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29th May 2003, 09:28 PM
1/. Can you remember much that happened in the past? What's something that you can't forget, or something that affected you greatly?

2/. What do you plan on doing today? Or what have you done today already? Is it normally a plain and average day for you? What would have you liked to have done today?

3/. Do you look forward to the near future or the distant future? Why? What's something you're looking forward to doing in the coming weeks/months/years?


1/. Nothing great has affected me in my life yet - Maybe that's because I can't remember past experiences very well. I do remember travelling interstate and going on the fastest current ride in all of Australia which was awesome. I was about 8 then. Was kind of a dare devil then, I'd do anything. Now... meh

2/. I plan to stay at home today, like I normally do. It's a typical thing for me since about 9/10 days I stay home. I'm such a loner ;o But oh well I don't really mind. It keeps me relaxed at home anyway. I would have liked to have gone to school but I officially left yesterday

3/. I look forward to the distant future since I can pretty much pick out what will happen in the near future. In the following weeks I have lots of spare time and I can have lots of free time at home. Over the following months i'll be looking forward to going on a short holiday possible. In the following years I hope to be at university. How exciting

29th May 2003, 09:46 PM
1. I don't remember what I had for breakfast, don't ask me about anything past...y.

2. lessee.. I got online (usual), went to a friend's house to work on costumes and script for an anime con thing this weekend (doesn't happen often... although we've met every day this week so I guess it could be viewed as 'usual' @_@) then took a nap (heh me liek sleep) (unusual), then went to this "learn about anime!!!" thing that was happening at the library (I had time to kill) (it was gay, all about pokemon, dbz, yugioh, etc. no good anime >=() umm then I got online! again! ^_^ here I am! ^_^

3. god no, I'm terrified about this weekend (anime con thing) I don't know my lines, I can't get into character, etc. next week I have an rotc camp thing, I'm way out of shape... next week after that I'm doing this thing at church, teaching the 4-year olds (just remembered: I HATE KIDS.). terrified of the next year, I'm learning to drive, gonna kill someone/myself... then after graduation a couple years later I'll need to go to college.. blah blah blah, armed forces, of course there's that risk that I could DIE. X_X I hate thinking of future-y things, I hate the fact that time actually .... moves... ._.


Crystal Mew
30th May 2003, 12:09 AM
1. I remember alot of things =o ^^;; lol like peoples birthdays..if you tell me your birthday, theres a 99.9% chance I'll remember it :)
I also remember other non-important stuff....like I cant remember the math formulas...but heck I know all the first 251 pokemon!!! :D

2. lets see...I slept in, then got up, played GTA Vice City :> and then ate lucnh...then I came online, then got offline, filled out my postcards (trying to win a contest,heh) and then I went with my family to go eat pizza ^_^ then we got home and had 'family time' then I played with my ferret, read my book, got online, now I'm signing off and going to go watch Whose Line is it Anyway? ^__^ thats pretty much my daily schedule....sometimes I got out with my friends or talk to them...but not today o_O;

3. My birhtday. My mom just told me today that I may go to driving school =D!!! and get something else really special that I've been wanting for YEARS so I'm happy :) and I'm expecting a autograph from Sean Astin any day..so yeah, I'm excited about that also. Then theres just getting through HS..then through college, and I want to get married and blah....lol

30th May 2003, 10:36 AM
(1) I rememer a lot of thing...most of them really useless things that I remember for some odd reason. Like I remember summer vacation and sitting in front of the TV watching Gumby and rinking Sprite. To this day my word association is Gumby=Sprite. Something that effected me greatly- I'd have to say my rabbit Nickoli (or Nickles as we called him) 'twas my bestist friend ever. I have lots of memeorites of him. And I'll never forget the day he died last year. I remember I was shocked....in a way I sort of thought he'd live forever....

(2) I plan on taking finals, watching movies, and going online today. I've already taken my history final and watched Treasure PLant (well, most of it) Was a good movie. Silver rocked ^^

(3) I plan on summer...

30th May 2003, 11:52 AM
1. I don't have a good memory for general things, but I'm great when it comes to remembering incriminating evidence or something I can bring up in conversation to spite someone. The only things which have really affected me and stuck in my minds are things like deaths and such. Like I'll never forget the night I was sitting at my computer at about 3am and there was a phone call and my mom came down saying my grandma had collapsed and her and my dad were going to the hospital. I went to bed when they left, then when they came back I heard my mom crying and I knew my grandma was dead. Or the time my rat was sick and my mom took him to the vet while I was at college, then on the way home my mom got on my bus and walked up the gangway towards me carrying his little travel cage and instead of my cute, happy little rat there was just a cold, motionless lump under a small towel in there.

2. I got up about 1ish, played on the computer a bit, watched some TV, had a shower and now I'm back here at the computer where I've been for the past few hours. Later on I might go to my friends house and play some games, or the pub. To be honest though I just wanna stay home, I'm kinda tired and I have work tomorrow.

3. My friends dad is planning to get a villa in spain and if he does then we'll be spending a lot of time there having some fantastic house parties in the sun! That's something to look forward to, other than that the future is kinda dull and bleak to me.

31st May 2003, 03:34 AM
1. I tend to remember the past really well. Like I remember getting my surgery when I was 3, I remember my 12 year-old brother being born, moving to the Azores... yeah my memory goes back really far.

2. Today my boyfriend is coming over and I'm planning to making him take the train with me to downtown to look at guitars :>

3. I really look forward to the future. For some reason to me that's like the best thing about living, not knowing what the future's to hold....

31st May 2003, 04:24 AM
1. i have a terrible memory *blames the pot*

2. ummm... im gonna see some movie today, i havnt decided will probably decide when we get there...

3. become the sexiest man in the universe... [/willneverhappen]