of. However, the drunken b*stard in front of me wasnt going to make things easy.
Totally ignoring the fact that I was a vampire with a murderous look on my face he pulled me to him, saying, "Yer a firey 'un, jes th' way ah like 'em...." And then the filthy beast made like he was going to kiss me.

Total unbridled rage flowed through me. First he keeps me from helping Rudy and now THIS!!! This is unforgivable, Rudy couldve been hurt by now, even......... And then all clear thoughts were chased from my head by the rage. In the blink of an eye my left hand changed from its usual softness into a 5 fingered metal claw and slashed him from his face down to his thigh. Blood sprayed all over me and he made a gurgling cry as I instantly took to the rooftops, not knowing if I killed the human or not but also not caring in the least. Someone that dirty and stupid deserved to die...

It wasn't long before I saw a shape outlined on a rooftop. Sneaking closer I was able to pick up on what he was saying. "....tonight Rudy because this is where it ends for you." The figure then descended from the roof and disappeared from my line of sight. However that was all I needed to hear. I quickly flew to where the vampire was standing and looked down where he went. The sight that I saw then made my anger with the human moments before seem pleasent.
Rudy was bleeding from a wound in his stomach, chained up and being held against the wall by some vampiric ****.. The male vampire in front of him laughed at Rudy's predicament and got within inches of his face. "Try whatever you want Summers because your not getting out of this one on your own."

My eyes widened and I felt a darkness overtake my soul. Oh don't worry... I thought dangerously as I drew the katana Rudy gave me. Rudy is NOT on his own....

I was about to leap off the roof and take as many of them out with me that I could when I saw Rudy look my way. Our eyes met and he had a look that clearly told me that what I was about to do would only get us both killed. That was so Rudy, his own life was in danger and he was worried about me. But he was right, this time. I gave him a look that told him I would not be abandoning him and then got out of sight.
Though It seemed like I was too late because I heard the male order one of his flunkies after me. Good. Let them come. A swift death met whoever came after me at that moment. The sight of Rudy chained and bloody was burned into my memory and I doubted anything couldve chased the rage from my mind.

Suddenly I saw the vampire ***** that had been pinning Rudy to the wall. Stupid **** had giggled at his pain, and was even giggling now, anticipating the thought of being able to kill. It disgusted me. I leapt behind her and without realising it, began cursing at her in the native language of the aristocrats. "Vilgehk pedlr, E'mm syga oui byo vun fryd oui'ja tuha du Rudy...."
She whirled around in shock but made no signs of understanding what I said. Pathetic, so she's a changed human, I thought briefly before I attacked.

The fight lasted a minute at the most, leaving me with a cut across the face and her, well, practically in shreds. I took out all my anger, pain and frustration on that unlucky little whore, but even though she was dead, Rudy was still in danger. And I couldnt help him by myself. Frowning with a sick feeling of dread I knew I only had one choice. The only one on Earth I knew besides Rudy.

His sister.

Post two

I had to do what, for me, was nearly impossible--swallow my pride and ask Gyvien, whom I was NOT on good terms with, for help. But I would do anything, ANYTHING to help Rudy, even such a thing as beg for help. Even though it didn't come to that, because she decided to help almost right away. I could almost like her for that.

It wasnt long before we came to the scene where I left Rudy. Without wasting a second I ran in and got ready to defend myself. Gyvien knocked Oyar's gun away from Rudy's head and we had a regular standoff going on. Then when it looked like things couldnt get any worse, who should show up but that annoying little mutant. Though it looked like he might decide to help us, I didn't trust him. But right then all I cared about was making these vampires pay for what they did to Rudy......

Man, this is taking too long....I'll go back and put more detail in the last part later, but for right now, I think SOMETHING is better than nothing ^-^

5th January 2003, 05:05 PM
Yuar Oro - M - Vampire

(Around 12... some where just after Liven left.)

Father Farwell was trying to sleep, as I stood against the darkened wall and thinking. As I stood there... thinking about my past, and about what my goal was here I suddenly recalled that very faint memory...

"Yuar.. you must leave now."
My mother spoke to me, her words harsh but out of love she was forcing me to leave. I was only about 8... and already I had to leave my home.
"She's right YUar... if you stay here, they will kill you."
I blinked at my father, and felt a twinge of anger towards the Vampire who had started those nasty rumors just because he saw me on Earth. It pissed me off... and now my parents were forcing me to leave. But they were right, if I stayed here... there would be an uproar in the Vampiric community and they'd kill me or do some thing worse.

In a flash I was at the dock, gazing back at my parents as I nodded and left... entering the realm and into a place which was as cruel as any kid could imagine, but it made me grow up... and it made me who I was..

I sighed, as I remembered the night I went back to see her. It was then I realized what innocence was again, and then later in her life I realized what corruption and mistakes really were. Sure I wasn't there... but I heard things, I had a way of knowing things when I never was actually there. But now...

Guns... Vampires...

I suddenly was hit by a wave of some thing unexplainable.

Danger... Protection...

It hit me twice, adn I closed my eyes to see flashing images of ... a dark alleyway. I blinked and pressed a finger to my forehead as I winced, and then suddenly it became clear. I wasn't here to protect Farwell... I wasn't here to get Roland or to help everyone like I had planned. I was here to ... to sort things out, to protect her and to tell her every thing.

With that I gazed at Farwell- he wasn't sleepign yet.

"I'm leaving.." The priest looked at me as if I were surely joking, but I s hook my head.
"I had forgotten the reasons I truely came here... and now I've been reminded. I'm not here to help you, and I'm not here on a mission to slay Roland. I'm here for one reason... and I must go to that reason."

Farwell was silent as he then nodded his head. I gave a soft smile and then turned away.
"Good luck."

With that I slipped into th enight, prepared for my leave back to Wood Water City.


Gyvien - F - Dampiel


Well didn't this f*ck'n s uck? Four rogue Vampires with Myra near them wanting to kill them, we had Rudy in chains with a sword at his throat, we had Oyar with a sword and a gun upon him, and a Mutant who thought it was amusing.

It was a very bad situation which would need some 'thinking' process but we didn't have the time. We would have to act, and right now I believed I was the only one who could act. I had no death threats at me... but the fact that the mutant was holding a sword to Rudy's throat was the only danger to me.

The Vampires- the four of them, didn't seem to have any guns. Oyar had the gun, and the decapitated one as well but the others were just holding daggers and knives. If they had guns, they would have used them in teh first place- I would have known that, I used guns. So I had to make a bet about what the 'cause and reaction' would be, and I would have to hope that there wasn't a drastic reaction to my 'action'. I had to make a choice... had to break the ice. And I would... a very bloody ice breaker.

I swiftly turned the gun I had pointed at Oyar, to one of the four Vampires. I already had Oyar's gun pointed at one of them, but I was lightening quick with this action. All to quickly I pulled the trigger on both guns, and immediatly shot both of them in the middle of their heads. The one with my gun fell down instantly, but the one with Oyar's gun sputtered, coughed and then fell down with a sickening thunk. Blood poured over the ground to intermix with the already decapitated ones, and Rudy and Myra looked as if they were in shock at my actions.

I narrowed my eyes at Myra as if to say, 'kill the other two!'
Myra however, didn't have a choice as the other two decided they better flee. Myra swiftly took 'care' of those two however, as everyone else consisting of Rudy, the mutant, and Oyar were silent. I gazed back at them, and held my gun at Oyar again as I stuffed his gun in my jacket pocked and then took out my dagger form my boot. I grinned slightly..

"Sorry Oyar, but I had to dispose of your friends. I figured that he.."

With that I guestured towards the mutant. He flashed a cocky grin as I smirked with amusement.

"... wouldn't care if I took care of your friends."

Actually, that was the bet I had to make. I didn't care if he blew off Oyar's head, but if he decided to take off Rudy's then I was screwed. But I didn't think he woudl by me killing them- there would be no point in that. Plus he seemed to have an interest in Rudy like he said before... I was hoping that interest didn't run into what color blood RUdy had.

Ultimate Charizard
5th January 2003, 06:00 PM
Well looks like ill have to force some interaction ;)


I crept slowly and quietly down the hall to the room occupied by the two i had seen on the roof. I was pretty sure i had the right door, judging by the window that was open near them when i saw them this was indeed their room but as i approached the scent of evil became thick in the air and my fears were confirmed.

"Vampires" i growled to myself, keeping my voice low.

I drew my Sword and unholstered my Pistol, readying myself before the door. With a single kick i broke the lock from the door and entered the room, weapons readied however what was on the other side was to say the least....dissapointing.
Noone was here. The beds were unmade and messy telling me that they were indeed staying here. I walked to the open window and shook my head. This was my first hunt in quite a while and in my haste i had forgotten that it was still night, what vampire would remain in their rooms at night after being trapped there all day.
I checked the clock on the side table and noted that they may be gone for a number of hours. I closed the door, repairing what i could to hide my entry. And checked the clock again, an hour had passed but still......"Just enough time to set a trap".

6th January 2003, 11:21 AM

"Im going to kill you boy if you dont GIVE ME MY ETERNAL LIFE BACK!!!" I yelled as i gripped his leg. I calmed down a little and said, "So boy....why dont you bite me again and get this silly thing over with? You know you want some blood...your hungry for it! Come on!" I taunted at him. He looked down at me with hatred as i spoke to him, he seemed to want to kill me. "No Roland." He said to me. "Oh but why not? Dont you want me to be your Brother Skyler?" I asked nicely. He gritted his teeth at the sound of that. I grinned as i started to get myself up. Just as i was about to, a foot landed heavly on my arm. We both looked at the person who had come. I then noticed who it was, it was that Lady i have met before. The one with that weird weapon and the long purple braided hair. I got angry at her being here, "And what the hell are you doing......" I was cut off at her laughing at me. "Ahaha You poor pitiful Human! Looks like you lost your vampiric side!" She laughed in an insane tone. I just watched her walk towards Skyler. She looked down at me and picked me up by the scruff of the neck. It choked me alittle, i forgot just how weak a human body is. She grinned letting her fangs show, "I can give you your little eternal life you know....but you have to be on my side...." She said. On her side? no matter once i get my eternal life i wont make the same mistake! ill kill that Skyler when i get the chance! I thought as i nodded my head slowly. I grinned as she went for my neck. I looked over at the boy Skyler and smiled. "Hehe you wait boy!" I said just as i started to get weak from the lose of blood. Everything was getting dim and then the world went black. A minute later I was awake and was starting to make the change. My fangs grew and my strenght returned as i started to laugh. Skyler seeing he was in trouble ran out into the dark street. My glasses gleamed as my head was bent back as i giggled to myself. I clinched my fists and slammed them on the concret. "Yes!! I have finally got back what was mine! I shall always be a child of the night!" I yelled into the street.
Liven Dinas

I was walking down a small part of the town, i was passing by little bum camps. I looked at the poor people and felt bad for them. I felt bad only because they would probebly be an easy meal for any of those vampires out there. "I hope Farwell is ok...I didnt really want to leave him alone with that vampire.." I sighed. "Oh well im sure he'll be ok.." I said to myself. Just as i said that i heard some laughter coming from an alley way. "is that...Roland?!" I asked myself as i jogged down the alley. I just turned the corner when i saw it was just two drunken bums. They were throwing beer bottles at some stray cats. "Eh...." I sighed at their stupid acts as i turned and walked out. " Man sometimes i wonder why i try to help the human race..."
A few mintes later I saw a young man leaning on the side of a wall, he looked out of breath. Hey that might be that Skyler Kid i was sent to find! I thought as i walked up to him. He looked at me as i came. "hey..your Skyler right?" I asked him. "Yeah..thats me." he said. "Good! I finally found you, well anyway. Are you ok? Cause Father Farwell sent me to find you because he thought you were in danger." I said as i leaned against the wall next to him.
Take it from there. :)

6th January 2003, 09:48 PM
You'll have to cut and paste these links.

Alright... I have some pictures of Gyvien and a little one of Yuar.

The beginning of the RPG Gyvien was sorta dark and very moody and was more 'morbid' -


And this has a quickie sketch of Yuar- the first guy pic I've drawn! heh... he doesn't have a shirt on but who cares^^; Gyvien is at the bottom, more emotional and towards the 'current' status of the RPG... because of what's happened. But she also is still haunted by her past..


I know they aren't the greatest but I sorta rushed them... especially the last one. ^^;;

Master Rudy
8th January 2003, 10:47 PM
OOC-I've been kinda busy as of late and I'm a little overdue for a post here. I know Rudy is kinda the main focus of this whole thing but it's gonna be at least another day before I can get enough time to post here in Dawn. For now don't worry about moving on without me. After all Rudy's a bit tied up at the moment.

*laughs at his stupid one liner before noticing it doesn't go well with chains*

Ummmm..... ^_^;
Anyway like I said just move on if you guys have to do so. I can always go back and fill in Rudy's POV later once the events have passed. It'll just give me more stuff to write so I can tourture you guys with one of my long posts :P

Master Rudy
9th January 2003, 10:36 PM
I forgot to mention it last time but Asi was using the Al Bhed language from FF 10 as the lanaguage that people who are born as vampires know. If you need to translate it just go here:


Keep in mind that names and places are kept in English. If you try to translate those you'll get nothing but gibberish.

Finally quick warning. Bad language ahead in this post. Then again by this point it should be expected with Oyar and Gyvien ^_^;

Rudy Summers
1:40 AM
Oyar's plan had once again fallen apart thanks to Myra and Gyvien quickly showing up but I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. First off there were no signs of his female friend. Next two of Oyar's men had ran off once the other four went down but that worried me. Did they chicken out or did go for more help. Finally where did Koger fit into all of this? I had no idea why he was here and I didn't trust him one bit. However there would be time for other things later. Right now my main problem was getting free while being held at gunpoint by Oyar.

As I sat there trying to ignore the pain from being stabbed and shot Oyar said to Gvyien without looking at her "Tonight I told him that even if I died that one of you would be coming to hell with me. Either you drop your gun or your little bro's brains are gonna decorate the street." Gvyien just scoffed at that and asked Oyar "Do you honestly think I'm that f****** stupid? Why don't you put your gun down and then I'll let you go?" Now it was Oyar's turn to laugh as he said "I could do that but I'd shoot him before you even made a move." As always my sister had something to toss right back at him. Her next remark didn't surprise me. Verbal sparring seemed to be something she was quite good at. "You can try but I bet you I can shoot you before you can shoot him!" All of a sudden the two of them were fighting over who could shoot who first. Before this got too out of hand I jumped in. "HEY! I'm the guy who's being held hostage here so I think my opinion counts!"

Getting serious once again Oyar said to me "Your opinion means s*** to me Rudy. I don't care if I die tonight. I'll be statisfied knowing you went with me." Nodding my head I said "Oh yeah? Two can play at that game Oyar!" Looking at the others I hoped this worked. However before doing anything else I said to Myra "Ev drec kuac pyt drah bmayca vunkeja sa Myra. Ev drec bmyh pylgvenac drah zicd nasaspan dryd E muja oui." As expected it looked like Gyvien and Koger had no idea what I said. As for Oyar he too was clueless but that was only because he refused to speak our language. He felt it was pointless to speak it when most people on Earth spoke English. Looking at Gyvien it was time to set my plan into motion. "Listen to me" I said to her. "If you don't think you can save me then just let Oyar carry out his plan. Just keep this in mind. You may not have known our father but this bastard is the one who killed him." Gyvien was normally level header but for a moment I thought I saw anger in her eyes. It was the same look I had recived when she learned I was her brother and didn't believe me. However as always Oyar laughed. "You talk pretty tough for a guy that's about to die." Smiling at him I said "You don't have the balls to do it don't you? You always talk about how you don't fear death but then you always run off. Now that it's actually here in your face you just can't handle the pressure can you?" Out of anger Oyar fired another round. This time it was nothing more than a grazing blow to my arm. However that was enough to set Gyvien off. Wasting no time she shot him in the hand sending his gun flying away and then hit him in both kneecaps.

Knowing he was pretty much screwed now Oyar gave up the key to my chains easily. Myra rushed over and quickly helped me get them off. She was about to help me up as well but I said "Not yet. Can you get me my weapons first?" She did it for me but seemed a bit confused as to why I wanted those first. Drawing one of my daggers I told them "I feel like walking out of here on my own power. However first things first." I knew this was going to hurt like hell but I didn't have much choice. Taking my dagger I cut into my leg so that I could get the bullet out. It wasn't exactly a smart thing to do but I didn't want it to heal up with a bullet in it. Once that was all done with I managed to somehow stumble to my feet. Normally I wouldn't care if someone helped me. However I didn't want to give Oyar the statisfaction of seeing me like that. Limping over to where he was on the ground I picked up his gun and gave it to Myra. I was about to walk away when Gyvien asked me "What do we do with this bastard?" Without looking over at her I said "Originally I wanted to see him suffer for what he did to our father and to you. However I'll be lowering myself to his level if I kill him the way he is now." Turning back toward everyone I saw everyone was shocked with my actions as I continued to explain why. "Oyar may deserve death but I will not kill anyone who is defenseless no matter who they are and what they've done." Oyar looked like he was about to thank me but I put a hand up to stop him. Shaking my head I told him "Don't look at me. She's the one who's going to decide if you live or die." At this point I took a brief moment to turn my attention to Koger. "When we're done with him I want to hear what your story is. I don't quite trust you after what happened earlier tonight." Once I was done with him I looked back at Gyvien and said to her "Don't feel as if you have to let him live because of my actions. If you think he must die for what he did to you, our father and myself then finish the job." Handing her my katana I waited to see if Oyar would be losing his head or if he would live to die another day......

Be warned people! That closing line might be the first of several refering to Bond movies titles if I get the chance to use them. Some of you people that aren't fans might be surprised at just how many can be used as one liners in the right situation.

*thinks he has too much time on his hands*

9th January 2003, 11:36 PM
Gyvien - F - Dampiel

My eyes were glazed with anger... that fool,- thinking he could outdo me in a gun fight. Anyone who had any sense at all should no better then to deal with an angry, hell-bent Dampiel hunter.
Now Rudy said he wasn't going to sink low enough to kill some one who was defenseless... and that pathetic coward Oyar looked thankful. Myra was nervous, gazing between me and Rudy as they both wondered what I would do.

It was horrible- I felt the mutant who was there also starring at me, his gazing burning at my face. Oyar made his pale face som ehow paler... as he seemed to know that death was coming. Maybe Rudy had morals... but I had none. I was not raised by anyone who could ever teach me the proper morals Rudy had... my life had no morals- it had no right and wrong. The only thing life taught me growing up was either you live or die. I knew if I let Oyar go... he would most likely heal up and try to get us again for hurting him. .... but maybe not. If we took appropriate action perhpas he would finaly leave us alone. But I doubted it... most vampires were bastards.


"Kill me already you b*tch" Oyar gasped, upon the ground looking utterly helpless and defeated. It pleased me to see him this way and yet it made me sick at the same time. I rolled my eyes...

" I told you I could whoop your *ss any day in a gun fight. You should know better then to taunt some one like me. I'm a reckless fool, remember?"

I walked over to him, standing above him with the gun pointed directly at his head. He did deserve to die... all the things he did. He didn't even care about anyone but himself the selfish...
" You were the one who killed Yven, weren't you?"

Oyar's eyes gleamed... but I didn't need words. He had sent some one to kill Yven..
" You'll never give up, always trying to flush out us dampiels? Especially the hunters... but I will tell you this about my little organization you f*****, you'll never get us. We are more ruthless then you are, more skillful... and by far more deadly."

I narrowed my eyes and bent down towards him, the gun still pointed at his head as my eyes narrowed and my auburn hair slowly brushed over my face and tickled at the air. His eyes were more fearful... for when I wanted to, I could look like a deadly viper which was about to kill- probably scarier.

" You may have killed our father, you may have killed Yven, you may have almost killed Rudy and I... but I can guarentee you one thing: you will never reach your goals of killing what you deem unworthy. You will never kill Rudy, you will never kill Myra... you will never kill me. And now..."

I suddenly reached down to my boot, and felt the dagger I prided so much in. I released it out and shinned it in the moon light as Oyar's eyes widened and he whispered some thing inaudible but I knew what it was.
"Yes... this is that dagger. This is the dagger which most call, 'Dra yjahkan' ... that is the only words I know of the vampiric language- but you know as well as I what it means even if we are not good with the language itself. He gave it to me... and though I do not remember him ever giving me his name, I can sense he is still out there- waiting. I know you were hired by... that lowly vampire who I don't want to say, to attack the vampire who kept me safe as a young dampiel. It was you... but you couldn't kill him, - could you?"

Oyar's eyes filled with rage as he refused to answer. I smirked and nodded.
"Yes... so he is still alive."

With that I took the dagger and suddenly with a quick, swift ripping motion I sliced Oyar's right shoulder. He winced in pain- he wasn't as good as I was to hide it. I then sliced his leg... he abdomin... and many others to mimic what he did to me. I then shook my head and sliced him where he didn't slice me- on my face. I cut a fine, yet deep-enough to leave a scar... right over his cheek bone in the shape of a cresent. HE swore and tried to jerk away but he cried in anguish.

I then with drew the blade after wiping it on his clothing.
" You will live... if you are any thing you say you are- you will live. You are a disgusting, scum vampire after all... you coward."

I then looked to Rudy as if to give him a nodd.
" Never come near us again- remember that scar that will remain upon your cheek and never touch me or anyone I know or care for again."

I then walked over towards Rudy, as we began to walk away- Myra, Rudy and I... with Koger curiously behind.

(I'll post for Yuar later..)

Outlaw JT
10th January 2003, 03:14 AM

Koger looked between them and Oyar as they began to walk away. This was not what he had intended. Gyvien and Oyar both had answers he wanted but he couldn't get all of them if they went seperate ways.
He hesitated for a moment with indecision. If he left Oyar to go with the others he might not find them again so easily if they wisely chose not to return to that inn. He would lose his only chance to interrogate Oyar, though.
"Once chance to appease my curiosity," Koger whispered into Oyars ear as he quickly slithered up beside him, sword hovering against Oyar's neck. "Give me his name and I will let you live as they intended. Withold it and you will not live to report me as an enemy to your new master. I give you five seconds to satisfy my curiosity."
Oyar let out an audible hiss and a gulp as he noticed the others were no longer in the alley. He was alone with the mutant called Koger. Gyvien and Rudy's motivations were clear and easy to understand. Their nature would always betray their actions. Koger was much worse though. He was unpredictable and did things with no sense of reason. You could never tell what he truly had in mind.
Oyar bowed his head reluctantly and let out a low whisper. It was so low that even Koger, mere inches from his mouth could understand what was said. It was enough though. Koger was able to make out a name from the brief slurred speech. A name he would now know to work against.
"You have been most helpful old friend. I just hope that by letting your masters name go you have not signed your own death warrant," Koger whispered cheerfully.
He had gotten the first bit of information he required. The part that had to be supplied by Oyar. Now he would have to find out Gyviens involvement and place in everything. And for that he would have to catch up and convince the dampiel hunter to share with him no doubt highly guarded information freely. It should prove much more of a challenge than Oyar had.
Swiftly he delivered ablow to the back of Oyar's head to render him unconscious. Before Oyar's head could hit the ground Koger was off like a flash. He had only lost a minute on the vampires but they could usually move very fast. Of course, they couldn't move very fast with a bullet having been just removed from one of their legs. Koger rounded his second corner to run right into them. To avoid crashing into them he sprung into the air doing a spinning flip to land in front of them.
Gyvien took the action as a sign of hostility and reached for her gun. Myra also pulled the gun she had been given only a moment ago. Koger reacted just as quickly and had both swords drawn. When everyone finally stopped moving Koger had a sword at Gyvien and Rudy's necks but both Gyvien and Myra had guns aimed at his head and chest.
"Well this was unexpected," Koger said plainly as his eyes shifted between the three vampires.
"If you want to live you have three seconds to lower those swords," Gyvien said angrily.
"You all know so little about me," Koger smiled. "I think perhaps you should lower your guns first."
"How many times am I gonna have to go through this tonight?" Gyvien almost shouted, furious at being thrust in the same situation again.
"I have no intentions of killing either of you!" Koger answered firmly. "I assure you, though, if you fire those weapons two of you will become headless. If my luck holds all three of you would die headless and I'd have little more than a couple cracked ribs and a concussion. As I said, there is much about me that you do not know. I am a mutant, remember and you have yet to ask once what my gift is."
Gyvien shifted for a moment considering. Rudy's eyes rolled upwards, resigning to the fact that nothing was going to come easy on this fateful night. Myra took a step forward so she was closer and her aim rose to his Koger's head alongside Gyvien's. Over a minute passed in complete silence as they stood there on a thin backstreet of the Blood District.
"Or we can stand here for an hour like imbeciles until the three of you become crispy critters," Koger chimed jovially, the smile returning to his face. "I can hardly kill either of you outside of self defense you know. Gyvien, my lovely dampiel hunter, you have information I find myself in need of. Rudy........I would be such a poor mentor were I to slay my own protege. What say we all lower and sheathe are weapons on the count of four? Or would you rather we all die one big happy family? I remind you again that I am the only one with the time to spend on such a decision. The sun rises in three and a half hours now if I am not mistaken."
Koger smiled broadly, tightening the grip on his swords. He had infinite patience when patience was appropriate and he did still have that time advantage while they were out in the open. He was fortunate to still not be the one that had to make the first concession. They would have to agree to his idea and drop their guard simultaneously or they would have to lower their weapons first. Koger would take Rudy and Gyvien with him if they chose to act stupidly and if not he could wait them out all night. The ball was once again in their court.

OOC: aren't I evil? no one should interfere here. Only Rudy, Myra, or Gyvien should respond. And before decidint to do anything but the smart thing of agreeing to lower weapons simultaneously remember that Koger may not be as strong as a fully matured vampire but he is just as fast and agile as one.

10th January 2003, 06:40 PM
Excellent...I was hoping Id have the chance to interfere!

Bulbie: Nice pics! Ill put them on the site as soon as Im done with this! ^-^

Rudy: 'All tied up'? -.-() lol I swear, I think your getting worse than me *looks at Die another Day pun* Ok now I KNOW you are! ^-~

and JT: Yes, you are evil...x.x

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City (Blood District)
:::2:01 AM:::
"Ev drec kuac pyt drah bmayca vunkeja sa Myra. Ev drec bmyh pylgvenac drah zicd nasaspan dryd E muja oui."
I almost died when Rudy, beaten and bloody, had said that to me, it filled me with an emotion that despair couldnt even begin to describe.
So when the danger was FINALLY past, and as I walked with Gyvien and the limping Rudy down the street, I decided to let him know what I thought. "You know, Rudy, if you weren't so injured Id have a good mind to smack you for what you said back there. I know you might like to be dramatic, but I'd like for you to at least try to stay alive" I said with a slight smile on my face. He groaned but before he could say anything I continued. "Yvdan ymm, E teth'd vymm eh muja fedr y pnugah pmaatehk lynlycc tet E?"
He smiled, recognising the mirror for his words earlier that night, but then suddenly the mutant leapt in our path. Without missing a beat Gyvien and I pulled our guns on him, who in turn swung his swords into position at the necks of Gyvien and Rudy. This...THING seemed to have it in for them, and didn't seem to care at all what happened to me, which didn't exactly make me feel better. I wouldve liked the situation a lot more had the sword been pointed at me, because then if I attemped to fight back and got hurt I would only have myself to blame. With people I cared about in danger, yes, even Gyvien, I was 10 times more helpless than if I was alone.

One wrong move and it would be MY fault that they died.

No. This WASNT going to happen. I wasnt going to let this hideous malformed creature dictate who lived and who died. I was going to call the shots, even if it was just one.

"My name is Myra Link." I stated, looking the mutant right in the eyes. "Tonight is my first night on Earth, and I don't know you, OR what your problem is, but you seem to have something against Rudy and Gyvien, so you have become MY problem as well. If you want us all to lower our weapons and talk this out thats fine with me but--" I glanced at Rudy then quickly back at Koger. "--I dont make deals with someone who points a sword at an injured man." I finished meaningfully with a stern tone of voice.
Koger studied me curiously for a few moments, then turned his attention to Rudy for a few MORE moments. And then he laughed. "So Im guessing youd rather it be on you instead, little prissy missy!" he said, swishing the sword quickly from Rudy's neck to mine. I smiled wryly and gave Rudy a relieved glance. "There," I said to the mutant in a somewhat sarcasic voice. " that wasnt so hard was it?"
With my main crisis over I looked to the situation at hand. Both me and Gyvien had a sword at our necks, but we also each had a gun pointed at Koger. If we all lowered our weapons than everyone would be safe, provided the thing kept its word. And if it didn't.....then I always had a weapon that no one could take from me. And if this thing was lying I wouldnt hesitate to use it.
I shot a look at Gyvien. I could tell she wasnt happy about the whole thing but she scowled and nodded anyway. I nodded back and took a deep breath, regarding Koger with an icy stare. "On four....."

OH MY GOSH!! Myra's.....TALKING her way out?!?! Whats GOING ON HERE!? lol ^-~ I dont know what Kogers going to talk about so I ll just leave it at that ^-^
EDIT: Just fixing some mistakes I noticed -.- Man I really need to get some sleep...

11th January 2003, 01:59 AM
Gyvien - F - Dampiel

Well... this situation was f****** hopeless. I rolled my eyes... but I knew we had to do it. And though I didn't entirely trust this mutant, I did believe he would keep to his word. Why would he kill me anyway... if he needed information?
"what information I wonder..." I thought, narrowing my eyes at teh thought. Nodding slightly however, Myra chanted...

"Four...three.. two..."

I quickly twirled my gun into the underside of my new jacket, and sighed, as Myra put her gun away and the mutant followed. The mutant smiled,
"Now wasn't that much better?"
I rolled my eyes, keeping my mouth shut as I sighed.
"What the heck is your name anyway- since you so obviously know mine?"
His eyes twinkled with some devious plan I sensed, but I forced myself not to be bugged by it.
"Why... it is Koger." He said with a playful yet sarcastic tone which I was growing to be slightly annoyed by. He was smart... at least he wasn't stupid- ignorance and stupidity was something Icouldn't tolerate.

Koger was about to speak once more... until suddenly I heard a voice-
"Vehymmo, E ryja vuiht oui..."
I cursed.. .not another vampire...

Yuar Oro - M - Vampire

It had been a while... but finally I was in Wood Water City. It disgusted me however- I was in a place called the, 'Blood District'. Not some thing I wanted to be in... because of it's reputation. Plus, if I were a vampire foun dhere... it would look bad. Why would Yuar Oro of Justice be located here?

To find her.. I thought, and sighed. It was then suddenly, a female Vampire bursted through an alleyway and instantly bumped into me. I recoiled away, melting away from the blow like a piece of rubber as she instantly hissed.
"Watch where you are going!" She t hen tore off again... and I swore I heard her mumble some thing about 'getting away'.
It struck me odd... and I had no idea why, but some how I got the feeling where she was fleeing was where I wanted to be.
Instincts- always go with them.

So I turned into the alleyway, and walked amongst the uncomfortable and suffocating shadows. Last time I was here was ages ago... and I vowed that night never to return.
But... I vowed never to return because of her- now I was here again for the same reason.
I only had a hunch to go by... but tha twas reason enough to follow this instinct of mine that she would be here. I could only hope.

It seemed a while... but suddenly I heard two gun shots. My eyes widened, and suddenly I felt my body pound as I ran off towards the direction of the shots. It was a while until I arrived where I believed the shots to be fired- but ahead of me I saw four figures. Narrowing my eyes in the night, I saw that three of them were recognizable- they were the ones at teh bar.
For some reason I thought it would be them..

The male Vampire noticed me, and his eyes widened but I decided to instantly show I was friend and not foe.
"Vehymmo, E ryja vuiht oui..."
His eyes widened in wonder at what it meant... and I didn't even know why I chose those words to begin with. I sighed, as a mutant whirled around to face me and soon I had the dampiel as well. Her name was Gyvien- I remembered their names well.

" Why... how nice of you to join us again." Gyvien snorted, crossing her arms as the mutant gazed at me in bewilderment to why I was here and who I was. I sighed, raising my eye brow as I gazed at this scene... how... incredibly odd.
It was then however, when suddenly the memories I had long ago smacked me right there.

My eyes widened... as their piercing olive-green gaze turned from the one named Gyvien, to the one named Myra... I then gazed at Rudy, the mutant, and the two again. I gasped... taking a staggering step back -and for once in my life, or rather the second time since that fateful night... I lost my composure in a gasp and gaping look.

"You... " I said, gulping...
"Both of you..."

(I'll let Asi take it from here!)

11th January 2003, 01:20 PM
Ohhhhhhhhhh Bulbie your so evil! Makin the train wreck do all the work! lol j/k ^-~
Hm...how to handle such a tough situation....
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City (Blood District)

Just when you think things can't POSSIBLY get even more complicated....they always do.
By this time I had pretty much been resigned to the fact that nothing normal EVER happened on Earth, so I just watched, unfazed, as the newcomer vampire stared at us and stuttered. The way he was acting, it seemed like he knew me and Gyvien, but I knew I had never seen him before...
Koger, who obviously wasnt happy now that he wasnt the center of attention, danced back into our line of sight and began to address the new vampire. "Nope, not very polite, now are we? This is a private party you see and YOU have not been invited...." he said with a tint of insanity that couldnt hide the dangerous undercurrents of his tone. The male vampire didnt even seem to realise he was there as he stepped forward closer to us. I could see the change come over the mutants face as he realised he was being ignored. He knew he was losing control of the situation, he might have been able to take or outlast two young vampires, one of which was injured, and a dampiel, but with the arrival of this vampire it made things very uncertain for him. He darted a look at Rudy and then looked at us again, with a face devoid of the insane smile it usually wore. "Tell him, girls...tell him to go away....or I might have to put young Rudy Summers out of his misery after all....and we wouldnt want that to happen...." he said in a voice that was frightingly different from the happy-go-lucky voice he usually had.
But I wasnt fazed. We were ALL going to get through this night in one piece, and I wasnt going to let some low class freak make it otherwise.
Stepping right in front of Rudy, I pointed my left hand at Koger, and let it slowly change into the claw. "Four have seen death tonight by my hands. If you dont want to be number five, then stay away from him." Koger saw an opportunity to get Rudy angry and sneered. "Dear Rudy, what kind of man are you, to hide behind a woman?" he said slyly, watching Rudy carefully for any signs of anger at what he said. I dont know what Rudy's reaction was because I was angry. "What kind of woman would I be if I didnt stand up for my man?!" I demanded of the mutant. But he had stopped listening to me. Something that was going on between the vampire and Gyvien had caught his interest.
The male vampire was standing in front of Gyvien, obviously too close for comfort for her. "You better stay the f*** away from me..." she said, pulling her dagger out slightly. Seeing it, the male vampire smiled slightly, and said something that threw Gyvien into a state of shock. "Dra Yjahan. I see youve taken good care of it for me, Gyvien."

Her eyes widened and for the first time since I met her she seemed at a loss for a smart-@$$ retort. "Y.......you....." was the only thing she managed to say. The vampire nodded and smiled, and I jumped slightly as he turned his attention to me. "And I know you too, Myra......Myra Link, isnt it?"
I barely felt Rudy's hand on my shoulder as I studied the vampire suspiciously. This vampire didnt seem to mean us any harm, but how did he know me? Who was he, and why did I think of my mother when I looked at his eyes?
The vampire just smiled at my confusion, a warm, teasing smile. "You've grown..."

Ooohhhhh!!!! And its OUT! LOL I think everyone can figure out how Yuar knows Myra, as if I didnt make it obvious enough ^-~ Ok, Bulbie or whoever, take it away! Now Im off to ice-skate, ciao!! ^-^

11th January 2003, 02:20 PM
I think I'll let Yuar's point of view take this over...

Yuar Oro - M - Vampire

The mutant tried to distract me and the others... but I couldn't let him. I wouldn't..

I remembered these two- I knew them both when they were little yet since they were young they barely noticed me. Gyvien... she had the dagger. It was strange how I had not noticed it before... but now it all made sense. Had the strings of fate done this for me? What ever it was... it seemed to me, to be a miracle. A vast miracle... and act of destiny or fate. More destiny perhaps... since anything can stray away from what was meant to be.

'Dra yjahkan' She had that dagger... and only one Dampiel upon the earth could ever have it, or would ever have it. And that was her... the girl I took care of so many years ago until I was attacked.

I felt a faint pain of... guilt. I swore to her that I would protect her... and instead I failed, they attacked me, swarmed me and...
but she did get away... she was alive.
Perhaps I did keep to my word... but I had no idea what her life was like after she left. We were both young in age- I older and wiser of course at teh time, and being a Vampire... well, it naturally made you a bit more adult like. She was purely young... at the time- and then she ran because I told her too. What had happened to her in that time? Obviously the way she turned out... she probably had it rough. Would it have been better if I told her to stay?
Surely those rogue vampires... and Oyar, would have killed her.

I swallowed hard, as Rudy seemed bewildered but slowly it was sinking in.
"You... you..." He stammered, as I turned my flickering gaze to Myra. She was confused as well... but I shook my head softly as my auburn hair floated over my eyes.

" Who are you?" She questioned, as Rudy seemed extremely protective of her at that moment. I grinned wryly- how ironic every thing naturally was at this moment.
" I am Yuar Oro... or as my full name states- Yuar Oro Link."
Myra's jaw practicly dropped open, as Rudy and Gyvien were frozen like statues. Even the mutant who was very annoying pastly, was listening intently. I did not care who knew anymore- I was sick of hiding.

"Drana ec cu silr du damm oui... " I mumbled, as I shook my head.
"Too much almost. And to tell you upon this street in the darkness with morning waning almost to us? I believe that perhaps... if you allow me to join you." I turned my gaze to the mutant.
" So I am not intruding with anyone here... I would like to tell you.." I turned my gaze to Gyvien and Myra.
" Both of you what I know... all of it. I will even let your dear Rudy know as well. I do not care who knows my true identity any more... I am tired and weary of keeping myself a secret. I do not believe the Vampiric Community will harm me anymore as well. They would not be able to touch me... not anymore. I am... I will not hide."

Gyvien then spoke-
" Well isn't this a b**** of a night? Just when you think it couldn't get any more f***** up.." I turned my gaze to her, a bit pained. She never used to be that cold... or taht harsh with words. Sighing, I shook my head.
" I will tell you all you want to know Myra and Gyvien... even you too Rudy."

I smiled softly...
"I had a feeling that you both would be here.. it was as if some presense inside of me told me to leave the place I was at and to find you. And here you both are... together strangely. I will say it again however- let us leave this street and seek shelter for morning, while we wait I will tell you what you need and want ot know, and perhaps... after you learn, you can tell me what you have been up to as well. I have not heard of news of our father for a long time... nor how the City of Night is doing..." I then turned to Gyvien.
"And tell me what happened later... when I told you run."

Master Rudy
13th January 2003, 06:40 PM
Rudy Summers
2:10 AM
Shock didn't even describe what I was hearing. Yuar was the one who looked after my sister and was also related to Myra? How come she didn't know about him? Just then I noticed how stupid the question was. Things were going bad in the City of the Night for a long time. He was older than her and more than likely left before all hell broke loose up there. However it was at that point that he asked the question I'm sure both me and Myra were dreading. "I have not heard of news of our father for a long time nor how the City of Night is doing" he said to her. I still wasn't sure how Gyvien would like that news Myra had told me and I knew she wasn't ready to talk about it again so I quickly covered for her. "How about we save that for later? You've still got a ton of unanswered questions yourself. I'd like to know when you met my sister and how long you protected her."

Yuar looked at me for a moment seemingly knowing we were hiding something. However after a moment he dropped it. "Fair enough. We can discuss this and everything else once we get back to where you are staying." For the most part everyone was now quiet as we made our way back to the inn. Due to my injuries it took longer than expected and we spent about 45 minutes getting back over there. Luckly the number of hunters seemed to have dropped as we didn't run into any. That was a good thing because even with Yuar, Myra, Gyvien and Koger I might have been a sitting duck. If they were smart they would have went after me first. When we were finally back at the inn I looked up at our window. Myra was the first to speak as we stood there. "That's funny. Didn't you put the lights out Rudy?" It didn't take long for it to click as the two of us drew our weapons while the others looked at us not sure what was going on. Looking at them I quickly said "Someone's up there." Despite my injuries I was still ready to fight if I had to do so......

What's this?! I made a post no longer than THAT!!! Is the world coming to an end????

The truth is that for now I'm not sure what to do.
*blames the writers block on Bill and kills him*
In any case I guess you've now got something to do eh Gav? ^_~

16th January 2003, 10:34 PM
I just want to inform you all that I will neaver agen becoming on this bored agen, so this is my good bye.
I and giving my character to Asi-chan or shaka-chan (or you can share her)
Also If anyone would like to know ask asi or shaka or you can e-mail me and I will tell you.
Good bye,

Master Rudy
17th January 2003, 03:34 PM
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As for me this hasn't been the best week. I've been sick the past three days. If I do manage to post tonight it'll more than likely be in FS since my attention as of late has been mostly towards DBRB and Dawn. Hopefully tommorow I'll be feeling a little better.

18th January 2003, 12:03 AM
Ohhhhh -.- Nyoko.....I was hoping you wouldnt say that....
Well I cant force you but if there's anything that will change your mind let me know....Im sure nobody's happy to see you go...
As for the RPG, I for once DONT have a writers block, but I cant put my plan into action unless I know what a certain someone is going to do *cough* GAV! *cough* ^-~
I know sometimes I say I never plan anything out but this is too cool to NOT plan....so if any of you are dying of curiousity maybe Ill tell you at least part of it if you happen to catch me on MSN or AIM. MAYBE. ^-~
Well, thats it for now, until I see what Gav is gonna do....(D*mn, I hate waiting....)

BTW Hope you feel better Rudy, I was sick last weekend, and I would apologise for giving you my flu but thats kinda impossible! ^-^() Get well soon, train wreck! ^-~

18th January 2003, 02:24 PM
I am proud to announce that Dawn of the Blood Moon has won some awards! But, since Im only the one who started it, these awards really go to you, the cast! An RPG is only as good as its cast after all, so thank you for making it great! Congratulations, all! ^-^

Best Dark RPG

Best Non-Pokemon Anime-based RPG

Most Wanted Sequel/Prequel (tied with Cursed)

Also, many DotBM characters have won awards, so another congratulations goes to those who did! ^-^
Im going to have to draw some pics to celebrate! Anyone else that wants to can too.

Moving on, to save space Im going to post for Farwell here, its about time I stopped ignoring him ^-^()

----Father Farwell----
Dark Moon Motel
I looked at the door that Yuar Oro had just walked out. I understood his leaving, he had something important to do, even if I didnt understand what that was. I would just have to go on by myself. And now was as good a time as any.
Picking up my Bible I walked out of the motel room, and headed over to the carriage. Every moment I wasted, was another moment Roland was free to harm others. I couldnt wait any longer. As I hoisted myself up and grabbed the reins, a hooded, cloaked form came out of the shadows holding a tall thin box.
"Excuse me......" It said, in a low, slightly hissing voice. "Good priest, if you are heading to Wood Water City might I get a lifffft?"
Despite the fact that this person seemed suspicious, it was wrong to judge someone before you knew them. But I wasnt going back, not yet. "I will be heading there, but not yet. First I must go to the City of Three Stars to get an artifact." I didnt tell him what it was or what it was for, but he seemed to know anyway. "Could it be this, yes?" he said, pulling the lid off the box to reveal what I had been searching for---the Vampiric Insence! "I share if ride you give...."
"How....how did you...." I tried to say. I thought, I believed, that it would be very difficult to acquire the artifact, and here it was in the hands of this strange person.
Well it didnt matter now, time was of the essence. "Yes," I said reaching a hand down to help him in. I didnt know who this person was, but only one thought occupied my mind. It was time for me to correct my mistake.
It was time for Rolands killing reign to end....
Just a little something so you know Farwell is still alive..^-^

18th January 2003, 03:36 PM

I stood up grinning, looking out into the darkness. Then i felt a hand on my shoulder, i looked up and saw the lady that bit me. "Damnit.....i almost forgot....." I said fixing my glasses. She smiled slightly and walked a little ahead of me. "Yes Roland.....remember that you are my servant....dont forget....." she jumped up to a roof top, then looked down on me. "Go....do what ever..." Then she was gone. I clinched my fists again. "Sh*t it was better with that damn brat! No matter....still have to kill that little ingrate!" i walked down the street.
As i was walking a carrage ran past me in a hurry. "hm? And wha....?" I stopped in the middle of my sentence as i noticed a glimps of that priest i used to work with. "Farwell....." I gasped madly. I ran after it and leaped on top. "Heheh...maybe i can kill him on the way...." I said raiseing my gloved, blood stained hand into the lighted street. I used my vampire speed and strength & bashed the top of the carrage off. The people in side all looked up in horrer. I jumped in next to the driver and grasped him by the head. "Well.....hello FARWELL!......." i grinned and threw him out of the carrage. The other pasanger sat up a little and dropped something. Noticing this i picked it up and put it in my suit. "Oh...im so sorry but...you have to die!" I said bitting him and throwing him out of the carrage also. I jumped form the swift vehicle and landed right infront of the priest. I knelt down and lifted his head by his hair,"Well...didnt see this coming did you? & looky what I have now PRIEST!" I took out the candle thing and showed him. "What are you going to do now?" I said smashing it in my hand. "ITS ALL OVER! NOW ITS JUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed madly into the night. "And now Farwell.....You...die." I said lifting his head up and showing my fangs. "No! No Roland dont!!" Farwell cried as he heald his cross up at me. "Heh...a cross huh?" I said grabbing the cross, i could feel it burning my skin. "Your God wont save you now Farwell!!!!" I yelled ripping the chain off his neck and throwing it to the other side of the street. I looked at him and bit down on his warm neck. "No! Roland!!" Farwell managed to gasp out as i drank his blood. When he was about grained of blood, i stopped and dropped his head. "Well...Farwell. This is the end! And just to make it a little fun...i would like to watch you suffer somemore, but...my master calls!" I said as i stood up and patted his head. I turned to walk away, then turned back. "Oh and Be seeing you" I said then laughing i jumped to a roof top and ran into the night.
Sound track for post: Tearing away, and Im dying.

Ultimate Charizard
19th January 2003, 06:00 PM
Sorry Im late


"Hmm" i mumbled to myself. "Five of them, i had only expected two, three at most in such a small room". I looked more closely, making sure i kept myself hidden. One was injured, that was clear. Another of them wasnt even a vampire, a mutant in fact, and there were also..."Females" i gumbled to myself, "things just got tougher" ever since i was a child i had been taught to respect and treat females right. Even after i became aware of these creatures that had not changed and killing the females was always tough..if i held back against such a large group i could prove fatal.
I glanced at the clock beside me, not long till dawn...but long enough for them to kill me and escape to avoid the sun. I could possibly catch them by surprise and delay them, hold them off untill the sun rose and finish them in their panicked state..

It was the best plan i had and so i quickly vaulted up onto the window ledge. "Look, there" one of them shouted before i jumped down, deliberately making it look over dramatic to catch their attention and confuse them. I landed just as dramatically. Landing in a crouched position, letting my coat drape across the floor around me as i slowly stood. Leaving my weapons hidden i prepared to draw them as soon as a real threat produced itself but for now, delay and deception would work best. If they believed i was like them, then perhaps.......i allowed a small smile to cross my face, although not a pleasent one, more predatory, the kind ud expect from a bloodsucker.

"A good nights Hunt?" I questioned the group, "or are pickings here just as slim as other towns?"

19th January 2003, 06:52 PM
(3rd Person so Ican post YUar'n'Gyvien at teh same time)


As the figure suddenly leapt out of building, Gyvien spotted it with in an instant and she narrowed her eyes and took a step back. Whenever a shadowy figure leapt out like that... her huntress instincts always came to her.
She quickly brought forth her hand to her boot, ready to unsheath her dagger if needed be... as Yuar stood calm and collected, unmoving like Koger as well. Rudy and Myra however seemed to be transfixed.

"A good nights Hunt?" He called to the group, "or are pickings here just as slim as other towns?"

Gyvien's anger burned slightly... he associated her with drinking blood... with taking down innocents. Yuar crossed his arms as Myra was about to speak but Gyvien went forwad.
Gyvien's whole stature was cool and relaxed as her crimson shirt seemed to add and eerie affect to the night and her black jacket and skirt as she stared at him with her deep, piercing emerald gaze. Her wild, auburn hair blew in the gentle breeze.

He was definatly part human- that was clear... but Gyvien also sensed some Vampiric blood as well. Yuar sensed it almost instantly - his tracking techniques were far advanced beyond most vampires. He already knew that this guy was probably a hunter of some sort... otherwise he would have no reason to come out.

" Actually no..." Gyvien replied with a smooth voice, not threatenly but also s howing she had no fear of this person.
" The pickings were quite bountiful."

The guy narrowed his eyes a bit... as Gyvien smirked slightly and then shook her head.
" I killed 4 vampires tonight, usually I go after the big ones but tonight was full of the weaker, new vampiric race. Although I almost took down one vampire..." Gyvien's gaze slightly averted to look at Rudy- she was talking about Oyar.
"But some morals got in the way- not mine, mind you." She quickly added the last part in, as the male figure in front of her cocked his head to the side.
"You a hunter?"

Gyvien nodded...
" I am a Dampiel who hunts Vampires, so yes I am. It appauled me that you would associate me with taking down humans to drink blood." Her voice turned slightly cold at the 'drink blood' part, as the others remained silent. They knew that Gyvien was affected by being associated with the marks of being a full-blooded vampire.

" Why are you with these vampires... and not slain them? And with a mutant as well? I thought Dampiels didn't associate with those..." His eyes flickered towards the mutant slightly.
Gyvien took a breath...
" The facts are, that... I owed this vampire a favor." She motioned to Rudy.
" He did me a favor, and I felt obliged to return it. Plus, for your information... these two vampires here do not drink the blood of humans." Gyvien motioned to Rudy and Myra, who nodded as well.
"Surely vampires who do not drink blood are of no harm to anyone but themselves."
Yuar shifted slightly, and Gyvien knew that if this hunter questioned Yuar... that Yuar could handle himself.

" So you see... we do not 'pick' off those you probably thought we did... for we are not the likes of those blood-thirsty..-" Gyvien was about to say a few choice words but she cut off the language for once.

19th January 2003, 08:21 PM
o_O Oh crap I missed a lot...

I walked along the the alley with the girl, who introduced herself as Liven. The alleyway was lit by flickering lights, illuminating the spray painted graffiti.

"How did Father Farwell know I was in trouble," I asked her.

"I don't know," she repiled. "He was dozing off, and when he awoke, he told me to go to find you."

"Strange..." I said as I thought about my vision.


A chain broken. A cross hit the ground, splashing in a pool of blood, Christ begin bathed in the red liquid. A fallen body. A face flooded with dispair.


I awoke on the ground, Liven staring down at me.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"Farwell!" I gasped. "He's...in trouble..."

20th January 2003, 02:58 AM
Liven Dinas

"Farwell." Skyler gasped. "Hes in trouble." He said. Once i heard him say that my best friend was in trouble i almost left Skyler laying there. "Oh! Skyler how do you know?! Did you see where he was?" I asked as i helped him up to his feet. Skyler looked up and pointed in the direction. "I think hes down that way...." He gasped. Just as he had finished what he was saying, an empty carrage raced by us. "Wasnt that Farwell's carrage? It looks familiar!" I said in a slight panicted voice. I turned towards Skyler, "Come on we have to find him and help him! I dont want him to die!" I said almost in tears. We both ran in the directon that the carrage raced from and in a few minutes we came upon somebody lying in the street. "Farwell?!" I yelled as i ran to his side, Skyler right behind. I knelt down and lifted him up,"Farwell? Farwell...wake up are you ok?!" I asked as i shook him slightly. He only moaned and opened his eyes a little. "Li...Liven?" He whispered softly, he had been drained of his blood, but only had enough to live for a few minutes. I turned to Skyler who was standing beside me & Farwell. "Skyler what do we do! Hes lost to much blood! Hes going to die!!" I cried. I looked back at my old friend and remembered the time we first met.
I was only about 13 years old and a couple of gangsters were trying to mug me one night. It was about mid-night and i was walking through the streets looking for a good place to sleep before the sun came up. Then about 5 buffed men up and tried to steal any goods i had even my sword my father gave to me before he was killed. I tried to fight back, but i was still too young and couldnt fight. Just as they were about to make thier move i heard a voice. I turned to see a nice looking Priest, he didnt seem like he could fight....but somehow he had managed to fight off the 5 gangsters. "Wo...wow! how did you do that?" I asked astonished. "By the Power of God my child!" he had said as he smiled. "My name is Farwell. Whats yours?" He asked as he extended his hand out for me to hold. "My..name is Liven Dinas.." I said a little shy, as i took his hand. "Liven? Thats a pretty name." He said. "Do you need a place to stay?" He asked. I looked at him and smiled back. "Yes! Thank you Farwell!" I said. He let me stay there as long as i liked...he was like a second Father to me......But now...now hes dying. What do i do?! i thought. Should i bit him so he wouldnt die? i asked myself....What should i do???

Outlaw JT
20th January 2003, 09:59 AM
*sees Koger didn't win most mischievous character, grows angry; sees someone closed a certain poll despite the fact new votes were coming in daily, gets angrier still*

Methinks it is time for some wholesale mayhem. Time to unleash the hounds of chaos, so to speak........


"So you see... we do not 'pick' off those you probably thought we did... for we are not the likes of those blood-thirsty..-" Gyvien said before cutting herself short for a change.
"B@$tards!" Koger finished for her with a twisted smile.
The new dampiel looked at Koger and his eyes fluttered yet again. Just the slightest twitch, hardly noticeable. Koger was all about details though. He never missed little things like that.
"Now, what pray tell were you about to say........" Koger paused, grin spread from ear to ear. Before the new person could venture an answer Koger bolted forward in a flash of unexpected movement. He reached the new person, blade drawn before anyone could level a weapon at him. By the time the blade reached this new persons throat, though, two guns were pointed at the back of his head along with a sword. "with those what?"
The night seemed quite happy with repeating itself in some form or other. Once again Koger found himself with guns pointed at his head while his sword was resting neatly a quarter inch from someones jugular vein. Even the new person was halfway towards drawing a weapon on Koger, though he dare not pull his gun out while Koger's blade lay so close to his lifeforce.
"This dance again?" Koger mumbled just loud enough to be heard, half in amuzement and half in frustration. "When will you people learn it is best not to interfere with me?"
"When you stop drawing your sword on people not holding a weapon!" Gyvien barked back angrily.
"You drew first in our last momentary conflict dear Gyvien. Now, shut up and back away while I have a chat with our new friend here. Need I remind you all that he was waiting here to kill those of us with vampiric blood?!" Koger shot back sharply.
His voice was not playful or coy for once. It was dark, purposeful, and malevolent. Koger always came off as disturbing but now he was coming off as downright frightening.
"Now, where were we little trapmaker?" Koger said as he turned his ice cold malevolent stare at the new person. "Yes, I believe you were going to answer my question. But I don't need an answer, do I?......yes.....yes, I know what you were going to say. Not a very pleasant thing. Weren't you ever taught that it is rude to condescend towards someone while they are present? And in the third person as if they weren't there at that......Not nice at all. We mutants may not be immortal like the vampires or you halfbloods but we have other gifts to compensate. I assure you we are not inferior. There are several souls on the other side that could attest to that. Unless you desire to meet them for yourself, you had better align yourself with the facts. Fact one, I may not be as strong as a fullblood vampire but my speed can match the best of them. Fact two, I can match my skills to anyone here and walk away alive. I have an advantage you are all painfully unaware of and morbidly not the least bit curious about. Fact three, If I had wanted any of you........"
Koger's speech was cut off by the sound of a single blaring gunshot. Koger stumbled to his left for just a nano-second under an impact. The new person took the opportunity to roll away from Koger's blade and draw his weapon, taking a few steps back to stand next to Gyvien(who's gun barrel was smoking) unintentionally. Koger turned around, his eyes fiery and full of angered amusement.
"Ow," he said with a false tone.
"What the......." Rudy said for the umpteenth time this agelong night.
"I cannot believe you shot me in the back," Koger said, somewhat dumbfounded.
"You should be down.......that shot should've shattered your shoulder blade at this range..........." Gyvien said warily, just as dumbfounded as Koger.
Koger leaned down, picked up a small object and tossed it to Gyvien. She caught it in her free hand. She turned it over a few times before pulling it close to her eye to examine it. Gyvien let out a small sigh of a chuckle before looking back up at Koger.
"It's a rubber bullet," She said plainly.
"So it is. It was metal when you fired it though, wasn't it?" Koger's mischievous smile returned. "As I said, we mutants may not be immortal but we do have other gifts to compensate."

OOC: I know the post seems to end abruptly but I am too tired to keep typing it up. I am not finished with this post yet though so please don't move ahead if you are in that group just yet. I will post the rest of it later this afternoon.

20th January 2003, 04:02 PM
I stared blankly at Farwell, he getting palier by the moment. Tears streamed from my eyes...he was dying...

He had taken me in when there was no one. He had fed me out of the kindness in his heart. He offered me a place to stay...me, street trash. He was a kind soul. He always saw the good in people...

More tears flooded my eyelids, it was my fault. I should have stayed with him...protected him...I knew that Roland was dangerous...I...I...could have stopped him...

I sat silently, watching Farwell...if there was anyway to save him...I would do so....

21st January 2003, 03:09 PM
----Father Farwell----
Wood Water City
...Fading in an out of consiousness..........darkness......blood....light ......
The light was so beautiful....it was like a warm, summer day, running through the grass in my bare feet and feeling the gentle breeze toy with my hair. Laughter, light, happiness......I could almost hear my little sister calling, but that wasnt possible...she was dead...
Ronin Farwell.......Farwell........
"Farwell!!" I heard and started out of my daze, jerking my eyes open with great effort. "L........Liven....?"
"Farwell..." she said, her eyes welling up with tears. I heard her sob and another voice sobbing as well. I let my head roll sideways so I could see. "...S....Sky...ler..." I whipered, giving a weak smile. "Good....she.....found you.....youre.....alright...I wouldve never forgiven myself if Roland had hurt you..."
Skyler knelt down beside Liven. "He did this to you didnt he?!" he said, his voice choking with anger and sorrow. I tried to reply but could only groan in response. My life was fading, I could tell. I didnt have much time on this Earth, and I knew it. "Dear...Lord...please forgive Roland...and please.....look after...your Children...." I gasped out, my eyes unable to stay open any longer. "In Your name I pray......A-men..."
As the last words of my prayer whispered through my lips, I could feel the mist closing around my mind. I felt sure that this was my end...
Frank, check your PM, I have an idea.
Ill see you all on the weekend, later! ^-^v

23rd January 2003, 09:40 PM
I stared into his dying eyes, tears going down my eyes. I knew I had to save him…but how? With out thinking, I latched to his heck with my fangs. His blood began to pour into my mouth, the warm liquid running though my teeth, hitting my tongue, and stimulating my taste buds. But then, I couldn’t stop! The salty liquid going though my mouth, it felt so good to me, tasted so good, it was addicting. It swept over me like a storm, taking me over, controlling me. My vampiric side had won, as my human side retreated to the back of my mind.

Live cried out, and stabbed me with her knife, pushing me to the side, yelling in anger, “Get off him you blood sucking piece of s***!” She bit him once, and them moved back, still keeping an eye on me suspiciously, as Farwell began to change, his wounds healing, getting paler, turning into a vampire. All I could do was stare though. I don’t believe it, I had almost killed my only friend. I was disgusted with myself, the blood still in my mouth. I was just as bad as that monster, Roland…I deserved to die.

Liven picked Farwell up, and began to walk away. “Don’t try to follow us,” she said sternly, unturned. I just stared in shock, as she walked away with Farwell, disappearing from view. I snapped out of it, and wrenched the knife out of my stomach, the blood fresh on the blade, and threw it to the ground. ”I’ve driven all my friends away…there’s no hope…I deserve to die...” I picked up the knife, and placed next to my heart, and got ready for the plunge…but I stopped and tossed the knife to the side hastly. If I was to die, I would take that abomination, Roland, with me. I stumbled off, my wound still bleeding…

Meanwhile, a figure in robes flew to the ground and picked up the knife. He licked at the blood, grinned, and only said, “Brother,” and walked off, in the direction I left from.

But no one noticed a little box, sitting unguarded in the carriage.
Oh no! Skyler’s trying to find Roland, but Roland is on his trail! Liven is carrying Farwell away! And no ones noticed that the Vampire Incent thing is left in the carriage!

Master Rudy
26th January 2003, 03:06 AM
Sorry JT but I can't wait any longer. Not only am I overdue for a post here in Dawn (along with FS as well)but it has been a few days since you said you'd finish your post. I know this might be making me look impatient but I believe it's time to move on.

Rudy Summers
About 3 AM
A little over three hours until sunrise
This night could not get any weirder could it? At first I looked at this newcomer as another threat but then I picked up on the fact that it was a trick to see what side we were on. Gyvien on the other hand didn't like it one bit and I couldn't blame her. My point of view and how I was raised had a great deal to do with who I had become. However most people really didn't see it that way. Those that knew or found out what I was always saw me as the type that would not think twice about killing someone innocent. I may not have openly showed it but I had a dislike when it came to people jumping to conclusions. As I thought about this I started think once more about my past. I was a vampire and yet here I was fighting my own kind in an attempt to keep peace on Earth and to protect those that couldn't fight. It's kinda odd. I thought to myself. With my beliefs and point of view I sometimes wonder if I should have been a human instead. However there was no point it thinking about such things since that was impossible.

As my sister gave this guy a nice long talk me and Myra just sat back and listened. However when Koger jumped in suddenly that gave me good reason to worry. He quickly proved I had a good reason to do so as he drew one of his weapons turning things into yet another standoff as Gyvien went for her guns. With a groan I just shook my head. How can the same s*** happen to the same guy so many times in one night? Myra seemed to have an idea of what I was thinking and whispered to me "Don't worry about it Rudy. I'm sure she'll get things under control in a moment." I was about to respond to that when suddenly Gyvien fired a shot at Koger. Personally I didn't like killing but all night long Koger had given us good reason to do so. I still had no idea what he intended to do. However as he stood there after a hit that should have at least knocked him off his feet I just stood there shocked. As strong as myself, Myra or any other vampire may have been compared to a human I knew for a fact that we would go down quickly if we were shot. It wouldn't kill us but I knew all too well that a bullet had some good stopping power and hurt like hell.

As I stood and watched with everyone else Koger picked up something and tossed it to Gyvien. "It's a rubber bullet" she said while looking it over. Koger just simply smiled and said "As I said we mutants may not be immortal but we do have other gifts to compensate." By now I didn't know what to think of him anymore. However as the newcomer prepared to fight I decided it was time to end this. Limping over towards them I got inbetween everyone and drew my katana. Without getting into a defensive stance or preparing to fight I looked at everyone around me and said "At this point I don't care who you are and I sure as hell don't care about the fact that I'm hurt. If anyone insists on continuing this pointless violence they will have to get through me before I allow them to fight someone else." I said it as if it was directed at everyone but as I looked at Gyvien and then Koger I was pretty sure everyone got the idea at who it was dierected at. Even so it was still more of a bluff. I would not fight Gyvien for any reason whatsoever. The same held true for Myra and everyone else. Right now all I wanted was for things to end and for this night to be over with.

As I looked around again I saw that everyone could tell I wasn't serious about it. With a sigh I just put my weapon away and said "I just don't want to see anyone fight anymore. It's been an extremely long night. I'm sure most of us are pretty tired and right now I just want to get inside and finally get a bit of a break." Looking at Yuar I told him "You still haven't had a chance to explain yourself. I'm sure your sister would like to know about you not to mention Gyvien must be wondering where you've been." Afterwards I turned my attention to Koger "As for you I'm not going to lie. I don't like you one bit. You can go ahead and come inside with us but if you do no quick moves. That will only get you killed." All Koger did was smile. Knowing him I had no way of figuring out what was on his mind until it happened. Finally was the stranger. As I looked at him I smiled a bit. "It takes a ton of guts to go up against five people. I don't care if they are humans or vampires. In either case the numbers are against you. I'd like to know a bit more about you so if you want to tag along for a bit then your more than welcome to do so." Once I was done talking I didn't wait for a reply from anyone. Starting to walk away from the group and towards the hotel the only thing I was thinking of at the moment was the hope that everything was finally over for the night. It wasn't normally like me to do that to anyone but I had many things on my mind at the moment. With less than three hours until sunrise I didn't think anything else could happen tonight. However with the way things had gone I now knew that it wasn't a good idea to let my guard drop until the first sign of sunlight......

Anyone else involved with that group may continue ^_~

26th January 2003, 12:17 PM
Ok this isnt going to be very long because I have to go to work soon -.- But I just need to add something ^-~
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City
The mutant and Gyvien were at it again, only this time someone new had joined the 'Lets all kill each other' party. I was getting sick of everything. With the exception of meeting Rudy, nothing good had come out of this night, and I couldnt wait for it to be over. But because of these homicidal idiots, we weren't going to get any peace any time soon.
I wasn't going to tolerate this madness ANYmore.
I was about to go off on them all, demanding that everyone stop thier idiocy and explain themselves so that we could finally have some ANSWERS instead of more questions, when Rudy beat me to it.
Rudy stepped forward and began to take charge of the situation. I watched him, a slight smile on my face.
I guess great minds think alike.
lol I had to add my little bit because you really DID beat me to it Rudy ^-~

28th January 2003, 05:05 PM
Ok time to start putting some things into motion...wahaha
----Father Farwell----
Wood Water City
Thump. Thump. Thump.
With each steady thump I heard as I lay, my head throbbed in rhythem. It seemed the whole world was pounding, all I heard were thumps in different rhythems like many drums pounding their own beats all at once. As I started to come to, I started to realise what they were.
Liven's feet pounding against the ground.
Liven's heart pounding in her chest.
Liven pounding on a large wooden door.
I realised she had been carrying me somewhere, after I had passed out. But how....why was I alive? Still very confused, I just lay motionless, not really paying attention to the world until the thumps were sharply interrupted by the distinctive 'clik' of a shotgun.
"What the hell do you want?!" A stern voice rumbled. I opened my eyes to see the face of a man shoving the barrel of a shotgun through a slot in the door. It seemed we were outside....yes, we were standing outside the Wood Water Inn. Still unable to speak, I could only listen in on what happened next.
"Let us in! Im a vampire hunter and my friend is hurt!"
"Your friend...." The eyes glanced down at me and instantly widened as he brought the gun closer to my face. "A vampire dressed as a priest! So, your friend is that damned monstor thats been killing people! Well then you can die too!"
Vampire dressed as a priest...? These words floated through my mind but before I could think about what they meant I heard another voice. "Jack O'Conner! Are you sticking that thing at more innocent people!" The man's eyes were replaced by female eyes and the voice continued. "Good heavens, its Father Farwell! What happened to him?!" The door swung open and Liven stepped inside, the woman leading her towards an empty room where she placed me on the bed. After a few moments I felt that I could move again and sat up. Somehow I felt a strength return to me that I never had before. It was like I felt stronger, but that wasnt possible...a few moments before I was knocking on Heavens door. Suddenly I knew what had happened. "No......no it cant be....!" I looked down at my hands, they had become pale and colorless. I could feel fangs in my mouth, and the sounds of Liven's and the others heartbeats seemed extremely loud. I realised I was a vampire! "L..Liven...." I said, my voice heavy with sorrow. "How...how did this happen..?"
She cast her eyes downward. "...We found you.....when Roland bit you....you were dying so I....I changed you so you would live....I'M SORRY Father! I just couldnt bear the thought of you leaving me too! After my dad died..." then she started sobbing.
I got up and patted her shoulder comfortingly. "There there child, I forgive you..." But I still couldnt believe this had happened to me. I had become something unholy, a child of the night. I could never go back to my church.....but I would not forget my faith. "Liven, " I said, my voice serious. "Where is my cross?"
She pulled a chain out of her pocket. "Here....but Father, you...." She trailed off as I put it on, hearing my flesh under my shirt hiss and sizzle. It was very painful but, I resolved, I would not take it off.
I would not forget who I was.

Master Rudy
28th January 2003, 10:50 PM
Well I guess it's time to get both groups together as one finally.

Rudy Summers
3:10 AM
Since my most recent cuts and wounds were pretty bad they wouldn't be able to heal up instantly like most small injuries. Both the stab wound in my stomach and the gunshot to my leg would need at least several hours to fully heal. In the meantime I took the time to at least bandage them so I wouldn't be bleeding all over my hotel room. One of the beds was already soaked in a ton of blood due to Oyar's earlier attack on Gyvien. As I looked at the group before me I could see just how small and cramped up this room was. In addition to myself, Gyvien and Myra we now had three others in here as well. There would be no way everyone would fit into my room. However as luck would have it the other three rooms were currently empty. The Wood Water Inn wasn't very large to begin with. Add to the fact that I always had a free room as long as one was empty and my things were always stored here and you had one cramped up inn. At least we weren't all going to be stuck in the same room together. I had to remember to thank Jack when I had the chance.

As I sat down it looked as if we were ready to start this whole discussion. However our attention was drawn outside to muffled voices. Both the newcomer who had introduced himself as Wynder and Koger seemed clueless as to what was going on but the rest of us seemed to know who it was. Yuar was the first to speak about it. "That sounds like Farwell and Liven." As I got up and moved toward the door Myra said "Maybe they've come with the news that they managed to kill that freak of a vampire." Shaking my head I turned to rest rest of them and said "I wouldn't count on it. No one told them we would be here. I'm getting the feeling they managed to get into trouble." Nothing could have prepared us for the shocking site as we all made our way out into the hall and towards where they were.

They were in trouble all right.

Liven looked to be ok but she was clearly very upset. As I looked at Farwell my eyes grew wide. He was no longer human and was now a vampire like myself, Myra and Yuar. With a sigh Gyvien just said out loud "Either this is someone's idea of a sick joke which I highly doubt or this night just got worse." Liven turned towards us and it was pretty clear that she wasn't expecting one of us. Instead she had the entire group plus Wynder and Koger in front of her. As much as I knew she disliked us it didn't look like Liven had anything to say. I took a moment to ask Jack to leave us alone. Once he did that it was time to find out what happened to Farwell. It didn't take very long for Liven to tell us about how he was attacked by Roland. Now wanting to see him die she had saved him by turning him herself. Once she was done with the story she did nothing but blame herself. In a slightly unexpected move Myra was the first to talk and try to ease things over. "You shouldn't blame yourself. If it wasn't for that creep Roland attacking him then there would not have been a need for this." I smiled slightly at what she said. While it was a different situation it did somewhat mirror what happened with Myra earlier tonight.

As I looked at Farwell I told him "Well in any case I think you should be lucky to be alive." That really seemed to confuse him. "Alive? I thought vampires were considered to be dead." Now I had everyone looking at me seemingly unsure of where I was going with this. Crossing my arms I said "Maybe they would be by human standards but as far as I'm concerned if your walking around and talking then your alive in my book. It might not exactly be the greatest situation in the world but take one good look at me and then at everyone around you. I think we're living proof that what you are does not automaticly decide how you'll act." As Farwell looked at each of us I pointed at Koger and continued. "With him being the exception we've all been through what's going to come for you soon. If anyone here says it's easy then they are lying. Certain things about having vampiric blood can make your life hard. However if you can avoid giving in to them then it shouldn't affect you too much." once I was done Farwell smiled a bit and said "Thank you. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say that." All things considered he seemed to be taking this pretty well. Looking at a nearby clock I said "Anyway the sun is coming up in a few hours. Seeing that you two have nowhere to go you guys can stay here for the night. In the meantime perhaps you should join us. Several of us have some things to say. Afterwards I'm afraid I've got a little bad news. As bad as things are with Roland on the loose I'm afraid he isn't the most dangerous vmapire out there at the moment." The looks on Farwell and Liven's faces spoke more than words could have. I was pretty sure that they were trying to deal with him most of the night. They looked as if they had no idea how they would be able to handle someone worse than Roland......

Things seem to be about ready to heat up. Anyway in case you didn't notice I left Sky out on purpose for one reason. Seeing how Liven is gonna be a bit upset over him nearly making Farwell into dinner I figured she would 'forget' to mention that part about the attack. Perhaps once Farwell gets over his shock he can remember him and the characters that are still able to go outside in the daylight can try to find him? If not then I guess that could be the first order of business once the sun sets again. Since most of the characters can't go outside I doubt much will be done in the daytime. I think it would get boring watching Rudy, Myra, Yuar and Farwell hang out inside of a hotel room for about 12 hours. As for Myra sorry if that seemed out of character Asi. However after everything that's happened I kinda figured it would be something that she should say

29th January 2003, 10:00 PM
^^ Alright, remember in this post that no one really knows the whole Lantis/Gyvien thing...e ven though you all know it, the charries don't! ^^; Oh yeah... bleeeh

Yuar Oro - M - Vampire


Well, this night was certainly the most interesting nights in quite a while. It was distressing for some parts, especially to see the likes of Myra and Gyvien being placed with in unremarkable danger. BUt danger was some thing I was accustomed too... and strangely, t he way of fate had intertwined the paths of two close to my heart, to weave back to me at teh same time. Maybe it was destiny... but whatever it may have been, they were safe now despite the turn of events.

We had to go inside... two hours of darkness left, RUdy had reminded us about it. This priest... Farwell... I narrowed my eyes, suddenly feeling guilty for leaving him for my own selfish reasons. As Liven helped him along as we walked back inside the hotel, I quickly went to the other s ide to help him as well. Liven gave me a strange look, but from learning a bit more about my character earlier she did not question me. I was hoping that she was beginning to understand that I was not evil or any type of vampire many accused me of being. She did not speak to me, but some thing about the silence sat well. Instead I spoke to Father Farwell...

" I am truely sorry Priest, if I would have stayed with you... I would have-"
He interupted me howver.
"Do not appologize Yuar. I can imagine you... had some thing worth while to attend too. Plus, you could not have helped what happened... "
I was silent, narrowing my eyes in thought as finally we came to a room. Setting Farwell upon one of the beds, it was interesting to hear Liven's story. I couldn't believe it... and still..
I shook my head and muttered..
"IT was my fault... I should have stayed with him."

I got up and walked to one of the walls, and clutching my fist tightly I smacked the wall with just a slight rum. Gyvien instantly scolded me for it, telling me I would draw attention to others who might be in this hotel as well. I sighed, as Rudy made a point that it wasn't my fault but I quickly turned around, leaning agianst the wall. STaring my calm, cool and basically unreadable olive-green gaze at him, I shook my head.
"You do not understand."

Rudy was about to persist otherwise, but stopped short as my gaze did not leave his. Despite how good and loyal RUdy was, some times I believed he talked too much. Butting in where he wasn't wanted... but he had a good heart, and I respected that. Plus he treated Myra well, which it was obvious by the way they spoke that they cared for eachother. I had yet to see any signs of Gyvien and him having good relationships... but perhaps I did not see all. I sighed again, as my dark yet some how lightly shaded redden auburn hair slightly wavered over my face, as I leaned against the wall with my hands in my pockets, my jacket flapped open to expose my short, atheltic-suiting shirt exposing my abdomin a bit. I gazed at the scene as a few mumurs were heard..

There was Rudy and Myra, Rudy in a chair as Myra gazed him over softly and Gyvien was standing w ith her hands across her chest... as if thinking. Father Farwell was upon the bed, Liven not too far off as well... strange scene indeed. I gazed outside... two hours... that was plenty of time. I could make in a half an hour if needed... but...

"Yuar... " I sharply turned my head to gaze a casual stare to Myra, who gazed at me with a confused look again.
"You know me, say you are my brother... and you know Gyvien. I am sure all of us.. at least Gyvien, Rudy and I... are interested to know how."

I smirked slightly, but it would be a pain. Not the fact in telling the tales... b ut in reliving everything. Of course the shadows of my past painfully biting at my heels every time I walked. I was used to it though... but... it...
I was Yuar Oro, the Draconin. I had done far worse then tell a simple story...

"Fine, but I warn you standing to perhaps sit down. It might take a while... "

No one moved, and I sighed as I took my right hand and ran it though my lofty silk-like hair.
"Well... I'll start with Myra's questions first. I'd not want to confuse you ... so chronilogical order would suit the best fancy."

Memories flooded past me... and I couldn't believe I was about to speak what I had promised was behind me. But... I guess I was just used to being so, mysterious. Everyone... well, those who had a glimpse to see me save them, kill the evils of the world or just pass by thought so.. .my apperance wasn't exactly bright and happy. I was always trying to look unreadable yet approachable... yet, perhaps I did seem justifying and well... distant.

(To be different, instead of telling this though his exact words I amm going to write his 'flashbacks' or what he is seeing in his mind as he tells. You can make up the words he says about it.. ^^ Just dont' say anything like swear words or stuff, 'cuz Yuar wouldn't swear!! loll, unless he was really mad.)

There Yuar was, gazing at his two parents with wide and interested eyes. Meier Link and Charlotte Link. Both parents had escaped to the City of Night a long time ago. Yuar was very curious ever since he was little... always asking questions about Earth, since he was born in the CIty of Night. They told him the true stories of earth... about the humans and the vampires, about why they had to escape to the City of Night... how Charlotte became a Vampire. They probably told Yuar too much, since this sparked his curiosity even more.

Yuar excelled well in the fields of academics, but what made him stand out most all was his training. Indeed, he seemed to be strangely agile and very stealthy-even for a vampire. And the combo of having intelligence, witts and agility along with stealth made him a good fighter, but of course it wasn't anything useful in the CIty of Night for a young Vampiric boy. But, because of the honesty and the stories that his parents told him of Earth... at the first chance that he could, he snuck aboard a ship that went to Earth. Instantly there, he met a dampiel whose name illudes him to t his day. In t hat little time, the dampiel taught Yuar that vampires and humans were a like. Both were capable of hate and both had evils in their hearts, but yet both had potential in good as well. both had equal rights to the earth... b ut some just brought it forth too far and were blinded by their dark sides so they could not see.

After learning and being s howed the world from a neutral stand point, Yuar began shaping his beliefs about how humans and vampires were both fine in t heir own ways. Yuar as soon as he could, snuck back aboard a ship to the City of Night. When he told his parents the story, t hey grew wary of him. Quickly as word grew, they told hiim to not tell anyone about the travel of him going to earth, nor about the experience with an outcasted VAmpire. Many in t he Vampiric community were growing suspicious of Yuar's curiosity and strange view points, and many heard of his 'wild stories' of traveling to earth and meeting a wise old Dampiel. But like al ways... some thing happened.

Yuar met a Vampire by the name of Lantis, a while ago from a younger age. Of course, competition grew between the two... and when Lantis finally became twisted in his mind. That night when Yuar snuck aboard to Earth and met that dampiel, Lantis was there as well. It was then he watched Yuar from afar... and saw him talk with the dampiel. Not even waiting to see what hapepned... Lantis immiediatly returned to the City of Night shortly after Yuar returned. Lies and rumors were spread about wildly from Lantis- jeleousy and envy being his main motive for corrupting Yuar's life. Lantis went on telling all that Yuar was plotting with dampiels and humans on Earth how to rid the world of Vampires, and was planning to join them and place mutiny upon t he Vampiric community. Even though Yuar was only 8, people believed Lantis's easily-told lies and were growing irritated.

Finding out about the plans to 'rid' Yuar, his parents quickly told Yuar he had to flee from the City of Night. So he did so, and after a few years he heard about the pregnancy of his mother with Myra. Interested and wanting to see his sister.... he cut his hair short, and changed his clothing. After severe training and harsh conditions upon earth with hiding himself in t he shadows and living in the dark, he was firmly built and quite handsome. He of course, snuck aboard a ship and went to the city of night under the name of Yuar Oro, b ut to others he was just 'Oro Draconin.'

It was during that time that Yuar grew the reputation he lived with now. He was known as, 'Draconin'... the lone warrior-like Vampire who helped those who needed aid, the one who protected humans attacked unmercifully by avenging Vampires. But he also helped innocent vampires and dampiels attacked by blood-clouded hunters... and t hus he grew a mysterious reputation for 'dropping in' and t hen leaving when he had helped those he aimed to aid.

It was then he met a young, baby-like Dampiel upon the street. He gazed to the house that she was in... and after investigating, saw it was a human mother who was clouded by superstition and was unworthy in his eyes, of even being a mother to a beautiful baby. So he took Gyvien himself and raised her until she was five. During those years, he taught her the same thing he learned- about how Vampires, Humans and even Dampiels all had capabilities of hate, love and all the same emotions. He taught her it was what you did with those emotions that defined who you are. There was no 'evil' race or 'good' race either... we were all the same. He also taught her how to fight... and how to use a wide array of weapons- even though she was young, s he was abnormally adaptable and learned quick. She could even outgun most humans at the age of 4 and a half.

BUt one night it changed..

Yuar had heard rumors of Lantis finding out about Yuar's true name, and about his raising of a dampiel. He also heard through the underground t hat Lantis also found out about Yuar having a sister... that sister named Myra who was under Lantis's care. Feeling a threat rise... Yuar quickly led Gyvien out of their hidden home in the outskirts of the suburbs and tried to find a new place. But there they were ambushed by a group of six vampires - Oyar being the ring leader. Oyar and the six vampires quickly attacked Yuar... but Yuar defended them off with Gyvien actually shooting and killing one of them. BUt as Oyar made a move towards the young dampiel girl,Yuar stopped him.

It was then he learned Lantis had hired them to kill both. Oyar was paid off by what little Yuar had to let Gyvien escape, and so Yuar quickly handed over his precious, ancient dagger he had obtained a long time from that dampiel and gave it to her. He told her to run... to run and to get away. He then fought off the vampires, and through a long fight which lasted almost until the rising sun. The vampires all died except for Oyar, but with the morning rays rising in the dusk he grew in pain and fled. Yuar gritted his teeth and managed to drag himself into an alleyway and hide inside a garbage disposel for the day. After that he never found Gyvien...

When Myra was born, Yuar snuck in one night and watched his sister, standing over her shortly. It was there he vowed to stay out of her life for now... believing himself to be a jinx or jaded in some way.

He lived in the City of Night under his new name, not even telling his parents he existed. He watched as Myra was trained by Lantis, and even t hough Yuar grew extremely angry and vengeful at Lantis for telling his sister lies (which he eavesdropped and watched from afar), he kept his cool and remained out of her life- keeping to his word.

Yuar understood why his parents never told Myra anything about Earth- because they didn't want her to end up like him. He felt pained for causing his parents the mournful loss of their son... for to them, he was as good as dead for they never heard of him. Yuar felt pained at this and guilty, b ut he remained inthe shadows. The night he heard the words of Lantis to Myra about the lies of his mother, so he grew inraged. Angered he left before Myra left... feeling furious but not wanting to intrude and suddenly show up before Myra. Plus, if he revealed himself as Yuar... he was afraid heh would indanger his family and his sister as well.

I took a breath after my long story. Sighing I suddenly stood up straight. It was about an hour until sunrise now. They were speechless... but I sighed.
"It's all so complicated isn't it?"

Yuar then sighed... as he gazed to Myra and Gyvien, and then everyone else.

(Alright... reactions needed! Just one note: Yuar is going to leave before the sun rises. So if you guys want to include that because you want to keep it moving go ahead. Yuar is going to leave... or you guys can post to the point wher ehe says he is leaving but you guys can try to stop him or whatever. Just leave it to that point so I can post his actual exit.)

2nd February 2003, 04:50 PM
Ok, things are coming down to a point, a point which would affect the lives of all in ways they could never have imagined.....^-~
Oh, and Rudy, its ok, Myra probably would say something like that now. After all Rudy's being such a good influence on her so why not? ^-^

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water Inn, Room 9
:::5:02 AM::: About an hour until sunrise
It was all, so much...too much.....it was strange how things had a way of connecting, how peoples lives could twine around each other through actions that seemed unimportant at the time. How my brother whom I never knew I had could have rescued and raised the sister of the man I would come to love. How we would all meet again, with strangers that were not stangers to all. Somehow we were all connected....
My head was swimming with thoughts, ideas, and lost memories, and I felt a bit lightheaded. But Yuar's strange story wasnt the only thing that was going to make me feel dizzy, for the question he asked next was one that I had been dreading ever since we found out who he was.
"Now, Myra, I need to know. How are Mother and Father? They have not returned to Earth with you, have they?"
I felt like I was being backed into a corner. The eyes of everyone in the room were on me, waiting for me to respond with what should have been an easy answer. I knew that my brother had to know, but I didnt want to tell him. Rudy had been very understanding but I doubted anyone else would be. Even so I knew it had to be told. Frustrated and feeling very alone I swallowed the lump in my throat and took a deep breath to keep the tears away. "No..." I said, my voice wavering. "They didnt....and they wont......because Lantis killed our Father, Yuar...and.." I knew I was probably dooming myself with what I said next, but I couldnt run from the truth. "I was ordered to kill our Mother." I could see everyone jump in shock as I said that, and I felt more sad and alone than I ever had before.
But then I felt a hand squeeze mine gently, and looking I saw it was Rudy, with an expression on his face that said I wasnt alone. Looking at everyone gathered in the room, he spoke with a voice of authority. "Listen, what Myra had to say was very hard for her. But I want you to keep in mind that people can change. Being on Earth for even this short night she has learned a lot and has realised that she had made some bad mistakes. She is a different person than how she was then and should not be judged wrongfully for what was in the past. Im sure all of us have things that we wish we hadnt done in our lives, and if we could we'd do it differently." Rudy looked at Yuar for a moment and then looked at me with a tender expression. "Myra is the same way."
I looked at him gratefully and squeezed his hand back, lowering my head slightly. Though it was true, that I did regret what I had done very much, I wasnt sure if anyone else would listen to what Rudy had said. Forgiveness did not come easily to all people, and I had just met my brother and me and Gyvien never really got along. I could only guess at what they were thinking.
Suddenly the changed human known as Farwell spoke up. " 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..' Yes, no one is without sin, everyone at one point has had doubts, or committed crimes, or betrayed someone they love. But we all should try to forgive past wrongs and to try hard not to make the same mistakes again." Though it mustve burned him he touched his cross as he spoke. "Just remember that God forgives you whether you forgive yourself or not."
I only nodded, in a bit of shock. I had never heard such things before, and it made me feel a little better. Just then Yuar spoke up.
"We have bigger things to worry about than forgiveness Farwell, if what Myra says is true..." I wasnt sure what his reaction to what I had done was, he was masking his feelings about it. He continued. "Am I correct in assuming that he is the one who brought you here?"
I nodded. "Yes, at sundown he went off to feed and left me to wander about by myself and explore...in fact I havent seen any trace of him since then..." Which worried me, I feared he would do something horrible....something I would not let myself consiously think of.
Yuar frowned. "If Lantis is on Earth, then we re all in trouble..."
Ok....sorry if I stole a little Rudy speech in there ^-~ but I wanted Myra to have that secret out in the open before something else happened.....I have a request that no one move past 5:45 AM , I need the 15 minutes before sunrise to put something in motion for the next night. For now, your characters are free to come and go as they wish of course, but for now I want to keep Myra and Farwell out of any life and death fights, what I have planned is pretty flexable as far as everyone else ^-^
Oh and also I request that no one have Lantis show up, you can talk about him but dont have him show up just yet ^-^
Thats about it, I dont really like telling people what to do in an RPG but I request the above for future plot purposes ^-^ Thanks, and Ill see you all next weekend! Ciao! ^-^v

2nd February 2003, 05:51 PM
Time for double persona post!

Yuar & Gyvien - M/F - Vampire/Dampiel

Gyvien wanted to retort... she wanted to accuse Myra of being a hypocrite. Here, Myra had given Gyvien a hard time for not trusting Rudy at first and being cold... and here, she herself killed her own mother.
But yet... I wanted to kill my father..

Yuar however, could tell that everyone wanted him to answer... but most of all, Myra wanted him to answer. He turned his gaze so that it rested upon hers, which were clouded with salty tears and ... fear? Yuar did see fear... in his younger sister, the killer of their mother. He saw as Rudy clutched her hand... and she returned it, as they awaited for more then just a speech from Father Farwell. As Myra gazed at Yuar closer, he could tell she wanted him to say some thing... anything. Yuar was always the perfector of blank, relaxed expressions that didn't change... and right now, it was killing Myra. Sighing, he gazed away from her, his auburn hair swaying infront of his eyes. He still leaned against the wall... as he gazed out the window, through a crack of it's cloth.

Lantis... the evil b*st*rd. Yuar saw the lies of what he had told Myra when raising her... and ... enviornment has it's play on the souls and minds. Yuar didn't need Rudy to tell him that people change... Yuar didn't need the stupid lecture about not to judge what others have done. Glaring at the air at the thought, Yuar's cool words rose above, slicing the air.

"Myra... I'm not angered with you."

Yuar turned his head and gazed at her slightly, as his deep emerald eyes were calm and expressionless.
" I was there... I saw when Lantis told you the lies of Earth, I heard him speak them to you... I heard him fill you with empty lies and brainwash the impressionable you into believing what he wanted you to believe. You were his pawn... in his big chess board of evil plans."

Myra didn't seem to like those words much... but yet she seemed accept them, as Yuar stood up straighter and continued.
" If you killed mother, then I did as well. I probably killed father too."

Silence... and then Rudy gazed at Yuar.
"What is that supposed to mean?"
Myra nodded slowly, confusion flooding her facial featurs..
"You didn't kill them... I- "

Yuar was firm though, and the level of his voice seemed stern and uncounterable.
" No. Stop. I was there Myra... I occasionaly would watch over you at night, as he would train and talk to you. BUt I didn't interfere... I was ... Iwas... afraid. Afraid that if I tried to tell you the truth, you would think me as a stupid stranger, a monster and believe me to be wrong. I couldn't have possibly told you who I was and tell you teh truth... because then I would be exposed. If Lantis would have found that out... he would have killed our father and mother either way or got others to do so in rebellion of what they thought I did when I was little. Maybe they would have killed you too..."

Sighing, Yuar closed his eyes for a breif moment as he spoke the last of his words carefully.

" But I should have... I could have told you what earth really was. Then maybe you wouldn't have been talked into killing your mother... I could have protected Father from Lantis. If I would have... I would... I could have prevented all of this. It's.. It is my fault. But I have a lot of faults... for disappearing from Gyvien's life, from going to earth when I was young and putting my parents through the pain of losing their son..."

Yuar shook his head, as he walked to the window and stared though the whole glass. Loweirng his head Yuar heard Rudy's voice...
" Still... it ... your past doesn't matter. You couldn't have prevented it-"
Yuar turned his head around to look at Rudy and shook his head.
" Sorry to be blunt... but please, hold your tongue. I do not need to be lectured or comforted by you... not that I do not welcome your friendship or courting of my sister, but I do not want pity or words of comfort."

Silence ensued again... but Yuar wasn't finished.
"Lantis is out... and if he is, he must be looking for either Myra or I. I don't know what he wants... but I know he must be looking for either or both of us. He's always wanted to kill me... our rivalry runs deep. And if he knows Myra is about... Oyar has already probably told of him who you are with sister. He probably wants to reclaim you as well."

Gyvien then suddenly shifted in her position... as she glanced about rather nervously. Yuar sensed some thing was wrong... but he didn't feel the need to press it. Perhaps when she was ready she would tell whatever was bothering her.

" There is about an hour of night time left... I'm leaving."

Yuar suddenly opened the window, as Liven spoke up for the first time.
"Why are you leaving? If Lantis is out... surely it isn't safe if he is as dangerous as you all say. ANd if he is more powerful than Roland, I hope you don't plan on trying to take him down."

Smirking slightly, Yuar turned his head to gaze at Liven softly.
"I don't plan on finding Lantis... not tonight. But tommorow night.."
Yuar began to open the window fully, and Rudy spoke.
"Where are you going then? There is only an hour left... "
"Why are you leaving?" Myra added.

Placing his hand upon the sill Yuar sighed.
" I have other things to attend to in a... a place of mine. I should go there for the daylight hours to prepare, and then at the first sign of the sun going down I will be back here to meet you all."

"Take me with you!" Gyvien suddenly said, loosing her composure strangely. Everyone gazed at her with a bewildered gaze... Gyvien sighed, leaning back.
" I... with Lantis about... well.. I.. well.."
Was she loosing it?
Sighing she turned a cold shoulder to everyone, her back facing Yuar, Rudy, Myra and the others.
" Never mind... I know, I can't go."

Yuar nodded, and then slowly he slipped out- leaping into the air and landing upon the ground with an effortless leap. He turned his gaze up to peer at the window... as he saw Myra look out the window slowly.
" Keep well Sister... since I have found you, I would never forgive myself to lose you again."

Yuar knew she probably wondered about him as well.. and that he wasn't telling everything. BUt that was how Yuar was... he was mysterious. And he would always be one of night's mysteries..

He walked onward, disappearing into the thickness of the night.

(Attached, I have a picture of Yuar looking away. That is what he looked like in the scene above when he looked away after hearing what Myra said.)

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Master Rudy
2nd February 2003, 07:41 PM
Just something quick showing Rudy's thoughts on this whole thing.

Rudy Summers
5:05 AM
Why couldn't anything go right tonight?

As I watched Yuar walk away my mind was elsewhere. Mainly I was thinking about what a horrible night it had been overall. Sure I had found Gyvien and fallen in love with Myra. However those two events where pretty much the high point of the night. As good as those moments were I felt that the good was greatly overshadowed by the bad. After hearing about how Lantis and Oyar knew each other I saw my mistake. While I would fight and always try to protect people there was one thing I tried to avoid when possible. Ever since I was born I hated killing. However I knew it was something I couldn't get around at times. As much as I had wanted to see Oyar die I refused to end it. Now I had a feeling that Lantis might have found him and had discovered where we were. That mistake was in the past however. Granted it might have been one of my worst ones but I couldn't change it now. The one thing I could do however was try to make sure things turned out for the better and that nothing else happened.

As I tried to get over that I remembered some of the things Yuar said. Several things about his, Myra's and my sister's past became much more clear. However there was one thing that caught my attention and I didn't like it one bit. According to Yuar him and my sister were attacked by a group of vampires many years ago. It wasn't just any group however. It was a group led by Oyar who was in turn hired by Lantis. I started to think about this for a moment. My father always told me stories about his encounters with Oyar and he was pretty perplexed about the whole thing. The two of them had never met each other and Oyar seemed to have no good reason to start attacking. As I thought about this something suddenly came to mind. Gyvien and Yuar's ages seemed to match up with about the time Oyar had started to go after my parents. On a normal night I would pass it off as just a strange occurance but this night was far from normal. Was it possible that Lantis had somehow managed to discover Gyvien was a Summers and then hired Oyar to take us out? I had my doubts but there was just too much going on for me to ignore it. However that raised one more question. If it was true then why would Lantis have any reason to take out my family?

As I was trying to piece together this whole thing I suddenly remembered another thing about Lantis. According to Myra and Yuar he was very old. Surely he had been around and met many people. If my suspisions were correct was it somehow possible that something caused him to have a reason for wanting us dead? Dad had kept the truth about Gyvien to himself for a very long time. It wasn't until shortly before Oyar and his thugs had managed to kill him and leave me without a home that I heard about her for the first time. Were there other things as well that he might have taken with him to his grave? I now had a feeling he wasn't entirely honestly with me about some very important things. Even so I was sure he had his reasons. However there was one thing I knew for a fact:

Something was not adding up and I didn't like it one bit......

8th February 2003, 04:47 PM
OOC: Ok, now, Im finally going to get to post tonight after work, but in the meantime, if anyone wants to do anything then go ahead, short of what I mentioned before. Otherwise Im going to plan on sunrise being very soon. ^-^ Be back in a few hours!

9th February 2003, 05:26 PM
This is going to be REALLY long lol ^-^()
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water Inn, Room 9
After Yuar left, the atmosphere in the room was quiet, but it was an uneasy quiet. Everyone seemed deep within their own thoughts, and I was no exception. I couldnt stop thinking about what Yuar, my brother had said. He had been there.....he heard the things Lantis was planning, heard the lies he filled me with, and he saw....he KNEW...
He knew that Lantis had wanted to kill our family.
Sighing, I shook my head. I couldnt blame him for not interfering, after all I had been HELPING Lantis at the time. I had killed my Mother, and he said that he too was as much to blame for her and Father's death.....we had both killed our parents....
And yet, neither of us did..
That thought had struck me suddenly. Though we were guilty of one thing or another I knew deep in my heart that if it werent for Lantis, a lot of pain and strife couldve been avoided. Somehow I got the feeling that the Link family wasnt alone either, that many other lives and futures had been ruined by him, that his evil was much farther spread than I could ever see. And then, as if somehow my silent musings were heard by some higher power, I felt it.

It was impossible NOT to, it was so strong. It was like a darkness deep within, a shadow that veiled your thoughts and wriggled deep within your mind, bending it to its will.
It was Lantis.
He was coming, and with a start, I realised he was coming for me. It was nearing sunrise, and, after letting me roam the night by myself so he could go about his business he was coming to collect his 'lost lamb' until the next night. He would bust in the window of the room, and look at me with those eyes, those piercing blue eyes, and then he might laugh. "Well Myra, I see youve made some new friends....." he would say, and then slowly he would start turning us against each other, his aura like a sickness. Like a poison that eats away at sanity until all of us were his pawns....if such a thing happened, my mother would most likely be only the first of loved ones to die at my hands.....
"NO!" I shouted suddenly, causing everyone to look up, startled. I would NOT let this happen! I would NOT let more people I cared about fall victim to...to HIM! I realised that to protect everyone, I had to leave. I could not let Lantis find me with anyone, for if he did then they would become his next victim....

Without a word to anyone I swiftly stood up and yanking the window open, flew out into the night. Instantly the cold, early moning wind cut through me and threatened to blow me off course, but I had to get myself far away to protect everyone.
I wouldnt let anything stop me.
Suddenly I felt something grab my wrist. Twisting in mid-air I turned to see it was Rudy.
Desperation rose up within me, an intense fear that I wasnt even aware I was capable of feeling. "Rudy, please! You have to let me go!" I said, my voice high and tight with strain. Grabbing my other hand he met my frightened gaze with a determined look on his face. "Im not going to let you go by yourself, whatever Lantis is going to do we can face together. I wont let you try and face this on your own!"
I shook my head. "Rudy you dont understand! You dont understand how Lantis is!" I looked at Rudy intently, trying to make him understand. "Now that I finally know he lied to me about everything I realise why he had my parents killed! It was because he HAD to be first! He had to be first in everyones life and if he wasnt then he killed until he was! Rudy...." I paused for a moment to emphasize what I was going to say next. "If he finds you and realises who you are to me, then he will kill you...."
Rudy looked surprised at what I had said but his surprise was greatly overshadowed by his anger. I could tell that he still wouldnt go despite all I said. And then suddenly it was too late, because Lantis had found me.
Seeing Lantis there, I suddenly felt like a small child, one that had been caught doing something wrong and was about to be punished. Although I knew it was far worse than a mere slap on the wrist.....
"Myra...." He spoke, with a slight smile on his face. For the moment he seemed not to notice Rudy, though I knew that he did. "I hope the night has found you well...and, oh! Is this a new friend of yours?" His voice was smooth and sly, and as he turned his gaze to Rudy I felt like it was all over. My mind raced to come up with something, ANYTHING, that I could say to help the situation. And then it came to me.
Before Rudy could say or do anything I grabbed his wrist and showed the bite on it. "I.....I was bored wandering around by myself so.......I changed a human to keep me company..." I hoped that my saying that would make it so Lantis didnt see him as someone he needed to kill, I didnt expect the reation I got. Lantis stared for a while at him, with an amused smile on his face. And then after what seemed like forever he spoke. "I see, how nice. Well, say goodbye to your little pet, Myra dear, because the sunrise is almost nigh." And then he turned away and presumably waited.
I did NOT want to go. I had a million good reasons why I shouldnt have to go, but I also knew that if I didnt it would put everyone I cared about in danger. Though Lantis had his back to me I still had the feeling I was being watched so I had to make it quick. I just hoped Rudy would understand why I was doing this.
"Rudy," I whispered to the clearly furious Rudy, taking off my silver bracelet and closing his hand around it. "Now is not the time for revenge..." I gave him a look that told him this was something I had to do. "I love you....dont forget that..." Then I straightened up and said louder, for Lantis's benefit, "Go and find a place to stay before daybreak, or the humans will be sweeping you off the streets in the morning." Giving Rudy one last look I flew in the direction that Lantis was now flying in, willing myself not to look back lest Lantis see and decide to kill him after all.
Though I kept my outside demenor cold and calm, inside I was a raging tornado. This was the man that had ruined my life, the man who had me destroy my family and my past, and yet I had to go with him so he would not destry my future. I may have to pretend to go along with him for now, but I would find a way to free myself for good. I wasnt going to be this b*stards pawn forever.
One way or the other I would make sure of that.
After the long, cold night the skies slowely began to glow a lovely orange color as Earths sun peeked above the horizon. All those who were Vampires retire to the dark corners of wherever they called home, to await the coming of sunset once again.....
Soon however the day had passed, and night once again reigned in the streets and alleys of Wood Water City. But something was different, for the night seemed charged with a strange energy, that many could feel but most not comprehend......

It is now Oct 16, just after sundown. Anyone can still say a little something reacting to what happened but probably best to be in a flashback. Anyone whose characters can move around in the daytime can post a brief thing of what they did if they want, (i.e. If Liven or anyone else who can wants to find Skyler).
^-^ Welcome to Night Two.

Oh and one more thing, I wont be back next weekend, because Im going to the Ka T s U c O n !!!!!!!!!! So have a good week and Ill be back the week after! Ciao!

Master Rudy
9th February 2003, 07:59 PM
OOC-Seeing that Asi has left and won't be back until next week I'll be taking care of things for the time being. She's already told me most of the plans so here's what to expect.

This week will be spent trying to track Lantis down. Several characters as you know have a history with him so I guess we could expect to see some big surprises with some of them. As for Lantis himself the plans with him have changed several times so I don't know exactly what can be expected. In any case once the entire group finds him you can expect one hell of a fight. Seeing that we've got to try and keep this going until Asi returns I wouldn't try starting a fight with him until at least Sunday. Of course you guys must be thinking with this many people against him he'll go down pretty easy no matter how strong he is.

However things are never that simple are they?

When this RPG was started by Asi in November she wasn't expecting one night to take so long to go by. As a result the "Moon of the Woman" has been moved to the second night. Since just about every single one of the main characters has vamp blood just about everyone will be affected in some way. The one exception to this however will be Koger. Here's the general idea of what will happen to those with vampiric blood:

They will mainly be affected by how they have lived. Those that have tasted blood will be stronger than normal and harder to take down. However those that have never drank blood (such as Rudy)will be weakened. Just about every advantage they usually have is going to go right out the window. Powers such as being able to fly and the ability to heal faster than a human will be gone. Also those that are normally non-violent will have an increased urge to kill and feed on humans. If I remember correctly when Asi was first planning this I think she said something about the fact that vamps who are like Rudy and don't kill humans don't stand a good chance of making it through the night alive. Keep these things in mind for your character if your playing as a vampire.

Being part vamp means they will also feel the effects. However the situation they are put in is slightly different. The more dominant side of them will take over. If the human side is stronger it shouldn't be a problem. However if the vamp side is dominant it will cause them to be a bit more violent.

These things won't happen until sundown. I know Asi already said it's sundown but if you do a flashback during the day like she suggested then keep it in mind. Even so the characters can sense that the night is going to be different before anything happens. Finally the moon will have a blood red color to it during the night. I'm not too sure if that's somehow going to play into things however so all we can do is keep that in mind until Asi gets back.

In the meantime enjoy the RPG and pray I don't screw this up since I'm going to be in charge for a bit! ^_^;

*imagines someone such as JT doing a C-3P0 impression*

Master Rudy
10th February 2003, 09:18 PM
Before I move on with here's a flashback to after the moment that Myra goes with Lantis.

Rudy Summers
Flashback (About 6:30 AM)
At the moment I was alone in my room. Once I had returned from trying to get Myra to come back the others pretty much got the idea that perhaps it would be best to leave me alone for now. I had put all the lights in the room out and was just standing by the window. The room I was in faced away from the direction the sun rose from. As a result there was a small period of time where I wouldn't be turned into a smoking pile of ash. While I was thinking about things that's pretty much all I did for the past half hour. Nothing more than stand around and watch. Since my eyes were not use to the brightness of the day the light blinded me a bit. However I just didn't care at the moment. I had too much on my mind about the recent events with Lantis.

As much as I wanted to believe that I could have done something to help Myra I knew that anything would have just resulted in me getting myself killed. Never before did I feel more useless than right now. Myra had just put her own life on the line in order to keep Lantis from coming after the rest of us. I wanted to be out there looking for her but there was nothing I could do about it. With the sun out I was stuck in this room and it was driving me nuts. In the past I just ignored the fact that the sun was even there. As long as I was indoors and in a dark area before it was out there was nothing to worry about. Since I usually made it back at least an hour before sunrise I just didn't care about it. However this time was different. For the first time ever it was preventing me from doing something important and I hated every moment of it.

However the sun wasn't the only thing I was thinking about. My first meeting with Lantis was very troubling. He didn't look dangerous at all but yet I could sense the evil in him. As Myra tried to come up with a cover story he acted amused after hearing I was turned. Lantis even seemed slightly happy that Myra made a kill. However I had the feeling Lantis didn't buy it for several reasons. First off was my hair color. Humans didn't naturally have blue hair and I doubted he would have been easily tricked into thinking that I had dyed it that color. It was a shade that wasn't easily made. Next was the fact that the mark her bite had left was on my wrist. Vampires usually went for the neck and he seemed like the type that would teach others to not settle for anything else. Finally there was a look in his eyes that seemed to show that he knew me somehow. It was very unsettling and it worried me.

As I was starting to feel a little tired I closed the curtains and walked over to my bed. Despite the lack of any kind of light in the room I could clearly see the celing as I layed down. With nothing better to do I just started to say my thoughts out loud. "Tyssed! Of all the times during the night this could have happened why did that bastard have to show up now?" With a sigh I then said "For all I know Myra could already be dead." Once those words had left my mouth I started to wish Gyvien was around. If she had been I would have seriously asked her to smack me for even thinking such a thing. I didn't say another word at that point. I knew Myra was alive and I was going to make sure that she made it through the night that way. Looking at the table next to me I picked up her bracelet and put it on. I didn't care what people had to say about a guy wearing a woman's bracelet. Once nightfall came I was going to do everything I possibly could to make sure it didn't turn into a final reminder of who Myra was. However I knew that I'd have to try and find her as soon as I could once the sun was down. If that creep was as possessive as Myra claimed he was then I doubted he'd let her out of his sight tonight. If by some stroke of luck he really did buy her story she'd be safe for the time being. However I knew she wouldn't be able to keep it up all night long. Eventully either the truth would come out or she'd be forced to drink blood and I didn't want either to happen.

What I didn't know however was that tonight was going to be different. Something was going to happen and it was going to make last night look like a night at the beach......
Before anyone tries to correct me I know I got that saying wrong. However I honestly don't see a vampire talking about a day at the beach.

Anyway sunset will be 6:15 PM. As for the effects of the night I'd say that for a short amount of time things will be normal. 6:45 will be the time everything starts to happen. Keep that time in mind when you guys start to make your posts ^_~

10th February 2003, 11:25 PM
Well... Gyvien would probably be sleeping in another room right now. Though she's a strong, bitter soul she wouldn't make herself so tired so she wouldn't be useful tommorow night, would she? Mwhwhaaaa... but feel free to wake her up, Rudy, Koger- or whoever for some strange reason .^^ Interaction=good.

Oh, and Vylianne will be entered now. Don't worry... she won't spoil your 'plans' ... yet. XD I'll post her form when I post from her view. Oh, and she's a seductive... rather revealing one.. lol.

Yuar Oro - Vampire - M (Off in some... secret location)


The sun had risen and the dawn had come.

Of course... I easily flew through the night like a bird- or, rather I jumped from street to street in an effortless chase. In no time I came to my hide out... the old one I had designed myself many years ago, and it was still here. Sure it was a secret location inside of a building... a warehouse, but it served my purposes. It was underground... hidden... dark, and very useful.

Narrowing my eyes, I took a match upon a dusty table, and quicky sparked it against the rough edge of the wood. It instantly crackled and I lit a drooped white candle... and instantly the room let loose a dim glow. Sighing, I blew out the match and threw it away upon the cold, cemented floor. Taking my foot I smashed it against the match... and dug it into the ground. Sighing to myself... I stood up straight, as I approached a drawer and opened it. Inside was a black bag... small, useful and easily attached to one's waist with a leather belt.

Taking it out, I blew off the dust as I opened it... and found a gun of course, it was far better then the one I had brought with me. This gun was given to me... a long time ago, and although it was old- it was far from being outdated. It was more powerful and silent then the one I currently used... and I quickly took the gun out, and placed my other gun back in it. Putting it back into the drawer, I sighed and looked around. What now...

Mostly, I escaped here to get my gun and to relax... to get away from everyone. I had to think... about Gyvien, Rudy, my sister... and most of all, Lantis.
That bastard will die... he will die by my gun or my blade. I will kill him... for outcasting my from my parents, from making me dead to my family... to brainwashing my sister... and for killing my mother and father. He will die...

Clenching my fist I slammed it against the wood... first sign of night, I would return to the others and we would kill him. I was going to hunt him whether they wanted to go or not... better I find him then him find-

"Well well... if it isn't Dracy-puu..."

I instantly jerked around and threw my gun out and pointed it at the shadow which had jumped from behind me. My green eyes narrowed... and they didn't widen a bit when I saw who it was.

"Vylianne..." I growled, still my gun pointed at her. She smiled ... that same, happy smile that she did... but of course, it was fake. She tenderly rolled her finger along the wooden table I had struck the match against before... as she placed her hands then behind her head and gazed about.

"Sort of a rusty, ugly place isn't it?"

I didn't respond, as she smirked as she gazed at me.

"Suits you."

She then walked towards me, and I took a step back... holding my gun at her face. She frowned, her dark, red-orange hair flowing around her shoulders as her deep, violet eyes gazed at me with a bemused gaze. She spread her arms wide... as she showed she supposively had no weapon. She wore a bikini-like top like usual... a brightly patterned orange, and tiny straps. Upon her lower self she wore tight, black shorts which easily showed off her lengthy, athletic and light-built legs. She dressed to kill... and it was more ways then one. Of course, she did have the body to back iti up... and was very attractive- but I knew her too well.

" You wouldn't harm some one who is unarmed, would you Dracy? No... that isn't like you." She turned her back to me, as she crossed her arms, and I sighed, putting my gun away inside my jacket. She turned her head back to look at me with those strange yet mystifying eyes...
"That's better. Now I can tell you some thing fun."

Fun... she always said those words. Yet it meant so many different things with her...

She approached me further, her eyes seemingly piercing right though me... she was so different. She was like Gyvien in a way, for she was very deadly and skillful in her fighting abilties... I had fought along side her at points. But yet... she was far different. She was very open to people- and rather friendly, and often spoke in ways most people wouldn't dare to do. But behidn that friendly appearance... she was very deadly. Like a viper in the grass... at least, to me she was. Yet she still tried to act friendly. STrange... indeed.

She came closer to me- very close. Her leg pressed into mine...as her chest brushed slightly above my higher abdomin muscles... and she gazed up at me, and my body froze. I was rigid... and looked down at her, my eyes still hard... glaring, but she simply gave a grin as she brought her light, sun-kissed hand and brushed it against my lips... but I didn't move. She often did this... tried to get what she wanted by being a seducer- but I had fought hard, and she knew I had to fight... fight it... for I meant nothing to her. I knew that... but still, fight.

She then whispered.. .her voice smooth, deadly... like a silent river with a hidden waterfall.

" Those other vampires you were with... your sister... "
I took a step away, shoving her hard with my hand but she barely was phased. She took a step back, but she grinned wider.
"Awww.... and here I wanted to have fun."

"Spit it out Vylianne... what about my sister?"

She shrugged, tugging at her hair as she playfully licked her lips and took a step towards me again. This time her hand pressed hard against my abdomin muscles...
" She's been taken... by Lantis."
"WHAT?!" I spat, taking a step back... my eyes widened in shock... I quickly whipped out my gun and pressed it to her forehead with lightening movements, but she didn't even blink.
"You lie."

"Why Dracy-puu? Why would I lie? I saw it... I see things that even Lantis doesn't now. Heh... poor soul. He took your sister... or maybe, your sister just went with him. Her little 'pet'... the blue haired one, he was powerless! Stupid fool!"
She laughed, and I put the gun away yet again... I couldn't shoot her, it was obvious she had no intention to kill me and... she had to be telling the truth. She didn't lie about this... not this stuff.

"Yes yes... you see? She went with him!! Now both you, that blue haired fool and everyone is powerless until tommorow!! tomorow! And you know what? Tommorow is the night... the night when everyone changes!!"

She now took steps back... as I gave a confused and bewildered look. She grinned... exposing her fangs, delicate yet so deadly... she quickly made it so only her viberant violet eyes could be seen in the shadows.
" You have tasted blood Yuar... I know that. You will be stronger... far stronger than you are now- as will I. But..."

Suddenly I saw her leap... and as I took a dashing step to the spot she used to be- there was nothing. She wa s gone... she often did that, and I still had yet to know how...

" ... but let me say this... tommorow night, I wouldn't have trusted you to put a gun to my head.."

I froze... what was that supposed to mean? Gazing about... I sighed, clenching my fist. Vylianne... how did she get in here? How did she know? It was all.. all too confusing. I had to find the others, and... get Lantis.

Lantis would die... no matter what. Die. Death was the only answer now..

(Here is a pic of Vylianne- Here! (http://www.tropicalanime.com/anime/view.php?id=91&type=Images)

Just remember... she wears the same top, looks the same way except her eyes are a deep bewitching violet and her hair is a deep reddish-orange color. She also wears black shorts... short. ^^) ARen't you guys curious to who she is now? lol..

Master Rudy
10th February 2003, 11:46 PM
OOC-This just keeps on getting stranger and stranger. I think you've not only got everyone wondering but confused as well since she seemingly came out of nowhere. Can we expect to see a profile soon Kalah or will she be an NPC that we'll learn about over time?

EDIT-Ignore that last question Kalah. I missed what you said about posting her profile soon. That's what happens when your tired and in a rush at midnight. ^_^;

Outlaw JT
13th February 2003, 01:10 AM
OOC: time to spice things up even more. say hello to another wonderful twist!!

???? 6:30am

He sat at the head of a massive rectengular table. It was the type of table you would find in a royal dining hall. The type of table that no one saw these days.
His entire home was something no one saw these days. He had taken lordship of a medium sized castle in the countryside. It was well removed from civilization and that suited him perfectly. For the time being anyway. He still had much to do before making his presence well known.
"Your footsteps do not betray success Oyar!" he said over his shoulder as he heard someone approaching.
"My lord," Oyar began, trying to hide a bitter tone. "Gyvien had help. There was a treacherous mutant and two other vampires with her. They were all very advanced in skill. I swear we did ou....."
"Are you sure about that Oyar? Rumor has it you encountered Miss Gyvien alone this evening Oyar. Your orders were to capture her and bring her here immediately," he said as a twisted smile crossed his lips.
"But......Rudy.......he......." Oyar countered weakly.
"I have no patience for your petty need for revenge Oyar. If you cannot follow my orders directly I have no use for you," he said, snapping his fingers.
Three figures emerged from the darkness. Two siezed Oyar by the arms and the third kneeled behind him, awaiting his commands.
"Please my lord. Give me another chance. I know these people. I would be instrumental in defeating them and captu........"
"No Oyar. You have failed at this task once. I see no reason to provide you a second opportunity to disappoint me. Likeb, Johan, introduce Oyar to my little pets in the dungeon. It has been days since they last fed," he said with grim joy.
"No," Oyar said.
With a sudden jerk he twisted both of his captors away from him he then leapt forward with a twisting spin, landing in front of the man ordering his death. He stood up, anger and bitterness rising on his face.
"This was all mine till you arrived and it is time I took it back!" he shouted eagerly.
"Really Oyar. Must you display your ineptitude. Your death need not be so dramatic," the man said confidently.
Oyar spit at the man bitterly. He hesitated for a moment then charged forward. He swung with a heavy fist and great speed. His fist seemingly passed right through the head of the man. He swung again and followed through with a roundhouse kick. They passed through the man as if there were only air. Oyar swung one more time with his fist but it was caught by the right hand of his intended target. Oyar had not even seen him move.
"Truly pathetic. What made you think you could hurt me Oyar? I am older than your feeble brain could imagine. I have not endured the aristocracy for so many millenia just to be beaten by a pathetic youngling such as yourself on the eve of my rise to dominance," the man said sharply.
Oyar let out a crippling yell as the man crushed his hand into jelly. Oyar was then lifted up by the one hand and slammed into the ground repeatedly. Only when Oyar's body stopped twitching did the man cease slamming him violently into the ground.
"Take Oyar to my pets gentlemen. And........don't fail me again like that. You should both be Oyar's equal physically," he said with quiet discontent.
Likeb and Johan picked up the rumpled mess that was Oyar and dragged him out of the chamber. The third figure still sat there, kneeled and awaiting orders.
"And of Oyar's mission?" she said cautiously.
"See to that personally my dearest Lotus. Take the twins and two of our own mutants. You should prove much more challenging then Oyar and his incompetent band. Take Gyvien alive so that I may have a word with her. Any others with her........you may do with them as you see fit. I have no need of her companions. "
"Very well my lord. We know where they are staying. We shall set out immediately," Lotus said with confidence.
She disappeared into the shadows of the room. In a moment she was gone. He was again alone in his chamber. He had grown quite fond of it these past months. It had served him well.
"Soon though. Soon I will have everything Lantis and those damn aristocrats denied the nobles. Down here they will hold no power!" he said as the twisted smile returned to his face.

Koger 10am

His finger slipped down the curtains again in boredom as he took a quick peek outsight at the bright morning. The streets were not particularly busy. Everyone was still too afraid from all the events of the previous night to venture out.
"Hey! Do you mind?" Rudy said irritably from the far corner.
"Don't be so timid!" Koger replied dully. "I have no intentions of barbecuing you. I just want to see what's going on outside. It is so tedious to just.........wait."
"Gyvienne and Farwell need rest. And I can't go anywhere till sunset," Rudy answered back.
"Well aware my young padawan, wellll aware," Koger replied swiftly, his voice trailing a bit in tedium.
"Do you two ever shut up?" Wynder said from the other far corner as he looked up. "Some of us are trying to get some sleep here."
"Yes, well, some of us don't need sleep and some of us become talkative when there is absolutely nothi......" Koger paused mid-sentence.
His head tipped to the side as he turned about as if looking for something. Rudy took the hint and got up nervously. He also began looking about for anything out of place.
"What is it now?" Wynder asked irritably as he also got up.
"Vampires........at least three......." Rudy said as he reached for his weapons. "But from where? It's daytime. How could they have gotten here?"
"Sewers.......there are five total.......maybe six," Koger replied quickly as he drew out both his katana's. "Rudy, wake Gyvien and the others. Human, with me. We shall stall them while you prepare."
"Say what?" Wynder started.
Koger simply grabbed him by the arm and dragged him downstairs. They took a moment to survey the lobby but saw nothing out of the ordinary. The innkeeper looked at them and grimaced.
"What now? You've already closed my business for the day," he said bitterly.
"Do you have a basement?" Koger asked.
"Sure it's right back......" he stopped as he looked behind him.
In the room behind the counter there was a door to the basement. It had been closed just a moment before. Now it was open and a striking young looking woman stood in it. She was wearing a violet low v-cut shirt and black leather pants and she had the purest white hair.
"mmmmm," she hummed as she licked her lips. "You must be the mutant. I shall take great pleasure in this. I've never tasted the blood of a mutant before."
"Oh yes. This should be great fun!" Koger said, the smile broadening across his face.
With lightning speed he sommersaulted over the innkeeper. His swords were held outstretched in front of him towards the beautiful white haired woman. Her smile was almost as broad as Koger's as she drew out a katana and tanto, stretching them out to touch the tips of Koger's own blades.
"Mr keeper, now might be a good time for you to run. Wynder, only one of them can get through this door at a time. Might I suggest you fetch Rudy and Gyvien while this lovely lady and I dance," Koger said cockily back over his shoulder. He took one more look at the striking white haired woman and watched the light from the lobby candles flash off her fangs. "Quickly if you would!"

OOC: this should spice up the daytime for everyone a little bit. Feel free to have fun with this. Just keep a couple things in mind. First, there are three vampires and two mutants in the group attacking us. Second, they are no pushovers. They should provide a good challenge for our group of heroes although not an unbalanced one. Don't end things too quickly. I'd like to get in a good post during the main event of the daytime.

Master Rudy
13th February 2003, 06:52 PM
OOC-Well that really changes things. For awhile it seemed as if things were set up so that the group believed Oyar was working for Lantis due to his past connection with him. Now I'm wondering who the hell this guy is and why he hired Oyar. Seems like Rudy and Gyvien have pissed off their fair share of people doesn't it? ^_^;

Anyway I'll see what I can do about a post in Dawn later but I'm not making any promises. I've also got to try to post in FS or RB. In addition it's been a bit of a long day and I'm not sure if I'll be on later. In the end it all depends on what I come up with an idea for first (if I do come up with one that is)

Master Rudy
17th February 2003, 09:31 PM
Rudy Summers
10:02 AM
Of all the times we had to be attacked why did it have to be now? I was starting to see why Myra was worried about Lantis. It was a bold move on the part of any vampire to launch an attack during the day. It did put them at a disadvantage but me anf Farwell happened to be just as weak as they were when it came to sunlight. As for the others everyone except Koger was slightly weakened by the sun. The fight had barely started and I already knew this wasn't going to be good.

Charging into Gyvien's room I saw that rather than sleep in the bed she was on the floor in one of the corners. It was an odd sight but there was no time to think about it. Walking over to her side I got on my knees and tried to wake her up by gently shaking her. As soon as I tried this however she brought one of her arms around and slammed my head into a wall. I was shocked by her actions and even more shocked when she went for her dagger. However as soon as she saw it was me she stopped. Standing up she shouted "What the hell are you doing!? In case you didn't know that's a good way to get yourself killed." I felt a tiny bit of blood rolling down the side of my face from a cut near my right eye. As I wiped some of it away I told her "I think I got the message Gyvien." I was about to explain what was happening when two vampires came into the room. Thinking fast I ripped the curtain away from the window and put it over myself. Soon after I heard a few yells and then footsteps as they ran out of the room. Without taking off the curtain I asked Gyvien "Are they gone?" I heard her coming toward me as she spoke "I don't think you need to worry about those two. You didn't kill them but they got a few nasty burns for their trouble."

With my sister's help I managed to get out of her room without getting burned to a crisp. Once I made it out of the doorway and got the curtain off I saw how the fight was going. With the exception of Farwell everyone was fighting. Koger was fighting the female vampire that appeared to be the leader. Wynder was face to face with a mutant while Liven was battling it out with another mutant. Finally just down the hall were the two vampires that ran into me and Gyvien. Getting my first good look at them I saw one was a woman while the other was a guy. Drawing my katana I asked in a slightly angry tone "So is it a clear day outside?" The woman looked at me and said while drawing a katana of her own "Your going to die for that you little bastard!" With that she rushed me leaving Gyvien to deal with the other one.

As she started to attack I quickly blocked everything with my weapon. I could tell she was very skilled but a burn on one of her arms was slowing her down a bit. After a minute or so she dodged one of my slashes and as a result my katana got stuck in one of the wooden walls. As I tried to free it she quickly came after me with a thrust at my back. I had a feeling something like that was coming so rather than leave myself open I quickly tried to sidestep out of the way. As I did so I managed to tug my weapon out of the wall. However she still managed to get me a little bit and grazed my left arm with her blade. Getting back into a defensive stance I watched as she licked some of my blood off the blade. With a smile she said "It may not be as fresh as human blood but that doesn't mean I'm going to let it go to waste." Without moving a muscle as I waited for her next move I said "Enjoy it while you can. That's going to be the last time you taste anyone's blood." As we started to fight again the only thing on my mind was finding out why the hell Lantis would send them after us during the day. Something didn't make sense but there was no time for that now. Unless we won this fight then none of us would be getting the answers that I was sure we all wanted......

I know that Lantis isn't the one behind this. However with everything that has happened Rudy assumed it was him. Just wanted to point that out before anyone got confused ^_~

Ultimate Charizard
17th February 2003, 10:00 PM

The crap had hit the fan fast. Koger had instructed me to get the others but the second i headed for the stairs they all came running down them.
It didnt take long for everyone to pair off and i found myself Face to face with a mutant. He was good, wielding a Katana blade much like my own, his stance seemed unwieldy though, as if he didnt know what to do with it. Indeed he barely had used it, mainly relying on his martial arts skills which were formiddable.

The small inn was getting crowded fast and since going outside wasnt an option a number of us were forced to fight back to back. I found myself close to rudy. The female Vampire attacking him mocking him at every opportunity. I looked back in time to see my opponents foot lash out at me. Barely dodging i span my blade to ward him off and as it came to rest with my blade pointing behind me i heard a muffled yelp. I had intended to lure my opponent in to whip the blade forward in a slashing motion but i now found it stuck in something.
I drew my pistol and span in one motion, keeping the gun on my own opponent while checking behind me. I realised that i couldnt fire my gun since someone outside would hear and alert the police, possibly hunters but it did keep my mutant at bay for a while. Looking back I found that my blade was now lodged firmly in the back of Rudy's assailant.
I usually feel bad about killing females but on this occaision i guess it could be put down to an accident.

"Nice move Wynder" rudy called out. "Uh, yeah of course, dont mention it". Hey, may as well take credit where i can. I turned back to my own attacker as i saw Rudy raise his own sword to strike the killing blow, withdrawing my sword from her back i swung it forward in the same motion i had intended earlier, making a nice cut in his clthing, not to mention his chest. Nothing serious but he staggered back. Spinning my sword once again i prepared for his next attack.

19th February 2003, 02:21 AM
OOC: Well Im back from the Katsucon! ^-^ We had to leave early on Sunday cause it was snowing like mad, so for Monday and Tuesday (since school was cancelled) I just hung out at Sarahs house ^-^ and there is no school tomorrow either! Wow winters good for something!

But anyway, first things first. I want to thank Rudy for taking care of my RPG while I was away ^-^ It was an important turning point in the RPG and I didnt really get a chance to explain some important things, and Im glad Rudy told it so well ^-^ So Thank you Rudy!

Ok moving on, I need to figure out what exactly is going on with everything eheh...lol ^-^() I have no real big problem with the new characters Bulbie and JT, but I dont like the fact that I dont know whats going on.....but hey, I guess even I need to be surprised every once in a while! ^-^ Just remember to keep in mind the things that Rudy posted earlier, and also one more important thing:
I think this daytime twist could be interesting, but I dont want the day to last for very long. After seeing how long one night was I was setting the limit on two nights and planned on fast-forwarding the days. But since this side plot was introduced Im going to let it finish up, but please keep that in mind and, when a convinient time pops up, fast forward to night. Id appreciate it ^-^

Ok moving on, lets see if I can figure out things enough to make a decent post ^-^()

----Father Farwell----
Wood Water Inn, Hallways
:::10:06 AM:::
Where had these Vampires come from?
Three Vampires and two Mutants had somehow found thier way to the inn, in the middle of the day. There was no explanation for how they did this, or even why they had chosen to attack us, but as I knew all too well, vampires usually didnt NEED a reason.

"Ronin! After your studies you wanna play with me and Kael? Its a beautiful day today!!" a little girls voice chirps happily to a boy in a school uniform writing at a desk. The boy turns and smiles. "Sure, as soon as Im done Aelia." The little girl smiles and trots happily away, but soon the sound of screaming pierces the air.
A silhoette fills the doorway of the candle lit room, and a thud is heard as the body of a little girl hits the floor. "So little....." a slithering voice says, "So sweet.....yet so little........not nearly enough to fill me up...." The form comes closer to the clearly frightened boy and......
I never remembered what had happened next that day my family was killed by vampires. The next thing that I remembered was kneeling in a pile of ash, my hands over my sobbing face and praying. Somehow I had made it alive....I could only guess that I had survived by Gods will alone, that I had yet to fulfill my purpose...
And now these Vampires had found a way to attack during the day just like the ones back then. But this day wasnt going to be the same. I was now a member of the undead, but I woundnt stand by and watch as innocent children were slaughtered by other undead creatures. I had to do something to help.
Suddenly one of the mutants was cut across the chest by the one called Wynder and staggered back, nearly bumping into me. I saw my chance and instinctively grabbed him from under the arms into a lock. Wynder, seeing the advantage, ran forward and drove his shoulder hard into the confused Mutant's throat, knocking he and I backwards. He was out cold and I released my hold on him, letting him fall to the ground as I struggled to catch the breath that was knocked out of me. Wynder grinned and cracked his knuckles. "Not bad for a priest."
I smiled and nodded once. Not bad indeed, but it wasnt over yet. I looked down at the unconcious mutant. Mutants and vampires only attack in groups with each other when there is something they both mutually want, and the only way they could obtain it would be to work together. These HAD a reason for attacking us.
The only question was, what.
I really DONT know what ^-^()
Well Im going to post for Myra either later tonight ( x.x ) or tomorrow before I go home ^-^

Ultimate Charizard
19th February 2003, 10:15 AM
I know JT asked for no quick victories and since i was pushing it with Rudy's opponent ill counter Asy's.


I smiled as the Preacher moved off to find a safer spot away from the combatants. I was about to launch myself back into the fray when i felt something grab my ankle. I looked down to see the Mutant i thought i had just knocked out. I remembered Koger's words about Mutants having more abilities than youd think. Obviously faking being knocked out is one of them.
Before i had chance to react he span up in a motion that allowed both feet to lash out at me, disarming each hand in one motion. Both Sword and Pistol flew off into the darkness. He stepped back and dropped into a fighting stance.

"Lets see how tough you are without your toys" he hissed. "My pleasure" i replied and dropped into my own stance. "He nodded, recognising the stance. "Ah...you have good Form, this could be interesting"

I grinned and lept forward.....

Master Rudy
19th February 2003, 07:15 PM
Don't mention it Asi. If you ever need me to do something like this again then let me know ^_~

As for the battle how do I BS my way out of this one?

Rudy Summers
10:06 AM
Wynder's lucky blow from behind caused the woman to slump over a bit as she grabbed a wound on her right side. I was about to go for the killing blow but backed off when I noticed something. Once again getting into a defensive stance I said to her "There's no need to fake it anymore. I know your not dying on me. There aren't any vital organs in that area anyway." As she looked up at me and got into her own stance once more she said "I will give you credit. Your not as dumb as you look. You also fight as well as I've heard." Holding my ground I asked her "So you've heard about me haven't you?" Suddenly she started to laugh. As she looked at me I saw something in her eyes. Somehow I could just tell she wasn't all here. After a moment I simply stated "Your crazy." With another laugh she said to me "Perhaps I am. But you have no clue do you? Even if you live through this you and your friends have no idea what will happen to you tonight do you?" I had no idea what she was talking about at this point but I didn't say anything. Laughing once more she said "Someone like you derserves to die like a human. I'm going to enjoy this!" With a smile that showed off her fangs she launched her attack on me once more.

Each blow came slow at first. It was quite simple to block everything she had but I just couldn't finding an opening. Suddenly her attacks started to come at me much faster. After a few moments I went from easily being able to block her blows to having to try and dodge them as well. Slowly I was being overpowered and I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer. By this point I knew the truth. Despite her injuries she was still able to fight better than me. An assassin that could keep going like this was not someone to take lightly. I tried to keep on fighting but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up much longer. Underestimating someone was sometimes a deadly mistake. I knew when I was outclassed and it would only be a matter of time before she won.

Finally it came. With a quick move that I didn't even see coming I had been disarmed. Before my katana even had a chance to hit the ground she managed to grab it out of midair. However I wasn't ready to give up. Without many other options I instinctively went to draw my daggers. However to my shock I suddenly noticed something. In my mad rush to grab my katana and wake Gyvien I had made the stupid mistake of leaving my daggers in my room. I quietly cursed at myself as she approached me. Pretty soon I had my back against the wall. Dropping her own weapon she took my katana and in a matter of seconds I had been slashed on one of my legs and then one of my arms. The attack ended with her slashing me across the stomach with my own weapon. Not being able to take much more punishment I went down fast. None of the attacks would kill me but I already knew the death blow was coming. However to my surprise my katana was dropped right in front of me. I made an attempt to grab it but before I could get it back I was dragged away from it and flipped over onto my back. Before I could do anything else the woman I had been fighting was sitting on my chest and had me pinned down. Smiling she said "If I'm not mistaken I said I was going to kill you like a human and I never lie about things like that."

Without any warning she suddenly went for my neck. Just as I felt her fangs starting to dig into my skin a gunshot rang out. The bullet had gone into her back and now she was off of me yelling in pain. Looking up I saw it was Gyvien who had fired. She was about to fire again when suddenly her gun got knocked away from her hand. Within moments she was back to her own fight. However I now had the chance I needed. Getting up I quickly got my katana back. Turning my attention back to my attacker I saw she was recovering and had made an attempt to get her weapon back as well. After slashing her arm to keep her from getting it I took a moment to kick her in the stomach a few times before finally ending it with a blow to her face. After everything that had happened I was pissed. However I wasn't going to kill her. I still needed a lead on where Lantis was. However before that I was going to let her know I was serious. Putting my katana away I grabbed her by the hair and said "Sorry b**** but I'm not on the menu today. In the meantime let me show you to the door." With those words I then proceeded to slam her face right into one of the doors several times.

When I was finally done I leaned her up against the wall and told her "You get out of here and tell your boss that when I catch up with him that he is going to pay for kidnapping Myra." She seemed slightly confused at the mention of her name but I didn't question it. Seeing what Lantis had done to Myra I figured he wasn't exactly the type to tell the whole story. My attacker seemed about ready to ask me who she was but I rammed the back of her head into the wall for her trouble. "Your in no position to ask me questions. Just keep in mind that your boss will know who I'm talking about. Now get out of here!" Stepping away from the vampire I watched as she slowly made her way back to where they had entered. I would give her a few moments before following after her. Taking a look around I could see that everyone on both sides was injured in some way. It had been a long battle but it seemed like we were starting to get the upper hand. I knew everyone else would be fine without me. After resting for one more moment I went down the stairs and quickly found where they had come in from. It appeared to be a hidden entrance in one of the walls. Going down another set of stairs I was soon overcome with some kind of strange smell. It wasn't blood but pretty soon I found out just what it was as I stepped into the sewers. I knew if one of the others was with me that they would groan at what I was about to say. Talking out loud to no one but myself I said "It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it."

For now Rudy is exploring the sewers on his own. For plot purposes he'll soon lose track of the vampire he was fighting. After all she isn't going to lead him to JT's new character that easily is she? As for other characters following him I think the only ones that should do so for now are Gyvien and Koger. I already had something planned with Kalah so maybe it would be best if only me, her and JT have characters in the sewers for now.

Also to quickly catch Asi up. I'm sure that by now you've read all the new things that have happened but in case you didn't here is a quick recap. Following the events of last night the group is just in the inn waiting for nightfall to begin the search for Lantis. However JT's new character had other plans. Unknown to the group Oyar was working for him and not Lantis. Oyar was killed for failing and then a group of five assassins were sent to the inn as part of a surprise attack during the day. Rudy however doesn't know a thing about this new character and has been assuming that Lantis is behind this attack. That's the reason why he let his attacker go. He believes he'll be able to track Lantis down that way. However as I said before he'll lose track of her since it will only lead him to JT's character.

Anyway that's it for now. Keep in mind that I only want Gyvien and Koger following Rudy for now ^_~

21st February 2003, 09:49 AM
Gyvien – F – Dampiel

Rudy just had to wake me up upon that moment, didn’t he? He had to wake me up right when those hard… red eyes glared at me and that voice whispered in my sleep. He told me he was waiting… that he was going to fool everyone when the time came. That the time would come… and w hen it did, …
Rudy of course woke me up at that point, to which I instantly smacked him into a wall and went for my dagger but saw it was just my blue-haired brother.

Now however, was the time for battle. And the truth of the matter was I was happy that finally we had some action. Fighting was some thing I had a lot of training in… a lot of purpose came from fighting for me, and the act of killing or inflicting pain didn’t daunt me. It probably was a scary fact… but I couldn’t help how I was raised. It just… was the way I had known life. All my life was filled with blood, violence, pain, trickery and seduction. Nothing of good ever really came out of it… perhaps, just the knowing that I had some knack for surviving.

I was fighting an insane mutant… insane was truly the word. If I thought Koger had a unique perspective, then I probably would think this guy should win a medal for creativity. He wove around me… his wild, almost magenta-swirling eyes spinning around like madness. His wild, crazy white hair blew about as he held a sword in his hand and laughed insanely.
“What a fine dinner I will have tonight! Dampiels and Vampires!” Freak.
I gritted my teeth and ran at him, and unsheathed my dagger. Metal met metal… and he pushed against me as I did against him, and we held both our grounds. The mutant was strong… and he leaned his face forward as a smirk appeared upon his face.
“ Ready to die? I will roast you before my blade and savor the victory with smearing your blo-“
I didn’t want to listen to his nonsense babble, and quickly I took my foot and rose it when he was not paying attention and kicked him square between the legs. He howled with pain as he immediately leapt with amazing grace backwards, recoiling to collect himself. Even for a mutant… it had to have hurt. I wasn’t about to let him rest however… but soon I saw Rudy running into his own problem. A vampire had him in a fetal position… and well, being bitten by your own kind couldn’t feel too good, could it? I quickly shoved my hand in my jacket pocket and felt the cool metal of the gun with in my hand, and instantly slipped it out with lightening reflexes. Pointing it at the female vamp… I smirked,
“ How will this feel b*tch?” And instantly the gun fired and the bullet pierced her back- quite painfully I might add. It wasn’t a death-like blow… but it was good enough to make her leap back.
“You shall pay for your trechery!” The insane mutant suddenly came back as he charged forward and knocked the gun out of my hand with his sword. My weapon wasn’t damaged… but it still ticked me off. That sword could have done some thing if it was actually sharp enough.

“ Why you-“ The mutant had took his fist and punched me in the gut, and I quickly leapt back myself as I felt he tingling reminder of his infliction. Glaring with my piercing green eyes… I quickly clutched my dagger and then charged at him. He charged as well… and his swirling, mad eyes seemed to glow as he aimed for my shoulder. Quicklly however I dove at his legs, and soon I had him flung high over my back and crashing into the wall behind. With cat-like reflexes, I whirled around and then charged at him.
I punched him quickly in the face and then aimed a high kick into his gut as he struggled to get up. Taking my dagger I slashed it into the air but yet again his sword met my weapon. This time however he slung his sword with a powerful countering under sweep, and I only had a mere second to step away from the glancing blow. Quickly I met his sword again, and this time I used both hands to press my dagger over his sword and then swiftly push the metal away. Going at him I slashed fiercely with a drive of my own fire, and the wiccan-inhanced blade carved into his flesh straight across his chest. He howled and recoiled back, as instantly blood stained his shirt… and I smirked. The blade which was given to me by Yuar Oro was enhanced with wiccan witch-craft- able to burn whose flesh ever came in contact with it. It was quite painful… and t he mutant found that out, as he continued to howl in rage and pain. He charged at me again and slashed his sword in the air, and I moved back again but the sword managed to slice a corner of my new jacket. Just as I was about to charge at him again a whistle went through the air…

They were retreating. The female vampire who seemed to be a leader had recoiled and disappeared below, and my mutant ‘friend’ went after along with a few others. I narrowed my eyes, as they left and quickly searched about. Where was Rudy?

“Where’s Rudy?” I quickly spoke sternly, and everyone glanced about. Everyone seemed to be okay… which was good, although Father Farwell had a few scratches along with the others- but mainly everyone was alright.
“ I saw him go below…” Koger spoke, coming forth with his bloody double swords, and I gazed at him and nodded.
“I don’t know what messed up idea he has this time… but I’m gonna go after him. I saved his butt before… and I believe I should probably have to save his butt again.” I smiled, as I gazed to Liven, Father Farwell and the other dampiel hunter.
“ I’m gonna follow him, you four stay here. As soon as I find out the intentions of my brother I’ll come back… “
“I will go with you- the sewers are a dangerous place and you’ll need some one accustomed to all environments Ms. Gyvien.”
I gazed to Koger as he smiled again, and shook my head.
“ Alright… fine, come with. The rest of you… stay here for now. We need some one to stay her incase anyone comes back… and by nightfall Yuar should be returning.”

With that Koger and I quickly escaped into one of the other rooms to find an opening into the sewers…
“Oh, yes… lovely, this just smells wonderful.” I sighed, and Koger grinned.
“Isn’t it though?”

23rd February 2003, 01:50 AM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
The Homebound

There were 329 tiny imperfections in the square foot of titanium siding right in front of me.
For the longest time after we arrived back at the ship I just stared at the walls, fuming at myself, Lantis and the situation. The scene before dawn kept playing back over and over again in my head, Rudys angry determined face willing me not to go, Lantis's slight sneer as he eyed Rudy, the tense moment when I thought for sure it was all over.......and then......
How was it possible..? Against all odds Lantis hadnt killed Rudy, it seemed that my ruse had worked, that he had believed me.
Suddenly as Lantis began to speak I saw that it wasnt the case. "Well Little Myra, you seem awfully upset. Is something the matter?" With a sinking feeling in my heart I shook my head, not looking at him. "No, Im fine."
As if I hadnt spoke he went on. "Is it because you had to leave your Changed human behind? You should never get that attached to a pet, Myra dear......" He sidled up to where he was right behind me, causing me to stand up so he wouldnt brush up against me. He leaned forward and placed one hand against the wall next to my head, his face inches from mine, and then he sneered again. "Unless of course, he WASNT a human you have Changed.....but that would mean that you LIED to me......and you wouldnt do that.....would you?" He smiled almost fatherly for a brief moment before the smirk took over again. "Oh," he said, seemingly just noticing the ring on my finger, "And what is this? Its very lovely Myra, you MUST tell me where you got it..." He brought my hand up, fingering the ring on it for a moment before trying to slip it off. Startled I clenched my hand into a fist and drew it against me, turning my head away from Lantis's hypnotic gaze. "I.....I found it so I took it....." My lie sounded feeble even to my ears, but I felt as though I couldnt think straight. Like a dark fog was veiling my thoughts, making it difficult to concentrate. "It....its not important......"
I felt rather than saw Lantis's disappointment in my feeble lies. He put his other hand on the wall and I found myself involuntarily staring into his blue eyes. He was pinning me to the wall with his gaze, and I was unable to look away. Then, slowly and directly, he began to speak, in a voice that was devoid of the false cheerfulness it usually had.

"The blue-haired boy is a Summers, isnt he?"

I felt my throat tighten up as my eyes widened in fear. How did he know?! Suddenly I heard myself beginning to speak, though the words came with no direction from me. My voice sounded very far away as I whispered, "Y......." Suddenly I froze. What had I almost said?! I almost betrayed Rudy to the enemy! But, still looking into Lantis's eyes, I knew that it was not my doing. Somehow he had powers I couldnt comprehend, powers that only come to aristocrats through millenia of murder and evil. Powers that were terrifyingly difficult to resist.
Though I stopped before I could finish, Lantis had heard enough. Smiling almost kindly he straightened up and put a gentle hand on my cheek. "As I thought. You see Myra, it wouldve been so much easier if you hadnt lied to me. Lyings bad, you know." Recovering from the shock of his power I felt anger well up inside me, and I pushed his hand away. "What do you know about it? You, the one whose lied to me ever since I was a child?!" As soon as the words left my mouth I realised I had made a mistake. Once realising I knew I had been lied to, Lantis wouldnt think twice about killing me. If Im not with him, Im against him...... The thought echoed from my childhood.
To my surprise Lantis merely smiled. "You have grown up so much and yet you are still very much a child....." He started to walk around the room, his voice resonating through the hull of the ship as he spoke. "Try existing for hundreds of years under the boot of an inferior species. Having to eke out a pitiful living in the shadows of creatures fit only for consumption. Having to hide from those whom it is the birthright for you to rule! Well," His voice quieted slightly as he quickly grabbed me under the chin and looked into my defiant eyes. "I will not snatch my meals and scurry about like a filthy rodent anymore. We, the Aristocrats, are meant to rule the humans, the night, and this planet! And tonight...." He trailed off as he released my face, deep within his own thoughts of grandeur. "Tonight is a very special night; the Dawn of the Blood Moon. Tonight all TRUE Aristocrats will rise up and destroy those who would oppose the ways of Nature. Tonight," He turned his amused gaze to me once again and smiled, "Your precious 'Summers' will die at your hands, proving you are an Aristocrat."
My eyes widened as I heard that. I felt Lantis's will pressing down on me, trying to weedle into my thoughts and take over my life. I had had to go with him, had to lie, had to listen to his propaganda, but THIS was something I would NOT do. I felt that I would rather die than do anything to hurt Rudy. All the fury and stress in me exploded outward, and without thinking I charged at Lantis. "NO! You cant control me anym-----!"
Before I could finish, Lantis's eyes glowed, and suddenly I was thrown against the far wall of the ship, cracking my head sharply and sending me into a confused daze. I hovered in mid-air, unable to think or move let alone do anything, and before unconsiousness claimed me, I heard him speak once more.
"Tonight, Myra......"

25th February 2003, 07:27 PM
I really would like to post but... well, my head is going to burst and I feel like I'm about to fall over. I just wanted to post Vylianne's form so you guys coudl perhaps work with that. I trust yea enough Rudy to post with just knowing her form. ^^ I think I've described her to you a bit on MSN before... ^^

Name: Vylianne
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, her body appears to be in the twenties.
Species: Vampire
Personality: She's sly, cunning and an extremely smooth talker. She's got an aloof personality on the outside, which often makes people at ease with her but she's very sly. She's got arrogance about herself, and she's not afraid to use any sort of means to get what she wants. She's proud, a bit arrogant and bold but she's certainly not overly-boastful or never under estimates her enemies. She's very intelligent... which makes her extremely deadly. She's not about to make rash decisions before analyzing her potential...
Appearance: (Check that one post with Yuar... I already supplied a description and pic when she first was introduced.)
Side: She doesn't really claim to have a side. She knows that she hates humans, hates dampiels... She thinks human/dampiel-loving vampires are weak traitors. The only species she really has no problem with are the mutants in the world, but she doesn't give them any special treatment however. Other vampires are fine with her, as long as they don't rub her the wrong way.
Weapon: She has a wide, vast array of weaponry... her favorite weapon however is herself. She's one of the most agile, hand-to-hand vampires you'll meet, and she's even better with her kicking techniques. But of course, she has a pair of twin daggers and a short sword. Her short sword is elaborately made in a black, jaded-material which seems as crystallic as diamond. Etched into the black stone is silver-embroidered symbols of ancient Vampiric markings. The handle of this sword is also made in silver, shaped into a fearsome dragon-like shape.
History: She won't tell you her history unless you happened to get on her extremely good side, which is on the outmost high part of unlikely. What is known about her, is that she is far older than her appearance of course, and she's a strong vampire of ancient proportions. She is rumored to be some how have some connections with Lantis… but it is unknown whether it is business terms or some other terms, and some of the other elder vampires. She knows of Yuar Oro, and they have some secret 'thing' between them which isn't a loving relationship by far... and she also has heard of Rudy Summer's father, and infact knows quite a deal about Rudy's father.... perhaps more then most should know. Other then that, the rest is a mystery.
Relations: Enemy of Yuar Oro currently, unknown as far as others go.
Other: *killz*

Master Rudy
25th February 2003, 10:47 PM
I don't have much time left tonight so this might not be very long.

Rudy Summers
10:30 AM
After spending nearly a half hour in the sewers I figured it was time to face the facts. I was lost and I had no idea where my attacker had gone. As good as my eyesight was in the dark even I was having trouble seeing down here. There was no doubt in my mind that it would have been pitch black to a normal human. My attacker seemed to know this area well and only after a few minutes had managed to give me the slip. Now I was struggling just to make my way back to the inn. I wasn't expecting so many twists and turns in these sewers.

After about another ten minutes of trying to walk around I managed to pick something up. Nearby I could smell a tiny bit of blood in the air. Thinking I had finally managed to pick up the trail again I started to quickly make my way towards to area it was coming from. However once I got closer I noticed something. The blood that I could smell wasn't my attacker. It was my own. Apparently I had just gone around in a circle. Feeling defeated I just spoke out loud to myself. "If I only knew where Lantis was then I wouldn't have to be down here tracking my only lead." If my heart had been beating I might have nearly had a heart attack from the sudden shock of knowing I wasn't alone down there.

"If you looking for him then stop following that girl. She isn't going to lead you anywhere near him."

Turning around I saw a young woman leaning up against a wall wearing only black shorts and an orange bikini top. Had it not been for the fact that we were in the middle of a sewer I wouldn't have been so suspisious of her. I was about to ask her what she was talking about when she suddenly stepped a bit closer. At the moment she didn't seem to be armed but that sometimes didn't mean anything. However she showed no violent intentions as she seemed to be look me over. Finally she said "If your hair was a bit longer and a shade or two darker then I think you'd look just like your father." This was the second shock and I was sure that she could see that I wanted answers. However rather that say anything she simply smiled revealing a set of fangs. That took care of one question but I already had a feeling she wasn't human. No human in their right mind would be traveling around in the sewers. Suddenly with no warning she started to walk away. Despite my common sense telling me not to follow her I did so anyway. Now I had too many questions for her. She claimed that the assassin would not lead me to Lantis. Did she really have an idea of where the hell he was? Also how did she know my father? As we walked I finally asked "Who are you?" Looking over at me she just smiled again and said in a mysterious tone "Wouldn't you like to know?" Now I was even more confused. However I just kept following in the hopes she would simply tell me. Even if she didn't one way or another I was going to get my answers......

Not my greatest post but I didn't have much time to begin with. Hopefully I didn't have Vy too OOC. There's just something about her that makes me think she would be the mysterious type.

26th February 2003, 02:33 PM
Ooo... fonty-colourz ruuuule!

Vylianne - F - VAmpire

Smirking, Vylianne kept walking as Rudy followed her. She knew there were doubts in his mind... but of course, he was a Summers. They had too much curiousity for their own good... and smirking she turned around to Rudy and he stopped again, his face completely blank and full of confusion. Silence filled the air... as both of them didn't know how to respond to each other's presense. Vylianne already knew her intentions, as she smirked and took a few steps closer to Rudy. He didn't take a step back however... as she held her transfixed gaze upon him with her ever witty smile.
" Yes... you definatly remind me of your father, pitty that you have some of your mother in you.... you would have been far more deadly otherwise."

Rudy seemed shocked yet again... but Vylianne turned around as Rudy again pestered.
"Why can't you tell me how you know my father? And do you know Lantis? Are you one of his minions..-"
Before he could further continue however, Vylianne let loose a laugh.
" A minion? Nice choice of words there Summers... but I'm sorry to disappoint you but, I don't work for anyone. I work for myself... "

Vylianne tucked a strand of loose, slightly red-auburn, golden-streaked hair behind her ear. Grinning yet again... she continued.
" Of course, I'm not one to turn down some money. Some times I do little odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. Of course, I dont' work for just anyone. Vamps with money... and a good reputation, now those are the types I might be into an alliance with... but never work for."

Vylianne then turned and kept walking... as Rudy followed again, the darkness of the sewers seemed to get thicker. Rudy's pace suddenly quickened as he suddenly passed Vylianne, and she stopped to watch the young Vampire turn to face her.
" Look... I don't know your name, and I do n't know what you... why you've come to pester me, but at least you can save some of the talk to tell me what I need to kn-"
Vylianne held up her hand and gently brushed a delicate finger to Rudy's lips with a swift, suddenly movement. Rudy backed away... in shock by how fast she moved to go forward to silence him, as a slow smile spread across her lips.

"Rudy Rudy... patience is a virtue, surely you have learned that by now. I will tell you ... in time."

Vylianne saw Rudy flinching towards some thing... and she smirked agian.
"And don't think about trying to talk me into telling you... I've met many vampires, but using force by any means will not make me tell if you could ever get me under the blade of a knife. Besides.. I'm unarmed. What use is a Vampire if she is unarmed?"
She smiled again, but some thing unsettling was how she said 'what use'... but she continued to walk as she brushed pass Rudy.
" You are not ready to learn much about your father... besides, I haven't decided if I want to tell you anyway."

She then flickered her gaze back to Rudy...
"Remember Rudy, I do what I want to do and I give information only when I want to give information. BUt it is all for good... all for good..."
Her voice trailed off, as they continued to walk in the darkness. Her footsteps were barely heard... and it was like she was walking upon air as she continued to walk.
" But Lantis... ahh yes, have quite a score with Lantis eh? He's got your girl... and you won't stand for it. Admirable... I think, if it all wasn't in vain."

Rudy stopped short, as he whispered..
"Wh-what do you mean?"
Vylianne stopped, gazing back as she smiled.
"Poor Rudy... your foolish mind really doesn't know very much, does it? I suppose your young... and with out any guidance, I suppose it was tough for you. I guess lack of knowledge is excusable... but I ask you Rudy- What is worth more to you- family or the one you love?"

Rudy thought about it... and as he was about to open his mouth, Vylianne shook her head.
"Don't answer... think about it. You've been following a person who has no connections with LAntis... she works for some one even greater than Lantis would ever amount too. Lantis is far smarter then to send any of his ... what did you call them, oh yes.. minions back here to attack. But as soon as night falls... you better watch your step because Lantis is ready to leave this place- earth. But he might encounter some trouble if you arrive... but there will be more trouble even after he may fade. The night of when the moon decides your fate is near... and Vampires which have not tasted blood will be tested, those who have will be stronger... and the dampiels will have to choose their fate. "

Vylianne smirked as she continued to walk...
" Quickly Rudy, I sense two of your companions are near. If you have any last questions... I suggest you ask them now, unless you are too afraid to find out any more... which I would suggest to be wise by any rate."

(Alright... Leave it up ta yah! When Koger and Gyvien get there though, Vylianne will have disappeared above with out a trace. ^^; )

Master Rudy
26th February 2003, 06:39 PM
Rudy Summers
10:45 AM
My confusion at the current situation only grew with each passing moment. While I didn't entirely trust this vampire I didn't have much choice at the moment. Besides as she pointed out herself she was unarmed. Unless I had a good reason to do so I wouldn't use force against anyone without a weapon. Plus despite the fact that she wasn't being 100% clear about things she was helping me out a bit with the little imfomation that she was giving to me.

Once she said two of my friends were getting close I became a bit unsure of if she was right or not. At the moment I wasn't able to sense anything. I didn't even need to ask her about it because she seemed to know I had doubts. As we kept on walking she said "If I'm not mistaken your not even 20 yet. For a human that would be a young adult. However as a vampire your still just a child. When your my age your senses will be just as sharp." Once again I was curious about who she was but by this point she was expecting it and just kept on talking. "Don't even think of asking me Rudy. Besides it's rude to ask a girl her age."

With yet another smirk she kept on walking along. However I needed to know something. Getting in front of her I stopped her. Even if she wouldn't give me answers about other things there was one thing I needed to know. Looking her right in the eyes I said "What exactly is going to happen tonight? This is the second time in less than an hour that someone has mentioned it. You've already said some things about me being put to the test while others would become stronger." As we stood there she just kept on looking at me without saying a word. With a sigh I tried one last time. "I don't know who you are but this is something I must know. Can you please tell me?" Once again smiling she said "Since you asked me kindly I'll tell you. However you must answer one of my questions first." Leaning close to my ear as if it were some kind of secret she asked me "Are you afraid to die Rudy?" I wasn't quite expecting a question like that but I answered her with what I believe to be a truthful answer. Shaking my head I said "If I have to die in order to save Myra and put an end to Lantis then I'd gladly do it." With a low laugh she said "That may be what you want to believe. However deep down you know it's not true. You may be willing to do anything to save her but in the end if it came down to your life or hers I think you would choose your own."

That response angered me to no end. Even so I kept my cool. I was about to let her know what I thought of her answer when she gently placed her hand over my mouth. After a moment she pulled it away and started to speak once more. "I'm not saying you wouldn't try your hardest. However the one thing most vampires won't admit is that they have a fear of death. Humans may fear it as well but they know it's coming and can't be avoided. As for us we're immortal but that doesn't mean we also can't die. I'm sure you've seen that look of fear before on the fact of any vampire that was dying slowly or had a feeling they would not be able to live much longer. The knowledge that everything is suddenly going to come to an end is a bit much for some." While I wasn't going to show it to her I knew she was right. I was thinking back to the incident in the bar with the hunters. For a brief moment I had known what fear really was.

As she turned away from me I started to wonder if she would lead me around again with strange answers or finally get down to business and tell me what was really going on. However I soon got my answer as she looked back at me. "Think of tonight as a night that will seperate the weak from the strong. Those that have never tasted blood such as you will become about as weak as a human. In addition to that it will be next to impossible for you to look at a human without sinking your fangs into them. One of two things will happen to you Rudy. Either you will eventually give in and feed for the first time or you'll die. It's as simple as that." I took a moment to let that sink in. Once I believed I understood what was going to happen I said to her in a worried voice "So your saying that unless I feed tonight I'm not going to live?" Once she shook her head I knew I was wrong as she took a moment to explain it a bit more. "I never said you had to drink blood. However you might want to get over the fact that you don't like to harm humans. Not drinking blood won't be what kills you. Some vampires such as Lantis will be taking the time to kill off those that continue to resist. You may have a strong will and despite the increased urge to kill still be able to overcome it. However a strong will isn't going to do you much good when you have a mob of vampires that want to put an end to you. In your weakened state you wouldn't last very long."

I was about to jump in to say something when once again she stopped me. It was getting a bit annoying but I decided to let her keep going. Once more she showed that she knew me well and had an idea of what I would say. "I know what your thinking so keep this in mind. Even if by some stroke of luck you manage to beat the odds and live long enough to regain your powers at sunrise you will be presented with another problem. I've noticed that you've followed in your father's footsteps and became a hunter. Do you honestly think you can go back to that when your friends will be among those that you have to kill?" For the first time since the mystery vampire became serious I was confused. "What do you mean by friends? If you know me as well as you seem to then I think you'd know I don't have many friends. The few that I do have are humans or dampiels." Nodding she seemed to understand that. "Maybe your right. But then what about Myra?" That next question caught me off guard. I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that one. Looking me in the eyes with another serious look she said "I know what this night can do to someone. I've seen some of the most peaceful vampires around give in and do the one thing they have never dreamed of doing. If she doesn't get killed then she will surely have no choice but to feed. Would you really kill Myra because she had harmed a human?" I didn't have to answer. We both knew what I would say. Despite everything I believed about putting an end to vampires that had fed from humans I knew I couldn't do anything to Myra if she had gave in to her instincts and tasted blood.

With a sigh I looked at my mysterious informant. There weren't any doubts in my mind that she had lived through this night at least once before. However that also would mean if what she was saying was true that she would have had to drink from humans. Drawing my katana I just looked at it and then at her. Crossing her arms she said "So you finally figured it out? I know what your dad was like so I know you pretty well too. If you needed a reason to kill someone unarmed then go ahead. It isn't like I can stop you anyway." As much as I wanted to do so I just put my weapon away. Maybe there truly was no way to make it through the night without giving in. All this new infomation got me thinking about all the battles I had been in and it raised some new questions. I had no doubts about some of the vampires that were clearly evil such as Oyar. They killed humans just for the hell of it. However how many of the vampires that I had killed actually started off innocent? How many of them were like me at one point? Finally there were some humans that were left alive after vampire attacks. How many of the vampires that I had killed were only trying to take only enough blood so that they would not have to kill anyone?

With those questions on my mind I just looked at the female vampire. With a new found seriousness that I didn't think I had I said "Perhaps we can't avoid destiny. Maybe vampires really are destined to feed off the humans. Whatever the case may be I can promise you one things. Win or lose I will be fighting my final battle tonight. If what your saying is true then after tonight I don't think I have a right as a vampire to hunt my own kind in order to protect humans." She seemed to understand what I was saying and finally provided the infomation I wanted. "If your going to fight Lantis your going to need to look for the ship he came to Earth in. Being only his second day here I highly doubt he would have found a place to stay for a long period of time. However I don't know where it is. I wish I could tell you more but I can't. Your just going to need to hope you get lucky and find it on your own." Nodding I said "It's better than nothing I suppose."

Just as she started to walk away I stopped her one last time. "Before you do go I would like to know one thing. How do you know my father?" With a slight smile she said "I can't tell you that now but I will tell you this. If you live past tonight and by some stroke of luck manage to beat Lantis then we will meet again. By that point I will tell you about him but only if you want to know. If I tell you now it will only reveal things about your past that I sure he hoped you would never learn. In the end telling you now would only cause you to get yourself killed." Suddenly with no warning she jumped into the air and was gone. It was as if she was never there. Just then she said one last thing:

"Don't feel hopeless about tonight if you really don't want to harm any humans. I always had a feeling that if anyone would beat the odds it would be either you or your father. However as one last warning you have to remember what I said earlier. Is it your family or the one you love that matters most? In the end you can't save everyone.

Her voice seemed to come from all around me and I couldn't pinpoint where she was. I felt slightly relieved over the fact that I might not have to give in after all but her final words chilled me. I knew exactly what she was saying. I already had to worry about Myra but now it seemed something would happen to Gyvien as well. There was no way I could choose one over the other. Gyvien was the last of my family while Myra was the girl I loved. Losing either of them was something I was not ready to face. At that moment out of the shadows I saw Koger and Gyvien coming towards me. It was as if fate had just played a cruel joke on me. Looking at them they could see I was troubled over pretty much everything that I had learned. However I just couldn't tell them. Walking past them I said "Just help me back to the inn. I've got too much on my mind at the moment and I need some rest." Thankfully they didn't ask questions. Even if they did ask questions I wouldn't have known where to start. There were just too many new things I just learned and some of it still didn't make any sense. The only thing I knew was that the longest night of my life would be starting in about seven hours......

Can someone get this guy an anti-depressent? ^_^;

Despite some of the things that were said don't think for one moment Rudy's battle with Lantis will be the last one he ever has. After all I think it would get boring if following that battle he did nothing but sit on his @ss and sulk. Anyway seeing that the battle at the inn is over do you guys think we can wrap things up and fast forward a few hours so that we can get to the real action?

27th February 2003, 11:40 PM
OOC: I agree. I think its time the Dawn of the Blood Moon began lol ^-~ Since the snow has cancelled school yet again Ill post sometime tomorrow, but for right now Im really sleepy so Im going to bed. In the meantime the next person who posts (if its not me) set the time at around 6-6:15PM ^-^

28th February 2003, 09:52 AM
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Yuar Oro - M - Vampire

The sun was down and I was set... taking my dark black sunglasses upon my face, I slowly brushed my auburn hair out of my eyes. Before me was some thing I had purchased not to long ago... and it still shinned a firey red, just to support the truth of how fast and daring it really was. It was a sports motorcycle... an invention of humans which I came to truely adore and like. Firey red was it's shiny color... and it's sleek design often reminded me of a predator, very agile and leathal all the same.
"Don't want to be late..."
I thought, as I got upon the bike but as I sat there I suddenly stopped. Gazing upwards I saw the moon... clouds just drifting away from it and exposing it in its full glow, which surprised me to say the least. I felt power flow through my veigns... which completely surprised me. My blood burned... I felt far more superior in my fighting abilities than ever before. It was a strange feeling... and the words of Vylianne still lingered in my mind.

I felt like my muscles were toughter and far mor tense... I felt like my eye sight was even greater and keener than before, along with my ears. I could hear the noises of the streets far better than before... and see things which probably could have illuded me with out my vampiric sense. Even that was heightened as well... WAs this what Vylianne meant? Did she foresee this?
Perhaps... this is the truth... a new moon, a new power. But what about... Rudy and ... myra! Gyvien!

If this affected me in this way... what about a Dampiel with Vampiric blood in them? And Vampirs who have not tasted blood like Rudy? What if some thing horrible happens to t hem... and it very well could be occuring now. And Lantis... surely he was growing stronger as well.
But I am stronger and he will die for the crimes he has committeD! Anyone who stands in my way will also follow th same fate as he..

I blinked a few times, standing there over my bike with a bewildered gaze. Some thing else was happening... not only was I stronger, but my rage was greater along with my temperment.
I'll have to use my willpower to keep it under control... no use doing some thing I'd regret.

With that I started my sports motorcycle and instantly took off. The speed and surprising juice inside the power of the two-wheeler was amazing... and I took off swiftly. My hair rippled wildly in the wind as my jacket also fluctuated wildly. My sunglasses kept the wind from hitting my eyes too bad... I lowered my body to the motocycle farther so to gain more speed. Down the middle of the streets I went... and the scene amazed me. Only 15 minutes past six and already horrible things were taking place. I saw several figures in the dark which were obviously VAmpires... smashing windows, humans screaming as they became victims... some even gazed at me, but left me alone. Perhaps my Vampiric aura sent them a signal to stay the heck away..

Some dampiels were seen as well, and I almost hit one as I quickly dodged and my tires squeeled instantly. Turning one last look back I saw that the Dampiel seemed weak... and pleeing for forgiveness as a Vampire started to go after it... blood thirst in his eyes. I looked away...
Why don't you help?! A part of me cried...
No, I must hurry back to the others so we can go after Lantis. I must kill him- at all costs.
I cut off my other side of my thought and continued to wheel down the street until suddenly I came to the hotel where we were staying. No vampires were near... yet..

I quickly hopped off my bike, took the keys out and instantly tried to open the door but strangely it was locked. Feeling a little aggitated I quickly took my foot and with a swift double kick I barged it down rather easily. Upon t he other side I saw two pairs of eyes gazing at me bewildered... well one bewildered and the other rather menacing. Rudy and Gyvien.

Rudy had his swords ready... but he eased when he saw it was be, but pointing at the door I saw what probably made him a bit weary. The door had been bolted shut... before it would have taken me quite a while to try to push it down, since locks were armed several times at each corner. But I had taken down effortlessly with a swift kick... which surprised me as well.
"Guess I didn't know my own strength..." I smiled a toothy grin, and Rudy seemed to shiver at it. I was a bit confused... but Gyvien still held her gun up, aimed at my head.
"Gyvien... you can put down your gun." I said, and Gyvien swallowed hard as she slowly began to lower it... slowly.. and then suddenlly she put it away.

She then disappeared into another room. I shrugged and looked to RUdy..
"Some thign tells me this night is going to be a bit different. So what's the plan... I say we haul our butts out of here and go after LAntis now.. I heard what happened to Myra."

Rudy was shocked..
"How.. .how did.."
I held up my hand swiftly..
"Never mind that, word travels quick when you aren't looking for it."

Master Rudy
1st March 2003, 12:58 AM
Rudy Summers
6:20 PM
Once I saw that it was Yuar who came charging in I calmed down a bit. The sun had not even been down for ten minutes yet and I was already starting to feel the effects that this night would have on me. Several hours ago I was my normal self but now I was having doubts about how useful I'd be. Once I had returned from the sewers I explained to everyone what exactly was going to happen. We knew what to expect but I didn't think it would be this bad. Upon seeing Gyvien, Wynder and Liven I had felt the biggest urge to bite one of them. While I kept myself under very good control I just couldn't believe I was even thinking of doing such a thing to one of them. As least I could be thankful that the innkeeper and his daughter left the place to us and went somewhere safer once they heard about what would happen. I was afraid I'd lose all control had they still been around. At the moment I believed the only reason why I already hadn't broken down was the fact that Gyvien and the others were all part vampire. For now I just decided to try and keep what I was thinking to myself. I didn't think I would go after them but if they knew it had crossed my mind then someone might become worried about me turning on them.

Looking at Yuar I said "As dangerous as it is we can't stay here much longer. We've already been attacked this morning." He seemed shocked at this new infomation and didn't seem sure about what to think. "This morning? Were they vampire hunters?" Shaking my head I explained about the hidden entrance to the inn and the battle that followed. "At first I assumed they worked for Lantis. However I ran into a vampire in the sewer that said otherwise. Normally I don't like taking the work of strangers but I had my reasons for listening to her." Despite how serious the current situation was I chuckled a bit as I started to describe her to him. "I think you would have gotten a kick out of her outfit Yuar. First time I've ever seen a vampire wearing a bikini. Most of the female vamps tend to go for a da....." Once I saw the look on Yuar's face I stopped. Feeling a bit concerned I asked him if anything was wrong. He told me there wasn't but I could sense he was hiding something. I didn't say anything but I had a feeling that somehow he knew who I was talking about.

Pretty soon we were rejoined by Gyvien but something didn't seem right. She normally didn't have the best attitude in the world but I never remembered seeing such a cold look on her face before. However Yuar's next question brought me back to the situation at hand. "So any ideas for where we can go?" All I could do was shake my head. We really didn't have much time to plan this out. However I had my own plans. By this point the entire group was around me so I decided to make my plans known. Taking one last moment to make sure I had all my weapons this time I said "For now you guys can stay here if you want. In the meantime I've got my own plans. I've got a small lead on where Lantis might be and I'd like to try and see if there is someone who might know more." I made an attempt to leave but Koger stopped me. "Excuse me my pale friend but your not exactly in the shape to be out there right now." As much as I didn't like to admit it Koger was right. Not really sure what to do I decided to sit down for a moment. When I got near Liven however my instincts were starting to kick in again. While walking towards a chair I eyed her neck for a moment before snapping out of it. This time there was no hiding it. Only a blind man would have missed what I just did. After that I wasn't going to waste my time explaining myself. We all knew it was somewhat beyond my control. Acting as if nothing happened I just looked at each of them and asked with a bit of a nervous tone "So....uhhh....does anyone have any ideas?"

Just so you guys know Rudy will be fine for now but he'll slowly get worse as the night goes on. I wouldn't mind if anyone had him snap and has a brief battle with him if he lost all control for a few moments. Just keep in mind that I do not want him tasting blood if any of you guys do that ^_~

9th March 2003, 12:29 AM
ooc: wow look at all i missed!!!! Sorry i wasnt here for a while!

Liven Dinas

I was sitting down on one of the benches in the lobby room. I was remembering last night how my best friend was turned. It made me sad and a little sick how such a holy man could become a damned creature of the night. I looked sadly in his direction and sighed a little. After my first drink of blood i felt some of my vampiric side sorta weaken. I squinted alittle and looked up at Rudy. I noticed how he had glanced at my neck as if going to bite and felt alittle uneasy. Standing up i said," Rudy...ill go and look for Lantis...After all, i was born to be a vampire hunter. All i need is someone to go along with me...because i..." i stopped for a moment looking down at my feet. "I think...i lost some of my vampire side...." i looked back up at him waiting for an answer. Just then Farwell stood up and went to my side. Putting a hand on my shoulder he said," My child, i shall go along with you....we also have to find Skylar and tell him about Lantis, he could get hurt if he stumbles across him."
I turned towards the Father and nodded, "Right...lets go Father Farwell." I said getting my sword that was leaning on the bench, and strapped it on my back. I buckled my two guns on my hips and walked towards the door and turned. "We'll be back....That vampire is going DOWN!" i said and ran out the door. Farwell behind. "God protect you all!" He said leaving the room.
We were walking through the dark streets of the town, thats when i really noticed just how weak my senses got. I could hardly see in the darkness like i used to. I watched my feet as i walked thinking about Lantis and wondering just how strong he could be and if i could. Sensing eyes on me i looked up and noticed figures staring in my direction. Moving closer to Farwell i almost tripped over somthing, looking down i saw that it was a human sucked dry. I gasped at the dried person as its dead eyes looked back with glazed eyes. It felt like the end for mankind, it felt like what my Father thought he stopped was all coming back.
We walked on, on the search for Skylar and that Vampire Lantis.....
ooc: heres somthing i missed! :D


Still on the hunt for my Brother, i heard my master calling for me to stop my pursuit and return. I stopped in the middle of the road and folded my arms. "What have i gone down to? The great Roland being a servaint? Having a Master?? No....never." I spoke to the darkness. Turning back towards the direction my master was in i walked back. As i was walking past a few housing areas, i had noticed a large mass of vampires walking in my direction. I heard them talking amongst themselves, "Ha haa! theres just so much to eat here! the humans are like cattle! (mumble mumble) So how many did you get? (laugh snicker). I laughed to myself, it seems these vampires were new to the killing habit. "lets put them to the test!" i said to myself as i aprouched the gaggling group. As i past one of the vampires on the left side of the road, i made a point to bump into one. "Hey man!!! what the f*ck was that for you damn punk!" the boy (about 18 or 20) yelled, and pushed one of my shoulders atempting to knock me down. Hearing the boy curse at me, the group formed a circle and watched waiting to see who would win this little war. I looked at the boy and said in a shaky tone, " Oh im so sorry! I didnt mean to bump into you gentlman! Im just so frightened with all these vampires killing people left and right!!!"
The boy laughed and said," Well old man your not safe anywhere we're taking back this world! So why dont you make this easy on you and me and hold still!" The boy took a step closer to me i stood my ground and smirked letting one tooth bite down alittle on my lower lip. I then bite down hard making my lip bleed. " Oh! Im not safe anywhere? Maybe you should be saying your not safe anywhere! Your no match for a real vampire of the night!! You could hardly even call yourself a vampire!!!" I laughed a bit insanely. The group went silent as they watched the blood drop from my lip and onto the already stained street. Before any of them could speak or blink my hand was clinched around his neck and squeezing the life from him. I could feel my hand tighten to the boys neck bone, i then felt it snap and crack. Letting him fall to the ground dead the group members started to back away. "Whats the matter? Im just a scared little Priest against 5 powerful vampires! why are you backing up? "I questioned with a pleased grin. They started to run as i strolled after them laughing at them. Getting bored i ran after them and quickly killed the remaining 5.
After licking my stained gloved hand i made my why to a dark corner of the street where my master sat on a empty dumpster. She was fiddling with her weapon until she noticed i was standing watching her. She put her weapon down and walked up to me. "Well what took you so long Roland? Get in any trouble with the vampires? " she asked in an uncaring tone of voice. She was talking to me as if i were a worthless human.....i grew angre. "No....but i do have somthing to say to you ...master...Its time we had a change in plans about this whole master servaint thing." I walked slowly next to the dumpster, my priest robes blew in the wind. I pretended to play with her weapon by tapping on it, playing a little toon. "Yes what is it?" she asked a little curious. "Im a bit bored of the whole idea....." i said as i clinched her weapon in my hand and quickly put it around her throat. "Haha! well now! Looks like im the master now i see if you die or live!" I laughed. just as i did she had an arm around my neck and was choking me. " You still think like a Human Roland! Didnt anyone tell you that you cant kill a vampire by her own weapon!?" she laughed in my ear.
I struggled to get her arm alittle looser, as i struggled i managed to get my mouth near enough so that i could bite her. As she pulled away from me i managed to rip a chunk of skin from her arm. Spitting out the bloody chunk, i took out my sowrd and kicked her down onto the cold street. "See you in Hell!!!" i yelled slicing a clear cut, cutting off her head.
Her head rolled under the dumpster, a couple of stray cats folowing. "Hahah.....Be..seeing you! Oh wait no...not really! HAhahahah! " I laughed putting my sword back into its sheath. "Now to find that boy Skylar!" I disapeared into the night.
Wow longest post i think that ive done! pretty good...but i think i scared myself on this one.......:D

15th March 2003, 11:36 PM
Sometime...before night time...

The...the light...its so bright.

The sun seemed to glare at me, looking down, burning me like fire. It seemed to want me to perish. I straggled around in the alleyways, ducking under the shadows, but still, the light burned, blinding me. I fell to the ground, the heat getting to me. I began to crawl, crawl on the ground like a small bug, suffering. I stuggled to get myself back up, using a dumpster for support. I opened the lid, and crawled inside...

This should keep me safe until dark...
Ugh...too short...but I'm short of ideas. Somebody find me? lol

21st March 2003, 11:30 AM
Brace yourself guys, My writers block is gone! lol
Warning, this is gonna be quite bloody/violent eheh...^-^()

Lantis smiles to himself, as he surveyes the blood-tinted streets of Wood Water City. He knew that the Blood Moon would be rising tonight, he had planned it, planned it for multiple centuries, even before that night of his Big Mistake. Though he would not admit to himself he EVER made any mistakes, it was just something that he had yet to fix.
And now that the connections had been made, and his long, yearning thirst for the blood of humans had been satisfied the night before, he could begin to put his plan into action, he could begin the liberation of the Night and return it to the hands of the Aristocracy. But all was not complete. It seemed his little consort had neglected to feed the night before. He thought for sure she wouldve been tempted at least once during the night, and since she had not developed any resistance to the urge to feed it shouldve been guarunteed that she would drink. Somehow this was not the case.
Well, it was not too late for her. This night was the Night when those who had fed did not need to, and for those who hadnt it was only a matter of time. And if still she didnt, well, this night one of two things would happen.
All those who refuse to feed and join the ranks of the Aristocrats would just be in the way of the new World Order. Such vampires were monstrositys, vampires that wish not to feed were unnatural creatures and should not exist.

Tonight the choice was Myra's:
She would either feed, or die.

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City
:::Anywhere from 6-6:30PM:::
When I was once again consious of what was around me, the day had passed and it was once again night. Though, upon stepping out of the ship, I saw and felt that this night was indeed different than the night before. It seemed like Earth was a completely different place than it was last night, it felt darker, as if the Night itself was eagerly awaiting something. But the Night wasnt the only thing that felt different.

I, too, felt something inside me trying to change.

It felt like something deep within me was trying to come to the surface, something that was intoxicating, something that made me feel alive but at the same time repulsed me more than anything else.
It was the unmistakable urge to feed.
I didnt understand, there was no blood anywhere near me, nor could I smell any in the air. Yet I felt just as I did last night in the bar, with the blood of the hunters and Roland heavy in the air, feeling that it could be so easy, so deliciously easy to sink my fangs in their necks and taste that which I was yearning for now, to drink my fill of the delightfully warm liquid of life-------
Why am I thinking these things?!? I jerked myself out of that line of thought with horror. I couldnt believe what I had been thinking about just then, if a human was in the vicinity a few moments before then I wouldnt have been able to resist biting them and tasting blood. And it wasnt as if it were just my instincts, my consious thoughts would have had no qualms about doing it either. What is happening to me?!

Lantis seemed to know what I had been thinking. "Ah, my Little Myra, you are hungry, I see? You shouldve fed last night, if you had you would be a true Aristocrat now. But dont worry little one, it is not too late..." As if right on cue I heard the sounds of feet hitting the streets of Wood Water. It was the sound of Vampire Hunters, there were at least ten, maybe more. I suddenly felt scared, though I was not worried about my own safety. Those idiot Vampire Hunters had no idea that they were only running towards their own sure death. Though there were many of them I knew that they were no match for a Vampire like Lantis. And I guess I WAS a little worried about myself, though not about being killed. I was worried that I would lose control and Feed.
If I was thinking about draining a human before when none were around then I had no idea what would happen if they were actually in front of me. And if they bled....
It was almost a certainty that they would bleed, with Lantis there. Lantis had no patience with those he deemed 'food', he did not believe in leaving people alone if they werent bothering him and he did NOT ever try talking his way out. He would kill these hunters whether they posed a threat or not. And, faced with so many dead, bleeding humans, I didnt see how I could resist becoming a monstor like Lantis, and Oyar, and Roland. Like the creatures that Rudy had dedicated his life to destroying.
If I fed, Rudy would have no choice but to destroy me as well...

Such a thing could not be allowed to happen, for even though shame would cause me to want death, and duty would cause Rudy to grant it, it would cause both of us a great amount of pain. For me, it would be the obvious pain of death, and for Rudy...
He would have to live, knowing that he killed someone that he loved. He would have to live and regret, but no amount of regretting would ever be enough to change what happened. It was a feeling I knew all too well, and I wasnt about to let it happen to someone else.

The Vampire Hunters stopped about twenty feet away from us and spread out to form a semi-circle around us. The feeling of hunger again rose within me but I did all I could to ignore it as I shouted, "Go from here, NOW!! If you value your lives you will abandon this suicidal attack and go home to your familys!"
The Vampire Hunters didnt seem to realise I was trying to keep from killing and feasting upon them, and they took what I said as a challenge. "Youd like that, wouldnt you, you vampiric *****! Go home to our families, just so you can feast on our women and children too!!! We re hunters, and we wont stop until we rid the world of filthy undead creatures like---"
Just then another Vampire Hunter broke in. "Dont talk to it, Drake! Thats what it wants. You talk to it and soon you find yourself hypnotised and unable to fight back as it feeds on your blood!"
The one called Drake became frightened but then grew angry. He stared at me with a suspicious, hateful look and drew his gun. "Right," he said, and, as the other nine Hunters attacked, he fired.
Before tonight, the speed of the bullet fired by Drake was laughably slow to my Vampiric reflexes. But now, something was wrong. I couldnt see the path it made through the air as it hurtled towards me, so I was totally unable to dodge it. If it werent for the inexperienced Hunters horrible aim, I might have actually been killed. As it was the bullet imbedded itself into my right shoulder, causing me to momentarily recoil. It was very painful but Id live, which was more than I could say for the Vampire Hunters. As I looked in their direction, I could see that Lantis was in no way handicapped like myself. In fact it was quite the opposite, for he was undergoing the most frightful transformation I have ever seen. He seemed to grow into a shadow itself, the black color of his hair seemed to spread to every part of his body until he seemed a part of the night, and then his arm grew into the shape of a large, horribly misfigured animal with a gaping mouth and rows of sharp, rending teeth. The creatures single red eye saw the hunters as they attacked, and struck.
Within the space of a second, eight of the hunters were dead, torn to pieces by the animals unforgiving teeth. Blood doused the street, and I began to feel as if I were viewing the world from a dream, a blood-stained dream I couldnt wake up from.
Drake and another Hunter managed to throw themselves from the path of the creature, and the other Hunter began to run, getting herself as far away as she could like I told them to before. Drake wasnt so lucky. The creature had grazed him as he leapt away, taking off his legs from the knees down and his gun arm was reduced to a stub. He landed in a puddle of blood not far from where me and the now-changed back Lantis were standing. "My, that was refreshing..." Lantis sighed, his face aglow with the sickening delight of murder. "And conveniantly one of them is still alive, how wonderful! Now, drink up dear Myra while its still fresh. One does not often get to taste the firey blood of Vampire Hunters...."

Before he even finished his sentance I had already knelt down and took hold of Drake’s neck, drawing him closer to me. It felt like I was no longer myself, like I had become something darker. Though I was never exactly the most kind and gentle person, I felt as though every shred of mercy and forgiveness, every feeling of love that I had for ANYTHING had died, swallowed up in the hunger, no, the overwhelming DESIRE for Human Blood. Nothing mattered except that young mans blood flowing across the street, which would soon be flowing inside of me. I brought my fangs down, brushing them against Drakes neck as he tried to struggle away, and started to bite, when------

”What really matters is what you do in the present and the future...”

I gasped as Rudys words rang sharply through my thoughts as if he said them just now. What was I doing?! What had I...ALMOST done?! Still feeling the hunger burning within me I stared with a wide eyed gaze into the frightened eyes of the Human Drake. If I had gone through with it, it wouldve been all over for me. It would have opened the door for a life of murder and spilling blood, a life that my parents wanted to spare me from.
A life that they died trying to prevent.....
My mother had been human, but this didnt keep her from loving my father. They had tried to escape from vampire hunters and vampires alike, and they had indeed escaped, but somehow mother became changed, somehow she had attained a Vampiric shape. Even so she had not lost her humanity...
And now shes dead, her and father both. Their story had come to an end, an unhappy end, all because of Lantis. He would seek to end mine in pain and sorrow too, by turning me into the same kind of murdering creature he prides himself to be!
Anger welled up inside me, and, still holding Drake by the neck, I spotted his gun laying in the pool of blood next to him. I reached for it, and stood up, my head lowered, setting him down in the process. I could sense Lantis’s curiousity as I turned, still not looking up, towards him. “Dear Myra, is something the matter? What has come over you all of a sudden? Is something about that human not to your liking?”

Raising my head up to regard him with a icy stare, I turned my hunger for blood into anger and rage and directed it all towards Lantis. “Lets just say hes not my (blood) Type...” I said coldly and, aiming the gun at him with a quick motion, pulled the trigger. I emptied the contents of the barrell into him until the ‘clik clik clik’ signalled I was out of ammo. Panting with anger and stress I peered through the darkness that, Tonight, blinded my eyes and saw Lantis, still standing, though with many holes in him. The bullets mustve been silver-tipped, because he hadnt healed himself yet. Though as I quickly saw, it wasnt because he couldnt.

He laughed as he once again turned into the shadow and, when he once again formed solid, the bullet holes were gone. I dropped the now-useless gun in my fright at what I was witnessing. I had never seen Lantis display such powers, had never even realised that we Vampires were capable of such feats. “Myra, Myra, Myra....it is as I thought....there IS hope for you after all! And here I thought your parents non-violent nature might have tainted you, but I can see that isnt true. Your natural tendancies ARE a bit misdirected, however...”
I felt the anger return as he spoke. Without thinking about how stupid my actions were, I drew my katana and ran towards him. “Ill kill you, you BASTARD!!!” I yelled. He stood unmoving until I had almost reached him, and then with a gesture a sharp pain in my shoulder where I was shot caused me to drop my katana onto the blood washed street, likewise dropping me to my knees. The bullet had taken on a life of its own, twisting itself deeper into my flesh, while Lantis chuckled to himself. "You still havent learned yet, have you Myra? I am trying to HELP you, dear child! You think its wrong to drink, yet it is how we Aristocrats stay strong. If you do not drink, then you will stay as weak as you are now, no better than one of the filthy human cattle. Is that what you want Myra? To be less than what you are, at the mercy of that which should be weaker than you? Why do you resist it so? It is what Nature intended for us...”

I only half heard him as he spoke. As the pain of the bullet abated, I drew my hands out of the bloody street, watching the blood drip off my hands and seeing the ruby ring Rudy gave me shine redder with the thick liquid. Getting shakily to my feet I felt the wave of hunger hit me stronger than ever before, and, on my unsteady feet, I began to walk away from the bloody mess, facing into the wind so the smell of blood would not reach me and only make my hunger worse. I wasnt sure where it was I thought I was going, I just knew I had to get away from there before I made a horrible mistake. Glancing back to see if Lantis would try and stop me I saw only the empty red-stained street where Lantis had moments before been standing. But at that moment I didnt care where he went. I was in a nightmare, and maybe if I walked far enough I could get away from him for good.
Maybe if I walked far enough I would wake up....
WOOOO!!! Im finally done! I started this post on Tuesday and finally finished it Thursday afternoon(writing it on and off of course ^-^() ), but I still have to wait until Friday to actually post it. Hopefully this wont interfere with anything that was posted in the meantime!
Ok well on with the story, Lantis isnt gone of course, hes just demonstrating how Not to be Seen LOL! ^-~ He’ll continue to follow Myra, so if anyone finds her keep that in mind. Oh and if anyone arrives on the scene she just left, theyd find lots of human blood(duh), some of Myras blood, the empty gun (with shells), Drake (barely alive or dead from loss of blood), and Myra’s katana, so keep that in mind too.
o.O Looks like I busted up my writers block with a vengence! lol ^-~

Master Rudy
24th March 2003, 10:37 PM
Rudy Summers
Around 7 PM
Following the departure of Farwell and Liven our group eventually decided to stick together for now and get an idea of how bad things were around the city before attempting to split up. While I knew it was perhaps for the best to know what to expect I also didn't like this approach. It was tearing me apart on the inside in more than one way. While I knew Myra could take care of herself I wanted to make sure she was safe as soon as she could. Having spent most of my time in and around Wood Water I knew the city quite well and could find her quickly if she somehow managed to get away from Lantis. My other problem was that as long as I was around the others I wouldn't have a chance to feed. It would be much easier to sneak up on a human foolish enough to be wandering around on a night like this if I was alone. It was true that I didn't know what blood tasted like but I knew I would have my chance soon enough when I....

I stopped in my tracks feeling shocked over what I was thinking. How the hell could that even pop into my mind? Had my instinctive urge to kill and feed on humans gotten so bad on this night that it was overshadowing my concern over Myra's well being? The first taste of blood could drive some vampires to become much more aggressive and violent towards humans. Was this the real me trying to send a message? I couldn't even start to think of what I might try to do if I crumbled and gave in. I knew that until this night was over that I would worry myself half to death on what I would do if it happened. For now the best thing I could do was try to push it out of my head and focus on the task at hand. However it was much easier said than done. The streets were quiet for now but the light smell of blood was in the air all over the city. Each passing moment would be a struggle but I was determined not to give in despite my weaknesses and try to live through the night.

For a few moments the five of us just walked in silence. Wynder was the one currently leading the group and was up ahead and away from the rest of us. However after awhile he stopped in his tracks. "My god....." he started to say as Koger rushed up to join him. He didn't say anything but the look of shock said far more than words could. I knew this couldn't be good if he was speechless. As Yuar, Gyvien and myself joined them the first thing I saw were the bodies. Words could not even describe what happened. It appeared to be a group of hunters that never stood a chance. However right now something else was on my mind. Among the smell of human blood I picked up on something else. It wasn't as heavy as the blood of the hunters but I was able to pick up Myra's scent in the area as well. She was no doubt injuried if I could smell her own blood. However I wasn't sure what to think. The damage done here could have only been done by a vampire who had many years of experience behind them. It would take a vampire like Lantis to do this. But what did it mean? Had Myra given in? If she did then what was she thinking about right now? My questions would need to wait however because another problem was presenting itself.


In my current state things would quickly be out of my control if I didn't do something quick. The sight and smell of all this blood was way too much for me at the moment. I started to take a few deep breaths to try and calm myself but it wasn't working. Somehow the scent was both sickening and pleasing to me at the same time. If my heart could beat then I was sure it would be racing a mile a minute right now. I needed to try and get away from this area for a few moments to try and calm myself down. Taking several steps back I soon found myself bumping into Gyvien. She seemed very displeased over this and with a shove said to me "Watch where the hell your going Rudy!" By this point I was pretty much fed up with her attitude and how she treated me. With a cold glare I considering making her keep quite for a change. It fact it would be doing the group a favor with her big mouth out of the way. I didn't care if she had some vamp blood in her. The human blood she did have would be more than enough for me.

It was at that point that all hell broke loose.

The next few moments seemed to go by so fast that I couldn't remember what happened. The next thing I knew she was on the ground with her hand to her neck while I was being dragged off by Wynder and Yuar. I put up a struggle to get away from them before Yuar convinced me to calm down with a swift kick to the ribs. That seemed to bring me back to my senses. Feeling a bit dazed and confused I couldn't remember what I was thinking a few moments ago but then it suddenly came back to me. I was speechless as I remembered the violent thoughts that had taken over for a moment. How could I do such a thing? The answer was simple. For a brief moment I lost control and Rudy Summers ceased to exist. In his place was the demon he really was. As Gyvien pulled her hand away I saw a tiny bit of blood on her neck. For a second I was worried. Had I tasted blood? Upon a closer look I saw it was just a small cut and not a puncture wound. As for myself I didn't feel any of my power coming back to me. It was a good sign that I failed in my attempt but the damage was done. As Wynder and Yuar let go of me Gyvien just looked on with a look of anger that I had never seen the likes of before. I was unprepared for the words which came next. "Do I look like some weak human?! Someone you can just PICK OFF?! Go find your stupid mate Myra! Go rescue her! Rush to her aid like some sick dog! On the way just TRY to kill your sister too! Just kick me in the shadows and rush to her aid because it's obvious blood isn't thicker than water!" Her outburst was much more painful than a cut from any dagger. I felt the tears coming as I dropped to my knees. I didn't care who saw me. It was just too much at the moment. I had my own outburst as well. However this was also directed at myself as I started to hope I could patch things up with her.

"My god! What the hell did I almost do?!"

Get ready for some real fireworks in a moment once Kalah makes her next Gyvien post.

26th March 2003, 03:06 PM
YAY!!! ^^ This is gonna be fun.


I stood there… staring at… at him. His name was Rudy Summers, a vampire from birth by a father whom had abandoned his daughter or never returned to find her. His mother was different from that daughter as well.

But that didn’t matter, that daughter… that daughter…

She’s you…
She’s dead.

I stared there, my deep, pained and wild-fire like icy blue eyes glaring at him with any gaze to match either counterpart of human or vampire. My hair was wild… he had flung himself upon me, his teeth at my neck- just enough to draw just a strand of blood but that was from a cut- he had tasted none of it. It angered me beyond belief…. Here I had trusted him, and he destroyed it instantly-shattering the glass. I shouted at him- angry words of hate and dispute… how dare he do this! TO ME?!

He didn’t mean it…
He doesn’t care.

I just stood there, motionless as Yuar Oro turned his wavering, startling-green eyed gaze back and forth between the two of us. The hunter did the same, but Yuar looked more in tune since he had time to meet the both of us. I ignored him… I did not want to look at his gaze. Rudy was an idiot… upon the ground, mumbling words about ‘what did he do’ … but … that… that…
He didn’t mean it…
He didn’t try to stop.

My arms began to shake, as I swallowed hard, gazing at that pitiful figure who was supposed to be my brother.
He is your brother… he still loves you..
He is NOT your brother. He doesn’t care… he loves the other vampire more than family.

I suddenly turned away, clenching my fists… wondering what to do, as the wind played with my black, sable skirt and then at my crimson tank. It was a cold wind… but I did not feel it. My own skin was beginning to feel pale…

You are human… human! You can understand him, he may be a vampire but he is your brother! You must forgive- you have the human blood in you which makes you smell good… that blood which intermixes with vampire blood. He didn’t mean to do it… forgive him, you must stay with your family.
You are Vampire. You have the blood of a vampire with you, and the human blood will only make you weak like when you were little. Remember when you were little? Do you want to feel that pain again? Don’t feel it again. Forget him, he isn’t your brother. Brothers do not try to kill their own kyn.

Then the rain came pouring down… it came down harsh, cold and gently. It was a minor rain… as it splashed against my hair. The moon’s viberant glow could still be seen through the faint clouds, but some how still the rain came pouring down. It washed against my shoulders… as I quickly turned my fierce gaze back to Rudy and the others. Silence.
He feels bad…
He is pretending
Remember what you can have…
Remember your Past!!!

I then suddenly fell to my knees, clutching my sides as I felt a pain rising up from with in me… it felt as if my blood was boiling hot, as if my head were about to burst… it was undescribable and it hurt. It felt worse than any pain that could come from a wound or mental anguish… it came from deep inside… it hurt like a thousand burning wiccan knives…

“Run Gyvien! RUN!” Yuar thrusted one of his attackers off of his shoulder, but the creature dug its claws into his flesh and blood spattered through the air. He grimaced, but showed no true pain. His wild eyes seemed to pierce the night air like a knife as he gazed to Gyvien once again. She was so small and she stood there… shivering… so frightened… she couldn’t move. She didn’t want to leave Yuar… “GO!”
Suddenly a creature leapt from behind Gyvien, and instantly a dagger was at Gyvien’s throat. She let a squeal barely escape her lips, as she quivered… feeling alone and frightened all of a sudden. The creature breathed into her hair… as a sniveling giggle escaped this creature’s mouth. Yuar’s eyes burned with rage as he suddenly leapt into the air with amazing grace and sudden power from out of the circle of 5 attackers. He then landed alongside Gyvien and her kidnapper, and with lightening movements he sent a swift kick to the hand of the knife. It fell from the creature’s grip… and with a swift punch to match, the creature released his grip and fell to the ground with a squeal. Gyvien ran to Yuar and hugged him tightly, but Yuar pulled away.
“Go Gyvien! They’ll only kill both of us… if you go, I can escape as well- but I will not leave until you are safe. Here…” He took from with in his pocket a small, yet sizable dagger made of silver. The handle itself was made from a deep black jewel, and incrusted within this black jewel handle were two red, crimson-red jewels in the shape of a moon and star. But upon the blade itself, was a wolven creature embroidered.
“Take this dagger… keep it safe. You remember what I’ve told you about it. So take it, keep it with you and you will survive.”

He then motioned her off… and Gyvien ran… As she ran, suddenly a cry came through the air and she looked back just in time to see all six of their attackers turn on Yuar and blood again go ripping through the air as one of them slashed him across the back with a sword and then go for his abdomin…

Gyvien turned away, tears streaming down her face… but then suddenly another hand seized her from the shadows. Letting loose a small squeak, it was stifled as the hand covered her mouth. It was strong and it clutched her more tightly than a dragon to his hoard of jewels. Her eyes were wide with fright, as she then gazed up at those evil eyes… which seemed to smile.
“Hello Gyvien… I’ve been waiting for you to come.”


Gyvien let loose a small yell, as she thrusted herself forward at the memory, and the pain still ebbed her in the abdomin. She had her hands flat against the cement, and she heard footsteps coming towards her- but then one of them stopped as the other went forward. Gyvien slowly got to her feet, though rain dotted her cheeks she did not cry.
Remember your past…

She whirled around to see Rudy. His eyes were filled with concern..
All lies.
“Gyvien… I… I am… so..so sor-“

Suddenly the pain vanished from Gyvien’s body as her eyes burned with rage at the memories. She swallowed hard as quick as lightening she reached for a dagger that was fasened underneath her skirt and whiped it out and shined it in Rudy’s face. Two ruby jewels gleamed in the light…

“Get the f*** away from me! I never want to see your pathetic face EVER again! GET IT?! NEVER!! “ Gyvien took a violet step back as she waved the dagger in the air.
“I’ll slash you Rudy, I’ll slash you if you take one more step towards me.”

He took a step towards her, and Gyvien’s instincts kicked in. A gleam of light echoed through the air with a shimmer and soon a smooth, light red line was slashed across Rudy’s collar bone up towards his shoulder line. It wasn’t that long, wasn’t that deep at all… but it left a red line and the clothing was neatly cut- showing expertise in the mark. It was a warning.
Rudy was stunned… and Gyvien wasn’t finished. She was shaking so violently now, the pain was gone… but the words were clear..
“ This was all just a big f***’* mistake! You are NOT my brother!!! I HAVE NO FAMILY! Just leave me the **** alone and go after your little *****!!”

With out warning, Gyvien suddenly turned and ran after giving Rudy a long stare down with her fierce blue-eyed gaze.. and she ran, ran faster than she ever did at any night or any hunt. The rain pattered against her body as she ran… but she disappeared before Rudy could even try to answer. She was going to be gone… and she didn’t plan on ever coming back.


Silence seemed to be the thing that was most evident upon this night. I noticed it as soon as we left with Gav, Koger, Rudy and Gyvien. I was a bit worried about Lyvien and Farwell going by themselves to find Roland… it pained me to see two people who were going through a night they themselves would not understand, unprotected. Besides, with the moon in full view… what if Farwell couldn’t control himself and went at- No, the priest was a holy being even if he was a vampire. He would have to control himself… or I hoped that his god would protect both of them. If their god really did exist.

The air however was silent, but it was still thick and tense as if it were filled with many sounds. I had drank blood… and as Vylianne had told me, I was changing. I felt stronger…swifter, my whole body felt as if it were given a boost. Vylianne was wrong on one of her predictions… her clue to lead that I wouldn’t be able to control myself. That… that was untrue. I would never allow myself to fall apart in a time of need. These beings… vampires, mutant and human alike would need my help. Even though I don’t know how I can… but I had to try.
As I walked ahead of most everyone, I did sense blood in the air. It had faintly tingled my nose ever since we exited… and I knew that vampires were on the loose and probably on a rampage- both drinkers and nondrinkers a like. We had to be on the look out constantly… or else fall prey to some rogue, psychotic vampire who had lost himself in the madness of the night. Silently, I sensed blood even thicker in the air… and the smell was filling my senses. I stopped suddenly, and Rudy along with Koger walked before me. Gyvien kept walking… staring at the ground as she walked, but Gav stopped.
“What is it?”
I sighed, and gazed ahead.
I continued to walk again until finally we came to the scene I had sensed before hand. Blood was everywhere… it was a scene that could have been described as a massacre. Bodies, deformed and bloodied were upon the ground… the smell stank of ripped and torn flesh, as a few faces were so unrecognizable that only their horrified eyes could be seen with the white gleaming in the moonlight. My body tensed… for I felt the need to suddenly be extremely aware of everything and everyone. An eerie wind blew against my hair… as it rippled the auburn color to gleam in the light, I withdrew another breath and suddenly my eyes sharpened.
It was Myra’s blood.
Had she been hurt? Was she injured? Surely Lantis… he wouldn’t have captured her only to kill her would he? No… I knew Lantis better than anyone else, and he wouldn’t kill her. Not until he used her for whatever purpose she served… which I was sure was either to get to me or some one else in this group. Some how though… I had this haunting suspicion that the person Lantis was after, wasn’t anyone I was suspecting. I thought it would be Rudy or I… but what if some one else was really who he was after? How could I save them?
Why do I always have to try to save everyone… years ago I wouldn’t have been this way.
Or maybe I still would…

Then I jerked around to hear a moment of struggle, and with in a lightening’s instinct, I whirled around to see …. Rudy, attacking Gyvien?
The mere sight of it shocked me to pieces… Rudy, of all people who I thought could handle his vampire tendencies, was attacking his own sister. The mere shock of his outburst had sent her to the ground, and I saw as her hand was reaching for a place which probably held a weapon. But her hand was pushing Rudy away… as he was drawing to her neck.

I reacted like a cat about to pounce. In an instant I seized Rudy by the back of his neck and withdrew his head upwards. He fought it… and Gav got in the middle and managed to release Rudy’s hand grasps. I pulled Rudy harshly upward as if he were a puppet, as he fought against me. I quickly took my other hand and grabbed his other arm and whirled his front side to face me. He made a motion to lash at me, but swiftly I brought forth my foot and leg and kicked him harshly in the gut to slam him to the ground.
He seemed daze, but his senses suddenly seemed to return to him. He sat there, and then gazed up at Gyvien with horrified eyes. Gyvien was swearing her head off… obviously shaken and extremely angry. Rudy started to echo with his voice about what he did…. What did he do…
I looked away painfully, shutting my eyes for a breif moment as I rested my hands with in the pockets of my black jacket.
Gyvien… she’s been a light fiester, more hasty. The moon is affecting her as well… this night is. Dampiels… they are part vampire and part human. Obviously her vampire side is trying to come out… and it is working…

Then a yell of pain came to my ears, and I whirled around to see Gyvien fall to her knees. She clutched her sides as if in pain, and slowly clouds seemed to roll in and a pitter-patter of rain came. I began to run to her side as she sat there… clutching herself tightly and then she suddenly sprawled forward, placing her hands on the wet ground. Rudy ran to her as well… but I stopped in my mid run. Let her brother go to her, I had no place in comforting his family.

She slowly got up, and then whirled around. The defiance in her eyes which shinned bright seemed to glow as she glared a deathly glance at her brother.
She’s… she’s being torn apart. I thought, suddenly an expression of pain and worry coming to me. What does happen to a Dampiel, if they cannot decide if they are vampire or human? If this night makes them decide… and they cannot, what would happen to them?
I can tell just by looking at her… she’s thinking of two different sides. Her soul… her mind… it can’t decide which way to go. She’s being torn apart.

She screamed then, literally blasted Rudy’s ears off as she shouted words far angrier than anything I’ve ever heard. No jeering remark, no joke, no actions could have wounded some one more deeply than Gyvien’s words…
I had to handle it to her. Not only could she be deathly with her weapons, her words were even far superior for inflicting pain… she had a talent for it. I only could wonder where after we were split apart she picked it up from…

I watched silently with Koger and Gav, as she finally ran off into the night. She disappeared, and Rudy stood there, unmoving. The rain continued to fall…

And some how I knew deep inside, this night had only begun.

(Okay, Gyvien’s run off and I don’t want anyone chasing her. Koger or Gav could start heading after her- assuming that the whole group would, but Yuar would stop them. He would say that they can’t go after her when she is in this state… they need to give her some time- but not too much. Yuar will stay with Rudy, until Rudy leaves yet another cliff hanger. ^^ Oh and Asi… I believe Myra needs to meet someone. Lol.)

Master Rudy
26th March 2003, 10:20 PM
Well both Kalah and Asi should have the general idea of what to expect. As for the rest of you your gonna be tourtured by not knowing!

Rudy Summers
7:10 PM
The rain was stinging at my skin as I just looked down at the ground feeling unsure of what to do. I still couldn't believe what had just happened. I had almost killed Gyvien. I had WANTED to kill her. I had come dangerously close to drinking the blood of my own sister. That situation was now making me remember things I didn't like thinking about. It was a past that was long gone for me. I thought it was finally gone but this night was bringing a darker side of myself back to the surface. There were times in the past where I was provoked for one reason or another. These situations usually didn't end well. Thinking back for a moment I now knew it was just pure luck that I hadn't tasted blood yet. I just shook my head and feel digusted with myself. For one brief moment it was as if I had no clue who she was. All I knew was that she had human blood.

Do all vampires have the potential to get that dangerous?
Can just the mere thought of blood be enough to drive one crazy if their desire for it is bad enough?
Is this what I truely am? Nothing more than a demon looking to enjoy a meal as he watches the humans he is attacking suffer?

After that horrible incident I had many questions on my mind and was second guessing myself. Was I really as peaceful and calm as I thought I was? Or was I just looking for a time and place to snap and turn on humans? Now I was starting to really worry. If I could do that to Gyvien then what right did I have staying with the rest of the group? Yuar wouldn't have to worry since he was also a vampire. Koger was also safe from me. Some vampires did drink the blood of mutants and other vampires. However it was the blood of humans that we craved. The blood that could easily be provided by Gyvien, Wynder and Liven once she rejoined us.

My mind was made up now. I was a danger to the three of them and I need to get far away bcause the last thing I wanted to do was to hurt my friends and family. Without a single word I started to walk away from the group but was quickly stopped by Yuar. Before he could say a single word I told him "She's right you know. I'm not her brother. No brother would ever do that to his own sister." Shaking his head he said "Don't be hard on yourself Rudy. It was beyond your control. You had no idea what you were doing." Feeling my anger rising I snapped at him "Well it's a poor f****** excuse!" No one was expecting that kind of language from me. Even I knew it was uncalled for. I knew that if I didn't calm down that I might snap again. After taking a moment to cool off I said "My father's final wish was for me to protect her in any way that I could. But tell me one thing Yuar. How the hell can I protect her when I'm the one she needs to be protected from?"

Feeling fed up and not wanting to say another word I stepped around Yuar and tried to walk away. Within moments he shouted at me "So that's it? Your just going to walk away and forget you found her? Live the rest of your life and forget about the fact that for one brief moment you found her?" Stopping in my tracks I just didn't say a word. It was a tense situation to say the least. Finally without turning around I told him "I'm not walking away. Hell I even saved her life once last night. The problem is that for the rest of tonight I'm a danger to her. Once this is all over I'm pretty sure we can patch this up but it's gonna take time. Despite what she said I know that deep down Gyvien knows that I would not intentionally try to hurt her." Looking up at the moon I said to Yuar "Just do me one favor." As I turned around I smiled and told him "Even if it means the death of me I'm gonna make sure that your sister gets through this night in one piece. Make sure that Gyvien also stays alive."

With those words I turned away from the group to start the search for Myra and to hopefully be able to bring a quick end to Lantis. I tried to put on a cheerful face as I left but somehow I had a feeling that they knew something was bothering me. If they knew what I had done four years ago they would lose all trust in me. Worse yet Gyvien would want nothing to do with me ever again. However there was one person that I knew I could talk to.


She was truthful with me back at the inn and I didn't pass judgement on something she did long ago. If anyone would understand it would be her. Once I was sure she was safe my first order of business would be to talk to her about my past. It was time for me to come clean. My only problem now was finding her. The rain had stopped which was a good thing. Any more of it would have washed away any blood left behind. It was faint and not easy to pick up but I could still smell some of it in the air.

I only could hope she wasn't seriously hurt or in trouble......

EDIT-Well I just added on to my post and changed some of it around. This all ties in with something I've planned. I'm sure by now your all dying to know just what it is that Rudy did. Just sit back for now. It'll all going to come out within another post or two ^_~

27th March 2003, 01:06 AM
The dumpster reeked of rotting waste, the toxic fumes seemingly ripping off my nose. I felt the smoldering trash squish as I squrimed around. The piles of banana peels, papers, apple cores, used tissue papers...all sitting in this metal container. The odor, overwhelming. The saltyness of the rotting, decomposing items was enveloping my senses. The rancidness of my surroundings began to fade, however, as the hours past. The filth became less noticable, as I began to adapt and get used to it. I soon forgot that I was sitting in a dumpster. I watched though the cracks as the sun soared though the sky, and slowing falling away over the horizon in a bright medley of colors.

As it set, I relaxed. My wait was finally over. The sun would not plague me with painful burns from its hot rays. But I admired its beauty, something I never had the time for...or even realized was there. When it set, it showered the world with a beautiful array of color, sending a warm feeling, a good feeling, though my body...and possibly everyone else who was staring at the sunset too. Its harmful rays...could bring...happiness...and warm feelings into the world.

Finally the sun fully sank down and the colors vanished, with total darkness taking its place. I looked to the other side...the other horizon, and watched as the moon began to take its rise. The rays of the moon shined brightly, spraying its eerie silver light over the land. Slowly...I felt as if I was growing. My body...the muscles began to...bulge? It felt like they were going to pop my skin! My senses...began to expand...the rancid smells of the decomposing waste began to hit me with a bang, making me whince. My eyes...I could see...miles away...far far away... But it all wasn't a big increase...but it was a noticable one.

Then, my mind felt like it was slowly being torn apart. I felt to personalities rise to the surface...or maybe my one personality split. I felt a terrible pain in my stomach...like it was going in knots. Adrenaline rushed though my veins...for an unknown cause. Then, I heard a voice call to me...reminding me of what I wanted to do...

Go...kill...kill Roland...and all who stand in your way...

"Yes...yes I will...I must kill the abmination..."

Then I snapped back into reality...did I really want to kill. Kill this...beast. I wanted too...but was it for the right reason? I knew I wanted to destroy him, rid him from the world...but I felt different now...I felt like the need was stronger...much stronger... But I felt that I didn't need to kill him... My mind spun as these revelations went though my head. What is happening to me? My mind felt exausted, pulled this way and that. I had to destroy Roland, I had brought him, this evil heartless beast into existance...but if I killed him...what cost would I be willing to pay?


No...not everything...

Myself...and all others...

I will give myself, but the others will not be apart of this...

Everything will be sacrificed...

I will save all...

I was horrified with myself...I could not stand it! The two personalities raged within me, clashing at every moment, wanting different things, having different needs...all in the same person. One side had to win...but it seemed like that was not a choice...both sides seemed like they wouldn't fade, not at all. I lashed out at the dumpster wall in rage, ripping away the metal wall into many little pieces. I glanced in horror, but I wasn't done, I vented my pain, my anger, my rage into the metal container, denting in so many places, it didn't look like a dumpster anymore. But then, I felt better, the anger and rage subsided...but only into a little corner. I still felt it, egging me on, wanting me to rip everything...and everyone...into shreds. But it was satisfied...for now.

I sat in there, pondering. What had happened? In a flash, I went from a warm feeling, watching the beautiful picture of colors that the sun painted...to hatred, pain, suffering, and darkness. I noticed that I wasn't the only one in the shadows...night had fallen in the town. Strange coincidences...

Then, a loud hum was heard, and the dumpster rattled. I felt the dumpster being raised into the air, as the hum got louder and louder. The green container tilted over, spilling out all that was inside...including me. I fell into the gigantic pile of waste, the decomposing material like water in a pool. In an instant, the darker side of me tore out and the rest was a blur. I bursted out of the dump truck, blowing away the metal walls, the waste spilling, filling the whole alley. I ripped open the doors and held the man in the air. I bared my fangs, and lowered his neck to them and...

What just happened? Oh my god...what could I have just done. I had let my rage get to me. I let go of the man and stared at him, scared...scared of myself...scared of what I could do. The man just looked at me...with a mix of fright and confusion, rubbing his bite-free neck. I backsteped away, into the night.

27th March 2003, 11:17 PM
Gyvien - F - Dampiel

I ran... ran fast down the dark alleyways. Who needed them anyway? Who needed them!!!

Run away... kill.

The rain had stopped, and I was in a long dark alleyway that seemed to go on forever. What did I think? Kill? Did I really want to kill... kill whom?
Humans. Kill t hem.

I stopped, my hair wet and drapping over my bare shoulders, as I stopped and gazed at the ground. My reflection was shown in a pool... as I stared, thinking..
I felt hate, anger... man, I wanted to hurt others more then anything right now. Rudy... I wanted to slash his face back there and put a gun to his head- but... I didn't. But... were these thoughts really mine? Rudy.. wasn't he..
You have no brother.

"SHUT UP!" I shouted suddenly, clutching my head... these thoughts were not mine! Why... I always have been exposed to blood in my life, always exposed to death and pain... but... but... I did not want to kill those that didn't deserve it and-
He does deserve it..

I suddenly lashed out, my fist clench and aimed at anything- which happened to be a cement wall. My flesh struck against the wall hard... and soon blood was smeared against the wall as I recoiled my hand in pain. I then collapsed again upon the ground, sinking to my knees as I shook all over.
"f***!" I simply said... and then another voice arose..

"With t hat language... you could be fined."

the voice was smooth and silky, yet some how... it didn't comfort me. Jerking my head up, my hair rippling with this affect... my icy blue eyes gazed about... until a shadowy figure revealed itself.

She stood tall... thin, and she looked very ... well, revealing. She wore a bikini-like orange top, with tight shorts to compliment her strong figure. Her hair was pulled back, as she raised an eyebrow gazing at me with her hands crossed across her chest. She looked at me with an expectant gaze... and I quickly jerked my body up, sensing an aura of....


"Who the h*** are you?" I growled, suddenly feeling my anger bubble to teh surface... but that voice did not rise.

" THe name is Vylianne... and I already know who you are. Your Gyvien, Rudy's long lost... sister."

With that note on 'sister', I gritted my teeth and narrowed my eyes.
"I have no brother and he has no sister."

She shrugged..
"Whatever way you want to put it. Facts are facts my dear, and you are related whether you want to believe it or not."

"Who are you to talk! Just... get out of my way and leave me the f*** alone!"

I suddenly shouted, glaring with my defiant eyes as I hastily walked by her... purposefully brushing my shoulder against hers, hard. But she didn't move.. she actually didn't even budge. THat ticked me off... I wanted to get my dagger and cut her head off and maybe that would satasfy me enough for tonight. B****.

" I've simply come to help you... despite your blood being tainted by that of a pitiful, stupid, **** of a human that your pathetic father did."

I froze.
"What the h*** did you just say?" I whirled around with a sharp gaze, but my eyes were more bewildered. How... how did she... why did- she was confusing me. How did she know so much about me? I... I didn't even know my mother or father that well... I didn't even know if my mother was still alive.
Nor do you care.
I cringed... that voice...

" You heard me loud and clear. But I'm not here to give you a history lesson... I'm here to give you some advice, as much as I'd regret it."

I narrowed my eyes.. the way she cooly talked, the way she carried herself... like she was 'all high and mighty'. It made me sick.
" You'll do as i say or I'll smack that grin off your face! ANSWER ME!" I yelled, suddenly reaching for my dagger and waving it about with a gleam in the air. She didn't move, she only let her smile crack a little wider.
"You couldn't hurt me if you tried... you dampiel"
I froze again... she was pissing me off, but some how... I got this aura, this air as if... she was right. I would have loved to kill her then... by the way she said dampiel... but... some thing whispered to me not to challenge her authority.

"Then say the h*** what you came to say so I can move on with my life and not see your slutty face again." I spat.

She laughed and shook her head. Leaning against a wall, she gazed at me with a curious look...
" I'm not telling you everything, that would be too easy. I never tell anything... I never do anything for anyone unless they've got cash or some thing in it for me. BUT, I will offer you, or rather tell you some advice freely- since your connected with Rudy, your 'not-really' brother." She laughed at that, as I clenched my fists but held my ground.

"Just say it."
" Your fighting it... I can tell it the way you talk, walk and act. Your fighting your vampire side and your human side. It's driving you crazy and you can't stop it... or you don't know how."

Don't listen to her... she's just trying to get to you.
Give her a chance..
She's lying.
She knows who you are..

I suddenly fell to my knees again, that burning sensation... the undescribable pain rising all through my body came back. I clutched my sides and let out a scream... closing my eyes..
"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" I cried, shaking all over as the pain felt like my flesh was burning alive... from the inside...
Don't be a human... you'll be weak.
Accept who you are..

" See, you are fighting it. Those voices... one human, one vampiric. So Gyvien, what is it?"

I continued to listen... some thing about her words were intriguing.. like how did she know me? My-... How did she know Rudy?
Remember your past..
Think of the future!
I gave another yell of agony.

"Are you a vampire... or a human? You must make a choice... Be the creature you vowed to rebel against and become strong.. or, be the creature you've despised and become the thing you've vowed to never be... weak."
The chains of your past will always bind you...
You can break them..

"I-I... I don't want to be a vampire! I don't want to be a human! I don't want to be EITHER! Just... make both of them go away!"
I cried out..

But Vylianne's last words were not comforting. They sounded ill.
"It's your choice... but make it soon or you will be torn apart by the two sides destined to never live in balance."

I shook... as the pain went away...
You are not in the past.

I got up shakily, gazing at Vylianne's smug look with glistening eyes, though I did not cry. I shook... but the pain went away.
You are not a vampire.

"See? See how they struggle for power? So what is your choice Gyvien?"

"I won't be either... I will just remain a dampiel... it is who I AM!"

Vylianne shook her head, sighing as she stood straight up.
" It doesn't work that way. With your past.. and Summers blood in you, it won't work. It can't."
I growled..
"I refuse to be either human or vampire."
She shrugged as she began to walk away.

"Have it your way. But I ask you this: even if it causes you to die, eating away at your little by little in their struggle for power... if it causes you to die, will you not make a choice?"

If I were ever a vampire... I'd have to drink blood, and I would never do that- ever. Vampires were everything I hunted for, lived against... VAmpires, I was betrayed by all of them... all of them except one, but he was a rarity in the world. Far better then all of them... but he was a rarity. I couldn't be one of those.
Humans. They were weak... utterly stupid and foolish, hasty to reason with and... and just greed fools. I would never be them either... EVER. Vampires hurt me... betrayed me... they were forever apart of my past and future, and not once did any of those cold-hearted b****** show me any mercy. Humans... they always jeered me, tried to kill me too at times, even when t hey didn't know me.
I would rather die...

"I will not be either one of them fully. I will remain a dampiel, a half breed."

Silence ensued.. as the moon suddenly broke through a cloud and the radiant rays shinned upon my form, as Vylianne's piercing eyes gazed at me.

Vylianne gazed back at me, her eyes unreadible..
" Then Gyvien, you are dying."

Then Vylianne simply vanished in the shadows.

(I'll post with YUar later sometime... but Asi, if you want to run into Gyvien now before the other plans go down, you can run into her in this alley. Gyvien has her human side dominant... but that can easily change.)

28th March 2003, 11:12 PM
Well... since I am bored and no one is there for me to really talk too...

Yuar Oro - M - Vampire

Yuar stood there, gazing as Rudy walked off. Sighing, Yuar gazed up at the sky again.
"We shouldn't be splitting up... there are far too many dangers out there to be splitting up so many times."

Yuar was a bit torn though... he wished Rudy and Gyvien could control themselves better, keep their temperments so they could just hurry up and find Myra. If she was with Lantis... who knew what he would do to her. He wouldn't kill her... but... Myra was his sister, Yuar just found his sister that he's been watching for so manyyears... and now, now Lantis, the one who betrayed Yuar and framed him. Now he had Yuar's sister. In his dirty, filthy paws...

"I should have killed him long ago..." Yuar softly whispered, gazing towards Koger and Wynder who looked a little lost. Koger though still had that strange air about him. Yuar was unsettled ever since he met the mutant... it reminded him of some one who he couldn't quite put his finger on.
" Well, as much as I hate to say this... I think we've split up."
Wynder nodded..
"It's amazing how things just blow up."

Yuar sighed again, running his hand t hrough his hair and he shook his head.
"Well, Rudy is going to go after Myra... if Rudy isn't going after his own sister, then I guess I will. Some one has to look after her if what's left of her family won't..."

Yuar then took a few steps past the duo, and then stopped.
"I guess it's up to you two who you follow. I suggest you go after Rudy, he's more vulnerable on this night then I am."

Yuar then ran off after Gyvien... in the direction she had been heading in a hurry.


Yuar had tracked Gyvien through many alleyways, but he knew she had to be far ahead. Yuar also knew that Gyvien would need her space... but he was worried.
Two sides... He thought, and then sighed as he kept walked in the dark. His mind was swirling with so many thoughts... he had wanted everyone to stay together. That was the only way he could keep them all in check... make sure they were all right. Now he had to find Gyvien and then quickly bring her back to Rudy, who hopefuly by then wouldn't have himself killed and would just find Myra.
"For once in your life Rudy... fight your way out of this." Yuar thought, as he kept walking...
Rudy was a strange Vampire, Yuar had made that observation eversince the encounter in the bar. Yuar knew that, or had analyzed that Rudy was a rarity. He looked for peace and didn't like to fight, which was honorable and very dutiful in itself. Yuar also was well away that Rudy was young... and that he was a bit niave in his ways. Some times peace isn't a solution... and RUdy, he had to learn that there isn't just two sides: peace and war. There is a happy medium..
Maybe some day they'll learn that you can be in between..
Yuar thought, thinking of how Gyvien and Rudy seemed to be at t he oppisite side of the spectrum.

"Thinking again, so deeply?"
A cool voice entered the air, and Yuar instantly had his dagger in his hand at the mere sound.
"Vylianne... I was hoping you'd leave this city."
Yuar growled, as he suddenly whirled around to the touch of a soft hand upon his shoulder. Jerking away harshly, Yuar placed the dagger between himself and Vylianne.
" Is that a way to greet a lady?" Vylianne said, batting an eye and smiling coyly.
"Trust me... you're no lady." Yuar said back, his voice deadly serious and down-to-earth.

Vylianne rolled her eyes, as she stopped making advances towards Yuar, and she flashed her empty hands to him. Her whole gait in her walk was slinky... relaxed and rather revealing, as if she were a peacock flashing her colorful feathers.
" I have no weapons Yuar... so you can put that dagger away."
"You are a weapon Vylianne, I'm not as niave as you may think."
Yuar responded, as he kept his dagger tightly clenched in his hand, but lowered it in a less defensive manner. Vylianne nodded,
Yuar kept walking... and didn't hear Vylianne's footsteps follow.

What was she up too? SHe obviously had some thing to say- she only revealed herself when she did.
"Say it Vylianne, i know you will eventually anyway." Yuar spoke, stopping and turning his head to make a sideways glance at her. She gave another smile..
" Doon't worry about Gyvien, Yuar, I just spoke with her. She's quite alright... although one vampire is approaching her may cause a problem."
Yuar was caught off guard by that remark, and he whirled around in a furry.
"You better have not touched her!!" He growled, and Vylianne laughed.
" Never did Yuar, don't be so defensive!"
"Just tell me what you came here to say and leave."
Vylianne s ighed..
"If your going to be so rude, then so be it. I just wanted to warn you... Gyvien isn't going to make it."
"Gyvien... Yuar, your little pet is dying."

Yuar lost his temper for the first time that night. Angrily he thrusted himself towards Vylianne's delicate figure, and made a swiping motion with his dagger- but it foudn nothing but air. Vylianne gracefully leapt above Yuar and landed behind him, and instantly she grasped Yuar's abdomin with her arms, and clutched him tightly, burrying her face into his strong, muscular shoulder which was felt through his jacket. Yuar froze... that touch...

" Her human side and vampire side are fighting, and she refuses to give in to either one of them. They'll tear her apart Yuar... she'll die."

Vylianne then released her grip, and took a few swift steps back as she gazed at Yuar.
" You can't protect them all... it's impossible."

Yuar knew Vylianne knew him well... and she knew he wanted to protect them all, especially at this dire time of need.
" I will try." he stated blankly, as Vylianne shook her head- her hair rippling back and forth.
" You will fail."
"Then I will die before that." Yuar growled back... feeling a little aggitated, but knowing... that... she did.. speak in some truth. She always had a way of saying things that were true, but you didn't want to hear.
" Why? They do not trust your wisdom now... along with respect your skill. Why save those who do not care about you and ho are doomed to die?"
To this, Yuar answered swiftly with his heart... for this first time, his heart.
" Because I still have guilt... and I must protect. Since I was born, I had to protect. I will not lose them before I lose myself."

Vylianne opened her mouth.. "But-"
"I WILL NOT LOSE THEM!" Yuar suddenly shouted with such a force of outrage, that even Vylianne was taken aback. He never had acted this way before... with such... passion...

Yuar didn't give her a time to react however, instead he tightly gripped his dagger and ran down the path he had sensed Gyvien had gone... his coat rippling with his swift movement as he dashed forward into the night. Vylianne watched him go... and for a moment,... a single tear strolling down her cheek as she watched him fade. Her eyes watered, but she quickly blinked fiercefully. Inhaling a breath, she sharply wiped it away and gracefully leaped into the air and vanished.

(Yuar will not be joining Myra/Gyvien duo until that guest arrives.. .heh, but I'll post that.)

29th March 2003, 02:41 AM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City (The Alleys)
*thump* *thump* *thump*

As I stumbled down the street I soon wondered if Lantis had indeed forgotten about me. Maybe he didnt care what happened to me, maybe he felt that I wasnt needed and that hed leave me alone. Though I knew that it probably wasnt true, still I hoped.
The hunger had not gone away. I still wanted nothing more than to sink my fangs into the next human I saw, but I tried to keep my mind on moving forward. Always....forward.

Thump thump thump------POW!!!

Before I knew what happened the steady thump of my footsteps was interrupted and I was shoved to the side by something. A bit confused I took a few shakey steps back before what bumped into me registered. "G...Gyvien!!!" I exclaimed, my face lighting up. For the second surprising time since I met her I was actually happy to see her. I held the bullet wound in my shoulder and gave her a look that could almost be called kind. I was so happy to finally see a welcome face that, despite the fact we never got along I felt like hugging her. I took a few steps towards her but I soon found out that would be a mistake. Her dagger whipped out of its resting place and whizzed through the air towards my head. Either I was having extremely good luck, which was doubtful, or Gyviens anger caused her to be careless in her aim, but it went right past my head, slicing off a section of my hair. Shock couldnt describe what I was feeling. And then she started talking. "Get the bloody f***ing hell away from me you stupid vampire b*tch! Its not enough that your retarded dumb@$$ mate has a whole f***ing boatload of screws loose!!! Now you want to have a little blood too?!?! Ok!! HERE HAVE SOME!!!" And she swung another dagger at me, taking off some more of my hair. I started to get angry.

"And what the hell are you doing?! I knew you were hot tempered but I didnt know you were stupid as well!! I know we dont like each other but Im not your enemy! And I have bigger things to worry about than your petty dislike of your brother!"
I yelled at her, feeling my insides burn. I felt like just taking care of her for good and slaking my thirst for blood all at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. Shes wasting all that energy cursing and being rude when it would go to SUCH better use once I fed. And plus I wouldnt have to listen to her anymore.

She mustve figured out what I was thinking because she jabbed her fingers into the bullet hole in my shoulder. I yelled in pain and struggled to pull away from her as she grabbed me by the shirt and got in my face. "I know how to pay that little b@stard back....."
I know it seems to end abruptly but this is the point when someone steps in ^-~

Master Rudy
30th March 2003, 10:49 PM
Very long post up ahead. First off be warned of language that's coming up. As for why it's long I've got a situation to take care of and will finally cover some questions and loose ends some of you might have about Rudy ^_~

Rudy Summers
7:15 PM
Things would have been so much easier if I could get up onto the roofs. Even so it didn't seem like it would have made much difference anyway. The scent of Myra's blood was getting stronger so she had to be nearby. Pretty soon a painful scream filled the air followed by a voice I was not expecting at all. "I know how to pay that little bastard back."


It wasn't going to take a genius to figure out what kind of situation this was. The two of them did not get along at all and I knew that without someone to keep the peace that many of their verbal attacks on one another could have turned into a full blown out battle. Rounding a corner I saw Gyvien and Myra at the end of an ally with my sister pinning her against the wall while threating her with a dagger. Going for my katana I thought to myself She isn't no sister of mine. That b**** is going to wish she never.....

Hold on a moment! Why the f*** am I even considering that!?!

For a moment an image long forgotten came to mind. It was a time where rage took over. I wasn't going to let my anger get the best of me a second time. Without drawing a weapon I quietly made my way towards them. As I got closer I got to see how Myra was hurt. She seemed to be bleeding from her right shoulder but it the clothing seemed to have a hole in it rather than a slash. My guess was that she was shot by that group of dead hunters we had come across. At the moment Myra and Gyvien were too focused on one another to notice me. Just as I got within range Gyvien looked about ready to stab her right in the face. However before she could do anything to Myra I grabbed her by the wrist and stopped her. Not expecting this move she broke my grip and spun around quickly with her dagger ready to strike. Seeing the slash coming I managed to get out of the way before she took my head off. While I was sure that my reflexes were still good compared to a human it was clear that they were not what they normally were. The dagger still managed to graze my right cheek a bit as I tried to get away. It wasn't deep enough to cause serious damage but it still came close enough to draw blood.

Once Gyvien saw it was me she just stood there staring me down for a few moments. Finally without a word she came rushing at me. There was no way I'd draw a weapon on my own sister. If I did so and suddenly lost my mind like before there was no telling what I might do. Because of that I had to try and stop her while I was unarmed. However for a change it looked like luck was working with me. Gyvien was blinded by her rage and was using very sloppy attacks. After dodging several of them I saw my chance. Catching her wrist I bent it at an angle that would easily break it if I wanted to do so. Once she let go of her dagger I released her and then snatched it our of the air as it fell. Not sure what else to expect from her I quickly got into a defensive stance as I waited. However rather than go for any other weapons she just started yelling. "What the f*** are you waiting for?! If you want me dead then just go ahead and kill me already! I've got no family so at this point I don't see what else there is left to lose!" I wasn't sure how to react to that but I know for a fact I wouldn't kill her. Besides I had a feeling it was a bluff anyway. If Gyvien was ready to fight then there was no way of knowing just how out of control it would get. Dropping her dagger to the ground I kicked it towards her and decided to call her bluff with one of my own. Looking her right in the eyes I said in a calm voice "I don't have any reason to kill you Gyvien. On the other hand it would seem like you've got some unresolved issues so here's my suggestion. If you really think killing me will solve all of your problems then you go ahead and pick up that dagger. Just keep one thing in mind. You might think you have no one now but you kill me then you'll truely be alone."

Spreading my arms out I left myself wide open for any attack that might come. Gyvien just looked at me and then the dagger. As she picked it up I honestly started to wonder if she would really do this. Even so I wasn't going to back down. Suddenly without warning she fell to her knees and let out as yell as if she was being attacked. Just as quickly as it happened it was over. Looking at me she made an attempt to take me up on my offer but before she could strike it happened again. Suddenly it all became clear. Somehow this night was affecting her as well. Gyvien was a dampiel. A person with both human and vamp blood in her. I then remembered something Liven said. She told us her vampire side seemed to weaken. She was usually very calm while Gyvien on the other hand had much anger. Was the vampire side of Gyvien trying to fight her human side for control? After what seemed like forever she finally calmed down and took several deep breaths. She seemed slightly confused for a moment when she looked at me again. Kneeling next to her I said "I had no idea what was happening to you." She seemed unsure of what to say so I just continued and told her "Just try to keep a clear mind for now. I know what it's like." Gyvien obviously didn't know what I was talking about and said "How could you possibly know what this is like? We may be related but we're also different Rudy." With a sigh I said in a grim tone "Trust me when I say we're more alike than you think. I'll explain it to you in a moment."

Getting up I left Gyvien to try and calm herself a little more as I went over to Myra. Nearly breaking down she said "You have no idea how glad I am to see you." She seemed a bit shaken but overall was ok. I made an attempt to try and hug her but had forgotten about her wound for a moment. Backing away as Myra winched in pain I took one look at her shoulder and knew I was right. It was a bullet wound. While it wasn't too bad I knew that if the bullet was logged in there it would cause much more pain. I took a moment to sit her down up against the wall and said "I can help get rid of some of that pain Myra. But the problem is that until I'm done it's going to feel much worse. Do you trust me?" It was a silly question but I had a feeling she wouldn't exactly agree with the idea if I told her exactly what I would do. Without a word Myra just nodded. I took a moment rip a bit of the fabric of her clothing away from that area so I could see what I was doing a little better. As I reached for my dagger she suddenly got the idea where this was headed having seen me do the same thing to myself the other night. Even so Myra stayed calm and tried not to worry about it. I knew she wasn't looking forward to this but she wasn't going to hate it as much as me. While it would help her in the end I knew for a few moments this would hurt like hell. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Myra or my sister in any way. It broke my heart to hear her yell as I cut into her skin with my dagger. However it was done almost as soon as it had begun. While the new injury wasn't exactly going to feel good at least it wasn't going to be as painful as having a bullet stuck inside of you.

For the time being everyone was quiet as I cleaned off my dagger on my pants. Looking at me Myra said "I don't understand what's going on. I should have been able to dodge that shot." It was time to let Myra know what was happening. "I'm just going to be quick about this Myra. Something about tonight is affecting us. You and me have lost just about every power and advantage we have. To make matters worse the urge to feed is constant. Meanwhile bastards such as Lantis are getting a huge boost in power. In other words the weakened vampires are pretty much being killed off because they refuse to feed." Myra seemed to understand fully and I was sure it answered her questions about why she must have been feeling weak. For now however we were all just resting in that alley. As I looked at Myra I noticed for the first time that her hair seemed to be chopped. Overall it looked pretty bad. While I wasn't one to point things like that out to make people feel bad I did feel the need to help her with that. Drawing my dagger once more I asked for a second time "Do you trust me Myra?" With a slight chuckle she said "Provided it doesn't involve more bullets then the answer is yes." Leaning closer to her I gently got her to tilt her head foward. With a quick swipe I had cut away the uneven hair. The end result was a shorter hairstyle that came down to her shoulders instead of going past them a bit. Once Myra knew what I had done she asked seemingly a bit annoyed "So you didn't think I lost enough hair already?" I was going to explain why I did so when a voice suddenly let itself be known.

"Come on now my dear. I think you look better with the shorter hair."

I knew exactly who that voice belonged to. Jumping up I got in front of Myra and Gyvien as I came face to face with Lantis. Keeping my hand on the handle to my katana I was ready for whatever he had in mind. Laughing he seemed to ignore the fact I was ready to fight and said "I can see he cares about you greatly Myra. It's going to be a shame however. As much as I'd like to show up for the wedding I'm afraid it's going to be canceled by the funeral." Feeling another episode of anger coming on I shouted "Save it! I don't know what the f*** you want but if you'll looking to attack them then you'll have to get by me first." As with last time it seemed like all involved were surprised by my outburst. Lantis on the other hand just continued to push it. "It's been so long since I've seen a child with such anger. You remind me of myself Rudy." Getting even more annoyed I said "That's where your wrong! I'm nothing like you!" This only seemed to amuse him more. Turning away Lantis said "Well you might be right about that." Looking back toward me he suddenly brought up the one thing I feared the most and asked "But what about the Blue Devil?" As soon as he said that I knew I was screwed. There was now no way of trying to slowly explain things to Gyvien and Myra. Either I'd have to flat out tell them or let Lantis do it for me.

Looking back at them I saw that Myra was confused about this turn of events. As for Gyvien I was pretty sure she knew who he was. The look on her face seemed to be pleading with me and hoping that what she was thinking was not true. Sadly I wouldn't be able to provide that kind of comfort. Rather than try to sugarcoat it I just got straight to the point. "The vampire he is refering to is young but he's almost as vicious as the older ones. When he was 13 years old he took out a whole group of hunters on his own. He saw his father attacked and knocked out cold as another hunter forced him to watch. However at the time he believed they had killed him. Not being able to control himself he lashed out. There was only one survivor. The only reason why he got away is because once the boy knew his father was alive he saw what kind of trouble a hasty choice can lead to. That was the last time anyone saw him. However he's still alive. He resurfaced earlier tonight when he attacked his sister....." As much as I didn't want to finish I knew I had no choice. Taking a deep breath I said "That sister is named Gyvien." I didn't want to face them after that and turned away as I spoke "The taking of one innocent life is bad enough Myra. The loss and guilt of seven is worst. If you knew me when I was younger and had met my father you would think there was no way we could be related. He was always calm and in control. Not even the smallest bit of blood could get to him. However I was worse. The smell of blood could bring about violent action I didn't even know I was capable of. Watching those I cared about get hurt was also something to cause me to lose control. Following that incident I managed slowly bring myself under control. It's the reason why I try to favor peaceful solutions. However this night is only bringing back those instincts I've tried to live with along with those painful memories."

Once I was done talking I was about to face them again. However I stopped as Lantis laughed at me. Clearly he was not finished. "And to this day you don't have a single clue do you?" Facing him once more I was about ready to try to finish him for good. As much as I didn't like fighting I knew there would be no peaceful solution here. Someone was going to die. However I wanted to hear him out and see what kind of wild s*** he had to say now. In that calm tone that was starting to make me sick he said "Don't think for a moment that I haven't been watching you Rudy. Your starting to doubt things aren't you? Your wondering if what you have known your whole life has been nothing but a lie." Nearly snapping once more I said "Get to the f****** point! Your not the first to mention this so called truth and it's making me sick! Just get this s*** over with!" Lantis looked to be enjoying each moment but when he did he was quick and to the point. "All your life you've been led to believe your mother was a vampire her whole life. That's just simply not true my boy. She was a vampire hunter but the rest is false. She was born a human and got into the way of someone dangerous. She had no idea what she was getting into and paid for it with her life. However the vampire that killed her got careless and perhaps a bit cocky. Call it a big mistake if you will. He fed from this woman and left her for dead without knowing that he had turned her into a vampire by mistake. As much as she didn't trust him she let your father help her adjust. Soon she fell for him and then the rest is as they say history." I was pretty surprised by all of this to say the least but there was just one thing on my mind. Afraid of where this was headed I asked calmly "And just how the hell do you know all this?" Lantis just laughed as his calm tone turned to a much darker tone.

"Because she was the best meal I've had in years."

I'll bet many of you didn't see that ending coming!
Now that I've got this post over with I'm turning things over to Asi and Kalah. For now I don't want anyone else showing up. This is just between Myra, Rudy, Gyvien and Lantis ^_~

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This is gonna be in 3rd persona fer once... ^^ Heh, so then I can add metaphors.



Gyvien stood there, frozen. When she had sensed Lantis coming... the words which Rudy spoke seemed to get fuzzy. As he whispered to his... to Myra, she had sensed his presense. That voice... echoing in her mind, which was far worse then the vampiric or human sides which also nestled with in her..
I am coming..
She had begun to back up, ignoring Rudy and Myra s she stared horrified... seeing that shadowy figure upon the roof, standing there like a god. She had backed up so quickly her back suddenly slammed against the hard stone wall of the building behind her, and she gazed horrified upwards.
You remember. Good.

Gyvien cringed at the thoughts... until Lantis spoke, and Rudy whirled around. Gyvien was horrified... her hands began to shake, as she slowly slunk to the ground, her upper body pressed against her knees as she stared up at Lantis, not taking his eyes of him... but she didn't want to look at him, she had to.

She listened as Rudy and Lantis spoke... and she barely noticed the vulgar words which Rudy had spoken as well. She was in a phase... a daze... a bizzare nightmare which she so horribly wanted to end. Anything but Lantis... she wanted any body but Lantis here. Just the idea of him... made her sick, and now seeing him made her memories come crashing down like a sickly twisted wave. Nothing terrified Gyvien... nothing but the past which she so terribly tried to hide. She had done it well... no one knew of her real past, or the true happenings behidn it. Rudy assumed it was bad... but he also assumed it wasn't worse than what he knew of Myra or himself. But she never told him what happened the night Yuar and herself went away... the night they were attacked. No one knew except herself.
And Lantis.

Then... after hearing the story about how Rudy... Rudy killed all those hunters when he was little...
That was him? Yuar told me that story long ago... as a warning to always control my anger. Yuar... how did..
But then she was snapped into reality with Lantis's cool yet ever-cold and dead voice ripping at her ears. She wanted to scream, to fight... to make him stop talking- anything for she hated his voice and ... was simply mortified. But he kept talking... until the point when he spoke those last, glass-shattering words.

"Because she was the best meal I've had in years."

Gyvien froze like a terrified deer stuck in the headlights of some car. If that happened... that meaned that... that Lantis had changed Rudy's mother... and if Lantis had changed Rudy's mother... then they... were... some how.. related. If Rudy was related to Lantis... then Gyvien was some how distantly related as well, since she was related to Rudy. This fact made her sick to her stomach... her brother... was related to the one being.. that one sickly, twisted and corrupted vampire...

"No..no... no..." Gyvien whispered to herself, clutching her neck with her hands as she stared downwards into the shadows with her icy, liquid-blue eyes filled with disbelief and horror. Horror of the truth of the story. Her brother had the blood of Lantis with in him... Lantis... was that the reason she could hear his voice so well when they were together? Was that blood a mere factor in which Lantis could haunt her mind? Or was it just the fact... th e fact that some part of him was in her brother... in her family.
Then the memory came... Gyvien tried to stop it, tried to set it aside and not to worry but it came anyway. Silence ensued the air but gyvien was shaking horribly...
the memory...
(Warning... ^^; This part might get a little risque or sexual... nothing graphic, but just the concept of it. )

Gyvien had ran... just a little dampiel girl, just as innocent and scared as she was. She had seen the blood fly of her protector... Yuar... the one and only person whom she really remembered ever being there for her. Everyone else had casted her outside as a loner... a nuisance and a threat. Yuar had accepted her... and he wasn't even a dampiel, but yet at least he had accepted her. Gyvien was thinking that perhaps not all Vampires were bad... only the few who tortured her when she was nothing but an infant. That would all change... forever.
Now she had been swung into an alleyway, and was staring at the eyes of a hungery beast. A vampire named Lantis. His eyes stared down at her... smiling in a sly, sick way as he grasped her wrist tightly. She couldn't move... he was too powerful for her small body to jerk away from. Yuar's dagger was pressed inside her boot, but she knew even if she managed to get it out it couldn't save her... Yuar had taught her which enemies to know you can defeat, and which you should flee from.
But she couldn't flee.

" Come... come with me. You are with me now, not that pathetic fool..." Lantis said, as he jerked Gyvien's arm and began walking down the dark way of the alley, away from the street where little light was seen from teh moon. Lantis turne dhis head back, looking past Gyvien's horrified blue eyes as he sneered in hatred..
"Oro..." He spat as he kept walking an dGyvien tried to pull away... but she was speechless, and Lantis kept pulling her forward. Why was this vampire getting her? Why did those other vampires attack Yuar? What did they want? What does this vampire want? She was so lost and confused... not knowing what purpose this served. She didn't know that Lantis had a long-going rivalry and hatred for Yuar before even Myra was born. She didn't know that Lantis had betrayed Yuar and lied about him, causing Yuar to be outcasted from his family which he loved. She never knew that Lantis sent otu hunters after Yuar night after night for sheer enjoyment- like a hunter sending out the dogs. She never knew how Lantis caused Yuar to change... or that Lantis was using GYvien to get back at Yuar. But it was more then that as well... Gyvien had no idea, that Lantis deemed Gyvien as a threat. That he spoke the words to Oyar..
" Attack Yuar, and bring a great backup for yourself. Yuar is a fighter, as much as I hate to spit the words before you. He'll have a dampiel with him however... which will be his weakness. Go for her, and Yuar will do anything. Let her get away however... I believe she could be of use to me, and an enjoyment all the same." Followed by a.. " Any dampiel trained under Yuar needs to be broken back down. We can't have any more hunters against us... and if Yuar trained her right, she'd be the ring leader."
Lantis even had no idea how his words were ever truer...

Gyvien followed lantis, unwillingly, as he dragged her into a dark corner which was inbetween two thick buildings. no one went there... for the aura which expelled from that place reeked of his aura. But he dragged her there... and that was were the nightmare really began for her. If seeing blood spilled because of her wasn't enough... it was what Lantis intentions were. Lantis knew that beating her down wouldn't be enough to break her... besides, Gyvien despite being young, was strikingly beautiful. Her father's eyes along with her human mother's attractive beauty was some asset Gyvine was born with. Although an asset it didn't become, but rather a burden. Her beauty was one thing which attracted her hunters to her... and not only beat her, but try to seduce her- willing or not, as well. It was a curse which she could not break... and Lantis was the first to make it clear that her looks were a curse.
"Scream and Yuar won't live.." Lantis spoke, softly and gently but yet cutting like daggers. Gyvien had no idea why he would say that... until Lantis pulled himself close to her suddenly, placing his hand upon her back and slowly bringing herself to him. Then she understood... and then, that night became the curse in itself.

But it wasn't the last. Lantis was pleased with his prize, and he knew he did not have to leave Earth yet. Having an expectant Myra back in the Night City, he did not have to leave for several days. So he kept his new found, 'prize' with him... and it was then, that he heard Oyar's news of Yuar's death. That pleased him as well... and finally after many encountesr with Gyvien, he simply shoved her into a dark alleyway after beating her merclessly. Then he simply left... telling her of how he, 'enjoyed' her company... and he left her, after whipping her into submission and telling her of Yuar's passing. It was there, that Gyvien lost her innocence completely and she turned. Turned ... and vowed to never remember her past again...

But she was bound by the chains of her past...

"NO!!!!" Gyvien suddenly screamed, burrying her head into her knees as she tried to make herself as small as possible.... but Lantis then spoke.
"Ah, what pleasent guests we have here. Perhaps I should show your sister the sights in this fair city?" Lantis smiled coyly, as Rudy harshly worded some thing back. But Gyvien was frozen... she wouldn't move. Her human side was in control and would offer her no fuel in which to move onward. Her only hope was that Lantis would leave... leave her forever.

But she would find out, that Lantis wasn't done ... and the night was far from over.

(Gyvien won't be much of a fighter until Lantis leaves, and I'm rethinking and I don't want Yuar to meet Lantis yet. When they meet, Yuar won't give him such a fair welcoming of just verbal abuse. ^^; I think I've shown some good reasons in my post of why not... lol.)

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~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City (The Alleys)
For the third time tonight, something was sending a horrible pain into my shoulder. But unlike Drake and Gyvien, Rudy was not meaning to hurt me, he was getting the bullet out so it would eventually get better.

But that didnt stop it from hurting like hell.

Within moments, however, the sharp white pain abated and became a dull red ache. It still felt far from good but Id live, I told myself as I watched Rudy clean off his dagger on his jeans. Rudy. I had missed him, missed him a great deal. It made me infinately happy to see him now, to be with him again. For the first time since the scene before dawn I felt at ease. If it wasnt for him...who knows where Id be now. Killing...drinking blood....dead..
As it was I almost was killed today, because of that Vampire Hunter Drake's shot. A shot that I shouldve been able to dodge. A shot that shouldve never even came close to hitting me. But thanks to Rudy the bullet was out so it should only be a matter of time before my wound is healed. As I thought I touched the wound to check on its progress and was met with another stab of pain. Blood was still flowing out of it and it looked like it hadnt even started to heal. I frowned, my happy thoughts from a second before momentarily forgotten. Stupid bastard....I shouldve eaten him when I had the chance... I thought bitterly to myself, then I shook my head. I couldnt think like that. I looked at Rudy. He seemed to know at least a little at what was going on with us. "I dont understand whats going on....I shouldve been able to dodge that shot. And now its not even healing up..." He sighed. Apparently it was a long story.

When Rudy began talking it soon became very clear why my reflexes were so bad, and also why I was having the constant urge to feed on anything with human blood in sight. Rudy mustve been feeling it too, but he seemed to be handling it better than I did...
Suddenly it hit me. Oh my...was...was THAT why Gyvien had been trying to kill Rudy? Had he snapped, and gone after her?! I didnt want to believe it, Rudy had such a kind and gentle nature, but I knew that even the nicest people could do things they regretted. I shook my head. It was all this night's fault, it was warping people, making good people act like monstors and giving the TRUE monstors even more power.
I sighed. I knew there wasnt anything I or Rudy could do about how we were feeling, we just had to do our best to make it through this night alive. I had a feeling it would be very difficult, and so far I wasnt doing a very good job. Casting an eye on my bleeding injuries, my torn and stained clothes, and my butchered hair, I sighed. Well I certainly LOOK like a monstor...
Suddenly...."Do you trust me Myra?" It was Rudy. Hm...The LAST time he asked me that....
I gave a little laugh. "Provided it doesnt involve more bullets then the answer is yes." I looked at him with a slight smile on my face. I had no idea what he was going to do this time, but it felt good to here him say that. For a moment I took the time to marvel at that. I DID trust him...I had no idea this time last night that I could EVER trust anyone like I trust him. I felt like now that he was here nothing bad could happen and I knew that no matter what, Lantis or no Lantis I would not leave him again.
Rudy leaned forward and tilted my head slightly. I looked at him curiously and, had my heart not already been stopped, it probably wouldve been pounding at that moment. And then....


Suddenly the comfortable, familiar weight of my long hair was gone, and my head felt strangely light. I jumped slightly, a bit startled and touched the edge of my now shorter hair. It stopped a little above my shoulders, and now part of the back of my neck was exposed to every breeze that happened to blow. It felt strange, to say the least. "So you didnt think I lost enough hair already?" I said, a bit disgruntled. I obviously hadnt been expecting that.

But I expected what happened next even less.

It was Lantis, Lantis had found me! Hearing his voice was worse by far than the pain of the bullet, Gyviens attack, and Rudys surgery all in one. It twisted my insides up with despair, but I got to my feet quickly. No.... I thought to myself, feeling the despair transform into intense anger. Im not going with him again...NEVER again...even if it means I have to die to keep it from happening....
It seemed like Rudy was even angrier than I was. He pushed himself up so he was in front of me and Gyvien and got ready to fight. For a brief moment I was reminded of the scene on the roof, when Rudy declared that Lantis would die. He wore that same deadly look on his face now.
It was then that Lantis decided to comment on this very fact.
"Its been so long since Ive seen a child with such anger." He smiled that disgustingly knowing smirk. "You remind me of myself, Rudy."
Fire and lightning danced in the blue of Rudys eyes. "Thats where your wrong. Im nothing like you."
Lantis shrugged, feigning defeat. "Well, you might be right about that..." Then he grinned slyly and revealed the 'ace up his sleave'.
"But what about the Blue Devil...?"
I saw Rudy visibly twitch when he heard that. I started to worry. What did Lantis know about Rudy that would make him so nervous? And what was this 'Blue Devil'? I had a feeling this wasnt going to be good.

I was right.

Rudy, shame-faced and angry at himself, went on to tell us about the 'Blue Devil'. A younger him who killed a group of hunters when his fathers life was in danger. Who started killing and didnt stop until he saw that his father was alive and well. Who, as a result of this horrid night, resurfaced for the first time in 4 years and attacked Gyvien. "No...." I whispered to myself in horror, but it wasnt because I was ashamed or shunning Rudy for what hed done back then. It was because my heart ached for him. I knew what it was like to have such a horrible guilt on my consience, to feel every day a loathing for what had happened in the past.
As if hed been reading my mind, he spoke again. "The taking of one innocent life is bad enough Myra. The loss and guilt of seven is worse."
I wanted to argue with him. I wanted to tell him that what he did was in self defense, and though it mightve been wrong he killed those people in order to protect his family, rather than for the sole purpose of killing like what I did. I wanted to say that I wouldnt judge him for what he did, because in the long run he was a way better person than I was.

Only Lantis wasnt about to give me the chance. He started weedling Rudy, getting his anger up, taunting him about his family, his Mother, and then suddenly......suddenly his tauntings turned serious. Now Lantis seemed to be telling a story, a history lesson of Rudys family past, and then it became all too clear what he was saying.

Lantis WAS Rudys family.

He had changed a human female by mistake, had made her an aristocrat and left her for dead. That changed human met Rudys father and eventually Rudy was born.
If it werent for Lantis Rudy wouldnt be here.
I shook my head. I couldnt believe that this monstor was in any way related to Rudy, I wouldnt believe it! The difference between them was like night and day, dark and light, evil and good. And though Rudy would argue that he wasnt as good as he seemed he was a hell of a lot better than Lantis. No one was perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but the difference was how strong you are, how strong your will was to try harder not to. THAT was the difference.
"Ah and Gyvien, my how youve grown...If I wouldve known how...wonderful...you would have turned out to be maybe I wouldve kept you around a little while longer...." Lantis said, giving Gyvien a look that made my blood cold. She backed away from him, with such a look of unbridled terror on her face I never thought Id see. Though we never got along, she was Rudys family, and seeing her like that was the last straw.
Picking up the dagger that Rudy used I stepped forward to stand beside him, my shoulder against his. Though it hurt my shoulder to do this I didnt care. The anger swirling around inside of me was enough to dull any pain I felt. I had had enough of Lantis.

"Get away from her Lantis. Now." I said through gritted teeth, a cold, dead tone in my voice that could only mean I was angry to the point of exploding. "Youve messed with my family enough, and this will be the LAST time you hurt the Summers family."
Lantis pretended to be sad by what I had said, but I still saw amusement gleaming in his eyes. "But Dear Myra, I took you in when your parents proved they couldnt raise you like an aristocrat. I am your family now." He said the words 'your parents' with a sneer in his voice that made a lump form in my throat. I shook my head. "No, you were never my family! You killed my family because you knew they and I would be a threat to you one day! Because when it comes down to it your just a scared little kid that goes on killing so no one could stand up to him!" I pointed at Rudy. "He is my family now, and his family is my family. And if anyone messes with our family..." I felt the anger swallow up my soul as I looked at Lantis dangerously. "I take it personally....."

For a moment it was quiet except for me panting in anger. And then something happened that wouldve startled me had I not been absolutely furious.
He laughed. Loudly.
"Dear Myra, such an interesting little story you have come up with! A scared little kid indeed, where DO you get these things?" He said with a big grin on his face and laughed again.
"HAHAHAHAA.....but I suppose its time to get down to business.." he said, instantly sobering up. "Im so sorry you feel that way Myra, I wouldve liked to help you become greater than you are. You wouldve made an excellent Aristocrat..." He shrugged and faded into the shadow. I gulped. Id seen this before. Suddenly his voice rang out again, seeming to come from everywhere at once.

"But theres no use think of what might have been...."

Phew.....it seemed like that took me forever!!! ^-^ Well I wouldve liked to post for Farwell but I took so long writing Myras that now Im feeling restless. Ill probably post for Farwell after I go jogging or something. ^-~

Master Rudy
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Well I was going to post elsewhere but ran out of time to get that one typed up. Instead I'm gonna get my next one here done and then hope I've got the time to take care of any other RPG's by the end of the week. At least the good news is that I have all of next week for posting due to Spring Break! ^_^

WARNING-Suggestive comment near the end!

Rudy Summers
7:20 PM
This sudden and highly unexpected turn of events sickened me. As much as I didn't want to face it and as much as I didn't want to believe it I knew I had to face it. The serious expression and tone of his voice said it all. Lantis had killed my mother and in the process turned her into a vampire. Because of this that made us related.

After some heated words between him and Myra he disappeared. However the three of us knew he was still around. During what was sure to be a brief break Myra tried to talk to me while Gyvien stayed quiet. Something was troubling her but right now we had to worry about being ambused. As the three of us scanned the rooftops she asked "Are you going to be ok Rudy?" While it wasn't easy info to digest I tried to be strong and told her "It's gonna take time to get over but I'm not going to worry myself with that right now." Thinking back to the other thing that happened I said "It's remembering my past that's really bothering me." Walking over to me Myra tried to comfort me by saying "You can't focus on it too much Rudy. Besides it was in self defense. For all you know you could have died if you didn't act." Deep down I knew she had a point but it still didn't mean I liked what happened. "Maybe so Myra but the thing is I never wanted to hurt any humans. Up until recently my main goals have been just finding Gyvien and then trying to live as peaceful a life someone like me possibly could."

Just then from all around us the voice of Lantis rung out. "Well that's where your problem lies. You've got the killer instinct but you've been taught that the humans are innocent. You've even tried to become friends with some of them. Why don't you just let go and claim the honor of becoming a true Aristocrat?" It just sounded so easy. Just let go and join in on the slaughter of humans. However I wouldn't give Lantis the pleasure of seeing me crack under the pressure. Looking all around me with my katana ready I said "So it's an honor to kill humans? I didn't know you guys actually kept score. However know one thing Lantis. I am NOT an Aristocrat and I'm damn proud of it!" For a moment Myra looked at me as if I had just insulted all vampires but I was about to explain myself. "You say there's honor? I fail to see any kind of honor. For your infomation there is no honor in it at all. If killing innocent people is what it takes to be respected as a vampire then I'm glad I'm not one of these so called Aristocrats."

At this point Lantis was already very serious. However I soon learned he can be much more serious than he currently was at the moment. "So your turning your back on your race are you?" his voice asked from what seemed to be everywhere. With a smirk I told him "Call it what you will Lantis. It may seem like I'm starting to hate what I am but I'm not. The immortality is a big plus along with every other little bonus that comes along with being a vampire. However all good things do come with disadvantages. It must be driving you nuts knowing I've just learned to live with them and that I will not give in. I will admit that it is bit ironic that if you didn't turn my mother that there is a very good chance I wouldn't be here. As much as I don't wish that kind of thing on a human I will thank you Lantis. You sealed your own fate on that night all those years ago and if it wasn't for you then there would be no telling how much longer your terror would go on for." Stopping for a moment I waited for a response but it seemed like it was his turn to be speechless. Deciding to end the small talk I said "What I guess I'm trying to say is that since I won't join you your only choice is to kill me." I knew I was seriously pushing my luck but I was willing to throw it all away if I had a chance to end this. Besides all I needed was one good distraction. If I could make Lantis focus on only me then ti might give Myra or Gyvien a chance to finish him while he was distracted with me.

Finally appearing once more Lantis stood at the end of the ally for a few moments. Without a word he drew a katana and took up a stance that was clearly for attacking. As I got into my defensive stance he said "So be it. You've chosen your path Rudy. However it leads to only pain and suffering. Tonight I'm going to make sure I put an end to both the Summers and Link bloodline." With that annoying smile of his he finally caused me to reach my breaking point when he said "However once you and your little b**** are dead I'll make sure I get the chance to sample your sister. And I'm not talking about her blood." With a yell filled with rage I rushed Lantis as both Myra and Gyvien yelled at the same time.

"NO! RUDY!!!"
"YOU FOOL! Your gonna get killed!"

However it was too late for that. Before I could land a single blow Lantis had already disarmed me with surprising speed and with a hard blow to the back of the neck sent me down to the ground. As the world went dark the only thing I knew was that my anger had once again defeated me. Now the two people I cared for the most were at his mercy.

Please forgive me......

Well so much for trying to duke it out eh?
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3rd April 2003, 02:47 PM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Wood Water City (The Alleys)
:::7:29 PM:::
It all happened too fast.
Lantis struck Rudy down.
He fell to the ground at Lantis's feet.
This cant be happening---
He didnt get up.
He cant be dead. He WASNT dead, dammit!
The truth was I wasnt sure. It was very dark and thanks to this night I was beginning to loathe I couldnt see very well at all. All I saw was the flash of moonlight reflecting off of Lantis's blade and Rudy fall to the ground. And he still wasnt moving. For a moment I felt something resembling madness rise up within me.
Hold on Myra....dont go charging in all gung-ho..it doesnt do Rudy any good if you just go get yourself killed. Try to think reasonably for once in your life....
Some part of me was trying to be reasonable, and I felt torn between doing what I know I should and doing what I strongly felt was the right thing to do. And at the moment I wasnt doing either. I was frozen, and then Lantis spoke again.

"I knew he was weak but that was too easy..." Lantis smiled and put his sword away, then he walked up and stood right in front of me. I was very frightened. No one scared me on this Earth more than that one person right in front of me. Even when I looked up to Lantis, when I adored him and hung on to every word he said I had this fear of him, his very aura seemed to command fear. And now with him staring at me with that horrible false nice-guy look on his face, knowing full well that I knew he wasnt going to let me live, the fear threatened to take over my very being. "H..H-hes...a lot...stronger th-than you..." I stuttered, trying to look in his eyes with defiance, though I myself was feeling weak.
Lantis laughed, feeling entirely in control of the situation. "Strong? He cant even protect himself, let alone his pet B*tch, or his sister..." He turned his gaze to Gyvien.
Good. Hes not looking at me anymore. For a moment I was relieved that something had taken Lantis's attention from me. Then the anger I had felt before came back full force. NO. Hes not going to get Gyvien. If Rudy was....consious..he would NEVER let Lantis get near her. If anything happened to her he would be heartbroken. Family was very important to him. Family....
I narrowed my eyes as I felt a determination come over me. Dont worry Rudy...You started it and Ill finish it. Lantis will die tonight.
As he walked towards Gyvien I threw the dagger I was holding at Lantis as hard as I could. The dagger hit Lantis in the back of the neck and he stopped abruptly. Standing up straight I challenged Lantis. “Leave her out of this. From now on your fight is with me Lantis. You have gone too far and I wont allow you and your actions to slander the great name of Aristocrats. My Father was a great man and if there is anyone that should have the title of Aristocrats then its him. You are no better than some changed human like Roland who has the power of Aristocrats only to abuse them.” At the words ‘changed human’ I thought I saw for a split second an expression of fear and disgust on his face, but if it was there at all it was quickly gone. “You know Myra, you are a firey one, arent you....I always thought of you as part of my family but if thats not so then theres nothing stopping me from having a bit of fun with you.” He paused a moment to grin sickly. “But then again that never stopped me before anyway..”
Something about what he said made me feel sick inside. Dont let him touch you.. An inner voice whispered. Not like I planned on letting him anywhere near me. Once Gyvien was safely away from the area I planned on taking Lantis out for good, or I would die trying. Though I wasnt exactly sure how I was going to do that...
Glancing over at Gyvien I saw she had only frozen in place. What was she doing?! “Gyvien!” I yelled, snapping her out of her daze. “Get out of here!! RUN!!”
She looked at me with pure panic on her face. “Th...the last time I ran...he...he caught me....!” Her voice sounded like that of a little girls, and it was then I realised what had happened to Rudys poor sister. I stared at her in disbelief. “No....Gyvien....I...I had no idea...Im....Im sorry....” But my words sounded feeble even to me. What could you say to someone? What words of comfort could you possibly say to take away the pain of such a horrible experience? But this was only one more reason to make sure Lantis could never hurt anyone again. And the only way to do that was to kill the bastard.
“You know, now that I think about it, I have an even better idea.”
Surprised, I turned to see Lantis holding Rudy in one hand by the scruff of his jacket. My eyes widened and my mouth opened but no sound came out. No...he had Rudy!
Lantis smiled and ruffled Rudys hair as he hung limp from Lantis’s grasp. “Rather than wasting any time around here, I think Ill take the time to acquaint myself with my little ‘nephew’. He has amused me greatly, and, after all, one MUST keep close ties with family...” He winked at Gyvien causing her to shudder. Still rather speechless I managed to squeak out, “Let....Rudy......go..!!”
Lantis grinned and melted halfway into a building. “Oh, Myra, you dont mind if I borrow your boyfriend do you of course not! Now say byeee...” He said cheerfully, the only thing visible was Rudy and the hand holding him. Lantis grabbed Rudys hand with his other hand and made it wave as he seeped farther into the building. Tears coming to my eyes I ran up to try to grab Rudy but by the time I got there Lantis and Rudy were already gone. “NO!!! DAMMIT!!!!” I yelled, slamming my fists into the wall and letting the tears fall free, not caring who saw them. “You BASTARD!!!! You......Rudy.....” I crumpled up against the wall and sobbed, barely hearing Gyvien come up behind me. There was only one clear thought that shone through the tears.
Rudy was in the hands of the enemy.
And it was all my fault.
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3rd April 2003, 06:31 PM
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Yuar Oro

The night flowed through Yuar's hair like a rippling wind as he swiftly dashed amongst the shadows. Darting like a swift predator, even the vampires whom would gaze his way would not detect him- he was filled with adrenaline an dthe words of Vylianne still ebbing at his mind. He refused to believe her words- she had been wrong before, she could easily be wrong again.

She makes a lot of predictions about people... vampires... and dampiels. She's always right. But not about me... no one will ever be right when it comes to me. I will prove her, and everyone wrong... No one must die. I will protect them.

Yuar bit his lip slightly as he felt the fangs which were in his mouth. It was strange... but even as he run, he seemed to focus in upon those fangs. They were what made him who he was, or it was one of the key elements. The only thin gwas.. he never really noticed them in full, until now- in t he midst ofo running through the darkness of the night. The moon's gentle rays shinned upon his outfit as his jacket flowed over the air like a swift current from a river. His movements were flowing and effortless, obviously he had talent before the night gave him even more power... but Yuar only had one talent he wanted. The ability to strike with revenge. He would do it... to Lantis, ever since he had a rivalry with Yuar they had felt hot connections. BU twhen his family was split apart... Yuar had a thirst greater than for blood- it was for revenge. Lantis now had to place his hands upon his sister... the only family member he had left. There would be absolutely no way Yuar would let that last. Even if he had to rip Lantis's arms off with his own knife, he would do it. Anything, to protect.

"NOOOOO!" Yuar suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, the hair upon his head abruptly swishing forward as his eyes darted amongst the s hadows. That scream... it belong to Gyvien.
I am upon the right trail... Yuar thought, as he swiftly made a decision for where exactly the sound came from. He did sense it, and immediatly he ran straight towards a dumpster. Jumping up and sailing through the air, he landed upon the dumpster and immediatly recoiled to leaping upon a roof top. From there, he ran towards the sound... straining his ears and eye sight. It seemed however, that the sound was much farther away than Yuar had anticapated.
Gyvien traveled far... Yuar thought slightly, as he continued to run after the sound he had heard. As he ran, a sickening feeling came to his stomach. As if some one was near.
Yuar stopped short, hesitating for a mere second as he glanced around with his striking emerald-gaze, looking at those leering shadows which seemed to laugh in Yuar's face. Swallowing hard... Yuar decided that even ifi there was some one near him, he had to keep going to get Gyvien. She was his main concern at this moment.

Thrusting forward, Yuar leapt over many rooftops until finally he stopped at the edge of one, hearing voices below. Gazing down, he saw two figures in the darkness... and it shocked him all the same.

Myra was there... his sister, Myra. She was upon the ground, and it seemed she was crying... her eyes were liquid with salty tears, as her fists smashed against the ground. Gyvien was standing, frozen like a statue but yet standing next to Myra. Myra just cried... sobbed upon the spot, and it worried Yuar. They were near the wall of the building which Yuar was standing upon, and he watched them for a brief moment.
What happened here? Yuar thought, wondering why his sister was crying if Lantis was not near.
LANTIS! Yuar suddenly thought, as he gazed about quickly... but all too soon, Yuar realized he was no where to be found. The smell of Myra's blood lingered in the air... and it only came to be a short moment before Yuar sensed the after-aura of two others presenses. One was light, yet radiant in all the sense of the word... Rudy's. The other, was far darker and more sinister... with many lies and swirling turmoils unfolded with in it's grasp. Lantis. They had been here... but now they were gone.

Yuar softly leapt into the air, and t hen billowed down as he landed behind Gyvien and Myra. Nothing but the soft footsteps upon the concrete seemed to be heard... as Yuar's soft yet serious voice raised over the deadly air.
"Myra... Gyvien?"

Instantly Myra whirled around with a face filled with tears and yet eyes red with rage. Gyvien also whirled around, but her face was filled with fear and bewilderment... as if she expected to be struck down like a dog. It starteld Yuar a bit... to see Myra filled with so much anger, and Gyvien with so much fear. What was happening?
You can't protect them all... Vylianne's voice ran through Yuar's head, but he made a brief relapse of it.

"Myra, it's me. Yuar... it's alright." Yuar's voice was some-what comforting, as he held his hands up and gazed at her softly with his emerald gaze. Even though Yuar and Myra had never really been raised together as a family due to those circumstances... Yuar still felt a connection with her. He had watched her several years when she lived up where most Vampires had roamed... and he had watched in the shadows as she had been raised. Despite that she knew little to nothing about him, he still cared for her. Myra was his little sister... the one whom he only had left.


Myra suddenly shouted, her eyes blind with tears as she stood upwards, but yet her figure seemed crippled... as if some one had just given her a devastating blow to the ribs. Gyvien was silent, watching...
"Who Myra? Who took who?" Yuar asked, although he already had quite the idea of who had taken who. Lantis had to have taken Rudy... but why? Rudy's blood was not with in the air, so Lantis couldn't have killed Rudy... but why take Rudy? Why not keep Myra or just simply kill Rudy?
" Lantis left with Rudy. He took Rudy. They're related... and Lantis took him. " Gyvien suddenly spoke softly, her voice shaking yet some-how managing to be strong.
"They're related?" Yuar replied, his eyes widening with a bit of bewilderment and curiosity all the same.
"Yeah." Was all Gyvien had to offer.

Yuar decided that perhaps later was the best plan of action of when to ask more about how or why Rudy was related to Lantis. If RUdy was related, it had to be distant... for curious reasons. Yuar nodded slightly, as he gazed up to the night sky and then back to myra. Placing a gentle hand upon her shoulder, he took his other hand and placed it under her chin. Despite her angry state, she simply gazed into Yuar's eyes as he made an expression of simpathy and inner anger- which was only seen through the flicker of his emerald gaze. She was vulnerable right now... to have some one she loved so dearly, be ripped away. Despite Yuar's history... and how he portrayed himself now, he knew some what how she felt. All too often he had given his heart to some one, to have them strip it away. His family first, Gyvien, his sister... and now it seemed as though he was going to lose his sister all over again. He didn't want to see the tears in her eyes... it hurt him to see her like this. He was her brother, he was supposed to protect his sister when she was hurt. Brothers were supposed to protect their sisters so they didn't have to experience any pain! Yuar had failed... he had failed so many people in so many ways. The guilt he felt was almost death-like... and he couldn't stand to see her cry.

"Don't cry Myra..." Yuar said, his voice almost pleading and choked up a bit, but he managed to cover-it up quite well.

So Lantis now wanted to get in with the Summers. He just had to take Rudy... to hurt his sister. Had to cause his sister the grief of feeling responsible for Rudy's capture... damn lantis, damn him.
When I get my hands upon Lantis... I will not hesitate to kill him. It will be a spar that has been burning with in my blood for a very, very long time.

Yuar growled to himself, as he gave Myra stern look.
"Myra listen... listen to me. I know that you really haven't gotten the chance to know me in these few days... heck, you didn't even know you had a brother. Let me tell you this- ever since you were born, I watched over you. Though you didn't know it, I was there when you even were training with Lantis. Though I regret not stepping in, I still made sure you were safe. Even with this night and all it's events, I still don't regret it yet. I was able to talk to you instead of just watch you with my eyes and become mute to you because of the lies which were spread. I know how much you care for Rudy, Myra, and I don't want the thing which you've loved so much taken away from you. I never want you to have to experience that, for no one deserves that type of inner pain. But now, as the moon's rays are the strongest, I can feel that the night isn't over, and it won't be for a very long time. But I promise you- we will get Rudy back. We will hunt that bastard down... and get Rudy back from Lantis. I will make sure of it, I promise."

Myra seemed speechless as Yuar took a step back. His voice had been filled with passion... but towards the middle, it seemed as if Yuar was even pleading with Myra. But at the end... Yuar's voice was strong and dependable.
" I do not break my promises Myra." Yuar simply finished, as he gazed about.
"I felt the presense of Lantis upon the rooftops... if we are to track them down, then let us go after him. All three of us."

Yuar suddenly reached down into his jacket and with drew a black gun- fancy the same almost as Gyvien's, cept for lighter and far more deadly. It had been the one he retrieved at his old hide-out, where he first encountered Vylianne as a reunion.
" No one will stand in our way... if we move swiftly, we can get caught up to Lantis and redeem ourselves by obtaining Rudy back. Once we have him out of Lantis's grip, we'll be safe. And there will be NO ONE to stand in our way. Not this time... no, t his time we'll get that bastard once and for all."
At the last word of 'all', Yuar practically growled. His eyes were narrowed as he breathed silently...

I promise Lantis... you will meet a face from the dead, and it will be the last time you ever see another face again.

Master Rudy
12th April 2003, 01:06 PM
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Master Rudy
13th April 2003, 01:59 AM
Well I was going to type up some of this in Al Bhed since me and Asi were using that as the vampires language. However it looks like the translator we used is no longer up. If any of you know of a good replacement can you please PM me?

Be warned about this coming post. It's not exactly that violent compared to others but I'm sure you'll get the general idea. Also keep an eye out for language and suggestive comments.

Rudy Summers
Time Unknown
"......ink he's coming around."
"So are you going to kill him?"
"No I'm not. He still has uses. I can use him to lure his friends to us. But first I'm going to break him."

Where the hell am I?

The first thing I noticed upon trying to move was the fact that I wasn't going to be getting very far. At the moment I still had my eyes closed. However I didn't need to look to know that my arms were chained to a wall. As for those voices I was really starting to get to know the third one. As I opened my eyes my vision was a bit blurred for a moment. Still feeling a bit groggy I tried to focus on the nearest person. Standing in front of me was Lantis with a strange look on his face. For now I had no way of knowing what was on his mind. Suddenly his words came back to me and I knew that this wasn't going to go well for me. As I started to become more alert to my surroundings I saw that it appeared to be some kind of metal cell. Except for a table towards the back and a vent shaft in the ceiling the room didn't have much of intrest. Towards the back of the room were two vampires I didn't know. They worked for Lantis no doubt. However I soon learned that this was going to be between just me and him as they left us alone.

I was still a bit out of it but soon the memory of how I got here was coming back to me. Out of blind rage I tried to attack Lantis and paid for it. As we made eye contact he asked me "So did you rest well Rudy?" My answer was simply spitting in his face since there wasn't much I could do at the moment. Laughing to himself he said "Well that's no way to treat family." Still feeling outraged over that I voiced my opinion in a way that would make my sister proud. "F*** you Lantis." Rather that have a comment to match mine Lantis decided to use his fist instead as he punched me in the kidney. Vampire or not it was something that would hurt just about anyone. It was quickly followed up by a kick to my stomach which would have easily dropped me to my knees had I not already been chained to the wall. As I gasped for air Lantis just acted as if he didn't do anything and said "That's such terrible language your using. Looks like you've picked up one of your sister's bad habits. And here I would have thought you'd be the one that was a bad influence to Gyvien's human side." The way he said that word showed his extreme dislike of them. Still feeling a bit out of breath I looked at him and asked "What did you....do with........Myra and Gyvien?" Lantis just smiled at me and didn't say a word. It was quite unsettling because it left much up to the imagination. Finally he spoke up and told me "Well I let them go for now. I wouldn't exactly say Myra is alive but she's well. As for your sister I was wanting to spend time with her but I couldn't just leave you in the middle of a dark ally hurt like that. I must say it was a shame. We haven't seen each other in a long time."

At first his words made no sense but slowly it came together. What he said in the ally. Gyvien's fear over someone I thought she hadn't met. As soon as I got the general idea I went mad and tried to lunge at Lantis. It may have been a feeble attempt but I knew my words would reach him. "YOU F***!!! Of all the crimes one could commit you had to do THAT? TO GYVIEN!? I swear I'll f****** kill you!" It was here that Lantis took another chance to use me as a punching bag. After several more blows to my stomach he said "I find it funny that a boy with a death sentence is making threats against me." As I spit up a tiny bit of my own blood he told me "I own you an unpleasant death for the mistake of giving your mother her birth as a vampire. She may have lived twice but at least I know I will not make that mistake again. For you death will be final." I knew things were grim for me but I wasn't going to let Lantis enjoy this. Laughing over everything he just told me I said "Who would have thought the mighty evil known as Lantis would be a drama queen? I had to disrupt your little monologue but I just wanted to say that I'm not dying tonight. You can try all you want but I know for a fact that I'll live to die another day."

A small smile spread across his face exposing the tips of his fangs. "Is that so?" he asked me. Walking towards the table I saw earlier he said "I guess we'll have to step this up a notch then." Now that I was more alert I saw exactly what was on it. There were various weapons and tools for torture. This would not be good at all. As Lantis made his way back over to me I quickly saw how he was going to start this. In his hand were several pins. Before I could say a single word he had already stuck one in my left wrist. Pins in my other wrist and the palms of my hands soon followed. It didn't feel good but I knew that the worst was yet to come. Going back to the table Lantis soon returned with a nasty looking dagger. The first thing he did with it was run the blade lightly across the skin of my right arm from elbow to shoulder. As with the cut I had recived from Gyvien on my face it wasn't deep enough to cause serious damage but it was just enough to draw blood. Following that he proceeded to do the same exact thing to my left arm. However this time I could feel it cutting much deeper. As painful as it may have been I wasn't going to let Lantis have the pleasure of hearing me yell out in pain. Biting my lip I could feel my fangs cut into that a tiny bit as well. However I was willing to do just about anything to keep my mind off the pain.

Seeing that he did not get the intended results Lantis decided to go for a much more serious form of torture. As he returned to the table I watched as he put on a pair of gloves. My eyes grew wide as he turned around with the next thing in his hand. Seeing the fear in them he said "Now come on Rudy. Your mother was a very religious person while she was still a human." Stuttering a bit as I spoke I told him "W-well I don't she would have gone near one of those after her change." By now I had the idea of how Lantis did this. First he went to work on your mind before starting the real torture. As his toys got bigger and bigger he hoped he'd get a reaction out of you. Now that he saw fear I was sure he'd stick with this until he was ready to kill me. While I was thinking about all this Lantis just looked at what he held and said "Come to think of it I would have to say your right. These silver crosses burn like hell. I'd hate to go near one with exposed skin as well." As he stood next to me he slowly brought it close to my face. However just as he got within an inch there was a loud banging sound from the door. "We need you out here now sir! There's an intruder on the ship!"

So I'm on their ship I thought to myself as Lantis looked rather annoyed at this. Tossing the cross towards a corner he said "Consider yourself lucky for now Rudy because when I get back this is all going to end. Try to enjoy these last peaceful moments and quiet while you can. Soon the silence will be broken by your screaming as this peace turns into hell for you." As he walked out the door he told me one last thing before shutting it. "It'll be intresting to see if Myra really does care about people other than herself. I guess I'll learn soon enough once she sees your rotting corpse. She'll either be quite upset or mad over the fact that I didn't let her kill another person close to her." While the door may have been shut I could still hear that laugh that I had grown to hate. Each time I heard it I got chills down my spine. As I thought about the direction this had gone towards I let out a small sigh. I didn't want to die and yet it was quickly coming.

Up until two nights ago I could have cared less if I was in a situation like this. A year before I had lost my father and was alone. However everything changed in a matter of 24 hours. Now I had what was left of my family back. Gyvien was alive and well. However I would not be around to protect her. Plus there was no way I could forget about Myra. We had both lost our parents but unlike me she had to live knowing she was the one who caused her mother's death. Before yesterday she had believed everything Lantis told her. However I had shown her the truth. I was the only person in the world other than her brother that cared about her. Now she was going to lose me as well. With another sigh I starting to think about what I would have done. We haven't been together very long but I know I love her. I was going to ask her to marry me once this was all over. Now I'm never going to get the chance. As I felt the tears start to come I said outloud to myself "All because of me and the uncontrolable rage inside of me. Damn this night! Damn it to hell!" What I didn't know however was that I wasn't speaking to just myself.

"You have one minor setback and all of a sudden your all doom and gloom?"

I hadn't been expecting that at all. It seemed to ecco all over the room and come from every direction. Plus it seemed a little distorted. The voice was clearly female but I had no clue who it was. Had Gyvien or Myra found me? Not knowing where that voice had come from I started to look around. Just then it spoke once more. "Up here Rudy. I'm up here!" Directing my attention to vent up above. Whoever was up there was trying to get into my cell. After hitting the vent several times it fell away. However before it could hit the ground a hand quickly grabbed hold of it. Pretty soon the hand was followed by a figure and it was the last person I would have expected.

"YOU! Your the intruder?"

Despite the cliffhanger I'm sure you guys can figure out who is saving Rudy from what I've said in that post.

And I know I said the time was unknown but keep in mind that this is from Rudy's POV. I was thinking that perhaps he could have been out of it for about an hour or two. Because of that the time of this post will be somewhere between 8:30 and 9:30 PM ^_~

13th April 2003, 09:15 PM
Vylianne – F – Vampire

Vylianne saw it all… or most of it, but she wouldn’t admit she saw anything or nothing. Getting into the ship was rather easier than expected from her point of view, she never thought Lantis could be so careless. But of course, he never did prove himself to be much of a surprise in any rate… or any threat. Even a young Yuar could take on Lantis… but that had been many many years ago. Vylianne thought Lantis would have changed, and he did. But in her opinion, it was the worse in the technique of fighting.

She grabbed the vent’s door before it hit the floor easily, and slowly she lifted it up back into the vent and set it down gently with out a trace of noise in the air. Poking her head out she easily let herself fall and did a flip as she gracefully landed like a cat, with two feet upon the ground with almost nothing but a ‘tip tap’. Smiling brightly- her usual face wear, she turned her glistening, hazel gaze towards Rudy. Rudy of course, was quite taken a back… stuttering that she, of all people, was the intruder. This had caused her to laugh, or rather perhaps giggle… as she shook her head as if laughing at a little kid who did something quite innocent. She reached out gingerly and touched the torturing objects which Lantis had upon the table… her fingers brushing against them all so gingerly-as if they were living things. Shaking her head, with her ribbon-like strands of golden hair swaying about she snorted.

“ Lantis… always fond of his toys. I would have thought he would have grown out of that by now.”

She then turned to Rudy, and paused several feet from him. She seemed to survey Rudy slowly… as Rudy immediately questioned her- an action she came to expect from a Summers.
“ What are you doing here?”

She then came closer to him, so close that she brushed against him- he couldn’t flinch or move away, he was chained and pinned. The blood of Rudy streamed down his skin, as he gazed at her with bewildered eyes. She knew he didn’t know quite how to take her rather ‘touchy-feely’ actions, as she stood so close she could hear his breathing easily.
“ Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to get you out.”

With that, she took a finger and gingerly wiped it across his forehead, brushing blood from his cheek away from his eye. She smiled, as she wiped the blood away from her finger by placing it upon her own shorts- staining them, but Rudy also noticed a hint of blood was already upon to bottom of her shorts. But only a hint, such a fine hint that maybe only a vampire would have noticed. Vylianne ignored his wandering eyes however, and quickly she shifted her position to begin to work upon his chains which bound him in a vulnerable fashion. Taking a pin out of her hair, she immediately began to pry and small clicks and whirrs could be heard as she did so.
“ How… how did you get here though? Won’t Lantis be back? You’ll be caught… why… I just don’t understand why-“

Rudy asked many questions to Vylianne, and she smirked slightly although she didn’t know if Rudy could see her expression or not. She continued to work, the chains being some-what difficult since Lantis had a fancy at making all things difficult when it came to his stupid toys. She did respond however, her tone smooth and flowing… ‘matter-of-factly’ but not in a rude or snobbish way, just as confident as could be with a soft trace of soothing to them.
“ Lantis seems to be mysterious, as if he has no trail to follow. But he does, and I know how to follow it. He brought you to his ship, and I believe he planned upon leaving as soon as he was finished with Myra and perhaps your sister. He won’t be back, since I left quite a distraction of blood for him to follow… besides…”
Vylianne smiled, as suddenly a flickering of lights began to whir and a buzzing sound insued. Then the lights went out.
“ Even with his vampiric eyes, with the lights out his little, ‘followers’ will be a little more hectic. That door we are in is electric-connected anyway, so I guess you could say were locked in. I hope your vampiric senses aren’t too human so that you can’t see in the dark… “ Vylianne left it to that, and Rudy nodded.
“I can see pretty well… the moon’s rays come through that small window there.”

Indeed, there was a window, and moon shine was seen a bit through it.
“But why Vylianne, why do you help me? Why do you even bother to see me at all… I don’t even know who you are or how you know me.”

With that, a loud snap was heard and instantly the locks broke. Rudy collapsed in a heap to the floor, as the chains clattered all around him. Smiling, Vylianne leaned down and easily took the chains away from Rudy as he struggled to get up.
“Stay still.”
Vylianne commanded, and for some reason Rudy obeyed. Vylianne then bent down gingerly, getting eye level with Rudy and she slowly grabbed the little needles in Rudy’s hands, and plucked them out. Rudy winced at this, perhaps not too bent in not showing some pain to Vylianne like he did with Lantis. When she was finished, she got up as Rudy staggered to his feet.
“ Your strong enough to follow the path way out of here through the vents? It’s not too long, only a little ways.”

Rudy nodded. “I’ll do whatever to get out of this hell hole.”
“Good.” Vylianne said, as she swiftly walked to the table and instantly stretched out her arm and simply pushed all the stuff off the table upon the floor. She brushed her hands together, as she turned a curious eye towards Rudy. Rudy walked forward slowly, but then stopped.
“You never answered my question, why are you helping me?”

Vylianne smiled again, this smile was as if a mother was smiling to her little son who asked too big a question for him to comprehend. Taking one step upon the table, and gazing back at him with this ‘one-legged stretched’ position, she kept her strangely grinning smile.
“ A deadly vampire has lots of information, and uses it with sharp jabbs at his opponents to numb them with their superiority. Lantis did this to you this night. I hold more information that would be of great use to you- but if I were to reveal it all, it would only numb you too and make you weary which Lantis has done to your mind. You may say that it does not bother you, but at the ebbs of your mind it will always haunt you until you overcome Lantis himself. If I were to tell you all the information I knew now, or all the answers to your questions when I did not believe you were ready… it would only hurt you.”

She smiled again, innocently enough as she stepped onto the table and waved Rudy up.
“ Besides, I give information when I want and when I believe you are ready. This night is not over Rudy Summers, there is even more shockers in this drama to be revealed. You’ll need your mind to rest up so that it can prepare itself for the next action scene. Besides, right now you need to concentrate to get into this vent… I’ll help you. With your vampire traits low tonight, then you’ll need to concentrate upon your skin healing as well… now come, I’ll help you up here.”

With that, Vylianne beckoned him onward.

(I’lll let Rudy take it from heeere!)

Master Rudy
14th April 2003, 09:27 PM
I could have sworn Vy never mentioned her name to Rudy in their first meeting and yet in Kalah's last post he mentioned it at least once.
Oh well. It's not really that big of a deal I guess. I just tend to notice little things sometimes ^_~

Once again be aware at some cursing in this post.

Rudy Summers
Time Unknown
Lantis' Ship
Vylianne was a mysterious one indeed. She seemingly had no reason to be risking her life like this. Yet somehow she knew who I was and had infomation about my past. As for my questions she always seemed to dodge them with an answer that didn't always make sense. Who was she really? Could she be trusted or did she have her own plans? Whatever the case might have been I wasn't ready to worry myself about this. I had my chance to get out of here and I wasn't going to miss it.

Before joining Vylianne however I examined the things that were on the table before she had knocked them off. Among them was a pretty good looking dagger. While I would have prefered my katana or my own daggers this one would have to do. I was sure than unless Myra or someone had picked up my katana for me when I was disarmed that it would be gone for good. As for my own daggers they were nowhere to be found. Until I could find something better this one would have to do.

Now that I was armed again I was ready to go. Vylianne was already up in the vent waiting for me. I had something on my mind as I grabbed her hand so she could help me up and inot the vent. While she crawled up ahead I said to her "Tell me something Vylianne. When you mentioned my past back in the sewers you were talking about the fact that Lantis turned my mother weren't you?" She was silent and showed no signs of answering my question. While I guess I could have expected it from her it was something I wanted to know. "Why didn't you say anything about it?" I asked. With a sigh she said "Like I said before knowing then might have been something that forced you to seek him out over revenge. However doing so would have only got you killed." I had a feeling she was right about that. At that point I had wanted to see him die more than anything else but I already had other things on my mind. Perhaps Myra and Gyvien being with me was what kept me in check. After all I wouldn't have been much use to them dead.

However there were still many things I wanted to know and there was one question right at the top of my list. "Where exactly do you figure into all of this then?" I could barely see a damn thing in this tiny space at the moment. However my eyesight was still good enough to pick up her dark shape turning to look at me. Continuing I said "You know who Lantis is. You've hinted at knowing my father and you know things about me that even I didn't know until tonight. Just what the hell is going on here? In fact a better question would be who are you?" With a slight giggle she said "You know that already Rudy. My name is Vylianne." Shaking my head I told her "You know that is not what I mean. What is the history of the person behind that name like?" As she started to crawl along again she said "My past is not something I discuss with anyone. I'll decide who I will talk about it with and when." Her mysterious attitude was really starting to annoy me. What was it about her past that she didn't want to say? I figured that perhaps it would be best saved for later. I had a feeling that this time the two of us would be together for much longer than 10 minutes. Before this was all over I would get my answers.

Deciding that those question would just be a waste of time for now I moved onto something that would be more useful to me. "So where exactly is this ship?" was the next thing I asked Vylianne. This time she did not hesitate at all with the answer. "It's in the mountains south of Wood Water City. Getting back once we're out of here would take no more than an hour. To tell the truth I'm actually quite surprised it's this close to the city. Then again it's not that bad of a location. It's out of the way and well hidden." I knew she couldn't see me at the moment but I nodded. Her mention of an hour reminded me of something else. I had no clue how much time had passed since I was taken prisoner. "Speaking of time exactly what time is it?" Vylianne seemed to think for a moment as if she was also unsure. "Well when I got here it was around 9:30 at night. After leading those idiots on a bit of a wild goose chase I found you about 20 minutes after that. If I had to guess I'd say it's about 10 PM."

As we came toward another opening in the vent Vylianne stopped me. "What's going on?" I said. Whispering she asked me "You can't hear that?" Shaking my head she moved forward a bit so that I could get closer to the vent. Apparently my hearing was also being affected a bit. However rather than worry I paid attention to the voices I heard below. "Do any of you morons actually know what the f*** is going on here?!" There was no mistaking it. It was Lantis talking and I had never heard him this mad before. Peeking out I saw him and two other vampires standing there. The first one was a guy and said in a nervous voice "Well....uhhhh.....the power is out." Lantis was not amused and yelled "Do I look like some crippled human that can't see a f****** thing? OF COURSE THE POWER IS OUT!!! What about the intruder?" The other vampire who was a female said "We don't know much about that sir. No one has seen or heard anything. The only sign of a disturbance is a ton of blood. As for us no one has turned up missing. If you ask me this is someone's sick idea of a joke." It was obviously what Vylianne mentioned back in the cell about a distraction of blood. However I wasn't gonna question it. Chances were she'd just smile and keep that a secret as well.

Lantis now had a calm voice as he turned back to the man and said "Weren't you the one guarding the entrance?" I knew that tone too well by now. He was about to do something and I didn't like it one bit. He started to stutter as if he knew this was his fault when without warning Lantis had punched him in the chest with a level of force I had never seen before. Rather than knock the guy back however his hand actually went in his chest. Moments later it returned with the vampire's undead heart in his hand. The end result was a dead vampire and a big mess to clean up. The female vamp was obviously shocked over what happened. As Lantis tossed it aside in a disgusted fashion he looked at her and said "Let this be a lesson to you. He guarded the entrance to this ship. Quite a simple job isn't it? However he failed. When you work for me failure is not an option!" Not sure about what to do she said "But sir!" However Lantis stopped her. "No buts about it! Your task is to look after the entrance with your life. Either you die trying or you leave now because the next person that fails me won't have it as easy as him. If you see anyone trying to get in then kill them. I'm expecting that kid's sister or his new b**** Myra to come save him." With a look of shock on her face the vampire said "No way! I'm not turning on my only friend like that!" With another calm tone Lantis asked "You dare defy me?" However at that point she didn't argue and ran off in the direction of what I assumed to be the entrance to the ship. After a moment Lantis walked in another direction.

I looked at Vylianne as she spoke. "I've seen many grusome things during my years and I must say that had to be the most brutal thing I've witnessed." All I did was nod. I knew that if a vampire could think it was brutal that it had to be bad. Remembering what was just said I told her "Maybe we should keep an eye on that girl. If she's unwilling to fight Myra she might be willing to help us." Vylianne looked back at me and asked "Your willing to put your trust in someone you don't know?" Nodding I replied "It wouldn't be the first time. Besides she doesn't seem to like Lantis. I would not be surprised if she's doing this only to avoid being killed by him." Vylianne still looked unsure but finally said "Well if your going to do it then I guess I'll go with it. But if I feel like she's planning something at any point I will take her out myself." Nodding once more I asked "So it is any longer?" Vylianne shoke her head and told me "Not too long now Rudy. Soon we'll be out of here and on the way back to the city." I was glad to hear that. After that last display I didn't feel like being around here much longer. However the most important question was how long would my escape go unoticed? I had a feeling it would only be a matter of time now. Once that happened all hell would break loose on the ship and I didn't want to be around for that......

The female vampire in that post will be playing a minor NPC role in the near future. However as we've seen being an NPC in this RPG tends to be a bad thing. They usually die some grusome deaths
*points to all the people Roland killed, Oyar and the hunters Lantis killed*

16th April 2003, 02:25 AM
----Father Farwell----
The Bloody Streets of Wood Water

Something was terribly wrong.
Everywhere we walked were the sounds, sights and smells of death. Death permeated the very air and I felt as though I would choke from it. At first I tried to give the bodies some semblance of a decent Christian burial but I soon found that to be impossible.
There were just too many......
So many bodies, so much blood was spilt. Shaking my head at the thought I crossed myself and rose from kneeling beside the body of a young woman. “We have to stop this Liven.” She wiped a tear out of her eye. “I know...this is horrible...this is what my Father tried to stop, what he thought he DID stop...why, Father? Why is it happening again?!” She burst into tears and leaned forward to cry into my shoulder. I brought up a hand to comfort her, and then it happened.
Blood--------rushing through veins--------heart beating--------human Human HUMAN FEED FEED FEED!!!!!!
My eyes grew wide as if Id been punched in the stomach and I looked at Livens neck with the hungry eyes of a madman. Unwary she cried still into my shoulder and clutched my shirt, shaking her head. “Farwell....tell me everythings going to be all right...God is with us, isnt He?”
My fangs grew in my mouth and I was shaking with barely restrained madness. Everything was NOT all right. For the first time in my life I felt utterly alone, as if God Himself had deserted me, me, an undead creature. A demon of the night, a man of God that had become too lost to be saved. I leaned closer, my fangs inches from her warm neck. I prepared to bite----
“Uh...” I flung my head away from her. So it was true. I had become a demon, the Devil himself. To think about hurting someone, I failed in my holy duties. Only one thing could return Salvation to my tainted soul.
“Liven.....” I croaked out, though it was hard to speak. She looked up with a tear stained face and for the first time noticed my distress. “...Father...?”
I squeezed my eyes shut. I did not want this child to see the despair in my eyes, to see the truth that I now felt. “Liven, kill me.”
She jumped at the bluntness of my words. “F---Father!!! I...I cant do that!!!”
The feeling of madness rose up again. For once in my life I started to yell. “You HAVE to Liven!! Im a creature of the undead!”
She shook her head violently. “No!! I wont I cant I...”
I pulled her away from me and turned my head so I couldnt see her. “DO it Liven! Be the Messenger of God and send me where I belong! I almost bit you Liven, even as I comforted you! Even as I tried to provide guidance a monstrous part of the creature I now am wanted you dead! Do your fathers work, and end the unholy life of the monstor before you!! You HAVE to Liven! You HAVE TO!!”
I hurt me to see the horrible look of pain on her face. To tell her to kill anyone, especially myself, was very unlike me. But I didnt feel myself at all. Shaking my head I said quieter, “Liven, the Father Farwell that saved you from those street punks years ago is dead. Roland killed him, and as he lay dying the man, the CREATURE you see before you was born. I cannot be your Father Farwell again, I have become something...evil...” I closed my eyes and touched the cross, my fingers burning in response. “May God give you the strength to do what you must...”
She raised her sword, tears streaming down her face. “Forgive me...Father....for I....”
She brought her sword down.
“...have sinned...!!”

I waited.
I felt the wind from the blade as it slashed down.
And then.....
“Oh come now ‘Father’ nows not the time to be feeling sorry for yourself, theres a ‘madman’ on the loose remember?”
The voice laughed and I opened my eyes to see a purple haired vampire holding Livens blade inches away from my face. It was that Vampire Amethyst. She continued, ignoring my shocked wondering face. “My little servant has become ungrateful, and is it not your duty as a Priest to see unholy creatures who murder stopped?” She smiled an amused little smile.
“Get up Priest. Your purpose on Earth is not yet fulfilled.”
Take it away, Shaka, Frank!
Myra post coming soon ^-^
EDIT: Forgot to say, I know Roland killed Amethyst, but its harder than cutting off their head to make a vampire stay dead, especially a blood drinker on this night ^-~

16th April 2003, 02:41 AM
Whoa! man i have missed way too much! ill post tomorrow!! ^-^

19th April 2003, 03:08 PM
Vylianne - F - Vampire


Raising an eyebrow to Rudy, I nodded as we kept going through the vents. Finally I saw a small particle or beam of light shine through, and smiling to myself I went forward and gently pushed the cover off. It fell, but I snatched it and lightly gave it to Rudy, who put it behind him.
"It's a bit of a jump... but just watch me and you'll be fine."
Rudy gazed over my shoulder, to see we were actually very high up upon the ship, and jumping down to the ground would be a bit painful even for a vampire. But there was a tree branch near us below, which could serve to help a landing. Grinning I gazed to Rudy.
"Watch closely."
I brought my legs up and then simply lept off with out even a slight hesitation. I fell easily, as my long golden hair rippled in the wind but instantly my hands caught the bark of the tree, and my body swung upwards until I flipped back up into the air, and then landed back ontop of the tree branch. The whole movement was done in one sweeping motion, and I looked up to Rudy. I smiled as I then jumped to another branch, and then finally to the ground like an agile and graceful cat. Gazing back up to him, I beckoned him onward. Rudy let out a sigh... and muttered some thing which sounded slightly to,
"here we go.."
He jumped, and he managed to get his hands upon the branch. Unfortunately, he swung himself but not all the way around, and only managed to fling himself several feet away from the branch. Needless to say, there was nothing for him to grab onto and he merely flailed in air, landed upon his feet but staggered a bit painfully. After a few seconds of silence, and wincing by Rudy, I laughed.
" Not the prettiest thing to see, but whatever works."

Rudy nodded lightly, as I began to walk foreward... the air was dark, crisp and cool but the smell of blood and taint upon the air was thicker than fog. I narrowed my eyes, hearing some noises but one of them being primarily feet. I glanced to Rudy, who was gazing about and quickly whispered.
"That girl... she's coming to this area. She must have heard you."
Rudy glanced at me and shrugged.
"Good, we can talk to her."
I rolled my eyes, as I quickly sat down, crossed my legs and waited in a rather unusual manner. Rudy gazed at me, as if taken by surprise until suddenly the girl burst through. She held a dagger in her hand, and her wild, black eyes gazed at us with surprise and shock. I merely gave her a half-hearted, unimpressed look as Rudy held his hands up and I crossed my arms.
" Please... before you do anything rash, let me explain."
"Who ARE you!?" She growled, and with that I quickly spoke. My voice was stronger than usual, and rather harsh or commandful.
" He's the prisoner your dear Boss was hiding, and I am the intruder. We are leaving and you will not stop us. Rudy here, wants to talk to you about some matter of you and Lantis, but then we are leaving. So I suggest you do not wave that dagger in my face or in his for that matter, unless you want me to take it from your hand and shove it in your face."
The girl seemed to be taken aback, as her eyes widened and she gripped the dagger harder.
" L-Lantis told me that I... I had to find you and bring y ou both back! I... I have to listen to him or else!"
Rudy seemed sympathetic, as he tried to talk to her but sh equickly waved a dagger in his face and made a slashing motion. Rudy barely missed the blow, as she was about to do another thrust.

Suddenly though, her hand stopped and in a blur of an eye even Rudy didn't know what happened until the scene froze. I had abruptly come from behind her, grabbed her wrist with teh dagger tightly and firmly, and I simply stood there. The girl immediatly brought her other hand back with her elbow to make amotion to get me in my abdomin, but quick as lightening I grabbed her elbow as well and held her in place. She tried to struggle free, but in humor it looked as if she were struggled to free herself from solid rock. I didn't budge and it made me even more unimpressed.
"Now LISTEN to the nice Vampire so we can explain, or I'll break your wrist."
"Vyli-" Rudy began, but I narrowed my eyes. The girl tried to aim a kick at me, but I suddenly squeezed my hand seizing her wrist hard so that a cracking sound was heard. She gave a muffled cry as she dropped the dagger.
"Vylianne we don't need to-"
I paid no attention to Rudy. Instead I glared at the girl as I whispered in her ear.
"Are you going to listen, or do I need to squeeze your wrist so that it is beyond repair and broken?"
She shook her head and her body relaxed, as I nodded silently and released my hold upon her. I took several steps back slowly, picked up her dagger and then set it against her shoulder.
"Take it."
She brought her other hand up and slowly grabbed the handle, and then I walked in front of her by Rudy. Smirking I crossed my arms.
"As you were saying Rudy..."

21st April 2003, 04:39 AM
*takes deep breath* here goes!

Liven Dinas

I looked down at the sword Father Farwell had given me,then at the purple haired vampire called Amethyst. She was grinning her vampire grin as she heald the sword inches from the father's neck. I took a step back and dropped to my knees, tears still streaming down my face i threw the sword to my side. Amethyst walked over and bent down on one knee and still smiling said,"Ha some Vampire hunter.....breaking down like you are! Pathetic!" She laughed. The sound of the insane vampire laughing sent a wave of anger through me, i was about to get up when she suddenly stopped and became quiet. Looking up i saw that she was standing now and looking off into the dark street.
Me and Farwell both looked at the Vampire not knowing what she was doing. When suddenly she spoke, "Well Priest do you think your up to it? Hunting down my little ungrateful pet, and putting an end to his fun?" She asked turning towards him. Farwell was looking down at his cross that was still around his neck. Grabbing his cross tightly, and ignoring his burning hand, Farwell looked up at Amethyst and nodded slowly. "Yes...i can do it...." He answered. I Looked at Farwell and stood up," Father....What about..Skyler?" I whispered. Farwell looked over and managed a smile," Dont worry my child! We'll find Skyler....just have faith." With that said Amethyst walked in between me and Farwell. "Enough chit chat...lets get this hunt started." So we all started into the deep hellish streets of Wood Water.

The streets of Wood water were stained with human blood. I have been hunting my prey for some time now and am getting closer. I walked down dark alley ways and through abandoned homes. Passing bodies here and there i stopped only if someone was in my way...or just to have a bit of fun with the stupid newly made childern of the night. I was so close to my prey that i could smell him now. "Yes...Skyler im coming! Its time i put an end to your meaningless life!" I called out.
As i walked down the blood thirsty streets i noticed a boy leaning against a burned out street lamp. "heh...Well Well! Is that my Brother?! Why were you runnign from me? I thought we were family?" I asked grinning.
Man how pathetic this post is! crap..writers block eh..well Frank maybe if you write skylers ill get some ideas. its all yours. maybe have farwell,liven meet up with you or something ^_^

23rd April 2003, 10:50 PM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
The Bloody Streets of Wood Water


For the longest time as Gyvien, my brother Yuar, and I searched the streets for any signs of Lantis, these things flooded my senses and made it impossible to think clearly. I was still in great physical pain from my injuries, and Lantis's taunts and violence had only served to injure my mind further. And he took Rudy.....
Hes probably killed him by now.....Rudys probably dead....
Through all the stress I was feeling I stopped short and shook my head. No. Hes not dead. And for once my reasonable side was agreeing with me. If Lantis wanted him dead he wouldnt take the time to kidnap him. Nothing was stopping him from killing Rudy when he charged, he just simply chose to knock him out. But why? Why would he want to kidnap Rudy? What was he thinking? I shuddered. If Lantis was resorting to kidnapping instead of flat out murder then he was planning something a WHOLE lot worse than death.
Im almost afraid to find out what....
Yuar stopped walking. Still numb with pain I almost bumped into him, my fingers slipping a bit from Rudys katana. Gripping it tighter, I studied Yuar. "Why did you stop?"
Yuar stood, still facing away from me. One hand of his was clenched tightly, the only sign belying his usually calm exterior. A feeling of panic and dread rose within me. Yuar had tasted blood. He was able to sense a lot more than I could. Could he be sensing.....
The sense of panic growing, I stepped in front of Yuar and looked him right in the eyes. "What is it?! Is .....is Rudy......" I felt tears welling up but I stubbornly willed them away. Even if it was something horrible I had to know, because not knowing was 10 times worse. Yuar squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head gently before reguarding me with a sympathetic gaze. "Myra, Im sorry..."
My eyes widened but he continued. "I was tracking Lantis's aura....I thought for sure that he would be right here. But it seems he has run us in a circle..." Looking around I saw what he meant. We were back at the building Lantis had disappeared into! Yuar shook his head again and went on. "His powers are incredible...now...." He sighed and turned away from me. "Now I have no idea where he is.."
I felt like my heart froze. Lantis, the killer of my family, had taken the man I loved and now neither of them were to be found. It was too much.
Until last night I couldnt imagine caring about anyone but myself. I had always thought that the only person I could rely on was me, to just take care of me and let everyone else worry about their own problems because I had enough of my own, but I couldnt be like that anymore. For once in my life, someone elses life mattered more than my own to me, and I wasnt going to let Lantis kill another person I care about.
Rage once again rising up within me, I turned to confront my brother. "Oh well then I suppose we all just give up then?! Since YUAR has NO F***ING IDEA where Lantis went I guess we should all just GO HOME!" Yuar looked shocked at my sudden outburst and started to say something, but I was done listening to people. "But thats right, I dont HAVE a HOME!! And I dont have a family either! And now the DAMN BASTARD that took it ALL away from me has RUDY TOO! Well IM NOT GOING to let him destroy EVERYTHING I hold dear!!" My voice was cracking as I practically screamed at the startled Yuar and Gyvien. "So you can DO what you WANT!! Im going to go find Rudy!! Im not going to let him be just another of Lantis's VICTIMS!!!"
Clutching Rudys katana in both hands, I ran off into the night, ignoring the pain in my shoulder and the tears streaming down my face. My insides were in a turmoil, the pain, sorrow, and anger that had numbed me before were raging inside of me. The cool night air blew my shorter hair in random directions as I ran down the bloody streets, but I didnt care about that either. All I cared about was finding Lantis and making sure he died for what he did to my family and Rudys.
I looked down at the sword I had in my hands. Rudys sword. He had dropped it when Lantis took him, but it would find its way home.
If it was the last thing I did....

Ok now no one go looking for Myra, this is something she has to do on her own ^-~

Master Rudy
24th April 2003, 08:19 PM
First off as with all my other posts as of late you might want to expect a little bit of nasty language. Second parts of this post will be in Al Bhed (for those of you who forgot we're using it at the vampires language in this RPG). For translation of those lines head on over to:


Rudy Summers
10:07 PM
For just a moment I glared at Vylianne. I wasn't angry but I did think her way of doing things was perhaps a bit uncalled for. I was about to say something about that when we were interupted by the vampire speaking in our native language. "E lyh'd pameaja dryd tysh pedlr. Fru fuimt ryja druikrd uha uv draca pylgfydan vampires vnus Earth luimt pa cu vilgehk pnidym!?" From the way it was said I had a feeling she thought all of the vampires on Earth only spoke English. Her words didn't bother me much but I had a feeling Vylianne would take great offense to that since it was directed at her. With an annoyed look she told the vampiress "Perhaps you should do a little more reseach next time." She just looked at Vy and asked with an innocent tone "Just what do you mean by that?" With a smirk Vylianne said to her "E syo pa pnidym yht E syo pa y pedlr pid fa ynah'd dra nathalgc oui yht ouin vneahtc vnus dra City of the Night sicd drehg fa yna." The woman seemed very surprised and shocked as she gasped "Oui cbayg uin myhkiyka?!" The only thing Vylianne did was nod. However with no warning at all the two of them started to argue back and forth in our language. Not wanting to see this get out of hand when their were more important matters at hand I said "Excuse me ladies." At the moment however they seemed to just ignore me. Several more tries in English also failed. It was then that I figured the best way to get their attention was to attack what was the weakness of most women.

I gave them one more chance to stop but it was no use. I knew that if this didn't get their attention that I'd just walk away and leave them there. No sense in sticking around to watch this. With a deep breath I suddenly shouted "RAO! Umt fusah!" Both Vy and the other vampire suddenly stopped and looked right at me. Vylianne remained quiet while the other started to yell at me. "OLD?! Where the hell do you get old from?! I'm only 19 years old!" With a chuckle I said "That still makes me the youngest one here. In any case I'm sorry about that. It seemed like the only way to get your attention." Both nodded and seemed to understand. However the female vampire suddenly remembered why she was fighting with us and said "Well your friend said you wanted to tell me something. I assume it's going to be beg for your lives?" With a smirk I said to her "I'm not going to do that. Hell you can go ahead and kill us if you want." Vylianne looked about ready to strangle me but she held back. Despite her anger she looked as if she wasn't surprised by that comment. Continuing I said "Of course if you do that I think you'd only be risking your friendship with Myra." She appeared shocked but in a calm tone asked "And just how do you know her?"

Before I could answer however her eyes grew wide as she saw Myra's bracelet on my wrist. With lightning quick speed she rushed me and I soon I found myself on my back with her dagger in my face. "Oui beala uv cred! What the hell did you do to my friend?! I'm guessing you figured you could kidnap her and save your own hide if Lantis were to capture you." This girl had a firey temper and was quick to jump to conclusions. Shaking my head I told her "Don't be so quick to judge someone. The two of us saw what happened to your other friend in the vent above your heads. You may be putting on the tough girl act but think about what you said. If I did kidnap Myra then how would it help me? Lantis seems to think all of you are expendable. What's one less lacky for whatever his little scheme may be?" At that moment as sudden as she had attacked she dropped the dagger and let me up. For a moment she was quiet before speaking. "Most of them are too blind to see him for what he really is. They either share his views or don't seem to care. All they care about is killing off the humans." Looking at me she said "Don't think I'm going to help you because I actually like the humans. It's just that I've seen what he is capable of. The only reason why some of us follow him is because we fear for our lives. Sadly my friend Myra is one that looks up to him." With a smile I told her "Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. She's learned about what he truely is and wants nothing to do with him." Whoever this girl was she seemed very smart. She once again looked at the bracelet and despite not saying a word she appeared as if she had pieced things together and figured out why I must have had it.

With a sigh she pointed towards two roads leading away from the ship. One was headed down into a canyon while the other lead to an extremely rocky road. Both paths looked as if they would have many good hiding places if we had to lay low for a bit or get away from the sun. However she suggested the best path to us. "If your trying to get back to that human city take the upper path. It's a bit longer but everyone that comes and goes around here takes the lower path. Lantis may think we're expendable but he isn't stupid. He'll only send a few of his men after you so that he can keep a large number here at the ship. If your from that city and know the area well then he'll expect you to try to take the quickest path and send them that way." Not wanting to waste another minute I nodded and thanked her for the help. However as we were walking away the woman quickly followed after us and got us to stop for a moment. "Could you do me one favor. Myra has no family left. However I've always thought of her as my younger sister. Please make sure she's ok and take care of her." I was pretty good at reading the tone of a person's voice and there was something about this woman's voice that didn't seem right. Suddenly it dawned on me. "Your not expecting to live after this are you?" I asked her. She remained silent and had a look that showed no emotion but her words were enough to give it away. With a smile I just simply said "Then come with us. What's the point of staying here if it'll only get you killed?" However she looked as if she had no hope and told me "I'm sure Myra has told you that his powers are unimagineable. All of us may be able to fly and heal our bodies but eventually most vampires start to develop their own powers. The powers Lantis has are things you only see in some of the oldest vampires. One of them allows him to track each person who works for him easily. If I go with you it'll only allow him to find the two of you much quicker. It does not matter if I stay or go. I'll die for not doing what he said. However I don't want to be responsible for killing the two of you also."

I could see what kind of a tough spot she was in. As we stood there she suddenly brushed her hair back and revealed a pair of gold earrings with rubies in them. The vampiress took them off and handed them to me. "Give those to Myra when you see her. You won't have to explain a thing to her. Once she sees them she'll know." As much as I wanted to protest and tell her she would be ok deep down I had a feeling she was right about what Lantis would do. The image of him ripping the heart out of someone who failed him was still very fresh in my mind. She was risking her life to help me. Placing her earrings in my pocket I reluctantly started to walk away with Vylianne following close behind. Looking over my shoulder I said to the woman "Don't you worry. As soon as I find Myra we will come back for you!" However with a sad look she told me "Don't even bother. It'll be too late by that time." I looked at Vylianne hoping she'd take my side and help me out here but instead she whispered so that the other vampire wouldn't hear "I don't want to get your hopes down Rudy but I can only be honest with you. I think you've just heard the last words of someone who is going to die. The least you can do is try to honor her wish and protect Myra."

Sadly she would be right......
This is all leading up to a big moment that will involve Myra, Rudy and maybe Vylianne depending on if she sticks around. It would be best if we got no interfearence with the three of them for the time being ^_~

25th April 2003, 03:24 PM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
The Outskirts of Wood Water City

Im......Im coming Rudy.....
I ran like that for a while, not really knowing where exactly I was going to, knowing only that somewhere on this Earth was Lantis and Rudy and that above all things I had to find them. I had no other direction, no other thoughts until I had run so far in my weakened state that I had to stop and catch my breath. As I stared at the dirt panting, watching the blood drip slowly from the wound in my shoulder, it came to me. The only place I knew where there was even the slightest chance Lantis might be.
The ship!
I stopped breathing for a moment, my eyes widened as the realization hit me. Of course! Why wouldnt he be at the ship! Its the most protected place under Lantis's control, and I was the only one who knew about it, so he figured it would be safe no matter what! Finding new energy with my new hope I stood up straight and started heading in the direction where the ship was located. Feeling I was finally close to destroying that monstor once and for all lifted my heart for the first time that night since reuniting with Rudy those short minutes. Im coming....
I was so determined to find him that it never occured to me I might be walking into a trap.....


There it was. Big, metal, and looming large in my field of vision. The ship where I had called home for the past couple of days. A place where I was no longer welcome and which I no longer welcomed. I couldnt sense anything, but I just had a feeling thats where Lantis had taken Rudy.
Striding forward, holding the katana tightly in my left hand I came around the side of the building to peer at the entrance. Though I was extremely stressed out I was still aware and smart enough to not want to be caught, so I pressed my back up against the side and observed my target for a few minutes. I didnt seem particuarly well guarded, but as all things involving Lantis were, appearances can be decieving....
Sure enough, it wasnt long before somebody showed up to guard the entrance. But I wasnt expecting WHO I saw..
Aneles. My best friend. The only friend I had in the City of the Night that I could really talk to, one of the few that were around my age. Most of the Vampires there were much older, and had been born on Earth. The ones who werent were usually taught to shun changed humans and my mother being one kept me from really making any kinds of friendships. She was always there for me, like a big sister. I knew out of anyone on this ship that she would still help me.
I stepped out from behind the ship and started towards her. Hearing my footsteps, she darted a glance at me, and instantly a panicked look crossed her features. “Myra! What are you doing here!!”
I frowned and came up to her, grabbing her hand in both of mine. “Aneles, please. I need your help.” I said, desperation in my voice and eyes. “Lantis...he....lets just say I know more about the world now, and Im here to keep Lantis from killing the man that I....” A look of horror grew on her face. Almost panicking she grabbed my shoulder and started to push me away from the ship. “You have to get out of here, NOW! Please Myra, trust m---”
Squeezing my eyes shut I jerked her hand away. “I CANT Ane! He has Rudy!!” Her eyes widened and tears welled up in them. “You dont understand!!! Rudys------aouh..” Suddenly her eyes went wide and she stopped talking. A trickle of blood ran from her mouth as she stood there, looking at me with desperate eyes, and then she started to fall over. “Aneles!!” I cried, trying to keep her upright. And then I saw what happened.
A gloved hand was protruding from her stomach from where it had come through her back. Slowly the hand grew into a shadowy arm and figure which quickly revealed itself.
He withdrew his hand as he stood up straight, smiling that chilling smile. “Oh, poor Aneles....” He knelt down and cradled her slightly in his arms, turning her face to look into her now lifeless eyes. “I had such high hopes for her....” He shut his eyes, feigning grief, then sighed and dropped her body carelessly to the floor. “Oh well..Im over it.” He turned to me, a sickening twinkle in his eyes and winked. “I have other matters to attend to presently..”
I was in shock. It had happened so quickly, he.....he just killed her like she was nothing! Like she didnt mean anything, as if it were as easy as breathing. I sank to my knees in front of her body, tears escaping from my wide eyed gaze as my mind struggled to comprehend. This....this cant have happened....this cant be happening!

”Your so pretty, Aneles. I wanna be as pretty as you one day.”
I look at Aneles with my 6 year old gaze as she fixes my dress and smiles. “You will be. In fact one day a guy will tell you the same thing.”
I smile, then as I think of what Im dressing up to go to I frown. “But Ane I dont know....Mother and Father will be choosing. I dont think Ill like being betrothed.”
Always the wise one, even at 7 years old, Aneles smiles and pats me on the shoulder. “Dont worry....here. Youll feel pretty with these on.” She turns around and displays her special ruby and gold earrings. The ones she got from her Mother! These were from Earth! “Aneles! Really? Wow!” She puts them on me, and I swing my head to watch them glitter. “Thanks, Ane!”
She frowns and puts her hands on her hips. “Well Im not GIVING them to you....” She flicks one of the earrings and watches it swing. “Just borrow...” She says with a smile.......

She couldnt be dead....My mind just refused to believe it.
Ignoring my obvious distress, Lantis continued. “So. You have come back to me Myra, splendid! I was wondering when youd come around and realise that it is better to be on the winning e-----”
Lantis seemed genuinely confused over my sudden question. “Why? Why what Myra? Why did I kill her? Well my dear child, I HAD to! You see, after you left I was just so upset, and I had to express it somehow...” He smiled and walked in front of me, nudging Aneles’s body out of the way with his foot in the process. Clutching my arms to my chest I shot a glare at him with my tear-stained face. “WHY?! Why do you have to DO THIS!! First you take Rudy and now you kill my ONLY FRIEND!! WHY!!!” I screamed at him in a voice filled with pain. My mind was clouded with pain and sorrow, and I couldnt think straight at all. At the time I didnt even realise that yelling at him wouldnt make him feel the least bit guilty. “Dear Myra.....” he said, placing a hand on my shaking shoulder, though I couldnt even feel it. “This is all about that Summers boy, isnt it? Child, you may THINK you love him...but you dont seem to understand that creatures of the underworld are not meant for love. All it will do is cause you pain.....”
I shook my head violently. “NO! Your WRONG!! NOW WHERE IS RUDY!?” I yelled, yanking my shoulder away from him. Lantis sighed and got a sorrowful look on his face. “I wanted to keep this from you, because I knew it would hurt, but.....My dear Myra, what your ‘friend’ was trying to say was that she had gotten so upset thinking he had done something to you that she killed him. Hes dead.”
I felt something inside me shatter. Too many things, too much pain, all of it, ALL of it had been wearing away at my sanity. And hearing that, not even thinking that it might not be true, was the last straw. I lost it.
The next thing I knew I was screaming at the top of my lungs, swinging the katana at the area where Lantis had been moments before. I was so furious I couldnt see, all I saw was Rudys unconsious body on that street and Aneles’s bloody face still wearing a look of shocked disbelief. The darkness I had always sensed within my soul completely swallowed me up, and Myra Link as I knew her for a few moments ceased to exist.

And that was when it all went to hell.

Within the space of those few moments, Lantis caught me from behind and placed a hand on me, instantly calming me down. Though as I soon found it wasnt by my choice. In fact nothing was by my choice anymore. My hands hefted the katana through no direction of my own. A laugh welled up within me, my voice sounding strange and alien to my own ears. Suddenly as Lantis spoke it became all too clear what had happened. “Ah, Myra...I hoped you would listen on your own....but as that is not the case, youll still be useful as my puppet.” He grinned sickeningly and I felt my face taking on the same expression, though I could do nothing about it. The katana in my hand came up and cut a gash into my arm. Inwardly I winced, though since I was no longer in control of myself my face didnt change expression. I began to laugh again. Lantis’s voice went on. I wasnt sure whether he was speaking directly into my mind or out loud, but it was sharp and clear. “Yes this is wonderful...If I couldve controlled the royal family this well, maybe they wouldnt have had to die....”
My voice seemed to agree. “Heh.....Mommy and Daddy.....”
Shock once again filled me. What was he saying? I didnt have time to think about it though because I had a bigger problem to worry about.
Lantis studied me like someone observing a faulty piece of equipment. “Though in your current state you are not much use to me. Now, how can I make you more useful, hm hm hm.....Oh!” Lantis snapped his fingers, pretending to have an idea, and suddenly a vampire came into view holding a zoned out human in his grip. The human looked hypnotised and didnt seem to be aware of whats going on. But I was all too aware.
Losing control of myself to Lantis had not dimmed the hunger at all. Seeing her close up for the first time I realised that this was the female Vampire Hunter that Rudy and I had seen when we were searching for Gyvien, and also the one who managed to escape from Lantis when he transformed. As if reading my thoughts (which maybe he could do!) he sneered. “No one escapes from me...if I want something I get it. Now, Myra,” His sneer got bigger and more twisted with whatever sick pleasure he got from other peoples pain. “You are going to become a true Aristocrat.” He took the girl in his arms and placed his hands on her neck.
With a quick motion my katana came up and slashed the girl across the neck, slitting it cleanly. The ring Rudy had given me slipped off, and clanged to the ground.
“Drink my child..”
My fangs came down, and bit into the soft, already bleeding neck. The warm liquid flowed into my mouth, sending joy through every fiber of my body. I was unaware of what was going on until the limp body of the human was empty and my hunger was wanting more. Warm blood was still on my lips and down my neck but I was unable to wipe it away.
But once again my voice didnt agree with me.

Oh my GOSH!!

28th April 2003, 09:59 AM
Oh... that was a goody goody post!! EEEEE!! BLOOOOOD!!! *jumps about *



We began to walk down the path, but Vylianne's gaze ever so lingered around her and never directly focused upon one point. AS silence insued, and Rudy heavily walked towards the City... Vylianne seemed wary- as if hesitating. Stopping finally, she stood there, concentrating slowly... as she closed her eyes briefly and then stopped.
"We're almost there an-" Rudy began to speak, until suddenly he turned around to look at Vylianne to see she was not there. A bit of panic arose inside Rudy's mind, but as he turned back farther he saw Vylianne standing, her vision cloudy... and it looked as if she was in a trance. Stopping himself, confusion and curiosity arose with in him as he quickly walked back to Vylianne. Her strange, piercing eyes were seemingly clouded over as her breaths were short... and she stood stiff. Rudy wondered what was happening... but as he spoke to her, she nodded.
"We should get going! We can't stop and wait Vy-"
Suddenly her hand came forth and she touched Rudy's lips with her finger, which instantly silenced him and caused him to take a step back, away from her gentle yet stern touch. She suddenly blinked after, and her eyes quickly went back to their fierce stature as she gazed at him sharply, her eye sight more keen at this time.
" No. "
"What?" Rudy was confused, as a bit of eagerness welled up with in him.
"We must go now! I can't wait for you if we are going to-"
"Rudy, calm down."
Vylianne voice was stern, and rather like an adult shunning a child. rudy stopped, as he waited for an explanation but Vylianne's expression gave nothing to a hint.
" Rudy, do you remember what that female Vampire back there said?"
" About what?"
"About Lantis having special powers... about ancient vampires getting different powers?"
"Well... yes... "
"Remember those words. They will be of use to you in the future. But enough of that insight, I must leave you briefly now."
"Why..." Rudy's face was flushed with confusion, as Vylianne turned her eyesight to him and stared straight towards him. Her face was full of pity and concern, but she swallowed slightly as if running the information she had with in her mind and carefully sorting it out.

"There is some thing you MUST do on your own. You must make a decision, a very important and extremely difficult one at that. But this decision you must make with one other person... and only one other. That other is not me, although many moons ago I had wished it would be me wi- but that is besides the point, I must leave you."
Rudy again was thoroughly flustered.
"But... why... what are you talking about? What aren't you telling me? Can't you just put it bluntly and in words I can truely understand for once?"
Vylianne shook her head, but this time no smirk or smile came to her face.
"No. Is that blunt enough for you? But I will leave... but I do not trust you or your other friends to be left alone upon this night for a long while. I will return to you shortly, to give you further aid from the goodness of my own soul..." with that she gave a soft smile, but it soon faded almost instantly as she spoke gravely like an ever shifting moody sea.
" Now, I will leave. But Rudy... when I do leave, think hard to yourself. Is this path to the City really what you want? Listen to your undead soul Rudy... what does it tell you? Perhaps you should go back to the way you came... because that is where an answer lies. You just have to discover the problem. Go now Rudy! Go!"

With that, Vylianne quickly took a step back, and pointed behind Rudy, back up towards the path where they had come from the ship. Rudy turned his head to gaze up there, and when he looked back and instant later Vylianne had vanished, with out sound nor trace. Nothing but a swift cool breeze was in the air... as a haunting voice gently swayed over Rudy's ears.
" Perhaps you should go back..."

Yuar Oro

Yuar watched silently, almost frozen with confusion as he watched Myra go. The words he spoke had stabbed her far worse than any other...
But thats right, I dont HAVE a HOME!! And I dont have a family either! And now the DAMN BASTARD that took it ALL away from me has RUDY TOO! Well IM NOT GOING to let him destroy EVERYTHING I hold dear!!

Yuar winced, as he tightened his fist and still stood there in the darkness... she ran off, to find Lantis and to find Rudy. By herself... where she could get killed or even worse...
Yuar knew Lantis had his own tricks, and Yuar also knew that Lantis was after Myra. He was after to get the entire Link family out of existance. Myra was the only Link left... at least, that was what Lantis believed, since Yuar was supposed to be dead. Supposed to be.
Yuar had no idea what to do... his sister, the very sister whom he had watched over since birth had deserted him- Yuar was not family to Myra. He shook softly... as his face tightened with a melonchaly face- the first expression he truely showed- an expression of hurt and grief. She... she didn't care about him, nor thought of him of anything more than an aquaintance.
Swallowing hard, Yuar sighed...and fell to his knees as he knelt there in the silence of the night. In the midst of his thoughts, he barely heard the pitter patter of footsteps as Gyvien came up along side him. Her human side was in control now... and she placed her own bloodied hand upon his shoulder. He offsettly wondered how she got the cut upon her forehand... but he didn't linger upon it long.
"Yuar... I.. I'm sorry." She understood faintly of why Yuar was hurt, but she didn't address the matter fully.
Yuar swiftly got up however, his face back to his stern expression as he whirled around and his startling emerald gaze went back to it's eerie, piercing stare. He gazed down at Gyvien, as he placed his hands in his pockets and closed his eyes briefly and then reopened them, shaking his head. He couldn't be weak- he couldn't show his emotions or he would become weak. He couldnt' be weak now... he had to protect Gyvien and the others. Even if Myra didn't believe him to be her brother... or even friend for that matter, he had to go after her and stay strong for Gyvien. If he broke down now... Gyvien would see the weakness, and then maybe she'd run away from him too. Yuar could not show a weakness anymore. He had shown one already, and Myra had left him. If he showed another... maybe Gyvien would leave too. Myra didn't even give him a chance to explain that they would have to keep looking... Yuar wasn't going to give up, he was simply going to gather his wits again. But Myra didn't give him the chance...
"Let's go Gyvien. As much as you may not like Myra, we must go after her. If she finds Lantis she'll be killed or worse... and we have to help your brother as well. Myra may not realize it, but I care for her... and maybe you don't realize it, but you do care for your brother. We must go... I may not be able to follow Lantis's trail anymore, but I can easily follow hers."
Gyvien nodded, not arguing as both of them instantly chased after Myra's direction.
But it seemed all too soon they would be interupted...

" Gyvien?!" A voice suddenly called out, which caused Yuar to freeze in an instant and Gyvien to sharply gaze back. They had been following Myra's trail for some time... but a voice stopped them. Turning back, a shadowy figure came out from the alleyway and Yuar instantly unsheathed his dagger, but Gyvien seemed hardly affected. She boldly walked towards the figure... but gazed back to Yuar.
"This is dampiel business, strickly dampiel business only- so do not interfere."
Gyvien then walked forth, where the shadowy figure then showed himself in the moon's gentle rays. He had dark, piercing dark brown hair which was spiked upwards a bit, and his soft, flushed face had a stern but yet gentle smile. His dark, slate-blue eyes reguarded her with respect and he nodded slowly... briefly.
"Ah, Feor, it's pleasant to find you upon this night." Gyvien said, smiling.
" You to Gyvien... last I had heard from the underground that you were held captive and almost killed, but here you are- yet again, like always... still alive and well." Gyvien nodded, as Feor then peered back behind her.
"Whose that? I sense a vampiric persense... your not.."
" A relative- since we are dampiels, we have some relatives. But do not worry, he's strickly not feeding upon dampiels or even humans for that matter. He's not a killer... do not worry. But I am upon an urgent buisness as of late, do you need some thing?"
Feor nodded..
" Just needed to alarm you. There are some rumors about that some one is after our organization's secrets... some dampiels have been almost caught and slaughtered by mutants. We believe they're working for some one... but we don't know. I'm worried that if they are after the dampiels, they could come after you. Perhaps it is some vampire...witih a few mutant friends, but still... you never know."
Gyvien smiled.
"Don't worry about me- just make sure your safe. You are my number one ally remember... just warn the mountain patrol and the streets, and we'll be okay." Feor nodded with this, as he flashed a smile.
" May the night aid you." Then he ran off, as Gyvien turned back and headed for Yuar. Yuar gazed at her curiosly, but did not ask a question. Instead he spoke softly..
"Shall we go?" Gyvien nodded, and they ran off... as Yuar quickly discovered Myra had journied far ahead... but he hoped that they would catch up.

Little did he know... they were soon to be held back again..
(I'll post another post about these two later... they're little mini-plot which should help JT post shouldn't interfere with Rudy and Myra, and I'll probably wait until Yuar and Gyvien can join back up with them. JT - I posted that dampiel name for you, so you can post again.)

Master Rudy
30th April 2003, 10:41 PM
Rudy Summers
10:30 PM
There was something about all this that made no sense to me. Here I was in the middle of nowhere. I had just been rescued from certain death at the hands of Lantis by Vylianne. I owed her big time following that. Now she was suggesting that perhaps I should head on back to the ship. It was just crazy. As I looked at the lights from the buildings in Wood Water City I just couldn't get what she said out of my head. "This is crazy" I said out loud to myself. "The city is so close. All I have to do is hide myself and lie low and I'll be safe for the night. Once I get my powers back I'll be on much more even ground with Lantis. All I need to do now is find Myra and......"

Suddenly it all became clear. There was only one person who had an idea of where Lantis would take me. But in her condition would Myra really go there without the others? Surely she'd have at least Gyvien with her. However I guess I couldn't blame her if she didn't want to go. I could only imagine what it must have been like for Gyvien. But if Myra was alone what chance would she have? All she would be doing is walking into one big trap. Despite my better judgement I knew what I had to do......

10:58 PM
Before I could even see it I was able to smell it. There was blood in the area and I knew it wasn't good. From the scent I was picking up I could tell that both vampires and humans were involved. However the humans really overpowered the vampires. That was a pretty good sign that whatever happened didn't go well for them. When I arrived I had found six bodies in the area. The first I had come across was the vampire that had helped me. I guess I was hoping Lantis wouldn't find out but it appeared he did. She was dead in a pool of her own blood with a wound that appeared to enter her back and exit her stomach. As she layed on the ground I could see her eyes were still open. It was clear just by looking at them that she wasn't expecting that blow. Kneeling down next to her I reached out and closed them. I knew that she couldn't hear me but I spoke to her anyway. "I didn't even know your name. However I will make sure you didn't die for nothing. I'm willing to give up my own life if it'll put an end to Lantis."

Looking up I saw the second body which was next to her. This one was clearly human. As I got near I remembered who it was. It was the female hunter I had seen on the rooftop the other night while we were looking for Gyvien. I had no clue what she was doing here so I went closer to examine the body. There appeared to be no signs of a struggle. Her neck was sliced open and nearby was a pair of wounds that could only mean one thing. The only thing keeping me from adding another bite was the lack of blood. Her body was drained dry and except for what was dried up there was nothing left. Suddenly something caught my eye. Near the body of the hunter was a small gold ring. It didn't take long to figure out whose it was as I picked it up. "My mother's ring. Myra's ring." I said as I looked at it up close. There was no longer any doubt that Myra was here. Had she dropped it?

Questions about her would need to wait a moment however as I placed the ring in my pocket and went to check out the other bodies. The last four were grouped together. Before I got near them I could tell they were humans. However they were the last people I expected. I couldn't even say anything as I got closer. In front of me was the body of Jack. The human who had owned the Wood Water Inn and helped me in the past was now dead. The others with him were the rest of his family. All four of them were handcuffed and appeared to have been taken prisoner. Fighting back would have only been a losing battle. However they didn't even get the chance to fight back. My guess was that somehow Lantis had found out about them and figured that my only human friends would be useful in some way. However when I escaped they must have been declared as expendable. Jack, his wife and his brother who had owned the bar were all bitten and drained. However his daughter was a different story. She had a bite on her neck as well but it was not the thing that killed her. The thing that had done her in was the weapon the was sticking out of her stomach. To add insult to injury it was my own katana that I had lost in the ally. The weapon that had once saved her life was now responsible for her death.

There was nothing I could do to help them. As I reclaimed my katana the thought of drinking what was left of her blood popped into my mind. However once again I managed to resist. This time it wasn't a lack of blood. Instead what was stopping me was pure rage. I didn't care if I died now. As long as I got a shot at Lantis I would be sastified. As I stood there I shouted "LANTIS! NOW YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR! Show yourself you f****** coward!" However my response was silence. Yelling once more I said "I may be weakened but I will promise you this. If I have to tear this whole mother f****** ship apart to find you I will!" As my rage hit the boiling point my voice became strangely calm. "I'll make you a deal even. If you show yourself now I promise to end it fast. Otherwise the things that the so called Blue Devil did to those humans four years ago will look tame." It was then with no warning that it rose once more as I made myself perfectly clear. "I SWEAR TO F****** GOD THEY WILL HAVE TO CALL ME SATAN ONCE I'M FINISHED WITH YOU AND EACH OF YOUR FOLLOWERS!!!!"

Just then I rushed the door to the ship which was locked tight and started to punch and kick at it. I knew it wouldn't break down but perhaps someone would eventually open it to see just what was going on out here. As my knuckles started to bleed and when the door started to show a little damage I finally heard his voice. "I'm impressed Rudy. Normally you shouldn't be this strong in your weakened state. However if I had to guess I'd say your true power is fueled by your rage." With my back to the door I got into a defensive stance and said "Well if you want to see rage then show yourself. Surely someone as strong as you can't be afraid of a 17 year old vampire." In an unexpected twist Lantis started to speak in a sad voice. "I know what you must be feeling Rudy. I'll even admit that I would have enjoyed doing this. However you must believe me when I say that this time I didn't do it. I swear I tried to stop her." His final line froze me in my place. Surely he couldn't mean......

However I had no time to think about it. With no warning I heard somethign above me. It was only out of pure instinct that I got out of the way of a blow that would have beheaded me. I was just about to charge my attacker when she turned around to reveal who it was. The person who had just tried to kill me was none other than Myra. Within moments I noticed several things. All her injuries were now healed and there was not a single sign of them being there. As for Myra herself I could see that her lips were stained with blood and could smell a tiny bit of each of the five humans on her. I could try to deny and ignore it all I wanted but the facts were right in front of me. Myra had killed all of those humans. My heart had pretty much broke right on the spot. I almost forgot about Lantis until he spoke once again. "Think about it Rudy. Why is it that I found you so easily? Despite what you may have heard I was not the one to plan this little vacation to Earth. You are looking at my true master and the one behind all of this."

I just didn't want to believe it. However rather than think I let my anger once again take control as I rushed Myra. It was clear that I was outclassed but I didn't care. All I could focus on was the pain and rage she had just caused me. She had earned my trust only to break it in an instant. After several blows and blocks I came close to a killing blow. However she dodged it and the only thing it did was graze her face. Before it could even start to bleed however it was already healed. With amazing speed Myra seemed to disappear and was several feet away before I knew what happened. She got into a defensive stance and awaited my next move. Following the initial exchange I was a bit more calm and level headed. Suddenly I started to think. Myra was only 18 years old. Yuar's story supported that and it was very clear that Lantis was older. However if Lantis was as strong as everyone said then why was he taking orders from someone so much younger than him? Something wasn't adding up here. Finally I came to a conclusion. I still didn't know the old Myra too well. However I knew exactly who the new Myra who had come to Earth was. She wasn't capable of doing something like this. Lantis had something up his sleeve like always but I didn't know what it was yet. However when I got a free moment I was going to find out exactly what he had done to Myra......

Master Rudy
4th May 2003, 02:27 PM
Asi had started on something of her own but was unable to post it. As a result I'm going to do it for her and then follow it up with my own post.

Myra Link
The Outskirts of Wood Water City

Nothing mattered anymore.
Lantis had control of my body, of my every action, even my voice was not my own so I couldnt even cry out in defiance. Always, ALWAYS have I stayed strong in the face of adversary, never allowing a situation to get so desperate, so out of control that I would lose all hope. Until now.

Lantis was too powerful. I was too weak. And no one would be coming to my aid this time. Rudy was dead, the one person on this Earth that I could trust, the one person in my life that taught me what it was like to care about someone. And I re-payed that trust, that kindness, with being weak and allowing the man, the creature that murdered my family to take him and murder him too. So what did it matter now, that I was merely a passenger in my own body, someone else behind the wheel? What did it matter that I had committed the unforgivable and tasted blood? The feeling of complete and utter hopelessness dulled any sense of anything in my mind, and for the longest time I didnt pay much attention to what Lantis was making me do. I just withdrew to a small dark corner of my mind and mourned, mourned the death of Aneles, of Rudy, and of myself. I....I had given up......

But then I heard a voice whispering, so low I wasnt sure if I was imagining it. It was a voice that was familiar, and that made my heart almost start beating from pure joy. It was Rudy! Somehow he was alive, somehow he managed to escape from Lantis, and somehow he came back here, maybe knowing I had come looking for him! Forgetting what had happened to me, I tried to make my body stand up. I wanted to run to him, shout for joy, hug him tight and cry and laugh at the same time. But I could do none of these things, my body was otherwise occupied. I realised that I had hold of a human, and was draining her, but upon hearing Rudy my body paused. "Damn...." Lantis's voice echoed in my mind, and then suddenly my hands dropped the barely alive, half drained human and stood up. The human, still aware enough to realise someone was near that could possibly help her, tried to cry out for help as she attempted to crawl away from the area. I felt my face twist into a snarl. No...... I thought to myself, as my hand lifted Rudys katana into the air. I tried to will myself back into control, tried to lower my hand or drop the katana, I couldnt stop what Lantis wanted to do. My face didnt even flinch as my hand drove the katana into her stomach, silencing her already weak cries for help. And then, without warning, I faded into the shadows, a trick I had only seen Lantis do.

Frustration, anger, sadness, longing, and horror boiled inside me. I was so close, SO DAMN CLOSE! I could see Rudy walk into view, see the horror and grief on his face as he saw the bodies of his friends. I saw the rage take over as he came to the body of the girl and discovered she had been killed with his own katana. I was so close to him, I...I could....if I could just move my hand a little bit I could reach out.....
He freed his katana from the girl and stared at it for a few moments, watching the blood run down the blade, his face contorting with a hundred emotions, before he totally lost it. He yelled at the top of his lungs, shouting things I never thought I would EVER hear Rudy say, in a voice that I no longer recognised as his. And then it a fit of pain and rage he attacked the door of the ship, beating on it furiously with hands and feet until he started to bleed.
”My my isnt he determined...” I heard Lantis’s voice echoing within my mind again. But Im sure he wont be so determined to kill ME once he knows who REALLY killed those worthless creatures....heheh..
No... I had forgotten. Rudy didnt know what happened to me, he had no idea that Lantis was now controlling my body. He didnt know that when I spoke, it wasnt ME speaking. He didnt know that even though it was my hands doing the killing, they did so with no direction from me. And I was afraid to find out what he would do if he saw me covered in the human blood of his friends.

Unfortunately, I would find out very soon.

Suddenly my hand began to form itself into the metal claw, and within the space of a second, I became visible again and my hand took a swipe at Rudys head. Im not sure whether somehow I was able to twitch my hand at the last minute or just plain luck but Rudy managed to keep from getting his head knocked off. Though soon it was clear he was spared the physical pain just to be doubly hit by the mental pain as soon as he saw who his attacker was.
I saw him look at the blood all over my face, at the twisted expression it wore, and watched as something shattered inside of him. The look of pain, betrayal, horror and heartbreak on his face was wrenching at my heart, but there was nothing I could do about it. And then, as if things werent bad enough, Lantis decided to pour gasolene on the fire and tell Rudy that I was the one who was planning this whole thing from the start.

It was then that Rudy attacked me. In a mix of pain and fury he charged in, and started swinging the katana at me. My clawed hand parried most of his attacks and struck back, occasionally grazing him. It seemed that Lantis was toying with Rudy like this, probably hoping Rudy would fatally injure me before he had me kill him. Hoping that we would both die by each others hands in the perfect tragic end, before continuing with whatever sick plans he had for the Earth. Though Lantis wasnt being serious, I could tell Rudy wasnt holding back. He was trying to kill me.
NO! This CANT end this way!
”End what way, dear one? Wont it be much better with this runt dead? After all, he doesnt seem to care for you very much.”
Lantis’s little voice was starting to get VERY annoying. I felt rage start to grow within me, and then suddenly a blow came very close to slicing my head off. I faded into the shadows again and ended up about 5 feet away.
I dont care what you say, Lantis, Im not going to let you kill him.
”Well then, lets see if he feels that way about you.”
I then got into a defensive stance, and I saw Rudy studying me carefully. What was he thinking? What was he going to do? If....if he did attack again, how could I keep myself from killing him? It seemed like an impossible situation, it seemed like no matter what happened, whether Rudy killed me or I killed him, neither of us would win. It was a lose-lose situation, and how could anything change it?

Rudy Summers
11:03 PM
Maybe I really was starting to go insane. In the eyes of anyone else Myra would have been the enemy. I was sure that if the other had been with me that they would have had good reason to believe it. There were six bodies all around. While no one would have a good reason to believe what Lantis had said I had to admit the evedence was very strong. Each of the humans that had died were bitten by a vampire. Anyone could easily see she was covered in blood. As for vampires and dampiels they could have easily smelled the blood all over Myra. However soon after the first attack was broken off I noticed something I had overlooked. The last body was the vampire that was Myra's friend. Out of everyone that was in the area the scent of her blood was the only one not on Myra. While it may have been something minor it was a start towards proving that she had not done this on her own. I then remembered what Vylianne and the other vampire had said about Lantis. He had several powers that some of us could only dream of having. In the past I had heard about how some of the older vampires had mental powers that were beyond imagination. Somehow deep down I had a feeling he had done something to her mind to force her to do his bidding.

I was certain about one thing however. This whole situation stank. Now that I had actually taken a moment to think about things nothing seemed to add up. I had a very good feeling that I had discovered the source of this new problem but I wasn't going to let on just yet. If Lantis knew then what would stop him from killing us both while we were busy worrying about each other? This standoff finally came to an end when Myra actually spoke. I was waiting for her to do this soon but the words were not what I was expecting. "E tuh'd fyhd du caa ed aht mega drec Rudy. Drana ec hu naycuh vun ic du pa vekrdehk mega drec. Ryjah'd oui ajan fyhdat du ghuf fryd ouin dnia bufan fyc? Drao syo pa tayt pid dra pmuut uv draca humans ec cdemm fyns. Oui'ja cdemm kud y lryhla du zueh ic." I might have had some doubts if Myra had spoken English but instead she went for our own language. All of the younger vampires such as myself and Myra would speak it every now and then. However it was only the older ones such as Lantis that used it almost exclusively. While I had never heard him speak it myself I was pretty sure he wouldn't bother with a human language if he could avoid it. I was now willing to bet my life on the fact that Myra was under some kind of control. While still trying to keep an eye out for Lantis I told her "You know I won't do that Myra." I still didn't want to let on that I figured things out in case Lantis still had something in mind. Taking on a tone that sounded defeated I asked her "So tell me something. Where those nothing more than lies the other night on that roof? What about inside the inn when I admited my feelings for you? Did you just go along with what I was saying because you believed I was easy to manipulate?" Myra just stood there as I continued. "I'm sorry Myra but one of us has to go. Tonight one of us will have to die." With a sigh she drew the katana I had given her earlier and said to me "Cu pa ed Rudy. I've chosen my path. But sadly you've chosen death." The next round of this fight was about to get underway. However would I be able to snap her out of it without killing her?

5th May 2003, 01:47 PM
Lantis's control over Myra reminded me of a Metallica song called 'Sad but true'. If anyone wants to check it out a link for the lyrics is here. (http://www.encycmet.biz/lyrics/lyr-met2.shtml) Youd be surprised at how well it fits too ^-~

BTW, thank you for posting that for me Rudy ^-~
~~~~Myra Link~~~~

"Was everything a lie?"

NO DAMMIT NO!!! My mind screamed, trying to say out loud what I could only think thanks to that bastard Lantis. Being trapped in my mind was like being trapped in a coffin that was too small, instead of being comfortable and cozy, there was no way to move my arms and legs, and no one could hear my cries. It was the most frustrating thing I had ever experienced.
But Lantis had been strangely quiet when Rudy spoke those words. It felt as if Rudys words had confused him, heh, like for once in his life there was something he didnt understand. Of course not, Lantis could never understand. He had said so himself that things such as love were not meant for creatures of the night, but he was wrong. I felt like clenching my fists.
My finger twitched.
I jumped inwardly. How....did I just.... I had wanted to clench my hands into fists, and then.. Somehow I had gained enough control over my own body to move my finger slightly. It was a small thing, but it showed Lantis's control was not complete. But what....Of course! Lantis was preoccupied, Rudy had said something that Lantis did not know how to respond to! Now that I had an idea of how I could take myself back I started to try and loosen Lantis's hold on me, bit by bit. But I wouldnt get the chance to see if it would work, this time.
"I'm sorry Myra but one of us has to go. Tonight one of us will have to die."
It was a death threat. Something Lantis knew how to deal with, very well. Instantly the fog of his confusion dissapated, and I heard my voice condemn Rudy to death. But all was not lost. Lantis wasnt talking to me anymore, and he didnt seem to notice the brief moment when a part of me was free. There was still hope, I would just have to wait for another chance.

That chance would come, though not in the form I expected.

The battle started again, this time my hand weilding a katana. And this time, it seemed Rudy was holding back. I had seen him fight, many times, with various degrees of injuries, and he never backed down. But there was something about how he was fighting now that told me something was different. Could he have figured out it was not me saying those things, who killed those people? My sword swung at him, an attack that Rudy would usually parry quickly and follow up with a strike of his own, but this time he merely ducked down under the blade. Yes! I wasnt crazy, I wasnt imagining things! But I tried not to call attention to that fact, because if Lantis knew Rudy saw through his scheme, his 'fun time' would be over, and so would our lives.
My foot came out and kicked Rudy while he was down. Then, so fast I couldnt even see it, my hand reached down and lifted Rudy up by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall of the ship, causing him to lose his grip of his katana. RUDY!! My claw hand was holding him there, a couple feet off the ground, but rather than show anger or pain his face took on an expression of quiet nobility as he reguarded me. When he spoke he sounded as though everything was lost. "Well Myra, are you going to kill me then? Why didnt you kill me when Lantis was coming for you last night, why did you try to hide my identity? It wouldve been so easy to end it then." Rather than respond, Lantis chose to have me drive my katana into Rudys thigh. Despite the obvious pain he was in, Rudy merely kept looking at me with that look on his face, his eye twitching the only sign of what he was feeling. The sword might as well have imbedded itself in me for how much it hurt me to hear what he said and to see him in pain. Not happy with the fact Rudy did not cry out, Lantis had my hand twist the katana into his flesh. Pain crossed Rudys features, and I felt as though part of me was dying. Anger began to well up in me, anger and frustration at seeing Rudy in pain, and knowing that "I" was causing it. Suddenly a gold and red shine tumbled out of Rudys slashed open pocket and clanged to the ground. Looking at it, I saw what it was.
The ring Rudy had given me, that had slipped off, and.....
Aneles's earrings.
The memory of those earrings, of Aneles's death, and of the most recent pain and sorrow in Rudys eyes, was too much for me to keep in check. My pain, anger, and frustration grew to a size I had never experienced before. I felt like I was gonna explode, like if I didnt scream and let it all out I was going to pop. The storm that was raging inside me was too much for Lantis to handle, his controls over me were weakening, I could feel it. There wasnt enough room inside me for anything but my own pain and rage, so Lantis was being evicted. Perhaps sensing this, he had my hand give the katana one more shove and twist, which Rudy couldnt keep in anymore. His cry of pain was the last final push, and my soul cried out with him as every shred of Lantis's control was shoved out by my howl of pain, rage, and frustration. I withdrew my hand pinning Rudy to the wall and he dropped, landing on the ground with a thud. I fell to my knees, seeing nothing but white hot rage as I screamed to the sky, clutching my head in my hands. Clenching my fists, I pounded them into the hard dirt, and crumpled up there, my screams turning into sobs as my mind and my body came together as one again.
I felt an arm close gently around me, and practically on instinct I clutched onto Rudy, not wanting to ever let go. Though I was sobbing, shaking and crying, I felt better than I had all night.

I was free.

But Lantis had other ideas. I heard his voice echo around the area, still not able to see where he was.
"No one EVER escapes from me......."
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Im guessing that the final battle with Lantis is coming up, so get ready everyone! If your character can sense auras pretty good, then they wouldnt be able to miss that emotional explosion, it should stand out like a beacon, so it would attract lots of attention to anyone who is able to sense it.

Master Rudy
5th May 2003, 08:02 PM
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Originally posted by SSJ Rudy
OOC-I'm not posting now. Instead I've got a suggestion for Asi. I'd like input from the others as well. Since this topic isn't going to last forever once the RPG ends I can start archiving every page once we reach the end. Perhaps once Dawn is over I could e-mail Asi the files so that everything can be posted on the website. What do you guys think? Do you think Asi's site at Angelfire would give her enough space to be able to save it all? I just checked the first page of the RPG in wordpad. The whole first page is a 107 kb file and takes up 26 pages when in Times New Roman/10 point font. Overall it's not too large but keep in mind I can cut out the things that are not needed (OOC posts, sigs, TPM user info, ect)in order to cut the file down a bit.

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Yuar & Gyvien (combined post)


Yuar and Gyvien were running into the night air, until suddenly a figure ... or rather a flash of aura came across Yuar's mind. This was some thing Yuar caught severely... because the aura was full of pursuit which caught Yuar's attention. He stopped in his tracks, and Gyvien stopped after a few steps afterwards. Gazing back at him, she was still with in her human side of mind... thus her senses had to be weakened. A flicker of question flared up with in her blue eyes, as Yuar then suddenly gasped.
"Gyvien! Get back!"
BUt it was too late.

A crowd of shadows came forth, and instantly one of them struck Gyvien with a harsh blow to the side. Such an uproar caught her easily, causing her to smash to teh ground. But luckily for her, even her human side was equipped with grace as she leapt to her feet and stood straight in a defensive position. Yuar instantly dashed forward, but found three other figures leap into his way. Yes... Yuar had sensed them, and they were here.

It didn't take long for either Gyvien or Yuar to figure out what they were. Two mutants and three vampires... five of them, and they were not too happy. The question of why was rather hard... why were two mutants and three vampires teaming up together? Yuar didnt' know, but he did know by the stances of the three vampires as they leapt into his field of vision, that they would be tough to tackle. And those mutants looked as easily harmful... as they approached Gyvien.
The mutants made a lunge and Gyvien, but she was quick to withdraw her close-range weapon, a finely tuned dagger which she had held onto for so long. Lashing at the air, it was enough to make the mutants take a few startled steps backwards as she glared and quickly regained her footing enough to defend herself. Yuar knew however, with her human state of mind she wouldnt' be nearly as adaptable with out her vampire side... it would have been teh same with her vampire side in control as well. She would have been irrational- she needed both to be at her peak.
"Hold on Gyvien..." Yuar whispered, as suddenly a flash of metal came from the air at Yuar. Yuar's reactions were upon key however, as he instantly unleashed his longer dagger- but it was almost the mirror image of Gyvien's. Instantly the metals clashed, and Yuar gritted his teeth as the vampire pressed forward... but soon a swift kick to the leg and a punch to his jaw came into contact at almost identical times. Yuar released his hold upon the other's sword, as he took two swift steps back and saw teh other two vampires had delivered the blows. Yuar then began to show his skills... some thing he had not severely done all night.
"This is only three..." Yuar spoke outloud so that the vampires could hear.
" Hardly fair for you."
With that they glared and came at him harder- just as he had expected. They were irrational, and made sloppy mistakes in their furry. Yuar turned and spun many times, dodging several blows and recieving slight glancing ones. He watched the one with teh sword however, making sure to dodge that one. The first vampire who had punched him came at him first... after several flips backwards by Yuar. He posed with his sword, and stood still until the vampire charged. He then dodged the swift aimed kick by the vampire, and found the other twin vampire came at him with a kick. Bringing his sword down instantly and almost too precise for any normal vampire, his blade met the leg and sliced the leg clean. The metal was strong and finely crafted, and the leg was sliced clean off. A howl of pain came through the air, as suddenly the other vampire before came at him again after missing the other blow... but Yuar jerked his elbow back- withdrawing his bloody sword and elbowing the returning vampire directly in the gut before it laid a blow. Yuar then twirled around and charged, swiftly kicking this vampire in the head after jumping upwards, and then coming down upon the vampire with his sword-like dagger, cutting the vamp in the shoulder deeply. Twisting the metal, Yuar jerked the swordish dag. hard, until the vampire called out in pain. Yuar swiftly too his one hand off the blade and sent a hard punch to the vampire's face, and then he jerked the sword out. Kicking the vampire one more time, he was sent flying back into the brick wall with unbelievable force, and with a snapping crack the vampire was disposed.
The other one with the now missing leg was howling in pain... as Yuar took his sword and finished him off cleanly. But as he did so, and had the blade stuck into the chest... a movement of air came from behind. Yuar quickly turned away, just in time to miss a blade... but it cut him rather deeply in the left shoulder. Clothing cleanly was ripped, as warm blood rushed over the shoulder and began to warm his shoulder area. Yuar jerked his sword more quickly, whirling around to see the vampire with teh sword had returned to avenge his two friends. A swift clash of sword came again... as they combined in a dance of metalry, but Yuar could tell that he was more powerful than this vampire... even with a bleeding shoulder. Still, this vampire was smart... and pushed toward the injured shoulder side. Yuar held onto the sword with both hands, as they stood there... and suddenly teh other vampire took his fist and swung at Yuar unexpectedly.

This was a deadly mistake.

Yuar did not expect teh blow, but he was quick enough to react. He quickly dodged it and withdrew his sword, causing the vampire to stumble forward. As he did so, Yuar drew his sword backwards again, retracing it's step and cutting the Vampire effortlessly high into the air- decapitating the creature.

Taking a few staggering steps back, Yuar breathed heavily as he turned back to gaze to see how Gyvien was. Blood ripped down his face from the punch which left a strange clean cut. His shoulder oozed heavily, as he winced from some pain to his side but it was going away as his vampire side was healing it. Gyvien had killed one of the mutants... but the other now had her pinned to a wall, but it did not harm her. It was as if he was trying to capture her...

A loud bang echoed through the air, and the mutant's eyes widened as they stared into the startled Gyvien's emerald ones, but then he fell, and then lay motionless. Gyvien gazed turned to Yuar instantly, as he breathed heavily, holding his black gun in one hand, and the bloodied sword-like dagger in the other. His hair rippled in the wind slightly, as blood dripped from his chin to the ground. Yuar made not a sound, but his eyes widened swiftly again as he put his gun away and kept his sword out- still dripping with the blood.

"I sense Myra... they actually are not that far."

Gyvien got to her feet, although her hair was ruffled and her skirt was ripped and torn at teh side, along with a nasty cut at her upper arm and a small nick at her ear. Other then that, she was seemingly okay... just scuffed up.
"Let's go..." She faintly whispered, as Yuar nodded and they rushed off.

Master Rudy
11th May 2003, 01:31 AM
More big surprises up ahead in this post ^_~

Rudy Summers
11:15 PM
It was all over. Thankfully that situation had ended in a way that I wouldn't regret. Myra had broken free of the control she was under. After pulling her closer to me we just sat there for a moment as I made an attempt to comfort her. I was about to return the ring and earrings to her when she pushed away and looked at me as her eyes filled with tears. I could hear the pain and sorrow in her voice as she said "I'm so sorry Rudy." Myra had no need to explain since I figured it all out for myself. She may have been the one that did the killing but it wasn't by her free will. "I didn't want to do it Rudy" she sobbed as I once again held her tight. "Not only did I kill them but I also tasted their blood." I wasn't sure what exactly to say to her. How could I comfort Myra after all that? Even if I could I wouldn't have had a chance.

After his outburst Lantis was calm now and back to doing what he did best. Once again he was trying to drive a wedge between me and Myra as his voice echoed around the two of us. "That's right Rudy. The girl you love has become the very thing you hunt. There's no way you'll let her live now is there? What would your father think if you let a vampire like Myra go?" Trying my best to ignore the pain as I stood up I said "It won't work Lantis. There's no way you'll get me to kill Myra." Lantis just laughed and said "Well this wasn't my original plan but it all works better in the end. This whole thing was originally planned for you. I figured the best way to break you would be to force you to do the one thing you've tried to avoid. Watching you go crazy over the deaths of your friends was going to be an added bonus once I released you." I could once again feel my anger boiling but I was calm as I spoke. "So why the change of plans then? Why do this to Myra and not me?" I was pretty sure Lantis would have had a huge smirk on his face if the coward had actually reveled himself. "Well you see my mind control only works when my intended victim has a huge amount of uncontrolable rage. I could have taken you with no problem if it wasn't for the fact that you were focused on your sister. The problem with this power is that the person has to be 100% focused on me. You had the rage but when I tried to enter your mind I saw that you were too busy thinking about how terrible it must have been for Gyvien. But then again now that I think about it I believe she actually enjoyed it." As the son of a b**** started to laugh I nearly lost my mind. The only thing stopping me was Myra. "Don't do it Rudy. It's what he wants." I tried to calm down as Lantis went on to explain choosing Myra instead of trying again with me. "When Myra came along I knew nothing would tear you up more than thinking about how she must live with a fate that was intended for you. It must be horrible knowing that if you weren't so worried about that damn half breed you could have saved Myra from this. However as I said before it works out in the end. After all how can Myra expect to be a princess if she won't kill a human every now and then?"

Anger soon turned to shock once I heard those words. However when I turned to Myra to try and confirm it I saw she was just as confused as me. Lantis gasped and started to speak in a voice that showed surprised. "Oh dear me! Did I forget to mention that to you your highness?" Myra was shocked over this turn of events and simply asked "I'm a princess?" Lantis was quick to explain this as well. "Your father never was one that liked formal titles. He actually considered himself to be equal to everyone else. It's such a shame when I think about it. He could have had so much and yet he threw it all away." I watched as Myra soaked in what she just heard. The look of shock turned to one that looked as if it had just discovered the truth behind something. "This explains everything Lantis! It wasn't the fact that my father and mother didn't want to take over the Earth like you. It was the fact that they posed a major threat wasn't it? You knew that if they were not out of the way that you would have eventually been exposed for what you really are." Lantis just remained silent as both myself and Myra waited for an answer. Suddenly from out of the shadows I saw a figure move. Soon it was followed by several more. Before we could react to what was happening we were faced with the task of fighting off 15 vampires. Five each were on the two mountain paths leading away from here while the rest surrounded us. With our backs up against the entrance to the ship I knew we had no choice but to fight.

As everyone on the battlefield drew their weapons I got in front of Myra. Even with my injuries and the knowledge that she was now stronger than me I was still determined to protect her. Lantis laughed and said "Now isn't this sweet? It seems like the Blue Devil feels the need to protect his princess. As I've already told the two of you no one escapes me alive." Myra seemed to ignore Lantis as she spoke. "This is crazy Rudy. As much as I hate what has happened to me I know that I'm more powerful now. Meanwhile your still weakened. You shouldn't be doing this." Without taking my eyes off the five vampires who currently had us cornered I told her "That may be true but I still wouldn't forgive myself if you got hurt." That always annoying voice that I had grown to hate let loose yet another laugh and said "Could the two of you end this now please? Once your both dead you'll have the chance to share a shallow grave together." Despite how bad things currently were I chuckled and said to Myra "I don't think that is what I had in mind when I said I wanted to be with you forever." My last comment seemed to really annoy Lantis. "I can only take so much of this b***s*** you call love. Kill them! NOW!"

Right now this will be strictly a battle involving just Myra and Rudy. It would be best if everyone else stayed out of it for now.

18th May 2003, 12:21 AM
After Awhile of stalking my “prey” I had finally found him standing next to a dark building. As I wastzed up to him I let out a slight giggle. When I got closer I noticed that Skyler was ready for a fight, he stiffened, “Its over Roland, im tired of running away from you! Its time I fight back!” He demanded. “Oh? Little vamp. boy wants to fight? Well then! You get first hit!” I said as I turned and spread my arms out bowing slightly. “No Roland! No more games! This time its to the death, a real fight!” he proclamed. Looking over my shoulder I grinned at him, “For real then, yes?” I said in a priestly manner. Turning I drew my sword, Skyler taking his dagger out. “Come on you damned priest!” Skyler yelled, as a scream echoed in the distant darkness, skyler took a short glance in the direction heard. In that slight instant I was running at him sword ready to stab. Looking back, Skyler dodged and stabbed me in the gut. Blood splatted in the air landing on his face. I stopped and held the dagger that was planted in my stomach, and let out a choked laughter.
“nice! Nice skyler! ....But...if you really want to kill someone.. you twist!” I coughed out in a harsh tone as I gripped the dagger tightly in my gloved hands. Twisting the dangger more blood soaked my black priest shirt, pulling the dagger out skyler backed a few stepped from me. Straitening up I was holding my organs in as blood still oozed. After awhile my wounds started to heal quickly. “ Yes! How fun you are brother! My turn?” I asked sheathing my sword. “its time to see a real vampire fight!! Watch and learn Skyler cause this will be the last thing you see!!!” Disappearing I grabbed Skylers neck and slammed him into the building he was next to and throwing him to the ground. Coughing up a little blood, skyler got to his feet and readied himself. picking him up again by the neck, I took a small dagger and slowly raised it to his open neck. “it looks like the end my dear friend! ...Hhehe.. May GOD be with you!” I laughed as I drew the dagger closer.......
Liven dinas

“No!! Dont Roland! drop that dagger RIGHT now!” I yelled as I had one of my guns pointed at Roland head. I was about to pull the trigure when amethyst stopped me. “No liven ill deal with him...After all he is my pet vampire!” She stepped closer to the evil priest. roland still holding Skyler, gave a look of dread when he saw who was there, which surprised me greatly. Throwing Skyler to the ground he folded his arms and shifted his weight to his left leg. I ran to Skylers aid,as Roland spat to the ground. “What the hell are you doing here......” he asked in a tone almost sounding sane.
“Why Roland im here to take back my gift! That was a nice trick you pulled back in the alley, but it didnt work quite as planned!” she smiled at him and continued, “I give you back that gift you wanted soo much and this is what I get in return? Oh no...no. Roland I think I have to take it back now!” She stopped smiling and walked to roland. before she could get to him farwell stepped in. “wait!” Roland ,amethyst and I all looked at Farwell. “None of you need to be involved! I started this...i think I should end it all! he is my responsiblity after all, i....i.. should have seen theevil man he was......” he sighed then continued. “I know why now that I have lived as a vampire...and that is to kill you and stop this madness!” Farwell almost yelled. leaning down, helping skyler get up, I looked up at Farwell my friend. “No Farwell! youll die! I dont want you to! I should kill!” I yelled at farwell. farwell gave a sort of weak smile. “No child, this is my fight.” he said calmly. Getting up I ran to him, I could feel sadness swell up inside me. “Farwell no!” I sobbed, hugging him I kept telling him not to fight that damn priest and that I should, but all he would say was “ no liven , Take skyler to a safe place and leave here...i’ll be ok.” he said. Hugging me back he whispered, “ please” I looked up and wiped my tears away and shook my head. “please be safe Father!” I said then taking Skyler I took one look and walked away.
PRIEST WARSSSSSS!!!!!!! ok Frank your turn!! ^,^

19th May 2003, 12:40 PM
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
That bastard Lantis. I thought to myself as the other vampires slowly surrounded me and Rudy, cutting off any form of escape. We were pressed up against the walls of the ship, in a narrow corner, but I wasnt worried about claustrophobia. I was worried about Rudy.
He was still injured from earlier tonight. His wounds hadnt healed at all, and as if to make it worse “I” had caused him some new ones thanks to Lantis’s control. And yet, despite all this....he stood in front of me, to shield me from the oncoming onslaught of Lantis’s followers.
For all the pain he was in, the weakness this night brought to those who have not tasted blood, he wanted to protect me.
And this hurt more than everything else.
As happy as I was to be with Rudy again, I didnt see why he would want to help me after what happened. Lantis said so himself, Rudy saw it, I had tasted blood. I was now one of the creatures Rudy hunts, a blood drinker, and even though I had not wished to taste blood now that I have it has become a part of me forever.
Now I need to drink blood to survive.
“Rudy....” I started to say in a choked voice, but, as if on cue, the 5 vampires that had us surrounded attacked. But Rudy was ready. The corner we were trapped in was narrow, limiting the number of attackers that could reach us comfortably. Though they were experienced fighters, Rudy had a slight advantage since they were getting in each others way. The first two that reached us were quickly taken out as Rudy swung his katana, taking off their heads and sending their blood spraying in all directions. The others seemed a bit startled, but, despite their better judgement, charged in also. Apparently they were more afraid of Lantis than they were of getting killed. The result was the same either way.
It seemed like I wasnt even there for the longest time, like I was watching from a dream, and could do nothing but witness the bloody specticle before me, until the sheer numbers and Rudys fading strength began to take its toll. Slashed, beaten and exahsted with fighting off the remaining 13 vampires, Rudy stumbled back, leaning against me and panting, holding a wound across his ribs. “M....Myra...” He gasped out, still reguarding the approaching vampires with a deadly glare. “Get...out of here...”
Panic rose up within me. “Rudy...! Im not going to leave you!”
“Again....” That voice..... Suddenly Lantis appeared behind the group of his men and sneered. “You DID leave him before Myra, so why have a problem with it now? In fact...” He sidled up to the outer ranks of his men and sneered again. “All this pain couldve been prevented Myra. The boy could have been spared such a messy and bloody end if it wasnt for you. If you didnt love him all of this could be over...all this ruckus couldve been avoided.” He waved his hand dismissively over the bloody field, as he sighed and feigned sadness. “But, my dear Myra, of course it HAD to be this way. I guess love means you would rather see him die slowly and painfully rather than quick and merciful.... Such a selfish thing this love is, indeed...”
Horrified, I could only stare at Lantis. Is.....it MY fault.....? A part of my mind yelled at me, telling me Lantis was a liar and that nothing he said could be believed, but still I wondered. Had Rudy been thrown into this because of my problems? If such a thing was true, if all this pain was really because of me, then I would never be able to forgive myself. My parents, my mother, she loved me and yet I killed her...will it happen again? Will I once again be responsible for the death of someone because I love him?
“Your wrong Lantis.” Rudys voice broke me out of my horrified thoughts. “If any of this is anyones fault its yours. Because your too stupid to see anything but your own twisted lies. You believe its the Aristocrats right to rule this planet, that the humans are just cattle, but I know the truth.” Rudy smiled grimly. “The truth is that your just a relic from an ancient time. An old man from an age where fear ruled all. Its not like that anymore. Earth has outgrown you, and though its far from perfect, its better than what you deserve. You are not the future Lantis, we are.” Rudy glanced at me with a tender look, then glared back at Lantis. “So get off my planet.”
Lantis laughed. “Oh, wonderful speech Rudy. Now, I suppose your going to make me? Do tell...”
Getting his balance back, he gripped his katana with both hands and hunched forward in a defensive postition. As I heard the first words of what he said next, I was filled with dread. “Ev drec kuac pyt drah bmayca vunkeja sa Myra. Ev drec bmyh pylgvenac drah zicd nasaspan dryd.....” He took a deep breath and when he spoke again it was the voice of a man that had resigned himself to death. “E muja oui.” I had heard this from him once before, and though we had gotten out of that situation without any causulties Oyar was small game. Lantis was a much bigger problem.
As he finished speaking, Rudy began to charge headlong at Lantis, ignoring the other vampires and his own injuries. The other vampires swarmed Rudy and I soon lost sight of him in the mass of attacking vampires.
Images flashed in my mind.
My mother, blood trickling out of her mouth as she whispered, Why....
My father, still trying to protect Mother though he knew it was too late...
Aneles, the look of shock and horror on her face as Lantis took her life, when all she was trying to do was warn me....
No.... Lantis had claimed enough victims, had made me lose all hope when he said Rudy was dead. I had thought I lost him forever then....the thought of losing him again was too much to bear...
The pain was too much....
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” I howled as something took over me, the pain billowing up until an explosion of shadow, not quite black but dark blue, erupted from me. I felt my wing cape grow and spread into a razored wing, and it shot outward at the mass of vampires surrounding Rudy. The result was a cyclone of blood as it ripped the vampires to shreds, revealing Rudy hunched over in the spray of blood around him. He looked at me and for a moment looked startled, and then wondering, at what I had become. Realising I was now shaped like a giant shadowed bird, but not letting myself wonder how, I set out to attack Lantis with the wing. What happened next was too fast for me to remember, but, as I faded back to normal, I saw that Lantis was still standing.
But his cape and his hair from mid-back down had been neatly sliced short.
I ran to Rudy to help him up, as a surge of hope went though me. Lantis had dodged it but not completely. He was not invincible, there WAS a way to defeat him! I smiled grimly. Watch out Lantis, your end is near...Making me drink blood was your last mistake:
Because now I have the power to defeat you.
I dont know how good this post is cause Im kinda hungry, and Im not that good at fight scenes ^-^() Ill give Rudy a chance to post his reactions and continue the fight a bit! ^-~

And Ill post Farwells part later on today hopefully ^-^ But first I wanna give Frank a chance to write Skylers part
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26th May 2003, 09:09 AM
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Master Rudy
26th May 2003, 06:20 PM
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Master Rudy
27th May 2003, 02:27 AM
It's time to get this show on the road

Rudy Summers
Near midnight
Outside the ship
I just watched in shock and awe as Myra let loose her true power. Only the strongest vampires were able to transform in such a way. Within a matter of moments the only trace of the group that had attacked us was the heavy smell of their blood in the air. As I watched Myra revert back to her normal form it became very clear to me. If anyone would be able to beat Lantis it was going to be her. What had once seemed like an impossible task now seemed to be within our grasp. Even so I knew this would not be easy. As strong as she was Myra was still going to need help. In my current state I knew that I wasn't going to be much use. Thankfully somewhere off in the distance I could sense Gyvien and Yuar coming. It would only be a matter of time before.....

Wait a minute? Am I imagining things or did I actually sense them coming?

I tried to focus on them for a moment. Sure enough they were there. Following that I saw that some of the first cuts I had gotten during the night weren't as deep as I remembered them. It seemed as if my powers were returning to me. With a smirk I thought to myself This is great! If the others are coming and if I'm starting to heal then perhaps we actually have a chance! Suddenly Myra said "It's good to hear that Rudy but are you sure that the others are on their way? I can't sense them at all." That confused me quite a bit. Looking at her I asked "How could you know that? I didn't say a word." However before Myra could said a word Lantis interrupted her. "Well isn't this grand. Not only does the boy's healing kick back in but his true powers are starting to show. It seems like my nephew is a bit of a psychic."

Once again the two of us looked at Lantis and were unsure of what he was talking about. However he didn't take long to explain. "Near midnight any vampires that had lost their powers slowly start to regain them. However don't go thinking you can't win this battle just yet. Those of us who are stronger will not lose our power until sunrise." Myra got into a battle stance and took a step forward as she spoke. "Your forgeting something Lantis. I'm also stronger now as well. I regret the fact that it was due to you forcing me to drink blood. However as you'll soon see it'll be your last mistake." Lantis just gave Myra a very annoyed look as he went on. "Didn't your mother teach you manners my dear Princess Myra? You shouldn't interrupt people who are talking. It's quiet rude you know. You could have at least waited until I was done talking to Rudy." As much as I hated Lantis and what he had done I had to admit he had made me curious about my powers. I didn't even have to say a word since he was more than willing to go on. "As you may know a vampire starts to develop their own powers around the time they turn 18. It's different for some however. I've seen some as young as 15 start to show their powers while others didn't get them until they were in their 20's. You didn't say a single word and yet Myra knew what you had said. Psychics have a strong link with some people. It would appear that your master here is one of those people." With a tone of anger I told Lantis "She isn't any kind of master to me. She's the woman I love." Lantis just laughed at that. "She's the last living member of the royal family. That alone makes her the master that every other vampire must answer to." Both me and Myra didn't say a word. We knew she wasn't the only one but it appeared that Lantis didn't. No point in spoiling a major surprise.

Pretty soon Lantis had gone back to explaining my powers more. "Enough about her. I'm sure your dying to know what you can do. Another one of your advantages is the fact that you can sense others better than most vampires. Hence the reason why Myra didn't know they were coming. As for other powers I'm sure something might have come up within the last few days." For a moment I remembered the vision I had of Gyvien's death at the hands of Oyar. It seemed to support what Lantis was saying. However his voice quickly went from calm to that serious tone I didn't like. "I'm glad I had a moment to tell you about your powers because your never going to get a chance to experience all of them for yourself." With no warning Lantis disappeared. However his words gave me enough of a warning to figure out what was coming. Turning around quickly I managed to raise my katana just in time to block a blow from a sword Lantis had drawn.

The final battle had begun......

Just to let you guys know any vampires that have been weakened during the night but managed to survive up to this point are getting their powers back. As for dampiels they should also be returning to their normal personalities soon. If you guys have characters that are free at the moment then feel free to jump in at any point now. Also don't worry about showing up late. I'm pretty sure Asi is going to keep this one going for quiet a bit ^_~

27th May 2003, 07:44 PM

A mad rush of emotion... It had all happened so fast. Roland...so strong...so powerful...too much for me... I had got him...got him with the blow that should have killed that bastard...but I didn't make it. That hideous creature, he sent himself through pain and suffering...just to taunt my worthless soul. Then, he had me. He lifted me up by my neck, and still taunted me. My vision became cloudy, unable to breath. A voice was heard...but unclear on who it was. It must have suprised Roland, because he tossed me to the ground. That monster...I had given it my best...but now I was lying in a growing puddle of my own blood. Then, someone picked me up...and I faded out...


I could see him...in the distance...grinning. Grinning that meniacal, insane grin. He then begin to chuckle...and then bursted out in his insane laugh...laughing at me...and my weakness. I drew out my dagger, and charged at the laughing fiend. I slashed through him, but then he appeared behind me and said jeered, "What's wrong, brother?" My anger weld up inside, and I bursted, slashing at him, but then we was farther away. "Come on brother, can't you hit me?" I dived at him, he laughed...drew his sword and...

"NOOOOOOOO!" I cried, springing up. Pain spread through my body, and I whinced in pain, falling back onto the bed. I looked around at my surroundings. "Strange..." I thought to myself. "Where am I?"

"Your in a safe place now," said a familiar voice.

"Liven?" I said as I looked to the right, and there she was. I looked around the room. "Where's Father Farwell?"

"He's..." she looked down at the ground. "He's fighting Roland." Tears dripped onto the ground, moistening the marble floor.

"What? Father...he can't fight...he'll die!"

More tears fell to the ground. "Thats what I told him..." she said in a wavery voice.

I jumped out of bed, the pain still in my bones. "We have to help him."

"No, he told me to bring you to a safe place and leave that place...he said it was his fight."

I looked at her, and those words echoed in my mind. It was his fight. Immediately, I ran down the hallway, ignoring the numbing pain.

"Where are you going?" cried out Liven, in an "I don't think so" tone of voice.

"Farwell's stealing my fight," I cried out. "And I'm not going to let him take it all.

Hold on Farwell...I'm coming...
This should be pretty far into the Roland/Farwell fight, since Skyler's been unconscious for a while. :o Your turn, Steph.

27th May 2003, 07:52 PM

“ I can sense Myra’s aura… it’s growing far stronger then I’ve ever sensed it unleashed before.” Yuar spoke quietly, as Gyvien followed his quick, agile movement along the mountainside fairly well. His movements were cat-like, and almost seemed to make him dance along her vision… as if he were doing some intricate ballet which was never designed for anyone but him to follow. His flowing jacket, ripped slightly with blood stains alligned with in it’s black color were slightly seen as her eye sight was bettering. The voices which had egged her on with in the back of her mind were also settling down… she did not hear them as worse any more. Perhaps her night of hell was finally settling down… and if it was, she was glad to obey her own thoughts again. The night had her emotions running on high all night… and she was glad to finally have her own thought process.

I could sense Myra had an inner power… after all, she is part of the royal blood line which runs through my veins as well. It needed arrousal to come out… perhaps Lantis or even Rudy has made it awaken. A night of weakness perhaps is good for her…

Yuar could sense several auras approaching… one obviously Lantis, Rudy, Myra… but there were at least seven more auras he could not quite identify. Each aura had a bit of Lantis with in it…as if almost some one was trying to shroud it. Or was it just some thing to throw Yuar off? These seven auras were a bit a ways off from the other three. Maybe it was trying to throw Yuar and Gyvien off the trail..
No, I will go to my sister.
As Yuar thought it, the memory of his sister’s shouts at him in anger struck against him again. It was a painful blow of the memory, which stung his inner aura quite deeply… Yuar was always calm, silent and serious when it came to physical matters. But the only thing that could really hurt him were matters of the heart and soul… the ones that were the closest to him could only hurt him. Myra had done that… but Yuar had to move on.
On towards them.

Then the action had already begun.

Yuar and Gyvien suddenly broke the steep climb up to the mountain, to come to a flat surface. It was there that Yuar saw the massive spaceship Lantis must have traveled in, so delicately tucked away into the trees but yet it’s looming figure ever showing it’s presense. A ways off before that however, was three figures in motion. Rudy swung his katana about wildly as Lantis tried several mean blows to the head- Lantis was going for a kill. Myra however had also attacked, but like an intricate dance… none of anyone’s attacks seem to connect but rather always were avoided or countered.

As if on cue however, Yuar leapt into motion himself. Anger gripped him suddenly at the sight of Lantis… as the eerie, pale-faced vampire made a blow towards Myra’s face. She barely managed to make the blow glance, and before anyone else could react, Yuar had already done so. He leapt into the air with grace, and as if some mysterious force suddenly shrouded his signature he came down upon Lantis with a swift kick to his jaw. The force itself was surprising- a blood drinking vampire knocking an elder blood drinking vampire off his feet. Lantis was sent reeling, as Yuar landed before Rudy and Myra, who were both angry themselves with looks of determination.
“Yuar… we’ve expected you.” Rudy commented, a bit of relief in his voice.
Could Rudy see me as a … Yuar thought’s began, until suddenly Myra’s voice pierced his mind.
“Yuar-“ As if she was to say some thing else, but Yuar mentally blocked it out. He did not want to hear his sister’s words. Even if he had wanted to, suddenly Lantis was back upon his feet.

It was rather comical.

Lantis’s eyes were full of fiery rage, as he thrusted himself back to his feet and gazed angrily foreward to see who had been the one to attack him. Did Lantis not sense Yuar? How could that have been… but there was no time for thought. Lantis’s expression when his eyes met Yuar’s own completely melted from a fierce, angry rage to a look of shock or even horror. Lantis turned white- if that was even possible for his already pale complexion. It was as if he had seen a ghost…
“Yuar… “ Lantis barely was able to whisper, as Yuar glared, his expression totally unchanging.
“ Lantis.” He flatly stated, his voice full of anger and rage. Rudy and Myra wanted to take down Lantis at that final moment, but some thing about Yuar and Lantis made them stop. There was a connection between the two which had not been fully revealed. Gyvien was by their side- behind them, but she was unnoticed as she quietly stood there not quite understanding herself and fear still gripping her in the face of Lantis.

A silent wind rippled in the cool night air, as Yuar’s auburn hair rippled in his face and he glared straight at Lantis. His fists were clenched tightly, as rage was ready to burst through his chest… he was ready to kill Lantis now that he had faced him. So many years of anguish… so many years of torture… so many years of running away.

Not anymore.

“ Your supposed to be dead!!” Lantis suddenly spoke, breaking the eerie and tensing silence. Lantis was angered as he spoke… but still shock was not entirely over for him. Yuar had died many many years ago… at least, Lantis had thought that. Yuar only shook his head, glaring.
“ Well, let’s just say that your problems are about to come back and kick you hard in the ***.” Yuar retorted, as he took a step foreward and surprisingly Lantis took many steps backwards.
“No… Oyar had reported to me that you died. You fell off that tower many years ago with the hunter and fell into the river. No vampire could survive that… a vampire could survive falling 8 stories, but not into a river… “
Yuar shook his head.
“ Before I kill you Lantis, tell me some thing… why were you so in tune on hurting Gyvien and killing me and my family? We were royal, I always knew that… but what did you really plan? You tell me that, I’ll tell you how I lived and then we can continue a dance to the death.”
“Agreed.” Lantis spoke, his composure returning to him as he took even more steps back, but remained where all could see him. He crossed his arms defiantely..
Rudy and Myra listened, partly guessing most likely how Lantis could listen and agree to Yuar’s terms. Little did they know, or Gyvien for that matter…know how thick and deep Lantis and Yuar’s history ran back.

“ When you were a pathetic little vampire boy in the City of Night, I knew that you were part of the Royal Family when your parents gave you to me to teach you.” Rudy’s eyes widened, as Myra remained rather silent… as if contemplating some thing.
“ Yes, and you did teach me until one day when I beat you in a spare you sent me out. I thought that we were done… until my parents informed me that you refused to teach me anymore. Why Lantis? I was just a mere boy.” Yuar asked, as Lantis narrowed his eyes.
“ You were… slightly dangerous.”
“You mean that because I could beat you in a sparring match, that I was a threat to you? A young five-year old boy?!” Yuar felt rage gripping him… his fists clenched more as he thought of the memories of being casted out of the school… shaming the royal family.
“ He wanted power Yuar, he wanted to take over the Royal Family…” Myra suddenly spoke, as Yuar gave her a sharp look and then looked to Lantis.
“ So was that your whole reason? That was your reason for telling everyone at the City of Night that I betrayed the Vampiric Race and went against the rule of the book by helping Dampiel hunters and humans ‘secrets’ that us Vampires had? I was a five year old boy and you made them believe that!! I understand now… so when I returned back from Earth, you knew that the penalty for such a treason was death of the child and its parents unless the parents killed their child. You thought my parents would kill me… but when they gave you the body, you knew it wasn’t me but couldn’t prove it. So you kept looking.”
Lantis smirked..

“ Yes, and I did find you, didn’t I?”
Yuar narrowed his eyes as Lantis further prodded..
“Yes, I found you… you never could escape or run away from me with out myself finding you sooner or later. It took a while, I admit… and when I found out you had a dampiel with you… well, then I had to act. A dampiel trained and raised by Yuar Link-“
“That’s Yuar Oro to you.” Yuar hissed, not wanting to associate his name with his blood anymore.
“ Whatever serves you, Draconin.” Yuar narrowed his eyes further… suddenly reaching to his boot and whipping out his black-handled dagger. Letting it glint in the end Yuar hissed..
“Say that name again and I’ll slit your throat.”
“Remember our pact Yuar… vampires do not break their word.”
“ Hypocrite!” Rudy barked, as Lantis gave a look of disgust at him.
“Why then Lantis, why attack Gyvien and myself? Why not just try to kill me? Why did you use her?”

At these words Gyvien took a few steps back… as if trying to hide.
“ Well, if you would have let me continue I would have told you. I don’t like telling my secrets, but I have so much you do not know of that I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. You’d find out sooner or later. It was proficey by a Vampire Medium that a dampiel, raised by my enemy, would be the one to lead to my downfall… and the downfall of my kind. When I heard of that, and then several years later heard of you raising her… I had to send people in to kill you. When I thought they had, I kept Gyvien as a prize and then threw her out when I was done using the pathetic excuse for a half vampire. She was trash to me.”
Yuar took a step forward but used his restraint to keep himself from pouncing..

“ Why not kill her? Why did you just let her live?”
“ I had my reasons Yuar, now answer my question so we can end this pitiful turmoil. How did you survive? Or are you really alive? I didn’t sense you when you approached me so rudely…” Lantis rubbed his jaw, as Yuar narrowed his eyes.
“I am no illusion. But I see it now… I see it truly. You wanted to become the leader of our Vampiric race, but since we were part of the Royal family we stood in your way. When I was born, you trained me because you wanted to see how powerful I could become. When I beat you at only my young age of five in a spar, you realized I could defeat you. Since I am the heir to the Royal Family- perhaps a prince you could say although the term makes me cringe- you had to dispose of me. Especially since I was male. But since Myra was a female, you thought you could either win her over to some how get ‘inside’ of the family or perhaps you could easily brainwash her. For a time you succeeded… I see it now.”

Yuar shook his head..
“ Well here is the scoop Lantis. I killed off all six of your hunters except for that coward Oyar. I had one of his minions in my grip about to kill, and he knew I would kill him next. So Oyar pushed both me and the hunter off the building from 8 stories, we fell… and there was a bridge. A factor Oyar should have taken in. I grabbed the edge of the bridge where as the pitiful hunter did not. He fell in and made the splash, I dangled with a dislocated and severely scewed up shoulder. Then I was aided by a frien-err, an aquaintance and now here I am. And you know what that means?”

Yuar threateningly shined his dagger as the others felt the drama finally coming forth to set the battle truly into motion.
“ It means that those who you believed to only be your pawns are back. And pay back is in order… and pay back is a horrible, painful *****.”

(This one is long... ^^ sorry, I've been itching to post. I would have kept typing for my second part which is surrounded around more of Gyvien... but I decided Yuar needed his own past explained a bit. ^^ He's still a mystery, but the Lantis part is revealed. ^^ Plus, you said this would be a long battle, so Gyvien will be revealed a bit next. ^^ yay!)

Master Rudy
30th May 2003, 01:26 AM
Credit for this next post goes out to Asi and Kalah as well since they thought of some of the lines and ideas ^_~

Rudy Summers
12:01 AM
Many things were being revealed and starting to become clear. Right now Yuar and Lantis only seemed to focus on each other and no one else. It was so quiet that one could actually mistake this for a peaceful scene had it not been for the obvious things to show otherwise. There were four vampires and a dampiel standing on the battleground. Bodies or in some cases what was left of them were all over the place. Finally with Lantis and Myra being the exceptions we were all injured in some way. Even those that were not hurt were covered in the blood of their enemies or victims. This was a war between vampires and it was not a sight for the faint of heart. However right now it was just simply a tense standoff.

Very soon as it had all night long things were going to get worse.

Gvyien had looked at both me and Myra the whole time Yuar spoke with Lantis but didn't say a word. When they were finally done talking she just looked at us in disgust and said "So she's finally gone and done it hasn't she?" For a brief moment I had forgoten about that due to the fact I was busy listening in on the conversation Lantis had with Yuar. As a result I had asked Gvyien "What is it she's done?" Gvyien's tone took on a hint of anger as she spoke. "Don't play dumb with me Rudy. Her bloodstained lips? The smell of human blood on her? Any of that ringing a bell?" Now that I wasn't focused on the others the painful thoughts of what Lantis had made Myra do came back to me. I had a basic idea of what Gvyien must have been thinking. Here was her brother who devoted his life to hunting his own kind and risking himself to protect people that feared him. Now all of a sudden he was with someone who he had vowed to destroy. All of this was making me look real bad at the moment. My main concern was if Gvyien would even listen to what happened.

With a sigh I tried to explain. "It's not her fault Gyvien" I started to say in an attempt to try and patch all this up. What I wasn't expecting was for that to make me look worse in her eyes. "Oh I see now" she said with even more disgust than before. "You put her up to it didn't you?" Needless to say I was shocked at those last words. I couldn't believe what Gvyien was accusing me of. She knew me better than that didn't she? I tried to protest but just kept quiet as Gvyien threw up a hand to stop me as she started to yell. "Not a word! As far as I'm concerned I have no family! Don't you dare think for one moment that I forgot what you almost did to me back there. You said you were sorry? B*******! You didn't even follow me or attempt to do such a thing!" I was still trying to recover from the shock of it all. As much as I wanted to say something about our encounter in the alley I knew that it was more than likely a bad idea at the moment.

By this point Yuar had stepped in to try and help. Placing a hand on her shoulder he said in a comforting tone "I came after you Gyvien. Everything will be fine." Gvyien was still very upset and told him "I would be dead if you hadn't been there to save me from the mutants. Or from the voices. But I still don't know what to think of it all. It's just all f***** up." Those words explained how the two of them had been hurt. However the last part was confusing. Yuar was also wondering about that but neither of us had to ask for an explaination. "Rudy went to save Myra. The only reason he found me was because he went to save Myra. Because he went after Myra he forced you to go after me. Your sense of justice wouldn't let you leave me alone. So perhaps it's true. I was always ment to be alone." It became painfully clear at that point as I went over things in my mind. Gvyien hates me and wanted nothing to do with me from the moment we met. I really DO care about her but how the hell could I be in two places at once? That was why Yuar had gone after her. I told him I would protect Myra with my life and make sure she stayed alive. Thankfully we both kept our promises to keep each others sister alive. However if I knew how much Gvyien hated me I would have tracked her instead to prove otherwise. The whole time I was thinking about that Myra was just looking at me as if she knew what I was thinking. That was when I remembered the psychic powers that were starting to show. I knew that I'd have to figure out how to get them under control so that I wouldn't always be worrying her with my own problems.

As I looked at Gyvien I started to say "That's not right." However Myra had her own words for Gyvien as well. "That's not fair!" she said to my sister. She was about to say something else when Gyvien just laughed a tiny bit. "Of course it isn't. Nothing in this world is fair anymore." Myra looked very angry at her last comment and shouted "What the hell do you know about fair?! Do you think its fair for someone's world to come crashing down around them and for everything they thought to be true to be nothing more than lies? Is it fair that the person that turned my life upside down would kidnap the only person to care about me and then tell me he's dead?! Finally to top it all off how about being forced do the unthinkable! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE!" All me and Yuar could do was sit back and watch as it slowly turned into one of Myra and Gyvien's major arguements. By this point my sister was steaming as she got right in Myra's face. "Are you so sure? Just because I was born with no father and a mother who threw me out in the trash so I didn't know who I was or where I belonged in the world... I had no parents, I can't judge? Just because I was raised from the only person who showed compassion and then I thought he was killed as I was tortured in more sufferable ways than death itself I can't judge? I've never been given the CHANCE to love or care about anyone! Don't you dare tell me I have no right to judge what I believe is fair in this world!" All I did was shake my head and sigh as I looked back to where Lantis was. What I saw however would be enough to make my heart race with fear if I had been alive.

Or in this case what I didn't see.

To my shock and horror Lantis was nowhere to be found. Tightning my grip on my katana I got into a defensive stance and shouted "Hey guys how about we have less fighting among each other and pay a little more attention to what's important?! Notice something wrong with this picture?" It didn't take long for the others to figure out what kind of stupid mistake we made. We had taken our eyes off Lantis and now he was nowhere to be found. Feeling disgusted over the turn of events I asked everyone "Tyssed! How the hell could the four of us get this careless?" Yuar looked around and said "Well he couldn't have gotten far Rudy. Besides I highly doubt he'd run away. Everyone spread out and search the area." No one protested Yuar's idea. It didn't seem like it would be a mistake. However we all paid the price. Once I was a good distance away from the others I heard the sounds of a serious struggle. Turning around quickly all I could do was watch in horror as three vampires detained Myra and held her on the ground as another four pinned Yuar to the wall of the ship. My first instinct was to run and help but I soon found myself in an even worse spot as an invisible force struck me in the stomach hard. Soon I found myself disarmed and at the mercy of Lantis who had suddenly appeared and held my own katana to my neck. I knew just how sharp it was. If Lantis had wanted to slit my neck or take my head off then nothing would stop him. As for Lantis he just could not stop laughing as he spoke. "This all worked perfectly! Meet my personal bodyguards. You'll never find anyone more loyal than the group that stands before you. Some of these men and women have been with me for nearly one hundred years. And as an added bonus we share many of the same powers. That was why it was so easy to catch the three of you off guard!"

At first glance it seemed like a very hopeless situation. However there was one person who had not been grabbed. Gvyien had her gun drawn but look very unsure of what to do. Meanwhile as she looked around with nervous eyes Lantis took a moment to talk about the situation. With a chuckle he said "Three targets Gvyien. However there's only enough time for one shot. Judging from the way you two get along I'm expecting you to let Rudy's **** rot. Next on the plate is Yuar. But dear me there's four holding him back. You wouldn't be able to fire four bullets that fast. Plus I'm sure he'd be dead before the first even hit one of my bodyguards." As this all sunk in Gyvien turned to face us as Lantis continued. "This leaves the obvious choice. But we're faced with another problem. Your next move can put an end to all this Gvyien. However there's a good chance your bullet will also hit Rudy. Would you kill your own brother to take me out? A better question is wouldn't you miss me if I died?" It came as no surprise when Gyvien quickly pointed the gun at Lantis and pulled back the hammer. With a voice filled with anger she said "You can go to hell you rotten impotant f***!" Rather than anger Lantis it only amused him more. Speaking as if she never said anything he asked her "I don't doubt your marksmanship. Someone as skilled as you can actually kill a vampire with one shot. But this is a big choice we're talking about here. Will it be your brother's life or revenge? Drop your gun now and he lives. Fire it and you'll be called a hero. Just remember it'll be at the cost of Rudy's life if you do!" Gvyien just kept her cool along with a steady aim as Lantis taunted her. I for one didn't want to die. However I said many times over the course of the night that I'd be willing to do it if I knew we could put a stop to Lantis. Plus as far as I knew Gvyien had no problems with killing me. Not sure what was stopping her I shouted "What the hell are you waiting for?! Kill the son of a b**** and end this once and for all!" All I could do now was sit back and watch. Now only one person was able to decide how this would all end......

It's very important that no one jumps into this battle until Kalah has made her next post. What she has planned will greatly affect the RPG and someone joining in the battle now would throw things off big time.

1st June 2003, 11:25 PM
Okay guys... this post is a bit long (I think). I have a better version tho that I'll send you on MSN...


The night had happened so fast… Gyvien just believed that she was overwhelmed. She was trained to become a hunter, she had done that her whole life. Ever since she was born, from the first minute of her breath she was doomed to be thrown into turmoil after turmoil. Never would she be given an easy choice, never would she be given anything easy. It was as if fate had been toying with her all along, and finally the icy cold fingers of fate had skillfully wrapped themselves around her life and squeezed it so that suffocation slowly began to take place.
Even a dampiel could only take so much…

Gyvien clutched her gun, pointing it directly at Lantis’s wryfully smirking face as he held Rudy in a tight, impossible-to-break hold… which looked painful and dramatic from Rudy’s expression. Myra had been knocked to the ground by three of Lantis’s minions, and they had currently disabled her by all three pinning her against the ground with her arms contorted into a submission hold which even the eldest of vampires would have had a tough time breaking. Yuar was also held back by the four others, but he was putting up a fight. Swinging his fists wildly and aiming kicks, he gave several painful, blood-smearing blows to two of the figures’ jaws, before finally the four, mostly male-vampires finally captured him with in a hold and began to repeatedly kick him in the gut to weaken his struggle. Yuar’s face was dotted with several specks of blood, as several cuts upon his chest were exposed as his fearful gaze looked at Gyvien.

She swallowed, holding her gun steady as she still held it at Lantis. Rudy’s blue hair was ruffled and swaying in the wind, and he looked tired and worn from the fights before hand as if it suddenly came to overwhelm him. Gyvien’s icy, blue-eyed stare at him was not easy for anyone to handle… she was still angry with this one who said he was her brother. Her light, blonde-like hair wavered in the wind, as she stood there, a cut cleanly along her neck and her appearance scuffled. Her gaze narrowed… as she had listened to Lantis’s words carefully and felt the fire beneath her burn.

She wanted nothing more than to kill him… kill him for all the pain she had to endure, for all the troubles he had caused to not only her- but to everyone.

She wanted to kill him for screwing with Yuar’s life…
She wanted to kill him for hurting Myra..
She wanted to kill him for killing many dampiel hunters over her life time in her association…
She wanted to kill him for messing with her own family…
She wanted to kill him for tampering and scarring her mind and body.
The b*st*rd had to die.

Now she had the chance… all she had to do was pull the trigger of her cool, metallic gun and it would be over. The shot would hit it’s mark- not even a vampire could survive the most accurate shoot to the head which would kill anyone in an instant. But she knew if she did that, Lantis would use his lightening-like moves to kill Rudy before he himself died. It would be a shot that would kill both of them…

Gyvien gazed at her brother long and hard… as silence settled in, and everything seemed to slow time. Rudy… he tried to make things right, but always ended up screwing it up. It perhaps wasn’t his fault… Rudy was too concerned with every thing,that he spread himself too thin. It angered Gyvien however, that her ‘supposively’ brother did not even think to help her. But then again… he never was there to help her to begin with. She never had a brother… so why did it matter now? She could have just as easily pretended that she had never met him… then it wouldn’t have mattered.

But she did meet Rudy… she had met him. It had changed her life- even if she didn’t want to believe it.

Ever since that night at the bar, when he had come with Myra… she had sensed there was some thing about him that would change her life. She knew that it probably wasn’t good… and perhaps she was right. She had saved his life as well, which was some thing she hoped she hadn’t regretted doing… and she still didn’t regret it. How could she? Gyvien was a hunter, but she wasn’t a cold-blooded murderer, or some one to let others die. Rudy and Gyvien were as different as night and day. Yet, they were connected by the same blood of their father… Rudy had cared for his father, where as Gyvien did not. Still however, they were connected. Gyvien could not deny the fact that they were brother and sister… even if she had not wanted to be.

But in truth, she cared. But times of darkness had hardened her heart into believing that no one on earth could ever be trusted again. Not even her family or friends… to her, everyone was just a mere ally that could easily change sides. It was some thing that would never change… along with the fact that she couldn’t express her love for anyone very well.

She had never been given the option of ever showing love… never been giving the chance.

It was that reason alone, no love, that destroyed her for all these years. It ate away at her… slowly, until she could never reverse it.

Now, she had been given the option. Kill Lantis and her brother, or let them both live.

“Gyvien… if you pull that trigger, you will be a murderer. Not only by killing me… but your own kyn. Are you saying his life is not important by contemplating what to do? I dare you to pull the trigger Gyvien… do you have the guts?”
Lantis was egging her on… as even Rudy shouted.
“Do it! Kill him!”

Stupid Rudy. Acting like a stupid, blunt-headed hero all the time. Lantis, if he died… no one would care. Pain and suffering would finally be ended… and all wrongs would be made right. But then, Rudy would die. Then Myra would be devastated and angry, and that would cause her to be even more irrational which would probably hurt Yuar. Yuar already had been hurt his whole life… although, Yuar was good at shielding his emotions. Gyvien doubted that the other two had even thought of Yuar… and it made her sad… or rather, made her pity Yuar. If she killed Rudy, she also would be no better than any murderer. Who could kill there own brother? Who could kill their kyn… despite all the differences, Gyvien could not kill her brother. He believed she didn’t care… but she did.

She couldn’t pull the trigger.

“Fine Lantis. I’ll set the gun down, but then you must let Rudy go.”
Lantis smirked- a very untrusting gesture.
“I agree- a vampire keeps his word. No harm will come to Rudy. I’ll even let him get into a fighting stance before I do finish him off.”

Gyvien knew that Lantis would keep his word… he had proven that with Yuar. Once Lantis would let Rudy go, then perhaps they’d all have another chance at killing Lantis. It wasn’t like this was the end…

“Gyvien…” Some one had whispered her name, but she was so focused upon Lantis she did not recognize who so softly whispered it. Slowly she bent down, until finally she let the gun fall from her fingers… slowly falling through the air, until a clatter of metal and dirt was heard in the empty air. The four figures had stopped beating on Yuar, and rather all five of them were watching along with Myra’s captors. Gyvien swallowed, as she stood back up and gazed at Lantis.
“There… now let Rudy go.”

She stated it flatly, as Lantis smirked. Then the whole world flung into motion…

Lantis grabbed Rudy’s arms and suddenly, with all his force, lifted the lighter vampire into the air and flung him several feet back. Rudy went hurling through the air, until with a sudden snap and crack, he hit the tree hard- but not so hard that it would disable Rudy. The tree however, erupted with such a huge force that splinters of wood flung through the air. Gyvien gave an angry shout… and Lantis then gazed to Gyvien… and for once, Gyvien did not cower. Nor did she shudder with fright or even lower her gaze…

“ Gyvien, you were blessed with the ability to fight. Ever since you were trained under Yuar I saw you as a threat… and you have become all I did not want you to. You even established the Dampiel Hunter Organization… which all of us blood-drinking vampires despise… I never thought after the night I left that small, fragile and pathetic blonde alone in the alleyway… that you would grow stronger instead of weaker like I had planned.”

Lantis shifted position, as Gyvien narrowed her eyes.
“But you have been trained to a fault. Yuar taught you mercy… you are a fool. Your brother does not care for you… no one ever has. No one ever will care for you Gyvien…”

Yuar jerked his head up as he suddenly gave a shout…
“Gyvien don’t listen to-“
Suddenly one of his four captors grabbed Yuar’s own gun weapon which he had dropped in the fight, and took the butt of it to smack Yuar on his head. The blow was hard, and enough to cause Yuar to cough up some blood as a cut upon his face easily was formed.

“ You are a fool…but I still hold my word. I did not harm Rudy. But he is not a problem..”

With that, Lantis suddenly and cleanly with fluid and lightening-like movements, he reached inside of his garment and revealed a small, clean gun. Aiming straight at Gyvien he spoke words of icy cold… as they lingered in the air and cut sharp like a knife to everyone.
“You were the problem.”

With that, the sound of a gun exploding through the air sheered through the night as the bullet inside whizzed by and instantly a splash of red specked the air. Yuar’s eyes widened, as suddenly rage grew with in him and he suddenly began to stir to life again. He practically clawed at his captors, as he fought them and gave several more blows to the four vampires and began to fight. He tore loose from their grip, but they blocked his movements towards the dampiel. He shouted…
Rudy meanwhile had also stirred to life, as his eyes were full of shock and he stood there… as if numb. He took a step forward, but one of Myra’s captors quickly came towards him and nailed Rudy in the gut- where he was still tender from Lantis’s blow. Myra also began to try to release herself from the grip…

Gyvien’s eyes widened suddenly, as she stood there, almost unable to comprehend. She could feel the burning sensation which filled her chest… as it grew into a numbing pain… but she still stood. She did not look at the wound… Glaring she spat at him…
“ You’re the fool Lantis…”

Lantis narrowed his eyes, as yet another bullet flew through the air, and more deep, red blood spattered into the air and this time the knife of pain stabbed at Gyvien’s shoulder. Gyvien staggered a bit, as she did not let her icy glare release from Lantis’s own eyes. She still stood… clenching her fists, but feeling the wet, warm liquid fill her clothing and escape her own body… but she still remained to stand.
“ … we’ll eventually beat you down. You are the pathetic –“
Another bullet rang into the air as the gun was fired, and Lantis’s eyes began to burn with fire. He held the gun at her, pointed at her… and his eyes were full of rage. Pain seered through Gyvien’s gut, as she staggered more, blood streaming down her bare legs and staining her skirt, as a puddle of blood began to form at her feet. The dripping noise of her own blood filled the air… as she staggered to stand, but did not fall. Her lengthy blonde hair was stained with blood at the tips as well, as it dangled and matted into her shoulder wound. Her eyes narrowed further… as she fought to breath.. blood beginning to form at the corners of her mouth.
“ – pathetic worthless fool. Everything you’ve done has never succeeded! You’ve always been a failure!” She struggled to say the last words, but a second wind gave her enough strength as the final bullet came through the air. Lantis had fired it… this time aiming at her knee cap. The aim was slightly below it in Lantis’s rage at her words, but it shattered her bone in her knee and instantly crippled her.

Gyvien struggled to stand, fighting not to fall to Lantis… but her own leg and the loss of blood could no longer support her. She staggered, gazing at Myra… Yuar… and finally Rudy. She then fell to the ground, landing backwards upon her back with a thump which seemed to slice the air even with Rudy, Myra and Yuar fighting to get at Lantis or to Gyvien. Lantis even seemed to pause… as he let a small snicker escape his throat. Gyvien layed upon the ground… her eyes wide, and moistening but she would not let herself cry. Blood began to gather in a pool around her body, as her chest rose and fall. She was struggling to breath, as a small trickle of blood streamed from the edge of her lips. Her hair was some how, still beautifully and lightly rippling in the soft wind which brushed against her cheek… as if to give her some comfort.

She felt herself leaving… but she heard the pitter patter of steps… but it was so hard for her to hang on. She could hear people shouting…
“Gyvien! Hang on! Hang on!”
“You’ll be okay Gyvien!”

‘No one ever will care for you Gyvien’… she could not hold on for long…

Master Rudy
3rd June 2003, 02:07 AM
Rudy Summers
12:06 AM
All I could do was watch on in horror as one of the vampires held me back. With a shock and pained expression on my face all I could do was count the shots fired after the first one had failed to put Gyvien down. In the end four shots was what it took. In my head I was going over the other numbers. One year ago was when I lost my father and learned about my sister. It may have seemed like a long time but it actually was pretty recent. Two nights ago the search had come to an end. It was like a part of me that was lost had been recovered. I had found my family.

Sadly however in no more than a minute it was all taken away.

I couldn't take it anymore. Now I was really fighting the vampire that was holding me down. Finally I was able to break her hold and while she was still a bit stunned I grabbed her and shoved her towards the tree I was tossed into. The splintered wood had pierced her heart and put an end to her quickly. Wasting no time I grabbed her sword and ran towards Gyvien. It broke my heart seeing her like this. She was struggling to breath and was in a puddle of blood. She looked at me as if she didn't believe it really was me and said "Rudy....." I tried to keep her quiet. I didn't want to admit it but I knew she wasn't going to last very long. Taking off my shirt I tried to stop some of the bleeding. In the end it wouldn't have helped. Gyvien had already lost too much blood. However I didn't want her to die just yet. As the tears came to my eyes I just broke down. "Gvyien! I'm so sorry about all this. I know things were bad between us but the last thing I wanted was for you to die or get hurt. Please forgive me!" As I watched her she tried to say something. Leaning closer to her mouth I tried to listen to what it was. However the only sound was silence. Gvyien Summers was dead. Oddly enough I had stopped crying. However nothing could describe the pain and sadness I was now feeling. Soon however a new feeling rose up inside of me. It was something I had not felt in four years

Pure rage

Seeing Gyvien's gun near me I picked it up and quickly turned to Lantis. As I started to fire I shouted "Oui cuh uv y pedlr! E's kuehk du vilgehk gemm oui!" Within moments the clip was empty but what angered me more was the fact that Lantis still stood. His body soon turned to mist as the real Lantis appeared several feet away and laughed. Dropping the gun as I stood up I raised the sword I had taken and rushed Lantis. Before I could reach him however two of the vampires holding Yuar back had come after me. However nothing would stop me now. Easily dodging the first blow that came from a man on my left I slashed downward and cut his stomach wide open. Everyone watched in shock as his insides came pouring out. I watched too but rather than feel shocked I was proud. The bastard worked for Lantis and got what he deserved. Turning to face the vampire on my right I saw she wasn't ready and was still staring at the vampire that just died. Showing no mercy I quickly thrust my sword into her neck. As blood poured out of the wound I twisted it a bit before ripping upward. It would be next to impossible to tell who she was considering she only had half a face now. Looking down at the body I spit upon it. As I looked up I met Myra's shocked eyes. I knew she couldn't believe what she was seeing. I had never been this brutal in front of her before. However this time there would be no mercy for anyone who attacked us.

Turning away from her I focused my attention on Lantis. In my most serious voice I told him "Many people have died because of you Lantis. It ends tonight. I swear to god Gyvien will be your last victim!" I just stood there as he laughed at what I said. "God? This must be some kind of joke! God isn't going to help a vampire!" Without a word I rushed at Lantis. I could see the sudden fear in his eyes as I came towards him. Still armed with my own katana he tried to get into a defensive stance. However my sudden attack had caught him off guard. Lantis knew my fighting style well and had blocked low since I usually went for the body. What he didn't expect however was for me to go high. He was wide open as I aimed for his head. Had he not moved at the last minute he would have been dead. Even so I still managed to get a very good blow on him. Turning to face him I watched as he held a hand to the left side of his face in shock. His usually calm voice had a hint of rage as he said "No one has EVER touched my face!" As he pulled his hand away I saw the wound start to heal. When it stopped I just smirked at him and asked "Would I be right to assume that no one has left a scar either?" I could see the anger in his eyes as his hand once again reached for the left side of his face. My sword had cut into his cheek and left a scar that had to be at least an inch and a half long going from the corner of his mouth and towards his ear. If Lantis was afraid he hid it very well as he asked me "Who are you?" Raising my sword I prepared to charge at him again as I shouted.

"I am known to humans as the Blue Devil! However to you I will be the Grim Reaper!"

11th June 2003, 04:16 PM
Alright guys... this is my post for Yuar. I hope you guys like it, I tried on this post actually to make it dramatic for Yuar since he needs those type of posts more often. ^^;;; I also made a page with the same post on it, but this one HAS pictures! ^^ I REALLY think you should go to THAT Page instead. Pwease? ^^ Then you can tell me your favorite picture . ^^ thanx!
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It was as if every thing was in slow motion.

It was as if some one had struck Yuar down so hard, that he was paralyzed for life- that he was almost near death.

It was as if some one had killed Yuar.

And yet, there he stood… frozen in time, staring, unbelieving, trying to grasp what had happened.

No. It didn’t happen.

Yes, it had. And It did.

Gyvien lyed upon the ground, her liquid, almost innocent eyes staring straight up into the dark, cloudy sky. A patch of clouds however, had spread apart like when the Red Sea had… and swirling like a whirlpool, it revealed a single star- gleaming and twinkling, as if holding a secret that only it knew. Gyvien could barely comprehend what was happening… every thing was blurry, unclear… every thing seemed to be magnified. Every breath she took, slow, painful and it seemed to deafen her ears. Every movement she made… it took so much effort, and with each thought, each glance, each breath- she grew more tired, and her body began to numb.

Then Rudy came to her side… she could see him, she saw him well. His light blue hair, a bit blood stained, gently blowing in front of his icy, frost-glazed eyes which were identical to her own. Yes, those were her father’s eyes. She didn’t know why or what made her know that… she simply knew. They were related, their eyes gave it all too clearly away. She tried to smile… but the pain was too immense for her. Rudy had spoken words to her… but she could barely hear or understand them. Her head was swirling around, block dots began to form in her vision. She couldn’t feel her lower legs… the knee cap which had been shattered into a million pieces was no longer painful- she couldn’t feel. Her finger tips burned. They burned so badly they felt as if the flesh was being seered off of them, until she couldn’t feel them anymore. Daggers… thousands of daggers began to dig into her lungs, twisting and jerking their sharpened blades many different ways into her lungs as if trying to chip away at the inside flesh. She could barely breath… she knew what was happening. She was loosing blood… she was dying.

No time. Gyvien simply had not enough time to say what she wanted to say… wanted to say to everyone. A hunter was never one for words either, and Gyvien was no exception. However, as her brother stood over her… tears flooding his eyes, she felt sad. She didn’t want him to cry. Opening her mouth slowly… as pain ripped inside of her and sent lightening-like fleshy tares up her spine, she tried to speak to him. If she said the whole sentence, it was barely an audible whisper that even a vampire could pick up. She spoke… the only words she could fathom to Rudy were his name.
“R-rudy… I-“

But that was all.

She couldn’t finish what she wanted to say, before her heart finally gave up. Before her lungs refused to breathe, and her body simply had enough. Gyvien had died.

“R-rudy. . . I love you, brother.”

That simple sentence which she had wanted to say, lingered in the air. Though her words did not come forth, or her mouth speak it- she still had said that she had loved her brother in her mind. Only that remainder of a hope, could possibly come forth that her brother had used any little powers which were coming forth to read her mind. He had not however… but her thoughts, still transmitted by her, still lingered.
There always was hope…

Yuar however, did not see it this exact way.

His eyes widened in horror, as he saw Gyvien fell. He fought… fought the four who held him back. He easily slid his hand into his boot and instantly felt the icy, smooth feel of his black-handed dagger. With one fluid-like motion he withdrew his dagger upwards. He did not think things through this time… he only let his instincts rush to him.

The first vampire came at him with a large, katana-like sword… his eyes blood shot as if he had his own furry. But it was nothing compared to Yuar’s burning desire. As the vampire rose his blade to hit Yuar, Yuar simply reached out his own deathly-strong hand and grabbed the handle of the sword. The inner palm let the sword’s outside blade cut into his palm slightly, as thick, warm blood streamed from Yuar’s hand. He ignored it however… and holding the blade with one hand, he simply took the other hand and with a strong, gut-jeering motion he cleanly sliced the Vampire’s torso into halves. The vampire did not have a chance to scream as blood spattered and spewed into the air, flecking Yuar’s hair with blood-red markings which he ignored.

Another vampire came at him… and dropping the blade, Yuar sliced the air yet again with the finely crafted weapon. Instantly the blade met the vampire’s head, and all too soon the head split apart and blood began to gurgle up from the brain, until it streamed over his face and stained his vision. It had killed him only a few seconds after… the blade had gotten to the brain, damaging it permantly.

Yuar was about to go after the other two vampires… but soon his raged-filled eyes saw that they instead had gone at Rudy- who soon disposed of them. Rudy was angry… he was ready to kill Lantis, Yuar sensed it in the air. Gyvien however… what about Gyvien?

Yuar’s emerald, piercing green-eyed gaze instantly turned to the ground where her beautiful, blood-stained body lay motionless. His eyes widened… the idea of death trying to fathom in his head, but he could not comprehend. No. She was a hunter… a dampiel… she was like his sister. She … she wasn’t.

Rushing over to her, not paying any heed to Rudy, Myra, Lantis or any other creatures which could have been near, Yuar ran to Gyvien. Her blonde hair rippled in the slight breeze which echoed off the ground and onto her finely crafted pale face. Her body had barely moved from the position when she fell, except her fingers were slightly curled into her palms… as if she were clenching her fist.

Tears began to form at the corner of Yuar’s eyes… as he drew nearer to her. Her chest did not rise or fall… her eyes were closed… - a strange thing, and no sign of life could have been detected from her. The aura of a dampiel still lingered about her body- flickering with sparks of blue and silver, telling others with it'’ odd shape that she had seen many dangers in her life time... and it was very faint now. Faint because...


Yuar whispered, as finally he reached Gyvien and instantly collapsed to his knees and drew himself close to her. Tears grew in his eyes, as they were wide with shock and disbelief… no… she… she wasn’t dead.

She couldn’t be… not now… not so, soon. Withdrawing a huge breath, he quickly took his hands and gently brushed her hair out from her eyes, and touched her skin.
It was cold…. Deathly cold…


Yuar let loose a loud, almost commanding yell as he suddenly grabbed Gyvien around her tender shoulders and forced her limp, lifeless and blood-stained body off the ground. Her body had been lying in a pool of blood… and her dark, crimson top was wet although no stain could be detected. Her flawless skin, tainted with blood lines and a single scar upon her collar bone and along her neck. Swallowing… Yuar drew Gyvien to his chest and he softly hugged her.

“Gyvien… gyvien! Wake up little one! Wake up my… my –“

His body began to tremble as he felt her light body pressed against his own strong chest. Tears streamed down his eyes… and flooded his vision, as he buried his head into Gyvien’s soft, ribbon-like hair. He held her… clutched her tightly… not wanting it to be true… but he knew…
Gyvien was… was… dead…

It felt as though death itself had taken an icy dagger and sliced through Yuar’s own heart. His throat burned as he choked on his own breath… gasping for air as he, himself tried to breath. His throat seemed to swell and burn with a stinging pain however… as hot, seering tears streamed down his face. The most aweful, gut-wrenching feeling spliced through every fiber of his well-being as he held onto the dampiel known as Gyvien. His body trembled… and for the first time, Yuar felt weak.

He could not stop the tears... the pain he felt... the horrible, wretching sadness...

He could not help... but cry....

Yuar had promised himself… always vowed to protect those he cared for. He had watched over Myra, watched over Rudy, and he had lost and then re-found Gyvien again, and had always vowed to protect her as well. Even Liven, Father Farwell… heck, even Koger he was going to protect if they were upon the same side. Yet… despite every thing he had tried to do, he had failed. Failed to protect one of the dear people to him… one of the two females he had ever cared for. Gyvien. He had failed Gyvien miserably…

The words Vylianne had said to him echoed deeply in his mind. Her words… they had come true. Every thing she had said to him that night was true… she was right all along. Yuar was a failure. He… he was worthless, a failure, an incompetent fool in his own thoughts. There was no other explaination then that.. Now, he held Gyvien, dead and cold… in his arms…

Softly and slowly, Yuar took off his jacket and wrapped it around Gyvien’s body, as if trying to warm up her already cold body.

Holding her, Yuarsuddenly let loose another yell… a howl…


Anger filled Yuar… as his sharp gaze drew upwards from Gyvien, to Lantis. Lantis was in a heated battle with Rudy- both of them were whirling about the place faster then lightening itself. Rudy’s anger had led him to take it out on Lantis… even Myra was getting in upon the fight as well, and all three were whirling about with a wild furry. Yuar was angry too. He was angier than anyone could imagine… then anyone in his mind, could ever feel. His world had crashed down all aroun dhim like a tidal wave from the unforgiving sea. His whole life was a lie… he had failed, and now one of the ones he had cared for was dead. He had nothing left… it was all for nothing. Now… watching the smug and yet fearful Lantis fight two of the others he had vowed to protect… it angered Yuar even more. Deep with in the abyss of his own green-filled pupils, a fire burned and flickered. It roared…

“F*ck you Lantis! You’re nothing but a coward and a f*cking lying son of a b*tch! You b*st*rd! What have you DONE!!!!?”

With that, with all his rage Yuar reached down for his dagger which he had dropped on the ground. With that rage and furry… he threw it straight at Lantis.

Even though Rudy and Myra and even Lantis were whirling about in an angry rage, fighting madly although all of them heard Yuar’s motions. Even though they were nothing but a blur of action… Yuar’s gift showed. Even though no one may have noticed how impossible it was, to aim a dagger and throw it at three vampires fighting faster than light itself it seemed- Yuar’s gift made it possible. The dagger was flung seemingly effortlessly in Yuar’s rage, as it traveled gracefully through the air and sliced it clean. As the dagger drew to the fighters, a popping and slicing sensation filled the air along with a scream of pain. The dagger had hit it’s mark… the dagger piercing the right eye of Lantis, and going straight into his head.

The dagger had never been very long… short, but useful when at the hand of Yuar. Since it was merely thrusted through the air however- almost flicked throughthe air, it did not travel as deep into the head as Yuar had done to the previous vampire. It did hurt like hell however. The dagger had gone into Lantis’s eye at a downward angle, taking out his eye for good and probably protruding into the roof of his mouth. Blood streamed, poured from Lantis’s mouth like a river at the edge of his mouth and finally bubbling over his lower lip. Lantis looked at Yuar with his good left eye, blood spewing from between the edges of the dagger and guzzling over the right side of his face and down his neck. It was meant to be a death glare at Yuar… meant to try to install fear. Rudy and Myra had seen the whole thing… and for a moment, it was as if time stood still.

Lantis stared at Yuar with hate… trying to install fear, but Yuar felt nothing. Yuar was full of rage… and slicing Lantis’s eye in the heat of his battle did nothing to suffice Yuar’s burning, inner desire to kill everyone in sight for the death of Gyvien. Yuar narrowed his own, demonic-like green eyes… as he mouthed the words, “Draconin” to Lantis… which caused Lantis to try to shout some thing, but blood gurgled his words. Yuar held Gyvien’s body close to his- for Yuar refused to leave Gyvien, dead or not. He would not leave her. Lantis glared… and Yuar nodded, motioning at Lantis with one hand.
“ Bring it on b*tch.” He swore… as Rudy and Myra aimed to attack Lantis further more than before.

Master Rudy
15th June 2003, 01:30 AM
Both Asi and Kalah should already have the general idea of what I've got planned next. The rest of you should just sit back and enjoy. I've got a long one coming up ^_~

Rudy Summers
12:10 AM
The battle was on.

Gyvien, my parents, Myra and Yuar's parents, Jack's family. They were only a small handful of the lives Lantis had destroyed. It had to end now. His reign of terror had gone on for far too long. Before this was over I hoped I could make him feel the pain and fear that the people he had killed felt. I wanted to see the bastard suffer. Now it seemed as if my sole purpose was to kill him.

As I tried to attack Lantis he blocked my attack and kicked my feet out from under me. He was going to try the end this quickly. However I would not allow him the pleasure of another victim. As I blocked the blow from his katana with my sword I reached behind me and pulled out another weapon. I still had the dagger I had taken from his ship earlier in the night. With a quick move I thrust it right into his knee and rolled out of the way of any counterattack that might have been coming. As I stood up and into a battle stance I had expected to see Lantis crippled and trying to stand on just one leg. Instead he just stood there and watched as if nothing had happened. "You must be joking" he said as he reached down and pulled the dagger out from his knee. Within a matter of seconds his wound was healed and showed no signs of ever being there. He tossed the dagger away and stared straight at me with a disgusted look on his face. Lantis just stood there mockingly as he spoke. "It will take more than that to slow me down Rudy. Not counting your lucky blow my body is perfect and intact. However you can't say the same about yourself now can you? Your injuries are slowing you down and your healing powers have been weakened. A pitiful human would have long been dead by now. You know that you can't win and yet you still fight? For what? To protect two royal outcasts that have betrayed us? Surrender now and I might spare you. Keep this up and I'll make sure you and Gyvien are reunited quickly."

The mention of Gyvien once again made me furious. I had nothing to say to Lantis. The only thing on my mind was continuing this battle as I rushed at him once more. Lantis was ready for this and disappeared. Now I was becoming too predictable. However I knew exactly what was coming. Without turning around I thrust my sword behind me and heard a choked gasp. Looking over my shoulder I saw that I had managed to get Lantis right in the stomach. As he dropped my katana he stumbled back a little bit. Spinning around I delivered a kick right to the hilt of the blade and drove it deeper into Lantis. All he could do now was cough up blood and fall right on his back. Picking up my own weapon again I had intended to finally end this once and for all. What I wasn't expecting however was to be caught off guard by Lantis. He may have been impaled on a sword but he quickly showed that it still would not be enough to slow him down. With amazing speed he pulled out a small knife that he had hidden in his clothes and slashed me across the chest. While I was stunned he grabbed my right arm and with a quick move stabbed my shoulder. This sudden attack had forced me to drop my katana. Before I could retrieve it and fight back he had kicked it away. All I could do was watch as he pulled the sword from his stomach and started to come towards me. The anger that had fueled me earlier had left. In it's place was panic and fear. I was unarmed and alone in a life or death battle with Lantis. All the son of a b**** did was smile as he came towards me. "You are a fool Rudy. You thought you could take me on alone didn't you? Your mother made the same mistake. The end result was her taking her last breathes as a human. She paid with her mortal life and now history repeats itself. Unlike last time however I will not have to put up with you ever again. It's been nice knowing you kid. Cyo rammu du ouin bynahdc yht ouin cecdan vun sa frah oui caa dras eh hell!"

There was nothing more I could do as Lantis raised his sword and prepared his final attack. But just before it came I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was Myra! Somehow she had gotten away from her captors and had tossed me her own katana. The timing was perfect. I had grabbed it out of the air and at the last possible moment blocked the blow that would have killed me. With a quick sidestep to the left I slashed Lantis's arm in the hopes of distracting him for a moment. This time it was a much deeper and hopefully more painful cut. Without wasting a second I threw Myra's katana back to her and quickly retriveved my own. Lantis took one look at the two of us who were on either side of him. This was no longer a one on one battle and he knew it. No one said a word as he faced Myra. Seeing this as my chance I charged right at him again. Lantis knew what I had planned and quickly blocked my oncoming blow. I had hoped he would do this so rather than give him a chance to fight back I kept up the attack. Without taking my eyes away from him I used my new powers to communicate with Myra. Now's your chance! Get him while he's busy with me! Myra got the message and wasted no time. As I battled with Lantis she rushed right towards us and slashed right as his back. There was no way in hell he saw it coming. The sneak attack made him drop his guard and gave me a chance to attack him as well. With an attack of my own I slashed him across his chest. As he was stunned both me and Myra got the same idea. Raising our katanas we prepared for the final attack. To our surprise however Lantis quickly showed he was once again faking his injuries. In the middle of our swings he had disappeared once more and caused us to hit each other instead. Both of us yelled out as we were struck by the other. Myra's attack had hit me in the leg and made me stumble for a moment while my own had slashed her across the stomach. Forgeting all about Lantis for a moment I said to Myra with great concern "My god! Are you ok Myra?!" Lucky for her it was not a very deep cut and had already healed leaving only the tear in her shirt as a reminder. With a small smile she simply said "I'll live."

A laugh in the distance caught our attention and drew our eyes to a dark figure. "The two of you are so predictable and foolish!" Lantis said while laughing. Now armed with two swords I knew he was starting to get very serious about all of this. I would have made a comment but Lantis gave me no time to do so. This time he was on the attack as he came running straight at me and Myra. As the battle once again got under way I soon learned that he must have been holding back the whole time. Here he was fighting two of us. One would expect myself and Myra to hold the advantage. However that was not the case. The two of us were having trouble just keeping up with the guy and we had each taken several minor injuries in the process. While they were all no big deal for Myra since she could heal them almost instantly it was another story for me. Due to my weakened healing powers all of the injuries were starting to take their toll on me. I didn't know how much longer I'd be able to keep on fighting like this. all of my injuries combined with the speed we were fighting at was starting to take a lot out of me. I was sure that to a normal human this would have seemed like nothing more than a blur.

Just as I was about ready to step out and call it quits something unexpected happened. From out of nowhere a dagger had come flying straight at Lantis and caught him in the eye. There would be no faking this one. As the blood poured out from both his mouth and where his right eye once was I turned around. The dagger was thrown by none other than Yuar. I wasn't sure if he had just gotten lucky or if he really was that damn good. But as I was about to learn it wasn't time to think we had won just yet. A shout of pure anger had drawn my attention back to Lantis. "That's it you son of a b****! I took Rudy's sister from him. NOW I'LL TAKE YOURS!!!!" I watched in horror as Lantis went right at Myra. Not even she would be able to block this. It was a blow that would have more than likely killed her. Knowing that there was only one thing I could do.

I pushed Myra out of the way and took the blow myself.

Never before had I felt this much pain. The sword had entered my stomach and gone out my back before being pulled out again. As I fell to my knees I looked down. My blood was starting to form a puddle. It appeared as if the scene from moments ago was repeating itself. The only thing I could do before falling was look at Myra. Struggling to breath I tried to tell her something but all I could say was "Myra....." Even so I was sure she knew what it would be. As I lay on the ground I heard the sounds of battle nearby. Opening my eyes the only thing I saw was Gyvien's body not too far from me. I was about to let go when without warning my powers picked up what must have been the last thing on her mind. Rudy.....I love you brother. Despite the pain I was in I managed to smile. However it didn't matter anymore. Lantis had kept part of his promise. He had finished off the Summers family. Feeling tears come to my eyes I spoke to Gyvien in a voice so low that only I could hear. "I'm so sorry things had to turn out like this. I'm sure Myra and Yuar can take it from here. But I am certain of one thing. Win or lose it doesn't change the fact that I failed."

Failed? Please tell me your not going to give up so easily Rudy. The last thing I want to see is my son lose all hope.

Those words were very unexpected and and came from a female voice that I had never heard before. But the thing which shocked me most was the fact that whoever it was called me their son. I must have being going crazy as I laid there and waited to die. Only one woman could call me her son. However she had been dead for 17 years. Even so there was only one thing I could say. "Mother?" For a moment the silence made me think I really was hearing things but it was soon confirmed. It's not your imaginenation Rudy. It really is me. Somehow my mother Jessica was speaking to me. I wasn't sure how it was possible but the explaination I was about to get seemed to make sense. Right now your hanging on by a mere thread and are very close to death. Because of this your powers are allowing me to speak with you. You have two choices now Rudy. You can finish what I failed to do as a human 20 years ago and live or let go and die. She made it sound so easy. Gasping for air I said "It may seem that simple but it really isn't. I don't have much left in me." Rather than get annoyed at my lack of confidence she remained calm and told me Don't doubt yourself and drag yourself down like this. I've been watching everything. It's possible that Myra or Yuar can finish this. However it's also possible that they too will die. You must do what you can to help them and end this now. Make sure my step daughter is the final victim that Lantis takes. I couldn't argue with my mother because I knew she was right. Taking a deep breath I tried to focus what little power I had on healing myself. While I would not be able to fully recover until I regained all my power it would be at least enough to keep me from bleeding to death.

Taking a moment to catch my breath I started to get up. In the distance Yuar, Myra and Lantis were fighting. With the guidance of my mother I knew what had to be done. Wasting no time I once again ran forward to fight. Myra and Yuar backed off and looked as if they had seen a ghost. Lantis looked like he was going to attack but he must have caught the surprised look that both Yuar and Myra shared. Turning around he too looked at if he was shocked. This time he was the one who couldn't react in time. With a yell of rage I started to attack like mad and showed no signs of slowing down. Before the first slash landed I started to yell at him. "This is for all the people who mattered to us! My mother! My father!! Myra's parents!!! Jack!!!! His family!!!!! And most importantly......" Drawing my blade back I prayed this would finally end it once and for all. "FOR GYVIEN!!!!!!" With as much strength as I had left in me I thrust my katana foward and into the chest of Lantis before ripping it out of him. Each slash had landed on various parts of his body so he wouldn't have time to fight back. In total I had attacked him nine times. Eight slashes for all the family and friends I had lost with the final attack being for Gyvien.

Lantis still wore the look of shock on his face as he finally fell. I knew he was not expecting me to come back. However he did not take a moment to finish the job. I remembered what he said earlier and knew he was right. History did repeat itself. Rather than make sure my mother was dead he just left her to die. Instead she became a vampire. He did the same exact thing and left me to die as well. As a result he paid for that with his life. Looking away from his body I met the eyes of Myra and Yuar before I fell as well. Unlike Lantis however I wasn't dying. The exaustion of the night had finally gotten to me but at least I would be able to live to see tommorow. The last thing I heard before blacking out was my mother's voice once more. Good job Rudy. I knew you could do it. The evil vampire known as Lantis had finally been defeated.

Or so I thought......

You guys didn't think I was going to let the battle end here did you? HA! Fat chance! The next part will be up to Asi and Kalah.

16th June 2003, 09:55 PM
I managed to finish half of what I wanted to post (The Farwell half) and I have ten minutes until I have to go to bed :P So heres the Farwell/Roland fight. I wanted to post both Farwell and Myra in one shot but I ran out of time today ;.; Hopefully Ill get a chance to post Myras POV tomorrow. Until I do I ask everyone involved in that fight to not post until I do, I already have a humogously long Myra post ahead of me ^-^() Thanks guys ^-~

----Father Farwell----
Facing the Madman...
As Liven ran off with Skyler, I turned my gaze to Roland, as he reguarded me with an almost amused look on his twisted face. “Farwell Farwell, I always knew you were a fool....what can a little priest do against a creature of the undead? Smother me with the Word? Teach me right from wrong? Or will you KILL me with your goood deeeeeds..........? HehehehHEHhehehehee..!” Roland started to cackle as I came forward towards him. Not showing any signs of his words deterring me, he frowned and watched as I came to stand mere inches from him. “No Roland. I know now that ultimately nothing I say or do will save your soul, for I am just a child of God as you. Your fate lies in Gods hands now, I have asked him to forgive you and you should do so as well, and stop this madness. Power on Earth is fleeting but the power of Gods love will last forever. You still have a chance Roland.” As I spoke Rolands face grew into an expression of a trapped desperate man. He seemed to lose it almost more than he did before and started screaming at me before I had even finished. “Shut up! Your GOD cant save me and He cant save you! He is dead! and the only thing...the only thing that matters....” He started shaking and gazed at his hands as he trailed off, then whipped his fists back and struck me in the face.
My face was thrown aside with the force and for a moment I didnt move. Then with a calm, saddened gaze I turned my head slowly to look at him again. “I feel sorry for you..” Was all I said. This angered him even more as he grabbed the collar of my shirt and punched me in the stomach, sending me into a wall behind me. I sat in the rubble my body had made for a moment as Roland came up and stood in front of me, his shadow coming into the hole and casting me in darkness. The only thing I could see of him was his red eyes, slightly shining in reflection of the Blood-stained moon that was high in the sky. When Roland spoke again, it was a voice that was more serious and sane then I have ever heard him, except for how he was when he had first come to the Church of the Guiding Light. “What do you know, Farwell. What has your faith ever gotten you. LOOK AT YOURSELF! Could your GOD save you from becoming the thing you hate?! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOUR ANY BETTER THAN ME!!?” This mustve been a subject that had echoed deep inside Rolands twisted mind for years. The sense of faith and God as a benevolent protector mustve been drilled into his head as a young child, but rather than see it as a blessing he saw it as something threatening, as if it would smother him and suffocate. I stood up, clouds of dust swirling off my clothes as I reguarded Roland with a look of pity. “I dont think Im any better than anyone Roland. Even though youve sinned quite a bit God loves you just as much as me. God loves you.....”
My words were meant to make Roland see that he could turn his life around. I was sure that if he knew there was still a chance for him to be saved that he would make a change for the better, and maybe he would stop this madness and there would be no need for anymore killing.
I was wrong.
Something twitched in the madness of Rolands eyes, something dark and painful that echoed from far beyond what I knew about him. He looked up at the crimson moon, and then down at the ground, where the same moon reflected in a puddle in the street. Where his reflection would have been if he was still human. Seeing that made him wince slightly, and then, turning to me as if something was my fault, his face exploded with rage.
“Is this what it means to be a priest Farwell?! Spreading your dogma and telling absurd lies to try and give a sense of false hope?!” He yelled at me as he drew a daggar and began to slash violently and irrationally at me. I jumped out of the way of most of the attacks, and occasionally he would clip me on the arm or the shoulder, but the near misses were frustrating him even more. He continued in a crazed voice that sounded as if he were talking to himself more than me. “There is no hope. There is no ‘God’, and love of any kind is a LIE. IF GOD EXISTED HE WOULD NOT PUT ME THROUGH ALL THIS IN HIS NAME!! HE WOULD UNDERSTAND ME HE WOULD UNDERSTAND ME NOT WANTING TO FOLLOW HIS PATH HE WOULD UNDERSTAND.......” He stumbled in mid-slash and reeled a bit, clutching his hands violently to his head. His finger nails dug into his flesh as he began to scream out,
“STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!! I DONT WANNA BE A PRIEST MOMMY!! WHAT? NNNNNNOOOOO YOU CANT MAKE ME GO!!!!! I WONT! I....Who are you? No, I dont want to be a priest, THEY want me to........I dont? Well what can I do?........ Yes....”
He stood up straight and when his hands came away from his face I saw that he was smiling, and his eyes were unfocused, as if he were looking at something that wasnt there. “Your right....” He said. “I dont have to listen to them anymore, I can make them go away. And then their ‘God’ will die with them....”
He drew his sword and as his eyes focused on me, I felt a small thrill of fear break through my calm. His grin grew bigger and his eyes narrowed, pure evil shining in them. “I can make them ALL go away.”
And then the next thing I was aware of was a burning pain in my chest. I looked down at a blurring red tinted world at my chest and saw something embedded into it. Bringing a shaky hand up I touched it, Rolands sword. It was so far into my chest it was poking out of my back, and I tried to gasp at the shock of it only to have my lungs convulse and shudder, causing me to cough up blood. I barely heard Roland giggling as he twisted the sword deeper into me. “Where is your God now Farwell. Hes left you, everything you believed in were just empty promises. There is no hope.”
Gathering my last bit of strength, despite my failing eyesight I lifted my head and reguarded Roland with a serious look. Grabbing his hand that still held the hilt of his sword I said, “There is always hope.” And then, something from MY childhood resurfaced.

My eyesight erupted in a brilliant flash of white light, only it wasnt because of my injuries. The light was emenating from me, as it had done that day vampires killed my family at the church, as it had done the night I found and saved Liven. Now it was happening again, and for the final time. Roland reeled back from the light and fell to the ground, and as the light faded, so did I, the sword still embedded deep within me. I struggled to breathe as I lay there in the bloody streets of Wood Water, but I knew my final time had come. This time there would be no way to save me, I would die, a priest, a creature of the undead, my purpose in life fufilled. Suddenly a familiar voice rang out and reached me through my haze of pain.
The boy......Skyler.......so much pain have I caused him, so much anguish and hate he felt, all because I wished to help him. I wondered if there was any kindness in this world for such a tortured life, or would it end just as painful as it had been lived. I coughed a little, and clung to life, hoped to live just a little bit longer. Please God, take care of Your children...
Children ARE the hope....

20th June 2003, 11:07 PM
First of all Id like to thank everyone for their patience ^-^ Sorry this took so long, but I hope you enjoy it ^-~
~~~~Myra Link~~~~
Held captive
“Whats the matter princess, you dont look comfortable...” One of Lantis’s guards sneered down at me as I struggled in vain against a hold that wouldve been difficult for even the strongest vampires to break free from. I ignored these sneers, I knew that these were lackeys that didnt deserve the time it took to respond back. I knew I just had to get away, I could sense Rudys fear, as Lantis must have captured him and was threatening his life as I lay helpless. Then suddenly, the world seemed to shatter as a gunshot resounded through the death laden air.
Three more followed it, and though I couldnt see what was being shot, instantly I knew. G....Gyvien... A thought that was not my own cried that word out in pain. No...Lantis...he...he KILLED Gyvien?! Momentarily stunned, I lay unmoving, staring up at the night sky with wide, disbelieving eyes. Without realising it, tears spilled down my cheeks and moistened the ground my head was resting on. Oh Gyvien...we never got along very well...but I know....Deep down inside you really DID care about Rudy......and that gave us something in common after all. Im sorry.... I squeezed my eyes shut and sobbed quietly at what I knew to be true. Gyvien Summers...Rudys sister....was dead.
Suddenly the sorrow and regret I was feeling was replaced by something else. Something that didnt directly come from me, but it was too strong to ignore. The firey power of unbridled fury. It rose up within me like a furious cyclone and without thinking of anything I swept my arms free of my captors, brought my legs up and grabbed one of my captors by his neck. “Allow me to make myself comfortable.” I said through clenched teeth as I rolled and kicked him behind me. He flew against the wall of the ship, striking one of Yuars captors in the process, but I couldnt be bothered with that right then. The other two vampires moved to attack but I was too fast. In an instant my claw hand had formed and I had slashed them both at once in the face. They fell to the ground, clutching the bloody tattered skin.
Now that my captors had been dispatched, the fury I had felt from Rudy started to cool. But as I soon saw Rudys fury was just getting started. I watched in horror as he drove his katana into a vampires neck and ripped half her face off before she even knew what hit her. All I could think as I watched this was This is not the Rudy I know, this is a demon born from pain and hate...could this be what Rudy meant by the Blue Devil? Rudys eyes met mine and I saw no remorse for what hed done. But rather than hate Rudy for it, I hated Lantis even more. He killed Gyvien, and he drove Rudy to become this monstor. Lantis had to die.
:::Five minutes of battle later:::
We were dropping like flies.
First Gyvien, poor, tortured Gyvien, instead of getting the revenge she wanted, she was cut down, like a bird with broken wings falling down almost gracefully, and landing in a pool of her own blood. I did not know at first what had happened, the vampires holding me down had blocked my view, all I had heard was the gunshots......and Rudys pained thoughts...
No.....Gyvien....you cant be dead!! Dont die please! Oh god....shes gone....Lantis YOU BASTARD! YOU ****ING BASTARD!!!!!!!!
And then all organised thoughts were gone from his head as he attacked. I had managed to get away from my captors to aid him in the battle, but it wasnt enough. Yuar too managed to scar him...but he was still standing...

And then...Lantis came charging in. Insane with the the thought of someone injuring him so much, he vowed to destroy Yuars sister just as he took Rudys from him. It took only a moment to realise he meant me.
Lantis was so fast I could barely see him but somehow Rudy saw it coming. Pushing me out of the way, the sword found its mark through Rudys stomach, so far in that the tip came through his back. He made a heartwrenching gurgling noise as Lantis pulled it out again, saying “Are you in that big of a hurry to die Rudy? Dont you know its ladies first, and its not polite to go before Her Majesty....” Rudy didnt seem to hear Lantis though, and only looked at me with wide, pained eyes as he fell to his knees, blood rushing out and into the waiting, already bloody ground. “...Myra...” he gasped out, and in my mind I caught an emotion, a sense of Im sorry and I love you all in one. Then there was nothing as he fell in a crumpled heap at my feet. I screamed “Rudy!” but there was no answer. He was either unconsious...or dead..
NO. He wasnt dead, last time you thought he was dead he wasnt. Hes not dead now. Dammit.
But my thoughts were cut off by the sound of Lantis laughing. “These Summers, just how much does it take to kill them? Oh, well I guess we just found out didnt we?” Lantis laughed again, slinging his sword, sending Rudys blood splattering across his still form. Still shocked and horrified, I turned to Lantis, a snarl growing on my face. The fact that he could cause so much pain and yet be so happy about it was eating me up inside. But he wasnt done yet. “Well, now that the Summers are dead, why dont we see how long the Link family can last? What do you think Princess, can you last longer than your little pet?Yes, thisll be a fun little game, dont you think? ‘Who can last the longest against the most powerful vampire on Earth’..Splendid...” His eyes narrowed as his face twisted into a sneer. That was the last straw.
As if on cue, Yuar and I attacked at once, and the three of us soon looked to human eyes like a vampiric tornado. With my katana in one hand and my other forming the claw, I attacked more ferociously than I ever had before, because this time it wasnt just vengance motivating me to kill Lantis. It wasnt only because he killed my family, because he killed Gyvien, or even because he manipulated me to cause suffering to others. I wanted Lantis dead because I was tired of life like this.
All the pain and hate I had felt because of him had taken its toll over these two nights, and seeing Rudy fall motionless had been my breaking point. I no longer cared if I lived or died. But I wasnt going to die without at least taking that bastard with me.
So I fought with everything I had, and more. I poured every ounce of strength I possessed into each blow, not caring what Lantis did to me so long as my blows hit their mark. Yuar fought with me, fast and precise, cutting deep at Lantis and making him work hard at defending himself. But for every blow we landed, it still wasnt enough.....
I was about to just say the hell with it all and go for an attack which could possibly end it once and for all but would also leave me open for a killing blow by Lantis, when a shine of blue out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. Frozen in place by disbelief, I watched as Rudy came in and attacked Lantis with incredible speed, hitting him nine times in a matter of seconds, each blow dedicated to the memory of those who had been killed by the monstor before us. And when the attack was over, Lantis, the monstor who ruined peoples lives over many generations, who has fatally touched the lives of both Rudy and myself, the self proclaimed strongest vampire on Earth, fell to the ground and lay there, motionless.
After seeing Lantis fall, I turned my shocked gaze to Rudy. I had thought he was dead for real this time, it looked as if all of his injuries plus Lantis’s near fatal blow was something he couldnt come back from. But there he was, alive, if not exactly well. As he met my eyes I smiled, a gentle smile of pride in his will to live. As if his body realised the danger was past, Rudy began to go unconsious, his bodys attempt to force him to get some healing rest. Seeing him begin to fall I rushed over and caught him, gently lowering him to the ground. Though he was unconsious, his face wore a slight smile, and as I brushed his hair out of his face I smiled too. You did it Rudy.....Lantis is dead. We can finally rest.

Hearing a slight groan, I soon found that my thoughts were premature. Laying Rudys head down gently I stood up, and walked to where Yuar was studying the body of Lantis with narrowed eyes. “The bastard doesnt know when to die does he?” he mused. A sick feeling of hatred again rose up within me. I knew that there would never be any peace for our family as long as he was alive. Rudy drove himself to the brink of death to kill Lantis and here he was, still clinging to his hate filled life, a worthless life that only existed to cause others pain. The sight of him made me sick. But as he started talking my disgust for him only grew.
“Please Myra....my Princess...please have mercy on me. Let me live, for surely you are a better person than I had been.” I just stared at him, my eyes narrowed slits, and he continued. “Its best to forgive past wrongs, as Im sure Rudy would agree with me. He wouldnt want to see a helpless person killed, now would he? Not his style Im afraid. And right now I am injured and helpless, and even I never killed someone when they were down.” Lantis smiled a pathetic smile that was supposed to make me feel sorry for him, and he reached his hand up and bowed his head. “I ask for your mercy and forgiveness Princess..”
Hate filled my soul as I gazed at Lantis. This was the creature that killed my parents. This was the monstor that lied to me, that ripped me from the ones I loved, that...that killed Gyvien! And he thought I would have mercy on him?!
“No.” Lantis looked up, a hint of fear shining in his blue eyes. “N...No?” he stuttered, not believing his scam wasnt working. I walked up to him, planting my foot hard in his stomach. “Mercy time is over.” Still trying to weedle his way out of death, he frantically appealed to my ‘good side’. “If you kill me, ME, injured and beaten on the ground, youll be no better than what you hate! I have already been defeated! I surrendered! Kill me now and what does that make you?! A monstor, JUST LIKE ME!” He grinned defiantly, a hateful knowing look in his eyes. My eyes widened as I heard that but they narrowed just as quickly. “F*ck being a good person. F*ck it all Lantis! Its about time for a heartless monstor like you to get exactly what you deserve...” Quicker than I could see I plunged my hand into his chest and ripped out his heart. Clutching the heart, I let my hand morph into the claw slowly, ripping the fleshy tissue to pieces in front of Lantis’s horrified eyes before tossing it at him. My narrow, hate-filled eyes reguarded him one last time before walking away. “Now you really ARE heartless...”
Slowly I made my way back over to where Rudy lay, resting on the ground. Morphing my hand back I looked at it, at the blood of humans, vampires, and the creature that had been known as Lantis. Kneeling beside Rudy, I rested his head on my lap, and cried.
I knew nothing, not even my tears of regret, could ever wash these hands completely clean again.
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Roland---------insane? naw!!

"Alright now Roland my baby, time to get ready!" a woman spoke, first at a distance. I had stopped and Farwell started to turn into a hazy mass of darkness on the street. [I] "b..but mommy i dont wanna.........g....." the woman came over to me and fixed my coller and cleaned my face by a piece of cloth. "Now now hunny! this is a special day for you and your Father! Arent you excited Roland?" She asked. "No! No i dont wanna be a priest!! You cant make me mother!!!!" I yelled at the lady in the dress. She looked down at me and sighed. "Roland please, do it for me?" she pleaded. I clenched my tiny childish hands and bit my lip. Looking at the carpetted floor i became very angry as a man arrived. "All ready for his big day?" He asked in a happy-go-lucky tone. "No!!! Stop it!!!! STOP IT...STOP IT....JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" I began to sob slightly. "I DONT WANNA BE A PRIEST! YOU CANT MAKE ME!!!!!!" I screamed at the two. Both sighing they left me alone,walking out my room followed by a little girl just smaller than me.
As i sat on my bed i began to think a little to myself. *They cant make me a priest! I dont want to!* As i thought i heard a whisper,~Then dont do it roland~ it seemed to echo in my head a bit. "Huh? who said that? whos there." I asked aloud clasping my hand on my cross my mother gave to me for the nightly service. ~Then why dont you............roland?~ echoing............"What?......"
~Hmmm! Then why dont you roland.....kill them .............there the ones making you......if you dont want to then........~ The echoing grew in my head.....louder and louder. ~You have a sword....you know the one your father gave you.....? heh yes Roland it will be easy....tonight then? yes? YES!~ "YES...."
Darkness....The rooms were dark and the soft sounds of sleep filled the house. The floor boards creaking as my feet stepped softly on them. Sword in my white gloved hands, i flashed on the light of the little girls room. I ran up to the bed as she awoke from a dream filled slumber, taking my sword i cut the neck. Warm blood splattered in my eyes, wiping them with my gloved becamed stained. Hearing the cut off scream of the girl, the hall way light turned on. Looking up i grinned towards the man,"And as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i shall fear no evil!" I ran towards the startled man and cut stomach and as he fell i sliced the neck letting the blood splash to the white floor, staining it all. I looked towards the ladys room only to see her clasping her cross and crying...praying. "Dear mother....i ..i wouldnt have done all this.." i swept my hand behind me showing the death of my father and my sister. "If...if you didnt drag me into all this mess with your church......" I said in disgust. She was leaning on her door, then slid down to the floor. "Well mother... as i heard....Dust to dust....Amen....." I closed my eyes. "See you in Hell!" I yelled as i swung my sword hitting the light out as it came down.
There was a shrill bloody scream rang in my young ears.
I heald my head, "STOP!!!! Help me?! Help! No!!!!! Mother...I..father...You damn people!!!!! No! I love them?......" I rambled uncontr