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28th May 2003, 10:02 PM
:wave: Welcome to the Eevee House everyone. :wave: This is a place where you can let your adopted and captured pokemon hang out. (You can get adopted pokemon from the adoption centers here in PCG). You can also make freinds. There are only a few simple rules...

1. No Flaming.
2. No willful destruction of property. Accidents may happen such as a pokemon tripping and breaking a table.
3. Please make quality posts. We don't want this place closed.
And last
4. Have FUN!

A brief history of The Eevee House:

It was started as a club by Eevee Trainer Brad a long while ago as a club. It was where we could let our adopted pokemon out, and help them to develop personalities. Brad pretty much turned it over to me to run a while back. Then it was closed by LP, some time later due to it being like an RPG. So here we are in our new home. On May 28th we were moved back to PCG again and once more a club. This is mod aproved by both T_M_L, Lady Vulpix, and myself.

The basis is you adopt pokemon from ACs or have them bred at the Breeding Center. However, you won't find legendaries or Dratinis. You have to earn a majority of 100 stamps from the battle range to ask to breed for a Dratini. Or you could win through selected games from time to time.

Here are some links that you might find helpful:

Dragon Tamers Adoption Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=17481)
Pocket Monster's Breeding Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19109)
Poke Zoo Adoption Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19004)
Crystal Caves Capture Centure (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=17698)

Updated links on 7-1-03

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. the people here are friendly and helpful.


We are now having a race once a month. Th categories are based on speed to make it fairer to all. In addition, the type of race will alternate between flying, land, and water.

This race for the month of August will be the land race.

The prizes will also rotate between the winning pokemon gining two levels or any item from the Dragon Tamers reward center.

This month's prize is any item from the reward center. Entrants are now being accepted but they must be able to fly or float.

Current Entrants for the Land Race

Having said all that:

(Nala's POV)

It was great to have this place back. We had been through some tough times, but the friends and spirit of the Eevee House survived each time. We had several new members as well as the regulars. Once inside, I released my two teams of pokemon. My adoptess went to their usual spots, as my captured pokemon began to explore their new surroundings.

(Sugar's POV)

I began to run about excited. It was great to be back. I could wait till Jesse and Torrey found out. It would thrill them as much as it did us.

(Yana's POV)

This was my first time in the Eevee House here in PCG. I had been told that it used to be here a long time ago. I stayed near Amy because I wasn't used to the place yet.

(Wa Ya's POV)

I slowy explored the house. No nook or cranny escaped my prescene. Nothing was gonna escape my attention. I made a mental map of the layout of the place as I went from room to room.

baby jolteon
28th May 2003, 10:18 PM
Kiwi's Stuuf
She walks into the Eevee house and looks around. She releases Flame, Angel, Thunder, Zap and Lil Bolt. She watches most of them run around and try to find their friends. Flame stays and tries to get up to my shoulder and Kiwi lifts him up and onto her shoulder. Flame smiles and climbs onto my head. Kiwi begins to walk which makes Flame hold on tight Kiwi's head. Kiwi soon makes it out side where she leans againest the wall and staring up to the clouds, thinking. Flame laughs at her silently and he jumps off her head. He stumbles and stand back up. He looks around hoping no one saw his clumsiness. He runs into the Eevee house to find something to do.

Lady Vulpix
29th May 2003, 07:48 AM
Wow! Welcome to PCG, Eevee House! :D
Can I add myself to the list of approvers? I approve this very much! http://www.boomspeed.com/ladyvulpix/biggrin.gif

I have to run right now, but I'll be back as soon as I can.
BTW, one of these days we need to have the Flying Range we've been putting of for about half a year. :o

29th May 2003, 09:23 AM
Ok, since this has been considered too Club for RPG I'm afraid this means its going to have to start acting like a club. You'll have to figure that out how to do that yourselves though, maybe organise some games or contests or something. If it gets too RPG I guess it'll have to go back to RPG and Mike wont be happy.

30th May 2003, 08:32 PM
[Megan's POV]

I walked into the Eevee House, my three adoptees (Akia, Isis and Quaye) and my captured Growlithe (Jachai) trailing quietly behind me. In my arms was a brown egg, speckled with white and wrapped in a blanket so it would stay warm. I sat down on the couch, and all my Pokemon crowded around, completely silent. Even Akia and Jachai didn't say a word, and both were usually fairly boisterous. The egg had been shaking recently, and I knew it was due to hatch soon.

As if my thoughts had cued it, there was a sharp rap from inside the shell. A tiny crack appeared. Another rap sounded, and the crack grew larger. Before I knew it, there was a small beak peeking through a hole in the shell. The beak chipped away at its prison, slowly but surely causing pieces of the shell to fall away. Soon it could stick its entire head out; from there it was only a short amount of time before it was sitting on my lap, bits of shell all around it. The Pidgey baby - a little boy - sat on my lap, looking rather ruffled and confused. I had to giggle as he looked around at my Pokemon, all of which couldn't stop exclaiming how cute he was. Except for Akia, of course. She wasn't too fond of birds.

"What're you going to name him?" Isis asked. Normally it would have taken me forever to come up with one, but I had thought about it beforehand and picked out two names - one for a girl and one for a boy. Obviously, the boy name was needed here.

"Avidan," I told them. Then I looked down at the little Pidgey. "You okay with that name?"

Avidan chirruped and nodded his head yes.

"It's settled, then," I said happily.

4th June 2003, 05:01 PM
[MK's POV]

I rushed into the Eevee House with a huge grin on my face. I had a surprise for one of my team members that I had planned for a while. I was just now getting to it though.

I looked around for Nala. I didn't see her, so I decided to wait to give the surprise. So I found a place on the sofa and waited. Christian and Jesse were giving each other "I know what's going on" looks. Everyone was glancing around at Torrey, who was sitting near the edge of the pool. He seemed to be pondering whether to jump in or not.

I smiled as I watched the Espeon. He was so unique. He really deserved the surprise I had for him. If only Nala would hurry up and get here.

Rambunctious Jamirus
4th June 2003, 05:49 PM
<RJ's view>

Quietly, I snuck into the House, looking around for anyone. MK was on the couch but it was turned away from the door. Grinning, I took a deep breath and called out, "AG, RG, RJ whatever my name is is back!"
This, of course, startled a lot of the other members including Torrey who nearly fell in the water. MK jumped and almost fell off the couch before looking over at me.
Chuckling, I released Dancer and Bubbles who slipped into the pool. Psyche and Starlight along with Lavender, Ruby, Bronze, Tony and Zac were next, two of them running to MK. Rainbow popped out with TC, Joey, Sky, Thorn, and Blossom. Baron, the sneaky devil, flew up and out of reach and began to wreck havoc as it came necessary. Blaze, Damian, Vixen, Champ, and Mona appeared and ran off in different directions. Eli and Emerald vanished into a corner. Flippant sat by the pool as soon as she appeared and stared into the water. Ram, the hyper active pup, nearly snuck into the kitchen before the now out Arashi and Spider caught him and made him go out to where everyone could keep a watch on him.
I laid down on the floor where MK was sitting and someone else I didn't know. I waved and watched as Joey curled up on me and fell asleep.
"You know," I said. "We should think up some games to play here. Maybe a race for a contest monthly like the last time in the UBB."

4th June 2003, 06:22 PM
Absent mindingly wandering idly into the house, puzzled expession clearly on my face, I began poking the door much to the confusement of the Pokémon following me, who merely burst through the door. "A race would be fine." staring oddly at the door still, not exactly used to the Eevee House being back where it used to be, I shrugged and smirked broadly at RJ. "Though my sillies would lose."

"Hey!" War shrieked, snarling at me, "Are you saying that I'm not fast?!"

Blinking oddly towards the Jolteon, I began to nod madly. "Of course! You think you have a chance against Blazer and the others? You so silly!" of course, I didn't speak in the most intelligent way - but me tried!

Prancing over to Rainbow, eyeing her every now and then, Mars extended a paw and ruffled the Eevee's fur that was on the top of her head. "We meet again, ne?" only he stopped looking at his Eevee friend when Pride ran by, screaming something about Ruby and looking on the verge of a spaz attack.

4th June 2003, 06:35 PM
I snuck into the Eevee House very quietly. However, Chaos raced out from my side then ran amuck, barking loudly. He pounced random Pokémon than ran in circles, wanting attention. I sighed then stepped from the shadows into the house. "Hello, it's DarkPrincess aka Rachel!" I beamed. All was quiet.

"I told you no one would know us," sighed Sidius.

I pouted then cowered in the corner to cuddle Basilisk. Sidius grinned happily then tripped Chaos on the floor as he was running past him. The Houndoom faded into shadows and disappeared. A Persian, Charizard, Rapidash, Feraligatr, Treecko, Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Skitty, Aerodactyl, Zangoose, Growlithe, Mightyena, Salamence, Swablu, Metagross, Seviper and Arbok (all my adopted and captured Pokémon x.o) went to go find friends. Sidius was busy tripping random Pokémon and people.

Rambunctious Jamirus
4th June 2003, 06:57 PM
<RJ's view>

I looked up as Disco walked in with her guys. Crinning, I raised a hand, not wanting to get up and have a startled Sneasel dig in his long claws into my body. She nodded back, quietly snickering at my pain.
Arashi immediately pounced on her, laughing the whole time. "Oy! Disco! How's it going?"

<Dancer's view>

I looked up as the new Feraligatr slipped into the water. I swam up to new one and said, "Hey! I'm Dancer and that's Bubbles. What's your name?"

<Rainbow's view>

I grinned at the familar face and slapped at the paw. "Mars!" Laughing, I pounced on him, pinning him to the ground. "How've ya been, Mars?"

<Lavender's view>

Smiling, I watched as the new Eeveelutions walked in slowly. I looked over at my son and Champ and gestured with my tail to them. The two seemed to get it and trotted up to the group. I followed slowly and watched as they made friends quick.

<Ruby's view>

"Pride!" I called, dodging as he ran right at me. Laughing, I pounced on him and nipped his ear. I chuckled when he flipped us and pinned me to the ground.

<Sky's view>

I watched as an Aerodactyl flapped into the air with a Swablu close behind. Starlight was watching from her spot in the rafters with me along with a trapped Baron. Ruffling my feathers, I hopped across the rafters and looked up at the huge prehistoric Pokemon. "Hey," I chittered. "I'm Sky."

<Rambunctious' view>

Sneak into the kitchen, get some Coke, I thought, crawling under a hole in the wall. The kitchen was in my grasp now. No one could stop me. Quietly, I nosed open the cabinet and found better than I hoped for.
I ripped open the case and crushed a can in my jaws. I lapped up the spilled carbonated drink and quickly went through the entire twelve-pack.
I then lost sense of everything around me.

<RJ's view>

Something was clawing around the kitchen. Joey looked up and suddenly crawled up the wall, out of harm's way.
"Oh, crap," I said and tried to find something out of reach of the now caffeinated Growlithe.
He shot out of the kitchen and bolted faster than maybe an Entei was and literally ran up the wall.
The new Pokemon had to jump out of the way of the oncoming lightning fast Growlithe.
"Well, let's wait until he stops," I said, standing on the couch with the other Trainers as the small puppy ran around the room.

4th June 2003, 07:06 PM
Nodding to Rachel and smirking broadly towards Aroshi, I gave the big silly a hug, remember his antics from a long time ago. "Fine!" I chriped to the Typholosion, smiling, then took a seat on the sofa, my two newest Pocket Monsters, a small female Torchic named Enya and a male Treeko named Kozue, perched merrily upon my lap.

Rock DJ flapped her long, dragonic wings, screeching loudly and darted for the roof, which she spotted the other flyers. Hawkmoon too followed, her odd ivory body twisting slightly with her sharp movements.

Grinning and chuckling at Rainbow, Mars nodded idly, grin still firmly in place. "I've been fine!" he quickly rolled out from under Rainbow, causing her to land with a feather-lite thump, "And yourself?" he smirked and patted at her tail.

"Haven't seen you in a while!" Pride beamed, wagging sun-coloured fluffed tail. "How have you been, dear Ruby?" dipping his muzzle in a greeting, a happy glint within his eyes.

Voodoo, the young Electrike, trotted slowly over to the couch, and stared oddly up at RJ. Swishing her stubby tail, head tilted gingerly, small fangs showed in a happy yet confused grin.

4th June 2003, 07:14 PM
I sat on the sofa too with my own Treecko, Legolas on my lap. He had in his hand, the plastic bow I gave him. In the other hand, he held a plastic suction arrow. Legolas looked at the other Treecko oddly then poked him slowly.

Rogue the Feraligatr noticed another Feraligatr greeting her. "Rogue," she answered softly to Dancer.

Voodoo the Aerodactyl smiled happily then greeted Sky proudly. "Voodoo!," he chirped. "And you are?"

Chaos was trying desparately to find someone to play with. Suddenly, something zoomed right past him. He was curious but soon found himself chasing after the blurr, barking and wagging his fluffy tail. The happy little puppy attempts to pounce the Growlithe but he misses. Chaos pouts but continues to chase after him.

Interpol HQ
4th June 2003, 07:54 PM
*Enters the Eevee House*
<Himo> This is a pretty nice place. *heads over to a couch* Well since im here I should let out my Pokemon. *lets out Poliwhirl* Hey there.... say I havent given you a name yet, have I?
<Poliwhirl> *shakes his head*
<Himo> Well I guess i should then. *scratches head* Lets see... *looks at poliwhirl* I could name you Squiggel, because of your little spiral thing. Oh I know! *gets out thesaurus* Tortile! how does that sound?
<Tortile> *smiles happily* Poli!
<Himo> Ok Tortile you go make friends now.
<Tortile> *goes off to make friends*
<Himo> Now for Vaporeon. *lets Vaporeon out of her pokeball* Since I found you underwater im gonna call you Undertow.
<Undertow>*Squeels in delight and jumps on to Himo's lap*
<Himo> You like that huh? Two more *lets out Croconaw* Im gonna call you Lockjaw.
<Lockjaw> *jumps in the air* Lockjaw! *runs off repeating Lockjaw over and over again*
<Himo> ^_^; Looks like Lockjaw really likes his new name. *holds up the pokeball with Lapras in it* Well there is no place to let you out here, so Ill have to name you know and see if you like it later. Im gonna call you Tide.

Rambunctious Jamirus
4th June 2003, 08:29 PM
<Starlight's view>

I sighed at the small puppy racing around the room and finally snapped my fingers. His body lifted off the ground and he soon found himself running on air. Defeated, he looked up at me and pouted with large puppy eyes. I set him down and watched as he introduced himself to the other Growlithe following him.

<RJ's view>

I looked over to find Ram calmed down a bit and climbed from the couch. Smiling, I looked over at the new Pokemon and Trainer that had entered. "Hey!" I called. "Come sit with us and let's try to figure out how to make LP happy!"

<Dancer's view>

"Cool name," I said. I watched as a Croconaw struggled to decide to jump in or not along with a Poliwhirl and Vaporeon. Grinning, I nodded to Bubbles who melted into the water and popped up in front of the new guys. "So, should we go over there?" I asked Rogue.

<Sky's view>

I nodded happily and chittered, "I'm Sky." Voodoo grinned, showing all of his teeth as we started talkig about flying. Another Aerodactyl and another Pokemon soon joined us, introducing themselves as well.

<Rainbow's view>

I grinned at him. "I've been fine. Being in a PokeBall for a few weeks though kills me." I laughed and flicked my tail, watching him jump back a bit and grin up at me.

<Ruby's view>

I laughed at his politeness and bowed to him as well. "Fine, Pride. It's been a while, huh?" I asked, watching him smile softly up at me.

<Arashi's view>

"Ha! I get a hug and you don't!" I said, pointing at RJ. She snorted at me and petted the small Electrike that had decided to join the circle.
I sat down on the floor and watched as the small Electrike walked up to me and smile. "Hey there. I'm Arashi."

Interpol HQ
4th June 2003, 09:42 PM
<Undertow> *a little startled by Bubbles sudden appearance* Oh hello, We just came over to see if we can join you? Oh how rude of me, please let me introduce us. I am Undertow, this is Tortile

<Tortile> Sup?

<Undertow> and this is Lockjaw.

<Lockjaw> Lockjaw!!!

<Undertow> *sweatdrop* We are very pleased to meet you.

4th June 2003, 10:44 PM
[ Jay's POV ]

>> I entered the Eevee House for the first time. It was nerve-racking but I decided to do it finally. Inside I decided to release just two of my adoptees: Akaiou, my Golem, and Pipasci, my Smeargle, rather than just letting all of my captees and adoptees roam the house at once, which could get quite squishy. Getting out two Poké Balls, I tossed them onto the floor, and they revealed Pipasci and Akaiou

[ Akaiou's POV ]

>> This was strange - I've never seen a place such as this before. Quite a turn of events over the past few weeks, and this is just one of the many surprises that Jay had to offer. I don't know where I am - I don't know any of these people or other Pokémon. This is freaky! Being the only Golem here doesn't help. I finally decided to ask, "Where are we?!". "Akaiou, Pipasci. This place is the Eevee House. This is where you can have fun and make new friends with the others," Jay replied. "What are we supposed to do first?" Pipasci nervously asks. "You can do anything you like. Just get used to the place, that's probably all I suggest you should do now. Get a better idea of the surroundings."

We both agreed to explore, and I went outside with Pipasci. As long as I was with someone there I know quite well it's perfectly fine with me to explore around. I think Pipasci needs someone there that he knows too. I noticed that he dripped paint from the inside of the house to the outside. I didn't care to tell him since he probably already knows. I also can notice Jay just standing around inside the house. Hopefully he'll take some advice of his own!

4th June 2003, 10:56 PM
"Hey, Jay!" I smiled, waving towards Faithless as he entered the house, just standing nearby with two of his adoptees roaming about. Sickle wandered over, his ivory fur ruffled slightly, the sword-like horn emerging from the top of his head - near his forehead. Yawning lightly, and resting onto his haunches, the fox-like Pokémon reached up a grey-clawed paw as if attempting to shake hands.

Swishing around blade-like tail, the hard grey flash sharp and pointed near the end, wavered up and down slowly. Nearly all red eyes blink curiously, grinning lightly, small pointed fangs showing. Single webbed paw shook up and down, eyeing Jay, awaiting for him to shake his own paw.
Whimpering lightly, the Vaporeon snickered noticing the soft fur tickled against his own extremely short, light blue fur. "Yeah!" he sighed, though still smiling happily. "I know how you feel. Psiana took quite a long leave.
"Truly!" Pride grinned, shaking his head, ruffling the mane around his neck. "I've missed yoooou." he cooed, his tone as if joking but serious, a silly grin on his face.
Flapping her wings even harder, Rock DJ perched upon the rooftop, glancing towards the others. "My name is Rock DJ."

Hawkmoon also landed on the rooftop. "And my name is Hawkmoon!" silver-tipped wings flapped, icy blue eyes glinting and dancing with happiness.
Yipping lightly, head tilted, Voodoo prodded Arashi with a paw. Wagging spiked tail once more, she bounced onto her hand legs, spinning about in circles, as if showing off.

5th June 2003, 12:53 AM
(Nala's POV)

I ran into the Eevee House. I was late and i knew it. I had gotten drafted into running errands for my parents and before I knew it it was time for me to go to church. Then we went out to my parents' friend's house and had lasanga. I saw some old frineds ad i waved to them. Then I saw Jay and waved at him before making my wave over to where M_K was. Sorry i'm late. Then i released my team one by one. Ayla and Sugar went over to where Jesse and Christian were. Simba took Jasmine to the pool. Dodger flew up into the rafters where he watched over everyone in the house.

(Blazer's POV)

I stretched before padding over to my usual spot. I smiled as i saw the other pokemon having fun. I didn't run around this place much because i didn't want to step on anyone by accident. I looked around for Steve and Flare but i didn't see them. I shrugged and placed my head on my paws.

(Aiyana's POV)

I saw someone new here. I was still shy but nothing like i used to be. In fact i was starting to have fun battling. So long as it was just for fun i didn't mind it. Anyway, I slowly made my way over to him. My side was still slightly soe fromwhere that geodude at punched me. When i reached him. I gently placed my paw on his leg in a hello gesture.

5th June 2003, 01:34 AM
[ Pipasci's POV ]

Akaiou elbowed me and pointed to Jay. There were a few people and even Pokémon saying hi to him. This was rather interesting, and I was happy for him. Suddenly I noticed a Dratini and a Vaporeon heading over to the pool. My mind must have been wandering much as I hadn't noticed a pool before. Unfortunately me nor Akaiou can enter the pool without either damaging or hurting ourselfs. If I didn't have such leaky paint dripping from my tail I would have loved to go for a swim. I watched both the dragon and the water type make a huge splash; Drenching me slightly. My mind was wondering where a canvas could be, or a wall I could try my graffiti art on; If I could, that is

[ Akaiou's POV ]

We weren't going to accomplish anything by standing around, so I told Pipasci to walk around the house for a bit. I saw an Aerodactly watching over me, and I just quickly eyed him.
"Haha - I know you had Aerodactyl troubles in the past at Expedia, but it doesn't mean all Aerodactyl's will do what they did to you there." "You don't know that for certain -_-." It wasn't something I was willing to talk about... yet, so I just let Pipasci's mind wander a little more. We decided to go back into the house to see how Jay was doing

[ Jay's POV ]

I said hi to everyone I could who was willing to - I'm not the type who cares to get the ball rolling first, people who know me well enough would know that. I shook paws with Pokémon and we made a quick friendly relationship that I hoped would extend for a while.

I noticed Amy and Disco and I waved to them. I kneeled down towards Sickle, and I paw shook him. "Nice to meet you". He smiled and then he walked back to Disco. I looked to the ground again and I noticed Amy's Houndour put her paw on my leg. "Why hello." I politely said, as I kneeled down and began to pat and tickle her. She was a little afraid at first, but I assured her I wouldn't do anything. I patted her gently for a moment, until Amy called her over to where she and M_K were residing, and she calmly left my side.

I notice Akaiou and Pipasci enterring the house again. "Where are the drinks?" Pipasci asks. Giggling, I pointed to the refrigerator. They're good friends, so i've noticed. I don't think anything could get in the way of their friendship.

I thought this would be a good time to let out my black Clefable, Crystal, so she can try to make friends also; I threw her Poké Ball on to the floor, and she was revealed to everyone. Pipasci was shocked, as I forgot that he had never seen Crystal and her new colour makeover. She and him have been enemies for a long time, and I always try to keep them out of conflicts for their and the other adoptees sake.

[ Crystal's POV ]

I immediately knew where I was - Jay had always talked about this place - The Eevee House. It was huge; Much larger than I anticipated. I couldn't see anyone else that Jay let out, so I assume they must all be outside. I walked out and immediately my eyes were laid on the pool. There were a couple of Pokémon in there, but I haven't been out of my Poké Ball for so long, I think it would be nice to have a relaxing swim. Enterring, I saw a Vaporeon and I decided to say "Hi!". He was friendly enough to welcome me back. I decided to stay in the pool for a little bit to relax the tension

Dark Dragonite
5th June 2003, 09:41 AM
Well, I was tired, but I had to get back to the Eevee House to wrap up Ryu's wounds. I released him, and with some coaxing of his new teamate, I disinfected his left arm, and wrapped it up nicely. I turned to wave to Jay, and anyone else in the house as I released 27 other pokes, 29 in all, as they made their way to their usual spots. Flare looked for Blazer, Outkast teleported to the rafters, Hunter sat on my shoulder again thinking he is a bird. Oh well, maybe if he got some battles in, and evolved he would think normally, that, or he'd break my shoulder. Poochyena stayed by Ryu's side, as if they had a deep connection somehow, I was just surprised anyone could stop his rampaging. Lotad went to practice fight with Bagon, and I hoped I could battle one of them as well, to keep up their strength levels, and make sure they don't get rusty.

5th June 2003, 01:23 PM
[MK's POV]

I beamed around at everyone, saying hello to each as they entered. Some familiar friends by the name of Tony and Zac ran up to me. I couldn't help but grab them up and hug them. "How've you two been??? Its great to see you!" Christian and Jesse smiled and greeted them as well. Torrey wondered over, soaking wet. When RJ made her way into the House and yelled, Torrey ended up falling completely into the water. He didn't seem to mind a bit.

I grinned at him as he wondered over to RJ and said "hi." Then, he stood up and shook all the water from his fur and onto RJ. He smiled happily and handed her a towel before returning to where I was.

I finally saw Nala. I waved at her and when she came over with Sugar and Ayla, I called Torrey up on the sofa with me.

"Torrey, I have a surprise for you. I hope you like it!"

With that and a curious look from Torrey, I pulled the black juice from my bag. The Espeon's eyes widened with surprise and happiness. I looked around at Nala and smiled at her. Sugar and Jesse were sitting together, nuzzling as they watched.

I took a bowel from the bag and poured Torrey's juice into it. He lapped it up quickly. Within seconds, he was surrounded by a pink cloud of sweet smelling smoke. The pink slowly turned to black. The only part of Torrey we could see were his red eyes. Soon enough, the black smoke faded and where the pink Espeon Torrey was now sat a midnight black Torrey.

He grinned, his white teeth shining brighter than ever against the black muzzle. I picked him up in my arms and gave him a hug. I put him down so he could talk to his mother and father. Ayla was also watching and tackled him from behind, still prouder than ever for her own new color.

I was happy that Torry was happy. He was now his dream. A black Espeon that looked rather scarey and creepy with beaming red eyes and red jewl. But he was still my Torrey.

baby jolteon
5th June 2003, 03:22 PM
Kiwi's Stuff
She walks back into the Eevee House after being away at Galvasten(I spelled that wrong, right?). She brings out all her Pokemon out of their pokeballs and watches them run around the Eevee house. She feels something nudging her leg to Angel. Kiwi leans down, bringing her arm down in front of Angel, letting her climb up to her shoulder. Angel climbs up her arm, being careful not to scratch Kiwi. Kiwi smiles at Angel and pats her head gently.

Flame's Stuff
He races off, looking for Arashi or any other friend he had. He walks over to Kiwi and poke her shin. He looks up at her as she looks back and asks "Do you see Arashi?" "Uhmm," Kiwi began, "Try finding RJ, she might now..." Flame nods and and pades off looking for them.

(I remembered another pokemon of mine... Star my Espeon o.o;... uh yay?)

7th June 2003, 03:51 PM
[Megan's POV]

I headed into the Eevee House, releasing my five adoptees: Akia, Isis, Quaye, Avidan (my newly-hatched Pidgey) and my newest Pokemon, my Sandshrew, Sabine. Avidan took to the air, flying "laps" around the house. Akia and Isis decided to curl up on the couch for a nap - unusual for Akia, because she usually had boundless energy. Quaye jumped in the pool, eager to take a swim, and Sabine just looked around. As the newest, she had never been to the Eevee House before, so she wanted to explore. I thought about releasing my captured Pokemon, Jachai and Shiah, my new Aerodactyl, as well, but decided against it. I flopped down on the couch and pulled out the paper I had to write for math.

[Sabine's POV]

The Eevee House seemed to be a pretty interesting place. My trainer, Megan, was busy with her homework, Akia and Isis were sleeping (I was wide awake), Avidan was flying around (as I didn't have wings, I couldn't join him) and Quaye was swimming (being a ground-type, I couldn't stand the water), so I decided to explore. There were a lot of different rooms to look in, my favorite of which was the kitchen. I spotted a cookie jar and reached for it, but my short stature made it nearly impossible to reach. I jumped, my paw just brushing it, and it tilted. It teetered back and forth before falling off the counter, the cookies spilling out and the jar landing on my head! Unable to see or pull my head out of the jar, I walked around in a blind panic, trying to find my way back to the main room.

7th June 2003, 04:03 PM
Striding merrily into the Eevee House, I quickly darted towards the outside pool, and threw three Pokéballs into the water. Appearing in the calm water were two Gyrados and a Milotic, who all cooed and cheer, enjoying the refreshing water. Glancing towards Rio and Belisma, the two Gyrados, then Azura the Milotic, I grinned and waved towards them. "Have fun, you guys!"

Tossing down another Pokéball, Sickle the Absol appeared by my side as we entered the house, him right in my steps. Glancing towards the new trainer in the house, I smiled and waved, then took a seat on the sofa. Sickle bowed somewhat to the new trainer, then jumped on the sofa with me. All by captured Pocket Monsters had been sent out, so I decided to let out Willow, who stared oddly at me.

Bending down to the small Vulpix, I pulled a crimson rock from my pocket, then tossed it to her. Before it even began to touch her fur, it began to glow, then disappeared. Though Willow was still glowing, shimmering and sparkling, as she transformed and grew taller and more elegant than before. Standing in front of me was a beautiful Ninetales. She yipped with delight and chased one of her nine tails for a brief few seconds, then pounced and nuzzled me. Chuckling, I pet her as she rushed off, still barking happily.

9th June 2003, 11:36 AM
[Torrey's POV]

I couldn't be happier. But enough with the celebrating here. We had enough parties at home when we left. But I was still thrilled and MK knew it. When we arrived at the Eevee House, I heard my stomach give a nasty snarl. I was really hungry. Instead of pestering MK about it, I decided to wonder around in the kitchen and see if I could find something. Then I remembered that someone had baked a jar full of fresh cookies the other night. Maybe I could be munch on those.

So I made my way through the main room of the Eevee House and into the kitched. My eyes widened as they saw the jar of cookies spilt all over the floor, with the jar no where to be found. I looked around and heard something coming from the hallway. There was the cookie jar, and it now contained something new. A Sandshrew! Boy did s/he look silly! Running into walls and that stuff.

I leapt over the Sandshrew's body and in front of him/her. (boy or girl, Marshmellow?) "Um, need any help with that cookie jar?" I asked, offering my help. I waited to see if maybe the Sandshrew was just being silly and didn't want any help.

9th June 2003, 04:34 PM
<P. Zero's POV>
I was new to the Eevee House so I just waved to who ever was there and released my Pokemon."Go Ryu (Eevee),Monica (Eevee), Leonardo (Machop), Domon (Torchic), Rapzilla (Tangela), Cassie (Chickorita), Rafeal (Cyndaquil), Donatello (Totodile) and Lucy (Mareep)!" I yelled out as my Pokemon were released and ran out to meet any other Pokemon there while I threw some Mountain Dew Livewires to any other trainer there.

9th June 2003, 04:45 PM
Adopted Pokémon:
War - Jolteon (M) (Red eyes, purple tail, pink stripes, bluish-green spots) (Level 22)
Mars - Vaporeon (M) (Level 12)
Pride - Flareon (M) (Level 10)
Twilight - Ponyta (F) (Black fur, blue flames, brown hooves, lavender eyes) (Level 8)
Banshee - Houndour (F) (Level 6)
Siryn - Growlithe (F) (Level 6)
Willow - Ninetales (F) (Level 5)
Hawkmoon - Murkrow (F) (White feathers, silver-tipped wings and tail, icy blue eyes) (Level 5)
Rock DJ - Aerodactyl (F) (Level 11)
Eclipse - Persian (F) (Black fur, yellow eyes) (Level 31)
Voodoo - Electrike (F) (Level 7)
Kozue - Treeko (M) (Level 5)
Enya - Torchic (F) (Level 6)
Namir - Meowth (M) (Pink stripes) (Level 5)
Captured Pokémon:
Sickle - Absol (M) (Level 10)
Azura - Milotic (F) (Level 7)
Rio - Gyrados (M) (Level 16)
Belisma - Gyrados (F) (Level 16)
Braeden - Zangoose (M) (Level 13)
Kael - Shroomish (M) (Level 18)
Waving to the newest trainer, I screamed and ducked from the Mountain Dew, which bounced off from the wall and hit poor Siryn in the face, causing the Growlithe to lie unmoving on the ground. It was sad that the poor Pocket Monster had been sent out and ended up being knocked out by a Mountain Dew, but Braeden - my Zangoose - laughed and pointed a red claw towards the Growlithe and continued to walk past.

Enya the Torchic chirped, flapping her wings, then tilted her head towards Domon and bounced over to him, blinking and still chirping lightly, flapping her wings somewhat.

10th June 2003, 02:16 PM
I laughed at the Mountain Dew KOed Growlithe while Enya checked me out. Lucy tackled Siryn into a table, which woke him up while Monica, Ryu and Donatello were teaching Rafael how to swim.

10th June 2003, 09:34 PM
Matt's POV

I walked into the Eevee House. It had been a while since I had been in here. I had way too much work to do so I never had time to come here anymore. There weren't many people I would talk to in here today. I just sat down and let my Umbreon out of his pokeball. "Hey Blackie" I said. "Hey dude""So what are we going to do today""I suppose just sit here and do nothing."I got up and looked around the room for something to do. There was nothing. I sat down on the couch and layed down to take a quick nap.

Blackie's POV

I slowly got away from Matt while he slept. I ran into the kitchen to see if anyone was in there. Nope, no one. This place wasn't very fun. It was more fun when I was an Eevee. I ran over to Matt's side. I reached my paw up slowly and let out PsyCat. "Hey Psy" I said. "Hi" "Doesn't it bother you that you are still an Eevee" "Nope, not one bit. Why?" Wouldn't you want to be an Espeon? I mean we can wake Matt up and get him to evolve you right now." "Dude!! Let's do that!" I ran over to Matt and jumped on top of him. "DUDE?! I was sleeping there!!! What do you need?!" "Can you evolve Psycat now?" "Umm.. sure" Matt walked over towards PsyCat and held out a Gene Accelarator to her. She ate it and started to glow. When the glowing had stopped, she was then an Espeon! I smiled and ran over there. "YAY! YOU'RE FINALLY AN ESPEON!!" "Yup"

PsyCat's POV

It was going to be great as an Espeon. I could finally use Psychic attacks. That was going to be very fun. I jumped on the couch and shrunched up into a ball and went to sleep. I was quite tired. I just hopped we could come back to the Eevee House soon.

10th June 2003, 10:09 PM
I walked in, and saw Matt sitting at a table. As I had opened the door, I noticed a flash in Matt's direction. I walked over to him, and sat down.

"Hi, Matt," I told him. He waved, yawning from his sleep. I released Shadow and Sapphire. They both materialized from within the depths of their Pokeballs, and looked around. Shadow was quick to notice Matt's Umbreon.

Shadow's POV

Wow. I had never seen another Umbreon before. I mean, I had seen my reflection in a mirror before, but that was different. I was now actually face to face with.... one of my species. I glanced over at Sapphire, who was looking at the Espeon. Judging by the look in their eyes, they were talking telepathically, so I let them be. I focused what little psychic ability I had into tapping into their conversation."Hi, my name's Sapphire. I am an Espeon, if you hadn't noticed. This is my husband, Shadow, to my left. Pleased to meet your aquantance. I sensed a flash in the room as my trainer walked in. It was coming from your direction. What was it?"

"I just evolved," the Espeon explained. Sapphire nodded. Suddenly, I noticed the other Umbreon glaring at me, with his red eyes. It was kinda freaky. Well, you'd think the same thing if something with red eyes was staring at you, as if it was looking into the depths of your soul.

"Hi," I said, with my deep, rich, voice. He looked at me, hesitant, and finally returned my greeting with "Hello."

10th June 2003, 10:22 PM
Matt's POV

I saw Jay come in to the Eevee House. He sat down near me and said hello. I waved at him slightly. His pokemon started talking to mine. I smiled a little and called Blackie to me. "Blackie, come here for a moment" I said. Blackie jumped onto the couch and sat beside me. You needed me? Yeah, I forgot to give you this juice. Dude, what kind of juice "It's a custom juice. So drink up!" Blackie drank the juice quickly. He started to get a pale look in his face. Then something happened. His rings started to turn blue. I smiled at Blackie. He looked very cool now.

Blackie's POV

After drinking the juice, I jumped down and walked back over to Shadow. I started to talk to him some more. "Umm yeah there isn't that much to talk about..." I said. "No, it isn't" Shadow said. I looked over towards Psycat. She was talking to another Espeon. "Who is that other Espeon?" I asked. "THat's Sapphire" Shadow said. "Oh." I said. "Maybe we can have a battle some day at the battle tower" I said. "Yeah maybe.." Shadow said. "Mmmhmmm..." I said. There really wasn't anything to talk about....

PsyCat's POV

"So that's your husband over there" I asked. "Yup" Sapphire said. "Bah, I'm so bored." I said. "Yeah..." Sapphire said. I sat down on the ground and looked at the floor. There wasn't anything to do in this Eevee House..

Matt's POV

I looked out the window to see the sun slowly going down. I remembered that I had gone to bed really late the night before so I needed to go to be slightly earlier. I got up off the couch and walked over to my pokemon. "It's time to go guys" I said. But we're having so much fun.. We can come back tomorrow... Good! I called my pokemon over and started to walk out the door, my black pants dragging the floor. I turned my head back. "Nice speaking with you, Jay, you're not so bad after all." I said. I walked out of the Eevee House, out into the darkness.

11th June 2003, 09:53 AM

Entering the house, which seemed quiet and empty early in the morning, I glanced back behind me and noticed Matt and the other Jay were in the house. Waving, ya know... to be polite, I grinned and then set out all my Pocket Monsters, as they yawned and stretched and scanned the house for others. Of course, this didn't include my captured ones, as Rio and Belisma would tear apart the house if they were released inside. Namir, Enya and Kozue, who were the newest members of the group, had huddled upon the couch and began to nap. Eclipse stared towards the small Meowth kitten Namir, then sighed with delight as she finally recieved a break from the hyperactive kitten, then she turned and quickly left outside.

Willow flicked her nine tails back and forth, then gave a sharp glance towards Matt, then eyed Blackie and PsyCat. She seemed to be looking for another Ninetales as her eyes flashed with disappointment as she merely stared ahead of her with a slight yawn.

11th June 2003, 10:57 AM
[Christian's POV]

When I woke up, I was still in the Eevee House. MK must have left us here because we were all sleeping when she decided to go home. I hoped she'd be back soon. Sensing my stomach about to make a monstrous growl, I headed down the long flight of stairs and into the wonderous kitchen. Anything a Pokemon and trainer desired to eat, it was here. But I searched for something simple. A bowl and some milk. Using my psychic attacks, I poured the jug of milk into the bowl. I decided to fix breakfast for the rest of the team, too. So out came various other bowls and the jug poured its contents into them. I left them in the kitchen for when the team woke up. Carrying my bowl, again with my pyschic attack, I made my way into the main room of the Eevee House.

Setting it down, I lapped it up. Then I noticed that several other Pokemon and a few trainers were already here. I didn't think they noticed me. Some of the ones that caught my eye were an Umbreon, like myself, and an Espeon. They seemed extremely bored.

Thinking that they might like to watch a movie or something else, I made my way over to one of the TV's and pulled out the movies. Picking one at random, I put it in the DVD player.

I turned to face the Umbreon and Espeon, inviting them over. "If any of you want to watch a movie or something, I've got one playing. I'm not sure what it is yet."

I soon heard my teammates coming down the stairs, entering the kitchen. I heard happy shouts when they found their already fixed breakfast. I smiled, happy to have helped out. Jesse and Torrey joined me. Now all we needed were Sandie and Spice and we'd be a complete Eeveelution group.

11th June 2003, 11:04 AM
I wave to everyone then lay on the couch. My computer had been acting odd for awhile. I released my Pokémon and let them roam freely. Lirima curled up besides me purring while Sidius ran off to find something to torture. Rogue laid back against a chair to relax. I also released my captured Pokémon. Dieu waved his claw to the people then laid down on the floor. Banshee chased Merry around the room. Merry padded over to Psiana curiously. He got on his hind legs and barked at her in his tiny sweet voice.

Meanwhile, Sheik was busy ranting about her victory. She flapped her green wings and smirked. Basilisk and Loki exchanged odd stares then slithered off to leave the Flygon to talk to herself. Evylan sat by, slightly enjoying this.

11th June 2003, 11:14 AM

Smirking towards Merry, I snatched the small Vulpix in my arms, stroking his soft fur. Sauntering foreward, Willow stood quietly, head tilted as she glanced up towards the baby Vulpix that I held. She yipped and bounced, majestic fur ruffling, nine tails swishing madly as she blinked her bright eyes.

Glancing towards the couch, I smirked when I noticed Namir had woken and was now sleeping on Rachel's stomach, his glittering cream fur adorned with rose pink stripes as sleek as ever.

11th June 2003, 11:19 AM
I slowly stroke the tiny baby Meowth's soft cream colored fur with the rose streaks going through it. He purred softly. Merry playfully swat at Psiana's chin. He yipped happily then licked her chin. Nearby, Banshee kept a keen eye on Psiana, making sure Merry didn't get hurt. The Absol slowly stalked over to her and stared up at Psiana. Merry squealed then batted Banshee's nose with one of his tails. The Vulpix giggled happily.

Lirima smiled at Merry and Banshee. 'Remainds me of Rogue and I as children,' she thought to herself. The Persian padded over to my Feraligatr and rest besides her.

EDIT: Confused Namir for a girl XD

11th June 2003, 11:28 AM

Smirking towards the other Banshee, I reached down and patted her soft ivory fur, always being fond of the fox-like creatures. Sickle, my captured Absol, stared from behind a doorway, then struted over, eyeing the other Absol with his crimson eyes. My own Banshee, the Houndour, arched a brow then stalked after Sidius, who was currently bothering poor Siryn who blinked blankly towards him. Of course, Siryn always had that blank look - though I'm sure she was thinking of something. If she wasn't, I blame that Mountain Dew. Bloody Mountain Dew.

Standing near the doorway was War, Mars and Pride - the Eeveelutions of the group. They were a troublesome trio of Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon and always seemed to be doing some silly thing. Twilight, the ebony Ponyta with cobalt flames stood near them, her lavender eyes glancing around every now and then.

11th June 2003, 11:37 AM
Cuivadur jumped in on Mars, Pride and War. The Espeon giggled then swat her tail at them. "Hello!" she beamed. She gleams at them elegantly while flickering her tail around. "Surprised ya, huh?" she asks. I rolled my eyes and sensed that she was in danger. Phear glanced over at Cuivadur then prepared himself to defend her. The Umbreon slowly stalks towards him and watched them with his demanding eyes.

Epona walked over to Twilight and smiled down at the Ponyta. "Hello," the Rapidash said softly. Like the Ponyta, Epona too has a shadow-like coat instead of a soft cream like normal Ponyta/Rapidash.

baby jolteon
11th June 2003, 03:27 PM
Kiwi's Stuff
I walk back into the Eevee after being uhhh gone? o.o; I release all my pokemon and watch as they run to different places. I pick up Angel, knowing she'll want to sit on my shoulder and set her there. Angel looks around for friends or new friends to make, making it easier for her to see almost everything on Kiwi's shoulder.... Instead of being like Flame who is looking on the ground for the same reasons but having no sucess.

11th June 2003, 03:41 PM
She_Wolf_Warrior's first visit

I walked into the Eevee house, smiling to myself "This will be perfent for my new pokes I got from that adoption center". I released my 2 pokes, Donna (a spearow), and Sheen (a Vulpix). Donna perched on my arm while Sheen rubbed against my legs. "Ok guys, you can go now". Excitedly, they both left me

Dark Dragonite
11th June 2003, 03:47 PM
I walked into the house excitedly, holding a jug, and flipping a coin happily. Putting the coin safely away, I released Nidor, my "evil Nidoking", and began preparing him for the news. Nidor had wondered what it would be like to be another color for a long time, and ever since my Shiny Glalie joined me, he wanted to know what he would be like as a shiny pokemon, up until now, he understood it was an impossibility. Now he was about to realize a dream of his, or two rather. He told me to Release Princess, his Nidoqueen gf, and he began talking with her about this. Princess smiled, and told me to give him the jug, which I did. Nidor opened his mouth, popped the top of the jug, and began pouring the juice down his gullet. After finishing, he handed me the jug, which I put away. Nidor began glowing, which he hadn't done since I let him evolve from a Nidorino a long time ago. His scales faded from purple, a color he loathed as Barney is purple, to a brilliant blue, the whiteish-grey armor turned a bright white. Then the glow faded, to a sparkling. Nidor was now a SHINY NIDOKING!!
Nidor hugged Princess, both now a blue color, and happily sat in a corner, as others looked on.

Knight of Time
11th June 2003, 04:00 PM

It was a fine day for me. Walking in, I quietly sat on one of the couches, patiently waiting for Buzzy to come back from his battle with Scorcher, until I could see him from one of the windows near the door, and I happily let him in.

"Hey Buzzy, how do you feel right now?" I asked him curiously.

"I feel fine, Kyle. Thanks for letting me battle for you." Buzzy said, smiling at me.

"You're welcome Buzzy. Maybe someday I could have you battle again at the Battle Tower if you want." I suggested to Buzzy.

"Yeah, I guess so. If you want me to battle again, just tell me." Buzzy said, winking at me.

After considering the possibility of Buzzy battling again, I shrugged. Not sure when he would battle again, I decided to let out Clover and Sheldon, hoping I could find someone who could battle them both someday...

11th June 2003, 04:12 PM
<My POV>

I smiled as I went into the Eevee House for the first time since it moved back to its original location. Letting everyone out, they looked all over and cheered because they were back. Of course, they all went to their usual spots, Nightshade up into the rafters to look over the other Pokemon and everyone else into the pool, except for Drake and Blade who went over to the punching bags and started to train again. As for myself, I plopped down onto the couch and flipped on the TV to watch some shows.

<Lee's POV>
"C'mon", I urged to Orion as he tentatively steeped into the shallow end. "I know it hurts but you'll get used to it."
I half patiently watched as the young Cubone dipped his right foot in and immediately brought it out with a grimace. Looking at my severe face, he grimaced again and planted his foot into the water. He flinched but soon relaxed and put his other foot in.
"Maybe you're rushing him too fast", Lyra whispered as she watched Orion get himself settled.
"Nonsense. He wants to swim and this is the only way to do it."
She just nodded quietly and swam away as Orion went deeper and deeper downwards until he was struggling to keep afloat. Holding him up since I was able to stand in the pool, he started to kick his feet back and forth for motion and to strengthen his small legs. Although I couldn't smile, I felt unnaturally proud of him for taking my teachings so seriously. I hope I wasn't getting soft.

11th June 2003, 04:22 PM

Once more entering the house, the only adoptee visible was Voodoo, who was curled up tightly within my arms. She yawned and stretched as I sat her down on the ground, the small electric puppy with a clearly confused look set on her features, small fangs showing in a grin that spread across her tiny maw. Spiked tail wagged back and forth, her bright and large eyes following my every movement as I pulled out a white-coloured bottle from my pocket. It was small and dainty, marked with little ripples within the fine, thin glass. Spraying it lightly in her face, the small Pocket Monster sneezed, her fine green fur streaked with yellow standing up upon her back as she did so. The powder substance remained on the surface for a few moments, then sank in.

Voodoo learns Uproar!

11th June 2003, 07:51 PM
Matt's POV

I strolled into the Eevee House. It had been a nice day today; real sunny but it stormed in the afternoon. I sat down on the couch and called out a few of my pokemon. "Come on out Ark, Atomos, Diablos, and Cerberus." I called. My Umbreon, Espeon, Sneasel, and Houndour appeared next to me. I looked over to my right and saw Rebecca sitting there. I hadn't even noticed her when I walked in. I waved and turned my head back to my pokemon. "So what are we going to do today?!" Umbreon asked. "Why don't you settle down first?" "It would be nice if he did" "Wow aren't all of you all nice.." "Ok now settle down, guys, we don't need a fight here." "Fine, fine." "Ok that's good. Now you guys do something while I finish my Algebra homework..."

Ark's POV

I smiled evily and motioned to the others. "Come on.. let's go do stuff in the kitchen.." "WHAT?! We can get in trouble for that!" "Who cares? It will be fun!" "I agree" "Fine, you guys go ahead, I'll just wait here." "Fine" I said. With that me and my friends went into the kitchen.

Atomos' POV

I watched as the others went into the kitchen to do who knows what. I didn't know what to do; I didn't want to get in trouble, but I did want to have some fun. Then, I finally made up my mind. I ran into the kitchen to see what they were doing. I saw Ark trying to steal some food from the 'fridge. I couldn't use my psychic powers to stop him so I just watched. He ate the food in one gulp. I was getting a bit worried. I ran into the other room with Matt and jumped up onto the couch beside him.

Diablos' POV

It was nice being in the kitchen. It was really cool and there was lots of food to eat. I jumped up onto the counter and got a few apples off of it. I stuck them on my claws and started to eat them. They were really good.

Cerberus' POV

This wasn't as fun as I thought it was going to be. It was just the guys pigging out on food. I walked into the other room and sat down on the floor. Atomos saw me and got down from the couch. We started to talk about how the guys were being total pigs in there. Then Matt got up from his homework and walked in there..

Matt's POV

"Oh my lands... what are you guys doing in here?!" "Um... we're eating..." "Yeah" "Well good thing there is a lot of food. Come on, let's go back in here." I said. We walked back in there and I got a ball out and sat it down on the floor for the pokemon to play with. I finished up my homework slowly.

baby jolteon
11th June 2003, 08:28 PM
Megan's Stuff
I walked back into the Eevee with a new pokemon with in my arms and walked over to the couch, sitting down. A male Skitty was cuddled up in my arms and resting againest my chest. A few of my curious and nice >> << pokemon came over to greet the new pokemon. I petted the pokemons silk fur gently as Angel climbed up on to shoulder to get a better few. The Skitty's head poked out from wear it was hidden. I smiled at him greetily as so the rest of my pokemon. The Skitty looked at around him, feeling a bit crowded. Angel leaned forward for an even better look and blinked blankly as the Skitty turned to look at Angel. The Skitty pawed at Angel's nose and smiled playfully. Angel giggled slightly and smiled ^-^. Star smiled and glanced down at the other Espeon and quickly turned her gaze back to the Skitty.
"Now what should we name him?" Kiwi asked thoughtfully. They all thought when Angel bursted out with a name
"Lets name him Odd!" She said loudly.
Kiwi turned to all the pokemon to see if they approved of the the name and they all seemed to agree that this name was good for him.
Kiwi looked to the Skitty "Would you like to be named Odd?" Kiwi asked him and he nodded quickly. "Okay," Kiwi Began, "You are now Odd"

11th June 2003, 08:29 PM
I jumped out of the pool and shook myself off and ran to the kitchen. I finnaly knew how to swim, sort of. I met up with Atomos and Ceberus while Donatello and Monica met up with Atomos, Ark and Diablos and P.Zero met Matt and talked with him.

I handed Matt a 7-UP while I chugged down a Sierra Mist. I then asked him some questions and he asked me some while eating one of those big cookies you can get at U-Save.

12th June 2003, 01:59 PM
Entering the house, though with only the confused Siryn in tow, she seemed to know something was going on - usually the rest of the gang were trailing behind, causing trouble and pulling silly pranks. Yet, this time, it was silent except for the soft patter of steps upon the ground, and sometimes the trees rustling due to the lite wind. She followed, perfectly quiet, refusing to ask questions and waiting for her surprise. The way she could tell something was happening for her was the way I clenched my hands together, as if hiding something from her view, but she continued to merely follow.

As soon as we reached the house, I sat on the couch, the puppy Pocket Monster sitting in front of me and giving a blank stare. "Close your eyes." chuckling, Siryn blinked and closed her eyes, as within my hand I held a shiny Fire Stone. Holding it lightly against her silky fur, she began to shimmer, growing taller. Siryn could feel her muscles twitching and twisting within her body, stretching and becoming tighter to fit her new body.

When she finished glowing, a mythical Arcanine stood before me, as Siryn checked out her now much more massive self.

Siryn evolved into Arcanine!

12th June 2003, 02:21 PM
I padded in slowly carrying a tiny baby Feebas. She peered around the Eevee House curiously. Today was going to be a big day for three of my Pokémon. Kawaii was curled up on my lap while Merry was busy playing with Banshee. In one hand I held a Moon Stone, in the other a Fire Stone. Merry noticed the blazing orange stone in my hand. He yipped happily then rushed over to see me. Banshee slowly approached us. She hopped on the couch besides me and curiously sniffed at the stones. She barked happily then nuzzled my shoulder. I peered down at the little Vulpix and asked "Do you want to evolve into Ninetales?". Merry stared up at me oddly. He replied with a happy squeal and hopping besides me on the couch, pawing at me. "yes!" he squealed. I laughed at my Vulpix's cuteness. Then, I held the Fire Stone against the back of his ears. His body twitched and turned for awhile and glowed a bright white. Now, the little Vulpix that was next to me was gone and replaced with a majestic Ninetales! He flickered his nine tails. Banshee smiled proudly at him then pounced Merry against the ground. "Pinned ya," she smirked. Merry grinned back. "Let me up," he shouted. Banshee did so then prepared to run off. Merry pounced her before she had the chance to escape.

Merry evolved into Ninetales!! =D

That was the first evolution for the day. Kawaii the Skitty just woke up. She yawned then nuzzled my hand purring. She noticed the Moon Stone in my hand. Kawaii meowed softly. "Do you want to evolve into Delcatty?" I asked her. Kawaii squealed for joy then nodded so hard it seemed like her head would fall off. I held the silver stone behind her ear. Her body twitched and turned. Now, a Delcatty was sitting on my lap happily. She purred loudly. "Thank you!" she shreiked. Kawaii hopped off my lap and pranced around the Eevee House, showing off her new appearance.

Kawaii evolved into Delcatty!! =D

Now, there was one last Pokémon to evolve for today. I picked up little Artemis, the young Feebas. I took out a Genetic Accelencer Gene from my bookbag. "Do you want to evolve into Milotic?" Artemis didn't seem to understand. "Do you wanna be as pretty as your mother?" I reworded. Artemis gazed over at Azura. Artemis beamed. "yeah!" I hooked the Genetic Accelencer Gene against Artemis. Her body twitched and turned until that brilliant light faded as she was a gorgeous Milotic!

Artemis evolved into Milotic!! =D

12th June 2003, 02:37 PM
Eyeing the other Ninetales and Absol in the house, Willow glanced towards Sickle, who was scoffing towards the two young pups. "Why don't you ever play with me?" Willow smirked, swishing her nine tails around, as Sickle sent a fiery glare her way.

"Because you - ma'am - are a moron." laughing grimly, the ivory fox let loose a fanged grin, as the dainty Ninetales frowned.

"Fair enough."
Struting over towards the Houndour which always taunted her, Siryn loomed over Banshee, who glanced up after noticing a dark shadow casted over her. The devil dog arched a brow, "Do I know you?"

"Yep." Siryn smirked, showing her long, dangerous fangs that she now possessed. Not able to hold back a laugh when Banshee stared, somewhat frightened from the massive fangs, she knocked the smaller one over with a paw. "I'm Siryn! You know? Siryn - who you tortured for so long?"

"Oh, yeah." Banshee sweatdropped. "I guess that's over, huh?"
Slithering over towards Artemis, the much older and somewhat bigger Milotic of the two - Azura - nuzzled her daughter and then gave a proud grin. She couldn't help to be proud of the young one, which seemed to look so much like her, of course.
Walking over extremely slowly to Kawaii, Namir pinned his ears against his head, then extended a paw and pushed the Delcatty lightly with a paw. He seemed to want to play, but was far too shy to ask, being only a small kitten.

12th June 2003, 02:45 PM
Banshee chased Merry across the Eevee House until the Ninetales hid behind Dieu. The Salamence rolled his eyes and just let the two young ones run around him in order to catch each other. Artemis happily nuzzled her mother and beamed proudly. "Lookie mommy! I am a beautiful girl!" she said happily.

Kawaii noticed Namir wanting to play. She grinned then pounced the Meowth gently. The Delcatty nipped at his ear. She seemed to want to play as well.

A Noctowl flew overhead then landed on a perch. He peered at everyone with his mysterious eyes. "Everyone, that is Kyonru my new Noctowl," I announced. He flew down on my arm then poked me with his peak. "Can I have another cookie?" he asked. I handed the owl a cookie which he grabbed with his beak and flew away.

baby jolteon
12th June 2003, 04:57 PM
Odd's Stuff
He looked up to see the new evolution stuff happening. His gaze was tranfixed on the pretty Delcatty who had just evoled. He hopped off Kiwi's lap and walked toward the Delcatty, hoping to get a better look or to be noticed and talked to. He walked closer and and soon was near the Delcatty. He drew up all the courage he had to talk to her and spoke hesitantly "Uhm Hello..." He began nervously, glancing toward Kiwi. "I'm err Odd.... congratulation on evolving?" He grinned nervously. He glanced at Kiwi again for surpport but only got a smile. He quickly looked back to the Delcatty "Uh am whats your name?" He said less nervously and he smiled friendlier than before.

12th June 2003, 05:36 PM
[Torrey's POV]

Racing to the Eevee House was always a fun thing for my team mates and I to do. It gave us some needed exercise and was just simply fun. Today I was coming in third. Dad and Jayce were in front, Dad actually being in the lead.

We soon skidded to a stop and waited for everyone else to catch up. MK had ridden on BlueShadow's back with Khaisa, so they weren't really in our little race.

We entered the Eevee House and looked around. There were a lot of trainers and Pokemon, but I didn't know many of them. Then I saw someone I might know, but I wasn't sure...

Kiwi Twist.... Didn't I know her?

I wasn't sure, and even if I didn't know her, I guess I could make friends anyways.

I walked over to her and looked at her, not sure of what to do. Finally I spoke.

"Hi, I'm Torrey. Do you know me from a long time ago? Or am I mistaken and am thinking of a different trainer and team? Anyways, its nice to meet you if the first place." I smiled, anxious to see if this person was really who I was thinking of. If she wasn't, I wondered who it was then. *shrug*

baby jolteon
12th June 2003, 05:48 PM
Kiwi's POV
She smiled at the Espeon and spoke.

"Hello Torrey, If your thinking that I'm baby jolteon then yes I am the person your thinking of. I beleive I do know you and I think you know Star as well?" She said smiling, looking now toward Star. Star wasn't paying attention and was startled a little bit.

"Oh uh hi" Star said blankly, looking to Kiwi to see if she was going to tell her what was going on. Kiwi wasn't paying attention Star completely though... she was looking at Torrey waiting his answer.

12th June 2003, 05:56 PM
[Torrey's POV]

I smiled happily. "I knew it had to be you guys! I thought every time I saw you, I swear I know her and she had a Pokemon I knew, too. And I was right! How are you two doing?" *Torrey looks at Star* "Its good to see you again, Star."

Finally someone I knew. Momma and Ayla haven't been here in awhile, at least not while I was here, so I was getting somewhat lonely. I was glad to see Kiwi and Star again.

baby jolteon
12th June 2003, 06:02 PM
Kiwi's Stuff

Kiwi smiles "I'm great thankies... you've change alot sense the lost time I saw you" she said happily.

Star looked to Torrey and smiled sweetly. "I'm good thanks Torrey ^-^" Star said staring at Torrey now.

13th June 2003, 11:00 AM
[Torrey's POV]

I was flattered by the compliment. I kept glancing at Star and caught her staring at me. I blushed and continued talking with Kiwi. "Yeah, I have changed a lot. MK gave me a black juice a while ago, that's why I have black fur now, instead of purple. Does it look okay to you guys?" I was only trying to keep the conversation going. Star kept on catching my eye and I couldn't stop glacing back and forth at her. I started pawing at the floor. Star had changed a lot, too. She was bigger and prettier and I just don't know... It was so great to see her again.

baby jolteon
13th June 2003, 12:59 PM
Kiwi's Stuff
She smiles at Torrey and cut off Star's veiw of Torrey so she'd stop staring. o.o; Star did stop and looked at Kiwi instantly, getting the message. Kiwi looked back Torrey

"I love your new color, I think it makes you unqine(sp?) and very cool." Kiwi said and saw Torrey lift up his head a little. Kiwi looked at Star to see if she was going to say anything...

"Oh... err yeah you look really cool Torrey ^-^ black ish one of my favorite colors" Star said clamly(wow o.o).

13th June 2003, 05:32 PM
Sheen the Vulpix

Sheen ran off with great speed. Or, considered to be fast for his short foxy leggs. He sniffed around, looking for something to do. His six tails wagged

Donna the Spearow

Donna glided among the ceiling parts off the Eevee house. Seeing Sheen's tails wag, she swooped down, thinking they were something different

13th June 2003, 07:29 PM
[Torrey's POV]

"Hehe, thanks. I don't think I've been this new color for even a week yet. So its pretty knew to me. Hey listen, Star do you want to go watch a movie over there or something? If Kiwi doesn't mind, that is. You could pick the movie out. It'd just give us something to do. It gets pretty boring here sometimes, you know?" I hope Kiwi wouldn't mind me watching a movie with Star already. Like I told her, it was just something to do. If they didn't want to, we could go outside or go swimming or something. I just wanted to get to know Star again, since it'd been so long since I last saw her.

I watched as Star looked up at her trainer, asking if we could go. I smiled cooly at her and gave her a secret wink that I hoped Kiwi wouldn't see.

[Jesse's POV]

I couldn't help but watch my son growing up before my eyes. There he was, talking to a girl and her trainer and seemed to be doing extremely well. I was proud that he was trying to make a new friend. It made me remember when Sugar and I were little. I hated the opposite gender and avoided Sugar at all costs, but then I grew up and now we have twins. Its neat how a soul can change so fast. Now I know how my dad felt watching me grow.

baby jolteon
13th June 2003, 07:51 PM
Kiwi's Stuff
I smiled at Torrey once again and looked to Star as she asked if she could go watch a movie with Torrey. I saw Torrey wink at meh and grinned slightly

"Well..." I began, "I doesn't bother meh at all." I said, watching Star smile joyfully. I watched as they both walked over to the TV and pick out a move...

Star's Stuff
I was so happy that Kiwi let her watch a movie with Torrey. Maybe it was too soon to tell but I felt as if I already had feelings for Torrey again. As we walked to TV I looked back at Kiwi and then quickly looked back to Torrey. I quickly looked back in front of me. I searched in brain for any kind of conversational thing...

"Well..." I began, "how have you been?" I asked smiling toward Torrey.

13th June 2003, 08:00 PM
[Torrey's POV]

"I've been excellent. We haven't had any battles to really take part in, so its been much just been hang around the house month. Its cool because everyone is home, MK only leaves us to go shop or work. Otherwise she's home with us and we get to spend a lot of time together. I don't know, its like a team bonding thing, hehe. Its just, simply put, great to be on summer break. Anything you want to do or go, MK will be okay with it since she isn't stressed out and worried about us. How about you? Oh, and what to do you want to watch?"

It was all I could do to not stare at Star. Talking a bunch gave me an excuss to stare because I always look in the eyes while I talk. I wondered if she was sharing this feeling with me...

baby jolteon
13th June 2003, 08:13 PM
Star's Stuff
"Thats like the same thing with meh except Kiwi doesn't go to work ^-^. She only leaves to play her Gameboy mainly. I'm mainly happy because we all finally came back to the Eevee House and life seems to be treat Kiwi alot better now. If Kiwi's happy... I'm happy." I said happily. I then turned the long row of movies to watch. I looked back up to Torrey and said "I don't really care which movie we watch just as long as it isn't a scary for bloody movie... I tend to get sick from watching those kinds of movies."

14th June 2003, 11:19 AM
Every single day, the same arrangement, I go out and fight the fight... still, I always feel this strangest estrangement, nothing here is real, nothing here is right-

"Oh, wait, yes. Ah-hem." finally stopping the singing in my head, and glancing down as the snow white potion that lied in the palm of my hands, finding it's glistening beauty wavering. It seemed to know that soon it would be gone, it's radiant presence captured in something else - though it didn't have a brain, it knew this.

"Like you?" War chirped, arching a brow towards me, finding my mind's rambling none to sane. Shooting the Jolteon with a sharp annoyed glare, his peculiar trait of knowing just what someone was thinking by tapping into his psychic strenght always got the curious fox in trouble. Mainly when he insulted me, I was not thrilled to be told that I was stupid and had issues. "Which you do..." he mumbled under his breath, but smiled as if an innocent angel that was annoying and had been pushed off it's bloody freakin' cloud because the others were jealous of it.

Shrugging my shoulders, my light blue eyes trailed to War, before I sneered. "You're a serious pain, you bugger."

Willow pointed an extremely small claw towards us, snickering lightly, scarlet eyes twinkling with amusement. Her fur, which she tended to oh so carefully was sleeked back and not showing a single piece out of place. Of course, this didn't mean she was vain, she merely shuddered at the sight of dirt and cursed it. Now that I think about it, perhaps this white wasn't the best colour for her - we all know how the ivory loves picking up dirt! Though, Mars chuckled every time he thought about it, and began mocking the Ninetales - Pride would join in, then they'd be kicked by Twilight, and everything would be back to normal. Well, exactly, as normal as it could possibly get.

Prancing beside of me, whistling lightly, Siryn glanced over, then squealed. "Eevee House!" she cried, racing forward to the large building, which she was so fond of.

Upon entering the house, Willow attempted to run off in search of Rachel, but I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck. "Hey!" she whined, but I continued to drag her over to the couch, and stopped as soon I sat down. The Ninetales blinked, and held the white potion in my hand towards her - of course, confused, she pulled off the cork with her fangs and drank it.

"I feel funny." she frowned, as I slapped my head. Her normal creamy orange colour had now changed to beautiful ivory, her scarlet eyes complimenting the new hue of her fur. It was pure white - the same white as newly fallen snow, and she now seemed so pale compared to her former colour.

She didn't seem to notice and sauntered off, smiling, then suddenly screamed "Oh my holy freak!" as soon as she saw one of her nine tails flickering in front of her.

I couldn't help but to sigh.

Rambunctious Jamirus
14th June 2003, 12:42 PM
<RJ's view>

I walked in after a long absence which I was known for. I called Lavender over and watched as she approached me cautiously. Slowly, I pulled out the White Juice and held it out to her.
She smiled widely and sniffed at the Juice. I pulled off the top and poured it into a bowl. Lavender lapped up the Juice and slowly began changing before my eyes.
The light purple fur slowly lost its colour, turning to a snow white colour. Her gem was more radiant since her colour was so pale now. She blinked her eyes and looked up at me, smiling widely.
"There ya go now. A White Espeon," I said softly.
She barked and danced around. Her two children ran up and congratulated her as well as a lot of the other Pokemon.

15th June 2003, 03:39 PM
[Torrey's POV]

I smiled at Star. "Bloody movies and me don't go together, either. I'm not allowed to watch them, nor do I want to. I hate them. What's your favorite kind of movie? ... Look! That Espeon is going to change colors, lets go watch her before we see a movie."

So I led Star over to the Espeon named Lavender, owned by RJ. I enjoyed watching fellow Pokemon evolve and change colors, especially another Espeon. But instead of turning black like me, she turned white, just like Sweetie. I looked to Star and grinned before offering my congrats to Lavender the white Espeon.

Then I got to thinking. Turning to Star I said, "Star, do you really want to watch a movie or do you want to do something else? We don't have to do anything, I just feel like I was pushing you into it now. I mean, we could go swim or play tag outside or anything you want, really. I want you to have fun, so I'll let you decide whatever you want to do, okay?"

I only wanted to be a gentleman.

baby jolteon
15th June 2003, 03:48 PM
She smiles as she watches the other Espeon change it's color. I wishes one day she'll become an odd colored Espeon some day but knows it won't happen... her owner's flat broke o.o;. She dreams of herself as a black like Torrey with light blue eyes and a yellow star on her forehead. Being so caught up in her own thoughts she forgot to congraulate the other Espeon. She snapped back to reality as Torrey began talking to her.

"oh uh... would you like to go swimming then once we get tired we could watch a movie?" I suggested, "oh and you weren't pushing me... I just wanted to get away from Kiwi before she said anything >>;"

16th June 2003, 07:42 PM
[MK's POV]

"Come on MK, let's go!" Torrey rushed me.
"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying."

We were on our way to the Eevee House and Torrey was extremely anxious to get going. And I understood why. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself and wink at Christian and Jesse, both of whom returned my wink.

Torrey the midnight black Espeon sat at the foot of the door, turned around looking at us. I grabbed my bag and opened the door. Torrey flew out in a flash.

"Torrey! You nut head! Let's go with BlueShadow and we'll get there faster!" I yelled into the woods. Torrey turned and smiled, laughing to himself. "Okay, only if it will get me to Star quicker." "Don't worry, it will."

So we were on our way, Torrey and Christian sitting in front of me as we flew through the sky on BlueShadow's back. The blue Dragonite flew as fast as he could.

As soon as we arrived, Torrey was on the ground and through the doors. He really wanted to see Star.

[Torrey's POV]

MK had to go home so suddenly, I didn't have time to say good bye to Star. I just had to leave and I felt bad about it. So I was only anxious to apologize to her. Plus I had been thinking of her all day and night and wanted to see her. Could you blame me?

I began to look for her and hoped I would find her soon.

16th June 2003, 08:12 PM
Speeding into the house upon Siryn's back, taking a quick glance to make sure that poor Torrey didn't get trampled by the oversized fire dog. Smirking, Rock DJ suddenly burst through the door, obviously having a play fight with Mars and Pride, who clung to the large rock bird insanely. Eclipse growled and stalked in, her flaxen eyes narrowed with anger, the earring of a cresent moon attached tightly within the outside of her ear. Following proudly from behind was War, who's crimson eyes flashed with amusement, as the Persian was sent skidding across the floor by an invisible psychic blast.

Snarling and extending her claws, the massive ebony cat spun around, fangs glinting dangerously. Leaping powerfully towards the electric fox, she suddenly stopped in mid air, before being caught onto the back of Rock DJ's back as the Aerodactyl swooped under her, growling angerily towards the Jolteon who merely pouted. "Stop it." sternly announcing towards my adoptees and cuddling gingerly onto a vase nearly shattered by Mars, they seemed to calm down, giving me their most innocent grins. Perhaps it wasn't always best to bring in Pocket Monsters that were in the middle of an all out brawl to the Eevee House.

Sauntering into the house, Buffy shot me a glare, twitching her tail as her golden rings glowed faintly. "I can't believe you named me this." the Umbreon scoffed, her pure red eyes scanning over me, as if wanting to tear every limb off from my body.

"I love you too." snapping with sarcasism towards the hostile and quirky Umbreon, who merely grunted and trotted away, this proved that you should never bring grumpy Pokémon any where near people.

Arching a brow upon entering through the door, Ransom let loose a fanged grin, dipping her slender muzzle kindly towards all who managed to meet her soft glance. Tynan stood near, arms crossed, watching his friend closely and growling quietly towards anything that neared her. The gentle dark dog often shot the much larger Tyranitar a look, as if silently telling him to be polite, but the tyrant didn't care and stomped away. Sighing and sitting on her haunches, she glanced around, attempting to see any other Mightyenas.

Kozue and Enya sat nearby, Namir propped up on both of them, his slender tail flicking back and forth every few seconds.

baby jolteon
16th June 2003, 08:20 PM
Kiwi's POV
I saw Torrey run into the Eevee House and tried to say 'hi' but he was moving too fast o.o;.

"Hi Tor..." I said but stopped because the Espeon had already run out the door. I laughed to myself. 'Was Star really all that important?' I thought to myself.

Star's POV
I slept beside an Apple Tree after Torrey had left unexpectantly. I dreamt peacefully about... Torrey? Wow my guy craziness has already kicked in. Which was a little surprising at my young age. I soon awoke and saw two red eyes and black. I slowly raised my head and blinked. My eyes focused on the black figure and it turned out to be Torrey. I smiled gleefully.

"Hey Torrey! ^-^" I said happily.

16th June 2003, 08:28 PM
I pranced in holding my newest addiction to my team, a Pichu who glared at everyone with her small black eyes.

"What is this placed?" she hissed.
"The Eevee House," I said.
"Then I'll claim this house for my own!" she crackled.
"Not here Deathstrike," I sighed.

I tossed the Pichu on the couch where Lirima was happily curled up. The Persian shot a glare at the tiny mouse. Merry pranced in only to receive a tackle by Banshee. The Absol laughed then nuzzled my Ninetales. Merry giggled then swat his paw at the thingie on her head. The two chased each other around the house, giggling

16th June 2003, 08:34 PM
Poking lightly towards the tiny, seemingly insane Pichu, Tynan picked the little electric creature up with two claws, holding her by the tail. He smiled, then poked her once more, causing Deathstike to sway back and forth.

"Stop it! I'll rule you!" Deathstrike squeaked, growling.

Chuckling, the Tyranitar threw the little Pichu on the couch and walked away, causing slight waves in the ground as he moved.

Sniffing the ground, Ransom suddenly wagged her tail, and noticed a Mightyena nearby, who sat silently. Standing up and padding over lightly, she smiled. "Hello." the Mightyena seemed to not be paying attention, which caused a frown to cross over her muzzle. Sickle and Buffy walked by, stopped, then taunted Ransom for a few brief seconds, then continued on. It seemed a nice dark type wasn't very high on their 'be nice to' list. Reaching a paw out towards the other dark dog, she offered a friendly smile. (She's talking to Akuji, Rachel's Mightyena, just so you know.)

baby jolteon
16th June 2003, 08:44 PM
lil bolts POV
I watched Rachel walk in with the Pokemon. I saw the funny ear thing like mine and knew it was a fellow Pichu. I raced over to the couch and looked at the Pichu. I then say the Tyranitar pick up the Pichu. I blinked, too frozen to move...afraid of the giant Pokemon. After the giant pokemon went away I came towards the Pichu.

"uhhh hi?" I said hesitantly "I'm lil bolt"

16th June 2003, 08:45 PM
Akuji turned his head to notice Ransom smiling in a friendly manner at him. The Mightyena returned the smile back. "Greetings. I am Akuji and who might you be m'lady?" he said with a slight grin. His voice had a hint of elegance and charm which is odd for a Mightyena to posess. Dieu and Sheik chuckled at the way Akuji was behaving by a glare from the wolf was enough to shut them up. He turned his attention back to Ransom.

Kenobi noticed Amelia sitting with Juliet and Kawaii. The girls were talking about how gorgeous they are. My Jolteon slowly walked by with his eyes staring at Amelia. The trio whispered to each other about the Jolteon walking by.

"It's Kenobi again," squealed Kawaii.
"He's so handsome," giggled Juliet.
"Honestly guys, where is your sense of dignity?" sighed Amelia.
"He's looking at us!" giggled Juliet.
"Oh my god! Right at us too!" gasped Kawaii.
"Well, of course he would, you two are acting like bloody lovestruck fangirls," sighed Amelia.
"Hello, ladies," said Kenobi.
"Hello," grinned Kawaii and Juliet.
"So Amelia," said Kenobi, not paying attention to the Delcatty and Vaporeon drooling over him. "How are you?"
"I'd be much better if you would just leave me alone," snapped Amelia.
"Bad mood?" asked Kenobi.
"Only when you're around," she growled.

The Flareon stormed off leaving a sad looking Jolteon. He looked over at Juliet and Kawaii grinning at him. He ignored them and padded outside.

16th June 2003, 09:01 PM
Blinking, but then smiling lightly and giggling, Ransom seemed in a very good mood to notice another of her kind around the house - such a gentleman, too. 'I knew if he acted like Sickle, I was going to snap.' she though, grimly, always annoyed by the ill-mannered Absol. "My name is Ransom." smiling merrily, dipping her muzzle quickly towards the other, she glanced up once more. "Nice to meet you, Akuji."

Padding over quietly towards the group of seemingly love-striken fangirls and Ameilia, Voodoo smiled, glancing around childishly. "What ya lookin' at?" she asked, shyly, looking down at the ground and rubbing one of her front paws on it. Namir also wandered over, smiling, his cream fur striped with pink glinting slightly.

16th June 2003, 09:12 PM
Akuji grinned happily at Ransom then bowed his head in respect. "The pleasure was mine," he said with a friendly grin. He resumes to sit on the ground quickly. The Mightyena laid down to get more relaxed. "How was your day?" asked Akuji, trying to keep a conversation.

Juliet looked over at little Voodoo and smiled. "You wouldn't understand hun," she said softly. Kawaii noticed little Namir wandering over and the Delcatty went crazy. "Oh my dear! Isn't he the cutest little guy you've ever seen?!" squealed Kawaii, cuddling Namir. Juliet peered over at the Meowth with the pink strikes. "What an angel," she said.

Deathstrike was busy grumbling something about revenge until she noticed another Pichu was greeting her. "Greetings," the Pichu said in her harsh and dark voice. "I am Deathstrike or as you should say, Ruler of the world Deathstrike," she smirked then crackled evily.

baby jolteon
16th June 2003, 09:19 PM
lil's bolts POV
"Ha ha! And I am your knight evil doer pichu thing >>;" I said slowly. "err what was with the Ebil Tyranitar d00d?" I asked trying to make conversation. I hopped up onto the couch and by 'The Ruler of The world Deathstrike"

16th June 2003, 09:20 PM
"Fine!" the oddly beautiful Mightyena chirped, giving a small happy grin. Polite beings was indeed a hard thing to find these days, but it seemed that Akuji was quite well mannered. "And yourself, kind sir? I mean... Akuji." sitting up, attempting to sit as straight as she could, her fluffy ebony tassel swished back and forth, then thumped on the ground. Staring down, slightly shyly towards her paws, a small smile stretched upon her muzzle.

Mewing lightly, Namir grinned, pawing at Kawaii's ears. "Thanks." he smirked, his voice slightly squeaking, then smiled at Juliet. He seemed to like being the center of attention. Voodoo stared blankly, then shrugged and grinned, before strolling away.

16th June 2003, 09:30 PM
Akuji grinned. Not many females found him enjoyable but Ransom seemed interested. When she called him kind sir, Akuji couldn't help but blush and grin. "I am very well tonight, thank you m'lady" he said in his elegant voice. Akuji stared down at his paws as his scruffy tail flicked around the ground.

Kawaii continued to cuddle and spoil the kitten. Juliet rolled her eyes at my Delcatty's behavior then noticed Moristar and Cuivadur nuzzling each other by the couch. Juliet nuzzled her mother happily. Her father grinned proudly at his daughter the nuzzled her too. Amelia sat in the corner and sighed as she watched her parents going gaga over her big sister. The Flareon kicked at a can laying on the ground.

Deathstrike stared at Lil Bolt confused. She shrugged then sat there glaring at random Pocket Monsters XD

baby jolteon
16th June 2003, 09:42 PM
lil bolts POV
"Wanna see go to poll and see if we electrify everyone when we get in?" I ask grinning evilly. I hop off the couch, getting ready to take off but still waiting for DeathStrikes reponse.

17th June 2003, 06:11 PM
[Torrey's POV]

When I finally found Star, she was sleeping beside an apple tree, basking in its cool shade. Man I wished I had a camera. Its not every day you get to see someone special sleeping like this. When she woke to see me standing in front of her, she seemed surprised. But she smiled when she realized who I was.

"Hey Torrey!" she said.
"Hi Star. Did I wake you? I didn't mean to..."

Before she could say anything, I laid down beside her. I nervously nuzzled her. Would I get a slap in the face or a nuzzle in return? I could only wait to find out.

Avian Freeze
17th June 2003, 07:25 PM
<My POV>

I walked into the Eevee House after so many months. I hadn't been in it since it was still in PCG. I looked around, and saw the same layout, maybe some extra objects. I took a deep breath and lay down on the couch, exhausted. I let my Pokemon out--Wolfwood my male Houndour, Kit my female Eevee, Adamantia my female Torkoal, Twinkle my male Chimecho, Lari my female Larvitar, Dynamo my female Mareep, Bubba my male Snorlax, Palm my Tropius, and Virtuoso my Porygon. THey all explored the Eevee House, Wolfwood and Kit knowing the similar house they had seen a while ago.

<Wolfwood's POV>

I smelled the memorable scent of the Eevee House, remembering the good old days I had in the past. I was glad to be back, hoping I could make new friends. I looked around for Amanda, my old owner, and I saw her in the crowd! I ran towards her, barking and jumping on her, licking her face. I had missed her so much!

<Kit's POV>

I looked up at my owner and saw him take a curious-looking stone out of his pocket. "Hey Kit, you think you're ready to evolve?" I held it in my paws and bit it, licked it, and then suddenly, I felt myself change! I grew a second tail, and they were both mermaid tails! My skin slowly became a sea blue and I licked my new soft sleek fur. I liked my new look! "Now Kit, I'm gonna call you Aquaphaze." my trainer told me with a smile. I looked around for my old friends, since I hadn't seen the Eevee House for so long, and I wondered if they would recognize me...

17th June 2003, 07:32 PM
Chuckling slightly as I felt a heavy feeling upon my side, I glanced down quickly, noticing Wolfwood now licking my face. Giggling, I managed to sit up, the Houndour wagging his tail as I patted him on the head. Sneaking over, Banshee let out a yip, noticing her old friend. "Hey Tyler!" I grinned, waving towards him, just now noticing him in the house - of course, where Wolfwood was, Tyler had to be there.

Ransom sat at the door, staring out towards the forest like area, waiting for Rachel and Akuji to come. She was eager to see them, and stared fondly down the path, hoping any moment they'd appear around the corner.

17th June 2003, 08:29 PM
I slowly approached through the doors of the Eevee House. Akuji padded through my legs and jumped on the couch. He peers around for Ransom curiously. When he notices her by the door, he leaps down and rushes over to see her. "Good evening, m'lady" he said with a grin. Dieu and Sheik snickered behind the couch at Akuji and Ransom.

Meanwhile Juliet, Kawaii and Amelia all go around the Eevee House in search of cute guys. (They are teenagers so that's why XD) Chaos and Maul glared at the crowd, trying to decide who to attack.

17th June 2003, 08:37 PM
Namir yawned, flexing his claws, his curious gleaming eyes scanning the crowd. He licked silently at his fur, already showing signs of wanting to become a Persian - a strong, feroucious one at that. Seemingly to grin, flicking his slender tassel around, he arched a brow as he noticed the two Eeveelutions and the Delcatty trotting around the house, often peering about in attempt to find something. War padded over, his crimson eyes full of amusement, as he noticed Mars stumble around in the kitchen with a vase on his head.

"Hey." the Jolteon smirked towards his son, which was already nearly bigger than him. Of course, he was quite old. Of course, not old old, but old enough. His flaxen fur, lashed with rosey pink stripes and small teal dots, was of course sharp and spiked, more so than most. He arched a brow as the Flareon, Vaporeon and Delcatty continued to walk forward.

Smiling madly as she noticed Akuji within her sights, Ransom beamed, eyeing the polite Mightyena. "Akuji!" she squealed, then attempted to lower her voice slightly. Grinning, tail swishing around slightly, she stood up, stretching. "Good to see you today, sir." she smirked.

17th June 2003, 08:49 PM
Akuji grinned. "Good to see you too lass," he said. The Mightyena flicked his tail around and smirked shyly at her. Dieu glanced over at Sheik and said "He likes her," Sheik simply nodded.

Merry ran past everyone, laughing happily. Beside him was Banshee, chasing after him like a mad Absol. She finally caught him and pounced. The two giggled but were soon confronted by Juliet, Amelia and Kawaii. "Aww, what a darling couple!" squealed Juliet. "Totally!" chirped Kawaii. Amelia sighed and ran off.

17th June 2003, 08:56 PM
Laughing, Ransom leaned forward, lightly pushing the other Mightyena with her paw. She grinned merrily, then chuckled. "How have you been?" arching a brow with interest, she sat back down on her haunches, still smiling happily to see her friend.

Stumbling now beside of Merry and the other Banshee, Mars whimpered, attempting to pull the vase off his head. War chuckled, obviously amused by the taunting of the Vaporeon, as Pride huffed and attempted to help his friend.

Bouncing over towards Rachel, I smiled stupidly, waving. "Heylo!"

17th June 2003, 09:02 PM
Akuji grinned at Ransom then nipped at one of her ears playfully. He cleared his throat, kinda embarassed. "I am okay and how might you be?' he asked.

Juliet noticed War, Pride and Mars over yonder. She grinned then pouned the trio from above. The Vaporeon laughed and hopped. "Good morning," she beamed.

Chaos gulped nervously as Maul wrapped a blindfold around her eyes. "Are you ready?" asked the Zangoose. "Yes, I am" sighed the Gligar. Chaos leaped in the air and attempted to fly around the Eevee House but slammed into a wall, leaving Maul laughing like an idiot.c

17th June 2003, 09:12 PM
"I'm fine." Ransom grinned, noticing the shy look spread across Akuji's face, and the small smile stretched across his muzzle. Blinking softly, then giggling lightly, Ransom nudged at one of her paws and licked it, before glancing towards Akuji once more. "So..." she paused.

"Hey." War smirked towards Juliet, as Mars barely muttered through the blue vase, Pride following after the Vaporeon who often rammed into things and fell back in a daze.

"Oh, that hurts." Mars mumbled through the vase again, shaking his head, which only resulted in Pride being beaten on the head with a vase attached to the puzzled Vaporeon's head. The Flareon whimpered, rubbing at his muzzle, shooting a glare towards his friend.

"That hurt, too." Pride frowned, annoyed, then attempted to pull the vase off again. War only chortled loudly, watching them.

Avian Freeze
17th June 2003, 09:41 PM
"Hey Amanda!" I waved back, seeing my old friend after so long. I saw Wolfwood saunter over towards Banshee, pouncing on her and wrestling with his old buddy.

Aquaphaze wandered around, reminiscing about the old days in the Eevee House. She sighed and lay down in front of the fireplace, sadly remembering Boltz, New Born Pichu's Eevee. She knew she wouldn't see him again, but she missed him greatly. I'd best move on...But it's not so easy...no it's not. The young Vaporeon lay solemnly on the carpet, face partially buried in her arms and her tails wavering slowly back and forth.

Meanwhile, Palm was busy in the garden of the Eevee House. He picked the fruits of the trees in the garden, and gulped them down quickly and quietly, hoping no one would spot him. Bubba was rummaging through the refrigerator in the kitchen and he ate everything in there! The gluttonous Snorlax, content with his dinner, sat down and fell asleep, right in front of the refrigerator!

I began to get tired, so I yawned, and decided to take a nap myself.

baby jolteon
17th June 2003, 11:10 PM
Star's POV
I smiled and rubbed her cheek againest his own. I licked his cheek softly, hoping this was ok.

"It's ok" I said, smiling. I rested my head ear Torrey.

Kiwi's POV
I walked into the and released her newest Pokect Monster,Xy the Smeragle. I watched him run around and explore his new surroundings. He waddled back over to me

"Where am I?" He asked.
"The Eevee House." I replied
"Eevee's build houses!? What about us Smeragles!? Who's the owner.. hmm hmm hmmm!?" He said.
"Uhh... Oh look a female Smeragle!" I yelled and ran as the seemingly stupid Smeragle looked. When I turned around I saw a familiar face and almost yelled out but noticed he was taking a nap. I paused and before I do anything Xy pounced on me. He painted all over my face!

"Mwha!" he said gleefully, "Don't mess with the tail." He said haughtily and waddled off.

I growled and went to wash my face off before i was seen, looking like an idiot. I looked in the in the mirror.

"Oh my gawd!" I squealed. My face was covered in blue paint. I looked like a Dalmatian with blure spots. I washed my face of quickly and realized it wouldn't come off! I stormed out of the bathroom looking like I was ready for Halloween. I looked for Xy and finally found him. He was about to paint of others when I caught.

"How do I get this off!?" I bellowed.
"Gawd. Relax, it wares off in a day." He said casually.
"Relax!? I'm supposed to walk around like a blue Dalmatian all day!?" I yelled.
"Am I supposed to answer that?" He asked.

I dropped him and found a pillow and put it over my face.

18th June 2003, 10:10 AM
Smirking as Wolfwood attempted to wrestle with her, Banshee quickly flipped him over, then poked at his eye with a paw. For a stotic, often grim Houndour, she found amusement as her old friend yelped though in humour and managed to slide out from under her. Landing on the ground with a thump, the small devil dog wagged her stubby tail, still smirking firmly. "Nice to see you again, Wolfwood." she arched a brow as her friend sat down in front of her, then chuckled.

Trotting over to the other Vaporeon, Mars tilted his head, though looking quite silly due to the fact the vase left a red ring around his neck and it seemed it wasn't wearing off anytime soon. "Hey." he grinned, flicking his finned tassel, "Do I know you?" he paused, blinking, before Pride and War trudged over also.

"Kit!" War grinned, poking at the other Vaporeon with a paw. "You're all grown up." he smirked, joking with his old friend.

Eclispe worked her way over to Kiwi, then sat down beside of the couch, blinking her flaxen orbs. The cresent moon earring in her right ear glinted, but she merely hissed lightly and swatted at it, sometimes finding it annoying. "Kiwi," the ebony Persian blinked, "Why do you have a pillow on your face?"

Avian Freeze
18th June 2003, 11:31 AM
The rascally Wolfwood yapped as he was poked in the eye by Banshee and he quickly slid out of the way before she could land another blow on him. He sat up straight, smiling slyly at Banshee and laughed heartily. "Same to you, Banshee. I've missed you." He said with a grin.

Aquaphaze, stretching her arms, realized she had fallen asleep in front of the rug. She heard a voice calling her old name and turned around. "War! Hey old buddy! Yep, I've grown up." The Vaporeon smiled, seeing her old friend once again. "So how've you been these days? Getting old?" She asked jokingly, pawing the Jolteon.

baby jolteon
18th June 2003, 11:47 AM
Kiwi's POV
I heard Eclipse and I peeked out from behind the pillow and quickly hid my face again.

"She looks like a Blue Dalmatain." Said Xy.
"Xy shut up, this is your fault." I said angerily
"So?" He said haughtly.

I growled and threw pillow at him. He grinned and ran off with pillow. I looked like a Blue Dalmatain again. I ran off after Xy yelling for him to me my pillow. He ran over to the pool and suggested to throw pillow into pool.

"No, don't!" I yelled.

He grinned evillishly and threw it in the pool. I ran after him. He laughed and ran off into the woods.

"You better not paint on the trees!" I yelled and stormed back into The Eevee, mumbling about something.

New Born Pichu
19th June 2003, 10:11 PM
New Born Pichu's POV
I slowly poke my head into the good ol' Eevee House and take a quick look around.
I notice that nothing much has changed since my last visit here and grin as I walk completely in.
"Hi everyone, I dunno if ya remember me from the far past versions of the EH, but for those who don't, I'm New Born Pichu. The trainer of the one and only surfing Pikalutions! ^_^" I said happily giving a wave as my pokes flood in, glad to be back.

My pokes:
Dusk-M Umbreon
Dawn-F Espeon
Rainer-M Vaporeon
Sparky-F Jolteon
Pyro-M Flareon
Havoc-M Eevee
Serenity-F Eevee
Boltz-M Eevee,Yellow with little black
thunderbolts all over and green eyes
Bowser-M Arcanine
Donko-M Slowbro
Shadow-M Haunter
Roxy-F Pikachu
Misty-F Pichu
Amber-F Vulpix
Spitfire-F Magby
Spike-M Togipi

20th June 2003, 11:41 AM
[MK's POV]

I returned to the Eevee House, worried, having left my entire team here the night before. They all seemed like they were having so much fun, I didn't want to make them go. Plus I had a surprise for Jesse and Sandie. Nala had asked me to take care of her entire team for me while she was absent. And that's what I did. So, with 15 new Pokeballs, I released Nala's team. All of them looked around and went to their normal spots.

When Jesse saw that I had Sugar with me, he grinned wildly. He ran over to her and tackled her in licks and hugs. She returned the affection and led him over to a quiet spot so they could talk and get caught up with each other.

Sandie was happily splashing around in the pool water when Simba joined her. As he dived into the water, Sandie swam away, hinting that she wanted to play tag and when Simba caught her, only then would he receive his hug from Sandie. Off they went!

Ace found Blazer easily and said hello. Blazer returned the greeting and offered Ace a rid on his back. The little Growlithe puppy excitedly accepted the ride and leapt up the giant dog's back. Blazer trotted off outside and to the target practice area. Burnt targets already sat where Blazer and Ace had already practiced. Ace leapt down and waited for Blazer to begin his lesson, which he did. Ace tried to fire his flames, but he didn't have much control over it. Luckily the flames weren't very big at all, so Blazer was able to easily put his large paw over the flaming grass and put it out. Ace shrugged and tried again, determined to hit the targets today.

Sadie was growing so big. And she walked ever so gracefully to her mother and father, Kiara and Kovu. She smiled sweetly, giving each a gentle hug. It was hard to believe how grown up she was. Her face looked different, but yet the same. She was almost the full grown size of an adult Eevee. Kovu and Kiara stared at their daughter, amazed at how fast she was growing, remembering how she was when she was so tiny and little, about the size of Kovu's paw! Now she stood shoulder height to him.

Torrey managed to tear himself away from Star to go greet Nala's team. They were afterall, his best friends. He hadn't spoken much to Salem and Sweetie before, so he decided that this was a good time. Before he left, he turned to Star and asked her if she would like to meet the two Espeon friends. Then he wondered off to find Ayla and say hello to his twin sister.

BlueShadow and Khaisa finally spotted Talut and Jasmine. The four legendary dragons decided to go for a fly outside, seeing as Khaisa and Jasmine would be able to fly themselves rather than ride atop Blue or Talut's back. The girls were excited to be able to fly with the Dragonites, seeing as it wasn't everyday they were able to. Into the clouds, they flew, not knowing what they might find.

Watching the rest of Nala's and my own team wondering around, I offered them all a movie to watch. All were excited and settled down in front of a TV. I put the classic movie, "The Lion King" in the VCR, seeing as it wasn't out on DVD yet. The Pokemon were happy to see a movie they hadn't seen in a long while.

Happy that all 28 adopted Pokemon were occupied, I settled myself down for a long needed nap on the sofa. 28 Pokemon I was taking care of... Wow! That is such a great honor and I was glad to do Nala the favor while she was feeling bad.

baby jolteon
20th June 2003, 01:14 PM
Kiwi's POV
I see NBP walk and run over, still looking like a blue Dalmatain.

"Hey NBP!" I said greetily as lil bolt ran over.
"Where's Misty!?" He said hyperly. Before they could answer and ran off looking for her.

Xy my Smeargle walks over to Kiwi and tells her she can take her face painting off now. I blink and run off to the bathroom to wash it off. I come back looking like myself. I walk back over to NBP and hold Xy's tail just in case he gets tempted to paint my face again.

"Let go!" he yelled
"Fine." I said and let go. He then Tackled me and painted my face again. Once again I looked like a Dalmatain but now I was a colorfully colored Dalmatain.

"Thanks Xy." I kicking him off me.

Star's POV
I watch as Torrey walks over to Nala's team. When he asks meh if I want to meet his two best friends. "Ok." I said happily and walked over to Torrey.

20th June 2003, 06:54 PM
(Nala's POV)

I carefully and quietly made my way back to the Eevee House. I hadn't been there in a while becuase i hadn't been feeling to good lately. As I neared, I heard the song "I Just Can't Wait to be King" coming from the house. I smiled and slipped in unnoticed. Or rather i though i had slipped in unnoticed. Yana and Arwen saw me and the two of them came running over and pounced on me. Yana began to smother me with licks and little Arew gently licked my hand with her little pink tongue. I smiled, and rubbed their heads. "Good to see you too. Where's M_K?" Yana smiled, and let me up. Then she lead the way over to the couch where M_K was asleep. I smiled, i had planned on letting out my captees anyway. So i grabbed Oliver's pokeball and let the little meowth out, right on M_K's stomach. I motioned for him to "shh." He smiled and curled up on her stomach asleep. Next, I released Flare adn Shadow and the two of them walked off and *Thud* "Ow." Flare was rubbing her head. She had walked right into a table that she would have waked safely under if she had still been a vulpix. Next I released Racer, my shiny ponyta, she began to run laps around the Eevee House. Mirage thoguht for a few seconds before taking hte form of a growlithe, and ran off to enjoy herself. Ivy and Steve started a game of tag. Blaze just sat there, unsure of what to do. Spirit perched himself on my shoulder, while Nahima went off in search of her dad. Zephyr took to the rafters and looked around. Unsure of what to do. Shaka and Tanabi made a beeline for the pool. I stood there, waiting for M_K to wake up. ^^. I wanted to thank her for taking care of my adoptees while i was ill.

Knight of Time
20th June 2003, 07:06 PM

Things were going fine for me. After seeing that New Born Pichu was back, I greeted her with a smile. Telling her that it had been a while since I last saw her, I told her that I had an all-new team of adopted (and captured) Pokemon to replace the old adoptees and capturees I had to give up after forgetting them, and I asked her how things were going for her before thinking of Chaos, my adopted L9 male Houndour. Knowing that he was once upset for the cancellation of his battle with Girafarig's adopted male Tentacool, I whistled in relief now that he had gotten the move of his dreams, Will-o-Wisp, as well as a battle with Danny's adopted L10 female Spearow, Zippy, which I figured would end someday, and I quietly walked over to my usual spot on one of the couches, being careful not to wake M_K from her relaxing nap...

Avian Freeze
21st June 2003, 12:53 PM
I walked back into the Eevee House, letting Tsunami, my Mudkip, and Warrior, my Shroomish out, both newly adopted. I also let out Scorch, my captured Charmander. The three Pokemon curiously wandered around the Eevee House, looking for new friends to make.

I looked around and noticed a familiar face. New Born Pichu! I waved to her, asking her "How have you been." with a smile, welcoming her back to the Eevee House.

Aquaphaze strayed from behind my leg, and she immediately recognized the oh-so familiar yellow Eevee with black lightning bolts, and those stunning green eyes. "Boltz! Do you remember me? It's Kit! I know I've changed, now that I'm a Vaporeon, but it's still same old me." She said with a weak smile.

New Born Pichu
21st June 2003, 06:44 PM
I wave happily to KT, Dark Prince and Art, happy to see some familiar faces.
"That's good to hear you have another strong team of adoptees, DarkPrince. Good luck with their training. ^_~" I said happily.
I then walk over to KT and Art, happy ta see my good friends again.
"How have you too been? I've been great. It's been awhile." I said with a grin as I pull a cream soda out from no where and start to drink it.

Boltz POV
I slowly trot around the Eevee House, reaqainting myself to the place when I see a Vaporeon happily greet me and strangely enough, say that she was Kit.
"Kit? Is that really you?" I asked rubbing my eyes with my paws.
When I see her nodd I grin and jump up happily.
"Wow you look great! It's been so long since I last saw you. You look wonderful as a Vaporeon!" I said happily, giving her a nuzzle.
"So how have you been?" I asked grinning.

Misty's POV
I happily run into the Eevee House and quickly find the indoor pool still where if used ta be.
Grabbing my favorite surfboard, I happily leap in and start up the waves.
Once I get up on at good 10 footer I am able to see the entire EH and quickly spy a very familiar Pichu.
"LIL BOLT OVER HERE!!! I shouted happily over to him, glad to see my old crush still haning around here.

Avian Freeze
21st June 2003, 07:30 PM
"I've been fine too and yea, it's definitely been a while. So what made you leave TPM?" I asked curiously.

Aquaphaze nodded as Boltz asked if it was really her. "Yep, it's me. Well, my trainer changed my name, but it's still same ol' Kit :D."
"Wow you look great! It's been so long since I last saw you. You look wonderful as a Vaporeon!" Boltz replied with a nuzzle.
"Thanks for the compliment, and you still look good. I always loved those lightning bolts on you." Aquaphaze said with a wink.
"So how have you been?" Boltz asked.
"I missed you lots, but now that you're here, I'm fine." She said, nuzzling Boltz's fur. "How about you?"

Scorch my Charmander wandered around the Eevee House, still getting used to this new place. Not watching where she was going, she bumped into an idle Cyndaquil. I couldn't help but chuckle when that happened, and I recognized the Cyndaquil to be none other than Kiwi Twist's.

Knight of Time
21st June 2003, 07:45 PM

Upon hearing NBP wish me good luck with the training, I thanked her, smiling until I could see Chaos out of a window. Noticing that he was wagging his tail in happiness, I knew that he was proud of his first win at the PokeZoo Battle Tower, and that he had pretty much gotten over the disappointment of his first battle being cancelled.

"Hey Kyle, who's this?" Chaos asked, pointing a paw at NBP.

"This is New Born Pichu, a girl that has just made a return to the Eevee House after a long absence. She returned recently." I said, winking at Chaos and NBP.

As I saw Chaos happily bark, I told NBP that she would be always be welcome to call me Kyle, and I introduced her to Chaos, telling her that he wouldn't hurt her or her Pokemon at all...

New Born Pichu
21st June 2003, 08:06 PM
I smile at Chaos and scrach him behind the ears.
"You're a little sweetie aren't ya. It's nice to meet you Chaos." I said happily standing back up.
I tell Kyle that he could just call me NBP instead of my full name and then look back over to Art.
"Well, back when the EH first moved to the RPG forum things just didn't feel the same as they used too and, I dunno if you remember him, but Pichu said that he created his own board and invited me and anyone else who wanted ta to come and join his board. Not to long after he made me an admin and things just got too busy and I had to make the decision to sadly leave the TPM so I could focus on my admin duties over at his board and then later on I joined 6 other boards, which I'm still active on, and didn't really get the chance to return. But now I'm back and here ta stay." I replied grinning happily.

Boltz POV
I sit and listen happily to Kit's responses and blush at her comment.
"Thanks Kit, I love my bolts and it's great you doing good." I said grinning up at her.
As I look up at Kit, I start to feel small and insignificant next to her.
I think about the time when NBP said she would evolve me into a Jolteon before we left the EH a while back.
Now that we've returned, she has no items and lost her Thunder Stone she had for me.
I suddenly relize that I got lost in my thoughts and forgot to reply to Kit's last question.
"Heh, now that I'm back here with you, everythings great." I said with grin, still slightly thinking about my evolution cancellation.

baby jolteon
21st June 2003, 10:39 PM
Lil bolt's POV
I hear my name being called and I look around. I look between my legs then I twist around and see Misty! I couldn't beleive she was back! She had changed so much... she had grown up... HAVE I?! I run over and grab my board. I set it on the water and begin paddling out to Misty. "Omg! Misty, your back!" I said once I caught up to her. "Where have you been?" I asked curiously.

New Born Pichu
21st June 2003, 10:49 PM
Misty's POV
I watch happily as I see lil bolt paddle over.
"My gosh, you look more grown up since the last time I saw ya!" I cheered happily as I paddled next to him and give lil bolt a big hug.
"So how have you been? Are you still surfing? Do you still remember our little hideout under the bleachers that had the candy?" I asked him, getting all hyped up from seeing lil bolt again.

baby jolteon
21st June 2003, 10:53 PM
lil bolt's POV
I hugged Misty back "Thanks." I said happy to know I'd grown up too. "Yeah of course! I can still surf, I remember all that stuff!" I said. "Wanna go to the bleachers now?" I asked excitedly

Avian Freeze
21st June 2003, 11:05 PM
"I see, NBP. Well, I'm glad you're back!" I said, smiling. "So how is Pichu anyway?"

Aquaphaze noticed that Boltz had seemed to blank out. She nudged him a bit, inquiring, "Hey, Boltz, are you okay? You seem a bit depressed. What are you thinking about?" She began to look worried, and attempted to cheer him up with a nuzzle on the nose.

My Charmander Scorch got up, brushing herself off and noticing that she had bumped into Kiwi Twist's Cyndaquil, Flame. "Oh! I'm sorry..." she said timidly.

baby jolteon
22nd June 2003, 12:00 PM
Flame's POV
He bumps into a Charmander. "STOP! DROP AND ROLL!" He screamed. He did stop drop and roll which made a small fire instead of a getting rid of one. I got a hose and water the fire until it went out. "No more stop drop and rolls" I said to Flame. He nodded and looked up at me innocently. "Hi" Said Scorch. He turned around and looked at him/her(sorry). "STOP DROP AND RO..." He said but could do it because I grabbed his hand. He sighed and looked back to Scorch. "Hello... Flame am I... I am Flame." He said twistedly.

Avian Freeze
22nd June 2003, 02:31 PM
Scorch is a she ;).

Scorch watched confusedly as Flame was yelling, "STOP! DROP AND ROLL!". She fell back as the flaming Cyndaquil began to roll back and forth over the carpet, and started it ablaze! Scorch let out a brief gasp as a small flame emerged from Flame's back and fell on to the carpet. She then held her tail, protecting it from the water that came gushing out of Kiwi Twist's hose. Flame got up and was about to shout "STOP! DROP AND ROLL!" once again, but KT quickly stopped him.
"Hello... Flame am I... I am Flame." Flame said twistedly. Scorch couldn't help but let out a laugh from the Cyndaquil's excited state.
"Hi Flame. I'm Scorch." Scorch said shyly.

I let out my Electrike, who excitedly asked, "Where am I? What's this place?"
"This is the Eevee House." I introduced my female Electrike, Vida, to the place.
She let out a loud bark and started scampering throughout the house, looking for friends and fun.

22nd June 2003, 05:02 PM
Chris's POV
It was my first time at the Eevee House in a while.
I decided to let out just five of my pokemon: Slubba, Sasha, Santos, Santie, and Riley.
I threw thier pokeballs out.
A Grimer, Growlithe, Pichu, Igglybuff, and Ralts popped out.

Slubba the Male Grimer's POV
It was me and Sasha's second time at the Eevee House.
The others hadn't been out of their balls the first time.
Me and Sasha made sure we stuck together.
We walked over to a twosome of fire types, a Cyndaquil and Charmander.
We introduced ourselves. "I'm Slubba-" I started.

Sasha the Female Growlithe's POV
"-And I'm Sasha." I finished.
I was excited to see some other fire types.
Slubba seemed sad since there were no other poison types that he could see.

Santos the Male Pichu's POV
As soon as Chris let us out of our pokeballs, I stuck with Santie and we walked over to a small area with no other pokemon sitting there.
Chris came over and grabbed a Hollow Stone out of his backpack.
He gave it to us to play with.
"It's okay if you lose it, just try not to. I could make some extra stamps with that at Goldenrod Tower." He said.
I took the stone and rolled it to the Igglybuff sitting across from me.
She rolled it back.
We started playing something like the soccer game that Chris told us about.
We were having lots of fun.

Santie the Female Igglybuff's POV
While we were rolling the stone back and forth, me and Santos talked about evolving.
"I don't want to evolve unless Chris really really wants me to." Santos said.
"I want to become a Jigglypuff, but stop there." I replied.
Then we started talking about Chris's other pokemon.
"I think Riley, Sasha, Slubba, and Lyer will all want Everstones when Chris gets the stamps." Santos suggested.
"Yeah, Riley for sure. He's one of the only male Ralts and he thinks Kirlias and Gardevoirs look too feminine." I replied.
And we kept talking.

Riley the Male Ralts
I stood near the door of the Eevee House looking all over.
I was sort of shy, so I then ran straight to Chris after he gave Santie and Santos the Hollow Stone.
He went over to talk to Kiwi.
I then just started walking around hoping someone would want to play with me.

22nd June 2003, 08:41 PM
I walked into the Eevee House, and took a seat on the closest futon available. I was carrying a red towel, with an egg inside, incubating. I could feel it throb in my arms, as I sat down. I uncovered the egg, which was a bright red, with some dark red spots scattered across it. The egg was wet, with a film of water on its surface, obviously from whe it was laid. I took the towel, and dried it off. The egg's shiny gleam reflected off the surface, as I sat and waited for the arrival of a baby Vulpix. After a few minutes, the egg shook suddenly. I looked down at it to see that there was a crack on the top.

The crack slowly worked its way down to the center of the egg, and more cracks emerged from the first. There was motion near the top of the egg. I looked as if the baby was trying to free itself from its shell. It was struggling, so I decided to help it out a bit, by taking off a huge chunk of the eggshell. The baby peeped its head out. The baby's eyes were still shut, like all baby foxes at birth. They do this to protect their eyes from light. More of the egg broke off, and the Vulpix crawled out of now empty eggshell. The baby was wet, so I dried it off. It mewwed softly, as tried to navigate itself about my lap.

I picked up the baby, and looked it over. After giving a glance at various areas of the body, I could tell that it was a baby girl. I put her down on my lap, and she curled up, making herself comfortable. Her five tails protruded from her body, and they curled up in the same motion, as if combined into one tail. She was finally born. I looked at the giant clock located above the entrance to the Eevee House. She was born at 8:38 P.M. I could feel the baby's breathing, and she felt warm. I petted her head, and let her rest.

"I think I'll name you Brandi," I told her. I didn't know if she heard me or not. All I knew as that she was sleepy, and that she was going to grow into a very strong Ninetales. I waited around for Gabi to bring Hero to see his daughter, and I kept stroking Brandi on the back, as I rested on the futon.

Lady Vulpix
22nd June 2003, 08:54 PM
Wow, J, that was lovely!
I came in just in time to see the newborn Brandi curl up on her trainer's lap. I encouraged Hero to get closer to her, and he walked to her side, a little confused as to what to do in this situation. He sniffed the baby; she must have felt a slight tickle, because she smiled, and so did the father, finally. He sat down and watched her, as I congratulated J on her birth.

22nd June 2003, 09:07 PM
"Thanks, Gabi," I said, as I watched Hero look Brandi over. I saw Brandi smile as Hero gave her a whiff. I smile lit up on my face as I watched Hero, proud that the baby was finally born. He smiled, and I think that was the first time in my life that I had ever seen something so touching in my world of Pokemon. I kept chatting with Gabi, letting Brandi rest. Brandi was going to grow into a remarkable Pokemon. A Ninetales that would make her father proud beyond expectation.

New Born Pichu
22nd June 2003, 11:22 PM
I smile and nod.
"Yeah, it's great to be back though. Oh, well Pichu's doing good. He left his first board so he focus on a pokemon RPG board he started and then he got into the TPPC pokemon simulator, so yeah, he's doing good." I said taking another drink of cream soda.

Misty's POV
I grin when lil bolt hugs back and still remembered how to surf.
"Oh yeah! I'd love to see it again! Lets go." I cheered happily, paddling back to the edge of the pool and waiting for lil bolt to come.

Boltz POV
I jump slightly when I hear Kit and grin as she gives a little nose nuzzle.
"Oh, well it's nothing much. I'm just feeling sorta down cause I feel much smaller now that you've become a vaporeon and then I remembered NBP's promise to evolve me into a Jolteon but she lost all of her supplies during her time away. So I'm just sorta bumming since I won't be able to evolve anytime soon..." I explained after giving a nose nuzzle back.

Avian Freeze
23rd June 2003, 12:07 AM
"I see." I replied to NBP. "That's good then...but what's TPPC?"

I also looked over at PMJ on the futon, and witnessed a young Vulpix being born! I smiled at the wondrous event, and congratulated PMJ on Brandi being born.

"Ohh, well, I'm sure you'll evolve into a Jolteon." Aquaphaze smiled. "NBP will get a Thunderstone soon, right NBP?" She gave NBP a wink. She sat, pondering a while, and then came up with an idea, "Hey, you wanna go to that lake in the woods like old times?"

After Scorch's laughing fit, she noticed a Growlithe and Grimer approaching herself and Flame.
"I'm Slubba." the Grimer said, though a little sadly.
"And I'm Sasha." the Growlithe continued.
"Hey Slubba and Sasha, I'm Scorch, and this is Flame." she said quietly, but smiling.

I noticed that Twinkle, my Chimecho, floated over to Parsec's Politoed's Ralts, jingling the chime attached to him. The Ralts looked over curiously and noticed a fellow Psychic Pokemon wandering toward him.
"Hey, I'm Twinkle." he said, letting out a beaming smile. "Who are you?"

Vida my Electrike was still pacing around the room, and sniffing for who-knows-what. She noticed a Pichu and Igglybuff playing around. She rushed over, and fell in between their game, flat on her stomach. "Hey!" she said excitedly, "can I join you guys?"

23rd June 2003, 10:50 AM
Santos's POV
"Hey!" An Electrike said. "Can I join you guys?"
"Sure!" Me and Santie said in unison.
"I'm Santos and that's Santie." I said
"Our trainer named us similarly because we are best friends." Santie continued.
"I'm Vida!" The Electrike said.
Santie, who was holding the Hollow Stone, rolled it to Vida.

Riley's POV
"Hey, I'm Twinkle." A smiling Chimecho said. "Who are you?"
"I'm Ralts the Riley!" I said excitedly. I blushed.
There I go again.
"I... I mean... Riley the Ralts."

Slubba's POV
"Hey Slubba and Sasha, I'm Scorch, and this is Flame." The Charmander said.
"Hey, lets play shout random things!" I yelled.
"I'm an obnoxious pie!" Sasha screamed.
Scorch and Flame both broke out in laughter.

baby jolteon
23rd June 2003, 12:21 PM
Kiwi's POV
I saw Chris walk into the Eevee House and I walked over to him. "Hey!" I said greetily. I was embarassed because I still looked like a Colorful Dalmatain. "Uhh... I'm a dalmatain because Xy, my Smeargle gave meh a face painting." I said hesitantly. 'which he still needs punishment for' I thought to myself.

Flame's POV
I smiled. 'Scroch is pretty' I thought 'omg! I'm becoming a teenager already! Noooooo. oh well' I looked the Growlithe and Grimer "Hi I be is Flame" I said to the new pokemon "Hi I am Flame!" I said crossing my eyes. I looked at the Growlithe again 'she's pretty too! gawd! I Gotta get out of this habit of my girl likingness' I thought. "You wanna go bother Xy!?" I asked them hyperly. I looked at Smeargle who was about to paint on Chris and dove, stopping him. "In your face Xy!" I yelled happily! Xy got pinned Flame down and painted his face "Get off meh you scary thing!" I said trying to push him off. When Xy was down he showed Flame a mirror. "AHHHHH" Flame screamed. "YOU MADE MEH SHERLOC HOLMES! OR WHOEVER THEY ARE!" "That will come off in a week" Xy said haughtily and wobbled away. I looked back Scroch, Slubba and Sasha and gave them a weak smile.

lil bolt's POV
lil bolt followed Misty merrily. "The Eevee house was get really boring here without you." I said when we got out of the pool. "I'll race you to the bleachers!" I yelled and ran. As I ran I tripped and began rolling.

Kiwi's POV
I quickly left and came back with two new pokemon! Shimo the Male Absol and Kidda the Horsea(orginally owned by DD). I walked back to Chris "Hi again o.o;;" I said watching Shimo and Kidda.

23rd June 2003, 01:33 PM
Chris's POV
"Hey, Kiwi!" I said, laughing at Kiwi's face.
Then, even though Flame stopped Xy from painting me, Xy hopped on me and made me look almost exactly like a a rabid Houndour.
Then he hopped over to Slubba and tried to paint him like a Manectric but instead Slubba just turned into a yellow and blue blob.
"Ah!!!! I'm a color blob! Get it off, get it off!" He yelled.

baby jolteon
23rd June 2003, 01:40 PM
Kiwi's POV
I laugh at Chris "Thats washable paint... lucky you." I said lookinng at myself through a mirror. I look for Xy and finallyt find him abot to paint the walls. I bring him over to Chris and bend down to Xy's heigth "No more painting peoples faces Xy" I said sturning. Xy didn't listen and just added a puppy nose on my nose. I sighed 'When will he learn?' I asked myself.

Silent Dragonfly
23rd June 2003, 03:52 PM
Phil's POV
It was my first time ever in the Eevee House, and I was kinda nervous. Enkou, my new female numel slowly wandered in behind me, and seemed just as me. It seemed a nice place. "Hello" I said to Kiwi who I had met when I went to adopt Enkou earlier.

Enkou's POV
I followed Phil, my new friend, into the Eevee House slowly. I felt safe but I was kinda nervous because he walked up to someone with a smeargle. I don't trust Smeargles, most of them cant even paint properly anyway, they just throw paint everywhere. I had to talk to the smeargle, I couldn't just stand there. "Hi" I said, "My name's Enkou." "Hmm..... You could look nice with a pink legs." said the smeargle. "Don't come near me with that paint! I don't even like pink anyway, it's a stupid color" was the answer I gave.

baby jolteon
23rd June 2003, 04:25 PM
Kiwi's POV
I see the guy I talked to in the adoption and walked over to him "hey!" I said hyperly. "Welcome to The Eevee House! I'm Kiwi ^^ If your wonder why I look like a colorful Dalmatain my Smeargle Xy likes painting faces >>;"

Xy's POV
Xy grinned evilly. "Well let meh make you like it said approaching the Numel. He jumped over her and cackled. He ran outside to find something to do.

Flame's POV
I noticed a new pokemon in The Eevee House. I waved to her "Hello! Flame I'm... I'm Flame" he said Oo;.

Avian Freeze
23rd June 2003, 11:12 PM
Scorch was having a great time with Flame, Slubba, and Sasha. She laughed at Sasha's random comment and fell on her back, laughing to tears when she saw Flame who had been painted by Xy to look like Sherlock Holmes.
"You know Flame, you don't look bad that way." she said, still laughing and wiping the last of her tears off. "What do you guys think?" Scorch asked Slubba and Sasha with a sly smile.
Unfortuntely, just as she had said that statement, the rascally Smeargle decorated her face, and when she saw her reflection in the mirror, she let out a gasp, "You made me a clown?!" she said in awe. The Charmander let out a small ember from her tail at the Smeargle, playfully.

"Ahh, so your name is Riley? So, what do you wanna do?" the Chimecho asked enthusiastically.

Vida noticed the stone being passed to her and she bounced the stone a bit with her paws (o_O) before chucking the stone towards Santos with her nose.

24th June 2003, 09:48 AM
Santie's POV
I saw the Electrike, Vida, chuck the stone to Santos, who fell over.
Then I saw him switch the stone for a Present!
Me and Santos are experts with Presents.
Then Santos tossed the Present at Vida, where it exploded on her face!
Santos was smiling. I was rolling around laughing.
We noticed the naughty Smeargle painting everybody's faces.
Me and Santos did something we were good at-we made a suber big Present.
We tossed it at Xy, and Xy ran to his trainer, Kiwi!
The three of us, plus almost everybody who saw, was laughing.
It was SO worth it.

New Born Pichu
24th June 2003, 08:54 PM
I smile and give a shrugg.
"I'm not really sure what TPPC stands for but it's a pokemon simulator. HERE (http://www.tppcrpg.net/)'s a link ta it if you wanna check it out. It's pretty cool." I said with a smile.
I then hear Kit and wink back.
"Ofcourse I'll get another stone for Boltz, Kit. You two can count on it." I said happily back.

Boltz POV
I grin when NBP reassures me of my evolution promise and then turn back to Kit.
"Yeah, that'd be great! It'd be just like old times!" I said happily running to the door.
"Do ya know if the underwater cave is still there?" I asked her.

Misty's POV
I laugh as I see lil bolt rolling his way to the bleachers.
"Hey wait for me!" I shouted, grinning as I run after the rolling lil bolt.

Avian Freeze
25th June 2003, 12:42 PM
"Ooh, interesting, I said to NBP. Looks kinda fun :). Oh BTW, I have a Spark Gem and a Hollow Stone which I could forge for you into a Thunderstone if you'd like, cause I don't need one. Do you want it?"

Aquaphaze grinned at NBP, after her reassurance of evolving Boltz. "I'm not sure about the Underground Lake, but we can check it out! I'll race ya there!" Aquaphaze said, rushing out the door and leaving Boltz in the dust, laughing merrily as she dashed towards the woods.

I saw Santos get knocked over as Vida had thrown the stone over to him. "Oh Vida, be nice." I scolded her. She just answered me with a laugh, but when a Present was thrown back at her, she opened it, eager to see what was inside, and BOOM! It exploded right in her face! She barked happily and congratulated the duo on their prank. Vida then watched as the two made a big present to give to Xy, who ran back to Kiwi Twist. She laughed once again, in high spirits.

Tsunami, my Mudkip, decided to take a swim in the pool in the backyard of the Eevee House, and so he went there and began to paddle through the water, swimming a few laps back and forth, nothing special.

Lari, my Larvitar went to the backyard, deciding to take this opportunity to work on her "tan". So she lay down on one of the chairs, put on some shades, and fell into a deep sleep.

Dark Dragonite
25th June 2003, 01:54 PM
I entered the house with a grin, it was hot outside, but I wastoo busy thinking about my new egg, as I released my pokes for a well deserved stretch, and relaxation. I clutched the egg, which Mercury looked at curiously while i put a black juice bottle in my pack. This would be the charmander I would train to a strong Charizard, no trading away, no giving it up, it's staying around!!
The first mutant Charmander around, hehehe...

Silent Dragonfly
25th June 2003, 02:17 PM
Phil's POV
After talking to Kiwi a while, I decided to go outside, it was kinda hot inside and I wanted a bit of fresh air, so I watched a mudkip swim in the pool.

Enkou's POV
Phil went outside but I talked to Flame some more, while I scanned the room to see what other pokemon were here.

25th June 2003, 04:02 PM
[Zippo's POV]

I was just so horribly bored, I wanted anything to happen! Although Id been having loads of fun with Nala's team, as they were staying with the rest of my teammates and our trainer, I was starting to get lonely again. As I sighed and wished something would happen, my wish came true. I watched as Steve came inside and sat down, clutching a curious looking egg. But what made things more curious was the fact that he said "mutant"... So I walked over to him to see exactly what he meant.

"Hi Steve! I don't think you know me, but my name is Zippo. Um... Could I ask you a question? What do you possibly mean by "mutant Charmaner?"

I could only wait for his answer. Whether mutant or not, I think it'd be rather fun and exciting to have a fellow Charmander running around. Flame was my best friend, but he's a Charizard now and I'm still me. So we're different now... Hehe, least I wouldn't have to craine my neck looking up to another Charmander, like I have to do with Flame! :)

[MK's POV]

In my slumber, I felt a bit of weight added to my stomach. Wondering what it was, figuring it was Christian sitting on me, I opened my eyes. My blue eyed Umbreon was no where to be seen, but instead, an unfamiliar yet absolutely adorable Meowth lay curled up atop me. I grinned, wondering who it belonged to. Then Nala's face popped into my mind. This must be Oliver, her captured Meowth! I didn't want to disturb him, so I kept as still as possible.

Jayce and Jeepie were wrestling near by. I called for them to come and see little Oliver. The two little kittens smiled widely and pranced over. Instead of wanting to wake Oliver up, they joined him! So now I had three Meowth sleeping cozily on my stomach. I desperately looked for Nala, knowing she was around somewhere. I didn't mind, but I figured she'd like to see this sight all the same.

25th June 2003, 04:16 PM
(Nala's POV)

I slowly made my way back to the Eevee House, I had let all my pokemons stay while i was gone. M_K was watching over my adopted team, and i trusted my captured team not to get into too much mischief. Anyway, when I arrived, I saw that M_K was awake, and she now not only had Oliver asleep on her belly, but her other own meowths as well. I walked over, albeit a bit stifly because i was so sore. "Hi," I whispered as i gently eased myself down onto the floor. "I see you have a bit of company." I winced as I moved the wrong way.

(Jasmine's POV)

I hovered about looking for my sister, Khaisa. I wanted to play in the pool and i thought that she might want to as well. I continued my search.

(Yana's POV)

I saw Amy walk back into the house. Anyone that saw her could tell that she was sore just by the way she was moving. I carefully approached her, siting down beside her. She reached over to pet me and winced when she did, but knowing her, she was trying to work the sorness out instead of resting like she should. I gently licked her hand.

Dark Dragonite
25th June 2003, 04:47 PM
As the Charmander asked me the question, I smiled, replying: "This Charmander was bred with my Dragonite, who was a mutant, born with wings, and this Charmander shall be born with wings as well, and soon, a black color too!!" ^_^
I smiled seeing Amy walk in, and walked over to give her a big hug and kiss. Mercury held the egg, Nave,Evangelon,Jimi,Noel,Lavender all lying around, trying to keep cool in the heat.
Nidor, the now shiny Nidoking hugged Princess, Flare looked for Blazer, Septiembre made a web in the rafters, Hunter sat around the couch, Feizhi looked in the kitchen for food, Luna sauntered about, and Outkast teleported to the rafters.

25th June 2003, 05:27 PM
<My POV>

I watched from afar (the couches) as Aries saw Nave being released. Climbing out of the pool, he shook his fur off and rushed over to nuzzle and keep her cool on this humid day. Lyra sauntered up and jumped onto my lap.
<He's the lucky since he has girlfriend>, Lyra complained as I started to rub her ears.
"I bet you'll find a special someone soon", I replied.

<Nightshade's POV>

<Hey Outkast>, I said as the Alakazam teleported up beside me.
<Hey Nightshade. Anything new?>
<Nah, just the usual. Good to be back though>
Getting up, I jumped out into the middle of the area and hovered for a bit. Looking towards the kitchen for hopefuls, I saw Feizhi walk in looking for food. Cackling, I teleported inside the fridge, which luckily was large enough for me to sit comfortably inside. Picking up a roll of cheese, I started to munch on it when Feizhi opened the fridge. Blinking for a minute, a surprised expression turned into one of amusement.
<Never gets old, does it Nightshade?>
<Nope>, I grinned.
<Pass me the turkey?>
I handed it over to her and went back to my muching as she closed the door.

Dark Dragonite
26th June 2003, 08:49 PM
Charmander hadn't hatched yet, but I'm excited, so it will happen...

I watched as the egg jiggled in Mercury's hands, and I dove to catch it as Mercury lost his grip on it, just stopping from ending up with a scrambled Charmander. The egg started hatching, first came out the snout, then a foot, then a...wing??
Yep, as Charmander finished comming out of his shell, it was known that he was a winged Charmander, a mutant, but I don't think anyone would treat him badly for it. I smiled at him, offering him a black jug, he drank happily, and suddenly, he began changing color, his orange/red scales seeping away to new, black scales. I put him down, in one final act as a welcome to my team, and when he turned to me when asked his name, I replied: "Alucard". He turned excitedly, telling everyone his name.

Avian Freeze
26th June 2003, 09:05 PM
I walked over to Steve and watched as yet another miraculous hatch occured. I congratulated Steve on the hatching of a mutant Charmander! It was a wondrous sight, especially since this was the first mutant Charmander with wings. I then watched intently as Steve fed him a potion, and the skin of the newborn lizard melted away into a color as dark as the night.

Scorch walked curiously toward the newborn Charmander as well and she stared attentively as well. The mutant Charmander let out a startled cry Scorch zipped behind my leg, alarmed by the sudden noise, but she was still entranced by the baby Charmander.

New Born Pichu
26th June 2003, 10:05 PM
I look over at Art in shock and smile broadly.
"You'd really let me have your Thunder Stone! That would be great Art! Thanks so much!" I said happily giving him a quick hug.
"Boltz and Kit'll be so happy ta hear that you'll let me have the stone." I said looking back as Boltz runs out the EH after Kit.

Boltz POV
"Heh, you're on!" I cheered running out after Kit and passing her with ease.
"Haha! Look who's leading now!" I shouted back at her with a big grin on.

Avian Freeze
27th June 2003, 12:34 AM
"Sure! I just forged the Spark Gem and Hollow Stone into a Thunderstone, so here, you cna have it now." I handed NBP the shiny yellow stone and hugged her back, saying "No problem!" and smiled :).

Aquaphaze had ran out with Boltz and noticed he was getting ahead of her. "Ohhh, my legs aren't what they used to be!" she said, sticking her tongue out :P. She continued running as fast as her feet could carry her, but her heavy tails and fins kept dragging her down. She then got an idea and threw Boltz a smirk, and then summoned up a Water Pulse, capturing Boltz in one of the bubbles that appeared with the attack. She laughed and strided right past the trapped Eevee.

27th June 2003, 11:29 AM
[MK's POV]

I smiled as Nala sat herself down of the floor beside me. Though when she winced in pain, I winced as well. The look of pain on her face was enough to make anyone hope like crazy that she'd be okay soon. But when she mentioned the three Meowth sleeping peacefully. I smiled and nodded. Seeing as Meowth was my favorite Pokemon, this sight of three sleeping felines was enough to make my heart melt. The loud rumble of their purrs could be heard quite well. It tickled, too.

[Zippo's POV]

I couldn't believe my ears! This egg was going to be a Charmander with wings! Sure enough, within minutes it started hatching. I watched with everyone else as it was born and was given a black potion. It was awesome looking! When Steve told his new Charmander its name, Alucard, I couldn't help but grin. This little guy was going to be mighty powerful when he evolves in the future. And the lucky duck had wings, too! Reminds me of my sis Khaisa.

Without waiting, I approached the newborn after he was greeted by his trainer. I introduced myself as Zippo and offered my paw in friendship. It was the least I could do to say hi to Alucard. :)

[Khaisa's POV]

I slithered around, looking for Jasmine. I knew she was around here somewhere because I felt it! I had an instinct to look up and sure enough, there was my sister, hovering in the air above me. I smiled happily and rose into the air to greet her face to face. I had been practicing my flying a little bit. I still wasn't that great, but since my wings had developed more and were able to support my weight, I was getting there. The only way I could really greet Jas was with a nuzzle, rather than a hug. She returned it and asked if I wanted to go swimming.

"Course! Last one there is a bald Dratini wing!"

And off we soared through the air and into the cold pool water, giggling and laughing the whole way. I was glad that I was finally old enough and big enough to play and do whatever I wanted.

28th June 2003, 07:48 AM

I walked in as I was new here following behind me was Flameball my Charmander and we wished to meet some new people. I was feeling a bit left out so I went to sit down and watch Flameball play a bit.

Flameball's POV

I walked in behing Andrew and I saw lots of other Pokemon playing I dunno where to start. I shout out in a sweet voice: Will anyone come and help me around this place?


Dark Dragonite
28th June 2003, 10:44 AM
Alucard's POV
I walked over to Scorch, apologizing for scaring her, and introduced myself. I then introduced myself to everyone who was kind enough to welcome me, and say hi.
I then tested out my wings, as I began hovering in place first, then flew up to the rafters, perched for a minute, then dove back down, to where my father was, and gave him a big hug.

New Born Pichu
28th June 2003, 12:46 PM
"Thanks again Art." I said putting the precious Thunderstone in my poket.
"I'll make sure the first thing Boltz does when he gets back is evolve!" I said happily.

Boltz POV
I suddenly feel myself rolling around in some weird bubble and watch at Kit pass me.
"GAAA what's happening! How'd ya do that!" I asked with a wierd expression on my face as I keep rolling along inside the giant bubble.

Avian Freeze
1st July 2003, 10:47 AM
"Your welcome." I said smiling :). "Yea, I'm sure Boltz will be really happy!"

"Nothing special. Just one of my attacks." Aquaphaze said, with a wink ;) and still running. She looked back at Boltz, who seemed to be getting free of the bubble, and quickened her pace. Her tails were very heavy and caused her to lag a bit, and she looked back at Boltz who was catching up. She noticed the lake just a few more yards away, and ran with all her might.

Scorch introduced herself to Alucard timidly and stared in awe as the mutant Charmander spread his wings and flew over various areas of the Eevee House. She clapped and laughed, amused by the winged Charmander.

I walked again into the Eevee House. Surprisingly it was very quiet...I don't think anyone had been in here for 3 days. I sat down on the couch with an egg in my hands, wrapped in cloth. This egg had a flame design on the tough shell and I was curious to see who dwelled inside.

Soon, the egg began to shake. I watched in amazement as it glowed and a small crack appeared in the shell. More cracks appeared in the as the egg began to split apart. I watched as a whimpering Vulpix's face appeared out of the egg. The baby crawled her way out of the egg in which she was enclosed. Her body was wet and as I helped her out, I watched as a majestic tail sprung out of the egg. I carefully picked her up and petted her. She was beautiful. What little fur she had was a lovely cream color and as she rested on the couch, I watched as she curled her soft tail around her delicate body and lay to sleep, and I smiled, deciding I would name her Belisama after the virtuous Celtic fire goddess, believing she would live up to her name.

1st July 2003, 11:32 AM
Ambling into the house, it did seem perfectly quite and empty, aside from Tyler sitting on the couch, a small Vulpix coiled in his lap. Grinning and waving a hand towards him, Willow blinked curiously towards the pup, then began to prance over, her pure ivory fur bouncing along with her movements. "Hey Ty!" smirking and taking a seat on the couch along with him, the white kitsune that was my own sniffed at the pup, then wagged all nine of her slender tassels. Willow seemed to be fond of those of her kind or what would be her kind, and it only helped that the new one was a mere baby.

Staying lazily in the pool, not really having any where else to go, Rio and Belisma glared at Mars, who was standing on the edge of the pool and taunting them. Azura rolled her eyes, then slithered onto the ground and swept the Vaporeon into the water with her tail, as the prankster smiled innocently towards the two large Gyrados and the Milotic. Sealeo, still nameless of course, bounced over towards the pool and stared in confusion at the others, then shrugged it off and rolled into the water.

Ransom layed beside of the door, head resting gently on her paws, staring out onto the path that lead towards the massive house. Banshee trudged past, then wagged her stubby tail upon noticing Tyler, then quickly took off towards him.

Watching the small Houndour with amusement as she snuggled against Tyler's legs and then began to look around for Wolfwood, it seemed no one else was here in the large Eevee House. Hopefully they would come soon.

Avian Freeze
1st July 2003, 12:07 PM
I noticed Amanda waving at me and I waved a hand back at her. I watched as her sleek Ninetales approached Belisama and sniffed her thin fur. I smiled at Willow, who seemed to be happy to see a Vulpix and then I petted her, hoping she would not bite o.o. I also noticed Banshee right next to my leg, snuggling it and I laughed, realizing that she was looking for Wolfwood.

I then called out Wolfwood, who was taking a nap behind the couch. He sleepily got out and tripped over a little toy that Vida was playing with before, and rubbed his eyes with his furry paws. He looked over and saw Banshee laughing at him. He smiled goofily and began to chase her around the living room.

My Mudkip, Tsunami noticed all the other Pokemon in the pool and looked curiously at them. He then was splashed as a Sealeo rolled into the pool. He was baffled at the behavior of Azura and wondered what she was doing.

1st July 2003, 12:16 PM
Well, I'm going to post my Pocket Monsters at the beginning of this post, because I doubt anyone besides Rachel know all the Pokémon I own. O_o
War - Jolteon (M) (Red eyes, purple tail, pink stripes, bluish-green spots) (Level 22)
Mars - Vaporeon (M) (Level 12)
Pride - Flareon (M) (Level 10)
Twilight - Ponyta (F) (Black fur, blue flames, brown hooves, lavender eyes) (Level 8)
Banshee - Houndour (F) (Level 6)
Siryn - Arcanine (F) (Level 6)
Willow - Ninetales (F) (White fur) (Level 5)
Hawkmoon - Murkrow (F) (White feathers, silver-tipped wings and tail, icy blue eyes) (Level 5)
Rock DJ - Aerodactyl (F) (Level 11)
Eclipse - Persian (F) (Black fur, yellow eyes) (Level 31)
Voodoo - Electrike (F) (Level 7)
Kozue - Treeko (M) (Level 5)
Enya - Torchic (F) (Level 6)
Namir - Meowth (M) (Pink stripes) (Level 5)
Ballistic - Drowzee (M) (White above the waist, black below the waist) (Level 6)
Sickle - Absol (M) (Level 10)
Azura - Milotic (F) (Level 7)
Rio - Gyrados (M) (Level 16)
Belisma - Gyrados (F) (Level 16)
Braeden - Zangoose (M) (Level 14)
Kael - Shroomish (M) (Level 18)
Glory - Umbreon (F) (Level 12)
Tynan - Tyranitar (M) (Level 22)
Ransom - Mightyena (F) (Level 13)
Psyche - Grumpig (F) (Level 14)
Naiya - Sealeo (F) (Level 14)

Yapping lightly, Banshee dodged away from Wolfwood's grasp, causing the other dark dog to skid across the floor and whirl around in confusion, brows knitted as a grin spreaded insanely across Banshee's muzzle. Moving backwards, she suddenly turned, then ran again, this time darting out from the door with her friend right behind.

Beaming proudly as she was pat on the head, Willow seemed happy as she curled beside of the couch, covering her head with her nine tails. Blinking her scarlet eyes curiously, she attempted to see if any more Pocket Monsters could be wandering about, then shrugged and licked her muzzle before resting her head on her paws again.

Glancing oddly towards the Mudkip, Azura peered blankly towards the small water type, ignoring the four others in the pool as they swam around and tossed water on them.

Avian Freeze
1st July 2003, 12:41 PM
Wolfwood attempted to spring on Banshee, but the agile dog jumped out of the way and Wolfwood turned around, seeing Banshee with a wide grin across her face. He barked happily and chased her out the door. The sky was clear and bright as the two dogs hustled out the door of the Eevee House. Wolfwood noticed Banshee round the corner, and he pursued, but as soon as he cornered the bend, she was nowhere to be found. He scratched his head and carefully searched for her.

Tsunami yipped as he saw the slithery water serpent glared at him, and in one quick motion, the Mudkip dove into the deep pool. Tsunami stayed down there, seeing the shadow of four other water Pokemon and the gracious Milotic slowly making her way across the pool.

1st July 2003, 02:00 PM
Snickering lightly from her perch atop a nearby tree, amusement danced in her bright eyes as she noticed Wolfwood puzzled and glancing around. Climbing silently to the ground, and attempting to sneak away, a gleam of ebony from the side of her caught her eye. The race was on once more as she darted and twisted away from things blocking her path as Wolfwood ran as quickly as he could towards her.

Doing a slight spin in the water, then submerging under it, Mars blinked towards the small Mudkip, then grins. "Hello!" he chirped, bubbles coming out of his mouth as he talked, merman-like tail swishing around creating a small whirlpool in the water, which Naiya stared at alarmed.

Trotting curiously towards Tyler's Electrike, Voodoo reached out a paw, then lightly tapped Vida's muzzle. Giggling lightly, the young electric dog tilted her head, then wagged her spiked tail.

(Oh hey Ty, I just noticed your Shroomish's name is Warrior. ^^; My Shoormish's name is Kael, which means warrior. =3)

Lady Vulpix
1st July 2003, 02:24 PM
Alright, we have decided to make the Eevee House races more organized, and now we will have monthly races.

This month's race will take place in the air (which means only pokemon who can fly or float can register), and the winner of each category will gain 2 levels.

• The categories will be organized by speed: 1-30, 31-60, 61-90 and so on. You can find out your pokemon's speed with the Stats Calculator (http://members.lycos.co.uk/noentiendo/BTStats.html).
• Each category will race at a different time, to give everyone a better chance to be on when a race takes place.
• Each trainer can register 1 adopted pokemon for each category.
• As in previous races, you'll be allowed to post the moves your pokemon will use for each update.
• If you're using an attack on an opponent, you must say which opponent you're attacking.
• Whirlwind, Roar and Teleport are not allowed.
• If a pokemon faints, both that pokemon and the one who caused it to faint will be out of the race.

We haven't decided who will ref this time, so if you're interested, you can talk to us. You can start registering your pokemon from now.

1st July 2003, 02:46 PM
(Amy's POV)

I made my way back up to the Eevee House. I was whistling happily because i knew that w were planning somehting for the Eevee House. I smiled when i saw the announcement on the door about the races. I opened the door and went inside.

Once inside, I relesed my pokemon and decided to enter Jasmine in the flying race. I asked her if he wanted to and she nodded her head yes. So, I walked over and signed her up for hte flying race. Jasmine is my L.8 winged female dratini that knows: Wrap, Leer, Blizzard, Hidden Power Flying, Thunder Wave. Since her speed is 18 unless i'm mistaken she will be in the in the 1 to 30 group

(Kiara's POV)

I smield when i saw the anouncement. Things were going to get even more fun soon. I couldn't wait for the land race. I might be able to participate in it. My tail swished back and forth excitedly. I looked around and saw Gabi, so i walked over to her to say hello.

Lady Vulpix
1st July 2003, 03:05 PM
I walked over to Amy's side and greeted her with a big smile. I liked the way the plans for the races were coming along. And now we were going to have the 10th race at the Eevee House!

I looked at my pokemon, trying to decide which one to enter. It was a hard choice, especially between Amber and Pidgeot, since they were both interested. Finally, I decided to enter Pidgeot for the 121-150 category, hoping there would be enough contestants for that speed range.

All my pokemon were happy to be at the Eevee House again. Some had been complaining that I'd been spending too much time working and studying. Well, today I was supposed to be studying, but instead I came here. Everyone needs to relax once in a while. But I will get down to studying soon.

1st July 2003, 03:25 PM
<My POV>
"Oh good", I said suddenly as Lyra and I were sitting on the couch.
<What is it?>, she asked.
"Gabi came in and put up a sign-up sheet", I said. "I think it's for one of the races."
Excited, Lyra jumped off my lap and ran over to the sheet. Looking up as I came over, a frown covered her face.
<It's not for the water race. It's the flying race this time>, she said dejectedly.
"Don't worry. The races will be held once a month so you'll be able to enter soon."
I picked up the pen and put down Blade and Drake's information for the race.

Drake (male Charizard)
Level: 38
Speed: 91-120
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Bite, Smokescreen, Ancientpower, Rage, Toxic, Scary Face, Swift, Slash and Wing Attack

Blade (male Scizor)
Level: 36
Speed: 61-90
Moves: Razor Wind, Focus Energy, Leer, Steel Wing, Pursuit, False Swipe, Quick Attack, HP Water, Agility, Double Team, Wing Attack, Metal Claw, Rockstorm and Slash

After completing the sign up, we walked over to the both of them who were at the bags, as usual.
"Guys, guess what?", I said.
<What?>, Drake rumbled as he and Blade stopped punching the bags.
"The flying race is back up and I've entered both of you in seperate categories."
<Wicked>, Blade said and slapped Drake's back playfully.
<Ow>, he moaned as he massaged his shoulder blade. <Don't do that next time. You're pure steel>.
<I suppose so>, Blade smiled. <Lets go practice then>.
Drake nodded as both flew into the air and out the door to circle the house for the upcoming race.

1st July 2003, 03:28 PM
Matt's POV

I ran over to the Eevee House; it had been a while since I had last been in there. I noticed a little sign on the door of the place. It said something about a race. This would be a perfect time to let my Natu race. I smiled and walked in. At the little desk, I released Natu and asked him if he wanted to race in here. "Uh.. I guess so..." He said. I smiled and signed him up. Valefor is my lv. 8 male Natu that knows Peck, Leer, and Faint Attack.

After all that was taken care of, I walked over and sat down on the couch. I got my pokeballs and released my pokemon. They started breathing in fresh air and running around. I smiled and looked out the window. There was a pool like thing back in the yard place. This was a great time to let my captured pokemon have a breath of fresh air; especially if there is a pool for my Dewgong. I walked out of the Eevee House with my Umbreon and Espeon at my side. The others stayed inside to play.

I got to the pool and let my Dewgong out to play in it. Next, I let out my Flygon, Metagross, Tyranitar, Sneasel, Blaziken, Houndoom, Medicham, and Dratini. :O. My Dratini went into the water too. Flygon went and sat in a corner and Tyranitar went somewhere by hiself. On the other hand, Metagross was trying to attack people >_>. And Houndoom just went to sleep. Wow I have an exciting bunch of pokemon... I went back inside and sat down.

1st July 2003, 04:20 PM
Prancing into the house, for some reason a dumbfounded look plastered on my face, many flying types had gathered nearby and were training - flexing their wings, darting about, doing anything. Looking towards where Gabi stood, it seemed she was accepting sign ups for the races, so sauntering over, Rock DJ and Hawkmoon followed.

Rock DJ - Aerodactyl [Ability: Pressure]
Gender: Female
Level: 11
Racing level: 31-60 (Exact speed: 40)
Attacks: Agility - Pursuit - Wing Attack - Earthquake

Hawkmoon - Murkrow [Ability: Insomnia]
Gender: Female
Level: 7
Racing Level: 1-30 (Exact speed: 22)
Attacks: Peck - Mirror Move - Icy Wind

1st July 2003, 04:35 PM
[Torrey's POV]

I was starting to get anxious. I hadn't seen or visited with Star in a few days and I was honestly starting to miss her. I wondered what she was doing... Whatever she was doing, I hoped I would see her again very soon... *sigh*

[Jesse's POV]

Poor Torrey. He was young and in love. He reminded me of myself when I was younger. Thinking about Sugar made me miss her, too. Having her and her teammates stay with us for a few days was really fun, but I think it spoiled me. Whenever I wanted to see her, all I would have to do was walk down the hallway and into her room where she and several other girls were sleeping. Now everytime I walked past their room at home and heard it's silence, I felt love sick.

[Christian's POV]

I didn't really want to think about anything, really. I felt depressed for some odd reason that was stuck deep inside me. I wondered whether I should get over it or stick with it... I wondered who I could talk to about it... Kovu's face popped into my mind. He was just like me. Maybe he could help a friend out. I guess I would have to wait until tomorrow, though, to talk to him because he was at the breeding center, fathering our future Poochyena team member and wouldn't be back until then.

[Khaisa's POV]

I wondered if there was anyone interested in going swimming wiht me. My sister wasn't around, so I couldn't go with her... Flying to the edge of the pool and perching there, I sat gazing into the water. I finally dived in and swam around as fast as I could. If no one else joined me, I could go find Sandie and play with her. She was like an aunt to me, after all.

Avian Freeze
1st July 2003, 05:52 PM
I noticed many Flying Pokemon gather around and I went to see what it was about. I realized that there was a race that would happen soon, and I began to get excited! The Eevee House was so quiet for the past few days and now it was bustling.

I looked at my Adopted Pokemon and realized none of them were Flying Pokemon, and I had an unsure look on my face :\. I then looked at Twinkle, and though he couldn't fly, he could sure float! I smiled and decided to enroll him in the race, and though he had no speed-reducing or speed-enhancing moves, I thought his trapping move Wrap might come in handy, as well as Hypnosis. I read the sheet, written by Gabi, and I complied to the rules. I then picked up a pencil and wrote on the fill-out sheet:

Twinkle - Male Chimecho
Level 6
Speed: 1-30 (16)
Attacks: Wrap, Growl, Hypnosis

Twinkle happily shook his chime when I told him that he would be entering a flying race.

I looked down to my lap and saw Belisama yawn, stretching her petite arms. She slowly opened her beautiful amber colored eyes, and they stared up at me, large brown glossy eyes. I smiled at her and she let out a light ruff. She wondered who her parents could be, and I noticed Amy was in the Eevee House. I led her over to Amy's Arcanine Blazer, and Belisama nuzzled her father's rugged fur.

Wolfwood searched around for Banshee and he howled, hoping she didn't get lost. He saw a spark of black beside him and he turned around, noticing the Houndour climbing down from a tree. He dashed off toward her immediately and she continued running. Wolfwood was determined to catch her and he noticed her jumping some bushes. Wolfwood smiled, and pursued, attempting to jump over the bushes, but unfortunately, he landed in the brambles! The puppy yelped at the thorns poking his fur, and saw Banshee slowly turn around.

Tsunami watched as many Pokemon flocked to the pool and he watched as many Pokemon dove, swam, relaxed, and plenty of other things. He noticed a Vaporeon swim swiftly down towards him and say "Hello!" The Mudkip meekly said high back, noticing Mars' tail beginning to create a small whirlpool. Tsunami laughed at the slight vortex being created and then tried to create one of his own, but to no avail due to his short tail.

Vida felt a paw tap her muzzle and she turned around, alerted. She barked as she saw another Electrike and said excitedly, "Hey, I'm Vida! Who are you?!" in a childish, perky voice. Voodoo was the first Electrike she had seen in the Eevee House.

I heard Amanda say to me that her Shroomish's name, Kael meant Warrior. I laughed, surprised at the odd coincidence.

1st July 2003, 06:14 PM
Matt's POV

Still sitting on the couch doing nothing, I could feel the ground beinging to shake. I looked around and didn't see anything. Then I knew what was happening. I turned around, and just like I had thought, Tyranitar was coming this way trying to step on the Eevee House. I sighed and got out his pokeball and recalled him. Then I looked over towards Poochyena. She was playing with my Umbreon. Espeon was off doing something and Drowzee was somewhere too. All of my pokemon were away from me doing something. I decided to go back outside and see what my captured pokemon were doing. Dratini was swimming around the pool over and over again. And Dewgong was jumping in and out of the water. It was real nice to watch.

Madeen's POV

This was a nice place to come to. I'm glad Matt decided to take us here. It was fun playing with Ark too. He was trying to get away from me; I was playing with a ball and then he took it. I'm going to get it back if it's the last thing I do!!

Ark's POV

Mwhahahahaha, I'm going to hide this ball before she can get it back >:D. I ran outside where Matt and the others were and threw the ball into the water. I laughed evilly and ran off back inside.

Dratini's POV

What? I saw a ball fall into the pool; I was really confused. I went over to where the ball was and hit it up into the air with my head. The ball fell onto the grass outside of the pool. I could see a Poochyena getting the ball back. I smiled and went back into the water.

Poochyena's POV

I grabbed the ball up and started to play outside. I didn't want that nasty Umbreon trying to steal it again. I walked around, maybe there was someone to play with.

1st July 2003, 07:53 PM
Uneven pacing rised to the hearings of those nearby, sleek form of an ebony feline moving swiftly and barely noticed as she wandered aimlessly through the house, flaxen eyes staring intently towards the ground. Flexing sharp claws in and out from her large paws, Eclipse sat down suddenly, pawing lightly at the cresent moon earring that hang from her right ear, then doing the same to the one on her left. Namir, his creamy hue fur adorned with rosey pink stripes, stumbled over to his mother and grinned broadly, now getting far bigger than he was before. They seemed to scan the others for any more of their kind, but their efforts only seemed to be in vain.

Watching curiously towards a small black pup wandering around with a bright ball in her mouth, Siryn seemed a bit too... large to still be childish, but she was. The Arcanine trudged over to the little Poocyena, then peered down with her large eyes. "Hi!" she squeaked, grinning, still looking and sounding as she was when she was an Arcanine. Her tone suddenly became a bit deeper as she asked, "Wanna play?"

Staring sternly towards the brush which Wolfwood had gotten himself tangled, Banshee suddenly shook her fur, then released small flickering ember onto the bush. It crackled, then began to burn away, until it only remained a pile of ash on the ground. Sauntering over to the Houndour with long strides, her keen eyes checked over his body for wounds, before she was distracted by the ashes. Sticking a paw into them and giggling, she swiped it playfully towards Wolfwood.

Grinning at the Mudkip's attempt, Mars began to swish his tail around once more, the formed whirlpool growing slightly bigger. The throughly confused Naiya barked and was swirled around, as Azura merely raised a brow and chuckled.

"I'm Voodoo!" the Electrike chirped, smiling, also never seeing another of her kind in the house. "Nice to meet you Vida." Vood continued to smile, then giggled. "Our names both start with 'V'." smirking, the pup beamed.

Kael blinked as Tyler laughed, then bounced around and continued to blink blankly, then began to bounce around again, spinning merrily in circles. "Um... stupid warrior, perhaps." I commented, arching an eyebrow.

Avian Freeze
1st July 2003, 09:12 PM
Coming into the Eevee House with new Pokemon, I released Garuda, my male Torchic, Tiamat my female Bagon, Apollo my male Absol, and Harmony my female Feebas. I saw a beak on my right and I turned around to see Arianrhon peering over my shoulder. "Oh hey Arianrhon. I've got something for you." I said smiling. I took out a bottle of sparkly golden colored juice and gave it to her.

The Altaria pecked at the cork and got it caught in her sharp beak. She shook her head and flung the cork out the window. She then carefully licked the juice to the very last drop. Suddenly, her feathers molted slowly and in the place of several sky blue feathers were ravishing golden feathers.

I then looked over at Harmony and took out a shiny looking stone. She looked up absentmindedly as I placed the stone to her scaly skin, and suddenly, the Feebas begin to grow, getting longer and slimmer as she became a Milotic! The beautiful serpent Pokemon smiled back, happy at her evolution, and she slithered out the door towards the swimming pool to join all the other water Pokemon.

Wolfwood was grateful as Banshee freed him from the brambly bush, and he lay on his back. Feigning pain, Wolfwood smirked as Banshee examined him. She then kicked some ash on to him, and he coughed some out, laughing a bit. The pup whimpered, and Banshee went to see what was wrong. It was at that moment that Wolfwood pounced on Banshee, barking in triumph. He panted, licking Banshee's face and giving her a nuzzle.

Tsunami laughed amusingly as Mars swished his tail even more, causing a more violent whirlpool. He flipped around in the water, and watched as many other Pokemon splashed into the pool. He saw a Dratini slither into the water and he swam up, giving the Dratini a soft bite on the tail, just to alert her of his presence.

Vida chuckled at Voodoo's remark and she added, "And we both have a D in our name too!" she said amusingly. "What do you wanna do Voodoo?" she asked excitedly.

Lari lay down, still basking in the sun, and she lifted her shades, noticing all the Pokemon around her. She was surprised at how many Pokemon had filled up the pool area, and she looked around to see who they were. She noticed a large Tyranitar in the corner of the area and she watched it in amazement, hoping she could become that powerful one day.

Warrior waltzed back into the room after a visit in the garden and he noticed another Shroomish there. He walked up to the other Shroomish and said, "Hi, I'm Warrior, who are you?" he inquired of the other Shroomish.

1st July 2003, 09:27 PM
Tynan stomped about outside, then smiled quickly and pulled a flower from the ground, poking at one of it's petals. He seemed amused, for a moment, then noticed Glory looking oddly towards him, her golden rings glowing humouriously. The massive Tyranitar growled, tossing down the flower while stomping oddly on it, then huffed and went inside, muttering to himself.

Finally stopping the spinning in circles fun, Kael wavered around from being dizzy, then suddenly stopped. "I'm Kael."

Mars glanced around the pool, noticing the many creatures gathered. A Dratini swam around in the pool, while a Dewgong would jump in then climb out, and repeated the process. Naiya was still trapped in the small whirlpool, while Belisma and Rio had shrunk back into the corner, watching all that was going on. Tsunami was swimming under the Dratini, while Azura studied Harmony.

"Uh, dunno!" Voodoo seemed puzzled, but managed to keep her grin, then brought up the age-old reply of, "What do YOU wanna do?"

"Why you..." growling softly, Banshee grinned then nudged Wolfwood with a paw, before swiftly kicking the other Houndour off of her and onto the ground. Of course, she made sure not to injure him as she stood up gracefully, shaking her silky fur to remove the dust that had gathered. Slyly sauntering away, she noticed the glint of coal black caught in the corner of her eye that was following her. So; the race is on once more.

Interpol HQ
1st July 2003, 10:14 PM
I came to the Evee looking for a break from the crystal caves. I went and sat down on the most confortble couch i could find, i was pretty sore after riding a raging tauros for an hour. I realsed Ezikiel, Ninetails, and the Tauros i just cought. They were all pretty beat and needed the break. "Welcome to the Evee House guys, you worked pretty hard, and you deserve a break"

Ninetails jumped on the couch and curled up next to me. "Next time you run into an Ampharos just let me handle it. Its all Eizikiel's fault that everything backfired"

Eizikiel snarled at Ninetails "My fault! Its your crappy aim that caused the chain reaction!"

Tauros, opting to not get involved in the argument, went off to explore the Evee house's kitchen. When it reached the kitchen it opened the fridge and began to raid the crisper drawer.

Lady Vulpix
2nd July 2003, 08:54 AM
Current competitors:

Category 1-30:
• Jasmine (winged Dratini, level 8, female)
• Valefor (Natu, level 8, male)
• Hawkmoon (Murkrow, level 7, female)
• Twinkle (Chimecho, level 6, male)

Category 31-60:
• Rock DJ (Aerodactyl, level 11, female)
• Sniper (Crobat, level 10, male)

Category 61-90:
• Blade (Scizor, level 36, male)

Category 91-120:
• Drake (Charizard, level 38, male)
• Ventura (Venomoth, level 45, female)

Category 121-150:
• Pidgeot (Pidgeot, level 57, male)

Please tell me if I missed anyone. I've decided to enter Ventura too, so that Drake could have someone to compete against. Besides, she loves challengng fire pokemon. :D

So far, only the first category has enough entries to start. I can ref that one during the weekend. Of course, I can't ref the 91-120 and 121-150 categories because my pokemon are there. It would be great if someone could ref them. Amy? Becca (not the 91-120, of course)? Tyler? Anyone?

And we need more entries for the last 4 categories. You can still enter pokemon for the first one, but the others are the ones that really need them. We won't have winners by default, so I think we should have at least 3 pokemon on each category.

I'll use this chance to display my new banner, which features the winner of the first EH race and his... err... well, that's not quite clear yet.


Knight of Time
2nd July 2003, 09:13 AM

Things were going pretty well for me. After letting Jawz and Buzzy battle together at the PokeZoo Battle Tower, I patiently waited for Rachel to come in. Knowing that it would probably be days before my Sharpedo and Manectric would return, something quickly caught my eye. Noticing that there was a flying race to begin soon, I had an idea for a perfect Pokemon to be in the race. Taking out the Pokeball of Sniper my adopted L10 male Crobat, I enlarged it, and opened it up to reveal Sniper, who was looking pretty energetic all of a sudden.

"Hey Sniper, take a look at this." I said, pointing to the sheet with the info on the race.

"Wow, that is really cool. Now this is something I definitely want to enter. Could you enter me in the race please?" Sniper asked me.

"Of course Sniper. Since your Speed is currently 37, you'll be in the 31-60 category." I said.

"Wow, that's great!" Sniper said, starting to get really excited.

As soon as I entered Sniper into the race, I sat myself down on a nearby couch, hoping Rachel would come soon...

Here are Sniper's stats:

Sniper is a male Crobat at L10 who is holding a Pokemon Collar. His current moves are Leech Life, Screech, Supersonic, Quick Attack (his breed on move), Giga Drain, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, HP: Ground and Air Cutter. Sniper's characteristic is Inner Focus (will not Flinch).

2nd July 2003, 11:50 AM
[MK's POV]

I happily entered the Eevee House, holding a special item in my arms, wrapped in a warm blanket. Christian, Jesse, Torrey, and Sadie were all four at my heels. Sadie was the most anxious, seeing as the new puppy about to hatch was her half brother.

I sat down on a soft chair away from all the noise, where it was very quiet. I picked up Sadie and sat her down beside me, where she could watch perfectly of the birth of her brother. She sniffed the egg curiously and when it made a yelping noise from inside, she jumped back, startled. Then grinning happily, she sat quietly and waited.

I then noticed a few familiar faces. Kovu and Nala and a few other members of her team quietly joined us to watch the egg hatch. I said thank you again to Nala, beaming happily.

Within minutes, the Poochyena egg began to hatch. The usual little cracks appeared and grew bigger until the top of the egg snapped off and flew to the floor. Inside, the puppy looked up at me with huge brown eyes. He yelped with fright and seemed to not want to come out any further. Giggling softly, I put one hand inside the egg and pulled the tiny puppy out. I then wrapped the warm blanket around its body to keep it warm and cozy. Sadie beamed with joy and looked around at Kovu, who was edging closer and closer to look at his new son. I smiled and offered the bundle to Kovu for him to clean up. As soon as Kovu began nuzzling and licking the puppy, it decided that being outside of its egg wasn't so bad after all.

Standing of four tiny paws, the Poochyena looked around at us all. It began to walk forward towards Nala but fell over onto its side. He looked very confused for a moment before trying again, this time, back to Kovu. He successfully reached his father and opened his mouth, his little pink tongue hanging out while the little fluff ball of a tail tried to wag.

"Welcome to the team, Misu," I said to the puppy with a gentle voice. Misu barked happily and ran towards me. I picked him up and craddled him, where he soon fell asleep.

Avian Freeze
2nd July 2003, 01:10 PM
Gabi and I have agreed that I will be reffing the race for Category 91-120. :)

I let my adopted Pidgey, Quill out from her Poke Ball, and she flew up to the rafters of the Eevee House and ruffled her feathers like most other birds.

Wolfwood watched as Banshee got up and dusted her glossy fur off. He laughed as she did so and then got up slowly and chased after her once more. She began running once more and this time, it seemed as if they were headed off towards the woods. Wolfwood began to pant a bit, getting somewhat tired after all this running. He was no match for Banshee, she was way to fast. Soon enough they were deep in the woods, and it began to get very dark. Banshee slowed down and stared at her surroundings, and Wolfwood queried, "You don't think we're lost...are we?"

My Torchic Garuda decided to take a look around the Eevee House and he flew outside of it and landed on a branch at the nearby tree. He turned around and saw another Torchic! I recognized her to be Amanda's Torchic, Enya. "Hey, who are you?" he inquired curiously.

Tsunami dove back down to avoid the gaze of the malicious-looking Azura, at least to him she looked malicious. He looked around and giggled a bit when he saw a Sealeo caught in a whirlpool. He noticed Mars above him and swam up, this time nibbling his tail.

Harmony noticed the other Milotic near her and gave a timid "Hi." waving her long tail.

Warrior amusingly watched as Kael spun around in circles and he decided to do the same. Strangely though, he spun out of the house unevenly and lost his balance, falling on the garden.

I looked at Belisama and I noticed something different about her! She had sprouted another tail and her fur was becoming more orangeish and plentiful. She began to wander around, curious of the world she was born into, and wondered what she would find.

Lari walked up to the Tyranitar who I recognized to be Tynan, and she said to him, "Wow! YOu look so powerful! I wish I could be like you some day. What's wrong?" she asked.

Vida tapped Voodoo lightly and said, "I dunno what I wanna do. You decide!" she said, laughing.

2nd July 2003, 01:29 PM
Glancing around and then shrugging, I tossed two Great Balls onto the carpet, releasing a large Tropius and a curious Pidgeot, who chirped. Landon blinked then slowly waddled away, while Avari merely stretched her wings and watched everyone moving around the house. Ransom paced nearby, waiting for Rachel to come into the house, peering expectently towards the door.

Enya hopped over towards the other Torchic, then poked at him with her beak, before chirping. "I'm Enya!" she beamed, then arched a brow towards Garuda, "Who are you?"

Yelping and not knowing it was the silly Mudkip that bit him, Mars swayed and whipped his tail furiously, sending the small water type tumbling circles in the water. Sweat dropping and looking towards Tsunami, Mars gave a grin. "Sorry." Pride looked at the water, the Flareon sniffing towards the liquid, then continued to prowl the other rim of the pool.

"Hello." Azura flicked her tail, then smirked. "Who are you?"

"Nothing." Tynan grumbled, staring down at the little Lavitar with his arms crossed. Glory suddenly pranced in from behind, crushed flower clamped in her muzzle, then smirked and tilted her head. The large Tyranitar looked at the sly Umbreon, who flashed her golden rings, then kicked at her. The swift dark fox bounced up, catching herself on Tynan's head, then tossed the flower up in the air and caught it again. She slid down his back and bounced on the floor, then strutted away, dropping the flower on the ground.

"I can't decide!" Voodoo whined, then shrugged and trotted away, dragging Vida with her, convinced she could find something to do.

Looking around the darkness, Banshee sniffed at the ground, then looked everywhere in the area. Turning slowly towards Wolfwood, she allowed a silly grin to cross her muzzle, then pranced into the black shadows, not knowing exactly where she was going.

Bouncing after the other Shroomish, Kael blinked, then laughed at Warrior stood up, dizzy and stumbling around. The silly Shroomish began to bounce around in circles once more.

2nd July 2003, 01:43 PM
Can I enter Glory into the Flying Contest? Here's her stats:

Charizard (F)
Attacks: Scratch ~ Growl ~ Ancient Power ~ Hidden Power: Electric ~ Flamethrower ~ Smokescreen ~ Leer, Scary Face ~ Rage ~ Wing Attack ~ Toxic ~ Dragonbreath ~ Body Slam ~ Sunny Day
Trait: Blaze

I entered the Eevee House, cuddling a dark kitty. She was purring happily and peering around the house with her curious eyes.

"This is Peace,"

Peace gave everyone a peace sign then beamed. When I put her down, she ran off to find friends. Meanwhile, Akuji wandered around in search for Ransom.

Buffy and Spike laid on the couch, staring at the others. (Whee.. aren't we interesting)

Banshee and Merry ran past, trying to pounce each other again.


Also, my computer is still screwed up so until we are able to get it fixed, I won't be coming online.. I'm at my mother's office but I gotta get off now and work for a bit then go home.. sorry.. I'll see you guys as soon as I get back. Sorry :(

3rd July 2003, 12:54 AM
(Amy's POV)

After my adoptees settled down i released my captured pokemon. As I watched, Shadow and Flare headed over to a quiet corner, and Steve, Nahima, and Ivy started a game of tag. I smiled and looked around. I saw Kovu was walking over towards M_K. I followed him and sat down beside M_K. Kiara, Sparky, and Sweetie also joined us. It was then that i realized that it wasn't only Sadie that was going to have a half brother or sister, but Swetie was gainng one as well.

(Kovu's POV)

The last time i was this anxious, was when it was Sadie hatching. I paced back and forth restlessly, until i saw the cracks begining to form. Then i jumped up on Amy's lap and nervously watched hoping that nothing bad would happen to the baby. I sighed in relief when M_K helped him out of his egg. I began to edge my eay closer to him. M_K noticed what i was doing and gave the baby to me. I smiled in thanks and began to lick him clean. After i finished cleaning him, he stumbled forward. I winced waiting for him to whimper but he didn't. All he had was a confused look on his face. As i watched he made it back to me and i licked him to encourage him, and was rewarded with a wag of his tail. I looked up at the others and smiled. Sweetie walked over and nuzzled her new half brother. Then he got up and made his way over to M_K where he soon fell asleep.

(Sugar's POV)

I walked over to Jesse and sat down next to him, greeting him with a nuzzle. "Seems like only yesterday that that was us doesn't it?" I gave him a big hug. "I missed you and Torrey.

(Arwen's POV)

For once it seemed like no one was watching every move i made, so i decided to look around and explore some. This place was huge. I was looking around in awe and didn't notice where i was going until i bumped into someone. "Sorry," I muttered, nervous. I saw my dad across the room but he didn't see me. I hoped that whoever i had bumped into was friendly.

Avian Freeze
3rd July 2003, 01:24 AM
I looked at Rachel's new Pokemon, and she introduced her as Peace. I waved to Peace and invited her to the Eevee House.

Belisama walked over to Amy and recognized her as her father's trainer. She tapped Amy's leg and asked her if she could let Blazer out so she could meet her father. She was curious to see what he was like.

Quill flew down from the rafters and back into the room and noticed a large Pidgeot in the middle of the room and watched the bird in awe. She hoped to be a strong Pidgeot some day as well.

Wolfwood frowned at Banshee and said, "You really don't know where we are do you?" He managed a weak smile at her though, and the two of them attempted to make their way out, sniffing the trail and ground. Suddenly, there were some deep growls heard behind the trees and Wolfwood immediately put up his guard.

Garuda looked at Enya and said, "I'm Garuda. So how are you and your trainer?" he asked kindly with a smile.

Tsunami tumbled deep into the water from the force and heard a bubbly "Sorry." from Mars as he swam back up. He laughed and said, "S'ok!" He noticed a Flareon sniffing the water and crept up to him, letting out a short burst of Water Gun just to joke. He then let out a wide grin at Pride.

Harmony replied to Azura, "Why I'm Harmony of course!" she said enthusiastically. The Milotic then slithered into the water, cleansing her scaly skin.

Lari looked at Tynan, and said, "Aww, then why the sour look?" she asked, patting the large Tyranitar's back.

Vida was being dragged away and she let out a quick bark. She then got a mischievous idea and let out a small spark through her body, giving Voodoo a startling shock.

Warrior looked at Kael spinning around a chuckled a bit. He sniffed the flowers a bit, liking the smell. There were some berry patches and he began to pick a few, asking Kael, "Care to pick berries with me?"

3rd July 2003, 01:33 AM
(Amy's POV)

I felt a small paw on my leg. I looked down and smiled at the small vulpix. When she asked to see her dad I was happy to let her. I grabbed his pokeball and released the huge arcanine. He smiled down at his daughter and gave her a gently nuzzle as his way of greting her.

(Arwen's POV)

I was so nervous, i didn't bother to wait to see who it was, instead i ran straight for Amy, only circling aruound to avoid Blazer who she just released. I jumped up on the couch and tried to get between her and the couch.

(Jasmine's POV)

I looked around and when i didn't see Jasmine, I used my hidden power and hovered over to the pool. I smiled i was getting better at this and soon i was going to be in the flying race. I was excited. I hoped that i could make a decent prformance. Soon as i reached the pool, I dived in.

Avian Freeze
3rd July 2003, 01:43 AM
Belisama nuzzled her dad back. She felt his rugged fur and noticed his strong posture and figured he must have been in many battles. She was proud to have Blazer be her father and she gave him another nuzzle, hoping she could become as powerful as he.

Belisama then leaped on the couch and noticed a little Skitty who looked very anxious. She asked a bit quietly, "Hi, who are you?" giving a strong smile.

I then released my two newly captured Pokemon, Antiqua, my Omastar, and Cernunnos, my Venusaur. Antiqua wandered over to the pool and dove into the refreshing water, in which she had been born. The fearsome Venusaur sauntered over to the garden, stomping heavily on the ground and causing a strong tremor.

Lady Vulpix
3rd July 2003, 12:26 PM
Race status:

Category 1-30: (to be reffed by Lady Vulpix)
• Jasmine (winged Dratini, level 8, female)
• Valefor (Natu, level 8, male)
• Hawkmoon (Murkrow, level 7, female)
• Twinkle (Chimecho, level 6, male)

Category 31-60:
• Rock DJ (Aerodactyl, level 11, female)
• Sniper (Crobat, level 10, male)

Category 61-90:
• Blade (Scizor, level 36, male)

Category 91-120: (to be reffed by Avian Freeze)
• Drake (Charizard, level 38, male)
• Ventura (Venomoth, level 45, female)
• Glory (Charizard, level 37)

Category 121-150:
• Pidgeot (Pidgeot, level 57, male)

The 31-60, 61-90 and 121-150 categories need a ref and more competitors before they can begin.

The 1-30 and 91-120 categories are ready, but more racers will be accepted and welcome.

3rd July 2003, 12:51 PM
[Misu's POV]

This place was just huge! I really couldn't even look at everything because it was so big. And why couldn't I walk like the others were walking around? As soon as I hatched I knew my dad and tried to walk to him but fell over! I wondered why I couldn't go. Oh well, maybe with practice I'd be able to walk just like my daddy.

[Sadie's POV]

My little brother was just too plain cute. He was so little and had such tiny paws, I really didn't think he'd be able to walk as much as he already did. But when he made his way somehow to MK and fell asleep in her arms, I knew that he'd be sleeping a bunch and wouldn't have much time to practice walking around. Maybe when he is a few days older, MK will let me teach him to walk! Daddy will want to help, too, I'm sure. That'd be fun, teaching my little brother how to walk.

[Khaisa's POV]

I had watched the new puppy hatch from the pool water. I didn't want to crowd him when he was just born, so I'd go play with him later when he woke up. In the mean time, I spotted Jasmine hovering above the pool and watched her dive in. She was a little bit older that me, so she had mastered diving and flying better than I had. But that didn't mean we couldn't still play together! I wanted for my sister to swim to the other side of pool before I came out of my hiding spot and chased after her. She sensed me and turned around to look. When she she me swimming as fast as I could behind her, she took off even faster. We began a game of tag. I stuck out my tongue in concentration of going around every bend and turn that Jasmine took to confuse me. Pretty soon, I stretched out my wing only to tag the tip of Jasmine's tail. We laughed and went to the surface of the water for air. I said hello to her and gave her a hug in which only a Dratini could give.

[Jesse's POV]

I smiled happily as Sugar greeted me with nuzzles and a hug. I returned her nuzzles, purring as loudly and happily as I could. I licked her cheek in an affectionate way and nodded my head when she said that it seemed only yesterday that we were in that position. I didn't really want to say much, I just wanted to absorb Sugar and take in every minute of the moment that I could because who knows when the next time we'd see each other would be.

3rd July 2003, 01:18 PM
(Sugar's POV)

I gently laid down beside Jesse. I purred happily as i was enjoying just being with him. The bracelet around my paw made a little noise as i moved but i wouldn't trade it for anything. I gently licked his face.

(Blazer's POV)

I smiled down at my daughter. She was beautiful. I nuzzed once more befor she went off to play. I smiled when she saw litle Arwen.

(Arwen's POV)

I saw a small vulpix aproach. "Hi, who are you?" she asked. She seemed nice. I stepped forward. "I'm Arwen. What's your name?" I asked curiously. I hoped that i had found a friend.

(Kovu's pOV)

I smiled as i watched Misu. He was a staring around at everything in we. I walked over to M_K and gently licked her hand as Sweetie walked over to talk with Sadie her half sister.

(Jasmine's POV)

I smiled when i saw Khasia. We were playing tag, and she evetually tagged me. I hugged her back then she swam off and i took off after her laughing. It had been a while since i had this much fun.

Avian Freeze
3rd July 2003, 11:56 PM
I looked over at Belisama and noticed she was making a friend. I smiled, happy for her, and noticed her fur becoming oranger and redder. Two more tails had sprung out of her, now making a total of four.

"I'm Belisama." my Vulpix had said to little Arwen. Belisama smiled back at her dad and then turned back to the young Skitty. "So why are you looking so nervous?" she asked curiously, observing her scared look.

4th July 2003, 07:05 PM
I bounced in happily, glomping a small Cyndaquil who was gasping for breath. Following me was a Scyther and Breloom. "This here is Buffy," I said, petting the Cyndaquil. I pointed down at the Scyther. "That is Demon" then I poked the mushroom on the Breloom's head. "And this is Elijah. I trust you'll all be nice to them," I let Buffy down and she ran off. Before doing so, she glared at Demon. He growled then ran off.

Kawaii noticed Arwen sitting there. She smiled and padded over to her little girl. A horrible thought came to her mind. 'what if she doesn't remember me?' The Delcatty sighed but nuzzled Arwen anyway. "Hey there, love" she said softly.

Akuji rushed by the door, wagging his tail and waited for Amanda to come.

Demon cuddled himself into a corner while Elijah walked around and tried to be friendly as many people as he could.

4th July 2003, 07:11 PM
Entering the house once more, every single Pocket Monster in my possession was released, except for Banshee who had never came back during the night. No sign of Wolfwood, either, so it seemed they've wandered away and lost track of time. Noticing Akuji eyeing me, Ransom suddenly padded over, then wagged her scruffy tassel, grin stretching across her muzzle towards the well-known Mightyena. Prancing past, she gave him a slight push with a dainty paw, then grinned insanely once more and scampered away, obviously beckoning him to play.

Aimlessly did the two Houndours amble around in the darkness, Banshee's dull eyes narrowed, fangs gritting together through her annoyance. "We're lost." her companion sighed, but she merely scoffed towards Wolfwood, her dark eyes peered back towards him, then she motioned towards the dense forest and leapt inside.

4th July 2003, 07:14 PM
Akuji grinned happily then pounced on Ransom, pinning her against the ground. "Miss me m'lady?" he asked with a smirk across his muzzle.

Harmony peered around curiously then crouched behind the couch. Peace pulled back and growled. "Not yet," the Flareon snarled. "Sorry!" screeched the Vaporeon. Peace beckoned her to be quiet away. The two of them stared out from behind the couch for any approaching people to pounce on.

4th July 2003, 07:19 PM
"Of course not!" Ransom scoffed, then giggled at Akuji's confused and hurt expression. "Joking, silly." she grinned towards him, then tossed him off of her, tilting her head towards the side in amusement as the other Mightyena stood. "Wanna go outside?" she blinked, then sauntered out of the door, waiting for Akuji to follow.

Striding past the couch, and suddenly noticing the Vaporeon and Flareon huddled behind it, War snickered and eyed them, though trying not to be obvious. They seemed to waiting for someone to pounce, and he was actually amused by this. The Jolteon created surge of electric surrounding his body, pure crimson orbs watching the two.

4th July 2003, 07:25 PM
Akuji grinned happily and nodded madly. "Of course!" he gulped nervously then cleared his throat. He tried to speak in a deeper voice. "I guess so,". The Mightyena couldn't help but grin again.

Peace and Harmony were both giggling and knew very well of War standing there. "On the count of three," said Harmony. "3...2...1...NOW!" screeched Harmony. Peace jumped up from the couch and pounced War but was met with a nasty surprise of an electrical surge. Harmony rolled around on the floor behind the couch, laughing. "Sucker!" she laughed. Peace laid on the ground, paralyzed with her foot twitching.

4th July 2003, 07:31 PM
Forcing the electric barrier to go down, War smirked and chuckled towards Peace, who twitched every few seconds. Then, suddenly, he glanced towards Harmony. "Nice work."

Prancing merrily along the grass, Ransom stopped and batted a paw at a nearby flower, then grinned when she noticed Avari lurking in the skies and peering down towards her. "'Lo!" she called up towards Pidgeot, who chirped and waved a wing, then took off after Rock DJ and Hawkmoon. Turning around to make sure Akuji was still following, she slowed so that they were walking side by side, with a curious Namir trudging after them.

4th July 2003, 07:36 PM
Harmony continued to laugh over her sister's paralysis until she noticed War speaking to her. "Thank you," she beamed. The Vaporeon glanced back at Peace, laying on the ground now. "She never seems to learn," laughed Harmony.

Akuji pranced around outside besides Ransom. He noticed her glancing at the flowers. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. Using his fangs, he plucked a flower from the ground then nudged Ransom's shoulder with his paw then offered her the flower. (aww.. how cute XD)

5th July 2003, 10:51 PM
(Arwen's POV)

"Well, you see, I sorta went off exploring htis place, and i didn't tell anyone. Anyway, I bumped into someone, not sure who it was. I just mumbled Sorry and ran over here." I shook my head a bit embarrassed, but not near as nervous as i was. "Do you want to play a game or something? I'm not sure what all there is to do since the last few times i was here i slept most of the time, but i'm not sleeping that much now ^^.

(Blazer's POV)

I saw my little girl was busy making her a new friend, so i nodded my head at her, before heading outside where i had made a little practice area where i had been working with Ace. I smiled. That little pup was getting better evertime i saw him. I looked around, but I didn't see either him or Flare. I shrugged. I needed a good run anyway. If i felt like practicing afterwards, then I could see if Talut was up for a friendly sparring match.

(Sparky's POV)

OVer the last few days, I had noticed that Flame was exercising and training more lately. He took his last loss hard at the battle tower and wanted to become stronger so that he could have a rematch with a certain pokemon. I smiled. The fire was back in his eyes. For a while he hadn't done much, but it seems he was back to his old self. I glanced over at Amy and saw that Arwen was making a friend. Then i turned my attention back to the punching bag i was standing in front of and began to work on my punches.

(Aiyana's POV)

I slowly climbed to my feet. I had found a nice quiet corner to res in, but now i was ready to look around. I hadn't made that many friends yet so i was planning on making some. That is, if my shyness didn't kick in and mess things up. X.X I slowly stretched, and yawned before leaving the quiet little spot.

Avian Freeze
5th July 2003, 11:40 PM
I sauntered into the Eevee House, releasing yet two more of my Captured Pokemon, a Gastly named Spectra and an Aerodactyl who has yet to be named. Spectra floated around, searching for some fun, and Aerodactyl swooped off. I then let out the rest of my Pokemon, who searched for their buddies.

Wolfwood sighed once more, rolled his eyes, and followed Banshee. He knew they were lost and began to get a little worried, but didn't show it. After jumping through the dense bushes, they emerged in yet another opening still surrounded by trees. There was nothing but a stump in the center of the area and nothing else. "Well? What's your brilliant idea now, Banshee?" he inquired sarcastically.

I looked at Belisama and noticed that she now had five tails and her fur was almost the perfect shade of orange. She answered the Skitty, "Oh! That's interesting." she said smiling.
"Do you want to play a game or something? I'm not sure what all there is to do since the last few times i was here i slept most of the time, but i'm not sleeping that much now ^^." Arwen asked.
"Sure! What do you want to play?" the Vulpix asked eagerly.

6th July 2003, 12:14 AM
(Arwen's POV)

"Sure! What do you want to play?" Belisama asked. I closed my eyes and thought for a fem minutes. I opened them and smiled. "How about tag?" I asked and smiled waiting for her answer. I twitched my tail playfully this way and that.

(Aiyana's POV)

Well, at least part of my name was accurate. It meant eternal bloom. I was getting better at battles and i was actually beginning to enjoy the challenge they presented. However, i was still slightly shy. I needed to overcome that. I closed my eyes as i recalled overhearing my sister and brother talking shortly before i got separated from my back. "You wanted to see me sis?" "Yeah. It's about our other sister. She needs to toughen up or else she will not make it. She's too nice for her own good" "True. How do you propose we help her?" "We need to be mean to her so that she will toughen up" I chose to walk away at that point. That was how i ended up getting separated from the pack. I opened my eyes and sighed. I missed them, but i did kinda want to show them that being nice had advantages. I mean i was way stronger than any of my brothers and sisters were by now. I smirked. They probably wouldn't even recognize me. I barked happily and ran over to Nala and licked her face in greeting before walking around the Eevee House just watching what went on.

Lady Vulpix
6th July 2003, 01:11 PM
Race status:

Category 1-30: (to be reffed by Lady Vulpix) -STARTS IN 5 HOURS TIME.
• Jasmine (winged Dratini, level 8, female)
• Valefor (Natu, level 8, male)
• Hawkmoon (Murkrow, level 7, female)
• Twinkle (Chimecho, level 6, male)

Category 31-60:
• Rock DJ (Aerodactyl, level 11, female)
• Sniper (Crobat, level 10, male)

Category 61-90:
• Blade (Scizor, level 36, male)

Category 91-120: (to be reffed by Avian Freeze)
• Drake (Charizard, level 38, male)
• Ventura (Venomoth, level 46, female)
• Glory (Charizard, level 37, female)

Category 121-150:
• Pidgeot (Pidgeot, level 58, male)
• Dodger (Aerodactyl, level 40, male)

The 31-60, 61-90 and 121-150 categories need a ref and more competitors before they can begin.

The 1-30 and 91-120 categories are ready, but more racers will be accepted and welcome. The 1-30 category will race in 5 hours time.

Lady Vulpix
6th July 2003, 06:12 PM
Sorry for the double post, but it's time for the first race of the current set to begin.

The competitors are:
• Jasmine (winged Dratini, level 8, female)
• Valefor (Natu, level 8, male)
• Hawkmoon (Murkrow, level 7, female)
• Twinkle (Chimecho, level 6, male)

These pokemon will have to fly 440 units to reach the winning line. For the first time ever, a low level pokemon will get to win an Eevee House race. But who will it be?

All the participating trainers, please tell me what your pokemon's moves will be. If you say nothing, I will assume they will just fly straight.


6th July 2003, 06:44 PM
(Jasmine's POV)

I was excited. This was going to be my first race and it was a flying one! I stretched my wings and prepared, Then we were told to line up. I smiled at the other competitors and began to focus.

(Amy's POV)

I nodded at Jasmine. Just start out with a hidden power [flying] to see how it does and we'll go from there. She nodded and then it was tme to start. "Good luck." I whispered.

(Kovu's POV)

I smiled when i saw Gabi. I knew she was busy with reffing the race, so i decided to go and sit down beside her providing some company. I smiled, content to just watch the race.

(Kiara's POV)

I just walked around. I wasn't sure if i wanted to watch the race, play, or just visit with friends.

Lady Vulpix
6th July 2003, 06:53 PM
And the race has begun!
Valefor started off by tackling Twinkle. Twinkle was hit, but still has 22 HP left, so he'll be fine. Valefor has advanced 42 units after dealing the blow, while Twinkle managed to get ahead of him, floating up 48 units.
Jasmine used her Hidden Power to create benefical winds. She soared high above the others, advancing 90 units!
Hawkmoon, flying calmly, managed to take advantage of the current and got 88 units ahead of the starting line.

Positions on the first update:
¤ Jasmine: 90
¤ Hawkmoon: 88
¤ Twinkle: 48
¤ Valefor: 42

Jasmine kept flying with the help of her Hidden Power, but it's getting hard for her to ascend. She only managed to advance 36 more units.
The rest of the pokemon just flew straight.
Hawkmoon flew another 88 units, getting on top of the group.
Twinkle advanced 64 units, while Valefor was pushed back by an opposing wind, moving only 21 units more.

But the race is far from finished!

Positions on the second update:
¤ Hawkmoon: 176
¤ Jasmine: 126
¤ Twinkle: 112
¤ Valefor: 63

Hawkmoon kept flying straight, but her luck seems to have run out for the moment. The Murkrow flew only 44 units this time. Hawkmoon has covered the first half of the track.
Jasmine aimed a Leer to the front, but Hawkmoon was out of reach. She kept flying, and advanced a good 72 units.
Twinkle found a thermal! He floated up 96 units!
Valefor continued flying straight, moving forward 63 units. Twice the distance he had covered before!

Positions on the third update:
¤ Hawkmoon: 220
¤ Twinkle: 208
¤ Jasmine: 198
¤ Valefor: 126

While Jasmine used her Hidden Power again, the rest of the pokemon kept flying straight.
Hawkmoon regained some strength and it showed! She advanced 110 units!
Twinkle's thermal kept helping him, letting him rise 80 units.
Jasmine's wind was rather helpful: she got 72 units ahead, but still failed to reach the front.
As for Valefor, he seems to be out of luck right now. He has only managed to advance 42 more units.

Positions on the fourth update:
¤ Hawkmoon: 330
¤ Twinkle: 288
¤ Jasmine: 270
¤ Valefor: 168

This time, all the pokemon decided to focus on flying and getting closer to the finish line.
Hawkmoon became tired after flying so fast, and only managed to advance 44 units.
Twinkle's thermal ran out when a strong current of wing came from his front. He managed to stay up, but only got 16 units ahead of where he was.
Jasmine, on the other hand, was luckier. The wind didn't go easy on her either, but she managed to dodge the opposing gusts graciously and move forward 54 units.
Valefor was the luckiest this time. He found a new thermal and rose 126 units!

Positions on the fifth update:
¤ Hawkmoon: 374
¤ Jasmine: 324
¤ Twinkle: 304
¤ Valefor: 294

As they get closer to the finish line, all the pokemon have their minds on their goal.
Hawkmoon, though still tired, managed to advance 66 more units, getting exactly to the finish line!
At the same time, Jasmine flew faster than ever, but the 108 units she covered were not enough to take her to the end of the track.
Twinkle floated up only 32 units, while Valefor rose 84 units, still not reaching the Murkrow.

Final positions:
¤ Hawkmoon: 440
¤ Jasmine: 432
¤ Valefor: 378
¤ Twinkle: 336

Hawkmoon is the winner! As a reward, she gains 2 levels. Hawkmoon is now level 9! She has learnt Astonish!

Congratulations to the winning pokemon and her trainer, and also to everyone else who participated. You all did great!
I must commend Jasmine on her efforts. She wasn't as fast as Hawkmoon or Valefort, but she came out really close!

The next race will start whenever Tyler says so. Please, if you still have pokemon who can register for the other categories, sign them up so that we can all race. Thanks to those who participated in the first category. See you around!

6th July 2003, 09:17 PM
(Amy's POV)

I walked over to Jasmine and congratulated her for doing her best. I told her that i was proud of her and she seemed pleased with herself. I decided to enter Dodger in the 121 - 150 section. He's my L.40 volcanic breed of aerodactyl which means that he has a little more resistance to fire, and may be able to yeild it in a small way. His attacks include: Wing Attack, Agility, Ember, Earthquake, Bite, Flamethrower, Supersonic, Ancient Power, Toxic, Scary face, Hidden Power Electricity, Fly.

(Jasmine's POV)

I was trying to catch my breath, but i couldn't stop smiling. I didn't win, but i had had fun. From what i heard, that was what was improtant. I decided to head over to the pool and dived in. I didn't see my sister anywhere so i just began to play by myself.

Avian Freeze
6th July 2003, 10:11 PM
Okay, I have talked to the three racers and we have decided that the 91-120 race will begin in 14 hours!

Category 91-120:
- Drake (Charizard, level 38, male) Raced by Becca (The_Missing_Link)
- Ventura (Venomoth, level 46, female) Raced by Gabi (Lady Vulpix)
- Glory (Charizard, level 37, female) Raced by Rachel (DarkPrincess)

More racers for this category and the others will still be accepted, but nonetheless, the race will begin in 14 hours.

7th July 2003, 10:44 AM
[MK's POV]

I jumped happily through the doors of the Eevee House with a huge grin on my face. I was happy for two reasons. One, Real One Bjarni was gone from the Fan Art forum and won't come back! Second, my birthday is this coming Thursday. :D

"Bjarni's gone, Bjarni's gone, Bjarni's gone," I sang as I made my way into the kitchen. I wanted to celebrate. I was so thrilled. So I began to make a cake, a huge one at that. Christian followed at my heels, offering his help. Little Misu was also following me. He didn't know where he was going and why, all he knew was that I was in the kitchen and he wanted to be in there, too.

When I began adding the cake mix into the bowl, Misu began to whimper, looking up at me. I picked the Poochyena puppy up and set him on the counter so he could watch what I was doing. Christian also leapt up on the counter, so he could stir the mix with his psychic attack. I set the over to the correct temperature and wondered where Nala was.

[Khaisa's POV]

MK was such a nut. She was so happy about that one boy leaving Fan Art that she was making a cake to celebrate it! I giggled to myself and went to find Jasmine. When I found her, she was playing by herself in the pool. I said hi to her and joined her in the water. I found a pile of sand under the water and discovered that even though the sand was wet and underwater, it could be modeled! So I called Jasmine and asked her if she wanted to make an underwater sand castle with me.

7th July 2003, 11:05 AM
Lirima was laying on a warm blanket with her soft creamy fur against her cream colored egg. She nuzzled it happily then purred at it. Around her were "Congratulations," cards and little blue balloons that said "It's a boy". Lirima had a gentle gleam in her elegant eyes. Sidius stared at the egg and couldn't help but smile.

Rogue sat besides Lirima and gave her a hug. "I can't believe Lirima is going to be a mother," beamed the Feraligatr. Lirima smiled at her friend. Sidius got off the couch then laid besides Lirima and nuzzled her gently.

Glory, Epona, Legolas, Serenity, Voodoo, Harmony, Peace and Chaos all went over to congratulate Sidius and Lirima.

After going gaga over the baby, Glory prepared for the race. She stretched out her wings then began to go through some exercises that would prepare herself.

7th July 2003, 11:06 AM
<My POV>
I snorted as M_K bounded through the house, loudly singing that an annoying spammer was finally banned for good. I was rather happy myself since I didn't like the kid at all also. I didn't think he was tellling the truth about him from the beginning and I think that I was right. As I pondered to myself, Drake and Blade came back into, soaked but happy. They seemed a bit stronger from the vigorous workout they had.
"Why don't you guys go into the pool to cool off?", I said.
They nodded and Blade went flying into the pool as Drake lumbered over to the shallow end and just splashed water onto his body. Walking over to the edge, I whispered to Drake as he continued to wash himself.
"Your race is in an hour so listen up. I want you to keep flying straight, find a thermal if you can. Focus on just winning and try to dodge any attacks coming to you. Blade might not have a chance to race so win the race for him, as well as everyone on your team."
He nodded and took a deep breath before washing some more. I knew he could do it. He hasn't won before but I had confidence in him

Plan of attacks are in my POV, so you can check

Lady Vulpix
7th July 2003, 11:16 AM
I came back into the Eevee House, prepared to watch and support Ventura on the first race my team had been into since the very first one.

"Are you ready?," I asked Ventura.
"Do you really think you have to ask?," she replied.
"Ok, just fly straight and..."
"And don't attack anyone unless I get attacked, you've already told me that last night," she interrupted me.
"I was going to say 'enjoy yourself'," I told her, grinning. "Take it easy, it's just a game."
"I know as much as you do about games. I'll be fine and I'll have fun, so you may start taking it easy too."

How long had it been since I'd last had one of those spicy conversations with Ventura? 13 hours or so? It seems it's never too soon to start another. Still, both Ventura and I knew what we really meant, and we were both intending to have fun.
So, as my Venomoth friend flew over to the starting line, I sat down to watch the beginning of the race.

Avian Freeze
7th July 2003, 11:24 AM
Ok, I've talked to the three racers and we decided that we'll start the race early.

The race begins! Good luck Becca, Gabi, and Rachel :). The track is 1740 units long! I've received the plans for Gabi and Becca and Rachel will IM me with he attacks...and they're off!

Ventura was the first to take off! Unfortunately, the winds were opposing her and she moved only 116 units! Drake took off at a moderate speed, and moved 312 units for he did not find any thermals that round! Glory is the last to soar off into the skies and she attempted to Scary Face Drake. Unfortunately, Drake was far ahead and did not notice the dreadful face that the Charizard made! Glory moved ahead only 204 units! However, the race is new and there are still many opportunities lying ahead for the racers! What will happen next?

First Positions:
Drake: 312 units
Glory: 204 units
Ventura: 116 units

This time, Ventura was lucky, and the winds were on her side! She swooped right past the competition, zooming ahead 580 units and putting her in the lead! Drake continues flying at a moderate speed, still searching for thermals, and advances yet another 312 units, following close behind the Venomoth. Glory was lucky and caught the same winds as Ventura, bringing her ahead 510 units and bringing her ahead of Ventura!

Second Positions:
Glory: 714 units
Ventura: 696 units
Drake: 624 units

There are about 1000 units left in the race. Keep going everyone!

Unfortunately, the winds once again blow back against Ventura, causing the moth to move only 116 units yet again! Drake is lucky and caught a thermal in the wind, causing him to soar ahead 520 units! Glory is even luckier and caught winds going along with her, allowing her to advance 612 units!

Third Positions:
Glory: 1326 units
Drake: 1144 units
Ventura: 812 units

Ventura struggles to fly ahead, but the winds begin to build up, still keeping her back. She moved only 116 units again! :(. Drake catches yet another thermal and zooms ahead anoher 520 units, stealing the competition! Glory this time flies at a moderate speed, advancing 306 units and close behind Drake!

Fourth Positions:
Drake: 1664 units
Glory: 1632 units
Ventura: 928 units

The competition is coming to a close!

Ventura is lucky this time and catches a thermal, bringing her ahead 580 units! Unfortunately, Drake catches bad winds and advances 104 units, barely making it across the finish line! Glory passes by second, advancing yet another 306 units!

Final Positions:
Drake: 1740 units
Glory: 1740 units
Ventura: 1508 units

Good race all of you 8)! As a prize, Drake gains two levels and grows to level 40. Becca can choose a free TM for him to learn now :).

EDIT: Sorry, I made a REALLY stupid mistake >_<. The compromise has come to that each Pokemon gains just 1 level. Therefore, Drake grows to level 39, Glory grows to level 38, and Ventura grows to level 47!

7th July 2003, 12:19 PM
<My POV>
Excitedly, Drake flew down towards us and hugged everyone in sight.
"Great job", I said to him as the other cheered.
<I feel great!>, Drake said and flew off to the pool to cool down after the hard race.
Turning towards the others, I made them gather around and whispered.
"Drake did win, but there was a mistake on the ref's part so Drake might not have won at all if reffed differently. I made a compromise with the other racers though that each of the racers would gain a level. It would break Drake's spirit if I told him that he would have to race again."
They all nodded somberly and looked back towards the Charizard as he splashed around like a little Charmander, oblivious to everything going on right now.

Lady Vulpix
7th July 2003, 12:40 PM
Thanks for reffing, Tyler! Sorry I didn't make the instructions clear enough. I've fixed them now.

I welcomed Ventura back and told her she had been great; she'd managed to advance quite a lot with all those winds against her.

"Hmm... thanks," she said. "Do I get to ref next time?... Just kidding."
"You get to do anything you want when we get home," I told her.
"Oh, think of it twice. You don't know what you could be getting into."
"I trust you enough to know you won't do anything unwise. Am I wrong!"

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I GOT her! She conceded defeat! :D For now, at least.

Ventura decided to go back home to rest, and Tsunami and Caledor headed to the Battle Tower to watch the rest of Hero's and Lagi's battle, while the rest of my pokemon scattered around the House. Pidgeot and Water Angel went to the pool, Sylvan and Iael went to check what was on TV, while Amber went to the kitchen to get some tea and cookies for her and her friends. Which reminds me, I'll get some tea too.

7th July 2003, 01:31 PM
I gave Glory a big hug after she survived the flying race. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "Great, but tired" she replied. Glory flew over to a couch then rest on it. She yawned and stretches until she fell asleep.

Lirima remains on her little blanket with the Meowth egg sitting there. The Persian nuzzled her egg. "Don't worry little Apocalypse. I promise that no harm will ever come to you. If anyone messes with you, they'll hear from your momma. I promise you of that my child," she whispered.

My newest captured Pokémon, a little Electrike hopped in. He wagged his little stubby tail then ran around. "Meet Spike," I said as he ran off.

Avian Freeze
7th July 2003, 01:56 PM
I congratulated Becca, Gabi, and Rachel on their race, and I apologized for the mistake I made. I felt bad that the outcome was disappointing and I sat down on the couch and took a rest.

I looked over at Belisama and was amazed at the sight. She had grown into a full Vulpix! Her fur was a beautiful ginger color and she had six magnificent curly tails. She was talking with Arwen, and said "Sure! Wanna be it?" she asked playfully.

Vida noticed that an Electrike come scampering out the door. She laughed at the hyper Electrike who turned out to be Spike, Rachel's Electrike.

Knight of Time
12th July 2003, 07:30 PM

Things were going very well for me. After entering Sniper into one of the races several days ago, and agreeing to ref one of the races, I quickly turned to Rachel. Congratulating her on the capture of her new Electrike, Spike, I just couldn't resist admitting that he was such a cool looking Pokemon, before walking over to the door, searching for Sheldon and Clover. Within about a minute or so, I was happily greeted by the Squirtle and Cleffa, who were looking very happy after a 2 vs 2 win in the PokeZoo Battle Tower, especially Clover, who was looking a lot happier than Sheldon now that she reached L13 and learned Sweet Kiss.

"Hey Kyle, remember the promise you made to me about evolving me into a Clefairy after learning Sweet Kiss?" Clover asked me, smiling.

"Yeah, I do indeed remember the promise Clover, and I am proud to announce that the time has come for you to evolve into a Clefairy!" I said, starting to feel happier than ever.

Taking out one of my four Genetic Accelerator Genes, I watched as Clover touched it. Within a second or two, I began to notice her glow a pure white colour, getting a bit bigger as she evolved into a Clefairy, her Pokemon Earring still on her ear.

"Wow, I feel great, thanks Kyle!" Clover said, giving me a hug so strong I almost started to hurt as I walked back to my usual spot on one of the couches, Clover and Sheldon both behind me...

12th July 2003, 08:15 PM
I walked up to the doors of the Eevee house, unsure of whether to open the door or not. Esper, my male Vaporeon, heeled at my feet, carrying a wicker basket with blue balloons tied to its handle. He looked extremely pleased with himself, as he should, considering he was about to be a father. I glanced at the pearly white egg draped in warm blue blankets, and I already knew that Esper was thinking about his son's future, and what he would evolve into.

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch, Esper." He frowned, and I scratched his head good-naturedly. "Chill out, everything's going to be fine." He gave me a meaningful look and I sighed, pushing the door open.

I was awakened by a loud atmosphere of talking and casual chatter, including yelling pokemon and other loud noises. I beckoned Esp to follow me and we walked into the kitchen, seating myself at a stool by the kitchen counter. Esper hopped into my lap and set the basket on the counter. I looked around, and decided to let out Paka, my female pikachu and Anthrax, my female Skarmory. She chittered happily and scampered off somewhere, not to be seen again until I left. Thrax simply flew out the back door and hovered around outside, eager to stretch her wings.

12th July 2003, 08:25 PM
Staring contently towards the doors of the area, noticing that they were still swinging somewhat from a push that happened only moments earlier. Sighing and releasing twenty eight Pokeballs onto the ground, every creature in my possession were released, chattering merrily as they either left outside or went into the house.

Avari, Lorne and Rock DJ spread their wings and took off towards the sky. The Pidgeot, Charizard and Aerodactyl roared and squaked towards each other, circling about as they glanced at the now far away ground. Sighing wistfully, Hawkmoon ruffled her ivory feathers, then hopped after me, chirping and blinking oddly.

My newest captee, a somewhat bitter Typhlosion, glared and muttered, before trudging angerily after me. He was not too pleased with his capturing, and was often seen sporting a glare. He even refused to be named, only snarling and snapping in reply at every name suggested. Let's just say; he doesn't want to be named after characters from television shows.

"Hewwo, nameless." smiling towards the Typhlosion whilst talking in my baby voice, he merely rolled his eyes, then grumbled and continued to glare furiously.

Growing nervous under by unwavering stare and oddly wide smile, he finally uttered, "My name's Pyralis."

12th July 2003, 10:39 PM
[MK's POV]

I happily marched into the Eevee House, an unusually huge grin on my face. July 10 was my 16th birthday and I was enjoying the new age very much. I felt so lucky that I just had to simply sit myself down and think of how thankful I was to still be here today at age 16. It is a wonderful age and I was proud to be able to say I survived to live it.

I saw Kyle sitting on one of the couches and thought I'd go over and say hi. So I did. Christian, BlueShadow, and little Misu followed. Actually, we followed Misu.

"Hi there, Kyle, how are you doing?" I asked, giggling quietly as Misu tried to leap onto the couch next to Kyle, but fell over onto his back, looking around at him with a very confused look on his face.

"He's only a few days old, but he thinks he's as strong as Christian. Isn't that right, Misu?"

Misu let out a high pitched bark and wagged his now well-furred tail, still laying on his back at Kyle's feet.

13th July 2003, 12:27 AM
(Arwen's POV)

"Sure," I said, as Belisama jumped off the couch. I also jumped down and ran after her laughing. This was so cool. I had a friend. ^^

(Aiyana's POV)

I was getting stronger ever so slowly. I wondered what the pack was up too these days. I was much happier now than i had ever been when i lived with the pack. I stretched then looked around the Eevee House. I really didn't have many friends outside of the team, and it was about time i made some. Shyness or no shyness. I began looking around the eevee house to see if there was anyone that looked approachable.

(Amy's POV)

I hurried into the EH. I was so busy yesterday that i didn't get a chance to stop in, but i hadn't forgotten about M_K's birthday. In fact, i had hte cake that i had made for her in my arms. It was almost all that i could do to keep Sugar, Arwen, and Jasmine out of it. I walked over to M_K. "Happy belated birthday." I whispered. Then i quickly released my captees.

(Ranec's POV)

I was still getting used to my new name. I had answered to Shadow for so long that i was having a little trouble but htat was only natural. I liked my new name, and since my colors had changed, Shadow no longer suited me. I saw Flare and walked over to her and greeted her with a lick and a nuzzle.

(Tanabi's POV)

I was happy for Ranec, but seeing him with Flare made me want someone special. I sighed. I took one look at the happy couple and went over to talk with Shaka.

Knight of Time
13th July 2003, 09:26 AM

Today started out to not be one of those ordinary days. After Clover my adopted female Cleffa evolved into a Clefairy yesterday, I suddenly woke up to notice Tara and some of her Pokemon, before turning my attention to a little baby Poochyena that was near my feet. Noticing that I couldn't help but tell Tara how cute he was, I watched as Clover and Sheldon both walked over to her, as if they both wanted to say hello...

AntiAsh Superstar
13th July 2003, 01:31 PM
"FEAR ME, MY PEOPLE!!!" I have to say, no matter what, you could never mistake it when one of my pokémon entered the Eevee House. Especially if Kirei was the first one through the door. "Fear me, for I bring terrible news! Ade has just been spending an eternity redownloading all the Bad Religion albums he lost when his old computer died!"
"Yeah, and if we hear that 'Generator' album one more time he's going to die such a slow, horrible death that he'll wish Tsuyoi was engineering his destruction, so before we even start let's play something different, okay?" By this time everyone else in the team had entered the building, so Milliardo, the second through the doors, could no longer have complete control over the conversation. "My vote goes to the Sex Pistols, and since my vote is more important that anyone else's..."
"Excuse me?" At this point the Houndour, Pandora, fixed Milliardo with a pensive look that only he could hope to interpret correctly. "Whose vote is the most important?"
"Well, since our combined vote overrules all, we demand you play Nine Inch Nails. Is that better, almost-as-scary-as-scarygirl-but-not-quite-THAT-petrifying?"
"Yes, much better." Pandora busied herself with tidying the Dratini, Marius, that she had adopted as her own. "Now make yourself useful and poke Thingygirl into making us something decent to eat, okay?"

Lady Vulpix
17th July 2003, 11:17 AM
Race status:

Category 121-150:
• Pidgeot (Pidgeot, level 58, male)
• Dodger (Aerodactyl, level 40, male)
• BlueShadow (Dragonite, level 56, male)
• Mercury (Dragonite, level 61, male)

This race has reached the quorum to start!
Kyle, since you're the ref, will you set a time for the race to begin, please? Thanks.

17th July 2003, 11:19 AM
[MK's POV]

I returned to the Eevee House after about three days. I was gone to a church trip since Monday and only got back on Thursday, just after midnight. And I was extremely tired. So I found myself an empty sofa and lay myself on it and tried to fall asleep.

Before I dozed off, I opened my eyes to see little Misu standing with his front paws stretched out and his rear high in the air, bushy tail wagging furiously. The puppy was barking his little head off at something under another sofa. I figured it was either a piece of lent or dust, or another Pokemon hiding under there.

I smiled and listened happily to Misu's joyfull barks and yelps that filled the Eevee House. I hoped no one else would be annoyed at him for barking, seeing as his barks were very high pitched and puppy-ish, so they carried and rang through the walls more than an adult's bark would.

Knight of Time
17th July 2003, 11:21 AM
Originally posted by Lady Vulpix
Kyle, since you're the ref, will you set a time for the race to begin, please? Thanks.

Okay, this race will begin this Friday (the 19th), at noon (Atlantic time aka my time and your time, Gabi).

Avian Freeze
17th July 2003, 06:42 PM
I wandered back into the Eevee House again, opening the door to a bustling crowd. I noticed several people and Pokemon gathering and I realized the next race must be beginning. I lay down on the couch and relaxed, releasing my Pokemon, other than Wolfwood who was still in the forest.

Belisama was still curled up on the couch and full grown Vulpix now, though she was still a playful little child. She jumped off the couch, her six tails springing off with her, as she raced off with her new friend in pursuit. The energetic Vulpix looked back at the laughing Skitty, and she dashed into the crowd of people, hoping to lose Arwen and prevent herself from being tagged.

Lady Vulpix
18th July 2003, 10:26 AM
My team and I came in and started getting ready for the race. Pidgeot hook his wings a few times, and Water Angel assured him that he'd be great.

As Pidgeot made her way to the starting line, the rest of us tried to find a comfortable position to watch from. That was hard for Water Angel, who didn't want to go to the pool this time because that would mean missing all the fun. In the end, Amber agreed to hold her so that she could stay with us and watch. I can imagine holding a Kingdra up on land must be a hard task, but fortunately, Amber is a strong Charizard. :)

So... where's everyone else?

18th July 2003, 11:00 AM
Chris's POV-Part 1

I walked into the Eevee House again to retrieve a few of my pokemon, whom I had left there to play with thier new friends.
I walked over to Santie and handed her a wrapped present...

Santie's POV

Oh, present, I wondered was it was. But Santos suggested waiting until the race was over to hope that Vida could come over and watch me open it. so I waited. Then me and Santos walked over to the race.

Chris's POV-Part 2

After handing Santie the gift with Santos watching, I walked over to Riley, the other pokemon whom I had left. I picked up Riley, who was taking a nap, and walked over to where the race was happening. I woke up the young Ralts in my arms.

18th July 2003, 11:14 AM
[BlueShadow's POV]

I was really nervous. Tara had entered me in the flying race at a last minute. So I hadn't really had time to prepare for it or anything like that. But I knew that I was a strong flier and would finish the race rather I won or lost. And I would have fun.

I glanced around and spotted a crowd. I poked Tara and pointed to it. She nodded and took me by my clawed hand and led me to join the crowd. I saw Pidgeot already in her spot at the starting line. My heart started pounding. She was an amazing flier and very smart. I didn't stand a chance.

As if Tara read my mind, she socked me some what hard on my shoulder. "You'll be fine! Don't think about the other competitors, just have fun! You'll do great, I know you will."

She always made me feel better.

[Tara's POV]

I was excited for my BlueShadow. He would do great. As I showed him to his spot near Pidgeot, little Misu had the immpression that he was entered into the race too. I giggled and reached down to pick him up.

The silly Poochyena puppy dodged my arms and stood on the other side of Pidgeot, looking up at her with awe. I smiled and decided I'd get him out of the way once the race was ready to take off.

18th July 2003, 12:20 PM
(Kovu's POV)

I saw M_K so I slowly made my way over to her. Wherever she was Sadie and Misu couldn't be far away. I smiled as Dodger made his way to the starting line. I looked up at M_K hoping hat she would point out where eiher Sade or Misu or both were.

(Amy's POV)

I walked over and sat down beside M_K. I asked her how she'd been doing. I told her that I'd been feeling better than i had in ages ^^.

(Sugar's POV)

I began looking around for Jesse and as soon as i found him, I playfully takled him to the ground and gave him a lick before i started to tickle him.

Knight of Time
18th July 2003, 12:26 PM

Guys, I'm really sorry that I am late.

Anyway, the Category 121-150 race is ready to begin.

The Pokemon in this race are as follows:

Pidgeot (Gabi's L58 male Pidgeot)
Dodger (Amy's L40 male Aerodcatyl)
Blue Shadow (M_K's L56 male Dragonite)
Mercury (DD's L61 male Dragonite)

The race track will be 5000 units.

Pidgeot caught an extremely fast wind, and managed to fly a whopping 1764 units thanks to Agility!
Mercury managed to put up a Safeguard as he advanced 705 units!
Dodger wasn't very lucky, as he flew through some obstacles, advancing only 268 units!
BlueShadow was a little luckier then Dodger, as he advanced 516 units!

Pidgeot: 1764 units
Mercury: 705 units
Dodger: 268 units
BlueShadow: 516 units

This time, Pidgeot wasn't so lucky as he ended up crashing into some obstacles, and he advanced just 441 units!
Mercury found a strong breeze in his path as it helped him advance 846 units!
Dodger managed to get quite a bit more good luck this time, as he caught a very fast wind, advancing 1340 units thanks to Agility!
BlueShadow got in an Agility, but it proved to not help him very much as it helped him advance only 258 units!

Pidgeot: 2205 units
Mercury: 1551 units
Dodger: 1608 units
BlueShadow: 774 units

Pidgeot had a bit more luck, as he ran into some more obstacles, advancing only 558 units due to another Agility!
Mercury managed to get a successful Thunder Wave, instantly paralyzing the Aerodactyl as he advanced a whopping 2538 units, overtaking Pidgeot thanks to another Agility!
Dodger's paralysis didn't stop him from moving. as he advanced 804 units thanks to another Agility!
BlueShadow used another Agility, and it helped him just a bit better as he advanced 774 units!

Pidgeot: 2763 units
Mercury: 4089 units
Dodger: 2412 units
BlueShadow: 1548 units

Pidgeot was really lucky this time, as the speed of his Quick Attack allowed him to breeze by Mercury and win the race!
Mercury got in another Agility, getting him into second place at the finish line!
Dodger was lucky once again to not be bothered by his paralysis, and he managed to Fly up into the air, moving only 402 units!
BlueShadow wasn't very lucky this time, as he advanced only 516 units due to Agility!

Congrats to Gabi and her Pidgeot for winning the race! Pidgeot grows to L60 and gets a free TM!

Gabi, Steve, Tara, Amy, all four of you and your Pokemon were excellent.

Lady Vulpix
19th July 2003, 10:32 AM
Thanks for reffing, Kyle!
I'm sorry that Dodger got paralized. :(
Everyone has been great. This was a nice race. :)
Now I'll give Pidgeot a Rest TM. That should help since he got a Snore TM at the EMT a while back.

Angel Blossom
20th July 2003, 05:28 PM
[ Kris's POV ]

"This place looks fun, doesn't it?", I asked Starlight, my Ponyta. She nodded excitedly, and followed me inside.

As I slowly walked into the Eevee House, I waved at Discotheque, Nala, and Gabi. I was glad that my friends were here, too. They were watching their Pokemon play together. I watched them for a moment, too. The Pokemon seemed like they were having a good time.

I sent out Jolt, my adopted Pikachu, and Orlando, the Squirtle I had caught earlier. They both curiously looked around. Jolt had a confused look on his face, but Orlando seemed excited. Jolt tugged at my clothes. "The egg," he whispered. "When is it gonna hatch?" Then I remembered about the egg..

Discotheque gave me a small egg as a gift earlier today. I pulled it out of my backpack. The egg was rather plain, white with brown spots. It was covered in a pink blanket, so it could keep warm. The egg started to shake around, as if it wanted to escape. With the egg in my arms, I ran to the couch. Orlando, Starlight, and Jolt chased after me. The little Squirtle scrambled up to the couch, and Jolt jumped behind me, resting on my shoulder. Starlight stared at the egg, without making a sound. Jolt was staring too, and whispered, "I can't wait to see it hatch!"

We all watched the egg shake from side to side. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I was hoping that the Pokemon in the egg would be alright. Orlando couldn't wait any longer. "Come on, hatch already," the little Squirtle yelled, and quickly poked the egg. The egg jumped! Noises came from the egg, and it began to crack. I gasped. A small Feebas came out of the egg! All of the Pokemon stared at it. They had never seen a Feebas in their life. Then Starlight giggled, and said, "Hello there! I'm Starlight!" Then Orlando and Jolt introduced themselves to her. The Feebas looked very confused.. she was quite a funny Pokemon. I hugged her tight, and said, "I'll name you Mystik!" I was very happy with my new Pokemon.

20th July 2003, 10:05 PM
[Tara's POV]

BlueShadow lingered over to me, a smile on his face. I let out a silent sigh of relief, glad that Blue wasn't upset at all about the outcome of the race. Instead, the skyblue Dragonite pranced happily, proud of himself. I gave him a big hug and we went over to congradulate Gabi and Pidgeot on their win.

I was in the middle of saying something to Gabi when little Misu made himself known to me. Once I looked down at him, I busted up laughing. The Poochyena puppy had found himself some cardboard and somehow cut out wing-shaped pieces (or what he thought were wing-shaped) and taped them to his back.

I recollected myself so I wouldn't upset the baby and picked him up. I wasn't sure what to do with him. "Sorry Misu, but the race is already over. Look over there, see that big bird? Her name is Pidgeot and she's the Pokemon who won. Do you want to so congradulations to her?"

Misu looked confused for a moment, sitting contently in the crook of my arms, then smiled and barked a very high-pitched bark. So I held him up to Pidgeot's face so he could talk to her. Of course, Misu was a baby, so he didn't know how to speak yet. Instead, he stuck out his little pink tongue and licked Pigdeot's beak as a congrats. I giggled and set him on the ground and began taking off his little cardboard wings, careful not to rip any of his fur out with the tape.

Lady Vulpix
21st July 2003, 08:20 AM
I thanked Tara while clarifying that Pidgeot was male. He took no offense, however.
I congratulated BlueShadow on doing his best in his first race, and thanked him for participating. A race can only be fun because of its players. :)

Pidgeot shook a little when his beak was licked, but then laughed and took out his hard tongue to lick the baby's face back while Tara took off his cardboard wings.

"Maybe when he grows up a little, I can take him for a ride," he offered. "So that he can see what things look like from above."

23rd July 2003, 07:45 PM

I walked into the Eevee House smiling. It had been a very long time since we had last come here. Nimrodel, Élan, Lune, Ryu, and Elwing had never seen the inside of it. Everyone yelped with grateful joy when I released them, stretching and then bounding about happily, enjoying the freedom. I let Nimrodel come out in the huge Eevee House pool and encouraged her to find someone to talk to. She was a very shy Lapras, but I hoped she could find some pokémon to keep her company. But first, I introduced everyone else to Elwing.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini with a mystical aura's POV:

Was it possible to have so much excitement in only two days? Just yesterday, soon after I hatched, Ryu and I had to fight to defend ourselves against two horrible Duskulls who attacked us while they sent our trainer and Switchblade wandering off into the forest, confused. Ryu was great, protecting me whenever I was in trouble. He even offered to distract the two Duskulls so that I could escape, which was very brave of him, but of course I couldn't just leave him there. Two against one is such an unfair match I don't even know where to begin. There's no telling what they would have done to him if he had to take them on alone.

Right now I was in a wonderful common place for many pokémon to gather and socialize. It was great! The best part was meeting my other team members. Evenstar and Nimrodel were really nice, although Nimrodel was pretty shy; Élan was cool; and Lune reminded me of Ryu. They seemed a lot alike.

I don't know why Ryu has trouble talking to me, though. He tries to avert his gaze every time I look at him, and every time he says something to me, he turns red. Poor Trapinch... Was there something wrong with me? Was I missing something?

23rd July 2003, 10:31 PM
<My POV>
With all of us sitting on the couch watching TV, we were having a very good time until Karin came in with her Pokemon. I looked all of them over until I rested my eyes upon the Dratini, who was called Elwing. I nudged the others who gave me a look but I pointed at the Dratini. They all stared for a minute before looking back at Drake, who was staring with wider eyes than the rest. I smiled as I knew he was looking at his daughter for the first time ever.
"Go on, lets go meet her", I offered as Drake still kept on staring. He was still staring at her, which turned from amusing to just plain terrifying and I punched him in the shoulder to get him out of the daze. His eyes snapped back at me and rubbed his shoulder.
<Ow, that hurt>, he grimaced.
"Well, you were staring at her like an idiot", I mused and got up.
He followed as the others got up but I shook my head, save for Blade. He wanted some alone time with his daughter but I knew he couldn't do it without him. They were like brothers. The others could visit her later. Strolling over to Karin and her Pokemon, I greeted her and pointed over my shoulder at Drake. She nodded and smiled before rounding up her other Pokemon so we could leave the 2 alone. Looking back at Drake, I smiled and went off as Blade stood off silently to the side, helping his bud if need be.

<Drake's POV>
It was horrifying, to tell you the truth. I thought I would be the last one to have a kid...well, maybe Blade more so but I expressed my feelings less than him. When he was a Scyther, he was just filled with emotions. I guess it's a good thing that he doesn't talk to Dodger much anymore. Keeps the anger down.

Looking down at my daughter, she looked up at me with wide eyes, half afraid and half amazed. Bending down, I picked her up and cradled her for a moment.
"I know you don't really know me but I'm your father."
Her eyes widened and cried out for joy as she started to snake around my neck and squeeze tightly. I coughed and pryed her off of me and back into my arms.
"Not so tight next time", I wheezed.
I looked her over a bit more and smiled.
"You look just like your mother", I mused as she squealed, which I took for a laugh.
Putting her down, she slithered over to Blade and nudged against his leg. Bending down, he lightly grasped her in his claw and peered into her face.
"Well, well now, what do we have here? A daughter of Drake I see. Well, I guess I can spare your life this time. You won't be so lucky next time I see you though."
"Blade!", I roared as I stomped over to him but Elwing took care of him as he got a faceful of fire.
"You have your mother's looks but definitely your father's personality and fighting spirit", he coughed and handed her over to me before going to the kitchen to cool off his face.
"That's my teammate Blade. He's like a brother to me though so you can call him Uncle Blade, although I don't know if you want to do that after what he did to you", I rolled my eyes and glared at the Scizor as he flew off.
She nodded and rested against my chest as I sat down and cradled her. Maybe being a father wouldn't be so bad after all. Teaching her how to fight wouldl be fun.

23rd July 2003, 10:36 PM
"Now this is a special place, and I don't want you two causing mass riots and the like, okay? We don't want Little_Pikachu to close the place down."
"More pointy-eared leaders?! Where the heck are all the dwarves in this land?!"
"I'd say that things here look cool. I wonder when the next tournament is! I'll enter!"
I chuckled as my two Pokémón shuffled into the building. Gimli, my male Machop, looked like he surpressing the urge to pick a fight; or maybe it was a belch, who knows? A+, my male Plusle, chirped with glee at the sight of all the trainers and Pokémon.
"Woo!" she cheered. "We're in the club! Not a pub, bub, a club! Wheee!"
"I've got a good mind to join a club, and beat you over the head with it," grumbled Gimli. "Honestly, what's the point of going to plcaes where we can't battle?"
"Patience, master dwarf," I spoke, sounding like Yoda for a second there. "We are here for relaxation. Maybe you will find a cute Machop girl who'd fancy a chat or a talk!"
"Or to dance!" laughed A+. "Crank up 'Weird Al' Yankovic, and get DDR playing! I'm all ready for a party, and here's where I staying!"
"It must be hard to always talk in rhyme, isn't it?" Gimli muttered, but a faint trance of a smile could be seen on his face.
"Well, let's just go introduce ourselves!" I said, and we waded into the crowd...

24th July 2003, 11:12 AM
[Sandie' POV]

I was swimming around the pool, obviously very bored, when someone I didn't know entered the pool's water. It was a Lapras by the name of Nimrodel. I noted that she was very shy. I was like that when I was little. So I knew exactly how she must feel. Because of that, I decided to introduce myself to her and maybe make a new friend.

"Hi, my name is Sandie. You must be Nimrodel, right? How are you doing?"

I smiled at the shy Lapras. It felt good to try to talk to someone new. I wish I could do it more.

[Khaisa's POV]

There was a new Dratini over there talking to a huge Charizard. I had noticed when she arrived here that the Charizard couldn't help but stare at her. At first, I thought he was experience love at first sight. But it turns out, that Dratini was his daughter! I wish I could spend more time with my dad. Oh well... Blue was just like a dad to me. More of a brother than anything though.

I decided to wait until the Dratini and her Charizard father were finished talking before I would try to talk to her. I didn't want to interrupt the special reunion. But still I secretly glanced over at them every once in awhile. They both seemed really nice and I was anxious to try to get to know the Dratini. You never know, maybe we'd even become friends.

24th July 2003, 12:39 PM
[Megan's POV]

I hadn't been to the Eevee House in a while, not since Avidan hatched. My Pokemon looked around curiously, especially Avidan, who hadn't been since he was born, and Sabine, who was the newest addition to my team, and hadn't been before.

"So what do you think?" I asked Sabine, as Akia and Isis ran off to find people to talk to, Quaye headed to take a dip in the pool, and Avidan flew off.

"Nice," she said. "A lot nicer than where I usedta live, and a lot nicer than your place, too."

"Thanks," I said, rolling my eyes.

"I'm just kiddin'," she told me, before heading off to explore on her own. I sat down on the couch and pulled my Lord of the Rings book out of my pack (the thing was HEAVY - it was all three books combined, along with about a hundred or so pages of appendixes and the like), flipped to my marked page, and started to read.

[Avidan's POV]

I flew around, looking at everything and also looking for someone to talk to. I was bored, and everyone else was busy. Suddenly I saw a large Pidgeot. For some reason I felt drawn to him, but I couldn't explain why. I decided to try talking to him. I swooped down to where he was. He and his trainer were talking to another trainer and a pokemon, and I didn't really want to interrupt, but I just felt that I had to talk to him. I approached shyly, trying my hardest not to interrupt rudely.

"Hello?" I said softly.

24th July 2003, 03:27 PM
Nimrodel the female Lapras's POV:

I felt kind of awkward in the pool, off to one side while I watched the others playing. I wanted to join them, but I didn't really know how. I felt nervous around so many pokémon, and I wished I could just have fun with all of them...

To my surprise, a Vaporeon swam over to me and introduced herself. I couldn't believe it. Someone was talking to me. How nice! "Hi, my name is Sandie. You must be Nimrodel, right? How are you doing?" she asked.

I smiled at her and nodded. "I haven't really been here before," I admitted. "And the crowds kind of intimidate me. It was very nice of you to come over to talk to me," I said. "Thanks." I was happy. I knew I'd have a good time.

Elwing the female Dratini's POV:

I couldn't believe how lucky I was! I got to meet my own father! He was a powerful Charizard that I loved as soon as I met him. I bet he could do anything in the world. I nuzzled him affectionately as he held me in his big, strong arms. I felt so comfortable...

Uncle Blade came back after washing his face. I didn't mean to breathe Flamethrower at him, but I was really scared when he picked me up and told me that he would hurt me. After a while I realized he was joking. When I looked at his face, I couldn't see that kind of meanness in it. Besides, if he was like a brother to my father, then he definitely couldn't be that bad. Uncle Blade was cool.

I looked into my father's eyes with great admiration. He smiled at me. Someday, I wanted to grow into a strong Dragonair, so I could show him how great I'd become, just like him.

"I love you, Daddy," I said softly, and rested against his chest.

"Ryu" the male Trapinch's POV:

I gazed at Elwing and her father from afar, smiling. She looked so beautiful when she was happy, so...

Lune nudged me and winked. "Don't you want to go explore? Or... are you too busy thinking about something else?" he teased. He cast a quick glance at Elwing and grinned at me. I blushed.

"Er, no, no, let's go," I answered, beginning to sweat slightly. "This looks like, um, fun. Yeah, come on!" I pulled my eyes away from Elwing unwillingly and followed the Eevee's lead.

Lune nearly crashed headfirst into a hyper bouncy electric mouse thingy that popped out of nowhere. He stopped less than an inch before the Plusle and, thankfully, avoided a collision. I walked up beside him.

"Uh, sorry, didn't mean to do that," Lune explained. "It's just... One moment there was nothing in front of me, and the next moment you were there." The Plusle didn't seem to mind, though. He was just... really... happy. His pink ears bounced up and down as he bounced up and down singing something bouncy to himself and looking at us curiously.

A Machop gave us a shock as he came up beside the Plusle, shouting something about no battling and silly elves. He looked a little grumpy. Or maybe it was just that the bouncing Plusle looked so hyper and happy compared to him.

"Um... Hi?" I said tentatively. What an odd group.

24th July 2003, 03:47 PM
*A+'s (Male Plusle) Point of View*

"No battling! You silly elf! Are you disturbing these Pokémon?" roared Gimli.
"Naw, we just almost had a crash-course collision, but we're okay now," I replied, humming 'Polkamon' to myself.
"Guys! Hey, guys!" our trainer came up from behind us. "Guys! I want to introduce you to...," he stopped when he noticed the Eevee and Trapinch in front of us. "Oh, hi. Sorry, am I interrupting?"
The Eevee shook her head; she seemed a little weirded out by something or other. The Trapinch seemed the same, but also a bit distant, as if not completely here. He must have his mind on something else.
"Well, guys, I adopted a new member to our team! Meet Groundskeeper Willie!"
Then an Elekid marched up beside him, shouting almost as loudly as Gimli does. "ACH! What kend of par-tae is dis? Must all English par-taes bae so quiet?!" He had a very thick Scottish accent, and he seemed to be upsetting my new friends some more.
"Don't mind them," I said, pointing at Gimli and Willie, who starting chatting together, agreeing on how the party was no fun without fighting. "They just like fighting more than anything."
"Uh-huh," replied the Tranpich, looking surprised by our new friend. "So, what's your name?"
"A+. Fitting, isn't it?" I asked, not able to stop grinning. "How about you two?"
"I'm Lune," spoke up the Eevee, "and this is Ryu." The Tranpinch gave a little bow, and I bowed too.
"Well, I'll leave you guys to chat and get to know each other," Silver said to me, then my trainer departed.
"Are you new here?" Lune asked. "Because I would know if I've seen you before."
"Yep, we're knew. Just Silver, Gimli, our new friend Willie, and myself. Do you guys like it here?"

24th July 2003, 03:49 PM
I noticed another Dratini in the Eevee House. She's such a little cutie. I let my adopted Pokémon out to explore the place. Aurora leaped into the pool then floated along the surface aimlessly. Glory sighed sadly towards the small happy family then she sat herself into a corner. Legolas took out his plastic bow and suction arrows to have a bit of target practice against the wall. Charisma and Demon laid in another corner where they tended to their young child, Savior. Vampyr flew around in the Eevee House, waving his claws at everyone to greet them. Outside, Mystic was running across the backyard. She neighed loudly and let her silver hooves cling against the ground. I laid myself on the couch for a bit of rest. Echo hopped on my stomach then licked my face. Her tail was wagging around like crazy and she barked at me then nipped at my chin.

"Echo.. not now.." I sighed.

The Growlithe whined then pounced off of me. She slowly crept away with her fluffy tail dragging along the floor, whining. Echo sighed than sat herself in a corner, staring at the other Pocket Monsters with tears in her eyes..

Glory was sighing too. She wanted to have a caring family so much. Like Charisma and Demon had together. To raise a little Charmander in her image too.. Glory sighed again. Aurora noticed her buddy looking down so she got out of the pool.
"Are you okay?" asked Aurora.
"Sure.." Glory sighed.
"Spill it sister," Aurora said as she poked at Glory.
Glory grinned at Aurora then snarled. Aurora backed off while grinning. Glory laughed a bit then sighed again.
"It's just.. everyone else seems to be growing on with families and I'm still alone," Glory sighed.
"Don't worry girl, any dragon would love to get his claws on ya," Aurora said.
Glory grinned weakly at her best friend.
"Thanks," Glory said.
"No problem," Aurora beamed.
The two attempted to give each other a high five but their claws missed and both of them stumbled into the pool. Aurora was okay with the water but Glory gasps then climbed to the edge, breathing heavily in fear. She snapped a glare towards Aurora then flew outside to let the sun dry herself off.

24th July 2003, 04:09 PM
Outside, a bright crimson glow, coming from the not unknown place. Ambling in the distance, the source of the glittering colour was seen. One large, dragonic figure blurred through the sky, two more following from below.

Though, a polite knock was heard on the door, then three figures wandered in, nodding and waving towards anyone or any Pokemon that was in their sight. One was Lorne, the Charizard. The next, Pyralis the Typhlosion. Then Curse, the Blaziken. They blinked towards the door whenever I screamed and fell through, swatting at the images of tiny little black stars with evil eyes swirling around my head.

More fire types followed. An Arcanine, a Ninetales, a Torchic, a Flareon... yes, perhaps it was an obsession with the fire kind. But I had others.

Eclipse wandered in, Namir sitting on her back, then stared oddly down at me and poked at me with a claw. Taking it upon herself to torture me, also, the large black Persian decided sitting on me- fun. Wincing, I prodded at the massive cat, who purred and fluffed my hair.


Still wandering in hopeless confusion, Banshee blinked her eyes, then sighed. It's been... uh. Okay, she wasn't exactly keeping count, but it'd been a long time. Exactly how endless was this freakin' forest?

"I knew we should've turned left..." Wolfwood grumbled.

Banshee looked at him, "We did turn left."

"Oh," pausing, the other Houndour blinked, "I knew we should've turned right..."

Rolling her eyes with a slight grin, Banshee continued forward, glancing around.

24th July 2003, 04:21 PM
<Drake's POV>
"So you can talk!", I exclaimed as Elwing's head layed against my chest.
I thought she was silent since she was only a baby but apparently could speak quite quickly.
"See Elwing, not only does your dad have a bad temper but he's dense as well", Blade joked as he came back from the kitchen.
I started to snarl as Blade pulled my last nerve but luckily, I spotted a young winged Dratini staring at the both of us, mainly Elwing.
"Elwing, how about you go off to make some friends while I go have a talk with Uncle Blade. There's a nice young Dratini like you who is eager to meet you."
Looking back at the winged Dratini, she nodded and looked at Blade for a minute before giving me a quick smirk and slithered over to the other Dratini. I sighed and got up as she made her way over. Not only was she spirited fighter but she was smart as well.
"Blade...", I said calmly as he started to back away.
"Now Drake, I was just joking...", he started but I released a flamethrower over his head and made him yell and fly out the door and outside to escape.
"KEEP RUNNING BUDDY!! YOU'LL NEED THE HEAD START!", I roared and flew after him as my daughter stared at me like I was an idiot and shook her head.

24th July 2003, 05:07 PM
Lune's a guy. ^_-

Lune the male Eevee's POV:

"Well," I said, in response to A+'s question, "Actually, Ryu and I are new here, too. I believe we arrived shortly before you. Most of our teammates have not been here before, except for Evenstar and Switchblade, our fellow Sneasel and Porygon. If you look around, you might be able to meet them. Nimrodel's the Lapras over there in the pool who's talking to the Vaporeon. I suggest you watch out for Élan, though, and whatever you do, do NOT say ANYTHING or show any sign of surprise if he does something you don't expect him to. He's a very proud Unown G who, I'm serious, will burn you severely with his Hidden Power if you mention anything about his abilities that he finds offensive. The phrase you want at all times to avoid when speaking to him is 'For an Unown'. That'll send his temper flying."

A+ blinked, quite intimidated. I laughed. "Oh, don't worry," I said. "Élan's actually a nice guy. He absolutely hates it when people underestimate him, though, and he's very sensitive when it comes to that."

"Oh... okay," the Plusle said, though I don't think he was that reassured.

Ryu was smiling again. His eyes were distant. I smirked. "Sorry, A+, but my friend here has trouble not thinking about a certain someone," I said. Ryu turned red. I chuckled softly to myself. I liked teasing him. "Elwing Elwing Elwing," I whispered softly, so only he could hear. He looked positively frightened.

"Shhhhhhhhhh!" he cried in alarm. "Lune, it's not funny," he complained. "Please..."

I decided to give the poor Trapinch a break. "Okay," I told him, "but you owe me one."

Ryu was relieved. "Thanks," he said. "Anything."

I remembered his promise and saved it for later for a golden moment. I smiled. I bet Ryu could see the devilish glint in my eye, because he began to look afraid again.

"Is he... always like that?" A+ asked. "I mean, you know, scared?"

I shook my head. "He just has gir-" Ryu gave me a very dirty look. "He just has some slight issues," I finished. "He isn't feeling quite himself right now." I had a feeling Ryu was going to do something to me later. I made it a mental note to be careful in my sleep.

Elwing the female Dratini's POV:

I watched, puzzled, as dad chased Uncle Blade out the door. I wonder what made him do that?

Shrugging, I smiled to myself, thinking about all the wonderful pokémon I'd just met. My teammates, my father, Uncle Blade...

The other Dratini was looking at me, and I went over to her, smiling. She had beautiful, swan-like wings arching out of her back, soft, feathery ones that looked as smooth and lovely as silk.

"Hi, I'm Elwing," I said to her.

"And I'm Khaisa. Pleased to meet you," she answered.

I had to ask. I had to. "Where'd you get those wonderful wings?" I asked, as I eyed them with wonder.

24th July 2003, 05:27 PM
A+'s (Male Pichu) Point of View

I could tell that Ryu had some kind of crush on someone or other. How nice to see love exists right in front of me! I sometimes forget that romance is real, since I live with Gimli. Also, my trainer never dates.
"This is very groovy," I told them. "I rarely get to chat with other Pokémon who are not interested in smashing others and such."
Lune chuckled, then said, "I would suspect. What is up with your Machop friend?"
"Oh, Gimli? He just loves to battle, that's all. He is a violent sort, isn't he? I assume you know about Lord of the Rings?" They both nodded. "Ah, good. Then again, who doesn't?"
"Yep!" they both replied, and we all shared a laugh.
I noticed from the corner of my eye that Gimli and Willie were still talking. Those two looked like they were best friends now, talking about bashing opponents and the like.

(That's all I can think of for now.)

24th July 2003, 06:17 PM
[Sandie's POV]

I grinned happily at Nimrodel. "Yeah, I don't care much for the crowds, either. I guess that's why they built such a giant pool here. No matter how many Pokemon might be swimming in here, there is always an empty place. I used to by shy too, so that's why you stuck out to me so much. I know I felt great when a stranger would come over to me and just say hi. I guess you could call it a "Pay it Forward" kind of thing. Have you seen that movie before? Its great!"

I almost felt like I was talking too much. But oh well, who cared? Nimrodel obviously didn't, because she listened to me with a look of pure interest on her face. Noting that we were in a somewhat crowed area of the pool, I invited Nimrodel to a different part, where there were only a few Pokemon in sight. I felt that she might feel better and less intimidated.

[Khaisa's POV]

I started to get excited and nervous. The Dratini's name was Elwing and was extremely friendly. After I introduced myself, Elwing asked politely about my wings. I smiled, thankful that she didn't think they were weird or strange. Instead, she seemed to like them.

"My dad was born with wings. I don't know exactly how he got them, but I inherited my wings from him. My sister has wings, too! I can fly around with them, but its not easy. More than anything, its scary having them because I know its not natural for a Dratini to have wings, and that makes it seem like everyone is thinking bad things about me. Almost like they might be thinking that they're ugly or just plain weird."

I felt good after telling Elwing about my wings. I was worried that she would turn away, thinking they were bad or something. But instead, she continued to smile and eye my wings with wonder and interest.

[MK's POV]

I sighed as I watched the door, waiting for it to open. Just as I thought that, Nala came in, her team pouring in after her. I grinned and waved her over, holding a sleeping Misu in my arms. I offered him to Nala. The Poochyena puppy grunted as he was gently handed from my arms to Nala's, but he still slept.

"He's been up all night. I think it might be is wild instict taking place. Hunting at night and sleeping during the day, you know? Hopefully he'll grow out of it. How're you doing?"

24th July 2003, 06:38 PM
(Nala's POV)

I made the trek back to the EH. Yana was following excitedly by my heels taking a break from the BT while we waited for her battle to continue. She has come a long way since that day i found her under that pile of snow. I think she knows that with ever battle she's in she's closer to evolving. As i opened the door and entered, I saw M_K wave me over. I smiled and joined her on the couch. When she asked me if I wanted to hold the little puppy, I gladly accepted. I saw Sweetie drawing closer. I had to smile, I bet she wtned a closer look at her half brother.She jumped up on M_K's lap and looked at the sleeping poochyena.

(Jasmine's POV)

When we entered the eevee house, I sort of sensed that my sister was already here. Sure enough, I spotted her in the pool and she was talking to a new dratini! I slithered over to where Khaisa was, and said hi to the pair, giving my sister and affectionate nuzzle. Then i introduced myself. "Hi. I'm Jasmine, Khaisa's sister." I said motioning with my head toward Khaisa. I smiled a nervous but freindly smile.

(Blazer's POV)

I sighed, and padded over to my usual spot. Then i flopped down and closed my eyes. My ears still picked up on what was going on, as i tried to drift off into dreamland. I let out a small sigh.

(Arwen's POV)

I chased after Belisama, laughing, and having fun. She was prety fast, but then again, so was i. When she dashed into a crows, I followed after her. I accidently ran into dad, but he just smiled and watched me run off.

25th July 2003, 02:43 PM
*A+'s (Male Plusle) POV*

"Feeling better?" Lune asked me.
I rubbed my right ear, where a bandage was wrapped around it. "Everything except my pride," I replied. "KO'd in one hit! I'm pathetic!"
"No, you're not," Lune reassured me. "Nimrodel has more experience than you, and all Laprases are power houses; plus, she had a strong advantage over you."
I smiled, bobbing my sore ears. "Yeah, I know. Which I could have done some damage, however. Your trainer's darn good."
"Thanks. She's delighted that Nimrodel made it to level 10, and that Elwing learned a new move too. By the way, how's Gimli?"
"It'd be best for everyone to keep a distance from him. He's really ticked."
For a few seconds, no one spoke, then I said, "I'm gonna go say hi to Nimrodel. You know, see what TM she earned."
And off I bounded to meet my former opponent, humming "Weird Al" Yankovic to myself.

Gimli's (Male Machop) POV

"Beaten in my first official battle! And I was doing so well against that Lapras, too! If only that little elf had pulled his weight for at least ONE round, we might have made it!" I grumbled to Willie, whom had not seen the battle.
"Ach, dat's terribl', mate. Bat maybee next time, yu'll show 'em who's boss," he replied.
"I'd better. Next time, you battle with me. We dwarves should stick together!"

25th July 2003, 03:40 PM
Legolas' POV

I waddled into the Eevee House with my plastic bow in hand. Echo as barking like crazy at Rachel and grabbing her shirt sleeve to drag her off the couch. The Growlithe lept on the other couch were Amy was. She stared up at her with her own big hazel eyes that begged for attention. Spoiled brat. I grumbled to myself and let myself into a corner while staring at everyone. I springed one of my plastic suction arrows onto my bow and shot it out at a random Pokémon. It hit Elijah on the head. He whined like a coward. Charisma snapped a glare towards me and roared. She ran after me but I ran off, screaming for help.

Akuji's POV

I stood besides the front door with my scruffy tail wagging a bit along the floor as I waited for Amanda to come with Ransom. I miss her and want to see her. Dieu and Willow were mocking me about it but I don't care. I wanna see her again.. is that so wrong?

25th July 2003, 03:52 PM
In one effortless, swift motion, Ransom had bound over to Akuji and pushed him to the floor, then managed to get away without being seen. It was the perfect getaway, as a grin appeared merrily on her muzzle, but then a few streams of light hit the golden necklace she wore around her neck. That alone alerted everyone of her presence, then she laughed, before darting out infront of the other Mightyena and wagged her tail happily.

Trotting aimlessly around, Siryn blinked her large bright eyes and sat down, tongue hanging over of her muzzle. She was easily quite larger than almost all the others on my team, though she still acted as if a little child. Even Willow climbed up on her head and sat there, fanning her nine ghostly white tails, then glancing down at the Arcanine with her scarlet eyes with amusement.

25th July 2003, 03:58 PM
Akuji laughed and let himself back up. "Good afternoon, m'lady" said Akuji in his proper gentleman accent. His scruffy tail dragged along the floor, wagging like crazy.

Elijah stared in the direction Charisma ran off. He meowed in alarm then attempted to waddle after her. He is still very young though and is kinda shakey as he walks. The little Meowth falls on the ground and meowed loudly for his mother to come and help him. He cried softly. (Aww..)

25th July 2003, 04:15 PM
Smirking, Ransom bowed her head to him, then trudged foreward, making it past him. Craining her neck to look behind her, a grin passed her muzzle once more. "So, want to go do something?" she glanced around, "It's kinda quiet here today."

Hearing the sad mews, Namir blinked, then wandered over to a small cream kitten on the floor. He blinked, then smoothed his fur which was of the same colour, except adorned with pink stripes. Scratching lightly at the leather collar around he neck, he shrugged and walked over the kitten, then nudged at him. Glancing around, he decided to sit there, waiting for it's mother to come. He was a bit young, also, but was far older compared to the kitten. Puzzled, he peered down towards him, "So... what's your name?" Unsure if he could even talk, Namir waited, looking around the area.

25th July 2003, 04:25 PM
"Ryu" the male Trapinch's POV:

Lune'd better watch out in his sleep. He could be annoying at times, that is, whenever he felt like it. He could be anything he wanted to be whenever he wanted it.

A+ was a little disappointed about his first battle, but nothing compared to his friend Gimli. A+ wasn't the type to let things keep him down, anyway. Gimli, on the other hand, was in a foul temper. I decided to avoid him as A+ went off to talk to Nimrodel, following Lune, who followed him.

Nimrodel the female Lapras's POV:

We moved to a less crowded section of the pool. I was glad that Sandie and I had something in common. I thought that was great!

I saw Lune and Ryu coming to us, along with A+, the Plusle that I had just battled.

"Hey, great battle, you creamed me! By the way, what new TM did you learn?" A+ asked me.

"Oh," I said, surprised at the attention, "Thunderbolt."

Lune and Ryu noticed Sandie and introduced themselves to her.

"Hi, I'm Lune."


"And I'm A+. My trainer's Silver," the Plusle said happily. "Pleased to meet you."

Elwing Starspray the female Dratini's POV:

Would I never stop being lucky? Just when I thought it was neat to meet a winged Dratini, I got to meet her sister, too!

"Hi Jasmine, I'm Elwing," I told her. "You've got those pretty wings too!"

Jasmine nodded and smiled. I looked at Khaisa, then at Jasmine. They both seemed really nice. I was beginning to have a good time. "So," I asked, thinking of my dad happily, "How's your dad like? I just met mine just now."

25th July 2003, 04:33 PM
Akuji grinned at Ransom, clearly happy to see her again. "Whatever you wish m'lady" he said calmly towards the Mightyena.

Elijah peered up at Namir. He released a few more sad mews. The Meowth was slightly bigger than Elijah, of course he was still very young. Namir asked for Elijah's name and he stared at him blankly. He remembered something his mother used to always call him. "Elluja" Elijah said. It was clear that he mispronounced his own name but he was just a baby. "Mama," he cried. Elijah crawled towards Namir and nuzzled him, desperate for support. (Poor wittle kitty.. )

25th July 2003, 04:37 PM
Grinning, Ransom quickly darted away into the bright outside, knowing that Akuji would follow her, so she didn't even look back.

Nodding sadly, Namir raised a paw, before blinking and patting the kitten on the head. "Well, Elijah," smiling, Namir blinked his bright eyes, "I'm sure your mum will come back soon."

Trotting over to Karin, Voodoo plopped down infront of her, then stared with her wide and curious eyes. She had a habit of staring until she got attention, but that often freaked out the team and they ran away. Which left her there staring blankly. But she continued to watch Karin, then wagged her stubby spiked tail. The little Electrike seemed hopeful she'd get atleast a pat on the head.

baby jolteon
25th July 2003, 04:56 PM
Kiwi;s POV
I walk into the Eevee House after beiong gone for a whole(which was planned for only two weeks btw o.o;; ). I look around to see if anyone was around but quickly stopped to release her pokemon. She watches as the speed off happily looking for their friends. I smile and feel great to be back at the EH and TPM. I walk over to the couch and sit down. Then lil bolt jumps on me and I said up. I yelp and look at lil bolt whom I just knocked over.
"Oops, sorry lil bolt." I said quite releived.
lil bolt scowls ands waits awhile til he stands up "Why were you gone so long?" he asked still scowling.
"Uhhhh," I began, "Well I decided to stay on vacation long than I planned."
"Awww it's ok I'm just playing." he said gleefully.
I smile and pick him up and put him on my head carefully. I sit down on the couch again and lil bolt hangs his head in my face.
"Are you going to leave like that again?" lil bolt asked curiously.
"I don't think so..." I said thoughtfully.
"Good." he said and sat up straight.

Avian Freeze
25th July 2003, 06:06 PM
After being away from the Eevee House for several days, I sauntered back into it, seeing a few people scattered around the house with their Pokemon. I released all my Pokemon other than Belisama and Wolfwood, both of who were already out. I searched around for Wolfwood, and I realized he still wasn't back from the woods. I also saw a familiar face within the crowds and recognized it to be Kiwi Twist! I waved to her, welcoming her back from her llloooonnnngggg vacation.

::Belisama's POV::

I laughed and continued running, darting around the crowd and seeing my friend Arwen searching for me. I then dashed out the door and into the garden. Hehe, maybe I could turn this into a game of hide-and-seek ^-^. I hopped into a bed of carnations, attempting to blend myself in with the crimson flowers.

::Wolfwood's POV::

We had been in the woods for quite some time now. I rolled my eyes at Banshee behind her back and sniffed around for any possible way out. I pawed her, bothering her about making a wrong turn. Soon enough, we were deep in the woods and it was getting dark. I thought I heard some shifting behind us and I turned around, seeing nothing but a lush green bush. I suspiciously averted my gaze and double-took when I heard a snarl. I growled back and begin to put up my guard. Something wasn't right here...

::Amphitrite's POV::

I hopped into the pool and sank to the bottom, where I was most comfortable. I was a new addition to Tyler's team, but I hoped to fit in. I noticed some other Pokemon in the pool, like Tsunami and Antiqua, Tyler's Mudkip and Omastar, playing around in the pool.

::Warrior's POV::

I wandered around the garden, looking at everything around. I noticed an odd figure shift around in the carnations, but I shrugged it off, my eyes were proably playing tricks on me. I then wondered where Kael could be.

::Vida's POV::

I looked around for some fun stuff to do. I wondered where my friends all were. I hoped they would come soon. I was really hyped up cause...well...I was always hyped up! I panted and ran around in circles in the living room, expending my energy.

baby jolteon
25th July 2003, 07:06 PM
Kiwi's POV
I see Avian Freeze walk in and I leap up to my feet and wave towards him. lil falls off my head againand he runs knowing he'll be thrown off another head soon o.o;;. I walk over to him andsmile "Hey!" I said happily "Whats up?" I asked excitedly.

Flame's POV
I look around the Eevee house in search of my friwends. I look up as I see a trainer walk in. I see him release his Pokemon and I see Scroch apear from one of the Pokeballs. I race over to her and greet her excitedly "Hey! Long time no see!" I said bouncing up and down.

Angel Blossom
25th July 2003, 07:51 PM
¸.·`·.¸.·`·. Kris's POV ·`·.¸.·`·.¸

I pulled out two Pokeballs. I sent out my two newly evolved Pokemon, Trinity and Mystic. I smiled at them. Both Pokemon had changed, since their first evolution. Trinity was a Ninetales now. She had changed a lot from when she was a Vulpix. Cream was the color of her fur, shiny and clean. Her tails were stunning, and her crimson eyes were full of beauty. Mystic was a Milotic. She had just evolved, and seemed quite happy with her new form. Being a Feebas just wasn't her thing, I suppose. She had a beautiful tail, with blue and reddish orange scales. There were four ends to her tail; they were as blue as the sky. They were definately both beautiful creatures. I wanted them to meet the other Pokemon, so I asked, "Why don't you two have a look around?" With a big grin, Trinity nodded, and walked off. She was anxious to look around, it seemed. Mystic smiled at me, and whispered, "I'll stay with you for a while first."

¸.·`·.¸.·`·. Trinity the Ninetales's POV .·`·.¸.·`·.¸

Smiling at Kris, I walked further into the Eevee House. I looked past my shoulders, observing every human and Pokemon around me. I didn't know any of them, but I decided that now would be an excellent time to meet someone new. After wandering alone for a while, I came across a Mightyena who wore a beautiful, golden necklace around her neck. I smiled at her, and softly said, "Hi, my name's Trinity." I stopped for a moment, observing her. "I'm new here, and I don't know anyone.."

¸.·`·.¸.·`·. Mystic the Milotic's POV .·`·.¸.·`·.¸

I nudged at Kris's arm. She giggled, and gave me a hug. She was happy that I won my first battle, I could feel it. I loved the feeling of winning a battle; I felt proud of myself. There was a satisfaction with myself for being able to win. "Being a Feebas wasn't easy," I thought, "all I could do was splash". Then I remembered. I was born in this house as a Feebas, and now I had evolved into a Milotic. It puzzled me, but I enjoyed being a Milotic more than a Feebas. "I'll be at the pool", I told Kris, and then I moved towards the pool. When I arrived, I observed all the Pokemon at the pool. It looked like they were having a good time. They were swimming about, and talking to eachother. Then I turned around. I saw a small Lapras there, who seemed friendly. I smiled at her. I hoped we could get to know eachother. With a big smile, I greeted her.

25th July 2003, 08:03 PM
Stopping in her tracks, Ransom smiled warmly towards the newcomer, then motioned to Akuji to hang around. The Mightyena bowed her head to the Ninetales, grinning. "Pleasure to meet you Trinity. Welcome to the house. My name is Ransom. And this," turning her head to point to the other dark wolf behind her, she glanced back to the Ninetales with shining eyes, "Is Akuji."

There was a group of creatures ambling off to the pool. Of course, two massive Gyrados had already been released inside of it, and were now napping peacefully. Though now going towards it was a Vaporeon, who was leading the group. Behind him was a slinky, regal Milotic who flicked her tail about, then spun it. Trailing behind the two was a Sealeo, who was twirling a beach ball on her nose, then she barked happily.

Arching a brow to the bush, Banshee growled and flashed her fangs, sniffing at it. There was silence, and nothing more than that.

26th July 2003, 10:45 AM

"Aww, an Electrike!" I said, smiling at the friendly puppy. "Manectrics are really, really cool!" I squatted down to pat her and pick her up. "So, where'd you come from?" I asked her playfully.

Nimrodel the female Lapras's POV:

Wow, first Sandie and I were talking to each other in a quiet corner, then suddenly there was a whole group of pokémon with us! Lune, Ryu, and A+ were still at the poolside, and now I saw a new pokémon swimming over to join us.

She was a beautiful Milotic, something I'd only heard stories about before. This was the first time I actually got to see a real one. Her red and blue scales glistened in the light, and her long body was slender and graceful. She truly was the most beautiful kind of pokémon alive, like stories said. Everyone stopped talking to admire the newcomer.

"Hi, my name is Mystic," she said. "I've just recently evolved from a Feebas, and I feel great!"

We all introduced ourselves and told her that she looked magnificent.

26th July 2003, 10:52 AM
The small green puppy paused, then slowly opened her muzzle, tiny fangs showing. Then once more, she seemed confused, blinking her large eyes before she pointed a paw towards the door, beaming. Obviously she was motioning she came in from outside, a merry little look plastered across her face. She yipped and squirmed a bit, not trying to free herself from Karin's grasp but more to show she was excited, then a longue pink tongue emerged from her muzzle and licked at Karin's hand.

Leaping into the pool, Mars twirled around his merman tail, then curiously paddled over to where everyone was staring. It was a Milotic; young and graceful, with a mystic sparkle held within her gleaming eyes. Azura slithered over to the pool, dipping her tail within the cool water, then smiled at her daughter who had caught so much attention. Naiya, however, remained on the ground, bouncing the beach ball happily on her nose still.

26th July 2003, 10:58 AM
Echo yipped loudly as she skipped around the Eevee House until she accidently ran into Voodoo. "Sorry," Echo said.

Akuji grinned at Ransom then rushed off after her outside still grinning like a lovesick puppy.

Meanwhile, Elijah kept pretty close to Namir while he kept crying for his mother to come. Legolas came running in from outside, screaming as a banshee. Charisma roared at Legolas as he fled. "Don't let me catch you ever messing with my baby again!" Charisma snarled. "Mama!!" screeches Elijah. He crawls over to her then nuzzles her arm, purring insanely. Charisma picked up the tiny Meowth by the scroff of his neck then sat him down on their blanket. Elijah waved over at Namir, smiling while purring as Charisma gave little Elijah his face.

26th July 2003, 01:31 PM
Hello. I'm here with my new Roselia. His name is Zel! Greet him kindly!

Right, Zel?

Zel: Roseliaaaa!!!!

26th July 2003, 07:53 PM
Well, I got a couple of new Pokemon, and am ready to show them off.

Go, Volcan, Zel, and Brawler!!!

Volcan is a Numel, Zel is a Roselia, and Brawler is a Poochyena.