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Wild Female Machoke
25th May 2003, 03:32 PM
Which school courses/subjects do you like? Which ones do you hate?

My Likes:

Art: Don't be surprised when I say this because I am an artist. I really like to create things with my own hands in any media. I also like to study art history as well. Some of my works even went on display in a few galleries. I also helped with a school mural a few years back.

Language Arts: It's very fascinating to learn other cultures and languages from other countries outside North America.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics: Experiments, baby! :D (BTW being a forensics buff, I am used to dissections in Biology although they are very unpleasant, especially without any maggots. *shudders*)

My Dislikes:

English: Too much essay writing. BLECH!! :P Whenever I was writing them, my mind always goes blank.

And this is how I felt in English class ==> http://pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs038.png

Physical Education: I don't mind playing sports and all, but the number one thing I HATE doing is running (ie long distance and laps). It is literally a pain in the @$$!! Also my bullying classmates made this subject VERY unpleasant for me. :mad:

25th May 2003, 03:45 PM
My favorite subjects are science, geography, art... :) they're all pretty hands on and deal with pictures too...

I dislike Spanish, simply because of the teacher, but maybe that will change *shrug*

25th May 2003, 03:58 PM
My favorite subjects are Band and English. Band because it's a lot of fun, and English because I'm a good writer (or so I'm told, anyway).

My least favorite class is definitely history. I suck at remembering names and dates and all that crap. Plus, it's boring. Who wants to learn about old dead people? And after saying all this, I'm seriously wondering about my sanity, because I signed up for AP History next year -_-;;

Crystal Mew
25th May 2003, 04:05 PM
I'm so glad schools out =}

My favs are, English, science (unless it has math involved) and world history...all easy stuff

I hate, Math
or Geomatry...its hard since I dont know how do do proofs well ._.;
I'm suprised I actually passed mat hthis year, lol ^^;

25th May 2003, 04:18 PM

Art (the only subject I'm excxited to go to..unless we're doing portraits..blech)

Creative Writing- taking this next year. THIS is my classof classes. I can't wait!

Intro to Computer Art & animation- again, this is for next year. I'm better at computer art than regular art, I think


Math- Math is evil, EVIL, EVIL!!!!!

Intro to business- God, no word can describe how much I LOATHE this class. I wasn't even supposed to BE in that stupid class..I was supposed to be in Psychology...

French- Ok, this was my fault, I thought Fench was gonna be fun when I signed up for it...what the frazz was I thinking?!

25th May 2003, 04:40 PM
Favourites~Science, Phys. ed, Technology, Art, French, Biology, Chemistry

Hatred~Language arts, Math, Health, History, Drama/Dance

Rambunctious Jamirus
25th May 2003, 06:44 PM

Science - I like animals and mostly what we've been doing all year is animals.

Animal Studies - Guess the class from the name. The only part I hated was the cat dissection and pinning bugs.

English (sometimes) - I can only do good made-up stories. The rest are crap.

Blank Page (Writing Class) - This was great because I like to write stories with no limits.

Art - My all time fav!

French - It's one of my easiest classes so, yeah.

Math and the Arts - A mathy sort of arty class. We've done Temari Balls and Origami (which I have tons of paper now). My favourite part of the class is that all we're doing till the end of the school year is watching computer animated movies or anime.


Math - Though I make good grades I swear Math is a religion (with all the miracle numbers and how two numbers combine to make a new number). Okay, I got that from a comic.

History - I cannot stand History since I can't remember all those capitols and years.

English (sometimes) - I cannot stand writing things that are not fun to do.

25th May 2003, 07:07 PM
-Art: I like to draw... but I don't seem to have a creative mind. (ie: I cannot make up stuff from scratch.)

-Biology: Its okay... but I prefer chemistry... because see chemistry.

-Chemistry: Labs are very challenging and lots of action is involved. However, I don't like the ones that are frustrating (lots to do) and the ones that are just sit around and wait for the product for reflux.

All Art courses with the exception of Art itself: e.g. History, Geography, English, Spanish, French, Photography, etc...(i can write a book here!)

oh yes... there's another exception... its foreign language that is useful only ---> I like to learn Japanese. ^-^

Physical Education: I don't like most sports that are "rough". I do somewhat like racket sports (such as badminton, etc) and golf.

Math: Although I always get As in Math, I really hate it, I'm doing 3rd year math now, so its very very hard. ><

25th May 2003, 09:28 PM

English/Liturature/any other class like that: I love to write, and I love to read. I love being able to think up my own idea and get impressions as I read and then share it in an intellegent and understandable way. I just love it.

Geometry: You know you're a nerd when you really like proofs. o_0 I love them. They're so logical and great, my brain just automatically responds to the setup and I know the next step. It's just cool, I think. Plus all that crap with triangles was cool.


French: Grrr.... I hate this language. I love the french as a race, but I HATE learning thier language. I'll stick to good old english, thank you very much.

25th May 2003, 09:45 PM
Originally posted by Rambunctious Jamirus

Math - Though I make good grades I swear Math is a religion (with all the miracle numbers and how two numbers combine to make a new number). Okay, I got that from a comic.

Ah, a Calvin & Hobbes fan I see.

25th May 2003, 10:03 PM

spanish, latin, italian ---> all really easy classes. latin and italian are mad boring, but i do like other homework in them. spanish is really fun.

math ---> i think i'm the only person on this whole thread that actually likes math XD i don't know. some of my best friends are in this class, i somehow manage to do amazingly well, and the teacher is great.

chorus ---> it's chorus, how hard can it be? talking/studying period.


english ---> mad boring class. hate the teacher. too much work. hard. etc.

all the other classes are average.

25th May 2003, 10:51 PM

Math (Trigonometry, Geometry, Functions, Haven't touched Calcalus yet though :|)
Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
Physical Education (Cardiovascular Fitness)
Music (Instrumental)
Business (Intro to Accounting)
Social Sciences (Antropology, Psychoclogy)
Technology (Programming, Communication)
World Studies (History, Geography)
Language Arts (English, French)



I'm one of a kind.

26th May 2003, 12:24 AM

I consider English one of my most favourite subjects of all time. It would depend on the person if you like essays, persuasive techniques, writing and all that then, well, this is obviously for you. It's definitely for me. I love essay writing, now point and laugh at Jay. Go on :( I plan to be an English teacher, if that will influence your opinion on my English fetish

I used to really like Maths but now ... meh, I guess it's alright. It's one of my few favourite classes that I still do enjoy, so I guess it would go here. It's currently leaning towards the edge of going "in between" like and dislike but for some reason I had an urge to put it here. Algebra is the best

Who would have thought that I would have put History as one of my favourites? I guess any subject I excell at I would definitely put amongst my favourites, since I try my hardest in them, therefor must be good at that specific subject. I got mid 90's for History, which came as a complete shock to me when I got both my assignment backs (one being 100%, ooh)


ANY type of Science subject I absolutely go bleh over. They are so difficult, and I get the worst marks on them. In the future, I hope to have no sort of encounter with physics, chemistry or biology. They want to make me puke, which is a reason why I always want to skip the class (but I haven't, i'm good)

Physical Education
I don't actually hate this subject as much as I used to ... but it still sucks to me. Again, it isn't needed for what I want to be in the future, therefor I shouldn't participate to my full advantage in the activites this subject may hold. Even though I try to, I always end up getting a C, last year as low as a D. This time our class is different because it's low contact physical education, which is kinda better. Footbal, soccer, basketball, whatever, should just die. They weren't meant for me

Graphic Communication
There were a lot of competitors for the last of the three worst subjects that I do my best in, or I simply hate, and that is art. I can't draw. The teacher usually lets us do other crap in class anyway, and art wasn't meant for me to begin with. I suck so bad at it :( Oh well, it isn't like i'm going to be a fashion designer or anything lol

Avian Freeze
26th May 2003, 12:38 AM
Spanish - This is my favorite class. It's easy and I think foreign languages are cool to learn ;p. The teacher's also really funny and he's great, so that's always a plus.

Science - Easy class, and the teacher's nice. She makes the class interesting. The labs are also fun, and I like chemistry the most. Cool experiments to do, but getting burned by the Bunsen Burner is no fun x_x.

Global Studies - Basically like history. Yea I know, lots of you hate history :P. But I think it's interesting. It's cool to learn about the past. After all, "one who doesn't know the past can't step into the future." Though it's a tough class and I don't do so well in it, I still find the subject interesting.

Music - Though learning about the history of music is boring, the teacher's funny and the class is easy and it's fun when we make pieces.

Art - Meh, it's ok. Art history is boring, but studio is fun and during history, I can sleep or do my homework.

CT (Drama) - Ok too. It's fun to act and play games and stuff, but when we perform, it's nervewrecking x_x.

Math - It's ok, kind of boring. Algebra's ok, and logic is fun. Probability was ok too, and geometry's pretty fun.

Phys. Ed - Very fun, we get to actually MOVE and we play sports and stuff.

Swimming - It's ok. Not so great, cause the teacher makes us work too much -_-. We all end up swallowing a bunch of chlorine and stuff, and our hearts beating like out of our chests. But water polo is fun :D.

English - Noooooooooooooooo. It's boring. The books we read are sometimes good, but I don't like discussing them. I'm also no good at free essays, only at guided ones, so I don't do very well at those either. I do okay at literary essays though. Grammar is boring, but I catch on quickly, so it helps me boost my grade :P.

26th May 2003, 01:35 AM
photography - like it :)

art- like it :)

graphics - like it :)

computer studies - like it :)

English - Annoying

STUDY - Really, really like it ^_^

26th May 2003, 04:49 AM
Pretty much everything but esp.
English (actually english, creative writing)
Art (drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking)

Any sort of math
P.E. (too much running, and lots of stupid vollyball -.-)

26th May 2003, 05:23 AM
my fav subject is art besides any other classes i can just **** around in. i didn't really like art up until this year but my art teacher is actually good at her job and the it's actually fun. even the theory is kinda interesting. i pretty much hate all other classes though. too bad.

26th May 2003, 02:57 PM
lets see, i like my TLC, Show Choir, and Leadership classes. I dont really like english or math though.

26th May 2003, 11:57 PM
my favorites (in order) ROTC, art, geography

my ok's (boring stuff): science, health, spanish

my HATES: math (god I hate it), english (way too much friggen work. an average of 3 hours of homework a night?! wtf are they smoking??? >=o)

thank god next year I'm out of my AP stuff (except I'm moving up in art. yay, applaud me :)) and I'm done with health until I'm a junior.. and I'm taking up some webmastering class, sounds fun :)


Luthien Tinuviel
27th May 2003, 06:09 PM
Lol, I am trying my hardest in school, but I want summer to come right now! My fave subjects are the only ones I'm really good at, English and Art. My art teacher, Mr. S. is really nice to me, although the guy I sit behind is even weirder than I am (that's pretty weird) My English teacher is really hyperactive, and she's really fun, exept she seems to lose all sorts of assignments.

28th May 2003, 07:52 AM
Music: Thie year we're making music on computers, so yay for me. And I love classical music.
Science adn Tech. : Another almost-all-prac course. We did photography last term and it wasn relaly fun. No homeworkeither. (Same foir musci)
English: Writing, debating... two of my favourite activities. Self-explanatory. and no 'correct' answers! Yay! (Even though I do betterat the subjects with specific answers.)
Japanese: The teacher's really nice. We get to play games, but we still learn from it. Besides, the language is fasacinating.

Science: The teacher really doesn't seem to get what she's talking about. e're all confused at the end of each period. She's a Physics teacher too (right now I'm doing General science, but I'll take Physics in Year 11)
Swimming: Too many laps and water polo drains too much of my strength. diving is fun though, even if I'm not ggod at it.
History: it's so interesting learning about dead people.

For me, school isn't so much education as friends and extra-curricular acitvities (some days I feel that I spend more time at school than at home. That includes sleeping time.)

29th May 2003, 03:58 AM

Chemistry: What else can I say, this subject rules. Labs are fun and it is a challenging subject. Plus my teacher is a bit random, instead of periodic tables aroudnt he room, we have terminator posters (he is obseesed with the movie).

Biology: It fun, apart from that it gets tedious at times, an easy subject, just wish that it had more labs.

Maths: My math teacher is crazy, but its fun. Calculus is not as challenging as many think, as with trig, surds etc etc etc.

Japanese: Japanese = easy = fun = useful = can watch some japanese anime picking things up ^_^ but i like it and hope to live in japan a year or 2 in the future


ENGLISH LITERATURE: this subject drives me crazy, still remember IGCSE last year -_-. I get 90 + in everything and then i get a 70 in english literature -_-. Curse William Blake this year his poetry makes no sense -_-